The Sinister Meaning of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”


Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do is said to be about her poking fun at her foes and herself. However, the symbolism of the video directly refers to the sinister side of the entertainment industry and its obsession with mind control.

Taylor Swift is not new to the game. Back in 2009, in the article The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual, I explained how Swift was part of a televised ritual. It was Taylor Swift’s “initiation” into the entertainment industry. After she was “humiliated” by Kanye West during an acceptance speech, Swift re-emerged, dressed in red, as a new and consecrated artist. This is when Swift’s work began to be tainted with the codes and symbolism of the occult elite.

Eight years later, at the 2017 VMAs, Taylor Swift premiered her new video Look What You Made Me Do (known as LWYMMD on Twitter). The message of the video couldn’t be clearer: She is now a full-fledged industry slave. What does that mean? Read on.

Most mass media sources who’ll attempt to “decode” this video will point out the disses directed at Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. However, by doing so, they ignore about 90% imagery of the video. There is something else going on.

To those “in the know”, the video can almost be read as an MK-Symbolism 101 course. Indeed, the video taps into all of the imagery and concepts that have been discussed on this site for years. Those who rule the entertainment industry need to have this Monarch culture constantly at the forefront of popular culture. Now it is Taylor Swift’s turn to bring it in full force, with a video that is breaking records of YouTube and Spotify.

LWYMMD is indeed a blatantly obvious Monarch manifesto. (If you’ve never heard of Monarch programming, a deviation of the CIA project MKULTRA, read this article first).

The main goal of Monarch is to program slaves to have multiple personas that can be triggered at will. Beta Programming (aka Sex Kitten programming) is used to create sex slaves to be trafficked in the shady elite underworld.

Newsflash: The entertainment industry is full of Beta Kittens. Newsflash: The elite brags about this in mass media using the likes of Taylor Swift.

They Made Her Do It

To understand the true mind state of the video, one doesn’t need to look much further than the title: Look What You Made Me Do. Industry handlers own Taylor Swift and they make her do whatever is needed to push their agenda.

The video symbolically describes what happens to stars who get caught up in the higher levels of the occult entertainment industry. Although they are insanely successful, they also become slaves to the industry, with no life of their own. Their sound, image, and even their personality are shaped at will by those behind the scenes.

The video doesn’t only portray Swift as a slave of the industry, it also announces that she has paradoxically “ascended” to the status of Grand Priestess. Sounds ridiculous? Maybe it would be ridiculous … if the video wasn’t so blatant about it.

The Video

Mass media has been hard at word “decoding” the video. However, most critics completely miss the main underlying thread of the video.

“The video is good fun, if a little bit mad; it’s certainly the most brazen and ambitious pop music video since Beyoncé dropped Lemonade in the spring of last year, replete with pyrotechnics and dozens of costume changes. But it doesn’t amount to much more than a succession of disconnected images.”
– The Guardian, Look what you made her do: decoding the disses of Taylor Swift’s new video

The video is not a “succession of disconnected images”. It is actually very linear and coherent. However, in order to understand the narrative at hand, one needs to a thing or two about Monarch programming.

The video begins with a zombie Taylor Swift rising from the dead.

Zombie Swift rises from the grave and starts singing about someone she really doesn’t like.

I don’t like your little games
Don’t like your tilted stage
The role you made me play
Of the fool, no, I don’t like you
I don’t like your perfect crime
How you laugh when you lie
You said the gun was mine

The first verse is said to allude to Kanye West and/or Katy Perry because they both performed on tilted stages. However, when one considers the context of the video, she can also be singing to her handlers who ‘play little games’ to program her and who push her into “the roles they make her play”.

We then see zombie Taylor burying the old Taylor.

The old Taylor Swift is dead and being buried by a new Taylor Swift. This is classic Monarch imagery representing the creation of a new persona.

This image of Swift’s corpse is juxtaposed with the new persona laying in diamonds.

Taylor is bathing in diamonds and jewelry, next to a single dollar bill.

In MK programming, diamonds are used to identify Sex Kitten slaves who elevated to a “higher” level and to become “presidential models”.

“For bona-fides & recognition signals, the Monarch slaves wear diamonds to signify they are presidential models, rubies to signify their Oz programming for prostitution, and emeralds to signify their programming to do drug business.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Symbolism to Create Mind Control Slaves

In the next scene, Taylor is crowned a “high priestess” of the industry. How? By recreating the High Priestess tarot card.

Swift sits between two pillars as snakes creep up the stairs.
The High Priestess tarot card depicts a woman between the Masonic pillars Joachin and Boaz.

In previous articles, I’ve stated that Madonna was considered a High Priestess of the industry. It appears that Taylor Swift has now achieved this status as well.

But why is this Grand Priestess surrounded by snakes?

Snakes everywhere.

Do the snakes represent Swift owning up to her being called a snake by Kim Kardashian on social media? On one level, yes. However, considering the occult context of this scene, snakes also represent a deeper concept. Indeed, in Mystery schools, the serpent is associated with Lucifer – the light bringer – the “savior” who brought knowledge to Adam and Eve by convincing them to bite the proverbial apple. She’s a Grand Priestess in the occult elite’s system.

On each pillar is inscribed ET TU BRUTE, a Latin phrase meaning “And you, Brutus?”. These words were made famous in William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, said by Caesar as he was being stabbed to death by his friend and protégé Brutus.

What does that mean in Taylor Swift’s context? Is she the Julius Ceasar of the industry who keeps being stabbed by lower individuals? Whatever. Because, in the next scene, we understand that, despite being a High Priestess and akin to Julius Caesar, she is still subjected to the will of her handlers.

As Swift repeats the song’s mantra “Look what you made me do”, she crashes her car.
Taylor looks so stylish as she crashes her car. Self-destruction is so hot right now.

Why is Taylor Swift singing “Look what you made me do” as she crashes her car? Who made her do this? As Swift gets out of the car, things are symbolically clear.

Taylor is dressed in a feline-print coat – the occult elite’s way of identifying Beta Kittens. To make things more obvious, there’s a big kitty next to her. She’s holding her Grammy trophy, reminding us of the true cost of being under that sweet, sweet limelight.

When Swift sings “look what you made me do”, she is actually singing to the industry that owns her. It controls her rise to success and her downfalls, pushing her to self-destruction (and even death) if needed.

The next scene clearly depicts what being an elite star truly means.

Swift sits on a swing inside a birdcage.

Humans stuck in bird cages is a recurrent symbol to identify MK slaves in popular culture. This specific symbol has been identified several times on Vigilant Citizen.

