Taylor Swift at the Brit Awards: Yet Another Illuminati Ritual for the Masses

Taylor is now dressed in black, symbolizing her initiation. The "good girl gone bad" narrative is complete, once again.

Last November, I posted a short news article entitled Taylor Swift’s Performance at the 2012 AMA’s: A Typical Initiation Ritual where I described how it symbolically represented an occult initiation ritual. For the 2013 Brit Awards, Swift brought back that same symbolism as she performed again her single I Knew You Were Trouble. While the setting of the performance was different than the one of the AMA’s, its symbolic meaning and the color code used was identical. Furthermore,  the ritualistic symbolism of the entire thing was even more blatant. Here’s the performance.


As it was the case for her AMA performance, Swift begins her song dressed in a virginal white dress, symbolizing purity and innocence. She stands at the door of some kind of temple.

Swift stands in front of the door of a temple, signifying that she is not yet initiated. The burning fires emphasize the ritualistic aspect of the set while the horned head above the door is a hint that this temple is far from holy.
Swift stands at the door of a temple, signifying that she is not yet initiated. The burning fires emphasize the ritualistic aspect of the set while the horned head above the door hints that this temple is far from holy.

After dancing for a while in front of the temple, the doors open. The set then gets very fiery and the ritual begins.

The screen behind Swift now shows the "inside" of the Temple. If you look closely at where the horned head used to be, there appears to be another horned head now.
The screen behind Swift now displays the “inside” of the temple. If you look closely at where the horned head used to be, there appears to be another horned head now…
Do you see it?
Do you see it?…Or am I seeing things?
Looking at the screen from a distance, its almost as if Baphomet was presiding over the entire thing.
Looking at the screen from a distance (as if being one of the audience), it almost looks as if Baphomet was presiding over the whole thing. Or it might be an illusion…Or a calculated illusion…Not sure.

At one point, Taylor is surrounded by bunch of guys and emerges with a brand new outfit.

Taylor is now dressed in black, symbolizing her initiation. The "good girl gone bad" narrative is complete, once again.
Taylor is now dressed in black, symbolizing the completion of her initiation. The “good girl gone bad” narrative is complete, once again. She lets her hair down and has a nastier attitude.

During her performance at the AMA’s, Swift also started singing with a white dress to end up in a sexier, black outfit. The fact that this exact change of costume color occurred again is proof that none of this is random. In fact, it symbolizes a very profound process and this ritualistic color code is used across the entertainment industry to underline occult meanings in performances.

Looking back at the beginning of her career, Swift was known for being very timid and down to earth. With the release of her last album, Swift embodied a new, feistier, nastier persona. This performance symbolically represents the same process, one that is apparently required to be in the good graces of the music industry. How many young female pop stars went from good girl to bad?

Some people who read my previous articles might ask: “Didn’t Taylor Swift get initiated during the 2009 VMA’s?”. Remember that these performances are not actual initiation rituals (which occur behind closed doors). Televised performances are meant to expose the public to the Illuminati’s rituals and symbolism in order to make it trendy and part of popular culture. As the occult elite knows all too well: The best place to hide something is in plain sight.


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Guys, lets face it, the entertainment industry is the least of your worries! Yes , there is symbolism in everything. If the illuminati controls all this stuff then guess what else they control? The entire food system, all the news and media, any one remotely powerful in the world, all of your money and all of the banks,our president, churches, wars, military, Facebook, twitter and the INTERNET. Everyone gets angry and wants to boycott this specific artist, but let me ask you this? Have you quit your job? Sold your clothes? Burned all your money (which contains this same "satanic" symbolism) Sold your house? Stopped eating out or shopping at the store? Grown your own food? Stopped drinking bottled water and or water from your faucet? The answer is probably no and if that is the case, you are serving them, correct? I guess my point is we are all… Read more »

Well said

What I do as an ‘action’ is talk to people about this since this is the only sensible thing to do. It’s hopeless to try to do anything about it if we’re just a tiny group of 1,000 people here – this issue requires mass mobilization. I talk to family and friends, write about it on CIA-book (that I now use for talking about this ONLY) and I’ve even written a few policitians I trust. Nobody wants to listen; nobody wants to deal with it. When people call me out for posting about these ‘insane’ things I show them some of the more obvious footage – but after that, I never hear from them again. They’re not brave enough or intelligent enough to grasp this and recognize the possible consequences of failing to act on this. The only sensible people on this planet are you guys here on this site.… Read more »

Those lights that clearly looked like a Baphomet when the camera panned out caught me off guard, despite the other blatant imagery throughout the performance that I had almost chalked up to a coincidence. Almost. But when I first watched the video online only a day or two after the performance, I was so freaked out that I started crying. I hope this is all some edgy imagery and not actual Satanic ritual, because if it is real, these pop stars are in serious trouble. I think the people designing the sets are completely aware of this; real or not, it's pretty terrifying.

