The Economist’s “The World in 2017” Makes Grim Predictions Using Cryptic Tarot Cards


The influential publication The Economist released its traditional end of year edition where it predicts events of the coming year. The 2017 edition is presented in a very occult fashion: A tarot deck modified with cryptic symbols. 

If you thought that 2016 was not a great year, well The Economist does not seem too optimistic about the year to come. Indeed, in its “The Year in 2017” cover, the publication predicts death and turmoil in a dark occult context, using tarot cards and cryptic symbolism.

When The Economist released The World in 2015 cover, I simply had to write an extensive article about it because it alluded, through symbolism, to various agendas of the elite. Indeed, The Economist is not your typical magazine, it is a ‘prestigious’ publication owned by powerful people. As I’ve written in the 2015 article:

“I wouldn’t normally dedicate an entire article analyzing the cover of a publication, but this isn’t any publication. It is The Economist and it is directly related to the world elite. It is partly owned by the Rothschild banking family of England and its editor-in-chief, John Micklethwait, attended several times to the Bilderberg Conference – the secretive meeting where the world’s most powerful figures from the world of politics, finance business and media discuss global policies. The outcome of those meetings is totally secret. It is therefore safe to say that the people at The Economist know things that most people don’t.”

While some images on that 2015 cover referred to obvious events, others were extremely cryptic – even ‘coded’ – as they were never satisfactorily explained.

This year’s edition is even more enigmatic. It uses the tarot to predict the year to come. Here it is.

The first thing one can say about this cover is that it is occult. The tarot is indeed said to contain within its symbolism the entirety of occult mysteries transmitted by secret societies. Also, considering that the cards of the Major Arcana are also referred to as “trumps”, it was a great way to emphasize that next year will be very influenced by Trump’s election.

The Tarot

Using tarot cards to predict the future, in a publication that is owned by the occult elite, is quite fitting. Through the centuries, several versions of the tarot were created. However, most of them contain the same symbolism which alludes to specific esoteric concepts. Occultists agree that the tarot originates from Ancient Egypt.

“The Book of Thoth was a résumé of the esoteric learning of the Egyptians. After the decadence of their civilization, this lore became crystallized in a hieroglyphic form as the Tarot; this Tarot having become partially or entirely forgotten or misunderstood, its pictured symbols fell into the hands of the sham diviners, and of the providers of the public amusement by games of Cards.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The tarot is an extremely dense compilation of occult concepts and symbolism, encompassing Freemasonry, numerology, the kabbalah, and alchemy.

“Many symbols appearing upon the Tarot cards have definite Masonic interest. The Pythagorean numerologist will also find an important relationship to exist between the numbers on the cards and the designs accompanying the numbers. The Qabbalist will be immediately impressed by the significant sequence of the cards, and the alchemist will discover certain emblems meaningless save to one versed in the divine chemistry of transmutation and regeneration.”
– Ibid.

The Economist’s cover was inspired by the Rider-Waite deck which was published in 1909. Here it is.

The Rider-Waite tarot deck.

The Rider-Waite deck was conceived by the prominent occultist A.E. Waite who was an initiate and a master of several secret societies.

“Waite joined the Outer Order of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in January 1891 after being introduced by E.W. Berridge. In 1893 he withdrew from the Golden Dawn. In 1896 he rejoined the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn. In 1899 he entered the Second order of the Golden Dawn. He became a Freemason in 1901, and entered the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia in 1902. In 1903 Waite founded the Independent and Rectified Order R. R. et A. C. This Order was disbanded in 1914. The Golden Dawn was torn by internal feuding until Waite’s departure in 1914; in July 1915 he formed the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, not to be confused with the Societas Rosicruciana.”

Therefore, by using the Rider-Waite deck to predict 2017, The Economist reveals the true force that makes these predictions happen: The occult elite.

Let’s look at the cryptic symbolism found on each card.

The Tower


The first card of ‘planet Trump’ is The Tower. By doing so, the cover begins predictions on a rather grim note. Not unlike The Tower of the Rider-Waite deck, the card features a tower being destroyed by lightning from above, a reference to the Tower of Babel being destroyed by God. This card is usually associated with danger, crisis, destruction, and liberation.

“This card follows immediately after The Devil in all Tarots that contain it, and is associated with sudden, disruptive, and potentially destructive change.”
–  Bill Butler, Dictionary of the Tarot

On The Economist’s cover, the tower is surrounded by mobs of people holding a red communist flag and a crucifix. Why are communists and Christians facing each other while the tower is being destroyed? Is The Economist alluding to the two forces that are said to have propelled Trump to power – Russia and conservative Christianity?

Or does it maybe refer to the growing divide between two opposite groups – globalists/liberals/socialists versus nationalist/religious/conservatives?

On the tower’s door is nailed a piece of paper. This appears to be a reference to Martin Luther’s Ninety-five Theses.

A painting of Martin Luther nailing his Theses on the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg.

Martin Luther’s thesis criticized various aspects of Catholicism, a gesture that prompted Protestant Reformation. Is The Economist predicting a difficult year for the Catholic Church?



Donald Trump is sitting on the globe while holding an orb and a scepter – objects referring to a monarchy. In other words, Trump is the king of the world. Monarchy and democracy are political systems that are extremely different. The Economist appears to be predicting that Trump will rule the world like a monarch.

Furthermore, why is this image associated the Judgement card? The Economist’s card looks nothing like the Judgement card from the Rider-Waite deck which depicts the Angel Gabriel on Judgement Day as described by the Book of Revelation.

The Book of Revelation mentions several times the term ‘kings of the Earth’. They are sometimes said to worship Christ and in other passages, they are said to worship the Beast.

“And I saw the beast, the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against Him who sat on the horse and against His army.”
– Revelation 19:19

When portrayed in a negative context, these ‘kings of the earth’ suffer the judgment symbolized in the seven seals, trumpets, and bowls, finally concluding with their defeat by the rider of the white horse in chapter 19. Strange fact: There’s a white horse on the cover.

The World


Once again, The Economist’s The World card looks nothing like its Rider-Waite counterpart. In tarot, The World card represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool. It is also associated with the concept of ‘unification’.

On The Economist’s version, we see images representing arts, literature, and theater floating above three monuments. Two of them feature classical architecture found in Rome, Greece, Washington DC and Paris (the monument in the middle resembles the Panthéon). The Egyptian pyramid brings to the card a mystical, esoteric dimension.

These three monuments perfectly represent the historical influence of the ‘occult elite’ on society. Claiming to be the guardians of the Mysteries originating from Ancient Egypt, passed down through secret societies such the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians and the Bavarian Illuminati, the elite has been the secret force behind profound cultural and political changes.

“The direct descent of the essential program of the Esoteric Schools was entrusted to groups already well-conditioned for the work. The guilds, trade unions, and similar protective and benevolent Societies had been internally strengthened by the introduction of a new learning. The advancement of the plan required the enlargement of the boundaries of the philosophic overstate. A World Fraternity was needed, sustained by a deep and broad program of education according to the “method”. Such a Fraternity could not immediately include all men, but it could unite the activities of certain kinds of men, regardless of their racial or religious beliefs or the nations in which they dwelt. These were the men of “towardness”, those sons of tomorrow, whose symbol was a blazing sun rising over the mountains of the east.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Keys of Freemasonry

On The Economist’s card, lines connect these the three buildings of power with symbols representing popular culture. In other words, the occult elite produces a single and cohesive popular culture that is found throughout the world.

The Hermit

TW2017_Cover_FINALS.inddWhile The Hermit card in the Rider-Waite deck is rather simple, The Economist’s version is dense and full of turmoil. It depicts hordes of people marching while holding flags rejecting the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and the EU (European Union). Other flags simply say ‘STOP’ and ‘NO’ which reflect general of globalization and the agenda surrounding it. Hermits live in seclusion of society and these people want to live in seclusion from the world order.

At the bottom right of the card is a cracked globe, another ominous symbol referring to profound division and destruction.

Silently overseeing the scene is the same hermit found on the Rider-Waite deck who holds a staff and a lantern. What does he represent? Here is the esoteric meaning of The Hermit.

“The hermit thereby personifies the secret organizations which for uncounted centuries have carefully concealed the light of the Ancient Wisdom from the profane. The staff of the hermit is knowledge, which is man’s main and only enduring support. In the pseudo-Egyptian Tarot the hermit shields the lamp behind a rectangular cape to emphasize the philosophic truth that wisdom, if exposed to the fury of ignorance, would be destroyed like the tiny flame of a lamp unprotected from the storm. Man’s bodies form a cloak through which his divine nature is faintly visible like the flame of the partly covered lantern. Through renunciation – the Hermetic life – man attains depth of character and tranquility of spirit.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The Hermit, therefore, represents the occult elite, the ‘secret organizations’ that have ruled the world for centuries and concealed occult knowledge from the profane (i.e. the masses). Is the hermit silently watching the masses getting excited about nationalism because it falls ultimately falls into a greater scheme? No matter what the case may be, the next card is not very optimistic.



This card cannot be more ominous. Not unlike the Rider-Waite version, the card features a skeleton sitting on a white horse. On The Economist’s version, a nuclear mushroom is in the background which probably alludes to tensions to come between nuclear powers around the world (a mushroom was also on the 2015 cover). Other calamities are found on the card such as mosquitoes (a reference to zika-type viruses?) and a dead fish in a dried up river (the growing water crisis around the world?).

Strange detail: The card features the same ‘blazing sun’ in the background found on The World card (with inverted colors).

“The field in which death reaps is the universe, and the card discloses that all things growing out of the earth shall be cut down and return to earth again.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The Magician


This card is very similar to its Rider-Waite counterpart. In both cases, the magician has one hand towards the heavens and another towards the earth – a reference to the hermetic axiom “as above, so below”. In The Economist’s version, the magician is wearing a VR (virtual reality) helmet while working a 3D printer.

As Arthur C. Clark’s third law stipulates:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

On this card, 3D printing appears to be a ‘magical’ solution to create low-cost housing solutions – an industry that is already ramping up. VR will undoubtedly be a big thing in 2017 as several products are set to be released in the coming years.

The infinity symbol found above the magician can refer to the limitless possibilities of both technologies: One can create infinite virtual worlds while the other can greatly expand the limits of material resources.

The Wheel of Fortune


This card refers to the upcoming elections in three European nations: France, Germany and the Netherlands. Marine LePen, Angela Merkel, and Geert Wilders are attached to a spinning wheel next to election ballots.

In the Rider-Waite deck, the Wheel of Fortune card features an eight-spoked wheel – the Cycle of Necessity – an esoteric symbol referring to the cyclic nature of life.

The world of politics is also cyclic and, according to The Economist, a smiling Marine Le Pen is heading towards the top of the wheel while a pouting Merkel is upside down and heading down. To make things worse, Merkel is next to dark cloud while Le Pen is under a nice clear sky. Is Merkel heading towards a bitter defeat? Will her controversial “open door policy”, which allowed the entrance of over a million refugees in Germany in the past years, cause her to lose?

Conversely, will Le Pen profit from the nationalist momentum started by Brexit and the election of Trump? Will France become another powerful country ruled by the ‘far-right’ and nationalism? While Le Pen’s political party Le Front National used to be shunned and described as racist, it might gain political legitimacy in 2017.

Geert Wilders, who is another “far-right” candidate who is described by media as being “populist” and “racist”. Things are looking up for him as well.

While those who reject globalism might perceive this change in political scenery as a victory, the symbolism of this card appears to say: “It is all part of the plan”. Indeed, political parties, whether they be ‘far-right’ or ‘far-left’ are all part of the same ever-turning wheel, the “cycle of necessity” that puts into power whoever is necessary at that specific time. In other words, the momentum of nationalism might be planned by the elite to accomplish specific goals.

