Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta” Mobile App Collects an Insane Amount of Data From its Users




When it was announced that Jay-Z’s new album would be released in partnership with Samsung, some fans grumbled about him “selling out”. Well, things are a lot worse than just him “selling out to the corporate world”. The app that was created to enable Samsung users to listen to Jay-Z’s album a few days in advance is a true data-mining operation that collects an insane amount of data from its users. Here’s a screenshot of the permissions needed taken posted by rapper Killer Mike on Twitter.

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The app needs to be able to modify or delete the contents of your USB storage, it can identify all of the running apps on your phone and it needs to know your *precise* GPS location. It also gathers “accounts ” the e-mail addresses and social-media user names connected to the phone. While these permissions are often requested by social media apps and so forth, this is an ALBUM LISTENING APP. Why does it need all of this information.

But things get worse. Here’s a review from the NY Times.

“When installed, it demanded a working log in to Facebook or Twitter and permission to post on the account. “We would like fans to share the content through social networking sites,” a Jay-Z spokeswoman said by e-mail. (E-mail to Samsung Mobile’s customer service address for the app was returned as undeliverable throughout Wednesday.) But the app was more coercive.

In the days before the album’s release through Samsung, the app promised to display lyrics — with a catch. “Unlocking” the lyrics required a post on Facebook or Twitter. I used Twitter, where hitting the “Tweet” button brought up a canned message: “I just unlocked a new lyric ‘Crown’ in the JAY Z Magna Carta app. See them first. http://smsng.us/MCHG2 #MagnaCarta.” The message could be altered, but something had to be sent. No post, no lyrics — for every song. Users were forced to post again and again. And frankly, a lyric that is going to show up almost immediately on the Internet isn’t much of a bribe for spamming your friends.”

– Jon Pareles, Jay-Z Is Watching, and He Knows Your Friends

While some see Jay-Z as a savvy and powerful business man, he is once again being used by the elite to push its agenda further. Whether it be pushing their occult symbolism or their Big-Brother Agenda, Jay-Z is apparently down with it.

Rap used to be about exposing oppression and staying true to yourself and your community. However, like many other “movements”, rap is being co-opted by the elite to further the very things the movement used to denounce. Fortunately, there are still rappers who have a powerful message to communicate. For example here’s Killer Mike’s (mentioned above) video “Reagan”.




  1. the entire music industry is a joke. What the hell? who would fall for this crap?

    You know what, all of us here shouldn't give a crap. Just watch the sheeple download this and carry on with their mindless consumerism lives. I just do not care anymore.

    • @ Sophie

      Believe me I understand your frustration! Remember there are those like us on here and other places that are not asleep. I was asleep about two years ago. This is eye wide open for me. (even thought it should come as no surprise) I maybe late but I stand with the rest of you! Take heart dear Sophie. I hear and do understand. :o)

    • Problem is, they enable the system so that we will be affected as well… The whole slippery slope thingy. But i hear you. Sometimes is just get so tired, so.. very… tired.

    • Its purpose is to stir up hate. The blame game is getting way over-played. Also, why is it okay for a black rapper to make a hateful song about a white president and nobody blinks an eye? Can you imagine the uproar if a white rapper made a similar song about Obama? There would be riots! Can people not see that these songs are created to keep them in chains? Bitterness and strife are enslaving them! The elite love chaos, so that they can create the control.

      • So if you follow Killa Mike's work, you'll know he hates Obama just as much as any white Pres as well. It's authority and oppression he's after, not skin color. Word.

      • I see what your saying, Jay, but if Killa Mike was a white man rapping against Obama, most people would take it a whole lot differently. We've been conditioned to react that way.

      • Blame game? These are actual historical accounts. Everything affects everything. Context of life within the world matters. The reason for the Illuminati stems how many years? Even then, this agenda is at its core being pushed by who? What entity? Most people have come to the awareness of the divisive techniques used by the elite through race, politics, religion, class, etc.etc. only in recent years; to past decade. Minorities and blacks especially have been subject to these societal ills because being put down has been part of the "plan". Most people are only now feeling targeted, disinfrachised, and stripped of freedoms now; what blacks have been subject to for centuries. If you don't understand it's because you don't know what it's like to step out your home and be targeted or mistreated due to the color of your skin. It is a daily assault for us. Doesn't matter though, does it? Dont beleive me though, do you? I understand your plight as well. You're sick of hearing it. Nothing can be seeminly done to pacify "these people". To you and those that share your completion, you find it counter productive to the assault we're currently being bombarded by. You know as well as I, we need to be unified rather than the contrary to defend against a common enemy. This is the irony and karma incurred by our past sins and dismissive actions; ignoring the suffering of our neighbors. As I said we were used as part of the plan. Your role is being played out as ours is. That's why we will lose. That's why this world is not composed of flesh and bone alone. I love you all.

      • You'reNotCool on

        Please stop saying "word". You aren't cool and it's not 1986. Again, please stop.

      • Word word word word word word word
        Freedom of speech.
        Everybody is so damn opinionated

      • openeyesclosemouth on

        WORD WORD WEEERRDD! … N its still fly to say in 2013 .

        @ yourenotcool… juvenille annoyance is SOOOO 1992… STOP IT ..PLEASE! !!

      • Well said, Jim, but yeah, a lot of it is a "blame game". The blame game has been going on since the beginning of time. Eve blamed Satan, Adam blamed Eve, and so on and so on. Sometimes we can't control circumstances, but most of the time we all have to realize that we are accountable for our own actions. We may not can control what happens, but we can try to control our response. I know what it's like to be mistreated! I think everybody has at some point in their life. But part of freeing ourselves from this hold that the Illuminati is trying have on us, is realizing that hate and bitterness is what keeps most people down. And as far as actual historical accounts go, who can we trust? Television programs? History books in public schools? I just hope that people of any race or color can see that hate doesn't get you anywhere, and a lot of these black artists that are sold out to the elite are trying to hold us down by encouraging hate. Hey, man, I love you, and all other people, too. The Illuminati doesn't want anybody coming together. But hey, Jesus does.

      • not the enemy – just victims of the enemy. Same as it ever was. I am looking forward to the ultimate bully beat down that is on its way to the one who has it coming.

