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New Hidden Law Allows Monsanto to Plant and Sell GMO Seeds Even if They Are Later Found to be Toxic



New Hidden Law Allows Monsanto to Plant and Sell GMO Seeds Even if They Are Later Found to be Toxic

New Hidden Law Allows Monsanto to Plant and Sell GMO Seeds Even if They Are Later Found to be Toxic

HR 933 continuing resolution is a bill mainly about government spending. However, hidden inside its hundreds of pages is Section 735 – a provision is now dubbed the the “Monsanto Protection Act”. This law, which was recently signed and approved by Obama, sets dangerous precedents regarding the power of elite corporations over the Government and the general well-being of American citizens.  According to Natural Society:

“The passing of this bill into law means that Monsanto is now immune from federal courts regarding any suspension or action on their crops that have been deemed to be dangerous to the people (or the environment).

This means crops that were approved and later found to damage the environment or the public will be immune from United States government action. Theoretically, one million studies could find that Monsanto’s latest creation was causing a massive cancer wave and under this law Monsanto could continue to peddle the crop to the public. The federal courts would (or will) be helpless to stop Monsanto, effectively giving Monsanto power over the entire branch of the United States government.”
– Natural Society, Surprised? Monsanto Openly Wrote Own Monsanto Protection Act

In short, the bill places Monsanto above the law, barring federal courts from halting the sale and planting of GMO seeds, regardless if the crops are later found to be toxic. Why would such a bill exist? If you read my series of articles named Dumbing-Down Society, you probably know why this is happening.

The food advocacy group Food Democracy Now launched a petition stating:

“This dangerous provision, the Monsanto Protection Act, strips judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer and farmer rights and the environment, while opening up the floodgates for the planting of new untested genetically engineered crops, endangering farmers, citizens and the environment,”

This provision is simply an industry ploy to continue to sell genetically engineered seeds even when a court of law has found they were approved by USDA illegally. It is unnecessary and an unprecedented attack on U.S. judicial review. Congress should not be meddling with the judicial review process based solely on the special interest of a handful of companies.”
What’s even more ridiculous is that the provision was written WITH the aid of Monsanto. Yes, an elite mega-corporation (with representatives at the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral commission) actually wrote its own law and got it signed by the President.
“The provision’s language was apparently written in collusion with Monsanto. Lawmakers and companies working together to craft legislation is by no means a rare occurrence in this day and age. But the fact that Sen. Roy Blunt, Republican of Missouri, actually worked with Monsanto on a provision that in effect allows them to keep selling seeds, which can then go on to be planted, even if it is found to be harmful to consumers, is stunning. It’s just another example of corporations bending Congress to their will, and it’s one that could have dire risks for public health in America.”

Funny how, not too long ago, Obama was adamantly saying this:


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New Hidden Law Allows Monsanto to Plant and Sell GMO Seeds Even if They Are Later Found to be Toxic

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Chit S

Everyone on VC including the Editors would be in awe of The Holographic Universe parts 1-5. Quantum Physics, Meta Physics and new Scientific Discoveries will help us all navigate through what we perceive as reality. Physicist like Dr. Lipton , Nassim Haramein, Dr. Lipton and Michio Kaku just to name a few also Dr. Jewel Pookrum has some interesting topics they are helping me to understand where Humanity is now and where we are going.
Peace and Love


When we elected Obama, we chose our fate. Not that the other guy was a good candidate. They said before that society has to make a choice so that the elite will be free from Karma right? In knowing all of this, as a 22 year old student with completely open eyes its still difficult to know what to do next. I see, I'm fully aware but when u try and talk about it with the people u care about they're like " we'll let's just enjoy the time we have left" have u saw the trailers for The Purge. This is a pretty freaky world we are living in.


Has anyone else noticed how giant strawberries are now? I swear there are only around 6 in a box now…sad.


I haven't read this article but this is so true I was just talking about this in my envir. sci. class not too long ago.


I don't want to live in this inhumane world anymore…


Not only GMO food, but human and animal CLONES…


Time to understand, that it does not matter democrats or republicans. They all will cover and support Monsanto. I does no t matter wether you personally like Obama or not. Because president is not at all a highest power in this world. And he is never free, because somebody payed for his campaign already and want to get something back from this investment. Modern elections are depending on money a lot, because people are waiting candidate to go be on TV and in the news and in the ads. And this all is very expensive. So we are hostages of the system. All of us. 🙁
This is a very good and interesting web-page. Thank you.
Sorry for my english. It's not my native language.


Are we doomed as the human race? Is there something we can do about this as citizens? Is this law permanent or can it be debunked?