The Star

In tarot, The Star card represents joy, optimism, and feeling connected with the divine. In The Economist’s version, the faces of 15 young people appear inside yellow stars. I could not identify any of these faces. Some of them appear to be in their early teens.

Who are these specific young people? Will they be rising stars in 2017? Why is there a shooting star in the center? Strange card.

In Conclusion

The tarot is known by all yet it conceals, in plain sight, a knowledge that has been hidden from the ‘profane’ for centuries. The Economist’s tarot cover accomplishes the same goal: It is published across the world yet its true meaning will only be fully understood by few.

The cover was heavily inspired by the tarot deck created by A.E Waite, a prominent occultist and founder of secret societies. By referring to this specific deck and by using its very hermetic symbolism, The Economist is pointing towards the true philosophy of those ruling the world.

Like the tarot, The World in 2017 predicts various trends to come while hiding, in symbolism, the true mechanisms at work. Indeed, several of these cards imply the existence of a ‘hidden hand’, an outside force that does not simply observe what is happening – it is silently guiding the world where it needs to go.



  1. Looks like the shooting star card may reflect the Parkland shooting in Fl. Last I read was that 15 died and 2 were in critical cond. Not 17 dead as MSM titles were written.

    • Another thing. Numerology in that card.

      Note that the numeral 8 is composed of two o’s. One on top of the other.

      In that card each picture is surrounded by a circle (which is an o) and 8 star flares appearing as triangles.

      Note that 0(zero) is same as letter “o” for purposes of numerology, and the value of “o” is 6.
      8= 66
      So each face is surrounded by the 666 symbol.
      I guess they make it pretty clear who did it. (Just in case you were not sure).

  2. could the star card represent what is happening in Hollywood right now? Are these some of the teenage faces of the “hollywood stars” that will fall due to all the p********a? interesting indeed!

  3. These people do things that they very well believe work. So why is it ‘crazy’ to believe in Christ if clearly these people believe in Satan? This wordly knowledge is only so good.

  4. It’s not saying the Catholic church is going to have a hard time.


    All protestants are flocking back to Rome! (JDDJ, for example)

    It’s the 500 anniversary of the reformation.

    Notice that the “mob” of Christians is holding A CRUCIFIX.


    The Pope is THE ANTI-CHRIST.

    Read the BOOK OF CONCORD.

  5. Looking at the world card, the items are connected by what seems to be a moon. So, you have the sun, the moon, then the earth. Maybe referring to the solar eclipse happening in 2017 that can be seen in America? As the article mentions, the same sun appears in the death card. Watch out during the time of the eclipse for bad things to happen?

  6. You made one fatal error, you read them from left to right, where you should have read them from right to left. The correct order is The Hermit, The World, Judgement, The Tower, The Star, Wheel of Fortune, The Magician, Death.
    Your analysis was very in depth and quality, but when read in the right order its even more sinister.

  7. Death card # represents the DENVER AIRPORT LOCATION, They have a same horse logo and everything else that comes with this. Card is like the message for others where to meet when something bad about the happen. just watch the YOUTUBE videos about it, you will get the point. WHATS ON THE PICTURES of the 4 horse man it mention below its all comes together. This people planing something bad. I hope am wrong but anyway.

  8. To align oneself to any faith,politic,or definition of reality is to limit ones powers of observation. Some say even hitler served a purpose tho what purpose that was evades my limited understanding. To claim power or knowledge is a dangerous bidness indeed. The dao sez if one calls
    himself so he surely isn’t. All of mankinds
    “negative”emotions have led us all to this
    “sorry”state of affairs,arrogance,fear,what we call love,are just a few. Guard your mind,
    tongue,and heart. Keep yer eyes and ears
    open. Be well all…

  9. We getting the first evidence of the card– Tower- # 16 in deck- Martin Luther King Day, on 16 January.
    Check News for 1-14-2017. just posted.
    John Lewis: Trump slammed for attack on rights icon
    Mr Trump tweeted that Mr Lewis was “all talk” and should focus on his constituents, after he said Mr Trump was not a legitimate president.
    But Mr Lewis’ supporters reacted with anger, saying he was a hero and icon.
    Mr Lewis was a leading figure in the 1960s civil rights movement
    He is the last surviving speaker from the March on Washington 50 years ago, led by Martin Luther King.

  10. Another good read.

    While I don’t always agree 100% with Vigilant citizen, I always enjoy reading and he/she does a great job shining light on the oddities in our media…

  11. That star card could represent travel to planet Mars and selected volunteers. The burning star might represent uncertainty for their future.

  12. I do not know if anyone have already mentioned these possibilities, but here follow some theories that occurred to me concerning a few of the cards…

    The Tower: the bearers of the crucifix stand to the right of the tower—the communists to the left. Esoterically, this could conceivably symbolize the spiritual war between forces of the “right-hand path” and “left-hand path”, in which case the “Illuminati” cabal would be counted amongst the latter. What is significant here is that the tower is not identified with the Tower of Babel, which would imply a blow against the globalist New World Order—contrarily, it is explicitly associated with the Christian cross; perhaps meaning that the “Illuminati” predicts new damning blows against the remaining Christian influences in the world? It seems to tell us that the loser in the conflict portrayed will be the forces to the right of the tower—or perhaps even that both extremes which are played against one another, as in Hegelian dialectics, in the end serve to undermine the Christian tower in the centre. The flames burning from the roof of the tower, together with the thunderbolt in the middle (incidentally resembling the lightning-bolt victory-rune used by the SS) number the magical 11.

    The Hermit: Noticed how fluid the ground on which the protesters are walking appears? Almost as if it consists of flowing water. In my opinion, the symbolism of this unusual design is no accident. What is being communicated is that these mass upheavals, even though they on one level seem to go against the establishment, are being influenced by subconscious psychic currents that can be magically or subtly, imperceptibly, directed by those who are not subject to them, but standing above it, based on solid rock (in contrast with these fluid currents), and this having a more complete overview of the situation. The fact that the scene takes place at night, under the light of the moon, emphasises again the subliminal psychic influence over these collective movements. The Hermit on the rock does indeed refer to the occult elite, the saints or contemplatives of Satan (awliyah al-shaytan) as they are known in Islamic tradition, who are the ‘Counter-Initiates’ that René Guénon spoke of in the masterwork ‘The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times’. However, for all their magical knowledge they have blocked their darkened souls from the divine light and possess no real spiritual wisdom. Therefore they will fall and the truth shall be victorious in the end, conforming with the sacred prophecies of Christianity and other religions as well. How do you play your part? Submit to God, purify your heart and soul, become truly human, and engage in spiritual warfare.

    The Star: Here I can only wildly speculate, but perhaps the persons depicted within the stars are ‘star-children’ (somewhat related to “moon-child” ritual conception) belonging to occult bloodlines? In that case, it is not at all certain that they will ever become public figures. The most magically powerful hidden hands within the ‘Illuminati’, the hidden top of the pyramid, are indeed like hermits, withdrawn from visible public positions.

  13. This Is to request every righteous person to pray against the occult program for 2017 so that all that the occultists plan to do may fail in 2017 in JESUS Mighty Name Amen

  14. Just More liberal fear mongering Trump is here by god to put the Elite back in its place you cukcs need to understand that a Trump world order is necessary and white genocide is no more all you coloreds are due for an awakining GOD BLESS TRUMP

  15. Great to see everyone digging in to decrypt these codes. The elite really are titillated by their ability to flaunt such truths while the sheeple willingly put on VR goggles to imagine themselves living the “American Dream”. This is the meaning of “the Magician” card here to me. “3D” also looks like “30”, which alludes to the 30 year mortgage, the somehow still unnoticed zeitgeist in the culture of property that dictates our social “purpose in life”. The magician will keep cranking out this “dream” in the form of homes to be worked towards owning, as well as home to flip, parcel into rentals, etc, that denote all the tenets of property ownership and their immense effect on the global economy. Lest we forget the mortgage crisis that handed nearly full power to the banking elite in 2009?

    “The Hermit” card is also very telling, and connects with the others, like the “Wheel of Fortune” and “the Tower”. Note the masses and their rejection of globalism are being fed down a riverbed, led inevitably to the waiting pool of doom below. This symbolizes the inevitable trending towards nationalism that accompanies recent gains in global centralization. The elite understand that nationalism ultimately work towards the end goal of globalized oligarchy by rearing the ugly animalistic head of reactionary responses to losing local control.
    The pendulum of nationalism globalism, has been worked by the elite for eons. As society swings “too far” in the one direction, obvious and flagrant trends inevitably develop (e.g. racism, nationalism, religiousity, etc), and thus society attempts to “self-correct” by shifting power the other direction (e.g. global integration, partnerships, open trade and immigration policies, etc). Clearly the elite desire the global integration side, but they realize that the pendulum must swing both ways, in order for it to inevitably swing far enough to their side to capitalize further gains. As the “Wheel of Fortune” card depicts, an ugly cycle of nationalism is on the way, and we can expect a ratcheting up of tensions back to the WWII level, as we are seeing now in full swing with the deployment of tanks and troops to Poland today. They will happily fund a WWIII to see this all play out once more over the next century, with what’s left of the masses essentially begging for one world government to salvage us from the ruins once again.

  16. i have a suggestion for the meaning of the star card. The bottom of the card could represent Mars and the stars may all be people involved with colonizing mars.

  17. Who are these specific young people? Will they be rising stars in 2017? Why is there a shooting star in the center? Strange card. Answer — people names are–
    1. Sam Altman President OpenAl San Francisco, CA
    2. Siyanda Mohutsiwa- Blogger- Iowa City IA
    3. Isaac Hernandez- English National Ballet- London.
    4. Daisy Ridley- Actor L.A
    5. Hani Al-Moulia Photographer Saskatchewan CAN.
    6. Amani Al-Khatahtbeh NYC
    7. Letcia Gasca- Fuckup Nights- Mexico City, Mexico.
    8. Amanda Coletta- Edistor World in 2017 London.
    9. Shivon Zilis- Member- Bloomberg Beta- San Francisco, CA
    10. Tor Garnett- Police NOW- London
    11. Joshua Wong Activist Demosist6 Hong Kong China.
    12. Louise O’Neill: Asking for it– Dublin.
    13. Tomasa Del Real- Musician- Iquique Chile
    14. Boyan Slat Ocean Cleanup Delft. NZ

    people on starts.

    • Letitia Gasca seems to be a starseed to me. She became extremely accomplished and placed in prestigious positions of importance while in her 20’s. Perhaps they are all starseeds meant to lead the next generation in a specific direction.

      • Yes, It could be, lead people in specific directions. Cause some of them You tube people and some trying to change the planet.

  18. With the elite trying to play god, I’ll just have to wait and see if whatever is written on the cards comes to pass further after all that’s happening right now

  19. 7. Magician Card. #1 in deck. Some time in Summer 1st Jun or July month, Most like it it can be A new Law and Order Rules. It will come to you house thru 3D. Well the whole card is same as Justice Seal. Lady with scales ( we have a house here) She is blind, and her hand is up ( here is down ) But know she can see you in 3D digital. Sun behind is used in most of the Justice seal images. Well I can called UPGRADED version of Justice seal. More digital as it used to be. You might go to court not even get out from you house. Same as go to school or collage.

  20. 7. Card #7 Star. Well I look at the comments below, looks like no one have any ideas, what this is all about. I might have a solution, But am not even sure if I got it right or not. I will give it a try, Sound strange May be some can get more then I will. Well Anyway.
    We have 2 month left Nov and Dec 2017. here is what I found even the number match. I copy and paste.
    Total 14 stars. #14 It Cant be a month cause we only have 12 month in the year.
    Its the Math equation looks like to me. Here is why. Search– Ratio word problem. ( it could be a who has more right Male or Female or About the Gay people (No offence ) But we already past that point. All have a equal rights. Past that too. and so on.)
    We have 9 girls + 5 guys.=14 +1 no picture total 15 stars.

