“The Hunger Games”: A Glimpse at the Future?


The hit movie “The Hunger Games” takes place in a dystopian future where the poor and wretched masses live under the high tech tyranny of a wealthy elite. Is the movie depicting the kind of society the elite is trying to establish for the New World Order? We’ll look at characteristics of the world presented in “The Hunger Games” and how they relate to plans for a New World Order.

Pushed by a gigantic marketing campaign, The Hunger Games did not take long to become a world-wide sensation, especially among teenagers and young adults. Sometimes referred to as the new Twilight, The Hunger Games has similar components to the previous book-to-movie craze (i.e. a young girl torn between two guys) but takes place in a very different context.

Set in a dystopian future (why is the future always “dystopian”?), The Hunger Games paints a rather grim picture of the world of tomorrow, whether it be from a social, economical or political point of view. In short, it is a big-brotherish nightmare where a rich elite thrives on the backs of a starving population. Meanwhile, the perversity and voyeurism of mass media is taken to absurd levels and is used by the government as a glue to keep its unjust social order intact. Is The Hunger Games giving teenagers a glimpse of a not-too-distant future? It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see the elite are trying to take the world in that direction. Is the author Suzanne Collins communicating a strong anti-NWO message to the youth by showing its dangers or is it getting the youth used to the idea? Let’s look at the fictional, yet possible, future world of The Hunger Games.

Note: This article is about the movie and not the book series. The movie has been formatted in a different way and conveys a slightly different message.

The NWO for Teenagers

The Hunger Games takes place in a context that is strikingly on-par with descriptions of the New World Order as planned by today’s global elite. One of the main characteristics of the New World Order is the dissolving of regular nation-states to form a single world government to be ruled by a central power. In The Hunger Games, this concept is fully represented as the action takes place in Panem, a totalitarian nation that encompasses the entire North-American territory. The United States and Canada have therefore merged into a single entity, a step that many predict that will happen before the full-on creation of the NWO.

The President of Panem addressing the Nation.

In Panem, the concepts of democracy and freedom have disappeared from America to be replaced by a high-tech dictatorship based on surveillance, monitoring, mass-media indoctrination, police oppression and a radical division of social classes. The vast majority of the citizens of Panem live in third-world country conditions and are constantly subjected poverty, famine and sickness. These difficult living conditions are apparently the result of a devastating event that engendered the complete economic collapse of North America. In District 12, home of the hero Katniss Everdeen, the locals live in conditions similar to the pre-industrial era where families of coal miners lived makeshift in shacks and eat rodents as meals.

While the masses look as if they are living in the 1800s, they are nevertheless subjugated to the high-tech rule of the Capitol, which uses technology to monitor, control and indoctrinate the masses. Surveillance cameras, RFID chips and 3D holograms are abundantly used by the government to manipulate the will of a weak and uneducated population (although there are signs of solidarity and rebelliousness among the peasants). To preserve the fragile social order, the Capitol relies on a massive police force that is always ready repress any kind of uprising. The workers are often rounded up in civilian camps where they are shown state-sponsored propaganda videos. Panem is therefore a high-tech police state ruled by a powerful elite that seeks to keep the masses in poverty and subjugation. As we’ve seen in previous articles on this site, all of these concepts are also thoroughly represented in other forms of media as there appears to be a conscious effort to normalize the ideas of a high-tech police state as the only normal evolution of the current political system.

Living in sharp contrast to the proletariat, the elite in The Hunger Games inhabits the glistening Capitol city and indulges in all sorts of extravagances and fashion trends. This upper-echelon of society perceives the rest of the population as an inferior race to be ridiculed, tamed and controlled. All valuable resources have been vacuumed from the people living in the districts to profit the Capitol, creating a clear and insurmountable divide between Regular People and The Elite. The concept of an opulent elite ruling over the dumbed-down and impoverished masses (thus making them easily manageable) is an important aspect of the New World Order and it is clearly depicted in The Hunger Games. The government’s reliance on high-tech surveillance and mass media to keep the population in check is something we are already seeing and, if we keep going in that direction, the world of The Hunger Games will soon become reality. There is another concept important to the occult elite that is at the heart of The Hunger Games, however: Blood sacrifices to strike fear and gain power.


Blood Sacrifices for the Elite

Katniss is selected as tribute of her district.

The government of Panem created the Hunger Games in order to remind the masses of the “great treason” they have committed by engaging in a rebellion. As punishment for their insubordination, the twelve districts of Panem must offer to the Capitol one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 to be part of The Hunger Games. The teenagers must fight to the death in an outdoor arena in a Roman Gladiator-like event that is televised across the nation. The rules of the Games reflect the elite’s contempt and total lack of respect for the masses. The name of the Games itself is a reminder of the state of perpetual starvation the lower class is purposely kept in by the rulers in order to better control it.

The boys and girls that are selected to take part in The Hunger Games are called “tributes”, a term that usually describes a payment rendered by a vassal to his lord and thus even reflects the servitude of the mass to its rulers. Since time immemorial, blood sacrifices were considered to be the highest form of “tribute” to gods and, on an occult level, were said to wield the most potent power to be tapped by rulers and sorcerers. The same way ancient Carthaginians sacrificed infants to the god Moloch, inhabitants of Panem sacrifice their children to the Capitol. The Hunger Games are therefore a modern version of these ancient rituals that the masses had to participate in to avoid the wrath of their superiors. The entire nation of Panem is forced to watch the sacrificial ritual that takes place in the Capitol, stirring up fear, anger and blood lust within them, amplifying the power of the ritual. We’ve seen in previous articles that the deaths of specific people (Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse) become such a media event that they are, in fact, mega-rituals that entire nations participate in. The Hunger Games reflect this concept of highly publicized mega-rituals.

“Tributes” for The Hunger Games become the property of the state and are revoked of all their rights.

In The Hunger Games, the ritualistic death of young people chosen from the mass is sold as a sporting event, a nation-wide celebration that is packaged as a reality show. Not only do the poor people participate in these demeaning events, they even cheer for their favorites. Why do they accept all of this? One of the reasons is that mass media can get people to accept anything … if it is entertaining.

Appealing to the Basest Instincts

The games are broadcast to the nation in the form of a reality-show, complete with TV hosts who analyze the action, interview the tributes and judge their performance. The tributes are so indoctrinated in this culture that they readily accept the rules of the game and turn are fully willing to start killing to win the Games. The masses also actively participate in the event, cheering for their district’s representatives, even though the entire event celebrates the sacrifice of their own. This reflects a sad but true fact concerning mass media: Any kind of message can reach people if it manages to capture their attention. There are two things that automatically, almost irresistibly, grab our attention: Blood and sex, the remnants of our primal instincts. The sheer violence of the event grabs the attention of the masses, who forget that the Games serve as a reminder of the people’s servitude to its elite. This concept is already well-known and fully exploited in today’s mass media, as elite-sponsored messages are constantly sold to consumers as being “entertainment”. The Hunger Games therefore aptly portray the role of media in the manipulation of public opinion. Will the movie help young people realize this fact?

At one point in The Hunger Gamesthe death of a little girl shocked the people to a point that it brought a brief moment of lucidity and solidarity as the kill highlighted the atrocity of the Games. The live broadcasting of the death lead to a violent uprising in her district as the locals realized that they were willing participants in something terrible. The uprising was quickly quelled however, by the ever-present police force of the state. Furthermore, in order to prevent further social trouble, the producers of the show introduced a new element to the show: Love between Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, the girl and the boy from District 12. By introducing love (and, by extension, sex) into the show, the producers managed to quell the masses and brought them back to their usual state of silent stupor. This part of the movie reflects how mass media is used by the powers that be today. The worldwide reach of The Hunger Games series itself proves that stories that cleverly feature the ingredients of sex and violence are bound to get people hooked. And, even though The Hunger Games seems to be denouncing the perversity of violence in mass media, it sure brings more of it into movie theatres.

Desensitizing to a New Type of Violence

While there is no shortage of violence in Hollywood, The Hunger Games movie crosses a boundary that is rarely seen in movies: Violence by minors and towards minors. In this PG-13 movie we see kids aged between 12 and 18 violently stabbing, slashing, strangling, shooting and breaking the necks of other children – scenes that are seldom seen in Hollywood movies. While it is surely a way for the movie the grab the attention of the movie’s target audience (which happens to be teenagers aged 12 to 18) The Hunger Games brings to the forefront a new form of violence that was previously deemed too disturbing to portray in movies. But in the particular kill-or-be-killed scenario of The Hunger Games, the viewers easily go beyond this psychological barrier and find themselves yelling stuff at the movie like “Come on, Katniss, take your bow and shoot that vicious little f**cker in the head!”.


In Conclusion

The Hunger Games is set in world that is exactly what is described to be the New World Order: A rich and powerful elite, an exploited and dumbed-down mass of people, the dissolving of democracies into a police state entities, high-tech surveillance, mass media used for propaganda and a whole lot of blood rituals. There is indeed nothing optimistic in the dystopian future described in The Hunger Games. Even human dignity is revoked as the masses are forced to watch their own children killing each others as if they were caged animals. That being said, there is little to no difference between movie goers who watch the movie The Hunger Games and the masses in the movie that witness the cruelty of the Games. Both are willing participants in an event that portrays the sacrifice of their own under the amused eye of the elite. Furthermore, one can argue that the movie accomplishes the same functions as the Games in the movie: Distracting the masses with blood and sex while reminding it of the elite’s power.

Is The Hunger Games attempting to warn an apathetic youth of the danger of allowing the current system to devolve into a totalitarian nightmare? Or is it simply programming it to perceive the coming of a New World Order as an inevitability? That question is up for debate. But reading what is being said in the mass media about The Hunger Games, it seems there is an even more important question up for debate: Are you Team Peeta or Team Gale?




  1. I was wondering if I'd see an article on this. I've been discussing with a young cousin how the film/story seems to be UN Agenda 21 coming to life. Is the author an insider or a keen observer? Yowzer.

    • I was wondering that also before the movie was anounced who does the subject of these books come from?

    • I too wondered this. I find it unlikely that she's an insider. Honestly, the books were probably written to dissuade this type of future. Either that, or it's a reflection of a wound in our collective unconscious — i.e. something we are all anticipating, even writers.

      Certainly, however, that only reason the movie is so popular is because it furthers the NWO agenda. I will say that.

      • Both the book and movie are sick, according to my cousin the book is a lot more violent then the movie, that's Scholastic Books for ya! We know the book and movie are propaganda tools for the youth to accept or be desensitized to the return of openly practiced ancient demonic rituals. People on twitter were all up in arms that the little black girl in the movie was murdered, I think that was a set up by those running the show to distract people from the fact that the whole book and movie were about children killing children. It was sick and sad to see so many of our youth going to this movie as most have read the sick books.

        To me the writer combined Metropolis and 1984 with a heap of the Gladiator games from the Roman Empire, which has already come to fruition yet again(Roman Empire.) They displayed the practices of the secret society Columbia who sacrificed young children who also double as oracles called Colums(sp?) Does Washington D.C.(District of Columbia) come to mind? The way they depicted the games in the movie reminded me of American Idol, not too much of a difference between them. I only went to see the movie to see what message they were sending out to the masses, of course it was the one I knew it to be.

        On one last note: Katniss Everdeen= Sin Kat Need Reve, reve means officer, governor. Does this sex kitten need proper authority in her life to reach divinity? Her monarch programming was depicted when in one part of the movie a Blue Morpho landed on her hand and flew away.

      • Its is basically a combination of The Running Man with Arnold Schwartz-whatever his name is, District of Columbia, American Idol, 13th warrior with Antonio Banderas, Metropolis and another ingredient I cant quite seem to put my finger on. I might need some help. Children killing children or even killing at all, in defence or as assassins. Sounds like a side dish of Hannah, kick ass, 300, and children of the corn, among others. Oh America, we watch you, and we know.

      • They actually live. John Carpenter must be so proud. I see there is now a clothing line called "Obey".

        Dystopian future my ass. Lets all ride the gravy train and be quiet about this.

      • I've been waiting for this article.

        Is The Hunger Games attempting to warn an apathetic youth of the danger of allowing the current system to devolve into a totalitarian nightmare?

        The violence was beyond disturbing and that colored my view of it. I would go one step further and say we already live in this kind of world since the global recession. The new world order is already here and most people are acting like all is well. Are there more austerity measures destined to come down the pike in the future? Probably. The mental slavery and the credit card enslavement are here now. Some kids might wake up from watching the film– small minority.

        Or is it simply programming it to perceive the coming of a New World Order as an inevitability?

        It is programming and it is a lie, because we have a choice. We have free will.

        That question is up for debate. But reading what is being said in the mass media about The Hunger Games, it seems there is an even more important question up for debate: Are you Team Peeta or Team Gale?

        Team God 2012.

      • @ Africa: I think the one you missed, and it took me awhile to think of it, is the book & film, "Lord of the Flies". N'est ce pas?

    • Chevronexxon on

      I think its important to understand where these movies are heading, if they are like the books the author is definitely not propagating NWO ideals, that is unless the elite want a revolution or government overthrown by the youth.

    • ChristOne247365 on

      Interesting video of the authors take on the book. Its hard to say her agenda, but she does raise some good things to think about at the end of the video. Lets hope and pray this is just another domino falling on those we call 'the illuminati'.

    • Yes the author is an insider:


      "The Collins family is an old New England family. Early members of it were Francis, Edward and John. (See the genealogical chart.) Part of the Satanic branch may live in England too. Like most top Illuminati families, the Collins have spread al over – so that even the West Coast has some members of this satanic bloodline. Part of the family is both related to aristocracy and to witchcraft. For instance, I have a complete list of all people accused of witchcraft in New England in the 17th century which includes some Collins, The 17th century was the first century that British settlers, mostly Puritans, some of whom are also known as Pilgrims and Congregationalists settled in New England. In 1640 in Aquiday, Mass. a Collins was accused of witchcraft. In 1653, Jane Collins was accused of witchcraft in Lynn, Mass. And a Collins family lived in the Salem, Mass. area of Marblehead during the 1650s when the witch trials occurred.

      They were neighbors to the family accused of witchcraft. Interestingly some of the last names of other people accused of witchcraft in early colonial Massachusetts include Young, Bailey, Carrington, Godfrey, Hall, Brown and Clinton. You will find all of these last names on people today who are connected to the Satanic hierarchy (Illuminati) and Satanism. However, the worst example of dealing with "witchcraft", the Salem Witch trials, was instigated by the Collins family to destroy Christians. Christians have been held accountable for something the Collins family did to Christians in Salem, Mass. My opinion is that the Collins family practiced witchcraft before coming to New England in the 17th century. One ex-Illuminati member who was from the Collins bloodline stated that the Collins family brought witchcraft from England to America. For the first part of the 1700s, one of the British Collins was prominent for his books promoting Deism against Christianity. As an example of some of their aristocratic ties, Arthur Collin’s 9 volume reference work Collin’s Peerage of England published in 1812 was a definitive work on aristocratic peerage. Obviously, Arthur Collins had a great deal of clout to be able to research such a massive work on people of significance in England. The Collins family gave us John Collins, third Governor of Rhode Island. John Collins was born to the rich powerful part of the Collins family at Newport, R.I. John Collins (1717-1795) played an important part in the creation of our Federal government, and a role in one of the most remarkable court cases Trevett vs. Weeden which set the precedence in court which allowed courts to declare legislative enactments unconstitutional. He advocated the issuance of paper currency and a strong central government, which made him unpopular in the rural areas of Rhode Island. He married Mary Avery. Another John Collins (1775-1822) born to a well-to-do Collins family was tenth governor of Delaware (1819-1822).

      Quite a number of Collins have been well-to-do. The wealthiest Collins that I have discovered so far is Matthew Garrett Collins (1874-1925). Matthew Garrett Collins was an oil producer. His father was Oliver Cromwell Collins! named after Oliver Cromwell. Oliver Cromwell was the early Mason who was paid off by the Amsterdam Jews to allow the Jews back into England. Matthew Garrett Collins was a Mason. M.G. Collins manufactured silk and in ten years took the operation in 1886 from nothing to a $2 million business. He was president of Interstate Gasoline Co. He worked with several other big oil men, such as Gov. Charles Haskell of Oklahoma. He was Trustee for Drew Seminary. He participated in the Methodist church. Matthew Garrett Collins oil operations and friendship with the governor of Oklahoma are very

      significant. Inside information indicates some type of connection between the Collins family and Oklahoma, and Tulsa is a major headquarters for Satanism in that area. There are a number of buildings that the Satanists own in the Tulsa area that are used for their operations"…etc.

      John Todd, from the Collins family



    • An interesting fact… The author of the Hunger Games lives in Newtown Conn.

      (Sacrificing kids for a cause/elite…)

    • I think it's like with Melancholia, screenwriters are searching the internet for ideas. Melancholia was inspired by the Nibiru/Planet X story in connection with the supposed 2012 doomsday. I think a lot of this stuff has always been inspired by certain people's, usually Christian's, backlash. If those certain groups condemn something you can bet their kids are going to embrace it in their natural quest for independence as they come of age. In other words, I think you're all being trolled IRL.

