Symbolic Pics of the Week (07/23/11)


Harry Potter star Emma Watson loves hiding one eye.

You’re not that different, girl.

Popular Japanese goth group GPKISM

J-Pop is really into it

Mickey. Again…

…and again…coupled with a checkerboard pattern.

Another MK-Ultra-themed Alexander McQueen Pic

Jared Leto

This pretty much sums up the entertainment biz.

Thanks to those who took the time to send me pics!



  1. VC's Student on

    Emma, nooooo! I'm a Potterhead, but then again, it's not the first time we saw Emma's one-eyed pose. :(

      • Read the book "Looking For God in Harry Potter" by John Granger. Some interesting insights about Harry Potter being a story with Christian themes.

      • severalminds on

        harry potter is an obvious esoteric s…t it was easy to understand, i m surprised if somebody didin't get it yet! thisis one of first disgusting esoteric sagas making propaganda for masonic initiations, evil rituals and power of magics, other dark staff filled into brainf of poor children…

      • Candle of the Meteor on

        No offence, but those articles are so heavily riddled with passages from the Bible that it makes me sick. I have no problem with people referencing religion, but the blogger nearly assumes you're Christian/Catholic.

      • Always Aware on

        I'm sorry but the article you posted on Harry Potter is "garbage in, garbage out". First of all the author refuses to go into any legitimate detail as to how "The series written by J.K. Rowling gives children very detailed examples of witchcraft." Have you ever read the books yourself? The most detailed explanation of the magic being performed is in the first book where Hermione corrects Ron on how to pronounce a spell, and the whole bit about it needing a swish and flick. There's not a single example in the entirety of the series that talks about burning candles or drawing pentagrams; NOTHING. I seriously question whether you or the author know a thing about HP or wiccan witchcraft…

        Second, I grew up with Harry Potter. I started reading the books when I was in 2nd grade (that's 7 years old btw, and I'm 20 years old now) and I was never tempted, not once, to perform the things I read in the books; I didn't even know a single other kid that attempted actual witchcraft among any of my friends or the plethora of other HP fans I encountered coming up. They're just books… If I learned anything from Harry Potter it was the value of friendship and being kind to others. I truly despise people such as yourself, and the 90 something people that gave your comment a thumbs up, whom try to demonize anything that isn't strictly of Christian nature. I do have to thank you though because I hadn't heard Matthew 16:4 before reading that article, and it's truly a nice verse. That said, I find it ironic that the article contained a reference to this particular verse while trying to make its point because it's people like the author that are putting too much emphasis on signs and wonders, not just in the world, but quite often in harmless things as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way saying there aren't signs of occult influence in a lot of today's media; I'm just saying not EVERYTHING is awful, evil, or out to get you and our youth…

        – Long time Harry Potter fan (and future father of Harry Potter fans),

        Christian S.

      • Always Aware on

        Meant to point out that my last comment was directed at "right on", although I think that was obvious.

        Sadly though I think that last comment was a waste of time, I should just commented on the fact that so many of you are entirely too caught up in looking for signs in just about anything… There are some out there but a lot of you guys are stretching, such as Nice Guys. You sound as if you're implying the audio book is what caused you to have the dream? If so grow up… Two nights ago I had a dream I was being chased and eventually jumped by a gang of like 16 guys, the good thing is it's just a dream so it doesn't mean squat; nothing at all. Stop forcefully trying to find signs of occult influence in everything, you'll only stress yourself out and sound like those "crazy conspiracy theorist" the rest of society condemns.

      • "They’re just books… If I learned anything from Harry Potter it was the value of friendship and being kind to others. I truly despise people such as yourself, and the 90 something people that gave your comment a thumbs up"

        Sums up the kindness you learned by watching Potter. I will defer

      • Hey Always Aware,

        I didn't read the article that the person posted but I've always known to stay away from anything deamed witchcraft. My uncle told me that his family had a Harry Potter marathon at their house and that his daughter ( i think shes 6 or 7) was speaking pasotongue (or whatever its called) in her sleep! When you see your little loved ones do that and it creeps you the EFF out, refer back to that article- it may help.

      • Always Aware on

        Scarrypotter am I not allowed to be upset? It's a basic human emotion, you know? And the reason I'm upset is because this is a site people visit to be educated and to help educate others. Unfortunately a lot of group think occurs here; people read a comment by someone with a strong viewpoint and immediately start feeling the same way. I'm upset because people are attacking something innocent without even providing any sort of factual evidence… HP causing bad dreams? Causing parseltongue?

        And MATMAR, have you never talked in your sleep before? When I was a kid I used to do it quite frequently. Usually it had something to do with what I'd done earlier in the day, perhaps asking for ice cream or candy. If the child you mentioned watched it just before bed it wouldn't be abnormal for her to perhaps dream about it. I think an entry level college psychology course could greatly help you and your family get over the fears that the children in your family are somehow possessed after reading/watching HP

      • Hi Always,

        That is one perspective on it, I've never talked in another language in my sleep before. I'm assuming you are an aethesit? I don't want to offend you, just bouncing ideas off. If you scroll down to comment 79 someone posted a link where an ex witch identifies the witchcraft in the movie, there are names of real demons in the books that witches try to encounter. Pretty scary stuff. Dreams are something I don't think Psyhology couldn't answer 100% accurately. I mean there isn't any evidence that shows it to be correct (dream-wise) I mean. I've had plenty of dreams where I hadn't done or said anything that resembled what happen in the dreams. I think Yomael happened to comment on this before, how these scientists are trying to destroy the spiritual connection you have with dreams by telling others they have no meaning. Sorry if it wasn't you Yomael. But I sort of agree with that. Sorry if you feel like you're being attacked, I just think kids and adults as well shouldn't open the door enough to let something evil in, even if it comes in the form of cute little would be wizards.

      • Always Aware on

        No, MATMAR, I'm not an atheist. I was raised Christian and attended sunday school at a Baptist church every sunday until I was old enough to be allowed to stay home if I wanted. I'm very much so a spiritual person and I truly believe one day I'll live a life fully devoted to God. I know the Bible fairly well and I try to offer people a helping hand in the direction of the Lord when I can, despite I myself not having the strongest relationship with God (and I've phrased it this way because I don't believe in organized "religion", just a personal relationship with the Lord). Now to the point, I apologize for my earlier comments, specifically the one about the psychology course :/ I do want to say though that parseltongue is made up, so one couldn't say for certain your niece was speaking another language as opposed to just making hissing noises. Second science can't touch the power the the Lord possesses, I'd be willing to be it's safe to say science will never be able to cut you off spiritually. Anyway I don't think a conversation about dreams is one that is worthwhile because dreams are such a subjective/personal experience. I'm just going to go with "to each their own" on the bit about dreams. However, I still feel strongly about Harry Potter being safe to read (or watch if you're so inclined to sit through those awful films (although part 1 of the 7th was pretty good)).

      • like seriously who didn't know "Harry Potter" was full of witchcraft and pretty annoying how much they put up these signs we all get it it's very sad that don't realize it

      • The reason for the similarities is becuase "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" By Joseph Campbell.

        It's way Superman, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz, & yes Moses along with Jesus have are the same story that keeps getting re-told over & over again.

      • Everyone attacking Harry Potter… have you even read the books?

        1. WITCHCRAFT – yea, right, it's a book about magic. But the magic in the books consists merely of waving wands, speaking words and making potions. The only thing that resembles ritual magic is when Voldemort return returns his body – and Voldemort is the BAD GUY, the one that everyone hates. Do you think that kids will look upon him as a role model, or quite the opposite?

        2. TAROT cards, crystal balls and predicting the future – yes, these are present. But the teacher who teaches them is generally presented as a charlatan and it is implied that these don't actually work. Again, a good lesson learned.

        3. Regarding your claims that HARRY POTTER MADE YOU DREAM THAT YOU'RE BEING INITIATED INTO A WICCANCOVEN. Well, of course! Since you already connect Harry Potter with the wicca, and when you listen to it you only think of the bad influence it will have – then you will dream about it! If you actually listened to the book without prejudice, you would probably dream about going into a big hall, putting a funny hat on your head and eating pumpkin pie – Harry Potter's actual "initiation" in the witch world :)

        4. As of PARSELTONGUE – speaking with snakes, that's evil, right? Yes – and the book says it! in the Harry Potter world, parseltongue is a sign of an evil wizard. And if you read the book, you will know that Harry Potter can speak it only because Voldemort (the bad guy, remember?) could speak it, and he received this ability after Voldemort tried to kill him. Asof the girl muttering some unrecognizalble words in her dream – come on, we all do that!

