Dumbing Down Society Part I: Foods, Beverages and Meds


Is there a deliberate effort by the government to dumb down the masses? The statement is hard to prove but there exists a great amount of data proving that the ruling elite not only tolerates, but effectively introduces policies that have a detrimental effect on the physical and mental health of the population. This series of articles looks at the many ways the modern man is being dumbed down. Part I looks at the poisons found in everyday foods, beverages and medications.

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The theme of dumbing-down and dehumanizing the masses are often discussed in articles on The Vigilant Citizen. The presence of those concepts in popular culture are, however, only the outward and symbolic expression of the profound transformation happening in our society. Scientific data has been proving for years that governments around the world are tolerating the selling of many products which have a direct and negative effect on cognitive and physical health. As we will see in this article many everyday products cause brain damage, impaired judgment and even a lower IQ.

Is a dumber population something that is desired by the elite? Hitler once said “How fortunate for the leaders that men do not think.” An educated population knows its rights, understands the issues and takes action when it does not approve of what is going on. Judging by the incredible amount of data available on the subject, it seems that the elite want the exact opposite: an unhealthy, frightened, confused and sedated population. We will look at the effects of medication, pesticides, fluoride and aspartame on the human body and how those products are being pushed by people from inside the power structure.

Prescription Drug Abuse

America has witnessed during the last decades a staggering rise of drugs being prescribed  to treat all kinds of problems. Children are particularly affected by this phenomenon. Since the 1990’s, an ever-rising proportion of American children are being diagnosed with “illnesses” such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and are prescribed mind-altering drugs, such as Ritalin.

The DEA has become alarmed by the tremendous increase in the prescribing of these drugs in recent years. Since 1990, prescriptions for methylphenidate have increased by 500 percent, while prescriptions for amphetamine for the same purpose have increased 400 percent. Now we see a situation in which from seven to ten percent of the nation’s boys are on these drugs at some point as well as a rising percentage of girls.
– Source

Today, children who show too much energy, character or strength are being willfully sedated with powerful drugs which directly affect the way their brains function. Are we going in the right direction here?

Even if ADD is not a clearly defined and documented disorder – it causes NO observable biological effects whatsoever – children are still being diagnosed with the illness in great numbers. This raises important ethical questions.

“Pediatricians as well as ethicists have also voiced their concerns in usage of these stimulants. In an article published in the New York Times, they have questioned the appropriateness of medicating children without a clear diagnosis in hopes that they do better in school. They also asked whether the drugs should be given to adults failing in their careers or are procrastinators. They question the worthy of this method.

This concern have also been voiced out in the January 2005 issue of Pediatrics in which the large discrepancies between pediatricians’ practice patterns and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for the assessment and treatment of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) was bought forth. The article also stated that because the medical community didn’t come to a consensus on how to diagnose ADD/ADHD, they should not be making extensive decisions as to how to treat individuals who have been diagnosed with the disorder.”

The usage of Ritalin at a young age breaks the psychological threshold people maintain towards the usage of prescription pills, which makes those children more likely to consume psychotropic drugs later in their lives. We should not be surprised to witness a dramatic increase of consumption of antidepressants in the years to come. The trend is already beginning:

“In its study, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at 2.4 billion drugs prescribed in visits to doctors and hospitals in 2005. Of those, 118 million were for antidepressants.

The use of antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs — those that affect brain chemistry — has skyrocketed over the last decade. Adult use of antidepressants almost tripled between the periods 1988-1994 and 1999-2000. Between 1995 and 2002, the most recent year for which statistics are available, the use of these drugs rose 48 percent, the CDC reported.”
– Elizabeth Cohen, CNN

The use of prescription pills might be of a great help for specific and properly diagnosed cases. The pharmaceutical industry however, which has many “friends” in the highest levels of government, is pushing for the widespread use of psychiatric drugs within the public. Since 2002, a great number of pills claiming to fix all kinds of mental conditions have been marketed to the public, but many of those pills were approved for sale without proper research for side effects. Even worse: the side effects might have been known but hidden to the public. Below is a list of warnings issued on commonly sold psychiatric drugs. Some of those side effects are actually frightening as a pill should not be able to have that much power over the human brain. Think about it: Some drugs are subject to warnings because they can cause you to … commit suicide?


March 22: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that Prozac-like antidepressants (called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRIs) could cause “anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, hostility, impulsivity, akathisia [severe restlessness], hypomania [abnormal excitement]and mania [psychosis characterized by exalted feelings, delusions of grandeur].”

June: The Therapeutic Goods Administration, the Australian equivalent of the FDA, reported that the latest antipsychotic drugs could increase the risk of diabetes.

June: The FDA ordered that the packaging for the stimulant Adderall include a warning about sudden cardiovascular deaths, especially in children with underlying heart disease.

October 15: The FDA ordered its strongest “black box” label for antidepressants warning they could cause suicidal thoughts and actions in under those under 18 years old.

October 21: The New Zealand Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee recommended that older and newer antidepressants not be administered to patients less than 18 years of age because of the risk of suicide.

December 17: The FDA required packaging for the “ADHD” drug, Strattera, to advise that “Severe liver damage may progress to liver failure resulting in death or the need for a liver transplant in a small percentage of patients.”


February 9: Health Canada, the Canadian counterpart of the FDA, suspended marketing of Adderall XR (Extended Release, given once a day) due to reports of 20 sudden unexplained deaths (14 in children) and 12 strokes (2 in children).

April 11: The FDA warned that antipsychotic drug use in elderly patients could increase the risk of death.

June 28: The FDA announced its intention to make labeling changes to Concerta and other Ritalin products to include the side effects: “visual hallucinations, suicidal ideation [ideas], psychotic behavior, as well as aggression or violent behavior.”

June 30: The FDA warned that the antidepressant Cymbalta could increase suicidal thinking or behavior in pediatric patients taking it.  It also warned about the potential increased risk of suicidal behavior in adults taking antidepressants.

August: The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration found a relationship between antidepressants and suicidality, akathisia (severe restlessness), agitation, nervousness and anxiety in adults.  Similar symptoms could occur during withdrawal from the drugs, it determined.

August 19: The European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products warned against child antidepressant use, stating that the drugs caused suicide attempts and thoughts, aggression, hostility, aggression, oppositional behavior and anger.

September 26: The Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco (Italian Drug Agency, equivalent to the FDA) warned against use of older (tricyclic) antidepressants in people under 18 years old.  It also determined the drugs were associated with heart attacks in people of any age.

September 29: The FDA ordered that labeling for the “ADHD” drug Strattera include a boxed warning about the increased risk of suicidal thinking in children and adolescents taking it.

October 17: The FDA warned that the antidepressant Cymbalta could cause liver damage.

October 24: The FDA withdrew the stimulant Cylert from the market because of the risk of liver toxicity and failure.

November: The FDA warned that the antidepressant Effexor could cause homicidal thoughts.


February 9: The FDA’s Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee urged that the strongest “black box” warning be issued for stimulants, because they may cause heart attacks, strokes and sudden death.

February 20: British authorities warned that Strattera was associated with seizures and potentially lengthening period of the time between heartbeats.

March 22: An FDA advisory panel heard evidence of almost 1,000 reports of kids experiencing psychosis or mania while taking stimulants.

May 3: FDA adverse drug reaction reports linked antipsychotic drugs to 45 child deaths and 1,300 serious adverse reactions, such as convulsions and low white blood cell count.

May 12: The manufacturer of Paxil warned that the antidepressant increases the risk of suicide in adults.

May 26: Health Canada issued new warnings of rare heart risks for all drugs prescribed for “ADHD,” including the risk of sudden death.

June 2: An FDA study determined that the antipsychotic drug, Risperdal, might cause pituitary tumors. The pituitary gland, at the base of the brain, secretes hormones that promote growth, and regulates body functions.  Antipsychotics may increase prolactin, a hormone in the pituitary gland, and this increase has been linked to cancer.  Risperdal was found to increase prolactin levels more frequently than in other antipsychotics.

July 19: The FDA said antidepressant packaging should carry warnings that they may cause a fatal lung condition in newborns whose mothers took SSRI antidepressants during pregnancy.  Migraine sufferers also need to be warned that combining migraine drugs with SSRIs could result in a life-threatening condition called serotonin syndrome.


Food Poisoning

The modern man ingests in his lifetime an incredible amount of chemicals, artificial flavors and additives. Although there is growing awareness regarding healthy eating, there is also a lot of misinformation and disinformation.

At the present time, a single company – Monsanto – produces roughly 95% of all soybeans and 80% of all corn in the US. Considering this, the corn flakes you had for breakfast, soda you drank at lunch and beefstew you ate for dinner likely were produced from crops grown with Monsanto’s patented genes. There are numerous documents and films exposing Monsanto’s strong-arming of the agricultural industry, so I won’t expand on that issue. It is however important to note that a virtual monopoly currently exists in the food industry and there’s a unhealthy link between Monsanto and the American government: Many people who have passed laws in the fields of food, drugs and agriculture were also, at some point on the payroll of Monsanto. In other words, the elite decides which foods are sold to you.

Public officials formerly employed by Monsanto:

  • Justice Clarence Thomas worked as an attorney for Monsanto in the 1970s. Thomas wrote the majority opinion in the 2001 Supreme Court decision J. E. M. Ag Supply, Inc. v. Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.|J. E. M. AG SUPPLY, INC. V. PIONEER HI-BREDINTERNATIONAL, INC. which found that “newly developed plant breeds are patentable under the general utility patent laws of the United States.” This case benefited all companies which profit from genetically modified crops, of which Monsanto is one of the largest.
  • Michael R. Taylor was an assistant to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner before he left to work for a law firm on gaining FDA approval of Monsanto’s artificial growth hormone in the 1980s. Taylor then became deputy commissioner of the FDA from 1991 to 1994.Taylor was later re-appointed to the FDA in August 2009 by President Barack Obama.
  • Dr. Michael A. Friedman was a deputy commissioner of the FDA before he was hired as a senior vice president of Monsanto.
  • Linda J. Fisher was an assistant administrator at the United States Environmental Protection Agency‎ (EPA) before she was a vice president at Monsanto from 1995 – 2000. In 2001, Fisher became the deputy administrator of the EPA.
  • Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was chairman and chief executive officer of G. D. Searle & Co., which Monsanto purchased in 1985. Rumsfeld personally made at least $12 million USD from the transaction.

Many laws (approved by ex-Monsanto employees) have facilitated the introduction and the consumption of genetically engineered foods by the public.

“According to current statistics, 45% of corn and 85% of soybeans in the United States is genetically engineered (GE). Estimates of 70-75% of processed foods found at our local supermarkets are believed to contain GE ingredients.

Other GE foods are canola, papayas, radicchio, potatoes, rice, squash or zucchini, cantaloupe, sugar beets, flax, tomatoes, and oilseed rape. One non-food crop that is commonly GE is cotton. The GE hormone recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH or Prosilac) was one of the first GE products allowed to enter the nation’s food supply. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Monsanto’s rBGH in 1993.”
– Anna M. Salanti, Genetically Engineered Foods

Although it is yet impossible to determine the long-term effects of genetically engineered foods on the human body, some facts have already been established. GE foods contain less nutrients and, most importantly, they are “chemical-friendly”.

“One of the features of GE foods is their ability to withstand unlimited application of chemicals, including pesticides. Bromoxynil and glyphosate have been associated with developmental disorders in fetuses, tumors, carcinomas, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Studies indicate that Monsanto’s recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) causes treated cows to produce milk with an increased second hormone, IGF-1. This hormone is associated with human cancers. Recommendations by the Congressional watchdog agency, Government Accounting Office (GAO), recommended that rBGH not be approved. The European Union, Canada, and others have banned it. The UN has also refused to certify that using rBGH is safe.”
– Ibid

Genetic modifications engineered by Monsanto makes their products bigger and more aesthetically pleasing. Another, less discussed “improvement” is the plants’ ability to withstand nearly unlimited amounts of Roundup brand pesticides. This encourages farmers to use that brand of pesticides which is produced by … Monsanto.

Studies on Roundup link the powerful pesticide and herbicide to many health problems such as:

  • Increased risks of the cancer non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Miscarriages
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (the real one)



Another source of harmful chemicals is found in the modern man’s water supplies and soft drinks.  As of 2002, the CDC statistics show that almost 60% of the U.S. population receives fluoridated water through the taps in their homes. The official reason for the presence of fluoride in our tap water? It prevents tooth decay. Ok … really? Is this mildly important benefit worth the consuming of great amounts of this substance by the population? Some studies even denied the dental benefits of fluorided water.

“Scientists now believe that the main protective action from fluoride does not come from ingesting the chemical, with the teeth absorbing it from inside the body, but from direct absorption through topical application to teeth. This means swallowing water is a far less effective way to fight cavities than brushing with fluoridated toothpaste.”
– Source

So why is fluoride still found in tap water? Here are some quick facts about fluoridation chemicals:

  • they were once used as pesticides
  • they are registered as “poisonous” under the 1972 Poisons Act, in the same group of toxins as arsenic, mercury and paraquat
  • fluoride is scientifically classed as more toxic than lead, but there is about 20 times more fluoride than lead in tap water

Many studies have been conducted on the effects of fluoride on the human body and some notable adverse effects have been noted: it changes bone structure and strength, impairs the immune system and it was linked to some cancers. Another alarming consequence of fluoridation is its effects on brain functions:

“In 1995, neurotoxicologist and former Director of toxicology at Forsyth Dental Center in Boston, Dr. Phyllis Mullenix published research showing that fluoride built up in the brains of animals when exposed to moderate levels. Damage to the brain occured and the behavior patterns of the animals was adversely effected. Offspring of pregnant animals receiving relatively low doses of fluoride showed permanent effects to the brain which were seen as hyperactivity (ADD-like symptoms). Young animals and adult animals given fluoride experienced the opposite effect — hypoactivity or sluggishness. The toxic effects of fluoride on the central nervous system was subsequently confirmed by previously-classified government research. Two new epidemiological studies which tend to confirm fluoride’s neurotoxic effects on the brain have shown that children exposed to higher levels of fluoride had lower IQs.”
– Source

A lesser known, but extremely important side effect of fluoride is the calcification of the pineal gland.

Up until the 1990s, no research had ever been conducted to determine the impact of fluoride on the pineal gland – a small gland located between the two hemispheres of the brain that regulates the production of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate the onset of puberty and helps protect the body from cell damage caused by free radicals.

It is now known – thanks to the meticulous research of Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England – that the pineal gland is the primary target of fluoride accumulation within the body.

The soft tissue of the adult pineal gland contains more fluoride than any other soft tissue in the body – a level of fluoride (~300 ppm) capable of inhibiting enzymes.

The pineal gland also contains hard tissue (hyroxyapatite crystals), and this hard tissue accumulates more fluoride (up to 21,000 ppm) than any other hard tissue in the body (e.g. teeth and bone).

– Source

Other than regulating vital hormones, the pineal gland is known to serve an esoteric function. It is known by mystic groups as the “third eye” and has been considered by many cultures to be part of the brain responsible for spiritual enlightenment and the “link to the divine”. Is enlightenment out of bounds for the modern man?

“In the human brain there is a tiny gland called the pineal body, which is the sacred eye of the ancients, and corresponds to the third eye of the Cyclops. Little is known concerning the function of the pineal body, which Descartes suggested (more wisely than he knew) might be the abode of the spirit of man.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages


Aspartame is an artificial sweetner used in “sugar-free” products such as diet sodas and chewing gum. Since its discovery in 1965, Aspartame caused great controversy regarding its health risks – primarily causing brain tumors – and was denied its application to be sold to the public by the FDA. Searle, the company attempting to market Aspartame then appointed Donald Rumsfeld as CEO in 1977 … and things changed drastically. In a short period of time, Aspartame could be found in over 5,000 products.

“Donald Rumsfeld was on President Reagan’s transition team and the day after he took office he appointed an FDA Commissioner who would approve aspartame. The FDA set up a Board of Inquiry of the best scientists they had to offer who said aspartame is not safe and causes brain tumors, and the petition for approval is hereby revoked. The new FDA Commissioner, Arthur Hull Hayes, over-ruled that Board of Inquiry and then went to work for the PR Agency of the manufacturer, Burson-Marstellar, rumored at $1000.00 a day, and has refused to talk to the press ever since.”
– Source

Years after its approval by the FDA, leading scientists still urge the organization to ban this product.

“Dr. John Olney, who founded the field of neuoscience called excitotoxicity, attempted to stop the approval of aspartame with Attorney James Turner back in 1996. The FDA’s own toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross told Congress that without a shadow of a doubt, aspartame can cause brain tumors and brain cancer and violated the Delaney Amendment which forbids putting anything in food that is known to cause Cancer. Detailed information on this can be found in the Bressler Report (FDA report on Searle).”
– Ibid

In 1995, the FDA was forced to release, under the Freedom of Information act, a list of ninety-two symptoms caused by aspartame reported by thousands of victims:

Those symptoms are however only the tip of the iceberg. Aspartame has been linked to severe illnesses and long term health issues.

“According to the top doctors and researchers on this issue, aspartame causes headache, memory loss, seizures, vision loss, coma and cancer. It worsens or mimics the symptoms of such diseases and conditions as fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, ADD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue and depression. Further dangers highlighted is that aspartame liberates free methyl alcohol. The resulting chronic methanol poisoning affects the dopamine system of the brain causing addiction. Methanol, or wood alcohol, constitutes one third of the aspartame molecule and is classified as a severe metabolic poison and narcotic.”
– Ibid


In Conclusion

If the main message of this website has been to this point “watch what enters your mind”, the main message of this article is “watch what enters your body.” The consumption of the products stated above will probably not cause an immediate and noticeable effect. But, after many years of ingesting those substances, one’s thoughts become increasingly clouded and foggy, the ability to concentrate becomes hindered and judgment becomes impaired. In other words, the once sharp mind becomes dull. What happens when a population is heavily sedated and poisoned on a daily basis? It becomes numb, zombie-like and docile. Instead of asking important questions and seeking a higher truth, the dumbed-down mass simply accomplishes its daily tasks and absorbs whatever the media tells them.  Is this what the elite is looking to create?

There is, however, a silver lining here. Many of the negative effects of the substances described above are reversible. And YOU are the one who decides what enters your body. This article provides a brief overview of dangers lurking for the unaware consumer, but tons of information is available on which to base enlightened decisions. Your body is a temple. Will you allow it to be desecrated?




  1. Another very informative article, thank you! we have chosen to grow produce, have fresh beef and chicken, as well as begin eating more organic and wholesome foods.

    more food for thought from vigilant citizen.

  2. Carmendahling on

    Dear V.C. just adore the way you ended the article so positively and that we do have a choice about what enters our bodies and minds, and that there is a remedy for past abuses. God Bless You for your insight and courage.

    • The Internet is just a series of cables and wires, and has actually been shut down a few times before in certain countries (as an act of war one time I do believe, but it's hard to remember since I read the information such a long time ago).

  3. thanks again VC 4 another gr8 article

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  4. very very interesting, the world really is gore.

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  5. These items you had listed also attacks the liver. The most living, conscious part of the body. You break down the liver and all else fails. Have you heard of people who never had allergies started getting it?


    Crazy world.

  6. I really like your blog and all the things you unveil about the pop culture.

    But… I think this article is nonsense.

    I'm a dentist. "So why is fluoride still found in tap water?" It is because the majority of the studies proves that it is good for dental health.

    You have based this article in the minority of the studies.

    Sorry my english. Not american. Hugs

    • I have yet to see a study that shows Flouride is legit. You need to do some homework and not just rely on your scant information you learned in Dental school. Remember, doctors ( I am an MD) and dentists do not learn about health, what we learned was just bull shxt fluff.

    • You're not supposed to ingest flouide toothpaste, but they put it in your drinking water so you'll have to.

      • FLUORIDE is toxic!!! There are countless studies to prove this and even more studies proving that fluoride does NOT prevent cavities.

        You are drinking unprocessed, industrial waste-product from the pollution scrubbers of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

        Fluoride is one of the biggest hoaxes of the 19th century.

        Drink Natural spring water instead. You can usually buy a gallon for under a dollar. Make sure there is no fluoride in it! Also, don't use regular toothpaste (it contains around 1,000 ppm of fluoride). They even tell you on the side of the toothpaste tube to "contact a poison control center immediately" if you swallow your toothpaste.

  7. italia spinelli on

    Wow this article was great. I see so many of those harmful chemical's side-effects in today's society…especially in our children. Its sad to see so many symptoms in in people at such an early age.

  8. Thank you for the great article. It is good to see you mention the attack on the physical body in addition to your usual reports on occult symbolism in their manufactured culture. We must remember that the Illuminati/NWO et all are attacking us on all levels, intellectual (controlled media, predictive programming), emotional (fear-mongering), physical ( toxic pharmaceutical drugs and food additives) and spiritual level (subliminal symbolism, nefarious secret occult rituals, etc., twisted/false religious dogmas).

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      Trust what you have found out. Nothing you've found out so far should be discounted. The word "conspiracy" seems to have a negative connotation. whenever used. When the politicians, those in power, those in the media use it, the word draws negative reactions. That is done by design by the elites to discount those who tell the truth against them. Like a preemptive strike if you will. The elites can smile in your face, mock and riducule you with words like "tin hat", "conspiracy", while poisoning you at the same time. Seeming to be above reproach.

      You aren't "crazy". You are waking up the truth hidden in plain sight.

  10. Victor, it doesn't matter if it's good for dental health. You are still digesting the fluoride, absorbing it, and that goes beyond just dental health where it is damaging to other parts of the body.

  11. This is why my family and I try to eat Organic. After switching to Organic foods, we are not as tired, moody and the food tastes better. We constantly read and keep up to date on the news. Thank you for another beautiful article!!

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    • bottled water is the same exact as tap water- same fluoride, same amount of filtering (which is barely, of course.) most ppl are in the illusion that bottled water is better, but its the same as tap water. Tap water in a bottle, thats all.

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    Here's another side effect of Ritalin: Learned Helplessness. Not sure the study, but I remember hearing it on the radio. Let's just say when I heard that I had to shake my head in agreement.

  14. James C. Merritt on

    I had this friend WHO WAS IN HER 30'S & who had severe MCS, multiple chemical sensitivity, & she told me about being awakened at night, usually between midnight & 5am, with this shaking/severe agitation/like here insides were being turned inside out. At first she told me she had a proven deficiency in an enzyme (?) that rids the body of aldehydes, explaining why her formaldehyde levels were HIGHER than the lab tech. (who worked with formaldehyde daily) who tested her. After about 10-15 hours of listening to her and asking many questions, I asked if she drank aspartame diet drinks. She said yes, but only one a day. I told her that aspartame had methanol which from my thousands of hours of chemistry-medical study was converted to formaldehyde in about 10-12 hours, which is exactly how long after drinking diet coke, etc. that her inner "explosive eruptions" began. She called me back 2 weeks later & said that she still had mild shaking for 3-5 days after she stopped drinking diet coke. But it had totally disappeared the last 5-7 days. She had been LITERALLY embalming herself! This HORRENDOUS, frightening reaction NEVER happened again. This was about 11 years ago & it convinced me that aspartame/equal was evil & that Donald Rumsfeld was the devil, incarnate, for not caring about anything but MONEY!

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  18. James C. Merritt on

    I was a water chemist for 33 years until recently taking early retirement. We had this double-lunch seminar about 6 years ago, the second being 4 weeks after the first. At one researchers from I think the University of California said that Flouride was WONDERFUL. Several from the Price-Pottenger (?) Institute said that flouride was evil. Bottom line: VC, you are spot on target that the elites desire to make us stupid. Just like Jerry Brown, who is NOW working to become the next Governor of California, turned his students into such dumbed down idiots that the State of California had to take over his school system. Jerry Brown, aka "Governor moon-beam", is just too good at turning Cailfornians into "mind-numbed, ignorant robots." I really believe that was his plan in the first place–if NOT, then it might as well have been his plan!

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    I think you should have added that the NAZIS used fluoride in their concentration camps to make the point have more impact?

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    How can this crazy society see the after effects of what you document in your article when the human being exist purely as a simulation. A "hyper-reality" human being as hyper-reality don't do side effects:-( :-( :-(…………………

  26. You know, it's so true.

    I know this is not entirely related, but it's why I NEVER take prescribed pills, etc. I used to be an acne sufferer and I would take any type of pill and eat junk thinking "the pills will take the bullet", but the consequences were bad. My acne was getting worse, I was becoming very neurotic, etc and one day my friend told me I should take Roaccutane but by this time I'd had enough. I decided it's time I read the side-effects on acne treatment. Most were simple, ie: your acne comes back because the companies want you to be dependent on them. Some (like roaccutane) were really bad though including depression (to a suicidal level), hair loss, very dry skin, all very unnatural side-effects.

    Re: anti-depressants; my aunty and a good friend of mine are on them. As much as I've personally tried to convince them for so long "nothing but you should be allowed to manipulate your emotions", neither have listened. My aunty is always depressed and my friend can be complicated at times (let's say…).

    The truth is the government want us dependent on *something*, health just happens to be one of them. Look at HIV; I doubt they're really working to find this cure (if it doesn't exist for that exclusive few) because it's a lifelong commitment. Most medication/health products are sold through fear. "Are you depressed?" "Better safe than sorry" "If you don't take this, you'll get worse".

    Society started crumbling when luxuries made the transaction into "necessities". And now the true necessities are neglected. Can people even meditate now without thinking about a million things? Just 10minutes of nothing/blanking out the mind; or prayer (if you pray). Family life?

    Well, for now, we can discuss and spread information and knowledge in our bid to at least slow down the rate of society's collapse (maybe even reverse it :-D).

  27. Your articles are nothing short of amazing and insightful every time. Thank you for your courage on posting these articles and always keeping us informed! I appreciate The Vigilant Citizen!

  28. My parents are both physicians, and I asked them one day, "Why does cancer seem to be so prevalent nowadays, at an alarmingly increasing rate? It seems more and more people have to just assume they're getting cancer." My mother responded, "It's because we're living longer. Diseases that used to be fatal are now curable, so cancer's one of our biggest obstacles."

    I can't shake the feeling that greed and power are causing corporate giants to poison our food/water to make us ill, thereby making us turn to prescription drugs for relief. Cancer and AIDS patients must be the biggest cash cows for the medicine companies, since their illnesses carry on for life. It's terrible, but I can't turn a blind eye and just believe that things have always been this way for hundreds of years! And what about these huge corporate campaigns to cure Breast Cancer? You'd think between all these sponsored marathons and charity credit cards and buckets of fried chicken that a cure would be close, right? WHAT THE HELL?!?!

  29. definitely an article on the effects of long-term use of cell phones..they might not fry eggs or pop kernals but they definitely give me headaches (which ever side i put my phone on).

  30. Great article!!

    I once was prescribed antidepressants (which had listed as side effects as suicidal thoughts..WTF???) But they made me have no emotion what so ever, which I really didn't like so I stop taking them. I mean I wasn't happy, sad, excited I was completely void of emotion, which isn't a good thing.

  31. Yeeah,I've never gotten a seizure from drinking coke.

    If everything in the super market is so horrible, then what are we supposed to eat? Where do you get your food, VG?

  32. your articles about the music industry are great, but i must say i need this kind of article too :). Your older article about media (Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Medias) is one of my favs!

    Btw, i suggest you (also anyone who are interested) to visit this link :

    it is an article about Paganists strategies toward the new world order (food poisoning, feminism, etc) its divided into 10 parts, i know it's written in Indonesian language, but you can use google translate.

    Greetings from Indonesia.

  33. This is just the tip of the iceberg my friend! I've done my homework and continue to do so. As a result, I only eat organic, use filtered water and stay far, far away from the drug pushing Doctors. I have to make everything I eat from scratch because of an MSG allergy….my husband has a Whey allergy. No corn syrup, no soy, no canola and the list goes on. We grow our garden with non-GMO seeds and have a green house for winter growing. The bees sure know the difference! We are all slowly being poisoned….it's call soft kill.

  34. When I was 17, I was a teacher's assistant at the local elementary school, and I was assigned to look after a boy in second grade who (supposedly) had ADHD. Every morning he would come into the room hyper and bouncing off the walls. He was admittedly disruly but not unlike some active 7 year olds in my opinion. About an hour or so after class had started he would go to the principal's office to take his daily dose of Ritalin then come back…30 minutes later, it would be a total 180 – he would be sluggish, grumpy, and slower to respond to doing his school work. The drug kicked in like clockwork.

    In my opinion, he didn't have ADHD. He had an unstable home life and some behavioral problems which probably stemmed from that. It was the adults around him who had attention deficits, because no one was paying enough attention to his needs. They chose to let the Ritalin babysit for him, and I found it extremely frustrating to watch this kid essentially being lobotomized every day. It wasn't any easier looking after him after he came back from the office than it was before b/c it was hard to motivate him into doing any of his work once the grumpiness kicked in. I much preferred the kid who came in actually HAPPY about being at school every morning, and just needed to be reminded to stop talking while the teacher was writing on the board.

    I think about him every so often and wonder where he is now…I wish I could go back in time and speak up on his behalf. Alas, I was just a 17-year old from the south who was taught to "mind your manners" and keep all negative thoughts to myself. :-(

    Also, I've always found it ironic that the most popular/commonly used anti-depressant medications come with a warning that they may cause suicidal ideation. Isn't that defeating the purpose?!

  35. Having encountered this website quite by accident, I am thrilled to discover what is uniquely a coherent, sensibly presented 'port in the storm' of this 21st Century modern industrialization.

    And now. . . we reckon with a digitalized society

    This information regarding food additives and genetically modified foods is not new – the 60's and 70's saw many of its greatest proponets reduced to the lunatic fringe

    What struck me most as I read this thoughful piece is the complete absense of discussion and debate regarding what was once considered common sense

    So I send you a heartily expressed "thank you" – to this site and its contributors — you are indeed Vigilant Citizens

    May this research and information be circulated to the greatest number possible

  36. Praise you for swimming so completely against the rapids of this industrialized stampede to the early graves the diabolical elites are driving the citizenry that sustains them to

  37. This is good stuff Vig,

    Looks like you have a plan. Hope you picked an accelerated course, cuz weez bout out o time.

    Keep your energies positive, your head on a swivel, and always spread the truth.


  38. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    I am in love with this article. Thank you for putting it out there. I always believed animals which become food to us as consumers are injected with some forms of chemicals and/or steroids. Because children are maturing- body wise- fast, I took notice of what is in the food then. You are right our bodies react to the chemicals in our food in various ways. I love Mt. Dew. If I go a day without one, I get a headache. Bring on my Starbucks. I crave it. Okay, I know my problem is the caffeine- a natural stimulant.

    However, the daily swallowing of meds (not health issue medicines) by children and adults is a little scary. It used to be when people refused to take meds. Today, it is like "What all do you have out there, Dr.?" Pharmaceuticals are advertising medicines on televisions so people can ask their doctors for them. This form of advertisings, plants ideas in people minds. I know a lot of people playing the “I so depressed” card. Well, I am not always happy either and that is life. I think one of the symptoms to depression is: you feel up one day and down another or can’t get out of bed. Heck, who wants to. I love to sleep. But I know I have to get up just like the rest of America. I make myself get up. My brain would even tell me to get up. It would say, “It is time to get up out of bed.” My point is that I have to make myself get up. Who doesn’t go through that? Life is a rollercoaster itself. I am not going to be happy every day. Who is going to smile and be happy when they receive devastating news? Heck, I am not going to be laughing if I am stood up by a guy. I deserve to cry and be mad. It will take two or three days to get over. My husband did this to me when we dated before marrying; red flags, hunh? Well, you get the picture.

    It is not normal to be Speedy Gonzales 24/7. We are not built that way. I want to cry sometimes and sleep. They both represent healing. Lucille Ball taught us that crying is good.

