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The Meaning of XXXTentaction’s Prophetic Posthumous Video “SAD!”



The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

In a posthumous video released ten days after his death, XXXtentaction attends his own funeral and communicates with a mysterious being. Here’s the meaning of this symbolic videos.

The death of XXXtentacion on June 18 – at the young age of 20 – has startled and saddened his millions of fans. Ten days later (and one day after X’s funeral), the video for SAD! was released and his fans were startled again: The video portrays X attending his own funeral and fighting his own dead body. What is happening here?

The video quickly became #1 YouTube and many of X’s fans (who are often very young) are utterly confused. The comments say: “What does this mean?”, “How did he know?”, “Is he still alive?”, etc.

The fact that the video was written and “creative directed” by X himself makes the video even more unsettling. It is as if he had a premonition that his own death was coming.

This entire situation is heavily reminiscent of 2Pac’s death.

Like 2Pac

On September 13, 1996, 2Pac died after being shot while sitting inside a BMW (X was also shot while sitting inside a BMW). A few days after his death, the video for I Ain’t Mad at Cha was released and it stunned the world: The video depicted 2Pac being killed by gunshots and finding him rapping in heaven. The video was recorded weeks before his actual death.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

In his final video, 2Pac is in heaven with other artists who died young such as Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.

While XXXtentacion did not reach 2Pac’s legendary status during his short lifetime, he did share many similarities with the iconic rapper. Indeed, both 2Pac and X had explosive tempers, constant problems with the law, and “beefs” with several other rappers. On the other hand, they also both made it a point to do good deeds and to put out positive messages to the world. This constant duality in their character made them complex human beings whose eventful lives that attracted interest and fascination.

Furthermore, both 2pac and X liked to dwell on spiritual manners and both predicted their impending deaths in their final months. Finally, shortly after the demise of both 2Pac and X, a final prophetic video is released where they appear to be singing from beyond the grave.

X’s last video, SAD! foretells his death in a chilling matter while depicting the spiritual battle that was raging within him at the time. In my article The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXtentacion, I explained the dark occult symbolism surrounding X and the bizarre circumstances surrounding his death. The video of SAD! gives more insight into the spiritual struggle of X in the weeks leading to his early demise.

Here’s a look at the video.


The video begins with a mysterious entity introducing itself by the name of “gekyume”.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

Gekyume is a word that was created by X himself which he defines as:

“A different state or next universe of thought”

In the video, gekyume is an ethereal being that appears to be from the spiritual world. The fact that it has no voice and that it speaks through subtitles gives the feeling that the conversation is happening on a telepathic level. The entity proceeds to ask personal questions to the viewers, as if it is looking to get to know and possibly “attach itself” to them.

As gekyume continues to ask questions, X enters a church and walks down the aisle.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

Above X is a blue banner with the words “A reign of blessings”.

The banner refers to the biblical verse Ezekiel 34:26:

“And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing.”

In its biblical context, the verse refers to God liberating the children of Israel from captivity. Theologian Albert Barnes’ commentary on this verse states:

“The blessings here foretold are especially those of the old covenant. The wilderness (or, pasture-country) and the woods, the places most exposed to beasts and birds of prey, become places of security. Under the new covenant Sion and the hills around are representative of God’s Church; and temporal blessings are typical of the blessings showered down upon Christ’s Church by Him who has vanquished the powers of evil.”

Considering the fact that X portrayed himself as an unabashed satanist (he often wore “Team Satan 666” hats), walking inside a church with biblical references to vanquishing the powers of evil seems out of character. However, it fits the overall concept of the video: Profound metamorphosis.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

X walks by memorial pictures of himself – an eerie foreshadowing of his own open casket funeral which happened the day before the release of this video.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

X looks over his own dead body.

The body inside of the casket wears X’s old dualistic half black-half white hairstyle, which he had when he was arrested for abusing his girlfriend in 2016. In the video, this hairstyle represents his old self, which he wants dead forever.

