Irrational Consumerism (or The Few Companies Who Feed the World)


Not many people realize that most of the processed foods available on the market, whether they be in groceries or fast-food chains, all come from the same few companies.  Even less people realize that these companies are major actors in elite organizations who decide health, social and economic policies around the world. We’ll look at the big three companies who feed the world, their many brands and the tactics they undertake to make people crave their products.

If one were to carefully study the labels on packaged products in an average grocery store, one would probably notice that the same company names appear repeatedly: Nestlé, Kraft, General Mills and a few others. Many brands offering good ol’ fashioned homemade or all-natural/organic foods are nothing more than subsidiaries of these few world-wide mega-companies. The major difference between the main brand and the subsidiaries is packaging and advertising, which are targeted to reach different markets. In order to preserve the carefully crafted image surrounding a product, connections to the mother company are often conveniently hidden. Imagine an advertisement for bottled water going like this: “Drink pure, clear, refreshing Aquafina water, bottled with care from remote natural sources in the Himalayas … BROUGHT TO YOU BY PEPSICO, THE MAKER OF TACO BELL AND CHEETOS MIGHTY ZINGERS!” That would probably spoil the healthy, natural image they are trying to create for the product.

That is the reason marketing and branding are the most vital part of the food industry. Each product must live in its own “world”, separate from its mother company and similar products. Advertising is so powerful that two similar brands of cereal, made from the same basic ingredients, can be targeted to entirely different markets. For example, are Special K and Rice Krispies so different? From a strictly rational viewpoint, these products are nearly identical in shape, taste and ingredients. From an irrational (marketing) viewpoint however, they are in two different worlds. Advertisements for Rice Krispies revolve around colorful cartoon characters and played during Saturday morning kids’ shows while Special K tends to show fit women doing yoga (or on their way to or from yoga). Rice Krispies boxes have games and toy giveaways, while Special K‘s box gives access to a “weight loss challenge” website. All of this is smoke and mirrors, however, because at the end of the line, whether you choose one, the other or pretty much any other cereal in the grocery store, you’re eating the same thing and your money ends up at the same place.

The processed-food industry can be considered a true oligopoly. Together, the three leading food companies, Nestle, Kraft Foods and PepsiCo, achieve a dominant proportion of global processed-food sales. In fact, these three companies are often used as an example of “Rule of Three” in business schools, since they are a real-life example of a market being dominated by three gigantic actors. Their position as worldwide food providers has made these conglomerates extremely powerful, and they are represented in most elite organizations such as the Council of Foreign Relations. This not only allows them to provide their preferred policies on nutrition and health issues across the globe, but on economic, political and social issues as well. Such prominence also allows these companies to ensure their continued market dominance, through policy-making, access to insider information and the intimidation of potential competitors. If considered objectively, the oligopoly of major companies like these are a direct threat to free market theories.

Today, if a small food company were to create a new revolutionary product, it would find it difficult to obtain distribution without giving up its rights to one these conglomerates. In addition to dominating the shelves, the Big Three control most of the worldwide channels of distribution, to the point that up-and-coming companies cannot reach the consumers without dealing with them. The only way small business owners can avoid years of struggle and rejection to obtain shelf-space in supermarkets is to strike a licensing deal with one of the giants, where the owner cedes the ownership and the rights to the product in exchange for royalty checks (which are usually a small percentage of the sales). Each licensing deal consolidates these companies’ position and eliminates threats from any potential competitor who creates game-changing products.

Here are the top three companies and a summary list of their multiple brands:

1- Nestlé

Nestlé is the world’s largest food company. It has 6,000 brands, with a wide range of products across a number of markets including coffee, bottled water and other beverages, chocolate, ice cream, infant foods, performance and healthcare nutrition, seasonings, frozen and refrigerated foods, confectioneries and pet food. In 2009, consolidated sales were close to $120 billion USD and investments in research and development were $2.24 billion USD. The chairman of the company, Mr. Brabeck-Letmathe, is on the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse Group, L’Oréal and ExxonMobil. He is also a member of ERT (European Round Table of Industrialists) and a member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum (an important actor in the push for a world government). Products sold by Nestlé include:


Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cheerios (outside US, Canada and Australia)
Cini Minis
Honey Nut Cheerios (outside US, Canada and Australia)
Oat Cheerios
Cookie Crisp
Golden Grahams
Honey Stars
Koko Krunch
Milo Cereals
Nestlé Corn Flakes
Shredded Wheat


Munch Bunch


Partner’s Blend
Taster’s Choice


Aqua D’Or
Aqua Pod
Acqua Panna
Al Manhal
Deer Park
Ice Mountain
Nestlé Aquarel
Nestlé Vera
Poland Spring
Pure Life/Pureza Vital
San Pellegrino
San Bernardo

Other drinks

Nestea (Joint venture with Coca-Cola, Beverage Partners Worldwide)
Enviga (Joint venture with Coca-Cola, Beverage Partners Worldwide)
Growers Direct Organic Fruit Juices
Good Host
Juicy Juice
Ski up and go

Shelf-stable products

Bear Brand
La Lechera
Nestlé Omega Plus

Ice cream

Häagen-Dazs (North America and the United Kingdom)
Hjem-IS (Denmark & Norway)
Nestlé Drumstick
Oreo (Canada)
Peters (Australia)
Skinny Cow

Infant foods

FM 85
Gerber (the world’s largest baby food company)
Good Start

Performance nutrition



Carnation Instant Breakfast



Frozen foods

Lean Cuisine
Hot Pockets
Lean Pockets
Papa Guiseppi
Tombstone Pizza
Jack’s Pizza
DiGiorno Pizza
California Pizza Kitchen Frozen

Chocolate, confectioneries and baked goods

100 Grand Bar
After Eight
Animal Bar
Baby Ruth
Bertie Beetle (Australia)
Big Turk (Canada)
Black Magic
Boci (Hungary)
Blue Riband
Butterfinger BB’s
Butterfinger Crisp
Bon Pari (Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary)
Carlos V
Chips Ahoy! (Canada)
Coffee Crisp
Hercules Bars (with Disney)
Kit Kat (Hershey’s in the US)
Milky Bar
Nestlé Alpine White
Nestlé with Almonds
Nestlé Crunch
Nestlé Crunch Crisp
Nestlé Crunch with Caramel
Nestlé Crunch with Peanuts
Nestlé Crunch Pieces
Nestlé Crunch White
Nestlé Milk Chocolate
Nestlé Princessa
Nestlé Wonder Ball
Nuts (Europe)
Oh Henry (except US)
Peppermint Crisp
Perugina Baci
Quality Street
Rolo (Hershey’s in the US)

Fruit Pastilles
Jelly Tots
Pick & Mix
Fruit Gums
Tooty Frooties
Juicy Jellies

Texan Bar
Toffee Crisp
Toll House cookies
Walnut Whip
Violet Crumble
XXX mints


Cat Chow
Dog Chow
Fancy Feast
Go Cat
Mighty Dog
Mon Petit
Pro Plan
Tidy Cats


Nestlé has faced ongoing resistance around the world for its promotion of breast milk substitutes (infant formula), especially in third world countries. According to campaigners, Nestlé contributes to the unnecessary suffering and even deaths of babies, largely among the poor.

Advocacy groups and charities have accused Nestlé of unethical methods of promoting infant formula over breast milk to poor mothers in developing countries. For example, IBFAN claim that Nestlé distributes free formula samples to hospitals and maternity wards; after leaving the hospital, the formula is no longer free, but because the supplementation has interfered with lactation, the family must continue to buy the formula. IBFAN also allege that Nestlé uses “humanitarian aid” to create markets, does not label its products in a language appropriate to the countries where they are sold, and offers gifts and sponsorship to influence health workers to promote its products.Nestlé denies these allegations.

– Source

2- Kraft Foods

A subsidiary of Philip Morris (the maker of Marlboro cigarettes). Kraft Foods is the largest confectionery, food, and beverage corporation headquartered in the United States. It markets many brands in more than 155 countries; eleven of its worldwide brands each earn more than $1 billion annually. Like Nestle, Kraft has consolidated its status in the food oligarchy by buying gigantic brands such as Nabisco (Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Fig Newtons, Ritz, etc.) and Cadbury (Ferrero Rocher, Dairy Milk, Caramilk, etc.).

Kraft’s CEO Irene Blecker Rosenfeld was rated the “2nd most powerful woman in the world” by Forbes. Not surprising since most of the world consumes Kraft foods. Before joining Kraft, Rosenfeld was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo (another of the “Big Three”). Kraft’s brands include:

Toblerone chocolate bars
A1 Steak Sauce
Ali Coffee
Arrowroot biscuits
Back to Nature
Baker’s (chocolate)
Balance Bar
Better Cheddars
Boca Burger
BullsEye Barbecue Sauce
Café HAG
California Pizza Kitchen (grocery store items)
Calumet Baking Powder
Cameo (biscuits)
Capri Sun (juice drink)
Carte Noire
Cheese Nips
Cheez Whiz
Chicken in a Biskit
Chips Ahoy! (cookies)
Christie (Canadian division of Nabisco)
Claussen (pickles)
Club Social (crackers)
Cool Whip (non-dairy whipped cream)
CornNuts (snack food)
Côte d’Or (Belgium)
Country Time (powdered drink mix)
Cracker Barrel
Crystal Light
Dairylea (Europe)
Delissio (Canada)
DiGiorno (pizza)
Easy Cheese
Fig Newtons
Fudgee-O (Canada)
General Foods International
Grape-Nuts (breakfast cereal)
Grey Poupon (mustard)

Honey Maid
In-A-Biskit (Australia)
Jack’s Pizza
Jacobs (Europe)
Jell-O (gelatin dessert)
Jet-Puffed Marshmallows
Kenco (United Kingdom)
Knox (gelatin)
Knudsen (dairy products)
Kool-Aid (flavored drink mix)
Kraft BBQ Sauce
Kraft Caramels
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
Kraft Dinner (Canada)
Kraft Easymac
Kraft Mayo
Kraft Bagelfuls
Kraft Peanut Butter (Canada)
Kraft Singles (pasteurized prepared cheese product)
Kraft Sandwich Spread
Maxwell House (coffee)
Miracle Whip (salad dressing spread)

Nabob (coffee) (Canada)
Naked Drinks
Nutter Butter
Onko (coffee)
Oreo (cookie)
Oscar Mayer
Grated Parmesan cheese
Philadelphia cream cheese
Polly-O (cheese)
Premium (a Nabisco brand of saltine crackers)
P’tit Québec
Prince Polo
Pure Kraft Salad Dressings
Royal baking powder
Seven Seas (salad dressings)
Sanka (decaffeinated coffee)
Shake ‘n Bake
Simmenthal (canned meat)
South Beach Living
Starbucks (grocery store items)
Stove Top stuffing
Taco Bell (grocery store items)
Tassimo (single-serve coffee machines using pods branded as T-Discs)



PepsiCo Incorporated is a global Fortune 500 corporation headquartered in Purchase, Harrison, New York, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of beverages, grain-based snack foods and other products. If you hadn’t guessed it, its main product is Pepsi Cola, but soda pop is not the company’s only product. In fact, a teenager with the munchies could easily leave a convenience store with  three or four PepsiCo products without realizing it (or caring).

PepsiCo is a “Premium” member of the Council of Foreign Relation and of the Brookings institute, two of the most important organizations for the world’s elite (as seen in the article Naming Names: Your Real Government). The chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, is part of the World Economic Forum. Within these organizations, executives from PepsiCo and other mega-corporations like Sony (the largest label in the music industry), Nike (the largest shoe seller in the world), Rockefeller Group International, and Lockheed Martin (the largest defense company in the world), work alongside various heads of state (including past US presidents), policy-makers (such as current US Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton) and image makers (like Tom Brokaw and George Clooney), to develop political, social and economic opinions and recommendations affecting entire countries. The policies favored by these organizations are collectively steering the world towards a unified world government and a single world currency, in what is often referred as a “New World Order”.

PepsiCo brands include:


Mountain Dew
Ocean Spray
Lipton Ice Tea
No Fear Energy Drink
Propel Enhanced Water
Starbucks (retail products)


Sun Chips
Frito Lay Dips
Chester’s Puffcorn
Cracker Jack
El Isleno Plantain Chips
Frti-Lay Peanuts
Maui Style Potato Chips
Miss Vickie’s
Nut Harvest
Rold Gold

Yep, even the good ol’ trustworthy Quaker guy is part of PepsiCo.

The Spin-Off Company

PepsiCo also feeds millions daily through its spin-off company, Yum!, which owns restaurant chains including Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC,Hot ‘n Now,East Side Mario’s,D’Angelo Sandwich Shops,Chevys Fresh Mex, California Pizza Kitchen and Stolichnaya.

Many of the products listed above have existed for decades, some for over a century. What is the secret of such enduring success? First, the recipe has to be just right. As mentioned above, Nestlé spent more than $2 billion dollars in 2009 alone for research and development, which is mostly used to pay people in lab coats to create the most appealing, taste-bud satisfying, addicting and, of course, cost-effective products possible. The addictive properties of salt, fat, sugar and other chemicals are well known to the $2 billion-per-year researchers. Processed foods contain a carefully calculated mix of chemicals and additives that send “satisfying” signals to the brain, which the brain then continues to seek out in the form of cravings.

However, there are countless companies selling similar products. So in order to keep consumers coming back to their specific brand, corporations invest billions of dollars in the second secret of success: “brand loyalty” achieved through marketing and advertising.

In Conclusion

Why should one care about which company sells which product? Primarily, it is a question of health. Almost all of the hundreds of products cited in this article contain toxic ingredients, from excessive amounts of  saturated fat to additives like MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), mercury and/or aspartame. These substances, and many more like them, are poisonous to the body, the nervous system and the brain (as discussed in the article Dumbing Down Society: Food, Beverages and Meds). Processed foods are making the entire world fatter, sicker and dumber, even though only a few companies produce them. It is vital to know and recognize them … so you can avoid them. It is also important to recognize the basic marketing tactics that are being used to push consumers to buy processed foods.

The issue is much larger than individual health, however. To be aware of the companies selling your food is to be aware of important actors of the world elite. As the saying goes “control the food and you control the people”. If you believe it is important to know the truth about the world’s power structure, it is fundamental to know about these companies and understand their extensive reach throughout all areas of our global society. They might “only” sell food, but their power and position gives these conglomerates an active role in world governance, including economy, politics, law-making and even the military (who do you think supplies military mess halls?). The Big Three and globally dominant corporations like them are part of policy-setting “think tank” organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group, which serve as the true motors behind global change. Should PepsiCo have a say in the invasion of a country such as Iran? Well, it does. And every time you buy a Pepsi or a bag of Doritos or jug of Tropicana, you are helping them become richer and more powerful. Luckily, however, there is an easy way to stop supporting these companies: Simply replace the processed products you buy from these companies with fresh foods bought from local businesses. You’ll improve your health and your local economy, but most importantly, you’ll also become the elite’s worst nightmare: a rational consumer.




  1. No surprise here whatsoever. If you look at all the packaging in the supermarkets, you'll see crazy things like Kraft on this one, Kraft on that one and Kraft on another one and the products have different names! Let's not forget that even Coca-Cola has water out and vitamin water is owned by Coca-Cola as well. So much for choices!

    • I've seen many of my friends say that Vitamin Water is the best you can buy because its not like other brands. I've tried explaining to them that it is in fact the same brand, but, its no use. They are already controlled by the "label" of the products and they think that just because the label tells them that the "Triple Acai Berry" Flavor will make you live longer, it has to be true.

      • Hey, doesn't vitamin water use aspartame or some other artificial sweetener that's comparable to arsenic? I've noticed that most mass-marketed "health" foods contain one or two highly toxic ingredients, especially high fructose corn syrup (like those "high fiber" shear-of-wheat, child-running-through-a-field Wheat thins). You know it's healthy and child-friendly when roughly half of all HFCS products contain mercury. And you know mercury is all-natural and child-friendly because it'll make them think they're running through a field of wheat when and if they happen to develop something resembling autism.

