Why is Queen Elizabeth’s Nurse Wearing a Masonic Belt?

This massive buckle features the Masonic compass and square and a pentagram - another important Masonic symbol used in ceremonial magick.

Every time a story involves the British Royal family, mass media are quick to document every single detail of it. When Queen Elizabeth left King Edward VII Hospital on March 3rd, news sources covered the event extensively, even describing her outfit, her pearl necklace and her brooch.

There is however one significant detail mass media completely ignored. Check out the nurse’s belt buckle.

The Queen's nurse is wearing a belt buckle bearing Masonic symbols.
The Queen’s nurse is wearing a belt buckle bearing Masonic symbols.


This massive buckle features the Masonic compass and square and a pentagram - another important Masonic symbol used in ceremonial magick.
This massive belt buckle features the Masonic square and compass alongside a pentagram – another important Masonic symbol that is used in ritual magick.

According to the Library and Museum of Freemasonry, this belt buckle was given to nurses who trained at the Royal Masonic Hospital, a private hospital for Freemasons and other fee-paying patients. The Royal Masonic Hospital stopped existing in 1992 but its belt buckles are apparently still worn by “elite” nurses such as the one who treated the queen.

It is interesting to see how symbols of power appear in places of power.

Handshake with the Queen. A privilege not allowed to commoners.
Handshake with the Queen

Remember that King Edward VII Hospital is where Kate got hospitalized due to a pregnancy-related illness, which led to the suicide of one of the nurses.


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The thing that I have found the most shocking about this whole article is how rude, patronizing, and nasty some people can be to others, simply because their opinion differs to their own.

Are we not supposed to be encouraging open minds qnd hearts?

Nurses, they cannot wear crosses, the necklace with a cross has been banned, but they can wear lots of freemasonic symbols and satanist's symbols. And this in a country when the Church of England is the official Religion. Great.

Of course they don't like thm to wear crosses. It might be an archaic symbol however if you are a believer wearing a cross protects you from evil. I do belive in the power of the cross. Symbols are not symbols for nothing ie. the pyramid etc.

Lets not forget the queens octopus brooch…. Also very symbolic.

Good eye 😉 I noticed that too. The octopus is also an intelligence agency symbol MI6 etc.

Anyone that is even "mildly" awake can see that there is something here that is more than coincidence. Red and Blue symbology, the handshake, the date, the hidden in plain sight, the belt buckle, the brooch. There is a reason why this blatant show of symbology is out on the main stream media. They NEVER do this unless it is for a reason. They always leave it for us to figure out.

figuring it out requires an output of energy, which they happily collect. maybe its not the best idea to continue to fret about it over and over again.

What Americas real deal is – http://www.in5d.com/40-outrageous-facts-most-peop

This is eye opening….btw after working 10 yrs in the USA I knew it is slavery…i called it modern day slavery or slavery with pittance……sad sad world…the most evil vile sinister people are from Europe. God needs to intervene quickly. Am absolutely tire of this world!

What are people's opinions on Kate Middleton then?

She probably knows or doesnt know as yet what she's getting into like Princess Di

But William seems so protective of her, perhaps partly because of what happened to Diana. Surely he would know what was going on being in line to the throne?

I doubt Williams know his mom was killed….am sure they have em under mind control or protects them from outside news etc…who knows…time surely tells

I'm a big fan of VC and really believe that we should all open our mind and think for ourselves. But I think this article – and certainly a lot if it's replies – have gone too far. You can find a story in anything if you try enough, but the point is we're meant to be opening our mind, not finding things to fit!! Even if the belt is Masonic, the wearer is probably not aware of the symbolism and is just wearing a belt as many other nurses do. And the hospital itself is not a private facility for Freemasons, it just happens that a nurse working there trained at such a hospital. There could equally be nurses there who trained in religious institutions. I fear that believing things blindly to the degree of seeing conspiracy in a handshake or the colour of a nurse's uniform are the… Read more »

Even if the belt is masonic? What? It's openly masonic, and masons run hospitals. The person wearing it is aware of the symbolism if they are trusted to take care of that queen.

Yeah I agree with you Tim, nobody would be running about wearing masonic symbolism and not have any clue about wearing it and come on a masonic hospital lol masonic nurses ffs!? Yeah am sure thats all just a coincidence ffs "hidden in plain sight" Just cause its out there for all to see doesnt mean that its as it appears to be!!

Also as far as I am aware there are more secret aspects to masonry than it appears to "outsiders!" with regards to the secrecy within secrecy!

I thought we all already knew that!? DIfferent levels of the pyramid!! I wonder where Q is in that pyramid!? and these masonic nurses!?

Sorry, my sentence wasn't well worded. I agree that the belt contains Masonic images, I meant that although it is Masonic it does not absolutely mean that the Nurse knows what that symbolism means. Nobody other than the Nurse herself knows whether she does or not. I'm just trying to be open minded and look at all angles.

