Madonna Spreads Disinformation With New “Illuminati” Song


Madonna’s new song called Illuminati “pokes fun at internet conspiracy theories”. She’s actually doing what mass media has been doing for years : Distorting facts to then make fun of them. In short : Disinformation.

Madonna released six songs from her new album because they leaked online – something she described in an interview with The Guardian as “a form of terrorism”. Really Madonna? A form of terrorism? You can see right there how she is a mass media pawn which is hard at work in diluting the word “terrorism”.

Anyways, one of these songs is called Illuminati and it is clearly inspired by Illuminati “conspiracies” circulating online. But as Grand Priestess of the music business and pawn of the elite, she needs to contribute to the ongoing disinformation effort. She is the perfect figure to “address rumors” and tell the world what they need to know. Why should any of us do extensive research and read books when Madonna can akwardly rap to us the truth about complex issues such as occult secret societies?

Here are the lyrics of the song.

It’s not Jay-Z and Beyoncé;
It’s not Nicki or Lil Wayne;
It’s not Oprah and Obama, the Pope and Rihanna;
Queen Elizabeth, or Kanye.

It’s not pentagrams or witchcraft;
It’s not triangles or stacks of cash;
Black magic or Gaga, Gucci or Prada
Riding on the Golden Calf.

The all-seeing eye is watching tonight,
That’s what it is: Truth in the Light.
The all-seeing eye is watching tonight,
Nothing to hide, secrets in sight.

It’s like everybody in this party’s
Shining like Illuminati. (Oh-wo-oh-oh-wo-oh-oh…)

It’s like everybody in this party’s
Shining like Illuminati. (Oh-wo-oh-oh-wo-oh-oh…)

It’s the Enlightenment that started it all;
The Founding Fathers wrote it down on a wall,
And now the Media’s misleading us all:
“Turn right, and turn wrong.”

It’s time to dance and turn this dark into somethin’;
So let the fire burn, this music is bumpin’.
We’re gonna live forever, love never dies,
It starts tonight…

Rihanna don’t know the New World Order;
It’s not platinum-encrypted commerce;
It’s not Isis or the Phoenix;
The Pyramids of Egypt;

Don’t make it into something sordid.

It’s not Steve Jobs or Bill Gates;
It’s not the Google of United States;
It’s not Bieber or Lebron, Clinton, or a bomb;
Or anyone you love to hate.

The all-seeing eye is watching tonight,
That’s what it is: Truth in the Light.
The all-seeing eye is watching tonight,
Nothing to hide, secrets in sight.

It’s like everybody in this party’s
Shining like Illuminati. (Oh-wo-oh-oh-wo-oh-oh…)

It’s like everybody in this party’s
Shining like Illuminati. (Oh-wo-oh-oh-wo-oh-oh…)

You know that everything that glitters ain’t gold;
So let the music take you out of control,
It’s time to feel it in your body and soul:
Come on, let’s go…

We’re gonna dance and turn the dark into somethin’;
So let the fire burn, this music is bumpin’.
We’re gonna live forever, love never dies,
It starts tonight…

So the song begins with the lines :

It’s not Jay Z and Beyonce
It’s not Nicki or Lil Wayne

It means that Jay-Z, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne are not in the Illuminati and that “conspiracy theorists” are idiots for believing so. That’s a classic distortion used to discredit those who attempt to explain the true function of mass media. Here’s an excerpt from an interview given by Madonna about that song:

“There’s a lot of talk in pop music right now about people saying, ‘Oh, this person’s a member of the Illuminati,’ or they’re Illuminati, or you’re Illuminati, and people’s idea that there’s a group of entertainers or very wealthy people, they’re referred to as the Illuminati, and they work behind the scenes and they control things and they’re very powerful, and there’s possibly a reference to something dark, or black magic, or something like that. And I have to say I laugh at all of those things.”
– “Madonna: I did not say, ‘Hey, here’s my music, and it’s finished.’ It was theft”, The Guardian

OF COURSE Nicki Minaj is not in the Illuminati. These performers are pawns and puppets that are USED by the elite to push an agenda and specific messages. And, news flash, Madonna is part of them. Nobody actually thinks that Nicki Minaj sits in a board room with Lil Wayne plotting global policies. To imply that “conspiracy theorists” believe that is ridiculously condescending. But that’s how mass media “discredits” those who seek the truth.

Madonna then “laughs at” the occult, black magic element that is associated with the Illuminati. This is strange because Madonna has been an avid practitioner of the Kabalah for years which is esoteric Judaism and the basis of most occult schools today.

“The theories of Qabbalism are inextricably interwoven with the tenets of alchemy, Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, and Freemasonry”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

“All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return to it: everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all the illuminati, Jacob Boehme, Swedenborg, Saint- Martin, and others, is borrowed from the Kabalah; all the Masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and their Symbols.”
– Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma

The Kabalah is considered to be the source of “true magic” and is the root of all occult secret societies – in which are initiated the world elite. Madonna knows that very well, but she makes fun of this in her song.

The next lines of the song “pokes fun” at pentagrams.

It’s not pentagrams or witchcraft

Really Madonna? The pentagram is an “exalted” sign in the Kabalah and is profusely used in ritualistic magic, spirit invocations and all kinds of other magical acts.

The Pentagram is called in Kabalah the Sign of the Microcosm, that sign so exalted by Goethe in the beautiful monologue of Faust. (…)

Paracelsus, that innovator in Magic, who surpassed all other initiates in his unaided practical success, affirms that every magical figure and every kabalistic sign of the pantacles which compel spirits, may be reduced to two, which are the synthesis of all the others; these are the Sign of the Macrocosm or the Seal of Solomon, the form of which we have given already, and that of the Microcosm, more potent even than the first – that is to say, the Pentagram, of which he provides a most minute description in his occult philosophy.
– Eliphas Levi, Dogma and Ritual

As a true Illuminati pawn, Madonna then sings the praises of the All-Seeing Eye in the chorus. She also weirdly associates the Illuminati with a “party”. Because young people love parties. So Madonna said “Illuminati and party” in the same line. That’s the kind of ridiculous association they want the masses to make in their heads.

The all-seeing eye is watching tonight
That’s what it is
Truth and light
The all-seeing eye is watching tonight
Nothing to hide
Secrets inside
It’s like everybody in this party, shining like Illuminati
It’s like everybody in this party, shining like Illuminati

Then Madonna tells us lowly peasants what the Illuminati truly is – dedicated enlightened scientists from the Age of Enlightenment.

It’s the Enlightenment that started it all;
The Founding Fathers wrote it down on a wall

In her interview with The Guardian, she explains that idea.

“I think there are some people who don’t mind being referred to as that, but I know who the real Illuminati are, and where that word came from. The root of the word is “illuminate”, and that means “The enlightened ones”, and it came from the Age of Enlightenment, when a lot of arts and creativity flourished, from Shakespeare to Isaac Newton, to Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo: the philosophers, artists, scientists were all engaged in a kind of high level of consciousness through their work, and they were enlightening and inspiring people around the world. And those are the true Illuminati. So the purpose for writing that song was really in a way, ‘So, if you think I’m the Illuminati, then thank you very much, a compliment, because I would like very much to be part of that group, the real Illuminati, and this is what it’s not’”.
– – “Madonna: I did not say, ‘Hey, here’s my music, and it’s finished.’ It was theft”, The Guardian

This is the same distorted, mass media-friendly definition of the Illuminati we find in disinformation books such as Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons” – The Illuminati are products of the Age of Enlightenment. All credible researchers on the Bavarian Illuminati however state that its roots come from the Knights Templar who secured their knowledge from Egyptian Magic and the Kabbalah.

“Certainly there was an undercurrent of things esoteric, in the most mystical sense of the word, beneath the surface of Illuminism. In this respect, the Order followed exactly in the footsteps of the Knights Templars. The Templars returned to Europe after the Crusades, bringing with them a number of choice fragments of Oriental occult lore, some of which they had gathered from the Druses of Lebanon, and some from the disciples of Hasan Ibn-al-Sabbah, the old wizard of Mount Alamut.

If there was a deep mystical current flowing beneath the surface of Illuminism, it is certain that Weishaupt was not the Castalian Spring. Perhaps the lilies of the Illuminati and the roses of the Rosicrucians were, by a miracle of Nature, flowing from the same stem. The old symbolism would suggest this, and it is not always wise to ignore ancient landmarks. There is only one explanation that meets the obvious and natural requirements of the known facts. The Illuminati were part of an esoteric tradition which had descended from remote antiquity and had revealed itself for a short time among the Humanists of Ingolstadt. One of the blossoms of the “sky plant” was there, but the roots were afar in better ground”
– Manly P. Hall, The Keys of Freemasonry

In my article entitled The Order of the Illuminati: Its Origins, Its Methods and Its Influence on the World Events, I explain how the Bavarian Illuminati then infiltrated Masonic lodges across Europe and fermented revolutions across the world. So no, the Illuminati cannot be simplistically summed up as “very smart people”. It is a complex group that has been shrouded in secrecy for centuries. Manly P. Hall explains how it had a powerful impact on the world and that it purposefully “disappeared” from the public view – to better accomplish its goals.

“Certainly there was an undercurrent of things esoteric, in the most mystical sense of the word, beneath the surface of Illuminism. In this respect, the Order followed exactly in the footsteps of the Knights Templars. The Templars returned to Europe after the Crusades, bringing with them a number of choice fragments of Oriental occult lore, some of which they had gathered from the Druses of Lebanon, and some from the disciples of Hasan Ibn-al-Sabbah, the old wizard of Mount Alamut.

If there was a deep mystical current flowing beneath the surface of Illuminism, it is certain that Weishaupt was not the Castalian Spring. Perhaps the lilies of the Illuminati and the roses of the Rosicrucians were, by a miracle of Nature, flowing from the same stem. The old symbolism would suggest this, and it is not always wise to ignore ancient landmarks. There is only one explanation that meets the obvious and natural requirements of the known facts. The Illuminati were part of an esoteric tradition which had descended from remote antiquity and had revealed itself for a short time among the Humanists of Ingolstadt. One of the blossoms of the “sky plant” was there, but the roots were afar in better ground”
– Ibid.

In short, Madonna’s song is about twisting facts in order to ridicule them. She then tells her listeners to stop thinking about these kinds of things and mindlessly dance at party.

We’re gonna dance and turn the dark into something

OK Madonna.





  1. you are misusing term illuminati because it has nothing to do with pop culture. It is the ancient enlightened ones. Mostly Europeans.

  2. You know you got the words wrong? “Rihanna don’t know the New World Order” is actually “behind the curtain of the New World Order”

  3. Wow, this is all just too intense. Everyone is looking way too deep into everything. I think Madonna, like all other entertainers, like to do what they do and make lots of money. It’s their job.

  4. Madonna’s got a bee in her bonnet about something – always using words like stupid, unprofessional. If an individual chooses not to work with the Ministry of education Singpore, is it any of her concern?

  5. Depends how you define Illuminati. It means "illuminated ones." There are Templar/Free Mason groups, however, that you have to be invited to join etc etc. I know cause I work as a psychic and have known other psychics who were invited in. I had one client who was a courtesan and some of her clients are Masons. I had another client who was in "the daughters of the moon" and her father was a Mason (reached high level). The "daughters of the moon" is a group for females/daughters and she said there was some truth to conspiracies but also a lot that was false too.

    People forget that the Knights Templars were persecuted by the church and killed. People don't understand the history of the knights templars. And this breeds "disinformation." The Church accused the Knights Templar of being Satan worshipers and many of them confessed under horrible tortures (much like others who were persecuted during those times) to being into stuff or doing stuff they probably never even did. This said, they did stray from conventional Christianity and "daughters of the moon" does have a wicca feel to it.

    For example, the Knights Templars became like archaeologists of their time (dark ages). They were relic hunters of sorts, looking for artifacts connected to Jesus (the shroud of turin, grails, etc etc). Yes, wanting to experience something mystical from kissing these objects or touching them in some way (much like Christians will kiss a cross). In looking for artifacts they started learning about all sorts of religions, mysticism, buddhism, etc. They are kind became like today's new-agers who have a thirst for enlightenment from many different sources (likely why Madonna sees the "illuminati" as being about enlightenment and not satanic worship). It only became "satanic" for the Templar when they started to stray from traditional Christianity, learning about the origins of Christianity through their relic hunting and searching and realizing it had become distorted, had roots in buddhism, mandaeanism, gnostics, secret text (which had to remain hidden, so they did have secret knowledge as did monasteries because to read works deemed "heretical" by an absolutionist regime meant death), etc. So, really, most of today's new-agers could be considered part of the "illuminati."