      • killuminati on

        welll its a problem when anyone puts hat on people period black or weight no difffrence but….

        i could care less cause i know there wont bee 100.000 of blaack people goin crazy burning white people hanging them break in theeir houses and at the meeting their bumpin that hatefull song about the white president from the blackk man whos ancestors were slaves.. killed hanged tortutured raped and all that ….
        all under the eyes of a white president… hmm….
        black peoples relationship and xperience with opresidents is way diffrent from white people changed with obama and the wrld knows that….

        soo everyone could care less about a black man sayin fuck the white man we all know why he says that and understand he has to much reasons to say that no argumentation needed.. but

        but yeahh..
        it still aint right …..

      • you really had to throw the race card here??? smfh… totally missed the point.

      • 13 Mitred Abbots on

        Lurk more. Your comment makes no sense and neither does the one you are replying to. Exposing evil is not the same as being demonic, Exposing injustice and lies is not the same as promoting hatred. You see this in terms of race, and you feel that black people somehow have an advantage, which is ridiculous.

      • No, I think your purpose is to stir up hate. This rapper has created a song in a very popular music genre in order to awaken and open your eyes. How do you know he didn't firsthand witness this oppression from police? You do realize that this did happen? Maybe you didn't have to go through it, but many black people did. In case you didn't fully understand, he also talks about Obama Bush and Clinton being puppets….and can I make one obvious point that you seem to also be missing. Obama was the first black ( half black) president. There has been a lot of rioting going on, but in the end it doesn't matter. It's not about race, it's about this world elite using whatever it can to cause chaos. Please don't let them win.

  2. I actually tried to download this to see what it was about and it wouldnt let me because my samsung is a little older. I'm glad i didnt.

  3. Great article VC! Ever since i heard Jay-Z's track titled "Lucifer" not surprisingly produced by Kanye West another well known Illuminati puppet, i completely stopped listening to his music as well as any artist associated with him in one way or another. In fact it was around that same time with the help of you tube videos as well as sites like this, that i discovered all the evil/ satanic aspects of the music industry and completely weened myself off commercial music that is constantly forced on you by the media.

    • Same as myself. All I listen to these days is underground musicians such as Killer Mike, Christian music, and a few country artists. I quit cold turkey on all the mainstream stuff.

    • We can keep bashing the others around him but if we do that we should bash ourselves… I agree with everything that was explained in this article… But we or just like some of these people we are bashing when we go to work because we work for all of these people who run this country so we or just as much puppets as them!!! The difference is the glorifying the bull shit!!! If u listen to a lot of the peoe around him like Kanye and J. Cole they don't agree with a lot that is going on but there human and they have to eat just like the rest of us… U think a pharmacist thinks about every person that comes thru his establishment could have a fake proscription or that person is using those drugs for other reasons than medical or health reasons no they r not they simply doing there job… Same thing just different situations!!! But I agree fully that we need to come together as a whole to stop the oppression slavery was nothing but a mechanism to control African Americans were lab rats for a bigger agenda now we r all slaves!!! The slave master doesn't have a shot gun with twelve shells with four hundred slaves… Now it's billions of slaves with master with all the money that we think we need the chains or not on us physically its mental now!!! We talk about Jay-Z so badly which I can't stand him or his foolish music but this same website which I love I have to put my email and name just to comment on… Just something to think about?!?!? ✌

  4. Yeah, most apps do this, but just to listen to Jay Z? Ridiculous. Many will not even bat a lash, as we've become used to giving up our privacy through technology.

    Love that Killer Mike song.

    • Funny some apps requires your personal info to download the apps. Penguin game actually requires your location etc… Jay Z makes money and he doesn't care about you and me or anyone unless you're Bitchonce. This dude says oh I'm retire than makes a new cd wtf I don't why would we care about this ape. Jay Z go eat shit like Crowley simpleton.

    • wow. the people in charge of the cathedral just sound like pathetic celebrity worshippers.
      "maybe jay-z will come here!" like a bunch of giddy school girls. i can't believe they are allowing that.

    • Why? Kanye has mad flow, and Jay-Z is intelligent… If anything, those are the few good artist left who are worth buying… Just saying…

      • They may be smart and talented, but fact remains they chose the wrong side. And i am sure that if you look a little further than popular music, you will find artists that are worth buying.

    • If you go back and listen to Bill Hicks material about Reagan and Bush number one, it sounds like current material. It is unfreakincanny.

  5. wa sment for maxwell’s comment : why is it okay for a black rapper to make a hateful song about a white president and nobody blinks an eye? Can you imagine the uproar if a white rapper made a similar song about Obama?

    • ShadowOnTheWall on

      wot about Lowkey's Obamanation? racist much? u black or u what, what the heck does it matter? hate the evil, whatever color it is.

      • Ahh, yes! Lowkey! The British rapper of English and Iraqi descent! Whatever happened to him? Didn't he retire?

    • If you had chosen to listen to the lyrics you would know that the song is not about race, because he mentions Obama as one of the talking puppets as well. It is about the fallacies being presented to the American people under the guise of government. We are in the last days who gives a fuck about skin color be concerned about the REAL EVIL!

      • more accurately at the dawn of the last days? Like shit will go down, but when we cant ever be sure. PLUS all our info is from the internet… which… im sure is controlled by these creeps….so WE CAN NEVER BE SURE :OOO

        Im sorry, im kinds high, and i think about this quite a bit, its so creepy, the levels and levels of deception they have placed. So innocent at the time… Gah. Biyatches will burn one day… we… well depends on how we go about things, spiritually speaking.

      • Doing away with YOUR RACE and YOUR CULTURE is what this is about…whether it be 'white,' or 'black'…ethnic rights are universal except to the "1%"….and Judaism (Satanism)….thats what the conflict agitated through media lies, mass immigration and promoting foreign culture, foreign anything as SUPERIOR to your own culture: classic Talmudic/Frankfurt School conditioning….all the while promoting 'Israel' as a "Jewish state"('Israel' is a Christian term)who's ethnic homogenity is to be preserved at ANY cost (WW1/2, 9/11, Iraq, Libya, and Syrian regime change)….the facts speak for themselves…

    • lupe fiasco words I never I never said hateson Obama big and Lupe fiasco did get flack for not being a a sheep because the president is AfricanAmerican as is he. I think it is uproaring anytime they speak their mind and it wasn't that way always has been for a while.