    Assume that two particular boys as a single boy and also two girls as a single girl.
    so, 4 boys and 9 girls, two boys can also arrange by 2! ways , similarly two girls can also arrange by 2! ways.
    number of ways when they are together = 13! *2*2
    number of ways when there is no restriction = 15!
    required number of ways when they are not together = 15! – 13! * 2*2

    its the People ration after the year end. you have any ideas.

  21. 6. Card #6 Wheel of Fortune. Month 10 Date of the election in Euro October 22 2017. They choose this card and the date Cause of the Month Number. There is NO # 22 card. Card it self explain. Katja Kipping will win the race. Others is not a option. She is by the sun, good sign.

  22. Edit — add to the card #5. Place will take in Italy most like likely- It could be a March/ April month It lots of way to see this. It could be a bad Start for farmers Long dry month NO RAIN Or it could be Nuclear Accident that will bring the Haz to the area and nothing will grow. Like it happen back in Russia when the Nuclear plant explode. back in 80’s. There is a clue that cause that thinking- Haz Mat Material placard- “Dead Fish / Dead Tree” Placard (25/Pkg) looks similar. Or it could be some major leaks on the tanker carrying Haz Mat.

  23. 5. Card Death.# 13. If you look at the card there is a clue- Death at the horse- Well there is 7 of them but we only see 1 out of 7. More explanation you will see a the picture called “Death on the Pale Horse” West based this work on the Book of Revelation 6:8, in which the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse—Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence—ravage the earth. Well after reading all of the info it say it took place in Rome, Italy or Rome Empire but that in the Egypt and around it. On the Original Taro card we don’t have 2 mosquitoes it was took from the original painting of you look in the left upper corner 2 big bird flying. Which gives you a clue where to look for the answer and decode of the card.

  24. 4. Card The Hermit- #9. in the deck. Well looks like Its the 9 February 2017. Its shows as dark card at night, Month Of February its the short month. And the guy on the top with a light its the symbol of the card that show they way to better future. When people drop the Trans Atlantic agreement. As the Trump promise at the election.

  25. 3. Card World- #21. Jan 21 2017 Mr Trump will try to bring the world together in one piece and make people happy again. US- Euro and Euro-Asia. parts. to make the trade economics good again.

  26. 2. Card the Judgment – Card Number is 20-
    Well its the President-elect will take the oath of office on January 20, 2017, to formally become the 45th President of the United States.

  27. 1. Card TOWER —- Well Am not sure but it could be about the first card, the close explanation i could find in History Back in Jan 22 1905 Russia had a 1st revolution. One party had a mark Red flag and other Had a Cross similar to Nazi one.

    • We getting the first evidence of the card– Tower- # 16 in deck- Martin Luther King Day, on 16 January.
      Check News for 1-14-2017. just posted.
      John Lewis: Trump slammed for attack on rights icon
      Mr Trump tweeted that Mr Lewis was “all talk” and should focus on his constituents, after he said Mr Trump was not a legitimate president.
      But Mr Lewis’ supporters reacted with anger, saying he was a hero and icon.
      Mr Lewis was a leading figure in the 1960s civil rights movement
      He is the last surviving speaker from the March on Washington 50 years ago, led by Martin Luther King.

  28. Well after looking at all this, it did kind of catch me and got thinking WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS ALL ABOUT??????. I think I found the solution for about 90% of all this, how you need to read this. Sound interesting Its Simple. same as the other covers. They all have something in common fas as how you read them and decode.

  29. You forgot one—the Death card has a dead fish, which represents the DEATH of the age of Pisces, i.e. the age of Christianity, two fishes swimming apart from each other, the sign of our times.

  30. Notice their version of the hermit is no longer hiding the lantern. It is as if they are showing the world their secrets but the people are marching against it. Notice the people are depicted as Nazi’s. Not sure why.

    Also, the World card shows the types of media controlled by the elite, but outside of that is the Bible, and a portrait, of who?

  31. The masses think their intelligence surpasses all. It’s sad. Yet they all repeat the same things over and over and over like indoctrinated rats. They hate Jesus and openly show their hatred yet are NO one can talk about the LGBTQ community, or Buddhism without everyone having a liberalism seizure claiming “hate speech!” Yet the constantly tell Christians the are bible thumpers who should kill themselves. But it’s not hate speech because everyone hates Jesus. After all He was just a prophet like Ghandi and Muhammad. He wasn’t actually the son of God. Well say what you will but talking s**t about people who believe in Christ is the cool thing to do and it WILL get worse. On every single tv show, movie, comedy sketch and social media outlet it WILL get worse. Don’t talk about race, politics, vegans, women, buddists, or gays. But those Christians? F**k them!
    Find out if Jesus was Lord, liar, or lunatic. But here’s a word of advice: make it your business to find out soon. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in Satan but the people who are in control do. See things for how they really are. Not how you want them to be….

    • thanks for your words!
      it’s all in the scriptures.
      according to the plan.
      but everyone who truly believes in Jesus
      that he saved us
      and took all our sins
      will be saved
      thanks for your words again
      its so important to say this
      and its so true.

  32. “the elite has been the secret force behind profound cultural and political changes.”

    -or protecting the souls who can’t handle the truth.

  33. Trump appoints a cabinet of billionaires and you still think he’s “anti-globalist”. Exonn is the heart of globalised capitalism, and it’s now at the centre of the American government. This is corporatism by stealth. Wake up.

  34. I’d be cautious about spreading this type of information because much of it has been largely misinterpreted. The artwork of the cards is sensational and perhaps an attempt to intimidate those who are uninitiated into the knowledge of Tarot.

    It’s a common misconception that Tarot originated in Ancient Egypt but this is false. Antoine Court de Gebelin introduced the concept in his 1781 book Le Monde Primitif, which was then further propagated by the highly influential Eliphas Levi. There is absolutely no known history of Tarot stemming from Egypt beyond it’s conception in Le Monde Primitif. The first Tarot deck, Visconti, was created in the early 1400s in Italy.

    Secondly, I would not interpret the Tarot and Death cards quite so negatively. Without full knowledge of these cards it’s easy to be intimidated but actually, for me, these herald a new hope and signal a period of renewal and change. I’ll explain…

    The Tower and Death both represent transformation, internal and external, respectively. While the circumstance that brings the Wrath of the Blasted Tower into the fore can be devastating and cause perceived destruction (Mars corresponds with this card, hence violent, sudden changes), that destruction was NEEDED because the system that was in place, was utterly unsustainable and no longer served any meaningful purpose. I liken this to the revolt against the global elite – the people in UK and US thus far have exercised their democratic right to vote against the establishment, such as Brexit and the vote for Trump (who I find abhorrent). We have come out of the Age of Pisces (masculine) and into the Age of Aquarius (feminine) and this transition will complete on 2026, bringing with it a renewed system, far removed from the violence and oppressive control systems of the patriarchal societies that have controlled us for the last 2000 years, with a move towards feminine centered leadership. If the global elites are as entrenched in occultism as you say, then they know this. The stones of Their Tower are crashing to the ground…And they are scared.

    Death, while this seems ‘ominous’, really isn’t. For me, it signals is the fact that this system of control which has kept us in place for so long is losing its grip because people are challenging the status quo. More people than ever are awake to what is happening and this awareness is spreading. The system is dying and the scythe of Death is sweeping it away, to make way for new life.

    Judgement is very tongue in cheek – it’s the card of second callings and the people have chosen. Have they chosen the correct candidate? Considering Hillary’s close affiliation and Bilderberg status and Trump’s public relationship with the elite, we’ll soon see.

    The Magician is represented by Mercury, the trickster who possesses the guile of communication. I wouldn’t read too much into this one and just see this as an attempt to say that communication in 2017 will become even more virtual.

    Ending on a beautiful note with the Star card – this puts the hope of the next generation to lead us from the darkness that is falling around us.

    I also want to comment that many directed, darker occult practices feed on baser emotions, such as fear. Do not give them your fear, because in doing so you feed them. Find and live within your own truth.

    • ‘Deuteronomy 18:10 “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer.’

  35. Economist gets it wrong all the time, they have their agenda to push but seldom does it work out. Its devolved into a MAD magazine for economists, maybe this cover can be folded in such a way as to reveal the true picture, lol!

    Keep up the good work VC, always interesting to see a dissection of the elites propaganda.

  36. The very fact that the elites have placed Tarot cards on the cover of the Economist shows their uncertainty and confusion. They have lost control. Only people who have had their lives turned upside down resort to divination. Those who are on top of their game do not consult cards. Don’t try to interpret the symbolically modified Tarot cards. Interpret, instead, their presence on the cover departing from their usual practice of showing us in artwork their plans for us.

  37. Some have said The Star card is related to Comet Pingpong, just wanted to note that there are 14 images of kids on there and 10 smaller white stars, made me think of that image of John Podesta holding up his hands with the number 14 on it and the fish symbol on the other hand…the 14 relates to those images of the kids and the 10 relates to his 10 fingers maybe.

  38. Hello VC,

    I think i can help you bit on the tower card. 2017 will be the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Next year the Lutheran Church is going to sign a deceleration with the Catholic church as an “apology” for protesting against the pope and to bury the hatchet in the name of “Unity”.

    The card signifies the end of the Protestant Reformation where many Christians will be fooled into following this Religious World Power/Beast. It also signifies a further healing of the papacy’s “mortal wound” and big “F.U” to Martin Luthur.

  39. The comet and the kids probably refers to the children that will be discovered dead inside ‘Comet’ Pizza or tortured or whatever but it’s likely a prediction that many abused or murdered kids will be connected to Comet Pizza. James Alefantis is code for J’aime L’enfant – I love children. What a sick individual he is – and getting away with it too. He’s days and those p*******e rings around him are numbered if this tarot card is any indication

  40. I think the last card-star card- represents the 15 people who are going to travel to Mars. I’m not sure about it but I mean the planet under them is red and I feel like the comet represents the leader of the group or something. Or it may just represent something else.

    • The star card is the coming of the antichrist, the rebirth of Horus, the comet. The 14 new and coming stars in stars represent the 14 pieces of Osiris’s penis that was reconstructed by Isis to conceive Horus. The 10 stars without pictures reference some other part of the legend. This is the main meaning of this card. OTOH, it could be a joking reference to Comet (comet picture) Ping Pong Pizza scandal with all the stars representing innocent children harmed. There is a Podesta selfie with the number 14 on one hand Osiris’ penis, a fish on the other (Pisces) and his ten fingers. The 14 and 10 are part of the occult numerology/gematria that they love to apply to everything. Just like the 6 being arrogance (the number of man), with 666 being the number of man tripled = Satan – the created who would be the creator but is not. The Podesta picture also represented bragging about his virility…which came before his great fall…lol

  41. I’ve not had time to look at all comments so apologies if someone already pointed this out. The Judgement and Star cards are our of alignment, skewed in opposing directions. So perhaps they are special. Judgement is actually mislabeled as it shows the Emperor card, from the Rider-Waite deck but the two items Trump is holding are swapped over between his right and left hands. This means we should read the card as the Emperor reversed, which indicates that his presidency is not accepted as legitimate in the view of those who are in secret positions of power to impose their Judgement on the situation.

    The Star card shows faces of people we don’t recognize inside 8 pointed stars. These are interspersed by smaller, faceless stars (representing hidden influence?) The stars with faces might symbolize “representation” of the masses. They could indicate electoral college electors or votes. The position of the white stars at specific numbered points might tell us more but I can’t figure that out. Is it possible this card along with the reversed Emperor/Judgement card suggests that some electors will vote against their pledges when the electoral college meets tomorrow, using the fabricated “Russian hacking conspiracy” as a justification?

