Bono, Richard Branson, and Olivia Wilde Make Fun of “Illuminati Conspiracies” in Ad for Clean Water


In February, Matt Damon launched a campaign to raise awareness about the lack of clean water in third world countries. While this is an important and noble cause, an ad promoting it featuring Bono, Richard Branson and Olivia Wilde pretty much focuses on something else: Ridiculing Illuminati-related conspiracies. Why? Nobody really knows.

This video about clean water ends with billionaire Richard Branson yelling: “Illuminati assemble!”. What’s the relation? Dunno. Is this supposed to be funny? Well, I didn’t laugh. My right eye is slightly twitching, though.

In less than a two minutes, the ad manages to annoy me on a several levels. First, it is yet another example of celebrities trying to get some precious PR goodness by associating their “image” with some kind of good cause. Instead of like, shutting up and helping people on the low, they rather get in front of a camera and tell regular people: “Hey! I’m a celebrity and I’ve got money, look at how great I am because I care about this latest Hollywood good cause trendy thing… And you’re selfish jerk for not caring!”

Second, everyone probably went to the bathroom RIGHT AFTER shooting the video. Isn’t basing a celebrity campaign around an action nobody will ever actually accomplish just representative of the hypocrisy going on there? It’s like an indirect way of saying: “We’ll do absolutely nothing about this issue expect running our mouth and prove we’re better than others for caring”.

What’s however most mind boggling is that the celebs in the ad don’t seem to be concerned about water as much as they are about making fun of Illuminati “conspiracies” and, by ricochet, the millions of truth seekers around the world.

First, you have Bono making fun of Illuminati theories – the one whose NWO-friendly organizations are funded by Bill Gates (Mr. Depopulation) and George Soros (Mr. One World Government and One World Currency). This guy’s “entourage” is part of the Bilderberg group, the Council of Foreign Relations and other elitist branches of the Illuminati and HE’S making fun of the theories. Bono, nobody actually believes that the Illuminati is a bunch of celebrity douchebags meeting in secret. So why deform the truth to make it sound ridiculous?

Then you have Richard Branson who probably has enough money to fix the entire problem by himself but prefers to do lame jokes on YouTube for the lulz.

Then there’s Olivia Wilde who says that she’s an “android from the future” because, apparently, those who seek the truth about the world are also dumb enough to believe that she’s android from the future.

Here’s an idea: How about discussing the root of the water problem in Africa? Why not talk about the systematic exploitation and siphoning of every single resource out of Africa to profit colonial powers? The creation of fake African countries by colonial powers to keep an economic stronghold on them? The putting in place of corrupt puppet governments that do not build infrastructures for its people? The IMF imposing strict economic restrictions on these countries to help Bilderberg-backed multinational corporations? Yeah…no, that’s boring…and that goes against the interests of their “masters”. Yup, don’t want people to know that the ones making you feel bad about the problem are the ones who actually created it. Let’s make stupid Illuminati jokes instead.

I guess that the no-toilet strike suits well these celebrities…Because they’re full of crap.




    • LimeGreenWolf on

      Yeah…humor. Out of ALL the comedic things they could've used they use Illuminati "conspiracies." I mean come on! Matt Damon is an actor for crying out loud.

    • It's not (Very Cute) on

      I politely disagree. Not a single person in this entire world can possible think of something like that and have a straight face simutaneously. And imagine an entire PR board going on board with this IQ-shappening montrosity. This is psychological war at its purest.

    • Indeed . Olivia Wilde makes Megan Fox look smarter. Olivia is a female or "Android" douche bag. Bunno uglu simpleton get real seriously shut up. Matt is an asshole thinking he's saving lives etc. Well guess what If I wouldn't have come to VG citizen and saw that ad on YouTube I would've thought it was a stupid joke . Matt is a nuisance just like he's three buds that agreed to make fun of illuminati conspiracies . Why didn't they talk about it in a serious tone water is important etc. Celebs think that their actually helping out spreading the word across fuck, their getting pay that's why their doing it. Moreover Olivia is always in every ad or commercials because she cant be taken seriously as an actress. Very uncool thats why when celebs do ad campaigns for serious cause their doing for the money the cancer ads the peta ads . No they ask us the poor people to donate money for the cause when they have,enough money for that cause hypocrites they make me sick. I, hope one day they realize that money doesn't buy everything or make them happy. Yes money is needed but theirs more to life than that. If someone wants to make others make a change , you have to do it first. Celebs do ads for enjoyment a hobby fuck it is trendy I'm annoy with them. Talk about the real facts about Africa real water issue with accurate info not using the toilet how silly . What the hell happen to this world stupidity is being celebrated constantly smh.

    • They took a serious issue and made it a joke. And not a joke in the "ha ha" way. They just look stupid. To me they are just making fun off the people in Africa. What's the point??? I don't get it.

    • Me2, it's obvious you don't have a clue? Yes these people are idiots but not for the reason you stated.
      The very people, organizations that they're supposedly ridiculing are their benefactors. Trust moi, its ALL just for show…they're actually mocking us…Everyone knows Richard Branson and Bono are Illumnati puppets. Matt Damon? C'mon, he is such a boy toy, Henry Winkler is a boy toy as well, but yet he played 'the Fonz', more like he played 'the bottom'!
      Essentially they're ALL down with the Illuminati program and they've been given the go ahead to make fun of their masters…it's like robbing your own bank and claiming the real perps are still out there somewhere.

      Most of you would be amazed at the things these people do behind the scenes, to keep their fame and status'…raping children, killing children and adults on certain days of the yr. that coincide with certain astrological/celestial events. allowing their own children (females) to become breeders in exchange for fame. Bristol Palin is also a breeder…why do you think Sarah Palin is such a so-called star, its not dor her mind I'll tell yu that much. They even sacrifice other so-called stars, such as Amy Whinehouse and the guy from Batman Heath Ledger and Whitney Houston, I wouldn't be surprised if Clive Davis was the one who personally murdered Whitney, also Monica and Brandy were both promoted when Whitney died, they are both mocking her in the exact way that she died, I forget which video, but it's out there.
      Coming from the music industry and a brief encounter with film school, I've seen some of these depraved people in action, let me tell yah, it ain't pretty. Wesley snipes and Wil Smith screwing each other, Jamie Fox and Tom Cruise screwing each other common knowledge that Wil and Jada are swingers…Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gil are lovers as well, common knowledge amongst the industry dwellers. Basically men are required to sleep with a man, if not have a boyfriend and women with women if not have a girlfriend in order to attain the status and fame they're given. Don't believe me, just look at Neil Patrick Harris, that dude will do cartwheels for di$k…..when you embrace homosexuality you are given the KEYS to the industry, so to speak. Johnny Depp too, playing the gay pirate with all of that eye shadow on…the movie 2Wong Fu, with Wesly, Swazy (sp) and John Leguizamo, all dress as females..the list goes on &on $$$on&$$$&on$$$…

      Also keep in mind, that anyone who's affiliated or got their start with Disney, is pretty much a sex toy and where abused when they were youngsters and the Parents always sign off. Managers and Agents are handlers, that's why in order to get anywhere in the industry's you are required to have them. Managers and Agents are like Lawyers, they're all sellouts and bounty hunters, bringing the sheep to their masters. These people are not entertaining you/us, they are simply pushing forward the agenda's of which there are many. They are all given compromising demands, either "get down ( be down with the agenda/program) or lie down as in (lose your life)….interesting that Michael Clark Duncan was sooo young, but now he's so dead, huh… THEY like to say, "for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear", "mums the word".

      • On Point friend! You said a mouth full & ran down the street to tell some more to who'd listen! With your reply I thought of two people who Stood that B/S in the Face & said F/U! Shout Out's to "Dave Chapelle" & "Tupac"! I read yrs ago Pac said he went in2 the office to talk $$ w/Dr.Dre & him & Easy E were getting down & like you said, You got to Get Down to Be Down (they told him) & Pac said Fu*k That & bounced! I guess they 4got his Mom was an O.G. Black Panther! Dave, miss this guy, but frm time to time you'll see something about him & if being away keeps him happy, then I wish him all the Best! That Interview he did on Opera about bouncing to Africa, struck to the "Cognitive Dissonance" Plaguing our Society at this time! It also was "Pricele$$" It really get under my skin when it comes to Dickhead "Bono" b/c this dick Knows What's Up! Nows he's just Whoring for them to Indoctrinate future generations! To those who haven't ever seen "don't know the name" the interview in early 80's when U2 first came touring here, the woman interviewer tried Many Techniques to get them to say their music was "Political" & they used it to get the youth to do things! An Awesome Gem to see! Bono was wise to her "Framing Questions" to undermine what U2 was about! He Clearly Expresses what their doing in their shows to "Counteract" & inform Americans of Media's Nazi Hidden tactics! Now he's reduced himself to just another Whore in their Entourage! The World is a Stage & the Game ain't Checkers boys & girls! Wise Up & to " HELL" w/them ALL! Thats my 2cents!

    • Look these people KNOW they are being Exposed all over the Internet w/ Revelations of their connections to World Bank . IMF , CFR and Multinational Criminal Corporations that Exploit and Ruin African Countries for resources . They Have NO " noble intentions " .
      At first they Ignored accusations of their Illuminati Connections and now they use " humor ' . It's called PUSH BACK ,Cause their only other option is Internet Censorship , which the " Elite " these clowns work for are working on .
      These " Entertainers" are Globalist lapdogs.. that try to sweeten their agenda w/ Faux personalities , silly humor and misdirection .

    • @Me2 they weren't acting like idiots, they are idiots. No offence to any of their fans but you just can't deny it with this.

    • Most likely the truth however I came away knowing no more about the issue. Its also possible this is just another aspect of the manipulation. Change the public perception from all powerful secret society to something laughable and comical.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Yep. My sentiments exactly. I thought I could take the higher ground on this type of human behavior but each time someone sarcastically turns someone else word around to make a joke at actual human thinking and end it with words such as idiots, etc. Makes me truly wonder who the real signal is for. I mean it is as if it signals the medical establishment to pump more meds in, do more research and pysho analyze the behavior. I don't get it. But great analogy VC because I have this theory, if it can happen to them then I know in some shape form or fashion it can happen to me. The fist thing I've always wondereded if the earth is practically covered in water there must be an ebb an flow to it. I always thought that something has to be tampering with the regenerative powers. When I hear drought, I always think how can you find out where the aquaducts lie underneath the earth but it is classified information. How can water get polluted when those that control the watereways dam it, put nuclear power plants along it and the ration it to people? I still have a sickening feeling after reading how Lake Nassar was formed and how they flooded an area of land that had indegenous people living there as the raging waters wiped their existence off the face of Africa. Okay, I'm not following and I still remain a sheeple not being herded in the right direction.

    • fight back with 'care bear stare'… seriously… i know it sounds ridiculous. if you project love, happiness and compassion, that's how we win; why do you think they keep us the way they do. hate, greed, sadness empowers them.
      build community, not chaos

      • you know what? I was wondering if this Love Vibration thing is really the real deal.
        And I had just downloaded these rom-coms, so i started watching them.
        This new one, Warm Bodies, is about an zombie apocalypse but the strange thing is that one of these zombies seems to have retained some sort of humanity, sees a beautiful human and falls in love.
        The ending concludes with all the zombies feeling companionship and love and so get their hearts pumping again and are reborn.
        The movie is pretty cute in its weird little way.
        But it definitely struck me, how they were mocking love, they were mocking relationships.
        the absurdity of the plot itself backs it up.
        consciously of course we will brush it off.
        But Subconsciously….?

      • would this add on to the concept of "Rebirth" often depicted by celebs and music artists?

