Ke$ha’s Unreleased Song “Dancing With the Devil” Sums Up the Music Industry




Ke$ha’s latest album Warrior is apparently not what she wanted it to be. When Dr. Luke signed on as executive producer of the project, he reportedly scrapped all of the songs Ke$ha and her mother Pebe Sebert originally wrote for the album. It is important to point out that Dr. Luke is currently a leading figure in the music  industry as he produced tracks for the likes of Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and many other pop stars. Some of his singles were analyzed on this site such as Britney’s Hold it Against Me, Jessie J’s Price Tag and Katy Perry’s Part of Me. In short, he’s one of the people who tells industry puppets what to sing – and what they sing is part of an Agenda.

More recently, Dr. Luke co-wrote and produced Ke$ha’s comeback single Die Young – a song with a message that fits right in the elite’s Agenda, accompanied with a video loaded with Illuminati symbolism (read the article about it here). In the wake of Sandy Hook, Ke$ha took to Twitter and claimed that she was forced to sing that song.

Frustrated with her situation, Ke$ha wrote Dancing With the Devil – a song that aptly describes what happens to pawns of the music industry. Some describe this song as a diss track aimed at Dr. Luke. However, if you carefully read the lyrics, Dancing With the Devil deals with a topic much larger than a single producer. It’s about the cost of selling one’s soul for fame and fortune.

I keep on dancing with the Devil
I keep on dancing with the Devil
I sold my soul, ain’t no turning back
I keep on dancing with the Devil

You and I made a deal
I was young and shit got real
Weaving through Heaven and back

Your love is made of dirty gold
But I’m the one who sold my soul
So go ahead and take my hand

I keep on dancing with the Devil
I keep on dancing with the Devil
I sold my soul, it’s a dead-end road
But there ain’t no turning back
I keep on dancing with the Devil


I can’t escape my filthy past
I made mistakes, I made ‘em last
I know you love to watch me cry

So while I’m yours until the end
A holy war, I’ll never win
So I’ll keep dancing ’til I die

I keep on dancing with the Devil
I keep on dancing with the Devil
I sold my soul, it’s a dead-end road
But there ain’t no turning back
I keep on dancing with the Devil


He’s got my mind (You got..)
He’s got my soul (..Hell to pay)
My… he won’t let me go!

I keep on dancing with the Devil
I keep on dancing with the Devil
I sold my soul, it’s a dead-end road
But there ain’t no turning back
I keep on dancing with the Devil


The song is not very subtle: It compares being part of the music industry with “dancing with the Devil”. With lines such as 2You and I made a deal /I was young and shit got real”, Ke$ha explains how young and naive artists are taken advantage of and recruited by the industry. Lured by fame and fortune, these young hopefuls agree to not only a legal contract but to a life changing oath that has profound implications on their entire being.

Lines such as “So while I’m yours until the end / A holy war, I’ll never win”  convey a sense of powerlessness versus the powers governing Ke$ha’s life. The notions of complete control coupled with the dark spiritual theme underlying the song is not surprising when one knows that it describes an entity that uses Satanic Ritual Abuse and Monarch Programming to achieve its aims.

In short, the song describes the dark side of the Illuminati industry as described on this site. It is about desperation, written by someone who apparently realized that she went too far on “a dead end road”. As if to confirm the message of the song, the producers scrapped it from the final album.



    • she cant go back. they will kill wholefamily if u break the oath. look up contract piolet writes a book on 911. then he "killed his family then himself" if u believe that.

      • Yes they can kill you whole family and make it look like an "accident" and untraceable,……..sick arent they?….

      • The question is, assuming they know the circumstances, why the hell would they go in if they know these people are sick enough to threaten such?

      • Because Greed and obsession for fame takes over and they cannot think about anything else and Fame of course comes at a price – and we all know you pay the price with your life

    • You sew what you reap . Kesha seems to be waking up or just deceiving us ? Basically she's singing what Lauren Hill and others have been saying smh. When will people a true artist stand up and say no . Basically she and other artist are. Dancing and feasting with Lucifer . I'm not surprise but she is enjoying the money that she gains from helping them sing those songs die young. Smh Kesha I feel your pain but if you don't like it GTFO of there lol When will an artist come clean on the Illuminati cult. When will someone say theirs a secret society trying to take over . People thing is crazy Dave chappelle words still are on my mind " their not crazy their on to something ". Hm I'm still. Skeptical about all of this and this site being popular lol No offense . But theirs cool stuff and informative . Thanks vg. (@.@)

      • Exactly Mellow, there's tooo many coincidences for it to be just a coincidence – & very BIG coincidences may i add. You see the "illuminated" have to reveal themselves before the final harvest, slowly but surely its becoming more and more apparent and the clues?….the non ending symbols, salutes, images, etc – You can always surely see it hidden in plain sight.

  1. I feel no sympathy for those who give into the music industry. they know what they're doing. people like beyonce and jay z and kanye west know what they're doing.
    the only exception is Britney Spears. she's the only one i'll ever feel sorry for.

    all i can say is just get out of it as soon as you can otherwise the only way you'll ever get out is being buried six feet under.

    • I agree…Most of them know damn well. Maybe not at first, if they are especially stupid/naive, but after a while you know exactly what your getting involved with…Good observation. I was thinking the same thing…

      • The only thing with that is by the time the realize what's actually going on it is way too late. The deal is signed. No one understands what really goes o. So you can't blame them. I mean if you decide you don't want it bad things happen. People die, even the person that signed the deal. Look at all the artists that have mysteriously died…yeah it's a dead end road. I feel bad fo Ke$ha.

    • My words exactly. Feel so sorry for Spears and admire her for her efforts in breaking off their control, yet in vain.

    • She probably would if she could. Unfortunately, she seems to be under a contract. If she violates that contract, they would send her back to the Stone Age with lawsuits and a seething campaign against her character, the likes of which Dave Chappelle had to endure.

      • She was fed into the industry by her mom, first in baby/child pageants, then into the satanic Mickey Mouse Club ( alongside Justin Timberlake amd Christina Aguilara) and then she was put out there as a sexy schoolgirl for pyblic consumption. And on and on, from her parents, to her industry handlers and "spouses". Poor Brit.

      • I know they all get too greedy and really the "star" is depressed and not happy at all, just made to look happy to the public. Did you know in Disneyland, theres that highly secretive club opened in 1967 and one of the world's most secretive clubs, in the New Orleans Square area, aptly named…….wait for it…….Club 33 – in reference to the 33rd degree's of Scottish Rite Freemasonry i imagine, oh and its supposedly named after its address which is of course 33 Royal Street in California.
        The club is the only place/club in Disneyland to serve alcohol and its also an exclusive membership club only, which costs $25,000 to join and then $10,000 every year and also its nearly impossible to find in Disneyland. Why the secrecy though? I wonder what activities take place there for it to be a private members only?

      • Beezncrackers on

        It's not necessarily private. My work offers discounted prices for club 33, but it does require a membership which has a VERY long waiting list

    • Everyone makes mistakes, but if you make the same mistake twice then I start to feel less sorry for that person.
      I learned here not to blindly judge and hate people for their actions(used to hate Lady Gaga and Britney before I discovered this website).
      Unfortunately most people are still blinded by the mass media and for a clueless person the world of the stars appear glamorous and fantastic. That's one of the reasons why it doesn't lack of new coming stars.

      Kesha was most likely blinded as well, now she is a puppet and (hopefully)realizes the mistake.
      Just the fact that HER song texts she composed with her mom, got rejected makes me angry. That shows clearly that those "stars" are just tools and puppets for the big companies!
      And it is not just music and TV! That's why it is the best to be independent. You may not become super famous, but you can do your work the way you want, no pressure, no shady contracts, more happiness and fun!

      • matt you sound really ignorant right now . bigot is not the right word your looking for and there are good reasons why sophie is saying what shes saying. if you disagree with her you dont have to attempt to offend. its really funny b/c you in fact sound like the bigot.

    • I would say this applies to most, but think about the many people who have yet to accept the fact that the puppet-masters actually exist. The young artist I see being culled on the likes of American Idol and The Voice, I believe 90% don't know about the illuminati, don't believe in it or really dont care. I think Kesha either didnt believe or didnt know, now she does; her tweeting about her being forced to sing that song in light of Sandy hook is quite telling

    • To a point I agree, but consider how the majority of society no matter what age are brainwashed. How many times the phrase "reach(ed) to the top" has been said whenever someone becomes rich and famous for their "talent". Many really think that is the ultimate goal.

      We really do not know in what matter the deals and contract signing are really done. Therefore, we really cannot condemned and choose who we feel sympathy for. It may be easy for us to see and judge from the outside who has limited knowledge from the situation inside, but then again once being in the inside it's difficult to see and grasp the whole picture or situation.

      Remember that the majority of information we receive is distorted from mainstream media, rarely from personal experience or from the person directly who may be mind control.

      I personally feel really bad for anyone who think once they acknowledge (wake up) what they got themselves into, thinks there is no way out; the simply naive; and especially the children.

      We can make a great difference if we can change our mentality from judging to a knowledgeable that leads to understanding, and leads to guiding others for the better… mentality.

    • Beyonces father is a mason and she seems like mpd due to trauma based mind control. I feel sorry for her because she was probably groomed for this and is a slave.

    • Another exception would have to be Selena Gonez, her parents started her out when she was just 7 in Barney. I have always felt sorry for her.

    • I feel sorry for all the child actors and actresses as well as child music artists. (in which all grew up of course)If you think about all these people's parents for the most part sell their kids for money, fame and a "ideal" lifestyle. It's sad, just look at the Coreys and how usher got brought in by diddy….smh it's a sick world we live in.

    • superlishus on

      you say they know what they are doing, but the truth is a lot of them don't know until it is too late. how do you catch a mouse? you set a trap, and u make it appealing by adding cheese as bait, same with catching a fish, i'm not sure a fish would be dumb enough to swallow a bare hook, so u make it appealing by using bait. once d fish or mouse is caught is it so easy for them to escape?

