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Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing a 17-Year-Old Boy (Again)



Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing a 17-Year-Old Boy (Again)

The director of X-Men movies Bryan Singer is being sued for allegedly raping a 17 year-old-boy during a party on a yacht.

According to the lawsuit, plaintiff Cesar Sanchez-Guzman claims that he did not know who Bryan Singer was at the time of the events. He met him in the summer of 2003 at a party on a yacht hosted by Lester Waters – a “wealthy tech investor who frequently hosted parties for young gay males in the Seattle area.”

Cesar-Guzman said he attended a party at Waters’ home and was asked to stay overnight so that he could join the host on his yacht the following day. “I was a 17 years old and I was excited,” Sanchez Guzman said. “I was never on yacht before. We were consuming alcohol, even though we were underage.”

According to Sanchez-Guzman, Waters’ parties were known throughout the Seattle gay community for two things: an abundance of underage boys and alcohol.

“Seattle’s gay community was very aware of these parties,” he said. “It was a big house and the gentleman who owned the house provided the beverages — it was cool for us because we could drink.”

“I would say a good 80 percent of the boys who were there were under 18,” he said. “Once people turned 18, they stopped going to these parties because they could go to the clubs.”
– The Wrap, Bryan Singer Accuser Speaks Out: ‘A Weight Has Been Taken Off My Back’

The lawsuit explains in graphic detail the plaintiff’s encounter with Singer.

The suit claims Singer offered to take Guzman, who was 17 at the time, on a tour of the yacht. When they got to one of the rooms, the suit alleges Singer thrust his body on Guzman, forced him to the floor, shoved Guzman’s face against his crotch and demanded he perform oral.

The suit claims Singer pulled out his p---s, smacked Guzman in the face with it and forced it into his mouth. Guzman claims he pleaded with Singer to stop, but he kept going … causing him to choke.

The suit goes on to allege Singer then forcibly performed oral on Guzman. Guzman says he again pleaded with Singer to stop, to no avail. He says Singer then forcibly penetrated him, all while ignoring Guzman’s pleas.

The suit, filed by attorney Jeff Herman, claims Singer later approached Guzman, said he was a powerful Hollywood producer and he could help Guzman get into acting as long as he kept silent. Guzman says Singer warned him no one would believe him, and Singer could hire people to ruin his reputation.

Singer’s lawyer Andrew Brettler responded to the allegations:

“Bryan categorically denies these allegations and will vehemently defend this lawsuit to the very end … When Sanchez-Guzman filed for bankruptcy only a few years ago, he failed to disclose this alleged claim when he was supposed to identify all of his assets, but conveniently, now that the bankruptcy court discharged all of his debts, he is able to recall the alleged events.”

“The attorney behind this lawsuit is the same lawyer who represented Michael Egan, the convicted felon who sued Bryan Singer in 2014. In the end, Egan was forced to dismiss that case once the facts came out and his story completely fell apart.

Not The First Time

In 1997, a 14-year-old movie extra named Devin St. Albin filed a lawsuit against Singer claiming that the filmmaker had ordered him and other minors to strip for a scene that was shot in the showers of a school locker room.

In 2014, aspiring model Michael Egan filed a lawsuit claiming that:

“Bryan Singer manipulated his power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit the underage Plaintiff through the use of drugs, alcohol, threats, and inducements which resulted in Plaintiff suffering catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries.”

The lawsuit also added that:

“Defendant Singer did so as part of a group of adult males similarly positioned in the entertainment industry that maintained and exploited boys in a sordid sex ring.”

Later that year, a second accuser filed an abuse lawsuit against Singer and entertainment executive Gary Goddard. The man claimed in the lawsuit that Singer fondled him and tried to force him to have sex when he was 17 years old.

On every occasion, Singer denied the allegations and the lawsuits fell through for multiple reasons. This is the fourth lawsuit against Singer.

One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of pictures of Bryan Singer partying with teenage boys.

Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing a 17-Year-Old Boy (Again)

Here, Singer is dressed as a Catholic priest … at a time they were being accused of abusing children. How appropriate.

Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing a 17-Year-Old Boy (Again)

Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing a 17-Year-Old Boy (Again)

Singer was also mentioned in the movie An Open Secret which alleged that he attended  parties held by Marc Collins-Rector where underaged boys were in attendance.

Also, Family Guy called it a while ago.

In possibly related news, Singer was recently fired from the filming of Bohemian Rhapsody due to “a pattern of unreliable behavior on the set”. Was the firing actually due to this fourth lawsuit against Singer?

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Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing a 17-Year-Old Boy (Again)

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ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!! I’ve been waiting patiently for Bryan Singer to finally be put in the hot seat after what this pervert has repeatedly done to children for years. And it’s been KNOWN by too many in the Industry and nobody had the courage to come forward.

Keep this roller coaster of revealing pedophiles going. Singer has been a huge problem for decades. Now let’s expose the rest of them. The publicists who prey on young boys and girls, the directors who manipulate children, the producers who use their power to make child actors do things they would never do unless they were afraid of “disappointing” an adult. HANG THEM ALL!


