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“Framed”: Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer



"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

In the gruesome video Framed, Eminem plays the role of a serial killer with multiple personalities … who wonders how Ivanka Trump ended up in the trunk of his car. We’ll look at the dark symbolism of Framed.

Eminem has never been a stranger to violent and controversial lyrics. His shocking lyrics were always part of his act and a reason why he became a household name. While he often indulged in the themes of sex, drugs, and violence in his songs (mainly through his alter-ego Slim Shady), he used to do so with a humorous, nearly cartoonish twist. However, after nearly 20 years in the entertainment business, the controversial nature of Eminem’s work has taken a dark, bizarre turn.

In 2018, Eminem is 45 years old. He’s still rapping and he’s still looking to “shock and awe” through controversial rhymes delivered with great precision. However, in today’s music industry, one cannot get media coverage without fully complying with the occult elite’s agenda. Framed is just this: Eminem being “controversial” while fully complying with the elite’s MKULTRA agenda.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

This promo pic from 2013 = Eminem fully complying with the elite’s symbolism and agenda. One-eye hidden and devil horns.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

This magazine cover from 2018 = Eminem still doing what he needs to do to release albums.

Framed is all about the elite’s promotion of death, murder, mind control, and dark occult forces. In order to fully understand Framed, one must look at a song he released nearly 10 years before it: 3 A.M.

3 A.M.

In 2009, after a 4-year hiatus due to addiction to pills, writer’s block, and multiple hospitalizations, Eminem released the highly anticipated album Relapse. To promote the album, Interscope Records created a fictional rehabilitation center called Popsomp Hills, complete with a website and a phone number.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

The pic used for Popsomp Hills.

In one of the promo videos about Popsomp Hills, the resident doctor, Dr. B------k, describes his methods, surrounded with all kinds of items relating to trauma, torture, and mind control, all while supernatural forces appear to be interfering with the broadcast.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

Dr. B------k is surrounded by pills, surgical instruments and a limbless mannequin with weird stuff hooked up to it.

Needless to say, this rehab center does not seem to do Eminem good. Popsomp Hills sounds strangely like “pop some pills” – which is exactly what he shouldn’t do there. It is during his stay at Popsomp Hills that Eminem becomes a serial killer animated with what looks like pure evil. Is Popsomp Hills actually a mind-control center? Was Eminem actually programmed there?

Well, the video 3 A.M. says it all. The song is about Eminem blacking out and killing people – as if a separate alter-persona was doing it.

It’s 3 a.m. in the mornin’
Put my key in the door, and
Bodies layin’ all over the floorin’
I don’t remember how they got there
But I guess I must’ve killed ’em, killed ’em

In the video, Eminem walks around the rehab center – completely out of it – and murders everybody there.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

In this scene, he sits next to a mannequin – a classic mind control symbol representing a programmed alter persona.

As the title of the song clearly implies, this alter-persona is controlled by diabolical forces. Indeed, for centuries, 3 A.M. has been known to be the “Witching Hour”.

In folklore, the witching hour or devil’s hour is a time of night associated with supernatural events. Creatures such as witchesdemons and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful. Black magic is thought to be most effective at this time. In the Western Christian tradition, the hour between 3 and 4 a.m. was considered a period of peak supernatural activity, due to the absence of prayers in the canonical hours during this period.
– Wikipedia, Witching Hour

To emphasize the satanic nature of 3 A.M., the song ends with Eminem whispering the words “evil rise” several times in an incantatory manner. An important element of Monarch programming involves satanic rituals, demon assignments, and other dark, occult and traumatizing things.

Through all of these clues, it becomes clear that Popsomp Hills is actually a mind control facility where Eminem has been programmed to kill.

The fact that the mind control facility is disguised as a rehabilitation center is also significant. As I stated years ago (notably about Lindsay Lohan), celebrities going to “rehab” is often code for going for reprogramming. And programming involves drugs, trauma, torture, and some sick, twisted, satanic stuff.

