New Hidden Law Allows Monsanto to Plant and Sell GMO Seeds Even if They Are Later Found to be Toxic



HR 933 continuing resolution is a bill mainly about government spending. However, hidden inside its hundreds of pages is Section 735 – a provision is now dubbed the the “Monsanto Protection Act”. This law, which was recently signed and approved by Obama, sets dangerous precedents regarding the power of elite corporations over the Government and the general well-being of American citizens.  According to Natural Society:

“The passing of this bill into law means that Monsanto is now immune from federal courts regarding any suspension or action on their crops that have been deemed to be dangerous to the people (or the environment).

This means crops that were approved and later found to damage the environment or the public will be immune from United States government action. Theoretically, one million studies could find that Monsanto’s latest creation was causing a massive cancer wave and under this law Monsanto could continue to peddle the crop to the public. The federal courts would (or will) be helpless to stop Monsanto, effectively giving Monsanto power over the entire branch of the United States government.”
– Natural Society, Surprised? Monsanto Openly Wrote Own Monsanto Protection Act

In short, the bill places Monsanto above the law, barring federal courts from halting the sale and planting of GMO seeds, regardless if the crops are later found to be toxic. Why would such a bill exist? If you read my series of articles named Dumbing-Down Society, you probably know why this is happening.

The food advocacy group Food Democracy Now launched a petition stating:

“This dangerous provision, the Monsanto Protection Act, strips judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer and farmer rights and the environment, while opening up the floodgates for the planting of new untested genetically engineered crops, endangering farmers, citizens and the environment,”

This provision is simply an industry ploy to continue to sell genetically engineered seeds even when a court of law has found they were approved by USDA illegally. It is unnecessary and an unprecedented attack on U.S. judicial review. Congress should not be meddling with the judicial review process based solely on the special interest of a handful of companies.”
What’s even more ridiculous is that the provision was written WITH the aid of Monsanto. Yes, an elite mega-corporation (with representatives at the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral commission) actually wrote its own law and got it signed by the President.
“The provision’s language was apparently written in collusion with Monsanto. Lawmakers and companies working together to craft legislation is by no means a rare occurrence in this day and age. But the fact that Sen. Roy Blunt, Republican of Missouri, actually worked with Monsanto on a provision that in effect allows them to keep selling seeds, which can then go on to be planted, even if it is found to be harmful to consumers, is stunning. It’s just another example of corporations bending Congress to their will, and it’s one that could have dire risks for public health in America.”

Funny how, not too long ago, Obama was adamantly saying this:


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230 Comments on "New Hidden Law Allows Monsanto to Plant and Sell GMO Seeds Even if They Are Later Found to be Toxic"

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Everyone on VC including the Editors would be in awe of The Holographic Universe parts 1-5. Quantum Physics, Meta Physics and new Scientific Discoveries will help us all navigate through what we perceive as reality. Physicist like Dr. Lipton , Nassim Haramein, Dr. Lipton and Michio Kaku just to name a few also Dr. Jewel Pookrum has some interesting topics they are helping me to understand where Humanity is now and where we are going.
Peace and Love

When we elected Obama, we chose our fate. Not that the other guy was a good candidate. They said before that society has to make a choice so that the elite will be free from Karma right? In knowing all of this, as a 22 year old student with completely open eyes its still difficult to know what to do next. I see, I'm fully aware but when u try and talk about it with the people u care about they're like " we'll let's just enjoy the time we have left" have u saw the trailers for The Purge. This is a pretty freaky world we are living in.

Has anyone else noticed how giant strawberries are now? I swear there are only around 6 in a box now…sad.

I haven't read this article but this is so true I was just talking about this in my envir. sci. class not too long ago.

I don't want to live in this inhumane world anymore…

Not only GMO food, but human and animal CLONES…

Time to understand, that it does not matter democrats or republicans. They all will cover and support Monsanto. I does no t matter wether you personally like Obama or not. Because president is not at all a highest power in this world. And he is never free, because somebody payed for his campaign already and want to get something back from this investment. Modern elections are depending on money a lot, because people are waiting candidate to go be on TV and in the news and in the ads. And this all is very expensive. So we are hostages of the system. All of us. 🙁
This is a very good and interesting web-page. Thank you.
Sorry for my english. It's not my native language.

Are we doomed as the human race? Is there something we can do about this as citizens? Is this law permanent or can it be debunked?

