Rihanna’s “Better Have My Money” Promotes the Elite’s Obsession With Torture


Rihanna’s “Better Have My Money” purposely pushes limits and purposely pushes them in a specific direction. The video is a continuation of mass media’s agenda of glorifying death, torture and dehumanization. We’ll look at the twisted messages behind “Better Have My Money”.

Since the launch of Vigilant Citizen in 2008, Rihanna has been a part of the picture. In fact, one of the first articles I ever wrote was about Rihanna’s Umbrella, and nothing has really changed since then. More than 7 years later, Rihanna is still being used to push the occult elite’s agenda … because that’s what industry pawns do. With Better Have my Money, Rihanna truly confirms that popular culture has turned into a depraved, toxic wasteland that purposely exposes young minds to death, murder, and torture. But it is not simply about exposing the youth to these things, it is about glorifying them, making them cool, fashionable, desirable and trendy.

Considering that the occult elite is not ashamed of torturing people for all kinds of purposes (see the horrific revelations of the CIA torture report  and the entire MK Ultra system), it is not surprising that they are looking to sell their love of human misery to the youth. One might say “This has nothing to do with Rihanna, it is just a fun video”. But actually, yes, it does. In Better Have My Money, Rihanna re-enacts actual torture techniques used by psychopathic entities and makes them appear cool. I mean, when you torture people on a yacht while there’s party music in the background, it’s cool, right? Right? Torture is cool? Oh, and sexy, too.

It’s Not Really About Her Money

If you listen to Better Have My Money without being exposed to the video, it is easy to assume that the song is about someone owing Rihanna money that she wants back. If someone has ever owed you money and tried to weasel their way out of paying you back, you probably relate to the catchy chorus of the song: “B*tch better have my money”.

However, the imagery of the video takes things to a disturbing, psychopathic, sadistic new level. Now it is not simply about Rihanna trying to get her money, it is about Rihanna enjoying torturing and killing people. But, because it’s Rihanna that’s doing it, we’ll rationalize the horrors on screen and say that it’s just her being a “strong, empowered, independent woman”, right? Well, guess what. Even if a woman does it, killing and torturing people is still wrong.

Does watching the video gives you an uneasy, unpleasant feeling in your gut? That’s your instincts subtly telling you that what you are watching is not right. It does not fit with the state of natural balance and harmony your mind attempts to stay in. Watching pain, suffering, dehumanization, and death is not “art”, it simply kills the soul.

As it is often the case with mass media, Rihanna’s video synchronizes with a recently released video from another pop star who also took on a bloody, vengeful, and violent persona: Taylor Swift.

For Bad Blood, Taylor Swift takes on a violent, murderous persona and wears her hair red. Rihanna takes on a similar persona
Released a few weeks apart, Bad Blood and Better Have My Money feature pop stars in celebrating death and violence while wearing red hair – the color of blood and sacrifice.

The Video

The Better Have My Money video begins with a stereotypical Hollywood wife crossing paths with Rihanna and her mysterious trunk.

Rihanna is about to go crazy.
Rihanna is about to turn into a psychopathic torturer. But I looove her bohemian-chic style, so it’s OK.

Rihanna leaves the elevator with the woman inside the trunk and the ordeal begins. Rihanna and her friends do not simply kidnap the woman to get their money back – they take pleasure in torturing her in various ways. In short, they are partaking in the guilty pleasures of the occult elite: dehumanizing, torturing, traumatizing, and, ultimately, murdering people. Yes, that’s what the occult elite does. In real life. Read the news.

First, they strip their victim naked – a classic way of taking away the victim’s dignity and sense of security and to enter the realm of sexual abuse.

They hang her upside down while Rihanna is being really cool.
They hang her upside down while Rihanna looks really cool. Looove that hat BTW.

“Simply hanging a person upside down for one or two hours will begin to play tricks on the mind. The mind will begin to dissociate, and will begin to reverse the primordial brain functions such as pain is pleasure. The person’s mind rearranges. This is often done with Beta alters or Beta models to get them to think that the pain of sadistic rape is a pleasure. After this reversal in the mind that “PAIN IS LOVE”, the S&M kitten alters will beg their handler to slap them, tie them up, hurt them, etc. They will tease their handler, and tell him he is not a real man if he shows any mercy in how the pain is inflicted. Fire/burning torture is used in the porcelain face programming.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Rihanna and her friends appear to have gotten the CIA handbook of torture.

Inducing vomiting through motion and/or drugs.
Inducing vomiting through motion and/or drugs.

Rihanna also appears to know about the sick mind games played on Beta Kitten slaves such as “making them pretty to then treat them like whores”.

Rihanna and friends put on makeup on the woman and even eye-lashes on her blindfold. It reminisces what sick people do to MK slaves before abuse.
Rihanna and friends make the victim wear jewelry and makeup. They even add eye-lashes on her blindfold. She is then drugged. This is the kind of stuff MK handlers do to slaves before abuse.
The victim is kept under water to hide her from the idiot policeman who is too distracted by the pretty women to notice anything else. In mass media, feminism is not about equality, it is about hating men to the point of ridicule and even rationalizing their murder.
Keeping a victim underwater and simulating death by drowning is a particularly traumatic torture technique (see Guantanamo Bay/waterboarding) that often leads to dissociation.

In the scene above, the victim is kept underwater to hide her from the idiot policeman who is too distracted by the pretty women to notice anything else. When pop stars like Rihanna and Taylor use sex and violence to get what they want, it is often portrayed as a feminist statement. But in mass media, feminism is not about equality, it is about normalizing degradation and violence and calling it empowerment.

After a bunch of shots of Rihanna looking angry and cool, we finally learn why this poor woman is suffering. Because her husband owes Rihanna money. The woman is therefore presumably totally innocent but is still subjected to the worst kind of abuse. (By other women. So much for feminism!)

Despite his wife’s torture, the husband is not sending Rihanna her money, so she decides to slaughter him like a farm animal. That’s rational.

The man's living room is covered in plastic sheets because Rihanna is about to hack and slash him in an orgy of unnecessary violence. I'm sure her 12 year-old fans enjoy this.
The man’s living room is covered with plastic sheets because Rihanna is about to hack and slash him in an orgy of unnecessary violence. I’m sure Rihanna’s 12-year-old fans will enjoy this.
In a quick shot, we see a hand cut off.
In a quick shot, we see his hand cut off.

Doing all of these horrific things was apparently worth it because Rihanna got her money. Good. We were all very worried about Rihanna’s money. While young viewers will conclude that “Rihanna is such a bad-ass”, the final scene of the video reveals her true state.

Although we are first lead to believe that the victim lays bloody in the chest, it is Rihanna who is laying bloody in the chest.
Rihanna lays in the trunk where the torture victim was previously placed.

Not unlike the torture victim, Rihanna is inside the chest, naked and drugged. It is a symbolic way of stating that Rihanna is actually not a cool, renegade bad-ass, but is a victim herself. She is a product of the Beta Kitten industry, she has literal blood on her hands, but there is some money thrown at her to keep her in line. In other words, she is no different than the woman who got kidnapped, tortured and exploited to get money. By portraying a sadistic killer over club music, she is being used and manipulated by the industry to advance its Agenda. She is not “empowered”, nor is she in control of anything. She never was.

The last image of the video shows Rihanna's extremely bloody face over unsettling music.
The last image of the video, after the song is over, shows Rihanna’s face dripping with blood over unsettling sounds.

The blood on Rihanna’s face recalls the extreme violence of the murder she committed and reminds us of the real point of the video. This was never about getting paid. This is about using Rihanna to sell the elite’s culture of death and dehumanization while negating human dignity, self-respect, and everything that is positive about humanity.

In Conclusion

There is no hidden message in Better Have My Money. Everything is in your face, like the blood dripping down Rihanna’s face. The video still manages to deceive viewers by rationalizing horror because “the guy was a jerk and he deserved it”. No, he didn’t.

However, the sickness goes deeper than this. This video is about the elite’s obsession with pain and torture. Whether you are looking at the treatment of war prisoners and MK slaves, or at the underground rings selling snuff torture, those “above the law” have legitimized the torture of those that are “beneath” them. Not only is it used as a tool to obtain what they want, but their inverted mindstate “gets off” on it. Better Have My Money celebrates this mindstate under the guise of being “edgy”.

What does this say about us and our culture? Why does “pushing the limits” in popular culture always go in a debasing and dehumanizing direction, but rarely in the opposite direction, toward beauty, creativity, and innovation? Because those who control the world economy and mass media do not want human minds to expand and be inspired. They want the opposite. They want closed, cloudy minds obsessed with unhealthy and destructive ideas and images. Minds they can control.

Rihanna is a tool to accomplish this. She doesn’t really have a say in any of it. She didn’t even write the song. She is simply doing what her bosses tell her to do. And, when all is said and done, they will tell her: “B*tch better have my money”.



  1. Funnily enough they got the man who plays Hannibal from the Tv show to be that guy that Rihanna went after. I wonder why they specifically chose him. Also the actor portrayed Hannibal for audition explains that he thinks that Hannibal is like the fallen angel Lucifer. I know this is random but I wondered why they got that Guy to be in her video. Its weird.