    • carol rules on

      yeah, someone has been reading this site and are doing their best to counter. they know we're onto them.

    • I hope everybody gets it.. that everybody is in the illuminati.

      Illuminati just means people that found the light. that there is no difference between good or bad.
      Thats man made. the devine don't judge. It's only the people who said. This is good, this is bad.

      BTW Jesus died for all our sins.. for the old and the new. So eventhough your a 'sinner' now. They are forgiven because he died.

  1. At least you can be sure that the info you and others are putting out has caught the attention of those in the illuminati or they wouldn't bother putting out ads like this! :)

    • you are so right ruby! If vigilant citizen, exministries and others weren't putting this info out, then the illuminati wouldn't have to counteract and try to make the truth into a lie.

      • nope, im pretty sure its a planned exposure.
        even if they didnt plan it leaking, im pretty sure theyr shaping how its interpreted and what information is being given.

        Like to call them childish, seriously?
        these guys are major creeps, creeps that are weird.
        they have knowledge we dont, and theyr probably using it against us right now.

  2. Right! Celebrities trying to sound "edgy" and "ironic", so that something like the Illuminati can sound pedestrian. The sad sad truth is, this will absolutely work.
    At least now TV will become more bearable, now that the programming is so retarded a well-informed 10 year-old can see through. But then again, why would I watch TV in the first place?

    • Actually, judging by the reaction on youtube, it seems to have *thankfully* backfired and garnered a well-deserved, negative reaction overall

  3. LimeGreenWolf on

    Dude I was watching that video yesterday and I was like, "uhhh what did I just watch?" Didn't know if you were going to write about this or not :)

  4. this was veryyy annoying! so exaggerated. why would they even bring up the illuminati?
    how about the nestle CEO who wants to privatize water… what do they think about that?

  5. Ti'oluwanimi on

    Yeah, just full of sh**.. Unfortunately, we are the one they are taking that nice, long, relieving, refreshing sh** on. I just got dumped off the "freedom train" by knowing.

    I encourage all to do the same rather than sit and wait for more "enlightening" from VC alone.
    In the words of Chevron Global Chairman, "If you see it, you own it".
    Own your responsibility and help effect that desired change, obviously, one at a time.


  6. very sad to see this kind of affectation from these people. Take Olivia Wilde, for instance. Who is she? What are her special talents? What contribution to the public good did she made to justify her (supposedly very high) level of income? Ah, she was just lucky enough to be born in the first world country, that's all.

    • Check out the movie "They Live" – my take is that OBEY was spinning off of that. Andre the Giant was a famous wrestler- The movie stars that Irish Wrestler that was popular back in the 80's(to lazy to look up the name..roddy i think) anyway the star of the movie finds a box of sunglasses, puts them on and all the billboards are exposed for the subliminal messages they put out -for example OBEY. Money actually says "this is your God", and he's also able to see which aliens are posing as humans. My take is that the clothing line is supposed to have a similar message- imagine putting on shades that expose American Eagle shirts that really say "OBEY". Also Shephard Fairey's street art looks like old school propaganda posters. It's funny cause I don't think most people who wear it have ever thought about that or have seen that movie.It's kind of an inside joke I suppose. I have an OBEY shirt with Satan throwing up the devil hand, I get weird looks all of the time when I wear it- i think of it as reverse propaganda

      • rowdy roddy piper, just in case anyone is unclear of who u are speaking about. I watched ALOT of wrestling as a kid sadly

      • Check the N.A.S.A. video with Chuck D and David Byrne. The Obey guy does the art, and that song is exposing the Illuminati.

        Imagine if VC did reverse propaganda… would be doble difficult to see things, VC is making it easy for everyone to see. And here comes along Shepard Fairey playing around…is it that difficult to write DISOBEY instead of OBEY?
        Is he under threat? Is he afraid and wants everyone else to OBEY like he OBEYs?

    • Yeah what is that stuff. I saw kids in Canada wearing that stuff when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

      • the same shit in London uk…many people wearing OBEY t-shirts and caps!!!
        This are not times for being so twisted with the truth. It should be DIS-OBEY instead of OBEY!

      • I'd totally get a shirt or poster with the iconic Obama face (Shepherd Fairey was responsible for) and underneath instead of HOPE – it says OBEY. That would be awesome, that would kind of perk peoples ears up and make you think. He may be too scared to actually come out with something like that or he's waiting for the right time – he went to court over that image for using that image from a photo someone else took. He's an artist so I think to set himself apart from blatant straight forward propaganda he wants people to actually think about it. It's also funny to see people wearing that brand so blindly- I know I know we should be helping others see, maybe when those people are told about what they're wearing it it sets them straight, like an invitation to show what it means? Dunno, I've always been a fan of the movie They Live and shepards art, I wouldn't write him off just yet – I kinda consider him an insider of the truthers, get the message out cleverly.

    • No,obey started off from a graffiti popular and he started a clothing line..not illuminati.

      • …and he sold out….OBEY clothing is done by Shepard Fairey. OBEY propaganda, OBAMA propaganda etc…just cos hes a graffiti artist doesn't mean its safe. Many graffiti artist are doing Illuminati propaganda.

      • 777 I know who he is,I do graffiti and he's been doing obey for longer than you think.

      • Shepard Fairey is scum. Total tool. If his heart is in the right place he is a VERY talented artist and VERY VERY stupid. I find it more likely he is of average to above average intelligence. The entire obey message was taken from the great John Carpenter's They Live (see the VC article). Which means he is either bought and paid for by the powers that be OR he is too stupid to comprehend the message he is pushing. Telling people to not be zombies and then helping turn people into obama-zombies is completely against everything he supposedly stands for. It would've been no different if he had supported Romney or McCain. I don't think he's stupid so I am all but certain he is a sellout. He's not in the illuminati (or whatever THEY call themselves) but he is certainly used by them. It's no different than Jay-Z, he was not born into big money, but he sure sold out (or bought in) depending on how you look at it. At the end of the day they are both worthless, but they have to look at themselves in the mirror, not me.

    • If you look at the sayings on the shirts and artwork it's sarcasm, i've been following his work since 2002 and still have stickers from then, one says "More Militerry, Less Skools." If you're saying he is 'Illuminati' affiliated i highly doubt it, just my opinion.

      • Sarcasm?!?!??? Like this video of Matt Damon???
        Times are so easy and wonderful and pretty we can have sarcasm about it? Lets be easy going and just cos its cool and graffiti-ish buy in to it!
        I don't know if hes affiliated, but I know he is brain washed! "More militerry, less skools" ????
        He is playing around like he is taking the piss, why not have the guts to write Less Militars, more proper education?

      • if he was a real street artist, he wouldn't be afraid to say the truth..i mean he i stating the obvious truth for the elite. .not for the people. i can see how some may think by saying "more military less school" that it would say something about how we live…for example maybe the one reading might say to themselves.."hey thats sounds odd, not right..wait! just a minute! our country does that! our country spends more and focuses more on military than education!"…NO..because realistically… most people wearing that brand, "obey" are teens.. I see all the teens and young adults wearing them. and most young people who wear that brand are not aware.. they only see it as a "cool brand".. its not about what it originally stood for. its sold out and now used for the benefit of the elite. i mean come on! its a BRAND! people get "BRANDED" once they start wearing and promoting a brand..ever heard the saying "brand whore" a good example is : a person knows nothing about skating, doesn't even skate, but thinks its "cool" ad wears all the "brands"…they are "brand whores"…they don't even know they are walking billboards.. wake up people… you are paying to promote a brand..someones name..realize only one person is benefiting.. not the consumer. Rip your tags off people, don't let yourself be branded..look at your clothing..who owns you?

    • OBEY art is like this video of Matt Damon. It looks like he cares but hes too brainwashed to make sense of it.
      Not many people have seen THEY LIVE film, many people wearing his clothes dont know what it is about. So instead of informing he is dis-informing by saying OBEY. And people having to read it.
      Imagine there were posters by governments saying 'OBEY'…people would protest…I hope…but just cos hes a graffiti artist people think is cool. Its so crazy!!!!!
      That message OBEY says it all. Its full on propaganda!

    • No one Important on

      I thought 'Obey' clothing was taking the piss out of the whole illuminati thing and trying to raise awareness??? Am I being naive or have missed the point completely??? Please do an article about this VC and explain 'Obey' to me?

      • I bet VC and co want you to obey to them to. Read the articles, however don't take them seriously.

      • Yeah but VC's blog isn't an art medium, art tends to try and make you think about certain things especially anything involving politics- sorta like what Banksy does. It's not that you shouldn't take it seriously it's just another way of raising awareness. It's certainly not like this commercial where it pokes fun at it.

      • @matmar you misunderstood my comment as I was quite ambiguous. I meant to say read the articles, however refrain from idolizing or obey the writers of the articles.

      • truthseeker on

        i would recommend not sticking to what doesnt matter.. celebrities are not the center of the world…
        neither are brands etc etc..i mean i know the elite have made us believe it is..might be to them idk.. but not to me and not to the million's who want mother nature back. focus on the real problems.. things to do with your government.. keep a close eye.. cuz you know they are on us. lol. i understand vc needs to put those "trendy" articles on here to keep viewers sparked and eventually get them to see the real problems hidden by the media. good luck to you all, happy awakening. PEACE LOVE HAPPINESS.

      • VC is a very objective writer and does not want anyone to obey him. He is intelligent and to the point…NO GIMMICKS!

    • They obey clothing line is an Anti Illuminati line as to my understanding. There is a lot of the guys artwork in his shirts that definitely are mockeries of the elite and there is artwork that are very much infused with revolting an anti mind control images. They name of the line OBEY is in itself a mockery of the Illuninati. I could be wrong an misinterpreting the images but Iam pretty sure like a 99.9% positive that its an anti elite line.

      • but is it possible that it is not an Anti-Illuminati brand, but they just say they are?

        there are plenty of cases like this. For instance Die Antwoord. They claim to be Anti-Illuminati yet they still mention them in their lyrics and show their symbolism

        I think it's all done under the table to distract us from the truth.

      • i always found die antwoord very very annoying and obnoxious! the afrikaners i've spoken to particularly… dislike them greatly. for good reason i reckon.

        (disclaimer: no i can't speak for all of them and i do not intend to nor do i want to.)

  7. Angry-at -the- world on

    I really hate the world the way that it is at the moment. No one really cares about the people who live on the other side of the world and endlessly suffer for no reason. It could all be fixed if the elite didn't take it upon themselves to fuck countries over for all their natural resources. How do you think countries like Britain and American became so rich. By thieving from others.

      • Britain is full of conmen too. My, my, there is no big company or organisation that doesn't rip you off. They have taken exploitation to a new level. I'm shocked by the extent of it. Sicily possess the bad reputation, however England owns the grace. Exhausting indeed.

      • Oh if you all had any real clue you'd pop on here every once in a while to get a little info on what's going on in Hollywood but you'd be busy learning the about the real fraud and how to get out of it. The absolute truth is that the super rich (i.e. the REAL Illuminati) own everything. The world is owned by them, especially Britain and the United States. These countries are in massive debt TO THE PEOPLE. As a matter of fact, because of all the people, these countries are extremely rich. Only the people have value as they can labor and provide necessities. The problem is that we're all transferring our value over to the banks and corporations. They're getting paid several times by us, the people. I know I'm a little off topic, but I think it's important to understand why we're getting fed all this BS from the MSM. They want us dumbed down and brain dead so we never see what's REALLY going on. Check out some of these links:,, and It's all in the laws and it's all been hidden in plain sight. Google the following: Top Secret Bankers Manual by Thomas Schauf, Jean Keating Treatise on Prisoner Bonding, Cracking the Code of the IRS, Dispatch of Merchants.

