Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria (video)


Leaked Department of Defense documents prove that the U.S. purposely allowed ISIS to take hold of Syria.

In my article entitled ISIS : A CIA Creation to Justify War Abroad and Repression at Home, I list the numerous reasons why ISIS is actually serving the interests of the world elite. The following video adds another important piece of the puzzle by explaining leaked Department of Defense documents dating from 2012 – before ISIS even existed. They prove that the U.S. actually supported the radical Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq that eventually morphed into the monster that is ISIS.

This series of event lead to the creation of a (larger) quagmire in the Middle East, the migration of millions of Syrians towards the West and and the generation of fear and panic around the world – perfect conditions for rushing new oppressive laws.

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96 Comments on "Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria (video)"

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I have to ask you something. If THEY want us to be controlled in every possible aspect, why would we be able to see leaked documents on the CBS which is owned by THEM?

The NWO manipulators seem to be deliberately getting more blatant year after year, perhaps to test us as part of the masses as to our level of continued ignorance, to the point that they can reveal in-your-face documents saying the truth about what they are doing and yet in the end most people won’t bother thinking about it anyway and anyone else that does so can be safely labeled as a conspiracy nutjob. The fact alone that the CIA ‘allows’ releasing of their documents revealing past operations to the public through so-called FOIA requests means at this point they feel they can manipulate us all no matter what they say. Operation Mockingbird = pay the media off to send propaganda news in the 1950s (I think), Project MKUltra = mind control through LSD, and many other CIA documents and operations and projects are publicly out now years after they’ve been… Read more »
It is indeed highly suspicious this gets allowed to broadcast (even the Eye in CBS logo). VC recently covered another ‘Reality Check’ cast about Pizzagate. I think the most likely reason is as arciba said: They’re essentially mocking people, celebrating how people just don’t believe in or won’t accept the reality of these things. So, it doesn’t matter if they air this. Also, without knowing anything about this ‘reality check’ program: Doesn’t it strike people as more than a little odd CBS allows it? There’s a big crackdown on ‘fake news’ in the media following Pizzagate in particular (with 1984-style concepts like Zuckerberg’s CIAbook openly discussing the option of discriminating against viewpoints that don’t conform to consensus reality) so why would CBS, who’d you presume wishes to be seen as an intelligent, rational station allow something like ‘Reality Check’ in this political climate? The thing is, the Illuminati seem to… Read more »

I am a muslim, Asian, and proudly saying myself as a Salafi.
I agree with 'A. Human'. Salafi is not behind ISIS because it is not what is in Alquran or in the guidance from our prophet (praise be upon him).
They use the term 'salafi' to all of the extremist, which is totally wrong. I don't know why but I will never support or agree with any terrorist attacks.
And even in my learning I never found that it is allowed to coup the legitimate leaders of my country even though the government is corrupt and the citizens are suffering.

There are extrimists, yes. But it is not because of the religion, it is because they are misguided..

It's a sad world when you have a bunch of politicians voted into office by the people of this country, and they commit such atrocities… This has been going on far too long!.. Thousands of americans has lost their lives because of this treachery, it's time for the american people to wake up and stop voting for the 2 party system!.and remove all politicians with dual citizenship.. If your loyalty is not for America alone?.. Then you should not represent the country!.. Our freedom is not for sale!.. The Republicans and Democrats are committing Treason!

Michael Savage has been saying this for a while now. He says the West created ISIS (or backed it) and points out that within days of the Paris attacks, France bombs "key" ISIS targets. He questions when and where France got this information. Did they just get it after the attacks? Or did they have it for weeks or months? They most probably had it BEFORE the attacks. Why didn't they bomb them BEFORE the attacks? A lot of good questions.

Video has been removed

better be careful ben, you get up on the chopping block for this kinda stuff. appreciate your bravery.

we as vigilant citizens already knew something was up…

Who is Ben Swann? What is Reality Check? Im all for further research and evidence, but Im surprised VC hasnt added any commentary about why this particular video carries particular weight?

Ben Swann was doing a show on RT and Amazon Prime and Netflix probably where he explored all kinds of investigative journalism. His video on WTC 7 is a classic. Dude is legit.

Appreciate your feedback Marko. Thank you. Admittedly, I didnt research him before I posted…but I also like sources and verification included in pieces others share too, for credibility….and i think this is a very credible page and was for the first time surprised to see little back up as to why this was "proof" (hence my original comment). Thank you! Thanks for expanding my knowledge…thats why i read this page- the articles and also the reader comments. We are all learning.