    • You can only say certain things about other races if you are white and the same rules apply in different ways if you are black. The point is to keep us arguing about the rules and how confusing they are while our coffers are robbed and we become human waste, begging for the elites help.

    • I am getting do tired of this white persecution indignation outrage act I've been seeing so much of lately "if we had we had white history month everyone would be up in arms!" Shut up with that already freaking cry babies.

    • The video is quality and the lyrics good too. I don't think race comes into it….He is talking about things that need to be said. It feels positive to me.

  6. thepast is happening on

    "magna charta" as in "magna charta of android users"?

    i understand the storage and network connection (for updates, duuh) but the rest are quite useless, yet i've seen many other apps behaving so. i still think our phones are compromised even without installing, especially smartphones and such.

    great article, VC! i can't wait for more!

    • Land of the free on a prison planet isn't a very free land at all….but saying that to the masses over and over keeps rebellion to a minimum. We are free! What is there to rebel from???? lolol

  7. One more sure sign how all organized evil of the world is intertwined. They work for common agenda-governments,intelligence agencies,media,corporations…Samsung and hapless Jays.
    Lesson for all of us. We can spread the word striving for the truth. Peace.

  8. And that is why Pop music (all forms) seems the same mindless and especially tuneless drivel: it is. The Elite are tired of trying for creativity; why bother?

  9. Men are carried in d womb 4 nine months,breathe their first at birth & are fed till they come of age.They don't know d no. of hairs on their heads,extent of d firmament over d earth & no. of heartbeats appointed unto them;neither do they understand d POWER that works these things.Perhaps bcos d sun still rises over them,food is still in their mouths & breath is still in their nostrils,they now see themselves as lords of existence while failing 2 perceive & acknowledge d loving Purpose of HE that superintends over All from invisible realms;d CREATOR Himself,d GRANDMASTER ABSOLUTE(whose feet is higher than death) & d PERSONIFICATION OF ETERNAL GLORY.If they cannot endure transgression from their offspring,d crafts of their hands & all else under them,then d LORD's Judgement is at their doorsteps.

    • It's a shame you dumbed down your post with all the "d's". Nevertheless thanks for posting something of substance.

    • Christian

      what a horrible example of being too dumb to write properly.

      Imagine if the Bible was written so CRAPPILY – no-one would get saved

  10. killuminati on

    hmm i allways asked myself why jay z is so big…
    like people would call him hip hop king or whaeever
    i think he is ugly dont mean physically cause beyonce seems to love that guy so ther must
    be somthin…
    or he did some ritual shit because of his obbvious uglyness….oviously,
    with some crazy rockerfellaa and put a spell on beyonce some african juju shit -.-

    anyway i just dont like his character the way he speaks when he opens his mouth i feel dishonesty and shadyness and all that shittt

    fuck jay z the fuckk YOU wanna spyy one me cunt go make the greyprint 25 or somethin -.-

    • you forgot the part where his rhymes are weak, vapid, and in the rap/hip hop world he is a geriatric meme of content and substance.

      notice they never show the faces of the true geniuses who mine and string together the good beats on the tracks? just the front end puppets.

      more marginalized/specialized dorks (G-d love 'em) used for vacuous shilling, as in all industries–must be why he is claiming to hang with "weirdos" now, can't hide the true artistry forever.

      RAP/HIP HOP IS AN ART, but the purpose and clear vision that it was created from has been corporatized and bastardized beyond recognition.

      i am waiting for the inevitable specific expose on what happened in the 90's that fully converted the scene from one of change, truth, and joyful escape to abject decadence, ego absorption, and pointless hate and violence, culminating in so many big name deaths. hmmmmmm…

  11. Personally I think that Reagan video is telling it like it was, I am so sick of my American friends who have realised that Obama is not the saviour now think the sun shone out the rear ends of Reagan bush sr and jr and Clinton. They're all murderers and liars! How quickly people forget what they did? Blames look how long the hatred for thatcher lasted and what she did PALES in comparison to these individuals.

  12. the problem isn't even Jay-Z or the Elite, it's the people that follow this bs. who would do all of this for a damn lyric/album? if the obsession with the celebs ended the Elite wouldn't be as big.

    • You are right, but this is the elite that brainwash the people (especially the youth ) into thinking celebrities must be adored, followed, not questioned ect… Capitalism and consumerism and their values which are encouraged (if not force fed) to the people by the elites are the reason why people follow that crap.

    • Celebs are modern representations of old Gods so they must remain important at all costs. No person in their right mind would pay for this kind of trash associated with some music album, but kids are raised to think its normal and the cycle gets worse and worse. Its all about indoctrination – adults do little to fight it, and the cycle marches on. Each generation goes, "WELL THATS JUST OUTRAGEOUS!" Each and every generation.

  13. dammit dude i feel like i made a mistake downloading it but when it asked for FB ot Twitter i just closed that to sketch for me

  14. Sigh, I used to believe in the Illuminati and now i'm just starting to fall into believing that people who believe in the Illuminati are crazy pyschos who have nothing better to do with their time but think up theories. Yes, some are clever but I usually doubt they're true though they may seem like it. A lot of apps are like this. But I guess you would never pay attention to that because they don't have a big celebrity or corporate name on them. Yes, maybe this app requires too much info, but I believe they're just marketing Jay-Z and trying to find out more about where his fanbase is located and such. And that's it. You're overanalyzing. I'm a 16 year old girl and don't pray for me, hoping that "God will show me the truth".. I have read tons of info on the Illuminati. Yes, most of it seems to make sense, but I really think it's just a bunch of overanalyzation. Who cares… Jay-Z's just trying to make a bigger name for himself and make more money.

    • My first thoughts as well.. theres a million other apps out there that asks for the same permissions so why should we expect this one to be different? Is it because Jay Z is associated with it that we should suddenly become suspicious? Sorry vc I agree with almost all your articles but this one is just blown way out of proportion. Keep up the good work though!

    • you should care. don't rationalize things and decide that it's not a big deal because it is. it sounds like you want to be lazy and just listen to whatever music, watch whatever programming that's on tv. well, if you want to live a happy life, you can't do that. it's your decision though.

