Taylor Swift’s Performance at the 2012 AMA’s: A Typical Initiation Ritual


We’ve seen in previous articles that music award shows are often rife with ritualistic elements that reflect the occult inner-workings of the entertainment industry. The elaborate musical performances of these shows are conceived to promote artists’ latest singles but also contain symbolism reflecting elite’s  Agenda and philosophy.

In the article on the 2009 VMA Awards, we’ve seen that Taylor Swift undergone a symbolic initiation ritual. In her performance at the 2012 American Music Awards, she appears to undergo another initiation, by partaking in the often seen “good girl gone bad” narrative, complete with a transformation symbolized by color codes. Let’s look at the performance.

Swift begins her performance in a virginal white dress. Notice the Masonic checkerboard pattern floors on each side of her.

Her performance takes place in what I like to call an “Illuminati Ball”: Parties where guests are masked and that are known to turn into all-out orgies (see the movie Eyes Wide Shut). For centuries, the occult elite enjoyed these masquerade balls. In more secretive circles, these events were also used to initiate new members.

Taylor Swift begins her performance in a white dress, representing purity and innocence. She is the new candidate for initiation and is welcomed by two masked individuals. In the background, we see a checkerboard pattern floor, the ceremonial Masonic surface on which transformative rituals occur.

Swift innocently dances around and mingles with some masked individuals for a while.

Who are these faceless individuals?

Then her transformation occurs.

Swift emerges from a pile of people wearing a red and black dress – symbol of sacrifice and initiation.

After Swift’s initiation, the set gets dark and things get nastier.

From dancing innocently, things get a lot more sexual. Do these moves symbolically allude to the orgy that happen in these Illuminati balls?

Swift’s song is called I Knew You Were Trouble and appears to be, at first glance, about  guy that is not too nice with her. However, after seeing the symbolic meaning of her performance, can this heartless “guy” actually represent the occult entertainment industry? Here’s the chorus:

“Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places I’d never been
So you put me down oh
I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places I’d never been
Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground”

Yes, being initiated into the industry can allow you to fly to new places…but it’ll eventually leave you lying on the cold hard (checkerboard) ground.




  1. Well I knew something was going to happen at one of these Award shows, they always do. Nothing surprising and nothing important to even discuss. It's a ploy, something to get peoples attention. It works..

    • Actually it's a NOT ploy to get peoples attention otherwise the main Stream media would be picking up issue and discussing it . Esoteric Symbols are never discussed in main stream media , where the average person gets his information .

      This is a great ,informative site however it's only obvious it doesn't reach 1 % of people that Fox , CNN , MTV reaches so it's getting a lot " peoples attention "

      The Reason for ceremony , is for sake of the ceremony it self ; to initiate artists and they know they CONTROL any discussion afterwards in MSM and pretty much can get away w/ almost anything in media , cause it's never challenge and once again , THEY CONTROL ALL of Main Stream Media .

  2. Do these celebs not realize what is going on, or are they so enticed by the money and the fame that they don't really care one way or another?

    • More than likely the latter…the dark nature of the industry has to be common knowledge by now, even if you don't buy into the ritualistic part

    • shibuya 109,

      The wave of music celebrities you see on the TV and front page of every magazine are in it SOLELY for the bling, worship and to boost their already over inflated egos. I know every generation moans about how bad music is 'today' compared to when they were young, but unlike music from the 50's through to the early 90's, the music today is predominantly Soul/R&B orientated. Music in the past was a mix proving individuality amongst the listeners unlike the group mentality today.

      Just as they're creating a one world banking system, government, people (mass migration of immigrants into alien lands) and culture, so to are they doing the same with music.

      I had a successful future as a musician when I lived in London. I was offered a few record deals, but when I saw what the music industry was and what the people were like (admin and performers) I got as far away as I could. These celebrities are nothing but materialistic narcissists. They measure their life by monetary wealth. They are drones and nothing more.

      • There was a brief period of indie rock music in the mid noughties though and it was a tad overdone with rubbishy cloney shouty indie rock bands coming onto the scene and the best ones such as the Kaiser Chiefs and Embrace only allowed to release two best selling albums before disappearing from the charts and then selling albums mainly to their followers. I think this was deliberately planned to get people pissed off with indie rock music to pave the way for Lady Gaga etc via Little Boots and Florence and the Machine and even rock fans lapping it up at first because it makes a change.

    • Some celebs are onto divination (witches) who know exactly what they do some are under mind control and are taken advantage of (gullible, money driven, young at first, used to generate millions) it depends! Usually those who get promoted into executives and CEO's are into divination & necromancy.. They become powerful handlers!

    • Some celebs are into divination (witches) who know exactly what they do some are under mind control and are taken advantage of (gullible, money driven, young at first, used to generate millions) it depends! Usually those who get promoted into executives and CEO's are into divination & necromancy.. They become powerful handlers!

    • Do u know what is really going on here? The guy who wrote this article is obsess with the what they call illuminatis and an act of entertainment made by a famous entertainer becomes a ritual in their minds. so they write articles like this. And good thing is? Those they call illuminatis dont know that they are, ONLY THE WRITER KNOWS
      Good job! Haha

      Just because a person is so damn famous doesny mean he or she has sold her soul to the devil
      Everybody knows it is not a wise decision…

      • The OP isn't implying that she is illuminati, but that the elites & handlers are. Hence the reason the for the stage & outfits and choreography. Taylor Swift claims it was written for her ex Harry Styles from 1 direction AFTER their breakup which was long before the AMAs.

        The reason the elites do this is for propaganda. Think mental warfare. An image shown repeatedly to impressionable young audience makes those kids putty in the elites hands. So controlling the actions (what to say what to do what to wear ect) of actors singers or anyone famous that children look up to like gods helps spread a message that otherwise wouldn't be heard…bc what kid would believe an old man…our even an outdated actor/singer.

        Tying it all together? The child viewing their "gods" would aspire them into being or acting like a star. N look at all the great singers these kids can act like…. Miley Cyrus – kissing girls boys and anything else, humping teddy bears, twerking (booty shaking) in booty shorts, grabbing her crotch…and only a few years ago she played Hanna Montana (who had dissociative disorder thru out that series, but I won't get into that). Lady GaGa – need I say more. Katy Perry – she kissed a girl & she liked it (this has nothing to do with me being anti gay(love is love to me) – but kids knowing she's strait and just likes to fool around with other girls -is what the elites want young children to partaken)

        See the pattern. & this goes for all mediathat is fed to children
        Hope u can make sense of that above

    • There are degrees, each having initiatory rites. However, re-enacting as it may be, public ceremonies focus attention on the intention, therefore we accept this dark occultism and its power is activated. All while letting insiders know something specific about swift.

    •  For it to be her initiated again she would have to be actually intiated in this music video lol That's not what's happening they are selling a song while brain washing us into finding all of this exciting and fun not scary and quite frankly crazy as they clearly know it is which is why they go to these lengths to get us used to it. Damn freaks of nature. Get the hell out!

    •  Well, you must read all that he said. He, himself said that she portrayed an initiation a couple of years ago….and that perhaps this was an initiation to another level? Or it could have been that she is portraying an initiation again. These shows are just shows…you did not think they were actual initiations did you? They are merely portrayals of occult initiations. One can portray something more than once. Now, as to the actual initiations that may or may not be occurring, they are probably not done in the shows.

      • Canadiangirl4life on

        There wasn't much change in her after the last initiation. But lately I have noticed she has changed alot. I think that may have been leading up to an initiation to a higher level. It's so sad, I loved this girl and her music!