They wouldn't let just anyone tend to the old bag. Nurses also don't typically wear belt buckles, much less massive ones with masonic symbols.

They wouldn't let just "anyone" I agree she obviously is a very highly trained and trusted nurse, and it may have something to do with where she trained etc that she is in this role. I'm not denying that the hospital she trained at or the belt she was wearing is Masonic. And on that basis, the more I think about it the Nurse may well have known the origins of the symbolism. I'm not sure though what that would actually mean for this situation? Are people suggesting that it was worn and publicised deliberately to suggest that the Queen is a Mason? I'm just struggling to see any evidence that really shows why the belt was worn and who was involved in that decision, therefore other than the belt being present there seems to be a lot of assumptions being made. A lot of older nurses, particularly senior ones… Read more »

the wearer probably not aware? you probably wrong.. jimmy saville abuse children in government hospital, they have some room for evil ritual, tavistock is another. Who in the right mind would love all that sickness, but it happens obviously, the different is the believer is opening the mind, you don't sounds very open, big fan of VC, really?

The difference between me and yourself is that I am more than happy to admit that I could be wrong. I do not pretend to know for sure what is happening in the minds of the people in these pictures. Before I started reading VC – and yes, I am a big fan, and have learnt a lot from this site – I would never have known what Masonic symbols are. I was totally ignorant, as are a lot of people – as is frequently pointed out on this site. So is it not perfectly possible that this nurse is one of the ignorant?

you said about she probably not aware, then i said to you that you probably also wrong, so which one in this context that i was pointing out my self? i was not even talk about my self or my opinion, here we are reading this great article such an eye opener in my opinion which i find really useful because, if you really learn about all of this symbols and royal bloodline, you would agree with VC, why are u defending royal or nurse, if they wanna make it so secret then they should stop splashing around the symbol everywhere, actually those symbol its where their energy is, is where their evil magic communicate with powers. I'm not making opinion i read about this, so as VC, Its the symbol saying everything louder than words… someone who shake queens hand without gloves is not just commoners, will mean something… Read more »

btw i'm not pretending, i'm here to gain and sharing my concern, you probably the one who pretending by saying you are a fan of VC, yet you don't know how important a symbol were… like seriously, she's not a nurse from out of nowhere village somewhere she's she queen's nurse, one of them died related whatever the media said, its fishy

I never said you were pretending, I said that I am not pretending to know what is going on. As in, I am not trying to tell you something, I am simply offering you my opinion.

I am a genuine VC fan and know the significance of Masonic symbols. What I am saying is that how can you know FOR SURE that the Nurse wearing it does? That is what I mean by we need to consider the options to be truly open minded. There was a time when I wouldn't have known what Masonic symbols were, so why is it not perfectly possible that the Nurse could not know?

you mean she just probably wear anything that gave it to her in that hospital where she trained and handshake the queen with barehands yup, its all just coincidence, you said probably ( sounds you pretty sure )… OR MAYBE is better words, oops nope, you are trying to state that i should not see the symbol, hide in plain sight… well i really carefully taken your words like taking the symbols seriously, there is no such thing as pretending to know, there's only assumption like what ever who have a brains to think whatever conclusion is… you use pretending, which also interesting to choose of words… you probably pretending its a sum. I was paying attention to this article in the beginning and it seems VC is in the radar, and always some people like you making this justification of trying to make things blurry… i would not surprise… Read more »
Seriously!? I am quite clearly not trying to tell you not to see the symbol, because as you say it is there in plain sight, and I have admitted that I recognize it to be Masonic. I am asking people to consider that whatever the imagery itself may mean, we cannot be certain of the reason why it is on display on this particular occasion. Or of who is involved in the intention to display the imagery, if indeed there is an intention. I have also simply expressed my concern that making leaps into ideas such as that the blue colour of the nurse's uniform is of significance could be going too far, seeing as most senior nurses in the country were blue. Basically, I am being OPEN MINDED and applying an objective and rational thought process to things that I see and read. If in your eyes that means… Read more »

whocares about you, infact none of your words affect me. i don't even read the whole paragraph of yours, i don't listen or believing on your meh comment, i ONLY believe in VC, so suck your words back, its scheiß!

At no point have I been personally offensive to you, and have merely tried to have an open, intellectual debate.

But as you said yourself, you are not willing to listen to the opinion of others. You only believe in VC? You should be careful about following anybody blindly. I am proud to be thinking for myself.

You claim to be open minded, but you are simply believing in ideas that are not mainstream. As soon as anybody challenges the ideology that you believe in, you shut down and refuse to listen as quickly as the masses who refuse to see symbolism in anything.

In that specific sentence you have not passed an opinion… But your overall posts suggest that you have made up your mind and are not willing to consider that you could be wrong.