  2. If you notice Taylor Swift’s picture of Bad Blood (the redhead one) carefully, you see that she wears triangle earrings. Another example of Illuminati symbolism

  3. If you notice Taylor Swift’s picture of Bad Blood (the redhead one) carefully, you see that she wears triangle earrings. Another example of Illuminati symbolism

  4. As VC has already explained, there’s a pretty clear theme of the normalization of perversion. Even if you’re skeptical about all these conspiracies you have to question why these music videos have these recurring negative themes. Why are these dark values and imagery being constantly promoted? Would it be too boring to promote ideals such as those in Christianity or the other great religions, such as compassion, creativity, tranquility, etc? If you’ve lived long enough you know that those things are what bring actual, lasting happiness whereas the fame-power-fortune side promoted by these atrocities only ever end up in ‘lows’ after the ‘highs’. Why does it need to be so over-the-top in-your-face obscene? Everything in these videos speak to the ego rather than the spirit. Everything about this is about the theme of debasement, catering to Man’s lowest instincts. It is genuinely satanic in nature. Even as an atheist you should be able to tell something is not right about this. It’s drawing society in a sickly, perverted, degenerate direction. It isn’t far-fetched at all to detect that there’s an agenda behind this crap.

    Deeply concerning.

  5. What if Rihanna and the rest are asking for our help through this because as you say they can’t escape from this.. can’t we do anything.
    Guys please, i don’t wanna see another innocent soul go through this, this is just not right,

  6. I noticed a lot of anti-white-privilege hatred in this video … it’s pushing a Jewish Neo-Red Bolshevism (an ideology conceived within, originated by, and heavily steeped within Kabballah based esoteric factions and their ‘mystery school’ bullshit) agenda … how this was lost to the article’s author is beyond me …

  7. "But in mass media, feminism is not about equality, it is about normalizing degradation and violence and calling it empowerment." This is one of the realest statements I have heard about our culture's disgusting brainwashing of American women.

    As a Christian woman, I am a firm believer in submitting to my husband as the leader of our family. However, to my secular girlfriends, this seems crazy. However as they scoff at my decisions to do the best I have to have a strong marriage to a committed man, they allow themselves to be emotionally and physically abused and objectified by men and call it independence and empowerment. Allowing themselves to be in p**n, involved in S&M, serial dating, public lesbian acts, all while scoffing at the traditional family unit as oppressive and exploitative.

  8. I watched the video out of curiosity the other night. I thought she was bad before but Jesus….this has gotta be THE worst, most disgusting video AND least substantial song ever made. I'd rather listen to nothing but flatulence for the rest of my life and look at nothing but diarrhea than listen to or look at her.

  9. Interesting article. I've just released a song on Youtube which reached 665 views, and it seems impossible to get one more view !!!

  10. Does anyone else find it astonishingly offensive that the most obvious symbolism is perpetuated by Black artists who are popular overwhelmingly with Black audiences? The cheapest, most depraved, most violent imagery is "saved" for Black audiences and those at the top are almost admitting that they think "people of color" are intellectually inferior and easily manipulated. They throw in some Egyptian Illuminati imagery and figure that will inspire pride and people and encourage them to patronize their companies.

    This seduction is evident in the fact that it's no accident the couple being tortured is White. What the creators of this video present as some power fantasy, is in fact, an almost mocking exploitation of the audience it is intended for and the drained, blood-splattered face of Rhianna at the end, says something entirely different than what the rest of the video says: Defeat.

  11. "so she decides to slaughter him like a farm animal"
    Because it's okay to slaughter a farm animal?! Ugh, when will you people realize animals are sentient?!

    • Yes, sentient – on a MUCH lower level.

      The utmost emphasis is placed on having the slaughtered animal NOT suffer. That doesn’t mean I think we do anywhere near enough in terms of livestock wellfare, though.

      By your logic you should stop inhaling air because you might swallow a tiny insect or bacteria that your digestion system/immune system will then ‘kill’.

  12. I am so glad i got rid of my television.This is demonic stuff! Makes me sick!!!! Taylor Swift isnt original anymore.She is just like all the rest!! God help them.

  13. The author missed something.

    The new trend in the elite race war is to show blacks abusing whites. Blacks in positions of authority over whites. It. Is. Everywhere. Tv. Movies. Music.

    What I've noticed of late is a lot of shows featuring black men beating up white women. Of course the woman 'deserves it' if you follow the storyline (not), but what it is doing is desensitizing people to the racist meme of blacks doing anything wrong, elevating them above whites.

    I am in no way a racist, I've dated every race out there but middle eastern, and found them all good people. What I am stressing is an obvious agenda aimed at causing racial tensions by favoring one race over another. If you don't believe what I have said, observe movies and tv shows, how many whites have black bosses? How many whites are made to look stupid or are humiliated/beaten by blacks? If you think color isn't being used to create discord in this nation, you haven't been paying attention.

    • Uhhh….obviously you missed this in biology 101, but there is only one race. The human race. There are different ethnicities and different cultures and religions. But only one race. HUMAN. The fact that you think "middle eastern" is a race proves you are in fact a racist.

      • @luminariadancer

        You’ve got ‘species’ and ‘race’ mixed up. There are several human races but only one species.

        In terms of this whole ‘race war agenda’ I doubt it’s there – it’s more likely just misunderstood political correctness bullshit. The real agenda is the Satanic stuff with the Luciferianism, transhumanism and police state glorification.

        As I wrote about in a comment above, the ironic thing is any self-respecting Black individual who is unashamed of his/her race would be OFFENDED – not feel ’empowered’ – by seeing his/her race portrayed as one that seeks to dominate and destroy Whites the way Rihanna is shown doing – an authentic personality does not seek to rule over others! If anything is a show for supposed low Black intelligence it’s failure to recognize a such fact…

    • well looks likes like ‘the elite’ are doing it right. they will try to make the ethic minority looks bad in order for other to hate on. Just look at Muslims and Hispanics

  14. Yes, the video is gory. Yes, the video is violent. But how is this video any different from a Stephen King, Scorcese, or Tarantino film? Sometimes films & tv shows are violent. But that doesn't make them less artistic, creative or impactful for audiences that can handle & appreciate that kind of thing. I saw more blood in Django than I did in this video and im sure audiences felt that Foxx's character was justified. I respect your depth & perspective on most things…but with BBHMM, there's nothing much to see here but Rihanna being Rihanna. The Bieber video was creepy though

  15. Did anyone notice duct tape with painted lipstick during scene when female victim is in pool on the boat? Remember reading about duct tape with lipstick found with Caylee Anthony. Copy cats or connection?

  16. Please take a moment to think of Rihanna and those like her. As the article says she is being used and has absolutely no control over her life. She knows what she is doing is wrong but fear is a powerful tool. The videos and images are becoming more and more graphic because the people behind this agenda are throwing everything they can at us… Remember 2012 and the coming of the end of the world etc? This was an inverted lie that is always used by those whom remain hidden. The truth is that 2012 represented a marker of great spiritual change for all those living on Earth right now. That change is happening right now all around us, and can be seen by many now… People are waking up and this website is proof of that.

    The silly tricks being used right now to confuse and guide us all down the wrong path will not work. YOU and I know this deep down, however it sometimes scares us and frightens us… Do not be scared, they are tricks that cost much but deliver little, your humanity cannot be taken from you, you have to willingly give it… Remember the thing that makes us ordinary is that we are ALL special!

  17. The demirge eats our a force which is the human pain; so man produces pain to feed the Demiurge, the great deceiver..yhvh

    Yhvh is esentially a vampire

  18. This sick garbage shows the extremes they are prepared to go to to poison the minds of the mostly very young fans of these puppet pop stars. Where will it end-practically every depravity has been shown or hinted at in music videos shown at anytime day or night. Thanks to VC for being one of the few outlets to call then out on this!

    • You do know the title "Lucifer " is not in reference to Satan, but to the the dynasty of Babylon and is the
      Translation of the Hebrew word heh·lelʹ, “shining one.” Heh·lelʹ is not a name or a title but, rather, a term describing the boastful position taken by Babylon’s dynasty of kings of the line of Nebuchadnezzar

  19. It could also be an analogy for the coming Day of Atonement, b***h better have my money, meaning those of you who have not yet stoned for your sins will be directly, personally liable for your debts in full VERY soon

  20. Oh snap…another insightful, EYE-OPENING article. The answer as to why the envelope is never pushed toward good, beauty and innovation? 1 John 5:19. It becomes clearer who really controls this world for now with each passing day and it's not God.

    • Of course God controls everything. Giving permission to all of us to do as we please. it doesn't mean we control what's happening. The nature obeys God. That's why there will be famine when the anti arrives. The nature will stop giving us produce.

  21. Please write an articles about the movie "Minions, Illumination". I saw a lot of weird stuff in it, starting with the name. I would love to se your opinion on this movie.

  22. What happened to her? She completely changed. But I was never a fan of her nor her music so this transformation does not matter to me that much, because it is all part of the industry now.

  23. Technically the ///"B***h///" singing this song already has ///"their///" money…….her soul!//n//nPoor Rihanna, its going to be quite unfortunate that her debt will be paid back in her own blood once the illuminati are done with her just like Whinehouse and the others.//n//nBy the way, what a way to blind society today from the harsh reality being revealed in that music video that they might as well all dye their hair ///"red///" like RiRi and Swift.

  24. Technically the "B***h" singing this song already has "their" money…….her soul!

    Poor Rihanna, its going to be quite unfortunate that her debt will be paid back in her own blood once the illuminati are done with her just like Whinehouse and the others.

    By the way, what a way to blind society today from the harsh reality being revealed in that music video that they might as well all dye their hair "red" like RiRi and Swift.

  25. For those who keep asking where is the evidence about the accountant, here's one of many articles about it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2561519/R

    Rihanna's first accountant was shady. The news came out when the IRS was trying to pull a Wesley Snipes on her for backtaxes. TMZ and all other media were making a big deal about it. Rihanna immediately clapped back with attorneys and explained the situation to the public. The accountant she had during her first album was playing funny with her money. Think about it, she was 16 when she came out with "Pon de Replay". I am sure that first contract was suspect to say the least, and she didn't have proper counseling to tell her what she was signing was a ripoff.