        I find VC's articles fascinating (and necessary to learn so we can really see the truth) but without fully understanding what's going on…and how to stop feeding the beast, we're just spinning our wheels.

    • Actually, Bono's charity was criticized for not donating even 1 cent to the actual poor his charity is created for. He replied that his charity only serves to "raise awareness" so that other people will donate. Except, his charity accepts donations from these people – and he keeps it all for himself. Not even 1% is donated. He claims that it is "reinvested in marketing campaigns to donate more money" which never reaches the poor.

  8. That ad was the stupidest thing I've seen in a long time… What does clean water have to do with the "Illuminati"?
    They're trying to make the actual word sound ridiculous by doing this, that is why I don't call them the Illuminati, I call them The Elite. It sounds different and not like I'm a tin foil cap wearing paranoid crazy lady lol!

    The mind works like that, you associate words with feelings or words with things once they're presented to you in a certain way. Especially young people who follow trends, anything they see on MTV it's cool. Now they're trying to associate the word Illuminati with something ridiculous and stupid. They're prob doing it right… it's crazy but it's the way the brain works especially with people who are not informed.

    • I agree…but I'd rather call them "the so-called Elite." They may be dominating when it comes to money and crappy politics etc., but they are NOT any better than me as a human being.

      • It's very hard for them to be better than you or anyone else as a human being. Your comparisons are invalid as they are the worst kind you could find on the face of earth. You are out of their league. Now go and compare yourself with someone moral and wise for a change.

  9. I know exactly what they are doing! They are not denying this crap by any means. Instead they are going to use sarcasm and poke fun at the very idea! It's all a freaking joke!! Little do they know that the joke is on them and that they are every bit as disposable as the rest of us. Oh wow won't it be great to meet your favorite celebrity in the confines of you FEMA cell?

  10. RainImmortal on

    Even as Bono's beginnings may have began of noble intentions, he is not immune to celebrity avarice and being, by default, in the company of other "set for life" millionaires who pay more lip service to the pressing humanitarian needs of the day than actual service, as in making large charitable donations in miniscule percentages of their net worth, equaling chump change for them, while promoting their own philanthropic images by participating in nonsense projects and producing ridiculous ads such as this. Hijacking the burgeoning awareness through internet community's' discovery of the true nature of history never taught and jumping onto the contemporary conversational bandwagon by reversing its own terminology on its head in ridicule yet profiting from the name recognition for a few guffaws or in expectation of validity is sad, to say the least, in that probably 2/3 of this ad's mockery group have no real clue how the elites do indeed bandy together and use their wealth through power to make connections and allies to which make even better wealth and power. I'm sure you know which one is not among the initiated, the one not like the others. Although I daresay Bono has rubbed shoulders (and perhaps other things?) with many political and interesting figures over the years and to stay within good standing among them, there could be more beneath the surface with him. I mean, one does not keep getting invited to parties if you're not ready to go along to get along, if you catch my drift. Here is an interesting documentary if you want to understand more about Bono and Bob Geldof in the 80's regarding the Drop the Debt campaign and Live Aid. It shows to me, he was once very naive about how the world worked, that it was not just the poverty of Africa and its indebtedness but the circumstances which brought those factors to bear, something of which he was not realizing then. Does he understand it now, is the question. Some prefer their ignorance for it does boast of its beautiful chains. Interestingly enough, the African intellectuals took umbrage with his efforts. Hmm…now why would that be? Perhaps his celebrity brought more attention than their own efforts or something else entirely?

    • he apsolutely understands now-i cant speak on back then, but now he rubs elbows with bill and melinda gates and others and frequently shows support to satan through his actions. he is part of the club. or at very least, they let him think he is

    • The problems in Africa stemmed from Imperialism and Colonialism. The chopped up that continent and drew borders not taking into account different tribes and tribal regions. They raped the continent of its resources including the human ones. When they left there was a huge void left in the power structure. Anyway they continue to steal the resources of that continent through sneakier ways including Agenda 21.

  11. This is not related to this topic but have you ever
    Ever played soul reaver the first game, I
    Noticed a lot of symbolsim goin on in the final
    Stages of the game ,can u shed some light on
    It .

    • class clown on

      lol! Illuminati down the potty! Throw Queen Elizabeth in there and we could call it a Royal Flush….Or, I guess considering the "strike" they're on, we should say "Illumi-notty on the potty"!! I'm "on a roll" now! Let's turn the joke on them!

  12. VC I've never heard you so fired up and angry !!!! I love it – as always I loved the article, keep them coming !!!!

    • ቤርሃነ ሜርርኣም on

      It's so funny you said that because I was thinking the same exact thing! The articles always come across as though a well-composed individual is behind them and to see VC so riled up took me aback.! Y'all done get VC upset…trying to make asses of people would get anyone fired up eh!

  13. Very annoying AD indeed. Very stupid, almost pathetic.
    BUT… maybe it's a good sign! Thinking by that way: "celebs" crying "illuminati conspiracies" out loud, seems to me as a sign of worry of them. More and more people are becoming aware of the hidden agenda, so the AD looks like a disastrous attempt of damage control in my opinion. They're not ignoring the awakening movement anymore.

  14. Philippe Dansereau on

    Yup, don’t people to know that the ones making you feel bad about the problem are the ones who created it. Let’s make stupid Illuminati jokes instead. must read:
    Yup, don’t let people to know that the ones making you feel bad about the problem are the ones who created it. Let’s make stupid Illuminati jokes instead. ?

    And yes, that's a whole binch of hypocritical pigs full of cash and full of shit!

    • Truth Sayer on

      Slightly off topic (but slightly ON topic)….
      "…the ones making you feel bad about the problem are the ones who created it…."

      You mean like all those commercials asking you to sponsor children in 3rd world countries? A lot of these "Christian" organizations in Africa and South America (some dating back to the early 20th century, probably even earlier) were a front for the usual (raping, pillaging, etc) under the guise of being missionaries.

      This is why I don't donate money to Charities. OR my time. Sad, but true.

      • hmmmm I have been donating money and time to charities which makes you feel like you are part of a team. However, you have a valid point I'm afraid. I think it's better to find the direct source and assist in a different way to ensure that you are not a gullible twit and they are not good manipulators. If you take it easy and plan it thoroughly, odds are they might not get away. If you are impulsive and do not use your organisational skills, it's going to bite you on the bum. We are people and we are not very good. That's the way it goes.

      • Besides, there is always a little voice at the back of your mind if while you are at it, you do something constructive and worthy or you simply assist some to rip off honest people. You can't be sure with those matters.

  15. Hi everyone, I haven't read the previous comments so I apologize if my opinion repeats a previous comments but these people are simply ridiculing the Illuminati conspiracy theories. That's clear when they say "a conspiracy we can all agree on" or something like that. I think, because of the things I've been reading about Bono, he's only another puppet. A public hero that's now indoctrinating massive amounts of people.

    • He may gain popularity only in the pre-internet times, that's for sure. In fact, the very concept of celebrity always seemed rather odd to me and looks dated. How can one be a fan of a band which is widely followed ? What's the point here? The refuge from the mass culture can only be found in Indie labels and rare releases.
      (go to and search among discs with the "have this" parameter < 100. You will be surprised! )

      • I'm acquainted to that. He's duty started years ago, so he has power over the oldies like me. There's Ke$ha doing her thing with the toddlers.

  16. Ya I'm so sick of these idiot celebs that think they're doing the world a favor by opening up their mouths ! It sickens me that they have more money in their bank accounts then I will have in my Whole entire life!

    • fleurdamour on

      We can fix that – EVERYONE STOP BUYING THEIR CRAP! They are only rich because we make them so.

      • That's why I stream TV Series and Movies now. If everyone does the same, they won't be so rich anymore

    • Their bank accounts don't bother me, what gets under my skin when they play the emotional blackmail card to convince us to give money to charity when they only advertise for free to raise their profiles. The money are usually lost among the middle-men anyway.

      • Thing is the 'Elitists' have got more than enough money to solve all of the worlds problems, why are they us? It's because they're manipulating parasite devils!

      • Thing is the 'Elitists' have got more than enough money to solve all of the worlds problems, why are they asking us? It's because they're manipulating parasite devils!

  17. disgusting celebrities really. Well said VC, with the money they have, they can fix the problem all by themselves.. but why would they? They simply don't care about lower class people. And of course, now they ridicule truth seeking people in order to make other sheep laugh at them too.

  18. its called appeal to ridicule/laughter. what a terrible commercial. A logical fallacy to get people to think there is no truth to it, etc when there is

    in fact there is no denying the illuminati were real, the only debate would be if its real today…and there is 100% a NWO/New ROME force still in play and overt for anyone looking

  19. Stanislaw Lem had already written that the best way to guard a national security secret was to publish it in big letters in a wide circulating newspaper….HELLOO?!?

  20. GeneralSpecific on

    For such a seemingly intelligent individual you completely failed to see the aim of this advert. Their goal was to purposely offend conspiracy theorists and, as a result, attain free publicity from these very people they are ridiculing. It's sad to see that you so easily fell into their very oblivious trap.

    • Disagree. First off, how are they going to gain any traction amongst a ridiculed and apparently offended group? But most importantly, what traction would that be, considering the message contains no other redeeming value? It's not like we're watching it and going "ok, dumb conspiracy theory dig, [i]but I see their point on the water thing…[/i]" There's literally no other content here.

  21. I agree with the thing they are using their fame to ridiculize this truth.

    However, and for comic readers, the way they manage to use the Illuminati thing, and the final “Illuminati Assemble”, may have much in common with the actual secret team called Illuminati in the Marvel Universe, consisting of characters like Black Bolt, Iron Man, Namor, Professor Xavier, Reed Richards (Fantastic Four)and Dr. Strange.

    Yes, may sound meaningles, but it also has something to do with the treatmen this topic has in other type of media. And i though i’d be interesting to know :)

  22. Bono's One "charity" made GBP 9.6 million – out of that 5.1 million went on salaries and a measly 118,000 pounds went to good causes. The guy is a fraud.

    • You're right on the money Jude, in fact they are ALL frauds, they have given they're allegience to their corrupt psychopathic masters in exchange for fame and whatever else. Bono is big time down with the "agenda" and Richard Branson is a well known Illuminati puppet and Matt Damon is probably a handler at this stage of his fame…there is so much more to be revealed as well.


  24. Isn't this so typical of Hollywood? 'Oh look at me, I care' attitude ain't working. Also, I belong to a third world country and the water is clean enough to drink. So thanks celebrities, go make yourself rich.

  25. Richard Branson is a very interesting character. He spends a lot of time with young famous boys like Harry Styles.

      • LOL! That's kinda what I was getting at in a subtle way. Thanks for the visual!

      • Exactement!!!
        He's also down with the Vampiress/queen of Angles….perhaps he's also into drinking blood during murder/sacrificing sessions, raping and beastiality…ever wonder why they all love going on trips to places such a Afica, Asia, Tailand, the boys are very cheap in those parts of the world

  26. Truth & Lght on

    Pwahahahahaha…hit them where it hurts!!! If there's no illuminati, why even bother joking or refuting c
    Aims?!? We are conspiracy realist!!!

  27. Jellified Skunk on

    Even if I didn't know who the Elite were and what the Illuminati is, I would gag watching this commercial. I could barely stomach watching it! It was so ridiculous, and dumb it made me sick! Just the looks on their faces made me want to hurl, it gave off a bad vibe. I used to like U2, but when it comes to Bono at least, I am liking him less and less.

    Sadly people are dumb enough to watch this and think the "conspiracy" theories are all lies. I know people who would.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Welcome to my world. By the way the very foundation of the word conspiracy is to conspire. So who am I thinking about making a plan with anyway? For what?