Yes the nurse is wearing a Masonic belt, but what does that really PROVE? I am not defending anybody, and maybe there is something too it… All I am saying is that from an objective viewpoint I feel that on this occasion too many big leaps are being made

There have been shocking responses in the media about people touching the queen. Prime ministers were scolded, michelle obama got accused of a faux-pas, by putting a hand on her back. I have been to an official event with the queen of the netherlands (E2 's sort of half-sister). you don't get near them.
These people use laws in which they are considered divine. ruling as appointed by god.
it is not possible this is just some nurse, allowed to touch the queen, even ignoring the whole symbolism part. And you do not get to wear belts like that if you have not earned it.
to be honest it seems unhygienic. unless the buckle is pure silver…

No it is not going too far, this is i think one of the more practical examples
of what is everyday illuminati life.

What I mean by going too far, is the fact that in this particular article there seems to be very little evidence and a lot of assumptions being made. I agree that the nurse is wearing a belt containing Masonic symbolism, but what else do we actually KNOW? I also feel that posts suggesting ideas such as the Uniform being blue are symbolic are far fetched considering that most senior nurses in the country wear blue. Yes it is unusual for the Queen to shake hands with somebody, but is it not possible that it is a way of offering respect to the person who has been caring for her? That nurse will already have needed to touch the Queen to complete any examinations and measurements. So is it not perfectly possible that that is why the Queen is more willing to be touched by her? Again, I'm not trying… Read more »

I believe there could be secrecy within the secrecy of freemasonry. They seem to only attempt to illumine the people who aren't followers of Christ and those who seek power. This is why so many good people will swear up and down that freemasonry is just a lodge to discuss finances for the hospitals, even ones who were at the top. They are telling the truth because it's the truth in their reality. I still don't understand the need to secrecy for just drinking beer and funding hospitals, but then again I find frats deplorable and any kind of male-only comradery to be stupid, so maybe I am just incapable of understanding.

Interesting how everyone defending Masonry in these comments has taken a patronizing tone.

They don't have any evidence to counter the facts, so their philosophy is the same as racists and other irrationally prejudiced people – i.e. 'those who aren't exactly like us must be stupid/crazy etc'. It's not so dangerous online, but this mere attitude is also why they label higher profile individuals as schizos and get them institutionalised and tortured if they speak out.

It's bizarre that it symbolises the Wiccan star. Which was the earth, fire, water and air then the circle being spirit. It was a Wiccan star and most women ruled the lands when this star reigned… But the Catholics killed 100,000 women and changed all the goddess symbolism to fit the Catholics. Eostre was the spring goddess now we know at as an egg and birth of Christianity

Eostre is the European survival of the Ishtar cult from the Ancient Near East. I am a woman and feminist and I think there is a very positive tradition of goddess worship that needs to be acknowledged, but there is also a dark occultic tradition. Ishtar is Babylon, the goddess supposedly at the heart of the Illuminati practice, the underworld, dark, devouring mother archetype, to whom child sacrifices were made.

All gods/goddesses are demons except the One True God. Don't be fooled by the deceptive liars. They've been doing it for thousands of years.

This is pretty offensive.

Why are a feminist? They support lesbians and abortions. I don't want to have anything with them and their doctrines. Rockfellers weren't the ones who financed the feminist movement? Aaron Russo spilled all the beans about them before he passed away.

Why are *you a feminist?

Because I am a woman and we have rights.

Nurse didnt have any other belt?! Guess that''s her only belt *sarcasm*

Or maybe she got given more than one by the hospital upon qualifying, but they both look the same? Or maybe this is her favourite and so she choose to wear it knowing she would be caring for the Queen?

I couldn't possibly know the thinking behind all of this, so am not pretending to. All I'm saying is we do need to consider the options if we want to be objective.

It is real…goats will say we are paranoid….its in plain sight….shameful

Check out the red-and-blue theme…I think that has some significance, can't remember exactly what offhand.

Those stupid Obama "Hope" window stickers from 2008 had the red and blue theme.

Two of Charles Manson's disciples, Sandy and Squeaky, were known as "Blue" and "Red," respectively. I think it has something to do with mind control.

I thought there might be something significant in that too.

Is it just coincidental that the red in the Q's coat is the same as the red in the nurses belt or at least very close!!

you the one who need to do research, wtf, missinformation, people like you stopping a real information, ausetChild, or are you michelle again? never give up ay

Ugly lizard people!

because there is no 'kingdom' in world in last 500 years which is not jew


Very symbolic. Chavez was also 58 yrs old, 5+8=13. A definite Illuminati number.

or, his death was announced on the anniversary of Stalin's death. There were rumours that Chavez died several months ago and it has been kept secret until now.

wow if thats true, thats crazy….im in the caribbean and reading todays papers it says the suspect the united states had sum hand in chavez having cancer…….it even says foul play. This world is crazy, governments trying to get rid of each other. Wat wud the citizens of every country have to face in times to come….i quiver at the thought.

of 2013…..