      • They are actual initiations… Remember Whitney's death ritual? It's not a copy of a real ritual… They are real done in plain sight! They include us! We live in Baybalon weather we accept it or not most of us worship their deity with out knowing. We were conditioned our whole lives! Knowing the truth is more about "change" then anything! Yes we are aware but how many of u really renew their spirit after being enlightened?

      • Actually they was a HUGE change after the 2009 VMA's and her initial initiation. She was rewarded by winning almost every award available. Staring in movies, dating other insiders… Being on the A list. She sold her sold and that's it.
        Someone asked why do they do it … Most these people are Monarch programmed from youth, like Britteny Spears. But if you want to watch the process in action, watch the X Factor. Simon Cowell is an agent of the devil/ illuminati with the power to bestow wealth, fame and power to those he deems merit able. Note how the shows focuses on the contestants constantly stating how this is the most important thing in their life's. They will die with out this. I need to be famous like I need to breathe. So that is the first prerequisite.
        Intense payable upon death desire for fame. Then the shows takes these kiddies and moves them into an LA posh apartment, they hang out at the multi million dollar homes of the coaches and stars, meet other initiated ones/ stars/ icons such as Will I. am, Justin Bieber etc. get a good taste of fame power and money. The rest is a simple oath and document signed in your own blood. payable upon death, thg you will follow the mandates that chosen handlers will present to you. Photo sessions with occult significance, music lyrics promoting the occult agenda, allegiance to Lucifer… And you will enjoy the "things of this world." power, fortune, fame.
        John Todd on the music industry is a good YouTube.

    • Maybe the Kennedy "boy" raised her a level or two.  I'm guessing they get initiated to higher levels, like the mason's do. Notice how all these celeb's date each other, you never see them with an average person outside the industry.  Guess there's an oath to stay within the soul-selling celeb club. It's just so bizarre. They can have that life, if that's what they call it. They are controlled and their life is not their own.     

    • they can be initiated in diferent things, back then it was that she was maybe accepted to be with the group of elite artists, maybe now she has proved to be one, dont just rely on what you read and see here, do your research too :) and check all the minors detail in everything, not only is seeing beleiving, searching and finding is an important part of the quest.

    • exactly..how many times does this sweet, innocent, girly, swift to be initiated. and if she is a monarch victim, then its her satanic alters too…she is not fully aware.

    • innitiated once but they reach dif levels as they learn and give more of themselves and of course the blood sacrifice. it's levels dif colors – so this time she represented being walked into the elite pure in white then she gave blood sacrifice that turned her into the black side – she paid her dues and the red/black dress represents her reaching another level. not all black yet. that will be next. look at pink too, all her shows have been tests.

    • Thank you! And I mean her album is called Red, for goodness sake. And the video is about falling in love with a bad boy and becoming a worse person yourself, that's why she changed. You can find symbolism in anything if you try hard enough.

    • Yes, she was already initiated at the VMAs. He mentioned being initiated on a different level though, and he also mentioned this time it involves the whole “good girl gone bad” stage of every young female singer’s career. So maybe this was just initiating her transformation like Rihanna’s umbrella performance.

    • That was merely being initiated into the "brotherhood". But now she's moving up in the 'world' which calls for different initiations and ceremonies. Basically its a "I gave you fame, what are willing to do to keep/get more of it?" type of thing. Some people want to be part of the top level like Jay-Z and Beyonce. Hope that helps!

  3. I was thinking the same thing as the comments above, but perhaps the emphasis is not on 'initiation' but  'ritual' instead?  What I mean is, maybe this is just a confirmation ritual, or a symbolic homage to the actual initiation event?  I mean, if you do rituals, you probably do them often, as that's kinda the point, right??  I'm just assuming, here.  Otherwise, I'm as confused as you guys^.

  4. She's done it before, these are more for symbolism as it ties to the lyrics of the songs as well. Artists are not initiated into anything, this is mere symbolism to display who is 'owned' by 'them'. Good posting, stay vigilant. Love to you all.

    • Seems like every live performance she does has her ripping off an outfit. Every.Single.One…that I have ever seen, anyway.

  5. There is alot of strange things happening out there right now…just look at the whole situation in UK about elite masonic child abuse rings/issues with people using Twitter being silenced.  I would rather see an article regarding this!

  6. This was like a flashback to that Lady Gaga Paparazzi performance on the MTV VMA's. Pretty much the same setting and concept. If I'm not mistaken, those were the same VMA's where Taylor Swift was acting like the pied piper in a little red dress, gathering kids at a train station to sacrifice at Mtv's altar.

  7. MarkFairchild198 on

    I'm not seeing it. Your making to far of a reach here. Yeah, it's black & white tile. It's matches with the set. You want if to be something when it's really nothing at all. It's human nature to do that.

      • Being ignorant just means that you don`t know something.
        It isn`t necessarily rude.

        Perhaps if Mark Fairchild were to see the same pattern repeated hundreds or even thousands of times he might "see it".

        Keep reading VC, Mark, and you will realize it isn`t that far of a reach after all.

    • How many videos by artists from all over the world each using identical occult/ illuminati/ mind control symbolism and themes would it take before you suspected something fishy was going on?

       Serious question… 5, 10, 30, 50, 100 videos?

      There must be a threshold where coincidence can no longer explain it – so what is that threshold?

      • VC is losing it.. on

        We are not ignorant for believing that this is bull shit? Yes, I do believe the Illuminati is real, but are you kidding me right now? Comparing a secret society to a man in lyrics!?! Maybe you two should jump off the VC band wagon and admit that this is ridiculous. Absolutely nothing about this performance is ritual-like. Its a business, you watched it didn't you? Then they got what they wanted. 

    •  MarkFairchild198- For you to comment (which you are entitled to your own thoughts and beliefs) with saying Vigilant is making this into something its not, that its human nature. You are helping the Elite achieve one of their goals. Which is to slowly feed you so much of their garbage that at the end of the day anything they do is seemed as normal, just part of the show per say. You can not let yourself get sucked into the worlds thinking and doings. If you are aware and awake to all the craziness, evil and such that the Illuminati is capable of, then with this Taylor Swift performance you shouldn't question it as not being some sort of ritual or initiation and what not.

    • If it's "nothing at all" and "human nature", than why do music studios put out lots of money to put on these performances and promote like they do with the same themes?! It's not entertainment or an artist spreading her wings by taking a peek into the dark side. This is to prepare naive-minded folk like youself to bow to their king who is coming very soon – the Anitchrist.

    • She was first introduced now she changes…good to bad (dualty) they are usually good at first! That's what this is all about! Transformation!

    • I agree with you brother. This seems a little far-fetched. Can't it be just a regular? People see what they wanna see and don't care about the facts.

    • It's one thing if this was the first time the black and white tile had been shown in a performance or video. I dare you to watch mtv videos these days…preferably with the volume down. Rock, rap, pop, and everyone in between use this black and white masonic tile. Also the idea that in this performance she went from a white dress to a black dress with that rich red color. This happens all the time. That's why it's not far-fetched at all.

      It's funny that people will say Lil Wayne, Jay-Z , Beyonce and Lady Gaga are part of the evils of the music industry, but poor little innocent Taylor Swift gets tossed in the mix and people lose their minds. How do you explain 1.4 million copies in one week album sales? She's talented, but not that talented.

  8. Maybe this was her sex kitten program initiation and 2009's was her sacred virgin one altho between one and the other she has dated like 45895456788567 hollywood douchebags while still playing the good girl card.