Anyone noticed that the gurl dancers had a mask with one Monarch butterfly covering mouth~?
Mah goodness.

Yep, I noticed that, too. And the male dancers had two sides to their outfits indicating split personalities as well. These performances are getting so predictable.

omg…She was so pure before…Now It makes me creep out seeing her 'new' self..She really looks like a satan's worshipper…I don't want to hear it any more..It looks really scary…

This video performance was recently reposted on YouTube and has regenerated interest. I agree with the recent comments about consummation of the union of Taylor Swift and Baphomet. Access the HD video of this performance. As Taylor convulses on the floor, the light emanates from the loin area of “Baphomet.” I have no doubt this represents their union of Taylor’s and Baphomet’s flesh. I have another idea. I respect VC and the opinion that the real initiation would have happened in secret between closed doors. What a sinister twist it would have been if this “performance” was real. Taylor’s 2012 was similar but ended with a smile to the audience. Subsequent performances on tour were not as intense. What a diabolical twist it would be to take beautiful Taylor Swift, a celebrity considered wholesome, sweet, and innocent, and convert her to a Satanist in public. On stage, in front of… Read more »

Sweet Innocent Taylor Swift has become a Satanic priestess. Amazing but believable.

That turns me on too

There’s something erotic about this sweet innocent girl becoming a Satanic w***e!

It seems the Illuminati are mocking her. In performances at the 2012 VMAs and 2013 Brits, Taylor depicted her initiation rite and good-girl-gone-bad transformation, demonstrating that her celebrity is due less to talent and more to selling her soul. She’s paying a high price for her fame..

I went to her instagam to show my mom how she changed, and after scrolling down it turned to the black and white checkers.. then some pics turned to black with a smaller grayish square in the middle … I tried scrolling back up but it stayed.

I have seriously been waiting for people to come to their senses about Taylor Swift. Everyone thought that she was "too innocent" to be part of something so dark. I always said that when they start selling a million copies of an album in the first week, people need to start paying attention. Thank you for doing a great article VC!!!

I'm not for the illuminati, I thought it was a rather genius cult or organisation until I looked into it, but they are pure geniuses, how they use subliminal messages to,let's say 'hypnotise' people into there"secret code" the government are rooting for the illuminati, if not can someone please explain how they ain't doing anything about it? Seriously..? Personally, and this is just me (feel free to agree with me and maybe if enough people want to we'll set this up) make another cult, backing up just who are in the illuminati and who aren't,someone has to do something before they make the decisions in life for other people instead of there own decisions…

"And the saddest fear..comes creeping in.. that you never love me or her or anyone or anything.." this explains everything.. i guess? Hmm. That Baphomet really dont love you. just wanted your soul. hmm..

i liked Taylor before but now her new album RED showed a different Taylor

CAN YOU PLS FEATURE HER SONG " THE LUCKY ONE" the lyrics are really scary


If you look you can see the eye made out of the hanging beams of art!

Thumbs up so everyone can see

NOTE: Not only does this show the normal ritualistic behavior of some of the artists, in her performance there are dancers (all female) who have a butterfly taped to their mask, again referring to the monarch butterfly… this symbol is for me far more important than any other ones noted here. Everyone should have read the book that is posted on this website, because this is far wider than just the music industry. It has transferred to any large multimedia business as comics (ALL DC Comics), Manga (Berserk, D. GrayMan, Yugioh etc.), video games (Bioshock I&II).
Side note: Bioshock is purley based on the book: The Illuminati Formula used to create an undetectable Total mind control slave. Everything from the Grande Mother, to the Beta-,Delta- Programming as well as the porcelain face programming. Also like this website suggests, the movie "Sucker Punch" demonstrates it also quite well.

Can you do a review on her MV 22? It's just recent…but there is a part there where she wore kitten headbands and a kitten suit. I've been a VC reader and I think this is what you call 'Sex Kitten Program'. I miss the old Taylor.

if you watch the official music video for trouble when you walk in right at the very beginning she has a little monologue which i found more than interesting @ 1minute 30 secs she starts to say " how could the devil be pulling you towards someone who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you, maybe he knew that when he saw me. I guess i just lost my balance, i think the worst part of it all wasn't losing him, it was losing me" more than interesting that with all the ritual and dark satanic stuff she has has been using to introduce to our youngsters all i know for sure my daughter will no longer be listening to any of her music she is evil sounds to me like she has accepted satan opening and willingly and wants the same for people without eyes… Read more »
She does interact with them directly, that's how she met the Kennedy's. She actually is an elite descendant as well from the Nordic bloodline. I'm from an esoteric Masonic household in PA not far from where she grew up. My father is a BilderbergJew and I now theorize Pennsylvania is the core state of the Luciferian Masonic hierarchy. Most of the Elite old money is in Main Line Philadelphia and Taylor Swift is descendant from the Bloodlines in the first place, as are many of the new pop stars. The elite have multiple partners and sexual affairs outside marriage, you don't have to be a Rothschild to be decedent from an elite bloodline. Her genetcs are typically elite as well; the coltish lean body, the angelic model like features, she could have made any choice and been succesfull because shes from an elite houshold and is the core favored child… Read more »

wow. good exlanation…thanks

I'm surprised you didn't mention the female dancers in the wire mesh masks with the Monarch Butterflies covering their mouths.