Thats interesting and I think you might be right!!

Aren't 33 Degree masons the highest ranked Masons? Did this Masonic "display" happen on 3/3 of the year 2013?

I found this whole situation to be rather strange especially after reading the following article and with the recent resignation of the pope!

I know this court isnt formal EU law but I dunno its certainly interesting given recent events and even stranger with this nurse thing with the belt and well you know all the other stuff!

What to expect… Years ago I was forewarned that dedicated luciferians pick a medical carrier just for eveldoing.Any sacrifice easy to justify as mere incident… Same is true about army-remember Todd story?Impunity and cover-up…..Just thinking….

the nurse looks like a royal cunt too


"The Queen meets thousands of people each year in the UK and overseas. Before meeting Her Majesty, many people ask how they should behave. The simple answer is that there are no obligatory codes of behaviour – just courtesy.

However, many people wish to observe the traditional forms of greeting.

For men this is a neck bow (from the head only) whilst women do a small curtsy. >>>>>Other people prefer simply to shake hands in the usual way. <<<<<<"

Taken from the official royal page. I wholly agree that the masonic belt is weird and probably/definitely means something, but VC please as you do so well otherwise stick to the proven facts!

I don't think there is anything dodgy in the handshake… it's not a rare privilege.

Keep up the high standard of this site please!!

Is it just me, or is there is clearly sinister glint in the Queen's eyes in the first photo?

The photo is so scary. I mean her look ugh

I think it's always there. She's creepier than ex-Pope Benedict.

hehe all of them alook scary, Soros, the Pope etc. They look like little demons.

To be expected from a family of occultists, becoming more brazen. Prince Phillip's nazi membership given homage by Harry (wearing a nazi uniform at a party – oh, it was but a 'costume' – right), and Charles admits being related to Vlad the Impaler:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b23_QiDJC1w http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/prince-cha

And the death of that poor nurse who allowed the radio prank is still shrouded in secrecy…no doubt in my mind she was "dealt with."

When it comes to her type…I start to like David Ike's Reptilian theory.

Preserve us from internet nutters and their lack of knowledge. Prince Philip was never a Nazi and indeed fought bravely and with distinction against Fascism. His mother is enrolled in the Avenue of Righteous Gentiles at Yad Vashem for saving Jews during WW11 at some risk to her own life. And your anti-Nazi credentials – existing in your make believe world trolling at your computer?

His mother bwcame a nun. Very odd, don't you think?

What to expect at Disneyland: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/05/world/asia/soci

I totally agree about the crony thing, however, the Eastern Star is an upside down star signifying the feminine, if I am not mistaken. I still believe that most of this is, in and of itself, neutral. But that it can be used for 'good' or 'bad'. I don't like the 'royals' much, I use quotes because Lady Di had twice as much right to that golden commode as they do. Also, I hope that Charles dies as he his being sworn in, but before they finish. Just saying.

A five pointed star does represent the sacred feminine, especially the goddess Venus, because of the pattern that the planet Venus makes in the sky. But it's not that simple. In occult doctrine as laid out by such people as Helena Blavatsky, Kenneth Grant and Aleister Crowley, the Mother and Son god of the dark occultic strain are at some point one and the same, undifferentiated. Blavatsky says that once the Son separates, he becomes the Father, in relation to the Mother. The Son/Mother religion supposedly practiced by the Illuminai is what Grant calls the Typhonian tradition, the son being the occult god Set (the more archaic form of Satan) and his mother Typhon. So any symbol that represents one can also represent the other. Confusing, yes. The fact that it's upside down is also what makes it occult or dark – the Solomon knot, as the pentangle is also… Read more »

Well, why do you think she is? Probably because the hospital was built by the Masons & Satanists and/or this nurse is QEII private nurse who was properly trained in Royal etiquette. This nurse no doubt has huge Masonic connections i.e., Eastern Star or a high degree family link. 'by their fruit you will recognise them', Matthew 7:20 as Turnkey quoted.
"A handshake that is not granted to commoners". Doesn't that tell anybody anything about the nurse, then??!!
As usual VC, you have done a great job exposing the filthy Illuminati of this earth.

Wow. The last paragraph had me shocked. I read so many if your articles, it's so typical to me. But this was like a new puzzle piece put together. Whoa!

noting deep about it………..dirty filthy robbing murdering scumbag pedophiliac Bastard's, quite simple really 🙂

Im with you on that one wicklowdude

They probably sacrificed that nurse n a ritual then lied to us as usual. that is an evil hospital that practice sin in the site of the Lord!

Ohhhhhh peeeeleeaaaseeeeee!!!!!!!? The hospital sucrifised that nurse???? no no no. you take it all wrong. im a nurse too and i can tell u yhat nurses are the stuff members that are the most likely to do mistakes: dealing with patients, families,doctors and medications under a lot of pressure and very short in time. that alone can couse a very stressfull situations and if a mistake is done all the nurses i ever met took it very,very hard because people that work in nursing are very devoted . that poor woman had a bag full of personal issues i guess,and along with that stupid joke she freaked out. in hibrow thares a saying:that was the strow that broke the camel'l back.

