Monster High: A Doll Line Introducing Children to the Illuminati Agenda


At first glance, Monster High is just another trendy, fashionable doll line. However, looking at Monster High’s symbolism and at the videos relating to it, we discover that it is communicating many specific messages to young children, particularly to young girls. We’ll look at how this toy line is used to introduce children to some aspects of the Illuminati Agenda.

Monster High is a highly successful toy franchise that is somewhat similar to the Bratz doll line, as both are comprised of edgy, fashionable characters with attitude. Like many other toy franchises, Monster High is much more than a doll line: It is a multi-platform franchise comprised of toys, DVDs, a web series, music videos, video games, books, clothing accessories, and much more.

The brand distinguishes itself with its unique, twisted universe inspired by monster movies and sci-fi horror. All of the characters are either offspring of known movie monsters or some kind of undead zombies. While Monster High’s slogan is “Be yourself, be unique, be a monster!”, this franchise also communicates deeper messages to its young audience. In fact, a closer look at the stories in Monster High reveals that it is perfectly in sync with the Illuminati’s Agenda as it promotes themes such as hypersexualization, superficiality, a culture of death and even Monarch Mind Control. As seen in previous articles on this site, these themes are abundant in mass media and, the fact that they are present in a doll line for kids further proves that there’s a continuous effort to expose impressionable minds to a specific set of symbols and values.

This should not come as a surprise, as Monster High was created by the world’s largest toy company, Mattel, with revenues of over $6.2 billion per year. The chairman of the board of directors, Robert A. Eckert, is a long-time member of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs, the two most powerful elite circles shaping the world today. As you might know, company representatives who attend these elite meetings are there because their brands can help push the elite’s long-term Agenda. Powerful, world-reaching companies such as Mattel do not simply sell products, they sell a culture associated with them. Considering how children get attached and even obsessed with their dolls and the universe that surrounds them, what better way to reach young minds and to teach them the values of a New World Order future? Let’s look at Monster High and the universe it introduces to young children.

The Monster High Universe

The characters of Monster High are dressed in outfits that are rather inapropriate for high school. Also, their lockers are shaped like coffins and their locks are skull heads. What better way to introduce young children to the sex and death-obssesed pop culture?
The characters of Monster High are dressed in outfits that are rather inappropriate for high school. Also, their lockers are shaped like coffins with skull heads for locks. In short, it is all about pushing a culture of sex and death on young, impressionable children.

The world of Monster High is basically a high school populated with the offspring of famous monstrous figures like Dracula and Frankenstein. The characters wear outfits that lean strongly to the sexy side, making one wonder what kind of message this is delivering to Monster High’s target audience: girls under the age of 10. Even more disturbing, the back story and symbolism associated with many of the characters strongly refer to dark concepts, such as Monarch Mind Control (if you don’t know what that is, read this article). Indeed, most Monster High characters are either artificially created or a product of some kind of experiment and many of them do not really have a mind of their own. They are all literally dead and animated by some kind of unholy force. When one adds this fact to the symbolism and persona associated with each character, one starts to realize that Monster High is about a bunch of MK slaves. Here are some of the main characters:

Frankie Stein

Frankengirl is the daughter of Frankenstein. Her entire body is stitched up together by some mad scientist (Mind Control handlers). Fragmented body parts is a symbol sometimes used to represent to fragmented nature of MK-Slaves.
Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein. Her entire body is stitched up together and, sometimes, she loses some of her body parts. In MK symbolism, this represents the powerlessness of slaves and their fragmented nature. Also, notice her “logo” at the top right: fractured and stitched up skull – representing a fragmented mind.

Frankie Stein is an artificial creation put together by a mad scientist (an MK handler?). Her story states that she is15 days old (yes, days, not years). In other words, her alter persona was created by her handler 15 days ago. Her head is held together by two screws, symbolizing her not having a mind of her own. The screws are of a different color because they are of different polarity, negative and positive. This refers to the concept of duality that is always inculcated to MK Slaves. To further emphasize the concept of duality, her eyes are different colors, her hair is striped black and white and her bio page states that her favorite color is “black and white stripes”.