As X looks at his own body, we are transported into an ethereal dimension.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

We are taken to a “dark place” through X’s eye, the “window to the soul”.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

Inside X’s soul, a mysterious hooded figure stands before him.

The figure says:

“here is my demand. you will spread love throughout the world, praise and joy unto my name and change the overall cycle of energy we are digesting. the world is in need of change, humans must learn to love and compromise rather than destroy”

The entity wants X to become a positive figure in the world, in opposition to his troublesome past.

Back in the church, things start to get ugly.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

The corpse grabs X by the throat.

It turns out X’s old self is not dead yet: His troubled past is still there to haunt him and drag him down. The dead body gets out of the casket and the two Xs start fighting, turning the church into a wrestling ring. The new X grabs the old X and slams him to the ground. However, the fight is not over.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

In the dark spirit world, a watch flies by, indicating that time has passed.

The battle is now taken outside.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

The new X beats the crap out of the old X as people cheer him on.

This public street battle could represent X’s attempts to bring a new positive image and message to his fans. But it is not enough.

Back in the dark place, the hooded figure tells X:

“they do not understand you, do you not fear? your worst enemy is yourself you seem unbothered. (…) it is your memories that hold you to the person that you were to the amount of light you can become…you must understand the power of your mind”

The figure tells X that his fight with his old self is not a physical one, but a mental and spiritual one.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

Back to reality, X uses the power of his mind to effortlessly beat his old self.

We are then taken back to the spirit world, but now it has a white background.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

In the spirit world, the new X finally lays the old X to rest … for good.

The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

A handwritten note appears next to the old X.

The bottom part of the note says:

“People change
things change and so did I
As long as the outcome is good for myself and my family
I am not complaining”

The note appears to confirm that X has successfully changed his ways.

Back in the dark place, the entity says:

“you have done well at battling yourself. your demon seems to honor your efforts. are you satisfied?”

X then stands up and the screen turns to black.

In this context, the word “demon” is a rather interesting choice. A demon is defined as an “evil spirit or devil thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor”. Who or what exactly is X’s demon?

Did X free himself from his demon’s hold on him through positive change? Or is the hooded entity actually X’s demon? The ending of the video is somewhat open-ended.

In Conclusion

Sad! was “written and creative directed” by XXXtentacion himself, which makes the final product highly personal and introspective. It puts on display a conflicted soul that is looking to find a steady moral compass after years of aggressive teenage angst. It also highlights a desire for change. Through the guidance of a guardian angel (or demon) X looks to enter a transitional period towards a new life.

In many ways, the video is similar to other “industry” videos analyzed on this site where artists kill their old self to embrace a new, industry-approved self. While in most of these videos the new self is often darker and edgier, things are different in X’s video. The rapper with a past of violence and satanism (a combo the elite loves) seems to want to steer away from the darkness and become a new and improved person.

Was X truly looking change his life? In the Instagram video he posted after he signed with a major record label and a few months before his death, X said:

“If I’m going to die or ever be a sacrifice, I want to make sure that my life made at least five million kids happy or they found some sort of answers or resolve in my life regardless of the negative around my name, regardless of the bad things people say to me.”

After being signed to a major label, Xthreatenedd several times to quit the industry. Did he witness the true darkness of the elite and decided to move away from it? Did he realize that there was much more to the elite’s satanism than edgy symbols and got horrified by it?

Sadly, X life’s was cut short during this apparent period of transition. And while the entity in the video asked X to “change the overall cycle of energy we are digesting”, his violent and disturbing death has only fed it further. That truly is “Sad”.

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The Meaning of XXXTentaction's Prophetic Posthumous Video "SAD!"