I've been learning about GMO and Monsanto for a few weeks now and I can barely believe what my eyes are reading. I've been sharing widely on social networks and every way I can, yet I believe we MUST do something about this in a more organized manner. It is our health and the future of our children and the human race at large what's at stake here!

Any ideas would be great – I'm willing to start a movement!

mabey we first need to find out the companies that doesnt use gmo seeds and let them know we appreciate them with our pocket books , companies need to put nongmo on packaging. we need to find out who the companies lobbiers are and which senator proposed this bill and get them out of office, we need to somehow get this news to mainstream. mabey a filmaker doing a documentary would help. wheres michael moore when u need him we need to find out which states are growing food with gmo seeds and which store chains sell them and

So glad to see you doing an article about Monsanto, VC! Thanks!

Talk about de-populating the whole world, but yeah its possible to legalize this law, especially when you have the "brain-washed" govt on your side to do your bidding because the elite owns them and tells them what to do.

We definitely need to do something here

Wow we truly live in scary and exciting times.
Scary from the standpoint that the government and those behind it have so much power that they can pass this poisonus bill. And exciting from the standpoint of biblical purportions if you read the book of revaltions and your spiritual eye is open you see the writings on the wall and you know what's coming. Everything that was planned is coming into play and it just confirms how amazing The Lord is.

Those in the shadows and some out .front were laughing at all the Wall Street protesters
The change to be made is at the fed. The fed enslaves us with debt and the protesters go after the messenger wallstreet

Hey PEOPLE !!! And what we gonna do about this….? Nothing a guess cuz anyway we are too lazy or busy to get up and actually do something about ANYTHING that's trying to exterminate us!
Here is the petition sign it and share it on your stupid fb and twitter profiles.
A spark is born

i tried to compose a thoughtful and hopeful comment some days ago regarding this unfathomable action, but I couldn't find the words then, still can't…


what will it take to galvanize the people into waking up… AND acting?

is it too late?

God Bless all those living for the light and love, who try to bring as many with them as possible. May God help us.

"It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into."
–Jonathan Swift

Good luck living not giving money to the big guys. If your on here then you have lost the cause already. Give yourself to God and everything will be ok. Don't trust the Anonymous either. Guerrilla warfare isn't righteous. No violent extreme is ok.

Stop pushing a religious agenda. Youre acting through fear just as they are.

Where is the unity? What happened to society? We are all human , we all live on this earth… Who ever came up with the monetary system and all these governments and laws were obviously corrupted or full with greed. We don't need money. We don't need government. We all need to realize we share exactly the same thing… Existence. We're all lucky to have been born of this planet and we need to get back to basics and value the things that are important. Not materials. Not objects. Not false idols. The only thing we should worship is Mother Earth and the bounty in which he has always provided for us. Sure I sound like a hippy but guess what… The sooner we realize we are alot more in common then we think and start trying to unite each other rather then isolate… We will all live better lives..… Read more »

freaky, i posted without having seen your comment, and we both chose J. Swift to underscore our points.


I got them chrissy333. They were posted.

This is the first post in a little over a year that has actually surprised me. I have no words honestly; what's worse is there is really nothing we can do. What ISN'T tainted? Nothing , hat's what. A real shame.
I'm honestly ashamed to live in this world.

I find this rather troubling. :/

Check this picture out shows you the position of a monstano worker and their position in the federal government as well


Ouch Bill Gates is a Monsanto shareholder. He promotes GM products, vaccines, take into equation microsoft, he's everywhere.

His father was the director of Planned Parenthood and they are both members of the Population Council which used to be name the Eugenics Society and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

And all of them are Jews including mosanto the company that is owned by Jews again.


Your comment is rather racist as you are implying that Jews are all bad and evil, which is NOT true. Actually, there are plenty of Jews who have made terrific contributions to health, science, art, and many other areas, throughout history.

If you have children, they are most likely vaccinated against polio, and yes, the vaccine was developed by a Jew, Dr. Salk. That is JUST ONE example. So please, refrain from racist comments that don't solve anything. The GMO issue is important, but has nothing to do with the faith of those who are behind it, but the evil minds that want to control the world, which happen to be of multiple faiths and nationalities. By the way, Bill Gates is NOT a Jew, so keep your facts straight as well.

just zionists tammy. just zionists.

WW2 -> formation of UN -> creation of zionist state of isreal.

dont let fear of antisemitism prevent you from actually learning something

oh he owns millions of dollars worth of MONSANTO, I read about that, he is a PSYCHOPATH TRITE he is nothing but elephant manure if you get the drift.

