Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’: Using Music Videos to Recruit New Soldiers


In her music video ‘Part of Me’, Katy Perry ditches her wigs and latex dresses to put on a Marines uniform. While some might find this style change “refreshing”, the video for ‘Part of Me’ has a very specific agenda: To entice young people to enlist in the military. We’ll look at how ‘Part of Me’ is a three-minute long advertisement to recruit new soldiers for the U.S. military.

Katy Perry is usually known for wearing blue wigs and sexy dresses, but she gives it all up in Part of Me. Yup, watch out terrorists, Katy Perry is an army girl now. While “pop culture observers” welcomed Katy Perry’s image change, qualifying it as “refreshing”, most missed an important fact: In Part of Me, Katy Perry is used to push yet another agenda of the elite – the recruitment of young people into the military. If we look at it objectively, Part of Me is, in fact, a three-and-half-minute long “Join the Military” advertisement disguised as a music video. It contains all of the components found in regular TV ads for the Marines and any other army-related ads: cool high-tech war machines, excitement and action, being “All You Can Be” and so forth. But most importantly, it presents the military and, by extension, war, as the perfect escape from the bummers of regular life.

The video was shot at an actual U.S. Marine base, using actual Marines, which means that the video is truly a “sponsored message” from the Marines. By appealing to young people using singers they look up to and themes they can relate to, the U.S. military is looking to address an important issue: Getting more young people to enlist. There is indeed a growing need for fresh blood in the military as the U.S. government and other Western countries are putting intense pressure on so-called “Axis of Evil” regional powers such as Iran and Syria. The numerous military expeditions of the past few years (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya), and increasing calls to bring home enlisted soldiers who have done multiple tours of duty means that as the U.S. prepares for upcoming conflicts, new soldiers are needed to enlist and be shipped abroad. Instead of paying for a 30-second TV commercial, military marketing specialists probably realized that they could get better results by investing in the music video of a star that is popular with teenagers. While regular “Be All You can Be” TV commercials were effective in the past, today’s young generation watches less TV and more YouTube. So why not use pop stars who getting hundreds of millions of YouTube views and who are already used to push other aspects of the elite’s agenda?

Not a New Concept

A 1917 Uncle Sam poster used to recruit soldiers during WWI

Governments have always used the most advanced forms of mass media advertising to entice citizens to enlist in the armed forces. During World War I, the face of Uncle Sam was plastered all over the United States in order to recruit new soldiers. However, as the years went by, and television made its appearance, posters of the bearded fellow pointing at you with a stern look somewhat lost its effectiveness.

During the 1950s, although mandatory drafts were in full force, the military still looked for opportunities for good PR. When Elvis Presley, the hottest and most controversial artist of the time, joined the army as a regular soldier, the press was given “full access”, and were even allowed take pictures of him in his drawers while getting weighed in.

Elvis’ career as a soldier was highly publicized, as countless pictures of him flooded mass media.

Elvis’ immense charm, charisma and popularity gave the army great visibility, successfully enticing young people of the rebellious “Rock’n’Roll” generation to be interested in the military.

Since the 1950s, marketing techniques have improved in both efficiency and sophistication. In fact, today, the best advertisement often parades itself as no advertisement – in the advertising industry, messages are known to be received more effectively when indirectly reaching an audience that believes it is being entertained. To achieve this, celebrities and pop stars are often used as vehicles to reach the minds of young people with specific messages without them even realizing it. Katy Perry’s Part of Me is an example of this technique, as nowhere in the video does it state that it is an advertisement for the U.S. military. Perry’s video was simply used by the military to reach its target audience–teenagers approaching the age of enlistmen–but the whole thing appears as if it was a “creative” decision of Katy Perry the Artist.

Watching Part of Me immediately reminded me of the Simpsons episode were Bart and his friends were chosen by a producer to form a boy band. The group’s hit single was Yvan Eht Nioj, which was “Join the Navy” in reverse. It was later discovered that Bart Simpson’s group was used by the Navy to push subliminal messages to young people in order to get them to become soldiers.

Party Posse’s music video featured the group doing cool army things in Iraq such as driving dunebuggeys and flying jet fighters.

While Perry’s video relies on overt imagery rather than subliminal messages (as far as I know), Part of Me is based on the same agenda as portrayed in the Simpsons: To reach teenagers using the great appeal of pop stars. Let’s look at the most important scenes of the video.

Part of Me

The video begins with a concept most teenagers can relate to: Heartbreak. Katy catches her boyfriend kissing another woman. so she barges in and breaks up with him.

Katy walks away from her douchebag boyfriend. Although the video is basically a commercial for the United States military, it begins with a relationship-related scene in order to make the video relatable and to give it an emotional element.

Katy then drives to a gas station. She is very mad, confused and impulsive, so she obeys to the first advertisement she encounters. I bet marketers would love to have more people like Katy.

When Katy reads this actual US Marines sticker,  she is immediately sold.

When facing heartbreak, some people might try to feel better with a chocolate fudge sundae or maybe a nice walk around the block. But in Katy’s case, she joins the US industrial-military complex and gets trained to fight guerrilla warfare abroad. Don’t get me wrong, I have respect for soldiers in the military, but I think a life-changing decision like joining the Marines should not be made in a moment of emotional frenzy.

Nevertheless, Katy makes this decision, cutting her hair in a boyish fashion and trading her Blackberry for a Marines uniform.

Katy is now the property of the U.S. military complex.

The rest of the video is very similar to armed forces commercials seen on TV where big guns, big machines and scenes of hardcore combat training are presented in a dynamic matter to appeal to young people who are bored with their lives. The lyrics of the song are cleverly mixed with the images of the video to make the advertisement even more effective. For instance, when Perry sings “I just wanna throw my phone away, Find out who is really there for me”, she is seen with her fellow soldiers, implying that her Marines buddies will never let her down.

Katy burns a letter from her boyfriend (representing her old life) while hanging out with her Marines buddy. He’s REALLY there for her. Camaraderie between soldiers is an important selling point to help recruit personnel and is heavily promoted in this video.

When Katy sings: “I fell deep and you let me drown, But that was then and this is now … Now look at me”, she is shown firing a rifle as if it was a great accomplishment. Yep, look at her:

Katy is now in a military base, shooting a rifle and will most likely be shipped to a warzone in the near future. Take THAT cheating boyfriend, that’ll show you!

During the bridge of the song, Katy sings “Now look at me, I’m sparkling, A firework, a dancing flame, You won’t ever put me out again, I’m glowing, oh woah oh”. During that time she is shown patrolling a mock Middle-Eastern village, used for real-life military training for guerrilla warfare simulations. This is another clever association between the song’s lyrics and the images in the video, provoking a positive association between the two.

Katy, you say you’re “sparkling” but you’re being trained to fight guerrilla warfare in the Middle East, which is known to be extremely bloody, violent and often involve civilian casualties. So, yeah, I’m not sure that “sparkling” is the best word to describe your situation.

Later in the video, the positive and uplifting words of the chorus are mixed with all-out war scenes involving soldiers running, tanks rolling and helicopters flying. There’s definitely some cognitive dissonance here because, in case some people don’t know, war is NEVER positive nor uplifting. It is ALWAYS terrible, violent and horrifying. However, in order to recruit new soldiers, advertisers need to make the whole “military experience” appear wonderful.

Katy is now caught up in the business of war, where death, mutilation, horror and trauma can get in the way of conquering Third World countries for resources and power. But hey, at least Katy’s douchebag boyfriend isn’t there!

So, in short, discovering that her boyfriend is cheating on her has Katy Perry enlist in the Marines, to be trained for combat, and, ultimately, be used as cannon fodder in conflicts she likely doesn’t fully understand. The elite seems to be looking for lost youth to fight their wars. Was Part of Me an Illuminati-sponsored message to find new recruits for its armed branch, the U.S. military-industrial complex?

A single eye above the trigger of a gun indicates that this military-themed video is a product of the elite’s agenda … who happen to have a bunch of wars planned in the coming years.


In Conclusion

Watching a bit of “international news” is enough to make one realize that there is currently a lot of pressure on “bad” countries such as Syria, Iran and Uganda, and that public opinion is being prepped for new military conflicts. The prospect of future wars, along with the countless existing warzones around the world, are generating a great need for new soldiers military in the U.S. and other Western countries. Since military drafts are no longer an option, new and innovative ways are being used to reach the army’s target audience (teenagers) and to get them interested in enlisting in armed forces. Katy Perry’s Part of Me is an obvious Marines recruitment advertisement disguised as a music video, with the Marine’s “cool” weaponry, intensive training and soldier camaraderie all presented in a dynamic and appealing matter. The military and war are presented as ideal escapes from life’s bummers, like a cheating boyfriend, and geared to appeal to a generation of bored teenagers. But is war really the perfect way to forget about a bad relationship? Go ask a war veteran.




    • Yup, propaganda, it is. I haven't been able to see the whole video. Something keeps me guiding me to do something more useful:) They are pushing their little agenda hard. The African Union dispatched 1000 troops to round up the worst man that ever lived, Kony. I am not saying he's not, but the elite's enemies are people who oppose their financial agenda of total subjugation. On a personal note, I had been contemplating the reserves, but was reminded of PTSD and the fact that I am a conspiracy theorist:)– they did say that in those words.

      • “You just think about your own family, your own son, your own daughter, or grandchildren who might be, the next time they go to a doctor, the subject of some medical experiment that they are not even told about. I do not think there can be many things more un-American than that.” – Senator John Glenn

        source: targeted individual canada

      • hmmm.. i quite agree, has anyone read the book 1984 by George Orwell? Sort of explains this whole "Big Brother" concept, segregation of the pple and how the elite intend to rule with power

    • It's so obvious!! Look at all the military-themed sexualised crap out now – before this we had Beyonce & Rihanna do military-style videos, then Rihanna in that stupid new movie, and now this? Rubbish. Haven't seen the video, have no interest in it. Have y'all seen Katy's "Thinking of You" video? It's interesting, it's a direct contrast to this one – told from the point of the young lady who waits for her soldier lover and gets news that he's been killed in battle.

      I expect Military Chic to come back into fashion fairly soon – army batiks, khaki, camouflage, dog tags, etc – the shops will be awash with it soon, mark my words.

      • Guys….Be careful…Don't buy into youtube views. Youtube is now controlled by the CIA. They are faking youtube views for more psychological impact. Like they did for Kony 2012 video. Most Americans have woken up but they fake the views to create divide among us to show there are still dumb people buying our propaganda.

        Youtube is a trap like any other created by the CIA

      • MGE it already is. I was a merchandising major. In 2009 my teacher who had been in the industry for years and worked my many high profile fashion designers said "theyre looking to go military tren and have everything very dark and uniform the next few years" so as vigilant says they plan this crap out for years. Throughout the years we've seen it already- military patches, camo, and military trenches and jackets.

      • BEYONCE HAS NEVER HAD A MILITARY VIDEO…just saying Rhianna has but bey noo im not saying the videos she does have are good but she does not have a military style video except for destiny child soldier which isnt much military and ring the alarm which isnt much military either and besides a couple of military/police style performances

      • @Army Everywhere – you are right, but just as there was a surge in animal print a while ago, or in vampire themed things, it's gonna be war this time. The Hunger Games is going to be HUGE, maybe bigger than Twilight – personally, I can't see why you'd want to read a book or watch a movie about 12-18 year olds fighting to the death, but there you go. Nail polish named Fight to the Death? Really? It's the whole Death Culture, War is Cool, Death is cool thing – it's being increasingly aimed at women, through make-up, fashion, beauty – I'm sure you all know about the MAC/Rodarte controversy in 2010 but look it up if you don't know.

        And who better to spread this crap than known "style icons" like Minaj, Katy Perry, Gaga, Rihanna & co.

        Rihanna on how she's "The Poster Child" for KONY 2012, her BFF Katy Perry and her new movie Battleship: http://www.prisonplanet.com/rihanna-to-be-poster-

        Uncle Sam Wants YOU!

      • yes also agree with that person who said Katy Perry sold her soul to the devil.Matter a fact I was on youtube the other day and katy perry said bluntly out of her mouth "I Sold my Soul To The Devil"(btw which i already knew about) and if you saw the comments below you would be amazed of how people said "she's obviously joking" and "Who ever believes this is a complete shithead".Im all like dude katy perry just sat there and I SOUL MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL AND YOUR DENYING THE FREAKING OBVIOUS WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU.And I soo true what VC said I literally watch youtube more than TV….If t.v had better shows like it did along time ago i would definitively watch TV more.

      • it's not about "devil" or her selling herself out..it;s about war. fighting,violence, and the struggle between dark and light that's going on on earth. You need to be telling other people around you to love one another. Love naturally raises the vibrations of the earth. It's getting closer to the time when i believe a big change will occur involving all consciousness.You have to make your decision now.quoting," jesus the saviour" this and "satan/devil" that will do nothing. Every human being has dark and light in them..on this earth there's two forces battling (not biblical jehovah and devil) it's much more cosmic and bigger than that- sons of darkness and sons of light (we're the sons of light along with many of our intergalactic brethren from other dimensions fighting to raise the vibrations. ) Do you know that the war is completely pointless and will only result in blood sacrifices of numerous army and navy recruits and civilians, most of whom are clueless, just to keep the vibrations on earth as low as it can be and us asleep and dumb? ) What's saying, "katy perry sold her soul to the devil gonna do??" nothing.. >_> It hasn't stopped has it??? Shit is still carrying on 'cause there's still so much hate in the world against humans beings and among humans and living beings. We have so much potential. Let;s unite and fight and spread the "good word of unconditional love" everywhere we go. All this separation of you're a muslim/hindu/buddhist and i'm a christian, and you're going to hell so i'm better than you shit needs to go. All it does is create more fear and hate. We're all in the same fucking boat cos we're being played against each other and we need to stick together and if we wanna make it through this…

      • If you look close I almost missed it and it was really hard to get the screenshots but he throws out the hand sign. After many many tries I finally got two useable shots.

  1. Lololol u read my mind i told my bf yesterday about this and also showed him the simpsons episode lol omg this is so obvious its sad really

  2. I never did like Katy Perry. She always seemed a bit "plastic". And after an interview from her earlier career, in which she explained how she "made it", she blatantly says "i sold my soul to the devil". As far as her subliminals, nothing new. But I know one thing, those Doomsday Preppers are on the right track.

    • Ah..doomsday preppies..did you see the clip from scottsdale where he shot his thumb off? Then passed out in front of his son..go to shtfschool.com . Selco made it thru bosnia.

    • On the right track……except for airing on national television where they live, what they look like and what they have! That 15 minutes of fame might come back to bite!