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Sad that he lost his soul to Satan. I don’t think a lot of these celebs who sell their souls know what they’re in for. They stay but they have serious issues: anger, drug addictions, alcohol, diva like behavior as well as erratic behavior. An artist that comes to mind, Johnny Depp is going off the deep end. He’s the perfect example of a celeb gone through so much negativity and possible abuse. The people who stay go this route but the ones who decide to leave, wind up in institutions and deemed crazy like Amanda Byrnes and Mischa Barton or dead like this dude. It would be interesting to see VGs take on Cardi B and this exploitation of IG “models” (more like strippers and prostitutes”) who make it big in the industry. I personally didn’t know who she was until recently and honestly, after hearing her speak in a video, sounds incredibly ignorant and illiterate. I don’t know how anyone can tolerate her voice. But it brings up an interesting question: Cardi B, Nikki Minaj, Azaleia Blanks, Chyna, etc all previous strippers who made it in Hollywood (through questionable means) are being worshipped and set as ‘examples’ for… Read more »


I hate seeing comments like this. You have no idea whether he lost his soul to Satan or not if he was openly saying things against the industry recently. That is your perception because you choose to judge someone on what their past was instead of analyzing their actions and words in the present. Everything in his later months point towards the opposite of what you think. No one wants to bring up his positives or signs of abandoning his satanic involvements. You’re not going to do all the right things when you just starting your journey out of darkness. He was going through a spiritual transformation and even thinking about leaving rap altogether. Only God can judge a man’s heart and I’d like to think Jahseh repented. He wasn’t trying to rebel against God for attention like he was 6mo prior. There are better examples of celebrities who aren’t looking to find the truth, know Jesus, and enjoy worshipping the devil. Pray for the others who are lost instead.


No. Unfortunately he wasn’t saved. He didn’t go to heaven. This I know from a spiritual standpoint. No man who sells his soul and doesn’t leave the world behind is saved. No matter how you wish to see this due to pity and hope, thing is God is just and he gives us free will. He had the chance and chose to live a life of splendor. The fact that he was taken too soon, shows that God wasn’t with him. God protects his own. Not everyone, no matter how much they beat their chest and say Jesus name is saved.

Sorry to break it to you guys, but I’m not gonna give you a false pretenses of hope. God may be loving and mercificul but he is also just and a jealous God. He chose to worship Satan and suffered the consequences because of it.


Being not of this world means that we may be taken up at the time he/she needs us. Being of this world, and holding on to it so dearly is the problem. Christ was of God, and still died on the cross. The choice is about doing away with superficiality. Most Christians seem to not get the greater meaning, even though they do the most preaching. We sin each day by carrying the all seeing dollar in our wallets. Should I say to others that all will be going to hell? Or is hell the world created when we become superficial and don’t share in Christ love?

YuNg BrAtZ

You have no idea who X is if he was saved or not you have no idea who that man was he is dead and your just going to talk bad about him. You cant hate someone or what they’ve done or ANYTHING and be Christian Christians don’t hate.

Members Only

Good seeing a real fan on here. Blessings to you.

Members Only

You talk as if you are god yourself, you don’t know s--t. You aren’t even the least bit familiar with Jahseh’s work, life, and struggles so come off your high horse. God himself is displeased with your judgmental attitude.


Do not judge lest you be judged by the Lord… it’s that simple Emma. It should make no difference to your life whether this guy in now in heaven or in hell. So there should be no stake in it for you, there should be nothing for you to defend or stick to. The truth is that we don’t KNOW. And that changes NONE of your own salvation. Focus on yourself.


how do you know he sold his soul?? Let me guess you believe in white jesus lol


Be brainwashed on your own! This X whoever he is was not saved. He wasn’t for Jesus. It is pretty obvious this man is in Hell. Stop being blind to the truth. Through his talent he has misguided many souls away from Jesus. There is blood on his hands. He is not a servant of Jesus.

Members Only

You don’t know what he is. Saul before he was Paul persecuted and killed 100’s of followers of God so says the bible. So he’s in Hell with X listening to XO Tour Lif3 huh? No one but GOD AND GOD ALONE can condemn a soul to Hell.

Barbara Rigney

It’s funny how these people know what transpired in the privacy of this man’s mind & life and have a direct third person position with God. These are probably some of the same fake Christians, again, who think Drumpt is the Messiah. They must be Jesus’s right hand men/women.