      • When u see the documentary about her named for the record and u see how she cry is impossible u dont cry at thag moment . I love her and when she says i am sad i wanna kill myself

    • Reallly i feel the most sad feeling about britney spears .i am one of the biggest fans of her i reallly love her with my heart .if u see the part of a documentary about her she is saying all the time i am under control ! She says i am sad and she trys not to cry and she cry finally .please wath that painful part . I am more sad for her .she feels aloneshe says the people around me hear what they want not what i say. I wanna helpbritney but i dont know how 

    • They aren't told that they will be programmed, and tortured. It isn't their fault. They're only puppets, because they have no soul anymore.

      • I think programmed and tortured people do have souls, it's just those souls have been "bred" into large populations though repeated splitting and manipulated against each other, much like the outer population of single-souled people.

  2. I just want to know if there's an actual CONTRACT that these people have to sign… There's so much allusion to it but no-one can confirm. If these guys literally have to sign their names in blood in a contract with the devil, then that's F'ed. Surely some ex-music industry insider can confirm this? I'm very curious.

    • CARTooNMAN ™ on

      i SECOND THAT REQUEST ! If a Trusted Insider were to confirm this …. then the truth would be known…. the war of the sons of the light and the sons of the dark has already entered its final chapter…


      if it is a Spiritual War then there is no physical contract. even if there was a physical contract, it would still be Spiritual Symbol. you should check out the Word of God. notice that the Word of God is not physical. it is Spiritual. so, even if "they" believe willingly to "sell" their soul, they don't even OWN their soul. this is just a deceptive game being played on a Spiritual Battlefield. don't be deceived. God WON. we are not waiting for God "to win." also, there is no "blood oaths." it is a spiritual deception. Christ defeated death. those who hate Christ LOVE death. God is letting the devil expose himself as the liar and murderer that he is. God is Patiently waiting for ALL His People to be saved.

      • Totally Agree…They still have a chance to come to Christ..Its not over until you are dead. They still have a chance to repent…Beyonce, Kanye, Kesha, and all of them…It's not the end. The devil wants them to think that it is.

      • some sins aren't forgivable

        “I promise you that any of the sinful things you say or do can be forgiven, no matter how terrible those things are. But if you speak against the Holy Spirit, you can never be forgiven. That sin will be held against you forever.” — Mark 3:28-29 (CEV)

      • So u thought on

        I agree with u on this people are lost cuz in the bible god has been talking about these kind of people allong. Just read the bible, you'll see what it said

      • I tend to disagree. I think there is an actual physical manifestation of a contract. Just like when Christ died for us, he shed real physical blood from his earthly form.
        Imagine: "You're special. We'd like to offer you a record contract. Now lets get you a physical and some blood tests to make sure you're healthy enough to tour…..
        (days later)
        Here's the final contract. If you'll just sign here. Here's a pen.
        -why does it look red?
        -No, it's black, it's just the overhead lighting.
        -Oh, ok.
        (signs away her 15 year old life with permission from her foster parent)

      • I agree with u. Blood is very sacred to God for that's where life lives. The devil uses everything exactly opposite of how God does things therefore signing ones life over in blood would symbolize one handing their actual life over… Food for thought.

      • i tend to agree with your disagreement. but consider the conversion of Saul to Paul. Saul STONED Christians. Paul became the Apostle to the Gentiles. he may consider himself the "least of all saints," but if it wasn't for Paul, i simply would HAVE to agree with you. so, i will just agree with the Word of God instead. "For God so loved THE WORLD." and look at your own statement. did Christ "sign" a paper before dying on the cross? Christ shedding His Blood has no significance without God Raising Jesus up from the grave. FAITH is what Saves sinners. we are all sinners. i cannot point at Kesha and say i am saved and she is not. but i read God's Word and Believe that ALL can be saved.

        All "oaths" WERE broken when Christ was Resurrected. All People are Saved by God's Grace, not by man's rules. this is why Heaven is within. it is not a "contract." period. God Loves Kesha just as much as anyone else. that is Amazing Love.

      • There was a movie I saw as a child produced by Steven Spielberg called "We're Back" and it was about dinosaurs. I still to this day remember a scene where the two kids were going to join the circus and had to sign a contract with blood. 4:18

        so messed up.

      • I completely agree with you 100%. There is a contract though there would have to be one to bind them, I believe, and then if they don't do something they are then forced. Again I agree with you. God said the only thing you can do that is unforgiveable is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Other than as long as you are alive you still have a chance to come to him.

      • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

        Amen about God patiently waiting. Praise Jesus.

      • Chrissy333, ive heard what he has said and it sounds crazy but do you think its true chrissy? I think it probably is because isnt it also a coincidence that these record label owners are all freemasons, have a jewish background or very elite type people or have some connection to the occult somewhat.

    • Monarch Tattoos. on

      Notice how all MK Ultra victims have tattoos? I think that could be the 'blood' and 'contract' we're all looking for. Because they all have symbolic tattoos.

    • Even if you signed a contract with blood, it can be cancelled if there is a replacement in blood. What the devil doesn't want his slaves to know, is there is real Power in the Blood of Jesus. Christ's blood cancels all contracts with the devil, and the devil hates this truth so he tries to hide it and deny it in every way he can. And since Christ already paid the price with His Blood, you are free and clear of all the past mistakes and junk of your past. I'm speaking to Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and anyone who wants to leave the devil's grip on their lives, to give their regrets, mistakes and pain to Christ, and He will faithfully and wonderfully rescue you.

    • of course theres a literal contract. its to stick with that music company for a certain amount of records made. you can renew the contract after its finalized or you move on to another label. im sure within that contract is alot of control dealing with your image and ect.

      • I noticed this as well…very alarming. He clearly says "finger got pricked and the single got picked" or something similar to that. :(

      • Hip Hop Model Melyssa Ford (isnt she gorgeous) said this ages ago, Amber Rose said something similar on the Wendy Williams show, Bob Dylan said it, they all bloody say it man

    • I really do hope they repent. I wish I could go up to them and tell that it's not the end and that there's still hope.

  3. Thank you VC for all the informative articles you keep writing! Ke$ha still has a choice but I guess once they get used to the fame, fortune and lifestyle, they find it hard to turn back. Also, they realise the impact of what they are tied to and may deem the repercussions of turning back too grave and too the price too heavy to pay. Jesus loves her regardless! I just pray for all those young ones who are led astray by what they listen to not having a clue about the impact it has on their minds, souls and subconscious.

    The saying is true…garbage in, garbage out!

    • Look what happened to Winehouse, Whitney , mj, and tupac others who try to get out they wind up being sacrifices. They are very scared.

    • I agree. It actually sounds like her voice, plus there isn't that production they to do her songs that makes them so IRRITATING. There's no constant attack of voices you hear in her songs – you actually here spaces of pure instrumentation throughout the song, not just in the introduction.

      It's not a song I'd put into constant rotation…but it's a real song, with a real voice behind it.

    • Nope. Actually the music is designed to sound cool adn appeal to the soul. Its supposed to sound nice so that the masses beecome conditioned to it easily.

    • No it's not weird, I agree that the track is quite catchy and bold. I actually like the tune and appreciate that she's being quite ballsy about what's really going on. Takes courage to come out with something this honest and real, no wonder the track was scratched off the album. But I honestly hope some changes come out after this song. We have to wait and see how Ke$ha's other songs are shaping up and whether or not she will try this again. Weirdly enough, this is probably my favorite track of Ke$ha although I'm not a fan simply because its so honest and it doesn't have that sleazy and dirty jibber jabber in the background! -___-'

  4. For most artists these days to make any sort of major financial deal, there WILL be a contract involved; either with a talent agency, a company, a manager, or an agent. I had to sign a contract for -my- creative talents that resulted in earning more money than any other time in my creative career at the expense of my self expression…I can still do art for myself, fortunately, but I can't dress or act in certain ways, I have to live half a world away from all my friends and family… it's a great opportunity and good money, but at the expense of seeing my loved ones or being able to fully be myself for 50 hours a week. In exchange I've been on tv a handful of times and I get a fat financial boost and a boost to my resume… I'm no media darling like most pop stars, however, so I'm feeling it's probably pretty safe to assume that the price I had to pay is extremely minor in comparison.

  5. I just sent her a tweet telling her it's not too late to break the devil's chains and that is God is forgiven if we seeked his forgiveness.

  6. gladtameetcha on

    Kesha is gross. I'm not even sure how she got so popular anyway with the lyrics to her first song being: "Wake up in the mornin' feeling like P. Diddy"

    I mean………??! Speaking of P. Diddy, the mother of his young twin daughters is alleged to do drugs around them, and a nanny has accused her of allowing them to get into her stash of cocaine.

    • Right!! As soon as I heard that horrendous song where she "brushed her teeth with a bottle of Jack" I knew this poor child was a hot stinky mess! She always looks like she needs a bath and that her breath stinks. She reminds me of a crack addict.

    • She was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. She bragged about making out with many guys from around the world while her brother films it! She also told how her mother helps her write many of her songs, including the one where she dismembers boyfriends and then eats them. She said that her mother gets so excited when she gets to dress in the "male anatomy" costume for her shows. I would say "gross" is a pretty accurate description of Ke$ha, and it sounds like the apple didn't fall very far from the tree (her mother).

      • 1) I read Clive Davis gave him his first break and a one million dollar loan. "THE" Clive Davis. That says it all really.
        2) Notorious B.I.G died and he blew up. Sacrifice?
        3) Black Boule surely.

    • Bounty Hunter on


      "But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short." Revelations 12:12

  7. Poor girl. She probably was just young and stupid. The good news is that NO ONE owns your soul except God Himself. Only He has the power to keep or destroy a soul. Good news for her: Jesus is still alive and still saves. You have until your last breath.

    • Too bad so many people do prefer to stay in that life style because of all the money they already have. Once they are exposed to the things money brings, they rather keep it that way.

    • There's no need for imaginary godmen like jesus. Truth at its most basic level is that we are all born the same and are equal and free in that capacity. Please don't use Jewish fairy tales, they will only serve to further divide humanity.

    • You can sell your soul, this is wt these people have done and you can't get it back. Hence they just wnt to die. What's a man without a soul.

  8. This thrid demension world is doomed…and I'm going to try my damnest to rise UP and leave this hell hole

  9. Pathetic! People actually believe in the myth of a devil. No one can own your soul because you are God. You can God are not separate. You sheep think youre enlightened because you see popstars covering one eye and think youre safe by reading the bible…please

    • There is no myth of the Devil. Wherever light exists there must also by default be darkness. We are also not God. We are made in his likeness but are not God. Unfortunately we posses both lightness and darkness within us and when you embrace the darkness within, you reject God.