Nevermind about the monsanto part. I read PathA's response up there. I'm assuming they are the ones making the GMO seeds. So i guess i don't need an answer for that either. Nevermind folks. I got it. Now for the real comment on this article. "Those bastards!" I stopped eating alot of what i used to eat becauae it was making me sick and i stop having a taste for them. I can even eat certain fruits without having a reaction as if i'm allergic. I don't know rather i'm really allergic to certain fruits or is the chemicals they spray on them. Like for instance…i can drink apple juice and eat apple pie but i can't actually eat the apple fresh. I can't eat cherries, pears just about any fruit with an edible peel…i can't eat.

You need the Gaps diet. It will help the allergies go away for good .

I've never heard of that but i will look into it right now when i leave this site.

apples are sprayed too, i read even the organic ones have chemicals in them oooh made me angry when i read that, apples are suppose to be good for you but now it looks like there is hardly anything out there to eat. do not eat any strawberries only eat if organic. now I read this last year that they would be using a more dangerous pesticide on the strawberries, why because POISON KILLS. do not eat grapes, do not eat celery, do not eat blueberries, do not eat cherries, they are all sprayed heavily, YOU GOT TO EAT EVERYTHING ORGANIC…. even the oranges are sprayed, YOU EVER TASTE THE CANTALOUPES it does not taste like one anymore, I can not eat them. ORGANIC you can not always find, but make sure you can tell your grocery stores that you want only ORGANIC FOODS to eat.

Anyone has good info or links about the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral commission? I have a general idea, but I find it weird that I have not seen any article by VC regarding this :O

Please share the knowledge!

The obama deception. Fall of the republicc and end game are all great for covering the elite. You can find them all on youtube loose change is a good one too

Now usually i understand what i've read on this site but this time i'm gonna need someone to explain to me in minor details what this article us saying. For instance…what is monsato and gmo seeds?

Monsanto is THE corporation that is responsible for developing genetically modified organisms or crops (GMOs). Most farmers use Monsanto seed because they are very resistant to pests and disease and grow faster and bigger than normal crops. They increase farmers' profits and food production. The problem with GMOs is that they haven't really been tested by the USDA on the long term health on humans. There are several independent labs that have fed lab mice GMOs and the outcome was always detrimental. I can't remember the names of the labs off the top of my head, but you can google them. The mice developed tumors all over their bodies and the third generation mice became sterile and could not reproduce.

Researchers have linked many of the new illnesses (chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia to name a few) to the GMOs. Since these crops have only been around since the 90s that makes sense. The government has made no real effort to test the long term health effects of these crops and legislation is put in place to protect them. Monsanto used to be a pharmaceutical company and was responsible for the production of Agent Orange used in Vietnam! Soldiers and Vietnamese suffered many severe diseases from this chemical. My uncle was one of them. He suffered from severe lung disease and died young. I was on anti-depressants until I stopped eating GMO.

They are also responsible for the increase in food allergy and sensitivity

Thankyou. I know completely what you're talking about now with food enlargement. I have taken in account that certain foods were enlarged but lacked the same rich flavor of the smaller versions. Now i know that they were created and not technically grown naturally.smh

To on youtube or netflix and watch " the world according to monsanto". Also watch "genetic roulette". They helped alot for me to understand better. And then you can watch what in the world are they spraying and why in the world are they spraying.

How do we go about avoiding this food?

The best way for now is to buy organic and local. Also, start your own veggie garden if you can. Hope this helps 🙂

We shall win. It depends upon us: if we want it, if we don't sell ourselves away, we shall certainly win.

if Christ be with us, who can be against us. No weapon formed against thee shall prosper!

wow what a great comment. I'm going to print this off. Thank you.

Obama is useless.

