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Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs – 4th of July 2013



Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

Going on the internet and typing about emergence of a Big Brother state is important as more people need to be aware about what is going on. Doing this can however become lonesome and even discouraging  – if absolutely nothing else is being done. So, when real live people took to the on Independence Day to demonstrate their outrage, it felt good. It felt good to see people young and old caring about the rights that are being taken away (to never being given back again) and doing something about it. While holding a sign on the street might not immediately fix the problem – that’s how it starts. Here’s my top 15 best “Restore the Fourth” signs (in no particular order).

Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

Yes, while the elite definitely needs a refresher course on the Constitution and what it stands for, they’d much rather gather all of the petty info they can get about you.


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

The artsy angle of this picture leads to profound reflection about the metaphysical side of things and also WTF IS GOING ON IN AMERICA AND THE WORLD?


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

That’s the spirit, Sun-Protection Man.


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

It is rather saddening to realize that the “home of the free” is actually worse than the oppressive regimes that were devilized by U.S. propaganda in the past decades.


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013



Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

They say that for each rat you find, there are 50 you don’t see. Well…one rat was found.


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

Pretty sure there’s a database of private parts associated with name and SIN number. All ready to use for blackmailing.


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

People were so hopeful when Obama replaced George W. Bush. These people didn’t know that the same corrupt elite is behind the scenes, pushing the same agenda it has been pushing for decades.


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

Consuella for President!


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

I hope this little guy won’t soon be holding a sign saying “Home of the NOT free”… Come to think of it, he probably wouldn’t be allowed to hold that sign anyways.


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

Gotta go back to the spirit that founded the country.


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

Funny, yet sad. So sad for America.


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

Civil rights are indeed being debated, relativized, minimized and, sometimes, completely ignored. Dangerous precedents are being set.


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

Maybe it was.


Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

“1984 is novel about an oppressive police state. This person does not want to die in a society that resembles what is described in the novel.” – Captain Obvious

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Top 15 Best “Restore The Fourth” Signs - 4th of July 2013

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I live in Britain and I'm worried. I've been reading this site for years and I'm more worried now than I've ever been. I just wanted to say it.


This is all good and fun. However, protesting is the catered too and pre-programmed reaction the elite want you to do since the 1960s. It is the whole reason why they had the whole civil rights movement in the first place. Yes, please assemble in a line and ask the people abusing you to give your rights back, The thing is if you have to ask someone to give you a right, then it wasn't your right in the first place. RIGHTS THAT MAKES US HUMAN and LIVING BEINGS on this planet are INALIENABLE and not endowed to us by anyone other than our creator. Therefore asking someone to GRANT THEM, is wrong. What we need to do, and the only physical action we can do, is defend them or JUST PRACTICE THEM OPENLY. Obedience is the only thing the state wants in order to say in existence. Therefore defiance and solidarity are the only options affordable for anyone who chooses not to be a slave. You may ask why do I have to make this choice? Well the choice has already been chosen for you. You just have to wake up and realize it.


if the elites are doing this for their future 'world domination' or any evil plot, they're SO not gonna win against us and those ignorant people out there. Think about it as a classroom of freshmen high school students; for example, the elites are the school faculty, their followers(or whatever they're called/ or MK'd people) are the student body council, and the students are the people of the world, do you think majority of the students will just let them go to school during even weekends? NO LOL

linda L.

I would like you to do an article on what Peter Stansberry is talking about, how the American dollar is pretty much finished, what he had to say is pretty much spot on, All the big money gurus are trying to discredit him saying he is a scam artist. But it all ties into wanting a one world government, by destroying America's ability to do business in the world. It's amazing how it is all tying into end-time prophecy


The elites are stupid if you think bout it, I mean what are they chasing ? Global domination and bla bla average human life span is only 60-70, 100 years old at best, what happens when they die ? DO they not think about the afterlife ? God's punishment ? Illuminati agent, masons if you're reading this, you need to lay off this s--t ASAP, this is a fight you WONT win.. mind control people, mass murder, sacrificing, worshipping the devil, see if the devil can help you on the "Judgement Day" where your sorry a---s are in front of the Almighty. I'm a muslim I believe in the Judgement Day, so do my Christian's brother n sister 🙂 we all in this together people, don't be afraid of these jokester elites..fighting a fight they'll never win.. hey Illuminati read this please ; )


XDDDDDDDDDDD Some of these are so funny yet sad. But still funny. More people waking up-that's great!!!! But hurry up,will ya!!!