Nearly 10 years later, Eminem releases Framed, which continues where 3 A.M. left off and further the confirms the concept of occult mind control.


At the beginning of the video, a newscaster explains that Eminem escaped Popsomp Hills and is barricaded inside a house. There, Eminem hangs around corpses and dismembered body parts.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

As seen in previous articles death, murder, torture, and mind control need to be in videos right now.

Other than playing around with body parts, Eminem draws feverishly creepy and violent images.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

This drawing shows where Eminem stabbed a headless woman as a single eye watches on. There’s lots of single eyes in the video – symbol of occult elite control.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

One eye behind bars.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

This image pops up several times during the video. It’s Eminem with devil horns with a woman’s legs instead of eyes. Pure MK imagery where the slave cannot see for himself – his vision is replaced with the handler’s programming.

The fact that Eminem draws lots of images is significant. Victims of trauma-based mind control have a propensity for drawing extremely vivid and symbolic images as if it was the only way of externalizing what happened in their psyche. The painfully vivid paintings of Kim Noble – a survivor of Monarch mind control with 13 alter personas – is a perfect example.

Like Noble, Eminem has several personas. During the first verse, he raps:

Three personalities burstin’ out of me, please beware

Throughout his career, Eminem embodied three personalities: Eminem (the rapper), Slim Shady (the shady alter ego) and Marshall Mathers (the real person). In recent years, Eminem explained that the line between his egos was starting to blur. One thing is for sure, in Framed, Eminem has no control over his personalities. He can’t even remember what one alter does when triggered.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

Eminem’s three personas move maniacally around bloody corpses.

In the second verse, Eminem describes some of the murders he committed.

Woke up, it was dawn, musta knew somethin’ was wrong
Think I’m becomin’ a monster ’cause of the drugs that I’m on
Donald Duck’s on, there’s a Tonka Truck in the yard
But dog, how the f--k is Ivanka Trump in the trunk of my car?

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

This drawing represents Ivanka Trump in Eminem’s car while Donald Duck appears to be stabbing her.

Another rhyme is about a toddler:

Another dismembered toddler discovered this winter probably
‘Cause the disassembled body
Was covered up in the snow since the month of November oddly

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

Here, a knife slashes an adult’s throat while also dismembering a toddler.

Midway through the video, a newscaster interviews detective Shelter.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

The detective takes his watch out of his pocket, sees that it is 2:45 AM, and says that he has to go.

Detective Shelter enters the house and sits Eminem down.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

As the detective yells at him, Eminem hallucinates horned heads and other creepy things.

At exactly 3 o’clock, the detective takes out his pocket watch and uses it to hypnotize Eminem.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

Juxtaposed to this scene, the detective wears a lab coat.

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

We then see Eminem back at Popsomp Hills, sitting in a wheelchair, being hypnotized by the “detective”.

As Eminem is hypnotized, the detective is revealed to be Eminem’s “doctor”. The fact that the doctor or mind-control handler is also the detective assigned to the murder cases hints to a rather high-level conspiracy. Shelter programmed Eminem’s alter to murder people in a sadistic, yet ritualistic matter. When the job was done, he took back control of Eminem through hypnosis. Or did this all happen in Eminem’s head?

"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

The handler sticks a needle in Eminem’s arm. MK slaves are heavily drugged during programming.

At the end of the video, Eminem is wheeled out of the room, heavily sedated. Yet another pop start depicted as a powerless, mind-controlled slave.

In Conclusion

The music industry has changed since Eminem began in 1998. While his violent and controversial lyrics were once portrayed as the product of a clever yet rebellious spirit, the “controversy” of Framed is perfectly in line with the elite’s agenda. Death, murder, dehumanization, mind control, satanism: It is all there … not unlike Lil Uzi Vert’s video about death, blood, pills, and satanism … not unlike Rihanna‘s blood and torture video … not unlike a bunch of other videos. There is nothing rebellious about Framed – it is exactly what they want Eminem’s fans to be exposed to.