While in the cage, Swift sings:

I don’t like your kingdom keys
They once belonged to me

This is blatant MKULTRA vocabulary. Handlers in MK programming obtain the “keys of the kingdom” of a slave by taking control of their core persona – their real self.

Although she is drinking champagne and eating lobster (representing the lavish life), Taylor is stuck behind bars as a bunch of guards watch her every move. She is not free.

The next scenes depict Swift as a Beta Kitten who leads a bunch of other kittens.

Here, Swift wears a kitty mask while wearing a Gucci shirt that features a feline head.  On the shirt are the words “blind for love”. MK slaves are indeed blind to their situation and those who control them.

In the above scene, Swift and her followers steam money from a streaming company. Is that what actually happened?

In another scene, Swift is the head of an army of girl bots.

Swift speaks to a crowd of young girls as hypnotic kitties flash on the screens.

According to mass media, this scene pokes fun at Swift’s “squad” of models she likes to hang out with. This might be correct on one level. However, the imagery goes much deeper than that.

The girls in the crowd are plastic, lifeless bots. Future beta kittens.

As a High Priestess, Swift has power and influence over the next generation of industry bots.

Here, the bots are on the floor, lifeless and dismembered. Once again, this is a classic way of depicting MK slaves who are fractured and powerless. Although Swift lays over them in a position of power, she wears a huge choker/collar, reminding us that she too remains a Beta slave. #squadgoals

The Old Taylor is Dead

The end of the video depicts the death of the “old Taylor” and the birth of yet another persona.

Dressed in black, the new Taylor stands above her previous personalities.
As she sings “Look what you made me do”, Swift dances feverishly. Yes, they make her dance like that. And yes, they make her do that subtle one-eye sign. There’s a story behind “I heart TS” shirts worn by the dancers but that’s some gossipy crap I don’t give a crap about.

The next scene is another Monarch symbolism classic.

Swift walks away from an exploding car while wearing the Beta Kitten uniform.

This scene is yet another Monarch industry cliché. Need an example? Okay, here’s the final scene from Iggy Azalea’s video Change Your Life.

Iggy Azalea walks away from a burning car as she is wearing a top featuring a big all-seeing eye (symbol of industry slave). The strip club is called Cheetahs – a reference to Beta Kitten programming. Read my full article about this video here.

Then Taylor says:

“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.”

“Why? Oh ’cause she’s dead!”

The video ends with Taylor Swift’s multiple personalities arguing with each other.

Over the years and with every album, Swift has switched styles and personalities. In this scene, they all argue with each other, highlighting how they are different and artificially created.

At one point the zombie tells the starry-eyed, constantly surprised Swift of the early days:

“Stop acting you’re all nice. You are so fake.”

That’s the point of it all. Everything about her is fake. She constantly gets re-shaped and re-molded to fit her handlers’ will. Which one is the real Swift? Who knows? Oh, her handlers know.

On a more visceral level, LWYMMD is about death, pride, greed, revenge, viciousness, hatred, mockery, power, control, exploitation and boatload of egoism. It is about negativity, destruction, and low vibrations. In short, it is a typical product of today’s toxic popular culture.

In Conclusion

Some might say: “Bro, you reaching bro. This is about Taylor Swift dissing Kanye, Kim, Katy, Calvin, and others. That’s it. I read it on E! Online, so I got the actual 411 bro”. But, bro, think about it for a second. Kanye completely broke down last year and was forcibly sent to a hospital. He reportedly suffered memory loss and still has not resurfaced. The entire Kardashian/Jenner family has been, for years, all about Beta Kitten programming. Katy Perry has been a tool of the elite for years. In short, we are witnessing puppets insulting other puppets. Behind the scenes, the puppet masters are the same. There is no actual beef, just ridiculous, fabricated drama from people living in a toxic cloud.

Like in everything else in history, the truth about LWYMMD lies in the symbolism. Through strong imagery, the video depicts Taylor Swift ascending ranks inside a sinister system bent on control and exploitation. Stars like Swift are at the mercy of the people that control them. And when they are ordered to do something, whether it is constructive or self-destructive, they do it or they break down. And when they do it, all they can say is: “Look what you made me do.”

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Been waiting for you to post about this one. Everything was so obvious on the first watch. I challenge anyone to explain to me the reasoning behind the cat being on the screen in front of the mind controlled, robot girls that makes any sense besides BETA KITTEN PROGRAMMING. This is truly the most blatant music video this year. They are becoming fearless because they know the poor idiots won’t know the difference. Sad.

While I agree….TS is a cat lady. This video to me had a lot of symbolism but a lot of truth behind it. They definitely told some truths to tell lies.
So to me that’s the other reasoning behind the cats on the screens, the cat masks, etc….she has two cats that she adores.

“The most blatant” video was Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rythm. In this one, “Taylor Swift” actually crashes “her” Veyron (the car, very expensive, and gold coated here for maximum display of opulence) while looking exactly like Katy Perry (haircut and makeup is a near exact copy). The snakes are the ones deceiving her, and the song is about her reclaiming her reputation (starts out with her reputation climbing out of the grave, as the tombstone literally says that her reputation rests there). It surprised me that VC didn’t catch the Katy Perry Veyron thing (crashing her career and blowing up the press surrounding her), or the Ferrari California and the plane with Kanye’s gold-plated reputation that she’s wing-cutting and destroying (google “Kanye Ferrari California” – in the video there are three of them first to the right of the plane in the hanger, and in the end to the… Read more »

No why?

Mark 8:36-37New International Version (NIV)

36 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? 37 Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

In which video did Know Perry look like Swift in the car?
Because I thought so too but can’t remember where Perry looks like that!

That’s weird, because even though I assumed Swift was mocking Perry, I don’t remember Perry looking like that either.

Selena?? I cant see what name is written at the bottom…

I actually have a theory of my own. That moment at the end where one of the Taylor s says that she would like to be excluded and the others scream shut up!, I think that one that wants to be excluded might be her core persona that realised what they made her do and what she became. The others screaming might mean that they realise that if she is really excl, they could lose all they have and even disappear. What do you think?

