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The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera’s “Fall in Line”



The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

Fall in Line is a duet starring two ex-Disney stars: Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato. Although the song appears to be about “empowerment”, the video tells a totally different story: They are both still slaves of an oppressive industry.

The trend of 2018 is strong: It is all about being angry and moralistic. In order to be deemed relevant, entertainers need to engage in intense virtue signaling and pose as a martyr for some kind of cause. Of course, mass media does not allow just any message to be championed by pop stars. The message they promote is carefully calculated and is marketed in a specific way in order to generate a specific reaction.

And, the entertainment industry being what it is, the messages pushed by stars are often deceptive and manipulative. Indeed, as highlighted in my recent articles about Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake or Kesha, the symbolism found in these artists’ videos often convey dark and disturbing messages that negate any kind of so-called “empowerment”. In case you didn’t know, they don’t actually want you to be “empowered”. They’re tricking you into believing that being empowered means being angry, hateful and under elite control.

Christina Aguilera’s Fall in Line is yet another example of this sad trend. While the song appears to be about #metoo and female empowerment, the video tells another story. Through symbolic scenes, the video reveals the true inner-workings of the entertainment industry and the true state of stars like Christina Aguilera. No, they’re not “empowered”, they’re the exact opposite.

Both Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato were recruited as children by Disney. Since then, they’ve been under tight industry control.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

Left: Young Christina Aguilera on the Mickey Mouse Club TV show. Right: Demi Lovato. star of the Disney movie Camp Rock.

After “graduating” to a solo singing career, heavy sexualization ensued. Both singers became a face of the omnipresent Monarch programming/Sex Kitten agenda (for more info, read this article first).

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

In the 2010 video for “Not Myself Tonight”, Christina is an actual sex kitten. To top it off, the video ends with an orgy inside a church (read my article about that video here).

After selling these stars as sex objects for a few years, the same record companies are now marketing them as “outspoken feminists” because now is the time to cash in on the whole #metoo movement. However, the video tells the dark truth about the industry: It does not care about any of this. In fact, it is about the exact opposite of empowerment: Enslavement.

The title of the song is basically an order to both celebrities and the masses in general: “Fall in Line” and don’t go against the grain. There is no actual “liberation” going on here. The song simply pushes the “divide and conquer” agenda (in this case, division between sexes) under a heavy layer of MK symbolism.

Fall in Line

The video begins with young versions of Christina and Demi playing outside.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

Youth and innocence.

Then, evil men appear out of nowhere.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

Masked men in futuristic uniforms take the girls away.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

Then, we see Christina laying inside a cell. She’s been under “their” control the entire time.

Clearly MK Slave

Right from the start, the video discloses that it is about the grim world of Monarch programming, where children are abducted and forced to live in a “secret location” as slaves. Considering the fact that both Christina and Demi both grew up as Disney (aka MK-slave factory) child stars, this is all rather accurate.

Various shots show the singers imprisoned in an “underground” facility where they are tightly monitored.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

Christina sits in a cell. However, this is not a regular prison cell used for criminals. This is an MK facility.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

MK slaves are indeed under constant video/audio surveillance.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

Agents have in hand extensive bio-medical data about each inmate.

Entertainment Industry

When the song begins, Christina is held by two masked men – the MK handlers.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

The men force Christina to stick her behind out, alluding to sexual abuse.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

One of the men hands Christina a mic.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

Christina stars singing Fall in Line as cameras film her.

The scene above is quite clear: The handlers actually want Christina to sing the song that is, supposedly, about being free. Christina’s verse goes like this:

“Little girls, listen closely
‘Cause no one told me
But you deserve to know
That in this world, you are not beholden
You do not owe them
Your body and your soul”

Who is the “them” she’s talking about? The industry that owns her? One thing is for sure, “they” do actually own her body and her soul. The video is quite clear about this.

Demi Lovato’s verse is also somewhat perplexing.

“Show some skin, make him want you
‘Cause God forbid you
Know your own way home
And ask yourself why it matters
Who it flatters
You’re more than flesh and bones”

While the message of the verse appears to be positive, everything about the video and the singers’ history are in direct contradiction with this message.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

The careers of both singers heavily relied on sex (sometimes to an extreme extent).