    During some point in their relic hunting and quest for the truth, the knights Templar started learning from the Mandaeans about John the Baptist. The Mandaeans felt John the Baptist was the real Messiah and that Jesus was an imposter/false messiah. They had their own reasons and the Templars became fascinated with John the Baptist. As one of their artifacts, they had supposedly collected what they thought was John the Baptists head. They supposedly were in irreverence to it and had some ceremony to honor it or kiss it or something. Same with Shroud of Turin (connected to Jesus).

    When exposed, the Templars were killed in mass numbers by the church and accused of satanic worship for the rituals to honor John the Baptist's head etc. Which, is no real difference from Christians doing rituals to a statue of a man killed on a cross, drinking his blood, eating his body, etc. Just one believes Jesus is the savior and the other John the Baptist. Now John has been associated with Baphomet, but in reality, even the Bible calls Jesus the "Morning Star" (the same words used to indicate lucifer (and Quetzalcoatl in other traditions). I haven't read the mandaean texts yet but supposedly Jesus was recognized as a false messiah which the templars might have been influenced by their philosophy.

  6. Yes these Luciferians are running scared now, because their "in your face" rituals are becoming more noticeable, even to the sheeple. Just like Kim Kardasian's comment regarding her supposed surprise about the "Illuminate" and Jim Carey's sick response, sticking his tongue through a pyramid, on the Kimmel show. They attempt to ridicule the truth movement, while wallowing in evil.
    Truly disgusting pathetic pieces of trash and highly paid prostitutes of the social/moral deliberate destruction of the western world.
    As more people awaken, we shall see who gets the last laugh.

  7. The whole album sums it up well – the tour she will be doing this Fall – The Rebel Heart Tour; particularly songs #2, 5, 12, 16 (I came, I saw, I conquered), 17, 18 – she speaks for the dark side. Even the title is telling.

    Rebel Heart Album

    Track Listings
    1. Living For Love
    2. Devil Pray
    3. Ghosttown
    4. Unapologetic B***h
    5. Illuminati
    6. B***h I'm Madonna
    7. Hold Tight
    8. Joan Of Arc
    9. Iconic
    10. HeartBreakCity
    11. Body Shop
    12. Holy Water
    13. Inside Out
    14. Wash All Over Me
    15. Best Night
    16. Veni Vidi Vici
    17. S.E.X.
    18. Messiah
    19. Rebel Heart

  8. Remember people, MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. My mother told me all about this when I was a child. She took the bible apart mathematically, took her 10 years, everything in this universe is mathematical, even the flowers that grow in your garden. In the 70's she told me about all what is happening today, dollar will collapse, United States will fail, Catholic Church will fail, the Red Giant will come after the United States, CHINA. China and Russia are not controlled by a Central Bank, the Illuminati. She told me this might happen within my lifetime, she was a mathematical genius. Money will destroy humanity, and it's happening before our eyes.

  9. Cont. Part 3)
    WHY do you think satan works so hard to "try" to poke fun and mock God, just like they made Madonna mock the illuminati so the Masses are disinformation and Deceived! Why do you think Marilyn Manson burns bibles, and makes fun of Jesus by doing Satanic rituals at his concerts, promoting suicide and death and some shows?
    Why is Kanye West having people call him Yeezus and why is Lil Wayne's Cd cover illustration of him hanging on the cross "trying" to mock Jesus? What about all the death metal lyrics that claim that God doesn't exist and they blaspheme and make fun of Jesus?

    ***Why do you hardly ever see anyone making fun or trying to discredit Buddhism, Islam , Kaballah, paganism, and so forth? Because the devil (who is behind the Illuminati) uses other religions to distract and deceive people from coming to Jesus Christ. My friends open your eyes, do your reasearch before you assume or come to conclusions. The facts, symbolism, blood sacrifices, mocking of Christ is everywhere.

    ### But the most beautiful thing is that Jesus loves us and he loves you! He was made the sacrifice for our sins so we can be free!! He takes away guilt, shame, heals the socks , Casts out Demons, heals broken hearts, for God's sake he created the Universe, the World, the oceans, creatures, and most importantly he created you and me! 😀

    He's not this judgmental, angry, cosmic Killjoy that people and the devil (who brainwash people) make him out to be. He''s the exact opposite and is filled with so much mercy, grace, LOVe, God is love! Jesus (the creator of the universe) is far beyond our comprehension and is bigger than anything loves us and desires a loving relationship and fellowship with us. He created are hearts and knows us more than we know ourselves. If we allow him, and call out to him, he can truly save you as he did for me!!
    I battled with depression, oppression, demons trying to manifest and bring fear to me, with molestation, partied like crazy , smoked weed, went to church for the first time with a pipe in my bag as I was high and Jesus loved me anyway and took me where I was at in my perverse clouded, deceived mind, and washed me clean.
    Jesus loved me enough to tell me I was worth more, I was better than this and didn't have to live an empty lifestyle, that I was created for a great purpose, and the same goes for you!!

    >>>>> This is so real I had to share that the Power of God and it is truly greater than an devil, demon, illuminati, witch, drug, Addiction, and if you call out to him for help and surrender he will answer work with you to free you from the things that Torment, destroy, kill, hinder , deceive, and any suicidal tendencies can completely be removed!
    He freed me from sins and I'm still a work in progress! No ones ever perfect and is void of sin, but it's the choice, awareness, wisdom, and power of God that breaks the addictions and bad habits! This is the beginning of healing, transformation, freedom from vices that destroy, and to your heart being healed and fulfilled with purpose, and love! The exact opposite of what satan, the media, and illuminati are pushing out there!!!###. Here are some encourage words to look into and say aloud/ study for instant and lasting change! **Act now because tomorrow is not promised friends!! That is why satan and the illuminati work so hard to brainwash and control our minds.. Because satan wants to take as many young teens, adults, older folks, souls in general to Hell. This is no joke! With Christ there is peace, love, self control, protection, comfort and joy, and faith instead of fear!

    Romans 10:13
    (For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.)
    -Romans 10:14

    (1 John 1:8
    If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.)
    -1 John1:8)

    (He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world.)- 1 John 2:2

    (“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16)

  10. As I study pop culture, Satanism, witchcraft, demons, and the occult, knowing about it is not enough. There has to be more and there has to be an answer and remedy!

    (" Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them."-Ephesians 5:11)

    I battled with all these thoughts and used to listen and watch all the garbage as we were all programmed to do from a very young age. I was addicted to p*********y and sex, but something changed.

    I found out that Jesus is the answer, because the Bible says the TRUTH WiLL SET YOU FREE! Jesus is the healer, restorer of what was lost, and he exposes the deeds of darkness and he already defeated satan and his imph demons! When I called out to him, started studying the bible, my mind began to be Renewed by the Word of God which eventually destroys every lie and deception fed to us by television, movies, and music.
    *"Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect." -Romans 12:2 🙂
    (Read Part 3)

  11. Having knowledge of the Illuminati and merely avoiding movies, television, and music that push the agenda are not enough. People may be enlightened by these truths, but eventually think then what?

    How can I reprogram my mind from being brainwashed, how can I be cleansed of such obscene, perverse, degrading images and mindsets?How do I escape this temptation of continual lust of sexuality on tv, this P*********y, sex with men and women, drugs, alcohol abuse, that always leave you feeling empty after minutes or hours of empty pleasure? It never seems to fill the voids….. (Read Part 2)

  12. Oh please!!! disassemble that robot! She was never high wattage… these lyrics are so ridicule it insults the intelligence of a 5 year old. Obvious she's is terrified of her handlers. Since her pseudo horse accident she has been programmed so heavily, they burned her circuits. Either she performs what they tell her to perform now or she gets accidented for good. She's a burned up satanic throw away. As the true prostitute she always was, she bended and flapped her legs once more. There's no end to the stupid of that slave, she was created with no integrity or intelligence or a true personality. She was always and will always remain a show slave with not one grain of truth or self knowledge. Can you imagine the horrifying type of p********a inflicted on the children of that wannabe w***e of Babylon?

  13. I dont know what god people in these comments pray to ,but the god I know is loving and caring and also forgiving.Some these postings are hate filled and angry.Personally I love Madonna and she has done some postive things during her career. Nobody mentioned anything postive just insulting and negatively . Maybe some of you should take inventory of yourself.And ask yourself what have you done to make this world a better place.

  14. she doesn't even deny it. she doesnt get to the point. she just proves futher that the illumintai is real and that she is their most important member. well thank u madonna for letting us know! we were hoping more things would be cleared up and u gave us just that. please! send more things like this. this was perfect. the more we know the better for us. so sick of all these secrets this society has. finally someone starts talking even more open about it!

  15. Nope, she is saying that illuminati (the angular stone of enlightmen is not related to Lucifer, but God and the knowlodge of Salomon, the TRUE ILLUMINATI)

  16. so if the illuminati runs the world why would they let anyone and their mother talk about it? whatever is truly in control of this planet is hidden so deeply in the shadows no ordinary person could have any idea about what is actually going. do you know what a red herring is? thats what the illuminati is–thats what this song is about. you're being strung along the wrong path so that you don't find out the truth, this s the basis of every powerful civilization ever. the man in charge would never appear on a magazine cover. can't believe a madonna song is more intelligent than all of you… but you still probably think I'm working for the illuminati

  17. This is SO pathetic:

    "The root of the word is “illuminate”, and that means “The enlightened ones”, and it came from the Age of Enlightenment, when a lot of arts and creativity flourished, from Shakespeare to Isaac Newton, to Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo …"

    All of the above named are from the RENAISSANCE, not the Age of Enlightenment. The European Renaissance spanned approximately from the years 1450 – 1700s. It's birth place was Italy and it spread from there.

    The Enlightenment was from approximately 1685 – 1815 and took place primarily in Britain and France. The ideas and philosophies of the Enlightenment fueled both the French and American Revolutions.

    Really, Madonna, we're going to go to you for our history lessons when you can't even manage to grasp the basic concept of a historical timeline? I can't believe that anyone even bothers to listen this mind-warped / mind-controlled drone.

  18. These days all her stage performance is about worshipping Satan and a full of Illuminati symbols. Look at her recent onstage performance in the UK. It is all about Behemoths and Triangles. How appropriate with her name.

  19. B***h just ended her latest performance at the Brit Awards by holding a set of horns up triumphantly, representing the Omega symbol, aka the beginning of the end or the apocalypse.

  20. You can and will disagree with me probably because it's more entertaining to hate someone, but when I listen to "Illuminati" I don't hear Madonna saying that there isn't a "NWO" – I hear her saying "you're calling it the wrong name." She's describing where the name came from and why we are calling the CABAL by the wrong name.

  21. Who even listens to this dume b***h anymore? And how much photoshop did they need to do on that pic. We all know she dosen't look like that and she hasn't In quite some time. I know she's a pawn and everything but my god, can't these so called elites do better? There is nothing "elite" about Madonna or her garbage career.

  22. LOVE MADONNA! LOVE "Illuminati"…. People can read into things so f*****g hardcore deeply, trying to find "deeper satanic occult meaning", etc. in f*****g everything… Who cares? Live your life, and don't f*****g pay attention to any music act then…. Because all of it is polluted in some way or another. Do meditation, and completely disconnect from popular culture. This web site is becoming f*****g annoying!! Stating so many "facts" yet never giving any solutions… B***H PLEASE!

  23. I used to worship "celebs" like her as a kid. Nowadays I mostly see them as scu*. I also realized, at some point, that most of these childhood heroes are/were drug addicts..

  24. Illuminati or not, there is zero musical entertainment in the song. I youtubed it and listened after reading your article VC. The so called vocals, are of poor musical quality, as compared to many musical hits Madonna once had. (Yes, I like some Madonna music folks)
    This "song" is barely a bed track of basic beats and her half talking/half singing, right after she got up in the morning. Robotic, and no effort. I wonder if she remembers recording it, or if she was in puppet mode.

