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Netflix is Losing Subscribers in the US: The Untold Reason

Netflix lost over 133,000 US subscribers in the second quarter of 2019. Mass media is not telling you the main reason why this is happening because it is part of the problem.



Netflix is Losing Subscribers in the US: The Untold Reason

Netflix’s 2019 second-quarter results were nothing less than disastrous. The streaming company saw its first major loss of US subscribers (over 130,000 cancellations) while the number of international subscriptions barely reached 50% of what was forecast (2.7 million new paid customers). Stocks dropped by more than 10% immediately after the release of the report.

Several reasons were cited for the loss of US subscribers: The price hike from $10.99 to $12.99, competition from other streaming services, the arrival of new streaming services (WarnerMedia, Disney, and Apple) and the stagnation of Netflix’s content library.

While these reasons can explain some of the subscriber loss, people at Netflix and mass media sources alike appear to be purposely ignoring the elephant in the room: Lots of people do not agree with or relate to the content that is sold on Netflix. Furthermore, many find its contents to be toxic and harmful to viewers, especially the younger ones. This is especially evident when one looks at the series created by Netflix.

Netflix Original Content is Terrible

Each year, Netflix dedicates over $12 billion to create exclusive, original content. This strategy is meant to attract new customers while keeping existing ones loyal to the brand. However, there’s a major problem: Almost all Netflix original content is heavily tainted by a clear, obvious and annoying agenda. And this irritates lots of people.

A summary review of Netflix content reveals an obvious fact: There is only one opinion and viewpoint allowed on Netflix. Everything is subjected to the extremely rigid, suffocating and oppressive rule of political correctness, “woke” activism and radical social engineering that is promoted by the occult elite. In short, Netflix is a propaganda streaming service mixed with content that is custom-made to debase, corrupt and traumatize young minds through insidious “entertainment” (more on this later).

Needless to say, lots of people do not agree with any of this. Although mass media tends to dismiss and avoid this fact, a great portion of the US population is increasingly aware of the global elite’s agenda and actively rejects it. As mass media turns into an increasingly radical tool on indoctrination (that borders of desperation), a growing number of people learned to identify attempts at propaganda inserted in mass media.

The above does not only apply to “conservative”, “religious” or “traditionalist” Americans. Lots of people with no specific ideological leaning do not want to be preached at or told what to think while consuming entertainment. It is an instant turn-off. They just want to be entertained. Case in point: One of the most popular series available on Netflix is The Office, a series that focuses on comedy and relatable characters, not on social and ideological propaganda. The series is the product of another era (2005-2013), before the radicalization of mass media.

One can only wonder how many subscribers Netflix will lose when The Office leaves its lineup in 2020. Because, clearly, Netflix is incapable of producing quality content that is not abrasive to a large percentage of the US population.

Here are some examples of original Netflix disasters.

Bill Nye Saves the World

Netflix is Losing Subscribers in the US: The Untold Reason

While Bill Nye is dubbed “the science guy”, the series Bill Nye Saves the World unashamedly departed from the field of scientific facts to openly promote a radical and highly debatable agenda. As explained in my article about the series, Bill Nye also often indulged in condescending diatribes about non-scientific issues that were extremely unpleasant to watch.

The episode The Sexual Spectrum embodied everything that was wrong with the series. Here is part of it. Set your face to cringe.

In this episode, Bill Nye argues there’s not two genders (male and female) but an entire spectrum filled with about 76 of them. This statement is in direct contradiction to the teachings of the original Billy Nye the Science Guy series which aired in the 1990s.

Telling fact: Netflix removed this part of the Bill Nye the Science Guy series. Can’t have young people be contaminated by the truth.

13 Reasons Why


Netflix is Losing Subscribers in the US: The Untold Reason

13 Reasons Why revolves around the suicide of a 17-year-old high school student. Ever since its release, mental health professionals warned viewers about the potential negative effects of the series of young viewers. In May 2019, the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry concluded that:

“The release of 13 Reasons Why was associated with a significant increase in monthly suicide rates among U.S. youth aged 10 to 17 years. Caution regarding the exposure of children and adolescents to the series is warranted.”

According to the study, 13 Reasons Why was associated with a 28.9% increase in suicide rates amongst young people directly following its release in April 2017. The number of deaths by suicide recorded during that month was greater than the number seen in any single month during the five-year period examined by the researchers.

In my article The Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why” Linked to a Spike in Suicide Rates I explained:

“Under the deceptive premise of “addressing mental health issues”, the show actually glamorizes suicide. The main character’s suicide is steeped in mystery which leads to fascination. By exposing the evil at her school, she also becomes a hero whose suicide became an effective way of getting back at the people who wronged her.

It is easy to see how exposing a young person with mental health issues to a show that depicts a teenager who committed suicide as some sort of post-death-vigilante-hero could lead to suicide ideation … and actual suicide. Through dozens of hours of carefully crafted drama, the show creates an immersive experience that focuses on specific dark ideas, thoughts, and emotions.”

A few days ago, Netflix edited out a graphic scene depicting suicide. Too little too late.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Netflix is Losing Subscribers in the US: The Untold Reason

The first season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is so replete with toxic messages that a rather lengthy article was required to properly analyze its contents. Indeed, nearly every scene promotes some kind of agenda to its young viewers who are made to relate with Sabrina – a high-school girl who becomes a witch (by giving her soul to Satan).

