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The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist’s “The World in 2019” Cover

A look at the cryptic symbolism found on the cover of the Economist’s “The World in 2019” which includes the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. What are they trying to tell us?



The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

Every December, the reputed magazine The Economist publishes a special edition that predicts the trends and the events of the year to come. And every time, the cover of these editions is an elaborate collection of images referring to various people and concepts. While the meaning of some of these images is obvious, others appear to be coded for “those in the know”. This year’s edition is no exception. In fact, it is more cryptic than ever.

Why would anybody spend time deciphering these covers? Because The Economist isn’t just any publication – it is directly connected with the world’s elite. It is partly owned by the Rothschild banking family of England and its editor-in-chief, John Micklethwait, has attended the Bilderberg Conference several times. In short, the leadership at The Economist has inside knowledge of the elite’s agenda, and they do their best to promote it.

The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

This 1988 cover of The Economist called for the creation of a world currency called the Phoenix – one of the occult elite’s favorite symbols. The bird stands on a pile of burning national currencies.

As seen in my articles about the 2015 and 2017 editions of The Economist, these covers are often replete with occult elite symbolism, mixed with subtle messages about the many ways the elite controls the masses. The 2019 edition is more blatant than ever.

The World in 2019

The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

This is the description posted by The Economist on its official website:

The World in 2019 will build on three decades of publishing success: this will be the 33rd edition. It will look ahead to the Trump administration’s prospects with a new Congress, the reality of Brexit, elections in India, Indonesia, Nigeria and across Europe, tech disruptions from AI and China (could 2019 mark “peak Sillicon Valley”?), space travel 50 years after the Moon landing and culture 500 years after Leonardo da Vinci.

Note that the description emphasized the fact “this will be the 33rd edition”. Why emphasize this random numerological this fact? Is it because 33 is the most important number in Freemasonry? That would make sense because the cover features intense Masonic symbolism through the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci

The main theme of this cover is Leonardo da Vinci because 2019 will mark the 500th anniversary of his death. As such, the art style is made to look like a da Vinci manuscript.

The first detail that one might notice is the mirror writing. Why is everything written backward? Well, da Vinci often wrote in mirror writing and the reason he did that remains a mystery. Some claim that he did not want to smudge ink while he was writing; others believe that he did not want other people to steal his ideas. Those who have researched Vinci’s occult leanings believe that his backward writing might have something to do with him attempting to conceal esoteric knowledge. In his day, those who accused da Vinci of being a heretic even called his mirror script “writings of the devil”. In occult circles, mirror writing is often associated with Satanism and black magic, based on the reversal of symbols.

Let’s look at the symbolism of the cover.

The Vitruvian Man

At the center of the cover is the Vitruvian Man, da Vinci’s famous sketch depicting a man stretched out inside a circle and a square. It is said to be a representation of “the perfect man”.

The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

The original Vitruvian Man with da Vinci’s comments in mirror-writing.

While the Vitruvian Man is often described as a “study of human proportions”, it bears a much deeper symbolic meaning in occult circles – especially in Freemasonry. It esoterically represents the human body (the microcosm) as a reflection of the entire universe (the macrocosm) – a hermetic principle summed up by the saying “As Above, So Below”.

Da Vinci’s sketch was based on the works of Vitruvius, a Roman architect who was considered to be the “First Grand Master” of Freemasonry. Appropriately enough, the Vitruvian Man visually depicts the ultimate goal of Freemasonry: Squaring the circle.

In Masonic symbolism, the square represents the physical body and the circle represents the soul. On a wider scale, the square represents the material world, while the circle represents the spiritual realm. One of the goals of Freemasonry is to harmonize these two opposite worlds (physical and spiritual) to create the “perfect man”.  This concept is fully represented in the logo of Freemasonry.

The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

The Masonic square and compass.

The logo of Freemasonry combines a square and a compass – two tools used in architecture. The square is used to draw squares while the compass is used to draw circles. By “squaring the circle”, the Freemason is said to achieve godhood.

I won’t go deeper in the connections between da Vinci and occultism because that would require an entire book (and I’m not talking about The da Vinci Code). Let’s just remember that, for its 33rd end-of-year edition, The Economist features a “modern” Vitruvian Man.

The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

The 2019 Vitruvian Man wears night-vision goggles, or maybe a VR headset. Is his sight being improved or is he being blinded? In his hands, he holds a leaf of cannabis, a baseball, and a smartphone. One could argue that all of these things are used to distract and pacify the modern man through drug companies, big tech, and entertainment.

The Vitruvian Man also has two tattoos. On his forearm is a double-helix, the symbol representing DNA. This is most likely a reference to the intense research in DNA modification happening in the private sector. Was the Vitruvian Man’s DNA altered?

Across his heart is tattooed “#MeToo”. While the #metoo movement did expose some Hollywood creeps, it also has created a climate of censorship and repression where many people have accused, judged, and sentenced to expulsion in the public sphere.