I amm ay nurs to! Donnt lett youre lak off educashun holld yu bakk. Nurs's donnt nedd educashun.

You rock.

Lovve yu to!
Antd riememburr inn hibrow strow camel'l, "yhat nurses are the stuff members that are the most likely to do mistakes."


Im not an english speaker by origin. if my spelling causes you impotence…..maybe i can get you some madications to solve the problem. but im not educated enogh. You shoulnt count on me. P**n is better

PS:how silly of me,impotece!!! not impotense!!!!! any way,you gave the most simple explanation of way that nurse commited suicde. becaus arrogant people like you treated her like s**t and humiliated her for not being a perfect english speaker. she was of an indian origin. not illuminatti and illit killed her. only people like you,that belive that others are not educated/stupid if they dont write their second language perfectly. how many lang uages do you speak?? can you write without mistakes completly?

strange and persistent pattern of comments in response to this brief post–

VC must be on someone's radar.

"There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it."

"… by their fruit you will recognize them."
Matthew 7:20

And there we go again, the best place to hide it is in plain sight, I think this is the lesson there. Of course the media would not comment about that detail, smh

The two symbols on the nurses belt along with the one eye symbolism and pyramid symbolism seems to be every where in today's world.. This imagery keeps showing up on t.v shows (kid shows) kids toys, movies, music, Hollywood, media, clothing, magazines ect. Yet it is treated like a big elephant in the room or like a crazy joke…(but I am quite sure this is no joke) In my opinion it does seem odd that the queen has to be escorted out by a nurse wearing this kind of belt with these two symbols in site, plus the queen is shaking the nurses hand with her glove off (not something the queen does very often)?? Also was Kate Middleton escorted out of that hospital with a nurse in this type of uniform??? No. So why then does the queen have to be??? And what about nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who worked… Read more »

Your answers about this matter and your insight into these mysterius syhmbolism and coincidences, are not far fetced, and it is a fact of life.
No less a fact of life, that the United Kingdom and the UnIted States holding the World at ransom with their BONDS AND PRINTED MONEY. Why did the Queen Knight Bush ? The list is very long!
Kind regards

Because they are related. Look at them, they might even be cousins. All of them appear to be in it.

It was shown during the (s)election cycle that bush, cheney, and obama are related (along with mccain and kerry if memory serves). All going back to 17th century Massachusetts. It wouldn't be a big surprise if that relation is linked to the royals…

I hate to be Johnny Raincloud, but Masonry isn't witchcraft or "magick." In fact, its principles led to the American Revolution and the French revolution. Its tenets and philosophy have certainly been subverted by a handful of unscrupulous individuals, but the vast majority of Masons, whom you may call "blind" to the "truth", are good, honest folks. I think the same could be said of any large organization.

and who is behind french and american revolution? illuminati of course, what are they? satanic, worshipping devil, they are witches and they doing evil ritual, sacrificing innocence of people, kidnap and killing innocent children, maybe not all masonry is devil worshipper.. maybe they are good people who don't know about devilish act, oh wait is it freemason who make gothic church with one eye craft all over europe and liberty statue or hecate?

This is likely true…most freemasons probably don't know what the orginization they serve are up to. I believe the issue here is that the queen is….well…the queen. She has power and influence…yada yada; kind of like many of the other people in leadership around the world. The issue is that too many people of power and priveledge are sporting the same kind of symbols. Maybe we know what they mean by it…maybe we don't…but you'd have to be willfully ignorant to not see that there is something going on in the elite power circles. Then when you look at the outcome and how "normal" (term used loosely) people are treated around the world…can't be good. I think what bothers me the most is that even if your aren't driving the bus…you have to see what road you're on; or in the case of the extremely blind, you at least have… Read more »

I agree in parts. Witchcraft =/= magik. Yes, freemasons do practice magik. There is a theory that says the Freemasonry was hijacked by an globalist group decades ago, who have not so good ideals for the World. And yeah – the vast majority of masons are good people. But they're only blue masons. Maybe they'll never know what is in the top of pyramid. Like M.P.Hall said, there's an occult freemasonry behind the freemasonry.

Two men you need to read up on: Albert Pike (his books can be read for free online) and Adam Weishaupt.

The American Revolution was a show, for we never actually seceeded. We are still a British colony, our SSNs are issued through international banks, and we are all literally human capital. Slaves to the state. World conflicts are manipulated events that are never what they seem – fought by human labor units for purposes of distraction or to further the old bloodlines plans for the world.