Amongst the messages being promoted: Satanism is cool and modern, Satanism is an ally of feminism and LGBQ, witchcraft is a powerful tool to topple the “white patriarchy”, and more. There are also scenes sexualizing minors (normalizing the elite’s love for pedophilia), cannibalism involving children (normalizing the elite’s love of cannibalism), and, of course, a whole lot of desecration of Christianity.

More Examples

There are many other examples of Netflix original series promoting the occult elite’s sick agenda. Here are some of them.

Netflix is Losing Subscribers in the US: The Untold Reason

Santa Clarita Diet – a series that is about making cannibalism (the occult elite’s secret obsession) fun and entertaining.

Netflix is Losing Subscribers in the US: The Untold Reason

Netflix picked up the series Lucifer after it got canceled by Fox after three seasons. How could Netflix pass up on the chance of promoting a series that portrays Lucifer (the occult elite’s favorite biblical figure) as a charming young man?

Netflix is Losing Subscribers in the US: The Untold Reason

The Order is about a teenager who enters a secret society that practices Black Magic. More promotion of Satanism to young people.

In Conclusion

While Netflix’s disastrous loss of viewers could be attributed to a $2 price hike, there is clearly more at play here. In the past years, the content on Netflix took a radical turn (which can also be observed across mass media in general) where the promotion of divisive messages is more important than quality entertainment. Believe or not, lots of people are noticing this and are actively rejecting it.

Mass media is in a relevancy crisis: Its contents do not reflect the values and interests of a great part of the American population. Today’s entertainment is completely tone-deaf and off-target. Why? Because new series are rarely the product of creative minds. More often than not, they’re contrived efforts to mash together as many messages as possible into something that resembles entertainment. And it’s bad. And people do not want to pay for it. And its a simple as that.


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Netflix is Losing Subscribers in the US: The Untold Reason

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See the Hope

Everyone on the planet who smokes cigarettes coughed when they took their first puff… and over time grew to like it.

The media conglomerates are creating appetites for darkness with these programs. For every one of us that rejects it, there are several people lined up that can’t get enough. At this point, the enormous amount of technology, psychology, and witchery that is being employed against our susceptible minds through all outlets that reach mass populations will either jolt an individual out of the trance or pull them deeper in.


Wow, VERY well said! Bravo.

richard s.

maybe half of America did not like Netflix paying barry and moochelle millions of dollars to join their company.

alyssa faison

Poor idiot child…


all you have is name calling, Alyssa. No facts.


You are a dip s--t ……all this inclusion and agenda has ruined the product……life is not all perfect representation…….bye bye Netflix…..most of the county want a good story…..not preaching Transgender, Woman Power and that all white guys take care of the kids and stay.home and act like little cucks. This new agenda will fail.

Robert Newton

You will notice that the current re-gendering of Dr.Who is failing dismally. The are looking to do the same thing to James Bond, although they will do it incrementally by first assigning his 007 designation to a black female agent. No word yet as to her sexual preference, but my money is on LGBT.


Yes Richard,I hate the fact..Can’t stand the direction programing is going into and they hired the NBC dork who cancelled Roseanne.


It was ABC. Get your facts right


Why don’t you f*cking relax there Anonymous. Who gives a sh*t whether it’s ABC or XYZ?


Totally agree! Can’t believe the author didn’t include this.

Longtime Lurker

Your comment needs to be highlighted and become a permanent part of this site so everyone can see it.


What are you personally doing to reach those ‘several people who can’t get enough?’ Or, are you just hiding behind your beliefs?

See the Hope

Well since you asked, I think it is my beliefs that enable me to at least begin to stop hiding behind anything. I have no agenda to “reach” anyone. I love them and hope the best for them. I’m no better or more deserving of anything than anyone else. The wonderful thing is, I don’t have to be. The Lord freely gives of himself to all irrespective of how we may rank ourselves according to some standard in our mind. The need to become deserving or worthy has been eradicated by the cross of Christ. I’m living loved, learning to love others, and I have hope that they will somehow discover the joy of knowing that Jesus has included them in his relationship with his Father. And that they would see Jesus is the basis by which the Father’s love is lavished on us. That’s the gospel (good news)! You! Me! They! Are included!


5ti, why do you need to make accusations based on your false assumptions? What are you doing?

Anne Elizabeth Brown

Excellent job, lil satan. You embody The Accuser well. What do *you* do besides accuse? I dont seek an answer, just hope to inspire introspection.

Anne Elizabeth Brown

The Bible states that in the end no man will be able to claim ignorance as an excuse. The times are blatant for excellent reason.

Java girl

YES! And add to the list: “Riverdale” series in Netflix, which was based on the funny comic “Archie and Friends”, which they twisted into dark drama with episodes on satan worships.

I watched 1st episode of “Santa Clara Diet” and was repelled by it. Couldn’t watch the next episodes as I felt sick in my stomach.

I watched ‘The Invention of Lying’ that showed how the notion of God (they coined as ‘A Man Up There’) is nothing but a lie.

Thanks VC, we can see the world better with your analyses. Greetings from Indonesia.

Bevin Chu

And add to the list: “Riverdale” series in Netflix, which was based on the funny comic “Archie and Friends”

Agree. I watched a few episodes on the assumption that a series base on Archie from my youth would probably be great fun, but stopped when the series writers started brazenly ramming LGBT political correctness down my throat.


Exactly I was done with Riverdale after the first episode.

Lil Miss Stuffit

I didn’t even watch an episode I was repelled by the concept.


So true, Santa Clara Diet makes my skin crawl. I still have my subscription and it’s mainly for the international content, which I find that it’s much less dark and actually have some history/cultural theme. The rest? garbage.