You’re right. According to this site. That Taylor that says she wants to be excluded is the Taylor from the 2009 VMAs where Kanye interrupted her speech and humiliated her. This website said that was all staged and it was her “initiation ritual” she was dress in white/sliver. And then when Beyoncé gives her, her moment. She’s dressed in red. Meaning she’s In. She’s been accepted by the elite. That’s the night she became a music industry puppet. And now in this new video she says “she would like to be excluded” which makes me think. That is what she really wanted but she couldn’t turn back from it anymore. You’re either in or you’re eliminated. Like they did to Amy winehouse. Her song about rehab is a really about how she said no to “them” they wanted her in since she was gaining popularity but she didn’t want in… Read more »

That is so true about Amy Winehouse. Look up her interview with Jonathan Ross in 2004, early in her career.
She says, “One of them tried to mold me into big triangle shape and I went: “Noooo!”

YES. I also think the same. We did read too much article on VC I guess. And I think the scene where she pick up motorcycles with both hands represent that they even use her for the so called Women Empowerment agenda.

The same people who produced her music when she became a star are the same ones producing this one. Make no mistake she has no choice and cant decide what her music is going to be. There is no message in this song, neither is there a cry fro help. She is still a puppet only a bigger one. Why do you think she now sounds like Beyonce or Rhihana or one of the many others. Same producers and same handlers. Only this time she is elevated to high priestess standard.

It was the same with Amy Winehouse. That music was written for her by the same masters. you are being led to think that they want out, however that is not them writting, producing or controlling their own music.

This really stuck out to me as well.

Agreed. Also look at all the black & gold in this video, the illuciferian fave color combo.
Ugh: check out the “cute” little reference to ‘Beauty & the Baphomet’ where the serpent is pouring her tea.
Sheesh, out of all the entertainment industry, it really does seem Disney has sold its soul the most.
Pixar’s John Lasseter must have to purify himself with sage, sea salt, & 3 Hail Mary’s every time he leaves a Disney board meeting.

Well black is Not a Color, neither is white, Some would argue gold; but Not my point in my LONG Post (Disclaimer!!) that follows. Anyway: Black & Gold is the favorite “luciferian” color combination? Odd; I thought it was Black & White? Because checkerboad floors Always Usualy mean Negativity because Some religions/groups use them symbolically. Some just “came with the house/apartment.” As with simply the General Duality of black & white. Duality is negative/evil as stated Countless times by so Many; so it Must Be True. Nevermind Many religions/beliefs like Christianity, for Example, have Main Themes of black/white duality meaning, black=negativity & white=positivity. White meaning, in this example, God; who is Pure/Perfection Positivity. But well, Sometimes negative energy (Satan/Lucifer/ect; in this exe.,once again), represented by black or darkness aka: the absence of light..Well it sometimes Disguises itself as Light/White; so the verdict is Duality can’t be trusted & is just… Read more »

Why do you have to wait for VC to post? You can do your own research. VC has been teaching and allowing us to know all about symbolism. Do your own research so you dont have to wait.

Here’s an even better TS theory, ya ready? She isn’t a clone of Zeena Lavey, but her daughter. Zeena broke away from the church of Satan for a period in late 1989 (when TS would have been born and sold into slavery to idiot handlers who would make sure to profit off their kid). That’s why they lookalike. Want one even deeper? Ever wonder about the connection of Mariska Hargitay and TS, and why her cat is named Olivia Benson and Mariska was in Bad Blood? Mariska and Zeena are the same age and Mariska’s mom was Jayne Mansfield, rumored to have a relationship with Anton Lavey. Mariska’s real father is Anton. Zeena and Mariska are sisters!!! Since it would ruin TS career to be connected to a Satanist, she reaches out to Mariska, her aunt. Bizarre, but makes sense!!!

Dude I just researched everything you said and you are 100% correct..She Legit looks like the spitting image of Taylor when she was young.. it’s freakinh creepy…. and considering Mariska’s Mom died at such an early age and odd circumstances.. who in the hell is spraying pesticides
On the highway in the middle of the night… GTFOH

The Video is all about: Hatred, Revenge, Manipulation, Enslavement, Snakes, Immortality, Wickedness, Pride, Temptation, Mockery, Death and Decay

And those are all attributes of whom exactly again?

“I don’t like your kingdom keys
They once belonged to me”

Who was cast out of the kingdom of heaven?

Forget about “her” being a MKUltra victim. This is a totally different story.

Could be all three. The surface story of entertainment drama, for those still asleep, her being an industry slave, for those in the know, AND relaying Lucifer’s pathetic sob story, for those who know the Truth of the Almighty.

2 Corinthians 11:14

Cut the religious crap. Its about the old Taylor when she debuted in the showbiz. A simple, normal human, normal girl who fell into the MK ULTRA trap and has become what we see nowadays.

A normal girl? Where? There is an agenda to wipe out real women, specially in the showbiz. I just see a mare’s jaw, a horse walking trying to look sexy without getting it, who does not know how to dance, who is a also a really bad actress and who reaches high marks for being a castrato, that’s all.

The occurrence of cognitive dissonance is a consequence of a person’s performing an action that contradicts personal beliefs, ideals, and values; and also occurs when confronted with new information that contradicts said beliefs, ideals, and values.

Hi Cristine I agree this ain’t the same Taylor what was doing the music years ago but prolly a android or duble and if so, and ima saying if so, wut hapened to the real one I bet she was eaten by the cannabalistic occult elite ruling us that’s wut happen.

I totally agree

Vigilant Citizen is doing some great work, because I recognized much of this symbolism the very first time that I saw the video, thanks to this website!

Some of the details are really crazy (the pillars/tarot card, etc.). The elites don’t seem to care that we are “onto” them, as they have gotten really blatant.

The ‘Elite’ clearly believes it has won – and maybe it has, judging by the lack of reaction to everything we’re seeing. There’s really no excuse for the lack of a response, given how blatantly obvious everything is, and how readily available information on this occult takeover is. I find it utterly incomprehensible how all of this can be happening right before our eyes and it still remains undetected by the vast majority, even in the age of instantaneous world-wide communication. If Humanity is going to simply roll over and do nothing when threatened with destruction then I frankly think it does deserve to lose. It’s an exceedingly poor choice, however.

It’s utterly sad but I agree with you. If humanity is really faced with the threat we perceive here, then truly we’re like cattle waiting for the slaughter.

There is a key difference: Cattle don’t know they’re about to be slaughtered, and also have no choice or say in the matter. They don’t have any sort of responsibility for what is happening. Cattle being slaughtered is just cattle being slaughtered. This is not the case with human beings. Humans are caretakers of this Earth and have an entirely different kind of responsibility. Looking at how human beings behave in the world, to what degree would you say we are being responsible caretakers? Taylor Swift ‘stars’ here (she doesn’t really star anything, she is a complete spiritual embarassment and only shows how powerless she is, as a Monarch puppet who has completely sold out. this video is a tragedy) surrounded by satanic symbols – snakes, death, occult symbolism etc. What happens? People are lapping this up, millions of them. They are participating in and celebrating their own debasement and… Read more »

Very well said!! Bravo

Bravo! Amen!