Even in the Fall in Line video itself, both singers are dressed in sexy, revealing garments. There’s a bizarre, perverted angle to the abuse shown on screen that is reminiscent of submission/domination sexual fantasies. In short, there’s a whole lot of hypocrisy going on in a song that tells young girls that they’re “more than flesh and bones”. In a classic mass media move of deception, the singer’s words do not match what happens on screen. Or in real life.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

On June 4th, Demi Lovato posted on Twitter a “prank” she did on her bodyguard where she hired an escort to grab his crotch (hahahahaha). She got called out immediately because her “prank” was actually sexual assault. The tweet was promptly deleted.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

That’s not the kind of headline you want to see a few days after releasing a song calling out abusive men.

During the song, a masculine voice repeats some irritating things.

“One, two, three
Right, two, three
Shut your mouth (oh)
Stick your a-s out for me
March, two, three
One, two, three
Who told you you’re allowed to think?”

This voice is said to represent the oppressive male figure the girls are fighting against. However, once again, there is something perverted about this entire bit. Indeed, its catchy repetitive nature causes the brain to, unconsciously, internalize these direct orders. Where do we draw the line between denouncing something and unhealthy obsessing over it? Do we need to dance to the sound of a men being verbally abusive? Isn’t that the opposite of what we would want to actually achieve? More hypocrisy.


Later in the video, a masked man enters Christina’s cell and attempts to abuse her.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

The handler forcibly spreads Christina’s legs, indicating that he’s about to rape her. Sexual abuse is routinely used in Monarch mind control.

However, Christina manages to free herself and kicks the guy’s butt. Then, she frees Demi and they both find a way to escape. But do they really escape?

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

After all of these years stuck inside this super-secure prison, the girls escape through this conveniently opened trap-door. Weird.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

The door leads to the same exact field where the girls were playing in while they were young. Also weird.

The video is telling us that the massive MK facility was situated right under where the girls were playing. That’s quite a coincidence… unless none of this is actually real and it is all happening in the girl’s heads. The subtle symbolism of the final scene says it all.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

As you can see in this gif, there are lots of monarch butterflies flying around Christina and Demi at the end of the video, representing them still being under mind control. There is a reason why the “escape” was so easy and convenient: It did not really happen. There’s also a disturbing underlying implication to this: Christina was probably actually abused and the end of the video is her being dissociated.

So, nobody has been “liberated” from anything. Christina and Demi performed the song their handlers wanted them to sing for the cameras while remaining under mind control.

Billboard Awards

As it is often the case with singles by major industry pawns, Fall in Line was promoted with a symbolic awards show performance.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

Christina and Demi perform surrounded by uniformed men, giving the setting a heavy police-state atmosphere. After singing her verse, Christina is carried about by two men. Pure industry slavery.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

Later, a white circle and a black circle merge together. Duality and the union of opposites is pure occult elite symbolism.

The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

The merging circles create something resembling a solar eclipse. In occult terms, it creates a “black sun” an occult symbol with deep significance. Notice that the men are actually “praising” the women.

Is this all truly about #metoo? Or the occult elite celebrating its control? As usual?

In Conclusion

At face value, Fall in Line is an “uplifting” video. Oppressed by evil, aggressive men, Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato free themselves to then reunite as sisters in the same magical field they used to play in as children.

However, this simplistic interpretation ignores important symbols peppered throughout the video. The sad truth is, both Christina and Demi are still owned by major labels. The MK agenda that has been prevailing for years is going stronger than ever today. The only difference is that “they” found a way to disguise their disturbing symbolism in a deceptive cloth of “empowerment”.

The video depicts the MK system in surprisingly accurate detail, even portraying the singers being abducted as children and being sexually abused. Then, they are forced to sing Fall in Line for of the cameras. After a fantasy scene of liberation, the girls find themselves surrounded by monarch butterflies, indicating that they’re still under control.

While some might find this interpretation “reaching”, it actually reflects reality. To believe that these singers are actually rebelling against anything is what is truly “reaching”. If these ex-Disney stars ever went against their handlers and created truly revolutionary music, they would be promptly told: “Who told you you’re allowed to think”.

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The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera's "Fall in Line"

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sad really sad what the industry does to the soul no wonder Christ said what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?


I wonder if the children they kidnap have any say in the selling of their souls? I can’t imagine why these people would be punished in the afterlife, if they had no control over themselves from the start. It’s almost like the handlers and co are taunting God, by compromising the innocence of their slaves in every way imaginable.