Thank you VC great article as always

I just want to make a comment about "The Paris attacks: if the Paris attacks are "legitimate" terror attack then where is the manifesto or claim of responsibility? No real terrorist group would carry out such a dramatic attack and let the government control the "narrative"? They did it cos they hate "our freedom" really? If Andres Breivik can have a manifesto then so can the preparations of the Paris attacks!! Let's see the manifesto or it's a fraud.

FYI: interesting fact the owners of the Paris Bataclan theater were Jewish who sold on Sep 11 , 2015 hmmm very interesting?? Not to mention that they used to own it for about almost 40 years, you can do the research.

Turkey will disrupt this game!

King narcissist Erdogan and the Turkish people foolish and weak enough to allow such a despicable autocrat to rule will disrupt nothing. Go back to school – wait, not an option with the crackdown on the education system.

Talk about the pepsi comercial , dark knight decoded

I find it disturbing that the Republican presidential candidates are espousing nakedly fascist views towards Muslims. I have to wonder if it's now the plan to mainstream fascism by making it familiar through repetition in the media.

We need to examine what Muslim say about the US. It is way more fascinating than all the candidates combined..

It isn’t just the republicans, it is everyone regardless of their worthless party affiliation. this has been going on for a very long time – demonize Muslims. Make them the “other” so one can feel good about themselves and unite non-Muslims so you feel falsely connected. it is sick. this world is very depressing.

refreshing to see such a commentary on the MSM. thanks VC

Yes, indeed. What we're seeing happening in France – Mr Hollande "measures" against terrorism, is a sketch of what is to come in the whole world. As the govt control the mainstream media, is up to us inform and make a contra rise, pointing disinfo and conflicting facts. Share anything you can, like this VC article, to spread the truth.

I resent the fact that "Salafism" is being portrayed as another terrorist offshoot. Salafiyyah is simply a return to practising Islam as it was understood and practiced by the early generations of Muslims. It has nothing to do with terrorism – in fact, it is the exact opposite to the ideology adopted by extremists. But you'll never hear that in the Western media, and unfortunately, most people won't do their research.

exactly you are completely correct Ibn Mustafa. Salafi comes from the Arabic word salaf which mean 'past' or what has 'preceded' /'come before'. As muslims we have been told to follow the prophet (peace be upon him) and his righteous companions and those who followed them in righteousness. This alludes to the 1st three generations of muslims who were the best of people as is alluded to in the 73 sects hadith. So….the 1st 3 generations of muslims are to be followed and they in Arabic are referred to as the SALAF. To follow the prophet (peace be upon him) and his righteous companions and those who followed them in righteousness makes one a SALAFI, and in fact all muslims are salafi unless they are involved in bid'ah/innovation because our religion is NOT based on human desires and individual interpretation. ISIS are NOT salafi, they are the KHAWAARIJ!!! They actually… Read more »

Vigilant Citizen: thank you once again and please keep them coming, we need more people like you.

IS, ISIS, ISIL is the new name of AQI (al qaeda in iraq). It's rather disappointing CBS didn't know or they couldn't research that simple fact. That expression and not the vague "salafists" expression was the real smoking gun.

I though AQ denounced IS as being too extreme?

CBS….certain bull sh*t


while majority of muslims agreed that shi'ite are misguided sect of islam, the salafi, in this case is salafi wahabi is ultraconservative radical sect of islam. the seed of hatred between them is already there, and now the so called elites pouring oil to the fire for their own agenda.

it's part of the prophecy that islam will be divided into 73 sect, that's why it is easy to bring into conflict between them.

ISIS has been menacing the Saudis Iraqi border and has bombed areas and blown up mosques in Saudi so how can people think that Saudi supports them is ridiculous. Imaam afet Saudi Imaam has been warning against the Khawaarij hundreds of years and they continue to do so. The Saudi royal family has over 15,000 members so could there be members who have participated in the ISIS manure storm? Perhaps. but it is not the M.O. of the whole kingdom. Re: the 73 sects comment. The Shia have sects within them such as the Alawite sect of Bashar al-Assad who worship their 12 imaams and believe in hidden knowledge. The sufis have many sects that most extreme of them saying that Allaah is within the creation. The 5% have the same belief as them. The Salafis expose and refute the beliefs of all the misguided sects in Islam WITH WORDS… Read more »

Lol there's plenty of proof that your Saudi leaders are supporting Isis. Is even main stream by now. The fact you condemn sufism which is generally the most pacifist branch of Islam shows you tend to favor a one way strict approach.

