How Tom Cruise and John Travolta are Controlled by Scientology According to New Documentary


The documentary ‘Going Clear’ reveals to what extent Tom Cruise and John Travolta are controlled by Scientology. Most importantly, it provides a glimpse at the dark side of the occult elite’s “show business” system.

Before airing the two hour documentary Going Clear : Scientology and the Prison of Belief, HBO hired 160 lawyers to fight against the church’s vicious and litigious ways. Considering the contents of the documentary, it is understandable. Going Clear explores the world of Scientology which combines pseudo-religion, pseudo-esoterica, indecent amounts of cash and lots of Hollywood star-power to form one big, powerful, tax-exempt absurdity. The documentary explains how the church’s Hollywood stars are pawns to its grand scheme, how those who go against it are blackmailed and even how “Scientology-approved” wives are groomed to be in a relationship with Scientology stars.

John Travolta and Tom Cruise are the two biggest stars associated with Scientology. Coincidentally enough, they both became extremely weird as the years went by.

John Travolta

The first superstar spokesman of Scientology was John Travolta. He was assigned a contact named Spanky Taylor with whom he became close. Things however got sour when she was sent to a Scientology “prison camp”.

The film asserts that Travolta was a “troubled young man looking for help” when he stumbled across Hubbard’s book “Dianetics.” After he discovered Scientology, he started booking everything: commercials, small acting gigs, his role on “Welcome Back Kotter.” A Scientology member named Spanky Taylor was assigned to be his contact, and the two became quite close. Taylor is interviewed at length for “Going Clear,” and she recalls the incredible confidence boost that Travolta got from the church — and he was afraid if he stopped going, his career success would stop as well. He was church’s first superstar spokesman.

“The beliefs and practices that I have studied in Scientology have been invaluable to me,” Travolta said in a previous interview.

But things took a dark turn when Taylor was sent to the “Rehabilitation Project Force,” she says, a “prison camp” for members who criticize the church. (It’s billed as a place to go when members get “stressed.”) Taylor says she was forced to do menial labor and only sleep a few hours a night, and was also separated from her baby daughter, since kids are seen as a “distraction” to their parents. Taylor details how she managed to escape with her daughter after being in horrifying living conditions. However, she was cut off from her friend Travolta, whom Wright alleges knew what was happening to Taylor, but did nothing.
– Washington Post, How Scientology controls John Travolta and Tom Cruise, according to ‘Going Clear’

The documentary highlights the main reason why Scientology stars never speak out against the church : They have to go through an ‘audit’.

Former Scientology officials, including former spokesman Marty Rathbun, say that every “audit” (where a Scientology member is forced to reveal their deepest, most intimate secrets and fears on the way to attain spiritual and mental clarity) is recorded and filmed. Not to mention the “auditors” take pages of notes. So, when word had it that Travolta was threatening to leave, all the officials had do was go through all the notes from the auditing sessions to find secrets that Travolta had spilled and may not want getting out into the public.

“I know this because I used to do it when I was the head of the office of special affairs,” said former official Mike Rinder. “By exposing [these secrets] or threatening to expose them, they will cower the person into silence.”
– Ibid.

It should be noted that several powerful secret societies use the same techniques to keep their members silent. During the initiation process of the notorious Skull and Bones, candidates are asked to yell out their deepest secrets (especially sexual) as they lie in coffin. This information is then used for blackmail threats.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is the biggest star associated with the church. His entire life, his career and even his relationships are shaped by it.

Cruise and Scientology leader David Miscavige, who took over when Hubbard died, were close friends, the film says. But their relationship hit a snag when Cruise fell for Nicole Kidman, and the pair got married. Because Kidman’s father was a psychologist (and the church does not like psychologists), she was identified as a “PTS”: Potential Trouble Source. They were married for a little more than 10 years, and after Cruise was seen as drifting too far away from Miscavige, Rathbun says he was tasked to break up the marriage and get Cruise back into the church.

How did he do that? Audits. Rathbun says that not only did he have to deliver reports from his audit sessions with Cruise, but that Miscavige hired private investigators to look into Kidman for any other damaging information. They also tapped her phone when Cruise mentioned he was curious about her phone conversations (Cruise’s lawyer denies this). The film also alleges that Miscavige helped drive a wedge between Kidman and her and Cruise’s two adopted children, turning them against their mother.
– Ibid.