        Now here are some good things that the Harry Potter books teach kids.

        5. They have a strong message AGAINST EUGENICS! It's a reoccuring theme, actually. In the books all of Voldemort's followers and all the bad guys think that wizards are superior to non-wizards and that no kids from nonmagical families should be taught magic. The opposite view is held by the "good guys". One of Harry's best friends is Hermione, who comes from an ordinary family and is the best wizard in the class. I dare say that no kid who grew up with the Harry Potter books will ever advocate eugenics.

        6. Strong LOVE WILL DEFEAT EVIL message. I will not retell you the books but trust me – every (and I mean it) time Voldemort is defeated it is because of some character's act of love and mercy.

        7. DISTINCTION BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL. In the real world no one will try to convince you that evil is better than good. They'll rather tell you that "good and evil can't be separated, to achieve the ultimate good you'll have know evil, too" or just that "there is no good and evil" at all. These views are seldom if ever mentioned in children's books, kids learn to beware of evil but not of them – and some people can bevery persuasive. In the first Harry Potter book, when Voldemort tries to convince Harry to join him, he tell him that "There is no good or evil: only power and those too weak to seek it." Harry, though, knows that this is not true and makes the right choice. And here's another lesson learned!

        So really, are the Harry Potter books corrupting or just the opposite?

      • I actually read all of his text…nothing, and I mean nothing substantial, just B.S.!!! not a signle reference made to any scene in the movie…just letting off steam about "witchcraft"…

        Some people seem to be more fixated on "witchcraft" and "pagan spirituality" than the actual message of Yheshuaha (Christ)…

        The self-sacrifice of Lily Potter to PROTECT someone, her own offspring, pure and innocent, out of unconditional love…

        The idea that entry into Hogwarts is not only reserved from those who sprung from "magical" bloodlines, but also for "Muggles" (ordinary people)…(and hence the ensuing duality between the two polar opposites of heirarchal versus merit-based judgement)…which led to Hermione Grainger, one of the principal characters played by Emma Watson, being admitted into Hogwarts…

        The dance of the Divine between good and evil, symbolized by Harry and Voldemort, the idea that these two are not merely opposing factions but choices once makes based on one's own ethics…

        The overcoming of the temptation of the baser instincts, whereby Voldemort tempts Harry numerous times to join him, even promising to show him his deceased mother and father, which is Harry's ultimate desire…and which he ultimately declines…

        this is the essene of Harry Potter…and yes I deliberately made a spelling error in this senctence…

        Witchcraft…like science…is a method…its application is what makes it a progressive, or a regressive force…

        There is only One of us here…for in the Creator is all there is…

      • Witchcraft taught by fantasy books has a double effect, it desensitizes people (we see head of states doing strange gestures signs and we basically don't care) and it keeps people oblivious by teaching junk concepts at a young age. The child quickly learns that those spells are ineffective, will not take seriously the subject anymore. Add the heap of fake magicians covered extensively by the media. For those who still cling on such concepts, there is the new age deception (the deception is not IMHO in the teachings themselves, for we possibly have great potential and the spark of divinity in us, and such knowledge is likely hidden by the same guys who want to profit from revealing it. The deception is that we must abandon old gods and creeds and religions for the new all-in-one science/religion/government)

      • ohhhh lord how i wish there was still a thumbs down button because i would rack them up with this one…

        Firstly, not all things "pagan" are evil, and i challenge anyone to give a good definition for "pagan". Because from person expeirance "pagan" really means "not chistian or muslim or jewish". And even then…. most people really mean "not of MY religion" when they say pagan. Though in all fairness 99% of people calling themselves pagan are really saying "Look at me, i'm fashionably spiritual"…..

        Secondly, Harry Potter HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PAGANISM! It has to do with fictitious magic, the kind of stuff that dreams are made of. Instant beauty, fame and fortune, flashy lights and all that jazz. Anyone who has earnestly studied the occult knows that it is the most grueling, draining DISCIPLINE of all, with little to no reward in this life time… Unless you looking into the dark practices. Yes, there is a difference, a very bid one.

        Let me outline it for you guys.

        The path of light *do forgive the cheese, it just makes things easier to explain* teaches of focusing ones energy (thoughts and emotions) to achieve a positive chance withing one's self, and thereby bettering your status in life and your relations with all other things in the universe. (a good example of this is prayer)

        The path of dark teaches using your energies to affect the world around you, to condition it solely to your wants. (these projections that VC focuses on, coming from the media)

        So in a nutshell the path of light, regardless of what you call god or who you feel is the prophet to be followed, it about bettering yourself to achieve your goals. Where as the dark path is about manipulating others.

        Now, where i will agree with you is this, the draw of the power. The temptation of instant gratification. That is the true "evil" of harry potter. It does draw people down the wrong path, the idea that spells and potions that are aimed at others could be used for good. You cannot forces another person into an action or emotion that they would not engaging of thier own will and call it good.

        But honestly, because of the fantastic setting i don't think that it is the greatest of the evils when talking about harry potter.

        Rather, has anyone noticed that the whole series takes place behind a curtain? That it outlines a hidden world contained within the same walls as our own, yet goes totally unseen. And though it is not "spelled out" in the series, there is much to suggest that this hidden world of "wizards" (wijzaard meaning wise one and being the origin of the word) has governorship over the word of "muggles". That wizards act with impunity to "muggle" law. And that they keep very strict code of bloodlines. So how about not getting distracted by subjective hocus pocus a focus our energies on weeding out these suggestive story lines eh?

        All that we fear of the illuminati is written into the world of harry potter, and everyone is stuck on the flashy wand lights… =/

      • Belief-O-Matic on

        The Magic in Harry Potter is Conjurer's tricks and Wave-Your-Wand spells. It's childish nonsense put out for the entertainment of public folk.

      • You guys are seriously deluded. The "god" in harry potter is none other than lucifer.

      • There's absolutely NO Christian perspective in Harry Potter. It's total occultism and witchcraft to a tee.

      • Vigilant Sheep on

        That Alexander McQueen pic just does it for me. Smh.. All baddd..

        Sidenote: The purpose of these photos and symbolic poses are to desensitize the masses into embracing them. That being said, I wanna personally challenge everyone to keep an eye-out (no pun intended I promise lol) on photos of Facebook friends. Reason being is because I recently saw TWO friends already that have their eye covered and one of them even had the 'a-okay' sign over it too. Ironically, both are into the model type photos (just for "fun"), and so of course their excuse is gonna be that its "artistic and creative" – just what the elite wants us to say!

        It's one thing to see these celebs flash symbols week after week, but its MIND BLOWING to see it actually done by your personal friends. :/

        Continue to pray and help one another out. Remember, our friends don't know any of this stuff that we notice everyday now.

      • thank you very much! i am listing to it right now.

        down HP! down HP! down HP!

    • You people don't know what you're talking about. Harry Potter is OBVIOUSLY full of Christian symbolism:

      1. Harry Potter is saved from death by love and, in fact, at the end of the last book, not posting spoilers, Harry does something to help the side of GOOD, which he fights for, which is very reminiscent to a very important thing that happened to Jesus

      2. His enemy identifies with the serpent

      3. Tom Riddle was beautiful and vain (lucifer) but became dark and fell (satan)

      4. His enemies are wealthy elitists who belong to a dark, occult sect involving bloodlines and that fears death (transhumanism) and aims for global conquest, which is not only a commentary on our world but possibly how in the Bible satan claims to and it is stated that he owns all of the world's kingdoms

      Come on, wanna-be know-it-alls, figure it out.

      Here's another interesting fact: The Unforgiveable death curse "avada kedavra" is literally the opposite of "abra kedabra".