You will find nowhere in his teachings that you should oust the Muslim ruler and in fact fought under the banner of a Muslim ruler who was a known oppressor in line with the authentic principle that gives precedence to obeying the ruler. Why? Because of the disorder, chaos and loss of innocent lives that comes from toppling a regime with violent insurgency as we have seen with this Arab Spring that has done nothing but descend the Arab/Muslim lands into utter chaos. 1) The Salafis DO NOT declare Muslims to be disbelievers due to comitting a major sin thus spilling their blood 2) The Salafis do not declare the Muslim ruler to be a disbeliever and aim to kill him 3) Wahaabi is an invented term 4) ISIS are Khawaarij and not Salafi and their methodology is in complete opposition to the authentic sunnah particularly in their doctrine of… Read more »
Ugghh! I can't take this anymore. The Salafis are the #1 enemy of ISIS. ISIS are KHAWAARIJ. Even CNN had a report saying that the Arab States are the #1 enemy of ISIS and the Salafis were #2. I was shocked they actually told something that was the truth! Salaf means predecessor and it is an ascription to the pious predecessors including the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the first three generations of Muslims. The Salafis stick to their understanding of the Quran and Sunnah and those Imaams of guidance who followed the authentic texts after that. The KHAWAARIJ (i.e. ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Nusra front and so on…) are described this way from the root word "kharaja" in arabic which means to go out. I.e. they exit the religion and exit others from the religion and their particular specialty is declaring the Muslim ruler to be… Read more »
In other narrations he described them as having outward piety that would seem to outdo the rest of the Muslims from excessive prayer and fasting. They make takfeer (excommunicate) Muslims declaring them to be disbelievers and making their blood permissible to be spilled why they are also called takfeeri. Again, the Salafis are their #1 target as they are the target of all of the sects and groups because the Salafis expose the innovated beliefs of these groups. They also make takfeer of each other and their own selves and some have even cut off their own hands for stealing! In a hadith: "Islam began as something strange, and it shall return to being something strange, so give glad tidings [ar. Tooba. This is a tree in Paradise. So the Prophet (saws) is giving the good news of Paradise to these strangers.] to the strangers." It was asked, "Who are… Read more »
What he taught was what the earliest generations taught and he was simply brining that people back to that since they had fell into Sufi principles such as blindly following a shaykh, calling upon the dead in their graves for assistance in difficulty and other than that. You will find nowhere in his teachings that you should oust the Muslim ruler and in fact fought under the banner of a Muslim ruler who was a known oppressor in line with the authentic principle that gives precedence to obeying the ruler. Why? Because of the disorder, chaos and loss of innocent lives that comes from toppling a regime with violent insurgency as we have seen with this Arab Spring that has done nothing but descend the Arab/Muslim lands into utter chaos. 1) The Salafis DO NOT declare Muslims to be disbelievers due to comitting a major sin thus spilling their blood… Read more »
ISIS has been menacing the Saudis Iraqi border and has bombed areas and blown up mosques in Saudi so how can people think that Saudi supports them is ridiculous. Imaam afet Saudi Imaam has been warning against the Khawaarij hundreds of years and they continue to do so. The Saudi royal family has over 15,000 members so could there be members who have participated in the ISIS manure storm? Perhaps. but it is not the M.O. of the whole kingdom. Re: the 73 sects comment. The Shia have sects within them such as the Alawite sect of Bashar al-Assad who worship their 12 imaams and believe in hidden knowledge. The sufis have many sects that most extreme of them saying that Allaah is within the creation. The 5% have the same belief as them. The Salafis expose and refute the beliefs of all the misguided sects in Islam WITH WORDS… Read more »
A.Human thank you for actually defending what the true salafi manhaj is, I get so frustrated when ignorant people want to claim that all these terrorist organisations are salafi when they are KHAWAARIJ. I'm so glad that you brang up this vital point as it is extremely frustrating when people speak about the religion without knowledge. The majority of muslims and non muslims have no idea how many sects are really running around all claiming islam nor do they have actual knowledge about the religion itself. Whilst it is true that there is definitely corruption amongst Saudi politicians and the royal family aswell, when it comes to the actual Islamic scholars based in Saudi, following the salafi methodology then they are certainly NOT corrupt. Just a few things the salafi scholars in Saudi have done: 1) spoken out against the Arab spring as they knew that it would cause nothing… Read more »

damning evidence…time to wake up blind goats

If the elite control ISIS why would they have them destroy their ancient Babylonian temples or worshiping sites?