    For the ADHD, parents, please go back to the dinner tables to teach your children the etiquette manners to eat and sit still. Do not let them walk around with a chicken leg. They are going to expect to do this with a pencil in a classroom later on. Take them to church or somewhere that requires them to sit for a period of time. This is called slowly training children to be adults. People will argue, but ADHD is a mixture of lack of parenting and underdeveloped brain functioning. Heck, I was ADD growing up. My parents reared me by whipping my butt when I got out of line, but I was not always focused. I had to train myself to listen. I did not need meds. I knew if I failed a class, there were consequences at home.

    I have a flyer that showed parents fussing at the child for making an F in his history class, and it stated 1970’s. On the other side of the picture, it had 2000, and it showed the parents and the child fussing at the teacher for the F.

    I believe the picture implies that parents are blaming the government agencies for their children's lack of social skills and lack of parenting. I hear parents all the time complain and how they fuss at their child's teacher. How sad. Adults should talk to one another. When the child is no longer in school due to age or graduated, I hear parents complain and blame the schools and other people on failing to prepare their child for life. Parent s are putting everyone in their "blame" pathetic equation except themselves. Parents, keep falling for that trick. The elite government officials are seeing this, and l think it is just a matter of time they will be in control. You are going to rise and shine one morning and learn that you have no juridicstion over your child, the schools or any where. You will no longer be the sheriff in your house. You think you have control due to that No Child Left Behind Act, think again. The Act caused the confusion and erased the relationship line you had with your child's teachers. I try to teach parents that they are the most important person in their child's life. They do not hear me. The curriculum in schools are programmed. Parents, do not kid yourselves. Little Johnny is going to be in control of his parents. This will be a very sad day for future parents and a good day for teachers.

    There is something sinister about the whole food and med setup. They bother are working against people. The government is slowly taking parental control from the parents. Heck, parents take just as many meds than the children.

    Thank you for putting the truth out there. Have they started putting cloned cow meat in the grocery stores? The controversial matter with this is that the government is going to allow food manufactures to out cloned meet in the local grocery stores without a special label or tag. That means the cute package of steak might or might not be cloned meat. You think obesity is a critical issue. We might have huge heads to go with our big butts.

    Who would have thought: Oprah Winfrey reclaims the top spot on Forbes' list while Lady Gaga… She has not been in the music industry very long to even make the Forbe’s list. This says a lot her music. What ever happen to the American dream? Get a college education and work hard to be successful. Heck, I work my butt off at least to own a mansion. Just kidding. With a maid and driver (smile).

    It is time to put the meds down people and demand to know what is going on. Speak out people! United we stand; divided we fall. All meds are not developed in America. These people are working together all over the word. Red flag!!!

  39. My God…this is really messed up. My doctor says I'm suffering from a severe depression. But I'm really scared to take anti-depressants. This is why. It's amazing how these people are controlling us…

  40. The pineal gland is what really interests me with fluoride. The older I get, the more I think I have learned in both school and through life experience in society is a lie. What is so important about the Pineal gland/ third eye that the elite doesn't want us to know? I know that Marajuana stimulates the production of DMT , which is referred to as the Spirit Molecule, which of course is produced by none other than the Pineal Gland.

  41. So where do we find products that do not contain these chemicals? Also, how do we reverse these side-effects?

  42. AGirlNamedGoys on

    "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible" Nobel Peace Prize winning quote, Bertrand Russell "the impact of science on society" (See google books) http://books.google.com/books?id=IZ3miaHwjdUC&amp

  43. AGirlNamedGoys on


    eradicate all posionous abuses, consumptions and behavior from your diet and lifestyle

    Grow your own foods, buy at farmers markets, get rid of pollutants in your home, (try to stop using plastic, eating out of plastic, using things in plastic containers)

    Check body products for ancerous ingredients (two well known ones are parabens and plathates)

    Dedicate yourself and your energy toward living right and wellness will come to you.

    Go Vegan.


  44. To the people giving parents advise for their hyperactive children encounter, maybe you should have hyperactive kids of your own first, then give advice. I am a parent of a hyperactive child. My husband and I used medication as a last resort. Our child went through two years of school struggling before we decided to use medication to help. Because we waited two years, we lost those two years of lessons, she didn't get to learn well because she couldn't keep still long enough to focus. Now, she is repeating a grade. She's able to focus now, but is playing catch up. We don't use the medication as a babysitter. It is used as an aid to help her sit still long enough for her lessons to sink in. She is on the short-acting, so we can better control her dose. Less doses are used for days when she doesn't have a busy schedule.

    Yes, some people do use the medications to keep their kids still, but some kids actually do need them.

    By the way, there was a report on the news about pesticides causing ADHD in children. The fresh foods were consumed by the mothers while pregnant, and in turn, the child ended up having ADHD. I ate fresh fruit and vegetables my whole pregnancy, which were bought in our "safe" grocery stores. All of the books giving advise to pregnant women encourage fresh fruit and vegetables. Now, how about that?

    • @ #67

      You mentioned having eaten fresh fruits and vegetables during your entire pregnancy and then implied that there might be a negative correlation between these obviously healthy fresh vegetables and fruits and the hyperactivity of your child. Not only do i think there is a negative correlation, I defend the possibility that there is a positive one. Ever thought that maybe you have an extremely intelligent kid who constantly needs mental stimulation?

  45. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Piercing the Darkness by Frank E. Peretti is the book to read. It is very good and entertaining. I had a colleague share this book with me. I could not put it down. It is a Christian fiction novel that explains what we are facing. It shows how the evil spirits operate behind the scene of people. It illustrates the spiritual warfare. Every thing we have learned, this book shows how a simple problem becomes a big agenda for the so-called elite. This book addresses so much more that I overlooked at the time until I learned about the Illuminat's agenda from this blog. I read this book in August, and I learn all about the "agenda" in May. This is a must read book.

    The child in the book was taken out of a public school and placed in a private Christian school. The public school had a curriculm that teachers taught the child how to channel. She channeled what she call a playmate- pony I think. Well, her playmate was a demon that begin to use her as a host. One day in school, it took control of her. The Father from the Christian school spoke to the spirit to release the child from it, but he was accused of child abuse. The spirit remained, because the child kept channeling for it. It depicted how a lot of people and agencies were involved, but had no prior knowledge of each other. The local town sheriff or police cheif was in on it.

    People who read this book with no understanding of the "Illuminati" or spiritual warfare struggled in understanding the book. I had little understanding of the "Illuminati," but I have great knowledge on the spiritual warfare, so I follwed the book very well. It is easy to read. I can't recall, but I believe this child took medicine as well. I simply cannot remember.

    The book will start off with a lady running in the woods and the demons are trying to kill her. The actual scene will take place at the end of the book. The author did a brilliant job on providing enough information where as the readers can obtain a mental picture on how the demons act on proper chain-of- commands and how prayers activate angels to act in the favor of the people praying. This book is first-class in understanding what we are facing- " The spiritual warfare."

    It is not a scary book. I read it. I am the scariest person.

    "It all begins in Bacon's Corner, a tiny farming community far from the interstate…An attempted murder, a case of mistaken-or is it covered up?- identity, and a ruthless lawsuit against a struggling Christian school. Sally Beth Roe, a young loner, a burn-out, a kind of 'leftover hippie,' finds herself caught in the middle of these bizarre events, fleeing for her life while trying to recall her dark past.

    Across a vast panorama of heart-stopping action, Sally Roe's journey is a penetrating portrayal of our times, a reflection of our wanderings, and a vivid reminder of the redemptive power that is within our grasp."

    Please read it.







  47. Thank you for another great article. I love reading all the comments, too; so many insightful people.

    As far as prescribing ADD/ADHD meds are concerned, I think the popularity stems from the fact that parents can't "deal" with their children with a sound mind anymore since they've all been dumbed down. I had a cousin my age who supposedly had ADD and, even as a child, I could tell medicating him was just tranquilizing him. Everyone around him was constantly scrutinizing him, telling him not to do this or don't touch that so he had absolutely no room to breathe. Of course he would start acting out, he had no outlet for his energy which is NORMAL for children. Shitty parenting is likely to blame most of the time for these medicated kids that don't really need it.

    I've suffered from severe anxiety and depression since I was 12 (I'm now 26) and have tried a myriad of treatments. Most of the medications have done more harm than good; especially Paxil which gave me severe stomach problems that no doctors or specialists even considered was a possibility as I was jumping through the hoops of testing to find out what was wrong with me. It completely disrupted my life for several years until my mother (who has no medical training but is a smart lady with interest in the area) decided I should stop taking Paxil to see if it was the culprit. Lo and behold, I never had one of my "attacks" (which was excruciating stomach pain that caused me go almost go into shock) again. I've been on Effexor for several years and found the side-effects (tremors, over-sleeping, etc.) are outweighing the benefits by far. I'm switching to Cymbalta but if I don't find it any better, I'm going to try going med-free.

    I also wanted to mention that when I was first diagnosed with anxiety, around 13, I was seeing a psychologist who prescribed Ritalin for me even though I had NO symptoms of ADD/ADHD (but that was her speciality). The Ritalin literally made me nuts. As another commenter wrote, I lost a ton of weight and it actually had the opposite effect on me than it should have — it made me hyperactive and I had trouble sleeping. I remember specifically going crazy cleaning my room all the time, literally going through everything and rearranging all my stuff on a weekly basis. Thankfully my mom realized this was not normal and took me off it after a couple of months. Where would I be if she hadn't been so astute?

    One last thing… I don't think you mentioned this in the article but you may be already aware. You brought up how aspartame affects the production of melatonin . Melatonin maintains the body's circadian rhythm, controls the release of female reproductive hormones, is an antioxidant, synchronizes the biological clock, might be useful in strengthening the immune system (and fighting diseases), is necessary to regulate the function of all organs in the endocrine system, and many other beneficial attributes. In a study, lower than normal levels of melatonin were found in people with autism. It's no wonder they'd want to target that specific hormone to weaken the population. Melatonin also kind of the opposite of serotonin (the chemical related to depression) as serotonin is released during the day and melatonin kicks in when the serotonin cycle ends. I suspect that people who take anti-depressants that don't really need them are probably producing too much serotonin and messing up the melatonin-serotonin cycle.

    • quit making shit up. the serotonin-melatonin cycle shit is complete crap. and anti-depressants dont produce seratonin…that would be ecstasy. you paranoid dumbass.

  48. God, vigilant… where did you attract all these kids that post reactions like "first post!!!"? This site could use a better informed audience instead of all of these kids and retards.

  49. MissyChrissy on

    OMG!!!!I'm studying in the UK away from home so i eat fast food and have soft drinks and sweets all the time. Then I notice that my energy levels are too low, i feel tired all the time, grumpy and stuff. Then when i go back to my home country and i eat fresh home made food all the time and don't have soft drinks at all i feel like a new person!!!Unbelieveable!!!Wow i'll definitely be more considerate about food now and quit putting this junk into my body.

    Thanks VC!!!Another great article!!!

    P.S: I'm so happy the elite couldn't care less about my country!

  50. I grew up in Southern California from an immigrant family and I have to say that I am very glad we were actually poor. We were too poor to even think about eating at Mcdonalds or buying meat at the supermarket. We didn't eat alot of meat mostly rice beans eggs the simple stuff. The body doesn't really need that much food every day. So people shouldn't use the excuse that good food is too expensive. I had middle class family around me and watched my cousins grow up fat, I couldn't get away from the flouride I remember in 3rd grade there was this big program at school pushing us kids to drink our flouride every day after lunch. I remember those little cups filled with flouride and the taste was just disgusting.

  51. free arcadia on

    I hate to burst your upbeat silver lining ending, but…

    yes, we do have the freedom to choose what to put into our bodies; however, the consolidation of the big food businesses has resulted in making boycotts very difficult. Once upon a time you could all go to someone's competition and they would wither; now you can't avoid their products so you can't boycott them. If you want anything made with soy, and 95% of the market is Monsanto, you have to basically buy from them or go without. Their gm crops cross pollinate in fields belonging to farmers who didn't buy their seeds, and then Monsanto sues the farmer for growing their patented soy and wins! The big boys discovered the answer to boycotts: be the sole source.

  52. Hey Vig,

    Great article! It's cool to see you taking these to the next level, very important stuff to get out there.

    You kinda stole my thunder on the massive SSRI (MK-ULTRA 2.0) article I'm putting together, but that's ok cuz your part is great al by itself, and mine focuses on on SSRI's, the history, the corruption between the big pharma corps, univerisites and of course, the fegovt (FDA, etc.). And then goes into the most important part, which is the effects, now that they've been out in the world for "field testing" for decades now. Almost every mass murder (shootings, knives, grenades, explosives, etc.) or suicidal incident in many years, and in many countries, have involved the murderer(s) having been taking (or recently stopped taking) various kinds of SSRI "antidepressant" drugs, after which they lost their minds, became agitated beyond control and decided the best idea for them was to get some weapons and start killing other people, and usually themselves at the end…if the police hadn't already done that for them.

    It's going to be a great article, and will freak a lot of people out. It will probably be another month or so before I publish that one, but I'll try to make it worth the wait.

    Another thing, Vigilant, I learned recently with regard to Ritalin, as mentioned in your article here, Did you know that if Ritalin is used in this typical way for children, in pill form, the stimulant has the effect of calming down chidren…..but, there's another very different way it has also been used, Ritalin was used in MK-ULTRA testing in liquid injectable form (not sure how much higher the dosage would have been) but apparently when Ritalin is given to adults via injectable form, it is an extremey potent hallucinogen, similar in effects to phencyclidine (PCP, ketamine (Special K) and other powerful mind altering drugs of this type. However, I think what they found with Ritalin was that, unlike LSD, PCP, etc., Ritalin injections could give an average person up to 4-5 days of these effects – tripping out of your freakin mind for almost a weak with no prayer of being able to "come down". I wonder how many people they drove completely insane on those 4-5 day trips to psychedelic-hell?? I'd be willing to be that a loot of those stories we heard about people jumping out of windows and off tall buildings "because they thought they coud fly", might have really been people fried out of their minds on injected Ritalin for several days and just wanted it to stop, any way possible.

    Your thoughts?

    As always, excellent work man, keep 'em coming!!

    • yeah, shot ritalin before. i tweaked for maybe forty-five minutes…aka i didn't hallucinate for a week. also mast murderers tend to be psychotic, and a lot of psychos are also depressed…and a lot of depressed people take SSRIS. corrolation doesn't imply causation, but whatever, keep on believing whatever you want to believe.

  53. @46 linda – same thing here; I was on anti-depressants for a short time, but stopped taking them because I realized they weren’t doing much more than creating a placebo affect. I was already quite capable of being emotionally void on my own. I don’t need any pills to help me with that!

    @47 Enrique – my understanding is that aspartame is used in diet sodas, not “regular” coke and such. I could be wrong – not that this makes regular soda any healthier or anything. As far as what we’re supposed to eat, that is where the elite back most of us regular masses in a corner. The best thing to do would be to grow your own food, and if you can’t do that, to only buy organic foods. But most people don’t have the time or land to grow their own gardens, and the price of organic food is ridiculous. (There is a reason why there is a correlation between obesity and poverty.) I’m not going to pretend that I don’t eat crap myself b/c frankly, I can’t afford to eat anything better right now. Then there is the matter of whether or not I really believe these stores when they tell me something is “organic.”

  54. serious learner on

    yes finally a new article has arrived it has always been informative and entertaining i have always liked your work vc am only 16 btw , i just wanna say that people should wake up!!!!! many people seems to not be opened minded and stay ignorant i dunno how they have been mind controlled or that but i know something is messing around with the ignorants mind ill stop here man …

  55. Whatevername on

    It feels so nice to know you're always there and you know so much about this. You truly feel like the person that knows most about this topic and cares enough to even share it with us. I appreciate it a lot, your amazing. And, what should we do about this, bcuz the only way we can buy food is processed and packaged, I can't just grow my own garden ;/ and can you talk about if the theories about antiperpirabt giving breast cancer ,if it's in any way related to the illuminti or something cause it's scary. I know it feels unrelated , but they can be putting it there on purpose. Cause I'm starting to question everything now, you can't trust anyone.

  56. I wonder how God will judge these people at the final judgement day….What will they state as their excuse to the Almighty for deliberately causing global genocide???

  57. It's about time you are doing FOOD!, please need to know and as the same as your articles about music, this is also the same about food. Great job as always and keep it up VC.

  58. Ha…And i was just thinking about this issue the other day; about how all the junk food we eat really just dumbs us down and makes us overweight. Nice. And the fact that most people have accepted this way of life. Very sad- but very good article!

  59. I have become an avid fan of your work, and one of your disciples in getting the word out there.

    It shocks many people to know that life isn't all about rainbows… and the harsh reality of 'life' is starting to take effect on those around us.

    Having said that, i am trying to find the fine line between educated awareness and suspicious paranoia.

    The premises of your articles follow structured and rational logic, and thus i am more inclined to give it an audience in comparison to mainstream clutter.

    The idea we are being poisoned is not a surprise anymore. Every single aspect of our life is being dulled inside and out. (if not by popular culture then now by food and drink) … surely the world is nearing its final days.

    Australia has the highest ratio of food allergies in the world, with 1/10 people suffering from either a nut, gluten or lactose allergy, it's no wonder that the Australian government has permitted chemicals into our food that no other government has yet permitted.

    keep up the great work. i always have so many questions… (some have been answered after reading many of your articles)

    Thank you

  60. anotha good article VC: my people try eat a traditional Murri (Australian Aboriginal) diet as much as we can in this here modern times: mostly fish & fowl and kangaroo,turtle etc when we can organise it from the Bush: Love your site Mate!!!

  61. why wud our own governments do that to us?? i feel sorry for people who believe everything the government and tv tells them. is this the same case everywhere? :O :O not jus USA.. is like that in Uk as well

  62. Hey V.C.

    Awesome article. I really welcome the change in theme so much. Thank you. You have really exerted yourself and pushed your limits with this one. Outstanding Article. You have so much attention that I really hope you will continue to push out from the music establishment to other such related subjects as this one. This is the first article I have read and really appreciated in quite a while. I am so happy to see you push your self.

    Thanks. May God bless you and rectify all your affairs.

  63. Great article VC. Don't worry too much, they're just playing God. God decides who lives or dies, not greedy elitists.

  64. Conspiracy Realist on


  65. Interesting article Vig!

    Maybe it's cause I'm not from America, where I hear they do the prescriptions pretty extremely, but I have to disagree to a certain extent with ADD/Anti-depressants.

    My friend was in C-band at school (over here that's bad) and was the class clown. His Mum, a phycologist, figured out he had ADD (the H is for hyper, and he's not hyper just mega distracted) and it's pretty much turned his life around. He went straight to A band and is now studying in Med School.

    Also, my Dad has had depression/bipolar for at least for the 20 years I've been around, and I think probably more like 30 going by what my Mum's said. His life is sweet as. It's a chemical imbalance as opposed to reactionary depression. If he took anti-depressants it would be good for everyone.

    I still agree with you in general though. These big companies are all about the profit and have no concern for the general public.

  66. Excellent article and wake up call!!! I hope people willstart being more aware of what they put intheir bodies. Processed Food for example, that would be any food not in it's natural state. Usually comes in a box or container with ingredients listed on the side. READ THE INGREDIENTS PEOPLE. Find out how much chemicals you are ingesting every day. If the ingredients listis very long, put it back on the shelf. If the ingredients list has things you can't pronounce or don't know what it is, put it back on the shelf. Don't buy it. It is best to eat as close to natural as possible. Learn about genitically modified foods (GMO) and genetically enhanced foods (GE). Try to choose organic if you can afford it. At the least, eat things you can identify as food, like vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat. Start weaning yourself off of processed food. If you like macaroni and cheese, MAKE YOUR OWN with real food, stop buying the blue package of chemicals, you know what I mean? If you shop on the outside aisles of the grocery store (in the US) you will get more real food, the inside aisles is where all the processed food is. This is how you can start to be in control of what you eat. Also avoid MSG, which is another neurotoxin excitotoxin, MonoSodium Glutamate. It has many other names. http://www.rense.com/health3/msgsources.htm Sensa weight loss 'system'isnotheing butpure MSG. It is the substance researchers use to fatten up lab animals fast. How's that for duping the public??? Dothe research, check it out for yourself, make wise choices.

  67. It is also a good idea to learn how to grow some of your own food. You can use containers/pots if you don't have any land availble. It is a skill that may come in handy in the future. Beans and tomatoes are fairly easy to start with. Lettuce and carrots like cooler weather. Look into it…

  68. Hi there,

    great article with loads of infos. I have taken the time to translate this article into German for my German Blog. I hope this is OK with you? If not, let me know and I will take the article down. I have linked back to your site, of course ;0) and given you credit. I thought this was worth spreading and wanted to make it easier for my non-english-speaking readers.



  69. thank you for this one. there is still way way more to say on this topic and way more to say about the american govt being involved and you remained neutral yet again

    also on the tax on junk food and cigarettes, after we are alread addicted to them, let's pay the tax and have the govt make more money

    also radiation we get from cable/cell phones etc has a big effect on the human brain, which is also another topic of its own

    i know someone who recently had a cousin run away from home who turned semi-schitzo after being addicted to redalin and his mother forced it on him as a kid, per doctor's orders, sad story

    p.s. that website- dees illustration has some awesomly twisted images

  70. @lvb i know someone who's cousin ran away and they could not find him, he lost his mind for about 4 days, ended up driving for a while somewhere and sleeping off the road

    interesting you said that

  71. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Skywatcher (106)

    I am not a German speaker. I decode the language very little. However, I can really see that you did a great job. That is what this website is for- to share.

    I pray that other people follow your path to share info with the rest of the world. Vigilant is doing a great job in making the citizens in the United States aware of what is taking place with millions of various people.

  72. Just wanted to address Victor The dentist's comment.

    I am wondering why it's promoted by you people to put something classified as poison in our water supply whether we desire it there or not… and the only reason given is because it promotes good dental health?

    I'm trying to figure out what part about that is not utterly ridiculous.

    We have these things called tooth brushes, you put tooth paste on that usually contains fluoride. The irony is that if you ingest toothpaste it says right on the tube to call a poison control center. The tube reads clearly not to swallow toothpaste because it's POISON. The point here is that we have a choice to use toothpaste, we do not have a choice to drink water… either you drink water or you die.

    The very fact that a debate exists about the effects of fluoride is reason enough NOT to put it in our fucking water supply. Especially without anyone's consent or even a vote.

    I mean, who is the government to force us to have "good dental health" even if there's a possibility that it eventually turns your brain into shit. I've read somewhere that just a teaspoon of this bullshit will KILL YOU.

    So the rationalization here is that they don't put enough of it to kill you, but just enough to make your teeth pretty? Seriously? This kind of thing makes me hate this world.

    If anthrax could give you better eye sight just as long as you don't eat enough to kill you is that reason to put it in our food?

  73. I should also mention that too much fluoride can actually cause tooth decay. But we can depend on the government to find the right balance between too much poison and too little, right?

  74. OH MY GOD. they're poisoning us. They are trying to kill us and the only place that's awaring us about this is VC. I just wish nothing happens to this site for some ridiculous reason like a car accident. What are we supposed to do? Not eat food and starve to death?

  75. You know vigilant I write an article of my own. it's doesn't have too many readers. it's in a forum in Persian. Some of the articles are a translation of your great articles.

    You are doing a great job. and I actually believe in what you do.

  76. @say what- my fam still grows their own garden in ny

    been doing it for 24 years and still going (until my dad has back probs) love to go to parents' house to pick whatever i want (lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, eggpant, string beans, cucumbers,basil, parsley)

    unfortunately this only lasts 3- 4 months a year. I notice how when we pay more for organic, they rot right away, which is the only downside, if yo dont eat it fast that day or the next day the latest, more than half of it goes to the trash in my place, like berries (i am a big fan) or they often put the rotted on the bottom so you dont see- even with the organic

    the fact that all of a sudden we even have "organic" (same goes with milk & dairy- all those % fat ) shows you that something is wrong- that means all those years we were buying garbage

    image how very bad it must be that they actually did give us the choice (though expensive)

    still i do not trust it! its not healthy to live in fear, i do think G-d made us so that our bodies take a lot of crap before anything bad happens to 1 in 3 or 4 of us, just the creams and make-up i used to wear i should have all these probs (thank God and knock on wood) i still tryand watch now, though im not 100% satisfied organic is better- i bought organic, hormone, cage free chicken breasts one day – and boy were they the biggest breasts i seen in my life- there is no way in hellthey can tell me those are organic-

    but part of it mentally we have to be healthy as well, I do try to make the right choices now esp since cancer hit close to home (i think it had a lot to do with chipped teflon in my home growing up, my mother did not care that pans were scratched as well as burned food- toast, bbqed burgers etc that she ate) but also think

    that mentally if i feel healthy and feel that the "organic" is better, then it is (hopefully for the most part it really is)

  77. I would love to have my own garden for this very reason. Unfortunately, we live in an apartment and our balcony is rather small. My parents share their home grown tomatoes and such, so that's a start at least. But I've become much more conscious of what my husband and I consume over the past few years. I said no more to McDonalds and too much eating out in general. The issue I have questions about is the water. I have a Brita filter but I usually buy bottled water, which I also heard is unhealthy due to the plastic bottles. Does a purifier filter out the flouride?

  78. another alternative is to grow your own food. I don't know how easy or hard that is, but I'm getting some books on it. I imagine it will probably be too much for me.

    If for no other reason, it's worth doing because growing your own food is a part of being human.

  79. Great work by VC.

    If you are looking for solutions you can find them.

    Please google or youtube Permaculture for solutions to our modern food issues.

    Also seek out Fulin Gong or Fulin Dafa as a way to get you spirit and soul right.

    The choices are available and we all must be the change we want to see in the world.

    Good luck my friends.

  80. Anothergreatarticleb on

    Hi VC

    Another great article tho most of this stuff is something I was aware of for a long time. I was surprised to find out how poisonous flouride is tho? I guess we can only hope those water filters are able to remove it from our waters because what are we supposed to trust, water bottles with corporate logo's on them?? Not likely…. Also thank you for the statistics regarding the effects of aspertame, i have very frequent headaches and i'm starting to see maybe the sweetener in my coffees might have something to do with it.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading part 2!

  81. Graet article, I'm trying so hard to get me and my kids off of processed foods. I already limit the soda due to teh high corn fructose, cux anything from cron just breaks down our bodies. I work for a major food compnay and I'm responsible for flavors and every flavor you taste is chemically made in every food you eat. Nothing is a whole product anymore, its all bits and pieces of additives and chemicals. A company is marketing an enzyme that will put pieces of meat (chicken, beef) back together to make whole cutlets to be sold and the buyer will never know. All meats have fillers in them that make them look more plump and juicy.

  82. Really nice summary of this often overlooked danger to our health. These things are all adding up to terrific stress on the human body.

  83. The only solution is to become a Breatharian. A breatharian only needs air, sunlight, and soil to survive. It is the true path of righteousness. To become a breatharian would be the equivalent of becoming a Supreme Master Being, an immortal being.

  84. @110: that is my general gripe with our government. There is nothing 'democratic' about the way fluoride or drugs in general have been introduced to us. I always scratched my head about the poison control warning, but now I know it's because of the fluoride.

    Regarding Ritalin, kids unfortunately don't have that choice. A lot of my classmates use it instead of cocaine to pull all-nighters.

    My issue is that there are several people on here that have said they have had good experiences with family members taking psychotropic medications, but I feel they are saying that because they are not the ones who have had to take them. The perceived 'benefit' is that the medicated person in question isn't a 'nuisance' anymore. Unfortunately, that is the same sentiment Hitler had about his medicated masses.

    I was placed on an anti-psychotic, which made me want to do things like go running at 1 am for no apparent reason and have mild tardive dyskinesia (facial tics). I was also prescribed an anti-depressant, which essentially acted as a non-emotive. So you could cuss me out, steal all my belongings, and punch me in the face and I would just stare at you. Unhealthy. Moreover, the things and people that stressed me out in the first place were still there. And it gave these people around me an out: "well you know, she is a little…" and so they continued with their triggering, dysfunctional behaviors.

    Among the cocktail of medications I received was Ativan, otherwise known Lorazepam, which produces tranquilizer-like effects (this is also one of the meds MJ was on when he died). They also give this med to inmates to make them more docile.

    It wasn't until I separated myself from the situation and those people and stopped taking the medication that I became healthy. I started taking vitamins, eating better and working out. I became more selective of the people I associated with, family or otherwise. Therapists can't believe there was anything even "wrong" with me at one time. Funny, neither can I.

    I had to do that on my own, through trial and error. There was no VC for me at the time to explain the subtleties of social conditioning and mind medicating. There is so much information out there, and yet people just plug up their ears and cover their eyes, because it doesn't assures them life is perfect. It's a shame.

  85. THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE!!! i have been aware of the effects of aspartame, flouride, and meds for the past few years. since cutting out all this crap i have been awakened from a long sleep. i always loved your website but now that i know that you are aware of this it makes this site even better! thanks again for getting the message out. peace and love.

    • Loving the comments here. FYI Last time I’ve checked, Brita filters DO NOT filter out the fluoride. It is written right on the packaging, to “promote dental hygiene” or something. Trying searching “how remove fluoride from water” and you’ll find interesting solutions

  86. Chickenandchips on

    I live in the UK so I don't think I need to worry about this yet. But I will soon because America is (unfortunately) the most influential country in the world.

  87. lyricalwordsmyth on

    Listen up people!

    This world is going to hell in a handbasket. Apparently, mental health "experts" are now claiming that eating healthy food and avoiding processed junk foods is a mental disorder. Seriously.

    People with heightened awareness who choose to avoid MSG, GM soy, High-Fructose Corn Syrup and other chemicals in the food supply are deemed to have a mental crisis.

    These so called experts have now 'lost THEIR mind…. This is being pushed in the mainstream media with a new fictitious disease name to go with it called…get this…



  88. @ EWB (132) My husband works at a weight loss clinic and they prescribe a drug called Phentermine (sp?). It suppresses your appetite, but like any other drug it has many negative side effects. I've never taken it, but it seems dangerous, surprise, surprise.

  89. Hey Vigilant. Do you think you could attach some of the locations that you received this information? I find it interesting, but I have some friends who will need cold hard facts in order to have an open mind.

    Thank you.

  90. lyricalwordsmyth on

    Hey everyone. Apparently, mental health “experts” are now claiming that eating healthy food and avoiding processed junk foods is a mental disorder. Seriously.

    People with heightened awareness who choose to avoid MSG, GM soy, High-Fructose Corn Syrup and other chemicals in the food supply are deemed to have a mental crisis.

    These so called experts have now ‘lost THEIR mind…. This is being pushed in the mainstream media with a new fictitious disease name to go with it called…get this…



  91. @chickenandchips- what country do you think backs us up all the time- yours

    the powerful three= us/uk/israel always agree and agree to disagree on everything and anything

    @everyonewillbow- i stopped talking to people (unfortunately including relatives) and avoid those i can't get rid of (for ex. in-laws) for the bad energy and negativity. that is good waht you are doing, only surround yourself with the positive and you will continue to be like so

    @lyricall- yup the thing there has been a whole rise of the realy healthy conscious that live and breathe health – and my body and what i eat are most important, don't care about anything besides myself and my body- i actually know several- and all we ever have to talk about every damn day i see this particular person is healthy foods- somehow all the time we have to go there, i mean every single conversation we have – its called ocd my friend- you can be obsessive compulsive about anything- they are just excagerating these obsessive folks and trying to make them seem crazy- i also know a person who is ocd with cleaning- cannot stop doing it to the point where when she is at my house or any friend's house she has to find the windex and clean their sh*t too- as far as i see it, i tell her that is a great thing to be ocd about- at least yu aren't addicted to anything else! cleaning! and the health conscious relative- i guess that is a good thing to be "sick" about also :)

  92. Anti-plastic! on

    You have to remember that only a part of the harmful chemicals enter our body trough the food. A lot of harmful chemicals can be ingested trough your skin. You should NEVER put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat, because it’s all going straight into your blood… For example, all cosmetics, lotions, etc that we are told to use on a daily basis contain a lot of preservatives that are proven to tilt your hormonal balance, causing cancer, infertility and various other medical conditions. Those chemicals are supposed to kill germs, bur they do kill people too! Not to mention all additives used in plastic. For example bisphenol-A is still used in polycarbonate drinking bottles for babies even though it’s proven harmful. Look around you – in every plastic object you see (including the ones used for cooking and serving food) there are several chemicals that are poisonous and that WILL be found in your blood as a result from your contact with the objects. WAKE UP PEOPLE, YOU LIVE IN A VERY POISONOUS ENVIRONMENT!!!