    • MetamorphosisOfGipsy on

      Too bad that you are the one deceived … The devil is more real than what you call your ongoing life right now … and yes, there is safety under God's wing … Don't talk about something you have no idea about!
      Just because your brain can fathom something so big that is beyond you, does not mean it does not exist, so please stop mocking!
      It makes you look foolish …

    • That's what a Satanist believes. But your wrong and I'm glad you have an opinion but why are you here if you don't believe and are a sarcastic rude person? Don't come to this website if you don't like what you are reading. Bottom line. We don't go to your work and belittle you because you don't believe. Get over it and shut I if you can't say anything nice. You don't have anything better to do 2 with yourself?

    • andre,
      If satan is not real readers of this site are just crazy oxymorons watching signs and suspecting "successful"
      prominent figures in committing some dark crimes.
      He really is.Otherwise the faith if Wicca/Illuminati/Freemasonry/Templars and others has no sense whatsoever.

      Notice,New World Order rely solely on Bible in timing and event that will take place before the end and Rupture. Thus it is becoming more than clear that Devil's worshippers believe in spiritual world.

      Check Doc Marquis videos.When he mentioned main goal of Illuminati as is to postpone the Second Coming of Jesus by infiltrating Churches and undermining moral standards I start to trust him…
      Seev it for yourself…
      God help us and deliver us!

      • Isis is a sacred prostitute or whore. Why are you worshipping that? Wiccans are deceived by this New Age religion. It is the elite religion regurgitated and white-washed. Satanists know the truth about Wicca and that is why they mock it. But at least Satanists are being honest about what they believe. Gerald Gardner is a member of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Society which is an aristocratic society that believes in their "divine right to rule" due to their "dragon blood".

      • Chrissy, when the say "dragon blood" is that just a figure of speech referring to blood or their corrupted DNA, i know they used to drink the blood and use it in rituals but why the dragon reference? do you mean it in the same context as when they say "serpent race"?

      • Gerald Gardner created Wicca by taking ideas from ceremonial magick, Freemasonry and the works of surprise surprise Aleister Crowley to form Gardnerian Wicca – Also look up Alex Sanders who formed Alexandrian Wicca.

    • I think when you call people sheep you separate yourself from God. He made those sheep and he gave them free will to believe and make choices. Only he and those who follow his word know the truth. Probably best not to go around judging others, maybe?

      • The Bible does not teach Free Will…there is no where in Scripture that you will find it

        Ephesians 2 says all…God quickens you first who come into this world born spirirualy DEAD…your choice comes from God who gave you the ability to choose him

      • truth in truth on

        Brian i believe you are mistaken. God does give us free will. We are free to do anything we please that is within the scope of natural or physical law. The Bible may not contain the term free will, bur just as you said, God has given us the ability to choose. Whether we choose to follow him or not to follow him. The best option is to choose to follow Him, however, in doing so we actually give up that free will and live according to His will. This is where Christians have such a hard time. We're like stubborn little children who want our own way

    • I hold the idea the devil is a concept used for thousands of years to cover up and brush off the dirty deads of men misguided by their greed and dominance, as well as the pleasure and sensation gained from it. Their unenligtened souls are complicit and naive, but not owned. However this does not negate God, which is present everywhere in what is NATURAL! Unnatural things like abuse and trauma breed more of the same. Other than the victims of trauma and abuse pretty much everyone has a choice! To reflect upon yourself and behavior, to enrich the soul and allow for true expression of the spirit. And regardless if someone is threatened with harm or harm to others, they have the duty to their soul to do RIGHT! If you or someone else has to die because you did the right thing and expose criminals to humanity, then you ldied a worthwhile death! As for the 'industry' it is gross and debauched. Controlled, manipulated, and definitley puts good use to illuminati and other religious symbolism to fuck with people and get the blogs tallking. but it is also meant to stop others who are entrenched in it from expressing themselves creatively and for manipulation, of the mind and thought processes., all made up by men who were not in touch with their soul. God is real, and has allowed a peice of his light within us to find, and purify us. I respect Christianity, and the bible has truth. I think Jesus teachings were more important than himself, so i think things have gotten mixed up there in the practice of worshipping Christ. But i am pretty sure i have seen VC claim himself that this is not a christian site so that claim is wrong.

      • WarForYourSoul on

        Enlightenment=achieving Godhood which is exactly what the Illuminati and other Luciferians believe. This is plain wrong and denies the absolute power of the Almighty, the Creator. The devil is not just a concept, I see this idea being propagated everywhere nowadays. Many of the most powerful people in the world believe in the BIBLICAL devil, albeit in a twisted fashion as the bringer of knowledge and light. They believe in a real devil and they contact him and his demons through various occult rituals and channeling practices. THE DEVIL IS A REAL EVIL SPIRIT that wants you to die in your sins and go to hell, not some abstract concept. Life is a spiritual battle of unimaginable importance!

        The Bible has truth? No, the Bible IS truth! Jesus IS truth! Jesus made it very clear that unless you accept what he did for you on the cross, you will be judged righteously by a perfect God. I feel so sorry for everyone who hasn't been forgiven by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ because when they die, they will have to give account for every one of their sins. Every sinful action, every hurtful word, every perverted thought will be exposed and judged by a JUST God. For God to be perfect, he must be just. The wages of sin is death and God will and must pay the wages accordingly. Jesus' teachings would be meaningless if he did not die for ours sins, resurrect, and offer us eternal life and peace with God in heaven. What would it matter if I started living a better life thanks to his teachings but had no chance of forgiveness and salvation? It would be meaningless. I would burn in hell for all eternity as I deserve to for the evil things that I have done and for falling far short of God's perfect standard. Jesus wasn't only a teacher, he was the Son of God, and he died so that we don't have to. Repent, believe in him, put your faith in him. Don't do it for me but for yourself and for your eternal soul! DOn't wait! Repent and accept the gift of salvation NOW! God bless!

        Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." – John 14:6

        "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

      • Jesus christ said know ye that you are gods. And also that we can do anything jesus did even greater.

      • WarForYourSoul on

        You always have to understand the context of a passage before you start analyzing it. Basically, the word "gods" is used a few times in scripture when referring to magistrates, judges, and other people who hold positions of authority and rule like in Psalm 82:6-7:

        "I said, “You are gods, and all of you are sons of the Most High. Nevertheless you will die like men and fall like any one of the princes.


        "Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said, you are gods’?" – John 10:34

        When Jesus said this he was making a point to the Jews, who were angry over him calling himself the Son of God, that their our law refers to certain people as gods in some verses. If they have the right to be called gods, how much more does the one whom God sent have the right to call himself the Son of God?

        Lastly, he said whoever believes in him will perform greater things than he did because we are equipped with the Gospel which has the power to save souls. Jesus healed bodies but with the message of his forgiveness we are equipped to do even more! Souls will be saved with his message and we have that power! Believe it!

        So, as you can see, you were interpreting both verses incorrectly in trying to suggest that Jesus was informing us of some kind of super powered divinity that we possess. On the contrary, we are but mere creations, fallen sinners, in need of grace and forgiveness above all else.

      • adaratrosclair on

        Verse, please? Which verse and book did you find this in? Hmmm? Hmmm? Hmmmmm!

      • (NIV if that's alright)
        John 10:
        33“We are not stoning you for any good work,” they replied, “but for blasphemy, because you, a mere man, claim to be God.”
        34Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods” ’? 35If he called them ‘gods,’ to whom the word of God came—and Scripture cannot be set aside— 36what about the one whom the Father set apart as his very own and sent into the world? Why then do you accuse me of blasphemy because I said, ‘I am God’s Son’? 37Do not believe me unless I do the works of my Father. 38But if I do them, even though you do not believe me, believe the works, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father.”

        John 14:
        12Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

        So it does technically say those things, but the verses would have to be greatly twisted to assume that we don't need to be plugged into the God of Gods through Jesus Christ in order to be what the ancient, polytheistic, theocratic Middle East would think of as a deity. It has nothing to do with the popular Gnostic-derived ideas of apotheosis. Where most religions focus on how to ACHIEVE the optimal spiritual state on Earth or in the hereafter, Christianity is quite consistent and emphatic about how we've already lost that battle, yet each and every one of us is OFFERED more than an angel's share of power/authority/wisdom/holiness/paradise just because The Guy Who Has The Final Say can spoil His little dears all He likes.

    • Outraged Citizen on

      Spoken like a true New Ager/Luciferian/Freemason/follower of any of the mystery religions. That is the philosophy of the elite, to achieve God-like status on earth through one's own means. You are entitled to your own belief, but it's not right to belittle other people for their faith. I will pray for you and I hope you find happiness, because I can't imagine that you are a very happy person if you feel the need to attack people you don't even know. Good luck and God bless.

    • The savior stories have been propagated to let good people still idly by while letting the demons run amok.Whatever your religion if you sit and watch idly by you are not following the word of god you are just reading a book banking on a prophecy.You are not living the life.

      • JamesWatchman on

        Incorrect. The Bible talks about people actively exposing darkness. It does not say "Do nothing!" like you imply

    • Remember just because you don't believe in the devil, Does not mean you are safe from him or his influence :( find the light friend

      • Wait, what? "Find the light…"

        A lot has been written about the deceptiveness of the light and yet you say to find it. This is by no means a personal attack. To each their own.

        Think about this…

        To give up the illusion of separation, and one's (God-given) ego – the thing that convinces an individual their own way is the only right way – giving that up and following God without hesitation while remaining fearless in all things, in every act, is the most difficult act of all. To see and love the Creator in everyone/thing is truly for the meek, fand it's they who shall inherit the Earth.

      • So true. Ivmyself was born into a christian family and after praying for wisdom ive learned to embrace all religions as divine. Those that teach good morals. Their Godis my God.

    • satan is real… he is the ruler of the world 1 john 2: 15-17 says: 15 Do not be loving either the world or the things in the world.+ If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him;+ 16 because everything in the world+—the desire of the flesh+ and the desire of the eyes+ and the showy display* of one’s means of life+—does not originate with the Father, but originates with the world.+ 17 Furthermore, the world is passing away and so is its desire,+ but he that does the will+ of God remains forever.+

      Satan the Devil is the ruler of this wicked world. When tempting Jesus, Satan offered him all the kingdoms of the world, saying: “I will give you all this authority and the glory of them, because it has been delivered to me, and to whomever I wish I give it.”—Luke 4:5-7.