I’d say it would take more for one to gain his soul back but what would I know


Kiya, yes! After I read the previous comment I immediately thought – it sounds like Jaseh was trying to make changes, trying to abandon that old way of living. Only God knows for sure. You summed it up perfectly. I so appreciate that you looked at everything and not just the stuff that’s easy to pick on.

Barbara Rigney

Kiya…Thank you. People are so lost as to Satan themselves that’s all they can see even when the truth is right there in their faces. Just like the Devil inverts the truth, they think Drumpt the illegitimate President is their messiah and that this young man who is at the biblical age of maturity is showing the opposite of what you see…What you see is a man who reached his higher level of change spiritually. You see he fought the devil, and began receiving the word of light…which is love & peace…the Devil does not do that, nor goes against himself. Literally people see that Black death as the devil with their carnal mind. However just like vanilla which is good and actually black, Death which is also good because it brings renewal. XXX learned this late, renewed his mind and paid with his life…By he time he found out through his own private journey, he was resigned and at peace. He then left a will and his family with provisions who never provided for him. He forgave and thus was forgiven. If you can’t see this then you have no spiritual eyes in which to see.May you one day… Read more »

Elle Geter

Cardi is dominican and even tho she was raised in America, her family mostly spoke Spanish. English is her second language so it comes off as extremely broken when it hits the air. However, I do agree with everything u said in regard to talentless people being placed in the limelight. It seems like they’re being handpicked and thrust upon us to program us into liking them because they’re constantly present.


I understand she’s Dominican but her communication process is that of a child. I’ve heard many other intelligent beings who have thick Latin accents and sound like a scholar compared to Cardi b. Thing is that girls isn’t an intellectual. She sounds completely uneducated and I don’t care if she was from the Bronx. My dad didn’t finish primary school yet you’d never think that because of the way he behaves and articulates.

But I can see why she’s being pushed to the forefront. To dumb down the masses. Typical. Shes worse than the Kardashians.


Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks actually got talent. But yes, ppl don’t really value quality and prefer provocation so a lot of talentless nobodies get famous for doing nothing. That being said I also feel like a lot of good artists waste their potential to cater to what’s considered “hype” nowadays.


“I aint f--k Drake. I aint f--k Wayne, but if I did ima menage wit um and let um eat my a-s like a cup cake.” -Nicki Minaj. Is that an example of the talent you speak of??


Only Jesus, only God knows what is in people’s “heart” when they pass. It sounds like he was trying to get out. The only way to The Father is through The Son.

I hope he found his way. No one is beyond redemption if the plea is true, even those set to face Earthly consequences for their Earthly deeds. Repentance is spiritual. It can’t be faked, though and God knows if you’re faking.


That’s false. Jesus said we would know people by their fruit. This X dude was pure evil and vile.


nicki minaj was not a stripper nor was azalea banks — theese women both had normal jobs and went to SCHOOL to learn music and acting….

I like to read this site and get different perspectives of music videos and certain viral events in mainstream media that happen, but I have to admit and this obviously goes without saying, a-lot of what is said sometimes is very biased and is only viewed from a very catholic/christian mindset, not all opinions or perspectives I find to be close to accurate due to the writer sort of putting themselves in their own box of limitations as to how to view the topic, video, etc. to fit viewing it specifically only from a religious perspective


Sacred Symbolism has nothing to do with specific religions and everything to do with the Truth of God, Spirituality, Sexuality, Life, etc. It is knowledge, not dogma.


I agree with you Emma. God has a standard and it is us who reject God and in turn He rejects us. I don’t believe he is in heaven either. This guy was given a platform and he chose to promote satan. Now, because he is dead we only see the “positives.” People are so blinded. *eye roll*


I just want to know how exactly does Cardi be sound illiterate you are ignorant for saying that when she has an accent.


This is just another sorry soul that thinks they have some kind of great insight into temporal and spiritual worlds. But they don’t. They’re just immature twerps that have sold out to the devil and the industry. You can parse all this crap all you want, but it’s just a bunch of esoteric drivel from immature minds that think they are intellectually deep.

Jon B

Exaaaaaaaactly. Same old infantile rap crap…

Saucy Jack

Well said.