      In recent years all this NWO/Illuminati stuff has become more and more prevalent in media, what used to be something hard rock and metal only engaged in, or so it seemed, now even pop acts are getting in on it.

      I'm not normally one to watch new movies. I usually don't see movies until they're years old. But i watched this one and I thought the message in it was more pro than con. It shows a tyranny being despicable. That right there is the bottom line. This is a demonization of big government, not a glorification.

  2. My children read about this on a news site, they were so disturbed by the thought of the contents of the film, they are teenagers themselves – they noticed what it was the minute they read it! Sickening……

    • doesn't boil your blood and anger you to your core that these "tributes" do what they are told just agree to kill and fight each other just because they are told

      no one yells "why are you doing this"" i will not play your games"" I will not contribute to this I am not your slave' not in a single scene

      they just go with it no voice no rights just complete fear and submission

      why should they fight each other not the one whose making them do this there true enemy

      reminds me of how american troops go to foreign lands in Irag ,afghanistan and other places for the freedom as they say which has nothing whatsoever to do with the freedom of neither sides they kill civillians and get killed and the true enemies the people who control us and strip away our right our watching their hunger games

      • > why should they fight each other not the one whose making them do this there true enemy

        Indeed! Everything we're seeing now has us blaming the puppets instead of the puppet masters. The puppets feel they're safe because they're on the winning side. Wrong! Once the puppets' performance is done, the masters will crush them.

      • They don't protest the games for big reasons. The district the winner comes from gets food for their district for a year. Considering that the people are eating rodents for dinner that could be a good incentive. Also if they protest the Capital would have the army come in and kill and torture the people of that district and televise it to other districts as an example.

        I'm not trying to defend the games and say they aren't horrible, that's just the way the people were thinking.

      • @listen; they the two protagonists actually do refuse to be a play by the rules near the end of the movie, granted they were going to pretend to poison themselves rather than kill each other.

  3. I have read all the books, and instantly from the 1st book I thought about the government & how we're kinda being pushed to this new era. The poor keep getting poorer while the rich dabble in enjoyment of their ignorance about us. A really good read. Have yet to see the movie. I'm kind of surprised you took a while to do a report on this because the books came out a while back. Great article VC!

  4. I enjoyed these books, and I think the same thing goes for the movie. Some will take it as a warning and think, things have got to change or look where we'll end up. Others will not think twice about it and maybe it will become part of their subconscious programming. At least by the end of the book the vision of the new world order is disrupted a bit by the characters (don't want to give too much away).

    • I haven't read the books, but the communist propaganda style book covers freaked me out the second I saw them. So I saw the movie, found it terribly depressing… and people cheering at the end of the movie… I was like what did I miss, we watch the same movie??? We are surely doomed with attitudes like this.

      They're prepping us, it's that simple… the idea of a hero or heroin just makes you feel a little better about it… make it a little more palatable. that's what I got out of it.

      Another chip at the Spirit.

      • A friend had asked me to go to the movies to watch this. I had not heard of Hunger Games, as I am completely out the loop nowadays with the media. I try to stay away from TV, news, entertainment etc, because I do not want to get brainwashed.

        In any event, I never heard of it, so I said sure I'll go. I was disgusted to the point where I felt sick. I watched it in horror and could not believe what I was watching. I came home, and the next morning was laying on the couch talking to my mom, and feeling sick all over again. I could not believe how this movie was so raw, and the message was so deep. It reminded me that all the reality TV shows I was watching, was basically entertainment of other's misfortunes, or their deaths. Shows like American idol, Basketball wives, First 48 hours etc… we watch these things as entertainment, when really, the shit ain't funny. These are people's lives we are watching, and it's really not funny when you REALLY think about it.

        There is NOTHING entertaining watching people kill each other and die to become the hero.

        I'm still disturbed, and I tell parents not to allow their children to watch it. It's not a PG movie, regardless of what label they want to put on it.

        I thought, the sad part about all of this, is not one soul in that theatre is aware of what the heck they watched. These young people have no idea where we are heading…and it was so sad to see them all being brainwashed.

      • well when the movies were over no one left clapping…

        i think the movie was meant to be informative/ a warning… in the movie (haven't read the book, but i herd that the movie was vary on par w/ the book) no kid was happy about killing one another. the main characters, especially Ru, Peter, and Katniss had no desire to kill or be controlled. they only did it when they had too, out of self defense. but the bad guys did. so every one who says this is programming needs to look at the main characters and their actions+ point of view. not just the symbols. obviously the people that were egging on the hunger games were made to seem evil, stupid, or forced to. =/

    • let me clarify, I enjoyed them because of the broader message which I took to be a warning to society. Not because I like kid on kid violence. I try to rise above the "natural man" instincts.

      • Don't get me wrong. I found it refreshing to watch a movie that was not sugarcoating what is transpiring. I just work with young people and don't always see all that critical thinking in their actions.

    • I agree that the books, especially the conclusion of the trilogy, are meant as a warning against what could happen. I don't want to spoil it for anybody, but the end of the books make it pretty dang clear that the people should be free and that even a well meaning dictator is still a force for evil that should be opposed.

  5. This so reminds me of the Roman Empire, which they are trying to restucture & quite successfully so, with the EU. The newspapers use the phrase "senate of the pope", which shows again who is REALLY in charge……well, at the moment, but Jesus is going to come back & clean up the mess the're (we're) making. I'm sure a lot of freaky things are awaiting us.

    Thanks for this long awaited Article VC :)

    • I'd like to add, for those intrigued by the use and exploitation of the papacy and religious in the NWO, look up the profound Malachi Martin… RIP. I read his books in the 90's… listen to his youtube clips for a quick fix.

      • lovetheTruth888 on

        yes, i agree. malachi martin has a lot of great information to share, such as how the anti-christ will appear in public and will accept the title of God, and how much people are going to be deceived. the Lord forewarned us to judge righteously and not by appearance, yet many will do the contrary and will be fooled. all mainstream religion even christianity cant afford to teach this truth to their followers. i could get more into the religions but i rather save it for another time. furthermore, people need to understand that true evil is the counterfeit of good, it looks clean and pleasant outside but inside it is filled with dead man's bones!

        "And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you." Matt 24.4

  6. I think it boils down to 1 word… I do think they get kicks from throwing it in our faces and our collective ignorance, but that 1 word is DESENSITIZATION

    • Just to be clear, I mean not to desensitize to violence, that's long been done… but to the idea of this bleak future.

  7. Susanne Collins is supposedly part of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines- the Collins being a secretive one.

  8. Getting a movie script made in Hollywood is like winning the lottery…So why exactly, does movie after movie come out that contains NWO themes? Everything happens for a reason…The reason is clear. Indoctrinate the public using repetitive subliminals and predictive programming to get them to easily accept the NWO police state once it begins rearing its ugly head (which it is at the moment).

    • Prometheus to follow… hang on, things are going to get interesting real soon I think.

      • totally agree on this one!!Prometheus is expected to be full of nwo and new age propaganda…

    • That's so true. The movie that came out about a year ago, "Atlas Shrugged", from the book by Ayn Rand, has an interesting special feature on the dvd. The guy who bought the rights to make the book into the movie bought them about 30 years ago. He shopped them to Hollywood thinking it was such a popular book that it would be bought from him in no time. He was surprised that there were to buyers. He finally came to realize that Hollywood wasn't interested in making that movie because it is the opposite of the NWO stuff. It took him about 30 years to realize this. He finally got the money to make the movie himself. And even though millions of copies of the book have been sold, the movie had very little fanfare because Hollywood didn't throw their muscle behind it because it didn't support their agenda. However, I recommend it, it was great and hopefully they will get the rest of it made (it's three parts).

      • Look at the Passion, right? No matter where you stand, that movie broke records. So where are all the big budget Christian movies that PEOPLE WILL FLOCK too?

        Let's jsut talk numbers here, there's money to be made! I thought making movies was a capitalist venture? Sure…

      • Ayn Rand's philosophy, like Shakerism, is a dying one.

        Ayn Rand hated children (no children ever appears in her major works).

        And she didn't encourage her followers to leave progeny as well.

        So, once today's leaders of objectivism who knew Rand personally all pass on, it will die like Shakerism for a lack of succession.

        It's that simply. I think Rand would have liked this idea too , her ideas not outliving her so she will be the ONLY authority of objectivism.

      • The most talented and gifted artist/writer of all time would and will be blown off if the 'Plan' isn't followed. That's why the quality of everything is going to mire. The agenda for now and future (brief that is)…is led by a very pissed off entity that's days are cut short. You will see an increase in all the madness since the goal is what we fear. But be rest assured this goal will never reach completion.

        The power lies with the One you know you can trust. He will be stepping in very soon. Ahhhh! Praise Jah!

        Now since we know these posts are being closly monitered. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

  9. SaulTgh- they took m on

    No mention of the muttations? The animals with the eyes of dead tributes?

    • They changed that in the movie. They were just mutant dog things. No reference to the dead tributes.

  10. Ive waited for this article ever since i read the books, automatically thought 'i wonder what VC has to think about this,', the books are thrilling and great to read but there's a different meaning behind the storyline.

  11. I just devoured this article like it was Easter dinner. Well written and you hit the nail on the head. The second I knew about this movie I knew I had to see it, and when I saw it, it was extremely easy for me to pick out all the obvious things that are being sold to us (particularly our youth) in the form of predictive programming. I sure hope I'm not around for when times similar to those come into existence. What's going on now is MORE than sufficient.

    By the way, I also noticed that all of the valuable resources are controlled by the elite. Reminds of me of a little something recently signed off by Obama, where it gives the government full control of our resources in the event of a national crisis. Slowly and surely, they are setting the stage for a world damn near identical to the one depicted in this film.


    • but the entire point of the series is that Katniss fights against the Elites, that the Elites are evil and corrupt and should be stopped and that the people deserve freedom.

  12. Concerned Mom on

    A lot of parents ran out 1st thing to take their young kids to see this latest blockbuster. (In a Christian school even!) Most of these kids (as young as 9) have already read the book so of course they now want to see the movie. My daughter wanted to see it because her friends were going but after I read the storyline I discovered that it was a parallel of the end times. This was hitting too close to home & how things may proceed so I told her why she wasn't going to see it. It's apalling that parents would allow their children to watch a movie where the premise is that kids are set up to kill other kids. Is there ANYTHING a parent won't allow their Children to view for the sake of ENTERTAINMENT? Where is the spiritual discerment in The Body of Christ? Has idolatry taken over common sense even?

    • While I agree, I do think there is something to teach to your kids at the same time.

      I'm off the opinion now that things are so bad, so out of hand, they are bombarded with crap 24/7… it's time we educate our kids. If we don't who will?? My wife wants to protect them from it, I struggle with it… but I'm getting ready to brain dump right onto my kids.

      I guess I struggle with doubt, which pieces of the puzzle do I have and which are wrong… I don't want to mess them up… my mom had me worried about the end of the world as a kid because of her misinterpretation… I don't want that for them.

      But then again… I don't want my son and daughters to be ignorant either… it's a tough call. If they get to open about it at school, it will make their life miserable… heck, as it's going now… being in the "know" and knowing there isn't much to do about it makes you miserable… like knowing the Obama is a bad move circa the summer of 2008.

      Anyways… anyone else feel like this? Soon the internet will be gone (at least in it's present form), it's bad enough visiting sites like this essentially is listing us already anyways… but what you gonna do?

      I think I'll take my chances spitting at the dragon. If he burns me, so be it… I'll have my dignity.

      • I'm a bit of a provocateur as it is… I know type searches right into my phone like "Why do you hate us Obama?" and "Satan, at what point in american history did you enter?"

        haha… might not be laughing soon though ha ha

      • you have to stand for righteousness. even thought they are building the new NSA spy center in my backyard and I am now hyper aware of them listening to me, I keep up the facebook statuses etc, and will save my real plans for in person conversations with people ;0)

      • My son's 14, and last year, I decided to pull him from public school (something you might consider doing, if you haven't). He's a sharp kid, but I struggled with how open I wanted to be with him, too, for the very reasons you mentioned (don't want to freak him out, a la the mother in "Carrie", remember?). However, these are historic and singular times, and we need warriors not more ostriches, so we talk about these things. We'll watch a re-run on Teen Nick (gag, I know), and now HE points out all the programming and subliminal stuff to me! Warms the cockles of an end-times' mother's heart… Hey, thanks for your articles; they're well thought out and incredibly informative.

      • Anyways… anyone else feel like this? Soon the internet will be gone (at least in it’s present form), it’s bad enough visiting sites like this essentially is listing us already anyways… but what you gonna do?

        So true but like it says in the Bible eventually you are going to have to pick a side. I agree I would like to inform my (future) kids but not sure how to break down so much of this information yet. I guess a good way to start is to try to show them the lies in the advertisement and understand the marketing schemes of the world. Help them to have strong critical thinking skills and let them know that while the heart is weak it does possess a strong powerful force for goodness. Helping them to know thyself as an individual and not as a group or a mass which is the way the world always puts it. I think also my letting them know God first and that we all have a responsibility to preserve human life and be strong on conviction and to not take in condemnation as there complete truth. You address there wrongs and stand up for there rights. To help them to identify those negative voices that will try to speak from within them to throw them off track. Teaching them that there is still life beyond this world and that they need to trust more then there fleshly and senses. And last but not least that the enemy is always roaming like a lion waiting to see who he can devour so they need to stay vigilant to there own heart and truth and to there surroundings.

    • I too am in the Body ma'am. But I question your logic- isn't the premise the same thing that happens every day in our ghettos, our streets, over seas with the military? On TV? In Africa? Everywhere? Listen- there is a differance between GLORIFYING violence, and ILLUSTRATING the rampant and bloodsick culture we live in. I'm not sure how old your daughter is, and I respect your parenting, but I would wayyyyyy rather have my kids watch something that made them think, and then have a mature and honest disscussion with them about the themes and issues raised, than to expect them to navigate the world with a finely tuned moral compass, never having been exposed to honest allegorical narrative (something our Sarior used a lot :P). I mean if she has ever watched MTV that is incomparably worse, and offers no thought. Respect.

      • no offense intended Jacob… but you better tune your kid's compasses… no one else will. The world is sending them south.

        I think as a people, and those of us Christians especially, we need to start speaking in a manner that's not condemning, because God is the judge, we believe… right? Our job is to love, that is all our job is.

      • the key to your approach is to have the conversation and teach your kids. many parents don't do that. I think that is great.

    • anamericanmom on

      I agree with Be Vigilent. The open Internet may not last, and we have already been tagged with this site, so be it. By biggest issue is the desensitizing children with the murder and violence of children. Horrible subconscious programming. Like so many things, "it's ok because I was it in the movies." I cringe seeing the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan, and those were young innocent men in the war. I cannot comprehend what evil thought of this idea of children as gladiator sacrifices. I see major "commercial" sports similar to this gladiator spector.

      My three teens did not read the books, nor have we seen the film, and we love movies and books. They dont follow the crowd, or just bc something is popular. They don't watch MTV, though they do watch South Park. They are mainstream, active, not outcasts. It is a fine balance and we must guide our children as though we are going down a river on a raft, sometimes wild, sometimes calm. It is important to share info, but I do it carefully, and try to always keep it positive. My husband is not into any of this, yet never goes along with what's popular either. I teach my children about the world as best I can. One of my fav films is "Blood Diamond", which I did show my children, but edited the gruesome parts, if only so they know about the world, and evil r/t money and greed, and it's affect on a local family.

  13. Vigilant, I am a longtime reader, and the level of your reporting is usually very thorough… However I was disapointed in this article. I can tell you haven't read the books. If you were to read the books you would see that The Hunger Games are a brilliant piece of rebelious and revolutionary narrative. Far from desensitizing kids and teens to the horrors of elitism and violance, the books actually raise extremely important issues about power, voyeurism, mindcontrol, and thinking for yourself. I wish you could have mentioned how desperately needed the type of dialouge this movie inspires is in this day and age. For real- the themes dealt with here are leagues deeper than most of Holywoods drivel. If a viewer honestly can't see any deeper meaning behind the narrative here, chances are they probably have trouble finding deeper meaning in any place in life. Seriously- the type of person who could sit in a theatre for 2 hours, WATCHING AN ALLEGORICAL MOVIE ABOUT ELITISM AND THE POWER TO DEFINE REALITY, and somehow never engage in critical thought or examination (yes teenagers are capable of this), by this movie probably is conditioned by all kinds of things in life. Anyone could read 1984 and never get much of a deeper meaning out of it- it's all about individual cupability to think. I just wish you would have reported on this narrative after reading them, man. If you read all three, you would not want to cheapen the message at all. I still love you! haha God bless

    • Well VC did write in the conclusion: "Is The Hunger Games attempting to warn an apathetic youth of the dangers of allowing the current system to devolve into a totalitarian nightmare? Or is it simply programming it to perceive the coming of a New World Order as an inevitability? That’s a good subject for a debate."