Good God. I heard about this a few days ago, and I'm a little surprised how few people even realize what Monsanto is. Oh, by the way, let me get a vote from y'all: I think we should stop referring to people with power as the "elite." The definition of "elite" is as follows: e·lite /iˈlēt/ Noun A group of people considered to be the best in a particular society or category, esp. because of their power, talent, or wealth. Those who are writing our legislation, passing these bills, and manipulating the system in their favor are not the "best" in our particular society. They're the worst kind of parasites. Calling them "elite" gives them too much credit, and as we should know by now, their power is imaginary (much like laws, money, authority, rights, etc.. – all imaginary concepts). Instead of "elite," why not call them the "trite?" After… Read more »

I would say its been a practice since human civilization began. Given that their actions have been consistently aimed at controlling everyone "under" them, wouldn't it make sense if something was behind their impulses and actions? Something not exactly tangible, but able to influence enough to become tangible through offering false power to a certain class of human beings? Perhaps if we could root out this influence and banish it from our physical sphere, we could begin to heal the rift which lets these impulses in. New tricks, same mentality from the beginning…so who is really behind it? How can we fix it? The Gnostics seemed to have an idea. That's why all of their writings were destroyed. Well, as much as could be. A few bits made it out of history, but not much at all. Archons. Send them packing and heal the world.

call them what they are PSYCHOPATHS TRITES they are all MENTALLY ILL and need to be behind prison bars doing HARD LABOR and forced to eat their GMO foods….

Readers here should research Fri 13th 1307

quote 'The one surefire way was to accuse them of crimes so heinous that, if proved, no one would dare come to their rescue'

Why haven't we formed a big, angry mob and started kicking somebody's ass for this?

should be that simple, i agree!

guess the collusion of disinformation/distraction/brainwashing via pervasive technology, media, entertainment, electronics, poor nutrition, pharma drugs, reduced physical activity and poor education and diabolical social engineering underscored by the active destruction of religiously based morality and opportunity for personal responsibility. stir and repeat.

this formula seems to be working quite well. i do recall that even some zoo/circus/performance/domesticated animals eventually snap after enough abuse or suppression of natural lifestyle.

of course, they are killed. but that moment between enslavement and death must be exhilarating!

Lets make a pact. Who ever is left alive after this goes down will hunt these bastards down to the ends of the earth.


if any are around western maryland, i agree to this pact. i won't go without a fight

God is going to destroy them, vengence is mine says God, they will be destroyed and never even know they ever existed/ They kill us, we will all be resurrected back to life and get to live forever in a paradise earth. Those idiots follow the course of Satan, and Satan and his demons will alslo be destroyed. We are all headed towards the worst Tribulation to come upon the earth, all because of the wicked ones, that are influenced by Satan/ I hope that many of us that is billiions of us can survive duing these wicked times, my idea is to get our people in the community to erect as many green houses as we can pool our monies into this and grow our foods we can buy from the greenhouses and build our own food factories, we can WIN over thes MURDERERS OK set out and do… Read more »

There's a NY Times article discussing the seriousness that tons of honeybees are mysteriously dying, which will affect our crops and the ability to have healthy food. Many commenters speculated that Montsanto and pesticides were behind this. It's a sad story and I encourage all to read it as well as grow bulbs and wildflowers in their backyards if possible to encourage honeybees to pollinate.

"If all bees disappear from the face of the earth, mankind will have but four years to live." -Albert Einstein.
I don't think bees disappearing is a coincedence.

yes it is their pesticides and so the GOONS went to the people who study insects this was YEARS ago, and they told the EPA it is the pesticides the type they use for killing termites in homes, so then the evil people of Monsanto went out and lied and said it is a VIRUS, but their lies caught up to them, and they have known this for YEARS, but the let MONSANTO use this toxic poison. God sees all their evil ways in the end they will be destroyed by God, the wicked people will be destroyed. It is a CRIME what they are doing the GLOBAL ELITES refuse to eat the GMO foods but eat organic, and if you ever read online THESE SCUMS of the earth want to ban ORGANIC FOODS… but they can ONLY eat it and BARRY OBAMA real name is Barry he and his… Read more »

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT KNOW OR UNDERSTAND THE DANGERS OF GMOS… watch this incredible documentary called GENETIC ROULETTE- THE GAMBLE OF OUR LIVES!…. And spread this video to as many people as you know so they can understand what is as stake with the continued consumption of such terrible creation. Much love to you all and continue to let the light of Truth shine on! 😀

The movie The world according to Monsanto is a great one to watch as well. I also highly reccomend "food inc." And " frankensteer". Oh, and " farmageddon"

thank you for submitting this, i will do the best i can, even leaving notes of this in the grocery stores, and flyers on cars, there should be a STICKER on this to put on PEOPLE's cars. You are a great humanitarian, Much LOVE to you brother yes The LIGHT of the truth will be shining every where because of you, Love to you.

