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Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple



Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

I was sent a link to this photographer’s tumblr page containing rare pictures of the Montreal Masonic Memorial Temple. Dedicated and officially opened June 22, 1929, it was added to the register of National Historic Sites of Canada in 2006. Interesting how a lot the symbolism within these walls is now found in pop culture.


Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple
The Twin Pillars Jachin and Boaz at the entrance

Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple
The Chamber of Reflection. It is a “small room adjoining the Lodge, in which, preparatory to initiation, the candidate is enclosed for the purpose of indulging in those serious meditations which its sombre appearance and the gloomy emblems with which it is furnished are calculated to produce. It is also used in some of the advanced degrees for a similar purpose.” The chamber contains numerous Alchemical symbols and sayings.


Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple
All Seeing Eye, Rainbow, Twin Pillars, Checkered floor…a compilation of Masonic symbols.


Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple
John The Baptist – the Patron Saint of the Freemasons


Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple
The Caduceus – the symbol of Hermes, the originator of the Hermetism.

Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial TempleBehind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

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Behind Closed Doors: Rare Pics of a Masonic Memorial Temple

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Just FYI, the depiction of a severed head is NOT that of John the Baptist. The apron shown is one variant of that for the Ninth Degree of the Scottish Rite (Southern Jurisdiction), and depicts the head of one of the three ruffians who assassinated Hiram Abiff. (The Ninth Degree relates the trial and execution of the ruffians, who were pursued and captured in previous degrees.)

John the Baptist and John the Evangelist are the patron saints of Freemasonry, but to my knowledge John the Baptist's severed head is not depicted in Masonry.


Right now im wearing a shirt with a skull and two bones, fashion loves these symbols!

muslim struggling with the duniya

the one eye is dajjal the jewish antichrist imposter who prophet muhamed prophesied would come in the last days before judgement day and mislead people to follow his false religion my prophet warned he would do many miracles when he is released into the world and people would follow him he will also claim to be god please for all those people who are not muslims look into islam sincerely we muslims only believe in one god who is capable to do anything do not believe the lies the media tries to spread about us i hope that allah guides us all to the straight path inshallah if god wills


We have a freemason building or a lodge (but not a memorial temple,maybe) here in Indonesia,in Semarang,Central java,the people called it Gedong Setan/Satan's Building.And i just realize that the Rainbow thing is on the Ke$ha's video clip,BLOW,with unicorns too.



I'd like to know about sweden. They say our priminister is a fremason and that it doesn't matter on what party we vote, because they're all the same.. We also have HAARP here, in a town called Kiruna, and our wheather is REALLY weird: snow in may, and then summers of extreme heat that just pops up! Our winters have gone berserk to: from october/november until may, the cold is extreme and not much snow, mostly ice and this cold that goes through your spine. The wheather started going berserk in the nineties, before that we had normal temperatures and normal wheather.


Very interesting, HUGE mausoleum in south central Pennsylvania…


hey! This is in Montreal Canada the first picture, on maisonneuve street d-town right?


Can anyone tell me who are the three guys in the portrait

I already know that the man to the right is William Vanderbilt

But who is the one sitting and the man to the left

And here is a picture of Vanderbilt Compare them

A Christian

On the John the Baptist photo…a little while back my hubby and I did some research and found the Knights Templar literally worshiped a disembodied head. If you look up replicas of their swords and symbols, it is there.

CS Lewis wrote a book called "That Hideous Strength". From this article, and our research on the Knights Templar, I believe he used Masonic, Illuminati, and Knights Templar symbols and beliefs in this book (fiction), to show why they are not good.


Has anyone besides me noticed that there is a large space between the 5th and 6th floor? Does this lead anyone to question the possible existence of a secret floor at 5 1/2?


Correct me if I'm wrong here of how I'm looking at Freemasonry. The lower degree, the more "harmless and do-gooder" it seems to the general public. It's when you start reaching higher and higher degrees the more evil it becomes? Therefore, the general public thinks there is nothing wrong with this organization, they do good things and the people who are involved are your everyday people. They have little clue what goes on at the top of that pyramid.


I think that may be partly true. Though it may be equally true that you don't know squat (of value) until you reach a particular (33rd?? or equivalent) level.