Allah wont hurt anyone for something they don’t have control on so don’t worry about them.


Dubs, God doesnt send abused kids to hell unless those abused kids grow up and knowingly sign that “second contract” for fame and fortune. They can sign all the contracts they want. Jesus will still accept them if they repent, as there is only one unforgivable sin, and it can’t be made under duress. God sees the heart. Why do people forget that?

D D d

He sure has mysterious ways, having such a future in hold for an innocent newborn human. Oh, but it will go to heaven after that suffering He chose for it. F-ers. Concepts. Lies. Fairytales. Whatever gives you hope eh?


Yes but many are suffering because of the sins of thier parents .
They did not know what they were getting into but thier parents signed the contracts and sold them off.
I believe a lot of kids signed up fo this Disney crap and thier parents saw what was happening and pulled them out .
Brittany, Christina, Justin and loveto got sold down the river by money grabbing parents.


There is no god. If there were these things wouldn’t happen, this cannot be for “the greater good”


YOU BLAME God when the fault is with sinful man. People always want to eradicate evil and sin but the problem with man is that he wants to eradicate it in others – not in himself. There IS a God and his name is Jesus Christ. He is the way,the truth and the life. But many don’t want to follow Jesus because they love their sin and their pleasures more than they love God.


Dubious, we all have free will.

Therefore, as a child you may be ignorant and naive, but as an adult your eyes are opened and you are AWARE. You must make the conscious effort to do GOOD.

What we choose to believe usually aligns us with what action we choose. Evil is very real….wake-up!


It’s easy to forget. Maybe try answering the question without the snide remark at the end?


I wonder at post like this. God does indeed see the heart but of it he says Jeremiah 17:9 9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? AND Luke 6:45 45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh. We can know what is in a mans heart by the things that he speaks. This does not include celebrities for their words are scripted. But the bible equates conversation with actions (hence the phrase “action speaks louder than words). We know what is in the heart of these people because their unholy conversation, i.e. actions SPEAK louder than their words ever could. There is nothing good in the human heart and there is such a thing as a reprobate (see Romans 1). When Xtina made “Not myself tonight” this was her “coming out” video. Her initiation rite of passage. There is no turning back after this point. This is not about MK Ultra or Monarch mind… Read more »


Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” God does a lot more than “sees the heart”. He has looked upon and estimated it in its sinful condition and this condition is the same condition for ALL men – Fallen, wicked and self-centered. Your statements are untrue and because they are you lead men AWAY from Christ. Celebrities do not merely “sign contracts”, they perform. The Madonna of yesterday is the “s_x kitten” of today. Do you think they have no power to influence their fan base? They do. And there is one for EVERY type of individual. Lady Gaga has her dupes, Beyonce, Taylor, Christina, Katy Perry, Ariana, etc. ALL HAVE THEIR DUPES AND THEY HAVE THE POWER TO INFLUENCE THEM TO DO WHAT THE POWERS WANT. There is no need for anyone to think that they will not be held accountable for leading millions of souls into perdition. No one. Do you not hear tell of the infamous hollwood orgies, initiation rights and behind-closed-doors degradation that these “stars” must participate in? The lewd and lascivious behavior? Just look at Cardi B’s videos where nudity is a prominent theme, yet 25… Read more »

Nigger Nigger

N----r n----r n----r n----r n----r n----r


There is no point and time where people have no control over themselves. If their parents involve them as children (which they often stupidly do) and use them for whatever reason, that is the parents fault. But when they come of age they can choose to leave the industry or continue to be involved in it. All industry slaves are WILLING slaves. Now there are a lot of people here who talk about God, the devil, etc., who really have no understanding of God or themselves. All of us either serve the Lord or we serve Satan. “Slavery” is a matter of choice. They can walk away from Satan anytime, but when they do the benefits of serving him cannot be retained. That means no more star treatment, no illicit “parties’, no more world admiration, first class and all the trappings that brought about their demise. They are shut out of the kingdom of their false god. Neither can the vast majority leave and serve the Lord as this is an industry that is a den of iniquity – and fornication especially ruins the soul. Most of these celebrities are ruined. SATAN MAKES SURE OF THIS. Without Christ they have… Read more »


Furthermore, he/she doesn’t even really gain the world, when their minds are being tortured or dissociated for long periods. Or when they are stressed due to excessive work. So they gain almost nothing good!


