Jessie J’s “Price Tag”: It’s Not About Money, It’s About Mind Control


Jessie J is a new pop artist hailing from England who released a breakthrough single titled “Price Tag”. While the song seems to be about the rejection of materialism, the symbolism of the video gives the song a deeper meaning: The music industry is no longer about generating money, it is about indoctrination. We will look at the hidden meanings of the song and video.

In less than a couple of months, Jessie J went from virtual anonymity to the top of the charts with her single Price Tag.  Heralded as the “new face of pop”, the British-born singer definitely has “what it takes” to be a pop star: looks, style, talent and, most importantly, the willingness to play by the industry’s rules.

Although Jessie J is a newcomer as a pop singer she is not totally new to the pop scene. She has been working behind the scenes, penning songs for pop acts such as Miley Cyrus (“Party in the USA”), Justin Timberlake and  Christina Aguilera. As a performer, her bio describes her as follows: “Mix a bit of Rihanna with Gwen Stefani, add the charisma of Pink, and you will start to get an idea of what kind of girl Jessie J is.” In other words: she’s the perfect Illuminati-approved, made for MTV pop star.

Her first single entitled Do it Like a Dude (a song that was originally intended for Rihanna) definitely contains elements found in the videos of other female pop stars: dirty/decadent ambiance, fashionable bisexuality and a bunch of female crotch grabbing (what’s up with that, anyway?). It is however with Price Tag, Jessie J’s second single feature rapper B.O.B., that we see the full extent of the Illuminati symbolism — more specifically MK-Ultra mind control  programming — associated with Jessie J.

Some Pictures

As we have seen in previous articles, photoshoots are a preferred way to convey and perpetuate the Illuminati symbolism associated with popular culture. As a fairly new artist, Jessie J hasn’t done that many photoshoots yet, and still a rather high proportion of her pictures contain signs that  regular readers will most probably recognize.

Sporting Mickey Mouse ears, a classic symbol associated with mind control programming. Other artists sporting the Mickey Mouse look? Type “Mickey Mouse” in the search box at the top of this page and see what you find.

These pictures give a pretty good indication of who Jessie J is working for. In case some might still have doubts, Price Tag makes it crystal clear … if you understand the meaning of its symbols.

“Price Tag”

At first glance, the song has a noble message regarding the love of music winning over the love of money. What better way to convey this revolutionary message than with a mainstream, gimmicky, formulaic and made-for-radio pop song which strategically features today’s hottest crossover rapper. Alright, that might be harsh, but it illustrates the fact that there is a lot of cognitive dissonance involved with this song. Although its message is about the un-importance of money and embracing individuality, the single is obviously calculated to get the most radio play possible, while constantly depicting the artist as a puppet or toy. Let’s look at the video.

You might have recognized a bunch of symbols discussed in other articles on this site, about other artists such as Rihanna or Lady Gaga. But there are other scenes displaying semi-twisted kiddie stuff. What do they mean? According to director Emil Nava:

“Just basically sort of came up with the idea thinking about things that are larger than life, but really sort of like mass, It’s sort of like this hyper real, sort of toy world with Jessie J bringing a fashion edge to it.”
– Source

Um, OK. That was eloquent, Emil Nava. When asked about these types of videos, directors are extremely vague and barely coherent. On the other hand, they can’t very well say to Teen Bop Magazine “Well, it’s about Illuminati mind control, where Jessie J is a Monarch slave being manipulated by higher powers”.

However this is exactly what this video is about and only a little knowledge of Monarch programming  and its symbolism is needed to understand it. Seeing one symbol associated with mind control in a video might be the result of a coincidence but seeing numerous symbols which strongly point towards the same concept makes the coincidence theory very unlikely. Here are some of the video’s symbols.

One-Eyed Teddy Bear

Right from the start, the video begins with a powerful and symbolic image, one that sums up the entire meaning of this piece: a teddy bear with one eye missing and a torn arm. The combination of several elements in this scene strongly point towards trauma-based mind control (a concept that has been covered in previous articles).

Teddy Bear with one eye and arm missing.

First, a mutilated teddy bear alludes to a corrupted childhood and the loss of innocence. It symbolizes the destruction of something that is very dear to a child. In the field of Monarch programming, teddy bears with no limbs have a specific meaning referring to the helplessness of mind control victims versus their handlers.

“Many of the common things in our everyday life are refrained by the Programmers to have hidden mind-control meanings. The Teddy Bear the child is given by her Daddy is to remind her how helpless she is to prevent him from raping her.


The programmers and parents of slaves frequently give stuffed animals. The teddy bear without hands represents to the victim their helplessness.”

– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

To further drive the point home, the teddy bear has one eye missing, a symbol that consistently represents Illuminati control.

Music Box Ballerina

Jessie as a ballerina in a music box

In another scene, Jessie J is portrayed as a ballerina in a music box, the type you have to wind-up before it starts dancing. The ballerina needs an outside force to get her to perform, another metaphor for the mind state of an industry artist and a mind controlled slave. The same symbol is the theme of the movie Black Swan (full article on the film here).


…as a puppet.

Portraying pop stars as puppets manipulated by unseen forces from above is one of the Illuminati’s favorite ways to show their control of the industry. What better way to show the elite’s use of pop stars to program and indoctrinate the masses?

In Monarch programming, the symbol of the puppet is often used to describe the state of a mind controlled slave.

“To get a puppet, the body is given a drug which paralyzes the child. Then electro-shock is applied to certain muscles upon the command of the programmer. The effect is that the child has no control over his body, and the programmer can make the child’s body parts jerk and move by electro-shocking the muscles. The child actually becomes the puppet of the programmer. This is a very powerful program. One of the names connected with Monarch programming is Marionette Programming. The child literally becomes a Marionette. This concept appears to have been cooked up by the Germans under Hitler. An alter System as a child is physically shown that they are a marionette puppet. Their muscles are electro-shocked in such a way as to take advantage of the natural reflexes. When electro-shocked that way, the victim’s body parts jerk out of our control at the whim of the programmer to prove to the victim that they are a puppet. At this time, the rules are given and rule number 8 is that the alters are their puppet.”
– Ibid

Doll House

Inside a dollhouse

In another scene, Jessie J is sitting inside a doll house which is yet another significant setting in terms of mind control. Due to intense trauma, Monarch slaves are encouraged to dissociate from reality to escape the pain of the various tortures they must endure. The doll house is a representation of the make-believe world victims escape to when dissociation occurs. Furthermore, actual doll houses are used as props in the programming of children.

“In the early programming, a little girl while being tortured would be shown a multi-roomed dollhouse. The rooms would each have a separate color. The rooms would be linked in the child’s mind to computers. In other words–the dollhouse structure was the structure the computers used.”

(Semi-related note: The TV show Dollhouse was about Monarch programming).

One-Eyed Doll

One-Eyed Doll

This scene is shown for less than a second. It is nevertheless extremely meaningful. It is a visual representation of the fractured psyche of a trauma victim. In mind control symbolism, dolls represent the alter persona created and programmed by the slave’s handler. In the video, the doll head has one eye missing, alluding to Illuminati mind control. Jessie’s eye is where the missing eye should be, effectively portraying the merger of the victim with its alter persona.

Fractured Leg and Animal Print

Fractured leg

Here Jessie has one leg removed from her body, another reminder of the fractured mind state of the victim. To further drive the point home, the singer is wearing feline-print leggings, which, as we have often seen, is a code for Sex-Kitten programming.

Jessie is not the only one being portrayed in “not-in-control” positions. Rapper B.O.B. also gets the same treatment.

B.O.B. between toy soldiers, representing the powerlessness of the artist versus the will of the handler.

Meaning of the Song

So what do all of those symbols have to do with Price Tags and “not caring about money”? At face value, nothing much. We have seen however that Jessie is constantly portrayed as a marionette controlled by unseen handlers. Could she be singing on behalf of her handlers, the elite of the music industry?

In the past decade, the music industry went through a great metamorphosis. The combined impact of the Internet, the availability of single tracks instead of albums, more access to music listening online and unlicensed copying have reduced its revenues by a whopping 50%.

Music sales revenues from 1999 to 2009. Source: CNN Music’s lost decade: Sales cut in half

Although the music industry is not the money-maker it once was, it still has an important function: a powerful tool of mass indoctrination. Today, despite the lack of revenues, the industry keeps spending millions developing and promoting new stars. Why? Because there is more at stake than money. Pop music is an developmental tool as important as the school system or the daily news. It shapes and molds the youth to adopt attitudes and values. Pop artists must, of course, generate revenues for their labels, however before they can even start accomplishing this, they must “fit the mold”. They must embody specific personas, glorify specific values and be sympathetic to a particular agenda. If you have read other articles on Vigilant Citizen, you are already aware of the agenda pushed by today’s pop stars. You also know that they are interchangeable pawns who all push towards the same direction. If a star loses his/her “magic”, a new face and a new energy will manage to regain the public’s attention and to redirected towards the Agenda.

Hailed as the “new face of pop”, Jessie J brings new energy to the Illuminati agenda, but she still repeatedly flaunts the One-Eye sign like so many other pop acts, proving that she is another pawn of the system. She sings the point of view of the elite: It does not need your money, it already owns most of the world’s resources. It wants to make the world dance to its beat. It wants to shape and mold the youth to think the way it wants it to think. We are witnessing an important movement of homogenization of popular culture where mainstream media is only playing a limited number of “pre-approved” artists who push a “pre-approved” agenda. So, yeah, the video is saying, you can keep the price tag. There is a bigger investment at stake here: the minds of the youth. Of course, there are exceptions within the industry. Anti-establishment rebels have always attracted tons of fans and some still manage to obtain some success … but not with the help of mass media. Not anymore. Money is not the only thing ruling the business.


In Conclusion

Jessie J, “new face of pop”, does not bring anything new to the pop world (aside from her face). Her video Price Tag incorporates numerous symbols associated with Illuminati mind control, signs that were previously exploited by other pop artists. How many artists on this site have been shown flashing that darned One Eye sign? Dozens. The fact that the same meanings and symbols appear in so many music videos, regardless of the artist, is the ultimate proof of a hidden power structure in charge of the industry. The One-Eye sign of submission is not the main issue, however. It is the message that is promoted and the values that are glorified that we must closely watch. In the case of Price Tag, viewers are exposed symbols associated with Monarch programming, a horrific method of mind control based on child abuse, while a fun and catchy song plays in the background. So, I guess it is a good thing they don’t care about the price tag … ’cause I ain’t buying it.




    • Essential Truth on

      She seems to be surprised.

      "Just come onto twitter and this made me lmao! People really have too much time on there hands. So funny! I am not a part of the #illuminati and its sad that there convincing themselves and other people I am. Haha! RT @cypherdivine: #illuminati @jessiejofficial Jessie J's "Price Tag" It's Not About Money, It's About Mind Control | The Vigilant Citizen " – Jessie J

      – on her official twitter account 15 hours ago…

      Good Job VC hopefully Jessie & her Management will read some of your articles, look at the bigger picture and make better decisions in the future.

      Also a Salute to the active activist on Twitter getting the message directly to these artist!

      • She says: I am not part of he Illuminati… she doesn't say haha, wtf is Illuminati. Meaning that it exists. And yes, b***h, u are definitely a part of it, but maybe not aware of it bcs of all ur trauma etc. Go seek a shrink.

      • you people are seriously stupid sometimes, she is just a normal girl from essex (just outside London) go watch her videos of her singing acoustically and before she was signed. She hasn't been indoctrinated and although I do believe in these conspiracy theories at times it is hard to believe when I read this who has no idea about the artist herself. You may also not know that B.o.B has a song called the watchers and it is about fighting against the Illuminati. I use to like your website but you need to make sure you keep an objective view and refrain from bias. I know people are just going to say I'm being ignorant but you need to keep perspective and know the artists properly not what the media comes out with

      • Essential Truth on

        I don't think your getting it Ro…

        Nobody's saying she grew up doing rituals in a Masonic Center her whole life ..and your right ..she could be the sweetest girl in the world.. we do not know her, nor if she understands what she's representing in her "Price Tag" video.

        I have nothing personal against the girl…in fact i think her performance of "Who you Are" in that NY Subway station is a pretty good song with a positive message

        …Its the machine behind the industry and the symbols portrayed in her video that VC and most of us are more focused on…if you really use to read articles on VC you should know that by now.

        Were not a bunch of haters as you and others might think…We chose to take the blindfold off with the help of this website …you can go on pretending like its okay to throw up symbols and signs representing all that is evil…but I won't.

      • To Ro-

        Read more of Vigilant's stuff. If you did, then you would know that Vigilant has already posted something on B.o.B… regardless of what Jessie J says, she may not have any idea as to what she is representing; she just does what she's told. And she doesn't have to suffer mind control tactics from handlers to still be used as a puppet by the producers. Where do the producers get additional funding for their projects? Like any business, investors are involved. And who's concepts are more likely to reach actualization through the new pop artist? Whoever invests the most money into the project. People take time to design sets and stylize productions. Time and money. Whoever wants to sit in an interview and reply with some half-assed vague response about why they chose a design like they did etc can rattle off whatever they like. Of course they have something to hide; but as Vigilant always says; symbols rule the world. Jessie J doesn't have to be a direct product of what mind control victims represent, and she doesn't have to know anything about the illuminati to be used as a pawn. Please, just use your brain alittle more, you're almost there!

      • I just watched the music video "Watchers" and I have to say, this songs like he's trying to convince us who are awake that he isn't part of the Illuminati. I came across this comment on youtube under that video:

        "This is like Zeitgeist in song form…half truth, half lies.

        Hes coming across anti-illuminati, yet feeding you satanic doctrine.

        "As is above, so is below" is luciferian. Then hes saying that the hand signs dont mean anything…?"

        I agree with this persons comment and also I want to add that he's telling listeners to think for themselves, but is indirectly saying "believe what I'm saying in this video."

        And VC, As always, this was a great article.

      • "as above, so below" is Luciferian?? WTF? Now there'e some nonsense.. Sorry, but thats just repeating crap you've heard or seen, probably pushed by Christian fundamentalists.. thats is a Hermetic philosophic statement, and guess what? Its scientifically provable!!! dum dum dum

        And for childish analogy, look at an atom, then look at our solar system…

        We live in a fractal multiverse, so: "as above, so below.."

      • "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" – Matthew 6:10

        As above so below isn't ONLY for hermeticists!

      • Also to

        Greenery says:

        February 23, 2011 at 7:36 am

        Many hermeticists do accept some of the same doctrines of luciferians,

        including "as above, so below."

        But no, that did not originate from Matthew or the Lord's prayer.

        It is frequently used by occultists (hermeticists, luciferians, etc),

        to represent their beliefs, but not by informed christians, or bible students.

        The "Message" bible translation DOES renders Matthew 6:10

        "Set the world right; Do what's best— as above, so below."

        But this translation has taken a lot of criticism for this precise reason.

      • im sorry ro but i think you're stupid…. why don't you youtube lady gaga when she was still stefani and tell me that she was not the same? did she not sing acoustically and act like a sweet, down to earth loving person brunette… and now she gets carried around in eggs and acts like an alien….money and fame can change everyone and anyone

      • She might not know it yet but shes a leading new candidate for promoting the Illuminati agenda. None of them are really aware of anything in the beginning because their overwhelmed by their newly found fame and status. By the time they realize what they've gotten themselves into, they've gone too far to go back and know very well the consequences of disobeying their "master". That is when they start living in the shoes of Lady Gaga full time.

        Here is a clip of Lady Gaga in Singapore telling you in plain words, at the 1:54 min mark the overall meaning of this song. she says " TAKE YOUR MONEY BACK I DON'T WANT IT! I WANT YOUR SOULLLL SINGAPORE!!!"

        Peace and God bless.

      • Sad thing is, she may not be aware of the Illuminati stuff. She may just be aping.

        Remember, this stuff has become so ubiquitous over the past ten years that there may be a number of people out there who've only know these symbols. Even rap groups putting out their own videos have started using the stuff, both lyrically and visually. So…stick a scissor symbol (not a Scissor Sister, although that probably adds a further creep factor to THAT group) in front of you eyes, think nothing about pointing to your disconnected leg and do all that stuff that everyone else does.

        And since to "The Illuminated" girls are, by definition, toys to play with and then toss aside (unless they're useful for making new toys – Madonna and Cher come to mind); she may be given fully what she "needs to know." And since she's "new," she's able to have an alibi. Five years later…all bets are off.

      • I can't find her twiter post about not being an Illuminati. Has she erased it?

        When this people say they're not part of the illuminati they're saying the truth. They might not be pawns of the secret societies or hidden rullers of the world, they're just pawns. And some might not even know what their own videos and songs are about.

      • @Jessie: You are right – you are not a part of the Illuminati – nobody said you were. You are just their ignorant pawn, a replaceable object.

      • The only way to be unaffected by this illusory devastation [visual syntax] delivered under the guise of the Lord’s Judgment, and to keep from experiencing an emotional collapse, is to come out of this hypnotic trance.

        To remain emotionally connected to the 3 dimensional illusion, believing that its actually real, manipulates who we really are into experiencing a devastating emotional cataclysm as the illusory Day of Judgment unfolds.

        Bringing into focus, through awareness, what it is that the luciferian group of thinking entities is using to manipulate us to do their bidding, breaks the hypnotic spell. If anyone reading these words just experienced this thought … “there’s no way we’re in a hypnotic trance”, then you’ve just experienced the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS firsthand.

        The first sign of a person being mind controlled/or in a trance is denial.

    • Terrific article VC, some hard hitting content =)

      (Today, despite the lack of revenues, the industry keeps spending millions developing and promoting new stars. Why? Because there is more at stake than money. Pop music is an developmental tool as important as the school system or the daily news)

      Very well said dude – people think its just entertainment but the effort & $ put into clearly demonstrates that its a top priority. Thanks for this!

      Majik Panda

      • Thanks CJ!

        I'm releasing a new song on Friday – its a Wiz Khalifa diss called 'Purple'

        I don't hate on wiz but as someone who has an intimate relationship with MJ I think it's lame how he sucks peaceful weed smokers in and proceeds to rap about cars, hoes and $. Shit is garbage.


        Majik Panda

      • I agree. Not only are they as important as the school system, but they are virtual peers. And virtual peers are very powerful!

      • In fact the Music Industry is signing less and less new"Talent" and tightening it's purse strings with each new failure. They are hitting us with every Trick in the Book in desperation that one of their acts take root and SPELLBIND us! And We should be celebrating because IT ISN'T WORKING ANYMORE! I strongly believe that our quiet persistant opposition to this mind control is becoming widespread by Morphic Resonance. They can throw as many new artists at us as they like it doesn't matter because We are waking up a million times faster than they can indoctrinate us. Of course they're becoming Blatant,they're LOSING!

    • man im sure all these ppl know what there getting themselves into before they sign the contract, they sell there souls to the devil to become famous, rich etc.. so im pretty sure this jesse j knows exactly what kind of signs shes throwing and using in her videos.

      • sorry to break it to you, but Lupe is a puppet too, turn off your radio. He is signed to the same label as B.O.B. and T.I., he's just the "counter-attack", but really , if ya'll know a lil about the illuminati, they like to play sides against each other. If he was truly opposed to the agenda, he would have terminated his contract REGARDLESS, and went indy. Just another pawn, VC should know that…

      • Whats with society and their addiction to music these days? "Turns out that so and so is pushing the Illuminati agenda so lets listen to and devote our time to these guys over here instead!" Am I the only one here who witnesses the obsession and infatuation people have with music lately? Its almost as if most people are under mass hypnosis and that they can't even take two steps without having their ears plugged into their Ipod's like that Motorola commercial. Its amazing to see the overall impact and control music can have over someones daily life. Just because something seems harmless and you cant see the damage that its causing you, doesn't mean that it is. If you feel that you can't go a day without hearing music, than you might want to do a little bit of research for your own sake and for the sake of those that you love dearly.

        Look what different levels of frequencies can do to adamant objects that are visible to the naked eye…such as salt…water. Keep in mind that 75-80% of the human body is made up of water.

        Here is an eye opening article titled: THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION’S WAR


        Peace and God bless all of you.

      • he's just another of the many "michael moore" out there.. do u think the elite plays only on one side?? well, guys, it's 2011, i beg u to wake up… FAST.

        in my humble opinon chomsky is another.

    • Try Michael Franti and Spearhead (particularly "Yell Fire" and "All Rebel Rockers" albums) or Jackson Jackson (an Australian band that's quite big with two albums, "The Fire Is On The Bird" and "Tools For Survival").