      • The books are great, probably the best series of a mystery I have EVER read. Even though I got rid of them. I used to refer to it as a Jesus story once I got to the end, for those who have read it. The think with that series is it was tainted once people got the film rights to it. The made it darker (possible?) and used less and less and LESS of the book so that they could use it for their own sinister puposes. That's why after being completely disappointed with the fifth film, I stopped supporting that sorry excuse for an adaption.

      • Oh, and his wealthy, elitist, evil enemies own the media, as seen in Order of the Phoenix

      • Oh, and also almost forgot Voldemort's police state

        @oye – maybe, but a series of a kid who's orphaned, made to live with family that hates him then is hated and hunted by powerful people for the majority of his childhood seems pretty dark to me already. :)

      • Do some serious research into The Fabian Society and J.K Rowling, and how she actually came by the story. Her neat little spiel about her inspiration and how it all just came to her is utter drivel. This story was fed to her by her Fabian handlers and she merely put her name to it. There is a lot more to Harry Potter than occult mysticism, although that is the vessel in which the Fabian Agenda is served to a pliable and suggestible audience of automatons.

        The sheep are flocking to this site.

        Now learn to think people, before you get eaten.

        VC it's about time you got really serious and started to up the ante, because the pop culture critiques are fairly old hat.

        One eyed shall we say?

        Still love your work, but now that you have the audience captivated, is it not time for the Sucker Punch?

      • You just helped us prove a point. Harry Potter poses as savior. Can't you see that everything he does resembles some things Jesus did but the only difference is that Jesus NEVER used witchcraft he used holy miracle, he stayed faithful to God and He prayed. The people of HP wants us to believe that Harry is a savior, but he isn't. There is no such thing as "white magic" or "black magic", magic is magic and it is forbidden by God. That's the end of it, no justifications for HP.

      • also in the last book there are "The Deathly Hallows" and if any wizard gets all the three he'll be the "master" of death . What's more the sign of the hallows is an eye within a triangle …..!!

      • I'm sorry, maybe I'm an idiot, but according to me Christian faith/religion is NOT about symbolism. If it doesn't say Jesus Christ, it is not Jesus Christ.

        End of story. And I will not be convinced otherwise.

    • Alrightly then….that last picture…whatever *rolls eyes*

      I don't even see how the ignorant masses can find that appealing, or provocative, or whatever they would try to call it….

    • How about blaming some of the PARENTS that support this movie…I live near a few movie theaters and i see kids and parents campingo ut like idiots for this movie…yet you wonder what is wrong with society and why these movies and books break the box office sales every year…its not just the kids…but ALSO the parents to blame for letting them go and taking them to watch it…there just as satanic.

      God Bless Us All.

    • I don't claim to know what Emma was thinking, but she's gotten so into the fashion thing, she might just do anything a photographer or editor asks so she can have a magazine cover. But I admit I don't like the elitist direction she's been moving in – high fashion, Ivy League and whining about how hard it was to grow up in the world's biggest film franchise. She doesn't seem grateful for her opportunities, but takes them for granted. The boys seem much better adjusted than she does. I remember reading an interview with Tom Felton (Draco) where he said he doesn't care much for her, thinks she is stuck up. I don't know if that is fair, since I have never net her, but he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and has been in movies a lot longer than she has.

    • You find it hard to believe?

      Poster boy for mind controlled media slaves across the galaxy.

      Go watch Requiem For A Dream.

      Scary future.

      • theguildedchair on

        wait… what about Requiem For A Dream? That movie left me feeling weird afterward.

      • A friend of my girlfriend worked a concert kiosk when 30 seconds to mars played, she got to meet them and said they all put on black rubber gloves when shaking hands with "fans". He's also been quoted to believe that there are too many people breathing the air on earth and that something needs to be done about it. Almost every movie he's in theirs a giant eye on the cover. He played Mark Chapman "a satanist" . One of his videos (I forget which one) theres scribbling on his face thats all played out in like fractions of a second that clearly say LUCY FER, FAME, POWER. This guy has that elitist mindset. Theres a really good video on youtube someone posted in the past that I can't find, hopefully they'll post it again. Another good site to check out (a little off topic) is
        Artists who have died at 27- Amy Winehouse has just been added.

    • I, too, had a major crush on Jared Leto in high school! But again, it doesn't surprise me that he has gone to the 'dark side' due to his rise in fame (again). Requiem for a Dream was disturbing and left me feeling empty. His co-star Jennifer Connelly was in Labyrinth – very occultic as well.

      Thanks for mentioning Amy Winehouse. I went to to look at her life in pictures and one can see her spiral downward – around 2005-2006 with the addition of tattoos and beehive hairdo. Pretty soon we'll all be able to predict this stuff. Terribly sad. Was her death a sacrifice or was she escaping her programming??

      On another note…I was a big Smashing Pumpkins fan in the 90's. I went back to watch some of the videos…creeeepy. '33', 'Zero'. If you're interested…watch the videos again.

    • That doesn't work on me. Well, when you don't understand the meaning and the symbols, it's quite impressive to stare at this pictures. Mystery, and the desire of magic can both blow up your mind. But when you get it, it's just boring and ridiculous. Plainly ridiculous and very not necessary. This entertainment industry bullshit can't hide her own uselessness anymore.

  2. Jared Leto seems like the kinda guy who would do anything for fame and fortune. At the Soundwave festival earlier this year we had to wait for his bands set to finish until "One Day As A Lion" could come on stage and boy was he trying his hardest to impress the young girls in the audience… when we were all getting restless as they played over-time he was trying to out do us, behaving like a child arguing in the playground. I believe his words were "well i get to hang out with Iron Maiden, so suck my d!©k"… What a sad sad display it was… What a small petty man(child). Come to think of it, they had big triangle/pyramid shaped props on stage

    • Sarah Connor on

      He is a creep! And this is coming from someone who had the biggest crush on him back in the days of "my so called life". Ernie posted this youtube of 30 seconds to Mars… really shows clearly what team he is playing for, and with such enthusiasm I might add. That music will damage your soul. He sold his long ago!

      • Yea Leto is so far gone its disgusting. Thanks for reposting that, its a really good vid

      • Sarah Connor on

        I highly recommend it! It really puts a fraction (super soldiers) of this atrocity called MK Ultra into perspective and helps explain what these devil worshippers are doing…..all their rituals, summonings and blood sacrifices (like yesterday). The shooter yesterday during his spree shouted out "you haven't seen anything yet". After reading this book and looking into the subject some more, you get an idea of what he was talking about. It also started jogging my memory from some things I had read in tranceformation of america and brought it all together. People are not going to know what hit them. This plan has been a long time in the works.

        Not a light read, but a really important one IMO.

    • One Day as A Lion is one awesome band! I've been listening to them for a little bit now. Zach shoulda ran out there and drop kicked Jared, that would've been awesome. Wonder why they would tour with 30 seconds, was it a festival?

  3. Ya know what every hard core, spike lovin, punk, motorcyclist needs??? A good ol set of Micky Mouse ears…..yup that'll do it.

  4. Latest one you can add, the norwegian perp dawning his masonic apron whom the media has already pigeon-holed him as a fundamentalist christian which is the exact opposite of a mason.

  5. The Sabbath is Satur on

    What does "speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil" represent in correlation to the illuminati?

    • More than you could ever imagine. Denouncing evil, calling evil for what it is, saying that something sinful will get you to hell, exposing the evil one wherever he is hidding, that is called speak no evil, because nowadays telling the truth is called hate speech!

      I can say, without any fear, that homosexuality is a mortal sin, condemened by the Bible countless times and that it is a sin that disgusts God Almighty, and that all homosexuals unless they repent will go to hell. Yet I am sure just for saying this my comment will be censored, attacked, banned, etc.

      Hear no evil means, do not pay attention to those 'mean' things Conspiracy theorists are saying, do not listen to what that man or that woman is telling you that you are living a sinful life which will lead you to hell, do not even look at those people screaming at you that you are a disgrace and immoral. That is the perversion of the REAL hear no evil, when in fact it meant do not listen to satan and his lies.