In the first scene with adult Christina she is lying down in that cell , and in the end she is lying down in the same manner, but on that field. It’s like she haven’t moved.


The sexualization of women in media today has become so pervasive that men no longer need to objectify women, they objectify themselves.

How do they equate this to empowerment?


To see verifiable proof of how they exploit children for their fake women’s empowerment agenda simply search under the following phrase ” Hollywood Caught Exploiting Eight Year Old Daughter of Terrorist at Oscars 2018 Ceremony”.


Exactly! And female’s are falling for this empowerment and equality bs. Man, I feel sorry for guys in this day in age. Either you have to go with all this garbage feminism or you’re a womenphobic. They have to make up some b’s labels to make you look bad or if you don’t agree.

Female’s are truly making themselves look ghastly and prudish. I honestly don’t see confidence or power. I see pride and weakness and also justification (which is, if a guy can do whatever I can do it too mentality….that’s foolish and immature!). I am woman btw. I hate what is going on today. Female’s have no class at all today. I see hate and revenge! God help you men today. And I am not talking about boys that just run with this b’s agenda…

Btw: I’ve been raped, beaten, assaulted. Never got on meds. I learned to forgive and break free in faith. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. I know what’s right and wrong in an evil world of prideful know it all’s. Male’s aren’t the only sinners…Female’s are too. Female’s can be quite worst. They’re just good and better at their tactics then guy’s.


I also noticed that the pairing of the both of them emphasizes “duality​” with Demi’s pitch black hair and Christina’s bleached blond hair.


“After selling these stars as sex objects for a few years, the same record companies are now marketing them as “outspoken feminists” because now is the time to cash in on the whole #metoo movement.”


This video is pretty blatant in my opinion. Whoa.


Out-of-control chemtrails today, and another VC article about the demonic occult and its agenda of turning flesh-and-blood human beings into psychopathic mind controlled robots straight out of the script of some dystopian blockbuster. 2018 so far in a nutshell.


If you want to be taken seriously, stop saying the slang word ‘chemtrails’ and start saying any of the following:

-Persistent aerosol spraying
-Solar radiation management
-Climate engineering

This is what the scientists and government officials doing it actually call it.

I’m seeing heavy persistent aerosol spraying over my city today as well.


Same in Phoenix, very heavy.


I get that you want people to sound educated, but there’s nothing wrong with using slang. Love people where they’re at.

D D d

Generally speaking you are right, Rimono, but this context is a bit more critical than using slang. It is fighting against the creation of an image by the media. That’s a lot more tougher than choosing an easy word. By using the right scientific word you gain credit, by using comon slang that is misused by the press, you are not giving of signs of being wellread, but of just headlining.


Thank you guys for sharing. This is a global epidemic. It happens everywhere in the world…well actually can anyone confirm if this is being done in parts of the Middle East? I do wonder if this is being done in that area of the world as well as Russia….just wondering.


The two men watching them are looking like Matthew Diamond and Kelly Ward. Diamond was the director of Demi’s “Camp Rock” movie and Ward who worked on the MMC (where Aguilera was as a child). Saw this on twitter and thought I could mention it here.

Thy Unveiling

Thank you, from a person who doesn’t Twitterpate.


demi joined disney way before camp rock. she was a star in barney with selena when they were really young


Same crap, different approach with whoever the pawn the elite is using to promote it ranging from a police state to, dare I say it, feminism. I pity those who try to “escape” such a plot to avoid “falling in line” when they’ll ritualistically “dispose” of them like the others who did like MJ.

And that’s why its not worth being famous when your life is in their hands as a slave under MK Ultra where sooner or later, they’ll get rid of you once you’ve served your purpose.


I find it debatable that that is actually Christina. Looks like a totally different person. Sadly, I would venture to guess that the real Christina was killed/sacrificed and replaced with that lookalike.


Madonna was replaced too, looks like a 20yr old, funny stuff.

D D d

Look at the places they are trying to mask. Like the hands. Gloves and their variations are very fashionable, very – never go out of style with the elderly women among the stars, for example. But the marmot-on-meds-look with the cheekbone-fillers is one of the most hilarious when they forget the right camera-angles..


Ok guys, let’s talk about this issue. You say “replaced”, do you mean cloned?