Today the people willingly act as instruments of their own oppression. Vigilant could use some articles on Edward Bernays and the like. Engineered consent. It’s a sophisticated science now.

Or do they…

Wheat waiting for the harvest. Jesus is the harvester, letting the tares, like weeds, grow up with the wheat, our Christian souls, until the time of the end. Really the beginning. Praise Jesus He returns soon! Amen

The Elite won a long time ago, and the only reason these symbols are so blatantly shown is because they’re no longer concerned how much the profane know… because the profane will always be profane.

I forget who it was that said it, but he said that even when people try to expose them, they end up helping them inadvertently.

There’s only one reason why people don’t react to the elite’s obvious lies. Humanity is dumb. The beiggest the lie is, the most people will believe it. Human history is full of HUGE lies. History books are just propaganda. Don’t forget, only war winners write history.

In Crazy In Love, the video that Beyonce a super star…Sasha Fierce walked away from burning car while Beyonce was still inside. Bey always says Sasha Fierce was born during crazy in love.

The Weeknd walked away from a burning car, too. In fact, he was also set on fire in one video AND buried himself. I’m waiting for the day that the elite tire of this hidden symbolism and actually start showing their rituals. Some say they do it through horror movies. Maybe so. But even if they came out and said, Hey, this is real. We really split people’s personalities and sacrifice babies, people would either be okay with it or not blink. The world doesn’t suffer from lack of knowledge. It suffers from lack of heart.

And no one, as usual, wants to talk about the deeper meanings to all of this. Even VC never goes DEEEEEEP. Figure out what a “car” really is (as above so below) and we’ll be getting somewhere.

Let’s talk about the “car” then. What do you think it represents?

A vehicle, just like a body

Well as far as I recall, I hope am not ‘necroreplying’ lol, but in dreams at least, cars are related to the subject’s life itself you know. Like a person that has a recurring(?) dream of driving car and that vehicle is for whatever reason out of control, meaning fear of losing control of subject’s life.
In Taylor’s case, just do the math… car exploding I assume, leaving all behind, moving forward with their agenda perharps?

You say figure out what a car really is, and we will be getting somewhere, but then don’t offer up anything. This is the definition of a useless comment that does not help anyone. Please elaborate and I will happily apologize.

Merkaba- divine light vehicle
So they walked away from their true selves

Darren Aronofsky’s psychological horror “mother” coming soon….

Watch that horror movie called “Starry eyes” it’s really good. That movie explains all the rituals that an actress goes through to become an international movie star in Hollywood. Very well directed.

I wonder if other artists who are also under the mind control recognize what they’re looking at when they see each other perform on stage? We have seen these things over and over again as every video is nearly the same recipe, and nearly every performance is the same as well, no one ever accuses anyone of copying their work nowadays, because it’s all been created for them.

As I see it, there’s been a steady decline in every single field of the music biz across the board. As you say, they’re all blatantly copying each other, identical themes, colors etc every time. Also, NONE of this music is positive. They’re never singing about happy things anymore – it’s thematically purely egotistical, self-centered and dehumanizing now. Compare something like Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” (the rickrolling song) to the stuff they produce today. You can say what you want about Astley’s song – but you can’t say it’s a negative song – It’s a happy love song. Everything they produce now is destructive ‘music’ – just take a step back and cast a bird’s eye on the articles VC has written about pop music and you’ll see. It’s very obvious there’s been a major paradigm shift. The big question is whether people will accept this deterioration… Read more »

You make a good point Becky, particularly about these artists not complaining about work being copied. If you pay attention to the most popular songs (I hate to call them popular – as if we’re suggesting they earned their popularity) so many of them are totally ripping off older songs – some songs that are not all that old too! The music videos are carbon copies of each other and I don’t think people even notice!

You are under the influence of mind control. Are you sure you are unplugged from the matrix? Are you certain all of your opinions and feelings aren’t programmed? Do you even know who writes this website and what their true motives are? How do you trust that what you think and feel is even accurate?

“Felix: Everything you do, it’s because the engineers upstairs programmed you to do it.
Maeve: Nobody tells me what do to, sweetheart.
Felix: Yeah, but it’s part of your character. You’re hard to get.”

VC needs to do an article on Westworld. It’s all about mind control and programming.

I haven’t seen the video, and I’m​ not even planning to. After learning about everything from here everything pop culture makes me sick these days. But in the end, the one who pulls all the strings is lucifer. He knows his time is coming. The bible says “Then the Devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had already been thrown; and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever” (Revelation 20:10) so to me this is his ultimate agender, to deceive. He knows where he’s going, so he’ll take with him as many as he can cause he knows that’s the only way he can hurt God. By deceiving his children and taking them down with him. So to me even the “elite” are just pawns dancing in Lucifer’s blood floor. Lucifer has been in… Read more »

You may have a point…

But never forget: JESUS CHRIST is LORD!

I completely agree. Though I don’t understand the details of how this whole masonic pagan industry works out, I still can’t doubt it when it comes to the facts I DO have. I’ll believe it until I’m proven wrong. And to go 10 steps further into conspiracy territory… there’s a whole bunch of speculation on the planets, the eclipse timing, the blood moons, and the entire timeline of astronomy regarding Jesus’ birth and his return. Apparently the stars are ready for that to take place. I know I sound crazy haha.

Interested/curious! Links? I feel inside me we are nearing that point but still love the lit to contemplate

Not crazy- just accepting one ideology as opposed to another. I wish Jesus were coming back. What’s he waiting for exactly? How many babies and children will be abused today? How much blood must spill? How much misery, disease and suffering must happen before God finally decides it’s time? There is so much we do not know. We look for things even create things to help us believe we have some amount of control. To know we don’t feels helpless and hopeless. This fear is exploited in a million different ways. But if God is going to do something yesterday was as good a time as any time. But no- there will be more death, more suffering, more disease, more manipulation and exploitation, more war, more hate, more abuse of children, more abuse of people all together. What lesson do you think God is teaching here by waiting?

The lesson is a simple one. In the book of Genesis Jehovah’s right to rule as sovereign was called into question. He waits to show that man is unfit to rule himself and allows the wicked to thrive that he may identify and annihilate them once and for all.

