Paris Jackson Enters Treatment Facility + Her “Illuminati” Tweets



Paris Jackson, the daughter of pop legend Michael Jackson, appears to be aware of a lot of things but her life took a turn for the worse in the past months. On June 5, the 15 year old entered UCLA Medical Center (the same hospital where her father died) after a suicide attempt as she reportedly “cut her wrists with a kitchen knife and took as many as 20 ibuprofen tablets.” It was then reported that Paris actually “didn’t want to die” as she was simply “looking for attention”. Odd.

On July 13th, Paris was released from the hospital but was transferred to an “undisclosed residential treatment center” – one that was recommended by her doctors. She is therefore still under tight surveillance because, according to People magazine: “The feeling is that Paris is still a danger to herself.” Why is she still a “danger to herself” is she did this for “attention”? Things are unclear. Is there MK programming going on there?

One thing is for sure, Paris is definitely aware of the dark side of the entertainment industry. Through her Twitter account, she was looking to “educate” her fans know about it. Here are some of the tweets posted on her verified Twitter and Instagram accounts (most of them were however deleted since then).


Here, Paris refers to MJ’s song “They Don’t Care About Us”, a song that seems to be directed at the elite. “Tell me what has become of my rights/ Am I invisible because you ignore me? / Your proclamation promised me free liberty, now I’m tired of bein’ the victim of shame/ They’re throwing me in a class with a bad name/  I can’t believe this is the land from which I came/ You know I really do hate to say it/ The government don’t wanna see”

The video featured MJ singing next to a giant All-Seeing eye as if to emphasize who he was singing about.

The video featured MJ singing next to a giant all-seeing eye as if to emphasize who he was singing about.


Trying to raise awareness?


Paris also posted a series of strange occult and secret society-related drawings.

A hexagram with all-seeing eyes and a bloody knife.

A hexagram with all-seeing eyes and a bloody knife. 666 in the pool of blood.

Symbol of the Order of the Eastern Star - the "female" equivalent of Freemasonry.

Symbol of the Order of the Eastern Star – the “female” equivalent of Freemasonry.

A fractured skull with sealed lips doing sign of silence. This is a rather creepy, MK-like drawing.

A fractured skull with sealed lips doing sign of secrecy.

The sign of Freemasonry.

The symbol of Freemasonry.

It might be relevant to know that Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor who was ultimately charged with “involuntary manslaughter”, is a high level Freemason.

According to “Freemasons for Dummies” Murray was grand lodge officer of “irregular” Masonic lodge.

“Dr. Conrad Murray was actually a member of the “United Most Worshipful Scottish Grand Lodge of Texas”, an irregular, unrecognized bogus group in the Houston area, that has absolutely nothing to do with the Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM, the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas F&AM, or any other regular, recognized form of Freemasonry. Within three years of joining, Murray was made a grand lodge officer, with the rank of Grand Medical Director, which is the title that appears on his officer’s collar in the photo.”
– Chris Hoddap, Michael Jackson’s Doctor, Conrad Murray’s Freemasonry

After learning about Paris’ suicide attempt, Conrad Murray, who is serving a four year prison sentence, sent Paris a creepy “support” message stating: “I love you as a precious father loves his own child and I always will.” These words are coming from the guy WHO IS IN PRISON FOR KILLING HER FATHER.

In short, Paris appears to be a bright young girl who is quite aware for her age. She however appears to be “tainted” and manipulated by the same dark forces that killed her father. Let’s hope things get better for her.



    • Lets not forget about tila tequila and her brain injury/suicide attempt after she tweeted about the Illuminati. Also the glee star Cory Montieth was an avid follower of the twitter account The Illuminati.

    • Paris could be probably messing around, or she's practically aware of whom her father killers are? Now I think Paris trying to commit suicide is a hoax their covering it up perhaps trying to warn her that if she keeps it up she's dying for real next time ~.~ I honestly feel bad for her and her 2 little bros being in a house full of bad,manipulative,money grabbers in each corner smh. Those kids are in bad hands except Latoya she seems like she loves these kids. Her twitter background said caution the new world order approaching omg! Evil people trying to silence her by making her look crazy or trying to kill her.

    • Paris is a position that the average person couldn't even comprehend but I believe when she has overcome the many obstacle that stand in her way she can make a difference in the world for the better,, it is everyone human rite to seek the answers they want to share divine knowledge an real truth and expressing there philosophy as they go through life, Paris can start a company that brindle people like her and all around the world to come together and build out wings to living and expressing and sharing life as we feel is right for one self , lets stop asking lll the wrong questions that get us no where and strg acting and expressing whT is right ! :) Wake up tomoro morning and write down the word Love and write down whatever come to ur head , Nd I promise you you will hae a affirm inaction and know ur next step ! 'The most powerful love that never fades is unconditional ' pure by Alana j Troy of Australia <3 have a wonderful day

    • I feel so sorry for Paris its so sad what these crazy people have to do to poor Paris and i will pray for her

    • Sadly Conrad Murray is more likely to be her father than MJ. On a more serious note, this is sad & fucked up but what can you do? Look what she's born into.

  1. I wish I could believe that things will get better for her, but she's so into the whole machine that they will never let her out… Poor girl, just like many others.

    • Her last tweet is quite sad…

      5th june : "yesterday , all my troubles seemed so far away
      now it looks as though they're here to stay"


  2. GOD please Protect This Beautiful angel From Harm & Keep Her Safe From Evil Entities that May Try To Supress Her.

    I Respect Her So Much!

  3. Killuminatti on

    If any of you REALLY think that these white blue-eyed kids are his, then you truly are mentally challenged.

      • susie ferrell on

        my cousin she is a dark brown skinned woman, two daughters she had by a white man both blond hair straight like the white women, now their problems because their in high school the mother pick the girls up from school and their friend did not know they had a black mother.

      • Problems because one of the parents is coloured? Tsssss some stupid things some kids learn today.

      • Hi Some People! Did you even consider that DDd might just be over the age of "Our overly politically correct" generation? DDd sounds like someone, of my grandmother's generation. There is no need to slam this person, because she/he referred to someone, who is not white. My gramma used coloured or negro, when describing black people she would be talking about. My gramma was not racist, nor was she ever cruel to any person, ever. I used to go to work, at times, with her, at her office. She was a bookkeeper for an old hotel, in Seattle, called the Mayflower. This hotel catered to mostly gay men, of all colors. Before that, she had worked at other places, mostly construction companies or fishing industries, in Seattle. These companies employed men and women, of all colors, too. I dismissed what she said, knowing that she was using descriptive terms, that had fallen out of favor. I tried to get her to being more politically correct and she did, for the most part. The rest was up to her, whether she changed up her ways describing non-white people. I guess what I am trying to say here, is, give older people some slack. It is okay to not like the descriptions of other people, but, it makes you a less good person, by attacking someone who probably is a lot older, than the rest of us are here. EDUCATE, NOT AGITATE! =)

    • AnythingForMoney on

      I dont understand how this matters as long as he took care of them or fathered them as his own. If he says that they are his, they are his.

      • and just how many times do you question the parenthood of your neighbor children? And if they are adopted would you really care? Does that make headline news? Mr. Jackson was there father, plain and simple. No need to question further!!

    • Wth are you even talking about??? So every adopted child isn't really the child of their adopted parents because they aren't biologically related? Get outta here, they are his children, his blood or not.

    • You're a dick. The other 3 are not blue-eyed, they are brown eyed, and even if they were blue eyed that doesn't mean jack-shit. Obviously you haven't met so many people like I have who have blue eyes and brown eyed parents or one parent with blue eyes and one with brown and a sibling with brown eyes.
      What an ignoramus. Also even if they weren't biologically MJ'S kids, they are still his kids. DOH!

      • Joe Jackson has green eyes. A lot of people don't realize this. Michael Jackson said so himself some years ago.

      • My ex-husband and I have hazel eyes. My daughter has dark brown eyes and my son has light blue eyes.They both are still my children -eye color matching or not

    • I thought the three were the result of Michael's sperm and that fat ugly white woman?
      Not trying to be rude calling their bio mother fat and ugly – just trying to describe the chick I saw on tv for visual reference.
      Know that lady that was shown on tv? Aren't the kids hers and MJ's sperm ?

      • No-they are her eggs and someone other than MJ's sperm. None of the children are MJ's biological children.

      • I don't know about all you experts out there. But, according to Mr. Jackson; Prince I and Paris are from his sperm and Debbie Rowe. Prince II is from an undisclosed woman and Mr. Jacksons' sperm. -According to Mr. Jackson. And who are we to say otherwise?

      • Biology classes baby, is not possibly they would be his children, Michael Jackson was very, very black.

      • …you need to retake those biology courses. skin color of the parent doesn't always effect the skin color of the baby.

      • I don't believe that these children are"biologically" his.he was fully black and the kids don't seem to be only half mixed(full black/full white). Before MJ's death I used to say, "children of MJ? bullshit" BUT when I saw Paris Jackson on MJ tribute on staples center, she was still a little girl and she was devastated, she lost her dad. She said he is the best dad ever. After that I never questionned again if they are really his or not, the most important thing is that the children were happy to have him as their dad.And they were left orphan after his death and were as sad as any child on earth who loses his dad.. we have no right to question this. They are his children for me, wether bloodly related or not

      • Her name is Debbie Rowe. FYI! She is the bio mom of Prince I and Paris, but not Prince II (Blanket). None of the kids have the "Jackson" look about them, so MJ isn't their bio dad, but legal dad all the way.

    • not surprised on

      my daughter was born with blue eyes and now they are green. I am black and her father is black. also, I know families with children who look as white as snow but have a dark skinned parent and a white parent. one of them looks white as jenny mcarthy and the other looks mixed with a slight tan. Um, and Jennifer Beals anyone? I swore she didn't have a lick of black in her but there she is. Robin Thicke and his wife have a blond kid and neither one of them is blonde so paleeze, it is possible. She has his smile for sure. But either way it doesn't really matter, the problem is that these kids are in danger. period.

      • Maybe RobinThicke was blond when an infant though and his child takes after him. I am dark-haired, however my son was born red-haired, currently he has strawberry blond, even though his father used to have white blond hair. Genetics are a complicated matter as there are always some bizarre throwbacks. There are pretty people of all races and colours, so I wouldn't worry much about it. In my view MJ probably is not the biological father of that girl, however since he was the one who looked after her, he is her real father. That's what matters, almost everyone can procreate, the bringing up is the real challenge.

      • Also, Slash from Guns N' Roses is biracial. Aside from the super curly hair, you could never tell he's biracial. I was shocked when I found out he was mixed. His mother was a dark skin black woman and his father is white.

