Bizarre “Masonic Police Force” Uncovered in Los Angeles


Claiming to be descendants of the Knights Templar, the Masonic Fraternal Police Department vowed to “protect Masonic Grandmasters” across 33 states.

Three California residents were arrested on April 30th on suspicion of impersonating a police officer and were released later that day. Claiming to be the “oldest police force in the world”, the Masonic Fraternal Police Department claimed jurisdiction across 33 states (coincidentally, 33 is the holiest number in Masonic symbolism).

The insignia of the police force features the Masonic compass and square, the Twin Pillars and the logo of the Order of the Eastern Star - an inverted pentagram.
The insignia of the police force features the Masonic compass and square, the Twin Pillars and the logo of the Order of the Eastern Star – an inverted pentagram.

The rogue force was very well-supplied.Officials found badges, weapons, uniforms, law enforcement paraphernalia and even police vehicles after searching two unnamed locations.

David Henry, Tonette Hayes, and Brandon Kiel
David Henry, Tonette Hayes, and Brandon Kiel

The Chief of the Masonic Police is David Henry – a high ranking Freemason. According to the police force’s website,  Henry is an “Absolute Supreme Sovereign Grandmaster 32° 33° X°”, meaning that he obtained the highest obtainable Degree on the Masonic ladder. Therefore, despite the news portraying the trio as three lunatics acting as cops, there is some actual power and influence behind the Masonic police force.

David Henry at a Masonic event.
Brand Kiel (left) and David Henry (second from right) at a Masonic event.
Henry (left) pictured alongside Los Angeles Sergeant James Townsend, urging residents in the city to march in peace for Trayvon Martin.
Henry and Kiel pictured alongside Los Angeles Sergeant James Townsend, urging residents in the city to march in peace for Trayvon Martin.

According to some sources, Henry is also an Emmy-award winning producer.

“Henry, 46, reportedly won an Emmy in 2002 for his work as a producer on a Fox11 story. He also co-produced a documentary with Hayes several years later about a longtime civil rights leader, the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper reported in 2007.”
– Daily Mail, An Emmy-winning producer and a top government aide who wanted to be a US Senator – but are any more of the LA elite in the ‘Masonic Police’?

David Henry ran the Police force with his son-in-law Brandon Kiel who is a Masonic 33rd Degree “grand high priest”. In a 2014 video, David Henry announced to his Masonic lodge that Kiel plans to run for the U.S. Senate in the 2016 elections.

Kiel worked for the department of Justice since 2013 as an aide to state Attorney General Kamala Harris. He has been placed on paid leave since April 30th.

State Attorney General Kamala Harris.
State Attorney General Kamala Harris.

The police force’s strange website claims that Henry oversees 33 Masonic jurisdictions, including Fraternities, Sororities and Greek Organizations (yes, there is a link between school Fraternities and secret societies).

A screenshot from the website.
A screenshot from the website.

The Masonic Fraternal Organization is the oldest and most respected organization in the “World.” Grand Masters around the various states are facing serious safety concerns for their Jurisdictions and their family members. The first Police Department was created by the “Knights Templar’s” back in 1100 B.C.

The Masonic Fraternal Police Department, (M.F.P.D.) is the Knights Templar’s!

When asked what is the difference between The Masonic Fraternal Police Department and other Police Departments the answer is simple for us. We were here first! We are born into this Organization our bloodlines go deeper then an application. This is more then a job it is an obligation.

The Masonic Fraternal Police Department (M.F.P.D.) is a Masonic Sovereign Jurisdiction (Municipality) located within the incorporated City of Santa Clarita, California. The Chief of Police is Honorable Grand Master David Henry 33º was elected and is Governed by a Grand Supreme Council, and 33 Masonic Jurisdictions. He currently oversees a 1/2 Million members throughout the United States.

We are not “Sovereign Citizens’ nor do we condone terrorist activity, sovereign citizens or clandestine!