Don't think it's not happening here in the UK because it most probably is, don't forget England has to say yes to America as we are still indebted to them. We face the same fate as the US it’s just they get experimented on first.

Bill Gates always has his hand in any program that reduces population.

I believe his father was a co-founder on Planned Parenthood and was into eugenics.

I believe you're correct. I'm going to look a bit further into that. Here's an interesting youtube clip of Mr. Gates…

While we're on the subject of Planned Parenthood – they are currently lobbying against providing medical care to an infant who survives an abortion:

"Rep. Daniel Davis then asked Snow, "What happens in a situation where a baby is alive, breathing on a table, moving. What do your physicians do at that point?”

"I do not have that information," Snow replied. "I am not a physician, I am not an abortion provider. So I do not have that information.”"

In other words: "we want them to be able to murder with impunity." Scissors to the spinal column – whatever it takes!

Wow that post was stupid and literally proves nothing Watson. You're right, we should definitely keep the aborted fetuses alive, im sure they will turn out great in life with no extreme defects at all. And by the way, where the hell do you live where abortions are legal until the point where a fetus could survive it?

no it was the global elites that started abortion clinics they said they can kill any goy they wanted to because they are god;s people, that is not in heaven but the god of this system, satan, they are not real jews they are not from the Biblical Israelites. Billy Hates that is his real name, sure does fit him. I read about this years ago online. This women had gone to rid of her baby, but the baby girl survived, she heard the baby crying. The NURSE took the baby girl and threw her on the floor, the NURSE committed murder. I do not know what was done to the Nurse. But this baby girl is going to be resurrected back to life, when the resurrection time will be upon the earth, after the wicked ones will be destroyed during God's final war against the wicked ones on this… Read more »

Bill Snakes

blood rice? that is new to me, I dont eat rice, but the best rice to eat would be wild rice which is organic. I read that rice contains a poison in it where they grow the rice, arsenic? Have you heard about that What has been so strange for how many centuries is the destroying of rice grown naturally with all the vitamins, that the food companies would take out all the nutrients and make the rice WHITE which has NO nutrients. then put in COAL TAR synethic vitamins, it is synthentic right? And putting on that white power which has to be washed off, which is not good for anyone to eat. Billy Hates he is an evil one. He wishes that they would make a vaccine that would KILL millions the gullible would take these vaccines. WHO IS HE, he is Satan's son that is who he… Read more »
Have any of you seen the commercial citing that the human body cannot differentiate from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and table sugar? Well that is an absolute LIE. Both HFCS and table sugar go through the same metabolic pathway BUT enter at different areas in this pathway which affect how it is broken down and which enzymes it is affected by. Your body CAN tell the difference; HFCS will destroy your liver in the same way alcohol does to an alcoholic's liver. AVOID HFCS like it is the plauge. Majority of conventional corn grown in the USA is GMO corn; same with soy. These GMO grains and veggies contain certain allergens that will affect those with sensitivites. They would cross tomato genes with cold water fish (an allergen) genes to make tomato easier to grow in cold climate. Soy crossed with Brazilian nut (an allergen) for texture. Oh and… Read more »

I remember the hfcs commercials. Its disgusting that they get away with spreading such disinformation. I remember the 2 comercials specificly the both say " you know what they say about hfcs". The person they were asking woould just say what. That its natural and just like sugar. Such BS.. and the person questioning it just had nothing more to say. It made me want to smash the tv.

Monsanto is an absolutely vile and disgusting company! They are not the only biotech company to manipulate the genes of the plants we eat. We MUST fight this; send out letters to your congress and senate people, hurt them in the pocket book, and try and inform other people about GMO food. Unfortunately there are people out there who will say "So? I don't care or want to know." Try and grow your own foood; HEIRLOOM seeds are very important to biodiversity and have been around for hundreds of years, seeds cost very little money. Container gardens are good for people who don't have big backyard gardens. Community gardeing can also be ver beneficial if you don't have a backyard; like-minded people will support you and join in. CO-OPs are also popping up everywhere; if you can try and get involved with one, and you only have to pick-up and… Read more »

Very well said!

amen! the only thing i would add is that you can form groups of likeminded people in real life and come together and have discussions and share information. don't just stay on the anonymous internet. you need to find and meet the people in your communities and get to know them so you will know who to turn to, who thinks the same as you, when things get bad.

