The 2014 VMAs: All About Oversexualization Pushed by Music Industry Puppets


The 2014 VMAs were focused on a single theme – a theme that was expressed using most of the stars of the show. From Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande to Iggy Azalea and Beyonce, the sight and the sounds of the VMAs were about one thing: Oversexualization using Illuminati puppets.


Last year’s VMAs were all about Miley Cyrus acting like a fully programmed Beta Kitten. This year, nearly all of the performers who took the stage were acting like fully programmed Beta Kittens. When the “highlights” of an award show are the butt implants of Nicki Minaj and (most likely) Iggy Azalea, you know there wasn’t much substance there. After the show, MTV reported as “news” that Austin Mahone said about Nicki Minaj:

“Her butt was just huge. That was all I could focus on.”

This pretty much sums up the 2014 VMAs: a dumbstruck audience staring at butts for a few hours, mixed with some industry pawns getting shiny trophies. While some viewers might say “That was awesome!”, let’s not forget that the target audience of MTV are born around the year 2000. They are the ones growing up watching this, absorbing the sights and sounds. And the sights and sounds of the 2014 VMAs sent a clear message to these youths.

Oversexualization means, simply, “sexualizing excessively”. Yes, making love is a wonderful part of life, but when this act is debased, corrupted, exploited, and sold to young, immature minds, it can produce lifelong negative psychological and interpersonal effects. However, to the occult elite, those effects are desirable because it produces a population with “loose morals”, which is just the kind of population they are looking to create.

One giant creepy All-Seeing Eye is letting you know that the elite is sponsoring this fiasco.

One giant creepy All-Seeing Eye is letting you know that the elite is sponsoring this fiasco.

As usual, the VMAs featured small selection of performers. Even “crowd reaction” shots were focused only on a few guests, namely Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian. In short, the 2014 VMAs were all about the industry kittens.

Here’s a look at the main stars of the VMAs and their main message. You will probably realize that they are all similar, almost as if they were controlled by the same people. Newsflash: They are.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is another children favorite (she was first seen on Nickelodeon TV shows) who is turning industry Kitten.

Ariana Grande is yet another child TV star turned into an industry Kitten.

Ariana Grande mastered the “I-am-so-young-and-innocent” look during her TV career. That look is now combined with skimpy outfits to please perverts around the world. Even the host of the show, Jay Farrow, addressed the uncomfortable feeling caused by Grande’s act.

“Ariana Grande is killing it right now. I’m attracted to her and, you know, I feel a little weird about it because … she looks kind of young, don’t she? You should not be a grown man enjoying Sam & Cat just like your five-year-old nephew. He’s like: “Uncle I like her”. I’m like: “I like her too baby, she’s amazing”.


Sam and Cat was a Nickelodeon show primarily aimed at children under 12. As with many other children favorites, both stars got sexual.

Sam & Cat was a Nickelodeon show popular among children under 12.

Grande's co-star Jennette McCurdy caused some controversy when revealing selfies "leaked" online. Subjecting young fans to these kinds of transformations has become an almost necessary ritual in the entertainment industry.

Grande’s co-star Jennette McCurdy caused some controversy when some of her racy selfies “leaked” online. Once again, young fans witnessed the transformation of a young girl they idolized into a product of the Beta Kitten industry.

Ariana Grande is currently getting a huge push from the industry to launch her career. Unsurprisingly, she is already pushing the messages and the symbolism that comes with being an industry puppet.

In her video "Break Free", the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in used to launch the spaceship. A great way to promote the occult elite's philosophy to clueless viewers.

In her “Break Free” video, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is used to launch the spaceship. Not unlike Madonna, Britney Spears and other industry Kittens, Grande is into “Hollywood Kabbalah”.

The seal of the Illuminati pawn.

The official seal of the industry pawn.

Nicki Minaj

Re-read the title of this article to fully understand this image.

Re-read the title of this article to fully understand this image.

As documented in several articles on this site, Nicki Minaj has been used to push all kinds of Agendas in the few past years. Her latest single, Anaconda, is a continuation of her doing exactly what the industry wants her to do. The song samples Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back and repeatedly uses the line “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun” which can be translated to “You will not attract guys if you do not have a gigantic butt like Nicki Minaj’s”. When Sir Mix-A-Lot rapped this line in the original song, it was kind of funny and amusing. But, in the context of Minaj’s song, it became a way of making young girls feel inadequate.

If you’re able to not focus exclusively on her butt and listen to the lyrics, you’ll notice that each verse is about Nicki banging a different guy. Because he has money. Pretty uplifting.

This dude named Michael used to buy motorcycles
D*ck bigger than a tower, I ain’t talking about Eiffel
Real country ass n***a, let me play with his rifle
P***y put his ass to sleep, now he calling me NyQuil
Now that bang bang bang, I let him hit it cause he slang cocaine
He toss my salad like his name Romaine
And when we done, I make him buy me romaine
I’m on some dumb s**t

The last line of this verse is quite accurate. But things get dumber. A part of the song repeatedly says “Oh. My. Gosh. Look at her butt”. Meanwhile, during her performance Nicki shook her surgically enlarged behind continuously. It’s these moments of clarity where you realize that our civilization has reached a new cultural low and that we are not far from Roman-style all-out decadence.

Of course, one might say: “It’s a fun song about big butts! Get over it pal!”. Well, okay, pal. Let’s look at the other performance given by Minaj:

Usher bangs his head on Minaj's behind and then slaps it.

Usher bangs his head on Minaj’s behind and then slaps it.

It was not just one song. The entire awards show was all about selling “it” through industry puppets.

Official seal of the industry pawn.

The official seal of the industry pawn.

Jessie J

Jessie J and friends after performing "Bang Bang"

Jessie J and friends after performing “Bang Bang”. As if to highlight the real message of the awards, Minaj could barely keep her clothes on.

For some reason, Jessie J is always invited to big events. Maybe it is because she’s always been down with the Illuminati Agenda. In this case, her single Bang Bang fits perfectly in the overarching theme of the 2014 VMAs. Here is the chorus of the song:

Bang bang into the room (I know you want it)
Bang bang all over you (I’ll let you have it)
Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
Wait a minute tell you (ah)
Bang bang there goes your heart (I know you want it)
Back, back seat of my car (I’ll let you have it)
Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
Wait a minute tell you (ah)

Jessie J is just another puppet selling “it” to the youth.

Official seal of the industry pawn.

The official seal of the industry pawn.

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora

After trying for years to make it in the music industry, Iggy got buttocks implants and that is pretty much what she's about now.

Iggy Azalea got down and dirty while performing Black Widow.

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora have both been featured on Vigilant Citizen because they push the Illuminati Agenda (see my article on Iggy’s  video celebrating Kitten Programming). In the VMAs, they performed the song Black Widow, which is the name of venomous female spiders who eat the males after mating. Guess what the song is about? Yup, copulating with a guy and killing him afterwards. Vengeful, evil copulation mixed with death. That is the kind of crap the industry loves to promote.

Two performers, two official seals of industry pawns.

Two performers, two official seals of the industry pawn.


A lot of legs spreading during this award show.

A lot of legs were spread during this awards show.

Not unlike the VMAs of the past few years, Jay-Z and Beyonce acted as the “royal family” of the awards. Beyonce was given the Video Vanguard Award and got to perform a whole lot of songs. Beyonce being awarded in this edition of the VMAs makes sense, since for years she has been the main figure of the Kitten industry. As stated in several articles on this site, Beyonce has been used to push all aspects of the elite’s Agenda.

As expected, Beyonce’s performance got rather raunchy and explicit. Here’s a verse from her song Partition.

Driver roll up the partition please
I don’t need you seeing Yoncé on her knees
Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up
We ain’t even gonna make it to this club
Now my mascara runnin’, red lipstick smudged
Oh he so horny, yeah he want to f**k
He popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse
He Monica Lewinski’d all on my gown

This was intertwined with a confusing bit about feminism.

I am not a big fan of any term that finishes with -ist. And I do know why Beyonce is standing in front of it.

None of this makes sense. To top it off, it was followed by her singing “Bow down b*tches”.

While Beyonce was performing, the camera kept cutting to Jay-Z and Blue Ivy.

"Look mommy is on the stripper pole now".

“Look, mommy is on the stripper pole now”.

While the presence of Blue Ivy was somewhat heartwarming, there is a question that is needs to be asked. Is anyone else bringing their kids? Why is she so present and publicized? Does she need to be in that spotlight? In the context of these VMAs – which are almost ritual dramas, yes, she needed to be there. She is the heir of the royal couple. Like all of the young people around the world, she witnessed a few hours of intense oversexualization. And then she saw her mother get a trophy for it. The Agenda is about implementing values to the younger generation. And Blue Ivy represented that. And that is how the VMAs ended.

Official seal of the industry pawn.

Official seal of the industry pawn.

In Conclusion

This year’s VMAs did not contain the usual occult symbolism that is described on this site. In fact, it did not contain much substance at all. It focused solely on an key part of the industry agenda: Sexualizing the youth and exposing them to debasing, degrading messages. It is about associating art, music and creation with the exploitation of lust. As seen in the lyrics and images above, the “stars” of the show are not independent artists, they are puppets part of the same system, all linked together under the “one-eye sign”.

In an ideal world, this kind of spectacle would prompt viewers to question the state of modern society’s mass art and culture, which is constantly sinking to new lows. It would make viewers wonder why all this “music” has become a homogenous cesspool of overstimulating, mind-numbing messages. Unfortunately, most viewers will have just one reaction to the 2014 VMAs: “Look at her butt!”



  1. You might have missed it, but there was also a 666 swirling symbol on the floor of the stage.

    • I saw that mentioned in a YouTube video earlier today, but I could only really make out two sixes.

    • I noticed it right away. Spotting this filth has become as natural as breathing. !'m not sure if that is a blessing or a curse:/ lol

    • I saw that too. They had an overhead shot of it and each artist had to walk on it to get their "award"

    • The 6's were done in a spiral, which is a common symbol seen across cultures and time. The Spiral is related to snakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, life-death-rebirth, Thoth, Time, the moon, water. To some, the spiral shape is used by souls, spirits, and genii to move. Spiralling out it means expansion, mulitplicity. Spiralling in it means contraction, to the singularity. Obviously, in this case it is used with the 666 as an altar for yet another illuminati sex ritual. Connect this with toddler Blue Ivy in the audience, it's not difficult to recognize the VMA for what it is.

    • They're all a bunch of witches and warlocks. When they mention "god", they're mentioning their god, satan. Don't let them get to your kids. Jesus Christ lives forever! Halelya!

    • Don't get too hung up on the 6s. The most important thing was that they were mnemonic circles and conjuring up the energy of sigil magick. I am glad to see that awareness of it is finally catching on. I have awaited this for a long time. Please research it for yourselves. We are all subject to it via digital media several times a day. Look out for camera zoom outs and almost invisible specks of light and blacked out stage areas which work in harmony with it.

      • You know too much to know that the three 666 ranks only about halfway down the list of important numerology.

      • True, but I think we will consider it the most important, when the entire human race is having it forcefully plastered onto their skin in one form or another

  2. I though of ask of this especially about Blu Ivy. It's really messed up.

    I'm really disappointed in the stars that actually have talent (Ariana, Jessie, Rita, and yes eve Nicki, and many others) and CHOOSE to use it to promote these agendas. I really hope it's worth it.

    • I don't think that they have a choice. They are programmed and forced to do this stuff.

      Some of them may have chosen to sell themselves to become rich, famous, and successful in their careers, but I don't think they really understood the extent of what they were doing.

    • They didnt had a choice…
      Heres one question:

      They even know what they doing?

      No. These "artists" are very much like their fans, they dont have any idea of the meaning of the symbols and ideas they promote.
      If you ask for example to Nicki Minaj what is freemasonry she probably will tell you that doesnt know and she isnt lying…

      I would like to offer you all a new perspective, Vigilant Citizen tell us this "award" show was about oversexualization and i agree with it, but now another question:

      To what oversexualization leads too?

      Well, to many things, but especialy to negative emotions.
      Everyone that lives a life of lust will experience all kinds of negative situations, even if one dont recognize them as such…

      Basicaly, these "award" shows, news programs, the press, movies, music industry are focused on creating the maximum of negative emotions and feeling on human beings.

      Thats a fair question and unfortunately im gonna have to be a little cryptic, because i want you all to use your heads…
      What if "something" exists that feeds on negative emotions and negative feelings of human beings, what if that "something" is in control of the entire planet…?
      Think "4" my friends and you will understand… 😉

      • maybe some of them don't. But some of them are public freemason's who sold their sold for fame. Jay- Z for example.

      • And Jay-Z "UNDERSTANDS" freemansory?
        Or for him is just another way to gain money and build conections…?

        I can hang-out with a bunch of nuclear physicists and dont know how to do a simple subtraction…

        Again, think "4", you will see that the world is not what it seems like at a "third" glance… 😉

      • Could you kinda go in detail about this "think '4' " clue that you drop? Or at least tell where to go and read in order to connect these dots?

        Thank you.

      • Something he pilfered from someone else's mind. Maybe he's making fun of that person's mind, maybe he's shifting the blame onto people who meant well and/or who were willing to pay the price upon seeing the error of their ways outside of the sophistry of their rationalizations.

        Please don't trust him because he seems genial. His intent is confusion, it's not a byproduct of a different mind.

      • chewbacca, imagine 2 dots, those 2 dots can be called 2 objects right?
        Now connect those 2 dots with a line, now the 2 dots are single object because they are connected.
        Someone else's mind? What is that…? 😉

        How can you tell my intent is confusion? Im making people use their own heads, you are the one telling them how to think when you write for me not to be trusted.
        When you wrote "Please don't trust him" you were like any average religious leader:

        "Please don't trust him", "Please pray three Hail Marys and your sins are gone", "He knows science, please burn him at the stake".

        Thanks for thinking that i seem genial, is good to receive a compliment.

      • quotethecravennevermore on

        I said please don't trust him. That's gently goading someone away from the distraction. If she really thought it was worth it, nothing I say or do would stop her. And i'm not here to chain myself to other people's lives over my disagreement regarding their personal decisions.

        You are pr0ne to a scientific, logical IDENTITY.. You are an emotional reasoner and a linear thinker like most extroverts. Perhaps with obsessive tendencies and an interest in science but that doesn't necessarily make you Galileo.

        Someone else's mind, yes. I highly doubt you were bringing up the 4th dimension.

      • If you read my posts you should know by now that im not talking about 4th dimension, i already made that very clear.
        But you are not here to read my posts, only to attack them mindlessly.

        If i wanted to be like Galileo i would present my ideas to a university, not here, but then i would be part of the problem…

      • Hi Michelle, there is 2 clues, the number 4 and in my second message i wrote the word third, that is equivalent to number 3.

        There is the expression "first glance" right? Well, we see things in "third" glance, theres a clue here…

        If you scroll down you will see that Nelleoftheball wrote 4th dimension, that is a very common mistake, substitute the word "dimension" for another word that also starts with a "d", think a little and that word will appear on your mind naturally.

        I am sorry but i cant be very direct, because and this is very important, if i told you in very direct way everything about the ideas that im conveying, that would steal from you a learning opportunity, all that is in the universe is lessons… 😉

      • I am now thinking that you are leading the reader towards a niche belief system which is only meaningful and useful for a few people, or double bluffing.I suppose the next person who comes along will proffer the fourth horse of the apocalypse. I will be sorely disappointed if you turn out to be an undercover Fourth Way disciple. G never had the monopoly on that line of thinking, he was a good spin doctor who gleaned the knowledge of the bushman, the shaman and the taoist whilst covering his tracks well. Truthfully, he had no special power or authority. My partner has a greater cult following than him and he is not even trying hard.

      • Decide yourself, am i leading, or am i bluffing?
        What your feelings tell you?

        "a niche belief system which is only meaningful and useful for a few people"
        Are you a Jacques de la Palice fan?

        I like to think that i am nobody disciple, i prefer to be a sheperd than a sheep, about your partner cult following i cant say anything, i never met him/her…

      • Nothing tautological about truth I'm afraid. As with any form of leadership, a good shepherd must exercise humility. My partner and MrVC do this well.

      • "As with any form of leadership, a good shepherd must exercise humility."

        Except on the occasions humility will not serve the leader well.
        Balance is important, in this universe at least…

      • Decide yourself, am i leading, or am i bluffing?
        What your feelings tell you?

        Self important, much? My feelings tell me to pull the airtime. I think my judgement of your knowledge was way off the mark.

      • No Elise, just showing the other side of the coin.

        Humility in excess can harm too, can make one lose opportunities, the key is balance, be grey. :)

      • I can see why you would advocate that within your system of belief and whence it came. Why would I care about lost opportunities if I consciously choose to forgo them? Be grey? I'll stay blonde thanks.

      • Forgeting is important, did you knew that cannabinoid receptor system is integrant part of "forgeting" mechanism? :)

        If you know my belief system and from where it came, please show it very clearly.

        PS: I answered all your posts so far, some are still waiting for approval from administrator.

      • Ah, but you would fail to learn spiritual lessons along the way and the means fully justify the end. The clues are all in my previous post, it is up to you to connect the dots.

      • I accept the challenge.

        You are the owl and you dont like riddles, but this is not your island Elise… :)

      • Of course not, but the "leaders" that took ownership of His words are…
        By the way, did i mentioned Jesus? :)

      • Hannah, i can only say what i learned.

        Jesus existed, but hes name was a little diferent and that the majority of the things you can read on the bible and other religious books about Him are corrupted.

        Of course this a very short resume of what i know, but i guess what i wrote can make you research and think a little. :)

      • "Think "4" my friends and you will understand… 😉 "

        What's the answer to your riddle? LuciFour?

        I disagree – I think they tirelessly represent the symbols with hand signs and other techniques, because they have first-hand witnessed their power and promises

      • Funny, LuciFour would give a cool nickname! :)

        But no, the answer is not that, i keep checking the page if anyone shows that understands what i am trying to say i will confirm.
        By the way, do you know "who" Lucifer is?

        Thanks to everybody that spent even if only a few seconds thinking on my ideas. :)

      • No Elise, i already answered, is awaiting approval by the administrator.

        I will write another one if not approved.

      • Can you elucidate me about that Fourth Gospel you speak?
        You seem to know a lot more about it than me…

      • I am far from being the authority on that one. We are not a Christian family. No doubt, someone more knowledgeable will trot along soon.

      • If the Fourth Gospel you speak is the Gospel of John, i can tell you im not a follower of that gospel, or a disciple of someone that follows that gospel.
        More clear than this is impossible.

        Im curious, what made you think that i had anything to do with the ideas professed on the gospel of John?

