New Lexus Ad Campaign Filled With Illuminati Symbolism


The marketing people at Lexus are apparently trying to give their brand a new hip and fashion-forward image in order impress their bored and jaded target market. Unfortunately, these days, being hip and fashion-forward means rehashing the same god-awful yet increasingly prevalent Illuminati symbolism along with the Agenda that goes with. As we’ve seen in countless previous articles, Illuminati symbolism is all about the one-eye sign, the concept of duality – all of that mixed with references to mind control and police state imagery. Believe it or not, all of this can be found in this Lexus ad campaign.

Since people who buy luxury cars are not trying to simply go from point A to point B (they’re trying to go from point A to point B while impressing people at point C),  ads selling these products are less about cost, gas mileage and interest rates and more about image and style. Sadly, “style” now equals Illuminati symbolism. Here’s the first Lexus ad, directed by Melina Matsoukas.

Here are some of the images flashed during that ad.

Model with checkerboard pattern dress. It is one of the many references to the occult concept of duality in the ad.

A model with a checkerboard pattern dress. It is one of the many references to the occult concept of duality in the ad.


Black and white snakes interwoven togheter, representing of same concept of mixing good and evil, light and darkness, found in the checkerboard pattern

Black and white snakes interwoven together, representing of same concept of mixing good and evil, light and darkness, found in the Masonic checkerboard pattern.


Most fashion models in the ad are "blinded". That's what MK-Ultra based fashion industry is all about.

Most fashion models in the ad are “blinded”. That’s what the MK-Ultra based fashion industry is all about.


Police in riot gear. Why is there police state imagery in an ad selling a car? What's the relation? Just an obligatory attempt to make this imagery fashionable and unavoidable.

Police in riot gear. Why is there police state imagery in an ad selling a car? What’s the relation? They’re working hard to make this imagery normal and even fashionable.


This image of a model in checkerboard pattern hiding one eye sums up this ad: A tribute to and perpetuation of Illuminati symbolism in pop culture.

This image of a model in checkerboard pattern hiding one eye sums up this ad: A tribute and a perpetuation of Illuminati symbolism in mass media.

While this second ad was directed by Jonas Akerlund, who directed multiple Lady Gaga videos. Despite the fact that this has been directed by another director, we see the exact same symbolism.

Subtle checkerboard pattern here.

Subtle checkerboard pattern here.


This looks great and is also incredibly practical. Who needs to see through two eyes anyways?

This looks great and is also incredibly practical. Who needs to see through two eyes anyways? Two eyes: overrated.


We got a black girl in a white dress high fiving a white girl in a black dress and crossing paths. Another reference to duality.

A black girl in a white dress high-fiving a white girl in a black dress and crossing paths. Another heavy handed reference to duality.

Lexus is not the first luxury car ad to get into that Illuminati stuff. The Mercedes ad analyzed in this article is also another shining example. Yes, even short movies aiming to sell us stuff use this imagery. Not only does it ad to the complete homogenization of popular culture but it subtly tells you who owns these multinational conglomerates.



      • Carolyn, we just have to take care of ourselves, our friends and our family and watch out for them even if they think we're nuts…it's better to be aware than not…in this case, ignorance certainly is not bliss.

      • Fateless One on

        Well you can fly Virgin Galactic and go to the moon lol. Quit your whining and live your life. The world is hard. Always has been and always will be so either deal with it or don't. No one cares!

    • Yup F*ck Lexus. Wtf the commercial didn't look like a car ad wtf were they trying to sale the clothes on the models lol Wtf happen to good commercial x.x

    • I hate to say it, yet this car is not sexy, the 4 doors is not appealing the marketing seems unconnected to the group of people who would seek an expensive 4 door vehicle.

    • I don't see many of these commercial and music videos until I come to this site and I watch a lot of television. Could it be that VC is helping to indoctrinate us.

    • SeeingVoices on

      I had a dream that the sheeple see through one eye, the truthers see through two eyes, and the illuminati see through three eyes. It was beyond weird. What does it mean?

      • @SeeingVoices

        Well, the Illuminati believes they are illuminated with higher knowledge.

        That higher knowledge pertains to the third-eye of wisdom….so,, they aere seeing with all 3 eyes.

        The third eye is just symbolic for another way of *seeing* – Being able to *see* with your inner wisdom and clarity. The third eye is symbolically located where your pineal gland is, in the center of your brain.

        Although, we are ALL able to get in touch with our own higher intelligence and intuitive wisdom through prayer, and meditation.

        We do NOT have to belong to secret societies, or practice witchcraft or sell our souls for this divine intelligence. It's an ability we all have and can develop our own innate wisdom by taking VERY good care of our physical and spiritual health by avoiding toxins of every sort…both physical toxins in foods, air, water, and earth, and the energetic toxins that negative people and energies give off.

        Check out the healers journal online, if you get a chance. Lots of useful information there on the importance of the pineal gland.

      • Fateless One on

        @SeeingVoices So I'm guessing the sheeple you refer to are regular folk that don't know this stuff and just wanna live their lives without being crazy paranoid about everything and everyone…does this mean truthers (and I'm gonna assume this includes you) are better than these sheeple? Because if thats what you mean then wouldn't that make you and everyone "awakened" on this site a hypocrite? Because that would mean your doing exactly what these so-called elite/illuminati you believe exist are doing i.e looking down on others because they feel they are better off than everybody else. And that is a sad sad thing my friend. Bottom line – quit calling people sheeple cause we are all basically the same or you end up sounding like a douche. Just saying…

  1. This ad makes no sense to me, anything on the video is related to a car..we are watching this trend more and more. Creepy! Look at the Ford commercial for 2013, is very meaningful too, for me it makes reference to the fallen angels and can take any form to distract you! Thanks VC!

    • Child of God on

      I know the feeling…anybody going to mars…oh yea,i forgot..they'll be going there soon..well xerxes here i come….bet they want find this one….haha luminatii!