Frankie Steincan electroshock herself and others – a reference to electroshock torture used in Monarch Mind Control to program slaves.

Frankengirl electroshocked.
Frankie Stein electroshocked.
Here she is on a bedding set giving the One-Eye sign. Yes, little girls can now sleep draped in Illuminati symbolism.
Here’s Frankie Stein on a bedding set giving the One-Eye sign. Yes, little girls can now sleep draped in Illuminati symbolism.
Speaking of which, here's a Happy New Year one-eye sign by another character.
Speaking of which, here’s a “Happy New Year” message from Monster High with another prominent One-Eye sign


Operetta is the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera. She excels in the performing arts, such as singing and dancing. In some ways, she is the star entertainer of the group. Unsurprisingly, the symbolism associated with her fit right in with the symbolism associated with today’s real-life pop stars – i.e: the inevitable One-Eye sign.

Operetta is the musician of the group. As if to highlight her connection with the Illuminati music industry, there's always an emphasis on the one-eye sign. Like the Lady Gaga or Rihanna's of this world, she's always either hiding one eye or is wearing something emphasizing on eye. Also, her guitar is shaped like a coffin. In short she's an introduction to sex and death Illuminati music industry.
As if to highlight her connection to Illuminati music industry, all of the symbolism relating to Operatta (even her logo) revolves around the One-Eye sign.  Like the Lady Gaga and the Rihannas of this world, she is almost always emphasizing one eye. Also, I’m not sure how she can walk with these shoes – but that’s another story.

You’ll notice that her guitar is shaped like a coffin as well, because, apparently, death is so cool.

Operetta practices her music in a place called the Catacombs. The symbolism of her hideout is quite blatant.

Operatta's stage is "overseen" by a prominent All-Seeing Eye.
Operatta’s stage is “overseen” by a prominent All-Seeing Eye.

In short, Operatta appears to be telling young girls: “If you want to be part of the music business, you have to embrace this Illuminati imagery”.


As we’ve seen in previous articles on this site, Sex Kitten programming is represented in popular culture with feline prints and cat-like attributes on attractive girls. The Werecat sisters are all about that.

There also appears to be a lot of emphasis on Sex Kitten programming as a lot of its symbolism is reflected on some characters such Toralei and the twins Purrsephone and Mewlody (who don't not seem to have a mind of their own). The fact that Kitten programming is reflected on children's toys is quite disturbing.
The Werecat sisters’ symbolism is all about Kitten Programming. The twins (on the right) truly do not have a mind of their own.

The backstory regarding the Werecat sisters is quite dark and similar to the story of many actual MK Slaves. The webisode named The Nine Lives of Toralei describes how Werecat sister Toralei is an orphan roaming the streets who gets picked up and locked up, by “the System”.

The Werecat sisters "behind bars" - or educated by the system.
The Werecat sisters “behind bars” … or re-educated by the System.

“Some children live in foster homes, or with adopted parents, or in orphanages, or with caretakers and guardians. Because these children are at the mercy of the non-related adults, these types of children frequently are sold to become mind-controlled slaves of the intelligence agencies. In review, remember that because many of these organizations are controlled by the Illuminati; an Illuminati slave may often work for one of these front groups, while the Illuminati maintain control over the base-program.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

The sisters are then "recruited" by the "head mistress" of Monster High. You'll notice that she is holding her hand in her hand, a way of showing that even MK Handlers are Mind Controlled themselves.
The sisters are then “recruited” by the “headmistress” of Monster High. You’ll notice that she is holding her head in her hand, a way of showing that MK Handlers are also often mind controlled.

Is Monster High actually an MK programming site? Hmmm.

Relevant fact: Marilyn Monroe, the prototype of Kitten Programming was also declared a “Ward of the State” and lived in foster homes during her youth. Another relevant fact: The father of MK-Ultra, Josef Mengele, experimented on thousands of twins to perfect mind-control techniques.