  25. I know exactly what it is. And she did mention it. Only when she said the truth and light. These people serve fallen angels. What we may be influenced to believe are… aliens or extraterrestrial, because they come from the outer space. Duh. They fell from heaven. They can appear as angels of light. They also can come from the pits of hell, the center of the earth. Of course the truth is stranger than fiction so that's exactly what they do. Make it fiction. To condition you be aware. Subconsciously. Aliens are still in modern day as well as ancient Egyptian beliefs. And that's not odd to you? But when people state the truth they are looked at as crazy. Mythological gods are just fallen angels with a sugar coat. Fallen angel roots are Mesopotamia. Babylon Assyria and Egypt. This is the best summary I can explain. The hidden knowledge madonna is bragging about. Information From David Icke. An insider who is no longer in the circle. This is the hidden truth. "In summary, a race of interbreeding bloodlines, a race within a race in fact, were centered in the Middle and Near East in the ancient world and , over the thousands of years since, have expanded their powers across the globe. A crucial aspect of this has been to create a network of my mystery schools and secret societies to covertly introduce their agenda while, at the same time, creating institutions like religions to mentally and emotionally imprison the masses and set them at war with each other. The hierarchy of this tribe of bloodlines is not exclusively male and some of its key positions are held by women. But in terms of numbers it is overwhelmingly male and I will therefore refer to this group as the Brotherhood. Even more accurately, given the importance of ancient Babylon to this story, I will also call it the Babylonian Brotherhood. The plan they term their ‘Great Work of Ages’, I will call the Brotherhood agenda." Things that make ya go Hmmmmm. And basically the secret is the plans for NWO and what the Bible describes in revelations. They will get order out of chaos. 1 leader 1 government 1 money 1 religion 1 bank and the mark of the beast. Verichip corp. The microchip. Prince Charles coat of arms is described in revelations ch 13. He got his power from the dragon. This was stated in his coronation as well as in front of a Dragon statue bearing the rothschild shield. GOD THE CREATOR OF ALL is real. And the world proves it with all its evil. Good will win. Even movies TV shows and everything else shows you good always Wins. Sure there may be casualties along the way. But evil always loses. Give God a try. He's the winning team

  26. I was 14 when Madonna became famous and I am still traumatized by it. What a vile, demonic, no talented, robotic piece of eye sore. And kids today are stuck with LadyGagme….sigh. If all illuminati members have an ego such as Madonna and are just as stupid then I have hope for humanity. This illuminati denial song is too dumb for words.

  27. Can anyone please look in to her new video Living for Love and possibly break it down? This is her 13th album. She has many men dancing around with baphomet looking horns and bling'd out masks that cover their face. At one point they are in a circle like they are doing a ritual. A little in to the song she is wearing mostly red. I see all of the symbolism I just don't know how to de-code it. Does anyone reading this have any insight on it?

  28. Well, I'll tell you this and you can take it or leave it…

    I started out reading all the typical youtube Illuminati stuff, stuff from this site, Springmeier, Bill Cooper, Jones, Dice etc..
    There was no denying that the occult symbolism is being used in mainstream media & entertainment etc. There was no doubt in my mind that a powerful, yet fairly loose and internally conflicted cabal runs the world, that global elites abduct and abuse women and children, that governments have used mind control. I still don't doubt any of this.
    However, intrigued, I conducted extensive research into the occult – but went way, way, beyond the kind of wild guessing and oft-quoted snippets and soundbites from the usual sources as to what symbols mean and how they have been used that you will find on sites like this and all over youtube. I of course researched for myself the voluminous writings of the Golden Dawn, The Theosophical Societ, M.P. Hall, Pike, Masonic, Templar, Cathar, Gnostic and Mystery School histories and documents. I researched alchemy, Kabbalah (Jewish), Qabalah (Hermetic), Cabala (Christian) and Madonna-Style-Holywood "Kabbalah". I studied actual historical magical documents, such as Abramelin, the Picatrix, Keys of Solomon, Enochian stuff from Dee and so on (I.e Black as well as Natural magic), I read Alchemical, astrological and Gnostic writings, Hermetic writings, studied Tarot and divination, "sacred" alphabets, sacrificial practices. Source criticism ofthe Bible. It goes on…

    What I found, and I tell you the honest truth, was some of the most profound material I have ever encountered in my life. The vast majority of symbols that people think are intrinsically evil and the sole domain of the "illuminati" are used in so many applications and for so many reasons – pure mathematics, human proporions studies, great art and architecture, throughout history by people who couldnt care less about the occult, and who did, as Madonna said, propell the world forward, as well as magicians, proto-scientists, secret societies and so on.

    There was a time when this stuff was indistinguishable from what became science and art, orthodox religion as well as its esoteric counterparts. And no these different groups were not always mutually exclusive. But Black Magicians also read Plato and Aristotle and Isaac Newton.

    Symbols arent evil. kabbalah isnt evil. Magic isnt evil. Some people are evil. Weishaupt for example, as it turns out was entirely ignorant about and couldnt care less about the occult. He infiltrated the Masons because of the people it would give him access to. He hired a hapless mason to write his semi-accurate esoteric materials in order to appeal to the craze of occult mysteries and "Egyptomania" among the middle and upper eschalons of masonry and society. His aims were strictky political and of course economic. This other stuff was just a means to an end.

    The reason I am telling you this is because this stuff, as I said, taken on its own is not only deep and profound, but part of the worlds collective history, heritage, spirit and accomplishment. People shouldnt just listen to half baked, recycled, parroted (mis)information about one of the most basic and ancient impulses of mankind to express things that transcend and are larger than words and single ideas, and write them off as evil and think they are "in the know". In fact, if anything, these things have been stolen and appropriated from mankind – you. And you shouldnt let it.

  29. She's at least 50% right. All those ppl mean nothing. And…the true "illuminati" are the fallen angels & the hybrids of fallen angels'. Funny how she didn't even mention other very big names from the industry 😉

  30. Illuminati is a pun. Anyone who is scared of such a word is obviously taken advantage of by the society at large. Illuminati simple means ILLUMINE NOT I. So it basically means Not illuminated. Illumination actually is very rare in this binary world. Everything in this world is controlled by the Supreme Being. So to understand what illumination means it means fully understanding the true nature of reality from an experiential standpoint that ""everything" is controlled by the Supreme Being – that is all the "supposed" good and bad things that we all get hung up on." The true nature of reality is not a yellow brick road or Disneyland fantasy. It is extremely difficult and hard – not rosy. That is why it is called the "narrow path", because "few" will find it.

  31. Uhh, Michelangelo and da Vinci were influenced by the Age of Enlightenment. Rightttt…. Celebrity pseudo-intellectualism strikes again.

  32. Hold on people. Which is more humane? A person who sings a song and let her audience decide on what to believe in? Or a group of people saying "b***h", "old", "w***e", and other terms you guys tagging to Madonna? Let the people believe on what is good for his/her life. Don't act that we are God and we should filter whatever is shown, listened to TV/Radio. If these songs are really bad, can you further ask yourselves, why this is allowed? Why are we saying bad things if not really proven? If there's Illuminati, where are they located? Is there a really demonic plan to conquer the world? I would suggest spread the good words of God rather dragging entertainers to this type of accusations. Sometimes, people are innocent and just want to have fun in the world of music. School should start building a strong foundation on good things to avoid being "brainwashed" to any elements of the so called Illuminati. As a free person, I have a choice to listen to Madonna's music and I have the responsibility of segregating the good and bad effects of the song. Lastly, I should live good life, in and out of the house, on the people around me, on mother Earth, and everything God created.

  33. I was never a fan of Madonna, never really cared for her. She kinda reminds me of those type of people that think they know everything and feel like they are so smart but when they open their mouths nothing but pure sh*t comes out of it. Every time I see her (attempt) to dance I think "oh gosh this woman is going to break a hip!"

  34. 18-01-2015
    What should we even care what this trashy lady has to say? Write on Google Videos: "Madonna, bottle" and see the first video… The opinion of this old s**t should not matter…

  35. ah ah!! madonna? the queen of illuminatis and the elite ;she's been their best puppet for many years and now she's the queen of desinformation ah ah ah !!!!

  36. Do people actually believe this stuff, it's just ridiculous and pretty sad, like you truly truly want there to be some wierd supernatural elite when there clearly isn't jesus christ…

  37. God help all the people that follow you and your music your leading them down a path that you have no clue about read some scriptures in the bible and you will find out whats really truth and lies,

  38. I bet she isn't laughing at all. She knows her star has burnt out. Industry would gain a lot from her death. Like MJ, record sales would go through the roof. She does this in order to avoid them killing her!

  39. what if "the party" is actually not a party. "everybody in this party's shining like illuminati"
    maybe the "party" is actually a group of people, like celebrities.
    doesn't have to be literally a party. but a group.

  40. She is a complete desinformer! trying to teach kids that african american wealthy celebrities have no truth or enlightment is bullshit!

    She is a completely into satanic rituals and just watch her masonic displays in the London Olimpics!! reeeked of sacred masonic simbology!!

    Her blonde hair and racist undertones are the flag that sustain the dark cabal, the financial tyrants of the world, whom tell us what is good and what is bad -everyday – brainwashing us to be the slaves of the monarchy and people like her, being our handlers!

    Stop this so-called queen! 2015, CABAL IS GOING DOWN, IN EVERY COUNTRY!!!!

  41. Can you do an article on Sia's new video "Elastic Heart". They are behaving like caged animals under mind control and the sexualization of a little girl, AGAIN!!

  42. Satanic Babylonian Whore___that I do love so; is it not possible to enjoy her talents whilst being aware of the dark agenda? She puts forth a good beat that is good to dance to–what else is there?She's quite ravishing, one of the most photographed women on the planet AND one of the most remixed artists of all time:::::::::::::alas for her___it may well be impossible to have achieved all her accolades without being an illuminati Pawn/Queen. It is possible to appreciate the player whilst hating the game, me thinks.

    • Talent? Easy when you're an MK mind controlled puppet. No talent there, just a big joo machine able to snap brain circuits and bones!

  43. Also funny she fails to get the root word of Illuminati correct, she says Illuminate, like it came from ENGLISH LOL! The name derives from the Latin illuminatur

  44. The funny thing is, there almost certainly is no longer a group called the Illuminati. However, for all intents and purposes an analogous group will exist that essentially does the same thing.

  45. Well, I don't like material girl, or others songs by Madonna, because of the ideals, the rhythm can be good sometimes, but it's not my thing, in terms of culture. But you talked about facts and you CAN'T take the word of ancient books of religion and assume they're facts, they're not facts. Only science can prove facts by experience.
    About the Illuminatis, I don't think they exist, well, not by that name, anyway. I think they exist in the imaginary of the people, and of course a person has an agenda, if you would be the owner of the world, you would have to make choices about education, reference for the future generations and so on. And to be able to do that you have to have an agenda, even to teach Christian's ideals (google just corrected me by writing the word christian without using caps lock in the first letter, so I guess this is a imposition since I am not a person who believe in this God, or any God). Come on, grow up and take only what you need from society and stop screaming about people who don't choose the same things that you do, in the mass level, artists only get on top when people talk about them or have the same feeling about them. In this website, I found a lot of music from Madonna that I didn't even saw it before, and a lot of people here know by core all the singles that are appearing from the artists which make them more famous, I think you know that, since Madonna made that song only for market purposes, she is expert in bring to her music what people are talking about and congratulations, you people made this.

  46. No matter how hard they try to distort this secretive information about the elite, its all in vain as not all are into their propaganda about "No Illuminati" and all that bullcrap thats far from the truth.

    They can never hide it no longer, not even the fact that they're pawns of the elite forced to do their bidding through Mass Media. As for the song I'm not even going to even listen to it or hear it at all since it may have a lame, brainwashing melody to it.

    By the way, Madonna is surely a real b***h with her "Zionistic" background.

  47. I wonder why the door at your hose is 6.66 feet tall?All standard doors are either 78 or 80 inches witches 6 feet and 6 inches or 6.66 feet in height just grab a tape measure and see for yourself or check Home Depot and Loews next time your there.Just divide 80 by 12 as there are 12 inches in a foot.

  48. The song is right. Enlightenment has nothing to do with illuminati stuff and people mentioned. Life is changing, God is watching and time darkness is coming to the end. Madonna as usual want to be fashion forward and modern. But it may not be so easy this time. She is still a part of industry. And people who sold there souls to the illuminati will probably all loose…

  49. The funniest part about these lyrics is the chorus

    Talk about becoming enlightened by switching your mind OFF

    "let the music take you out of control"
    "let's go…we're gonna dance"
    "let the fire burn, this music is bumpin"
    "we live forever"


    This is satanism 101 !!!!

    HEY…turn off your brain…waste time…degrade yourself by dancing in a circle like a fool! Yes, satan does love to see humans degrade themselves, and daemons love that s**t, if you wana talk about the posession pandemic we're having atm. "we live forever" how arrogant! who do you think you are? No, time is short and we need to make good use of it, but satan does get us to waste time by getting wrapped up in wasteful things….such as PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG! YAY…were SOOOoo enlightened! while we're behaving like monkeys, drunk..stumbling over ourselves….

    "You know that everything that glitters ain’t gold"
    That's right….thanks madonna…and you and your glittery hollywood go right along with that!

    The road to hell is paved with roses
    the road to paradise is paved with thorns
    There is a thing which is so expensive, and that is paradise. Trust me, you're not gonna get it by dancing around a fire to the beat of madonna!