      • its sad that we live in a world were questioning a government is looked down upon.. they act like the government hasn't lied to its people…geeeez.

        look up Jesses Ventura, he has been interviewed by fox, CNN etc. he puts them on blast! finally someone
        with balls to speak the truth. lol.

  28. NiceAndNatural on

    VC finally having a bit of a rant! I love your carefully considered, intelligent and thought-provoking articles, but I am LOVING this new, angry VC too! Go for it, it's well directed! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. And two people who have always made my skin CRAWL are Bono and Branson – most people think they are Mr Nice Guys but they are so arrogant and up themselves it makes me sick.

  29. Chrissy Vee on

    They're not going to the bathroom until there is a solution?? Really? That is def one of the most RIDICULOUS things I have ever heard! This mindless, confusing ad left me more puzzled than inspired not to pee. Do these people know how foolish they sound… even look? (That must be the really constipated look! :P) Well I guess without going to the bathroom, they ARE literally and figuratively full of *#it! And in agreement with all of you… um, what exactly does the Illuminati have to do with this? Good grief!

    • Yeah, I don't get the point here at all. Clearly everyone is going to the bathroom; medical fact. So I guess we're past the point of pretending to care and now we're just mocking the whole concept of philanthropy. It's like a really dumb SNL sketch that falls flat. What's the point?

      I looked at the website and their financial information. Says that 1/3 of their multi-millions in revenue came from just two donors in both 2011 and 2012. I wonder who those two are, and what the agenda is? We can at least assume it's not to sell toilet paper.

  30. Is this supposed to be something to take seriously? I would rather work with a different group that are actually respectable. This makes their whole organization look foolish.

  31. This sounds more like they laughing at the water issue by both making a promise that can't be fulfilled and also bring up something completely irrelevant, in attempt to make fun of some people. I think this just shows how insincere they are in their efforts to help. Someone who is famous could actually bring about positive change, but they won't. And we all know why.

    • They are trying to make it sound like they are the good guys even though they only give a very small portion of their actual charity money to charity. And that we are stupid a#'s for exposing them and should be made fun of.

    • I think by fake african countries he means that these countries were not divided into proper and natural geographical , social and national divisions but rather into economic zones. These countries are divided into articifial economic zones.

      • How about this for fake countries: before Europeans came along, the Tuareg of West Africa were nomads whose territory included present-day Mali, Senegal, Algeria, and others. The Tuareg were notoriously fierce warriors who opposed France, the colonial power that created the political borders we now know as those respective nation-states. All those countries were French colonies, yet each became their own autonomous governments, not along ethnic or geographic lines. Why? What could be the point? Divide and conquer, my friends – now the Tuareg tribe's population is minority in every country they're in, due to these arbitrary borders, leaving them with zero political power anywhere. Hence, fake countries.

    • TempletonPeck on

      I think he means countries that were not formed along ethnic lines like england for the english, instead different tribes clumped together to form a country. The only natural african country is somalia.

  32. Wow. I feel like tv is just getting dumber and dumber. Im so glad i dont wat ch it anymore. . This is just pathetic

  33. I am so frustrated with living in the age of demons.
    Until our cat pictures, TVs, and poisoned food are taken from us we wont do shit
    but complain about it on the fuckin web.

    I love this site and thank you for all the content.
    Do an article on the Archons VC, or maybe you shouldn't get into that.

    But what do i know, I'm just a celebrity serial killer from the future!

    • How pathetic….this does nothing to change my mind about the belief that the Illuminists control just about everything. They were just trying a little too hard and made it very obvious that something is going on.
      By the way, not funny in the least…..more annoying and irritating than funny.

  34. This ad was absolutely absurd and plain stupid. These people are absolute morons and couldn't care less about the people in Africa, me or you. They are the demons and devils that rome the earth. I'm not quite sure who the bigger idiots are these assholes or the feeble minded nimrods who idolize them. The very fact that they would address something that obviously is sooo beneath them shows that somethings going on. And for them to be insulting enough to use something as mandatory and trivial as going to the bathroom to bring awareness to something we've known about forever goes to show how much they care. Matt Damon with his fruity ass no wonder they casted him for that gay ass film he's in. Bet he had no problem wit it! Water in Africa huh? Go put on some lipstick pig.

    • carol rules on

      hahahahaha fruity ass! hahahaha he really is. he looks like a fleshy, pudgy little queer. matt demon. I love your post.

  35. I'm going on strike and not watching any celebrities' movies or buying any of their products any more because it would be an insult to my intelligence.
    people of awareness assemble!
    go on strike against these douche bags!

    • carol rules on

      I have for some time. the last movie I saw was the hobbit and it had been some time before that I had gone to the movies. forget it. I can't stand these people and refuse to support their so called "art". It would be great if the very ones they despise (us) would stop supporting anything they do. let them crash and burn. godless bastards.

  36. Ha yeah it's true! they've all this money BUT they require THE PUBLIC to fix the problem – as if that's ever going to happen. Wish these talentless broads would shut their pretentious flaps, sign a cheque and forget about creating lame ads to resolve a problem that theyve the absolute power to fix. But nah, they'd prefer to spend millions upon million on cars, houses, clothes, stylists and maids, instead of offering their hand to better the downsides of society. Why? because it's THEIR money and not THEIR problems, so why make it?

    To me, I think all 3 of em were manipulating those who believe or even slightly believe the existence of the "illuminati". It's "If you think this group exists, you surely are moronic," because their tone did seem sarcastic.

    But really: when will they all take a leap to hell? x

  37. This ad aggravated me.. A lot. Don't waste your time donating money to big organizations. Find a small, reputable organization and give to them. I found out about a young US nurse who is living in India and feeding slum children every week. She says meals only cost 15 cents a piece! I gladly give to her work, knowing its not going to get lost in "administration" costs. Celebrities- have your heydays with your money b/c it's not going to last forever! $ can't save your soul!!

  38. Also, sorry, but all three of you are much too fucking stupid to be in the illuminati x you'e just a puppet remember?

  39. it's two psychological operations that are juxtaposed. On the one hand we have the good idea to benefit poorer countries, while at the same time the advert ridicules the idea of the globalist elite. Classic doublethink.

  40. Yes, I am laughing, but at them, they're getting frustrated at us, they're angry, more and more people are realizing the truth and spreading it, they're angry and I'm loving it.. for now at least. Keep up the good work.

    • AngelinaVasiliev on

      No I don't think they're angry. They are letting "the word" about the illuminati or whatever you want to call the fuckers that ruined society, out on purpose. Just don't know why. Why are they making it so obvious that they do exist? You think people who don't know about the illuminati that will hear these celebrities (that people literally worship) saying it over and over again on tv aren't going to become curious and go research? No, they want to be blatant, these guys won't do anything without a purpose, and to mock isn't a big enough excuse. Just what I believe anyway. I hope I'm wrong.

      • Yes I agree with you. I think the purpose is to normalise the idea of illuminate in order to prepare people for what's coming in the future. They want people and kids to know about this stuff. It's to pave the way for what they plan to happen next.

  41. Sugarstick07 on

    That ad just felt like a massive dose of disrespect. I think what they demonstrated is that they DON'T care about the issue, or the people who are watching this.
    Even if there was no Illuminati, this would still be an insult to humans that want to see genuine change and empathy in this world.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Yeah. I deal with this brand of in your face sarcasm. It is one of the meanest most cruelest type of taunting that I'e seen so blatantly accepted in polite society these days. It has totally affected the younger generation because they accept this type of behavior as normal. When I grew up none of this would have been tolerated by someone who was considered to be an upstanding highly regarded influential person.

  42. I just read the other day that Bono is associated with Monsanto somehow. Something came over Twitter and I didn't read the whole thing but it was something like Bono is somehow associated with Monsanto. Have to go back and find that now.

    • There are plenty of pictures of Bono with his hand over his eye so it is very obvious who he belongs to.

  43. Lightweaver on

    We're becoming stronger and stronger. They're becoming weaker and more desperate. No wonder they created this video to try to denigrate us.

    I know I shouldn't give them any more of my attention, but their fall is fascinating to watch…

    • they know they will fall. they know that Jesus is about to come. their time ir running out and i also thik amusing to see their desperation.

  44. There are still millions of people worldwide, dying from malnutrition each year for various reasons, many of these reasons being overtly political and elitist. Maybe these assholes should quit eating as well.

  45. I'm not saying there isn't a hidden agenda but this I think this was for Youtube Comedy Week. So they were trying to bring awareness while also trying to be funny. It didn't work out but I think that was the intent.

  46. Rich celebrities pretending to support good causes and charities for their own glorification. Did it remind anyone else of this?

    “And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward." (Matthew 6:5 ESV)

    And this?

    “And when you fast, do not look gloomy like the hypocrites, for they disfigure their faces that their fasting may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, that your fasting may not be seen by others but by your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you."
    (Matthew 6:16-18 ESV)

  47. This was very well-worded. What a terrible ad. I hate these kind of self-righteous celebrity ads, but this one really takes the cakes.

  48. Gwad, I couldn't even watch half the 1.5 minutes because the rage was coming on strong.

    It sounds as if they are not only making fun of conspiracies ( everyone knows they are truth not theories) but about people suffering from not having access to clean water… I am so angry I cannot type well.

    Poking fun at conspiracy theorists is stupid, but making a joke about Africa's dire situation where people are dying from malnutrition and sanitation issues is disturbingly sick and morbid. Especially, when the joke revolves around flushing the toilet. Are they saying our toilet water will save Africa? Fuck these elitist arseholes.

    There is nothing funny about this. It is a perfect example of the contempt the 1% have for all of us and that is all it is.

    Nothing to see here.

    End rant.

    • Exactly!! "their toilet water will save Africa', thats what they're saying. Its so discusting! I've been all day in a shock after seing that video.

  49. Those 3 people on the ad probably have a net worth of something like 20 to 50 times of whats required to fix the problem.

    But they would rather take the cash to their graves than help anyone.


  50. would you do an article about the new show " your pretty face is going to hell"? its so blatant ,people still just going to see it as"comedy"

  51. Boris, absolutely. Unbelievable how many super-rich 'celebrities' think they have the right to expound about poverty; to speak for charities, etc. They go to Africa for the cameras; come back to their mansions and huge bank accounts. The hypocrisy is astonishing! Another quote from the New Testament: "If you would enter the kingdom of Heaven, sell all you have, and give to the poor.' And the young man went sadly away, for he had great possessions …" And: "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also'. Again: Just WHO do these super-rich 'celebrities' think they are kidding?! The ad. was disgusting – it did come across as if they were laughing at the poor. And yep – attempted doublethink – 'illuminati are good', etc. Really vile. We'll take them seriously when they give their multi-million fortunes away on something that really does good. And when they DON'T BOAST ABOUT IT. This ad – the latest Kony?

    • Tbh we are not sure that they are all hypocrites. Some of them are and they do it for publicity for sure, nevertheless there might be some others who even cover their good deeds. It would be a bit silly to make generalisations you know and that's coming from someone who generalises almost always.

      • I wasn't generalising. You don't seem to have read my post correctly. If you're super-rich, in a world full of hunger, then it's hardly a generalisation to say it is hypocritical to keep your millions AND make 'pious' ads about the hungry. Either do one or the other. Preferably give your surplus millions away. It's actually more than 'a bit silly' to answer a point that wasn't being made, you know … it's ludicrous, and doesn't help the debate. Why stick up for the super-rich? Maybe stop generalising yourself, and then you'll be less quick to accuse others of it …

      • John, you didn't read my post properly. It isn't 'generalising' to say it's hypocritical to be a multi-millionaire while talking about the plight of the poor. It's a fact. It's more than 'a bit silly' to say that's generalising. Maybe if you didn't generalise 'almost always' yourself, you'd be less quick to try and find it in others… Why stick up for the super-rich, anyway? Just to be a troll? How sad … Why not try and make a valid point …(!)