      So he acknowledged the political message within the story. I don't think he cheapened the message, he just described how the world of HG is set in the NWO. As you said, the way the story will be received depends on each individual. But, unfortunately, many do not engage in 2nd level philosophical thinking when watching movies, especially children, So there might be some predictive programming in play here.

      • Good point, I may have come off as a little too condemning Concerned Mom. I apologize. I was making an assumption. I also think that without knowing the rest of the story, this movie could certainly seem pretty bleak. And yeah, most people do not engage in higher level critical thought, so there could be some programing, but I would hope that it would also inspire people who might not otherwise think about these things to do so. Anddd yeah, sorry. I just think that 1984 and Animal Farm have a lot in common with this story, and I got a little excited at a rebelious message in the narrative. God bles

    • I'm sorry but if you watched the movie only and not read the books like me

      there is nothing positive or revolutionary at all about the movie

      just submission and acceptance of their total stripping of their rights

      • Something's Wro on

        Actually, the book two of the trilogy named Catching Fire will handle that. The Hunger Games book merely shows to you the Lore and the events of their current time. Catching Fire and Mockingjay have more optimism compared to book one.

    • Inthe opening, VC clearly states this review is of the movie, not the books.

      At what point are you folks going to stop buying into this garbage? The plot of the NWO is so thick these days, anything and everything you see coming out of a glowing square with surround sounds gauranteed to be propaganda, predictive programing, mind control devices.

      Many of you are just starting to wake up. If you can honestly look at your awareness and see that you are just starting to "get it" then also, please, think about the possibility of how vulnerable you are. These tools have been designe over generations and decades. There are deep subliminals and real tools used to trigger responses in your brain. There is no time left now to keep on practicings the old "two steps forward, one step back" way of walking the path. Every time you lend your conscious to these atrocities of mass media, you are taking a step back, because no matter how aware you, are you positively for certain you can stop the chemical reactions in your brain that are responses to light and auditory mechanisms that you cannot consciously see or hear?

      Think of how much of your money you give to the elite in simply taking your family to the movies. This is what they want…to suck you dry , and all the better if you hand them your money to be indoctrinated by their message for your sheer entertainment.

      Just stop it already.

      I have been kind in my past posts like this. And I am going to be persistent, because at least those of you here are awake, or you wouldn't be here. There are warriors in this world, blessed with the strength and courage to face these atrocities, and relay the message back to the rest of us. VC has shown time and time again that the person behind the scenes can be trusted to be that messenger.

      I feel it is very important to have knowledge of what the dark side is doing. But to have the knowledge, we do not have to take part in it. In fact, it is much better for your Soul and Spirit not to take part in it. So many of you here speak of being Christians. Do you not truly believe that these films out of Hollywood then are made by those who practice evil in multiple ways, and is very well stated by many Christians to be the work of the devil, Satan himself? When you stand in front of your creator, how will you explain knowing this is the work of Satan, and still partaking in it? Every time you give into MSM, you are eatting from the same apple forbidden in the Garden.

      If you truly do not want to see this dsytopian future, which by all means is indeed predictive programming at it's finest, then you must stop feeding the beast! Fully wake up. Stop giving the elite you money. Stop giving the elite the time and attention to manipulate you. It's as simple as throwing away your television, not going to the movies.

      Real life, it is much sweeter than any of this entertainment can ever imagine. Just this week, I have watched bamboo grow 12 feet tall in only a few days, so fast you can hear it growing. The flowers are in bloom, the moon is full, the aromas are sweet. Heaven is all around you, if only you open your eyes.

      Namaste my brothers and sisters. Heed these words.

      And Jacob, only the first line of this is directed at you personally.

    • I agree with Jacob. I don't think sex and violence are used in the books that much to distract or desensitize. The film was actually less violent than the books. The books weren't very sexual. I think the ideas of revolution are pretty clear in the film and book. Katniss is an empowered woman/leader in both. I don't see the movie as programming but more as a warning. That we can be lulled to sleep by "bread and circuses." I think the arts (film, theatre, television) are becoming more prophetic and are hinting at the end times but I don't see this film as one that wants us to become sheep. I think when the third film comes out you might debate what the conclusion means as it relates to God and the Devil.

      • (spoiler alert) Also, when you read the books you see the negative consequences of violence. In one of the books Katniss talks about killing someone and how it stays with you. Violence is denounced in the book and the movie. Katniss and Peeta survive for not succumbing to the violence.

      • (spoiler alert) not to mention the ending where Katniss kills the leader of the revolution because she saw that the leader of the revolution was trying to user her a pawn and if she didn't stop the leader then she would just be allowing one dictator to replace another.

    • nah, see it… it's not like you are putting $ into their pockets or anything… it's all their money!

    • Don't do that. Think for yourself. If anything about it offends you personally then you'll have an argument. But don't just take someone's word for it. From what I've read VC doesn't want sheep on any level and you can just as easily be a sheep here as you can within mainstream idealism.

      I've probably been a dissident longer than most here. One thing I've learned is that it's good to learn the opposition's doctrine. I mean REALLY learn it, to the point you can carry on an argument with yourself. When you start finishing their sentences for them they start to see their sky falling. no one's expecting that. So if you feel this movie's bad news, you'll know what to attack specifically.

  14. Sledgehammer on

    I think it's an uplifting story about how to overcome the nwo. If you haven't read the other two books than the first movie is certainly a bleak, dystopian, violent world. Butting that's just setting the stage for the revolution that takes place later. It doesn't contain blatant symbolism like some other pop culture media. It's just a story that should serve as a warning much like 1984 or Animal Farm. I though the movie, and the books especially, we're a brilliant statement against the nwo. The studio that produced it doesn't care what message it contains because it's gonna make them a boat load of cash and most people who see it don't get the message because they are too stupid or blind. If anything they are blatantly shoving the answer and key to destroying the nwo right into our faces and laughing at us.

  15. LISTEN: You can demonize movie all you want, and call them "conditioning" and question the motives till your blue in the face, but at the end of the day, we are all responsible for ourselves. If this movie wakes up thousands of kids to a power dynamic, and rings something true inside of them about the injustice, than I declare this movie to be good! How can you say that something that inspires thought is "conditioning"??? Because it features kids killing kids???? Damn…..have you heard about AFRICA? Almost every young black male in the East Side of our city carries a gun. If this movie is not relavant now, and you can't find the deeper message here, than reexamine yourself.

    • Thanks for that Jacob, I will read the books then. But the movie I just saw left a strongly poor taste in my mouth… it could just be the timing, as I really have a sense that things are heating up.

    • but just consider that all (most) violent movies have a happy ending, or vengeance at least. that will wear off, desensitization lasts forever. as a kid, the cruelty of the baseball bat scene in the Untouchables changed me forever. Getting Al Capone in the end didn't change that.

      again, i'm assuming hear that it's as I see it… NWO propaganda. i think it might be a stretch to equate this movie with inspiring kids for the long haul.

      I'll read the books, but my gut is saying this is more about get used to this, but have a cookie and feel good, because they get the bad guys. lol

      • and not only that… but being myself someone who is young and a critical thinker, everyone around me in GENERAL are not seeing this movie as a wake up call. They are more obsessed with the glamorization of the movie than anything. Remember, it is very LITTLE the amount of people who can put 2 and 2 together. If you want to inform the mass it is not by this kind of movie. This movie is just for purely desensitization. Period. Unless you are that one our 15 who gets it. That's why it's called MASS MEDIA.

      • let's avoid dys on

        I too think this movie could be telling people to get used to being controlled : being a slave to the elite is normal and inevitable, it's how things should be, it's the only way the future can be.

        I don't think the future will ever be as nightmarish as portrayed in any of these movies, but it still might have the same concept… just more concealed and less exaggerated than in Hunger Games.

        When I think about the possibility of a dystopian future, I wonder… is it actually really possible? Could we be so stupid as to let ourselves take such ridiculously immense steps backwards and let ourselves lose democracy and basic freedoms and whatnot????

        As freaking human beings…. we are ALL supposed to progress, not regress and turn into irrational monstrosities. By ALL, I am EVERYBODY, not just some demented elite!

        We are all supposed to live in utopia, no exceptions!

        Let's find ways to colonize other empty planets or some shiot like that!!! Let's find a cure for all existing illnesses!!! Let's do something better, anything other than having an elite that'll perform foktarded rituals!!!!

      • actually the books talk about desensitazation too. The kids from district 1 and 2 are raised to glorify violence and they are painted as villains in the book, but the heroes like Katniss and Peeta talk about how haunted they are by the violence how it stays with you.

    • There's no "need" for anything but that's a cop out. A lot of us saw the same movie and came away with very different interpretations. This isn't so cut and dry. And yes, I'm familiar with predictive programming just like I'm familiar with propaganda and this is propaganda. I know to most it's a dirty word but it doesn't necessarily have to have negative connotations. But this favors anti-authoritarianism.

  16. BTW: there were kids killing kids in Shakespeare. In the Iliad. The moment we demonize a movie because of a plot device, that might hit a *little( too close to home, we are on a slippery slope. Careful folks….

    • This isn't about a story device, it's about gratuitously desensitising us to gory images of violence, death and torture.

      In all the above stories any violence displayed on stage was at best allegorical. In the films, it's visceral.

  17. Maybe the book was just an eye opener.. It does not simply imply that the author is an insider or a member of whatever organization out there. The story is very similar to the Greek story of Theseus and the Labyrinth. In Crete, there was a huge labyrinth in which a Minotaur was concealed. The monster is a human eater and to satisfy its hunger. So yearly they sent 7 young male and 7 young female for the Minotaur to eat. One of the "tributes" is Theseus. So he allied with the Cretan Princess Ariadne for her to hold a string in the entrance of the maze and the other end for him to hold. This is to avoid Theseus go stray. The plan went well and Theseus slayed the monster. This changed the Crete so well that there are no more teenagers sent to the yearly tradition. So in the book, it is the girl Katniss who changed the course of the game. Having two winners in the yearly gladiator like battle. Katniss and Peeta. In the our point of view, we could have many reasons why the author wrote the novel. Let us not doubt on everything. It is a good movie, but the book is greater. Let us not just jump into conclusion that Hunger Games is into entertainment of death, but instead let us see it as an eye opener for the mass of what our society could be in the near future if don't act accordingly. Everyone have their own opinion and I as another individual respect opinion. Sorry for the slight errors on grammar because I typed it uniformly and had no time to check it. Sorry also for the shallow points of this being a 10 year old boy from the Philippines. So I hope I proved my point. And I didn't read the whole entry. It is so long for me so I did just have a quick scan and proceed on commenting.

    • And don't look at the book/movie as a bad propaganda. Like Suzanne Collins is an Illuminati or the book is non-Christian, or it is so gruesome that it is not appropriate for kids. Let us NOT jump into conclusion. It does not mean that if a movie/book/song/any literary piece is posted in this site, it is already "on the dark side". This site is titled "VIGILANT CITIZEN", meaning for us to be vigilant and not shallow minded individuals. What does vigilant mean ? Keep a careful watch. So Keep a careful watch and not just conclude or infer. Observe. Hope no violent reactions.

    • i commend u young man for being so open w/ all this and not just being obsessed w/ video games like so many kids are! especially since ur generation are the ones that are gonna deal w/ most of this in the future

      • I am raised unaware of everything around me, but everything could be learned right :)) So I tried to be VIGILANT not like those people who are just thinking what they think is a famous ideology. I stand for what I think is right. And, again, it is in my own perspective :))

  18. When watching this film I was bewildered to witness violence on minors to the extent of death. Not that adults kiling eachother is any better. Have you heard of the Trayvon Martin case? It is sad to hear people talking about race, rather than the fact that a minor was killed.

  19. if only i could warn more people from this NWO!!! I already convinced 5 people & i ain't stoppin muahahaha

    • Tunechi, for every people u warned, without lifting a finger, the NWO easily sucked thousands of followers to join their evil force who willingly succumb every single day. Just look at Lady Gaga for example. Millions of faithful fanatics readily let their brains and eyes be subconciously "illuminated" by her songs and performance. I ever came across a random teenager's blog who is an extreme fan of Gaga that she said she is willing to die anytime for her idol. And that blog is full of Gaga pics with all kinds of ridiculous praises dedicated to her it looked as if she worshipped her day and night. I almost vomited.

      I wished there is a giant organization as powerful if not more than the elite who will fight against them to bring back the peaceful, quiet and loving life we humans actually are. The human race are soon turning into robotic-like creatures who have no sense of warmth and compassion. Many people I saw nowadays in the streets have these kind of slaved, sluggish looking face that is so worned out. Day in day out working their asses off just to make peanuts, yet making the elites richer instead.

      I wished that giant organization were made made up of all of us here including the slaved-looking people and anybody else out there looking to snatch back the real Mother Earth we reside in from the evil monster.

      • You wish you could be a part of a giant organization of people to fight against illuminati and their aims–but you already are. Every person on this site, on dozens of sites all across the internet, all who refuse to stop thinking, or asking questions, or judging the things they see by the spiritual and/or moral compass within. Not to mention all the millions of Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Muslims who hold to the Truths of God, and who pray for the relief and salvation of themselves and their loved ones. Even those who consider themselves Atheists, yet know the real power of our universe is Love and Abundance and Creation, and would eschew the worship and glory of death and destruction.

        We all have to decide, as individuals, how much of ourselves to invest in our corrupted society, whether it's spending money to see a movie we KNOW is elitist propaganda (what isn't these days?) or going the opposite route and tossing out the tv. One thing we all have in common is that we know Good from Evil when we see it, and we consistently choose Good. And there's a lot more of Us than there are of Them.

        What do you want to bet that this movie, and probably the books too, have some symbolic or direct ovation, or maybe even a dedication to Molech? He seems to be popping up a lot, lately (superbowl, etc.)

  20. The thing is, this isn't promoting this type of culture/life for us in the future. The deal is it's saying "HEY PEOPLE WAKE UP AND LOOK AT THIS, THIS COULD BE YOUR FUTURE!!"

    Katniss is fighting against the capital and it's her plight to essentially change the cultural "norms" in this society…


  21. I think it is highly important to note that this post was made in response to the movie only, as based on this article, it does not appear VC read the books. Hollywood took away several things from the books in order to make it fit into their own agenda. I have read all three books and watched the movie. I was never under the impression that the citizens of the 12 districts were in some kind of fog about the true essence of The Hunger Games. That is not true. Also, Hollywood actually held back on the violence as it was described in the book. It is very clear in the book from the very beginning, that the people are living in a simmering pot and Katniss Everdeen's defiance was the heat needed to reach boiling point and spill over into revolution. I would actually like to read an article about how the movie was modified from the book as to not expose the true power of a desperate people.

  22. I saw the movie in the theatres last weekend and during the movie i had to shake for some reason. Later that night i had a huge stomach pain, and couldnt sleep anymore because it hurt so much. (eventually it stopped after my dads prayers) but im not sure if its from the movie but im the sure the film really had subliminal demonic things in it. I felt so sad after i saw the movie. But the weird thing is that i want to see the next part. But on the other hand i dont want to see the next part because i know its full of illuminati crap.

    • Good grief if you are that sensitive to movies and seeing things you ALREADY KNOW will be bad, stay at home. There is no need to put yourself into a place where you make yourself sick.

    • I had never heard of the Hunger Games prior to three weeks ago when it was on the cover of EVERY magazine in the store, I honestly had no idea what it was about. I posted a comment on Facebook asking people what it was, my christian friends all said "stay away, very bad" my non-christian friends (and family) all said "great book, gotta read it, loved it". So I got the first book and read it in a few days, it was a quick fast read and except for alot of bad grammer and sentence fragments a good book. Of course then I had to go see it, but found myself more interested in how the book was intrepreted on screen since they said the author also wrote most of the screen play. What I saw in the movie was "entertaining" for a movie, but not as accurate as it should have been to the book, there were KEY elements (to me anyway) that the movie left out. For example after Rue died (in the book) and the sponsors dropped the bread to Katniss, she held the loaf up and thanked District 11 for it, that was HUGE and was left out, but instead they showed the uprising that wasn't mentioned till book two. Also, the middle part of the book I found terribly boring, the time spent in the cave, the forced "love" that the game makers were forcing Katniss to portray to Peeta, and for me, it was just as boring in the movie, that whole middle section. Oh well.

      In the day we live in, though the element of the movie seems so shocking, (kids killing kids) in reality it happens all the time, every day somewhere, between gangs, school shootings, and bullying, it is nothing new, it is just "new" on the movie screens.

      My sister asked if she thought her 8 year old son could handle it, (her 11 year old had read and seen it already) and I told her if he could sit still for nearly 3 hours due to all those previews then probably; since in her house both her kids play violent video games on a daily basis. They see far more violence in those games than what was put on the screen. And yes it was toned down for the movie screen.

      I do think if you want to see the movie to judge for yourself, read the book/s first. I am in the middle of book 2 now and am enjoying the "rebellion" that is coming. :)

      • > (kids killing kids) in reality it happens all the time, … it is just “new” on the movie screens.

        No way! It's new in the Real World. When *I* was a kid, it never happened. It wasn't even happening by the time I became an adult and for years after. Once they pulled out the stops, it's become depressingly frequent.