The Monster High website contains numerous animated webisodes that are extremely popular (each one of them has racked up several million YouTube views). While the main goal of these video shorts is to sell dolls, there is nevertheless a lot of symbolism in them. Also, some videos refer to mind-control concepts in a rather blatant way. Let’s look at some of these videos.

Dueling Personality

This video deals with the core of Monarch Programming: The creation of completely separate alter personas. Frankie Stein’s boyfriend, named Jackson, discovers that he has an alter personality that acts completely separately from him. At the beginning of the video he says:

“So every time I wake up in some dark alley alone and confused, its all because of him! I’ve got so much to say to that guy. But I can’t even confront him about it … because he’s me.”

Hyde, the "cool" alter persona has a tattoo around one eye, as if to emphasize the Illuminati Mind Control stuff underlying this whole story.
Holt, Jackson’s “cool” alter persona has a tattoo around one eye as if to emphasize the Illuminati Mind Control stuff underlying this story.

In the end, Frankie Stein breaks up with Jackson and his alter until they can “settle their differences”. Why are children exposed to this? What’s the point? I don’t think many young girls relate to this story.

Anyways, Jackson’s problems with his alter persona pop up in several other webisodes.

In the episode entitled "I Know What You Did Last Frightday", the head mistress triggers Jekill's alter persona using music - an actual MK technique.
In the episode entitled “I Know What You Did Last Frightday“, the headmistress triggers Jackson’s alter persona using music – an actual MK technique – because she needs the creative Holt to paint a mural.

Undo the Voodoo

Another webisode focuses on Hoodude, a voodoo doll that is having a bad day and, because he’s a voodoo doll, everyone at school is having a bad day.

Hoodoo is yet another character that doesn't have a mind of his own. Also, there's a one-eye thing is going on with the buttons.
Hoodude is yet another character that is artificially created and that doesn’t really have a mind of his own. Also, there’s a one-eye thing is going on with his different-colored buttons.

Voodoo magic is yet another very important aspect of Monarch Mind Control that is represented in Monster High.

“In discussing how trauma-based mind-control is done, voodoo must be included as a component. Many of the Mind-controlled slaves have had voodoo as part of their trauma, and many had voodoo dolls placed into their Systems. When vows and oaths are made, an object is given to the satanic cult or the Illuminati for the Keeper of the Seals to guard. If the vow is broken voodoo magic can be used against the offender by using the object given in the sealing.”
– Ibid.

To solve Hoodude’s problem, the girls at school ask for the help of Scarah the mind reader.

Scarah reads Hoodoo's mind.
Scarah reads Hoodude’s mind.

It is interesting to note that many actual MK Slaves receive ESP (extra-sensory perception) training – which include telepathy, mind reading, and remote viewing.

Scarah then tells her friends that they need to literally enter Hoodude’s head to fix his self-esteem issues.


The girls enter some kind Mind Control lab to enter Hoodoo's brain,
The girls in some kind Mind Control lab to enter Hoodude’s head.

Inside Hoodude’s brain, the girls find the part of the brain relating to self-esteem and “reprogram” him to love himself.

Scarah reconnects two loose wires inside Hoodude's brain so he loves himself again.
Scarah reconnects two loose wires inside Hoodude’s brain so he loves himself again.
Hoodude can now look at himself in the mirror and loves himself again.
Hoodude can now look at himself in the mirror and love himself again.

In short, this video is about an artificially created “doll” that doesn’t act as expected. He is then literally mind controlled and reprogrammed to have more self-esteem. Hoodude did not work at bettering himself or at accepting his flaws, some mind reader entered his brain to reprogram him. I don’t think that’s a great lesson for kids.

There are many other Monster High videos that are filled with this kind of symbolism. However, I believe we’ve all suffered enough going through just these three.