    But back to the video. If you watch her videos on youtube, you will see a pattern. Once she did umbrella and went with the whole "good girl gone bad" persona, most of her videos take a dark turn. This is the same chick rolling on a pentagram in the "rock star" video. Doing drugs and in a questionable relationship in the "we found love" video. Shoots the man that rapes her in the "man down" video. And now is a psycho killer that lacks empathy in this "BBHMM" video. If anything, I say this is a continued progression of a disturbed individual with each video (or album) that comes out. This video disturbed me as it did most of you. Mainly with the line "Your wife is in the back seat of my brand new foreign car. Don't act like you forgot. I call the SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS! LIKE BLA BLA BLA!…" Listening to the song, didn't think much of it. I thought the wife was cheating on the husband with Rihanna when just listening to the song. However, watching the video, it took on a whole new meaning when you see the wife locked in the trunk while in a trunk of a car, and all the other tortures done.

    I figured out it was about her real life accountant at the end, with all of the subliminals about her accounts being depleted. To me, this is probably what she wanted to have done to him and his family. To think it is one thing. To simulate it in such an NSFW video makes you wonder about her state of mind.

  26. I keep thinking of all the young kids who are exposed to this video, and every video like it. The hypnotic trance of the video strobe rate sucks them under and then when defenses are down forces horrific visual imagery into their young minds. So the kids watching are actually being mk'd by the screen.




    • … and what proof do you base your rantings on? Because, without proof, that’s all what you posted really is.

      Isn’t it bad enough they’re Satanists with an obvious hate for anything good and decent? Does it even matter if they’re also not human?

  28. In Cathy O'Briens book, ACCESS DENIED, she talks about her experiences with x husband Wayne Cox. This is disgusting to repeat, but one night he took her to the railroad where poor homeless hobos would live. He killed an innocent hobo right in front of Cathy to tramatize her, and cut off the hobo's hand. Cox was part of a multigenerational satanic family and MKULTRA handler, and the hand severing is part of a Satanic ritual. This is exactly what happens at the end of this video. Also, with Rihanna covered in blood, this reminds me of Cathy O'Briens experience of a Satanic ritual which I think took place in some church, where she was covered in blood. Rihanna's video seems to represent real Satanic rituals. I can't believe she is a practicing Satanist, so someone else must be behind this.

    • Satanists are demonically possessed. The d3mons who dwell in them are the ones who act like that. They will drink blood and they'll do anything that is not normal. That's why those peeps have multiple personalities. That's why they are very knowledgeable about others. The demons inside them give them all the information. The demons reveal what they have done in their life in details. It is what it is. Their eyes always reveal what they are though. No matter how manipulative and intelligent they are (because those psychos are extremely intelligent), their eyes always reveal them. They don't call them mirror of the soul for nothing eh. Even the peeps who are behind the various blogs we visit, might be like that. Especially the internet is a pond for disturbed peeps. You can sniff them everywhere. just saying ehhhh. nice one.

  29. sorry about off topic but wanted t to mention the japanese game hatsune miku diva songs that i found rather mkultra and satanic references. you can watch vids on youtube but keep inmind there are 2 versions of all songs' vids. songs in which i found pentagrams are "the mmorpg addict's anthem" and"decorator". the one with crazy mkultra references imo is "sweet devil", which is a separate dlc song. there is also one about a girl in an asylum, with pathological torture of a bear! in it using scissors called tokyo teddy bear, also only dlc… and besides that the user can dress up the songs actors in devil horns, a japanese devil mask and a devil's tail.

    • in "envy cat walk " seems like kitten programming with a clear shot of syringe followed by floating dreaming character. and plenty of cat references in "nyanyanyanyanya", nya means meow in japanese, "cat food", "kagerou daze",and in "black rock shooter" there are some masonic symbols and imo clearly is about descent into hell and imprisonment.

  30. Like seriously?. Do people still believe all these videos and stuffs they watch shouldn't be given an in depth analysis?.WOW!!!.

    • Dude, come on, you’re overreacting… murder, humiliation, de-humanization and Rihanna lying dead covered in blood in a trunk is totally badass! Don’t be such a prude… You gotta appreciate art when you see it. Who doesn’t like to see a little waterboarding in a music video?

      Also, mad props to all the people intelligent enough to be Rihanna fans – she’s such a hot puppet erm… empowered feminist!

  31. The video is absolutely disgusting. I couldn't even get even close to halfway through this vile piece of garbage. There's a special place in hell for those pushing this putrid, satanic r**e on the masses.

  32. i just read about a black man in alabama killed by police cos he resisted arrest.

    … in an austrian newspaper. can u smell the agenda? it smells like rihannas vid.

  33. what vc missed to mention is the racial aspect. while nowadays u can read about every black gangsta shot by those evil kukluxpolice and see "blacklivesmatter"-signs from boston to budapest THIS comes out.

    "sistas" torturing "white trash". coincidence? i dont think so.

    feed the hate…

    • LOL, the hypocrisy indeed is alarming… The same video with a white woman – or even a male – murdering blacks would have caused the greatest outcry, ever… Same as how it’s perfectly fine to ridicule Christianity but you better not say anything negative about Islam.

      Both of these groups are guilty of playing the ‘victim’ role to a ridiculous degree.

      The ironic – and amazing – thing is these same groups failing to recognize the fact that precisely by taking offense they’re precisely perpetuating their lower status. Blacks/Muslims with genuine self respect won’t care in the slightest what others think of their skin color or religious beliefs.

  34. Listen to the CHORUS of “better have my money” backwards!!!
    Download the programme “Audacity” and play it backwards. Yes there’s a subliminal message in the lyrics.
    The same goes for her older song “we found love”

    Informative article as always VC

  35. After watching the video, I have no words.
    Yes it is no different than a horror or violent movie but it was disgusting and I'd feel that way even if I saw the same type of thing IN a movie. It was sickening.
    I like Rihanna BUT WTAF???? gross… Not for me… It is because of videos like this that I don't watch music videos anymore

  36. The dissociated Beta Kitten acting out what has happened to her, we've seen it before, we call it role-play.
    Abused children and adults do it as a way to cope with the trauma inflicted on them.
    Waterboarding is a very old form of torture. It was used on suspected 'witches' by the Inquisitors to get them to 'confess'.

  37. Great article.

    Rhianna like the rest of todays pop stars took the satanic deal, Unfortunately, I don't believe any of todays pop tools have a clue about what the "Whole" deal includes. It must be part of the deal that at some point the chosen pop star must bathe in blood. I know it sounds ridiculous but if you go down the list they have all done it in one or more of their sick videos. Right of passage or something even darker. JUST WHEN DID IT BECOME THE NORM FOR MUSICIANS TO COVER THEMSELVES IN BLOOD? WTF?? In short it is up to us as parents to turn these basterds off, to un empower them by NOT buying their trash and by petitioning the industry to quit serving us up their mind controlled idiots with hidden agendas masquerading as real music. ITS CRAP AND I HOPE AS A PEOPLE WE ALL REALIZE IT! !!E N O U G H!!

    Also there is back masking on Rhiannas new song, its easily heard. I don't want any child listening to that snake in the grass!

    • I agree I have been seeing blood baths a lot in music videos lately. the song by dej loaf & kid ink comes to mind. the video has absolutely nothing to do with the song!!

    • Animals by maroon 5 is also full of blood baths and that video of drake ft lil wayne Love me is also full of sex kittens full of blood.

  38. If you reverse the song in the chorus you’ll hear ‘my man lucifer, my man lucifer’.
    It’s really hard for me to stop listening to these songs. The beat, the tune, It’s all stored in my head, even though I don’t listen to them on my mp3 player.
    I don’t know how can you all do it.

    • people keep saying that it's stuck in their head! I only listened to it two or three times because they play it in this hip hop dancing class i go to sometimes, and i haven't heard it in maybe a month, but it's STILL stuck in my head. I even have a slight urge to go and listen to it. I won't, but it's bad enough that the urge is there.

  39. if there is NO conspiracy of any sort, other than the everyday goal to simply make money by those in the industry including performers, it still doesn’t justify the depravity and pointless horror now being thrown around like sex once was for what typically is a young audience.

    i simply find it incredibly hard to believe that some people sell out that fully for nothing BUT money; there has to be something behind the impulse. it would seem that the intoxication that some people associate with “getting money” is a front for other things–and it is called by many names… self preservation? baser instincts? sin? will to power? evil? possession? amorality? perversion? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    what is clear is NO organism or individual can exist in this state for long, evolutionarily speaking, and with enough people being recruited at this rate, self-extinction awaits us. besides, who would want to, other than a sick person…

    • This hits the nail on the head, directly. Even if you foolishly can’t see there’s this conspiracy you still must wonder at what exactly is happening in our culture when you see something like this (in a music video, broadcast to millions)… but this same thing applies in so many other fields of society: There’s so much wrong with it and with what values we accept and how we treat each other – but most people don’t [want to] see it.

  40. Great analysis! What's also ridiculous symbolism is the trunk full of cash in the end. You murder your accountant who messed with your book money, then leave the scene of the capital crime you just committed and for which you might be facing the death sentence and the logical consequence is that you lie covered in blood in a trunk full of dollar bills??? Who is using significant amounts of dollar bills nowadays? Certainly not the 1%.

  41. Truth be told it is a terrible video, with it's message and its imagery in general.
    Nicely put. Feminism as portrayed in mainstream culture is not about equality as it is supposed to be but it's about degradation and and violence. Like hey look at me, I'm this super powerful women who degrades her body for the masses and too push an agenda. I'm totally powerful! Pathetic really. But be the change you want to see in this world and don't pay them any attention. I haven't listened to the radio in a long time and watched/seen tv.