Also, Madonna practices dark magic and people that do so will sacrifice others to take their years from them and gain a youthful appearance. Once it starts to wear off they just do it again. These people fear death and growing old.

Also, Michael Jackson was never the same after that pepsi commercial…in fact his dance moves never evolved from that time until his “death”. So, was MJ cloned after the pepsi commercial? If so, where is the REAL MJ!

Let’s discuss.


She got her Lips done as well, which can change a person appearance.


I def think there is something going on with her “look”. She’s way less “made-up”… May be a reinvention of herself… Seemingly humble, eh?


Her makeup is natural, that’s why she looks so different. Everyone looks totally different without makeup, especially someone who goes through 2 hours in hair & makeup, there’s ton of layers of it. Plus, she is getting older. Comments like this is why people do not take “conspiracy theorists” seriously. Christina would be worth way more dead than alive anyways.


It’s Christina. But she have done some fillers and something to her lips. But it is her.

Apres Ski

Hasn’t half, if not all of Hollyweird been killed off and replaced? Even Oprah has been replaced.


Cloned right?


Topics about the music industry are getting old to be honest. What happened to the more serious topics you used to write?


The sense of entitlement is strong here.

VC started out in the music industry, as he clearly states in his “About” section, therefore there will quite naturally be a bias toward what he knows best. It’s silly to say that the topic is getting old when a) it’s what he knows about best and b) music is the most powerful tool the mainstream media has when used to influence the subconscious mind; if that isn’t serious, I don’t know what is.

You should be thankful you have access to all this free content and rather than complain, maybe begin your own research into what interests you and make your own site – that way, we can all read your musings, for free. Then we too can complain that what you’re writing about is getting old.


@LaPared VC doesn’t talk only about the music industry. Most of the posts are about music industry, but not all. You’re lazy to seek for other posts with different themes.
*this comment is to LaPared

Thy Unveiling

Others have already stated valid points; I just wanted to add that famous people also have a lot of influence over the public. Even when she was still too young to vote, MTV asked Britney Spears her opinions on Bush. She said we should support our president (probably what she felt was a safe response.) She received a lot of backlash. When the cute Dixie Chick was asked a similar question, she said he made her ashamed to be from Texas. She received a lot of backlash, then wrote a song and they made a DVD supposedly venting their frustration over the hoopla. They became popular again. Seemingly irrelevant to your comment… Ed the Sock; the original (and Canadian) foul mouthed handpuppet (kinda sounds like a chain smoking Oscae the Grouch) used to vent about politics (among other things) and once claimed he was going to run in the election. He never did run, but people *would* have voted for him. At that point in time, *I* would have voted for him. The Much Music (when it was still music based content) generation would have. (I think Conan O’Brien’s poop dog puppet was crappily based on Ed the Sock.) Again,… Read more »


Actually Ronald Reagan was before Schwarzenegger, although it’s a given that Reagan was a has-been whereas Arnold was still in the limelight.





Never gets old. You are just another “entertain me” junky!

You’re programmed.


Shaking your booty like a stripper is not my idea of female strength. Most of the time these singers look perpetually constipated with some weird lip disease that makes them imitate a duck face or something.

No one in this clip got liberated and both singers look ridiculous.

Can you please come with more intelligent articles?

Thank you.


To think that today’s young people fall for this crap. But what the hey, I’m still living in the 80s. LOL!

D D d

It is on all channels, in different kinds of shows and departments of entertainment, news, books, commercials – I bet there will be childrens books on how to deal with the officers of the law. A number of generations is used to it already, or so it seems? But don’t look at the look, look at the laws changing and rewritten in your countries.

Thy Unveiling

Yep! When “big stuff” goes down (#MeToo) it’s to cover something worse.

In Canada, people were focused on some Khadr getting $10million. While they Facebooked their outrage over money that we’d never see, we lost babies with gender. Infants with vaginas or penises are now “Gender Neutral”…and b---------y is legal. Still waiting for legal marijuana, but we can legally f the dog while we wait. That was 2017. Are any of the outraged Khadr posters Sharing outrage over infants genders being stripped away, or “Why can we legally f the dog but are still waiting for legal weed?” Nope. It’s not $10million they were never gonna see anyway, so they don’t care.

But yeah…one scandal hides another.


Wonder why this doesn’t have my thumbs up? Times are disgusting now. But, it is going to get WAY WORSE THEN THIS!


