Strange New “2014” Addition to the Georgia Guidestones (Updated)


A new block on which is inscribed “2014” was recently added to the Georgia Guidestones. This eerie and mysterious monument just became even more eerie and mysterious.

In my article Sinister Sites : The Georgia Guidestones, I took a thorough look at the Georgia Guidestones and at its ominous message for humanity. In short, it is all about massive depopulation, world government, a single language and a single religion. While this monument was built in 1980, its “commandments” keep increasing in relevancy as the world elite steers the masses towards a New World Order.

A recent addition to the monument- a block on which is inscribed 2014 – was placed inside an indent between the English and the Spanish slab. While apparently trivial, this block nevertheless proves that the Guidestones is still updated by its sponsors and that its message is, more than ever, relevant in 2014.

Why is 2014 inscribed on that block? Will an event lead to the fruition of one of the Guidestones’ commandments in 2014? Considering the fact that the first commandment is about maintaining the world population under 500 million, this is somewhat disturbing.

Another recent addition to the monuments is camera surveillance.

It is rather appropriate that a monument celebrating the New World Order is “under video surveillance at all times”.

The Georgia Guidestones is therefore not abandoned but alive and well. The monument is maintained, updated and monitored. In short, the commandments inscribed on the stones are not a philosophical fantasy dreamt up by strange people 34 years ago, it is a concrete plan that firmly believed in by the elite.


The block was recently removed and destroyed. In a video posted on YouTube, we see that the other faces of the block were also inscribed.

As you can see, the faces are inscribed with 20, 14, 16, 8, MM and JAM. While some claimed that the insertion of this block was an act of vandalism, we can clearly see that it was destroyed. Evidence is usually not destroyed on the spot (and given to bystanders). This block was therefore most likely added by the makers of the monument.

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621 Comments on "Strange New “2014” Addition to the Georgia Guidestones (Updated)"

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Well, one thing we know for sure, TPTB always leave a trail of numbers, when they do something. These numbers are like clues that have been left behind by the criminal, intentionally, to see if anyone is paying attention. So, lets look at some of the numbers. The number 34 repeats itself. The block was added 34 years after the stones were built, the stones sit at the 34 latitude, and the numbers 20 + 14 = 34. 3+4=7, so 34 x 3 = 7,7,7, the date of the London subway false flag bombing, July 7, 2005. 7- 7- 2+5=7 The stones were dedicated on March 22, = 322, this number is important to the Skull and Bones. The Skull and Cross Bones with 322 underneath is a symbol of death with a possible date. 322 reversed is 223, a caliber that is used by the military to kill, and… Read more »

they also represent election years for POTUS

George Bush Sr, nor his sons, are Freemasons.

I hope the SHERIFF's office is better at surveillance than they are spelling.

Why can't the date be 8-14-2016 (the way the narrator begins to say it when readng the numbers)?

That’s exactly what I thought and I didn’t hear the narration.

Gospel of Thomas; Line 66:

"Jesus said, "Show me the stone that the builders rejected: that is the keystone."

That would be Christ Himself, the rock. Not this mimicry.

JAM = 10.1.13 I made a web search for the date, got to a site "This Day In Founding Fathers History". It read: "On this day in 1776, Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense was published" Then I made a search "1776 illuminati", and found that the original "der Illuminatenorden" group was founded on 1.3. on that year. The group started gathering members from freemasons four years later, after which it started forming into a more mystical and hierarchial group. In 1784 the government of Karl Theodor banned all secret societies including the Illuminati and Freemasons, after which Illuminati has been said to have collapsed and disappeared… But look at the Freemasons today! Pompous temples and symbolism all over the World and embraced by the richest and highest ranking western leaders even throughout Europe as high as Finland and Norway! (People can be pulled by their noses by pretending of having… Read more »

Who is the guy in the video destroying stone block? No one is wondering?

This is what I just saw,

Upside down MM = WW


what if WW means whole world .. whole world will die? MM millenium ‘something?”

It is very clear that 2014 was the year beginning the implementation of global depopulation under guise of whatever. It has already begun.

But the population is still going up.

So we can fight each other, test new experiment on the human race, dumb us down for easier submission/control. The possibilities are endless when dealing with a group of unlimited power.

20+14 is 34. 33rd degree Freemasonry, 34 symbolizes going beyond the 33rd dimension into where no man has gone before. The hell dimension.