You can find the international content elsewhere, Romina. Time to delete Netflix account.


The only thing I ever saw was on a free trial and it was about superstructures engineering. Glad I didn’t go for the modern stuff always felt repelled. I prefer engineering type shows about how things work. You used to find quite a bit on youtube but a lot either has been pulled or now really bad quality with a white spot in the middle of the picture. Most films uploaded during the 2012 thru 2016 period seemed to have this.

There’s a neat show called Britain’s Greatest Machines that’s worth a good look at. My favorite is the train episode and the guy going with gets to drive all these cool machines.

Anne Elizabeth Brown

They’re taking us back to lords and serfs. Were not supposed to know anything including how to take care of ourselves (old time serfs at least largely knew this, which is why they finally fought and escaped into middle class).

Angela May

I’m not familiar with the series. Did you mean it attempted to convince people that God “is nothing but a lie” ? Or is that what you personally believe when you write that “it showed “ ? Just seeking clarification with the above 2 questions. Thanks !


Why don’t you watch it for yourself. It is obvious they’re coming from a satanic agenda. Sheesh.


The Invention of lying is simply an atheist’s(Ricky Gervais) take on God and religion but it was not necessarily meant to promote satanism. That movie came out years 10 years ago before the satanic agenda was being pushed so blatantly! The movie promotes atheism but not satanism. big difference.

Anne Elizabeth Brown

Tha article states they refer to Yaweh as the “false god”. Is that an attempt to sway opinion? Gnostism and Kabbalism fall right in line with this beief.


Thanks for reminding me. I’m going to cancel my subscription right now. Pure satanic garbage.

Saucy Jack

Not all of it. Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Senna and Chewing Gum have all entertained me this week and not a vieled Satanic subplot amongst them, in fact Ayrton Senna was a devout Catholic and poignantly discusses his faith in the doco, and Michaela Coel (writer, creator & star of Chewing Gum) is a Christian both in real life and the character she plays in the show. Dark is nihilistic but plot/character-driven and Black Mirror depends on your reading as to whether it’s pro or anti agenda ie. speculative or predictive. i personally love the show find its episodes multifaceted, complex and (usually) gripping. So I understand your motives with Netflix but I still think quite a lot of good non-agenda material creeps through.

D D d

If the hand that feeds you also gives you poison,
what would you do?
If you go look somewhere for christian entertainment, and you have to shuffle through tons of anti-christian garbage, what would you do?
Oh wait – netflix does. And what do you do?

Lady BB

Saucy, why would you give Netflix your money if you’re acknowledging that they do (sometimes) push Satanic programming down our throats? Your money helps make that possible.

Jay Brazen

Read a book instead, TV is such a waste of time. Why people think they need TV is because you are programmed to think you need it. Just turn it off, read a book or watch a movie once in a while.

Angela May

Indeed, Jay. We are programmed that we need to be “entertained”. I went on an entertainment & media diet about 8 weeks ago, cutting absolutely everything out that is not inspirational or educational content of which I already trust the source (lecturers, watchdogs, journalism,etc. and the quality of my life and mental health has dramatically changed for the better. I am not on social media, I check my email only once a day, and now utilize the internet only for practical, instructional, educational, and spiritual fruit. I am close to even dropping out of smart phone use. This isn’t a soap box comment, just sharing that I am so much happier and lighter having dropped “entertainment”, news (propaganda) feeds, social networking, etc. I’ll never go back now that I’ve been through a “detox”, and have come out on the other side so much happier and emotionally/spiritually healthier. I encourage anyone reading to try such a diet. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain ! ❤️


Wow absolutely No thumbs up on Angela May’s comment. Funny, All these people literally on their soap boxes about how “evil” Netflix is, but mention the idea of not using smartphones? They’re like what the?, we HAVE to have that!! What are you, mentally insane or something??! ha. Our current society is so funny. 😉

Robert Newton

Our current society is so trapped!


Ignorance is bliss

Anne Elizabeth Brown

Dropped netflix a few years ago. Havent had cable in almost 25 years and havent missed it a second. It’s on at my work and annoys me to no end. I selectively read news and mostly watch older movies (and even those I can see the slow engineering).


Agreed, Jay. We do have a tv (it’s old) and when it dies, it’s done. No cable, no paid subscriptions, only an antenna and it works pretty poorly anyway. It’s rarely ever on, and when it is, it’s such intolerable idiocy and propaganda and agenda pushing, that it just infuriates and annoys me. Waste of time. If you get rid of it your life will only improve. In its spot, I want to put a little indoor plant area. It’s surrounded by books anyway, maybe I need to replace it with another bookshelf. That’s the thing I always have noticed when going into other people’s homes. Do they have books, or do they have walls of dvds? If it’s the former, yay! Prepare for me to ignore you while I peruse your shelves. If it’s the latter, I’d just turn away and will probably not have much to talk to you about. People that consume a lot of media tend to only talk about what media they consume. They have little to no other interests. If they have books, they usually have other interests, and if they aren’t ones I share or know much about, they’re usually interesting and I… Read more »


Christ, never heard such pompous nonsense in all my life. I have a TV AND walls and walls of books believe it or not.
as do millions of other people, don’t be so rude and close minded.


You’re certainly free to not read my comment or agree with it. I’m utterly unconcerned about your opinion of my opinion. If you want to watch tv, knock yourself out. I couldn’t care less. It’s your life. So enjoy, I guess. But don’t complain because you’re consuming and funding the poison that’s contributing to the destruction of people and society.


open minded people are those who agree with you, ey, Bill?