On a somewhat related note, the Vitruvian Man holds a scale – a classic symbol representing justice. However, the scale is heavily slanted on the side that has 5 people versus 4. Is this the U.S. Supreme Court, who recently gained a new and controversial judge, or is this just the tilted scales of justice in 2019?

Overall, the modern Vitruvian Man appears to be blinded, weakened, distracted, and repressed. The circle around him that once symbolized the spiritual realm is now the Earth. Did the Vitruvian Man lose his soul? Is he now concerned only with Earthly matters?

Facial Recognition

The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

The cover features an exact replica of da Vinci’s sketch analyzing the proportions of the human head. Above the image is written (in reverse) “Facial recognition”, which the next step in Big Brother surveillance technology.

The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

A headline from The Guardian about Taylor Swift scanning the faces of her fans without notice or consent.

The Economist cover also analyses the proportions of Donald Trump’s head.

The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

The lines on Trump’s head are different from those above. Do you notice the outline of an upside down American flag?

Putin’s Pipelines

The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover


The other head of state featured on the cover is Vladimir Putin with the words “Putin’s pipelines”. This is a reference to the natural gas pipelines that are being built by Russia, in Syria, the Post-Soviet States, and even Europe. NordStream 2, a natural gas pipeline linking Russia to Germany, is set to be completed in 2019. This highly controversial project was deemed to be “act of betrayal” from Germany as critics say it will leave Europe at the mercy of Russian energy.

TurkStream, a Russia-Turkey pipeline, was launched in November of 2018 and will help consolidate Russia’s economy and regional influence.


The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

Right behind Putin is Pinnochio – a puppet whose nose grows after telling a lie (Fun fact: The tale of Pinocchio is also a profound Masonic allegory). So the cover implies that someone will lie in 2019. But who? Trump and Putin (the only two politicians on the cover)? The elite in general? Kanye West? No clear answer. It’s just The Economist telling the masses that they are being lied to in general. Thanks, guys.

Four Horsemen

The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

Right under Putin, standing on Northern Europe and facing America, are none other than the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Book of Revelation describes the Horseman as harbingers of the Last Judgement. The White Horse is said to symbolize Conquest, Pestilence and the coming of the Anti-Christ; The Red Horse represents War; the Black Horse is associated with Famine, and the Pale Horse brings Death. That’s some heavy-handed catastrophe-predicting stuff.

Why did The Economist add this extremely ominous Biblical figure on its cover? There is no clear explanation.


The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

This one can be interpreted in a few ways, and all of them are upsetting. It is a classic depiction of a stork carrying a newborn baby. However, there’s one important detail: There’s a barcode on the bag carrying a baby.

This might be a reference to “designer babies”, a controversial practice that should gain momentum in 2019.

A designer baby is a human embryo which has been genetically modified, usually following guidelines set by the parent or scientist, to produce desirable traits. This is done using various methods, such as germline engineering or preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). This technology is the subject of ethical debate, bringing up the concept of genetically modified “superhumans” to interbreed with and eventually replace modern humans.
– Wikipedia

The second meaning of this image could be child trafficking. Barcodes are placed on products to track inventory and to complete transactions. Child trafficking is about treating human as products to be sold. It’s a pretty effective (and disturbing) way of symbolizing child trafficking.

Finally, considering the fact that the stork is right under the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, this image could also have a biblical meaning. The Book of Revelation states that, after the rapture, people on Earth would be forced to receive the “mark of the Beast” (666) in order to “buy or to sell”. What better way to force a person to receive the mark of the Beast than by applying it at birth?

Other Images

The cover contains several other images referring to events The Economist is predicting to come in 2019. Here’s a quick rundown.

  • At the top of the cover, an arrow points from da Vinci’s flying machine towards the moon. This might be a reference to the many private companies aiming to travel to the moon in 2019. It should also be noted that we’re seeing the crescent moon on the cover, the main symbol associated with Islam.
  • There’s another “flying machine” (a real one) under the words “New Horizons of Ultimate Thule”. This refers to NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft getting close to the mysterious, distant object Ultima Thule on New Year’s Day.
  • Under the moon is a volcano. Are we expecting another volcano to be erupting soon?
  • At the bottom left (standing on Brazil) is a pangolin, which is the trafficked mammal on earth. It is under the threat of extinction.
  • 2019 will be the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth; It is also the 200th anniversary of Walt Whitman’s birth (shown under Pinnochio).
  • Angelina Jolie is the face of Mona Lisa – da Vinci’s masterpiece. At the top of the cover we see “Angelina Jolie: Responding to Refugees”. She might be used to promote the UN’s new “Migration Pact”. Indeed, Jolie is currently the Special Envoy for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. She focuses on “major crises that result in mass population displacements, undertaking advocacy and representing UNHCR and the High Commissioner at the diplomatic level”.

