Justin Timberlake’s “Supplies”: The Great Illuminati Reversal


What is the meaning behind Justin Timberlake’s Supplies? Why are there people worshiping an Illuminati pyramid? Here’s a look at the intense symbolism of the music video Supplies.

Supplies features Justin Timberlake and his love interest – played by Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez Reyna – running around and causing heck in a dystopian society. While the setting is somewhat futuristic, the themes addressed are very 2017: #MeToo, racism, immigration, feminism, Harvey Weinstein, Black Lives Matter and, of course, Donald Trump.

In the most striking scene of the video, a crowd of people worships a gigantic Illuminati pyramid that emits light. Then, Reyna, who plays the role of a rebellious leader, sets it on fire. Later, the world is apparently in ruins. What’s going on? Is the video a call for an uprising? Is Justin Timberlake now a rogue, rebellious, troublemaker?

Not really. The video is actually a call for … doing nothing. It is simply part of the gigantic mass media wave that is defining what can and should be discussed and what can and should be celebrated. It is part of the communication technique called “agenda-setting”:

“Agenda-setting is the creation of public awareness and concern of salient issues by the news media. As well, agenda-setting describes the way that media attempts to influence viewers, and establish a hierarchy of news prevalence. Two basic assumptions underlie most researches on agenda-setting:

– the press and the media do not reflect reality; they filter and shape it;
– media concentration on a few issues and subjects leads the public to perceive those issues as more important than other issues.

These core statements were established by measuring the changes in salience through the use of surveys with the presence of more frequent news coverage.”
– Wikipedia, “Agenda-Setting”

There’s a lot of agenda-setting going on in Supplies. Like so many other videos out at the moment, it helps define what the masses should care about (or obsess over) these days. However, in order to reach young people, the agenda-setting is clothed as a revolt against an oppressive system. But there is no actual “revolt” going on, just an industry puppet doing what he is told for the cameras. Then, he cashes his check from RCA records and goes back to his mansion.

Eternal Puppet

Justin Timberlake began his show-business career at age 11 as a cast member of the Mickey Mouse club, alongside several future industry stars.

This edition of the Mickey Mouse club included Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling.

Timberlake then found super-stardom as the leader of the boy band NSYNC.

The album cover of No Strings Attached features the group (including Justin) as literal puppets.

In 2002, Timberlake launched his solo career. Once again, album art was highly symbolic.

Dressed in A Clockwork Orange-inspired outfit, Timberlake does the 666 one-eye sign of the industry pawn.
The cover of his last album features a subtle (yet still very present) one-eye sign.

One week before the release of Supplies, Timberlake released Filthy, a video that features him being replaced by … a dancing robot.

In Filthy, Timberlake stands backstage while a (rather creepy) robot replacement performs sexy dance moves on human dancers. He ultimately wins over the crowds as everybody cheers for the robot.
The concept of the video is somewhat reminiscent of the movie Metropolis where Maria – a leader of the people – is replaced by an android to do the elite’s bidding. (Read my article about the movie here).
At the end of Filthy, Timberlake “glitches out” and disappears. Was he just a projection? Was he replaced by the android?

Everything about Timberlake’s career points towards him being at the service of the industry and nothing has changed with his latest album. He is still signed with the elite-owned RCA records and as such, anything he puts out is perfectly in accordance with the elite’s agenda.


Contrary to Filthy (which is basically four minutes of watching a robot dance), there’s a lot going on in Supplies. Throughout this flurry of messages and symbolism, there’s a core message being communicated: This is what you need to be angry about in order to be “woke”.

More precisely, it is about focusing on specific issues, framing them in a specific matter, and imposing a specific social-political “solution” to them.

At the beginning of the video, Justin watches several screens at one, all of which display events of the past year: Trump, Harvey Weinstein, anti-racism demonstrations, gun control, the Vegas shooting, etc.
The scene appears to be a reference to the 1976 sci-fi movie The Man Who Fell to Earth where an alien (played by David Bowie) watches 12 TVs at once while becoming an alcoholic.

After absorbing all of that mass media, Justin goes outside where some bizarre stuff is going down.

Some very pale people, dressed in all white, harass Justin’s girl, who is dressed in black. Are those white faces a reference to White people?
Does this guy represent “gun nuts” who are against gun control?
Justin watches this scene unfold from across the street. Do the floating white umbrellas represent White America being somehow  “protected” from bad weather?

Justin doesn’t like what he’s seeing: He punches the guy in white and leaves with the girl in black.

In the following scene, Justin dances around as light effects depict people slipping under the wall and running away, in a rather clear reference to Trump’s wall with Mexico.
Here, Justin and his “army” gather at Los Angeles Public Library as flags on the walls burn. Why are the flags burning? Interesting fact: In 2011, I published an article about the occult symbolism of this very library.
We don’t see it in the video, but there’s actually a pyramid topped by a torch of illumination right above them. This indicates who they’re really fighting for.

In the next scene, Justin and his girl find themselves in a creepy place of worship.

People bow before an Illuminati pyramid.
Eiza – who is apparently a rebellious leader – sets the pyramid on fire with a Molotov cocktail.

Did Eiza set fire to the Illuminati? Not really.

Notice that there’s American money burning as it flies from the pyramid. In the previous scene, flags were burning. Now, money. Are these allusions to the destruction of national flags and national currencies … to be replaced by a one world government and a one world currency? The elite’s ultimate objective?

The same people who were worshiping the pyramid are now cheering for Eiza. The masses are idiots prone to groupthink. How about thinking for yourself for a change?

The new leader’s disposition is reminiscent of an iconic picture of the past.

This scene recreates the famous picture of Huey P. Newton, the leader of the Black Panther Party. There’s a lot of racially charged stuff in the video.
Here, people float in the air with illuminated rings around their eyes. When Justin and Eiza remove the rings, people fall off. They are now “woke”.

Throughout the video, various symbolic pictures quickly flash on screen.

A protest sign saying “The Muslim ban is White supremacy”.
RIP Amerikkka – an inverted American flag cut in half.

After all of this intense noise, the video ends in a cryptic matter.

Justin emerges from the ground as dirty children gather around him, in a post-apocalyptic world. Eiza is looking fresh and clean.

What happened there? A nuclear explosion? Why is everybody dirty except Eiza? Did she know that the destruction was coming?

The timing of this scene is rather odd as Supplies was released only days after the Hawaii false nuke alert.

On January 18th, an alert was sent to all devices in Hawaii about an incoming ballistic missile.
A few days later, the Japanese network NHK sent out a false alert saying: “NHK news alert. North Korea likely to have launched a missile. The government J alert: evacuate inside the building or underground.” The alert was then corrected.