  42. If you like this video , WHAT MORE does Hollyweird have to do to offend you , WHAT MORE ? What more do they have to do to prove that there is a PATTERN ( S & M Video ) of videos conditioning young people to think this is " entertainment " ? What more do they have to do to prove the Elite , want a screwed up , confused , obsessed w/ sex society that all follows their script ?
    The Deviants in charge don't want healthy , informed , independent thinking people , they never have and don't forget this is all part of a sophisticated Psyop Operation by msm

    • Kanye's "Flashing Lights" video also showed a black woman murdering a lover in a trance of psychosis, co-mingled with booty shots and dripping jewels.

      Next up, kiddies (since Sia has pedophila covered): CANNIBALISM

  43. I have a hard enough time just reading about this video and seeing the pictures. I don't know how anyone can actually watch the video.

    • hmmm men want to dominate and handle others though. Their children, their wives, their girlfriends. It's all about control since the fall. A mess that requires to be amended. And the balance will be restored eventually no matter what the dark powers and the enlightened ones want.

      • Caving in to one’s perceived need to dominate others is a character deficiency and a weakness and any person with insight and self-knowledge will recognize this fact.

    • A handler is an MK Ultra / mind control term, meaning the person behind the scenes who controls someone. Read about MK, or otherwise it makes no sense.

  44. VC,

    I've been reading your site for awhile, ever since I started studying symbolism. You do excellent work. I just watched the Rhianna video for the first (and last) time, and it reminded me of something I've recently been researching that I wanted to point out. The bloody torture and murder of some rich guy and his wife in their expensive home, and especially the last scene where Rhianna is in the suitcase on top of what looks to be Laurel Canyon. I'm sure you're familiar with Dave McGowan's work on Laurel Canyon; if not, it's worth your time. I also strongly recommend reading Miles Mathis' recent piece on the Tate Murder false flag which highlights Manson's Helter-Skelter-Race-War; it's almost verbatim on what we are seeing in the news right now. Manson has been in the news quite a bit, and so have violent outlaw biker gangs, and so is the not-so-subtle push towards a violent race war.

    It seems history may be repeating itself.

  45. The Black Child on YouTube posted a very interesting review of this view as well. In it, he plays a part of the song in reverse and it is pretty chilling. It actually sounds better in reverse too, which is not a surprise given the message. I have to mention that I watched the video in it's entirety and found it really disturbing. I am not a fan of Rihanna's music or sound in any way, yet the song has stuck in my head since then in a very unhealthy way. I am guessing the subliminal subconscious sounds are heavy in this song, which is terrifying to me considering her young fan base. She is no doubt a mind control victim, a puppet of the cabal, and we should send her love and comfort in hopes that she can reconnect with her soul.

  46. It made me feel ill just looking at the pictures of the video

    I have seen reviews of such on different major shows and websites and outside of an article written on the British Daily Mail by a concerned parent I haven't seen a single negative review

    Because the media is in on it just like they are certain political issues, no one will criticize it
    because its what the One World Order wants

    The celebrities, the musicians, the politicians, the corporations, etc- they are all in on it together

    Some I think are brainwashed or refuse to acknowledge the truth because all they see is money
    in which case greed has made them incompetent of rational thought

    I am glad that websites like this one exist that are willing to allow independent thought

    If more people thought independently then USA and the world wouldn't be so messed up

    There aren't any other websites like Vigilant Citizen
    which tells you how unique it is

    The more that comes out
    the more real it seems

    I miss the days when most artists made their own videos
    as opposed to others making them for them

    I don't think its a coincidence either that its a black person torturing a white person and making it appear "hip and cool"
    There are elements of racism in this video as well

    The One World Order wants race wars in order to divide the people

    "United we stand,
    Divided we fall"

    • Could be…although regular prostitutes (and their pimps) get paid and beta prostitutes never get paid. Their handlers get all the money and the beta kitten never even knows they were used, unless the memories come back.

  47. lately it seems the trend with bots has a pattern on youtube comments. just look at the avatar and if the name describes the picture, it is not a human talking to you.

  48. Don't forget about the snake/reptilian looking pupils at the end when her face is zoomed in. In HD you can clearly see her eyes kinda shift they go from round to slanted without her even blinking…

  49. There's a reason why mainstream "feminism" is promoting degradation, dehumanisation, and death, and reframing it as "empowerment" if a woman chooses to participate in such acts. The original feminist aim, for the liberation of women from patriarchal shackles, was about promoting female autonomy; political, social, and economic equality, and a more egalitarian society overall. Yet this movement has been hijacked, distorted, and turned into a commercial brand. This is a deliberate aim on the part of those in power to keep the current set-up as it is, so that women (and even some men) attain a false consciousness as opposed to true enlightenment.

    There has been an insightful feminist response to the warped and harmful messages in BBHMM. Those who claim otherwise and call it a "feminist statement" are not doing women any favours. We don't help each other by treading on each other's backs.

    So, you are right VC, to say that mass media normalises degradation and violence as some form of freedom for women. What I find particularly interesting is that many feminists would agree with you, and indeed they frequently analyse the ways in which the women's movement has been appropriated. It's just that the theories differ, but I believe they overlap. A lot of what you've said, VC, about beta kittens, is similar reasoning to the feminist literature I've read about the objectification of women and the dynamics of abusive relationships. I believe that oppressions and the elite's overall goal intersect with one another. It's one of the reasons I keep on visiting this site, as I notice parallels between my political/social analysis and your own.

    But yes, in short: BBHMM, definitely not a feminist statement.

      • I still wouldn't call it feminist if she was white. That some people are applauding Rihanna for promoting violence against women (along with materialism and capitalism) doesn't subvert any of the dominant paradigms in society, particularly those that saturate the media. Race, class and gender oppressions intersect with one another; what happens in this video is a role reversal of power, rather than portraying how those roles might be overcome.

    • I was thinking the same. Shows like Hannibal and Dexter try to make us feel empathy and even admiration for the Bad guy.I think it's part ofthe agenda.
      I enjoy Hannibal for the great cinematography and the good acting but sometimes the violence and the ambiguous message make me uncomfortable and I wonder if it's worth watching.

  50. If you read the comments on YouTube that accompany this video, in a sense it's almost 10x scarier than what transpires in the video itself (and I am in no way making light of what goes down in BBHMM!) I'd give some examples, but there are just too many atrocities there for me to pick. I think my 'favorite' was that it was okay b/c she was torturing a woman and therefore it was a 'fantasy', so if men can have such fantasies', why can't women? (paraphrase) And anyone who posted a sensible comment (not very many, but there was a small scattering of them) was jumped on and attacked by her legions of fans. Check that out for a real headfunk… Just wow…

    • Yep,after reading this, I got on and watched it as well. Very nasty and reading the comments is actually the scariest part about it! I remember one where they were comparing it to "Elvis on Ed Sullivan Show and she stated oh, well, Elvis was controversial back in the day when they banned him…. and now this"

      Crazy! Isn't it!!!! Well, Elvis was not torturing anyone. Alas, I did find him sexy back in the day and yah, it was something else I'm sure that they refused to show him from waist down, but it's still a long way off from this

    • the comments of her video shows how bad society is right now! Torture in any way is cool or edgy is one of the worst atrocities you can do to someone! Also that Rihanna fantasizes in torturing her accountant in her video shows how bad is her mind state!

    • YouTube is a scary place because it’s one of the places on the Internet where one is most readily able to investigate into the mindsets of the masses… and it’s often not a pretty sight.

      I once got suggested to ‘kill myself’ because I was giving away games for free on Steam (yes – you read that correctly). People will write anything online – but it sadly just shows what kind of real-life people they must be, also.

  51. Absalutely disgusting that anyone could think this was a good and enjoyable form of art. People are so blinded to popular culture that it's heart breakingly sad. Even worse that kids are singing along to this music and think the video is cool and enjoyable.

  52. Another great article VC!! Continue spreading the word!
    I was so curious about Rihanna's life that i read her Wikipedia page… One interesting thing i read was about how she doesn't want to be a role model, she just wants to make music.
    The sad thing though, is, that despite not wanting to be a role model, she is one inadvertently because she's famous. People tend to idolize ad emulate their 'favorite pop star".
    And for her to KNOW that what she's doing is detrimental to developing minds, or that prancing around naked & promoting death / torture is evil, she does it anyway! So really, I would like to believe that she's a full on controlled slave – with no original thought or choice. There is nothing sexy about that!!

  53. The only benefit this video offers is that what was once considered fringe speculation is now very much in the face of the public. The race baiting in media is also now very obvious. We hold some truths to be self-evident.

  54. great article as always! can you do one on "where are you now" from justin bieber , skrillex and diplo?! so much symbolism it's crazy!

  55. This isn't music, this is trash. Poor Rihanna, look at her at the end of that video looking like a dirty piece of bloody meat with a couple dollars scattered on her. How pathetic.

  56. I'm not going to watch thevideo, because I don't like rihanna. But what vc said about that feeling in your gut..I've only gotten that feeling once. And it was while watching that "movie" springbreakers. And I don't wanna feel that again. Good article though VC!

    • I know exactly what can make you feel that way again, the video by Heliophant on Youtube I Pet Goat II. Even better the commentary videos on it. It will change your life and open your eyes until they are popping out of their sockets.

      • Yes you do, you are so right! I Pet Goat II gave me that feeling exactly. I think I was creeped out for days. There is something so strange running straight through it, from start to finish. It was odd.

  57. This is beyond ridiculous, the media I mean. Back in the 90's, music videos were more about dancing, choreographies, fun, etc.. Not saying it had no messages, but it was not so scandalous. Now it looks like everything needs to be violent, pornographic and demonic… WTF is going on?? They are trying to take all the fun away from music.