      • I don't back them up. Only saying that maybe a few that you can count in your hand assist others by giving out part of their income. Random but it could be the case.

  52. I can't stand celebs they are a waste of space,if they all donated 5mil each they would help in a big way and still be filthy rich,but no they would rather ask the public whilst inflating there egos. Celebs I can't stand the most are Jay z and Beyonce they have sold out,they don't do shit to help anybody but make out like they do,they are stinky rich rich but stil charge overprice prices for concerts,all celebs care abt is themslves I mean seriously what are they planning on doing with all those millions,very rarely do we hear of a celeb donating more then a million

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I believe they have to pay a memebership fee for the very secretive promised land when the real doomsday happens and these catastrophic events happens. For instance the very overdue eruption of the caulderon in Yllowstone National Park. When this volcanoe erupts, it has be predicted by a calculation a minopr eruption will spew ashe ionto the atmosphere at 2@@@ miles per hour. We have nothing man made that can outrun that type of blast. It will cover the enrire northern hemisphere in less than six hours. They compared the facts to a volcanoe eruption of this magnitude to the 1880s eruption of Krakatoa(sp). Where it affected the weather pattern. Vermont used to be a very temperate climate but after that the weather pattern changed and the following yea a lot of people almost froze to death. Another thing about an eruption like that, it will kill all vegetation in less than 3 days because the ashe will block the sun and the prediction it will take several years to clear and in that time most of the northern hemisphere will be plunged into an ice age. Another thing is the natural rotation of the earth's axis. If it rotates just slightly 2 to 3 degrees, it affects the worlds clioimate and changes vegetation and will cause regions to plunge into an ice age. Also there is a government agency watching the natural flow of the river Madrid in the US. This is a big indicator of the Earth axis shifting. There are other signs too, the ice on Antartica breaking off is changing the tides in the ocean. Centrifugal force is affect the path of the piece of ice breaking off too. That is just a few things.

  53. I`ll never forget when Bono stood in front of sellout crowd clicking his finger " every time i click my finger a child in africa dies " and someone at the front shouted back " stop fucking clicking your fingers then !!! "

  54. WHAT….the hell was this???

    Im so confused.. If it was supposed to be funny then I really did not get it, regardless of how “much” i know about the illu… (-_-) zzzzZZZ

    It was just another self-indulgent/ “look im so freakin clever cus I make fun of conspiracies and religion” crap LAAAMMEEEE…..our modern smart-arsed society!! y don’t these ppl pull their heads out the toilet bowl for once

    Sorry for the rant …but WOW!!!!

    • They come off as pseudo-intellectual fart-sniffing turds! They think they are clever and only fake people listen to them.

  55. SOOOOO glad you went into the real issues about africa here! i took a course on african politics in college and my teacher was from sudan. he basically got kicked out of the country for writing books that exposed the truth about african politics and governemnt and was labeled an "enemy of the state." the mainstream media and traditional history courses portray africa like a bunch of savages who like to do nothing but kill one another, but you spoke the truth about the root of the problem. wish more people would take the opportunity to educate themselves instead of believing everything authority figures tell them. and if you try to enlighten people or give them some knowledge, they label YOU as the crazy one. the illuminati are corrupt but they do have one thing going for them…id say the vast majority of people are too blind and ignorant to do some research and think for themselves

  56. hoffmanlenses on

    Has Branson passed an initiation test after he dressed up as an air hostess on a flight? Allegedly he lost a bet…

  57. So even the whole idea of clean water is to them douchebags "a conspiracy theory" As an African, am doubly offended… NKT

    • There's really no such thing as an African, I'm certain you have a nationality and that's what you would be. As an African you have labeled yourself and you're thinking with a colonized mind…especially if you are a melanated person, we are ancient people and the name Africa(n) is NOT an ancient term…do your dome work…all of these frauds are pimping Africa, ever hear of Harpos, I mean Oprahs school for girls??? Well it's a cover for perves to get their 'groove' on, know what I mean…Bono and Branson are just as depraved, they are all in the same depraved psychopathic club, the more depraved and psychopathic they become, the more they are promoted by their masters

      • Does that also apply to; European, North American, South American, Asian? I think these terms are broad terms.
        Nationality is totally different. What if she is American or Canadian born but of African origin? Yes, her nationality will be American or Canadian but probably prefers the base level by calling herself an African person.
        African = inhabitants and people of African descent.

  58. So, the billionaire Richard Branson claims he will not piss for charity? WTF is this shit? These fuckers are laughing at us.

  59. I agree that's its one of those trend charities but I gotta say I do find it funny. You know it does bring attention to it. I also think that the illuminati are such a widely talked about thing now tha it definety grabs your attention when you hear it. I'm pretty sure between the four of them they have enough to permanently fix that issue.

    • Jellified Skunk on

      YES they have enough money, but do they fix it? NOPE. They ask us to, us who have no money. I'm not sure how its funn,y all it comes across is a joke against Africans, and it makes like of an issue that shouldn't be made light of, people dying because of a lack of clean water.

      • I think it's funny how thy make fun of the illuminati. Like relax dude. Nothing offends me or bothers me. That why I think it's hilarious. But it's not something to get your panties in a knot over. And no matter how much we boycott it, not matter how much we bitch and moan NOTHING is going to change an we are foolish to think it will. We can do nothing but wait for the rapture honestly. Be good people and believe and love god. One thing we all need to remember that getting ignorant with rage is probably the worst thing you can do and being negative about it only literally feeds them. So yeah man, chill out and not get upset because someone on the Internet does not agree with you 100% just deal with it.

  60. I don't want to say this is your best article yet, because that would be insulting to your work, but I must say, I hope this goes viralz.

  61. Wow, total miss direction and obscuring the actual reality of the water problems in third would countries with these celebrity puppets and using the term illuminati as the new "cool thing".. This makes me sick, it's not surprising they made a commercial ad like this, it's just sad they paved the way for more blatant mind controlling ads to come.

  62. systematic Exploitation this goes way back man with africans started with exploit us as humans….
    i mean they crossed that line allready i guess for them its just waever its just water lets record some celebs tallkin shit about te iluminati how the fuck are talkin bout the illuminati makin jokes for fuckz sake probably the second he joked around another kid died while he and his virgin dude is makin fun talkin bout the iluminti fuck them they dont create water nature does they juzz manipulate so why bringin them up africa does not care bout the iluminati symbols nd shit fuckin hell africa dosnt even got a tv to seee these fuckzz so why the fuck cant you be serious cause its an real issuue and they are wastin to much time

    • Africans don't have TVs to see these fuckers? Have you been there and do you have the stats to back up your spurious claim?

      • i said that in an ironic way man -.- they dont have the time to watch that shit and be scared and decide intheir big house wheir the electronic supply dies every 2 hours or so and africans be like lights off you just tryed to cook yself someshit or you are playin palystatin 1 while in europe peepz is goin crazy about thhe playstation 4 i am tellin you africans got way worse thinks then iluminati in their countrys beliefe that and shit aint subliminal ova their they need to flee because of that
        if your chldren are starving am not sittin in front of the fuckin tv and be like damn the iluuminati most of them dont give a shit what their names are they go their own secret societys in their land man

        by the way i was born in motherland myself and i anit got some fliipin stats or anything sorry am not that type guy twho thinks they are allways usefull eventhouugh its good to know rahter like VC 😀
        but nnahh i dont have stats i got my own experience and view oon this

        But hey man sorry if i offended you in some way wasnt my intention keep chilling man

  63. I think a lot of you guys are taking the video out of context. I realize its about a horrible issue but they literally are laughing about the illuminati conspiracy not the African poverty. They are saying that the illuminati are a conspiracy when we know they are real, but they are also saying that the need for clean drinking water is not a conspiracy. That we do new to look at it. But I do gotta say if 4 billion people in the world gave 1 dollar directly to Africa for it instead of a charity think of what we could do. Even 1 million people. I don't believe in those horrible NWO created fake charities they do not give money to the needy but think of what we could do without the celebrity help and the charity itself!? They are bringing awareness to a big problem that we could fix ourselves with a big middle finger to the man who created that problem! We gotta stop fighting each other on the Internet and actually start helping the world!

    • That's the thing though- it's not genuine- why say you're not going to go to the bathroom- that's not poking fun at the issue? Saying that you're going to do something that's not possible is not making fun of the issue? And where do you suppose each of us could send our $1 where 99 cents is not going to go into greedy admin pockets? If they were serious, this ad would be serious, and they would say, "I have already donated $x,000,000 to this cause." Not we're not going to the bathroom, wink wink nudge nudge

      • Mail it to Africa. I find it funny that we can't make a joke of something like this but when something else happens in the world we use jokes and laughter to get over it. Honestly if you think that they would literally stop shitting to save Africa you are ridiculous. They are getting an important issue out to the public with this joke commercial. And most of you would not even think about this subject without them saying something. When was the last time you personally thought of the unclean water in Africa before this commercial!? They DID bring it to your doorstep in a way you can't ignore it. I realize this I'd an NWO created crisis like everything else but the commercial worked at getting your attention and that is all it was meant to do. Why sit here and fight opinions on it anyway. What does that get you or me? Honesty answer that. What does you arguing my opinion do for or against this problem, the Illuminati, and the NWO?

      • Wait a minute…you're the one who said they were only making fun of the Illuminati not the African poverty…I know they're not going to stop using the restroom and I said that's a way of making fun of the issue by pledging to do something that's impossible to do. You are the one who initially posted and then argumentatively responded…so why don't you pose those questions you asked to yourself? So which is it are they not joking about African poverty or are they using humor about African poverty to get attention for the issue? I am all for humor- even taboo humour- if you're a comedian/humorist doing a show/making a statement. Would you donate to animal charities if they were making fun of poor abused animals (look at that dog getting hit by a 2×4 hahaha, please donate or my dog won't go poop for a year) or is a more serious tome more appropriate? Oh and mail $1 to Africa- real smart. Yeah and I've thought about Africa all the way back from the 80's with USA for Africa & Live Aid so I still am aware that there are poor people in Africa that need clean water and so much more without having viewed this idiocy.

      • Actually I believe you were the one that started this with replying to my comment but whatever apparently I started it. An those charities are just the same exact thing. Fake NWO money making scams. And those animal charities are just as fake. The only real way to help any of these people or animals is to take your money and give it directly to them, like the SPCA or literally mailing or going to Africa and handing it in. There is schools and hospitals in Africa with addresses on them that you can mail things too. And honestly, do you really think anyone can just not go to the bathroom. In my opinion I would rather people use humor to spread the word then graphic pictures of dying people. Think of how many of you people would be upset they put that kind of shit on TV. Everyone is going to bitch about it either way and none if you guys would give anything anyway. You all day celebrities can fix it but if people in another country can't even poop safely and can't drink clean water why don't all of us do something. How much in your life do you really need? You are either on a computer or a smartphone right now. You don't need that. We all should have given that money to dying people in a third world country. But that's the machine, that's the Elites way of the world. You think that these rich people can help so much and that you "poorer" people can't do a thing but everyone on here right now can afford wants and in my opinion if you can by something you want you have to much and maybe should be giving it to Africa to save people. But everyone would rather be comfortable then help someone. An then bitch about people not helping. THAT'S what's disgusting here. I grew up not knowing where clothes would be coming from this month, and my mother made sure that we had food before she did because we had nothing. Now I appreciate everything in my life so much. But I could still stand to lose a lot of wants for someone else's needs. So you can feel so high and mighty for trying to be the smarter person but if you really cared that much you could be doing something. So stop making it such a big deal because your really not helping any an niether am I.