I love your comment. This is unfortunately the realist thing to be said. It has me getting on my knees praying for the souls of those who are easily deceived. Those void of love, a home and family life, guidance and nurturing from their parents, those born with the sweetest hearts that got hardened surrounded by pain and neglect. Easily led astray because they had nothing to stand for, where not taught. I pray they come across true Christians who show them the light out of pure love. None of us deserves to be deceived.

The was an absolute treasure trove of MK Ultra material from TSwift. It knocked me back when I first viewed it and it is clear she will rule atop the industry this cycle. With that said, expect her release to be a success. We may even get a full Katy Perry meltdown when all is said and done as well. The music elite are not trying to hid anything these days and it baffles me that more people are not waking up to it.

“This,” not the. typo correction.

“treasure trove of MK Ultra material”

Wow. Mind control is so cool, I sure appreciate it has been made a major theme of all music videos. Making the world as dark a place as it can possibly be seems like a great idea so putting mind control in my music videos seems like a great idea. Where do I sign up? Taylor Swift is so cool and her videos that look the same as everybody else’s are so original, I will surely support this by purchasing her albums!

/end sarcastic sheeple mode

Since the moment Taylor Swift created her ‘new’ Instagram account and posted the video of a snake’s tail, I was waiting anxiously for the article to be released about the ‘new’ Taylor. Took a while… but it was definitely worth thr wait.

Looked more like a dragon’s tail to me.

Dragon of chaos

It seems that you’re missing 2 important details here :

1) Picture in the bath of diamonds:
On the right side of the bath, the 3 brushes (or whatever it is or knives stabbed on the floor) are forming a cross and slightly under, there’s a kind of thread seperated in 2 pieces like legs : the whole thing is definetly forming the cross of Jesus

2) Picture where she’s standing in black with a bunch of people at her feet:
This is a reference of a famous painting, but still, I hesitate between 2 paintings:
_le radeau de la Méduse ( the raft of the medusa)
_la liberté guidant le peuple ( the liberty guiding the people)
Those 2 paintings are loaded with masonic symbolism. But I won’t get into the details cause it’s way too long. It’s 2 am now so goodnight 🙂

ps: thanks for the article!!!

It actually reminds me more of a painting like Gustave Dore’s Triumph of Christianity. The T of Taylor in the back being a mockery of the cross and represents Taylor’s “second coming” or maybe even anti christ overtones. Consider that she turns the T into a satanic cross when she opens her arms.

I saw these two things too! I’m not alone 😀

1) You are right. I think those are three wrist watches. 2) I’d say it’s “La balsa de la medusa” aswell because: – TS alter egos are abandoned (not guided towards the Freedom like in the other painting). – Here the navy officers (TS handlers) left the crew in the middle of the ocean like TS alter ego are sinking into the nothingness – Also in the painting the shipwrecked were 150, after cannibalism only survived 15. – The nerd* alter ego (I think it represents the fans cause there are many names written on the t-shirt) is emphasized: 2:35 it’s in the center of the image 2:37: again 2:39: she is the only one that sees a threat coming (like the big wave in the painting, wich means danger, desperation) 2:42: the same 2:46: pay attention nerd fans, if you open your eyes, you’ll be violently kicked out *… Read more »

As above so below as she’s sitting on the throne of sin. One of the serpents also conviently pours her a cup of tea which symbolizes her drinking the devil’s piss.

“Drinking the devil’s piss” lol. I would’ve went with the “eating the forbidden fruit” type metaphor. 🙂

It reminded me more of the Women in Scarlet who rides the beast from Revelation. She drinks from the cup of her fornications.

Whoa I just realized the connection between the throne representing Julius Caesar a type of antichrist. The beast is the Roman system and she is sitting on it….

A wink to Baphomet

It is important to note that, in the imagery of the High Priestess tarot card, BOTH of her pillars are BLACK when the original symbology is one black and one white… it is the duality of our existence. This change signifies that she has lost the light and has entered into complete darkness. Not at all what the intended meaning of the original card is. This is scary stuff and RIGHT in our faces, yet the masses still can’t SEE!

Excellent point, one I did not notice!

Another fantastic article, VC! The high priestess was a good call. It’s incredible at the amount of Freemasonry symbols used in almost everything including the way our worthless government uses it.

Quick note: In the scene where Swift is playing around in the money room with the other kittens, there are golds bars shaped like pyramids!

Thanks for keeping us ‘woke’, VC. You definitely give me hope!

I’m so proud of myself. I only check VC a few times a year (for the last 5 years) but apparently that’s enough knowledge to be able to see, right away, how sinister and disgusting this music video was. Whereas “Fetish,” though obviously weird and uncomfortable, was not exactly blatant, this video reminded me of old Lady Gaga videos. I mean, she starts the video as a zombie and ends saying she’s “dead,” and then a million alter egos are fighting. And she’s sitting on a BLACK throne of SNAKES wearing RED. I mean seriously ?? And then we’re supposed to accept her wearing a casual cat sweatshirt in this setting??? I honestly don’t see how it could be more blatant. It might as well end with: “ILLUMINATI PRODUCTIONS INC.”

It’s the same tired Illuminati symbols in video after video… and every single time it’s full of all these negative themes nobody could possibly want for. The whole situation seems completely absurd. I guess these satanists have not an ounce of creativity or originality in them at all (does Jonas Ackerlund produce every single one of these videos? It’s the same style and imagery every time!). Moreover, how can anyone actually enjoy these videos? It’s pop stars twerking around essentially glorifying themselves while demeaning everybody else – it is so very infantile. Also, that eye symbolism just NEVER gets old if you’re a devil worshipper, apparently. We need to see that how many times? Just terrible! The Freemasons are a laughing stock and all these puppet artists are simply sad… are we supposed to believe they are ‘enlightened’? They offer nothing but misery, destruction and exceedingly awful music videos! The… Read more »

these symbols arent meant to be creative, they are livestock branding. the “people” involved are specifically stating over and over and over again that they did this, that they own these people, and a means of its gloating at their power to anybody that pays attention

great article VC. She is indeed so fake

Possibly a clone

Speaking of diamonds, do you think Elizabeth Taylor ( interestingly this article is about another Taylor) was a presidential model?

And what about Marilyn Monroe? ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend.’

I noticed that the sleeves of the guards around Taylor sitting in the cage, look like tefillin !