Mr Bruce

Some open minds need to be closed ….. for repairs


Well said. Already have done that from the start. Check out some of Nintendo’s bizarre inventions. Nintendo made a weird robot to play a game with you where the game was desinged to have him open doors for you to go thru timed. Nintendo had a sewing machine Japan only. Nintendo used to be Nintendo Playing Card Company.

See if you look past garbage or don’t even look for it at all you can get all sorts of neat facts about things you may have never hheard of!@


A few years ago I gave away the “entertainment” system to the neighbors. I took the Xbox and trashed it. Things are different, I have a library card.


Some story books are plagued with garbage as well. They are in all facet of entertainment.


I love reading too but depending on what your reading like mechanical things or ideas hard to portray on paper film is better. It’s media being used appropriately. Everything has it’s time and place.


Tried watching Ballad of Buster Scruggs but didn’t like it at all. Watched Godless, a whole ton better. Also True Grit surprised me but as of now the best western ones I’ve watched have all starred John Wayne
I really enjoyed Alta Mar, Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries and yes Stranger Things (replete with MK Ultra, symbolism and whatnot) but even the most subtle series on there have some degree of propaganda in them.
Also, I wanted to watch something called Tales of the City cause I thought it was a documentary about people from San Francisco but it was absolute trash, cringey and brain sedating, I did not last 8 minutes, and that includes the intro


“but even the most subtle series on there have some degree of propaganda in them.”
Agreed on this – I enjoyed some of their romcoms, but the need to include LGBTQ messages etc in every single one of them was really unnecessary..

Billy Zee

Yeah, I got about fifteen minutes into Buster Scruggs and found it ugly as hell. Guess I consider gratiutous gore and murder more evil than hilarious. Like Pulp Fiction. The audience laughing was almost worse than the cruel insanity of the film and was what made me leave the theatre.

Agree on Tales of the City being unbearably cringey too, though I gave it two episodes to present a likeable character.

It is truly hard to find a fun show on Netflix. I often spend almost half an hour hunting. If they removed all the lovable assasin shows you could scroll through the rest of the garbage faster.

Angela May

I felt assaulted and violated by Pulp Fiction. I screamed & walked out of my own living room where my significant other at the time was watching the video back in the day when it had just released to video. A--l rape of a defenseless man is entertainment ? ? ? To this day it is a traumatic memory. All the way back then I was thinking something is seriously wrong with society that this movie is celebrated.


You felt “violated?,” you screamed?, you’re traumatized?? I’m sorry I don’t really mean to mock here but that’s the most wild Overreaction I’ve ever heard regarding a movie. Of Course you can have your opinion to hate the movie & its content, but you’re talking as if you had watched a literal snuff film or something. Anyway, I recommend a movie titled “A Serbian Film” for you to watch instead. (that’s a joke btw: Do Not watch That movie if Pulp Fiction messed you up that much..even Myself & I’m extremely open-minded with all art mediums, have some Massive issues/problems with that movie..)


They aren’t the only one, my comment above states what I did when I saw that disgusting movie. Or, a part of it.

It’s surprising to really degraded and desensitized people, that media can affect those who don’t consume it. But it does. I haven’t watched a movie in ten years. I rarely watch tv and when I do it’s only create (an over the air PBS channel for DIY stuff), PBS and MeTv. Anything else I see that’s dark or not particularly “bad” by modern standards, makes me sick and miserable. I don’t cry but I don’t watch it. It creates a bad feeling in people that aren’t used to it.

You don’t notice because I’d bet you’re a massive consumer of all of that stuff. Like the first comment said, if you smoke a cigarette for the first time, you cough and get sick. But after many cigarettes, you don’t have any affects (although inside, you’re being poisoned and dying). Same if you quit smoking for many years then smoke a cigarette. It’s like the first cigarette you ever smoked, all over again.


if you’re so open minded why do you have issue with his comment?

Mr Bruce

Sorry…the brain KNOWS the movie is NOT REAL …..BUT ….the but the body reacts AS IF IT IS…. science FACT


Omg I was asleep on the couch while my mom and then boyfriend watched it (we are in high school) and I woke up at that point and screamed and fell right off the couch and started crying. It was so horrible! It made me feel sick to my stomach and they didn’t even get why.


There’s a channel called ME Tv. It’s all old tv shows and it really shows just how awful media has become. My kids liked to watch Green Acres, Gomer Pyle USMC and some of the other shows on there. They’re gentle and show people with manners and class, nothing risqué, funny little scenarios that aren’t mean or evil or dark and brooding. Why can’t we have that type of show any more? They’ve all disappeared.

D D d

Gomer Pyle USMC. Really? A show about war, a sitcom about war.
And you think that is innocent? That it is not normalisation, not implanting of situations a citizen just has to take for granted, war. Did you like M.A.S.H.too, with the comedy between the bombs and granates, and one of the most melancholik tunes I ever heared?
Enjoy your entertainment via teevee, Suni.


Gomer never went to war. It was just a spin off of Andy Griffith and was just a cute show about a bumbling goofy sweetheart of a man, in the Marines. It was just a setting, it wasn’t really much about the military at all, more of a fish out of water type thing. I always hated MASH and I don’t like war stuff, like I said earlier I don’t watch tv hardly at all.

La La

I watch MeTv too however, it has become very apparent that some agenda’s were being pushed back then too which, SURPRISE! We see the super, overmagnified results in shows being aired today. This old propaganda machine has been working for a VERY long time.