The Masonic Fraternal Police Department (M.F.P.D.) provides services to Masonic Sovereign Grand Masters and their Masonic Jurisdictions, as well as other Fraternities, Sororities and Greek Organizations. Masonic Fraternal Police Department will be located in 33 other states, including Mexico City. We support all law enforcement agencies. Our mission is to preserve the integrity, honor and legacy of our Founding Fathers, Masonic Organizations, all Grand Masters and their Constitution /By Laws. We will uphold our sworn obligation to protect Sovereign Grand Masters and their jurisdictions.

Authorities began investigating the Masonic Police Force after Henry contacted sheriffs across the State of California requesting meetings, claiming to be “able to acquire intel that is not accessible to non-fraternal entities”.

Authorities say that the investigation began when letters were sent out to police chiefs in California announcing new leadership in the group. Kiel was described as ‘Chief Deputy Director.’

The letter claims there are 5,686 lodges and that the department ‘will be able to acquire intel that is not accessible to non-fraternal entities.’ It said one aim of the department was to restore public trust.

Phone calls were also made asking to set up in-person meetings with police.

Sheriff’s Capt. Roosevelt Johnson, who leads the department’s Santa Clarita Valley station, met up with the group and raised the alarm when they could not answer basic questions about the organization.

The suspects were unable to properly explain what their jurisdiction or mission was, police said.
– Op Cit. Daily Mail.

While impersonating a police agent is a rather grave offense, I do not believe that this Masonic trio will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Since the creation of the United States (and across the world), there has been a strong connection between the police force and Freemasonry. Active Masons have the duty of protecting their brethren no matter the situation. Here are badges used to identify Masonic police officers and sheriffs.

While not worn on official uniforms, members of the police who are also Freemasons sometimes wear these badges on civilian clothes as a form of recognition.

In short, the actual police force is a Masonic police force. There is therefore no need for a Masonic Police Force.



  1. these people make me sick , we live in ONE SOCIETY – ALL OF US and ONE LAW FOR ALL OF US , if they want to play justice they should go after the corrupt politicians working for greedy global corporations like Vatican mob money laundering and global banks funneling-diverting billions to offshore bank accounts

  2. Lots of ignorance on this site. MFPD what a joke they are con artist. Masons do more to help people than any church. Shriners hospitals for children, free health care for kids, thos rotten bastards how dare they point out through actions that churches charge to go to their hospitals.

  3. I live in mason town full of mason and I was in a court and did not get a fair trial cause the mason are predaceous to non mason and christen and was falsely charged with a crime of assaulting a police officer even though the film said other wise and was over looked in court

  4. These are local terrorists (we know that majority of the masons are whites, however they are trying to put all black masons on here in order to cause racial tensions as usual ), This local terrorist organizations stalk Americans through illegal surveillance and commit financial oppression on targeted individuals, those targeted individuals have been targeted by the elite (mostly Jewish employers, bankers etc…) and who are supposed to be silenced through intimidation and terrorist tactics by freemason cops and their allies !!!

    What is Obama doing ? How about kamalla Harris ? one of the masons was actually working for Kamalla Harris humm. If the Justice department and the police departments are filled with Freemasons how can one find justice in the US ?????
    America has become one of the corrupted, Evil and the worst place to live in .
    May these Evil spirits called Freemasons burn in hell !!!

  5. Forgive me for seeming stupid, but I'm a bit at a loss for what to do…
    I guess I was born into one of these masonic bloodlines. My father is a mason, my grandfather was a mason, and so on. I would say my family has strong ties to the occult in general. My step-brother, who I've always viewed as a truth-seeker and skeptic like myself, has joked about being part of the Hermetic Brotherhood. He is highly educated but worked his way to his position, and could be viewed as a member of the elite. I don't want to believe that he is a bad person, but rather he is like me and just knowledgeable about these things. I'm not very close to my father, but he's always grumbling about masonic & occult idealogies, taking shots at Catholicism, and prepping for the end times.
    Like many others on this site, I'm guessing, I don't openly discuss the things I read here for the fear of being called crazy. Admittedly, I'm a highly skeptical person. But I can't ignore the things I have experienced and the things that are happening in this world. I refuse to shield my eyes from the truth. I don't trust anything, but I wouldn't say I'm paranoid. I'm writing this because I don't know how to approach this situation with my family members. I can't be the only one put in this situation, so I guess I'm asking for advice. Do I confront my family members? I'm afraid for what would happen if I did that.