Thank you Thy. God knows we have lost the plot!


And the powers that be let’s her spread a message of female empowerment and abuse , to the masses, while in custody. Why is that exactly? Hmm..

D D d

To get used to the looks of it? Just be aware of how prisoners and so-called deranged people, or even normal people offending by just being, are treated nowadays, in your area or other, western?, civilised countries. It can happen to you if …
Teach your children a police state is not an utopia.




Plot twist, maybe Demi Lovato’s “prank” was played the other way. Maybe she was the one that was “pranked”…..


This is so similar to Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” music video and the 2011 movie Sucker Punch. The same themes are repeated over and over again. It’s astounding more people don’t connect the dots.


The ending of the movie Brazil (1985) is a prime example of dissociation…an imaginary escape from torture.

the MystWalker

Demi Lovato heroin overdose…a drug used in MK ULTRA proccess…


The cages at the beginning feel reminiscent of the cages we’ve seen the immigrant children who are being detained in government detention centers… I wonder if unspeakable experiments/MKUltra torture is being done there as well…


Probably not, as the media attention on the immigrant children is to “hot”. If MK Ultra is still being done, (it probably is), It’s most likely being privatized and done at many different locations, so as to ensure the program will continue without interruption.


It came out that the children are being moved to different locations around the countries.


you know how powerful that ring of people has to be?

To move tons of children around the world without even being noticed!

Why are we not protecting our children globally? Why do we continue to ignore the important matters at hand?

Why have we forgotten what really matters???????


When I saw this music video I knew it was just a matter of time until you did an article on it. Thanks VC!


Why would they even bother to tell us what is actually going on? People figure this stuff out and it is the end of them.


Most people don’t figure it out, they are like sheep. I think the symbology is meant to make those messages (like rape) become so usual that people get used to it and think this is normal.


There is nothing wrong with being a sheep, we are all sheep. Thats why we need a good shepard 🙂 (hint: Jesus is the good shepard)


Yes, that’s right. When I said “sheep”, I meant “sheeple” = people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led. People that can’t think by themselves, that just follow the crowd, doing what the others do without thinking about where they are going to. They don’t figure these messages out (about MK Ultra, dissociation, etc.) because they automatically think that these theories (such as the ones about illuminati, etc.) are nonsense, they don’t even bother to try to understand the theories, they’re totally blind to the truth, they DON’T WANT TO know the truth.


I know what you mean, but I am too easely led. There are so many false teachers and bad leaders in the so called truth movement. There is a lot of truth in the truth movement, but there is A LOT of lies as well.

so I had to find a leader that I can trust. And that leader is Jesus Christ 🙂 I can always hold on to him.

What I mean is that even tho you see that there is a lot of lies in this world and even if you see that there’s something really obviously wrong in the entertainment industry, you can still be confused, believe in lies and walk in the wrong direction.

I just wanted to say that.. because before i found Jesus a couple of years ago I read a lot about MK ultra and illuminati and occultism but even tho I was “awake” according to truth movement standards and even tho I didn’t believe in mainstream lies, I got confused by other types of lies, because the lies are everywhere.

I was a sheep and I still am. But know I am God’s sheep and thats OK 🙂


and sorry if my english is a little soso, Im from scandinavia 🙂


@Sonja. Well.. Everything I’ve read in Vigilant Citizen makes a lot of sense to me. I’m not the type of person that believes in everything people say. I’m a rational person. If something makes sense to me and seems to be logical, I believe it. If something doesn’t make sense or doesn’t seem to proof anything, I don’t. Simple as that. But thanks for the advice. =) “so I had to find a leader that I can trust. And that leader is Jesus Christ” Well.. I think that if the devil exists, then God must exist too, right? By reading the posts about the occult elite/illuminati and stuff, I started to seriously believe that satan (and/or demons) does exist. But proofs about the existence of God are, ironically, harder to find (my opinion). But I don’t think that there is a possibility that only satan exists and God doesn’t, because if this possibility were real, this world we live in would be 100% hellish, right? What happens is: by using black magic (I never tried it and never will, but I believe it does work), someone can “get in touch with” demons and bad spirits. But there is not a… Read more »


The Bible is the Book if you want to communicate with God : )


That’s ok Sonja, we’re glad to have you here and connect! God’s blessings to you all!

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