  23. Good article as usual. This movie is PG-13 but they had a problem rating the movie BULLYa PG 13, priorities mixed up!

  24. I should just write a story about this and be rich. It's so easy.

    But this movie reminds me so much of the book "1984" (which I am reading now); and the movie "Metropolis." It's like a combination of the two. Does anybody else feel this way?




    • Vigilant Son of God on

      OMG YES! I finally finished the 2.5hour long, Metropolis. But it was so worth it! People don't understand that by the end of this series the theme gives us hope. That we can fight against the powers that be. Anyways if you haven't seen it go watch it!

      WATCH METROPOLIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • No, the end of Metropolis results with more control over the workers via the illusion that the elite and working class have come to a fair agreement.

    • God bless you for being such a good kid. Really, I hope He blesses and watches over you and your family, and all your friends too.

  25. sorry for the typos… wish we had an edit feature. i type faster than i should!

  26. actually is anything these books are strongly anti nwo. if you read all the books you'd know that these books actually warn about what might become of the future

    • I agree, Jake. These books are all about breaking away from the current totalitarian regime, as you said, a warning "about what might become of the future".

    • Ummmm VC says in the article specifically that he is ONLY talking about this movie, NOT the books…… Just saying… I have read the books, and while I generally agree, its clear things are presented differently on screen then in books.

  27. maru. the free ant on

    Somehow this reminds me of "Metropolis" (1927) except for the blood sacrifice.

  28. The US is The Capital…the rest of the world, the districts. We aren't moving towards this, we are living it and have been for a long time.

  29. i was wondering what all the fuss was about over this movie. this is insane and after seeing this i wonder how anybody in his or her right mind could call them self a left-wing liberal..? oh yeah, the hunger games are quite liberating aren't they..

  30. I personally loved the trilogy. While reading the series a few years ago, I fell in love with it, and Mockingjay sealed the deal with it's ending. The series is not about pushing an agenda, I think if you add all three books together, it's more about understanding that our rights and freedoms as a world are currently endangered, and that we should not let it continue. In the end, we should not let another government or the previous government take control again if democracy is ever to collapse, but to write up a new constitution that stands for the people, not power and control. Suzanne Collins isn't big time writer like Stephanie Meyer or J.K, she's more realistic and appeals to our emotions more in just three books. She's not trying to push any agenda; the series at first became popular because of the message of what it means to obtain freedom. It's just now, after the movie deal was sealed that the media blew it out of proportion and has made into a screaming girl fandom, which I honestly can't stand because the books aren't about some love triangle, it's about struggle and determination, ambition and believing in a dream that is too far fetched to be true, but working towards it anyways.

    I loved the article though. Cleared up all the jumble in my head 😀

  31. The books are strongly opposed to the NWO. It's not quite apparent from the first book and the movie, but there are subtle references even in the first book/movie. For instance, the thoughts of both Gale, Peeta, and Katniss concerning the capital as well as the game maker's death, the uprising of the districts, and even what Cato says at the end of the movie when he realizes that he's been bred for nothing but murder (this was actually never said in the book). The books make it very apparent that this police state is not ideal. If you haven't read the books, VC, I urge you to. The three books are more readily understood as a whole as opposed to in separate parts.

  32. Vigilant Son of God on

    BTW Katniss left eye is covered when she's being interviewed on TV! One eye symbolism is only relevant when your talking about the elite artists in the music industry. No one can deny that the one eye symbolism is everywhere. (In my opinion Gaga played with it well. Born This Way has Catholic symbols unlike the Mason symbolism in The Fame Monster. And I feel she has purposely slowed down on the one eye satire now that she's on a new album. ANYWAYS) The real question is… "If you were an artist at a photoshoot and someone told you to cover your eye, or do whatever, would you rant on about the illuminati? Or would you cover your eye? You'd probably cover you eye because that act alone isn't making you millions and not hurting anyone. Does this help make sense of understanding how things work in the world.

    By now we as vigilant readers should understand that there's not much we can do other than spread the word and encourage love and equality. I don't see that in these comments AT ALL! And that saddens me. I was not raised religiously but after reading these things and exposing myself to the dark sides of our world makes me wish I had more faith in something beyond myself. It's tough to read about these things because they don't give any hope. We should remember that there's also a good side fighting for love and equality.

    That said, Hunger Games is extremely satiric and emotional which is why in my opinion IT SHOULD MAKE YOU SCARED! lol :) Come on ya'lls! This movie took forever to come out. They showed the trailer at the MTV or VMA awards like 2 years ago. It has obviously been released this year because 2012 is coming up and it seems more and more people are trying to become vigilant citizens. lmfao

    Problem is, these newbies think they know it all when they say, "OMG I see the symbols!" I believe the government doesn't care we know. Why would they. It's not about JUST catching the symbols and spreading the word. It's about realising what's REALLY IMPORTANT IN YOUR LIFE. Start with the man in the mirror and you will find peace, happiness, and God.

    Love and Peace.


    • You know what, I grew up in a Christian home and I am still a practicing Christian. Please don't think that all Christians are like this. There are just those who are so judgmental about secular work. Well, everyone has their own biases. I think we are all the same in that we need to get beyond our biases and study the subject first before judging. :(

    • I agree on your photography point… having done photoshoots in my almost serious, really really close to getting signed band days, photographers ask you to do a million poses and I think most people would not think twice. I'm talking about covering your eye kind of shots… some shots are outright crazy, but the 1 eye covered shots could easily be 100% management and 0% artists.

      Same with things like clothing, and checkerboards.

    • I downloaded the movie , the left eye thing? Fake.

      Her bangs don't even cover her eyes , and the only scenes when one of her eyes is not seen is near the end when she fights Cato: she has a strand of falling hair over her right one.

      Also her bangs are on the right side , not the left side , so that would be impossible unless she actually covers it with her hand , which she doesn't.

    • Thank you for standing out amongst all these comments on this article.

      I do believe there is hope, love and peace in the hearts of those who are comforted by the words of GOD. I know when I feel fear out of all that is happening in our world today, I can always go back to the Bible and read and experience a sense of calm and feeling centered again. Without returning to its important message, we are all lost.

      And when we turn back into ourselves and strengthen our personal spirituallity with God, it does inevitably spread to others through us.

      Go back to God's word, its the best thing ever written, and teach it to your children. Dont allow mainstream movies, books and movies be their guide.

    • You comment is a classic example of an illuminist plant.

      Point 1:
      "Start with the man in the mirror and you will find peace, happiness, and God"

      Which can be considered as "work on yourself first and then you will find god"

      Or it can be read as "If you start looking in the mirror you will find God there, because you are God" which is a luciferian doctrine.

      Point 2:
      "One eye symbolism is only relevant when your talking about the elite artists in the music industry."

      You make this assertion, and back it up with absolutely nothing. It doesn't even stand to reason. Plenty of powerful "elite" actors where brought into the illuminist crap when they were starting out. Same thing here.

      Point 3:
      "should understand that there's not much we can do other than spread the word and encourage love and equality"

      This is classic NLP. It's a sentence broken into two commands.
      Command 1: Understand there is not much you can do
      Command 2: Spread the word encourage love and equality

      The concept of equality sounds nice, but it's mostly totalitarian doublespeak for being a slave. That is, enforced equality in materialism, respect, honor, etc. The real concept of equality would be freedom, but we're dealing with an occultist here.

      Point 3:
      " Come on ya'lls!"

      Whenever I read that kind of mindless fluff, I know I'm dealing with demons from the lowest pits in hell.

      I'm kidding about that last point.

      not really. 😉

      Man, I could go on, but it was just too naseating. I hope you find your way back to God and escape the evil that currently grips your soul.

  33. Idk why they hype this movie up so much -_- it doesn't seem that interesting to me.My class read this book over the summer,it was kinda cruel.

  34. Normally, I agree with you VC, but I’m not with you on this one. I don't mean to be rude, but this article came across as somewhat ignorant. I know this was about the movie but I think you would have a better understanding of it if you had read the series.(which I am assuming you did not, sorry if I am wrong.) I loved all three books and I think you would have a different perspective on them if you read them. The books are strongly AGAINST the elite (the capitol) and they make this VERY clear. The movie on the other hand, did not so I can see where you are coming from. Perhaps Hollywood took out some of those important points to fit their agenda or maybe it was just because it was viewed and not written but who knows. But please, read the books, and not just the first one because they are better understood when read as a whole. They are, again, completely opposed to the NWO/elite and are brilliantly written.

    • Sledgehammer on

      I agree with Jackie VC. Read the other two books. It's a call to stand up against the tyranny we are facing. To unite and overthrow a morally corrupt government. The whole series screams "is it going to have to come to kids killing kids on tv for you people to wake up and see what's happening around you!". Please take this article down because it gives a terrific idea a bad name.

      • I think VC made it clear, this article is about the movie, NOT the books. And that Hollywood did make some changes to depict the story in a way that best suited the elite.

        So whether or not the books are pro- or anti- NWO is simply besides the point. This article is what Hollywood made of the movie ONLY.

  35. The books are very different, and in the second and third it is rather about over-throwing a controlling government. It is more of an eye-opener

  36. I was waiting on an article about this movie! When I seen the very first preview, I know it was about blood sacrifice, its disgusting. Everyone is raving about the movie…I wanted to hear from you also, I knew that you would break this movie down…thanks VC!

  37. People watched the gangster movies so they could fantasize living high like them. John Dilinger was not famous for nothing; he represented a lifestyle the depression era people longed but could never have. And his name survived, long enough for Johnny Depp to do a biopic of him recently.

    It's desensitization, and I think this will be the future.

  38. I commented on the Hulu article that the bird symbol on the cover of the Hunger Games caught my attention. Call it whatever you want, I believe it means more than an imaginary mockingjay. I thought it might be supposed to represent a phoenix, which has been said to be a symbol of the NWO elite, but I dug deeper and I now think it’s a Sumerian Anzu bird, or Ziz Saday, which is a monstrous bird that is associated with Leviathan and Behemoth, Semitic monsters found in the Bible in reference to the End Times. Ziz is a Luciferian symbol, because supposedly in the early days of creation he was a Titan sort of being who tried to blot out the new sun with his wings in a gesture of rebellion against God (in short, he tried to strangle Creation in its crib). Here is an in-depth scholarly theological article about that:
    Ziz, Behemoth and Leviathan are all Underworld symbols. Behemoth is a bull, the same type of sacred bull as the Apis, the bull-form of Osiris in his role as ruler of the Underworld. Leviathan is the whale of the deep, and the deepest oceans are symbolic of the Underworld. And Ziz is characterized as either a gigantic bird, or a swarm of locusts, and either way is a sky animal. The Underworld is also paradoxically associated with the sky and Outer Space, due to the Underworld being parallel to any uncanny and unexplored realm outside of human experience, and connected to the land of the dead, which in ancient religion was equally located underground and in the stars (see writings about the Spiral Castle of Arianrhod, the Celtic Ariadne, which is supposedly located in the constellation Corona Borealis). In one version of the Ziz myth, in its incarnation as the Sumerian Anzu Bird, it was killed by arrows of the god Ninurta, and the Hunger Games bird clutches an arrow. It’s also a denizen of the Huluppu tree that belonged to Inanna, but which was corrupted by the inhabitation of Lilith the she-demon, a snake at the roots and the nest of the Anzu bird in its branches. I think that this myth is an early version of the Garden of Eden story, and a mythic explanation via a World Tree analogy of the corruption of this world. I also think it’s a description not of the sephirotic Tree of Life from kabbalah but the broken shadow side of the Tree, the Qliphoth. This has been borne out for me by a recent discovery that Huluppu means Great Evil, so it’s the Tree of Evil with roots in the Underworld. . Suzanne Collins, the author of the Hunger Games, also wrote an earlier series of ‘childrens’ books’ about the Underworld, The Underland Chronicles:
    The locust analogy of the Ziz could refer to the buzzing or humming noise that is associated with the Qliphoth, and which (farfetched as this may sound) may be the sound of extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings or their vessels that come through some kind of gate associated with Da’ath, the hidden sephira which is the doorway to the Qliphoth. The more I read about the weirdness of the Qliphoth and their importance to folks like Aleister Crowley, I wonder about things like that funky blue light spiral that appeared over Norway a couple of years ago, along with other things like the hole knocked in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico by BP. The Qliphoth gate is supposed to open onto a horrific realm of shadows that allows chaos and black miasma to pour into this world. It’s my gut feeling that based on all of this evidence, there is something very, very wrong with these Hunger Games books. There are freaky names in them that fit the Qliphoth pattern, like Undersee (the Abyss, the great Underworld ocean separating the Qliphothic underworld from this realm), and Heavensbee, also like the insect buzzing of the Ziz. I would not be at all surprised if that Anzu bird symbol is a potent, charged magickal sigil that distils this entire Qliphothic ethos into one icon. As I also noted on the Hulu page, it looks almost identical to the golden bird on the Diana/Dodi memorial found in the Egyptian ascent section of Harrod’s department store in London. The fact that it is encircled like a kabbalah sephira strengthens my feeling that it very likely represents whatever comes out of Da’ath when the Gate is opened. ( For more related detail than I can go into here, look up the Necronomicon, the Cthulu mythos as associated with Kutulu (a necropolis and city in the ancient Near East associated with Set), Kenneth Grant, and the Sumerian origins of the kabbalah.) And incidentally, the male-female relationship is esoterically significant in the Hunger Games, too, just like it is in the Harrod’s memorial with its interlocked solar/lunar circles. The triple lunar goddess of the primal religion is represented here by Katniss, her sister Primrose and their mother, and the dual solar god is Gale/Peeta. Katniss is especially symbolic, being a huntress like lunar Diana, whose namesake was the memorialized princess.

    And to editorialize for a minute, even notwithstanding all of the woo-woo, seriously, child-on-child violence coerced by a vicious, utterly morally debased power elite as entertainment? Come on, people. That’s just pornographic – an exploration of the outré and out of bounds that you get to salaciously watch (and internalize), then condescendingly say to any naysayers,’ It’s only a movie, and good wins in the end.’ Maybe, but you watched it, which is a form of ritual, a participation mystique whereby you symbolically live out the events presented by witnessing them, and they become part of you, FOREVER. Presenting a horrific scenario like this, blood sacrifice as entertainment, as real-world, paid entertainment, aimed at impressionable kids, is completely ethically bankrupt. Even the debased Roman gladiatorial arena didn’t expect you to buy tie-in merchandise.

    • I just realized something else, something really awful regarding that Harrod's memorial – the circles around Dodi and Diana look like two sixes, and according to the occultist Kenneth Grant, the numerological value of the Qliphoth is 66.

      • And I also just thought of a couple more things. The film co that made this movie is Lionsgate, and some of their logos look suspicious, like a light gate in the clouds, and also an older logo with a constellation. Google "Lionsgate logo" to see what I mean. Also, they 'sacrificed' a bunch of execs in a 'bloodbath' right before the movie was released.


      • @anamericanmom – Thanks. I've put a lot of effort into trying to understand this mess and it's starting to pay off.

    • No I'm 100% sure the bird is a mockingjay! This is ridiculous! It's a film it's not what about the real future, it's fantasy! If anything, the book and the film are based on the japanese hit film, Battle Royale, not the future of NWO and anyways if you read the book you will find it's against the capital, they try and overthrow it! Personally I think you are looking at a film and book and interpretting it to make it look bad! The bird is a symbol against the capitol in the film so even if it was about the NWO, it's mocking it! You need to get a life, these things are for entertsainment. They're also written for teenagers who wouldn't understand about the NWO!

  39. Well you have to take into consideration the future books and movies that will come of this.

    The first book/movie sets the stage and shows the world for what it is and what it does, it exposes the corruption and how twisted it all is

    The future books strive to fight against that grain and win.

    There are a lot of books out like this, but these are one of the few that actually portray the rich and glamorized as sick, wrong, etc.

    And Collins does a good job of portraying that and how to fight that sort of mindset in the future books.

  40. i'm team me. it's so terrible so many people don't know and understand. may God help mankind, we need about this 'cause all talk and no action won't stop it.

  41. The hunger games is perfect in the way it displays one of the futures we have and if you read the rest of the books they say that the system can't and won't work the masses will rebel. So seeing this the elite have employed there subtle technique they are using now

  42. Schools ban dodgeball and claim zero-tolerance for bullying, yet assign "The Hunger Games" as summer reading …

    The country is in an uproar over the death of a 14-year-old in Florida, but the citizens flock to movie theaters to be entertained by the killing of teenagers …

    We see a depiction of an elitist one-world government as bad, but the media and the public schools portray the United Nations as good …

    It's hard enough for the the adults to work through the mixed messages …

  43. Tks vigilant. I commented you last week about getting this article up. But I think there are still more things to go deeper in. Clonation, genetics, haarp, weather control, etc. However, tks for always growing our knowledge on this topic.

  44. Anything that is so heavily promoted by the media is suspicious. Why would they want something that goes against them to be popular? So to answer the question, yes, this movie is simply programming the youth to perceive the coming of a New World Order as an inevitability.

    Great article, VC.

