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The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of “Blackstar”



The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

In the wake of David Bowie’s death, his last album, “Blackstar”, is his swan song, an enigmatic conclusion to a career punctuated by otherworldly alter-egos and esoteric symbolism. We’ll look at the meaning of “Blackstar” in the context of David Bowie’s career.

Very few artists can boast the longevity of David Bowie in the music industry, as his career spanned over five decades and produced 28 albums. Throughout the decades, Bowie migrated from one musical genre to another, and even from one persona to another, but a constant remained: He was surrounded by an otherworldly aura.

Through his work, Bowie turned himself into a musical ‘ascended master’, a Gnostic Christ-like figure who achieved a high level of illumination and who sought to communicate a cryptic message to humanity. While many of Bowie’s eccentricities could be attributed to drugs and rock and roll, one cannot paint a complete picture of this artist without mentioning his most enduring obsession: Western occultism.

David Bowie, born as David Robert Jones in 1947, is seen by some as a sort of ‘Renaissance Man’ whose professed ‘universality’ is an attempt to show the apex of evolution by reassembling the fragmentary pieces of our society; thus, he resembles many occultists.

However unlike most occultists, Bowie has considerable wealth, critical acclaim, penetrating intelligence, and enduring good looks; he seems set to go on to even greater heights and achievements. What next, godhead? There is a Faustian/Mephistophelean element here. How else can one explain the absolute zenith of this man’s worldly trajectory? In fact, there are people who are convinced that his brobdingnagian success is not without some kind of otherworldly assistance. (…)

Nevertheless, it can not be ignored that Bowie has constructed his public persona from the various parts of the puzzle that are at the roots of modern occultism. He was summoning up some of these pieces at the early age of 16.
– Peter R. Koenig, The Laughing Gnostic – David Bowie and the Occult

Throughout his career, Bowie often turned himself into a mere vessel as he lent his body to various personas who spoke through him, often communicating messages of deep occult significance.

Bowie’s final album Blackstar is no exception. In fact, it is a “meticulously planned” final chapter of the “Book of Bowie”, one that confirms the true meaning of his work and the occult inspiration behind it. Therefore, in order to understand Blackstar, one must first understand some of his most iconic imagery.

Occult Bowie

If one had to select a quote that would aptly sum up the Occult David Bowie, it would probably be this one:

“I’m closer to the Golden Dawn
Immersed in Crowley’s uniform
I’m not a prophet or a stoneage man
Just a mortal with potential of a superman”

In these four lines, Bowie reveals a source of his esoteric worldview: the secret society Golden Dawn.

“The Golden Dawn was a magical secret society, a crowning glory of the occult revival which flourished at the end of the 19th century and taught a unique blend of Jewish mysticism (called Cabbala or Kabbalah, also to be found in Bowie’s symbolism), astral travel, magic, yoga (also practiced by Bowie) and how to communicate with angels and demons. For this latter communion it was first necessary to empty the mind, to make room for the unknown to enter – something that bears a strong resemblance to Bowie’s ‘cut-up’ method of writing lyrics”.
– Ibid.

When Bowie states that he is “immersed in Crowley’s uniform”, he is referring to Aleister Crowley, the 20th Century British occultist who was a member of the Golden Dawn and a founder of the O.T.O (Ordo Templi Orientis). He was mostly known for his work in the realms of Sex Magick, Black Magick and his philosophy, the Thelema (read my full article about Crowley here).

Magick techniques have become popularised through the writings of Aleister Crowley who was once a member of the Golden Dawn, and later of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), which was (and still is) deeply involved with sex–magic. The public perception of both the Golden Dawn and the Ordo Templi Orientis are pseudo–masonic organisations where the aspirant (or member) goes through stages of ceremonial initiation wearing semi–Egyptian costumes — similar to the one Bowie wore for a photo session with Brian Ward in 1971.
– Ibid.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

Aleister Crowley (left) and David Bowie (right) in the inner-sleeve of the CD version of Space Oddity.

In 1976 Bowie stated:

“My overriding interest was in Kabbalah and Crowleyism. That whole dark and rather fearsome never–world of the wrong side of the brain.”
– David Bowie, from “Bowie on Bowie: Interviews and Encounters with David Bowie” by Sean Egan

In a 1983 interview, Bowie added:

“I had this more–than–passing interest in Egyptology, mysticism and the Kabbalah. At the time it seemed transparently obvious what the answer to life was. My whole life would be transformed into this bizarre nihilistic fantasy world of impending doom, mythological characters and imminent totalitarianism.”
– David Bowie, Musician, May 1983

Considering the importance of occultism in Bowie’s life, the most iconic personas of his career take on an added level of significance, a level that is reinforced in Blackstar.

Major Tom

In 1969, Bowie released Space Oddity, a single that was cleverly released only nine days before the moon-landing of Apollo II, making it the unofficial theme of this historic event. The song introduced Major Tom, an astronaut who was launched in space and whose ultimate fate remained uncertain. The song indeed finishes with the words:

“Here am I floating ’round my tin can
Far above the Moon
Planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do”
– Space Oddity

On an esoteric level, Major Tom represents the ascension of mortals towards divinity – an interpretation that is apparently confirmed in the 2015 video for the song Blackstar.

In 1972, Bowie introduces a new alter ego who instead descends to Earth from the heavens.

Ziggy Stardust

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

The two forms of Ziggy Stardust. Left emphasizes the one-eye sign (from the album Alladin Sane) and the other emphasizes the pineal gland, aka the third eye (from The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars).

For his fifth album, Bowie introduced the alter-ego Ziggy Stardust, an androgynous alien rock star who was sent by the “Infinites” to announce the coming of Starmen to Earth.

In Bowie’s visionary performance, civilization was going to collapse and the ‘Infinites’ would arrive. Ziggy Stardust was to announce the coming of these ‘starmen’ bringing hope. Ziggy is their prophet, the messiah who takes himself to incredible spiritual heights, and is kept alive by the devotion of his disciples. When the Starmen finally arrive, they take bits and pieces of Ziggy so they can manifest themselves as real physical beings. Eventually they tear him to pieces on stage during the performance of the song ‘Rock’n’Roll Suicide’. At the moment of Ziggy’s death, the Starmen take on his essence, and become visible.
– Ibid.

With Ziggy Stardust, Bowie embodied the archetype of the “dying god”, a savior sent from above who ends up sacrificing his life.

The androgynous nature of Ziggy Stardust occultly represents a state of a higher spiritual level. In occultism, the highest stage of illumination is achieved through the internalization of duality and the equilibrium between opposing forces –  good and evil, active and passive, male and female. This concept is symbolically represented by the horned, hermaphrodite god Baphomet. It is also represented in alchemical symbolism such as the Alchemical Androgyne.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

This symbol from the Turbæ Philosophorum (1750) represents a hermaphroditic figure as the accomplishment of the magnum opus. The active and passive principles of Nature were often depicted by male and female figures, and when these two principles were harmoniously conjoined in any one nature or body it was customary to symbolize this state of perfect equilibrium by the composite figure above shown.

Ziggy Stardust also embodies the opposite of the spiritual and the material worlds: While he represents a high level of spiritual illumination, he is also a bisexual, promiscuous rock star bent on heavy drug use.

Contrarily to Major Tom who ascended from Earth to the skies, Ziggy Stardust descends from the “heavens”. He is a “higher being” who takes the form of a human in order to communicate a message, not unlike Jesus Christ.

Station to Station

In 1976, Bowie released Station to Station, an album he claimed to barely remember recording, mainly due to heavy cocaine use. He even added that it was the work of “an entirely different person,”.

“Bowie himself remembers almost nothing of the album’s production, not even the studio, later admitting, “I know it was in LA because I’ve read it was”.

Despite this fact, the album dealt with heavy occult symbolism. The song Station to Station, referred to travel through the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

“Here are we
One magical movement
from Kether to Malkuth”
–  Station to Station

“Kether” and “Malkuth” are two of the 10 elements of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life — the highest and lowest parts, respectively.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

If you follow the path described by Bowie above, Keter to Malkhut describes the descent from Godhead to the physical realm. The theme of “descent from the heavens” has always been at the core of Bowie’s work.

In a 1997 interview, Bowie expands on the “magickal” meaning of the song and how no mainstream sources ever addressed it.

“The “Station to Station” track itself is very much concerned with the stations of the cross. All the references within the piece are to do with the Kabbala. It’s the nearest album to a magick treatise that I’ve written. I’ve never read a review that really sussed it. It’s an extremely dark album. Miserable time to live through, I must say.”
– Q Magazine, ChangesFiftyBowie”, 1997

On the cover art of the album we find Bowie drawing the Kabbalistic Tree of Life:

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

Bowie drawing the Kabbalistic tree of life.

Several decades later, in 2015, Bowie is confronted with his own mortality and feels the need to offer his fans one final offering. Blackstar takes all of the elements mentioned above (and more) to create one final, enigmatic, ritualistic drama.


Released two days before his death, Blackstar is David Bowie’s swan song in which he wraps up the mythology he has cultivated for five decades. The video of the same name is a tapestry of dark images. At the center of it all: A human being becoming a god.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

The video begins with a dead astronaut on a remote planet.

Is this Major Tom? Are we seeing his final resting place?  A young girl opens the astronaut’s helmet and finds an ornate skull.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

The jewel-encrusted skull represents the astronaut’s ascension into godhood.

The skull is then revered as some kind of artifact from the gods.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

A “grand priestess” holds the skull between two rows of women who cannot help trembling in its presence.