    • I agree! Especially with Hip Hop and Rock! Used to be funny or about serious topics to change the world, now it is about lust, abusive relationships, crimes and violence. That's why I don't listen to radio or own a TV.
      And now since technology is so widespread, it is impossible even for young kids without any devices to avoid those awful things. 🙁

  58. Rihanna is one of those artist that wants to be at the TOP TOP TOP of the music industry totem pole. And there is a heavy price to pay for the few that sell out for her level of success and fame. Which is mostly undeserved because the girl cannot really sing, dance, or write her own hit songs. She does have a pretty face, a model 's figure, and amazing style thanks to her stylist Mel Ottenberg, but that's about it . . I cannot even begin to imagine the abuse she's endured over the years from industry men, endless casting couch sessions for favors within the industry, and God knows what else. I am a fan of her style and sassy 'take no s**t' attitude, but the video is just deplorable. .

    • She is under mind control since 2009 with the chris brown’s incident and since then, she tries to do whatever it takes to be famous! Poor girl 🙁
      Her style is no good she is always dressed like a tomboy, she needs to dress feminine like a lady but sensual! Remember feminity is an art!

  59. I don't have kids, thank GOD. Great article VC. Someone stated that Rihanna had produced this video. I don't really care who made it and whatever "creative artistic" meaning it's supposed to have: this video remains one demon filled, soulless, pointless, sickening piece of garbage.

    • I don't want any children; this being part of the reason. The world will get worse even bible says so. I don't want a child to endure what this sick and sadistic world has to offer, headed straight to hell!

      • There are enough people on this planet. But if you think the world has been sugar and lemon drops before now then you have a serious rude awakening. The world has always been evil, this is nothing new. Open you eyes, read a real history book, and stop believing that these are the end of days, because the world keeps turning and until humanity learns from its past mistake then history will just keep repeating itself.

      • Thank you for stating that. Remember when the Christians started the crusades? Or when they would burn "witches"? Even people here have wool over there eyes..being told to think for themselves but in reality there being told what to think.

  60. jesus christ…i recall a time of cyndi lauper jamming down the street or van halen rocking over guitars, a starry eyed fan in the crowd of a bruce springsteen concert. jesus.

    I can recognize these things now that i've 'woken up' (hate that phrase) to the real goings on of the underworld, but i wonder how people who are not so informed of these things willl react to images like this. I just worry that over time, slowly, more and more images, ideas like the ones shown in this video will become obsolete, meaning, they wont effect us as much (if they're affecting us at all now).

    I remember parents back in the 80s worried about the 'violence' and 'sex' on TV, violent video games, tipper gore and her music censorship…..seems all apple pie compared to this s***t.

    I always end statements like this asking "what can WE do to fight back?" besides informing as many people as we can what else can we really do? we outnumber them…..that's the sad thing

    • Back in the 80s, we had only 2 channels, hardly any sex or violence on TV. Games, just pacman. The music was a bit of a nuisance but only heavy metal. Mainstream music was innocent. Good times.

  61. Everyone needs to chill. This video is no different from any horror, or action thriller crime movie. The title of the song is BBHMM, not 'Puppies playing in The puddles'!
    Everyone is so eager to be disturbed by this video saying she should be more aware of her role model status for the young and stop promoting violence. The only thing that offended me was this review. Get out of the convent Jack and grow a pair. It's nothing new!

    • No those type of movies are just as wrong glorifying murder and violence. I saw The Kingsmen (hope that is right) with Colin Firth and I could not believe the blood and gore. And people are so desensitized to it. Rome is burning and the elite are throwing gasoline on the flames.

    • Are you serious? Yes of course we're all sitting here waiting to be disturbed by this video so that we attack poor innocent Rihanna who is obviously completely blameless and normal since her video is no different from any horror or action crime thriller movie. That is seriously warped logic. Has it not occurred to you that there is something very wrong with the horror or action thriller genre? Just because this sick video is the same as every other sick movie out there does not makes this acceptable!!! I'd like you to take your own advice to Jack and grow a pair… of eyes, to see the truth that is staring you in the face. Of ears, so you can hear the truth of many of the insightful comments on this page. Of hands, so you can use them to change the sick world we're living in. Of feet, so you can walk in the path of the truth and kick this disgusting agenda to the kerb.

    • Dangus writes, "Get out of the convent Jack and grow a pair. It's nothing new!"

      …and they have won.
      …they've achieved their goal.
      …we're so desensitized that we're in denial about how desensitized we already are.
      Like many of the videos made today, the concept could have been totally different, but they chose to create this crap.

      Ok. So what's next NWO? Or have you already begun?
      …i guess I already know the answer to that :/
      Now let's all "grow a pair" just to have them surgically removed and follow in the footsteps of Bruce. We'll make millions and be Photoshopped on the cover of every magazine…
      Oh wait…that only works for old, white, transgender ppl who will NEVER go through what trangered "minorities" go through on a daily basis..

  62. Even as someone who doesn't really buy the entire Illuminati thing, I'm pretty much sick of media glamorizing violence (whether it's in the news or in music videos). If only we could go back to the 90s where people could sell music without promoting the idea of violence for a song that doesn't really have anything to do with violence.

    • I prefer the 80's to the 90's. Even in the 90's it was getting seedy and dark. The 80's was a happier time in music for me. I was very very young in that decade, but it's my favorite for music because it's happy. I miss those days.

  63. Used to like her when she was new in the music world. She seemed to be cool at the beginning, now she is disgusting and creepy. Also noticed how pale she became?
    Seeing stuff like that makes me scared of the future, because cheating, lust, violence and murder are glorified now. Like Sodom & Gomorrah.

  64. Wow. It doesn't get much more disturbing than this. What a terrible shame – for her – and for the children who listen to and watch her. JZ is one demonic, destructive little nut case. producing and promoting her (and others) decent into pure evil. These women are completely manipulated. It's so sad for so many reasons.

  65. Nothing surprises me anymore. It's really scary living in a world like this. I'm not going to have children EVER… in this sick world…

    • To Andrea, I feel the same as you only I will certainly never feel complete if I don't have them. But everyday I question it as the world is filled with a lot of evil. People really believe that the devil doesn't exist, far from the truth. He does exist. I think what if we all had children, raised our children the right way to believe in Jesus and read their bible. I didn't really start reading the bible properly until my late 20's, so I think it certainly takes time to grow and wise up. If you take a look around the world today a lot of young people men especially are being killed, through gang warfare, drug deals gone bad, suicides, the age of most of these are between 16-30. The women don't want to be women anymore, they want to be men, they want to work instead of raising a family. Hey kudos to all of us because I work everyday and I don't have kids or a husband, might never but I think we have come so far from the natural order of God that if we do not catch it soon we are all doomed. Pray, prepare, read the bible everyday, tell your parents you love them if they are alive, love your children if you have them, teach them to be independent and to never lose their faith. Just imagine if all of us woke up one day and opened our hearts to Jesus our lord and savior. Just imagine letting go of all the hate, anger, resentment, envy, imagine being at peace with the creator. God bless you all, open your hearts to Jesus. He is the light and the way.

      • Cass you are wrong about many women. How come I know many women since my young years who wanted to raise children and have nice families but men were always the obstacle? I think you don't know men very well. Surely, there are some decent blokes around. However, most of them do not appear to be decent which makes it very difficult for women to succeed in having families. Hence, maybe these women realize that is fruitless to raise a family with dishonest males and put their energy in becoming financially independent. I'm not saying that women are angels either. It is what it is. Just accept whatever life brings to you and move on. Men or women are not the beginning and end of all. There's so much more in life.

      • The way society is set up, it is not feasible for anyone to get by in a one income household. Even two incomes is tough. Yes, some are fortunate enough to have an above-average income, though the majority barely scrape by. It is not that women don't wasn't to stay home and raise their kids right. It is that they have to work to provide for their kids. Especially if their relationship with their partner is on shaky ground, which most are. Not being negative, just saying it how I see it going for many (myself included) Until we find a better way of reconstructing society to benefit the majority (retirement is actually retirement, rent and bills are feasible, no more bs charges tacked onto bills, farmers can profit again, etc) this is only going to get worse. Everyone suffers.

    • Andrea you read my mind. I don't want children either; will just be awful for them as time goes on. I feel bad for my little niece who is almost 1 year world. It will be far worse as she gets older. Unsure why my sister chose to have her. I know she loves her; but not good the environment she will be around. It will be a very dark day once she gets older starts going to school.. very sad. smh!

    • but if we all stop having children the human race is going to disappear at some moment! ALSO the world has always been evil you can’t be affect it by that!

  66. A couple of huge symbols you didn't mention were that the woman was wearing white in the beginning (symbolic of sacrifice) and that it looks to me like they are emphasizing that there is no law for them because they control the law and they are above it. So unbelievably sick.

  67. I have always hated Rihanna, and all of the stupid "pop stars " that are unfortunately famous today. Lady gaga is another one who's videos I loathe. These women have no self respect, and have de

    • take a stance. good for you (no sarcasm)

      I grew up pleading my mother to call Barbizon so I could be a model or just look like one overnight, so I'm carousing to spot the spots in this beast!

      yeah, there's running away with yourself, having a taste for destruction, attention, and trouble, and then there's this petulant brat business.

  68. Youth obsesses about anything edgy and shocking and unfortunately they have to keep getting more shocking just to stay in the public eye. what is more shocking to me is the commonplace acceptance of books and movies like 50 shades of gray. it's not even edgy it's just common conversation and considered normal sexuality that pleasure is pain and you have to sell yourself to be loved(Pretty Woman). It's just an odd feeling last Saturday when a middle age woman with grandchildren was behind me buying Grey, a new edition from the man's pov, kids set their standards of what is ok by what they see us buy and do.