  45. wonder why the author refuses to do interviews? curious lady.

    and on an unrelated note, VC, have you taken a look at Beyonce's new "candid" tumblr site? lots of symbolic imagery to explore…

  46. the author is a military brat. it is an analogy for our current situation. how the civilian elite use children from the "flyover" states as soldiers for their wars, watch their deaths on tv, ignore their families and loved ones and toss them aside as trash.

  47. With the onslaught of reality tv shows, I've always said that this is some type of conditioning to make people comfortable in front of cameras. Therefore, they're going to keep raising the stakes (i.e. nudity, drugs, sex, killer sports games, etc.) while the masses watch! And while we're watching the shows, they're watching us on those TVs where they can watch us all the time whether or not the tv is on or off.

  48. This movie sounds like a load of crap.

    The NWO don't want us to rebel, they want us to toe the line, or we'll become sacrifices such as the District tributes.

  49. secret ninja on

    i am very glad this article came up, VC hit the nail on the head with this one. those that are making comments about the movie not reflecting the book are missing the point of this article and i feel are choosing to ignore the elements/agenda this movie is displaying because they've read the books and feel so connected to the story and characters. if VC did an article on Twilight it would be the same type of reaction. are you really going to eat a piece of candy that has been dropped in the gutter because it was washed off and placed back in its wrapper? i saw commercials for the movie, i saw this big campaign for the movie well before it came it out and i decided let me check this out for myself, so i read the synopsis (with major spoilers) for all three books and i came to the same conclusion this article came to. now how is that? the elite is counting on using peoples emotions to get them so wrapped up in a small part of the puzzle that they don't notice the bigger picture. for those of you who have the read books and are so wrapped up in them, how its such a good story, how you love the characters, how this is supposed to be about hope in the end, let me ask you: who ended being the "real" bad guys in the story in the end, in the third book? you don't have to answer that because its a retorical question, but think about that, and then ask yourself, isn't that disturbing? i'm not going to ignore the dystopian setting and the child sacrifice just because in the end there's some semblance of hope. wake up.

  50. When originally reading the book, both the Dystopian future and the idea of the tributes being tracked and being under surveillance did raise a little bit of suspicion in my head. Though I dismissed it and didn't think much of it again  until now. Whether it is a warning us about the NWO or programming us, or simply just coincidental (when i say coincidental- I'm referring to the book, the movie industry probably/obviously took the opportunity to showcase and manipulate the theme to their potential) I don't know- but in the last book, and uprising takes place that actually does work to bring down the Capitol- which makes me think this is all purely fiction..thoughts? 

  51. I read the books, have not seen the movie. And yes it is potrayal of the New World Order, however it also potrays the human spirit in a way that has suprised me. The synchronicity with nature, the way the herorine defies the Games, and treats her competitors with dignity, respect and even love. The love triangle is of a secondary nature and I think its being played up more for the movie. There is much more to the books that what is reviewed here and at the end of reading I am swayed to abandon my television and start a garden and appreciate the beauty this world has to offer.

  52. I am truly trying to figure out what our attitudes and reactions to violence we see depicted in movies, books, etc. should be. The reason I say this is because 1) horrific acts have been a part of humanity ever since creation – yes, it's recorded as real history in the Word of God, even God-appointed bashing of babies' heads (please, I'm not trying to be sick, here..) when some peoples had to be eliminated from the earth because of their constant wickedness, and it was commanded by God for the Israelites to wipe them out, in some cases, women and children, sheep and oxen, etc.

    2) if we continually shield our kids (mine are all older teenagers, I wouldn't have allowed them to see it if they were young) from this sort of thing, what will happen to them when what is promised to come (such things that the earth has never yet seen or imagined before, such atrocities that are sicker than ever in history) actually happens?? I'd rather my sons and daughters were prepared to face these things without being faint-hearted and weak, for the ones who are fainted-hearted and sheltered WILL BE THE ONES WHO WILL ACCEPT THE MARK OF THE BEAST BECAUSE IT WILL BE JUST TOO HARD FOR THEM TO FUNCTION…..

    I'm sure not saying, "hey, let's sit back and enjoy this for entertainment", but "wow, look what sinful humans are capable of and you'd better be vigilant and keep your eyes open to being deceived and taken in."

    I encourage my teens to watch good commentary videos on the NWO, the Illuminati, MKUltra, etc. because now they are AWARE!

    Does anyone else know what I'm trying to say here? Is my thinking too off-base? Like I said, then alot of you would definitely not want your children watching the Bible put to film! There's every kind of perverted and satanic thing in it….because that's real life! Thank GOD for a Savior! :)

  53. I'm surprised that VC hasn't done a article on the movie "In Time." Starring Justin Timberlake.

    When I saw that flick I kept thinking… Mark of the Beast & Illuminati. SMH

    But it was actually cool (If I could give it a smidgen of credit) because Timberlake & the girl end up raging against the machine, so to speak.

  54. Were all been chipped already.

    someone tell me theyre chipping us through vaxination.

    He said it should sting like a bee in the area of the vaxination.

    I believe cause where i got my vaxination i fell it stings quite often.

    people are too naieve.

    • http://www.techcyn.com/feature.php?id=f1&issu

      some only read you fron 3 foot away and some will read you wfrom miles away.

      As you show up at a supermarket, store or any other places where they have tag detectors at the door, secourity will be allerted and big brother puppets come stalking you.

      The illuminati thought they had a good intention in the begining.

      you see, They were the reject of our society.

      Scientist, gays,philosophers and anyone who saw the world differently

      than the early AD believers (The early Roman Catholic) were persecuted.

      So they have been around for long time.

      They castaways of society so they layed low

      and hid themselves.

      they called themselves the illuminated ones.

      Later they merged with the freemason brotherhood.

      Then other outcast came, including SATANISTS.

      The SATANISTS has basically took over and together

      they plan to destroy the church. "Make those christians pay,

      make them accept the truth that God doesnt exist and acceot evolution."


      Since the Satanists has taken over and represent most of the illuminati.

      Hell has broken loose.

      Thay are no different than the early AD Roman Catholics.

      They rake havock on anyone and their plans are evil.

      with chips smaller than a strand of hair

      we have no chance.

      I go on any computer they find me

      I go to the supermarket, they come to stalk me

      I go to the library they stalk me.

      Now i know theryre watching and monitering my comments.


      Youre not even illuminati youre just a pervert getting access to the NSA

  55. This is actually nothing knew. It reminded me of comic I read as a teenager, Battle Angel Alita.

    From Wikipedia:

    "The futuristic dystopian world of Battle Angel Alita revolves around the city of Scrapyard, grown up around a massive scrap heap that rains down from Tiphares (Salem in the anime). Ground dwellers have no access to Tiphares and are forced to make a living in the sprawl below. Many are heavily modified by cybernetics to better cope with their hard life.

    Tiphares exploits the Scrapyard and surrounding farms, paying mercenaries (called Hunter-Warriors) to hunt criminals and arranging violent sports to keep the population entertained. Massive tubes connect the Scrapyard to Tiphares, and the city uses robots for carrying out errands and providing security on the ground. Occasionally, Tiphareans (such as Ido Daisuke and Desty Nova) are exiled and sent to the ground. Aside from the robots and exiles, there is little between the two cities."

    There are no cyborgs in The Hunger Games, but the themes are there.

    James Cameron is already pre-producing the movie, interestingly enough.

  56. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie = …Give us this day our daily bread…

    Are they saying that the elites will be the ones we will ask for our daily bread?

  57. i would also say that hunger games is anti-nwo. the sacrifice that katniss and peeta were about to go through was a last desperate attempt to rebel against the capitol, despite their bleak situations.

  58. Kids are already killing kids daily in the ghettos of America, at least one a day in our nation's capital, Washington DC. This is the dawning of the age of Hunger Games. The movie is showing what the culmination of doing nothing to resist the NWO will look like in the future. We already have one foot in the ditch. We must not remain ignorant of the strategies of TPTB. It is important to educate youth so they can discern the evil that prevails and learn how to expose and deal with it. Teach your children well. Use this movie as a teachable moment.


  59. and also, they are called "tributes" – i think that's a good name. they're sacrifices to a blood thirsty government.

  60. I think most of you are missing the point on this one that the story was not intended to glorify kids on kid violence. I can understand getting that impression from the movie since it is somewhat sanitized from the book to get the pg-13 rating. Many film reviewers seemed to reach the same conclusion that the director ignored opportunities to really tackle the socio-moral issues presented by the story. David Edelstein even called it the 'work of moral cowards.'

    I read the books before I knew there would be a movie. The main impression it struck me with was the absolute helplessness the characters had against the all-powerful capital. In the book, the non-elite citizens were definitely not lulled into complacency by the entertainment; rather, they were required to watch the games, even though they found them revolting. They had no doubt about the wrongness of the situation, but had no alternative against the all-powerful elite. I also felt the author was very clear about how disgusting and morally bankrupt the games were, and you couldn't help but root for the heroine of the novel, but it was still upsetting that other children were being slaughtered. One way she showed this well was just how psychologically damaging the whole experience was to Katniss, resulting in lifelong nightmares and PTSD.

  61. people kill each other for a handful of elites to feeds their dark gods has happened for the entire history.

  62. I really liked the books and the movie too, but I think there are some deeper issues here. For one, President Snow seems to be a representation of YHWH. Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and its wheels as burning fire.

    Also, the Hunger Games are a result of a rebellion, and they serve as a reminder to the districts of how they should not rebel. The Bible says that there was war in Heaven… Lucifer's rebellion. The reason that there is so much misery on earth is because it is serving as a reminder to the rest of the Universe (the Capitol?) that sin is a terrible thing and rebellion against God is a bad idea.

    VC missed many other things, but I can't believe that no one has mentioned Katniss' resemblance to the goddess Diana/Artemis.

    Anyway, this is a sparse commentary on something that is a little bit more in depth that what this article covers.

    • The difference between the rule of God and the rule of man is that God is Just and man can be selfish. Rebellion is by nature punishable, depending on who the authority is.

      But when the Authority is God, the rebellion against His Law can only be rebellion against all things moral, fair, and compassionate, and on top of that God can still be forgiving.

      Not so when the authority is man. Rebellion against man is just an ego problem.

      • I meant the whole elaborate "punishing by man" for rebellion against him, is the ego problem of the elite.

        Lucifer's failure too, was his ego/arrogance against God in his jealousy of Adam.

        The punishment of God is just, the punishment of the elite is not.

      • My point is that this storyline is twisting things around to make God out to be the bad guy. By the end of the books/movie, you will probably hate President Snow. To me, it seems like stories such as this, The Matrix, Pleasantville, and The Truman Show–just to name a few–present a Gnostic worldview where the Christian God is evil and Lucifer is good. This is probably how Lucifer sees things anyway, so it's no wonder that a lot of these movies have themes that present a Jehovah-like figure in a negative light. See http://grace-for-all.blogspot.com/2011/06/hollywo

        Also, you have 12 districts (12 tribes of Israel) controlled by the Capitol (Heaven or God).

        At the end of the books, there is a disturbing remark that reminds me of some of VC's other articles about the NWO….

        P. 169-170

        “Are you preparing for another war, Plutarch?” I ask.

        “Oh, not now. Now we’re in that sweet period where everyone agrees that our recent horrors should never be repeated,” he says. “But collective thinking is usually short-lived. We’re fickle, stupid beings with poor memories and a great gift for self-destruction. Although who knows? Maybe this will be it, Katniss.”

        “What?” I ask.

        “The time it sticks. Maybe we are witnessing the evolution of the human race. Think about that.”

        From what I have studied, it seems like the elite, new agers, and lots of others are looking toward the next step in the evolution of the human race and anyone who won't evolve will be killed off.

  63. I've been checking the site daily to see when you'd have something on this. I thought you'd be at least little more in depth with your analysis, though. Not as detailed as you normally are.

  64. > why is the future always “dystopian”?

    Because the present is. The future is when the present is fully rolled-out.

  65. @ Sahm – I was wondering if someone would mention the author's military background.

    Just about every teenager I know (Christian or not) loves this whole series, so I read all 3 to see what the appeal was. The first book is very plot driven, like the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" from years ago; the second two books are weak, like Collins was obligated to spin out a trilogy, the trend nowadays in YA fiction.

    The overall idea of kids killing kids in a lottery seems like a rip-off of the Japanese film "Battle Royale" from 2001 or so. But what is Collins' purpose? Has she broken away from her background? Is she trying to alert us, or get us used to a new reality?

  66. @ Fleurdamour – thanks for your links! Fascinating info, and I second what anamericanmom wrote :)

  67. I say that HG is not just a warning, but a prophecy. Hopefully an NWO won't be hitting us TOO soon in the future.

    VC, I think you should analyze V for Vendetta, another literature-adapted anti-elite film. For me, this film is a blueprint for the masses to revolt against the elite and have THEM fear US, instead of vice versa.

  68. In the novels and movie, obviously, the Capitol of Panem is in Colorado. That proved it for me. The author is an insider or really really researched the NWO.

    After a global disaster, the capitol of America was moved to the Rocky Mountains….

    Denver Airport anyone?

  69. I never understood the hype behind the books. I have so many friends who were almost wetting their pants with how they praised the books. I didn't have access to the books, so when the movie came up I went to the cinema to see what the hype was all about.

    In my place, it's still common practice to enter the cinema even though the movie has started (most people just stay behind for the next showing if they start mid-movie). The first thing I saw when I walked in was the slaughter scene. It was sick. It was degrading. It also made me wonder why this was even rated PG13. I mean, really? Violence of this magnitude rated PG13? Just shows how far we've fallen these days.

    I happen to agree with the article. This has certainly crossed a media line when it portrayed extreme violence by and against minors, and people just accepted this. I was cringing the whole time, wondering why I even wasted money on this disgusting movie. As soon as I saw the movie, I knew it would appear here. The elitism shown was so blatant I'm left wondering why people look at me like I'm crazy when I say I hated the movie. That's brainwashing for you.

    One point I would like to add, though, is something I noticed during the selection of tributes for District 12. When the, ahem, 'inspirational video' was being shown, the camera panned for a close-up of that lady's face, showing her mouthing the message of the video line by line–like she really, truly believed in it. Just shows that even in the elites, there are still subtle levels of brainwashing going on. They are only elites when compared to the 'rebellious' and downtrodden districts. But amongst themselves, they too are victims of, perhaps, a cadre of super-elites that truly control the world.

    That's my interpretation, anyway. It was the second scene that left an impression on me, right behind the sacrificial content of the movie.

    • If the movie had been rated R –and not PG13 — the target audience wouldn't have been able to get in, thus defeating its purpose.

  70. What's bad about it is when I first saw the commercial, I thought it'd be a cool film to watch, but after my dad explained the premise of the movie, i was disgusted. It's horrible, why do they have to make it look so cool and entertaining? Even after reading this, I still kinda wanna watch it but I'll wait and get it some other way so I'm not directly supporting this crap.

    And like some others wrote, I can't understand how an author could create such a book for teens. With all this bullying going around, how could they create a movie about kids KILLing each other? You know what it reminds me of? All those safe sex promos mtv and other stations were broadcasting. Great in theory, but what's the point when all the music is completely contradictory? Saying one thing but still promoting sex sex SEX!

    Now they're promoting anti-bullying, but releasing a movie/book series all about kids killing each other and making a game out of it?! & it sounds like such a good movie. Ugh, I feel disgusted w/ myself for being curious about it… it's just, uncharted territory, something comPLETely new. No vampires, or werewolves…

    When I think about it, that Might be why this movie is so huge. People have been overwhelmed with the fantasy/zombie, romantic comedy, vile comedy, action flick, blah blah, same shit over and over, now here's something new, something that's never been done before… Wrong? Completely! But it's different and it's being advertised in such a… delicious way. Cute actors and actresses. Creepy cool fashions of the elite, futuristic… The way they calculate and sell this bs to the public is amazing.

    I've said this before in the comment section of another article, but I believe we're mice and they're simply experimenting with us. Testing their boundaries. Exploring ways to snap our traps further. That's all this is. My boyfriend once called the Elite God. Said that they place before us junk food and fruit and see which we choose. Both taste good but only one's good for you. Can a person really support anti-bullying but still watch a movie bout kids killing each other? Sure it's just a fictional movie but… that's not really the POint, is it?

    • Nicolynn: don't be disgusted with yourself! Be proud that you took some time to think it through and didn't march off to the theater with the rest of the herd! Pat yourself on the back!

  71. That movie seems to be very disturbing and scary i hope it doesnt get to be true one day. Btw do you tell people around you about all this and other vigilant articles and how do they react my freinds and family members says that I HAVE LOST MY DAMN MIND. I would love to listen to what all your friends and family people say.

    • It helps if the reality is already too bad. then the family and friends would see things more clearly when they try to find a reasonable explanation of what is happening around them.

      Personally, I live in a country that lives through the chaos of a recent revolution organized by the Elite & CFR (i.e. Egypt), so Conspiracy Theories are Headlines nowadays!