Because they probably have locations with reproductions, like Bohemian Grove, that fulfill their evil needs.

Because BabylonIan temples themselves are not evil? You sound like a creep by apparently sharing Isis view that these temples should be destroyed because they are evil. Yes, sacrificial rites were done there but that was thousands of years ago. But before entering into the duality of good and evil you must perceive that above all these temples, tablets, sculptures, idols, etc. Are world heritage made with mathematical precision, and an out most sense of beauty and inspiration.

They did absolutely nothing to destroy the ancient Babylonian sites already damaged by Polish troops in the invasion of Iraq.. same can not be told about other ancient sites like Jonas tomb or Palmirah. As for Babylonian spiritual haritage and the dark role Mesopotamia is to play in the last days please read Zechariah 5 : 5- 11 .. land of Shinar .. when the place is prepared ..

Destroying of symbols and architecture of former generations is needed to break some of the links with the past, for the next generations to be born. When you controll what gets in the history (+books) and adjust the education, you can control the behaviour a little better. Because it is part of manipulation. Just a part, mind you. Educating our toddlers via on-screen-apps and icons, instead of teaching them grammar and words, is another way.

Thank you, VC, as always.

red pill, blue pill…

Excellent 🙂

I am not surprised, one day they will even accept that 9/11 was an inside job.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Here is the full PDF of the document obtained by Judicial Watch in a Freedom of Information action.

The relevant passage relating to the ‘salafist principality’, i.e. ISIS, is point 8C on page 5.

The explanation of who the ‘supporting powers’ are, i.e. ‘The West’ (= US, Israel, France, UK, Australia), Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, is point 2C on page 3.

This is a fascinating read, though I'm a little confused now!
I thought Russia and China were with the opposition … are they gonna switch sides in the near future or something?
Forgive me if this is ignorance hahaha but I'm so sick of half-truths and downright lies I can barely trust anything presented to me anymore 🙁

Russia and China ? The world is on the brink of nuclear conflict. Basically major parties are currently doing absolutely nothing to alleviate the risk of destruction. Holy Spirit reveals the strike is not supposed to happen until the chosen ones are gone from the doomed planet we call home ..

I've always felt it was 50/50 with him! It the beginning, he seemed like a willing puppet. But lately, he's trying to be his own man but that programming seems to get in his way.

Just like Miley Cyrus is probably sick of those ugly costumes but she's been a willing participant to some degree in this nightmare climb to the top. She never needed Brittany Spears' management but she's stuck with it for now. And she never needed this type of crude management style. She does have talent. She's programmed to the hilt but I'm just wondering when she'll say stop, I wanna get off this sick merry-go-round.

Obama seems to be enjoying his ride because of the money he got to keep, over $900 million. But he too must be tired of being a puppet.

“Obama seems to be enjoying his ride because of the money he got to keep, over $900 million. But he too must be tired of being a puppet”

Actually, Obama and many other presidents around the world are there for reasons other than money. Although their rotten ego is sick of ambition, they are there to follow orders from their masters. Obama and the many of the presidents of the world are not the most powerful, they are just the face of the rulers in this world. Money is for the rulers (and should also be for the people) a tool, something they use to help mold and transform the world the way they want.

I don't think there's any excuse for B.O. Nobody, NOBODY, gets into the Oval Office if he isn't 100% part of the plan, I just don't see how he could, not in this era. I'm reminded of the myriad people who, over the past 7 years, would have said how bad Bush was and that he was clearly part of the problem, but so often give B.O. a pass for some reason. His race? His promise of change? I don't know. But it needs to be admitted that there's simply no conceivable way, in the present running of things, that B.O. could really be just a decent joe shmoe of a guy who got elected and is just a poor unfortunate puppet of the Control. He, like his recent predecessors, and all others in positions of high power, are deliberately there, and for a reason. There's just no way the… Read more »


Again, I don't see how he you can accuse him of being a willing puppet but not equally question all US presidential roles. You are definitely making farfetched assumptions here. Being part of such an agenda certainly bypasses MONEY. Celebrities are willing puppets in the beginning. Presidents as well as royalty is a whole other board game.

but, why on CBS?

Yeah, I really wonder; I hope he's safe… but for it to be broadcasted doesn't that mean the Elites already gave the go ahead. Could this be a way to sow seeds of hatred for America among countries to prompt World War 3…

Testing how many people take it to the streets. Psychological test on the public.

