The Sinister Meaning of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”


Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do is said to be about her poking fun at her foes and herself. However, the symbolism of the video directly refers to the sinister side of the entertainment industry and its obsession with mind control.

Taylor Swift is not new to the game. Back in 2009, in the article The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual, I explained how Swift was part of a televised ritual. It was Taylor Swift’s “initiation” into the entertainment industry. After she was “humiliated” by Kanye West during an acceptance speech, Swift re-emerged, dressed in red, as a new and consecrated artist. This is when Swift’s work began to be tainted with the codes and symbolism of the occult elite.

Eight years later, at the 2017 VMAs, Taylor Swift premiered her new video Look What You Made Me Do (known as LWYMMD on Twitter). The message of the video couldn’t be clearer: She is now a full-fledged industry slave. What does that mean? Read on.

Most mass media sources who’ll attempt to “decode” this video will point out the disses directed at Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. However, by doing so, they ignore about 90% imagery of the video. There is something else going on.

To those “in the know”, the video can almost be read as an MK-Symbolism 101 course. Indeed, the video taps into all of the imagery and concepts that have been discussed on this site for years. Those who rule the entertainment industry need to have this Monarch culture constantly at the forefront of popular culture. Now it is Taylor Swift’s turn to bring it in full force, with a video that is breaking records of YouTube and Spotify.

LWYMMD is indeed a blatantly obvious Monarch manifesto. (If you’ve never heard of Monarch programming, a deviation of the CIA project MKULTRA, read this article first).

The main goal of Monarch is to program slaves to have multiple personas that can be triggered at will. Beta Programming (aka Sex Kitten programming) is used to create sex slaves to be trafficked in the shady elite underworld.

Newsflash: The entertainment industry is full of Beta Kittens. Newsflash: The elite brags about this in mass media using the likes of Taylor Swift.

They Made Her Do It

To understand the true mind state of the video, one doesn’t need to look much further than the title: Look What You Made Me Do. Industry handlers own Taylor Swift and they make her do whatever is needed to push their agenda.

The video symbolically describes what happens to stars who get caught up in the higher levels of the occult entertainment industry. Although they are insanely successful, they also become slaves to the industry, with no life of their own. Their sound, image, and even their personality are shaped at will by those behind the scenes.

The video doesn’t only portray Swift as a slave of the industry, it also announces that she has paradoxically “ascended” to the status of Grand Priestess. Sounds ridiculous? Maybe it would be ridiculous … if the video wasn’t so blatant about it.

The Video

Mass media has been hard at word “decoding” the video. However, most critics completely miss the main underlying thread of the video.

“The video is good fun, if a little bit mad; it’s certainly the most brazen and ambitious pop music video since Beyoncé dropped Lemonade in the spring of last year, replete with pyrotechnics and dozens of costume changes. But it doesn’t amount to much more than a succession of disconnected images.”
– The Guardian, Look what you made her do: decoding the disses of Taylor Swift’s new video

The video is not a “succession of disconnected images”. It is actually very linear and coherent. However, in order to understand the narrative at hand, one needs to a thing or two about Monarch programming.

The video begins with a zombie Taylor Swift rising from the dead.

Zombie Swift rises from the grave and starts singing about someone she really doesn’t like.

I don’t like your little games
Don’t like your tilted stage
The role you made me play
Of the fool, no, I don’t like you
I don’t like your perfect crime
How you laugh when you lie
You said the gun was mine

The first verse is said to allude to Kanye West and/or Katy Perry because they both performed on tilted stages. However, when one considers the context of the video, she can also be singing to her handlers who ‘play little games’ to program her and who push her into “the roles they make her play”.

We then see zombie Taylor burying the old Taylor.

The old Taylor Swift is dead and being buried by a new Taylor Swift. This is classic Monarch imagery representing the creation of a new persona.

This image of Swift’s corpse is juxtaposed with the new persona laying in diamonds.

Taylor is bathing in diamonds and jewelry, next to a single dollar bill.

In MK programming, diamonds are used to identify Sex Kitten slaves who elevated to a “higher” level and to become “presidential models”.

“For bona-fides & recognition signals, the Monarch slaves wear diamonds to signify they are presidential models, rubies to signify their Oz programming for prostitution, and emeralds to signify their programming to do drug business.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Symbolism to Create Mind Control Slaves

In the next scene, Taylor is crowned a “high priestess” of the industry. How? By recreating the High Priestess tarot card.