  6. I thought it happens only in india when few people put on police dress and fraud people but i am shocked to see it is happening in america as well. Now i must say " God bless america"

  7. If these guys are so high up in the freemasonry, why would they have been 'busted' in brought out into the media? What was the purpose of this incident?

  8. Aren't they Boule? Something about Brandon Kiel… I dunno, but my instincts tell me he's a sociopath. Probably another Black Hebrew Israelite – yet another Masonic group. David and Tonette are just creepy looking.

    I always suspected law enforcement in general had deep ties to Freemasonry, that's why so much corrupt s***e goes on while very few are ever held accountable!! It's got nothing to do with race. Anyway this is a story worth investigating further.

  9. Got thrown off when I read "Masonic Police" on this article, but yeah they won't be in jail for long as the cops themselves are ironically "Masonic" with that divine number of 33 as proof.

  10. I've seen this former pornstar's Instagram profile and there was a picture of her new earring with the order of the eastern star. So basically that mean a lot of actors in the adult industry are part of the illuminati?

  11. Darn it, I'm originally from Santa Clarita, albeit the rural areas. Very wierd that it would be based there. Why not in the city of LA?

  12. I tried going to the website numerous times but it seems it has been shut down. "Error 404 – Website Not Found". I wonder if there has been too much traffic since it went public?
    Interesting to say the least.

  13. Doesn't surprise me that its in Los Angeles (Even though I would love to go there). I was astounded by those badges though….the square and compass on every single one. You forgot to mention that Freemasonry is also linked with Holy Wood and the Music Entertainment/P**n business.

  14. When we were moving from California to North Carolina, I was looking at houses to rent online, and I stumbled upon one that had that Order of the Eastern Star symbol in a picture frame above their front door. Next to it was another Masonic picture, but I couldn't make out what it was – just the "G" in the middle of compass. Needless to say, we didn't choose that house, but I do live a few streets away from it. What in the world are we truly up against here?

  15. In short, the actual police force is a Masonic police force. There is therefore no need for a Masonic Police Force.
    There is not a better way to explain it. The Freemasons control the police and the system of justice.

  16. And so….what's so strange about this..?
    Our police force here in Western Australia is like this as well. Our police chief is a high ranking (33 Degree) Freemason.
    This is not odd to me.
    Coming from a Freemasonic illuminati family myself, this is normal.
    Refer to the Simpson's, Mayor of Springfield seal, "Corruptus in Extremis".

  17. Why is the pentagram on the Masonic Police badge INVERTED? Everyone knows this is the dark version? They are openly stating their allegiance with Lucifer…

  18. The Masons were infiltrated by EU Oligarchs and German Princes. They were very racist but mostly Godless.

    Masons around the world pledge oaths of allegiance to the Grand Master, who are British royalty. Although they arent really British, the House of Hanover is German and simply changed their name. They are all related anyway.

    Think about the implication that the Nazi's were being funded by the Bank of England. We know this for a fact. Look it up. Why was Stalin given half of Europe along with China? Catholics and other ethnic groups were also persecuted during the war, but somehow the Armenian genocide didn't count.