And, like the videos of countless other pop stars, Eminem is depicted as a confused and powerless pawn in the hands of powerful people. How many actual people were programmed and “framed” to kill for the elite? More than you think.

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"Framed": Eminem Becomes a Mind-Controlled Serial Killer

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That’s definitely not Eminem that facial bone structure! Those eyes. I know you can pay for plastic surgery, or bone reconstruction. But you can go back & look the old Eminem videos when he first came out. Compare to how he looks now, that’s a completely different person. It’s not him it has to be a clone!!!


When “Relapse” came out he was talking and discussing same subjects and I think that he looked absolutely like Em, sounded like him, etc. One don’t ever really know, but it’s a sad move to have done, or to “have to have done”. Always that he is asked about his personal life or things like that, even the meaning of songs, all he says is “all I do is rap” as if he wanted to erase some memories and remind himself that he’s “only” a rapper.


Yes he is a clone and so is pretty much anyone in the public eye. Everything we thought we knew was a lie!


I agree! I only wonder. If it’s a clone, then is it possible to create clones of adults that are also adults and that don’t need to be born from someone? Dolly, the clone sheep, was born… She didn’t pop up as an adult. If this type of cloning (like Eminem’s) is true, is the government hiding this technology from people? Or is this type of cloning result of occult rituals??? =O


Also, if he is clone, did he “import” the memories of real (original) Eminem, who probably died? How can this happen?? If he did not import Eminem’s memories, how come nobody that is close to him has ever noticed that he is not the real Eminem??


I used to think he was a clone until I started to compare his ears in old/recent photos. His ears have not changed!!! As much as I wanted to believe this theory, I cannot.

D D d

That’s almost even twenty years ago. Did you think a person does not change or become a bit more masculine when growing up? It does not end at 19-years-and-365-days-old you know. Look at photographs of your own face and compare.
The botox and other face-swelling-agents, aside, ofcourse, I am talking about bone structure and natural developement.


Maybe he’s just gone old that’s why he looks different


Here is the hint on finding out truth. Go listen to the “Dr. Peter Beter” Audio Letters. He was telling you everything on how cloning is done.


Not a clone, but a doppelganger reprogrammed to act like Eminem. I agree, the old Eminem looks more “jock”ey, while the new Eminem looks like a skinny, scared looking thing. He (new Eminem) sounds more softer to me unlike the old one, the old one is much more crude and sharper.


Nothing to see here, folks – just trendy 2018 rap music videos by 45-year old men. Edifying!

Sarcasm aside, I feel sorry for Eminem. I can’t imagine a man participating in putting out this kind of heinous filth is in a state of psychological well-being, at all. Monarch trauma seems a distinct possibility.

Almost half a million likes out of 11 million views on official YouTube video. LIKES. It’s mind control.


shouldnt we be gald the likes werent more? It means that the video only had 10% success rate


In Spielberg’s movie BFG, a young girl in an orphanage at night says that the bewitching hour is at 3AM. A giant wearing a black satanic like hood grabs her through a window. Also, why do all these videos have people in bathtubs? Is there some occult signifigance about bathtubs?

Thy Unveiling

Yes. It’s like a Satanic baptism of sorts. Eminem has done the obligatory bathtub pose in a tub of blood. The bath stuff is also a way of demasculating these “tough” rappers. Like how Tupac or Eminem be tough guys in their skivvies getting hair and makeup done before climbing in a tub to pose “sexy” in front of a bunch of dudes and maybe a couple of chicks? I’m not throwing shade, just asking an honest question. The more exposed your body, the more vulnerable you are.


Check out Eminem’s song – My darling
also satanic and bathtub scene included =)

Just me

They say 3-4 am is the witch hour but sometimes during summer at 4 am is already light outside, I know because I go to work at that time. It doesn’t make sense their obsession with this time, I think they love it because is the inverted time of Jesus death, he died around this time but in the afternoon.




The movie “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” also mentions and brings up the significance of 3 AM.


….now, THAT movie scared the bejezus out of me and I had bought it. Saw it once, that was it. I think “THEY’ got to him but some time ago. All this now is just fall out. Poor guy.