In Conclusion

The cover of “The World in 2019” is an apt reflection of the occult elite. It mixes occult symbolism with references to the control and manipulation of the masses. It also takes a bizarre pleasure at predicting catastrophic events while keeping people guessing with vague and unexplained references. The elite likes to withhold information and reverse writing emphasizes this fact.

At the center of it all is the Vitruvian Man, a symbol used by the Masons to represent a human reaching full potential. However, the 2019 version is blinded and distracted by things pushed by the elite. Will we allow ourselves to follow the bleak path that they predict?

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The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist's "The World in 2019" Cover

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The Free Masons are nothing but a bunch of pagans trying to force the destruction of this planet with all their “secret manipulative planning and sly scheming.” However GOD is still in charge and HE will decide what happens next in our universe. Praise the Lord!


How about those who created organized religions, thus enslaving humanity even more? But we see and hear only what we want to, right?


Religions, like all human enterprises, eventually become corrupted. That is why you see things like the reformation and new branches of religions being created. It is an attempt to throw out the corruption and start again. But, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and the cycle repeats itself time and time again. Throwing out belief in God because of the corruption of human beings in powerful religious positions is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Do you not also think that the forces of evil/satanism would not seek to infiltrate and destroy the institutions devoted to God? Of course they would. I personally don’t attend church precisely because I think that organized religion has become compromised. But, just because a person has faith doesn’t mean that they are a “slave” to religion or to God, for that matter. It is entirely possible to believe that God exists, gave us free will and that even the chaos that results from human free will is a sign that God loves us. You see, God could compel us to love him and force us to do good — but that isn’t really love, is it? You aren’t truly free unless… Read more »


I only had to read your first paragraph to realize you’re a moron,pardon me,extremely simplissimo minded !!! So…we have different “branches” in the Christian faith because the previous “model,type” wasn’t good,accurate,uncorrupted enough !!!??? Aha,thanks for the heads up,silly me was thinking that by doing this,Poopeefer ( lucifer ) is only trying to lead people into perdition ! Once again,mea culpa and thanks for the “enlightening” first phrase,would love to know what you continued on saying,but after beeing hit with such a “revelation” i’m left humble,shaking and i need to give it a bit of time to settle in ! Say..did you ever thought about opening a youtube channel,maybe you can become like an online preacher or something,you seem to know all the answers !!!? Get well soon sir,exit your bubble,put your brain in storage and start reading books written by the Holy Fathers of the Christian Orthodox faith,the ONLY true wise men on earth,but without giving it too much thought ! Read and believe,no other research needed !


Perhaps replying with proper grammar and sentence structure would have given your counter-argument a little more weight. As is stands, your “humility” is a sham, and your arrogance knows no bounds.

Posting such unitelligible drivel should make you ashamed of yourself.

Perhaps getting Grammarly will help, since the teachers who tried to teach you English failed miserably and you need something else to do it for you.

Seth Dematties

Much love brother!!!<3
Justice has been served!


only had to read your first sentence when you discredited yourself with the name calling.

Seth Dematties

“Pardon me” but your the “close minded” one here, you have obviously been Brain washed away from the lord into thinking the truth is the opposite and thinking the beliefs of others which are true, you bash them instead of listening to them like you should do.Don’t worry tough because the lord says to preach the gospel not convert the non believers. Therefor you just got informed by a 15 year old and I hope the lord helps you in these ever growing times of distress. God bless and have a good dayI’ll pray for you!


Spot on!! Do you have any twitter or anything else I can follow you on?


Jesus is the only way to God.

Angela May

Fabulous insight. Thank you for making such distinctions and observations so elequently and with obvious humility. You are clearly well read, wide awake and care deeply about the spiritual health of humanity. Powerful commentary. Peace Be With You. God Bless & Keep You.


Brilliant Comment. I will make a foolish assumption that this is your personal view point and approach to God, as it is mine. Serious Question to yourself or anyone else who may read this- Is there any group or community of people out there that carry that same philosophy collectively? It would be amazing to meet with others of like mind. Thanks

Anisa Abdalnour

Well Satanism is also an “organized religion”. At least many people within these religious groups will be more enlightened and prepared to counter the lies and manipulation of society. As I understand, it is the elite against humanity; whether you believe in God or not is your prerogative. I believe that nothing will happen without the Will of God; Satan is not a rival but only a deceiver who is given the permission from God to mislead mankind. We are given the free will to follow him or God. Best wishes.


Yes,you’re right ( only a tiny bit actually )up until a certain point,but they are either demon worshippers or heretics,which can be helpfull how in the afterlife ???! Enlightened !? Maybe the Christian “branches” just a little,but heretics non the less !!! Only One Church – The Christian Orthodox One,do your own research if you do not take my word for it !!! And the icing on the cake,Mini satan is not a rival !? No,he is our worst enemy,like no other,EVER ! By calling that Pathetic Powerless Cardboard strong creation,just a deceiver is like saying that’s all it does,no real motive to worry about the Little Lame creature too much ! You’re wrong,all this years in a heretic faith have made you to become funny, sad funny if that makes sense !