      • You are very hypocritical and frankly ridiculous. Why don't you practice what you preach and sell your computer, tablet, or smart phone and donate the proceeds to some random African hospital or if its not your device get off the computer & go spend your time volunteering for this campaign and personally overseeing clean water & proper sewage for Africans? I responded to your initial post of how you said they were not making fun of the issue then called out your own doublespeak when you then said they were using humor about the issue to bring attention to the issue. Also, you cursed and had a very argumentative tone. Furthermore, I said there was an effective strategy and tone to soliciting donations (using animal charity commercials as an example- not condoning or promoting any charities) for a serious dire issue and I'm sorry but it's not humor and a flippant attitude toward the issue. And can I say for the last time that I know that they were not seriously going to not go to the bathroom? Why do you keep inferring that I think they are seriously going to do that? Okay I await your next nonsensical rant and diatribe about how hard you had it and how everyone else but you should do something about it.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Okay, I'm going to say this…I am VERY sensitive to this issue. This alone makes me throw all type of logical deduction and critical thinking out because my gut is telling me there is a BLATANT implied message. MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE I've encountered too many regular folks pretending to be down with the cause who happens to know sich and such celebrity see I can vouch for it look at my picture on the wall type scenarios. This is my free radical thinking here and excus me if I am not being polie. When you are starving and have to depend on someone else and have to be at anothers mercy…something about that that just doesn't sit well with me. Sorry for my rambling here but back to my poiint here, I don't like charities because of my voluntary efforts and seeing the backend where I've seen those who are just one generation out of poverty themselves make some horrible comments in third person about downtrodden people are just ignorant and it is their fault they are in the situation they are. So if you can tell me how not to attract folks like that who smile so perfectly for the camers, say the right things amongst those they are trying to rub elboews with and then spout the most cruelest meanest epitaths at those behind the scene that they think they are above, I will be grateful. I mean, I have heard from their mouths I am at a level of success that you will never achieve and all I did was say hello and then the frontal attacks starts in their greeting…Oh, you don't look like you know anybody important so I won't waste your tme. Better yet in campaign strategiy meetings they will over talk you just to say oh no, that will not happen on my watch you know how you people ae. Embarrasing..can't take you no where because you don't know jhow to act. The worst comment I have ever heard in a strategy meeting was you know they laugh at you behind your backs and call you trained zoo animals.

      I know you may think this has nothing to do with the causes that need to go to africa but these are organizations that I vioilunteer my time that assemble like minded individuals who happen to be very industrious african americans and this is all that gets accomplished for the causes to help not only africa but also in our communioties. These are the dark secrets behind our curtain that somehow connects with those who have made it behind those really big production curtains.

      • The only difference between them and the trained zoo animals is how much hot dog they have sucked!

  64. Freaking astounding. How ignorant was this advertisement? Amazing in it's double speak,stupid in it's humor. What is it that they were projecting? Methinks the egocentric slush was igno-rant. Dennis

  65. thelaughingwiseman on

    I really liked the anger in your post. I was able to sense. Finally, some post with passion, instead of objective reviews. It's good to let out some of your personal quandaries every once in a while. I feel that you are intelligent enough to express your own opinions about things concerning the media and Illuminate agenda.

  66. If I see a good musician or a good actor or another goon person doing his/her primary occupation/work well which is popularly called talent doing this it disappoints me. So Bono I'm very disappointed with you.

  67. puppets are just lame puppets, as they say create a diversion….if these "celebs" really care they would just shut up and help out, nothing more nothing less, sad to know they are just following orders though….

  68. PS. If you're a creative person it also means you're creative and original. Then you shouldn't think like a bunch of other people and do whatever you've been told to do. So I see only puppets here, not creative individuals.

    • Creativity is not related to towing the line and following a corporate dictate for a pay check. Olivia Wilde qualifies as a corporate six kitten; she is becoming a Hollywood licentious bimbo. I am surprised that Mat Damon who moved to FL with his family would appear in such a moronic commercial; "I'm not going to use the bathroom", what to look in the mirror, brush his teeth, void/move his bowels; what isn't he going to do in the bathroom? Totally moronic.

  69. Wow! that was stupid! x4! where has Matt been? Kathmandu? Does he know that Pepsi co. has taken over the main aquifer to bottle their own brand of poison fortified water? the village slum built up around it is called: Pepsi village! and the locals no longer have access to the spring? even with buckets or barrels….. now they have to buy their own drinking water back from Pepsi in plastic bottles…. which they discard ….. in the dry river bed? what is wrong with this picture…. did these celebs ever stay in a place w/out water, sanitation? if they really did, would they create this stupid ad?

  70. Don't think I've seen this yet but glad you gave me a heads up! VigilantCitizen, I agree with so many things in this post, like how people spend more time and effort making sure their name is out there for a good deed than doing good deeds. I have noticed alot of "mockery" towards illuminati lately, just in the past few days in fact. Could I be right how strange this is since not alot of people talk about illuminat in a serious context and may are confused by it and what it is and means (heck I still am)? So why a mockery or joke if peopple aren't laughing about it except those like me who take it like an inside joke (haha yes it's funny and I'm laughing and it's even more thrilling that you don't get the little inside joke – as I look around nervously).

  71. Well it does seem to be a great time for misinformation campaigns and those of the elite to be like see? it's a big joke, keep laughing and everything is fiiiiine. I think this is done t make people NOT take it seriously and so if they did what to inquire about illuminat or other conspiratorial issues they think they'll just be laughed at too and taken as a big joke. hell, don't we (the aware/awake ones) already feel like a big joke sometimes? I know I am notconfident discussing this with even those close to me. #they're all gonna laugh at you!_

  72. Yes, lets pretend to stop going to the bathroom because ppl in africa cant. What about american citizens, or dont the celebrities care that america has been drinking poison from the tap for how long now? The flouride in our water isnt all happy healthy as they say. Hitler used it on the jews to make them more complacent. The damned wankers pretend to wear their 'bleeding' hearts on their sleeves.

  73. At the end he says illuminati assemble. The campaign is called strike with me! Think about it. Has anyone been to that site yet, is it even real?

    • I was wondering if this message or campaign is hidden code – it's just so weird. But, gee, what do I know, I'm just a tinfoil hat loony, right?

  74. well, it's obvious why we see so many illuminati symbols in music today. I've been on a 90's music nostalgia binge for a couple of months and noticed even the most popular artists did not have such blatant illuminati/secret society symbols as we see today. Anyway, this video confirms that they want to expose people to their symbols, ideas subliminally and explicitly and get the public familiar and comfortable with it. ALSO, they simultaneously want to make sure people see it as not real but a gimmick, a joke, so there is no defensive reaction in light of exposure.

    To me, the fact that they have become SO MUCH MORE blatant in the media while the phrase "new world order" is being mentioned by more and more world leaders shows that they have moved on to another phase or level in their agenda.

    If you have been keeping yourself hidden, you make yourself visible to your enemy only before you attack.

    • They've bee talking about the new world order since the late 80s. I remember Bush Sr. inauguration speech when I was only 15. I remember him saying that and people around me cheering because he won. I said out loud "What is that! Is no one even blinking an eye? Is no one questioning what this is? I don't trust this beady-eyed man! Are you people blind?" Of course they just brushed it off and went about their business. WELL GUESS WHAT PEOPLE? YOU SHOULD HAVE PAID ATTENTION!

    • I've also been watching old music videos from the 80s and 90s. Do you guys remember Duran Duran and their song "The Union of the Snake"? They have symbolism in their videos. Come to think of it they spent a lot of time at the Savoy. Look at their album covers too.

  75. I wonder what they do with the 99% of their charity money that doesn't actually go to charity. More sex slave training?

  76. I watched this again, and the related one with Jessica Biel and Jason Bateman, and it almost seems like an in joke that was never to be released and there was a mixup; they really can’t have meant to release something that makes them all look this bad. It just seems so horribly insensitive for privileged white celebrities to be belittling a third world clean water crisis by associating it with poop jokes.

  77. i didnt get this ad. What is an illuminati essemble and what is an adroid from the future?? Didnt even know where they were talking about! This ad is an absolute failure !

  78. KilluminatiGirl on

    "I guess that the no-toilet strike suits well these celebrities…Because they’re full of shit."

  79. My right eye LITERALLY started twitching after watching the video. Not even kidding.

    It is so frustrating to see these celebrities pretend to care, making light of a serious issue AND trying to make Illuminati "conspiracy theories" seem outlandish and ignorant. Of course she's not an android robot from the future. Of course celebrities aren't the Illuminati elite holding secret meetings. Straw man fallacy anyone? DUMB. Just dumb.

  80. These pretentious celebrity windbags could fix these problems they pretend to support in less than a week's time. Full of shit is right.

  81. I wonder if the Illuminati people in reality aren't just puppets of demons, reptilians or whatever they are, if they're the ones who are really mocking believers. I just find it hard to believe that the rich, educated and intelligent Illuminati people (if they're real) would really behave like this. It doesn't seem to make sense to me.

  82. carol rules on

    embarrassing. they look like a bag of fools. they really should stick to script writers. bono is the biggest phony walking.

  83. "I guess that the no-toilet strike suits well these celebrities…Because they’re full of shit." LOL Good one VC!

  84. Threatening to never use the toilet again is not really a threat. I think he should always have to use a hole in the ground instead of a nice clean toilet. Couldn't he donate most of his earnings from 1 movie to take care of this issue. If he is so concerned he should stop trying to gain attention for himself and go to Africa and help people. This is just another example of celebrities handing out big talk with no action. Shame on you Matt.

  85. 1) Why not focus on the problems we have in our country first, Matt? Like children living in crack infested one room apartments with cockroaches and filth while their mothers shoot them up so they can go out to hook to make money to shoot more drugs into their dying bodies?

    2) Olivia Wilde is DEFINITELY an android. No one is that beautiful.

    3) Who gives a shit?

    The only club I wanna be in is God's club. All are welcome.

  86. I could be wrong, but it sees as though this could be more than just humorous/playful denouncing of the Illuminati through this campaign. Given the amount of times these people consciously referenced Illuminati, and the complete lack of relevance that the Illuminati or conspiracy theories holds in this situation, I think it is safe to say that it very well could have been a purposeful subliminal tactic. By slipping these "humorous" jabs in, it will further reinforce to the public that conspiracies are a joke, and subtly lull them back to sleep. It's almost as if they're saying "Shhh don't worry about silly conspiracies, they're all ridiculous, and you know it. Hush now". They could be just being vapid idiots for no reason, but I doubt it. Seems more like they are purposefully saying these things to make the public feel stupid for potentially believing in the Illuminati, or even questioning anything that they have been told. They are even giving false information about the who the Illuminati are, by implying that they are composed of "celebrities". Lets be real, but both Branson and Bono are intelligent, rich, and powerful men. They have probably done the research and know VERY well what the Illuminati is really about, yet here they sit denouncing them as if they know nothing.

    In summary, here are the three reasons why I believe this was just playfully innocent humor.

    1. Branson and Bono know better.
    2. The Irrelevance, yet conscience reference of the Illuminati and Conspiracy in this campaign.
    3. The fact that the Elites probably have their hand in every single celebrity inspired "movement".

    We have to remember that these are people who are not for anything that truly benefits humanity. Therefore, if this campaign was seriously about to make a major positive life changing impact on the lives of humanity, it would have been shut down or sabotaged. (Which I suppose focusing on ridiculous comedic quips, and denouncing the Illuminati/Conspiracies, has already sabotaged the seriousness of it.)