The hook of the song alludes to a post-apocalyptic setting, where Justin (maybe representing the elite) has all of the “supplies” necessary to survive.

‘Cause I’ll be the light when you can’t see
I’ll be the wood when you need heat
I’ll be the generator, turn me on when you need electricity
Some shit’s ’bout to go down, I’ll be the one with the level head
The world could end now
Baby, we’ll be living in The Walking Dead

The video ends with a little boy talking directly to the viewers. And he’s pretty angry.

“Just leave. Die already. You’re still asleep! Wake up! Just leave. We good.”

Why is the music video telling viewers to “die already”?


Supplies is very similar to a music video analyzed last year: Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm. In both videos, the singers are depicted as “revolutionaries” who are “woke” and who stand up against the powers that be. However, in both cases, the “revolution” is actually 100% in line with the world elite’s agenda. Supplies and Chained to the Rhythm are part of the new “sanctimonious Hollywood” trend where constant virtue-signaling somehow gives celebrities the right to define what should people think and believe in.

However, there’s a lot of hypocrisy going on. In my article Katy Perry’s “Chained to the Rhythm” Sells an Elite-Friendly “Revolution”, I highlight the various ways Perry’s real-life actions contradict her music video moralizing. In her very next video, Katy was back at pushing elite-sponsored degeneracy. Indeed, Bon Appétit was about her being prepped like a piece of meat for an elite cannibalistic ritual while she’s singing about her being banged by a bunch of guys. So woke.

In Supplies, Justin Timberlake appears to strongly support the #metoo movement. However, less than two years ago, Timberlake worked with Woody Allen, claiming it was a “dream come true”, despite the fact that Allen’s has long been accused by his adoptive daughter of sexually assaulting her.

Dylan Farrow even called out Timberlake on this hypocrisy:

“I struggle with how a powerful force like Justin Timberlake can claim to be in awe of the strength of women and stand with them at this #MeToo moment and then in the next breath say that working with Woody Allen is a ‘dream come true.”
– Business Insider, Dylan Farrow calls out Justin Timberlake for saying working with Woody Allen was a ‘dream come true’ then claiming to support victims of Hollywood sexual misconduct

Yes, Woody Allen is accused of sexual abuse by his own adoptive daughter. Also, Woody Allen is actually MARRIED to another adoptive daughter: Soon-Yi Previn. So woke.

Supplies also deals with race. But the hypocrisy is even stronger there. Some of the symbolism is clearly “pro-Black”. However, not unlike elsewhere in mass media, the new “pro-Black” is not about bettering the lives of Black people: It is about fomenting hatred and division.

While many get their education from Hollywood celebrities while eating Tide Pods, actual History is being forgotten. The elite that’s currently pandering to Black people is the same elite that’s been oppressing Black people for decades. Who allowed crack to enter Black neighborhoods, turning droves of people into zombies? Who allowed the killing of so many Black leaders? Who allowed police brutality on innocent Black people? The answer: Those who are truly in power, no matter who’s President. These things happened when Republicans and Democrats were in power. These things happened while Barak Obama was in power. It doesn’t matter. They do not actually believe that “Black Lives Matter”. No lives matter … except theirs.

In Conclusion

Supplies is the elite communicating to the masses using extremely manipulative techniques and classic double-speech. Through the use of virtue signaling, the video panders to the idealistic tendencies of young people. However, what are the actual values being promoted? Anger, hatred, and division between races, sexes, and political affiliations. The more the masses are divided, the more the elite can control each group efficiently. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book.

There’s a great reversal going on here. The Illuminati (aka the world elite) is portraying the acceptance of its agenda as “fighting the Illuminati”. Mass media is in full force, using all of its resources to frame what’s happening in a specific narrative. Why? Because we are in a pivotal place in history.

The elite’s motto is Ordo Ab Chao: Order Out of Chaos. We are living in chaotic, confusing times and Trump and is a perfect agent of chaos. The response to him, and all of the issues highlighted above – the agenda – will be Order. And when “order out of chaos” is a reality people will actually bow down to the Illuminati pyramid.

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You can’t have the success and career longevity Justin has enjoyed without being a willing puppet of the elite, which he obviously is and seems to be very complient because you never hear anything negative about him being aired out ,I bet you the day he strays, they’ll come out with all the dirt they have on him. But he’s in too deep, man. They’ve had him since the MMC & had known p*******e Lou Perlman handling him and Nsync, it’s suspected that he was molested by Lou, along with other members of Nsync and Backstreet Boys, his other group. I thought being a dad will wake something up in him, but nah, he’s got bills to pay

Get your facts straight

Its no wonder being a sellout to the Illuminati brings all the success that you’ve dreamed of — at a price of your soul being theirs to manipulate like the puppet masters that they are and you the pawn spreading NWO propaganda in whatever crap you’re in be it music, fashion, or hollywood.

A lot of people have long successful careers especially when they start so early in this business . Like every other profession more years you work the more u know about what you’re doing, people who grew up with you, now are people you work with. You establish contacts through this journey and so you build a strong base for you future success. You never hear negative things about a lot of other artists in this industry. There’s a lot of good guys who go by their way in this industry and dont crave attention or unnecessary fame. You all miss the point of V.Z in his stories. These actresses and singers are not the ones creating this images, and chaos etc they are been used mostly unknowingly to mass-advertise the agenda. Like when until late 80’s spotting a t-shirt with a skull was considered satanic and bad luck etc… Read more »

It used to be that way.but nowadays to start building a career young in the industry comes with a price and we know which one that is. Many children stars had one hit or one movie and then never been heard of maybe because they didn’t want to do certain things. And yes there are some great people in the industry and not all is bad. However JT had some really nasty history, remember he’s beginnings and all the controversy surrounding him how he treated others like he was the center of the universe he still acts like a diva to the present day. I doubt he is so talented and irreplaceable for everyone to accept all his BS, he has something else going on and he knows it.

I’ve never bought his marriage with the Biel either, very private folks apparently, never together only on the red carpet , never affectionate with each other , never with his child, pictures or talking about him. It’s sorta of deal they had, she got a famous husband and kept her celebrity status because her talent and looks wouldn’t have done this and he has a cover for who knows what, my guess is that he’s gay and since his fanbase are 90% women will totally destroy his career. So sad for the baby,he doesn’t stand a chance with them as parents

He probably was abused at disney, the cult

Parents sold him, I need to re check his backround.