      • Hey, doesn’t vitamin water use aspartame or some other artificial sweetener that’s comparable to arsenic? I’ve noticed that most mass-marketed “health” foods contain one or two highly toxic ingredients, especially high fructose corn syrup (like those “high fiber” shear-of-wheat, child-running-through-a-field Wheat thins). You know it’s healthy and child-friendly when roughly half of all HFCS products contain mercury. And you know mercury is all-natural and child-friendly because it’ll make them think they’re running through a field of wheat when and if they happen to develop something resembling autism.

        Yep it does =( I found a few news articles and stuff about the sugars in Vitamin Water, I'm not even surprised, it's under Coca Cola. I hate those sugars, they aren't even good for you at all, and the mercury, but a lot of people don't care =/ =(

      • All you have to do is read the label and you know Vitamin Water is terrible for you. Its just Sugar flavored water with nice branding. Want Water? Drink water. Want Vitamins? Take vitamins.

      • you are so right. I could never understand the idea of 'enhanced' water. Water is perfect as it is and doesn't need anything to improve it. To add flavor or sugars or anything to water means to spoil it. Water is water is water and should stay like that…!

      • My hubby is a an avid drinker of vitamin water. He swears by the product..I always thought maybe he was addicted to it due to his sensitivity about the matter each time I bring it up. He always says "Oh it doesn't have nothing but vitamins in it and its more healthy than plain water!" Funny, it makes more sense now!

      • I too believed in Vitamin Water until I got to the label – Coca Cola. No way could I continue this farcical drink. And I also found out a lot of articles about Vitamin Water on the net – how it contains a lot more sugars than the actual vitamins. I agree with you, too sad they're controlled by the label =/

      • I always felt like you could never trust anything big brand name. Anything advertised on tv you can't trust, plain and simple.

      • I became curious one day about the "crystalline fructose" in my Vitamin Water. "Fructose? Hm, I know what that is, but why specify that it is in crystalline form?"

        Discovered that crystalline fructose bypasses the enzymes which assign sugars to fat storage or energy, and is just immediately stored as fat around your liver.

        Yeah. So that's awesome.

  2. It is also sad that these marketing monsters sell "natural products", some of which in "eco-friendly packages" (when you showed us that some of these products aren't eco-friendly at all), although their intention is just to continue the depopulation progress.

    Now Coca-Cola is destroying my mind with that f*****g commercial giving possitive messages, and telling you in a not-so-subtle that drinking Coke is "possitive for your life" (in fact, they mean: drink Coca-Cola or live a sad and boring life, you stupid slave).

    There are lots of mind-blowing ads nowadays, and with schools that don't teach, teachers that don't want to teach, making students irrational robots, people just buy these ads.

    VC is hope for rational people, truth seekers (and a trustworthy source of info).

    Keep it up!! I'm waiting for your article on Gaga's Judas and hope you make another on KP's E.T

    Best regards :)

  3. I appalls me that this is such a non-issue to many of my peers, their reaction simply being, "…so?"

    These companies are not only about making money, they're about control. Just like your government; they don't care about you.

    • Sarah Connor on

      The ultimate control……."control the food control the people"

      Most of us reading this article have no idea what it means to go hungry. So we cannot say with certainty the things we would not give up or compromise on if faced with that scenario. What about seeing your little ones hungry? We are vulnerable people in a very fragile system…..time to grow a garden. Even a window one, there are lots of awesome alternatives out there for small places. Invest in you local farmers, buy from them and attend farmers markets. It all adds up. And boycott ANYTHING Monsanto!!!!

      • Or companies like Cargill – Cargill is much larger than Monsanto- but is privately owned. Since it is privately owned they do not have the same reporting requirements as a publicly traded company. This way they can be the big fish that lays low and silent that can eat as much as it wants without being noticed. OUT of sight out of Mind.

        from wikipedia-

        "It is the only producer of Alberger process salt in the US, which is highly prized in the fast-food and prepared food industries." It is also a huge supplier of products than salt to Fast food suppliers like 100% of the eggs for McDonald's is from Cargill.

        "Cargill has been subject to numerous criticisms over a number of topics including environmental issues, contamination and humans rights abuses. Further, as a private company, Cargill is not required to release the same amount of information as a publicly-traded company and, as a business practice, keeps a relatively low profile."

      • Sarah Connor on… – Here is the product page from their own website, not any food 'products' that I am aware, though their products end up in our food supply on a grand scale. A really good documentary to watch is "The Future of Food" and a new one coming out "Scientists under Attack – Genetic Engineering in the magnetic Field of Money". Also the book "Seeds of Deception"
        If you watch/read these and learn about the practices of this corporation it is truly frightening what they are doing to farmers around the world, and the long term sustainability of natural/organic food production. Look into what is happening in India with their frakenseeds and the suicide rate amongst the farmers with failed crops. Crimes against humanity. The rationale that gmo is necessary to feed an overpopulated planet is false. The crops fail after a season or two. Also reminds me of the seed bank that our depopulation czar Bill Gates has invested in with Monsanto and the Rockefellers –

      • The CIA-British Intelligence networks fund drug research (in other words the public do) to find more and more effective ways of suppressing consciousness and will. This includes vaccinations, food additives, and electromagnetic techniques.

        Monsanto Chemical Company where the president Earle H. Harbison Jr is also president of the Mental Health Association and director of the infamous Bethesda General Hospital where slaves are programmed for a mind control operation called Project Monarch.8 Monsanto is heavily involved with genetically manipulated food.

        ^^^^^^extract from

        Nowhere to tum I'm afraid. We're talking about sickos :(

      • Sarah Connor on

        Sickos: an understatement! And I know, it seems unavoidable, but dangit I'll try to minimize exposure as much as I can, for as long as I can. Survial instints and all. Existing on a self-sustaining compound with like minded people has never sounded so good! How fringe….

        Thanks for the Fritz link! Been watching him a bunch lately but haven't seen this book, him and Chips Tatum. That guy is a patriot.

      • Most of the corn grown in the US and Round-up herbicide. What they do, is they sell the farmers genetically modified corn seeds that are resistant to Round-up. And make the farmers sign a contract stating that every year they buy new seeds from Mansanto, instead of using the seeds produced from the corn they already grew. They tried to get away with selling seeds that had a "terminator" gene in them, meaning they would be sterile, but too many people thought it was too creepy (evil).

    • Essential Truth on

      @drilly its sad how many people i talk to on this subject (including family members) who have this defeatist mentality where they believe its too late ..& how I/we shouldn't worry too much about these things …. pretty much that we should just accept and go along with the Agenda.

      We walk into these Mega Superstores like Walmart, Costco, Carrefour, Tesco ..etc all over the WORLD thinking WOW!! we are so blessed to live in this day where we have so many options …but as we scroll up we can all see that's not completely true… however we are blessed to live in a day where we have access to all this information on these GMO Corporations like Cargill, Monsanto, Tyson Foods and all the above… & we shouldn't take this info for granted either.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Welcome to my world. When I attempt to discuss the things that strike me odd, most will take the opposing side "just because" and defend it to the death. So most people around me take it a lot further than "4+"

  4. Excellent article, VC.

    The advertising clips you've shown us here include very similar Psychological Warfare methods as those I was talking about in the Imma Bee article – but I would dare say that product advertising like this is slightly more evil (if that's even possible) than the social engineering manipulation and conditioning we see in nearly all music video, film and tv "products" these days. And I label these "products" for the obvious reason that most are anything but artistic, musically or visually, either in their creators' intent or the final results. They are created to make $$$$, nothing more.

    This food product advertising is, in fact, outright lies hidden within psych ploys that deliberately conceal the true nature of the products being sold…which one could easily consider as being duplicitous, false advertising – fraud.

    It's nothing new, of course, but it is certainly getting more brazen and effective at luring unaware people into their web of deceit…and huge profits are gained from the deception.

    And, though I do not eat "Miracle Whip" (just consider the cognitive dissonance of that name alone – Miracle, a divine blessing or gift of life, versus "Whip"…an instrument of torture and pain, slavery, etc.) – I must admit that I do generally share the same attitude, as do you I would guess, in that "I will not tone it down". :)

    Thanks for really doing the work on this one – very well done, sir.

    • Reveal The TRUTH on

      Thumbs up for Vigilant for all his research and work to produce these amazing insightful articles!!!


  5. GothicLolita on

    thanks again ,VC!!

    it's very informative and it really depresses me seeing my loved ones being carefree about what's happening out here. my mum keeps putting junks in her stomach, and her belly grows bigger and bigger each day. i urge her to change her diet, exercise – she takes no action :(

    others would reason that since they've been poisoned since the day they were born, it's useless to change now, after so many years.

    for me, i don't wanna lose my health, my intelligence and my money…

  6. I laughed when I saw the Mayo commercial months back!!! I'm in the demographic they are targeting and I don't relate to this ad whatsoever – it doesn't encourage me to buy it LOL. Whee!!! I'll skip the booze and just get a keg of mayo for next weekend's party … *rolls eyes*




  8. Has anyone noticed how these companies and all these programs trying to tell people to loose weight never focus on the main cause which is sugar? They always attribute it to 'fat' or over-eating. Yet there has never been a reduction in the production of sugar. Sugar doesn't actually contain fibre or vitamins or minerals, it's literally an empty food. And it's addictive. And in our quest to reduce so-called 'fat' we eat less and less sugar, giving companies justification to add more and more of it to their products. There's about 7 teaspoons in Pepsi according to one food documentary and around 8 in those colourful school-juice cartons.

    There is some awareness here in England about this issue, because everyone keeps saying they don't want us to be the next America. But at this point, nobody cares, we've become too reliant. They have anyway, I'm making use of my garden. >>.

    • They get us coming and going – first make us work long hours with long commutes so we're too tired to deal with managing food, then sell us fat, salt and sugar larded substances, then sell us gym memberships, stomach stapling and Jenny Craig. What we need is more time off to attend to health and personal needs, better designed communities so we can incorporate exercise and fitness into our daily routines, and community gardens and food co-ops. Some of us are not good at growing plants, including myself, but I'd gladly pitch in to help in other ways in order to earn my share of veggies, if I only had more time to do so. I'm so tired at the end of my work day, sometimes all I can do is throw in a frozen pizza and hope the salt doesn't kill me in my sleep.

    • I recently saw some heavy airtime given to "Cornglomerate" commercials reassuring us that HFCS high fructose corn syrup is indistinguishable to the human body. The body just sees it as a sugar, so don't listen to people trying to scare you because THEY aren't doctors!….no lie that's what they advertised. Well maybe my body sees it as sugar, the problem is it's in everything! WTH does bread or spaghetti sauce need HFCS? Why does juice need to have corn syrup? Just try and find things that don't have it, good luck. I have developed an allergy to corn, never was a problem when I was a kid, now 38 and I can't consume anything with corn without breaking out in an all over body rash. Thanks NWO, you poisoned me to the point I can't eat your crap! Only organic fruits n veg for me. Non organic when I'm broke. Giving up on meat too, too many hormones. Kids now adays are taller, fatter, and going into early puberty because of food laced hormone additives. It's sickening how they have poisoned our planet.

    • this is just plain sad. if they can form a secret society called the illuminati, why don't we form our own secret society called the anti-illuminati?? =D

      • I think we already are some kind of secret society, I mean, we, the people that know something about all that stuff, we are their enemies, but we dont need secret dark rituals or stuff, for us knowledge is enough… We know the things that they dont want us to know… The mind is the real battelfield, remember?

  9. i've heard of people cleaning there toilets and floors with coca cola never tried it but i heard it works really good.. and i've seen kids science experiments when the put a tooth they lost in coca cola for a couple days and it rots away.. some times i just gotta have a diet coke though.. x(

    • I took a hazardous waste management class and the instructor said that the amount of phosphoric acid in Coke would require the trucks delivering the syrup concentate to having corrosive chemical warning placards but they got a special ruling from the government relieving them of this requirement.

      • I prefer sparkling water from glaciers. Isklar does a good one. And I don 't think it belongs to pepsico – yet.

      • Reveal The TRUTH on

        I prefer collecting my own rainwater and then distilling it. No chance of fluoride poisoning in it

      • Rainwater used to be nice. But since March 11 you might want to watch out for radioactive contamination across the Northern Hemisphere.

    • Reveal The TRUTH on

      Diet coke is even worse, because of the artificial sugars added, like High Fructose Corn Syrup. Check out Vigilants older articles about this

    • MAC, if you 'just gotta'- try to remind yourself that you 'just gotta say no'

      It is better for you that way. I never thought I'd kick the Pepsi habit. Haven't had a soda in over 15 months, and I feel so alive now that I drink water instead. Also kicked the smoking habit that way. It takes some willpower- but once you forge ahead and deny your body the "pleasure" of toxins, you will feel more whole without them. It is never too late!!

      Everytime I found myself "craving" soda/cig- I would mentally tell myself 'this is better' and force water down my throat. Before, I would hardly drink 16 oz of water a day. Now I average around 80 oz each day without forcing myself.

      You can do this :) I am rootin' for ya!

      When I see Diet Coke, all I think is "E. Coli poop. Blindness. Tumors"

  10. ok VC, this is a serious matter and all, but this article is dripping in sarcasm it kept me entertained and aware. Nice article indeed. 😀

      • Only recently I was diagnosed as coeliac – so I really started watchin what I ate – and instead of being bloated like a balloon all the time Im grand again.

        I have to avoid wheat based foods like bread, pasta, cakes etc…but since then Ive found its actually any processed foods I eat really mess me up, especially sugary foods and dairy foods…

        Anyway I tried Soy for a while – and after about 2 days I thought I was gonna die. Whatever's in that stuff is poioson. No doubt.

        I used to think I was really unlucky because I couldn't eat anything but now I think because my body acts immediately to anything that is "poisonous" (and made to be that way) I'm lucky because I react straight away and get rid of it.

        So absolutely, drink distilled rainwater, grow your own veg…but soon we'll have to get out of the cities because of the chemtrails destroying that too…

      • Sarah Connor on

        Wow – thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with soy!!! It is a hormonal disrupter and I believe very detrimental to the youth (especially boys) of this day and age. It mimicks estrogen, and at least in my day to day, I'm seeing a testosterone deficiency, though that comes from many avenues, I will admit. Soy being top of the list though. Anyways, I try to avoid soy like the plague for me and mine, and that is a difficult task, trust me. It is in everything (look at the indgredients for anything and everything you buy), and 95% of the time it is gmo. I wish I could go into it more here but this article is not the platform. Thanks though Tiarnan!!!! More people need to be aware about the dangers of soy. In my humble it is literally transforming us…..into effeminate and infertile people…… though time will tell.

      • Some people are sensitive to soy and you have to be careful WHICH soy brands you buy…non gmo. You shouldn't take more than a cup a day — for some soy interacts with the thyroid so one should limit soy.

  11. Yep thanks for getting this out there VC, the biggest bondage to mankind is food, I also will be sharing on facebook….my family need to see this!!!

    The JIF advertisement was ridiculous, the first thing I thought was they are encouraging emotional eating with the girl eating out of the jar while missing her mum…in Australia 'JIF' is the name of a creme cleanser for the bathroom….probably has the same texture as the peanut butter !!!! LOL

    Well done thankyou once again….