Swift sits between two pillars as snakes creep up the stairs.
The High Priestess tarot card depicts a woman between the Masonic pillars Joachin and Boaz.

In previous articles, I’ve stated that Madonna was considered a High Priestess of the industry. It appears that Taylor Swift has now achieved this status as well.

But why is this Grand Priestess surrounded by snakes?

Snakes everywhere.

Do the snakes represent Swift owning up to her being called a snake by Kim Kardashian on social media? On one level, yes. However, considering the occult context of this scene, snakes also represent a deeper concept. Indeed, in Mystery schools, the serpent is associated with Lucifer – the light bringer – the “savior” who brought knowledge to Adam and Eve by convincing them to bite the proverbial apple. She’s a Grand Priestess in the occult elite’s system.

On each pillar is inscribed ET TU BRUTE, a Latin phrase meaning “And you, Brutus?”. These words were made famous in William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, said by Caesar as he was being stabbed to death by his friend and protégé Brutus.

What does that mean in Taylor Swift’s context? Is she the Julius Ceasar of the industry who keeps being stabbed by lower individuals? Whatever. Because, in the next scene, we understand that, despite being a High Priestess and akin to Julius Caesar, she is still subjected to the will of her handlers.

As Swift repeats the song’s mantra “Look what you made me do”, she crashes her car.
Taylor looks so stylish as she crashes her car. Self-destruction is so hot right now.

Why is Taylor Swift singing “Look what you made me do” as she crashes her car? Who made her do this? As Swift gets out of the car, things are symbolically clear.

Taylor is dressed in a feline-print coat – the occult elite’s way of identifying Beta Kittens. To make things more obvious, there’s a big kitty next to her. She’s holding her Grammy trophy, reminding us of the true cost of being under that sweet, sweet limelight.

When Swift sings “look what you made me do”, she is actually singing to the industry that owns her. It controls her rise to success and her downfalls, pushing her to self-destruction (and even death) if needed.

The next scene clearly depicts what being an elite star truly means.

Swift sits on a swing inside a birdcage.

Humans stuck in bird cages is a recurrent symbol to identify MK slaves in popular culture. This specific symbol has been identified several times on Vigilant Citizen.

While in the cage, Swift sings:

I don’t like your kingdom keys
They once belonged to me

This is blatant MKULTRA vocabulary. Handlers in MK programming obtain the “keys of the kingdom” of a slave by taking control of their core persona – their real self.

Although she is drinking champagne and eating lobster (representing the lavish life), Taylor is stuck behind bars as a bunch of guards watch her every move. She is not free.

The next scenes depict Swift as a Beta Kitten who leads a bunch of other kittens.

Here, Swift wears a kitty mask while wearing a Gucci shirt that features a feline head.  On the shirt are the words “blind for love”. MK slaves are indeed blind to their situation and those who control them.

In the above scene, Swift and her followers steam money from a streaming company. Is that what actually happened?

In another scene, Swift is the head of an army of girl bots.

Swift speaks to a crowd of young girls as hypnotic kitties flash on the screens.

According to mass media, this scene pokes fun at Swift’s “squad” of models she likes to hang out with. This might be correct on one level. However, the imagery goes much deeper than that.

The girls in the crowd are plastic, lifeless bots. Future beta kittens.

As a High Priestess, Swift has power and influence over the next generation of industry bots.

Here, the bots are on the floor, lifeless and dismembered. Once again, this is a classic way of depicting MK slaves who are fractured and powerless. Although Swift lays over them in a position of power, she wears a huge choker/collar, reminding us that she too remains a Beta slave. #squadgoals

The Old Taylor is Dead

The end of the video depicts the death of the “old Taylor” and the birth of yet another persona.

Dressed in black, the new Taylor stands above her previous personalities.
As she sings “Look what you made me do”, Swift dances feverishly. Yes, they make her dance like that. And yes, they make her do that subtle one-eye sign. There’s a story behind “I heart TS” shirts worn by the dancers but that’s some gossipy crap I don’t give a crap about.

The next scene is another Monarch symbolism classic.

Swift walks away from an exploding car while wearing the Beta Kitten uniform.

This scene is yet another Monarch industry cliché. Need an example? Okay, here’s the final scene from Iggy Azalea’s video Change Your Life.