        A few messages ago you told me that you knew what "my" ideas are, can you please show me that you understand them?

      • The name Leonardo doesnt show that you understand the ideas im professing
        I think you dont understand them.

        When you try to identify me as a 4th gospel follower (what is that?) and now the use of the name Leonardo only shows that you are way off regarding the understanding of the ideas im sharing.

        I can explain them to you, if you want of course.

      • "eLUCIdate" Hmm…..You are a line manager to a false prophet. My partner just read this thread and worked it out. He is very knowledgeable and unlike yourself, he is happy to share that knowledge with the world.

      • Nice Lucifer reference! :)
        Do you know "who" Lucifer is? Guess, it can be interesting.

        Im not a line manager for anyone, im my own boss.
        I would like to read what your partner has to write about the ideas im professing, since he worked them out, it will be no problem for him/her.

        Elise, im sharing "my" ideas with the world too, i just dont spoon feed, i want people to LEARN not just record.

      • This is being fun… :) So you have a sense of humor which takes prisoners.
        Not fourth direction but ONE direction – we have come round full circle. It is Harry Styles who has bought (or been bought into) kabbalah. Phew! We solved the riddle.

      • No, its a word that starts with the letter "d".
        That word will help you understand the last sentence of my second post, which is the most important.

        Normaly people use the word dimension, but that is a very common mistake…

        PS: I already replied to all your posts, i always will, one is waiting aproval, others disapeared.

      • Sure, but what difference would it make to you if I were to crack open this nut? None whatsoever. I seem to be the only guest left at the party and I am clearly failing this masterclass.

      • This is not about me.
        Elise try crack the nut, the worst it can happen is you going home with a little more knowledge. :)

      • I replied you back.
        Sometimes for me posts disapear, dont worry i will answer you even if i have to write them 100 times.

      • Careful on influencing Bluboy, you can actract negative karma upon yourself…

        Elise, to prove i dont anything against you i will try a diferent aproach, tell me what is time for you.

      • Not direction, dimension, day, divine, degree, deflection…
        Are you people say all the d words of dictionary? eh,eh!

        Guys, use your head, read the last sentences of my first 2 posts…
        Its not dimension, is…

      • Negative karma, bring it on. There are far greater spiritual forces working in my favor than your new age ones.

      • The ideas im professing have 0% new age content.
        I would be in the front line in a hypothetical war against new age ideas.
        You keep acusing me of false things, i dont get it.

        Which great spiritual forces are those?

      • "By the way, do you know "who" Lucifer is? "

        Yes I know, but it's a tragedy. Lucifer is Will Smith

      • Kinda interesting, in a sense is Will Smith… 😉

        You want try decypher my clues about Lucifer?

      • Haha I went with deflection because it is related to Glance! So I would say that the guess is more focused than Dictionary cherrypicking. I will keep trying though.

        As for Lucifer and the Gold reference, perhaps it is an anagram play on words, where Lucifer is an Old God, both words which can be retrieved from the word GOLD.

        But nevertheless I have a serious idea of Lucifer and would be surprised if you had more intimate knowledge, but I will continue to guess because I'm curious if you even know what you are talking about. As of yet you have proven zilch about what you know

      • Wow that is an interesting theory, I really like that! They are feeding fear, self hate and demoralization to all of us, maybe they're feeding off of it? Haha, wouldn't doubt it. Anything is possible.

      • BINGO!!!
        It just felt right didnt Rose? :)
        Yes, "something" is feeding on our negative emotions!!! Thats why there entire industries focused on creating negativity on humans!
        Movies, music, food industries, you name it.

        But where is that "something"?

      • Do you mean 4th Death? That is something that is natural and can potentially feed off of negative emotions…if death is seen as such.

      • Can that also be applied to the demise of certain internet discussions? Endovelicus, I think the problem is that you are giving off a lot of very negative energy. I can feel these things in an instant and felt it in your communications without exception. I tried to thaw you to test the water but to no avail. You may be courteous in going about your business online (give or take the occasional slip up) but there is no warmth or light or humanity coming through. You are frozen.

      • However, I accept that Mr VC must think very highly of you to allow you to persist with this futile exercise.

      • Btw, I know it is all crypto kabbalah regardless of what you say as my partner is always right about these things. Its kabbalah lite for the masses. So walk the talk rather than convoluting it all if it is really so basic that it escapes the comprehension of everyone who comes forward.

      • Im not talking about Kaballah, your attacks are futile.
        There are already people on the right track.

      • The person giving off negative energy in this discussion is the only person that used insults so far.

      • Yes, you are on right track, something feeding on negative emotions.
        But death is not the word missing.

    • eternalsoldier on

      i think you are missing the point. the reason you get to see these people is not because of talent, but because they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it big. talented entertainers are a dime a dozen. there are literally millions upon millions of people on this earth who sing well. so what differentiates them?

  3. Blue did look a little uncomfortable watching the.performances. That's kinda my only issue with the whole thing.

    • Not the humping of the female on top of Nicki Minaj? I though that was a little too much for younger viewers, as it would have been had it been a male doing that same air-hump over her laid out body on the floor.

  4. I thought of all of this, especially about Blu Ivy. It's really messed up.

    I'm really disappointed in the stars that actually have talent (Ariana, Jessie, Rita, and yes even Nicki, and many others) and CHOOSE to use it to promote these agendas. I really hope it's worth it.

    My last post had typos lol

    • Most artists don't promote their original music, and to be part of the industry, artists must carry out their agendas. It is not a matter of choice, but mandatory duty.

    • i think that any of the performers of that show have any real talent, they are puppets that are easy to handle. JAJAJA easy to handle like the boxes.

    • Yes! I agree! I even noticed Nicki Minaj's performance & video are very "Eve in the garden of Eden with the snake"…

      Dancers even dressed as snakes. Nicki partially as well. What a shame!

      Sin & sex, that is all it has all come down to.

  5. I watched bits of it with my 13 year old son. His reaction was " I think some of my brain cells just died watching this" then he got up and went to read a book. All the peformances were the same with booties front and center. Yet, from the reactiins of some of my facebook friends they don't get that they're being programed. I saw so many posts proclaiming Beyonce the queen because of her performance.

    • If you , at least one comment I'm reading, have instilled good values and morals into your 13yr old- and he is obviously smarter and wiser than other children . . . We may have hope. Hope that not all of our world's children are blind and will make a more substaintial and better life.
      Your story of your son reminded me of a few years back when my son, then 16, came home from school stating sarcastically – Bin Lad shot and thrown into the ocean. Pfft. What a joke. How stupid do they think we all are ?–

      As I see it, that's two of Earth's smart young
      'men' … 4 billion left to go. Ha Ha.

      I commend you on your beautiful way of raising your son.

      • Add to that number the young people who are seeing through so much of the programming and are choosing a moral path. I know so many of them personally. They will not be swayed by what they're being exposed to. Much to look forward to with these clear-thinkers in control of their lives.

      • I work with teens in a drug/alcohol rehab setting, and have gotten into many seri discussions with them regarding pop culture, the illuminati, the corrupt music industry, etc. and have discovered that many youth actually ARE painfully aware of the sinister agenda at hand in today's world. However, they, like most of us, find it much easier to follow the tide instead of speaking against the immorality.

      • Ah sorry, my last post was sent too soon! :-/ anyway my point is that although our culture is getting dumbed down every day, we as the older ones shouldn't be afraid to open our mouths and spread the truth to our youth. It's amazing how malleable their young minds are, and we can really use that to our benefit! Intuitively they know what's up. And as a side note: I'm sick of everyone worshipping Beyoncé! It's truly disgusting!!

      • Pretty sure Jay Z's chosen power couple wife was to be bodysnatched by a top Draco/replaced by a Draco doppleganger. That's what he signed up for.

        Dracos = Plutonians. Olympians. Top Dracos = Gaia's equals.

    • i didnt watch it, but someone posted a clip of beyonce's performance, so i clicked on it because i still like some of her music and when her performance started with her legs spread open, i turned it off and thought really??

    • I think the obvious question is, why were you watching it with your son? And he went on to read a book, while you carried on watching it. lol

      • When you watch something with other people or children you easily explore their reaction to it. And parents should know their children. I believe that we must study the culture in which we live, to understand the reasons for the behavior of people who live around us.

      • If it were not introduced to the children, they would have no curiosity to explore it. However, when the adults dutifully implement the multi staged programming agenda then it almost disguises itself as a form of anthropological natural progression. My 9 yr old does not know a single one of these artists. He could not identify them facially or via their songs. They have never entered his consciousness even though we live in a busycityand most of his classmates talk endlessly about them.

      • If his classmates are talking about it, then he's aware. Right now it may be easy to keep pop culture away from him, but he's 9 not a teen yet. Good luck doing that with a teen, you can't control what they watch or listen to 24/7.

      • His peers are all watching it and he's definitely aware of what's out there. I see no point in hidingit from him or forbidding him to watch, I'd rather watch with him and we can discuss what's going on together. I do the same with other shows, and you'd be surprised at how aware kids are aa far asthe brainwashing that pop culture does to our society. You maty not agree, but it works for us.

    • Wish my teenage sister was like that. All she.does is watch mind numming propaganda and play minecraft. I spend a good 5 hrs a day playing video games, but you still have to take time to read and excersice and learn about the real world.

    • Your son had to teach you not to let him watch the filthy VMAs. You don't get the Parent of the Year Award, so have several seats.

      • I wasn't aware I was asking for the parent of the year award lol. I was making a comment about my experiences, so my dear take a seat and pull the stick out of your rear end.

  6. "Like all of the young people around the world, she witnessed a few hours of intense oversexualization. And then she saw her mother get a trophy for it. The Agenda is about implementing values to the younger generation. And Blue Ivy represented that."

    OH YES.

  7. I do not own a TV, by choice, but I'll sometimes read about what was on TV, or view a video clip or pic on the net. As a result, I see more than others who are continuously having their brains turned to mush by it. Since at least 1848, American Women have fought for equal rights. I've seen a lot of positive changes in the work force, since I first entered it in the 1970's and men treated women submissively on the job, compared to opportunities available and legal protection from sexual harassment afforded today. Yes, now women are encouraged and "allowed" to be doctors, lawyers, mechanics or almost any occupation they desire. Never mind this garbage that is now defined as "music", but to take all that work that women have fought for for so very long and to flush it down the toilet and feed young girls this trash and encourage them to become trash is very disheartening to witness.

    • IMHO, the elites next big socio-econ push will be t legalize prostitution. Its for this reason kids have been exposed to various levels of porn for the past 30 years. Nevada has been the test state. Some European countries did post WWII to increase tax revenue.

      • I'd prefer legal prostitution over mental prostitution.

        I loathe people whining about the children. If you care about the children, you're willing to endure for future generations. You're not crying over spilt milk, like a child. Children need adults.

    • Uhmm that was all part of the MASTER plan. Its only a matter of time now for the second intervention to come.

      Mankind was always been led by (puppets)wicked men. As for the righteous men were murdered, persecuted, mocked, suppressed for a chance to lead mankind in righteous a path.

    • Melissa, I have shared this comment on my fb page, hope you don't mind…I want my 19 yr old daughter and her friends and cousins to see it….x

      • Viewing content online is the equivalent of tailor made programming at closer range. We can all without TV if we have the net. Try living without both and you will experience major withdrawal symptoms. I found myself going cold turkey and it was unpleasant even though I knew it was for a finite period of time on vacation. Do you know what I found myself doing? Actually taking action in a positive way which is precisely what we egg on one another to do in these discussions.
        Even the symbolism presented to you when opening a browser exposes you to some of their intended energy. If you think that you are only using it to explore alternative media then open your eyes to what most of that is about. Alex Jones with his mnemonic circles and randomly flashing lights. If you want to know more, dig sigil magik.

    • "Hey all the girls they look the same
      Don't they know just what their mothers paid
      In blood and tears to change?"

      (george michael "john and elvis are dead")

    • Oh, please. It's not other female's faults that you don't receive the respect you feel is deserved. What they succumb to flushes nothing you or others have done down the trash. You're over-identifying.

      • Chewbacca, I did not state that I feel I am being disrespected, especially because of other females' actions, as you interpreted. I feel the performers were allowing their selves to be disrespected and teaching impressionable girls and young women to follow suit. It is these generations of girls/women I have concern for.

    • If we are talking about equal rights, we can talk about equal rights with men to have many sexual partners. So this is just one of the options of feminism. I read somewhere that feminists welcomed Sex and the City as a triumph of the feminists of the 90-s, who wanted to have more sex, over feminists 80-s who prefered or promoted moderate sex life. I think girls need to be told that feminism may be different. We shouldn't behave like parents who simply are against freedom and love. Because teenagers will rebel and not listen to us.

      • I am not "against freedom and love" and I'm all for options and choices. However, these performers have a very young and impressionable fan base and music is a huge part of their life. The message to tell little girls to degrade their selves is worrisome (to me).

  8. What a bullshit society we are living in, what a bullshit world these people are creating.

    • endofthearchons on

      Make no mistake my friend, we are the ones creating this bat Shit crazy society by blindly following these psychopaths down the abyss. We are the 99.9% and we have the power and the numbers to change the world. The elites can only be successful if we allow them to be. None of this madness is possible with an awake and informed, fully conscious society. That is why we are the ones we have been waiting for. Not some ET intervention, or second coming of Jesus. If anything, the return of Christ was never meant to be taken literally, instead it is probably more along the lines of the return of Christ consciousness, or simply full consciousness. I believe we can only blame ourselves for the current state of affairs in the world bc we allowed it to happen (I'm 30 yo, so I also put a lot of blame on my parents generation for being too greedy and trustworthy of the elites/MSM and never questioning or researching a Damn thing on their own). We are complicit in our own demise, and in order to turn things around, we all need to be the change we want to see in the world, in addition to waking up your fellow brothers and sisters.

  9. It's really killing your point to complain about over sexualization and have Nikki Minaj's ass as the cover. I understand the point, but as with the whole Janet Jackson issue, I would not have known what happened if every body hadn't showed it continuously. I do believe e you are wrong about Jeannette Mcurdy. Her pictures were leaked online by a pisses off ex. A likely story you might say, but you don't have to be an expert, you just have to listen to various podcasts on the Nerdist channel.

    • whenisenoughenough on

      Nothing gets leaked online by accident. The naivete of such sentiments is how millions have been tricked by the few for 1000s of years now. As long as we remain oblivious and apologetic for these people no matter how many patterns we see, it continues. Sadly, most will never wake up.

      • Very true. Those pics were "leaked" to let the elites know that Jeanette was ready for the big leagues smh

  10. I've never commented here before, but I actually watched the VMA's as I'm quite a fan of Nicki Minaj, and have been for a while.

    I'm also fascinated by the articles on this site, and have been for a while!

    But I have to say, I did feel incredibly uneasy watching this whole show. Some parts of it were bordering on softcore porn! I especially felt uneasy during Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora's performance, dark and creepy. And Beyonce's unnecessary performance at the end. With Jay-Z holding Blue Ivy the entire time. I noticed Kanye West wasn't there holding his baby North West, but then Kim and Kanye aren? The Illuminati's hip hop power couple…

    • whenisenoughenough on

      No child should have been there. It doesn't matter how many more were there or not. One child more than makes the point. The problem is, we've been conditioned to brush aside our unease, instead of taking full notice when we feel something just is not right. And THAT's how they compromise people's sense of something being amiss.

  11. Vigilant, were you aware that MTV posted a couple articles mocking the Illuminati conspiracy the night of the show? They also posted links to your website in those articles, along with some other Illuminati bloggers to make them look crazy.

  12. Also…when Arianna got out of the spaceship looking thing at the beginning, the door raised above the triangular ship and it looked like an all seeing eye above a pyramid. MTV keeps playing weird Mike Brown commercials about martial law and other things. Very weird

    • I don't have MTV but those Martial law commercials.. ya know, they're currently raising the power of the martial department by passing "dictatorship like" laws to the point where our government isn't a democracy. It's probably conditioning. Preparation for the rise of martial law above civilian existence. If things go "their" way, the martial law's job will be to keep us in fear and out of "their" way.

    • Yes! I too noticed the triangle-shaped spaceship (pyramid) in the beginning with the raised door (eye).

  13. freethekittens on

    WOW. I was waiting for this article. Even though I didn't watch the show, I expected that all the beta kittens would be on the prowl. Looks like they are also bowing down to their green scaly masters with the paint on Minaj and the dancers. They should just rename the VMA's to the MK Ultra Fest! Great article.

    • I agree with your comment.
      It is apparent to anyone care to look that the within American society is spreading the immorality cancer as never before.
      I do not watch TV ever – I only watch movies I personally feel adequate for my standard of values (not many available) and rather get the news from the web.
      I congratulate this writer – he/she is a true gem!
      I am glad my children are all older with their own families – although even with my grandchildren I can see to my dismay the 'rub offs' of the junk shown on TV.
      Any society without morals is destined to fall!

      • Nor do I Cali. But be careful of the web too – the harmonics and part circles, the binaural background intros and i'm only talking about alternative media here!

  14. This article really sums it up. Sad how low the music industry has sunk. And what's saddest of all was Beyoncé and jayz bringing blue ivy as if they were offering some sort of sacrifice to the illuminati elite.
    Blue ivy is already a pawn and she is just a tot. What a bad example to set for all of America and the worlds kids.
    I actually thought what Miley did in having the homeless guy accept her award was cool.
    And Taylor's performance seemed alright.
    There was an eye, a pyramid and the 666 on the floor but overall sexualization is the theme.
    Their main focus is brainwashing the kids.

      • Why do we keep looking for ways to stay with one or a few of them? The thing that keeps any of this going is the public's willing participation in any of it. When do the citizens ever get tired of it all, and stop looking for "less offensive than." When do we stop being thrown bones, and just walk away from it all, demanding through our departure that it either ALL stops, or we stop participating. People act like victims stuck in an abusive relationship, waiting for one smile admist all the abuse. Walking away and staying away would stop this stuff like nothing else, fast.

  15. Do you think the reason gaga wasn't invited is that she has escaped from the illuminati agenda? I know she played to it at first, but I think she has broken free. And that is why she's not as in with the industry as before.

    • She has been busy with other exploits just now, a jazz album, acting, touring and stuff, I'm sure she's still helping push the agenda somewhere, somehow…

      • I think she has broken free. Look up "lady gaga is over" on YouTube . She posted a video of her basically pulling out mind control wires.

      • I definitely will!! It could be part of the reason why her video for Do What U Want was never released.. because they dont use her anymore?