She’s always struck me as very masculine

Great job VC. This music video is meant to deceive and direct our thoughts, as are all the communication segments that flow from the established mouthpiece of Satan. Its goal is to keep God out of our domain of concerns and preserve our fixation on this fallen, physical world that is twisted and corrupted by sin and death. Divide and conquer indeed! This music video is there to “supply” us with a cause to get behind (just pick one of the many shown -thus the plural “supplies”) and give our energy, strength, wisdom, and effort to that cause. It doesn’t matter what side you end up fighting for – the prince of darkness is not playing both sides… he is playing ALL sides. The duality (polar opposites) is pushed so hard by the powers that run this world because it forces us to choose sides. Let’s stop listening to these… Read more »

Excellent post. Spot on! This life is a test of our faith/trust in God’s love for us, just as the angels and hierarchy of cherubim/seraphim,etc. were given the free will to choose. Our will is the utmost importance . If we ask we shall receive, if we knock it will be opened.

Thank you! Everything you just said really resonated with me. I was just texting with my sister who is struggling. Your post covered what I was trying to impart to her much better than I ever could.

You’re welcome Yee. We all, like your sister, struggle and need each other.

To the extent that we are unaware of, or “asleep” to, the Spirit kingdom where our union with Christ exists, we will seek to obtain fulfillment, purpose and satisfaction from this realm – from Satan’s “supplies”. This is what Jesus’ conversation with the lady at the well was all about. “Drink from me and you will never thirst, but keep drinking from this well and your thirst will never be quenched.” Of course, He was talking about her life choices to meet her inner needs. Again, our level of desperate behavior for satisfaction, fulfillment, and meaning will be directly proportionate to our level of unawareness of the benefits of union available in Christ. This is the new covenant gospel message and basically what all the new testament letters are saying!

Mixed race kid telling White People to “just die” ,,,,, whole video very anti-White RACISM.


Doubt the puppet used is mixed-raced. He looks Melanesian or as someone stated earlier in this thread like he could be from the Solomon Islands.

yes–muds…not black or white.

I don’t think so, the kid looks like he’s from the Solomon Islands.

Breaking news: they are all paid puppets

“Money for nothing and the chicks for free” MTV was an “operation” created to make gangsters and moral degenerates among our adolescence members of society. Now those targeted impressionable persons have come of age.


So, once JT has done his duty to his masters, he hops in his Maserati and heads home to his white wife and white children in his walled, guarded 24/7 mansion in an elite white neighborhood. Ahh it’s good to be a slave/puppet! He is about as relevant as “M n’ M”. Please, just go away. People with a brain aren’t buying what you’re selling. And may God have mercy on your soul.

Logan Paul: The Hanged Man

Excuse you, Tide Pods are an excellent source of nutrition! #staywoke

(that was sarcasm in case anyone couldn’t tell)

Who even comes up with this crap? I’m guessing it’s the elite because apparently last summer kids were doing a ‘drink bleach’ challenge? WTH?!

They’re using YouTube stars to push their agenda and the worst part is that it is very hard to filter and shelter your kids when you have other school children egging them on.

I was confused when my friends kid was joking about eating that stuff. Then all this Tide Pod Challenge stuff started popping up like “We need to talk about this.” I guess not doing social media anymore, I am a bit of an ostrich.

I think these moronic challenges are part of tptb thinning out the heard; reducing the population by taking out the daft ones first. I guess these kids weren’t raised with threats of having their mouths washed with soap for talking nasty.

That’s crazy you say that because a meme has been circulating that shows a tide pod with the caption ‘natural selection’ i believe this could be another social engineering experiment, like you said, for population control.

Well the elite are firm believers of Darwanism. “Only the fittest survive”

Sometimes I think Justin Timberlake took advantage of Britney, I mean his career started to rise when hers started to decline.

Thank you for the analysis VC!!

The pyramids were built by the servers of Satan, it was built to align with the Orion Belt stars, similarly the WTC towers were built by the same satanic elites were designed to be aligned with the Orion Belt stars that were worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. It’s all satani symbolism trying to play god in this world. Next to the WTC TOWERS is a sphere designed to mimic The Kaaba in Mecca. The 9/11 attacks were a stargate ritual done as a start of the final phase of the NWO and symbolizing the destruction of The Kaaba, why is The Kaaba so important? Because it’s the center of the world, NASA discovered it, the Kaaba has a infinite radiation that can be seen from mars and it goes on. RESEARCH IT!!

Wow thank you Ultimate, I am researching the Kaaba and it is really interesting !! Especially since black cubes are very important in illuminati symbollism


The Kaaba in Mecca is a black cube. How does a bronze sphere mimic a cube ?

It’s about the location of the sphere between the “pillar” towers and what it symbolized

If anything the pillars of the towers represent Jachin and Boaz, the two pillars so prominent in Freemasonry. I don’t recall pillars being prominent in the display of the Kaaba in Mecca itself. The large black cube, black rock set in its side, and then wide open space for pilgrims on Hajj to circle it, but no pillars anywhere near of any symbolic significance.

It’s all symbolism, that’s how the Zionist satanist play god in this world, the pillars are symbolic to a gate entrance, that’s why you have to RESEARCH IT on your own, not enough space on here, Google is a good place

g—– not good because they are too powerful and discriminate against those with different ideas.. They also data mine, take your information and sell it and give it to the democrat party. google did all the analytics for the hillary campaign. They use special formulas to hide certain pages and put the ones they want, not the best or most popular, first. DuckDuckGp is a search engine that does not track or data mine. Help by reminding people not to use google. They are very involved in propaganda.

Yeah Team, cause I wouldn’t know of what’s going on in this sickening, evil industry, if VC didn’t give me a “show and tell”! Lol…but really, I don’t watch tv, I don’t listen to the radio, or any of it’s crappy “today’s” music, or even search and watch, the videos on youtube of “today’s” music! So I just wouldn’t know about all this happening without VC….I mean, where else is this occult, new world order, satanist, stuff reported on?? You wouldn’t believe how much I read on the internet, and I can answer that question, with a resounding…NOWHERE! So I thank VC, and really appreciate their work…too.

@joanofark06, there are a lot of sites about the illuminati theme, but in fact VC is one of the best and most complete ones! 🙂
There are sites that address this in other languages too. I started reading one site in my mother tongue (which is Portuguese), then later started reading VC.

Joan, the website of Canadian journalist Henry Makow covers much of the NWO agenda. His website tagline is: “There is only one conspiracy,” which, as he outlines in great detail, is Satan (and earthly minions) against mankind. Jesus of Nazareth warned us in Matthew 24: 22 “And except those days be shortened, there should NO FLESH be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Satan hates mankind and wants us all dead…as does the NWO elite.