    So I have to ask myself, "Hmm a celebrity inspired clean water movement for the rest of the world… what is it really for"?

    …Perhaps a tactic to subtly denounce conspiracy, and turn the public's attention away from their own domestic water crises in the form of water fluoridation?

    Again, I fully acknowledge that I could be wrong, but just thinking out loud here.

    • A1992Guide,

      I agree with everything you say, except for the premise that this was done in "innocent fun"…. more like panic stricken desperation… they are trying to divert the awakening and escape any culpability for their ongoing aid in manipulating mass consciousness towards a dark agenda… good luck with that…

      • Whoops, I meant to say that this was "more than just innocent fun"! Good catch, and yes, I completely agree that this is a desperate tactic to purposefully divert awakening. Well said.

  87. Ok so these guys aren't going to use a toilet to poop until the whole world's population has access to clean water?

    Hmmm… well they need to pay a visit to South Africa some time and come down to earth a little. There are millions of people here who still don't have access to water, I see some of them washing their clothes in the rivers around the city here in Durban even. What Matt Damon will do for them is beyond me…

    I think all these celebs are full of crap. What do they know about the Illuminati? Even mentioning the Illuminati in this ad makes absolutely no sense since most people don't even really know who the heck the Illuminati is and would rather not hear about a conspiracy about a group of people who are apparently indirectly in control of our lives.

    And from a marketing perspective it makes even less sense! How is linking a conspiracy theory to clean water doing to promote this campaign?

    Odd odd odd.

  88. AngelinaVasiliev on

    I hope you see this VC, somewhat irrelevant to this article, but can you do an article on Ataturk please? I was doing some research on him and he definitely didn't seem to be what people thought he was, and what a surprise the illuminati crap came up along too. *sigh* I hate this place (the world I mean).

    • I do too, I just hate people sometimes and for no apparant reason but they r dumb sleepwalkers. ever hear "New York's not my home" by Jim Croce? I think New York is represented as Earth, to me anyway. oh well hi ho off to work I go…

      • AngelinaVasiliev
        If you hate the world it indicates their victory. Think about it. (As for me-ultimate Victory is near).

    • Ataturk was a cryptic Jew … after he came to power he destroyed the real history of the Turks, then led the genocide on Armenia and minorities within Turkey… I am sure you can find out more … There is this website of the Orthodox Christian Jewish guy from Colorado, who has some funny videos on YouTube but his web site is a gold mine of great historical information, his name escapes me… Father something…. he dresses up as an orthodox priest!
      Cryptic Jews do not reveal what their agenda is, often working on their secret plans for decades. Turkey is a sad example of their powerful take-over!

  89. Anti-butterfly on

    Brava. Brava!!! Everybody should ransack theses pseudo celeb's twitter and instagram accounts and call them out….

  90. Andrew Gill on

    Bono is a complete prick! Who the fuck does he think he is? & Branson is on the same level, WANKERS!

  91. They speak with fork Tung, they tell you one truth and one lie both bollacks of course. they will make fun of what is true and be concerned about a lie, Virgin cola, in there business they actually pollute water, if Richard Branson is that concerned about wateer, why not shut his factories. Look at coca cola they actually polluted a hole river in India, no I think it’s to do with hydrogen fuel cell, that they have developed, may be fuel for rockets he wants to fly. Possibly true about Illuminati what they were saying, except for Olivia Wild is a android from the past don't forget future dose not exist yet.

  92. Our voices are being heard and taken seriously. For these false idols and puppets to make fun of "conspiracies", they must realize that we're not sheep. Keep up the good work Vigilant. They're noticing now.

  93. Well said my friend,

    I have not yet seen this ad on British TV but then I don't watch that much TV.
    Your points about the IMF sanctions on Africa and the corrupt puppet regimes in particular need far more exposure in the mainstream media.
    There was once a very good documentary on British TV (about 10 years ago on Channel 4 I think) entitled "The Hunger Business". It was all about how Western charitiies make money out of exploiting emotional images of famine in Africa. It pulled no punches and even featured an interview with Colonel Gadaffi's son (IIRC) during the brief spell when Libya was back in favour with the West. Anway what he had to say was exteremely "illuminating" – in not so many words he very eloquently conveyed the message that African regimes are sustained as long as they play ball with the wishes of the "International Community". That will come as no surprise to anyone here of course. Needless to say the doc was never repeated – would be worth checking to see if it is on YouTube if you are interested in researching this area of the NWO.

    Kind regards,


  94. They are angry and very scared. They are acting like a bully who obeys their master-bully and then bullies people they can to have a laugh. So they take the piss out of the public, but public are not that stupid. So patronising.

  95. earthenergyreader on

    I don't know why but I get the impression from watching Richard Branson laugh that he has serious halitosis.
    And as for Olivia Wilde being an "android from the future", I'm guessing shes trying to make a joke ( a very lame one) about her role in "Tron Legacy".
    A shit actress in a shit movie.
    No shit.

  96. I Hate The Elites on

    Para elite global adalah orang-orang yang begitu jahat. Lewat kesepakatan Millenium Development Goals mereka memaksa 147 negara untuk menandatangani 8 tujuan. Salah satu dari tujuan itu adalah mengurangi hingga separuh jumlah orang yang tidak memiliki akses air bersih pada tahun 2015. Lewat kesepakatan itu, mereka memaksa negara-negara miskin untk mencapai tujuan itu. Jika keuangan di negara itu tidak cukup kuat, mereka terpaksa berhutang kepada negara kaya, yang di dominasi oleh para elite global.

    Alkitab berkata, orang yang berhutang akan menjadi budak bagi pemberi hutang. Itulah salah satu cara bagaimana para elite global menghisap kekayaan negara-negara miskin. Para elite global biasanya akan meminta konsekuensi kekayaan alam dari negara miskin akibat dari hutang yang telah mereka berikan.

  97. I hate the elites. on

    #Sorry for cant speak english well.

    I hate the global elites. Through the Millennium Development Goals agreement they forced 147 countries to sign the 8 goals. One of the goals is to reduce by half the number of people who do not have access to clean water by 2015. Through the deal, they forced poor countries achieve the remedy. If the country's finances are not strong enough, they were forced into debt to rich countries, which are dominated by the global elite.

    The Bible says, those who owe will become slaves to the creditor. That is one way how the global elite suck the wealth of poor countries. The global elite will usually ask for the consequences of the natural wealth of the poorest countries due to the debt they have given.

    • You will owe them so much more than they are giving you. And they are not really giving you anything as they are making you pay for it. They are clever evil little b-turds! They love it when the evil witch says "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too!". I am sure that you have some natural resources that they want so you can pay back your debt which they forced you into. I love how they fool people into believing that they are doing something great and wonderful! They use this slight of hand all the time through their NGOs.

  98. I couldn't agree more!
    Seems to me that they intentionally used the word "illuminati", to ridicule it so people think it doesn't exist any more, when in fact it's the complete opposite, it's here and so real it's not funny..

  99. I've a better idea: why don't we all take a shit on Matt Damon, Richard Branson, Olivia Wilde and Bono's lawn every single day they spout shit about clean water until they get off their rich asses to do something about it?
    It's much more achievable than refusing to go to the bathroom until it's sorted plus holding it in would put us all at risk of colon cancer/prostate cancer.

  100. You missed the part about Branson advocating for GARDASIL on his official site and blog. They are all pieces of trash.

  101. It's funny because if Branson took care of the problem with his own money, you all butthurt christians will try to prove he's illuminati anyway.

    You are all full of shit too i guess, it's makes you human. For the most part. Of course the other part, you are robots from the future.

  102. well if you look back from february til now, check out the number of high profiles step downs, abdications, disapperances, low profiling, property sell-offs at ridiculous discounts (LA) and you can then see that the assembly call way a message out.

    All of a sudden, the pictures of those who would be screaming out for the rocks to fall on them can be visualized-sad. (Revelation)

    It is the most absurd of futilistic realities to think that lucifer is going to win and they are going to rule it all, for those who have had an encounter with The KOK's know what's up.

    Anyway, there card game clearly shows that as things draw towards show time, conspiracy factualists will be ridiculed- so its not surprising that a few foot soldiers who will be in so much panic and fear when SHTF are acting out as commanded!

  103. Total misdirection, whether they know it or not… these 3 a part of the problem. There is nothing funny about the state of this world and those who control it.

  104. That was dumb and not the least bit entertaining. Even a little cringe-worthy. Shame on you Matt Damon.

  105. I think that what Bono and friends are up to qualifies as astroturfing in that they are trying to create an impression that the average Joe surely doesn't buy into this Illuminati drivel. I think this is indicative of the grass roots actually starting to get wise to "them", that the sheeple is starting to become the sheepee, so to speak, who realizes that his life on earth could be a little better if only "they" got their act together.

  106. That was demeaning even for them. I am stunned that Matt Damon would allow himself to play a less than intelligence role. What on earth!

  107. So everything is rosey then….where can I get a good pair of rose colored glasses and a rubber band?

  108. I Think the Illuminati are telling us very plainly they are now moving into Africa!!!To supposedly fix it and get rid of the governments they don't want and start taking over!
    Africa is full of natural mineral resources and looking at the way they have stuffed up Europe their "eye" is now looking toward Africa!

    • They aren't moving into Africa…they've been in Africa since colonialism. The just have their puppets in the form of presidents. I think they are just starting to be overt about it now.

  109. It would be interesting to know how these celebrities expect this to be received. Obviously the promise not to use the bathroom means it's supposed to be a joke.. but the issue of clean water isn't a joke, and seems like something Bono has probably talked about before in seriousness. So these celebs are having a laugh at the expense of Africans who lack clean water? Am I missing something?

    And the business with the Illuminati? Seems like part of the joke is to make fun of the idea of the Illuminati. That might have worked 5 years ago, but I think most people are too awake to fall for that now. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this "joke" had the opposite effect…. you know: when somebody is already suspicious, and you tell them "oh, there's nothing to see here…"

  110. Fight4Jesus on

    Great great article Mr Vigilent Citizen! I completely agree with what you wrote here!
    Here is the clue : if they did not fear about us, why then would they mock us? (conspiracies believers which actually are not conspiracies but real facts) ?;… They just try another mind control by making beleive to people that NWO is a bullshit.Which is not.

  111. Wow, this must be the dumbest ad I have ever seen in my life….do they actually think they are funny? What good is keeping your crap in going to do about the water problem in poor/third world countries? I am from a third world country and our water is clean; thank you very much!! So these so-called celebs can crap all over themselves for all I care….The sad part is that they don't even realise that they are being used by their master lucifer. Brainless puppets..smh

  112. Jct: What a joke for the "Accident Theorists" to make fun of Conspiracy Theorists. Useless nabobs like them getting richer while real workers keep getting poorer is all just one big accident, it wasn't planned that way. "Oops, we ended up with everything, again." Right, we're poor and you're rich all by accident. Sure! Har har har. Talk about blowing their cred in one stupid statement. It wasn't planned, they're Accident Theorists. If it were really accidental, some of the accidents would work our way.

  113. Homer Sapien on

    VC, you're right on the money! Actions speak volumes. How come the ones speaking the loudest are usually doing the least? These rectal openings should all be flushed down the proverbial toilet…

  114. It pisses me off that celebrities like these keep blabbing on about serious issues such as this, but never or barely practice what they preach.

  115. So not going to the bathroom does what? lol Also Matt Damon how long are we not supposed to use the bathroom?? And Matt Damon are we supposed to go outside or in buckets? This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of in my life! I agree if most celebs would stop making these stupid informative videos and actually get off their a@$ and do something themselves then these issues may be taken more seriously. Our country and world is falling apart.