Iggy Azalea walks away from a burning car as she is wearing a top featuring a big all-seeing eye (symbol of industry slave). The strip club is called Cheetahs – a reference to Beta Kitten programming. Read my full article about this video here.

Then Taylor says:

“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.”

“Why? Oh ’cause she’s dead!”

The video ends with Taylor Swift’s multiple personalities arguing with each other.

Over the years and with every album, Swift has switched styles and personalities. In this scene, they all argue with each other, highlighting how they are different and artificially created.

At one point the zombie tells the starry-eyed, constantly surprised Swift of the early days:

“Stop acting you’re all nice. You are so fake.”

That’s the point of it all. Everything about her is fake. She constantly gets re-shaped and re-molded to fit her handlers’ will. Which one is the real Swift? Who knows? Oh, her handlers know.

On a more visceral level, LWYMMD is about death, pride, greed, revenge, viciousness, hatred, mockery, power, control, exploitation and boatload of egoism. It is about negativity, destruction, and low vibrations. In short, it is a typical product of today’s toxic popular culture.

In Conclusion

Some might say: “Bro, you reaching bro. This is about Taylor Swift dissing Kanye, Kim, Katy, Calvin, and others. That’s it. I read it on E! Online, so I got the actual 411 bro”. But, bro, think about it for a second. Kanye completely broke down last year and was forcibly sent to a hospital. He reportedly suffered memory loss and still has not resurfaced. The entire Kardashian/Jenner family has been, for years, all about Beta Kitten programming. Katy Perry has been a tool of the elite for years. In short, we are witnessing puppets insulting other puppets. Behind the scenes, the puppet masters are the same. There is no actual beef, just ridiculous, fabricated drama from people living in a toxic cloud.

Like in everything else in history, the truth about LWYMMD lies in the symbolism. Through strong imagery, the video depicts Taylor Swift ascending ranks inside a sinister system bent on control and exploitation. Stars like Swift are at the mercy of the people that control them. And when they are ordered to do something, whether it is constructive or self-destructive, they do it or they break down. And when they do it, all they can say is: “Look what you made me do.”

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Been waiting for you to post about this one. Everything was so obvious on the first watch. I challenge anyone to explain to me the reasoning behind the cat being on the screen in front of the mind controlled, robot girls that makes any sense besides BETA KITTEN PROGRAMMING. This is truly the most blatant music video this year. They are becoming fearless because they know the poor idiots won’t know the difference. Sad.


While I agree….TS is a cat lady. This video to me had a lot of symbolism but a lot of truth behind it. They definitely told some truths to tell lies.
So to me that’s the other reasoning behind the cats on the screens, the cat masks, etc….she has two cats that she adores.

Bass Beat
Bass Beat

“The most blatant” video was Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rythm. In this one, “Taylor Swift” actually crashes “her” Veyron (the car, very expensive, and gold coated here for maximum display of opulence) while looking exactly like Katy Perry (haircut and makeup is a near exact copy). The snakes are the ones deceiving her, and the song is about her reclaiming her reputation (starts out with her reputation climbing out of the grave, as the tombstone literally says that her reputation rests there). It surprised me that VC didn’t catch the Katy Perry Veyron thing (crashing her career and blowing up the press surrounding her), or the Ferrari California and the plane with Kanye’s gold-plated reputation that she’s wing-cutting and destroying (google “Kanye Ferrari California” – in the video there are three of them first to the right of the plane in the hanger, and in the end to the left behind it, clearly it’s his car, his hangar and his plane/reputation being destroyed). Look at the cross symbology in the video, and her appearance on the new cover as someone reclaiming her reputation as a much more moderate person than anyone in the current pop-scene (both in appearance, and… Read more »

Paul Atreides
Paul Atreides

No why?


Mark 8:36-37New International Version (NIV)

36 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? 37 Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?


In which video did Know Perry look like Swift in the car?
Because I thought so too but can’t remember where Perry looks like that!


That’s weird, because even though I assumed Swift was mocking Perry, I don’t remember Perry looking like that either.


Selena?? I cant see what name is written at the bottom…


I actually have a theory of my own. That moment at the end where one of the Taylor s says that she would like to be excluded and the others scream shut up!, I think that one that wants to be excluded might be her core persona that realised what they made her do and what she became. The others screaming might mean that they realise that if she is really excl, they could lose all they have and even disappear. What do you think?


