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The Disturbing Hidden Meaning of Christina Aguilera’s “Fall in Line”



Fall in Line is a duet starring two ex-Disney stars: Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato. Although the song appears to be about “empowerment”, the video tells a totally different story: They are both still slaves of an oppressive industry.

The trend of 2018 is strong: It is all about being angry and moralistic. In order to be deemed relevant, entertainers need to engage in intense virtue signaling and pose as a martyr for some kind of cause. Of course, mass media does not allow just any message to be championed by pop stars. The message they promote is carefully calculated and is marketed in a specific way in order to generate a specific reaction.

And, the entertainment industry being what it is, the messages pushed by stars are often deceptive and manipulative. Indeed, as highlighted in my recent articles about Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake or Kesha, the symbolism found in these artists’ videos often convey dark and disturbing messages that negate any kind of so-called “empowerment”. In case you didn’t know, they don’t actually want you to be “empowered”. They’re tricking you into believing that being empowered means being angry, hateful and under elite control.

Christina Aguilera’s Fall in Line is yet another example of this sad trend. While the song appears to be about #metoo and female empowerment, the video tells another story. Through symbolic scenes, the video reveals the true inner-workings of the entertainment industry and the true state of stars like Christina Aguilera. No, they’re not “empowered”, they’re the exact opposite.

Both Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato were recruited as children by Disney. Since then, they’ve been under tight industry control.

Left: Young Christina Aguilera on the Mickey Mouse Club TV show. Right: Demi Lovato. star of the Disney movie Camp Rock.

After “graduating” to a solo singing career, heavy sexualization ensued. Both singers became a face of the omnipresent Monarch programming/Sex Kitten agenda (for more info, read this article first).

In the 2010 video for “Not Myself Tonight”, Christina is an actual sex kitten. To top it off, the video ends with an orgy inside a church (read my article about that video here).

After selling these stars as sex objects for a few years, the same record companies are now marketing them as “outspoken feminists” because now is the time to cash in on the whole #metoo movement. However, the video tells the dark truth about the industry: It does not care about any of this. In fact, it is about the exact opposite of empowerment: Enslavement.

The title of the song is basically an order to both celebrities and the masses in general: “Fall in Line” and don’t go against the grain. There is no actual “liberation” going on here. The song simply pushes the “divide and conquer” agenda (in this case, division between sexes) under a heavy layer of MK symbolism.

Fall in Line

The video begins with young versions of Christina and Demi playing outside.

Youth and innocence.

Then, evil men appear out of nowhere.

Masked men in futuristic uniforms take the girls away.

Then, we see Christina laying inside a cell. She’s been under “their” control the entire time.

Clearly MK Slave

Right from the start, the video discloses that it is about the grim world of Monarch programming, where children are abducted and forced to live in a “secret location” as slaves. Considering the fact that both Christina and Demi both grew up as Disney (aka MK-slave factory) child stars, this is all rather accurate.

Various shots show the singers imprisoned in an “underground” facility where they are tightly monitored.

Christina sits in a cell. However, this is not a regular prison cell used for criminals. This is an MK facility.

MK slaves are indeed under constant video/audio surveillance.

Agents have in hand extensive bio-medical data about each inmate.

Entertainment Industry

When the song begins, Christina is held by two masked men – the MK handlers.

The men force Christina to stick her behind out, alluding to sexual abuse.

One of the men hands Christina a mic.

Christina stars singing Fall in Line as cameras film her.

The scene above is quite clear: The handlers actually want Christina to sing the song that is, supposedly, about being free. Christina’s verse goes like this:

“Little girls, listen closely
‘Cause no one told me
But you deserve to know
That in this world, you are not beholden
You do not owe them
Your body and your soul”

Who is the “them” she’s talking about? The industry that owns her? One thing is for sure, “they” do actually own her body and her soul. The video is quite clear about this.

Demi Lovato’s verse is also somewhat perplexing.

“Show some skin, make him want you
‘Cause God forbid you
Know your own way home
And ask yourself why it matters
Who it flatters
You’re more than flesh and bones”

While the message of the verse appears to be positive, everything about the video and the singers’ history are in direct contradiction with this message.