  12. Amazing article as always. It really gave me a better grasp of marketing. I stopped watching t.v. not that long ago because of the negative media. I just wish I would have earlier realized the effects that marketing and the media have on my beliefs and health. I replaced watching television with reading and I recently started mediating. As for avoiding processed foods by mega-companies and listening to music on the radio, I'm still working that. Eventually, I have plans. Thanks for changing my life for the better. & awareness <3

    • Good move Rosa, and you have a lifetime of learning. Develop critical thinking skills, learn HOW to research what you are told, and eventually graduate to what scientific researchers are discovering, but don't forget if they are working for multi-national corporations you have to sift out the truth. That can only come from other knowledge acquired along the way. VC did an excellent piece on water. Water is vital. It has to have a ph preferably over 8.5 to hydrate your cells. Search for it here and best wishes to you. Glad you turned off the idiot box, if you want to stay connected the Internet can take you to newspapers around the globe.

      It's all about controlling the masses or insects as the super rich and powerful call us.

  13. Personally, I'm sick of all this. I hate watching the world get thrown away just because powerful people decide they want it to be. I'm boycotting this stuff. I'll go grow my own food.

    Thanks VC

    • Good choice. My dad is growing his food. Or he buys from the local market when it's winter only. He's in his 70s and fitter and more energetic than the younger ones. But then again he and my mum never ate ready pre packaged meals, processed food, KFC junk and MacDonald's. Certainly what you eat makes a difference in your well being and life. I'm trying to follow suit. It's not as difficult as I thought it'd be. Thanks for the smashing information VC.

    • And where do you find the sun for that? Where I live the climate 100% engineered so we don't get to see the sun more than twice a week… Unless of course there's an international tennis tournament or car racing competition scheduled..

  14. I'm going to write all this brands on a shopping list for my next visit to the market. Also U fail to mention the Unliver company (it appears in Dove products and so much other products)

  15. Prof. M.Fernandez on

    It will get worse if Codex Alimentarius gets it's way. VC Please look into this WTO org. which is trying to monopolize globally how our food is manufactured and distributed. Be careful when you get to Dr. Rima Leibow and her husband former Gen.Stubblebine (think Military psychic warrior black ops program) and Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D.

    (The Discoverer of a new Approach to Health in Germany).

    All packaged and canned food in the dangerous to our health-we have to go organic and there you have to know the labeling tricks. We must remain educated, alert and active politically to roll back the sinister greed.

    Thank you for your posts.

    • ilovegreentea on

      Thank you Prof. Hernandez for posting the info on Dr. Leibow, Her husband Gen. Stubblebine, & Dr. Rath. I watched Dr. Leibow's "Codex Alimentarious & Nutricide" on yt a couple of years ago & was enthralled. She was a blessing to me & responsible for my choice in switching to a more organic raw food diet. I learned a great deal about the food industry & depopulation that I was completely unaware of. I absolutely agree that citizens must stay educated, alert, & politically active, including buying organic.

      YAH Bless.

  16. Wow, I remember one time I bought some organic peanut better from the store and then took it back because I believe that it was spoiled. The lady told me, thats why moms chose Jif. lol Seriously!

  17. ilovegreentea on

    Excellent article & thanks for highlighting the commercials. And there is a jar of JIF in my pantry & I had a TBLSP some last night. I love peanut butter. However, since reading your excellently, written analysis, I am reminded once again that it's time to switch back to a more organic, raw food lifestyle. This ingredients in these foods are making us fat, lazy, & that's not good because with the changes in the world we should be "vigliant" :-). Thank you for reminding me why I wanted to get off the "junk food" & pursue healthier eating choices. I am amazed at the subliminal messages in food commercials nowadays. Superficially things look bright, positive, upbeat, loving, but the underlying theme is far more nefarious.

    Go ahead Eve, eat the fruit. You'll live forever. It will not hurt you, said the serpent.

    Yeah right. Not gonna get fooled again.


  18. And don't forget the ruling elite's grain cartel, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), which provides probably 70+ % of all the grains for all of these big 3 food cartels and most of the others.

    They control the bread, and they control the circus….just like the good ol' Roman days.

  19. Sometimes I feel so hard to fight against those powerful companies and people who made this world worst and worst every day! Is possible to STOP the NWO?

    • Reveal The TRUTH on

      As terrifying as it sounds, the NWO is going to happen whether we try to stop it or not. Read about it in the Bible in the book of Revelations, it talks about many of the things that are happening now, like rfid chips and so on… The most we can do is stop supporting these companies (really piss them off) and rely on God.


  20. Jenny Craig is also owned by Nestle, and uses some of the same junk food product in smaller portions that can be found in grocery stores or even fast food chains (the cakes).

    I worked corporate for a while lol.

  21. "The addictive properties of salt, fat, sugar and other chemicals are well known to the $2 billion-per-year researchers. Processed foods contain a carefully calculated mix of chemicals and additives that send “satisfying” signals to the brain, which the brain then continues to seek out in the form of cravings."

    also if you eat a food that tastes nice but has little or no nutritional value then the brain tells you to eat more and more because it is looking for nurrishment and not finding it in the rubbish you are putting in. we must all have heard at least one person say "i don't even know why i just ate that i feel sick now" and the like.

    these foods have such holds over people that if some one decides they don't want to eat a particular thing they really struggle like a drug. also people find out they are alergic to something or intollerent but they exclaim "i know i can't eat wheat but i really couldnt resist that cake." etc

    In africa there has been a movement for want of a better term that has decided that it must work with coca-cola and put medicine in its crates, as coca-cola is the only thing which seems to be able to be distributed even in places where it is impossible to transport anything else.

    so we have places on earth where people can't access enough food water medical care etc, yet cans of coca-cola get there.

    as some one said above, coca-cola is a good cleaning product although we have an odd mindset in the west. we think out of sight out of mind, but once you have a chemical it doesn't just leave the earth because you have chucked it away. hence, why birth-control pills don't just affect those who are contciously taking them. so i wouldn't use coca-cola unless it was a choice between that and acid or something. but i have said for a long time now if i ever have children i may keep coca-cola in my cleaning cupboard just to make a point.

    there is alot being said about Nanoparticles in food recently…..

    • Sarah Connor on

      Nanoparticles…….wish more would talk on this! Thank you! Hindsight will be a bugger on this one I fear!

  22. I HATE watching commercials…they sicken me. I can see through what they're trying to do to me, the consumer. One commercial that's really been buggin me lately is the new Arby's one. It's Good Mood Food. Trying to make you associate being happy with eating at Arby's. SMH.

    • Hi! I'm a industrial design student, and actually i'm making a project about all this stuff. In design and marketing all these strategies are part of something called "Experience Design", and it's just as VC described it. The companies focus on small groups of people and make research about their character, all their personality, so they can make advertising according to the emotional needs of the focus group, the company tries to create an emotional link with the customer. There is another part of experience design called "Emotional Design", and it's about emotional links between people and objects, to make them totally addictive (that's why we have people so addicted to their ipads, or blackberries, or brands like nike, adidas and stuff). In my project, i had to start studying the basics of perception (five senses, as they teach them on basic school, but in a deeper level), to know how people perceive the world, then it comes basic emotions, then feelings, then experiences…

      I started industrial design long ago, but right now is kinda complicated to me, because after knowing this and a lot of things more, i got to the conclusion that we (designers) are some kind of cancer to the earth and the society. So, now it's very hard for me to try to get a job, i'm trying to get something where i dont create so much garbage, but create usefull things, it's very very hard, because thats the reason that most of the companies hire industrial designers, to create trash!

      Right now i have a simple job, not in desing, i'm kinda happy with it, but i'm trying to get something better, and find a company with real ethics to work as a designer… but i'm starting to think that will be impossible…

      (by the way, sorry for my bad english, this is not my native language)

      • I relate because I wanted to teach children, but in order to do that- I have to be okay with junk food/vaccines/tailored history and so on. It is a shame to feel like the job you want to enjoy is a cancer, but I know what you mean.

  23. This article is the best. wow wow wow i love this!!!

    of course, i don't eat processed food and white flour,white rice,white sugar.

    When you decide NOT to eat these 3 white trashes you can easily avoid those junk.

    Eat fruits!!!

    avoid white sugar,white flour,white rice. these are trashes. ^_^

    • brown rice, brown sugar, brown flour (wheat flour (?) ) <— eat those..

      eat a lot of fruits and work out at least 2 hours a day.

      living a life of stress free. i don't watch TV at all. get rid of that stupid TV.

      I don't smoke,drink of course. anyway hahaha i hope everybody live a healthy life!

    • I miss the good old days of planting our vegetables. Since we are constantly busy in a rat race world; thus, we had our can food and others. Thank GOD for organic fried pumpkin chips which is rare to get anywhere.

  24. Sorry VC but I don't think this article was convincing enough! I study food technology in school and the main aim of any food industry is to make profit..that's the ideal thing for any company to do! Even if it means advertising "irrationally". its all about profit maximization! Perharps u couldv written more about the sinister aspects in food biotechnology? Oh well

    • No offense…..but oh so clearly….you are stuck in the 'system' so good luck with that.. Kiss your professor for me! Smooch!

      Ps- i only know cause my husband hires them/you and we are dumbfounded and frightened for our future you don't wake up!! Please wake up!

    • I can understand your skepticism and criticism, and Sarrah is right.

      If you are studying food technology in school there are 2 things to mention.

      1. The audience for the article: your studying this in school, so being well versed more than most it is only natural to want something in depth where for many it is just scratching the surface.

      2. Textbooks- it would be interesting to know the financing of your text-books and what Tax-Exempt Foundations had their hand in the involvement. If you go for your PhD, you will see how much politics and funding is important to be able to research and the enourmous pressure to publish and produce.

      This actually currupts the scientific method and process from what was supposed to be pure science and it becomes polluted and convoluted. Once it is published in textbooks – because of the hierarchical nature of academia and the reliance on authority- it is not questioned or healthily debated- because it could affect your grade and conformity is encouraged.

      Some of our great scientists like einstein had trouble in school because they saw through the faults and did not want to conform when they saw a better way. So in short- Many of the Tax-Exempt Foundations have a great influence of what will be published and what projects they want to mention (by funding and cutting funding to academia)

      This documentary is dry but insightful to know more about the great influence Tacx-exempt foundations have on Education- especially higher education.

    • Be More open-mined on

      Dude, in so many words, you are right. It is to make a profit but also to dumb down society like VC said. Think about it. they put corn (fructose) in everything from chicken, burgers, fries any fast food restaurant item you can name. Supposely it makes the food taste better so it can sale. I admit, its good but not good for you. People buy into the brand and some realize it, some don't. Notice all the foods taste the same? Every burger @ McDonald's taste the same and its all bc of fructose. Although, people will still buy these items, they should not eat alot of it. Its best to eat in moderation. Not eat to get full. It's a sin to constantly eat anyway and maybe just for this very reason. One day, eventually, we probably will not be able to grow our own foods in our own back yards. It's true. They don't want the local people selling you anything not only cause they want to make a profit but because they are experimenting and killing society. Can't be too sure tha the organic that's being sold is really organic. Like seriously, would you really believe its organic?

  25. Here are a few more cartels to consider:

    The Big 6 Purveyors of Seeds/Pesticides/Biotech (GMOs)







    The Big 6 Purveyors of GRAINS



    Louis Dreyfus

    Bunge Limited

    Andre Maggi Group

    Archer Daniels Midland

    For more on this cartel check out this article, which even though it was published back in 1995, does an amazing job of laying out some really revealing and shocking information about the bigger picture in terms of the wealthiest, most powerful – and very secretive – conglomerates controlling a massive portion the industrialized food chain:

    The Windsors' Global Food Cartel: Instrument for Starvation

    by Richard Freeman

    The Big 6 Big Pharmas

    Johnson & Johnson






    The Big 6 Controllers of Media

    General Electric

    Time Warner

    Walt Disney

    News Corp



    To understand even more about all this, watch this film called The Corporation:

    One of the most effective things we can all do is to be aware of where we spend our money.

    Every time you make a purchase, pay a bill or spend a penny on anything, rather than doing it unconsciously, follow the money and check to see where those dollars, pounds or euros etc ultimately end up, and just who and what you're actually supporting with your hard earned dosh.

    If enough conscious people stopped buying what these big, greedy, soulless corporate entities are selling, they along with their powermongering quest for global domination would simply collapse like a house of cards.

    We can curse and blame them til the cows come home, but as long as we keep spending our money on what these behemoth monstrosities are marketing to us, we the masses are the ones who are actually holding them up and essentially keeping them in business.

    So here's a modest proposal:

    ~ Remove the boob toob from your persona space, thereby liberating your mind from their most powerful tool for brainwashing the masses and disseminating disinfo & propaganda

    ~ Buy and eat REAL, nourishing, cleanly grown food from local farmers and ranchers

    ~ Better yet, grow some of your own food so you know exactly where it came from and how it was raised

    ~ Don't fall for their ludicrous pharma ads or ever "ask your dr if drug xyz is right for me"

    ~ Avoid their toxic mind and body altering vaccine jabs

    ~ Pull the financial plug on these globalist gangsters by unplugging yourself from their marketing ploys and just quit purchasing and/or buying into any of their shit!

    • @Elan Your comment is a nice concise addition to supplement the article! Thanks

      The food wars are on with the multi-nationalists and it is invisible to the general population. The places that are on the frontlines are local growers in each state. It is crazy some of the legislation and enforcement these large multi-nationalists have lobbied and mounted. The fact that depsite the track record of many of these companies- The FDA will send swat teams after the small one family Amish Independant farmer household (their pacifist's without electricity!)

      Agricoulture for the independant farmer has the tables tilted- you can also see how Monsanto is running small farmers out through using the court systems to bankrupt independant farmers over bogus allegations intellectual property rights- Then Monsanto buys the land. "The Copration" goes into this if I remember the correctly.

      • Just so there is no doubt about what side of the Fence the FDA is on with the food wars:

        "The company spent $8,831,120 for lobbying in 2008. $1,492,000 was to outside lobbying firms with the remainder being spent using in-house lobbyists.[114]

        Former Monsanto lobbyist Michael R. Taylor was appointed as a senior adviser to the Food and Drug Administration (United States) Commissioner on food safety on July 7, 2009.[115]" wikipedia-

        The cards to the game are stacked against the small independant farmer and has been for decades- It's why FarmAid- has been fighting a losing over the last 25 years, but at least they are fighting and slowing the rate of having all farms owned or enslaved by Multi-National corporations with little concern for the local feudal population.

  26. citizen of the world on

    I do eat some frozen food because of my busy schedule. I realise that it is all processed food and best avoided. But can anyone tell me if Cedarlane and Amy's are owned by the big food conglomerates?

    Also, I do question if these foods are really organic. Some "natural" food does contain GMO (or at least non-organic) ingredients.


    • Yes even the term organic is applied very loosely – look at how the FDA defines it and youll be surprised at what passes for an officially "organic" product, its quite sad

      • Buy organic food. Cook it yourself on a nonbusy day. Freeze it in. There! Dinnners with good health and clean conscience as a result <3

    • Be More open-mined on

      I wouldn't trust it. It's hard to grow anything without any fertilizer or whatever is being used to grow these things. Ever walked into the grocery store and looked at, lets say strawberries? They're dark and pretty but they are extremely BIG? Then you walk to the organic fresh vegetable section and everything is beautiful and looks tasty but too good to be organic. Like seriously, its hard to grow now i think because of the chemtrails so who is growing these so called organic foods? It's hard to say whether they are organic or not. Fruits don't grow on trees like they use to back in the day. I think "everyone will bow" comment is helpful. Jesus did fast and we as people should as well flesh is weak, but is protection for your soul. Just don't eat alot of processed foods.

  27. Great article, sadly as people have become so dumbed down as to not investigate ANYTHING they are shown or told on the almighty T.V., they are manipulated by emotion, ergo the sad photoshopped images of a lonely polar bear drowning at sea because of global warming [the original image had the bear surrounded by ice and other arctic background. But an image of a polar bear surrounded by other bears swimming and fishing, and icebergs isn't emotionally powerful enough, right?

    So if you have a slick PR team and airtime, Look out!

    P.S. thanks for the new comment requirements V.!