You are right about The Christian Orthodox Church and yet that aspect of your post may be totally overlooked. It is possible and likely that nobody will want to delve into that – you have potentially destroyed your credibility due to the disrespectful way you address others on this platform. Please, try and do better.


Si è quello che la bibbia dice. Tutto giace nel potere del malvagio…. Ma Dio si propone un tempo in cui intervenire…


That,my dear brainwashed lady is only one of Tiny satan’s ways of deceaving people,which judging by your comment proves my point exactly ! There is ,FYI, Only One True religion established By Allmighty Jesus Christ on earth,and it is called,The Christian Orthodox Faith ,all other beeing either demon worshipping acts (hindu,judaic,muslim,etc!) or man made “religions” ( catholicism,protestantism,etc!) ! You make me sick ,because you think you are clever but actually cannon fodder for Mini-Tiny satan is written all over your forehead ! I wish you all the best and a very quick awakening because time is running very low !



Rhonda Shaw

Have you ever read the scripture “we are to be salt “?Matt 5:13?
Salt enhances food It makes even some inpaletable food enjoyable. It also increases thurst.
The point is this..words we speak in defense of our faith should be pleasing to the recipiant. Even if they are tinged with correction.
John 4:14 and others calls the “truth ” water. If you season your message with saltiness people will thirst for more” truth”.
May I suggest you do some research on what that means. I believe you are up to the task. If you do your “message” will by far be much more receptave than it is now.


Nicu, your religiosity is not grounded on anything scholarly, just more traditions of men, thinking Jesus is the Almighty God. Jesus was born from his mother’s womb, created in her fallopian tube, therefore the man was of the creation, he was created by God. Therefore he was and is not the Creator, nor in his ministry on earth did he accept any worship and disclosed that there was only one good and that was God. And while totally dead that same creator God raised him, doubt a dead man can raise himself anyway. God changes not, Jesus changed form no life, to life, to dead, to live again. So its pretty obvious you are confusing the two. But why do you need told that the comments you hastily offered are flavored with accusation, quite bitter actually. But you do have the energy of your misdirected understanding of the scripture.


Speak for yourself, witch Christinne, with the two n’s.

Truth & Light

I agree….religion causes tunnel vision


Bro, you’re wrong. I’m not a religious but the 3 monotheists religions were created to tell to humanity what is wrong and what is right. Yes, the 3 religions have flaws bu, at least, when people still belive in them the 3 religions prevented the satanic times we live in today.

Willy Milano

Exactly, ask Ireland how good was the religion for them, or Mexicans, or all the kids getting rape.

Hiram Abiff

Freemasonry 250 years ago clearly was an early breeding ground for enlightenment.
And enlightenment is at the very foundation of constitutional democracies, science and technological advancement.

If society today is degenerating and becoming totalitarian, it is because of a lack of enlightenment and the values that Freemasonry originally stood for, not because of a Nasonic conspiracy.


The ‘enlightenment’ and ‘human rights liberation’ that eventually brought us fake moon landings, transgender confusion, Obamacare and atheism. Go home, Abiff, you’re drunk.

Bill Thomkinson

Go home, SkepticCat, mommy’s calling


Oh,the “enlightened” “clever” man has spoken ! Because you’ve sold your soul to Little Mini Tiny satan and received some “powers”,like reading minds,travelling great distances quickly,etc. ,does not give you the right to be condescendent with somebody who hasn’t and therefore is not as “superior” as you !!!( To be read with a dose of sarcasm,obviously !) Your “reign” ,my dear sir,will come to a very abrupt end and a loud one too,even if for a few short tears(years) it might seem like “you’ve nailed it “!!! I pity you,honestly,would not want to know what Allmighty Jesus Christ,Our Only Judge has readied for you,you spineless sellouts ! ETERNITY even if with a tiny disconfort can be horrible,let alone something more substantial,and the gehenna is VERY substancial,you very short visioned coward !!!


Well said.


But that was a classic bait and switch … the promise of an age of enlightenment where all would be free and equal … Did that really happen? In many ways, modern humans are less free than they ever were. There is actually more human slavery on the planet right now than at any other time in history. So, how did that enlightenment work out? And that doesn’t even take into account the vast majority of us who are, in reality, debt slaves. Do you think it is really that different to be a slave on a plantation vs. a worker bee that has to work because they owe banks, credit cards, etc? How much freedom do we actually have? Why — you can own your own home outright and the government can take it due to “eminent domain” or if you don’t continue to pay your taxes on it. So, if you went broke and decided to grow a garden and live in your house without electricity or running water — you couldn’t do it because you’d still be liable for taxes. How free is that exactly? We are spied up on by our governments, by corporations nearly every… Read more »


What a great reply.