Literally took the words out. Even worse cause his last message was just confusing and we all know who the king of confusion is.


Another Hotel California act…you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. Spot on analysis , but I was honestly not familiar with his work until his death. Still, kind of text book like usual per the industry

J Well

He died on 6/18/18 = bunch of 6’s XXX = 666 The video is exactly 6 minutes long. He wore a hat with “666 Team Satan” on it His girlfriend wrote “666” on her tribute to him. He has a song titled “I spoke to the devil in Miami and he said everything would be okay” in which he sings about the Baphomet and selling his soul for fame & fortune. In a video before his death he said “If I die a tragic death or if am a sacrifice” He told his friend Ski Mask that he (Ski) was supposed to be sacrificed. He ends up being killed mysteriously in a “robbery”. In a music video filmed before his death he attends his own funeral. *Hollywood is owned by Satanists and these artists are pawns of them; it seems like Jahseh Onfroy tried to rebel against these satanic elites and go back on the deal he made which got him sacrificed at the end. Not because he’s against satanism but because of he seemed like a loose cannon. Truly sad that his fans are worshipping him and being indoctrinated for the Satanic New World Order.* Edit: I don’t believe… Read more »

A person

“they don’t care about these celebs enough to help them fake their deaths and live a private life.”
I agree.


I honestly can’t believe that in this day and age – people are STILL selling their souls to the devil for fame! It is ludicrous. I mean we all know how the story goes so why, why would anybody fall for the trickery?! It’s sad. But also pathetic. It’s more sad though because all these people are longing for belonging.


Love your Comment! It’s soo Dumb to me. Second sentence, was Everything!


I agree, Kitty and Rita I reckon they either don’t believe in and/or fear the afterlife when they sign these deals / sell themselves because nowadays the lifestyle of live fast (rich) die young, in the music industry, is glamorised to the youth, aka value for money (temporary man-made riches) over eternal life


maybe its like a personal thing to them? like that guy who built lucifer church somewhere because when he was a catholic his life is miserable. so he despite God then he became a lucifer worshipper and get rich

Members Only

Thats very easy for you to say. Maybe just maybe people are already born into their own personal “hell” in which they would do anything to escape. Its a big world out there. Not everyone grew up like you, or Anon, or nyannyan…


Please listen to the last song on his last album and tell me he still wanted a part in Satanism then.

Even if you want to say the video was evil (which I don’t see it as) This video was in the works weeks before the album released. He went from making a song like Who The F--k is God (I don’t give a damn about God or Jesus), to I spoke to the Devil in Miami (the struggle between wanting to follow God or Satan/ultimately making a deal with the devil), and finally, Before I close my Eyes (Asking God if it’s possible that he can be forgiven). Something was changing for the better in him imo.

If he was still following faithfully Satan I guarantee you he’d still alive today and his debt would’ve been repaid later on when he brought millions of more kids to hell with him like DRAKE is. I’ve seen so many kids question if they’re on the right spiritual path after his death. That was his purpose. He was a warning to not get involved with the demonic realm but also an example that it’s never too late.


You’re right. This is exactly what I was feeling. If people actually listened to his last album they’ll know his mental space…he wasn’t perfect but he was trying to be better.

Barbara Rigney

They would have to have a higher level of emotional and reading comprehension. They are just riding on their own sense of superiority. Yet rap is used as a medium to sell everything from A to Z and teach all children in schools (Schoolhouse Rap). Jealousy, they deny these people use their minds, wits, and words to surpass their impoverished or paycheck to paycheck lives. Nothing you can say to the lost who think they are found.


Let’s just agree, at death, Ex still was nowhere near the Saint people try to paint him out to be. Death doesn’t make you Great. He made his bed, now he’s laying in it. He believed he was a god tip death, that’s what he told his audiencez we’re all gods. Typical occult sh*t. Many celebs have said the same. He def was down with the devil til the end.