      • Sigmund Freud's Ego on

        just go to Mt. Shasta, Maybe the Agarthians will let you enter into Telos. Only if your heart and mind is right and your elevating at a higher frequency than 3D.

    • We are here for a reason.Have even a little bit of pity and compassion.Even towards hapless masonic slaves who were never given any chance.
      Have a positive feelings to all the sheeples you are the one here to help,to educate,to open eyes!

      • Fateless One on

        Can people please stop using that annoying term 'sheeple'! I mean what the fuck makes you so special that you think anyone that doesn't know as much pointless information as you is a sheep? That makes you just as bad as the 'elite' you claim to hate so much. I'm just saying…

      • Sorry for "sheeple".

        As for me being a sheep is a privilege. The only thing different is my Shepard Who has nothing to do with occult.

        What you are right Fateless One is the fact that we are not any better. I am grateful to be out of the crowd not listening watching pursuing demonic crap of any kind which is very easy to do.

      • I am a sheep of the Lord Jesus Christ, I have been given to Him by the Father. Therefore I am a proud sheep, too. Who came up with the word "sheeple" anyway?? Sounds as if someone wanted to degrade Christians.

        Mt 10,16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

        Mt 25
        31 When the Son of man (= Jesus) shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:
        32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:
        33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

        Joh 10,7 Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.

        Joh 10,14 I (= Jesus) am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.

        Joh 10,15 As the Father knoweth me, even so know I (= Jesus) the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.

        Joh 10,27 My sheep hear my (= Jesus) voice, and I know them, and they follow me

    • Barack H.W. Obamney on

      Still buying into the left/right paradigm, eh?
      I'm assuming that ol' Barry Sotero is your man, and you are so proud that you can't resist bringing up the hack who "lost" – Romney. As if the O's are dirt poor or something? They made 15 mil last year, and it wasn't from book sales.
      Get over it – that's a large part of the sham being perpetrated on us. All those who end up being one of our two choices for the "leader of the free world" are cut from the same cloth, are part of the bloodlines going back to british royalty, and beholden to the same forces "behind the curtain."
      Notice how we're going to war with Syria now? American troops are amassing along the border, and the regime has stated they will support the rebels, which are muslim brotherhood and…wait for it…Al Qaeda! That's right. And the excuse? Chemical weapons. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? The terminology was changed to again fool the plebes (you won't hear the term "WMD" any longer!), but the agenda is the same.
      The "Bush Doctrine" was not his, but the doctrine of the NWO, being carried on by a man who promised in 2008 to bring the troops home and close down Guantanamo Bay. And look at what has happened since in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Armenia…oh and we "got Bin Laden," right? So why are there still 68,000 American troops in Afghanistan, with no date of withdrawal?

      When W. signed the "Patriot" Act, it was the end of the fourth amendment, according to his detractors (who weren't far off, by the way). Obama renews it, and those same detractors are silent. Then he signs NDAA, obliterating habeas corpus. Nary a word from the "civil rights" champions on the left. W. sends troops to the middle east, the left screams for impeachment and trials for war crimes (not a bad idea), but Obama escalates, is bombing in nine countries at once (NONE of it Constitutional) in the name of the "Arab Spring" (doesn't that just sound so nice and focus-tested?), and…well I doubt your average leftist even knows about it, or cares.

      Leadership of a nation should not be reduced to the principles of a pick-up game. Quit blindly pulling for your "side." Pull your head out of the sand!

      • – Nary a word from the "civil rights" champions on the left. –

        Dude, you are so wrong that your words are offensive. Many people, on the left and even not on the left, have spoken up. You may have noticed that the Corporate Media gives no air-time to those who disagree with the things you mention in your rant.
        Basically, we're screwed. The media and government and military and religion all support the present insanity, and it's next to impossible to get a sane word into the conversation. VC gives us truth and sanity, and his site has been attacked. Fortunately for us, VC is made of sterner stuff than the presstitutes who whore themselves out to the assholes in power.
        Don't blame the voice-less. I scream and scream on-line because that is the only place that will have me (and only some places, too). I scream, but do you hear me?

        – Quit blindly pulling for your "side." –
        – I doubt your average leftist even knows about it, or cares. –

        I don't have a side, personally, but I sure have trouble taking your words as truth when you spend so much time insulting people.
        You get more flies with honey than with vinegar, you know.

      • 4444455556674fg on

        according to webster tarpley romney is the elite s new shall we say favorite man

    • This is the problem that a CAR is what you LOVE.. logos of lexus same as mercedes is a strict illuminati symbols.. I mean nothing is wrong in making good money, buying staff but there is other values to campare a love feeling with thus NOT the money. but other HUMAN. did you get it?? from comercial only longer repeatedly viewable word is LOVE-plus constant visual fast movements, so icoinic fashion, luxury around and thrilling sounds all soo manipulating and unconsciously catchy for our brains plus all illuminati symbolizm what makes us- a mob of oligarh elizabeth quinn have faith in a money not in ( it's sounds so ''old fashioned'' and weird,, THINK WHY? ) – in Jesus. new london immigrants – quinn's mob are forgetting about God and Jezus here in London and fOCUSSING ONLY ON LUST OF MONEY. we are coming here to get trapped into a Beast elizabeth and family mafia rothchilds bankers trap


      more; arguing and constant worrying about NWO lead to menthal STRESS.. and that makes to humans more troubles as that causes real deseases .. all in so ''innocent'' way. they are happy about it, all goes with the plan.. We then should help and take care for eachother each day, see wisely but focusing on VALUES in life and being good to others. that is such simple as it seems to be. Only simplest solutions are the best. AMEN

  2. the all one eye craps make me wonder if 'they' all have the same lazy eye condition, recommend to consult with a good opthamologist.

  3. Whats the point of these symbolising in these ad videos ? What will they acheive with this ? Why do they post these symbols ?

    • Its not just car commercials. This imagery is everywhere. Its not so much a new concept, but a gradual one to seep this type of ideals to the mass public subconscienceness. Also repeatitive words and brief flashing of pictures or words, is a technique used to traumatize your optical nerves. Its all about the brainwashing and ultimate control. so sad. i have fpund myself closing my eyes many commercials on t.v.