    • Yes, I totally agree. It slowly started with the lovely Audrey Hepburn in the 50/60's in Breakfast at Tiffany's. She became an icon in that black dress but how did she REALLY make a living in that movie? Or how about Shirley McClain's Irma La Douche. These are classy ladies in the role of a prostitute. 50 shades of grey is just po*no, period.

      • How do you think the first trade in our prehistoric world went by? Via paypall? Prostitution as way of living is abused too, don't forget that. It was more normal than going to church in older days. People just flipped the cultural meaning of it, to manipulate masses. Don't you see that? I do state that i am pro-human-trafficcing or such, that is of a different level of Abuse, not of sex.

      • Oh dear my browser seems to have a delay when i use this website. I kind of entered the thing before a correcting got through? I am totally against human trafficing. I hope you get that.

    • That is so true! They have normalized abuse and it's just getting worse!! Remember back in the day when Basic Instinct came out? Same things almost – killing and being super sexy is cool!

  69. And the US/UK bankster elite ruled "democracies" have the colossal effrontery to point the finger at Russia and China for "human rights offenses"?
    Give me a break!

    • Russia and China are not themselves also in the hands of banksters? Really? Nice dream world you occupy there.

      • Chu, this website has examples of the exact same Illuminati imagery (eye, pyramid etc) used in the West also used in K-pop and J-pop, pointing to a single controlling instance. Perhaps it’s different in China – you know better. But, it appears to me this whole Illuminati scheme is on a far grander scale than just degenerate Western/NATO consumerism. Supposedly, it’s the Li family rather than Rockefellers or Rothschilds who owns everything in Asia. I think it’s unlikely these groups aren’t working together under a greater plan.

        China is also a major UN member and UN is definitely under occult control (see: Lucis Trust, UN ‘prayer room’) and therefore, by extension, under the Rockefellers. If these groups were just government mafiosos, China/Russia would never have agreed to join UN (or would have left by now).

    • China and Russia is controlled by the the same powers. Rockefeller even wrote in 1973 how their plans in China is proceeding. They control all powers worldwide.

      • Except they do. Do not be naive.
        They control North Korea, Iran, Russia, China etc.
        For all we know the elite themselves are fighting among themselves.
        But Russia and China are not the paradise one would like to endure.
        All powers are hypocritical.

      • You are barking up the wrong tree.
        All governments are illegitimate.
        No argument there whatsoever.
        All governments are essentially crime families with flags.
        But that is not the same as saying that all governments are under the control of a single crime family.
        The US/UK banksters control the US and the EU.
        No argument there.
        But they do NOT control Russia and China.
        Not yet anyway.
        Russia and China are controlled by different crime families. Rival crime families. Not the same crime family.
        That is why the US/UK NWO is massing troops on the Ukraine border to wage war with Russia, and naval vessels in the East China Sea to wage war with China.
        As I said, strategic analysis is not fill in the blanks.
        It requires original thinking and discrimination.

      • In the end it does not matter. They do not care about the people.
        Both groups are terrible and do not represent their own respective countries populace.
        It doesn't matter if one group does not control another. Both are horrible and it does not justify the others actions but that goes both ways.

      • Why are you arguing with me?
        I don't disagree on the bottom line.
        That is why I am an anarchist.
        I only disagree about whether the US/UK gang is the same as the Russia/China gang.

      • I am not arguing with you.
        Sorry if it sounded that way 😛
        And yup I understand haha
        But all in all they have the same agenda.

      • Russia is clearly not completely under their influence. …or Putin would've been ousted 10 years ago. This sounds a lot like the controlled opposition arguments (Mossad/CIA/MI6) that try to paint Orthodox Christian Putin as a zionist elite psy-op..much like they did with Hitler with their fake "Hitler was a frontman for Jewish Bankers"…typical nonsense for those too lazy to think for themselves…

      • Putin has enemies in Russia…buy he is massively popular in Russia…and his path will continue even if they did assassinate him because he's only a public face to an indigenous Russian policy bred from hundreds of years of zio-communist induced misery…

      • you are grossly deluded both China and Russia are under complete control of the elite. The Elite bloodlines like the Rockefellers and Rothschild were working with China since the 1960s. Even now Rothschild sits in China and gives interviews to business channels. Search it if you don't believe me. China is meant to be the next police state to take over from the US. All industries are slowly being shifted to China and they are taking over US big time. This would have never happened if the elite were not behind the Chinese. Hundreds of researchers have pointed out how the Illuminati is behind the Chinese. Rockefeller even wrote in 1973 about their plans in China.
        As far as Russia is concerned Russia was controlled by the elite since the Bolsheviks took over in 1917. The Rothschild agent Lenin became the first dictator of the USSR. Gorbachev still works with his Environmentalism movements. Cold War was fiction and the West covertly supplied the technology to the USSR. Read the book Soviet Economic Development and Western technology by Anthony C Sutton. Numerous researchers have shown how Russia is controlled by the Elite. COME TO THE REAL WORLD.

    • Don't be naive. Torture was invented not today and long before Columbus. Read the history of Russia, China and other countries.

  70. Exposure to sadism, torture, extortion is enough to create an emotional shock within children and tweens. It's the young viewers who are being mk'd by this type of trance plus violence. It's mass programming for the human herd. Disturbing but business as usual.

  71. Disturbing! Another perfect example of the very sick nature of the Illuminists. If history judges a society based upon their art, one has to wonder how our society will be seen a century from now. That is, assuming future generations will be capable of forming a coherent thought outside of the control of the Establishment.

  72. Couldn't watch more than 2 minutes of the video and I'm not the queasy type. Never felt such stomach churning darkness and negativity coming from something that is meant to be light entertainment for crying out loud.

    • Did not even try to watch it. Reading this is more than enough for me. Now i can talk about it with moms and dads i know. To warn them and go check before their child watches it. Watching this kind of clips is only for strong stomacs and music-haters, in my opinion

  73. If I can help clarify, this video is actually 100% about her money. Rihanna came up with this idea (even directed the video) after she was defrauded of millions of dollars by her accountant (that's who she kills in the end – it even tells you that). I know this may not be important to the point you are trying to make, but it seems as if you don't research your pop culture as well. Unfortunately, that makes it seem as if you are not credible based on the omission of possibly relevant information. The same thing happenened when you said (VC) that the black and white nude video that Miley Cyrus released was done while she was in the hospital when in fact she was using it on her tour way before that. Just think that credibility comes from responsible fact checking.

    • Do you think that Riana needs or use money? Is not her money !!! She is slave of her handler And the masas media 🙁
      She is not in control of her life, body, mind, money, etc etc
      This vídeo is about showing people that mass torture is not important and that killing persons is the same as eating a burger…..
      WAKE UP!

    • Even if that was the case, there is still no reason to torture and kill someone(even if it is fake, the thought counts). Money is just stuff, worthless paper, but it reveals a person's true nature.

      • Exactly…all people worship now is the all mighty dollar. forget about how you earn it. Very sad and horrible video.

      • I’ve clearly been misunderstood – VC already made their point about the gore – I am commenting on facts, not content.

      • But these facts -as you call them (without any source at all) change zero about what VC wrote….it makes absolutely no difference to the theme of the video. But you're trying to suggest it does…and failing, imho..

      • You explicitly stated that your unsourced claims somehow negate the article's credibilty -when they very clearly do not. Even if they were sourced it wouldn't change his broader point.. but they aren't -which is interesting as you talk about "facts"…

      • I made a point to show how misrepresented information can make otherwise well researched articles SEEM to lack credibility. I was not trying to devalue the article – simply helping illustrate a point. If you are needing sources – the one about rihanna is directly from her mouth. The information about miley is because I SAW that video with my own eyes MONTHS before miley was ever in the hospital or under doctor care. I make no claims about ACTUAL credibility – I only state that deeper fact checking brings more trust from readers.

    • So what if it's about her money? She got defrauded…ha! Welcome to the music industry! But does that excuse her from this trash of a video? You and a few others on this post are missing the part where the majority of her fans are tweens and young adults who idolize her and worship her like a god. What do you think is the message they got from this video. "Yeah, that b*itch owes me fifty dollars and hasn't paid me back. So I'll tie them up until they pay up!" You need to understand there are very immature and gullible minds out there who mimic what their favorite celebrities do. Also, stop worrying about her money. She has plenty and she's not going to share any of it with you.

      • Im sorry if anyone didnt understand – I am not going to comment on the violence in the video – I am simply relaying the facts to help enrich the story, not detract.

      • You keep saying facts facts facts, but what are you resources? They want you to think she came up with the whole concept so in essence you're being deceived like the many teeny boppers and brain washed youth out there. Please do more research on the occult, Satanism in the music industry, and read examples of lyrics from rappers like jay z, Kanye, and lil Wayne who all "try" to mock Jesus. That's why Satan will do anything in his power to brain wash society, because he doesn't want them to come to Jesus. Just because we don't understand something doesn't mean it's not real.

      • Incredible how all these commenters missed your point. When someone who is not familiar with all this comes across this article and sees certain facts (real or not, but well-known) omitted, they are not going to take it seriously. And people think you are worrying about Rihanna's money! Smh.

      • Nobody missed anything – we're saying it's an irrelevant point that does nothing to change VC's broader point..

      • "Rihanna came up with this idea…" of torture. Such a nice girl!
        If she (or her handler) really had some problems with getting their money back, maybe the idea of the video was threatening people like: "If you take my money next time i do this with you and your wife (you love your family, don't you?)". At least this threat works on me.

    • If Rihanna is upset with her accountant, why does she torture his wife? Why not torture the accountant? (Not that this would be a delightful idea either.) And why is her money so important? This is a disgusting, violent, gory video about Satanic human sacrifice and makes me want to vomit. Rihanna is not an artist, but a puppet for the Satanic elite. What she is doing is wrong.