      • What abt Rashida Jones?? I just saw an add about her something about how race comes in differei ways,u don't have to look black to be black. I never really read abt her,I'm assuming she's mixed,black and white. Yet she looks purely white,the hair,the eyes,ect. My daughter is mixed,black and white and she's pretty dark. Her cousins have black parents and my daughter's few shades darker then them. I have had people ask me where did I adopt from lol

      • Rashida Jones is the daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones, and former actress Peggy Lipton of the Mod Squad. Personally, I consider mixed race (black and white) people to be the most physically beautiful people! (by the way, I'm a white, blonde haired, blue eyed woman of German/Scottish ancestry). I think Rashida Jones, and Halle Berry are two of the most beautiful women in the world.

      • Rashida Jones is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton (formerly of the Mod Squad series).

      • I have very light hair…and green eyes. All three of my sisters have darker skin…brown hair and brown eyes. Same mom and dad. I used to babysit a blonde haired blue eyed black girl (it happens) of a black couple. These anomolies happen. Mjs kids weren't his biologically but looks don't determine that anyway.

    • DoorsofPerception on

      Maybe he is her father, maybe he's not, it is completely irrelevant in this story. But just for the record her mother is white, blonde and has blue eyes. I think, kind sir, that you need to do your research and stop being so ignorant.

      • Her mother might be all white, blonde and blue-eyed, however M Jackson's facial characterisics before the cosmetic surgeres were predominantly those of an African person. You don't get a girl with so straight hair, thin nose, thin lips when one of the parents is as dark-skinned and has so strong genes like the Jacksons. It's not only the colour of the complexion/eyes etc, put in the mix the facial features such as the shape of the nose/lips/cheekbones etc. Even kids whose parent is Scandinavian and the other mixed-raced don't have so refined facial features like this girl. Unless the black relative is very distant. I don't know maybe 10 generations back. Like Jamie Oliver whose great great grand-father was Sudanese, he's fair and blue-eyed, however his facial characteristics are not very refined. His nose,his lips are quite thick.

      • there's a new invention called hair straighteners. She's his, she's obviously half cast with dark skin like that. II've never seen two people with such identical mouths. It's his kid

      • What? Paris' hair is naturally straight. I swear, people see what they want to see. I was adopted, but my parents kept it a secret and people constantly said I looked like my (adoptive) father. Yeah right! Not possible! People are delusional.

      • Paris' hair is not naturally straight. I've seen pictures of her with curly hair when it's not straightened.

      • When Paris was younger, she looked more biracial than she does now. Her skin was darker and she had that light peach fuzz that a lot of biracial kids have. Her complexion was once like Sophia Richie's complexion, Lionel Richie's younger (biological) biracial daughter. There is a comparison picture of Paris and Sophia when they were younger, and they look so much alike in terms of complexion and hair color. Sophia's nose is wider, but just because Paris Jackson's nose is more Nordic looking doesn't mean she's not biracial. There are many biracial people with Nordic looking noses. Look at Slash. He's biracial, but you could never tell. When I found out that Slash is biracial, I was shocked. Also, have you seen pictures of Prince lately? As his hair grows longer, it's gets curlier.

      • Refined – Elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste. "the other mixed-raced don't have so refined facial features like this girl" Are you saying that black features are unrefined?

      • Calm down, refined as thin, thin lips/thin nose. Look at Rihanna, she's partly Irish, however her nose and lips aren't caucasian, you know thin lips and so on. She's not as dark as an African black person though. MJ's nose and lips were different before the cosmetic surgery. I have no issue with facial features like that, obviously he was the one who had, otherwise he wouldn't have had himself mutilated to such extent. Also where I live we have plenty of kids whose mother is usually very fair and the father African black. They are always not as dark as their fathers, however the hair is always curly, the lips are fleshier and the noses are not as refined. Darker genes are more dominant. I think most of the times the mixed-race ones are prettier and maybe healthier than the rest. That's why it's so common among black or darker men to look out for fair women. They usually choose fair women over their own. That's their preference eh, nobody bats a lid. Similarly women are entitled to prefer fair men over dark men without the fear of being accused of being racists. It's not that they are necessarily prettier, personal preferences and all.

      • AnythingForMoney on

        Excuse me but were you there when it happened? How can people talk so confidently about a man and his private life that they do not know personally. Guys it's seriously none of our business. Give me one good reason why Michael Jackson would not choose to have children whit his own sperm. How can anybody have a single idea about if he adopted his kids or not?! Pleaasee learn some biology and genetics before making a comment. Do some research about biracial children and then we'll talk. Seriously. Please.

      • anyway who cares? we can only speculate, we were not present when they were conceived.

    • By the way father and mother are the ones who take care of kids not that ones that bare them. If they are or not Michael's kids is not the point he took care of them raised them that's enough is he's kids in my eyes.

    • I don't think anyone here is at liberty to say whether his kids are biologically his or not. You can't be so confident about something like that without actual DNA proof, which they don't owe us. They don't owe us an explanation. It's none of our business.

    • Not a bright comment. Look at MJ's father's GREEN eyes. Genetics are truly magnificent and I know you live somewhere rural and that you don't get out much to witness the wonders of genes and the myriad of colours and mixes they can produce. When we reproduce, we are not dealing with just mother and father, but several generations that make a fabulous paint pallet and who knows what the children will look like.

    • Joe Jackson has blue eyes, asshole. Michael was black, native american and white. There mother is white. You are addicted to yourself.

    • the problem here is that Michael was deceived, he told me, and was not only cheated once, was cheated three times, he believed that none of the three children were his children, but he could not say anything because it would have been much worse for him. They had him trapped on all sides. I am the Annie of Smooth Criminal.
      And Rowe is with 'They' she is illuminati, and she works for the Illuminati since before she met Michael.

      • I thought she might be. I think she had her "hospitalized/programmed" for the illuminati.

    • Science shows any parent with blue eyes will have blue eyed offspring regardless of the other parent. Debbie has blue eyes. Your point is invalid.

    • My biological mother is white and my father is black. I have such pale skin that I can't even catch a tan. I have thin lips, a small button nose, soft, straight hair and blue eyes… I look nothing like my father but the DNA test said that he is my biological father. So, you and most of the other commenters ALL need to go open a basic Biology text book. Not every gene is passed down.

    • Maybe? Maybe not? Blanket does look like him, but my ? for you is what does it have to do with this article? What is your point? Does your statement have something to do with her posts?

  4. I maintain, all these information lead to one thing – awareness, whether purposely or inadvertently.
    No need to talk much – action is so much better than words, well done is better than best spoken.

    Thanks for sharing. I am aware and making sure that my circle of influence is aware.
    Yours truly

    • snowden about global spying
      then about chem trails

      –to convenient…

      and MJ daughter is now talking about illuminati
      is it all setup?
      ask yourself what is hidden and covered behind all this information?

      or the age of Aquarius is already changing us all for the better, the open??

  5. If Conrad Murray is a freemason, why are they giving their 'brothers' four year sentences. It would seem that they'd get a different fall guy, and not actually a freemason……….. right?

    • Somebody has to take "the fall" for them, and to please an inquisitive public. He was the obvious one to blame because he was with Michael 24/7. They also have debts to pay for being in the club. He may also have disagreed with one of them. You know, they don't always get along and this could be some sort of punishment. He may have been given 4 years, but when he comes out he is a free man and probably has a comfortable life waiting for him away from the world's eyes. This is just my theory.

    • He wasn't a "real" freemason. He was part of an unrecognized organization. Basically he's a big dummy who jumped at the chance to do something vile to prove his commitment to the "real" Freemasons and/or Illuminati. The perfect fall guy. His medical degree is a joke. His sham of a practice was exposed before the trial even began. He is what he has always been, a phony loser, a pawn taken advantage of by the elites. He probably thinks he's done something honorable.

    • Just because there's a headline that says, "So-and-so Gets 10 Years in Prison" doesn't mean that they ACTUALLY DO go to prison. All you need is the headline to satisfy the masses, so that they believe that "justice has been done." This weirdo, Sandusky, etc… none of them have done one second of prison time imho. I mean, has anyone actually SEEN these people in prison with their own two eyes… I think not…

      • Yes, I'm replying to my own post :-)

        Regarding the idea of a "fall guy": I think that these people are indeed "fall guys," but the "fall" is in their public reputation only, and in my opinion, behind the scenes these creeps are congratulated and rewarded by their masters big time. But ultimately these "fall guys" are completely expendable to the upper elite.

      • What you are saying reminds me of what I have said from the beginning about Joran van der Sloot. Anyone who thinks he is in some Peruvian prison is just, well, naïve. When Natalee Holloway's mother came to see him he was "late" and showed up in khakis. Come on, people.

      • Yes. There's a line in David Mamet's movie "Spartan" (with Val Kilmer) in which there is a death, and the CNN-like news media announced that the death had been confirmed because of a DNA match. It turned out that the person believed to be dead was still alive. Later in the movie, when he starts uncovering the truth, Val Kilmer asks someone in the know, "So how do you fake the DNA?" And the woman (a disgruntled secret service agent) says, "You don't fake the DNA! You issue a press release!" Best line in movie history…

      • hahahha. That is a good line. unless I see it with my own eyes, all reported events are suspect. How do we know Osamas dead? We don't.

      • In that particular case, I think he IS dead and has been for a long, long time in my opinion (way before "our troops killed him", which is utter BS). But you are correct, unless we see the thing with our own two eyes, in person through our own experience, we shouldn't believe ANYTHING. Could you imagine if that was the attitude of everyone?… the NWO wouldn't have a leg to stand on… Their power is born through deception.

      • But you know what, you're totally right about Osama too. What good is believing anything that we've heard, whether it comes from the mainstream press or so-called alternative media, if we haven't seen it for sure with our own eyeballs?

    • In order to maintain the illusion, and some form of credibility with the public at large, sometimes, one of their own must take the fall.

    • True but maybe he's being punished for something or the other option is that he's not actually going to jail. Has anyone actually seen Conrad in jail? These people are given sentences and 'sent' to jail but that's all we have, no actual proof. The patsy maybe, if there is one, goes to jail.

    • it gets deeper than that on a spiritual level Michael was involved in conjuring spirits or consulting them for advice and direction in his career he said in an interview he got his music in dreams so he was addicted to that medication because it allowed him to sleep days at a time to come up with hits in his sleep but at 50 years old his body couldn't handle sleeping for days at a time anymore the right dose killed him..Michael had alester crowley on one of his album covers along across from a naked black boy and he had 777 on an armband on a statue featured on one of his album covers. he was not an Illuminati sacrifice he sold his soul to the devil…people dont want to believe because its Michael but you better do your research.

      • I agree michael was …well…black and white so to speak in his actions. However, i do believe his SOUL was originally incarnated here for good. They torment that type of spirit the most and try to turn them to the darkside..

      • I think they killed him because he started to talk too much and they realized he needed to be terminated. He started outing them too frequently and notably. He even called tony Mondola a devil on national TV shortly before he died. Tony owns Sony corporation but MJ bought half of his business to get back at him. Just watch the interviews. MJ couldn't be saved because he was apart of it for so long but he wanted to leave and they wouldn't have it.