      • Fateless One on

        I'm not so sure about that Dave. I've been aware of most of this stuff for years now but I have never believed they had power over me. It really seems pointless putting these symbols everywhere when half the people that see them don't understand them or care while the other half that do understand them don't really know what to do with that information. It has never made sense to me.

      • Back when the old TV signal was shut off in June 2009, do you remember the 24 hour insanity on TV to get us all to CONVERT, and the gummint coupons, and all the HELP they would give you if you would call their 800 number, because God forbid you went one day without TV???

        Remember that?

        Didn't you wonder WHY there were no 24/7 commercials in total panic talking about the TRUE horrors of this world? Like WAR and Starvation?

        Well, that's what I thought about and since I was only watching the free tv at the time anyway, I just let them shut off the signal.

        No more TV for me.

        It was all too weird that the gummint was SO desperate for me to keep watching TV.
        It made me realize that something HAD to be wrong with it, if the gummint cared either way.

        There's a TON of videos and things to download online for the price of monthly internet service, and NO COMMERCIALS…NO NEWS MEDIA lying to you….terrorizing you with hoaxes and manipulations.

        Endless entertainment online….actually too much. Trust me, it will take you all of a few days to wonder WHY you wasted one penny on a cable tv bill.

        Most high tech televisions will hook up to your PC also, so you can watch movies on a big screen, no problem.

    • lancer277,

      Did you notice the shark and the tiger in the first ad?
      Obviously, owning a lexus will make you the human equivalent of those predators. And given the armed police image, you want to be one of the predators and not one of the prey.

      It's also a way to identify each other, to know who else is going along with the illuminati program.
      So go on, wear black and white, white and black! Make yourself look like a harlequin! And the PRICs (Powers Really in Charge) will see you as another aspiring tool, another fool for their pleasure.
      For someone with no self-worth, with no empathy, or with delusions of grandeur, it might be very seductive.

    • I believe the one eye symbolism has alot to do with the BIGGEST TEST FOR MANKIND.
      It is yet to come…….the anti christ or the DAJJAL

      .No prophet was sent but that he warned his followers against the one-eyed liar (Ad-Dajjal). Beware! He is blind in one eye, and your Lord is not so, and there will be written between his (Ad-Dajjal's) eyes (the word) Kafir (i.e. disbeliever)."
      [Sahih Al-Bukhari, 9.245 – This Hadith is also quoted by Abu Hurairah and Ibn 'Abbas]

      “I have told you so much about the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) that I am afraid you may not understand. The Anti-Christ is short, hen-toed, woolly-haired, one-eyed, an eye-sightless, and neither protruding nor deep-seated. If you are confused about him, know that your Lord is not one-eyed.”
      [Sunan of Abu-Dawud #4306]

      There are three aspects of Dajjal:
      1. The individual
      2. A world wide social and cultural phenomenon
      3. An unseen force.


  4. I feel like if people haven't gotten it by now, they're being willingly ignorant. It's all gotten so blatant the last two years. Feel like the agenda's about to pop. Don't fall for the false peace.

    Thanks for the consistent posting Vig.

    • The sad truth is most- and i mean 95% of the public are completley ignorant to this stuff, or even aware, but they simply dont understand the implications. Even once complete realisation is made, we are still trapped by all of this. Escaping all of this would meam to leave civilization. Either that, or form a huge army of newly awakened people to take back our minds and souls.

  5. These are the ONLY ads I've been a bit skeptikal about on your site, VC. The Mercedes one was definitely suspect, but I think with this one the "police state imagery" is just mean to say the car is "rebellious", out of the norm. The black and white theme may just be because those are the only two colors out yet.

    Not sure if this one is agenda laden, but hey- who knows?!

    • remember when he got upset when he didn't get recognized by the Gospel Music industry for 'Jesus Walks"?
      Yea, I guess they were working on that glitch.

      • What does that even mean? Care to explain or are you simply repeating what you've heard other people say?

      • Kanye west new album he calls himself yeezus and he says "I am god" as you can see in VC newest article

    • Yeah, and im waiting for the article on the new '30 seconds to mars' album and videos! Jared Leto in illuminati full mode on. LOL

    • allofthemwitches on

      You're forgetting that the Luciferian doctrine says we are all inherent gods. So Kanye just outed himself as a Luciferian, pretty obvious really. What interests me is how the critics are completely praising this album; I haven't seen one negative review yet. That tells me that Kanye is going higher in the ranks. The little stunt with Lardassian is all part of it.

    • If you listen to his album he refers himself as "I am a God, even though I'm a man of God". Multiple times throughout it he states he's not higher than God, but close, because he is a man of God and he has a close relationship with God. He's actually blasting corporate america and the mass media a lot in this album as well. "They throwing hate at me, want me to stay at ease, fuck you and your corporation yall niggas cant control me". he speaks a lot about the Agenda trying to control him and him fighting them off.

      • Double Binds in words is a technique used in the following way: they'll tell you something you can agree with, and not really all that hard to come to the conclusion of, for e.g. who the fuck doesn't know that big corporations are evil? He's not telling us anything new. This lures you into believing he's on the 'good' side. He's not, he'd rather be a dick (the leader) than the swallower (his blind fans; the followers). Listen to the album more closely. All it demonstrates is his fixation on his ego, and to top everything off, this mama's boy adds misogynistic cringe worthy lyrics so it'll appeal to his large male, and ignorant, fanbase. The most see-through album of the century, maybe right after Gaga's last one.
        VC has an article that goes in depth on dualism, here's a link:

  6. The first commercial was really disturbing and evil feeling to me and I felt that there was even more subliminal messaging than you covered. It reminds me a lot of the elite of the Hunger Games. It seemed to be telling me something blatantly with the words too, though it's hard for my conscious brain to compute it so quickly. The second commercial was flashing so fast I had to watch it several times to really catch it all, which seems to be classical subliminal technique to me.