      Yes, the Bible teaches that Satan the Devil is, indeed, a real person. Critics of the Bible, however, scoff at such a portrayal of the Devil. Satan, they say, merely represents the principle of evil that resides in humans.
      Should we be surprised by the confusion regarding Satan’s true identity? Not at all. To illustrate: A criminal might wipe his fingerprints from a crime scene so that he may conceal his identity and thus continue his illegal activity undetected. Similarly, Satan is a criminal mastermind who is content to operate behind the scenes, promoting moral corruption. Jesus clearly identified Satan as the one responsible for the evil state of human affairs. Jesus called Satan “the ruler of this world.”—John 12:31.

      The corrupt state of human affairs bears testimony to the existence of a real Devil. The nations of this world let surplus food rot while their hungry populations starve. The nations store up weapons of mass destruction for mutual annihilation. They pollute earth’s environment. Yet, most people are blind to the source of such hateful, self-destructive behavior. Why?
      The Bible reveals that Satan “has blinded the minds of the unbelievers.” (2 Corinthians 4:4) To manipulate humanity, Satan employs an invisible organization. He is “the ruler of the demons.” (Matthew 12:24) Just as a boss of an organized crime ring can run a large illegal empire without revealing himself to all those involved, so Satan uses his insidious organization of wicked angels to control masses of people who remain largely unaware of his role or influence.
      How thankful we can be that the Bible unmasks the Devil and exposes his organization! We can thus take steps to resist the Devil’s influence. The Bible admonishes us: “Subject yourselves . . . to God; but oppose the Devil, and he will flee from you.”—James 4:7.

      • Thank you Charlie for your comment in response to the comment about satan not being real!! You covered the infor.afion quite well!! Its so importanf that we put the truth out in the open even though it seems tideous and not accepted by the majority most of the time. We must expose the evil and speak the word in order to show the world that Father God has already given us insight to the workings of this world and he warns his children not go unaware of satans devices to manipulate us. Thanks be to God for all of his word in the Bible and for the foresight of things to come. May God have mercy on our world and give us time to change the hearts of many men before its too late!

      • Charlie, great statement and well said, you have even made references which reflects the state of what is happening in the world right now and to the people, written in different words of course but definitely prevalent.

    • Christians are the most misguided and disadvantaged grouping of people on the planet. Some of the stories conveyed in the bible are useful, but understand that the group we call the illuminati uses symbolism that existed BEFORE Christianity. Now, god is on our money!!!! Do you understand that they are raping the concept of god and mocking it by forcing you mobs of subservient minds to except a 3 dimensional interpretation of all esoteric texts. This is the deception. You will never comprehend the god you speak so highly of because you refuse to abandon the flesh and this material plane. Oh yeah, and chances are, the illuminati wrote the new testament! Especially revelations, which is why it appears to be coming true!!! THE ILLUMINATI WANT TO KILL THE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION. How does the bible end again??? Oh yeah, the majority of the population dies! Think about it and study some history, sumerian, Babylonian, and Egyptian civilizations all had the same stories as the bible. If they are worshipping the devil, so are you. Easter and Christmas take place on dates with pagan signifigance, and we all know how corrupt Catholicism is!!!! Just wake up and think people. Religious fundamentalism is religious fundamentalism, whether your Muslim or Christian!!!

      • Majority of population die because of extreme megadisasters that no illuminati or evil religions can control.Earth will change dramatically in upcoming events.

        If God wants to cleanse the Earth of all drug users,alcohol drinking,Kesha listening,sleeping around and cursing loud sinners I personally have no voice against it. My prayer to Lord is to show His Mighty hand and save those who can be saved.

        If Bible is being hated more than NWO,more than Army,more than Jimmy Saville and David Rockefeller
        combined for me it is a sign that Bible is right and every single event described will eventually take place.
        No news can be better for those who eagerly awaiting for coming of our dear Lord Jesus.

      • Actually you should look up HAARP and weather modification. There are SEVERAL conspiracy theories just like the illuminati that once you piece it together, you start to see the dark side of it and how it corresponds with the NWO agenda. You may be wrong about natural disasters.

      • I can understand your distaste for "all drug users,alcohol drinking,Kesha listening,sleeping around and cursing loud sinners"; nevertheless, if you get to know some of them on a more personal level, you begin to understand why Christ Almighty made the difficult decision to be tortured to death on their behalf while they were yet in sin.

      • Matey no matter what you think, the few chosen will live forever and most of the populace will keep company to the demons. There is nothing you, I or anybody else can do. There are the very few chosen and the rest. Now if they have manipulated the Christmas and Easter celebrations, it's their problem and they'll be accountable for that. Peeps who wish to celebrate the Holy Birth and Resurrection don't commit any crime by celebrating them those certain days as they are unaware of why they are fixed certain periods of the year. We have gathered by now that the Heads of the Churches are corrupt, esp. the Catholic church. The Jews must be worshipping the evil as well as they celebrate their Hanukah and Passover, whatever.

      • Theo, it's way too obvious that you (just like all the Witnesses) never managed to read that sentence about the 144 thousand sealed ones from Revelation till the end… as it goes on explaining that they will be12,000 EACH FROM 12 DIFFERENT ISRAELITE TRIBES…so unless you're Israelite, you can forgot about heavens ;)))) Wake up, dear… Jehova's Witnesses are liars and have been proven wrong many, many times.

      • There is no Saint who is of Jewish background, with the exception of the Apostles of course. You see Heavens is open to everyone, not only the Jews. I'm not a Jehovah's witness and I don't wish to become one.

    • When theirs good theirs evil dude lol Lucifer is real evil people pretend and imitate he's doings. Also you don't need to believe in God to know theirs evil . People do harm to others to gain what they want look at all those evil criminals Manson wtf Their evil their the bad seed . Also of theirs nothing wrong have you ever questioned why they cover one eye constantly and the triangle in every music video , tv , and movies . Well to you it seems natural is on trend so your cool right wrong . Is not cool and trending everything has a meaning and the eye has one look it up omg . You totally missed the point of this article dude lol Is find If you don't believe it but theirs something evil about the music industry out there how come the talented people aren't famous and those who can't sing are . Why do their music videos have so many symbols ask yourself that . Do some research yourself I was skeptical about this I still have some doubts trying to figure it out. I know theirs something messed up in that industry why would people that want peace or talk about Nwo . JFK , Bob Marley , John Lennon , and Mj die . Why funny right or the 27 club talented artist die but humiliated first wtf . Well everyone is entitle to their own opinions .

      • Well said Mellow my friend, i am always saying to people about what you have just commented on i mean its like c'mon wake the fuck up.

    • The term god (gad) is actually the pagan deity of fortune. The term Jesus evolved from ie sus to Jesus with the introduction of the letter j . It means hail Zeus. zeus was not only the head of the pagan pantheon but also interchangeable w lucifer who has 77 names according to anton lavey. The pagans have forced ,/tricked all of humanity to honor their pagan deities by removing the true name of the creator and the name of the true messiah from scripture. The creators true name is yahuwah and the messiah is yauwshua . Research it you are invoking demons and you don't even realize it.

      • WarForYourSoul on

        Yes, I'm sure the thousands of biblical scholars who have devoted their lives to translating manuscripts and/or analyzing and studying the Bible have not caught on to this BUT you have along with some untrustworthy random internet source where you almost certainly got this information from.

      • War, are you familiar with the Peschitta? It is a translation of the NT testament from aramaic which includes many instances of Lord being translated as YHWH where from the greek they are translated as 'adonai.' The letter 'J' did not exist until the 1600's. From what I have studied, Jesus is translated in the Hebrew as Yeshua which means "YHWH saves." I am of the mind that Yeshua was YHWH in the flesh.

      • normal citizen on

        Thats why gods real name is ALLAH and Jesus is called EESA. Using these names in Islam does not invoke any evil demons. There are many other names ie days of the weeks and months that also relate to their pagan deitys.

      • I once heard from a Middle Eastern Jew (not sure exactly where he was from) that everyone in his country uses the name Allah to refer to their respective Supreme Being, whether they're Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or Miscellaneous. So there's bound to be some confusion about who Allah is supposed to refer to in various contexts and which of them had the name first.

      • Technicalities via word games sound like precisely the sort of game the devil would play to sneak into an unknowing victim…but the real Creator isn't like that. He honours the intentions of the heart. I've heard of demons borrowing the names God and Jesus, even within my own system, but neither those impertinent monsters nor our collective inability to spell/pronounce Hebrew have succeeded in keeping us away from the real Father and Messiah we want.

    • You are not God Andre! God is much more powerful than you. You may have a divine spark but you are not a God unto yourself. God is whole and you are not. You are a part of God not separate from God. This Luciferian Gnostic deception is separating you from the divine. I was one of you until the full force of the power of God came into my life. I was nothing in comparison to Him but He loved me unconditionally! He came to me in a dream and changed my life. There are things that we don't understand and it is difficult for those of us who have experienced divine intervention to explain it. I mocked God up until that very moment. The "devil" is really just darkness and evil entities that try to separate you from the source of God's love and light. Satanists don't believe in the Devil but they do practice black magick and conjure spirits. This makes them feel powerful because they really feel helpless in life. My ex was this way and a Satanist. He is hurt inside and feels the need to push people away by acting dark and feeding off other's energies. I still pray that he finds peace. It takes a lot to forgive and let go. Now I am the person I used to mock but am much happier!

      • Chrissy, we all play a part in the unending, self-discovery of the Infinite. As you previously mentioned, each of us holds within, the spark of the Divine, our unfiltered connection with the oneness of the Absolute. As such, we are all a part of God, sent on his behalf to the explore the various dimensions of existence. As a family can all bare the same last name yet there is a "head of the household", so a like relation exists between us. In the God 'Family', God could be considered the Father, and Christ our elder brother. Christ and Paul made it clear our destiny is to become like Christ. And as a child is born into a family, so we must be born into the 'God Family.' Subtract from or divide Infinity and it is still Infinite. Innumerable number of Divine sparks, of filters of experience through which the Absolute comes to better know itself. Each of us with the potential to achieve God Consciousness, to once again fully realize our never-ending oneness with the Absolute and with all things. I don't see the contention with what Andre said. As I read it, Andre said that we are not separate from God. In paradoxical fashion, God is many, yet God is One. To quote the Hindu Servasvatana Upanishad: He is the one God, hidden in all beings, all-pervading, the self within all beings, watching over all works, dwelling in all beings, the witness, the perceiver, the only one, free from qualities

      • normal citizen on

        Wow, I salute you>>>>>In this day and age, where Islam and all religions are not cool, you have taken a truly great step. Why apologize??? you are the owner of your own destiny and therefore can do as you wish. Knowledge is POWER.
        And this is the sort of power that will kill the demons. Good luck and keep reading…..