The new Tales of the City also messed with the timelines; a lot of the the 20 year old characters being depicted should be pushing 40.


Try watching Silverado. I know its a movie but its so damn good, really a pity they don’t make movies like them anymore.

Mr Bruce

John Wayne…played the Hero…..but avoided fighting in the war ? ? ?

Angela May

Don’t support Netflix at all. The dollar vote speaks volumes.


Excellent insight…funny, I dropped NetFlix this month (after only having it for 6 months total). It was a relief to actually get rid of it. Many of the above shows I would not watch because the agenda was obvious, but Sabrina I did watch in order to see exactly how strongly Satanism would be promoted, and whewwww, talk about normalizing evil. If you dump it you won’t regret your decision.

Expose Truth

Netflix, along with all the mainstream tv services, never say anything critical of Israel & Zionism, they actually try to portray Israel as a “good country” which is complete lies, they would never show the world the crimes and oppression the Zionist are doing and how Zionist are behind the wars in the would. “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Saucy Jack



I wish VC would discuss more about who actually run the world VC should write articles about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the DuPonts etc. The so-called Zionist Jews run Hollywood and they are involved in every facet of entertainment that we see in America. This is why a lot of movies and TV series display a lot of occult symbolism and predicted programming. The truth is in plain sight and many of us are too blind to see it.


They do & they have. Look back on older articles or just do a search with the names. A good amount of Rothschild’s & Rockefellers in there.


Abi, Check out Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis for exactly the info you are looking for. Jay is the best in business in terms of Hollywood’s connections to the CIA, mafia and occult.

Angela May

That is all easy to access information, and old news, albeit vital to understanding the bigger picture. VC is doing in depth and ongoing scholarly analysis of current events and the media/entertainment world and is “watch dogging” in a way that I have yet to find ANYWHERE else. This is not really a “beginners” site.


We’re not allowed to criticize Muslims, so do they rule over us? Just look at the ungrateful Somalian in Congress. She can talk tons of s--t all day long, but when someone fires back, she hides behind her race, gender and religion to avoid criticism and play the victim. If your Israel theory is fact, can you explain to me why nobody is allowed to criticize Muslims? Christians are declared open season. Jews are not really declared fair game yet, but the anti-Semites in Congress get free passes, why? I think you might be wrong.


Another ignorant antisemite spewing hatred & lies, like they always do. Learn your facts, Israel is indeed a great non radical, peace seeking country. But ignorants like you are always going to hate.


Let me guess, LiarsRadar is based in TelAviv, right? Or do you have your head so far up Hagee’s a$$ that you can’t see the truth that is right in front of you?


Nope, we know better. But nice try.


You all are upset over a few shows. Simply don’t watch THOSE.


It’s not just about some shows, but a whole evil context that permeates all of Netflix’s programming. You have been leery in this statement! How to stop watching a few and continue to give money to fund more toxicina ??


I don’t fund garbage like that with my money. I refuse to consume it or pay for any of it. Like the first comment said, it’s like smoking.


This is some great news despite the fact that the industry is whole heartedly pushing satinism on people, Im glad people have enough judgment and reason to ignore these stupid and desperate attempts that the elite is pushing on us. It means people are waking up, and hopefully they will also soon realize that they need to say yes to God and embrace the principles of Jesus Christ for their souls salvation.


I find its content to be toxic and harmful to its viewers, especially young ones. Personally, I don’t like having homosexuality shoved down my throat (pushed in my face like it is normal)Putting a p---s in someone’s rectum is wrong no matter what turns you on. Please think about the truth… Never should there be more than two genders, ever and please don’t push your global warming religion on me either. The scientific method has yet to prove that CO2 is a pollutant.

D D d

You connect homosexuality with only one facet of a scala of sexual options – and judge a whole selection of humans you do not know for it.

The Myrtle Tree

Again, in English this time.


That was English. You just must not have the cerebral capacity to understand it.


LGBT are all sickos but at least people who are gay are born that way and cannot help it trannies and anyone who supports that mental illness being encouraged are the worst trash on the planet.


Everyone has a bit of female & male in them. Society also pushes gender roles, as well blurts them. Take everything with a grain of salt. But you don’t have to listen to media. And you don’t have to care or critic how others have sex. If anything, you sound like someone who’s a closeted, and is afraid of their own feelings or else you wouldn’t be so very explicit about your disgust.

Also wake up. The earth IS being polluted. You think all our trash, plastic, smog, overall waste isn’t going back into the environment. Get real. You see it everywhere. Humans ARE hurting the environment.


Only the gay males have male in them. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)


The “you must be a closet h--o” retort is the equivalent of the “I know you are but what am I” comeback from childhood. Here’s a newsflash: not everyone who criticizes something secretly wants to be what they criticize. If you rant against pedos, does that mean you are secretly a pedo? If you rant against racists, does that mean you secretly want to join the KKK? Obviously not. That would be ridiculous. You don’t have an argument to counter that statement, so you just throw out an ad hominem and hope it distracts.