      And I noticed that Lauryn Hill has been writing a series of amazing songs about breaking out of mind control, try searching for "I Get Out" on Youtube — ironically enough there's footage of her looking very uncomfortable in an MTV studio playing all of these really honest tunes…!!!

      Namaste xo

      • Michael Franti is awesome.

        A small list of artists towards what we stand for.

        Army of the Pharaohs



        Big C


        Blue Scholars

        Brother Ali

        Dr. Dre

        Distant Relatives

        The Grouch & Eli

        Eminem (New Stuff)

        Fatboy Slim & Prodigy (both have song called Illuminati)


        Immortal Technique

        KRS 1

        Jedi Mind Tricks

        Lil Wayne (New Stuff)


        Lupe Fiasco

        People Under the Stairs


        Rage Against the Machine

        System of a Down


        Vinnie Paz

        Only a few after quickly scrolling down my artists on my iTunes. Way more I could have listed, but those are the main ones I listen to right now. Various Dubstep artists, as well as other electro genres have good remixes, but you can look that up on your own. I was skeptical about Eminem and Lil Wayne, but I just saw this Youtube video that helped with my skepticism.

        This one can help you get started

        Then find yourself in an entwinement of different Youtube videos to discover the rest.

        Hope this gives people some music suggestions that they haven't heard of or thought of. Just trying to do my part. Spread the word guys.

      • Dr. Dre? Eminem? Lil Wayne? are you kidding me?

        These are the top Illuminati artist. None of them have broken away from anything.

      • I knew there would be those who would say that…I was like that too until I saw this video that proved me wrong. And listen to Dr. Dre's song, Been There Done That

        Watch it if you're skeptical of: Lil Wayne, Eminem, and it starts out with Lupe because he used to be a puppet too….

        And this is an awesome series of 11 videos of the horrors of the music industry going in depth with artists like Michael Jackson and Eminem, has the Dave Chappelle videos that are on here too..

        Please watch em before you talk. And if you still disagree with me after you seen both the video's I posted, (second one is a series…you should watch all of them…it's hard not to) then go ahead and keep bashing these artists

      • I love ignorance because it builds us all a bigger hole to rot in. Please watch those vids if you skim through the comments and this happens to catch your eye.

        Take a chance to learn something new. Be open minded. Be the leader, not the follower, because we all know how many more sheeple this world f#&*ing needs….

      • nala_the_rebel on

        yyyeeeea..i was thinking the same thing. =T DR DRE? LMAO REALLY? HEY–VIGILANT CITIZEN–DO A MINI ARTICLE ON THE DR. DRE HEADPHONES COMMERCIAL FLASHING THE "666" RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! OR FERGIES DR. PEPPER COMMERCIAL WHERE U CAN ALSO SEE THE "666" SIGN smh nice try tho…LIL WAYNE??? smh tht coon ain no anti illuminati lmao wit his willy lynch preachin ass…plz. -____- eminem? comment…smh again nice try

      • nala_the_rebel on

        and old is dr dre's "been there done tht?" =/ "ain tryna stick around for the illuminati" right…n here he is…lol i see he ain go no where =T CMON SON. lol but at least he aknowledged it back thn..for those who r TRULY against the illuminati–you wud kno–bcuz those r usually the ones who r silenced..n r no longer with us..smh

      • Well, I was 100% for the fact that he supported illuminati, especially with the headphones commercial, but I saw that video, and I thought just MAYBE I was wrong… yeah, screw Dre…..

        I still have some thought about Lil Wayne….that video link, if anyone would watch it, shows some of his new sh!t. I don't listen to him, but the lyrics in the songs they show say that he's trying to escape the Illuminati.

        And I believe as 100% fact that Eminem wants out of the Illuminati contract he signed, but he's trying to stay around for as long as he can until they do what they did to the rest of the artists that don't follow the rules of selling their soul over….

        So with Dre out, how about some research for Lil Wayne and Eminem. I don't listen to either artist, but I added them to that list for they are artists who are still alive who are TRYING to fight back.


      • caramelcutie404 on

        If u didnt kno Dr Dre and Black Eye Peas AND Lady Gaga are all on Interscope do the math

    • I left a comment for the first time, I'm a freshman haha. But there are alternatives like:

      Lecrae (Rap alternative to B.O.B.)

      Brit Nicole (Pop alternative to Jessie J)

      Detrick Haddon (Urban alternative to Chris Brown)

      The list goes on…you don’t have to listen to these mind contol freaks.

      • @ sensei57, never listen to brit nicole but my sister and i always say that lecrae is the gospel version of lupe and deitrick has so much soul.

      • Don't forget about group1crew-alternative to black eye peas JIMMY NEEDHAM-alternative to jason mraz/john mayer and The Almost- alternative to three seconds to mars

      • Sorry, gospel is not quite it either. Look at Deitrick's second album cover. plenty of symbolism. Listen to Mary Mary. It's the same, same stuff, just geared towards Christians.

    • May be very few but probably masses do not listen to them or they are not famous :-) unless they sell themselves someday. May be the bands from 60-70s ; like Pink Floyd?

      • lmao I was going to say the same thing about Pink Floyd.

        But there are hundreds. It depends on what kind of genres you like. You just have to dig for them on the internet.

        I like electronic music, and thankfully, a lot of electronic music does not have lyrics to promote any crap nor do they have weird videos. You can find a lot of soundtracks on youtube. I like Destroyer by Kaputt; Southern Shores by Grande Comore and alot of others like Mitzi.

        I also love foreign pop music too. (The kind that does not promote this crap.) I love Angelique Kidjo, Cheb Khaled, Koda Kumi (though her music is slowly turning into this illuminati crap due to her popularity I think.) and others.

        All you have to do to find good music is dig! We have free unlimited internet! Take advantage of it before the government starts to ban and shut stuff down. Especially after this wikileaks episode.

      • If you are interested in electronic music without the industry mind control, check out MiracleBlue. He is a Born Again Christian with a gift for music. He has a very wide range. Some of it is uplifting; some of it is dance music; some of it belongs in movies.

        Here is a site for his most recent efforts. If you scroll down the page, listen to a song called Indefinite Ocean. It's my favourite. No references to anything occult; no hidden meanings; no video clips, just awesome emotional soaring melodies. He has been doing this for more than ten years and is just starting to get his music out there.

      • @Catou Grinyer – ok I went and listened to a bunch of miracleblue's stuff. Awesome! I may be aging myself here but I totally grew up on grunge (born and raised in Seattle; generation X and all) but also dabbled in the 'rave' scene since that was big at the time. Do the kids even call it that anymore??? LOL – anyways, I have a soft spot for electronic from those experiences and just overall found some of his stuff very uplifting and that one song, 'indefinate ocean' is beautiful!!!! It totally reminded me right off the bat of Moby's "God Moving Over the Face of the Water" from the movie Heat! Good flick if you haven't seen it. And also made me think of the theme song from the Gladiator "Now We Are Free" – it is amazing and she is singing in "Gossolanlia" – look it up!!! but below is the song.

        Anyways – appreciate the post, that is some cool stuff!


      • yeah – Pink Floyd's See Emily Play – sounds like a mind control song to me.

        Emily tries but misunderstands, ah ooh

        She's often inclined to borrow somebody's dreams till tomorrow

        There is no other day

        Let's try it another way

        You'll lose your mind and play

        Free games for May

        See Emily play

        Soon after dark Emily cries, ah ooh

        Gazing through trees in sorrow hardly a sound till tomorrow

        There is no other day

        Let's try it another way

        You'll lose your mind and play

        Free games for May

        See Emily play

        Put on a gown that touches the ground, ah ooh

        Float down a river forever and ever, Emily, Emily

        There is no other day

        Let's try it another way

        You'll lose your mind and play

        Free games for May

        See Emily play

      • "see emily play" is actually a song about hallucinogenics and how life is about playing roles. you`d have a hard time understanding it by saying that this is about dissociative identity disorder: it`s not.

        syd barrett, an original member of pink floyd, wrote "see emily play". he was an artistic genius, not like the trash that poses as "musicians" nowadays. unfortunately, barrett subsequently "lost it" by overdosing on LSD. his brilliant lyrics and music have just about zilch to do with mind control, however.

        as for pink floyd being illuminati, I venture another big question mark. although the band became huge sellers for the industry (EMI), they remained very artistically independent for many years (until circa "animals", 1975) and criticized the music industry at every turn: animals was about totalitarianism, for example. roger waters for many years even professed to being a communist, fer chrissakes!

        so, although it helps to be critical most of the time, these charges against pink floyd are in my view unfounded: not every great artist achieves success by becoming a devil worshipper; the likes of alice cooper, led zeppelin, marilyn manson or lady gaga notwithstanding, of course!

      • You guys really need to stop throwing around the term, "Illuminati". The illuminati bloodlines are akin to the royalty of the dark arts tradition that have to do with ancient bloodlines… you can't join the illuminati… none of these pop artists are illuminati. However, many of these artists do indeed come from multi-generational satanic bloodlines who do have the ultimate same goal.

        There are many different clans, brotherhoods, secret societies of the satanic and dark art flavor and many of them go back for generations. A good read is David McGowan's series on Laurel Canyon… some of the best writing out there on this stuff. That's why so many of these artist's families are tied to the military… these evil bastards planned this shit out a very long time ago… hence Vigilant's good breakdown of Metropolis.

        Its all ancient Babylonian magic… like the term "Golem" from Jewish folklore… its an insider's reference to early monarch slaves. The occult world has been doing this stuff for a long time. Project Monarch simply brought a scientific acuteness to the whole process.

        And if you're looking for good music… roots reggae is filled with artists talking about righteousness… the most spiritual music I've yet to find.

      • Well, I respect your opinion but I do not think that Floyd's music was a mind control agenda. I shall believe you if you'd say something like this about Led Zeppelin :-) but not PF. One proof is the guys like me (who love PF) strolling these pages and exposing Illuminati agenda.There surely was a drug dipped initial phase but that was so common at that time; and for that reason if you find the words 'mind' n stuff, does not really mean mind control. I have been listening to them for years and yet here I am today, not mind controlled and truly appreciating the guys who produced the revolutionary 'The Arrivals' and guys like VC. Peace.

      • SHIT! i just bought a very expensive ticket to see the wall live, w roger waters!

        that album changed my life!!

        and yet, i have some suspicions too….

        but then what, will somebody else tell me jeff buckely was mk-ultra??????

        sometimes i think i have to throw away all my stuff, books included.

      • hey Me,

        thanks a lot.

        loved that docu.

        also watched the one about hollywood. loved them both.

        thanks for this.

        altho i am the biggest hypocrite cos it is very difficult to change. may god forgive me..

    • I am starting a blog of my own. Within this blog I will be listing artists and songs WORTH listening to and why. the site is

      • Look you guys have to understand, any popular artist was part of this illumanati mind control bullshit. If they are a house hold name, they are part of it.

        Each and every song they wrote doesn't have to be about mind control. I grew up on 80's music, which by todays standards seems gloriously innocent, but it wasn't. What the music back then did was groom us. It was a slow grooming to lower our defenses to the point that the smut that is on Todays radio could be acceptable.

        They ALL were a part of this plan, though most were oblivious. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Whitney Houston, Kurt Cobain, Tu Pac. Some of these artist woke up and tried to rebel and were silenced

        (killed, destroyed in the media)but those who continue to push the agenda are still rewarded (Madonna).

      • kurt was killed by some psycho hitman hired by courtney hatred…ehm.. love; she payed him some thousands of dollars but then he released an interview telling he killed kurt and then….. oh what a strange, timely coincidence… he jumped under a train!!

        and it's two suicides so far ladies and gentleman for mrs junkie…ehm…love!! thanks you, ladies and gentlemen!

        go courtney, enjoy nirvana's money, u loser!

        u will pay one day :-)

      • I question her as well now given her fast Marriage to an American, the "pyramids" on her new album cover, the use of her songs as television themes and her changing of the words in Arithmetic from "you are the son, so you are the one I want" to "you are a sun…"

        I'm not entirely sure she's not involved in all this now, although certainly it's less obvious than a lot of the new crap coming out in NZ.

      • You're scaring me, because I can see all the triangles behind her on her new album, HOWEVER, the lyrics to "Arithmetic" actually is:

        'Cos if I add, if I subtract

        If I give it all, try to take some back

        I've forgotten the freedom that comes from the fact

        That you are the sum

        So you are the one

        I want

        She says "You are the SUM" not sun or son. It's a romantic love song I believe…I'm really hoping she hasn't bought into the Illuminati system, but then again, the new Hillsong United albums have triangles all over the place too (the Christian worship band that Brooke sings as a lead in)…Ughhh.

      • Wether it be old Madonna or new, she's always had too much industry influence.

        And if you want to talk about albums, I bought a "Best Of…" CD of hers and every page of the booklet inside had a signature that reads "Mr. Brainwash," but that's made with the intent to get people like us talking.

        Now as far as music you can listen to, I personally like foreign music, Cirque du soleil music, techno, and such.

        **Interesting thing though…

        The Monkey Business album by Black Eyed Peas is pretty good to listen to.

        A few of the songs on it are VERY good, with great mesages such as:

        *They Don't want Music

        *Gone Going

        *And some others…

        But really, look up the lyrics on these.

        It's kind of ironic they sold out after these songs.

      • i love brooke fraser! she is so genuine in her music and when you see her live she is the exact same. she is someone i want to be like, not these silly mainstream pop artists

    • I would just say "Dig." If you can find someone who's been playing for fifteen years or more without having sold out, you're ahead of the game.

      You may also want to (carefully) check such sites like PledgeMusic. Since the music industry has shrunken to the point where it can only afford to plug its agenda (thanks for that graph, V; and keep that in mind when looking at the industry, readers), artists with a track record have turned to their fans to help defray the costs of recording and touring. Maybe you can even help raise money for the alternative to crappy, agenda-hijacked radio.

    • TuffGong GangstaRast on

      Listen to Bob marley,Damian marley ,Stephen Marley, ky-mani marley, stephen marley,ziggy marley, vinnie Paz, immortal Technique,a little bit of ice cube, CaniBus, krs-One, Bizzle, Lowkey..

      the List will grow as more ppl learn di truth.

      nah time fi bloodclaat demon worshippers.Catch A Fire!!!!

    • Hats Off to VC again – brilliant article

      There are plenty of real artists out there who are truly inspiring and hit the heart and mind with awe inspiring production and lyricism – sorry for the UK rap bias but since majority of US "Hip Hop" artists have sold out for superficiality and paper its very hard to find a "real artist" from US – except for Technique – that isn't being played; anyways try and you may like:

      Lowkey, Logic, Mic Righteous, Mongrel, Jimmy Jitsu, Charlie Sloth, Wordsmith, Chester P, Farma G, Black the Ripper, Iron Braydz, Immortal Technique, Klashnekoff, Burial, Nate, Rewd Adams (AKA Scandal), Unicorn Kid

      As for Lupe – I loved his Dumb It Down but I have a distrust of anyone on a major label not because they are illuminati but because willingly or unwillingly they are being played by the Illuminati to help crush the aspirations and creativity of generations (and their music is all the same) – VC can you clarify your position on Lupe Fiasco is he a Illuminati Counter Attack or is he for real?

      Remember there is a counter movement so we don't have to swallow the crap fed to us through a 50 year old 4 Bar Template!!

      • Grasshopper, I could not help but point out the obvious irony of the thread that resulted from your post. Lmbo. You can lead a horse to water eh? SMH Holla at me if you crave some stimulating convo.

    • Try Corinne Bailey Rae. ; – ) The purest and most genuine music thus far. Her website even mentioned how she turned down a "big company" in order to keep working with her few closest friends and maintain her sound and clean image. Nothing beats that.

    • Oh there are a few, you want something real then come the 22nd of March I suggest you get on Itunes and buy W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) by Pharoahe Monche.

      As real as it gets from a Hip Hop Perspective along with Immortal technique ….


      Interesting stuff on Ms. J, well, illuminati or not, once you're in with the popular music industry fraternity, it 's difficult to believe that she is any less of a puppet than the rest of them, video shoots do confirm that right … ???

      Music videos, as with much that is represented in big budget movies, are merely tools to enable the,

      "Hiding of truth, in the open" as a friend of mine told me.

      Anyhow, glad to have found this page …..

      I'd like to think that I question things much like the VC except I'm the, "Big V"

      Check me here at …..

      Peace y'all and yes, THINK, cos we need more thought rather than less right abut now.

    • Essential Truth on

      Never heard of this girl or her music before clicking on this article…but she quickly proves how she does have a "price tag" and gets down with the Agenda.

      God help the youth who think its cool to accept and represent this evil due to every aspect in this hypnotizing Entertainment Industry telling them it is.

      VC has now clearly proved how the Illuminati influence in Music is not exclusive to American Stars ..its in Russia, Asia, Europe.. its worldwide just like their Agenda.

  1. brilliant article, VC! i love it that you're so thorough…that's so appreciated. pls don't ever give up your great work.

    • She probably had good intentions e.t.c when she wrote this and is good willed – but the spin they have put on her song via the video e.t.c is 100% clear its a Inside Joke and they are laughing hard ! lol mainstream music has and always will be used to Shape&Control the masses.

  2. I wanna know what's the illuminati deal with the gay people!, it's been showed in many of the new videos! I would like to know what's with it! Thanks, VC :)

    • Thats what I wanna know but I dont even think that its about gay people, why are all the female artists supposedly bisexual nowaday????

      What's all that about?

      • the illuminati push feminism and gays because it destorys the family structure… we are weaker seperated than as a family unit.

      • that's true.

        I support gays, and they can definately make families together. Homosexuality won't destroy the family unit. But it's the way they are portrayed on the media. It's centered around sexuality and selfish flesh pleasure- not love that people can share together regardless of their gender.

        They do that with homosexuals and heterosexuals.

      • Alex,

        "Won't destroy the family structure" ??? Of course it will destroy the family structure and the basis of life which is to give birth and not to buy it. Two males or two females cannot reproduce period. Don't be so naive and nearsighted, rather think of our children's grandchildren. If this movement keeps getting larger and larger which is all that its been doing, eventually the majority of the future will be gay thus making it impossible to bring new life into this world and mankind will be no more. You can only adopt children for so long but sooner or later, were going to need REAL families to bring forth the new generations. To be frank, its just another way for the elites to slowly but surely decrease the future population.

        As a God fearing Christian, Muslim, or even a Jew, how can you turn a blind eye to something God has made unlawful to us for a good reason? This homosexual movement right here is the social engineering and manipulation of today's society designed by the elite at its finest. I promise you that if this sick mentality prolongs, it will lead to nothing but our very own destruction and demise. If we even discussed half of today's current topics in yesterday's world, the majority of the people alive would've been hung high or had their heads chopped off for the sake of everyone's well being. If you just look back to the 40s and the 50s, people were more modest, honest, and sacred than the people of today. Their religion and beliefs were very dear to them and they were happy with what ever they had. Today, a lot of the peoples religion is materialism, Imperialism and topped off with Atheism. We've come a very far way in such a short amount of time and will only continue to keep going further if we continue with this mentality. Please don't have me misunderstood for my intent is not to insult but rather enlighten. "If you do not stand for something, you will fall for everything". We must put the fire out early before it rapidly spreads and kills EVERYTHING.

        Take a look at Lady Gaga and what shes promoting? Do you really think these sick evil minded elites would have a change of heart and for once actually fund something that is constructive and beneficial for us??? She comes to the Grammys embedded inside an egg carried on top of a cross representing her new single "born this way". Born what way? Born as a homosexual which is a fabricated theory because no one is "born" a certain way. All your morals, values, and views in life you adopt along the way as you progress and mature through what ever influence whether it be family, friends, the media and the list goes on… Nobody is born a Democrat or a Republican, rather you choose which direction to head for what ever reason you may believe. To top it off shes praised and awarded for her "good deeds" and they praise her for that through finance and the many Grammys she received that night for her hard work and influence.

        The world witnessed in amazement Madonna (Head Priestess) lip locking with Christina and Brittany. We sang and danced to Katy Perry's #1 hit "I kissed a girl and I liked it" anthem. We get most of our "breaking news" from an openly gay man known as Anderson Cooper. "Don't ask, Don't tell" which sounds like something that would come out of Aleister Crowley's own filthy mouth. There is a show titled "1 girl and 5 gays" that airs on MTV for our kids to tune into, and I can go on and on and on… You mean to tell me that since the minority of the people are accepting of these things that the majority of us should be too? From fear of being scrutinized and being labeled a homosexual hater? And if someone does anything to a homosexual their protected by the law to the full extent and face more time for a hate crime than someone who hurts and rapes a child? If you cannot see the big picture and the disease of today's social fabric, I'm trying to paint it for you as vividly as I can.