The careers of both singers heavily relied on sex (sometimes to an extreme extent).

Even in the Fall in Line video itself, both singers are dressed in sexy, revealing garments. There’s a bizarre, perverted angle to the abuse shown on screen that is reminiscent of submission/domination sexual fantasies. In short, there’s a whole lot of hypocrisy going on in a song that tells young girls that they’re “more than flesh and bones”. In a classic mass media move of deception, the singer’s words do not match what happens on screen. Or in real life.

On June 4th, Demi Lovato posted on Twitter a “prank” she did on her bodyguard where she hired an escort to grab his crotch (hahahahaha). She got called out immediately because her “prank” was actually sexual assault. The tweet was promptly deleted.

That’s not the kind of headline you want to see a few days after releasing a song calling out abusive men.

During the song, a masculine voice repeats some irritating things.

“One, two, three
Right, two, three
Shut your mouth (oh)
Stick your ass out for me
March, two, three
One, two, three
Who told you you’re allowed to think?”

This voice is said to represent the oppressive male figure the girls are fighting against. However, once again, there is something perverted about this entire bit. Indeed, its catchy repetitive nature causes the brain to, unconsciously, internalize these direct orders. Where do we draw the line between denouncing something and unhealthy obsessing over it? Do we need to dance to the sound of a men being verbally abusive? Isn’t that the opposite of what we would want to actually achieve? More hypocrisy.


Later in the video, a masked man enters Christina’s cell and attempts to abuse her.

The handler forcibly spreads Christina’s legs, indicating that he’s about to rape her. Sexual abuse is routinely used in Monarch mind control.

However, Christina manages to free herself and kicks the guy’s butt. Then, she frees Demi and they both find a way to escape. But do they really escape?

After all of these years stuck inside this super-secure prison, the girls escape through this conveniently opened trap-door. Weird.

The door leads to the same exact field where the girls were playing in while they were young. Also weird.

The video is telling us that the massive MK facility was situated right under where the girls were playing. That’s quite a coincidence… unless none of this is actually real and it is all happening in the girl’s heads. The subtle symbolism of the final scene says it all.

As you can see in this gif, there are lots of monarch butterflies flying around Christina and Demi at the end of the video, representing them still being under mind control. There is a reason why the “escape” was so easy and convenient: It did not really happen. There’s also a disturbing underlying implication to this: Christina was probably actually abused and the end of the video is her being dissociated.

So, nobody has been “liberated” from anything. Christina and Demi performed the song their handlers wanted them to sing for the cameras while remaining under mind control.

Billboard Awards

As it is often the case with singles by major industry pawns, Fall in Line was promoted with a symbolic awards show performance.

Christina and Demi perform surrounded by uniformed men, giving the setting a heavy police-state atmosphere. After singing her verse, Christina is carried about by two men. Pure industry slavery.

Later, a white circle and a black circle merge together. Duality and the union of opposites is pure occult elite symbolism.

The merging circles create something resembling a solar eclipse. In occult terms, it creates a “black sun” an occult symbol with deep significance. Notice that the men are actually “praising” the women.

Is this all truly about #metoo? Or the occult elite celebrating its control? As usual?

In Conclusion

At face value, Fall in Line is an “uplifting” video. Oppressed by evil, aggressive men, Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato free themselves to then reunite as sisters in the same magical field they used to play in as children.

However, this simplistic interpretation ignores important symbols peppered throughout the video. The sad truth is, both Christina and Demi are still owned by major labels. The MK agenda that has been prevailing for years is going stronger than ever today. The only difference is that “they” found a way to disguise their disturbing symbolism in a deceptive cloth of “empowerment”.

The video depicts the MK system in surprisingly accurate detail, even portraying the singers being abducted as children and being sexually abused. Then, they are forced to sing Fall in Line for of the cameras. After a fantasy scene of liberation, the girls find themselves surrounded by monarch butterflies, indicating that they’re still under control.

While some might find this interpretation “reaching”, it actually reflects reality. To believe that these singers are actually rebelling against anything is what is truly “reaching”. If these ex-Disney stars ever went against their handlers and created truly revolutionary music, they would be promptly told: “Who told you you’re allowed to think”.


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