Level headed

Well said st77 I don’t think we can afford to waste time talking about what other people, adults, do with their private parts; unless it involves a minor. Time is now, we have access to social media and everyone everywhere at all times. We know that children are being abused, trafficked, misguided etc. But what are we doing about it? We need to protect our children. All children, globally are our responsibility. We have failed our youth, we are doomed for it. We let technology and gadgets raise our kids today. We allow sick norms and trends to dictate our social behaviour and what we accept. We no longer care about anything outside our own egos. We have become a selfish, lost species. Regarding global warming. Let us listen now and hear….we have not been kind to our planet. We have taken her for granted. However, that being said everything is closer now….the sun is closer to us, the moon and the stars are all closer. Which means it is sometimes hotter than usual and it is equally as cold on other occasions. We are experiencing drastic changes to our weather in both ends of the spectrum. We are not… Read more »

Judy JJ Smith

That’s the main reason, other than hiring obamas, I canceled. It seemed the shows promoted homosexuality with younger and younger victims every show I tried to watch.


Restrict the content. Simple. It’s not like Netflix does not have this option.

The Myrtle Tree

But, like PBS, your money goes to support their agenda, even if you restrict content.


That is strictly YOUR point of view. If you can express your opinion, anyone else can express theirs. Hypocrisy is insisting only yours matters, unless you’ve created a reality/universe we don’t know about…


YOU should be controlling what they watch. Don’t blame Netflix for your lack of parenting and monitoring what your kids watch. You can put a PIN on any show you want and any rating and even content restrict. You all just like to cry about things you actually CAN control.


You’re absolutely wrong. This kind of ignorant thinking when it comes to homosexuality and specifically a--l sex leads to so many issues. Most men are so disconnected from their prostates it’s not even funny. Your prostate is your “G” spot, and is only accessible through the a--s or rectum. When it is stimulated, a man is able to achieve o----m through the prostate alone, and the experience is what you would call a “full-body” o----m. When this happens, the prostate secretes a milky substance, and this is why the stimulation of the prostate is often called “milking”. There are a number of ways to stimulate the prostate, with or without a partner, and obviously not every man enjoys a--l sex. That being said, for those that do, it is completely natural. The stimulation and subsequent draining of the prostate is not only a beautiful experience, but an extremely healthy one. When your prostate is essentially ignored and/or never drained, this can lead to a whole host of health issues, namely prostate cancer. There are even health conditions which require the patient to have there prostate drained by appointment on a regular basis, to avoid inflammation and chronic pain. So, educate… Read more »


Good comment, may I just add that this is what practice of yoga is for, to know your body, chakra system and maintain a healthy clear and clean lifestyle, this is the main reason why tptb have also inverted its practice, and people view it as another “s-exercise just to look nice” when practicing YOGA as a whole spiritually and physically is centered in the knowledge and handling of your Body your anatomy with all that it etails,

The Myrtle Tree

The prostate is “drained” during ejaculation. There is no draining the prostate. It fulfills a necessary reproductive function. Period. The rest of that rubbish was a rather long, whole cloth invention on your part.


You have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve posted some information below if you care to open your mind and learn something.


Why on earth would evolutionary biology lead to a condition where a male’s G spot can ONLY be reached through his a$$? Does that make any sense at all? Sex is designed for procreation — that is why it is such a strong drive. If the male gets a better o----m from a--l stimulation — the reproductive rates would plummet because they’d all be too busy with the other males to knock up the females. As for why humans do this — maybe kids who have had some kind of childhood trauma end up associating sex with the a--s … but the vast majority of people do not. Yes, homosexuality can be found in every species. So can blindness, missing limbs, mental retardation and any other number of birth defects. That doesn’t make it a good thing. It is just an aberration of nature. That doesn’t mean that a homosexual creature (human or otherwise) can’t find a place in its community and still thrive. Sure, it can. But it isn’t the norm or the ideal from a biological standpoint because the biological imperative for all living creatures is propagation of the species which cannot take place without medical assistance for… Read more »


“For many men, the idea of someone touching their prostate (you know, that walnut-sized gland between the bladder and the p---s) sounds about as appealing as getting a root canal. But for other men — both straight and gay — exploring the prostate can bring new heights of sexual excitement and pleasure. It’s so pleasurable, in fact, that some sexual health experts have dubbed the prostate the “male G-spot.” “‘The ‘male G-Spot’ is the prostate and it’s about two inches in the rectum toward the belly,” explains Susan Milstein, Ph.D., a sex educator and professor in the Department of Health Enhancement, Exercise Science and Physical Education at the Rockville Campus of Montgomery College in Maryland. That’s because the prostate contains a ton of nerve endings (in fact, there are almost as many nerve endings in the prostate as there are in the clitoris). “It really can open up a whole new avenue of pleasure for men if they are willing to try it,” adds Milstein. Men can even have prostate orgasms without stimulation to the p---s. “The o----m from your prostate is a full body o----m, and you feel a tingly sensation all over. This is opposed to the more… Read more »

billy zee

Valiant effort Dylan, but you’ll never get through to them with facts. If you want them to listen, you’ll have to learn how to dog whistle.


Why is it so important to convince men to stimulate their prostate?


MilSTEIN. Always one of them behind every disgusting and deviant act. Sorry but I won’t listen to one of the synagogue of Satan.

Stop spreading lies

Dylan, I’ve never heard such an amount of bullshit and decadence together. Stop spreading lies! Sexual pleasure is just a mechanism to impulse human to reproduce, and that’s it. If you like having a__l sex, well good for you! but don’t try spreading lies that are simply a joke.

To the other person: Yoga is never about having deviant sexual behavior. Quite the contrary, it is about employing such energy by elevating it through breathing exercises. In the eyes of the guru, sex is seen as wasting energy.