  93. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ lyricalwordsmyth (130)

    The FDA along with the health professionals are confusing everyone. When my parents were growing up and me as well. We ate the foods they speak out against. Since when whole milk has been questionable until now. As a child, Kool-Aid was a household item, but now all that sugar is not good. Today, I have great teeth, my mind is functoning well, I was not a "jumping bean" child, and I learned a lot in school. That education prepared me to learn further in my education and career. The governmnet is off its rocker. When I say the govenment, I mean every agency acting in an official role.

    I can go on with a list of things we all grew up eating that is no longer good for us. People and children were skinny. The fat people back then were not quite as large as today's people of size, unless they had thyroid complications.

    About that. Adults are pushing their diets on children and not let kids be kids. I ate candy and cake. I was active in playing sports, piano, clarinet and other things. I played video games, but my mom monitored our playing.

    I believe there are a lot of experiments taking place with the food from the government. People should save this website and the others to the computer or a jumd drive. Highlight and past it in word document, if possible.

    I remember they spoke out against eggs, and eggs soon became safe again. The first report was false. We are too dependent on the government, and they have over time made it that way. Whatever happended to our organic foods. Where are the markets where farmers go to sell their products. Recently, my mom and sister "shelled" peas togther. She stated that she was going back to some place to get some beans that she has to "snap." She is retired to be able to do that. She started a small garden in her backyard. She said that she hasn't really trust processed food. Anyone has any good ideas?

    We all know that Satan is about confusion.

  94. Aspartame, like MSG, gives headaches because it is a neurotoxin which kills your brain cells.

    Yes, giving chiildren a psychotropic drug at a young age to "cure" their dysfunctioning, polluted minds (chemicals in food & vaccines, retarding via media) only reinforces bowing to the big pharma gods as the one and only solution to health/mental problems. A majority of these children will undoubtedly adopt a drug culture in their adult lives.

    The solution is quite simple: minimize your reliance and exposure to the food, media, & pharmaceuticals.

    Remember, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience (as opposed to a physical being having a spiritual experience).

  95. Victor…

    I'm surprised that someone who has the intelligence to become a dentist, appears to have an inability to comprehend what he reads. The article clearly states that the topical use of flouride to the teeth is a much more effective way to strenghten tooth enamel. Therefore, the consumption of flouride in the body produces little positive effect on teeth. In short, you can use it but don't ingest it! Do you eat your toothpaste too?

  96. lyricalwordsmyth on

    @146 nwNO…

    Victor is just a disinformation agent. Doubtful if he's even a real dentist. Pay him no mind.

  97. yep i knew it…how is it that when i go to another country i lose weight but eat a considerable amount more, and yet i barely eat here and it's so hard to lose the pounds, or why are pre-teens have double d's? or why our babies are being born with Autism and other stupidities, ti's cause of all the garbage in our food, it's to kill us all, and the most vulnerable to these things are the poor, that's why the poor is miseducated and abandoned

  98. A great article and also a great coincidence as I am about to go on an all raw food diet. I hear great things, INCLUDING the reversing of cancer , diabetes and many other diseases. Thanks VC and readers, I will let you know if my energy and health return!

  99. Thank goodness I never drink tap water or diet soda. I don't know if this is related, but on the news awhile back there was story about certain fast food places (Not just McDonald's) as well as some public schools have their hamburger meat made out of the left over parts of a cow and injected with ammonia. Supposedly, the ammonia kills the e.coli. How stupid do they think we are?

    Here's the article:


  100. Nice article, I already knew allot of what you told us. But it's a nice article nonetheless. I know that here in europe the rules for chemical usage and GE crops are more strict ( somewhat forbidden here and there ) and also we are allowed far less chemicals and ingredients in our water and makeup etc then the US… And that's bugs me. Because if it's poisonous then what kind of crooked regulation over in the US would approve those same ingredients that we here in Europe banned forever…

  101. Granny Good Food on

    We are all subject to chemical warfare in the grocery store. It is PLANNED, DELIBERATE, and EVIL.

    I have studied, written, and taught about all this for going on 10 yr. I see society becoming more stupid and docile by the minute. Also rounder. Also sadder. Suicide has TRIPLED since 1960. We have been lied to and convinced to give up all the foods that made people healthy: animal foods, fats, salt. If your Great Grandma did not eat it, you shouldn't. If she did eat it, you should. If the govt says don't eat, you'd better load up on it. Don't trust pyramid schemes, esp. if promoted by USDA (Unbelievably Stupid Dumb Arses) or FDA (Faster Death Assn).

  102. me again lol.

    Vigilant, what do you think MIA's new video is about?


    Someone on NYDailyNews site said it was about the silent genocide of the tamils in may last year.

  103. really good to know, thanks for posting this!

    im just your average teenage girl, but before this article

    i had thought to myself…knowing all the things i know about the government,

    why wouldnt they try to dumb us down through something as VITAL and basic as…food?

    now I know i sniffed out the truth. I'll be watching my food a little more now…

  104. This makes so much sense!!!

    Forgive me, but this might seem a little graphic

    When I was a young teen, I always ate the cafeteria food at school, and ate a lot of candy and fast food, and my periods would always be painful, to the point of being unbearable. I couldn't function, all I could do all day was lay down on the couch with a heating pad on my stomach and cry through the cramps. When I was about 16 I became a vegetarian, and started getting more involved in sports (basketball, soccer, tenis, volleyball and dance) I stayed away from junk food and packed lunch since they didn't have vegetarian options. At that time I noticed a change in my periods, no more cramps, no more mood swings, I could make it through school without having to phone my mom to take me home.

    The same is true today. While I am no longer a vegetarian 😉 I eat a lot better, and notice better periods. Periods are a natural cycle in women, and I quess all the chemicals, additives, and preservatives they put into foods deiturbs that!!!

    Grreat Article VC!!

  105. I must say, I've known about a good deal of this for some time– but not to such a degree. I stopped taking any medication– over the counter or prescription– about three years ago. A couple of months ago, I got an ear infection that had to be flushed out with an antihistamine and an antibiotic; the two weeks I was on the two medications I'd little energy, less consciousness, and had trouble eating. My body reacted with hostility towards the drugs because my body isn't accustomed to the intake of poison.

    Now, as to foods, I have more trouble. I have to eat well rounded meals because I'm an athlete, but finding a middle ground between healthy foods, natural foods, and foods that have the nutrients I need is quite difficult. Could you possibly publish an article, or recommend one, that contains solid advice concerning good foods and what you should and should not avoid? Thank you.

  106. Great Job Vigilant! I luv this article because its something I know a lot about

    Youre right about the food additives and chemicals. I've been a vegetarian for 7 years

    (soon to be vegan) and I feel great. My family eats majorily organic foods. Sometimes they lie and said they are organic and they aren't so you have to check to see if its certified. @ Enrique yup thats exactly right they are owned by the same companies. i.e. Morningstar soy products owned by Kellogg

    The makeup, medicine, foods,drinks, All have chemicals in them. sodium nitrate, monosodium glutamate and all of their hidden names, red #40, blue 1 lake, yellow,etc. Food colorings are just like the chemicals. This stuff is just as important as the music. How ignorant for people to say oh well nothing happened to me. You don't even know it and why say something like that to justify why you are still eating it. Come on people wake the heck up!

    There are people who don't eat and they are called Breatharians. Some of yall really need to read and look further, research. This is real stuff. Hellos to LVB how are you and EWB and stacynyc miss chatting with yall

  107. @big- thats interesting because when i was a kid and ate my mother's food, i never had pain during it- now as am nearing 30 i started experiencing lots of pain i would say from after 10 or 20 yrs old when i start eating out more and also i think since food quality in the market drastically changed this past 10 years i get so much pain its beyond beleif, from not feeling anything for the first 10 years to so much pain these past 8 or 9 i really think its the nutrition and environment (pollution) around me- same with a lot of women i speak to, it hurts now more than it ever did

  108. Cramp bark works very well for cramps. You can make a tea out of it too or take herbs like

    Red raspberry and Dong quai.

    I get them too but some of my friends had it worser than me. I use a heating pad too or take

    cramp bark whenever I can get some. I can't stand getting mine

    I hate to take Advil, tylenol since they have acetaminophen

  109. hi vc this is an excellent article! glad you put it up. I have known about this myself for some time now and have changed a lot of things in my life and my famillies, we feel so much better since we found out about what was going on and actually doing something about it,. great post Thankyou and keep up the good work.

  110. i haven't taken advil or tylenol in over 15 years. I refuse to take anything besides one medication i am on for a hormone disease, (otherwise i would gain 20 pounds and my neck would blow up in a week,) and i do feel slower and stupider these past 3 or 4 years than ever in my life- i go back to reading notebooks i had when i was a kid and it was like damn i wrote that? i feel like an idiot! i dont know if its the day to day same job routine (another part of dumbing down americans- only have one specialty and do the same thing for at least 8-9 hours min. a day for the rest of you life in order to make money and survive)

    also havent taken the flu shot in 10 years- i get the flu once and only once and take antibiotics for about 3 or 4days and that's it for the entire year- thats the other only medicine i get with realy bad allergies like z-pac or something of that nature, about 2 times a year- 10 pills tops and my hormone meds other than that nothing else- havent taken anything in ages, i refuse to

  111. @ freeyourmind….yeah, I take ibuprofin as a LAST resort because I really hate to put that "medicine" in my body. I will definitely try that tea, thanks for the advice

    @stacy-nyc……after reading this article, I am convinced!! One of my close friends never ever had cramps, and she and her family pretty much made everything from scratch (of course they never seasoned their food with anything either which left for awkward dinner get togethers but that's neither here nor there) The stuff that they put into food today is really f-ing with our bodies, and they don't seem to care. They chose cheap poison over our health!!!

  112. @lyricalwordsmyth…Oh my!! To tell you the truth, they did a special about that a few months back about people who eat healthy on our local news channel. And I believed it!! (of course that was before I ever knew what or who the illuminati were or ever found this wonderful site)

    And of course the woman they featured seemed really strange and OCD about everything in life, not just what she ate!!

  113. Vigilant Christian on

    I'm VERY excited that VC made a post about this. It coincides with the movie FOOD, INC. If you haven't seen it, I strongly suggest you watch!!!

  114. Thank you for your articles. However, the more I learn the more sad and angry I become. I live in Panama City Beach, FL and I have to watch my home (for generations of my family) die with the Gulf Oil Gusher (calling it a spill is such a laugh). I can almost imagine what kind of future this will bring to this country. I've lost faith in humanity. The rich get richer, and everyone else suffers on their account. I recently read a UK aricle about oil spills in Africa. There have been two major oil spills in the past few months that NO ONE talks about. The African people affected are surprised that we are so upset and getting so much attention over this. The elite are destroying the Earth for their benefit. I am now seeing how this all ties in together; media mind control, dumbing down and poisoning society, war, man-made environmental disasters, secret societies. I would say that I'm ready for the revolution, but I have a feeling so are the Government and elite. We don't have a fighting chance. At least I am at peace with my God and I know that energy is infinate and my soul will move on. They can enslave my body, but my mind and soul are free. They can't take that away.

    • ilovegreentea on

      Michelle,I didn't know about oil spill in Africa. Thank you for sharing. :-).

      This is to all – DO. NOT. GIVE. UP. HOPE!!! Fight back the darkness with the light. Remember Matt 28:30, "he will be with you until the end of time". Lies, deception, illusions, and betrayal can only be defeated with truth, love, courage, and faith. When you start to remember that "you are beautifully and wonderfully made"- Psalm 139:14, "the truth will set you free"-John 8:32. "Seek and you will find"-Matt 7:7. "And it's freely given to you" Matt. 10:8, because "you were bought with a price", 1 Cor. 6:20 .

      All of us were lost, but most of us will be found. When you seek the truth, you are not longer blinded to the world around you. Have the faith of a mustard seed. You have not been given a spirit of fear, but of love, and of power, and of a sound mind. When you are scared, full of pain, He "will give you rest"-Matt. 11:18.

      Be of good courage-John 16:33. The enemy has no power over you. It's an illusion of power. Do not fear because as long as you believe in the one who can save your soul, you have overcome this world-.John 16:33. Let your enemies be your footstool!! Luke 20:43

      This has always been about spiritual warfare since man has fallen. Ever since Yeshua was born, lived, died for our sins, and is resurrected. Yeshua defeated the enemy. We have authority in him to do it!

      YHWH helps those who help themselves. You still have the power to help yourself. And it's all out of love. You are wonderfully and beautifully made out of love, not out of despair. You still have the power to take back your health and be well again. There are a lot of ways you can do that as shared on this board. The info is out there free at your fingertips. Take action and be empowered. If the food is making you sicker, eat foods that make you well. If the medicines prescribed are poisoning you, take the alternatives. If products you use is making your life worse, use the alternatives. If you are confused, seek clarity. Test all the spirits. Remember there are always positive alternatives to counteract the negatives.

      This is war. Spiritual warfare. Put on the full armour of YHWH. His word is the sword that can cut through anything. You are not alone, and you are not defeated. Your faith has made you well. The more you get closer to Yeshua (Jesus) and pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you, the more it will make sense.

  115. A co-worker of mine created a diary showing the effects Aspartame had on her body and it was astounding! She was completely debilitated and couldn't work for months. Her doctor thought she was a hypercondriac. I almost always check for Aspartame and "high fructose corn syrup" (another killer) when I go grocery shopping. Unfortunately, it's in just about EVERYTHING! Very, very disturbing…..Some sources even say that the organic foods we buy and consume are not what we think they are either. I suppose the safest thing to do is grow your own food in the comfort of your own backyard.

    If interested, pleased read my article "Untamed Idiosyncracies" here: http://lencilife.blogspot.com/2010/05/untamed-idi

    I shared my own experience with "uppers", "downers", "stabilizers" and "everything in-between". Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

    • ilovegreentea on

      @ Stay positive. Thank you so much for the links. To see what's in our foods is nothing short of staggering. But I love the alternatives. These docs are so helpful in empowering and educating the public on what's truly in our foods and the damaging effects these GMF have in our bodies. Highly toxic. Encouraging and highly informative.

  116. I used to think I had Body Dysmorphia (Thank God I made it:) so I started talking to this guy on Facebook about what he thinks I should do and he's like "Get meds as soon as you can!!!" I'm guessing my mom's laziness came in handy since I never made it to the doctor or got meds. I get insecure sometimes, but i'm pretty happy now with my body. I'm scared to imagine how I would have ended up if I did get the meds.

    My mom, sister, and aunt all supposedly have ADD. My mom and aunt are just naturally a pretty hyper two, but have no problem focusing or had trouble in school. My sister is in 13, so how could you even be soo sure, when teenagers like myself and her and all the rest are supposed to be so up and down emotionally and have short attention spans?

  117. Shadia from sweden on

    Hi ! I just wanna tell you how much I love your blog!

    I read it all the time. At first I though I was safe (Come on, I live in sweden, nothing ever happens here, no occult illuminati/mindcontrol/satan-stuff going on in this blond petite country… but damn I was wrong!! Thanx to you I recognize symbols all over the place, especially at my university .. this is global and this is for real .. SO SCARY!!

    Could you look at the Rihanna "rockstar" and "te amo"- videos?

    Love you!

  118. Another good article!, VC!

    Long ago, I quit all "added sugar enhancements" like Aspartame. I hated the way it tasted & I switched bad to the regular foods & drinks. I did notice it was making me gain more weight & the fact that I didn't like the way it tasted made is easier to give up & go back to regular ole sugar, but with much less consumption. I drink those smaller cans and filter all the water with one of those Brita filters. I even boil water before I drink it then put it in the fridge so its cold for drinking.

    But organic food is what's left & you have to be very careful about food. That movie, Food Inc shows us just where our food is coming from & how it's being manipulated for us to buy & consume. I'm being very careful about the food, water & other liquids I consume these days.

  119. So what do we do? Go organic? Cuz I would but I'm not paid enough to buy organic consistantly. :( grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  120. Wow, just wow. Vigilant Citizen, you have really opened by eyes to the world that we REALLY live in. As a 16 year old man I feel great that I can see and stop what is going into my body, and stop the repercussions. I have told everyone I know about your website and to really look into it.

    Stay vigillant and thank you once again,


  121. VC, this is a great article!! thank you for putting all of this information out here. i have shared many of your articles with people that i think will listen and actually hear me. ive worked in a hospital for a few years and ive seen alot of shit go down. it is very true that alot of medicines make people sicker. ive seen people come in "normal" and leave a totally different person. ive seen reps(from drug companies) come in with lunch and hold 10 minute in-services so that the docs and PAs use their fucked up products. i once heard a doc tell another doc that a patient being able to move his hand depended on his insurance. its really sad that some of the people in healthcare only care about the money. please dont let this discourage you, because there are really some good docs out there, just be careful how you choose them. peace!!

  122. another great article. I'm sure you will go into more depth but the stuff you listed is just the tip of the iceberg. we are exposed and eat so many things in the US that are bad for us but good for someone's pockets. Even organic food is questionable sometimes since the same companies that sell you the other stuff sell organic as well. cant wait for part 2, keep it up!

  123. Yes, indeed. On all levels: Garbage In = Garbage Out. Yet sadly, it is impossible to avoid all the garbage.

    As a result I believe there is a general malaise in people that is almost palpable.

    We must, as individuals, cultivate an iron-clad will based on a strong set of principles and morals to get through these crazy times.

    With that done, you can only do the best you can do at trying to eat properly and avoid pop culture.

    God help us!

  124. VC, have you read Natural Cures they don't want you to know about by kevin trudeau, he HAS tons of inside details about the evil FDA and their connections with politicians, FTC(like how they have stocks on the pharmaceutical companies), and the pharmaceutical industries. It's really good, everybody should read it.

  125. There were a few decent points made here (Particularly the fact that it is ridiculous to instill a chemical into water sources to prevent tooth decay). But there are a lot of holes as well. Especially with the pineal gland calcification, in which you only argue that it calcifies the area, but do not argue why that's actually negative.

  126. if they are regulating GM foods what makes you think they are not doing it to our alleged "organic" food too, the all natural sticker to make sure they are still poisoning us without a worry about what we are consuming cause there is a "guarentee" Especially since to be certified and guarenteed organic it can be as low as "70%", it costs too much money to regulate every individual fruit, or drink to make sure its to specifications. What stops them from slapping a sticker on it that says it is. We cant escape the bs we are being "fed" literally and figuratively

  127. not only that- brita also claims they are no longer properly removing lead as per new standards (but ok according to previous standards, whatever that means)

  128. omg i was diagnosed with ADD and they told my mother to give me ritalin(sp) and that stuff was crazy when it wore off it was like i was a totally different person and when it was in effect i felt like i wasnt in control…luckily my mother realized that i wasnt the problem the ritalin(sp) was doing more damage than the ADD so she poured it all down the drain and told me that i could control it and live a normal life with out having to take drugs. and i did anyways just felt like sharing…

  129. Can you write an article on Madonna and the Kabbalah, Jack Parsons and the Babylon Working, the Scarlet Woman Marjorie Cameron, The Pentagon being the center of a penatgram in Washington DC, why homo sexuality is accepted by satanist; why does the Pope benedict XVI wears a jewish yamika?

  130. Also i would like to see and article on the seemingly obsession brittney spears,megan fox,lindsy lohan,scarlett johanson,and anna nicole smith have of posing as marylin monroe,a monarch mind control slave.

  131. Everyone Will Bow- Christ Jesus on

    @ K (124)

    I enjoyed reading your comment. You are right. It is important that we surround ourselves with positive motivating and encouraging people. We as humans feed on each other’s energy. My mom thinks I am rude when I refuse to be in the company of certain people. I told her that I am trying to work on my doctorate and surround myself with positive people. I have friends who are doing very well. They have encouraged me to go as far as I can go and not give up. The wrong kind of people can drain you of all of your motivation and replace it with their, “down in the slump, depressed or negative feelings. The yawning technique proved this. If I were to yawn, then others will sopon follow. My ex-husband was a great football player. He was sure to go to NFL. He surrounded himself with the wrong people, and I can only tell you trhat who turned in to them. His dream was to always play in the NFL like his uncle. Scouts from collegeg wanted him. He did not last a year the university campus he chose to attend. His life is very sad, but I was the enemy when I was trying to encourage him to make different decsisons.

    Exercise is something we all know very well. It helps clear our mind, relieve us from stress and sleep better at night. Sex improves as well.

    Someone please tell me. I like to eat. I know we cannot eat the best foods everday (hamburgers, pizza, etc), but there are too many skinny people; both male and females. I am talking about people weighing 100 to 100< . I know that I am not the only one to notice this. What drugs are these people taking or are the drugs they do take cause them to lose their eating appetite?

  132. lyricalwordsmyth on

    @ 129 “chickenandchips”

    If you think that you don’t have to “worry about this” because you’re in the UK..Please wake up. That is all.

  133. @mallor: The organic crap comes from the same companies that make regular food. Did you know that Lean Cuisine is owned by Stouffers, Stouffers is owned by Nestle, Nestle is owned by Nabisco, and Nabisco is owned by Kraft? Just a little example.

  134. Thank you VC! Ive always had issues with a company putting chemicals in ym food, that im supposed to eat. Thats part of the reason why Americans are so fat. I went to a doctor for Headache meds and after taking them for a week, i couldnt drink soda, something about carbonation and chemicals, all i know is, it tasted like Metal. I was having severe mood swings, and having sucidial thoughts. Thats not the type of person i am, so i got off ot it. Luckily for me, i still dislike sodas, and my mood is back to normal. I swear it was the scariest thing that has happen to me medically…i felt like i had lost myself.

    BTW, i love this site, and your articles, keep it up until everyone knows the truth

  135. While this is a bit off-target, I've noticed that many of the diet energy drinks have removed aspertane from their ingredient lists and replaced them with other items. Not only that, but many of the regular energy drinks which had HFCS have replaced it with "regular sugar." Heinz has put out a HFCS-free version of their catchup, and Pepsi removed all HFCS from their Gatorade (which, until recently, has been slowly getting HFCS-sized). So there's SOME advance in this nation.

    Sadly, other nations have started letting HFCS into their foods. Wonder how long before childhood diabetes and obesity becomes a worldwide epidemic.

  136. Please add genetically modified marijuana. I think synthetic drugs are also making the population dumb down. You wouldn't be surprised how many people working in the entertainment field are on drugs and they think pot is natural. I doubt that what they sell in shops is. Anyway great article. Also be aware that the lower the number on vegetables and fruits such as the code starting with 4 and then followed by other numbers means the food has been genetically modified. Only if the food starts with a 9 does it mean it is ORGANIC.

    There is a reason why Organic Food is so expensive. They want it that way. We either pay now or pay in health issues later.

    My Best



  137. @177 Ralph

    I don't watch TV anymore:)

    I don't think I have a short attention span, but that's all how us teens are made out to be.

    Also! I just want to point out that while I've never really been sensitive to foods and don't have any allergic reactions that I know of, almost everything I eat out of the lunch room at school just makes might stomach turn, literally, every single day. The food is disgusting in schools, (in America of all places!) Literally all the chicken nuggets/ patties are pink on the inside and the food is obviously the lowest, cheapest quality. Just another effort to kill the poor and the children I see.

  138. I'm a health worker in cancer. We have a hard time winning this war. At my job, we keep emphasizing the importance of wholesome food in the right against cancer, but the message isn't new.

    I think we are not being sustained by the food we eat, but we are being addicted to it. If i go too long to eat lunch or dinner, i get slightly depressed. It would make sense to be irritable if i were a little hungry, but does it make sense to be depressed? Within 30 minutes of eating, my mood improves SO MUCH, as if i've had an anti-depressant. Hmmm. Being grateful for and satisfied by food is one thing, but feeling like i've had a major mood pick-me-up makes me think some processed foods have ground up happy pills in them. What do you think?

  139. What would we do without you Vigilant. I've been a lurker for a long time and just recently bega to comment. I think your articles are incredibly important to everyone!!!!! God bless you and keep up the good work!

  140. Thanks, VG! Great stuff.

    Just a couple of related observations. I moved to Latin America from the USA ten years ago, and I don't know anyone – expat or local – who takes mood-altering pharmaceuticals regularly; if anything, they'll enjoy Xanax or speedy Ritalin-type drugs recreationally. Kids have chores, neighborhood sports, and even jobs, so extra energy is considered a plus, ADD/ADHD is not considered problem. And the food down here is very clean. There are factory-farmed chickens that must need antibiotics, and cattle are injected with anti-insect meds. But most chemical pesticides, fertilizers, medications, and certainly patented seeds are prohibitively expensive for the average farmer, and used judiciously if at all. It's not exactly organic, but it's not Iowa either.

    When USAmericans come to visit, they immediately notice certain differences. Soda down here uses sugar, not corn syrup, and tastes better. The meat and yard chickens here are tougher, but tastier. (I avoid meat when I visit the USA, it's so… soft, and has no flavor unless people add spices, which creeps me out.) I also notice certain difference when I go back to the USA. The majority of adults seem bleary, puffy, worried, and tired, and I'm always taken aback at how they treat children. It's like they expect kids to be drugged into submission, and because their own pharmaceutical addictions keep them so edgy, they become irritable, even abusive, if a child is energetic. No wonder so many US children are fat! They (and often their parents) are insulted and ostracized if they lead an active lifestyle, but treated respectfully if they watch TV or play video games.

    The most worrisome part of pharmaceutical addiction is that smart adults lose the ability to use common sense rather than drugs. For instance, I recently had a friend visit who would drink huge amounts of coffee until late afternoon, then take prescription sleeping pills at night, followed by some kind of speedy mood enhancer (Wellbutrin?) in the morning, when she dragged herself painfully out of bed. When I suggested that she just stop drinking coffee after noon or so, then skip the sleeping pills and speedy pills, she said that simply wasn't possible because her job was so stressful.

    Who told her that? She says that doesn't have any special psychological problems. Why would a doctor think that it would be stressful to sleep normally at night and have drug-free days?

    Instead, it seems like doctors tell patients that their drugs are "free," ie, included with their insurance. But they aren't. If you purchase insurance, you are paying to provide other mentally healthy members with uppers, downers, antidepressants, sleeping pills, etc, rather than just treatment for physical illnesses. New drugs (and diseases) are invented, and insurance costs rise.

    When I considered moving back to the USA, I looked for a bare-bones insurance plan that would treat only physical illness; I have no interest in paying for people's sleeping pills because they want coffee after dinner, or antidepressants because they would rather not exercise. Surely there are other people like me, right? But this type of insurance is illegal. The rational is this: You can't deny mentally ill people their medication. But, even if I was mentally ill, I couldn't pay the $300 per month they wanted for insurance. Especially if I was mentally ill. So I'd be denied this medication anyway. Therefore, this excuse is a lie.

    So, who made an illness-only insurance plan illegal? Congress. Do they receive money from Pfizer et al? Yes, most of them do. Do the doctors get kickbacks for prescribing pills to healthy people? Yes, this has been documented. Do healthy people get addicted to these drugs? Of course. None of this is secret, it's not (necessarily) Lady Gaga and Jay-Z using Illuminati vuvuzelas to subliminally activate Monarch sex slave doctors, although that would be cooler. No, these are simply people selling drugs for financial gain.

    Anyway, I don't know how USAmericans can escape factory-farmed food. I try when I'm there, but it's such a hassle, and Wholefoods is so expensive, and people think you're rude or snobby if you don't want to eat at Chiles or Taco Bell or whatever… it's just a huge challenge. Good luck. But I do hope your article convinces people to take a look at their prescribed addictions as they would any type of drug or alcohol problem. Your doctor may be great, but she might have had her eye on a new set of golf clubs right before your appointment. If she recommends pills, consider telling her that you're about to lose your job or insurance, and won't be able to afford them. She may recommend moderate exercise, simple foods, avoiding stimulants, low-key social interaction such as going to the park or joining a book club, things like that, instead. And those things are often more effective, though unprofitable.

    Of course, there's real clinical depression, real psychosis, I'm not denying this. But that's very rare. Before you pop that pill, ask yourself: are you really, truly insane, or are you just frustrated with your life? Because addictions can be frustrating, too. You know, Rumi thought sadness was beautiful, because it opened up a direct channel between your heart and God. Not every emotion is a disease that must be medicated into oblivion.

  141. Vigilant I know you had to do an article about this, but well, I knew everything you posted… I hope part II has some new information. It is the first article you ever published that I didn't enjoy, well, but at least it's good to know that more people is getting to know this, although thousands of people have been saying this for decades.

    Are you considering talking about the incredibly negative influence of TV programs over population? Virtually people have been programmed to do as the TV says. The most wicked/sick tv shows are from the UK, no wonder, hahahaha.

    I was watching this UK show called 'Skins', the most disturbing tv show I have EVER seen, waaaay beyond Trainspotting, I mean, it makes any junkies/filth movie ever look like Dora the explorer. Hahaha… either way.

    People should notice that the tv shows on their country are meant to desensitize their populations on topics which are of major concern of the world masters. In the US the gay agenda, the laid who you want agenda, pedophilia agenda and the destroy Christianity of every denomination are SO obvious.

    I just noticed that ALL of the Family Guy latest episodes are TOTALLY related to pedophilia. I just couldn't stand it any longer. I will never ever again see that messed up cartoon in my life.

    The simpsons are totally concentrated on the anti Christian movement.

    And FOX has plenty shows on that agenda. It is just SO easy to see, whenever they have a new agenda, all tv shows are about that. That is certainly one of the biggest blocks on the dumbing down the society plan.

  142. This is article defines why I'm mostly vegan, why I don't vaccinate my child, why I resort to alternative (more effective) medicine, and why I'm learning to grow my own organic food. This site defines why I don't have television in my house, why I listen and read non-mainstream news, and why I don't turn the radio music on. Ahh, and you know what? Life is sooo much better! Now, if only it were entirely possible to live off the grid… Sigh.

  143. Marie

    Thank you very much for the kind words. I always try to pack a ton of information in my articles, and hopefully a lot of it involves things most people never knew before. I'm glad to see that Vigilant has also decided to go with using a "Series" format for artices, as I did with "Brief History of Stars", because it really gives the author more latitiude in being able to tell a larger story, without being confined to only one article which must be kept reasonably short. A Series is great for giving us more flexibility, and also more time to devote to the research, which is really the most critical part of it all.

    also HI to freeyomind, stavynyc, vaLENCIa…long time, no see…hope you're all doing well. :)

  144. warforurmind on

    wow that dentist is something else. floride is found in tap water still because we are to scared to say or do anything about it. Hello?

  145. Try and guess which General this quote is from:

    "Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face."