    • Yes I saw that too and was surprised that the journalist didn't react. And then the camera showed the journalist and I noticed that her earrings were inverted crosses… so I understood why…

    • Caribe, you've got that "plastic" part right. First she's prancing around telling everyone she sold her soul to the devil then now she's telling everyone to look back where they came from a.k.a. religion. wth

    • did it ever occur to you that maybe this "devil" is Hollywood with all its corruption and corrupt record company owners?? And the crap that goes on there?? Saying someone "sold out" could be a metaphor for so many things?? Sold out to dark forces and things they may have disagreed on to begin with..gone against themselves etc.. People need to pick apart everything they read and watch, not just blindly accept everything you're told or given. You need to analyse, research and then decide what resonates with you. If you blindly follow without stopping to think if it resonates with you or not you're just being a sheep going with the herd..

  3. also, if you pay close attention when she's under the flag theres a couple inverted stars and one while shes crawling beneath barbedwire

    • army advertisement, on

      Some people say this video is about being a "fighter" metaphorically.

      But I think this video is more meant to be taken more literally : If you're a girl and your boyfriend cheats on you, JOIN THE ARMY!

      I'm sure at least one woman on the planet will feel inspired to join the army because of this video alone.

      Katy's new video is very obviously a commercial to recruit for the military.

    • After immersing yourself in sites like this the propaganda and hidden messages no longer seem hidden. It's blatantly obvious. I agree with Vigilant's assessment totally of this video. But Katy is not setting any new trend. Beyonce and Rihanna have all done the combat crap too. It's just ridiculous to think a break-up with a nothing boyfriend is motivation to join a killing machine where you are inevitably will be exposed to more extreme trauma than a break-up.

      • Interesting how several female pop artists like Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Rhianna are encouraging the "military chic" trend among young women. There seems to be a big push to get women to hate their femininity and embrace this "tough guy" image instead. I think it's terrible message.

      • I agree with you. And if these sorts of videos are fairly prevalent, I'm getting more worried.

        I'm not going to watch any of these videos, but judging by the screenshots of this video it seems to me that this is targeted more toward women. I'm guessing that Katy Perry is more popular among girls, for starters. Seeing a female lead flanked by other women (like a group of female friends) and even companionship with a guy (possibility of love) would probably make the military seem pretty attractive to the teenage girls who can't find strength in themselves. Not only that, the ad "all women are created equal, then some become marines" sounds sort of empowering to women at a glance. However, looking deeper suggests that only the exceptional women go on to join the military and fight in war, a typically male-dominated activity. When you come to realize that American culture values the activities and traits associated with men (football, logic, science and math, confidence, hunting, etc.) more than those associated with women (emotion, language and writing, gathering, etc), you see that this implies that the women worth respect and emulation are the ones who act like men and fight. This is not empowering.

        Assuming the goal is to get more women into the military, I'm going to go further with this. Consider the culture of the countries the war is in. Prostitutes are likely very difficult to find, if they exist at all, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and others. This means that there are no "comfort women" available to the troops, like there were in World War 2. This point can go to explain why the rates of rape in the military are so high in comparison to the US at large. This can also explain why organizations like the National Guard, which are not usually sent out to the frontlines and do have more women in their ranks, were sent off. Essentially, I believe the female soldiers are there to serve as "comfort women" to the men. Appealing to women to join the military would provide more of these "comfort women". This is disgusting. They are not encouraged because they might have something positive to contribute. Considering that raping a comrade in arms is an attack against the team, the fact that this is subtly condoned by providing more "comfort women" is outrageous.

    • Believe in jesus on

      VC can you please do an article on the fact that it is POSSIBLE that Katy perry is actually jonbenet Ramsey. Please just have a look into it. God bless.

  4. As soon as I seen this video I rolled my eyes and thought, "Oh God, here we go again" Hey young girls, if your heart gets broken just join the marines cause he'll never be able to take that away from u! Yeaaah!!!

  5. Besides, that's also what they did in the whole KONY 2012 campaign. Advertisement to recruit new young soldiers.. and now this music video! It's all so clear.

  6. Another great article!

    I have a few friends/relatives who are enlisted and are super patriotic because of it. It's such a brainwashing experience. Most of them are ego maniacs insisting that their martyrdom is so righteous and noble. Most of them are/were just poor and wanted to subsidize their lives, not fight wars.

    I'm not saying I don't appreciate those who serve willingly so that the rest of us don't have to, I'm just saying don't get full of yourselves about it. Most of them sign up for the money/benefits, so quit acting like messiahs and be thankful you are still alive after fighting for the agenda. I love people and hate war. That is all.

    • Can I just note with great interest that many people seem to need to put a qualifying statement in their comments when discussing the military ie. 'I'm not dissing our brave soldiers but…' People seem scared to make contrary statements because of fear of being vilified as 'unpatriotic' and 'un-American' or 'un-British' if they don't agree with the deployment of troops around the world.

      I ain't afraid to say it – I think the soldiers who represent the military in wars across the globe are brainwashed puppets who not only serve equally as aggressors upholding the neo-imperialist status quo but act as cannon-fodder. They are not defending anybodies 'demcocracy and freedom'. That is the great big lie sold to them and to us the public. Its all about the scramble for resources. War on Terror=FAKE. Iraq=oil, Afganistan=drugs, now Africa=oil,land,minerals etc. These countries/continents are NEVER made better, they ALWAYS end up destroyed. These soldiers lives are just wasted or they in turn they waste civilian lives in their misguided pursuits that in reality they are unclear about. When/if they do get clear, they are just assassinated like Pat Tillman or come home as mentally-ill and disabled veterans who are tossed on the scrap-heap.

      The last 'real' war that was about protecting lives seems to be WWII against Hitler, but that in itself is not as clear cut as it initially seems. Hitler was funded by Prescott Bush – Dubya's granddaddy and was supported by the (UK) Queen's uncle (who was going to be King except that he abdicated his royal duty).

      No, I don't want to see anybody come home in a box, but for people just to really question exactly why they are there in the first place.

      • have you watched The Manchurian Candidate? if not please do. brainwashed soldiers all. over. the. place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Since you're misquoting me, perhaps you misunderstood me?

        I said I appreciate people volunteering so I don't HAVE to go.

        I love people and hate war. That is all. translation=

        I still got love for the friends and family members who joined up, but I don't love what they do or that they feel the need to be the ones who do it.

        I've never been scared to make "contrary" statements. Some of the people I know already do see me as 'unpatriotic' and the like. I'm used to it.

        This reminds me of something I heard one of the members of Incubus say about how people see them.

        "Some people think we are too hard, some people think we are too soft."

        I guess you didn't think I went hard enough, or the mere word "appreciate" through you for a loop into thinking I was saying I support the troops in some kind of way other than that they save me from being drafted?

      • @cisco Hey, it was actually a generalized comment based on some observations that I'd made, but if you'd like me to address what you said directly, then this is what did throw me for a loop…

        You said that you 'appreciate those who serve willingly so that the rest of us don’t have to' yet show that 'appreciation' by calling the soldiers (who you 'appreciate') 'ego maniacs' with 'messiah'-complexes, 'martyrs' who think they are so 'righteous and noble', who are 'full of themselves' but in reality have gone through a 'brainwashing experience'.

        I understand they are relatives/friends and that it must be very difficult to love the person but hate what they do, but I felt that your 'appreciation' comment came across as a little 'double-speak' that did not really reflect what I thought you were otherwise saying pretty clearly. Maybe you meant something other than 'appreciate'? Its a very warm word to me, but maybe I'm just hung up on words?

        Its probably very easy for me to comment, given that I will never be subject to a mandatory draft, but I'd like to think that i'd rather be a 'conscientious objector', than fight a 'war' and kill other innocent people based 100% on elite greed.

        I know we are on the same side anyway so didn't mean to cause any offense. x

      • Right. So, the word 'appreciate' through you for a loop. Perhaps I did misuse it, I'm no scholar. lol

        But, how was it a generalized comment if it was based on your misunderstanding or my misuse of the word 'appreciate'? It was a reply to my comment.

        You took one word from my comment, and responded that people seem scared to say things. So, yeah I took it as a direct insult, especially since it is not true. But, if you say no offense was intended, then none is taken. I think you had that word spelled correctly the first time, btw. lol

        “I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

        I don't know who or where that is from, but it' funny, no?

      • @MiaMore; you're sincerely a person after my own heart…those words are my exact sentiment. I served in the US Marines over 30 years and in hind sight, it was a horrible brain washing experience. The public associates the letters USMC as the United States Marine Corp; well it also

        means: Uncle Sams Misguided Children…so true, so true.

      • I have a big family. Most of my male cousins and a couple of my female relatives have enlisted and are still serving.

        It's hard to think about them being brainwashed and being used. I believe that's why some of us feel the need to apologize first before sharing our opinion.

  7. Well said vigilante

    The elite are definitely laying out war preparation plans in which everyone will be involved whether they like it or not.

    But seriously joining the army after breaking up with someone? A big no-no (obviously) especially when any war veteran would tell me about the really bad experiences he or she have been through if I myself were to ask one. Few of them may be good times but most likely there would be more of the bad which involves death, gruesome and bloody warfare.

    World Domination is definitely rife here and since Katy Perry sold her soul to the devil (like Kanye and others) no wonder why I liked her one bit because the lyrics in her songs may mention a bit if not a lot of reference for praise toward her "owner."

    Yet again almost everyday seems to be getting a little darker.

  8. 3:18 – Well, isn't she making a hand gesture (ave satan, or how it's called), when she's under the US flag with Stars?

  9. this article is very well written; the link with that funny simpsons' episode is perfect. thank you so much for your words of compassion to remind how horrible is war, it is not a videogame. sadly enough this video will ideed influence a certain target of teenagers.

  10. Lol the Illuminati (faggot Templars) are running out of ideas:

    3:18 Devil horns

    4:02 One eye aka Sauron.

    Perfect timing between this and the new promoted campaign to send Americans to Africa. What is next? "America's next top Soldier" ?

    • now_iSee_Clearly on


      Thanks for pointing this out, another thing i couldn't help noticing were the stars on the flag she was under because they look like pentagrams either due to the camera angle or deliberate alteration.

      Quite noticeable at 3:18 next to her head when her hand comes down from doing that satanic hand gesture, onwards.

      It really freaked me out.

  11. Well they say You can't rape the willing.

    With the 1 in 4 raped US Military women in Iraq and the 1 in 10 US Military men it is a real possibility.

    But if you are hypersexualized like the persona Perry has maybe the concept of rape is passé?

    Of course, most of the rapes are supposedly while going to the latrines at night. Having somebody throw you to the ground from behind while you have food poisoning problems doesn't seem the old ideal of romance?

    I know under the new rules from Hollywwod and the TSA Goverment and the well financed Gay Political action Internet boiler rooms that post across the Internet – no sex is supposed to be looked down on. Groping " No big deal"…

    So why would your boyfriend kissing another person bother you?


    A lesbian on her knees feeling your 14 year old daughters Vulva in front of her brother at the airport is ok? Gang rape 3 in the morning in the latrine ok…?

    Not kissing another woman?

  12. By the way, when she enters to the gas station, to the place where she decides to become a soldier, you can see a red pentagram.

    To conclude, that phrase "all women are created equal, then some become marines" sounds profoundly similar to Animal's Farm "all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others".

  13. I think its funny how Americans always talk alot of bad things about the military and then they say: "Dont get me wrong, I have great respect for the american soldiers."

    It just shows that its hard to get out of that "patriotic" mind.

    • @lord. I totally agree. It really bugged me while I was reading this, so I made a comment on it before I actually read yours! Sorry!

    • Believe in jesus on

      When any of you get s chance YouTube Katherine Griggs. 4 documentaries about the U.S. Military that is extremely powerful information. God bless

  14. I totally remember that episode of The Simpsons! They sure do have a lot of "hidden in plain sight" episodes about this stuff.

    • And homer's usually the one that says random sarcastic comments on conspiracy issues. Has anyone else noticed?

  15. Not a funny topic, deadly actually, but you sure make me laugh VC! Good article~

    I guess Hollywood isn’t going to show some of the darker side of women joining the marines:


    A friend of mine’s daughter served and now has serious PTSD for the abuse she endured by her 'comrades'. I can say with certainty this goes WAY under reported.

    I’d also like to point out that one of my friends who served and was even sent to the Middle East said that woman should not be allowed in combat. He said that every time you are in a dangerous situation, if there is a female in your unit, you cannot help but think of your mother, sister, daughter, wife or girlfriend. It distracts from the mission and takes away your focus to be put into protective mode over the females. I am sure this is a very unpopular statement, but for many it is true.

  16. This video was shot at Camp Pendleton in southern California. I was there yesterday, at the Naval Hospital.

    For anyone thinking of enlisting, in a bathroom was a prominent sign advising you what to do when other Marines sexually assault you. Yeah, your buddies have your back and some of them will have other parts of you, and by force, if they get the opportunity.

    (Rule #1: don't go outside to the latrine at night by yourself.)

    I know some young men who are having incredible difficulties with their current relationships because they suffer from the insanity that they were forced to go through. If you think that you are in a bad relationship now, just wait until you suffer from PTSD. You will suffer constantly.

    The Simpson's episode is one of those precursors, those markers, that point the way for anyone wishing to promote the elite agenda. Of course, they do it in a fun way – they might even poke fun at the elite. They mask their real aims – to give an example of the propaganda technique to anyone paying attention and also to imprint the idea (media stars promoting the military are cool!!) into the minds of the impressionable.

    Katy Perry's record label is Capitol Records, which is part of Citigroup, once the largest company in the world. Curiously, for a few years the US government was a part-owner of Citigroup.

    Ah, there's nothing like a government owing shares in a bank that owns a record company that produces a video promoting the government's agenda.

  17. The elite is obviously getting desperate. First the Kony 2012 bullshit, then Icarly with having the first lady Obama on the show, to get to the children about this whole matter now too, and of course, Katy Perry who happens to have a lot influence on teenagers.

    I wonder what's next. Have school and kindergarten teachers pursuade children and teenagers to join the army?

    Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

  18. Well Katy Perry is pretty much a product rather than a person now, not surprised to see her bigging up the Military Industrial Complex as she is a part of it.

  19. I wonder how can she jump from California Dreaming o whatever it's called to this IVAN EHT NI NIOJ thing.

    My goodness!

    I wonder how people is able to keep on denying this kind of stuff.

  20. After reading this article, I searched the video in YouTube. Just to get a first hand glimpse of all this. One thing that blew my mind was the amount of people who were posting comments and praising Katy and then glorifying the military because of this.

    For instance: bigsmallweird posted "Thank you Katy. You have showed me light in the darkest of times. I have been in a rut of sadness for so long. When I heard this song, something changed. I have more courage."

    Colorfulcrayons77 put – "I love how she makes the entire video off of the struggles of the women in the marines. It makes me feel empowered."

    lilmanu1 put – "People Fail to understand the concept of this video, The message behind this is that when you go through a break up, its like a war/battle!!!"