  42. The Tower:
    The Tower of Babel, being ripped apart by dark forces of the Universe as neither Communism nor (the Pagan edition of modern-day) Christianity can come up with viable solutions—because the masses have no leaders, only followers.
    Wait, there is more. Why would the dark forces of the Universe be destroying the very thing they are trying to build up? Are we even looking at one tower? Aren’t there **two**: one on the outside, revealing another one on the inside. The facade is beginning to come off, revealing something else underneath: another tower emerging from the inside of the cracked one. The lightning strikes the outer tower, the one cracked open. The inner tower remains intact. This is the occult elite’s real Babylon: the shadow government.
    Am I the only one seeing this?

    Yes, Trump is the King of the World, but only in title. He is not dressed like a king. He has no crown. He has no throne (Old Glory in this picture could pass for a toilet seat—it’s not a very respectful way of depicting it). This is not how the occultists portray a monarch (just look at the ugly Devil card: that’s a monarch).
    To me, this picture is saying: Trump got his ego trip cut out for him, but he is not really in charge nor is he going to be. (They are probably wrong about that.)
    What bothers me is that the card is named Judgement. Does Trump cast judgement or is he on the receiving end of it? Either way, sitting on a ball-shaped object doesn’t strike me as a stable position.

    The World:
    I could not agree more. Anyone who has not yet put their TVs in the dumpster and cancelled subscriptions to all occult-controlled media is not only paying for it, he or she is asking for the brainwash to continue at the peril of themselves and the rest of us. If you happen to have children growing up in the midst of this insanity, you may one day realize that you know longer recognize them. All of us need to take some serious action now.

    The Hermit (9th card) stands alone on the top of a mountain (=achievement) with a lantern in his hand (=awareness) with a staff in his hand pointed vertically (a phallic symbol and a symbol of the narrow path of initiation. However, in this image, the protesters are on a narrow path that appears to be carved out for them between rocks. Yes, they are between a rock and a hard place, in darkness. Notice how there is no path from the “valley of despair” to the hill of (pseudo-)”illumination”.

    The earth is cracked across North America: the divisions in society run deep.

    The moon is in the waning crescent phase (before the New Moon): before the NWO?.
    The number of stars is SIX, as is the number of letters in Hermit: the number of arrogance. In the Bible, it symbolizes the evil of Satan.

    You made a very good point on the inverted colors.
    > Strange detail: The card features the same ‘blazing sun’ in the background
    > found on The World card (with inverted colors).

    This is a very important observation: the media (the World card) have their mouths full of lies. School curricula are twisted. The information the masses are being fed is INVERTED REALITY.

    As for the mushroom: Let’s not forget Fukushima. It’s been estimated to have topped 33x Chernobyl emissions of all time, and it’s still going strong. If you are not already taking precautions to mitigate the radioactive contamination of your body and mind, you are doomed. At the least, each one of us must get hold of iodine supplements and fulvic acid. Get knowledgeable. Get to the real truth, not the inverted occult propaganda they want to force-feed us like their (other) feed lot cattle.

    The Magician:
    Technology is an illusion. Quit paying it homage.
    Gen-X, Gen-Y busy finding ever new ways to allow their lives to be controlled by technology. They are living their everyday lives blind-folded by their VR glasses. WAKE UP. (I get my reality check from praying for wisdom over my Bible.)

    Do you see the Sun behind the magician’s head? Can you see it **now**? The infinity symbol is a distraction. They are trying to keep our eyes off of the game by giving us ever so new toys and passing fairy-tales for information.

    Another possible interpretation: we are looking at the Statue of Liberty; the crown on her head symbolizes Sun’s rays. Errata: the crown on HIS head, as Lady Liberty sports the very same facial features as Apollo. Lady LGBT Liberty lost the tablet and the torch and is pushing (our?) buttons not only sort of blindfolded but also hooked up to the occultists mind control scheme.

    The stick is a phallic symbol underscoring the arrogance of humanity. Don’t we deserve what we can already see creeping up our way?

    The Wheel of Fortune:
    Spot-on. The occultists put all these puppets through their paces in their torture chambers of politics.

    The Star:
    Announcing the birth (or some sort of initiation) of the coming Antichrist.

    Wake up. Crack open your Bibles and search for clues. The occultists (in control of the education system) lied to us, bit by bit, about pretty much everything.

  43. So I just wanted to point out a few things I didnt see VC or the comment section cover. I know someone alluded to the point that the Judgement card and the Star card were tilted, and while this must be significant, I find even more puzzling is why the two cards that were singled out to be tilted would be tilting in two opposite directions. Does this allude to the Judgement and the Star possibly being at odds with each other? Polar opposites? No quite sure. Also as someone pointed out the land below the comet in the star card is red eith craters which I highly believes alludes to Mars. This is a concerning correlation considering all the efforts NASA has put into studying Mars. Will this possibly be an “other wordly, anti-christ like” being? Again, not sure. Another interesting note is the red sun appearing prominent in the Death card. While meanings are obscure, a red sun can trace its esoteric meaning back to Osiris-Ra cultus of Legbha. The red sun and its power can be attributed to creative power of evolutionary nature. Are the elite trying to create from this scenario of death? Lastly, I noticed the moon in the Hermit card appeared to be either a Last Quarter moon or a Balsamic moon. Judging by its crescent shape rather than a fully split half, I think its safe to assume Balsamic. A balsamic moon depicts the end of a cycle and the birth of a new cycle, surrender, rest, final release, purging, and lastly; peace, as it enters the darkside of the moon. Is this foreshading the end of a cycle or some rebirth? Time will tell. Hope this info is helpful to you all! Glory be to God.

    • Seriously, I am not able to make out the pics of the persons in the star and that is how all the images of this card is in other websites as well.

  44. First off, they used Tarot this year as a part joke, though they are also deadly serious on another level. The joke part is first the pun on using the major arcana or “trump” cards in the year that Trump will take over as president. The other joke is that “reading” the cover of The Economist has become a “thing” on the internet since VC first interpreted the 2015 cover. So they are riffing on the idea that the “masses” think these covers make predictions about what the elite are up to, so here are some “predictions” presented for you as if in a carnie, fairground fortune-telling tent.

    Of course the tarot has much older esoteric symbolism and they are using this in a double-tongued way to target messages to different potential audiences – those in the know, and those who “read” the cover to try to gauge what those in the know are doing.

    The Tower card (numbered 16) represents 2016 and the changes which disrupted globalist plans in that year. Likewise the star (numbered 17) represents 2017 and the aspirations which the globalists want to keep alive through that year.

    The 2nd card in the spread, Judgement, is a “trick” card which is maybe why it is pictured slightly askew (as is the Star). The Judgement card is trick because the image of Trump actually matches The Emperor card. However on The Emperor card the sceptre would normally be in the right hand and the globe in the left. This is reversed in the image of Trump, a clue that we should read this card with the significance of the Emperor card reversed. The implication is that Trump rather than a straightforward “asset” or “liability” to the eiltes is viewed as unpredictable, impetuous, narcissistic, immature and out of control. But the card is labelled Judgement and this tells us we should not take it at “face value”. Those who represent the throne behind the throne are saying that they are still in control. The card of Judgement indicates that they learn from history. They see the rise of Trump as the past rising up, but they are confident that they can deal with it and that they still determine the direction of the future.

    The next card, The World, is striking for how Masonic it looks. The sun/eye surrounded by a blaze of glory, the pyramid, connected to the bank/museum and the library/parliament buildings, the arch connecting the icons representing art and culture to the building representing the seats of worldly authority and all linked by the arch to the esoteric power represented by the sun. There are also a floating portrait and book. These visually connect the illustration to Masonic tracing boards stylistically with their floating symbols which often appear to hang in mid-air. As well as this I think the floating book and portrait picture represent, respectively, the intenet and social media – in these forms the production and distribution of culture have “got away” from the elites to an extent, hence they float free from the arch. But note that they are still firmly within the firmament created by the lines connecting the sun to the symbols of worldly power. There are “challenges” rather than defeats on the horizon from the elites perspective and they also present opportunities.

    Next, The Hermit, this represents a strategic retreat, a step back from the fray and a turn inwards to gather wisdom and strength as outward circumstances have changed and it is necessary to take their measure and develop inner resources rather than charge into the fray. The anti-globalisation demo and the fractured globe represent challenges to the elites’ vision, but this card says that they are equally prepared to proceed in isolationist mode with a president more interested in protectionism than continuing the race-to-the-bottom free-for-all of unregulated global markets and out-sourced industry. The card tells those in the know that the prevailing market paradigms are changing, but plan accordingly and you will still prosper.

    At this point I can’t go much further. The Death is just brutally literal in the way it is has been placed and suggests that the elites are willing to pay for their own rebirth with any necessary destruction, pestilence, war, famine and death. The Magician card is deployed with a jokey nod to virtual reality and 3D printing tech and , as VC noted, a reference to Arthur C Clarke’s insights about magic and technology. It’s also a reference to Platonic ideas about simulation and copying, but that’s all illustrated in quite a flippant, casual way rather than conveying much of depth (at least that’s what my own possibly shallow reading tells me). The Wheel of Fortune is use with, again, a very literal implication. Merkel is connected via the lightning bolt to the destruction of the Tower. She represents the political order that is on the way out, as Le Pen represents ascending nationalism. The card says all of this is just the changing face of fortune and the whims of the masses. It is not ultimately of much significance to the elites. However the wheel turns they know that by accepting fickle fortune’s turns they can stay in charge of their own greater destiny. Or they THINK they know this. I think they are over-confident and arrogant, despite the message of this spread, which wants to suggest that they know how to play the strategic retreat game with due face-service to humility when required to do so.

    The final card says they are biding their time, but clearly anticipate continued success in their endeavours. This card is skewed, to indicate it plays a special role in the spread. It is the significator card, it represents the questioner. In one sense it represents the elite/illuminati and the obscure faces in the stars leave us no clues as to their meaning in this reading. It may simply imply that their real faces are unrevealed. Our hidden “masters” remain occulted, while the faces selected for display confound us with their anonymity. In another sense, since “they” know that “we” are reading the reading. The faces may represent in a direct sense the anonymous masses.

    They are claiming in their use of this card to “represent” us and if we do not represent ourselves better they have claimed our tacit consent. I believe this is an arrogant piece of self-delusion on the part of the elites as well as an attempt to deceive the mass while pretending to have sought and obtained our permission. The faces in the stars allude to the Crowleyan “Every man and woman is a star”, but as we saw through the Hermit card and The Wheel of Fortune they consider both our protests and elections to be equally trivial and discountable. They may let us believe we are stars, but the central figure in this depiction is actually the comet (a callback to the lightning bolt from the Tower and Wheel of Fortune cards in the spread, and presumably a reference to Luciferian and Panspermian themes which are ubiquitous.) The anonymous faces inside stars may also consolidate the meaning of the floating book and portrait in The World card illustration. They indicate the harnessing of challenges arising through social media and mass participation in culture. In this way opportunities are revealed from potential threats.

    Sorry for the length of this comment. A very brief summary is that this spread reveals the elites in a very confident position despite recent setbacks. They advocate a strategic withdrawal and patience in order to achieve longer term goals, but state with confidence their view that the goals will be achieved, the plans will come to fruition and the work completed according to their destiny. They co-opt the masses as willing accomplices, and place anonymous faces inside stars to say that the destiny of the many is identical to the destiny of the one. They have to say this to stay within universal law, but they are breaking it in spirit even if they are careful to comply with its letter. This spread says the elites think that they are being careful, but no-one can be careful who does not first know how to care. In other words they have not truly learnt the lesson which The Tower card was meant to convey. If they listened to that card they would realise their great master plan is itself a trick and an illusion – but NOT just one that they are playing on the masses. Without understanding they have fooled and cheated themselves.

  45. I don’t know if that’s relevant, but the cards also form a sequence of numbers:

    16 11 21 9
    13 1 10 17

    If you use the international system of notation, you find some dates there: November 16, September 21, January 13 (the last pair of numbers can’t be put the same way, unless it’s October 17).