Who benefitted from those slogans, you think? The diamond-sellers. The stones are worth almost nothing except technical hard duty or superficial glitter, so : what a customer will pay for it. Stupid airheads watching films, tv and commercials thought a diamond ring was just as important as buying the first house or apartment. Stupid no? Commercials work, especially when disguised as entertainment., then the fools will repeat the message for free.
Now, does that sound familiair in popculture context?
Again, who made money of selling diamonds in the first place.. not Marilyn I’m sure.

Liz was sold into showbiz slavery by her own mother, sounds familiar? Yes, she was just another Beta kitten unfortunately.

I think so

I was just listening to Blood Diamonds by Kanye West & Jay Z the other day & they kept playing “diamonds are forever… forever” and it made me think of Elizabeth Taylor and all the commercials she used to do. She was popular before my time but during her later years she was pretty successful with her perfume sales and always got recognition for her beauty in her younger years. I thought it was strange I didn’t know she was a singer so I googled “diamonds are forever” and found out it was actually a theme song for a james bond movie. The singer was named Shirley Bassey… she sang for president Kennedy during her career …. I also found this information as well… In the late nineteen forties, De Beers hired an advertising agency to help increase its sale of diamonds. The agency N.W. Ayer developed an extremely successful… Read more »

“In short, we are witnessing puppets insulting other puppets. Behind the scenes, the puppet masters are the same. There is no actual beef, just ridiculous, fabricated drama from people living in a toxic cloud.”” … doesn’t this describe something else … politicians.

Can someone please explain something to me – or point me to an article that will adequately explain… Are these artistes aware of what they are doing? Is Taylor Swift putting all this imagery in her video because she knows she is part of this program? Is it a cry for help? (She doesn’t look like she’s crying for help.) Or is it the artistic director (or whoever) who is packing out videos with “Illuminati” imagery, and the artiste simply meekly goes along with it? If so, why do the handlers want to fill videos with such blatant imagery – what is the purpose of that? Is it a mockery? Is it, “We are in control of these people and there’s nothing you can do about it”? I was thinking the same thing when I saw Katy Perry at Glastonbury and her live set was chock full of imagery associated… Read more »

It is just a very old “game” they are playing

I don’t think anybody here can claim to know the exact details. It’s not exactly public knowledge, what these mind control programs are really about and how they technically work is of course top secret. I do believe mind control is real and actively used; the CIA and other intelligence agencies invested many millions of dollars into research of it back in the day and the MK Ultra program has already been ‘admitted’ long ago (along with many other government atrocities). CIA reportedly even looked into ‘supernatural’ phenomena like ESP. There’s every reason to think they have some very elaborate methods for manipulating human minds using trauma and torture. These people and organizations with unlimited financial resources will of course have enlisted expert psychologists to work for them – people with no moral scruples whatsoever. There may be lots of technologies and secrets of the mind the public has not… Read more »
As for WHY they use all these blatant symbols everywhere, we also can’t know that exactly. There’s a video where some qualified guesses are made, here: I personally believe it is about getting people acquainted with their symbols on a subconscious level – predictive programming, same as they did for 9/11 and other ‘events’. Sooner or later, in a not too distant future, they *will* make some major move where having people be familiar with their symbols (even if unaware) will serve their ends – I conclude this based on there being no other reason why they’d want to so openly reveal their existence. They’re not showing us they’re here merely to entertain us. The only way to combat it is if enough people are aware and prepared when it happens. If everybody just keeps following the pied piper without asking any questions, as is currently happening, that leads… Read more »

Thank you, SkepticCat, for both of your replies. I really appreciate the effort you put in, and the honesty. In the end it is all quite vague, but no less discomforting – as you say, “super unpleasant.”

Thanks again.

SkepticCat, When you said “If everybody just keeps following the pied piper without asking any questions, as is currently happening, that leads directly to the slaughterhouse” , you reminded me of a dream I recently had. In my dream the world had fallen into severe crisis due to war, famine and natural disasters. At then triangle shaped spaceships appeared from the sky and came down with the promise of ending the suffering. They announced that they were willing to teleport the entire worlds population to their own planet where humans would have unlimited wealth, pleasure and live healthier, extended lives. So the masses came to their spaceships and lined up in ques awaiting to be teleported. I also lined up in the que and watched the thousands of people ahead step into a stadium sized room and as the doors closed there was a flash of light that emanated as… Read more »

Keep talking about your dream! I heard They plan on staging some alien stuff in the future. It would not surprise me if you were a modern-day Joseph. So many desperate people would fall for the alien thing, too.

Its called ‘revelation of the method’.

You took the words right out of my brain, Rory! It’s baffled me for some time. But who can really answer it definitively?

Art is no longer art when it is plagiarized over and over and over and over and over. These are not artists. I love telling my girlfriend what she is going to see during the VMAs, Olympic Ceremonies, or Super Bowl half time shows long before they air. She’s not tuned into sites like this, I don’t really blame her, it gets depressing, but who can argue with a boyfriend who says ‘see, told ya so’. I was shocked to see Manhunt Unabomber show on Discovery spoke to Ted K’s experience at Harvard as an MKUltra victim. That surprised me. I told her how very real that is.

Yeah last winter I was stuck in a hotel and watched lots of Nat Geo and I think History and I saw a documentary on the Army researcher that was supposedly doing MKUltra research that got slipped LSD and mysteriously “jumped” out of a 13th floor window. I was like, this has been “crazy talk” for decades and now it’s mainstream on TV? Frank Olson, that’s his name. Also saw one on Stuxnet and some anon NSA analyst (or composite of them leaking) described in detail how it was a joint op of the NSA and Israeli intel.

No wonder “they” think they can operate in the open like this. No one’s doing anything about it, so they can just blab about it in the open.

I mean yea really we all know about it so they prolly just dont give a flying fork no more

Interpretations aside, it’s very clear to me that this video is going to trigger some very nasty behaviours in people who are already emotionally unbalanced &/or angry . And they’re going to feel entitled to act their behaviours out, inspired by their idol turned nasty. (“you MADE me do it” ). Dangerous stuff.

Love the post, VC. Been waiting for it.

But you missed a HUGE “tell” and nod to the Egyptian story of Osiris at the end.

THERE ARE 14 personas of Taylor Swift at the end. 14. This is a direct connection to the legend of Osiris. Found this: “According to the Egyptian legend, the body of Osiris was cut into 14 pieces whose 13 was found by Isis, the 14th, the penis, having been devoured by the fishes.”