      • RideOrDie4Jesus on

        ..That's *Tommy Mottola* btw..
        of Sony corporation..not to mention the ex-husband of Mimi/Mariah Carey

  6. AnythingForMoney on

    I knew that this would happen one day and I always believed that Michael Jackson was trying to protect his children from this. I hope that she and the family will be okay.

    • depends on how you define help. im sure there are a great many people that would say she is getting the best of help. its all about perspective. :)

      • Please don't trivialize it by hashtagging it. Hash tagging doesn't actually do anything to help; just like it won't help poor kids get clean water in some third world country either.

  7. I wouldn't argue this article isn't true, but I don't see any of these tweets on her twitter account, neither from 2012 or 2013. Any explanation?

  8. when i heard on tv that she is going for a threatment in some medical facility I instantly knew what is really going on. Thanks VC.

  9. Truth & Light on

    They own her…like they owned her father. They had to sacrifice someone on the July 13th 2013. Summer Solstice


        Mid-July Bohemian Grove

        A group of the Elite that meets for a 2-week encampment every year around the middle of July .

        The “Cremation of Care,” the ceremony traditionally opens the midsummer gathering for the wealthy and powerful Bohemians at their 2,700-acre enclave.

        The Cremation of Care ritual involves the burning of a human effigy at the foot of a massive owl statue, symbolizing the Bohemians’ casting off “dull care.2012 July Saturday 14th – Sunday July 29th

    • The Summer solstice was on June the 21st right?, July the 13th could have been a satanic holiday perhaps……Either way Corey's death is suspicious, someone else mentioned this also he died in the Pacific Rim Hotel, a day before the film "Pacific Rim" was releases, weird or what? or just Hidden in Plain sight?!

      • Truth & Light on

        Yes, I was referring to Cory. It's obvious they wont do their "sacrifice" on the exact date. Someone has to die around that time if you look closely at it. Could be June could be July. We do not know what cult/ritual date/season it is or how long it lasts.

    • That's right. I got an odd feeling when I heard about Cory Monteith's death. First clue is when they ruled out foul play without even conducting a thorough investigation. He may have been his gf Lea Michele's sacrifice too. Doesn't she have an album coming out soon?

      • I thought the same thing. How could she be so close to him and not know how bad his addiction was? Seems like she just ignored it…for a reason I guess.

      • I cant even fathom what kind of low life person you have to be to 'sacrifice' someone to further your own career. RIP Cory

      • She did know about his addiction. She supported him during his time in rehab.

      • You said exactly what I wanted to say!!! When I saw this sunday morning I immediately thought of a sacrifice!! The circonstances are too unclear, and if he was well surrounded how could he end up like that? That girl was supposed to be his wife yet she can't even control her man's addictions? The more I think about it the more I think it was a murder, plain and simple, no drugs involved. Oh and funny how I learn about Lea and her upcoming album on the same article talking about Cory's Death…
        I really hope VC will post about this, this guy didn't deserve this.

      • It is indeed shocking how quickly foul play was ruled out. And, out of all the reports I read, only ONE mentions people being in his hotel room Friday night (so…who were those people???), although "according to hotel cameras" he entered his room alone later on (at the "Pacific Rim" hotel – on the night of the film's release, as referred to in other comments here).
        Other "coincidences" surrounding Monteith's death are the date: 7/13/13, besides being on the 13th, adds up to 33 (7+13+13)…
        The coroner's office says on Monday the following: "they will "definitely" not have Cory Monteith's toxicology or autopsy report on Monday. "We might well have an update tomorrow, but final cause of death might be several days or even a couple of weeks after that," a rep for the coroner said in a statement."
        Then, the very NEXT day, the toxicology report is reported (VIOLA'!) far and wide as heroin and alcohol being the culprits, and his body is released to his mother. That leads to yet another bizarre twist: he is quickly cremated after a "viewing" with his mother, brother, and girlfriend Lea (but not his father).
        His last public appearance, it should be noted, was at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball (!) in June, shortly after a stint in "rehab:"

      • I had a weird dream right before waking up to seeing the news. I kept telling people I was 21 while I was back attending high school classes, but I woke up and had to remind myself I was 31. Plus the teacher that sat right in front of me looked Monteith-like. It was super weird to bring up CORY MONTEITH DEAD AT 31 as soon as I woke up from that.

        The cast of Glee is mostly devoid of talent, replaceable twits. Cory seemed like a total blank slate. Evasive in interviews, just overall kind of blah. Like someone waiting around to get the chop.

      • First, they called it a 'mysterious death', and now, surprise of surprises, it's drugs and alcohol.

    • Summer Solstice is 21st of June, the Catholics call it San Juan. Not a bad thing to celebrate,
      the seasons, just don't do it for evil reasons and sacrifice people.

      • Its a time of energy shift – if certain acts are played out, it gives a boost of power to said acts. Bad or good.

  10.… she currently has a very disturging photo of herself under water…..saying "I want to be a fishy". Looks like it could elude to waterboarding torture or dunking her head underwater for prolonged periods…..notice the discoloration of her skin….she looks like her bottom lip was busted too. I pray for the protection of the blood of Jesus for this child, amen.

    • Maybe she is reborn/baptized and will be in the open soon, to tell you all by herself that nothing bad has happened to her…. But she will have hardly any memory from these months?

      Remember, a lot of under-water-scenes in pictures, movies, videos, are to do with dying-but-not dead-yet.

      • What a horrific way to put things, haligrit. Oh , and i do not believe in christ the way some of you here do. I believe the story of his life is adjusted very cleverly. Some others here know what i mean.

    • You people are insane. I looked at her Twitter – she sounds like a typical, vapid teenager, and her saying she wants to be a fishy and posting a photo was an attempt to look cute. Really… The people on this site are so lost in conspiracy theories they've lost touch with reality!

  11. Theheartandthehead on

    Because usually when a person tries to commit suicide, it IS just a cry for attention. Although they receive the attention usually when they are "rescued" they still are unstable within themselves as they've just went through a traumatic experience by inflicting pain on themselves as well as what led them to inflict the pain on themselves in the first place. I've been questioning the validity of this website recently, I think this is definitely a case of looking too much into a situation. We are all affected severely by the black operations going on behind the curtain. She is probably trying to come to terms with her fathers death. The fact that he was sacrificed like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, etc. that in and of itself would make me want a cry for attention!

    • thank you, you took the words right out of my mouth! as a therapist who has worked with suicidal teens and young adults for almost a decade, your statements are in fact clinically accurate!
      someone making a suicide attempt, and a serious one at that, NEEDS to be under careful supervision until they stabilize…REGARDLESS of the reason behind the attempt…
      i am in no way denying the existence of mind control programmes or sinister forces behind the death of her father but to imply that it's "odd and strange" that someone who attempted suicide is in the hospital is just irresponsible!

  12. VC, love your work; much gratitude & respect always. I just wanted to humbly request you do an article about Michael Hastings (MURDERED WHISTLE BLOWER) & also about the racial tension the media is stirring up with this whole Trayvon Martin trial — perhaps trying to incite riots ~ thereby 'justifying' the institution of martial law . Your unflinching honesty & precise ability to analyze such topics is greatly needed on these issues!!

    • There certainly has been an agenda surrounding the Trayvon/Zimmerman case. Which is sad because the death of a child has been exploited. This case was decided a long time ago and the verdict did not surprise me at all. They just televised the process for the world to see to create tension and keep everyone talking about it for weeks. It's all tied together: get the races fighting with each other, get the celebrities and messiah Obama to weigh in on the not guilty verdict, which all eventually leads to the issue of gun laws aside from ushering in martial law (in case of protests, as we have seen in california). It is one big distraction after another if you ask me and the owned media is at the forefront of it all.

      • We could take all the power away from the media, but there are just so many people that are race baitable. Its right up there with abortion debate!

      • See 'in search of black assassins' blog article on Trayvon-good stuff. All is not as it seems…

      • His dad is a reformed CRIP turned freemason as is his stepmom? You don't say. thank you so much for that link. Definitely a Moloch Sacrifice.

      • Whats really funny is how incredibly racist the elitists are and yet black people keep falling in line to be patsies for the agenda for a little bit of $$ and power during their brief lives. The point is to eliminate and enslave the "beasts" (in their eyes), and they just dance right to the beat their told to for the paycheck in the moment.

    • explains exactly who is behind all this race baiting in the mass media going on at the moment. also exposes the subversive criminals who are literally hell bent on doing the bidding of their father. Paris Jackson gives a clue as to who these demons are in picture 1.

      • Blacklantern on

        This guy is just a racist, hating all people except good ol' American White. Don't waste your time on him. From his own writing:
        "Let me first state for the record: If I was Zimmerman, I would’ve plugged the little punk, too. I might even have emptied my clip into him, finishing up with a flourish by hocking up and spitting a huge nasty lugie right in his punk simian face. But that’s just me.

        Am I happy Zimmerman walked? Damn straight skippy.

        The very competent defense for Zimmerman showed a computer-generated video of the events that night during the defense summation; merely allowing the jury to see that upset the multicult protectors of black criminality, because it showed Trayvon immediately resorting to violence and punching Zimmerman. That’s true black behavior for you. I would’ve pulled out my piece right then and there."

    • There is a very relevant quote from 1912's a Racial program for the 20th century on wikipedia. Please look at it.

  13. Her tweets are the ultimate proof of the occults existance, she of all people would know about the occult!
    I dont understand why VC doesn't emphasize this A LOT MORE!!!!!! Her tweets confirm that the occult and their practices is more than just conspiracy theories!!

    • true, a normal fifteen year old would have no idea about those symbols, let alone be drawing them down to the last detail. why would a 15 yr old have this knowledge? the answer is obvious.

      • I knew about occult stuff at 15 – its called reading a book plus i also did a social studies project on wicca and got an A

      • Define Mania on

        You'd consider her normal when she was the daughter of Michael Jackson? If she googled her own father's name she would have read about the "mysteries" surrounding her father's death. No doubt her fans would have brought it to her attention as well…

  14. I say we storm the goddamned bastille. Obviously this is bullshit, and the government needs a lot less than probable cause these days to come and disappear you. We have at LEAST probable cause that this is MK-Ultra related, and they MIGHT be torturing and conditioning her. I know the system's totally corrupt, but there are a lot more of us than there are of them, and we have at least the contents of VC's ENTIRE SITE to justify our concern for her safety. If even one of these MK victims gets saved by We the People, then maybe the whole rotten conspiracy can be exposed. If nothing else it would set a certain precedent. I can't believe we're all just sitting around going "Oh well…"

    • Okay, an addendum: I don't know whether the government actually "disappears" people. It might be the shadow government or some weird mafia. I don't suggest anyone actually show up outside this clinic and start busting people's asses. However it would an awful shame if this all turned out to be true…

      • That wouldn't surprise me at all. It's just that I realized exactly five minutes after posting here that my attitude and my rhetoric was belligerent and childish. I'm currently sleep-addled.