The stones are repulsive and unsettling, disturbing while being inappropriate as well as being stuffed down the throats of those that really don't need to be reading it. If you don't like the monument, bring in the heavy s**t, take a break, then proceed to dismantle this ludicrously offensive statue in an hour, maybe a wrecking ball would be of use in this situation, sorry about the clean up, maybe have the sheriff do it. If it goes up again, it has to come down. I can't think of a more disgusting, gross display of evil, it's appalling to everybody, inclusive.

Ah, but here’s the rub: If someone comes along and destroys this monument because they don’t like the message, aren’t they acting in accordance with the so-called NWO? We can’t say that some messages that fit our core beliefs are OK and others are not. People who don’t want to see this site do not have to. It requires a special trip. Just don’t go. Personally I think it’s a group of people who decided they wanted to screw with folk’s heads a bit. Yes, I know there are ominous forces at play on the Earth but this place isn’t part of the plan. Why do I say that? Because the message is too overt. A secret society would be more CO-vert.

Nobody is making you read them. Don’t like it , then ignore it. Quit getting your panties in a wad.

another lie because if you travel google earth you will see 7 billion people on the planet earth is only a drop in the bucket! We have supposedly intelligent men saying that we are over populated and it is a lie! I had read somewhere that every single person could live in a 2000 sq ft home in Alaska!!! The people who are lying are the ones who want to own everyone! Where are the true people with brains who would turn our home into a beautiful place and not a hell hole!

Agenda 21. Do your own research.

If 20+14 means the year 2014, I would "read" the adding of that (now destroyed) "cornerstone", that the info in the stones is to be actualized at that year. There's a thing about quantum mechanics and the collective electromagnetic mindstuff of humanity interconnected and suspended in the Earths magnetic field… First by erecting the "guidestones" several years ago and letting them thus influence the minds of a great mass of people (thanks to tv-shows and internet), for a long time, the ideas get imprinted to the minds and memory of the people who know about the guidestones. There were no dates in the stones. They just contained ideas. Now when a year number suddenly appears on the stones, would mean people energize the info again in their consciousness, thus creating a massive world wide suggestion and mental energy. Its sort of magic or mind control by suggestion. Like actualizing a… Read more »

You are right. This has been proven on 9 11, when the energy fields peaked the same way, not equal as usual.

Hitler, Islamic Terrorists, New World Order, all have asked for permission to proceed with their agenda. The U.S. has an Elite or Shadow government. Federal Reserve Bank was signed into Law in 1913 by President Wilson. It has never been audited nor scrutinized. Trillions of dollars are missing. U.S. debt is now 18 Trillion. U.S. unfunded liabilities is approximately 120 Trillion…with a T. Where did that money go? Georgia Guide Stones spells out an agenda for not just America but the "WORLD!" WHY? 9/11 was a horrific act. There is a movement that is growing with experts in their field to debunk what our government said happened that day. These are experienced professionals folks. 2016 presidential election is but a year and 1/2 away. Why is Jeb Bush running? Surely he knows America is weary of another Bush in the White House…Right? Hillary is so corrupt most won't vote for… Read more »

Just go with the flow. Live your life and enjoy yourselves. Don't worry be happy.

its 8-14-20 16. look it up. 2016 is the jewish year 5776. their year of enlightmenment. it also says MM on it…flip that and its WW, world war. also JAM, judgement against mankind

Furthermore this date will be Tisha B'av, the annual Jewish fast day which commemorates the destruction of the first and second temples in Jerusalem which occured on the SAME HEBREW CALENDAR DATE 655 years apart (586 BC and 70 AD). Also the Jews were expelled from Spain and England this same date (1492 and 1290).

I think some demolitionists should steal into the area some night and blow it all to smithereens along with the cameras. Be careful not to hurt anybody. To hell with the elitists who built it.

When you see these things come to pass, look up for your redemption is nigh!!!

when they shall say peace then shall come a terrible destruction.. all of the messages are conflicting.. need to be united

oh there's going to be several different ways .Ebola is just one of them

I do not see anything wrong with all the messages, human DNA is a very low quality in our days, more and more people wake up just to eat-poop-sleep, just to wake up and repeat and we call it LIFE???

agreed. to me its more about a future cataclysm that cannot be prevented

I have one question: what is the point of the ancient languages on the cap stone, nobody uses these languages anymore so why add them? The ancient languages are there to deepen the mystery!
I think someone with too much money and too much time on their hands decided to create a mystery for us which they thought we would never be able to solve! A mystery to scare us all into submission-isn't that what the elite are all about-controlling the masses!
People don't believe it, it's not worth wasting your energy on, It's a farce! I see it as a big joke on us, I bet there's people out there laughing their heads off at us and you can be sure someone is making money from it!!!

