The Illuminati Symbolism of Ke$ha’s “Die Young” and How it Ridicules the Indoctrinated Masses


Ke$ha’s “Die Young” is probably one of the most blatant Illuminati videos ever released. While the symbolism is so overt that it is almost ridiculous, there’s an underlying message to the video: Even if you’re dumb enough to embrace all of that Illuminati brainwash, you’re still not part of the elite and therefore, still subject to “Die Young”.

Ke-dollarsign-ha has never been the most inspirational singer around. She started her career as an alcoholic party girl that’s not too strict about personal hygiene (see the Tik Tok line “Before I leave brush ma teeth with a bottle of Jack”) and, for her new album, she turned into some kind of Illuminati witch-type deal. She is far from the only pop star that has gone through this kind of metamorphosis and it was probably pre-planned by her record label. How many singers have gone from an “around-the-way” girl to an Illuminati figurehead? That’s what the industry does.

To the untrained eye this kind of transformation is usually somewhat subtle … Ke$ha’s Die Young is anything but. In fact, it is one giant clusterfreak of Illuminati symbols. It is so obvious and in-your-face that it forced mainstream music sources such as to “admit” that the video was all about Illuminati symbols (see their article entitled Ke$ha Shouts-Out Illuminati in ‘Die Young’ Video). Interestingly enough, not too long ago, these same sites were calling sites like Vigilant Citizen “batshit crazy” for even alluding to the existence of these symbols and describing their meaning. Now these sites say “Yeah, there are Illuminati symbols” in a matter-of-fact way. What happened to the batshit crazy part? However, the mainstream sites still only refer to this concept in an extremely superficial way, not giving any insight on their true meaning and the real Agenda behind it all.

Some might rationalize what is happening by saying: “Ke$ha did it for the LOLs and to make fun of the conspiracies”. This is plausible, but this argument is now surfacing every time a video contains Illuminati symbolism. Are all videos now making fun of conspiracies? In reality, Ke$ha didn’t do anything for any LOLs. She did not direct the video. She is just performing what she is told to perform, like most pop stars. The fact of the matter is: Illuminati symbols are becoming more prevalent because that was the plan all along: To gradually make them part of popular culture. The occult elite is revealing itself and the masses are dancing to their tunes.

The real issue at stake is however not the symbols that are flashed on screen, but the underlying messages that are communicated to the viewers. It is about the Agenda – about making specific values and attitudes cool and desirable to young people. It is about promoting the culture of death (i.e. Die Young), about sexualizing everything, about materialism, about a corrupted and debased brand of spirituality and so forth.

As I watch Ke$ha and her gang fondling themselves, I can’t help but wonder: Is the video making fun of the masses that have been brainwashed by the lifestyle promoted by the elite?  Let’s look at the video.

An Orgy … Of Symbols

The video takes place in Mexico, where Ke$ha and a bunch of cult followers arrive at a cabin. We quickly realize that the group arriving literally worships death.

As the car door opens, a Skull and Bones symbols flashes, representing the cult of death emanating from this car.


Skull and Bones is also the name of Yale’s elite secret society, which includes members such as George Bush Sr., George Dubya and John Kerry.


Is “Evil” written  on the side of the car?

The car is, in fact, a hearse – these big black cars used to carry dead people. So, yeah, there’s definitely some death-worshiping going on here.

When the hearse is opens, we see Ke$ha in a black veil, posing as if she was some sort of sexual religious statue. She is then carried on the shoulders of her gang of mimbos, as in cultures where people carry statues of the Virgin Mary on the streets.

While this is happening, a bunch of symbols are flashed on the screen. Vigilant Citizen readers probably instantly recognized them.

Ke$ha wearing an All-Seeing Eye ring while hiding one eye. Just making sure you understand who she is working for.

Inverted crosses (a symbol of the Church of Satan) flash about five thousand times during the video. They’re working very hard to make that Satanic crap trendy.

In another scene, Ke$ha and her gang play at pulling tarot cards (to determine who’s the sacrificial lamb of the night?). Ke$ha pulls the “Devil” card and everybody bursts into laughter. So much fun is to be had with Satanic symbols!

Looking at the way Ke$ha’s gang acts, the only word that comes to mind to describe them is “not too bright”. What is the first thing they do when they enter the cabin they drove so far to reach? They trash it. I realize that trashing things is a cool, rock star thing to do, but even drunk rock stars know to trash a place when they LEAVE, not when arrive and actually NEED a facility.

“This place is too nice. Let’s destroy it and then have sex on broken furniture. Yeah, we’re idiots”.

After mindlessly wrecking the place, there is one thing left to do: Mindlessly dance to a generic pop song. Of course, the dancing quickly turns into an orgy, all of which happens with a bunch of occult symbols all around.

Ke$ha sits a the throne of the “orgy”, under a pentacle. While this symbol is not associated with Satanism, it is used in occult rituals, hinting that there’s a Sex-Magick aspect behind all of this.

While this is happening, Ke$ha does the one-eye sign, a way of saying that this sex and death worshiping cult that is full of suggestible idiots (representing the masses) is sponsored by the Illuminati industry.

…the video is also apparently also sponsored by the new Windows Phone thingie. Do like Ke-dollarsign-ha and buy it now! She then sends a text message to “Animals”, which is the name given to Ke$ha fans. Animals. Almost as flattering as Little Monsters.

Throughout the video, symbols are flashed on screen, mainly triangles that are either upright or reversed. In esoteric symbolism, upright triangles represent the masculine principle while reverse triangles represent the feminine principle. The combination of both represents the union of opposites and, in more “human” terms, sexual intercourse. So, while people are frolicking in the video, symbols convey the concept of Sex Magick on an almost subconscious level.

In case all of the stuff happening on screen is not enough to make you understand young viewers that sex is happening there, shots of wolves doing it might light a bulb above their heads. Also, is that a way to give a “shout-out” to bestiality – one of the “guilty pleasures” of the sick Illuminati elite?

The orgy goes on until cops arrive and start shooting. When this happens, Ke$ha walks decidedly towards the armed cops.

Even if you’re dumb enough to be brainwashed by Illuminati propaganda (to the point of having an Illuminati symbol right on your ass), you are not exempt from police state oppression. You might be doing what the elite wants you to do, but that doesn’t mean you’re part of it.

Just making sure you understand who’s sponsoring this video.

Since the song is called Die Young, we are lead to think that Ke$ha is shot and killed by the police. Die Young is therefore yet another video that depicts police state oppression and violence as normal, even cool. The moral of the story? Even if you have been thoroughly brainwashed by Illuminati propaganda and have lived your life according to the debased culture promoted by mass media, you are still a disposable pawn according to the elite. You might believe you are a “rebel” going against “The Man” but you’re actually playing right in their hands. Far from being “enlightened”, these symbols and this way of life are conceived and manufactured by the elite to dumb-down the masses, in order to make them suggestible and manipulable.

The culture of death that is now prevalent in mass media is extremely present in this song. The phrase “We’re gonna die young” is repeated countless times (in a upbeat matter) as if to drill in teenager’s skulls that human life is not valuable. This is right on par with the elite’s depopulation Agenda.


In Conclusion

Readers of this site might be realizing that the symbolism that has been pointed out for years is becoming increasingly prevalent and obvious in mass media. The process is gradual yet very noticeable and the concept of Revelation of the Hierarchy is in full force in the entertainment business. It has been said that the best way of hiding something is in plain sight. The Illuminati symbolism we see in popular culture is becoming so prevalent that it is BECOMING popular culture. While some might claim that “it’s a trend” or that “Ke$ha is making fun of it”, they don’t see the important reversal is happening here: Trends used to come from the streets to then be picked up and reflected by mass media; Nowadays, trends are CREATED by mass media and forced on the world through repetition and omnipresence.

There is however more at stake here than simply the presence of symbols in music videos. There are tons of videos with the same message and symbolism as Die Young – all promoting the same Agenda. Brainwashed by thousands of hours of music videos, young people become like the cult followers in Ke$ha’s video, pushed to live pointless, self-destructive lives based on the gratification of their lowest impulses. Indulging in one’s animalistic instincts has always been considered to be the opposite of reaching spiritual enlightenment – and that’s exactly what the elite wants. If the masses were to gain enough awareness to avoid the traps and pitfalls set up by the system, the virtual enslavement caused by debt and mass-media mind control would crumble.

The way of life “glamorized” by the elite causes people to be lost, devoid of strong values and suggestible to mass-media propaganda. However, in the end, even if they do exactly what is expected from them, the masses are still perceived by the elite as a brainless cattle that needs to be put in its place by a strong police force. As Ke$ha and her fans mindless yell “we’re gonna die young”, thinking they are cool and edgy, they actually unknowingly celebrate their own servitude to a tune created by their rulers. Go Animals!




    • Good read I'm a fan of pop music I know what the industry is about I been reading these articles since 09 The phrase comes to mind pick your poison And I defiantly didjust that I know better but should I care that I do ? I don't listen to the radio for one since nothing can be considerd original on the air waves at this point we are cattle being pushed to our own demise – Ramblings of a conspiracy theorist lost in a sea of the dumb down

    • snaggletoothtruth on

      this surge in satanic illuminate sybolism has troubled me for a while now, to the point that my family, especially my daughter, dont ever watch any music channels or ‘pop’ videos. you should see all her little friends in the playground dancing around and singign to the latest piece of indoctrinating crap in the charts! it makes me so sad. recently, i shit you not, one of my sisters son had a triangle with the all seeing eye tatoo! peace my brothers.

      • Where I live, I see it everywhere. People have it as a tatoo or on their t-shirts or on bus advertisements, just everywhere.
        It is a crazy world

      • My daughter does`t watch pop videos either and she does`t listen to the songs.

        It is scary to see girls repeating the lines and moves.

        It really seems like they`ve been programmed.

      • I have a tattoo of the Eye of Horus on my back. However when I got the tattoo I knew exactly why I wanted to get it. And that was to fight against the illuminati symbolism because the Eye of Horus is a beautiful symbol whether it is "evil" or not. That is why my tattoo has the eye surrounded by the words "see the beauty in everything".

      • Yeah, fucking Walmart is selling fucking shirts with the fucking pyramid-eye symbol. It's pretty hard not to beleive something is going on with this ramp up. It's playing out the same way a marketing campaign for a new product does. Branding without putting it into words. FUCKING SCARY SHIT.

    • Who listens to this talentless trash anyway??She made 1 big hit, that's it…..She must be really desperate to be using that much symbolism! She could also do with a nice long shower.

    • grenouille verte on

      Very interesting statements of the degenerate singer Ke$ha that says clearly that its staff forced her to sing Satanic lyrics. Actually, after the carnage without name of Newtown, criminal Satanism is more to the taste of the day. Thus, multiple passages Die young song radio were gradually decrease up to create a controversy in the USA.

    • In most of her remixed songs, she hides one eye. She even does it in her "We R Who We R" single. And I love how she's singing about dying young when she's not that young anymore.

    • BTW that was no cabin they were in…..looked to me like a church…or the remnants of one; certainly would be complete the satanic theme.

    • It's a sick joke to all those blind people out there (the people who have no idea who the illuminati are) but to her and all the people behind the scenes, it's dead serious. And to us who know what's going on… It's also dead serious.

    • i think its serious, because i know some of those symbols, its weird how they show up more than once in ours lives

    • With all those symbols… more than creepy is kinda boring. When i see this kind of videos i always ask myself the same thing: Do these "artists" know what they're doing? Do they possibly know the meaning of all the things that their videos are showing?

      • nothingnewunderthesu on

        There is absolutely NO WAY they do not know what they are doing! It has become very apparent that music has changed completely. These people know they have no talent so they do what they are told to do to make more money. They are riding the money waves of a new generation that have very loose morals, no respect for themselves or elders and have replaced "Carpe Diem" with "YOLO" (sorry…I'm sick of hearing that now LOL).

        Remember what Lucifer was in heaven? Maestro of music! Nothing has changed…

      • Yes, of course they know (in a limited manner though, these are the sharpest of folks – others write their music, others write their lyrics… they sing to an autotuner.)

        There's a reason they trashed the place they travelled so far to reach:

        It is symbolism for the Illuminati/CityofLondon/MasonicZionists —- 
        they 'traveled' so far thru time to finally get to point, many centuries later, where they have control of the planet.  So what do they do when they have control of the planet?  Trash it, of course.  Then defile it.  We see it today with depeated uranium, BP and FukuShima, for instance.

        As to the 'Die Young' theme sadly Keisha and the other fools don't comprehend that they have no more pull with the Illuminati than I – she'll be a washed up hag pleading her case.  And she'll lose. 

      • do you even really understand the symbols? probably not, if youre getting educated from this site, which is clearly biased.

      • Well, a lot of them are actually from Satanic/Occult families, so yes, they know what they’re doing. These people are often selected from Satanic families to begin with.

    • Actually Ke$ha has written 95% of her own songs and writes for other artists too ie. Britney, k-pop groups….albeit the topic is always quite symbolic, 'RunDevilRun' and 'Till The World Ends' aren't exactly angelic. Shame that Ke$ha went down this path….very few haven't yet.

      • Very few haven't yet? Wake up sweetheart, to gain fame you must submit. There is no way around it. Most artists and celebrities are witches and wizards point blank and must worship the devil whether consciously or subconsciously. Don't be fooled or blinded.

      • being a witch doesnt make you a devil worshiper sweetheart. thats buying into the church's propaganda/fear mongering lies

      • This is true.  She is at the very least more aware than the majority of pop puppets, as she has written very dumb/basic but intentionally destructive and effective lyrics for her and other artists.  

    • Ke$ha doesn't have to have talent. She is a puppet to get a message across and as a result has a uninformed fan base. That is all it takes.

    • You're a slave on

      You like her simple as that?

      Wow you disgusting slave go rot in the dungeon of hell you fucking bitch, wake up fucking loser.

      • Insulting someone is NOT the way to wake someone up, rather push them farther from the truth. Who wants to be awake when it means being an asshole too?

        Nana, do you know why you like Kesha? Her songs mainly promote drinking, partying, and drug use. That isn’t something positive that you can look up to. She’s drawing you in to debase yourself, to become an ‘animal’ instead of the reasoning, thinking human being that you are. Think for yourself.

      • I must admit I like Ke$ha quite a bit, her songs are humorous and the hooks are always extremely catchy. It does remind me of being 21 and getting drug and college parties with my friends, which I think is OK to do for a little bit when you're young

      • I agree, but she isn't a party girl anymore. She's a pawn. I don't think she's aware of what she's doing. Monarch Programming is some serious stuff.

      • what an enlightened answer…who are you working for? light or dark? because you are only spreading hate.

      •  Hey, you're a slave, you're a slave to that bitter and sarcastic spirit you seem to unload on people.  Bigger and better opinions to be so insulting about towards people other than Ke$ha.

    • holyspiritpowerlove on

      every one has a right to choose. god gives us that right. i want to live in heavenly peace. i dont want to be tormeted in agony for eternity hurting and hurting others, doin animals and creepy gross crap looking like ghouls and stuff. may your heart find happiness love peace if you seek it

  1. In the lyrics, she also references "magic". Incase you didn't catch that this whole video has satanic magic crap through the whole thing. Thoroughly disgusted, and praying for our youth.

    • She might have become a satanist herself. If they offered her wealth and fame, she might have signed a deal with the right people. She lacks the talent to sing, obviously there is no way to enhance her singing ability even with auto-tune. I found her song tik tok quite catchy as it was played often on the radio, however I'm not into her other songs and it's irrelevant to her video clips which I don't come across anyway. If it wasn't for this site and probably another one, I'd be clueless.

    • That is blaphemous to the highest mark. That also equates to your comment earlier to witches are not devil worshipers.  They very fact that you are preforming rituals and susperstitious actions to produce a desired reaction by other means than seaking the Father disproves your statement. The Bibile. It says so many things contrayry to what you believe and post on here. Dont want to believe it? Fine. Completely ignore the multitude of prophecies regarding recent events on this earth; you cant. Only fools believe there is no God. And a fool is exactly what the enemy and the Illuminati want you to be. How does the Bible not make sence? Your on this site to be Vigilant to the world elite and their evil plans. Doesnt the existance of such an organized and sadistic evil galvanise the fact we have a Creator? They are fighting against something a lot more powerful than our simple "human race". If that was true, it wouldn't have taken so long. This war is spriritual as well; and that my friend, is the bigger picture.

    • people seem to think the word magic so negatively, magic is just another word for a type of art. whether it being painting, music, sculpting or whatever. Magic=art.

      • This is ridiculous. Magic has never been defined that way in the past, why do people come up with these new and false definitions? I think the Illuminati are working hard to change our language, so that we have no words to describe what we see. Political correctness for example is mainly a censorship of words.

        According to Wikipedia "Magic is the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation, ceremony, ritual, the casting of spells or various other techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature." According to the bible examples for the practicing of magic include witchcraft, astrology, clairvoyance, seances, praying to idols, human and animal sacrifice to idols.

    • Shiftaltnumlock on

      Terence, I believe so. I think that is why the symbols are so powerful. When you know what they mean and are aware of them, they are powerless. Videos like these are aimed at the portion of the populace who are still asleep. The symbols program you at an unconsious level, but are powerless if you are on the look out for such things. This is just my opinion, as I am just another soul trying to discover the full real truth.

    • If you watch it enough (even without knowing what it means) you begin to become familiar and comfortable with the images. Afterwards comes respect for the images if not told what they really mean.

      • Lakewolf Whitecrow on

        To Terence:

        The answer is yes. You've never read Jung, have you?

        These messages bypass the conscious mind, going directly into the subconscious…
        …which, having no filters, accepts all that it receives as truth.

        Do some psych research. It'll blow your mind (no pun intended.)

      • Uh, they can't bypass anything without context.
        You can't show someone a symbol they've never seen before and pretend that they've become indoctrinated with the notions YOU hold about it. For example, you could show a buddhist a swastika and they wouldn't associate it with genocide. Your comment makes no sense whatsoever.
        I shouldn't be surprised though. This website is a total crock, and anyone who believes the author is a few crayons short of a box.

      • The symbols can bypass the conscious mind if you're watching videos like this repeatedly.
        There is a context in it. It says: Be like this, it's cool. Don't think too much. You don't have to know anything about the symbol. On the contrary, this is how it works.