  28. Tremendously well done article, VC. Three cheers, two hugs and a hi-5 to you; your work is always relevant, comprehensible, rational & most importantly *honest* in it's presentation. ( & might I add, A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER THAN ANY M.S.M. MALARKEY!!!!)

    The Big 3 – in addition to many other conglomerates of their stature – grow to their obscene sizes in part through through acquisition of small, up and coming companies. In doing so, they are able to nullify their competition by buying them out and thereby absorb any effect it could have had on their profit. Also. through disassociating themselves with the natural, one might assume to be 'independent company' brands they own, they're able to re-appeal to the growing demographic trying to avoid mass-produced, GMO, chemical laced food.

    At least right now, we still have the option of buying local, choosing organic, planting our own gardens if we choose. However, as these companies acquire more of the market, the less choice we have and the more we are just taking what we can get. (Soylent Green, anyone??) With the passing of HR S510, and God Forbid, Codex Alimentarius being implemented, shit is really going to hit the fan. Support global non-compliance and educate as many as you can, I love each and everyone of you. Peace.

  29. "big three companies who feed the world" – actually the vast majority of the world's people don't eat this shit. They live on basic staples – not processed foods. Can't do otherwise when you live on $1 a day. It's strictly an advanced industrial nations phenomenon. I never used to eat this shit either, until i started dumpster diving and then i got into bad habits (what to do when you find entire cases of chips and chocolates and similar? ignore them, or take them home? eventually all this poisonous colorfully-packaged garbage will kill me, if i don't grow up and stop succumbing to my inner 3-year-old. Or find someone else i can offload all this junk onto )

  30. Please help me with Monsanto. I checked Monsanto in wikipedia and obviously is pure filth. But I'd like to know how I can assess which products are theirs. They even work with BASF. Please help with my enquiry. Thank you guys.

  31. This is so true, the pharmaceutics company as well as the food companies are multi billion pounds industries and they don't make profit if we are all fit and health especially for does that live in the Western countries. We eat bad food, get sick and then take medicine (which normally makes you worse) to help ease the disease. But most people continue to get sick with a host of disease in the modern age. Where in the West we are suppose to have a high standard of living and advance technology but it seems we live long to make the state and multi billion pounds companies richer, as people get fatter, sicker and/or have mental disease. These people in charge are psychopaths and have no conscious for the average man, woman or child just their own elite circle and I bet they don't eat the food. Globalisation or New world Order whatever you call it here and it’s getting worse.

    I have seen some great documentaries on how the U.S government and pharmaceutical companies and how scientists have caused a host of disease which are rampant in the West. The host of vaccinations and immunisations we get as children are responsible Aids and HIV just didn't come from nowhere or those special green monkey just magical got the diseases and passed it to humans first to a few gay men in America and then the whole of Africa. It’s called population control. It’s very scary , ignorance is bless and that's how most people are or want to be, the truth is always worse than fiction. Think Outbreak starting Dustin Hoffman.

    There was a report in the 1970 by Henry Kissinger and David Rockefellar called implications of worldwide population growth for U.S interests and overseas interests, December 10 1974, where they concluded that there needs to be population control in the third world. The main thrust of the report was that genetic, eugenic and de population was the way to go for future for the interests of the U.S government. Please remember most of the scientists who worked in the concentration camps in Nazi Germany didn't go to prison they went to the land of the free (U.S.A) lol and worked in military and industrial industries most notably in pharmaceutical research companies, the projects code name was called operation paper-clip when they brought the Nazi scientists to the U.S.

    The whole healthcare industry (especially in the West) research and universities are funded by private elite people like Rockefellar who have strong links to the former Nazi party in Germany, who have no interest in the human condition.

    Remember the Tuskegee experiments in the 70s when they infected black men with syphilis, by the U.s government. Fort Detrick, Maryland which was U.s Army base was a large sophisticated bio warfare testing centre, (pls see Norman M. Covert's book for info) between the 1940s and 1990s.

    Where they were turning diseases into weapons, they turned cloned and mutated germs into1,000s diseases including various cancers, various leukaemia etc for mass produce for the world, for the drug cartel to start the cancer industry which is currently in its zenith. This started with the 1st polio vaccinations which were produced and were contaminated with Monkey's kidney tissues which contained cancer virus which was later to be identified as SV40, in the 50s.

    Through the polio vaccinations people throughout the whole world were affected by cancer, hence the rapid and generational spread of various types of cancer only made worse by junk food etch. The people within National cancer institute in the 60s, according to a 1971 U.S government secret document started the special virus- cancer program, where they also made various diseases including Influenza, Hodgkin's diseases, herpes genitals, the list goes on. It’s weird that we have more diseases in our time than any time in human history apart from the occasional plague, it was normally War which helped control human populations.

    When this was found out by the mass public, Nixon the then president of America claimed that the U.S government was no longer will be testing chemical biological weapons, lies he even increased the budget for Fort Detrick testing facility’s bio weapons program.

    Henry Kissinger with his master-plan of de popularization commissioned a project in the 1971 to develop Aids and Ebola like virus. It went to his friend's company Litton Bionetics, one of the main Researchers to work on make these viruses, [where they experimented with human cancer viruses and developed recombinant (i.e. mutants).]

    One of the main Researchers was Dr Robert Gallio who 15 years later went on to be credited by the department of health and human services in the U.S of apparently discovering the cause of A.I.Ds . Still no cure, It was original mentioned by the mass media about the real cause of A.I.Ds in the 80s but as always the media swept under the carpet and said that people were crazy conspiracy theorists.

    I know the reason I’m never sick and only get the flu or cold every two years especially as I don't have the best diet, have stress and live in a populated city like London is because i rarely take medication.

    Good mental and physical health some it’s scary to see behind the curtain and know that in every section of human being the world over these elite people wish to control us, before it was religion and war now they have moved their game plan.

    They want us: mind, body and soul, they believe they have a God or Devil given right to be our slave master who on the whole seems to work, their fear tactics, and their divide and rule be it by class or race.

    The whole poor white working class discourse in the West (which is moving far right politics to mainstream acceptability, which probably will cause more racism (which not good for me as I’m 3rd generation British Jamaican) is underpinned by the fact they believe they not given the same rights or are be over taken by the other, be black people, Muslims etch.

    If you look at European history you would see there always been the haves and the have nots and the rich elite regardless if it’s a one race nation or a multi cultural society despise the lower classes, it’s not the elites children who fight in wars. It’s not the average Muslims (the elite of the Arab world are best friends with the elite in the western countries especially the U.K and U.S, especially Saudi Arabia (where women have NO human rights) or black people who responsible, but the same rich white elite who have been doing this for centuries home and abroad they are racist and elitists. Even though they collaborate with other rich elite the across the world. Thing of the pyramid them at the top all of us at the bottom that why the love that symbol even its also used in sociology to explain class.

    Here hoping things can change but probably not in my lifetime. Peace

  32. Name (required) on

    i attended a convenience store trade show. among all the various products there were aisles of booths with tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, rolling paper and tobacco, and those new electronic cigarettes – lots of booths. there was also a booth with some product that people use to get off tobacco – odd because at a glance it would seem that last would be in the opposite camp, but in that context it was crystal clear that they are all partners, they are working together, they are one interest, and if they don't get you coming, they'll get you going. if you don't buy their factory raised chickens, you're probably buying their bioengineered organic soy products.

  33. Honesty, when it comes to money I'm unstable but, once I find local food sellers I will become a rational consumer. I live in Virginia and it seems like people fall for anything down here, theres Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target and so fourth I think this state is giving up but I most definitely need to began my activism, for myself and before I even think about giving my family a new generation of children. I'll be damn if I let testosterone chicken and fast food restaurants ruin the life of my loved ones.

  34. Anyone who enjoys this article would want to give the book No Logo by Naomi Klein a read for in- depth analasis of the coorporate world.

  35. hipshotpercusion on

    Learn to read the labels and stop putting the poison in your bodies. It's easy to do, just go buy the Atkins book(no plug intended)it's a diet and a lifestyle that is healthy and works. i know, it is working for me!

  36. It's shocking how little people realize they are being manipulated and not only in advertising. News, papers, politics ALL OF IT.

    Visual media use symmetries which are fractal, organic and have details or symmetry which work on your subconscious. So even if you don't directly look at it, there is ALWAYS something about the visual stimulus which works on the subconscious mind. It is makng a hostage of your non-waking mind.

    Also, ancient magikal symbols are used to manipulate those unaware of the effect it actually has on the mind. Like brain-dead robots, happy with their lives, unaware of why they are compelled to vote, buy, consume and hate each other.

    Like sheep to the slaughter.

    • Things That Make You on

      Dégueuler in French means puke. And vomir in French means vomit. Gerber in French, I have no clue what that is… Prolly code for "one day, we will own your child"

      • Larrousse dict.

        gerber, verbe

        3. vomir (pop.)

        Vomir: action of throwing up. To puke.

        Don't teach french to a French.

  37. if i ever have kids im gonna be very careful! not feeding them gerber! lol its sad though realizing that ive grown up on all of this but i am slowly and surely getting away from all this crap on a tight budget. i have sworn off all fast food but i cant resist arbys and their curly fries sometimes!lol

  38. MargaretMildred on

    The little girl's voice in that flour commercial was ANNOYING. That is one where my cousin and I would change the channel.

    Also, I do not know ANY college student who would turn down free food, even if it is only a jar of peanut butter. I will grant you that the commercial was ridiculous, but in real life, no college student I know of would be pissed, save those with peanut allergies.

  39. Thank you again VC for these articles.

    People do NOT need garbage junk "food" in their lives so now they should get rid of it all.

    People should ignore the TV and advertising – or better still get rid of the TV and the mags etc that promote mendacious product promotions.

    People should believe nothing they hear or read within the media

    People should never trust their Governments

    …People should learn self sufficiency and how to survive should there be a disaster.

  40. duh America is an MDC meaning and a More Developed Country. Are foods are bound to be produced by big corps, the biggest corp are Agribusiness's they basically replace small local farm(buy them out) and then set up big corporate farms that genetically modify our food.

    but whats the problem we are Americans right, arent we the leaders of the free- world?

    are we or are we just telling are selves that?

  41. Sorry if this has been brought up already in the comments. I do not have time to read them all. These corporations need to be watched, but where do they get their food from? Most of the big food brands that the profane are aware of are still just middlemen repackaging GMOs from the real food giants: Monsanto and Cargill, for example.

    Another thought, has anyone noticed that Coca-Cola's bottled water, Dasani, is tap water with salt added to it?

    Side note for VC and other truth seekers willing to dig deeper: the term corporation has an occult origin and is still largely an occult practice here in the States. The term comes from making something corporal and according to US law when these elites draw up the right contracts they form a corporation. This thing that they have made corporal is not viewed by the US to be a business, but a person. For those who have eyes to see.

  42. I'm so pleased to find an article like this once again in your Website :)

    Thanks! secret arcana is awesome. i would be very grateful if you could update the sister sites continuously, VC :).

    Greetings from Indonesia

  43. I would like to know who the silent majority shareholders and directors are of these companies. I would bet my life on it that rockefella, beilderberg and rothschild are found to be at the top of the list.

  44. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant article and analysis! One of the most important steps to overcoming the commercial brainwashing assault is to turn off the TV and most radio programming permanently. Only then can the mind be as clear as possible to begin to make totally RATIONAL decisions on what foods to buy, among other things. My challenge to those who wish to break free: Turn off the TV for a full six months, then watch a few TV shows of your choice, without skipping or muting the commercials. If you really succeeded in de-familiarizing your mind with the TV and radio broadcast mind-matrix brainwash for that previous six months, then that program with commercials that you just watched should have made you feel extremely agitated, uncomfortable, stressed, tired, and any other number of signs and symptoms. Give it another 6 months and try it again to see even worse effects, and so on :) Again, the KEY is: Don't let the proverbial "vampires"(TV/radio/advertisements) into your proverbial "house" (your mind and body), and you will have a much better chance at survival!

  45. It's funny, but I don't buy any of those brands anymore. I only hit the health section for ALL food and home products. I ignore everything those big corps put out. And when I have to eat something (someone brings something into work) it doesn't taste very good and it makes me feel like crap!!!!

  46. I think this is a non-issue. Supermarkets have their own brands and no one is obliged to purchase processed foods.

    Monsanto is an issue. Chemical giants interfering with the rights of farmers, who for seven thousand years have been able to control their own seed production to feed us, in order to turn the whole human race into guinea pigs in a global genetically modiified food experiment should be stopped. The potential for mass starvation or poisoning by these pirates is unquantifiable because their GM crops are never subjected to proper scientific scrutiny.

    • I can't say this for all generic items, but purchasing super-market foods won't make much of a difference, either. My step-sister's father, who worked for Tropicana and Holsum ((an IBC ( Interstate Bakers Corporation) brand, with Hostess, Twinkie, Merita, etc.)), first turned me on to buying generic. Why? Because many generic brands are actually re-packaged versions of the "real" products. Publix supermarkets, for example, sell Tropicana juices and Holsum breads as their own. Same sh*t, different smell. You're just getting it or less.

  47. I'll be honest, I cannot unread what was put down, it's put me off, but I thank VC for the article anyway, at least personally, there are alternatives, fresh fruit and veg I guess. However, it will be hard for me to take it in but I'll get over besides, our family have a ghanian heritage, mostly our dinner doesn't consist the average junk food.

    But the part where you mentioned, paying for food is like paying for the big companies to advance their plan or whatever, well forgive my misinterpretation but the bible predicts this sort of outcome (wars, complete government control etc). Not to be negative but eventually it is bound to happen…it as in mass control, anti-christ etc. Man this is so deep, but thank God for prayer, no evil will get the power to prosper against me.

    Sorry for my trail of thought, the world is so deep, I just need to do something personally for my own good.

  48. SATAN RUNS THE SHOW (1 JOHN 5:19), ILLUMINATI ARE HIS LITTLE HELPERS….. nothing is a surprise to me these days. food poisning, music poisning.. everything is poisning in this world.

    you just got to try your best to take in as little poison as you can.

    we have Gods word to heal us :) so study that everyone :)

  49. What saddens me the most is that I am too poor to fully escape the binds these companies have on my food choices. When you have a food budget of about $150 a month to feed 2 people, it's really difficult to buy the free-range cow milk from the locally owned grocer at over $5 a gallon over the watered-down puss-y $2 cow-slave tit juice at Wal Mart…

    Not to say that I'm not ashamed every time I have to…it's just hard. Starve or eat processed foods? What an awful choice to make ):

    • I totaly relate to you…some times it's just hard and I try to buy from local farmers and all but the price to pay is really high u_u

      • I can totally understand. It seems like their making it more and more difficult to get the real healthy food. Don’t feel bad, just do what you can to keep yourself healthy with what you’ve got to work with.

    • I know exactly how you feel. And unfortunately, I choose to starve. It's lose lose here. I am just glad I don't have a child to worry about. I try to remember 'what you give is what you get' and trust that things will work out somehow. The longer you accept your slavery, the longer you're a slave- and that is all there is to it. In some senses we are forever slaves, but I stand taller to know I am not giving some company my (worthless)dollar to go to my own demise.

    • Phoenix,

      Be proud that you are aware of what is going on. If you were not, you would be the ideal poster child for what these companies want: a despondent cattle that is not aware of any other option. I do not mean to insult you by that in any way, for I am in the same situation as you. So long as we understand what is happening TOGETHER, it is the beginning of the end.

      Good luck! Start a garden! If you have no land, get the hell out of the city!

    • We're poor too. We try to grow as much of our own food as we can in the city & pay the extra money for the foods we consume the most of, like milk & bread. I notice that by eating the stuff that doesn't poison me, I don't crave the stuff that does (white flour & sugar).