        They've done a very good job of desensitizing people over the past couple of decades. Stay firm to your morals and beliefs and please do not be swayed by homosexual public opinion and pressure. Do not be so selfish and self-centered, rather worry about the future generations which are the people of tomorrow and the vital torch we will pass on to them. Let it not be a dimly lit torch dull in colour, character and creed but rather the brightest torch mankind has ever seen, full of strength, courage, respect and most importantly FAITH.

        Peace and may God bless you all.

      • You give the illuminati WAY too much credit. They didn't invent homosexuality, and you're free to question their motives for not opposing it and using it, though if you ask me it's just for the money and probably expand the culture of sex. What do you think about test tube babies, about women who sell eggs and rent their wombs? Men who sell and donate sperm? Those methods create babies too and are unaffected by sexuality. But whether they or the old-fashion method is used won't determine how much love and if the child will be getting a good family, and just throwing idealistic Bible verses at a child isn't enough.

        And what are you talking!? If a person rapes a child they are not only going to likely become a hated pariah, they'll also be labelled a sex offender and have to carry that title around all their lives. Yes, if you harass or kill gay people or teach your children to hate them you will be prosecuted and the community might not like you, and if you ask me that's fair. It's just as wrong to spread ignorance and destruction toward gays as any other group.

        I would think you'd like "Don't ask don't tell," which, in case you didn't know, was a law that made it forbidden for homosexuals in the military to disclose their sexuality under near assured consequence of discharge, nothing to do with Aleister Crowley. Your idealism of the 40s and 50s is hollow, too. Back then there was racism, violence, horrific warfare that religion didn't stop.

        There's so many worst things in the world, IMO one of which is religious hypocrisy, but you seem to think homosexuality is so evil and I find it ridiculous.

      • Eventually the majority of the population will turn gay…?

        You gotta be kidding….

        Nobody chooses who they love. Love has no gender, and gays will always be 10% of the population, whatever influance media has.

      • But there are more women than men – there are always going to be single women. Do you want us to starve? Feminism gives us the right to work for a living and support ourselves, instead of just being prostitutes for married men until we're too old for them to want us. Considering that 90% of the men who approach me are married, I sometimes think they're against feminism because it gives me a choice other than sleeping with them for a few dollars.

      • Nicely written article.

        We need som rule to collaspe comments that are not pertaining to the article. Discussing God and homosexuality is great and all but this article is about neither of those topics.

      • ur kidding right on

        Women we GOT to wake up. Feminism is great, but the feminist movement is not what you think it is. Yes if a woman wants to work then it is fine she should be able to. But why are women who WANT to do their job and raise their children getting called lazy? I am a SAHM and usually its women who think of what I do is less then them waking up at the crack of dawn, dropping their child in an institution for 9 hours a day is the way to "independence." So sad. Nothing wrong with moms who have to go to work, but there is a problem when financially stable women are dying to drop off their 6 week old infants so they can "have their life again"-thats what femism did to women and families. Yes we should vote, yes we should have a say, yes we should be able to work and have rights like men. But we are not men and there is nothing wrong with knowing that and letting men be men.

        Women had and will always have MANY jobs outside of prostitution or being married. Please raise your level of awareness and do the research. Stop taking big gulps of the spoonfed garbage you been getting. And, when researching keep in mind that there is are other countires and peoples history worth looking into than just European views. Nothing against it but we need to keep in mind that the history we are given is from a narrow viewpoint and doesnt even include all white people.

      • feminist movement which was created by aleister crowley and his satanic friends, just like the hippie re…IN…volution…

        burned a great deal of neurons, still the results were zero.

        what a great era of nothingess and delusions. grown up men acting like toddlers, taking drugs, having orgies.


        i'd rather live in the victorian era.

      • @"ur kidding right"

        You say it so nicely and clearly, sometimes because of all the attacks on this healthy point of view, it get's hard to explain it as well as you just did.

      • I completely agree with you……!!!

        For all of you that don't believe it, here's a link of an interview Alex Jones made to Aaron Russo before he died, it's a real eye opener….check out what he says towards the end about the family structure, womans liberation and the Rockafellers.

        Here's the site:

        Thanks, keep the Faith People of God, Our Redemption is Near!!!!

      • They want hot lesbians to rule the world.

        No I'm kidding.

        It's probably because they use the female image as a sex puppet. Women have been demeaned and abused on the mainstream media for ages now. They further want to destroy the image and purity of the female by using them to take advantage of their own selves as sex objects.

        Recognizing the value of the woman is going back to the mother. And returning to the mother figure is returning to nature and life. They don't want that. They want to make women into sex objects and make men into meat bags that they can dump in warzones and kill everyone. That's why when kids are small, they give girls obnoxious Barbie dolls with humongous breasts and they give boys destructive things like violent videogames, dart guns and monster action figures.

      • Well said. I am so tired of hearing men complaining about Feminism. How do you think that makes a woman feel? That's like a black person hearing a white person complain about civil rights.

        Find out what's really your problem. Women having equal rights isn't the problem at all.

      • Hey I hadn't seen your post yet…………so I posted the same video jeje…..okay well now people can see it twice! High Five!!!

    • part of their agenda involves breaking down the marriage system and the family as a basic unit, what better way than to promote 'love your gender as you love the other gender', it kinda shifts from the traditional family system don't you think? a read of brave new world shows that this dystopic scene is nurtured at a young age where children are programmed into sexual exploration at a certain age. i'm not sure though if it encourages same sex. can anyone say if there is a ritualistic standpoint to this.

      P.S I have nothing against ppl in same sex relationships

  3. Ah what a great thing to wake up to in the morning :3 funny conversation I had with my girlfriend;
    Her: Who is this girl? I have never heard of her!
    Me: Exactly. And somehow she has become famous an is all over the radio. She is also the "new face of pop"
    Her: What? What happened to the "old faces of pop"?
    Me: You tell me..*smirk*
    She personally thinks this whole illumaniti stuff is fake btw -_-;

    • I'm really influenced by Vigilant Citizen (a million thumbs-ups) but I may have to disagree here. Okay, maybe Jessie is part of the Illuminati cuz of the one-eyed sign and the Mickey ears and the teddy and the puppet, but the song 'Price tag' may not mean 'ooh, mind control is all that matters, not the money'. It's a really long stretch, you know. 'Meaning of the video' would have been more appropriate. I think the song means no harm, it's means what it was supposed to mean. Cool song, really.

      Let's just wait till Jessie J drops another one.

      • Oh My Gosh!!!

        It all makes sense now! 'We don't need your money…We wanna make the world dance'? I'm disappointed.

  4. Awesome article as usual :)

    I was just thinking that the chorus lyrics can be interpreted from the point of view of recognising this artist (and all the other Beyonces, Gagas, Rihannas, etc) as the character of Maria from the 1920s movie "Metropolis":

    It's not about the money (money money)

    We don't need your money (money money)

    Just wanna make the world dance

    Forget about the price tag

    It's like they're saying, "Yes, it's not about your money, that is chump change to us that we certainly don't need, but we want to make you dance so hard and for so long, that nothing else matters to you anymore. And that they want to make us so addicted to dancing to puppets like her, same as with Gaga's song Just Dance, that the song's saying, forget about the important things in your life, such as your family, your friends, your passions — DON'T THINK; DON'T FEEL; JUST DANCE.

    And it's also saying, "Forget about the price tag" — which in this case, the price tag is NOT your money, but your FREE WILL, your ability to make your own decisions and control your own life.

    Forget about the price tag — Just dance.

    Namaste xo

    • If they gain access to youngsters free will/making decision through pop music it will be much easier to control the masses. Indoctrination has to be stop very soon. Are they preparing for One World Order: Government, Religion, Economy and Mark of the Beast. As lyra c said, I'm worried how easily singers, musicians and other musical industry who belong to Satan are worshipping him.

  5. THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES : I'd like to see Vigilent Citizen start supplying the youth with names of artists they CAN listen to so they don't get too preoccupied with paying attention to the symbols. Because staring @ these symbols and constantly reading these articles is almost like mind control.

    Artists like –

    LECRAE (Rap alternative to B.O.B.)

    Brit Nicole (Pop alternative to Jessie J)

    Detrick Haddon (Urban alternative to Chris Brown)

    The list goes on….

    There are a lot of alternatives – you don't have to listen to these mind contol freaks.

  6. The first time I watched it it was so blatant and yet having read the comments people still weren't getting it even though knowledge of the elite is becoming a part of popular culture more and more. We have to be perceptive rather than be force fed all the time.

    P.S. I ain't buyin' it either.

    : D

    Nice job.

  7. SO yea…since you mentioned it I checked out Do it like a dude…or whatever it was….I am now blind../.

  8. A friend of mine, really really likes Jessie J. As for what to listen to?? There's a ton of indie bands that are well worth a listen to :)

    • yes and know…. indie… like… never heard of, impossible to find even on myspace, let alone in a record store… or… indie like…. arcade fire, deus, motorpsycho, brainiac, jsbx, and so on…?

      i honestly dont see much musical choice, and ive always been an avid music listener…

    • yes and no. indie… like…? never heard of, impossible to find even on myspace, let alone in a record store type of stuff?… or… indie like…. arcade fire, deus, motorpsycho, brainiac, jsbx, and so on…?

      i honestly dont see much musical choice, and ive always been an avid music listener…

  9. People from the forums shouldnt look down on the power the music industry have since they have a chokehold on the youth's mind and the youth translates as our future, people like quotes so heres one from Hitler “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” this aint harmless entertainment its major indoctrination

  10. A vigilant playlist is not a bad idea, but I always thought he stresses his desire not to heavily influence what we listen but rather how we listen to it.

    • exactly my thoughts! we are the ones to decide what we listen to and what we dont.. we dont need anybody telling us what's good to listen to… we know the truth and symbols.. or whatever.. so for my part i still listen to some of the songs just for the beat, or lyrics..

    • Maybe the idea is that Knowing makes you immune.

      Maybe you can enjoy listening to Lady Gaga, but remain untouched by the symbolism because you know what's going on. And you don't have to force it unto your kids until you're sure they know what's going on and have been armed.

      And maybe, after a while, you'll be able to find deeper meanings in stuff. And stuff that would have gone past your radar now is spotted off in the distance, when you can figure out how to deal with it (instead of acting out in front of you after years of festering, when whatever choices left only hurt you).

      Remember, we're "In The World but Not Part Of It." We have to deal with the stuff, so we might as well have our detectors active.

  11. What a coincident…I watched it yesterday for the first time and watched her flash the one-eyed sign…Thx Vc!!

  12. What?!

    This is stupid. She's a cardboard cut out of everyone else in the industry.

    She's average looking, her style is crappy, and looks like a mix between Katy Perry, and Khloe Kardashian….

    Nothing special, or interesting here!

    We get it MTV. You want the youth to become, drugged out, slutty, money hungry zombies.

    With your Crappy artists, and new show… (Skins)

    Stop beating the damn horse! He's already dead losers….

    *Rant over.

    • Also, another thought. If she's the "new hot popstar out" Then who is she replacing?

      Rihanna is on the rise….. Beyonce… she's set for life -.- Katy is doing decent…. Ke$ha is still "hot"

      But…. Lady Gaga?

      I dunno, her new song " born this way" was released yesterday and i know its getting a lot of negativity, and people are becoming sick of her….

      We'll see what happens at the Grammys, but i could go wither way right now….

      • Try earlier.

        Like Christina Aguillera. Her "comeback" has been a dud, her movie fell in the ratings, her National Anthem made the Franklin/Neville anthem of SB XL sound like Whitney Houston's, and there's newfound rumors of alcoholism swirling about.

        Could also be a backstop in case Britney Spear's New Disk doesn't sell what it should. She's already gone through a rise, fall and comeback, could be time for her to finally fade into pre-oldies purgatory.

      • what about lady gaga's "friend" lina morgana? and her strange fall from an hotel balcony…?

        talkin about being a fame moster …

  13. YES it's clearly an inside joke – they are laughing lol and rightly so cos so many people eat this up like its some good message ! you know maby it is good willed but the video clearly shows the irony of it hence why this GIRL has been called the best thing in music foE 2011 e.t.c in all the mags/mainstream news.


  14. Soon as i saw the video with the teddy bears missing eye, i knew it, another puppet, only her second released song and shes set for awards, they make it so obvious. Thanks for the article, keep up the good work.

  15. lover.of.light on

    PS: I live in a super small island called Aruba…it is completely run by Freemasons.

    the only way to get a good paying job here is if you have "connections".

    We used to have culture, but now every thing is becoming more and more americanized…our last private beach for locals is has gotten owned by the Ritz Carlton, and we are just tourism puppets.

    • :(

      Honestly, thats heart breaking. Seriously.

      How will you get out, if you cant even escape?

      I feel for you.

      • lover.of.light on

        Well to be quite honest, there is a vast feeling of freedom that I have.

        The most that the elite can do is stir up anxiety and darken the minds of the ignorant ones, but if there is anybody who really wants to come to an accurate knowledge , who is humble enough to search for the truth with an honest heart, he will also feel freedom in this life. They will never be able to accomplish their greedy desire of a one world Dominion. There is a superior source of wisdom, called the Bible that was inspired by the one true God, Jehovah…telling from the beginning the end.

        (Daniel 2:44) “And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. And the kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times indefinite;

        (Isaiah 25:8) He will actually swallow up death forever, and the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will certainly wipe the tears from all faces. And the reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth, for Jehovah himself has spoken [it].

        (Psalm 37:10-11) And just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more; And you will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be. 11 But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, And they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.

        Bear with me…and take just a little time to read the experience that I want to share, with the hope that maybe some of you might give peace a chance.

        I never in my life thought i would ever conform to religion, used to be a heavy stoner and lived by my own principles.

        I would always harshly refuse the magazines that the witnesses would give out.

        One day i decided that being an open minded person i should at least give it a read and base my own objective opinions on it. I never expected to be so deeply moved, I know there is allot of slander on their names, but in this process the one thing i have come to learn is what the Bible really teaches. I did my own research and tested it out for myself. They don't teach conflicting beliefs that aren't even in the bible, like hellfire, trinity, immortality of the soul or that all good people go to heaven. They go to your house because they want to share with you the good news of the God's Kingdom, which is what Jesus did, and it is what the bible commands true Christians to do. (Matthew 24:14: And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.)

        I've never been more convinced about anything, then i am about this. it's not some stupid leap of faith..but it's actually based on accurate reasoning from the Bible.

        all i'm saying is the next time you see them walking on the streets or coming to your house, don't go and hide or lock the door because you think they're weirdo's or because you have your own belief that's good enough for you. Shouldn't it be God himself who should determine what is acceptable worship? Have a conversation with them, give your opinions, ask them some questions and you might be surprised!

        (2 Peter 3:3-9) For YOU know this first, that in the last days there will come ridiculers with their ridicule, proceeding according to their own desires 4 and saying: “Where is this promised presence of his? Why, from the day our forefathers fell asleep [in death], all things are continuing exactly as from creation’s beginning.” 5 For, according to their wish, this fact escapes their notice, that there were heavens from of old and an earth standing compactly out of water and in the midst of water by the word of God; 6 and by those [means] the world of that time suffered destruction when it was deluged with water. 7 But by the same word the heavens and the earth that are now are stored up for fire and are being reserved to the day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly men. 8 However, let this one fact not be escaping YOUR notice, beloved ones, that one day is with Jehovah as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. 9 Jehovah is not slow respecting his promise, as some people consider slowness, but he is patient with YOU because he does not desire any to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance.

        Anyway thanks for taking the time to read, peace.

      • TheTruthWillSetYouFr on

        Shout goes out to VC for yet another enlightening article about the world we live in, appreciated!

        Fine comment @lover of light…

    • My country has a connection with Aruba. I live in the Netherlands. But I don't think anywhere's good enough to escape. The whole world is under influence by the elite..

      • There is a place to escape from their grasp… it's WITHIN.

        Free your mind from all the junk you've been fed growing up. Be vigilent, smart, open your eyes to what's around you. Question most everything. And most importantly in my opinion, turn to God if you can. I'm not saying one needs to be religious. But faith in God (in any religion that follows the path of Good) is the surest way to keep you from becoming another black sheep.

  16. Can we get any further from imagination and creativity? They're truly starting to bore me since they can't come up with any new symbols or imagery. Let's see… red shoes, same color hair as Rhianna (when Jesse J is a puppet), red/black/white compositions, men in black&white suits (same men from Rhianna's stank perfume commercial?), more primary nail colors (Bieber has a primary color nail polish out), and this stupid song is an ear worm. Most of the time, I mute the volume so the song doesn't distract me from the visuals and I should have done this here *kicking myself*! Well, the fact that they don't want the money means that they don't need it. They just want everyone to dance, which translates into the fact that they want everyone to remain distracted. I believe that combining a white female singer with a black male singer is symbolic of the checker board. I might be wrong here, but could you get a better contrast than male vs female and black vs white? I also think the phrase "look to your left" and "look to your right" (or however it went) is simply a way of telling people not to look at the past because you might learn something from things that have already happened and don't worry about the future because you can't do anything about it anyways. If you're only looking to the side(s), you're living in the moment or the here and now, which isn't a bad thing if you're meditating or enjoying a walk through nature, but that's not what is being communicated here. I noticed transhumanism when Jesse J and B.O.B. were "dancing" together. Their movements were very robotic. The only bit of reality I saw was her as a clown puppet.

    I'll have to watch the video again when I have the time (sound muted) because I noticed more than what I've just mentioned, but cannot recall everything at the moment.

    Keep up the great work VC! I'd never have been aware of her if you hadn't posted this piece.

    • Whoops! I made a mistake. Orange isn't a primary color, but it's still in the rainbow so to speak. Is there an artist on here that can tell me what to call bold flat colors?

      • Reveal The TRUTH on

        Dear 'Not Blind', each time I read Vigilants Articles I and then look at the comments, I always look to see if you have commented. I think that you raise really good points and find things that I would never find or think of until you point them out, and give your interpretations to it which I think are really genius. Have you got your own blog or web page where you interpret songs, movies..ect? If you do I would be very interested in looking at you work. And if you don't have one you should consider it.

        Keep it up Not Blind 😉

      • @RevealTHE TRUTH

        A huge thank you to you! You truly have made my day :)

        I don't currently have a webpage or blog, but it crosses my mind daily to begin one. Although VC will always be the Master when it comes to architecture and music/video analysis (you are, VC!), I see plenty of symbolism in movies that need to be examined and brought to the forefront. Some of the movies I would start with include A Scanner Darkly (Masonic Symbolism), Terminator: Salvation (Transhumanism), The Room Across the Hall (Brittany Murphy + practically the entire movie is shot in red/blk/wht with triangles/pyramids galore), and the several movies that have addressed fractured personalities such as High Tension and the Secret Window to name a couple.

        Thanks again for the wonderful compliment and I'll be sure to post a link when I have the time to get a website up and running.

        My best to you!

      • I agree with reveal NB – you have got an awesome eye!! And I appreciate the links as follow up to your observations….learn a lot from you.

  17. Me from Colombia on

    I posted yesterday that Vigilant should check this video, I guess he had been preparing the article already. Yes it takes only a little knowledge to get what this HORRID video is about. It plays all day on VH1 Russia but so far nobody knows who Jessie whatever is, but she will become a superstar now that Rihanna and company are getting tired.

  18. VC, you know what is genius about your work? It not only explains the meaning of videos but it predicts the contents of future videos. When youve started a couple of years ago, there were many sceptics and naysayers but time truly proved you right. I can't thank you enough for your work and dedication.

    • So true, i remember when half of the comments were saying how VC is looking too hard into things. (when all they had to do was not look at the website)

      But time sure did prove his material right.

  19. Y'all need to watch G. Craige Lewis' TRUTH ABOUT HIP HOP on youtube ( See also Dr. Leonard Horowtiz' MUSICAL CULT CONTROL. See also SOLD THEIR SOULS TO ROCK AND ROLL on youtube. Read also Dave McGowan's incredible research into the impossibly improbable Laurel Canyon music scene. All this stuff you're reading here just scratches the surface of the military / occult / satanic / music imbroglio.


    Someone tweeted Jessie J saying she's part of the Illuminati because of the 666 eye flash, and Jessie J said "Are you guys serious, no Illuminati, no way NOT HERE! I was doing a OK symbol over my eye!"