    • ROBBEN: For 20 years I've been trying to get people to open their ears, eyes, and minds, to at least explore the possibility that we're being played, that everything is not as it appears. Yep, just about everyone thinks I'm nuts, delusional, gullible and a "conspiracy theorist." But that's how people have been PROGRAMMED to react when someone starts talking about the NWO. Popular culture (talk radio, chat rooms, web threads, movies, etc.) sends the message that people who bring up the NWO are "kooks." It's a way to marginalize and silence the opposition. But don't give up. Continue to educate yourself. As you become more informed, you'll present your case better. Along the way you will catch the attention of a few, and then they will start to look into things.

  72. Answering your question.. Yes, It is (Preliminary Programming) of the masses. I believe Alan Watt (of Cutting Through The Matrix podcast) said the same thing. It is a standard technique that the Elite use.

  73. Aah yes, 1984 and a documentary about child soldiers from oil, diamonds, gold, and other minerals. Do you think the previous world cup in south Africa and Obama's election happening at the same time is just mere coincidence. lol. Wake up from you trance. I bet at least half of you guys wear diamond rings and possessions and all worth not and are here talking about Yeshuwah. In a culture where the love of a man for a woman is determined by how big the diamond is. But yet, you chose to live in a bubble where nothing is real and the future of youth is shown on the tube. You people fail to see the big picture. Imagine a world where nothing is a joke and there is no happines either, just things happening, for a reason of course. Hunger games is happening now but in a way you can understand yet but probably will . You should be thanking the elite that they create this bubble for you to live in.

  74. When I went to see this with my best friend, I didn't want to tell her how much the tone of the movie differed from the tone of the book. The people were actually oppressed in the book, they didn't want to watch the Games, they didn't want to send their own to compete (except districts 1 – 4, which were the districts that were closest to the Capitol), they don't want to be under the thumb of the Capitol, but can do nothing to save themselves. In the movie, the characters are complacent, like they had their brains sucked out. I will admit that I was very shaken by the books (there are three, and I've read the first two). They projected hopelessness and regret. The characters were carrying the burdens of their ancestors, the ones who could have stopped the present matters, but didn't (and in the case of the Uprising, the ones that were overpowered).

    I really do think that the book was written to tell us that we need to wake up. I don't believe in coincidences and with the wolves showing their faces, this book is definitely needed. It's just too bad that too many people are gonna associate the tone of the movie with the book and cast it aside, not even knowing that Hollywood bastardized it (like I said earlier, they changed the tone, and they did so by cutting out Katniss's introspection, among other things).

  75. Did anyone think about how "Tributes" are actually "Sacrifices" 23 people have to die every year! Number 23 comes up a lot! Any thoughts?

  76. I read the book a few months back. When the protagonist,Katniss, would talk about the capitol, I noticed it always brang me back to thinking about our government and how it really can end up being like this. While I read, I had a feeling you'd have something to say

    But, there is a difference from the book and the movie. Katniss opposes it, she noticed people have been brainwashed into believing this nonsense, but ofcourse they didn't add this side to the story to the movie.

    It's like laying out a blueprint on a billboard that you didn't want anyone to see.

  77. So many of you folks are missing the point when you take the time to argue or point out that VC didn't read the books. It's an ego trip for y'all, and one that shows a bit of ignorance, for VC clearly states in the introduction this review is about the MOVIE.

    Come on folks. Wake up. The author of these books may very well be anti NWO as you claim. I haven't read them, I'm not gonna.

    We all know good and well that when a book goes to Hollywood, the entire plot pretty much gets changed. They are always loosely adapted, this is common knowledge. At least it should be, because every single time a movie is adapted after a book, the masses say…the book was better.

    Knowing this, and knowing how twisted hollywood is, we should also realize that hollywood is always going to put illuminati into the blockbusters. And what better way for the NWO to indoctrinate you than by tricking you into the mind control mechanism by picking a series that is anti NWO. You think you are getting a message that is against the NWO…all the while, the illuminati controls Hollywood, and will do everything in it's power to wash that brain of yours.

    The reason VC states this review is about the movie is obvious, IMO. Because, 1, many people will never read the books, the message they get from these stories will solely be what they see on the big screen. So, it is realistic for VC to leave pertinate info about the books out, because that info is going to be left out for many people. 2. The movie has the ability to project visual symbols, auditory messages, and many other techniques the books do not have the ability to do. By sitting your butt in that chair, you are being blasted with all kinds of mind control devices, with a significant larger audience by your side than sitting in your book nook reading alone.

    Stop hating on VC. The author of this article clearly stated from the get go this review was about the movie. If the author chooses to read the books and do a comparison, we should show our gratitude, but I know I would be encouraged to do so if I witnessed my audience going off about how ignorant I am because I didn't read the books, and thus I missed the point of the story. Well, no, if the point of the story isn't in the movie, and I'm reviewing the movie, then I didn't miss it at all because who ever was behind the movie dilberetly wanted it gone.

    Btw…mad props to the Louisville native playing the lead role. way to represent! I hope the angels shower blessings upon, keep her safe in hollywood. Maybe, as the series continues, the consciousness of the masses will change and we will witness the anti NWO messages you all keep talking about. That's what ive got my fingers crossed for.

  78. Yep, went to see the movie because my friend wanted me to go and see it. It was obvious it was about the NWO! I thought the main character would have actually fight for what she believed but at the end, she sold out to the NWO! SHAME!

  79. Actually… I feel that the movie and the book are completely seperate things, no one should just watch the movie and judge the book without ever touching it. I don't know what I sound like to all the rest of you who believe that the book and movie go hand in hand in promoting a communist state, but its just my opinion that the book really just shows the brutality of what we conceive as normal. The author claims that she got the inspiration from teenagers fighting wars as well as reality TV shows, and really it just shows that even though violence on this scale is appalling, it is perfectly normal to many children on the frontlines.

    What's wrong here is that the movie has taken out several parts of the book, thrown them aside and focussed on how the capitol is so grand and powerful. If you had read the book, you would know that none of the tributes were willingly chosen for the games, it was just a matter of luck not being in their favour. With the exception of those who swallow the propaganda and volunteer for the games. However throughout the process of the story, all Katniss wants is to return home to her sister. The romance was thrown in by Peeta to give her an edge over the competition. In all, only the capitol really enjoy the slaughter.

    I'm not sure what to think. Could Suzanne Collins have written a book to dissuade against the formation of a NWO, then had her novel completely twisted around itself by hollywood to be used as propaganda?

    I don't know anymore. The books focus on a girl's constant fight for survival but the movie glorifies the killing of the young.

    No body wanted to participate in the games. But its either that or be evaporated by the capitol.

    Personally I don't think I can draw a conclusion as to where the movie is heading. I can already sort of predict the kind of reponses I'm going to get for writing this…

  80. has anyone ever seen the anime movie "Ghost in a Shell". it was made in 1995 and is completely about transhumanism, and is very creepy. just putting it out there, it has alot of illuminati symbols as well.

  81. Yes, I had these feelings too, even I didn't yet see the film.

    Have a bleesed and peaceful Easter, VC.

  82. Looking for Laika on

    I haven't read any of the comments above, tl;dr.

    I don't have any background in theology or mythology or anything, but I have read the 3 books. This article claims that this series is alluding to the NWO but if you actually read the books, Katniss and the 13th district end up bringing down the Capitol. The books are about Katniss instigating an uprising against the Capitol. How does this reflect the NWO?

    Perhaps there's something I missed?

  83. Senor Poopy Pants on

    can you say "externalization of the hierarchy" boys and girls? (google madame blavatsky and that phrase if you dont know what i mean) what an exciting time to be alive indeed……

  84. Since last year when I read the book I have been wondering if this was what the negative future would look like. Especially since the line between the elites and the people was so clearly drawn, it was pretty much a neon banner screaming 'ELITE AGENDA!'. But this is not a world I want to live in. The books were popular. But that's probably not the reason why the movie was made. It was probably because of it's content. Blood, blood…and more blood. I have to admit, I was pretty sickened at when the games began.There was the knife…dripping with blood. There was the brick…stained with blood.

    The movie can be seen both ways, whether it be to alert or to desensitize the people

    P.S.-Hypocrites. May the odds be ever NOT in your favour.

  85. The lady that wrote the book is not original. The whole concept was stolen from a movie called Battle Royale that came out in Japan in 2000. The books are interesting, but don't give the author so much credit. She's just like anybody else.

  86. "Is The Hunger Games attempting to warn an apathetic youth of the danger of allowing the current system to devolve into a totalitarian nightmare?"

    If it were a warning the producers could make that more clear or put a clear message at the end of the film.

    It's brainwashing, pure and simple.

    Thanks to Vigilant Citizen, people can start to see thru the establishment propaganda.

  87. Mad Scienitist on

    I agree about a lot of this foolish to assume this movie is about the future.

    It's about the present which already rules . People are living about 100-200 years behind the actual accomplishments of science and technology. We are ruled by a de-facto world government,an elite which loathes the ignorance of the masses, which in the minds of the illuminated ones is voluntary ignorance in this day and age of technology and available information, making it the more despicable.

    The games may be symbolism of real and economical wars where brothers and sisters of mankind's are set to battle each other to their spiritual (and often physical) deaths to "survive". May also be right on time for the Olympic games which are set this year in good Ol' London.

    It's another of those in-your-facers which partly mocks the truth with it's blunt presentation of today's very real arrangements,but also serves to veil the truth with fiction to those unwilling to see and last but certainly not least, drive the cash registers on the great interest in elite vs. poor genre and spark the 99% protests even more. Another psyop to further imprint the civil war programming perhaps?

  88. Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice for Blood to Idols started by Semiramis during death Nimrod at Shinar. Symbolism Saturn Baphomet Star for Nimrod and Moon for Semiramis.

    Babylon, Ethiopia, Assyria, Moab, Phoenician, Canaanites [Hittites, Amorites, Jebusites, Perizzites, Girgasites, Hivites, Arkites, Sinites, Arvadites, Zemarites, Hamathites] Medes, Persian, Greek, Roman, Egypt, Inca, Mayan, Aztec, Slav, Dayak, Celts Druids, India Harappa, Samoans, Germanic, Tibet Dalai Lama.

    Worship of El, Baal, Moloch, Dagon, Kali, Shakti , Diana, Artemis, Astarte, Astarot, Ashtoreth, Inanna, 1 Chronicles 10:10

    Genesis 15:16; 2 Deuteronomy. 20:17-18, Leviticus 18:24-28, Kings 21:11, Ezra 9:1, 1 Kings 11:5-7, 1 Kings 14:24, 2 Kings 16:3, 2 Kings 23:13, 2 Chronicles 36:14, Ezra 9:11, Judges 10:6

  89. The movie was more of a threat, like this is what will happen if you try to resist what we are creating now. I've yet to watch the movie and probably wont until I can watch it on cable or better yet bootleg DVD. Just remember, Obey or else.

  90. freak_m0nkey on

    Didn't they already make a movie like this? I don't know the name of it but I know it was about men on death row who had to kill each other and the one left alive gets a pardon. except he blows up the warden at the end. The whole event is televised on payperview or something like that…

    • It's Gamer title of the Movie where the dead row man control by a boy battle to survive 30 sessions to earn his get out of prison card.

  91. Actually the movie was pretty much right on with the books. I think the movie was an excelent way of bringing the book and message to the screen. I believe the author knows the direction we are heading, but is using a ficticious story to tell her views.

  92. TheFgttnAlchemist on

    What gets me, is that this is a Scholastic book series. You fucking kidding me? They would have never had novels like this for youth in my day. These are the kind of bleak topics I talk about in the final chapters of my second novel, "Will's Downfall, Book Two: Why Did They Have To Ruin Such A Perfectly Good World?" That novel isn't meant for kids, but I have a feeling that this novel which is obviously being targeted at our youth, shares common themes my own work.

    As a writer, I find that frightening. You write for your audience, and you know who your audience is. But what you don't expect, is when kids have access to the same edgy material that you yourself, have written. Illuminati and Scholastic books must be going hand in hand. This is disheartening to me, that an action like this is even believeable. We had Goosebumps, watered down horrors. They were no big deal, kind of funny even – but kids killing kids and it's okay in schools? This should be on the banned books list for youth.

    If you've even taken a glimpse at my work, you'd understand that I write very gritty material with dark humor. The first WD book features 16 year-olds killing grotesque monsters in a wartorn subconscious realm, and that spills over into the real world. It's very real, very rough stuff. It was originally meant for youth, but I knew that I couldn't call it a youth novel due to the content. Now I'm hearing that this series got the okay and it's along the same lines as my own adult stuff.

    What do you think that makes me feel like?

    A confused man. That's exactly what I feel like. Let's just teach our kids to kill each other. Even if this was meant to dissuade this type of future (like my second novel) it's not making a very good case being thrown into the hands of our children.

    Once more. I write some of the most odd, ridiculous and downright shameful stuff. My books would spark much controversy if they ever became popular. I'm currently editing a Novella about a man who was forced into Hell because the devil made a deal with God to take with him all men, if God could have all women. (This goes back to the Yahweh mythology of him being a bygamist.) The man questions why he is in hell and describes what it entails. Obviously, this bleak work is NOT for children. I even put a disclaimer: ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN right below the title.

    In my professional author opinion, I believe that works like this SHOULD NOT BE in the hands of our children.

  93. I'll admit that I loved both the books and the movie (I'm so excited for the Catching Fire movie!). I honestly think Collins is warning us because if you read all the books, they can essentially become a guide for the future. I'd recommend everyone to read the books (before the government censors them), they are very well written and you might find yourself using them for what might be ahead. May the odds be ever in your favor!

  94. I haven't seen the movie or read the books, but I want to. I just finished watching a 2006 movie w/ juilanne moore. The movie is { Children Of Men } It was set in the year 2007 and the world is collasping. No one has had any children for 18 years – woman are infertile. The main actor has to get the young black girl/woman to a boat to go to the "human project". There is martial law,rebels,patriots people in cages. It has a happy/sad ending in that the mother and baby get to the boat to safety but the main actor dies when he gets to the boat. I think hollywood and others continue to bring images and messages of the nwo. Even the book publishing companies magazines etc. are owned by others that want to bring about the one world order. Ever notice that many actors or others in the industry/music or business end have some relation to the military, be it there family member or other close relations to them. If all those images and messages did not mean anything or were not important why bother to add them in your project /movie/music video or photo shoots/books. Anyway you want to dissect this movie there is gonna be some forms of spreading the nwo agenda. In the move { children of men. } on the bus and on a object on the table the words {QuietUs } On the red double decker bus it read {QuietUs when you want to.} Also they has several written messages of if you see something out of the ordinary report it. { be a snoop. } I'm going to watch older movies to see if I can find anything that shows the images of the new world order or other kinds of things foretelling the future and the one world order. Any movie suggestions let me know. I want to watch metropolis. I saw on u-tube a video about the music indusrty and the illumanti with beyonce and her looking like the lady in metropolis wearing the head piece. This is something I want to do. I'm sure hollywood is not done spreading the new world order.

  95. This may be a more extreme version, but we're already seeing this in our country today. Wake up and smell the roses, people.

  96. If it is "an uplifting story on how to defeat the NWO", why is the mass media giving it so much attention (The Movie Version). How many people even watching this movie KNOW what the NWO is?? Please, its clear what the intentions of this movie are – Predictive Programming and desensitization. I see people here are still being deceived.

    Now time for "Prometheus" which is an allegory for Lucifer. Same guy.

  97. Well the author of the book dosent like to really be out in the spotlight or on tv but she did say in a interview that she wants the young people to question what their government is doing and pay attention

  98. i knew there was something about this movie. It became a phenomena out of nowhere… i think

    • Definitely not out of nowhere. The books were already a phenomenon, so it logically follows that the movie see the same success. For the record, "The Hunger Games" readership is HUGE. At the time "The Hunger Games" movie went into production, NYT reported that there were 9.3 million books in circulation. By last November (5 months before the movie release), that number jumped to 23.5 million!

      The themes in the book resonate strongly with today's youth who see their future slipping into something very unsavory; a coming NWO. The books rail against that idea with blunt force shouting loudly: Rebel against the Regime! Take back true society and stop being sheeple!

      • Incidentally, if all 23.5 million who those reported book buyers bought just one matinee ticket, that would total $199,750,000.00 in ticket sales, just over what was reported for opening weekend ticket sales which was reported at $152,535,747.

        What you're seeing is the power of the almighty fanbase. 😉

  99. When I first read the Hunger Games series, I had a nagging feeling that I knew the author somewhere. Her name sounds very familiar, and her tendency to write depressing dramatic lives of the characters. After a while, I realized that I have read her previous series: Gregor the Overlander.

    It's basically a story about an 11 years old boy became a warrior in a different world found at the underworld. His life, adventures and the ending of the series were so depressing I myself got depressed for several days after reading them.

    After finished reading the Hunger Games series, I have to say that Katniss' ending was way happier than Gregor's. Yet it still managed to depress me.

    I have no idea whether it's intentional or not by the author, but it's as if she's trying to traumatize her readers. I am 22 and reading any of these two series still manage to cause me depression and at times, mood swings.