    • What i got out of it they are telling you to give them your heartbeat, your heart , your pulse… basicly give them your life and soul .. to the darkness. :(. It made me sick. Im sure there is more but the bottom line message is to give them your lifeforce

      • Fateless One on

        You sure you're not over-analyzing this just a little bit madi? I mean they are selling a car even though this commercial is kinda off but the bottom line is they are trying to get people to notice and possibly buy their product. I don't think it should be that hard to believe.

    • If you watch videos on youtube you can use the arrow keys to forward and reverse frames. This makes it easier to catch subliminals.

      • Fateless One on

        Heres a stupid question – what do you do with these 'symbols' when you find them all? What purpose does it all serve knowing this stuff? Will it better your life? Will it stop bad people from doing bad things? I honestly don't know…

  7. Diana Balto-Chia on

    If you don't know who is the Illuminati I recommend that you google it so that you know who are we dealing with.


      • Fateless One on

        Couldn't agree more Christinne. Makes you wonder why everyone here is so quick to blame an organization that may not even exist. Its funny really.

  8. I think me and my family may consider takin our butts back to the "Motherland" unless there's another planet to stay on besides earth…???

      • Fateless One on

        I live in Africa. Its pretty much the same BS just a different location. The world is shit so there's no place to run. Just live your life to the fullest and hold onto your loved ones for as long as is possible while you're still breathing.

      • Fateless One on

        The only thing really plaguing Africa is bad leadership. And westerners trying to take as much as they can while leaving pain and misery in their wake.

  9. For some reason these ads are appealing to the golf club wielding, country club members and botox/silicone enhanced soccer moms. Go figure……

    • Not that surprising. This is the same crowd who devoured "Fifty Shades of Grey" (which is getting made into a movie, btw).

  10. Shaun on

    The symbolism is getting so blatant and in your face.
    They are helping us by showing what side they are on.

    Shine light on the dark.

    • Which unfortunetly is exactly what "Illuminati" is :( The idea of God being the light of the world's darkness is no more. Sad but true. Stay strong believers!!

  11. Their outfits in the commercials remind me of "The Hunger Games" way to much. I wonder how many people will go along with this agenda when they actually start applying it to the modern world and change our constitution in America as well as the rest of the world. When this all pops off, I wonder just what's going to happen. I'm guess that's what the police state is for huh, the unruly few who don't want to simply obey them. (and yes I did say few, because I believe not many people are going to rebel against there Government, but simply just go along with it.)

    • Are you saying that the US government influenced this Japanese-owned car company's commercial? Because if you are, well you are an idiot.

  12. Is anyone still in shock that this the world they born into? I've been on the inside now for about 4 years and somedays I just still can't believe this is my reality. People are waking up, no doubt about that, but I can't imagine that teenage girls who literally idolize "Queen Bey" and boys who can't seem to get enough of Lil Wayne, will ever fully come to grips with how the world really works.

    Fingers crossed.

    Keep up the good work VC.

    • I agree. I really fear for the 20-and-under crowd. They've been born into the worst of it (occult propaganda) and were never taught how to think for themselves. I have a Pinterest page dedicated to sharing the symbols with detailed descriptions and teens will still comment underneath with "<3!" and "omg best ever!!!". *sigh* Breaks my heart.

      • LunaRabbit please pray for those under 20.As for fear.. does not seem beneficial.We better fear God alone!

      • I honestly feel it's more-so based on WHO is raising the 20 and under crowd because I am 18 and woke up around 14-15 and ever since, I've been in a way.. depressed by the reality of everything in this world. I'm still glad I know though, because its like God is giving me a chance to not be apart of the madness,, I'm being given a chance to choose on my own.. Good or Evil.. I will not be marked or chipped with anything when it's all said and done though, 18 or not. I was given the trait of BRAVERY, something a lot of OLDER people still do not have. Thats what it comes down to. Being awake and willing to make the right decision.

      • thatlondonchic on

        Some under20s are aware … I'm 22 and it was my younger bro who told me about the illuminati. I have always been suspect to why some musicians,actors make it while other talented people don't.etc

        Some under20s have heard of the illuminati but are just plain ignorant same with the older folks

      • I'm 17 but this whole illuminati thing seems a bit far-fetched. I know our government is corrupt, and there are symbols popping everywhere, and people sell their souls for fame and money. But i still find this illuminati theory to be unlikely. And yes, it's a theory because theres not enough concrete evidence. By the way, i discover this site out of curiosity about symbolism in music videos. Also, Lil Wayne is considered the worst rapper, even with teenagers.

      • As for unlikely theory…that is fine.But you can not say this against overwhelming mount of evidence against well organized net of various demonic organizations (call them whatever you like) who are clearly above the law.Point of this site is -worse to come.That is easy to prove whether such a sinister plot really exists.Just wait and see.

      • I was around 20 when I started discovering this whole mess but I took everything I read with a grain of salt. The most open minded, reliable and sane people (in my experience) will usually refrain from shoving these theories down your throat and are still just trying to put the puzzle together, on their own terms. Websites like this are great since most of us who visit daily are unbiased observers who just want the truth. Ignore the rabid and raving and use your intuition if you feel confused or put-off by all of this. I know it's a lot to take in at once but I can assure you, it's all very real. We're just hear to help you make up your own mind.

        Take care.

  13. Does anyone remember the Lexus commercial from a few months ago where they kept showing chem-trails in the sky and then say something like "It's changing your DNA". Creepy. Speaking of chem-trails, I have been a fan of VC for almost three years now and I don't know if I can recall him covering the topic. Anyway great article.

    • Really? I need to find that commercial. Maybe it is on youtube somewhere. I thought it was suspect that blacks in Africa are turning up with blue eyes. Then I thought maybe they were doing this on purpose through some sort of genetic manipulation in the food or water or something like that. I know it sounds crazy but it could be possible.