Part of the reason I got saved and gave my life to Jesus was seeing how evil Lady Gaga’s videos were and doing research on the illuminati symbolism led me here almost 8 yrs ago!! Since I got saved I see everything with new eyes and no longer idolize celebrities like I once did. I used to be a MAJOR TEENY BOPPER and loved N’Sync. Justin Timberlake was my biggest crush ever but since I got saved I see he belongs to team lucifer instead of Team Jesus so I don’t support his music. I do see him in the news a lot lately because of him being chosen to perform at the Super Bowl halftime this year. There was a lot of controversy around this year’s super bowl and Jay Z turned down a chance to perform because of the Colin Kaepernick. I think it does prove that JT… Read more »

Don’t see how Jay-Z could have “performed,”as his thug stuff is so vulgar, anti-white, and anti-woman.

Justin a racist? First I’m hearing of this…. Proof?

By Justin being silent on black issues such as police brutality he is complicit.

Y does he have to speak though? What is this mentality? He’s a singer I dont want to hear from him or other bunch of egoistic hypocrites who use these VERY serious issues to profit from economically and personally. I wanna hear activist speak about these issues, historians, journalists and people who have suffered in the first place. A hashtag an a tweet to me is actually offensive. ALSO very important – a lot of people do more activism and humanitarian work in private than the people who write a tweet and make the news. And see how you show your racist side. It dont matter that this guy whom btw you dont know anything about has worked and is friends with many black people, the moment that it interests you for him to be racist you make him complicit not bc he hasnt spoken but bc YOU havent heard… Read more »

he has talked about it tho

Eh, people call everybody “racist” these days…or “white supremacist.” It doesn’t mean anything anymore. Just stupid. The only supremacists (think they are superior to others) in large numbers are the muslims (part of their ideology) and blacks (when they’re in groups like black lives matter).

Ashkenazi Jews run the media and the higher levels of the NWO(Soros, Rothschild, etc.)

Criticizing regular white people is PC, criticizing Jews is forbidden. Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

Ghays run ish too….jewish ghays⁉️

In true Islam (law of Sharia), listening to music is strictly forbidden. When I was younger, I was rebelling to this “rule” (like many others). Hope for forgiveness for my foolishness from Almighty. However, I got older, got deeper in my religion and came to a thought that God would never forbid something if it wasn’t dangerous in some way to a mankind. At that time, I understood that music has a big power to our emotions: when you’re depressed, sad songs would bring you down even more. Every song from the past reminds us about periods of our lives, certain people, certain places, circumstances… Few years ago I became “truly” awake: I learned symbolism, I learned about elites (even though I knew about some evil powers who will rule the world from Quran and Sunnah). As more I discovered about “conspiracy” as stronger believer I became. Cause every time… Read more »

Every false religion has components that are good– false religions like Islam. Music is not bad of itself. Satan screws up everything good, including music. You might want to research a lot more into the religion you are following. Your prophet married an older woman who was a catholic nun, and amazingly all the Koran came after that marriage.

Islam is a catholic creation as they were running out of kingdoms to boss around into sending out crusaders to wipe out apostolic Christians in the further Eastern countries. So they created Islam in the far East, which had as it’s goal to convert or kill any and all infidels– amazingly like the catholic church was doing in the Western countries.

Synickel: the ppl on this site cannot handle true history. Don’t harm their fragile little minds. Roman catholics invented islam. This is a fact. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are 3 faces of Roman catholicism.

Heh. islam is a totalitarian political ideology, nothing like Christianity or Judaism. It’s like communism, where the idea is to have all the people enslaved with a few eliists at the top. It’s a globalist ideology, no countries, just muslims and infidels.

Give me one good point why “Roman catholics invented Islam”? Saying “it’s a fact” doesn’t make it one.

I appreciate your thurst for truth. But sometimes people have to stop thinking that lies are everywhere. Even in religions. I do not think that Tora and Bible was false, I don’t think Moses, Abraham and Jesus were false. They all were believers. Believers in one God. Nowadays Jews do not recognize Jesus as a prophet and Bible as a Holy Book. And Christians do not recognize Muhammad ( ‎ﷺ) as a prophet and Quran as a Holy Book. If you take 3 religions, the only one that recognizes all prophets and all Holy Books is Islam. This is the truth – don’t believe, research it. But every time that comes a new Holy Scripture it cancels the previous one. In Islam if you do not believe in all prophets, in all Holy scriptures – you are not true believer. There is only 1 truth. But you have to search… Read more »

Trust me..islam thinks it has to kill the infidel or take them as slaves…it does not believe i the Bible — the koran was written as a means to control people, just like communism. MO was not a prophet..he was a p*******e and beheader; he took slaves, esp sex slaves. He just started the system to get people to follow him.

Islam only spread ‘cos it was convert, die or be slaves. Don’t try to teach people positive stuff about islam, puh-leeze. It spreads honor killings, genital mutilation, war, beheading, torture, burning alive, drowning…like you said, everybody research. Good site is thereligionofpeace.com. You can verify all the attacks listed on there and read the truth and verify it with research.

Muhammad was 53 when he married a 6 year old and “consummated” the marriage 3 years later. He had many sex slaves and waged “holy war” on many people, especially the jews and the christians. The Quran is not a holy book. I was a muslim, very devout, and I left it for Jesus Christ. Jesus is the messiah, he is the savior of the world and Muhammad denied this. Muhammad is also an anti-Christ. Jesus died on the cross for the sins of humanity and the Quran rejects this, thus making it a false religion.

I think that was the the guy posthumously called “Original Guru”. He was like a total caveman but his authentic confidence in himself rendered him as a very effective provider. .later on, the prophet with prose and globalist promise got coined as Mohammed.

unbelievable how people of other faith are hating Islam, Prophet, Qur’an. You ll never find a true Muslim denying the fact that Bible is one of the Gods scriptures, you ll never find Muslim saying nasty things about Jesus or his mother Maria or Abraham or Moses…
But every time you ll find hundreds of people on internet trying to assault Qur’an, Prophet and other things.
This is the difference between us. A BIG difference. And I’m happy to be different.

Then you mustn seen the news in Egypt and elsewhere in the region where Christians are being killed for existing. But since you believe in what you say, here’s for you to find out how tolerant your people are. Bring a Bible home to your parents and see what they say. Keep us updated. Video possibly

You are wrong. Islam is so evil in so many ways. Can you explain to me why an ideal man for you must have many wives? I find that disgusting.. You believe women should be humilated and that they should embrace it. Why? What is wrong with you??
My friend married a Muslim and killed herself after he prohibited her and their children from any kind of contact with Christianity (including her own family, she was Orthodox Christian)..
In Serbia parents teach daughters to avoid marrying a Muslim like a plague.. Sadly, you can hear about destroyed lives of girls by Muslim men on daily basis.. Muslims celebrate when this happen.. I saw it myself. They don’t really hide it..
I don’t care what you do. Just be far away from us, Serbs. May Serbia and all other Orthodox Christian countries be free of you.