    After copying some of these I did see the Truthers standing up to these people, I am no way trying to twist their words and make me like better than them. I am just depressed with how far under mind control people are for the most part. I feel bad because really, for people like this there is nothing you can do. It seems like they are the majority of the population too. I hope & pray for these people. Only time will tell I suppose.

    Stay vigilant,


      • After watching the video further I have found MORE SYMBOLISM!!! At around 1:58 in the video its a scene of her and her Ex playing a game at a carnival. Where you can clearly see the numbers 9 – 11 and the ten is covered by a balloon. Coincidence?

    • Although there are some rather idiotic comments on this video, I just checked it out, and look at the "top comments" and other recent posts:

      "Wow a recruitment commercial disguised as a music video. WTH happened to artists?"

      "i guess when i break up with my boyfriend i will join the marines, yea that sounds like a GREAT thing to do because of a break up :)"

      "170,104 people think this song is about Russell Brand; 15,724 people realize this video is absolute sponsored rubbish."

      I must say: my faith in humanity has been restored (a little bit)

  21. This is just a very nice way to make the army look good isn't it? This is probably just to tell people that it is good to join. Also, another video to brainwash people into having another war, or so they can go to Uganda and get oil.

  22. I knew something was up to this. I never thought a simple break-up would make her want to join the army so bad like that. Haha…Really silly if you ask me. There was something shallow to the whole 'We had a break up, now im a loser-joins an army, now im not' thing about it.

  23. Aside from all the Katy Perry comments, take a look at the Elvis Photo.

    He's making an unnatural gesture as he holds the sign, which appears to be compass-like.

    And the number he's pointing to: 32.

    Was Elvis a Freemason? Or "signing" to Freemasons?

    • Me from Colombia on

      elvis is said to be one of the mind controlled puppets, maybe he never really wanted to be a part of this. his death was strange, too.

  24. You ignore the fact that the military is downsizing and trying to get people out.

    Lack of funding.

    Also its about marines i dont know why you said "army" so many damn times but its pretty rude.

    You shouldnt be questioning the comraderie among marines.

    Also in the pic of her shooting her stock weld/eye relief is TERRIBLE. I dont think shell be shooting anyone lol.

    • Very good points, Laz. LOL

      For those who know, anyway. Just keep in mind that to the average person, "army" and Marines and anything else are all thought of and spoken about as "army" or "the military". I know the diff, as you obviously do, but many people do not – esp the younglings, nor do they care, tbh. :)

      Sort of like the thing in movies going back for decades where a guy on the radio says "over and out", which is a really stupid contradiction for anyone who has had anything to do with the military, etc. I'm sure you already know, but….when you send a msg and are transmitting it to the other side expecting a response, you say blah blah OVER? And the person on the other end says ok blah blah I read you OUT – which means he is done.

      OVER is a question asking for an answer, and OUT means….uhmmm OUT, over, done, finished, I'm done talking now dummy. lol

      I wouldn't be too sure about the "lack of funding" being credible here – that, too, is another deception, in that they may do "budget cuts" on the surface, but they can always just print lots more money to fund the planned upcoming military actions that are clearly on the horizon – and of course, a big false flag terror event could and probably will kick off a big new war any day now. I'm very sorry to say this, but I think the writing is on the wall, and this video and many other things like it are clearly predictive programming to pave the way in advance.

      Anyway, good comment – very funny and you cracked me up about Katy's ingenious weapon sighting technique!!! Too true, my friend. :)

    • Dude I JUST SAW a Marines recruitment commercial on TV. Like RIGHT NOW. So don't BS us about them not looking for new people. And NO ONE cares about the difference between army and Marines except those that were brainwashed by army propaganda.

  25. Ahhhh…nothing like a good dose of Cognitive Dissonance, eh???

    Peace and love and war and sex and death and violence…all mushed into one big chaotic and very blatant audio/video assault on your senses. Your synapses are "sparkling", indeed…and overwhelmed with confusion…especially for those who are not really paying attention yet, and analyzing in real-time all these tricks that are deliberately being played upon us – just like a dirty con man on the street, but with a MUCH bigger budget and mass exposure over the most powerful global electronic media networks.

    Sleight of hand card tricks, or electronic mind f*ck…it's really all the same thing.

    You have learned well, VC, keep up the good work.

  26. I am a little confused by a statement made by the author of this article.

    It is contained within this paragraph:

    "When facing heartbreak, some people might try to feel better with a chocolate fudge sundae or maybe a nice walk around the block. But in Katy’s case, she joins the US industrial-military complex and gets trained to fight guerrilla warfare abroad. Don’t get me wrong, I have respect for soldiers in the military, but I think a life-changing decision like joining the army should not be made in a moment of emotional frenzy."

    The part that leaves me a little turned around is the sentence where the author states that the reader ought not to "get [the author] wrong, [the author] respect for soldiers in the military". The reason I am having trouble processing that particular statement is because through out this entire article warfare and those who plan and participate in it from the highest to lowest ranks are touted as tools of the elitist agenda which is unfailing noted in most articles on this website as negative for the world population at large.

    If I may ask the author, what is it that you respect about soldiers in the American military or any military for that matter? Written within this article are a number of things that seem to contradict the statement that you respect soldiers in the military. For example:

    "When Katy sings: “I fell deep and you let me drown, But that was then and this is now … Now look at me”, she is shown firing a rifle as if it was a great accomplishment”, and also, "war is NEVER positive nor uplifting. It is ALWAYS terrible, violent and horrifying". I find it hard to believe that you respect soldiers after demeaning their training and describing the work they have been trained to do, fight wars, as terrible, violent, and horrifying. Whether I agree with that description or not is not the issue. What is the issue, at least for me, is that it appears that as if to avoid backlash the author has said he respects the solider, but by the surrounding context contradicted that said esteem. I have an immense amount of respect, however, for the work done on this website in general. I just want to be able to read an article and know that the author, when presented, has presented an accurate account of her/his feelings that don’t betray the rest of the information that is presented.

    So if I may ask, what is it that the author meant when he said "Don’t get me wrong, I have respect for soldiers in the military"?

    • Hi,

      Most of the soldiers that serve in the military are sons and daughters of regular families (often with low income) and have no bad intentions when enlisting. So, yes, I respect their hard work and dedication. What I disrespect is the system that uses these young people as disposable pawns in the grand chessboard that is the world. I especially do not respect the deceitful and underhanded ways teenagers are lured in the military using pop stars.

    • what's Next? on

      Speaking as someone who spent 15 years in the military, let me start out by saying THANK GOD i got out just prior to 9/11.

      People who have not spent any time in the military cannot grasp what the military is all about. They think that it is all about training and fighting. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      As part of your initiation; ie. basic training, the individual is subjected to brainwashing and mind control techniques. No human being in their right mind would willingly kill another human being. Murders and rapists are clinically diagnosed as having mental issues. It is not in the human nature to take another's life. It must be instilled.

      All pres-enlistment testing, all testing during training, and all observations during training are building a psychological profile of each and every recruit. I don't remember where, but i read somewhere that the "loner" profile made the best special ops forces. How many times have you heard this type of description used to describe a murderer/serial killer/psychopath?

      As i went through my basic training, it was the cold war years. All indoctrination was geared towards the Soviets. The cadences that were called were written to that theme. Day in and day out, the repetitive and rhythmic cadences bore into your mind to begin the process.

      Along with that, all the physical and psychological pressures that recruits are subjected to are designed to mentally break down the recruit to be built back up as a trained killer.

      No one realizes how much it changes a person until they have been through it. Your mind, focus, and nature are all "reprogrammed". Your thoughts and actions are alien to you. Most individuals do adjust to it. A few drop by the wayside during training because "they can't handle it". I thought that at the time, but looking back, was it that or was it their human nature telling them NO.

      Fortunately, i never faced combat. I cannot attest to the additional pressures that a persons mind and soul must endure. It is one thing to have to face a "known" enemy. Your mind can focus on a specific target. In a "police action" or a "war on terror" where the rules of engagement are many and complex, the human mind must constantly adjust its "killing nature" that has been programmed in. Some can handle it, others can't.

      I have said all that to say this: ANY soldier has my full support and respect for what they must endure. I hate, detest, and abhor this "war on terror". Nothing, and i mean NOTHING good for the benefit of mankind has come from it. Few, very FEW have benefited from it. The beneficiaries are not the soldiers. VC, i have your back on this one

      • Sarah Connor on

        What's NEXT: what an insightful and thoughtful post! Thank you for sharing! I believe more and more the vets and currently enlisted are waking up the nightmare that is their plight, being used by the ruling class like toy soldiers to carry out their sinister and twisted agenda's. I believe Henry Kissinger said it best:

        "Military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy."

        THIS is how THEY feel about you/me/us. One top of that, they use our enlisted soldiers as guinea pig's, and this seriously disturbs my peace and breaks my heart!!!

        Vaccine-A uncovers a story of betrayal—the betrayal of the men and women who serve in the armed forces, the betrayal of medical ethics, and the betrayal of the American people by military and civilian leaders sworn to defend and protect. Veteran journalist Gary Matsumoto shows that the worst friendly-fire incident in military history came from something no soldier had any reason to think would harm him: a vaccine administered by the military's own medics. When troops went to the Middle East to fight the Gulf War in 1991 and the Iraq War in 2003, many—perhaps thousands—received an experimental anthrax vaccine instead of the FDA-approved vaccine. Without their knowledge or consent, the U. S. government used them as human guinea pigs in a massive medical experiment that went disastrously wrong.

        vaccine-a.com/ – you can find the book online and it is quite an opener. The contempt they have for humanity is criminal, and even their own countrymen, straight up evil!

      • @what's next: What an insightful piece you wrote. I am also ex-military; I served in the Marines for 6 years back in the mid to late 70's. Several of my fellow recruits went to Vietnam for evacuation purposes only because by then the South Vietnamese were supposing fighting the war and US military once again shifted to their original assignment as advisers. Being that said I digress, but back to what you posted; boot camp is a mind altering, brainwashing experience. Before I enlisted, I never had the mind set to harm anyone walking on this planet; after 13 weeks of the constant barage of being told I was being groomed to be a fighting machine; I had the mind set that I was a tough ass only to realized 6 years later it was all a lie. I'm not a tough ass, actually I'm pretty mellow. It had taken me quite awhile to shake off the mantle of the ooh-rah bs to get back to normal. My heart goes out to all the men and women who sacrifice their souls to the bidding military-industrial complex; they don't what they doeth.

    • VC is just saying that he respects people getting into the army sincerely – the job of protecting one's Home is a very serious role – not to be glamoured or sugarcoated like in these music videos to lure innocent young people into the mix of the seriousness of the job (often with violence, if necessary.) I think most of the times though army is being an excuse for war & terror, overlooking the fact that it it's supposed to be just a protection that uses aggression to do its job sincerely.

      • @Henry

        Hmmmm, its a very slippery slope all this 'respect for the military' thing. It may seem to be okay and justifiable when the 'enemy' are foreign people who live far away and don't speak English, (who I might add are most probably just as respectable and low income as the soldiers killing them). But there will come a day, very soon, when the eye of the military will turn homeward and you start seeing the military on the streets of the US 'protecting homeland security', as is actively being predictively programmed in the movies. Activists, war veterans and plain ordinary folk will be the next so-called 'enemy combatants' and the dead on the US streets from drone attacks will become mere 'collateral damage'.

        Today's TSA workers with their hands down pants, actively feeling the genitals of small children and the elderly are no doubt from 'ordinary families'. I'm sure they take their jobs 'very seriously' and think of themselves as 'protecting US borders'. But its just the thin end of the wedge my friend. What you accept today for others, will visit you tomorrow.

        When the gross infringements to your civil liberties come knocking on your own front door, I wonder if you'll have something different to say then??

        People have the responsibility to make better choices in their lives that do not involve doing harm to others. When you sign up to the military you are surely aware that the death of others will be an assured outcome. And if you aren't – you better quit being a dumb-ass and get alot smarter!

  27. Oceania loves Eurasi on

    FIRST – Thank you, VC, for continuing to pop some of the pop culture bubbles of the present.

    Usually, I will view the video(s) discussed in the article but this one holds no appeal to me at all. That's why I began the comment with a thanks to VC.

    Pop culture has always been on my radar – within a range various perspectives. 1974 is the year of my birth – and 1951 the year of both my parents (graduating HS class of '69). Also, I have a sister who is quite a bit younger – born in 1993. That's three generations of marketing/mass media/programming that I am personally familiar with. All three generations were, for the most part, "successfully" influenced and predictably followed commands that were subliminally suggested, fell for the gimmicks, bought the most recent version of snake oil, etc, etc… Yes, my parents DID go to woodstock. Yes, I DID like Prince, Madonna and Micheal Jackson. Yes, my sister (now age 18) is doing what most 18 year-olds are being encouraged to do — right now at this moment (whatever that may be as it does continue to change at increasing/exponential rate).

    The existential sadness & overwhelming anger at having been lied to/manipulated for most of my life without knowledge of it – is impossible to articulate FULLY with words/spoken language. However, I DO know that anyone who DOES or will soon feel that same sorrow – probably is a VC-reader-regular… Right down the line from the "Baby Boomers" to the "Y-generation" with me being "gen-X"– it's like reading the instruction manual to the predictive programming blue prints for each of these age groups/demographic … with my parents, sister and myself serving as the "typical" example of a "predicted result"…. No hyperbole.

    Now, Pop Culture is something I purposely remain aware of/ pay attention to within the context of what I believe to be my (moral) responsibility to the/my community. At least, that's what I've been telling myself lately (post-truth-awareness-awakening-thing). Watching the Kardashians, for instance, isn't necessarily like "work". It really doesn't take much effort on my part to "pay attention" to the top-performing atheletes, pop stars, celebrity gossip. All in the name of "vigilance" – is at least an improvement from "die-hard fan" or "targeted demographic". Right? Sure.

    But, when it comes to war…. – COUNT ME OUT. War stuff – old war footage, any kind of propaganda – the entire aesthetic in general, even – is SO not what I would choose to watch. I find it to be simultaneously repulsive AND boring. Unnecessary… "snooze fest" is how I've described the black and white WW1 and WW2 stuff… I"m also one of those people that avoids watching graphic violence/terror/horror stuff – because I just don't like it (not bc its necessarily a danger/threat).

    What I'm saying is that the REALITY of War / Warfare is so awful that – it seems like my brain has categorized it as a genre rather than ACTUAL sh** going down with people just like me.

    Seeing Katy Perry in the army stuff – IS cognitive dissonance. It IS disturbing. It DOES matter that the formulaic patterns are NOT obvious to everyone – ESPECIALLY the targeted demographic.