  146. lookingabout on

    i cannot stand half of the generalisation of depression. i have it and so does my girlfriend and depression has nothing to do with feeling the blues. it's feeling the blues and having suicidal thoughts and having no energy to engage yourself in virtually anything for two weeks at a time and having no control over it. please try again. there are mental disorders that are legitimate and making blanket statements such as 'the elite are using this to poison you' belittles people who have suffered with dangerous problems such as psychopathy and schizophrenia.

    secondly, i cannot believe it took you this long to write this article, vigilant citizen. so much for being vigilant. i know you discuss media, but i honestly thought that chemicals and steroids in our food was practically common knowledge. this is more or less the reason why my mother and i buy from our local farmers or amish communities. that and they're actually quite a bit cheaper than super markets (not to mention it tastes better and we help people who do this as a hobby.) granted, i've considered becoming a vegetarian/vegan for moral reasons (due to how poorly animals are treated in factory farms. i have no faith, however. i also don't wish for any of your followers to coerce me into faith of any sort.)

    i think what disheartens me about this site is that your blog has some fantastic, educated, valid points. but half of your commentators take your validity away from me with their crazy god's-coming, the-end-is-nigh conspiracies. i don't think the world is coming to an end, but i do think there's a process of change arising (it's life. change is a constant concept. it is perpetual and moves in an endless cycle, coming and going.) again, great points, but an audience i don't care to be associated with.

    a good day to you sir. hope you continue your work.

  147. If you can't even drink water, what do you do? Is there some way to filter out the flouride in water? Really links in with David Icke's theory that the elite are trying to keep the population from spiritual inlightenment. BTW Love the articles….

  148. Peace-a distant drea on

    @ comment 32 (Jeff).

    Thanks for sharing your testimony.

    Proves that when you feed a child drugs, you kill the child and create a drug addict.

    @comment 208 : I think EVERYONE SHOULD read your comment!

  149. @snap_pea (comment 209): Excellent comment. I can't contact you directly, but if you read this, I love that Rumi infobite you left at the end, and I want to quote your words on my tumblog.

    Anyway, I have some questions. If almost all the food around us is being tampered with, what do the elite eat? And do they not use any drugs? Do they have a secret farm with 100% organic food somewhere just for themselves and their families? Do they drink water purified in their backyards the way it should be done (WITHOUT flouride)?

    Send me an answer on twitter in case I miss it here (I'm @skopp888)

  150. I have worked in child welfare for many years and can attest to the destructiveness of psychotropic drugs. There is no telling what the long tern effects of these drugs are on children because they affect brain development permanently. I myself have witnessed mental health quickly deteriorate as a result of psychotropic drugs resulting in – you guessed it – prescribing even more powerful and destructive psychotropic drugs. They sort of create their own demand once started.

  151. Here is an interesting thing I found.If you type the word "illuminati" backwards you get "itanimulli" right?

    OK now type that into your address bar with ".com" next to it and see where it takes you…

    Creepy isn't it?

    Oh and great article once again VC:)

  152. Peace-a distant drea on


    You made a mistake. snack_Pea's comment is COMMENT 208, not 209!

    Which i agree, is an EXCELLENT comment!

  153. Again a great article it is admirable how popular your site and articles have become! I hope you have many more visitors to this site! 😀

  154. ancestralenergy on

    I have been waiting for this articles for weeks!!! Im glad that your moving on to a broader spectrum besides just the entertainment industry. If we are goin to be equipped to fight this war we need to know whats REALLY goin on at all angles ranging from our what we watch on tv to food or to the public education system which is also complete bullshit.

    If you happen to stumble back on the path of the Entertainment industry which I predict you will since thats eye catching to some mass of people, could you perhaps do a little something on LAURYN HILL she seems to be a true rebel as well.

  155. I'm so glad I went to a private christian university. I had a teacher/counselor that I would voluntarily talk to about my social anxiety that I was desperate to fix. When he was telling me about some of the options during one of our first talks, he mentioned the psychotropic medications that are used but was adamant about how they're not necessary. Not to get on a debate about public/private universities, but I'm sure if I had attended a public one and talked to a counselor there, they would have been quick to suggest drugs and unfortunately, I probably would have been ready to accept since I was desperate. Not to mention back then, I was less informed about those types of things. Who knows what ways they would have messed me up, especially after the prescription ran out…

  156. @stacy nyc You are too funny!

    @BigSyd your welcome. I hate to take it too. I give thanks to my Mom

    @LVB Hey! Miss you I am good and I hope you are doing good too

    @KAT You're right about that. the #9 Some of my friends ask why is organic so

    high and I would say because they want it to be. Just like you

    The bad stuff is cheap and the good stuff is expensive. You get what you pay for

  157. This makes common sense if you just look at the food industry in America and how only certain foods are available in certain areas. You only find Whole Foods in high income areas and you only find fast food junk in low income areas. Think about people who because of their finances have to survive on the $1 menu at Mcdonalds and other similar places (this was me a few years ago). "Super Size Me" showed you're not supposed to eat that stuff everyday if at all. Which explains why conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. are rampant in low income areas where there is also much less access to health care. It's not as easy to "buy organic" when there is nothing organic anywhere on your side of town.

  158. i also think this poison-nutrition portion of the dumbing down is also going to go into the overall picture towards nwo, towards real id chip because it is going to get to the point where we are so sick and one or two (as opposed to one in three or four of us right now) will have some kind of disease, cancer or something requiring treatment that when they put all of our health info under that one 1 health insurace policy for "our own good" (just how there will be 1 bank, there will also be 1 health insurace system) most americans will unfortunately need it at that point.. it will be like ok help me now give me the chip for i have no other choice- the #1 trickery of any govt is to cause destruction and problems and then turn around and unfortunately be the only one that can "help" after the disaster they caused themselves-

  159. Dump the Ritalin and send the kids outside to play – low and behold they are finding this to be an excellent alternative to drugging children into submission. Son-of-a-gun, who would have thought?

    BIG QUESTION – WHAT can we do about flouride in the water? How can we change this – it is disturbing that we are being sytematically poisoned and have way of combatting it. Of course we can not drink the water or buy an expensive gadget to remove the flouride but why should we have to go to these extremes?

  160. @kaz- there are some companies out there that do sell fluoride filtering system for your sinks- you can consult with a plumber if you don't trust researching online

  161. as far as the fluoride goes, when i was younger, i was told to never swallow the toothpaste while brushing my teeth. although fluoride is good for your teeth, but only your teeth, i havent heard any other use for fluoride and ingestion, but due to the amounts of fluoride in the toothpaste, i was told not to swallow the toothpaste for a reason. fluoride is harmful to the human body, if you pay attention to what VC said, the effects arent immediate,so drink all the tap u want, i prefer purified water.


    I made a comment about something like this in one of you articles. It's so true and this scares me MORE than prom night with Lady Gaga, Christina Agulaira and Rhianna! PLEASE EVER ONE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS ARTICLE. So many people are getting sick and dying of cancer, this is insane!! Cancer is not contagious so how can there be an epidemic of cancer? They put these poisons into everything, that's why so many peoples bodies are getting sick.

    BTW, OMG TO THE CREEPY LITTLE TODDLER WITH THE BLACK EYES!!!!You photo shopped that didn't you!

  163. This is a touchy subject for me. I don't have too much to say. I already knew of such things. Me being a teacher I have dealt with medicated children, autistic children…..In my opinion the parents were the ones with the problems. I have also watched the # of autistic children in classrooms grow. I have taught in two states and in every classromm you have about 3 artistic children mostly boys. As far as floride 3 years ago head start was instructed to have the children brush their teeth but not rinse. Why the rules changed idk

  164. Great article. This whole topic is my biggest focus, and while I've been thoroughly researching these things for years, I knew I had to read the article, as nobody on The Interwebz is better than VC at compiling and presenting this info : )

    A couple of things I'd like to point out:

    – many (all) SSRIs are largely fluoride-compound based; nothing throws a fluoride cataract over your third eye like SSRIs.

    – Eating/drinking organic is expensive, but there's ways to make it less-so, or even equal to what you're spending now. We used to end up throwing out probably 25% of our food because of it going bad. Now, we're more conscious about how much we're buying, and making sure we're using things in the right timing, and rarely ever toss food out. Also, shrinking meat portions. Instead of a 20 oz, $12 cancer steak, I'll now eat a 6-8 oz, $10 portion of organic Bison ribeye.

    – WATER – Whole-house reverse-osmosis system is how you get fluoride-free water. You don't want to drink flouride most importantly, but that way you also don't absorb it in the shower or water your garden with it. Typical filters (Brita, PUR, fridge filters, etc. don't do anything for flouride)

    – Fluoride's negative effects are greater when in the pesence of aluminum (i.e. anti-perspirants, etc.) (http://www.ithyroid.com/fluorine.htm). Hellloooo Altziemers

    – Getting rid of fluoride already in your body CAN be done! Calcium/Magnesium supplements (taken together), Iodine supplements, Cliantro & Chlorella (take both), Fulvic Acid supplements. Please read up on these things. You'll find Borax is mentioned often, but I'm still researching proper dosing, as well as the actual function (I like to know how something works before I decide to utilize it.)

  165. Hei

    Havent read all of the article yet, but what i have read is interesting and well presented to us as a whole.

    Thankyou for your thorough research VC, much respect :)

  166. @241 Mosby – wow, I just finished my post and went to read the ones that have popped in while I was writing. I thought for sure your comment about Head Start encouraging children not to rinse toothpaste was b.s., so I looked it up and, well, WOW.

    Its true, they really are encouraging not to rinse fluoride out of their mouths, which even a fluoride-happy dentist wouldn't encourage. I remember a dentist coming to our grade school (probably 25+ years ago), and telling us to swallow the toothpaste after we brush, because "spitting is gross." Needless to say, none of us followed his advice, thank God.

    Anyway, unbelievable, thanks for pointing that out about Head Start and their clever way of trying to destroy children's lives.

  167. are you people serious??? swallowing the toothpaste?

    i dont know whats worse- my mom as a school aide tells me the poison she has to feed kids every day, worse than or at least the same patty's that mcdonald's buys – leftover garbage parts of animals (whenevr you hear the word "patty" or " nugget" be aware that is 95% blubber and garbage parts molded with melted bones and chemical flavors) and now with free summer food programs in ny, they will eat all summer free, not to mention school also acts as free day care, while the parent goes back to being a bee a work

    let the schools dumb down our kid why don't we

  168. Jeff- OMG you actually thought I was lying lol. Head Start programs are heavily monitered you have all kinds of organization watching over the buissines of head start. It stood out to me because they made a big deal over it. It was mandatory not to rinse. At the time it didn't strike me as odd only because you trust in the people in charge. Another rule that started the same year is that the children can no longer use toothbrush covers/caps. Their tooth brushes are not to be covered why idk. We were told because of germs.

  169. and notice it is targeted to low income households- always start to poison the poorer first

    just as with wars, the low income baby daddy's were getting selected first to "make a change" and "be all you can be" – its a process of filtering us out, they are killing several birds at once

  170. @mosby and jeff- i just read the "tooth book" from head start- and it does not say that, in fact it says to spit out and watch how many sweets your kid eats- please point in my that direction i'm very curious about this

  171. Stacy- I worked for head start from age 19-22 at age 22 I got my first 3rd grade class. All you have to do is go to any headstart building. If you like I can give you the number and you can call and ask them. I started as a floating sub. So I had the chace to work at different building state to state. Kids of all races, different cities. They are run by the same people. We all follow the same rules. You have major rules and protocol to follow. Real talk I will give you the number right now. You have 9 month programs and you have 12 month programs. So certain centers run throughout the summer. I will give you the number right now I swear. Point you in the direction hell I will give you the number.

  172. @ Jeff

    You're right about the flouride being linked to Alzheimer's

    I was about to do a report on it in school some years ago

    Also your deodorant is linked to Alzheimer's as well. (Aluminum Zirconium)

    I had stopped using dove, secret brands, etc because of this. But when I tried

    natural deodorant i had to apply it twice as much. Im still looking for a better natural


  173. I'm suprised you havent mentionned the Codex Alimentarius contraversy, but I guess it will come in later articles.

    To all, watch the documentary called Monsanto and Food Inc.

    Great article VC,



  174. basically they are saying one thing in the manuals for parents to read, and another thing to the kids in the classroom- bastards

  175. @freeyourmind- i stopped using it altogether after the whole thing about clogging pores where you need to sweat- but even worse was happening

    (not that my perfume is the healthiest either- that also gets absorbed)

  176. Dumb you down. Doubtful.

    More probably they're trying to kill you.

    Note that a number of members of the corporate elite and the powers that be are actually eugenicists.

    See, for example:


    So, you still think they're only trying to poison you?

    Think again!

  177. Great article. For this concept to be true, there would have to be at least a small paper trail to follow. Not to mention thousands of people involved to execute the plan. Hopefully, the author(s) of this article can show us the documentation. When do the People start organizing and take back their government so there can be trust again?

  178. @alice i always knew the rockefellars had something to do with nazi germany as well middle east (oil) which is another story but now its the u.s. govt they are helping – i hear they are going to helo fund the chip among other things..

  179. @alice – also i believe it was done back then with the african slaves which is how there are so many black folks that are tall (basketball players) and have the most amazing voices (singers)

    this i guess is a modern form, by having the bad selections out there so no matter what decision we make, over 90% of the time we are ingesting garbage on our own, we are doing it without seeing that it is them pushing it on us

  180. Supposedly the simple element boron binds to Fluoride and carries it out of the body. Do some research on this, I only found it on one website.

  181. Awesome article!!!! I am actually gonna do something about this and not consume these food products. Please continue the awesome work.

  182. Maria de Zoza on

    Good article…but it only scratches the surface of what they're doing to us!

    The #1 thing that they've been jealously guarding against is the urge toward competent parenting. Competent parents are like a garlic-Holy Water-silver mixture to the Jew-Bankster vampires! Competent parenting always produces competent offspring – baring any pathological abnormalities…a world full of healthy competent citizens would vastly reduce their profits and they will not abide that!

    The Jews recognized a long time ago that human problems/suffering = gold! When human beings suffer they will give anything to ease that suffering…the same applies to societies. So, the Jews create problems in order to provide their solutions for a profit. Take the drug rehab scam, for example…do the owners and operators of drug rehab centers really want to put an end to drug addiction? No, they do not!

    The absolute best way of fighting the Jew dominated New World Order would be to develop a first-class training program for prospective parents…and to destroy the NWO as fast as possible, and to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again, make it mandatory!

  183. Sorry, you are placing the blame in the wrong sector. The government doesn't care one way or another. It is the big corporations that are dumbing us down through the products you listed (drugs, chemicals, etc.) Not on purpose, it is just a side-effect of their unmitigated, unregulated, destructive greed.

    I always laugh at people afraid of the government. The big corporations, international banks, and pharmaceutical companies are MUCH more intrusive into our lives and destructive to our national health, and well-being.

    The NWO has nothing to do with it. Undeterred capitalism is slowly erasing the lines between government and corporations and that is the problem. (Just look at the BP disaster)

    Wake up people, GE, Disney, Chase, etc, are the ones enslaving us and robbing us blind. Let's do something about THAT.

  184. Coulda bin Joe on

    'Among the cocktail of medications I received was Ativan, otherwise known Lorazepam, '

    Triazolam (aka Halcion) is what I was prescribed, as a sleeping pill. The doctor prescribing it never told me that it is used for depression and other mental problems. Just said, 'Take it. It will help you with your sleep problem.' Which it didn't.

    Back then (BI: Before Internet) I had no idea about big drug companies and doctors just being in it for the money. Anyway, I took the prescription for just a few days and it totally weirded me out. Fortunately, I realized something was very wrong and stopped taking it. It took me years to recover. I know, you think I'm crazy for saying that just a few pills could do that. But I also know that before I took that drug I was much healthier emtionally than after. Had much better control over my emotions and didn't get all 'touchy feely' over the minor scrapes and wounds of life we are all subject to. A few years later I learned that there were/are numerous groups in Europe suing Upjohn for the side effects of that very drug – which ironically include suicide and homicide. It is chemical warfare by another name.

    Now I don't take anything prescribed to me before vetting it thoroughly on the Internet. Big pharmas have pretty much destroyed their credibility with me and most of the above posters.

    Now I'm also interested in finding a country to move to where one can buy organic foods at the market – without having to grope through misleading product labels to lead a healthy life. IS there a country which has declared itself a 'Monsanto Free Zone'?

    Or it may be too late. I recently went to the doctor and she took out a skin tumour for biospy. Sent it to the lab – in Northern BC, Canada – and I have been waiting nine days for the result to come back. The doctor said that it may take as much as '8 to 10 weeks' in which case I'm toast if it is melanoma. I've been pressuring them and phoning them to the point where they tell me that they no longer want to hear from me. Big fucking deal – my father died of exactly the same thing for exactly the same reason – by the time the biopsy was examined the cancer had spread all over his body (through the lymph nodes) and he died six months later. I know that the biopsy has been 'processed' into slide sections for the doctor to examine – all he has to do is look at the thing, take him maybe half an hour so what's the holdup?

    I wish I had gone to Mexico and had it taken out there. Sure you have to pay but you will get prompt professional service and maybe save your life. I'm not going to go into private versus public health care here, except to say that if we weren't all paying so much of our taxes to interest on private debt, and if the transnationals weren't so involved in turning public health care into for profit health care here in Canada, there wouldn't be long waiting lists for diagnosis and treatment of deadly diseases here. People die from waiting all the time.

  185. Another good article!

    As a society, we are way too "chemically enhanced". Get back to nature. If you're able, start growing your own vegetables. Spend a little more for grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free meat. Be wary of doctors who want to "fix" everything with a pill. Filter your water. In other words, take control back. Look out for yourself and don't count on anyone else to look out for you.

  186. One question I think many readers (like myself) will be faced with is:

    How do I deal with the circumstances?

    Your article is very informative and I thank you for sharing some rare knowledge with us. But I am a student who goes by each day trying to live healthily but inevitably consuming much of these products from the range of snacks/soft drinks/fruits. These are foods we were brought up to live on and many others like me live among their families with brothers/sisters who eat similarly. If we were to branch out and suddenly adapt a different approach to our health (which I am up for) our parents may not welcome that change.

    What I'm saying here is, it's very difficult to implement this desired lifestyle into our current one. I'm absolutely certain there are thousands, if not – millions of people stranded in their conformities with little hope of adjustments.

    Sometimes in my mind, I think it's almost impossible to be free of these world-wide secret agendas and perverse systems. The only road to salvation must be revolution. And whether that be a war, a new era or any major global event led by secret authorities, it will be the only chance us human beings have to fight for what rightfully should be ours to control – our humanity.

  187. Great stuff. Young people have discovered that if you crush ritalin and snort it, it has an effect similar to cocaine. I'm a teacher with a master's in Psych. Over the years, I've only seen a handful of children who actually needed to be medicated for ADHD or whatever you want to call it. One girl had serious impulse control issues. She was sick and meds helped. A parent today was telling me about the terrible time they were having adjusting their son's ADD medication and how his behavior was destroying their household. I have never seen any unusual behavior from this boy even in a setting that is sometimes chaotic. ADD is mostly BS.

    My best friend lived on diet cokes all through college and beyond. She was diagnosed with MS. Aspartame makes me dizzy. I had gestational diabetes and my nutritionist told me I could have all the Nutrasweet I wanted. After one serving I felt strange and I now I try to avoid it. What's funny is when Nutrasweet was first introduced (back in the day), my mother and I used to joke that it would kill us and probably caused AIDS. The irony is that she died of AIDS. Not funny, but she saw the irony there.

    I worry about caffiene. I gave it up years ago due to migraines. I know so many people who are truly addicted to it and can't function without their coffee. Was it the elite who put a Starbucks on every corner?

  188. ~Truth be told~ on

    This article simply confirms what me and a few of my friends were just talking about. I have always thought that the government was places toxins in our food and water. i've even thought that when the supposely sprayed for west nile or things of that nature they were simply spraying posion in the air to gain poulation control. the government has the power to do things like this. The elite has been abusing their power for decades now so nothing surprises me anymore. i am very selective when it comes to these so called flu shots and h1n1 vaccines. c'mon when did they start giving away ANYTHING like this for free? it just seems suspect to me. I do not rely on the doctors for much as it is. they are always trying to give you some magical pill to make stuff disappear which in returns causes more additonal issues in the long term. for instance, i get so tired of seeing commericals for overactive bladders or a man who has become impitent. Why not found out why the woman's bladder is not emptying or whats wrong with the mans prostate? oh wait, that would require time and money though right? and theses people say they are here to help us? thats a bunch of you know what my friends. I remember in my rebellious years when i wa trying to get over my childhood experiences that had taken an intense toll on my youth, a Psychiatrist mistakely diagnoised me with biploar. They had me on prozac for six months and I just felt like a complete zombie alllll the time. So i refused to take it got a second opinion and they realized that I was fine. At the time I had heavily start smoking and eating cannabis just to maintain a positive composure. My point is, these inodolant clinicians didn't even take the time to properly analyze me. What if I did not stop taking that crazy stuff in time? who knows where i would be now. That medicine doesn't help you. It ruins what little brains you have already. God never meant for us to become reliant on all these man made chemicals. and the ones behind this maddness will pay for it in due time.

  189. ADHD is a real phenomenon. It is in many respects a very mild form of brain damage. It is now known to be contributed to in large part by environmental factors (smoking during pregnancy, exposure to pesticides in produce). While it may not cause biological problems (what does that mean) it clearly has a detrimental effect on social and educational functioning. So while i agree with most of this story i do not agree that prescribing medications for ADHD is a bad thing. On the contrary, it can be very helpful. But the diagnosis has to be made correctly first.

  190. Yes please watch the dr. Rima Laibow videos on u tube, and visit http://www.healhfreedoms.com. Please join in sending emails to our gov rejecting the fake food saftey bills. Also she talks about codex alimatarius ( ok I can’t spell that) it is a False food saftey guidelines and thanks tothier recominations, vitamins and herbal supplements will be banned and u can only get by presription. That is their agenda) and we know that many “diseases” today may be caused from a lack of certain vitamins and minerals!
    And for Gods sake READ the ingrients in all those vaccines!! Including H1N1. And do some research before you let the doc shoot up your baby!!! If you have any kind of religous affliation then tell them you need a RELIGOUS exemption!!! Should we let other people decide what goes In OUR bodies and our childrens bodies?! I say noooo!!
    Do your research and decide for yourself, tell those around you to get thier heads ou of the sand. Spread the meassage.

  191. Another quick review of growing sprouts http://www.thefarm.org/charities/i4at/lib2/sprout

    Don't forget to buy from your local farmer's market whenever possible.

    Make your own soups, the canned ones are loaded with MSG. Small changes in lifestyle can help you get healthy.

    Real food sometimes takes longer to prepare, be patient with yourself and your food.

  192. Thanks Vigilant for another great article! People should become aware of the dangers facing us today even in what we consume. I didn't know that aspartame was that dangerous. I'm off of fake sweeteners for good. Sugar might be a little bad for you but as bad as that crap.

    Also, does bottled water also contain fluoride? I don't drink tap water, just bottled water. If it does, then I guess we're screwed.

  193. The bible calls satan "the prince of the power of the air"(Ephesians2:2), "the ruler of this world"(John14:30). He, the father of all rebels, with his host of fallen angels- demons, is the spiritual entity manipulating this material world we live in. And Vigilant has been so good at revealing and exposing him.

    Satan's mission is to turn all humanity in rebellion against God that men may share in his fate: hell. And a one world government is one of the ways this is to be accomplished. Jesus gives some vivid discriptions about hell; that final destination where all rebels, angelic and human go(Matthew25:41).

    My friends we have all violated God's perfect and holy law, we have all sinned(Romans3:23). Without Christ we are rebels and God's enemies (Romans5:10). Only the redemptive work of Jesus on the cross can save us from eternal judgment and the coming anger of God on all unrighteousness. There signs are here, at has already begun.

    "For the wages of sins is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus christ our Lord." (Romans6:23)

    When we confess our sins, turn from them and accept Jesus as saviour and Lord(Romans10:9,10) we are released from this corrupt and dying system; that is, the world and it's ruler. There is no other way(John14:6,Acts4:12).

    Jesus, that man who was God, defeated satan on the cross by taking our punishment for us, and after 3 days rose from the dead. And He is coming back (Matthew16:27)to judge and give to every man his reward; whether it is eternal life with God and His angels in and Heaven, or death: endless torment in Hell. And no-one will miss it.

    There are only two ways; Life or death.

    "I am the way, the truth, and the LIFE; no-one comes to the Father but by Me."(John14:6)

    A little hint… choose LIFE!

  194. I’ve been tryin’ to get my mom to get us a d-mn filter…”there’s nothing wrong with tap water” my left butt cheek!

  195. Free Thinker on

    You always do an amazing job with your articles VC. If you would like to hear suggestions on article topics that would be nice to cover here are some; [Zombies being a metaphor for how the elites view the masses]. [Vampires being a metaphor for secret societies]. [Covert Psychology and subliminal messages/embedded commands]. [Blatant symbolism directed at “conspiracy theorists”]

  196. Once again, amazing article, my friend. This article as well as the site has been an eye opener for me. The threats our bodies absorb, physically and mentally….what’s not killing us, you know?

    As a society— a human race, we will not become “dumbed-down”.

  197. Great article VC. for you doctors brainwashed to think fluoride is good for teeth….ITS A BY-PRODUCT OF THE ALUMINUM INDUSTRY! dont believe me??? google this on google images "sodium fluoride for sale" you will see bags of it for sale. from the suppliers your water treatment plants buy the poison, and on the side of the bag a big fat skull and crossbones and the word toxic. even if you think its good for you why medicate us against our will? do you know bread is made with water? canned soup has water….we are drinking massive amounts of this fluoride…because they care for our teeth??? lol no. because they are cold blooded murdering scum and love to hurt people….oh and hospitals cant profit unless there are sick people so guess what govt and big pharma make the people sick and then the hospitals and insurance companys laugh all the way to the bank. at our expense. know why the okinawans mostly all live to 100+ years old? BECAUSE THEY DONT DRINK FLUORIDE.

  198. morningbright on

    great article!…i have been changing my diet…and going organic…but man ill tell you what the "elite" has this all planned out all right..it is expensive as hell to go organic!

    one moret thing..i know killuminati has mentioned eminem.. and how he is trying get away from these demons…but can someone please tell me why he is on tour with jay z???

  199. TWO-FEATHERS on


  200. great post vc! But i'm suprised you did'nt mention YAZ birth control which is still on the market after some young healthy women died of heart attacks with no warning after taking it. I was shocked when the commercial stated that there was no medical need for monthly periods yet when they where gone young women became ill

  201. You might should take a careful look at natural anti-microtoxins: Olive oil and Sea salt – together they will fight those microtoxins that cause the majority of fungus (and yeast problems) within our bodies – such fungus causes just about every disease known to mankind: cancers, diabeties, aids, etc. That's right – the Bible instructs humankind to eat olive oil – to use olive oil on our skin and to use sea salt. Why? because together they fight microtoxins that works against our health from day one – called the aging process literally turning our bodies back to ash – microtoxins are designed to do that. We can eliminate a lot of the poisons in our food and drinks by using these two regualarly.

  202. Concrete man on

    Watch the dvd Generation Rx, brilliant documentary. I show it to my students in Japan about what the Big Pharma Jews are doing to the Gentile children.

  203. Good one Vigilant.

    This is what we call a revelation.

    I have always thought about this and its abit spooky…..the way people get swayed???? i guess the truth is good but its not for everyone. Some people will deny/Ignore everything..

  204. galaktikusnagykovets on

    Thank you very much, Vigilant.

    There was a really good episode about ritalin in south park :)

    Eminem + war against illuminati: illusory opposition is the key method for keeping the power for thousands of years. But maybe i am wrong in this situation, just simply don't trust eminem

  205. Outstanding, informative, very well done, you ought to be the editor and chief of the number one rated newspaper and TV news show in the country! That's why I subscribed to your news updates. With the nightly SNEWS we can't get the truth in more than a 15 sec sound bite, that's if they let the truth be told at all. Keep up the excellent work.

  206. An excellent book on this whole area of the elite controlling the world is "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare" by MIchael A. Hoffman. It relates to all the articles on this site and it's been mentioned on other similar sites. It goes along way into explaining the pathology of these co-conspirators manipulating the elements of modern society. There is a tendency among those who frequent these informative blogs to become overwhelmed with this knowledge that most people in everyday life prefer to ignore. It becomes like living in the Matrix where only you and small groups of others understand what's really going on behind the scenes. I think that more information on what the thought processes of the groups are helps not only in trying to counter their methods but also in dealing with the stress of studying and dealing with these psychopaths.

  207. I really think that to avoid some of these dangers, you should really grow/raise your own foods. My future sister-in-law eats nothing but store-bought "organic" food and totally avoids medications, caffeine, etc; and while she is only 34 and gets lots of exercise and should be totally "healthy", over the last two or three years she has experienced increasing health issues, including mental health issues such as debilitating anxiety attacks, emotional depression, etc. I don't always eat homegrown, but I definitely do NOT beleive that all these so-called "organic" products are what they say.

  208. great article. In my family adhd is common. My uncle was diognosed with it at a young age. My little brother at 6 (two years into school and they couldn't handle him). And me at the age of 22 now. I was always different, very hyper until the bullies tore me up so bad i ran awayt never finished school, did not trust authority figures, teachers centered me out (I was 6 when my father adopted me to have his last name my teacher made me stand infront of my class and make me explain why I was adopted). Finally after years of ups and downs I decided to try and get some help and they just tell me I am "adhd" and shove me on Concerta, then two months later give me the generic brand. I feel sick, I wake up angry everyday I stopped working its changed me. I want guidence not drugs. This has given me more ambition to find other means of feeling better.

    Knowledge is adventure, And i wil Never give up!! hope this article has helped many people like me

  209. Oh and one other thing. I remember being given flouride once a month at my school, the pink stuff in little cups. I was the last generation. very odd …

  210. excellent article!

    Re: Fluoride in drinking water

    while fluoride may provide some benefit when applied topically.. ingestion through drinking water is insane… perhaps the addition of sunscreen in our drinking water will reduce incidences of skin cancer.

    re: dangerous pharma

    on another note, have been using jim humbles' MMS product for almost three weeks now.

    had major infection from wisdom tooth that resulted in a swollen face and lock jaw.

    I had sworn off all pharma in 1981… but the infection was so severe, i had no choice but to ask my doctor for help.

    the pharma that my doctor prescibed were causing major and very frightening side effects and were not doing much at all for the infection.

    Side effects from the antibiotic [ clindamycin ] included ' hairy black tongue " " thrush" and bloody stools, among other side effects.

    took a chance ordered the product [ banned by Health Canada..] it was shipped in 2 days.

    i discontinued the antibiotic the day i received the product.

    In 12 hours the MMS had reduced the swelling and amazingly, was able to open my mouth.. in 7 days the swelling was gone. i was shocked. [ the tooth no longer hurts either..]

    am currently about one third of the way through the complete detox program and the results are amazing. Side effects are fairly minor… upon ingestion of mms … virus' bacteria and pathogens are released very quickly in the system.. and this causes one to feel a little nauseous [ about like a hangover ] and have to run to the bathroom more often…

    beats the hell out of chemo i imagine.

    on the plus side, my face is becoming a rosy, healthy pink, my underarms no longer have a strong odour, the whites of my eyes and becoming very beautiful and my tongue is no longer hairy and black, rather it is a wonderful healthy pink colour.. could it be that my arthritis condition is improving? too early to tell.

    not only is MMS effective [ at least for me ] but it's CHEAP! [ no wonder Health Canada banned this..] MMS is an ' open source ' mineral product that anyone can make themselves. It is not a "drug". and NOBODY is going to get rich from MMS.

    I am in no way affiliated with anyone who sells MMS… in fact, i received such a volume of the stuff, that have given it away to a couple of sick friends to try it.

    it is claimed that it can cure hiv, cancer and hep c.. i dunno if that's true.. but one of the friends that i gave some to does have hep c … so we'll find out soon.

    anyone desiring more information on MMS will find it easily with any search engine.

    it's one small way to avoid some unsafe pharma products.

    h1n1? pffft bring it on.

    best regards and best health to all,


  211. when iw as a kid, the bottom of the food pyramid was all grains, now my trainer and drs say to try eat as least possible esp white breads because body holds in forever causing bloatedness (my prob) and hard to digest white bread and sugar, esp for slower metabolism thyroid patients like myself

    now the pyramid totally changed i hear- anyone have anu ideas on food pyramid? whats most to eat now?