    Bullshit, obviously I wouldn't doubt Jessie J (Miley, Britney, GaGa, Beyonce, Katy) are ALL C.I.A MK Mind Kontrolled victims without them even knowing it, and if they aren't mind controlled, they literally stand in front of the camera and do WHATEVER they are told, or risk losing contract and getting sent home.

    THIS IS SAD. Jessie's FIRST American SINGLE called WHO U ARE is amazing, her voice is insane and actually has a good message, although it does have MK Ultra Monarch triggers, talking about starring into mirrors "SEEING is DECEIVING, DREAMING is BELIEVING"

    JESSIE J – WHO U ARE live in NYC subway, look how she literally hypnotizes people with her voice, stops a crowd in their tracks as they all pay attention to her…..One thing though, her voice is one million times better than ANYTHING on radio right now, PRICE TAG/and DO IT LIKE A DUDE don't compare, yes she's a puppet but this video will prove WHY she was chosen.

    • Essential Truth on

      It's wonderful to hear that people are calling her out on it….i hope she looses sleep over it.

      & i checked your link for her Subway performance… she is talented and has god lyrics …too bad all that talent is in the hands of an opposing force.

    • wow, it's so sad to know that the girl pushing all the mk/illuminati symbols in the video that made me want to wretch is the same songbird who brought tears to my eyes as herself in the subway. That was a very powerful performance, thanks for the link.

      Jesse J get out before they strip everything you are away and use your beautiful gift for well, evil.

  21. Some people on here sounded dissappointed or maybe surprised that Jessie J is just another illuminati puppet…

    I knew right from the start that she's off cos in the UK its very difficult to get big by making music and if your looking for worldwide fame and big money then you have to go over to the US and if your money hungry and ignorant enough then the illuminati will snap you up

    (just like they snapped up the the sweet and naiively innocent Rhianna from Barbados and transformed her into a puppet).

    I thought this video was disgusting, having a child next to a mutilated one eye teddy, we all know young innocent children would be very upset by a teddy like that.

    In my oppinion i dont think this video is just about mind control.

    VC didn't mention the clip towards the end of the vid where Jessie J has a string tied around her ankle which has a price tag with the dollar sign and then she rips it.

    Makes it look like shes a human doll which can be purchased and has ACTUALLY been sold and so she rips the tag as if to say shes been sold. I think the idiot has sold her soul to the devil, what do you guys think…..

  22. Another great article. Unfortunately whence you have followed this site for so long. THe images alone in this article is enough convincing without any words.

    Bless you

    • takin bout puppets…

      On how it all started:

      “Were it not for David Lynch. Miley would never have been Hannah Montana.”


      things are indeed connected…. david lynch created the hannah montana character now….

      or does that mean tha miley watched a couple of lynch movies and went crazy? cos that would make sense, since he's THE living psychotic nightmare.

  23. 'It's not about the money-money-money, we just wanna rule your mind-mind-mind! We wanna make the world sad, we wanna turn your kids bad. No, it's not about the money, no-no-no!'

    I've got a little folder on my desktop I add one-eye photos and other messed up symbols from this site to, so I can view them in rapid succession like a slide show now and then to the tune of my favorite mainstream beats. I'm so happy now that I can add more!

    • are you trying to brainwash yourself????

      lol…im sorry but something about your post i just found amusing….i guess i really pictured someone doing that n it just seems funny in a way but also kinda creepy!

      • To be soberingly honest with you, I most often listen to this track by Deadmau ( and others like it to reflect on the traumas of a monarch slave. Calm, ethereal music is used in programming (e.g. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in real life, or "Singin' in the Rain", in Clockwork Orange) to make the violence seem almost unreal. I've read about it in so much detail, but to this day I've never completed any of my MKULTRA books, neither the "Illuminati" guide book nor "Trance-formation of America" because it's just too horrible. That doesn't stop me from thinking about all the millions of people going through thirty years of obscene torment before being finally "thrown from the freedom train" and their children absorbed into the underworld.

        It's way beyond creepy, but I figure by acknowledging their suffering my mental energy is having some vibrational effect on the world outside me. The highlights of trauma-based mind control are all there at my fingertips in high-definition. The bottomless well of human misery unknown to 99.9% of average people is abundantly available in a long series of glossy photo-shoots and clips from music videos that thrust it all in your face as artistically and as sensuously as these two-bit singers and their hack directors can manage. It's so sublimely infuriating, I know from the bottom of my heart that if the Illuminati ever went public with all of this, I'd be among the first to respond coherently. If you know what I mean.

        I can't wait until this awful paradigm is done with, I'll learn everything I can about hypnotism so I can bring some of these people back to consciousness myself. Until then, I'll wash my mind in the foulest waters and see how it changes me. I'm doing exactly what 'They' want, just on a different level. If you're interested, I've already sampled most of these abuses growing up. It's interesting in all the wrong ways to learn it's carried in an orderly, concentrated, refined, and absolutely industrial scale. Such wanton human sacrifice hasn't existed since the Aztec civilization slaughtered their own all day long to make the Sun rise.

        If you're too numb from fluoride and mercury poisoning like most people to fully appreciate these grim realities, or if you're just not strong enough to stomach it, that's fine. I can, barely, and since there's not a damn bit of good I can do for these miserable tormented souls I may as well learn something authentic about the world I've spent the last ten or so years just learning a bunch of fluffy bullshit about. When it's my turn to run the world, I'll make sure everybody such a staggering vacuum in human consciousness never opens again. I don't mean to get all preachy. It's just me answering some silly reply to some sillier comment that I left earlier. Still, I feel better having said something of substance here. Thank you.

  24. VC, its not only the One Eye sign but the One Eye inside a triangle/pyramid and the One Eye inside the 6-6-6 symbol …. Great article as always!

  25. My personal idea of how the Illuminati works is this: They simply make dumbed down music with a catchy beat that they know teens will never listen to real message and it sells like hotcakes. Do I think they will pull off mind control? Nah, I think they're just flaunting to people like us that they can control the media in whatever way they want and we can't do nothing about it. That's the part that we need to stop, they can start wars in other countries whenever they want because the have the people at the top who can convince the uneducated. Putting mass amount of chemicals in our food is a little too far though. Remember, if they want us as slaves, why would they want us to be weak? I still think things like marshal law could happen but not some Satanic uprising, there is simply too many variables of people to contend with, not enough would stand with them and they would end up ruining their market monopoly.

    • On the surface, true. One would think that a satanic uprising is a bit much but not according to a satanist (… ) start at 6 min.

      Plus "satanist" are not the high echelon, those BORN into the "family" as called by those in the Illuminati are the ones who are taught that they are special and superior than the rest of us, so with that in mind – it goes beyond money/greed, it is power and the entitlement that comes with it.

      Dare I say, put yourself in their shoes, if you were born "trained" with mk ultra like programming

      and constantly told how special you are and the things that you can accomplish for the "group" what wouldn't you do? (also youtube SVALI, former mid-level "illuminati" member)

      sad to say but these people think on an entirely different level and making weak slaves is not a problem, so long as they can bear the load "their" masters put on them its no problem for them.

  26. This made me feel physically sick the first time i watched it – I'm not sure why it had such a strong affect on me. It's pretty twisted though. Looks like one of those anti-child abuse adverts. Is it trying to make child abuse "cool"?

  27. All I can think is…poor babies. Poor little children who are mentally destroyed in a time in their lives when trust is absolute and they depend on the ones they love to protect and care for them. I don't understand how any person can look in the face of a teary-eyed toddler and carry out monstrous atrocities. And that's what they are…monsters.

    I just pray that God shines the light on those babies…pulls them out and wraps His mighty arms around them…and tells them soon they will be free.

    God, what darkness in our world! Poor babies.

    • I agree, i have two little buddies and am literally sickened some days with this info. Just continue to pray God's mercy into their lives. And expose this darkness……all evil needs to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

    • I couldn't have said it better myself. All of this makes me sick. I agree. I think it's not only monstrous what these Illuminati handlers do to children, but I guarantee you that it's demonic. In the Bible in Ephesians 6 says that "what we wrestle against is not of the flesh but of the spirit" and I don't think you can commit such horrendous and unspeakable acts against children as sex slaves without being demonically possessed. These are practices that have been done since Babylon in occultic and satanic rituals so it's been around for ages. My heart breaks and I want to cry when I think of these poor babies and children in outright terror and tears at the hands of these evil people. *shudders*

      Do any of you wonder as I do about those times when God DOES intervene and how He brings healing and restoration to these MK Ultras? I bet they're amazing stories and sadly, we don't get to hear about them often. I pray for people to wake up and to see what's happening and for these MKs to somehow break free and are restored mentally and emotionally and most of all, spiritually. I'm looking forward to the day when God's Almighty judgment falls upon their heads.

  28. I kept noticing that it would have sounded better if she said "wanna make the world dance, forget about their problems" instead of price tag…but now I know why they wrote it that way!

  29. If you watch the video, Jessie J's handlers appear at the 44 second mark. And they're smiling.

  30. i went straight to you when i first saw this video, and i was right, u have definatly given me an eye for these things (excuse the pun) and so yeah….BTW plenty of artists guys, just look for them!! Lol Christina's star Spangled banner screw-up was part of their agenda!! Just Kidding 😛 But it was a big drawer of attention.

    Another good one VC !

  31. Often I find these songs tell use their agenda. This song on the surface does seem like a rejection of materialism, but if you think about it in light of what we know about the agenda; "It's not about the money, We don't need your money, We just want to make the world dance, it's not about the price tag." Keep us "Just Dancing" until whatever event they are waiting for has happened. It's not about the money, we already know it's worthless in value outside of it's ability to manipulate and control those believing solely in its power. Also, they're going to crash world-wide Babylon anyway. Dancing, distraction, confusion. "THE ADVERSARY" IS CONFUSION.

    • Reveal The TRUTH on

      B.O.B isn't against the illuminati, Vigilant did an article on the song "The Watches" by B.O.B, he states some facts and he sounds like he is against them, but then he twists around the lyrics to fool us. There are heaps of things on youtube about that, just look up B.O.B The Watches Illuminati.

  32. Wow VC. Excellent words, and completely true. I mean, making her actually into a puppet? Isn't it a titchy bit obvious? Great work, I'm at such a young age and I share the exact same opinions as you. :)

  33. "She has been working behind the scenes, penning songs for pop acts such as Miley Cyrus (“Party in the USA”)"….

    Actually, I was thinking it was the producer, "Dr. Luke" (Lukasz Gottwald), who wrote that song, but now that I searched it, I see that "Jessica Cornish" (Jessie J?) does have a co-writing credit, as well as another guy with an interesting nickname….see below.

    The song was written by Dr. Luke, Jessica Cornish and Claude Kelly – dubbed “The Studio Beast”.

    Not surprisingly, the main melodic hook of that song is… "And the butterflies fly away" lol

    Either way, good article. Keep telling it like it is, brother.

  34. Excellent article Vig, thank you for keeping us abreast. The repetition of symbology is truly getting ridiculous. How many more childlike toy scenes and severed limbs can they thrust down our throats (remember Gaga's photo shoot with no arms?)

    Interested readers may want to check out my blog for fellow outside-the-box thinkers:

    Parallax: Exploring the Architecture of Human Perception


    This week's post: The Human Soul & The Floating Man

    Vig, you inspired me to think outside the box, open my eyes and speak up.

    Much respect,


  35. What does the visual imagery have ANYTHING to do with the lyrics of the song, separated limbs? its all too coincidental, unbelievable.

  36. wow. so all of a sudden she a puppet.. if that were the case we could break down any video and make it look bad.. i just dont know.. haha, lets have sum patience and wait and see.. then if she making some sick crap like gaga ,, well then ,, that'll be more convincing..

    and notice how i say more convincing bcuz its not like she is illuminati just because it sounds convincing.. just know that we really don't know the complete truth.. only part.. theres still alot of raised questions so dont be so quick to judge or point fingers.. learn how to think for yourself and to not believe what everyone else is saying.. bcuz thats the trend these days

  37. you know i´m studying psychology and looking at those big and small stuff like the doll house and the big teddy bear it reminds me of the "alice in wonderland" syndrome, when the people affected with that will see ordinary object bigger or smaller

  38. The music industry has never been about generating money. Whenever they want money, they just have to print it (figuratively since they don't even bother anymore to actually print it).

  39. since I've seen the video I guess 3 weeks ago… I knew all these things…it doesn't surprise me anymore…

  40. Vigilant,

    Your the last few paragraphs are powerful!

    I so agree, this is the message of the elite. It is amazing how the words seem so benign until one digs a little deeper.

  41. Tinie Tempah > B.o.B's talentless ass

    When I saw this vid alarm bells started ringing so I rushed to my laptop and lo and behold VC had an articel on it!! ^_^

  42. Another great article ! I don't see how anyone can't see it. It's the same thing, video after video, article after article. I mean if you are missing it, you may be considered dumb ! You can click on every artist on this site and see the same exact photo shoots, album covers, same underlined message in videos, nothing less, no exaggeration, and this ( same symbolism in music) goes back 10 years that I know of ! I have said a few times now it doesn't seem to be about money. Just watching some artist take the transformation and flop. Rihanna, Christina A, Miley, who could still be a teen sensation, but noooo they choose to take her image and flip it around and you have to ask why ? She had a good thing going now her light seems to be a bit dimmer. So great catch pointing out them actually conveying the message " we don't need your money……." If I would have watched the video on my own, I definitely would have caught the same repetitive symbolism, but I may would have thought she was mocking the industry. I Even felt like she took a few jabs at Beyonce " to the left", and Rihanna, when she was doing the crotch grab, Taylor always does that lil heart with the finger sign & a few more diss I noticed. After it was said and done the heavy symbolism would have gave it away, that this is another piece of crap. Nice catch great article !

    • Yea, is the heart thing taylor swift and others do now an alternative to what jay-z does with the "diamond"

  43. Assuming for a minute that all these pop stars actually are illuminati puppets…

    What is the significance of throwing out these signals?

    Throwing them out there has no significance to the behaviour of the viewer.

    Someone explain and back up your answer with evidence or else it's useless to me.

    • How would you feel if you, or a younger sibling, or your child was unknowingly throwing up 66X signs, provocative behavior, acting like a lesbian ( no offense to anyone), grabbing their crotches, thinking bad is good, and good is bad, a five year old saying Minaj as in Nicki Minaj like it's cool, 20 thousand people throwing up Jay-Z diamond, millions of people wishing they could f every girl in the world. I could go on but I hope you can get my drift…it's all about the influence on our youth. They mimic what they see, even adults. In this case what they are mimicking is not right. However, if you are aware you know better. Maybe what they do, get in the way of your own personal values and morals and you don't realize it !

    • So, Jason, you somehow don't realize yet that what all of these "stars" say and do, how they dress and behave has a significant influence on their fans – especially the young ones??

      You must be joking. :)

    • Casting spells. Through (possibly innocent, though in many cases likely not) young, energetic singers casting out hand signals that symbolize spells. Don't be surprised if it turns out that the single all-seeing eye is not only the sign of surveillance, but also a caster in its own right, with the symbols signifying what's being cast out onto the audience.

    • Well, I assume the symbols are a way of sticking 2 fingers up at people who recognise that the world is pretty mucked up and making what's going on unclear, and occluded by conspiracy.

      Plus a lot of the symbology *looks* quite cool (I do have a penchant for Red and Black, although this ma be more due to my political leanings), so people may be more likely to buy stuff laced with it.

      The real toxic stuff is in the lyrics and pampered unnaturalness of many stars today (apparently there's even something called 'vajazzling', which does involve what the more 'dirty minded' among you are thinking of), and the 'news' media which seeks to brainwash us (protip: FOX News is not, as its slogan claims, "Fair and Balanced", and the Sun does not really stand for the working-class (likewise The Daily Mail and the so-called "middle-class" (better off working-class))).

  44. thatd be interesting if they were just trying to say forget about your problems, vote for world peace, for the n.w.o. lol. Who knows with these people. Smh.

  45. Wow, they really do keep using the same exact symbolism over and over in all these videos. o_o Not something that can really be shrugged off as nothing…

  46. i got to admit now if it's on TV then it's pretty much got an agenda to get to the masses,and if it contains a beat then it's hypnotic .great how the companies use this against us now ,thank all the government research dollars we spent…….

  47. I think Katy Perry is one of the few pop artists not influenced by this plague in pop culture – I'll stick with her until they corrupt her too.

    • WOW!!! Have you really seen her videos/photoshoots?

      She cleary stated that she "sold her soul to the devil" in order to succeed, you can find the interview on youtube. She used to sing christian song and grew up in a very religious family but didn't "fit the mold" the music indutry requires thus she's another "good girl gone bad" like her BFF/ Bachelorette party organizer RIHANNA.

      • or maybe used christianity has a cover up. Some uses a traditionnal religion facade to recruit.

  48. Curious, I thought this is more of a anti-illuminati song. A mockery of the system, but I might be wrong.

  49. At least they're being honest. Even many truthers believe it's about the money for the illuminati, but in reality money is little else than a tool for control, the overstated, but ultimate goal. Think about it this way: Convince people that money and property are the ultimate attainments. Convince them that many really does talk. If you hook em, they're more likely to see things as justifiable that in a truly reasonable world would not be because, well, he has the money, so why not. If you want control, coercion never works. Eventually people rebel. Instead present them with something with which they will keep themselves subdued so you don't have to work hard at the ultimate goal, control.

    What I find so bizarre is the occurrence of 'dance' as a theme. These songs aren't written explicitly for dance halls, but they all sell the idea of dancing. What is that about?

    Also, I distrust any pop singer who goes on about unity. Unity to me, means "everyone under one government, one rule".

    • I think "dance" is a metaphor for trance, in the sense of a mindless activity to occupy your mind and keep you from wandering into anything important or meaningful.

      Don't worry about all that serious stuff, like being educated and aware – just dance. :)

    • "Unity to me means one government, one rule."

      Yeah, I don't mind those who go on about unity myself because to me it means "no Government, no rule", and by extension no Illuminati and no elites. The issue with governments is that it doesn't take long to slip comfortably into the seat of power (as the UK's Deputy PM, Nick Clegg, can surely tell you), and power is like a drug in that it is incredibly hard to give up.

  50. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Brilliant work has become normalcy for you. The usage of mutilated teddy bear can be dated back in old movies. I can remember watching a movie where a young girl clinged to an old, torn teddy bear for comfort. The girl was being abused. How sad! This validates that you know your stuff. Thanks

    I often wonder if you were a former member of the Society. If so, I am glad you are operating within the light. It does not really matter. You deserve many accolades.

    I think the reason Illuminati is making it marks stongly is due to the recession. America is broken. The Bible often speaks of people relying on their own knowledge. It is written that the Lord uses the weaker ones to shame those who thought their knowledge was wiser. How foolish are they.

  51. (I could swear I posted this but it doesnt show up for me so sorry if you see it already!)

    I really dont think there is any form of music thats non Christian based that will be void of promoting anything good but that is from a Christian standpoint so if you disagree with the Gospel you probably wont enjoy the music I like even if it is better than mainstream music. Its all about glorifying our creator and savior!

    Worship/Praise (Pop/Rock/Alternative & Country) Artists I like:

    David Crowder Band


    Casting Crowns

    Sanctus Real

    Hillsong United

    Tenth Avenue North

    The Afters


    Chris Tomlin

    Chris August

    Chris & Conrad

    Matt Maher

    Francesca Battistelli

    Jeremy Camp

    Todd Agnew

    Kerrie Roberts


    Matthew West

    Brandon Heath

    There are some crossover pop/rock artists that arent considered Christian Artists but rather artists who happen to be Christian like:



    The Fray

    Gospel/Christian R&B:

    Anthony Evans

    Deitrick Haddon

    Canton Jones

    As for Christian Rap I'd list:


    Trip Lee

    T Bone





    Da T.R.U.T.H. (Cross Movement)

    Ambassador (Cross Movement)

    K Drama

    Lil Dre

    R Swift

    Everyday Process

    Jin (yes the asian rapper is now Christian! praise God!)

    KJ – 52

    I could probably list more and have yet to discover even more great artists!

    • yes. it does.

      "He is one-eyed and your almighty God is not one-eyed" Muhammad S.A.W (pbuh)

      "The Impostor will appear in my nation. He will stay 40; I don't know whether it is 40 days, 40 months or 40 years. But God will send Jesus, Son of Mary, who will pursue him and will annihilate him; then men will live seven years (symbolically) without animosity, even between two people." Muhammad S.A.W (pbuh)

      and talking about the duality : "Dajjal (Anti-christ) will be blind in his left eye. He will have very thick hair on his body and he will also have his own type of Jannat (Heaven) and Jahannam (Hell) with him: Although his Jannat will appear as Jannat, in reality it will be Jahannam and likewise though his Jahannam will appear to be Jahannam, in reality it will be Jannat" Hadhrat Huzaifah (R.A.)