    I don't have any kind of conclusion to this comment that isn't … a total downer (WAH-WAH-WAAAAAAAAHHH), so I'll have to close with it:

    I'm trying so hard to find a way to NOT feel/be powerless over any of this… and so far… it's been in vain. Recognizing the truth more easily and quicker than before – hasn't led to the next desired step of action. It's actually led to further distance/isolation from the tiny morsel of genuine "community" that does actually exist in my life right now…

    HERE'S WHERE I AM: Learning how to spot the techniques used by various "powers that be" – that have been used on me throughout my life … hasn't made my life better/ sometimes seems to have made it worse – and has held down my spirit… or feels like a weight that is resting upon my spirit…

    so I ask the rest of you out there — what is there to do when Katy Perry is a pretty ad for war? Then what? I continue to remain informed and do what I can in my own small way to remain focused on the true importance of this life – you betcha I do…but the blatant and shameless tramatization continues… (ok, I'm sorry about this being a bummer)

    • I wish I had answer for you, unfortunately all I can say is I know exactly how you feel, the feeling of hopelessness can sometimes be overwhelming.

    • Wow- that was a mind-blowing post- thank you for sharing your insights-

      I am also of that generation- a bit older- born in 1968-

      Great to see all the kindred spirits on this site

    • Yeah, I feel lost too. I wish I had a good answer for you, or for anyone in this same situation. I mean, I can't help but to find all this 'conspiracy' stuff extreely interesting, but at the end of the day I'm more and more worried.
      Wasn't ignorance bliss? Being a sheep does seem easier, but I do not wish to be one anymore. So it's a dilema.

      I don't know. Good wishes for all of you.

  28. I'm surprised she doesn't speak directly to the camera at the end to tell us to call our local army recruiter.

    Waiting on baited breath for you to do The Hunger Games, VC.

  29. When I saw this the first thing I thought was this is a video made for the army to recruit youngsters in joining up Thank you VC for opening my eyes to the wicked world out there.

  30. HELLO youtube!

    3:46 there is a pentagram because of the barb wires. The bottom right side.

    4:03 she does the one eye with the gun!

    Did she say "throw your bombs at Rome?" 3:22

    It's funny because sticks could be the River Styxs and bones could be from death.

  31. Makes me wonder which is more offensive.. this video, where a woman turns to murder because she has low self-esteem or Rhianna's, where she ( in her small's) is straddling a pink tank whilst wearing a mickey mouse helmet.

    I refuse to accept this as the future of feminism.

    • It isn't. They're not even part of our culture in the authentic sense. Only reason any of this has currency is because the mass media is suppressing the Actual cultural march of progress. You have nothing to worry about, because this is all smoke and mirrors hypnotism. Once the trick's explained, you see through it. One must remember to draw the line between reality and fiction. Our only dan

      • My keyboard must need cleaning.

        As I was saying, our only danger is in people less "enlightened" failing to distinguish the two and acting out these "fantasies" for whatever reason. I can't see this sort of crude manipulation reaching too many people. Although the effect of these little campaigns do wear down people's resolve after they've already lost their center, you can't expect fans of this particular sort of mass media returning on the investment as intended. The target demographic who made Twilight popular, for instance, is extremely narrow. It's only the depth, so to speak, of these groups that make everything work out financially.

        You can't find culture on TV or written over Facebook and Twitter. It's alive and around you. Things will never be the same for anyone, and this bullshit with the New World Order takeover is just another smokescreen. You're looking at the fall of an entire paradigm, in all its pathetic splendor. There aren't even enough people to hold the guns at this point. These aren't even remotely messages of feminism. It's more like an extension the opposite, all things considered.

  32. I think it's unhealthy how many times a day I check this site anxiously awaiting a new post. CHEERS TO UNHEALTHY. Go VC!

  33. There is nothing I saw in this video that would me me as a woman want to join the military, but then again I am a 46 year old woman not an impressionable young girl. Katy Perry is NO role model for anyone, and she sure is no GI Jane, she looks disgraceful in that uniform and why in the world did she have to bandage her breasts at the beginning? I don't get that at all, its not as if women are not allowed in this elite club, this isn't Boys Don't Cry. What's up with the boobs anyway?

    • i think its just part of katys programming, we are all supposed to notice her 'big boobs'….there is always emphasis on them and she always talks about them and they always talk about them…who cares? boring! they arent that impressive anyways!

    • Why was it disgraceful? Was she wearing it improperly? It's hard to imagine that any of the Marines involved in the video would let her be on camera as less than squared away. But yeah, the boob taping was a bit much–maybe her bra was in the wash?

      IMO, her uniform was way more dignified than her Daisy Dukes and cupcake bra getup.

    • Breasts are about nurturing and giving; motherhood. Binding the breasts could mean binding up – ie repressing/losing – the female nurturing part. Also unisex. Cutting her hair, also symbolic. No breasts, same uniform (drones …)

  34. Will America don't have enough people to defend their country from military invaders causing Fall of America Hunger Games was plagiarism adapted main concept from Battle Royale.

    • ShadesofWisdom on

      Thank you! Someone else who noticed this! I read Battle Royale almost 10yrs ago now and as soon as I heard of Hunger Games, I went "Wow, if that's not plagarism, I dunno what is…" lol But most people in the states aren't familiar with Battle Royale (because it is translated from Japanese). I almost think Hunger Games glorifies things, whereas Battle Royale paints a very grim picture of things, no you don't know why Battle Royale is happening, and you do know why the Hunger Games is happening, when I read the Hunger Games, I got the impression that I was being prepared to accept Panem as the future, whereas with Battle Royale, I never felt that what happened in that book was trying to prepare me for it at all. Maybe its just me… Just an interesting note, and I'm glad someone else here knows the connection. 😀

      God Bless ~Amy

  35. He did not kiss the girl. Katy looked as he WHISPERED something in her ear at what looked like his place of work. Meaning she might just have been his co-worker ad he might just have said something work-related. Then Katy threw a tantrum, left the engagement ring and ran off without letting him explain. That irrational she probably did the guy a favor getting out of his life!

    Also, Iran's not 'bad' per se. But I think it's fair to say Ahmadinejad is a terrible person who deserves to be shamed and stripped of all status, imo.

  36. I have a few buddies who are like, yeah, I am really interested in war I think it's cool, then play "call of duty" (which i think we all know what a real call of duty is, exposing truth at all costs" and they have no idea… i asked if they'd go fight, oh yeah def… my friend my friend, PTSD is FUCKING horrible.

    Please don't go.

  37. I just love how "All woman are created equal" only to have Katy suppress her femininity and embrace the masculine… So being manlike makes you better than a woman? Hermaphrodite much??

  38. Perry has been used for this type of agenda in the past. Check out the video for "Thinking of You", an older song by her. Similar messages are conveyed there. This time, they're getting more desperate, which may mean that they're attempts aren't working as they'd planned.

  39. If she wants to promote a senseless war all about money and oil then she should have to walk the song. In other words go join if you wanna show all the young teens and adults the wonderful life of killing innocent people for the powerful rich ellite. The gov.’ using soliders as guinea pigs to support their war games. The soliders are pawns to the game of blood sweat and tears. I’m so sick of actors, singers, musicians and sports entertainers promoting issues and agendas for the NWO. If it isn’t global warming or hugging trees or being vegan which i am a vegetarian by choice, then it for obama, wars or the OWO. Lets not forget to save the whales because their more important they the human child because a woman has a right to choice becuase it her body. Don’t forget we must protect our wild life and the trees. As long as she is working and making lots of money and believes she is making a great point of showing the world the great benefits of being a marine her lifes okay for her. It would of been a better video showing the post traumatic syndrome of a solder or the folding and delivery of the usa flag to a widow which is the reality of war, or the soliders coming home without legs or arms because a gerenade went off or they walked into a mine trap. That is the true reality in war.Its not saying your all{ sparkly and shiny new} having such a wonderful great life shooting rifles and machine guns. I want every elite and top business industry fat cat to see their loved ones in uniform on the desert having to watch their back so their head won’t get blown off. War is not a pretty sight nor is it something you play around with. The higher ellite miltary and gov’. and rich and powerful make all the rules and innocent soliders just get caught in all there advertising lies that you’ll get a great education and lots of money. War is good only if the real enemy comes on our turf. Why in Gods name do we strut over to others countries telling them how they should live their life.

  40. Music video just what it is, a music video. Its' only message is buy more Katy's P music.

    It reminds of Judas Priest trail of subliminal messaging. "

    "The Story Behind James Vance Vs. Judas Priest. In the documentary, Halford commented that if they wanted to insert subliminal commands in their music, killing their fans would be counterproductive and they would prefer to insert the command "Buy more of our records."

    Is this really a recruitment tool or a tool sell more music?

  41. I knew this as I so her introduction to the music video. If even Katty Perry uses army in her vedoes it's something wrong with it.

  42. TheIlluminatiFAILS on

    LOL VC you got that right!! But it has been a while since we haven't heard from you..

    Anyway about the music its obv… When i saw the video i knew it was about making young people join us army rofl… Wth? What happened to get an education?

    Anyway nice article… may god bless us all and protect us from those crazy idea they show us!

  43. TheWiredWorld on

    What I don't get is, dudes don't watch Katy Perry videos. And if they did, I'm sure it'd be for a specific reason (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN).

    So how would this be to recruit a demographic that doesn't watch her videos?

  44. Hey VC, thanks alot for the insights. I have just finished watching the video because my friend just randomly talked about it because we were wearing the same watch but anyway, I straight away go to your website to read articles and you have posted an article about it! SPOT ON!

    I have the exact same thoughts with you and all other readers, I personally think the US government personally funded this video. the video itself doesn't make sense and its a bit disgusting, if you are in the right state of mind and you dont follow the trend as much.

    and the scene where she holds the gun up and look through the trigger is just…….

    I have a question and it is totally unrelated with this article.

    VC, what are your thoughts about Hunger Games? I have been reading the books (been enjoying it a little too much, i finished the 1st book in 5 hrs) and watched to movie. I think the Hunger Games really portray the dictatorship-government or whatever you call it perfectly.

    what are your thoughts?

    thank you

  45. Whenever I see this sort of thing I'm reminded of the Lyrics to "Peacemaker Die." – "Blessed are the warmongers 'cause they will be man made gods." By Extreme. To me it sums up the Illuminati's Mindset rather well.

    If you want to combat this kind of brain washing get your teenagers to read "Johnny Got His Gun" or let them watch the film. Or if there attention span is completely destroyed by TV and video games get them to look up the "Metalica" film clip for their song "One". They are all tell the same story, the Generals don't care about anything except winning the five feet of ground in front of them. No matter how many lives they loose or destroy, how much blood they have to spill they'll take that five feet.

    War is hell and there is no way death and destruction can every be good, no matter how pretty the movies make it look.

    Another great article VC keep up the great work.

    My hope is America repents for all of its sins before it becomes the modern Sodom and Gamorah.

    God bless everyone who bucks the control of the elite.

  46. i used to be a crazy fan of Katy Perry and i love her album "one of the boys", but the funny part of this song is when she said "this is the part of me that you never gonna ever TAKE AWAY from me …..But you're not gonna break my SOUL"!!

    i mean OBVIOUSLY she has no control in her soul, her body and her mind!

    BUT, just today, i listened to her latest song "Wide Awake", and i was terribly sorry for her!! she just realized what she is, only a puppet, you can read the lyrics, she's AWAKE

    "I'm wide awake

    And now it's clear to me

    That everything you see

    Ain't always what it seems

    I'm wide awake"

    and now she wishes to go back to her old life, bcoz she knows what is the life after you "sell your soul"

    "I wish I knew then

    What I know now

    Wouldn't dive in"

    in this part, i think it's about some rituals she did or a trauma she experienced!!

    "Wouldn't bow down

    Gravity hurts

    You made it so sweet

    Till I woke up on

    On the concrete"

    and i don't know what she's saying her!! i want to know what is "cloud 9"??

    "Falling from cloud 9

    Crashing from the high

    I'm letting go tonight

    (Yeah I'm) Falling from cloud 9"

    and here she's just telling us that she has no way out of this life and she is stuck!

    "Outta the lion's den

    I don't have to pretend

    And it's too late

    The story's over now, the end"

    i'm not trying to defend her but this sounds like a confession to me

    • @Heather these people dont even write their own songs, they are told what to sing and thats why they are illuminati puppets in the first place.

      • @ sister soul: i meant when i said puppet that she's is promoting their ideas not hers, but i think she's not a mind controlled victim, she made a deal with them and she'll work for them for ever, she's maybe sending some kind of a message to warn people specially who are eager to be a celebrity just like she was, or she's regretting her decision of selling her soul to the devil.

        she's famous by writing her songs' lyrics, but in this album she worked with other writers, so i can't be sure if she did write it or some one else did

  47. They must destroy what is beautiful about Women; their loving, caring, nurturing instincts. They must destroy their strengths. Once they destroy women's identities then mothers will disassociate with their children, all off-spring; see them as a burden. Children will turn away from parents; look to strangers, the 'system', the net, for guidance, support. The desire to create will be handed over to the eugenicists while they unwittingly join with the MIC agenda to destroy the Human race thinking its empowering, liberating to harm, kill, participate in war.

    War is just a profitable 'CULLING' mechanism for the elites.

    You can stop this; praise all the women in your life including yourself. Let them know how beautiful they are, how valuable. Not for their make-up, clothes style, etc., but for their creativity, sensitivity, intellect, wisdom, understanding, ability to love. Let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life, how proud of them you are.

    But educate them, let them know about the agenda to destroy them, to re-engineer them to hate, kill, detach from Human Life. Also, do not tolerate any behavior that denigrates themselves or others; creates intolerance of others. Do this by sitting down with them and telling them what you admire about them, what you are proud of. Ask them why they choose to act the way they do; why they believe what they do about themselves, others. Ask them if they've ever participated in bullying, and for what reason. What exactly are they creating? Hold them accountable! We are all participants in our future!

    Hollywood has been incredibly successful in promoting the 'Mean' girl and 'Cougar' type woman and now we see female killers on TV all the time. The damage of this superficiality, self indulgence and hate is all over the place. Universities are also working to re-engineer women away from motherhood.

    Decide that you've had enough. Be that pebble that spreads it's ripple of change out across the dark, cold water.

    As for Katy and the others, send them your love. They're in deep and its dark and lonely for them.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, its great to hear a man "get it". My husband said that it was "pathetic" for a woman to WANT to be a wife and mother. I was totally offended. The world says children are a burden, be independent, do things "for yourself". I however, do not feel that this is right. For me, I am MORE than happy to be a stay-at-home Mom to my two little children (with one on the way!). :) I'm happy in my role. This is what I was made to do- and I'm not looking down on women who want to pursue careers or whatever- its just, why do people look down on SAH Moms so much?? Its very sad, and a sad state our world is in because of these messages that have been fed to us for generations now.