The masonic compass and square logo represents the same celestial object as the dollar sign $$$ which is Saturn. They originate in the 3×3 magic square pattern which is used in calculating MAGnetism, where the word MAGic originated. You can read about it here:

Saturn in ritual magic represents the forces of:
containment, definition, limit, time, death, and stagnation.

Take a gander at what they've named the winter storm that's about to hit the eastern US.

the NWO are getting more brazen… they're dropping hints and leaving clues all over for us to find…

Either they consider this their endgame or the clues themselves are meant to distract good hearted people like the ones that frequent this board. We give an awful lot of energy to them by researching and discussing this stuff ad finitum with little to no solutions being offered. Those that offer Christ and religion as a path to protection couldnt be on more of the wrong track – worshipping anything creates the same type of energy siphoning that the NWO seeks to, and purposefully. They write the books, as it were.

The buckle goes nicely with the pyramid in the grounds of Balmoral Castle, the queens Scottish residence.

My coworker's son in law is the groundskeeper at Balmoral castle!

Go through any cemetery and you will find old headstones for women with the Eastern Star. This is not evil, the wives joined Freemasonry with their husbands and did/do a great service to Humanity. They were proud of their contributions. The Freemasons have been infiltrated by the Nazi/Zionist ETs and that is why many have become corrupted and evil. But not all. Has it ever occurred to you that it just may be the Freemasons, of pure heart and good character, who unite and put an end to this Luciferian takeover of the U.S.? Freemasons must wake up, and stop this! Call upon them! They are close to the problem, know the players, are in every level of industry, politics, science, etc., and have the power to end the destruction of the U.S. and ultimate takeover of the World by an evil that is not of this world but has… Read more »

Lucy? Nice name….If they are so good and pure, why the secrecy?

My boyfriends father was a local Freemason. He was in many clubs, but NEVER spoke of his activities with the Masons. Also disappeared for days on end, which may or may not be connected to the club.

The eastern star refers to Venus as the morning star, which is associated in the Bible directly with Lucifer. Whether you believe that or not, you can't really blame other people for doing so since the connection is laid out so explicitly:

"How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been thrown down to the earth, you who destroyed the nations of the world."

The Eastern Star don't help their own case that they aren't Luciferian by using an upside down pentragram as a symbol.

Thank you Lucy. Im tired of people thinking that Freemasons are the worshipers of the devil… There are good and bad people in every order of anything in life. When I went before the brothers of the chapter the 1st question that was asked to me was am i a believer in christ and do i follow him. How is that the followers of the the devil? People that cant understand will try to tare things down.

Yes some do try to TARE things down. How very right you are!!!!!

I would have a problem with Masonry even without occult connections. It's guilty of generations of nepotism, hoarding power and opportunity within its ranks and protecing its members. I agree wholeheartedly with John Quincy Adams, who felt that secret societies posed a threat to democracy. He felt that a politician swearing an oath upon pain of death to such a society presented a clear conflict with his oath of office. He also felt it would undermine due process if judges and lawyers felt a loyalty that might corrupt them.

JFK spoke out as well:
"For we are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence; in infiltration instead of invasion; on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice; on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined, its dissenters are silenced, not praised; no expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the cold war, in short, with a wartime discipline no democracy would ever hope to wish to match. …"

Thanks Watson. I needed that. This speech Never gets old.

Go on and beleive what you are saying… As for me I will never forget the facts and events tha took place before my yeys.Nothing is more satanic than masonic lodges.I know all too well how to get promoted to higher degrees.Luciferian beasts ave commited andless atrocities and worse to come. ORDER OUT OF THE CHAOS.I would prefer to never know what that means!!!!!!!!!But I do. Even if many hapless souls bought by lodge- mine is not included.

Following and worshipping ANYTHING leads us away from our purpose for being here. We came here to participate in creation, not to participate in worship. Quite the misleading question, if you ask me. The devil and every god thats been worshipped since time immemorial are propped up by the same set of beings – manipulative astral creatures that think they run this plane, and trick people into feeding them energy to stay connected to us The real Jesus' teachings are largely destroyed as were his first students and his first students writings. Think about it – we have worshipped gods and goddesses for millenia – have things EVER gotten better? No. Have we been ruled by the same bloodlines for millenia? Yes. Must be a connection there.

Sorry,have i missed something?? since when zionists are evil???

Since they started burning down Palestinian villages and murdering/torturing Arab children for the purposes of colonial expansion. Since we're on the subject of Freemasonry…(although Zionism is so secular and man made that the Zionists are currently rewriting the Bible in order to justify it)…numerous Zionists are also on a crusade to rebuild and revive the Temple of Solomon in Palestine, so perhaps it's more than just an obsessive hunger to whiten the Middle East.

NB this is NOT occult knowledge. If you want to know more then your local university will have tons of library books and may even be providing regular lectures on the topic (though maybe not so much if you live in America – I hear that things are much more restricted over there).