Various sources have described some of the initiations of the various degrees. In several of them, the initiate asks for "Light" and "More light." That alone is a sign there is probably more going on that just want you'd been told so far. Plus, like cunegonde mentioned, like in the military, higher levels allow higher amounts of knowledge and responsibilities. Most things that have a hierarchy implies that knowledge and/or responsibilities are not shared equally.


we have a masonic church here and people always say negative s--t about it like the members walk in backwards and they have to be in their birthday suits. It is said that if you wanna get rich fast just go there but you will have to sacrifice your most beloved.


That's what you get for operating in total secrecy people or "profane" as you call us will always speculate, when so many elected politicians are in the organization it's normal to question the real purpose of the "network". I think the majority of us here understands that regular freemasons ( professors, lawyers, judges, policemen,scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs,etc..) are not into that NWO project and probably feel like they are in a club , here we are talking about illuminati Freemasons (those who are in the know) born into it. We can compare the freemasonry to the army ranking system, you join the organization to protect your country "noble purposes" of course but at the end of the day only Generals have access to classified informations and are in the need to know the real deal. You may go the the lodge and participate in various debates about the affairs of the city or join symbolism ateliers but at the end of the day only the highest ranked and the Grand Masters know what's the real deal. So we can only speculate with informations we got but you don't need to be a genius to see the pattern here, and I'm not… Read more »


its april 1st check out glen becks shirt for today its got a patch with symbols in it looks masonic to me


The spectacular cathedral building phase of Europe is a phenomenon that contains great mystery, for it is unparalleled in the history of architecture. This fact alone should cause the curious to question its purpose.


The Craftmasons who worked raw stone into sublime structures, who encoded the ancient knowledge of Creation into their designs, and who left to future generations the secrets of evolution in the cathedrals they had built, were ousted from the Lodge. The dilettante, the gentleman, the aristocrat, the parvenu, the thief, the murderer and the idler ejected them. By this grave act, an unbroken line stretching back to the building of the Temple of King Solomon in Jerusalem was broken. The pristine nature and purpose of the original Craft lodges had been perverted by the new regime that had taken control of the Order.


This is in response to DM32mm comment: There probably ARE millions of masons that joined the organization for decent purposes. In all the degrees they've been taught, Masons are just a fraternity of guys that get together and do "club" stuff, and they get really annoyed when people accuse them of doing nefariousness. Especially since some of them actually do try to help their communities. But for those masons, and everyone else listening, that's all they're being told at that level. There is MORE that what you're being told. You may know about it (in which case, you'd definitely deny it), or you may not, but it's the "OTHER STUFF" everyone gets touchy about. For example, there are ONLY 32 official degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry (32 being the highest). The unofficial story that is known by few is that there is a 33rd degree, but you only get there if the leaders want you there. If you try and tell a 32 or lower order mason that, chances are they'll call you crazy, and assume you're ignorant (like asking some one to read from the 5th chapter of Hezekiah in the Bible, or asking who was the 68th president… Read more »


I have read many times about the "secret 33rd degree of Masonry. LOL. First of all, there are only 3 degrees in Masonry but once you are a 3rd degree (master mason) you can join with different Rites. (Scottish, York, Egyptian) These different Rites have a different number of degrees. Scottish has 33, York has less and Egyptian has many more. Also, the 33rd degree of Scottish Rite is not a secret. I live in Milwaukee. There is a Masonic/Scottish Rite Temple downtown at the intersection of Van Buren Street and Mason Street. (How subtle.) Outside the building, next to the entrance under the purple awning is a plaque dedicating the temple to several 33rd degree Masons. It says 33rd degree right next to each of their names. Keep digging and sifting. Question everything. We will bring this global kingdom down on the heads of these globalists. Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Belizean Grove, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, etc. They live in shadow yet call themselves the Illuminated ones. Their sick games are doomed to failure, but if they are not stopped they will take us all down with them. Sunlight is the best weapon to… Read more »


Thanks for the info.

I wrote about what I've heard in that broadcast, and other sources; when asked, the masons always claim no knowledge of this "supposed" 33rd degree.

Also I've been noticing a lot of "positive" promotion. Not long after hearing the show the first time, I did a cursory search on line to see "what I could see" about masonry. I went to one of the "official" websites. They had devoted a special section of the site to debunk all the naysayers (I believe this site also claimed there was no 33rd degree for Scottish masonry).


Once again people FEAR what they don't understand /G



First let me say that I am not a Free Mason although I do have a number of friends that are. If you are truly a 32nd degree then I hope that you will be able to enlighten others on this site as to the true nature of the Free Masons and that they are truly a benevolent organization that is not bent on "World Domination". There is much wrong information and a great deal of speculation espoused here. I've found that there are some on this site that really do have an open mind on the subject. Many are misguided, but I hope with your knowledge that you will be able to clarify much of what is erroneously said here. You will probably receive much criticism but don't let that dissuade you from spreading your information. Some people will listen objectively and others won't, but that is just human nature. My best to you.