      And last but not least, see no evil. That means, if you see a man raping, or killing a woman do not say anything, like the countless illuminati/mkultra related murders, which can be counted by the thousands, and many are extremely well documented, even on the mainstream media, yet anyone does anything. It is related with dumbing down society, making you fall asleep even when awake. And no matter what you see, you simply 'see no evil'. Another example is when we see how the homosexual, sex enslavement, and pedophile agendas are promoted 24/7 on the media yet anyone complains. Isn't it disgusting to see sex with minors comments on shows like Family Guy or South Park? Doesn't it even make you puke a little bit when you saw the Disney stars dance, act and look like hookers everywhere they appear?.

      All I can say is that satan owns the US and the media industry, and he managed to pervert the original say no evil, hear no evil see no evil. And now people literally say no good, hear no advice and are unable to see what is wrong with this world.

      May God Almighty save us all!

      • Educated Cowboy on


        I'm sorry to correct you but "anyone" means "at least one person or more", when you mean to say "0 people" you have to say "no one", not "anyone".

        Personally I think when two people of the same sex love each other that's 100% okay. But when people practice homosexual sex to raise controversy or to experiment, they need to be shot in the face.

        I always liked that "no evil" concept because not being watched is a beautiful thing and having someone to inspect your life is an ugly thing. But I have to ask – what do you, personally, think about secrecy, being-watched/not-being-watched etc. If one cares not about pleasure or about fame, but about saving his/her soul, does secrecy help at all to act right and save the soul?

      • cowboy

        Secrecy and privacy are not the same thing.

        We are all entitled to privacy, which is natural. But secrecy is deliberately concealing something that is wrong and/or evil – which is why one feels the need to conceal it in the first place.

      • Educated Cowboy on

        Thank you for your response; I appreciate the education. Please note that I wan't asking about "natural".. Feeling the need for privacy might mean that, when in private, one wastes their precious time on useless thoughts/actions instead of using it for prayers, or for actions that might benefit society on a larger scale. I'm not a religious person, but I do think that time is an important problem, which might lead me to the conclusion that privacy is just as unnecessary as secrecy.

        Personally I'm still not sure.

      • I think someone needs to watch Jordan Maxwell, along with the Zeitgeist Movie.

        The Church is in on it!!! The Bible has been re-written many, many times!!!

        It's how they control us.

        George Carlin even had comedy bits about it.

      • Educated Cowboy on


        I think the real solution to this would be, if you're a christian or an atheist, to search for gems in Islam and Buddism and basically everywhere, to learn the thing that in fact you already knew all along. Reject the whole Bible because it contains a lot of mistakes seems like a hasty solution to me. A mistake. But of course you're right that when reading the Bible we all should aplly some criticism and distrust to it.

      • Educated Cowboy on

        "saying that something sinful will get you to hell … is called hate speech"

        "Isn’t it disgusting to see sex with minors comments on shows like Family Guy or South Park?"

        Damn.. At this point in time just watching to any of it will probably get you to hell, unless you repent for it. Watching mass media is a waste of time, at best. See No Evil.

        "And now people literally say no good, hear no advice and are unable to see what is wrong with this world"

        Before/If your comment does get deleted, I just had to copy-and-paste/emphasize this part of your post. Not being able to give/take advice is one of the biggest and most dangerous problems with humanity (dear reader, that means you, too).

      • Educated Cowboy on


        I've only just now realised that we don't even have the word "privacy" in Russian language. DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER.

      • severalminds on

        in germany in the schools, kindergardens they started to teach the little chidlren to gay sexualty…i wonder why they don't let children live their poorness and childhood in peace…wy the children should be taught to homosexualty?????….nobody ever told them before about hetero sex…now they should know about homo sex????

      • I agree with you except for the fact that you are against homosexuality.

        Please explain to me what it wrong with two people who love each other to be together?

        If you justify then you may say that. But simply saying 'it's written in the bible" is not an excuse and is bull.

        Nothing annoys me more when people use that excuse.

      • Educated Cowboy on


        Why are ou scared of discrimination? If two people "loved each other and wanted to be together" they couldn't care less what a commenter named Paco says.. or what the Bible says. In my opinion, if you (or whoever else) doesn't discriminate but is scared of discrimniation, that's not love at all. More like drama and guilty pleasure. When you love somebody you count time without them, and you're ready to go to hell for them, or with them.

      • Well Mia. The true church is not "in on it". There is a true church system and a false church system. If you study the book of revelation and the book of Daniel you will see that there is a church system that pretends to be doing the things of God but does the wickedness. Bible prophecies point to one system where they will sit in the temple as God claiming to be God. There are so many things that point to this system which is alive today. It is the only system that is "in on it". You can see the leader of this system in photos throwing up the devil horns and such. It says in revelation that Satan gives the Beast his seat. Satan is behind this false christian system. This system is non other than the Roman Church state / Vatican led by the pope. They are going to soon regain control of the world as they did in the dark ages with the help of america. This system is the anti-christ beast that the bible speaks about. To be antichrist is not to be against God but to try to be in the place of God. Do research on this it will pay off tremendously.

        There is a God and the bible speaks truth of which is happening right before our eyes. The popes have always had a title called Vicarius Filii Dei. This title is Latin which means basically God on earth (which the popes believe they are). Revelation 13:18 says "Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred three score and six(666)." If you calculate the title of the pope it counts 666. This is only ONE of MANY different identifying marks of the anti-christ beast that the bible speaks of.

      • Educated Cowboy on

        Smart guy,

        Do you believe the Illuminati to be run be the Jesuits and the Roman Church, or to be independet from them? What about the Freemasons? The founder of the Illuminati order was a former Jesuit, because Jesuits order was dissolved, but Illuminati order is rumored to have strong connections with the Masons….

      • @Educated Cowboy:

        Thanks for the correction, English's not my mother language so I make mistakes here and there.

        I am totally and completely against homosexuality, God forbids it, that is enough for me.

        The Jesuits were corrupted, sold out to freemasonry, not all of them, but many. And unfortunately the Illuminati are everywhere, the Illuminati were originally started by a jewish on a Catholic university, funny right?

        I am a Traditional Roman Catholic, and I am beyond devastated with all the modernism and liberalism allowed within the Church. So yes, I am all about Yaweh, the Holy Trinity, Christ the King and our Blessed Mother. I think that this comment might offend many in here as religious topics are not allowed on this page.

        Yet I do hope you get to see my answer.

      • Educated Cowboy on

        Thank you for your reply. What are you thoughts on openness/secrecy? In one of my coments I've made a guess that secrecy (or privacy, sorry I don't care about the words) is a waste of time, but on the other hand, the government wants to spy on the citizens (All-Seeing Eye is also one of the sings they really like) so maybe in answer to it we need to find the places their cameras/spies don't have access to? What do you think about that?

        It's kind of funny. I'm a Satanist, and I feel the same way about the Hollywood that you feel about the Church. These guys don't represent Satan, they just bash Christianity out of envy and revenge. The difference, in my opinion is, that the Illuminati or whoever they are, first "run towards the darkness" and after – go through the Dark situations and commit such actions, while i Satanism it's difficult, if not impossible, to recognize the exact moment when a satanism found that path, or if even that path found him. There's a saying "you don't choos God, God chooses you" and it's kind of like that in that case, too. The people in control of government and mass media try to choose Satan, and it doesn't work like that.

        So in my opinion, they're not Satanists. They're anti-Christian.

      • "The Church not in on it" Look at who started the Church & then who is in the Illumanit & Free mason….It's all right there…If you choose to see.

        It's too perfect promise if they are good in this life they will be rewarded when they die…

        The Hero with a Thousand Faces…

        The Christ Conspiracy…

        The Zeitgiest Movie…

        Get educated, by something other than a book that keeps getting re-written by the corrupt elite to control the sheep.

      • @Dave:

        The Bible says it countless times, that suffices to me. God created men and women, Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. If God wanted something different He could have done it from the very beginning. If you reject this basic teaching then do not blame me or anyone, just beware that you are on the path to hell.

        @ Smart guy:

        Gee, it makes me wonder, why would Luther's error end up in over 33,000 sects… It does make one wonder… No union, no true Theology, no consensus, etc on the sects…

        @ Educated Cowboy:

        You should let people know that you are a satanist and do not try to hide it because you may mislead many, at least respect their choices by telling the truth please. If you are willing to go to hell and are ready for that then have some respect for those who choose Christ and to take the small and narrow path leading to Heaven.