There is confusion on this issue. Some people think that the Illuminati are the Tribe of Dan, Canaanites who kept the worship of old Semitic gods like Baal, etc. They lived near Mount Hermon, also called Mount Sion. That is where the Nephilim supposedly came down to earth. Sion is confused with Mount Zion in Jerusalem, perhaps deliberately as obfuscation as to true purpose. The conspiracy theory is that the Illuminati want to rebuild the Temple in order to install the Antichrist in it to legitimize his reign. The secret society the Priory of Sion is supposedly connected to this plot, and to the Merovingian line, the seed of David related to Christ from whom the Antichrist is supposed to rise. So it's not regular Judaism we're talking about re: Zionism, it's this darker, Nephilitic occult tradition.


You're talking about the richest people in the world. They have everything. There is nothing that they cannot buy. The enemy comes to them and tempts them just like he tempts the rest of us… with covetousness, jealousy, envy. Always wanting something *more*. It's the same sin since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. So what can he tempt these people with if they can buy whatever they want? Power. Not just any power, but satanic power. And he makes it seem as if it is the highest form of power. They are his puppets. They think that they can gain more power by throwing these symbols around (among other things), so they do it. They are evil, wicked people.

Thank you, Thank You boxoff, again my point made

Mason's are not a secret society, but an organization/fraternity of secrets.

Vernal Equinox March 20, 2013

3/22 – number of skull and bones, also the release date for "olympus has fallen" – what an odd movie title for an attack on the white house movie. Painfully symbolic, dont you think? The first time I saw the commercial, I actually said, "Oh what now – is it going to be released on March 22nd, too?" and sure enough, it is. Hah.

It's all very boring and un-mysterious. For all those who haven't entered the modern age and don't know how to look up information using a computer. http://www.freemasonry.london.museum/os/wp-conten

Yes, yes. Just close your eyes and go back to sleep. Nothing to see here. Let the freemasonic website on the internet explain it all away. Just shut off your questions. Don't look any deeper, and certainly don't WORRY!

Now granted there are shady and mysterious things in this world, but some folks see a conspiracy no matter what. Don't argue with them, they are always right even when information shows otherwise.

If you can produce any evidence that the reason the nurse is wearing a masonic belt is for any other reason than she trained at a facility founded by freemasons, we're all ears… From the self-assured tone of your comment, I assume you do?

If you can produce any evidence that the reason the nurse wearing a masonic belt is NOT related to any sinister actions of the occult secret societies, we're all ears…from the self-assured tone of your comment, I assume you do?

No. If you make outlandish or incredible statements, the burden of proof is on YOU. I could claim that Jesus was an alien from the Pleiades cluster and believe it with all my heart. Now, prove that isn't true.

Here's a video of what takes place at a high-level masonic initiation, complete with a sacrifice of what is reportedly a goat (and looks to be, at 7:14) on a riser covered with a pentagram. Whist wearing robes and hoods very similar to KKK garb (purely coincidental, to be sure…). The person filming this risked death:

Ignore her, Hatta (if that is your real name). She’s just another bleating sheep in the herd…

Or worse.

Michelle, you've posted about this being "normal" about 5-6 times now. Methinks you protest a little TOO much!

The trouble is, she is technically right – the media have made these things statistically normal to the public eye. Just remember that normal does not equal truthfulness.

How nice, a couple of English witches greeting each other. Notice the blue and red colors they are wearing. These represent the blue and red degrees of freemasonry. A member of the occult interviewed on Henry Makow said many nurses and doctors are insiders.

That bright red is quite an alarming ritual color! Although, good for hiding blood stains :p

Although it's easy to point the finger ("witch, witch, burn the witch"), on the flip side….

Pythagoreans called the pentagram "ὑγιεία Hugieia" (the Greek goddess of health was Hygieia) and they (Pythagoreans) believed that Hippocrates was the first to unite medicine and philosophy (which, despite some errors, laid the foundations for modern medicine). That's why all healthcare professions take the Hippocratic Oath. Needless to say, the pentagram occurs throughout classical history (if you do a little reading).

And the Freemason symbol? Could be something to do with the geometry. Her husband or father could be a mason. Or maybe it's to do with the fact that she used to work and was trained at a Freemason's hospital?

C'mon. I'm all for conspiracies and exposing truth, but you can't be that lazy about it. It's not journalism, it's finding the nutcases and poking them with an alien-shaped stick.

You might want to look a little deeper.. Yes, these symbols occurred throughout history, but WHY? Don't just read a history book and stop… What do these symbols mean? Look beyond the textbook definition. Look with your heart and mind. Try to intuit why the medical community uses a serpent on a staff.There's a reason why they are still using the symbols hundreds of years later- its not just pomp and circumstance.

the caudeus is mistaken for the rod of asperius ( not sure of the spelling) he was the god of medicine while the caudeus is the staff of Hermes in greek mythology and mercury in roman; both were messengers of the gods.