  50. This reminds me of "Anything done in the must come in the light."

    You can't hide everything forever, and basically ppl are finding about the entertainment industry and the government.

    Also reminds me of fall out boys who also sold out, their song was called my song know what you did in the dark so light it up.

  51. Songs like this and the trend of "powerful people" ridiculing "conspiracy theorists" OFTEN… make me think that "they" are getting worried. They used to just ignore that kind of talk because not enough people took it seriously for them to care. People are waking up now though, and the "powerful" are getting scared. At least that's how it seems to me…

  52. She is an awful person with no soul or conscious! If what I read about her and what she has done to promote the illuminates agenda underground is half true, she truly has some awful karma coming her way, and she deserves it. A sick, twisted person!

  53. Thank you VC for pointing out Madonna's spread of disinformation and presenting the truth about the Illuminati sourced in the Knights Templar. In fact, H,P. Garcia, the direct descendent of Hugues de Payens, founder and first Grand Master of the Knights Templar, co-curated an exhibition entitled "Black Madonna" in New York City in 2009. The iconic image for the exhibition was made by the late artist Mark Wiener from his extraordinary 1982 photo of Madonna just before her rise to fame. The resulting artifact has a large red X ( over Madonna spontaneously doing a yoga pose while charged with the energy of the serpent power. The X was, in fact, the symbol of Mary Magdalene imbedded into Renaissance paintings as a code, the origin of the X symbol used as code today. The author Margaret Starbird uncovered this code in her ontology of Mary Magdalene's "sacred marriage" to Jesus Christ, a series of books that inspired Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code". Starbird wrote an essay on the sacred marriage for the site which acknowledged a cosmological phenomenon of a Seal of Solomon between heaven & earth on 23 January 1997. H.P. Garcia confirmed that the Seal of Solomon was present at the entrance to the Holy of Holies in Solomon's Temple where the Templars discovered the "esoteric knowledge" (as Manly Hall indicated in VC's quote) that became the underground stream catalyzing the Italian Renaissance via the astrologer/magician Marsilio Ficino and the German enlightenment via Leibniz and eventually Goethe.

    If Madonna had been an authentic artist, she would have directed her raw courage (rebel heart) to forging an idiosyncratic path of disclosing the dark feminine and illuminating the world with her individual expression surrounding its incorporation into the body, as is evident in the Black Madonna image (, the fruit of an early collaboration. But as her hunger for wealth and fame led her entertainment vehicle to "sell out" to those who want to continue to appropriate this energy for personal gain, an outer reflection of her own insatiable ego. She has now become the victim of black magic, consumed by the energy and bound externally as Illuminati slave, as indicated by her own perversely iconic X portrait, rather than internally directing the energy in the body as an enlightened and self-empowered artist capable of birthing new forms and symbols for the Aquarian Age icon of the sacred marriage. As people wake up to the methods by which occult imagery is being used to manipulate and control the populace through the very celebrity/slaves that the media dresses up as models of Aquarian free will, humanity will be ready to embody this dark feminine energy as wisdom and enter the light of a new archetype, the sacred marriage (hieros gamos) which brings the awakened feminine divine into equal partnership with the divine masculine.

    In fact, Madonna, born under the sign of Leo, has begun–in her downward spiral that will continue through 2016–to reveal the shadow of the Age of Aquarius as the relentless pursuit of fame to fill the tremendous vacancy of soul. She has long been the vampire sucking the culture of its authentic artists through her relentless thefts of Others' creations and monopolization of the media; now she becomes the "terrorized" victim of her own naked ambition, laying bare the unconscious dark feminine that hires teams of songwriters to fill her own creative void and pitifully compensates her lack of original expression with rants via the social media.

    Here are the links;

  54. This is why we as the awake and conscious people. Should educate ourselves on this issue thoroughly. It makes my flesh crawl when I read or hear a half informed person say during conversation or type up a comment on a blog about how person "x" is "IN THE ILLUMINATI!"

    This interview and this ignorant song, could spell more madness for the world, for the blind followers, or is it better to just call em the cool kids, fashionistas, party animals, playas, hustlers, dancers, strippers? I can just hear it now "oh, madonna just cleared the air, the all seeing eye is cool now, 'nothing to hide' "…..when in actuality, it's not about what she's saying, it's what she's not saying. Her and the other PUPPETS are and have been playing on the ignorance of the half informed for a good while now, I've been sitting back just smh. This deceit is all happening so fast, that I don't know if we have time to convince people to just stop. All the sheep are gonna run right off the edge of the cliff, it's really sad!

  55. it might mean something deeper. The song might means that Jayz, beyonce etc are just pawns used in the game and they don't know the Big Plan or the ultimate goal that they have as they are just dolls /puppets used for furthering the agenda of the elites. Of course you are right however there are different ways to look at this.

  56. Here is a link to movie posters from a movie Madonna appeared in in 1996. Every single one of the posters feature the colors red, white and black, and several of them feature SUN symbolism and pyramids clearly visible on the poster images.

    The real Evita Peron died of cancer in 1952 at 33 years of age. She was a woman who grew up in poverty in Argentina, but became a powerful political figure during the short life she lived. Her rise to power took 12 years. A couple of paragraphs from this article are as follows:

    "Ambitious, ruthless, untiring, clever and strikingly beautiful, Maria Eva Duarte de Peron had in large measure many of the qualities needed to lift her in a dozen short years from obscurity to fame, wealth and power on the unpredictable currents of Argentine political life."


    "Senora Peron's ascent and her important role in governmental affairs and propaganda were all the more remarkable for the contrast that they presented to the conservative social traditions of Latin America, where women previously were seldom seen, and never heard, in public life."

    After her death, mourners were allowed to view her body for 13 days before the Argentine government put a stop to it and turned her body over to a military official, Col. Carlos Eugenio Moori Koening. He hid her coffin in the attic of a military intelligence building for a year due to "eerie circumstances" surrounding Peron's actual burial. When all was said and done, Peron died in 1952 but it took another 24 years after her death before she was actually buried for good, in 1976 …

    Twenty years after her burial, Madonna played the lead in a movie about her life. In order to play Eva Peron, she had to know each and every detail of the real woman's life, her strange rise from poverty to the pinnacle of fame, fortune and power, and the numerology surrounding her life and death …

    12 year long "meteoric" rise to power

    People were allowed to view her body for 13 days after her passing

    Became ill at 27

    Died at 33

    Was not buried for 24 years after her death

    Back to the colors of the movie posters : Red, white and black are the colors most often used in Satanic rituals.

    Then there are the lyrics in the song "Evita" sung by Madonna "Dressed to the nines, sixes and sevens with you …"

    Sixes 6 6 6

    Sevens 7 7 7

    Nines 9 9 9

    The point of this post is that Madonna knew almost 20 years ago, when she starred in the movie Evita, that the Illuminati existed and that Evita Peron would obviously never have made it as far as she did without being a part of it, based on the numerology I've pointed out. She knew then what the strange numerology was about, and she knew why her movie posters were released only in those three colors.

    But she releases a song making fun of anyone who dares to point any of these things out.

    • Good analysis. The elite, illuminati, freemasons, are international. Madonna was just "immortalizing" one of them.

  57. The elite are well aware that there is a global awakening taking place (they do monitor the Internet, after all). For some, that awakening is as innocent as realizing that their political leaders do not have their best interests at heart or that war and aggression are not an effective means for diplomacy and peace. Then, even still, there are those of us who see the spiritual aspect to all of this and can see through their "hidden in plain sight" tactics. Folks like Umberto Eco and to a lesser degree, Dan Brown, will use their fame and acclaim through their written work and lectures to appeal to the intellectuals and put forward the notion that any and all conspiracies are absurd and mankind generally has everyone's best interests at heart. An absurd position to hold for the so-called intelligentsia. They are almost always spiritually blind positions to hold, in my view, and are antithetical to logical thought. Madonna has the hearts and minds of the over 30 female and gay population. These are the folks who busy themselves with the latest happenings on TMZ but "would never discuss anything as divisive as politics or religion". Those folks are an easy sell. The signs and warnings are plain to see if you have your spiritual blinders off. Through research and connecting the dots, the truth is available to those who seek it. I see things through the lens of the Holy Bible. But I'm also aware that there are many who don't believe in Christ who are seeing this phenomena as well, albeit through a different spiritual lens. Bottom line: this is possibly damage control on their part. They are sending their goon squad out to shame the truth seekers while they continue to fool the blind masses. Their contention that the truth movement is the "real" Illuminati is a rather comical and ingenious way of turning the tables on the opposition. It's not lost on me that beside being nefarious and evil, these Luciferian elite are highly intelligent and should be respected for that attribute. Part of me believes that they or possibly God have allowed us to peak behind the curtain for a certain reason. That isn't supported by any evidence, per se, but merely a gut feeling I have. However the end game plays out, I'm comforted to know who the final victor in this battle between good and evil will be.

  58. Hmmm She is telling the "truth" in plain sight. Its not the illuminati. Its the one who told the lie first. "Your not going to die" Wonder who writes her songs

  59. We certainly understand that song going the other way – she replace persons, who IS in Illuminati, including with her, of course.

  60. Thanks, VC, for including the full content of the lyrics within the article. I pay so very little attention to pop culture; really, if I didn't see these things here, they wouldn't be on my radar. I'll be curious to see if this song gets any traction/influence, or if it simply fades into obscurity.

    The comments are what really surprise me. There's so much bile and vitriol from many proclaiming that Christ is the only way, etc., yet Jesus (based on what we know of him from the scriptures) would not condone, nor endorse, the throwing of these verbal stones.

    These "people" thrive on fear and hatred and many, perhaps unknowingly, give them more of what they crave each time a product is introduced, knowing there are ultimately two markets they're addressing. The first are the easily influenced – those they're indoctrinating…and then there's the primary market – those that are afraid of and/or hate the product as well as the messengers because the energy they get from those emotions is nectar to them.

    I know there aren't any signs posted about not feeding the animals at the zoo, but before you fill your heart with hate and/or fear and feed the animals that think they run the zoo (they think we're less than animals), instead give thanks for your awareness and the knowedge to be able to avoid their silly traps and fill your heart and mind with love or gratitude or joy or whatever makes you happy. Just don't feed the animals.

  61. What is Madonna trying to tell Us? The triangle, pentagrams and witchcraft is not what it is about. But she never explains why these images keep appearing before us. She is into the Kabala and enlightenment. But some have suggested that she may be an old CIA Beta mind controlled slave. Is she aware of this? So I don't know if I can trust her comments. The all seeing eye is part of freemason philosophy. But women are not allowed into this secret society. Did she get this from Kabala or Eastern Star?? Madonna, you need to explain more about this. There may be higher evil powers that control you.

  62. I believe that the Forbes, Celeb Net Worth figures are grossly exaggerated to make the masses envy and strive to be like these 'rich' people. Apparently, the old witch is worth in excess of $400million, but when she appeared on the Graham Norton show a few years ago, he asked her why she was still doing gruelling tours and her response was "a girl has gotta pay her bills". Indeed, if these entertainers are no more than mind controlled puppets used to propagate the elite's agenda and make money for the elite along the way; it would make sense that their actual earnings will be a fraction of what we are made to believe.

  63. Rihanna don’t know the New World Order;

    Madonna don't know the New World Order too.

    Nothing to hide, secrets in sight.

    Romans 13:11,12

    Smith: Mr. Anderson, welcome back, we missed you. Do you like what I've done with the place?

    Neo: It ends tonight.

    2 Thessalonians 1:6-9

    It starts tonight…

  64. Please retire, you old used up witch… Seriously, how many more nude photo shoots do you need to do to try and stay relevant. Worse part, when you get an expert at nothing but whoring herself to the top, try and educate us on life….

  65. Well it's quite obvious that she's a liar I mean she continues using photo shop pictures looking younger and we all know how old she really looks. I'm sorry Madonna but all that surgery and fillers aint working your entire image is disinformation. When I see these pics that she pushes on the public I laugh instead.

  66. Can I just say something. You feel free right now because you are aware of the illuminati and they don't got you with those old tricks. But something is still bothering you right? Like someone's name you KNOW you know but it eludes you. You're searching for that….THING, while at the same time you're against these bad guys and trying to wake everyone else up, am I right?

    Reading through all these comments the overwhelming response seems to be anger and hate. You know this conspiracy, this Illuminati, and how you are against it. You want nothing to do with it, right? You know better than those buggers? So why are you still filling your lives with it? Why do you search for new stories about the illuminati?

    You think that perhaps it once controlled your lives, but oh ho not anymore. Yet think about it. It is still controlling your lives. You see it everywhere. Though you do not wish to be associated with it, it dictates your thoughts about the modern world.