I’ve never been so nauseated

Angela May

Ever heard of gay bowel syndrome ? Or the rampant spread of HIV in gay/bi men due to the thousands of micro abrasions that occur in the rectum during a--l sex ? And why the occurrence of both ? Because the a--s was designed as an exit only. A sexual practice that destroys bowels and makes easy the transfer of a deadly virus is “natural” only if you believe in natural selection…and in that case natural selection is destroying and killing the bodies of men who practice a--l sex with each other. This is fact. All moral judgement aside. If it’s normal and healthy why does it kill and destroy the health of men who practice it with each other ?

D D d

Tell that to all the women who do it too, why just saving the gays with your wisdoms?


If gays kept their opinions to themselves, maybe it would solve a lot of issues. We didn’t need to know about their a--l fascination, but they love to tell everyone how they take it up the a$$. So don’t be surprised if people have an opinion about them doing it. If you keep your affairs of the bedroom private, I won’t have an opinion about it. If you love to put it all out there — be prepared to accept the criticism, too.

D D d

“..but they love to tell everyone how they take it up the a$$. So don’t be surprised if people have an opinion about them doing it.”
You too connect homosexuality with only one facet of a scala of sexual options – and judge a whole selection of humans you do not know for it.
Less fascinationg, but becoming more and more ignorantly malicious.

Lil Miss StuffIt

We live in Australia & we dumped Netflix for exactly these reasons!
We got absolute sick of their very dark agenda pushing Satanism being shoved down our throat & refused to have any of it space in our home.
When they asked us for “ feedback” as to why we were cancelling our subscription we told them all this & we didn’t hold back.
So it’s not just the USA it’s other countries too.
And it’s not like they haven’t been told- they have!
Clearly their just too far gone.
Clearly it’s not about money
Clearly the people at Netflix are a cesspool of Satanist witches determined to propagandise every viewer into the dark arts & their practices & forcing them to pay for their own destruction.
We are watching less & less tv because if all this.


thank you for this article. I read about that yesterday and I was happy about the losing number of viewers. that IS the solution. Reject, boycott everything that do harm. Throw out your tv, eat bio/organic food. Cook for yourselves. Look for toothpaste that doesn’t contain fluoride. Throw away your beauty products that only contain toxic chemicals (look it up and use soaps that are cold pressed). Look up the dangers about 5G. Don’t let it build near your homes. Turn off your phones, pull out your devices when not used.
thank you again, VC! 🙂

No wool

My sister is a farmer and she says organic in stores is a crock. She says all farmers who sell to stores, must put some sort of chemical pesticide on their food to keep bugs off. The only way to be truly organic is to go out and pick the bugs off and they cant do that on many acres of land. And “organic farmers” use more chemicals than non organic labeled farmers because their food needs to look prettier and be able to last through traveling. The only real organic food is when you grow a small garden for yourself. That is actually better than buying at the store.


Netflix is HORRIBLE! All I see is satanic, suicidal, serial killer and other dark and negative content. And, they force u to see/hear content when you are looking for something to watch. It’s insufferable. You are right, $2/month is not the reason people are unsubscribing.


That’s because you’re not actually looking around. Granted those shows exist, but there is so much more. Hit the dislike and you wont see it. smh


Why is it so important for you that people keep their netflix subscription?

Mike Keenan

Everything in this fallen world is a LIE except for ONE and that is the Living Word Of God the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ is the Living Word Of God. This world is passing away and those with eyes to see can see through the Love, Mercy and Grace of God. Wake up and forget about being entertained as Eternity awaits and it is rapidly approaching and Remember what Jesus Christ said “You must be Born Again to see the Kingdom of God”, so make your move and open your mouth and Cry Out to Jesus Christ and tell him you want to know him and that you want him to reveal himself to you. Ask humbly with an open heart and your Life will change forever and ever and this is God’s absolute promise and he always keeps his promise.

L b

Sorry if this is dumb… do I have to get baptized?


You should get baptized, but to be honest most of the churches are highly infiltrated with satanists/masons, so if you found a sincere Christian living in holiness, this person could baptize you too.

Denise Rose

If I could jump in…
Not a dumb question. Of course you don’t have to. If you want to follow Jesus’ example, I recommend it. Any Christian can baptize another Christian. It can be done privately or publicly, by whomever you choose. Some churches require it be done by them if you want to be a full and participating member of their church. Some do it publicly as a public declaration of faith. Many reasons to do it, if you are a follower of Christ, Can’t think of any reason not to, if you are a believer. I just did not want your question to go unanswered, or for you to think that this is a stupid question. I believe that all the answers to our questions are in the King James bible. God bless you, and Jesus loves you, either way.


Why just the King James “version”? There are so many grammatical errors, its written in an archaic form of English, and has spurious additions. It was great in 1611, but this is 2019, there are more accurate translations available.

D D d

It is a ritual.
Do you have to prove anything, for yourself or your peers? No? Then it is just ladida.
If you need it to get into their mindset of what is neccesary to have any faith..well jump in.

Angela May

It is symbolic of the life, death and resurrection of Christ, and a public profession of one’s faith and atonement in Christ. Ritual is found in all areas of life, not just religion. The fact that it is ritual does not invalidate the relevance/meaning of the baptism of a person who is born-again in Christ Jesus. Keep asking questions, in my humble opinion there are no stupid questions with regards to faith.

D D d

Why use group-rituals when it concerns the most personal stuff for a believer? To share the emotions? Or to enhance the depersonalisation via strict rules?