      • Do What U Want was never released because it is actually psychologically disturbing. Just like Beyonce's other music video's from her new album. Search up "Haunted". It's disturbing as hell.

      • OMG. I just watched this video on youtube. I cannot imagine letting a teenager view this. What the hell is happening??? This is so wrong!! This is nothing compared to the videos I watched on MTV at my friends house (we didn't have cable in my house back then…80's….and I don't now, with a four year old boy). I am just shocked. I shouldn't be shocked since I've seen the progression, but I am. What is Bey's demographic? Because that video proves it sure as hell shouldn't be teenagers.

      • Since it was never released, it becomes this mysterious thing that will have greater appeal and greater numbers searching it out online. It wasn't a blow to gaga and company to not have this particular video aired on tv. It is still being watched and they will just ramp up all the bigger when her next trash comes out. Sounds like she is busy polluting other art forms at the moment.

      • lady gaga wasn't there because she is touring in oz also she hasn't released any new albums to award her for

    • I think it's more that Gaga lost her popularity with the general public first, then the elites backed away from her. If she never supported the agenda in the first place she wouldn't have been dragged by the media when she backed out.

    • Once you join this sick occult there is NO GOING BACK NO BEING FREE !! Once you join them you can't go back

    • You need to understand that all these 'Artists' are placed in the music industry to sell products owned by illuminati companies, When they sell a lot of products they are given time to rest while a new wave of product sellers are wheeled in. Lady Gaga has faithfully promoted their agenda and made them a fortune for quite a while , she's out of the spotlight now but she'll be back with another agenda to push and more products to sell.

    • There is a time and place for everybody who joins. Just wait until this Bey and Jey thing has blown over (i mean their frontpage marriage troubles). When that gaga-thing has a new thing to sell big they start ratling the chains again.
      Give us a break, years of gaga press and shit, evenwhen you do not even watch mtv or listen to popradio!

    • I hope so. I'm a Britney fan since my childhood and it's so sad that she wasn't able to break free even though she fought for it (I firmly believe they would've killed her if she had done it). So I hope Gaga is able to get out of all this mess.

  16. Ariana's eyes looked so dead the whole time :( I really hope she's not too deep in the industry but I wouldn't be surprised.

    • It's one thing to criticize the messages and the music of these people, but it really bothers me when people pick our physical attributes and connect them to mind control or whatever. Maybe that's just how her eyes are, maybe she was nervous, maybe that's how she performs. Maybe she's just a very introverted person. I don't know…it just bothers me because maybe that's just the way people look saying that they look like they're mind controlled is just kind of cruel. I see people on this site say the same thing about Lana Del Rey. Just because they're different doesn't mean they're mind controls. What's important is the messages their music is sending, not the physical appearance or mannerisms.

      • your goal, neverending. don't judge people who don't get under my skin. at least not for the very things that we chokehold our enemy's egos with. that's just mean.

  17. ariana not so grande on

    VMAs are so stupid..lame and boring dull and yeah, who is Jessie J? who is rita ora??? another thing, ariana grande is so tiny, like a malnourised starving child whose limbs look like they are going to snap apart. i think she was given something to keep her so tiny, and she is going to go girl gone bad soon, (like they all do), and then they will over sexualize her and her tiny body, pushing the pedophiliac agenda. you watch…

    • Jessie J and Rita Ora are UK artists, it seems the agenda is making its way over here…

      and I totally agree with you about the way Ariana looks, maybe they're keeping her small and young looking to please all the dirty pedos who get off on that kinda thing…

      • Well, that and to push that kind of thing onto younger girls who see Ariana, idolise her and want to be her so much, they start dressing and acting the same… because they believe its ok.

    • Yes I believe Ariana's on something to stay thin/young just like Justin Bieber was on something to stay youthful looking.

    • I think they are using her small and childlike features as a way to subconsciously enforce the specialization of young children

      • Ariana is of Italian origin. They look younger, there's nothing sinister. she's a pretty girl, however she'll age eventually but a bit later than others. They use all kinds of people, like the fat silicone bum Minaj and Kardashian. I for one prefer more elegant, slender ones.

    • Finally! Someone said exactly what I was thinking. Ariana looks even smaller than she did when she was acting on 'victorious' and she was a teenager then. I could barely recognize her new self. And her eyes really do look spaced out. I don't know. Something about the way her stare is, it's just not focust. I just know that by the time she is 30 She will have her cliche MK-Ultra Mind control break down, just like Amanda Bynes, Lidsay Lohan and the rest. What annoys me is people who just brush all this off as 'conspiracy theories'. There are conspiracies taking place, and we are not just coming up with theories, this is the truth!!

      • i think that ariana is looking more skinny now because they forced her to become raw vegetarian and that's even worse because you really need the protein of the meat, and i feel so sory for her because she looks so innocent and insecure, the poor girl doesn't know what they are doing with her.

    • Jellified Skunk on

      Arianna is clean, raw VEGAN, that is why. I have never met a vegan who wasn't dangerously thin or right on the edge of what is healthy and what is not,; especially a vegan like her who eats raw and avoids all processed foods, a clean eater. I am not against vegans and I am not saying you can't be a healthy weight and vegan, just that it is extremely difficult to be a healthy weight and vegan because of the amount of food you have to consume, not to mention supplementation is absolutely necessary.

      When I was 19yrs I lost a ton of weight and was as thin as she is, I however did not look healthy because I was anorexic. She at least looks fairly healthy. Her eyes are not sallow or sunken in, and although she is small, she does clearly have body fat. :)

      Not everything has to have a supernatural reason, there are sometimes logical and realistic explanations.

      • Nothing wrong with being thin. Who on earth would actively hanker after the big butt? Are people really aiming for that or is it a self fulfilling prophecy in the making? Surely most women work out for hours a week to avoid having to look like these women?

      • I know a lot of vegans, and they all have a healthy weight. It just depends on what you eat. Probably 100% Raw isn't that healthy. I eat about 75% Raw And I am a vegan. Never felt better and healthier. And I am not skinny at al. And it's not like you can't eat much. I have like 10 vegan cooking books, and I have so much good recepices I don't even have time to prepare it all. Probably Arianna was already thin her self, and then the Raw diet made her loose weight.

  18. The Blue Ivy thing really disturbed me, she's only 2 years old! Taking a small toddler to a darkened theatre full of hysterical idiots to watch mommy's soft porn show is sick and evil.

    • Blue Ivy will need a lot of surgery to take over as she's the spit image of her unattractive daddy.

  19. Although I agree with a few points raised in this article, I did not watch the show and think that sexualisation was the agenda. Sexualisation seems to just be the case in music today, period. The artists act, dress, sing in the same manner regardless of the platform, i.e. in the music vids, on tour, at other awards shows. The songs performed are the songs that are currently in the charts. I just think some of these articles reach just a little at times.

    • What would you think if your grandma dressed like beyond and was always sitting with her legs wide open. I don't mean to be crude, but I just want to wake you up a little because you can't see the forest for the trees. When it's up on stage and glittering with celebrities you think it's not so bad to the extent that it wasn't even about sex…? Imagine your sisters and other female family behaving the same way and maybe it will become clear to you just how oversexualized the show was.

    • I saw the Selena movie that came out ~ 1996, after the Latina music star Selena died. I do agree that the agenda for pop stars IS sexualization, and it's been like that for quite some time.

      In that movie as Selena was being hired for more and more work, she and her consultants decided to change her look, and she started to wear bustiers on stage. Her mom was supportive, but her dad nearly burst a gasket on that. His response was very common for many fathers "What insanity has possessed you to wear you underwear out on a public stage like that!!!???" Selena and her mother's response was "everyone dresses like this, especially once the artist becomes popular." He finally calmed down.

      I do not know if that incident actually took place with Selena, but I do know since Madonna, it has been more and more acceptable for mainstream acts (not just ones in darkened clubs) to push the envelope of sensuality as far as possible, and then try to claim it was empowering women. But it also goes to show you that this is progressive. In a year or two, it will probably look almost like a G rated movie.

  20. "The butt implants of Nicki Minaj and (most likely) Iggy Azalea." Most likely??? really??
    "When Sir Mix-A-Lot rapped this line in the original song, it was kind of funny and amusing." No, it was stupid then as it is stupid now.

  21. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness.

      • Some hate anything related to christ and martyrs so much, a pathological need to pretend to be them/of them/for them consumes their very being.

        but being pathological, their loose lips sink ships.

  22. What? No mention of the other bizarre agendas being pushed. 'Common' and his ridiculous moment of silence for the Ferguson thug or Miley's homeless date, reading his manifesto on the plight homeless youth?

    • allhumanbeings on

      What makes Michael brown a thug? The surveillance video had the wrong date on it and there was no gunpowder residue on him to suggest there was a struggle. The thug in that scenario was Darren Wilson. And trying to help homeless youth is an agenda now?

      • are u kidding? u just need to look exactly at the clothes.
        of course the thug from the surveillance vid is mike brown. he wears exactly the same clothes in the vid as when he died. look for yourself.

      • allhumanbeings on

        Maybe you need to check the date on the vid and the fact that michael brown had no gun powder residue on him when he died, or do you not know how to read? Thug = Darren Wilson

    • satan made a promise to God that he will not enter in hell alone, so he make sure he deceive as much as he can to succeed, these illuminati sheet is a strong hand of evil.

    • ParacelsusPontifex on

      That is your opinion that Brown was a thug….
      And even if he tussled with Wilson, that does not give Wilson the right to shoot an apparently (per the witnesses, who will be sorted out by the Grand Jury) surrendering person who may have been putting his hands up.

      Officers are indeed human, like the rest of us, but that does not mean they should not be held to a higher standard.

      Sorry if that offends you.

  23. Why does the "occult elite" want to produce a generation of people with "loose morals" as stated in the introduction? What is the motivation to drag a society down? Why don't they want to help create a better and better world? I just don't get it…

    • whenisenoughenough on

      A severely abused population is less able to object to or put a stop to more abuse. It's just that simple. They are more easily manipulated and controlled and will more willingly self destruct or allow others to destroy them. They will line up for any dangerous thing they are offered without question, and then ask for more. Much like things are now, only it will be far worse.

    • Because they want to harvest souls. They own everything with abysmal means, so they have to harvest all souls for their Satan. Those celebrities are also victims.

      • Yes. All souls represent energy and consciousness. If they are able to convert this into a negative force and harness it in such a way as to serve their ungodly objectives then they have won

    • Bread and Circuses. That's all this is. They feed us crap, entertain us with crap, then do whatever they want behind the curtain while we're busy soaking all of this junk up.

    • Hi. Loose morals will lead to a break down in society and social order. Then, the Elite will step in with the NWO to bring things back to normalcy…at least their version of it.

    • Loose morals and a destruction of the family make people easy to distract and allegiant to the State. This is the Socialist agenda that has been in the works for hundreds of years and we are seeing it get very close to fruition.

    • People with morals are harder to control. People who value themselves don't need to constantly consume to make themselves feel better. They need you to feel inferior so that you continue to buy their products. You are not sexy enough so buy my clothes, make-up, etc. to make yourself look sexy and to make me richer. You are not good enough or sexy enough. You are a loser. Buy my book or video on how to be a winner. Buy my products and look sexy or cool.

    • They want to create a better world…for them. A world more easy to control. They are fearful that population growth will make it problematic to maintain their monopolies and control over all the major resources of the world. People talk about 1% but its much less than that. The really money and control lies in fewer hands than you can imagine. Destroy morals and family and you have a subject that is more easily distracted and more reliant and dedicated to the State…Socialism 101. Has been in the works for hundreds of years and is reaching fruition. Have a nice day.

      • Small doses of socialism, one day you wake up with full blown communism. Then we will start some race riots (Ferguson the latest) so the population will start to kill itself off. Abort as many babies as you can. Create social pressure for families who dare procreate (they are overcrowding the planet and using all the resources!). And many more methods of population dumbing down (fluoride) and killing off than I can mention here. One day when we are all too busy with our sex robots (we'll all have one by 2025 according to media) they will drop a ton of nukes on us, blame it on Russia, and round the rest of the survivors up into FEMA camps. Then we will be enslaved, losing all money property freedom voice and even strength in numbers. I don't know if it will play out that way because I believe in God and His plan. But I know that is the way evil would like it to play out. Call it illuminatti if you want.

      • Seems the majority are with them, though. At least from where I stand. Maybe just gangstalkers with jobs. Thuggery under illusion.

      • The majority are with them because they do not see their own imprisonment and do not want to upset the status quo. The illusion is freedom. It will be clear to even the most skeptical very soon…sadly.

    • Satan made a promise to God that he will not enter in hell alone, so he make sure he deceive as much as he can to succeed, and these illuminat shit is a strong hand of evil.

    • Because they are easier to control. There's nothing as sad as being led by your instincts, you become almost like a drug addict. So sad.

  24. I watched this last night with my little sister who just ironically, entered her first day of high school and celebrated her 14th birthday. I was so DISGUSTED by the oversexualization in these performances. It was uncomfortable to watch and VC was on spot with the whole VMAs being about booty and sex. The legs spread action made me cringe and I looked at my sister who had a blank stare..I changed the channel. I plan on talking to her tomorrow about how she felt and how she feels about her self. Being in college and having a full time job , its been hard to spend time with her but I am worried because she has instagram, her own ipad, snapchat, and other applications like keek and I worry because I feel like if she doesnt get the guidance she needs soon, she will be learning things the hard way. I really believe we can fight this war against over sexualization of the youth if we stay connected to them and teach them values, not let the social media do all the talking. Keep your younger siblings and family members close to you, guide them, show them how to be a good person inside and out. All they need is connection and love, someone to show them what the world is really about. Dont let them take our youth everyone, we can help stop this!!

    • allhumanbeings on

      Why did you let your little sister watch it then? Stop being an enabler and then blame the celebs after

      • I walked in on her watching it, saw the nicki minaj performance and made her change it . I told her we would have a big talk tomorrow after school because it was time for her to go to bed. I am not an enabler especially if I changed the channel and spoke with her because Im trying to awaken her. So do not try to put a title on me or judge me. Read my comment in its full length because you obviously completely missed the point I was trying to make. Don't let me guess that you're one of those people that tries to bring others down? I usually listen to what others have to say but I am going to disregard your comment. Apologies.

      • You are a great sister ! Unfortunately so many young kids aren't that lucky. Keep an open line of communication with your little sister always let her know her self-worth and most importantly explain to her that actions always have consequences. Good Luck Big sis!!

    • How about letting her read this. Start educating her on the symbolism. She can discern for herself.

    • I like how you have decided to have a discussion with her. You are a great sister. I am an oldest child too, now a mother, and there is a big responsibility I have always felt to set a good example for the younger ones. Right on, I am sending positivity your way.

    • sadly, I bet your sister is already learning things "the hard way". good for you for wanting to talk with her – don't lose that connection :)

    • It's good to see that there are ppl like you who care about their siblings,families and friends Iam happy to see ppl like you who want to guide people and to give them advice about morals and self respect and to love yourself in a good way , us humans we are different from one another we tend to express things in how we see or feel which is great yet at the same time we live in a world that does not want us to be us they want to change us … Unfortunately most of the ppl that I know do not care about it but I'm glad that I read your comment it's a great feeling to see ppl who still care and fight for what is right #respect

    • Doubt it. We are repeating a cycle of decline that has happened for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years. Google the Great Year or the Platonic Year to learn about the cycles of advancement and degradation that some theorize have been happening forever.

      • Yes I think these cycles have been repeating. But these are the latter days and I believe things are worse now than sodom and gomorrah. This will be the last cycle we go through on this planet, and it is the worst. Fortunately I believe we also have some of the best people that we have ever had here at this time as well. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

      • humanity has always been corrupt. technology is just putting it in everyones face now, but its sought after either way. we were never fun loving people to begin with. the human heart is deceitful and desperately wicked above all things. don't be fooled. but there is hope-Jesus. commit your life to him and he will change your heart.

        stop watching this CRAP on TV. stop yearning for it. little do you know you are feeding a desire you have inside-STOP FEEDING IT!!

        in the end, all knees will bow.

  25. The basis of a “traditional society” is the way it perceives its place in the cosmos as a link between the terrestrial and the divine. Conversely, the counter-traditional outlook and zeitgeist of a cycle is portrayed by “The Devil” Trump in the Tarot. Paul Foster Case provides a meaning of “The Devil” that is particularly relevant to this paper:

    "In its most general meanings, it signifies Mammon and thus big business, the conventions of society, the injustice and cruelty of a social order in which money takes the place of God, in which humanity is bestialised, in which war is engineered by greed masquerading as patriotism, in which fear is dominant. Students of astrology will have no difficulty in seeing how this corresponds to Capricorn, the sign of big business, and the sign of world fame."

    The most salient points for this paper are that the Traditionalist recognizes the triumph of Mammon over God and that this is personified by the centrality of business, and of material acquisition which becomes the social norm; the meaning of life. Indeed, under the money-based ethos the artist and poet might well be considered a parasite if s/he does not earn a living in a conventional manner, or alternatively does not compromise one’s aesthetic integrity for material gain as another part of the economic treadmill. Thus, in the Age of Matter, or the Kali Yuga as the Hindus call it, and the Wolf Age of the Norse, the arts become another commodity to be mass marketed and with a high turnover; a transience that is counter to the traditional conception of art.

    Another salient aspect of the Case description of the matter-bound Age is his mention of war masquerading as patriotism, but engineered by greed. Here again there is the dichotomy between the traditional conceptions of warrior duty and conflict which service Mammon. The difference is between that of the Knightly Chivalry of the Medieval era, where one fought for Faith and was, at least ideally, guided by an ethos; and the wars “engineered by greed masquerading a patriotism,” which are the wars we have witnessed in our current time. The final vestige of a chivalrous ethos probably manifested in World War I when enemy pilots buried the bodies of their adversaries with full military honours. Perhaps the most cogent way of explaining the traditionalist attitude towards battle is that of the dialogue on the dharma of the ksyatriya (warrior) caste of ancient India, between Krishna and Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita. Evola discusses the concept of the metaphysical warrior in some detail, drawing on such traditional outlooks. While a battle might be the bloodiest conceivable, under such chivalric élan, it is not fought in a cowardly or dishonourable manner. Hence, for example, one might cite the example of Napoleon being exiled and treated in an honourable fashion after defeat by the European alliance; a courtesy that does not seem to be much in evidence towards defeated foes in the present-day, when defeated political and military leaders such as Saddam Hussein, Milosovic and most recently Serbian General Mladic are hauled before mock trials under the nebulous concepts of “international justice”; a.k.a. the victor’s revenge.