      • @ Yes Jenna, it's good to be a mother and wife but careful not to lose your identity. It's also positive for you to work as it gives you the opportunity to have a break, get out of the house and be financially independent. Let's say your partner suddenly passes away, disappears, or even immigrates. If you count on your partner to such extent, you might suffer the consequences of your actions in the near future. It's not nice to undermine others who keep in mind all those possibilities. Best of all is to rely on yourself.

    • You're post makes it sound like you think women aren't capable of being as aggressive or assertive as men. I disagree

    • @joshua..why? should my identity be as a paper pusher for a corporation? THAT is a more valid identity than being a mother? that's how screwed up our priorities and values are. that we hear that over and over as women, don't give up yourself. being a mother IS who I am. it's not everything I am, but it is a huge and valuable and valid part of my identity. making money doesn't make me valid except to those for whom money is everything. the minute i left a high-powered career, i was told how i was doing nothing and asked when i was going "back to work" because raising a child isn't work. it's something you should pay an uneducated illegal immigrant to do. oh and forget about breastfeeding. when medical professionals know it is valuable to preventing disease and the use of antibiotics and creates a parent/child bond that raises iq and ensures confidence. why is everybody so hell-bent on "pumps" and preventing breastfeeding altogether? think about it…

      as for this article, some the military comments reveal a lack of education about the military. the u.s. marines are a part of the navy, not the army. but it's very effective too at the real propaganda that says that its the soldiers who want to go to war. this blinds everyone to the reality that the president is the commander in cheif. none of our elected officials these days have served in the military and can't wait to send our soldiers to war over and over and over. but you don't see anybody protesting against the politicians, just attacking the military and their families. mission accomplished i guess.

      • I was a navy wife and my father was in the navy so first off kudos to you for understanding that point for it is the uppers using people who are wanting to doing better for either themselves or.others which was the case in both. My at the time husband started questioning the craziness of why and what's going on and got an other than honorable.discharge because of it. I look back for both of us.were being treated pretty horrid during that time. I know.for a fact it is. not pretty. my father served his time but you can tell it took a toll. I was deemed unfit for service because I was too questioning so it did not mix well with the droned out wives. I was awake because of having to deal with it my whole. whether you're in direct or not, you tend think quickly for yourself. I had to miss out on my father being home because of the lifestyle so. I am hating the war on terror wars that has been going since my father was in. it has not been fair to anyone of the families in in any branch of service.

  48. Charlie Primero on

    When I was young kids who joined the military to go fight and die for the Banksters did not know the score. With the Internet, this is no longer an excuse.

  49. Thanks for the article,

    It's fascinating to examine popular culture this way.

    I checked out the video and noticed a couple other details in some of the the dualistic imagery.

    1. Carnival shooting gallery vs marine shooting range. Notice the doll-prizes at the carnival. They are stuffed animals except above her ex boyfriend are pink skull dolls, and above her are black skull dolls. Perhaps the video authors are "tagging" their material with their gang sign, while commenting on the character of the players in the story. Also, the numbers 9 and 11 (with 10 obscured) are, interestingly, to Katy's immediate right.

    2. Bath with ex boyfriend vs military "baptism". Implies that exchanging unpredictable and potentially painful romantic relationships for military training is a way to attain control over ones life.

    3. Barbed wire obstacle course vs star spangled canopy. First, it seems significant that the canopy evokes an American flag, but isn't. No red and white stripes are shown. It's just white stars on a blue field. The duality suggests some kind of reward for discipline. The rainy obstacle becomes the canopy of stars surrounded by ones comrades.

    • So much 9/11 reference in the media even after that awful event. Saw one from Alvin & the chipmunks: chip wrecked, where the chipmunks hold up numbers signs to rate Simon's dive. There's also that photo of the miss Canada and ms Korea where their armbands show 9 and 11.

    • She's actually shooting the number 10 clown. While 10 separates and also reveals 9/11, the number "10" also represents heterogeneity; a one and a zero, male and female, or x and y, which the video symbolically attacks.

      More than a recruiting video aimed at empowering young women, this video seems like cynical gender baiting.

      What else could a sign reading "millimeter peter!", written in rainbow colors, mean for example. Who would post such a sign in an office, and why would it show up in the scene where Katy confronts her suspected boyfriend? It's obviously placed there as a comment on his manhood.

      The message is, men are cheating pigs, the source of all your problems, and the marines (of all places) is where a young woman can express her independence from and power over them.

      Rather than suggesting difficult introspection as an appropriate response to adversity, the video glamorizes momentarily satisfying knee-jerk reaction. Neither men nor women under the video's influence benefit from such a message. Only the cynical, divide-and-conquer producers do.

      • thank you. :) "1. Carnival shooting…" I agree with your interpretation of the 10 and "millimeter peter". I hadn't even noticed it the first time. moreover, there's a black and white checkerboard above the numbers and at 2:23 they purposefully show you her watch in a long frame and you see that it's 11 after 10. and the 9 is very prominent and the 10 is right in-between the 9 and the 11. I agree that the whole video is symbolic on another level meaning the tough REAL man (her boyfriend is not), i.e. 'male force' becomes PART OF HER and therefore she becomes this mixure of male and female principles. highly occult symbolsm 😉 It probably even goes way further than I can imagine. 9/11 serves either as a trigger of strong emotions/vulnerability or the event even has an occult symbolic meaning in itself… what still shocks me a bit is how they put effort in some details/small hints like pentagrams etc. It is an indication that there is a plan behind it because all the symbolism observed is not random. Like in all other videos already discussed here. 😉 But it still shocks me. I've also watched Madonna's "Girls Gone Wild" video and noticed the duality theme again and the fact she has the 2x 3 ribbons on her arms in the video = 6 and this is the hexagram.

  50. jason russel on

    You need to watch Kony 2012 and forget about me masturbating in public. It's a real educational film and it teaches about feeding the children of the forest. I was so inspired from the sad feed a child commercials. Katy Perry is trying to take you astray with these vile videos. I am trying to feed millions of africans from the forest.

    • it glamouizes which is not good either for it is lying. Ask my first husband what war is really like or any vet who served for they need people to do the bidding. oh by the way no they have not for if you are a guy there is selective service that you to sign up for they ask you that question on the fasfsa if you go to college and if you are a male you must check other you can not to most colleges. how is to better in the economy..college. debt and loans or sign up for uncle Sam either military or grants. that's the tradeofff.

  51. I dont agree with this one VC a girl sometimes wants to prove to herself she is strong and has willpower to not be in the dumps for a guy she is clearly showing LOOK I can kick ass you broke my heart look at me now Im not sitting around moping Im doing something that not anybody can physically or mentally and what really is the iluminati Im starting to believe that maybe I shouldnt be so quick to get brainwashed by blogs telling me how I should think just because they think that everything is done in a negative way…

  52. I'mConfused. on

    I need advise from someone. My brother wnts to join the Canadian Arm Forces because he is pretty much bored with his life. He doesn't have a job, got cheated on by his gf, and dropped out of school. He wants a new change in life and is considering doing this. But part time only he does not want to fight in war. He just wnts basic training and experience outside of our city. Should he join? What are your suggestions?? Thanks.

    And when I saw I knew this was not just a music video I told my brother to see it he hasn't seen this yet nor read the article.

    • Why he doesn't apply for a grant to pursue some studies? Or he could always become a trained plumber or car mechanic. There are other opportunities besides the armed forces.

      • even if they tell him reserves, the reserves are the first to go when war calls. tell him to go to school..he doesnt need to join the military. they will have his soul if he does.

  53. Phoenix Jones on

    First KONY and now this. Ms. Alien Sex Katy Perry is now bringing her brainwashing for the masses to push them into the military industrial complex's endless campaigns.

    It's time to really spread the word to people to get out of this system and free their minds. And it's not just about the NWO. It's also a spiritual battle too. The forces of darkness and Satan inspire and guide all these artists.

    Here's another article on Illuminati brainwashing and how artists keep using "I AM" the name of God in the Bible, to name their songs and albums.


    • Thank you for your keen observation, Phoenix. I, too, have been noticing this disturbing trend amongst entertainers now. They are taking pleasure in mocking God.

      Beyonce Knowles "I AM" … Sasha Fierce" for example.

      Book of Exodus (KJV) – Chapter 3 vs. 13-14: (13) And Moses said unto God: "Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them 'The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you', and when they shall say to me 'What is His name?' What shall I say unto them?" (14) And God said unto Moses: "'I AM THAT I AM'"; and He also said: "Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel: "I AM" hath sent me unto you."

  54. Good job VC! When I first saw this music video, I knew it had to be related with the Illuminati! Thank you!

  55. You know, I have my own conspiracy theory about the US unemployment issue. We've had severe unemployment for years now, and the government hasn't done anything to try to make a meaningful difference. There's a lot of talk, but no action. I think one of the reasons why is that it is hitting young people the hardest. For the past few years we've had ~50%+ unemployment rate among youths.


    Why does this matter? Because with such awful unemployment, a lot of young people enter the military as a way to make a living. It's an alternative to unemployment (or for people without those options, see http://www.military.com/education).

    Have you ever known a young person that entered the military? Notice how people talk about it. The threat of their possible death is dismissed with talks about their character, bravery, etc. "Wow, s/he's really brave for serving our country" or "I think the discipline will be good for him/her."

    The important thing is, this extrinsic pressure on youth to enter the military circumvents the need for a draft. A draft would be worst thing for the U.S. military-industrial complex right now. We have kids signing away their lives, but it's okay because that's their choice and it would be good for their discipline/employment options. But the second we have make it compulsory, everyone and their mother will start looking real close at why we need to send so many people overseas, which of course will reveal that we don't. We'll get a huge public outcry, and for the first time in over a decade the whole nation will demand this unwinnable war end.

    And that's why we have a war on terror, a war on drugs, but no war on unemployment.

  56. Hey VC what do you think about the Hunger Games?? Cant wait for your article on that trilogy, my daughter was becoming obsessed with that story!! I got rid of the books because she was creeping me out with it.

  57. this may be a little off topic but, has anyone seen the trailer for The Host? its based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer (Twilight author). this one has some very blatant symbolism. ms Meyer has stated previously that the concept and idea behind twilight came from some "voices" telling her what to write and when to write it. when I watched the trailer, i couldnt help but link it with the wt is written in Revelations about the anti-christ comin into power and creating peace and harmony between every nation on earth, ppl believing that he is a savior and accepting the mark and his laws. notice how in the trailer the girl speaking says "the earth is at peace, there is no war there is no hunger…" and as the earth eclipses the sun, it turns into the eye of a girl then she says "it is no longer your world" *cue intense music* then a random montage of people of all creed, age from around the world is seen, each one having either one glowing LEFT EYE or both eyes sparkling blue. (it is said that the devil has blue eyes-the blue fairy?- no light in your bright blue eyes- Florence Welch?) another elite and demonic sponsored film about JOINING a group and becoming part of some hidden force in order to achieve "happiness" links well with Katy perry's war sponsored video- "by joining us, all your dreams will come true" yh right!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embed… the Host trailer

  58. So i guess that means more wars, death and destruction on the cards, this is so depressing. Thank you to VC for keeping us informed. God bless you.

  59. Is joining the military a bad thing? Considering the benefits that you receive, it's not the stupidest decision you can make.

    Doesn't the Bible support war?

    Also, in South Korea every man is required to join the military for about two years, including pop stars and it is highly publicized. Are we supposed to think this is a bad thing?

    Katy Perry is retarded anyway, and if someone is going to decide to go into the military on the sole fact of this music video, then they are truly an idiot.

    • ah. you must have been the hippie who spit in my 5 year old face while protesting the war in vietnam my dad was fighting. you're so courageous. if you really hate the "military industrial complex", the go fight the people who made it- the rich civilians in power. don't attack the people who signed up for service – or their children. you are buying into the illuminati created "hippie" who attacks everyone except those truly in power.

      • Ohio Croatian on

        Just because some hippies were scumbags who"spat in soldiers' faces" does not make all anti-war protesters bad.The actions of the evil,wicked scum(the military-industrial complex) who profitted from those useless wars was far worse than the actions of some ignorant hippy scumbags. the military-industrial complex killed innocent people and destroyed families for their economic profit.The U.S. military,since World War II., has been used in Satan's service

      • If the soldiers refused to fight, just how much power do you think the 'rich civilians in power' would have? As Leslie Bach(?) wrote: 'Imagine if they gave a war, and nobody came.' One of the greatest con tricks of all – to dehumanise the military, so it seems like just an extension of 'their' power; a faceless, unstoppable machine, when in fact it's made up of individual human beings, every one of which can send a powerful message by REFUSING TO GO AND KILL THE INNOCENT WHO'VE DONE NOTHING TO THEM, IN ORDER TO MAKE THE RICH … RICHER.

  60. Here's an interesting blog regarding the recent Executive Order that gives this adimistration the ability to control ALL nattural resources during emergency and non-emergency situations. The premise of the article is that there is something big afoot that will require lots and lots of military personnel. I suppose it would be better if THEY could get the kids to volunteer rather than reinstitute the draft.

    You Call This a War? I’ll Show You a War

  61. I agree with VC's assesment of the video.

    One small thing, though…………

    War IS indeed horrifying, violent, and terrible——-but sometimes (unfortunately) it is a necessary horror.

    Whether it applies in "our cases<" though———–remains to be seen.

    I VERY (again, VERY) much doubt it.

  62. nicetrywiseguy on

    Wow, this just one part of the one-two punch the military industrial complex has in store using pop stars to sell recruitment..coming this summer rihanna makes her acting debut, setting off the summer blockbuster in Battleship….apparently promoting the Navy , she even calls her fans the "rihanna navy"…so they are turning up the propoganda in full force getting ready for all the up and coming wars///smh

  63. nicetrywiseguy on

    Wow, this is just one part of the one-two punch the military industrial complex has in store using pop stars to sell recruitment..coming this summer rihanna makes her acting debut, setting off the summer blockbuster in Battleship….apparently promoting the Navy , she even calls her fans the “rihanna navy”…so they are turning up the propoganda in full force getting ready for all the up and coming wars///smh

  64. When i 1st saw this on YouTube i commented saying … "This is just to encourage people into the Army & turn alot of young women in lesbians" good job as always Vigilant!

    • Slag off. Women are not turned into lesbians by watching a video. So many homophobes on this site, it's unbelievable. Sometimes I think some of you are using this NWO nonsense to justify your hatred of celebrities who don't believe in your chosen god and/or support equal rights for people of all sexualities. Mind you, I dislike most pop stars, although I realize that they're using Baphomets and one-eye gestures not to promote an agenda but because their video directors understand the human psyche's obsession with the mysterious and unknown and are capitalizing off of it.