  116. What's so bad about a One World Gov't? Or one currency? I understand that in the context of the elite oppression of the rest of us these things are bad; but I don't believe they're bad in and of themselves, as the implication seems to be in the article (and perhaps throughout the site).

    • Are you serious Joe?! The problem with One World Government is that you are putting control of the world and its resources in the hands of a few maniacal occult minded people! These people are obsessed with power and control. People should be able to live the way they want and vote for people who represent them and their values. Local governments are best to serve the needs of the people. That is why the founding fathers felt that a de-centralized government was best and that most of the power resided in the states. It was the Federalists backed by the banks who wanted a more centralized government. We are now facing the consequences of that infiltration. Most of those occult leaders are also eugenicists and want to rid the world of "useless eaters" which includes most of us. They are the ones who brought slavery and created factory towns where strikers were murdered. They were behind the Nazi regime and the Communist regime. And you want to give them MORE power?! There is a point where we should take history and learn from its lessons. LESS government is the best choice!

  117. This was so utterly ridiculous, my whole BODY is left twitching. What the hell is this?! I mean, we've gotten to such a low point that besides using music to push their agenda, they're using real-life worldly struggles and making fun of it? Ugh makes me sick.

  118. Water supply is important to sterilize people, if you believe they did what was planned in the Iron Hill report.
    Hence the importance of supplying it in third world contries, along with vaccination campaigns.
    I guess it gives the answer to the reason of this kind of ad.

  119. Soke Kundalini on

    I guess making fun of "conspiracy theorists" is more important than fixing real issues…What a useless ad!

    • I certainly have noticed mainstream media have now resorted to ridiculing the "conspiracy theory movement" (cnn, maddow, o'reilly etc). That is a sure sign that they are threatened by the truth coming out.

  120. That was the dumbest thing I've ever seen….they really think we're a bunch of idiots….ooo-kaay….just so you know "celebrities" we're not laughing WITH you…we're laughing AT you. Losers.

    • Holy Quram
      Surat al-Kafirun

      “Say: ‘Unbelievers!
      I do not worship what you worship
      and you do not worship What I worship.
      Nor will I worship what you worship
      nor will you worship What I worship.
      You have your religion and I have my religion.”

  121. Of course you didn't find it funny, they're basically mocking everything you dedicate half your life to anyways. And of course anyone who dedicates an entire blog to finding evil Illuminati people everywhere is probably stupid enough to think Olivia Wilde was an android if there's enough symbology and signs in her movies

    I agree with one thing though, Bono is a mega DOUCHE. No doubt about that.

  122. I know people say that actors aren't Illuminati, but look at Olivia Wilde's wikipedia. Born in DC into a powerful family of journalists. Actors are more Illuminati born than people think.

  123. Taken along side other recent half-exposures of the Illuminati like the recent Mercedes ad with Willem Dafoe as the devil, it seems the strategy with these sorts of things might be to establish "the Illuminati conspiracy theory" as such a ridiculous notion that when people some day come forward and talk about their time in these secret societies, they are dismissed as crackpots.

  124. They are trying to reduce seriousness of the issue!!! People don't pay much attention to what they laugh at!!!

  125. the sad part is people look up these guys. we're in the minority; the people actually turned off by it all. i don't care how rich or beautiful or cool they may appear to be, i'm not buying it

    also who wrote this article; is that you VC? lol, you sound a different person writing this…

  126. truthseeker on



    Stay enlightened! I Thank you again.

  127. The coded message here is that in these so-called humanitarian missions, the Illuminati agenda is the real underlying force. The commercial is supposed to be about fresh water, but is really about the Illuminati, just like the actual mission itself.

  128. I know it's a serious issue affecting people in certain countries but this ad made me laugh so hard at them. It's just so crazy and off-topic it's hard not to laugh. WOW O.O .Apparently it's a "comedic effort" to raise awareness…What has the illuminati got to do with helping people get water in developping countries? LMAO such a fail @ the end

  129. Great observations, thanks for bringing this issue to the forefront, VC!
    From what I know, the illuminati loves double talk – or even 'Reverse Talk' … they talk in code. What they are really conveying here, is that they will induce even more vicious drought around the world, in order to carry out their precious depopulation plans. They did not implement Geo-engineeing and HAARP for nothing!
    The mocking comments were absolutely disgusting! These guys are going to hell, if there is such a place, I am sure!

  130. We must learn their language, because they speak in code, double-talk and 'reverse-talk'.
    This is a carefully scripted video, do not have any doubt about that! They use celebrities to communicate their message to us!!!
    The way I interpret it is this: You are screwed! We will create even more serious drought on the planet, and do not give a da** about all of you. We have the technology to create android humans now, who do not need food, water or no need to use the toilet!!! (You are just useless eaters, so begone with you…) or some such… my 2 cents…

  131. This might be a stupid question but; what are we supposed to do about this? How are we able to see this without repercussions and what do we do with the information we learn? Why is everything so obvious now? Lots of questions but no one to ask for answers…

  132. This video was done in such poor taste. Just when you think some of these celebrities can't lower themselves any further. It's sad really for them to take such an important cause and reduce it to this with their pompous arrogance. But I do agree that the more we are exposing the Illuminati agenda, the more we see them shoving these concepts into music videos, marketing, movies, video games. For the most part it was there all along, but now you have people jumping on the Illuminati bandwagon as is the agenda and imagery is something cool to represent. It's like non-gang members throwing up signs because they think it's cool, even though they have not been initiated into the actual gang. It makes you wonder how much of it is real and how much of it is for show. But hey, that's whole point right? Keeping us from identifying who the real culprits are. What's worse is these puppets being used to propagate this crap really think because they have money that the true Illuminati satanists will actually give crap about them when it all hits the fan. Unfortunately for them, their money doesn't make them a part of the bloodlines. Guess we will see who is laughing in the end.

  133. Fake countries…hmm. America did predict Nigeria would scatter into bit by the year 2015 and its already started.

  134. “Bono, nobody actually believes that the Illuminati is a bunch of celebrity douchebags meeting in secret.” I lol’d so hard, thanks Vigi.

  135. The "Root of David" on

    These celebrities will be humbled on the Day of Judgement, and they will speak no more till they repent.

  136. AfriKanSisSta on

    if they brought it up ONCE, it would have been better than making it the butt of every joke.

    I agree sooooo much with this:

    Then you have Richard Branson who probably has enough money to fix the entire problem by himself but prefers to do lame jokes on YouTube for the lulz.

    Then there’s Olivia Wilde who says that she’s an “android from the future” because, apparently, those who seek the truth about the world are also dumb enough to believe that she’s android from the future.

    Here’s an idea: How about discussing the root of the water problem in Africa? Why not talk about the systematic exploitation and siphoning of every single resource out of Africa to profit colonial powers? The creation of fake African countries by colonial powers to keep an economic stronghold on them? The putting in place of corrupt puppet governments that do not build infrastructures for its people? The IMF imposing strict economic restrictions on these countries to help Bilderberg-backed multinational corporations? Yeah…no, that’s boring…and that goes against the interests of their “masters”. Yup, don’t want people to know that the ones making you feel bad about the problem are the ones who actually created it. Let’s make stupid Illuminati jokes instead.

    I guess that the no-toilet strike suits well these celebrities…Because they’re full of shit.

  137. This article was awesome. You make a lot of sense without the whole BRIDES OF SATAN angle. No notes for you, VC.

  138. They clearly dismiss the importance of 1 in 9 people not having access to clean water by claiming anyone who underatands these statistics is just a nerd or a wanker?> That is how important the water shortage is to them

  139. a video of wankers on

    What an offensive bunch of wankers.
    I feel nothing but disdain for these poor excuses for humans.

    The sad thing is, these talking heads are probably proud of that disgusting clip and actually think they were being witty and funny……cretins with too much fame.

  140. As we all know, Illuminati is a cult that you have to be born into. Reading Olivia Wilde's Wiki Bio state's

    "Wilde's father's upper-class British ancestors lived in several countries during the height of colonialism and the British Empire, including Beijing (where her paternal grandfather was born), Kolkata, Mumbai, Cairo, and Tasmania (one of her paternal great-great-grandfathers, Henry Arthur Blake, was Governor of Hong Kong).[2] Wilde's father's ancestors include abolitionist and Anglican minister James Ramsay, politician George Arbuthnot, lawyer, judge, and literary figure Henry Cockburn, Lord Cockburn, Lord Provost of Edinburgh Sir William Arbuthnot, 1st Baronet, and Sir Thomas Osborne, 9th Baronet (and therefore current Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne).[2][3] Wilde's ancestry includes English, Irish, Scottish, Manx, and German; she is also of more distant Sephardi Jewish descent from a paternal ancestor, Ralph Bernal (1783–1854), a British Whig politician and actor.[4][5]"

    If that isn't a person born into some kind of privileged platform of influence I don't know what is.

  141. Albert Ross on

    Check out the original ISEE Water (bottled) site in Australia before the current one (don't know where it's gone) but if this isn't part of a grand worldwide conspiracy I'll stand corrected. The old logo (Illuminati eye etc) disappeared immediately on the resignation of Pope Benidict and the new logo was launched on the very day that the new Pope Francis was elected. In light of deadly prophicies from the Illuminati regarding water and water supply this should be investigated further, but by whom? The Vatican, the Grand Worshipful Master Mason of the Masonic Cult, the President of the USA, the UN? When will this encroaching tide of evil world domination be halted. When will our children become innocent again? Who are the faceless people that control our world? Who are the true owners of ISEE Water and what is their agenda in seeking world domination via an "innocent and legal" business undertaking? Be afraid, be very afraid!

  142. Hasn't Olivia Wilde's mother married into the Calthorpe family? An old peerage in England and a huge illuminati family. Stepsisters would include Cressida Bonas who is lined with Prince Harry.
    That should answer everyone's questions.

  143. More reasons to hate Bono, I always welcome those :')
    On that note, this is so weird and unfunny. Also, fuck all these rich celebrities. Charity is important, you have the money

  144. they are trying to make conspiracy mean crazy.. which is not hard to do…alot of conspiracy people are crazy and they share their insanity all over the net.

    i think many conspiracy theories are potentially true but when some whack job adds their newage rubbish into the mix then i don't bother listening anymore.

    real TRUTH seekers need to cut down these whack jobs as soon as they unleash their BS.
    911 was OBVIOUSLY an inside job of some kind.. but when these idiots add there hypothesis with NO evidence it really makes it hard to convince anyone that your not crazy as well.

    Archons…angels… galactic federation…ghosts… paran(oid)ormal activity…. interdimensional child eating satanic time traveling future humans… really?

    yeh, and Bono is a major douchebag

  145. Olivia Wilde has become a joke and is in danger of becoming one of the irrelevant celebrities that everyone uses when they want to make a negative point. Criuse and Branson being foremost among the self centred elitists.

    Had I still been undecided my yes vote for freedom would have been cast just to annoy that creepy Branson.

  146. and what is the difference between God and Bono?

    God doesn't walk the streets of Dubliin expecting people to believe he is Bono!

  147. All those with knighthoods are highly suspect of being illuminati members. The reason illuminati have to do charity funds is that Karma exists, if they don't counter the negative Karma, they in turn will be destroyed, but because of their narcissistic mentality and the fact they need the admiration of the masses to control society, they're trying to 'kill two birds with one stone'. If they were meek with pure intentions they wouldn't tell anyone as 'action speaks louder than words'. We should all tell them to 'get stuffed', to put it mildly, but in practice I would use extremely strong language.

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