    • Hitler was funded by the Bank of England, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Wall Street bankers and major US corporations, many of which were indicted and tried during the Nuremberg tribunals (read Antony Sutton's books, DOJ Nuremberg prosecutor john Loftus, also videos) – there are Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Nuremberg Tribunal records at and other sites. Prescott Bush, HW's father, was indicted on several counts, and assets of his (he was on the board of directors) bank, UBC, were seized. Many Nazis, Hitler and high-ranking officers, were Thule Society followers, which began as Vril; a satanic death cult similar to Skull and Bones Illuminati. Thule Society followers believed that Atlantis was populated by a blonde, blue-eyed race of supermen, and nazi eugenics and racial purification and elimination of undesirable genetic traits originated in Thule Society beliefs. H W Bush is a 33rd level mason and Skull and Bones member (it's called "the order") – membership includes family members, so Prescott, HW and George Bush are members, I'm not sure about the other brothers. HW's name in the Order is Magog – from Charlotte Iserbyte, a Senior Policy Advisor in Reagan's Dept. of Education. Her father and grandfather were members, and membership publications sent to her father included lists of members and some information on them, which she shared with Anthony Sutton; her father was dying of cancer when an annual members booklet came in the mail. Skull and Bones is the US Illuminati headquarters, Luciferians/satan worshippers who follow the Illuminati Code (code of the elders of zion is a cover name). Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit, was commissioned by Mayer Amschel
      Rothschild to write it, and Weishaupt came to the US in 1776 after the Illuminati was banned in Bavaria. George Washington wrote that he was concerned about infiltration in US government.
      There's a kid's drawing of Horus, not a kid's drawing of an owl; a stylized yellow Horus, shown in one of the SH youtube videos, and photos of town government and police dept members in Masonic robes at the church behind the school. There are also many Club of Rome and UN high-level Masons, although not as many photos online in Masonic robes as there were a few years ago.
      This is the fist I've heard of Masonic police, but ritual p********a and child sacrifice among high-level Masons seems standard or at least common. Ted Gunderson, retired FBI agen tin charge of Miame, Memphis, then LA FBI field offices, investigated child sex abuse cases at the McMartin Preschool in the San Fernando Valley, outside of LA. The kids said they left the school by crawling through a tunnel to a trapdoor and were flown to DC for sex at the White House and parties held by congressmen. Long story here; anyway, LAPD investigated and didn't find a tunnel and dropped it. Gunderson hired a private geologist who found a tunnel that led to a trapdoor. The tunnel had been recently filled in with dirt that didn't match the area – it was brought there from a different location. Bottom line – I figured LAPD was bribed or threatened, now I'm wondering about LAPD Masons. Gunderson was murdered; got sicker and sicker and knew his illness was retaliation, but he died of arsenic poisoning before he identified the cause. His name has been totally slimed online, but the character assassination began after his sex abuse allegations were made. The problem with issues like this – Masonic police, international child sex slaves, false flag psyops, etc, isn't lack of evidence, it's that reality is too bizarre for people to replace it with their delusions of normal.

  19. What I like to know is whether the Masonic Police Department [MPD] are "above the law" concerning the FBI, U.S. Marshalls, NSA, and/or even the CIA.

  20. Considering these are part of the people that J.F.K was trying to warn us about before his murder and the secret societies that rule our nation from the shadows……This should be a very ALARMING story to all.

  21. Do you guys really think Black people can be Freemasons?! You really think they can be part of the elite bloodline such that they are not only Freemasons but also Masonic Police? Um.

  22. I don’t think they are real. I think they are part of another group that is promoting the inner-city riots. Just a guess, but those bozos don’t look like real Freemasons.

  23. The only reason this is even a story is because the men involved were black. It is common knowledge that white freemasons and black freemasons dont associate. Thats why there are no integrated lodges. The S.Rite masons are some of the most racist devils you’ll ever come across, after all the KKK was founded by their hero, A. Pike. If these guys would have been white, it would not have even been a story…………..but how dare those blacks try to usurp the positions already held by white masons……….all white lodges have internal police forces, most of whom are actually street cops………its easy to see the message, “white masonry rules.” Thats why the white mason’s spokesman came out and denied their authenticity…………they are masons, just the wrong color to have power.

    • I don't understand how or why they think they should have " the power" when all of their rituals, garb, ceremonies and teachings…..come from Kemet ( blacks) In actuality blacks should have a higher power in masonary. That's where and how it was first introduced little do people know. If you don't believe me…. Google where the idea of putting the left foot in front. A Masonic pose that dates back to Kemet (depicted in the temples ) Meaning to trample evil, and to lead with the heart ". That's not even scratching the surface.