      • Educated Cowboy on

        Paco, nothing I've said was neither misleading or disrespectful. And I did let people know as soon as I could. If you're talkning about like, put "666" in my nickname or something like that – no thanks. And I did state I'm not a religious person from a very beginning. That's not the point anyway. The point was, Illuminati are not Satanists, they just follow a popular trend.. they're like a mirror.

        I've read an interesting book a couple of weeks ago (Eustace Mullins – World Order). The main point of the book is that the elite controls the world through the "managed conflicts". It has enough power (both worldly and intellectual) to control not only government and public opinion, but also everything that opposes these same government and public opinion. Both Communism and Capitalism were created and controlled by the same people, and their method is to divide and conquer. The only answer? We can only survive "the elite" by standing together, and by disregarding whatever enmity we might have.

        Once again, I'm not trying to mislead you, I'm trying to have a conversation with you.

      • Hi Paco,

        In my opinion, God created men and women so that man has a partner, so that he isn't lonely, so that he can procreate. Men and Women have a very strong partnership, and I feel like these elites Satanists or not try to divide and conquer this strong and important partnership by any means necessary with homosexuality, hate for eachother, instilling lust which causes internal problems for each relationship. The whole god made adam and eve not adam and steve is pretty offensive, and won't do anything in terms of helping the other side of the debate understand how you see it.

        Mia- the bible has been rewritten many times because languages die out, Greek, Latin, I think Hebrew is one of the languages, sorry not sure. That doesn't mean its been rewritten as something COMPLETELY different. I would look into the Greek and Latin versions (I'm going to myself). Zeitgeist has got to be the worst piece of Propaganda ever shown to anyone, I don't know if you responded to the last reply I wrote you but the creator of that film has been called out to be an elitist. It doesn't mention a word about Satanism. Now how can you deny Aleister Crowleys encounters with demons, the elites trying to come into contact with Molech, worshipping Molech, peoples encounters with the Holy Spirit. There is definetly a supernatural world out there, and to tell others to not try to encounter them is pretty evil, thats what Zeitgeist's purpose is. You should look into Angelica Zambrano's testimonial, She claims to have seen a pope in hell. He was an Idol that people worshipped, that is forbidden. Don't mean to offend any Catholics but I believe that testimonial to be true. Now I don't agree with Educated Cowboys decision to worship Satan, I do respect him for acknowledging that there is a Satan and maybe he will see how he deceives others into that worship and will change that path to be with a God who truly does love him and wishes for a relationship with him. I too am not dedicated to any "Religion" I am Christian based and prefer to focus on my own relationship with God. I don't want to argue, just want to help you to a place where I hope to be.

      • @ Mia… I've seen that Zietgiest movie. The way that satan deceives people the most is the easiest way. He takes truth and mixes it with error. The truth was about the illuminati and 9/11 plans and so on. The false was how they tried to compare Jesus to other pagan Gods, making Him seem like he was just another Pagan God. One of their major points was the whole Christmas thing. Christmas has and always will be pagan. Jesus wasn't born anywhere near december 25th.. so that logic is thrown out. All other things spoken of probably were stolen from Christ's life itself.

        How can the elite re write the bible to control people when the bible today isn't controlling anybody. This site shows the opposite in the Elite are using the OCCULT propaganda and Commandment bashing to control the people. The bible has not been re-written. There are ancient manuscripts dated back thousands of years that are accurate to the T with the same bible we have today.

        Why would the elite (Vatican included) Re Write the bible and have it exposing the false religious system in bible prophecy? The bible read in context exposes the Vatican please tell me again why would they re write the bible to expose themselves? Don't be a fool and don't be deceived. The devil IS VERY REAL and God is also very very real. The world is winding down I personally feel we got no more that 2 decades left. The progress of evil and the Word of God being spread to the whole world combined with the disasters and wars and uprisings are ALL spoken of in BIBLE PROPHECY. These things are not just coincidences. You better start reading your bible and finding Jesus for yourself. Only a relationship with Christ can save you from the soon coming GLOBAL DECEPTION when the False Prophet PRETENDING to be Christ will be revealed. These things are going to happen soon.

      • @Matmar:

        I could rephrase in a much kinder way what I've just said, however I would not change the content or the intention. If God intended love to be any different than the one existent between a man and a woman (male and female, masculine and feminine) He would have done so.

        @Educated Cowboy:

        If you are not explicit in the fact that you accept hell and its torments for the instant gratification and/or hedonism available at this world in your comments you can widely mislead people into thinking that they can be saved although sinning. Thanks for your quick response.

      • Educated Cowboy on


        If by explaining my beliefs and my view of life I somehow mislead people, I should conceal them instead of "letting people know".

        Personally I don't accept nor reject hell since I don't believe in it, and I don't really chase pleasures of this world since they are mostly imaginary. Sex is only pleasant because it takes off the tension, and money and the things you can buy for them are only pleasant because they make you believe in future. I just try to live, my main prinicple, if put in words, would be not "do what you want" but "do what you feel", happy or sad doesn't matter.

        Violence is an illusion too. The only reasons that conflicts still exist is because the elite allows (and encourage) them. I'm not saying that violence is wrong either, but it doesn't accomplish anything and there is 0% rebellion in it.

        The rituals are mostly an illusion. Some people summon a minor demon and think that this demon is Satan, and worship him. And the results are only accomplished by the help of these people's nerves, not their souls (there's a difference, just like a difference between dreams about everyday life and actually important dreams).

        The crime/noir genre in movies and literature is a waste too. I wish I could say it better and more precise, but the authors write "what they know about", not "what they feel the life should be". So that genre is not liberating.

        The most important difference between Satanism and other, I don't know, views of life is that it doesn't offer examples. The tough, adventurous people, or the smart, well-read people, or lucky people, or people with principles – forget them, they don't define who you are. Find your own destiny instead.

      • Matmar-Look at your Bible, look at who's re-written it…not just translated…look at who's in charge at the church & what organizations they are in….not too mention how much money they make from "donations".

    • @"SmartGuy" – that makes me laugh

      Look at you bible…King James Version, isn't?

      What organizations was King James a member of??!!

      It's all right there in plain sight if you chose to see.

      Much like these pics.

      • "It would be interesting to see what organizations Jordan Maxwell is in and who he's affiliated with. I found this comment pretty helpful in what these Zeitgeist theorys really do to people.The best I can figure it out is they are all gatekeepers. All are backed by serious money and given plenty of coverage. Each one has their own following of the frindge groups. They are given certain truths that they are allowed to use and then mix it with easily debunked lies and half truths that lead their sheep down dead end streets. They even stage arguments with each other to get more credibility with their sheeple.

        To me the ones that have many books published in their names are the main suspects. People who have done better work are completly ignored and kept out because they do not have the money backing them.

        In the end the goal is to muddy the waters so much that the average person is totaly confused about what the real truth is and they could publish an article exposing everthing and you would never recognise it. "-Rota

  6. "You're not that different, girl." – LMFAO!

    Hey! Giovanna Antonelli? wtf! I'm brazilian… this kind of stuff is not so common here… O_o' *scared*

    The last pic scared me as hell!

    • And this is not the only picture.I asked her why she does this and i sent to her a video about Globo being illuminati and she did an entire manipulation on her twitter,calling me crazy and giving the impression that I was saying things that I didn't say.She didn't have the courage to say that to me,but to a friend.She wants to appear like tolerant but she blocked me.She also used an inverted cross in her last novela.

      • globo is all iluminatti. their logo is an eye. well, just like the brazilian flag.

        só jesus salva!

      • Well, did you really expect her to admit anything of such a dirty nature? GAdU worshipers don't play around. ( She's just an ignorant tool, though. )

    • You Have to be more attentive. Brazilian culture is all about black magic (macumba etc). If You take a look at The Tropicalia people you will see ( Gilberto Gil singing about Nova Ordem Mundial – World New Order, Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, and also Paulo Coelho and Raul Seixas). Watch out more carefully, especially those artists from Bahia (Ivete Sangalo for exemplo).

      God Bless You All.