You don’t even know history of your own prophets, let stay the true history of Prophet Muhammad. Abraham had several wives like many other prophets. You don’t even know it. This all just proves how little you know about your own religion. The permission to have more than 1 wife you can find also in Judaism and Christianity. Don’t try to make it “crazy Muslims” thing. About Serbs – just don’t okay? I would be really happy if “Muslims” would be true muslims. Then Serbian mothers wouldn’t be forced to explain daughters about marriages. True Muslim believer will never marry woman of other faith. This is a fact. I am Muslim woman. I’ve been to Europe, lived there. Have seen lot of countries and it took me a long way to become what I am. The only thing I regret is that it took me so many years to realize… Read more »
the bible has stories of other men who practiced polygamy and had more than one wife BUT the difference is it does not prescribe it, God never told people to do it, the Bible was narrative and telling the stories of these people. They were being sinful that is why they did those things. The Quran on the other hand tells men that these things are not only okay but holy, THIS IS WRONG, Jesus would consider the practice of muslims to be legalized adultery. Muhammad had many many wives including sex slaves, he married a 6 year old child for goodness sake! Jesus was sinless and died for you on the cross as well, he loves you so much just like he loved me despite me rejecting him and being a muslim, he wants you to know that he is the light and the truth, he is the only… Read more »
And then when Jesus was asked when man can leave his wife, how many wives he should have etc, Jesus WAS VERY ANGRY. He said in the beginning wasn’t like that. Marriage can’t be broken but for sin or death. Man and woman union was God’s intention. Not polygamy. EVERYTHING DIFFERENT IS SICK MAN’S OR WOMAN’S DELUSION. You obviously didn’t understand my point. He married her so he could destroy a Serbian girl. He believes “your god” will forgive his ways as long as he had a “honorable” intention. Muslims believe the “nonbelievers” should be destroyed. I read Quran so I know (I was writing a long essay on religions). You celebrate pain of “nonbelievers”. And DON’T think ALL Serbs have forgotten what have you done to us. I don’t hate anyone, but I’m sad. You all act nice and religious but when someone mention Serbs you’ll all like –… Read more »
Let’s make one thing clear: I’m not sleeping on anyone’s bones. More than that: natively I’m Chechen and now interesting part is starting. What do you know about Chechen wars? Dead people, raped women, killed children – I’ve seen it with my own eyes. All coming from Christian orthodoxes. I’ve lost home when I was 8 and my family was forced to leave their homeland. Later, when I was 13 we were forced to leave Russia because the hate towards us. We left to Europe. After 5 years, we realized that we can not leave far away from our relatives and homeland. And we returned back: 4 times my family had to start all over again, almost without money, in new places, countries where often we were not welcome at all. I can tell you really horrible stories about my friends families, neighbors, when Russian army would kill pregnant women… Read more »

nobody hates you God loves you. Jesus wants you to recognize that he is the truth and the light. Please pray for guidance.

You forgot the programming taking place in religious areas like schools , churches, and combinations of those. You might not have forgotten it, you might not mention those programmings on purpose. What is your opinion on killing people for the sake of religion, whatever religion.. as most of them seem to want other thinking and behaving people dead or mamed. Most of them, name me one that does not programm…

There is no “killing for the sake off religion.” It is only “bloody borders” — muslims fighting whatever religion is near them, to try to take over. In different parts of the world they are killing Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, atheists, gays, and muslims who follow a different sect than they do, such as Sufi.

Please don’t blame all religion for this globalist totalitarian political ideology that seeks to take over the world. They are closer to communism, also responsible for millions of deaths, than anything else. They are close to fascism. They are not really a religion; they just hide behind the label. The elitists, like the princes in Saudi Arabia, do not follow the rules of the “little people.” That is just like communism and globalism.

You know physics and you know that everything around us has the rules: wild animals eat weaker animals, big fish eats smaller fish, after day comes a night, after autumn comes winter – you just can’t change this things. No matter how hard you’ll try or desire for summer in January – it will not happen (if you won’t move to Africa, or Australia). wild nature knows its purpose. And crocodile doesn’t try to be a bird. With humans, it’s more complicated. We think we are free creatures and we have something called “will”. Of course, it’s your own chose to believe or not. But there is a rule on Earth. We have to follow rules of the Creator even if we think it’s not fair. Of course, it IS programming: if people won’t be programmed for good, they will programmed for bad/evil. This is just simple as that. Because… Read more »
”..But there is a rule on Earth. We have to follow rules of the Creator even if we think it’s not fair. ..” At that point we part, because I do not even want to spent time, waste time, concepting a thing like creator, and I do not even think about forcing a personal or shared vision of a creator as a way of life on unwilling other people.. I am busy with other things. (Like reacting to come-ends on the internet.) But, we all have to live together and share this life and planet. Can’t you just let unbelievers-in-your-concept be? Oh, and stop ringing bells for all to suffer or that shouting from minarets when I want to sleep – no, Need to sleep, for example. That, my dear is a direct sabotage of my life, that awfull sound-terrorism. Yes, I call that an attack. On purpose. Undermining my… Read more »
You have your right to believe or not. I am not stressed out about how many atheists I see every single day. I personally would go away in the woods or mountains with my fellows “churchgoers”. Far away from the society that prefers this new world of science. But there is one problem: Democrats with their crappy demoNcracy. They think that everybody in the world are dreaming about some “fairytale society”. And those who are dare to do not like demoNcracy – they just bomb them. So, I’m sorry for making you life uncomfortable by seeing covered girls and minarets who periodically remind you about something “awful” as “belief”. P.S. I think it’s funny, how you write a comment, your thoughts and then, some ateist comes trough, saying some words, probably trying to assault you, to feel you uncomfortable. And when you answer, he says “I have no time for… Read more »

(The brackets were meaned as some hint of irony layer on the statement..missed, ah well..)
You changed my irritation of the towers with bells and shouting from minarets into something I do not want to See. Wrong, you made that one up.
I hate The Sound of the bells and chanting in loud voice calling over the cities and villages all around the world in different languages and frequencies. Where do some people get the idea that it is normal to annoy a whole town when they do their thing. Do it without the bells and shouting. Why do you want to invade my life and home with that awfull attention-seeking, silence-killing, meditation-blocking, birdcall-muffling ignorant empathy-less listen-to-Me-Me-Me-Us-Us-Us-idiocy? That part of religion has nothing to do with your faith, really, but everything with annoying the hell out of me, and others.