The “Age of Enlightenment’ was the reaction by the devil to the truth of the written Word of God being proclaimed (and later becoming published) for the common man, at the onset of the Reformation. The devil can only react when God moves. The several men that started the groundwork of the Reformation forced the devil to change his methodology of enslavement very quickly. What was the basic status of humanity before that? Generally referred to as the Dark Ages, which was precisely where the adversary preferred man’s state to be and remain as he smites with a continual stroke nor sets not his prisoners free. However, when the brilliance of the truth started to illuminate the spiritually dark state of human affairs, the devil as the prince of this world and playing his hand as Lucifer, the angel of light, he had to react. He did so, and let material light drown out the effect of the coming spiritual light that had the power to deliver the affairs of humanity. This was a race to capture man’s interest and activities, otherwise the brilliance of the spiritual awakening would take center stage in the world. Therefore the power of spiritual… Read more »


I agree. I don’t think they were scum at their inception. I do think they were infiltrated and coopted at some point.


From the beginning, freemasonry was an occult meeting of people wanting more power and ready to anything to have it.


Stop advocating for the Allpowerful Amoeba ( mini satan ) eternity is just around the corner and then we’ll have to explain all our actions,so don’t make things harder for yourself !!! What kind of “enlightenment” can you receive from the same one who cannot wait for you to pass away so it could shred you to pieces (if not forgiven by Our Only Judge,Allmighty Jesus Christ ! ) ???! Satanist,go away you make me phisically sick !


I’m sure you mean well, and God knows if your heart is in the right place, but your lack of love, and obvious disgust toward others is making me physically sick. Not to mention your decrepit English skills.
Relax a bit, brother. There are better ways to convey your feelings and thoughts.


Not necesarrly lack of love,i wish them well,may the Allmighty Judge,Lord Jesus Christ offer them forgiveness,but when you know who you’re dealing against love is not even required,from my point of view you could also be facing punishment for showing too much TLC for these baby blood drinkers ! And this is how i am,never mentioned i’m waaaay too smart(sarcasm) i agree that most people outthere make much better use of words than me,but the Allmighty Trinity gives me the impression that They still love me so i’ll stick with beeing how i am for now until further notice from Above,but your advice has been taken into consideration nevertheless !!! Merry Christmas !


You say “may the Lord Jesus Christ offer forgiveness” but ignore the fact that said Lord commanded those who follow Him to love one another and let God deliver judgment. You are an ignorant fool to think you have the right to make many of your statements in the name of Jesus Christ.

But I pray for you that you’ll allow God to show you your ways. God bless, brother.


If you are not Christian Orthodox i doubt you will be praying to Our Allmighty Judge,Lord Jesus Christ or even if you do i do not know how much He will listen ,you beeing a heretic and schismatic and all that goes together with that ! Again,thanks for the advice,broad up you field of sight and never forget that you cannot serve two masters at the same time ! Merry Christmas !

Rhonda Shaw

We do not fight against “flesh and blood” but against wicked spirits in h the heavelies. Your anger brother will be a problem for it at the One who deserves it Lucifer/Satan NOT your fellows who love God also. Just reading your replies maks me cringe. Yeshua would not act in this manner nor should you.Pride is oozing from every word you spea condemnation of another is NOT your place. Only the Almighty YHWH/Yeshua has that status. Do not be so angry and pridefull direct it to the one who betrayed you and all mankind Lucifer. Yeshua will take care of the decievers minions not you!


Freemasonry is destroying humanity. Freemasonry is the worst that could happen to humanity, it controls the world and its inhabitants. You should be ashamed of taking part of it.
And, guess what, there’s not a single democratic state in the world at the moment.

There’s only representative democracy and representative democracy isn’t democracy, it’s a covered up Freemasonrycracy.

Direct democracy (aka “people” really governing via referendums) is the only “demo” “cracy”. And when it will happen, freemasonry will lose all of his power.


Yes indeed, because heaven forbid we should actually use our free will and decide anything for ourselves….imagine us actually taking responsibility for things ourselves instead of relying on and blaming made up, supernatural beings.

the exorcist

A bunch of ignorants I would say pretending great knowledge.


Pardon me,it seems i’m in judgemental mood this morning…Read your comment again,and now mine ! Look who’s talking- the exorcist… you have absolutely no idea what you’re on about,not even the faintest !If you’re an exorcist i’m somebody who has walked on the surface of the moon ! The exorcist….pffff,oh dear !And they’re the one pretending great knowledge,i think you’ve put it… I hope you never will actually encounter demons,don’t really think you’re up for the task !!!


Satanists more like it,but you have spoken the truth even if “God is still in charge” might be misinterpreted ! The Allmighty Trinity is HAS,IS and ALLWAYS will be above us all ! God Bless !!!