      • Yeah, I know a lot of this stuff but I was talkin' about celebrities doing the eye. I don't see they doing it very often…

    • By the way, I agree about the one-eye thing here in Brazil. In my opinion, as Brazil is such a Catholic country and also Evangelic, the artists have to be more low profile about these forms of expressions. However, they can be very explicit in many other ways. Very delicated subject that I leave for the experts (VC) as I am still in the learning process. But always keeping my Both Eyes Open! @_@

  7. Educated Cowboy on

    Please tell me it's not Kylie Minogue with Mickey Mouse ears… She was portrayed as a robot and as a heathen goddess, but is there really something sinister about her or her music videos? Please answer.

  8. Darrell The Truthsee on

    Everything this site has taught us speaks in that last photo, Stevie Wonder could see that.

  9. LVB and Amy Winehouse died today. Are you psychic? Lol! She seemed like an MK ultra victim too (drugs or not.)

    • Well, since the MK programming is said to start breaking down around age 30…I suppose they kill some off before it becomes a problem; like, "waking up" and speaking out publicly about all the memories that begin to resurface about all the bizarre things that have been done to them, etc.

      Another "overdose".

  10. Jpop and Kpop is really digging this stuff too. I sent some info to VC last week, hoping he'd post it sometime :)

    Tyra — T___T i can't believe her. :(( Now I'm checking my facebook profile pics to see if at some point I did that one-eyed pose.

    Guess what. I did. and that is how it can start infiltrating anyone – without us knowing that we are starting to embrace it. I'm glad VC is keeping BOTH our eyes open for this.

  11. it has spread and is spreading in this world like a disease .

    i'm thinking that Amy's death has got ALOT to do with this!!

  12. I heard about her death as well and I can't help thinking about a video I seen on a online….I can't remember the name of the site or the guy's name who was being interviewed…but he was complaining that he was being harrassed and was receiving death threats about him and his family. He feared that it was a result of not being compliant to the "powers that be" and he feared for others lives as well as his family's, that were in the lime light as well. He had to have been some big wig, but the strange thing was that he mentioned Lindsay Lohan, Lady GaGa, and ……Amy Winehouse….R.I.P…..and now she's dead, and they're not sure what the cause of death is yet. I know that the immediate response to Amy's situation would be….Oh, she probably overdosed…..but isn't it the case when that happens, that they would know just by investigating the scene????? Just throwing it out there.

  13. GetYourMindUp on

    i just seen a lil documentary on amy wine house…………First it showed pics of her as a kid with the Mickey mouse clothes….mk mind control is what im guessin…………….Second it showed a little play that she was doing when she was 14 and there was a guy dressed like a baphomet ….third she was a jew……………….4th u no that video she made…they tried to send me to rehab but i said no no no ….could that mean they tried to reprogram her and she said no no no……i dont even know about that thats just a little gues…and every since that song came out….she went down hill …

    • The play was A Midsummer Night's Dream. The thing on the guy's head was Bottom, dressed as a Donkey.

      Learn your Shakespeare, it's amazing what you will learn about the world.

    • I remember hearing that 'rehab' was some sort of code name for programming. Upon hearing Amy's song, 'Rehab' I thought the exact same thing..

      • I belive Amy killed herself on purpose, Blake moved on, was engaged & has a baby with another woman, & she recently was booed off stage…She wanted to be in the 27 Club & be remembered forever.

        I believe GaGa will do the same in a couple years, but in a more grand manner, on stage or some type of car accident with the paps.

  14. Oh my god i cannot believe Amy Winehouse is actually gone. I am kind of a fan… :(


    R.I.P Amy… :(

  15. so…somebody came in and tell you pose like this, like that and you have to OBEY? Cannot believe it! They are MINDLESS ZOMBIES! and just for FAME? STUPID!

    • Educated Cowboy on

      If you have a job, why do you work? The celebrities, most of them, are just doing their jobs. I think you should blame the puppet masters and not the puppets.

    • Educated Cowboy on

      + If somebody else earns the money for you, do you really admire that person same way people admire this or that celebrity? Because if you don't you should either get a job or starve already.

  16. Don't you guys find it strange that Amy winehouse JUST died, it's already on TMZ andif you go into Wikipedia it's already updated. I don't know but that seems really fast to me.

    • Exactly, it was the same story with the earthquakes, unpredictable natural disasters.

      It just seemed to be no short of a miracle, when 30 minutes after the devistation took place the usual suspects presented us their high definition 3d models of the actual catastrophe.

      This of course is utter nonsense because there is no way possible they could finished the animation in the time given.

    • I find strange that the death of Amy Whinehouse came along with the explosions in Oslo, unlike the proverb "bad news don't come alone", I don't think there are any coincidence. The media and the people are in shock for what happen in Norway (see Nahomi Klein The Shock Doctrine), and don't ask about what happen with Winehouse.

  17. the cause of death has not been given yet. i'm sure they'll run exams on her for weeks and weeks… i'll just sit here and think, "they got her." she was so talented. it's very sad.

  18. You know, seeing all of these images isn't that shocking to me anymore.

    Oh and can someone shed light on the Norway shooting? It seemed odd to me, really odd.

  19. Seeing this pictures every weekend on VC can be saddening. I don't know if anyone has a link to Bashar al Assad (president of Syria) addressing a crowd early this week and cos I saw him on CCTV news do the 'claw of the lion'. Just to let you know that the conspiracy is stronger and wider than can ever be imagined.

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities,against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. EPH. 6:12.

    I think there's hope.

    These things I have spoken unto you,that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulations:but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

  20. has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe their handlers make them do this stuff. i mean they go to photo shoots and take hundreds of pics. its not like it is up to them on which pics get published….

    maybe the photographers just say "now put you hand over one eye… brilliant now that's art…."

    but who knows i sure as hell don't… and unless you guys were watching them get photographed you probably do not know either…

    but it still is sinister to see this crap all the time…

  21. Not surprising. Many beautiful pieces of art and music were inspired and created "in service of darkness", as you say.

    Lucifer was the most beautiful of all the angels, you know? This is the power of his deception.

    Pride and vanity kills faith and the soul.

  22. Once again celebs worldwide are in illuminati trying to suit their country and brainwashing with materialism and pop culture, The tragedy that happened in Norway was done by a terrorist

    Whom is blond blue eyed Norwegian,who hated Islam and was a conservative Christian who was interested in freemasonary, There was a bomb blast at a government building and a shooting that took place a the norway island,the posed as a cop called all the kids from their camp and shot them,some ran an behind trees,whilst others tried to swim,

    all the articles in the internet says that Norwegians thought it was a joke when they heard about the shootings, you know how media brainwash citizens worldwide to think that be afraid of ethnic groups cos they terrorist and mostly to the ones that are muslims,let's say 1.5 billion muslims in this world are not terrorists and I'll b watching news tomorrow about this shooting,cos let's see if somehow media will try to blame muslims and islam…

    shoutout from south africa

  23. Btw I really enjoy reading every1s comment on vc articles as someppl understand them whilst others not so much.

    I would like vc to do an article on bollywood industry and fashion industry..,pretty please


  24. Thinking twice about Amy, I think it's bizarre that in the video "back to black" she is shown attending to her own funeral…

  25. Has anyone else noticed deaths are no longer occuring on the twenty-fifth but within days of the twenty-fifth. I think too many questions would be raised if celebs would continue to die on the 25th, so wth lets throw some in what they are strangly calling the 27 (age) club smdh. Rip !

    • I think that is a fairly long bow you are drawing there. They are in the same hemisphere however, so great, superb observation.

    • I definately think that the norway massecure was connected with Amy winehouse, they usually kill of a celeb as a 'distraction'.

      • Interesting.

        The terrifying thing about this evil web, is that everything could conceivably be true. Plausible deniability allows therefore, that nothing is.

        Open mind!

        If you have ever read Foucault's Pendulum, this is a central theme.

        The more unlikely and insane the random scenario (generated by a computer program), the more likely the "detectives" are to believe in it's plausibility.

        A brilliant, life changing book btw, by Umberto Eco.

        I often wonder why it hasn't been made into a movie, but Hollywood would be exposed. That or they would butcher it.