  212. DiZiLLuZioned on

    Great work Vigilant. I am glad that you have taken the time to inform your readers of more pressing issues. The fluoridation of our water supply is an issue that I believe can be changed if awareness is spread and enough people complain. The GMO crops, food additives, and Big Pharma are all issues that would require ALOT more work. A few suprising facts concerning fluoride: Fluoride is a cumulative toxin that never leaves your body but rather collects in your bones which leads to arthritis, brittle bones and diseases like osteoporosis. Fluoride lowers the IQ level in children and this fact has been documented in over 23 different studies. Dental fluorosis is a condition caused by over exposure to fluoride, the signs are whitish flecks or spots, particularly on the front teeth, or dark spots or stripes in more severe cases. But the most most damning evidence of a fluoride conspiracy is the declassification of the "Manhattan Project" papers. The Manhattan Project was the U.S. Department of Defense project to create the atomic bomb. Fluoride was the key chemical in the atomic bomb production. The first lawsuits filed by the general public against the atomic bomb program were for fluoride damage to crops, livestock, and personal health issues. The use of fluoride in our drinking water was encouraged by the atomic bomb scientist to dissuade the public from filing future lawsuits against the government. Operation "Program F" was a covert (ie.citizens UNAWARE) fluoridation of the drinking water in Newburgh, New York from 1945 to 1956. Atomic bomb researchers and state health department officials conducted blood samples and tissue tests on the citizens to study the effects of fluoride on the human body and to determine "safe" levels for human consumption. Since then, a massive campaign for water fluoridation has been launched and the ADA jumped on the band wagon after prodding from the DoD/gov't touting this ridiculousness of "good dental hygiene." And it is so ironic that the ADA is involved because everyone is aware of the mandatory Poison Control notification on the back of the toothpaste tube. "if your child swallows more than the recommended amount, contact a poison control center." The recommended amount is equivalent to the size of a pea. But one glass of tap water contains more fluoride than the recommended amount according to the ADA yet our water bill doesn't have a Poison Control notification on it. "If you consume more than one glass of water a day, contact a poison control center immediately." So much for public health right? If I didn't know any better I would swear they were trying to kill us. *stated sarcastically*

  213. DiZiLLuZioned on

    BTW I was also subjected to high doses of fluoride once a month in school. SMH and I bet our parents weren't even notified.

  214. No one has mentioned high frutocse corn syrup which they claim is good but only in moderation BUT everything has high frutocse corn syrup in it… it's almost impossible to find one thing that doesnt have it in it. Whenever I say something about eating organic or when i switched to my new flouride free toothpaste my friends always groan and say "here she goes again" I wish people would just wake up, or at least research for themselves. Please, don't believe me just because I said its true but find out for yourself… God Bless us all…

  215. @tyra- was just in the market the other day when my husband was like- no bother looking because there is NOTHING that doesnt have corn syrup in it! even breyer's ice cream that is supposed to be one with the least chemicals

    i see on the new food pyramid they advise to eat fruits from cans too! talk about the preservative liquid in that sh*t and the corn syrup!

    one thing people dont know that is intereting- high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils are the 2 things that block the part of the brain that knows when we are full, done with the appetite- meaning oif you cant control yourself you can have bite after bite or drink after drink without realizing how much you had- disturbing? now THAT should be illegal

    and what happened to rumors that they would make it known that caffeine is an addictive drug? then went back on that idea

    then all this other crap would have to be illegal too- esp hydrpgenated oils and high fructose corn syrpu

  216. This article is fantastic and cleared up something for me. Although I knew about the harmful things put in food, I never knew that Coca cola could have actually been causing my sleep seizures..the thought crossed my mind many times, because when I would stop and just drink water, I noticed that the half awake/half asleep seizures would stop…very interesting….

  217. Hello all Its great to finally talk to some people who know about the dangerous chemicals and things in food, drinks,water, medicine,etc. The government is part of it. Its all connected

    where's obey?

  218. DiZiLLuZioned on

    “When historians come to write about this period, they will single out fluoridation as the single biggest mistake in public policy that we’ve ever had.”

    -Dr. Paul Connett, Ph.D., biochemist

    “Fluoridation is the greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated, and it has been perpetrated on more people than any other fraud has.”

    -Dr. Albert Schartz, Ph.D., Nobel Laureate

    “Sodium fluoride is a very toxic chemical, acting as an enzyme poison, direct irritant and calcium inactivator. It reacts with growing tooth enamel and with bones to produce irreversible damage.”

    -Dr. Granville Knight, M.D., former president of the American Academy of Nutrition

    “I am appalled at the prospect of using water as a vehicle for drugs. Fluoride is a corrosive poison that will produce serious effects on a long-range basis. Any attempt to use water this way is deplorable.”

    -Dr. Charles Gordon Hyed, M.D., former president of the American Medical Association

    “Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time.”

    -Dr. Robert Carton, Ph.D., former EPA toxicologist and author of Corruption and Fraud at the EPA

    “More people have died in the last 30 years from cancer connected with fluoridation than all the military deaths in the entire history of the United States.”

    -Dr. Dean Burk, Ph.D., National Cancer Institute

    “Dentists know from their required studies in biochemistry that fluoride is one of the most deadly poisons known to man.”

    -Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S., author of One Answer To Cancer

  219. @ stacy-nyc ……WHole grain breads!!! Don't eat white bread, that stuff is just not good for you, and like you said, hard to break down….also, if you opt for whole grain, read the ingredients and make sure that there isn't any high fructose corn syrup in it, and also that there isn't any azodicarbonamide (they also use this in plastic, YUCK!!) Nature's promise is the bread i stick with, or I just get bread at the farmer's market. Otherwise I would just stick to mostly fruits (since they are mostly water anyway)

  220. DiZiLLuZioned on

    @ stacy, I will never forget it was always given after lunch time and the teacher would have everyone sit at their desk and then assign a student helper to help administer it. The student helper's job was to place a napkin on everyone's desk and the teacher would set two plastic dixie cups on our desks. One cup was full of bubble-gum flavored fluoride (very exciting to us 3rd graders) the other cup was empty. After the teacher passed out all of the fluoride she made everyone rinse at the same time and she timed us with a stop watch. We were required to swish for 3 minutes and then spit it out into our empty cups and wipe our mouths with the napkins. The student helper would then come back around with a trashcan to collect the trash and that was that. Needless to say it was all terribly exciting to us kids. Also, needless to say noone EVER spit the flouride back out. We all just swallowed it. Well what did they expect, it was BUBBLE GUM flavored!

  221. I work with children for a living. It is crazy how so many parents give their kids flouride because it is recommended by their doctor. When I had my first kid my doctor gave me a prescription for infant multi vitamins…needless to say it was a good sized bottle of green ooze with a big label that said FLOURIDE(which I threw away). I do notice a negative difference in the kids that are given flouride.

  222. Victor, the dentist who is not American, is either ignorant, which is what I suspect, or he is in with the elite as fluoride harms teeth. I have a friend in the UK who had fluoride treatments as a 9-year-old, because her parents thought they would help her. Hah! Her molars are black and look like dried lava rock. Anyone who wishes to read the real reason why the elite want fluoride in the water, should log onto http://arlenejohnson.livejournal.com/ and read the first 4 posts. The last of those 4 posts states the real reason why the elite want fluoride in the water. Thank you

  223. Vigilant strikes again!!!! I totally admire your wisdom. =)

    …and to someone above who said something about Eminem going on tour with Jay-Z, didn't he also recently collaborate with Rihanna in that song "Love the way you lie". Hmmm…so is Eminem really against this new age agenda and its followers? I mean, his latest single "Not afraid" may indeed just be about how he recently overcame his drug addiction, rather than his refusal to succumb to "illuminati s***". Hmmm…. very interesting times we live in, indeed…

  224. wow this is insane! as i battle on to have or not to have kids, all this crap comes up and its like what do you do

    damn fluoride in place of vitamins what the hec is that

    not that i totally trust vitamins either but lesser of the evils

    i'm sure dr's know what they are giving- unless they are also being taught that it is good and must be prescribed, any dr or pediatricians in the house to confirm?

  225. @big- i used to have bagel almost very day- had no idea

    when i was kid, we had to eat bread with dinner, its a european thing

    and we were thin! now i eat a bagela and i look pregnant all day!

    also now its harder to burn fat calories than ever before because it is more complex crap that we are eating

    yes why in whole grain foods do they put plastic product wtf?????

  226. We will definitely get a filter for our tap water and be more careful with what we eat!!!

    THANK YOU for bringing up this issue! they not only poison our air (chemtrails and the regular pollution), but our food and water, too. we live in an ugly society

  227. JimmieKrackKorn on

    Are you kidding me? Flouride is used for our dental health? Since when has the government been so incredibly concerned over my teeth, and why is dental not then mandated to be covered by medical plans if the gov is so infactuated with my mouth. My teeth are terrible. I have had cavities and fillings and root canals and broken teeth and most the dentists that I know (my Dad was one, and I have a job that puts me in contact with several dentist) are slammed as far as work. So what exactly is flouride doing that we still have mouths full of cavities??? Thats right. The US Gov circa 1955 does not care about your teeth. They care that you are dumbed down as to not recognize the infiltration, and take over as it occurs. Cavities? give me a break.

  228. AshleyyNickole on

    I just saw a commercial for 5 gum, and it really freaked me out.

    I think it has subliminal messages suggesting mind control.

    there were people with wires plugged int the back of their head's.

    and there was another man in a room, controlling them,

    I think you should look at it.

  229. I have to pass this along. Justin Beiber cleared up a few things I think via twitter. I will not name them all because I do not remember them all. It was a list of 10 things. Here are a few. Not in t he same order or exact words.

    1- no his mom is not posing for playboy. That rumor " weirded him out ( exact words)" she is a christian

    2- No I am not going to regular school, I am home schooled but I would love to sit next to ladies in a math class

    3- No me and AR are not brothers, we have a bromance ha ha


    6- I forgot 6, but the funny part was he said why did I skip 5 because he was chilling and didn't feel like talking.

    I forgot the rest but weather he is telling the truth or not I respected the fact he stood up to say HE IS NOT IN THE IL- LUM-MAN-NODDY unlike others

    thats all guys I just thought I would share that with you

  230. To be clear he said he has not joined the illuminati or any other cult. He prays before every show and he appreciates his blessings

  231. V.C.

    Thank you for this. I have been doing research for years on the elite and the inequality of the distribution of wealth. How do you do it? Mass media marketing. Music, commercials, billboards, technology. Take the average man, with-hold knowledge and instill intant gratification messages. Turn them into an isatiable consumer. They will pump your gas, serve your food, buy your merchandise, products, devices and work for less pay. They work hard merely surviving which make them succeptible to addictions and depression keeping them buying alcohol, cigarettes and prescription drugs.They pay higher interest rates, insurance premiums and work harder for less pay. It costs way more to fill a basket with books than a cart of toys and to fill a basket of produce than a cart of junk food. Keep them fat, unhealthy, uneducated and the distribution of welath will grow wider and it has rapidly widened over the past 10 years. GREED has no limits, no mercy and no boundaries. The POVERTY business is the most PROFITABLE business aside from pharmaceutical, pornography and technology. But the impoverished purchase all of that.

    Thank you again!

  232. After reading this I did some more research– especially on aspartame. What I found caused me to urge my father to throw out all of his Diet Coke and Pepsi and I threw out all of my chewing gum. I used to get headaches and stomach pain after drinking soda as well as Crystal Light (wouldn't you know it aspartame in there too). I stopped drinking Crystal Light and would you know it, all of my migranes stopped. But Diet sodas seem to have the same effect on me. Thank you for reminding us that we have the choice to put what we want into our bodies. This article has really inspired me to help my family eat healthier and more natural foods. =)

  233. maybe Chris Rock was right about the difference between illegal and percription drugs in Never Scared. Funny but it makes sense.

  234. @BigSyd4life – I also had debilitating cramps for many years. I remember rolling around the floor at 3:00 a.m. begging my husband to take me to the emergency room because it felt like my insides were being ripped out. But then I stopped eating non-organic dairy and, voila, cramps gone immediately. I'm convinced it's the pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics that get concentrated in the milk and especially the bovine growth hormone that causes that particular problem – it really messes with female hormones. My recommendation to anyone who can't afford to eat organic all the time is to at least make sure and eat organic dairy. I try to consume organic raw dairy when I can get it.

    If the woman who is upset because she medicates her child and feels that she is being unfairly criticized is still reading this far down – have you tried experimenting with your child's diet? I totally believe that children today are more out of control than in the past and that there's alot of behavior that is not just natural childhood exhuberance. I have a nephew who was being very aggressive and bouncing off the walls from the age of 3 until my sister-in-law changed his diet (eliminated anything with additives mainly, but lots of other stuff – it's a real pain to feed him). He calmed down, although he shows signs IMO of being mildly autistic (he's now 12). But he is functional and has long since ceased biting and kicking other children. She has to monitor his diet very closely because one slip-up and he goes beserk. The thing about using pharmaceuticals to address any long-standing problem is, eventually, they will destroy the liver. I hope things work out for you and your child.

    Thanks for the article VC.

  235. This is a great over view of the many atrocities committed by the FDA and details how much control the wealthy elite truly have over our lives if we allow it. I would suggest (and I think you mention) that this article only skims the surface regarding the lack of control Americans have over their food supply and drug safety. Although I admit that spiritual warfare is equally troubling, there is in my opinion nothing quite so intimate and personal as what goes into our bodies. I have done a great deal of research on this topic in particular and I am convinced that the insatiable greed of companies such as Monsanto, the shrinking farm lands due to global warming/ over-farming and the steadily growing population will eventually equate to huge global food shortages. Who do you think will be standing at the ready to implement a police state to "control" the situation?

    Grow your own food whenever possible, support local organic farmers and buy organic products to avoid the GM franken-foods!

  236. HOLY @#$%@ M.I.A.'s VIDEO!!!!

    WTF Is born free about? I feel like i don't even have to mention it, if Vigilant saw it, he knows THAT video needs an explanation.

    Why did they do that to the poor gingers?!?! :( OMG! I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it but the ginger boy :( !!

    Also about Eminem, I made a post in another topioc (i think maybe Jay-z's) about his new song not afraid and how I was proud of him for fighting against the illuminati…but after thinking about it and consulting my spirit about it (which is what im learning to do now) I don't think eminem is really fighting back against the illumnati.

    He is either

    A. Trying to play us

    B. Fighting back against SOMETHING but not the illumanti.

    It's possible he doesn't even know what exactly is going on through his music and videos. So maybe he is fighting against a PRODUCER or a COMPANY. But he is not fighting the whole system as a whole.

    Evidence: Tours withc Jay-z, songs with Rhianna.

    More Evidence: Although he admits Relapse was a bad album, it seems like he's talking about it being bad TECHNICALLY. His rhymes were weak and he spent most of the album talking about his being butt raped and going hard against Mariah Carry which was just retarded.

    Relapse wasn't bad, RELAPSE WAS PURE EVIL!!!

    I am not that psychically sensitive, i don't think. Meaning, it takes a very profound thing to hit me at a subconscious level. I was in Manhattan during 9/11. I watched the buildings collapse and technically saw thousands of people die right before my eyes. That night when I had strange dream about what appeared to be a gray alien look at me on the base of the bridge i had to cross with the strangest look of confusion on its face. I knew this wasn't just a "dream" but the best i could figure was it was someones spirit literally asking me with it's facial expression "What just happened?!?! Do you know what just happened?!!?". That is what the look on the creatures face was asking me.

    Years later I listened to the relapse album that I downloaded into my ipod and had one of my most disturbing nightmares EVER. And I've had some doosies…including a dream where I was in hell.

    I have watched horror movies, gone through a cancer scare, I have been through and seen a lot of F-ed up shit in my life but no one single thing i've watched, saw, or heard has ever made the kind of immediate, subconcious impact as the RELAPSE album. Yes, even that poor confused spirit/grey that followed me home after 9/11 didn't freak me out as bad.

    Until Eminem admits that the album wasn't just filled with limp wristed raps, but was a tool of evil to warp peoples minds and spirits. He cannot be trusted.

    He might be off his drugs but he is still one of them…

  237. 1. Splenda isn't aspartame. And anyone who thinks sugar is a wholesome food deserves what they get when they're injecting insulin in twenty years. I try to avoid aspartame, even more so nowadays, but if I want something sweet occasionally, I have to use *something.* Yeah yeah yeah, it's got a chlorine molecule in it. So does salt. You do eat salt, right? I hope so.

    2. This was the first blog article I looked at here. Now I see some yo-yo in the comments claiming that Pagans are working toward the New World Order. Excuse me, I was a Pagan for a long time. I left for my own reasons, but not because they were trying to take over the world.

    Number one, trying to get Pagans to work together on anything is like herding cats.

    Number two, the New World Order picks on *Pagans.* Not just Christians. Anyone who wants a just and righteous world where people are free to live in peace and follow their own consciences is viewed as a threat to the powers that be. I've lost count of how many Pagan parents I've heard of who lost their kids, Pagan employees who lost their jobs, Pagan tenants who found their leases not renewed. The situation has improved somewhat since the nineties, but as I'm still running into yo-yos like your commenter (and maybe you?) insisting that Pagans are dangerous, clearly some people are still carrying on a delusional vendetta.

    If anything, some Pagans want an *old* world order. Considering that there were Pagans in this world long before there were ever Christians (or Jews for that matter), and considering that when the Abrahamic peoples came on the scene they began killing off all competitors, can you blame 'em?

    Hey, but don't take *my* word for it. I only spent over ten years among them. What do I know?

  238. Hey Vigilant

    You might consider a small add-on section, here or in the next part of the series, about the "energy drink" craze also. Those things are evil to the core; literally everywhere, and a very good example of both mind control, in a certain way, and body garbage. lol.

    I mean, how could a strategy be any more perfect in its evil design? Sap the energy from people by removing the essential vitamins and nutrients from and adding chemical preservatives, colors and HFCS, to the various food sources, and then combat the "energy crisis" with an arsenal of "energy drinks", which often contain as much sugar and other bad sh!t, if not more, than the sodas people are taking oaths to stay away from! lol

    Anyone else ever drink that Mountain Dew "Live Wire" orange flavor? Damn that stuff is pure evil and I know will turn my pancreas into slime, but on a really hot day (like 114 F here today) that stuff tastes sooo good icy cold!! Huge caffeiene rush, too, if you're not already a caff-tolerant junkie.

    The point bee-ing, this stuff Vig is saying is true, and not even exagerrated. But, unlike the Transhumanist loons, we must all realize that the third most natural part of life (with the first being birth and the second being living, itself) is dying, and we ALL will die. One way or another, we will depart this place and these fleshy vehicles we roam around in every day. And that is the part we really ought to be concerned about – the condition of your soul, not eternally preserving the blob of tissue that is the body, which is nothing more than a temporary storage container. :)

    So, I guess what's really at issue here is – wtf are the ruling elite doing to us in destroying our longevity and QUALITY of life??? That's the real question, and the real reason beehind keeping us as dumb as possible (not dead, beecause they do need worker bees, of course) ; but it is very important to them to keep us as obedient (to their rules), busy (as bees), weary (from serving them) and numb (due to overwhelming and constant PsyWar) as possible. And it's working…has been for a very long time. And it's also never been closer to coming apart at the seams. Funny how that works, huh? The Internet is an awesome source of power that no other generation has ever had.

    There are enough of us who are aware to be causing some ripples in their pond, now more than ever before, and we have not yet even begun to truly fight. :)

    Happy Independence Day to all Americans, like me – I know it's early, but I'll be gone so I'm saying it now, loud and proud!!!

    F King George III, his lineage and his modern day equivalent, King Barry Soetoro, among so many others who make up the elite ruling class scum of this earth!!

  239. in awe of u vigilante….. u have strength and courage… u are doing a great service to the light…

  240. Please do a post on Little Boots and her video the Remedy. She is another lady gaga. I couldn't even watch the whole video I was so disturbed, pyramids, fragmentation. pretty bad.

  241. Oh and her album is called ILLUMINATIONS! Here are the lyrics to her song.

    can see you stalking like a predator

    I've been here before

    Temptation calls like Adam to the apple

    But I will not be caught

    Coz I can read those velvet eyes

    And all I see is lies

    No more poison

    Killing my emotion

    I will not be frozen

    Dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

    Stop stop preying

    Coz I'm not not playing

    I'm not frozen

    Dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

    Move while you're watching me

    Dance with the enemy

    I've got a remedy

    Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

    Move while you're watching me

    Dance with the enemy

    Here is my remedy

    Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

    Spin me faster like a kaleidoscope

    All I've got's the floor

    Yeah, you can try but I've found the antidote

    Music is the cure

    So you can try to paralyze

    But I know best this time

    No more poison

    Killing my emotion

    I will not be frozen

    Dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

    Stop stop preying

    Coz I'm not not playing

    I'm not frozen

    Dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

  242. Great article!!! I am trying to do better as far as eating right and exercising. Since you are putting out what's bad how about making an article of the good things to eat and drink (don't know if someone mentioned it yet). I would grow produce but since they are spraying the sky the defeats the purpose, right? Thanks again for informing us and it would be great to know the alternatives that are better for us.

  243. LetMeLoveYou on


    OMG!!! You're freaking me out!! I only listened to "Bagpipes from Bagdhad" (from the Relapse album) twice on youtube. I was "utterly disgusted" at the lyrics the first time, so I stopped it after a minute. Then I decided to listen to the whole thing like a week later. But seriously, that dude has issues. I mean, in that song he's literally dissing mariah carey to death – I mean, why should we be bothered about his stinkin' hatred for her. Like couldn't he send his upsets to her personally instead of selling the negativity across the globe to millions of people. And basically that's what he does in so many of his songs, most of the time, he seems so angry and always dissing all these people (then dismissing the disses as humour).Personally, I would not be suprised if those albums of his hid some evil subliminal demons waiting to pounce to our very vulnerable souls. Oh Lord, save our souls….

  244. Thankyou for the informative article as little as may not be known there is a very hidden but elusive war on all our minds, all part of the possible NWO little agendas to control all people and to add further injury for the coming Natural Cycle of 2012 for all raised consciousness by slow down and possibly stopping the vibrational frequencies from the Pineal, pituitary glands, bodies vibration of cells and the linking to the hearts vibration so that the people become controlled easily, more distracted from truths, illusionarily evolve in global consciousness but nevertheless not meet the coming ascension process. Therefore a slave to the NWO.

  245. Once again a great read was posted. You should include the google video links that references the harmful toxins that were mention. I believe it is safe to assume that part 2 will cover vaccines. You should also note the elites depopulation plan and the statements logged within the Georgia guide stones

  246. @lvb- energy drinks- understood to be drinking sugar

    they tell us now to drink water, not sugar and we can lose 30-50 pounds of year from the sugar coated drinks

    but now i'm scared of water! i drink so much every day for health reasons- i have a plumber looking into fluoride filtering system as well as lead (which there are still traces of, though not toxic enough)

  247. also on fruits- they are telling us to eat the skins/peel of apples for example because its high fiber and good for you- guess what- it's coated in wax-

    how come back in the days when it was less preserved they didn't tell us to eat the whole thing?

    also they tell kids in school that canned fruits are good source- that is all chemicals with corn syrup ! only raw is good

  248. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Stacy (360),

    When I worked within a school system, I noticed that they serves a lot of processed food. The media continue to cover the school lunch as taking the health approach with the Health Wellness act. We as people have to go back to the old saying, "What is good for you is not always good."

    About water. My sink pipes have to be cleaned from sulfur build-up (a high amount of hydrogen sulfide gas that escapes into the air) . I do not dring this water regardless. I do not think the "don' drink the water" rule just apply to Mexico. Even though I drink the bottle water, I become skeptical.

  249. BigSyd4life on

    Another thing, sorry but this has nothing to do with food……but has anyone heard about Obama and the Kill Switch bill, in which he will have the power to basically control/shut off the internet as he pleases?? Google it people, scarry stuff!!!!!

  250. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ stacy (357)

    Radiation is a different story. There is so much to radiation usage on humans. I have to have my teeth x-rayed bu the dentist once a year before I begin my free cleanings for the year.

    I also question the wire under the bra technique. I believe as long as they make the money, they are going to sell it.

    What is it to them when paying a lawsuit settlement of $625,000,000.00 to a group of people when they made $823,000,000,000.00 and still accumulating? It shows how the human life is viewed.

    Our system: The Elite

    Less Elite

    Less Elite

    Less Elite

    Mass population (consists of various people, races and religions)

    We must ask, where are we viewed as individuals with our watered down education, even college education? We must do our own research. I want to be a part of the group that does its very own research and not rely on the government.

  251. college- is one the biggest businesses of this country- right now the kids whose parents can afford it are actually spending more on school because they can't find jobs

    the illuminati started it to educate their own

    they later turned into teaching us for "our good"- the thing you choose to go for and you are ignorant about everything else, you only know your major, you do it every day to make money and pay your bills and don't have a clue about other things

    every bee has one purpose and one purpose only- provide the one service you do, go home sleep and come back to do it again tomorrow and don't know about anything else going on around you

    now both bees have to work and leave the kids in the convenient school programs or television to take care of them

  252. in case of war emergency- my ass! it will be during our war here, on our soil so we can't communicate with eachother

  253. @BigSyd4life – I'm lucky to be able to get raw goat's milk from my co-op (for the time being – they just haven't gotten around to maing it illegal because it's actually good for us). I can also get cheese made from raw cow and goat's milk. If you can't get raw milk, my suggestion is stick to WHOLE organic milk. I actually use a little heavy cream in my oatmeal when I have it for breakfast. Whole foods are always best IMO, and that goes for dairy too. BTW, I'm 52, haven't taken so much as an aspirin in years and am a healthy looking size 2. Fat does not make you fat (unless it's trans-fat, which is another culprit VC could have added to his list of things TPTB are trying to kill us with).

  254. @everyone- it also affects the brain- there was a scare with microwavs way back and theys stopped

    now radiation is everywhere! its in the air! you cannot see it. from the satellites for cell phones/cable etc

  255. OMG. . So Tap Water, Is Extremely Poisonous, and Also is Killing Our Third Eye? (Pineal Gland)

    Sounds Like The government, wants to Strip us of our natural mind abilities.!!!! (Empathy, Pregonition, Psychokinesis etc. .)

    So What Can We Drink, to Rid of Flouride, Thats In Our System??

  256. Hey there Vigilant! Another very informative article, as per usual. I usually do not comment, but, as a student in dental hygiene, I thought it appropriate to reply on a few things you said about the usage of fluoride in tap water.

    I concur with everything you said on the negative side effects of a large consumption of fluoride into the human body. However, the quantity of fluoride that is put into normal drinking water is not enough to produce any of these consequences in those who consume it. In fact, by the age of 16, people should ingest no more than 1 ppm of fluoride per day. Knowing this, the industry does not introduce fluoride in tap water that already naturally contains 0.3 ppm of fluoride. As for the absorption of the mineral, it is true that past the age when your last teeth erupt, around 16-17 years of age, systemic fluoride no longer serves much purpose in protecting the teeth: topical fluoride, found in products such as toothpaste, works then more effectively. However, in young children, it is important to ingest systemic fluoride, for it plays a great role during the biological construction of the enamel, transformating hydroxyapatite crystals into fluorapatite crystals, which are more resilient to cavity formation later on.

    Hope this helps! :) Can't wait to read more from you!

  257. Hey, this is my first post, just wanted to say to erica post 249, Little Boots album is called Lights, and she is the reason I am on this site, as a couple of months ago she posted a link to Vigilants article on Gaga being an Illuminate puppet on her twitter. This site has definitely opened my eyes but I think too much can be read into someones lyrics to me the song is just about gettin away from everything with a good dance x

  258. Cherry – the "ideal" amount of fluoride in water (according to the gov), is 1.0 ppm. the fluoride added to water is the much more toxic (because of its absorption rate) compound, sodium fluoride, a by-product mainly of the nuclear power/weapons industries. As far as the amount added to tap water not being enough to produce harmful effects…its cumulative in the body, especially in the pineal gland. Unless 100% of it is passing out of the body as you drink it, its harmful.

  259. I really like the concise information vc, like one of the comments above. maybe some info on what we could do to better ourselves–or maybe thats in part II..

  260. Excellent article, as usual.

    READ THE LABELS!!! On everything….food, beverages, beauty/hygiene/health products, household products, etc. It is important to understand what your reading and know what some of those extra long, hard to pronounce ingredients translate to. Beware of the harmful preservatives in all of these products, too.

    In regards to prescription drugs, understand the concept of "disease mongering"! Very important!

    If you don't have the means and space to grow your own fruits, vegetables, chickens, etc, support a local farmer's market or urban farm in the neighborhood. But still….always do your research, even about those places. Limit, if not eliminate all together, processed/pre-packaged foods and drinks. If a food/beverage product can last on the shelf for months to years, first imagine what has to be put in it to make it do that when you know that's not natural for normal food. Second, imagine what all of that is doing to your insides that have to break that down and absorb into every part of your body. NOT GOOD!

    Take control of you and your family's health and lives as much as possible. Beware of companies that claim to be completely "organic" supporters such as the Whole Foods chain. The food and drug corporations are in the business of PROFITS, not care for human life. And so is this capitalistic government.

    Do your own research because knowledge is power.

  261. @jk- what about whole foods? i shop there

    they dont have too much meat anywyas, i only buy chicken. beef, shampoo and toothpaste there

    they have like nothing canned

  262. Congrats VC on your world wide recognition ( the guardian) they even took note of the comments lol. I will take it upon myself to say I got my 2 minutes of attention maybe, maybe not lol congrats

  263. great article very well put together looking forward to part 2

    just one more thing I have noticed is that a large portion of modern day diet consists of a high level of Carbs which then cause insulin imbalances this causes obesity heart disease high blood pressure which is just as much apart of the elites plan to isolate us as individuals.

    They say reduce fat but in truth our diets require 70% good fats in order for our cells to be supported and healthy. this is a vast subject just some extra info to add to part 2 perhaps?

  264. @ f the police- thats what i been trying to say- the radiation from all that crap

    and that hands-free on every other person's ear pisses me off too!

  265. @stay possitive- great video- unfortunately most products won't say "aspertame" on them – they hide behind other things such as nutrisweet- and you have to know what to look for

    my mom always warned me against diet sodas as well – didnt trust them and said they are even worsef for you- now i see it

  266. "…deliberate effort by the government…" It's not just the government, but at all levels of our society. From local school teachers to the highest level. Even books stores will push liberal agendas by placing liberal books on the front table as you walk in.

    I recommend you read that new book out about a small town in America that finally stands up to federal tyranny and ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It's so real. I recommend it for what's possibly coming soon for all of us.

  267. This article is as important as any you have ever written.

    It is essential the masses in America and Canada and Europe begin to open their eyes to the intentional mental and physical distress perpetrated on them and their families and their friends by the Elite/Powers that Be/Illuminati Masters.

    Is it a surprise that the vast majority of America's public water supply is fluoridated? Is it still a surprise that the vast majority of prepared foods you buy in the supermarket contains ''natural'' and/or artificial flavors and sweetners? Is it a surprise that Multi-national drug corporations are one of the 5 biggest television advertisers, per minute purchased? Gee. I feel ill from eating their food and drinking their water. So I guess I should take their drug which will hopefully mask the illness that I'm feeling.

    If you are soon having a child, I BEG of you…. read NOW about immunizations. If you wait until the day arrives, you won't be prepaired and your child will receive the injections. So educate yourselves NOW. While YOU still have an ability to find the answers on the internet.

    Just like other freedoms, your ability to look at sites will be severely restricted. And soon.