The higher levels of Masonic tradition understood this and thus, we have phallus structures all over the world that symbolically represent this. The Washington Monument comes to mind and its exact placement in D.C.

That would really add fire for the transvestigators…”This symbology has a hidden meaning of saying she used to have a penis”

Nope. Taylor Swift did not used to have a penis. However, she is a lesbian and I’m surprised people have not caught onto this. Her “boyfriends” are all set up for her and STRATEGICALLY placed in her life (maybe even by her) to create the image she needs. Many of her “boyfriends” are homosexual and are contractually obligated to be seen with her in order to create the image she needs *at that time.* Tom Hiddleston is a great example. He signed an agreement with her to “be her boyfriend,” and then the idea was that he’d get exposure and his career would bloom. It is done all the time in the industry. Tom Cruise had a 10 year contract with Nicole Kidman and on the date of their 10 years together, he sent her divorce papers. Nicole Kidman is bisexual. She and Naomi Watts have had an on again,… Read more »

If Nicole is lesbian, what is Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is homosexual. He “auditions” his girlfriends to see if they meet his strict criteria. And that criteria is do what is asked of you and you’ll either receive the opportunity for fame or whatever they need. Nicole was promised three major film roles if she married him and she was given those roles. Then it was up to her to prove herself as an actress and she did! From that point on, she was offered role after role and has been able to stand on her own. What her personal life is now with Keith Urban, I have no idea. It’s been years since I worked in the Industry. But this is what I was told way back then and it panned out to be true.

It was revealed in the movie Eyes Wide Shut that Cruise is indeed gay. There is a scene where the character that Cruise plays is shoved by a bunch of guys while he walks on the sidewalk and is told to “go back to San Francisco” while they make obscene gestures. Just like a bunch of other things the movie revealed.

What about Beyoncé and Jay Z? I’m sure they’re in a contract as well. How long do you think theirs will last and what happens to the kids in these contracts? Aren’t they forever scarred?

Beyonce’s kids were sold to the Luciferian show business. This means that these children are in hands of Hollywood and they are going to end working as celebrities just like the kids of Will Smith and Kim Kardashian.

Am i correct in thinking that Harry Styles comes in the list of homosexual ‘boyfriends’?

How much more do you know? What other ‘celebs’ are involved in these shams etc

Christian churches have towers, a lot of the time, just like muslim-minarets and some extra-high built tempels, too. Aren’t those in the same wavelength or am I stretching symbolism in another direction?

Just a small quibble, but I think you mean that often Christian churches have steeples. If you actually meant towers, I apologize.

No, these “towers” that you reference are not the same as the phallic (penis) symbol generated from the Osiris story. The towers you speak of are more about the use of Sacred Geometry being used to create a structure (the church) that holds its own power within itself. Check into Sacred Geometry and Ancient/Old Churches and you’ll find a lot of interesting stuff.

There are 15 actually. Theres one hidden in the background.

Yes. But the other one is up on the wing of the plane I think. There are 14 in the line and all of the reviews I’ve read so far on the video point to “Taylor’s 14 personas.” That’s what you have to look at.

The masons have a MTV building in Toronto that is attached to a masonic temple. You are right about all the Egyptian symbolism here. That airplane behind Taylor also seems like a phallic symbol to me, like the Washington monument you mentioned. But what does monarch mind control have to do with their study of the Egyptian and Babylonian mystery religions? These two societies were quite advanced cultures. And it seems that the masons want to recreate them in modern day, now. The Egyptians did torture slaves to make them form dissociated personalities. So the masons may want to recreate this old Egyptian society complete with mind controlled slaves to follow their commands.

One thing to remember too is that these people like her are not brought into the fold but born into it. You cannot join the Illuminati but must be born into one of the thirteen bloodlines. People like Taylor Swift are being tortured and programmed from birth in order for such programming to be embedded into the very core of their fractured souls. I believe the only way for someone to be set free from this level of bondage and for their souls to be completely healed is by the healing power of Jesus Christ alone. They must be prayed out of this situation.
This is another excellent article I very much appreciate your work here V.C. thank you!

Not true. There are certainly ‘sectors’ within the Illuminati occult system that you have to be born into, as certain families/dynasties have ‘monopoly’ over these areas. But I know for a fact that it is possible to be initiated rather deeply into the mysteries of the Satanic Order even while brought in as an adult. All it requires is that one is willing to compromise oneself step by step through soul-destroying actions, thus being taken over by demons. The matrix of fear and many other mechanisms will keep you in line. You do, of course, have to meet the right people, but if one actually has the will to join them and sell out ones soul, this is pretty straight forward. One may meet their agents where one least expects it. Another fact that I absolutely can confirm is that the Illuminati actively search for individuals (yes, adults) outside their… Read more »

Hah! I watched this last night in anticipation that this article would be coming out. I didn’t catch everything, but did see a lot of the symbolism. Thanks VC

It is also color coded. Starting innocent in a white dress as a mindless zombie. Getting initiated in a red dress and sitting on a throne. Then turning all good girl gone bad in a black dress and a big mansion with lots of minions.

I have been seeing alot of transvestigation videos. They are showing taylors sketetal frame to be of a man. so i guess these beta sex slaves are all men really. well, male chromosome. is that what the shirt stands for? I love transexuals?

Yes, agreed, she has several male markers and is one of the more obvious secretly gender-inverted celebrities. We just didn’t see them all until we were permitted to. And they’re everywhere.

All the world’s a stage indeed, and we’re the ones under mind control. Which makes you wonder what else hidden in plain sight aren’t we seeing yet?

Taylor is not a tranny. I live very close to where she grew up. She rode horses with a very good friend of mine. Her mother wanted her to ride but all Taylor wanted to do was sing so her mother gave up the riding thing. Yes , she sold her soul for fame but to go down this tranny trail is crazy and just gives the sheeple reason to call those of us awake crazy.

It is like when a child gets a blue toy car, then it will see more and more blue toy cars riding in its neighbourhood. (Replace child with human, and leave the toy.)
The industry made sure all newborns have gotten used to symbolism-use by now. For the next generations trans-education for the under10 years old has started already, officially in the Programs at schools – file under mandatory. For all those others it creates clickbate with new cun’sumers.

I knew this one was coming and it did not disappoint, great analysis!

People believe what they are told to believe and this video is also part of the emasculation of men agenda because all her dancers look gay and are dancing in high heels. The mass media wants you to believe that gays are becoming a majority when in reality gays in the US are only 3% of the population.