Sung in the matter of an incantation, the lyrics of the first verse allude to an occult ritual:

In the villa of Ormen, in the villa of Ormen
Stands a solitary candle, ah-ah, ah-ah
In the centre of it all, in the centre of it all
Your eyes

In the video, the men and women are separated, which conveys the idea of two opposing energies (male and female). Both groups end up making us witness an indirect sex magick ritual.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

On one hand, the women “assume the position”.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

On the other, three crucified scarecrows (who appear to be animated by an unholy force), move their hips in a suggestive manner.

The combination of sex magick with the twisting of Christ’s crucifixion gives the video a strong “Crowleyian” direction.

In an interview, the director of the video, Johan Renck, discusses Crowley.

“Well, I’m a huge Crowley fan, I’ve always been. I tried to make a movie on his life a few years ago but we didn’t manage to put it together. I love Crowley for being an audacious man at certain point in time. I think he’s greatly misunderstood. He was a good guy, but he was portrayed as an evil man and he wasn’t.”
– Vice News, 
Behind “Blackstar”: An Interview with Johan Renck, the Director of David Bowie’s Ten-Minute Short Film

The name of the album itself, Blackstar, refers to an important occult concept: the Midnight Sun.

“Apuleius said when describing his initiation (vide ante): “At midnight I saw the sun shining with a splendid light.” The midnight sun was also part of the mystery of alchemy. It symbolized the spirit in man shining through the darkness of his human organisms. It also referred to the spiritual sun in the solar system, which the mystic could see as well at midnight as at high noon, the material earth being powerless to obstruct the rays of this Divine orb. The mysterious lights which illuminated the temples of the Egyptian Mysteries during the nocturnal hours were said by some to be reflections of the spiritual sun gathered by the magical powers of the priests. The weird light seen ten miles below the surface of the earth by I-AM-THE-MAN in that remarkable Masonic allegory Etidorhpa (Aphrodite spelt backward) may well refer to the mysterious midnight sun of the ancient rites.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Bearing in mind Bowie’s impending death, the lyrics of the song take on a very personal meaning:

“Something happened on the day he died
Spirit rose a metre and stepped aside
Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried
(I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar)”

Is Bowie referring to his own death? Is he referring to his spirit-less body being taken over by a Blackstar? This is yet another allusion to Bowie being “taken over” by a mysterious being who states:

I’m the Great I Am (I’m a blackstar)

“I Am that I Am” is the response God used in the Hebrew Bible when Moses asked for his name.

In the video, Bowie plays the role of three separate characters.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

The “blind follower” with buttons instead of eyes. This character represents the simple, ignorant man.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

The preacher propagating the “Book of Blackstar” – with dumbfounded followers behind him.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

The “flamboyant trickster” who appears to have taken over Bowie’s aging body with eccentric mannerisms.

The video, therefore, depicts the several layers associated with occult knowledge. There are those who are in direct contact with its “true source” while the blind masses are fascinated by a bastardized version of it, sold by charismatic figures. David Bowie indicates that he is, simultaneously, a blind simple man and an occult initiate – a Blackstar.


Bowie’s final video bears the name of a significant Biblical figure: Lazarus.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

“The Raising of Lazarus” by Rembrandt

In the New Testament, Lazarus died of an illness and was resurrected four days later by Jesus Christ. In the context of Bowie’s terminal illness, the title Lazarus conveys the idea of immortality, while playing with the constant idea of him being from “another world”.

In the video, Bowie plays the role of the same characters as in Blackstar.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

In the role of the “blind man”, Bowie is an aging human who is physically weak, laying on his deathbed and scared of things to come.

Look up here, I’m in heaven
I’ve got scars that can’t be seen
I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen
Everybody knows me now

From a dresser in the corner of the room (possibly symbolizing a portal to another dimension), emerges another Bowie, the flamboyant, eternally-young Bowie.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

This Bowie is not dying – he even treats himself to few dance moves.

The costume worn by this Bowie refers to a specific relic from his past.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

Bowie wears the same outfit as seen on the cover of “Station to Station” in which he is drawing the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

As stated above, according to Bowie, this 1976 album was written “by an entirely different person”.

In Lazarus, we witness the return of this immortal being.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

With theatrical mannerisms, this Bowie writes feverishly, as if animated by a higher force. Is this the source of Bowie’s inspiration throughout the years?

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

At one point we see the skull from Blackstar, implying that this Bowie possesses that secret occult knowledge.

Although Bowie’s mortal body succumbed to physical illness (which is the ultimate fate of all humans), another part of him lives on, that otherworldly being who took over his body throughout his career.

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

The video ends with occult Bowie retreating back to the dresser and closing the door.

In Lazarus, Bowie bids farewell to the physical world but reminds us that a part of him lives on … that same part of him that ascended into space as Major Tom and descended to Earth as Ziggy Stardust. This Bowie travels from the physical to the spiritual world with the same ease as he travels from “Station to Station” through the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

In Conclusion

Although David Bowie’s career spanned several decades, produced 28 albums, and exploited all kinds of enigmatic concepts, one aspect remained constant: He projected the aura of an otherworldly being, one that did not really belong on Earth, that sometimes appeared to be either spiritually illuminated or demonically possessed.

His final album, Blackstar is a direct continuation of the “Bowie mythos”. Meticulously planned to turn his death into a work of art, the imagery of Blackstar ties together several iconic moments of Bowie’s career into one final narrative, one that confirms the extreme importance of occultism in his work.

Lazarus, Bowie’s final parting gift, conveys one important message: Bowie was a vessel to something greater, something deeper, something darker, and something more profound than most ever realized. Claiming “I am the Great I Am”, this Being gave Bowie the inspiration to become an immortal icon and lead his fans to rally behind the declaration that “Bowie is God”.

Was Bowie truly influenced by unseen occult forces or was he simply a brilliant entertainer with a penchant for dramatics? Bowie answered this question a long time ago:

“I’m closer to the Golden Dawn
Immersed in Crowley’s uniform
I’m not a prophet or a stoneage man
Just a mortal with potential of a superman”

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The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of "Blackstar"

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I tried to watch the Blackstar video. I had to mute it after a few seconds because of the dissonece of the voices. It’s very dualistic.

Also, I found the dancing of the two men and the people on the cross very other-worldly. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Too much evil. I feel nausceous just remembering it.

Only someone who is completely spiritually blind would think this is artistic and innocent.




Lara I could echo your statement word for word! Unlike you, however, I unfortunately watched the whole video. The drumbeat was unnerving as well. My stomach is in knots.


Amen I totally agree. Next time you watch a video like that you can pray after watching it and ask GOD to remove any of those spirits from that video off of you in JESUS’ Name!


What rot. Demons can’t just possess someone through listening to evil music. Stop getting your doctrine from neo-Pentecostal snake oil sellers / anecdotes from false teachers and get it instead from the Bible.


”They travel the earth, through the air an water, looking for a host to posses.”
The bible does say that possesion without His protection is imminent, even through the AIRwaves.


Jesus is a demonic parasite infecting our species. You are just as bad as the crowley followers by pushing such filth onto the masses. Christianity only exists because it ruthlessly slaughtered and gleefully tortured and brainwashed people who refused to believe such nonsense. Christians should be put to the stake (as they did the pagans) for their crimes against the species.
They preach forgiveness while cutting off your arms. All crimes will be paid back, nothing will be forgiven of the wicked and their acts will be paid for in blood and pain.


Read Acts of the Apostles, and you’ll see how the very first christians lived, interpreted their scriptures and spread the gospel. And compare it to islam, how the first muslims lived, interpreted their scriptures and spread the quran. There’s a huge difference.

Ted Phillips

Are you a sadist or something?


You are confusing Christianity with Catholicism.


you are confusing Catholicism with your hatred. Catholics are christains and they did not mass slaughter anybody. Just christians. Burned by Pagans.


Driscol~how much persecution have YOU suffered as a result of Christianity?? Yeah. That’s what I thought. I’ll agree that unspeakable things have been done in the name of “Christianity,” however, they were not true representations of Christ any more than the phony t.v. evangelists are. Anyone declaring such a murderous contempt for a percentage of humanity declares themselves a true PSYCHOPATH. Get help for your anger issues before they further manifest.


Also wanted to add that it was the *pagan* emperor Constantine that ordered the assembly & creation of The Bible, it was Constantine that conflated Christianity w/Paganism, it was Constantine that ordered the pagan construction of churches and ordered everyone to worship on a SUNday. Esther/Ishtar became Easter, Saturnalia became Christmas & Samhain became the friendlier ‘Christianized’ All Saint’s Day. Religion is corrupt & used as means of control. But, Jesus didn’t kill anyone. He was an anarchist, in that He taught principals based on Natural Law. He opposed the usurers/money changers. He challenged the established religious orders (Sadducees & Pharisees)and was killed for it. He openly associated with the outcasts of society, fed the hungry & healed people. Even if you refuse to accept Him as Christ, you declaring him a demonic parasite isn’t just illustrates your level of comprehension or rather, lack thereof. People should be free to live as they choose, so long as they’re not harming another. I didn’t comment with the intention of proselytizing, only to address how far in error your comment was. Now, because Constantine was a pagan & used Christianity as a political move does that mean that all pagans are… Read more »


That presumes that they EXIST. “They” do not exist. It’s all nonsense. We are living on a moderately sized planet circling a nondescript star in its green zone. That star itself resides in the outer spiral arm of a rather modest galaxy among the billions and hundreds of billions of galaxies in the observable universe. That is NOT to say that there are no spiritual beings, energy/etheric beings actually make sense as a part of a quantum reality. BUT those beings have nothing to do with the bible (sic) – as it, along with all other period religious texts are factually wrong and in constant conflict with themselves and each other. They are not going to be compelled by shouting the names of beings you worship at them and they are not going to be “cast out” if they have a method of getting “in” and want to be there. If they don’t, which I think rather likely, then they don’t. But the myth set? It’s almost entirely false and the Bible is just sad as a supposedly verbally inspired book from a superbeing who created all of this – so please, grow up and stop.


so you have tried occultism have you??