    Let’s keep vigilant.

  46. The shooting star made me immediately associate to Travelers. Unlike Stranger Things and Westworld, this show is probably more under the radar for most people. It is not starstudded like Westworld. All cast are new to me. The show is about time travel but not in the traditional sense we are used to. the future humans has invented a technology that makes it possible for them to take over someone elses body at the exact time of their death. The religious people will probably associate this with demonic possession. However, they are agents on a mission. At first we don’t learn much but that something horrible is going to happen in our timeline that will change everything to worse. Obviously obly a remnant of humanity has survived. Which is why they are trying to change the past to prevent that terrible outcome. Most people will probably think it will be something nuclear. But a few episodes later we learn that an asteroid is bound to hit earth 18 months later. I don’t fully recall what they called it. I think it was Helios something. Could that also be a hint at the dark sun and the crack in the earth?

    • First sorry for the typos. Although we have been hit before in history this seem to be the mother of them all. That was why I associated with the crack in the earth. Another under the radar show is Van Helsing. It takes place in an post-apocalyptic scenario. The year is 2019. One year after The Rising. Instead of zombies, the world is plagued with vampires. Which hints at something big is gonna happen in 2018. Little more than a year from now. Funny how close that is to Helios, give or take a couple of months. The main character Vanessa Seward is the great great great granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing. There is something strange with her blood. She is not fully human but no vampire. Any vampire that bites her, reverts back to humans again and are after that immune to new vampire bites. They cannot be turned again. It is a very strange show, just like Travelers.

  47. I haven’t read through all of the comments, so forgive me if it has been mentioned. But, the Hermit Card has the rock or mountain cracking through what looks like North America. Looks like the “crack” goes right to the Great Lakes area. Maybe it’s just me? Also, Trumps left foot basically lands right on the same area in the Judgement card?

  48. Maybe I’m wrong (I probably am, sorry!), but when I first saw the teenagers faces on “The Star”, I thought it could mean death of young people, like a massacre on a school or another place teens go…
    When my father died I was little and my mother used to tell me he became a star…
    So, teens faces on stars = teens becoming stars = teens dying

    And thinking better about it now, the pictures look like the ones used on posters of missing people, and the tarot card shows the Moon (?) craters, like saying “they are out of Earth”, they are nowhere to be seen, they disappeared, they are missing.
    So maybe they are saying there will be lots of young people who will disappear (for occult elite purposes, maybe) and die?

    Idk if it makes sense

  49. Great review and a thorough analysis. But.. Ooo, BOOO. F*ck it, this was THe Economist’s version of our future. Let’s draw our own version of it, and use The Economist as a toilet paper instead. Or make a huge bonfire of its very scary 2017 issue.

  50. Just because they depict these cards on a magazine cover it does not prove anything bad will necessarily happen. It is more likely that this is what they want you to think will happen as a result of the election and events in Europe. Also, I dislike the fact that you state Trump and Nationalism are a part of the plan, while Hillary, Soros and the rest of the radical left have clearly been doing everything in their power to discredit Trump to this day since he won the election. Examples: Paid protesters by Soros being bussed into cities, the demand for vote recounting in multiple states indirectly financiallysupported by Hillary, the attempt to discredit Trump by new statements from the CIA that Russia hacked the election when initially Obama himself stated there was no hacking involved. That statement “part of he plan” just does not line up with what has been taking place. You make it sound as if Nationalism is worse than Globalism when clearly it is the opposite. I think you should focus on the positives of the election outcome rather than writing speculative articles about what the elite want you to take away from a magazine cover. It’s like you fell for the propoganda. Remember, people can publish whatever they want, if you choose to believe their garbage without real evidence that is on you.

    • Thank you for posting this! It makes me sad to see this site; which has reveled to me so much, being so blind. I think the moderator has forgotten to get his eye back on Jesus, all his narratives are ‘defeatist.’ The elite aren’t all powerful, there just flesh and blood who do bad things, anyone who chooses the lord and is backed by Him can ‘trump’ them easily.

      • Recently VC got a huge confrontation because of his article(s) about a scandal and re-posting social-media-posts. If you missed that, well, okay. You missed a lot of information, in the article and the reactions written beneath it. Information about things that the global search machines very recently got under lock and key. Internet-history is Under Construction as we speak. The focus in this article might be on this world we live in and how to write without it being blocked. Religion is not always food to survive on.

      • If I seem vague, that’s on purpose, because my first reaction was hold. I used a too direct link to the scandal, probably, and edited it out.

      • Yes!Yes!Yes!!!
        instead of focusing “what the Elite is planning”… we could as well pray to Jesus!
        nothing is bigger an more powerful than GOD.
        Remember this.
        of course he is also way bigger than the so called “Elite”…
        we only have to believe in Jesus our saviour. to be saved.
        being busy with theories about tarot cards won’t save us.
        Tarot by the way is occult. instead of interpreting tarot cards we should trust jesus.
        he IS BIGGER than any problem.
        joh 14:6

  51. The pyramid is interesting. Apparently one was found in the south pole recently with all sorts of chatter suggesting it is a portal to another dimension or somehow connected to the pyramid at giza. Also the shooting star reminds me of the phrase in the bible where lucifer fell from heaven in a lightening bolt or perhaps it’s referring to an asteroid hit – who knows? But something tells me this is more about the Crowleyian ‘Moon-Child” with all thos faces of teenagers. The card that spooks me the most is The Tower reminding me of 9-11. Will there be another event similar to 9-11. Maybe the tower, the pyramid and the shooting star are all connected. At any rate I love the VC articles and look forward to 2017 through VC’s eyes.

  52. Listen, guys. I’ve had revelation in regards to Revelations. The influence of Dharmic religions in the teachings of Jesus Christ are apparent. In Dharmic religions, there is something called kundalini. Kundalini is what the Bible references as the Holy Spirit. It is describe as a fiery serpent that sits at the base in the spine in THREE AND A HALF coils. In Numbers, Moses was told to make staff with a bronze serpent on it. Anyone who was bit by it, lived. This is kundalini or the Holy Spirit. Kundalini is a healing force. Every seen that symbol on the side of an ambulance of a staff with snakes coiling up it? It awakens you and you start to become one with God himself. But if your bodies are not ready for it, it will heal by force. Like a fire raging through a forest. But after the fire has ravaged the forest, the forest revitalizes itself. Remember, the Bible says we are gods and the Kingdom of God is in us. If we all start to awaken to the energy residing in us, we can literally change the world. The world will have no choice but to bow the forces of light. Stay informed, but focus on the things we can do. Nobody can stop you from realizing that each and everyone of us are gods. Nobody can stop you from awakening the Holy Spirit within and thus transcending the physical world and becoming one with God. We entered the Age of Aquarius on 12/21/2012, symbolized by the water bearer (man). Water symbolizes truth. Therefore, the truth is in us.

    • Sorry, but that’s a load of bunk. Kundalini is not the Holy Spirit. Kundalini spirit is satanic. And by finding a story in the Bible that has a serpent in it and acting like that is the Holy Spirit is wrong. We are not gods either, not sure where people could even think that except that we were lied to by the serpent in the garden, who told us we could be like God.

      • What they teach you in church is bunk. The Bible says more than once that we are gods. But believe whatever you want to believe. One day, you will have no choice but to recognize the truth.

      • Actually, the bible tells us the first lie was from a serpent. The serpent told Eve that she would be a god and live forever if she only ate the fruit. You have just repackaged the oldest lie told to man ever.

      • Again, you are reading the Bible literally and completely missing the symbolism. You people waiting on a literal return are Christ are going to be perpetually disappointed.

      • Why wouldn’t I read it literally? lol otherwise you can read into it whatever you want like we are all god’s or something….

        He did say He was coming back…..what do you think is going to happen?

      • What the Bible tells us is not bunk. And they Bible tells us we are sinners not gods. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God! Sound familiar?

      • I didn’t say what the Bible says is bunk. How the churches teach it, is. As VC’s subtitle says, “Symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” So it is for the Bible as well.

      • It seems to me that the churches are going off the rails on what the Bible teaches. Every believer needs to be like the Bereans and search the Bible for the truth of things themselves and not rely so much on what the churches teach.

        However, to say that the Bible teaches we are all gods is totally and completely false. The Bible teaches that we are sinners and that we all sin against God. That Jesus came to take the punishment for our sins and if you believe in Him you will be saved. That is what the Bible teaches.

        It was the serpent in the garden that first told Eve that if she ate the fruit that she would be like God wouldn’t die. Which was a lie! Because after she and Adam ate the fruit-what happened? Nothing good….You can keep believing the lie if you want but it really isn’t going to get you anywhere good….(think lake of fire)

      • Jesus is the way the truth and the life.
        I dabbled in the occult before I became a christian.
        Nowhere in the bible can you find “kundalini” or that man is “god”
        That was the fall of mankind in the garden of Eden.
        Kundalini is indeed satanic
        There are two ways:
        The cross were Jesus died for our sins
        Self-Salvation (which is satanic because man wants to become Godlike – a sin)

        I recommend the books by Warren B Smith , a former occultist now christian.

      • Ya, Warren has some good books. There’s also Ray Yungen and Roger Oakland. They also post on which keeps up on all the false stuff going through the church.
        Caryl Matrisciana has some videos called wife is the gate that had some good info as well. She grew up in India and knows all about the kundalini spirit and the new age.

        Though recently Ray and Caryl passed away.

      • How do you “know” Kundalini is evil?!! The people that use Kundalini are using the energy in a positive manner, as the spirit of Life. I don’t know a lot, but just because others see “God” in other ways doesn’t mean it immediately comes from the “Devil!”… This space is supposed to be a place of open speech and recognition of many lies spread throughout the world. This site isn’t 100% supported by Christians!!

      • Kundalini, the serpent power isn’t evil? Lol, ok….
        Maybe people think they are using the power in a positive manner doesn’t mean they really are…they are just being deceived.

        Ya, this is a place of open speech…..I’m not sure what your point is?

    • A different “Izzy” down below…. Anywho.. there’s a history people should be looking into between Communism and the Catholic Church. It might be important..

  53. I have been reading tarot cards for about ten years now and let me give you my reading,
    Tower of destruction shows there has been a sudden change the occult elite are angry about, Hilary was there witch you know
    Judgment shows us that a phase has ended and life cannot stay as it is. Trump is dressed like the Emperor running into his higher calling and he has big ideas that are not just impossible dreams
    The world card shows us fulfillment,fate, have taken place and victory! What can we offer the world you should be asking
    Death shows 2017 is a period of transition
    Wheel of fortune shows destiny will take place, but round and round the wheel goes where it stops, nobody knows
    Hermit shows the occult elite watching mankind make a stand, and they still have the higher ground
    And finally,
    The star card shows hope for our children.
    Think positive people, and be the change you want to see in the world!

  54. HOW DID NOONE PICK UP ON THE CARDS THAT ARE CROOKED VS NOT!!! Its obvious that this is the view the elite have and the crooked ones were unexpected.

  55. I told my brother (who is a pastor and voted for trump) that God allowing Trump to be elected would pretty much mean we are in the last of the last of the last day. As in the clock is literally about to run out, the rapture and everything laid out in the bible and specifically in the book of revelation is only years, maybe decades away.

  56. Those who have faith in the Word of God, or the Son of God, have not reason to fear… Being aware though is certainly prudent though… Ultimately our Creator is in control of all that occurs on HIS earth… Allowing for unrepentant sin to be punished by those spiritual principalities that represent darkness is what is transpiring at this time…

    Mankind will not fully appreciate eternal life unless having to endure perilous circumstances that we have brought upon ourselves… It is a lesson that in the end will benefit all who indeed endure, and seek the will of the Father of all creation…

    As scripture points out in many areas the time we now live in will become quite horrific before the return of the Son of God… This of course will end the rule of the beast, and Babylon will be placed in the abyss, or bottomless pit for a thousand year period while the earth rests from the results of this devilish system, and the disaster it has resulted in over the centuries..