  26. severalminds on

    i never would let my kids grow up on movie set as it happened to the children actors of harry potter…they ar all spoiled, ruined, lost their childhood…they are unhappy and detached from reality. Emma said in her interview that the alter ego of the school girl from harry potter movie takes over on her very often…

  27. A whole bunch of people from my school are starting to take pics with one eye posting 'em up on facebook thinking they look fly when they really don't. So yes celebrities really do influence peoples actions esp. my generation. In fact every teacher iv'e had says that we're the worst kids they've ever taught, wonder why -.- …

  28. Invading mind slowly on

    And to be honest , few months ago when I was not familiar to this site , I loved lady Gaga and started doing the one-eye pose thinking of it as a fashion trend and not knowing what it means !! I used to do it a lot in my pictures . Now I have started to learn the meaning of these symbols and am educating

  29. lonko srry to correct u ….. but I guess ur post about syrian president Bashar Adssad ( a true muslim ) aint really accurate cz i deeply know that s syria is a country that illumination shit aint allowed there at all plus each one who s suspected to be one of them got caught . I guess we should nt use our knowledge of this huge agenda made by " elites " in a bad way and suspect every person on this planet . Srry again but this is the truth .

    • How do you know he's a true muslim? A lot of corrupt people are put in power and claim many things that they don't fallow. The president of Pakistan claims he is a muslim but does he fallow the rules of Islam? No (corruption counts as a sin). In fact a lot of people aligned with the illuminati claim to be good christians, muslims, and what not. My point is just because he claims to be muslim and is the president of a muslim country doesn't mean he's not working with there agenda. All figures against the agenda are killed or to be killed. Everything is not what it seems. And no i don't suspect every person on this planet is bad. I think most of us are just being controlled by them. Any questions don't hesitate, ask me :) Peace.

  30. ok I totally believe in VC and a lot of the fans…. but you fucking Christians just hate Harry Potter because it's about witchcraft and you assholes like to think every fucking thing in this world is Illuminati…(though now everything is to be honest) Leave Harry Potter the fuck alone. J.K. Rowling wrote these books as a poor ass woman living off of government money…she obviously isn't some big Illuminati elitist.. FUCK OFF

    • First off take your mouth off Christians b/c I promise you you're treading on dangerous grounds. Secondly is JK Rowling giving you any money NO!!!!!! So shut your mouth up and get some respect for yourself. Witch Craft is some serious shit and it destroys peoples lives. Sounds like you're a witch yourself only witches would say shit like you. If you are then keep on working for this bitch called satan because in the end he only fuck his vessels over that he uses to manifest his bullshit!!!

      • Why is badmouthing christians dangerous ? Not anymore dangerous that badmouthing anyone else.

        I've seen christianity destroy lives too.

        Telling someone to be perfect like god while telling them they can never be perfect like God is insane.

      • Get over yourself on


        I agree with @hey and I'm not a witch. I'm just a girl watching judge Judy getting ready to leave for work. I work midnights, does that make me a witch or vampire then? No it doesn't, I'm a nurse that works the midnight shift at a hospital.

    • Interesting how you are so touchy about this book? If someone came and cast an incantation on you and your family and you were tormented by demons and had demonic nightmares you'd be saying God help me. But a book about delightful children being taught and raised in occult practices and witchcraft? OMG it's just so interesting and fun so it's completely different and off limits. Please wake up…please…praying for you because noone has power over satan and his kingdom except his creator….God Almighty.

    • Excellent, well balanced , clinically researched argument. Go straight to the top of the class, muggle!

      Now, let's start again for the retards shall we?

      "What has to be, can also appear to be."

      As they say in the classics, you do the math.

    • What the heck??? on

      HEY, PLEASEEE WAKE THE HECK UP!!! Have you ever seen the "All seeing eye" on the walls of Howarts??? Look for it!!! I don't remember in what room it is but, I can assure you is there. I've seen it, at least, in HP Videogames…

    • "…you assholes like to think every fucking thing in this world is Illuminati…(though now everything is to be honest) Leave Harry Potter the fuck alone."

      ummmm, ok…?

  31. By the way I always new Tyra was into some dark shit. Even the logo of her TV talk show use to give me some creepy vibes so I'm not surprised by this. She's just showing her true colors in the form of "literature and entertainment".

  32. I'll take credit for the Tyra pic, lol… and that last pic is ri-GOT DANG-diculous!!! Goodness, I bet it's pics like those that get those guys off! I found a creepy sick art tribute of a dead Amy Winehouse (rest her soul) from a while ago, but what's creepy is the fact that the artist chose to include a Minnie Mouse mask lying beside her, and from what he says, her death sounds like a sacrifice for rockstardom as if her death was predetermined and of course no one would suspect a thing:

    Then there's her video "Back to Black" that I always thought it was creepy. It's a funeral procession, but it ends with the line "R.I.P. the heart of amy winehouse":

  33. Denise, are you SERIOUS? Have mercy on us Lord. What is so good about harry potter that people want to bend over to make excuses for it…these are kids being taught WITCHCRAFT…and since HP opened in theaters we now have twilight and countless books, shows, movies based on vampires, witches, wizards, mystical creatures targeted at CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS. Do you think it's just a coincidence? Just because it's glamorized and has interesting characters means nothing. Satan can transform himself into an "angel of light" yet he is still Lucifer.

    Let me share something. I made the mistake of listening to the audio book of harry potter and fell asleep while it was playing, I wish I was lying but that night I had a dream that I had never ever had before. I dreamt that I was watching a satanic coven with black robes with hoods praying around a pentagram and I was very well aware that I was being initiated. I woke up in such unbelievable fear and ran to my mother who is a strong, strong christian. I thank God that he heard my cry for forgiveness.

    Please be careful….witchcraft is witchcraft in many parts of the world where it is has been practiced openly for centuries…Harry Potter (and twilight and others) are a direct spiritual door to demonic activity and I see so many, so many especially younger ones are bound. I'm 24 years old and grew up hearing about Harry Potter but recently got saved by God's grace and he's opened my eyes to what is happening in our society. May God have mercy on us and especially those in Christ that have one foot in the world and are constantly compromising their faith to fit in with the world.

    Romans 12:2 "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect."

  34. I really really liked Alexander Mcqueen and his designs but really tried to ignore his obvious fascination with death, skulls etc….I was really into fashion and would just shrug it off but now…

    Has anyone seen this giant book (almost a textbook) dedicated to his fashion designs…the book is thick, heavy, full color and on the cover is a picture of mcqueen's face only but if you move the book, there's an illusion and his face turns into a SKULL. I almost screamed in barnes & noble when I saw it. I was like case closed…this man sold his soul for all that he acquired…

    I also see all these girls walking around with his scarf that has skulls all over it and they don't give a crap what they are wearing because it's mcqueen! God help us!!

    Also…what the heck at that last picture!! I was going to ask where it was from but I don't even want to know..sheesh…

  35. And more surprice!!!! all the mason-paphomet-elite media have distort again de truth, Anders behring brevik is NOT actually Ultra Christian NOO hi is a pro zionist neonazi franc mason here the link where you can see him in his francmason costume… sorry is in spanish but we have to keep fighting for the truth

  36. Check out Kelly Clarkson's tweet on Amy Winehouse's death:

    "I keep asking myself why some of us are spared and the others are made examples. I'm very angry and sad. I don't know why it's bothering me so much. Sometimes I think this job will be the death of us all, or at least the emotional death of us all."

    Creepy much?

    • I'm pretty sure Kelly clarkson isn't in the illuminati..I've never seen her do any symbolic gestures on stage or in videos…she's just sad about Amy winehouse's death…

    • Kelly Clarkson may not be part of the illuminati…maybe I naively believe that she's one of the good one. She's been around for the better part of a decade, so I have no doubt that she's seen some really dark sides to the industry. Hence the "death of us all" comment.

    • Who do you think these internet bloggers have studied to learn this?

      There is a reason why Christina Churches don't want follower reading/watching anything they deam non-Christion.

      Read, Study,…connect the dots they are all there if you want to see.

      Anyway, come rapture, can I have your car?!

      • Sarah Connor on

        IMO….Jordan Maxwell & Zeigeist = Playing With Fire!!! (in the literal sense of the word)

        Check the bible, connect the dots…'s ALL there!