    A third major concept mentioned by Case is the bestialization of humanity in the context of being bound by the base drives, and within the context of the primacy of commerce. “The Devil” enchains the human pair to matter. Like the “Devil” the human pair are depicted with tail and horns. This is suggestive of the esoteric belief in cyclic regression rather than lineal progression. The modern world is therefore, according to the Traditionalist perspective, not ascending upward toward the Godhead, nor toward manifesting the God within; but is in a downward spiral towards – metaphorically – “The Devil” – the master of our base drives which become dominate rather than being sublimated towards the higher goals as heralded for example by Nietzsche. As counter-tradition negates hierarchy based on cosmic perceptions, it also turns what in modern times has been referred to by psychologists as the “pyramid of human needs” on its head. Hence, the physiological drives that are normally the preoccupation of the human at their most fundamental level of existence, and which might continue to preoccupy one if chained to a cycle of drought, famine or some other such condition, become the ultimate purpose, rather than a transient phase at the most elementary level of existence. This regression takes place when a culture reaches its senile and decayed cycle. Whereas under “normal” – traditional – society, the individual fulfils his basic physiological needs as the means of being free to achieve something higher; in a counter-traditional, matter-bound society, material acquisition becomes the end in itself rather than as a means to an end. In the Medieval epoch, for example, the craftsman sought meaning in the striving towards excellence, fulfilling a wider social duty, to one’s guild, ones’ village, one’s community, one’s Lord, and ultimately one’s God. Medieval craft was therefore not economic drudgery, but a highly personalized and meaningful creativity.

    • I scanned this whole essay and was unable to find any moment where there was something to latch on to…… it appears as though this person copied and pasted from some very boring textbook

  26. All this sex and yet the ratings were still DOWN this year lol shows how much "power" the elites actually have these days. They did better having Lady Gag Gag carry their torch. Ariana's too childish to sell as Top Illuminati Queen and Nicki isn't as influential as they believe. All of these "stars" will be forgotten in 5 years or less unless they start making music for the greater good or the soul.

  27. VC do an article on Chris Brown. He had VMA pre-party where Suge Knight was shot and it was supposedly intended for him. His hair is blonde again mimicking the "Slimshady" character that Eminem popularized. He has a new album coming out titled X and on the cover there is an "X" over his face. Are the elites finally planning to "X" out Chris Brown?

  28. Thank you! I literally only watched this year's VMA's so I would be able to make the connections when this article came out. I instantly thought when I saw the iris background of the stage that it was either an "all seeing eye" or a camera lens, signifying ever present big brother, or some kind of nod toward heavily monitored police state (in light of domestic and foreign conflicts)

  29. They are trying to promote feminism as being half naked and dancing inappropriately. Instead, feminism is keeping your clothes on, gong to college, being successful and using your real money maker….your brain.

    • allhumanbeings on

      It's actually about equality. If a man can rap about their sexual conquests and assets then why can't a woman? If a guy does it he's a stud, if a woman does it she's a slut. Does that seem fair to you?

      • Says you? You sold out. If you're still even you.

        Entitlements is the problem. If a female wants to flaunt herself, she is not entitled to having everyone like her for it.

        Obstenibly, a female COULD flaunt herself AND be a doctor. Nurses biases or defying them only gets you what it gets you, nothing more.

      • Except the men aren't acting like pieces of meat to be used and discarded like prostitutes. They are the ones in control

      • allhumanbeings on

        You're kidding right? Take a look at bieber and one direction. All of them are pieces of meat being paraded around for the GP to drool over. The elites don't care about race and gender as long as they're pushing their agenda. But the women are the only ones being called names for their sexualities and how much they express it. Guys get a pat on the back and a "good job man!"

      • Two wrongs don't make a right. As women we should act the way we want to be treated, not devolve to a lower level. And that goes for all of us.

      • The elites prefer men.

        They take much more pleasure in objectifying men.

        That is why the female objectifying is so outlandish.

        They take more pleasure in people objectifying the women with hateful mentalities.

      • Reciprocal degradation should not be a cause for celebration. Men and women should be supporting and loving each other, not putting one another down.

      • You are falling for the trap, Part of these peoples ideology is to reduce us to the position of flesh bags with electrical impulses, which will make us a much more uniform workforce and less likely to dispute with one another. It isn't about fair, its about the preservation of cultures and ways of life that prevent the hegemony from coming up with uniform plans to control us, thus preserving freedom for all.

        Secondly, its pointless for a woman to be praised based on her sexual conquests because it is so easy for them to gain them. If i put a moderately attractive man and a moderately attractive woman on the street, each with a sandwich board that says 'FREE SEX' which do you think will get more offers?

        Thats right, the woman.

        There is higher value in things that are harder to achieve. If i do an objectively harder/more dangerous job, i get paid more. If i struggle longer, i get more praise. If i have to talk to you nice, take you out to dinner and listen to you say things i don't care about, and all you have to do is not be insane (Act kinda normal) and open your legs, I get to gloat more. It's how economics works, It's how humans work too.


        OK kiddo, good luck convincing every woman on the planet to act like some tribal and pretend the fact that they have something men want doesn't mean they should use it to gain anything.

    • You're partly right. Feminism is supposed to be about women choosing to be what they decide to be. It's just that some want to "promote" women to the class of whores. And people like it.

      • Not true. Men and women have different powers the problems arise when they begin to resent the facility whereby the other applies a specific power because it is advantageous by virtue of their gender. Once those types of conflicts arise, the magic of their love is diminished forever more.

    • Sorry but some females are saying because I don't dance provocatively, nobody else should.

      The latest 'brand' of feminism is the most middling. stands for nothing beyond career pride. still encourages you to value being liked above all else, which is not the model the feminist idols followed.

      • Feminism was dreamt up by the Roths and the Rocks and sold to the unwitting public via their pet projects. It was nonsense then and it is even more nonsensical now

    • Why would the ultimate goal be related to power and the generation of wealth? SUrely that implies that you are merely buying into their sordid value system rather than shifting the paradigm. How about a process which leads women towards becoming better human beings mothers educators etc.

    • So feminism is basically about being a corporate shill? Congratulations now you can slave away for the elites just like the humans with penises. Feminism as a practical idea has been socially irrelevant ever since the family monopolies of the west came into existence. The reason? Now you have an existential force exerting itself on society which only has one request; More slaves for the field. Every move made by 'feminism' has been a step that has balkanised the individual, which has in turn, strengthened the comparative unity of the elites.

      This is why we won't win. To many people seeing the world as a series of power plays for their own benefit, instead of looking at the bigger picture.

    • As a female i believe in freedom of speech and expression yet when they banned the word "BOSSY" it's so ridiculous cos they conceder it that the word "BOSSY" is disrespectful for women while these celebs / famous women who promoted to cut off "BOSSY" they are the ones who walk half assed naked showing no morals and you come and say BAN BOSSY? How can you want to share this mes if you don't use it ?Are you serious? Lol …so how can I take them seriously when these women who promoting it are not actually doing it smh

      • It is well established engineered dissonance. They have perfected it over the centuries and it is now failsafe from their point of view.

      • working for centuries for the cause with so much terror and the reign of the anti will last only 7 years?

      • If those are not chronological years such that we are used to, they could be seven very looooong years I am supposing. Many interpretations back this up.

    • Nothing clever about going to college these days is there? Especially when you consider the wider motives of the overlords in promoting and renewing their little hierarchical power structures

  30. Trying to tell them on

    yeah this was crazy and the first thing I noticed was an aerial view from above the stage which was made of 3 6s. They put it in plain site an because it's not hidden ppl think it's not real. Wake up ppl. Or hey stay sleep. Your choice, shid I ain't trying to be here when it go anyway

    • Well alright now! Preach then!! But really I don't hope people would take your advice and wake the heck up…… NOW!!

  31. ParacelsusPontifex on

    I did think it was kind of nice of Miley to bring the homeless guy out to the stage to bring attention to the plight of the homeless.

    It was even more striking in the fact that the guy was good-looking—-not the stereotypical "homeless person"—-saying in effect—-"this could happen to all of us."

    At least it proves there is more to Miley than just "sexualization of everything and drug use." And she was relatively well-dressed this time.

    Aside from that, I agree with VC's assessment completely.

    More Illuminati propaganda ritual.

    • whenisenoughenough on

      Maybe they were saying, this IS what is planned for all of us. Anyone humping an old married man on stage is not based in "nice". Even abusers exhibit "nice" behavior from time to time to keep you hooked. But even with that, maybe the message isn't so nice after all, if they are indeed saying this is what they have in store for us all. Try not to be so easily led. Look at the overall picture and be wary of the distractions.

      • allhumanbeings on

        Wheres your proof of that? Just because he's good looking doesn't mean he cant be homeless. You're just being biased and ignorant

      • he prefers to be homeless and prostitute himself "to all kinds of photographers" because he wants to be a famous model/actor rather than simply WORK for a home…

        as we know now. the whole story is as fake as were mileys face distortions while he was on stage.

        dude is just a wannabe-model miley used for making headlines.

      • Very accurate and works because the masses have a very superficial collective unconscious which judges upon the basis of perceptions rather than facts. I have seen it played out in the real world wrt multidisciplinary think tanks and other power structures.

      • allhumanbeings on

        So it's the females fault instead of the MARRIED man who doesn't know how to keep it in his pants for his wife?

    • bettyandveronica on

      Except that these people like to balance their evil deeds with good deeds. its part of their creed of hegelian dialectic and the dichotomy of black and white, like the checkered floor. Since Miley enacted an evil ritual (black), now she must balance it with a good one(white). Its just a balancing act. Its the same reason why the very wealthy give to charity then turn around and do evil deeds on the sly.

      • ParacelsusPontifex on

        I still think Miley is more of a typical Illuminati victim than delibrate "slave," but I do see your point.

    • It's extremely difficult for a young person to move from home and find a place to live in Southern California. If they are a student it's even more difficult if they chose not to apply for financial aid. Being successful in school, and making enough money to pay RIDICULOUS rent is a challenge for so many young people. It's not surprising to me that so many would be homeless if they choose to move away from home without thinking it through. I don't blame the parents either if their children choose to party and do drugs. They shouldn't be expected to tolerate that. I do believe in the "My house, My rules" approach once they turn 18.

    • It was a good move on her part to try and help the homeless, but this is coming from a young 21 year old that recently bought a 4 million dollar home in the very expensive neighborhood of Toluca Lake!

      • maybe she could buy a modest house for a homeless person and keep it in her name while she charges no rent if she really wants to help the homeless.

  32. Dajjal = Antichrist

    ‘…But I will tell you something which no Prophet has told his people.Verily he (Dajjal) is one-eyed and Allah is not one-eyed.’

    Prophet Muhammad

    The following signs are ascribed to Ali in the coming of Dajjal:[10]

    People will stop offering the prayers
    Dishonesty will be the way of life
    Falsehood will become a virtue
    People will mortgage their faith for worldly gain
    Usury and bribery will become legitimate
    There will be acute famine at the time
    There will be no shame amongst people
    Many people would worship Satan
    There would be no respect for elderly people

    • I was thinking the same thing, too.
      Marilyn wearing the sparkling dress and the same with Taylor.

    • Might be interesting to see with what politicians she is spotted with on private parties. A new round of elections is in preperation guys, don't forget, every some years you can make your uhm mark.
      This time it might be time for a true believer of all faiths. But what skin he wears is not important, don't forget that, too. Will she be the next one singing at inaugeration or whatever the show is called?

    • In her performance the backup dancers were wearing suits. Maybe the men in suits were representing presidents..

    • In her performance the backup dancers were wearing suits. Maybe the men in suits were representing presidents..

  33. Miley Cyrus was allowed to take a back seat at this years awards. It's almost as if her ''performance'' last year opened the gate to what we've seen this year, with even younger participants. It's interesting that there is a chakra located in the anal region that contains life force energy. Is this another message with all this dreadful twerking,?Are they offering up this vital energy to someone or something?

    • whenisenoughenough on

      Do you think your life force would be located near your backside? Or that that's what the people who oversexualize everything have told us?

      • it's actually pretty antique, the pelvic area of your body represents one of the most important chakras, how you connect to the world. if we had a root to grow, that's where it'd be (both metaphorically and truly)

      • Look up how the most important chakra is "opened up" to reveal higher wisdom – b.u.t.s.e.k.s.
        That's especially why the homosexual agenda is being pushed so heavily.
        St. Catherine of Sienna was told how the demons encourage the lust but even they turn in shame it is so abhorrent to the celestial reality.

      • Absolutely true. Remember that dis associative sequence in that Queen video; a depiction of homoerotic heaven. It is not what God intended for us. Every homosexual person whom I personally know has had drug or mental health issues (cue the entry of demons which can only be suppressed by more of the same once they have you and your spirituality is lukewarm at best). Women must never engage in those practices. I remember Steve Tyler's girlfriend Erin talking about how he prefers that and the fact that she also enjoyed it. Her face told a very different story. I would say that men who insist on that are unlikely to be as straight as they had you believe or else they cannot possibly love you if they wish to subject you to such treatment.

  34. Anyone look at this and think masculinity is being purposely ignored?

    All women performers.

  35. Yeah, I saw the 666 on the stage too. This year's VMA was just revolting.
    Time to can this crap, I think.

  36. Soldier of God on

    I could barely watch this travesty this year. I, too, was looking for the signs and symbols that are staples of these "ritualistic" award shows. What I found was appalling on a whole new level. I saw the entire thing as being totally women focused, sexualizing women and not celebrating them, while overemphasizing their body parts. The worst thing of the night was the obvious…..the grand master and mistress of the dark exposing their baby to this kind of evil. Blue Ivy watching the sexual displays but worse, watching her own mother do the things she did on stage, in front of all the impressionable young ladies who "idolize" this "woman" while barely dressed. Who, in their right mind would expose their child to that kind of thing and FEEL GOOD about it!?! No parent that I know. The end, when her "beloved" brought Blue Ivy on stage, made me seriously want to throw up. Beyonce's "tears" were so fake. What would be the purpose of those "tears" being shed just because her little girl was on stage for a second? They served no purpose UNLESS they were being shed because she knew Blue Ivy was being offered up as part of the bigger plan. Jay Z sure didn't look "happy" and "sentimental" and the poor child having to endure that whole display was just heart breaking. Satan uses beauty and innocence to lure his victims to the stake. He has a high price and unfortunately, many in this industry, as well as Hollywood in general, don't mind paying the piper with their souls and anything else that is required of them. Matthew 16:26, "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" Well, it's pretty obvious here, wouldn't you say?

    The other thing I noticed aside from all the sexual exploitation, was Miley Cyrus. Her "tears" were fake as well. You could see her straining to get them out for the "world" to see. What purpose? For a wanted man? For a convict that she was presenting to the world? They presented him as a "homeless" teen. I just want to point out that he CHOSE to leave home and live on the streets. He was not like the millions of teens, young adults and adults who find themselves without a home, job, family either from addictions, mental illness or part of the system. The truth ALWAYS comes out from behind the darkness and this person tried to gain "fame" because he wanted to be a model…..well, he hooked up with the right person to "handle" him and his upcoming "fame." Let's sit back and watch what happens now….Satan is on the prowl people so please make sure your "house" is in order and know where you'll be spending eternity. Satan is roaming around seeking whom he can devour and let's not forget he was God's lead angel of music, and the most beautiful angel God created. This is how he operates using beauty, sex, music and the influence of all the lies!! The rest of this spectacle called an awards show I pray doesn't influence too many because the songs were dark and sexual, the imagery was dark and sexual and as always, there is an agenda they push……this year was no different. God bless and seek His face!

      • ParacelsusPontifex on

        I do not……….

        I agree that Miley is a total Illuminati victim and "slave," but I think that underneath all of the evil there is at least an attempt to do good.

        I agree that it probably was not terribly succesful.

        But hey, I happen to feel sorry for her, just like I feel sorry for Britney. Both are waking tragedies. Only difference—–Britney has already been destroyed by her handlers—–Miley definitely will in the near future.

        Same for Perry.

    • I wish I could like your comment more than once. I agree with everthing. Only I don't thing Beyonce and J-Z felt bad about their child having to see this. They are already so brainwashed they don't know what they are doing. Don't think Bey' tears were about her child having to see it.
      Wow I am glad I a'm not 14 anymore and being influenced by this cr*p.

      • Soldier of God on

        Thanks everyone for the comments! @Ludivine, I definitely don't believe her tears had anything to do with her poor child seeing that evil permeating the stage all night. I sense she knew Blue Ivy is an "offering" J-Z is Beyonce's handler and they get that famous through obedience to their "god" which ISN'T THE God! Theyare brainwashed, conditioned and programmed and what a horrible price to pay for money, fame and possessions! They CHOSE this path and iI can only pray they find their way out! Something tells me the "king" and "queen" are in it for the long haul though!

      • I hope Blue Ivy we be saved one day from these 'parents', she is such a pure and innocent soul. It's heartbreaking to see.

      • Soldier of God on

        The innocent and pure ones have a special place in my heart and God's heart as well and this really broke my heart to see just as you said! Yes, I too pray that she is saved from this evil and from her so-called "parents." Before it's too late!

  37. Mind control is most effective when it is overt, with the willing acceptance and participation of the victims. The message was clear: the debauched now rule. Emulate, or be marginalized.

    It's great that we can spot what the Black Temple is up to… But are you going to do anything about it?

    • whenisenoughenough on

      The thing to do is simple: turn away, walk away, and don't give them another dime. Find some other things to look at, because this isn't even entertainment anymore. This simple thing will never happen though, because people are too brainwashed to turn on and trust the tv, and to look for songs to follow from an early age, and habits learned in childhood are hard to reexamine, which is what these people count on. Walk away en masse, and watch this garbage come to a rapid screeching halt. They cannot show us garbage if we all refuse to fund it any further.

    • It is up to every reader him or herself to do something with the knowledge. You make your choice, i will make mine and do it my way in my world.

  38. Have you seen the video to "Anaconda"?, it would be hilarious if the singer didn't take is so seriously. Well it's still pretty funny but only because it's so tragic. It amazes me that people pay for this nonsense. That Beyoncé, Ivy. Jay Zed thing is just upsetting.

  39. Truth & Light on

    these shows are much ado about nothing. I no longer watch tv, not even news. I know am missing absolutely nothing. I yearn for more…more spiritual food. I feel sorry for these women. Only viewed as a sex object. This is the definition of selling your soul, performing these sexual acts for the price of money and fame. Sad world. Ariande is barely developed. I dont want to know what goes n behind the scenes.

  40. I'm very very afraid for the pure soul that is Ivy. Her parents have been using her for media attention and more since her conception. It's certain that she'll, just like Willow Smith, be made to be an Illuminati princess. With one's mother being Beyonce, the pressure and demands on her will be the most traumatic the world will ever witness.