Also mammograms are a hoax, please put in a search for that, and most women never had cancer, but mammorgrams is only a business and for the chemo drugs to be sold, the drug companies making big money and so are the doctors. we live in such evil times, it all about greed. Monsanto should be put in PRISON and did you know the people that work for MONSANTO refuse to eat the crops, they eat ONLY ORGANICALLY. Same with the President and his family same with the congress and the other thugs in other countries. WHY will they not eat these POISONOUS FOODS, because they know it is NOT edible and all the pesticides they use are cancer causing. The EPA are criminals also, they went to the people who study all about insects, EPA wanted to know why the bees were dying THIS was YEARS ago, so the… Read more »

Maybe people have to grow their own food or something

This 'grow your own food' thing is a bit of an impossibility. Whilst it is possible to grow a few vegetables, which do give a high yield for a few plants in a smallish space, to grow wheat for flour, a large amount of beans, chickpeas, lentils etc, or to keep livestock if you are a meat eater, is impossible unless you have access to a huge amount of land and have a lot of help.
I think we should be campaigning or something, although I don't know if that would make any difference.

We dont need wheat or beans or lentils. They are too hard for our bodies to diguest anyway. I havent eaten any grains or beans or lenrils in over a year and i feel beftter than ever.

Beans and lentils that have been soaked over night is not damaging to the body and can be assimilated and digested properly if prepared properly. Soak any beans and lentils overnight that will remove taxins and gases (you'll see the bubbling the next day; oh and the smell) pour off the water a few times; rinse and cook. Beans and lentils are packed with minerals and vitamins as well as fiber; they have been a staple for thousands of years for a reason. AVOID GMO wheat as it has been engineered to have more gluten that real wheat. Excess gluten irritates the gut lining. Also avoid bromated four, and flour with vitamins/mineral added. Get involved with a CO-OP for livestock meat. milk, cheese, yogurt, and veggies if you don't have the space or time for a veggie garden. Heiloom plants give HIGH yields of veggies; find out what kind of… Read more »
Gluten is and always has been a toxin. Most people don't notice adverse reactions to it if they're not celiacs because we've been forced to eat gluten for so long. Quit eating gluten for 2 months and see the difference! All gluten will irritate the gut lining, and gluten is bad for blood sugar levels. It also is an inflammatory, so whereas dietary cholesterol is actually good for you, it does still cause some buildup in arteries; this in itself is normal, but inflammatory foods like gluten (and hormones) cause the buildups to break off and cause strokes, heart disease, etc… Beans and lentils don't have enough benefits to outweigh the fact that they are toxic in their natural state. A lot of things have more fiber and more nutrients than beans that aren't poisonous. Beans are a big toxic waste of calories, but they're cheap and easy just like… Read more »

gluten is toxic when grains are not prepared correctly. they must be soaked in water and an acidic medium before being used, or sprouted. people who have celiacs can be healed with the GAPS diet. grains, if not prepared correctly, will cause sensitivities for people. Grains are still valuable, they just need to be done right.

GMO wheat is not out yet. Anythng you buy with wheat, for now, the wheat is not GMO. However, almost all soy is GMO. And if you read the ingredients on packaged food, probably about 80% of it contains some form of soy. Stay away from that stuff, google it if you don't know why soy is so bad (besides the fact it's gmo)

someone, why dont you grow a pair break a law or two and squat? plant on public land anonymously or on top off a roof on an abandoned structure

or be apathetic and do nothing…making sure to go online to give your two cents.

ps beans are great start, easy and so are carrots

I did start a 4 acre organic farm with the help of professional farmers. It doesn't work as a self sufficient philosophy.
You are super rude or maybe one of those people paid to annoy people on the internet.
I am speaking from experience, even if you all start growing your own gardens you will still be up the shops all the time.

Are you growing vegetables on top of an abandoned structure?
That is quite a bizarre statement.
And beans take up a large space and give a low yield.
I don't even know why I am bothering to write this.

there are still small farmers all over the world who grow their food as if organic, even if they don't spend the money to get an official organic label. SUPPORT THEM! it's the only way. they already have the land and the know how. buy from them, learn from them.

Did You All Know That Monsanto Is A Corporate Sponsor Of the Disney Corp.Check It Out On Wikipedia.

It's only a matter of time for Monsanto crops to reach other continents. I'm going to start buying local produce as often as I can.