      • I dont disagree with you……you are correct, however, I am making an observation about the actual status of the organizations, and the white masons hold the seat of power, and right or wrong they are not going to share it with the black lodges………..racism is alive and well in these organizations…………. both groups. Why should we expect different? For some reason we have the false perception that these groups are above the petty human faults, but in fact the opposite is true, in fact these petty traits are more aggravated because they are under the spell of demonic forces. The racist devil who joined the masons is just a racist devil who is a mason……..nothing has changed and his rituals just fortifies his devilment.

    • Its funny the white mason spokesperson came out to deny their authenticity when free masonary come from ancient black civilizations

  24. one by one their heads shall be put on a stick once their powers fall and their evil organizations collapse.judges to lawyers to whomever they will by one. never forget,never forgive.

  25. Interesting article and what timing , i saw a story on the net not long ago showing pictures of the toronto police department and what did i see … a masonic shrine to fallen officers ??? Also look at the MTV building in toronto …. also with the masonic symbols … go figger . tc all .

  26. Went to parade in Guthrie, OK- tons of Masons. I was informed that the old state capital building in Guthrie has been transformed into the largest Masonic temple in the US. What really disturbed me were all the cops riding along with these creepy clowns and miniature cars. The cops openly displaying Masonic symbols on their motorcycles. It should be illegal for social servants to join a secret organization in which they take an oath to protect fellow members. Sickening.

    • sounds like shriners partied there. i have seen a shriners promo vid on youtube and the vibe it gives off is extremely creepy.

      • The shriners participate every year in my hometowns parade. Driving around in tiny cars wearing goofy hats.

        I used to think it was an old men club. Bored retired guys who like small cars, hats, and cigars. Once I discovered they're sick, it makes me sick that they're (sadly) the highlight of my towns parade. Granted, nobody puts any effort into floats anymore. Oh, wait, there's barely any floats.

        Reading the article, I get the feeling there will be a one world masonic police enforcing the same laws everywhere. People caught on sites like this, or who dare to gripe about the government, will be deemed as terrorists.

      • nah masons and co like big, expensive, flashy cars. they don't care about the environment. their only ambition is to show off and pull birds.

    • I agree. No Mason allowed to hold ANY public Office Because there FIRST obligation would be for the Masons. The average citizen, second. So, I believe, we are all second class citizens, according to a mason. The call us "COWAN"> ..

  27. I guess the clock is ticking for the illuminati and they have to gather as many lost souls as possible to spread their evil plans. That means including such ***jobs as the three mentioned above who so happened to be black which conveniently coincides with the current racial related tension and violence in the US. The media has inundated us with this type of news, hoping for what? Complete unrest? A civil war? More police involvement until the US becomes a police state for the NWO? Thank you VC, I saw this on the news last night and figured that "they" will make a complete joke out of this story. Plse Free Mason accept more pple with an IQ lower than my turtle so we can see loads of screw ups in the future.

  28. Ultimately, it's about power – and how to get more…for themselves.

    The question is, why is this being allowed into the light?
    Since all the listed 'perps' are black, this could be a intentional racial hatred-inciting moment.
    Divide and conquer – this strategy is as old as the hills. It was a favorite of the Roman Empire.

    The lies are harder and harder to cover up – the crimes are more and more evident.
    The elite need to distract and divert attention from their lies and crimes – hence the upcoming Jade Helm 15.

    Shine light on the elite and their machinations. Don't fall for any bigotry or hatred (except toward our oppressors).

  29. "Knights Templar’s back in 1100 B.C." Are you kidding me? The Knights Templar were around 1100 AD – not BC.

  30. They were onvited up onto that stage with the other ofricers. Invited also means protected. Would you xpect anything less of your local lodge. They will have to answer someday

  31. This is a club of lunatics who don't have a carreer nor a life and all their titles are made up.

    There is no"Grand High Priest" degree in Freemasonry.
    These are people who are using the mystique of Freemasonry and the most ridiculous claims to set up a private little club.

    "The bigger the lie, the more likely it will be believed" – Joseph Goebbels
    That is the principle based on which this group was operating.

