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The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta’s “Prototype”



Viktoria Modesta is a singer who had her left leg amputated below the knee in 2007. The video “Prototype” uses that disability sends out a twisted message to the viewers. No, the video is not about “empowerment”. It is about the exact opposite: The elite’s control over the masses and the entertainment industry.

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

Viktoria Modesta is the new face of Channel 4’s “Born Risky” campaign, which is basically an attempt to be daring and shocking with themes such as disabilities and homosexuality. The British television broadcaster paid more than £200,000 to play a shortened version of Viktoria Modesta’s video Prototype during the X Factor final, reaching more than 10 million viewers. It then became a viral sensation. The video was marketed as a “cure” to the “painfully dull manufactured pop” of X Factor. Apparently, that “cure” is to produce the same crap produced by every other pop artist … but with a prosthetic leg that’s pointy … and sometimes shiny. So groundbreaking.

Channel 4 is actually another arm of the ugly monster that is mass media. All marketing buffs know that young people like things that are rebellious, so the people behind Modesta packaged the same insipid pop we’ve been hearing for years as being revolutionary. Behind that “rebellion” is a twisted way to push the elite’s ongoing agenda. It is indeed in perfect continuity with the themes often discussed on this site: The promotion of transhumanism, the police state, mind control of artists, media propaganda and so forth.

However, most people will be distracted by Modesta’s pointy leg. And if someone dares question her “modest” talent, those who are drowning in political correctness reply: “How dare you criticize her? Can’t you see she’s differently abled? That means that everything she does is good. And courageous. And uplifting. I am so inspired by her right now. Wow.”

I’m sorry, but the fact that she has a prosthetic limb doesn’t mean she is not an Illuminati puppet. Because she is. The lyrics of the song and the visuals of the video cannot be clearer … unless you’re distracted by that pointy leg.


The video begins with words that prepare you for a phenomenal revolution in the world of music.

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

A new kind of pop artist?? Wow! I can’t wait to see this!

Turns out the pop artist has a pointy leg.  *cough*

The Elite’s Product

The first scene of the video lets us know that Viktoria is not a “new kind” of anything, she is yet another puppet pushing the same agenda as the dozens of others before her. She is surrounded by those who secretly control her.

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

Viktoria sits on a throne while three men in red robes surround her. One of them holds a syringe.

Sit back for a second and ponder on the implications of the scene above. In a setting that is somewhat mystical and ethereal, Viktoria is surrounded by three men in red robes. Who are they? Do they represent the shady elite behind the entertainment industry? Perhaps. One of them holds a needle and injects her with some sort of drug. Viktoria then seems to relax and zone out. So right from the start, we are told that Viktoria is controlled by shady people. Not only contractually, but physically.

Beyond the mind-control subtext of it all, the song is about transhumanism, which is the movement towards merging humans with robots. As I stated in various articles, transhumanism is an integral part of the elite’s Agenda. It is continuously promoted as “the way of the future” in music videos and movies.

The message of the song is basically about humanity being robotized and computerized – and that it is the way of the future. Here’s the first verse:

Another life, filled with parts
Circuit board, connecting hearts
Nostalgia for the future
We’re playing God
And now’s the time
We’re limitless, we’re not confined
It’s our future

The second verse features Viktoria telling her handlers to “assemble” her as if she was a robot. Is that a positive message? No, this is what a mind-controlled slave would tell her master.

Assemble me, piece by piece
Strip away the incomplete, the model of the future

After we witness Viktoria being literally drugged and controlled by shady characters, she is then released to the world and, through mass media propaganda, she is perceived as a hero.

The Elite’s Pawn as a Hero

Viktoria’s image is then used to influence people of all ages. And that influence doesn’t appear to be positive at all. We first see a little girl watching a Viktoria Modesta cartoon and being literally brainwashed by it:

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

A Viktoria Modesta cartoon on TV. Rebels do no create cartoons to influence young minds. The totalitarian elite does.

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

The little girl then grabs a doll that, oddly, has an empty head. Does it represent the ignorant masses?

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

Directly imitating what she is seeing on TV, the girl pries the leg off of this poor doll.

Why is the girl doing that? How is that positive? But that’s not all!

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

The little girl then starts stabbing another doll with that one leg.

In short, the cartoon’s only true effect on the girl is that it made her violent and destructive. We later see her kicking the TV set.

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

Towards the end of the video, the girl’s mother comes in and holds her tight while giving a look at the TV saying “What did you do to my child, you devil whore?”

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

Cartoon Viktoria then creepily winks at the mother, as if saying: “You can’t stop me.”  Added bonus: Illuminati one-eye sign.

Viktoria does not only influence little girls. Other people are also under her weird spell and their reaction is always somewhat negative.

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

This guy is getting a tattoo of Viktoria but he seems confused, depressed and in pain while doing it. He does not seem to know why he is actually doing it.

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

A schoolboy vandalizes a perfectly good desk with the Viktoria symbol. His teacher then looks at him in horror.

