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43,000 Brazilian Students Will Be Required to Wear Locator Chips on their Uniforms



43,000 Brazilian Students Will Be Required to Wear Locator Chips on their Uniforms

43,000 Brazilian Students Will Be Required to Wear Locator Chips on their Uniforms

Schools in northern Brazil are now embedding their uniforms with locator chips that allow the tracking and monitoring of their students. Advertised as a “way of informing parents in case their children skip school”, the widespread use of these devices and the information they can potentially gather is rather unsettling. There no “off function” on these chips. I read some comments stating that these chips will “help finding kidnapped kids”. Really? What if  the kidnappers made the kid, like, um, NOT wear the shirt? Lame excuses to hide the real agenda here, constantly increasing surveillance and monitoring in the name of “security”. Here’s an article on the “intelligent uniforms” that are actually worn by 20,000 students and required on all 43,000 of the Brazilian locale in 2013.

Locator chips keep track of students in Brazil

Grade-school students in a northeastern Brazilian city are using uniforms embedded with locator chips that help alert parents if they’re cutting classes, the city’s education secretary said Thursday.

Twenty thousand students in 25 of Vitoria da Conquista’s 213 public schools started using T-shirts with chips earlier this week, secretary Coriolano Moraes said by telephone.

By 2013, all of the city’s 43,000 public school students, aged 4 to 14, will be using the chip-embedded T-shirts, he added.

Radio frequency chips in “intelligent uniforms” let a computer know when children enter school and it sends a text message to their cell phones. Parents are also alerted if kids don’t show up 20 minutes after classes begin with the following message: “Your child has still not arrived at school.”

“We noticed that many parents would bring their children to school but would not see if they actually entered the building because they always left in a hurry to get to work on time,” Moraes said in a telephone interview. “They would always be surprised when told of the number times their children skipped class.

After a student skips classes three times parents will be asked to explain the absences. If they fail to do so, the school may notify authorities, Moares said.

The city government invested $670,000 to design, test and make the microchipped T-shirts, he said.

The chips, similar to those used to track pets in many countries, are placed underneath each school’s coat-of-arms or on one of the sleeves below a phrase that says: “Education does not transform the world. Education changes people and people transform the world.”

The T-shirts, can be washed and ironed without damaging the chips, Moraes said adding that the chips have a “security system that makes tampering virtually impossible.”

Moraes said that Vitoria da Conquista is the first city in Brazil “and maybe in the world” to use this system.

“I believe we may be setting a trend because we have received many requests from all over Brazil for information on how our system works,” he said.

– Source: AP


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43,000 Brazilian Students Will Be Required to Wear Locator Chips on their Uniforms

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if they made us students wear this in the uk, i would get spare clothes, change into them and throw the microchipped ones in the bin. TAKE THAT,ILLUMINATI!!!!


Although I live in the South side of Brazil, if there is something I like to care is human rights, although I know only a few things about laws. As my mate said, the majority of people here do not even care about this kind of news, because they are busy… Busy watching [Censored by me] channels (case of my step father, poor step father), soccer or violent games, see for yourself! Go ahead and start asking them what they think about television, and if they make something unusual or know some news that were not shown on television, a few people can even answer they know television manipulates, but they do nothing to change their mind state, my step father is an example! There is a big difference between watching television little times (mine and some of my uncles' cases) and watching television much times (normal Brazilians). Let me say something: The Brazilians are uncultured, and I am not proud to be one. The only way we have is to "borrow" others' cultures and forget ours, as we actually do nowadays, but we are borrowing the Elite culture, not the healthy culture. I see so many beautiful independent cultural… Read more »


Reminds me of "1984". Really scary.

From Rio to you

I only saw this today… : ( Not a single line on a paper or miserable 15 secs on tv… NOBODY here in Brazil -that I know of – knows about this. It is indeed outrageous. What drives me insane about this sordidness, is that they picked a small town in the middle of nowhere, in forgotten Northeastern (our version of wild west), where entire generations had their share of arrested development. Their misery (famine/lack of social services/ignorance) was, is and will always be artificial. I would not be surprised whether these parents are actually asking for it… This small town is governed by the Worker's Party aka comunists, and their governor (State of Bahia) belongs to it as well. The RFID chips will also become mandatory for cars in the entire country very soon. That is how the communist gov will get (campaign) money from speed tickets. Its the commies ballooning up with the only thing they love: money and power, lots of it. Instead of massive safe driving campaigns and zero tolerance law enforcement aid, we then have these measures to combat a staggering 40.000 deaths per year involving car acciddents. FORTY THOUSAND!!! It will not work and… Read more »