  50. I didn't see the company Motts on here or maybe he had forgotten about it. They should fall under the Kraft brand. Strange but it's in the company's history.

  51. Azariah Malak on

    Vigilant, this is excellent, do one on media conglomerates and the TV/Film/Radio/Print subsidiaries they own.

  52. This article surprises, but at the same time it doesn't. What surprises me is that the majority of the food we consume is produced and distributed by 3 companies, here I am thinking that I am eating healthy by purchasing things like Special K and bottled water. What doesn't surprise me is the tactics that are used to sell these products. It reminds me of the controversy surrounding Colt 45's new malt beverage. Throw in some colorful cans, fruity varieties, and a rapper (Snoop Dog), and now you are ready to sell an alcoholic beverage -that is equivalent to five beers- to adolescents. Similar to an alcoholic beverage Ice Cube promoted, the name escapes me, the drink was so popular consumers were hard pressed to find it in their local ghetto conveince store. My fear is if these same companies are tapping into the organic market. I shop at an organic/whole foods store and since these companies are controlling even small distributors, how can I be sure that the food I am buying from an organic store is truly organic.

  53. rebel4christ on

    hi, I was wondering if this companies give us this types of foods and I don't know which ones I can eat, could you put a list of companies that this big three do not own?

    I want to live a healthier life. Please, help me here.

    I live in Puerto Rico and well, there are fast foods in every corner, in fact, I got a little addicted to taco bell.

    Please I would appreciate the help

    • All you can do is ask or read what the ingredients are. If something has more than 3 syllables or does not come from the ground, question it and consider not putting it in your body. I say "absolutely no" artificial sweeteners, dyes, high fructose corn syrup, or partially hydrogenated things. That is a start. Then you will learn hardly anything you have access to is without all these things, and it will make you sad. Don't be sad- consider options you never thought of before. Whether it be plant a garden, or seek out other food providers. I do not know how things work where you are. But as you see, only you can be sure of what you eat- so you have to know what you are eating.

      • Rebel4Christ on

        Things work here like in the U.S, technically we are part of it. But, because we are a spanish speaking country, I mean that's our first language, well, many people doesn't give a crap about what they are reading on the packages, which really sucks. I will search the food providers, until I grow my own garden. I'm really thinking about that. Through food they control the population, we die at 80 the most maybe 90 years of age but we are dying at a faster rate than before, people that are physically active and are personal trainers getting cancer. We must stop this madness!

        Thanks for the advice.

  54. again, why Jamie Oliver and many others who promote healthy organic self grown products hasn't been murderer yet?! and the worst part is that nobody cares *all caps* noo body cares!! and try to explain… they wont care!

    • It's probably because the organic food producers are such a minority they don't come close to touching the profits of the big food companies. And I noticed the other day when I was doing some shopping at wal-mart that most food that's sold as organic happens to cost more than the regular product.

  55. That was a really interesting article. Reminds me of what Bill hicks says about advertising. 'yes i'm buying these products, no i don't know the connection'

    I avoid all advertising like the plague.

  56. as long as we buy it … nothing will change … and they know we cannot change at all … so we are slaves … and remain to be – until …

    *it could be sooo easy to change all that*

  57. I didn't read the whole article and/or maybe a commenter mentioned it, but I read somewhere that Kraft, Nestle, Pepsi (and Campbell's recently stopped) use ABORTED FETAL cells to test flavor enhancers in their food. Something like that, but highly disturbing.

  58. From personal experience, Coke works really well for unclogging bathroom sinks and cleaning a corroded car battery (but then you're left with a sticky mess). So, saying that, we most definitely should not be putting it into our bodies!!

    The documentary 'Food, Inc.' was very eye-opening. Don't get me started on Monsanto!! Ugh. I live in a very agricultural state and I had no idea their stronghold on local farmers. Sick sick sick.

    • I have 3 college boys living me (my son's) & they share a bathroom. The sink is always clogged from shaving & hair gel & only God knows what else. I spend a fortune on the stuff to unclog it every month! I just poored a half of a 2ltr of coke (I'm out of rum anyway) and watched it just sit there for about 5 seconds. then swirl on down the drain! YIPEE!!! Thank you for the tip.

  59. watchFOODINConyoutub on

    as always VC informative article, thanks very much. I recommend people watch FOOD INC on you tube , it is a documentary based on a book of the same name i believe, it talks about this similar topic, and also Monsanto's role , also another good one is THE CORPORATION . continue to research…peace be w/ you

  60. One of the best video's out there……. is 'Truther Girls' on youtube…. look up their channel, they visit supermarkets and break – down the products so you know who owns them and whats in them ….. also their other video's are very educational, ……

  61. It's the same story for cosmetics. Walk into any department store and most of the different cosmetic counters are owned by Estee Lauder. Crazy worold we live in!

    • nooooo!!! i liked odwalla..:( i knew those bottles were too bright and colorful to be true… organic stuff that actually tastes good as a huge plus, but i dont want to support making profit for a company like coke -_-

  62. I have heard some of this before. Good job as always VC! If you look on the back of these products it will list who manufacters or owns them. There were so many that I didn't even know Kraft, Pepsi and Nestle' own. Just like Nabisco is owned by Kraft foods. This is no coincidence. Procter and Gamble own so many companies as well.. Thank you Vigilant for putting this info out there. They make billions of dollars every year. Crazy

  63. Really @Dina

    Wow I didn't know that. Need to tell my friends and family that

    They are thinking they are some organic health food company

  64. Here is a thought for you all about marketing – Rational thinking will take you to the inevitable conclusion that TV is bad for you. Once you stop watching you stop subjecting yourself to the marketers and their sly underhanded tactics (as well as the producers and their brainwashing agendas).

    Get smart about what you put into your body both through the mouth AND through the eyes/ears!!

  65. Avoid consuming any products that are advertised on television.

    I also avoid products that have radiating sun beams / halos in the logos and advertisements.

  66. Survivalist at Heart on

    Let's all become hunter gatherers, drink rain water, make our own drugs from the plants that we find.

      • Emery,

        I hope you are aware that these groups DO exist already. I actually just found one recently in the Appalachian Mountains of the good ole USA. Be a man though, we are blessed with this communication and awareness in order to face the problems that lie ahead of us that the weak and brainwashed could not even comprehend.

  67. Interesting that you should ask this question paraDICE…yep, we're cannibals.

    Interesting that it is the same big three. Campbells, it seems, have since switched their policies.

    March 29, 2011- ACTIONALERT

    Biotech company using aborted fetal cell lines to test food flavor enhancers

    (Largo, FL) Children of God for Life is calling for a public boycott of major food companies partnering with Senomyx, a biotech company that produces artificial flavor enhancers using aborted fetal cell lines to test their products.

    In 2010, the pro-life organization wrote to Senomyx CEO Kent Snyder, pointing out that moral options for testing their food additives could and should be used. But when Senomyx ignored their letter, they wrote to the companies Senomyx listed on their website as "collaborators" warning them of public backlash and threatened boycott. Food giants Pepsico, Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup, Solae and Nestlé are the primary targets of the boycott.

    Senomyx website states: “The company's key flavor programs focus on the discovery and development of savory, sweet and salt flavor ingredients that are intended to allow for the reduction of MSG, sugar and salt in food and beverage products….Using isolated human taste receptors, we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor.”

    Their collaborators provide Senomyx research and development funding plus royalties on sales of products using their flavor ingredients.

    “What they don’t tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors”, stated Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director for Children of God for Life, a pro-life watch dog group that has monitored the use of aborted fetal material in medical and consumer products for years.

    “They could have easily chosen animal, insect, or other morally obtained human cells expressing the G protein for taste receptors”, she added.

    In writing to their collaborators, it took three letters before Nestlé finally admitted the truth about their relationship with Senomyx, noting the cell line was “well established in scientific research".

    Both Pepsico and Campbell Soup also responded.

    Shockingly, Pepsico wrote: “We hope you are reassured to learn that our collaboration with Senomyx is strictly limited to creating lower-calorie, great-tasting beverages for consumers. This will help us achieve our commitment to reduce added sugar per serving by 25% in key brands in key markets over the next decade and ultimately help people live healthier lives.”

    Campbell Soup was more sensitive in their response: “Every effort is made to use the finest ingredients and develop the greatest selection of products, all at a great value. With this in mind, it must be said that the trust we have cultivated and developed over the years with our consumers is not worth compromising to cut costs or increase profit margins."

    While Campbell didn’t state they would change their methods, their response, gave Vinnedge hope.

    “If enough people voice their outrage and intent to boycott these consumer products, it may convince Senomyx to change their methods”, she noted. “Otherwise, we will be buying Coca-Cola, Lipton soups and Hershey products!”

    See for mailing addresses of Senomyx and the food companies.

    • I have a disgusted look on my face. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Sick, sick, sick. People eat it up, yum yum love that salty "flavor"!

    • “Otherwise, we will be buying Coca-Cola, Lipton soups and Hershey products!”

      uh, wait….. I just imagined her stomping her foot and saying "If you don't stop, I'm going to give my money to those other companies!" ….which they happen to be affiliated with…..

      that doesn't make sense. Did I misinterpret that? Did she just threaten a company by telling them she would start supporting their subsidiaries?

      Or was she being facetious?

    • Is the "electively" part supposed to make it more palatable? And who supplies the aborted babies? This is beyond grusome! Who are the sickos collecting & transporting the body parts? I want to know how they sleep at night.

  68. Hey I've got a solution to this:

    Pray over your food.

    After reading this great article, I wouldn't even bother trying to avoid these 3 mega marketers because the only thing that I've learned in the last 30 minutes is that the elite have a monopoly on our food. We've all consumed countless amounts of these brands way before we read this article so freaking out now would be kinda silly. lol. The only thing you can really do is eat more fresh crops and pray over all of your food each time you eat.

    PS. I personally came to the realization that these 3 large companies have a total monopoly on our food when I saw A1 steak sauce and Starbucks on the same list. (o__O)

    • for those who can believe (I know for some is hard) this is absolutely true and personally tried: if you make the sign of the cross over your food the poison in it won't affect you. It was written as an advice for the end of times people long time ago. I wouldn't drink a drop of water without blessing it this way. Some say experiments were made which prove the food and drink is purified by the sign of the cross.

  69. List of the More Widely Known Dangerous Ingredients in Body & Food Products

    This list only contains the more widely known chemicals and additives in body and food products. There are thousands more in use. Many of the chemicals listed below are suspected or known carcinogens, toxins, hormone disruptors, poisons and contaminates.

    Acesulfame K
    Sugar substitute found in pudding, chewing gum, non-dairy creamers, instant coffee mixes, tea mixes and gelatin desserts. May increase cancer in humans.

    Also known as Dimethylketone, 2-Propanone, Beta-Ketopropane. Inhalation of moderate to high amounts, even for a short time results in entry of acetone into bloodstream where it is carried to all other organs. Nose, throat, lung and eye irritant, headaches, confusion, increased pulse rate, effects on blood, nausea, vomiting and unconsciousness, coma. Shortens the menstrual cycle in women. Effects of long-term exposure include kidney, liver and nerve damage, increased birth defects, metabolic changes and coma. Found in nail polish remover.

    Found in many nail care products. Known to cause cancers in humans and experimental animals.

    Acrylamide, produced naturally in some foods when cooked at high temps. Manufactured for use in polyacrylamide gels, sometimes used as a treatment for drinking water and/ or wastewater. Acrylamide causes cancer in animals and in large doses, nerve damage in humans. Smoking is a major acrylamide producer as is frying, deep frying or extended micro-waving.

    Implicated in oral cancer. Found in mouthwash, astringent, toothpaste, cleansers.

    Alkyl-phenol Ethoxylades
    May reduce sperm count. Found in shampoo and bubble bath.

    Alpha Hydroxy Acid
    Destroys skin cells and leaves skin more susceptible to damage from the environment and skin cancer. Actually ends up aging skin. Found in anti-aging facial creams and lotions.

    Heavy concentrations may be linked to Alzheimer’s dementia. Aluminum is in many antiperspirants and prevalent in water supplies. Processed foods contain dietary aluminum.
    Sodium aluminum phosphate appears in pickles, cheese and baking soda.

    Ammonium Glycolate
    A photosensitizer with potential to increase risk of sunburn and skin cancer by intensifying UV exposures in deep skin layers. This sensitizer can instigate immune system response that includes itching, burning, scaling, hives, and blistering of skin. It is also a penetration enhancer which alters the skins’ structure, allowing other chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin, thus increasing the amounts of other chemicals that reach the bloodstream. Found in body products.

    Ammonium Persulfate
    Found in hair color and bleaching kit sensitizer – can instigate immune system response that can include itching, burning, scaling, hives, and blistering of skin, lung sensitizer – can instigate immune system response that can include asthma attacks or other problems with the lungs and airways.

    Immune system toxin, respiratory toxicant, skin or sense organ toxicant, classified as toxic in one or more government assessments.

    Genetically Modified, synthetic sugar substitute. People report dizziness, headaches and even seizures. Scientists believe it can alter behavior due to altered brain function. Long term effects of this genetically modified organism on human health has not been studied or tested. Found as a sweetener in foods and some body products, such as shaving gel. See our Genetically Modified / GMO Foods section for more information.

    Benzalkonium chloride, cetrimonium chloride and lauryl dimonium hydrolysed collagen Found in hair treatment products. Both are toxic and allergenic.

    Inhalation of high levels can cause headaches, rapid heart rate, tremors, confusion, unconsciousness and death. Hodgkin’s and Lymphomas result from inhalation. Used in detergents, drugs, pesticides and adhesives.

    Benzoic Acid
    Inhalation affects nervous system and is moderately toxic by ingestion. Severe eye and skin irritant. Used as a food preservative and in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

    Benzoic / Benzyl / Benzene
    Contains carcinogens, endocrine disruptor, may cause birth defects. Found in shower gels, shampoos, bubble bath.

    Benzoyl Peroxide
    In acne treatments, bar soap, facial cleansers and food additives! Highly toxic/ irritant.

    Bisphenol A or BPA
    Toxic plastic chemical used as a can lining in brands of some infant formulas. Also found in water bottles, this chemical is used to produce polycarbonate and epoxy plastics. For babies, check food container labels and beware of polycarbonate plastic baby bottles. Chemical reactions can occur when plastic is heated.

    BHA – BHT
    Banned in other countries, these two preservatives are considered carcinogenic but remain in U.S. manufactured foods that contain oil as they retard rancidity. Found in foods and body products.

    May break down into formaldehyde, may form carcinogenic nitrosamines. Found in body products.

    Potential breast cancer risk and endocrine disruptor raising concern for impaired fertility or development, increased risk for certain cancers, itching burning and blistering of skin. Found in body products.

    Causes cancer in animals. Used in cosmetics, inhalation could cause chemical pneumonitis.

    Coal Tar Dyes – (includes D&C Blue 1, Green 3, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 33, etc.)
    Even though their carcinogenicity has recently been proven, the 1938 Act includes a specific exemption for them. Severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, headaches, nausea, fatigue, lack of concentration, nervousness, increased risk of Hodgkin’s disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Found in bubble bath, hair dye, dandruff shampoo, toothpaste and foods. For more information, see the Dyes Commonly Used in Food and Body Product Section.

    Cocamidopropyl Betaine
    May contain harmful impurities or form toxic breakdown products, itching, burning and blistering of skin. Synthesized from coconuts, this chemical is found in body products and may be labeled natural or organic.

    Formerly the active ingredient in rat poison. A carcinogenic ingredient used in the manufacturing of deodorants, shampoos, skin fresheners and perfumes.

    D&C Yellow 11
    Found in: Lip gloss, polish remover, nail polish, bath oil/salts/soak, body spray, mositurizer, lipstick, styling gel/lotion, bar soap, after sun products, cologne, nail treatment. Color safe for external use only, found in ingested products, Color not approved for use around eyes, in eye products

    DEA: Diethanolamine
    A chemical used as a wetting or thickening agent in shampoos, soaps, hairsprays and sunscreens, blocks absorption of the nutrient choline, which is essential to brain development in a fetus.