        Maybe we can fix this situation if indeed an intervention on the behalf of the public proves necessary, but it won't be through forming an angry mob. I used to think like this when I was younger. However, more chaos and hysteria are not the recipe for a happy ending. I just wanted to acknowledge that, among other things, I know for the most part what it is that I don't know.

        I'll read up on the lead you've mentioned, but I bet it will just make me angry. Intellectually, I'm somewhat aware of existing laws which give the present government dictatorial authority in everything but name. But I also know that those laws aren't very widely enforced, if at all. It seems useful at this time to come up with counter-strategies for the protection of our culture, but it also seems like a good idea to stand back and try to get a better look at what's really happening in our country.

        After all, it is said that when Caligula made his horse the emperor, nobody in Rome complained. We're half of the equation, and we don't understand ourselves or how *we* fit into this mess.

      • When you extrapolate the information in that article, you will be a pretty disturbed dude. Its all a sham, dude. All of it.

    • This just makrs me sick. I want to help her so bad. I wish people could come together and get her out of there. Not enough people will come together. You gotta raise awarenas to her fans. Maybe on her twitter account. . Get people talking about it.

    • DoorsofPerception on

      Just quickly on your comment that we "storm the goddamned Bastille", it didn't work out too well for the revolutionaries as the House of Bourbon was re-implemented only 22 years later.

      • As I said, it occurred to me almost instantly that I said something irresponsible. Nearly everything that has been said here practically passed through my mind in a second.

        While perhaps we SHOULD just march in there and start pulling the building apart on the off chance that maybe there MIGHT be an innocent kid being held prisoner there, it's just not economically sensible.

        Regardless of how powerful the players are, this kind of atrocity routinely implied to be extant by VC is absolutely unacceptable in our modern world. My father used to claim that our cultural problems were being passed down from one generation to the next, and that it would be my responsibility to resolve them somehow, otherwise pass down all the problems of the last generation, added to every new one like an out-of-control cancer.

        He didn't know about even half of the things I've discovered, but I have concluded that our world will essentially grow more and more reflective of its true nature on the outside. In dissociated trauma victims, tremendous psychic energy must be devoted to upholding cognitive dissonance. The natural impulse of the so-called "core" personality is to re-unite the compartmentalized personality fragments.

      • In other words, it is inevitable that all of what has been hidden must be reintegrated and healed by somehow. Either that, or the cancer wins. There's no escaping the situation; we can only forestall its outcome. Either the dark reality will integrate us, or we it.

        Maybe this new generation is more powerful than their predecessors, but who cares. Honestly, it's committed individuals like you who can and will do any amount of good they can, if ever they can. I'm no more a disembodied voice on here, and I lead a mostly unremarkable life outside of this. I know I don't have the resources at this stage in life to do something meaningful overnight.

        When I was Paris' age, I would have said something just like I did originally. The trouble is, that wasn't literally that long ago for me, and sometimes I find myself responding like I did on a visceral level. And while I don't apologize for my words themselves, I AM sorry I said them. Now there's no point to any of this talk if one doesn't walk it. Of course I'll never sway anyone on here, like this, but perhaps someday…

      • To close, I can't wait before the real sobering conversations start happening and people see… this was always just a mirror, not a portal we've been looking though; and that every dark truth is within themselves, on the other side of all our insecurities. Maybe it'll be like that cave scene in Starwars when our hero recognizes that the face under Darth Vader's mask was actually his own.
        I think you're all going to be disappointed and intrigued when the time of unveiling comes- because they WILL reveal themselves to you if they can.

        Humans are all basically the same. Complex changes in things like DNA don't out of nowhere. If there's anything aberrant about these guys, it's extremely slight (and most likely not even genetic). All the underlying complex structures are already within you. All the worst and ugliest human emotions- as well as the most evil behavior- it's inside you too. They don't pass through a membrane from another reality. And if you had been in their place growing up, I wonder if you'd be any different at all. Scary people can function because everyone else allows them to- and for no other reason.

        It's given given me the most hope to see that. If they can make us like them, as they have, we can actually make them more like us. Of course, we'd all have to become better, nicer, stronger people in the process, and who the hell needs any of that shit?

        I'd still like to see people flooding these alleged MK-clinics and arresting everyone- no warning, no way to stop it. That would be fun to see happening naturally. "Occupy Underworld" has a certain ring… But a boy can dream. ~_^

      • I don't think this can be fought with weapons. I don't know what else to do or to recommend but to be aware….lipstickmystic has recommendations at her website, and jesus tried warning the world about archons (as we have been enslaved to them since humanity began)….but no one seems to want to stop it. We all keep getting seduced by material things and comforts. So….what is there to do? Are we really the barbaric, dumb monkeys archons think we are? It would seem to be so, as we keep acting as we are told.

      • wendy11,
        I have checked your reference.If I could only unsee and unread all that. Is this kind of satanism any better than others described on VC ? Is any smart person ( I remember your opinion on video games among some others ) can read and follow such a site ? Sorry. You need to reconsider.

  15. Thanks VC! Wow, them pictures and tweets from Paris……..Just Wow. They have entered her in a Treatment facility, don't they mean a programming mind control facility. I hope she's going to be ok man & that Conrad Murray with his Masonic regalia is just straight up creepy man & he was Michael Jackson's doctor eh? eeeeesh says it all really!

  16. He tried so hard to raise them right and protect them from this very thing.
    At the end of the day, I saw this coming and I'm deeply saddened.
    I wish and pray for the best.

  17. I really need an article about MJ. I know you once said it'd be too long but his life & the illuminati remains mysterious. And I hope she breaks her programming when she gets older.

  18. Good job VC if it weren't for this article I would never have known that Paris displayed these images and had those updates on her twitter. At the end of the day hope she's ok, I hope her other siblings can speak out as well but then again anyone that speaks out gets labelled as crazy and get institutionalized.

  19. UCan'tFoolMe on

    VC, this photo looks a little off, of Conrad Murray in Masonic regalia. Paris has been shown to much and can't really explain what she knows.

  20. this is for those with a family or personal background of Freemasonry or suspected "natural" witchcraft, the occult, or inexplicable patterns of dysfunction or addiction that seem impossible to overcome:

    Generational Curses: they can be cultural, psychological, genetic…

    AND spiritual. The laws of cause and effect in nature cannot be thwarted without divine intercession:

    "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."
    –John 8:36

    • That would be a majority of the worlds populace given the fact pagan religions are older than christianity and the bible

    • ''If the Son[Sun] sets you free''

      Do you know who to believe….. remember who rewrote all your lovely books you seem to live by.

      • actually the god chosen lived along the pagans, and the pagans worshipped the nephilim. the son, is not the sun, you suspect and assume just by putting italics right by the word son that it would make sense, only if you are a gnostic pagan. which turnkey was not talking about. this is true since paganism infiltrated through many facets of society. yahweh christ is not zeus, not a demi god, nor the sun.

      • I believe that paganism predates christianity and that a lot of religions adopted a lot of things from it.
        Paganism, i think, has a lot more to do with being human in this world we live in, than most religions i know. But then again – who am i? And remember, in the old times, there weren't so many people able to read, therefore maybe, when someone said to the masses to worship the son, you just might be listening to a wolf in sheep-drag

    • read Jude, michael contesting satan for the body of moses
      "what the lord has saved, he has saved to the uttermost"

      all ex-masons/easter star, just know
      "he will take away that fear in the night"

  21. Oh my goodness. I pray that she can escape somehow. She has the misfortune of being born into the hands of the system but the blessing of awareness of its evils through her father. My heart hurts for her struggle, and I really really pray she gets out of there, and can even stand against them from the outside.

    • focusedpurpose on

      yes…i saw pics of her throwing up baphomet horns before this all began. i was looking for pics for my recent post on mj.

      i will continue to pray for babygirl. notice latoya has abandoned her desire to find mj's killers and expose them. she was trump handled then given a tv show. janet, too, is programmed. my heart hurts for the suffering all around us. the suffering is designed to wake us up to Almighty. obedience to Him is worth more than sacrifice.

      with all of the awareness of the occult…few are putting together how white supremacy factors mightily in all of it…which is why it is bad for humanity.

      blessings all…

  22. No surprise to me long ago that looks her way and she shows it. His mother, biological, is Illuminati, and has fulfilled all that the organization prepared for her, in return, took much, much money, doing nothing more than giving birth two children. the one who put the money, much money, was Michael, he told me, the same day that Michael rewrote a song, and he titled: This is it. a year before he was killed.

    No surprise to me long ago that looks her way and she shows it. His mother, biological, is Illuminati, and has fulfilled all that the organization prepared for her, in return, took much, much money, doing nothing more than giving birth two children. the one who put the money, much money, was Michael, he told me, the same day that Michael rewrote a song, and he titled: This is it. a year before he was killed.
    That woman, Rowe, gave birth to two children of parents who she will know who they are.
    And the following, I learned I directly, thank God, I heard it in her mind meanwhile I looked at her: Michael, told Rowe came out of a 4×4. For us to see that she had a baby said Michael, and then someone put Parish, in the hands of Rowe: In her mind she did not care what they did with Michael, she just wanted a lot of money, a lot, and she would not have to nothing.. and other details: For her I was pretty but she had studied ..

    • lizard of oz on

      …had the theme music from "The Twilight Zone" going through my head about halfway through that post…

    • Rosario, no offense, but I didn't understand a word of what you wrote. I'm assuming you used a translator? Translators are never accurate. They're horrible.

    • Yes, Rosario I had trouble understanding your text also. It looks like you are trying to say something very interesting but it is difficult to understand the language. I think you should get a different translating program.

  23. Let's pray that she remains like Daniel. Even though the Israelites were imprisoned in Babylon, God still provided for them, protected them, and helped them prosper as they kept giving glory to God. He can still reach Paris even though she's in this circumstance, and He can still help her get out and get closer in her relationship with Him. With our prayers helping God intercede for her in this great controversy, she'll end up being a powerful testimony, indeed.

    Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. (2 Corinthians 5.17)

  24. This is way to horrible. I knew something was wrong when she said that she wanted to enter in the entertainment business and after I read that she attempted suicide. I really hope that she won't have the same fate as her father. She doesn't deserve this! WHAT ARE HER RELATIVES DOING?! Why don't they help her?!

    • That's what I read in an article. She said she wanted to become an actress or something like it, but I'm not 100% sure that it's the truth because those journalists like to exagerate things.

      • At first, she was saying she wanted to be an actress and then later she said she wanted to be a heart surgeon.

      • Cardologist would be more interesting, nonetheless it requires many sacrifices, dedication, responsibility. The first profession requires to sleep around, that's why most women go for the first as it doesn't require many skills just a bit of practce and a willingness to comply with everyting.

  25. thatlondonchic on see this happen, but at the same time not surprised. I'm on twitter and I follow the musician grimes, a few may of heard of her, anyway not to long ago she tweeted something about dark forces taking control of musicians music in the music industry. (I should of screenshot it, cause I didn't know she'd delete the tweet so quickly) I replied to the tweet with "are you talking about the illuminati" and I know she read my tweet as she deleted that very thread… Weird! And she is meant to be an independent artist…pshh there all puppets!