      Keep analyzing music videos thinking you're helping cleanse the world of the "NWO/atheist/gay agenda" and keep praying for 2012 revelations and the world to end. The reality is that there is more solid evidence that humanity is in for more of the same just as always. You're wasting your time. I understand you're bored and want to feel excited or important about something.

      • I agree about the religious nuts – people who judge the gays sure think about them an awful lot…just sayin'…live and let live I say. But then again, I live in the real world, and don't base my decisions on an old book written by dudes with a political agenda.

  65. What about the Air Force? Ive had a few friends join because of the lack of jobs available. I've heard it is not nearly as bad as the army and marines. I was considering joining myself… I dont know if its a good or bad idea. I know that there are probably going to be more wars to come…. I dont know if its worth it. Some of the people I've talked to are happy being there because they get to travel and they make great money but I dont really want to get deployed and I dont know if it's the best idea for me. Having my loans paid off and having a decent pay check was the main reason for wanting to join.

    • Don't join – you or anyone else who's considering it. A 'decent pay check' and travel (join the military, meet interesting people – and kill them) is no compensation for a clear conscience.

  66. I'm planning on a career in the military. call me a sheep, whatever you want to say, but acting like not supporting the military is right when it defends the privilege of websites like this is ignorant. I believe in a world without currency, and seeing money is necessary for EVERYTHING I might as well join and understand the war machine instead of speaking from ignorance. If most of the people in the Armed Forces criticized instead of taking arms, our country would literally be defenseless and Lord knows what would happen.

    I dare you to come up with some conspiracy counter-argument against that, but regardless there are men out there willing to do violence on our behalf while you sit and comment on one of countless conspiracy sites, doing nothing productive enough to demobilize the troops.

    On another note, Katy Perry is wearing Marine BDUs, I believe. You guys state that it's all "the Army." If anything, at least change all of your mentions of the Army to the Marines. A conspiracy website using generalizing words to rile their visitors up is pretty hypocritical, don't you think?

    And why is there a smiley face above the Privacy Policy?

    • @Geo

      Exactly how do the US military 'protect the privileges' of site like VC when the US government have been trying to pass the SOPA and PIPA bills through Congress aimed at limiting internet freedoms and shutting these kinds of sites down?

      Why does your desire for a 'cashless society' make you want to go and join the army to understand the war machine??? Sorry, I really don't understand what that even means.

      And exactly what would happen if the government stopped spending billions on defense? Can you explain it to me factually please instead of in baseless euphemisms?

      I personally think that if the US put down its arms and stopped aggressively and ILLEGALLY interferring in the business of other sovereign nations then the world may actually be a more peaceful place. I personally don't want ANYBODY committing violence on my behalf. Oh and how nice it would be if the US government also STOPPED spying on its own citizens through the 'Patriot' Act.

      I infact double dare you to actually make any logical sense, then at least, I would be able to respond to your comments clearly. But unfortunately your comments don't, which means to me that you are REALLY uninformed and misguided. If you'll be one of the people holding a gun in a few years, then I find this really worrying.

      Before you blindly enlist to understand the 'war machine', I suggest you step away from your 'Tour of Duty' Xbox game, turn off FOX news and actually speak to some real veterans about their very real experiences in the military.

  67. I think that The difference is that this is not a "War" that needs to be fought. Calling it a war would imply that their is a equal amount of resources, causalities etc. The world will never be safe and saying that these soldiers right now fighting is for our safety gives the goverment power,of fear and manipulative which is uneccessary. Im only a teen but I understand that Benjamin Franklan stated "Those who sacrifices liberty for security deserve neither."

  68. This video is a metaphor for lesbianism. It is made by the gay agenda. Clearly Perry ditches her boyriend, cuts her hair, and starts munching carpet.

    No, really, I see this as a clear sign: the military will be accepting women soon on a large scale for active combat duty, rather than support. They have enough equipment and have made the equipment light enough now that a woman can go into combat and not be at much of a disadvantage due to lower upper body strength.

    For some reason the military is not happy with the male job performance (rampage in Afghanistan recently), so they will start to hire women now. Women have a higher pain tolerance.

  69. Ohio Croatian on

    The U.S. military is the biggest bully used to pummel those who do not obey the dictates of the N.W.O.

    • And I guess Muslims are also just The Religion Of Peace.

      Strange that you, a CROATIAN, don't see that.


      • Ohio Croatian on

        I am not supporting Muslims. Those wars have nothing to do with religion.Bush and his satanic globalist cronies used 9-11 to attack Afghanistan beacuse the Taliban did not want to get "ripped-off" with an oil pipeline deal which was unfair to the country of Afghanistan. All of the 9-11 murders/terriorists, were Saudi Arabian.We did not attack Saudi Arabia because of the cozy relationship the oil companies have with the House of Saud.The U.S. military is the best tool those globalist satanists use to enforce their satanic control over those like the Taliban who refuse to obey.

  70. You cracked me up with this one matey!

    I think laughing at their pathetic ness is very rewarding in many ways.


    • Absolutely. And the line 'this is the part of me/that you'll never take away from me' could mean – NOT brave individualism, etc, but the warlike, bloodthirsty, evil, id, side of the personality. And so the 'you'll never take away from me' becomes a statement of defiance, not to her boyfriend, but to the good side of the personality, and to those who are for it …

  71. I knew it :O I watched the video twice and got the same urge to join the army, but something kept telling me "Wait, something's wrong… wars are bloody, they're not cool, they're not fun." I browsed the comments and found that several others got the same urge. After that, I came to this site and saw that hey, you're way ahead of me XD Now, I have nothing against soldiers. War is inevitable, and you need men to defend the country. But if the men out there are fighting for the wrong reasons? That's different.

  72. I am not a Spy on

    Spy Kids: Conditioning Children to spy on Parents since 2001.

    Isn't it cool to be a government spy within your own family.

  73. @MiaMore

    I never said that this role/job (like any other role/job) could not be misplaced/abused.

    I'm just saying that there is nothing wrong with the service of trying to protect home from trespassers/aggressors, which SHOULD be the job description of being in the army, right? (or anyone in the role of 'active attacker')

    Sometimes, violence is the answer to DEFEND oneself from unnecessary active attacks, which is what we need aggression for. Life isn't always candies. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not promoting violence or whatnot, I'm just simply saying there are right things for anything, including, violence & offense ("best defense is a good offense").

    • And when the Iraqis, and Afghans, and Iranians, and every other country attacked by the West, say the same thing, will you defend their right to protect their countries? The US and UK Govts now sell every aggressive act of war as an act of self-protection, when in fact it's the opposite …

  74. Don't forget, Rhianna did this type of video before and is going to be in the new film, "Battleship" as a member of the military which features aliens (but, of course)!!

  75. Watched about 3 seconds of the video before revoltion. If this is the music that people love now then I dont have any problem sending them off to die. Might be a good thing to wipe some of these brain washed brain dead lunatics off the face of the Earth. Also the likes on that video blow away the dislikes. Not a good portent for the future survival of rational human beings. Logic is outgunned by the imaginary man.

  76. first i want to say i hate k p music, nothing personal

    >second idgaf if she or the media controllers wants to reclute more civilians

    I want to join marines in 2 years and i'm not a monkey who wants war

    i met this page a few years ago & i ve learned a lot of symbols that they use to control us

    i want to do something good for me and the u.s

    anyways thanks vigilant for the info

  77. Ohio Croatian on

    I thought that retired Lieutenant Colonol Oliver North, the great patriot who stole arms to sell to Iran to support the drug dealing Nicaraguan contras or "freedom fighters" as President Ronald "sooth sayer seeking" Reagan liked to call them, would of made a guest appearance in this military propaganda video.

    • Oliver North greatest? Wow thats an overly stated. Oliver is a sell out. If you want to talk about military greatness then the name Patton comes to mind. I am not even a military guy but shit read your history and I aint talking the BS they show on the history channel or foxnews. Remember we are humans first.

      PS stop watching to war stories.

  78. Put down those miniature amerikan flags ya'll love to wave so much and wake up sheeple. I am a vet of 2 tours to iraq and have been there for the worst and best times there were to be a soldier in that messed up country. People need to realize that ALL soldiers are simple tools used by the military-industrial complex just like tanks, brads, bullets and any other piece of disposable equipment. We join as 17-18 year old kids right out of high school with no idea of how the world works other than what is taught in the public indoctrination system K-12 because we are bored of our lives and want all the free money and benefits recruiters lie about. Most soldiers fall into two categories: the dregs of society who dont care and just like the structured communist-style military life because it keeps them from becoming criminals; and those with real values and a moral compass that are just blind to what is really going on because the entire system is designed to do exactly that: keep you apathetic and ignorant, blindly following orders whether you gripe or not as long as you stay in line and get the job done. Soldiers may or may not be good people on an individual level and most do have a sense of civic duty that compels them to do what most amerikans will not out of a perverted (by the globalist brainwashing agenda) sense of patriotism. By the way, nearly every statistic you read about the military is either a lie or just wrong because soldiers largely dont care at all when someone gives them a survey. Soldiers have on average, ridiculously low job satisfaction, little to no real combat experience other than barney-style training that has nothing to do with real counterinsurgency, and no idea what their civic duty to the constitution and the oath they swore really entails. Agree or disagree, this is the opinion of a true patriot, infantryman, and angry American.

  79. I've been visiting here about a year now and I really appreciate V.C.'s analysis of pop culture. As for this one, I've one small contention to make, I'll try to make it short.

    In Conclusion V.C. states, "Since military drafts are no longer an option…"

    True story;

    In 2002 my manufacturing job was "outsourced" (i.e., "sent to China"), so I filed for unemployment benefits – big mistake, I'll never to that again – but that's another story.

    I went to the appropriate office to apply for unemployment and gave the nice young man there my personal info: name, DOB, social security number. He entered the information into the computer, stares at it for a second and goes, "hmmm…."

    I said, "What's up?"

    He said, "You never registered with Selective Service."

    I was so caught off guard by that I said, "What's that?" (btw, I know what Selective Service is).

    His voice got kind of low, almost a mumur and he said, "It's just a way…they can get in contact with you…in the event of… a national emergency."

    I was incredulous. I just stared at him. I was halfway expecting a couple of M.P.s to come around the corner, grab me under my arms and drag me off to an induction center.

    He said, "You were supposed to register if you were born after 1960."

    I said, "I was born in '59."

    End of story.

    My point is – don't think the draft can't be brought back by the simple stroke of a pen, especially with our inept, rollover, jellyfish Congress in place. I hope the teen and twenty-something vistors to this site are paying attention.

    In other news; Katy's a pretty girl. I wonder how she got that scar on her upper lip? Check that top photo again.

  80. You know what is really sad. Here and there at school I will see kids a particular shirt with an inverted pentegram and the all seeing eye in the middle. and the shirt says "obey propaganda" so scared for the future!

  81. “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” – Aldous Huxley

    source: targeted individual canada

  82. As a marine corps wife I know first hand they aren't recruiting heavily. They are getting their numbers back to pre-marjah and war status. There is a major troop draw down. I'm a big fan but come on do some research into it. Not to mention don't EVER call a MARINE a Soldier! They earned the title MARINE for a reason. Just saying.



      As a robot programmer's developer, I know first hand they aren’t recruiting heavily. They are getting their numbers back to pre-hooplah and war status. There is a major robot draw down. I’m a big fan but come on do some research into it. Not to mention don’t EVER call a ROBOT a (insert military branch here – because lots of them in every branch like to think they're better than the other, IMO)! They earned the title ROBOT for a reason. Just saying.

      ROBOT Developer

  83. Her music is horrible anyway. These people will try anything to recruit young people. Ive notice a lot of these recruiting agencies popping up in the malls

  84. I also thought of the Simpsons episode AND the fact that we could be meeting another Katy Perry alter?

    They've tried to make this video about Russell Brand, but it CLEARLY isn't (for those in the know!)

    She also flashes the "As above, so Below" sign alot, there's loads of stars (pentagrams?) and the one-eye salute – so obvious now!

    Thanks for continuing to educate the masses who are here to listen :)

  85. No bs but after my gf watched this she started talking to me about her joining the service a few days later. I told her that war is no joke, and to think hard about doing so. i personally have never served but I do have friends that have. they never came back the same. It scares me knowing she plans on joining the elites soldiers. Without thinking about consequences that will come if she does.

  86. Has anyone else here thought about the gaming industry? I think there is a reason for the existence of so many war video games. They've been pushing the same agenda for over a decade now. I wonder If someone here could provide information about how these video games companies are related to the elite? Does anybody know?

  87. Nobodyslemming on

    Remember the Starship Troopers films? "service entitles automatic citizenship"?…perpetual war will require a constant stream of cannon fodder, sometimes its as if the scripts were written to prophecise the future. Never in my 55 years have I witnessed such glamourisation of the armed service and propaganda through the media. We really are living in a corporate fascist nightmare arent we?

  88. Silent Witness on

    I see Rhiannas doing the same with her new movie…. this lady is totally soul less.

    I havent seen for a very long time the empty blank look across her face, this is more than mind control, this is pure evil

  89. And in other news Lana Del Rey is on Time magazines most influential list.


    Ma Nature has a nasty perfect storm brewing however.

    Climate change, human ecological destruction and overpopulation.

    Dont believe they are happening? Your a fool then.

  90. romans 1:18-32 'God's Wrath Against Mankind'.. People please read this chapter.. When I read it all I could think of was the illuminati, this is wat they are doing.. Please read it..

  91. Well I really don't know how effective this would be in the end seeing as a majority (close to it) of American teenagers are not qualified to join the military (being overweight, early criminal records, drugs, ect)

  92. they want us to be drones so bad, they are really pushing the propaganda into any outlet they can. they indeed are prepping for new wars. this makes me sick. i feel like we are powerless…if our government wants to do it, they do. I will not be surprised if we see bloodshed in the US. people have been pushed the edge. they feel like there isn't much more they can do except turn on our government

  93. "Camaraderie between soldiers is an important selling point to help recruit personnel and is heavily promoted in this video."

    Camaraderie isn't an important selling point, it's a genuine thing that is required whilst soldiers are out on operations. trying to survive 4 to 6 months without Camaraderie would be a real mental struggle. It is not just a word people use to sell something. When one soldier knows his friend is alongside him and would risk his life to help him, it gives them the confidence to carry out their job proficiently.

    • It's both. The reason it's 'an important selling point' is because it does what it says on the tin – gives real bonds between soldiers. It's pretty well known by now that soldiers stay in the army/fight, after a while, not for the 'cause', which is often realised to be false, but they stay for their comrades. It's a real manipulative deal …probably harks back to the days when men went out hunting with their comrades. The bonds are meant to be there – just not meant to be there in order to invade countries which have never been any risk to your own!

  94. hand puppets make gr on

    "I’m planning on a career in the military."