In Conclusion

I can imagine some people reading this article and thinking: “He’s talking dolls and cartoons now? How about talking about the real issues like politics, grumble, grumble”. Yes, on a superficial level, talking about dolls and cartoons may not come off as “serious” analysis. However, we must remember that, for the powers that be, there is nothing more serious than capturing the minds of children at a young age in order to mold them for the future. For propagandists, there is no age limit for pushing a message. They realize that the younger the audience, the more effective their message will be. Marketing specialists know that brand loyalty is taught at very early age (i.e. Heinz Ketchup, Kellogs cereal, etc.) and propaganda messages simply another product to market.

So what kind of message does a franchise like Monster High communicate to children? There are several levels.

On a basic level, the characters of Monster High are obviously hypersexualized as they are dressed in outfits that can only be found in sex shops. Considering the doll’s target market (girls under 10 years old), we can imagine how this trains girls to believe that, in order to be cool, they have to be very sexy, very early. Then, there’s this whole death-worship thing going on, with coffin-shaped lockers and coffin-shaped cellphones and coffin-shaped guitars and skulls everywhere. Mix these two very visible aspects together and you’ve got the sex-and-death mass media cocktail that is constantly pushed to all audiences, but particularly young people. Furthermore, the characters in Monster High evolve in a context that is completely obsessed with superficiality, appearances, and materialism – all values that are actively promoted to today’s youth. When Monster High fans grow out of their doll-playing phase, they will most likely start watching music videos and TV shows that promote the exact same set of values. Sadly, they will question none of it because they have been exposed to this Agenda since their tender youth.

On a secondary level, almost everything in Monster High relates in one way or another to the dark, disturbing world of Illuminati Mind Control. The school can be likened to an MK-programming center, led by a “headmistress” whose own head pops off in a literal symbol of dissociation. All of the students are either artificial creations or zombies who do not have a mind of their own (funny how the line’s theme song ends with the words “Don’t you want to be a Monster too?” Concepts associated with trauma-based mind control such as alter-personas, duality, dissociation, kitten programming and even electroshock torture are represented in Monster High. As if that wasn’t enough, the whole Monster High franchise is laced with the Illuminati symbolism I’ve described time and time again on this site, proving that, not only is this symbolism not accidental, but that this Agenda is being promoted everywhere … even to young children who just want to play with dolls.

So why do they do this? Because, as Hitler stated: “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”


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Interesting enough, as i began to read this article…i say out loud: why is the girl's eye covered up? My 10 year old hears me and says, OH, Because she does music. Says a lot, doesn't it.

I'm a collector of the dolls myself and as I'm getting older I'm starting to become more aware and see the bigger picture. My father is always going on about the illumati and the new world order so I've been exposed to all of these things from quite a young age. For me, the dolls are just artistic pieces of plastic. I enjoy looking at the colours and examining their wacky clothes. Growing up in a religious household, I know that these sorts of clothes are wrong for any normal girl to wear so that's why I accept them on the dolls. Also, in the Monster High books Frankie Stein is obsessed with Lady Gaga who is pretty much one of the biggest zionists on earth. It's sad that everything today is controlled and based around the illuminati. It's also sad for me because now whenever I look at anything… Read more »

Not sure if this was mentioned already, but has anyone noticed how the one picture of "Jackson" looks like Michael Jackson? Coincidence considering with his proposed involvement and falling out with "them"? Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

…because when I was 6 I knew and understood everything there is to know about the Illuminati. WTF, dude!? Mattel wants to make money and yes, to do that they brainwash people, with commercials. Kids see these commercials, they want the toys, really reeaally want the toys, pretty please, if you don't buy them I'll start kicking and screaming! So parents buy these dolls, because they can't stand their kids and they're all out of wine and valium. Illuminati have nothing to do with it, it's just bad parenting. And another thing: multiple personalities, headless headmistresses, stitched up girls, Operetta's one-eye sign… I dunno, sounds a lot like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the Headless Horseman from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Frankenstein, the Phantom of the Opera… Ever read a classic horror tale? And why shouldn't their lockers be coffin-shaped? What other shape should it be? Everything at the… Read more »

I am writing a trilogy about an orphanage and a doll factory. This series will have loads of illuminati symbols. It's cautionary tale somewhat. Mainly trying to understand these people and see what happens when I write about things out in the open without being an actual memeber. I had weird things happen when I tried to write an college level paper on music business and MK mind control. I was told my sources were not crediable enough for a paper. So I had to rewrite papers on a different topic. Why? I don't know.