  26. This poor kid lost her father to sacrifice and no doubt she fears she is next on the list.
    The pictures are creepy. She is deathly afraid. The Jackson family are only using her and her brothers and obviously she feels the need to break out, but is still very much caught in the Illuminati grip.
    The cutting and dyeing of her hair should have alerted everyone to her problems.
    Pray for her. She needs to get away from the Jackson Family.

  27. The lawsuit, the Paris internment and the new molestation charges all around the same time….something just aint right but I cant quite put my finger on it. I am given to believe that he did have a penchant for little kids (though likely not his own, molesters can compartmentalize that kind of stuff) that was partially out of his control due to his own MK programming. Hell, the whole family seems to be a CIA experiment in talent engineering.

    Nothing is clean in that Jackson water. I remember thinking that when he passed, his kids would be in grave danger if they didn't toe a certain line. Didn't take long – just time for one to grow into a hormonal, pissed off teenager enraged at a world in which most of us are prisoners.

    • No, you are wrong! He was innocent. Watch all the stuff Wade Robson said – it just doesn't match with the dates. He wasn't at Neverland all those mentioned 7 years. Maybe you don't know but Gavin too had to change the depositions several times because it was proved that MJ was in a different location at the time he claim the molestation took place. I thought on this site come smart people – I was wrong, some are not at all! Those who are though, remember something: when MJ tried to escape Sony/ELITE control in 93, Jordan appeared, in 2002 after the well-known statements against the same "people" – Gavin appeared and now, in the case Katherine vs AEG, Wade appears! Do you really think it's coincidence? And also : 1993 – 2003 – 2013. It looks like all has been planned…..

      • THAT IS SOOOOO TRUE!! He tried to expose them when he was in London, he said it, as he was about to leave SONY owning HALF of Sony, up comes the molestion charges, all he owed them was 2 more albums in order to be released. He wasn`t stupid, he knew who the devils were, TOMMY MATTOLA.. I don`t believe for one minute he abused those children and furthermore, I do NOW believe he was killed. This breaks my heart for his poor children, at least we as fans will always have the music, those kids (even if they weren`t his blood who the hell cares) lost lost a loving and doting father, their only REAL family for greed.

  28. I love your articles, but I went on Paris' official twitter account to and there's no such tweets on her page…


    Bohemian Grove begins this year on the date of Cory Monteiths super sudden death. Another coin into the coincidence theorists bank!!

    The Bohemian club meets at the grove this year from July 13 to July 28. The first Saturday is always the Cremation of of Care. The second Saturday is the HiJinks (and always a VIP for the Lakeside Talks) and the 3rd Sat. is the LowJInks. They leave on Sunday.

      • I disagree on the distraction….more of a tribute, as moloch demands child sacrifice.

    • Theheadandtheheart on

      I just had this thought pop into my head last nights, usually they sacrifice someone on July 13, summer solstice and the beginning of bohemian grove. Cory Monteith does not seem to be the druggy type and don't you think that his problem would've been exposed somehow since him and lea Michelle were so frequently caught on cam? I don't think she's going to be sacrificed however I could see her turning into another Brittany spears.

      • Nah, you can hide drugs pretty easily, even a bad habit if you have the right handlers. His backstory has been from the beginning that he was on drugs in his early teens and got sober right before glee. No indication he had relapsed until he straight up checked into "rehab" a few months ago.

        could be completely unrelated. seems like he split up his drug life between his home in Vancouver and his sober one in LA, but who knows? Timing is weird.

      • DoorsofPerception on

        It was never "exposed" per-say but Cory Monteith was open about his drug habit to the mainstream media, including his two stints in rehab, one rather recently, the other age age 19. However, I do believe that this made him an incredibly easy target, one that is wholly believable by the people because we were already conditioned to the thought that he was involved in the drug culture, subconsciously we all thought "It was only a matter of time." This stops the masses from consciously questioning the official story.

      • Right, just like they do with people like amy winehouse, whitney Houston, Britney spears, Lindsay lohan….any of them can drop at any minute and no one would bat an eye. Well, you know, a couple did already and it was accepted. No question.

    • Vancouver, where he died, is a big drug city, and nearby Victoria is a really big occult city, seriosuly, probably the most popular place in Canada for that stuff. They're very close to eachother so Vancouver has a lot of it too.

      • Ha, I just thought of something, Victoria is named after Queen victoria and just happens to be a city with a lot of occult activity….what a coincidence.

      • Seriously look at the date july 13th. He was 31. They specified that it took place on the 21st floor. Strange details. Not to mention the hotel was the pacific rim hotel in vancouver. The day after the pacific rim movie was released in us. Ps. Pretty sure MK has its hand all over his "girlfriend" Lea M.

  30. They are going to send her into 'treatment'. They are gunna try an program her I shutter at the torture shes going to go through.

    • Proramming of Monarchs starts en utero. and at around 18 months, she would have been through all that her whole life already, but yes 'treatment' implies further programming and mind controls.

    • I remember seeing the first tweet and now it's gone. I didn't see the rest of them but since she was put away it does seem to have been wiped clean. God bless her and protect her.

  31. If you go on her twitter page her background picture is of van Gogh's 'starry night" which depicts the view outside of his "sanitarium room" window… hmmm what kind of "sanitarium" has this darling girl been taken to?

  32. This breaks my heart . What I wouldnt give to be able to save her from this evil. Dear LORD please help this child.

  33. I had a feeling right when I heard MJ was dead that Conrad Murray was a Freemason. I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT!!!

  34. Has anyone seen the articles claiming former Disney Channel star Kyle Massey has been diagnosed w/ cancer? Maybe something there, or it may just be a red herring. Either way, we should all be praying for the kid.

  35. I hope you do one for the whole Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman saga. It has Illuminati written all over it. GOOGLE TRAYVON MARTIN FATHER FREEMASON. Jury deliberated for 3:33

    • focusedpurpose on

      YES! blogged on that as well……it is all very clear if we will but look. because we see it and don't turn our hearts, behavior and support from it…we give it power and our consent. who cares what people call you when Scriptures teaches we are to be as bold as lions.

      back to Paris…Marilyn Manson taunted that child immediately after reports of her harming herself surfaced. that is wickedly repugnant on so many levels.

      • That's to be expected of them. Kayne to Taylor = Marilyn to Paris. Their parody of "initiation" is easilly spottable.

  36. Was Cory Monteith's dead illuminati related? Seems like many celebs keep dying in hotels?? Anyway I am shocked as I really liked him.

  37. Paris is the most outspoken of the Jackson kids and therefore a much obvious target, but the kid we should worry the most is the youngest kid. The two older ones are well aware of the industry but I can just feel the money machine and demonic industry salivating at the chance to get their hands on M.J 2.0 – his youngest kid.

    • I worry about Blanket too. If you notice, we haven't seen him lately, like we used too. It's like he's being hidden. I hope he's not being programmed. Hopefully they're just trying to keep him out of the spotlight because he's the youngest. All of these kids should be kept out of the spotlight. Prince can't even go on a date with his girlfriend without the paps following them.

      • I'm sorry but he's too young to have a girlfriend in the first place. Stop with his dating at a young age. You're gonna break up anyways so why bother with it. So much less stress when you don't date early on.

  38. Is it weird that the letters in the female Freemason logo spelled out "FATAL" and a couple years ago there was that Femme Fatale tour featuring Britney Spears? Also the definition of a "femme fatale" is a seductive woman who ultimately leads their lovers into deadly (FATAL) situations… Hmm…

    • focusedpurpose on

      there is a jezebel spirit loose among women. the foolish men will follow these she demons into the snare. the roles are being reversed…it is all flipped, inverted, duality…all the way around. on so many different levels, if you will.

      hope that makes sense.

  39. Talking about sacrifices and it scares me
    We are going into august the eight ancient numerology 8 is the number of power and sacrifice….and its always so real in my country….people die like chicken…prominent pple and grizzly grizzly road accidents….dont know if it only happens here…

  40. What a kind of Bullshit.

    There is regular Freemasonry, which is a fraternal organization. Then, there are many phony lodges that are not part of the official system and global association of Freemasonry.

    Anybody could form a "Lodge", copy some regalia and borrow some rituals, if he finds enough sheep to follow him.

    • DoorsofPerception on

      They have most probably been deleted – "they" couldn't have this kind of stuff floating around, especially from the high profiled daughter of a dead mega-star. Especially after her "suicide attempt", you must realise how it would look and who it would lead if people just thought for a moment and began to draw dots.

  41. Yes VC pleeeeease do a dig about Cory Monteith! I saw his girlfriend's (Lea Michele) Twitter, and she posted photos of her giving an award to Beyonce at an event with the name "butterfly" on it. Seems sooo odd and fishy! Is Lea Michele being promoted to be more successful but at the expense of her boyfriend's death as sacrifice??

    • I had the exact same thought about him being a possible sacrifice to launch her into mega-stardom…so sad, either way…

  42. I'm not convinced that all Freemasons are bad evil people. I mean my brother-in-law is 32nd degree and my nephew is in DeMolay. I try to talk to him about "occult" and "esoteric" subjects, but most of the time he has no clue what I'm talking about! I think in large part that the Freemasons are just a fraternity and have lost much of the meaning of the symbolism. Now when you get into societies like Golden Dawn, OTO, Black Sun, etc. they do retain that "knowledge" and do practice more of the darker rites. The Catholics and the Freemasons are more like the "white magicians". But there are many secret sects that practice both white and black. Of course you are aware that both organizations have been infiltrated by the Luciferians but that does not mean that everyone in those organizations is one of them.

    • This is not about ~bad evil people~…
      This is the power of deception. It is everywhere. Days are coming when all apostate churches will be united in one super church of antichrist and start to prosecute anyone who is not with them…

      • He tends to shut me out when I start to talk about those things! He doesn't want to engage that subject.

      • It is coming. One world one government one order one religion of all lies. We need to know what is coming well ahead of time to know how to respond.

      • Its not coming, its already here! Illusions have been in place for decades now to keep up the façade that we still have time, that we can still "wait". Not true.

    • Why is it that when we talk about an evil ideology, people mention individuals? Not all Nazi's where evil. That tells us nothing about the evil of Nazism.

      • Nazi ideology was the most perfect nice and just…….. Sure people being so nice joined the party for that very reason. the rest is well known. Think what you comment. In 1933-1945 Germany millions of Germans hated that pervert teachings and influence. Only they deserve certain praise.

    • DoorsofPerception on

      While there are all different types of Freemasonary – are you really surprised that he "didn't know" what you were talking about? Even if he knows precisely what was going on, he would never have told you, either for the ol' "your own good" or for his own. I'm guessing that it doesn't end well for those who reveal too much when not controlled or through the proper elitist channels.

  43. After that "Rehab" she will "start" her career as a singer…she will be a shy girl in the beginning and later on will look like a slut, will abuse substance, will be again in rehab etc etc etc… like a many of other poor girls (Rihanna, Britney, etc.) Her family can't stop that? why?