    Then may God have mercy on your soul depending on the context for violence.

    I would take up arms with my Government to defend my country against hostile forces.

    I wouldn't join to invade another country, especially when the reasons given for one was a lie — Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). But it's God we all have to answer to in the end.

    I hope the beer goggles don't get in the way of your faith, if you have any, and your morals, unless they're wiped away through brainwashing.

  95. i thin, in my own opinion, that the video is not only helping the occult, but also promote KONY 2012, in its efforts to stop him by recruiting young people to join against the Internet revolution against him. hey, i'm 15, but i'm really learned about this stuff that's going on with the media. :p

  96. I agree with many things that are posted on this website. However this article really makes me angry.

    People who join the military don't joint because someone "forces them" or "brainwashes them". They do it because they WANT too. I come from a military family, and if not for my medical conditions would have served in the Marines, and I am a woman. There is honor in fighting. I want to do it for my country. No war is not pretty, it's a terrible ugly thing but unfortunately in many cases, is needed. I want to serve on my own volition. I have a great respect for those that serve. You can't blame soldiers for the governments faults.

  97. This article and the music video reminded me of the "I want you" clip from "Across the Universe". Yes, it is a Beatles song and yes it's set in the time of the vietnam war, but i still find it pretty relevant to the situation…it shows a whole other side to army recruitment not to mention a more sinister (and creepy!) Uncle Sam… Talk about being an antidote to katy perry's army ad…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mX6dHWyqwNo

  98. Well I certainly didn't expect this video to be in this fashion. I heard the song today and was wondering what the video was like. This is so not what I would ever have thought! WOW!

  99. All this and the upcomming wars are all in prepperation for the antichrist.

    They will bring the world to great distruction then guess who will come to

    our rescue, to save humanity?

    The Antichrist.

    We have to outsmart them but the prophecy must come to past.

    Im hoping this supposedly "secret" soociety (they actually think they are "secret" when everybody knows them?) hmmmmm! jus hurry up and get it over with. I think they are the The Illumoonde? And theyre Aganda is; One World DisOrder??


    They better make it fast cause i want to see my king

    that midnight cry when the trumpet sound and the dead in christ shall rise

    to meet him in the air. yea! we shall be going home.

    mmmmm! Hhmmmmmm! Amen.

  100. intuitivesense on

    VC has respect for soldiers in the military. I absolutely DO NOT. When a person joins the military, they are signing a contract to commit murder. I understand that many soldiers are young and easily manipulated, but that's no excuse for not understanding right from wrong. Maybe if we all stop "supporting our troops" and "thanking them for their service," they'll recall that basic human right to life. The only time murder is justified is in self-defense, and even then it's not worthy of thanks. Our military should be on our shores, prepared to fight in the unlikely event that the U.S. is attacked. They should not be invading other countries, killing and tyrannizing thousands of innocent civilians, in order to force the American Empire's agenda upon sovereign nations (oh, and that happy coincidence of taking control of their oil).

  101. I am a fan of your website. However, there is one problem with this theory. The military is currently drawing down. Soldiers are being kicked out at the drop of a hat and enlisting is now harder than ever before. Additionally, federal jobs are being downsized by 10%. I'm not saying that there isn't a hidden or subliminal message, I'm just saying that there is something more than the obvious.

  102. come on VC!! on

    huge fan of the site–but finding propaganda in this video is a LITTLE ridiculous. can't we just pause long enough be thankful there are no boobs and ass jiggling around? it's refreshing to see a pop star encouraging women to be MORE than just girlfriends, wives, and babymakers.

    i agree with VC on many points, but you've stuck this video (and many others) in a "damned if i do; damned if i dont" ideal. no matter what these popstars do you will ALWAYS find a reason to make a post.

    • Silent Witness on

      Think FEMA – then you will have your answer – its not the war in other countries you should be worried about – its your own concentration camps

  103. i have seeing more flashing lights in background in Most Music Videos….What It means????… Is it Iluminated light….showing allegiance to illuminati…….

  104. I saw an episode of Khloe and Lamar a couple of weeks ago and they went to a military base to see how the troops train. For those who don't know, it's a reality show with Khloe Kardashian and her husband Lamar Odom, an NBA player and a LOT of young people watch it. Makes me wonder now…

  105. It’s hard to get humans to fight for unreal reasons.

    We have a moral encoding that is hard to overwrite.

    Killing for commercial gain is not something many people would do because of an all understanding conscience where you have this inner rational conversation going on within yourself, assessing all you do.

    Hard to blur.

    The military has always had an interest getting into the steering.

    As with publicity it can or might work with the tried and tested “girl” ploy.

    Worth a try anyway – 'logistics' says keep a stead supply of cannon fodder.

    'Boys' used to have to save them until everyone got more cynical because the “helpless girl” role models became harsh, materialistic, hard hearted and psychologically overpowering.

    So what did the brave recruiters try next? They managed to get the girls to dump the kids and get out of the home/ nests onto the battlefields.

    Take up thos taxable careers – like soldiering.

    No longer needs the physical strength and stamina formerly needed for traditional butchering, sorry 'warfare' – and there are pills to deal with the menstruation blues.

    Changed the focus from life giving to death dealing.

    Congratulations, military.

    Mint yourselves a tin medal.

  106. As a United states Marine, who has seen and experiance the facts and have a inside understanding of what is really going on, i can say that this article is the most pathetic thing i have ever read and shows that actual facts can be skewed greatly based upon the authors bias. This author is obviously liberal and has negative thoughts on the military. This can be scene as propaganda through the civillian eye, but to someone who knows whats going on it is not propaganda at all. It is Katty Perry's atempt at using a fine organization as the United States Marine Corps as a methaphor in her video. "part of me". This video is about katty perry stating that because her boyfriend cheated on her, she will not let that overcome her but she will push through the pain and overcome extreme obstacles. Not allowing her experiance destroy that part of her. It is comparible to a Marine in the fact that the three months of hell a person will go through to become a marine, they will always be a marine. They will always be strong and fearless and overcome obstacles no ordinary man can do, even after they retire, are old and withered or are dead. All the training scenes, are not to show war and pro enlisting features but to show she is doing something greater than sulking on her past relationship. The author states, "In Part of Me, Katy Perry is used to push yet another agenda of the elite – the recruitment of young people into the military. If we look at it objectively, Part of Me is, in fact, a three-and-half-minute long “Join the Military” advertisement disguised as a music video", But in fact the United States Marine Corps is downsizing. Yes that is correct. Even though they are still accepting enlistments, the Marines are pushing out large amounts of current memebers. They are retiring experianced memebers and taking far less recruits. The author tends to call the Marines the "Army" and how Katty Perry has become a "soldier". Marines are not in the army and they are not soldiers. We earn our name and we earn our heritage. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than the other branches. Even though some people make us look In the end it is that persons choice to enlist. These videos do not lie to anyone they only show the possibilities. They do not guarentee the same oppertunities, but they so the possibilities. My recruiter did not lie to me. I am enjoying my time in the military doing things noone else gets to do on a daily bases. Having free medical care and housing. A solid paycheck that i will always get on the 1st and 15th for the next two years. War is not a enjoyable experiance but the feeling you get, knowing your going to defend your liberties is. The training katty is participating in appears to be Marine Force Recon training(correct me if im wrong) which is the hardest training a marine can apply for. This is not showing the military will help you escape lifes bummers, but instead it shows the military will help you get the confidence in yourself to show that you are stronger than any man or bad experiance and that you can push through it. Like the author of this article says. Ask any veteran. They will tell you same thing. It was the best decision of their life and the honor and valor they recieved was worth it. That theyd do it again if they could. I didnt write this comment to act like im better than anyone and that this author is wrong. I wrote it so that everyone will know the facts instead of a biased opinion. The military isnt perfect. Its flawed like anything in the world. But dont hate the military. Please just be civil and respect those that enlisted to help people like myself. Im not saying you gotta like them but just so them the respect. Im Lance Corporal Burns. Im a armorer at the 2nd MAW. I work from 4 in the morning to 6 pm at night everyday. I dont get summer vacations or spring breaks. But i love my job. I love it because it disciplined me, made me a better person, and taught me to respect everything and everyone i meet. Im glad i joined. Thank you for those of you whoe read this with a open and civil mind. Thank you to those of you who respected this comment and didnt bash it. Thank you to those of you you didnt like this comment but still respected it. To those of you who reply with ignorance and disrespect. I only pity you. it is those of you , you select few of ignorant souls that make the world such a bad place. Yes its true. Without a open mind and respect this world will never be great. Those few that like to bash comments like this because you have a grude against the military for no reason or you are just victims of anti militaryt, pro liberal propaganda. Yes propaganda works both ways.

    • Ohio Croatian on

      The Military-Industrial complex does not respect humanity so, I don't respect its bullying tool the U.S military.

    • I know that people get into these awful situations and commitments because they are in financial trouble in this ‘Sell or Be Sold’ system/ racket we run here.

      Nevertheless a soldier is someone who has sold something that should rather not be sold.

      In signing your life away, you give away also your natural calling to act on your own decisions.

      On conscious and informed judgement.

      If you have no access to information because everything is ‘top secret’ it can’t be right to act.

      It can’t be a good thing to voluntarily give your mind and body away.

      If they convince you that you are defending your country .- you have to have your eyes closed to believe it.

      The record of history proves that wars are only for commercial gain by private entrepreneurs.

      The wars are about land seizure and stripping the common people of all rights to territory.

      It is ruthless action and has no basis in justice.

  107. Jimmy Johnson on

    "I have respect for soldiers in the military"

    riiiiiiiiiiight, remind me how they're all pawns in the police force of the Illuminati raping and killing innocent third worlders?

  108. Don't know if anyone of you mentioned this in the 100+ comments, but they apparently have invaded College basketball as well. Anyone remember the game early this year (or late last year) between North Carolina and Michigan st on that aircraft carrier? Or how about Baylor in the tournament wearing camouflage shorts? It's not just music videos anymore…

  109. Remember Remember on

    Bill Hicks:

    "I loved when Bush came out and said, "We are losing the war against drugs." You know what that implies? There's a war being fought, and the people on drugs are winning it."

    "All governments are lying cocksuckers."

    "It's all about money, not freedom, ya'll, okay? Nothing to do with fuckin' freedom. If you think you're free, try going somewhere without fucking money, okay?"

    "This needs to be said: there never was a war. "How can you say that, Bill?" Well, a war is when two armies are fighting. So you can see, right there, there never was a war … People say to me, "Hey, Bill, the war made us feel better about ourselves." Really? What kind of people are these with such low self-esteem that they need a war to feel better about themselves? May I suggest, instead of a war to feel better about yourself, perhaps … sit-ups? Maybe a fruit cup? Eight glasses of water a day?"

    on Persian Gulf War

    "People say, "Uh-Uh, Bill, Iraq had the fourth-largest army in the world." Yeah, well, maybe, but, you know what? After the first three largest armies there's a really big fucking drop-off, okay? The Hare Krishnas are the fifth largest army in the world, and they've already got all our airports. So, who is the bigger threat?"

    "Those guys [in the Persian Gulf War] were in hog heaven, man. They had a weapons catalog, "What's G-12 do, Tommy?" "Says here it destroys everything but the fillings in their teeth, helps pay for the war effort." Well, shit, pull that one up!" "Pull up G-12, please." [sound of a missile launch, several beats, then an explosion]] "…Cool. What's G-13 do?""

    "I guess what surprised me the most was the discrepancy in casualties: Iraq, one hundred fifty thousand casualties, USA…seventy-nine! Let's go over those numbers again, they're a little baffling at first. Iraq, 150,000, USA 79. Does that mean we could have won with only 80 guys there? Just one guy in a ticker-tape parade, "I did it! Hey!""

    "I think it's interesting the two drugs that are legal, alcohol and cigarettes, two drugs that do absolutely nothing for you at all; and the drugs that might open your mind up to realize how badly you're being fucked every day of your life? … Those drugs are against the law. He-heh, coincidence?"

    "You know we armed Iraq. I wondered about that too, you know. During the Persian Gulf war, those intelligence reports would come out: "Iraq: incredible weapons – incredible weapons." "How do you know that?" "Uh, well … we looked at the receipts. But as soon as that check clears, we're goin' in. What time's the bank open? Eight? We're going in at nine. We're going in for God and country and democracy and here's a fetus and he's a Hitler. Whatever you fucking need, let's go. Get motivated behind this, let's go!""

    "Go back to bed, America. Your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again. Here. Here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up. Go back to bed, America. Here is American Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go, America! You are free to do as we tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!"

    On the John F. Kennedy assassination

    "I'll show you politics in America. Here it is, right here. "I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs." "I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking." "Hey, wait a minute, there's one guy holding out both puppets!" "Shut up! Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control. Here's Love Connection. Watch this and get fat and stupid. By the way, keep drinking beer, you fucking morons.""

    "Oh, there's a threat to America! Yeah, yeah, yeah … back to that fucking COPS show. 'Cause I'll tell you who the threat to freedom … no, no, not to freedom. I'll tell you who the threat to the status quo is in this country: it's us. That's why they show you shows like fucking COPS. So you know that state power will win and we'll bust your house down and we'll fuckin' bust you anytime we want. That's the message."

    "I quit smoking. It's very hard, but I'm glad I did. I'll tell you, this war against drugs in the US is the reason I quit because I got too fuckin' sick of being on the wrong side. The war against drugs, which actually is a war against civil rights, don't ever be fooled again. If they cared about us they'd get rid of the number one drug which is cigarettes; kills more people than crack, coke, and heroin combined, times 100. Legal.

    Marijuana: a drug that kills … no one – and let's put it in a time frame – ever. Illegal."

  110. The video had over 25 million views on youtube yesterday – that's ALLOT even for a big illuminati puppet like Perry! I wonder if many of those views are due to it going viral because of sites like this or are genuine views from the masses lapping it up – I sincerely hope it's the former…

  111. The first time I saw the video…I thought 'ok what does this hav to do with the song' I however immediately hated it…shooting a video depicting warfare isn't cool…there's nothing cool abt war..even katy perry cannot sell us on that one…Nice try!

  112. onthegoodside on

    It's so funny…as soon as I saw this video I IMMEDIATELY thought of that Simpsons episode YVAN EHT NIOJ"!

    Vigilant, can you write more on Nicki Minaj? I just saw the artwork to her newly released album Roman Reload Deluxe Edition and noticed right away the eye of Horus with her make up (exactly like Gaga did in Judas video).

    Also, I'd like to hear more about Tupac.

  113. when i first saw the vid i thought two things:

    – the simpsons! yvan eht nioj

    – wow, if people don't see the completely unsubtle, obvious advertising behind this then i don't want to live on this planet anymore

    but i'm ok, you know, the simpsons prepared me for this.. siiiighhhhh

    what, are people born without brains nowadays?