When you say "take it to the streets" you mean "spread the news" right? That makes soo much sense; I thought it would be viral by now but surprisingly it's not…

It would probably incorporate google-search-terms numbers, trending words op social mass media etc. Linked with place in society according to the system.

Is Obama a product of monarch programming or is he a willing puppet of his own volition? I've always been curious about that.

I think I read that monarch victims become very unstable past the age of 30 and he's 50 something. I think him and other higher up government officials are very willing participants and even get off on it.

Obama is under the influence of the true rulers of the world, which exist beyond our range of perception and are very, very old. He knows that and he accepts it because he has been prepared for that and because his bloodline is designed that way. So even if he is not under sheer mind control, he is still a puppet being used. Same goes for many and many of the presidents of nations around the world and in history. Obama has been and is being used by the rulers the same way many of the former US presidents have been (and the ones to come after him). Unless mass consciousness incorporates to their reality a much larger spectrum of perception and possibility, the rulers will have no problem dictating the direction of the world and the components of people’s believe systems.

Who are these true rulers, then? They are very, very old? As in…..not-humanly-possible old?

They are no humans. They were light, love and harmony until they distorted and unbalanced. Just look at the world they are creating through their corporations, institutions, international organisms, banks, media, etc. the world they seek to impose is the exact opposite to the laws of creation. They need distorsion in all levels (particularly from human emotions) to be able to exist in this planet, although outside of our perception. They have millions of years in terms of Earth years (remember that time, as we know it, is a creation, in the Universe there is only an eternal present). When those beings fell into darkness after the distorsion, they became what it is known in religions as Lucifer/Satan and its fallen angels. They are now trying to extend that distorsion to Earth, their current home. Earth is sick. Baudelaire, the French writer said "The finest trick of the devil is… Read more »

Your English is great, no need to apologize. You answer some questions but then give me so many more! lol I love it in a way though, but I could sit here all day and night and ask you question after question. How do you know these things?

And I could be speaking about this for hours. Once you are determined to know the truth of existence, the path may take you very deep. I have dedicated the past several years of my life full-time to understand who am I, who are we (the human species), and what is reality. Many people think that it is impossible to know all that, and I agree that our capacity and resources here on Earth limited for that purpose, but if you understand the language of life (which is the language of Universe), she will lead you to the answers. One has to be honest with onself, be humble, open ones mind and heart, and start de-programming from the matrix. If done with honesty and ask the right questions to ourselves, life is listening. There is the planetary knowledge and the Cosmic knowledge. The first is heavily manipulated by the Manipulators,… Read more »


I agree with you on nearly everything you say. However the "Manipulators" as you call them are just another type of being. Yes they require a lower vibrational energy to survive and have thus maneuvered into positions to control our (humans) emotions and more importantly – CREATIVE abilities. As human beings we are CREATORS. Our thoughts create the reality we experience. So the other beings here need to direct our thoughts so that we CREATE a reality that will serve them better. Have you ever wondered why the entertainment industry is targetted mostly to adolescent boys/men? Think about a huge movie like Star Wars for example. A 35 year old man watches it, a 26 year old woman watches it and a 16 year old boy. Who comes away with their imagination fired up the most? Who revisits the movie in their mind, changing the roles or endings or storyboard… Read more »

I agree. Beautifully said.
The moment we start to understand for real that the mainstream perception of reality is just a manufactured product, an illusion casted on people's minds to make us easier to control, we will do a huge step towards the truth.
As Yodht says, thoughts are the real creative power. If we could perceive reality from an energetic point of view, we woul be able to say the morphic field of thoughts that connects every single human in the world. The matrix plays out a constant barrage of low-vibrational stimulus, for the reasons mentioned. That's why changing the world has to come first and most importantly from our inside, and then the changes in the "external" world will follow naturally. Trying to change the external world from the same state of consciousness that the matrix promotes is like trying to change the reflection of your face in a lake.

I want to talk to you privately. How can I do this?

I don't think we are allowed to post our email addresses here. I've tried to put a website's contact form I can get access to but it seems it's been filtered out.

vcg (at) use (dot) startmail (dot) com

Immaru, thanks for your comments. I find them fascinating.

I'm glad to hear that. I left my email right above your comment, write me if you think I may have more to offer to you, or if you want to share something.

I wouldn't even know what to ask but I do love to read the comments you leave!

I believe he is a Manchurian Candidate.