Seems VC misses/omits lots of stuff; thanks for pointing it out. It’s strange he doesn’t mention those **** butterflies since those precisely make it clear beyond doubt that this is the nasty occult stuff.

I think you're right about the screen mate, it is clearly from a far meant to look like that. I mean, why would you have a screen showing just the rafters/roof fixtures and candles ?. Anyway, who watches this rubbish on TV?

When did music stop being about the music, and instead became a performance with a music score background?

Talk about being awake. This guy sees s**t that nearly all of us miss. Thank f**k for VC. Waking up the symbol minded, one ritual at a time. Love ya work

Just wanted to add some impressions. The dress of the dancers carries the whole duality/checkerboard symbolism up to the point where you cannot distinguish male and female any more plus part of the male dres looks masonic, men and women wearing the white gloves etc. Yes she looks evil and possesed at the end. The Baphomet projection fades and distorts during the instrumental part. Is that a hint that the demon somehow travels into the screen or off it into the victim. In the end the projeetion picture seems to ejaculate golden rain, just like in Rihanna's "umbrella", part of the demonic possession triumph. Swift sighs as if she has orgasm. Candles suggest black magic/satanic mass. Swift's white dress also sugegsts marriage. In the last seconds her voice sounds altered (deeper, last time she says "trouble"), she symbolically commits murder (kills a dancer) and we see that the demonic entity… Read more »

Yeah I think, these articles serve as an "eye opener" for 85% of the population still unaware of these things… Before finding this site, I had already studied the occult and influence in the media, politics, religion, and education, but VC breaks it down to details that lets me realize I still miss some of these symbols. It may seem repetitive over time, but I think it still serves its purpose–and that is to "make aware." And once aware, you're free to find your own solution ie. teach your kids, others, turn that TV off, etc.

How far back, in various previous awards shows does illuminati symbolism/initiations etc. exist. Is it only a fairly recent occurance or can it be identified in awards decsdes ago.?

just look at paula abduls video my love is for real. she poses just like maria in metropolis. aslo janet jacksons rhythm nation with police state in a "dance friendly" way

I'm a little confused, does this mean she's joined the dark side? Or is she simply spreading the Illuminati's propaganda through her performances? Does this mean she's sold her soul? It doesn't mean she's been initiated has she? What would have brought on such a drastic changement in her live performances?

I also noticed that at the end of this Brit performance, she didn't seem very happy or excited, could this be sadness due to what she's "forced" to do?
Is she really forced into this?

These are rhetorical questions. Nobody knows exactly.

EVERYONE has to sell their soul to be a big household name. It's obvious she did!

Once you sign a contract they own your life.

Anela> not everyone HAS to sell their soul to gain recognition. There is a certain version of fame that comes with selling out and perpetuating the agenda of the machine and this is exactly what we're witnessing with TS, JB, BS, all the Disney "singers" ect. Many artists gain fame the old fashion way – through talent, hardwork ect but BUT BUT BUT the system is making it very very difficult to MAINTAIN that fame without joining the other side. They will dangle the carrot of fame and then dangle the carrot of failure and explain that without the assistance they ( and only they) can provide, failure is inevitable. I am associated right at this very minute with people who have been taken by the machine and are being worked to climb the ladder. They are good, honest and hardworking people but I'm very interested to see what sort… Read more »

I think you got things right.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the system has gotten to the point where they CAN NO LONGER prefabricate a success (Britney being one of the last of those) and thus must now constantly find something real to corrupt.

That would explain quite a bit of what we've seen over the past few years….

I think this is true also. Have you seen what happened with Owl City (since we're speaking of Taylor Swift)? Used to be really big but (it seems) refused to sell out and so has disappeared off the radar for the most part. He's still here and there, for certain movies and being featured in certain songs, but the fame's shifted from how it was before. If reading his blog, he has quite a few God-centered posts as well so it's hard to tell what they're doing with him. I've not seen any of his award show performances either.

At the end she's just tired after all the dancing and singing…… so she's just expressionless now stop tiring your brain too much lol

If you have to even ask dude, there is your answer

I seen this with Madonna and so many others.
She may have joined or she may be promoting them or this may be antics of hers.
Other celebrities did bizarre stuff too even Kanye West who I also do not really like.
I do not hate Kanye West,yet I am not a fan of his.