      • The dajjal will stay on earth for 40,

        the first day will be like a year, the second day will be like a month, the third day will be like a week and the remaining 37 days will be like ordinary days, then Jesus peace be upon him shall kill him.

  52. "So, I guess it is a good thing they don’t care about the price tag … ’cause I ain’t buying it."

    Can I get a hell yes. You are a positive rolemodel to kids, which is good because I try to be as well. There is an "investment" and it IS the minds of the youth however because they view those minds as an "investment" their corruption might back fire….kids might be getting dumber but they are getting crazier and I don't forsee the elite, enlightened, stinky wealthy ones stand up against genetic progresses (if you want to call it that…)

    none of us can save the world. all we can do is live consciously, respect everything positive/amazing, cultivate our minds and always always be self sufficent. jessie j's entire future career is worth about 2 cents and a minute of your precious time on earth. plus, she is tacky.

    I stopped listening when she said "why so serious".

  53. FFlashing that one eye sign with a blank stare is a great way to be original.

    oh, wait, no…..its the sign of the pawn".




  54. haaa. i listen to the radio and check all the time and i havent heard of this before, probably i just ignored it cause it sounds like crap…

    btw, VC didn't point out the red shoes symbolism and their significance to Oz programming…

  55. The part where she's tiny on a big chair must be an Alice reference. There was also a scene flashed for a second or so of her or some other girl in a blue apron dress, like Alice's.

  56. "WE" don't need your money money…

    We just want the world to dance to our fiddling.

    I just got back from Nassau Bahamas SIGNS everywhere. One in particular was the "evil eye" jewelery.

  57. CAN THEY BE any more Obvious with the one eye thing bcs its either they have absolutely no imagination at all or there's some serious agenda at play and personally I'm really tired of the manipulation , exploitation and eventually , hopefully enough people will wake up and understand this is psychological Warfare and these people ain't fooling around Folks .

    They want it ALL , they wanna Drain your finances , buying this childish mind control dribble designed to manipulate and indoctrinate young kids to grow up non critical thinking sheep .

    Can You imagine " Al Qaeda " spending BILLIONS on brain control or manipulation of the masses , using music . movies , clothing , TV all in a systematic and coordinated agenda against a world population . Obviously it would be terrorism .

  58. I have been wondering for ages why this singer was being so heavily advertised in the British/Irish press.

    Pretty obvious why, yet another average singer, with unlimited amounts of symbolism in her video, therefore she has 'talent' or is intune with 'high-art.'

    Another funny point is that there is a singer/producer called yasmin who is out in the British.Irish market, her video has absolutely no symbolism but she has a high niche market but isnt being touted by the British press despite the act she has talent, I suspect these days you only get famous If you let people make your music and videos.

  59. Jessie J is an extremely talented breakthrough artist with a beautiful, powerful musical voice. I'll give her that. It's still sad though how she gave in to the illuminati agenda, her talent itself should've brought her far enough.

  60. Also, I would like to point out that she said "she wasn't in the illuminati" in an interview, I caught on that she was a PAWN for the illuminati, tbh I've been suspicious of her since she came out!

    Great article VC- keep it up! :)

  61. Nicki Minaj does the mutilated look on her CD cover. I think she is missing arms on it like she is a mannequin. Britney made a song titled, "Mannequin." There was a picture on this website where Lady Gaga's body was like a mannequin doll but the bust of one, used for sewing. Jessie J is doing this too from what this site mentioned, acting like a doll. Nicki, Jessie J, and Katy Perry all do this dumb stare too. They try to act like dolls and even before I went on this website, I thought it was totally unappealing anyway. Its antifeminist for women to pretend to be plastic dolls. Mothers should teach their daughters that these kinds of singers are demeaning to females, even if they don't know that there is a deeper meaning to the symbolism they use. Even if people realize what these symbols represent, soon, people should be getting annoyed with these females dumbing down themselves, copying each others hair, expressions, etc, and moving on to artists with more individuality and who don't put down the female sex to be man-pleasing airheads.

    • That's so true! It's subjective whether or not this is illuminati stuff, but it certainly is degrading to women.

      The thing that stuck out to me in this song is if you watch it without sound the video is promoting materialism. She plays under the money tree, and the ripping the price tag gesture seems to say "I can afford anything!" Rather than "I don't need to buy more stuff". It's such a crappy surfacy gesture to make her seem good.

  62. Never heard of this girl/song till this post. Its super catchy, and at first glance, i like her and the song. Its so hard to stand up for righteouness :(. God help me!!

  63. oh Jessie J u really had me fooled..there i was thinking "here is an artist singing abt it not abt the money, the price tag!" my sister said u were "illuminati baby" though when she saw u flashing the one eye! hmmmm Do you know what is very sad though…the fact that you can hardly find true Gospel artists…most are sold out! Mary Mary being at the front of the sold out queu singing abt "its the God in me" meanwhile having Kanye West and Amber Ho ooops Amber Rose make a Cameo in their music video! Kanye West and Amber Ho Rose! are u serious? what is wrong with you all. so yeah what am looking for is True Gospel music or i simply won't listen to music….sick of this nonsense

  64. You know it is really good and really dangerous at the same time for these artists to see this material bc as stated in Fritz S. mind control literature, for a slave to be privy to their programming can be detrimental to their brains. But, it is so so important to note that these mind control victims are totally undetectable…..meaning, they will never know or realize what has been loaded into their brain. Maybe all they will remember is some sort of traumatic childhood, some sort of abuse, but not all that clearly.

    Another thing that we as truthseekers must note, is that we never really know if these artists

    are mind control slaves from birth born into generational satanic families, or just an easy willing pawn to do the job and convey the symbolism out there to the masses. I think it is a mix, and we will never really know, although the mickey mouse club and other disney stars are definitely very likely to have had this abuse done to them as babies and children.

    On a side note, I just watched a doc on you tube called Satanic Hollywood Directors Cut, and it showed lady Gaga childhood home from age 7 being in the PYTHIAN buildings in upper west side manhattan. Units ranging from 1 million to upwards of 6million or even more.

    This building used to house the knights of pythian, a secret society started in washington dc. The building was converted into condos (although theres still temples on each floor) and also a recording studio for decca records where sammy davis junior (satanist, has pic with anton lavoy), billie holiday and the likes recorded records back in the day. Google it and check it out…architecture inspired by ancient babylon (metropolis) and egypt…….

    I just find it so conclusive of Lady Gagas Monarch Mind Control that I had to Share. Bye for now.

    • Yeah i found it interesting as well that she grew up in that building and it made me wonder what about her parents? For them to have lived there they could have been a part of some Freemason club of some sort themselves….Ive tried searching on Lady Gaga's father Joseph Germanotta and haven't found a whole lot other than on Lady Gaga's wikipedia page where it mentions that he is an INTERNET ENTREPRENEUR. I came acrosss something called GAGAPEDIA as well that listed very little about her father other than that he owns GuestWiFi… a hotel wi fi company….im sure he is pretty successful and maybe even wealthy which leads me to believe he could very well be a part of some Freemason club or other and thats why they lived in the Pythian buildiing….I can take it even further and speculate he may have had more involvement in her becoming who she is today than any one will admit….either knowingly as an accepting pawn of Illuminatists or possibly even unknowingly as they just happened to notice her through him….things like that happen im sure.

      • I like to theorize that lady gagas family may be a generational satanic illuminati /bloodline family.

        I think madonna started something that gaga is likely going to finish. Both being of Italian descent and similar impact on society make me wonder that they must be intertwined together in their plan and were programmed from birth to fill their roles in society — just think for a second how much these 2 woman changed the world- literally.

        Remember gaga went to an all girls catholic school in nyc along with paris and nicky hilton (check out pseudo occult medias blog here for info about monarch mind control on the hiltons:… therefore this school is likely to be a front for programming. Again, who knows?

        Honestly, I can never watch a movie nor a music video the same ever again. Impossible lol

  65. 54 jason

    "What is the significance of throwing out these signals?"

    To the creators of the agenda, it is a means of communication to like minded individuals. To us it is conditioning, the more we see it the more we subconsciously accept/emulate it.

    • You are right, however I also think these symbols are put out there in order to prepare for the antichrist, well christ for them right lol

      Because I feel that no matter how many people are awakening, the illuminati are not sweating it and are actually using more and more symbolism in current works. Using movies such as National Treasure and the Davinci Code to make sure to spread disinfo to good intelligent people who unfortunately don't roam on sites like these or similar youtube channels.

      For the illuminati, the plans to come into fruition in modern times have been all about obtaining order out of chaos. It has been the plan from the start. They truly believe that they are the enlightened ones having knowledge learnt through the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and prior, which humankind is not worthy of – yet – and for the time being the sheeple are expendable for the greater good. They are working towards an enlightenment, which is when humankind will supposedly be ready to receive the secrets of man's supposed divinity and potential to be a god head (what blasphemy!) to be brought about by the coming of the christ, or master teacher who will come and tell man about this potential (in reality will be anti).

  66. Remember not too long ago it seemed "bling bling" was in? If showing to a lifestyle over a period of time was has no significance to the behaviour of the viewer then where did all these non rappers come from buying up chains putting gems in there teeth and etc?

  67. Stranger In Chi on

    Oh and let's not forget the K.O.P…Michael Jackson, himself! His music was always positive and for change in the world! =]

  68. I wonder if this is now just a trend, maybe they are not part of the "illuminati" maby is trendy now… I don't know, why keep on showing all that signs if people know about them… And yesterday I watched the video and I thought she was laughing about all this things….

    Why they show the signs if people know about them?

    It is not a trend?

  69. This has probably already been mentioned in the comments but the rings on her fingers are also butterflies…those are other symbols of monarch programming I think?

  70. I don't get it. Most of you guys claim to be Christians; worship Jesus, who is also God, and he's omnipresent. Omniscient. The Lord of Hosts. Whatever. Yet, you worry too much about all this illuminati non-sense? If God is creator of all, isn't he after all aware and in control of everything that's happening, every single moment in history, every single hair in your head? So why ever worry. Things will happen just as they are supposed to happen. No need for the tin foil hat.

    So, another dull pop star under the illuminati influence. Is anyone even surprised? This has naturally evolved from seeing triple sixes in every album cover art to brainwashing and monarch programming. Awesome. All while you're still being trolled by Leo Taxil.

    • apo, i think you are right.

      if u wanna follow the bible literally, you really have to detach yourself from this world and his temptations completely.

      throw away your tv, which head satanists like anton lavey defined as "satan's altar", and do not give any attention to anything but the word of god.

      mission impossibile, if u ask me.

  71. I now listen to jazz and classical music which is free of all this garbage. The music is far deeper and more appealing as well. I realized that much of pop music was not really kind to my nervous system.

    • jazz and classical are clean….???? mmmmm….. only certain bits of them, my friend…. study ppl like giuseppe verdi or wagner….. nnnnnnnnot so holy….


  72. Im sick of this artists, i dont believe that a gropu with the name of illuminati exists all i know is that all this artists promote the death culture and all of them look as the same, im latino and for me shakira is the only one! i dont think she is illuminati, give it up to me is so far from this things, im going to stay with her

    • juan,

      she gest invited by presidents and heads of state, and u think to be at her level and have dinner with them u can be a believer in christ? a clean, innocent girl…? where do u get that idea from….maybe from the way she shakes her booty and her pelvis…..? arent u a bit naive….? 😉

  73. Thanks for another well written and astute article. I have posted this one to my Facebook page and on to various friends. I suspect they still think I am nuts…..but as the pervasive Illuminati imagery rears its ugly head again and again and again, there are only so many more times people can say it is ' oh its just a coincidence'.

    Thanks for all the hard work you do and share with us VC. I appreciate you.

  74. Out of topic: I'm watching the Grammys and Lady Gaga has something that resemble horns in her forehead.

  75. two things, #1:

    "symbolism of the video gives the song a deeper meaning: The music industry is no longer about generating money, it is about indoctrination."



    "The fact that the same meanings and symbols appear in so many music videos, regardless of the artist, is the ultimate proof of a hidden power structure in charge of the industry."

    YES. this is what I keep telling people, mostly gaga fans (the most annoying 'fans' of anything you'll ever meet) and their like "no stfu gaga is so nice ur jus jealous go away!11" and I'm like why do her videos not only have sooo many symbols, but also they all gather up to gether. it's not '1 or 2 here of there' they all line up together, they all fall into the right place, and they are all KNOWN symbols, not shit people make up out of no where.

    on a side note about the youths minds, I was talking to my friend this weekend because I was pissed at wal-mart and she was like "why do you hate them, they make everything cheaper?" I went onto to compare them to Rockefeller and tell her its donright /evil/, but she still has no problem with this. i'm pretty sure she also has no idea who/what rockefeller did. even after I briefley explained it to her she didn't seem to give a shit. just because the nature of our country allows it to happen doesn't mean t's not fucking EVIL.

  76. These people do not have to buy into it or go through some secret program. The entire culture is "Illuminatized" through the media. Everyone here has been encountering these images and ideas on a regular basis if they were born within the last 70 years. Their messages are similar because they simply tap into the zeitgeist, or the Spirit of the Age. The Spirit controls the symbols and their meaning. It is not in the hands of a small group of humans, there are millions of people demonically controlled without even realizing it. They think they are in control and believe lies and regurgitate them to others.

    The only way out of this system of seeing/being is through Jesus Christ.

    • i agree.

      altho, once you've fallen, it can be so damn difficult to clean yourself up again… so damn difficult… i am no straightedge….

  77. bleeding_rainbow on

    I've noticed that the majority of the people on here consider themselves "Christians" so I thought I would just make this little post…

    Technically speaking, I am an Atheist. I do not really like to use "religious" labels though because I believe that you can be a good, honest person without stating a belief in a "God" or "Gods". However, since I do not actually believe in the existence of a "God", I guess that would make me an Atheist. Anyways, you are probably wondering what the point of this post is…

    Regardless of the fact that I am not a Christian like many others that believe in mind control and all that insanity, I DO believe that there is something horrifically wrong with the world right now, and has been for a long, long time. It also seems to me like whatever plans that are being carried out are going into overdrive…the symbolism is everywhere these days…and yes I can acknowledge that some of it may be due to trends…but really? Am I supposed to believe that is all that is going on? Of course…maybe I'm just noticing things more these days and nothing has changed at all…

    • Bleeding Rainbow,

      Thank you for having the courage to post a comment and actually having the will to look for answers. First thing you must understand is that these elites who’ve sold their souls to the devil only want two things from you mainly. The first thing is that they want to increase is materialism in the world so that people will just be mindless consumers. They achieve this through rigorous marketing and advertising to sell you the notion that true happiness lies in buying new things. The second and more important thing for them is that they aim to increase the population of Atheists. Atheism is at an all time high today than it has ever been before. The achieve this goal in a lot of different ways. The most important tool that they use to accomplish their goal is “The Theory of Evolution” by Charles Darwin. The crazy theory that we evolved from monkeys that they teach in our very own schools. Never do they mention religion in public schools because it isn’t a part of the plan and it never was. They also use the media and entertainment greatly to achieve this goal. For example, if you watch the Simpsons, they glorify the stupid father “Homer” and he always saves the day. Yet when it comes to his God fearing neighbour Ned Flanders, they do the exact opposite with that character, to demean religion and to show the children who watch it that religion isn’t “cool”. The creator of the Simpsons Matt Groening is a self proclaims Anarchist. He openly admitted that he created the Simpsons for the sole purpose of Indoctrinating and spreading his beliefs amongst the millions of people who watch it world wide. Its no coincidence that its been on the air since 1985 and is still going strong.

      All the evil stuff that is going on in the world is the work of the Shaytaan (Satan). Your very lucky to actually be noticing that things just aren’t quite right. A lot of people are still under the hypnosis that these elites have imposed upon them and God forbid some of them may not wake up until its too late. These evil elites commonly known as Illuminati and Free Masons are bringing forth the very last days of the world. Their paving the way for their King and long awaited leader the ONE-EYED “Dajjal” as we Muslims know him or the Antichrist as the Christians might say. Thats why they want total control of the masses so that when the ONE-EYED “Dajjal” soon arrives, anyone who didn’t have a clue about him will just follow him straight into hell. That is their greatest secret that they dibt want regular people like you and me to know about. But you see us Muslims know their dirty little secret which is the reason why they have decided to wage a very public war against Islam and Muslims around the world. They know that when the “Dajjal” or Antichrist arrives, their biggest obstacle will be the growing number of Muslims.

      We’ve known their dirty little secret for over 1400 years now the same way the “Quran” (Islamic Book of God) revealed to us 1400 years ago, many of the scientific facts that 20th century scientists have only recently discovered. Late scientists have been baffled by this fact because how could anyone who lived way back then possibly know about scientific findings only discovered in the 20th century? I can assure you that there is no book in this world that even comes close to in comparison to the Holy Quran for it is actually the word of God and no one else. If you want to understand the real purpose of life and live life in a peaceful and pleasurable state. I urge you to read an English version of the Quran for then things will start making sense to you.

      Here is a very interesting video about a Professor who was an Atheist just like you. You might be able to relate to the things that he is talking about and even gather some understanding from it. Please take the initiative to watch it and hopefully it might be able to stitch up and heal your bleeding rainbow.

      Peace and may God bless you my friend.

      • "the ONE-EYED “Dajjal” as we Muslims know him or the Antichrist as the Christians might say. Thats why they want total control of the masses so that when the ONE-EYED “Dajjal"

        doesnt this connects to the black stone of the muslims?

        black cube=black sun=saturn=satan??

        ps: i bought an eye pendant in a turkish shop once, and made a necklace…

        it is just round plastic pendant with a blue eye in the middle.. i thought this was the eye of god for them, cos in christianity we also represent god as an eye sometimes… i was dumb enough to go out wearing that, thinking it was cool and edgy… then you read some passages of the bible and u read very different things about the eye…

        i was basicly walking around wearing a daemon…

      • the bible is so strict that i wonder how many people will be saved, and i always come up with the same answer: very, very, veeery few.

        will hell be that overcrowded?

        or will there be levels thru which our soul must pass, and slowly get higher and higher, closer to heaven?

        i wish i knew…

      • According to Islam, out of a 1000 people 999 will not taste paradise because of the path they chose to take.

      • Disregarding that the theory of evolution isn't that we're descended from monkeys (they're more incredibly (as in probably 100s of times removed) cousins) and instead that all life descends from a common ancestor, I feel the need to point out that religion (or *organized* religion at least) is just as much a tool for manipulation as the mass media, indeed, as the manipulative abilities of religion are beginning to wane, the elite (be they Illuminati, Free Masons or the Bourgoise) must seemingly cast off the official religion in places in order to maintain control, instead replacing it with a 'religion' of personality or celebrity.

        What I don't agree with is that this is due to an over-arching aim of Satan (or Shaytaan if you prefer), 'satan' has long been used as a tool to control, wheras the true evil lies in those who would control us, and I don't think the Bourgoise has any desire for anything other than raw power; and the ability to exercise it, whilst keeping a population docile. The End of Days is simple scare-mongering towards that end. Have you read a book calledf 'The Authoritarians' (it's available free online)? What I've read of it thus far does touch on the subject, so it may be of interest.

        Finally, I think that Anarchism is inherently *anti* the elite; the name of the ideology itself is derived from the Greek words 'an' and 'arkos' literally translating to 'without hierachy'. This is part of why I self-identify as one (note that there is a sub-branch of Anarchism which is expressly for religious purposes ('Christian Anachism', 'Christian Socialism' also exists based ofd the principle of helping others, which is, to me (someone who is a former Christian for reasons pertaining to lack of faith, not dislike of what I percieve to be Christian values) a core value of Christianity, one which has been corrupted by the media for its own ends (I'm thinking of FOX News (and the res of the Murdoch Press (which controls 90% of the swing vote where I live and determines electoral results) and a newspaper called "The Daily Mail" in particular here))) and also why the mass media demonises it, deliberately misrepresenting Anarchism as being analagous to a love of chaos and smashing stuff up – if there is no hierachy there is no way to gain massive power.