      • Idiot Busters on

        And yet here you are – obviously reading the material and even taking the time to comment on it. I see this all the time but I never understand it. Why do people come to sites they obviously don't like and not only watch the videos and read the articles but also take time out to bash the place and/or ridicule the regulars?

        If you don't like what's being posted on a particular web site or you don't agree with its content why do you bother visiting it? Only a complete moron would continue to go to a restaurant that served food they didn't like. Only a babbling idiot would go to a concert by a band they hate yet people do it all the time on the Internet. If you don't like a certain page, just stay away from it. Otherwise, you're just showing the entire world what a moron you are by continuing to visit a place you obviously can't stand!

  2. Honestly VC there was no need to write an article about this illuminati droid. The symbolism is just so blatant it doesn't warrant all this effort, or any at all. You should've called this article "Enough Said" and just posted the screenshots.

  3. I've read most all of VC articles and this on this one, seems like VC certainly gave a piece of his mind. "retards" and "idiots" LOL Kudos to VC

  4. Did anyone notice the flicker rate of the video? and the flashing to other scenes? I am wondering if there is anything in those flashes that we can not consciously see (Subliminal?).

    • I think so, definitely. Their technology is like 30 years ahead so I think they've learned a lot about human brain and this information is not available to the public. Because of that I don't even watch pop videos anymore, just look at VC's screenshots.

    • so right we're fubar! but is this another form of control giving us a forum to voice concerns and "they/them" a monitoring device to manage the problem. great thought non the less!

  5. I knew this article was coming and I imangined VC was going to post it without any words. Or maybe just a "Wow" or "Look". It is so obvious what is being shown here, it does not need an explination. I'm glad he did write his usual on target points but it so obvious that this is just more evil BS brought to you by the elite designed to further indoctrinate the clueless. The redundancy of such trash urges me to vomit.

    • Keep in mind, there are others who don't yet know.

      Images with no description before you knew what you now know would be meaningless.

      Do not treat the ignorant masses as something lesser. Instead make an effort to teach and continue teaching, even when met with opposition.

      They can be swayed to think like the elite, then they can be recruited back again.

      Never give up.

      • Here here, is this the future I've to arm my kids for? without sites like VC how do we know we're not isolated? I'm a parent so my daily job is to teach my kids to be adults and we must teach the or at least warn the ignorant!

    • That link is super interesting. I wonder though, instead of having sex with an actual ghost, could it be a programming tool? Maybe the "hypnotized" state she described was her being programmed into thinking she had sex with a ghost. I dunno for what reason, but it's possible. Then the whole Incubus, Succubus thing comes to mind. smh… These people are just…there are no words.

      •  incubus and succubus are REAL as crazy and outlandish as it seems….i know of a deliverance minister who deals w/ people who have these "problems". these demons are jealous and kick spouses out of bed and they also make love better than a human in order to hook the person so they think they dont need a human being anymore….dont mess w/ demons people

    • At this link, the last video clip on the page has an interview with her. She is asked why her songs are so catchy, and she replies that she has tricks up her sleeve and that there is some voodoo involved.

      •  Catchy? The only catchy song of her was the one she brushes her teeth with whiskey -at least it was amusing. The rest of them are so rubbish. She does voodoo, of course how else she'd manage to sell her records.

      • Her music used to be good I have her album i don't even think it had any occult references or secret symbolic messages it was just a normal album. Im rather shocked to see her producing music like this let alone the blatant occult symbols the song is trash it doesn't sound good at all. I don't see the brainwashing side to 'die young'

    • The Giants in the Bible were a result of Satan's demons mating with human women. This is real. I think, in the last times, this is supposed to happen again. Maybe not to the same degree, or maybe more. Hard to imagine that isn't it?

  6. How many times are you going to use the words "retard" and "retarded"? I usually like your articles, I find them entertaining, but this article was clearly written while you were angry and just mashing your keyboard, using whatever terrible and offensive words came to mind. Shame on you. You say that using those symbols makes them more appealing to people, so does using words like "retard" to describe an empty celebrity. Piss on you.

  7. It's called a Hearse and should be capitalized.

    What's wrong with not being trendy about personal hygiene? People smell like soap and mint now. Totally unnatural. I'm surprised anyone does have sex these days seeing as the cleaning products probably overpower the pheromones. What she's not too strict about is keeping her legs closed.

    • @Ramicio:

      I think you missed the joke…. I am pretty sure the reference to her personal hygiene was a crack at thew line "I brush my teeth with a bottle of jack" in tik-tok. I could be wrong, but seemed pretty obvious.

      Also why get so persnickety about a simple misspelling? It happens, it's life.

  8. Illuminati symbolism has become a popular theme, being turned into a fad so as to get codes out there for all to see. The main problem is that the message is not at all enjoyable, it can often turn people off. They promote the most nastiest concepts, for what? might be the question to ask. To make it look fun…I find it hard to believe anyone would consider this type of video fun and uplifting. The fact that they can make these types of theme's popular just shows the true state of the human mind and what they are allowing to become popular culture, whether that be vampires or what not. What is it promoting, a cult or a concept, or an idea. Whatever it is, it has no 'hope' within it. There is no essence in it. It might as well be a death of our society and the way we think. Almost like there is no care in what is being shown or seen, whether that be through sex or glorification of sadistic concepts. Who cares 'what you do', just have fun doing it anyway.

    If this is a cult that is producing these sort of theme's for the masses to induce, it is far from appealing. To what ends is the question. I cannot imagine they are getting much out of this, except perhaps the satisfaction in demoralizing people. Turning them towards acts of evil is the obvious concept. Then what? If they achieve the ability to have so much influence over people and their interests, what will turning them 'bad' achieve. It will only add to the breakdown of society itself. Turning us into 'animals' with only base instincts. They will say, just have fun, don't take things so serious. Well some people do find life serious and a gift. Most don't want to die young.

    • MediaRotsYourBrain on

      I'm sure the victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre certainly didn't want to "Die Young" Coincidentally, this video was released exactly TWO WEEKS before the Sandy Hook Massacre. After all the articles exposing the MK-Ultra Mind Control symptoms and signs, the links to two of the most recent Batman movies, and how triggers of MK-slaves work….it's not out of the ordinary to assume that Kesha's song and the people behind the production of it are responsible in some way for the Sandy Hook massacre. Kesha unlike some of the others who maybe had no choice in being part of the sick industry that is today's music, she knows exactly what she's doing and will be held accountable for her influence.

      I cringe at the fact that parents allow their impressionable, easily influenced young girls to be exposed to this trash. It did say that in the end times "Righteousness will become evil and evil shall become good (acceptable). After seeing this garbage surface as mainstream and acceptable along with Gaga and Rhianna and the other Illuminati puppets, the financial crisis, man waging countless wars against themselves, and decline of Christian principles or respect for such beliefs…..I can now say that there is little evidence to disprove the prophesies of the Bible. It is so sad that so many willfully turn a deaf ear and cover a blind eye to what is going on around them. People would rather "Dance until they die" than stand up for what they know is wrong….so sad

    • The Illuminate is much more than demoralizing behavior. They rule the country's monetary system, and they brainwash people into being human robotics. They just have to tell one what to do and they will do it without reguard to pain factors, death, or soul-damnation. Why? Because there are wiser people in this world who will not succumb to mind control and will not do what they are told. (I.e. take this gun and kill as many kids as you can at this school at this certain time…) Why do these things? SEVERAL leaders in this country, as well as other countries have come together and have decided that only the rich and productive get to live. (i.e. Obamacare and the doctors who have to obey it) It is VERY important to know what is going on, and to know which side your on and to be on guard. If you haven't asked Jesus to save your soul, you will most likely be up the preverbial "creek without a paddle".

  9. Seems to me the underlying message is that part of participating in the agenda means getting killed by the police state. That it's cool and rebellious to be a sheep. Cognative dissonance….lol. Like " Oh look how bad we are! We're sooooo naughty and The Man can't stand it!" As if The Man isn't who is selling this crap to you.

  10. Can their be an article exposing that Alex Jones guy from Youtube? Also Tila Tequila is one of the latest celebrities to out the illuminati publicly and on YouTube she has a channel dedicated to it. Please these 2 are MUST DO ARTICLES! I will admit these people have got me down, i'm almost at the point of why tell anyone anymore because they never believe me no matter how blatant they get :( but then I realize its was God would want me to do, so I keep telling everyone

    • are you talking about the alex jones from texas with a radio show? there is no problem with him in my opinion. he'd probably agree with VC's article.

    • I would think Alex Jones and VC would be very happy sharing a bunker with their families together.

      Jones latest Video on YouTube discussing the George Bush Memorial in Houston Texas is a work of impassioned genius against the Globilists and NWO.

      I know the dark forces hound him everywhere on YouTube.

    • Keep doing no matter what. A lot of people didn't believe Jesus and his apostles. A lot of people didn't believe Noah. But they were right. Keep on making the truth know. If people don't believe you then you know where they stand. God will bless you please keep it up. :)

  11. Why should we assume that the police who raid the cult orgy at the end of the video are meant to be seen as Illuminati killing their own kind just for the hell of it? A more readily-available interpretation is that they're against the cult orgy because the cult orgy is anti-establishment and the police are posited as the establishment who is opposed to cult orgies…

    • the first thing about the police busting up the party is that it doesn't really make any sense because it's a really stupid video. it's not very well thought out because they were bent on including all the major illuminati elements rather than making a good, coherent video. the main point is that it's a big time element of music videos now days. the young people just want to have fun, the police just want to bust it up. but they are really just conditioning you to get used to full swat teams abusing your rights. because really, i didn't watch the video, but the police don't break up sex orgies with consenting adults on private property. but hey, maybe they had a noise complaint. that would be worth sending in the swat team. (sarcasm)

  12. Great post! I'm gettin so tired that all this is getting normal! I tried to buy some clothes for my kids yesterday… Allmost all of them are with skulls or other illuminati symbols on it, really unbelievable that this is acceptable in society so easy! Dress your daughter as a kitty, a little whore…. "Ooooh so cute", Dumbing down society is probaly easyer than stayng sane! Cannyou do an article about Christmas, as it is really not about Christ at al " any more " 😉

    Really love your site and wish more people would read it and understand!

    Greetz from Holland

  13. Ok, and what exactly can anyone do about it? Illuminati is already ruling the planet, so all you can do now is be aware of it. Cool… we're screwed up already.

    • please don't get so negative. you have influence over a sphere of people. yourself, your family and friends, your co workers and classmates. the people who read your comments online. the people who see you on the street who don't know you but notice you have pride in yourself and wonder what makes you different. you see, you can make a difference by standing for something and living your life in a great way.

    • sorry, had a second thought. i don't buy that "everyone" is like this. i think most people are like me, or us. i think most people are decent and don't really want to be exposed to keisha and other garbage like that. but i think that the media portrays these things as way more popular than they are, because that's their job (they're bad guys). it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, because like VC said in the conclusion, they are setting the trends now. but it's a big show. if you pull back the curtain, there's probably five guys running the show. in otherwords, it's not that popular, it's all hype. did that make sense?

      • It does make sense, but it's kind of overwhelming don't you think? People doing evil stuff backstage while we watch everything.

  14. Breath-taking article as usual! Even if I am disgusted, what is happening around us, I still hope that some people (many many many people) have a change not to be part of this crap. (I am sorry for my language, but I feel somehow, that the word CRAP explains EVERYTHING about Illuminati)

    And I would love to thank to admin for all useful and iluminating articles or pictures. Especially, how is every little thing explained, even for people who dont know, what is going on:)

  15. Morta: If you wanna be screwed up, then be. If you will think that way, you just hurt yourself. Stay positive, open-minded but vigilant! 😉

  16. I think it is also worth noting that one of the tracks off her new album "Supernatural" are based on a sexual encounter she has with an unknown entity…. That definitely explains her absolute blatancy of death and illuminati symbols in this video…

  17. Wow, this is terrible. As if the lyrics aren't bad enough – "Die young" repeated a million times. I am also now bummed, because I have the Windows phone 7 & was planning to upgrade soon :/ Is there any smartphone out there that doesn't have ties to illuminati scum?

    • The only people that listen to this trash, are trash. Serves the slaves right. I will say this, if I had to choose which side to be on (stupid women like Lady Vigilant up there, or the Illuminati) it would not be on the side of the stupid women.

      Truthfully, I am glad there is a higher power pushing all the stupid people to end their lives early…they are useless eaters and don't deserve to the lives their ancestors died for.

      I guess we are finally seeing what smart men predicted when we gave women "rights"…

    • Cameron, at least he gave his opinion on the matter. What have you done besides call names?

      Real productive conversation there, douchebag!

    • I know many people who practically never heard a Kesha's song and are hower following a path that fits perfectly to the agenda the elite has for them.
      On the other hand, there certainly are plenty of people who don't particulary hate her songs but are utterly aware of the message she's delivering.

      Even if you're into that crap, it is never to late to awaken so don't judge people too quickly.

    • Sad and disappointing.I’m a fan and I didn’t expect this from her at all.Guess she also needs a bucket of holy water.

      • @Lady Vigilant:

        Just curious, did you watch her other videos? I assume you have since you are a fan… Cause they are loaded with TONS of symbolism as well. Not to mention she's always glorified stupidity and the basest forms of human functions. Which I suppose some find amusing, but it just boggles my mind how people can claim to be vigilant and not have noticed her overt symbolism in the past…

      • What is there to be a fan of?? I would never own up to being a fan of hers, even if she weren't an Illuminati Puppet. Glad you've joined the vigilant side… but you might need to broaden your musical horizons a bit if you were ever a fan of her music.

      • 1. You're a slave is a jerk.

        2. I agree with Jujube. She's a mess and has been since Tik Tok. I wasn't a VC back then BUT I KNEw there was something wrong with brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack.

        3. However, I understand liking her music. I like her music. I like You're Love is My Drug, Blow and the shooting of the unicorns, especially Take It Off. But she's always looked dirty and I've never been into her personally. Plus I've been a VC since 2010! When this song came out, I knew how wrong it was. Ppl were saying where's Ke$ha been, I was like "Here she is! Making a muck of herself again!" I liked the beat. I've danced to the song a couple times, Knowing how wrong it is. Not a fan by any means, but you don't have to bag on Lady Vigilant Just because she likes mindless music. I like Lady Gaga's crap, I mean, music too! Alejandro is the reason I even CAme to this site those years ago. Does that make me a "loser" too?

        Can we focus on the point please? Lady Vigilant now has a full understanding of how in the wrong Ke$ha is. We're here to be educated and spread what we've learned to everyone else. That's it. Start being jerks to each other and the mission gets lost. People get hurt and evil grows in those hearts. Focus. We're a family of people in the know. It's time to act like it.

  18. I've even noticed that as music becomes increasingly "self made", young underground artists who have full knowledge of the agenda and of what the symbolism represents are willing to use them in their lyrics and imagery with hopes that

    • Any examples?

      I have about 16 days worth of "homemade underground music" on my ipod and I've not yet noticed that trend.

      Are you referring to electronic music or another genre?

      On an unrelated side note…who watches videos anymore? Where do they find them???

      Are they watching MTV between 5 & 5:30pm?

      • YouTube 😉 search for "vevo" on youtube and

        BTW, they have put there the behind the scenes about this video. She says that she wanted to represent a cult, yes. She also says the place the trash is a church. So, they trash the church and make a orgy inside in front of a pentagram. And yes. The car has "evil" written. Go and watch.

  19. The symbol of the pentacle inside a circle in Italy was the symbol of the"Red Brigades", in italian "Brigate Rosse" whose members wanted abolition of religion and communism; the extreme leftists have always supported ethnical cultures, spiritism and shamanism, sexual promiscuity and abortion (obviously), and the use of Cannabis and other drugs "to open the doors…etc" while detesting Christianity saying it was "racist" and brought to the Holocaust. Now that the doors are open what do we do? The right wing parties are following the lefty trend, they're also pro-abortion and now promote the gay-marriage as if it were normal, betraying the voters, who gave for granted they were against it.

    • "The symbol of the pentacle inside a circle in Italy was the symbol of the"Red Brigades", in italian "Brigate Rosse" whose members wanted abolition of religion and communism."

      False. They were formed in 1970, the organisation sought to create a "revolutionary" state through armed struggle, and to remove Italy from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It sought to overthrow the democratic Italian state and replace it with a dictatorship of the proletariat. Its primary targets were symbols of capitalism and the Italian state.

      "the extreme leftists have always supported ethnical cultures, spiritism and shamanism, sexual promiscuity and abortion (obviously), and the use of Cannabis and other drugs "to open the doors…etc" while detesting Christianity saying it was "racist" and brought to the Holocaust."

      Not to be a Grammar Nazi but… *Ethnic, *Spiritualism. Moving on, what is wrong with this? Supporting ethnic cultures isn't evil you dolt, because guess what and I know this is going to shock you… THERE ARE OTHER CULTURES ON THIS PLANET BESIDES WHITE CHRISTIANITY! Oh, goddess I just blew your mind didn't I? You see this is why our children NEED to learn about other cultures so they don't grow up to a bigot such as yourself.

      Furthermore, spiritualism and shamanism are essentially the same thing, they fall under that category of spirituality, most of this includes connecting with nature and the elements and utilizing the energies therein, typically for healing and blessing purposes. Hardly any evils in those, but of course ANYTHING that's not of the Christian faith is evil to you people.

      What do YOU consider sexual promiscuity? Do you know people have been having sex with multiple partners since the dawning of man? Your bible said, "Be fruitful" or whatever, this is probably aimed at the men, men on average have more sexual partners than women. Besides that, why do YOU care what goes on in people's bedrooms? Let me put it to you as clearly as possible… It's none of your business. :)

      Abortion, really? Why does it always go back to this? Abortion isn't some newly invented program catering to the needs of "evol satanic wiccany jezebel illuminatizzz spirit demonzz" it's been around for THOUSANDS of years, don't believe me? Look it up! A lot of it was with the use of herbs and menstrual extraction. However, like I said in my previous statement, if a woman get's an abortion, no matter her reasoning… It's none of your damn business. Ever. At all. Period.

      "the use of Cannabis and other drugs "to open the doors…etc" Cannabis has been PROVEN to have wonderful health benefits and has been utilized by several cultures all over the globe, in any case, yes it can be used to aide in one's spiritual journey, how is this a bad thing again?