William Bennett

Eternity is a long time to be wrong!

We are spiritual beings in a temporary physical state.

When this temporary state ends the simple logic engendered by your apparently limited ability to understand anything beyond your flesh will determine your eternal destination.


Just hope you never wonder into a museum……No wonder what one might encounter there! Please go back and watch some Mr. Rodgers and real House wives of where ever, eat some hamburger helper and read your Christian Bible. It will all be OK…… just don’t think…….drink the kool-aid.

It is Mua

@Leigh I’m kinda thirsty here wish you had saved me some koolaid but you drank it ALL. Sheeple you!


I’ve WANDERed into plenty of museums, everything from art to natural history to modern science and tech. In fact, I used to volunteer at the McKinley Museum at the McKinley National Monument, before I moved away. You can still find my name on a volunteer of the year award plaque there though. God gave us brains. I tend to use mine. I grew up on Mr. Rogers. He taught some valuable lessons, some of which you could still stand to learn. I don’t watch the “real” housewives, as I am a housewife, and there is nothing real about them. I also don’t serve hamburger helper to my family either. Isn’t there MSG in that, along with a laundry list of other preservatives? The Bible isn’t required reading, so I don’t know what you have against it, but I am plenty cultured, so thanks for asking.


Right on Deborah!


Mischaracterization is an easy way of dismissing a point of view. The scriptures are constantly exhorting us to think about our actions and consequences. Some of the great scientific minds in history believed in the Christian God; Nicholas Copernicus, Sir Francis Bacon, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Blaise Pascal, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, Michael Faraday, William Thomson Kelvin, Max Planck.

never mind

The beauty of Bowie’s music is that it’s never been innocent.You obviously don’t get it…


He ‘got it’ exactly right; Bowie chose to give his life to the dark lord and was richly rewarded for it, for a life’s work of deceiving the masses into the secret society type influence of hidden darkness; is art brilliant when it is ‘programmed’ into you from the ‘channel’ you live by


There is no “dark lord” — of all the things in the Abrahamic religions, nothing is more nonsense in the latter versions (Christianity, Islam and Mormonism) than the idea of a “dark lord” — In the myth set that birthed all of these things, Satan was, at most, a lawyer whose JOB It was to advocate against G_d. Go ahead, ask a Jewish rabbi if I’m not right.

With all due respect, everything that you wrote Tommy is utter nonsense.

Toxic Lucidity

Read the Od Testament. It is sicker than this video.


The story would be much sicker for everyone if there was no Israel and Christ.


You do not know that, neither do I.



The movements of the people are based on the original Popeye cartoons. Yeah, its that innocent.


Hmmm. I wonder if its a coincidence that demonically possessed people also feel nauseous when confronted with the word of God or any other Truth or goodness. I cant imagine that a mere music video could make any spiritually strong person physically sick. Maybe it was your demons being cast out by great music?


Hmmm. It seems that you have never heard of great music.
‘demons blind and deaf’ – true.


No ‘demonically possessed people” come from cultures that teach them that “demonic possession” happens. Therefore when they are psychologically damaged and it is blamed on demons, they react to the things that the mental construct that they have learned says they should. It’s that simple really. Yes, I’ve been on treatment teams. You’d be amazed what treatment rather than witchdoctory (disguised as something else because… modern religion, right?) does for those who are sadly, ill mentally.



Try visiting an established paranormal hot-spot & perhaps you get the opportunity to experience ‘psychological manifestations’ you’ll have to explain away.. IF only life were that simple. You’re narrow-minded &/or well programmed.


totaly agree


Thank you, someone with common sense!!! Who doesn’t see real Satanic rituals on this video??? This isn’t just art, this is real.


No more than “Satan” is real – which is to say, not at all.


Reyn~Rosalyn meant Luciferian. Oh, but wait! All of these prolific writers, artists, occultists (that of course doesn’t include high level politicians and world figures that outwardly profess one religion, while secretly practicing another) all professing their dedication to a Being that doesn’t exist?! You’re hilarious!!


amazing article.


To me, he was just a mere mortal man. Man wastes time seeking approval of each other, but who they should really seek approval of is God’s.


amen sister

Black Moon of Death (BlackSTAR)

The “all knowing” Christian God knew Man would waste time before God even made man because God is “all knowing,” and yet God made Man anyway knowing this. If God really wanted Man to seek God, God would of “all knowingly” made Man do so. BTW the Bible was written by Man. Just in case you didn’t know that.


No, the purpose is for man to rise above his own imperfection. People who know little on the subject of Christianity seem to think that God is a puppeteer who makes our lives play out as if following a script. The biggest gift is the power of reason, which it is up to us to use wisely; to make the right decision. For God to plan things to the “T” and mankind to just follow the script faithfully defies the whole point. Very common misconception these days though.

Black Moon of Death (BlackSTAR)

Thank you for clarifying that God is NOT “All Knowing” which means he is also not ALL Powerful and Always Present either. Cheers


You’re lost and clearly confused. Just because God knows that you’re stupid, doesn’t mean He’ll interfere in the choices that you choose to make with your stupidity, because YOU made those choices. So when things go wrong, God is there waiting for you admit that you’re wrong and then help you correct it. He in fact IS all knowing. And ever present. Entire purpose of the free will that He gives you, is to give you the chance to seek and find HIM. So when you choose not to and instead do stupid things like try and disprove what His word says about His character, you push yourself deeper and deeper into that Godless abyss you’re sinking into. Where you come to conclusions like “God is not all knowing.”
Oh, but you are You know enough and have enough brain power up there in that vapid head of yours to confidently call the Creator of the Universe a farse.
That’s cute.


What did babies do wrong to be cursed under “Original Sin”? What did all the people who died in the Holocaust do wrong? Could you explain the greater good there? Would you say “God’s ways are not Man’s ways”?

If there’s something worth seeking there, i’m afraid you’ll have to provide an answer to the Argument from Evil. Otherwise i fear you may be preaching to the choir.


key, you can’t blame God for everything. Man has free will. You really think God is responsible for those tragedies? He would make people to have them suffer? You’re blaming the wrong one, here.

Perry Madison

Does man have free will? No one can control were we are born, when we are born, who our parents are, and what tragedies and great luck we may have throughout life. I think free will is concept with no basis. We can make the best of the hand dealt. But for many the game is rigged.


In my many years of traversing the rabbit hole of truth, I have come to this, which resonates with my inner self/my heart and soul. What we think of as reality is nothing more than an illusion and quantum physics is proving this to be true more and more every day. Love is the only truth, everything else is illusion, so we choose to incarnate in this illusory simulation that we erroneously believe to be real in order to grow, learn and evolve spiritually. This experience on earth is more or less a dream, albeit a hyper realistic one, where when we die we simply wake up from said dream. When you study up on many ancient cultures, the native Americans, shamanism, they all are similar with regard to the fact that when we die we go home, or wake up from the dream. The pain and suffering you see on this planet is very real from our perspective as humans, and must be stopped, but it is still illusory. I could go on and on, but will stop here and let you find your own path to truth. Just remember, if atoms are 99.999% empty space, how is it… Read more »


You can’t believe in God and good while claiming their is no evil.


‘born into sin’ literally means—you r born into a Lucifer Matrix.

Perry Madison

What bullshit you are the joke

It is Mua

I think you are just mad at God. You are blaming him for all the things that went completely wrong in your life.

Perry Madison

Yes if there is a god ” he” is a blood thirsty, genocidal, maniac with no sense of fairness. The Bible is the bloody, testament to his sadistic soul.


Gravity is also not all powerful and always present either. I don’t know how much it knows though.

Black Moon of Death (BlackSTAR)

God knows everything (1 John 3:20). He knows not only the minutest details of our lives but those of everything around us, for He mentions even knowing when a sparrow falls or when we lose a single hair (Matthew 10:29-30). Not only does God know everything that will occur until the end of history itself (Isaiah 46:9-10), but He also knows our very thoughts, even before we speak forth (Psalm 139:4). He knows our hearts from afar; He even saw us in the womb (Psalm 139:1-3, 15-16). Solomon expresses this truth perfectly when he says, “For you, you only, know the hearts of all the children of mankind” (1 Kings 8:39).

Black Moon of Death (BlackSTAR)

The “all knowing” Christian God knew I’d write this before I typed it out. 😛

It is Mua

Indeed he did.


So, we are basically just his little experiment in free will then? Is he just watching and waiting to see what happens? But, that can’t be the case because as ‘Hmmm’ pointed out above:

“Not only does God know everything that will occur until the end of history itself (Isaiah 46:9-10), but He also knows our very thoughts, even before we speak forth (Psalm 139:4”)

When I apply the biggest gift given to us (reason) to Christianity it just contradicts itself all ovr the place.


AMEN to ALL that!


Why do married couples have children when they know they are going to be expensive, bratty, break things, time consuming, emotional, etc? Because it’s all worth it.

if God wanted robots to guarantee his worship, he would have made them.

It’s quite elementary.