I just hope one of those Zionist Jews gets pressed to release the names of other pedos in the industry. The sickos can’t hide forever

Truth & Light

The Universe is draining the swamp. Cleanse the earth. The filthiest people have the money. Ugly and nasty things people with money do is unimagineable.


It should also be noted that he was just booted from directing a bio on Freddie Mercury and had numerous on set problems. Singer is on the verge of being exposed even more and is basically a pervs, perv. Sources tell me that Singer has had major substance abuse problems of late knowing the hammer is about to fall. He in turn acted out on set and basically became a liability to all involved even getting into spats with actors. These guys are on check down now and cannot flaunt about like the social pervy butterflies they have been in the past – thinking they were above the law. Karma is coming for them now.


Lest we forget, he is a FATHER. This filth is a parent.

Jimbo Jones

The set of superman returns mustve had some crazy behind the scenes shenanigans, with both brian singer and kevin spacey involved. No wonder the movie was so terrible


There are just some people who have evil in their eyes. Singer is one of them. He would, no doubt, be one of those men who tried to have sex with the holy angels that saved Lot at Sodom. Filled to overflowing with burning lust!


Probably the same demon working through him…


Seth McFarlane has been revealing lots o stuff for years…


True and this is mostly because he is right in the thick of It! McFarlane is no angel.

D D d

Might I add, to the horror of some maybe, to the hosting of the Golden Globes by Ricky Gervais? The ooh and aoaoah’s are indiction of when you could try to see some of the celebrated botoxed faces crack.

J Well

Btw it’s actually “Seth MacFarlane”, even though I remember it as “Seth McFarlane” like you #MandelaEffect


Mac or Mc – it actually doesn’t make a difference really.


I think the overall question is what do we do with this society that is perverted and obsessed with pedophilia? Why do pedophiles and perverts rule the world?

D D d

Blackmailable. Just set the thing up, have recordings et voila. A puppet at your servce.

Jimbo Jones

A giant flood to wipe out humanity and then start again..oh wait I think thats been tried


Gonna be FIRE next time!

The Earthling

The public being mass desensitized through popular media(which is all owned by corporate elites-clue num 1 guys) to perverted ideas, such as homosexualality for example, has directly paved the way for these ‘perverts in power’. Things from same sex marriages all the way to child molesation are alluded to in many major Hollywood films especially the Disney kids movies. But don’t worry, because we were ‘born this way’. Common sense has apparently alluded the majority of our population.
P.s. the common sense remark was not aimed at you Mary. The fact you ask these questions is proof of your ownership of common sense


If u think he or Spacey will ever go to prison, think again. Have u seen the news? Spacey groped even a Norwegian royal. No comments needed….


No surprise here. That guy who outed his abuse (Michael Egan) warned us a few years ago. He was slandered as crazy, a liar,and shut up/down! This is how most young men are ‘jumped’ into homosexuality. Even Milo Yiannopoulos exposed this filth…he just gave into it.


He (Michael Egan) was also imprisoned.

Bill Oliveri

when were you “jumped” into heterosexuality?

Bill Oliveri

So what the “down ” votes are reiterating is that they had every inclination and desire to go in any which way sexually, whereas the rest of us did not. Fascinating.


No, when someone downvotes a legit question like that, it usually means they’re gutless turds lol


It’s fascinating that some people actually think that. People can’t learn to be heterosexual or homosexual. They are both natural phenomena.

The Earthling

The only ‘natural phenomena’ is people like you who think deviation from one of our most basic human long term survival instincts(sexual REPRODUCTION) is NATURAL. Homosexualality is a choice. It may be involved with chemical imbalance in the brain, similar to substance abuse cases, but like those as well in the end it’s still a CHOICE. In the end you choose to be gay straight both whatever. Choices shape this world ENTIRELY. If you think you were born ANY specific way, then mass media control most certainly has you right where they want you. We don’t accept killers, drug abusers, rapists, perverts, etc into our society because it goes against the norm. Please explain thoroughly why it’s ok or even makes sense for us to accept two people of the same sex ‘humping’ each other for pleasure. They do it because it’s wrong and that feeling gets them high. Would you be ok with people that said’ hey man I like to have sex with barn animals, it’s not wrong because I was born this way. Ted bundy was ‘born that way’ to. So much confusion amongst the people it’s anybody’s game these days…..


Homosexuality is not a choice. And if it is, when did you think it over and decide you were going to move past your overwhemline desire to engage in analysis sex with other men?


Probably when he was born with a p---s or a vagina.

Bill Oliveri

Every Homosexual has been born with either a p---s or vagina. Please elaborate.

The Earthling

I think what he means is that when you are born and you realize you have a p---s and are a biological male it is therefore the most logical choice to CHOOSE to play the male role in society. Likewise when confronted with a vagina or another p---s it would also be most logical for the biological male to choose procreation with the vagina. The same goes in reverse for people with vaginas. I could be wrong but I speculate this is the way we humans have survived this existence thus far. No further analysis required

Mighty Mike

Heterosexuality is normal and natural, most (not all, admittedly) homosexuality is learned.