Hi there, thanks for posting this! You seem to know a lot about … i wouldn't call them "illuminati" because i don't think they are what they claim, just a bunch of arrogant people (yes, they are humans like us, despite the fact they perhaps prefer to see themselves as gods) who might win some battles, but will definteley lose the final war.

What is kind of ironic is that MK handlers also mind controlled. So a mind controlled person controlls another? So we should pitty them too?! From my point of view they are into a sadder estate of being than their victims because they fool themselves to be more than slaves but they are just that.

I always watched animes, but not too long ago was made aware of the illuminati symbolisms, and suddenly I noticed them in a plethora of japanese cartoon shows, and we are talking classics from seventies and eighties, but of course more recent shows too (umineko:when they cry -one of them). I believe one classic anime was called Borgman, had episodes with an unknown observer looking through a camera that had a pentagram symbol on it, I guess just to underly that it was an evil character, but if I recall correctly it was the same show that had an eye within a triangle exposed as some ultimate evil cabbal-honestly, memory fails so I am not too sure about the title but it was for sure a cartoon from Japan. One day I was reading a manga for Urusei Yatsura, or was it Ranma (same author anyway)-and there on the bottom… Read more »
Dear VC, Maybe I am just hypersensitive to this entire ‘Illumination’, but I must disagree with Your openind statement, that quote: “At first glance, Monster High is just another trendy, fashionable doll line (…)”. It so happens, I was spared knowing about this, yet another, abomination until I saw Your article. All I needed to see was the name of it and the opening picture. Let’s run an ultra-quick analysis on name and initial picture: 1. NAME: Monster High. Monster – cool and trendy, right? After all things, that have to do with vampyrism, werewolves (slaughtering and drinking human blood/devouring flesh and getting others ‘infected’ with the same disease), attempts to create Golem in order to replace God in creation of life (golem, mind You, were soul-less, i.e. not exactly alive; Frankensteins monster was apparently one as well), ghosts, witches (sorcery, casting spells, witchery – let’s face it, if somebody… Read more »

Dont let these type of things influnce you and your love ones, I say stay true to God communicate with him everyday and ask him to keep you away from these things and your love ones and may all you be filled with his holy spirit. God bless!

Because BRATZ Dolls just weren't enough. Disgusting

bratz are not in this category, this is mattel and bratz is mga

Maybe (according to many Monster High fans) these dolls are "cool" and "'no harm, no foul' type". Or maybe they are lluminati puppets. But I am pretty sure of one thing:

How I miss these CHUBBY dolls from the past, full of body and soul, not like today's ANOREXIC and ZOMBIE-LIKE ones!

I totally get where people are coming from to some degree. I agree that programs and toys that are geared to our younger generation are over-sexed and just plain moronic. I'm not a fan of Bratz, Monster High, etc… I don't even care for Barbie, especially as of late. My 11 year old daughter isn't a big fan of those toys or programs either. People read into things way too much at times. I know there is a lot of subliminal messaging out there but I don't think it's helpful to focus on the negative. The problem is there are too many parents out there that are too absorbed with themselves to educate their children and let them know that they have a brain and a voice. I don't believe banning kids from certain things is the answer. If we don't talk to our kids and let them make their… Read more »

Don't let them imminentise the eschaton!

The stage also was in the shape of a baphomet.

I actually read the first book, never saw the show, but Reading this article does make me recollect all those hidden agendas. Wow. How deceptive, in plain sight. I didn't even realize. Creepy, but now I see how this will enslave people to the materialistic world.