Jesse Yandow

Humans only need seek approval of their true inner selves – that is where God lives…


Humanism misleads as bad as religions who “think” they know it all. Like scientists don’t know the universe. We need to admit we don’t know “God.” Then perhaps we would fear and revere appropriately, and not treat the earth and all its creatures like a man made hell.


The Tao te Ching has a similar sentiment: He who says he knows, doesn’t know. He who says he doesn’t know, knows.

I don’t see Humanism as misleading, except if it assumes humanity is the “top” or “best” organism around. For all our progress, we still have war with others as well as with ourselves.


So did Tching know or or not?

That is not profound. That is confused.


You get what you focus on there is no other main rule.

No one will be able to share your perspective (Inner or otherwise) about reality. Therefor there are that many Earth’s. After you are done wrapping your head around that and moving through the struggle you will realize I AM has sent you.

The Way is coming back.

Blackstars are black sheep ! When you reveal (betray) Who is whom, they will throw the facts of life at you. Stone you with them.

For those who have the understanding with the eyes and ears, let them understand that the only sin is missing the mark.

The mark of not creating. Deliberately. The kind of creation that is built without hands.

You get what you focus on. Thoughts, beliefs, the magnet of emotions.

Mine mine mine! Say the three scarecrows upon the cross/burdens of the struggle with such weight. One that all must bare and bear.

I look forward to Christmas.

Jupiter Moon

Absolutely beautifully spoken!


Be a Deist, then …like your Founding Fathers.


Religion isn’t bad. Religious people teach love, serve others… Bowie was against religions, because he was a pedophile, and a murderer. The truth will come out soon!


David Bowie wore his father’s crucifix all the time, even on camera and on stage. He only took it off when he was acting in films. Bowie was a thinker and because he was a visual artist, he explored humanity and the thoughts of humanity, and expressed his inner arguments visually and in music. That’s what artists do. They present an argument, but rarely conclusions. Their whole point is to make you think, not give you answers.

BTW: all us young kids growing up in London dabbled in the esoteric. there was one esoteric shop and we read all the books, read Crowley, drew circles. All Bowie’s comments on this are in the past tense (as shown above). The esoteric was just something else to explore and think about. Bowie grew out of it, as I did.

Bowie’s preferred philosophy was buddhism which he carried with him throughout his life. He had a zen master in Tokyo where he visited regularly. He questioned religions, and as he faced death he questioned their veracity in the Blackstar video. He was commenting on humanity, not himself.

Most of what is written here is libel and slander.

Anne Batchelor

Yes, Jesse… and that’s what David Bowie was about

Jupiter Moon

Well said!!! Amen to that!


careful, those words can be twisted by a psychopath inferring good men do nothing … allowing evil to triumph.


“Not only does God know everything that will occur until the end of history itself (Isaiah 46:9-10), but He also knows our very thoughts, even before we speak forth (Psalm 139:4”

It would be in Gods plan if evil were to triumph. Considering God made evil along side good.


be careful now.


The psalms were written by mortal men who claim to know / be illuminated / of the mind of God?

Solomon used demons to build the temple mount stones?

The David Bowie’s and Crowley of their time? but it’s ok for them? wow! twist twist twist.


And You “know” the Bible God may plan for evil to triumph vs. the Koran or the Hindu or the Maya God? wow no wonder we have war with no end.


Your statement shows how little you know about world religion.

Heinrich D. Bag

Enjoy the weather up on the mountain!!!


@Z-Truth: “And You “know” the Bible God may plan for evil to triumph vs. the Koran or the Hindu or the Maya God? wow no wonder we have war with no end.”

Don’t be a fool. From ancient times until to today, the majority of wars are fought over resources, territory, and/or politics. Even when I was still agnostic, I was WELL aware of this fact. Heck in WW1, around 35 MILLION people were killed and if you have even a modicum of knowledge of history, you know that that war had zero to do with any religion (compare to the Crusades that people love to mention, which only had 3 million casualties). So if you want to end wars, get rid of the avaricious people who steal other nations’ wealth, resources, and territory for (more) power/political gain.

If you want to get more perspective on this, then I highly suggest that you get “Encyclopedia of Wars” by Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod. Expensive but worth it for the amount of incredibly detailed info you receive!

Perry Madison

Pretty good post, why are all of these Evangelicals posting on a Bowie song I mean demons and all kind of s--t might infect them as they expose themselves to actual “ideas”. Why the hell do they care what Bowie thought, since they have all the answers and know the “real truth”.


We care, because some of us were victims of his evil. There’s a lot people hide, but as it did with Jimmy Savile, the truth always comes out some day.


Energia~sorry to break the news to ya so late in your life, but ALL the wars for the past 150+ years have been manufactured by the Rothschilds! They create the conflicts, offer their solutions and finance all sides (w/avg individual being worth an est. $100,000). Stalin, Hitler and Mao were all b-----d-offspring. I highly recommend you research Rothschild’s history and genealogy to obtain a more thorough understanding & more accurate depiction of world history.

Perry Madison

Wow a good one, your God must love suffering and war, probably drinks blood for fun.



“The psalms were written by mortal men who claim to know / be illuminated / of the mind of God?”

Where EXACTLY did you find that? Sounds like someone’s taking scriptures out of context.

“Solomon used demons to build the temple mount stones?”

No need to go any further. It REALLY shows your lack of knowledge and wisdom when you use pseudepigraphs as a source to discredit the Bible.

“The David Bowie’s and Crowley of their time? but it’s ok for them? wow! twist twist twist.

Refer to my comments above.


It reminds me of the Tachyon machine/projector in Future World. be careful what prophecy you believe.


The Judeo-Christian god Yahweh is also quoted in Isaiah as the creator of Evil.

Not trying to argue, just trying to express we must take the good with the bad or what’s good for the goose should be for the gander as well, etc etc..


man attempts to understand “God”. i think a supreme being would know we can’t know its mind, and be understanding and decent about judging our ineptitude, but can we survive ourselves? we should value each other’s welfare and act together in mutual accord, not defer to a supposedly predestined nihilistic fate. until proven otherwise.


I can’t even understand what my wife is thinking half of the time. How the hell am I supposed to understand what god is thinking?


True Christianity is not about attempting to know or understand God. Christianity is about faith and knowing their is a savior. This article is a great example of how a guy born in the 1940s (pre-internet, media, etc) was duped into believing occultic beliefs. These occultic beliefs are running rampant now where it seems more obvious. No self-fulfilling prophecy here.


Please share that scripture. I have never read that.


if monotheism is true, a single god HAS to be the creator of Good AND Evil … who else would be there, to do it. That’s why bible thumpers had to invent Satan, in true monotheism, this would be blasphemy.


keykrazy~that is incorrect. First, what you are referring to is a quote from KJV, which was written by Freemasons and intentionally mistranslated/corrupted to serve their purpose/agenda. Second, “Judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron/misnomer, as Judaism is directly opposed to Christianity!
Not attacking you or attempting to provoke an argument, only to inform you that ‘what’ you stated is patently FALSE. Please, don’t accept my word as fact~research it for yourself!

children of The One True God

God did not “make evil”. God made creatures with free will who rebelled against him and from whom evil was born. “This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” 1 John 1:5


God didn’t create man, evolution did.


God Designed evolution.

Perry Madison

OK, how weak is that argument used to use it when I was a 20 something preacher. Do you really think Genesis is true?

Jupiter Moon

Lol…I ignorant….sad soul….sad….


Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.


Darkness as night. God created night and day, not darkness as evil.


Deidre~you are quoting the KJV which was written by FREEMASONS. You’re being deceived. Please research it for yourself: King James was a Freemason, as was Francis Bacon & others that contributed to the Bible’s (intentional) mistranslations.

Yeshua\'s Soldier

He did not make it! But he has used it and allowed it for his purposes! It is a testing process

Palmer Eldritch

Still a great artist and overall good person and it’s sad that he died. Cancer is a b---h.


A good person??????????????????????????????????????????????????? You obvisouly don’t know him


Where exactly does God live again? In the Kingdom of God? And where exactly is the Kingdom of God?

Why its within you.

Ye are as gods!

And saw that it was good. And not a moment sooner.

When what *you* see is good, when what *you* feel is good, you will change the world.


He was a mortal possessed by demons that sang through him. Hence he couldn’t remember recording the songs himself. End of story. Now those demons have left his body and live on, as he has died. Hence why bowie ‘lives on’ supposedly.


I think this is one of your best articles VC! I am a student of religion with a heavy focus on western esoterism and I could recognize so much of what I’ve been learning here. The alchemy, Crowleys influence, the kabbalistic tree (the ten sefiroth). Solid argument! Maybe I will take this as an inspiration for a research…


I suppose esoterism isnt a God thing?


Some of the biggest occultists and alchemists were christians. And religion isnt always about a god, God or gods, it could also be a worldview, a lifestyle or philosophy. Funny, in english religion just means believing in a God. In Dutch you have a compete different word for that: godsdienst. Religion (religie in dutch) in dutch has a much wider meaning, more like a set of believes. But then again, there are so many explanations of that word, just as there are so many different things to believe in. Its up to you what your truth is.


They were not real Christians God said you can only serve one GOD

Dain Q Gore

Thank you for this statement. It always bothers me how narrowly people used the word “religion” to either connote the best thing ever or the worst thing ever about humanity. Some scholars have actually expanded the definition to include “cultural categories” that distinguish one group from another, but the majority of the internet needn’t sully their perception with nuance!

We need only look at how people respond to the deaths of people they never knew to know that there is a “religious” component to humanity, we just feel compelled to label it and compartmentalize it into what we perceive as the proper reality.