Just me

Still nothing about Drake’s part in this. I’ve recently saw a Facebook post (my source was one of those conspiracy pages,so I always take it with a grain of salt, but still, makes you think ) with a few lyrics from a Drake song called ‘Mob ties ‘and he was saying something like “a Louis bag in exchange for a body bag”. The police has reported that a Louis Vuitton bag was stolen from this guys car…

Oppression's Enemy

Also, right before X’s untimely death, Drake dropped the video for his “Im upset” song where he says…

SMS, triple X
That’s the only time I ever shoot below the neck (skrr)
Why you keep on shootin’ if you know that n---a dead? (skrr)
That’s the only kind of s--t that gets you some respect

SMS means “send my shooters” in street terminology…hmmm?

Just me

Yeah I think he just realesed a new album or something, because I see Drake everywhere this couple hours I’ve been online. Maybe this was the booster for his career. Also in other news July brings a total lunar eclipse, Red Moon, it’s at the end of the month,so stay tuned for the news, deadly ones especially.


Maybe Drake sacrificed X for his (Drake’s) success in his new album!


Yup he already went 5× platinum with this new album


Actually X had a beef with Drake and X posted a live video on Instagram stating that he might get killed and sacrificed which also led him to be very open about his charity work within his last days on earth


That’s in regards to a shooting that happened in Toronto by his restaurant Pick Six where a man was gunned down in a Parking Lot by 3 Gunman who shot at the man 20 times.


He may have had insight that X was going to die, being in the industry so long. Maybe even had him killed, who knows. But it would Not be considered a sacrifice. You can’t Sacrifice someone you’re Not fond of. Or else people wouldn’t be out here sacrificing family members.


The worst part is the comment section under that video…you’d think that fans would be creeped out by these blatant occult symbolism but oh no…most think it’s just some kind of aesthetic or artist expression SMH! It’s scary how brainwashed this world has become…I hope more ppl wake up before the new world order comes


Thanks for this article vigilant. I’d like to add that there were about three references made to X by Drake in his newest songs: “Y’all killed X, let Zimmerman live, shhh, s-streets is done” a verse by Jay Z in Drake’s song ‘Talk Up’ which was weird because he passed away just a week before the album release.

Then this:

“SMS, triple X
That’s the only time I ever shoot below the neck
Why you keep on shootin’ if you know that ni**a dead?
That’s the only kind of sh** that gets you some respect

Got a lot of blood and it’s cold
They keep tryna get me for my soul”

And finally, the most chilling reference of them all:

“Louis bags in exchange for body bags, yeah

Sick of these ni**as (sick)
Sick of these ni**as (sick, sick)
Hire some help (help), get rid of these ni**as”

I tried to brush them off as coincidences but the Louis bag lyric is so insensitive especially at this time knowing that X was robbed for a Louis bag….

And yeah, since Drake’s “Scorpion” album release, he has taken over the top 25 spots on the iTunes charts. Insane.


Any chance of an article on ‘chemtrails’ some time soon, VC? It’s happening – those who for some reason can’t see it going on with their own two eyes need look no further than Dane Wigington’s (GeoengineringWatch DOT org) and Clifford E. Carnicom’s (CarnicomInstitute DOT org) research into and exposure of the phenomenon. I am perplexed at the fact there is so little attention brought to the fact the governments of the world are now actively poisoning the air the citizenry inhales.

[In case anybody wants to object to the existence of such programmes I suggest a quick visit to channel ‘Maryland Chemtrails’ on YouTube, first]


prince mentioned, billy corgan mentioned…roseanne barr?


