Were the Paris Attacks Predicted on the January Cover of The Economist?


The Economist released in January a cryptic cover entitled “The World in 2015” which featured several enigmatic images. Did it predict both terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015?

In the wake of the horrifying Paris attacks which cost the lives of (at least) 120 innocent people, a specific cover of The Economist immediately came to mind.

On January 8th 2015, I published an article entitled The Economist 2015 Cover is Filled With Cryptic Symbols and Dire Predictions, which analyzed its many messages. Indeed, the magazine cover dubbed “The World in 2015” contained several strange and sinister images which appeared to announce a violent year. Considering the fact the The Economist is partly owned by the Rothschild banking family of England and its editor-in-chief, John Micklethwait, attends Bilderberg Conferences, one should take heed of warnings issued by those who can make them a reality.

For a detailed analysis of this cover, read this article.

Probably the most enigmatic part of the cover is the bottom right where we see two arrows with mysterious numbers, a pile of dirt and an old painting.

A closeup of the bottom right of the cover.
A closeup of the bottom right of the cover.

Looking back at what happened this year, this portion of the cover becomes rather troubling. It is a little too prophetic.

First, the painting next to the arrows is Leonardo Da Vinci’s La Belle Ferronière. That painting is currently located in the Louvre, in Paris.

Second, the numbers on the two arrows are 11.5 and 11.3. The Paris attacks occurred 11/13/15. The digits on the arrows can therefore be rearranged to make up the date.

The attack was claimed by ISIS. The Economist cover features an ISIS member holding a rifle.

Most Parisian casualties were caused by Kalachinkov rifles. The terrorist is surrounded with blood splatter.
Most Parisian casualties were caused by Kalashnikov rifles. The terrorist is surrounded with what looks like blood splatter.

The cover also features French President François Hollande … looking the other way.

As I stated in my article ISIS : A CIA Creation to Justify War Abroad and Repression at Home, I have little doubt that ISIS is used as a tool to further the occult elite’s Agenda including : Invading Syria and justifying police state surveillance in the West.

Let’s look back at the concrete effects of ISIS this year.

  1. Justified the invasion of Syria, finally destroying its status as a regional force;
  2. Accelerated the mass exodus of Syrians towards the West;
  3. Opened the floodgates of Syrian refugees around the Western world (boosted by the picture of a dead boy);
  4. Caused widespread panic in the Western world with Paris terror attack, justifying tighter monitoring and police state tactics.

Media are already reporting that one of the Paris terrorists had a Syrian passport on him and that Hollande is considering the attacks as an act of war.

In short, after guilting Western countries into accepting thousands of Syrian refugees, an Islamist attack causes fear, hatred and distrust towards Muslims in those very countries. Things are about to get complicated.

But, why would “they” purposely create such a horrific situation which involve so many innocent people? Well, for one, their motto is Ordo Ab Chao … Order out of chaos.



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Hey folks. Many people who comment here seem scared."NWO is coming and illuminati will do this and thar." Lets just now get the facts right. Yes there is a truly evil and sinister"elite" who work for the antichrist. But their time is limited and they wilk fail in the end.Just read the bible it tells clearly that the beast will only rule for a period of time until the Almighty intervenes and puts an end to their ugly game. And even in this day and age,when things seem to get only darker the light gets brighter as well! From Gods eyes illuminati is like ants pee in Pacific Ocean.Not a biggie! Lets not be afraid – what the elite wants is that we are afraid.Thats why they put so much effort in fear mongering. They want us who are aware of their nasty works,to think they are in control of… Read more »


Jewel, I really appreciate these kinds of comments on VC and similar sites. God has told us to be vigilant in the presence of evil, and we know that there are demons whose sole job it is to agitate/confuse believers. For me personally, this is one of the attacks I’m most susceptible to as I thirst for knowledge/truth. It’s just as important for us to put all of this into perspective as it is to try to go down the “rabbit hole” in search of knowledge and truth. Keeping our eye on the prize so to speak. Comments like yours help me stay present in the moment and realize that our world is doomed no matter how hard we try. I’ll never stop trying, but I have to remind myself to focus on the only endgame that matters, God’s.


Sur la couverture, il y a un drone qui ressemble à un jouet (transporte un colis Amazon avec dedans, les livres) = Période de Noël ? ; ce drone est à côté du champignon atomique. Entre les deux, il y a une fusée (Ariane ; Centre aérospatial) = Toulouse ; Golfech (centrale nucléaire de) est à moins de 100 kms de Toulouse. Depuis le début de l’année 2015, il y a eu un grand nombre de survols de drones au-dessus de centrales nucléaires en France. Ces deux faits mis côte à côte sont bien étranges. J’espère que non, parce que s’il y a un attentat sur une centrale nucléaire, ça sera épouvantable. Dramatique. Corrélation entre le joueur de flûte et les deux poissons clowns = La légende du joueur de flûte de Hamelin (Merkel, qui appelle les immigrés à venir en Allemagne, et cause ainsi la perte de son pays)… Read more »

When I translated your comments, I found them to be quite interesting. Especially the last one whereby you say that the cover has not finished speaking.

PS: Sachant que, ça vient de me faire tilt, le drone juste à côté pourrait faire penser à un satellite de télécommmunication ; et la Corée affirme officiellement que c’est ce qu’elle a envoyé. En tous les cas, qq soit la raison 1ere, cela (re)crée effectivement un débat international sur la bombe nucléaire.