    All these swirling 666 incorporated on the stage and other decoration! Wow! Wake up world. Yes, we all have butts and genetalia, so do animals. It doesn't mean we have to behave as such. Correction: animals are behaving more humanly at the moment.

  41. ThoughtfulSkeptic on

    I don't normally comment on this site, because I am still not sure how I feel about all the information given here. I DO however always read the articles and consider myself fairly well versed on the Illuminati/MK Ultra theory. That being said, Ariana Grande really does come across very "barely there" If you know what I mean. If MK Ultra is real, she is clearly a victim. So sad. A while back I remember seeing a video of her covering Mariah Carey's Emotions and could not believe the talent. Not the same girl…..

    • Brain washed, programed or devoid of any personality? I'm not sure. She is pretty to look at, much like one might admire a good pedigree at the Westm!nster dog show. Semi-talented in her vocals, but completely lacking in any real stage presence. Kind of like a wind-up doll. The music industry clearly picks and chooses who their next super star is going to be. Genuine talent isn't a huge factor apparently.

    • MK Ultra themes are everywhere, how come the skepticism? You should direct your skepticism towards American's normalcy bias

    • I believe that ariana is entering in the mind control game and she already have another personality that comes on when she is on stage, all the MK ULTRA singers like beyonce or katy perry and nicki have multiple identity disorder because their front persona or her real persona is not ready to make those performances, LIKE how do you believe that katy made a ten month tour in 2011, POOR ariana i know that she doesn't know what does the music business really means.

  42. LOL At the caption under the photo of Blue Ivy.

    Anyone remember a few years ago Alicia Keys and What's-his-face brought their son (Egypt?). I remember wondering then why anyone would bring their kids. Can't afford a babysitter?

  43. While the artists are down with the occult elite, I highly doubt the pawns are smart enough to be able to read any occult literature and understand it. Take Katy Perry for example, saying she wished she was in the Illuminati club. Katy is a High School dropout and probably hasn't read a novel since. The majority of the artists probably have double digit IQs and I am going to leave it at that

    • True, all these celebs are just puppets. Elites can' t control a person who is aware. However, I don't think intelligence has much to do with it, just influence. Anyone can be put under the influence using drugs, hypnotism or other means. For example, I heard Kesha has a pretty high IQ. However, she clearly has been turned by the elites recently. Is it a coincidence that this change happened after she got out of "rehab"? I don't think so. I read somewhere that Katy as well as Gaga spent time in some type of mental home. Those could have been programming grounds.

  44. Well, I must confess that I was very, very aprehensive for Taylor Swift's performance… I am a big fan of her and was really afraid of seeing a presentation full of symbolism… Thanks God it wasn't!
    But sadly, I have noticed her clothes are getting shorter lately… She always was so classy with dresses and didn't used to show her body very much and was always praised about her clothes choice… And at this VMA, WTF was that romper almost showing her butt?? I know she's growing up and it's normal to change, but I don't feel wearing clothes like that is a Taylor thing, you know? I feel like they are changing her slowly, so people won't be surprised by the change… She has a very young fanbase, so parents won't notice the little changes and will allow their kids to keep being influenced by her (most like "influenced by the symbolism the elite will use her to push the agenda")… I feel so sad talking this, but I think it's a matter of time until Taylor be like Ariana, Miley or any other… :/

    • its also a form a brain-washing in hollywood to think that when you grow up, you become more seductive/sexual and the kids that follow your every move have no choice but to watch. Ariana, Miley, Justin Beiber for example. Those "now grown up stars" I just realized though.. Demi is one of the more respectable "now grown stars" Even though she went through some stuff and showed symbolism.. She doesn't even play at large events like the VMA's.. hmm…

  45. Ironically everyone thought Miley's performance was so rough last year
    but she never opened her legs even once

    This year it was like every big performer was opening their legs to promote the oversexuality

    The other underlying theme is rap music

    Ariana Grande- singer/rapper
    Jessie J- singer/rapper
    Nicki Minaj- singer/rapper
    Iggy Azalea- singer/rapper
    Beyonce- singer married to rapper

    They are basically all are associated with black rappers

    Taylor Swift is about the only singer that doesn't rap and is not dating rapper

    I would say Beyonce's Bow Down song has a lot of Illuminati undertones as they want us to bow down and worship them

  46. Anyone else saw the article posted on MTV's website "16 Concrete Examples That Totally Prove The Illuminatti Control The VMA's"??? Making fun about the real symbolism… ridiculing the truth, right? #nicetry

  47. I flipped passed it just as Beyonce performed. IMO, her daughter looked confused, like she didn't quite understand how to process all this. Occasionally she imitated her mother's hand movements which, while everyone else melted, I cringed. And I'm sorry but I noticed the slight push away when Beyonce leaned in to kiss her. She was not connecting with her mother the way social media blew it up.

    I immediately made a post about how everyone was praising her for this performance, yet no one questioned why that was OK in front of a 2yr old, and how we are constantly bashing girls online for imitating her, some even have their own babies in the background, but when she does it, it's art. Naturally, the Bey defenders chimed in and I was labeled a hater and broke b****h. But what disturbed me was how many people blew it off as no big deal. My own Aunt was like "there's worse things that could happen, she could be watching her mother smoke crack…" well then yes, if I have to choose between my mother smoking crack or twerking on a pole in a leotard, I choose the latter….One girl said "then you're taking about Janet, Madonna and Michael too, we all watched them. " yes, however I don't recall their 2yr old front and center…One guy said "but she's bringing in the billions, you're not." Well, as long as money justifies it.

    I'm sad for the kids growing up. I can't even stand my niece afterr she's watched a show or 2 on the Disney Channel. The sass meter is through the roof. The line between little girl and grown woman is far too blurry and their moms are complete empty shells, totally sleep to what's happening. Little boys are watching this thinking this is how girls and women are supposed to be. But God forbid you say something about it. These people defend their idols to the death…

    • Blue looked confused on how to act towards Bey. It was like she was trained to say what she did in the mic and that was it. She wanted to touch Bey's outfit but was afraid to reach out. Blue sees Bey as that "pretty lady on stage". Clearly Jay is the primary parent.

    • Truth & Light on

      Clearly blue is disconnected with Beyonce, most kids will stretch for momma. Not her. Same for Kim kardashian. Every pic with the child she is gazing at the paps not her kid. Sad folks.

    • OMG I thought I was the only one that picked up on the fact that Blue looked so disconnected with Beyawnce. I was thinking " is it just me or she is 1) not excited what so ever to see her mother & 2) did she just dodge her mothers kiss?!" Only time will tell with Blue..I do pray for her.

    • I also was shocked by the fact Blue Ivy was witnessing this. She is still so pure and they are making a slave of her as well. It's heartbreaking.
      Omg what stupid people who commented on your post. They are really sheeple. Like attacking you for saying something that is really truthfull and accurate. I also get those comment when I post things on FB about politic's media or as you did, MTV. Like last year I was critisizing Miley Cyrus and one girl said: 'Miley is just discovering herself. She is 21 and is experimenting. I just think that is really cool'. I thought REALLY: you think it's cool what Miley did? And being 21 is really no excuse.
      And you're right a lot of mothers are like emty shells.
      Mtv really influenced me in my teens, in a bad way I mean. I am glad I'm not like 14 or 15 anymore.

  48. Ariana's beta kitten alter is called Lil kitty. In an interview she was asked why she wears cat ears and she replied it was her alter ego.

    • so she has been split, huh… Beyonce said her alter ego Sasha helps her dance and hit notes she could've never hit. But Ariana's just… uh.. well, tries to be sexy.

      • Beyonce's alter ego was Sasha but she said Sasha has died. Meaning her handlers killed that alter and replaced with her new beta kitten alter yoncè

  49. No wool over my eyes on

    I am super disheartened by Blu Ivy being there. All i can say is i hope Jesus comes back when all the hollywood and music industry babies and children are still young and innocent and will sweep them up to love and purity and safety. I also pray that their parents turn their to Jesus so they can be with their children for all eternity in happiness and joy.

  50. This is "talent"? Excuse me while I throw up, then I need to go outside and get some reality.

  51. Explain to me what exactly is satanic about the kaballah, everything else is on point though.

    • There is nothing Satanic about the Kaballah in essence. It was Lucifer who taught the arcane knowledge to man for his own purpose & agenda, making it Satanic.

    • Ummmmm…yeah….. I wrote a post which has disappeared, but basically I said it had to do with what magicians throughout history have studied to be able to control inter-dimensional forces (sic. demons) to do their bidding. John Dee used it and many other magicians hold it in high regard because, supposedly its a method to access other dimensions and realms. Especially demonic ones.

  52. †disciple† on

    The only part I saw was the huge Beyoncé part. Beyoncé has truly reached the level of a top witch. She seduces millions, using the power of demons. The real kicker is when she thanked "god" at the end. Honestly, I noticed the same thing…ass shaking. Nothing else.

    God help us.

  53. As a classical music buff, I have to laugh at the mindless idolatry of pop "musicians" and pop "music" fans who clearly have no idea what qualifies as music.

    As a student of Bel Canto voice technique, I have to laugh at most of these "singers" who clearly can't sing, and are utterly dependent upon electronic amplification to be heard.

    Thank god the classical music world remains largely uncontaminated by Illuminati mind kontrol.

    • What about those violin players that sexualize their clips and covers to attract an other audience? Even on this VC there are examples. In Holland we have a pianoplayer obsessed with Disney, and a female operasinger that uses networks (you know wich i mean) to finance her carriere. And it works – sold lots of albums and tickets…
      And, the knowlegde about the effects of sounds and musical melodies is well known for over centuries. Popmusic is just today's form, classical music and it uses (ballet anyone?) did it just the same. Don't forget there were live actors making ambience too, often during recitals.
      You opened your eyes, now train them to broaden the view. I should know – am devolopping myself and mine as well …

  54. EmpathyStrikes on

    Every single one of the women performances were degrading, disgusting, and downright immoral. These women have turned women liberation into a mockery and cast dishonor to women that took the female agenda seriously. People did not fight for individual rights, civil-rights, human-rights, women-rights and children-rights to be dehumanized in this manner. Individuals actually died, shed blood, to have these rights. Its shameful and hurtful to see this type of behavior in 2014'. Someone mentioned previously, 'Everything good is bad and everything bad is considered good,' in today's society. Yes, it appears to be true. But, remember God is on our side. The Truth shall prevail. We have to continue to fight the Dark side. Remember the Light. God is at the end of the tunnel! Peace!

  55. There are plenty of young artists today who are truly talented and who are not over-sexualized. Laura Marling, Birdy, Amy LaVere and Jessica Lea Mayfield are the names of just four. Please check them out on Youtube. You'll like what you hear.

  56. These music awards shows keep getting worse and worse. I don't watch them on TV, but I can clearly see what goes on with this website. They seem very low class, and sleazy, very low IQ, very evil. This isn't beautiful art, but is very embarrassing.
    Anaconda video seemed to represent Satan or Lucifer in the garden of Eden as a snake (phallic symbol). In the background, you can see Lucifer flying in the sky, then it morphs on the tree as a monkey creature, possibly representing man? The whole video seems like a tropical themed adult video. I'm surprised that this is allowed on TV. I find it depressing, to think this is considered entertainment.

  57. The FEMINIST sign was downright insulting. That is sad that they are teaching girls that what we witnessed was feminism. If they just said STRIP SHOW I would be less offended. Call it what is IS.

    • The take home lesson which has emerged from feminism for the majority of women is exactly what Bey represents in a more extreme form. Ordinary women over sexualise themselves in exactly the same way but because their currency will only take them so far, this usually involves trying out a number of sexual relationships before marriage which may well be before small g god for all their spirituality amounts to. Chasing aggressive promotions, drinking men under the table, leaving childbirth to later such that it almost becomes an afterthought or post burn out element of their adult lives rather than a principal part of it, then complaining incessantly because they're too old to enjoy the ride or even because they are sold on the engineered brand of equality they were fed which begins proving it's limitations.

      • Not for 'the majority of women' but for the most vocal of them or the ones who get the most airtime.

        Others are just so glad to get a university education and an opportunity to contribute to the world academically or in industry and are conscious that had they been born decades before or in a different part of the world/country or socioeconomic bracket and had women (and men!) who had come before them not fought for it, they wouldn't had a choice. (And still not equally paid!)

        Yes, some complain later but, again, the most vocal ones. The squeaky wheel…. and all that.

        >> Chasing aggressive promotions
        made me laugh, for some reason

      • And that's exactly what TV teaches us to do, right? I grew up watching Friends and seeing it all as normal, but now I can see how people are behaving like this because they are trained to be this way. But I'm sure Feminism has nothing to do with being a w.h.o.r.e, it should be about respecting yourself and your body.

  58. I'm a huge fan of Beyonce's but I think it was very inappropriate to have Blue Ivy watching her performance, especially 'Drunk In Love', 'Partition' and 'Bow Down'. Also, the Robin Williams tribute was so insincere. Better off not showing it at all. And just wondering if Iggy Azalea underwent the same 'barbie-doll' type make-over that Nicki Minaj was given because her curves seem almost out-of-proportion. No offense if she actually is naturally voluptuous. It's just that you don't know anymore these days. As for Ariana, it's so obvious the industry was going to snap her up and devour her the second she stepped on the scene. She's the second coming of Mariah Carey for goodness sake's. As we can all see, Mariah is being slowly phased out of the spotlight so that Ariana can take her place. One of these days they're going to have some sort of 'torch-passing' ceremony which will be so demeaning and humiliating to Mariah and seem very insincere. It's only a matter of time. Nicki's gotten rid of the wigs and ridiculous outfits. No she needs to create music that reflects her more refreshingly natural look.

  59. The mixed messages of feminism, and sexual objectification, makes me question the whole anti feminist movement. I know lana del rey is a subscriber of this theory. I'm not a fan of the man hating narrative, but I think its a mistake to undo all the work done to create a respectful environment for some women to live, millions still don't have that luxury. Are they really just saying that women don't need to protect them selves and every other woman from oppression anymore, find your power by enhancing your fat ass, slut it around a bit, revel in your power to bewitch all whose eyes rest on your distorted man made butt and smile sweetly as if there is nothing to see here. This is soft core mind manipulation porn, designed to mess with the morals and values of the youth

    • Yeah, I definitely don't subscribe to the man-hating feminist rhetoric of the 70's, but I can't stand the modern feminist "Being-Slutty-is-Powerful" dogma either. My thing has always been equality for all humans across the board

    • I agree that there is an agenda to create an anti-feminist movement. Without the support system to gain equality, we will never achieve it and will always be at the mercy of men.

      Feminism IS a movement that works towards equality for everyone; however, it needs the focus on female oppression to ensure specialists in this field are dedicated to this cause. Ie; human rights lawyers etc.

      Women make up half of this world's population and we are not even close to being on par with the other half and I blame Beyoncé as well as Madonna for taking us down a notch.

    • Their brand of contrived equality is a trap into which most thinking people will gladly fall. Men and women are not equal. Their power is different, not interchangeable. It applies in the well studied environment of the boardroom as well as in the hidden power structure of the occult elite. A woman who rises to prominence in the boardroom would have delegáted out part of her life role to wage slaves who don't actually care for her children as human beings. Women cannot uphold aggressive competition at work without transferring it across into the home environment because once they are denatured they require reciprocal outlets in order to maintain balance. Men who delight in the fact that they are dominated at home and shrug off being put in their place are pathetic beings usually raised by feminists and libertarians.

    • feminism was never meant to be "man-hating" or hating on anybody, for the idea behind feminism to work (idea being: women not being discriminated against just for being women – simple really) means that both men and women need to understand and subscribe to it, this isn't a one-sided fight.

      this twisted version of feminism and the overall confusion orchestrated around the meaning of feminism is being used to both keep women and men down. it's selling women on the idea that using their sexuality is the way to get ahead, and its telling men to feel free to use women for their sexuality because thats what they want anyway! this really all comes down to the relationships between men and women. it's not about us vs. them, its about how can men and women live and work together in a way most harmonious and beneficial to all? sadly feminism, like so many things related to women in this world, has just been turned into exploiting sex – things have actually gone backwards.

      women didnt start demanding more rights because they were sad that men got to screw as many people as they pleased and wanted that same right – somehow men turned that into the reason, so that now its even easier for guys to screw as many people as they please with no repercussions and many young women became convinced having tons of casual sex is also good for them. that's where feminism got perverted – the point never was for women to sink as low as some sex-crazed men, or for women's sexuality to be the basis of who they are. now it doesn't seem to matter if you say you support feminism or are anti because it all comes down to the same thing – flaunting your sexuality. its sad that women have had to face this kind of oppression for so many years, but that is the nature of our gender – men can naturally dominate us in that aspect – so as I said, it really comes down to both sexes to make a world of mutual respect and equality work.

      • "women didnt start demanding more rights because they were sad that men got to screw as many people as they pleased and wanted that same right – somehow men turned that into the reason, so that now its even easier for guys to screw as many people as they please with no repercussions and many young women became convinced having tons of casual sex is also good for them."

        Thank you! Well articulated and what I want to howl at some of my peers and all-caps write in some of the lady blogs I read.

  60. SMH I swear the music industry today has bred a stupid generation. It's not only embarrassing but scary to see the direction this world is heading into. It honestly hurts my heart because the past generation really failed us.

  61. Besides the fact that the music industry is without a doubt in the outhouse, and the music is not only gross, but really endlessly pathetic repetition, it is beyond comprehension that anybody considers this junk quality music, or even entertaining. It has to say something about people's minds either being destroyed of all morality, or controlled by years of brainwashing in public school, fixation on TV and movies, and whatever else the Illuminati have cooked up to destroy us.

    As an aside, symbolic of the loss of brain cells in the sheeple, is the fact that a huge butt is considered sexy. What's that all about. It looks deformed or a body part of an extremely obese person.

  62. yea, i caught a glimpse of that. If you look at Nikki's and Beyonce's eyes, they're the same too. I know i should'nt have hope for anyone THAT famous but it actually hurt my feelings to gradually see ariana change from an innocent girl singing on youtube and victorious to, wherever you see her she's wearing less and less clothes to coming out of a triangle spaceship on the VMA's. I was kinda hoping this wouldn't happen to her as soon as she released her first single. It's not surprising but… damn….

  63. Comment Submitted on

    If you would look closely to Beyonce's bodysuit, the baphomet head was designed right at the center of her outfit.