      • OriginalRace on

        Blues eyes, blonde hair, etc. are genes that originated from the African race…it's nothing new; the propaganda is though 😉

      • My all-black grandma has natural light skin, blue eyes, and blonde to match. She says there is a trace of Irish blood hence our last name Bradley but I think the genes are African. Besides genes are mutable no matter how "high" the chances you've been taught to formulate.

      • Also there is a company that is in experimental stage right now that will be able to change your eye color to either a shade of blue or violet. It will eliminate the brown cells in your eye with a laser and over a span of weeks your eye will slowly fade into blue or violet depending on what your eye naturally had more of.

  14. Always on point VC :-) Speaking of ads, what about an article about ads, and illuminati subliminal control? I´ve been thinking about that Usain Bolt´s "Shoot Fast, Share even Faster", didn´t Oscar Pistorius did one like that before he was actually "The Bullet In The Chamber"? Watch out for new nasty "shares" :-/

    • Speaking of, just realized the miss USA pageants is just a platform for propaganda. When the girls are asked those controversial questions, it seems as if the q's are all related to recent government controversy which is all a tool to present the ideas rather than "debate" them.

  15. Melina Matsoukas or the one who directs most of pop stars videos (Rihanna, Beyoncé etc) no surprise. Speaking of Rihanna, she mentionned Lexus in one of her songs off her last album lol.

      • I saw that movie too and I don't think there's much there to be analyzed there. Like this commercial, the movie struck me as a glamorous, yet empty, orgy of symbols that had no real meaning. The plot made no sense and the reveal at the end was stupid. It was basically geared towards those who have begun to recognize "illuminati" symbolism, but have no idea what it means. Just because someone threw an All Seeing Eye on something, doesn't mean its significant. Like the commerical in question…

    • It was not subtle at all, but the symbols have real meanings here. And so does the movie.
      When I first saw some random pyramids and eyes together, I was like "Nooo… not again! They're just showing us again who rules".

      But it turned out the whole movie was about the all-seeing-eye and recruiting new followers.

      For those who have not see the movie, it's about "magicians" (mentalists, illusionists,…) being recruited bu someone they dont meet and thet perform a Hollywood-type of magicians show robbing banks and insurance companies.

      One of the character that chases them reads this books called "the guardians of the eye" about magicians that protects secrets and knowledge about TRUE MAGIC. This reminds me a lot about Salomon's temple and all the dark magic secret by the way…

      In the end, by believing in magic, by doing sacrifices like doing stuff they have no fucking clue why they are doing it, they become accepted in this close fraternity and access power of "true" magic.

      I can't remember exactly but the last words we hear in the movie are something like. "We need new people to help us perform our trick. Now open your eye and tell me what you see"

      This movie clearly call people to believe in magic (=occult) and join the illuminati.

  16. I wish I lived another century at least people are not so crazy …. But now I see only humans and NO humanity .

  17. Stop desperate and depressing comments,please.

    If it was in God's will that I happen to live in darkest of a ll times I would humbly accept it. Next step I do what I can for His Glory. We are about to see greatest revival of all times just before His Coming. Revival amid fierce prosecutions. Revival described as a Latter Days Rain. There is a Hope.

    Read Isiah 8:18-22. It is all about occult dark and almost hopeless. However God is still in charge. That is not going to last forever.

    God help us all my dearly beloved whose eyes are open.

      • No Christinne, I really needed to hear what hvns had to say right now.

        Thank you hvns.

        I have been looking at the dark for to long and it was bringing me down.

        Have to start looking at the light again – Christ Jesus.

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        Yaaaayyyy!!!! Yashua!!! REJOICE He will leave His 99 to find that one lost sheep, it's so beautiful, I could cry.

      • Christinne,thanks for attention.

        However I am noboby's baby and I am not preaching.If truth sounds so disgusting and offends you so deeply I guess that is in you not in me.Every single word is to be fulfilled.And soon.

    • Jahprovidethebread on

      I appreciate your words, hvns, YHWH's words. Fellowship is so wonderful!!!!!!! 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind….. :)

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        And the people said "AMEN!" Your two cents is like a million dollars! Thank YOU, my2cents, I've not read a lot of Jude; that is some really good stuff! :) Matthew 18:20 For where two or three gather in My name, there am I in the midst of them. I am so grateful to have had this moment in time. I love you like brothers and praise God that He sent His Holy Spirit, it's how I recognised you!!! 😀 Xx Thank you Jesus Xx

      • Sounds familiar.When Holy Spirit touched and filled me in 1991 I was crying for hours.My soul got cleansed of all malice envy pride and all was forgiven.Back then we had gifts-Lord revealed all secrets of every person present.

        He will revive us.Right before His coming.He needs those who seeking Him day and night in great zeal in unquenchable spiritual thirst in constant prayers and fasting to become His instruments for a last revival.

        God bless those who do not hate Him deliberately!

  18. thatlondonchic on

    VC do a article on the rise if satanic symbols in clothing. I'm on twitter and u won't believe how many young kids have satanic imagery on their pages including upside down crosses I'm like wtf !!

    • Totally true!!! Some brands are just shocking, like century 21 and all saints. Pentagrams, inverted crosses mixed with crosses…

  19. dis ads are hilirious hahaha the directors all full off shit haha
    yeahh in the last years alll the images were scary and soo occult and shit fuckin mysteries
    now its just funny you can seehow these directors lack in creativity and they get paid for that shit
    hilirious dick riding Bastards -.-

    andd yeahh fuck Lexus……

  20. thatlondonchic on

    VC I have so many possible article u could investigate… Like celebrity and handler a.k.a fake relationships… And also the royal family (uk) and wether they could be reptilian descendants… I don't think I've heard your take on that theory…….also stage school celebrity's a lot of celebrity's seem to come from that sort of background….maybe there is something more sinister idk…. But they are possible routes of investigation for future articles…keep up the good work! Love reading your articles and I will keep spreading the word… Knowledge is power!!