  44. as jagon2102 say , I do hope she won't be a star in american music industry: otherwise i fear she will be just like many sex slaves whores of music industry(rihanna,ladygaga,spears,kesha and many many more)

  45. She is believed to have been transferred to the Diamond Ranch Treatment Center ( I may not have the name exactly right, but it's close)in Utah, on the request of her birth mother, Debbie Rowe. There are many horror stories online by former residents of this facility. Apparently inflicting trauma on the children is a big part of their 'therapy".

      • It is actually dubbed Diamond Ranch Academy, a residential treatment center. From wiki: "Allegations of unethical treatment of program participants, including medical neglect and sexual abuse, somewhat tarry the academy's reputation, as detailed on a number of websites. [6] The long-lasting impact of Diamond Ranch Academy’s program ranges from students who say the program helped them get off of drugs, to many who report long-lasting negative effects, including panic attacks, post-traumatic stress syndrome, nightmares, flashbacks, trust issues, and diminished self-esteem. [7]"

      • I researched the whereabouts of Paris too. And I came up with the exact same info. as dafphodil. Worries me! She needs our Prayers!!! Diamond Ranch (even if no illuminati) will take the spark of joy and good from Paris making her an introverted, insecure person with the potential of being abused. I Worry…

  46. Maybe when Janet next shows her nipple she could weep a little for her niece….Oh hang on, photo opportunity!

  47. moe goes home on

    Time to turn off the tv, movies and music….. it's all just programming . vote with you money and don't support the system.

    • Pulled from the website:
      "This site is created by Survivors of Diamond Ranch Academy, a "therapeutic" treatment program in Hurricane, Utah. Our stories are dedicated to the parents of children that are either currently being held in DRA or are considering placement for their child. Our message is clear; Diamond Ranch Academy is NOT a legitimate treatment facility and their methods are unethical, illegal and abusive.
      Please, DO NOT send your child to Diamond Ranch Academy."

      • Diamond Ranch Academy website is: http://www.diamond
        Survivors who had been at Diamond Ranch for treatment website is: dra
        Survivors website is one of many that have written about their treatment (abuse) at Diamond Ranch.
        Mrs. K. Jackson and Ms. Debbie Rowe made the decision (if its true) to place Paris at this facility.
        Ms. Rowe Facebook: https://www.facebook .com/#!/DeJaRJay?fref=ts
        and twitter is: @ DJRJPDR

    • Here is one of the survivors' testaments:
      "They tried to make the place look decent. It did from one view, and then you turn your head and its desert or weathered trees. I arrive at what was called the “blue house”. Looked exactly as it sounded. I entered a small room and was sat down. “What’s your name?” Asked a muscular assistant program director. “CJ” I said. “Your real name” he asked getting tempered already. “Christian” I said. I was stripped of all my possessions except for my shoes and coat. I was told to remove my clothes. My clothes were then searched and I was made to turn around many times, naked, to make sure I had nothing on me. They provided with me a bright orange hoodie and sweat pants. You’d think that the desert is hot all year round. Not in winter. I was told I was to be sent to the first component of the program called “homeless”. I was literally homeless. Outside all the time. Breakfast was oats. Not those brown sugary oats you would usually eat for breakfast. It was oats, water, and powdered milk. That’s it. That was breakfast every day. Lunch and Dinner were always the same. Either undercooked or burnt rice and a bean called a lentil. That’s it. 16 days of freezing winds outside every day. Also the homeless component contained the most rigorous physical training throughout the program. First day I arrived I was to run a mile straight. No walking at all. You walk you’ll run longer. I hadn’t run more than a few meters in years. First 1/2 a lap I was dying. My chest was burning. Very little oxygen was going into my brain. My other companions in the component attempted to pep talk me to keep going. They were scolded and made to run more. There was no talking between anyone in this component. I staggered my way another 2 laps before just giving up. In this level of the program you had to pass 14 successful days. I failed my first day for this incident. The rest of this level was filled with 2 work projects a day. Out there in the freezing cold literally digging tracks for a new parking lot. I was a slave laborer. There was nothing I could do. The best part of my day was sleeping. The only rest I got. I looked forward to it every day. I completed my 14th successful on my 16th day. I had to make a fire out of a bow and some wood. I was then upgraded a level. I was now a student. I got to eat regular food. Not allot but it was somewhat normal. I got to go to school. It felt pretty good. Now think of this. Your life seems fucking amazing because you get to eat peanut butter and jelly instead of burnt rice. Your life is 10 times better because you now get to attend school. Regular school. While in the “inside” you were able to talk to other program students during very short time slots. During those all we talked about how we look forward to life on the outside. To see civilization again. Have a small piece of chocolate. Having the privilege to speak with your own family when you want. All these things were distant memories for us. When we weren’t being terrorized by the simple fact of little contact with your family the staff had fun with your emotions. When you broke a rule you received a citation. Each cite is worth a certain amount of points which at the end of the week would add up and determine if we got put on what’s called “unemployment”. This was another component after school for kids that broke too many rules. You were to pull around a large cart everywhere you went. You did physical training just like you did in the first level. You were to sit silent in a room and work for hours on end. Back to playing with emotions. Staff had the power to cite anyone at anytime. So they played with you. Even if it was during a time where you were allowed to talk they would take that away. If you talked you were cited. Cites equaled a more miserable life. Even if you didn’t break the rule they would cite you just to see you break down. They’ll say this never happened but ask any kid that’s been there. It happens all the time. And then there were the restraints. If you were out of line a staff could take you down and bend your wrist behind your back and apply pressure to “calm you down”."

      • Here is another incredibly disturbing account. Note the last sentence. I hope VC looks further into this.

        "They took me to the “blue house” and proceeded to yank out my nose ring, my earrings. They took away all my belongings and told me to strip down. This was so violating. Being a virgin, I have never let anyone see me naked. I felt so violated during the strip search. I remember just standing there crying my eyes out and the staff just standing there… they didn’t care.They told me that if I behaved properly that everything would be okay. I was so scared, that I could barely function. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was then taken over to the boys campus where the nurse’s station was located. They told me that in order to stay that I would need to give a blood sample. When I was younger I had a bad experience with a needle when I was in the hospital, so i was terrified. I told them that i didn’t feel comfortable giving them my blood. The nurse (a 250 pound man) told me that: “We could do this the easy way, or the hard way”.
        Still refusing he called in another woman and another male staff to have me restrained. In which I was sat on, held down and unwillingly had my blood drawn.
        This was so traumatizing. In the first level called “homeless” we weren’t allowed any rights. We had to raise our hand for everything. I got in trouble a couple of times because I put on lip chap without asking. We had to sit cross legged for hours on the cement working on silly projects. We were given oats (water and oatmeal) and fruit for breakfast. For lunch we had rice and lentils and dinner was rice and lentils. We were given a 4L Milk jug that was filled up with tap water daily that we were forced to drink, yet we could only go to the outhouse a few times a day when they felt like taking us. I know of 4 girls that had urinated themselves because a staff member wouldn’t allow them to use the washroom. If you didn’t do what you were told you had to do “energy release”. This is where Ricky Dias could make you run up and down a field for 3 hours in the scorching hot sun with no water. I remember Ricky Dias yelling at a girl for not getting out of the shower on time the night before. He told this girl that if it happened again tonight he would: “Rip her out of the shower by her hair naked.”
        You weren’t allowed to talk to your parents for the first couple of weeks. You were completely isolated and unable to talk to anyone. The homeless staff would humiliate you in front of others and made me feel worthless. I felt like a horrible person and I began to believe what they told me.
        I 100 percent believe that Diamond Ranch Academy is a brainwashing scam."

      • "* Cult like tactics used by DRA: The use of heavy jargon. The use of jargon to manipulate the true meaning of a word, masking their intentions. Cult like seminars which include using music as a trance. Forcing bogus therapeutic solutions to students while attempting to sell these values to said students’ parents. Namely Taylor Hartman’s ‘Color Code’ — which holds no actual psychological, therapeutic, medical, or scientific ground. It should be noted Mr. Hartman happens to be a close personal friend of Mr. Rob Dias."


      • The ranch employees also snatch the sleeping children out of their homes in the dead of night as their introduction to the program.

      • I took a good look at some of the employee- pictures on the dra-website ..
        Man, do some look scared. Other i find disturbing because they have an expression i remember from long a ago, i saw it at a guys face before he psychoticly killed a neighbours cat.

    • DoorsofPerception on

      Oh my word – I cannot believe that this poor girl is going to be shipped off to this inhumane institution. How this could even be a possibility for a little girl who just tried to kill herself because "she couldn't handle… everything else that was going on in her life". How this could happen in any country let alone the alleged leader of the "free world". She needs to be with her family and people that understand her – although it's easy to doubt the sincerity and the motives of the family and their "friends". What a hideous situation for the poor poor little thing.

    • Sounds like the training initiates get in a secret society too, or a fraternity, or any organization where you're not allowed to question authority, just follow orders like a robot. In other words, MIND CONTROL.

  48. When will we break through the ignorance? When will we start physically revolting? The stories are the same, it just happens to different people, and will continue to happen if we keep consenting to this atrocity. We are held accountable, the more we feed into the stories and eat up the media and listen to the music. We are indirectly allowing this to happen. Stop fooling yourself, it's real. What more do you need?

  49. They killed Cory Monteith. They pick people who have had substance abuse problems so they can blame it on that. The people accept it. Glee is an Illuminati show.

    • Pay attention to the next big article by VC. Eyes Wide Shut is all about the ritual sacrifice by secret societies under the guise of "drug overdose"… pretty blatant.

    • Musicals are one of the most subversive forms of propaganda. By working the audience into a revelry, they became much more responsive to the propaganda being implemented. They get lost in the moment and lose their sense of identity. It's a form of black magic in a way.

      Musicals and comedies; both very dangerous in the war for our minds.

      • Add in concerts. Artists love to yell "Let go of everything!!!!!!" at their shows. Im staying the hell away from concerts.

      • Smart idea Wendy11.
        If someone badly wants us in a crowd-no matter what kind of crowd-better to examine all things in there. Music industry always have been dark so I wonder who wants to be part of the "concert" in the first place. Part of the event having strong influence and perhaps orchestrated from behind the scenes…

      • You are probably not a musical or too sensitive person if you know what I mean. The music itself can't be dangerous, the context can. You should see the context to protect your mind.

      • You can do nothing to protect your subliminal mind, which gets hundreds of messages while your conscious only gets a few.

      • Music is powerful…

        Exodus 32: 17-19, "And when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted, he said unto Moses, There is a noise of war in the camp. And he said, it is not the voice of them that shout for mastery, neither is it the voice of them that cry for being overcome: but the noise of them that sing do I hear. And it came to pass, as soon as he came nigh unto the camp, that he saw the calf, and the dancing: and Moses' anger waxed hot, and he cast the tables out of his hands, and brake them beneath the mount."