Thank you for showing me the light. VC is a true hero.

I know I’m late to the game, but I’ve reviewed that “performance” and most of the comments. First, let me apologize for a dumb comment about this turning me on. After reviewing it, I regret saying that. I agree with the commenters who said the white dress is a wedding dress. Another commenter said that the dancing in the black outfit represents the wedding “bed.” I want to carry this discussion to the logical conclusion. As Taylor’s dancing, gyrations, and writhing become more and more frenzied, so do the lights in the temple. I think it symbolizes ejaculation and the consummation of the union with Taylor. It seems her fall from grace is complete, especially with her blank stare at the end..

This is eye opening and disturbing. Comparing this performance with the similar one in 2012, the sexuality in this one is more overt, especially around 2:30 when Taylor is on her knees and arches way back, symbolically offering herself sexually. Also, at the end of the 2012 performance. Taylor smiles to the audience. Perhaps they cut away while she was still in character, but at the end of the 2013 performance, her expression is hauntingly empty. The scary part is that her beauty and sexuality make her a very powerful seductress and temptress.

As some commenters have said, the white (wedding) dress represents the “marriage” itself. The black dress represents the physical interaction. Finally, Taylor’s gyrations, writhing, and dancing get more frenzied and the lights in the temple flash faster and faster, symbolizing the consummation of the union with Taylor.

May be a Arcimboldo’s painter process to hide the satanic icon

wow thousands of fans screaming and not even a smile i think she knows that shes in trouble .. too late taylor was one of the good ones …this is why i listen to country music

Its in country music too, was at a Jason Aldean concert and he had flaming pyramids behind him.


People have problems in their mind..

I Really Really Like Taylor .. Even HEre At Philippines She's really IdoLized By Filipino's
But When This REports CAme … THey FElt Very DisCourage … 🙁
But I THink She's Not An ILLuminati at all .. 😀 Cause She's Kind And Lovely Girl Who Write songs
ANd All Of HEr Songs Are TRuly About "LOVE" .. :"D THat's She's Popular Cuz God's Know That She Really Work HArd To AChieve This Goals .. 😀



Anti christ is here and In hiding wouldn't be all this blatant show for no reason!

From the Philippines by the way 🙂

Great. Another illuminati artist.

Peer into the darkness for yourself and you'll find that it's a swirling vortex that sucks you deeper and deeper all the while making you think you're being freed to your true self. There but by God's grace am I. He snatched me back from the very fires of hell. Illuminate or satan himself? Is there really a difference?

Another part of the ritual was watching her on her knees and throwing her head down and back, just like beyonce did at the Superbowl. Like she was bowing.

I just noticed on 4:15 to 4:16 look to the ornaments on the left plus the flashes of light, it is the eye…
a flash inside it, in a fraction of second, (I could capture on the 1st time I watched and now I cant find it, but I am pretty sure it makes a perfect eye of Horus) SERIOUSLY

I really don't know why she wasn't smiling coz she always does and I wish she was forced coz she is normally kind hearted and innocent I never imagined seeing her as a bad girl!!! PLZ TAYLOR DON'T BE A ILLUMINATI!!! I still have faith even though there are enough proofs throught her songs and actions!

Its just a pop performance.. then she donated her prize to the charity then you will just call her like that?

With our monetary system at a local definitely is, I’m choosing to make info on filing for jobless bonuses. This inspiration were to illustrate how our jobless machine works, what is the fixed is going to be taking and rejecting professes, immediately soon after which add books within my own engagement ring information in what the supreme maneuvers in addition extremely common goof ups are typically submitting redundancy elements.

And the lyrics have nothing to do with any stupid illuminati activities!

she seems to be the most modest puppet….

Taylor Swift !!!!! What is happening to you ??! Please, keep away from the illuminatus ! :'(

Her face at the end of the performance's creepy. Can see it in her eyes that she is somewhat like doubtful but she did it. Hmm.

" the Taylor I Knew " Don't be silly . ALL major Artists are groomed from the day they sign their Contracts and told what they're EXPECTED to do , including their Transformations which are all PLANNED years in Advance .

It's not hard to predict she'll be doing same as Beyonce , Rhianna changing to leather , alter personality and gradually more lewd and vulgar lyrics ….

i hope they didn't get demi lovato 🙁

Whatta absolutely cracking performance!
Brilliant from Taylor as always!

I knew this would happen to Taylor Swift when I found her genre was country pop….have her start out country then bring on the sexy popstarness. Personally this was not gyrating and I know what gyrating is and Taylor Swift has no rhythm what so ever and poor girl needs to stick to country cause pop ain't for everyone,her live performance her vocals are not that good. I could do better than that without be half naked.