Pagans were never satanic free masons!!! The greatest genocidal deceit is the Bible itself. Christianity comes from the satanic freemasons. Pagans were earth-based indigenous people who were demonized and then murdered by the deceptive Archontic salvationist religions that trick us into thinking the Bible’s “God” and Satan are opposed beings -they are not! They are one and the same.
SOURCE -read John Lash’s “Who Wrote the Alien Agenda?” to start.

Willy Milano

Your God has abandoned you, God is dead, praise Satan, his blood will fill our void. 2 Years, 5 months, 6 days and counting.


The QR-code on the smartphone points to, which contains “a page from a newly discovered volume of Leonardo’s journal, written a few months before his death on May 2nd 1519, that records his visit to the year 2019, as the guest of a mysterious time-traveller”…

The DNA-symbol is not on its own, its specifically positioned on the arm holding the cannabis leaf…

The British dog under the words “Britain beyond Brexit” is not sitting on the UK but on Canada…

The tusks on the Indian elephant resemble a stock market going up, up, up…

There’s a grumpy panda bear (China?) sitting between Trump and Putin…

I count 5 people on each side of the scales of justice. It’s not tilted but drawn in perspective. It appears related to the #MeToo tattoo. Perhaps a reference to keeping men and women divided, as a fourth means of pacifying/degrading mankind…

Also you got the circle/square the wrong way around. The cube refers to the heavens, the sphere refers to the earth.

The Nobody

Great. Observations.

Anyone have any idea what the letters near Trump’s face translate to?

As Backwards

Trump’s Face Letters:


Ok mister Sherlock Holmes,here’s a good one for you,why is the cannabis leaf with eight lobes and not seven !? Are they modifying it genetically,maybe to controll people better (?) ,hence the wider worlwide decriminalization of smoking the herb !? Or is it that der jews are as clever as i think they are and they do not know how a proper leaf looks like,and tbh that would not surprise me,them beeing “holy” and all(they are the “*”chosen”*” people after all,BUUURP!),obviously would not come in contact with such thing,smoking not beeing very pleasant to God,you know !( Not that they worship God actually !)


I also think that with the legalizesation of it they will G.M. the canabis to change DNA… if you do smoke better grow for yourself otherwise it will be some Monsanto weed


I went cold turkey months back due to lack of understanding from Romania’s ruling class,a little spliff here can easely give you the oportunity for a minimum of 6 months of paid vacation with the homies !


Brilliant deduction, my dear Watson! A natural cannabis leaf will indeed have an uneven number of lobes.
It’s possible that cannabis strains are/will be genetically modified. The way the symbols appear to me it looks like cannabis (whether GMO or laced with some kind of chemical) is going to be used to affect or alter the DNA of people. Probably not for the better.


Thank you for your feedback,i guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the situation unfolds ! Merry Christmas !

Rhonda Shaw

Toward your antisemetic remarks.. Israel like all nations have strayed from YHWH/ Yeshua/Jesus. Yes ther are jews who have left the pure worship of God just as have many Christians today.
You would do well to remember you SAVIOR WAS A JEW! Sir. and your total ignorance of His heritage shows your lack of understanding of scripture and His promise the the Jewish people politics aside………..


Rhonda, I feel we agree in principle, so I felt compelled to respectfully post a correction. Our Savior was not a Jew, but a Judean.

A Judean is a descendant of the Tribe of Yahudah. The Son of God was a Judean from David’s lineage on His mother’s side, having no earthly Father (Joseph was also a Judean from the lineage of David, but does not count as he was not His biological father).

Whoever the Jews are they are not Judeans. They don’t lay that claim nor could they validate it. The Ashenazim are descendants of Askenaz, not Judah. Go figure.


Dear Rhonda, The savior was Judean, not ‘ Jewish’. The Khazar Empire from the north East raided Israel, over threw it, took it over, adopted Judaism. So no Jew of today is of the biblical lineage of the biblical Judean. Judeans were scattered all over Europe and elsewhere and are no longer united as a nation. The people that sit in Israel as assuming to be ‘God’s’ people are impostors and they are taking it a ll to the bank for sure. Do some basic history research so you know what you should believing.


I’m wondering what the numbers 7172718839 on the barcode mean, I doubt they’re random…


I count 4 heads on one side of the scale and 5 heads on the other.

Lost Coin

I also noted what appears to be two ballot boxes with votes sticking out, under the right arm of the DaVinci man. Curious, and very concerning considering all the recent voting scandals we have witnessed – not only in the United States but also in other countries.


would be great if you did a retrospective on the past covers to see how the symbols “came true” during that year.


One of the four Horseman is the Statue of Liberty. Interesting…


Good catch!

Also, the coin on the 1988 cover says 2018. Creepy.

Simone Cordeiro

do you guys use to read the bible?