      • I'm not being lazy, I'm just choosing to not believe in this bullsh*t and take things so far like you and some others tend to do. A million other apps do the same thing! As Leon said, why should we become suspicious just because Jay-Z is involved. I can CHOOSE to live a happy life ignoring the Illuminati theories and not living my life in fear, like you do. The Illuminati won't stop me from being happy.

      • Diamandis be happy.
        There is not one single reason for you to study all dark truths and some crap along the way.(read-reptilians). Ultimate truth is in God alone. He is not revealing all plots to us. Yes I know that World Council of Churches is the very core of antichrist's new religion but…what is that to you?
        Learn the Truth and try to be drawn near Him Who will triumph over all dark. Soon.

      • As for me I would never stop to educate myself. As well as others. If VC will allow articles mine could be next…

    • JesusZeusHorus on

      I've been thinking the same thing too- imbdoing research right now on the illuminati and posting it on my blog and YouTube and I have seen many apps and the like has for so much information but unless a big name celeb is involved people don't seem to care and think nothing of it.

    • heeeeey im 17 😀 well i personally feel weird about it.
      like first off Illuminati isnt really a thing. Is a deception.
      I think theyr freemasons and such. and these people do exist, and they are doing things, with such nonchalant secrecy, thats its weird. Have a bunch of them in India, all creepy.. only cus its so quite. they just say because they are a fraternity and they wish to keep their on goings private. I say thats fishy, its just plain fishy, these guys are all over the world and their creepy old fingers are at each corner side and center. Plus its not just ooooh im brainwashing youuuuuuu! they meditate ALOT and there some strange stuff going on in the world. the suppression of women, and the liberation which will end in more suppression, is strange too. soo much masculine energy going on. Like what if theyr just doing something messed up like keep the feminine and spiritual side of things out forever?
      and free masons dont let women in. Imagine my indignation at that! Am i inferior? yeah made outta mans rib, made for his pleasure. But im human too. Women bleed though, hence they are unworthy. Men have semen, if they can channel it upwards, well charka heaven i guess. Its all entirely unfair and totally strange. Why is one part of humanity ignored? i refuse to believe its cus we are simply weaker. Those sorta questions are the ones that should be entertained, i think.

      • Repressing the feminine is a large part of it. Look at modern feminism – all it does is make us EQUAL to men. No celebration of the feminine – we work as men, pay taxes as men, provide as men. Feminism is a hijacked movement that encourages us to seek our power in being more sexual and more destructive with our creational rights (abortion is nearly a celebration, at this point). Looking into the myth of Sophia/Gaia and John Lash's metahistory.org might clear some things up for you.

      • Feminism has had disastruous consequences. My late grand-mother was quite perceptive regarding the movement as she used to regard as a madness and the feminists were labelled as nutters. Nonetheless, it's not negative to be hired instead of relying on men. Haven't you met any women who relied on men and ended up without a job or money. Your spouse might meet someone else and decide that he no longer wants to be with you. What will you do if you expect others to take care of you? What do you reckon wendy11? I think my argument is pretty sensible.

    • I totally agree.My BIBLE app on my phone asks for even more permissions than that!I think VC is just overanalysing here…

      • Actually……all of those apps are intertwined. They are all under one roof u know. Even the Christian related ones. So b very careful of EVERYTHING!! Everything and anything will be used to get u to do what they want you to do!! Peace and God be with us ALL!!

    • Same here. The one mainstream album I couldn't resist though is Daft Punk's. I know it's promoting robots and a few other things but it's just so fucking good.

  15. I'm an european from Spain. Americans are enslaving the entire world, it's a fact. If you don't wake up and do the same things the egiptians are doing against their government, I can asure you there will be a total dictatorship, and it will be globally. You americans are on the top of the world and you are responsible for it, if you do not change it and make yourselves humble and at the same time revolutionary, the whole world will be against you as it is becoming right now. We are all angry at americans. Look what happened to Snowden and you will understand the whole picture of it. Americans, the whole world is awaiting you to wake up at once, or let's face it, if that not happens, the destruction of all we know will be imminent and very painful for all of us.

    • Not-the-elite on

      The vast majority of Americans have as much power to influence/control our government as Spaniards do to theirs. Can you and your group of friends and family fix all of the social ills of Spain? Where did you get that we're "on top of the world"? And our people are not responsible for the decisions of the elite criminals in charge. News flash: American citizens =/= our government, so please learn to differentiate. Besides, IDK what you think we can do. You seem to have a lot of criticism, but no viable solution.

    • The bankers are international… They have started in the US but have their mits all over the world pushing a global gov, global currency & agenda 21…

    • I'm a Spanish American living in Texas and I do agree that we Americans must wake up but the European union was/is not set up to help Europe. So its not just America that needs to wake up its Europe as well as every country fighting the global elites

    • Americanlady on

      I am American and yes, I do understand how frustrating it is for the rest of the world to have us murdering and taking over countries etc. I educate myself and try to educate others and yes, a lot of my fellow countrymen do act like brainwashed zombies. However, America is a big country and not all of us approve of the agenda and many of us fight against it and do speak up. We have protests here that are not televised. We may be the biggest bullies but we are also victims of abuse by our government. Also, America is just the military wing of the illuminati agenda- other countries have blood on their hands as well, and all of us around the world have been complicit in supporting the corporations that seem hell bent on destroying the world. It is easy to blame everything on Americans, but that wouldnt be the full story. Each of us can only be responsible for ourselves.

    • I dont think Americans is to blame for anything. The true Aamericans (native Americans) have nothing to do with whats going on. Neither do the "African Americans" that was brought here. So I dont agree with you when you say Americans. However if you say Europeans or European Americans then id agree with u. Europeans have always wanted to take over the world and have ruined countless nations and they will continue to do so! Its a know fact. They took over America africa
      Australia and countless islands. Plus the elite are rich white ppl from all over the world. So America isnt to blame this,is,a,globe issue and at this point we,are,all in the same boat! They have something for all of our as*es

      • Yes, I was referring to european Americans. The white american. I'm an European spanish and the past of the Spaniards is horrendous, full of slaughter and the inquisition of the Roman Church divided us when it was imposed against us with hatred and totalitarian arrogance, and the spaniards have also a bloody past when they conquered America and kill everybody who lived there. I agree with you that Europeans always wanted to take over the world, and so we have an oportunity to change this and not to repeat it never again! It all begins with an open minded perspective of what is to be a true human being.