  9.  Well, since the last "initiation" ritual she did on the VMA's, she has
    been romantically linked to two of the Kennedys and had purchased a home
    near the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port.  Since the purchase of the
    home, she has ended things with both of the Kennedy cousins… Maybe
    like Kapheen said above, she's merely advanced to a new degree/level..  Maybe the romances helped boost her to the next degree?

  10. This is soo true…satan is decieving mankind on a daily basis thats y we have to put on the armor of God daily.. The devil is out to steal kill and destroy and hes seeking those whom he may devour and hes getting those who are weak and fall into that trap behind money and fame…they have gained the world but lost they souls…how sad…n the elites r fooling the masses daily in order to achieve the new world order….Wake up ppl

  11. You should listen to her song on Red called 'lucky one'…it's all about how we are the lucky ones for not 'having our name in lights, like diamonds in the sky'. (Wait doesnt Rihanna have a song about diamonds in the sky? shocking!) Later in the 'lucky one' song, Taylor ends up saying 'i wonder if Ill make it out alive'. She sounds like an Illuminati PRISONER to me.

    • Wow, that reminds me:

      "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"

      And in the fall of '89, when I was a junior in high school, the Beatles were temporarily popular in my school, at least in the marching band. At band camp people would be playing that song and shouting "LSD!" after "Lucy in the sky with diamonds."

      Beatles weren't that innocent. I was reading an article about how they were into wife-swapping and who knows what else.

  12. I don't really see what was so sexualized about the second half of the performance.  She was a little more aggressive, yeah, but it wasn't sexualized.

  13. VC is losing it.. AG on

    Oh its alright, my comment got deleted because VC knew I was right! It's okay, brain wash these simple minded people into believing this stuff. PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES, the illuminati may be real, but Jesus Christ read this post again and tell me these could not just be coincidences. Nothing was sexual about this, and you said she was initiated three years ago! Just accept the fact that this one had nothing to do with the Illuminati. Absolutely not a thing, you compared a secret society to lyrics in a song about a man! That is screaming that VC is losing it. This post has really made me doubt this website.

  14. Just watched and read the lyrics to her song "The Lucky One" on this most recent album and my gosh it is creepy. More of the same. So many of the more popular singers eventually release a song with the same theme…The entertainment industry is demonic and not all it's cracked up to be.

    • She said in an interview she doesn't want to end up that way and would stop if it happens…but who knows? she'll probably end up just like the rest of them :(

  15. Same thing with the Beatles, they came to America looking very clean, etc, and a few years later they introduced people to drugs, rebellion, and false religions. No surprise here.

    • Perhaps you're right but I have to admit they were great musicians. And they weren't so innocent before they arrived in the US. They just looked so :)

  16. The reason Taylor Swift was initiated in 2009 & she's being initiated AGAIN is because your watching a stage performance !…. Remember when such a thing existed people ? lmao !

    • Hahaha thumbs up! It is performance! I dont know what is wrong with these people. Maybe they weren't taught in school about music and art

  17. This analysis is interesting, and there is definitely symbolism there, but whether it's a true initiation or just a slickly produced stage performance is up for debate. The good-girl-gone-bad thing is definitely there. I have been waiting for Taylor to do the Olivia Newton-John turnaround – there it is. I live in Nashville and she is a very touchy subject here. She represents over 60%  (!!!!!) of current country music sales. That's an amazing number, and very strange in this town to see. She is not really considered true country, either. Her new album goes even further in the pop direction than before, dropping all country pretense for some songs.

    She has definitely become mainstream. She is no longer just a country artist, she is now a mainstream entertainer. Her image is very obviously being crafted very carefully now as well. I have met her, about four years ago before all of this really blew up. To her credit, she was very sweet, although she was rail-thin at that time. Her Mother was with her, as I suspect she was right up until Taylor turned 18. 

    There have been many stories and rumors as to how Taylor got her Nashville deal – but suffice it to say that it matters little now. She has crossed over and is on almost every magazine stand somewhere every month, and her music is filling the airwaves. She is a bonafide superstar. 

    I was surprised to see such blatant symbolism such as the pillars and checkerboard floor used in her performance, although I must admit I haven't been following her or her videos lately. 

    As to whether artists are now openly mocking Vigilant Citizen, I think that might be a stretch – although back in the 80's artists used to do things just to piss off the moral majority and Tipper Gore, so anything's possible, I guess. My radar tends to think not. The symbolism is there because someone else wants it there, not because the artist wants it there (or has time to care, which they don't). They are too worried about their performance and awards to question set design or special effects, symbolistic or otherwise, IMO. They show up and do their thing. The same with video production – although they usually do have creative input on choosing a video treatment for a song. They would be given a choice between four or five directors/treatments and they would choose. Again, limited choices tho. And, unless they make a point of working very closely with the director, they probably won't get involved in artistic direction/set design or things of that nature. That is where someone else's philosophy has the ability to be templated on top of an artist, and it often is. 

    Having said all of that, the best artists often are very protective with their music, image, and how it is used – so there is no easy explanation. But in Taylor's case, she has come a long way (and not necessarily in a good way) from "Tim McGraw" and her little lonely country pop girl roots.

      • Really just people saying that her Father bought her way in, because he is supposedly very wealthy. I will say right now that I don't know or endorse the truth of anything I state here, just things that have been said here and there. She had extensive parental support regardless, because her parents moved here to further her career, and she was having writers meetings with professional writers here at the age of 12 or 13. I don't think there was anything "wrong" with that… A young girl wanting to learn the craft of songwriting (and approaching it professionally) while also having money to pay her mentors would be more than welcome in Nashville, and it happens all the time. Some have said that her Father's money helped her in getting key road gigs and her label deal, which from outside appearances could be taken as a partnership between her management and her label. If you have money, you have an advantage in the music biz… but people still recognize talent here, and many people (including me) questioned her ability to sing well. Everyone in Nashville was willing to admit that Taylor had songwriting talent that touched her demographic… but it was her singing talent that was (and still is) always brought into question when the guesses about how she got signed rear their ugly head. I guess 60 million downloads later any qualms about how it happened quickly went out the window. What she lacks vocally she makes up for in marketing to her demo… And she is extremely good at that… She knows her audience very, very well. Now she is changing, tho… And she is going down the pop sexy road now.

        I will say that I personally have no issues with what Taylor has been able to achieve so far in her career. She is a very smart and driven girl. However the symbolism creeping into her image and performances is disconcerting, and she is definitely changing her image from her Nashville roots.

    • don't you think there are many country acts on the verge of this?  trying to go mainstream and will incorporate the illuminatti elements soon or maybe already are.  i think country music is a big goal for the bad guys to take over and then what good music will we have left?  polka music and classical i guess.

  18. well now she's in it now, maybe we'll see if she stand this years from now, and just like other artist maybe she's having a breakdown soon…
    so sad she's in it now :-(

  19. Tiffanysharp22 on

    the poor girl. anything to be famous these days. i feel sorry for the kids who grew up on real artists like shirley temple, doris day, audrey hepburn, and feel inspired to do that line of work, because its not the great ideal they grow up believing in, and its so sad to live your dream, and realize its not what you dreamed at all

  20.  A lot of people have struggle in themselves , they don’t work
    or don’t have proper guidance and that’s why they’re messed up.