    An additive that tastes like butter causes a serious lung condition called bronchiolitis obliterans, or “popcorn workers’ lung. Found in foods, especially microwave popcorn.

    Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
    A chemical used to keep nail polish from chipping, has been connected to cancer in lab animals as well as long-term fertility issues in newborn boys. Banned in Europe, but still in use in the U.S. Found in nail polish.

    A silicone emollient, which coats the skin not allowing toxins out. May promote tumors and accumulate in the liver and lymph nodes. Found in lotions and creams.

    Damage and weaken tooth enamel allowing more staining and discoloration to take place. Found in tooth whitening products.

    Disodium EDTA
    Harmful if swallowed or inhaled, causes irritation to skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Found in cosmetics.

    Diazolidinyl Urea
    Found in facial cleansers, shampoos and conditioners. Linked to neurotoxicity and immunotoxicity

    DMDM Hydantoin
    Contains formaldehyde , an ingredient linked to cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity. Allergenic, can be an irritant to eyes skin and lungs. Common in manicure/pedicure products and hair treatment packages.

    Found in some mascaras’s suspected as a cause of cancer in humans, based on studies of human populations or laboratory animals.

    Suffocates skin by not allowing moisture in or out. Found in facial creams and body lotions.

    May contain lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. Accumulates in body and contributes to bone disease. Carcinogenic. Found in toothpastes.

    Suspected carcinogen and neurotoxin, it may be fatal if swallowed, absorbed through skin, inhaled or swallowed. Can cause spasms, edema, chemical pneumonitis and is extremely destructive to tissue of the mucous membrane, this chemical is found in many nail care products. Known to cause cancers in humans and experimental animals. Found in baby shampoo, bubble bath, deodorants, perfume, cologne, hair dye, mouthwash, toothpaste, hair spray, nail polish.

    Fragrances (Synthetic)
    Some perfumes / fragrances contain hundreds of chemicals. Some, such as methylene chloride are carcinogenic. Some cause brain damage or are neurotoxins. Avoid unless you can be sure they are not carcinogenic.

    Glycolic Acid
    Penetration enhancer which alters skin structure, allowing other chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin, increasing the amounts of other chemicals that reach the bloodstream, skin or sense organs. As a sensitizer it can instigate immune system response that can include itching, burning, scaling, hives, and blistering of skin. Toxicant, neurotoxin, kidney toxicant, gastrointestinal or liver toxicant. Found in creams, lotions, cosmetics.

    GMO/Genetically Modified Organism
    Plants, animals or foods that have been genetically modified, genetically engineered or BT/Biotechnology modified. Genetic engineering enables scientists to create plants, animals and micro-organisms by manipulating genes in a way that does not occur naturally. Minimal testing shows that animals fed GMO feed, refuse to eat it. When force-fed the feed (corn, soy, tomatoes etc.) the animals developed stomach lesions and malformations of organs. GMO food is not labeled as such in the U.S. Almost all other countries have banned the use of GMO in food and body products due to insufficient testing. See GMO section for more information.

    Hydroabietyl Alcohol
    Found in styling gel/lotions. Unsafe for use in cosmetics according to the fragrance industry’s International Fragrance Association.

    High Fructose Corn Syrup/HFCS
    High fructose consumption has been fingered as a causative factor in heart disease. It raises blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. It makes blood cells more prone to clotting, and it may also accelerate the aging process. See Sugars, Insulin Resistance and Glycemic Index section for more information.

    Hydrogenated/Partially Hydrogenated Oils
    Hydrogenated oils contain high levels of trans fats. A trans fat is an otherwise normal fatty acid that has been radically changed by high heat. Trans fats are poison: just like arsenic. Partially hydrogenated oils will not only kill you in the long term by producing diseases like multiple sclerosis and allergies that lead to arthritis, but in the meantime they will make you fat! See Hydrogenated and Partially Hydrogenated Oils section for more information

    A severely toxic and very powerful chemical. Banned in the United Kingdom, but still used in the U.S. Found in skin lightening products and hair dyes, this chemical alters the skins natural structure inhibiting the production of Melanin. Without natural protection, the skin is more susceptible to skin cancer. Prolonged use of Hydroquinone will thicken collagen fibers damaging the connective tissues. The result is rough blotchy skin leaving it with a spotty caviar appearance.

    Used in cosmetics. Inhalation could cause chemical pneumonitis.

    Imidazolidinyl Urea
    This allergenic chemical finds its way into deodorants, shampoos, hand cream and some mascaras.

    Potential breast cancer risk. Itching, burning and blistering of skin. Found in body products.

    Isoproponal/Isopropyl Alcohol
    Moderately toxic chemical causing flushing, pulse rate decrease, blood pressure lowering, anesthesia, narcosis, headache, dizziness, mental depression, drowsiness, hallucinations, distorted perceptions, respiratory depression, nausea, vomiting and coma. Used to clean/disinfect skin, lower temperatures. Found in some body products.

    Kajoic Acid
    A chemical that inhibits melanin production. Used in skin lightening products, it damages the skin and makes it more susceptible to cancer.

    Can cause eyelashes to fall out. Found in mascara.

    While lanolin itself is skin beneficial, it may contain carcinogenic pesticides such as DDT, lindane, dieldrin and other neurotoxins. Can cause rashes. Found in body products.

    Can dry and damage skin. Found in bars of soap.

    Magnesium Stearate / Stearic Acid
    May contain phosphatidyl choline which collapses cell membranes and selectively kills T-Cells which breaks down the immune system. An execeptant that is used to bind medicinal tablets and make them smooth it is also used in pharmaceuticals, foods, talcum powder, ammunition, and as a drying agent in paints.

    MEA: Cocamide DEA, Lauramide DEA, Linoleamide DEA, Oleamide DEA
    NDEA (N-nitrosodiethanolamine) forms when DEA reacts with nitrosating agents or the actual addition of nitrite as a preservative. As there is no way to determine if NDEA has been formed, it is imperative to avoid all products containing DEA as it is a known carcinogen. Often used in cosmetics to adjust the pH, and used with many fatty acids to convert acid to salt (stearate), which then becomes the base for a cleanser.

    Methylisothiazoline, or MIT
    Causes neurological damage. Found in shampoo.

    Methyl Methacrylate
    May cause fingers and nails to inflame. Found in nail polish.

    Potential breast cancer risk and endocrine disruptor raising concern for impaired fertility or development of fetus, and increased risk for certain cancers, itching, burning and blistering of skin. A close cousin of benzoic acid: poisonous and moderately toxic it is found in body products.

    Mineral Oil
    A derivative of petroleum, this additive clogs pores, locks in toxins, suffocates and dries skin and inhibits your skins natural oil production further increasing dehydration. Causes testicular tumors in the fetus, deposits accumulate in the lymph nodes and prevent absorption of vitamin A from the intestines. Found in blush, baby oil, lotions, foundation and creams.

    Monosodium Glutamate/MSG
    MSG is an excitotoxin, which causes nerve damage and allergic reactions. Found in hundreds of foods, often under other names. See our Monosodium Glutamate / MSG section for more information

    Gasoline additive. Known as a “likely” human carcinogenic.

    Neotame is a reformulated aspartame that will require smaller amounts than aspartame to achieve the same sweetness. Neotame, like aspartame, contains aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and a methyl esther. Animal studies reveal aspartic acid and glutamic acid load on the same receptors in the brain, cause identical brain lesions and neuroendocrine disorders, and act in an additive fashion. People who are sensitive to processed free glutamic acid (MSG) experience similar reactions to aspartame, and people who are sensitive to aspartame experience similar reactions to MSG. People who currently react to MSG and/or aspartame should expect to react similarly to Neotame. Found in soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, processed foods of all kinds.

    Nitrate – Nitrite
    While nitrate itself is harmless; it is readily converted to nitrite. When nitrite combines with compounds called secondary amines, it forms nitrosamines: extremely powerful cancer-causing chemicals. The chemical reaction occurs most readily at the high temperatures of frying. Nitrite has long been suspected as being a cause of stomach cancer. (See Sodium Nitrite)

    Extremely powerful, cancer-causing chemicals formed at high temperatures when the preservative nitrite combines with compounds called secondary amines.

    While fat-free, this additive has a fatal side effect: it attaches to valuable nutrients and flushes them out of the body. Some of these nutrients, called carotenoids, appear to protect us from such diseases as lung cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, and macular degeneration. Olestra replaces fats in ‘fat-free’ foods.

    Padimate-O (PABA)
    Nitrosamines, potent carcinogens, may form in products that contain Padimate-O. There is no way of knowing if they have formed. Found in cosmetics and sunscreens.

    Possible carcinogen. Found in cosmetics and food.

    Toxic flame retardant, used in baby bedding to slow advance of fire. Residue found in breast milk.

    It is rocket science! Perchlorate is a by- product of rocket fuel, discovered in over 90% of the U.S. lettuce and milk supply. It interferes with thyroid function can cause thyroid cancer and or hypothyroidism.

    PEG Stearates
    Potentially contaminated with or breaking down into chemicals linked to cancer or other significant health problems. Found in cosmetics, creams and foods.

    PEG (Polyethylene, polyethylene glycol, polyoxyethylene, oxynol: any ethoxylated compound, including SLES)
    May contain ¼-dioxane which is a possible carcinogen, estrogen mimic and endocrine disruptor. Can only be removed from a product through vacuum stripping during processing. Avoid all ethyoxylated products as a precaution. Found in foods and body products.

    PEG-12 Distearate
    May contain harmful impurities or form toxic breakdown products linked to cancer or other significant health problems. Found in creams, lotions, cosmetics and foods.

    PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate
    May contain harmful impurities or form toxic breakdown products linked to cancer or other significant health problems, gastrointestinal or liver toxicity hazards. Found in cosmetics, creams, lotions and foods.

    May contain harmful impurities or form toxic breakdown products linked to cancer or other significant health problems. Found in foods, lotions, creams and cosmetics.

    Petroleum (Petrolatum)
    Suffocates skin and traps toxins in body, clogs pores. Found in lotions, skin creams, and body jelly.

    PFOA or C8
    Used when processing polytetrafluroroethylene (PTFE) or Teflon. This toxic chemical remains in animals and humans for indefinite periods.

    Perflurooctanotane sulfonate. A fluorocarbon used in producing repellents and surfactant products, like stain resistant fabric.

    Possible connection to reproductive or developmental harm to fetus, potential for reduced fertility, classified as toxic and an irritant, potential risks to wildlife and environment through excretion of body product toxins and disposal of cosmetics.

    Accumulates in the body; proven damage to liver, lungs, kidneys and reproductive systems. Appears in vinyl flooring, plastic wallpaper, perfume, hair spray, deodorant, nail polish, hair gel, mousse, body and hand lotion. Look for it in children’s toys, as; DEHP, BBP and DBP.

    Polyethylene Glycol /PEG
    Moderately toxic, eye irritant and possible carcinogen. Many glycols produce severe acidosis, central nervous system damage and congestion. Can cause convulsions, mutations, and surface EEG changes. Found in cosmetics, body products, foods, lotions.

    Possible carcinogen. Found in lipstick, mascara, baby soap, eye shadow.

    Used in cosmetics. Inhalation could cause chemical pneumonitis .

    May contain harmful impurities or form toxic breakdown products linked to cancer or other significant health problems. Found in body products.

    Potassium Bromate
    An additive that increases the volume and crumb of bread, is banned worldwide except in the U.S. and Japan. Considered carcinogenic.

    p-Phenylenediamine (PPD)
    Very toxic substance, used in hair dyeing, shampoo’s and hair spray. Highly carcinogenic, developmental and reproductive toxicity, it is allergenic and can cause skin irritation issues.

    Propylene Glycol
    Kidney damage, liver abnormalities, inhibits skin cell growth, damages cell membranes causing rashes, surface damage and dry skin.

    Absorbed into blood stream and travels to all organs. Many glycols produce severe acidosis, central nervous system damage and congestion. Can cause convulsions, mutations, and surface EEG changes. It is derived from petroleum products. The Material Safety Data Sheets on propylene glycol warns against contact with eyes, skin and clothing. It also says inhalation can cause irritation of nasal passages, ingestion can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

    Research also shows that it alters cell membranes and causes cardiac arrest. Found in shaving gel, lotions, shampoo, conditioners, foods, deodorant.

    Potential breast cancer risk and endocrine disruptor raising concern for impaired fertility or development, and increased risk for certain cancers, itching burning and blistering of skin, gastrointestinal or liver toxicity hazard. A close cousin of benzoic acid: poisonous and moderately toxic. Found in body products.

    PVC/ polyvinyl chloride
    When produced or burned, this common plastic releases dioxins, may cause cancer, affect immune and reproductive systems.

    Quaternium-7, 15, 31, 60 etc.
    Toxic, causes skin rashes and allergic reactions. Formaldehyde releasers. Substantive evidence of casual relation to leukemia, multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other cancers. Found in body products.

    Sodium Chloride
    Table salt (processed at high heat). Eye irritation, some hair loss, and dry and itchy skin. Found in shampoo as a thickener.

    Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate
    Potentially contaminated with or breaking down into chemicals linked to cancer or other significant health problems. Found in facial moisturizer, facial cleanser, facial treatments, skin fading and lightening products, anti-aging products, eye makeup remover, concealer, makeup remover, around eye cream, acne treatment, shampoo, conditioner, styling lotion and gel, styling mousse and foam, hair spray, hair relaxer, tanning oil and sunscreen, after tanning products, body cleanser and wash, body exfoliants, body firming lotion, baby soap, baby lotion, baby wipes, baby bubble bath, pain and wound products, hand sanitizer.

    Sodium Nitrite
    Makes meat look red rather than gray, and gives meat an overly long shelf life of months. Clinically proven to cause leukemia, brain tumors and other forms of cancer.

    Contains several naturally occurring compounds that are toxic to humans and animals. Soy foods block calcium and can cause vitamin D deficiencies. One health agency estimates than 100 grams of soy protein provides the estrogenic equivalent of the pill. Processing and all modern soy foods contain MSG, which cause neurological problems. Soy products inhibit thyroid function, which may lead to fatigue and mental issues. Infants on soy formula are vulnerable to developing autoimmune thyroid disease when exposed to high amounts of isoflavones over time. These Isoflavones have been found to have serious health effects, including infertility, thyroid disease or liver disease, on a number of mammals. Long term feeding with soy formulas inhibits thyroid peroxidase to such an extent that long term elevated thyroid stimulating hormone levels can also raise the risk of thyroid cancer. It is said that two glasses of soy milk a day over the course of a month contains enough of the chemical to change the timing of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Only eat soy if it has been fermented: such as soy, misu and tamari and if it is labeled as organic or non-GMO. See our Genetically Modified Foods section for more information

    SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
    Builds up in heart, lungs, brain and liver from skin contact and may cause damage to these organs. Corrodes hair follicles and may cause hair to fall out. Damages immune system. Contain endocrine disruptors and estrogen mimics. Impairs proper structural formation of young eyes. May contain carcinogenic nitrosamines. This is a detergent derived from coconut oil and may be labeled natural or even organic. Found in toothpaste, soap, shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, facial cleansers.

    SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
    Ether mixtures may contain carcinogenic nitrosamines. Avoid ethoxylated compounds as a precaution. May form 1.4 dioxane, a potential carcinogen, endocrine disruptor and estrogen mimic. Allows other chemicals to penetrate skin more deeply and enter bloodstream. May cause hair loss when applied to scalp. Found in shampoo, toothpaste, bubble bath, body wash, soap.

    Stearalkonium Chloride
    Toxic and causes allergic reactions. Used in hair conditioners.