Maybe those people thought ancient languages would still be use today, but people who don’t understand the value you gain from something like that. Will let things slowly disappear. Example: cursive, it is slowly being taken out of our schools, because there is no true value. Cursive means to write fast. The purpose is to write formal or casual and fast. Today, everyone abbreviate everything weather they are writing or speaking. Sure that’s fast but now your not going to be able to read properly. Samething with languages, we don’t study them we won’t learn anything and when we find something of potential use we’ll just end up throwing out.

Did anyone notice that the cube was cut from a type of stone quite different from the rest of the stones? Seems to me that if the cube would have been difficult to break up into smaller pieces if it had not been composed from the kind of stone it was. I noticed it had larger chunks bonded together (sorry, I'm not a geologist so I don't know the name of the kind of stone it was compose of) which made it possible to break apart. It's as if they always intended to break it up into pieces. Just a thought

It’s granite. Granite occurs in a range of colors in nature. If the 2014 block was quarried elsewhere, that could account for the difference. Also, the older part of the structure may be dusty or may have lichens growing on it, making it darker than freshly cut stone.

The "2014" is an indication of the merging of the South Americans with the North Americans, Spanish and English. We know this happened in 2014 as our borders were abolished and millions of Mexicans flloded America.

The reason why 2014 was added is because this year will be the start of the Ebola virus, which will lead to many deaths therefore decreasing the worldwide population to their controllable number 500 Million. Also, I would like Vigilant Citizen to do an article about how the U.S has a patent on Ebola from 1997.

If there’s a patent on ebola virus, please provide a US Patent Number. If you can’t, it’s hearsay nonsense.

Odds are this was placed between the English and Spanish slab to show the end of USA will be through illegal immigration
Already in some parts of California schools are banning American flag t-shirts
because the illegal immigrant kids have threatened American kids with violence for wearing anything patriotic
and America is turning into Mexico/China/Middle East more and more every day
Obama has said he is going to do amnesty for illegal immigrants which would end USA as we know it
and thus be the cornerstone for the One World Order
2014 the year of America and Mexico fusing into one nation via illegal immigration, ebola outbreak and ISIS
(create a One World Order through chaos)
2008 was year Obama was elected
2016 is next election
Unsure about MM and JAM what means

It is nice to see that someone is looking out for the Native Americans interests!

I think people sitting and waiting for Jesus to "save" them are not very wise.. Dont u think that's what they want peopke to do… Wait… Wait till its too late… Religion as we know it is complet bull… Its man made to devide and control the masses.. I do belive that there is sometbing else like god or whatever but they way we are tought to worship is wrong… The longer we sit here and wait the harder its going to b… Im from scotland and we lost the referendum because they cheated us… They dont want us to have independence qs its a step away from the NWO. I dont believe Spain will get it either… I wish tgem the best and in scotland we will not stop until we get what is rightfully ours! A free Scotland one thats not under the control of the London elites… Read more »

The thing is, people are not just sitting and waiting, there are people out there who do take action in positive ways and find ways to make a difference in society. However there are probably not enough people who are making a proactive effort in making a difference. There are probably too many people who still put trust in our political leaders thinking they have our best interest at heart. I don't think Jesus wants us to not do anything, but we should not abandon prayer also. We can do both, pray and take action in helping to make this world better somehow, no matter how small our efforts may seem.

MM seems to refer to “Them” as it comes up a lot, such as “Mustapha Mond” in Brave New World. 2014 saw the beginning of ISIS, mass immigration into Europe and the beginning of the mixing of the races. I may be wrong but I see a plan regarding the final six naturally-born generations as shown below. The year is the date of the birth of the first of that generation. The second year is the date that generation reaches the age of 17 when a world-changing event begins and the final number is their average number of children they have. 1897 – the Greatest Generation 1914 – World War I Children – 16 1922 – the War Generation 1939 – World War II Children – 8 1947 – the Baby-Boomers 1964 – the Sixties Revolution Children – 4 1972 – Generation X 1989 – Internet Revolution Children – 2… Read more »

If it’s monitored 24/7 by the Elbert county Sherriffs office? No one sees any issue with sheriffs not knowing how to spell sheriff? Hmmm…. I’d say they monitor as good as they spell! My question is still, how did a random person know the exact size of stone cube to put in there and who or what (random Joe Blow would waste their time or money attempting this as it is criminal obviously! (Although, I don’t believe the real sheriffs put that sign there as they would know how to spell sheriff! Is it really monitored, I would say no otherwise the Sherriffs would have seen that amazing little block put there! hahaha

When the “New World Order” fraud collapses, the Guidestones will be toppled and broken up like the gargantuan bronze statues of Lenin, Stalin and Saddam Hussein.