I dont scare easily but that movie freaked me out so much! I have never seen anything that freaks me out like that did. I watched it several times and still had the same reaction. I would have to watch a cartoon to cancel out the images in my head…


BFG used to be my favorite as a kid… and I loved Roald Dahl…. Now I just see how screwed up in the head he was and how creepy the film is ! Especially the new version it seems to cater to pedos.


Same. What do you call a creepy old man who snatches kids from orphnage bedrooms to hand over to monsters to eat? Nothing friendly about that. A lot of his books depict child torture, abuse and cannibalism. Nasty piece of work.


What is BFG?


Big Friendly Giant…. it’s a book that was turned into a cartoon that was turned into a live action film. … by author Roald Dahl


In Esoterica, 3AM is when the angels come to your side when you sleep. If you wake up exactly at 3AM on a regular basis, it can mean that the angels or someone that has passed is getting your attention.

As for bathtubs, they have various meanings in dreams. If the bathtub is full of water, and the person is in the water inside the bathtub, they are going deep into subconscious mind. Anytime one is floating or “in” water in a dream, means you are deeply within your subconscious. Used symbolically in a video like this, it could easily mean “the pool of the unconscious mind being brought up to the conscious mind.” Kind of like, “what was buried will now be revealed.” But realize there are multiple meanings in dreams for water in general.


Pockets of the future on YouTube describes in one of his videos, the Satanic symbolism surrounding bathtubs and why this occurs over and over again in music videos. It is a baptism into Satanism, best done in a tub full of blood. I’ll try to find you the link to it.


Eminem hasn’t been the same for a long time…..I agree with other people on here that he doesn’t even look the same. There’s something strange about him & I’ve also heard he’s a clone – But can someone explain how exactly does cloning work?

jimbo jones

i can believe a satanic run entertainment business,,but cloning?..he looks different cause thats what happens when you get older.


Jimbo, I know that sounds surreal, but he REALLY looks like a clone, and MANY PEOPLE have noticed this!

jimbo jones

no offense but what does a clone look like? if he was a clone it would look exactly like him. since its the same dna. but he doesnt look exactly like him as you say, then hes not a clone.

it would be odder if he looked exactly like he did 20 years ago.

hey but anything is possible. I’m not saying one way or another


I agree he cannot be a clone simply because his ears have not changed. We all agree he’s been through a lot mentally, physically and spiritually. So let’s be rational and say his face has changed due to age. It does bother me how blue his eyes were and now they are empty and dark…he’s definitely seen ALOT of dark s--t.


Peoples eyes change colour over time and they begin to fade white or get darker. It could be due to drugs, but eye colour changes all the time, sometimes weekly.


Well, a clone should look just like the same, but maybe there are times when the cloning was not 100% perfect, so he doesn’t look EXACTLY the same as real Eminem. One thing is certain: lots of people don’t think this guy is real Eminem. Maybe he is a “look alike” guy…Who knows??

enlighten me

I agree he looks a lot different, but I honestly think he has just had “work done” due to aging and desperately trying to remain relevant with the younger set. He is also more “fit” as well – same thing there. I think it’s all just a matter of him getting involved with this satanic bull***t , having plastic surgery, getting a trainer, etc. to try to still be “hip.” Sorry – not working.


Honestly I feel like Eminem hasn’t been Eminem for a long time. To me he doesn’t even look the same. I don’t know if the cloning thing is real but that’s not the original Em. I’ve looked at the points made to try to say this is a clone but the one that stand out the most is that he doesn’t have any recent pictures with his daughter posted. Not on her social media or his.


Degenerate loser still trying to be relevant. Lame


this s--t is getting so tired!!


The sad part is that many sheeple dont see it and connect the dots. THey think that there are original celebrities….Nothing original about these people.