Monsanto's poison is already in South America, they are brining it to Africa. India has kicked them out of their country due to the suicide of thousands of farmers. European's don't want GMOs. Here in the USA there are plenty of us who don't want GMO food either. Our government is in bed with this company. There is Monsanto people in the cabinet of this president and the presidents before. They've also taken over the FDA and USDA because the fools that run these agencies can be bought with money.

Don't even get me started on stratospheric aerosol geoengineering!

Story worth reading.I bet monsanto is not alone in this game.GMO promotion by Clinton administration was grizzly mistake.Sometimes it make me think why? That benefited no one, USA agricultural exports shrinked and cancer thrive as we getting poisoned.Strange to say the least.

Not only that, but Monsanto is trying to destroy the European Bio-food market with covert operations. Last time it was in Hungary. They smuggled GMO corn seeds through Romania into Hungary, changed the labels on the seed bags and sold them to unsuspecting farmers as "bio seeds". Then when the Agricultural Ministry found out that there are GMO crops inside the country (we have mandatory crop testing), they luckily managed to destroy all of them before they could pollenate and poison all the nearby bio crops. I think Monsanto should be labeled as a terrorist organization for trying to destroy the traditional bio-food crops of Europe…

I wish our country (US) would do the same. But they have a stranglehold in our country.

This is why I feel so lucky to live in a place with various farmers markets. There is such a difference in how I feel when I eat locally grown food vrs store bought food. It even tastes different.

Btw, my mom works in food-borne illness. WASH EVERYTHING OFF that you buy from the store. If possible, go as far as peeling the outer layer off! You would not BELIEVE the pesticides and dyes that are left on your food, fruit and veggies especially. They don't wash off that stuff before putting it on the shelf.

But a lot of thoes pesticides cannot be compeletly washed off. Thin skinned fruits like berries absorb the pesticides and herbicides. Veggies and fruits with wax on them should be peeled.

White distilled vinegar is good for wahing veggies and fruits.

Farmers market's are a great place to go and buy produce from but get to know the people you buy food from to make sure they are also against GMOs, and harsh chemicals used in agriculture.

I figure that washing your fruits and veggies off would be common sense

GMO veggies! Yummy! I can't wait for our children and our children's children to have 5 arms each from ingesting this crap in the womb. Who knows, Monsanto would probably hire the (involuntarily) genetically modified humans with 5 arms to plant their seeds faster than two-armed people could. Bastards…

rofl, you are hilarious. Someone with humour around.

Hey! Pass me the GMO veggies! I could always use an extra hand or two.

I dunno. I just cant find humor in this crime against humanity. I wish i could. Then maybe it wouldnt be so stressful thinkng about how hopless it all seems to be sometimes. Im actually amazed we arent starting to look like people from the hills have eyes movies by now. I know so many poeople whos babies are being born with issues . No doubt from the gmos. Babies are being born too early. Babies are being born with intestinal dedormaties. I dont know how manuy babies ive heard were born with there intestines outside of there bodies. Babies are being born with heart deformities. This is sick what they are doing to us. It disgusts me that noone seems to give a damn.

Yes I met in the hospital one of those babies that was born with his intestines outside of his body. The poor thing had spent the first 6-7 months of his life in the hospital and had had to endure so many operations. Boys appear to be more sensitive than girls, quite often boys encounter health problems but then again maybe all those fertility treatments people tend to resort to have a negative impact. Who really knows what's going on? We can speculate, only speculate, we can't be certain.

Please don't misunderstand me, I DO care! It is a very serious cause for concern, and I do not take birth defects lightly, nor any health issues for that matter. Jilly had taken an opportunity to create a smile and I always can appreciate that. Gmos are no laughing matter, and that's not what I was trying to portray.

Im not saying you dont care . Om sorry if it came out that way. Im not so good with words sometines. I was just venting about people in general not goving a damn. I talk about all this to everyone all the time and very seldom do i meet anyone who will actually take it seriously. I guess people just cant accept that what they are eating is causing there problems. It just fustrates me how much i want to make a difference but noone wants to hear.
I wosh i could see the humor. I get it and all. It just saddens me for some reason because i know TPTB are laughong about it.

It's okay, I understand. I get frustrated with apathetic people, too. I just wanted to make sure that you knew I was not trying to make a joke out of a truly sinister situation. It's okay to laugh every now and again, though. Laughter is good medicine. Keep up your passion! Keep trying to inform people, even if it doesn't seem like anybody is hearing you. Even if you help one person, that makes a difference.