Exactly HPB, These symbols hold a meaning and purpose and use to represent something to the Occult/Elite, it doesnt matter what and how we think of them, its used for THEIR purposes because it means something to THEM

Either you're being sarcastic or you didn't read the article, I can't tell which. The article states that the belt buckles were given to these nurses who were trained at the Royal Masonic Hospital. Unlike your "could be's", this isn't a "theory", it's a proven fact.

ok. now i wonder if that belt is a part of the uniform of the nurses in that hospital. how can i find out?

It is all possible, but as you and I know, the meetings held in the United States, and who normally flies in via Denver under great secracy and privacy, always includes the house of the Queen of England ! Weird ?
Not at all, as she sits with her bum, on the Stone of DestinY, which was intheTemple of King Solomon of Israel. Weird ? He was after all the first of the Mason in this life time of our so called history. It ishissymbol on the Dollar Bill showing a Pyramid, and the one eye seeing everything !
Kind regards

It is not weird. The US apparently never seceeded from England. We are taught that in school, but do we really know if ANYTHING we learn in school is true? No. We are a corporate interest of Britain, pure and simple. That is why our news outlets are so insistent on forcing the British Royal family down our throats. None of us really care….but we should care as to why they are so blatant with media coverage. Its because they still own us 🙂

Because she was trained at a nursing college attached to a hospital run by freemasons.

Good catch, Christian. Yours is one of the few rational posts here. My Grandfather was a 32nd Degree Mason, and one of the kindest, most honorable men one could hope to meet.

That said, they aren't ALL angels. But this all seems pretty minor compared to any number of other ills in the world. Peace, all.

The Worlds ills are orchestrated by the people you're defending. Isn't that the point?

My grandfather was one as well. I think most of the lower level members have no idea of what is going on in the higher ranks. I was in a sorority in college, and had no idea of the evils involved; I only thought that the initiation, the symbols, and the chants were strange and silly. Now that I am educated on secret societies, I see that the lower level members are being screened. The ones that take it more seriously move on up to higher positions. I could share more on this, but I'll stop there. I will say though, if I knew then what I know now, I would have never participated in such deep, dark rituals. And the boys that I knew in fraternities went through even crazier initiations. One group even had to kill a goat with their bare hands. If you can get people involved… Read more »

I don't find it strange at all. What I do find strange is why the public who's obsessed with accessories and anything involving the Royal Family doesn't pick up on it. Guess too much brainwashing I guess. I feel like a crazy person bc I see the symbols everywhere!

Probably because their country (UK) is full of masonic halls which has made them familiar with the masonic symbols.

I dont mean to ruin the party, but maybe……. she simly has a bad tast and she got it in sone flee market. Just saying

lilac: Brilliant. No, really!

That's freakin hysterical!!! … I can't stop laughing!!

maybe her grandmother died and left her a huge amount of junk. just like my granny did. (poor granny left behind so many kitchen towels and hats. nevertheless not a single masonic item. maybe she gave it to my sister before she died. i always get the towels….)

Maybe she got it in some BDSM suvinier shop

Like you do. Take your horny nonsense and go somewhere else to release yourself. Trollop

I know i cant stop laughing myself…………

to watsons comment…………

its kinda like a modern day witch hunt & if you have ever seen the film " The Number 23" starring Jim Carrey where he slowly becomes obsessed with the number 23 that he eventually starts seeing it everywhere. I'm all one for truth and knowledge but soon things turn into a witch hunt and bext thing you know its the Salem Witch Trials all over again.

Sarah, I completely understand your statement that you feel you are going crazy because you see these symbols everywhere. After looking into conspiracy theories myself after some disturbing events in the news that seem strange and obviously staged, I now also see them everywhere! I walked up to my newly purchased car the other day after reading online about Jay-Z and Beyonce's Satanistic hand symbols and all about the "Illuminati" and Masonic symbology, etc etc –and for the first time I noticed a sticker on the driver's side and passenger's side windows of my car with a pyramid and a circle rising in it (the All-seeing Eye_….) OMG! I suppose I could have freaked out but I laughed instead because I'm starting to understand that this is all an illusion and has no power over anyone who believes in Christ, or whatever your idea is of our truly loving and… Read more »

@Cat Woman Are you serious when you recommend that New Age tripe “A Course in Miracles”??!! That book is not even refering to the same Christ as the Bible. The christ it refers to is identical to the christ that the theosophics speak of, aka Madame Blavasky and Alice Bailey. If you are a new ager fine, that is your prerogative, but christianity and “A course in miracles” is not even the same Christ, its different. If you dont believe me, look into Warren Smith, he came out of the new age, he studied extensively “A course in miracles” when he was in the new age, and he, among many others has exposed it for what it
is…new age theosophic doctrine CONTRARY to biblical christianity.

This is so strange! You don't miss anything VC!!

Yep he's like a hawk lol.