      • notsurprized on

        THAT really speaks volumes of yours and everyone else's comment agreeing with you that "white America" is to blame. It's the evil spirit in the human white/and not white. Look at the agendas that have been approved by our BLACK or if you want to get technical mixed president who is not white. Some evil things have been done to us by his hand and you want to blame and HATE YOUR brother's and sisters as a whole most of which who have no control over what's going on in this country. Do your research and see that it is most certainly not the democracy of America wanting to take over the world but Russia/China too, what a stupid a$$ remark lol.

      • notsurprized, I think your remark is so stupid that it takes time to asimilate. Let me tell you that I'm responsible for my own country, in this case Spain, my government that is put against my will because I didn't vote it. You are also responsible for your own government, whether you voted it or not.
        If the american government is destroying other countries to make you feel safe is not of my business, it's yours, but I tell you now that your country needs a radical change, and the change begins within you and the POPULATION as a whole.

  16. UCan'tFoolMe on

    Sorry Isra85, America has made every nation bed down with them on a global scale! Remember, "Either you are with US or against US?!?!"

  17. To all believers:Can d brightness of a candlelight b compared 2 that of a midday sun?Or does a moth and eagle share d same perch?Even Moses still knew his place despite having spoken face 2 face with d LORD.As far as I understand,these 'elite' only know & do what HE permits according 2 HIS Perfect Will,d fulfillment of which reveals HIS everlasting Love & Wrath;yet flesh & blood masquerading as 'illuminati' & whatever else that sound pompous think 2 b level with HIM bcos HE's being gracious & has held HIS peace.Days are coming when HE shall pass 4 Judgement & all creation shall be Enlightened as 2 d true GOD,whereby HE shall b distinguished from coceited 'wannabes'.Angels don't tremble in HIS Prescence 4 nothing.

    • Its tragic that too many mistake this site for a church or a preaching place. Have some common sense and keep ur religious rants to urselves.

      • hes right you know, i saw a born again before and after. strange….. he makes sense, i think there is truth in it, no one reads the bible so no can say its bull.

      • GnosticAtheist on

        I'm with you Christinne. The religious fanatics on this site make reading the comments section almost impossible. Literalist interpretations of illuminati Satanism are ridiculous. Satanic rituals are motifs these sickos use to tap into transdimensional energies and intelligences that like to fuck with humans by playing into our dualistic, culturally reinforced belief systems as limited by this linear 3D reality. Satan was never a real entity people, it's a fucking archetypal thoughtform. The Bible you keep thumping has no historical validity. It's a bastardized hodgepodge of shit constructed out of the wake of the political propaganda machine at the center of the Nicaea congregation. It was all about 'control'. The Bible was their 'mainstream media' of the day.

        End rant.

      • Something has to be eternal. Either God is eternal, or mass energy is eternal. Through Science we've learned that mass energy wears out, therefore, mass energy eternal doesn't make sense. God eternal makes perfect sense!

        God has created masterpieces upon this earth! The Mimic Octopus is just one of them that will leave you awe-struck! You should really get to know The Artist!

        "Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever You had formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God." -Psalms 90:2

        As far as the Bible goes, I think Billy Sunday summed it up best…

        "The reason you don't like the Bible, you old sinner, is because it knows all about you."

        You are entitled to your rant just as much as we Christians are entitled to stand for what we believe. I won't argue with you, but I will pray for you.

  18. Wow, that is insane! LOL
    I remember the rap from old times – Public Enemy, Onyx, Cube, Tupac, T… things changed a lot.

    But that Killer Mike video… awesome piece! Didn't know him.

  19. Mr.Annalytical on

    Glad to see Killer Mike getting love. He's been revolting against the System for years! Great job VC

  20. Megadeth by far is the most political music no cRAP will ever come near Dave Mustaine.he is anti NWO .

      • independent of anyone's personal impressions of Mustaine/Megadeth, the truth is followers of the Way (versus "Christians") are driving the engine behind the awakening, and always have been–

        Religion and the Church (big C) is an enemy of freedom of love as it is built by man, but when listening to Christ within & Holy Spirit leads (as we as believers are called to follow) then love appears.

        this is the secret of the ages that darkness is desperately trying to hide, and extinguish. they offer pursuit of personal interests and gratifications disguised in various religious AND secular forms, but you shall know them by their fruit.

        do all in love and honesty, cast out fear and the truth becomes clear.

    • Mustaine endorsed the bloodthirsty warmonger Santorum. His reasoning was confused and idiotic, as Ron Paul was also running. I like Megadeth, but Mustaine is a notorious tool. And if you want to hear some anti-NWO “cRAP”, I suggest you listen to “They Got” by Non Phixion, “Cell Therapy” by Goodie Mob, “One Step” by Killah Priest, and “Soul on Ice” by Ras Kass just to name a few.

    • Dude, Mustaine is a right winged religious extremist tool !

      System of a Down and Rage Against The Machine are two better examples of good mix of political and music IMO. Amog many other bands that pass the message better than Megadeth IMO.

  21. Don't know if anyone mentioned this but when I was looking through the lyrics on the app all of the expletives were blanked out. From listening to the a few (awful) tracks I realised that these expletives included: God, The Bible, Jesus and Christ. I Suppose these are all dirty words if you are a devil worshiper though.

  22. When GOD called 4 Light in d beginning,HE was firm & without apologies 2 Darkness;therefore anyone that feels irritated by 'preachers' on this site or anywhere else in d universe should know that it is done 2 avoid accusation from whomsoever is damned in d Day of retribution(no one will say s/he had'nt heared).'Microscopic' scrutiny of d 'elite'(indeed) & d likes of Jay-z in any sector of human endeavour(what do men know besides bickering over supremacy amongst themselves?) misses d entire picture.D whole matter is this:GOD,d Decider of victory in a war now engulfing all creation has given HIS rules:-Walk in d Light(Jesus Christ) & live;remain in Darkness(whatever aspirations & philosophies that suit ur fancy) & die;period.