Thanks for this. Guess you’re the only one to understand what I was trying ro say. I almost never put comments here because It almost always ends up in judgement calls instead of an interesting discussion.. too bad 🙁


No, religion is ALWAYS about “a god, God, or gods”, that’s the very definition of the term, look it up. Everything else, like “the worldview”, etc, is philosophy.


Occultists and alchemists are not Christians, no matter what they say or do. Alchemy and the occult seek to obtain the god hood promised by Lucifer in the garden of Eden. Christ came to provide salvation for man’s sin of eating that fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They are truly opposite and they can never be the same.


That is a supremely ignorant statement. Alchemy and the Occult has nothing to do with the Christian Satan…. he’s all yours!


Something something about the greatest trick the devil ever told. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. You can’t just claim you’re not associated with something, listen I’ve tried but I still gotta pay that child support. The esoteric DNA leads right back to Lucy. You know that lightning bolt on Ziggy up there? It comes from the book of Luke, Satan loves to own how Jesus described him. Now do you have anything you don’t quite understand? I will be happy to explain it to you.

kevin faulkner

ALL Western alchemists were in fact devout Christians.

It is Mua

No they weren’t. Lol!

Perry Madison

Horseshit, anyone can say they are a Christian. What is a “Christian”? Define it, do you have to say the exact Pauline words to be one? If so, can you retract? Is Trump a Christian? Probably so by his behavior, It’s not an exclusive club for American Evangelicals. In my mind maybe the most selfish, brainwashed, ignorant, people on the face of the planet. One issue voters, I might add. Abortion….. the most horrible thing ever, except all of the wars and genocide and death over who is a “real Christian”.


Noukio, I find it very confusing that you say you are a “student of religion with a heavy focus on western esoterism”… not sure if that means you are a traditional student, as in one pursuing a degree from a fully accredited university, or if you are just saying you study this stuff on on your own. How can you be a “student” of this and say that “some of the biggest occultists and alchemists were Christians”?!? That is simply IMPOSSIBLE. Yes, I made the emphatic statement: IMPOSSIBLE. That would be like saying I can be a practicing Hindu and Muslim at the same time, or a Christian and an Atheist simultaneously. If you really know even a little about occultism, alchemy, and Christianity, then you would understand your statement is actually ridiculous, the same as saying white is black and black is white. Christianity shares NOTHING in common with the two belief systems you mention. Nothing. To put it simplistically, Christians believe in One God in triune form – YHWH, the God of the Bible; and have chosen to trust their lives to His son Jesus Christ, having realized they are NOT “gods” in themselves and therefore need to… Read more »

Jupiter Moon

One word….. Pi


Esoteric means “only for a select few to understand,” and God has never been hiding from you. In fact, He inspired a bunch of books about Himself… I’m sure you’ve heard of the collection. Now, if you mean that the path to God is NARROW and only a few actually find it, then… no. Still wrong, because you CAN find it. Most don’t because they choose not to.


I’m quite certain that the Bible states that the path to God IS narrow, but it still remains findable

Perry Madison

Esoteric simply means, ‘hidden knowledge’.


I totally agree with you Noukio. I have just begun my research. I will try to stay in touch here.

Mr. Soda

I’ll always remember David Bowie as he was introduced to children in the 1980’s in the film Labrynth.

And even as a child I knew there was something wrong with him.


I always knew there was something off about him. When we watch Labyrinth now, as adults, we sing “Pants, magic pants. Junk, magic junk!” instead of “Dance magic dance” or “Jump magic jump.” Hahaha! Dude had a serious codpiece issue in that flick!


This comment made me laugh. His balls had no place in a kids movie! Lol

Jellified Skunk

Cept he wasn’t wearing a codpiece… A codpiece is worn on the outside of your clothing, and isn’t another name for balls and dicks. The lead singer of Cameo famously wore a codpiece on a regular basis in the 80’s.


extremely weird…


The first time I watched Labyrinth, I was entertained by the movie because I didn’t know about its secret messages, however, I felt that something was “off”about the movie.

Sean Ster

I know, right? I loved weird, mind-bending flicks like the Dark Crystal and Time Bandits. But I never wanted to watch Labyrinth. There was just something creepy and somehow nauseating about that man that looked like a woman. And the movie’s whole schtick had this vague and gross sexual energy that I didn’t like.

it’s like, your parents exploding into dust after touching a chunk of concentrated evil? That’s cool. People stretching their faces into horrible abominations (like in Beetlejuice)? Awesome. But some woman-lookin’ guy dancing amongst puppets with his package sticking through his pants? Nnnnnno. Don’t wanna go down that road.


Don’t let your confirmation bias get the better of you.

Jupiter Moon

Nothing MORE wrong than there is with each and every one of us ….. In my opinion and view I think bow ie was amazingly and beautifully lived. He was another blessing in disguise that has again been tragically overlooked by man


One of the best I’ve ever read.


Very solid observations VC. Thanks for this.

I’m one of those who can’t deny my attraction to Bowie’s music and charm. But it’s always been with a bit of unease because often, when I listened to him I felt I enjoyed it too much (if that makes sense). There was a pull totally unique to Bowie that felt like being seduced by something beautiful, with an underlying evil intent.

It was interesting that of all people, Madonna’s (the occult high priestess?) concert tribute to Bowie (in which she collapses into a heap after singing ‘rebel rebel’) was being promoted online right after his death.

Then there’s the strange tribute by Lorde also heavily promoted online. With the following sentiments:

“He (David) was a piece of bright pleated silk we could stretch out or fold up small inside ourselves when we needed to”.

Then speaking of when she met him: “I think in those brief moments, he heralded me into my next new life, an old rock and roll alien angel in a perfect grey suit”.


I liked his music for a little while, too, but experienced the same thing: There was always something that felt…sociopathic, about it? I can’t explain. Something beautiful and hypnotic and ready to strike.

Join the discussion

demons have hypnotic power. and they are being prayed onto the records by the illuminati who are devil worshippers who pRAY them onto the masters and send demons to EVERY RECORD. Get rid of them

Bowie said “You will never convince me that Rock is not the devil’s music”
I THINK He said that on a video called Hells Bells made by a Christian which has quotes from many musicians about the spiritual source of their music. They all say they are chanelling spirits. Admitting they are possessed.
Christians channel the Holy Spirit. The pop stars channel demons. But if Any musician uses drugs that is an opening for unclean demonic spirit which transmit through the music, either live or recorded.


Tell me the truth. Were you home-schooled?


actually you mr.m. do your homework, evil intelligent spiritual entities, call it demons, jinns etc are behind many pop culture, also rock music. just google /youtube what the protagonists of rock music say about it, who is their chief commander they sold their soul to.


They sold their soul to SANTA CLAUSE….a mystic elf that would bring them free stuff once a year…now they have just transferred that tho a happy, patriarch religion that promises them GREAT STUFF at the end…..


And, if any of this really is real, tell Santa and your God, I am still REALLY unhappy about not getting that pony when I was 7.


Serious anger issues there, Leigh

It is Mua

Leigh, why do you hate on God so much if you don’t even believe in Him?


I vote yep……


I vote yes… Because on average, home-schooled children are better educated and socialized than children indoctrinated by government-run schools like yourself! lol


Do not worship Idol’s..says the Lord!


Crowley was a satanist. The author of confusion is Satan or satanism . I myself am not religious, all religions are just slavery and have all become corrupt anyway. But what I do believe in is that everyone is their own church, free thinking individual, everyone should Know Thyself! Know Natural Law, NOT ‘Do as Thou Wilt’ or ‘The End Justifies The Means’! Innocent people that have been murdered, bombed, tortured and raped. The children who have been victims of sick pedophiles! ‘Do as thou wilt’ ??? Aleister Crowley demanded nothing less than the elimination of childhood: “The beast 666 (as he called himself) adviseth that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act” an actual quote! So all you idiots and bubble heads who say he was a good man are mentally sick, ignorant, or satanists spewing out your double think, dialectical spin to keep most humans [that don’t practice with the dark occult’s] more confused than ever.


The director of Black Star admired Crowley and claims he was a good man


so true David! 🙂


Such ignorance… just do a modicum of research and you’ll be embarrassed. Crowley was a fad occultist, an egomaniac, and a poor poet… nothing more. Bowie’s interest in the occult (which just means ‘hidden knowledge’ went much further than Crowley, whom he professed to be a ‘charlatan’ in an interview.

By the way, the only people obsessed with Satan…. are Christians. Most occultists don’t believe in him!


Satanism is a religion, its not a him! It’s a belief! Read books and the penny will drop. I deal in truths. Most awakened humans know ‘occult’ means hidden, well done TKP! You sound like the many agents out there, mind controlled fools who just can’t say no to that pay check. If not I do apologize. ‘Such ignorance’ ? ‘only people obsessed with Satan are Christians’ lol that’s a beauty. but so boring now it beggars belief. I suggest you switch that TV off, and start reading books, and keep an open mind dear boy. 2+2 does not equal 5 believe me.

S a Christian

Which is why you are so easily deceived by his multitude of guises and unending formulas/cabals , leading you down the rabbit hole with the promise of entrance into some ‘secret’ knowledge. You think you’re committing yourself to some mystical quest for hidden truth that will somehow be advantageous.
It’s just the opposite.
His first recorded words to man were: “Has God said…?” in Genesis, chapter 3, causing us to doubt that God’s intentions for us were as good as they could be. And he’s still doing it – making us think there’s ‘another way’ beside “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the Mouth of God.”
Christians have given God a bad reputation by misrepresenting Him. Let’s work to get it right, rather than working on endless ways to be ‘one man up’ with our secret knowledge from another dubious source. It really is a dead end.