  114. sleeping with sirens on

    Ok i have two points 1) ok you know how there are more girls than boys well do you think this video is aimed at girls to be persuasive and mak them wanna join and possibly get killed decreeing the populatikn of girls? 2) this video is definetly an advertisement because this got me thinking about how a few years ago i wanted to join the army but decided to toss that idea since i can barely do 10 push ups

  115. You of course realize that the military is in no need of "fresh blood," as we are facing record cutbacks, and tens of thousands of soldiers are being barred from reenlistment. That being said, even if this WAS a recruitment video, I don't want the soldiers it procures. The military is not an escape, and Perry's "message" in this video is offensive to those of us who serve proudly.

  116. vanessa b xx on

    AHA! i knew it

    i did think about going in the army after watchin the vid to be honest. and the bit at the beginning where she catches her cheating boyfriend bought back some painful memories :( :(

  117. i usually agree and like these articles but as a military person i have to say i disagree. Its ridiculous, we are kicking out 60.000 people a year you think the military wants teenagers or preppy girls to try to join who wouldnt even make it past BMT?? While for these pop start the "camo" look has become a trendy look it doesnt mean much. Did the marines pay for that to be there? Maybe, maybe not but seriously they dont need tactics like this for people to join. The thousands that do join have been thinking about it for years without even being into pop music :/

  118. All I have to say is thank you so much for making this article. In order to avoid being exploited, we must avoid mass ignorance. That's why critical thought is so important. I hope this reaches every disoriented teenager who buys into propaganda and changes their minds before they decide to give in to the false romanticization of war and violence.

  119. I don't particularly buy into your concepts of 'The Illumnati', 'NWO' or systematic brainwashing of anyone who is famous and/or does something important, but this video clip is just so obvious. I thought of the Simpsons episode too.

  120. By the way, whatever happened to the days when rock 'n' roll was rebellious and gave a big F*** YOU to the government?

  121. lately the people around me have been trying to get me to join the army. I'd rather join some conservation government organization but it seems they want me to work for the government AND die. I really hope I can last another few days so I can get out of here, I probably wont though, they have me on a tight leash, especially my witch sister. God damn her.

  122. it's really sad that were being manipulated…the trouble is there's alot of individuals that are unaware of this agenda…this is really very wrong…

  123. I havent seen the video, but when i saw this article the first thing i thought of was The Simpson episode mentioned here. Soldiers dying in these money wars is the biggest blood sacrifice ever.

  124. I don't think anyone should join the military. There are so many more interesting things to do with one's time, such as learning about poetry and history, continuing school to get your Master's or PhD, or even working hard on your financial portfolio (I know, boring). However, there are some types of people who are a good fit for military service, due to lesser intelligence and lack of focus.

  125. TheOtherAllSeeingEye on

    It seems that this hypnotic mind control through the television is having maximum impact on young people's thought processes now. Today's generation of young people are (in my opinion) the most severely complacent, brainwashed, and apathetic lot of conformists western civilization has ever bore witness to. An ingenius tactic of demon worshippers (those who "sell their souls to the devil") is to proclaim their allegience with the dark side in a semi 'tongue in cheek' kinda way so that the gullible fan-base will say that they are "obviously just kidding around". These celebrities KNOW that their fans will assume that which is why they are becoming so unbelievably blatant in the last few years. The degeneration of our culture is becoming so palpable that the very fact that most young people and their now-teenybopper-like parents remain completely oblivious is testament to the fact that these conspirators are indeed 'masters of deception'. I'm grateful that I'm one of the lucky few who will never ever fall for it. Also, look at the homogenization of youth culture. It's become so completely homogenous, in fact, that everything the 1960s represented (freedom of choice, individuality, peace, etc) is now literally in 'panic' mode. We are literally under attack by those who've sold their souls to evil. And most humans are still unwilling to become aware. Am I a conspiracy theorist? No. I'm 100% aware that there is a demonic conspiracy attempting to take over…everything. Katy Perry, if she is indeed one of the puppets, will be punished accordingly on Judgement Day.

    • But don't you think that all the devil worshiping stuff is just being rebellious? I mean, how many people REALLY believe that demons exist these days? I know it makes life less interesting, but…they don't.

  126. You know what? I DON'T have respect for soldiers and cops to do what they do without thinking for themselves, and i will tell you why.

    1:Without these people, the goal of the so-called "ïlluminati" "NWO"or whatever cover name you like COULD NOT work. If they decide to pass some BS legislation that forces everyone to become slaves and give up their rights, how do you think they will enforce it? What prevents us from…. simply disobeying it? That's right, our "protectors" who we respect because they are so "brave".

    2:Anyone can kill,rape and pillage, and it shouldn't be celebrated. I'm surprised they aren't just forcing prisoners to fight BS wars and do this to other people,sortof like game of thrones "taking the black"

    3:They aren't protecting the country from anything…because incase you didn't realize the enemy is the ones giving them the orders in the first place. How can they protect us from"the enemy"when they are directly controlled by "the enemy"?

    4:The people they fight against are usually FAR poorer than they are. I don't suppose they teach these people how to speak the native tongue? These 3rd world countries get desperate and decide to fight against the people enslaving them, so "the elite" need to find dogs to put them in their place, and some kid lets them have him because he's got misdirected hatred or wants to pay some bills? Yea….i can't condone that.

    If they(and by they i mean soldiers,cops, or ANYONE else who has the ability to HELP the common people) want to protect us, they ought to start by thinking for themselves, reclaiming their humanity, and fighting against the very people giving them orders, i'll respect that.

  127. Unfortunately, this isn't a video worth the criticisms. I feel as if this is the a positive video with a positive message. She is showing girls that they don't have to let there world revolve around a guy and that they can step up and do bigger things. Yes, its an obvious endorsement by the Marines, but don't doesn't make it some type of malicious attack to kill young people, or destroy humans are anything with the NWO. War has been apart of the world sense humanity. They can't fight a war without soldiers we need them, no matter how malicious and secretive they may be its them who are keeping us alive against these other countries that hate us. And if you're thinking their destroying the possiblity of peace, peace isn't possible with the human race at all.

  128. You should probadly read romans chapter 13 see the parts with the swords. And yeah your goverment is put there by God.

  129. Have you ever thought of the important role the military plays in American society? Maybe think about the confidence, sense of self-worth, personal fulfilment, and disipline the military gives many young adults who are looking for direction. Most soldiers serve a few years committment and leave for civilian life having never killed anyone but benefiting from the leadership skills and confidence they learned and developed in the military. Always remember: politicians make wars, soldiers fight them, and soldiers are just like you and me, everday Americans. I attened the US Military Academy, served honorably for five years and departed the military for civilian employement. The skills I learned while serving both domestically and abroad have helped build my professionalism, enhance my global views on politics and human rights, and have helped me become a stronger leader, counselor, and friend. We are all entitled to our opinions, but please remember that what you see in war movies and what you read in the news-papers isn't always 100% accurate. I applaud Kay Perry for showing the military in a realistic light and have the fortitude to stand up for us when so many pop-culture icons bash what we stand for. Thanks Katy.

  130. Alex Jones explained this video similar to the way VC did. Whoever wrote this article did a good job. It's a good thing I don't listen to Katy Perry or any of those big pop stars of today. They're just pushing the elite's agenda in one facet or another. I was on the verge of signing up for the Navy last year because my dad suggested it, but now I'm glad I didn't.

  131. when we pledge alligence to the flag are we sublimanaly and quite literally "pledging Alliegience" ?

  132. marc wotusee on

    Its aimed at mind control of the next generations of kids as war mongers, this is every where now music, movies, games and news. she admited herself she was cheated into doing it and didn't before hand see the hidden agenda at work, but what better person to choose and manipulate involement in this than a kids idol and huge pop princess as katy perry it was a massive hit, over half a million iraqi children and civillians were slaughtered we know the awful truth now good people we have to stomach it and never forget xpeacex

  133. Let me just say I watched the 3 minute music video and in no way did it make me want to join the army. Though the elite gave it a good try. I mean I thought hey she's telling Russell Brand to go fuck himself in a less ditzy way which is usually the way with alot of pop stars now a days.But I was surprise that she went in this direction especially when they zoomed in on the sticker equal and marines saying. But I didnt see the one eye gesture which if the Vigilant Citizen hadn't pointed it out I would have never notice. How sly of these suckers. But thats what it's there for to capture the attention of the young and naive.

  134. Deriuiq Ereman on


    A banner on the back wall, in the movie FULL METAL JACKET,

    [the office meeting scene (in Vietnam) at the base]


    Basically pinpointing to the viewer that the military only fights for and defends their own blindness to the real causes for wars and occupations:

    Power and money, gold and other (energy) resources, destruction and rebuild deals – all for business, control and globalization agenda, the bad old new world order shit stuff.

    That's regarding all wars for profit and control (there is no other kind).

    The phrase applies to every war, not just the Vietnam war.

    So, Uncle Sam WANTS YOU to defend to death, your right to be misinformed!

    Why do they call soldier's death the ultimate sacrifice?

    Because soldiers… they are WILLING VICTIMS!

    Ready to die, in truth and in the end, only for their masters.

    Of course, thinking, in their dying moment, "yeah, I fought for the people."

    Or some just "Damn, I failed as a mercenary."

    Or "I did not have a life anyway, so I don't care."

    A regular, anonymous human ritual murder victims pale in comparison, for they never were WILLING TO DIE for the elite bloodthirsty magic or any cause, for that matter.

    Really wanna die by the sword?

    those who don't need to touch weapons themselves to rule you and to whom you are just cannon fodder, expendable.

    At ease?

    Maybe one day…

  135. You guys are right this might be to "recruit " new people. And it sold me I want to go to the marines.. But I didn't know they are using Katy perry for that. I kinda question myself after I saw "thinking of u-Katy perry" why does she have another theme of the military. I still wonder why 2 videos about war. & the first one is about WW2 … maybe a WW3 to come

  136. Actually it is about her trying to get out, if you done your real research on the illuminati and listen to the lyrics you will see that she explains how she wants to get out. Obviously if her video was made like this then the illuminati would have her as a target to be killed. She isn't in charge of producing the music video so those sick elite freaks probably added their subliminal messages in their. Listen to the song once again, recognise the lyrics and you will see she is trying to get out. Also listen to her new single 'wide awake'. Plus if you want more research then youtube 'music industry exposed' and watch the 2hr documentary. Maybe this video is to signify her fighting against the illuminati's. I believe she is now finding the light.

  137. The first thing that came to my mind when reading this article was that episode of The Simpsons using subliminal messages to get people to join the navy! Astonishing!

  138. I just saw katy's video "wide awake" and i immediately thought "oh I really should check out VC, I'm sure it has an article about it", but there was only one about "a part of me"… I guess "wide awake" speaks for itself and is pretty obvious…

  139. if you look at (3:16-17) she is obviously throwing up the illuminati symbol toward the audience/the viewer.

  140. Soldiers fight and die for our right to free speech. I don't support the current administration, but I do support our military. I don't see what's wrong with them using what works. Throughout history the military has had to use one form or another type of propaganda to incite people to accept an occupation that may get you killed but, in the final analysis, is absolutely necessary to preserve this countries freedom from those countries who would take it away. That freedom is for all people regardless of race, religion, social, or economic class. We all benefit. How many countries do you know that have the quality of life that middle class Americans take for granted? Seriously, we own houses (even if the market is going through trouble) and 2 or more cars and multiple televisions and computers and have the right to complain about who's in charge without getting woken up in the middle of the night and dragged out into the street to be shot. I give high praise to Katy or any other celebrities who convince people to do the right thing by serving in our countries armed forces. Again, I'm not happy about the politics, but the freedom to do something about that is what the lives of our soldiers purchase.

  141. Is anyone here pro military? Could someone please suggest how exactly the military is suppossed to advertise in a way that pleases everyone? I thought joining the military was an honorable thing to do. I thought that defending freedom was something to be honored.

    • JD has the right idea! The military is here to protect our country. I grew up in a military household and I would not have had it any other way. So what if Katy Perry makes a music video where she joins the military? The article suggests that any advertisement for the military is wrong. If there is anyone who is brainwashed, it's the faithful followers of this website who will believe anything they read. Besides, if a Katy Perry music video is what's going to start manipulating youngsters to make decisions, then I am very sad for this generation.

  142. i got a question reading..i joined the army recently..and the part where you said there are more wars coming..which in your opinion do you think those will be?

  143. The Xbox360 dashboard has had a Join the Marines ad running for the past few days now. For some reason, the first day I saw those ads was also the first day I stumbled onto this video (via the Xbox360, btw). I chortled nervously. In response to abdiel, the U.S. is already engaged in a proxy war in Syria and I think it's obvious that they have Iran in their gunsights. Syria may not effect Army personnel such as yourself, but it is still war. With all the extra military drills and added deployments in the South China Sea and the western Pacific, I wouldn't be surprised if planners at the Pentagon have China in mind for the despotic future as well.

  144. Oh, in case any of YOU forgot. Your "despotic" country is the sole reason why the world as we know it today isn't either Nazi or communist. Right! If you distrust your country so much, why don't you all migrate to North korea or china? I bet you'd all have a grand time in their JAILS for even daring to criticize the government. Geez, talk about ignorant ingrates.

  145. Any updates on this now that woman are allowed to fight on the front lines? I wonder if any women enlisted "just in time"

  146. angelspaintedhorses. on

    I am and avid supporter of the military (all branches). Go PERRY!!!!! Without selfless service we state side folks would have nothing. war creates trade and a more active economy. The Armed Forces gives hope, self respect, and values.

  147. are you kidding me. i may not know katy, yeah, but we know what happened. Heard of analogies, metaphors or similes? id say this vid is just a way of showing russell she is a bigger person, has a whole new look and is much better off. you may say im not seeing the bigger picture, but honestly, have faith that she isn't a complete sellout.

  148. Perhaps I was slow in reading this, it's been up for a while. Well, as soon as I read it I went to YouTube trying to find the full episode of the Simpson's that wasn't super speedy. No luck, though I did find clips of the songs. In one, 'drop da bomb', you can see members of the audience doing the triangle signs with their hands, as well as much one eyed winking. Just found it rather interestingly blatant, considering the show is "their's"…. Illuminati.

  149. Any time I see an ad for armed forces, all I can think of is that episode of the Simpsons lol Seriously though, I've heard of recruiters flat out lying to get ppl to join.

  150. When I started reading I was instantly reminded of Malcolm in the Middle. Reese joins the army immediately after he discovers Malcolm cheating with his girlfriend Beth, just after organizing a lavish romantic gesture for her.

  151. aabbcc123aabbcc12345 on

    once youve seen documentary "beyond treason" you will know some of the story the recruiters shall never mention. beware it is very graphic.

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