  23. Very well but there always seems to be a lot of people on here who believe that worshippers of Satan are a huge, scary group which we need to rise up against and defeat. I don't iknow whether that is what you are left with after you take it out of a monotheistic context but it is fundamentally wrong. God is the lord of heaven and the lord of the world and he has allowed this sin to come about and will allow it to continue until the end times and fulfilment of the phrophecies has happened. There is no scope for a great political or ideological uprising 'against the illuminati'. It is about YOU protecting your OWN soul and those of your nearest and dearest and your own spiritual battle against evil. Mass uprising is irrelevant. The sheeple as a growing majority is always going to be there – even among them, God will Judge.

  24. Black people loves slavery. They came for a long history of slavery and now many of them sing stupid song promoting slavery…be a Satan's slave!

      • Wait now, he just might have a point. Here me out first & Ima keep it real as it was, ok… I was on a job assignment out of state this past week. And we had overseers micromanaging the slaves every moves. We were told to inform the overseers when we even had to use the bathroom ( say what) they had to know over every where abouts at all times for the 12 hr shifts. I have never in my entire life every had to deal with anything like this at all. They were talked to like animals & gave great performances as well. I seen one employee go so far as to be laid out on the floor & I mean laid out like you would be in a bed, doing some work.(believe me when I tell you, it wasn't that serious) Putting on a great show for the masters, it sicken me to my stomach just to watch how my people would stoop so low and degrade themselves. So, for the ones that they couldn't break & spoke their minds & wasn't putting up with their behaviors, they were considered outcast & label as troublemakers & sent home. So, Im sitting here at my computer desk, so I guess you know where Im at right now. I apologize VC, this comment had nothing to do with your article.

  25. Metalyptica on

    The music industry today is but one pawn in the game of chess. The game is unpredictable. But the game will be over soon enough. We don't know when, but He does.

  26. I would like a bit more background info on the name of the album. Magna Carta, Holy Grail is an odd choice for a rap/hiphop album. Hmmm….

    • Easy Insight on

      You've never heard of the Magna Carta? Have you made it to high school yet? It's in basic world and American history classes. Possibly taught in junior high in some school systems.

      • Uh, our educational system is crap. Here, remember this, we test you for it, now you can forget it and learn new crap and forget that.

  27. every angle on

    how many of you have actually studied the change in direction of his lyrical data of this new magna carta track? Take another look at the foo' – Im not saying believe, just observe the directional change, pre-meditated game change or other…

  28. ...????.... on

    Not the least bit interested in what these talentless drones have to offer. Feel sorry for the sheepie that hold these manufacured marketing vampires in the highest regard. They deserve to be fleeced and lead astray.

  29. Theres no hope for theese entertainers. They make me sick. Cant look at them or hear them. Its sad they took innocent ppl and innocent things like movies music and corrupted it. This is why we must educate are children about good n bad. Look at bieber he was normal innocent when he started off… look at him now a lil cocky unhunble nuisance who does drugs… I told my wife wait till bieber is 18 hes gonna go crazy just like the rest of theese hollywierdos.. the money,power,fame.. cant be the only influence on theesr stars… its as if something is controling them.. rebuke it in the name of jesus christ.. hope they wake up like chappelle.. now that guy is amazingly smart n blessed for rejecting them..

    • Dave Chappelle is also a Muslim. Took great courage to stand up to the hollywood moguls and refuse that $50 million and worse of all the allegations of "insanity." Truly an inspiration and a man of morals. Hope he withstands the pressure.

  30. Let me say this…. its allready written for alot of whats happening in the world to happen… allthough we dont know exactly when the world will end and are saviour jesus will come to get us.. there isnt too much we can do against these elite pieces of shit… but are father god can and will save us and punish them… sometimes we cant save our selves… thats why our father god is there for us. We couldnt save our selves and god helped us by giving his son jesus to wash away our sins so one day… barring how good and if you truly accept jesus christ existing as your saviour of your soul.. we can be with god and jesus in their kingdom.. so like I said some things are not in our hands..

  31. This is in a lot of apps guys. Just be careful if it's not needed to function then don't trust the app. if you think its doing to much for a music app then don' t trust it, Etc. I mean jayz is a puppet but I realize this doesn't add to the puppetry. :/

  32. staceypritchettwilliams on

    I ALLLLLLREADY knew what time it was with this bullshit download. I don't even have a Samsung, but if I did, I wouldn't have downloaded that.

  33. Killer Mike! Love this artist! Add Tupac, Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Lupe Fiasco to the short list of hip hop artists that pierce the veil.

    • Lupe is just too damn corny with all the rants he's been going on as of late.

      Other artists to add are Ras Kass, El-P, Brother Ali, Diabolic, Bambu, Blue Scholars, etc.

  34. I am sick to death of Jay-Z. He is not the best rapper in the world. Why do people continually believe the hype around him?

  35. Jay z is watching an knows your friends….the devil is watching and knows yo friends..
    And jay z says he is being targeted by illuminati allegations because he is african american (blak)….if he is tryin to get the sympathy of blak people well here hav it!….i am as blak as tar hahaha an am not buyin it…i think he is a reincarnation of the devil

  36. Yo! The permissions to install the app were A LOT MORE. They wanted access to phone records, chat and text, contact lists and a whole lot of additional data. Thats EXACTLY why i didnt run an install. When i saw all that, i was like NO WAY….

  37. I'm not s fan of jay z, I haven't been in a long time. I still believe he has something to do with biggie's death, I believe the same for diddy. After biggie died, these two shot up the rap ladder real quickly. I look forward to these clowns being exposed. I know there are folks out there who are scarred, but then again, a lot of people are so brainwashed they wouldn't get it.

    • Beyonce also became popular right on the heels of Aaliyah's death as well. I remember it very well.

    • I've always said Biggie was more of a sacrifice than Tupac was. Tupac's death was well orchestrated. No one benefited from Pac's death. Suge Knight is broke. Snoop and Dr. Dre were well established already. They wanted him eliminated because he's the son of a Black Panther and he had too many ideas. His time in prison was eye opening for him. He had time to reflect and put life into perspective. His music became more rebellious as it was before he went in. He was rebellious from the start of his career. I mean him coining the phrase "Killuminati" was enough reason to have him killed. Biggie was definitely a sacrifice. Some would say wrong place at the wrong time (going to L.A. months after Pac was taken out). I myself still feel as if Diddy was jealous of Big's success. I always wonder why Diddy wasn't in that SUV with Biggie the night he was taken out? Hmmm. Biggie was larger than Diddy's record label (no pun intended). Jay-z learned the ropes from Biggie and from a dude named Jaz-O, who was his mentor. You're right though. Those two benefited greatly from Biggie's death.