      "while detesting Christianity saying it was "racist" and brought to the Holocaust"

      People detest Christian because of people like YOU ie; BIGOTS, let me say it again… BIGOT. Oh and look a paranoid conspiracy theorist Holocaust denier, why am I not surprised? Stop hating the Jews and every single person who doesn't follow God's law and perhaps your reputation will improve.

      "Now that the doors are open what do we do? The right wing parties are following the lefty trend, they're also pro-abortion and now promote the gay-marriage as if it were normal, betraying the voters, who gave for granted they were against it."

      Pro-choice, toots, it's called pro-choice, a select small amount of pro-choicers are actually pro-abortion, facts sweetie, facts. OH NO TWO PEOPLE WHO LOVE EACH OTHER WANT TO HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS STRAIGHT COUPLES WHATEVER SHALL WE DO!? Oh, yeah -ahem- MIND YOUR F**KING BUSINESS! It IS normal, they've proven it to BE normal, it's also found in countless species who practice homosexuality, along with abortion, where animals can delay or even self abort..

      And trust me, the GOP isn't on board, you have a tiny amount of members who are, the rest are just blind, ignorant, hateful bible thumpers who want to keep women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen while instilling a theocratic police state just like you! :)

      Your post made me angry, but I laughed too, you're very sad individual like most of the VC posters here.

  20. No no no no no, this is so blatantly nasty it makes me wanna puke. How has humanity stooped to such a low. Makes me wanna go hide somewhere, I just hate what the world has become. Almighty God save us!

    • Don't wait for anyone to save you, nor God or whatever. If we are expecting to be saved, then we should go to the Elite, they are willing to ''save'' people.

      • How they are willing to save people? By murdering infants and toddlers? Or by f**king everything that moves? Money and everything in excess corrupts. The concept from the very beginning it is fundamentally wrong, esp. for humans who are extremely vulnerable and weak. We need leaders but good ones who can enhance our good qualities instead of corrupting us while they are leading us to abyss. We have no more than one chance in life. We live only once, thus we can't turn back the clock and amend what's done after we're gone.

      • @Isra85 for your information as far as I am concerned these satanists have poisoned this world with all their evil and only divine intervention can save us from these mad people. Speak for yourself when you say that none can save YOU cause you’re probably right! Everything that is happening today has already been foretold by the Almighty, my God and yours and we all know how the story ends. It’s unfortunate that people like you have hardened your heart to the truth in spite of all the evidence around you.

    • I get and understand the big deal about artists and the symbols, but look. Lets not pretend out nation wasn't built upon invading and murdering millions of people to build what we have today. Karma is a bitch and history is repeating itself. I do not support acts of crulty however we need to wake up and see the real ugly. Racism still survives in religion and mass culture. It's America. We built this. Did people just forget that salvors happened? I guess we did since it doesn't concern our own current families and it doesn't take the football game away on Sundays.

  21. "where Ke$ha and a bunch of whores"

    the word “retarded” being mentioned a dozen times.

    vigilant you just blatantly did something called 'slut shaming' and it's not cool. using the word 'retard' isn't cool either. i used to look up to you as the only person who reported the truth AND didn't resort to being some bigot but your true colours are finally starting to show a little.

  22. To me, like all these other videos etc… is plain "entrapment" …..the mind bending senarios to pull those too weak to know better (want to be one of the crowed or I am nothing)… is fuled not only with the visual and sublime crap they watch, but also the vile rubbish they fill their bodies with (again promoted by the PTB)

  23. Ke$ha reported to almost every mainstream media source that her second album “Warrior” was written after she embarked on a spiritual journey, so you’re very right in noticing that “Die Young” seeks to pervert the nature of spiritual enlightenment. One would think, after nursing baby animals back to health, the singer would be inspired to write uplifting songs; instead, she subjugates herself to tantric sex orgies. What better message to send to the little girls and gay boys that follow her. It’s a big, glaring billboard that says, “Spirituality is flagrant, meaningless sex”.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ke$ha was obediently aware of the entire conspiracy, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she was a BETA subject either. Fatherless and virtually penniless, she randomly became a pop star overnight? Yeah right. Her mother (Pebe Sebert) has been a songwriter in the industry since the 60s, and she wrote a huge majority of Ke$ha’s first album, including ALL of her top-ten hits. Her own mother probably sold her into the BETA program for a tiny slice of fame, for some sort of political immunity, or piles of gold — whatever she wanted. It’s really sad.

    Ke$ha second album is called “Warrior”. That, in itself, is telling of the anti-spiritual agenda of the elite. On her single cover for “Die Young”, she clearly depicts Kali, the destroyer — a Warrior goddess. The entire album’s purpose is to deem the nurturing (divine) feminine and replace it with the image of a destructive, selfish slut. Passivity and peace are what will repair the terribleness of the world, and they’re attacking it from this avenue, using this puppet. Her first album and EP, “Animal” and “Cannibal”, not only demonize Native American culture, but lower people’s consciousness to that of “mere animals”. They want people to falsely believe that they are only biological sensation bags and there is nothing deeper than luxuries of the flesh. “Warrior” repeats that, but adds this other element to help destroy and suppress, as much as possible, the feminine. The fact that they’re putting so much energy and time and money (millions of dollars!) into producing and manufacturing these pop songs and idols proves that they’re desperate to make us believe something that is outside of our natural process of consciousness. Why else would they expend these resources? If they were so secure in their power, why would they waste time on creating Lanas and Gagas and Ke$has? They’re afraid of us and our power. They want to strip us of our god-hood and our innate (keyword!) beauty.

    • non-so-watcher on

      I was agreeing every point in your statement until read:

      "They’re afraid of us and our power.

      They want to strip us of our god-hood

      and our innate (keyword!) beauty."

      Obviously you lost the plot too, with all that new age pile of poop.

      Do you realize it's part of the conspiracy?

      •  I expected reactions like this. I strongly believe that most religious movements are aligned with the NWO, especially Christianity. I think a lot of spiritual truths are pinned as "New Age"-y by the elite to discredit them.

      • the main focus of Satanism and Luciferian doctrine is that we are and must become our own gods (read any books or interviews, or even youtube some interviews with Anton LeVey.) he was proud in the late 1960s to admit the current state of pop music is what the Satanic church was striving for. it's not new-agey; it's blatant,basic satanism.

        here's a direct quote from the Church of Satan's website for you, "Founded on April 30, 1966 c.e. by Anton Szandor LaVey, we are the first … We Satanists are thus our own “Gods,” and as beneficent “deities” we can offer love…"anyone who believes as such has already drank the water and bought into the lie that was meant for the masses.

      • It seems you've misinterpreted the quote and deliberately left out crucial parts of it that colored its meaning. The website clearly says: "we are the first above-ground
        organization in history openly dedicated to the acceptance of Man’s true nature—that
        of a carnal beast, living in a cosmos that is indifferent to our existence. To us, Satan is the symbol that best suits the nature of we who are carnal by birth—people
        who feel no battles raging between our thoughts and feelings, we who do
        not embrace the concept of a soul imprisoned in a body." And that is not a dogma I resonate with whatsoever, nor do I feel that the quote you provided contradicts what I've said, since you excluded the part where it says that Satanists, in place of worshiping a god, take it upon themselves to love or hate anyone they want. That's not what I'm saying at all. Source:

    • Enlightenment is the death of ego.
      Perverting the nature of spiritual enlightenment is exactly what the freemasons and the "elite" does, worship themselves as gods, instead of letting god be them.

    • Misericordialuz on

      HIGHER ANIMALS POSSESS CONSCIOUSNESS, YOU IGNORANT INDIVIDUAL. They are not simply 'biological sensation bags'. 



    • "They're afraid of us and our power. They want to strip us of our god-hood and our innate (keyword!) beauty."

      because of sentences like that one, i always read all the comments too hehe.

      your post is really interesting, esp. your conclusion. it brings me to the other big old questions i (we) always had:
      who are we? who made us? why are we here?

      that god-hood thing is fascinating. the illuminati say the same about humanity. that we can become "gods" ourselves. but satan is ruling this world & tries to dumb us down & away from that truth. i read it on the "official" illu-site at i stopped visiting the site after reading their statements about 911… they lost me there! because they back the "official" fairy tale. i was disappointed. that is MY personal reason why i dont trust the "illuminati"!

      back to topic:
      if "they" are afraid of our power, my questions are:
      what are we capable of? & dont "they" have that power too, then?

      earth indeed is a spiritual battlefield. are we only pawns in that game? or the 1st price? who is playing?

      to sum it all up:

      •  Honestly? I think they use the neutral tools and spiritual truths to a malicious end, or they use them in a malicious way. Tantric rituals, for instance, are not inherently bad. Sex energy is very powerful, and it can be used to benefit or to harm. They know the truths of this realm, and they want us to see them as normal, but to fear using them. They want the power for themselves, and they want us to mistrust ourselves, so they we can't help each other or ourselves. Mostly, it's all about control. They'll do whatever it takes to prevent us from "waking up" to the game and how its played. And if we do get hints of insight, they want to catch us and confuse us there too, on every level.

      • Shiftaltnumlock on

        They are afraid of us becomming aware of who and what they are. Of how they have manipulated us thus far. There are only a hand full of them compared to the mases. They are afraid that if one of us stands up to them, all of us might stand up to them.

      • Watcher says:

        November 20, 2012 at 4:20 am

        Honestly? I think they use the neutral tools and spiritual truths to a malicious end, or they use them in a malicious way. Tantric rituals, for instance, are not inherently bad. Sex energy is very powerful, and it can be used to benefit or to harm.

        >>>> They use sex to please demonic entities and empowered by them. That's how they get their powers. By corrupting and destroying the spirituality of little children. What did Christ say? Heavens belong to the children. By destroying their spirituality, they get more energy and power by the wicked spirits. That's why when they use the blood of an innocent soul such as the one of a child get stronger with the assistance of the evil spirits. They have to do everything against God's will because their master rebelled and lost but in their minds won. Go figure how unintelligent in reality they are. All their power come from demons, they are nothing without being the minions of demons and all the power a believer has gets it from God and the Holy Spirit. Power corrupts the weak souls, so it's better to have enough power to protect yourself from the evil.

    • HPNeshemaAkuji on

      Part 1:

      Kali is the Ancient Hindu Goddess. She is associated with empowerment, Shakti.__The name Kali comes from kala, which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva. Since Shiva is called Kala—the eternal time—Kali, his consort, also means "Time" or "Death" (as in time has come). Hence, Kali is the Goddess of Time and Change. Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of annihilation of evil forces still has some influence. Various Shakta Hindu cosmologies, as well as Shakta Tantric beliefs, worship her as the ultimate reality or Brahman. She is also revered as Bhavatarini (literally "redeemer of the universe"). Comparatively recent devotional movements largely conceive Kali as a benevolent mother goddess. Kali is represented as the consort of Lord Shiva, on whose body she is often seen standing. Shiva lies in the path of Kali, whose foot on Shiva subdues her anger. She is the fierce aspect of the goddess Durga (Parvati).

    • HPNeshemaAkuji on

      Part 2:

      Kali comes from the Sanskrit root word Kal which means time. There is nothing that escapes the all-consuming march of time.

      It is partly correct to say Kali is a goddess of death but She brings the death of the ego as the illusory self-centered view of reality. Nowhere in the Hindu stories is She seen killing anything but demons nor is She associated specifically with the process of human dying like the Hindu god Yama (who really is the god of death). It is true that both Kali and Shiva are said to inhabit cremation grounds and devotees often go to these places to meditate. This is not to worship death but rather it is to overcome the I-am-the-body idea by reinforcing the awareness that the body is a temporary condition. Shiva and Kali are said to inhabit these places because it is our attachment to the body that gives rise to the ego. Shiva and Kali grant liberation by removing the illusion of the ego. Thus we are the eternal I AM and not the body. This is underscored by the scene of the cremation grounds.

      Get an education.

    • HPNeshemaAkuji on

      Part 3:

      The nurturing (divine) feminine and replace it with the image of a destructive

      Death, destruction, chaos… these are essential driving forces within nature. Life feeds on life; destruction precedes creation. These are the only true laws, and they are not open to interpretation.

      Since nature-based religions view the concept of deity in a more polytheistic and/or pantheistic way, the separations of creative/destructive forces are not as well defined. The deities take on aspects of nature or human ideals. Instead of one omnipotent being, we have deities of love, war, beauty, the sun, the moon, the sea… Each deity inherently contains both the creative and destructive forces.

      Life begets death and death begets life. Chaos is the fuel of creation. Something must always be destroyed for something to be created.

      I suggest a real education of life and nature. Not this made up, happy, love and light, pure delusion.

  24. I really think they are starting to do all these Illuminati symbols on purpose. It (to me) is kind of like a trend. I think that 'they' know we, us people, are going to spot these symbols out. Just my opinion.

    • I have been following Illuminatis rise since 2007. I was 14 years old when I started reading stuff about them.
      My friends were laughing at me, I had a hard time to see real from unreal, around 2009 I denied eveything I knew or believed to be truth.. But every damm year it seem like it was more obvious, more easy to observe…

      I just wonder what will it take for people to realise that we need to take that seriously, this is not just a video, It's what your kids watch, its the song that my sister and mother sing in the car, it's the lyrics that you hear 20 times a day, that unconsciously change you.

      I just feel like these is so many thing we don't want to be true that we just ignore them.I don't believe world will end soon, im not here to write a prophecy or something, I'm here to ask you to take time to do some research, check around look who wrote what (because lots lots lots lots of illuminatis thread are to promote certain groups of religious or are simply hoax and fake information used to get fame (this also work for every media you know toh…))

      I am not a religion follower who will tell you that jesus will save you from them or that you need to preach for my church.I don't believe in any god that human as created, im not atheist either, I do believe in something, but anyway this is not my point.

      Anyway sorry for my writting. I'm from quebec city and I barely never practice my english writting, I mostly read and watch stuff in english instead of french. Just take time to think about this stuff.. have a good one

  25. All I can say right now for this is that Satan can try as hard as he wants and as he possibly can with all of his custom-tailored vast emptiness. Wouldn't matter, so long as we have the divine assurance that God is absolutely triumphant. All it takes is some dependence to Him.

  26. Well, the up-right pentagram is actually a sign of my religion. It represents the 5 Pagan elements. And the Devil in tarot isn't evil. "The Devil is the card of self-bondage to an idea or belief which is preventing a person from growing or being healthy—an example might be a belief that getting drunk each night is good for you. On the other hand, however, it can also be a warning to someone who is too restrained and/or dispassionate and never allows him or herself to be rash or wild or ambitious, which is yet another form of enslavement."

    Excellent article, though.


    • ok, so there's an object lesson that all symbols actually have different meanings. the original meanings which are usually not evil at all, and then they've been corrupted to mean something evil. because evil imitates good, that's how it tricks you. that's why some of the "sinister sites" featured on this website are silly. you have to look at the context to see if a symbol is bad or not. you can't take it for face value. that being said, i think we can all agree that the producers of the music video intended the evil corruption of those symbols, not the ones you shared, noting the context of the kesha video.

  27. Well, the up-right pentagram is actually a sign of my religion. It represents the 5 Pagan elements. And the Devil in tarot isn't evil. "The Devil is the card of self-bondage to an idea or belief which is preventing a person from growing or being healthy—an example might be a belief that getting drunk each night is good for you. On the other hand, however, it can also be a warning to someone who is too restrained and/or dispassionate and never allows him or herself to be rash or wild or ambitious, which is yet another form of enslavement."

    Excellent article, though.


  28. Well I always knew she'd end up doing Lady Gaga style music vids. I like the song lol and the REASONS why i like some of her songs is because they are catchy and fun. I am in no way influenced by her and yes i listen to people with actual talent and different kinds of music that isnt mainstream shit.

    • i hate to tell you this, but you can't ride the fence on this type of thing. every single thing about that song and that music video is carefully engineered to pull you in. if you repeatedly expose yourself to something, you will let your guard down eventually and it will become normal to you. it's called desensitization. just the fact that your brain perceives it as a catchy song and you like it shows it's already working. (not to make you paranoid, but you should be.)

  29. Haha haha haha!
    She's massively trolling fools like you'll!
    Don't you get it the whole industry is trolling fools like you'll! You'll just add to the publicity!
    I actually come down here for my weekly laughs and you'll never disappoint!

    P.S kesha is one of the writers of the song which the great VC conveniently left out!

  30. Good for you VC!!!! I just saw this video tonight and was shocked. Was going to tell you about it and you already had up on the website!!!! Way to go!!!

  31. Interestingly enough, Ke$ha has an IQ (or did, who knows if its relevant now) of 140. As for those wondering if she "knows" what's going on, I'd have to not only go with a yes but a HELL YES, she does. However, as much research as I've done, this one seems to be almost "too obvious," I feel as if its becoming a running joke in the industry now…Not to say evil isn't predominately what runs the industry, but really? This obvious? They're either taunting the people that are consciously aware, REALLY trying to pull in the ones that arent OR just completely messing with everyone in general…I would go as far as to say that if this is really whats going on behind closed doors, the "die young song" is almost a chant that want people to participate and accept whilst not even knowing… People will practically be ASKING to "die young" while singing this song … Maybe its reverse pysch on their part, if you ask for it, you may very well receive?

      • You do glue or some other chemicals you can destroy your intellect. People on Everest come back unable to be Medical Doctors because of Oxygen Deprivation and the loss of some of their memory.

        You are only as smart as you are in the present. This looks like TMR level I agree with you.

  32. "She did not write the song (it was written by Lukasz Gottwald, Benjamin Levin, Henry Walter and Nate Ruess) and she did not direct the video."

    If the authors of this article got this simple fact wrong, the rest of the article mustn't be taken seriously. Ke$ha DID indeed co-write the song (she co-writes ALL her songs, every single one) and she even THOUGHT OF this song in the first place. She's the one that began it and then went to other writers for help perfecting it. and yeah, she didn't direct the video, but i sure as hell bet it was her idea.

  33. The quickest way to weaken a nation and render it powerless is to pervert and corrupt its spiritual and moral base.

    Ke$ha, Lady-Gaga, Rhianna, etc all seem to be doing a good job in fulfulling this agenda. This is truly terrorism on a different platform

  34. Now that I've been listening to Christian music (instead of this trash) I'm more happy and peaceful. With a chorus like "we're gonna die young" no wonder I feel so much better since I've stopped listening. If people say "it's only music" they should give the Christian alternative a try for a while and see if it makes a change in their lives. Hey it can't hurt since "it's only music".