    If you want to wake up mankind, first of all wake up entirely;
    if you want to eliminate suffering from this world,first get rid of
    all that dark and negative in you. The largest gift that you can
    present to this world is your own transformation. – The old master

  21. I think, the fact that her set/performance has similar themes (of checkerboard floors, masked dancers, sexy dancers) could mean that somewhere behind the scenes, the same type of people COULD be pulling the strings. I was a huge fan of Swift's after her last Speak Now album. Here're some changes of her this time round that I just wanna point out:
    1) In the past, she's never had a grp of dancers with her onstage.
    2) Her last album Speak Now was almost completely written by herself only. Her new album this time, involves several co-writers.
    3) Her new album was pretty rushed. I as a fan was surprised how quickly it came out actually, as she had given fans just little pieces of info here and there that she was looking to change its sound. And just months after her Speak Now tour, she went ahead to release this current album (was thinking she'd have taken the Katy Perry route, releasing more deluxe editions/singles frm Speak Now as it was her best album sales yet). Why the rush? Why the change? And this time, her album's subjects seem more generic/kiddish.
    4) Just a small pt to note here, her album is titled Red, so of course she's gonna include that element in her performances? U gotta give us more 'red flags' to show us that she really IS being initiated/inducted, VC. Cos i've had faith in her all the way till now.

    • People has to change for if they wont it would be boring. She works in the entertainment industry which in fact requires changes and improvements
      Now as for the stage. She has stage directors and designers for that so basically not all her decisions

      Now i dont understand why these called vigilant citizens relates stage performance to occults and satanic rituals.Pope John Paul II did not teach us Catholics to be judgemental to the point of looking ignorant

      And if Swift is of the evil one then all these fans should have turn their backs on Jesus. Why am i not? Why im still serving the church? Why im still praying? Why i still believe in God? When i myself is a Swifty and ohh im 24 yrs old educated and career woman
      Nothing to worry because only God knows everything and not this person.
      Bottom line is if they represent evil they should have at least a little influence in our lives that will make us defile the name of God

    • How quickly what came out?! I thought all of her music was from the same CD, haha. She released her first one I don't know how many times…it was remixed…then a new song added…then another new song added….then a commentary (j/k…unless it's true)…..and the songs sound the same.
      And try as she might, girlfriend is Not country music. Amanda Lambert, Martina McBride, Gretchen Wilson, Loretta Lynn, Roseanne Cash, Dolly Parton….them's some country bitches! :)

  22. This is so incredibly depressing. Firstly that people aren't sick of this garbage ad nausium and people don't even notice and aren't bothered that it's the same thing over and over because it's what they are being programmed to like.

    Madonna dancing with virginal Britany and Christina was ten years ago, on the same Masonic floor but here we are 2012 and nothing new.
    When my 8 year old is 18 will be it be the same pop culture crap?
    Do people really have nothing better to do than sit and watch this garbage? Copy the hair and clothes and read the gossip mags about who was there and seen with whom? While the same old Satanic crap plays in the background?
    I have no hope for society or culture.

  23. ShadowOnTheWall on

    just one question i dont understand, why do they keep on initiating? I think I've already saw her do performance or seen her video with such context. pls answer who knows

  24. When Taylor was berated by Kanye West when she made her speech for her award, that was the first part of the initiation.  To be taken down, so that the illuminati could build her up to their expectations.
    This ritual now seems to be a continuation of that.  Next will be another, then another….I fully expect VC to note all of these 'initiations'.
    Debutants go through the whole "illuminati initiation' thing too, with the white gowns, gloves, roses.  I saw my sisters, nieces & greatnieces go through all of this.  I refused, so did my daughters.  No meat markets for us!!

  25. chiefsportladguy on

    red black purple white pink blue shit all colors have multiple meanings/sex sells im glad for these articles but i think what i just stated is pretty much all there is too it lol

  26. face in the crowd on

    What?!? You sound like a typical human, wearing a God mask. You assume a woman would have an abortion because of your stellar pro-choice reporting skills? I think you have an inflated ego. Get to know the id and the superego before you blindly feel your ego is all there is to feed.

    Women usually have abortions for other reasons. Why not try to understand those reasons and be supportive of preventing them from ending up in that position? Education. Glad to know you are on an alternative news outlet, demonizing women who have abortions. Real pro-life of you.

    • You're making baseless assumptions about what he said. Why don't you think that he's "supportive of preventing [women] from ending up in that position [of needing abortions]"? Obviously, if he's anti-abortion, he would be in favor of preventing women from needing them.

      He never demonized women who have abortions, either. That's your spin on it.

      Women have abortions for all sorts of reasons, true. But media influence can be a factor in their decision, just like with all things.

      Please, spare everyone the pretentious claptrap about ids and superegos. You do realize that the man who invented that theory was deeply misogynistic, don't you? Might not wanna borrow the ideas of a guy who hated women if you're pretending to care about women.

      Now that that's over with, we can all focus on the original issue: resisting the urge to sell out.

    • Coming from someone who was faced with that kind of choice, I had a pregnancy that was unplanned and the night before I found out I was pregnant, a station on my radio was interviewing various women who decided to not give up their babies to abortion or adoption. It was odd that I was listening to that show that night (it was actually national pro-life day). I had my baby because I remembered a woman saying on the show how hard it was to have her child, but that she did not regret it and did not give up. Her daughter is prosperous and healthy and all I had to do was think "is it possible?" Is it possible for me to raise a good person in the end? Yes. So I had my little girl who just had her first birthday last month and is napping behind me on the bed as I type this. She is sooo georgeous (people stop to look at her all the time because of her caramel complexion and her light green/gray eyes). Her smile is incredible and that radio broadcast had a lot to do with my decision to keep her. It gave me the encouragement that I needed to go on and be a good mom. This is not the case for everyone, and yes there are many reasons a woman aborts, but we must remember that we are dealing with a media system owned by only five corporations that is used to manipulate us. My child's father served in the military over 20 years and knew how to lie to the public at press conferences and knows how the media pursuades the public to support or condemn causes and events. Pay close attention to what they say on the news. Listen to every word and repeat it to yourself out loud. They are trying to change our way of thinking and they know that media helps that. It is done even faster now with t.v. on your cell phone and billboards and home television and internet tv and magazines and newspapers and radio stations and multiple cable news channels(each with their own spin).

      I know the news mars and changes people's opinions by how they convey the story and who they use to tell it. A person at my former job killed himself and when the news published the story it was made to look as though he was a U.S. citizen. He was a French intern. His mother had to fly from France for his body. Why he killed himself? No support system. He was a student, part of an exchange system that allowed management students to learn international business. These students were cramped into little apartments, paid minimum amounts in wages and had to commute for 2 hours plus to get to their internship job everyday. They were worked like dogs and all because it was a way for corporate to gain some cheap manager labor. No health benefits because they were on visas and no pay raises. The news mentioned some of that, but the spin was different, it softened the story to make the company not look so bad. The media does influence decisions…and will continue the process.

    • Question: how often do you hear anything positive about the pro-life movement in the mainstream media? Hardly ever, unless you count Fox News Channel, which is but ONE major cable news network that leans slightly to the right as compared to all the other cable channels, plus the broadcast channels, all of whom lean heavily to the left and are eager to promote pro-choice causes whilst denigrating and mocking those who are pro-life (mocking them as hating women, which you seem to be doing here – good job, you've fallen for the mainstream media's propaganda).

    • face in the crowd on


      The concepts of an id, ego and super ego are not pretentious babble or "borrowed ideas" they are physiological, psychological concepts that have roots in the realities of what we know, beyond Freuds way of deceptive description. Do you know who Edward Bernays is kiwi? Rest assured I am not blowin hard on Sigmunds dick here…

      I felt like commenting on what the person elluded to, it was a wacky comment that I felt suggested pro choice information was not correct to provide to women, and what? pro choice is better to push down their throats because they care about the baby fetus. Right.