  21. wow. how do people not see whats going on?????? its so blatanly obvious it makes me want to puke.. how they are basicly telling you to give your heart , your pulse , your heartbeat to the kingdom of darkness….. subconciously telling you to sell your soul… that made me feel so disgusting just watching.

  22. Such a SAD TIME in this country. Good is Bad-Evil is Good. Looks as if Satan is "Pulling Out ALL the Stops" because he knows his time is short. What really gets me is, most won't even notice the "In Your Face" SYMBOLISM for what it is, PURE SATANISM!!!

  23. I am so sick of this world and i feel like i don’t want to be here anymore, the only reason i haven’t done anything crazy to scape is my kids and i thank GOD for them because i don’t know if would be alive if it wasn’t for them. Everyday i feel less and less caring about this world and people in it, i wasn’t like this before i was caring and i loved everybody around but people have become cold and bitter and rude and there is no harmony anymore in this place.

    There is no hope and something needs to happen quick so that our hearts can get a makeover.

    • I read some of Rudolph Steiner's stuff and he warns against this, the heart becoming hardened after 'awakening'. It is difficult. I try to keep my emotions out of it and look at things objectively and as compassionately as I can, but as you said it is hard. My children are the only thing that keeps me going aswell. I have to fight this shite for their future.

    • We all go through this stage. It's like one of the stages of grief because everything you were ever told was a lie! Eventually you will get through this and come out on top. The best thing you can do is reconnect, not disconnect. I love going outside and enjoying nature walks. It grounds me in reality and helps me feel close to the creator.

  24. Rumplestiltskin on

    I couldn't even watch that ridiculous video all the way through. Marketing firms are turning into insane asylums for the young who believe they have their finger on the pulse of the world. NOT !!

    Look you morons, the men and women who can afford to purchase your GD expensive automobiles are not moved by images you put on the screen with this add. Yes maybe a few fashionistas or movie stars might, thinking they need to stay up on what you propose as the latest In-Thing, but they are few and far between.

    Try appealing to those who can actually afford your products, middle aged men and women who are on their way up, or small entrepreneurs who are becoming successful.

    I don't know who gave you idiots the impression that this type of advertizement will sell a Lexus in the United States, but by the time you figure that out, the stats will prove you backed the wrong advertizing agency, for an overall loss.

  25. At 1:15-1:16 in the 1st ad you can clearly see that there are 4 horses galloping. WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH A CAR?! Right when I saw it I knew what it meant….the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Jesus is coming back soon. BE PREPARED! It is not a coincidence. Even the big companies know it and are trying to start the NWO as soon as possible. This is a warning to all of us.

    • I would love to see the board meeting where that commercial was approved. LOL!

      "Now let's see …..what if we threw in some devil horns and emaciated models holding upside down crosses"

      "Oooh I love it, and how about some checkered floors and masks!?"

  26. It's just an ad, why all the Illuminati fanfare?? I can barely see the care under all that….all that..Illuminati! So sickening!

  27. Toyota doesn't get it. They bring Scion to Canada only to watch old people flock to the showrooms on the XB and listen to them state that they are "handy little things that could hold their tools and some two-by-fours". They don't get it with Lexus because, while they are decent cars, they are boring as hell. The old people will flock to their cars with type of ad because they will figure they will be cool doing so – similar to Facebook. The young will leave and go elsewhere as usual. Just because you SAY you are cool doesn't mean that you are. Get it?

  28. yawn, NWO, yawn.


    I have been trying FOR YEARS to (re)locate a Sunday 60 Minutes episode (sometime after 2002 but before 2010???) that profiled a man who informed or controlled advertising/marketing industry themes due to his high connections and market trend "analysis." these included high end brands/products (like European luxury vehicles) on down…

    from what i recollect, he was possibly working out of Upstate NY (USA) but i believe of foreign (Euro?) birth & accent. they interviewed him in his mansion (which, in thinking back seemed a bit Masonic, though the piece was filmed a bit dark & shadowy, presumably for effect.)

    can ANYONE else recall this? or any further info to track this down? i have tried the CBS archives numerous times with every search time i can think of, to no avail. the piece now seems so prescient.

    don't quote me, but the lead in was something like: "The Man Who…. *" ???

    anyone?! thanks!

    • Sounds great! I hope you can track it down. Its amazing what went over our heads before this stuff started becoming common knowledge.

    • Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille. And I think he was on Front line years back. A genius in marketing but I don't think behind this kind of garbage… who knows go read his books.

  29. I have a strong suggestion to the Author (VC) for an another chapter/part of the website, just in order to avoid overloading:


    In such a column You/others could submit what, in their opinion, does NOT bear fundamental symbolism/values cherished by the followers of… well – a million names again and some few thousands of years of inventive and inSPIR(IT)ed worship, but we all know well who is so revered by ‘those on an elevated point of observation’ consciously and by most others – unconsciously.

    In my opinion it will be very hard to find much, that is uncontaminated…

    Remember, who is the way, the truth and the life…!

  30. Sigmund Freud's Ego on

    I wonder what the commercial for the BET Awards are trying to say. The slogan is "anything can happen" and it is said in a repetitive way. Kinda weird to me. Just thought I'd put that out there.

  31. Fuji Cho former president of Toyota motor corp was president of the Asian branch of the trilateral commisson. History channel showed membership list on show about secret socities

    • The main car manufacturers are linked to the occult. The Toyota symbol is a bull or goat or something like that. Look at their logos closely and you will see they are subliminal.

  32. Police in riot gear…to sell a car…okay.
    These corporations and/or these marketing firms have lost their effing minds. Lexus makes the ugliest vehicles anyway so I'm not too

  33. I have the feeling that Illuminati symbolism is being treated now as the "in" thing, like bell-bottoms were in the 70s, shoulder pads in the 80s, and flannels in the 90s. Which means, it's being disseminated quite effectively in a hiding-in-plain-view kind of way. This will keep going over time as it's being kept alive by the mass-man. You want out? Be an autonomous spirit.