    • OK just another thought about this song (yes, it takes me awhile LOL).

      If I was going to "die young" I wouldn't be wrecking things, having orgies, worshiping the devil or death, etc…I would most likely be trying to do good and focus on fun with family and friends (and of course making sure I go to HEAVEN!) so if I were singing this song I'd be singing uplifting lyrics (go help the homeless, volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter, eat lots of chocolate!!, spend time with my loved ones, cheer up a sad person…etc)

      Just shows the mentality- "let's do as much bad as possible and make the world a terrible place for ourselves, others, and future generations." Not cool bro, not cool!

      • Many Christian artists are in on it too ya know, look up Toby Mac's recent album cover for "EYE on it"

  35. Can someone tell me something about Rhianna's diamond song/video! EVERYONE is singing it! there has to be something there but I'm not sure what. She also said that this was her favorite song since UMBRELLA and we all know what that's about and how it hypnotized practically the entire world. it is currently stuck in my head :( I dont know if its about chris brown…speaking of him I wonder if he is anti-illuminati or for it his clothing line is full of pyramids too

    thanks VC

    • Yes, I know what you mean. My husband was singing it the other day and he usually hates those kinds of songs! I personally can't stand it for some reason; the first time I heard it I never wanted to hear it again even though it was already stuck in my mind. I haven't seen the video (nor do I want to). There is definitely something hypnotic about it and its kinda creepy.

      • Scary. I don't know if you are a christian or not but why not try repeating Psalm 23 when it comes in your mind. I did something like this and it helped. Or if not, everytime it comes to your mind, start singing another song you know is "safe" to get your mind off it.

    • i remember being HYPNOTIZED by Umbrella and later started thinking it was odd how I was hooked on it and couldn't get it out of my head. No other Rihanna song has had that effect on me since. I actually go out of my way not to listen to it. It's the same reason why i don't do K-pop (i love k-dramas though) because though not always, the songs can be very, very infectious and I don't feel comfortable with something having that much power over my mind when I haven't willingly yielded to it. 

      There's obviously a reason why it's her favorite song since umbrella. I'll make sure to avoid it as much as I can. I don't listen to the radio so it might not be super hard.

      •  Hey I will definitely do that next time it happens. I hope VC can dissect that video for us soon.

  36. Great article. She's having fun with this but at the same time it's a constant theme so you have to question the message that the kids are getting. That's up to their parents but they are busy working two jobs to pay for the ipods and tv's so the kids can be indoctrinated by Ke-dollarsign-ha.

    Also, most important is the fact that she doesn't get a writing credit. She's guaranteed to sell a lot of copies so you'd think she would be a co-writer on everything. It is a catchy song though.

    I always enjoy your interpretations and since you've been more popular it almost seems like they come here to get ideas!

  37. I find it interesting that this song was co-written by Nate Reuss of Fun. Who sings,

    "So this is it? I SOLD MY SOUL for this?

    Washed my hands of that for this?

    I miss my mom and dad for this?"

    His band also has the song "We Are YOUNG"… Notice a theme going on here?

    Fun's music isn't bad, but their overnight success is interesting to say the least, especially since Nate had little success in his old band "The Format". It's not too often that musicians who never make it end up becoming overnight sensations in a different band and end up producing hit songs for another artist….

  38. CohenTheHasbarian on

    Speaking of Symbols, when Kei$ha performs in London, her name is Kei£ha. Also, her name is Kei¥ha in Japanese.;)

    • So… Her name is supposed to be Keiha but since she's a huge fan of money, she puts the money symbol in between her name? I don't know much about her (ok I don't know anything about her aside from whatever is written on VC here and for certain never heard her songs).

      Based on that, in Malaysia she would be KeiRMha; in Indonesia, KeiRPha. Lololol. XD

  39. Wow, as these videos get more to the point.. so do you, VC!

    It's great to see you get in there and call it as you see it!

    I can't wait for the day when people decide to give this shitty pop music a rest and start making something worth listening to. I hope that day is near.

    Any chance of doing a story on artists who speak out against the illuminati? Bob Marley, Tupac, Lennon, Prince.. thought it might be nice to pay homage to the artists that sacrificed their jobs and lives to speak out.

    "How long shall they kill our prophets/While we stand aside and look?/Some say it's just a part of it/We've got to fullfil the book"

    Lovin' your work xo

    • that's a weird mix of artists you assume are not part of the illuminati or whatever. the beatles were all about it. they had aleister crowley on their album cover for pete's sake.

      • It is a weird mix of artists and I chose them because they all spoke out in one way or another about being controlled and all suffered the consequences. Yes, Lennon and the Beatles are the poster children for illuminati control, but Lennon started speaking out, then got assassinated. Bob Marley, couldn't get radio play out of Jamaica until some British record label got involved and completely changed the sound, then he became famous, spoke his mind about God, weed and politics. Died. Tupac… not sure I have to tell that story, as I'm sure you all know it. Prince, played the game, spoke out against Sony and has barely had any independent stuff played on the radio since. How about Tom Morello's solo stuff? Is that played on the radio?.. nope. But it was the best gig Ive seen in my life. 
        So yes, all these artist do have links to evil, that's likely how you know their names, otherwise they wouldn't be heard of at all. The interesting part of the story is what happens to them when they speak out. You can't tell me Lennon's solo work is not inspired by good. All we need is love? Com'on. It's completely possible artists wake up to this and decide to follow a new path and thats probably why they are dead. 
        I seriously find it hard to believe that a musician playing the game and acting a perfect pawn, making millions and influencing a lot of people will be assassinated in their prime like these artists. No way. I believe they wanted to start making something good and fight the system from within the industry. This made them a threat to a perfect little evil empire and they were taken out of the game. Let's have a look at this VC, what'd ya say?

    • Are you serious?Half a century ago little known Lennon came at night saying-"we will be famous"Others from his band wondered "how do you know?"For that reason I sold my soul to Satan -Lennon replied.Thus little known guys from Liverpool became world sensation.

  40. it seems like your questions are rhetorical, or thinking out loud. but here is my take…

    their goal is to breakdown society, by putting us on autopilot. we don't need to think or reason or have morals, that requires a brain and a heart. if they can reduce us to pulsating flesh with these hypnotic videos, they can control us and enslave us.

    some people see an honor code, or a morality system, whatever you want to call it, as slavery. they see it as not being able to have any fun. i see it as freedom. i follow my morals, i make good decisions, i keep my family intact, i keep a clear mind unpolluted from any substances or visual trash (like pornography for example). the result is that I have freedom, I am in full control of myself. anything else is slavery to "them", and letting them control you. and that is what they want, and why they make videos like this!

    • i want to add to my comment that for the same reasons, a lot of people see religions as slavery and no fun. and I disagree. most religions, and the idea of relgion, keeps people safe for the above reasons. i should have included religion with honor code and morality system.

  41. Vigilant_(but not ab on

    Sometimes I'm still attracted to this stuff. I don’t know why.

    I've been aware of this stuff for a long time, before The Vigilant Citizen was even an idea. I guess you could call me a conspiracy theorist but considering most of these so called theories I've been following since I was a 14 years old have manifested as conspiracy facts. I became aware of Monarch programming (beta, delta, theta, MK-Ultra, mind control, Wizard of Oz, Disney, etc.) back in 1996-97. I came across a book called Trace Formation of America by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips and then I found Fritz Springmeier's The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave. I've always been interested in this kind of stuff and anything to do with the UFOs, Alien Agenda, time travel, you name it.

    Anyway, I'll get to the point. I'm 32 years old now and even though I am aware of all this stuff I'm still attracted to women who represent it. The dirty, skinny, slutty, drug addict look. I will admit I was heavily into drugs and alcohol for a long time. I'm clean and sober these days but like I said, I'm still attracted to women who look like Ke$ha, Christina Aguilera, even Lady Gaga. It's pretty bad, I even end up going out with girls that look like this, dress in trendy, slutty outfits, where dark/heavy makeup, drug addicts, alcoholics. Needless to say all of these relationships end miserably. They're all so self absorbed, selfish, shallow. They don’t really care about me. They're more interested in what I can do for them. They'll lie to me and tell me they care about me but in the end they disappear. I cant ever seem to meet a nice, caring, compassionate, good girlfriend. I'm not even sure why I'm posting this here. I'm sure you don’t care about my F'd thoughts and relationships. I just thought it was somehow relevant to this article and some of the comments I read at the end. I just don’t understand why I'm attracted to girls like this when I know they're not good for me. I know they are totally brainwashed by the media, victims of this fast, sex fueled lifestyle propaganda. But for some reason I'm attracted to this bad girl image. Throw in a bunch of tattoos and piercings and it's a bonus. Knowing everything I know you would would think I would be turned off by this stuff, but a part of me is attracted to it. If I meet a girl who's a little overweight or doesn't dress or look a certain way, then I'm not even attracted to her. So I guess I'm a victim of the media and their agenda as well. It's really confusing. I don’t even watch TV anymore but I guess I was conditioned by the media from a early age. Why cant I see through it completely? How do I change something in me that I feel like is impossible to change. It's like I cant change who I'm attracted to. How do you turn it off? Whats wrong with me?

    • Hi,

      I'm a female, but I'll still give you my thoughts about what you said. First, I understand that you are male and men generally use their eyes as the primary sense of attraction. I get that you are physically attracted to the strung-out types.

      I also get that you don't want to be attracted to them but can't seem to help it. I also get that you aren't attracted even slightly to a girl that doesn't fit this type.

      My solution to you would be to: Consciously, and I stress the word "consciously," look at a girl and think "I wonder what her personality, her heart, her thoughts are like" and ignore the outer appearance. Don't look at her as a potential mate, just look at her as a person. This might be hard, but you are never going to find a lasting relationship if you don't care about the person and only think about their looks. You may have to work on this, but, just start with trying to develop friendships. I'm sure you can be friends with people that are slightly over-weight or don't wear heavy make-up. I'd just start with that. Be friends, hopefully, you'll find someone who has the heart and soul you are attracted to and also the physical desires you seek. Good luck!

  42. This is exactly why the industry wanted artist such as bob marley and tupac taken from the airwaves.. Just listen to any one of bob marley's song..You automatically experience a sense of peace and serenity..His music brought positivity and open mindedness.. Even still in a indirect manner ''they'' to get people to associate marijuana use= bob marley, drug user, dont take his music seriously.. to get people to not focus on his true message to us a people..It's cool though everyone smokes weed sometime in their life..Same thing with tupac they completely made him enemy number 1#.. Growing up I thought all tupac music was degrading, disrespectful, without actually listening to his true message..Tupac did step into the dark side.. but he was damn sure trying to get out by all means.. That beautiful rebellious nature of his, He kept trying to get his message heard, especially to the youth.. Tupac in an interview from jail quoted ''Don't just bob your head to the beat, listen, listen to what THEY are saying''.. Always encouraging educational goals instead of aspiring to be the next rapper or entertainer.. He also said quote ''We need more doctors, scientists, lawyers. We dont need any more entertainers''…. Atleast some people value having substance, wisdom, and knowledge..Imagine if these gentlemen were still here. These artist today are hand puppets for evil and money, and you damn sure cant take money with you to the grave, the devil=the deciever….. I will always believe that God and belief in him will be victorious at the end..

  43. i have the same problem shopping for my toddler girl. skulls everywhere, little cartoon versions. spaghetti straps, leopard prints. i'm not raising a little prostitute. i'm raising a creative scientist, actually, and i'd like to find some appropriate clothes for her!

    • Even buying for my grandson can be hard.  Same sort of thing, skulls, pyramids, "mummy's Little Rock Star" etc, etc.
      Why can't they just let kids be kids?

    • What if she chooses to be something else besides a creatives scientist? Scientist = Scientology?? See how stupid that sounds, I made a random connection with one word you used.

  44. Another amazing article by VC! Good job keep up the good work. However, I am just curious though, how does this site remain up and maintained? Also VC you expose so much about what is happening in the mainstream media and all the occult symbols but are you sure your not playing an Alex Jones? (who we all know is a Jesuit CIA Knights of Malta disinformation agent that keeps many from the real truth). But Jones doesn't go into the occult symbols so I guess your safe to follow…

  45. is she 27 yrs old yet?

    Maybe she will be part of the club in the future.

    She (and he and her idiot 'animals') might be dying young but I sure will not. Too vigilant for that shit.

  46. Rihanna is planning a 777 tour: 7 concerts, 7 days, 7 countries….and they'll be getting around on a chartered boeing 777. Numerology anyone?

  47. When people say, "there's absolutely no way they do not know they are doing it," kind of annoys me because that means that there is a loss of understanding on being MK'd.
    Having alter personalities is like being black-out drunk. When you wake up in the morning (after a night of being black-out drunk, doing God knows what) you have that feeling like, "what did I do last night?" And you can't remember anything, then occassionally you'll get partial flashbacks here & there. This is what having D.I.D (Disassociative Identity Disorder) is like. So, it's very likely that she has NO CLUE what she is doing. I am sure she has freak out moments in her times of lucidity, but I'm sure they are few & far between. Kinda like Shia LeBouf's vid when they wake up & realize it happened & then it starts all over again. When they switch, their core being shuts off & someone else takes over. The crazy thing is that it has been scientifically documented that alter personalites are different people. They have different brain scans, they have even been shown to have different blood types!! Can you believe that? It's amazing & some pretty hardcore, deep concepts.

  48. Ke$ha is indeed a witch of some sorts. She's been uploading pictures from the past few months on her twitter in cloaks and satanic necklaces. I believe she even uploaded a picture of hear surrounded by potions and other magic-like things with a cloak on and a Satanic necklace. Also, how did she get so pretty all of a sudden? Ke$ha was always weird looking. Her face definitely changed. Also, she says her new album has a song called "Supernatural," about a sexual experience with a spirit. Yeah, connect the dots here.

    Oh, and by the way, Ke$ha did co-write the song, that's one of the facts you got wrong.

  49. This video has nothing to do with illuminati, or any satanistic stuff, you just misunderstood ALL that stuff ;

    the triangle represent woman (i'm not sure but Kesha is a woman !)

    the eye represent kesha as a leader

    inverted cross is the meaning of the tree of life (yes, go search in the old old books, you'll find the very first meaning of this symbol)

    use of red colors + skull n bones mean the danger

    pentagram is here as a protection (yup, in all good movies they use it as a protection, you can even go on wikipedia…)

    Taro represent more the fact that the chance can turn…

    meaning of the video & music : live today as you'll die tomorrow (and for kesha's style, this mean partying, sex, and so on…)

    Satanistic video ? Nope, only for people who don't want to go further than what they see.

    PS : windows phone is only there for marketing

    Have a nice day.

    • Bc they need ppl to keep coming and funding their church so they only teach feel good lighthearted crap instead of truth!

  50. Mad respect,

    but you said "even if you are dumb enough to be brainwashed by illuminati propaganda…"

    No one should be called dumb here homie, mind play isn't fun for anyone.


  51. Vig this is a great analysis as always but after so long I think you're missing a big component that is going on. Nephilim are something I think you should look into. The elite worship satan point blank and they want to desensitize the masses into doing it as well. Encouraging ppl to embrace death, demons and other worldly entities that can possess and inhabit humans in order to push satans ultimate agenda. It's a war for your soul, for good and evil people! Choose this day whom you will serve before it is too late. Jesus is the only way and that is why they blaspheme and make fun of Christ (inverted crosses, orgies taking place in churches, having sex with animals and demons). It's all clear and is in alignment with Biblical prophecy. Wake up dear friends. " Be sober, be Vigilant because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion wallets about seeking whom he can devour" 1 Peter 5:8

  52. The inverted cross is NOT a symbol of the Satanic church, it's actually how the first Pope wanted to be crucified as he did not feel worthy of being crucified in the same way as Jesus was. Little disappointed in that misinformation.

    • So I guess you still don't know the truth about the pope or the Catholic Church. Do research, get truth don't allow them to continue to deceive yoh

    • You talking about Peter and sadly it's not misinformation… The inverted cross Become an Antichrist symbol for people…Yes, it's not evil at all but evil people use to take that symbol…The guy was good but he did what was the opposite of jesus death, some see a chance to mock Jesus with that cross but it was not his intentions.

  53. VC, you were on point with that comment about how these pawns will not be exempt from the police state or any evil plan for that matter. Basically, the devil is EXTREMELY happy that they are doing his dirty work, but his desire and will is to kill, steal and destroy. While these people think that he loves them or honors them for worshiping him, he is actually destroying them!

    If they keep it up, when reaping time comes, their reward will not be what they expected and that's the devil's plan. He's rounding up folks to join him in the lake of fire and they don't even know it!!

    • Totally agree.The evel one will never keep his promices.Those who have been deceived will perish.And the sooner hapless, successful at devils work souls arrive to hells gate the better.Otherwise these falling stars can disclose interesting facts-who knows?

  54. ooooo Just occurred to me, maybe "Die Young" is also an insight about Ke$ha being sacrificed.

    I remember I saw a headline about Amy Winehouse in a tabloid that said "AMY WINEHOUSE! DEAD BEFORE 27!" *then in teenie tiny print underneath that it said* "If she doesn't quit drinking."

    I said, "Look! They're advertising it in broad daylight! I give her 6 months. Poor Amy Winehouse." She was dead a couple of months later.

    I can see the headlines now: "Artist who sang "Die Young," dies young of [insert reason here]." It wouldn't surprise me at this point. I mean the turnover rate for entertainers is ridiculous.

    It reminds me of that verse in The Bible, Mark 8:36, "What good does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?"

    There's some very real truth in that verse.

    + IF she dies any time soon, I called it here, first! LOL! (P.S. I don't care if you think that's cruel. She made her choice.)

  55. I'm amazed! A couple of weeks ago, and after reading one VC's article, I went on a full-scale research, and I found this out: "Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!". This was stated by Aleister Crowley, who must of you will recognize as one of the biggest, most influential Satanists and Luciferians ever.

    For short, the sentences translates "Oh, how superior is the (male) anus to the vagina!" At first, it was hard for me to believe it. Then I researched a little more, and learnt that anal intercourse is a cornerstone of high ranked sex magik, practiced by the top members of certain "elites" (remember those crazy, men only parties at the Bohemian groove?). Please feel free to find out for yourselves.