You’re right. According to this site. That Taylor that says she wants to be excluded is the Taylor from the 2009 VMAs where Kanye interrupted her speech and humiliated her. This website said that was all staged and it was her “initiation ritual” she was dress in white/sliver. And then when Beyoncé gives her, her moment. She’s dressed in red. Meaning she’s In. She’s been accepted by the elite.

That’s the night she became a music industry puppet. And now in this new video she says “she would like to be excluded” which makes me think. That is what she really wanted but she couldn’t turn back from it anymore.

You’re either in or you’re eliminated. Like they did to Amy winehouse. Her song about rehab is a really about how she said no to “them” they wanted her in since she was gaining popularity but she didn’t want in and she was eliminated.


That is so true about Amy Winehouse. Look up her interview with Jonathan Ross in 2004, early in her career.
She says, “One of them tried to mold me into big triangle shape and I went: “Noooo!”


YES. I also think the same. We did read too much article on VC I guess. And I think the scene where she pick up motorcycles with both hands represent that they even use her for the so called Women Empowerment agenda.

Dr Acular
Dr Acular

The same people who produced her music when she became a star are the same ones producing this one. Make no mistake she has no choice and cant decide what her music is going to be. There is no message in this song, neither is there a cry fro help. She is still a puppet only a bigger one. Why do you think she now sounds like Beyonce or Rhihana or one of the many others. Same producers and same handlers. Only this time she is elevated to high priestess standard.

It was the same with Amy Winehouse. That music was written for her by the same masters. you are being led to think that they want out, however that is not them writting, producing or controlling their own music.


Amy Winehouse did write her own songs.


This really stuck out to me as well.


Agreed. Also look at all the black & gold in this video, the illuciferian fave color combo.
Ugh: check out the “cute” little reference to ‘Beauty & the Baphomet’ where the serpent is pouring her tea.
Sheesh, out of all the entertainment industry, it really does seem Disney has sold its soul the most.
Pixar’s John Lasseter must have to purify himself with sage, sea salt, & 3 Hail Mary’s every time he leaves a Disney board meeting.


Well black is Not a Color, neither is white, Some would argue gold; but Not my point in my LONG Post (Disclaimer!!) that follows. Anyway: Black & Gold is the favorite “luciferian” color combination? Odd; I thought it was Black & White? Because checkerboad floors Always Usualy mean Negativity because Some religions/groups use them symbolically. Some just “came with the house/apartment.” As with simply the General Duality of black & white. Duality is negative/evil as stated Countless times by so Many; so it Must Be True. Nevermind Many religions/beliefs like Christianity, for Example, have Main Themes of black/white duality meaning, black=negativity & white=positivity. White meaning, in this example, God; who is Pure/Perfection Positivity. But well, Sometimes negative energy (Satan/Lucifer/ect; in this exe.,once again), represented by black or darkness aka: the absence of light..Well it sometimes Disguises itself as Light/White; so the verdict is Duality can’t be trusted & is just not a good thing!! Again just forget that Mainly white represents Positivity/God & in a religious context (to use the Christian religion as the exe.), plus the Fact Good & Evil (White & Black) MUST Coexist for that belief/religion, and others, to make sense. So Black/White & Duality, color-wise, or… Read more »


Why do you have to wait for VC to post? You can do your own research. VC has been teaching and allowing us to know all about symbolism. Do your own research so you dont have to wait.


Here’s an even better TS theory, ya ready? She isn’t a clone of Zeena Lavey, but her daughter. Zeena broke away from the church of Satan for a period in late 1989 (when TS would have been born and sold into slavery to idiot handlers who would make sure to profit off their kid). That’s why they lookalike. Want one even deeper? Ever wonder about the connection of Mariska Hargitay and TS, and why her cat is named Olivia Benson and Mariska was in Bad Blood? Mariska and Zeena are the same age and Mariska’s mom was Jayne Mansfield, rumored to have a relationship with Anton Lavey. Mariska’s real father is Anton. Zeena and Mariska are sisters!!! Since it would ruin TS career to be connected to a Satanist, she reaches out to Mariska, her aunt. Bizarre, but makes sense!!!


Dude I just researched everything you said and you are 100% correct..She Legit looks like the spitting image of Taylor when she was young.. it’s freakinh creepy…. and considering Mariska’s Mom died at such an early age and odd circumstances.. who in the hell is spraying pesticides
On the highway in the middle of the night… GTFOH