After Cruise separated from Kidman, he got “set up” with Nazanin Boniadi, who was pretty much a mind control slave manipulated by the church.

After Miscavige heard Cruise was complaining that he wanted a new girlfriend, young Scientologist Nazanin Boniadi (now an actress known for “How I Met Your Mother” and “Homeland”) suddenly got a new assignment, Wright said. While Boniadi signed a non-disclosure agreement with the church, “Going Clear” director Alex Gibney said he found details in FBI testimony. Boniadi was moved into the celebrity center, the film says, where she was given audio of her boyfriend confessing an affair. After she dumped her boyfriend, she got a sleek new makeover, which the organization told her was because she was going on a humanitarian mission and had to look her best for world leaders.

Instead, she was given the role of Cruise’s new girlfriend. Gibney tells the story that shortly after Boniadi moved in with Cruise, they got a visit from Miscavige. Boniadi had a headache and wasn’t too responsive, and later, Cruise screamed at her for not being more respectful to the Scientology leader. She was soon told that she was no longer Cruise’s girlfriend, and was shipped back to another Scientology center. Former Scientology member and filmmaker Paul Haggis, also interviewed for the film, said Boniadi faced punishment (cleaning out the public bathrooms with a toothbrush) for telling a friend about her heartbreak over the break-up.
– Ibid.

Watch this video of Tom Cruise receiving a “Medal of Valor” from Scientology and witness the church’s brainwashing powers.

While Scientology’s methods are indeed insane, the church is not the only entity using them. In fact, the entire Hollywood system works this way, and goes even further. Scientology is simply another arm of the occult elite’s system.

The church was founded by L. Ron Hubbard, who was a protégé of Aleister Crowley and a member of the O.T.O., the most powerful secret society in Hollywood. The O.T.O. is behind most of the black magick and mind control aspects of Hollywood. Therefore, unsurprisingly, Scientology behaves the same way.


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  1. Don't worry. I've been in Scientology for 25 years. I studied at the Mother Church Flag land base. Seen it all behind the curtains. I spoke against $cientology and even appeared in an important article about it in the Buffalo News and made vids about it. I had some Scientologist hack my website but I am still alive and well. Just live an honest life and do not be scared of being who you are and nothing bad is going to happen to you.

  2. s**t ive noticed i have a scientology follower BERG following my twitter account……
    should i block them?? maybe seems bit wierd, must ve posted on e of those videos bout what they get up to otherwise why they following me?

  3. So, have we worked out when God got taken away yet, and the false ones were created? Believe in yourself…why doesn't anyone teach that one? To give knowledge and thus relinquish your control over them? Has that ever been done in society of religion?

  4. god, jesus, allah, buddha, satan, etc., are either creations of the first planet controllers (= illuminati) or they're just how our ancestors perceived 'ancient aliens' (watch this show on the History Channel and it will open your eyes to a lot of things) who visited Earth. They're not real.
    All religions are false and were created in order to divide us and control us even more.

    All sentient beings in the universe are immortal souls, all in different stages of their evolution. That's what 'god' is, not a supreme single being!
    The day we realize this is the day we are no longer powerless, afraid and hopeless, and everything that we thought was important or relevant (money, owning stuff, career, being better than everyone else, being successful, etc.) will no longer matter anymore.
    Some people here say their eyes are open, yet they believe in one of the biggest lies told to humankind – god!

  5. They attack the pharmaceutical industry by being against psycho pharmaceuticals! I like that!Otherwise, this organization is voluntary to participate in and exist openly. Much easier to leave than a tyrannical state that want to regulate you and tax you so much as it can!

  6. A person who loves to love and have an open heart full of love! If you too feel love you might have a chance to become one!
    Smiles and Love!

  7. Once again Scientology proves what religions are all about – mind control and power/money grabbing. The main difference is Scientology is a satanic cult meet pyramid scam being propagated by big name Hollywood stars. In many ways, they are a supplemental entity working with Illuminati puppet masters.