  268. So at the same time as you wanting to get rid of the government because they're go take over the world (apparently) you want them to intervene in the free market to stop the selling of drugs.

    As a non-American (I'm British) I'd say America is one of the least socialist, most capitalist, and has more freedoms than most other countries in the world (because of your constitutional right to free speech) but its a pity that these freedoms have merely allowed unaccountable companies to become insanely powerful and have control of people.

  269. @kpryan

    Please show me links to serious peer reviewed articles that immunisations are bad for you.

    And if not peer reviewed (if you believe they'd be quashed by the 'illuminati') at least articles that show thorough scientific vigour, proper methodology, and evidence based conclusions.

    In the world of science, anything less than that is pointless.

  270. ~Truth be told~ on

    @Everyone Will Bow

    I'm finishing up my degree and the teachers are a joke. i am paying out all this money while the school hires someone who appears basically off the street to educate me. I have to dig alil deeper to even get anything out of my classes. its all about profit and at the end of the day even these so called college educated people appear extremely unintelligent.

  271. Thomas McElroy on

    I became aware of Ionized water several years ago. The filter that I have takes out the Flouride and Chlorine out of the water. The water tastes like water should. Nothing. We are healthier now than ever before. If we feel a cold coming drink the water. Blood pressure down, medicine intake down or gone all together. We no longer eat dairy products, we no longer consume cow pig or farm raised seafood. We eat more whole grains and locally raised vegetables from Farmers markets. We stay away from all doctors unless they are naturopathic and then we ask around about reputation. We are turning off the TV more and turning towards God and enlightentment, love and understanding. One has to take control of one's own life and the only way to do that is turn against what the mainstream culture is forcing upon the citizens of this country. It is my belief that we are seeing the end of days for the USA as it stands now (which is barely standing at all). The country is on its knees reeling like a punch drunk boxer.

  272. ~Truth be told~ on


    I'm expecting in Dec and i have really been dwelling on things such as immuzations because i simply do not trust them. know of any websites?

  273. ~Truth be told~ on

    @ F the police

    sorry didn;t want to type it out, i don't curse. I totally agree with you on te brain cancer and the cell phones and people thinking that what we say is comeplete conspiracies. People try to argue with me over the things i bring up allll the time. and like you suggested, i just cut the conversation short and keep it moving. I use to get upset but now i like like for what? everyone is entitled to have their own thoughts, make there own decisions, that part of being an individual and thats why we were given free will. It's sad and it makes me shake my heads at the things my peers are interested in. like these demeaning reailty shows with men and women lusting after each other and sleeping with tom, dick, and harry, in order to win some man or woman. It's ridiculous. they think i am a complete weirdo or some gullible person who believes anything but truth be told I just believe whats real. unlike them i'm not caught up in the illusion the owrld displays. The world is far from roses and more people need to wake up my friends.

  274. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ ~Truth be told~ (393)

    People like to live the lie. It is the same as the people on our jobs complaining about new methods of performing the same old job. People do not want their perception on life changed.

  275. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ ~Truth be told~ (389)


    I am so glad I am not the only one who felt that way. I can recall several times when a professor would ask the class a question. I would answer, and Professor Joker would tell me that I was near the answer. Well, it turned out that my response would be correct. What keeps me from feeling lost is when a classmate would say, "That is the same as her answer, but worded in a different way." Most of the time I wonder am I the only one missing something.

    Knowledge is power, but somehow the education system does not provide the knowledge. We are in the era where we have to research and learn things independently.

  276. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Quizcos (386)

    "So at the same time as you wanting to get rid of the government because they’re going to take over the world (apparently) you want them to intervene in the free market to stop the selling of drugs."

    I agree America is too spoiled. It is rotten to the core. The government was established and set up to prevent chaos in this society. The government was designed to function as "We the people…."

    "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

    The people who are acting on the Americans’ interests as the government are to do exactly that. Yes, they should monitor and ward off illegal drug selling due to “provide for the common defense". They are in place to protect us. The people in America are paying a lot of taxes (promote the general welfare). We have moved away from 'Don't ask Uncle Sam what he can do for you, but ask what you can do for Uncle Sam." Since Uncle Sam is always in my pocket, I want to know what he can do for me.

    “Most capitalist”. You got that right! The people who are representing the American people are living extravagant lives while I work very hard and to hope I am able to receive my social security. This country was built on many promises that are slowly being taking away.

    What ever happen to get an education and work hard to get a piece of the American pie- the American dream? Well, that dream was not for everyone. I wished they had made that clearer. Everything you shared has become a reality. America does not promote the “dream” any more.

    England is the place to be.

  277. Fuck_the_police on

    The comments so far have been very good. There are lots of people waking up and Im glad to see it.
    However, in these hundreds of comments, no one has mentioned a single word about the CHLORINE in the tap water, which is almost as deadly as the fluoride. In addition, there is the problem of EXCRETED PHARMACEUTICALS in the water. Tap water is TOTALLY UNFIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Pick your filters wisely, folks. Most kitchen filters, especially the ones sold at grocery stores (Brita, Pur, etc.) are worthless junk, and you will only be wasting your money on a false sense of security. For effective filtration you need to spend $$$, you get what you pay for. This DELIBERATE POISONING of the food and water is just one facet of a multi-faceted campaign by the powers-that-be to destroy the human race, physically, mentally, and spiritually. They don’t give a FUCK about you. To them, you are just a roach, to be squashed under the heel of a jackbooted police state thug. Another facet no one has yet commented on (and the VC MUST do an article about) is the horrendous ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION in the form of CELL PHONES and WIFI. Peoples brains are being irradiated by the onslaught of EMF microwaves that are saturating the airwaves. Everywhere one goes nowadays, you cannot avoid seeing people with those obnoxious brain frying gadgets pressed up against their ears (especially while driving, which is even more stupid). Sometimes I wonder if the damn things are permanently glued to their heads! HELLO!!, don’t you have any common sense?!? Would you stick your head into a microwave oven? Can you say BRAIN CANCER? Scientific studies are showing unequivocally that brain tumors are being cause by cell radiation. Are you so dependent upon your cell phone to bolster your ego image that you cannot live with out the damn things. Only 30 years ago cell phones did not even exist (at least the ones we know of), yet people led happy wholesome lives. EMF waves are being used to control peoples minds. The detrimental effects of microwaves on the brain and cognition have been well documented. There are embedded harmonic waveforms hidden in TV and cell phone signals that are being used for MIND CONTROL. This is all proven and verifiable. And you wonder why people are so fucked in the head mentally. THIS WORLD IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. Wake up. Get rid of your cell phones and tv, drink clean water, eat organic, go vegan, read David Icke’s books and visit Jeff Rense’s website http://www.rense.com and VC of course. BTW, if you attempt to wake up someone, and they dismiss what you’re saying as “conspiracy” nonsense or paranoid delusions, etc, then just cut the conversation short and move on, because they will NEVER GET IT and you will only be wasting your time and effort. People are going to believe what they want regardless of what you have to tell them. If they are unwilling to handle alternative viewpoints, then fuck ’em, it’s too late to save them. They are finished.

  278. ~Truth be told~ on

    @Everyone Will Bow

    Thank you so much i am very excited. lol I feel where you are coming from as far as feeling dumbfounded in class. but like you i kind of look aorund and make sure the other students are on the same page as me because the teacher has no clue and thats evident. And yes! my coworkers are constantly complaining abut new job requirements. they want to stick to the same ole thing because they are stuck in that comfort zone.

  279. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ stacy-nyc (364)

    I like your analogy on our lives with the bee. You are providing great info on this blog. Times have changed. The politicians are becoming greedy for money and power, so they are too blind to even see how they are destroying this world. It is like they are only living for now. We are responsible to keep this country and planet in good standing as it was kept for us.

    People are speaking on the topics of illuminati and the "Society" more and the agenda, because it is very prevalent. The sad thing is that I hear people hoping that the Illuminati approach them.

    I do agree with the organic food. When they made everything available in the stores, we all bought in to it the pre-packaged concept. I do not even want to talk about the pre-cooked foods. We put farmers in our own country out of business.

  280. Robert McMaster on

    I’m an editor in the natural health business. Allow me to express my admiration for this excellent article.

  281. Wow another great article once again, don't ever the stop the truth must be expose to make a difference. When I first read the title I thought it would go fully in-depth with the information you provided, but I then thought it it's not your job to write an in-depth research article on antidepressants…GMO food, fluoride, and aspartame. It's ours.

    @ Post 23: bottle water is no better or even worst than the the water that comes out our sink. You probably ask why, well Pepsi and even CoCa Cola admit that their bottle waters come straight from the cities water refineries. The only propaganda they use to gullibly persuade the masses that their water is from toxic chemicals is that, "they filter it." Now you can take it how you want it.

    Another reason to take note that bottle water is bad for our bodies is because the plastic bottles we press against our lips every day to quench our thirst is made using the chemical BPA (Bisphenol A). BPA is also know as an estrogen hormone that we consume. BPA may result in a multitude of chronological illnesses . This estrogen hormone is found in cans veggies…and many other household kitchen products.

    Even if Vigilantcitizen doesn't cover it, do your own research.

  282. ~Truth be told~ on

    Here's a pretty informative article from Henk Mutsaersst:

    Most people die slowly because they forgot to live in harmony with nature. Forgotten that food is our best medicine.

    In a world where it is ever so easy to supply everybody with the food they need to live a healthy life, they make us believe genetics are the cause of all those diseases and discomforts. With a, I can?t help it mentality, we go to the doctor asking for a miracle pill that will make up for things that we are responsible for our self in the first place. A lack of proper nutrition, a balanced diet, physical activity and steering away from addictions like smoking, sugar and too much alcohol.

    However, how many people really know how bad our food chain is at the moment? How many people don?t know that most of our foods are produced with fertilizers containing only 11 minerals and trace elements where the full spectrum has 92? How many people have knowledge about the base ~ acid balance? (pH value). How many people do you think heard about the omega 3 ~ 6 balance? How many people really believe that food is the best medicine to cure a disease and preventing them from becoming ill in the first place?

    How many times we have been told; ?If you eat a balanced diet your body gets everything it needs?. And that, ladies and gentlemen is a big, BIG lie! It?s almost impossible to get the minimum amount of essential nutrients for the body to perform well. Ask people about aging and the answer you get will be; ?You have to be lucky?. When you drive your car without the regular service intervals and you say to yourself; you have to be lucky, that it won?t let you down. Silly isn?t it? Most people think aging comes with sickness and discomforts. The real reason is however; our immune system is lacking the most essential tools to do the task at hand. Instead of going to the doctor you better start using unprocessed whole food. Instead of giving the responsibility of your personal health to a doctor, you might want to take control of it yourself (?).

    What I see in this world today in the supermarket is a food chain with at the most 20% non-organic whole food. The other 80 percent has a range from non-benefitional to a real danger for your overall health. Some foods get way to much credit to be named food!

    What I see at the other side is the pharmaceutical industry that supplies us with medications that you don?t need if you know how to take care of your body. When you save money on foods you might end up spending it on the doctors bill.

    I see people bring their car regularly to the garage for a (preventive) service check. The same people might be visiting the doctor after the facts.

    I think our world isn?t meant to be this way, where company profits are far more important than the health of millions of people. The only way to reverse this collective thinking is for all of us to vote with our wallets. You and Me! Buying healthier food and cutting down our health bills. At the same time feeling much better and productive with a positive look to the future.

    Retrieved from "http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/the-untold-truth-about-the-food-we-eat-450510.html&quot;

    (ArticlesBase SC #450510)

    Henk Mutsaers – About the Author:

    Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/the-u

    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  283. NoFan_Aspertame on

    ANOTHER NOTE ABOUT ASPERTAME!!!! This seems to press the deception about this poison further: I was recently purchasing some W….(popular brand) chew gum that was not labled as "sugar-free" but for some reason I happened to check the ingredients anyway. Guess what?!!! Yes, it contained sugar and thus not "sugar-free". However, it also contained ASPERTAME!!!! More trickery???!!!! So if you think only sugar-free or diet products contain this junk, BEWARE, you might be getting it anyway. Just a heads-up for those who may not have noticed this ploy.

    • Jusuraverageguy on

      Si can somebody please tell me what we can do to stop tacking these products. I now drink flitered water hopefully that would stop the flourine and other chemicals but i dont know what to eat now. Everything is proccessed or gm why cant the elites just leave us alone

  284. readbetweenthelines on

    Berkey water filters, filter out everything including Flouride! You have to buy the Flouride filters separately, but then again why wouldn't you???

    Makes water taste great. Now I just need to get my shower in order…

  285. readbetweenthelines on



    They give you all the info on State vaccine exemption information and how you go about doing it.

  286. @Everyone Will Bow

    Very good observations there. I'm a social liberal but economic conservative and believe a private-enterprise free market is essential to having a good standard of lviing, however I think many people fail to realise exactly what has happened to the American free market.

    The advantages of free market economics relies on there being competition and for anybody to be enter a particular market. But in America (and to a lesser extent the rest of the world), and as has been mentioned in one of the less conspiracy-laden articles, the concertration of wealth and power got into the hands of just a few people. Anyway with even the slightest understanding of economics will know this is simply naturally what would happen in an unregulated free market.

    I believe a government should seek to enhance the advantages of a free market by stopping the disadvantages. In practical terms this would mean stopping companies from gaining a greater than 40% market share in the largest of industries, making sure finanicial companies that take risks always have the ability to protect its investors who have taken up safer risks. And for a progressive (as in it gets greater with profit) corporation tax.

    P.S. I wouldn't exactly say England (or the UK) is the place to be what with us about to undergo probably our biggest ever deficit reduction program (£180bn and 25% off all departments budgets to be exact). Despite my economic conservative leanings, this is too much too soon.

  287. Thanks for the confirmation that I am not going to medicate my child. His teacher's wanted me to discuss ADD with the doctor, but I have gone all organic, not purchasing any more corn products as to try to stay away from gmo foods. I have started to give him L Theanine (an amino acid) which has been shown to help with attention problems.

    Staying vigilant!

  288. I have begun to realize that many teachers just want a "one size fits all" answer — I think there is a bit of laziness in that. But then I think that college is generally a joke. I am not anti education, but most things believed about college (like you need it to become a receptionist) is a lie.

  289. I can't possibly read through every single comment on this article but it was a good article nonetheless. I'm just a little confused- in the summary VC had said that we can watch what goes into our bodies and that all of the effects from the poisons can be reversed. But how would I go about doing that?

    I don't know if this was said in the comments but what can we do (as consumers who have to work every day and can't slave over our own water well or mini-farm in our backyards)- how can we replace this vital stuff? Where can I get clean water and affordable better foods? Can someone provide a list of "affordable clean foods"? I just don't know what to do, after reading this article I feel like I have to starve and never drink another glass of water- which is clearly not an option.

    • There are different options depending where you live. First you should buy a 7 gallon refillable BPA free water jug for about $16 from rei.com or many other places. you can refill this with purified water for as little as 30 cents per gallon at many grocery or drug stores. It's probably a cheaper and easier option than home filtration system.

      As for food, make sure to eat as few processed or manufactured food products as possible. sometimes this does require a little more preparation/ effort but it's really not as much as people think. and what is more worth our time than staying healthy? try eating things with as few ingredients as possible. don't eat more than 50 grams of sugar per day (VERY important). don't be afraid of fat, low fat things are often much less healthy with tons of added sugar and salt. saturated fat is an essential nutrient for our bodies, sugar is poisonous and can't be digested (it is shunted to the liver like all other poisons we encounter). check every package for it's sugar content, don't assume anything! get your food in whole form, beans, grains, rice, veggies, fruits, meats, dairy, things you can recognize as food, things you have to prepare yourself. doing this cuts down your grocery bill as well. prepared/ processed foods are how companies "add value" to food commodities and even the cheap products become expensive when you factor in the health costs. organic oats are cheap, sugary breakfast cereal is not. if there's anything on an ingredient list you can't identify don't put it in your body. "all natural" is just a phrase that is unregulated by anyone so don't take comfort there. look for third party certified organic foods (not just USDA) if you can. eat out less because you can't control the quality of restaurant food. good luck!!

  290. BringThaNoize on

    Excellent information!!!


    Beef, what a relief

    When will this poisonous product cease?

    This is another public service announcement

    You can believe it, or you can doubt it

    Let us begin now with the cow

    The way it gets to your plate and how

    The cow doesn't grow fast enough for man

    So through his greed he makes a faster plan

    He has drugs to make the cow grow quicker

    Through the stress the cow gets sicker

    Twenty-one different drugs are pumped

    Into the cow in one big lump

    So just before it dies, it cries

    In the slaughterhouse full of germs and flies

    Off with the head, they pack it, drain it, and cart it

    And there it is, in your local supermarket

    Red and bloody, a corpse, neatly packed

    And you wonder about heart attacks?

    Come on now man let's be for real

    You are what you eat is the way I feel

    But, the Food and Drug Administration

    Will tell you meat is the perfect combination

    See cows live under fear and stress

    Trying to think what's gonna happen next

    Fear and stress can become a part of you

    In your cells and blood, this is true

    So when the cow is killed, believe it

    You preserve those cells, you freeze it

    Thaw it out with the blood and season it

    Then you sit down and begin eatin it

    In your body, it's structure becomes your structure

    All the fear and stress of another

    Any drug is addictive by any name

    Even drugs in meat, they are the same

    The FDA has America strung out

    On drugs in beef no doubt

    So if you think that what I say is a bunch of crock

    Tell yourself you're gonna try and stop

    Eatin meat and you'll see you can't compete

    It's the number one drug on the street

    Not crack, cause that was made for just black

    But brown beef, for all American teeth

    Life brings life and death brings death

    Keep on eatin the dead and what's left

    Absolute disease and negative

    Read the book 'How to Eat to Live'

    By Elijah Muhammad, it's a brown paperback

    For anybody, either white or black

    See how many cows must be pumped up fatter

    How many rats gotta fall in the batter

    How many chickens that eat shit you eat

    How much high blood pressure you get from pig feet

    See you'll consume, the FDA could care less

    They'll sell you donkey meat and say it's

    FRESH! For nineteen-ninety, you SUCKERS

    • scaredtodeath on

      That was very good… Ive heard of krs one but never heard that song…. scary really makes u think… And I love beef :(

  291. Love all your posts! Keep them coming.

    Please do an article about Miley Cyrus and her recent videos can't be tamed and the climb. :)

  292. YESSSS THIS is what you NEEEDED to do….things EVERYONE can relate to and digest without too much thinking….because that is what the masses respond to,ha…..Great job VC!

  293. Everyone Will Bow 396- I see you posted the preamble just in time for the holidays. I was born on the FOURTH OF JULY. Hopefully this country can get back to what it once stood for. It's funny the "fake fathers" signed off on one thing but stood for another. It's whats in black and white thats counts " we the peole" have the rights. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE CANCERS and happy holidays to fellow Americans. Together we stand end of story

  294. Thank you so much for this informative article. I sincerely wish you had a PRINT option on your site for your articles, so that I could print it out and give it to my bed-ridden mother.

    Thank you!

  295. Great Article…Like someone mentioned, please go over Codex Alimentarius…The FDA/UN/WHO- want to obliterate herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, amino acids and other natural remedies . They want to shift all remedies into the prescription category so they can be controlled exclusively by the medical monopoly and its bosses, the major pharmaceutical companies.Our food value is being stripped down.

    Here’s a quick summary of Codex Alimentarius goals and objectives, and this is from the National Health Federation:

    -International (Global) Harmonization

    -Abolition Organic Farming

    -Introduction of GM food and livestock

    -Removal of all ingredients labeling

    -Restriction of all Natural Remedies

    -To include all Supplements, Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Homeopathic Remedies, Flower Remedies, etc, etc

    That is just the beginning. Please research it people!!

  296. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Mosby (415)



  297. heyy. Hulu has this great video called "The Future of Food". Talks mostly about Genetic modification, the politics of it and what it does.

  298. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Mrs M (409)

    Teach your child to train his or her brain in focusing. I am 42, and I still look out the window when hearing someone lecture. I can also recall this behavior as a child in elementary. I am doing research to complete my dissertation for a doctorate. I have yet to take medicine for ADD or ADHD. We are humans and not machines.

    I can recall studying for stressful level tests such as Human Anatomy II tests among others science and math tests during the undergraduate level. I would study a little, get up walk around, study a little, take a break, study a little, clean the house, etc. This would continue, because I am human. I am not wired to stay focus on one thing very long. This is the same with my dissertation. I would write a little and do research to enhance what I wrote for a while before I go on to something else. I passed notes to my classmates in class during instruction time when I was in middle school and high school. I could not wait for the bell to ring to go to the next class or home.

    Heck, we all are like that! Bill Gates is one of the riches man in the world. Research his student ethics when he was a child. He was not impressive as a student and so wasn't Albert Einstein.

    Teachers are under a lot of pressure and therefore parents and students are pressured as well. When I taught, I cared less about statewide testings and cared more for my students as individuals. Two days out a week I stayed after school for two hours to tutor.

    Ms. M., talk to your child and hold conversations with him. Tell him some things you had to do when you were in school. Set aside an hour or so for homework, reading and studying. Teach him to become a student. We all are not born to be robotic students. Education is reformed to teach students as if they are human robots- all perform on the same grade level and all learn the same. Teach him to further his or her learning by reading his textbooks, books of interests and research information on the internet. Do not allow school to become a hideous place to him.

    Tell his or her teachers to back off and teach him. We love teachers, but we do not want to destroy a child by trying to make a score.

  299. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Quizcos (406)

    You are probably right about England not being the best place to be, but it is the next best thing to being a utopia world. Besides, England has a rich history that is fascinating to me.

    President Obama is doing fine for what he has to work with and considering the people he has to choose that was given to him. I do not even blame former President Bush either. I look farther to the Right passed Bush. For example, Look at Halliburton taking advantage of the war at the expense of this country and the world. Someone of power should stand up and call this multi-billion money making corporate out for what it is- a money making headquarter device for the elite.

    HAL, a multinational corporation, based in Houston, Texas. I have a former boyfriend working in Iraq for this corporation. Since he has been making very good money, I need him back (smile).

    There has been reports on this huge corporation making approximately $22.0 billion+ in revenues. I heard its pupose in the Middle East and Africa is to support the troops and restore Iraq oil, but that is all bull as we know. Haliburton is within the Bush's circle of friends. Dick was hands-off as the vice-president, because he was too busy trying to get his pocket fatter. We all know what Halliburton means when the people represent the corporation say, " working to restore Iraqi oil infrastructure." I do have my personal allegations.

  300. I agree on the chemicals put in the water and foods…

    but is a little dangerous and irresponsible to call mental illness, an "illness"…

    I agree sometimes people who are prescribed some medicines like in the case of ADD, don't really need them, but this type of medicines cannot be demonized, they are very important and indispensable in illnesses such as schizophrenia.

    I have, am and need to take antidepressants on a daily basis, and believe me I am not dumb (actually remarkably intelligent), my mind is as sharp as ever, and I haven't lost " the ability to concentrate" and my jugdment has not become "impaired" .

  301. Putting fluoride in our water supply is mass medication. Fluoride is a by product of the aluminium industry that was too expensive to dispose of when it was first created. The nazis first came up with the idea to help curb fertility levels and as an inteligence suppresion. Watch Dr Stanley Monteith's video The Fluoride Decepition for some shocking but excellent info on how bad this stuff really is for us.

  302. ~Truth be told~ on

    It's really sickens me to see how deceptive this world is. Makes me want to go to my heavenly home even faster.

  303. I really love all of your articles, but I feel it's necessary to clarify (as a Psychology major) that there is an incredibly logical reason that antidepressants increase the risk of suicide in patients. When you begin taking an antidepressant the chemicals in your brain function differently. For example, with SSRI's, serotonin is blocked from being able to re-uptake, so it hangs out a while longer causing a person to feel more pleasant. Antidepressants also give a depressed person more energy — something they are highly deficient in. Since drugs obviously don't have the ability to specifically change your thoughts from negative to positive, a person who begins an antidepressant may have the energy to commit suicide that they did not have before starting the medication.

    I do agree that people are incredibly over-medicated these days, but pointing the finger of blame to the medicine instead of the unnecessary diagnosis/prescription of it is a mistake. It's scary to think about the ways in which chemicals can affect your body, but as a survivor of severe depression I can safely say that it is much scarier to think about the ways your thoughts (without chemical alteration) can lead you into a seemingly endless pit of misery all on their own.

  304. I was on SSRIs for six months for Panic Syndrome. I've had it for 15 years and belive me, I can attest to its veracity. It's a real, scary, sometimes debilitating deal. Being afraid and paranoid robs you of functioning not only on a social level, but on every ordeal you partake being that taking a bath or travelling abroad. Growing up with it I was a depressed, suicidal, apathetic, scared kid. When I got to a psychiatrist's office I was absolutely desperate to make it stop, and that was what was promised to me by the "good" doctor.

    What said doctor failed to mention was the fact the black label medication he prescribed made ALL of that worse, and with some bonuses. This guy gave me a drug that made me MORE suicidal, to the point I actually attempted it. Depression? Gone, give or take. The mood swings were so that somedays I couldn't even form a sentence. I thought the words but it didn't do anything, my mouth didn't respond. Next day I was joy incarnated, went out, talked to people, whistled down the road. One of these merry days a drunken cousin proposed it would be fun to teach me how to drive, and we took my sister's car and I hugged a lightpost with it. I busted my knee and had to quit the SSRI to take painkillers, and voila, reality switched on.

    Seriously, I think that's what being born must be like. It seemed I was in some far, dark nowhere slightly aware I was someone, then suddenly I WAS someone, and realized other people had been me for six months. Does that make sense? I was darn confused too. I quit the meds cold turkey.

    The bonuses? It's been 4 years since that horrid affair and I still get brain zaps, mood swings and insomnia. The Panic Syndrome I'm controlling through meditation and herbal teas. In fact, it seems meditating has been re-wiring the damaged goods in my brain. My memory is still not as it used to be, but the blanks are down significantly, and I can focus again. It's funny, sad, but kinda funny, to think that before the meds, that messy, depressed mind of mine was sharper. Order from chaos, huh.

    Anyway, I felt I should tell this stuff to emphazise that: no matter how desperate you are, resorting to medicine that will do anything harmful LATER is NOT a good solution, shouldn't even be an alternative, 'cause that later is the rest of you life.

  305. happy birthday Mosby,

    and i believe a better day,world will come because evolution can,t be stopped,it,s a natural proces

    so keep the faith everybody!

  306. an excellent way to get off the fluoride poison roller coaster is buy you a "dehumidifier" not "humidifier" but a "DEhumidifier" you can buy them at home depot, lowes, alot of places online. it takes water out of the air, and collects it in its attached container, i then take that water run it thru a brita water filter pitcher and i have 100% pure water, no lead, fluoride, arsenic, copper, + all the other crap my caring city water treatment plant wants me to drink. its tasty, i make sweat tea with it and i use this pure water also in my aquarium to keep my aquatic pets happy. the unit i got i pade $158 bux for it from home depot. its the best money i have ever spent. running the thing for less than two hours it produces over 32 ounces of water…thats alot. was researching atmoshperic water generators to get pure water and i found out dehumidifiers do the same thing only cheaper. get you one soon! even the bible talks of the sea and rivers and streams becoming as blood (crude oil) this oil leak in the gulf was done on purpose they will not fix it nore do they want to…only pretending to be. its their plan for a global genocide in my oppinion so you need a way to make your own water.

    if ya think about it, if you were a disgusting ruling class that wanted to hurt a large poulation how would you do it? thru the water supply of course. GET YOU A DEHUMIDIFIER. it may save your life.

    • Green Eyes Open on

      It is stated in one of the articles in the three part series that Brita water filters do NOT filter flouride. Just a fyi.

  307. Peace-a distant drea on

    @Mosby (COMMENT 334)

    Weired that you would bring a comment about JUSTIN BIEBER. Something that has NOTHING to do with this article. But I know why you did it, and I know how you feel.

    You feel like Justin Bieber is the most talented, petfect. funny guy of this generation. You feel that everyone should know about him, that nobody should miss him. I know because thats how I felt a couple of months ago. I was addicted to him, and i would spend my day campaining for him. Letting everyone know about this precious diamond, the talented genius, who learned who learnt how to play the piano, guitar, and drums ALL by himself. I would spend days , and sometimes the whole night, until the next morning, watching videos of him on youtube; I would watch every interview he ever did that was on there, and I would think how perfect he is, I would think how amazing he is, how perfect.

    But, You need to wake up. Thats what I had to FORCE my self to do. Because I started seeing the truth that I tried so hard to deny.

  308. Peace-a distant drea on

    @ Mosby (COMMENT 334) cont.

    First of all, on one of the nights that I spent watching Justin bieber on youtube, I came across the 'Diary of Justin Bieber', on MTV, I think that's what it was called. And then I saw something. In a scene, very quickly, they showed an image of him doing the 'A-OKAY' sign. Do you know what that is? That's whrn they do the okay sign, (with the circle donre by the thumb and index finger, then the three other fingers standing up), and then they put that over their eye (that shows/symbolises the triple six over the eye of horus, 'all seeing eye'). So yes, I saw that, and my heart sank. I paused the video, played it again, enlarged the image, I did everything just to make sure I could believe my eyes, but my eyes were seeing exactly that, Justin bieber soing the trasitional illuminaty hand-sign, just as Lady Gaga does, beyonce, Lil wayne and co.

    Then I thought maybe it just happened, because like you, I loved him. But as I carried on watching the documentary, they showed the image/clip of him doing it again, this time for like 5 seconds, he was even blinking while doing that hand-sign infront of his eye. I was like, okay, its pretty obvious. I think I was like depressed for like three days after that.

    continue below!

  309. Saunter and krevilla

    I'm in the long process of writing a huge article on SSRI's (MK-ULTRA 2.0), that will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about this extremely dangerous class of drugs, and how the evil alliance between the pharma corps, fedgovt (FDA) and medical establishment have all conspired to massively overprescribe (for even conditions, not just serious mental health issues) these extremely dangerous drugs to the masses.

    They knew in the earliest clinical trials (which they suppressed from FDA approval criteria) about the high rates of suicidal and homicidal impulsivity (induced extreme akathisia) caused by tampering with the natural state of seretonin in the brain, and proceeded with trials and approval, regardless. They also knew that the SSRI drugs were absolutely no more effective than placebo (sugar pill) on the effects of depression, but what they were very effective at were leaving test patients in states of "feeling nothing", feeling more anxiety, restlessness and insomnia than they started with – and most significantly, they knew very well that the process of stopping SSRI "treatment" was very tricky and dangerous – including the well-documented "brain zaps", severely increased depression, uncertainty about everything, suicidal ideation, fits of panic, rage and uncontrolled, irrational and violent outbursts resulting in multiple homicides/suicide incidents.

    Take a quick look at this very disturbing database of literally thousands of suicidal/homicidal indicents (far more than just the "common mass shootings" that people know about , like Columbine [Luvox]) that are directly linked to individuals who were taking, and/or abruptly stopped taking SSRI drugs:


    Another important aspect of this is that we rarely hear anything about the role of SSRIs in these suicidal and homicidal incidents (Ft. Hood, Virginia Tech, etc) due to the HIPAA laws (passed during the Clinton Admin, under the guise of "medical privacy), so that quite often, law enforcement, though they may be aware of the involvement of SSRIs, are forbidden by federal law to disclose these facts to the media or public.

    The Pharma corps also knew from the beginning, during development (and stated this in meeting minutes) that they had the perfect defense against lawsuits, simply because anyone taking SSRIs would already be suspected of having mental illness, and therefore, anything they did, criminal or otherwise, could be blamed on them – because they were "crazy" before they ever took the SSRI.

    Nice, huh? Don't ever doubt that there are evil genuises working against us, and getting filthy rich in doing what they do.

    Once again, great article, Vigilant. Critical information at just the right time to get it out there.