    Can cause reactions in asthmatics, and lead to death. Sulphites are now banned on all foods except raw potatoes, wine and dried fruit.

    Carcinogenic when inhaled, may result in fallopian tube fibrosis. Found in blush, condoms, baby powder, feminine powders, foot and body powders.

    At one time in most vaccines for children. Still believed to be in many vaccines. This form of organic mercury, functions as a preservative. It is highly toxic as it metabolizes into methylmercury.

    TEA: Tea, Triethanolamine
    TEA causes allergic reactions including eye problems, dryness of hair and skin, and could be toxic if absorbed into the body over a long period of time. These chemicals are already restricted in Europe due to known carcinogenic effects (although still in use in the U.S.)

    Repeated skin applications of DEA-based detergents resulted in a major increase in the incidence of liver and kidney cancer. Found in shampoos, skin cream, bubble bath, shaving gel, conditioner, lotions.

    Poison to humans. Hallucinations, bone marrow changes, may cause liver and kidney damage and birth defects, endocrine disruptor and potential carcinogen linked to brain cancer. Irritates respiratory tract. Found in nail polish and cleaning products.

    Found in a lot of antimicrobial soaps and toothpaste products, it can react with chlorine in the tap water to create Chloroform. This is a toxic chemical that can give you cancer. If you breathe enough chloroform, you will die. When you wash your hands with antibacterial soap that contains Triclosan, you are getting the fumes emitted from this chemical reaction.

    Vinyl chloride
    Used to create PVC (polyvinyl chloride) a known carcinogen. Often found in toys. Children chewing on toys can release toxins into their bodies. * see PVC

    Zinc Stearate
    Carcinogen. Found in blush and powder foundation

    • Great Info!!! I think you also have the record for the longest comment by far- it is a nice compilation to refer to.

    • So this is how it ends. I wondered how the NWO was gonna get us all at once. Well here it is. I just washed my face with tap water that contains fluoride, pesticide, acid & probably mercury & arsenic too. I'm going to start distilling it myself. Shame on all these people.

  70. Man, I was so freaked out when I saw that Kraft owned 95 percent of the snacks in my house, including the Capri Suns! Now, we have to be careful what WATER we drink these1 days. Be careful, and dont let those evil conglomerates take control of ur life. Great job, VC! Thanks to u, I can now avoid the horrors of HFCS!

  71. Brookes Nunn on

    I enjoy watching adverts and trying to figure out the rationale behind them. Sometimes I find it hard to understand how particular adverts can be at all effective, when they're totally surreal and nonsensical. Something I did pick up recently, which actually disgusted me, was an advert for nappies – or diapers – for older kids, which is aired in the uk. I forget what brand it was, but at one point in the advert, the commentator points out that 'bed wetting can seriously damage a child's self esteem'. I found this this to be a grossly manipulative comment, as low childhood self esteem is widely accepted as causing all manner of social / mental issues in adulthood in this day of over analyzation. I hate advertising, and watch adverts with contempt.

  72. Solution: fasting. It comes with all kinds of benefits. You can only avoid the bad foods of the world so often. Sometimes you have to eat. But if you live a life of fasting, you're not only improving your immune system, you're giving yourself a chance to get these materials out, and to patake of them less.

    • I accidentally fast every day- when I read labels I get too disgusted to bother eating. I do advise consuming nutrients- but curious if there is a safe and effective regimen to intake vitamins/minerals while fasting…

  73. "If we add it up, how many hours have we spent mesmerized by swirling chocolate on TV?"

    I hear this in my head every time Dove tempts me with their stupid propaganda.

  74. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Let's not forget the importance of fasting. That is developing and strengthening a relationship with the Lord. It is not the same as dieting- cutting back on what you consume. We all need help in this. Organic food is not plentiful and expensive to afford, especially with the cost of gas/gallon. God, save us!

  75. I highly recommend watching Adam Curtis' documentary 'Century of the Self', which shows how Freud's ideas of the unconscious were applied to consumerism by his nephew Edward Bernays. Since then, marketing became much more involved in targeting the general public to 'identity' with the products they were selling as an extension of an individual's identity.

  76. You'd be surprised, not even the organic food is as natural and wholesome as we may think. With Monsanto taking over agriculture all of our fruits and vegetables are already GE seeds that require GE fertilizer. Companies like Mosaic create some of the fertilizer that's needed to help these seeds grow. Countries and farmers who are no where near these massive fields where strange and over the top crops grow are starting to be affected by winds carrying some of the seeds, et cetera. Nowadays if you dont have a farm and make everything from scratch you have no idea where these are coming from and what's inside. I highly recommend watching the documentary "The World According to Monsanto". The movie is even broken into clips on YouTube by the user Evolver0410.

  77. Greatness here, VigilantCitizen!

    Please allow me three important points:

    1. Your conclusion is great. Simple and true advice:

    "Luckily, however, there is an easy way to stop supporting these companies: Simply replace the processed products you buy from these companies with fresh foods bought from local businesses. You’ll improve your health and your local economy, but most importantly, you’ll also become the elite’s worst nightmare: a rational consumer."

    Most Americans have become divorced from the farm and local food production. My father used to say about McDonald's and many others: "That's not food." He was intelligent, but I thought he was nuts about that. Now, I know he was right. But he didn't have the ability to explain. So, I've had to figure it out on my own. Now, I live in VietNam — hopefully temporarily! I've been teaching here for 5 years, in different places each for a year or so. Most of my neighbors don't have a refrigerator, so every day they walk or bicycle to the nearest market of local fresh food. For those of us with refrigerators, we don't have to go every day. But most people seem to enjoy the social aspects of the local market. Me, too, when I find sellers who give a fair price to me, the rare foreigner here. (Yes, racism is automatic here, as it was during my year of teaching in Japan.) Fresh meat, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit. My health has improved, of course. Yes, I must be wary of pesticide residue, etc., as we all must.

    2. I think you made a little mistake in saying that mother's love for kids is not rational. It certainly is rational. The ad-meisters can emotionalize rational thoughts, too.

    3. The three major companies you've presented here are not competing. I know, you didn't say they were. But people need it said in a direct way. As you noted, Kraft's jewish CEO (yes, that's relevant) was a CEO of a division of PepsiCo. Truly competing companies wouldn't mix and match directors from the competition like revolving doors, but they do. I've traced them. And the late Eustace Mullins documented — two decades ago — that the true ownership behind the public ownership is the jew-Rothschild family. I've written about this on my site, linked on my name above. For people who calmly open their eyes and see who is at the helm of these three companies, major media companies, medical giants, insurance giants, Federal Reserve banks, the World Bank, and our government, they see the subset of jews (not "all" jews) who have taken control.

    Click for The American Solution.


    James T. Laffrey

    Yes, my real name. No cowering. Let's be the generation who fixes it.

    • Sarah Connor on

      Wow James – that is one informative site! From what I can see so far, you have my respect sir! Thank you for your contribution and commitment!!! I will be spending some time there for sure! Could not agree with you more on 'let's be the generation who fixes this'……feels like we are on a freeway headed straight towards a brick wall with only a few (if that), exits left. Thanks again for your efforts in creating awareness!!

    • Sarah Connor on

      Those commercials are so obnoxious Fan!!!! Notice how they always portray the one who is questioning HFCS as dumb/uninformed with no information to back it up. Here is another:

      Marketing HFCS with Dumb and Dumbers!!! Blatant. Though probably effective, unfortunately. – this makes me feel better. If I had the $$ I would pay to air this one…..during SuperBowl. Philanthropy marketing.

      • In other countries they market HFCS as glucose-fructose or maize starch or inverted sugar syrup and who knows how many other names. Probably deliberate attempt to confuse the customer. Biscuits, cookies, cakes, yoghurts with fruit, soft drinks, sodas, chocolate bars, latte powder, cappuccino powder, hot drinking chocolate powder, lollipops, sweets, candies, ice cream and many other processed products are loaded with this stuff. If you change your diet, you will hardly have any of this rubbish. Of course they add HFCS as it's cheap and very sweet. It's all about profit. Thanks VC for making the article on HFCS because I was absolutely clueless how bad it is and how it affects our health. I was having daily a lot of this garbage mainly with the Nescafe cappuccinos and their bliddy inverted sugar syrup AKA HFCS.

  78. Ordinary Person on

    Hi Everyone,

    I wonder what all you people reading and commenting on this will do as an action. Will you stop at this place and thats it.

    I say stop buying this stuff. If you are adicted then start decreasing the ammouts you consume. I for example have not drank a Soda (Pepsi, Coke, 7Up…etc) for weeks by now. This trend has been with me for almost 2 years. As for Pepsi I have'nt drank one for maybe months. other bevreges maybe once every 2 weeks and mostly to not make some one offering it to me sad.

    I also cutoff most of the other things the same way (step by step). that includes (Chocolate, FastFood Rest., Kraft Products…etc). These I dropped the amount of consumption significantly and changed the brands to something else. mostly local stuff that have no known names for anybody but people who live here.

    I cuttof smoking once and for all (5 years now).

    Now I have much more money in my pocket which I am spending in useful things, Better health and most importantly I am helping the economy of my local town.

  79. Yahoo has an article today- and it says I have an Eating Disorder.

    * Orthorexics: Those affected may start by eliminating processed foods, anything with artificial colorings or flavorings as well as foods that have come into contact with pesticides. Beyond that, orthorexics may also shun caffeine, alcohol, sugar, salt, wheat and dairy foods. Some limit themselves to raw foods.


    From the Senomyx website:

    We have discovered or in-licensed many of the key receptors that mediate taste in humans. Having isolated human taste receptors, we have created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems…has enabled us to improve our ability to find novel flavor enhancers…As a result, we have synthesized and discovered hundreds of unique potential flavor enhancers and taste modulators."

    Translation: Senomyx is re-inventing food and flavor by genetically engineering taste bud receptor cell triggers. Foods of the future will contain "flavor enhancers" which fool human taste buds into perceiving the sensations of sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and bitterness.

    Remember the artificial sweetener controversies? Chemical sugar-replicating compounds are listed on food labels. The new chemicals made by biotech companies will require no such labels. Although they are not actual flavors, they will be called "artificial flavors."

    And from

    How did Senomyx accomplish the task? A (multi-hour) review of their patents reveals that it all began with the cloning of human embryonic kidney cells. Step two was a recombinant process involving the combination of genetic material from embryonic kidney cells and human adeno-virus. If I had the ability to recall ten thousand abbreviations for the amino acid sequence, plus hundreds of complex combinations of ACTG (adeneine, cytosine, thymine, guanine) I'd describe the structure to you. For those curious scientists, do a google search with the keywords 'Senomyx and patents' and the third link ( will provide more info than you need to know. See: United States Patent #5,993,778.

    How far into the future will these new biotech wonders appear in our food supply? The future is now. The next time you read "artificial flavor" on a food label, pause to consider what you've read here today. Content labels should read: Embryonic kidney cells from aborted human fetuses.

    Senomyx is presently developing new products with many of the world's largest food manufacturers including Campbell's and Coca Cola. In fact, if you eat Nestle's foods, your taste buds are being artificially stimulated by biotech products developed by Senomyx. You may now know what you are eating, but I take this opportunity to paraphrase 17th century author Miguel Cervantes, who wrote in Don Quixote:

    "The proof is in the pudding."

    • you did a great job Lynette, it must have been painstakingly hard ..

      Related to how they begun (cloning human embryonic kidney cells) I also noticed they are very much into making us unknowing cannibals. I read there is human biological material in the chemtrails too and I find this quite disturbing as to why they would want us eat and breath human cells.

      • Not all chocolate contain HFCS. Most of them. However, I can't find ice cream without that garbage.

        Why they add embryonic kidney cells from aborted human foetuses. What sort of products include the human cells. Raphael is right. They're making us cannibals.

      • I have to go to a health food store for organic ice creams, but it tastes SO much better- worth the price!

      • thanks Sarah. Nothing 'kills' me as painfully as having to helplessly witness the malicious veiling of the sun. The sun which was made by God to freely share its light and warmth to all of us, good or bad…

        The water? They took it long ago, before I was even born. The air? It's poisoned too but at least we don't see it…

        But the sun? My sun? Believe me, I mourn it every single day…

      • It makes me really sad too! There is rarely a sunny day here that does not end in overcast via deathtrails. Do you ever watch Dutchsinse? I think you would like his youtubes. He covers HAARP stuff but I have seen him predict many a storm and earthquake by tracking this stuff. I think you would find it intersting at least. Here is the video he put out right before the St Louis tornado, he pinpointed the exact location to be hit. I think he is a good one to watch, I check him multiple times weekly. Chemtrails are related to the weather modification and I have a friend ex-military that getting ready to put something together on that. I'll definately let you know if he does…..think he is nervous about it and I don't blame him.

      • Never heard of Dutchsinse before but I'll definitely give it a try. On the chemtrails issue I followed mostly Freeman Perspective but not so much any more. It has become too depressive to see so many people in denial although all they have to do is watch the sky…

        Thanks Sarah.

  81. maybe you have answerd this allready, but what you mean with the hooks at the foods – Häagen-Dazs (North America and the United Kingdom)

    because we have this in The Netherlands… they do not own it here than or what do you mean??

    Thanks for the article by the way!

  82. THANK GOD this topic is hitting more than one area on the web. As slow of a process as corporate control seems to be, it is actually happening. It blows my DAMN mind to see that even the child movie "Wall-E," has depicted the future of the world to be run by a corporation.

    Anyone who has read this article may be interested in other areas of LIFE itself and how to improve the society we cannot escape.

    If so, look up a few things:

    The 100 mile diet

    Slow Food

    The Great Sunflower Project

    Fluoride, who sells it local governments, and what it does to people

    Food, INC. (I understand how skewed documentaries may or may not be, but just be RATIONAL)

    IF you would like some more, reply and I'd be happy to send you everything I am aware of under the sun to help.

  83. This war isn't over. As long as we educate ourselves and start treating each other as the LIVING CREATURES that we are, we can end this.

  84. my first year in University, we talked about this, it is amazing and very strange how few companies become the kings of the world, it is just unbelievable

  85. This is really discouraging. I don't understand what I'm supposed to do now that I've been informed about this. -___-

  86. This was chocking to me, not that i dont know it, but i havent "thought" about it. i did a quick look in my kitchen while making breakfast for my two daughters, and i just turned over my butter package ( i live in sweden and buy "swedish" butter) And it says UNILEVER under it? i was like WTF!!?!?!?!? The only other places i have noticed UNILEVER with the flower U is on my deo roll on and other chemical products, no why the fuck would they buy my swedish breakfast butter????

    to EFF upp my children, thats why.

    today is a new day of buying food in my house, i will be painfully aware of all the crap out there and make a difference in my and my children and my unborn babys health!

  87. please allow me to add this to the story,

    i think it adds up with this article and tells of another integral part of this monstrous consumer state.

    when i watched it i thought how we are not even aware in everyday life of how evil it can be and we are drawn into that in every way from the food available to the seats you sit on in the cafe where you buy this food. i thought we humans are doing terrible things. i hope you watch, i hope the whole world watches this. i hope you watch without looking away, make yourself look at the pain in this film, it will hopefully allow you to admit it's there it's happening and to take real responsibility to stop it.

  88. Excellent article. I noticed that there is a monopoly since ever too as I tend to read the labels. How am I gonna deal with it. I'll try to minimise buying food from the big guys. But then again detergents and washing powder are made only by them. There is so much you can avoid. Each of these companies provides food, beverages, personal care products, detergents. They seem to have bought gradually every other small company. Total control and monopoly, everything under their umbrella.

  89. ok. i know all of this is evil BUT there is one thing you people are most definately confused about.

    i am 16 years old, and it seems BLATANT to me:

    GMO, or genetically modified organisms ARE. NOT. BAD. FOR. YOU. ok????