  8. I don't understand how HBO is waging this litigation war to "reveal" Scientology secrets about Scientology when, correct me if I'm wrong, it's part of this occult, satanic super structure itself. Doesn't that just seem like a misleading battle between two different heads of the same hydra?? Am I the only one bothered by this? I don't exactly see HBO as this big truth-telling distributor with informing the public as it's highest goal. Just makes for great ratings and also an opportunity to misdirecting the public as they see fit

    • Yes, exactly. Not sure why VC fails to mention this in this article; he did call out HBO for having their CEO on the board of the CFR in that other article.

  9. If you take away God, man will invent a thousand false ones.
    -Carl Jung

    Look at all the atheists and their "Gods". Sport (running!), money, drugs, entertainment, career and so on. And some day, they all will either realize or break down with only emptiness inside of them.

  10. hmmm… a theist is someone who believes in "theos"-related or pertaining to God or deities. An "A"-theist is therefore someone who disbelieves or lacks evidence about God or gods. Prefix a- means not.

    Why shouldn't exist? It is greek related. It goes back way before America and even Rome came to be. If we can label gays and lesbian for sexual preference, what is wrong about about labeling spiritual views? This is not about you or attacking anyone. It is sociology 101 plus history 101.

    Also, as humans we name the family, what job you have, what school you went to, where you are from, what your hobbies are, etc. It is normal labeling.

  11. I noticed a few "conspiracy theorists" websites seem to flash on and off and even close automatically on my devises when I'm reading them. Just noticing a peculiarity. Hmmm.

  12. Of course they are controlled by Scientology. They are given the top ratings and they both don't even have to scrub toilets for it. All they need to do is spill their guts and collect a huge dossier on themselves.

  13. like i said the elite planned everything from A to Z

    even if people tried to overthrow them or rebel

    they will stop them

    they can the planned everything and i do mean they

    even we did succeed some one has to take there place because i believe even so they are evil and psychos but without them there would be even bigger chaos

    if the people are going to stop them then they must find ohat ther to take there place and undo what they did

  14. Atheism? Seriously? Atheism has no doctrine or dogma. It's not a religion. Society brands people who use logic and rational thinking as godless idiots and calls them atheists. The word atheism shouldn't even exist. Do we have a word for someone who doesn't believe in astronomy? What about luck? Superstition? What about someone who doesn't study math? What about someone who doesn't believe time exists? Do we label these people? Nope. BTW there is no evidence the souls exists. Same goes for "God." Grow up child.

    • Atheism just another world view, hence it has a name. It rests on the theory that their is no god, which is a theory, or assumption, but not a proven fact. It's illogical to say the word atheism should not exist as it is a world view that needs a name, Theists believe there is a god, Agnostics don't know if there is or isn't, Atheists believe there is no god, Gnostics believe humans are gods in the making, and Pantheists believe all is one and god etc… You see, just another of many world views.

  15. I'd say that the cult of Scientology has hacked your servers VC so people can't comment negatively about them. They are a mind controlling money making paranoid sinister cult. They are all about controlling their members and controlling their enemies through stalking surveillance blackmail they frame their enemies for crimes they didn't commit. They slander their enemies and declare them 'fair game' which is a policy that says they can sue, slander, lie to, trick and destroy them completely. They believe that if you pay big bucks all your life savings to progress through their OT levels, you will gain super powers and become super human. They lie to their members and say they are pro human rights but in truth the cult commits more human rights abuses than any organisation in the world. They hack phones, emails, laptops, they tap phone lines, put hidden cameras everywhere bug houses of their enemies. They commit crimes then bribe the police to cover up their crimes so they get away with it. The cult of Scientology is a very dangerous criminal organisation that has been banned for its criminal practises in many countries. Many people have been driven to suicide and murdered by the cult. Warn your friends and family to stay away from these nut jobs. Anyone that believes that aliens rule over us and believes the Xenu story is mentally ill or very seriously gullible.

  16. Tom Cruise has been accused of child abuse by child actor Ben Fellows. You can Google that testimony on Youtube.

    Anyone who thinks the IRS can't tap into their FBI or CIA contacts to take out Scientology leaders isn't paying attention.

    Scientology and the CIA are bed partners.

    It's terrific documentary and everybody should watch it.

  17. Saw the documentary today, have been doing my own research… Crowlean Magik and Satanism are heavily embedded in the core doctrine of Scientology, greatly camoflauged and subtly structured.


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