….according to the Bible written by man. yes let’s get it right.




“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”. This is always so misunderstood. I wonder if Crowley intended it to be misunderstood, like witches cauldron ingredients? At any rate, “What Thou Wilt” DOESN’T mean “whatever you want”. No, “will” is not “want”. Crowley believed “every man and woman is a star”. Therefore they naturally have their own individual place and path in the Cosmos. The Law is to understand that place and path and live by it and it alone. Simply put, “Do what thou wilt” means “Act according to who and what you are”. We are all individuals.

Susan M

This article has an excellent history of David Bowie. I had not seen many of the photos and I’m very glad they were included. I have watched “Blackstar” and “Lazarus” and find them very moving. I have always loved David Bowie. He fought against the way society tries to force everyone into either a pink box or a blue box. He stood for the rights of all people to express themselves as who they are, not what society thinks they should be. I am very glad to have lived in the same world at the same time as David Bowie.


But can someone tell me if his death was a satanic sacrifice or was he really dying from cancer? He was 69 and today Harry Potter’s actor passed away at 69.. Its really weird.. Can somone explain it?


Celine Dion’s husband just died as well…but he was 73.

I noticed that as well!

23X3=69. Wonder if that has to do with anything?


69 on its side is the sign of cancer in astrology.


WOW!! Mind-blowing!!


Seems a lot of them are popping their cloggs! More like running for cover as they know the mess they helped create for us and the false idols leave us to stew in the mess they helped to create!


It is not a satanic sacrifice he died of cancer


Stop worshiping the worlds false idols. He told you in his videos what happened to him. He sold his soul to satan. If you were a true fan really you would seek after the truth.


yup! Satan came to collect. Good riddance to him.

Nathen Woods

Yup, and with any luck Satan will be right behind you too. Keep looking over your shoulder.


why would you wish that on anyone?


agreed but look at your nickname…why wish death to anyone???


Such a juvenile belief…. embarrassing!


you’re actually happy about that? He may have been an idiot for believing he was some kind of god, but he was a person, a very unfortunate deceived person who might now be suffering for all eternity.


Well…good for you I guess.

Tuesday kills

Go kill yourself Jesus w---e. F--k you


Big Pharma wants you TK.


Should’ve taken you instead.


bitter twisted comment from what is obviously a bitter twisted person..Bowie was giver..You are a parasite


He never said anywhere that he sold his soul to Satan. If you want to talk about false idols, look at how fundamentalist Christians idolize the Bible or how they idolize the image of Jesus or how they idolize the simplistic dualistic conflict between God and Satan. Just a bunch of near-blind sheep mindlessly bleating to one another and thinking that they speak the truth. Occult traditions reflect a deeper spiritual understanding of the cosmos, an attempt to find the meaning beneath the symbols. It’s not a path for the timid.


At last…. someone who actually knows what they are talking about.


Well said!!

Bolt Thrower

When a person performs these blasphemous rituals and lives the life , a person HAS turned their lives over to SATAN aka The Devil Anti-GOG!
Apparently you don’t ,yet?

Got It !

Tuesday kills

F--k you Roger


Thank you, Roger.

kevin faulkner

Whose truth ? Yours ? Mine ? Theirs ? Ours ? No such thing as truth, its just a word used to validate subjective belief systems


@kevin Faulkner – I believe you. We share a subjective belief. F**k the truth!


So because the media says he died of cancer, it must be true right?


Your claim suggests it’s more likely to believe he died of a satanic ritual, that’s a lot more far-fetched. Many people die at the age of 69, and many of those deaths are from cancer., this isn’t odd or bizarre at all, you’re looking for something that’s not there.


With all respect, ShellyO, there are sooooo many things that ARE “there” in the world that we can realize if we ask Him to show us. I’ve learned a while back not to discount ….well, anything ~ not only in the world but in the Word.
(oy! i may come off sounding like a whacko, but oh well:) Satan is the father of lies, the greatest deceiver; he pleasures on nothing more than us dismissing all of this pure illuminati/evil evidence as “You’re seeing something that’s not there.” We can do the very same thing when something GoOD happens, “Well, yeh, but that could just be coincidental that (this or that) just so happened this way or that way” …even after we prayed for the outcome prior to it occurring.
Life is spiritual …& Spiritual …whether we live our lives in a spiritual manner or not.
Thank you =:)


It is appointed for man to die and after this judgement


6 – container/vessel
9 – Satan/Saturn
69 – as above so below – Satan/Saturn is manifest in the vessel/container – a reverse mirror image – within/without
db – mirror image, david bowie
69 is a reverse mirror image of db
so, Satan is manifest on the earth in the vessel/container (db=david bowie)
david bowie dies age 69 : db 69
The period of manifestation in this vessel ended, it was written in his name


I dont believe in any religion.
Any religion has always to do with money and worldpower and war.
So for me God and Satan doesnt excist, its only people who are stupid and give there life for some stupid words.

This is what David says about himself :

“I’m closer to the Golden Dawn
Immersed in Crowley’s uniform
I’m not a prophet or a stoneage man
Just a mortal with potential of a superman”

And i also think he has the potential of a superman, being a great talented ARTIST


Uhhhhh, then db believed in religion.
Dear James, i’m sorry you see religion in a negative light. It could only be bcoz you are not familiar with true religion, so you are drawing your own conclusions without any evidence, or you may have been a part of a congregation that wasn’t truly following God’s word, and i hope you are not drawing conclusions from TV evangelists =:) Not all are off the mark, but usually the bigger they are, the worst they are.
With love i say to you that on that Day, every knee will bow before Jesus & know that He is God. I hope you seek Him b4 that Day. Seek & you will find. Faith comes by hearing His word.
Good day =:)


Religion is why we have WARS…your God is better than my God…my God is the true prophet…NO Mine Is!!! NO MINE IS…NO YOU ARE WRONG AND YOU MUST DIE if you don’t accept my God!! NO you’re going to burn in Hell for not believing in the one and only Christian God!! You know the one that sacrificed his son for us sinners!! He died for you and you must drink his blood and eat of his flesh to be forgiven….Now repent you sinner and I will pray you find my one true God because he is the real God!!!

God are you proud of us we kill and die for you… all in your name…all for you!


“Religion is why we have WARS”. Not really, but they are indeed two branches attached to the same tree-trunk, the tree-trunk called “humanity”. Religion is a means used to AMPLIFY mankind’s individual opinions. War is a means used to enforce mankind’s individual opinions. Everything mankind believes and discusses are merely individual opinions. Do you see? I’m doing it right now. I cannot help it. I’m writing this under the personal assumption that what I’ve written is Truth and, therefore, any opposing viewpoint is thereby false. If I tell you there’s a God that supports my Truth, I’m seeking to amplify my Truth. If I go to war with you about my Truth, I’m seeking to enforce my Truth.


Nicely said

Toxic Lucidity

Religions is not why we have wars. If you were right, why is there that in Colombia we have had a civil war for so many years and none of the sides involved have killed in the name of any God or faith.


hi that is actually what Jesus taught about, he was against religion as far as I understand

Jellified Skunk

That is true, accept in the case of Christianity. Jesus never intended for things to merge with the Roman Republic, and then for the pope to control the monarchies in countries, or for kings to kill people in his name, whether Catholic or Christian. That actually has ZERO to do with anything in the new testament. And when God killed people in the old testament, A. it was God, and he knows way more than we do and it was always for the good of the world. B. the same goes for when the Israelite’s were taking the prmised land, their folly was not killing everyone and taking on the Idols of those they were to eradicate. Problems because of that have continued on to today. Of course when people only study things written by atheist or gnostic or other unbiblical fringe Christian belief’s that go based off of books they were hundreds of years after the original books. Or based off of “revelations” which always contradict the old or new testament. Outside of Israel moving in to the Promised land and keeping people out, God has never sanctioned the mass killing of any culture or people. But again if… Read more »




His name was David Jones.


…I am thinking that you posted this in response to his initials being reversed, etc…???
But isn’t it interesting, & perhaps telling, that he changed his name from Jones (bcoz there was already a Davey Jones (Monkees))? He could have changed it to something other than a name that began with b, but he didn’t. Something to really consider, no?


symbol of ying and and also


ying and yang .. sorry phone

D D d

It comes with a manual usually. That will explain how to turn autocompletion off. Encourages growth of braincells too, I heared.

geoffrey bruce goodyear

google images – cancer 69 ,,,, its the keystone to saturn,,,like obama and the XL( X- EL) KEYSTONE pipeline

geoffrey bruce goodyear

then youtube stevie wonder ”going back to saturn” – and earth day cat stevens ,,going back to saturn , then google images the ” new yorker magazine march 2012 ” you will see on he cover saturn and the centre of the earth,,,then go google ” OPERATION ICE CUBE” ther you will find not only the cube but ice buckets that they collect dark matter in ,,,like cern or more correctly ,,CERNUNOS the stag or goart or gut , with shiva outside ,,,all saturnian,,,,BEL-SATURNIAN..thats wyh at the top of the church is the X and just underneath the BEL – its atomic, we have all been lied to a,,,about everything.

geoffrey bruce goodyear

oh ,,,,and golden dawn is the return of the golden age of saturn,,,,AKA,,,,the fourth riech,,,new world order,,,dawn of a new day,,,etc etc


Golden Years whop whop whop
Hmmm, from the same album he said he doesn’t rmbr recording (S2S).


It’s a coincidence. Occult symbolism doesn’t equate to Satanism.