    • Rabid Giraffe on

      What I've noticed… is how afraid of "evil" all you supposed "true believers" are.

      It makes your belief look not so true after all.

      If you had TRUE FAITH in any eternal righteous deity, and if you REALLY BELIEVE he's going to deliver you from the darkness, then you wouldn't even bat an eyelash at the wickedness around you. You'd be completely unaffected. Not a single flinch. Like a rock. Strong, unwavering, stoic, focused. But no, you people cower in fear and desperately call out to the unknown to protect you. So embarrassing.

      It's all psychology. Actions always tell the true story that the ego attempts to conceal with clever wording. Deep down your belief in God is weak… deep down, in the depths of your soul, you know that everything you've ever learned from your religion is all a bunch of bullshit. Period.

      You "believers" aren't fooling me. You've only pulled the wool over your own eyes. Sheep, indeed. Slaves to the system of the ultimate in mind control – religion. Weak.

  34. S'funny, I couldn't even finish watching the commercial it was so irritating. The emphasis on materialism, the stupid dark/cool imagery, the electro music that's supposed to be hip and "with it". Gaaahhh! This is why I don't have a television anymore.

  35. I see that the old serpents are at it again! The grand druids, grand dragons, grand masters, or grand puh-bas or whatever they like to call themselves.

  36. I'm really starting to witness first-hand, La Machina is a self-revealing system and we're all here to bear witness with whom it's allegiance lies, not with the father, but exalted above on it's own accord(lexus-EL-X-US). Unnatural as compared to us humans and the creator but most certainly in charge of this realm. Harvesting up plenty more father-less chaotic energy/souls to keep its method of imprisonment flourishing in this spiralling, abysmal lower-dimensional time-loop.

    • some can't handle these spiritual truths, and the reality that the technologies we are currently creating will consume us and make us a tentacle of the soulless "body" that is really "the beast" of yore. the head is creating the body, with our assistance…

      are you ready for your mark? the singularity is coming.

      !!!stay above the fray, Jay!!!

  37. The ad for Lexus made no sense to me at all. All this duality. It was so fake. Had no real meaning in it. MK Ultra symbolism. More illuminati shite to add to the collection.
    BTW, has anyone seen than new animated movie 'EPIC'?? One of the characters in it is called MK!!

  38. veritas brown on

    Creating a commercial requires the coordination between the agency, marketing people at the brand, and the director. While the concept is chosen at the agency, much influence comes from the 'director's approach' which is the name given to the way the director will turn the concept into a body of work. The video was directed by Melinda Matsoukas – – and her list of work will be interesting to those acquainted with this site: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Rihanna, among others. – oh.. and Whitney Houston.

    The director is being chosen specifically for the job from a pool of candidates. The other commercial was directed by Jonas Akerlund; a famous satanist director who celebrates darkness in his work. In all that he does, this man has no intention of cloaking his intentions. All one needs to do is to visit his site and look at whats in there - – starting with his logo. (5 inverted pentacles, an upside-down cross and the devil horns).

    With this specific choice, and the Jonas Akerlund one for the previous commercial, clearly something is going on with the agency, and perhaps at the lexus marketing department.

    Food for thought..

  39. Ugh, I’m so tired and bored of them shoving symbolism in your face. God, shoot me (not literally)! I agree, the Kia comercials are disturbing. ‘Respect the Tech’. I think this is trying to shove the transhumanism idea. I really hate that comercial. Has anyone seen the Virgin Mobile comercial? I haven’t seen in it in a month but even my mother agreed it was pure evil. ‘Its time to retrain your brain’. And it is true. I fear for my people. I was 13 when I found out by Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. Then Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj (eww). I think Nicki Minaj is a shame to african americans (I’m not african american btw). But back to the topic, it’s sad people don’t get it(or don’t want to) by now. These days, kids, young/old moms, dads are wearing symbolism and when I look at them, I shake my head. I get this urge to scream on their face.Moms are meaner to their kids, people still keep talking to their cell while driving even thought is illegal (that throws me off the edge) and many more things, may I say, f***ed about this generation. A generation where being rebellious is being yourself, teens wanting their parents to OBEY THEM, a generation where people don’t give a damn and are violent.
    I will want to quote this from a game:
    ‘New opportunities offer a world where anything is posdible. But when a man has nothing to lose, his humanity is the first causual violent to the world he now calls home’. I think I said it right. I wish I could live long enough for my Quinceñera… :-/And yes while we are kookoo, you’re lost a sheeple. By the way, sheeple is someone who can’t think for themselves. For example, people these days. If this somehows offends you…As for hvn said: As for me, being a sheep is a privalege. The difference is the Shepard Who has nothing to do with the occult.Don’t always depend on VC.Always search for yourself too. What happens if (God forbids) VC won’t have a chance to inform us anymore. On who you are going to depend?Thanks VC, again! <3

  40. What is so wrong with duality? Everything in this world comes in pairs for a reason. God made man then he made the woman – thats a pair. God and satan -thats another pair; so i'm trying to see whats wrong with it?

  41. "This looks great and is also incredibly practical. Who needs to see through two eyes anyways?"

    You crack me up VG !!! :-)

  42. love Jesus 4-eva on

    I think Lexus made their point at the end of the video. When they said "if you want to change lanes, give a signal". They wanted to crossover and get more money, so they gave the signals that requires for them to get it. Pretty obvious. And I used to want a Lexus!
    One more thing, is it me or is it that the symbol of Lexus is masonic as well? I see a lot of actors throwing that signal (the peace sign) on their eyes.

  43. Gina in Bellevue, WA on

    Has anyone seen the Lexus commercial where they say 'Because control is the ultimate expression of power.' That really bothered me. How about anyone else?

  44. Felt like I was heading for a seizure watching that. Had to stop halfway through. Did anyone else feel like they were in the novel, "A Clockwork Orange" or "1984"?