        Absolutely, YES, of course music does have a profound impact on people. You can influence anyone through media, whether it be music or video. But in particular, children and teens have extremely impressionable minds.

        1 Samuel 16:23 evidences the incredible power of music. When the lad David played on his musical harp, the Bible says that king Saul's evil spirit departed from him. If music can be used to make an evil spirit depart from a person, then music can also be used to invite an evil spirit to come!

        Argue as you may, there is no debate that worldly forms of music play an important, powerful and inseparable role in human mind-control, memorization of the masses, and wickedness of every sort. The Bible is filled with examples evidencing the powerful impact of music on people. When wicked king Nebuchadnezzar erected a 90 x 9 foot obelisk image, he demanded that the gathered nations and languages bow down AT THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Music is the universal language, transcending all ethnic, social, cultural, religious and language barriers. We must be careful what music we choose to listen to!

  50. God bless this sensitive girl. We love you, Paris, and believe in the goodness of your heart, knowing it is eternally stronger than the pure evil that you've grown up around. Evil is not always easily identified either, adding to the confusion of what is really what.
    Best of luck sweet girl. Stay thoroughly honest. People like you are in a position to expose the hidden curtain of evil that attempts to control and enslave God's own precious creatures. So tread carefully Paris, and keep staying true to your heart and the Superknower within your heart. People will undoubtedly relate because our own souls also have deep yearnings for love and supreme truth, and everything else ultimately brings sadness and insanity.

  51. NoMoreSecrets on

    Guarantee that if she was just a normal teenager that had no connection the industry she wouldn't have had those tweets deleted. She might not even know anything about the occult/illuminati. I'm 23 and just this year started to open up my eyes to so many things. I remember my family calling one of my unlce's "crazy" but I had no idea why. He moved away and changed his way of living. I just now found out that everyone is calling him crazy because of his "theories" and knowledge of the real stuff going on in the world. And when he would call my dad and tell him about it all, my dad would just roll his eyes. Now that I'm slowly gaining knowledge on the occult /illuminati, I've been trying to open my parents eyes. It's starting to make sense to them now but they're still half awake. My boyfriend, who is actually a prestigious doctor got me into thinking about all of this. Some of his close friends are politicians and it's refreshing that he doesn't agree with it all and actually knows the truth to a lot of the shady dealings. It's a shame what they're going to be doing to this girl now. I wonder if she even really cut her wrists herself. Or maybe it was done to her as an excuse for her to "go away" to an institution aka mind control camp. I'm actually studying psychology myself and going for my PhD. I'll tell you right now that when I do get my PhD I would love to help those who are unfortunately under mind control trying to free themselves. It sickens me to hear about so many psychologists using their title to further damage people's minds. I want to help the human race not run it further into the ground.

    • Keep waking your parents :) I am 15 but I am slowly finding the truth and it sickens me. I feel so bad for Monarch Mind Control victims and i would love to help them too. Would studying psychology help me learn how to free these victims?

  52. Anyone else notice that Cory Monteith died in the PACIFIC RIM hotel? A film of the same name was released the day before his death, could there be a connection or am I reading to much into this?

    • DoorsofPerception on

      It's possible either way, I think – although I haven't seen the movie yet, it is quite obvious from the trailer alone that it is an Elite conspired film, with it not only condoning drone warfare, transhumanisation and globalism but making it appear cool and even necessary to the mainstream audience.

    • Good catch there. The Illuminati loves their movie references.

      Speaking of that, I was watching TDKR recently, and there's no way in hell that anyone could have spotted Sandy Hook on the map in that scene, unless they already knew it was there.

      I'm pretty sure they're the ones making half of those shitty Youtube videos, because they want it to come out.

  53. DoorsofPerception on

    Does anyone know when those pictures were tweeted? Before or after her alleged "suicide" attempt?

  54. F**K these elite bastards to hell!!! too many people die for their stupid sacrifices and what not. Good Luck to all celeb kids because they will be on 'their' priority list as evidenced by poor Paris.

  55. Thomas Arezzo on

    To the people commenting that they cannot find this on her Twitter: Have you not noticed that she tweets everyday, yet the entries now stop at June 4th?
    Good work VC.

  56. This is just sad and creepy at the same time. VC can you please write an article about the movie CLOUD ATLAS. There seems to be so much going on in this movie.

    • DoorsofPerception on

      People most probably do see "them" but the observers are either in on it or, more likely, they don't actually realise what it is that they are in fact witnessing.
      Even if people are coming in and out of a hotel room in which a celebrity has passed away, this would not be view as something strange, in fact, if there were no one hanging around it would seem almost more suspicious.
      In the instance of Cory Monteith's death, which was drug related, the "illuminati" don't actually have to be present at all. As all the elite would need to do was plant bad heroin at a venue in which the target would be manipulated into visiting and make sure that he is given the lethal dose. This goes for not only Cory Monteith but as the likes of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe, River Phoenix and Heath Ledger.
      The thing about a blood sacrifice is that there is very little literal blood involved and as it is a symbolic offering it most probably does not have to be viewed by the orchestrators.

  57. Well, to continue, of course Paris needs help, and Prince, but not her biological mother.
    All of them, Michael's family, as well as "partners" Michael, Branca, Mcclane, Dileo .. and many more, because this conspiracy goes so far beyond the bodyguards, and all of them, they know who I am, and of course, a myriad of people who call themselves followers of Michael Jackson, and are the comments from them and how to treat people, exposes, just as followers of themselves, and in some cases, followers of something very, very sinister, they are not seeking the truth.
    Without me, the truth about what happened to Michael, would be in the dark, without me, the truth will be transformed into a big lie for greed and prominence. But there is something much worse if anything: because there is someone who does not care about money, only interested in souls, and he is staying with many souls, on account of the name of Michael Jackson, and that someone, expected to are many more souls to be sold for some fame and money.
    And now I will say something about Murray: he also knows who I am, walked several times around me, and God wanted, I hear Murray thoughts. And by the way, I will say, that part of the work of Michael, is made by my words, not only spoken, too, thoughts, as I also hear Michael's thoughts. Murray with his thoughts, said his greed for big money, that money accumulated for copyright, Moonwalk, since 1980, and is recorded by Michael in my name ever since. In exchange for that money Murray killed Michael Jackson.
    And Michael told me that resisted not even see the guy (Murray) next to him. You can see the conversation between Michael and me in the first few pages of my book, in Amazon:. Maria del Rosario Cordero Tesón
    They, they, they want Paris, pick up the glove of Michael, but Paris would have to keep lying over and over again to maintain that role, and also the left-hand glove will not have anyone anymore, because it was rotten after 15 years, without washing, and neither helped me to help when they accused Michael, it had not served rotten, and I did not expect money from that object. The glove was burned piece by piece in a fireplace. But I have something better, but so far neither has helped me to put the truth in the proper place.
    Without me, or Paris, or any other, even if you want the truth, could have in this world. God gave me strength to keep me alive, and overcome all the attacks that I suffered, so that the truth, is also kept alive. Without God, I would not have been able to overcome all the tricks they used me, from firearms to black magic, and a considerable variety of poisons. No joke. I've been chased many, many years.
    The world is really, really in need of the truth. there is something called the end of time, that does not mean the end of the world.

    Thanks for read

  58. Horrible just horrible… very smart girl. Its ashame the kids have to be stuck with that psycho fame money hungry family… if that werent true they would have saved there son/brother instead of stealing his money and trying to be more famous… now the kids have to suffer : (

  59. sorry I do not know what happened, I thought I posted the following comment before the other you can see above
    Well, the twitter of Paris looks many people, and people do not realize that she is just a teenager, who wants to be an actress and I do not know how much more things, and she loves the cameras and the limelight. on the other hand, no doubt, she should know, since she spent 15 years living in this world with opportunities to access knowledge materials, possibilities that many lack, but did not know enough to help Michael, nor Prince, for one reason or many reasons. Michael also told me about the children, and mothers, on June 27, 2008, here in my city, where Michael came for thirty years.
    Michael, paid a lot of money, to Rowe, so that never again in life were to approach Prince and Paris. Michael paid a lot of money, that Rowe never get close to these children, and the family of Michael should keep that in mind. Why not make the family of Michael what he wanted? Michael did not do those things, just because simply.

    In my eleven years old, I received the first great revelation about my life, but I did that constantly chasing me, because just hearing the voice of Michael Jackson singing, I liked it, and I knew he would be the world's most famous artist , and I really liked his voice, not knowing that he was the same age as me or what his face, and I did not think his attitude would end a tragedy for him and for me, I was only eleven, and should live like a normal girl to know the world in which I lived.

    some twitters that I responded to Paris:
    Paris Jacksoη @ParisJackson 29 ago
    thru my joy & my sorrow , in the promise of another 2morro , i’ll never let u apart for ur always in my heart… happy birthday i love u daddy

    Rosario @Rosario__ 30 ago

    @ParisJackson With 5 months your eyes fixed on my face, in Morocco. I gave M.J my image in exchange 4singing 4the truth &4 love I live 4that

    Paris Jacksoη @ParisJackson 27 jul

    imma have my 7777th tweet in honor of my dad(: 7 was his favorite number lol♥

    Rosario @Rosario__ 27 jul
    @ParisJackson for our own sake we must know the truth, who we are & where we come from to see where we go. I am Annie's Smooth Criminal. SEE

    Paris Jacksoη @ParisJackson 25 jul
    everyones taking control of me , it seems that the worlds got a role for me .. im so confused will u show to me you'll be there for me

    Rosario @Rosario__ 27 jul
    @ParisJackson I'm here, I'm still alive thank God, & we are in need of truth, the truth is the only way of love. Am Annie of Smooth Ciminal

    1:56 PM – 27 jul 12 ·

    • They aren't. Hell, maybe Mz Rowe and that dermatologist carry the bloodline or were willing to breed for the sake of creating more Jackson MK players in the Hollywood scene…or both.

      • blackrocker4eve on

        It's funny how people NEED to believe those aren't Michael's children..Prince resembles Michael and as for Blanket, he's a dead ringer to Michael..ANYBODY can see that regardless of what you may WANT to see. And Paris, it's obvious as much as she resembles her mother that Paris isn't a straight white girl. She has that complexion that a lot of bi-racial girls have and her natural hair texture is VERY coarse. All 3 of those kids are biologically Michael's.

  60. Where the heck is this girl's family? I mean, Michael's death isn't enough? Aren't they already 'Aware'?

    Paris sadly knew this was coming but I think it's better for her to know what they're putting her into, she could just refuse or don't give up as long as she can. I think the fact that she knows protects her somehow, she knows it's wrong not like many other girls who just get dragged into it without knowing the truth of what they're doing.
    I truly wish Paris to come out safe and as herself, i truly wish she doesn't let them break her or tame her mind.

    She's a wise girl

    • Seems pretty obvious that her so-called "family" doesn't care about anything but more money. I believe they are all aware of everything that's going on, but since their god is money, nothing else matters to them. They fought over who was going to get guardianship over those poor kids, and why? So that they could have access to Michael's fortune, of course!