It's stupid!! –'

Reading the divided comments on religion again it seems the divide and rule tactic has worked.
Jesus came to teach us to love each other as we all the same despite the divisions we have been conditioned with.
He wasnt concerned with religions and the hypocrites.
Sadly it seems even now as then people were not ready to understand this.

Wasnt it the devil in angel heart who said there is just enough religion in the world to keep people killing each other..or words to that effect. How true indeed.

Protestant vs Catholic
Christian/Jew vs Muslim

Divide and rule people…wake up.

To anyone who's 'banning' any related tv show that has to do anything with these is not really helping the situation I think. You should teach your kids how they should not idolize any cartoons/ celebrities ect, but not hide them from it. At the end of the day they are going to see/hear about these shows anyway, and when they do, they will be more interested because their parents 'don't let them watch it'
What will you do when they grow up?
You won't let them out of your house?
Demand what they should wear?
I don't know guys, but from my point of view every tv show has symbolism in it.
So what, you're just going to throw away the tv?

I've waited to see if VC would cover Monster High! Well done. This article only scratches the surface of the the Monster High craze. From the checkerboard hallways to the one eye symbolism, it's Illuminati 101. My daughter put me on to Monster High a few years ago, because she could relate to their motto to "Celebrate your Freaky Flaws." This article mentions a few of the characters but check out Cleo D'Nile, who's father is Rameses and older sister Nefra. Her favorite line is "Oh my Ra" because she worships the sun god. Another favorite expression that many of the characters use is 'Oh my ghoul" or "what's up ghoul friend." Besides the Merecat twins, Persphone and Meowdy (MK Kittens) or Toreli the other cat Other characters include: Spectra who is a poltergeist, Skeletora who's a skeleton aspiring fashion model/designer from Paris, Ghoulia Yelps who's the daughter of Zombies… Read more »

It's skelita because she is supposed be Mexican hence her day of the dead look which is when Mexicans celebrate their ancestors.

-child of isis

Cleo Di Nile is Egyptian so of course her catch phrase will be " oh my ra" . Each monster high character come various cultures around the world and so I'm glad the creators keep the culture with the characters.

So thrilled to see you posted about this!!! In my opinion the body on all the dolls is very lizard like. Not to mention how thin their legs are. I mean obviously they are extremely thin in general but ive been noticing on tumblr/fb people obsessing over having gap between their legs… its disgusting. The dolls have nothing to do with being different. If that was the case (which it never will be) we would see fat, tall, big noses, little lips, smaller eyes. I cant even with this doll line. God bless every one here educated themselves and VC.

There a difference between fat and naturally thick . America is too obsessed with this ideal look that most women who are thick are being called fat.

These dolls bother me so much! I'm 19 and still watch cartoons from time to time, I can't stand it.
They're SO thin and as someone who has struggled with her weight her entire life, I can't believe what they're pushing on young children. It's so sickening.

I noticed that Frankie Stein has heterochromia (one green eye (left) and one brown eye (right). I believe that Josef Mengele did work on changing eye colour on slaves. Frankie's friend Hoodude was 'created' by her (his handler?). Robecca Steam (another Monster High student) is a 116 year old robot who is the daughter of a mad scientist (another handler?) .
Many creations, many handlers.
Hopeful this is helpful to VC watchers.

I am getting the sinking feeling that the public will not find the inner resolve, the necessary aggression, to effectively confront and neutralize the pervasive illuminist campaign. I must admit that the “people of the eye” are doing a great job of indoctrinating consumers. The kids have been shaped for years now to accept and gravitate toward things occult, whether we were aware of it or not. This message, as hideous as it is, is well packaged and sold, and we are partially to blame for its looming presence in our lives, because of our reliance on this world system. We have forgotten how to live without all the bells and whistles we think we must have, and I think we rather enjoy those bells and whistles. More than ever we (me too) let our fears dictate our manner of living, and the Illuminati know it. They are waging war… Read more »

"…..We refuse to come to the grips with the fact that evil is real, organized, and exceedingly ambitious."