    Jesus Christ’s return is mankind’s only hope… That hope, and desire of the saints is of course not in vain… But we must not allow for reliance on the flesh to supersede the strength, and good courage that one can derive from the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD…

  57. I do not believe that the powers that be want the world to plummet back into stoneage. That would not be in their interest. But instead the slow downgrading of society will take place. Within one or two generations the whole world will be a third world place. Even without a world war. A global Calcutta. Why should they risk everything they worked for with a war ? No , the downgrading will continue. And there will be no war – just false flags. This planet will become a truly hideous place to live in.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking. I have never seen the MSM push so hard to try to convince society that the story is false. Seems like they are scared of the truth being found out!

    • Hmm. This is an interesting idea. I’ve been watching this Comet Ping Pong story and how it is being twisted into all of “those” conspiracy theorists out there being so crazy…. I can see how this could be related.

    • Has anyone been paying attention to this crazy wave thing that hit the earth yesterday?

      Mike Around The World and the folks over at BPEarth have been predicting it would hit on the 26th, but it appears to have come a week early. Their predictions for 2017 are pretty grim and involve galactic gamma rays hitting the earth and all the turmoil that entails. They are also talking about a comet who’s path will cross between the sun and earth. This all comes after Obama signed an executive order referring to contingency plans for space weather phenomenon. I have to wonder if this card is somehow referring to all of that.

  58. The Star might refer to the comet ping pong scandal. Hence he comet in the middle surrounded by the faces of young people. Whether or not you believe “pizzagate”, the “fake news” narrative will be pushed further this coming year.

  59. “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

  60. The flag of Daesh/ISIS flies above the pyramid in the World card.
    And the spokes of the wheel in the Wheel Of Fortune card resemble the Roman Fascia, well a symbol of fascists.
    On the Hermit card the people look like coming in “waves”, like a flood, whereby the landscape suggest this – hills or giant waves, and the hermit stands protected on high ground.
    Try they as they might, nothing lasts forever. There are Powers beyond the will of humans-be them slaves of Evil or not, Powers that are keeping the human civilization going since aeons ago. The dogs can do nothing about this, at most they can kill in the billions but they will be judged. Let them pray that they’ll not be judged before trying to raise hell on Earth.

  61. The first card, the tower, if you notice also has what looks like Martin Luther’s thesis that was nailed to the door. This started the reformation that cause the catholic church to go on it murderous rampage in trying to stamp out protestants and everyone else that didn’t follow their dictates. The death card….my my, looks like they have quite a few things planned.

  62. mushroom = fungus, mould.
    With less sunshine by contrails and veil-clouding, less open windows at new work places, schools, malls etc. the numbers of funghi problems have grown. gardens, nature, homes and humans. Just trying to connect some dots here, someone noticed them too?

    • I don’t think so. This mushroom cloud is the classic reaction to a nuclear bomb, including the ring around the spout. It’s more fear tactics, including the other ominous signs in the picture. I have heard so many people talking about the end of the world… it’s pretty wild.

      • I was not talking about the blue cloud, but about the yellow things on the land – on the death-card. To me they seem mushrooms, too.
        The Bomb is speaking for itself probably? Loud and clear.

  63. What seems to have escaped your attention is that the “wheel of fortune” as depicted here is actually a means of torture from medieval times. The ones on the wheel are entirely helpless, completely subjected to the will of the executioner. So I think it also clearly shows that our so-called leaders are completely powerless and can be gotten rid of at any time.

  64. ahahahhaha I feel sorry for the ignorant and sick with hatred white nationalists!!!!

    Their mesiah Trump is going to be their death =) ahahahahhaahhaha

    After Trump all America will prey for back to the way of unificaiion =)

      • I would hope to believe readers of this site know that Trump and the rest are puppets .
        Don’t you agree ?
        I actually hoped all can see the bs by now …

  65. all these prediction are a way of the elite to play god so keep in mind. donald trump is the same as hilary, a puppet for the zionist rothschild elite. you already know 9/11, 7/7 were false flags, its more than the CIA or bush, its the zionist that control governments and the media. the war on drugs are just like the war on terror, a product of the zionist elite to keep the society under their control with fear propaganda while making money. isis is just the new alqadea, a product of the establishment/zionsit war propaganda to invoke fear and hate to accept war and the NWO, now you know why vladimir putin is under attack, because he is destroying their plans.

  66. The Star is Pizzagate, obviously. They’re so gross and behind the curve. They apparently have no idea what’s coming next and I prefer it that way.

  67. The Economist is trying to make weak minded people believe that Trump is bad, that he’s a dictator, and the world is going to end..blah blah blah…it’s quite pathetic how hard they are STILL trying to discredit this man, who won the election in a Land Slide victory.
    The Economist clearly works for George Soros and is trying to make voters second-guess Trump’s decisions. Not. Going. To. Work. Sucks to be you, Economist. Shouldn’t have sold out to the NWO…I do think they are going to try to assassinate our President Elect. He is doing so much harm to the NWO. Pray for Trump!!!!! Pray for America!

  68. The Stars Card in the Economist Cover rising stars in different areas and fields. A shooting star means a Spiritual Messiah. A spiritual messiah will come down to uplift the masses. Those youngsters might be his/ her followers.

  69. The elite are planning de-population of the world… Walmarts are closing across the U.S. and Fema camps are setting up in them & building guard Towers… Wal Mart spellelled backwards – Martial Law … do your research…

    • “Walmart” is seven letters; “martial law” is ten letters. Mathematically and numerically impossible for one to be the other spelled backwards.

  70. There is only one option to stop the globalists, to stop the corruption, and it will be work to get there. Most will laugh, yet all that put the time in to contemplate these policies, will realize, it will work.
    1. Lottery Selection for political jobs. Voting has never meant anything so why vote. SELECT, Random selection. Vet the people that want the job, then put their name in the hat and on selection day, select on.
    2. Government jobs, 5 year maximum. NO MORE. No More Lois Lerner Syndrome, No one should get the idea that because they work for the government that they have the power to make decisions for the whole country. With 5 years maximum employment in each and every government position. 5 years maximum, and all government agencies, even FBI, CIA, all branches, and I mean I.
    3. Companies, Entities, all, must be owned by an individual, no groups, no companies, an INDIVIDUAL and an individual can own only one company at a time.
    4. One company can have only 100 employees, maximum. This is a must in order to allow for the top options for the technology for our country. 100 employees, maximum, per company, One person can only own one company.

  71. On the door of the tower is nailed a written page. Maybe this represents Martin Luther’s 95 theses tacked to the Wittenburg Castle door in which he protested the Catholic practice of selling “indulgences,” that is, buying forgivness of sins. 2017 is the 500 year anniversary of this act in which true Christianity broke away from corruption. One result of this was that when Queen Anne died without heir the next 50 relatives in line to the British throne were rejected by law because they were Catholic. So George I, king of Hanover (Anne’s second cousin) became king of UK, beginning 200 years of personal union between Hanover Germany and England.
    Now that “tower” is, for all spiritual purposes, also corrupted.

    • Lmao at true christianity. You mean krishnianity. It has to do with knowledge and not belief. Protestantism is a poison. Catholicism is crystallization. The issue isn’t the church. The issue is the people running it. The fact that the church has taken the blame (as if the Mcdonalds logo is to blame for the shitty burgers) is a complete bull counter intelligence program. Figure this out already.

      • Of course this was down voted. Because the truth hurts and you’re all pansies that would feed your cats veggies because of your delusional need for safety.

      • Ugh your always so superior and you wonder why don’t we do as you say as your the only one who sees the truth etcetera … We have our own independent thoughts and sorry if we won’t allow ourselves to be your mental slaves

  72. Could the children’s faces on stars allude to “star children” or “star seeds”, perhaps? “Starboy” seems to be a media focus these days, what with The Weeknd’s new song and all. I’m not sure if this would refer to Sitchin material, which lends itself to annunaki bloodlines, or royal blood. It really is a strange card. The faces look pretty random, indeed. Just my thoughts.

  73. I wondered if the Star card referred to the Pizzagate scandal, with Comet Ping Pong as the name of the creepy restaurant surrounded by photos of young people.

  74. Actually the Magician and Star cards means Trump will improve things
    And gifted to do so. Judgment and world also positive. Others mean leave
    Past behind.

  75. Very interesting… I had a look at the cards before reading your interpretation… Might I share my own view?
    First of all… Like viking runes, tarot cards are a bright side and a murk side…All depends on your reading… I would personally tend to consider that what is murky future for The Economist (the1%) is very bright future for most of the Humanity, the 99%! I am sure you will agree here…

    1. The Tower:
    The illuminati Pyramid? The Masons? The supreme court of Israel? The Vatican (the cross)… Who knows… But I see the Kind of the North and the King of the South, the West and the East, attacking them while a giant lightning strikes them from the Above…

    2. The Judgement
    I see like you a King… Ruling on Earth… Is Trump the real King or a puppet following the rule of Christ Consciousness that would have returned?

    3. The world
    Very much like you, I see different political and spiritual entities connected together and connected to the Cosmos

    4. The Hermit
    I see the Hermit, perhaps the true King, hidden on the top of the mountain and discreetly shedding light onto Humanity, that suddenly rebels against the agenda of the current ruling elites. The world indeed goes through a phase of chaos, division and destruction of the old structure

    5. The Death
    I diod not see a nuclear mushroom but the Tree of Life or Tree of Knowledge. Death is riding a white horse, symbol of justice. Shall Death strike the 1% this time and bring justice back?

    6. The Magician
    I did not see the mask of virtual reality… Just a blind wizard connected to the infinite (sign above the head) and holding the sceptre of the King… Funnily enough, to me the machine is pushing the button off is not a 3D printer but a recycling machine (like those paper grinders). He is destructing factories…
    I do love your own interpretation a lot too!

    7. The wheel of Fortune…
    Money comes around and goes around… Similar to the wheel of Dharma, many in the elites will go through dramatic ups and down… They seem not to appreciate too much. None has his name written on the election bulletin… Instead a cross!

    8. We count 14 stars and 1 shooting star
    Are these a reference to the 13 Illuminati families? I doubt it since their future does not seem very bright to say the least lol. The 12 tribes of Israel … No better… Interestingly Jamaican Rastamen see themselves as the 13 hidden tribe, while having no jewish ascendance… What if there were actually 14 tribes, each representing a spiritual culture? represented by young and still unknown people? And all of them gathering around the Shooting Star? Some sort of tribe embracing it all, deemed to shine very brightly before disappearing?

    Hope you like my own reading. Basically I think it just complete yours!


    • Some more…
      For the Judgment card, if Trump is not a puppet off the Christ consciousness (who actually does not need him at all), maybe he is the puppet of the Antechrist! After all he is wearing black and sat on the flag of the US… you dont imagine Christ doing such a thing!
      For the World card, I see three houses connected to the Cosmos…Art, Science and Spirituality? How a word ruled by these 3 houses would work?
      For the Hermit card, the hermit (true King) is shedding light from the mountain in the night (darkness)… we see the moon and start indeed!
      For the Death card, what I interpret as a Tree of Life or Tree of Knowledge looks damn similar to the 9 world of Yggdrasil in the Viking mythology!
      The Wheel of Fortune seems to be fuelled by a Lightning coming from the above…
      That’s all!

      • Brace for impact my friends! I trust 2017 is gonna be a year of great changes! For the best of the 99%… Right now it is just dusk… then comes full darkness and finally dawn!

    • The “mask” on the Magician clearly has “VR” on it… it is definitely a pair of virtual reality glasses!! Also, I can see how you can see the Tree of Life….. but my gut tells me this is a classic mushroom cloud created from a nuclear bomb… look at real pics of mushroom clouds… they even have the ring around it.