      • OriginalRace on

        He was also a threat to Quincy Jones (and his homosexual agenda) who I believe played a huge part in his death. Why don't most of the public know that Pac's girlfriend (QJ's daughter) was in the backseat when Pac was shot up???

      • Pac had plans to marry Jones' daughter as well. I'm pretty sure Jones didn't want his daughter marrying Pac.

      • One of the last things Pac talked about was uniting the black community…for real. Not the lip service repressive shit that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson peddle, where those two get paid and racially we still stand divided (and blacks are no better off than they were pre-Martin Luther King Jr). He had the ear of the young black community, and that in itself is a true threat.

        Martin Luther King Jr was murdered only when he started talking about CLASS instead of RACE.

  38. Killer Mike is a real good dude and is incredibly well read and intelligent. The video for Reagan is another fantastic song full of the truth. I love the symbolism in the video, he is using it to show what these POS’ that control everything use to enslave all of us. Like he said “just like the Clinton’s, bush’s and Obama’s, just another paid actor telling lies on teleprompters”. Him and El-P from Company Flow, have been destroying the industry for the last 2 years with no air play. They just released a free EP that didn’t require any corny gimmicks to Download called “run the Jewels”, it is also 10 times doper than Jay Z’s or Kanye’s new turds. Hip hop awakened me 20 years ago, listening to PE, Tribe, Boogiemonsters, Pac, Above the Law, Gangstarr…etc. Unfortunately, we don’t have many like them anymore, but Killer Mike is definitley one of the few.

  39. I'm so glad I emailed this video to VC. I love provoking discussion and reading the points and views of others. :)

  40. "Conspiracy theorist screaming illuminati. They can't believe this much skill is in the human body."


      • "Question religion, question it all. Question existence until them questions solved. Meanwhile it's heretic…"


        Reference to "demon" implies an evil spirit of some sort. You obviously haven't questioned existence enough (especially existence of spirits) coz I'm sure some "god" has neatly written it all down for ya in some "book", ain't it? Do you even know what a demon is?

  41. You gotta address J. Cole's album cover and title: Born Sinner.Also, listen to his song Villuminati.

    • Dude, you need to understand the concept of the album. J Cole is anti illuminati . He was being sarcastic when he said "i'm about to join the illuminati, fck everybody." smh people these days don't research.

  42. There's a lot of other rappers that talk about these issues, and who stay lyrical.
    I'm just flabbergasted (yea, I used that word) of the amount of people that think 'Ye is a "genius" and has "depth"…yea a genius for marrying a cum bucket like Kim K?

    I know it's good to talk about these things, but I've been reading too many "Kanye is this, Jay-Z is that, God help us all blahzay blahzay". God gave you a brain, a brain so you can look for and enjoy better rappers than what the media deems "cool".

    Many know about Immortal Technique, but you guys should really check for artists like Killer Mike, El-P, Brother Ali, Ras Kass, etc. We can all talk about how mainstream music is bullshit, but we should shift focus to better emcees that deserve more attention. Word is bond, I highly recommend those artists.

    Honestly, major labels are slowly dying out and the big companies are desperately/tyrannically holding on to their power over the airwaves. If you want better music, make your own, support the indie scene, support your local artists!

    • YES!!!!
      More people need to understand what you do. Major labels ARE dying out. The internet is the new media mogul. Youtube is the new marketer. It is time to shift focus on what we DO want and what we DO like rather than all the negativity.

  43. Shark, I totally agree with you. I don’t listen to mainstream rap, because it is all garbage, but the underground is full of insightful artists like the ones you metioned. The only one I don’t care for at all is Brother Ali. To me he plays the race card way too much, and his music is zzzzzzzzzzz, boring. I wish Vigilant Citizen would compile a plethora of videos that expose all of this stuff. KRS, Zach de la Rocha and Last Emporer’s CIA is a brilliant song and video, that is 4 minutes of truth. Immortal Tech, Killer Mke, El-P…etc. I would love to see that.

  44. If people haven't figured out he and all other entertainment biggies are stooges of the NWO, they never will.

  45. Yinz guys…. If you look at all the pre-installed apps that you cannot remove from phone… Don't you notice they all these similar 'functions' ?

    I don't even use apps on my phone – but they turn on anyway. They're on a timer of some sort to just constantly turn on and run retrieving your info.

    My philosophy is you can't really live without music. Music is great. If you like the music – listen to it.

  46. jay z sell out? hahahahahahahahahaha… selling "high class" cocaine is still selling crack, even if you enrobe it in PoMo references and a gilded cage–

    players being played, ancient story that seems to be on infinite repeat.

    “To sell your soul is the easiest thing in the world. That's what everybody does every hour of his life. If I asked you to keep your soul – would you understand why that's much harder?”
    –Ayn Rand (The Fountainhead)

  47. He's hardly a " savvy Business man " it was all handed to him on a silver platter in EXCHANGE for selling out by pushing Occultism , police state and now data mining on his gullible fans and when you have occultist conglomerates bank rolling you , all you basically do is sign Agreements

    • Totally agree with you. Because what we are hearing on the air waves is sickening! And Jay-Z is not a savvy business man. He was/is a willing stooge in the moral decay and down fall of our society and civilization. I can't believe people idolize let alone admire this dirt bag. No person reaches that level in society without either being iniated into certain societies or is willing to do the will of TPTB.

      • Nobody achieves this kind of success without compromising your principles, if you have any in the first place. You need to feel pity for people like that as they are profoundly weak. As long as you don't cultivate sentiments of jealousy and feel hatred towards them. I bet they don't even feel security and happiness which only stimulate their greed.

  48. Its hilarious how everything is connected.. I just read this article yesterday and just now I went to install Music Paradise on my phone and its showing the same thing, that it can mod storage, gps, its says all of the above..So its more than just his app, its bigger than JayZ. Its still crazy nonetheless

  49. Another trick from the sleeve of one of the most well known pawns of the illuminati, but hey, in the American Soviet Union, web surf you indeed.