Exactly why its so irritating when people say this stuff is not really happening its just the "Way Things Are". By refusing to look at what's in front of you, really critically examine at it, and at least ask where it comes from, you are giving it power over you. If you don't use your head your head will be used FOR you.

yup… so true.

well, I think the solution is in education. Exactly what VC is doing! If everybody slowly wakes up, then we could boycott things, not buy CDs, not go watch shitty movies, turn off our "consumer" programming and think "do i REALLY need this now?" before making yet another brainless purchase. What damage would that do the the economy? The more awake ppl we have, the easier it becomes to encourage eachother to endure and be strong and to stick together. We ourselves could get organised. I think the revolution would be 'a change of thought' or mentality! Why do you think they wana put us to sleep in the first place? Waking up is everything!!! Imagine if soldiers realised they were being used, to start questioning the intention behind the order….there wouldnt be anyone signing up to the army. IMAGINE that, … people ACTUALLY SIGN UP!!!! I find it shocking…and… Read more »

My mom was aware of everything I watched as a child which included Buffy charmed Sabrina and more. I often gotten bullied because I wasn't a Christian and because I wasn't considered a Girly girl; I like being an otaku ( Japanese word for nerd) and I have friends from various backgrounds and religions who love me for being me.

People might want to look to the original stories the monsters were inspired by…Frankenstein for example was written by a member of the elite-Mary Shelley. The occult wizards have long sought to control life and death (its a Luciferian thing trying to be greater than or equal to God). Jekyll and Hyde was about someone with multiple personalities. Dracula, about a blood sucking Count (again a member of the elite-it goes back to the bloodlines of the Dracul family) Dracul means Dragon …the Great Dragon Lucifer. Its all there people. Keep reading, go back into history, you'll see this stuff is not new. Also the illuminati (beginning to hate that term, more like the Black Wizards!) are still trying to control life and death with cloning and dna manipulation. Whoever tied this goal of controlling the human body into the plastic surgery craze was also very astute. IMO, the dolls… Read more »

You are totally right mitsouko………Like the saying, "You will never understand the present or the future if you dont know and understand the past", you have to keep going further back as this has formed what we call the world today

Проза есть продолжение поэзии другими средствами.

I think you should do an article on
Lately its been filled with Symbolism and its promoting Disney and Monster high.

This makes the 1st and 2nd place winners of deviantART's Monster High Create-a-Monster all the more sinister.

In any case, my sister didn't like them. Also,I think its not so popular here in India.

vous etes sérieux ?? Monster high est basé sur des personnages etant monstre comme son nom l indique, c est normal qu il y est des tetes de mort, ces poupées sont gothique !! On en a marre de voir toujours des poupées qui nous ressemble il faut que sa change un peu apres que mattel soit illuminati perso je n y croit pas du tout ! Apres chacun son avis!! JE vous dit juste ce que je pense et n espere pas vous blesse 🙂 Au lieu de parler de choses négatives sur monster high des choses qui sont surement fausses dites que pleins de petites filles et de collectionneurs sont heureux d ajouter ses poupees a leur collection!! Apres le cote negatif il y en a partout meme (soit disant)dans les kit kat avec le nombre du diable enfin bref je trouve votre article sans interet (exuser moi)… Read more »

Who is the author of this article? – video uploaded by user KittiesMama 🙂

this is actually terribly sad.
i remember growing up wanting to look like a bratz doll or one of those my scene things all the time, youre literally programmed into believing that that's an ok thing, and it's just sad. you're mind controlled by society and… dolls the second you can begin to grasp onto thoughts.

Hitler also said if you can control sex you can control people…True fact, learned it in human sexuality class…and we all know what Hitler provoked..
Also Alfred Kinsey was a HUGE influence in early human sexuality..and you guessed it..his major influence was Aleister Crowley..and what does he specialize in?…sex magic..look it up folks..moonchildren..idk etc. some research i don't remember the details lol.