  76. The death card makes me think of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. 1. Death 2. Famine. 3. War. 4. Conquest.

    The death card has a lot going on in it. Famine, drought, death, nuclear attack….and then those violent mosquitos. Maybe there will be a manufactured illness/largespread physical attack on people.

    The tower did make me think of the tower of babel and division- then, when I was reading your article, I remembered the words “trump tower”.

    Even though this magazine seems to fortell of many bad things to come, I have to say, I’ve had nothing but good feelings for 2017. I think the media is in an uproar. If it’s going to be a bad year for anyone, I’d say It will be a bad year for the people up top. I have a lot of optimism for all of us though. I won’t buy into any of their “doom” messages.

    • Right on! 😉 There’s no need to wallow in darkness or events that haven’t happened.. We each move forward in a positive way and try not to let the burdens of the world become our own, but make a positive difference any way we can.

  77. the father will drop kick them into the pit of hell ….all of this is total bravo sierra what will the father doto you on the judgement day…………………….

  78. I find it interesting on the Death card that while Death is the only visible horsemen, War, Famine, and Pestilence are shown. Could be alluding to the apocalypse, and all the horsemen are there in some way.

    • Perhaps, unlike in Revelations, the rider of this horse has no crown, carries neither sword nor arrow, but, the sickle of death. Hardship and upheaval rather than the entrance of the antichrist?

      I think the mosquitoes represent the tiny drones they release in Brazil to neuter the real mosquitoes spreading Zika through mating. The ones shown are awfully big and sitting on rays (radio waves). Nobody knows what the final outcome of this experiment will be or whether they included another virus with the drones. Tiny drones, big mosquitoes.

  79. Thanks VC……Take note there are 22 major arcana cards in the tarot deck….The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet…..The 22 paths of the Kabbalah tree of life & don’t forget the Taylor Swift song titled ’22’ – All connected perhaps. Makes you think doesn’t it.

    • The progressive liberals are all in denial when they hear the truth. They dont want to hear it and when they do they say its a lie. The truth is tramatic and its easier for everyone to just ignore and deny something that sounds so evil. All these ignorant people need to wake up cus things are about to get worse before they get better.

  80. I believe while they are using the color scheme and imagery from the Rider-Waite Deck, this Judgement Card is from the Thoth Deck. The image is Trump as Horus. Crowley changed the Judgement Card to the Aeon Card. They made us think that Hilarion (Isis) The W***e of Babylon was going to win but they hoodwinked us all and instead Trump TRUMPED his MOTHER as the crowned and conquering child.

  81. The hidden hand is la Mano Negra. Aka the mafia. Aka organized crime. And Trump in french Trompe (phonetics is according to sound not spelling) means to deceive. Write an article about Westworld and the episode named “trompe l’oeuil” (sp?). In french that means “deceive the eyes” but pronounced in english it would be “trump loyal”. Could trumps loyalty to his kind be a complete deception?

    Be wordly minded. And f**k the world.

  82. Very good article, there also many interesting comments. But it’s better not to give in to the “ominous” feel these f*****g covers give. If I were a globalist occultist hidden master AND things were going out of control I would still totally say in the most blatant way possible “Oh you fools all is going according to my plan” while secretly panicking. And let’s admit it, this cover IS blatant in comparison to the past ones (come on, Tarots!? How f*****g obvious can you get?). So, if you have faith (as a Christian or else) remember what we say to diviners, necromancers etc: a big “f**k you”. Also, “no one knows the day” and all that, it’s important… If you don’t, you have to believe in human will: these guys take as a given that humanity is a mechanical toy that will always behave and this is not true, it can be deceived but it will not stay deceived forever, human souls are a living thing not some equation, all can change in the blink of an eye and if you give in to the “they control everything, everything is predicted!” feeling these bastards want to give you, you are already doing half their work. Stay strong in hope in what may be a harsh year to come, even if there are difficulties on the horizon every crises is a chance to bring truth out of the shadows.

  83. If you look at the current global trend it seems people are starting to diverge from the left wing discourse. No surpirse as left policies have failed in America and the open doors policy has led Europe to huge turmoil and social fracture. 2017 might be an awful year, let us hope for the best but be ready for the worst.

    • I feel that we are being guided by MSM to either belong to the right or the left. It’s so divisive. (Divide and conquer). I agree there is a conservative backlash, but it feels media driven.

      I’m neither liberal nor conservative but there is validity (and utter nonsense) in both.

      • I disagree, I’ve been middle of the road my entire life, however liberals are truly insane. They live on emotion while conservatives deal with facts. Thus I’ve found myself gravitating towards the right the last few years. You cannot…simply CANNOT reason with a liberal.

      • Define the word fact. Because “truth” and “fact” are two different concepts and entirely separate. A fact is at the mercy of the system it exists in. For example 1 plus 1 equals 2 is a fact. In math. But in sex, for example, 1 plus 1 can equal 1. Or 2, or 3 or 4 etc. So “facts” don’t matter when we’re trying to build a nation, or better yet, repair one. You are no American. A true American loves American liberals more than Canadian or Mexican conservatives. You have been duped into the globalist scheme.

      • You are so right (no pun intended)! Many are volatile and refuse to engage in intelligent discussion that differs in any way from the emotional viewpoints they cling to for dear life!

  84. Also, in Tarot card readings, the cards, although read separately are all part of a bigger tapestry. I wonder what story these eight cards are trying to tell together

    • I have read and studied Tarot for many years and there is so much more to learn. I personally find it wicked in the way they have bastardized the true intention of the story of the cards creating a “new” card deck based on the troubled nature of the people writing this article. The intention of the Tarot is to tell a story about life, the struggles (The Devil isn’t necessarily the DEVIL… it can mean anything that is interfering with your Spiritual growth/connection to God… for example, being addicted to drugs, or perhaps… those that look at PEOPLE as saviors, as gods… I think Trump thinks of himself as a god). When the Tower falls, it can be a time of great healing… that the masses can see through the bullshit lies that “The Tower” wants us all to believe. There are a lot of positive symbolic meanings in the Tarot that can help see you through bad/negative situations in life; as challenges are often followed by great learning (IF the person is willing to see the lesson in the hardships of life). These elitists want to use the positive messages of the Tarot to create fear, FEAR. Look at how they changed the Judgement card. It is supposed to be an “awakening” to your true spiritual life, that God wants us to ascend into the Light and into Love, into awareness. Here, they create an entire different meaning… Trump is God?! Yikes!

  85. Very spooky.
    I noticed Merkel is also dressed in red- colour of sacrifice?
    I am really creeped out about those faces inside those stars/suns.
    They look kinda old fashioned though, like old pictures.
    I wonder what it alludes to.
    Stars eventually die too. And like you quoted Hall “The field in which death reaps is the universe” which is the background of the actual cover.

    Great article as always VC.
    PS. On a side note, I know you get a million and one requests to do articles. But I was wondering about The Blacklist. There’s a few anomalies in that series like a shadow government CIA and other organisations orchestrating events, chemical and biological warfare etc. I’d be interested to see your take 🙂

    Keep it Real 🙂

    • The kid’s faces in the stars look like what you’d see on a “missing” poster. The “shooting star” is a comet. The landscape looks Hellish, volcanic. Make of it what you will.

  86. It’s my theory that Trump was elected to be a powerful fall guy for whatever “they” have planned. They’ve pushed the left’s agenda harder than anything I have ever seen or read about, politically, that I don’t think they’d cease it in lieu of conservative control. People, at heart, are still quite conservative. It takes a lot of time to undo centuries of conservative habits. If presidents are, indeed, selected and not elected, and Hillary was even shocked by her defeat, then, to me, they plan on using Trump in a way no one can see coming. The word “rumors” in the Biblical phrase from Revelation “there will be wars and rumors of wars,” doesn’t mean gossip, it means confusion. We simply don’t know who our enemies are these days. There are so many!

    • The reality is Trump is an open card (a ‘Trump card’?). Nobody really knows exactly what he is, yet. He is the ‘chaos candidate’ – and may indeed likely create just that, chaos.

      From a mainstream point of view he’s a disaster – he represent America going crazy, with people turning to conspiracies, ‘fake news’ (like they’d say this entire VC website is) and various forms of bigotry (racism, islamophobia etc).

      More likely, Trump is yet another elite puppet who will play some role for them. My personal guess is his purpose is to be America’s worst president yet (yes, worse than Bush) in order to permanently disillusion the public and dissuade them from ever voting for any kind of alternative, anti-establishment candidate again. From this angle of observation, ‘celebrities’ still have to appear anti-Trump so as to appear like the mainstream view of things is reality.

      Frankly, I consider those of you who voted Trump thinking he would genuinely try to change anything complete idiots. Trump’s whole appearance and outlook is anti-Christian rather than Christian. You’ve voted into the world’s most powerful office a man who ‘grabs women by the p***y’. If America had brains you’d have voted Sanders or another candidate who *really* wanted to change the status quo into office.

      As I’ve written elsewhere: If Trump continues to spiral your country downwards and continues not to do what he’s promised (like persecute Hillary) I suggest you impeach him and put somebody reasonable in charge of your nation. Don’t let another complete idiot president rule the US for four years just because he won the election if he fails to represent the peoples’ will.

      • Anonymous, you are missing the point. First of all, the American people voted for Hillary – she won the popular vote. It’s the Electoral College that picked Trump. Do your research on how the American system works before making blanket accusations. Second, if you read anything else on this site, you’d know that none of this matters anyway.

        So accusing the American people of picking Trump and then advising them to impeach him shows your ignorance of how things really work.

      • If we’d voted for the Trump alternative, we’d be fighting a war vs Russia in Syria by now. And, the 40% reduction in Southern border crossing would not have happened. We’d still be stuck in TPP, TIPP and Ocare unchanged until it went bust. Trump is a wild card from the elite’s perspective. Besides shutting the border, there are several other things he’s done that they did NOT want done and more to come. OTOH, Trump is NOT going to empty the swamp of elites. He is trying to MAGA with them in place. Lots of p*******e arrests, but, none of the powerful brought down unlike Europe and Austalia.

  87. The Economists forgot to mention or predict the Muslim (sponsored by Soros and gang) war with America, Christians persecution will rise, the antiChrist will fight with Trump. Trump will be torn apart – making to choose between his antiChrist friends(the Russians) and the Christians – Evangelists.

    Can Jesus please come now!

    So help us God!

    The Scripture will be fullfilled in a scarry way.

  88. good article…. howie mandel called the winner of america.s got talent..grace vanderwaal…a shooting star… it gave me the creeps…i suddenly had chills looking at her pretty little face…i hope i am so wrong.

      • Why not mention here what you find interesting in that cover? Why letting people look up her name and images? That’s not helpfull, but only building up numbers..that have the ad machines enjoy a great day.

    • I wonder if these are faces of people we already know. It was noted that they look dated, which means those kids have grown up now. It would take a little time, but I wonder if those childhood photos could be matched up to current “stars” either on the rise or about to fizzle out? Maybe the falling stars indicates that these old faces are on their way down. Just a thought.

  89. You didn’t mention that the tower with the cross on it has a proclamation nailed on the door (Martin Luther/95 theses) and the cross is without a body (protestant Christians). While the cross being carried by the group on the right has a crucified body (Catholic/Orthodox Christians).

    • I was thinking that too, but Luther nailed his 95 theses to a Catholic building (no protestant buildings at that time)…so that depiction of the tower may be a reference to destruction of Catholicism?

      • I think the tower represents destruction of protestantism. The pope has been calling for protestants to come back to the catholic church.