    • Guys…this has nothing to do with whether or not VC has made a good point about the content of the video. My post is about the accuracy of information. I enjoy reading VC articles because they usually have well researched information versus the standard hose-on-the-ground assumptiveness that other sites have. This concerned me, so I pointed it out. Deal with it.

    • Even when that is true, what do you think about teaching her young impressionable friends to torture for getting what they think they deserve, or seem to own.Where in h**l did you get the idea that the use of this sort of violence in an amusement-setting is tolerable for general public? Or maybe a fun way of expressing yourself? Did you read the full article here yet? Do you read news-sites, too?

    • I'm curious as to why you would try to take the focus off the content of the article, redirect it to only the money aspect of the video, and try to discredit VC at the same time.

      The money serves as the vehicle for everything contained, and promoted, within the video; it isn't, however, the focus. No one will watch the video and come away thinking about the money.

      VC's breakdown is spot on while everything you've said is a weak attempt at Illuminating everyone. If your handlers are reading, they'll know you failed with this attempt.

      • WOW. Please feel free to read my other follow ups. I claim nothing about the violent content of the video. I am only speaking of minute facts that could damage a reader's trust in VC. HONESTLY, most conspiracies are unfounded and assumptive to me – but VC has been able to provide large volumes of very interesting information together in a way that I truly respect. So, in that sense, I endorse VC. VC has been one of my resources in tracking down truth as I personally see it so I felt it my responsibility to comment on information I understood to be wrong on an academic level. Surely you can let YOUR handlers know that and tell them to lay off attack mode. Sheesh.

    • I agree with you David- a few years ago money was stolen from her via her accountant / and also when she was having problems with property that she bought. I did watch it, and that's the first thought that came to my mind in the end.
      Also has a Kill Bill Vibe.

    • David, you are sadly mistaken and miss the point entirely. You see, the "Credibility" you are talking about is one which media relies upon for the sheeple to buy into anything. The points you make are beyond irrelevant. Who cares what the stupid storyline is these puppets came up with, the handler doesnt care as long as its promoting violence, torture, and pushing the agenda forward, and frankly if someoone is so dense they don't get the real message its because they are deep into the matrix and the programming is already too much a part of their entire system of how they think. Who cares why they made it, the end result is disturbing.

    • I like reading all the feedback on VC articles and the varied opinions readers have. That said, however, do you REALLY believe when the media tells you Rihanna directed something that she actually did direct it? No! It happens time and time again with 'artists'. As if they're 1) allowed to take the helm and 2) know what they're doing on set. I've worked in film and on commercials and pop promos. Celebs are shoved this way and that by the man or woman in a suit or the go-to auteur and told what to do, where to stand and when to eat and when to sleep. Once again, it is spin: "Oh, cool, Rihanna directed this." / "It's about her accountant defrauding her! " – It's nonsense. It's simply desensitising and sexualising children and the easily swayed masses by normalising everything – from torture, underage sex, violence, materialism, transgendaism, bi-sexuality and so on.. As for that numbskull Miley.. that's Frankenstein's monster in my opinion.

      • i just felt the need to comment on frankenstien ,congrats an calling the thing the creation of frankenstien and not actually calling the creation frankenstien most people dont know the doctors name is dr. frankenstien and that is not the name of the thing created.

    • David,

      I just now read all those comments. I personally liked your comment. I was shocked at the way it was received. I enjoyed your "I clearly was misunderstood" but they still didn't get it. It was like they only wanted you to comment about how "gross and debased" the video was. As if you don't have a right to talk about anything other then that point about the video. This is a place for comments, discussion and (what I generally get the feeling is) FREE THOUGHT. It wasn't like you posted a spam link to another website. Your comment was completely relevant and on topic to this particular article.

      People who didn't like David's comments,

      Please get a grip, and if you read the note I wrote to David, you will see why I say that. Also, if you don't read what I read above, please realize, people on this website should be allowed to make comments that go outside of the this-is-just-gross-and-will-ruin-young-minds.

    • Please also note that Rihianna's money was stolen by her accountant shortly before she did Umbrella Video and the Good Girl, Gone Bad Album she was left with nothing and she supports her parents who don't live in America but in a developing country. The video was wrong, Umbrella was wrong but the Bible says a workman is worth his wages, when will truthers speak out about how the elite keep a permenant underclass who will always be desperate that they will do anything. Rihanna was probably pressured into the Good Girl, Gone Bad transition since her family depends on her. I am
      Not justifying but if you have never dealt with poverty especially non-American poverty you can't really understand AND if you are not working against the dehumanization and torture of poverty-mass incarceration, the war on drugs, sex trafficking, police torture, orphan/foster care system that funnels children into abusive families then your work is incomplete. When you have poor people you will always have a supply of people to mind control though many of you think only the elite go through things it's not as simple as that even the Public Housing "Projects" in American inner cities are bases of mind control and many low income and people of color talk about this among ourselves. When presenting these facts that the masses don't want to hear you must present accurately and completely so no one has an excuse to ignore your message. I appreciate this site but not knowing key parts to this story and not addressing the wider sources of mind control such as poverty, racism (many of the mind control tactics you all talk about were deployed and perfected on Blacks during slavery and only improved with technology read about the torture slaves went through to create our modern medical industry in the book Medical Aparthied). Now you all are concerned because it's coming to your communities but if you and your ancestors spoke out when it was happening to one group we wouldn't be talking about a pop star who is being used because as Gucci execs who were called out for racism said "we can cheat her because she is an immigrant" (this happened to Rihanna when Gucci cheated her out of money and a former Black employee exposed their blatant racism in the office look up the news articles). You truthers will keep going in circles because your own bias won't allow you to see what the real issue is and what this is all for…

  74. I can't believe she is a bestselling "artist", and what she does is called "music" and she has "fans"!! Sad days we are living…

  75. When I first saw this video I couldn't believe what I was watching, we live in a scary world. I've put my trust in Jesus, everyone it's not too late to repent and pray! Things will only continue to get worse. Thanks VC for calling out the evil of this song.

    • Satan is on this earth, untill Jesus comes and wipes out all evil. I can't wait. Just waiting on the 7 year peace treaty to be signed between Israel and Palestine, and that starts the 7 year tribulation. What horrors will be then! I pray every day that I will strong enough to love Him through that awful time.

    • Agree my mom always says this. People ignore the bible; but many things in it coming 2 past. God won't lie so people better believe their is a HELL and he will send those like Rihanna and other that follow her 2 hell. I surely don't want 2 go

      • And your life will improve if Rihanna goes to hell? I wish she goes to paradise. I want her to go there. All human beings would be lovely to end up in paradise.

    • They shove this song down the throats of all who listen to the radio, particularly Hot 97 in NYC. When I first heard it, I was like,"this sucks!!!." What a terrible, vapid, stupid tune. I will not view the video because it's stupid to me. I have VC and all of you amazing commenters to thank for that! I'm preserving my soul one day at a time. Xoxo

    • she abandoned her 'scarlet begonias' (albeit plastic) calling card.

      island Barbie bonnie

      anyway, my money is on some quasi behind-the-scenes hotshot mocking some other quasi behind-the-scenes hotshot

  76. You say that art "rarely [moves] in the opposite direction, toward beauty, creativity, and innovation" … Just because you don't post any articles about the artists who are doing exactly that, doesn't mean that they aren't out there. There are plenty of people who are creating beautiful things on a daily basis, even in the form of daily human compassion. Or music – check out Thievery Corporation. Or Bassnectar. Every live show Bassnectar does, at one point he blasts "THINK… FOR… YOURSELF… AND QUESTION!" over and over, to massives of 10,000-100,000 people. Or what about the recent movie "Nightcrawler," which makes a very dark – and accurate – commentary about the mainstream news love of blood and gore… "If it bleeds, it leads!"

    You say they want "Minds they can control." … They can only control if you/we allow them to do so. This is the basic premise of HEGEMONY. If Media Literacy was required in all high schools prior to graduation we wouldn't have nearly as much B.S. as there is. But no one thinks anymore, including the same masses that religiously read these articles. RIP Critical Thought. Rather than read this disturbing piece about a disturbing video, why not read something from Power of Positivity? Or one of the other millions – if not billions – of beautiful, creative, and innovate websites, articles, books, videos, recordings, etc. that are out there. Oh thats right. Because you choose not to.

    Though we live in an increasing police state, the fact of the matter remains that in America one can choose to be free of control if they are confident enough to make that choice. Turn off the TV and read a book. Sell your car and get a bike, use public transport. Grow a garden. Grow a hanging garden if you don't have a backyard. Pray, meditate, take walks, and humble yourself with friends and family – rather than staying glued to one of the five screens you own (TV, computer, phone, iPad/Kindle/whatever, iPod, camera, etc.). Quit that job that makes you miserable, take a pay cut, and do something to fuel your soul instead.

    By focusing on the negative, we give power to it. Simple as that.

    • Don't be so naive. Articles like this are there to prevent these things from happening. That Kristina is a positive thing.

    • Although I agree with all that you have said I would like to point out that A LOT OF PEOPLE are still sleeping. So VC needs to continue with his articles to wake up the masses. But then again a lot of pple have given up. We shall see.

    • Right on, I've been listening to thievery corp since I was a little tadpole. Love them, and bass nectar is pretty cool too. We need to focus on the positive instead of the negative for sure. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil

    • Kristina.. What VC is doing is giving us INFORMATION, he is showing to whoever want to see/read, what is really going on in the multi-billionaire music industry, the same industry that WON'T promote the real art from good people doing it genuinely with their hearts. Everyone knows there are people doing good stuff out there, but the focus here is other, and if it wasn't for VC I wouldn't know half about this disgusting industry. If you think mainstream media is a better place to get information just go there, they will show you all the glamour and happiness you want to see.