  32. Not surprised but then again it is too blatant, and too "all black". True, the freemasons have police related lodges, but why now is this MSM news? Fergusen, Baltimore, where is next?

      • Lots of MSM hints at a summer of race riots, I think its predictive programming. As for the Masonic police force, my research is limited, I could be wrong, but I believe blacks were not allowed into Freemasonary until the 60's.

  33. For those wondering what the X° bit means, it may well be from the O.T.O. many high level masons merge with other secret societies like the O.T.O.:

    From a book called 'Secrets of the German Sex Magicians':
    ' Today's literature about sex magic relies heavily on practives which were already common in the O.T.O. or in it's later development by Aleister Crowley. This literature differentiates the workings of the XIIth, IXth and XIth grade which was introduced by Crowley. (The X° of the O.T.O. is a mere "administritive grade" of no special magical importance.) The division is as follows:
    VIII° O.T.O. = autoerotic practice
    IX° O.T.O. = heteroerotic practice
    XI° O.T.O. = homoerotic practice
    This is the traditional sex magic practice as performed under Crowley.'

  34. I was just going to submit this to VC! I heard about this on the radio last night & thought it was pretty creepy. They had interviewed one of the Masonic Fake Police Officers' neighbor, and the neighbor said that he had asked about a ring the fake cop wore, and the fake cop explained that it was a Masonic ring. The fake cop went on to tell the neighbor that Masons are known as the Illuminati and have been around for 3000 years. The neighbor had no idea what the Masonic Cop was talking about, but it really creeped me out. What is really creepy is that one of the 3 fake cops work for the State Attorney General! Seriously, you would think that he would know better than to walk into a police station & tell them that he had jurisdiction over the area! The station I listen to (KFI) said that they are going to try to get someone from the Knights of Templar / Masonic Police Force on the radio to interview them – if I hear anything I will let you know!

    Thank you VC!!

  35. we dare not hope they will be prosecuted. They will most likely receive a tap on d wrist and released. The media will bury this story soon enough.

  36. Very strange. The Sacramento Bee reported on this yesterday but presented the story in such a hacked-up fashion it was almost impossible to follow and made it appear that these were just some lone wackos out there overly caught up in playing police officers. The very hack job Sac Been did on the story was evidence enough that this story will get scuttled and we will hear no more about it. The masons take care of themselves. And no, they aren't very bright at all. I know. I have a family member who is very deep in Masons and the guy can barely spell his own name. Sadly, stupid people can still inflict a lot of evil in this world and indeed are the ones who usually do.

    • Ure partly rite, because rite now basically any retard can become a Freemason. It happens probably all over the world. It happens here, in my country (Im Romanian). If in the past, ppl became Freemasons due to some merits, connections etc., currently they can buy their titles with money. Infiltrations at max Id say….

    • Update – Sac Bee reports today that a spokeswoman (!!) for the "Masons of California" denies any connection to the three and the article even trots out a UCLA academic to say they aren't related to official Freemasonry.

  37. The public part of the website looks like it was written by someone who could not pass an 8th grade grammar quiz. I don't know anything about the Masons, but you'd think an organization like that could find a copy editor who was somewhat educated.

    I don't know if it's bad grammar, or if they deliberately chose to say that they do not support the US Constitution, which is the point have having sworn officers. They support the Masonic constitution and bylaws (not By Laws).

    It looks like it just got started in March of 2015. I went to the WayBack machine, and the first image they have of the website (March 3, 2015) shows only five jurisdiction badges, and the text is the nonsense jumble of letters that website templates use as placeholders until the webmasters put in their content.

    • You're right. David henry was in special education classes in high school and didnt graduate until he was well over 20 yrs.old….He did take classes in printing..

  38. They are right here in NJ…a lot of the officers and quite a few judges are Freemason….sometimes you can see the ring they wear…Nothing new around here…

    • In my state they are in all careers. Police, politics, media, sports, entertainment, medical, educational and religious institutions. Everybody at the top is a mason. They are the powers that be.

  39. I visited the site, and every information is passworded. So, you need to be a member to be able to get any sort of valuable information from hat site.


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