      Why would I have to pull from the article what you do? Is it about an artist selling out? I think this is about the subtle, psychologically inserted motives of sexualization the media machine weaves into a pop stars image. A product for brain cells.

      So anyway. My mistake for commenting the way I did, so glad you corrected me. Taylors from Nashville and is sellin out and that person I responded to was not seeming to be disgusted by "pro choice rhetoric". You dont know anything beyond the text on this screen so don't get alarmed if pro choice proponents gets vocal toward a pro life proponents (hello) and your slant on the debatable topics here are kinda elementary if they are not all inclusive, ya know? Even pretentious people can have commentary here as YOU and I have so gracefully proven.

      So gtfo my back, kook.

    • face in your face on


      The concepts of an id, ego and super ego are not pretentious babble or "borrowed ideas" they are physiological, psychological concepts that have roots in the realities of what we know, beyond Freuds way of deceptive description. Do you know who Edward Bernays is kiwi? Rest assured I am not blowin hard on Sigmunds dick here…

      I felt like commenting on what the person elluded to, it was a wacky comment that I felt suggested pro choice information was not correct to provide to women, and what? pro life is?

      Why would I have to pull from the article what you do? Is it about an artist selling out? I think this is about the subtle, psychologically inserted motives of sexualization the media machine weaves into a pop stars image. A product for brain cells.

      So anyway. My mistake for commenting the way I did, so glad you corrected me. Taylors from Nashville and is sellin out and that person I responded to was not seeming to be disgusted by "pro choice rhetoric". You dont know anything beyond the text on this screen so don't get alarmed if pro choice proponents gets vocal toward a pro life proponents (hello) and your slant on the debatable topics here are kinda elementary if they are not all inclusive, ya know? Even pretentious people can have commentary here as YOU and I have so gracefully proven.

      So gtfo my back, kook.

  27. Peaceigiveuntoyou on

    Most people — in one way or another — are offered opportunities to sell out. IF you do it, you almost always regret — no matter how much you make or how high you sail. Talk to anyone that’s done it. I was a mainstream reporter. They tried to force me to cover pro-choice events while prohibiting me from covering pro-life ones. So I quit. Because of that, I became aware of the alternative media and have never been out of work. God provides. And I don’t have to wonder how many people had abortions because of any story I wrote — because I never penned one word of pro-choice rhetoric and would NOT have had they offered me $1 million dollars to do it. “I place before you life and death… choose life.” 

  28. Fermezlabouche on

    This "illuminati ball" reminded me of Gossip Girl, Bart Bass was supposed to be a member of a club on which people wore masks, had orgies and there a checkerboard floor. Same with pattern was seen in Blair Waldorf's house. 

  29. taylor swift is annoying. i dont care what you think…every time she dates someone and breaks up with them she comes out with a new song or album…she comes off as incredibly needy.

    and this only makes me dislike her even more.

  30. well, red could be her blood sacrifice. they do not need to make their blood sacrifice public. it could be a baby she killed while in her super wiccan fairy alter, during one of their ceremonies. then they bathed in the babys blood while engorging in a satanic orgy..(sorry to offend you, but the truth is not pretty!)

  31. I know that these "performances" are more than what meets the eye, but seriously, they look completely ridiculous on stage doing all this crap. It looks completely stupid. Nicki Manaj's "performance" was the worst of all. They look silly.

  32. I loved the performance! I like the song as well! Im addicted to this song right now.. can't get it out of my mind… Anyways.. Its sad how an innocent young girl like Taylor Swift can become one of the Illuminati puppets.. Hope she can get out of it on time and not make ugly videos like Rihanna's and Ke$ha's recent one "Die Young"….

  33. So THIS is Taylor Swift's ritual initiation? *sigh* I Thought it was back at the 2009 Mtv VMAs? With the red dress (representing blood sacrifice in theory), transformation during a (the subway) performance, ect; I mean HOW Many initiations is Swift going to have? According to the theories presented on this blog & similar others, an artist only goes through ONE of THAT SORT. (But perhaps I'm wrong..) Like another type of "initiation" being "good girls" like Rihanna/Beyonce/ect, going "bad." And also, these are all just Interesting THEORIES to me at this point. In my Personal Opinion, the whole pop culture aspect being MORE than just a Distraction (and conditioning in CERTAIN cases) to larger things, is theory & not 100% FACT. (iMO..)

    The only "transformation" I see w/ Taylor Swift & w/her new LP (I happen to not really be a fan of this artist, so I havn't heard the record; but judging from the 1st two singles so far..) is that she isn't even Pop-COUNTRY anymore; she's just a Straight Up Pop Artist now. (genre-wise) She even had some dubstep-esque samples going on in that performance, I don't even see ANY country elements going on anymore. (maybe a sample, ha) That's all I see & most likely because pop music Sells the most currently.

    And it & ALL entertainment IS a distraction to other HUGE things going on in the world; but I think entertainment is FINE; as long as you don't allow it to effect you Negatively, take over your life & Most importantly; not let it TOTALLY DISTRACT you from the Big Picture of FAR more Important things going on in the world. Entertainment, is FINE to enjoy & a matter of personal taste. As mentioned, in this case I happen to not really be a fan of Taylor Swift; just my taste in art. But that is just simply My Opinion, I know it isn't a popular one here. But distracting you from Larger things in life/this current world; THAT (iMo) is when it can become/or does become a problem. Which brings me to what follows below.

    ~It's LONG, as Usual w/my posts; just SKIP OVER IT if you don't wish to read. :)

    What I REALLY would like to address is how this site & similar ones' articles are NOW MOSTLY ALL about Famous Artists & there are hardly Any articles on the MANY OTHER aspects of what the site(s) USED to cover Regularly as well. The pop culture aspect is only ONE piece of a Huge puzzle; what happened to more articles about those VERY important aspects?? Also troubling lately, is when I DO rarely see an article that has Nothing to do w/famous people, fashion, mainstream films, ect; I see the Number Of Comments. There are hardly ANY, like 50 or so, when the articles on pop culture topics get 200+ comments. This in a sense shows what people come here to read about & the "boring" articles that don't have stuff about pop culture are virtually Ignored.

    Also just look at youtube & how many Views/Comments the pop culture videos get (just search 'Illuminati' on there) & the others do. So I am NOT attacking this site (or youtube, or Anyone for that matter) I am pointing out something I think we all should look at. I REALIZE that those older articles are Buried in the archives & compiled in VC's ebook, other books, other sites, ect.

    But many, Specifically the NEWER people to these topics & Younger ones, May have NO CLUE about the Other VERY important aspects. (and many are conditioned ((not their fault)) to have short attention spans; so they will NOT search through the archives, read the entire ebook, ANY books, ect.) To me the ~INSERT POP STAR HERE~ "Exposed" articles/videos are ALSO becoming a Distraction at this point. I mean, really, TWO articles on Ke$ha in a row, both essentially saying the SAME things? Is that Really necessary? AGAIN, not attacking here, I just SERIOUSLY believe we ALL (older AND newer "truthers" or whatever you wish to call yourself) need to be looking at the VAST number of other puzzle pieces here, not just ONE!!

    VC, (addressing you now, because this is your site) I have an idea, so the other aspects can be Easier to access for visitors here. Perhaps some of the older, buried articles that newer people may have a hard time finding, should be brought back & "Re-booted" (sorry, the best term I could come up with) & even with additional NEW information added, that has came up sense in these Years. I think that would be GREAT!! It's JUST a suggestion & one I've been wanting to address for a while now.