      • The apologize was sarcasm xD. As Jesus said " search the truth and the truth will make you free", he didn't say read the Bible and the Bible will make you free, i find the truth and it's called Holy Quran.

    • I don't think we are our own God, but I won't sit and tell you you're wrong like all of these other people. So hateful. I do know people who don't believe in the devil, and if you tell them there has to be a devil if their is a God, they will say that's very narrow minded. Because it is.

    • truth in truth on

      Hey Andre… I believe in the Devil (Satan) and it doesn't matter to me what ignorant people think about that because I've seen the spiritual world and experienced Satanic occult practices and let me tell you, no human being could ever manifest the power that was exhibited. Go ahead and believe your god, thats part of the first deception that came upon humanity. The Bible is real, and there is more power in God's word than the Devil and all his minions combined. Oh yeah, one more thing… You're pretty arogant, if it weren't for me being a Christian i'd kick you a$$

      • truth in truth……….You stated…….."I've seen the spiritual world and experienced Satanic occult practices and let me tell you, no human being could ever manifest the power that was exhibited."

        please tell me more

    • The greatest tool of the enemy (satan) is fooling people into believing he doesn't exist. evrything created has an opposite. light, dark, love, hate good, evil, GOD, satan. Although he is not equal to GOD, he is indeed the enemy of GOD, and indeed real. I will pray for you to be able to see the truth, and for fellow believers not to mock you for your unbelief. GOD bless you.

    • We know there are demons because we've seen (and in some cases physically fought) many of them, especially the alter who claims to have been possessed by a legion. And these things go away when you confidently tell them to in the name of Jesus Christ. We've never seen them answer to any of our names, but hey, go ahead and test it yourself if you ever come across a certainly-not-devil spirit that just happens to loathe you for no reason. 😉

  10. That song sucked and was a little creepy. The devil laughing at the end was scary. I'm an adult but things like these really scare me, they scare me cause I can't believe what society has come to, what some parents let their kids listen to! How easy it is for them to just put these songs and videos full of symbols without no one saying anything about it!!
    It's just too much… Sometimes I wonder if I would like all these songs or videos if I didn't know what they meant… it's just sad.

  11. Great article VC. I only want to point out one thing: in the lyrics where you wrote "weaving through Heaven and back", it's actually "..through Hell and back." Nothing huge, but just wanted to point it out. Makes more sense that way anyway.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Could this be just a publicity move, marketing stuff? You know, artists and public personas do it all the time. I mean, Ozzy calls himself "the prince of darkness", Marilyn Manson called himself "the antichrist" once, etc. This kind of shit sells, young revolted teens love it!

    Plus, this motherfucker Dr. Luke is a true mediocrity machine!! Wow, his curriculum is a piece of shit, full of disposable and pasteurized "entertainers". Pfff…

    • theonlytruth on

      what a crap! since when it is cool for young kids and teens to say that they are part of the DARK? what did I miss??? was it ever "cool" to be a satanist???

      • Well, sorry but yes. It's the way it is for quite a while.
        Lots, if not the major part, of the teenagers that into rock/heavy metal music love the violent concepts, to listen to dark music, wear shirts with dark motifs, or at least play some violent videogames, or just like to shock people around just for sake of it. Can we able to prohib it? Of course not! Just educate them. That's a phase and I think it's normal. Darkness, rebellion, anger, always been appealing to the youth, we can't deny it. Some of them leave this shit behind when adults, some not.

        And then enters the publicity, the marketing! And they make a lot of money on it. Yep. Don't get me wrong, i'm not pro or against anything. Just putting some facts on the table.

    • Actually Marilyn Manson doesnt dress dark to try to seem cool. The guy is an actual satanic priest so what he does is legit. Im pretty sure we can say the same about Ozzy.



    "Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men."

  14. Aspiring Musician on

    Is it possible to be in the music industry without selling your soul? I need to know. Is there literally no way that you can sign a contract to work on a CD without signing a contract to worship Satan? Do these celebrities know what they're getting into? Can anybody tell me?!

    • There are many stars who are in the music industry who have NOT sold their soul to the devil for fame. These people, however, are not top of the 'pyramid' so to speak. For instance, take Nicole Scherzinger who recently claimed that she didn't sell her soul…she's a star, but isn't as popular as other stars like Katy Perry (who openly professed she sold her soul). In short, if you want to be on the top in terms of fame and fortune, you have to sell your soul, not just to your label, but on a spiritual and evil level as well. Also, keep in mind, that everyone of these stars are merely controlled and have their strings pulled by powerful forces to push their own agenda. In other words, they are merely puppets.

      • To your last question – Do they know what they're getting into? I think a few of them are well aware of the gravity of the situation. Some regret what they did when it's already too late. When they try to get out of it, there isn't anything they can do about it, but continue to be the devil's pawn. Instead, they either get killed or they get negative publicity which ruins them anyway. I also think some are ignorant and get completely blinded by desire for material wealth. They may be happy for awhile, but in the end, I think they will all regret what they did at the last dying moments of their life. Other people are recruited and get wound up in this crap against their will – take Monarch mind control slaves like Britney Spears.

    • Isn't it better to do it yourself now? You might sell less but it would be on your own terms if you sell through ITunes, Amazon, etc. rather than sign with a middleman like a record compnay that may or may not promote you but will expect its cut no matter what. It's just a lot harder to get started without the cash upfront, but plenty of bands over the years have done it the indie route, it's just easier these days with the internet to deal with fans directly. It's more work but you have control over the end product.

    • you can do it, esp nowadays, you can self publish and podcast and do many things out of the mainstream, if you have a true love of art and music and care for your gifts wisely God will help you keep your music uplifting and inspiring, true music is of the heavenly spheres and should celebrate beauty, truth, goodness and help to heal the hearts and minds of people, with that in mind, you might want to check out this:

      • has some MIND-blowing information. I knew that there was darkness and negativity in pop music, but I cannot believe the actual frequencies are hurting us also! Unbelievable.

        Is Classical music even safe ?

        Thank You for the links.

    • From what I have read over and over again, yes this is the way it is when it comes to high position and fame. To be on the top lists of singers, this is what you have to do, or else you don't make it to popularity. Its a fixed world with the elite.

      so I say :

      Best is if you have a gift of music, you can just make albums and show off to friends. You can make good money by working with a band and sing at Babtismals weddings barmits va's and other social events. You won't be famous or very rich, but you won't be poor. God has given so many the gift of music, but its not worth getting involved

  15. More dancing with the evil one…
    Even not mentioning those words entertainment industry is terrifying.The more I see the more I convinced that last battle for lost souls is in process right before our eyes.
    Sounds like all those monster dolls,zombie/monster movies and dark songs along with horrible games serve one single purpose-PREPARE THE WORLD FOR ANTICHRIST.
    Especially,teens and children.Wipe any sort of fear before unknown.Wake unhealthy interest in occult practices.So MK Ultra is no longer needed as they already getting mega shot of dark.
    I do believe that in our time more people participate in magic,sorcery,witchcraft,divination of any kind than in any time of history.Few saying a word against it.

    In my West Coast town I noticed cars with star of Baphomet and stickers "EXPECT WONDERS".
    Did anyone saw that?
    Expect wonders-same as THES.2:9 Whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan,with all powers and signs and FALSE WONDERS.

    Nothing surprise me in Media anymore.All that surprise me is within the Church.This is one of many truths that is currently forbidden to preach-that Antichrist will seduce majority of believers as easily as he seduced them to watch TV hell and listen many dances with…you know whom.

    God bless us to keep eyes open till His day.

  16. 1 Timothy 6:10, "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

    That dollar sign in the middle of Ke$ha's name says it all.

  17. I just saw the video for Taylor Swift's 22. You don't need to do a column on it, it's all too obvious. Sex kitten, sex kitten, sex kitten.

      • Ralphster……………..You forgot to mention that there are also 22 letters of the hebrew alphabet and also 22 of the Major Arcana Tarot cards used for divination…………..Just makes ya wonder doesn't it

  18. An interesting article. Ke$ha is probably just poking further fun at the Masses. To proclaim the complete inevitability against the darkness is the ultimate heresy, or victory for anyone as indoctrinated and imbued as she.

  19. But… isn't this just a little spun by k@#%&sha and her team on the fact that it is massively popular to cash in on being sorry, fulnerable and used – and at the same time making huge profit of the same fans..? A lot of people seem to feel helpless/powerless..
    This discussion makes me think of Madonna expressing how humble she is on camera, while behind the scene she tries to controll even the smallest things and the biggest people.
    And pullease, leave religious crap at your doorstep when you step in the real world. Believing is not the same as preaching.


      SNORE! put down the remote to MTV's Real World. and as for religious crap, then why would you talk about cashing in? "in God we Trust" is right on your dollar bill. and you need that dollar to buy "stuff" in the "real world." if believing is not the same as preaching, you have just spun your own words. then what is Teaching?

  20. Angel Hair Pasta on

    So many stars have sold their souls. Songs from the 60s, 70s and 60s also had that message. Most of the albums charting very high always have occult symbols or anti human messages.

    If you read the lyrics, watch the videos and look at the musicians'lifestyles, they are doing everything that the Bible forbade.