    And now I watch this video, and hey! Kei$sha is wearing an Eye of Horus on her ass! Do we need more proof?

  56. Wow! Never ceases to amaze me in a bad way, too bad my wife likes this song & the rest of this New Age music crap. Saw this today on UFC's site for the St. Pierre-Condit fight this weekend ( Right there on teh front page is St. Pierre throwing up hand signs. Hard to tell if GSP is saying he made weight "Ok" or that it's just more puppetry going on… :

    • One funny part of all of this is that Kesha and others like her evidently don't realize that THEY are the tools, almost more so than the "masses" that they denigrate.

  57. This is the stupidest piece of crap I've seen. These illuminati-whores just can't do it themselves. They have to have someone pulling the strings for them. Idiotic puppets!
    When is Ke$ha (and others) going to wake up to the fact that WE'VE SEEN THIS ALL BEFORE??
    'Die Young' sounds good. Time to take them out. When the illuminati decide she's had her day…….who knows?
    We all should pray for her.

  58. TWO Ke$ha articles in a row? Really? With all the very relevant and REAL stuff that has transpired recently (Hurricane Sandy and its path of destruction, the election, the Petraeus scandal, Benghazi, Israel, etc.), THIS is the most important thing VC can find to write about? Is someone getting paid by Ke$ha's management/publicity team to promote her?

    I love VC, but I'm really surprised this time around….. :-/

  59. NDNntheCupboard on

    I have become to have a distaste for pop culture. So much so I frown upon playing radio stations aimed at promoting this stuff when my children are around. Keep vigilant! Return to the earth! Return to your own innate state of enlightenment! Seek the knowledge of a Dine (Navajo) person…you'll see traditional teachings of my people directly reflect the good book. It's information aimed at reacquainting those lost. Look for yourself…when found, look at it not in a direct literal sense, use your own better judgement and see it is so basic yet so complex and fundamental to your understand of "self" as a holy being. 😉

    • Flashing lights are used a lot in mind control. When reading the MKUltra information they used flashing lights to put people into a trance state. We are then meant to zone out in front of the tube all day. Turn into zombies.

  60. JesusRepresentative on

    Is it not becoming clear that the entire mass is becoming obsessed with death and death and death, when Jesus clearly said; "I have come to give life, and that you may have it abundantly." Also, the idea that all these celebrities have names for followers, makes me think that these people believe they are Gods/Goddesses. How stupid; "Little Monsters", "Animals", "Hooligans", Why is it so negative? All about rebellion and anarchy! BLEH! All I know is Jesus is coming soon, All the "Little Christians" as I like to call them LOL be prepared for the rapture. It's going to be soo EPIC! :) God bless 😀

  61. Well done VC!
    I got something from my deep memory.Is anyone remember real NWO agenda that was disclosed in '80s?
    1.will be period of extreme chaos,deadly riots economic stagnation megadisasters and widespread famine.
    2.Some guys will establish "order" of their own.
    3.Will be new law,religion and property rights.
    4.Working week will not exeed 20 hours.
    5.Assisted suiside will be greatly encouraged.Even for no reason.
    6.Population control to be central goal.
    7.Traditional family should be eliminated.Every one has right to everyone.
    Why I brought these to attention-ke$ha is not alone to sing about dying young.And, sadly we barely comprehend the extent of satanic propaganda.Life itself being debased as senseless, purposeless, useless.Thanks.

  62. This video is so digustingly in your face that a article wouldnt even be needed. Her whole image is trashy & she is extremely untalented. Maybe she got more "occult" to be popular

  63. i saw a comment under Kesha's Die Young video on Youtube, and it said, "People, this is not illumnati. This is ART" and i almost died of laughter

  64. maybe they are normalizing it because their grand plans will soon come to fruition (if everything goes according to plan) Why else would we be seeing so much of this? Evil is being normalized at a rapid pace and it does not bode well for the future.

  65. my friend was on set for rihannas music video she told me it has a riot scene in it and it has nothing to do with the song at all.

  66. Violet von Tesla on

    Great lets demonize the Pentagram some more….they could have at least turned it upside down since the video is more suited for the negativity. Upside down is used for negative aspects generally and right side up is used as a symbol for the elements and protection from evil. I'm so sick of this in everything… I'm not one religion or anything but very spiritual and learned and I hate seeing people hijack symbolism for their own greedy needs ( like the nazis and the swastika) . Yes the negative display of things can help bring negative things into the world or give power to those who put up the symbols but the key is intent. The symbols themselves are not evil its the intent that people put in them. Also I wish people wouldn't lump all religions other than the big three into the occult catagory like they are all evil (perhaps to you but not to everyone). Although occult doesn't mean evil it has that connotation with viewers and gives them the wrong idea. Not everyone who practices different from the church is in the fucking Illuminati… just like not all Christians aren't Catholics. Please try not to perpetuate discrimination through only showing one side of a religion or belief. If we only did that I'd be forced to think Christians think cannabalism is okay and that they worship zombies.

    • I agree with you…I'm studying the subject. The pyramid with the eyes wasn't even suppose to be one of their symbol in the first place. They even believe that Jesus was an impostor and that the anti-christ is the good one. So if they believe that, they probably stick to good symbols… What they're thinking? Control the world and prepare his arrival lol

      The swastika is a good example, they took it and change the meaning of it … It's a sun symbol. It doesn't mean "Let's kill all the jewish people ASAP!" 

      I'm thinking about doing something good under one of their symbol but I'll just become like them… Evil=Opposite, Good=Staying the same.

      • The saddest thing in this story is that even Wikipedia or young people from Asian countries now mistakes a true swastika, symbol of peace and justice, for a inverted swastika or Sauwastika, symbole of hate and war because it has been inverted… A lot of desinformation on the subject.
        Old statues/pictures showing swastikas ALWAYS represent them "rotating" into the right direction, the opposite of what Hitler used. But of course it is negated that they are different… By the same people who negate the occult roots of nazism and claim that the reversed american flag on soldier's uniforms are meant to represend "a flag in the wind"… Not a single link with inverting energy, of course.
        And of course that's what the cattle believe.
        (excuse the faults if there are some, English isn't my mothertongue)

  67. I saw the article on Billboard…They did an article about the Illuminati and 3Oh!3 3 or 4 weeks ago…They said that there is some Illuminati symbols in their things but it's just for fun…No comments about these contradictions… The Illuminati have a simple plan for the moment and it's showing their true color just to erase them…It will become bigger and when everyone will know about these things people will forget it.

    How we manipuate people? Reverse Psychology. People will thinks "It's everywhere, Movie, Tv shows, video Games…No secrecy so, It can't be true." 666 park avenue(Never seen such a big joke, we could almost believe that they had an hard time putting symbol everywhere.) I saw an episode of the Cleveland show last week, I was wondering why so much big star was in it like Nicky Minaj, Will.I.Am, Bruno Mars, Kanye west and Quest Love, I understood when the episode was about the "Hip-Hop Illuminati"(They called it like that in the show.) They're saying it everywhere now…Remember 2Pac and how he died because he only pronounced "Killuminati".

  68. It is really sad what the world is coming to.. the younger generation has absolutely no clue what is going on..
    And i dont blame them.. when i was younger i follofew every step theseartists made.. i would idol them and listen to them 24 7..
    Also the parents, the school,the tv is to blame.. and this is not going to chqnge in the near future..
    People are only busy worshipping celebrities, with or without talent..
    And when you ask them they tell you that it is just fun and fashion..
    Very few young people and also adults lookdeeper into the picture…
    They believe that what the media, government and also celebs tell them is for their own best interest..
    That is why no one cann and will wake up

  69. I was astonished by the ridiculous amount of Illuminati imagery and symbolism in this video… okay, Ke-dollarsign-ha, we get who you're working for!!! 

    Thank you so much for writing this article in particular (I was one of the people who requested it). Your articles are always so brilliant, clever, and witty, VC. I can't wait to read the next one! 

  70. It's made to exhaust us, to make us give in and accept it all.
    God is gravity, Christ means clean, and Satan means Sickness.
    The Essene Gospel of Peace.

  71. Misericordialuz on

    FIRST OF. You are so ignorant in your derogation towards the idea of us being considered mere 'animals'. I don't know if you have ever sat in a biology class but if you had, then you would've soon learned that the oh so precious human being is in fact the ANIMAL.. HOMOSAPIEN, a primate of the family Hominidae. We are animals! And unlike other animals, the homosapien is the only one capable of manifesting such levels of barbarous cruelty, destruction and horror over this beautiful planet and her beings. 

    The astounding arrogance present in our species is sickening. For a supposed 'liberated' mind Vigilant you still have much much to learn. 

    Such anthropocentric thinking is what has got us into this MESS. To carry on thinking this way will sure as hell not get us OUT OF IT!

    WAKE UP PEOPLE, i plead you too! 

  72. As a student of sociology and anthropology, I truly believe that there is an agenda, "Illuminati" or not, but it's a mass media propaganda agenda that promotes specific dangerous attitudes and values as "cool" and the young people live by it. You know, sex, sex, sex, materialism… everything VC discusses… hit the nail on the head!! 

  73. Ugh I'm so sick of the music industry and people with no dignity ugh it's getting so old pathetic people helping people in charge destroy citizens thinking they will be saved smh

  74. I'd like to make the point that people aren't attracted to Kesha and the likes music because of the lyrics.  They become addicted to the beats and tempos that hit certain chakras (lower).  This feeling causes one to want to listen to the song over and over and over again.  After a few rounds the lyrics begin to sink in the subconcious.  This ultimatley results in the listener acting out the message contained in the lyrics (ie; casual sex, drinking, drugging, excessive spending). Finally the negative consequences of these acts spread through society and breaks us down into a state of apathy and confusion.  We lose our morals and sense of purpose. That makes us vunerable to control and opression. The main goal of the "Elite"

    • Umm…no,no and no. I've listened to Manson, eminem, children of bodom and Metallica since I was in grade school (along with backstreet boys) I am now almost 30 and I am very straight and narrow. I only drink socially (1-2drinks) I don't smoke, don't so drugs and I don't participate in promiscuous acts. I have a considerable sum saved up and will be buying my first house this year.

      Maybe I'm the exception but growing up and listening to that music didn't corrupt me. I barely had a rebellious stage, mostly just wanting to stay out later than my curfew but I never broke my curfew. I just argued to have it changed in my late highschool days. It's true that music can give you a high but I'm not gonna likely go out and shoot people up because of my music choices. I'm actually a nurse that works with people who have suffered brain injuries, all around good natured person.

  75. Great job vc..may God continue to bless you guys for waking up the masses and giving us valuable imformation regarding the elites strong influence on media and how they use it to manupulate the masses..much love. As for kesha..its her who'll die young. Brain washed patsy. All glory belongs to God. Thanks vc again.I'm just 16 yrs old and I know how much influence these mind controlled stars have on me and my peers.

  76. that video is despicable in so many ways. I've never liked her, she is talentless trash and she looks so dirty. I think you are spot on with the idea about illuminati trying to push this symbolism shit to make it a culturally popular, accepted thing. My eyes have been opened since I stumbled across this site in '10! Thank you for that! 

  77. As soon as I saw this video I thought "vigilant is gonna talk about it", because it's so obvious with all these Illuminati/esoteric/satanic symbols, it's almost making me sick. There are many 'artists' that use them in their videos these days, but Kesha's video is the most blatant representation of what "the agenda" is. And there are bunch of kids watching this and not even understanding what they praise. It's all going in the wrong direction, especially when you're aware of what's going right in front of your eyes. I hope that people will gradually will wake up to all this bullsh*t that media try to make us believe in. Thank you Vigilant for doing a great job for all the people out there.

  78. the scene where she's orgying it up in the chair under the pentagram reminds me of maria's robotic transformation in metropolis when the evil maria-bot awakens from the chair underneath the pentagram… an unrelated topic butttttt,,,,i recently came across an article about mary kate olsen and her 40 year old handler- i mean boyfriend. the look on m.k.o face just screams "helppp!!!"

  79. Is it not just as likely that record companies are including the same symbolism because they know sites like Vigilant Citizen will talk about them? Especially when you consider how blatant it is.

      • She must? Why? Because the media says she does? Pfht! They lie about everything else, so why not that too? Listen to that craptastic masterpiece! Would you buy that on purpose or even listen to it by accident? If I suddenly couldn't change my radio station or turn it off I would smash it to bits, rather than suffer through.

      • She must? Why? Because the media says she does? Pfht! They lie about everything else, so why not that too? Listen to that craptastic masterpiece! Would you buy that on purpose or even listen to it by accident? If I suddenly couldn't change my radio station or turn it off, I would smash it to bits rather than suffer through.

  80. Samuel Vuidreketi on

    And they say that sites like the vigilante is batshit crap or whatever.

    I can only imagine our future demise, and not just us, but also those who were "used" by the illuminati and being tricked into thinking that they are part of the elite.

    All I can say is that these puppets have no idea whats in store for them as we are definitely like cattle to the slaughter in their de-population agenda.

    Good thing Imma stay vigilant until the very end, but for that "batshit crap" reference, those who say so are just trying to cover up the propaganda and the truth by sweeping it under the rug. Its such a shame that many will go with the flow while for the very few who are as vigilant as us, they know whats hiding behind the elites agenda and at the same time recognizing the dark symbols that are just staring right at you in the face since its all in plain site.

    Too bad many are so turned on by all of this shit, if only they knew what the illuminati has in store for them that reveals a terrifying revelation.

  81. Since I'm a hardcore atheist, all of the "devil" nonsense means nothing to me.
    It's just another silly superstition that opposes the other silly superstitions we grew up hearing about.

  82. to the person writing these articles: you dont know half of what youre talking about. the devil is a christian construct, and if you arent christian, the idea of a devil is a bit laughable. the tarot card labeled the devil is to be interpreted in a different way than "satan himself"….thats just nonsense and showing how little you are educated on this topic. as for you people believing this…youre being brainwashed by this site. do your own research on symbols…also death is only negative if you look at it that way. enlightened people realize the beauty in new beginnings. dont fear death.

  83. "magic" is performance magic. "magik" is the directing of intentions into manifestation. dont be disgusted, because praying is a form of magik.

    • That is blaphemous to the highest mark. That also equates to your comment earlier to witches are not devil worshipers.  They very fact that you are preforming rituals and susperstitious actions to produce a desired reaction by other means than seaking the Father disproves your statement. The Bibile. It says so many things contrayry to what you believe and post on here. Dont want to believe it? Fine. Completely ignore the multitude of prophecies regarding recent events on this earth; you cant. Only fools believe there is no God. And a fool is exactly what the enemy and the Illuminati want you to be. How does the Bible not make sence? Your on this site to be Vigilant to the world elite and their evil plans. Doesnt the existance of such an organized and sadistic evil galvanise the fact we have a Creator? They are fighting against something a lot more powerful…

  84. deleting my comments VC? aw. who is really the controlling nazis? this might be bad for your "free" reputation :3 all you want is your christian bullshit to flood this page. not real enlightenment. THE DEVIL IS A CHRISTIAN CONSTRUCT AND LAUGHABLE IF YOU ARE NOT CHRISTIAN. this video is trying to portray that! the tarot card labeled "the devil" does not mean "satan himself" (especially if you dont believe in satan) it is a SYMBOL for other things, and your writing on this site shows clear lack of understanding of this fact. People who are reading this site: do research for yourself of what these symbols mean, for this site is not accurate a majority of the time.. and have clear objectives as they delete any comment i post trying to say this. THE ALL SEEING EYE IS A SYMBOL OF LEARNING THE MYSTERY OF GOD NOT SATAN! for all you people claiming others to be stupid, it appears as if youve all been herded like sheep yourselves.

  85. I think the All Seeing Eye on Ke$ha rear end means the Illuminati owns her butt, and by her pulling up the Devil tarot card means she is also there slave.

  86. Wow, her American Music Awards performance was no different. Funny seeing the other artists in the crowd & their reaction to her performance. Bet you there like "Yep, she's definitely one of us/them"

  87. Dothanresident on

    It is quite obvious what is going on in the world. The masses are being indoctrinated into accepting evil as good. They are also being conditioned for the arrival of the antichrist.

  88. KateTheExorcist on

    There is no culture of death for the elite because for them, Death is just an illusion. Remember, for them, only the spiritual world is real.

  89.  Throughout the entire music video she sings about magic, trouble and the wild side.  Her reference to her fans as animals makes me think of 2 things.  First it makes me think of the ever growing furry community on the internet and their degeneracy (even though they don't like to admit it).  Second it makes me think of these societies' portrayal of the profane or goyim as animals.  I think these two things are intertwined and maybe the elite are encouraging people to think of themselves as animals instead of humans so they're more placated and easy to control while thinking they're some how breaking free of control.  It fits in with the overall message of this video, that you're just a pawn in the end.

  90. I don't even want to see the video after reading this.
    Maybe if I stumble on it or if it's on the radio somewhereI'll remember your articleThanks for sharing VCAlways liked your sites
    God Bless

  91. The occult is busy! They are working hard to make light of this all!! They're teasing the people who listen, and watch! Those who are luke warm! They poke fun at dying young because they know they have many souls hooked and many Christians will die young! It's deeper than what's on the surface! The battle is for ur soul! When Jesus returns for the bride many get left behind! It takes spiritual understanding to see how evil this thing really is! It's so hard to stay pure in a world where everything carnal that looks, taste, and feels good is bad for you! You must drench yourselfs in the whole armor of God and pray harder!! I war with worldly spirits daily and temptation meets me often! I don't want to be here when the limits are taken off of Satan! We have victory over him now and it's already hard but imagine how hard it'll be to enter the kingdom once the NWO is in full affect! God have mercy on your people!

  92. SiennaDangerous on

    This is just too weird. 

    I can’t except that this is simply a joke to get back at those who can recognise and (to some extent) attempt explain their esoteric motives but it strikes me as peculiar that the mainstream media are stating not only that this video is laden with occult symbolism but that it is explained away by actually admitting that it is Illuminati (a word, as you know, that can hardly be said in true earnest lest being branded paranoid by blindfolded fools (no offense intended, blindfolds can easily be removed and true sight/perception restored)). 