But isn't that the whole masonic game? To keep even its members out of the know. If you really are a Sublime Prince of The Royal Secret, surely you are aware that it is Lucifer you seek… maybe you're not as high as you'd like to believe.

no sense

@ b, I'm sorry, but you make no sense at all. The masonic game is to keep its members out of the know? You surely can't be serious. What has freemasons done over the years that make them such evil people? Do you have proof on anything? And by proof, I don't mean hearsay, I mean REAL PROOF. You need to stop looking for information on the internet because all you're gonna get is an opinion from a person's perspective. You need to talk to a Mason and you'll know the truth. As far as I know, religion has caused more deaths than freemasonry.


"@ b, I’m sorry, but you make no sense at all. The masonic game is to keep its members out of the know? You surely can’t be serious." Umm… I'm sure you're aware that the whole masonic structure is based on degrees of secret knowledge right? Is a 3rd degree Mason privy to the knowledge of a 32nd or 33rd degree… c'mon. Yes, I'm quite serious. "What has freemasons done over the years that make them such evil people?" 90% of freemasons are not evil people, they are hard-working, law abiding citizens that for the most part use it as a way to advance in business connections. This is the trick and its always been the trick within all secret societies… that's why there's initiatory stages and that's why an outer layer of unknowing dupes is always needed. But in regards to much of the bloodshed, fraud, corruption on a widescale basis within our country and around the world, many of these rich, mostly white men at the top of the political, military and corporate level are indeed masons. "Do you have proof on anything? And by proof, I don’t mean hearsay, I mean REAL PROOF." What do you mean?… Read more »

no sense

Intellectually stronger? lol don't try to make it seem as if I'm stupid, because I attend one of the best Universities in North America. Anyway, if the wrong doing of masons would take up a library, why can't you just name ONE of such wrongdoings? with proof, that's all. But you could believe what you want, everyone has their own opinions. Just don't hold your breath on Masons taking over the world though.


"lol don’t try to make it seem as if I’m stupid, because I attend one of the best Universities in North America."

I don't know what's funnier, you thinking that or you actually saying that.

Good luck with your blood oaths and all that. As I said earlier:

"that’s why there’s initiatory stages and that’s why an outer layer of unknowing dupes is always needed."

no sense

I go to UoT man believe it or not, at the end of the day I know what I'm doing. And I don't what your problem is and why you have all that hate but I'm not gonna insult you like what you do to me.


My reply was not with hate, just noting that being in a university is not really indicative of anything.

I've done years of research into these things so its a bit offensive for someone just to say, 'ask a mason and you'll know the truth' when the whole structure is based on secrets.

You stated that I make no sense at all and then I answered you point by point… pretty respectful if you ask me.

no sense

Ok fair enough. And as I said, everybody has their own opinion. Mine differs from yours, there's nothing wrong with that. And my bad if you thought that sounded insulting, I didn't mean it in an insulting way. There's just people on the internet who starts saying stuff because they read it off another blog or saw videos on youtube and claim as if they know everything. I'm sure you know there's people like that.


No offense taken, i can have a contrarian style.

But if we're talking about opinions, its always best to have the most informed opinion that you can.

I have garnered some of my research online, but most from books. I would recommend these to start:

"Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe, carried on in the secret meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati and Reading Societies" by John Robison
and can also be found in full online


"New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies" by William T. Still… one of the most documented books of its kind.


What's wrong with these pictures? I don't see anything wrong.

@ Sally, Do you have proof the freemasons are bad and evil? I don't either. People make accusations which doesn't necessarily mean it is correct.


Well, maybe not all masonic temples look the same, but the one we've been in (in Bath, UK) was exactly like that. With the checkered floor, the chamber of reflection, the tabloids with all the members going back for hundreds of years, etc. We were able to take a few pictures, but only in the main hall and from the outside.

Even on a simple clock on the wall in a meaningless corridor, we can see dozens of masonic symbols: a beehive, square and compass, special hand and foot positions, twin pillars, the obligate checkered floor, sun and moon, skull and bones, a cube, and below the name of the day we see a picture of Mercury, plus Mars for tuesday and Jupiter for thursday.


Wow, in the first two photos it looks like a depiction of Lucifer on the ceremonial podium.

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