    • LVB,

      I don't know what your profession is, but as a Pharmacist, I went to school for many years to learn what each of these drugs do. So here is a quick pharmacology lesson for you. SSRIs (or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) work by increasing the amount of natural serotonin in the brain. The drugs block the reuptake channels, which in turn increase the amoutn of free serotonin to go to the rest of the body. The depressed brain, which does not make as much serotonin as a "normal" brain, becomes happy and thoughts and feelings of depression should go away.

      However, when a person first starts an SSRI, like fluoxetine or paroxetine, the body is unused to having such an excess amount of serotonin so it tries to "fight" it. This initial fight in the brain chemistry is the reason why many depressed patients have side effects such as hallucinations, and unfortunately, thoughts of suicide. After a couple of weeks the brain becomes used to these increased levels, and as long as the patient takes the medication as directed, their should be no further thoughts of suicide.

      The same thing, consequently, happens whenever someone stops taking an SSRI quickly. Because the body is so used to these increased (which in turn are "normal") levels of serotonin, whenever it is taken away quickly, the body cannot adjust that quickly so these suicidal thoughts can then ensue.

      I'm not saying that this article is wrong, but the truth behind how SSRI's and other antipsychotics work needs to be represented as well.

      It's unfortunate that depressed patients that were born with genetically low levels of serotonin should be denied the same happiness that others get naturally. These drugs are tyring to help these people reach normal levels. As far as I am concerne, if a physician knows their patient and instructs them how to take the drug correctly, then these adverse thoughts and side effects should not occur.

      And in terms of liver problems? You can get that with any drug, including over the counter tylenol and aspirin. This isn't a new side effect specifically created by pharma companies. Get your facts straight before you go on the defense.

  310. Saunter

    I also wanted to say congrats on your (perhaps slow, but sure) recovery from SSRIs. It's very difficult to get away from them once you've been on them for any length of time. Many general practice (family doctors), who aren't qualified to be prescribing them in the first place, for everyday "stress" or normal sadness after a death or divorce type event, don't even want (or know how) to help people get off them when their patients ask/beg to stop taking them. It's a very delicate tapering (or weaning) off process, with a lot of risks that they don't want to be responsible (or more accurately, legally liable) for – which begs the question – WTF are they doing prescribing them like candy in the first place???

    In almost every such case, not involving major mental illnesses, the patients would have been much better off and safer if the doc had just given them some skittles candy and told them it was medicine. Of course, big Pharma wouldn't be raking in billions and lining the pockets of all those doctors and others in the "food chain" if they were giving out skittles, would they? :)

    Many answers to questions like these, coming soon…take care.

  311. Peace-a distant drea on

    @Mosby (334) cont.

    Then I looked for other indications, and there were none. But then, while on youtube again, i found one of the many clips that show inages of Justin, while playing one of his songs. There, I was shocked again. Because this video had pictures of him of him at the VMA''s, and in this clip, I saw him doing the devil sign again, and again, and again, and again , and again, and again…I mean he did it soo many times in all these different pictures, I was like chill man!…I saw him do it before, but I thought he was just doing the 'rock on' sign the way rock bands do it. But it was clearly not that. while he did these signs, he posed next to beyonce, kesha, lil wayne, rhiana, and all those other well known illuminaty puppets.

    I wanted to find the link for these videos that I saw, but I know it would take too long, but if you want I can find them again and post them for u.

    The point I am trying to make, is that I know you are trying to persuade you self he is not illuminaty, but everything points that direction. He barely does a live performance without having Will.I..am, or Usher or Ludacris and all the other illuminaty puppets join him. Why? because they are the ones who are using him, so that he can capture the 8-22 year old girls out there; And he has done that very well. They also using him to promote themselves. Why do you think Usher was so quick to sign him? Ludacris? Sean Kingston? why do you think he was nominated for a VMA/Grammy award, so soon? a sixteen year old kid? why do you think they love him so much? because he has talent and charisma?

    No, its because he fits the mold of teenage heart throb perfectly, he is exactly what they were looking for, and they know that they can use him to promote themselves too. Usher was not as famous anymore, not world wide so much, but through Justin Bieber, young girls are remembering him again, as Justin is always with him.

  312. One thing to say "only shop for groceries at Whole Foods store" that's what we do, then NO worries.

  313. Peace-a distant drea on

    @ Mosby…You have to open your eyes. The reason why he had to justify himself and say he is not illuminaty, is because people started questioning, and smelt that something wasn't right. And I know his Mum WAS a christian, and he still tries to flag that image because people like you and me will trust him. But just because he says "yeah, I'm a christian, I pray every night' ,or whatever, doesn’t mean it's true. and I'm guessing you're old enough to know that. Beyonce was a christian too remember!

    Hope you read this…

    Take CareXx

  314. I am a teenager and I'm already having some of these symptoms, most notably fogginess of the mind and extreme forgetfulness. I have been consuming these products my whole life, and I consumed more than I should have, even by government standards. However, some of the products I don't consume are pills. I dpn't like pills because of what they do to people ("accidental" overdose anyone?). Because of these things I just listed, this article hits kind of close to home for me.

  315. EWB,Truth be told, lisebeth- Thanks for wishing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    Peace- Don't shoot the messanger. I am not a Beiber fan, but if he say he is not in the illuminati then it is what it is. How do I know if he is or isn't ? I posted it on this thread first because I wanted to, and second someone above me was questioning him and Taylor swift. Me personally do not beleive he is in the ill…..he is too, young, too new etc….is or will he be used as a puppet idk. As far as the illuminati Beiber videos the ones I saw were BS. The ideas were very forced and reaching. You can't mix every " i love you sign" with horns. I am no way in hec taking up for him but you can't push every artist into the cult. At the end of the day we don't know truth from fiction so I can't even front. It's all a form entertainment this site included. None of you all know one way or the other so see it for what it is have a nice day.

  316. Witty Banter on

    im glad someone has finally put out information about aspartame, the doctors found this to undoubtedly be the cause of my mothers brain tumor and subsequent death. Also the CRAp that goes into sugar free jello is something that i would want to bathe my dog in, much less ingest into my body. Great article as always.

  317. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Mosby (445)

    I question him as well. He is looking more and more swqeeter though. That may sound harsh, but hey look what happened to Chris Cross and B12 (I think this is the boys music group; wasn't a fan). If it happened to them, it can happen to anyone.

  318. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Julst like the other Christian Pop and R&B music artist, I am sure he has a public relation speaker who prepared him for the interview and questions.


    I am very impressed with Justin’s response. He gave adult responses. I am sure those who are in the illuminati are not going to admit. Who wants to proclaim being a devil worshipper in public, especially when portraying the "I’m the good guy" image?

    Satan himself is not going to appear as himself. He is the master of lies. I will give Justin Bieber the benefit of doubt for now. If his music career continues whereas some of the best music artists did not such as Lauryn Hill, I will seriously observe him more closely.

    All I was told is that "They" will allow you to go two to three years before giving you the ultimatum. During those few years, they will give you the taste of the good life before things begin to sour. Spoken by Tupac but paraphrased.

    Satan does tempt Christians. Not all Christians are not like Job in the Bible. Job lost his home, family, and friends, animals and wealth and still remained faithful to the Lord. He did not curse the Lord not once for his calamities and misfortune. People thought this once innocent man must have done something to deserve this catastrophe. However, he never cursed God. Music artists who take the oath are promised wealth, which makes the weak ones hard to say no to such as promise.

  319. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    I still believe some of the brilliant scientists have already found an antidote for AIDS. I remember people speaking out about this. This could very well be the same as the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, but worldwide. We all shall learn the truth one day.

    I believe we see many conspiracy movies, because the world and international governments officials are engage in so many conspiracies. Schemes after schemes.

  320. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of the "Mind Games" show on television?

    Can I tell my mind that I am 10 pounds lighter and Bam! I am? Just wishful thinking.

  321. EWB- I am only saying we have no clue of what the illuminati is hearsay. We have enough speculation to fill the world. We have summed these people up as illuminati and masons/jews and it could be a whole another group who wishes to remain nameless, or is it all of them ( too many questions)? I mean how do a 16 year old kid join the illuminati and he probably just learned how to tie his shoe. For the most part we do a lot of reaching. At age 16, male at that can your mind grasp the concept of illuminati. Any way if he is in the illuminati ( I wish they would stand up a say what they would like to be called) he denounced it. So good for him. I was under the impression you couldn't do that. " I am sure he has a PR person….." I am sure Oprah, Beyonce and Jay have one to. One who calls the shots and you will not get to ask such questions during interviews. So either you ignore accusations or deny, or come clean. People who ignore seem like the ones who have the most to hide. Those are the ones with the weird videos, lyrics, baphomets…..For the most part I beleive these people promote their trash through creative control which leaves room for the artist to be unaware for a while lets say 3 years lol, Others they chose to sell out. If you watch a few of the videos posted on the web the artist have something in common they all have their own video showing THEY chose this, it was their choice. To me it being your choice seem like an important factor they all have personal videos Kanye, Jay, gaga what I mean by this is for example Kanye has a video he's in a cloudy room full of clothes all white and when he gets dressed he comes out wearing all black, saying something like " it's my choice"……….so if you say "you are not in it" maybe you arent idk, we don't know and you have to keep that in mind.

  322. Peace-a distant drea on

    @ Mosby…

    The videos I saw where not saying that Justin was Illuminaty. They were ordinary fan videos. The observations I made were simply what I noticed while I was idealizing him and loving him as a fan. What do you mean by fact or fiction? I saw him do the 'A-OKAY' sign with my own eyes, it wasnt a conspiracy thing. And the love sign is done with the hand/palm facing the front. but he does it with the the front of his hand (the palm), facing towards him. I know about the love sign, but the one he does, the devil sign, there is no dispute about it.

    Look, forget it, I guess I gave you more credit than was due.

  323. bottled water is just tap water run thru activated charcoal to improve flavor. you are still getting fluoride and the other garbage in it. they can say its "spring water" but a bottling company in the middle of the industrial sector bottling millions of bottles of water a day to be shipped all over the country…. its just tap water like i said above.

  324. This just goes to show how much of a selfish race we are , to be honest i think that the “depopulation” of the human race is necessary . Men are a cancer and drastic measures have to be taken in order to stop this viscous never ending cycle . this world isn’t ran by a bunch of fools these guys know what they’re doing this whole system that we live in today is made and controlled by them , you guys need to stop complaining about how we are excluded out of the truth and how we are lied to . Most of us CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH and are to stubborn and ignorant to understand it . instead of trying “stop” them ;applaud your fellow man for trying to progress as a race . theres no running or hiding from this we live in “their” world whether you like it or not there was never a such thing a freedom . for all we know we can be running out of resources , we cant jump the gun and start unrighteously judging them by saying they’re “evil” and what not some of you might be saying that because your at the short end of the stick . fighting and trying to stop them will be almost impossible and an unwise move by our part it will just make everything hectic and much worse than it already is . life isn’t fair suck it up ! the problem with us is when everything goes wrong we are quick to point the finger .

  325. Peace- I don't need your credit. How many people do you know, know the correct and proper way to throw up the I love you sign? This time last year we were all thinking it all was the " I love U " sign enough said. Now we know so much. Still dazed and confused if you ask me. You don't know this illuminati talk may be a war against our country to divide us all. Most bloggers are every thing but Americans. You don't know. Maybe you give yourself too much credit genius. If you say he is in the illuminati, he is in the illuminati case closed since you know. I am not taking up for him I do not care i'm just saying you do not know.

  326. you are right in everything you said i am suffering the afects of sweetners and canned drinks after 22 years of taken them. my mind is not as sharp and i suffer from most of the things you said. it will take time for it to leave my body but it has been two years now, and i will never take them again, i even changed my water

  327. ~Truth be told~ on

    @Everyone Will Bow- your comment "Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of the “Mind Games” show on television?

    Can I tell my mind that I am 10 pounds lighter and Bam! I am? Just wishful thinking."

    Have you heard of that book the secret? it's kind of based on humanism. you are suppose to speak things like that to the universe and you will recieve what you ask for. but i kind of thought about it one day. if i am speak over and over outloud to the air (not God) that I want to be 10 pound smaller, who am i really asking? Satan? So i never thought that concept was cool just seemed like another antichrist marketing scheme directed toward idle minds. Another book based on humanism is conversations with God where this author believes that he has conversations with God and he tells him what to write. Look into them just to see how brainwashing people are being . We have to stay rooted so we are not easily swayed. Hope your enjoying your 4th

  328. this article merely reinforces one of the western brotherhoods stated aims of perpetuating the myth of "you are what you eat" You are actually what you think.

  329. Nobody seems to have answered my question yet… so here it is again:

    If so much food in the world is tainted, WHAT DO THE ILLUMINATI EAT?

  330. I, m from the Netherlands, and it,s one of the countries that doesn,t put fluoride in it,s drinking(tap) water.

    At least not after 1976 when after resistance from a small group of people the governement decided to stop

    posoin the water.It is now a law.

    One of the people was a docter called Moolenburgh,he found out that fluoride causes a hyperactivity in the brain,because of it,s interference with the enzym chlinesterase wich provides the harmonic incentive transfer in the brain.A child wich takes fluoride has got litle short-cicuitings in it,s head ,and that is the reason why they are so hyper and capricious.

    he was alsoo aware that children with problem behaviour always was a reaction to things given in earlier chilhood.

    A. a reaction to vaccins given in childhood (DKTP)

    B.a reaction to artificial-fragrance and pigment


    when you succeed in taken all those things out of the body the child becomes a totally normal kid

  331. All Diets and Nutrition Info is in the Bible.

    Read Genesis is Adam and eve was fruit and any seed plant.

    Noah – animals, fish, birds and green plants.

    Moses – clean and unclean foods.

    Danie l- eat water and vegetables for two weeks and were healthier than the Babylonian officers eating fine meat e.t.c.

    Samson's mother was told not to eat unclean food and alcohol while she had him in her stomach.

    The bible is the truth!

    W.H.O and CDC is responsible for Fluoride in Water…..They herald it as one of their CDC Ten Great Public Health Achievements on their website.

    About what the Illuminati or world elite eat…..They have their own doctors, they grow their own food or buy from recommended suppliers which is normally organic and very expensive…..Their education is also different!

  332. It can all even be called physiological! No "hokus pokus" if you know what I'm saying.

    Eating LIVING food, and you will be more alive yourself. Cook, fry or freeze your meat usually from animals, you don't just kill the parasite worms (called Satan… Hm..) but you also kill the meat. Fruits etc. live.

    This is what Jesus taught.

    The world should check it out!

  333. Okay..

    Simply put:

    Sun – Consciousness – Earth


    Light waves (atoms – stars/Sun) – Life – Sound waves (electrons – planets/Earth)

    This is how we physiologically are Love, the need/dependence between sound (time, as sound takes time) and light (the now, the fastest waves) to create us. Our bodies. Our souls. Your body is your thought/mind's temple, your thoughts/mind is your Soul. Simple, huh? I know!

    This is what the Essene Gospel of Peace (Jesus/Yeshua) taught.

  334. Hello all. On Friday I posted various links of Justin Bieber and how he is part of it.

    There's so much info on that and images of him throwing it up and the a-ok sign.

    Its out there. Hot post about KRS and Beef. Its so true. That's why I gave it all up back in 2002.

    I feel so much better and healthier, lighter,etc. You are what you eat

  335. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Freeyourmind (474)

    I believe it. There are too many signs involving him. People without wisdom look for concrete as evidence, as oppose to observing for signs. In opposition, people with wisdom automatically notice signs in the way people walk and talk. Signs are always in the mien/presence, eyes and voice. This is also known as being blessed with discernment.

    James 4:2: “Yet you do not have because you do not ask.”

    This is literally that simple. Ask the Lord in Heaven to do something specific for you and believe. He will grant it to you. People who believe in Him should pray for wisdom and discernment. We as His children may not have, because we did not ask Him for that specific thing.

    He had the choice to sign under Jay-Z or Usher. Do you know why he chose Usher?

  336. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Yahweh (470),

    Yahweh is a Hebrew name for God. That is not weird, but the philosophy you merely mentioned is somewhat different. You only explained the makeup of earth. We are physically and subconsciously connected to these things (the universe). We all would like a little more details for your equation.

    I also remember an instructor explained how we are made up of molecules. When we contact other people, we lose molecules and pick up some of theirs. If you are familiar with this theory, please explain it for me.

    About "Sun – Consciousness – Earth"

    When I read this, I thought about the following scripture Isaiah 45:5-7 (KJV)

    "I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me:

    That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else.

    I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things."

    For the most part, I am familiar with the soul and temple. The conscious and the love part I am lost. Love is a gift from the Lord.

    Yahweh implies that you do believe in the Lord. The rest implies that you might worship the Earth. However, your concept is interesting. Please further explain. Thanks

  337. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ ~Truth be told~ (458),

    You are so right about who are we speaking out to in the universe. When we pray aloud, Satan also hears our prayers. Who do we desire to bless us? Satan's gifts are taken back or turned to misfortunes and disasters in our lives. The Lords gifts become blessings to us and are never taken away.

    Did you read the last book you mentioned about the author and the Lord telling him to write things down? As you stated previously, this could be a trick of the enemy. The Lord is not adding any more books to the Bible; it begins with Genesis and ends with revelation. He gives His children visions and dreams. If he shows one person a vision or dream regarding the world, he will show someone else. The irony though is that the people are not connected in no way. That is the beauty of our mysterious Lord.

    You are very insightful.

  338. Signs do not matter. How do a 15 year old kid join the illuminati, on what basis. Thats all I am saying. At the end of the day that is a child, still in school, still learning, just now hitting puberity. It makes no sense to me. His understanding is not there yet. Thats all I am saying. This is a kid are you serious. If he did join he probably thought they said chuckie cheese not luminnoddy this is a kid.

    As far as Yahweh to my understanding the illuminati changed Jesus name to Jesus after the greek God Zeus Jezeus

  339. Peace-a distant drea on

    @Freeourmind…(COMMENT 473)

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you post the links again?


  340. Peace-a distant drea on

    @ Mosby

    Okay. He is 16, not 3, first of all.

    Second of all, he sees Usher who he absolutely loves, telling him." oh yeah buddy, by the way, by the way, their are these big bosses up their, in this record company, who believe in some weired stuff, but you dont need to worry about that. All you need to do is that they require that the people who work with them do this handsign in photoshoots. OKAY? I'ts nothing big, just do that, and they'll know you are willing to be hardworking, that's. Oh yeah, and sign this…thats it! now we can carry on working as normal. Oh, and yo mama dont need to know about this, it's nothing important. Cool little buddy?"

    The fact that he is 16, shows that he is more vulnerable and easy to deceive. Plus, it will be harder for him to say no, after all these adults already gave him a taste of ritches and fame, and he would be crazy to walk away from it.

    And stop lying, you ARE a Justin Bieber fan lol!

  341. VC! Please link us or somehow share some information on healthy eating if you could, much appreciated! What to eat and what not to eat!

  342. Peace- 1st paragraph DUHHHHHHH- The question is does that make him illuminati? Is he evil ? or only stupid. Anyway for his first album I doubt he received the speech ( oh yeah buddy………) they are probably saving it for his next album. Like I said the problem is " creative control " not the artist in this case. Other artist Kanye, Gaga, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna they are all pretty much out in the open with it. No shame at all. That was my whole point most of the puppets are all honkey dorey with it. Then you have artist who say other wise. Truth or not idk I see a difference ( happy proud people vs I am not in it). For the record to say I am not in the illuminati means nothing. None of the mentioned above are in the illuminati only used puppets. Maybe they took the oath on their own time idk. Most videos and books we go by have stated you can sellout in your house mirrior, in your dream, a black shadow in the corner of your room lol. I like sticking to the facts. The rest cause confusion. So the question is……………..What are the question? …..to know the answer. I mean what exactly are we saying ( shrug)

  343. @EWB Hey how are you? Miss talking to you. I do too. At first I was wondering about him and hoping he wasn't but the proof is there. Im not here to force anyone to believe it or prove a point. It is what it is.

    @ Peace lol I sure will. How was yall weekend? great I hope

    I see you LVB whats happening? hope all is well





  344. I know that is off topic but a few people have spoke about it

    I wish he wasn't like so many other artist and other ppl in the entertainment industry.

    Its sad.

    I posted the links but it said my comment is awaiting moderation


  345. I am ot here to change anyone's opinion either. The first link posted was about Betty White & the mention of Beiber throwing up the I love u sign/devil horns.

    The second link was him throwing up all kinds of hand signs from the horns, to the A town Atlanta when Usher is from…….I think they called they described the 15 old kid swaggerlicious.

    The 3rd link was the video I mentioned above where the were reaching for the stars. They paused the camera during awkward movements vs it being obvious, the majority of the video didn't make sense. It was like " look at his hands, look at his shoes". I was looking like where…didn't catch it, it looked like the point was forced to make a point.

    The last link pictures

    In conclusion "need more people." I am not taking up for him I could care less i'm just stating the facts. The little kid throws up the horns to his millions of fans. The same sign this time last year we thought meant I love you and most people still thinks it mean that. When he gets bold like the rest of the artist, wearing satanic gear, OBVIOUS lyrics, baphomets in videos, ranting like Kanye thinking he is God and deserving to be treated like one then I will say ok he has transition. OK enough about Beiber the subject is the food we eat. I say that is why God gave us grace to say before eating works for me.

  346. Peace-a distant drea on


    "a black shadow on the corner of your room" LLOOLLOLL!!!!!!!!!! that made me laugh lmao!!!!

    But also yes, I agree with what you've said. And now I think I understand what you've been trying to say. some stars join the illuminaty and dont care to flaunt it, while other Stars are less happy about it and try to hide it.

    and yes, all the stars are not actually IN the illuminaty, but are just willing puppets. Thanks for reminding me of that! :)

    And ofcourse I didnt mean Justin bieber hiself is actually evil, but the point is that he has sold out to the company/cult/organisation whatever you call it, and he is willing to be used for their aganda. But then again, he could be evil? do we know for sure???


    @ Freeyourmind…

    Thanks for posting the links! I saw the youtube one before, but that was not what convinced me. I think the images of him doing the handsigns are more convincing than that vaguely and amaturely analyzed video!

    Someone really needs to check out "The Diary of Justin Bieber', which featured on MTV. you can check it out on Youtube. I seem to be the only one who picked up on the "A-Okay" sign he did over his eye.

    Cool, I'm done! see you guys on the next article!!!

    Peace X

  347. Here's an image, if you want it: http://www.abbaswatchman.com/Project%20blue%20bea

    Steps to Completion

    There are several events and scenarios that supposedly must play out before the the event can culminate.

    Step 1

    The first step concerns the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. It deals with staging earthquakes at certain precise locations around the planet where supposed new "discoveries" will finally explain that the meanings of the basic doctrines of all the world`s major religions are wrong. This falsification will be used to make the population believe that all religious doctrine has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. For example, in the entertainment/movie industry, a falsification started with the film(s) 2001: A Space Odyssey, the TV-series Star Trek, the Star Wars films, and E.T., all of which deal with space invasion and protection. Another movie example is Jurassic Park which was released to push the Theory of Evolution.

    Step 2

    The second step deals with the gigantic space show: 3D optical holograms and sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images in different parts of the world, each receiving a different image, according to its predetermined original national religious faith. This new "god" image will talk in all languages. As an example, the Soviets have manufactured the advanced computers and have programmed them with the Minute Psychological Particles based upon their studies of the anatomy and biology of the human body, as well as their studies on the anatomy, chemistry and electricity of the human brain. These computers have also been fed with the different languages of the world.

    See Pictures above for solid proof of this unfolding Pre Damascus destruction.

    Step 3

    The third step deals with telepathic electronic two-way communication, where ELF(Extra Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency), and LF (Low Frequency) waves will reach the people of the Earth through the insides of their brains, making each person believe that his own God is speaking to him from within his own soul. Such rays, from satellites, are fed from the memory of computers that store much data about the human being and his languages. These rays will then interlace and interweave with the natural thinking processes to form what is called Artificial Talk.

    Step 4

    The fourth step involves universal supernatural manifestations using electronic means. This step contains three different orientations:

    The first one is to make mankind believe that an Alien Invasion is about to occur upon every major city on the earth. This is to push each major nation into using its nuclear capability to strike back. In this manner, it would put each of these nations in a state of full disarmament before the United Nations after the false attack.

    The second is to make the vast Christian population believe that a major rapture is occurring, with a simple, orchestrated, divine intervention of an alleged "good" alien force coming to save the good people from a brutal satanic attack. Its goal is to get rid of all significant opposition to the New World Order.

    The third orientation is a mixture of electronic and supernatural forces. The waves or frequencies used at that time will allow supernatural forces to travel through fiber optics cable, coaxial cable, electric and telephone lines in order to penetrate all electronic equipment and appliances that will by then all have a special microchip installed. The goal of this step deals with the materialization of satanic ghosts, spectres, and poltergeists all across the globe in order to push all populations to the edge of a wave of suicide, killing and permanent psychological disorder. After that night, humanity is believed to be ready for them to enter in a "New" Messiah to re-establish peace everywhere at any cost, even at the cost of their freedom.


    This superbly staged, full-scale production will supposedly result in social and religious disorders on a massive scale, which will lead to a one world religion and the global dominance asserted by the New World Order.

    Nasa has been working on Air craft for Project blue beam that are real but will become a part of the Global Holographic Alien Invasion/Light show and this could be a picture of one or Just simply a picture from a movie I could not say but I provide it to help prepare your minds for any eventuality these demon Freemasons pull on us. Do not soon for get the Swine flu was a fraud perpetrated on a mass scale so do not rule any of this out it has been planned for over 50 years and is ready to be introduced to the world to bring the Antichrist Pope to power as if he is god. He is the Anti god Lucifer.

    • caramelcutie404 on

      omg truly frightening i have become obsessed with this subject and the information associated with it but my question is once we have the answers or information, then what? Just stand by and watch it happen? What else can we do without being "knocked off"lol

  348. peace- LOL finally we are getting somewhere together. Heres an example: lets say I just signed a music contract ( remind you I was singing on utube a month prior) most people sign into a buissiness they know nothing about. I mentioned this on the last thread, Ray J and Brandy's show I don't know if you watched or not but Rodney Jerkins did not want to work with Ray J's mom. He didn't want her to get in the way of creative control. I would say they are the people who set up photoshoots, direct the artist " ok pose like this " in music video's when you say this part it would look great on camera if you "do your fingers like this…….". Mean while the artist is trusting in this person who has been in the buiss for a while, only concerned about the opprutunity they have received. Of course you have rules to follow but as a new artist you don't know why or how it works. His creppy record label could have him under the impression " Justin you have millions of fans, so to show them love throw up the I luv U sign from time to time" knowing they have a different motives in mind.I mentioned before some artist may have been in the dark the same as " we the people" who knows just saying ?

  349. One more Justin thing, from his website, about how he got signed " In an effort to share his victory with his loved ones, Justin began posting his performance footage online. “I put my singing videos from the competition on YouTube so that my friends and family could watch them,” he says. “But it turned out that other people liked them and they started subscribing to them. That’s how my manager found me. He saw me on YouTube and contacted my family and now I’m signed!”"

    The manager contacted the family. The family, his mother, allowed him to get into the biz. That's how all theteeny bopper artists get in, the parents have to give consent. Think about Michael Jackson and his parents.

  350. And in the news, the american psychiatric association is getting rid of one disorder- dissociative identity disorder, aka multiple personality (alters) and adding a new one – religiosity. WTH? They are just making stuff up, to cover all the dirt being done to the unwitting, including the entertainers. Don't want to give all of them a diagnosis. Next pedophilia will be normalized and removed. Watch for it.


    "Once, the 4th century desert father, monk, and hermit Saint Anthony had said: “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him saying, “You are mad, you are not like us.””

  351. ive been drinking diet pop for about 5 years now and i have terrible headaches.

    i feel week all the time too and recently i had to get reading glasses.

    this is just great… i hope i dont have a brain tumor.

    great article VG like always :)

  352. Kyle Blundell on

    Hi Vigilant

    My wife saw a movie last night and was quite concerned about the storyline.

    Movie: Timer (2009)

    We're giving our lives over to technology more and more each day, but what if a new level in our ability to give up responsibility for our own future hit the market? Would we take it? What might it mean if we did?

    These are the questions behind , a film that brings you a world in which finding your soulmate has all the guesswork taken out of it. Just head over to a TiMER shop, and get an implant in your wrist. The clock starts counting down to the day that you will meet your one true love, and when you do, both your TiMERs will alert you to the happy event.

    Check it out pls.

  353. Riddle in a Rhyme on

    Yes, I agree with others, the conclusion is great – "Your body is a temple. Will you allow it to be desecrated?" It is temple, the temple of the spirit or soul and God and we must protect it, if we don't, who will?

  354. Riddle in a Rhyme on

    Wow that movie Timer that somebody mentioned sounds freaky! An implant in your wrist..? Not quite along the lines of this article, but relevant nevertheless… putting that in the mind of the masses.. it's all about love, so many are concerned with finding their 'one true love' and 'soulmate' so what better way to get people into the control of an implant than that way, one way at least..

  355. Riddle in a Rhyme on

    Lily.. just stop drinking that diet soda! There are great teas you can drink which have organic cane sugar in them! Try Sweet Leaf Sweet tea, my favorite.. not trying to plug here, but that one is really great! You can get it out of your system, but you gotta stop ingesting it. Doesn't mean you have a brain tumor, but you should get the poisons out of your system. Try some clearing vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is a natural for that I heard.

  356. Thanks for sharing this knowledge.

    I read bits and pieces about fluoride & aspartame.

    I appreciate that you brought it all together.

    Since isn't safe and bottled water isn't either (check the pH level).

    Is there a way to filter out the fluoride?

  357. I'd add carrageenan to the list as well. It is in so many dairy products, baby formula, milk substitutes and other foods, and is known to cause inflammation.

  358. @everyonewillbow-unfortunately they are not blind, they know exactly what they are doing

    i recommend "food inc" its in 10 short youtube vids. and it only shows partially what is going on, but enough for me. even when we hear "Cage free organic" birds its the same sh@t as having them in a cage because there are tons of chickes so close to eachother eating eachother's shi*t. same goes for the cows, how we get ecoli once in a blue moon and we will continue to get it- the cows are so close together covered in crap in urine by the time they go to the slaughter house – i am sorry this sounds gross but its the G-d honest truth. there are more laws protecting the food CORPS than the people. they even passed laws on minimal wording on packaging so it doesnt cause "unecessary confusion and scaring the people"

    farmers sell their souls to the devil as well and so many went out of business because they did something against the food corp they have contracts with- for example re-planting seeds is not allowed because htey have to wait for the new genetically modified seeds by the company every year- they end up enslaving these farmers for under 20, 25 grand a year and once they do something off that is not allowed they will lose the contract and get sued and lose all of their farmer friends and community who are scared to be associated with them. this happens in real life. thew govt is connected. if this was true capitalism and democracythen why is the govt connected to corps and banks? is far from independent from business like we think it is.

    the bottom line is very few own the many, same goes with fashion and almost every product we buy.

    this country has lied to us made us think its capitalism and we have choices, but the truth is we do not. different colors on packages are merely different subsidiaries of a single company (and this is a generalization not just with food)

    while we are trying to figure this out, they are using us as guinea pigs and they want us to die faster, way before 70 because of $$$$

    and no i dont think i will ever live to see social security here either

    we just have to pick the lesser evils when it comes to food, not mention filter your water!

    fast food was the #1 driver of the mass production of animals and corn in america and we have to stop eating there and stop supporting mcdonalds, burger kind etc we have to all say no to fast food and vaccines. women's birth control is also not sage etc unfortunately there are not enough of us to have the effect of putting them out of business but it has to start somehow and we have to say no and stop giving our dollar bills to some of these companies

  359. @Peace I saw him do the A-ok sign too but couldn't find it

    Carrageenan is bad too. Diet soda isn't diet. they throw so much sugar in it its crazy

    There are so many chemicals and ingredients in food and drinks.