Yup, world depopulation . Unknown viruses suddenly appear, the increase in China to allow family’s to have 2 baby’s. Earthquakes with tremendous power hitting well populated areas. Creating wars against others for no real good reasons. Famous celebs “suddenly” expiring, and it’s just the beginning. We still have to live through the break up of the religious, more freak weather that CanT pOSSibLy BE CreAted by MaN. The terrible news that man will never explore other worlds, another possible assassination, more advance technology that interfere with the nerve system or neuro system, making our lives like the matrix or the anime sword art online. Either way if we don’t ..fight for our rights parrrty..we could all be wipe out, tortured, mind controlled etc etc..

The entire time the people were looking at the stone block the guy on the ladder was still doing something to the Georgia Guidestones. You could here him banging away at the stones throughout the video.

So, next distraction.

Many of the power elite want the zeitgeist of the age to be how it was 5 years ago, some even want to go back further like the 1960's or 50's or even the middle ages. Too much has happened for the zeitgeist to go back to any age. People, not on the payroll of the elite, no longer trust or believe in any government, local, federal, or global, any and every ruling body is suspect. People believe most world events are manipulated. Art, science, philosophy, political movements, and just plain thought is dead. Entertainment is stale, derivative, and uniform, nearly all modern movies, music, and books are basically the same. Science has gone down the toilet bowl, we aren't even allowed to think anything lest they steal our ideas and give them to some talentless "hack" half-way around the world. The only thoughts we are allowed to "keep" are… Read more »

I just finished watching 12 Monkeys directed by Terry Gilliam. The film is about a dystopian future that is the result of a deadly virus being unleashed and massacring 500 million people. Odd coincidence, or yet another film raped by illuminati shove-it-in-your-face secret messages and propaganda?

On cartoon network this new show aired this year in 2014 I believe it was September. I couldn't believe my eyes. Satanic and perverted. You have to see it to believe it. A dog that looks all cute that kills his victims and humps them afterwards. And the satanic side you'll just have to see it. So sad that young teenagers are enjoying this and adults. Watch that your kids don't watch this. On there's a petition to take it off the air.


Thanks for making me aware of this, Darlene!
I can just imagine how a lot of people will think this is a cool show!

President Trump has stopped the NWO dead in its tracks! Nobody thought he would win and he cost Soros over a billion dollars betting against Trump.
No one expects the “Spanish Inquisition!”

Stones are telling us what needs to be done to improve the Earth.

What’s the since in destroying one little block of it? Destroy the whole damn thing!

I’m actually surprised no one has tried to tear down these things or blow them up.

the stone could be rotated to say 8 16, sept is coming up and there has been a lot of talk about it. also anyone remember JAMMJAW?

5oo million will ascend to higher consciousness in the first wave of 5th dimensional new earth! The others are still in 3D in old earth getting ready for the next 500 million next wave until all of those who chose to evolve are on the new 5D earth.
It doesn't always have to be negative!

Unfortunately, the “elite” are making sure we are not capable of reaching a higher level, only lower with increased deterioration of our living standards.

I am I

stop building and draining fossel fuel and destroying the place we live might help……. i agree we have alouded elite to much power and we will suffer for it, its about time we all stop fighting ourself's and pulled together and found some real answer's, lets be onist half of the decisions that are made for us none of us want we just have to go along with them!

sherriff is the name of the group that put 2014 up use the initials of each letter and you will realize who they are


This is buildeth for after use. After the apocalipse end. The end of a thing is just begining of another. More luck next time ….!

Something is wrong with the selection of languages.

Further candidates for the most spoken languages are Bengali, German, Portuguese and Japanese.

So why are the minor languages Suahili and Hebrew included? Are these speakers supposed to co-rule the world instead of the four afore-mentioned enemies?

And why does the word "pseudonym" contain an orthographic mistake?

Cui bono? Mason Fendley!

LOL No better promotion for his business.

I love how the word sheriff was misspelled on the surveillance sign….I think it is all bogus.

Did anyone bother to think that 2008 to 2016 are the years that Obama is president?

kill them softly, let it look natural, and no elite shall take the blame… well they have a few sacrificial lambs they could toss under the proverbial bus

dig up the capsule now

8 / 16 / 2014 – First Ebola Case (U.S.)