    So come guys you've woken up once. But you're only half way.

    You need to wake up AGAIN. By fighting them constantly, by hating celebrities, you are still under their power because they are stealing your energy and letting you remain negative. You can't fight fire with fire. This stuff is STILL filling your lives. You think you are free from it, bullshit. Why do bullies continue? They want a response. Stop giving them a response. Stop hating. Stop trying to figure out this huge NWO s**t. It ain't gonna happen…because it's already HERE.

    What do the sleepers do? They work for money, save to buy stupid music from stupid satan artists and think money and fame is so important blah blah blah. What do you spend your time doing? You work for money, you research how all these silly sleeping people are living and hating on the Illuminati. Before you know it your life will be over and what will you have achieved? Another youtube compilation video to convince a few sleeping people to stop wasting their lives like they are doing, and instead waste their lives like you are doing.

    They've already got you right where they want you, researching and compiling hate and disgust about the world yet thinking you're free when you're still in your day job and still paying bills. You think you will continue with this for now because you've got to wake other people up and continue the fight, but one day you can leave it all behind when you have won. Right? Lol you haven't escaped at all. Has the man living in London who paints his floor yellow and his walls blue and buys blow up palm trees really moved to Hawaii? Nope.

    Discovering the illuminati was a kind of double bluff, right?Come on, I thought you guys are supposed to be clever. But all this s**t, signs and rosicrucians and templar knights is all right where you can find it, in books, on the internet. It's so obviously there literally anyone can find it if they look in the right places. That's far too simple. The TRUTH is more. Sure it's interesting, but don't dedicate your lives to it. Use your brain. Go further than a double bluff. Maybe even go to a quadruple bluff.

    The big secret is that the conspiracy does not matter. The ones caught up in it are being left behind.

    That…elusive feeling? That end goal that will surely reveal itself one day? Know what it is?: forget about all this and start living your life. REALLY living your life. Don't hate, not even these world leaders. Love only. Then you will find you have truly fulfilled that empty space.

    • Mitsya – I'd agree with you completely if the globalist elite were not responsible for the following atrocities (a partial list I'm sure):

      – "vaccinating" babys and small children – eg performing experiments on unwilling human guinea pigs
      – fomenting wars between artificially generated "nations"
      – using fake terrorism and false flags to take away rights granted to the public since the 1400s
      – using fake terrorism and false flags to create fear and a false militaristic reality for the slave class public – these are funds that could be used for peaceful purposes to improve society
      – ruining education by mandating federalized programs that sap the slave class's natural quest for knowledge and learning (eg common core)
      – creating false left/right political choices letting the slave class public believe they have a "choice" and it is important to blindly vote (eg rock the vote)
      – poisoning our food supply with GMO and lethal chemical sprays while they meticulously eat only carefuly grown organic foods and wines at great expense
      – circumcising young boys (genital mutilation)
      – placing fluoride in public water supplies
      – placing fluoride in toothpastes, and mouthwashes
      – introducing various poisons such as sodas, energy drinks, sugerfree gums to the public's food supply and advertising them heavily – particularly with slave class type events and entertainment
      – push murder based "entertainment" on gullible minds
      – push sexualized and other anti-family based "entertainment" on gullible/suggestible young people

      And yes another power structure would need to be formed to replace the old one but at least we should agree eliminating the above policies should be first steps to create a peace with the wealthy globalist ruling class.

    • Yeah read it, Like all other singers she is telling her story subliminally through her lyrics, with people thinking it's just a song but really it has truth to it

  67. I love how her team used a photo (Airbrushed to f.u.c.k.) from how she looked in the 80's. Madonna you should have kept wrapping your face in that black wire until we couldn't see that Satanic old mush no more. Merry Crimbo VC and all.

  68. Madonna is a very powerful pawn of the Illuminati. Because she sold her soul to them, she has been turned into the Grande priestess of their infamous cult – remember her pathetic outfit at the Superbowl halftime?? Not to mention the jacket she wore some years ago with the illuminati pyramid with eye embroidered on the back.
    To me, the picture of Madonna tied up suggests to me that she is tied to the Illuminati forever, that she will never escape and that she'd better toe the line. One day, her power will wane, and she will be ritually murdered.
    The Illuminati create and they can destroy.

    • and some other lady will take her place, but I wonder who. They say that if the singer Aaliyah was still alive she would be the RnB/Pop superstar but she was sacrificed so all her power could go to none other than Beyoncé.

  69. Wow there is a lot of Madonna lovers on here currently and a lot of VC haters pls just go away from his site. People obviously don't want to know what your opinion is we like facts. Thanks Byeee.

  70. I feel sorry that her kids have to deal with this corpse looking witch. We all know what you''re about Madonna. She reminds me of the Sanderson sister's from hocus pocus. Sucking the life out of her children and stupid trends just to make herself seem younger. Gross

  71. Sure, Chris.
    Consider the Berg family, who created the Kabbalah center in LA and NYC, in which intellectual heavyweights and spiritual searchers like Madge, Demi Moore and Britney Spears made a pricey spiritual nest. The Bergs soon became involved in shady financial and real estate deals, all of which can be sourced on the web. Madonna's Malawi charity is a disaster, after a ripoff from her trainer's boyfriend, who handled much of the cash (and bailed with it).
    And yes, I have visited The LA Kabbalah center, and witnessed the suggestion that I should revere the Bergs and other demonstrations of low rent mind control. Shady is as shady does.
    Madonna used to be bright, saucy, sort of fun – now she's tense, bitter, dark, phony (or just more phony).
    I think the tide is turning – people just don't give a s**t about this cold product anymore. Expect more Sony-level revelations in 2015!

  72. If talking about the Illuminati sells and bring her attention and money…She is on the right path. I am sure her Jewish kabbalist producers are guiding her. But when she is trying to separate herself from the industry that created her with this stupid song, it is beyond ridiculous.

  73. Let me expound.

    The world in many ways is probably controlled by the richest, they make decisions. I don't think the conspiracy pans out how this site would have you believe, but any idiot can realize that the rich are in power. And any idiot can do something about it. And in a capitalist society, any kinda smart idiot can get rich and change s**t. We're all human.

    Rich elitism is a completely separate issue from spirituality, ritual, and religion. Anyone can be enlightened, which is what Madonna is talking about. The rich in power, whether they are spiritual or not, have nothing to do with spirituality itself. The issue is those in power, the issue is not "The Illuminati." We all can be Illuminated. That's the whole damn point of her song. That while you guys are pointing the finger, we actually could all become more aware and connected. And sure, let's overthrow the dictators. Let's expose the liars. YES, LET'S DO THAT. But it is not a conspiracy in the way ya'll are saying it is.

    You also misunderstand the importance of the symbols. Madonna is saying that the Pyramids are a result of enlightenment, that the pentagram is a sacred symbol, and etc., but she is saying, to quote her lyrics, "don't make it into something sordid." The lyrics in my eyes are very clear and being misinterpreted by the lot of you. She's saying it's not a conspiracy, don't make these sacred things into your enemies when they could be your saviors.

    People question why her shows and videos are dark. Sometimes we have to go to that place in order to see the light.

    I encourage everyone reading this to really thing with their hearts and to believe what they know to be true. Question everything, yes, but don't make s**t up just to strengthen your own walls.

    • Yes, Chris, let's embrace the very same ancient symbolism that is being repeatedly force fed to us by the media and their pop puppets. After all, these things could be our "saviors". Really? You need to wake up, pal. Madonna has quite a track record of propagation, and regardless of her personal beliefs or your personal fan hood, the lyrics of this song are pretty clear. In fact, she is implying that the other musicians are "flashing the symbols" but that she actually "knows the source". If you think you can ascend to the light by embracing darkness, good luck on that inherently contradictory journey. For most of us on this site, who are like-minded about the symbols of power and their representation, the message is truly 'hidden in plain sight'. All that said, I do appreciate your call to action about changing the world and exposing the liars. Just not buying the enlightenment message that you are recycling from the elite mouthpieces.

      • I agree with Dwayne…it is what the elite does with their "illuminated" knowledge that is evil. With all their money and power you'd think they would use it to help the rest of the world. Instead they become more hungry for power and money and utilize their wealth towards things to suppress the rest of the world. Why do you think there is so much suffering and extreme poverty.

  74. Madonna is simply the most beautiful and creative woman to ever craft popular music.

    I know it's hard to wrap our minds around the fact that she's still the finest, fittest, fiercest b*tch in the industry more than 3 decades later, but it's insulting to explain it through a conspiracy theory.

    She's a hard worker. She follows her passion. She endows timeless emotional truth into an otherwise disposable medium. It's not magic, it's discipline, dedication, ingenuity and timing. Not mind control or black magic.

    She's not a machine or a witch or a priestess. She's just a woman brave enough to demand what she wants and work hard enough to earn it. And sadly that's so rare in this world that some people have to make up stories of her being a puppet in order to explain her success.

    • For what it's worth I don't care to know her. She seems like a busy woman hustling to raise her children and entertain the world.

      The worst I can say about her is that she's aging (better than most people), photoshopped (an industry standard now) on her album cover, and her new music is "of the moment" instead of "defining the moment" (she's almost 60!).

      "Illuminati" is a shrewd move on her part because it's getting people talking. She has nothing to lose because most people here already talk about her being a pawn in a grander scheme.

      All I'm saying is that she still comes up in discourse because she's still relevant, because she has something special about her that draws millions, if not billions, toward her.

      She's had massive successes and massive failures, owned it all and apologized for nothing. She's had a lot of help and input along the way, but chosen counsel and collaborators wisely.

      All her. Hate her or love her, that's perfectly fine. But it feels anti-woman to credit her unparalleled accomplishmments to a shadowy evil fraternity when it's all her work.

      • I have not read a comment about her being lazy. Or not working for what she wants. That's not the point here. Please read some more articles on this website about the music industry, or entertainment-bizznizz. And come back and read this one again. Or did you already? Then ignore me completely and go back to work to earn lots of money (please).

  75. "a form of terrorism" cos her song leaked? Is she even aware what does "terrorism" even mean? It's "the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims".

    Oh for god sake somebody send this old granny into a nursing home or better yet throw into the pit!!

  76. This leak exposed those who follow the Kabbala are apart of the synagogues of Satan. It also exposed infowars as a shill more then anywhere to not be trusted because they quickly ended an exposé on the illuminati with comments exposing Madonna as a Baphomet worshipper and where it comes from which is Jewish mysticism taught in the Kabbalah.

  77. Is that picture at the bottom supposed to be Madonna? It looks nothing like her, she must have had major "work" done on her face. If that's her, its downright creepy.

  78. Listen, haters….. No one will ever have a career as long lasting or amazing with as much versatility as Madonna. She presses buttons and gives you something to consider other than the ways you're all set in. More than I can say for anyone else in the pop music realm. Maybe she's just trying to make people think. Is that so bad that you have to get pissed about it? Are we really to a point now where we get angry at an artist for saying something we don't necessarily want to hear? Let's be honest, none of us know s**t about the Illuminati. Real or not, none of is really have any concrete facts upon which to base a decision. And now all you angry people are doing what?? Thinking about it and talking about it. Better yet, you're talking about her. Lmao… Silly people, you fell right into her trap. Nice move Madonna. You always know how to stay relevant don't you?

    • You don't know what you're talking about. Doesn't mean you don't know s**t about the Illuminati, doesn't include everyone in it too. If it makes you feel better then I'll let you be.

    • Listen here, leener-
      You sound like a fool coming to the defense of a "celebrity" who could give two schits about you. Who cares if she's had a long career, doing what? Singing songs and dancing around half naked on stage. You have fallen for the very trap you speak about. She likes to push buttons just so simpletons like you will defend everything she does because she's an edgy celebrity. Trust me when I say she has been in the industry long enough to know how it works in getting gullible minds like yours to support her.
      She is not trying to make people "think" in this case. She is laughing at you and the rest of us. Speak for yourself when you say "none of us know s**t about the illuminati." There have been countless documents and confessions over the centuries that it does indeed exist, not necessarily by that generic term. But it exists. Live in denial all you want. Have a good day!

    • Lol I don't think anyone is particularly angry about it. We're just laughing about how pathetic she is. Oh I used to idolize her as a CHILD. Thank god I had the means to know not only to not idolaze anyone, let alone Madonna! I just always think of what she said at the beginning of her career when she told Dick Clark she wanted to 'rule the world' with that cocky smirk. A part of me will always admire her as a strong female personality in a man's world and for 'causing a commotion', I will always love listening to her first 3 albums, but this Madonna is just sad to me.

  79. Does anyone even give a rats *** about Madonna anymore? I wouldn't be surprised if her record company leaked her new material on purpose just to drum up interest in it.