  21. So if Ke$ha actually has come to realization what's going on, does it mean she isn't under MK Ultra Mind Control?

  22. Consider: If Satan conversed with Jehovah God and Jesus Christ, how could Satan possibly be merely the principle of evil that resides in others? There is absolutely no evil in God or his Son! Clearly, then, Satan is a real person—an evil spirit creature who has no respect for Jehovah or for Jesus.
    The corrupt state of human affairs bears testimony to the existence of a real Devil. The nations of this world let surplus food rot while their hungry populations starve. The nations store up weapons of mass destruction for mutual annihilation. They pollute earth’s environment. Yet, most people are blind to the source of such hateful, self-destructive behavior. Why?
    The Bible reveals that Satan “has blinded the minds of the unbelievers.” (2 Corinthians 4:4) To manipulate humanity, Satan employs an invisible organization. He is “the ruler of the demons.” (Matthew 12:24) Just as a boss of an organized crime ring can run a large illegal empire without revealing himself to all those involved, so Satan uses his insidious organization of wicked angels to control masses of people who remain largely unaware of his role or influence.

    • Careful charlie, the mockers might call you a nutjob! Just joking, who cares what they think. Evil is real and God is real and God is much more powerful. That is why these people have no true power over us. That is why the have to manipulate us and lie to and deceive us. But through the power and love of God we can conquer them! They feed on fear and hate. We should show them love and pray for them! I was in the occult and people prayed for me. They're not all bad they just need our help!

    • No satan, no wicked angels, no apocalypse coming. The real Jesus would have none of this talk. A religion that has people participating in blood sacrifices and ritualistic cannibalism on a weekly basis? Really? Jesus was a blood sacrifice for willing believers… Nothing seems black magickey about that, nothing at all. Might as well start slitting babies throats on an altar to appease our snake gods. They are ALL devils – all these imposter gods. We go through the same myths and the same stories again and again and again. None of it is true! I dare you to find a religious cultural mythologist. Its impossible. Completely impossible to see all these recycled myths again and again and think that any of it holds water or is for a good purpose – especially considering we continue to build and destroy civilizations repeatedly even with all these great religions.

    • If we are going to subscribe to the theory that elite bloodlines control pretty much everything, why would we bother reading a set of books that they themselves have edited down for thousands of years?!?!?!? Burn your bibles. They are mostly resurrected and renamed older myths all juiced up so that people can reassure themselves that they are following the TRUE word of god. Mass published books lead everyone down the wrong path ELSE THEY WOULD NOT BE MASS PUBLISHED.

      • So only atheism is kind and pure and undefiled.
        Open-mindedness is highest moral and ethics standard of our time.Just do whatever you like.

        Your religion is as old as the Bible,Wendy. Blame me and my fellow believers in all the dark deeds you can imagine. Only one thing stop doing ,please-preaching your hateful,strange distorted religion.
        I already got more brainwashing than I need back in USSR. Glorious names like Ghandi Voltaire and Marx are nothing to me.Follow your gods.No hihger power no superior being no eternity and any sort of justice-live your life and do whatever you want. In such a case even Illuminati are right.

        Only upon fruits we can recognize what is true.Fruits of atheism are well known..

      • I'm an agnostic/spiritual person who has NOTHING to do with any religion. It's not proven so how can I believe it? It's just like this NWO/ILLuminati chatter, I don't believe it 100%, but I don't deny its possible. My point is what Wendy said doesn't make her an atheist as I agree with it. Just because someone decides not to worship, that does not mean they are an atheist. It's your idiotic rambling about how you're so much better because you DO believe.. that doesn't make you any more enlightened and actually come off more brain washed than anyone.

      • WarForYourSoul on

        I just don't understand people who think like this; never committing to anything, never actually believing in anything for their whole lives unless some amazing physical miracle occurs that "proves" it to you. It's a balance of probabilities here, not proof beyond a reasonable doubt, WAKE UP! What good does it do you if you learn about these things but don't make up your mind on anything?'re really no better off than the person who is completely asleep and brainwashed watching TV for five hours a day and thinking they are educated and ahead of the game because they watch the evening news. I don't want to seem harsh but this is what I truly believe.

        The most powerful people in this world worship the Biblical devil! They are clearly steering this world towards a one world political, economic, and "religious" system. There is a sinister and demonic spiritual aspect to their efforts. Please continue looking. I hope you will eventually realize that the Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life…He is the only way anyone can be saved.

      • Brainwashed people seek nothing.
        Do not mix up spiritual/agnostic (whatever that mean) with atheism.
        Atheists are all brainless bunch that having such a strong creed that do not need to be proven.
        NWO chatter? C'mon,read papers,open your eyes it is more real than you and me.
        Not what we discuss,what they had already confessed.

        What is more,believe in devil and his evil spirits have nothing to do with Bible.If you follow such a crap try to live a month in a haunted house.Then,only then we can discuss matters.

      • wendy11…are you saying the devil doesnt exist? demons don't exist?………….Myths and legends are forgotten facts btw & i think you totally missed charlie's point and for you to say "burn your bibles" really? Ohnestly hun, im not Christian but i would never do that or say that, that is just disrespectful to people that are Christians and follow their faith, c'mon hun have SOME sham atleast & btw the original Bible speaks the truth, its just that it has been altered too many times – but please dont even get me started.

      • I'm agree with you, the original Bible speaks the truth, but it was lost, altered and corrupted, thats why God gave the humanity the Holy Quran.

      • If the bible has been manipulated and corrupted, then god of the Christians isn't a perfect god. ESPICIALLY if he is perfect. "God" would never let errors and contradictions into the bibilical canon but yet there are piles of contradictions and mid Interpretations. "God" of the bible isn't in existence at all. Satan doesn't exist and possession is t even real either. The masses are awakening. The new age of spirituality is coming not Christ or any illuminati controlled world-state. If you really want to push the Christianity issue, please look at the first google result for "bible contradictions" and read some of the articles on there and the. Come back to debate.

        I don't hate Christian s it's just I hate to see soo many people deceived like they are.

        Namaste my good friends.

    • great comment charlie…Satan is the creator of the material world and uses that as a weapon to manipulate and deceive us……………Hollywood, Music Biz, Film, Fashion etc – ALL FABRICATED AND FALSE.

      & the saddest thing of all is that its working…………..

  23. I just cannot feel bad for her at this time.

    And, no way do these 'leaders' ever produce a song , let alone let the 'commoners' hear/read the lyrics without a reason. No matter the band or artist – any songs 'against' them are out only for a reason and someone allowed it to be heard.


  24. WOW! No wonder they wouldn't produce this song. Kesha better be careful what she says or she may have an accidental overdose. I feel sorry for her and will pray for her!

  25. Just goes to show how blind so many young artists are today as they sell their soul for fame and fortune while not realizing that they're just pawns for the elite who want to promote their evil agenda

    Kesha's lyrics literally explains most, if not all of everything since that is just one of them things that could get her set up for murder (courtesy of Michael Jackson)

    Easy to get in, hard to get out of. Thats the industry for you.

    Excellent work VC, always looking forward to attempted breakouts by these artists who don't like what they're being told to sing about.

    • I agree. I also believe many artists know they have to sell to get that fame. They know exactly what they're getting into but the just want to be famous and wealthy 'so much' – they sell into anyways despite the pain they'll receive. They know exactly by signing they're giving their rights, identity, individualism, dreams, etc away for good.

    • Chapelle got out. Lauryn Hill got out. Tupac, too, but he got out with a plan to unify the black community FOR REAL and the elites do not want that (that's why they make sure people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton stay on the scene), so he didn't get out with his life. He was too much of a threat. No one has an excuse unless they are traumatized to the point where they can no longer properly think for themselves.

  26. These artists get caught up in the illusion of selling ones soul. Its one of the devils tricks. You cant sell something that doesnt belong to you. Your soul was created by GOD and hes the one who forever owns it.

    • Light & Truth on

      Its not your spiritual soul…its forgetting moral, will go to the lowest of lows and will do anything, not good or morally right, for money.

      • L & T people appear to have different needs that we might not have the ability to understand. They need the fame and wealth whereas others prefer to be low key although they have some talent and could be on the top of the game if they were ruthless. All of us have some weaknessses even though those peeps appear to have this kind of weakness, if not more. ah well, nobody is perfect. Now that I'm thinking of it each one of us should concentrate on their own shortcomings as we are responsible for ourselves and our actions. Probably is an escape to be prone to criticize others.

    • God and the devil are one in the same – no one but you owns your soul. Your soul IS creation, and you dishonor it by letting anyone take ownership of it, ESPECIALLY some psychopathic god. Speaking of, when are those Abramahic religions going to bring all that peace they talk about? Id say, um, never! They are ALL tricks.

      • Light & Truth on

        I came up with this quote: "God has made us perfect; we create our flaws" – AQ

        Hope this resonates with you!

      • Light & Truth on

        Another interesting quote: "It's only the arrogance of the EGO that would have us believe that what we cannot physically perceive must not exist"

  27. Makes me think of the song Devil's Dance by Metallica, released during the height of their fame. Makes me wonder whether they sold their soul too.

    Metallica selling out? Never…

    • Off topic, but had to comment. Everything before the Black album was art. Everything after…garbage. Unlike Pantera…

      • Everything before the Black album was socially/politically conscious metal that had the potential to shift minds, but everything from the Black album onwards was dumbed down to appeal to the masses. Personally, I blame Bob Rock.

    • uh, hate to break it to ya but after And Justice for all…it was pretty much sell out city for dear Metallica.

  28. This doesn't have anything to do with this article, but have you seen `Never Close Our Eyes` music video by Adam Lambert? Since I have followed vc's posts, I think it's quite weird, perhaps monarch mind control? Please analyze it too VC! Perhaps, I'm just getting paranoid…

  29. Does that mean artists like adele, One Direction and the Wanted have selled their life for the price of fame? since they have become really famous? Or have they made it on their own?

    • Britney just wrote a "love letter" to Adele in some magazine saying how shes so great cause she hasn't gotten caught up in the big pop machine….so her fates pretty much been sealed. One Direction has Simon Cowell as a handler, nuff said.

  30. Ke$ha grew up with a mother heavily involved with singing and songwriting, and they relocated to Nashville when she was young. Id be surprised if she wasn't involved with programming from a very young age. Grooming a child with a talented mother to do JUST what Ke$has doing now – being a popular puppet "singer/songwriter" spewing elite agenda every chance she gets.

  31. It's cute how everyone bashes artists, whether they do this sort of crap or not. I mean look at how everyone attacked Amy Winehouse. She made damn good music, no sexual bs, just pure jazz. Don't judge others just because they sin differently than you. In kesha's case, she's writing this down so people listen to it obviously, but pay attention to the message she's throwing out, but no you people type down in disgust "how can someone sing that?" OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES TO WHAT SHE'S SAYING! it's like if you see someone hopeless on the street you people will just leave them there to die, it's f****ing sad really.