You don’t.


statue of Libery – USA – red horse – WAR


The second one looks quite Arabic! Not sure what he is holding in his hand though…


That horseman called Liberty most likely is the shadow government sitting in authority that is working an inside job to overthrow what remains of the Republic, which would be the Constitution and the bill of Rights. The invert everything. The OT says they call light dark and call dark light. So that long nose IS their portrait having the most accurate likeness for sure.


All these things pretty much sums up 2019 as a year of dread and dark undertakings. I however look forward to at least a New Year of continuous truth seeking as told by VC and others who are likeminded.

May we all stay vigilant in these dark times.

Don Conscience

It’s interesting to note that the original cover had only the words “The World In 2019” with an all black background. Leading many online to speculate that it symbolized the impeding markets crash and complete darkness (WW3).

Furthermore, I think the Marijuana leaf on the cover represents Monsanto’s growing monopoly on the industry through their patented GMO seeds. Ever since nations across the globe pushed to legalize marijuana, they have also passed strict legislation where only the government is allowed to supply growers with seeds. Those that decide get it from elsewhere can face hefty fines or even imprisonment. Be very careful vigilant citizens because sadly, our weed has been compromised!

Happy holidays and stay blessed

Hugh Lorious

This whole marijuana thing reminds me of Kingsman: The Golden Circle plot. Genetically modified marijuana being distributed worldwide and causing its consumers to slowly but surely die a horrible death.

Both of these movies give me a creepy vibe, having mass genocide as the cornerstone of the plot.


Great analisys, just one thing i would like to add, is that maybe the Vitruvian man isn’t distracted, but has the disttraction, drugs, entertainiment and of course justice on his hands to control and offer to the people in order to control them. Also, the Vitruvian man is meant to be the PERFECT man, and the one who is most likely to be considered that is the antichrist, who is going to control the world and probably will be an improved Human being with altered DNA.


Great comment. Was coming to make a similar one.


Then why is he wearing the VR-goggles himself?

Dajjal = 1 eyed Antichrist

Good point. The AntiChrist from the Muslim POV will create a false reality that is opposite to the actual reality, but most will be fooled.
Electronic VR is what most depend upon these days e.g. mobile cellphone zombies.


this is creepy: my country’s flag is here. South Africa, in hat looks like a ballot box. we are supposed to hold general elections, so are the powers going to plant a new president for us, to further destablise us?


I was also shocked to see our flag (S.A.)on the cover. Kinda disappointed there was no analysis of the meaning as to why it’s featured, out of so many other flagd


Perhaps connected to the genocide of White South-Africans? I dont even expect my reply to be approved for obvious reasons.


Whoever told you there’s a white people genocide in South Africa lied to you. Get informed before you make a fool of yourself again


No disrespect,but you are of coloured descent,is that correct !? A blind guy would see that S.A. is definetely not heading for harmony and judging by how similar accounts have unfolded in the past in the african continent i tend to agree with who you did not agree with ! Merry Christmas and black lives do matter ! I’m trying not to sound racist,even if it will probably fall under this category ! God Bless !!!


You’re the only fool here.


You have now an uneducated and ignorant majority who will vote in the most vocal demagogue and he will not be a white one.You reap what you sow unfortunately and karma comes around eventually.
Years of black majority suppression embedded into a majority 90% black vote will allow whatever black politican who can shout the loudest and most populist rants take power.


The South African flag ballot box is positioned on a crack too…I have heard from people with connections to the government that we should all have our bags packed by the time of the elections… We all know who is funding the SA politicians…The monarcs, jesuits etc. Zuma did not comply with the big fish in the pond and their “Sustainable” Agenda and for that reason was removed. There is indeed a bigger state capture than the “Zupta’s” state capture!


South Africa is already lost to elites power. You should consider fleeing to another country before the “elites” start a civil war.
Remember their favorite strategy” DIVIDE to conquer”.


The “Phoenix” coin from the 1988 issue has the year 2018 printed on its face, and it looks remarkably like the Bitcoin logo…


The Four Horseman likely represent the fact that the illuminati as satanists recognize the fact that Bible prophecy is accurate, and that the troubles of the end are fulfilling now. So the apocalypse is about to transpire. They mistakenly believe that they will overcome the prophecy of who wins.


I agree with you. However I believe that they know very well that they won’t win in the end and that’s why satan will do everything in his power to try and get as many souls into hell as possible.

Thy Unveiling

I think they believe they’ve already won; that’s why they’re almost flaunting their misdeeds.


The newborn baby can also refer to the born of the Antichrist…


I mean birth

Rey Tlapale

could it be Meghan Markle and Prince Harry baby?

kerri copeland

or it means babies are going to be tagged, receiving ”the mark”.

Hands on Symbolism

They can read the “cryptic messages” between my index- and ring-finger.


Is it a money bag. That the stork has?
The birth of a new trackable currency predicted in the 1988 cover??