    These lyrics are truly cringe-worthy, in addition to being one of the weakest attempts to spread disinformation I've ever seen. Are the elite really that out of touch with reality? IDK why they are even bothering, because anyone blind and dumb enough to believe this garbage doesn't even need to be propagandized, smh.

    Madonna is just doing what she's told- as she has for decades. Too bad it won't help her long slide into utter irrelevance.

  80. She also released a song called Ghost Town, and the description of it she gave in that interview was very apocalyptic. She even mentions in the interview how we will all have to deal with that scenario very soon.

    On a side note, Merry Christmas!

    • Interesting, maybe a warning that a lot of things will be happening soon. I look around and see it already. All these bad really strange things happening in the world today. The time is definitely near and I am in spiritual preparation for what lies ahead. It will be a bumpy ride ahead but I have Christ by my side to give me strength.

  81. "A forum of terrorism" cos her stupid songs leaked? does she even know what terrorism mean? It's the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims…

    Sigh just get over it granny somebody neefs to put her into a nursing home OR better yet throw her into the pit.

    Great post VC (:

  82. I love how stars try to make talk of the Illuminati casual, so that they can discredit real facts. We assume the stars know everything about the Illuminati when they're just as blind as anyone else, they just push symbolism. Why even listen to their "information?"

    • "We assume the stars know everything about the Illuminati when they're just as blind as anyone else, they just push symbolism"

      You couldn't be more wrong.

  83. Off topic, but MTV is showing "Alice in Wonderland" right now, on Christmas Eve.. not a good, christmas movie, but Alice in Wonderland. Ahh, dissociation symbolism. On Christmas Eve. This world is so screwed up.

    • They don't call it TV programming for nothing. Hey, kids dissociation is fun! Let's all dissociate and go to the same "Wonderland" together!

      • It means something to the people who use mind control but to average people who don't understand how mind control works it doesn't make sense. As a child I just thought it all looked like some fantasy type images. I thought it was about a little girl that fell asleep and went on adventures in her dream. The characters were always kinda strange to me though. After I found this site it makes me sick it is a reference to mind control.

  84. Madonna is THE MASTER of pushing buttons. Do you remember "Like A Prayer"? That video caused Pepsi to pull her commercial from the air, and Madonna laughed all the way to the bank with 2 million…paid in full.
    At the end of the day, it boils down to the fact that "Illumaniti" is just a song. Did Madonna write the lyrics? Or did one of her 22 colabrators of her unreleased album "Rebel Heart" write the lyrics? You probably don't know that answer since Madonna was not allowed to release her album, originally titled "Iconic", on her original schedule and CD drop with liner notes and credits.
    Terrorism? Sure it is. Madonna's potential future earnings on her new album were illegally stolen and released on the internet. It's called cyber terrorism. Just ask Sony about their recent cyber terrorist attack and the stolen credit card numbers at Target and other retailers this past year. It's becoming a trend, it's a very serious crime, and the last time I checked the definition, it falls under terrorism.
    Who could have stolen Madonna's new music and Sony's private data? Maybe it was the Illumanati. Get over yourselves.

    • I love these trolls…internet stole her money. Good if you feel so sorry give her all your possessions. I really don't feel sorry for her.

    • Stealing something is a crime, but its not terrorism. I know the word has pretty much lost its meaning, but still… everything can't be terrorism. And stealing a song is certainly not that, even if Madonna maybe did lose a bit of money.

    • I do think you need to have more knowledge about the illuminati & the NWO ect … then you can judge for yourself … You see here we depend on facts & knowledge & history & symbols ect cos that's where the truth comes out yet we do not share share opinions!!!

      Sure we may listen to each other's opinion but we agree on the same thing so that what makes us connected my friend,so plz educate yourself then talk.

  85. Honestly her song sounds stupid. Shes like trying to turn people away and make the whole illuminati idea sound stupid. Just like her. I bet she made that song in less than 10 minutes.

  86. We’re gonna dance
    So let the fire burn
    We’re gonna live forever
    It starts tonight…

    Im guessing btw that "party" is a double as in a "party" of people as well

  87. When I read the Gaurdian piece one thing jumped out at me. After she describes what people are saying about the Illuminati, what does she say?

    “There’s a lot of talk in pop music right now about people saying, ‘Oh, this person’s a member of the Illuminati,’ or they’re Illuminati, or you’re Illuminati, and people’s idea that there’s a group of entertainers or very wealthy people, they’re referred to as the Illuminati, and they work behind the scenes and they control things and they’re very powerful, and there’s possibly a reference to something dark, or black magic, or something like that. And I have to say I laugh at all of those things.”

    "I have to say."

  88. I thought I read once that Madonna is/was supposed to have a genius-level IQ.

    That being said, her lyrics sound like she's trying to pretend she's stupid. Or, incredibly ignorant, perhaps. The song was disappointing, lyrically, and musically, IMHO.

    BTW, anyone else think she might have alters? Whenever she forays into more of the hip-hop stuff she seems to lose 50 IQ points and go vindictive or confused Beta Kitten. Maybe that's why she doesn't know *shrugs.* Think about back to the S.E.X. book days, and her persona "Dita." (?)

  89. Madonna has been trying to wake people up since she put out "Ray of Light."
    "Nothing Really Matters"
    "American Life"
    "I'm So Stupid"
    "Nobody Knows Me"
    "Nothing Fails"
    "Easy Ride"
    "Love Profusion"
    "How High"
    "Like It or Not"

    Are the lyrics of "Illuminati" really that bad? They seem quite direct and thought provoking, as if she is trying to wake people up.

    • Lol?

      A pawn wants to wake the masses? You really think she wrote this song? Really think she woke up one day and said. "I want to go record a new song". The lives of these entertainers are controlled, they have no say in anything. I bet they don't even decide waht underwear goes on each morning.

      None of those lyrics are thought provoking, they are just simple disinfo to make us seem like complete morons, which is working.

    • Well it might be however she has been in the game for quite sometime, and the elites are using her for disinforming the mass while they plant bombs somewhere else, quite smart move.

  90. Gee Madonna, I really wonder why you state the age of enlightenment flourished from 1500- 1700AD, yet you surround yourself with symbols and costumes representing ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Babylonian culture?

    Now that's a puzzle.

    <insert sarcasm here>

  91. Oh yes. We are NOT stupid, Madonna. We already know that these artists are not in the Illuminati (occult elite, 33 degree masons, or however you wish to address them.) Rather, they work to illustrate all the symbols and concepts that this group want them to, for good money, having no idea what they are doing. Why does Jay-Z use the masonic pyramid and eye for his company logo? Perhaps he is a mason, but not of the elite. Why does Oprah talk about the yellow brick road (Oz mind control) on her closing show? Why does Rihanna wear t shirts that have upside down crosses and say "mind control" on them? Why does Katy Perry do an entire dance routine on a music awards show about witchcraft? And why does Niki Minaji do a musical number with men in black satanic robes with the pope and her levitating upward from evil magic? Is this supposed to represent enlightenment? No. This represents the beliefs of the Satanic elite.
    "It's not Isis or the phoenix…" Then why are you dressed up like an Egyptian queen at the Superbowl half time??? We all know that masons love ancient Egyptian religion. Or does this represent enlightenment again?
    And why is your face wrapped up in leather strips or ribbons in restraint or bondage? How can this form of slavery represent…here we go again…enlightenment???
    The 33 degree freemasons contributed a lot of money to support the Mkultra mind control program in the 50's and 60's. It involved Satanism, Witchcraft, Wizard of Oz programming, and used hand signals (triggers) such as the devil's horns sign. All the elements of this evil program are seen in the media now.
    The all seeing eye has been a masonic secret society concept for years. Some say it represents Horus or Lucifer.or God. But it has been a masonic secret, not knowledge "in plain sight. "
    Madonna, you can't be that blind. Or are you?

  92. They are really going for the big guns Jim Carrey through his comedy and Madonna through her music. Yeah, they don't want you to know the truth. Smoke and mirrors, ridicule and disinfo is their modus operandus. Keep doing your own research, seek and you shall find. "TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE TRUTH, REGARDLESS OF LACK OF UNDERTANDING, DISBELIEF, OR IGNORANCE."-W. Clement Stone Thank you VC!

  93. i believe these are some of the most honest statements (and lyrics) she's yet put forth…

    the knee jerk reaction is what she aims for, to sell more records, and this is another example. but if you look more closely, the truth is in her words.

    they are no longer even hiding in plain sight, but are exhibiting The Turn. everything up is down, this will be the new normal.

    search your Spirit for the truth, it lives in Love, not fear or confusion.

    and if you think she is/has always been a stooge with blonde hair and a nice rack, her IQ has done its job. keep underestimating the women of the industry as they lead you down the road to ruin.

  94. Just by the very fact they are trying to discredit the Illuminati, shows that they are threatened by our knowledge of it. It is making them nervous…those sick…F****. The things they do to their children is beyond sickening…why would anyone want to be apart of that….p********a in the upper ranks is so prevalent and people wonder why.

    • From my reading over the years, I have a different take on this behavior: they are throwing it in your face.
      The current, sick progeny of the original, sick "illuminati" rich guys are flaunting their power and success in taking over civilization. They now have so much control that they do not have to hide what they are doing. Publicly announcing their conquest to the uninformed public gives them disgusting pleasure.

  95. this woman is obviously delusional and very insecure. Look at her face, full of botox and plastic surgery. That picture on the cover of her album is hilarious, she looks like she is 20 years old, we all know how she looks like now and its not like this. She is not fooling anyone

  96. Btw. Does anyone else agree that the demo version of "illuminati" is much better than the official version? Why did she let Kanye ruin this???

  97. Eh.. Nobody accused Her of being in the illuminati until her SuperBowl appearance. I believe there is something going on that's quite dark and sad.

    I would blame the food and pharmicitucal industries before anything musical– That's what's really messing up the world. Kanye releasing bad music or Katy Perry wearing God-awful clothes on stage really don't influence anyone worth influencing .

    If a few weak minds go the dark way bc of Taylor Swift, I don't think they had much of a mind in the first place.
    Btw, I love your website and have for years.

    • I completely agree! Everyone is shoving who knows what into their face and they are completely oblivious to the ingredients and don't care! Common sense is rare. Know what you put into your body it's as simple as that.

    • Sure, but remember how ''the massess'' like to be entertained with bread and play for centuries. The rulers know how it works, because a lot of them have been using the musicians since the invention of the flute. The influence has been proven long ago, i am sorry.
      Sports and celebrities, musical or not, have been put in the place of wise men and women.
      Thank ''god'' for internet and available information that libraries no longer have in the collection. (Ours have a masonic logo for generations..)

    • Celebrities and the whole entertainment industry is just a distraction to the masses, and it works! People idolize these celebs, why do you think they have shows like American idol, to indoctrinate young people into worshipping these celebs and following what they do. They want to lead young people towards darkness and corrupt all sense of morality within society so society is easier to control. Its also a distraction so people aren't paying attention to the real problems and issues within society such as wars, fake terrorism, surveillance, police state. If people are focused on celebs and Hollywood they won't care to pay attention to other important things going on in the world.

    • "Kanye releasing bad music or Katy Perry wearing God-awful clothes on stage really don't influence anyone worth influencing"

      They influence the youth so they do influence people worth influencing. Our future generations will all be saluting the illuminati with their triangle hand gestures, dressing like w****s and just generally being dicks. As they say monkey see money do.

      I agree that the food and pharmaceutical are terrible thing also so please don't be offended by my comment, just merely making a point that the music industry is a massive part of the problem 🙂

  98. Madonna copied Marilyn Monroe. Lady Gaga copied Madonna in 'Born This Way'. How dumb do the illuminazis think we are? RIP Joe Cocker.

    • It seems that all MKULTRA Beta monarchs must pose as Marilyn Monroe possibly to represent that they are mind controlled. She was the first Beta "Diamond model" (diamonds are a girl's best friend, we know) and all monarchs must follow in her foot steps. Some other impersonators include Niki Minaj, Britany Spears, Rihanna, Michelle Williams, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlette Johanson, Lara Stone, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Mira Sorvino, Christina Aguilera, Amber Rose, Anna Nicole Smith, Chritina Rizzi, Samatha Morton, Maria Carey, Jessica Simpson, Elle Fanning (too young to be doing this), Paris Hilton, Madrid, and Angelina Jolie, to name a few. In the photo above, Madonna has her make-up and hair like Marilyn Monroe again, but the "wrapped up face" represents to me the suffering that Marilyn experienced as a mind controlled slave.