You can send your protests to your local administration. How can I help you?)
I don’t even go to those “mosques”, ruled by sell-out priests etc. Prophet Muhammad built very first mosque on the land of Islam. He never thought about building one on non-Islamic land. So, I’m sharing solidarity on this one with you – there is no need of mosques in the non-Islamic country. Even more – it’s prohibited by the law of Sharia.

Taquiyya. islam teaches that all is islamic land. It is not prohibited to build mosques in “non-islamic land.” There’ are mosques in America, Canada, Australia, and Europe. That is because muslims consider all land to be islamic. One of the worst things about islam is how they are taught to lie, if it benefits islam, or to leave information out if it benefits islam, Taquiyya and kittman.

Au contraire. In the Netherlands that christian habit of bells and carillions is cemented in our society, ankered by law and politics, semantics and concepts like There used to be a need for it. Yes, centuries ago when people did not have clocks in their home, let alone there pocket, wrist, next to their beds. Nowadays people have no more than a few hours peace and quiet in this world left. Let’s be carefull with those, because we need them. We all do, you too.
And again, ringing bells has nothing to do with your faith or believe in a superpower, god, creator, upperspirit. Nothing.

Taquiyya. Church bells are not allowed in islamic countries, just as you cannot have a church taller than a minaret.

Well, athan (calling out for a prayer) has do a lot with our faith. You can easily forget about praying in the routine. Or forget about time. Before going to bed, I often forget to put alarm for morning prayer. And athan really helps in those cases.
P.S. so you re from Netherlands? Heel mooie land met hartige mensen. Met liefde uit Rusland

Da, from the Netherlands. Unfortunately I have never visited Russia. Such a big country to discover, so many different people and different cultures behind that wall of Putin-image. Seems very interesting to travel to, in better times to come.
When I think of Russia, I miss the Dutch winters, we only have 4 seasons of autumn since half a decade.

According to Judaism and Christianity, music and singing are two forms of worship. Look at who these pop stars want us to worship. Some religious groups teach we are not to listen to or sing non-Christian songs. Even then you have to be careful. Hillsong comes to mind.

You do not even see the closed mindedness of your own statement, do you? Music and song, dance and whistle are expressions. Some form naturally, some are imitations of birdsong, some are monotonous trancelike beats, pick your style. To prohibit it all is absurd and puts humans down instead of lifting them up. Why? Because of abuse by some? Really?

People are so sick. Now music is satanic? lol…. talking about renouncing to your freedom and individuality. Music is one of the most beautiful creations of mankind. It can be heavenly, or it can satanic pop trash. Gotta laugh at the abrahamic religion extremists.

To Otto Didact: Kind of like your view but I would precise one thing: Satan doesn’t just want us dead, he wants to take to hell as much people as he can. He knows where he will end soon or late. And this is his revenge (as he thinks but the only person he should blame is himself, not the mankind)

‘The same people who were worshiping the pyramid are now cheering for Eiza. The masses are idiots prone to groupthink. How about thinking for yourself for a change?’ Unfortunately I agree with the ‘Elite’. The sheer stupidity of what goes on is unbelievable. Aerosolized toxins are being openly laid out over people. The media is complicit in staging one government false flag operation after another. Now, we get yet another music video with a ‘celebrity’ feeling the need to ‘comment’ on ‘world issues’ with Illuminati symbolism that couldn’t possibly be more blatant. Timberlake’s ‘Supplies’ video obtained 5+ million views in two days. Most videos on YouTube depiciting and discussing the chemtrails are lucky to obtain 5 views. Come on, people. The world at large is currently being so inexcusably stupid it is verifying and redeeming the ‘Elite’s perception of human beings as livestock to be disposed of at will. You’re… Read more »

How true ! <3 Please, I'd love you to follow me on fb @electreofficiel if you're there.

Great post. yes, the KKK was/is a Masonic organization. Read about General Albert Pike.

When I saw Justin Timberlake’s nude pictures from disgustingTerry Richardson, I knew enough. Justin is just another zombie making dumb music for the elite. TV and music just show us garbage.
The TBN station is all I need.

No tv at all.

TBN-The Christian chanel?? Nah, you don’t need that chanel.

The pyramid represents “We the people”. The Illuminati is the capstone on top. Learned that from the IRS art work.

The money burning looks like the closing ceremony of the Olympics with the Phoenix rising from the ashes which “coincidentally” looks like the Jan 1988 cover of The Economist naming 2018 the year of the new currency called the Phoenix.

Music, social media, news/media, politics, etcetera are all just distractions meant to keep us focusing on earth/ the physical world rather than the bigger picture/ spiritual world. The chess board is set and we are the pieces. The events going on around us are calculated and orchestrated as they move us to and fro like pawns. Stop focusing on the board and look beyond it. If we are seeing symbols then they want us to see them. If people are getting exposed in the industry then they were sacrificed for the sake of the elite saving face/exposure. Get off the hamster wheel. “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;” Even Shakespeare could see that.

Was Shakespeare dumb? That’s how it sounds when one says “Even Shakespeare could see that,” like “even a child could see that.”

They keep us focusing on city life rather than the actual Earth. Humans live in symbiosis with nature we have to care about the earth!

No Kev. This earth is a temporary holding place for you who are an eternal spiritual being. Some have called this earth a cage a others a trial and still others a blessing,and maybe it is all these things. But what it isn’t is your home. And we have certainly never cared about the earth. You who are saying we need to care about it have probably already violated it by just partaking in modern life: cars, plastic bottles, eating animals, trash cans, toilets etc. As a human society the earth has always been viewed as nothing more than resources to make our life more convenient (ie. medicine and technology). And why have we viewed it this way? bc there are people that believe this life is all they will have; they don’t know they have a soul, and they are hell-bent in making it last as long as humanly… Read more »
Why are rulers and corporations diminishing natural stuff like tastes, smells, sounds? Aroma’s instead of natural food/ingredients, aroma-perfumes instead of natural smells of things and flowers, low flying airplanes on an hourly basis to keep drilling and humming. (That change is only in 5 years, half a generation. ) Breaking with those facets of life is breaking with human information-dna. Some researchers have found out mamals have a instinct for smell, bad smells and good smells. They pass on information within ONE generation to the next: their offspring. With ONE I mean your own one. Instincts like smelling petrol and smoke, and suddenly you ran away to a safe place. While never been in an explosion, if your parent was, chances are you will have a higher sense of smell for those emotions and impulses – be scared of gasoline-smell and the instinct will be to move away from the… Read more »

I didn’t find this analysis particularly informative – it simply outlines what is happening in the video without offering much insight. Even if there is some sort of psychological reversal thing going on – the average viewer isn’t going to recognize this, and will most likely see it for what it appears to be.