Francisco Almeida -

IT WILL NOT STAND. It'll be dropped much sooner than you can think of, as early as a local Public Prosecutor will take it to courts, and such UNCONSTITUTIONAL measure will be brought down, piece of cake. Because, local executive power authorities no NOT have such legal power. Not even State legislators can do it, let alone a department of municipal executive branch. Besides, only NATIONAL Congress can legislate regarding individual rights. Besides, when it's about LIBERTY and personal privacy – the top level of individual rights – it's much more difficult to modify, NOT EVEN CONGRESS CAN MODIFY THEM. It would require a National Constitutional Assembly to re write entire Constitution. Fortunately in Brazil we have a FOURTH Power, the Investigative Power (namely "The Public Ministry"), independent, with its ow budget, also has its own statutory regulations, and members are NOT politicians, they are lawyers selected in a national public selection process, and very high salaries. The Public ministry has constitutional power to investigate even the President, and thereafter to propose LEGAL PROSECUTION of any perpetrator, including to propose to bring down any law. And Federal Judges have such power, and they can declare unconstitutional such aberration. And they… Read more »

Illuminati Agenda

Yep, chip the livestock while they're still young an innocent…


I wonder how long it will be before kids… I dunno locate the chips but them out of the shirt… and send them in with a friend to cover for them while the skip classes without anyone noticing since oh I dunno it's all track by computers so nobody is paying any real attention.

Doris Chapman

I really agree with everyone. No doubt about it. But let me say one thing in the other direction:

I'll bet those Brazilian Soccer Players who got lost in the Andes from a plane crash and had to eat the dead ones – I'll bet those guys would have given anything to have one of those lo-cater chips on them.

JUst One.


It all starts in schools. They are the first line of attack for the global elite.


Strip searches are now part of being arrested in the US.

Gotta love the best judicial system in the world!


Wouldnt it be funny if all the kids swapped t-shirts, it'd be total chaos!!!


"What if the kidnappers made the kid, like, um, NOT wear the shirt?" – VC


As far as kids skipping school, you can't save your kids from EVERYTHING. Be better parents, not better big brothers. If you raise your kids properly, they won't skip or they will only do it very seldom. We all make mistakes and fall prey to trends and peer pressure from time to time. We live, we learn.

People are such control freaks. Thinking we can prevent/control everything is just not realistic.


Then I'll soon be wearing this stuff.

They should use all these money to BUILD schools and weir this chips on the corrupt politics, so people would know what they do with their money.


Coming to America soon. This is a test trial to gauge public response.


Theres nothing we can really do. The only thing I can say is to have faith in God, and he will handle the rest.


You know…i'm brazilian and they don't talk about that on TV.

I'm surprised that we are gonna be the first to put that chip thing on …

Anyway, i refuse to accept this on me!

If there's any brasilian here, i woud like you to watch this (the lyrics is just amazing) :

If we all come together, we make big revolution all over the word. So that these monsters see that GOD is bigger than this!


Watch'em embrace it like the latest soup opera trend…

All of this just reminds me of how much I hate how basically all my social circle is high tech obsessed and constantly act like I'm some sort of wild animal for not owning a g-----n cellphone.


Wow, the chip is on its way to a neighborhood near you.

Like cattle in a herd roundem' up and tagem'.

I just wanna say like Iron Maiden did in there song……..

{ run to the hills…… run for your life…… run to the hills……. run for your life!! }


this is stupid, kids can take off those shirts n give their friends to carry them around to classes if they realy wanted to dodge.

is everyone there agreeing with this? come on…


You wrote rhetorically, "what if the kid doesn't wear the shirt?" and so expect to see a push soon to imbed the chips in students. Since the shirts are not safe enough, parents will be led to clamor for implantation. Incrementalism works!


This is dumb and a waste of money. Everyone knows about it so if a child is kidnapped all they have to do is stick the shirt in/on a random car going in the opposite direction and the kidnappers make a clean getaway while the police chase a stupid shirt. Of course then the only solution will be to implant the chips under the skin. This is just a set up to get people to accept the real agenda.

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