    A few things I noticed: A ton of black, white, and red (alchemical/occult colors), and "the pursuit of perfection" (2nd video); Hypnotic flashing/quick scene changes; lots of one eyes (even the cars!); dangerous animals-snakes, shark, tiger

  45. That's ironic. A good buddy of mine is the creative director for the company that does all these ads. I thought the models looked extremely familiar. He instagramed them like 2 weeks ago at the shoot.

  46. The first commercial went on for way too long, I couldn't even finish it nor did I attempt to watch the second one. I saw more than enough and felt them trying to wash my brain.

  47. God is beyond my ignorance. God bless you all greater than I could ever request. God bless this world. Be Kindness. Be Love. Be Humility. Be Wisdom. Be Peace. Be each other's Healing. May we become less ignorant with each passing day. God is greater than us all- that is infinity- but we are tremendously blessed with life and free will no less. Even an Athiest could agree life is an immeasurable gift, even if simply on the basis of the odds.

    In the eyes of God we are surely barely newborns in our good intentions and hopes of purity, what of those who are corrupted? Don't fear.

    The creator of all and all that beyond creation, this life, has my eternal faith, gratitude and love, there could never be anybody else, nor compromise. I feel either way I am destined to return to God, so I will live my life in dedication to the love I was shown in birth and the mind that brings these words. I suppose they are meaningless without practice…sort of like poetry.

    God be with you all.

  48. Companies are forced to do this, not doing it willingly. If you search through every popular show/movie you'll find countless symbols. Ecspecially Disney. Illuminati "own" people, singers, actors, people with big bucks. In many company logos you'll find illuminati signs, restaurant signs, online websites, movie covers, and the list goes on. The makers aren't doing this because they think it's "cool" they're doing it because if they don't they'll probably end up dead.

  49. A couple of additional items to consider:

    Japan is being reminded they must play the game by the Ma-Sunry rules of economics. If you want to participate in exchange of goods and services with the globalists banksters, the leading world economies (nearly all of which are tanking – by design), then you must bow to their direction. Japan, and a few other countries not alligned with the Jesuits/Ma-SunszioMafia – aka Vatican Kabbal, was beginning direct trade with China, Russia, Brazil, et al, with no conversion of currencies through central banksters Rothschild/RockefellerBIS European Euro or U.S. dollar. This upset TPTB, and further exposed their hemorrghing hard currency resources. Libya was similarly undertaking trade with its allies, without going through 'proper offerings channels' aka central banking Kabbal, and thus Qaddaffi was summarily off'd by one of TPTB's handy "brotherhoods" who always work both sides of the fence. Speaking of which, the C/IA, I/DF, M/I6 were called in to right the wrong of Japan's 'take a different path attitude' on currency exchanges, and foregoing offerings to the central bank's taxing/fee gods, so a failing nuclear facility was sighted as an appropriate punishment and target. A PTB manufactured soundwave penetrated the earth's plates, a tsunami was generated, and Fukushima, Japan was washed away and irradiated for good measure. Japan fell back in line with TPTB, and their advertising reflects their obedience to their Invisible zioMafia jesuit Masters.


    In the first video:

    at the 0:02 mark, model's heavily hairsprayed locks reveal multiple 6-6-6 signs, with most obvious over the blind black eye.

    at the 0:09 mark, model's both eyes open with left eye behind a large R (part of advertising word Reason). The left eye with R over it is the Eye of Horus

    at the 0:11 mark, hand is pressing car's ignition button. The hand is obscuring a couple of letters of the Start-Stop ignition button, thus showing 'Start Op'.

    at the 0:16 and 0:17-18 marks, the hands and arm placements again form Eye of Horus symbol, with the 0:17-18 marker (the left elbow being the iris) the most noticeable.

    at the 0:29-0:30 mark, black & white Matson cargo trailers, and drop the (t) from Matson, and you get Ma son. And again at the 0:39 mark with (t) conveniently obscured, and many times thereafter

    and lastly,

    I would like to to VC go after one of the endless advertising machinations of animals acting like humans, robots acting like humans, the melding of man with machines and animals with mankind. By way of example, the green talking lizzard that has a Brit accent and human feelings and philosophical capabilities. Also, a personal worst award goes to the jet-setting pig that flies in a plane, talks to the stewardices, is insulted/bullied because he is a 'bit different', and finally empathysing with a black man, one-to-the-other, as only previously enslaved, brutalized, and butchered pigs and black people can feel, and all the while, the ignorant, insensitive 2-white women mock the pig, and cackle all the while. Some of us get the constant belittling of the white race, the un-cool or hip white race, the non-LGBT or feminist gender, the ignorant hick, moonshining, can't find a 'real' job white-trash, skinhead, 'Git-r-dun' kkk leaning race, the non-Chosen People race, the best suited for staying at home while the mature and educated females run the businesses, politics, and join the 'New Army', and strut off to yet another PTB war with no rhyme nor reason other than to fill the gorged pockets and bellies of the globalist banking leaches.

  50. The first ad could be an entire article in itself. the frames are split into two to four sometimes. Evil "fashion" at 1:44, the model is facing a negative of herself), FOUR white horses, in one shot one model is squeezing something that looks like a human organ gushing black blood, black people turning into white people and vice versa, Egyptian arm dancing moves, rays like the sun coming from the car, techno (transhumanism) music and some sort of plugged in "altar" the woman is dancing on, only dominant color besides black/white is RED (you know what that means!), a tiger (sex kitten – male or female!), the eagle which represents the phoenix, the "feast" is very strange, androgynous male (the "Change Lanes" has a dual meaning here I believe referring to sex), at mark 1:31 they flash the eye after the word SIGNAL appears. What does the shark at 1:05 mean – they are sharks…they eat little fish…like us? The containers remind me of FEMA trailers, or the UNs goal of making movable businesses (sustainable). Actually, I think that's the company that brings those cars from Japan.

  51. You have got to be kidding me with this stuff….. could they be any more blatant? Yet the majority of people will still choose not to open their eyes and really see what's going on despite the fact that its being thrown in their faces in almost every possible way. Ignorance isn't bliss, ignorance is just ignorance.

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