VC, you should create a post explaining exactly why the “one-eye symbology” (or the eye of Horus) is related to satanism. Because the general public will probably not understand that making the one-eye symbol (by covering one eye, for example) is something bad… Well, I thoroughly read the posts and I understand them, but other people probably don’t…


In the magazine cover from 2018, he has his hand in a fist placed on his forehead. Fritz Springmeier explains in his book “Illuminati Formula”that this is a trigger to a slave basically saying “I am your master, OBEY.”


Alwas been a huge fan of him and I remember when the “3 A.M”. video came out. Well, I thoght, it is his Shady persona, but then after that album he seemed to regret having done it. Because of what it says in “I’m Not Afraid” and because he told so in some interviews- so now when I saw a sequel to it, I was confused. Didn’t he said he didn’t like the approach of that record? And that from that point on, he wanted to make music that really portrayed himself. So… I think you might be absolutely right. And it’s a damn shame. To me at least.

Just me

I also think that after he OD- ed and nearly died,he realised what is important to him, his daughters. I saw a change in him then, and I think he wanted out,but they must got something on him, they are threatening him with something which he must’ve done during these blackouts, or he thinks he did. I don’t think this is him, but he is forced to do one of these once in a while. I hope he keeps his daughters out of this mess, I wouldn’t want them to be the next Kardashians after he’s gone

Truth & Light

Em is dead


If you take a close look to the shape of his ears, which is like fingerprints, different from one to another without exception, his ears are exactly the same. I would be more inclined to think they have used trauma-based control over him or that they have threatened him in some twisted ways (or his family, for example, as we all know how he protects his daughter).


Usually they do not leave the children out. they are the target in first hand.To stay in line with the agenda they are tortured ,raped and mind controlled from young age.

Mihaela Neagu

Except for 3 am, The monster and this new one I can’t think of any other that he made with heavy symbolism,gore and death. Normally he is not into this, but like I said from once in a while he has to sorta pay a tribute to those in the higher comand. I’m not trying to excuse him, I think he is just trapped in this industry and the only way out is not so appealing


If you read “My Darling” lyrics there he could be making a VERY clear statement about his situation and ho he’s living it. I also think he was there because h loved music and now is engaged by them, cannot go out and must circle around these clowns putting put cds he doesn’t even seem to want to make, like the last one. Here it goes, for anyones interest in him and the whole subject;


Way out?


Also noticed on the art depiction in the video with the devil horns & female legs coming out of the eyes, the vagina of the female is where his third eye is. It’s actually even highlighted.


you do know that a--s is closeby right? One eye symbolism is for the a--s


So when do we find out he has actually been offing people on the side for the CIA or.. high ranking military officials… this is a really horrifying thought! Famous MK Slaves actually doing the bulk of the vile things in this world, lost in a hypnotic state

Thy Unveiling

He never really hid his deal with the devil, nor his evil deeds or alter personalities, and he groomed/handled 50 Cent. Not saying it’s okay that he’s a Delta slave; definitely not. But there has been recurring themes in his songs.

Just me

Yep also his friendship with Jay-Z is quite telling as well

D D d

I bet some wished they could have been a fly on the wall at the EltonJohn-Eminem-bizznizz-negotiations.. I know I would. And then wrote a book about it.


It reminds me of Dave Chapelle leaving to Africa abandoning that 50 million dollars deal and once he was forced to return to the Luciferian show business, he looks like a completely different person.

Stacy Whyde

His song My Darling, i think it was on relapse not sure, but it is VERY telling too


nothing on the death of Avicii?: strange way to die when you’re named after the lowest “hell” realm of Buddhism. Those sent to Avīci Hell are thought to be hopeless of any respite.


Not fiction. This is all real stuff he is showing about his story. Remember how they make a star..

Jon B

Soooo uplifting, soo ‘arty’…Morally/intellectually bankrupt slave here….

Saucy Jack

Soooo sick of these blasphemous clowns and their Luciferian nonsense.. the wizard behind the curtain must be a pitiful creature indeed to be so desperately pushing his antichrist symbolism at every conceivable opportunity. Just comes across as pathetic.


I never finished watching the song on youtube.. due to its images.. I was terrified!!

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