    If you people had any idea what DNA even is you would know this. It is NOTHING but a combination of a small group of molecules. it doesn't matter HOW you rearrange these molecules, they are still the same when your body breaks them down and absorbs them. Organisms which have been modified, contain all the same natural substances that are in normal, naturally occurring organisms, but they have been mixed with DNA from genetically superior organisms to produce something that is either

    1. cheaper to produce

    2. more nutritious

    3. disease resistant

    4. tastes better

    5. generally, anything more aesthetically pleasing

    Do you see? it is not DIRECTLY evil, sure companies can use this to make more money, or try and control us, but on their own THEY ARE NOT BAD FOR YOU!

    • you are just 16 years old; There's a lot of knowledge and experience you need to add to your cv before being in the position to make such bold statements

    • 1. They are much cheaper to produce

      2. They have less absorbable nutrition

      3. They are very disease resistant

      4. They taste delicious

      5. They are very pretty

      GMO foods are directly evil and very bad for everybody.

  90. Jose De-churchson on

    we are really enlighten on your research, broaden our horizon.

    it's quite pathetic how it seems the world has no other option but to adhere this GM foods,

    because these organizations has destroy the fertile land with their so-called fertilizer's,very disturbing even to the degree of destroying the fertility of our lands here in Africa,

    supplying us with artificial seed.If you not their umbrella,thus,no food.

    without the intervention of God the world is really at a collapse seriously,but it's seems there is a bit of hope here in Africa,precisely Ghana,natural(organic) is available.

    God please help your children.

  91. Nestlé is also involved in pharmaceuticals, they have a Pharmaceutical Products division 😐

    Don't know who they are involved with though…

  92. I am a new mom and let me tell you… I received so much free formula when I gave birth it made my head spin. I feel so bad for women who buy into that crap. We have God given food bags. Free storage, kept warm, endless supply (on demand) and the healthiest thing you can give your child. It made me furious at the companies. — If you read your whole article here you can really see how under attack women are.

  93. Hey awesome article, your best yet. There have historically been some brilliant health teachers, Ron Gellatley, Susan Powter, Paul Bragg etc, but by far the best is ARNOLD EHRET. He said whatever is natural is good, whatever is so-called improved by man is evil. SO he would say all processed food is evil. Notice how when the big multinationals buy it, it loses its taste and becomes bland and boring, not to mention cheap? DO yourself a favour and google 'Arnold Ehret' and may your life be blessed as a result. Please do this!

  94. My textbooks at my school for Health Class talk about how food companies and alcohol companies use their advertisements to try and target your emotions to get you to buy the product. When I saw it I was like ;O

  95. Great article, just recently discovered this site, and i must say i'm amazed. Luckily i have some knowledge on subject, and i dare to say i'm intelligent enough to see that all those companies are selling us just ONE BIG FAT LIE.

    I have read tons of articles about nutrition, and i want to mention Anita Supe, Croatian scientist living and working in Göteborg , Sweeden.

    This one is in Croatian, couldn't find English, but i think there are also much references to researches in Engl.

    keep the good work VC 😉

  96. Really informative article, but……

    Unfortunately, this same type of info can be said about almost every elite & not so elite company in our the USA today. YouTube? FaceBook? Google? Apple? Microsoft? GE? What makes Bill & Melinda Gates think they're so special & enlightened that they should be allowed to make reproduction decisions for anyone other than themselves? Pretty darn arrogant don't you think? Who gave the FaceBook kid, Mark Z., the right to give the US Government access to every one's info on FaceBook? What made the Terminator think he could be the Govenator? Could it be money? Yes, but it's more than that. It's that WE GAVE them the power. It sure isn't because we, the people, believe in our hearts that all these "special" people have earned any right to their self appointed, lofty positions.

    We need answers. What do they have that we don't have? The answer, my friends, is a plan. However, they employ people like us to make their plans for them. They're not really smart enough or creative enough to solve the messes they make. However, I'd be willing to bet, we ordinary people can straighten this mess out faster & better than they could. I bet for a lot less money too. We all know the important problems. We need to develop plans of corrective actions for each problem. I find myself looking around my town & wondering exactly where all of those trillions of dollars went. Any of you get a new bridge? New high speed rail system? How about your police, did they all get a raise? I think not! Common sense tells me the first thing I want is an itemized bill. I want to know exactly where all this money went & for what! I didn't receive a penny, all I did was pay in to the pot! How about the rest of you? Oh, I forgot, they did build a 2.5 mile stretch of 2 lane highway that cut several beautiful farms in half. It was a real joke. They spent lots of money for this ignorant 2.5 mile stretch that hasn't solved anything. No one asked anyone I know in our county if we wanted or even needed this road. Another example of the pitiful waste of our hard earned tax dollars.

    If someone would have asked me back in 1973, if when I grew up, the USA would be in such a shambles, I would have said, "NO WAY!"

    Why? Because, we are the people who stopped the Viet Nam War, established what we thought was social equality for women. (Of course we know now that was a mirage) We taught peace & tolerance to our children & helped to not only recognize the pain & damage of racism & social injustice but spoke out against it & refused to tolerate it in our homes. And just he told a lie while being the President of the USA, we forced Nixon to resign for his part in Watergate!

    What the hell happened while I was getting old? Some of us came to realized that the FBI & (one can only guess) what other government agencies were keeping files on those of us who spoke out or marched against injustices during the 60-70's. Now, let's not mistake us peace loving, idealistic kids carrying flowers & yelling, "Hell no, we won't go!", from those few radical creeps, like Obama's friends, who blew up police stations & acted out other ignorant behaviors. No way….. we were the kids who preached love, peace & understanding. We weren't the ones that spit on our returning soldiers. A lot of us were the ones that went to Viet Nam or had a loved one there, or knew someone that was killed there or all of the above. Such great loss, such heartache! Here we are, doing this all over again.

    Why? 9/11, I don't know about you, but I needed more facts about that terrible incident before I felt comfortable racing off & killing millions of innocent people. We deserve a re-examination of ALL of the 9/11 facts. Way, way too many unanswered questions for all of us. Are we not a civilized nation? If our US Government was confident the truth would back up it's wars in Afghanistan & Iraq, we would KNOW the definitive truth. If they had nothing to hide, one would think they would be interested in resolving all those discrepancies so many of us question & clear our government's spotless reputation. Take it from those of us who insisted Nixon resign, some one is responsibility for 9/11. Is it Bin Laden? I don't know, because we never were given any real, had evidence & they followed orders & killed him. All I heard was the patriotic chantings of USA, USA, & the trusting assumptions that the people incharge were telling us the truth & that we were all in danger. But were we angry at the right people?I still don't know. I do know we trusedt the wrong people. All these wars & so many innocent lives lost. Such a great tragedy! And it's not even accurate to call them a WAR! They are "conflicts". And now Libya, Should we ship our kids over there? No way! Hell No! I won't let them go!!!!I draw the line! Where's our "Truth, Justice & the American Way? Hell, it's no wonder Superman is renouncing his citizenship.

    OK, I think I'm done ranting. You all rant about all the things I left out! I could go on for weeks. It's making me feel like I need to vomit! The truth is….. that we allowed our Government to frighten us into remaining quiet & peaceful. We were & are intimidated. Not me, no more! Of course, we never want to be accused of being unpatriotic! We saw what happened to those people. How many of you agree with me that it's time we get some balls & speak up & tell the Emperor, "Hey man, You ain't got no clothes on!!!! You are buck naked man! Put some clothes on & get the hell out of my sight! Your ass is way too skinny :) You're fired!"

    How many of you are afraid that the US Dollar might crash in the near future? There you go! Fear! If we don't get a plan soon, we may just loose all of our dreams. We have to stop standing around yelling at the TV..

    Here's a few of the other ideas I have for rants, someone else take up the cause. Please. It's time we let others know that we are all thinking the same thing & I'd bet we aren't wrong.

    How about those:

    Presidential Signing Orders

    Nancy Pelosi (For her statement to pass the HC bill & then read it & find out what's in it?) (she just offends me to look at her)

    US Department of Education

    The Health-Care Bill

    Death Tax

    Federal Tax

    State Tax

    City Tax

    Property Tax (Real & Intangible)

    Cost of Food

    Cost Of Utilities

    Plummeting values of our Homes ( but property tax hasn't gone down)

    Their Ignorant "War on Drugs" (they don't want that one won, they make too much money)

    Skyrocketing Hospital costs

    I've got to stop, I'm making myself ill & I can't afford to go to the ER, I have a 10,000.00 deductible!

    Remember when? We were pretty cheezy, LOL!

    "Hey man can someone help me out?"" He ain't heavy, he's my brother (or sister)"

    "Make love not War!"

    "Hell No, We Won't Go!"

    I support Non-Violent Protests & boycotting well deserving companies like GE

    I have made an informed choice to Support Ron Paul for Rep. Nominee in 2012 (I want my Constitution & bill of rights protected & believe me he is NOT a racist, that's just another line of bull.

    Now ain't this sad, I have been a Registered Dem since 1973. Changed my party last week. I say throw them all out of Washington, no party lines! Please, just Vote your conscience & not how the mass media tells you how you should vote. They are just actors with forked tongues anyway:)

    I love my country & I believe in the vast majority of the people who live in the USA. I believe that all our problems are solvable. I believe our problems stem from a very small, less than 1%, faction of our citizens. So, will the remaining 99% of you put the TV remote down & please "Stand Up for America" I want my grandchildren to be as proud to be an American as I am! USA USA USA USA I CAN handle the truth! Can you?

  97. Sometimes I wish I could just get away from Society and go back to my roots and let the hand of nature define my fate rather than the hands of a few pompous rich individuals.

  98. time to go to the farmers market!!I think its really sick that they need to have control over people!!!I'm surprised that they havent taken this or any similar web page down.Leave the food alone!

  99. Just had to point out that Ferrero Rocher is not owned by Kraft. Ferrero is a family owned business, the Ferrero family own it. Makes me wonder how much of your other info is bullshit.

  100. It's funny how the article in the link for "Naming Names: Your Real Government" has been moved or deleted.

  101. If we all take a big step back. Look at the big picture. Stop buying shit food for our precious bodies and start buying at local farmers markets, we just might be onto something.

  102. Love the article, but thought I would add one small correction. Saturated fat is not toxic in any way, shape, or form. That is actually misinformation masterminded and perpetuated by our good friends, the Illuminati. Saturated fat is good for you.

    Back in my more naive days, I took a college class on nutrition, and there I was fed standard advice about nutrition (saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease, salt is bad, vegetable oils are good, fiber is good, and processed foods are only bad because they're "empty calories"). I followed that advice, becoming vegetarian and eating a low-fat diet of mostly whole grains, beans, and vegetables. I quickly developed numerous disturbing health problems (irritable bowel, weight gain, nausea and vomiting, skin problems, brain fog, hair turning grey at the age of 22). In the course of my research, I came across the work of Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist who traveled the world studying the traditional diets of isolated peoples, and my views on nutrition took a complete 180.

    Using the advice of the Weston A. Price Foundation as a guide, I was able to reverse all of my health issues. I'll spare you all of the details, but let's just say that my diet is NOT plant based. I eat plenty of meat, make bone broths, and add extra butter to my meals. If you want more information, check out their website at I was so ecstatic about my improved health (and angry that I had been lied to) and I wanted to help others who might be in similar situations, so I went on to get certified as a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner.

    As my knowledge about nutrition has deepened, so has my knowledge about the unbelievable control secret societies have over nearly every aspect of our lives. This perspective has helped me to see that the misinformation about nutrition in our society is no accident. It's not even just a profit-motivated thing (although there is certainly profit to be made from those whose health is suffering) – it's a power and control thing. You see, your brain is made from mostly saturated fat and cholesterol. When you don't consume enough of these things, it's hard to think clearly. It's hard to have motivation and want to fight back. Weston Price found that the tribes he studied that consumed a plant-based diet were shorter and far more easily dominated than those who ate animal-based diets. The cell membrane of every cell in our bodies are made from saturated fat and cholesterol, and so are our hormones. I actually wrote an article about the misinformation about saturated fat and cholesterol, check it out here if you're interested:

    It's just another case of the Illuminati selling us on the opposite of the truth. Instead of having to force us to eat unhealthy food, why not just convince the public that natural foods like butter and fatty meats are unhealthy, but processed sugary breakfast cereals are good because the American Heart Association says so? It's so obvious, if you really think about it……100 years ago, heart disease was very rare, and back then people ate way more saturated fat than they do now. Butter has been replaced with rancid vegetable oils. We're told by the "experts" to eat vegetable oil for heart health, but polyunsaturated oils are delicate and should never be heated under any circumstance. Ever notice how hemp and flax oils need to be refrigerated and kept in dark bottles? Same goes for soy, corn, canola, cottonseed, sunflower, and safflower oil. These "experts" cannot possibly be so ignorant as to not know this.

    This is why the FDA and other regulatory agencies are so rabidly attacking raw milk right now – it's a rapidly growing sector of the market, and it's cutting into Big Dairy's profits, but more importantly, it represents people taking their health into their own hands and buying their food from trusted farmers. This is exactly the opposite of what the elites want us to do. And it's exactly what we SHOULD do, if we care about our health. Even organic processed foods can legally have neotame (similar to aspartame) added and it doesn't have to be listed on the label!

    I hope some people actually read this, because this is an area that never gets much coverage in discussions of secret societies. It's not just that we need to avoid the things they are trying to poison us with (fluoride, aspartame, mercury, MSG, etc.)…….we also need to get the nutrients we need to be healthy, and those nutrients come from the food that have been demonized, like butter, raw milk, cod liver oil, meat fat, seafood, organ meats, and coconut oil. Now that people are starting to realize the truth about the health benefits of these foods, they've changed tactics and are now pushing plant-based diets as the only answer to climate change and overpopulation. I'd love more than anything to be able to talk about this stuff openly with my clients, but then I wouldn't have any clients because I'd be labeled a conspiracy nut.

  103. My parents work for the advertising dept. of one of the above corporations (I'd rather not be responsible for getting them fired, indirectly, evil corp. or not), yet happen to personally be big believers in natural food. They are also incredibly fat-phobic.

    They're completely oblivious to the role they play in perpetuating harm on the ignorant and/or especially lower classes. I actually had to hear my stepmother claim that "fat people are only fat because they're lazy" and "bananas are cheap. I don't see why they can't just eat bananas instead of burgers" WHEN HER ENTIRE LIVELIHOOD depends on tricking them into sh*t instead of real food.

  104. HA. My History teacher gave us a project related to this. We were supposed to cut out the little fine print on the package of some products that said the name of the company that really owns the product. She said that the goal of the project was to make us more aware of who REALLY owns the products we buy and use everyday. It was an interesting project. When I saw this article I thought maybe my history teacher read this 😀

  105. Dante Prudente on

    After looking at this article, one would get the impression you only think consumerism is only about food and drugs to dumb you down…. Food and drugs are only part of the equation. Consumer goods make up another part that is: cars electronics telecommunications, fashion (clothes etc.) and then comes the big one Media; an even bigger contributor to globalisation and a NWO pushing everything from the consumer goods mentioned above to political, social, religious and philosophical concepts. When I say media I mean ALL MEDIA including the alternative media. Don't be fooled as alternative media is by and large run by the same people who run the mainstream. Until you all understand this the march of the NWO will not end and you will continue to be an unwitting contributor. Please if you can be bothered watch my Youtube videos at the danteprudente channel ( that explain it all. More will be out this year.

  106. I am very curious about Lidl, it seems like they are into copying big brands and what worries me more is that noone seems to know who owns this foodchain.
    Please look into it?

  107. Zahra Ansari on

    To VC, could you add in your article the link or the name of the video on Youtube, because I could not view the advert, and I don't have much to go on to find them on my own with Youtube, without a title or something like that. I could find the Miracle whip ad you were talking about.

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