  32. Wooooow VC just woow, What can i say you never cease to amaze me, Very well done to you of course – Ya know something i havent even clicked on the play button for the video, already looking forward to the next article………………SPOTM fpr April perhaps?………….We were all getting a bit naughty and got fired up on the comments of the last SPOTM (March) and then you disabled the comments, but i wanted to say sorry if i offended anyone, i didnt mean to.

    (Also i just wanted to say my comments were not showing on the last articles such as the Roseanne Barr one, Katt williams &The Hide and Seek one but i have read those articles and well done once again to VC, great info as always and also read everyones comments and there were some good links that people had posted. appreciate it.)

  33. Mountain king on

    Nobody talking about this Dr Luke character. His real name is Lucasz Gottwald, he writes and produces many of the hit songs today, some of which have been looked at here on VC. Very enlightening to read about him on Jewish ( just bing Jewish journal who is doctor Luke). You know it's funny, VC focuses so much attention on the music and entertainment industry yet never seems to say the J word. Who is making all the money from this evil shit?? Who are the CEO's the executive producers?? The truth is at your fingertips. The world is full of talented and hungry artists, just waiting for their big break yet we get Ke$ha and Ga Ga?? How bad do you want it is the big big question, nobody rides for free.

  34. Sacrificed. Her Eternity will be that of a dew drop in the dead dessert.
    Those Saved: Eternity of a dew drop in the living ocean.

  35. The only stars I feel bad for that get in this situations are the ones who were trapped since childhood: like Britney Spears or Michael Jackson. Otherwise, I can't say I have a whole lot of sympathy. They made their choice.

    • I agree, Britney and Michael Jackson were forced out there by parent's who clearly let them down. If my parent's threw me into the arms of the devil from a young age and helped make me into a puppet imprisoned in the music industry, I would never forgive them.
      In this case it's Britney's and Michael Jackson's parent's who are responsible because they were children and not even aware of this evil.
      Their dumbness ruined the lives of their children and in Michael's case finished his on earth.
      The poor sod ended up murdered because he wanted his freedom and to turn to Good..

      • Yep it'd be too hard to forgive their parents, however if they expect to be forgiven from above, they have to let it go and do the same.

    • Trapped? They have the mental capacity of a two year old, Fame is not for everyone and many people cannot handle the scrutiny that comes with it.

      #1 killer of careers is Ego, they let the fame get to their head that's when it becomes game over for their careers.

  36. Star light, star bright, The first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight,… Would be the death of Lukasz Gottwald,… May you suffer for eternity for all the negativity you've forced on our world and the peoples lives you've destroyed.

  37. Hello VC and avid readers I know this is off topic but please take a look also to Britney Spears' album "Femme Fatale" because I have the copy of her album and some of here unreleased song are all about Monarch Sex Kitten Programming and Transhumanism. Aside from Hold It Against Me and I Wanna Go. Here are the list of her blatant songs:

    Gasoline – "SPARK And it's like gasoline I start, but I'm like a machine My heart only runs on supreme
    So hot, give me your gasoline" – it is clear that she's a robot here and she told her handler to start her; a Transhumanism example

    How I Roll – "(I wanna go) downtown where my posse's at (Because I got) nine lives like a kitty cat
    (You wanna roll, that's how I roll) (I wanna go) ding-ding when I hear that bass (I'm gonna do) my thing if you wanna taste (You better know, that's how I roll)" – it describes here that she's a Monarch Sex Kitten slave.

    I feel so pity for this girl and Ke$ha also because they're my idols. Let's pray for them

  38. I heard this song a few weeks ago after my sister sent me the link. I was hoping you'd make a post about it!! This song makes everything about the industry so blatantly obvious and I'm afraid people's excuses will be "she's just doing it for attention." WAKE UP!!!!! This is what they want you to think so it becomes a part of your daily life!!!! I'm so angered by this that it physically nauseates me!!!

    • i sympathize with you. i have noticed that the more time i spend in a city environment, the more apathetic i get. the more i even Research the entertainment industry, the more likely i am to being "seduced" by the messages. it really is a powerful tool by the enemy. and it REALLY is a Spiritual War.

      Many are called, but Few are Chosen. Remember Lot's wife, and NEVER forget Job's "friends."

      Take Care.

      • I completely agree! I've had to catch myself a few times while doing research on these subjects. These bastards are geniuses but we have to resist and we need people to stop being so easily influenced. I'm afraid that the more popular the "Illuminati" and occult subjects are getting, the more people are seeing them as conspiracies. I guess asking for people to be aware and to recognize the signs is all we can hope for… For now.

  39. Check out the song "Dance with the Devil"by Immortal technique. Listen to the words. That song will blow your mind!

  40. ISLAMallTheWay on

    Hello VC, i am a muslim and I have been reading this website since 2009/10 I have never really had a time to write my comments, however this Kesha song made me have time to write this!!! it's almost too real to be true, if you get what I mean, she's literally admitting what she did although other article that you have posted clearly has proofs which I have no dought….. Please continue doing this to help other people pass it on, so far I have mentioned your website to about 80 people who really changed their taste in music after reading ur websit.

    So many people are saying that there is a way out however if you think carefully if they are always under control how can they think for them self??….. I have always said when they come back to allah/god he would forgive them as everyone makes mistake and he is best at forgiving people. But it almost seems impossible for them; they can't think for themselves, they cant control there acts, they don't have freedom….. All this makes it impossible to come back, but like I said Allah/god is always waiting/willing to forgive his people.

    Everytime a new music/song comes out I always analyse the lyrics and I just can't believe myself of all these new artist that are being defeated by the devil…… I'd rather die poor and let Allah/god judge me than live happily( or rather sad) and go straight to hell, imagin knowing that every day of ur life how can you be happy???

    Thank you once again and by the way please keep up with the "symbolic pic of the month" it really intrested!!

    • Surah Luqman 31:6

      "And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (, singing, etc.) to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah without knowledge, and takes it (the Path of Allah, the Verses of the Quran) by way of mockery. For such there will be a humiliating torment (in the Hell-fire)."

      The black banners of Khorasan are on their path. Iman Mahdi and Jesus are coming.


  41. Harry from One Direction has gotten some weird Illuminati tattoos recently. I love One Direction but now just as with Justin Timberlake they are showing signs of being in with the Illuminati. Its really sad.

  42. VC, I hope along with doing an analysis of the OZ movie if you intend to, you will make a mention of James Franco’s band Daddy video “Love In The Old Days (kolour kult remix)” No analysis needed here. The entire video is one huge satanic ritual. VERY disturbing.

  43. I definitely feel sympathy for those who are under this type of contract. Most entertainers have been primed for the spotlight since they were in diapers, and those who make it in later have no idea what really goes on and what they're getting themselves into at first. These people are deceived and trapped, or mind controlled to the point where they have no hope of escape. It's a horrible position to be in, and I don't think it's right for someone to say they feel no sympathy for these people. Have you looked around the site?? Do you know of the literal torture some of these entertainers endure at the hands of their handlers?? How can you say you have no sympathy?? I only wish I could set these people free, and let them know that even though they signed away their soul, it is not lost forever. God's power and Jesus's sacrifice is the ultimate power, greater than any scheme Satan could dream up.

  44. What if this was a publicity stunt like , now people are noticing the illuminati effect so they choose few of the well known figures , say "Ke$ha" and show that she is powerless for the mass to feel sympathy for her, yet again they keep control on a larger mass who would now appreciate the fact that she wants to change … And that would help control both sides.. Just an idea

    • Anything is possible isn't it! Since nothing has been set in stone or officially announces, I guess we just have to stay vigilant. :)

  45. It's never too late to turn back and follow Jesus until you are sleeping 6ft below. People like Kesha needs prayers to get her out of this demonic stronghold.

  46. I feel sorry for her. Who makes only wise decisions in their Youth?? For those making judgement think about your youth, was everything decision you made a great one?

    She is crying out for help, although she believes it is hopeless to do so.

    There is hope for her, there is turning back. Relinquish Satan as Lord and accept Jesus as Lord. Jesus has set us all free, it becomes an actuality in our lives, including Kesha's once she accepts him as Lord and saviour.

    • Ronniie, that is why you have parents to be your role model and i wouldnt ever let my daughter at that age sing songs like that (about having one night stands), the young girl might not be responsible enough or know what the song means but her parents definitely are old enough to know better and to teach her better.

      This just shows the further agenda of sexualisation of children at a very young age

  47. We are nor saints, including me, however I start feeking like Lot from S & G with everything I see and hear….

  48. A primary school girl is singing about one night stands? At her age I only found how people procreate in theory from my older cousins. Kids grow up too fast and that's a bad sign.

  49. Christinne girl, cant believe you beat me to it. She has got a tattoo of the magickal order O.T.O founded by guess who?……………Aleister Crowley!! – the system of Thelema, also look up the Abbey of Thelema in Italy where he stayed for a bit and he was expelled from Italy by Mussolini.

    What i find strange is that Peaches is telling everyone to look up Thelema and go buy and read Aleister Crowley books………….Is this bitch for real??? Does she even know what Aleister Crowley is about and what he writes about in his books and what he says about children and she has a child may i just mention…… to a guy who happens to be Jewish……….hmmmmm it wouldnt surprise me if he was behind her influence in getting that O.T.O tattoo and before anyone else says what i think they are going to say its a factual comment, not a racist comment.

  50. Christinne, i know you love ya little links, they contain good info, ive got a couple for ya: Just look at what the world is slowly becoming and the "actions" that they portray as cool and acceptable……….Biiig Sigh

    Don't get me wrong, i know some of us like to have a good ole spliff/blunt but not all of us glamorise it like they do………….are they supposed to be doing that on stage in front of millions???……… I'm calling 911

    • Glad I didn't watch that garbage show (well I don't have cable anyway) but WTF! Weren't kids watching?? This is truly the end of society as we know it.

  51. She is being provocative and it sells units. It's about shocking people. I like her and I think she is a great talent.