Angela May

The reasons why “born again” followers of Christ are encouraged to be baptized are found throughout the New Testament writings. Whether you agree with or understand why we choose to do it, the reasons we choose this are in our scriptures in the New Testament. Not all born again followers of Christ choose this, but as a former occultist who found Christ, this was something important to me personally, and I wanted to do this from a pure and authentic place. What is truly personal is the decision, but how one expresses their faith doesn’t have to be kept personal. That is a value judgement on your part, and there is nothing wrong with holding such a value, but it does not mean that for you what is most personal is the most personal thing for everyone else. For me, my faith and my walk with Christ is the most important thing in my life, above all other things material or spiritual, and I personally want any and every one I come into contact with to know that I love Jesus with my whole heart, and that He rescued me from the darkness and deception of the corrupted/corruptive path I… Read more »

D D d

Thank you, Angela.
But I walk a different walk. On the same planet though. I think we can share it.


Excuse me, who and where did he say “Jesus loves you” in the New Testament? I sense indoctrination…


I canceled my subscription in 2017 and told the rep over the phone the reason why I was canceling was due to satanic content!


All of their original media is wicked. That Santa Clarita Diet show is completely sick. I trembled a bit when I first saw the trailer. Even the stylized Netflix logo looks sinister, like dripping red blood, daggers or fangs.


I agree. So sad to see Drew on there. She’s been one of my favourites since E.T.


Well you have likely heard the rumors about Spielberg? And Drew grew up in Hollywood so I am sure she has been through awful things beyond what she’s shared. I always liked her too, she seemed to have a sweet disposition and is pretty. But I felt bad for her and am not ever surprised to see her doing stuff like that.


I enjoyed your take on what’s happening with Netflix but I really think people are canceling their subscriptions because nothing worth watching is on there either.

Saucy Jack

It does start to feel a bit stagnant and trashy once you watch the good stuff but still the odd gem on there i think. i mentioned this above but netflix introduced me to the aryton senna documentary and this uk comedy series called chewing gum – both really joyful and deep in their way. i also discovered the new coen brothers film on there which is a f-----g masterpiece, and there’s nothing pro-agenda in the latest Black Mirror (even though it gets bagged on this website alot) it’s actually hugely enjoyable. A lot of the Asian content avoids much of the liberal/Satanic agenda too I notice, there still seems to be an emphasis on traditional themes/mores which is quite refreshing. quality non-agenda content still seeps through, i’m sticking up for the 14% of netflix that isn’t about global warming, gender fluidity, how much white people suck or how awesome satan-lucifer is.

D D d

Japanese horror is A Thing. Exceptionally cruel. It is asian, is it not?


that is majority of why people cancel netflix. They are losing contracts because other companies are creating their own services like Disney. Netflix will no longer have any of their films, pixar,marvel and star wars on netflix cause they got their own service now. And the selection for kids is okay but majority of those titles children more than likely never even heard of. Also Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are huge hits so taking shows like that yep some people will say bye the same way many said goodbye to their hbo subscription after Game of Thrones ended.

Dr Red Pill

I completely agree! I canceled my NF over a year ago for the exact reasons mentioned above and there is no chance I’ll ever go back. If enough people figure this out and boycott NF and Hollywood they can be brought to their knees. Hollywood and NF have an evil agenda and they’re working hard to normalize what is anything but normal. Time to wake up from your deep sleep people.


I really need to hear your thoughts on Epstein

D D d

If he had any in the past (I do not recall precisely), they probably were in reports about some pizzastuff and politicians – and were removed by force of a higher power.
Maybe you can search for the screenshots underground.


I have a feeling VC is working on a great article about that. Or, at least, I hope he is because I’d love to hear his take on that whole story.

Chris J

I agree, this needs a re-visit.


You might be interested to know that Epstein is connected to the satanists of the Jet propulsion laboratory through his “science foundation”, and to MKUltra etc.

This is the best video which explains it clearly and is well worth your time (Amazing Polly). the title of the video is ” Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists”:


Wow, this is good to know. Just last month my husband and I decided to cancel our subscription after one night of surfing through the feed and realizing that almost everything was either satanic or had some sort of agenda to push. You dont even need to watch a single episode of these shows. The cover alone is enough to tell you if you’re aware of these things. Also, we want to avoid our 2 year old son getting exposed to such things. It is just too much. We refuse to throw our hard-earned money at these creeps. I hope more people do the same.


Another thing..a close friend of mine kept badgering me to watch Sabrina and I refused. She said something along the lines of, “It will make you worship the devil, hahaha.” Just goes to show that they are succeeding in normalizing satanism and even making it “cool” and sadly people are buying it. I’m good, thanks.

D D d

‘kept badgering’ you? Snickering when talking about making you worship the devil?
Has she got any other peculiarities that try to downgrade her friends?


Better enjoy of a lot of mind opening content in YouTube and for free.

Saucy Jack

LBRY app might be worth a look too as an alternative to YouTube. anything that breaks up their content monopoly a bit is a good thing, their censorship is getting quite pathetic


YouTube has been scrubbed.




I cancelled Netflix about a year ago after reading and watching trailers of their “new releases” and discovering that they were promoting pedophilia. I could except the lack of anything interesting to watch and outdated movies. I didn’t watch anything Satanic, just ignored it. They crossed a line that there is no turning back from. It was unacceptable and I will never give them another dime.


Which show was that that promoted pedophilia? I never saw that on Netflix.


And what about shows like narcos , queen of the south, animal kingdom! It’s all about glamorizing crime and theft!


WE used to have Netflix but cancelled last year because of their content and other positions they took. As soon as I heard about a new program they put out, we immediately cancelled. We now subscribe to Pureflix.



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