I want to say if any of you have kids or the people of the furture don't let you kids watch or listen to certain things. Like when I was younger my parents made sure we didn't listen to beyonce and stuff. It was our choice when we got older if we wanted to. I think that had an inpact on why I chose to listen to certain people and watch certain scary movies. Like I watch scary movies but there are certain ones that I don't. Also I think thats why I believe half of this stuff on this sight. Now days kids are just listening to Justin bevaer and stuff and I'm like if I was a kid I wouldn't even know who that was. Its not cute for your kids to be listening or danceing to a song that they can relate to or these song tat… Read more »

I haven't even finished reading this but this doesn't sound like its for little kids. As you stated Why are children exposed to this? What’s the point? I don’t think many young girls relate to this story.

If you see a thing, you must say that you see it, whether it was what you thought you were going to see it or not. Otherwise you will only see what you were expecting. See first, think later, then test.

If you have a prejudiced eye, you will find things that don’t exist because you are expecting to find something.

notice Operetta's dice earrings tho, 6 &. 5 ?

I like the dolls and me an dmy daughter collect them…I know they have Illuminatti symbolism…but it s better than buying boring barbies….those are not exactly Illuminati but they show the perfect model of a blond and thin girls as the whole girls in the world have to be…so its another story. I realized since the start but i keep buying coz i love fashion and style and lil girls like dolls…but I educate my daughter with values, love and respect. So It think its the most important thing.Cheers

These dolls are so messed up! I have a 3 year old son so I regularly go by the toy aisle looking for deals, and even before I read the article, When I first saw those dolls, they creeped me out , and I was sad that they were being marketed to young girls, given their slutty dress code. This is just verification of my initial feeling. Thanks VC for another great article!

P.S. Check out the "LaLaLoopsy" dolls and they have a new TV show on Nickelodeon, which if everyone remembers what those were in the old days, is quite fitting.

Muppet Babies, Duck Tales and TMNT cartoons included Scientology programming.

I've never heard of Monster High before I saw this article.

sooooo this is for under 10 year old kids and parents actually let their kids watch this boring unimaginative stuff..? How is this popular? :/ I know all the cartoons i watched during my childhood had some subliminal messages but that was then..I was innocent and didn't know better. But this is different. This is more blatant and in-your-face symbolisms with tarty looking little miss things with a whole lot of attitude, and relationship breakups and creepy hoodoo originality,just crap tv. Throw out the tv or supervise what they watch, teach your kids to read more and meditate, take up art, spend time in nature,or tell them to go out and play with their friends..that's kind of what I did when i was 10..I WAS A KID and didn;t know half the stuff little kids know these days smh; things that are too big for them.

how is this unimaginative?

"At first glance, Monster High is just another trendy, fashionable doll line." Is that some kind of a sick, twisted joke…?

I hate my generation

I hate these dolls! They dress in the most revealing clothes, I'm 11 and I'm probably the only one in my school that thinks this. Everybody else I know that are my age love monster high dolls and bring giant collections of them to school.smh

Remember what the Jesuit said? He said "Give me the child and I will show you the man." 'Nuff said.

I made this comment to push the number to 667. Guess I'm paranoid.

Monster High – the gothic dolls …woow I ´m fascinated with their stitches, electroshocks, dark theme and the skulls..I want to sleep in a grave have a spider as a pet and when I see a satanist he´s probably cool as f*** :/

Great article!! as soon as I saw the dolls at Walmart I knew I would never allow my daughter (4) to have anything Monster's High, but last year at halloween I took her to the local zoo for trick or treating and I was SHOCKED that MOST of the girls were wearing different outfits themed from the Monster's High . What shocked me even worse was that I could see most of the girls' underwear hanging out of their costumes and I thought to myself only a pervert would sell these costumes for little kids. Boy, was I right !! this is soo sick and disturbing. but it's really everywhere. the illuminati agenda is alllll over Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, even cbs,nbc abc & fox kid's shows. I monitor EVERYTHING my daughter watches but witchcraft and sex is everywhere.