  100. The Hunger Games is nothing new at all! Ever seen "Running Man"? Or "Battle Royale"?

    Those are a lot better and more realistic. While The Hunger Games often felt almost too fantasy like to me and the plot was often too predictable.

    Future: Poor people live like in the early american western days(just the indians were missing), while the rich people live in fantasy like cities and wear gaudy Carnival clothes.

    Could be done on purpose to make the viewer think: "This can't happen in real live!" and the fact that it is PG-13(normally it should be at least PG-16!).

    Explains why The Hunger Games are so popular. Like others say: DESENSITIZATION!

    • HG reminds me some of Logan's Run, which in retrospect seems like a total Illuminati-fest. The main difference is that HG is aimed at kids, and LR wasn't.

  101. Can I just add that SPOILER ALERT: in the final book and uprising causes the capitol to fall and they are once again happy.

  102. I want to know on

    Okay I have been following the truth for years now, we all know things are getting worse and our freedoms are been taken away. But what is anyone of you actually doing to stop this? What are we doing individually and collectively to make the world a better place and stop the government from having absolute control over every aspects of our lives?

  103. You guys do know the whole point of the books is actually , pointing out this sort of stuff and not glorifying it? i had the chance to talk with suzanne and we discussed some of the things (i.e , she was fired from nickelodion because she had 'dangerous ideas' that didn't fit the whole thing) and it took her YEARS to publish the books , th ewhole point is to show the fact people actually enjoy violence , that they will murder kids and stuff , it's horrifying for most , you know readers with a brain

  104. "…there is little to no difference between movie goers who watch the movie The Hunger Games and the masses in the movie that witness the cruelty of the Games. Both are willing participants in an event that portrays the sacrifice of their own under the amused eye of the elite."

    Best sentence in the entire article hands down! Bravo and encore.

    I agree 100% with that statement. I was captivated by all the clever advertising that I saw regarding this movie, but after giving it careful though and also discussing it with friends I couldn't reconcile within myself the though of actually paying to see a movie that is violent about people who are subjected to watching violence. After reading this fine article I feel good about my choice.

    Stand up – Stand out

  105. Mass Media – The ultimate weapon of mass destruction created by the elite for the benefit of the elite!

    "Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the father is not in him. The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives eternally." 1 John 2: 15 & 17

  106. "Distracting the masses with blood and sex while reminding it of the elite’s power."

    There is no sex in the books, haven't seen the movie, but it's not part of the original storyline. They kiss in the hunger games, but I see nothing wrong with it.

    I think, much like my opinion on 1984 (and the like), that these authors write these books as a warning. But you have to pay attention, and be smart enough to recognize it. In fact, the author is encouraging a rebellion against the government, and her books show that with the right motivation a collection of people can overthrow the, let's say, "1%".

  107. I am surprised by so many uneducated views on here. Before passing judgments on the Hunger Games as being "sick" you should actually read them. The series is a perfect depiction of where were are heading as a society. It shows the destruction we are causing to our world and the dehumanization and desensitization of our minds and morals. There is no hidden agenda behind the writings of Suzanne Collins, except to show where our actions will and are leading us.

    • I don't think most people think the writer has a hidden agenda (and I certainly don't either, I don't get that kind of feeling from the writing), but the publisher's may, and by that I mean to say that, it may have been published to desensitize teens to these things. I have read the books, and while i enjoyed them, I couldn't help feeling like life was hopeless and that things will get that bad for real. Yes, the story is about a rebellion, but that doesn't mean we can't be negatively influenced by something good-intentioned.

      Also, I believe the movie is more what should be debated, since that is what the article is about, I haven't seen it yet, but it seems like they played up certain elements in it to desensitize people, but I will know more on that if I actually go see it.

  108. I am a little confused; I have been reading this site for months now..and I have a well informed idea of what the elite's agenda holds for us. But my question is why? What does it mean to have all of this power over us? If this movie depicts our NWO then it looks depressing for both sides of the spectrum.

  109. I relate this movie to the movie Death Race and The Condemned. Viewers are at home to see the killings and support their favorite "fighter" or "star." But in this movie, the viewers are in a even lower class society, BUT all three movies involve that Elite ruler who crave the thirst for blood.

  110. clergyindisguise on

    Very good article which clearly lays out an agenda that has been well documented by Huxley and Orwell in their tomes. This desensitizing to violence has been progressively ramped up from Holly-wood since the second word war where violence was highly stylized and more suggested than literal. Watch 'Casablanca' to see how far we've come. I was sickened to see in your pictures of the month the selections of human depravity and particularly that of Justin Bieber having his face smashed into a bloody mess. Well doesn't that send the same message to the younger set that violence if not cool, is acceptable? Keep up the good work VC.

  111. I saw the movie aswell and noticed how each of the tributes get "trackers" injected into their bodies. Hmmm similar the brain chips we could possibly be getting?

  112. I don'r think Suzanne Collins is an insider. Throughout the books, she paints us a picture of this world and continues to mention how sick and barbaric it is. If anything, I believe it was meant as a sort of warning. She doesn't glorify children killing each other or the elite monitoring everyone; rather, she shows it as a total invasion of privacy and a sick way to control people. I see what you're saying; and no doubt the movie has been so popular because of the higher ups trying to shove their agenda down our throats, but what Suzanne Collins wrote was pretty amazing. It shows that anyone can make a difference; anyone can take a stand against these evil, powerful people. It depicts perfectly how screwed up that kind of world would be; I mean, Katniss is horrified and angry with this injustice and the gore that unfolds around her. Hollywood took a strong, awesome message and tried to make it into something its not. But if you read the books, you know how raw and powerful the real message was.

  113. I read the book first and didn't even like it, my friend recommend me to read it, so I did.I read the first few pages and didn't like it, I was like 'who wants their rights to be revoked? Why do people keep reading this?' Then I found out about the games they have every year, I thought it was terrible that they would do such a thing.Glamorizing the death of teenagers, as I was reading I kept telling myself, 'how can humans get this low?! This should NEVER happen or be thought of!' I read rest book and got really sad, I can't imagine myself in such circumstances, I don't think I would even live like that; let alone let my children in a world like that.It was just terrible, I'm the only one who realized how terrible it was while my peers sit back and cheer for Katniss or whoever.Finishing that book I was down for a week or 2, I warned my other friend about the book.She read it and liked it.. it surprised me, I don't know what to even say about that honestly.

  114. Makes my stomach turn.

    Guess it coincides with the mass marketing recruiting our young lately.

    I am surprised, luckily – most of our children in this country are wiser. Their eyes are open..

    just wish their parents could see.

  115. freak_m0nkey on

    It also reminds me of Mars Needs Moms, in that the outcasts have to live in a junkyard to survive. Then the elite martians get to live in the nice shiny city. I figuredthe out cast martians didn't comply with the rules of the elite

  116. i've been waiting for VC to publish an article about "THE HUNGER GAMES"..coz i know that there's something about the movie that depicts the world in the future…two thumbs up VC!! thanks..keep on spreading the news,,

  117. I apologize in advance but you have to L.O.LLLLL sometimes at the level of denial people are in, even though it isn't at all funny. Do any of you defending the author of these books or, god forbid (in all seriousness) the movie know how rare it is for a book to become a Hollywood sellout? If any of you are regulars on VC, you know that all of Hollywood is corrupt, every last stitch of it and has been so for decades now. Do you think $80 MILLION would be invested into something that did not further their agenda and starred their most prized mind controlled slaves? Do you think it is just a mere coincidence that the soundtrack to the movie consists of mostly MTV-approved artists (Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Kid Cudi, The Civil Wars just to name a few)? I don't think so. The author is most definitely an insider as she has been working in the mainstream film & television industry for many years. You don't dabble in darkness for that long and expect not to get tainted eventually. I expect her fate to be similar to that of J.K. Rowling & Stephanie Meyer, as it seems she is on the same track already.

    My brothers & sisters, you can no longer be half in truth and half in lies. The time has come where you must pick a side and I hope you will choose the right one. Do not expect any good to ever come out of Hollywood, ever. The. End. Thank you.

  118. Hunger Games trilogy is a good read for those vigilant and thinking readers. amusing because it is full of the mockery of the capitol system and its people. about the movie? i watched it and it was, blah….. the strong message in the book is being left out, making it no more than just a movie aimed for entertainment.

  119. you obviously guys haven't read the trilogy yet. It's actually about a rebellion against a dystopian ruling. Its about fighting for what you think is right and for the freedom of the society :)

  120. Throughout the Movie, several visual cues could be seen… to name a few

    Royal Butterfly:

    Excess Use of the (divine color) purple.. and in this scene the one choosing who gets to die

    Climate Control (When redirecting Katniss into the game) sparking fires and natural disasters

    Three finger salute

  121. I've read the entire 3 book series. The third book, "The Mocking Jay," is quite disturbing. At some point, Peetah and even Katniss were like subjected to MK Ultra Programming. Use of drugs and violence were obsessive. Even though the people were uprising, they still don't have the chance to be in a true democratic society. So traumatic.

  122. TheIlluminatiFAILS on

    Thank you VC for this article.. i've been waiting for it :)

    WELL GUYS i saw the movie and every minut i could feel that it IS about the NWO & Illuminati.

    One day I was on my way home from work when I saw a girl and her father. As they walked past a poster where there was a picture of SuckerPunch film her father asked her: "If you could choose which girl you would be which one would you choose?" The daughter looked at the blonde and chose her. It came as a shock for me because the blond girl on that poster had sexual clothes on and you could see her skin etc. Her father looked at her and said "YES NICE CHOICE! Your daddy's little girl" He was so proud of her, while i was so close to puke.

    The media doesn't just effect the young people but also the old people.

    May god protect us from alll those crazy signs.

    My donkey can STILL notice them and SEE them :)

  123. Thanks for the article.

    I read the books years and years ago, and at the same time I had followed VC. The thing is when the book is super popular among teenagers, articles that are highly-anticipated like this one for the book did not written. And I don't know, but I'm pretty assuming that the writer of this article did not read the whole three books. I hope he will soon, and write more elaboration on them.

    The book is super popular even before the movie is out, and VC readers (my friends) do realize some points that are there written in the article. We are waiting for some elaboration like this, but what's disappointing is VC will not write articles in regards of book and literary medias. When I read the book I realize that the author might aware of Illuminati and how industry is just crappy that leads her to write the books. She is even there working for the industry. She said that this might happen to us one day, and she even said that the true message that she wanted to give the readers is how reality TV could give a great impact to people.

    The series is actually about how Katniss ends everything. So you need the whole trilogy to conclude, and not just a single book. If you read the books Katniss narrate everything solidly and it's clear that readers are sympathize of the Panem citizens and not having fun watching the kids die. Also in the second book, where she'd start to rebel and the Capitol are trying to avoid that. The third is about war and full rebellion. And you are indeed wrong if you said that HG fans are seeing different points (Team Peeta Team Gale thing). If you notice book fans of this series are really disappointed by people who are pointing to this Teams thing in comments in Facebook pages or something. True Hunger Games BOOK fans realize and aware of the real message that this book try to tell. The book is terrifying but it reminds me of how world is shattering right now, it's equal to VC articles if turned into pages of fiction, just to make it feel more realistic for young adult readers.

    I hope VC is going to see this message. If I'm wrong, please write MORE articles regarding on dystopian future books which is a wild sensation right now (DIVERGENT, SHATTER ME, DELIRIUM, 1984, THE RUNNING MAN, BATTLE ROYALE) or else I'll be brainwashed and drowned reading this favorite genre.

  124. thank you VC!

    you know what? I'm very happy to live somewhere in Africa where most people don't have access to Internet and therefore, all these types of crap! Children here are still raised in a "traditionnal" way, you know, where parents let them play outdoors and create their own universe, even if they don't have money to buy video games and toys and pricey thingys.

    They can play pirats, and Superman with just a bed sheet and wood as knight sword, etc..

    Simple ways to keep being imaginative :)

  125. People here REALLY need to read Battle Royale (most people, including myself, believe it strongly influenced the Hunger Games), the BOOK, not the manga, and the movie is ehhh… But it is the same basic premise, only it is Japanese, and it was written in the 90's, people, this was in Japan quite a while ago, it came out here in the early 2000's and I read it back then cause I was heavily in to Japanese culture at the time.

    It is rather disturbing to see things like this become so popular and almost glorified. :( I have been read the books, and even though I feel it denounces this NWO, it also almost promotes it at the same time, not by the story, but by the way its written, it has a feeling like "This is going to happen, get ready for it" to it. Could be me, but that's how I felt while reading them anyway. Haven't seen the movie, and now I am flip flopping between seeing it and having PTSD episodes triggered and seeing if it as bad I as I think it is, or just not going cause it really doesn't matter anyway.

    • I agree, like most forms of entertainment, it's trying to have it both ways. The heroine attempts to play the system, but is still firmly entrenched in its structure and rules by the time the film ends. Her way out of the system was not to refuse to participate in the first place, but to take her own life where everyone could watch it. Think about the symbolism of that, a voluntary sacrifice. Does that promote hope?

      The movie sets up the horrors of the one-world government and encourages rebellion against it, which will result in more sacrifices and bloodshed.

  126. The Hunger Games sugarcoats tyranny for kids, by Henry Makow:


    The Hunger Games depicts children killing eachother, gets rated PG-13 for "brutal child-on-child violence and death".

    The new documentary Bully teaches about the reality of the bullying epidemic in our nation's schools, gets rated R for "language".

    I wonder why we're fucked up as a species?

    You want an intellectual and spiritual movie about violence portrayal in mass media, watch Michael Haneke's Funny Games, either the Deutch original from 1997, or his own American remake from 2007, starring Naomi Watts, Tim Roth and Michael Pitt. It does what the Hunger Games refuses to, which is to make you think of entertainment violence not as something Tarantinoish cool but rather utter ungodly pathetic which is what it is, just ask the victims, always. It's the movie to re-sensitize us!

    Making it tingle in children's bellies with the feeling of being IMPORTANT VICTIMS… Shame on Hollywood, that old sexdrugsatanic place. They're in a rut, knows it's in the open now, and that's why they try dragging us down with them. Try.

  127. TheIlluminatiFAILS on

    AND to the people that write: I dont want to see the movie anymore…

    you must be kidding right? I mean you can WATCH it, just as long you know what it is about and not getting brainwashed. 😉

  128. oh great.so now EVERYTHING big in the media must be the work of these stupid monkeys and there're always subliminal bullshit and oh so scary devil-y symbols thrown into it one way or another.why are these psychos all over the place?and why are most of the society always so ignorant to the point of stupidity?WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?????

  129. "Tributes" for The Hunger Games become the property of the state and are revoked of all their rights.

    when i read that, the first thing i thought of was what Peeta said to Katniss before the Games.

    "“Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to… to show the Capitol they don't own me. That I'm more than just a piece in their games”

    It was in both the movie and the book and even the trailer. it seems important enough to be put in the trailer. emphasized, even.

  130. Lordhavemercy on

    i love how you ask if the young people will realize this, I am a young person and i can tell you right now, 95% sure that the elite have us in a chokehold, although i have seen some people wake up i still believe it is to late. from what i see in my life on a daily basis ( school especially), the new world is already forming.

  131. This movie is just so sick and twisted, and ifind it very disturbing. Didnt sit well with me since ifirst heard of it, thanks for the article VC

  132. Another aspect that surprised me were the trailers for other films shown before this one. Not appropriate for children at all.

  133. Like some others, I had never read the books, but watching the film made me feel, literally, ill. I think what I find most disturbing is that these things have already happened in the past, and watching the children and parents respond to it and excuse it during and after the film made me realize that people don't realize it's already going on and that they are participating in it.

  134. Stephen King wrote this story twice — The Running Man and The Long Walk. It was ripped-off and fed to kids.

    • YeathoughIwalk on

      Also highly evocative of the short story "The Lottery" written by Shirley Jackson. I wonder if she was illuminati..

  135. Well, we have seen youth killing and even raping each other onscreen in some not to distant dystopian future, that film is called "A Clockwork Orange" and the character "Alex" portrayed by Malcolm McDowell in the film was actually 15 years old in the book. They too existed within a monolithic New World Order where the adults were powerless working long hours while unsupervised kids like Alex could visit bars that served drugs in glasses of milk and engage in "Ultraviolence".

  136. Like some of you guys, I've also read the three books and saw the movie, itself. The one thing I observe from the movie (and the books apparently) is the reality of the world now. In promoting and in the effort to materialize a utopian/dystopian world, violence has now become the powerful's tool. This is apparent in the past centuries as well as today, and the best one example of it is the Holocaust- its racial discrimination and human will to power. I thought the narrative is quite good actually if we consider how it shows us the "Banality of Evil" as Hannah Arendt has quite wonderfully put.