    I totally get that they love to hide things in plain sight and rub our noses in the filth that is the NWO agenda but why go so far as to conclude so matter-of-fact-like that it isn’t just our imaginations and indeed relieving all of us from unwarranted questions concerning our mental health? Because this makes me feel super validated that maybe we are putting some heat on them, that maybe, just maybe, they have pushed the boundaries too far and there is no longer cause for adequate denial. 

    Thanks Vigi for another eye opening article on this global epidemic plaguing each and every one of us. 
    “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite” – William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

  93. I live in Seoul, South Korea. These days, K-pop industry

    has looked like dark side of american pop music for a

    couple of years. But, there are more and more people

    realizing the conspiracies of the elites started to

    discuss if the K-pop industry is being influenced by the

    same cabas. To confirm it, watch the video "korean

    illuminati" and so on. Even 'psy',whose recent music

    video 'Gangnam style' has been clicked over

    700,000,000 times and who has gained a giganstic

    success all around the world, is believed to be under

    the control of the secret music industry. When he gave

    a free concert in front of Seoul city hall as expression

    of gratitude to his korean fans, a huge number of cube

    boxes depicting the 'all-seeing eye on the surface were

    distributed to all the participants in the event.

    A lot of koreans now is waking up and paying

    attention to the united states. Some unconstitutional

    laws have been passed under Obama's administration.

    I'm very concernd about your country and, of course,

    my one.

  94. Black Queen Goddess on

    the ankh & the eye of Ra (commonly referred to as "the all seeing eye") are 2 symbols created in ancient Afrika/Kmt (in other words the origin of these symbols is Africa!) Just b cuz sum perverted spiritually/mentally dead evil European men came along & stole these symbols & attached new, different NEGATIVE meanings to them does NOT make these symbols bad.

    My Ancestors (the black men and women who were the 1st human beings on Earth) created these symbols and they represent spiritual enlightenment and reaching one's highest greatest mental/spiritual abilities NOT worshipping money, death & casual sex. Due to being melanin-recessive "people" the Europeans did not, still do not & never will UNDERSTAND the true original spiritual powers inherent in ALL melanin-dominant people. They cannot. Their pineal glands are calcified and useless.

    Only melanin-dominant people (all human beings with brown or black colored skin) are able to transcend to "heaven" (the highest spiritual plane/dimension) The illuminati is only a group made to intimidate manipulate control scare enslave and murder us. Those who have knowledge and melanin can "escape" if you learn how to activate and use your innate God-given gifts (melanin is 1 of them!)

      • Black Queen Goddess on

        calling me dumb does not change facts and it is what it is (don't be a hater just because you are one of the MINORITY that is a melanin-recessive peson on this planet) i thank God and my Ancestors every day that I have melanin

    • B.Q.G. you are right on much of what you say…however, one cannot take the 'adjective' black and apply it retroactively in history. Black is actually a middle english term that means, bleached out as in pale skin, which refers to europeans/albinos. We MUST sever this emotional, foolish attachment to the false labels/brandings of 'black' and afrikan american. We are not 'blacks or afrikan americans', much of the world knows this, which is why they seek to rid the world of, or marginalize blacks/afr. americans and constantly use discriminating concepts, when dealing with blacks/afr. americans or any other so-called minority, people are referred to as minors or minority's because they think as children, when we use words/concepts in society and we don't know the true meaning of these words/concepts, esp dealing with LAW, not because of the melanin of our skin, any unabridged LAW dictionary will prove this…The labels 'black' and 'african american' are indicative of a people that have lost or had their 'nationality' removed, just like the 'brands'; Indian, Puerto Rican, West or East Indian and Latin or Latinos, they are Moors as well. We are the true aborginal indigenous people of the Americas and notice Americas is plural. The europeans/albinos are simply using Moorish Science, after all, we did teach it too them…but they call it, Masonry and with this, they want to rule the world through their secret 'Jesuit' society's…Also there is no such thing as "ancient afrika", Afrika(n) comes from the Roman general John Ciprius Afrikana who conquered and colonized the continent which is referred to as 'Afrika' in modern times. We called the continent Akebulan, Asia, Kemet or Khemet, just naming a few. We Moors are ancient 'man', while the european is modern 'mankind' or a 'kind of man', because they come from us, yes We Moors created the europeans, which is why we must know ourselves and teach them through love, who they are… they are still our brothers and sisters, as corrupt and childlike as most of them are, we must teach through love and overstanding of truth and go back to the ways of our Matriarchal anhkcestors..ONE

  95. Read last week when she was visiting Africa she was hypnotized, you know one of those touristy things you do when visiting Africa.  No doubt it was performed by a witch doctor.  Anyway, that night she said she had a sexual encounter with a spirit.  Go figure.  

  96. switch_brain_on on

    I have to
    say that all this sounds a bit paranoid. Did it never occur to anyone that all
    this blatant symbolism that is popping up everywhere is just an object of
    popular fashion rather than control from some massive and all knowing cult that
    are carefully conditioning people using symbols. This woman is clearly a Lady
    GaGa rip off, or at least her music producers have manufactured her act that
    way. It seems more likely to say that they noticed how popular and rich Lady
    GaGa was and thought 'hey we want some of that cash too!' Certain designs and
    motifs go in and out of fashion all the time and this certainly isn't the first
    time occult symbolism has been taken out of the box to be paraded in the
    popular arena for some quick currency, just look at the 60's and early 70's,
    this stuff was everywhere then too. This is all just a fad and as long as
    people are still shelling out, artists and record companies will continue to
    shovel this trash into the public maw. Once interest wanes, the new flavour of
    the week will take it's place and everyone will forget how much they loved
    seeing occult symbolism everywhere yesterday.

     Madonna is a great example of how this
    works, she is very shrewd and successful businesswoman because of her ability
    to pick up on the latest trends and capitalise on them. The reason why she is a
    different Madonna every couple of years is because she is constantly changing
    her colours to match what is trendy at the time. She reflects in her own small
    way how the music industry functions on a large scale.


    Seriously guys, get away from your computers and
    go outside for a nice walk and some fresh air. It will do you all the world of

  97. Pure garbage. Exactly what i expect from a hack pop singer: pathetically fake "bad attitude" made for angry stupid adolescents. Let's not give her such publicity, she will fade soon! LOL

  98. im guessing the video ends that way because cops in mexico would have taken money form her before doing anything, or would have tried to join the orgy 😉

  99. Why because the Jews call people Goyims? What about the fact that they are physically unattractive, let alone their obsession with money, jewellery and so on. Rather be a goyim than an ugly, big nosed, money obsessed Jew.

  100. Canadiangirl4life on

    I discovered her music on my little brother's computer and went to youtube to see what her music was and if it was something my brother should be listening too. About 15 seconds into Tic Tok I was sooo grossed out I couldn't beleive he thought that was acceptable music to listen to!

  101. "Only melanin-dominant people (all human beings with brown or black colored skin) are able to transcend to "heaven""

    THIS plus your nickname just made me LOL.

  102. This video constant flashing of symbols is tooo knowing ! The word "occult" means what is hidden. These symbols are all over conspiracy blog sites like these ones & the pop youth culture pretty much know what they mean hence the symbols cant be occultic anymore as their meaning & usage is no longer hidden !

  103. Haha kesha u rock!
    Openly mocking and trolling these guys! Haha!
    Never knew a triangle a star and an eye could be trolling tools! Haha brilliant!

  104.  The biggest cover up is something bigger than occults signs and wonders. Get past the whole "illuminati" bit, its old and played out. We get it already. Go into the deeper depths of the rabbit hole.

  105. Take a look at Caerphilly Council Tredomen in South Wales the UK on Google earth, the new Council Offices is a gigantic eye of Horus

  106. I couldn't even watch the entire video. I got to 15 seconds and had to stop it and listen to and watch peaceful serene meditation music. The few seconds of what I did watch gave me the biggest headache and nausea.

  107. JesusIsMyLandscaper on

    I had to listen to Kesha while reading through these comments just to help me get through them. I feel like I'm being trolled with each and every post. You people are just as much whackjobs as the illuminati hahahaha.

  108. The song's lyrics is rubbish and meaning equally blatant,but I'm hooked to the song and I don't know why I like it even tho I despise kesha(I think she's trailer trash)

  109. i wonder how may folks, lurkers herein, are tough enough to throw away the TV so their kids don't watch this stuff. "Oh no," they say to themselves, "I am smart enough to 'know' this stuff and still watch TV. I won't be affected." Sure thing, Boss. You keep thinkin that.

  110. Yikes. Never had respect for ke$ha but damn, girl, whatever miniscule amount of talent you had just went down the drain.

    My opinion is that they're aiming at the next generation. I'm in college and it seems like everybody knows whats going on (the 20-30 crowd). When Ron Paul's delegates were changed the whole campus was talking about how it was because he wasn't in the Illuminati (I have no idea if thats true). Like…from my experience I don't see the Illuminati being able to take control of my generation because people don' trust the government to begin with. The next generation, perhaps.

  111. I disagree. My father works with chimps and other animals and you would be flabbergasted at the things they do to each other. War, bullying, torture, outcasting, meaningless killing for fun, genocide, rape and sexual harassment ect. are NOT limited to only humans. We're smarter so we invent more clever ways to do these things, but they are prevalent in many, many species. Nature is not some beautiful lala land where everybody gets along.

    • Thank you, this is so undeniably true. I think a lot of people here don't realize this and are fearful, the world is not a happy place and it never will be.

  112. Lady Marshall-Smith on

    The Nokia sponsorship indeed happened. However, Nokia took notice of the backlash "Die Young" received on YouTube (primarily due to the satanic and Illuminati imagery present) and asked Ke$ha & Co. to pull the product placement from the “Die Young” video.

    The tweet from Heidi Leimmetyinen, Conversation by Nokia's editor-in-chief confirming this has since been removed. But this video from YouTube pretty much sums up the reason:

  113. Heard of what she did recently? This is simply sick >.<

    "Ke$ha Shows Off Headgear Made Of…Human Teeth"

    //There's dedicated fans, and then there's dedicated fans–and we have to say that Ke$ha's admirers seem to fall into the emphasized category. Just how devoted are her "animals"–as she terms them? So much that they actually sent her body parts upon request.

    According to an interview with BANG Showbiz, the pop hitmaker asked her fans to each send a tooth to her. Apparently this request wasn't too much of a stretch: "I got, like, over 1000 human teeth," she noted. Let's not speculate how these teeth got out of their owners' mouths, shall we?//

  114. I fell asleep with the TV on last night and this song came on, the volume was really low and I was half asleep but the chorus sound like "Holy Zion" instead of "We're gonna die young."

  115. Look at the madness that Ke$sha is doing and tell me she isn't Illuminati.

    She asked her fans for teeth of all things and according to this article – "According to an interview with BANG Showbiz, the pop hitmaker asked her fans to each send a tooth to her. Ke$ha put the teeth to good use, explaining that she had enough material to fashion a bra-style top, earrings, necklaces, and even a headdress. "

    • She isn't illuminati -the elite of satanists, you need to be born in an illuminati family. However, she is into satanism, otherwise she wouldn't be drinking blood during her concerts -even if it is fake- or accept to circulate such decadent video clips in order to promote her songs.

  116. Ok then all, if you dont think there is anything to the re-occurring symbols and actions, then what are they doing there?

    I have always remained open minded on this btw. (Explanations by VC are plausible).

    I see the effect media has had on people on a daily basis, the half-truth news is gospel, and what is this 'gang-nam style' shit, seriously??

    I thought: fair play to this bloke for making some money (in this day and age), but there is absolutely no talent evident and the 'song' is mindless pop-vomit, see the new 'fad' that every idiot is 'trending' about.

    If i remember rightly, (before i shook my head in disgust with a smile on my face), the president of south korea even praised this gang nam twat, i saw it on BBC news ….

  117. " It is so obvious and in-your-face that it forced mainstream music sources such as to “admit” that the video was all about Illuminati symbols (see their article entitled Ke$ha Shouts-Out Illuminati in ‘Die Young’ Video). Interestingly enough, not too long ago, these same sites were calling sites like Vigilant Citizen “batshit crazy” for even alluding to the existence of these symbols and describing their meaning. Now these sites say “Yeah, there are Illuminati symbols” in a matter-of-fact way. What happened to the batshit crazy part?"

    yeah, what did happen to the batshit crazy pa…

    However, the mainstream sites still only refer to this concept in an extremely superficial way, not giving any insight on their true meaning and the real Agenda behind it all.

    It is so obvious and in-your-face that it forced mainstream music sources such as to “admit” that the video was all about Illuminati symbols (see their article entitled Ke$ha Shouts-Out Illuminati in ‘Die Young’ Video). Interestingly enough, not too long ago, these same sites were calling sites like Vigilant Citizen “batshit crazy” for even alluding to the existence of these symbols and describing their meaning. Now these sites say “Yeah, there are Illuminati symbols” in a matter-of-fact way. What happened to the batshit crazy part?"

    yeah, what did happen to the batshit crazy pa…

    "However, the mainstream sites still only refer to this concept in an extremely superficial way, not giving any insight on their true meaning and the real Agenda behind it all."


  118. Pfft, these illuminati are getting pathethic. Make your move already, fucking cowards! Flash your symbols all you want, you have no effect on us. We are ready for the endgame motherfuckers. I've got my kevlar, gas mask, shotgun, crossbow and baseball bat ready.

  119. I watched her video clip today. She's satanic, with the symbols and everything. Besides, if she asks her fans to send her their teeth, obviously she is into black magic. They use teeth, hair, nail and other cr*p to make spells. Her song is no 1 even though it's rubbish. It's achieved through magic and the media.

  120. It's true that ke$ha is illuminati. but how did you miss the face that on the american $1 bill, the all seeing eye is on there and underneath the latin translates to "New Order of the Sect" or "New World Order"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Predictive programming. "As in the days of Noah…" They're basically telling the youth culture what they have to look forward to, so they might as well divert themselves with sadistic and soul-destroying pursuits, because life is meaningless and you actually have no power to change anything because the State will oppose you. The State is the ultimate authority.

    Lord, break off their allure, show them for the vampires, succubi, and zombies that they are. Reveal their dark heart and let people turn to your love and redemption!

  122. I'll also add that Ke$ha seems like a person poised for sacrifice, a desperate attempt by someone who is no longer useful to the "cause". Her popularity is waning, this is obviously being used to draw attention to her.

  123. Could it be that, since the whole illuminati thing is coming more into view they would make a video like thos and say its just her 'mocking' the illuminati.. to continue to keep their secret society secret ?

  124. When I first saw the video I laughed out loud at the amount of symbolism. I was literally knocked off my chair. My head felt crowded with the sheer load of crap those bastards are laying right in front of us.

    I can't believe most people don't see the symbolism in this. They're literally blind.

    • Completely satanic, werewolves, full moon probably in August when they do all their cr*p. I feel sorry for this generation and what they'll go through in their lives.

  125. VC you are right!! I just recently started reading and I agree 100% with you. You said what I have been thinking for years. Slowly over the years I have been turned off by these celebs. I couldn't really put my finger on it, with everything you have said the lightbulb has turned on!!!

    • Don't declare that openly because most of them are infatuated by celebrities & their lifestyle, hence they might think you are getting jealous or something.

  126. OK I think some stuff on this website, like some of the sinister sites, point to a real illuminati. But I honestly think that the whole illuminati popping up in music videos like this is now just an "aesthetic" that is "edgy." Like, the upside down crosses and all of that became popularized by the Odd Future rappers, who were in to that stuff long before they were famous and before they could be "brought in" by illuminati. Anybody, including most of these readers, can look up these symbols on the internet and throw them in to any art piece they want. Having symbolism in music videos doesn't prove that artists/producers/directors are members of a secret society, it just proves that they have access to the internet. There are a lot of atheists out there, or at least "anti-religious" people, and they will gladly throw these symbols out just because they are being rebellious and don't care. It's definitely just "trendy" to bring in the satanist/anti-religious/illuminati stuff, because so much music (punk, death metal, hip hop, rock and roll) is rebellious by nature, and these teeny bopper whores like Kesha are capitalizing on that aesthetic while the music is still bubble gum, bouncy, toe-tapping pop.

    • Bob Ross is God on

      get out of here with your logic and reason boy! we don't want your kind around here! we all know that anything and everything is run by the Illuminati! only us super smart, super secret internet superheros have ever heard of things like a Pentagram, an upside down cross or the All Seeing Eye

      someone putting these things in a video as a joke!? pshaw, as if, we all know no one in the music industry has a sense of humor….

  127. I have a tattoo on my left shoulder.

    ''EVIL > LIVE''

    To fight EVIL, you have to be aLIVE and woken up.

    The alphabet is just a series of symbols and the 'letters' are used everyday to influence how we think.

  128. Worst piece of drivel I have ever watched, was so painful to finish it

    Music was so terrible, is this what music has come too? – I dont want to live in this world anymore

  129. Can somebody help me understand the role the elite play in the production of porn? Could it possible that porn is being used to brain wash the masses into believing fun is found out of matrimony and that u can have sex with anybody anywhere? I've noticed that there is so much tok about oral sex. I'm led to think that oral sex has more to do with the occult world and secret societies. Sorry being off topic

  130. Fabbo the whack emce on

    All chaps commentin here r christians n y'al tryin to base yo judgements on yo shallow christianity understandin. The biggest cult in existence is xtianity n thats the first way y'al brainwashed. Who is 'satan' ? some horrible lookin animal that people should fear? y'al ignorant when you try to interpret things to yo understandin. Has any1 asked keysha why her videos have those symbols?…

  131. @rizzo u say ur neither a satanist or christian and ur thankful? In other words u don't believe in spiritual beings!I can assure u that u suffer from a disease that has engulfed most of the world-ungratefulness. The human being is the most ungrateful creature under the sun. After making us and filling the whole world with good things for our sake(the same things which are receipts of God's existence) we still spit in his face and say he doesn't exist. The same God goes further and tells us of wicked being called satan; yet we are still thankful that we don't know. Others try to bear witness and bring out concrete evidence of the existence of the occult-we r still grateful we don't know. Jesus was right when he said"if they don't hear moses and the prophets neither will they be persuaded,though one rose from the dead"(Luke 16v31). Pipo like u rizzo chose to be blind despite the overwhelming evidence of the existence of a spiritual realm. Rizzo what does the bible mean when it says"a fool has said in his heart,there is no God"(psalms 14v1). I pity u rizzo becoz yo failure to believe will not add or remove the fact that Satan or God are real

  132. 1.The church of satan does not worship Satan. It was created out of the counterculture of The
    2. The inverted cross is actually a Catholic symbol. Research is key.