My2cents captured my sentiments exactly. I'm definitely not making light of the situation. My comment was really heavy sarcasm & dark humor. Believe me, I'm absolutely disgusted by this whole GMO situation. What truly disgusts me is that I feel like I have no idea how to avoid eating any food that's not genetically modified 🙁

Jilly I love your humour. You are a good person. Take care

Thanks, Callie! 🙂

I could use some like mindedness. I've been studying wildcrafting, i can identify edible mushrooms, i grow my own food too. I'm saving my money totake wilderness survival courses, because autonomy will be three only thing of .value. I used to want to be offthe grid until it became apparent they can take my property. I want to learn the old , ways and my bf didn't believe in God and doesn't understand the severity of the situation. I am praying more of us somehow survive the mass indoctrination of consumption and make ourselves use full for what is coming down the pipeline. I pray that those who have the eyes to see will open wide. America seems to news mystery Babylon, and at some point I'm going to have to make a decision to leave or stay. I'm a first generation citizen of this country whose parents escaped fascism… Read more »

Usw eggwhites to wash your hair instead of pioson shampoo conditioner. My hair feels better than ever and i save tons of money from not buying that crap
Use coconut oil (organic) to hydrate your skin instead of the poison lotions.
Stop using deoderant. You stink because of a magnesium deficiency. Raw eggyolk is a great way to get this naturally. (Organic freerange only!)
Brush your teeth with teatree oil and peppermint oil. Use baking soda of you need that "paste" consistancy to be satisfied. I myself just use the oils and some water.
If you have city water get a reverse osmosis filter get a shower filter. When you shower the clorine and floride and other chemicals in the water turn into a gas and you breath all thoae fumes and absorb them into your skin. Not good

Why cant there be more more women who think like you? And where do I find them? I wish to meet with likeminded ppl as well

If we look at the way the Elite supposedly means the opposite of everything they say, I guess there's only one question to ask: What is the opposite of Hope and Change?

Actually, the Monsanto Deification Act (Protection? Too Weak) was slipped into bill #933 – a bill that was intended to avoid a government shutdown, keep the Violence Against Women Act as law and keep the SNAP program (Food Stamps anyone?) going. Had Obama vetoed this bill, the government would be shut down, protections against women would be massively weakened and lots of people would be starving. In short, Obama was Damned If He Did, Damned If He Didn't. And since he can't veto any sections of the law and pass the rest, we're stuck with the Monsanto Deification Act. Sad thing is, I'd like to see a drive to have the Monsanto Deification Act removed from the law, but instead everyone's talking about dropping out…isolating ourselves, thinking that our "invisibility" will protect us. Just as the United Rich have wished for us the past fifty years – them united (and… Read more »
Removed from law? Won't do much if you don't have seeds or bees. and you know people would starve? because their neighbors dont help, the government stopped helping long time ago. This is my point, lets not sit on our hands now and request compromise, wait for someone to lead change. Why can't a nobody lead or enforce change on a large entity? feed your neighbor! This is possible, why we are lead to believe it is impossible? I am not invisible or isolated because I want the system to fail beautifully. Keep everyone but friends and loved ones close. These are the non electronic ways they can find you, even if you disconnect from the grid. Friends and family. And they (ie it) are not united. You know this. Recent mergers prove the misstepping fear exists, therefor it has always existed, they realize the fight ahead, fifty years in… Read more »

Hi who are you? I'd like to discuss things with you further if possible

This is ridiculous. Everyone I know has been so busy yelling at each other about gay marriage that this was totally kept under the radar. And without as much as a PEEP from the so-called "Left". Typical.

That's not true – the left mobilized the grass roots to try to stop it. But the corporate media didn't report that.

Many of us knew. Those who knew fought. They didn't care and brushed us aside. I spent months writing to my congressman and senators – supporting grass roots movements concerning food labeling too. I was pretty much told they voted for this and it is the right thing. And amazing as it may sound, I worked together with conservatives and liberals alike! We ALL knew this was garbage. We have got to wake-up this country!

The GAPS diet is what everyone needs to go on to detox from all the crap in the food water air ect. It has changed my life and im also curing my sons autism with it. I feel blessed to have discovered this diet and i pray that this message may get someone to look into this diet and change there life as well.

I'm glad you've heard about the GAPS diet; it is excellent in removing toxins and allergens from the body. I've heard great things about it and have read the literature on it.

I hope everything works out for your son. He is lucky to have informed parents who will go outside the box to help him. I'll keep him in my prayers.