        As I mentioned in my main comment further down, I think the symbolism is something to keep us distracted (I'm a Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy Theorist, despite how recursive such a thing may seem) or for artistic purposes (as Sandra said it looks cool, although I do need to say that the association of Islam with Satan is something of a stretch). Meanwhile the ruling class remove our freedoms constantly whilst we're distracted (a crisis also works for this purpose, it is proven that, unless said crisis is caused by repression of peaceful protestors, cises make people more submissive to authority (and muddle democracy)), and it is this what we should be targetting.

  78. I noticed on the 2nd picture from above…. the yellow bottle cap, the Schweppes Cold-drink cap – notice "Sch"…. also some further symbolising for the puppet to keep quiet…..???

    Another yellow bottle cap on the same picture the star – it is displayed in prominent colours so that you can't miss it…?

  79. Great analysis. I saw this video a while ago and I literally laughed as soon as it opened up with the teddy bear. I heard the song before, so I thought it was so ironic that she was talking about spreading love and yet blatantly allowing herself to be used as a pawn in indoctrinating her listeners.

    Desperate, indeed.

  80. Btw, this song is cr*p. It is very simple, based on an extremely boring, dumb and overused rhythm pattern.

    Anyway, great article as ever.

  81. I dont want to be a downer but with every respect i think that sometimes we are so much into the whole genre trying to deceifer the meaning of the symbols and the people who using them or appear in their work consiously or not,that we forget the very first and simple rule of people working at the entairtenment industry.

    Money & fame.

    They are addicted to it.

    So what if some manager/upcoming artist in his/her effort to sell an album or establish a good paycheck status like beyonces or rihanna ,uses hermetic symbols,if that gets him/her enough buzz in here or any website with conspirasy loving followers or hermetic knowledge loving average joes like me…if thats makes us to put that 1.000.000 hit on the artists youtube video?

    If every ones doing it & it works to catch the attention of people & start to talk about it, with so much competition outhere why not use it?

    Life its a dog eat dog situation and i dont think no one denies putting up with every day sh!t at his/her work,or breaking his back at the construction industry just to get the basic salary.

    Now imagine one day someone(lets say lucifer as al pacino)comes to you and says ,hey kid you have some talent,i want to work with you,would you mind posing like a doll in your videos covering one eye,or putting the herculean effort making a pyramid shape with your hands and get the basic salary x 100000…?

    F@ck it!..i would do it a heart beat!

    Now,think that buisnes is going perfect with me playing a role in my videos,and someone comes up and ask me,….hey are you a lussiferian puppet?…arent you working for the illuninati agenda?

    Even if it was true am i a complete idiot to say bluntly …bingo!..yes i am!..and not preserve the mystery that made me the money to buy a lamborghini and more in the future?…Isnt it a material world we live in?..if not put down that iphone now and dont buy that angry birds app…

  82. I am actually a huge fan of Jessie J when I seen this article I was quite disappointed. First reaction…'Aww not her too!!' I refrain from listening to music from pp who are apart of illuminati.

    hen I first saw her video I don't see what it had to do with the song…some parts relates but ultimately I didn't think it did. I can see the illuminati imagery in your breakdown of it. However, this is the first artist that you critiqued without breaking down the actual lyrics to th song. I think if you break down the lyrics you will find another meaning. She is speaking about how people are throwing away the truth for money and fame. No one is considering the price tag. It's a good message

  83. The tee shirt she is wearing with the mouse ears is significant.

    The quote, from __Coco Chanel__ is:

    "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous"

    You have to wonder at this point if those that actually write/formulate these videos (as opposed to the singers who simply perform in them) aren't intentionally poking sites like this.

  84. Looks like the Pied Piper of Hamelin(them) struck again. He doesn't want your money, just your kids. Simply Disgusting. Great article BTW.

  85. The more you read about the symbolism in videos, the more i seem to recognise it. I never heard of Jesse J. before, but this video is obvious.

    The problem is that the artists dont know themselves that they are mindcontrolled.

  86. Firstly-have any of you noticed how many songs are out right now, that have “God” or “Jesus” mentioned in the lyrics?? When you sing along to these songs, as most of us do, you are in fact being blasphemous-Using the Lords name in vein?? That’ll take you to hell…

    Now think of it like this-The only reason those words are used is because the industry is trying to take you down, without you even noticing…

    The whole “covering one eye” thing that VC is always on about?? If you look back over any big artist, they’re ALL at it at some stage… Only yesterday I noticed Madonna-Back in the 80s, she used a monocle-The Express Yourself video is a good example of this…

    And lastly-Have any of you UK readers noticed the strange adverts on TV lately?? In particular the new Lynx, and O2 adverts??

    Lynx’ new tag line is “Even angels will fall”, and the new O2 ad is screaming out, complete with Satan, the Tree of Life, and a lot of other biblical references…

    If you have not seen these ad’s, here are the youtube links-Let me know what you think??

    *Even Angels Will Fall…>>>


    *What is this all about?? Why would they ever use Satan?? >>>


  87. LOL @ female crotch grabbing. and while we are at it, whats with women performing in their underwear?! It started with beyonce then lady gaga and now this. Its become the norm I dont think people think its inappropriate anymore. I remember a few summers ago walking into a store and they were all over the place like being sold as outwear with embelishments all over them. Weirdos. More sex kitten programming I guess

    • No. Women dancing and singing in their underwear

      was popular long before; ever hear of Madonna?

      Or burlesque? Keep looking, and you're find a

      long tradition. Got to hand it to the pragmatists:

      If it works to keep you distracted, keep doing it.

  88. Very thorough article VC. I especially like the reference to the show Dollhouse :)

    Today's artists are so formulaic…makes me want to gag(a) 😛

    Off topic a little…I watched part of the Grammy's last night and logged on to this website as soon as I could to see what VC posted…and the post on Muse disappeared?? Also, I was totally blinded by the strobe lights during Arcade Fire's performance. Anyone else?

  89. I had no idea who Jessie J was until today, and I won't be at all surprised if people say "Jessie J – who's she?" in five years' time.

    • I remember watching the first few minutes of that show when it premiered.

      My first thought, "This is a seriously creeped-out mind control series!

      But no, that's not "supposed" to exist, right?"

      My second thought: "Is this a female version of Pretender???"

      But at least in Pretender, the guy (male) is now in control of his actions.

      What's the deal about importing and deleting memories from these "doll" like girls?

  90. Lord…

    I read Vigilant Citizen a lot – it's such an interesting blog. However, it seems as real as Hollow Earth to me.

    I mean come ON! The Jessie J video is a 'haha toys' vid. YES it has symbolism folks might equate to 'the Illuminati', but that's pretty obviously a shout-out to this site and its ilk. If 'x' were really going all world-takeovaaaah, wouldn't they be a touch more subtle than this? Talk 'indoctrination' all you like, but… there are better, easier, cheaper ways to brainwash people than pop videos. For a start, only a certain subsection of music fans (ALREADY a subgroup) enjoy these pop artists – those who flash one-eyes etc.

    No world order worth their shit would ONLY try to indoctrinate this subsection. This is just willful conspiracy theorism. It's cool, I'm interested and all, but… don't try and say this is a plan.

    • I agree. I read this blog often and as I read (and even when I see new music videos by pop artists), I find myself seeing the symbolism mentioned but I don't see this as some master plan for NWO.

      Things like butterflies are so feminine and perhaps monarchs are Illuminati symbolism, but why does it make ALL butterflies Illuminati symbolism? Plenty of children's clothing have butterfly patterns. Are parents supposed to avoid buying these articles of clothing simply because of the possible Illuminati correlation?

      Things like the "one-eye" sign have slowly started showing up more and more. I'm not sure where it started exactly, but I know the first time I saw it was with Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga has been influential and now other celebrities have been using that same sign. I can see the symbolism and concern with her influential nature, but it's more like a fad to me. It started out of nowhere and it'll die out somewhere down the road.

      As another note, I do see the symbolism with the teddy bear, but I have plenty of worn out and damaged teddy bears that I keep. Does this mean I'm under this mind control? I don't think so. There's nothing like a worn in stuffed animal of any kind. It's like a worn in pair of shoes.

      Like I said, I do enjoy reading this blog and I think there's a lot behind what's said here. I think the music industry is corrupt and creating these kind of screwed up stars, but I also think that some of the things mentioned here are just a matter of looking too far into the lyrics or the video. I think that even if the music industry is putting these symbols out there on purpose, it's not something to freak out about. There's nothing wrong with educating yourself on the possibility, but there's no reason to stop listening to music you enjoyed before you found out about these symbols. Educating yourself will give you the power to know that you can't be influenced by the symbols.

  91. HEY EVERYONE, the video is free on iTunes! Go get it. Keep writing your little blog things. I love to follow you guys because I learn about new artists from you! Thanks! If you find any more awesome music be sure to post it! 😀

  92. found this on wikipedia

    December 11, 1960 – MGM's The Wizard of Oz is rerun on CBS only a year after its previous telecast, thus beginning the tradition of annual telecasts of the film.

    don't know if this is common knowledge or what but it's not surprising haha

  93. InfamousAvantGairde on

    Wow wow wow wow wow.Everyones learning but it isnt fast enough.Why are you still debating over religions.While your debating on who's messiah has the biggest dick they are Gunning for YOU.

    Yea I said some things….a lot of things.I'm not your enemy.I seen your enemy and it obviously doesn't like me.Everyones pointng and pointing and pointing.Ground yourselves.Realize what your saying.

    I already know I piss christians off.I'm sorry but you act like children.Deep seated I'm right your wrong attitude and when hit hard your imagination runs for the hills.

    Ya I can say a lot of the farfetched.But I got a highly skeptical down the earth mentality to back my shit up.

    Do you know the New movie coming out called Battle.Did you notice the different tone of Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince.The imaginary worlds war finally reachs the moogles world.Someone mentined Harry Potter.You can tell when there's channeled info…christians are always all over it.

    You want to know the state of the world.The lord of the rings Return of the king is what's happening.

    Your getting the good guys mixed with the bad.I don't deal with demons.With the knowledge that I know you think I would just give all the hard work up for free???Its insulting.

    Demons run amuk in this place.You got 3rd,4th and 6th density Demon hands in this place and it is a cavelry on the way.The"Higher" is just handing the knowledge over.They redid V,GI Joe, announce astrology signs…wtf

    I dont know about anyone in the industry i only know about me.Out of my 20 years of living I have seen some strange shit.The demons ya but the others also made there presence known to me.Story short I got emotionally healed by a presences touch and seen a big ass eye made of clouds looking at me.Cleary something wanted me to know that I'm being watched.

    And seeing the things that I said makes me scratch my own head.

    I know things….Powerful things…There is a force with me that wants to help you.If all of these demons are running around what makes you think the opposite can't do it.Don't be so negative.There are things that care about you.Ya can't call me ludicris.I seen em.I backed everything that I said up firmly.

    And The darkness that I speak is oneness not evil.You come into the light and you express your individuality.Like water,all things covered in darkness are one thus The Land of Mud and peace will forever reign.I won't be back.maybe you'll see…maybe not.Don't give up learning.

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      I was going to refrain from responding, but you sound as is you experienced a drug trip. If you experienced God's presence, you would not behave as you do. Something else is watching you.

      Have you ever asked yourself why you hate Christians? Regardless of reasons, people detest Christians because they stand for Jesus. It is all about Jesus for them, and there are several religions who defy Jesus.

      By any means, you are a free to speak your mind and speak out. You comment way just interesting.

      • InfamousAvantGairde on

        Ugh i couldn't leave here even if I wanted too.

        Look man.Did you….actually look at some of these comments?People talking about the world will wine up being gay and humanity will die out……I mean I personally thought that was the funniest shit I ever heard.And I'm popping pills?Trust me theres alot of other "things" hotter than pills.

        I never said I dislike you.I just think your annoying sometimes.Ya'll just wake up every morning and look out the window just to sniff for something new.So what strange people are popping up talking/supporting the end of the world and some of the greatest forces of the Darkest Light are coming together to do the great battle.I mean so what the earth is changing and realizing that some certain things arent to true and some arent too false.So what Vigilant might post on a lot of female artists that catch his eye just a lil bit(ouch if its a she).So what Im using knowledge to gain more knowledge to destroy the world cause I think its some BS.

        Believe….just believe…and it will be….

        I'm nothing but a guy with a lot of knowledge who wishs to share it so we all can do something because a lot of people feel belittled out there.You can do what everyone else has done.It all starts with what you see and how your consciousness reacts to your reality.Bend what you see and you bend your reality.

        Everything is fine.Theres just big changes happening.All that epic lord of the rings is happening…but its nothing but a battle withen a puss bump compared to the universe.Im quite sure those little cells go hard or go home in there tho.

        I just want to live in love and just love living.i don't like it here at the moment.Thats what im fighting for.Im all for your Mr Jesus and if it helps then cling and never let go but don't hurt yourself in the process.You can miss out on a lot.

        if anything this website is a drug…I don't mind this one though.

        All that philosophy talk…..thats just to get people to listen.Don't get me wrong Things are talking and I plan on doing much with what I know.But im not your enemy.

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        No InfamousAvantGairde, you are not an enemy. You have knowledge. I respect that. However, I learned that I have knowledge and blessed with wisdom. There is so much power in praying to God and reading the Bible.

        You must know that people are what they believe in. It shows in their conversations, walk and appearance. As a Christian, I cannot separate my religion belief from my social life. It is hard for to lay my religion down. Although many Christians leave Jesus at home to commit various sexual immorality acts and to only return to Him to repent or when need something. However, I do know when not to talk Christianity.

        Your comments are very interesting and entertaining. As a Christian, I must do this. Forgive me, but please give Jesus a chance. Have faith in Him. Let Him be your savior.

        InfamousAvantGairde, I wish you all the best in life. We all are living and surviving.

  94. Jessie J is an incredible vocalist and assuming she was not programmed to sing that way, she has raw talent. Jess should take her music underground, or the industry will turn her into another, gaga/nicki minaj/ clone and whether she likes it or not, she will promote their debauched agenda.

  95. Vigilant citizen……you forgot about the tree (tree of life, tree of knowledge of good and evil) symbolism and the fact that it is covered by paper money created controlled by the establishment banking families. The tree of life is the primordial symbol of the ancient mystery/druidic /stellar cults representing the womb of celestial heavens from which all was created from. It represents the sacred feminine. The tree being draped in the money of their control indicates that you must have money and be rich in order to attain the feminine principle. It also indicates that they own the sacred feminine and have covered it over with their paternalistic, woman hating sorcery. The Atonists (as Michael Tsarion has called them) have subverted the pagan mysteries with their own solar cult/ paternalistic creator god all the while stealing sacred druidic symbolism and bastardizing it for their own benefit to mislead humanity in a most destructive way.

  96. Go into any record store, any day and look at 70 to 80% of the cd covers (especially if you look at the rock and hip-hop section), and you will see plainly, often blatently imagery that not only fortells half of the stuff talked about on this site, but the end of the world (as we know it) as well and all the demonic imagery that comes with it So don't tell me this stuff isn't real.

    Half of this stuff is intended to soak into the subconcious of the masses, which is why they advertise it so much, but the other half is because they need to send hidden messages to each other to let each other know who and what is running what, and to confirm that each are carrying out different agendas. I also believe that some of these hidden entities are kind of like a public celebration, because they know that pretty soon the will openly be able to practice their satanic beliefs without having to keep things entirely a secret and be questioned by everyone. We all are looking at dark times ahead unless we continue to get the word out.

  97. I've watched this video recently & I was spooked out by the video.

    Didn't expect VC to come up with this article :)

    Awesome article, as always.

  98. but could you not argue the same for the marley video that even though it has a good message.. they are puppets? I do see the figures, of puppets and such, but i saw marley as a puppet as well… even though they have good intentions, the way of showing it one might argue is a laughing parade for those in power, it is obvious that evolution happens in cells, and we can see certain things in science, but it seems a bit extremist to assume that having knowledge is not the answer when it is that what allows those in power be in power..

  99. I did some research on the whole covering of the left eye thing. It seems it's based on the story of Horus having his eye put out by Set. The eye was replaced by Thoth, a god of magic and learning. This eye came to symbolize spiritual sight while the right eye represents physical sight. Covering the left eye and looking out of the right eye seems to have something to do with having spiritual sight.. i.e. Eye of Horus at the top of the pyramid symbolizing illumination or spiritual wisdom.

    This may be occult(hidden) knowledge, but I don't see how it's evil or illuminati. I suppose hidden knowledge can be used for evil or good depending on the person using it. Right? As for the mind control stuff, that's a separate issue.. very bad, of course.

    • I agree with you. I see that people biggest problem including mine is to judge. honestly we can't assume automatically that things are bad. we need to research it for ourselves. like you did. if you look in a microscope you can see cells evolving. the concept is not that we came from monkeys there is so much to science. the problem is that we believe blindly in things without questioning or looking into it ourselves. we should do our own research and stop fighting with each other and not believe in magical things, that can disorient anyone into fights and mind conflicts.

    • it doesnt matter what daddy says, young ppl and even children will still look at her every new picture and scandal, involving drugs or pole dancing or being ,and emulate her… she is the whore of babylon and her father is as fake as everyone else in that business…

  100. do a article on the show dollhouse! im watching it right now and i KNOW theres more to it than face value. its interesting.. PLEASE!!

  101. Honour Brigman on

    You're a very eloquent writer and highly astute to boot. The young people in "Westernised" countries across the world, desperately need the knowledge and insight into the true, "in-yer-face" meanings that lie just beneath the surface of these homogenised, modern pop videos as well as within the pages of "teen pop" magazines, so I'm very, very pleased to see you shine your light on this underhanded, unscrupulous, demonic and cowardly attack on our youth. Today's youth are tomorrows society and I sincerely wish to thank you for your tireless efforts which won't go unrewarded I'm sure. Now that your reader's have seen your works, we shall all bear your witness my friend! Keep on keepin' on.

    I would implore everyone who's resonance has lead them to find this website to share it with others!!!! It really doesn't matter if the people you share it with can't see the truth within VC's words because at the very least you will have sown the seeds of change; change which may take many years to process and accept, given the nature of the insidious "game" being played with our and our children's minds and welfare, but seeds of change no less.

    Blessings to all.


  102. dude:

    "Even though she says “Don’t want your money” she is still an illuminati who wants money. Yeah, good job. Point proven she’s an illuminati."

    Don't judge these people by their words my friend. Words are cheap to these folks and are to be as twisted and deceitful as possible in accordance with their own dark path's laws. Truth is a natural energy which flows through all things and is associated with honour, dignity, compassion and empathy which, from their point of view, are characteristics revealing weaknesses to be excised from the personality.

    Judge them by their actions alone and you won't go far wrong.

    • …are there still people out there who believe every word they say, just cos they´re cool words, right words, peace words…? really?!

  103. I like watching this girls videos on youtube. And what i find interesting is that in one of her videos she says she just recently got signed to a new record company. Sony.(which have lady gaga, JB, Rhianna, etc) and BOOM! shes famous, instantly. And has price tag on the radio. i love her voice, style, etc. and she actually can SING! and based on her "who you are" song, she seems like she wants to bring a positive message to people. Quite sad i think. whatta loss.

  104. i always thought this song was fighting back at the masonic music EVERYWHERE latly, "do it like a dude" was absolutly masonic, this i thought wudda been by a diferent producer as a fight back … who knows how this mess will end :(

  105. I am not sure if I can completly agree with this article.

    Jessie J, is an extremely talented individual. Her lyrics are correct. We have become accustomed to having women shaking their bums "video hoes" and other explicit content, but what i fail to get is that, she has simply done a few hand gestures that are some what Illuminatic, however I'm not sure that she is..

    I keep up to date with everything on this website, and i help but thing that its getting a bit to out of hand. In addition, as a Religious Studies student, Symbolism in connection with the Media is easy to find. In fact, you can find Symbolism in almost anything. I do not doubt that the analysis of video is accurate, but it is also simplistic.

    I can't help but think that we've gone to far with Jessie J.

      • First of all, you do not know me enough to call me a fool. If you wish to disagree with my comment, please do so, but refrain from calling me something offensive, when you dont even know me. Thank You!

        Secondly, I am not one of those people that refuse to believe that certain artists are illuminati. If you did not read my comment thoroughly, i stated that I believe in the majority of stuff that VC writes. However I might have to disagree with this article. Jessie J is not necessarily Illuminati. She may be doing hand gestures that we commonly see with Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Beyonce… Whatever! But she is simply doing it because so many artists do it, it does not mean that she is illuminati. This gesture has become so popular that you can go on to Facebook and the majority of Profile Pictures are The All Seeing Eye. Jessie J is simply doing this because she has seen other people do it. Although I do believe that she should do her research before she does anything of the sort, but imagine if everyone that was famous was suddenly wearing bright pink tights then everyone would do the same.