Bill Oliveri

Mighty Mike, so you are saying you, personally, can be taught to be a homosexual.
I’d ( and probably everyone on this site also) would like to know the following:
Where do you learn it?
Who teaches it?
How long does it take?
Is there an exam at the end of the course?
I do not wish to embarrass you or your opinion (we are all allowed to have them…still),
I just would hope you open your mind to the possibility that your hypothesis is incorrect.
Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season and a terrific New year!

The Earthling

Yes it’s a rectal exam. Lmao sorry couldn’t help it. But seriously its biochemistry. A normally functioning human body contains the precise chemicals to attract you to the opposite sex for a reason. People addicted to drugs often have conditions which cause them to have a naturally low endorphin count which in turn leads them to seek substances that balance those endorphins/other chemicals out. This often leads to physical dependence. The mind has been reprogrammed by the drug to think you need it. This can also be applied to homosexualality whereas you think it’s ok because you’ve been conditioned to think that way. I ask YOU to keep an open mind and ask yourself if what you believe is really what YOU believe. I find it hard to believe that a male with all the right hormones and raised with no homosexual influences would ever like wieners. Likewise I don’t see how a child raised by two gay people or who was sexual abused by a person of the same sex as a child etc was ‘born’ gay. EVERYTHING is learned. I pity the fool who’s ignorance blinds him to this. It’s common sense one weiner plus another weiner equals… Read more »


As a lesbian who has very religious immigrant parents and who’s lifestyle has added many difficulties to life and strain on my relationhips (primarily with my parents) I can tell you it is NOT a choice

me & myself

Another depraved Jewish celberity?? What’s wrong with THEM???


Bryan Singer has a child via surrogate with actress Michelle Clunie. I’m quite sure this insane man of Bryan had a baby to offer it as a sacrifice to the Luciferian show business (Hollywood) for money and power.

VG Fan

omg he would use the baby as a pizza party favor!! depraved soul less fiend he is!


Yes, he would. In fact, for the celebrities having kids biologically, or adopting them, is often done precisely for that purpose. To serve as a sacrifice for their deal.


Now I understand why some former male model under Wilhelmina are soo angry with the modeling agency.

J Well

What doesn’t Seth MacFarlane know about in Hollywood… Yet all he does is make jokes about it. Not the actions of someone who is truly innocent and appalled by such vile actions. I’m not stating that he partakes in that necessarily but he definitely doesn’t lift a finger to stop it.

Thy Unveiling

He partakes. He’s too successful to not be part of the problem. Or maybe it’s an alter of his. All I know is his “joke” at the awards show about Harvey Weinstein….his eyes were not laughing and looked disgusted. He claimed this year that Harvey tried something with “a friend of mine”, but that isn’t enough to convince me that Seth’s hands are clean.


I know that all of this coming to light is a good thing but let’s think about it. Why is this getting so much attention now? At this very moment in time where Legislators are trying to pass a law restricting our internet usage? (forgot what’s it’s called). Don’t let them distract you from some of the real issues that are happening now. This is just a ruse and distraction to give away our freedom!


Net neutrality?

D D d

Maybe it should be called Taking Away The Illusion of Liberty..?
There is a dancetrack with a sample about it, so you can do aerobics while contemplating democracy..
”Spiegelkabinett” by Dreher And Smart., for the ones liking electronic dance music.

D D d

I meaned Harley and Muscle – Illusion of Liberty

what gives

So Hollywood only accepts some child molesters but not all? Singer is a child molester that rapes. The Director of Jeepers Creepers molests a boy and films it and Hollywood destroys him. Why protect the pervert Singer? Is it because Singer drugs and rapes and the other pervert molests and films? Maybe the molester isn’t violent enough for the likes of Hollywood. Sick people in Hollywood.

Colon Labe

He belongs to the Gaylluminati.

VG Fan

if you all follow the news, Bryan Singer looks just like the 18 yo pedophile predator that was arrested in Riverside CA . Joseph Hayden Boston who admitted to molesting children since he was 10 years old!


I have noticed that there is much more interest in cases of paedophilia on this website where the victim is male and where there is more than one victim where all or some of the victims are male. Abuse is abuse no matter the age or gender of the victim. The boy in this case is 17 years old and possibly over the age of consent. When the #metoo campaign was trending this was seen as a distraction from paedophilia in Hollywood but the casting couch has no place in the film industry. Many of these aspiring female actresses had no choice as they were raped or taken by surprise in a hotel room not audition room


Yes I remember when VC posted that article on Bryan Singer before. He’s just another one of those predatory Hollywood directors that will supposedly offer you film roles if give in to their advances.

L. Rosier

I’ve noticed that these pedophiles tend to lick their lips too much.
Is it just me who noticed this in the documentary, “An Open Secret” ?

It has ecome apparent that folks who scream a-out the sexual activities of others tend to -e the ones doing what they protest so much aout.
Hypocritical much?
I thank my parents for not indoctrinating me into any religious cults and know that those who protest too much…..


I also noticed that in the documentary about the lip-licking…. As much as I would like to think it’s because they are serpent seeds it actually is a tell-tale sign that someone is lying. My ex used to lick his lips all the time when he was lying !! Kind of a nervous habit.



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