  50. Connect the dots.
    -Jay-Z was a mediocre rapper lurking in the background of Tupac and Biggie. Both of them get murdered under suspicious circumstances.

    -Almost over night, Jay Z becomes this mega rap star. Not because fans thought he was so great, but because the media shoved him down our throats and crowned him as "the chosen one." This occurred after he snitched on his friends for trying to start a distribution company to have more control over their music sales His friends businesses were raided and some went to federal prison. (Was this a test to see where his loyalty really was?)

    -All of sudden, Jay-Z becomes besties with president Obama. What does Obama and Jay-Z have in common other than they are both black? Why does Jay-Z, a former drug dealer and rapper have access to the White House?

    -Obama just got busted for his NSA spying programs including internet and mobile phone companies

    -Jay Z comes up with a marketing ploy to help Samsung to get massive data.

    Bottom line is that Jay-Z has been chosen as a music puppet used to push government agenda on a larger scale than the average pop star. I don't believe Samsung paid him $5 million for the free CD, but was paid by the government for his services.

  51. While some of the app's permissions seem unneeded, not all of the ones mentioned are unneeded. I'm an android developer (not for this app):

    Storage Access – It needs it to write the data to the phone for the songs and such – a lot of apps require this
    Accounts – To connect to FB/Twitter. Seems unneeded – you can login to FB/Twitter on apps via a special web portal
    GPS – Not sure why this app needs one. A lot of apps need it for advertising in-app – some of the ad services use location targeted ads.
    Phone calls – Some apps use this to manage what the app does when your phone receives a phone call. In this case, probably to pause audio automatically.

  52. the messenger on

    I was not familiar with Killer Mike, so after watching the video, and then reading through the comments, I decided to check him out for myself. Now take my comment with a grain of salt, but after researching him, I feel that we should be cautiously optimistic before we praise him. First, his foul language is very offensive, but I understand that's my opinion. Where the red flags really went up for me was his album cover for "I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind 2". On the cover, he is throwing up the 666 hand sign. There's also an American Flag in the background with skull and crossbones in place of the stars. I also watched an interview of Killer Mike by Himanshu, and not only did Killer Mike say a few things that seemed suspicious to me, it was his shirt that stood out most. It had a large "G" with a skull and crossbones on it. I saw several pictures of Killer Mike throwing up the "V" hand sign, which most of us that study the Illuminati knows that that does not stand for "peace". If Killer Mike is really blowing the whistle, then he would know that, too. His song "Villain", in which he has recently lent to Warner Brothers for the video game "Injustice-Gods Among Us", also didn't sit right with me for several reasons. To name one, it had a "Joker" theme to it, and for all of us that keep up with the Illuminati, we know that Batman is a popular theme for them. I'm sorry if I'm offending anybody by this comment, but I think KM could be controlled opposition. Either that, or he's capitalizing on the rising trend of "conspiracy theorists". There's more about Killer Mike that gave me an uneasy feeling, but I tried to hit on the main ones. We must remember that Satan is subtle, and the Illuminati is a tricky bunch. This is just my take on things, and thanks for letting me share them.

  53. i don't get it. A bunch of apps ask for the same exact thing. They want your location to see where people are downloading the app from. This may be used for the Elite's purpose so don't see why Jay-Z's app is being targeted when a bunch of apps do this. I downloaded his app and I didn't have to post anything on Twitter nor Facebook. I think this one is being blown out of proportion because it's Jay-Z.

  54. I have been at such cathedral. Gloomy, creepy, and a lot promotion of letting the boys go to war and be heroes! Oh, and by the way, a lot of celebration of the dead heroes ofcourse…
    The church used to sell orphans to the british army…

  55. I have proudly not been a fan of Jay-z since his first big single, the one with the Annie sample (Hmmm… isn't annie a moviemusical about a girl taken from the orphanage to live with the rich and wealthy elite?)

  56. I think a lot of times a stunt like this (putting all these tracking devices into a seemingly unrelated product) is done just to judge the publics reaction – a big or small reaction gives them information just the same. Like with Xbox 1 – all that information is prereleased and they go, awww, look at the public, they still think they have autonomy, we will take that stuff out, you still rule US with your purchasing power.

  57. loveknoxxz: I've been listening to hip hop music since the late 80's from Rakim, Public Enemy, Tribe Called Quest, Run DMC, to Tupac, Ice-T. NWA, NAS, AZ, you name the artist I heard of them. Jay-Z was always on that materialistic tip. Dude helped usher in all this money hungry attitude and consumerism bs. Not surprised at all with the direction he took in his career. All he talks about is money. Nas was right as usual HIP HOP IS DEAD. along with ALL GENRES of music that display creativity and positive messages. It is what it is people. Say good bye to true artist and good music on main stream radio stations.

  58. William_v3.0 on

    You want a great rapper who still holds down Hip-Hop properly, look no further than K-Rino or Immortal Technique!

  59. Supreme Being on

    Did you know? On every android device there is a folder with encrpyted back up data about the devices activities. Open the hidden files on the settings of your file manager and search gps, the folder has massive amounts of data that the user doesnt know of. Mine was 2.5 gigabyte of calls, sms messages, emails, all my downloads, music, videos, pictures, pdfs, and more. All of the activites since I used the phone were recorded, everything, and so are yours. Wonder why the network is always uploading, your data is being recorded by google for the american government everytime your network indicator uploads, it does not harm your cellphone account because they are in charge. Delete the gps folder as often as u can, make sure all ur networks are off when u dont use them, then ure safe from being framed by ur government one day

  60. The only true permission that raises a flag is the "System Tools" permission because when it retrieves a list of running apps, it actually takes a snapshot of what is currently open in programs at a certain point in time. Address books, messaging, Facebook, email, these are the things that are susceptible to such an ability, and a simple listening app should not have permission for such a thing.

  61. Wow, Killer Mike is great. Thanks for introducing me to yet another great artist, VC! Even the beat is actually really good.

  62. Why so obsessed with music people ? Not like you'll die if you leave it.
    Islam does not allow it and now the reasons are getting obvious.

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