    And also, to some of the newer people, VC has a Stellar sister site you may not be aware of, HERE: secretarcana.com/.

    It does NOT have any articles about current celebs, but has a lot of GREAT information, that you MAY not know about. For example: You may learn exactly what this baphomet guy that you hear mentioned in the articles on pop stars & what his history is. You may learn he's not really a HE & is more so a symbol & you can learn the history of what it all represents. Many other things on the site, you may be hearing about in the pop star articles; and have no idea Exactly what it all means & Deeper information. Like exactly why a butterfly is such a significant symbol & the history of MK Ultra, who the Masons actually were & their history, ect. VC did a Very Good Job w/the articles on this sister site & is an Outstanding semi-beginners guide. (yet a lot of this stuff interested me years before the sites even existed, I knew much of the info; BUT also learned some New Facts! So beginners is perhaps a bad word to use..) They may not feature famous people, may not be as flashy looking, ect; but are VERY RELEVANT information to the WHOLE PICTURE.

    And I believe to get ANYWHERE Truth wise, we ALL need to be looking at ALL the aspects & NOT just One. And also NOT to be attacking one another, that is just More Distraction from finding More Truth. But I won't go on THAT rant this time, but I DO believe DIFFERING opinions is a GOOD THING! It helps us get closer to the truth & think of NEW ideas/theories. AGAIN: This is JUST been my opinions & I certainly am not attacking ANYONE.

    But again, (VC/others who run this site) I ask you to PLEASE at least give Some Thought about "re-booting" some of the older information/articles, taking Key Parts from the ebook & making them into mini articles (mini, in comparison to the whole book) & featuring MORE articles that Don't have to do with celebs. I REALIZE, the pop culture ones DO bring in traffic, this site is your job & That is Fine!! 😀 I'm an artist, that's my job, hey, we all have to live! But while all that traffic is here, people can see the Many Other aspects TOO & All Work Together at maybe even finding New Things! :) I think that would be a great thing!!

    Love & Art,


  34. the red/black innitiation – the half way mark, she gave some blood so now she gets some black. her next big show she will be dressed in all black – full blown witch….

  35. tay is my queen y&#0 on

    tay is a queen and all you bitches are just jealous of her you peasants

    she is the queen and you should bow down to her

    all this illuminati is bullshit and you all are peasants

  36. I Knew You Were Trouble and Kesha's Die Young (see VC's article) are produced by Max Martin. He also produces for Britney, Christina Aguilera, among other industry pawns.

  37. when Taylor was publicly humiliated by Kanye long ago, didn't you write a post about it and say that was her initiation? You even highlighted that when Beyonce came to make her speech she and Taylor were both wearing red dresses, symbolizing Taylor's acceptance into the fold. Two initiations years apart? Something doesn't add up..

  38. Ok. A little update, if you guys google some interview just recently, like today or a day ago, she mentioned this:

    * she's talking about how she's flown to many places now and her schedule's been very packed

    "That's kinda how my life goes. Wherever I'm gonna be I'm gonna be. I know that when I'm putting out a record all bets are off. I just put my head down and wake up when they tell me to and I just do what I'm told … a lot. That sounds depressing, but I think it's fun."

    Sounds fine, but as a taylor fan, it sounds weird because.. she usually calls the shots, but "I just do what I'm told"? come on.

    plus, she was the one who wrote ALLLLLL her songs on her last album, this time, she partnered with writers like Max Martin (who wrote a lot of big hits like "hit me baby one more time").. nothing weird there, but it's weird for TAYLOR. Plus, if you guys noticed, her marketing team has been ALL OUT. From papa johns, to keds, to every magazine cover out there. It's INSANE.

    I became her fan because she was different, she called the shots, or so it seemed, now, shes ALMOST like any other. I really like her and I hope she always stays unique. Talented or not. I could be wrong, maybe VC is wrong, maybe we're all right, who knows, but as a fan, i can sense change, and while I accept maturity in an artistic sense, there just seems to be something different about her. Maybe it's her parents divorce, maybe its her label? i dunno. Oh, and one more thing, she was signed to BIG MACHINE RECORDS, a label which started out indie, I read that Universal owns it now.

  39. I uh.. I like this site. I really do. I read every article that comes out.. It just seems like the writer(s) are so fixated on the Entertainment Industry conspiracies right now… I mean honestly, I get it. These pawns are being programmed to push a Luceferian agenda upon the the masses. I get it. But, honestly, I am a lot more concerned with companies like Monsanto's Neotame, Pepsi Next using aborted fetuses kidney matrix processed to make artificial sweetner, or even if the focus could be more about Sinister sites… I just think we'll never get to the bottom of the rabbit hole with the entertainment industry… when they are mocking the truth and sucessfully pulling off reverse psychology with those who may question motives, we going to get nowhere.. Lets see some articles on more relevant things, PLEASE!!!!

    • Thank You for this post!! It is pretty much saying many of the same things I was in my lengthy post, a few above. I too feel most have grasped the pop culture (entertainment) aspect of the puzzle & we should be looking further into the Many other aspects; so we can get closer to finding truths, new theories, ect.

      I suggested that (as far as this specific site) VC post more articles on the other aspects or even "re-boot" some of the older articles with new updated information. Have articles from the ebook, ones found on the VC sister site (secretarcana.com), ect & have them Alongside the ones on pop culture; the ones that bring in most of the traffic to the website. Then (specifically Newer) people will know all that VALUABLE information Too. THEN more will see the bigger picture here, see more pieces of the huge puzzle (that we only have a Very limited number of pieces to) & perhaps even figure out some NEW ones. That would be GREAT!!

      A couple of your (The Ave.) statements I disagree with, but also in my statement I say that I believe it's a GOOD thing that we all don't have the EXACT same views on everything. We as humans are all vastly different & Just Are going to have differing opinions & theories. But as long as we discuss & debate our ideas in a constructive (non argumentative) way, we can Work Together at seeing the bigger picture MORE CLEARLY & figure out other things also in the process. I do agree with most of what you are saying though: I too am FAR more concerned with what is being put into our food, than typical symbolism in the new Ke$ha video!!

      We ALL should be more concerned with the other aspects! It seems NOW too many are ENTERTAINED by articles that have many theories about the ENTERTAINMENT industry & now that is Just Another Distraction that is WORKING! I feel that the articles & videos "exposing" pop culture have become JUST AS MUCH a DISTRACTION at this point. And like I said, in my opinion, I see Nothing "wrong" with enjoying entertainment (mainstream or whatever) and I also see nothing wrong with reading articles or watching videos about the numerous theories involving pop culture either. It becomes a Problem if YOU LET IT, when you are 100% distracted from looking at other things going on in life & are blind to what is going on in the world around you. There CAN be a Healthy Balance I believe. I also believe we can all work together, even with opinions that differ, and work toward finding truths & being even More Aware of what is going on in the current world. Anyway, I'm VERY glad to see that others here see this problem & are calling for more articles on other aspects than the entertainment industry!!


  40. Hm-m-m…I am still unconvinced that she is initiated at all..

    And really not surprised of this video.Let start from those who hold music industry as well as entertainment.Is anyone expect from them anything even remotely moral, or romantic positive or

    uplfting, wise or enthusiastic?