  64. it was boring and all the performers were awful. Its hilarious how all these people worship Beyonce and treat her like a God, give me a break!! she is an hypocrite.
    A few years ago she was singing that "nasty girl" song with Destiny´s Child telling women not to be trashy and to respect themselves, now she performs almost naked , dancing on a stripper pole in front of her daughter. You call that feminism?? lol nonsense!!

  65. 5 years from now when the implants start to leak and infect the body it won't seem so cool to have a big fake butt. Google butt implants gone wrong and you'll understand. A cheap injection can literally eat your skin away in time.

  66. Why do girls get oversexualized so much but not guys?? I really admire ariana as a singer though. Her voice is so beautiful and her first album was amazing. Now this second album though she really started revealing her body more and more. She went from classy to revealing so fast

    • hmm because the shaping dark forces behind all this are only men?
      because women are easier to manipulate?

      ever seen a bunch of crying hysterical boys as audience of a girl band?
      just loose thoughts and guesses.

      • no because men are easily manipulated. have you seen many women becoming hysterical because they see people in nude. complete apathy and walk away. men on the other hand if they have a glimpse of some flesh, they go mad.

      • a man who goes hysterical over a women gets no play, unless it's out of pity. men might have the ID that would go hysterical, but women have the ego that bends over backwards to please.

      • Does it matter whether it's the id or the ego that is losing it? It sounds like you're saying my weakness is more manly than yours.

      • Hysteria? What is this, 1890? Well, the cure was supposed to be or.gasm so maybe there is not such big a difference.

      • We are all under the influence of the indoctrination, men and women: we have been given a belief system through education, media, entertainment, science, religion, fashion, consumerism, even the concepts of good and evil. Debating who's easier to manipulate is pointless, we are all together in this.

      • No we are not uniformly the same. If such a thing existed as the Handlers Handbook the best techniques for manipulating men and women would certainly be confined to separate chapters. We are not the same in any sense and we do not respond in the same way to the same stimuli. We have different powers and energies which are both of interest to the mass manipulator but any technique which attempted to capture these simultaneously using a single strategy would not make a dent.

    • It's a great question and the answer likely lies in the reason to why female shamans always been persecuted? Anyone know when oppression started and why?

      • The creative capacity and the connection with the Source is associated with the feminine. The trap in which humans live nowadays in this dimension has been constructed under masculine patterns but to succeed , they needed to downplay the feminine, that's why women have been purposely marginalized through history. The "awakening" is somehow a reconnection with our feminine part, that's the reason why there are often more women than men interested in these kind of subjects (awakening, spirituality, unicity, etc.). Many ancient traditions were matriarchal societies.

    • Because;
      Most of MK slaves are women, because of their tolerance to pain. That's a reason. In the other hand they want the guys to be pervert.

  67. Why God don`t stop this satanic Horror? The Answer is…

    God is the other side of the devil = 296 = 8x 37.

    37+37+37 = 111

    To 9/11: It was week 37, Longitude 74 (2x 37), and after this desaster 111 days to the New Year. 555 days later begins the war on iraq on march 20. 2003 on 3.33 (MEZ).

    JFK: His time as president was 1036 days, or 28x 37 days. Number 37 is the key for the real Matrix and one of the Tools of satanic rituals.

    Only the masses with a good heart can stop this Terror. This is our Mission. the good god is not the Lord of this world. AWAKE!

    Sorry for my bad english, i am german.

    P.S. to NSA: You can work like the devil and worship satan, but you will fall. Greetings from LOUXCIFR

  68. very powerful article. if those "seal of the industry pawn"-pics alone dont open your eyes you are dead already.

    watched this today (not really, it was muted on a screen to my right and i glanced over from time to time) and was literally SMH nonstop. every time i looked i saw an ass or spread legs.

    grande, minaj, jessie j are really a weird trio. a man-woman a ghetto stripper and… a cute little girl. dressed like a stripper too. srsly wtf. the comments about her from the host couldnt be more obvious- this is all about LOLITA fetish (read nabukovs lolita or watch the 2 movies by same name, preferrably the old one from kubrick).

    beyonce, as usual, only in a bathing suit with high heels (a 20year career without ever wearing pants lol) was doing her usual vulgar choreography. why it went on forever, hell i dont know. had to laugh about her theatralic
    "mtv! welcome to my world!" -girl, your "world" is actually a stage paid by mtv…

  69. Quote: Last year’s VMAs were all about Miley Cyrus acting like a fully programmed Beta Kitten.
    I disagree with the above statement . It should be, : " Last year’s VMAs were all about Miley Cyrus acting like a SLUT."

  70. I am disappointed with the so called role models. What are they trying to teach our children and youngsters of today. It's impacting negatively on our children and fans of the same artists. Where have the artists left their morals. I guess we need to sensitise the general public on how certain things we meet in the media impact our morals and lives in the long term.

  71. The atmosphere is just so evil that I wouldn't even be surprised if uncensored nudity was approved, or at least see-throughs.

    Good thing I don't listen to any of that crap no more due to the dark filthy meanings of every lyric in every song that I hear.

  72. Any parent that would allow their child to watch this show or the MTV network should be jailed for sexual abuse of their child. Hey parents considering many of these whacked people get started in children's programming, perhaps you should stop letting your kids watch TV completely. These people are disgusting and warped and they are entering your children's minds through the boob tube.

  73. And the nominees for the best Female Video are:

    Beelzebub's Queen Bey – for Partition (Between Hell and Earth no doubt)

    Lorde's Shout Out to Lords and Royalty "Royal"

    Katy Perry and Triple 666 Mafia's Juicy J with "Dark Horse" (NachtMare) or otherwise known as "How many NightMare Demons can I release into your Living Room through your TV Set"

    Ariana Grande Featuring Iggy "I Sell Ya" – with "Problem"atic Disney Teen Sell-Out Slaves

    Iggy I Sell Ya featuring Charlie XCX (Who?) – with "Fancy" way of Selling Mindless Materialism to young impressionable women in classroom settings.

    And the Vampire Music Award goes to—–"So I Sold My Soul To The Devil" Katy Perry….. Will Triple 666 Mafia's Juicy J please escort Ms. Perry to the Triple 666 Winners circle

    • Charli XCX stands for MotherF*****C***Mother******……..a young girl like that, smh……She is a songwriter, she wrote "I love it" for Swedish band Icona.

      • Yeh I looked that up. First photo result from my research into her name is her with an Eye Patch covering her eye. Didn't take me but one accident to discover her loyalties truly lay in the arms of Lucifer. As for her name and what XCX stands for, that is still up in the air, I don't believe the various explanations revolving around expletives. Especially now that I have heard two different explanations, one is yours, and the other one is similarly constructed cuss word combos from some of her magazine interviews. She clearly doesn't want to answer this question when she is asked. I imagine we should literally read in between the lines, and assume that the C is supposed to be Masonically framed within the two X's

  74. When I saw the commercial that says "Are the VMAs controlled by the illuminati? You decide…" I was so shocked! Definetly they are playing with our minds.

  75. Lion of Omega on

    Uh…. why no mention of Miley Cyrus's "homeless guy"?

    Other than that, fairly average article. I think the reason the occult stuff was kept on the "DL" is because they know that "we" are watching them, hence the "all seeing eye". So they had to put their concentration on the sexual stuff while leaving out the blatant occult themes, other than "the eye". Overall it was a fairly uneventful and even "boring" spectacle. The one thing I was left with, not that I watched all of it, was that…as VC mentioned, the cast of characters were limited to a small group of choice "stars". What perturbs me the most, as usual, are the willfully ignorant fans/audience members.

    A shame about Jesse J….she seemed rather decent on Britain's The Voice. Even cool. As for Demi Lovato doing the one-eye symbolism, let's try to remember that some celebrities, even these days, are UNAWARE of the conspiracy and are UNwitting puppets. Of course many ARE willfully complicit, though not all of them are.

  76. I knew this article was coming. The performances are a series of rituals to capture and harness the energy of the viewers and the audience who are in the stadium, which gives the performers more "power" so to speak and attracts the demonic negative energies or demons/jinn/evil entities(Call them whatever you like), which they feed off of and as a result, gives them more "power". Also what is interesting is that I said this ages ago, that Ariana Grande is going to be the Music Industry new sex kitten, she is going through her "Good girl gone bad stage as we speak and then she will transition in to a Beta slave…..I can't believe the kabbalah tree in her music video. Im sure I have seen her wearing that red string bracelet. She is also covering her eye with a five pointed star (Pentagram) Also Nicki Minaj with her reptilian skin (& her lovely fat a.r.s.e. and t.i.t.s lol), Thanx for the pics VC 😉

    • this theory about using energy of the fanatic audience is really interesting. i often think about the potential of 1000s of people focusing on one thing. what could be achieved, mentally or in any other way!?

      1000s of people, worshipping a fellow human on a stage as if he/she was a higher being.
      almost like the people in a church…

      i would like to know more about this energy-theory. any links?

      • Hi Austrian, I don't have any links but what I can tell you is that EVERYTHING in the universe in energy. Look up the Triangle of Manifestation, which a lot of these celebs display with their hands and people think "Oooh its the illuminate pyramid". Yes. Triangle / Pyramid – Pyramids have specific elements that can blend space and time and which are the most famous pyramids we all know of?……Exactly. Even the aspect of Energy and Architecture. A lot of monuments are built on energy points on the earth and are built using pyramids along with domes, octagons, pillars cubes etc. This is because they channel and radiate energy. Satanism is based around the manipulation of consciousness and energy…coincidence? I don't think so. Its like Albert Einstein said, "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it" and of course Einstein was Jewish and therefore I believe he understands this concept very very well.

      • thanks mate, every hint helps! the description for "triangle of manifestation" as found on (for all it may interest):

        "This is a phase that indicates the principle of magical manifestation. This basic principle is rooted in the number of three. It is a metaphysical belief that in order to manifest something, three components must come together. These components are time, space, and energy. The functioning of the components is such that if a time and a space are selected into which energy is directed, a manifestation will occur."

        i cant help but compare this to a computer program. we are AIs (artificial intelligences, like persons u meet in a computer game, created by a designer) who happened to have found the programming code with which the programmer designed the game… with which you can spawn things and even change the rules of this… simulation. just a weird thought.

        so at least i start to realise now that all those pyramid symbols we see are NOT necessarily about the egyptian ones! though there is a connection between egyptians and jews- the moses story.

        but i bet those people "up" there behind the scenes are no egyptians… :-)

      • Yes, the people "up there" (Luminari/Elite/TPTB) are Luciferians/Satanists. You see we are governed by laws of the universe, which god has created but the Satanists understand this concept very well, hence the law of reversal which they follow and these luciferians manipulate these laws to their advantage by opening portals, creating stargates, mega rituals etc. Also in regards to the number 3, 3 is a very important number in the occult – It symbolises The Holy Trinity & when these celebs die they die in 3's…..

  77. I don't get it. The audience was mostly full grown "adults." if I was in that audience, listening to those lame, disgusting, uninspiring, and down right stupid lyrics I would personally feel lame, disgust, uninspired, and stupid. A full grown adult should have way bigger ideas to focus on then sex. And this isn't just sex. It's completely debased sex. The audience should be ashamed of themselves.

    Also, who decides who wins these "awards?" is it really something to be proud of? Is it really worth anything more then a trophy a 2nd grader wins for simply playing on the soccer team (which every single child receives)?

    Thus whole "show" is not something any adult would be proud to attend. They would be outcasts if we lived in the real world. But not too many people care to see the true spectical (sp?) of nature and wonder and complexities of even the most simple creatures and plants that fill our planet and interact with each other. Not to mention simply take a few moments to ponder the vastness of our universe and the tinyness we are in comparison. That thought in itself is mind blowing. Not some lowlife shaking bum under fancy lights. Come on people. Se the beauty. Turn from the ugly.

    • I agree. I have been living out at sea for the last fortnight, I return to cyber world, it does not seem that I have missed a great deal

    • Good point that the awards shows are unnecessary. Even better point that no normal adult would attend or enjoy them in person. Question is, why entertain in your home something that you couldn't stand for in real life? (This is a general question about entertainment I am posing to anyone.)

  78. Do they perform sexual rituals to replace Baphomet's spiritual essence with some artifical water reptilian creature (Beyonce's" Drunk in love" video and others).And what means when they point to their nose and left eye at the same time.

  79. The Parents Television Council asked the VMAs to tone it down this year. Instead, they sexed it up AND Bey and J brought their kid! It's like they were saying, sorry people, we do what we want and this is what your kids are going to see. You can read about the Parents Television Council – they have a website. They released a great press statement about the VMAs.

  80. Plus, people are always saying to parents,"If you don't like it, turn it off. Don't let your kids watch." But, by bringing their child, they were saying, "Let your children watch! Go ahead, it's OK, we brought our kid! This is appropriate for children to watch." That's the message I think they were giving. And then the homeless guy. How many thousands of kids are homeless n Hollywood? How many are being abused and exploited? Why are we pushing sexuality on kids then? Did anyone else get the mixed message here?

  81. Oh my god, you guys!!!! I didn't even notice the irony that Blue Ivy was there watching that filth. I recognized the overly sexual performances but I didn't connect that a child was held up to be celebrated in the MIDST of it!! I got sucked into the magic spell and just thought it was cute that she was there!! Be careful, y'all, you can fall asleep again!!!

  82. fatbottomedgirls on

    Anyone notice how all the famous big butted women were there and highlighted? Minaj, Kardashian, Iggy and even the old JLo. LM(Big)AO!!!

  83. I hate when people say Beyonce is a feminist. She isn't almost naked because she is showing some kind of empowerment like her fans seem to think. Every trashy female performer is doing that, because they have nothing else to offer. She does that for attention and because she thinks otherwise people won't notice her that much. She seems to enjoy being forced into being oversexualized and public expects that kind of behavior from female singers. You can be sexy with class but those performers don't have it. They just show females as sex objects. I hate that people don't think Beyonce's performance was unnecessarily vulgar, lackluster and overall boring. Just because she shows her crotch I'm not going to cry from excitement. But I guess they are used to low quality and all those trashy performances don't help.

      • Yeah, and it's nothing special. She may sound better than today's singers, but that isn't saying much. The great voices like Whitney, Mariah, Sarah Vaughn, etc are long gone. Beyzelbub is the best of the worst.

        So like Xqq said, she has nothing else to offer.

      • Hahah exactly, Queen Bey is Beelzebub's Queen, and their mind controlled slaves are the Beyhive. Jehovah is just her escort. Perhaps Obama is Beelzebub, Lord of The Flies. He has been pictured multiple times with Flies resting on the center of his Forehead.

      • D D d period red on

        Sorryyyyyyy, i plussed by mistake. Never liked the voice. Hate it even, from time to time. I prefer her whispering to the shouting.

  84. The more this kind of behavior is promoted by celebrities, the more the masses will grow to accept it and consider it normal. These people have become role models for adolescents and, quite tragically, children worldwide which is plain wrong. What have they done to be considered idols for this generation, other than taking their clothes off, using autotune and being puppets of a cruel industry? Shouldn't a role model be the exact person that goes against the current of degradation – moral, sexual, social, steps up and makes an actual difference? Because that is the kind of role model we desperately need today. Unfortunately, you hear people say Michael Jackson was a pedophile, Kanye West is a modern poet and Beyonce is an upstanding example of feminism . Take note, ladies – if you take dress provocatively, spread your legs and sing about sex, then that is an act of empowerment, because you have control over your own sexuality. *facepalm* For crying out loud, this year's VMA's was a celebration of sexuality in its dirtiest, most degraded form, yet no one bats an eye because it has become normality. I wonder what else will be considered a normality in the following years. Pedophilia, maybe? The thought makes me cringe.

  85. Finally I knew I could count on VC!. For the last.few days I have been saying how crazy that Beyonce performance was and even crazier that no one has called her out for having her daughter watch her stripper show. Like if she was a normal woman child services would have been called on her. I didnt really watch the whole, as it was on at work. But I tell you when she performed with her acceptance speech or I should say Jayz I was completely uncomfortable. Its one thing to sellyourself but now you are selling your daughter and pimping the word feminism?? I just cant with her and her paricular brand of "bread and circus" for the largely unemployed, racially uneasy and struggling with crippling debt and illness masses.

  86. As a girl in my 20s, even the first time I heard the song Anaconda, it made me feel very insecure about myself, because I don't have a big butt like Nicki & what if my boyfriend starts to find me unattractive? It's so crazy how easily they can manipulate our minds!

    • Good on you for catching that manipulation! They are trying to make you insecure. They've been doing this to beautiful, stunning girls since the dawn of media. When I was your age, it was all about having a small butt. I cried when I grew hips.

      Don't give into it, turn off your tv, close those magazines and never worry about not being good enough, ever again.

      These ladies on the television are not beautiful. They are man-made, blow-up dolls for no purpose other than to be desired and they are missing the point. What you are seeing is sex not love. You are seeing a basic instinct catered to without the depth of commitment and relationship. It's empty and unfulfilling and that is the path they are trying to promote.

      Enjoy your 20's and take care of your mind, body and soul because that is what will serve you. Not the size of your butt 😉

      Much love,

    • @Girl2014, I totally get it. I'm also in my twenties, and I guess I was really influenced by what I call the Jennifer Lopez era. It means a big butt is more inportant than everything else. In the 80's and 90's the emphasis was more on breasts. It changed when JLo became really famous, so I understood (I heard this on (again) a television program). I really noticed in high school and university how all the guys were looking at girls butts. And I guess that was really influenced by MTV and media. That was really difficult. I have always been insecure about not having a big enough butt (that sounds weird lol), and always struggled with my body.
      But now I'm more like, whatever, don't want to waist time on this anymore.

      • most people are stressed because their rears are big in relation to their bodies. we don't all like big bums and who are they to persuade us they look good? at the end of the day if you are born with a biggish one, try to accept it but to pay to obtain one, oh no way.

      • I am really surprised to hear that they were looking upon the basis that a big butt is desirable, especially at university. The irony is that Kim K started the trend but if you ever saw her in the flesh, you would immediately notice that she is rail thin and even if her butt is slightly out of disproportion, it is still a miniature big butt which would fit into any Size 2. Those photos are exaggerated. She has always been that way and no doubt many of the others too. Perhaps butts are getting bigger as a result of extreme high protein diets which have became all the rage in the last decade such as paleo and (prior to a death toll emerging), Atkins. If you would like a bigger butt, Ludivine, you can work with a PT to achieve it but if you then changed your mind, it would be tricky to convince those muscles that you never wanted it in the first place and the big butt rather than the small butt would become your default mode when your workout regime slipped up.