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

Later in the video, Viktoria is shown the picture of a guy who actually cut his leg off to be like Viktoria. This guy is the biggest idiot in History. And he’s probably dead now due to massive blood loss.

How is cutting your own leg off positive in any way? It is self-mutilation and self-destruction. That is the effect of Viktoria’s “movement” on people. And that is also what, on a subtler level, mass media does to our brains.

But how can we not admire her? She is sooo cool. Not only does she have a pointy leg, she finds the time to have bi-sexual relations with albino people. So edgy.

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

“Assembled” by her handlers, this “prototype” is also made to be a sex kitten, like the majority of female pop stars.

Police State

Viktoria is then arrested by a Gestapo-style secret service police, who also beat the crap out of the albino guy. She is then taken to a courtroom with a symbolic setting.

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

Three red laser beams intersect to form a triangle. Viktoria sits at the top of it, effectively forming the “All-Seeing Eye” of that triangle.

At the very beginning of the video, Viktoria was sitting on a chair while three men dressed in RED attended to her. She is now surrounded by three red lines. The lines, therefore, symbolize her being “protected” by the elite.

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

At the very end of the video, we see a pyramid made from red laser beams. It represents the occult elite.

When the agent asks Viktoria: “What do you plead?”, she uses her shiny leg to refract the beams on the agent’s face. It basically says: “You have no power over me, I am sent by your superiors.” In short, the “trial” is a sham. They all work for the same elite.

Still a Puppet

The video ends with a scene that is almost unbearable. Viktoria walks around with a pointy prosthetic limb on a floor made of glass. The result is as pleasing as hearing nails slowly dragging across a chalkboard. The ending also reminds us what this “pop star of the future” truly is. A puppet, wearing a beta kitten mask.

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

Hanging by two strings, Viktoria bounces and twirls around. Like a puppet.

And that’s the real message of the video.

In Conclusion

“Empowerment” means “to give power”. Prototype is about the opposite. Right from the beginning, Viktoria is visibly drugged, effectively losing power over her own mind and body. She sings about being “assembled” with robotic parts. Her fans are brainwashed by television and lead to do destructive things. Nobody in the video is empowered … except those who are behind Viktoria, silently profiting from the artificially created “movement” in the video.

Prototype is a typical mass-media product created by the elite. It is twisted, deceptive and misleading. It is not about empowerment, acceptance or any other BS buzzword they love to throw at us. Prototype is about the elite manipulating the masses using robotic “pop stars”. Remember that moron who cut his leg off to be like Viktoria? This is how they perceive you. Are you that moron? Or are you a Vigilant Citizen?


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Evil is boring. That's the easiest and quickest way to identify it. Having no soul, evil possesses no creativity and can only mimic what has already been created by the living soul. This is why these "artists" (more accurately, "parrots") endlessly repeat what has come before and a human with a soul can feel the canned nature of their "art'. True creativity is the enemy of evil as it is the essence of life and why art is being vehemently, relentlessly co-opted by evil. In order to obscure the glorious God-given nature of creation. This pitiable young woman is part of an enormous machine that wishes to crush her as well as every other living soul and that's why I pity her. Not because she's missing her leg, but because her missing leg is being used to further the perversion of sex and promote destruction and death. After studying photos of her, I don't doubt the possibility that she had her leg amputated in order to become famous. For those of you who think this is out of the realm of possibility, do some research on the fetishes built around amputees in pornography. There have even been several feature films… Read more »


Also boring (as it’s easy) is being against something.

These people all just suck and need to be, BOYCOTTED.


One of the most accurate comments about reality that i’ve seen in this site. You summed up perfectly my beliefs. Thank you gaybird.


Music video clips nowadays are getting seriously creepier. I just don't get how other people can't notice that and just say : It's deep or artistic…

I've noticed how people are getting dumber too.


We've definitely entered a new era of pop music. Only 5 years ago, pop songs were mindless but were mostly about partying and breakups. This new stuff however is deep programing and acceptance of things that were formerly taboo. Right now we do not denigrate the disabled but we do not celebrate their condition as something to be desired either. The political correctness of tomorrow may actually dictate that being disabled is superior. People may actually mutilate themselves using the logic pioneered by transgenders "I've always felt like I was disabled trapped in a working body." The normal people may have to accommodate their every whim and avoid offending these people. The same will go for obese people due to the concurrent agenda of pop music in pushing "big is superior" with songs like all about the bass and anaconda.


How about disability as equality, does not have to be superior, but we are tired of being looked at as powerless. By the way, she had her leg amputated. A bold choice to give up walking on her own, but be able to live free of pain. This is a radical step, and I think she is empoweered to communicate that she is stronger and better the way she is now, when most people would think of an amputee as weak and vulnerable.


No, that sort of thing failed. The people behind this failed for the better part of a century to bring people in the third world up to our standard of living. So now, we all get to be poor. That’s one of the principal reasons behind unfettered illegal immigration.