  133. Bravo! Loud applause! What a great article, VG. And it's very sad to see that we are indeed part of the "dumb masses". We know, but we don't act. But, just like everything else in this world, what rises will once fall. & what sleeps will once be awake. We have to wake up for them to fall!

  134. It's so overt, it's covert and that's part of the plan. What was once absurd (even those websites dissing Vigilant) is now becoming mainstream. When something becomes mainstream it is a crime against humanity to go against it (try sharing that you don't have a facebook account or a cell phone – you're pitied and labeled a social misfit). When the absurd becomes mainstream that's when society takes it's final head-long dive into depravity.

  135. Reminds me of this warning from Isaiah (5:20):

    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;

    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;

    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    we are so there…

  136. Speaking of these symbols… I recently tried a logo making program, where many templates were provided. I'd say about 80% of them were based on typical Illuminati symbols, with small alterations. What a good way to get as many people as possible to associate their businesses or sites with them.

    I agree with the approach on this video; hypnotised followers are being ridiculed. Even when it just comes down to music. It's so sad to see them gather by the thousands and submit to the will of whoever takes the stage. These so-called artists can get large crowds to shout obscenities, immitate signs or chant anything. It feels as though they're training animals. And their fans go home thinking the respect they have for ''artists'' is mutual.

  137. illuminatimstdie4359 on

    i used to believe in all this illuminati stuff, but now i feel as though the symbolism is intentional. I mean that because most of this is masonic (many people are already acquainted with masonic symbolism) it could be the simple fact that it's not really illuminati evil symbols, it's just publicity to get the celebrities noticed and have attention payed to them, just like we have been monitoring KE$HA, LADY GAGA, RIHANNA, NIKKI MINAJ etv.

  138. But you see, that's the trick: To normalize all of this until you think "Oh its just marketing"

    Its not. They've put their symbols on and around us for hundreds of years. For a reason.

  139. These songs and videos are meant for the kids. They're not worried about us per say. We're technically already controlled. Controlling the future is the bigger picture.

  140. I just saw this video for the first time last night on MTV. I'm not really into this whole occult thing but it was blatantly obvious the symbolism. Just right in your face. The All-Seeing Eye ring. Evil on the car. The 6 pointed star. And who needs that many triangles popping up everywhere? I mean normally you need analysis of the video to see the hidden meaning. But she just went for it. I knew VC would have something on it.

  141. You say there are 'tons of videos with the same message and symbolism – all promoting the same Agenda" I'd be really interested to hear a handful of other current/recent examples to support that claim.

  142. You people are full of shit and are the sheep – blinded by your religious traditions, trusting in a book that was put together by a bunch of men deciding what and who you should believe.

    • Agreed, I bet they don't even realize the vast majority of ritual sacrifices happened IN THE BIBLE such as turtle doves, sheep, lambs, first born sons and virgins? But you know, they don't do that anymore because we're in a different era and it's not needed, but yet it's still in the bible?

      Most of the holidays are based on pagan rituals and the pentacle at one point was used in Christianity as a symbol of God, but they turned it away after they discovered what it was originally meant for. The bible is a mesh mash of different religions squashed together in one book. I find it funny because at one time, they have peddling the whole end of the world, December 21st NWO day and what happened? Nothing.

      Oh, well, leave them to their psychotic ramblings, I'm sure one day they'll come to their senses like I finally did.

  143. I hadn't seen this video yet (I usually never watch pop song videos unless/until they're covered here, actually!), but the first time I heard this song, its bizarre, almost too-obvious message actually made my jaw drop. Even more than any other song released in recent years, this one is just THE MOST. The fact that these sorts of songs have become such parodies of themselves would be funny if it weren't for the fact that kids and pre-teens are ingesting the messages without the benefit of a mental filter.

  144. A quick note/question: when I was little, I once asked a Jewish relative what the origin of the Star of David was. He told me that one theory is that it’s an old fertility/sex symbol, with the point-up triangle representing the feminine (women are generally wider at the bottom [hips] than at the top), and the point-down one representing the masculine (men usually have wider shoulders than lower bodies), the reverse of what’s stated in the article.

    Not that that’s the crux of the piece or anything. Just wondering if there’s much truth to that.

    Too bad such a positive image has been co-oped like this, regardless.

  145. capricornsister72 on

    I've looked at this web site after a fellow worker at my job told me about it, and this is all very interesting. My mother told me about this group of some of the highest minds having these meetings right after world war 2, she told me the name but I forget the details I'm afraid , but any way the agenda of these great minds was how do you weaken and attack the masses ? They came up with first attack the base of society – attack the importance of the family, belittle faith religion, morals, thus the masses will be weakened , lost, left to their most base animalistic selves . My mother didn't call them the Illuminati , it was something else.

    I find it funny how these music videos and all the other stupid trash glamourize boozing, "partying" – How glamourous it is to look bloated , puffy, weight gain , fried brain, liver and other organ damage , looking like an old sea hag by the age of 25 – in real life , not the glossy , fake , staged images shown to us – imagine the effect of "partying" when they hit 40 years of age – so very sexy, yes? . And I'm not talking about having a glass of wine or a beer -I'm not holy rolling or anything, but really if you see whats going on tv, music, 90 percent is absolute trash, it's unoriginal and just plain sucks, just looking hearing it aesthetically – the reality shows are a bunch of clowns, plastic surgery freaks with pissy pants behavior shown as highly entertaining . We are supposed to go wow and admire their clownish sexuality too, their so called sexiness is about as sexy as watching my dog trying to hump the cat.

    But it is succeeding in seducing many out there and they happily embrace it for the moment. The powers that be wouldn't spend millions and millions if they weren't getting something out of this crap.

    There is still alot of good in this world I think but more than ever people need to be carefull and maybe one day somehow we will all wake up to the harm this stuff does, especially to our younger generations and future generations.

  146. Adam/Eve Wiseass on

    Shitforbrain christianfundamentalists most likeky citizzzens of the united states of america with narrowminded, no onetrack minds being upset by things they (you) dont understand… The comments on this site is far more scary to read than anything of the socalled satanic evil you claim to be everywhere. Not saying its not out there, but dont fight your evil with more evil!

    Keep on Rokkin!

  147. I've got to say… i really, really hate this society now. Before then, i already hated it. I wish to God, that this sick, perverted… Satanic… God-damnation thing can be over quickly… my advice? well i'm not a wise person, but common sense, and God is telling us "STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM THESE THINGS!"

  148. I guess i wasnt the only one a little offended by a song that talks about dying young as if we were a disposable play thing.

  149. Ok, so we all understand this sick illuminati stuff.

    Jeshuah (Jesus' true name) told us thousands of years ago that satan owns this world.

    What are we gonna do about it?

    We don't do anything.

    Do you all worry about being on "their list?"

    Well, you should not worry, because you are allready on it.

    What are we gonna do about it?

    We don't do anything.

    Some of us sit alone thinking about this world that we live in.

    We feel really alone and disqusted.

    What can we do about it?

    We CAN do something…

    You and I have always been here, and we have a right to this world too.

    God renewed this world for US…YOU and ME.

    I don't understand why we just let this EVIL jerk take it over.

    Satan is no different than us, except that he chooses to be evil, and of course, he is brilliant.

    Can't we collaborate our intelligence enough to beat this guy?

    No, i guess we can't,

    so, let's just die young

  150. I love this site, and all its in-depth analysis. I just really wish it would dig in videogames too :/ games like Bioshock (I would LOOOVE an analysis on the upcomming Bioshock Infinite) Assassins Creed and Deus-Ex. Theres a lot to dig in to.

  151. …VC, do you know anything about the musical genre known as "Witch-house"? I'm just wondering…

    In my opinion (as I've stated before under other names, though they are mysteriously deleted from your site) all of this symbolism is merely a lame, trickling-down effect: mimicry of some real, underground musical genres that are already OVER, as far as the "underground" sees it.

    As soon as Gaga started pulling this crap, it was over and the goth kids had to find something else to be excited about.

    Just read about it here:

    That Wikipedia article is really only part of the story…for example, Houston Witch House had some real Satanic elements, to be sure, but it's quite a stretch to claim it had anything to do with the actual Illuminati.

  152. The best bit is, most of today's illuminati-inspired pop videos are available in high-definition on YouTube and Tell-Lie-Vision.

    Sort of adds more insult to the (brain damage) injury… you know, because it's in 'high definition' so you can see their agenda more 'clearly'.

  153. I see all the symbolism and understand your logic. And in all honesty, who cares? Every day I see people who carry symbols that does not mean I am instantly affected by them. They choose to have those symbols. And you will of course tell me that this works as a subliminal indoctrination and it's "BAD". But Illuminati stuff is not the only phenomena out there that can be considered detrimental. Everyone ultimately chooses for him or herself, mostly of course subconsciously. But that is the game of love and exploraton. And untimately and always: the collective determines the reality it lives in. To explore, to test, to experience. There nothing else to eat. So let't not overdramatize the issue. The research is brilliant! Thanks!

  154. If you can't be a role model, be a warning.

    For the love of God, these people will never stop. When will they ever realize that good will always triumph over evil? Just so stupid it SHOCKS me sometimes.

  155. Who are these people, um, sorry IDIOTS who actually audition for these sick videos?! Are they in on this evil sh*t, too??

    • No, my roommate was in one of Ke$ha's videos and she is a Christian who just happens to have a more goth style. She has a mowhawk and wears a lot of eyeliner but never wears satanic symbols.

  156. Aw, this was an extremely good post. Finding the time and actual effort to generate a top notch article… but
    what can I say… I hesitate a whole lot and don’t seem to get nearly anything done.

  157. Not to deny that all illuminati thingy but knowing Ke$ha and her attention seeking behaviour this might aswell be just an act to get more popular, because it's all so obvious in this vid it doesn't really fit the illuminati policy, the signs and all were always more discreet if you check other illumaniti suspicious artist, I think this might be all about controversy especially that there are many things that don't fit the illuminati at all.

  158. The building they are trashing is also a church.

    Surely this violates some sort of hate crime law? Shit, if there was a video of someone smashing a synagogue, you'd have the Jewish League all over your ass in a heartbeat.

  159. When I first listened to this song weeks ago, I felt something very weird about it. It was the uncomfortable feeling of hearing her repeating about dying young. After reading your article and seeing a video of one of her live concerts and fans cheering to her die young lyrics, it just felt disturbing. There was something about that song that really made me uneasy.

    I live in Connecticut and heard them playing this song on the radio this morning. This was right after a local morning show were having discussions about the horrific events that happened in Newtown. It hit a nerve and I had to revisit your site and view the actual video. I noticed the skull and bones (Yale University in Connecticut), the evil written on the side of the car (Connecticut Governor in a speech about evil visiting Newtown), the small town ( Newtown, population around 27,000), automatic weapons hitting the door with the police involved and a hearse ( gunman shooting at the door, gunman committing suicide and funerals involving very young souls).

    Is this coincidence or just a mind running amuck? I have to say the least that I am perplexed, however one thing for sure without a doubt is that evil is among us.


    • Its sickening and true, as soon as I heard about Connecticut I listened to this trashy track on the radio and automatically linked them, just like that lil wayne video and the batman tragedy.

  160. Hey VC, due to the Sandy Hook massacre, radio stations have pulled Die Young. Keshia just said on Twitter that she never wanted to sing this song, but she was FORCED to do so.

  161. "I understand," Ke$ha tweeted this afternoon in response to the news. "I had my very own issue with 'die young' for this reason. I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO."

    from an article today about the radios not using her song because of the shooting in CT.

  162. i think people are a little to scared, satan has no control ultimately God has control, honestly ima still listen to this music. i know who i worship!!!

  163. This video was made expressly for the purpose of agitating the article-writer and those of a similar mind into making a big deal of it, giving the celebrity that much more saturation in the new and truly essential advertising tool that is the internet hype machine. It's the same thing with Gaga and her new 'witch' act that's being bought here so hook, line and sinker. Nothing is going to boost sales to teens more than a bunch of enraged older people/Christians actually convinced that these vapid wastes of breath and effort are in fact figureheads of the Occult. Tweens and teens love witchcraft, because most are rapidly coming to the realization they're not the center of the universe, but little fishes in a big pond, and the idea that they could have 'special powers' that distinguish them from others is extremely appealing. By spreading the word that this rancid creature and Lady Gaga are modern-day witches of high standing representing dark Occult forces of great economic power, you're not hurting their reputation… -YOU'RE HELPING IT ALONG IMMENSELY-.
    There's nothing wrong with pointing this nonsense out, I actually entirely encourage it, as there's absolutely no question both and many other current 'public figures' are terribly insidious influences on our culture. Please try not to give validation in the minds of the young to them being 'supernatural' figures, however. You'll only wind up selling more clothes/perfume/'music'.

    • True that. It's just all clever marketing. And it works out very well, noticing the activity here; hence I am also a part of it. As if some Rothschild are in a castle somewhere in a dark chamber plotting out what next artist they should brainwash and use to promote… well what?

  164. > "Skull and Bones … representing the cult of death"

    no it doesn't.

    Whoever splashed the symbol around might think so. And people associate the symbol with pirates and anti-establishment because that's where they see it. And some people might use it simply because they think it looks cool.

    But the skull and crossed bones symbol isn't about death.

    the crossed bones represent the four elements of matter. The skull represents the spirit in matter (or, if you like, the ghost in the machine). In kabbalistic terms: four elements = Yod Heh Vau Heh, spirit = Shin.

    So, the skull and crossbones represents enlightened man (as opposed to material man which would be just matter). In christianity, enlightened man is symbolized by jesus christ.

  165. videos like this just throw a hodge-podge of loaded symbols around in an ink splatter kind of way. The people throwing them around don't have to understand what they mean .. they just chose them to have a pop-culture sinister resonance.

    Anything meaningful or hints at anything meaningful that are uncovered are done so in a Rorschach ink blot test way.

    So, this is really about uncovering what is in the mind of the viewer, not in the mind of the creator of the piece. Which, it might be said, makes it more significant rather than less significant. (Who cares what some half-assed media professional believes. To the viewer, what lies in the mind of viewer is, naturally, more significant.)

  166. I don't watch any television anymore since the last few years, and didn't even hear about this Kesha before. I didn't bother to watch the complete video either, I've seen enough so called Illuminati symbolism in the past. Seeing the pictures and reading the article tells me enough.

    It's just ridiculous these days with the symbolism. I did have a small peak at youtube, and read the comments. Almost everybody in the comments is labeling this an Illuminati video. The same happens with other "Illuminati puppet" – video's such as those from Lady Gaga. That means that people are aware. And I simply don't believe anymore that video's filled with symbolism is to promote Illuminati. It's just too ridiculous. Instead of analysing this stuff, why not try to get interviews with the creators of these video's instead?. What do they have to say about it? I bet that the music industry is just using the symbolism to make their artists look special. As if their artists are "in the know" and we are not. Basically creating occultism. When such a new video is released everyone starts talking about how blatant the video is and such and thus basically advertising the video. After all, we all watch it, right? Those videos generate a lot of buzz.. It just makes the videos more interesting if tv stations don't want to broadcast them. We are all thinking like "wow, that's so evil". And still dancing to it in the club anyways.

    Thus, is a power elite really trying to send us a message? Or is it just simply marketing? Sure, there are certain powers in the world, that try to control certain things, but this is just so over the top. I think that it is more realistic to thing that the creators of the video are laughing out loud when they are reading all the "f*ck the Illuminati" comments on youtube instead.

  167. Also, when looking into the comments here, I notice that people are actually "researching" what else is Illuminati about this Kesha. Looking at websites, watching videos of her, reading interviews and all that. And then, when a new video comes out, I bet that they are the first ones to see it. To find out what Illuminati elements she used this time. And once again, I think that this is the real reason for the use of such symbolism. It's just a clever advertising scheme, and it works.

  168. I swear, this is almost comical how occultic and illuminatically saturated this video is. All I can say that as a young person, I'm looking at the blueprints of the death of Christianity right in the eyes. I'm almost afraid to think of what will be popular a good 20 years down the road. Thanks for the article VC. Stay vigilant!

  169. now after reading tons of these articles i just seem to find out that something BAD is going on which makes no sense at all unless i know what is going on and i dont. none has explained that to me yet. so im just wasting my time filling my head with bad thoughts, now that sounds like an illuminati agenda to me.

  170. Fantastic web site. A lot of useful information
    here. I am sending it to a few friends ans additionally sharing in delicious.
    And obviously, thanks to your effort!

  171. Javad. Jesus lover on

    Well best strategy,. spoiling the popularity of pops and Christianity . then producing such a symbolic religious of sexual freedom. many people like to try it.. I .I hated the way these satanic video clip offended Christ and holy religion.
    they are working hard for the removal of religious beliefs. much worse humanity.

  172. fake alert ! that wasn’t an illuminati worship video…it look too fake. In real satanic videos the don’t include much evil signs like in that of kesha – die young the always make sure that the public don’t realise they’re taking part in satanic worshiping. The video was realized purpose for making kesha famous and the industry knew that including much satanic signs will call the attention of public.. Take a close look at Rihanna – Rude Boy , Bruno Mars ft Lil Wayne – Mirror

  173. @Lyric
    If retard and retarded are "terrible and offensive words" as you say, well then I guess there's nothing wrong with pissing on people, right?
    Just in case you didn't notice, I'm being sarcastic here.
    If you're going to follow some type of logic then stay true to it!
    Don't make a statement and contradict yourself in the next sentence cause it doesn't make any sense.
    Congratulations, you just rendered your statement pointless.

  174. I must add to the video screenshots. There is a part where, during all the contineously flashing images, an eagle appears for a quite a three to four seconds and flies off.
    Eagle, being an Egyption god, comes with a lot of history relating to the symbolisms of 'Illumnati'. And I might add, eagle was famously known for 'Ra' the egyption god having its head for a face.
    And yeah. I AM FREAKED OUT AT THE GROWING "CASUALNESS" OF ILLUMNATI CONCEPTS! They used to be a threat and now its like the normal freaking thing in our socities!