  106. Just at the start of the clip… Doesn't "Mr. Moonface" remind anyone of Procter & Gable's logo? Wasn't picked up on in the article but wasn't really a huge part of the clip either…

  107. Great music is all over the place. You just have to look somewhere other than your tv, radio, friends. Sometimes good things via a hard search, nothing in life comes easy. Think about everything in life, food, music, friends, love, money, etc etc, if it comes fast and easy, it probably is not the best quality.

    Most of the best things in life take work and does not come FAST and EASY

  108. Me from Colombia on

    The same "puppet" images are on Nyusha's Viverat' chudo video on russian music tv

    I'm sad for Nyusha she is such a cute girl, but her videos are all openly illuminati

    Also Dan Balan has been doing videos with lots of symbology like "Chica Bomb" on which he moves like a puppet and on vis new vid with Vera Brezhneva he is like a zombie with one eye covered with hair

  109. To be honest I don't think she is… But her video does say otherwise… Even still celebs usually brush these type of things away, she replied… I just don't think she is, perhaps it's the producer of the video…

  110. ok can someone pls explain to me what happens when i listen to rihanna literally all the time? and if i watch all those videos what? what's gonna happen? when i saw jessie js video i wz totally disappointed. It was just like any other music vid- one ye symbolism and bright colours and splat across the screen and shit.. i used to think she wz something different before all these stupid photoshoots and retarded music vids! UGH. So what i dont understand is, what do they get from airing all these music vids with all these symbols? what if they're symbolising a certain agenda or whatever, if ppl don't even get it.. i mean ppl are just seeing it as "fashion" i know thatz what *they* want us to think but why is all this shit out there? When i saw the teddy bear without the eye and with a ripped hand i wasn't like "accepting it as normal" i wz alarmed and thought it wz twisted and wrong and i don't even like the song now… coz of the stupid video..

    • pls answer mee!!!!!!!!!!

      i believe that the wig has to do sth with whole illuminati thing. new, plastic, industrialistic thing on the head list telephone on lady gaga's head. it's more and more popular, every pop song has it.

      hair reflects personality in a way; we can shape it easily. ppl can hide behind the bangs, or can reveal their face, their oppinions. it can be very feminine, rebellious, etc.

      what do u think????

      • InfamousAvantGairde on

        Egyptian reference.Lady Gaga's Bang in her album photo is a good example.Im sure its the same for Locks.It represents the union of opposite forces working in harmony together.The feminine womb creating the circle of life in conjunction with masculine erectness which forms the spiral.Locks are twisted hair locked within a spiral which has the discipline of staying in its form against the forces of life.

        By the way Lady Gaga stands for Lady Saturn.she is struggling to control her energy.Bad Romance….

    • Lola, nothing is going to happen to you. The one eye symbol is not a sign that she's owned by the illuminati; it's more of a sign that she's a slave to fads. It's fun and all to find and connect patterns seemingly there, until you realize how empty it actually is. Did you know some NBA players have done the same sign during games as well? They call it "goose eye" or "goose neck". It's nothing, even if it means something to them.

      "sorry bee, but i dont think there actually is a non satanic metal…. frankly, it is the type of music in itself, with its speed and the use of sound and the overall aggressivity that doesnt exactly say balance, harmony, sanity, god…"

      It doesn't matter. Metal is not satanic in itself. Fast and loud and angry doesn't equal satanic. Annoying and comical, yes.



    when she rips the pricetag, it is around her legs. SHE HAS SOLD HERSELF TO THEM

  112. oh, and VC.

    can i listen to the song even i know it has a message? if i know the message i can reject it right?

    i just like her voice muuuch

  113. like shes aight bt the song doesnt make sense at face value cos hw cn u sing a song saying its nt about the money although shes wearing xpensive clothes and hopin to sell millions of the records for money.personally shes like a white ms dynamite or baby blue cos the 3 women av similar styles bt thnx 4 breaking it down 1nce agen VC the blind av eyes but cannot see, the deaf have ears bt cannot hear, the desensitized have feelings but refuse to feel… hw tragic. -_______-

  114. lol. im not buying it either. this whole mind control thing is getting more serious though. artist after aritst. and, why oh WHY cant these artist wake up and open their eyes, literally. but yet again, i think if they try to leave, the controllers will threaten them. or end up dying God forbid. like MJ's mysterious death. wowww, im tellin ya. so ya, thats what i think is happening.

    • shaniie,

      i think you should read about mk ultra before u speak, it is clear u dont know what it is….

      i suggest you fritz springmeier, he is all over the net and his works are readable and downloadable for free…

      stuuuudy… for me must be prepared

  115. i knoe u dont have keri hilson on this website but is she very well apart of the mind control??????????????? shes pretty much in alot of music now. just need to know anyonee?

  116. I stopped listening to mainstream music about 17 years ago. My son doesn't even have a cable box in his room. He's 10 and very well aware of what's going on. I'm from CT where there is more than enough talent. The only music I listen to is local indy artists. If you tune into you will not be disappointed. They only play CT based music and it's a mix of hip-hop, r&b, rock, metal…..

    • so how did u do that, bee????

      how do u explain satan to a child without scaring the hell out of him…?

      without traumatizing him???

      when he goes out telling his friends and they laugh at him, or beat him…?

      how do u avoid certain foods or other "modern" things, when everyone else has them…? can he have a normal life or must he refuse many things and be alone? how can he and u both avoit peer pressure??? is it feasible…?

      maybe u live in a big city so he goes to some catholic group to meet people….. just wondering…. cos i have a 3 year old myself and i am scared to death….

      • No one has ever said that fighting Satan/Evil/earthly temptations/being brainwashed would be easy. In fact, that's why those who believe in God and in that this life is nothing more than a transitional existence also believe that it's supposed to test us by throwing all kinds of challenges our way. So no it's not easy, but just like some of us have made it despite having been brought up in more or less the same world, your child can make it too. Just make sure you support him and lead him in the right direction as best as you can :-)

  117. Seriously am i the only one that thinks these videos are getting creepier and creepier :S They aint even fun to watch.. they creepy as hell..

  118. sorry bee, but i dont think there actually is a non satanic metal…. frankly, it is the type of music in itself, with its speed and the use of sound and the overall aggressivity that doesnt exactly say balance, harmony, sanity, god….

    sure enough u can have daemonic ambient music as well, but i am talking about the structure of metal (in general, non specifically death metal or glam or whatever) doesnt seem to leave much choice but to stop listening to it for your own sanity.

    in my opinion very few things remain if u really and truly wanna listen to positive music only. or, at least, music that is not fucking with your brain completely.

    remember that satan was created as the music master, before being cast out by god. he rules and manipulates us especially using music… its his first talent…

    not only metal, i am not even sure bout bob marley, if u wanna know my opinion…. yeah, mellow, friendly sound, some wise lyrics, but overall too much ganja talk… everything ive come in contact with so far is dirty in one way or another.

    i surely wouldnt want my son to become over aggressive or to start smoking a bongpipe.

    and i have been a smoker for several years, that is no damn light thing for sure, fucks u up just like the other "chemical" drugs.

  119. there has to be a bigger picture here, i mean they throw this illuminati stuff in our face so much that it doesnt even surprise us anymore. what is the real reason behind all of this,?… because its not a secret anymore. i dnt think it ever was, just gradually over time it became more and more obvious, and why is there a bigger percentage of the rich and famous that chooses to join the crowd instead of oppose it? it cant be about money and fame alone, ….so many questions

  120. Than you so much for making this article, I recently theorised Jessie J might be the "new face" of the Illuminati just because I was shocked by how much effort radio stations were putting in to promote her as an artist. Then whenever I went on youtube, Jessie J's face would be planted all over the site with "vevo lift" underneath, apparently they have started a camapign to promote new artisits – and the first one they choose – Jessie J. Numerous videos would be posted on the side with interviews of Jessie J answering questions etc. Then I watched the video for price tag, immediately spotted all the symbols, then came on here to find it all summerised neatly in an article.

  121. Yesterday Jessie J said that her favourite artist and song is Jay-Z and on the next one. Strange that. I never heard of that song of Jay-Z as I don't like him but I was intrigued and amazed by the video clip. Everything makes sense though.

  122. Yes on Thursday night she was on Music4 channel in the UK and she was presenting her favourite artists. Her no.1 artist is Jay-Z and she had his videoclip 2on the next one" played. First time I watched the videoclip believe it or not and I was like aha that's scary stuff. I googled the videoclip it today and I found your website. I am telling you it can't be a coincidence that we're thinking and interpreting the same things. And yes I'm fed up with the Jessie J brainwashing. I don't like her or her music. And yes all these chicks are shouting and screaming they're bisexuals. It's a tad boring now.

  123. Personally, I believe she is just trying to copy the 'trend' and probably does not recognise the powerful symbolism behind her predictable poses. It's probably just to sell more records, I've noticed that not many people in the music industry likes change and they're probably just trying to program all their singers to deliever the exact same image which will appeal to the market. It may not be all about the money for Jessie J, but for the record companies and sellers, it definitely is.

  124. at first, I thought this song was really meaningful and maybe she is a good person… but I guess I was wrong after reading this and watching the video..

  125. My best take on this light vs dark world..

    Your right, MTV is Mind Control, the use MK Ultra on all the stars.

    Each day the news is brainwashing its viewers what makes the music any diffrent?

    if it grabs you by your feelings they have u.

    at hello in movies, and titanic sank also wiped out all the rich people except the Illuminati..

    now they do it by?

    video games, tv, sex, porn, wwf, mtv, fox, cbs, pac-man, myphone, chemtrail world..

    Get ur faraday cage ready..


    • Um, ruleofethics, our media probably isn't putting our stars through MK Ultra techniques; given the large amount of time Ewen Cameron ran these experiments for it wouldn't be efficient, instead they simply portray being a celebrity as desirable. It saves money and will probably work out better in the long term.

      Although I do agree with you point about FOX news and the like. The right-wing media does manipulate people, it does control people, it does brainwash people into blindness to the worl daround us into authoritarianism because if they don't drink it down 'anarchy' will occur. The symbology is just window dressing and distraction.

  126. I just tumbled on this. Vanessa Hudgens just had her first tattoo. Guess what it depicts???? =>>> yeah off course: a Monarch Butterfly. Can it be more obvious? Just one chance in a million that it is coincidence…

  127. Koos L. Svendsen on

    I don't think these symbolic music videos give a "deeper" meaning to these songs, but rather, I think they they give an "alternatealternative" meaning to such songs as this. It would truly be a shame if everyone sung in the same manner and similarly, it would truly be a tragedy for art, or more specifically, an artpiece to be unequivocal. As Voltaire once said, "I may not agree with your opine, but I shall defend 'till death, your right to say it." Seriously, in my opinion, these symbolisms/occultisms and such do truly make these videos truly more interesting and most of all, whimsically whimsyful. Seriously, Teenage Dream's music video was so boring, compared to other more notable videos like Rihanna's S&M or Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. You don't have to let yourself be mind controlled. Just enjoy the whimsy and esoterica presented forth. I mean, call the masses mind controlled or what not, but I don't see this causing people to commit crimes or suicide; or worse -instigate anarchy. Multiplexing is awesome in my opinion and I think it's utterly quizzical and capriciously whimsical in a sparkleistic manner how something like, from your other article, Pinocchio, can be appreciated by many levels of thought. ^_^ Good tidings and good day, sire. Entropy shall never prevail. ^_^

  128. I downloaded the high-quality video from iTunes, and was invited to post on their Ping feature. Here's what I said:

    "I downloaded the "Price Tag" music video because it was free, and to study all the blatant "third eye" Illuminati influence. See vigilantcitizen dot com"

  129. If I were to listen to this song without the video, I would have interpreted it a very different way. There is no doubt that this song has a subliminal meaning due to the large amount of symbols so blatantly put in front of us but what if I were to interpret this song the way I wanted to, without the video of course. Because the truth is I love the beat of the song..the message in which I interpreted it. "Why is everybody so serious?" Why does everybody take everything so seriously? Money really can't buy us happiness. I truly belive in that. I love her voice. "Make the world dance" – Dance as in be happy, being united together, love unconditionally.

    It's different with other music like Lady Gaga and Beyonce because I wasn't really a fan of their music and the lyrics.

    But this song, I cannot deny, i like.

    My question is: Would it still have a negative effect on me if I were to interpret the song to the extent where it has a genuinely good message?

  130. This is actually the free video of the week on iTunes right now. As soon as I saw the cover for the video (the second pic up above with her circling her eye and doing the three 6 hand sign) I knew she was going to be another Illuminati propaganda tool. I'd never even heard of her til about a week ago when I saw her videos being promoted like crazy on Vevo and now she's free on iTunes. She's probably going to be another Gaga. It's so sad that these artists are under such mind control and don't even know it themselves.

  131. @Craig S -FIRST OF ALL,Lupe fiasco is DEFINETELY NOT in the brotherhood OR A PAWN.He is a dedicated muslim and OPENLY SPEAKS OUT AGAINST THE NEW WORLD ORDER.Why do you think he practically gets NO RADIO PLAY OR ALMOST NO RECOGNITION AND HE'S BASICALLY THE BEST RAPPER BREATHING.Because he isn't down with it.Jay z offered him a contract with roc-a-fella and he DENIED IT Because he knew of the evils.He even spoke out against jay z in one of his songs.Saying keep the evil away from him.He also has a video where he knocks off the all seeing eye.MTV practically hates the man.They won't even put him on the top 10 best rappers list,Even when he made a song proving he deserved it.Why?Because lupe fiasco does NOT push their agenda.Lupe fiasco keeps a low profile for the most part.And i know you know that.So get your facts straight before slandering his name.Because he is ABSOLUTELY not one of the pawns.

    • SuPeRCrAzYoi on

      Muslims have their own world conquering agenda. The reason they are against so called illuminati is that its a jewish run subversion programme and the freemasons are the instigators. Stop trying absolve muslims from the NWO. Arabs are just as much apart of it as everyone else. They control the oil therefore have control over what we consume. If/When muslims have finished with iluminati they will turn on everyone else who isn't muslim. Thats historical fact. illuminati is not aimed at muslims and certainly not jews, its aimed a white anglo-saxon protestants.

  132. The scary thing is if they've made billions of dollars over the years selling us abuse and torture packaged as fun.

  133. This commentary reads like a formula for identifying occult symbols in music videos. I almost never listen to radio here in South Africa, so I don't know what's hot or not. And since I don't club any more I don't follow pop music news. Anyway so once we know all that's on this website, what do we do about it? How do we get our own personality or identity back?

  134. I wish these things would go away.

    I feel sorry for the younger generation. And then the youngest generation. And so on, so forth…

    Nobody reads anymore. Everybody's occupied walking around in their masks and wearing the $/£150 bag they bought to match the $/£250 outfit they are wearing. Even the people that recognize that there isn't something quite right with these music videos and advertisements that are being dealt to us just shrug it off because it's "catchy" and they "don't really care".

    My brother walked in the other day with a tattoo of a crown. He said it was symbollic as he has self-proclaimed him to be an "uncrowned king". He also mentioned something along the lines of being "at the top of the hierarchy" when in reality he is just like the rest of us. At the bottom. It's funny because, he's older than me by a few years yet he still manages to be consumated by all of these terrible things the media throws at us. He's overly obsessed with artists like Rihanna and Jay Z who make a million out of mocking the rest of us, yet he can proudly stand there with a crown on his arm (which he no doubt copied off somebody) and say he wants to be like them one day. Now, I get alot of bs for being over-analytical about mass media marketing, whereas someone like my brother is admired by his friends for being a product of the media. Can you say injustice? or in the eyes of the media, I guess they'd call it a "job well done".

  135. vigilant,

    Good job… Also note that "money grows on trees" because they can just print more. And also when she held the price tag (she had a price to be purchased) and when she tore it the price had been paid in full.

  136. Um, I may very well be missing the point of this article here, Vigilant, but it strikes me that Ignorance is more the Illuminati's friend than normalisation of the symbology; bearing in mind that (as you pointed out in your review of Paramore's "Brick By Boring Brick") most people are unaware of the 'illuminati' interpretation of said symbology (and are more focussed on the singer's hair colour), and as such probably won't respond as intended to it (in fact, assuming that such symbolism is rife in the music industry for the express purpose of indoctrination, my hunch is that people will notice the illuminati stuff *more*, and therefore be more likely to research it (although, admittedly, I *did* discover your site from a comment on The Brick By Boring Brick video on (pointed out to me by my brother), not through other research avenues), you cannot fight that which you do not know (indeed I think the persecution of WikiLeaks falls into your remit due to its natue as a distributor of secrets (not Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, we have no way of knowing if the allegations against him are true)).

    I don't think it makes sense for the Illuminati to use symbolism so liberally without the intent of secret communications for any reason other than some sort of sick joke, plus it's hardly like the puppet symbology (or the symbology in BBBB) is employed to portray what it represents in a positive light; taken in conjunction with the song's apparent surface message it would probably make it seem that the mind-control stuff is a Bad Thing (this is assuming that Monarch programming exists, making the symbology is relevant, and is not a conflation caused due to memory damage from MK Ultra instead (ECT has documented effects on memory, and there is a chance that, ironically, Cathy O'Brien (whose Wikipedia page is actually placed *below* your article on Paramore on Google searches for 'Monarch Programming') may have been mind-controled to believe that she has been mind-controlled by other sources (rather like Winston Smith in 1984…)) .

    In short, I disagree that (again, bringing up a point from your review of Brick By Boring Brick) the usage of illuminati symbolism in music videos such as these can be for any purpose other than warning or artistic purposes simply due to the sheer impracticality of using symbolism for the purpose you describe in that media and the possibility that the information presented by the symbology is inaccurate (actually, considering that Ignorance is the Illuminati's new best friend, this *might* be a point in favour; it occludes our ability to discern the truth, hmm…).

    *which is, incidentially, *way* more blatant than BBBB with any possible illuminati symbolism (off the top of my head, the mirror, the pattern on Hayley's dress (checkerboard), the white-and-black sun(?)glasses, the tea party (what's the stereotypical thing that young girls play with?) and the guys being kept tied up (badly, apparently) in the cellar/basement from "Ignorance, although since it post-dates your previous article on BBBB; given what the song may be about; the recent events after the depature of Josh and Zac and the fact that Hayley sings it to *herself* near the end (clearly Josh folowed up on the promise to 'point [her] to the mirror) the symbolism is probably employed for artistic purposes (something which, last time I checked, you actually didn't have issue with).

    • Educated Cowboy on

      Hello LissyNumber. I'm not sure if Price Tag's (and most of the other music videos just like this) purpose is only to warn the fans about the secret societies and their methods and goals. They might just as well have been made for the enemies (or potential enemies or whoever) of the cospiracy people (whether Illuminati or any other order, or any other political orgasiations, or plural orders or whatever else) to maybe distract them, for example or for random, neutral people so they won't be worried about secret societies anymore.

      I agree with you about the third option (in which they are making music for neutral people to get as much friends/followers as possible) being not likely, I mean they're not called "secret" societies for nothing, I guess, so they tend to hide. But on the other side, Vigilant Citizen has a point that the symbols might affect their subconscious intstead of their mind or principles. But still it doesn't look like them in my opinion, any serious people wouldn't be agressive in a way Lady Gaga's agressive. For instance, Kylie Minogue and Gwen Stefani used mind control related symbols (robots, Alice and everything else I didn't notice) but they're consistent and they're respectful to their fans; Lady Gaga and especially Rihanna change their style every 3 hours and that's just unloyal and disrespectful towards their fans in my opinion and it seems like a mistake.

      But I think that is that what they're doing to the very idea of mind control is exactly what rappers like Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne done to how random everyday people percept rap music. Talented rappers are still out there, but they don't get that much airplay. Same thing is being done to.. I don't know to whom exactly, but still. I hate Christians but after watching Rihanna's 'Rockstar 101' I almost wanted to become one. And someone on this site said that Lady Gaga seems to be protecting Lesbian/Gay people while what she's doing is (in his/her opinion) quite the opposite.

      Then again, maybe it's music made by elite (mb word 'elite' doesn't fit) and for elite. Or maybe for Americans by Americans. Like, the outside world criticizes Americans for being ever calculating and for being cold – here we go with all kinds of robots. The world criticizes them for being non-spiritual (whatever that means) – here we go with all kinds of ghost and demons. But if that explanation is the right one, I really have no idea what Aliens (Katy Perry's ET; Lady Gaga's Born This Way) are supposed to stand for.