Everyone has free will regardless if they are under MK/ULTRA or not. Obama is just dirtbag who hates the USA and radicalized by people like Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, George Soros, etc…

I have seen numerous videos on youtube that show different scar-like patterns in the back of Obama's head. A lot of people believe he has been cloned & has demonic doubles going around. it sounds a little far-fetched I know but if you see these marks on his head it is baffling. I believe he is under demonic mind control for sure.

Probably under the same programming as any other and all presidents. They were bred for this

Yes, and his handler is his own little Baphomet AKA 'Manchelle'…

Thanks VC for helping us all see how the Elite is working in the world right now!

Can we not call the "Elite"? Makes me think of athletes or supermodels. How about "creeps"?

Order Ab Chao – & that is all.

Do not use the acronym ISIS. ISIS was the Egyptian goddess of feminine wisdom. She represents true care and heart intelligence. All we hear in the news is how ISIS must be destroyed. This works on the subconscious mind. This is a form of black word magic, or neuro-linguistic programming. It goes hand in hand with Katy Perry being portrayed as ISIS, while being cruel and power-hungry in the Dark Horse video. And as feminine wisdom can be related to the heart, this explains why so many songs out their use the words heart in a negative way (e.g. heart break, heart attack). It is why we are seeing a rise in militant feminism that has nothing to do with equal rights (the women who fought for the rights to vote would be horrified to see what feminism has become today). It is being used to get Hillary elected president,… Read more »

Does it occur to anybody else that there are a few new terms containing the letters i o t that are being pushed in the media. iota, iot, what more to come. I expect some fav celebrity names for babies with the combination as well, this next year.

This is completely circumstantial evidence, i would love the document dated 2012 in – text contains the word "ISIS" it didn't sadly. What transpired to dislodged bullet can hit anything. This is what has happened. There is no 'hidden-agenda' if there is it doesn't spells out in these documents at least

How can you not put the pieces together? Do you really believe that these "terrorists" go out there with their proper indentification on hand and theor passports somehow keep turning up? Are you a coincidence theorist? Did you also buy that a hijacker passport survived the events of 9/11? Can you not see the totolitarian tip toe the "elites" have been putting in place especially since 9/11? You think the French gov't didn't have all these drastic measures ready to go as soon as this false flag attack went off? Come on man all the info is there. These archons need the consent of humanity to do what they do, as we do have free will, and is why the evidence is all out there to be found. Good luck brother.

Facts are facts when you attach 'meaning' they get subjective. You lose everything. Consider , do you know Apollo 11's lunar lander, the Eagle, had no outer door handle the world most technology advanced institution NASA allowed it…take another example of Columbia space shuttle disaster read the investigation report how NASA seniors ignored engineers advice to get a review on damage using DoD space assets, further let me bring you quote from the inquiry report it said ..'And, to find after Columbia that it was fractions of an inch thick, and that it wasn't as strong as the Fiberglas on your Corvette, that was an eye-opener, and I think for all of us … the best minds that I know of, in and outside of NASA, never envisioned that as a failure mode' To err is human, its not to conspire but if you spent too much time on VC… Read more »

The influx of "refugees" will lead to microchipping people and/or the Sign of the Beast a.k.a the Eye of Horus. Anyone who refuses the sign of the beast will be labeled a terrorist and will be killed or imprisoned by the communist one world government. We can already see so called "leaders" discussing internment camps, immigrant databases, etc. Democrats are pretending to want open borders but what they really want is for everyone to beg for Real ID which will eventually lead to microchipping. People, like Trump, recommend locking up immigrants but the reality will be that everyone will be locked up unless you accept the sign of the beast.

"Communist one world government"… Do you really believe in what you said? No, Michele, it's not communism — a kind of political-economical regime in which all people share everything, have the same rights, the same opportunities, and own all richness they produced. The true Communism is explained in Karl Marx's "The capital" and has nothing to do with the old USSR. We are seeing, in fact, a one government of bankers and great corporations, who have planned to control all the economy, political and social life, imposing terror in order of dominate the masses, as the philosopher Leo Strauss — the master of the Zionist neocons of USA — put it.

So why did Assad release hundreds of jihadi fundamentalists from prison to join the opposition and so discredit it?

This is stupid. ISIS existed in the late 90's so how the hell did they not exist before 2012?

What? Do you even know what it stands for? No way that IS existed in Saddam's Iraq – utter nonsense.

Which is exactly why we had to invade Iraq and kill Saddam. They wanted this to happen.

I’m sorry, it seems the video about the US government’s involvement with ISIS had been taken down. Would have loved to see it. YouTube would rather allow videos by p********s than videos of the truth. The shadow elite in action.