  175. Rebecca Innes on

    I'm a big Kesha fan, and I'm not saying this to stick up for her. But people that think that the Illuminati is real, and that she is tying to brain-wash people is by far the most rediculous thing iv heard in a long time! Its just a theme for a music video, what about Rihanna, she had Illuminati symobls in her music video for Dimonds – why don't you pick on her and call her a 'satanic whore'!?!? Its like a new 'thing' now. And I'm not a little monster!!!! Kesha is awsome!! That Mark Dice guy on youtube is the one brain washing us into thinking Kesha is the brain washer!! That guy just has a lot of problems, clearly. ……and its ke$ha….not ke-dollersighn-ha, get a grip!

  176. This is just getting me angry reading all your comments hating Kesha! Make like a tree and leave (lol iv always wanted to say that)!!!! Its just music! Hate on someone else, like beiber!!! Kesha is not a whore, she is as normal as us. I bet all of you have went out drinking, and partying! She's just an overgrown teenager, remember 'live like your gonna die YOUNG'!!! #weeeeee #suckit!

  177. My soul is crying for stuff like this.. I know that God is crying too. This is part of his plan that everything comes to good at the end. People have to know about Jesus not about satan! Please don't buy illuminati products to your childrens and of course for you! All what we need is Gods Furious Love!!
    Blessings, Henry from Finland

  178. I do find it funny that VC constantly states that an inverted cross is a sign of "The Satanic Church", when in reality it's because Saint Peter believed he wasn't worthy enough to die the same way Christ did. Sitting here believing everything VC tells you makes you as mindless as the people you criticize. DO YOUR DAMN RESEARCH YOURSELF.

  179. I only saw this video last night on a music channel. That's why I am here. Even I was surprised at how blatant the symbolism is. This is the most obvious push I have seen to turn humanity into the 'undead'. Thanks for posting.

  180. Something is definetly going on in the world, and in the elite. By the way, the Hungarian government declared war on the NWO, so now that is our 'de facto' foreign policy.

  181. I think She just wanted to be cool.
    All the Big Music people have Illuminati conspercys about them.
    The Symbolism is way to obvious to have any realness.

    Maby its time to invest in a new secret society, because the illuminati is not a very secret secret society

  182. The “shocking” imagery in Kesha’s videos is really just for publicity. And it’s working, since all the Christians are busily helping to generate controversy and thus build Kesha’s business. A similar kind of stupidity launched Dan Brown as an author (and earned him millions of dollars) even though most 13-year-olds can write better prose.

    You’d be better off ignoring Kesha – it’s the worst thing you can do to people like her.

    And, by the way, the inverted cross is associated with St. Peter, so unless your argument is that St. Peter was Satanic I’d concentrate on other symbols.

  183. This bitch is crazy she show signs and symsombal for a reason not lack of talent she follow the wrong leader is simple a devil follower and think bout all the lil kids that worth ship ppl like this.

  184. I guess the question is why? Why are there these symbols on these videos. I am not such a believer but something must be going on to all these videos to be similar in symbolisms….

  185. Someone said that "if you want to see the devil, disguise yourself as a devil and look into a mirror"

    This woman is just giving herself to impersonnate evil.

    To get rid of darkness, do not chase it but instead inroduce light.

  186. why this life shoudn't be pointless, sure it is….don't get me wrong i'm not approving illuminati' agenda…i'm just saying, we already living in some illusion create by some entity, we don't even know the meaning of this world, ther's no way out…i'm happy this life will finish one day..or someone explain me..

  187. How about if you don't like her don't watch or listen to her instead of goig on about her? I think she's cool and I love her heavy bass beats. She looks hot in some vids as well

  188. wow where to start, kesha and other artists are musicians if you can call them that! that are maybe poking fun the CTists among us for increased sales? maybe trying to condition the younger ones among us and our kids? or maybe working under duress? the fact is if it was the foo fighters/ justin bieber or coldplay this topic would not be smouldering it would nuclear! by the age of 25 say, we might be liable to moving on from this type of pop anyway. its a kind of seed planting operation rather than body snatching. this conditions us for the final or final series of coming out ceremonies which will mean the end of life for 5 out of 6 of us as is one of the later illuminati missions to conserve resources. population 500 million – 1 billion people which is believed to be able sustain our planets resources indefinately. the question is what are we to do about it? if anyone can answer this I'm all ears, thx for reading, good luck people, chess or checkers?

  189. manipulation an mind control which these high classed mp,s ect uses the media as puppets 2 cerupt hower minds……they want 2 pay 4 youngsters 2 go 2 law school 2 wipe out us low class people so they can get what they have been wantin for years……..NEW WORLD ORDER!!……..michael jackson tryed 2 tells us then they killed him…………..WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  190. I can't agree enough your article Completely hits it on the head and takes the words out of my mouth. The bottom line is despite the overt symbols it is about the Agenda which represents debauchery, and a sort of lose your soul and go straight to hell agenda.

  191. I am just looking at this post now and I was wondering when this song came out. And I saw that it came out on the 30th of November, Just 2 weeks Sandy Hook Shooting. And I can't help but I wonder if this song was a little interlude to what was to come with the shooting. With the signs being so obviously in our faces now, and trying to control gun populations. It seems to be a set up. Esp. When her first part of the verse seems to be about a young innocence and then going into the extrememly sexual second verse.

  192. Oh my God, this music video is just wow. Wow Illuminati, they aren't even stealthy about it. They have nothing to hide at this point. Symbols are literally handed to you and they're so explicitly expressed. I think everybody would think that something is clearly wrong about this video and there's symbols of Satan all over the fucking place. I mean before I have to give them credit, they used to be good at hiding these types of things.

  193. It's scary how prevalent they have become!! its like they're saying " I bet that we can shove it right in their faces and they wont even mind or notice!!". The symbols are everywhere now, you can't visit a fashion site without noticing the all seeing eye on T-shirts. I don't know how far they will go !

  194. I've traced hidden subliminal Illuminaty symbols back to the 80's. Folks it's been happening for a while, but now they don't try to hide it and that's scary for some reason..I dunno exactly why tho. In the older videos its just a screen blip, u pause it at just the right time and wallah a big all seeing eye, or or triangle with the eye, or the horns etc. Why would a band work so hard to "make it" and then allow someone else to deface thr work?? it's odd

  195. lol it's all about breaking down moralistic 'barriers' so that when they round us up like cattle they'll feel better because we're such 'lawless animals'.
    Now I'm not certain whether it'll come to them rounding us up, but I know that the true machinery of change is being hidden from us and when it's revealed people are so jaded nowadays they most likely won't care.
    They don't even have to round us up if we aren't rioting in the streets.
    In fact, we probably won't even give a fuck.
    I guess we'll see.

  196. I honestly think Ke$ha shouldn't be considered guilty.
    First of all, we must analyse and be aware of the fact that mass-media controls us since it was invented. Think of advertising. Music has become a powerful way to induce people (especially young ones) to follow and to imitate what they hear and especially what they see. Ke$ha's video is not the first one, and it won't be the last to show so shamelessly a corrupted society in which the evil and superficiality are the paths to be followed.
    That's why I don't wonder about this video.
    Surely, we should also think about the power of symbols. Do they really have an influence on us? How much do they influence us? But, the truth is that, even if symbols are useless and powerless, then the question is obvious: WHY DO THEY PUT THEM INTO MUSIC VIDEO? If symbols have no power, if they can't control us, then why the hell they use them in a video that is seen by millions of people??
    So, if power of symbols is still in doubt, bad intentions of who stands behind the video CAN'T BE DENIED.

  197. It's not the actual symbols that have the "power" in them, it's what the symbols do in our minds. The first language/s were just symbols, usually in the shape of what they represented, which were changed/forgotten at the tower of Babel incident, and now the "Elite" have rebuilt the tower of Babel, and are using the original symbology language to speak to our (sheeple) subconscious minds, to convey a message and/or command, reprogramming the viewer subconsciously.

    The only defence against this is to become conscious of the symbology, and therefore keeping it out of our subconscious (hopefully), it's only those who go into a mindless trance while watching tv/cinema etc., who get the full force of the symbols, as they bypass their conscious and goes strait into their subconscious.

    Waking up (being called) is relatively easy, trying to keep awake long enough to be chosen is not so easy.

    He is on His way back, and will be here soon, so wake up, stay awake, and prepare yourself each day.

  198. Animalism is the right way to go. This way we are going is the wrong way. Live as one with planet earth as the animals do, take only what you need to survive and live peacefully with nature.

  199. Brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack is probably healthier for your teeth and brain than what is in your fluoride toothpaste.

  200. 'When the hearse is opens, we see Ke$ha in a black veil, posing as if she was some sort of sexual religious statue.'

    What she is wearing eerily reminds me of the movie "The Handmaiden"… rather creepy, that!

  201. Don't forget about the Jewish sign of David showing up in it the whole time and the fact that they're dancing in a church :/ So as well as being completely offensive full of messed up Illuminati, it's also racist.

  202. ^ oh my gosh wow……. soz got it completely wrong…. it's the sign of satan….. WOW….. I can't believe such a popular singer would go into all of this stupid illuminati

  203. Kesha who is controlled by Illuminati promotes sex and wild lifestyle. Fun., the famous band nowaday also collaborated with LGBT organization. Reference from Wikipedia for Fun.

  204. Jess Houghton on

    This is the most ridiculous thing that I've heard in a while. Everyone is obviously not aware of popular culture otherwise they would have heard of hipsters. These hipsters love symbols, especially triangles and inverted crosses and this is because they like the way they look, not because they are trying to brainwash their peers into satanism! None of them would know that the inverted cross was the sign of the devil or what triangles symbolise. How could this therefore be brainwashing the illuminati ways onto people? And if it is then it's a blatantly futile attempt that no one is taking seriously. Ke$ah's directors (as I do agree that she is talentless and only dancing provocatively to what she's told to) are only trying to appeal to younger generations that are going to like her music and like the look of the video as they can relate to the fashion symbols that these so called satanic imagery have become.

  205. theres no telling what will happen next, if illuminati is taking over the world, i'll be there to againts it in all ways n defend my religion!! my rights n action is not to them but to god.

    • Ke$ha's Hubby on

      Might wanna go back to school and brush up on your grammar before you think about defending anybody

  206. Although I am sure you've done your research into the use of symbolism in the illuminati grand scheme of domination & it is probably mentioned a dozen times over in the 500+ replies, I just wanted to add that some of the things mentioned about the symbols flashing in the video should be addressed as there are meanings that are directly associated to the triangles(both upright & inverted) and the pentagram & tarot card in the video that are absent from your explanation. I am responding from an experienced viewpoint as I am a practicing witch & I believe we deserve to be represented in a positive light as much as any group or culture. The triangle is not actually a masculine/feminine reflection so much as it is a symbolic representation of the 4 elements(2 upright: fire & air with air's symbol having a double line at the bottom to represent direction & 2 inverted: water & earth, & earth's symbol also has a double line at the top of the triangle to show growth that has taken root)..the overlapping of the two triangles forms the 6 sided star representing a combination of elements which represents unity & balance(All that Is). Or when the triangles are overlapping so that the inverted is centered within upright & seen as two pyramids intersected they become the Merkaba)
    A merkaba(h) is defined as: the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another. Although the pyramid with the all seeing eye is a recognized illuminati symbol dating back to the Freemasons, it is also found on the US dollar bill and so over time has become accepted as a political/economical power symbol in the US(the Almighty dollar as it were). Lastly the tarot card "Death". Being someone who reads tarot, I am going to make mention of a well known fact. The Devil card does not mean death or sacrifice,…it warns only of situations and people to be wary of. People who might be considered "bad" for us. Not even the death card means physical death in the tarot,…it represents endings that bring about rebirth & new beginnings. These are NOT cards associated with Satanism. That is not to say that the intent in the video isn't just exactly what you make claims of it being,…but from a tarot reader's standpoint…its a moot point as we do not believe/accept evil or Satanic associations with tarot. Anything that Kei$ha and her producers/videographers/directors/publicists/agents decide to have her do in her videos/concerts/interviews is to get attention(whether good or bad it draws publicity to her which is exactly the intent behind all the imagery). …and in response to Watcher, Kali is both a "creator/destroyer Goddess". Yes she is fierce in appearance, but her appearance is highly symbolic and although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of "annihilator of evil forces" still has some influence. For further reading to offer interpretation of her attributes see the following link:
    Rarely do I find myself leaving comment on a person's editorial writings as it is personal interpretation being presented, but I just wanted to offer some insight that is truthful regarding associations that were made that shed a rather negative light on some things I know to be of a positive nature.

  207. I hate the Illuminati they can go get fucked, they're all through music, tv and everyday life. People are blind not to see the truth, and maybe this generation will notice? Or will they go deeper into these lies… You can count on me and my friends because we know about this stuff and pay attention to omens and stuff. I'm actually about to do a spell to make myself stronger and smarter, hopefully people will notice the illuminati and stop them.
    Peace out!

  208. Not to mention that the look in her eyes is lifeless, as if she were dead inside. It's really creepy to look at.

  209. Miss Georgina on

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  210. I used to read these and find them very interesting but now I find a lot of these articles way to far fetched. For example you pointed out Ke$ha's drawing of the Devil card as some sort of symbol for her relationship with the devil/illuminati/what ever you want to call it. But if you researched tarot cards and readings you would know that the Devil card doesn't really represent any evil relating to the devil at all (one could argue that all evil relates to the Devil but I'm talking in a more literal sense). "Though many decks portray a stereotypical Satan figure for this card, it is more accurately represented by our bondage to material things rather than by any evil persona."

    If you ask me, the only ones doing any brainwashing are the writers of articles like this. Because all of you 'followers' sound pretty delusional in some of your comments to me.

  211. People who don't believe this is happening in the world are just ignorant. Why are artist trying so hard to incorporate these symbols? Why bother brushing it off? So fucked up

  212. this is the first vc article I've read where vc was actually quite ignorant on many of the subjects… *research is a good thing, and assumptions are not.*

  213. I know it isnt mentioned, but actually, during the video, they sacrafice and kill one of the girls. She lays dead in a circle on the ground. They show the wolves attacking each other at the same time since it is graphic. But literally they kill a girl as a sacrafice in the video. Watch closely. I literally felt so uneasy watching this video that i had to stop it around 1:30. This video is BAD and just like it says, EVIL!

  214. From the official video:
    Directed By: Darren Craig for The Uprising Creative
    Produced by: Jonathan Craven for The Uprising Creative
    Editor: Shahana Khan
    VFX: Ryan Paterson & Jesse Austin and Mike Orr

    We all know Kesha is a pawn.
    The above are the people responsible for this vile and anti human imagery.

  215. Ok, what I don't understand is this – with this symbols what are they trying to do? I know it's illuminati etc but what is really trying to do? what are they purpose? And this programming? do the symbols program me? I'm sorry but I don't understand. I stopped listening and watching to pop music but am I still "programmed" from before? Can you explain more? I read the page about monarch programming but still don't understand what's the point of the buuterfly symbol in the video. Maybe the question is stupid but beat it.

  216. Does anyone else think that its just cool to act like you are in the "illuminati". All these performers get mad publicity for acting this way and just making people think you are involved in some sort of secrete elite takeover scheme seems pretty cool to me. If there really was a coup to take over and start a new world order they wouldn't have performers making it blatantly obvious, and many will say they are trying to brainwash us. In my opinion some drunk bitch throwing up symbols and putting a bunch of triangles in her music video is not going to brainwash me or make me agree with a NWO.

  217. It's also no coincidence that the official music video duration is 3 mins 33 secs. Look into the Illuminati meaning of 333.

  218. Starship Coolman on

    People are so caught up in their manipulated generalizations that they are completely unable to adapt understanding upon potential new ideas; do you guys even know what the idea of the "illuminati" means? Look at the name, it gives a pretty good hint; society has many things within (intentionally, particularly certain religions (I.E. christianity and some others) it to prevent the coming of this understanding. Ke$ha is using this music to represent socially acceptable ideas of the masses in a way that most of her audience associates with; but is allowing people that actually think about the music to realize that this is just a representation of these ideas and it isn't necessarily supporting them, at least not in the ways the music explicitly states.
    EX. "Young hearts, out our minds
    Running till we outta time" what do you guys think she means by this? Obviously there's the direct idea that people associate with, but there's another level that's intending to show that this idea is irrational and while still being applicable directly to most. She's pretty much saying people are stuck in society's loops and are completely unaware because of their state of mind.
    The ideas have to connect to the masses in order to fully allow these ideas to come across to people that realize her intentions. She's not an illuminati 'puppet' and regardless of if the illuminati exists or what their intentions are, her intention is to allow people to come to an understanding of our world through the means of representation of irrational ideas within others.

  219. HPNeshemaAkuji on

    You are wrong about the "pentacle". First off, that is a Pentagram, not a pentacle. A pentacle is just the star.

    Second, the pentagram and pentacle are not Occult symbols, they are Ancient Pagan symbols Get your symbolism correct, before writing any more half-assed articles.

    Third, neither symbol has anything to do with orgies or sex magick.

    Tarot is not Satanic.

    In the shot with the wolves, there is no actual sex, that is dominance and submission.

    Oh and the Illuminati is not into bestiality.

    The All Seeing Eye is not evil.

    The one eye bit One side represents Ra, the Ancient Egyptian God of the Sun, as the other represents Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian God of the Moon.

  220. HPNeshemaAkuji on

    As a life-long Polytheist/Occultist practitioner. I have got to say, you don't know a damn thing.

    II suggest an actual education before posting any more ridiculous articles, that serve nothing but to create drama.

    Seriously, you expect everyone to kowtow to your ideas, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, way of life. You are no better than the people you attack.

    Don't like this stuff? Then don't watch it. Its called being an adult, you should try it. Instead of whining online, why not go do something that's actually useful to the world.

  221. You should know from writing this review that Kesha's mom is a medium / psychic and so she was brought up with this culture and beliefs check your info and stop putting her on the stand she's a artist let it be

  222. I watched the video and it seems to me that the building they enter is a church (only without croos, maybe it would bee to blatant, if it was there). It would make a sense, destroy the furnishing and desecrate it with a magic ritual…

  223. My main problem with illuminati symbolism in General is that you're including the Church of Satan. They're not bad guys.

  224. Good points VC. Just like these modern disposable pawns, Judas was never "rewarded" by Satan for betraying Jesus. He only got 30 pieces of silver, then was abandoned – as he's no longer useful to the devil – and left to commit suicide.

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