      Sorry about my English.

      Oh and all you people who criticize this (Price Tag) video are really biased. Sure, it might be about Monarch programming, but it might just as well be (notice how the song has nothing in common with the video so you can't really say that the song was actually made for exactly this video) about trauma of an artist when he/she discovered it's not even about his talent or style, but about his money and some other no good bullshit he said she said nonsence.

      Better yet, since the video has people of different color in it. I can easily see myself as a doll or some kinda trained animal, just because I'm white, and what's worse ppl who don't know me think of me as if I'm a smart guy. I am a smart guy at some level, but I DON'T want to be a leader or a smart guy or a bad tough guy or any of these bullshit roles. That's the reason I'm ashamed of being smart and if I was black I would most likely be ashamed of wild and violent sides of me and try to become smarter and more educated. And that's only a white-or-black aspect of it while the video could just as well be about rich-or-poor side of it because it has exactly the same bullshit, useless and irrelevant roles.. be a coward or an idiot, nice choice!

      So, about this song, I think Jessie J has a long way to go before she could be as awesome as Pink. And I don't think there is any evil purpose in this song or video. It's about being a wholesome person not just a white person. Think about it brothers and sisters.

  137. I'm going to give you know the synthesis of all the ''knowledge'' that these secret societies own.Check out these torrents: Bill Schnoebelen – Interview with an Ex-Vampire

    Bill Schnoebelen – Ancient Of Days 2005 – UFOs, Masonry & Satanism in the Occult Social Order

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    After that, you will discover the only source of TRUTH and i guarantee:many of you will be surprised to find out what it is.

    Many will check this out, many won't.For those of you who won't, i hope The Creator will give you the truth through other means.

  138. I love the kind of education I get from this site but my question is if the illuminati are involved in this mind control stuff and are really doing all they can to hide themselves and their existence, then would they be revealling themselves in these music videos?I mean what point are they trying to make with all the stuffs they incoporate into these music videos?please I'll be glad if someone can give me an answer.

  139. I don't get it. About a few weeks ago when Price Tag came out, she tweeted out "NO I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE ILLUMINATI NOR AM I INVOLVED IN IT. #FACT #PUTTHATINTHEPAPER LOL" ????

  140. I saw Jessie's "Do It Like a Dude" video today. All I kept thinking was, this chick looks and acts like Nicki Minaj.

  141. I was trying to find a quote to post about music

    I heard. It in effect said that if a person

    could control a society's music, the person

    could control the society, regardless of its


    If you see it before I find it again, post away.

    But in the mean time, I found this article that

    that germane to this conversation.

    (I can already hear the complains and debunkers :)

    But you have to admit, agree with it totally or not,

    we ARE seeing this in western societies.

  142. Could anyone tell me,with a reference to substantiate,how long Monarch programming takes place?And techniques used,all info i find is rather fancifull or vague.


  143. but this song was written and sang all over UK webshows years before she got a deal. It was requested to be released by the fans. How can she write such an agenda years before she was signed. -_-

  144. caramelcutie404 on

    Wow is all i have to say on this video the symbolism is so obvious- but has anyone seen Rihanna's video Rockstar 101? Very very symbolic and disturbing VC please veiw and analyze this video

    • "The Extensive Role Of The Freemasons, Microsoft, Pol Pot, The World Bank, George Bush, And The Lake Champlain Monster In The Ruby Ridge Massacre"

      everyone should read this book.

  145. caramelcutie404 on

    What is goin on over at Interscope Records which has Lady Gaga Black Eye Peas and Dr Dre in which Dr Dre is mentioned by me in another comment n which he is n a Beat Studio Audio Laptop commercial the headphones and laptop have what is supposed to be a letter "B" on them but the B strangely resembles the number 6. The woman goes into a room where Dr Dre is operating a ROBOT and gives him the microchips needed for the computers and the microchips have the letter B on them and are arranged n a pyramid formation. It resembles "666" n a pyramid not only that Dre is a robot as well . I find it very strange that Lady Gaga and BEP are also apart of the same label and their videos contain so much illumnati subject matter

  146. thewritingwife@gmail on

    Jessie J is an androgyne (sp). Back in the day, hermaphordites were considered "lucky" and were/are popular in some inner circles.

    I'm hoping artists become more in your face. This is actually refreshing because less people will be duped by subversion.

    I have also come to my own conclusion, for which I only base on my "gut" instinct and that's A LOT of these artists (Beyonce, Lady GaGa, etc) are autistic. I really believe Beyonce is and suspect at LEAST 10 more. Flavor Flav is another. This was also hinted at in the movie The Dark Knight with the Joker's crew. They were not of average intelligence. They are being used and manipulated and made fools of and it's sad and must stop.

    I am pretty sure Holly Robinson Pete and Grace Jones are autistic. I could go on for a minute with this paper thin theory.

  147. thewritingwife@gmail on

    I am willing to bet David Beckham's fine behind is too! Nicki Minaj as well. Jaime Foxx, Tommy Davidson.

    I still love everyone, but it is becoming more apparent as I get older. I truly believe that.

  148. Sorry for the multiple posts, but I think it's important to urge the public to think critically before labeling someone "Illuminati", a devil worshiper or puppet.

    I have seen sites assert that "Rain Man" is a demon some artists invoke. After much research, I disagree. Rain Man is indicative of AUTISM. These people may have named some spirit Rain Man, but I doubt that.

    A lot of incredible people are/were autistic like Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Sylvester Stallone, Darryl Hannah, etc. This mind control thing needs to be addressed in the main stream media.

  149. I just love how this song goes on about " I can't be bought, blah, blah," but when you click to open the YouTube window to view it, the first thing you are forced to sit through is a McDonald's cheeseburger commercial. Sure, lady.

    Whatever else she is, this girl is DUMB. This video is SO BAD, her singing is bad, and her stupid Illuminati gestures are TIRED.

  150. Now parasites, under whose external control the Western Civilization was built based on the algorithm described in the Bible, are faced with one big problem represented mainly by Qur'anic Islam. The problem is that the Qur'an denies the concept of Jews as the people chosen by God and names the usury of any kind as a deadly sin. But particularly these two main concepts which among other things underlie the Bible Project of enslaving all in the name of God, are being put into life surreptitiously and inviolately, though they are not directly declared, mentioned in writing and discussed anywhere. And despite the fact that those who consider themselves Muslims do not realize this, the wheeler-dealers of the Bible Project understand that the Qur'an is a potential menace for them. This arouses a desire to leave the Qur'an in the historical past.

  151. You should do an article on the Japanese cartoon "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt". Though the show is Japanese, it is twisted with the Western cartoon style. It's about to fallen angel sisters (Panty and Stocking) that got kicked out of Heaven due to their bad behavior (Panty's addicted to sex and Stocking to sweets). They are sent to Daten City (a pun on the Japanese word "datenshi" which means "fallen angel"), a place located on the edge of Heaven and Hell. Their guardian is a homosexual preist who is into teenage boys. They also have a pet dog named "Chuck" who looks a lot like Gir from "Invader Zim. There (at Daten City) they collect "Heaven Coins", they need a lot so they can go back to Heaven. They get these "Heaven Coins" (or "Heavens") by killing monsters. Panty's weapon is her own panties that turn into a gun and Stocking's weapon is one of her stockings that turns into a sword. Their clothing transforms after they pole dance, as pole-dancing is their "magical tranformation". Here's their "magical transformation":

    Sorry that link has the opening so it's a little longer. But you might wanna check out their MUSIC VIDEO (it's in English). But it's the scene from 3:40 – 4:09 that's really symbolic, I don't really know how but it is. But you're the genius, not me. So here's the music video:

    The lyrics are in the description so you might wanna take a look at those so you understand. Even though it's in English, you won't understand it very well unless you take a look at the lyrics.

    Here's the link to episode one, you watch it on youtube, it's there along with the other episodes.

    You can find the other parts to that episode there too.

    Hope I helped. :)

  152. Hey VC, GaGa's new video "Born This Way" is out, and I really think an article from you needs to address it…it's one of the darkest videos we have seen from her, or anyone for that matter in the industry yet, and I think there is a plethora of dark symbolism in it that would be valuable for us all to discuss and be warned about. GaGa claims that this new "Born This Way" phase is her "mitosis," however, I think it's much more serious than that- I personally believe that this video is pushing the industry forward and is the next step in the transformation, desensitization, and domination of human minds around the world.

    You can watch the video here:

  153. just want answers on

    I'm very confused. I never once thought about the message behind the video when i was watching it. I only thought about how catchy it sounded and how the lyrics are something fresh. Like any typical teen. How could something with a light feel have a heavy, satanic message behind it? What would be the reason to display this message? To have control? so what, are they not human beings?

  154. See the funny thing is that everyone is all "oh no this is not a plot" but even at the base of this whole thing is the question I keep asking myself about all these things. Why is it that if they are singing about one thing ALL the imagery completely disjointed from it? And that is why I feel like there is something deeper behind it all.

  155. What's best ? Turn off your TVs, turn off the radio – actually, sell them as fast as possible – and buy books – educate yourself and your children ! Education and knowledge are critical, specially if you want your family to survive what THEY prepared for us ..

  156. I think you people are blowing things out of the water. She was just trying to be creative by adding in all these bits of random things into her mv , but she obviously failed cause her MV is so tacky and lame. Plus I don't feel the urge to know her, hear her music, or watch that sad mv again. Shes not an illumnati, maybe she wishes though.

  157. aside from jessie j…the lady monster strikes again!! check out lady gaga's disturbing music vid yet…"born this way"…the message just seems deep…and i'm hoping you guys would decipher it..


  158. tom williams on

    Totally see the point of the article. Unfortunately I couldn't watch the video, as I hate blackified white rapper girls and the homies they have to misceginate with. Another ploy of the illuminati. The genocide of the white through promoting miscgeination with black men to white women. I'm not being racist here. It's the people implementing this agenda that are racist.

    • SuPeRCrAzYoi on

      You are absolutely correct. These videos are promoting "the race of the future", which excludes caucasians. The only way they will be excepted from the overwhelming majority of ethnics across the globe is if they misceginate. Jesse J is preparing/telling white girls to become prostitutes/pimped out from black Israelti jews (do it like a dude video) because it will be the only viable job for them when they are been totally displaced by ethnics throughout the world. Illuminati is aimed exclusivley at undermining the white population and use freemason traitors and black jews (most music r'n'b producers) to do it. It is also why the usa has a mixed race president and not a 100% negroid one.

      • I would like to put a different angle on this thread.

        It is not so much about diminishing whites or caucasians. It is more about eliminating difference between all races and cultures and homogenizing the world population. A homogenized population is easier to manipulate and control than a population of people who each know something about who they are and what they are about that is not necessarily the same as everyone else.

        Removing distinctions between people or groups of people has always been a part of the strategy to create the masonic/illuminati new world order where the entire population can be governed by a single world government.

        – remove nation-state distinctions – create regionalization (EU, North American Union, asian and/or pacific union)

        – remove religious distinctions – there are conferences by "religious leaders" to blend or merge various religions that have been going on (new age / matreiya stuff, councils of world religions, etc.)

        – remove monetary system distinctions – eventually create one world currency – this has been mentioned or referred to by various "leaders" a few time during the past few years (usually at a UN or bilderberg conference). Also coordinate and unify management of economies in various countries and regions in the wake of the "banking crises" and "economic downturns" of the past couple years.

        And FINALLY (what's relevant to material on this site)

        – remove racial cultural and musical distinctions

        It also just makes it easier to spread the indoctrination of the symbols and messages that are so thoroughly documented on this site, if everyone is attuned to hearing a more homogeneous musical style. Notice how the pop music analyzed on this site is sounding more and more the same, whether it is coming out of Russia, Japan, American, UK, europe, etc. etc.

        All these songs/videos with lyrical/melodic singing (white/european derived) combined with rapping (black/african derived) are producing a more homogenous musical form that the new global citizens of all races can listen to and receive the symbolic and other messages directed at them.

        Not that there's anything WRONG with that musically – if you want to combine lyrical & rap vocals in a song, that is a valid thing to do artistically of course. And interaction of styles from various cultures has always happened and is a way new musical styles are developed.

        But it's the preponderance of it – when song after song after song, by all these different artists, follow this same formula, i think that is what is happening.

  159. So I was a little skeptical about some of this stuff…until I was just browsing through a really old Vogue (france edition) magazine…and page after page after page…all of the ads (for dior, gucci, etc)…had models covering one eye…or butterflies all over them (there was one with naomi cambpell with about 4 butterflies on her body and another of Heidi klum with painted butterflies all over her……this is majorly creeped me out…no way this is coincidence, maybe it's sexy in one ad for a model to cover her eye on one side, fine ok…but in over 15 ads from different brands all stuffed in one magazine? really? WTFFFFF????? never reading vogue again …yeah, fashion 'bible'…for satan most likely…

  160. Jammer, Obama's wife was on the cover of Vogue last year and she was making the sign with her fingers. It's getting too tedious now. I feel there are way too many sociopaths out there and the worst of all is they rule everything. The good news is it's temporary. Nobody lives forever.

    Naomi C and Heidi Klum are friends of the pedo billionnaire guy Jeff Epstein.

    • Julie…..I just checked out the Obama cover you mentioned…that's unbelievable… magazine covers are not taken as some quick polaroid, they are carefully 'creatively directed'…and for her to be making such an obvious devil's horn sign with her hand, and also I believe the hand to the neck gesture is a clear illuminati sign… it's deliberate as heck…. this is just crazy….

      I also was curious to know how far back in music videos this was going on…so I looked at some old Spice Girls videos from back in the day (yes, when I was 10, I admit to liking these ridiculous girls)…so I wanted to know what the heck I was watching and listening to…. you all have to see the video "I want to Make you Holler" ….and "Two Become One" videos (in this one, the video starts with sporty spice in front of a background of NY city with the twin towers as horns over her head…yes I'm serious)…in the first video I mentioned the four girls are inside a pyramid and then throughout the video, they are representing earth, wind, fire and water…. so all this stuff is nothing new at all, the spice girls are just something i thought I'd look into because it was so long ago and just random, I'm somehow sure I would find messages in every video if I were to look… it's everywhere, we just didn't know what to look for…and still wouldn't know if it wasn't for the Internet and people informing each other!!

  161. I noticed symbols in her music video straight away! What about Rihanna's S&M's video in which, at some point, there words are projected in on a wall in front of which she's standing, and it reads "Princess of the Illuminati". That freaked me out!

  162. We need to take it back in time,

    I actually thought she was having a dig at these popstars that are putting these symbols in their videos. She says:

    When music made us all UNITE!

    And it wasn't low blows and video Hoes,

    Am I the only one gettin… tired?

    Why is everybody so obsessed?

    Money can't buy us happiness.

    I gathered she is against 'video hoes' ie (sexual images etc) I also felt in her other 'do it like a dude' video she again is saying we can all be shocking and sexual ' I can wear my hat low like you' again i felt like she was kind of saying 'we can all be shocking and sexual and wrong' but having a dig at them I'm not so sure (yet) that she is actualy part of it but perhaps making a point about it all? Thats how I felt anyway. I could be wrong but who knows…

  163. Jessie J's favourite song/video clip is "on to the next" of Jay-Z. Nothing more to say about the muppet. It can't be more obvious. She's into it. Vile woman.

  164. Youth are easily corrupted. Not everyone has a strong sense of self. In fact more and more people do not. When people do not have a strong self image in relation to themselves and others, they mimic or project a front.

    Have you not seen picture after picture of teen clubbers, particularly male, throwing out hand signs, either related to gangs or shown by rap stars/videos? That should show you how easily people mimic things they probably don't understand to look cool.

  165. I'm so tired of this crap, humanity must deserve it because they seem to love it. I say bring on armageddon, we don't deserve to share this planet, we don't belong here. Great article but you've wasted enough of your valuable time on these idiots, it's time to bring out the big guns.

  166. I don't think that she's equipped with all knowledge required, but we never knew who is her choreographer. That's the main problem.

  167. fractured leg: when i look at the sex kitten leggings, it makes me feel they are conveying helplessness against rape. she can't "close her legs" . also, she is wearing ruby slippers/heels and she can't click her heels to go home. no escaping the industry!

  168. These performers are not mind controlled slaves. They are highly paid very willing employee's who are very often less then ethical about taking credit and royalities for stuff they didn't write.

    The real slaves are not even remembering they wrote the stuff.

  169. This song sounds similar to Rihanna's umbrella – uses the same chord progression (at least some of it).

    Anyone else think so? Anyone who is a musician or otherwise reasonably attuned to the way music sounds ought to be able to notice.

  170. Jessie J is such a boooooring talentless witch. EEK I can' stand the woman. And who gives one if she is bi or not. Jessie love we don't care about your sex life. Save the information next time silly moo.

    • sure and can we just learn to love everything bad for us and enjoy dying in the spirit and the flesh as well!

      If you feel that way I cannot comprehend why you would even be on this site to begin with!

  171. Jacob Makaveli on

    I am a great believer of the Illuminati mind control. But personally I don't believe this song is one of them. I think she was trying to mock the Illuminati puppets by doing hand gesture and showing signs. I don't know, just my personal opinion, the vibe I got from the lyrics.

    • "I think she was trying to mock the Illuminati puppets by doing hand gesture and showing signs."

      Or she was just following the instructions of the video's director.

  172. It's so hard these days to find someone who has not signed a contract with the devil. We all just need to be very careful and hold on to God.

  173. when i first saw this thing about artist's if you can call them that? thought it was gona be another pile of turd, like the story's of bruce lee and elvis, jon lenon living on an island lol. after watching a few vids and reading a little on the masons etc. i think its all true. come on people, oops, sheeple, open your eyes. why are all the stars using illuminati signs in their vids? its nothing to do with art, thats a fact. cant believe there are so many blind people out there. i feel like im surrounded by a nation of zombies. instead of deniying the evidence, pick up a book and do a little research on illuminati /masons. then say its a load of crap

  174. i believe the song actually is not about the pursue of money and fame that come from being in hollywood etc. For once, this song is about the music. I agree about the analysis about the video.. video aside.. and listen to the music.. when i listen to it, finally i think to myself.. something positive in the lyrics.. i visual this song being played and people are grooving to the music under the sun and having a good time…

    yes.. it's no doubt that the music industry is (mostly?) run by the evil ones who have satanic intentions of wiping out God and encourage satanism etc. The director of the music video may be the person who has been in the industry for a long time or whatever time span and has known people from there. So the director take notes from his/her bosses and put it in the music videos of these artistes who may be oblivious to these situation or know a little bit about the real intentions of what message the video is trying to depict to the audience.

    I guess whatever their intentions are… we can't always be frightened by their every move.. it's actually how we take their moves and reject what is bad and take what is good.. for example.. this song has a good message.. it's not all about glamour and cash.. it's about bringing people together and have a good time.. for the video.. it is disturbing.. but i won't let it affect the song and how i initially view the song..

    these illluminashits and etc have exist for a period of time.. besides this music videos.. they have invaded numerous songs from other artistes… they control the industry.. it's prone their signs will appear in those music videos..

    just remember what you have learn in your religion, your experiences, your knowledge and apply them in your lives.. reject what's bad.. and don't stop having faith in God and all good things.. don't make yourself believe that these illuminashits and their associates bring you down.. stand up and challenge them on!!! ALRIGHT!!! 😀

  175. J.B. southend on sea on

    in the UK does not have a better. singer end and the USA also possible I never such a voice as Jessie J

  176. you should watch her new video "nobodys perfect". shes connected to electric wires and stuff… smh.

  177. When I watched this video I honestly thought that she was mocking the Illuminati and the artists under them because the video was so blatantly obvious…

  178. its a shame. because this is one song that is really really catchy. too bad. illuminati again.. maybe try listenin' to soul musics like james morrison or jason mraz.. dont think their under illuminati or are they..???

  179. I'm divided on this one. I was really liking this girl. The message of the song is good compared to the trash on the airwaves. She sounded so nice in an interview on the radio yesterday. Said she doesn't drink or do drugs. Positive things that you would want a young person to want to be like. But then I saw this video. I want to think that she is just mimicing other arists to make fun of them when she is being a puppet etc. But she does the eye things and the 666 hand gesture twice and three times if you count the love heart. And BOB sung the watchers so it seemed almost like they were teaming up against the illuminati.

  180. Looks like the Nikki Minaj of England without all the booty…lmao…the one leg theme had me thinking about that recent "alien" photo of the supposed alien in Russia that is also missing a leg…smmfh…