  52. Remember that every company has its rules and regulations. The music industry is giving them a platform to sing and perform and they are representing the label. It is no different than going to a church and using their symbols and rules. I think you have to pay to play. The higher you go the more you have to agree with what the mangement wants from you. They are in it to make money also. So I feel that people are too hard on the artists. You can still have your own religion when you go home. I also think that Free Masonry and Idol worshiping is seperate.
    The music industry spends tons of money on these artists so that they can live like royalty and in return they make huge profits as well. The only thing that I can say is if you do not like it you do not have to listen. They are adults and they are making a clear decision of what they want to do. If given a chance large numbers of people would love to be a star.

  53. To veez on mentioning James Franco's song…Kenneth Anger is also on the video. For those of you in the know then you are hip to who Anger is. For those who aren't, I suggest you get hip to who Kenneth Anger is. He's a heavy follower of Crowley and he wrote and directed "Lucifer Rising"..

    • Not that I'm surprised, but I knew something was up with James Franco the night that he was on Jimmy Kimmel promoting Oz. Before he came on stage, he was in a hot air balloon outside. Every time the camera would cut to him, he would flash the baph*met (I can't completely spell it out) hand sign. He would even emphasize it by pointing to it with his other hand. Here is a photo of James, along with many other faces we're familiar with, flashing the infamous hand sign….

  54. blackrockermusician on

    I never dug James Franco. The cat has always had a very bad aura about him and I was surprised that they had him co host the Oscars with Anne Hathaway. But after seeing him in Oz then it clicked in my mind and then I tottaly got it. He was the only one who acted like he had a major attitude towards Prince Jackson, Michael's olderst son. Prince was on ET like a month ago breaking into entertainment journalism and he was interviewing a few other people along with Franco. They all gave him praise for doing a good job except for Franco who was really reserved which seemed odd being that Prince Jackson is just a kid doing his thing. But after seeing his video along with Kenneth Anger then I realised why Franco acted the way he did towards Prince Jackson. The Ill has this love/hate/worship thing regarding Michael Jackson. You're either on the side of Gaga/Beyonce who worships Michael or you're on the side who resents Michael's energy and the influence Michael STILL has on many pop artists. Franco is on the resentful side and showed it towards Michael's son.

  55. The "Devil" must not be too picky, or have high standards for talent if these are the tools it keeps picking LOL

  56. I don't think I have mentioned it on here, but everyone on here should watch "The Apple", it is a campy b-movie from 1979, BUT it is about what Ke$ha is talking about the music industry being evil and having to sign a contract with the devil, it bombed, no surprise, and people laugh at it now, but it has a VERY profound message despite its horrible acting and hackneyed script. :) its a double pleasure if you love bad movies like I do. 😀

  57. look for the truth on

    The sad part is….. how mis imformed these people are. the bible clarely states if you earnestly research and read. That human beings ARE souls. As wel as animals. genises 1:20,21,24,25. Humans do not have an immirtal spirit. We are living souls. when you die nothing lives on. Eccl. 9:5 the living are concious that they will die, as for the dead they are conscious of nothing at al. psalm 146:4 his spirit goes out he goes back to the ground on that day his thoughts and all his thinking, plans perish. spirit in the bible is the life force/our breath that animates us. Satan and his demons spread alot of false teachings among humans to mislead us further and further away from the One TRUE God "Jehovah" satan and his demons were angels once created by him. He is stronger than them all. And so is his son Jesus Christ. If the people in the music industry want to get out they CAN. they simply have to leave evrything behind. And that is the hard part for them.

    • Surely they can get out if they want. The problem is they are accustomed to the lifestyle and that's what they can't escape. It takes also tons of humility, for instance ask for God's assistance which they don't appreciate. Let's be honest, we are all egoists and despise humility.

  58. There are four devils who co- operate with each other and I think god has some connection with them too because this evil is supposed to be on earth to help humanity wake up and develop themselves, so even though they are evil and can cause harm they are actually helping humanity in a way to shock them and wake them up to the truth. Satan is the weakest of all devils and one of the nicest, so why do these singers refer to the devil as if it's just one? It seems they are not even told the truth.You don't even want to meet the highest devil. He is 10 time worse than satan and he wants the earth and each soul destroyed forever and to never be reincarnated. These singers really don't know what they have let themselves in for .I don't have sympathy for these singers. Everyone has a choice in life and responsible for themselves and they made the wrong choice because of their greed and lust for fame and fortune. A choice which will result in them suffering when they die.

  59. I read something not that long ago. I can't recall the site but, This guy Todd was in the music industry and he was having a conversation with David Cosby. They talked about spells and magic that is performed with these songs at the studio.

  60. Any Michael Jackson fans you have to read the National Enquirer article in April 22, 2013 issue. "Wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoters AEG. Jackson warned his children to stay away from the "devils" of AEG."

  61. Junie Premacio on

    i felt pity for this girl,,.she really is young,she's beautiful but in illuminati,once you've goet involved there's no turning back,otherwise,you will be killed..her beautiful face will be toasted in hell,sorry for those who idolize her but this is the truth..even me feels sorry for her,for she made a really,really tragic mistake.

  62. MJDeathHoaxSupporter on

    Why don't you do a write up on the many lives that Dr. Luke has destroyed such as what he and Kesha did to the benevolent indie artist Chrissy and her now deceased collaborator, Rich Cronin of LFO and what happened when Chrissy and company tried to stand up against the system for the dead and the horrors they faced because of this Dr. Luke and Kesha? Time to start looking at the bigger picture and how all fits together.

  63. I just thought this after i read the chorus ….IMagine if those lyrics were a spell and u read them ..then WHEN she says I blah blah blah blah to the blah blah …it becomes you who does it unknowingly ..BY stated it …their is a law and if u dont know about you still will be held accountable.We should be careful of what we let in .Just a thought.

  64. Has it ever occurred to anyone that the music industry is playing up to this as the new 'gangsta' persona? I'm not saying this is not real, but if it appears to make you part of a secret society many believe controls the world, how many will adopt the symbolism for that very reason?

  65. I get happy when i see people that have all sort of beliefs realize what's going on and have their eyes opened a little! Jesus is the only way, search for him!

    Sorry for the bad english, it's not my first language.

    "So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known."
    -Matthew 10:26

  66. Darn… I really hope that song is fake but I noticed she actually sang it by reading some of the comments. Really brave of her. I admit, I’ve never really been a fan of Ke$ha, but it is sad her situation. Yet, it is never too late. Jesus will forgive you, he loves you no matter what.And until you breathe your last breath, you can still repent.

    I also have a question-to all of you VC visitors. After reading and exploring this site and staring at symbols that are really all around us (hidden in plain sight), how can you NOT believe? Not even a tiny bit? Seriously? How can you not believe there is an Evil Entity trying to brainwash us, corrupt our youth (something is already been done) are basically trying to destroy us is actually more real than the electricity you use to turn your friggin’ TVs on? How? It is a question that I don’t know,it hits my brain with a piece of brick. Are you people that ignorant? And just because you believe the Devil is all just one big fairy tale, doesn’t mean you need to mock other people’s belief. If you don’t have nothing to say SHUT IT. I’m okay on expressing your opinion, as long you’re not trying to hurt any one or offend the person. I just wanted to say this, that is all. Great article VC, Hope Ke$ha is forgiven…


  67. They ALL Need to Sing for GOD…Why would their Ego's be so BIG that they want ALL that attention, Money and self Glorification for there selves…I never could understand it..Unless they truly want it…

  68. As mentioned..

    I don't believe they relise what they sign till they in…

    Sorry but where am I?
    You fell while walking out an interview and got but by a car, you have been out for 3 months.
    Oh my gosh…

    In those three months they have been out, what happened?? Please they have been brain washed and have come out a whole new person.. Someone who has no control.. Anyone get what I'm saying..

    Buuuuuut guys you have to be careful not to get consumed by all this..myou need to balance out what you read here and God.. If you don't this will completely take over, and it will do to you what the illuminatie wants.. Impart fear and obsession over them. Giving them more and more power by putting the fear of them into hundreds of others.. Hope you understand what I'm saying.. Lets be healthy.

  69. there's no contract. in the physical world there is. because situations like this are spiritual
    there is an underlying spiritual initiation that occurs. by you understanding their knowledge
    and lingo you invite yourself into that realm. and by agreeing to the lifestyle and doctrines
    you are then made apart of it, until it's too late.

  70. There is some kind of "initiation" that they have to make that ranges from just the good old "casting couch" (sexual favours to make it) to something very very nasty…i have a few theories but i keep them to myself. Im 100% sure that its all caught on camera and used to keep them in line.

    If you listen to Dave Chappelle on "Inside Actors Studio" you will "listen" to him saying in half words that at one point he was told "If you want to continue to make it big you have to do something…"

    I fell sorry for Ke$ha, you can see that there is humanity in her but -like she states- it's too late.

  71. Daisy Flower on

    i think today music is more in your face with their motive then the music where your parents was listen too. because it was play in the background of track for example The Beatles song: stairway to heaven if you play it backward it is scary message. Another one Bob Dylan he even said he sold his soul for his dream and love to retire but the devil is hold his part so i has no choice but to hold mines so this was going on for a while.

  72. Dr.Luke didn't told Katy what to sing he never did!!!!! Cause Katy is the Primary Writer of all her songs and music such as I Kissed A Girl, Hot N Cold, Thinking Of You(Katy wrote that all by her own), Waking Up In Vegas, California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Firework, E.T., Last Friday Night, The One That Got Away, Part Of Me, Wide Awake, Roar, Unconditionally, Dark Horse, Birthday, and Rest of her Songs! You can say what you want about Katy but don't you ever dare her talent and beauty Katy plays Guitar and Piano, and Katy is the Primary Writer of all her songs and great majority of her song lyrics came and comes from Katy herself and Katy most certainly CAN sing live and Katy's beauty is undeniable so at least if you write a article about Katy don't deny her talent and beauty!

    • Um, Dr. Luke produced and wrote all of her albums and songs. She's just like any other pop stars today, nothing but a mindless puppet singing subliminal messages.

      And the author of the article isn't talking about talent, it's about the horrible side of the music industry. I think you need to analyze this more.

      P.S. you sound butthurt

  73. I just finished reading the lyrics to the song you suggested and cannot stop crying. The material world is so addictive and alluring and those from impoverished, destitute, and hopeless upbringings are the ones most easily seduced. It's such a tragedy.

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