    Colors and dyes, sodium nitrate, msg, disodium guanylate (hidden msg) autolyzed yeast extract,

    yeast extract (more hidden msg meaning they are all the same but most people don't know its msg cause they use different words)

    I understand what you're saying Mosby. I remember that episode of Brandy and Ray J. ( I luv that show)

    We all choose to believe different things and its nothing wrong with that

  360. @say what- i didnt know that- but i did always thing when they changed "mpd" to "bi-polar" i knew there was something dirty going on- they wanted us to think of 2 "bi" personalities, not several

    but wow now they are changing it again

  361. @freeyourmind- that's aspartame in "diet" soda-

    one thing in the world that white sugar is actually healthier than = aspertame

    i'm starting to change my lifestyle regarding nutrition- one thing i am trying to teach my husband is to treat soda like alcohol on the weekends, and if you will have it have the regular, not the diet, and only have one can on saturday or sunday for the week

    my mother always tried to tell us diet is worse, now i totally see it

    i also stopped chewing gum over 10 years ago, for dental purposes but wow that has aspertame in it too esp. the sugar-free – be aware when you see sugar-free and diet

    same goes with whole milk- the farce going on with the 2% and whatever % , and making it look like they care about the kids and putting the skim and whatever % in the schools-

    well guess what people- you are stripping the vitamins away- if you are going to have skim then dont even drink milk just drink water- the truth is you should have organic whole milk (just like whole grains) – we will never know if "organic" is really grass fed cows but its the lesser evil, and the best choice is organic whole milk

  362. Hey Stacy Yea you're right about that

    I like sodas and try my best to drink one every now and then

    they are so addictive because of the sugar in them. I know right! I luv gum

    and its in every pack. something called phenyl

    I drink soy milk and I have been drinking it for some years now. A lot of people say it doesn't

    taste the same. Of course it doesn't but milk has so much bad stuff in it I won't even say it on the board.

    People don't know you can get Vitamin D from the sun and leafy greens or take vitamins. Milk also has the rBGH growth hormone in it.

    Have any of yall seen the video Baraka? craziness! I saw it in middle school with my mom and it shows how chickens are debeaked and thrown down a tunnel like pieces of popcorn. thats what it looked like to me. very sad it showed some other stuff too. filmed in japan i think.

  363. BigSyd4life on

    Everyone who hasn't already chould check out the book, "The Omnivore's Dilemma..The Secrets Behind What you Eat" by Michael Pollan. It's very informative and eye opening!!! I never knew what gross things went into making hamburgers, how corn has evolved over the years and how many illegal food practices are going on!!!

    It almost makes you want to stop eating, but the book does offer some food solutions/alternatives that are helpful. Not plugging the book or anthing, but it was interessting to me, and might be helpful to you. Knowlege is power!!! That's why I have given up soda, fast food, and beef. Knowing what I know I could possibly go back.

    And it's not just me. I'm a student who lives at home, and I go with my mom to the store and help her pick out organic food (and of course help split the cost since its NOT cheap!!)

    But anyway, check it out if you like!!

  364. Justbreathe on

    I must admit, I've often thought of you and your articles as paranoia on steroids however this article has me taken aback. Especially the section on Aspartame because I myself have written a report on the dangers of it. I've seen and experienced the dangers of aspartame. Last time I had a drink with the substance in it, I had a migraine with the vision problems that didn't fade, even through medication, for over 24 hours. In the end, I had to go to the ER. Since then I did research and a report on it and was floored at what aspartame is capable of. I'm glad you looked into this, it's nice to see others writing about this.

  365. Thats exactly why the young girls and boys are looking like teenagers instead of children.

    They are developing quicker than they are supposed to. The hormones they are putting in the meat and milk,etc.

    (growth hormones)

  366. Thank you for the great article. I just looked up a book recommended in one of your blog comments and am going to learn more about growing my own fruit and vegetables.

    It's getting more and more scary to see how many elite politicians are at the helm of the big corporations and how they decide what we "need" for the sole purpose of getting richer. I knew at a very young age that things were out of order and ponder constantly whether man is innately self-destructive and/or evil. We have to live in accordance with nature, or our species will cease to exist. Is that such a difficult concept. Once we realize that, we must take action to change our habits and stop letting others tell us what is best for us.



  367. Bart Humphrey on

    Very good article that only scratches the surface! There is a whole other problem related to the cattle/meat industry, where man has corrupted their diet of vegeterian diets to consuming groung up feed (other animals) causing brain wasting diseases to appear. Could this be passed to humans in the form of alzheimers and dementia? Funny countries that dont consume meat are not effected by these ailments? Im sure its all coincidental?

  368. To be honest I normally come here to have a laugh at your articles but this one was eye opening and honestly amazing.

    I already have my own organic garden but I had no idea about the effects of Fluoride et al.

    Great article and thank you.

  369. Peace-a distant drea on

    @Stacy-nyc (COMMENT 507)

    OMG Chewing gum has Aspartame too??? oh my days, that explains a lot of things.

    When I read this article I thought, okay, I dont drink coke and fizzy drinks because THEY GIVE ME HEADACHES! first I was ashamed to say it, thinking people would think I was making it up. but now I know why. And then, I felt tired so I had a RED BULL, suger free. and guess what I HAD A HEADACHE ALL NIGHT! I read the ingredients list, and guess what, it has Aspartame!

    Then I realised that EVERYTIME i CHEW CHEWING GUM I ALWAYS get a headache. I never said that to anyone because I thought people would think I was weired. Now that you said Suger free chewing gum has Aspartame, Now I know why I got those headaches. and I ALWAYS bought the suger free type, thinking it was healthier.

    Now I know, this stuff is real guys, no joke.

  370. Great article vigilant. Now I can show my sister what I've been telling her

    for months now about how aspartame isn't good for the kids.

    I'd rather give em regular juice with regular sugar and cut out all corn syrup.

    Inluding high fructose. I tried to get her into gardening this year because the kids

    seem to enjoy it very much so far. She didn't have enough for garden tools, but maybe she

    can do some fall planting.

    Thank you for educating us on a deep level with every article vigilant.

    You have our support and we viewers are spreading the word!!!

  371. I just ate some non-fat yogurt and checked the list of ingredients… It contains aspartame :( Gotta be more careful next time.

  372. All-seeing Eye Opene on

    I'm going to put symbols related to this into a video,

    the world should know.

    Well, not many people will notice it,

    but at least the people that do notice it will know that anyone can use symbolism.

  373. Twenty Worst Drinks in America – is your favorite on this list? Too much sugar, causes inflammation and wears our your pancreas. Inflammation can lead to sinus, ear, heart, vascular and immune system problems. Eat less sugar. Stevia is a good substitute. Dilute fruit juice with water, retrain your taste buds.

  374. Another fantastic article, thanks VC :) I was aware of these topics already and am a bit of a joke among my friends for insisting that fluoridated water (which is being introduced here soon) is evil and that kids USUALLY just need a good kick in the pants, not to be doped up to the eyeballs on crap that fries their brains. I was medicated for depression as a teenager, it was horrible – my parents forced me to take two pills a day hoping it would 'fix' me (I was bullied in school and miserable), but it just killed *me*, the person I was inside, and when I moved out and threw the pills away, it was like waking up from a three-year-long sleep.

    Now I'm a mum and my 3-year-old is considered a 'problem' child by many because she's smart, curious, naughty, loud, and constantly on the go. Sounds like a normal 3yo to sensible people, but I'm tired of being told by idiots that she 'obviously has ADHD' and 'should be on Ritalin or something to make her sit still'. I won't – I can't. There's nothing wrong with her other than that she's very intelligent and has a desire to get involved in her little world and learn *everything* she can.

    As for the hidden evils in our food… as I said fluoride is being introduced here soon and I'm researching the best water filters – I can't afford to use bottled water so will have to make do with filtered tap water. And ASPARTAME certainly is EVIL! I switched to Coke Zero on the advice of a friend when I was looking for ways to help shed the baby weight after my second child was born, as she said it 'tasted just like regular Coke but with no sugar'. Well, the headaches, heart palpitations and severe chest pain I got every time I drank a can (took me a little while to work out that the Coke Zero was the cause and not just a coincidence) told me it was a bad idea – I checked the label and what do you know, aspartame. Yuck. I told my friend straight away she's either crazy or stupid if she keeps drinking that stuff, I felt horrible after consuming it.

    Can't wait for Pt II, thanks so much for putting this out there for those who aren't already aware of it :)

  375. The thing that really turned me off about aspartame was the taste. I can't stand the taste of anything "sugar free" or "0 calories." But later my mom was telling me how unhealthy aspartame is, so that's definitely something I have no problem not buying. The gum is a different story, since I used to chew it frequently…but lately, not so much.

  376. Thank you for this. My sister was on anti-depressants, heavy doses for several years. She recently committed suicide. There is a segment of the population that is rapidly placed on SSI and who receive the necessary financial accommodations for living as long as they continue to swallow their pills. She did have depression issues, but the medications that were prescribed only compounded them. This is all really sad.

  377. I read an analysis while ago and found out one more thing about aspartame: if a pregnant woman takes aspartame (or other sweeteners as well) the baby might get serious deformities! This info should be out there, but it isn't.. fuck the government!!!!

  378. @bella- i know its ridiculous,i know people who have 2-4 coke zeros a day because they count calories, and they have lost a lot of weight. its not affecting them, they think i'm crazy when i tell them that is worse than regular coke (which is already all chemicals and bad for you). i am sure they will have other problems later on. the interesting thing about aspertame is that it affects people in so many different ways

  379. thnks VC!

    I've reada every single ne of your articles, and this one, is the one that made me change a lot. Talking of the music ones, i can now see the symbolism in all new videos, and not only in english, in every language. Recently in LatinAmerica, there has been like a boom in symbols, there are sooooooooooooooooo many masonic and illuminated symbols, but i think thay might not be part of it, i think musicians just do what their contract says, but not what they want to do. Like beyonce, she has two cd's and i like the most i am… than sasha fierce. The real one is beyonce, and the puppet is sasha, but that doesn't means that they are also part of that.

    Talking about this article, I've recently stopped consuming these stuff, i'm drinking more bottled or sprinkle water, and i'm consuming more natural beberages.

    You've opened my eyes, thanks!

    And BTW! Please, check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHuLPLWCGoc&fe… it's in spanish, and they mention something.

    Transnational and powerful industries are going to argentina to explode the mines, and suddendly appears a guy making a reference like it's opening an eye, but i think it might refer to the other ones.

  380. I just checked a pack of gum in my brother's room. Yup, it's got that aspartame all right (which explains a lot) I definitely have to tell my mom not to let my brother buy any more of that stuff (read poison)

    ANyway, nothing to do with food, but what do you guys think about the "secret code" in the US cyber command logo??


  381. just saw some david icke on alex jones videos-

    they bring up good points on the televison pollution that has been set up so that we are dumbed down, because its one level communication, the tv to you.. and they actually have linked alzheimers with watching television which i find very interesting

    we are either retarded or really opened to this stuff- there is no middle anymore

    also because of the internet, which we may have the kill switch bill passed – we are able to get all this info now for the first time in human history we have access to all of this info, and this is a big threat to the elite and nwo plan , which also ties to why they had to increase the chemicals/poisons in our food and the radiation pollution to make us sick and put us on all these meds, just think, u never knew these many people with cancer and diseases before, for the first time in our lives we know at least one person

    with cancer and everyone else with at least one medication or health problem

  382. Howard Ratcliffe on

    David Icke's new book claims Mankind has been manipulated by aliens living in the hollow Moon. Here is how we were manipulated in reality: Monsanto, Cargill etc use Algonquin Aquifer water for Corn which is fertilized with nitrogen/phosphate fertilizers to produce Corn Ethanol and High Fructose Corn Syrup. The fertilizers enter the Ohio and Mississippi River and create annual angae blooms in the Gulf. 7 Valves fail with no Relief Well on Weed Day, sinking the Deepwater Horizon (Obama's logo is Horizon of Aten) on Earth Day. Corexit is basically Round Up Weed Killer; algae dies and oxidizes creating oxygen free Dead Zones; combined with 7000psi Methane which oxidizes as it expands 1000 fold on the way to the surface. Convective weather sends the Corexit, Oil, Benzene, Methane inland, killing crops and vegetation. Planned? Yes. US NORTHCOM is planning for mass evacuations to Rex-84 Camps. Time to Wake Up. Projectdarkbook.com/ or Theresnothingnew.org/

  383. @stacy-nyc….I never thought about it like that, but it makes sense. I try to tell people about it, but they are so closed minded, and set in their Sinful ways that they cannot see the truth. I'm glad though, that other people are realizing this. Hopefully everyone will open their eyes soon. The people who are supposed to be "protecting us" are slowly killing us!!!!

    And now with the kill switch bill, websites that inform people, like this one are threatened. Is there anything we can do about this?? How do we take control back?

    I recently went to a friends house, and all the girls that came to hang out were watching a show called Wipe Out. I guess it's the american version of a japanese game show, where is basically nothing but people falling in funny/painful ways. My friends were staring at the television screen blankly throughout the whole show, as if they were being brain washed. I asked my friend "A" a question and she completely ignored me, continueing to watch the stupid show. Then when the commercials started they became reanimated. Laughing and talking as if nothing had happened. It was really weird, almost as if they were in a trance, or hypnogogic state.

  384. ~Truth be told~ on

    @Everyone Will Bow- hey there

    soory it took me so long, haven't been near a computer in a few days. yeah the i read some of the conversations of the mind and it was completely disturbing. the book claimed that God stated (which is written in blue to show that it god talking and not the writter) that there is no Hell and that everyone pretty much goes to heaven. and when you really get into the book it twists things up so bad that if i didn't have the Holy ghost I'd be fooled. It completely appeals to your desires and not the truth. Wish we were in the same neck of the woods i'd show you, Thanks for the compliment, your very insightful yourself and i enjoy reading you posts. keeps me on the right page in my spiritual walk. Hope all is well

  385. ~Truth be told~ on

    @Everyone Will Bow

    oops I made a typo

    the book is called conversations with God. i am going to go online and see if i can find any texts of the book and post it for you. you can clearly see all the humanism within the text and its sad.

  386. ~Truth be told~ on

    @Everyone Will Bow

    Okay I found the highlights from the book I told you about. just take a look and you'll see what I'm speaking of just from the overview.It's pretty bad. I tried to find some of the text but alot of sight won't let me copy it. when you get time read Isaiah chapter one. Be blessed.

    CWG Book 1 Highlights:

    Feeling is the language of the soul. (3)

    Mine is always your Highest Thought, your Clearest Word, your Grandest Feeling. Anything else is

    from another source.(4)

    All people are special. (6)

    What you know is what appears as your reality. (11)

    Even before you ask, I shall have answered…whatsoever you shall choose, choosing in My Name, so

    shall it be. (12)

    Your will for you is God's will for you. (13)

    In the moment you pledge your highest love, you greet your greatest fear. (16)

    You are the most magnificent, the most remarkable, the most splendid being God has ever created. (16)

    The idea of a God Who is not to be feared, Who will not judge, and Who has no cause to punish is

    simply too magnificent to be embraced within even your grandest notion of Who and What God is.(18)

    Love is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, stays, reveals, shares, heals (19)

    Fear holds close, love holds dear. (19)

    My purpose for you is that you should know yourself as Me. (26)

    You are, have always been and always will be a divine part of the divine whole, a member of the body.


    I do not demonstrate My love by not allowing you to demonstrate yours.(29)

    Do not condemn, therefore, all that you would call bad in the world. Rather, ask yourself, what about

    this have you judged bad, and what, if anything, you wish to do to change it.(32)

    Know that what you do in the time of your greatest trial can be your greatest triumph. For the

    experience you create is a statement of Who You Are–and Who You Want to Be.(34)

    It is much easier to change what you are doing than to change what another is doing.(36)

    If you wish to be accurately re-presented, you must work to change anything in your life which does not

    fit into the picture of you that you wish to project into eternity.(36)

    There is an experience of the soul so unhappy, so incomplete, so less than whole, soseparated from

    God's greatest joy, that to your soul, this would be hell. But I tell you thatI do notsend you there, nor

    do I cause this to be visited upon you. (41)

    If I do not go within, I go without. (44)

    Belief in God produces belief in God's greatest gift– unconditional love–and God's greatest promise–

    unlimited potential. (44)

    The purpose is to create your experience–and thus, create you Self–in the glorious moment of now.


    Allow each soul to walk its path. (47)

    A thing is only right or wrong because you say it is. A thing is not right or wrong intrinsically.(48)

    I will do nothing for you that you will not do for your Self. (50)

    Each event and adventure is calledto your Selfby your Self in order that you might create and

    experience Who You Really Are. (52)

    Youa re the creator of your reality, and life can show up no other way for you than that way in which

    youthink it will. (52)

    Love is the ultimate reality…The feeling of love is your experience of God.(56)

    From the highest mountain it has been shouted, in the lowest whisper it has been heard. Through the corridors of

    all human experience has this Truth been echoed: Love is the answer. (58 )

    There are no coincidences in the universe.(58)

    If you don't see God in the profaneand the profound, you're missing half the story.(60)

    Nothing exists without a reason understood and approved by God. (61)

    Hitler went to heaven. (61)

    Harm is not a necessary ingredient to healing. (62)

    If there were such a thing as sin, this would be it: to allow yourself to become what you are because of the experience of others.(62) I do not want your worship, I do not need your obedience, and it is not necessary for you to serve Me.(64)

    I desire for the whole life process to be an experience of constant joy, continuous creation, never-ending

    expansion and total fulfillment in each moment of now. (65)

    Everything in life is holy. (68)

    Stop making judgments against yourself. (71)

    My promise to you is to always give you what you ask. (73)

    Your soul is the sum total of every feeling you've ever had.(74)

    Life will "take off" for you when you choose for it to. (75)

    The promise of God is that you are His son, Her offspring, Its likeness, His equal. (75)

    All you see in your world is the outcome of your idea about it.(75)

    Your simple truth, simply lived, will offer more beauty, more comfort, more peace, more joy and more

    love of self and other than anything your earthly fellows could contrive. (76)

    Do you want your life to "take off"? Begin at once to imagine it the way you want it to be–and move

    into that. Check every thought, word and action that does not fall into harmony with that. Move away

    from these.(78) The purpose of the human soul is to experience all of it so that it canbe all of it.(83)

    You are goodness and mercy and compassion and understanding. You are peace and joy and light. You

    are forgiveness and patience, strength and courage, a helper in time of need, a comforter in time of

    sorrow, a healer in time of injury, a teacher in times of confusion. You are the deepest wisdom and the

    highest truth; the greatest peace and the greatest love. Youa re these things. Choose to know yourself as

    these things always. (87)

    If God is your target, you're in luck, because God is so big you can't miss. (88)

    All attack is a call for help.(90)

    Life is a creation, not a discovery.(90)

    All masters know in advance that the deed has been done. (91)

    Think again! (93)

    You will not defile the purity of love with dishonesty or deceit, for this is adulterous. (97)

    God does not order about what God has created. (97)

    Enlightenment is understanding that there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nobody you have to be

    except exactly who you are being right now. (9 8 )

    What you resist, persists. What you look at, disappears.(100)

    To live your life without expectations–without the need for specific results–that is freedom. (101)

    The soul longs to do something about what it is, in order that it might know itself in its own experience.

    So it will seek to realize its highest idea through action.(102)

    The point of life is not to get anywhere–it is to notice that you are, and have always been, already


    What's happening is merely what's happening. How you feel about it is another matter. (1 0 5 )

    We make real that to which we pay attention. (107)

    It is your judgments which keep you from joy and your expectations which make you unhappy. (107)

    Choose, but don't want. (110)

    For this is both the goal and the glory of God: that His subjects shall be no more, and that all shall

    know God not as the unattainable, but as the unavoidable.( 11 5 )

    Let your lovep ro pe l your beloveds into the world– and into the full experience of who they are. In this

    will you have truly loved. (115)

    Live in your God space and the events become blessings, one and all. (115)

    I don't sit here and make a judgment, request by request, whether something should be granted you.


    Youalways get what you create, and you are always creating. (118)

    Your life is always a result of your thought about it– including your obviously creative thought that you

    seldom get what you chose. (118)

    All that to which I give life is perfect; a perfect reflections of perfection itself, made in the image and

    likeness of Me. (119)

    You can choose to be a person who has resulted simply from what has happened or from what you've

    chosen tobe anddo about what has happened. (122)

    Let each person in a relationship worry not about the other, but only, only, only about Self.(124)

    The most loving person is the person who is Self-centered. (124)

    You must first see your Self as worthy before you can see another as worthy. You must first see your Self

    as blessed before you can see another as blessed. You must first know your Self to be holy before you

    can acknowledge holiness in another. (1 2 6 )

    My teachers have all come with the same message. Not "I am holier than you" but "You are as holy as I am". (127)

    Be now and forever centered upon your Self. (127)

    At the critical juncture in all human relationships, there is only one question: What would love do now?


    There is naught but you. (131)

    God asks only that you includeyourself among those you love…God suggests–recommends– putting

    yourself first. (132)

    Putting yourself first in the highest sense never leads to an unGodly act. (132)

    There are times when you may have to give up Who You Are in order tobe Who You Are. (133)

    Say your truth–kindly, but fully and completely. Live your truth gently, but totally and consistently.

    Change your truth easily and quickly when your experience brings you new clarity. (134)

    Never do anything in relationship out of a sense of obligation. (138)

    For most people, love is a response to need fulfillment. (139)

    Cultivate the technique of seeing all problems as opportunities. (141)

    The intention is for youn ot to fail. (149)

    The more important the matter, the less likely you are to listen to your own experience, and the more

    ready you seem to be to make someone else's ideas your own.(152)

    By your decisions you paint a portrait of Who You Are. (154)

    Most of you are not self-created, but creatures of habit–other-created creatures.(154)

    You are learning (remembering how) to love without pain; to let go without pain; to create without

    pain; to even cry without pain. Yes, you're even able to have your pain without pain, if you know what I

    mean. (158)

    I love you. (159)

    Embarrassment is the response of a person who still has an ego investment in how others see him. (161)

    The universe is just a big Xerox machine. It simply produces multiple copies of your thoughts. (163)

    Wouldn't it be better foryo u to manipulate your mind than for the world to?(165)

    If I wanted for you something other than what you want for you, and then went so far as to cause you to

    have it, where is your free choice? (166)

    My joy is in your freedom, not your compliance. (166)

    The people who make a living doing what they love are the people who insist on doing so…They dare

    lifen ot to let them do what they love. (169)

    Beingness attracts beingness and produces experience. (172)

    True masters are those who have chosen to make a life, rather than a living.(176)

    If, now, there is something you choose to experience in your life, do not "want" it–choose it. (180)

    Only humans are judgmental, and because you are, you assume thatI must be. (183)

    You have aright to your joy.No one does anything he doesn't want to do. (186)

    All illness is self-created. (187)

    Worry is the activity of a mind which does not understand its connection with Me. Fear is worry

    magnified. Nothing occurs in your life–nothing–which is not first a thought. (188)

    You area l re a d y a God. You simply do not know it. (202)

    You are not obligated to do anything.(204)

    Each to his own, without judgment. (206)

    Be the cause of your experience. (207) The feeling of attraction and the intense and often urgent desire

    to…become one is the essential dynamic of all that lives. I have built it into everything. (207-208)

    I have given you nothing shameful, least of all your very body, and its functions. (208)

  387. ~Truth be told~ on

    Everyone Will Bow- i have some more information linking the information to the occult. is there anyway I can email it to you? It's not letting me post it here for some reason.

  388. A major issue that most people have with understanding info exposing the truth about poisons in our diets is they cant understand why companies/scientists/ product developers would willingly hurt their customers. Yes you might not do that if you were in charge but your probably not a pyschopathic cold hearted reptile. These guys (the elite) are not like your average man in the street. They feel superior to us and think we are just 'dumb cattle' thats why they make every effort to control our minds, what a joke.

  389. @howard- i think icke takes it too far with the aliens and reptilians (a whole other story- they are not "reptilians", they are just possessed if you ask me and my religion) and also compares our bodies to computers and the whole matrix- yes there is a matrix, but not as literally as this man puts it, he has good points but it hink he got himself too into it that he lost religion and is getting too far fetched

    i dont beleive in aliens or that we are computers, that there is a veil there that gets us too intertwined with materialism, and tv and work that we forget how spiritual we really are – for the bottom line to forget our religions and lose our own way of thinking, i do beleive that is a whole thing that has been going on in this country

    as far as aliens, i used to believe in them, i dont know why G-d would create them now, i think its another farce, and those crashes were our govt doing experiments to get there rather than them trying to get here, realy dont think they exist and its all manipulation of himans the experimentation going on underground is to us not aliens but this is a whole other story

    the point is tv and radiation pollution is being used on us, we breathe it and touch it every day without seeing it, and this is all brain cancer and other cancers waiting to happen, and the whole internet thing backfired because it caused us to get more info with eachother instead of taking up our brain time liek with tv it actually enhanced it

  390. thanks for this article vigilant. since learning a little bit about this myself ive tried to hold back from processed foods, read ingredients, etc.. but often it gets hard to do this-low on cash, better availability of the junk, lack of information. this article really helped and i plan on digging deeper into this subject as i try to change my diet and hopefully the diet of those around me. its hard because the fresh REAL foods are more expensive than the GE/poisoned foods that are so cheap and readily available,especially unemployed as myself i just have to take what i can. but im hoping to show this article to others that i know and do more research myself on this so i can change my diet, and my life. i took a fresh real food diet a couple weeks ago and was so much happier and alert. you are what you eat!!! cnt wait for part 2

  391. Does anybody know which bottled water and/or filtration system works best to remove fluoride from our water? I know distilled water doesn't contain fluoride but good minerals are sacrificed in the process.

  392. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    I read all the interesting comments. I just returned from vacation. One thing about vacation is that you need a day or two to recuperate and why even bother with hotel rooms when you only there to sleep for a few hours a day.

    @ Stacy-NYC,

    DMX is next for what. I was a fan of his when I listened to rap.

  393. he has been opening his mouth like tupac and mj, among others

    i wouldn't be surprised if they get him soon

  394. Peace-a distant drea on


    You just came back from vacation and logged on to vigilant??

    Sweet :) nice to see someone keeping their feet firmy in reality!!! :)

    @Vigilant Citizen (himself!)

    I just noticed that there is a tiny winy smily face at the very bottom of this webpage right above your logo! nice! do I get a prize lol!

  395. I feel fortunate that my body told me the first time I drank a diet coke with aspartame that the stuff was really bad for me…headache and nausea, never touched it again. It's also funny to me that now a few of the soda companies have released "throwback" versions (pepsi and dr pepper) that are made with only real pure cane sugar, and not HFCS – and of course, they are "limited edition" and cost more. So, they are quite aware that people don't like or want HFCS, so they figure wtf we'll put the original stuff back out there, but now it will be like a "premium" brand and be more expensive – evil genius marketing, huh? Hey, here's your non-poisonous soda, but it'll cost ya!! :)

    They taste really good too…like I remember as a kid. HFCS should be banned, but it never will be, simply because it makes manufacturing so cheap, i.e. increases profits, etc. Who really cares if it kills and/or contributes to the deaths of a few million of us peasants anyway, right?

  396. born2resist on

    Can't wait for part II!!! Thanks great article – have known about all these issues for as long as I can remember thanks to my parents but you write in such a conclusive, clear manner that it just reiterates everything for me! I just feel now that there is no hope – we can only make small changes as this world is so contaminated – it's not like we are allowed to choose, essentially the whole food chain has been corrupted and we are forbidden from living sustainably – very sad. End of days people, end of days

  397. level (solo uno en m on

    Now can we tackle high fructose corn syrup and that ridiculous commercial that says nothing is wrong with it???? I'm sorry, when the media makes and EXTRA effort to tell me something is safe to purchase or consume, I usually RUN LIKE THE WIND from it. And I suggest you do, too!!! Great job, Vigilant….keep enlightening those who are completely in the dark and confirming the beliefs of people like me who are on that level with you;o)

  398. david dureault on

    with regards to;

    The FDA required packaging for the “ADHD” drug, Strattera, to advise that “Severe liver damage may progress to liver failure resulting in death or the need for a liver transplant in a small percentage of patients.”

    Did, Evan Frustaglio, 13 from Ontario, Toronto region, really die of complication from having a small symptoms of the flu. or the uncommon condition in which the rapid deterioration of liver function and misdiagnoses resulted in his death.

  399. stacy-nyc:

    You have a complete misunderstanding of bipolar disorder. If you're talking "multiple personalities" then you're probably referring to dissociative identity disorder because both have been used to describe the same disorder (there's a lot of controversy over which name should be used or whether they are two different things). But anyway, bipolar disorder is a mood disorder. It is also referred to as manic-depressive disorder, so maybe that's what you meant to say. But it has nothing to do with personalties. It's called bipolar in reference to the fact that "polar" can refer to direct opposites (think north and south). Like you said, "bi" means "two". The name refers to the two distinct extremes in mood that occur: people with bipolar disorder tend to fluctuate between states of mania and depression. It has nothing to do with different personalities; so, no, "they" aren't pulling anything on you here.

    Say What?:

    I can find nothing on the APA website about the "omenosis" your article is referring to. In fact, I find no credible psychiatric websites that refer to it as a real thing at all. It's junk science.

    And, um, I can also find nothing about "getting rid of" dissociative personality disorder. Maybe you're referring to the naming controversy I mentioned above? Some people argue over symptoms and manifestations but if anything, name and criteria would be changed in the DSM, but the actual disorder would not be completely removed.

    The website you're referring to is stating things as truth that simply are not. I hope you don't get all your news from there, because you're being misinformed.

  400. What about Whole Foods? I would appreciate some research on this corporation, any links to Monsanto? Under the guise of clean, chemical free products what could they be doing to the so-called “green” crowd, the health conscious?

    Also, the tobacco industry would be a stellar article for investigation. Of all the chemicals in these things, which I am admittedly a regular user, I would like to know some more connections here. In the same vein as above with Stop & Shop vs. Whole Foods, what about Phillip Morris vs. American Spirit?

    Just a thought from a Vigilant Citizen.

    Keep up the good work,

    -Tony D

  401. Aspartame turns me into an individual that resembles a drunk. Artificial sweetener may as well mean 100% alcohol to me, that is the effect it has on me and I avoid it like the plague. I don't need vodka and diet coke. Just give me the diet coke and I'm drunk.

  402. @LVB – I'll look into it, but I think I've got an idea of what's about from my research on brain zaps.

    And yes, slow gets ya there. The greatest thing I've gotten out of this was being introduced to this alternative side of the world where you can solve things naturally, both internally and externally. It's a good sensation that I didn't know existed, really. Just last month, I travelled alone, for the first time ever, to another city to watch a concert with a friend.

    Me! And I'm back to studying computer hardware which I had started before things got messy.

    So yeah, sometimes the light down the tunnel is not just a freight train, it's good ol' hope for improvement, for a change =)

  403. This is a very disturbing but eye opening article, well done. But really what can one do? With the general public so sedated and blissfully dumb, people don't WANT to be exposed to such disturbing truths.

    Also, this article awakened me in teaching me the true effects of fluoridated water. It's horrific : it was printed as a benefit in my school book. Not only are we being lied to by our governments but we're forcefed this s*** from an early age.

    A Controlled State, just like good old Nazi Germany.

    ''Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it''.

    Oh boy. Here we go again…

  404. Need to modify the settings in wordpress to use titles urls (rather than p=4051). It's more search engine friendly and will improve SEO.

  405. Just curious, where is the link between this phenomenon and the Illuminati? If there was concrete evidence, this article would've been perfect.

  406. Laura on