These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will[a] have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” John 16:33


Vigilant Citizen , youre great !!!

linda L.

what the problem is all people want to do is talk about it, we as American citizens have the ability to fire all of them, it's in the constitution. but do you think we can get everyone off their preverbal lazy a---s, I DO NOT THINK SO. My husband and I moved to rural Oklahoma thinking people would be smarter in the mid-west but the cancer has even pervaded all the way out here. STUPIDITY IS ALIVE AND WELL


Id like to see a discussion of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. All of the things in that document, long determined to be "fake", is being implemented.


someone tell me what kitty programing is!


Have a look at this article by VC




We are going to need a lot more than a few protests and witty lines to take these f-----s down.


Maybe we need less. Fighting fire with fire just leads to bigger fires.


I would hardly call poster boards bringing on the fire. I'm not saying we need acts of violence. I'm talking about full out boycotts and informational magazines to pass around, people need to be exposed, it's time to dig dirty.


Welcome to the Union of Soviet America, land of the relatively free (according to that kid with the sign), but yet home of the bold who have what it takes to stand up and face those guided by the hidden "illuminated" hand


How can anyone speak of freedom in America? How do any of you dare invoke 1776? I'm a black man and as far as I know on the aforementioned "independence day" my ancestors were still slaves. I'm also part native (Cree if I'm correct but still researching) and they were still being murdered and pushed further and further west during that time, July 4, 1776. So when current Americans bring up the declaration of independence or independence day I struggle not to laugh and try to explain the truth behind their independence day. I don't celebrate that day anymore and never will ever again. If a country was "founded" (lol smh) on certain inalienable rights but didn't practice their own beliefs; i.e. millions of slaves only counting as 1/3 of a PERSON, then how seriously can that country be taken. This country was established on a lie that we are all still living and I'm extremely disappointed in VC and it's readers for not recognizing this and completely going against independence day or any thought of one. I guess many of you still have much to learn


You know, Imortakai, there's no telling how many lies we've been fed; most of it is out of our control. And while knowing history can be beneficial, we must consider the source. The Illuminati has manipulated our learning for so long, there's really no way of knowing just how much "history" we can trust. For instance, why doesn't mainstream history books teach us that according to colonial records, the first slave owner in the U.S. was a black man? His name was Anthony Johnson. In 1651 he held 250 acres and five black indentured servants. In 1654, it was time for Anthony to release John Casor, a black indentured servant. Instead, Anthony told Casor he was extending his time. Casor left and became employed by the free white man Robert Parker. Mr. Johnson sued Mr. Parker in the Northhampton Court in 1654. In 1655, the court ruled that Anthony Johnson could hold Casor indefinitely. The court gave judicial sanction for blacks to own slaves of their own race. Thus, Castor became the first permanent slave, and Johnson the first slave owner. By 1830, there were 3,775 black families living in the south who owned black slaves. By 1860, there were… Read more »


Wow, beautiful.


such an intelligent comment! i learned alot…and did my own internet research to investigate your claims which all proved to be valid. i also like how you did not insult the original commenter and instead chose positive words and taught us all something…its rare to see comments on the internet that arent insulting people and being rude.


also just want to point out some more relevant facts. athony (who previously was known as antonio the negro) was a a former indentured servant who gained his freedom, later married and owned servants himself. when his servants ran away, the white ones were forced into to extending their service for a couple years, while thew black one was forced into servitude for life…thus establishing a precedent for slavery on the basis of RACE, when it wasnt so before…white, indians, mulattos and black people both worked as servants. also when johnson died, the land he left behind could be seized by the government because he was a "negroe and by consequence an alien." In 1705 Virginia declared that "All servants imported and brought in this County… who were not Christians in their Native Country… shall be slaves. A Negro, mulatto and Indian slaves … shall be held to be real estate." the source of the racial tension stemmed from the fact that when indentured servants were freed, they became a new source of competition for the already established elite landowners…racial identity wasnt an issue in the americas before this. thus the arbitrary racist policies began, to keep a free labor… Read more »


lol..everyones part cherokee.