True Islam doesn’t have any symbology. Crescent moon isn’t Muslim symbology – it has been Ottoman Empires one. Somehow, later on, it has been put on a dozens of mosques all around the world. But it never has been islamic. Even more, it is pagan and often used by witches.

Dajjal = 1 eyed Antichrist

Islam does have symbols throughout the history of Muslims from the earliest days. What “true” Islam is, I leave to individuals & scholars. The crescent moon has been used ubiquitously across the Muslim world, not just in the Ottoman one. Not just dozens but more like at least 25% at the minimum.
The moon symbol in Islam is linked to sighting of the Ramadhan & more so the Hijri Lunar Calendar.


“True Islam” is Quran and hadiths. Read the biography of Prophet, saloLlahu aleyhi wa salam, read Quraan: is there any link or any word saying that the moon is the symbology of Islam? No. Then it’s something new, something that was brought by people later. Belief in God doesn’t need any symbols.


True Islam” is Quran ONLY. Your pagan inspired Hadith books were written by bukharian satanist/pagan men 300’years after the prophets death!

Dajjal = 1 eyed Antichrist

There are symbols in the Quran. What would you make of the Muqaṭṭaʿāt?


Faceless is correct, this is an innovation, there’s no evidence that the Prophet (peace be on him) nor his companions used it. The moon and star logo is used by occult groups like the shriners. Islam doesn’t have symbols, but I guess someone decided that since the Christians have their cross and the Jews hve their star, we need a symbol too. “You will follow in their footsteps, handspan by handspan”.

Look into the symbol more and see where it leads.


Apparently the “forecasts” of 2017 it’s happening now. I suppose the agenda it’s somehow late, so I guess this “forecasts” of 2019 should happen close to 2021.
And it’s very very clear that we are going straight to Antichrist’s kingdom.


The ballot of the South African election leans to the right, while the ballot of the Nigerian(?) election leans to the left…

Truth & Light

666 is the number of man – 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neurons

Lost Coin

It is also the “mark” of the Antichrist (who will be a human completely submitted to Satan); since the number 7 represents God’s perfection, 666 represents Satan’s continual quest to become equal to and then greater than God…. Satan is indeed powerful and cunning, but as 666 he always falls short of YHWH’s 777.

Dajjal = 1 eyed Antichrist

China is sitting atop the globe at the North Pole.
Britain is moving West to Canada & the North American Anglosphere away from Continental Europe.
The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse are located in what is Britain.
The Elephant near America with rising stock exchange is definitely Indian styled & could presage the rising importance to Western Capitalism of that rising economy. So many Indians are at the helm too.
What about Africans in the North Atlantic, is that the Migration plan or slavery?
Who is that bearded old man, Pike?


Good point on the four horsemen being located in Britain. The Economist is not too positive about the elites running Britain:

The bearded man is probably Walt Whitman, who was born 200 years before 2019.

Does anybody know who the lady in the bottom right corner is?


Look`s like Angela Merkel….

Solar Flares of Love a dead Bozeman for the better

meaning of the squaring of the circle is to destroy humanity’s spiritual life, this is the secret goal of the highest dark priesthood degrees, only the chosen few with a real pre destination to be in touch with the secret realms and the dark one, also known as “the other side” the other side or mirror of this… Marvelous world, Hell, the world of the Draconian, Reptile, Annunaki, Dragon, False Angels of the New False New Age of Darkness the mirror of The REAL SOLAR NEW AGE OF LOVE. The real meaning of the ring or masonic emblem of the square and compass is “the tool to separate or planning the separation of the most sublime energy of Love, the mother and caring femenine energy, what the Hebrews call shekinah, from the planet. The pyramids and other old buildings of dark planning are use to keep this world under a prison like energy, under the evil rule of negative influenc of evil astral beings, that fight a relentless war against humanity psychological and emotional and spiritual health. All low levels masons all those fools and dumbass braniacs, most of them, are just puppets of the demons of the lodge, the… Read more »


How do you know so much? Very curious..


You have got to open your heart!


Squaring the circle (or circling the square) refers to constructing a square (male) and circle (female) with equal circumference.

The masonic emblem is derived from a perfectly matching square and circle. This figure embodies the Phi ratio which is found in all life. Geometry expresses knowledge and knowledge is power. Power can be used for both good and evil. The fact that evil people may use this knowledge does not mean the knowledge in and of itself is evil.

I’ll just leave this here:


This person is so right!

Heads up

Dear VC, the Pinnochio is Prabowo Subianto– running for President in the upcoming Indonesian elections.


The moment I saw the googles I considered that they might represent virtual reality tech, hence mind control.


Goggles not googles! :-). Typo!

Thy Unveiling

Maybe not. Google Goggles will probably be a thing. I think they tried something like that before, tbh…


They’re the AR googles from Magic Leap to be precise.



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