      • tbh i don't care about bums, however it's pathetic that they are trying to manipulate all of us into considering kim a beautiful woman. we don't all have the same taste and not everyone finds her attractive. very sexual and vain yes, but beautiful nah.

  87. Miley did something beautiful. The rest of tbe show was based on sex and money, but can we at least give her a little credit? Who cares if her tears were fake! Mine werent because I thought it was a real act of selflessness for once andnaybe she is trying to change. This website is good, and usually on point, byt maybe there is a goid reason why artists tend to give into pressure….when they do the right thing , they are torn down and then we go right back to paying attention to Bey's glutes!

    • The homeless guy Miley picked is apparently homeless by choice and was also recently arrested… The police had been looking for him for a while. I think she picked him because she thought he was young and decent looking, and it was another way to get attention (at least more positive attention compared to last year). Im not saying its all bad because I think it is important to raise the issue of homelessness and poverty (especially among youth), but Im just unsure of her intentions.

  88. If you pay close attention to Beyonce's performance you can she her switch between alters. During the part where she was on that chair(I don't know whats it called) before partition a giant eye flashes and she is in the middle of it. After this she switches into the yonce alter to perform partition you can she the change in her eyes and her voice is lower. She also changes before bow down when she throws her head back and forth. At the start and end of the performance she was in her main alter

  89. tropicofsagittarius on

    Although I have no personal experience in this, when you sell your soul you only experience temporary bliss. This is true throughout history, from John Dee to Crowley to Robert Johnson and the MTV pawns today — the bill comes due, and sooner than expected. I think that's why the music industry is so desperate to push younger and newer stars. You see Lady Gaga and others are old news even though they've already been around a few years.. Jay-Z is looking miserable and a bunch of these other stars like Bieber, LaBouef and Miley Cyrus have crashed and burned recently. Unfortunately there is always a new cast of dupes ready and willing to take their place. Enjoy your 2 years of fame, at the expense of a normal life.

  90. In about 1998ish there was a TV show special called something to the effect of "World's Most Banned Commericials." (or at least banned in the US)

    The main reason the commercials were "banned" was because all of the sexual innuendo. I remember one of the commercials was advertising something (deodorant??) that made you so strong that some dude was doing pushups, without his hands. I remember being very surprised and disgusted at the imagery. Obviously most of it was just gross (on the level of your 5th grade classmates during health class), but it really did little to highlight the products except leave you with a nasty reminder of it in your head. Like shoes (Dr. Maartens??) that somehow involved urinals.

    My browser was having its usually conniptions showing images, but I did read parts of this article and the comments earlier yesterday, so I knew what to expect. Or so I thought. Turns out, there is very little to prepare one for the sight of spread eagle human female legs on stage display, surrounded by garish colors and sparkles. I saw this exact image in several chinatowns, and in Montmartre right around Sacre Couer Basilica in Paris. At least those street displays had the decency to include a string of X's to warn unwary visitors.

    Unlike those "banned" commercials, this was a prime time production with toddlers in the audience. But I have to admit, those commercials were almost mild compared to this.

    I just remembered something else. The very first time I saw one of those spread leg signs over a building in a chinatown area, the legs were posing skyward with a big eye between holding them together. Being much younger it took me a few seconds to realize what the building was advertising. But now I wouldn't be too surprised to see one in the same place on that stage, or one coming soon.

  91. It was such a coincidence that the whole show revolved around programmed sex kittens and the show ends with Blue Ivy on stage. It was like MTV planned it that way to say well here's the industry's future sex kitty, Blue Ivy. Just like mommy.

  92. I am unsure as to why posters cannot appreciate why Gaga appears to have bowed out of the satanic pr game or why Miley is being portrayed as compassionate all of a sudden. It would be all too easy if we were presented with clean cut caricature satanists. We are meant to notice their redeeming qualities and in turn, we are meant to suppose that like ourselves, they are part victim part accomplice. It creates stronger identification and is ultimately designed to push his further away from the righteous way of living. It is merely a different combination of strings being pulled by the puppet masters you cannot see.

  93. When will the madness stop and people finally wake.up and stand up for what's right!!! These people turned a holy symbol about true enlightenment and turned it into evil like how the nazis used the swastika for evil and fear'!! We're allmost at the breaking point that if we all don't do anything about this this evil machine will get to big to fight back!! If it's not the occultism then it's men who have to much money and power and waaaay to much influence on our world!!! Or could be aliens for all we know lol…

  94. Just spotted Ariana Grande in the latest Big Brother dressed in lingerie and black cat ears for no reason..

    • She has an alter called lil kitty (not a shocker considering she is a beta sex kitten). Her mom literally even tweeted that it was her alter ego. There was a video of her talking about lil kitty but it seems it was taken down on the site it was uploaded on.

  95. Wow that look on jay-z face is priceless… Looks like a junky in headlights. Dude is dead in 5yrs max

    • what a nice comment. instead of wishing him to change his ways, you predict like you are a god that he'll die in 5 years. is this what you want?

  96. Bogomil Jones on

    All of these travesties are in fact rituals. When you watch , whether you lap it up or you're repulsed all of those emotions feed the beast. Your soul deserves better , treat it better.

  97. "When the highlights of an award show are the butt implants of Nicki Minaj and (most likely) Iggy Azalea, you know there wasn’t much substance there".

    CLASSIC :)

  98. I really don't see any difference between those women and pole dancers and prostitutes. With all due respect to prostitutes and pole dancers.

    The ironic thing is that when they are all asked about it, they all "believe" in God and have a fantastic, close and personal relationship with Him.

    What a mess.

    • I think pole dancers and prostitutes are better persons than those singers. At least pole dancers and prostitutes do it earn money for themselves, not to brainwash a whole generation of children and teenagers. And I also sure they would watch their child what they are doing.

      • quotethecravennevermore on

        Meh, some let their junkie lovers molest their children. And I'm sure some would seize the opportunity to brainwash children for big bank.

    • They are talking about their god lucifer when they refer to God. I am not saying that in a vindictive sense either. Some are more conscious of it than others.

  99. Ariana Grande's brother is a contestant on Big Brother this year. He's the most vile, hated house guest there has ever been. Completely perverted, and says the most twisted things all the time.

    Their mother is the CEO of a company that provides communications to the military. So they're involved in the military-industrial complex, and it's a company their family has owned since then 60's.

    The Grande women were all on Big Brother last night, they come across like the damned Addams Family. Just so bizarre, so twisted.

    • Yes. Speaking of CEOs, I just saw the CEO of a major food service company kicking and jerking around a puppy in an elevator and was sickened. I know nothing about Ariana's family but I know you don't become a celebrity unless you have prior bloodline connections. I have also heard that they are given new names because the names are symbolic. Like Marilyn Monroe, her real name was Norma Jean Baker.

    • In interviews ariana talks about how she sees demons all the time and how when she was younger her mother thought she would become a serial killer. The are a very twisted family

    • VERY interesting info about Ariana's background! Just like David Crosby, Sharon Tate, Graham Parsons, and a host of others (there are books on the Topanga Canyon-CIA-military connection and the manipulation of the "Counter-culture" of the 1960's).

      The M-I C has been about corrupting and literally killing youth since the days of Eisenhower, who tried to warn us (and whose successor was likely murdered by the M-I C).

      And pedophilia is never far away.

      • They're foremost in proving comms to the military. They must be billionaires.

        I believe their Sicilian so I wonder if there's a possible Mafia connection. Their grandfather looks the part. The Mafia is something that's much more Illuminati connected than most realize IMO. Not enough research there.

        Also, Frankie Grande apparently made comments on Big Brother about stabbing a baby and bathing in it's blood; which should be a red flag for most readers here. He's a very twisted dude.

        There are reports about Ariana being an absolute biotch to her fans. Complete misanthropes, which fits the profile.

  100. Many in the One on

    what goes on at these awards is nothing more than an ode to satan. To get into a stripper club in any country one has to be an adult, and an age limit is set in each country. Yet at these awards shows, and in the vids of these women celebs, anyone can view them no matter the age. What is the diff to what they are doing on the stage and in their vids, to what strippers do. Other than they don't end up completely naked.The dancing is sure no diff. They say they are doing it to empower women. Yet from all we see, they are still empowering men. And in reality degrading women. They are teaching that a woman's worth is still in how good she looks, and how she can shake it in the bedroom.. And that she doesn't have much more value than that. Because their music and vids are nothing more than porn put to music. You don't see the male music celebs having to do this to make their mark in music..What amazes us is how parents can allow their young children and teens to be into this crap.Especially christian parents. What part of this music and the celebs who perform it, do christian parents think it lines up with Gods principles. They they wonder why their young teens, etc are dressing the way they are, and acting the way they are. You allow garbage to go in, what do you expect is gonna come out.

  101. I don't get it what is the meaning of Jessie J's Bang Bang in Illuminati? Please explain to me thank you

    • EmpathyStrikes on

      It is about sexual relationship or the sex act. She is telling the guy she know what he wants and graphically.

    • Kate the future queen of the Illuempire. Her uncle Gary Goldsmith owns a villa on Ibiza called Maison de Bang Bang. The gutter press ran a story a few years ago and it became obvious that it was appropriately and consciously named thus

  102. 12chainsbreaking on

    What stood out to myself as well as my sister as we were watching was how awkward Beyonce' seemed to be with Blu Ivy on the stage. She acted as if she wasn't even her child (don't get me wrong she looks like her mom), but Beyonce's behavior toward her was very unnatural and not motherly at all. She did hold her even once and appeared to want to stay at least an arms length away from her at all times. It was weird, but I do notice it seems like Jay Z love the baby and cares for her much more than Beyonce'. Can explain this VC? Why is Beyonce' so awkward with her own child is it because she was forced to have her for some ritual or something? Because any mother can see even in the pics of them that she doesn't really care for the child like Jay Z does.

    • rumor is the baby was a product of a JayZ affair and Bey faked the pregnancy to cover it up.

  103. I find it interesting that Ariana's Manager is Scooter Braun (Bieber's Manager). There was a photo in the Daily Mail of Scooter holding Adriana's hand – him well in front of her, leading her across the red carpet at the VMAs, and then her holding her grandmother's hand while she trailed behind … in the shot, Ariana looked dead in the eyes.

    Who is the guy photographed to the left of Blue (with the upside-down, rotated, triangle on his cap)? Something about him gives me the heeby jeebies.

    I think the big round things that people have said have the the all-seeing eye inside are actually symbolic of airplane engines … a nod to the missing MH370 plane and downed MH17 plane, perhaps?

    Paying tribute to Robin Williams immediately after Grande might have been a nod to his sacrificial killing which created a vacancy for Ariana … maybe.

    • That's steve stoute, jay's business associate. They're together a lot, so it's fitting he'd have the same vibe.

      • Do you mean those on the MH370 plane? If so, I was reading the blog of a person who claims to feel events through vibrations, and they believe that all of the passengers except for four (they don't know which ones) are being held captive in a large warehouse … it sounds very much like that story that was doing the rounds where the man who worked for a US computer firm had somehow texted a photo to some site, claiming they were on that island … Diego something-or-other …

        That person seems to think that the MH17 plane was somehow secretly swapped for the MH370 plane, which now had secret technology that the Chinese are trying to roll out, but the American's don't want to be out there …. so they had it shot down. Do I believe this? I really don't know what to believe .. there was some issue about some of the doors in the wreckage not belonging to the MH17 plane … something about windows would've been covered up because they reduced the first class area and extended business class … something like that … my brain hurts, but anything is possible.

  104. The funny thing about these performances is hearing how bad the industry puppets actually sound when they try and sing to an audience

  105. I JUST READ ALL 3 PAGES of these comments and I can't believe NOBODY commented on Taylor swifts performance!! It starts with her LAYING DOWN IN THE CENTER OF THE ALL SEEING EYE with "men in suits" (the industry/elite) standing over her and then standing up and raising her from the eye.. Funny also how the FIRST TWO LINES OF THE SONG are "I stay up too late, got nothing in my brain" then it has the SUITS chasing her, she goes under an ARCHWAY made up MORE SUITED MEN while more walk out (funny how the men portrayed as the elite are literally her archway/door) it amazes me that nobody mentioned this because when i saw her performance start that one stuck out to me IMMEDIATELY moreso than any other performance!! I've been on VC since 2009 and so I cant help but watch ANYTHING anymore and find the symbolism in all of it. Her performance was cute and all but everyone is acting like she is the most innocent of them all. Her gimick is that she started out TOTALLY innocent as a lil country star now she's turning into a sexualing PRODUCT of pop music,

  106. Maybe Beyoncés little feminism performance piece or whatever. (I didn't see it. ) doesn't seem to make sense through traditional eyes, but it seems to make sense to me knowing their agenda and knowing they have a reason for every detail.
    Seems to me after promoting feminism to throw bow down bitches right after may be creating a mindset of what it means to be a feminist.

    "Oh I'm a feminist for woman's rights and that means I'm better than you bitches now let's go be whores! We are woman and we have the right to slut around that makes us strong!" Seems like setting up more moral less ignorant generations.

  107. I'm new here and have genuine questions that relate to the whole content of the site ( not this particular post). If there is an Agenda and it's important to get society under control.. wouldn't it be better to do so insidiously without being so open about all the signs and symbols? Why would they show us so much the hidden eye and the pyramid and mason imagery? Why not keep it secret and avoid websites like this one? If people don't realize what's going on, it'd go smoother, wouldn't it?

    • They have bee being quiet about it for hundreds of years. Only in the last few years has it been being pushed so blatantly out in the open. Because they're starting to get to the point where it's not meant to be so super under cover, the agenda is spreading, they're winning and pretty soon it won't be a secret at all, it'll be the new world order.

      • & the fact of the matter is, altho we on VC and other informed individuals know what's going on, the masses still have no clue.

    • I don't think the 'puppets' know what the hand signs mean. But the powers that be make them do the signs, and wear the symbols, so that mainstream people will want to copy their idols and wear what they do. And then you have bands such as '5 Seconds of Summer' – who 'One Direction' want to succeed as they have money tied up in them and will earn even more money when they reallytake off – 5SOS have seen 1D do all the signs and want to be cool like them, so they do them too. And so the vicious cycle continues.

      I don't believe that Jay-Z is one of the 'heads' of the Illuminati – that is reserved strictly for the 13 bloodline families often mentioned. But they probably make him think he is … just to keep him onside and to keep that money flowing in.

      • Jum Carrey is head of the Los Angeles lodge which is why Ari was somewhat worshipful of him when she accepted her award

      • quotethecravennevermore on


        Elephant in the room.

        She is Babalon. Google it to find out more.

        they want to take over the universe and usurp god.

        A flaming, glorious whore who drinks the blood of jesus and martyrs and rides upon the beast.

        Its like the whore of Babylon but more epic.

    • Garnet, there' also the fact that the elite is trying to mislead people about who they really are. The Illuminati are more than an elite of bankers, politicians and CEOs. To be able to understand their true nature, one should learn about the true nature of existence, the unseen world. Because of the new era and the shifting in consciousness, many things are changing in our Solar System, and people are waking up. The Illuminati know this, they cannot stop people from waking up, but they can twist what they think they are waking up to: as long as people's belief systems (even for the awaken) remain in the realm of the five senses, they have it under control. All this blatant display of symbols is being used to lure people into a false truth.

  108. i need to confess that i did about 60% – 70% of the visual effects in Ariana Grande's "Break Free" video. Including the shot posted in the screen grab of the kabbalah key. In fact, there was a lot of emphasis on the kabbalah bracelet in particular throughout the creation process. The director (who actually made my life hell for about a month and a half and will never work for again) would give notes and *make sure* that certain shots had her kabbalah bracelet in frame. Another interesting point is that the kabbalah key that powers her spaceship is actually the large medallion that is seen on the bald man that has her chained up in the cave. She then "Breaks Free" from her chains and rips it off his chest and I guess puts it in her pocket, i guess knowing it will be useful later in powering her crazy gaylien spaceship dance party.

    I guess what I'm getting at and the point of my confession is this: I knew this was an industry puppet video from the beginning just from looking at the footage (I had never heard of her before I got the gig). And I take on these jobs knowing that I'm using my talents to directly or indirectly push this agenda that I don't agree with. But I'm just a freelance artist and I take what I can get, you know? I don't always do music videos, and I usually don't like doing them – this is one of the many reasons why.

    I'm an avid reader of VC and independent researcher. I've known and understood for quite a few years now just how deep and complex the ugliness of the entertainment industry really is. I just want to pay my bills and hopefully save some money so I can move on to bigger and better things and do my own projects and not have to work in shifts of sometimes up to 40+ straight hours peddling nonsense for drastically unfair wages. Should I feel like a jerk for taking on these jobs?

    It should also be noted that I was dramatically ill following the completion of my work on this video. My entire body ached and I didn't have a clear thought for about a week. Felt like I wasn't living each day, but just experiencing it, or like I had been on another planet for a long time and just landed back on earth, or living in another body for some time and being transplanted back. This feeling went on for about a week. I finished work on the video early this month (August), and have since experienced two separate distinct times in which I felt like I was experiencing an acid trip. From subtle visual hallucinations all the way down to just the way LSD makes your body feel. From your head, through your sinuses, to the throat and tongue and down to your gut. I'm quite familiar with the feeling of an acid trip and it was completely unmistakeable.

    • Thank you for your insights. I believe what you say as I wasted many years of my life in a relationship with someone who promoted the agenda tirelessly through design and suffered physical side-effects similar to what you describe. His illness had a ripple effect on many other people who were unfortunate to get caught up with him. Wrt the Kabbalah, your misgivings towards it would have heightened the negative effects; if you don not believe it, you should steer clear of it. I acknowledge the beauty of the Zohar but Hollywood Kabbalah is something very different. Better to Keep away and fall into poverty I would say. Don't wreck your spiritual awakening by double dealing.

    • Thanks for the personal insider testimonial. It's clear you became sick from all the dark matter quantum energies that were injected into the video's architecture. These ancient negative energies (demons) are used by Project Monarch handlers to interfere with the Monarch slaves brain chemistry and prevent them from assimilating any of their programmed personalities into the Core personality. Also these dark kinetic energy pockets are built into the spell that is the audio/video blueprint of the entire work. It is the Monarch MK Ultra's videographer's job to launch these demons into the lives of Ariana's personal fan base, who are willingly offering themselves into full receivership of the video's signals and messages. It is only from having been on the set, that your neurotransmitter health levels would have suffered collateral damage from all the dense garbage-filled spam-like slimy creatures that were present during the video's filming. I'm glad you have recovered now that you have distanced yourself from that particular gig

      • quotethecravennevermore on

        These videos have gotten darker, right?

        I lapped up all things Britney Spears in my high school years and it effected my shadow self tremendously, but I maintained a light in me.