I've been learning about GMO and Monsanto for a few weeks now and I can barely believe what my eyes are reading. I've been sharing widely on social networks and every way I can, yet I believe we MUST do something about this in a more organized manner. It is our health and the future of our children and the human race at large what's at stake here!

Any ideas would be great – I'm willing to start a movement!


mabey we first need to find out the companies that doesnt use gmo seeds and let them know we appreciate them with our pocket books , companies need to put nongmo on packaging. we need to find out who the companies lobbiers are and which senator proposed this bill and get them out of office, we need to somehow get this news to mainstream. mabey a filmaker doing a documentary would help. wheres michael moore when u need him we need to find out which states are growing food with gmo seeds and which store chains sell them and


So glad to see you doing an article about Monsanto, VC! Thanks!


Talk about de-populating the whole world, but yeah its possible to legalize this law, especially when you have the "brain-washed" govt on your side to do your bidding because the elite owns them and tells them what to do.

We definitely need to do something here

Mass Williams

Wow we truly live in scary and exciting times.
Scary from the standpoint that the government and those behind it have so much power that they can pass this poisonus bill. And exciting from the standpoint of biblical purportions if you read the book of revaltions and your spiritual eye is open you see the writings on the wall and you know what's coming. Everything that was planned is coming into play and it just confirms how amazing The Lord is.

Those in the shadows and some out .front were laughing at all the Wall Street protesters
The change to be made is at the fed. The fed enslaves us with debt and the protesters go after the messenger wallstreet


Hey PEOPLE !!! And what we gonna do about this….? Nothing a guess cuz anyway we are too lazy or busy to get up and actually do something about ANYTHING that's trying to exterminate us!
Here is the petition sign it and share it on your stupid fb and twitter profiles.
A spark is born


i tried to compose a thoughtful and hopeful comment some days ago regarding this unfathomable action, but I couldn't find the words then, still can't…


what will it take to galvanize the people into waking up… AND acting?

is it too late?

God Bless all those living for the light and love, who try to bring as many with them as possible. May God help us.

"It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into."
–Jonathan Swift


Good luck living not giving money to the big guys. If your on here then you have lost the cause already. Give yourself to God and everything will be ok. Don't trust the Anonymous either. Guerrilla warfare isn't righteous. No violent extreme is ok.


Stop pushing a religious agenda. Youre acting through fear just as they are.


Where is the unity? What happened to society? We are all human , we all live on this earth… Who ever came up with the monetary system and all these governments and laws were obviously corrupted or full with greed. We don't need money. We don't need government. We all need to realize we share exactly the same thing… Existence. We're all lucky to have been born of this planet and we need to get back to basics and value the things that are important. Not materials. Not objects. Not false idols. The only thing we should worship is Mother Earth and the bounty in which he has always provided for us. Sure I sound like a hippy but guess what… The sooner we realize we are alot more in common then we think and start trying to unite each other rather then isolate… We will all live better lives.. She has self destructed (humanity) more then once…we have the necessary technology to co-exist without all this bullshit. We just need the right people to do the right think. But guess what the people with money are the people with power so lets find a way to equalize that and… Read more »


freaky, i posted without having seen your comment, and we both chose J. Swift to underscore our points.



I got them chrissy333. They were posted.


This is the first post in a little over a year that has actually surprised me. I have no words honestly; what's worse is there is really nothing we can do. What ISN'T tainted? Nothing , hat's what. A real shame.
I'm honestly ashamed to live in this world.


I find this rather troubling. :/


Check this picture out shows you the position of a monstano worker and their position in the federal government as well




Ouch Bill Gates is a Monsanto shareholder. He promotes GM products, vaccines, take into equation microsoft, he's everywhere.


His father was the director of Planned Parenthood and they are both members of the Population Council which used to be name the Eugenics Society and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.


And all of them are Jews including mosanto the company that is owned by Jews again.



Your comment is rather racist as you are implying that Jews are all bad and evil, which is NOT true. Actually, there are plenty of Jews who have made terrific contributions to health, science, art, and many other areas, throughout history.

If you have children, they are most likely vaccinated against polio, and yes, the vaccine was developed by a Jew, Dr. Salk. That is JUST ONE example. So please, refrain from racist comments that don't solve anything. The GMO issue is important, but has nothing to do with the faith of those who are behind it, but the evil minds that want to control the world, which happen to be of multiple faiths and nationalities. By the way, Bill Gates is NOT a Jew, so keep your facts straight as well.


just zionists tammy. just zionists.

WW2 -> formation of UN -> creation of zionist state of isreal.

dont let fear of antisemitism prevent you from actually learning something

Linda Jones

oh he owns millions of dollars worth of MONSANTO, I read about that, he is a PSYCHOPATH TRITE he is nothing but elephant manure if you get the drift.



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