I feel you aren’t giving this the attention it needs. You barely mentioned the note and didn’t even acknowledge that it resembled a ouija board and that the paper planchette had a message as well. It sounds to me as if he may have been educating himself and trying to correlate the Law of One into his life. Also I am having a hard time believing that he is dead, and if he is, that he passed in the manner that was shown to the media. There should have been blood. Also to have an open casket after neck and chest damage and dressing the body in a white tank and denim jacket would be a stretch to hide all of that bodily harm. I think he had a lot of legal issues, a lot of enemies, and he was suffering mentally. I think his disappearance from the lime light was intentional. Money can buy you crazy things in this industry. He would be arrogant to think though, that bc Tupac got away with it, that he could too. Things that happen in the dark always come to the light. ✌️


I read someone else’s comment where they mentioned that the CIA created this technology back in the 70s using a special gun and special bullets that are made with ice. Apparently the casings house the ice and electricity and it penetrates the body in a way where doesn’t leave marks or blood. When the ice bullets enter the body, they electrocute the inside and therefore causes death leaving no trail behind. It was said that it wasn’t used anymore, but we all know that the government has lied about other experiments I.e. MK ultra.


Emma, it makes sense.

Thomas J

Emma – Here is information about the heart attack gun you speak about. The video also includes a clip from when it was revealed to (I think) Congress, during some hearings:

did drake do it?

possibly… in a interview he did joke about pretending to be dead in casket and eventually saying “viral” after being in jail. All because he felt dead inside hence the dead tattoo on his face.


I don’t understand this articles positive approach to X. He abused his Pregnant Ex in Horrendous ways. If you go to Vulture .com and read his entire life timeline.. the dates will show you all of his charity work was a sham in order to clear his name in court. He was facing decades. I think he wanted to change his image yes, but because he felt he Had to.. The old x was headed right where he is now. If court wasn’t a thing, if they already let him go, I have no hope that he would have ever changed. In fact, he got a recording contract and started doing charity the next day, sure that could indicate he cared, but the company itself got so much flack for adding this thug. Honestly, they were fighting from within. To me that just sounds like they sent him on a mission to prove them right. I don’t understand. I don’t see him as a good person or good influence. Personally. Plus X hated Tupac, and won’t be remembered half as long as pac. Oh well. This is one point of view I suppose.

A person.

Good article, thanks. The lack of blood on his body is still a mystery. What about the witnesses that said to the police that they saw (or heard) the shootings? Suspicious. His death was very weird. I would like to know what the police investigators are thinking about this.


They could have been crisis actors?




it’s clear the video is about “the shadow self” of Carl Jung who theorized that one could “individuate” meaning it is possible to reconcile one’s opposites and find the true self.
Facing one’s shadow is the recurring theme found in occult rituals when the initiate is led to believe they are facing imminent danger or even death. They believe it is necessary to integrate the evil and employ the inner devil that can be viewed as strength.


This gives me the chills!!!


Maybe he was sacrificed for the summer solstice….You know what they say that the only way out of the industry or if you’ve ‘sold your soul’ is death. – I would also like to know more about Drake’s involvement.




I would also add that the name XXXtentacion appears to be in line with the whole team Satan thing because when you say “xxx” it sounds just like “six six six” (666), I think this is deliberately done so…perhaps by the people who have him a career in the industry. I also am of the view that the pornographic reference that the triple X is used in, has the exact same origin.


Regardless of wether that dude was young or not, if he spent his entire life doing evil stuff and inflicting harm on others, nobody should feel sorry for him.


another fake celeb death…..relocated. probably military assignment within operation chaos.


Please explain more, operation chaos?


X was always misunderstood and his hype always was negative coming from the mainstream media. His music on the other hand was so beautiful, emotional and thoughtful. I really was a huge fan before he passed and I believe that a lot of people are still here today because his music and testimony helped a lot of people through depression and suicidal thoughts. The media took stories from his past and twisted them to make him seem evil. Even his ex that got beat up later admitted that she was never pregnant and that she got jumped by a group of people but blamed X so she could get money. Thats why her name on IG is now Liar. I am sure he did bad things in his past as we all do but he was so young and had been through such a hard life I couldn’t help but feel love and compassion for him. I wish he didn’t leave us this way but his last music video really showed me that he had truly evolved and changed into a more positive person. I pray God have mercy on his soul <3

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Mike G

Got a feeling you will be doing an exposee on Prodigy, when ever this video that is being promoted is released. In “Out Queens” a grim reaper(death) is standing behind P as he raps. That’s all I know. Man , i am tired of thinking about death and mystery. Arent you?

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