  99. So Madonna, a "rebellious non-conformist" in name only, is parroting conformist mainstream "intellechewals" by ridiculing bona fide non-conformists who dare to question the status quo?
    That is both hilarious and pathetic.
    It confirms what I have long maintained. Genuine radicals with the capacity for independent thought have no need to wear their radicalism on the outside in the form of outre costumes and shrill declarations.
    We wear our radicalism on the inside, with our individualistic mindsets and thought processes that do not bow to "majority rule" or "mainstream public opinion."
    Madonna, you've been outed. Underneath all your desperate posturing is nothing more than cowardly conformism.

    • Good point. She's always used sex as her sole example of "being yourself" while parroting the status quo in all other areas. She set the stage for the mainstream artists of today who are still talking about freeing oneself from sexual repression. Our society has been sexually exhibitionist since the 1970s. At best it's a long-obsolete message.

      • Dear Lion,

        "Our society has been sexually exhibitionist since the 1970s. At best it's a long-obsolete message."

        Exactly. As the monkey see monkey do fashionistas themselves would say, "That is so yesterday!"

        A geunine radical today is someone who sees through the scam that is the NWO and dares to challenge the political status quo. Not someone who beats a dead horse.

    • Bravo Bevin

      Most are only as individual as the powers that be, mold and shape their non-conformist ideas and expressions into.

      If it is easy to hear,see, read, buy, speak-of openly or replicate then authentically rebellious and radical (let alone true) my a*se!

      • Dear ****les,


        Madonna's schtick was to wear her corsets on the outside. But what about the "content of her character?"

        Is someone who challenges the dress code really more of a rebel than than someone who dares to challenge the conventional wisdom concderning our political system?

  100. Thanks VC, I knew you'd be right on this one. She's a senior, 55 or 56! In the 80's movie "Desperately Seeking Susan" she wears a gold satin jacket with eye & pyramid on back. And now she's rapping about how there isn't an elite group controlling the entertainment biz!!!! Propaganda s*****. Enter= go into, tain= to hold, ment=mind.
    Entertainment= Go into and hold the mind.

  101. Translation: this song should really be called "Madonna Thinks You're Undeducated". What kind of dipstick writes lyrics this stupid? It would pulled the wool over people's eyes in the 80s but not now in the Information Age, when arcane literature once incredibly hard to find is now available at the click of an iPhone keyboard.

    Not to mention, anyone with brain knows the term Illuminati didn't originate with The Enlightenment, it came centuries earlier in Spain with Alumbrados and France with the Illuminés.

    • The lyrics aren't meant for those of us who are already convinced. She wrote them for the same reason that Jim Carrey did his little stunt on TV a few months ago. To keep MORE people from waking up.

  102. Oh poor Madonna, have u completely forgotten what u had said in a TV interview that u "believe in sumthing that predates religion." Given and proven that even the first person on earth, Adam too was a messenger of God, what predated him was only the age of Satan. Why r u so ashamed to accept it? it is so "unsatanic"

  103. Nice big satanic black X (10 – satan) across her face… think we already know who you are owned by Mad-dogga ! she's looking more reptilian than ever these days, and she does take part in satanic sex ritual, they all do, so perhaps she should come clean about that.. instead of taking the piss out of curious people who want to protect themselves from the programming and evil that is instilled in the music industry these days.

  104. Remember when the mainstream wouldn't even mention the idea of the Illuminati? Remember when they wouldn't even acknowledge it? Now entertainment people are making songs and tweets talking about how it isn't real. Does anyone make tweets or songs about how the Easter Bunny isn't real? Or the toothfairy? By publicly addressing the issue of the illuminati, they lend credibility to the idea of its existence.

    • Very good point! If it doesn't exist why try so hard to convince people otherwise. Why make fun of people who do and label them as crazy conspiracy theorists. There's just too many obvious things in the world how can people deny such a group to exist, all these wars, economic turmoil, surveillance, militarization of police, fake war on terrorism, big pharma, the goal towards globalization, anti-Christian sentiment, a broken educational system, corrupt judicial system, idoltry and glamorization of celebs, decrease in values and morals, increase in crime…..I can go on. All these things are happening all around us and people are so numb to it because they have become desensitized to it and the way of life now has become the norm! We are definitely living in the end times. Despite how the world is may people open up their spirit to God and let God into their life to give them hope and strength.

      • Truthseeker in your best description your definition of who and what God is. God vs. The Illuminati. Open the door to God as you have done by opened the door for us to see what the Illuminati does.

        Help those who do not know the choice they have. State for them; God's agenda against those of the Illuminati's agenda.

        For those of you who read this and do not understand that which I asked Trutseeker to do. It's something like this; You area a child of the Divine….some call S/He, (GOD.) Being a child of God you have the DNA of parent. You have DNA of the DIVINE. Therefore, look into your heart and see what the DIVINE offers in lieu of what the Illuminati offers. Should the their agenda. They are masters in neuroscience, but so can everyone else become if they start thinking for themselves and unhook from the program. Take a leap of faith and return to GOD.

    • This is the hidden knowledge she knows of. The nwo. The 5000 year luciferian conspiracy. The antichrist. The royal family. Prince charles. The coat of arms described revelations ch 13. A big satanic number like 3 6 9 11 13 21 etc to occultists. The microchip mark of beast. By verichip. Nwo. 1 leader 1 government 1 money 1 religion 1 bank. No GOD THE CREATOR OF ALL. In summary, the secret is the fallen angels. And being called aliens or Mythological gods. There is a satanic bloodline. A race of interbreeding bloodlines, a race within a race in fact, were centered in the Middle and Near East in the ancient world and , over the thousands of years since, have expanded their powers across the globe. A crucial aspect of this has been to create a network of my mystery schools and secret societies to covertly introduce their agenda while, at the same time, creating institutions like religions to mentally and emotionally imprison the masses and set them at war with each other. The hierarchy of this tribe of bloodlines is not exclusively male and some of its key positions are held by women. But in terms of numbers it is overwhelmingly male and I will therefore refer to this group as the Brotherhood. Even more accurately, given the importance of ancient Babylon to this story, I will also call it the Babylonian Brotherhood. The plan they term their ‘Great Work of Ages’, I will call the Brotherhood agenda.

    • are trying to cover themselves up again cuz too much information got out. they are trying to mislead us cuz the technology made it hard to keep quiet. well this is what they get but they're gona get clever. they're gona make up such lies, people will not want to believe. this is what she is doing here. it has begun- the manipulation and the lies from these people, we must be so aware of this stuff. this is really scary

    • Your on the wrong site then man. Go to her site and tell her fans how great she is, or better yet clue yourself in and educate yourself

    • Yes yes me too. Such a strong body of work! Like the artsy b&w p**n with such luminaries as Vanilla Ice, and a cast of victims of human trafficking…

      Oh and her music, just legendary! Like that one song…what was it again?? Wait no I got this…um…anyway it'll move ya!

      Her acting: also legendary. Like that one she was in…dah sorry drawing a blank.


  105. Most of the hidden Kabbala teachings are openly taught in other cultures.

    Made of nine triangles, 4 upwards representing the feminine (Shakti), 5 downwards representing the masculine (Shiva).

    Like the descent if Orpheus, Shiva goes down to meet the Shakti, and draw her back up, through the middle channel. Kabbala has the ten sepheroth on the three pilliars. The ten sepheroth are in seven rows, representing the seven chakras. The three pillars are the three channels, the moon (female) and sun (male) and central channel. That is the meaning of them covering on of their eyes.

    In kabbala the Shekina (Shakti) has 42 companions (vide. Kubrick's The Shining). The Sri Yantra has 43 triangles. The central triangle is the body of Shiva containing three bindus (points).

    From the Shiva Sutras:
    In the union of the circle of the Shaktis is the dissolution of the universe.

    Why it is hidden in the West and concealed in darkness is most probably because people don't want to share, or others to see. The importance of the Word also in Hinduism is only matched by its importance in Christianity, a religion being very heavily attacked and being drawn away from its founder and back to the dark days when the prophets were murdered by those who wanted to willfully enslave others to their own selfish, man created laws and give no honour to the Lord.

  106. Madonna will NEVER be in the same intellectual or artistic company as Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. The fact that she would even hint that she thinks that shows what a massive and delusional ego she has. It's like when Lady Gaga said she thought she should be in the Louvre. For what, the immortal majesty of Alejandro? Give me a break.

      • I Googled this, and discovered that you are partially correct – she is the model in three video recreations of famous paintings by the theater artist Robert Wilson, co-creator with Philip Glass of Einstein on the Beach.

        I have to say, I agree with the reviewer below when he says "the cult of the celebrity has soured the work and drastically limited it in scope as a vehicle of self-transcendence" and "the annoying celebrity add-on is dreadful for the desired emptiness of Wilson’s attractive and intelligent art." Finally, "It felt like the killing off of anything magical in his art, the end of his radically transcendent affect." Apparently I am not the only one who thinks Gaga is nauseatingly vapid and trivial.

      • A serial plagiarist will never be considered a true artist; it's laughable to think so. Her career easily and clearly demonstrates that she plagiarizes pretty much everything she has ever done. She's been sued repeatedly for plagiarism but because she is so wealthy it's difficult for the poorer artists she rips off to win such cases. There is a reason that most people in the entertainment industry avoid associating with her, and that is why. She even has repeatedly commented on this herself, for example, stating that she is rejected by the entertainment industry generally, so she spends her time at industry events with her dancers or other staff (people she employs who are thus forced to associate with her after hours). I do hate to be harsh but plagiarism really is pathetic in an "artist".

    • I despise all that she stands for, but I don't think she (madonna) is stupid. I'm pretty sure she has like a 140+ iq. She is not dumb. That doesn't mean she doesn't work for evil though.

      • Its a lie! She doesn't have an IQ of 140 and she is the one that has spread the lie. Mensa has no record of her and does not publish peoples results…

    • Mentioning Newton got me thinking. I'm sure his name was linked to Masonry. Quick search brought up this from wiki:

      Isaac Newton's occult studies

      Perhaps the movement which most influenced Isaac Newton was Rosicrucianism.[28] Though the Rosicrucian movement had caused a great deal of excitement within Europe's scholarly community during the early seventeenth century, by the time Newton had reached maturity the movement had become less sensationalized. However, the Rosicrucian movement still would have a profound influence upon Newton, particularly in regard to his alchemical work and philosophical thought.

      The Rosicrucian belief in being specially chosen for the ability to communicate with angels or spirits is echoed in Newton's prophetic beliefs. Additionally, the Rosicrucians proclaimed to have the ability to live forever through the use of the elixir vitae and the ability to produce limitless amounts of time and gold from the use of The Philosopher's Stone, which they claimed to have in their possession. Like Newton, the Rosicrucians were deeply religious, avowedly Christian, anti-Catholic, and highly politicised. Isaac Newton would have a deep interest in not just their alchemical pursuits, but also their belief in esoteric truths of the ancient past and the belief in enlightened individuals with the ability to gain insight into nature, the physical universe, and the spiritual realm.[28]

    • NYTimes published the results of a study several years ago that showed the following interesting facts :

      1. People who are extremely intelligent routinely underestimate their own intelligence.

      2. People of average intelligence generally estimate their own intelligence accurately.


      No mystery which group Mags falls into. What a silly, dull old tool she is…

  107. "Nobody actually thinks that Nicki Minaj sits in a board room with Lil Wayne plotting global policies."

    Okay, now THAT'S a funny visual!

  108. Oh no, not another new Madonna song! She lost her integrity many, many years ago. I don't even know what to think about her anymore. All that I can say is that everything that she has sung about—the NYC club scene, s & m, posing with lesbians, what is going on in that SEX book, expressing yourself, etc..I have done all of that for real before she even sang about it. I'm younger than her, but I have more integrity as a writer/artist, and unique person than she'll ever have. No one writes the script of MY life but ME. Can't say the same for her. I'm not a puppet, but a free person. I haven't sold out now, and never will!

  109. Yes i absolutely agree – new Madonna songs in the media is a form of terrorism… FOR MY EARS, indeed! LOL
    Her latest albums are awful, her talent is far gone now…

    LMAO! And also, she mistook Illuminati with Illuminism! Isn't she? Anyway, stop already! She turned into a sad caricature, let's stop giving power to those kind of people, they're ridiculous!

    Happy festivities, VC!

  110. Great post VC…we have to keep up the awareness and keep the globalists at bay… The sheeple need to wake up and see that beyond what looks like peace, love and joy is indeed to distract all from the truth… Awareness is not enough though, intelligent discussion of politics and beliefs, taboo and as painful as the truth may bring, must be at a minimum be done.

  111. Can you also talk about her new song 'Ghost town'. As the lyrics to this song are interesting.
    What is this song really about when she talks about the 'fall of the world'. Is it about the great mass genocide that the NWO/ Illuminati order are planning??
    Plz elaborate.