There was a futuristic movie with Sean Austin in it where the elites insisted on creating disabilities so that everyone would be "equal." For instance, if someone was a good dancer, their legs were bound and weighted down with flour sacks. The lack of diversity was supposed to create "peace."


Victoria Molesta


I will forever remain a vigilant citizen regardless of all the MK bullcrap that they put out there for those blind people to follow


There is a good chance that there was no real reason she lost her leg other than that she was asked to as part of the contract to push the transhuman agenda into becoming popular, not as a means for people who need limbs, but as a fashion statement.


Or it’s cgi and she wears a device in public. All smoke and mirrors. That stub in the lesbo scene is suspect to me.

Cheyenne Elric

I was just about to email you about this, VC, then I read "Before suggesting a topic to write about, please make sure the topic has not already been discussed somewhere on the site" a second time and decided to check.
I just turned 14, and I'm feeling really uneasy about things like this lately.
I also have Panic Disorder, and I'm just totally unsettled after watching this video.
I'm just praying that I don't have a full-fledged panic attack.
My mom was really ecstatic about this woman, and posted the video on Facebook for me.
(think my mom has a weird crush on her lol)
Halfway through I was really freaked out and just wanted to cry and I immediately started thinking of you guys and what that video meant, lol.
I really love you guys, and I'm wishing you the best.
Thank you for writing about this!


Ask Jesus to be your best friend, healer, helper, saviour, and guide. Otherwise, you'll find plenty to panic over before you're "legal." He will give you discernment about what's going on in this world, and comfort as your eyes are opened, and as you become less and less conformed. Bless you for seeking truth!


If a singer cannot sing at the same level of artists such as Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera or Etta James, I will never buy any of their music.

Personally, I am only interested in extremely outstanding vocalists with a huuuuge singing talent. THIS is what really truly impresses me.

Dancing and costumes is not what makes me want to buy an album.

Whether someone is the first alien pop-star from another planet, or first this or that… it's all irrelevant to me.
Just be an extraordinary singer, way above average singer.


I agree. There is true talent and then there is enter-tain-ment. (Go into-and hold-the mind.)


It's singing, not stripping. If you can't sing, why bother? Can't they find at least strippers with good voices to shove them down our throats.


"Apparently, that “cure” is to produce the same crap produced by every other pop artist … but with a prosthetic leg that’s pointy … and sometimes shiny." VC you summed it up brilliantly! "Rebels do no create cartoons to influence young minds. The totalitarian elite does". Another VC truth. Let's make it viral!


“Hanging by two strings, Viktoria bounces and twirls around. Like a puppet.”

Yeah, how fitting was that? Just another loser with fantasies of grandeur.

Maybe her stub got infected with gangrene that spread to her brain. No head would be soo cool and she could live in the computer…. until one of us comes along and deletes them all 🙂 Oh now am excited about the future.

Wide Awake

Has anyone noticed that the symbol carved in the table is VERY similar to the one in Nicki Minaj’s “Only” video?


It is mirrored What's above so Bellow (double V upside-down) with an eye (circle) at the top of both "pyramids".


Thanks for the post VC. It's amazing how YOUR articles are so accurate. Even the ADS she's in are troubling. Why does she PROMOTE the new age? It's complete GARBAGE!


Vigilant Citizen, you are really good


I have a bad feeling that disability is becoming popular and sexy. There was so much sex in pop culture recently that people starting to loose interest and industry is looking for something new to attract audience.


‘fat acceptance’ is a thing now. Kill you faster than anything.

It's me

True. There's a show called Red Band Society that makes being a patient in a hospital for months on end and dependency look cool. Although I hear the show got cancelled. Editors must be looking for new ideas to improve the whole disability thing.


Lots of money in sick and crippled people.


This video gave me a crazy nightmare… Did this happen to anyone?


Did you wet the bed as well? Obviously your subconcious picked up on something even worse that’s only seen in hidden frames. The 25th or whatever. If one really dissected it’s probably even worse and I wouldn’t be surprised, if the version shown on tv for the first time, slighly differs from what you can find on Jewtube.


The pointed pros. leg reminds me of the cartoon character called “him” in the power puff girls


" three men in red robes"

How do you know they are men?


REALLY? That’s is your takeaway from this and resulting query? Well moron who doesn’t think before they speak or probably much at all, when and where are women ever in robes? It’s a religious garment and the domain of men. But am sure your tranny ass can get in on the next video.


At the end of the video, she is a Masonic compas.


Breaking ice, which means "resistance".


This is kind of giving me anxiety.. along with a lot of the comments on here

Although ive never seen the video, thanks for showing me that they're misusing different people to seem edgy when equality should be happening

I dont like the "something's out to get you" vibe from the comments.
For the most part, for most people the 'brainwashing' will go over their heads and theyll just see this cool amputee pop star and be nice to her for it


I’d trip the stupid bitch and spit on her. She knows what she’s doing.


Anyone else notice the VM logo that's all over the video kinda makes two triangles pointing in opposite directions? Cause it struck me as a sneaky "as above so below" reference

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