M. K. Styllinski

Good article.

Bowie was yet another one seduced by Crowleyian magick (doesn’t matter if it’s black magick or white magick since it’s all manipulation) and is therefore seen as some kind of demi-God. But this is abject nonsense. He’s just a pop star with manifest delusions of grandeur (much like Crowley himself) who may have let in occult forces which lent him “creative” wings to pen his songs. And this is a true Faustian bargain something that VS’s website offers as the abiding theme behind much of the music industry and its spellbinders as a whole.


Please educate yourself. Crowley was a fad in the 60s… a lot of people flirted with him and got over it. In a more recent interview Bowie said:

“I always thought Crowley was a charlatan. But there was a guy called [Arthur] Edward Waite who was terribly important to me at the time. And another called Dion Fortune who wrote a book called ‘Psychic Self-Defense‘.

The occult is not synonymous with that egomaniac!


Can you quote the article please?


New Musical Express 1997


Thank you for this article. The first time I heard of Bowie was in 1981. I have listened few songs, I have seen few music videos but I felt like staying away for an unknown reason. I have never bought any of his records, never went to any concert & almost never listened to his music. I just knew that he was a famous star and, sometime to time, I would read about him in the news. When I read that he had died, I just felt sad for his wife and his children. I watched part of the Black star video. Very bad vibes hit me. I had to stop it. Then I read your article which explains the bad vibes that I felt. Life is so strange. I have been struggling, but I have been happy my whole life because walking through joy and hardship in company of Jesus. It may sound stupid for some people, but to me, Jesus is The Light and Path. Therefore I feel sorry for people who do not understand Jesus’s Love and instead waste their energy, talent and life on the path of darkness.


Your bad vibes are from YOU and YOUR death cult. Go back to listening to one syllabled pop music if you can’t deal with anything remotely intellectual or mystical.




When I watched the blackstar video I literally wanted to throw up, watching and listening to the video gave me a weird sickness feeling, the music is just in a whole new level of weirdness and a lot of occultism is being advertised.
I’m wonder if D.B. was a pawn or a handler in the scheme, hard to tell…


True… he was probably both. Look at Iman – he may have been her handler. And they lived happily ever after until death came knowing…


What makes you think that David Bowie was Iman’s ‘handler’?

Join the discussion it is an incantation like the soundtrack from THE EXORCIST


That movie scares and scared/ the bejeezus out of me. Can’t watch it – can’t even *listen* to the soundtrack. Never liked Bowie…always felt he was too strange…and his music somewhat creepy. When something is good, you just know it – yes? And when it’s bad? I know this much…the farther we move away from the good, the harder it is to see the bad…and then when you’re mixed up in too much of the bad, sometimes, you can convince yourself it’s even good… and that’s trouble.


The thing that’s making you sick is you. You’re projecting all these negative emotions onto the video, you want it to be evil because then it validates your belief system. Your reality tunnel is built out of paranoia and boogeymen.

The Riddler

Bowie ,was very clever with the Blackstar video. A “blackstar” symbolise, immortality after death, as opposed, to the cult worship, of a living, “superstar”, with all the imperfections, of being a human being… He anticipated this & used the new testament, Christ crucifixion story, as a back drop… The blackstar bible, the preacher holds aloft, is the cult worship of the blackstar. The immortal pop star… The skull worshipers, vibrate from the energy from the ritual, symbolising, the pulsating energy of the blackstar. i.e. immortal life after death…. The dead Pharaoh’s, Caesar, Christ, Elvis , Michael Jackson, etc all became, “blackstars” & Bowie clearly, anticipated, similar adoration, in death…


Seek, follow and submit to Christ, love Him with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind. Love your neighbor, but love your enemy also. Be baptized, so you may received the gift of the Spirit. His fruits are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control. Be His sheep, so He may guide you. He is the Light, in order to be able to see in the midst of darkness, you need Him. This world is full of darkness and the ones that don’t believe are blinded by the ruler of this world, but Truth can set you free. “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” 2 Corinthians 4:4 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32 “Christ saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6 “We love him, because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19 And remember! “The fear… Read more »

nick durrer

He even turned his death into a form of art before he died. This puts him above all others who are flirting with Cults. It turned him into a Genius in comparison to the rest.


Anyone considered that he may not really be dead? What if this was just a publicity stunt to promote his new album.


could be since they are greedy m--o’s


Wondered that myself.


Well, one of the songs IS called Lazarus…


Maybe he will “resurrect” if a false prophet shows up soon…


I think he might have been annihilated alive in the cremation. Part of the contract. He didn’t look ill at all but he sure looked more and more tormented through the years. Perhaps it finally dawned on him the true price tag he had to pay and it was too late to get out.

S a Christian

This is incorrect. I read an article just yesterday about how he’d show up without eyebrows for rehearsals on the play “Lazarus” and confided only when he had to that he was receiving treatments for the cancer.


Interesting. Hadn’t thought of that…


I thought this might be the case, also.

Usually “mock” deaths have a calling card. Instances of the death and dates all have some type of occult significance and symbolism. Much like dying of CANCER at the age of 69 (69 is the symbol of the Cancer zodiac).

Also, having one of your final singles titled “Lazarus” seems to imply Bowie was prepared to “Rise from the Dead” after his “Death”.

I’m not sure if this is true or not, and I wouldn’t want to say yes for sure it was a hoax and be wrong, but the case can most certainly be made.


Bowie has all the markings of a tool, same as Lady Ga-Gag-me — a tool to be used by our secret oppressors to gain and keep more control over the populace.

Bowie was born in 1947 – the first year of the CIA (they love any sort of numerology).
Aleister Crowley was an Intelligence asset (Britain’s MI6 if I remember correctly) — he’s on the cover of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album (all on the cover are ‘spooks’ and other intelligence assets).
Bowie pushed the very themes which our secret oppressors use to control us — sexual confusion and bi-sexuality, aliens, drug use, and satanic rituals/religion.
These are all meant to destroy any power which our oppressors do not already have.

They destroy religion by pushing alternate systems of belief. They push drug use, so kids grow up to be mindless users, forever. They confuse people about sexuality (and other issues) so they become anxiety-ridden pill-buying customers for life.


You Certainly Have IT figured Out – WELL SAID.

lilian chapman

dont put Bowie and Ga ga in the same sentence! what an insult to Bowie!


The only difference between Bowie and Gaga is that Bowie had much more talent. They might have shown the same symbolism in their music, but don’t compare the two!


Gaga stole ideas from Bowie. That is the only comparison between the two. Bowie had an interesting collaboration with Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). Bowie was a helluva talent and a helluvan artist.


Big opportunity to peddle and re enforce the moon/space myths too with ‘Major Tim’ and his heroic space walk to repair a faulty electrical box. No need to panic anyone, no potential life threatening zone to be had here! All in a days work for our Space Station heroes.


That was a very disturbing video, I wish I hadn’t watched it. I never understood him when I was younger and now I know why.
That video was very dark.


I have a strange coincidence of a personal story tied to this. Lately, I’ve been purging my things of what I’ve uncovered to be deceptive, occultist work, in an effort to only keep things in my life that feel right and representative of my beliefs and what I’ve uncovered this past year.

Exactly one week ago, I took scissors to some Bowie CDs and “Labyrinth”, without regret nor resentment: I acknowledge his great talents but felt it was time to sever my ties with that work, with it being available in my life. A couple of days later, he died. I don’t think there’s any connection there it’s just interesting how timing can be.


Wait, it was actually Saturday afternoon I did so, making it especially strange to me. If the man had a nihilistic energy he was communicating to The World, he was awfully good at.


I don’t quite understand the down-votes on this. The point was that I experienced this very shortly before his death. I don’t know why. Anyone who misinterprets that as deception, is wrong.


rose who cares who agrees with you or not. you did the right thing by praying for him. Your better than me since I just saw evil anytime he was shown on tv. I actually was saying he got what he deserved by trying to lead people in the wrong path with his demonic music.


I hope to have the same done for me because even though I try, I’m sure I’ll fall short. Human ego always gets in the way :).


The down votes represent those that disagree with any salvation on his part, even though this is their wish, it does not make them right. God always gets the last say.

Wisdom Calling

@Rose – I had a similar experience.

Last Saturday I spoke with a fellow Christian about Bowie and Black Star. I felt a strong sadness during the conversation as I pondered Bowie and the demonic influence upon him.

I felt moved to earnestly pray for him – for his salvation. A day later he died.

I believe this is evidence of God’s love for the simple, human man: David Jones.

God uses his church, the global body of Jesus’ followers, in accomplishing His Will.
His Holy Spirit prompts us to pray for people. Sometimes we have no idea why.

But the Bible teaches God is not willing that any perish, but that all come to repentance.
Like the thief on the cross beside Jesus who repented and was saved just before dying.
I believe David Jones was given the same opportunity right up until the end.

Where has David chosen to spend eternity?
My sincere hope is he is now resting in peace in the presence of Savior, free from the demons that used and abused him here on earth.


Agreed. I did say a prayer for him as I was doing so, too, though didn’t think much of it. It seems many people were praying for him at the same time. I do think he knew, in his final moments, where the truth was and hope he went towards it. He may be in a waiting place and I’ll pray for him, like I know I’d want and need someone to pray for me.


Salvation is personal. I don’t think you can pray for so one else to be saved and they would be, especially when they couldn’t care less of accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Philippians 2:12 – “work out your salvation in fear and trembling.” Bowie believed in becoming a god NOT depending on God for salvation.