The video is very dark, and disturbing. The song has asinine lyrics. And it seems like the majority of Taylor’s stuff over the past few years has been promoting whorishness and stupidity. I’m tired of them all going bad.

I see a Super Bowl halftime appearance in the near future.

They shoulda quit after Prince he was best ever and no way that Swift devil can do wut he did no way and he done it in the rain to.

This reminds a lot of Rihanna’s Anti diary videos in those creepy and dark videos, we are able to see the dark transformation of Rihanna since she was a teenager until she became a high-level slave for the Luciferian show business. All the international singers go through a process of mind control and hypnosis techniques.

As I told u many times, dont ever rule out the cloning stuff. Im refering to the many Taylor clones/imposter replacements of course.


She may be the beauty or the beast
May be the famine or the feast
May turn each day into a Heaven or a Hell
She may be the mirror of my dreams
A smile reflected in a stream
She may not be what she may seem
Inside her shell

Elvis Costello – She Lyrics

Might he be referring to pms?

Hi Christinne,

How do you that there are Taylor clones? Just curious about what lead you to that conclusion. Ty!

I posted same thing and also sed the canabalistic occult elite done ate the oroginal.

Britney Spears has photos of herself in tub of diamond jewellery and another video showing cages – ” work b***h”.

The bathtub pictures are another form of humiliation ritual… a lot of celebs have done them. Also a lot of celebs have died in the tub !!

The Key to the Kingdom is a reference to sodomy. The slave is sodomized by the handler which serves2 purposes. One is to traumatize the victim and the other is to stimulate the pineal gland through the sacral perianal.


Christina, could you please elaborate on this stimulation of the pineal gland? I would love to hear more, please

My understanding of the energetic assault of sodomy is to destroy the root chakra (at the base of the spine and then trace it toward the anus) in order to fragment or fracture the energy field of the person being sodomized. Once you destroy the root chakra, the person goes through life ungrounded and is easily manipulated or led. The root chakra is where you have your most primitive needs but it’s also the chakra that allows you to stay grounded on Earth, both physically and mentally. Blow it out and you’ll blow out that victim’s ability to chart the course of their own life. This is especially true if the sodomy is done via trauma and not between two consenting adults. HOWEVER, even consenting adults will feel the energetic destruction. High Priests know how to do this while also fragmenting the soul, which is the worst part. There are… Read more »

Do sacred rootvegetables have anything to do with the cure, you know of?

Ok respeckfully asked but wut about wen you past a big stool, I mean a really big one like I did after eating all the popcorn (ha ha ha aha) wen I wus watcing the movie “It” Today. It hurt and altho I hadnt ever had no one do me in the anal I cant imagine it would hurt worser and wut about wen you have to do enemas to detaoxit yur own self? If the feeling is simular wuldnt it have simular affeck on you?

She’s a snake herself among snakes.

In the throne scene, she is in a Masonic Temple, you can see the Boaz and Jachin pillars and a star under the throne

There also appears to be the all seeing eye in the design directly above her head.

I knew that this one was coming, because as soon as I watched it, I recognized its significance. The scene that really disturbed me was the one of Taylor in black (her new slutty programmed persona), in leather leading her army of robotic drone fans, while “U, Squad, 13” and a picture of a kitten flash across the screen. Her “squad” are then seen discarded and broken in a heap on the ground. Those are your daughters and sisters, by the way. Taylor is being used as a form of mass beta kitten programming, and the masses are the targets. It’s always the same story with these artists, they start so innocent, and then they have a phase where they shed their “good girl” image. It’s all just a coincidence, of course! I also noticed a “white” horse in the background of the scene with Taylor and her gender bending… Read more »

Taylor is the new high priestess because she is really Xeena Laveys daughter, or clone so the rumor goes. If not she is somehow retaliated because she looks exactly like Xeena.

Related, stupid kindle

The elite view themselves as ascended masters who incarnate on this earth to teach us lessons.

While you have most of the symbolism right. The title of the song means, What we, the Public, make them do. In their religious view, they are what they are because we find it fascinating and allow them to act on these repulsive impulses. They are reflections of us.

If we changed, if we all, en masse, turned off mass entertainment…it would all change.

Thanks for the article, I was wondering what all the hype was about this video. On another note has anyone noticed how in the very first picture here where she is wearing red she raises her right hand and places her left hand in an uncanny manner. Almost like the Baal statue does in all those weird photos depicting “As above so below”. I could be wrong but it struck me as creepy.

this reminds me of the Weeknd video analyses – especially the burying of the old self and the reemergence of a new, successful, rich, yet not free self, as well as all the feline/cat and car and car crash imagery

reminds me very much of beyonce’s crazy in love – the death of the former self and rebirth of the “new”

Hi!I really love your articles,and I want to tell you that you’re amazing!Can you write an article on Michael Jackson’s “Blood On The Dance Floor”,as it’s full of MK Ultra symbolism.The title itself talks about blood sacrifice on the Masonic floor.Can you please write that article?

Right!!! I wish VC would do like a 3 part series for MJ like he did for Marilyn. MJ is just as prevalent in male MK programming as MM is for female programming

Anything about Chester Bennington??????

That is a good idea, especially with Good Goodbye. That song made me feel very uneasy.

You do realize there are many references in terms of ‘Human Cloning’ and ‘Transhumanism’ – in terms of lifeless bots – alter persona’s of Swift and the term her being dead means she was replaced and cloned. How is it none of this is even mentioned on here. You should know of this by now ‘Vigilant Citizen’…the ending of the video with her multiple clones and prior segments are obvious. Not to mention the other renown celebs which throw multiple hints of cloning – example Britney Spears ‘Break The Ice’ and ‘Mona Lisa’

The core persona is probably the one standing on the plane in the back… Great article; it’s constantly disapointing to see how the sheeple public fall for the media’s BS

As everything is upsidedown and backwards, keep calling them elites, cause they ain’t nothing near “top status” to me. Rather, the scum that grows underneath toxic waste describes their perversities more accurately.
No need to view the video, just the still shots show blatant scripting for MK shenanigans.
That poor girl may have had a chance to be good vocalist, now she just sings somebody else’s tune.

Did any of you associate the imagery with the mass of Taylors under Taylors and a T with Dante’s inferno/hell illustrations?

The tempo and the melody of the chorus are a copy of Black Eyed Peas “My Humps”

I just want to add another thing.

I think all the Taylors at the end are all her [curren] ALTER-EGOS.

can you do a review of the movie, ‘a cure for wellness?’

Oh yes please! I just watched that last week…. What a trip!