      • I have heard this song and I agree this particular song also needs to be looked.
        Not relevant what one THINKS it is about- what matters is what it 'really' is about. Which is why it needs to be analysed.
        Just another one of Madonna's evil songs. Mother of evil.

  112. "Kabalists do it better" that is literally the corniest thing I've ever read and now I feel the sudden need to bathe my eyeballs in salt water.

    • idle minds

      Apparently they do seem to have the power. Power over you that is, so much so that it makes you feel a certain need to go do something that is most harmful to the eyes.

      Think before you speak words that will lead you to harm.

      Then too think about your user name – for that is what they look for ; an idle mind, it's easy to program…leading one to harm them selves.

      • It was.. a joke…
        Also my username is a reference to the quote "Idle minds are the devil's workshop". Obviously can't fit all of that into a username due to character limit, so whats the hurt here? Lighten up and relax, Divine DNA.

  113. Only a poor convoluted fool would fall prey to this mockery of intelligence. Madonna an obvious spit to the face of the real Madonna, Mary mother of Jesus. Has always been a useless crack w***e with no real life skills or integrity. Now a ruined dried up old woman that desperately depends on major surgical procedures to keep up appearances is a joke. This "material" girl couldnt pass a pre algebra exam if her life dependent on it. Yet she doesnt shut her filth hole of a mouth about science. Looks like donald trump and his gang of balding fat and old elite are loosing footing in the US entertainment industry. Speaking of Donald Trump does anyone remember him yapping of running for president? Imagine that.. He cant even walk down a street without his ridiculous comb over embarrassing anyone around him. Yet he thinks he has what it takes to be the commander and chief of the US?

    • Are you kidding? One doesn't need to be competent to become a US 'president'. See Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush. All presidents are just frontmen, puppets.

      • IQ does not equate to actual intelligence. It is a measuring system which frankly,
        is flawed. All it does is distract, lead to arrogance and the same place most of the
        people that perpetuate what you are against. The elevation of man, pride and belief
        we can become gods. The first lie. Not true intelligence, but true delusion.
        And Madonna seems far from smart when she has spoken. Drugs will
        kill any semblance of reason one once had.

  114. Nice try Madonna;). Unfortunately for you and your ilk, many of us are already awake and are a hell of a lot smarter than you think we are. What a truly pathetic attempt at misdirection. It always makes me laugh when puppets like her, or Jim Carrey for that matter, try and lead us back into the dark. While we may not be able to do much to stop these assholes and their agenda, we can at least rest easy that our souls are safe from the powers of darkness. Eventually we will not have to worry about these people when the true Lord makes his return because they will all be destroyed and will be a distant memory for eternity.

      • ..He is yet another illuminati pawn of the entertainment industry. He very recently hosted Saturday Night Live, walking out on stage as a character called 'Hellvis'..dressed as a cross between Elvis Presley & Satan himself. He then shortly thereafter portrayed a character of an old man in a wheelchair..proclaiming to be a 'Senior member of the illuminati' he was making fun of us folk who actually know the real deal..aka THE TRUTH. VC nailed it when he called these types of things done by so-called "celebrities"..nothing more than a lame effort to spread distorted facts & disinformation to the public, & at the same time to make fun of & ridicule us 'conspiracy theorists'..aka again those of us who are actually Blessed to be awake with the knowledge of THE TRUTH.
        Come quickly Lord Jesus Christ..PLEASE come quickly.

  115. MANdonna is washed out act. She knows that, she feels she is being neglected and ignored so she is making a last effort to have their attention by ''threateing'' to expose their secrets in her stupid videos. If they dont pay attention to her still, she is going to ''expose'' them for real; thats the message of the video

    • No she will not. She knows that even though she has many fans, her bosses/shareholders/younameit are too powerful to be messed with. She knew it when she contracted with her first label, and she knows it better now.

  116. She's a pathetic mouthpiece for the illuminati, who are realizing that we're getting too close to figuring them out. Pathetic is the word to describe everybody in the entertainment industry, as well. They all are just slaves, willing to sell their souls for a short time of riches and fame on a crapped out Earth.

    • Why? Do you think she wasn't a tool back then too? She has been a tool as long as anyone has known who she was. Her very (stage) name mocks the Blessed Mother. She is the same as Nikki Minaj, et al the rest of the pawns set before us now. As someone who "grew up" in the same time frame as her rise, I can look back and tell you she is cut from the same cloth. She has just been able to maintain some form of popularity for 30 years and not self combust.

      • regardless she still leverages that name to mock the Virgin Mary and blaspheme the Church into which she was once baptized and confirmed. She is a complete tool and shill for the S*t*nic anti-Christ agenda.

      • You do realize the Catholic Church is at the heart of this, yes? Who is trying to gather all the religions together right now? God's true church flees into the wilderness to escape persecution from the beat power, not making peace with the world. The world was against Jesus, not for Him. You believe that Mary is in Heaven, which you ignore the mystery school teachings mentioned on this site that show Mary and baby Jesus are actually Sol Invictus and his mother. Paganism mingled into the church and why it is actually pagan worship. By believing this lie, you are just as much in danger as those who lead secular lives. There is not just one way to be deceived.
        If you truly believe the world should come together or that Catholicism's action are not clues, then wait until Protestantism fulfills the other end of prophecy. Only the remnant, a small few will resist Satan through the Word of God.

    • I fecking hate madonna did anybody see the pictures she used of Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley and somebody else with the wire around their faces, talk about sad pathetic and desparate, never liked madonna shes such a stupid cow!

      Should say Cabal'ists do it better, probably closer to the truth, stupid waste of space old b***h!

  117. Well if all these artists are self aware now that people is talking about conspiracies and warning others, then they are worried they might be losing their dominion (meaning losing money too).

    Unfortunately, we don't have the power to stop this. We can definitely ignore any videos, symbolism and publicity related to dark illuminati practices, but still, they will continue to push their agenda. The elite in control is very powerful and actually controls all mass media. So our angry rants won't do a lot of damage to them. It's funny though that they are aware of the people's reaction to all this.

    I just wonder what the output of all this will be in the end.

    • What you do is ban them! I no longer watch any newer movies, I still will watch some of the older ones I grew up wit, I'll admit, and music as well(other than someone like Madonna) You ban it all! But it takes a lot of people to do this before it will make a difference. What if we were to all stop giving our money to all of these people and corporations? What would happen and where would they be then?

      • The message should be "Stop buying their crap. Stop buying tickets, songs, albums, cd's, merchandise". The internet should be free and so should toilet paper. Peace out.

      • They'd still be right there where they want to be because "they" control everything including banks, businesses, tv, councils, government, and us. They have all the money they want and need, they feast off money and nothing more. Remember depopulation? That's the goal they're trying to focus on right now. See masses of people being killed? That's them doing it all.

      • You forgot religion. The churches and all else are not excluded. This is not just about putting the world under one umbrella, it is one government and one religion too. This is all going to be about worship by the end of this. It is a central conflict because what happens when the worst does come? People will turn to something and there will be a "solution" in place. New Age spiritual with "evidence", manifestations that not even an atheist can ignore. Whatever is coming is going to draw the world in, leaving very few that separated from society before that point.
        I'm being vague because I know even among people that do research into this, they will not accept the rest because it delves into religion, biblical when considering that they worship a centralized "sun god" that's name always leads back to meaning "light bearer" or Lucifer.

      • Not everybody shares the sames views that you and I or VC share. There are millions around the world who don't even believe in God or a Supreme Being. For starters, that's the root of decadence for me. So it's not like all the world will "ban" any of this people, it just doesn't work like that. It's like, the p*********y business which is something wrong, destructive and immoral… I personally decided not to be part of that, not watching p**n nor visiting any of those sites, but that was MY personal decision in front of God; I took that standing but meanwhile millions and millions continue to consume p**n around the world and such filthy industry is stronger year by year, despite my actions against it. My point here is, although we might have our eyes open it's not like the whole world will act likewise. Remember that the Bible says that most of the world's population will be deceived by the Beast. That means that not everybody will awake, even if truth is right before their noses. Even if you have a good taste in music, you see that all these pop artists don't deliver even one good song, it's just the same recycled sound and cliché lyrics every time. It's plain too boring and tiresome if you ask me. But yet you have thousands and thousands of young people who follow and support that crap. The cycle goes on, and on… and on.

      • Remember the world system is under the sway of the evil one. Satan is the God of this world system he is the prince and power of the air. Those who follow Christ are called out. There will be a time when God will send a strong delusion and people will not be able to see the truth so continue to warn all those who will listen, time is running out and we need to sound the alarms.

    • What those who do, or can, not take action can do is : talk about it in their private envirement. Some will think you funny that you come up with conspiracy-stuff, but wait until you give them examples of how it works in real life. Show your friends and family why some political issues are blown up, while more important ones are put in the bottom drawers. Show them how to choose themselves instead of buying what's on the hot-and-hip-lists of magazines.
      Show them the structures of stories like this and how it works on young minds. Arguments, instead of wrapping and confetti, will go a long way, is my experience. You might influence a young parent or teacher to be morecarefull and in that way safe a child.

      But MOST of all, show them a world without 9 hours of television per day.

    • Satellite tv is pulling cnn from their programming because the ratings are so abysmal. Monsanto stock is plummeting. We're almost at critical mass. All the ranting and raving by the billions are starting to take their toll on the beast.

    • Of course we can push back and stop them. The shilluminati have no power that they don't steal from us.

      The way to stop them is to continually shine the light of truth on them. Truth is a real and very powerful spiritual weapon. Call it the esoterica of good.

      Do not despair. Hope is never dead. Defy, defy, defy the lie!

    • Actually I think it is already happening. Thing are changing for the better. More and more pple are not watching TV anymore and do not care for any of this fake materialistic satanic programming, this dumbing down of the masses. So WE SHOULD NOT GIVE UP. Spread the word!

    • Now this what gets me. All those folks she mention in her lyrics are not apart of the occult, then why in the hell, Beyonce looks so spaced out at a basketball game and Nicki Minaj wore that red dress three years ago on the day that Whitney Houston died? Something ain't right with this picture

  118. Yeah.. This is kinda like the time jayz posted a 500 character text online talkin about there's no illuminati.. Please.. These dudes are crazy for tryin reverse psychology like that thinkin it'll work..

  119. Yeesh she is such a train wreck. Her 'rapping' is beyond ludicrous. Remember 'American Life' and the rap about lattes and feeling 'super duper'. And what a lame attempt at disinformation this stupid new song is. This whole latest musical effort sounds like it's even worse than AL and will likely sell even less copies before disappearing. No-one's listening, Madonna! Crawl back to your sex dungeon already – you frighten children and bore the living s*** out of the rest of us.

    • I used to LOVE Madonna from my teens to my early twenties. With all i know today I still donät hate her and never will. She is a soul that has been mislead by Satan himself. Donät hate her or feel hate n your hearts, people. Spread the truth as the Vigilant Citizen does, but don't hate or you're no better than the high ranked freemasons.

    • It could be just that the Illuminati is a popular issue steeped in mystery that old Madge is using to once again draw attention to herself and to sell her cds. I still can't figure out, aside from the makeup, how she is able to look like she's in her 40s and not mid-50s. And I wonder is she has wrapped her face in teffilin and what that signifies? If so, it would appear to be against what is prescribed about the wearing of tefillin, based upon biblical law, kind of how Satanists misuse objects sacred to Christians.

    • Listen… There's no need to be so cruel. At least she is out there saying SOMETHING when no one else seems to do anything memorable or even thought provoking. The funny thing is that most people who talk smack about her have no real knowledge of her new music at all. She's an icon, an artist, a legend. Let her press some buttons and shut the f**k up and respect it.

      • Cruel? I dont see anything cruel hére. And the part with scaring kids: I remember, as a child, I did not like her. She scared me. Neither did I ever like her pointless, superficial pop songs.

      • Seriously? She is the equavelant of a prostitute in the music industry, a tool passed around
        for to sleep with. If you honestly think she writes her own material, you haven't been paying
        attention. You have no idea the things she has done to maintain her place in Hollywood
        or to stay alive this long. Stop idolizing human beings and use common sense.

    • Honestly don't get it…so tired of the games! Why not just blow this S@#$ wide open? Time to wake people up ~ shake things up? If you're so legit stop playing games and let people see you All for who you really are! Yaaa, I know there is a time frame and a plan, but why play games? If you really are as deeply committed to the darkness as you seem to be behind closed doors, why continue to hide it? Show people who you really are and Own It!!!

      Madonna, you used to be great…anyone wanna buy a whole lot of memorabilia?


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