      • Lara you’re absolutely spot on. Revelation states that the woman dressed in purple and scarlet (Revelation Chapter 17) will rule the scarlet coloured beast (Revelation 13). The way I understand this, the Catholic Church will be the head of the coming one world religion. The new world order will have an appearance of communism/communist ideals but ultimately the aim will be to destroy true protestantism. Perhaps the Lightning bolt signifies that satan has completely taken over the RC church/Vatican now. I’ve always believed that Francis is the last Pope since that lightning bolt struck St Peter’s basilica shortly after Pope Benedict announced his resignation.

      • True protestantism is what exactly? Because I’m pretty sure the difference is in the believers ideals. Those being that a belief in christ is above doing good deeds. Hence the church of England and their attempt to “make the world england”.

      • I agree. Looks like it’s saying the communists and catholics willarch against and try to reform or destroy true Christianity.

      • The tower splits in two, one side towards “communists” (liberation theologians, South american leftist clergy) And one side towards Christians. It’s the Podesta plan for a Catholic Spring resulting in another Schism, to further isolate actual Christians (indipendently from denomination) on the world stage.
        The paper is there to remember people of the last Schism.
        Divide et Impera.

    • Carlos, vigilant one is right on track. While the 95 theses may have been nailed to a Catholic building, it still represents the Protestant Reformation in this case. The cross observation is too telling (crucified [continually] vs. empty cross). Nailing the 95 theses to “our” door is a slap in the Protestants’ face as if to say, “Here, you can have this back as your tower crumbles and burns, taking your 95 theses with it.”

      • With all due respect to the Catholics, I’m starting to really suspect the Vatican (and thus the Catholic church) is compromised and is really part of the NWO agenda. I’ve seen a number of things that are more than a little suspicious. For instance, consider a small thing like Arnaldo Pomodoro’s ‘Sphere within Sphere’ atrocity residing at *both* the Vatican and the UN… and we all know what the UN and its ‘Lucis Trust’ spiritual foundation is really about – nevermind the fact it’s very odd for the Vatican to accept profane ‘art’ and thus link itself with worldly institutions. Then you have the fact the Pope – allegedly God’s right hand man on Earth – starts talking about economic policies and other nonsense he has no business talking about (he should talk about Jesus and nothing else). Here’s VC’s own article about Pope calling for more NWO:

        Were I Catholic I’d feel hard pressed to reconsider my affiliation. As a Vigilant Citizen, the Vatican is not something I’d feel comfortable submitting to.

      • You are right on, Anonymous, the Pope is although apart of the nwo and I highly recommend you do your research as is evident you are doing…you are on the right track ! Gb

      • They can suspect all they want. However if they don’t stop worshiping idols and accept Christ as their only Savior all their suspicions are in vain.

      • Who did Christ submit and pray to? He prayed to God, read the bible and the quran, words sent by the same God calling to worship Him and not to be slave of a man, no matter how pious he was.

      • allah is not the Christian diety. MO pushed a doctrine of not free will, but totalitarian obedience. The words of the two have nothing in common. For instance, the koran has Jesus saying “Obey me,” which is 180 degrees from what Jesus taught. When people confuse islam with the Judeo-Christian ideology, it usually means that they are repeating what they have read rather than researching.

        There are excellent sites on the net that explain why MO created this poliical system and the result today (this is not to speak for MIINO’s, but for those who preach to emulate MO in all things). See as a tremendous starting point for education. It is good when people are interested; more and more are discovering the truth about the elite’s pushing of the “ROP” and why its totalitarian nature is exactly what is in its favor for them

      • Hi. You don’t have to worry about hurting Catholics, because real Catholics (traditionalists & sedevacantists) know that the so-called Catholic Church/post-Vatican II Church is occupied by dark forces who want to destroy catholicism and push for noachism & NWO. The so called “Pope” Francis is not the Pope (like all his post-Vatican II predecessors), 1st because he’s preaching heresies just like them, but it’s even worse with him because (unlike his post-and pre-Vatican II predecessors) he’s also not even a real priest, being the 1st “occupant” of St Pierre’s throne to have been ordained a priest with the new/false/post-Vatican II ordaining ritual ; so if he’s not a priest he cannot be a Pope. You can notice as a matter of symbol from God that, just after “Pope” Benedict XVI called it quits, a lightning stroked on the Vatican’s St Pierre’s dome to mark the seizure of before & after. And even Francis himself indirectly recognizes he’s not the Pope : he refused the Throne and the traditional Pope’s red “jacket” (I’m not english nor american, excuse my lack of vocabulary), he refused to use the Vatican’s appartment to live but opted instead for a room in a kind of youth hotel, he refused the special car, and calls himself “Roma’s évêque” as a simple local évêque instead of accepting his worldwide role as a Pope (but accepting it only for spreading socialist errors across the world), etc.. With Francis, the Pope isn’t a Pope, like with his (post-Vatican II) predecessors, but isn’t even no more the King of the Sacerdotal Kingdom of Vatican as they used to be at least. It was the real third secret of Fatima (shutted up by John-Paul II) that the Church would be led by antichristic powers in the endtimes and would become the w***e sitting on the beast (Europa). But all of this doesn’t mean the other “christian” churches or other religions are more right at all, there is still no other real Church outside of Catholicism, because in the end the gates of hell won’t prevail against her and because there’s no saviour outside of the only Church founded by the Christ himself. That’s because it is the only one Truth that Catholicism is so attacked, mocked, and infiltrated by ennemies right now, contrary to other churches that appear by contrast more hardline & truly christian. Real Christians are today so few in number.

      • Bingo by you Awake and Leht.

        I just posted higher up to VC, next year on the 500th anniversary, the Lutheran Church is going to sign a deceleration with the Catholic church as an “apology” for protesting against the pope and to bury the hatchet in the name of “Unity”.

        The card signifies the end of the Protestant Reformation where many Christians will be fooled into following this Religious World Power/Beast. It also signifies a further healing of the papacy’s “mortal wound” and a big “F.U” to Martin Luthur.

  90. Great article, very good read. I cannot thank you enough for all the great articles I have read on here over years. Keep up the amazing work.

    • Keep in mind that the Zionist elite are trying to play god by placing their symbols and predictions on their media. Trump is just a puppet like Hillary, you wanna know if a politician is real, see what’s they say about Israel and the Zionist political grip and

      • The Hermit card represents Moses guiding the masses out of Egypt to Israel the promised land.In the background are the pyramids and the solar eclipse with a Leo constellation of stars signaling the August 21 eclipse crossing USA. In astrology Hermes is planet Mercury- messenger of the “gods”- , Mercury is also Gemini which is President Trump’s astrology sign. This card is a symbolism for the Hermit/President Trump as only a messenger of the real elite “gods” that rule the world, also it’s symbolic for a “new beginning” of some sort in world order scheme where Israel is to have a primary role.

      • Some people continuously miss the People’s Forest because they are too occupied with inspecting the Jewish Trees. The will of the people is coming up on the wheel, and yes, that includes our allies and PDT’s friend, Israel. Israel and Russia are our natural allies against islam, esp against Euroasia, which is picking islam over trad European heritage.

    • Disagree this is a good article. This is way too ‘conspiracy kitsch’ for my tastes.

      VC has posted so many strong articles that clearly reveal there does exist an occult elite and there are shady things going on in the world. This article, however, if I didn’t know any better and were logging onto VC for the first time, would cause me to immediately dismiss all this socalled ‘conspiracy theory’ as nonsense. I think the points made by this article are way too vague and have no proper backing. Just because the Economist depicts ‘World 2017’ does not prove there exists an occult elite, that’s complete nonsense.

      VC should be more careful with his vocabulary. He could have formulated that he found this Economist article ‘interesting’ and perhaps even ‘suspicious’ but he shouldn’t presume to conclude anything from it. Like he wrote himself, there was a mushroom depicted on the 2015 issue as well and we didn’t have a nuclear war then, either.

      Need to maintain a very high level of journalism of the sheeple will be put [even more] off being exposed to reality.

      • Edit: I feel I should clarify my criticism since it was perhaps a little too harsh. I do think this is a good article and VC is certainly very knowledgable and does his research. He also does just raise questions about this decidedly ominous and pessimistic, occult-styled Economist article, which I approve of. However, it was this small paragraph that ticked me off:

        ‘Therefore, by using the Rider-Waite deck to predict 2017, The Economist reveals the true force that makes these predictions happen: The occult elite.’

        and towards the end

        ‘The cover was heavily inspired by the tarot deck created by A.E Waite, a prominent occultist and founder of secret societies. By referring to this specific deck and by using its very hermetic symbolism, The Economist is pointing towards the true philosophy of those ruling the world.’

        I don’t think a such conclusion (from that first paragraph) has proper backing just based on the usage of the Tarot in an article and I think one should be very cautious about making such bold statements. While he is in all likelihood correct about such sinister conclusions, debating these topics require the utmost professional caution and sticking to the facts alone.

      • I am a big fan of this website, but I have to agree that this particular article is not his best. It provides good intro information about Tarot but doesn’t have any conclusive ideas about the cards’ significance. The Wheel of Fortune was the most interesting as it had points of fact to actual events.

        From the Economist description of the issue: the star faces refer to 14 interviews with “globally minded millennials”, and the Tower papers refer to the 500 year anniversary of the Martin Luther 95 theses.

        A bit vague and lacking some research, but I don’t mind too much since VC has consistently provided excellent content for so long.

      • To understand fully the cover of the magazine, we have to first understand the book of Daniel and Revelation in the Bible, regarding the times of the end and the role that both papacy and United States will play. These are missing puzzle pieces. That is why VC couldn’t fully grasp what the tarot cards were truly about.

      • I don’t there is anything conclusive about VCs analysis.

        He has kept is analysis strictly to the Tarot context. He did a similar analysis at the start of the year on a similarly bizarre cover for the Economist basically making the reader aware of the underlying symbolism in the otherwise ‘arty’ visual.

      • I don’t think you are looking at the same magazine cover as the rest of us my dear. It plainly states that that cover is its view of next year’s world events and shows desperate imagery of suffering – far from conspiracy, it is right there in your face.

      • Agree. (And the idea that the nationalist movement is “far-right” and “racist” rather than “traditionalist” is propaganda that really should not be copied from the MSM)

  91. Jesus/Yeshua is the Ark of spiritual safety that covers all who give their hearts to follow the way, the truth and the life. Choose to have your life hidden in Christ and enter peace and rest. There is no world power great enough to withstand the awesome strength of the Most High God aka Elohim. Messiah/Christ is the path to eternal freedom from the powers of darkness who are defeated. The wrath to come is for spiritual wickedness and the wicked (those who reject the way, truth and life – John 14:6). Choose life!!

    • Amen, and as Jesus Christ said in John 14:7 “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not be afraid” accept Jesus Christ as your Savior!

    • Mainstream Christianity was devised by the elite to keep the masses subdued and sedated. If you keep drugging yourself with “Christ,” you’ll keep letting them walk all over you.

      • If that’s true then explain a miracle? I’ve witnessed many. Explain demonic possessions and black magic? These are things “devised” by the elite? Not so much. Do not be deceived. Satan never sleeps. Don’t let him get ya. There is still hope for us all. God bless.

      • A theory I have on the miracle notion is that perhaps forces unknown to us use our own creative potential to manifest a miracle. We actually create that miracle by sheer will/intent/love and then subscribe it to the deity we grew up with whether it be Christian/Muslim/Jew. All three of which are monotheistic and use fear as a mechanism of enslavement. If you don’t believe, then you will go to hell etc.

      • Remember that islam is a political ideology, a totalitarian one. It is closer to fascism than to Christianity. But the idea of manifestation is an interesting one and fits well with the idea of free will AND the hand of a higher source working together.

  92. That is not Mark Rutte in The Wheel of Fortune card. That is Geert Wilders. He is the leader of the Party of Freedom in the Netherlands. I think a lot of people will vote for him in march 2017. That’s why he is on this card, going up, just below Marine Le Pen.

  93. Really well done, this really disturbed me when I first saw it. It will be interesting (and terrifying) to see what unfolds from these cards.


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