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Rihanna’s Mind Control Perfume Ad



Rihanna's Mind Control Perfume Ad

Seems that beauty product ads are becoming important mediums to push mind control/illuminati symbolism. The short video advertisement for Rihanna’s perfume Reb’l Fleur is crammed with mind control triggers and monarch programming symbolism.

Rihanna is first shown lying inside a flower, representing purity and innocence. She is then walks towards a mirror reflecting herself dressed in black – representing her “bad side” and her alter persona.

Rihanna's Mind Control Perfume Ad
While she is going through the “looking glass” (reference to Alice in Wonderland), we see written “Bad Feels so Good”.

In mind control, slaves are encouraged to embrace their bad side (their alter persona) as it is the only way to be relieved from their trauma/torture. So, yes, it feels bad to be good.

Once through the looking glass, Rihanna is shown walking through a maze surrounded by fractured mirrors.

Rihanna's Mind Control Perfume Ad
Labyrinths and fractured mirrors are mind control triggers representing the internal world of mind control victims: false reality, illusion and confusion. Only the handler, represented by the men in black, hold the key to their psyche.

Rihanna’s handlers are literally in her head, watching her going through the maze. They then take a hold of her.

Rihanna's Mind Control Perfume Ad
Rihanna blinded by her three handlers

The scene becomes oddly sexual as Rihanna holds the phallic-shaped perfume bottle while she is blinded by her handlers. This refers to the sexually abusive relationship between mind control slaves and their handlers.

The entire ad then plays in reverse, another allusion to the reversal of good and bad. As she goes through the looking glass again, we see “Good Feels so Bad”.


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Rihanna's Mind Control Perfume Ad

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They were all just like, "Screw it, we're not even going to try and hide this is about the Illuminati and mind control." If they were any more blatant "bad" Rhianna would be wearing a leopard dress. Oh and the ending, so much rape being implied. I mean the first ending, before the reverse sequence. I also thought the way they warped the music in the reverse sequence was creepy, and I'm a horror fan that listens to Goth music, I know creepy.


That was disturbing. I hate.this.B---H


I hear vc talk a lot about references to alice in wonderland in mind control, i wonder why he's never done an article about Gwen Stefani and her old video "what you waiting for?" …. if you are looking for a video with wonderland paraphernalia that is the one…. maybe the video is not in the mk ultra kind of way…


Maybe I've been living under a rock or something, but was Rihanna ever actually a 'good girl'? Or any of these pop star chicks for that matter? All this fractured duality doesn't really mean anything to me because they've always been demented freaks for as long as I've had my eyes on them. It'd be like if I grew up in some atheistic family and started praising the devil every day to try and shock my parents. It's just not very impressive to me. It's just sad thinking she or anybody else might be going through some psycho f----d up cult slavery. I get a twisting feeling in my gut from contemplating trauma-based mind control.


I wrote a break down of this dumb a-s add on The YBF when they premiered the video. Of course there was all the usually " i hate rhi rhi", "shes wack" , and yall are just haters, rhi rhi, is the best" statements which left me no choice to but to go in on the mind control ad.

I wrote a break down you would have been proud of! Glad to see you analyzed it too!

Stay up n awake!

signed " an avid fan"


This kind of reminds me of that Hello Kitty commercial for MAC.


Not trying to be racist ,but it's also weird that her handlers that are brain washing her are white. That goes to show that the big leaders in the system are white. They bring in in one of all colors to deceive.

I was looking @ a interview of the comic Dave C. when he was explaning his last show. He said "Why would Mariah C. have to take her shirt off when she's rich?" Later Michael J. + her EX was a bad man. Her EX was a buissness man for Sony. Michael took over half the buissness when he was suspended. Michael's contract was over with Sony. Years later he died. Sony took over the rights of the video tour "This is It". Not saying Sony killed him. It just sounds a little weird that would happen when his contract it up with Sony.


very weird video. no surprise though. she's a very sexualized person.


Haha, it looks like the perfume came from her crotch. Seriously, is this supposed to want to make women want to buy this and feel sexy? I can't imagine even wanting to smell it now. So not sexy on so many levels.


OMG….her eyes @ 1:17. Jesus Christ!!!! Horrifying!


On several occasions her eyes change and give us the impression that she is possessed.


does anyone else see the demon face?!

its on the second picture with the three men.

the two bushes are eyes

the middle triangular one, a nose and the shard going up towards where she is standing are like ugly sharp teeth!

thats what freaked me out the most

Soooo Done

For sure, won't be buying any of this nonsense perfume of hers.


Sick, Sick ,Sick
It is not even worth me writing about it
I am not giving it any undue publicity.


Lord Jesus this world needs you


I'm no music expert and I certainly do not have an 'ear' so this might be completely wrong but does anyone else think that the music is similar to Justin Biebers perfume advert?


Did anyone hear the slight whisper saying, "save us". I noticed it and found it a bit weird. :S


yess I saw the website long ago before this post. its so bvious. i am no longer bling!


** They bring in ALL colors to decieve sorry . LOL


might I add that the colours of her clothing could be significant… the pink and the black… go look at the xplanation of Alicia Keys doesnt mean anything… i dont know how accurate the explanation is for Alicia… but the colour transition from a peach/pink colour to black… its quite "coincidental"

it has its own symbolism…

Also… with the whole reversal of everything… it could be related to the whole thing of songs… whne you play them in reverse, they bring out a different message, like those old metal songs, and with some of the more modern hip hop songs…. worth exploring… could it be that this is more comon than we think??

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