    Hey, folks time for Bach and Bethhoven is long gone.Now information offered by BBC/TIME WARNER/MTV/ you name it is being offered for a purpose.To prepare world for him who is about to

    appear on the highest stage ever.Clear this will be and quite groundbreaking event.Now..Take a better look on toys- frightening angry monsters,look at cartoons at times they act as demons freshly out of hell,or better still indulge yourself in wonderful world of computer games.The most serious ones will make you wonder is any inmate on death row has more distorted mind than creative makers of it?uhhhhhhThat is why state of California tried-unsuccesfully to bar them from kids.

    As for me poor Swift make very little difference.Younger generation is under direct attack.Stakes are high.How in the world kids will avoid brainwashing masonic propaganda while parents still enjoy mass media?And honestly,every day it is becoming harder and harder to keep mind clear.Just no choice is given.

  41. Of course TSwift always portrays the "innocent" girl. I don't believe she's innocent at all. And frankly, her songs are all seeming to be about the same subject. And it's like she 13 in a 20 (???) year old body.

    I think very few artists make music because truly love it and truly appreciate/love their fans. Very few. The rest are in it for fame and money. But, the industry can bring them down just as fast as they brought them up!

  42. I think some commenters are confusing "initiation" with Taylor Swift performing a ritual or simply paying homage to the elite/dark side of the industry.. She has already been initiated via the VMA's, I think this is just a sort of tribute performance.. Kinda like when communion is taken at church; EVERY time you take it doesn't mean you're being initiated into Christianity, Catholicism etc. you were already "initiated" during baptism or when you decided to join the church. But every time you take communion it's more of a ritual or paying homage/tribute to the blood of Christ & your faith in the church.. -that's how I look at it.

  43. Omg. When are ppl going to get tired of the same thing over & over?? The music industry is tired. We keep seeing the rituals, the symbols, the good girl gone bad thing. Enough! It's boring & the music sucks!!

    • We, as a society, need to stop feeding the industry, that's the only way it can stop. Taylor's new album was the most purchased album for 3 weeks in the U.S. and Rihanna's is looking to take the top spot next week, so it doesn't look like we're going to see any of this "reign" let up from the industry..

  44. I hate it when stuff like this happens to most stars they start out innocent and original and then the industry basically ends up owning them, and change their image completely and do what they please with them. Rihanna for example was Gorgeous and original when she first started out and now she's pretty much brain-dead and is doing pretty much what everyone else is sadly… And unfortunately Taylor isn't an exception here, the young, beautiful, vibrant country star i once knew (or thought i knew) is gone :( as much as i hate to say it but the ORIGINAL Taylor Swift is long gone ..along with all the others and now they're doing what everyone else is what happened to ORIGINALITY now everyone sounds and looks the same its just plain BORING -.-. I hope that there will be a light at the end of this tunnel because something tells me this "new" Taylor Swift might be here to stay :/

  45. I find the new red black thing disturbing. I am sure i have seen this type of dress on other industry artists, maybe vanessa hudgens, cannot really remember who..was a black woman i think.

    i do think that Taylor is still the Taylor we think we knew, and it is natural that both she and her music evolve. That is human and normal. Artistic merit is another matter.

    Also her evolution is likely because she perceives artists act in different ways to promote their creation and flash a symbol here to their handlers, but in her case i think she would be horrified that there are surreptitious meaning. It's in her eyes a normal 'industry thing'..

    I do buy the innocent Taylor routine because i did find a collection of her quotes which in some article was called 'swiftology' where she commented she does not want to take off her clothes and wants people to listen to the words. Her quotes actually do present a very different image from her stage performances. Go Taylor -you have my support and please continue to display that kind of upstanding character.

    Evidently her exposure to luciferian influence will corrupt her unfortunately and i do feel saddened that her good effort is being used against her and her audience.

    While she lives and breathes there is still time for her to shake off the influence and turn from this type of idolatry.

    Honestly i do wish her the best and like most people here recognise the danger.

    If you feel strongly about her slow eventual demise i suggest those who are truly enlightened pray she receives opportunity to repent and come into relationship with the true noble creator we commonly call jesus christ.

    i do not believe her heart is that hardened yet.

    Heads up

    Aaliyah murdered at 22 years + some 6-7 months.

    Taylor is 23 December 13.


  46. Lizard drone enginee on

    Anyone else think that maybe (just maybe) it's a only stage show with an illuminati, masquerade theme? And that these symbolic points are just part of dramatic language (and if that's all initiation stuff, what's left of culture?) The only reference point in this article other than Swift's own (vague and openly interpretable) self and other lyrics, is another work of fiction: "eyes wide shut".

    Anyone else think the author skips a beat and has gone straight for doom and gloom to transform this music and culture they don't like into something that makes there opposition morally "right", rather than a (perceived as) ineffectual subjective opinion.

    Grow a pair, get involved, change things.

  47. @TheBrokenClock on

    The London Olyimpics opening and closing ceremonies was the most blatant Illuminati symbolism I've ever seen on T.V. The fact it went out to so many viewers shows the stage of the agenda we are now at. Next month it will all change….

  48. I don't think it is her initiation as much as her transformation. She was initiated years ago, but she has maintained her sweet wholesome image. Now she looks to go the way of Brittany.

  49. It's like ALL of the songs mainstream now are like this, filled with illuminati symbolism and people still don't get it. They are getting more blatant now, masks from kubricks eyes wide shut and even the colors, how wonderful.

  50. Maybe it's just me, but Swift doesn't seem like the type to "go bad," if you know what I mean. I don't think she wants to leave her pure image, or else she would be writing songs about meaningless sex and using profanities all throughout her music. Maybe I am one of the many people who have just fallen for the act she is putting on.

  51. I'd like to add that Swift's performance a month or so ago on Disney owned (what isn't?!?) Dancing With The Stars was all red and black and white as well. The name of her new Album is Red, and the ad campaign for it featured a commercial where she walks into a white room and starts pulling on the "wallpaper" which comes off the wall like folds of fabric to reveal an all red room. During this her song Red is playing with lyrics like " Loving him was red". Indeed.

  52. maybe the VMA was the society accepting her as a member and now she goes to a new level or degree. her latest song "We are never ever getting back together" was strange. the animals, the baphomet on the wall (her dancing and shaking her head which was horrible) its not her anymore. its like she is trying to fit in to something that she's not. poor girl.

  53. Jay why should people hate the rich? Get it to your skull that not everyone wants the same things. She is into occult though. You don't accept to be part of this kind of video clip and talk about spirits that you have intercourse with if you aren't into satanism, occult whatever it's called. Unless she's so naive, innocent and pure -that I very much doubt it- that she has been misguided. She's not an innocent child, she knows what she's up to. She gets something out of it, it's her business, she can't mislead adults who don't want to be misled only some poor kids who are into her,, she and the other trollops are one the cherry of the cake.

  54. face in the crowd on

    Marie, unsure if your response was directed to me, just to inform anyone who cares, I am a woman and hence, I am pro-choice, which IS pro-life, depending on your perspectives. I have also been off the grid that is television, social networking andgeneral media influence for over ten years.

    I am sick of oppression against women and this is why the world is in such a poor state. Pro-Lifer's don't understand that you take the rights of the women carrying the baby AWAY when you give it to the unborn child I don't approve of abortion personally but I know I am a moral, just, loving person and if I knew my unborn child had HIV and would not live to see a cure, I would terminate. Pro-Lifers have ZERO empathy for living things, the women in the situation who face abortion and I am sorry but I have NEVER met a woman who aborts just because. She usually had enough common sense to CHOOSE WHAT IS BEST FOR HER AND THE FETUS. Most of them live with unimaginable guilt and regret afterward. To be woman is to grant life, men don't have that option and its so funny how men are the more vocal Pro-Lifers.