Remember Satan is the god of the air waves and this world (but only for a short while)

Thanks for your work, I wish everyone would read it.

Even though I don’t agree with some of your analysises on things, I appreciate your viewpoint on race and how both sides have exploited and destroyed blacks for years. These Democrats who invoke identity politics are the same ones who have created legislation to directly harm black communities.

The RINO’s in the GOP are progs. The Freedom Caucus is the real conservative part of the party, and they teach self-reliance, not exploitation. Blacks, sadly, have had a hand in exploiting blacks. Basically. the main color is green. If you don’t have it, you can be exploited. If you do have it, it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, whatever — you’re okay in this world. A black politician’s daughter in New York won’t get exploited, but the son of a coal miner in West Virginia will.

20/20 experience album’s cover is not only a one-eye sign but also a mechanical (or a clockwork) butterfly.

That scene, “Justin emerges…in a post-apocalyptic world,” looks like a typical German city in the summer of 45 when the satanic vipers had finished with them.

Awesome article, I have been following your site for years. I am very much so aligned with your world view and I get excited when I see you have a new post. My sister and I stumbled upon your site around 5 years ago and I can say I’ve read everything you’ve put out. We always text each other “new article on Vig!” I really appreciated your New Years Post this year, and your commitment to try to mention some sort of positive message of encouragement “despite the doom and gloom,” which is ever so present in our society, saturated in the media, and inescapable. Yet you chose to encourage us to not give up, give in, or allow ourselves to be too broken down by the current predispositions of this world. The ultimate truth is, there is method behind the madness, the chaos that swarms us daily is not… Read more »

Hello VC, this is the first time i post a message here, this was a great article, i saw the video yesterday and i didn’t like it, ‘let’s destroy the illuminati elite’ was not the real message, so i decided to come to here to understand it fully because i was sure you will write something about it; the thing that frightened me the most was the girl at the end. Thanks four this analysis. God bless us.

Their symbols will be their downfall.

Excellent article and a magnificent way of deciphering the reversed message in this video.

yeah, this is a good site. I love it when they have new articles.

“While many get their education from Hollywood celebrities while eating Tide Pods”…….Bahahahaha! Hilarious!!

The Title Of Every VS Article Should Be :
* No lives matter … except theirs.* Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3- ……. Part ∞

A great article as always, many thanks

The “666 one-eye sign” (in front of the eye) is clearly a dark sign (to me). This sign alone means “ok”, but why would someone do this sign in front of one eye? What is the point of this?

I Interpret it to mean, that they are watching us

And we are watching them too.

Nice breakdown, “…In the following scene, Justin dances around as light effects depict people slipping under the wall and running away, in a rather clear reference to Trump’s wall with Mexico….” It represents Justin thinking he’s a “true” Illuminated One… eg. BEHIND the veil and illuminated… Justin believes he is watching events from his Vantage point… seated in Darkness in the occult etc… but notice the illuminati pyramid in the background. The video is Jusin claiming to be a “true” illuminated one. They believe its only the “true illuminated ones” that are in the know, and understand whats going on… They also believe they can survive the close of the age… and this is where the WOMAN comes in who’s always seen walking Justin through all the events.. involved in the false revolution etc. Shes obviously some spirit of lucifer etc which guides the illuminated, promising them new life(resurection scene),… Read more »

The picture next to Huey Newton shows Justin’s girl with a cane. Wasn’t that cane in Eyes Wide Shut? If so, I doubt this is a coincidence.

These singers/celebrities do what they have to do, to stay relevant and in the limelight.

The problem of the world is the idiots who think they’re woke.

They might be woke, but awaken they’re not.

You can tell that because they have such bad grammar!

Interesting to see the different brands portrait on the American flag (replacing the stars).

It took me a but to get to this article but the analogy was outstanding. VC gets the split scenario which so many are falling for.

I have been following VC’s post for a while now and I truly value the awareness it has brought in my life in discerning all of the horrific, blatant and demonic messages the entertainment industry tries so hard to expose all of us to. I pray you never get discouraged in exposing the devil and his ultimate plan of deceiving mankind so we can never see the kingdom of God. I thank you for your contribution as so many are desperate to learn these truths. I pray your site reaches an even wider audience so that the truth can reach millions of innocent souls and even tap into those ignorant souls who have hardened their hearts to the truth. May God bless you!

Is MicKey Mouse code for MK Mouse?

More Wizard of Oz/occult programming going on at Burning Man in the Blackrock Desert, Bohemian Grove in northern CA, Zozobra in Santa Fe, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Carnival in Rio and other cities, etc. All promote self-reliance, sacrifice, lewdness, immorality, drunkenness, revelry, and idolatry. The campsite at Burning Man, as well as the placement of people around the burns at Burning Man, are very much the same as the people around the burning pyramid in Timberlake’s halftime show. Crescent moon formations aren’t to be overlooked in these occult settings either. From the Tyndale archives … Circe/Church “This is the word used in most English versions as a rendering of the Greek “ekklesia.” The Greek word means “a calling out,” “a meeting,” or “a gathering.” Ekklesia is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew qahal, which means an assembly or a congregation. The origin of the word “church” is kuriakon or… Read more »

I can’t believe you say Trump is the perfect agent of chaos….he is for all the things you promote. Did you watch his state of the union? The elites want you to hate him and you of all people are doing what they want you to do!

That building, where the all-in-white men are holding the girl in black, reminded me so much of the Trump Tower.

I’m proud to say I have no idea who justin timberlake is… and I’m even smug about it.
But upon hearing the name “justin timberlake”, my intuitive mind immediately said: faggot.


Gen 15:9  And he said unto him, Take me an heifer of three years old, and a she goat of three years old, and a ram of three years old, and a turtledove, and a young pigeon. 
Gen 15:10  And he took unto him all these, and divided them in the midst, and laid each piece one against another: but the birds divided he not. 

@AJS – There is only one race—the human race. Caucasians, Africans, Asians, Indians, Arabs, and Jews are not different races. Rather, they are different ethnicities of the human race. All human beings have the same physical characteristics (with minor variations, of course). More importantly, all human beings are equally created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26-27). God loved the world so much that He sent Jesus to lay down His life for us (John 3:16). The “world” obviously includes all ethnic groups. God does not show partiality or favoritism (Deuteronomy 10:17; Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11; Ephesians 6:9), and neither should we. James 2:4 describes those who discriminate as “judges with evil thoughts.” Instead, we are to love our neighbors as ourselves (James 2:8). In the Old Testament, God divided humanity into two “racial” groups: Jews and Gentiles. God’s intent was for the Jews to be a kingdom… Read more »

not sure we can assume woody allen is not being witch hunted because he does not support the elite..since the accuser his wife is not exactly an outsider..