What's the point of your bringing up the supposed fact that a black man was the first to own slaves? (I used the modifier "supposed" because you used it every time you mentioned the mistreatment of Native Americans in this country, as if that occurrence is unproven.) News Flash: Black people are people of African descent who don't, especially in the 1600's, have names like "Anthony (Antonio) Johnson." At most, this man was mixed. The same goes for the "black" families in New Orleans that owned slaves. If there's one thing anyone knows about New Orleans with respect to race is that there is a large group of people called Creoles there who are technically mixed and identify as a separate (superior) group from African Americans. I guarantee that the majority of the "black" slave owners in the south were these mixed or Creole people, which means they were the children of white slave owners and black slaves and saw themselves as different from (better than) blacks. It's easy to make it seem like black people were slave owners in large numbers when you count the mixed children of white slave owners as black people. Regardless, even if all these… Read more »

be fair

I hope that you do not own any products from China?! Because if you do, you support slavery! I can't speak for anti-illuminatist, but your post highly offends me. Your comment about his/her grandmother was so disrespectful. How do you know that he/she doesn't do anything to help his/her living Native American brothers and sisters? And even if he/she doesn't, so what?! As long as he/ she is treating others with dignity. You are a hate monger, and your post makes me sick. Your first paragraph shows your ignorance and laziness to research things for yourself. You are the manipulator….you took someone's post and manipulated it into saying something completely different. The above poster seemed to be a very compassionate, classy person….you on the other hand, sound like a self-centered jerk. Slavery goes well past American history. Mistreatment of people goes way outside of African Americans and Native Americans. You are a perfect example of someone who thinks the world revolves around them. If your belief is that all people deserve respect, then you should start by YOU showing respect to others. You sound like a racist. Sickening, just sickening. What changes would you like to see take place that… Read more »


I understand your anger, but it is misplaced in this case. July 4th was not about the independence of an individual, but the independence of a NATION. Independence from their overlords in Britain. And believe it or not, counting slaves as 1/3 person was actually an anti-slave measure. We have a representative government, not a democracy. This means that each state would get a certain number of representatives in the House of Representatives based on the population of that state. In the southern states where slavery was prevalent, counting the slaves as 1/3 person was limiting the number, and thus the political influence, of the pro-slave states.


This is an example of why race baiting is still tool #1 in the belt of mass media mind control. Thanks, Captain Gullible.

linda L.

I am an American Indian, as I take it you are black, well just as I was not chased and shot at wooded knee, you were not a slave,not letting go of the past ruins any chance at a free and happy life now, but also destroys your future, let it go and consider that anyone who is still a racist is a moron. By holding on to rage you are only feeding into their stupidity.


hahah that was great to see


Just made my day. These signs were funny but yet sad at the same time. Especially the p--n one and the "sun-protection man" lol.


No…no…Mr. Superman not here


Livin the american dream lol!
A really feel that the only place to find freedom is in christ….wordly freedom is not really xo important esp when i realize there isnt much u can do about it…i mean protest then what….its not goin to make em change their agenda…


Amen to that !


of course it can change something, are you nuts? the change starts in the personal level, individually. It's better than do nothing and stay a sheep forever, watching the circus burning.


What do you say about Egypt? The military took over and brought down the democratically elected president, and the western media is backing this up.


Democracy doesn't work in a country where a lot of people support Sharia Law, because democracy works in their favour.


what i understood is that Mursi betrayed the people's trust. He brought corruption and distorted the constitution in his favour. Besides, and more wrong of all causes: Muslim Brotherhood is a western marionette, Mursi was a Washington boy, so is ElBaradei.

ian hulme

"Coming to a mansion near you ! " is what the sign's should say. When you show up at their door its GAME OVER. And NO you don't have to come together to fight them…. Stay home with your family (peaceful strike) for a month and they will hang themselves .

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