Wisdom Calling

Thanks Xavier. You’re right. Salvation IS personal.

Philippians was written to “the saints in Christ Jesus which are at Philippi” – to believers. Its not about obtaining salvation – it’s about the attitude of established believers in living out salvation. So, I don’t think it applies here.

But to clarify: I didn’t mean to imply Bowie was saved by my praying for him. Only that “maybe” – God prompted believers to pray for Bowie as part of His drawing him to Jesus. That’s speculation, of course.

From man’s perspective, Bowie seemed resigned to rebellion against God. But only God really knows for sure. The Apostle Paul was killing Christians when Jesus saved Him and granted him repentance. Before I got saved – people who’d prayed for me later said “We feared you were beyond salvation”. They couldn’t see my spiritual struggles or unseen work God was doing to lead me to Jesus Christ.

I HOPE Bowie repented and was saved before dying (as I hope everyone does!). But only God knows.


Wisdom Calling, thank you for your response. My understanding of salvation is that it is a journey starting with the confession that Jesus is the Son of God and your personal Lord and Saviour. After the confession, a Christian must stay close to God through the logos (Bible) and the rhema knowledge (experience of God through the Holy Spirit). God is the judge but if this was David Bowie’s swan song , delivered two days before his death, there seemed to be no repentance. Rather, it was a celebration of the dark arts and illumination meant for the mass media.

As you rightly noted, the message in Phillipians was given to Christians. I just find it odd that we as Christians need to be steadfast throughout our lives, otherwise there’s really no point working out our salvation, whereas David Bowie glorifies Satan all his life and then says a prayer, if at all, after his demonic swan song and spends eternity with God and the holy angels. Don’t get me wrong, we are required to have compassion on those who do not believe the gospel, however, God is not mocked (Galatians 6:7-9)

Wisdom Calling

Xavier. Thanks! For the sake of VC, I don’t want to turn this into a theological thread. But I’ll say this. ‘Salvation’ is a one time deal. However, ‘Sanctification’ is lifelong. It sounds to me like you may be confusing the two?

We know that Paul did not mean “work so as to earn your own salvation.” Such a statement would contradict the whole of Paul’s gospel. What Paul did mean is to call the Philippians to put forth real effort into their Christian lives. This is not to work FOR their salvation in the sense of accomplishing it, but to work OUT their salvation – to see it evident in every area of their lives, to activate the salvation God freely gave them.

You pointed out well Bowie left us nothing to suggest a change of heart at the end of his life. So, really – there’s no argument from me on that. All along what I’ve been sharing is merely my HOPE, based on a personal experience, that David repented and was saved, like us – by God’s grace.

God bless you brother.


Wisdom Calling thanks again and God bless you too. No this shouldn’t turn into a theological debate but I don’t mean to say that one has to work for salvation. It is after all a gift of grace. What I mean is that once you make Christ your Lord and Saviour, we must abstain from the things that offend God, whether from the Bible (logos) or from revelations of the Holy Spirit (rhema).

S a Christian

Let’s remember how those who worked all day and those who worked for part of the day received the same wages in the parable of the workers in the vineyard Matt 20:1-16


S a Christian, I totally agree with the message from the parable of the workers but a more apt parable concerning my opinion above is the parable of the man who found treasure in a field and sold all he had in order to own that field (Matt 13:44-46). I am saying that from all indication that Bowie never seemed to want to find that treasure or never answered the call to be a worker even for the last two minutes of the day. But God will decide that.


god bless you! The past 2 years I’ve been doing the same. I don’t bother with any type of secular music


Good and evil are concepts to leave behind on the spiritual path. Every human has beauty and ugliness. If you try to deny your ‘evil’ nature, you will only end up kidding yourself that you are good and others are evil. You think suicide bombers think they are evil? They think they are the most virtuous people on Earth! That “evil” you feel in connection with David Bowie is inside you, see. It is finding an outlet through associations with David Bowie. If not him, then something else eventually. It is not outside of you. You cannot run away from your own face. Best to learn to embrace life just as it is, no good, no bad- just this.


Absurdity and nonsense. I know I am imperfect mess, a human being. I wouldn’t elevate myself to thinking I could be “evil”. That requires the obsession of someone like a suicide bomber, who sees innocence and destroys it, as if they believe themselves a god. Of course he’s evil, he violates a fundamental of just exercise of power: To crush something more helpless, that has not personally attempted to kill you first.

Goodness does not require that sort of dominance and power currency. You make yourself vulnerable to others when you are good to them.


I thought I wouldn’t read a single intelligent comment in this section. You proved me wrong. Thanks!

In Oz

Shame you didn’t think it might have been a good thing to give those CDs and video away.


It’s their CDs, they can do whatever they want to with them, what’s the problem? They felt it was better to destroy them, so be it.


Shut up. Remember when books were burned in Third Reich because of idiots deeming it not to be ok content? To destroy such stuff instead of giving it away for free is a symptom of stupidity.


It’s ok, all they managed to do was symbolize the destructiveness inherent in Christianity (a religion that uses an device of execution at the center of their iconography). That single act of destruction does nothing to prevent David Bowie’s art from reaching audiences that appreciate it. Still a bit sad to see people so misled spiritually that they think occult = automatically evil.


I’m sorry but you are ignorant. You couldn’t just say that the cruxifix is inherent in christianity because it was a custom that keeps going in arab countries even today

Please inform yourself because in knowledge there is the truth, stop believing everything you read as true or you will end insane

Join the discussion
This reminds me of an experience I had years ago where I was visualizing cutting soul ties to a boyfriend who was controlling me and he got a headache. The explanation could be that Bowie was a vampire feeding off the energy of his followers and when you cut it he died. also it has been testified by
JOHN TODD who came from an illuminati bloodline that the record labels all have prayer rooms where they pray demons onto the masters of the records, sending demons onto every record. so it is important to GET RID OF THEM ALL.


Yes! Please feel free to send all David Bowie records and media to me and I will have them destroyed for you!


No, send them to me, especially Young Americans remastered version (2007) because that’s a really badass one!


WOW. I will come back to this site to continue reading all of these comments & replies, including the ones from & to Rose, but WOW, 1) I appreciate the conviction of just doing away with the stuff, but 2) i too ….MAN! i too enjoyed his creativity. He was my favorite. And i always tried to kid myself that all was good with him now …now that he married a woman …& how he said it was tough at first between them coz they had to figure out how the wedding would be with her coming from one religion and he from another (he may have even said Christian???)… But c’mon, that’z all it is is kidding ourselves if we don’t want to realize something’s not right. Look at who he did duets with?!! Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger,… You know people by the company they keep. But i give God the glory for bringing me to YouTube to watch Blackstar. I went to YT to watch something else (can’t rmbr) but one of the suggested vids was Blackstar ~ i’m sure it was there coz i watched a few Bowie vids the other day ~ but i thought “C’mon,… Read more »


Sorry to butt in , but saw something today about black stars .
Did you know the CIA commemorates it’s dead operatives with a black star on a wall of remembrance .
I’m sure you are aware of occult links to intelligence services .
Sad to see so many ungodly comments .
Aren’t we to keep seeking that which is good if there is anything as such ?
I have not seen any mercy shown to Mr Jones
We all chose to listen to him at various times in our lives so it all appears quite hypocritical to me .
Only YESHUA knows his heart and were Mr Bowie’s fruits wicked ?
Can anyone here claim to have known him ?
I never met him and I have never idolised any so called celeb as I see them as weak fallen people who make foolish decisions just as we all have done and no doubt continue to do on occaision .
Remember the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak .
Just keep testing the spirit , including your own .
We should be exercising the fruits of the HOLY SPIRIT don’t you think ?

The X-Files

I’ve been a Bowie fan for years. Right now I’m erasing and throwing away anything related to him. It’s a huge, sad feeling, but my faith and convictions are greater. I don’t want any of that garbage in my life or near those around me.


Died at 69, that esoteric occultic number ‘As above so below’. Well planned death or is he really dead? A secret cremation without a friends and family funeral will hardly quell any rumours!
He didn’t look so ill (he always a bit gaunt and unhealthy looking anyway) and no one else seemed to be aware of a cancer battle. All very odd. Still, record companies will be licking their lips as his slightly over inflated importance is being peddled to later generations.
Hi ex wife Angie was also in ‘celebrity’ Big Brother at the time which did wonders for those ratings.


Maybe he did die but not of cancer but aids hence all the secrecy and hiding. im not expecting the family to be all out there but even the messages to the fans were so imformal iman or the son or publishers should have videoed a response the whole thing is werid


could be…they seem to make more money when they are dead. Oh the greed!


I wonder too about his death…Lazarus being the name of one of his songs and he says, that ‘he steps aside and another takes his place.’ Could they have cloned Bowie? That would be wild!


He was gaunt and unhealthy looking int he 1970s due to heroine and cocaine consumption! But he looked great in later years. And a lot of people were aware f his cancer, as you would know if you got out more (from obsessive internet chat rooms!).


Were you among the ‘lot’ who knew he had cancer Poopstar? The press reported that he kept it very secret apart from a few very close friends. Does that include you?
‘It was shocking,’ Fox told The Telegraph.
He said: ‘Nobody knew.. Nobody even suggested there was anything.’
Read more:

So either:
1. ‘”A lot of people were aware” as you claim without foundation
2. Very, very few knew including those very close to him
3. He did not have cancer and died from or by something else
4. He has not died but publicly exited in a lucrative media whirlwind

Let the reader decide which is more likely also bearing mind that we are constantly lied to through all forms of media. Its not always a question of “getting out more” but thinking more.

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