    Pro-Choice is Pro-Life and being Pro-Choice is not equated to weak minded liberalism, evil thoughts/acts or ignorance. Being pro-choice is, most often, PRO WOMAN.

    Soanyone who wants to state I am wrong or twisted in my thought process is the person who then agrees that those who has lived a life long enough to conceieve should have no rights in how they move forward and all rights are granted to a fetus inside and I feel you Pro-Choice hyper religious soap box types are the ones who are brainwashed into the assumption your morality is somehow more intact. I don't pretend to be God or to mirror him. I just live in an alert state of common sense. The reality is if more women had suppport systems, better education, better opportunity, they would not get knocked up in the first place and kill unborn babies out of fear. Women have suffered WAY more in American and European histories at the hands of MEN than any race or creed. How many of you have actually taken a Womens History course somewhere? Anywhere? This is society. The fact that abortion is even an arguable topic reflects the selfishness ingrained in society. So my advice to all the Pro Life people is TURN OFF THE TV and imagine this: a world where something that is not yet born has more rights to eventual life than something currently living. Spooky.

    I welcome anyones perspective on this, no matter how abusive because I won't respond anymore, just read…

  55. IVF and ICSI are methods of abortion too as not all the embryos are used for conception. The unused healthy embryos are usually discarded or used for experiments etc. Another wrongdoing.

  56. Let's face it. Now days there is pretty much nothing and no one you can trust. Everything is out there to deceive and suck you in. People are so clueless and easily swayed. I'm sticking to the one TRUE BIBLE, its the only thing you can believe and trust.

  57. Haven't seen this performance live but from the screen shots it reminds me a lot of Christina Milian's music video from several years ago for "Dip it Low". It was like a big orgy with candles everywhere and at one point in the video (immediately after one of the men "dancing" with her appear to climax) they make her appear to be sparkling like if she's somehow "illuminated" and then she's being drag/pushed around in all the weird black ink/oil/filth. Very dark video when I look back at it.

  58. the comments look different….anyway soon we will hear of taylor going bad just like rihana they're gonna turn her into a music w$#@% and that is sad, she was one of the few artists that was wholesome.

  59. I thought she was an all American country girl but alas she crossed over to the dark disturbed world she thinks she should be with all the rest of the innocent wannabes before her. She needs our prayers.

  60. All part of imprinting the public regarding Satanic Sexual Ritual, which they want to be overt, as part of the NWO religion. Lots of interest in nudity, public affection, group sex, bestiality, etc.
    Wait till they flip their ELF frequencies to LUST and see what people do in the fake love/lust utopia of false 'peace' aka control that is coming…

  61. Have you ever considered that maybe the PRODUCERS & people who are creating the music videos/ performances are into this masonic symbolism & not so much the artists themselves? Maybe the brains behind all these artists is the same group of individuals & they're not all "mind controlled" or reprogrammed.

    Maybe it's not that every artist has "sold their soul", they're just performing the way some illuminati-inspired producer tells them to…?

  62. I think they just take any opportunity to do their rituals. Or they just want to keep reinforcing to young girls how cool it is to go from good and innocent girl to sex kitten bad girl. Examples: Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Rihanna and so on. Either way, its getting repetitive.

  63. Just like Rihanna’s song “Rehab”. Initially you think it’s about a guy but if you listen to it closely you realize it could very well be talking about the music industry… not that I like her or anything just thought I’d make the comparison.. although I think I learned that none of the celebrities are actually evil.. they are all just slaves… and need to be prayed for…

  64. This is so retarded. I 100% believe the illuminati exists and that artists like Rihanna, lady gaga, and jay z are a part of it, but not Taylor. 1st of all the record that came out after the 2009 vma incident was called ‘speak now’ and there was no change in Taylor, she was still completely wholesome and innocent, now three years after ‘speak now’ we have a more mature sounding taylor on her album ‘red’. Speaking of innocent, she had a song titled ‘innocent’ on that same record (speak now) that was allegedly for Kanye that she also performed during the 2010 vmas kind of as a response of her taking the high road. If you check out the lyrics she basically tells him that despite everything he’s ‘still an innocent’ and that his ‘life is a tough crowd’ and that ‘he lost his balance on a tight rope, it’s never too late to get it back’. If you want to think that the 2009 vma was her initiation why would she then the next year sing a song like that, where she is flat out acknowledging the fact that he is on a bad path. Also, Taylor was asked to perform along kanye that year since she had forgiven him and she declined. If she really was illuminati I would think that performance with him would have happene

  65. i don’t get the fact that, if during the 2009 VMA’s there was already an initiation for Ms. Swift, how come in this live performance, there is another initiation? are initiation rites continuous for illuminati pawns?

  66. it has always been like this. They cater for every generation of teens. Every 5 – 7 years they get a newcomer who encapsulates innocence and good moral values etc then they completely sexualize her. They get teens to become huge, loving fans of the singer of their generation (idolize them) and this ensures that those teens grow up continuing to stay loyal to their idol so that they are influenced to do what their idol does or do what the music videos encapsulate – drugs, sex and all that crap. Perfect example – Britney Spears first album, 1999. Who couldn't like Britney. She looked sweet, beautiful all that jazz. Now look at her. Taylor Swift is just a next generation of this.

  67. Sure explains why Taylor has been getting around so much lately with the menfolk. I think the moment she stopped being "country" and went pop queen was when she joined the elite society. The Kanye moment sealed it.

  68. I love taylor but now that I learned shes being part of this Illuminati stuff,,, I am thinking twice if I would buy her album or not…. Cause if i buy her cds or album,, im also buying Satan's service. ouch

  69. in my oppinon all of this aritest out there now are all getting sucked into the hard game red symbolyzez the red god of the Illuminati something with in them are making them be this way and the question is why? its a matter of time when taylor swift is gonna let the world know that yes she is infact lliminati a devil worshiper the devil speaks through song the ennemi is always there if you look back at taylor swift videos they are nothing like they are now its crazy how they dont have any other choice but to get in the game but for what they sold their soul to the devil for fame and money but oneday something bad is gonna happen and everyone is gonna wonder what happen and it will be infact that it was their time to go down bottom and serve the devil SMH…..

  70. I have this song on my ipod right now- i like it but i think she just be pop because she is no longer a country artist to me

  71. I totally understand what is trying to be said here. These pretty, innocent, TALENTED girls (think Rihanna: from "If its Lovin that You Want" to "Disturbia") achieve a portion of fame. They are then initiated into the 'real' game (Kanye West's humiliation antics, first initiation), where they achieve more recognition by the big boys in the industry. Then…there comes a time for sexualization…as this is where the money pours in. Once more, she has to go through an initiation ritual that submits her into this level of the game, which apparently happened at this award show. It happened to all the sweet teenie boppers that have made it in the music industry. They start off all pure, sweet, and innocent….and they get recognition from the public. Next, they allow themselves to be manipulated so they can get a little higher on the fame ladder…at this stage they still have some self control, but are being lightly manipulated so that the celebrity will trust her/his handlers (her first initiation). Then, they are overtaken….completely….this is where she is now.

  72. They call themselves as 'better individuals'? Really? Where did you got the guts to say those words well in the first place, you guys are one of those people who are being JUDGMENTAL about people. Drop your ego, paranoid erudites?

  73. In Canada, there is a masonic temple in the same building as MTV Canada. I guess this shows that the wealthiest masons own MTV and the music industry. This explains all the masonic symbolism in the music videos and awards.

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