  137. Okay not saying this article is wrong but first of all the people in the hunger games don't like the hunger games they dread it the only people who like it are the careers which are districta 1-3 because they train their whole lives for it and even they don't win it sometimes and the main characters talk about how they don't want to be apart of it. So no ones okay with children killing children at all and the whole Katniss and Peeta being in love thing. Is fake because Katniss doesn't even wabt to kiss him or anything she's just doing it because she has to oh and spoiler alert the rest of the books are. About them starting an uprising against their government. So no one accepts the world they live in they want to change it so if anything I think the movie is a representation of the world we live in now and what we should do about it: start an uprising

  138. you should check out witch and wizards by james patterson too. it takes place in a dystopian future and a teenage brother and sister are arrested, imprisoned, and sentenced to execution during the uprising of a new totalitarian government named the New Order, for unknowingly possessing outlawed magical abilities

  139. I read that collins adapted the movie herself so weather the movie message is skewd which way its still her message.

  140. Ok, I'm a teen myself and I read this book 4yrs ago, I don't think it was meant to brainwash the youth, the whole series in my opinion seems like Suzanne is warning us of a future yet to come. You can either suffer silently or rebel [ the 3rd book Mockingjay was about a mass rebellion against the capitol].

    Battle Royale is more gruesome than this.

  141. havent seen the film or read the books. not going to. cant really be bothered. but i did watch a film similar to this callled Death Race, it features Jason Statham (sp) as the main character (which reminds me! does hollywood get mk ultra victims to play out roles that either trigger their alter or are similar to the torture they underwent? 'cus Jason Statham has played the same type of character in nearly all his films- a man hu has to perform some sort of life threatening task or else he dies cus the bad guys put a bomb in him) the film is set in a remote prison on a gun shaped island where all the inmates are on deathrow and it is heavily saturated with police state and guards who control their every move. the head of the prison is a woman (much like the lady in hunger games) is in charge of this game show called Death Race whereby prisoners race to the death in order to be released from the prison. the Death Race is marketed as computer game with all the graphics and fast cars, character profiles, live action. and its LIVE so that viewers can have total access to the games, they have to pay to watch each tournament and theres live action commentry on what characters have been killed, who's still in the race and what ranking. they have to walk across a checkboard floor to get to their cars. it also got me thinking about the direction live action media and social netwroks will go as globalisation evolves.

    remember in Revelations when the two prophets will come, the beast will kill them and the world will celebrate their two day death by sending gifts to each other. does this mean that live broadcasting and social media will allow ppl to view the prophets and also their deaths as -it is happening?????? sick if ppl find such things "entertaining"

    sorry for my long winded comment. stay blessed in Jesus Name. xxxx

  142. you know what is weird…why do all the people, all the normal people, let money ruin their lives? can you imagine what would happen if we all just banded together and helped each-other? Why should a rebellion have to be "overthrowing the government" with bloodshed, riots, etc. We could undermine ALL the elite's power by simply coming together, not letting money ruin our lives while we forever and ever try to rich a state of false and materialistic happiness.

  143. Ohio Croatian on

    The Hunger Games is a "prophecy" about the sad future of the United States if the globalists get their way.

  144. The actual masses in the districts are not dumb and they don't cheer for their favourites, only the elite people from the Capitol do. The masses that are being manipulated are the rich elite masses. Infact, the people from the districts hate the games and start a revolution to take down the Capitol and Katniss always elaborates how she disgusting the Hunger Games are and how she feels guilty for killing teenagers. In the books the author shows the story though the perspective of the people in the districts and they win so I really do believe the author was trying to condemn that kind of society, shed a light on the nature of revolution, and warn the teenagers that are reading those books about the future.

  145. I've read the trilogy about a year ago and it's excellent, and I was a bit disappointed because the supposedly gore scenes in the books didn't meet my expectations in the movie. Some might think it's sick because of the "children killing children" notion but if you really read all the books you'd see that its plot is focused on humans fight for their rights. About how people yearn freedom among all things, despite how powerful the tyrant might be. No tribute fought the rules because they were wise enough to realize that fighting without a concrete plan is pointless and stupid. But of course you won't see that in the first movie. You'd see more mob uprising in the next installment.

    AND I'm not just saying this because I'm a teenager and is easily deluded…ahaha.

  146. It's been a long while since I saw a movie advertised so intensely as hunger games. So obvious.

  147. This makes me so angry and I feel physically sick!! My younger sisters have been consuming this wicked filth and now I know what happens in the books and movies, I will not hesitate to urge them to open their eyes and throw the books away! I am so fed up with depraved, deranged elders feeding our youth with disgusting trash! Young people will be so desensitized when the world starts to head this way that they won't bat an eye!

    We have to rise up and actively denounce this evil media! Their "entertainment" is killing our spirits. Parents, give a damn about your kids and monitor the media they consume. Please.

    • I guess since you call The Hunger Games 'filth' that you endorse The New World Order. You should acknowledge to your sisters that they need to accept the Mark of the Beast with you and bow down to authority as you must certainly plan to do for yourself. Since you call anything that encourages people to stand up against their slavemaster 'filth.' Tsk, tsk, the perfect sheep.

  148. As an 18 year old girl who read the books when they first came out and a "vigilant citizen" I can only comment on where my own thoughts went. At first glance I saw the New World Order symbolism but I'm a sucker for a good post-apocalyptic dystopian future book because it makes for good reading in my opinion.

    At the end of the day a film with the story line like The Hunger Games will always make it big in cinemas BECAUSE of the story line. It suits their agenda.

    Alot of my friends have also reads the books and may not be as "switched on" about the real world as I am, at least have a small idea of what's really going on.

    Every single one of them brought up the same points as I did.

    I have now directed them to this article as it sums up everything alot better than I ever could.

    Every single one of them is now more open to my conversations when I "go off on one about that illuminati stuff" as they liked to say.

    Directly because of this film my friends have woken up.

    So whatever people think, it can't all be bad?

    Also, has anyone on here read the full trilogy of Hunger Games books?

    In the second book, a rebellion begins because of Katniss and Peeta's actions when they threatened to eat the Nightlock berries so the Capitol wouldn't have a winner. Because of this they get put into the 75th Hunger Games again as the Capitol tries to regain control. There is then an escape of the Games and alot of the tributes escape to the mysterious District 13 who used to be in control of nucleur weapons until they rebelled against the Capitol. Peeta is kidnapped angst angst angst etc… In the third book there is a country-wide rebellion where with Katniss as the rebels "Mockingjay" (their onscreen leader. their symbol for rebellion) they managae to overthrow the Capitol. In the Capitol Katniss realises that if she kills President Snow then all is going to happen is the leader of District 13 is going to put in the same regiment that was there before. President Coin suggests making a new Hunger Games that takes children from the Capitol as payback for what the Capitol did to them. This is when Katniss realises that it is ALL wrong and when she is supposed to kill Snow she kills Coin instead.

    She breaks out of the mindset that she has been brought up into and realises what is right and wrong. The "New World Order" falls and the "New New World Order" is stopped before it begins.

    What's so bad about that?

  149. This is definately predictive programming by the Illuminati/Zionist Global Elite. It's their vision of what they want the future to be like. No one is 'warning' us of anything…..they are 'telling' us that it will happen. Remember who controls Hollywood.

  150. The one thing that keeps coming back to me when I consider the psychopathic nature of many predictions for the future is this; we must assume that not only the police, military or other weapons of the "elite" are psychopathic, so must everyone they associate with and live with be psychopathic. Any dog will turn on it's master at the point where the dog's own well being is threatened. How can enough human beings be kept on a leash in light of the filthy way in which they are supposed to live?

  151. Suzanne Collins is an observer. The books were inspired by watching coverage of the Iraq War interposed with a reality television show. There are significantly glaring omissions in this article. The first is Katniss' approach to the games. That is, she avoids taking life when she can. The one instance is at the death of Rue and this is an attempt to protect them both.

    Second is President Snow's explanation of hope which can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e3wADQ7IXw

    Third, America began as 13 colonies and the movie tells the story of 13 districts, the last of which had been destroyed.

    The 'Peacekeepers' are a cross between the NAZI's and Stormtroopers.

    Haymitch's shame is evident in a scene where a little boy in a Haymitch outfit stabs his sister with a fake sword.

    Last (and this is really an addition), two people kissing does not imply sex. There is NO sex in this movie, hinted or otherwise and the suggestion is just ridiculous. It is Peeta's crush on Katniss that is being played up for the purposes of their survival, that is all and this is made succinctly clear within the film, leaving NO ROOM for doubt. There is plenty of real and interesting material in the movie that Vigilant does not need to invent something that isn't there. I've been reading this site for a couple of years now and for the first time I'm sincerely disappointed that fiction has countermanded fact.

    A further note concerning the author, if one was to consider that she may be an insider, it does not mean she is 'preparing' us for submission. Just as in congress, there are two sides: as in the 80% who voted for the NDAA and the 20% who voted against it. There are plenty within the system who do not like it and yes these may be a minority but anyone can still use the system to warn people. The government and the games are portrayed with utmost disdain. The humble citizens of this One World (PANem) government are natural and live close to the land. The wealthy mass-population as well as the government alter and color and paint themselves and their environment, contaminating everything that is pure and natural. The story is a manifesto is against government and the mass-media culture. This parallel's current circumstances when government criminalizes droog (i.e. plant) and forces pharmikeia (i.e. poison) on the masses. It portrays a war against nature which parallel's the elitists' insistence that the only way nature can be 'purified' is if men (a specific group of authority figures who know 'better than you') contaminates it and makes it potentially more lethal.

  152. After reading this article, I am quite shocked to find the number of things that are inaccurate or too broadly interpreted. I work in the cinema on weekends and as such have seen this movie many times over.

    For one, it is said that thirteen districts rose up against their nation. This implies a minority, only the thirteen districts were punished, to live in relative poverty. It is suggested that the rest of the nation is on par with the capitol on terms of wealth. Therefore it is not the masses that are subjugated by a minority, but the masses that subjugate the minority.

    Evenso, within these subjugated districts there are wealthier and poorer ones. 1 being the wealthiest, 12 being the poorest, based on local economies and wealth secured by the winners of the hunger games.

    The ritual sacrifice thing is kind of iffy too, in the film the president addresses this as such:

    "We have a winner to give them hope. If we wanted to scare them, why not just round up 24 people and shoot them. It would be much faster". Sacrifice on this site is usually glorified in a way that it seems as if the participants enjoy being sacrificed. This is not promoted in the movie.

    The uprising scene happened, not because the little girl died, but was actively mourned by the protagonist. She also showed a district specific salute to the camera's in open defiance. The uprising was instigated by one man in a "herd-mentality moment" as opposed to everyone leaping to action when the girl died.

    The movie is in fact, not very violent as they use shaky camera-work to obscure most of the violence. The movie also promotes non-violence by having the main character only acting in self-defense.

    The high-tech surveillance point is also rather off, yes they use trackers and lots of cameras inside the arena. An artificially created environment specifically designed to capture all the action. Then again there is hardly any monitoring in the districts that we are shown. Katniss and Gale made a living out of illegally hunting, yet are never punished for it.

    Just my two cents, but I do hope that in the future, movies will be looked at with more than a passing glance before publishing such an article.

    Do I support the NWO? No, I have read this site often with interest, yet I find it to be slightly sensationalist at times.


  153. This movie reminded me of another book which also depicts a future kinda like the one the NWO want to create.

    The name of the book (it's actually a series of three books) is Uglies, released in 2005. To make it short, in this book's world, everyone gets a plastic surgery, when they reach the age of sixteen, to get a perfect appearance. They are called "pretties" after they get the surgery, and the ones who did not get the surgery yet are called "uglies". The pretties live in the big city, where they can party all day long and do pretty much anything they want. What they don't know is, the surgery, besided changing their appearance, also changes their minds, and makes them dumber. The "specials" are the hidden elite, and most of the people don't even know they exist. This makes it perfect for the specials to control the masses. But of course, there are the rebels, people who ran away to the woods before getting the surgery.

    I've only read the first book, but it's clear to me that it depicts a society kinda like the one in The Hunger Games, except for the poverty and the blood sacrifice. I don't know if the author of The Hunger Games is trying to warn people or is simply furthering the control of society, but I do think Uglies is actually trying to warn us. I'm not 100% sure, so, if anyone has heard of this series and has made an opinion about this, please, tell me what you think.

  154. I just saw this:

    "The CW has ordered two new reality shows, including one that’s clearly Hunger Games-inspired.

    In The Hunt, 12 tributes teams of two are dropped into the wilderness without food, water or shelter. They must compete in a game where they’ll rely on their physicality, survival skills and hunting skills to endure the harsh conditions and kill “capture” one another."

    from news on the web.

  155. An increasingly insectual system of society evolves in all so-called "social", although I prefer the term "totalitarian", creatures. As a species becomes increasingly infected by brain parasite infection then the mitochondrial DNA becomes restricted and tailored to the requirements of the parasite as it controls the power and energy supplied to cells. In many insects, the power and energy supply to the cells from which the parasite draws its energy becomes so controlled that the mitochondrial DNA of only the Queen is conserved; only her progeny are produced. Initially, the brain parasites alter the immune system and decouple (read disconnect) parts of the brain such that emotions that one would associate with humanity, e.g. empathy, compassion, are removed. The infected individuals, acting in the best interests of the brain parasite, become controlling, power crazed, sexualized, etc., turning against their own species. The earlier the infection and the longer the infection has resided within generations of the same family (especially with inbreeding), the more tailored the host is to the ultimate aim of the parasite as a whole; i.e. the totalitarian control of the host species. Read: New World Order cf. The Hunger Games.

  156. Have you people noticed that the author lives in Sandy Hook and in her book there is a killing at an elementary school with 30 children killed is this just a coincidence ??? I think not?? More rsearch needed.

  157. so the author is from sandy hook conn .. and nathan crowley is production designer for dark knight..

  158. I agree with some of Fleurdamour's points, insofar as, that you have certain people watching this movie and getting involved in its world to the point where they start cheering for a victor (more like a victim); this is how most of the asleep will react. My thought is that the asleep will watch this and see it as just another form of entertainment, and as a result of this they're being desensitized to the idea presented of kids killing kids for sport. I know in the movie the point of the narrative was that the 'winner' gets goodies from the elites – well, at the end of this film, I walked away with the thought that these poor kids were just pawns being used by a system created and controlled by the wealthy – the destiny of the poor was manipulated and controlled by the wealthy. I've not read the books and from what i gather are quite different from the movie, but lets not forget that the author of the books also wrote (or at least co-wrote) the screenplay. Most people, imo, will not think very deeply about the contents of what they're watching, but will simply get sucked into the world of the movie & unthinkingly, passively, voyeuristically participate, which is what most movies are designed to do. Overall, i found the film lacking substance as a piece of cinema in and of itself. This theme's been done before and done better – e.g. Lord Of The Flies. But the bigwigs are going after more of the demographic that's victimized in the film, so I can see why they wanted this made at this time.

  159. Has anyone gone to this site and seen all the videos there discussing the archetypical stories and symbols behind all hollywood films? It adds another side to what is being discussed here on Vigilant Citizen's site. http://www.hollywoodinsiders.net/
    The concept of the futrure being divided into Districts, usually 12 [like the zodiac mansions] is also seen in In Time [2011] [The 12 Hours [from Hoor or Horus] of the Book of Thoth or Tod or the Dead]
    The main villain in In Time was played by the same actor as Oxymandes [Asmodeus] in Watchmen.

  160. The Hunger Games also shares similarities with The Cabin in the Wood. Publicly televised ritual murders in a totally controlled environment. Plus the elites' ability to Summon Demons in to that Environment to kill of the victims. The GMO monsters/animals including the hell hounds [Resident Evil's Kerubus] composed of dead tributes. They just love Zombies the most… That's why they opted on that in The Cabin FIlm: Incest [the red-neck zombie family], Possessed Children [Jodelle Ferland?] and Zombies. More or less the same elements in the Hunger Games.
    As one of Alice Cooper's songs say: They LOVE the dead.
    Cause in movies like VanHelsing the Elite are always represented by DRACULA: Lord of the "un"DEAD.
    So… They just had to stick in the unDEAD into the Hunger Games as well.

  161. I believe that these types of books and movies are support to help the government by making the people believe that this will never happen, which will cause major unpreparedness. And wonderful article.

  162. Just a quick question, What is the difference between the Bavarian Illuminati and the Illuminati with 13 bloodlines? Are they the same thing? I have heard that the two should not be confused, but I can't find anything that discusses the subject. Also the author of "The Hunger Games" trilogy has the surname Collins, witch is also the name of the one of the 13 elite bloodlines. I find it very strange that Miss Collins has such a great insight on subject of the elite. I've just wondered about this for a good while now and would greatly appreciate any and all replies.

    Sincerely yours, N-bean

  163. Info Warrior Alex Jones thought the author of the Hunger Games trilogy was actually doing a good thing by painting the future so bleak. He wasn't sure if she listened to his show or had done incredible research on her own about the NWO and its designs for the general populace. I agree with him. The books are wonderful and would hopefully discourage people from a future like that.

  164. I decided to borrow the video from the library and have a look. My impression was that it's a kind of veiled threat: don't even think about rebelling (or seceding) or we'll really sock it to you. That was the impression I kept getting.

  165. For god's sake KATNISS IS NOT TORN BETWEEN TWO GUYS. THIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY. Do you really think Katniss has time for love? It's only until the last page of the last chapter before the book where she actually really considers love.