  61. CONrad Murray was Michaels handler, and now seems that he is taking that role for Paris, "Daddy" reference always relates to handling… the pictures of the pentagrams elude to her involvement in satanic sexual ritual and if they allow her to follow her father into life of a manufactured 'star', she would be involved covertly in these rituals. Her breakdown is nothing surprising considering her handler Michael passed on. Monarchs tend to go off the rails if their handlers die.

  62. “What does paternity have to do with this article?”

    It is one method whereby trolls can spin on topic discussion into off topic discussion. Eventually the discussion will end up being about off topic religion and cults and contain nothing of the original story. It’s what [some] are paid to do. Misdirection.

  63. I wished Michael was still here ):
    he would have protected her
    from these mind fucking devils…….

  64. It's good she's revealing this info but I also fear for her.. I wonder what they are doing to her in these damn places?! Poor, poor kids. On another note, Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis daughter Lily-Rose Depp has posted videos on vine (they're private but someone linked them together and posted them on youtube – look for lily rose depp and vine) I was shocked to see a young girl throwing cult symbols and even doing a blow job impression with her hot dog. She also wears next to nothing. Check it out, would love to see a piece written about her aswell. It all needs bringing to attention. It makes me mad to see that little girl so happy throwing cult signals, makes me want to give her a slap tbh. Although that is never the answer lol Good article again VC.

  65. Cory Monteith- released from rehab just recently, found "overdosed on alcohol and heroin" on 13/7/13(dogy dates?) in the PACIFIC RIM HOTEL in fairmont, funny how the movie PACIFIC RIM was released in the US/UK and other countries the night before on 12/7/13. Maybe there's a connection.? Lea Michelle- his girlfriend- has 2 butterflies tattooed on her (Monarch?), last public appearance they made together as a couple was at the "Butterfly Ball"?? not forgetting he casually followed the twitter account ILLUMINATI…?? Maybe knew..maybe Im overreacting lol!

  66. 'Something NEEDS to be done to help this child!!! SERIOUSLY & FAST!!!'

    Yes, but can we do? Other than devoting ourselves to waking up sleeping people until we reach critical mass and overthrow them, which many of us are already doing, I can't see how we can help her. Only those close to her can help her. Praying might help as well, so let us all pray for her.

    They gave a little child close to me a strong dose of red rum, to try and break me, but they won't break me. We are one. Peace…

  67. synofanother on

    can anyone help me out with this im trying to under more about it, why would she put this in a tweet ( #ifyouonly Knowtruth….. ) is she trying to get use to got to a specific Place so that we can learn for our self.

  68. This girl is in my prayers. Lord, please protect this child from the evil forces that are trying to destroy her.

  69. Um, yeah,,,I think you guys might be reading too much into this this time. I have a cousin who attempted suicide and almost succeed. She's 17 and she too overdosed on over the counter pills but she had called a friend and told her what she was doing, so she was saved. She was held at the hospital for observation and then afterwards she was sent to a treatment facility by her family I think. Of course she was really upset about it and begging to come home. I'm saying that's some pretty standard stuff for an almost suicide victim.

    • Nevermind, I just came off of the Survivors site. That is a fucked up place and I pray that they don't send her there.

  70. JustAnOrdinaryGirl on

    Paris Jackson is no way different than all the other adolescents.Have you seen her photos on instagram? She wants attention, just because she knows(or pretends she knows) about those Illuminati things doesn't mean that she is a "poor girl" or "next MK slave with an innocent soul". I am sick of those types of people and sentences like "lets pray for her soul". Why don't we pray for people who actually need this? Yes, it's not her fault that her father was more or less killed by the "bad guys"(this is how i name them) but she is… ah not a poor soul. Maybe she deserves, who knows? And again, look at her photos on instagram and don't tell me that she's not another hipster/rocker/tries to catch attention girl who is well known only because her father was MJ. It's not that i hate her (because of course, i don't know personally) I hate those teenagers and the human race (that's because they're bad,traitors and easy to manipulate) in general -.-.

    And please don't pay attention to my spelling mistakes, english is not my main language 😀

  71. I don’t think they want her making any decisions right now because a lot of money is being fought over. They don’t want her to testify any more than she has to and they don’t want her to go live with her mother. Michael’s mother is suing that company for $40 billion right now so that makes anything possible. That is a lot of money.

  72. Fuck, I was so hoping she wouldn't fall prey to it because Michael tried to protect his kids from what happened to him. This is so unbelievably sad to me. I started wondering about her being their latest victim when she dyed her hair dark and all that. She really started changing some time around this year. Before, despite of her dad's death she had some aura that was very positive in my opinion then all of a sudden she started looking like a different person. I don't want this to happen to Paris. Somebody do something please!

  73. Paris and her brothers, as young as they are, have probably seen and heard it all when it comes to the dark side of show business. I think the tweets and artwork are very telling and sad. On the other hand, they show that Paris is strong and outspoken which probably puts her in danger.

    The facility she's been sent to, Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah, has a documented history of abuse and questionable tactics and forms of "treatment." Simply do a web search for the school and the information comes up. Is it a "programming" facility? All things considered, it very well could be.

    There is also an entire website with testimonies from former students who refer to themselves as "survivors" of the treatment center/school that is run by a teen safety advocacy group.

    The whole situation is very sad.

    • i am the way the truth and the jife, no one comes to the father except through me, their grandma is jehovahs witness.

  74. I feel sorry for her and her father. Unfortunately I can hardly believe that things will be better for her. So sad. However i do believe that the power of those who "don't care about us" will soon come to an end and the truth will be revealed.

  75. At least she speaks the truth, no matter what happens to her, even if they "finish" her just like they did to her father and all those familiar pawns like Britney, amy whinehouse, etc.

    May God be with her

  76. blackrocker4eve on

    If indeed these tweets are Paris's, which I have no reason to doubt that their not, Paris is putting herself in harms way. She might very well be trying to emulate her dad because Michael use to do the same type of thing starting from the early 90's all the way up untill he died. The thing that's dangerous (no pun intended) for Paris is The ILL doesn't like to be made fun of in the media. ESPECIALLY by someone who is a child of Michael's. And by her posting these drawings, The ILL will see this as mockery on Paris's part as well as being a "whistle blower"…I hope for Paris's sake as well as Prince's and Blanket's that The ILL won't see his a "challenge"…

  77. What a load of cobblers. If they genuinely didn't want her around, they would have finished her off by now. I think she is just playing the heroine because they want her to, but she is totes controlled by them anyway.

  78. Shes either smart or in on it..theyll take her away where they will abuse her cause some traumatic stress to her then be able to use her as a pawn in their plan..the usual story. Her father was in on it before he wanted to leave where they got rid of him. They have a purpose for her, watch in the next 3 years.

  79. crooked arrow on

    wonderful Illuminati. taking young kids who are aware and twisting their brains. how accomplished you must feel. killing stars and covering it up with some dumb story, lying to your people, and sacrificing others for your superstitions. one day you will be punished for it. whether today, or the next day, or the day you die, you're going to get whats coming to you. i hope they read this, i honestly do. or do they need their lab rats from the NSA to do it for them? Go ahead and take peoples freedom but no matter how many secrets you have, how many back up plans, how many ways to torture us, we will always win. maybe not right away but good always reins.

  80. Just curious, did most of you miss the fact that Murrays' group was referenced as "an irregular, unrecognized bogus group in the Houston area, that has absolutely nothing to do with the Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM, the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas F&AM, or any other regular, recognized form of Freemasonry"? Just as in so many other things, anyone can claim to be a Mason, a Christian, a Wiccan, etc.– that doesn't mean they actually are what they say. There was a time when the evangelical Christian movement recognised Rev. Jim Jones as a "minister of the true faith".

  81. If you look at the screenshots of the tweet again, you'll see that the long tail on the end does exist. Also, you'll notice that there's a check mark next to her name, which means that her account is certified, so that is her real account.

  82. It was only a matter of time until they got to her, watch her interview on Ellen. Those who know, will know what to look for and find it

  83. Tiffany Cheyenne on

    This would explain why she just quite suddenly wished to move out of spotlight to, I believe, Texas with her mother. This frightened me so badly unlike any other posts on this site, because I could not imagine what they could be trying to proceed with in the medical clinic with her. So, when she comes back to the spotlight sporting all their symbols, you will know what went on when she was sent to the hospital. She knew that she was imprisoned within the dark forces of the music industry and that it was inescapable due to her father's name and his reputation. I don't usually pray for others, which I should do much more often, but I believe this young girl truly needs it. This society is sick, twisted, and disgusting. All this god-gifted talent going all to waste, because they want that spotlight so impatiently and with such disgusting greed that they take that shortcut to stardom, it doesn't matter how talented you may be, you don't deserve that spotlight if all you are going to do is waste the righteous side of humanity's air with your greed.

  84. "They Don't Care About Us" is about the Jews. They run the entertainment industry and lobby to have Americans go to war and die for their criminal state of Israel.

  85. Paris Jackson does NOT know anything she was just manipulated by the Jacksons – the dark forces – AND Michael Jackson was NEVER manipulated, it was a HOMICIDE made by a sociopath mentally disturbed found guitly in a court of law. Now the Jacksons want to make people believe their conspiracy theory just because they couldn't have Michael Jackson's money.

  86. theevolutionofosiris on

    A hexagram? Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

  87. Look fish in the bowl……….. we need solutions not more blimming extra versions of this and that. THINK PEOPLE THINK!!!! What are WE going to DO?
    Knowledge is power!!! Ten Matches are stronger together than one!!! Some of Us are channelling!!! Some of U
    S are praying!!! Some of us are digging bunkers!!! Others are talking about with no solution which shows them how easy we are to take over. Snap out of it and work towards the beings that move with and in the Spirit.
    My question is, What are you going to DO about this?

  88. jake from state farm on

    "they" put her in "rehab" for more reprogramming. Paris is correct and they know it and they are trying to shut her up. "They" did kill her father as well. I hate these illuminati freaks, and Hollywood is teeming with this vermin. I hope she can get out before they kill her too. Good luck Paris!!

  89. RestoringDaily on

    I believe because she was able to recognize that one thing she can still break few of her programming regardless of the facility. I was there 4 days but read my bible 24/7 and believed it and I am still being restored memories of what awful things were done in my past. All of a sudden I'm not looking so crazy with proof of details I'd times and places I supposedly never saw.

  90. Rehab is where they groom you to be Illuminati so no wonder why Paris was screaming she didn't want to go. Get her away from Katherine and Joe Jackson. Although Katherine is a good soul she turned a blind eye when her own children went through torture and sexual abuse. Paris needs to be with Debbie.

  91. Why are you so hell bent on the idea that Paris would never post those tweets? You've said the same thing on here about 3 times already.

  92. She did write them because I saw them when they were first posted and no one really bothered with them then. They are most likely deleted now.

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