    • I think if people unite and fight then all this sick stuff will end. But most people wish to remain asleep. They are enjoying their delusional state of existence.

      • LOL I know right… she said sell your car & ride a bike/ public transportation. That is silliness because I am a single mom in a town with poor public transit systems that do not cover the whole city. That is not a positive bit of advice whatsoever.

      • I've never had the privelage of a ca, a luxury I've never been able to afford. Basic rent and bills are enough of a struggle. But its getting to the point where I'm too old to be asking others for rides to certain places, and my mom isn't going to be here forever. A vehicle is a necessity at times.

      • You're more likely to be assaulted on public transportation. So many YouTube clips of people being assaulted on public transportation or while waiting for public transportation. Physically and/or sexually assaulted.

    • Omg who are you? I feel like you speak from my soul. I totally agree with everything you're saying. This world has so many beautiful things to offer, let's not dwell on the darkness.

    • hi Kristina
      VC asked "Why does “pushing the limits” in popular culture always go in a debasing and dehumanizing direction, but rarely in the opposite direction, toward beauty, creativity, and innovation?" ….. as a person who has been associated with the arts for many years, i am familiar with the concept of "pushing limits" within arts circles, but that does not refer to ALL art, and i certainly don't read what VC has said as, in any way, making a blanket statement about ALL art ….. my art buddies and i have long complained about the "pushing limits" phenomenon as it usually results in very dishonest and not beautiful "art"

      having also been a bit of an acolyte for the 'positive thinking' movement for some time, i've also grown to see that going too far down that path can result in ignorance, apathy, which i've realised are exactly the qualities of mind that allow evil to flourish …. the more people try not to see it the more it has unimpeded scope to do what it wants – and in plain sight…

      having also experienced a fair bit of depression in my life, i also think that making an effort to ALSO focus on positive and beautiful things in the world is very important and healing ……… it's not one or the other, but a balance, and a balance each person has to find for themselves

      i really like VC's insights (don't always agree, but great food for thought), and from some of his other posts, it seems like he probably has quite a lot of positive things in his life as well, which he gives attention too (that's just an assumption, tho … don't know the guy personally) ……. but that is not the main focus of this site …… read enough of it, and that is obvious, and if reading to much is not good for YOU then stop reading – that is a fair enough thing to choose

      i also follow sites that focus on positive stuff – Unworthy, for example …. they're out there ….. i even just recently started my own blog for positive community support stories ……. we can all choose where we want to put our attention, and i like having a good mix of different types of information because i think it gives a more well-rounded, balanced, informed and healthy take on the the different trends and movements going on in the world

      all the best

      • Than turn autocorrect off before you make a fool of yourself, like all the others that resent learning grammar. Autocorrect is for people to get lazier and lazier mind-wise. Please, pardon my own type's, ofcourse 🙂

      • Honestly I didn't know you could turn autocorrect off. My grammar is *usually* not bad, but I'm technogically impaired :p

    • So we just supposed to sit around in a circle and sing, 'Come By Ya…." huh? I can agree with you up to a point. There are still so many people that have no clues. Many young children watch this stuff daily. What will this do for them? Talk about sticking with the positives. They sure can't. Inform and teach. And yes, stay positive. Balance out informing with with it's time to do the positive stuff

    • Yeah, let's ignore the evil that seeks to destroy our lives and just skip around like children aren't being sold into slavery or the elite don't really want us all dead. That will solve everything!

      We all get what you're saying – not to DWELL on these things – but this site doesn't do that. At least not for me. I can't wait to get new articles from this site, because it just reinforces all the crap I DO see when I'm out living life and having fun. Good grief, it's literally all around us. I bet there's a Charm School near you right now where a bunch of poor young women are either being primed for Beta Kittenship or they're too old to be programmed and will be killed in a snuff film. But you go right ahead and stay positive, because clearly, how we FEEL is all that matters.

    • Kristina, I agree that there are many good examples of art out there, but now there are many more evil gory ones than I remember when I was younger. Satanism is now out in the open. Also, I feel that they CAN contol your mind even when you don't want them to…just check out the MKULTRA program.

    • This site is not an activist site; the author merely reveals, doesn't "focus" on. We can't fight against a negative force and power structure we refuse to see and acknowledge exists.

    • I agree that positive things should be given a spotlight too. Posting about negative media is more of a defensive strategy, while posting about positives would be an aggressive strategy, and it's time we fight the powers of darkness by spreading kindness (while staying vigilant).

  77. It's just getting more sick!! They want people to be so desensitized to blood,gore, The value of human life, abuse, etc. because it's part of the nwo agenda!!

    The brainwashed think, "well since Rihanna is doing it, this must be normal human behavior!" In essence the music industry is saying "it's ok!" The whole point is to get people to think this is ok!" Cause they're all in on the "agenda" too… All part of their sick plan!!

  78. Great article! Of course during the BET Awards, they brought her on stage just to promote the first sneak peak of this video. So, during an awards show, with millions watching, including young teens and kids, she previews this? Just another day in the elite's sick neighborhood.

    • Is there really a thing called BET Awards??? =O They couldn't get more obvious.. BETA-wards. Only Beta alters get the award, I'm pretty sure Miley Cyrus has a bunch of them on her shelves.

      • I wish VC would have done an article covering the symbolism displayed during this year's BET awards… I didn't watch but I saw a clip of Chris Brown & Tyga's performance in front of a huge illuminati pyramid with the all-seeing eye… also Tyga is now in the news for being exposed as a bi-sexual now that his transgender lover blew his cover & leaked tons of emails/ pics from the past 3 yrs. a lot of ppl think this is his initiation ritual.

      • Probably not….but it's now totally normal (They think) for a heterosexual male to have sex with other males(with emotional/psychological dysfunction) who like to dress up like females – at least thats what they're pushing. The media losers are so sure they can make it so. They think you're all slaves (I've heard this directly from a young, geeky cabalist who was so cocksure I was close to throttling him. I saw him 20 years later and I have to say he looked very worried! He's wisely laying low now..). I know that he was wrong.

      • They think we're all slaves? We might be slaves but they are also ones. Slaves to their passions. What can you say for people who cannot distinguish the trees from the wood. Bless them.

  79. Beautiful! And it is true. The Huffton Post wrote an article saying BBHMM is all about feminism, as if we women should torture each other … Or as they termed it "support" one another. When O saw the tools at the end, I couldn't help but think about these concentrations camps during the Nazi era in Germany. How is that "feminism"?

    Thank you for your article, VC

    • I HATE that huffington post with a passion….all their articles are so negative. The put up articles that would make anyone not want to TOUCH the bible or ANYTHING GOOD for that matter! Their articles are AWFUL! And then you can't respond to any of their articles unless your with Facebook, and I got out of that! I deleted my facebook account a long time ago. The government and other coorperations LOVE facebook. Your being spied on with that facebook! But anyway, sorry to rant, but whenever I see huffington post, I go crazy….lol

    • Yeah, the fact that people are trying to make all kinds of sick twisted imagery into "feminism" scares me. Murder is about empowerment. Imagine!

    • I love how easily people throw around the term "feminism". If any one woman suffers from your actions, you are NOT a feminist, You're just as misogynistic as men who disrespect women because they're women. Rihanna IS NOT a feminist.

  80. A couple small thoughts,

    1. Rihanna's Umbrella was the first article I read in this website, and I sticked to the site ever since. Happy Anniversary!!

    2. I will never understand how blood, physical abuse or torture can be a nice concept for videos. It's like these so called artists like to play with this kind of topics but they don't really know what those things are like in real life (or maybe they do?) I recently saw a video of a brazilian young model (Amanda Bueno) who was killed by her boyfriend who, after beating her mercilessly, shots her in her head and face with a shotgun only to completely destroy her. That guys, is horrible, this animal was clearly possessed by a demon or something. I do not recommend you to see the video, but I just mentioned that as an example to get my point across. Violence, torture and blood and suffering is never a cool thing. Never.

    • Why are you watching videos like that? You are condemning someone else for having the same obsession you have. Even though you were disgusted, you kept watching.

      • What obsession? I am not obsessed with gore. But this woman I'm talking about was a prominent model related to the Brazil World Cup, I guess you are not into football since you didn't know about that. This was news all across Latin America, and the video was posted in many websites.

        The only thing I was trying to explain with my comment is that, some people like Rihanna and others play with this things of gore, mutilation, torture, etc and they don't even know what this is about, because as VC said, they push an agenda to glamorize death and make all these horrible things cool, trendy and fun, when clearly the reality of this topic is gruesome to the uttermost. You can also see videos and hear news about the terrible things that ISIS does these days and how you execute their victims, particularly christians. The only way you don't know about this is if you live hidden under a rock, but I don't think it's your case and you know what I'm talking about. Society has come to a point of desensitization that is common to show executions and accidents in the news everyday. Unless you never your tv or the news on.

        Not only torture or executions like the things shown in this crappy video by Rihanna, you can see also how drugs, robbery and all sorts of felonies are portrayed in these videos as cool, funny, trendy and normal things. Go see it by yourself. Check this video on YouTube (I did) and scroll down to the comments, where you can read many, many comments saying "Wow, I love it.. this is sooo cool". "Wow, this video is a piece of art" "Wow, I love Riri's hair on this video" "This song is all about feminism and empowerment, only men are protrayed like this in the videos, it was about time women where portrayed like that as well". Go see it man, and then we can talk.

      • I've already seen the rihanna video actually. I feel no need to elaborate further on my previous statement.

    • I read the one about Umbrella and that article truly impressed me because VC noticed something I could have never seen.. namely the mirrored conversation. Definitely check it out.

    • I think one like him must be radioactive.
      These men take on a few female strategies, such as using sex to trap their prey.
      beastly male would kill to get the sex then kill sex object after physical and emotional release from radioactive energy


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