Woody Allen is the seemingly sickly, slightly socially-warped version of the lovechild of old money elite. Behind that actor’s image is a whole world to be discovered. Turns out he is a tool. A door-opener to other levels of building relations. An example of how to live life as an american (american jew, for some), and ..the people wanting to identify whith those images of life, all over the rest of the world, as he is mass-distributed – with a lot of help from the industry. He has done wonders for communication in relations worldwide, but he has instilled something more. Something sickly too : by marrying his daugther he is giving an example of how to mix love and lust in a new way to the public… How many people watch him in a movie and think about that? (Without vomitting that is.)

Uhh he married his adoptive daughter. If that doesn’t SCREAM p********a then clearly I’m not sure what it is.

Not to mention the other accusations

Christopher Francis Daly

this is blatant anti illuminati in the best way possible, maybe, finally a celebrity breaking the program and trying to wake the masses up

Christopher Francis Daly

on anything ive read from you VC i feel like this is your most off render, i feel like JT is being extremely against the elite agenda in this video, he couldnt be more blatant in calling them out rather than in this video. also you are using old examples of JT to corroborate his behavior in 2018. I absolutely agree with 99% of what i read here but this seems to blatant and obviously rebellious.

Hi, I’m Tris. For many years, I’ve covered popular music for publications large and small. Periodically I’ll check in on this site because I think you’re the rare cultural critic who gives music videos the scrutiny and the close readings they deserve. These aren’t just random assortments of images. They’re artworks, and even though you seem to think they’re evil ones, you recognize that. As a pop music fan and a fellow journalist, I appreciate your belief in their power. Also, unlike others who’ve written for the mainstream media, I don’t dismiss what you’re saying out of hand. Is it possible that pop stars are brainwashed puppets of an elite Satanic cabal? Well, sure, we don’t know these people personally; maybe it’s true. There’s certainly plenty of malfeasance in the entertainment business. But I’ve spoken to many of the artists and directors whose videos you’ve reviewed on this site, and… Read more »

No one denies that they work hard. Maybe they lip sync, but good dancing and looking fit does need working hard.

GaGa is no lip syncer. That babe can sing.

@Tris Macoll you wrote “it’s their job to stay abreast of trends that might give them an edge over the competition.”…. Then why are they not doing anything unique or creative but the same old one eye signs, 666 and horn hand signals, women as w****s to Satan, mind controlled artist imagery etc.
They are either non creative sheep copying each other or part of a broader agenda. What the definitely are NOT are artists looking for an “edge ” to get ahead.

If you are really in the business and believe what you say, you are either the most naive airhead alive, or have sold your integrity and soul, so you can make a living off this pure garbage. Worshipping and writing about these talentless, twerpy tools is fulfilling?

To characterize the produces and directors as hard-working artists just trying to be creative, is ironic. There is nothing creative about these videos. They’re all the same thing, time after time. They’re a bunch of plagiarists of filth and purveyors of satanism, and nothing more.

I don’t think it’s very fair (or intelligent/unairhead-like) to attack someone on a personal level just because of a difference in opinion – you merely pander to the type of ignorance that Trish is subtlely referencing. She hasn’t denied any claims made about any artists on this site, she actually praises the critique and difference offered on VC. But professionalism isn’t always being so objective. An argument needs to be well-formed and critiqued by at least mentioning both positive and negative, and that’s what Trish is saying. It’s telling how you conveniently fail to touch on parts of her comment that hold actual weight regarding artists and the music industry in general.

You must be Tris

Troll harder please


Prince worked hard and declared himself a slave to the industry and publicly protested for years until he was free of his contract. In fact, many artist complain about the restrictions of creative freedoms and if you are unaware of this, you really need to get up to speed. Have a look at the royalty payouts on most pop songs. This info is available to anyone and you can see for yourself how Madonna and Beyoncé have about 8 writers per song. Aside from this, the symbology used in lyrics and videos are perfectly in sync with occult teachings. The creators of these abominations would have to be very well informed of occult rituals, teachings, symbols and spells to be able to make a 3 min video that tells a story in between the lines to the people who can interpret it. They couldn’t possibly be able to make videos… Read more »

Tris, are you working for the elite? ….

“These are people who’ve worked hard to get in the positions they’re in,..” And I can tell, YOU are in the position of having your head up “someone’s” arse!
You sound like someone who has NEVER looked at, or studied ANYTHING about the occult, symbolism, demons, etc etc. Boy, I’d like to see just how much you know, by having a debate on anyone of those terms I mentioned, with VC!
So tell me…satan doesn’t exist, evil doesn’t exist?? Well then, if satan doesn’t exist, then God shouldn’t exist, EITHER! So which one of those, put the knowledge in your head, to say what you said?
Just please go back into your warm fuzzy cave, drink your kool-aid, and go back to sleep. No one cares about your warm and fuzzy explanations…

Not really the place for pop idol worship here on vc. For decades most “artists” have had no control over the music they “produce” and have zero input in the direction the video will take. You cant say no when youve already signed a contract, they milk the fame hungry stars till they cant sell records anymore then its onto the next one. If youve covered pop for years surely that pattern springs to mind? Madonna>Britney>Christina>beyonce>rihanna> Miley>Taylor> (somebody younger and hotter next year ) all promoting the same agenda themes

Hi Tris, most artist do not have control over what kind of MTV are produce, if you have studied cinematography or filmography, you should understand every frame, every shot, the subject, the color, the imagery and musical lyrics are no coincidence. They are deliberately planned for the sake of projecting the message across to wide audience. I’m sure most of the artists wouldn’t be aware of the subliminal images in their own MTV after all they have been heavily edited. If you have the opportunity, I strongly encourage you to look at past VC posts before coming to a judgement. May God bless you and you family.

Most people in the industry do start off wanting to share their talent or make their dreams come true however the contracts they sign are with the elite/Illuminati that’s where they are groomed and controlled. I have seen artist that wants to go one direction in their career music wise but management would not allow them to do that. In fact they are told what they are going to do or which direction they will go if not management will not support the project. These artist are controlled from this all the way to the clothes they wear. All this is mind control and the way the elite PUSH THEIR AGENDA and if the artist dare try to do what they want to they are not funded or deemed crazy eg. lauryn Hill, micheal Jackson even Dave Chappell. Most of these people don’t want to Believe their are pushing an… Read more »

GEt woke

Or….wake up…or get awakened…”woke” is past tense, like” I woke up early today,” not present tense, like “I am awake,” which is what these people mean. It kills me that no one corrected their grammar, so they sound kinda dumb, when the whole idea is to sound smart. “Awake” would be the right way to say it.