        I'm worried these kids are going to grow up very dark and without any of the knowledge that willing satanists and occultists receive from their endeavors.

  109. Dear Vigilant Citizen,
    I have a feeling that the Illuminati thing is just the scratch of the surface, i think there's something more behind all of this, this is too easy for us to really see things like that, especially for people who's waken up from this awful society. Thank you for your time. God Bless!

    ps: Sorry for my bad english haha

  110. The elites continue to accelerate their agenda. The conversion of these "child actors" to sex kitten programming is happening so quickly. The idea of course is to suck your kids in before a parent has even had a chance to put 2 and 2 together. Simply disgusting.

  111. They don't even pretend to hide the s–t anymore. The 666 was the stage in the middle of flashing lights and hypnotic circles. I didn't watch the whole thing because I hate all of the so-called artists, but my nephew was very much into it and I had to pull his attention out of the show to point out the 666. So they were mind controlled and they paid homage to their 'god', Satan whenever they were up there. I also notice many of the 'handlers' wore sunglasses. Why if you're indoors? Sad, just sad.

  112. It's not a giant, creepy all-seeing eye – – it's a butthole. The theme was butts because buttsex is a serious sin, and that's clearly what they want people doing. It's also what they believe opens the third eye. G R O S S.

  113. What do you think of celebrity nude photos leaked on the net with iCloud hack? Do you think it's part of the oversexualisation agenda?

    • Yep. Because Jennifer Lawrence is too "classy" for that. This way they can make her amongst those with videos and pics in the web, while making it seem like she isn't as trashy.

  114. Man, I may be broke and nowhere near famous, but atleast I'm not singing those dumb lyrics and dancing like a retard in front of my kids.

    It's a good thing I stopped listening to the radio in the late 90's because this stuff is garbage. Plenty of great music has already been made anyway, why even look for more.

  115. All exactly as planned. It is no coincidence that the notorious child molester/ child killer Jimmy Saville was so close to so many of the "elites" in the UK.

    Make no mistake. This pedophile network is global and no doubt many of the "elite" in the music industry are part of it. If you were a group of super powerful pedophiles wouldn't you want to do everything to make your evil "normal" to the masses?

    This is also why there is so much sexualization of youth from APPARENTLY different organizations such as the the public school system, the UN and Planned Parenthood to name a few. At the REAL top of them (going beyond their front men/ women), they are ALL the same organization which is why they act as if they are one unit. They ARE in reality.

  116. It is creating a sick society. We are becoming like the citizens under the rule of the mad emperor Caligula.

  117. Our society is degrading faster each year.
    I hope there will be many of us who can maintain our selves and be a light to those who need it.
    The world has failed us but let's not fail the people who still need help.


  118. 3 out of the first 4 songs performed were written by the same artist, Max Martin: Ariana Grande – Break Free, Jessie J – Bang Bang, Taylor Swift – Shake it Off & later in the show, Maroon 5 – One More Night

    This man has written almost every major pop song in the past 2 decades yet his name is never mentioned or thanked by anyone.

    What is Max Martin to the elite?

    • Jessie J is behind a few hits, too … she 'gave' Party in the USA to Miley … that song catapulted her to new heights of fame outside of her teen base and paved the way for her to then change her image and keep on singing the hits

    • I also wonder who it was that introduced that dark, devil voice to every goddamn song. And it's there in all genre's; pop, dance, rap, rnb and for musicians acroos the board too. Oh, how it disturbs me so! You could be bouncing along to a happy little tune and then there is this deep voice saying words that you really can't make up. Have any of you heard it? I would say I first heard it with Lil Wayne and Future's song, 'Love Me' and since then, it is absolutely everywhere!
      I sometimes feel like I am being hexed or that this is part of some ritual and immediately change the channel.
      What do you think?

      • Try. 'We can't stop' and '23' – Miley Cyrus, Love me – Lil Wayne & Future.

        Can't seem to think of any others, but if you hear it once, you will pick it up in many songs!

      • It is just what demons sound like. It is not the voice of the devil as his chargeout rail would be off the scale and eat into the budgets of music companies (so would not be in the vested interest).

    • Great sidetrack. This is why i keep coming back to these comments. A lot of people forget that the music, the hits, the soundtracks, it is all made by a group of people, not just the singers, trumpeteers and triangle-players.

    • I wonder if he is also the one who has introduced this 'devil voice' to all the music we get these days, across all genre's. At some point in almost every song these days, there is a dark, really deep and creepy voice that speaks in slow motion and that is very hard to decipher. It always stands out as weird and ill placed.
      I think its there to put some kinda hex on the listener, otherwise, what is its purpose really?
      Have you heard it?

      • quotethecravennevermore on

        I know what you're talking about.

        Eminem made fun of it on a song or two. He hates someone something fierce.

      • hey, it's the first time i hear about this voice, haven't noticed it in the songs yet. it's like with the symbolism in music videos, at first you don't notice it, but when you do, you see that it's been in front of your eyes all the time.

    • I think this comment is the most underrated. I had no idea all these Poser musicians are having their songs written by the exact same person. Sounds like Max Martin is one degree removed from Lucifer. Follow that man to his studio, and Lucifer is probably in a dark corner closet, or on the roof, laying the recordings onto the Master Copy of Vinyl in the middle of a Five Point Pentagram

  119. I am neither religious, nor a prude, nor a conspiracy nut and I mainly read this website for its comic value. HOWEVER, even I was amazed at the spectacle of butt bouncing, crotch thrusting, pole dancing' and leg spreading at this year's VMAS. I have to admit you nailed it in this essay.

  120. Ok, so i didn't watch the VMA's version of events, but out of curiosity, i watched the "official" video.

    Not all that amusing, if anything, it was just, a whole lot of ass, which is sad, because these days kids need role models to look up too, and yet they are now stuck with, this.

    I just hope that the youth of today don't look at what is cool because of what pop pawns have to do, but by people with actual talent, who aren't tainted by the illuminati, whoever of them is left, anyway.

  121. so… a lot of pictures of naked celebrities have been leaking the past few days: Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, etc.
    Do you think its a coincidence?? because I dont. I think this was on purpose and its very suspicious how these famous women take all those provocative pictures. And who is the hacker who is leaking all these pics anyways? he has private pictures of everybody. Suspicious to say the least….

    • Yes, it has been confirmed that this was far from being a conventional icloud hack as we were originally informed. The general reaction emerging is ' we will show you what you will come to see anyway' hence the distasteful photoshoots which have come out in two of the cases. This almost lends a false morality to what is a thoroughly immoral staged event and throws young minds into confusion. It is all about c listers generating the occult energy under false pretenses (supposed leak), whipping up a whirlwind (media furore) and promptly consuming the inflated cloud of energy (extra publicity).

      • I always wondered about the F B I and Scarlet Jo. pics of 2011. It seemed both excessive and vague.

    • quotethecravennevermore on

      Nobody is untainted in that industry.

      People just don't want to believe it because most people are a fan of someone.

  122. bow down is called Flawless and she says that women should bow down to men and if you put the song bakwards says YOU SAY I LOVE HOVA, EVIL and YOU LOVE SATAN. also is such a casuality that TAYLOR SWIFT is now changing to pop why because she is becoming like Britney spears or miley cyrus. ALSO poor ARIANA i know why they chose her is because she has low self-steem and she is so innocent she is like a cute puppy Poor GIRL! and NICKI well she is the worse one i hope she doesn't bad with all her multiple personalities and mind control like she said CASH MONEY TIL DEATH

    • Soldier of God on

      Ariana definitely isn't as innocent as they are making her APPEAR! It's all part of the act. Part of fooling people into following her. She was interviewed and said she was fascinated with the dark side, the macabr and the weird and told of a few instances of her run ins with demons. One event she recounted was pretty bizarre to say the least. That's how Satan works though. He uses her beauty and youth on the OUTSIDE, and that disguises what , and who, she is on the INSIDE! This industry doesn't play nice. It chews you up and eventually spits you out because there's always an "up and comer" being primed and waiting in the wings!

  123. Elise, i firmly believe that anyone can understand my ideas without a "heavyweight knowledge", because im passing the basic of the basic.
    And i feel that someone out there already decoded my clues and knows what im talking about.

    The simply fact that a person uses a website like Vigilant Citizen is a sign that this person is aware that exists a "hidden world" and wants to go further the rabbit hole…

    What is a fulfilling destination Elise?
    I prefer snow, others a warm beach, who is right, who is wrong? :)

  124. @ KONVICT

    Max Martin , I first heard of him during Britney's first single 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' and he has written many songs for her.

  125. The VMA was pretty much preditable, year by year, nothing new, just more and more moral degradation.

    What I *am* curious about though, is Beyoncé's latest video album! VC would you please make an analysis on all the videos & how are they connected to each other (other than the obvious oversexualization theme)??

  126. Beyonce's 33rd birthday was Yesterday, I wonder if she had to sacrifice anyone to receive her 33rd degree in FreeMasonry? Did anyone famous die yesterday? Anyone? Anyone?

  127. How come Joan Rivers dies on Beyonce's 33rd birthday? Joan was born in 1933 and dies at 81, Beyonce was born in 1981… 33 is a very important number in Freemasonry. Also, her heart stopped during a little throat surgery, how convenient

    • I for one thanked God for her demise for it serves as a clear warning to obnoxiously arrogant people that they are powerless compared to God and whilst they may throw fuel into the fire in order to ensure deeper stigmatization and oppression of those who are already destitute and bereft of all modern comfort, ultimately, they can fall down in one fell swoop.

    • Crossed my mind…she was 81. Which sums up to 9
      She died on beyonce's 33 bday
      She died at 1.17 pm adds up to 9 again. Weird

    • Pullease don't for the first few years.
      Could we please stop promoting those people ahead of the official campaigns, there will be more than enough new for you in due time. And , uhmm, talented? You mean her persona or the complete team of puppeteers that facilitate her?

    • I agree , lady gaga is one of the few singers who could sing well live at her concerts. Forget about her Marilyn Monroe getup with Kelly show, apart from that the rest of her live shows were good in a weird way

  128. my hubs noticed the eye right off the bat. I like some of Beyonce's songs and that is about it. She is a great entertainer and a great singer. But she has definitely changed over the years. She is very inappropriate and it is very annoying that so many females idolize her. I certainly don't. Ariana is a puppet and it totally shows.

  129. I used to work in the music business & I loved that shit, I got laid off before I got in too deep but there were all kinds of warning signs. It definitely isn't the world you think it is, it is the most cutthroat business I've ever been privy too. There are things going on that you wouldn't believe unless you saw it yourself – and even then you would question what you saw. All I can tell you is it's much deeper than sex, drugs & rock & roll and if it's a career in the music business you are seeking be prepared to sell your soul if you want to succeed.

  130. I used to really enjoy this site. Started reading years ago.
    But you've all become so one sided and biased I can't take you seriously anymore.
    Not to mention you're just reaching with a lot of your assumptions.
    Pathetoc, truly.

  131. Eric Antonio Chavez on

    Man. I've been following U for years. And I gotta say, the line
    "For some reason, Jessie J is always invited to big events"

    OH man!! I have never laughed so hard!

    It's funny because it's true! She a no-hit wonder!

    Good times man.

    This website makes me realize how god-awful kids shows are. I mean the writing/ plots.

    Makes Power Rangers look like Six Feet Under.

  132. whenisenoughenough on

    There is likely no god, thus no satan. If they feed you this vma garbage, what makes you think they'd hand you a book (bible) with the real story of the universe in it? Or wouldn't they give you something to further muck you up, and make you wait for death for "justice" to come? Evil people are in the here and now.

  133. Nelleoftheball , you are on the right track, but change the word dimension, for another one… 😉

  134. Christinne Radu on

    Dont forget the news about a woman who said Blue Ivy and North West are actually her daughters. I kinda believe her, considering Beyonce and KK faked their pregnancies big time. I pity those kids.

  135. since when are they handing out and encouraging people to read bibles? the only thing the msm does to the bible is further pervert it and prevent people from actually studying it themselves.

  136. You really think you are going to get there using the kindie approach wrt quantum physics and musicology? I think not.

  137. Yes, but you are careering ahead there. You could overshare, venture into missing capstone and holograph territory with little regard for the consequences. Baby steps.

  138. I apologise Endovelicus worthy lesson, wrong hemisphere. Intergenerationally speaking, a missed opportunity which will come round again in a future age.

  139. If you feel that you should pass the opportunity of giving me advice, you should definitely follow that feeling.

  140. Fine. However, you ought to lay your cards out on the table face up if you wish to round up a herd. Any honest system of belief would do that as I have learnt recently.

  141. But Elise, dont you see it?
    Im not here to spoon feeding, if you really read my messages you noticed that i end several of them with a question, i want the people to use their brain cells!

    Its the reader that needs to turn the card, if he is capable…

  142. Many babies are mind controlled by their mindless drone parents though. The whole CONTROLLED crying phenomenon dreamed up by a Cruella-type who is an active member of Eastern Star and actually confesses openly to hating children.These nonsense fads implemented by moms because they want to return to their own predictive programming of wage slavery which is far easier than bringing up baby themselves (very few are honest enough to admit it but we all know it). Assuming autonomy in decisions about their own lives is too uncomfortable for them, let alone having to do it for someone who naturally seeks to be fully dependent on you.

  143. The dark powers of the bread-industry. Via china to you supermarket bread in only a few steps.

  144. "Its the reader that needs to turn the card, if he is capable…"

    Come on now – only Mr VC could get away with that but he would never put it so patronizingly. Prove your credentials right away, we are running out of patience. Validate your claims.

  145. That was a warm up exercise. Would you like me to taper off into the enigmatic and take you through an entire library of nursery literature in the process. You need to return to your pre-complex state and lighten up a bit. On VC facebook page, i posted links about a little boy with cancer who was being treated unfairly by the British govt. Thousands of people came together to form a formidable wall of consciousness which stifled the illuminati endeavors to suppress and dominate. We need to realize that the spiritual battle began as a 1 on 1 combat and we are all still one person against a single toxic entity. No need to divide into churches and mystery schools and pitch ourselves against one another nor rank ourselves along a continuum in order to prove that we are smarter, wealthier, or in some other way superior to our fellow man.

  146. If you try to decipher my clues, my claims will validate themselves.

    I cant prove my claims because the ones interested would lose a learning opportunity, which would bring negative karma upon myself.

    Also, if one reach to the answers by himself the information will have more value.

  147. I could refer Tetragrammaton and Kabbalah but i will not, i want to restrict this conversation to the basics and even so im encountering resistance…

    If you want to know "who or what" Lucifer is, try answer the following questions, ill help you get the answer:

    Who fell? Who was once made of gold?

  148. It is clearly not a monotheistic belief system. You may well be a deceiver, a false prophet, I am forbidden to delve into all of that i'm afraid.

  149. Except I don't want to know. I was born inside the rabbit hole, you do realize? You may want to argue he was the King of Babylon or Scythia or the morning star, son of the morning or the local used car salesman. Why would I care within the context of my faith? We are waiting for the return of our prophet alongside Jesus. Hey, you may argue that it may be him but what would it change? We still believe in him.

  150. Now then Endovelicus…Are you talking about the world we cannot see? The parallel world, the DREAM world? or DOMINION? You also mention gold….Are you talking about the golden calf or Nebuchadnezzar (His dream) and the gold statue?

  151. Well, you are right, i dont worship one god, any god for that matter.
    Im afraid i dont "have" a belief system either, why limit myself…?

    Im not a false prophet because im not a prophet at all. :)

    Give a try, decipher my clues, the ideas i am professing are sooo easy, they are so big and evident that you dont see them…

  152. I can guarantee you that Lucifer is not anything that you wrote.
    If you realise that small truth, a grand percentage of your ideas about the world will go to the basket case.

    But if you dont want to know, i will respect of course.

  153. The word gold was used as clue to decipher "who or what" Lucifer is, try it.

    Nothing about dream world or Nebuchadnezzar, im going paste the key sentences of my first and second posts:

    "What if "something" exists that feeds on negative emotions and negative feelings of human beings, what if that "something" is in control of the entire planet…?
    Think "4" my friends and you will understand… "

    "Again, think "4", you will see that the world is not what it seems like at a "third" glance… 😉 "

    What you think? :)

  154. A man who has no faith in God has no mettle. We limit ourselves to a belief system out of respect for our creator. It is well beyond your ability to fathom or rationalize. I am sorry but You are a foolish, arrogant individual adrift at sea. I pray that God guides you to the one great path for there is still time. I respect all people of faith, even those who do not share my particular faith. Even those who pursue paths in life that are diametrically opposed to mine. I have less patience and little interest in quackery which relies on denial of professed faith as constituting proof of the alternative. I really do not care if I have missed a trick along the line or if I am naive or gullible for it. At least I have reflected and felt my way towards a belief system which sits well with me. There is an intellectual process involved and as I said before, a certain humility.

  155. Ok, so what about the "D" word, was it Dream? Divine? Djinn? That "something" you're talking about, I completely understand and believe in the "unseen" world. Trust and believe.

  156. Bluboy, do you conceive that "something" you cant see can be in control of everything in the planet?

  157. But what if all, without exception, belief systems are wrong?
    Would you pick the lesser of evils?

    You understood wrong what i wrote, i wrote that i dont WHORSHIP a god, i didnt said i dont have faith, diferent things.

    Careful with hasty judgements, sometimes that homeless man you find on the street can posess riches beyond your wildest dreams… 😉

  158. The cryptic cure for insomnia. What is "whorshiping" anyway – worshiping whores? I like that one. You may have faith in little green men or big, bumbling mother earth or whatnot and I am not here to criticize you but please desist from assuming that it is the holy grail the rest of us have been seeking for politely put, each to their own. You are probably a used car salesman on the spiritual front. Regarding the homeless man, it is true that there are rough diamonds out there but they are few and far between. For the most part, you encounter shallow, crazy, broken people who were never remarkable to begin with. Romanticizing sickness and injustice is one of my big bugbears. Good day.

  159. I advised you about hasty judgements, but you keep insisting on them…

    Its not the holy grail, its better and you have been seeking it because its universal.

    You have an incredible amount of prejudice against me and yet you dont understand my claims, why?

  160. Our world is controlled by a force that is not from this world. I have already established that so the answer to your question is yes! so now what????. I don't get the point you are trying to make apart from making all of us think lol. I am "awake" and realise for this world really is. I'm bored already mate.

  161. But Elise, im not dividing im doing the opposite!

    I can guarantee you that the ideas im professing dont come from a mistery school, although mystery school's use them, they come from the universe…

    Universe, unity, one…