        Peace Mia! I just wanted to provide information you had maybe not been exposed to, not looking to debate.

    • I will gladly give you my car come rapture! Do you like Jeep Grand Cherokees? Do you like driving Jeep GC in a nation ruled by the Anti Christ? Well come get it girl!

  37. Tyra is no surprise; that lady is Bat shit crazy have you seen Top Model. It's ridiculous and all these girls idolize her for God only knows what reason. Not to mention that they have that drag queen telling women how to act you know the black one that wears a dress. If you ask me he's a total crack head. I have a pic of him sporting the Mickey Mouse ears too. It's all part of the media to warp sexuality. Homosexuals telling women how to dress how to act. It's like hello your a man that likes men there are zero women in that equation so back the hell up. Women know how to dress sexy and they don't need a skelator anorexic or homo to tell them how to be a real woman. If you throw up your food to be sexy and get laid when you get pregnant your child will be messed up it's just science. We as a society of women need to see the ulterior motives behind glamorizing complete crazed drug addicts i.e. all of Hollywood and advertisers the like.

  38. Amber Here :) on

    Have you ever seen the "All seeing eye" on the walls of Howarts??? Look for it!!! I don't remember in what room it is, but I can assure you is there. I've seen it, at least, in HP Videogames…

    • i saw it too!!!! i felt so disgusted!!!! and so sad :( not by my southamerican cup :(

      but i am glad paraguay LOST today against uruguay!

    • Yo Alex,

      This band used to be one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES. I just looked up when Brad died, expecting the age to be 27. I was thrown off when I found out it was 28. Sublime's probably got some subliminal messages lol. Anyway nice find man!

  39. Im not going to lie, but that Alexander McQueen picture is pretty cool.

    I agree with everything this site has to offer, but I do respect that piece as a piece of art rather than an Illuminati symbolic piece.

    However, the others just sicken me. Its spreading everywhere, this is ridiculous.

  40. Man, you Christians really think you know it all. I mean, I understand that these movies are used to promote witchcraft and so on but come on, there's more to the story then what the bible wants you to believe. I have no problem at all with Christianity or with Chtristians in general (in fact, I respect everybody's spiritual conviction) but don't act like yours is the only truth because in the end, you're just as lost as anyone else. Your comments prove it, someone who's sure of his case doesn't need to make these "holier then thou" kind of comments, period.

    Peace, Jorgo

    • @Jorgo Ummm we don't know it all but we follow the one who knows it all. And yes Yeshua the Christ is the one and only way to the real creator of mankind Elohim. Yeshua was the only person qualified to be the ultimate sacrifice and he willingly laid down his life for us all .

      I see and hear of all different types of "religions" that claim that they are the way to the creator and yet I hear of no one in these religions who willingly sacrificed their physical life for the entire human race.

      We are by no means lost as you claim so dismiss that theory because you lack proper knowledge and understanding of the word of Elohim

      Also not everyone who wears the "title" christian is a true follower of Christ. There is a difference my dear. True followers of Christ have a real relationship with the creator and not a "religious title"

      Any one can hide behind the "religious title" of "I'm a Christina" but do they have a sincere real breathing living relationship with the creator and that's the difference my friend.

      If you want to know the tree then look at the fruit it bares and you will be able to tell it's source and origin.

      • Nope, you follow a book, written by a man, anybody can write a book. What you believe is based on where you were born in 90% of all cases. I'm not even denying the existing of Christ but, there's a lot wrong with the bible, especially the new testament. If you use reason and logic you just know that there's more to the story then what's written down. And even so, the canons of the bible are composed by ordinairy men, they decided what should be in there and what not. And I'm sorry to break it to you, you're NOT following the word of God, you're following the word of some power hungry people that lived a couple of hundred years ago.

        Besides, I have a relationship with the creator as well but I'm not a Christian. The difference is that I'm willing to admit that I haven't figured it out exactly yet.

    • @Jorgo Yes I do follow a book. I book that was inspired by the Ruach Hakodesh as his vessels wrote down the written word.

      Yes the bible was written by man but it was inspired by the Ruach Hakodesh. Let me give you some bible 101. The bible is not for "unbelievers". You say you have a relationship with the creator but you are not a Christian.

      Well the word Christian really means to be "CHRIST LIKE" only unbelievers who have no real relationship with the creator would have issues with the written word.

      Sounds to me that you may have some issue going on in your personal life and you are looking for those issues to be justified by the word so because you can't find anything in the bible that justifies. You go on the attack and say that there is something wrong with the bible.

      Ultimately Jorgo the bible is equivalent to a recipe book. When you go into the "kitchen" of life and work the recipes (written word) only then will you be able to see authentic results.

      I KNOW THE BIBLE IS REAL. Not because of what I heard some pastor say or what someone else. I KNOW THE BIBLE IS REAL because on many many many occasions I've had situations and circumstances that arose in my life and I applied the written scriptures (the very scriptures that you have a problem with). I applied those scriptures to my life and I got results and manifestations over and over and over and over again.

      And that my friend is all the evidence I need to let me know that the words that is in this lovely book call the bible is from the creator himself.

      So Jorgo until you go into the kitchen of life and become vigilant in applying the the scriptures into your life then YOU DO NOT QUALIFY TO PASS JUDGEMENT ON THE BIBLE AS TO WHETHER OR NOT IT CAME FROM ELOHIM OR NOT.

      • Thank you Nina for the entertainment! I just about ROFLMAO. I love people like you. The world is a stage, and you know, what's a stage without some comedians? You're one of the funniest for sure! 😀

        People offended = HILARIOUS. They'll say just about anything to defend their beliefs and opinions. I wish more people laughed at themselves and at each other and at all of this s***. In these days, we could really use some more smiles.

        Thanks again for giving me a damn cheeky one, Nina! 😉

      • @km Awwww you looking for attention boo…lol

        Offended is not the word hon. I'm just very passionate about what I believe in and that's basically it 😉

        Now do me a favor and go do something more productive with yourself…… lol

      • Nina:"I’m just very passionate about what I believe in"

        You sound more like an ignorant brainwashed religious extremist to me!

      • @Pest I have a feeling that you might be @km in disguise.

        It's quite fine if you do not believe the way I do. It's quite fine if you have no passion for the things that I'm passionate about .

        You have a every right to believe whatever you want to believe however…….

        *I say this respectfully*



      • Funny how fanatics always react so touchy when someone thinks different!LOL


        Who do you think you are???

        I think I have far more freedom and rights than you do!

        You put yourself in a cage called Religion, no different than from what the Illuminati expects from you!

        Unlike you I have no problem when someone disagrees with me, or when someone doesn't like any of my hobbies or fandoms! Unlike you, I'm not trying to push my opinion onto other people, and not trying to brainwash them!

        I'm sure a lot of religious people don't enjoy their "religious" life deep inside! You shape your life and opinions after your "religion" or "fandom" or what other people expect from you.

        I believe in a higher power and I'm sure it can look insite our hearts and knows what a person really thinks and feels! It doesn't necessarily make a person to a better person just because you are religious!

        And does it makes a person evil just because he listened, read or watched a song/movie/book with evil stuff?

        BTW: What is an "@km"? A new internet meme I don't know of, or I'm just stupid…

      • Lol @pest I've concluded that you are a miserable oppressive human being looking for attention.

        You call me a fanatic. You're the one whose a fanatic full of hate. You obviously have some issues with the creator not with me!!!

        Lol… "Who do I think I am" …..I'm a Child of the King that's who I am.

        People like you who suffer "inferiority complexes" like to ask those types of questions "Who do you think you are"

        I already told you to go find something more productive to do with yourself. Satan (The Bitch) is obviously using you. I'm quite sure he's already fucked you over for manifesting his hate.

        That's how the bitch works you know. He uses you then he fucks you over in the end.

        I'll be praying for you :-)

      • "Lol @pest I’ve concluded that you are a miserable oppressive human being looking for attention."

        I guess you either cannot read or your brain is too numb…I'm neither oppressed nor I'm full of hate.

        How is this seeking attention when I comment under a fake name to a random person on the internet?

        "Lol… “Who do I think I am” …..I’m a Child of the King that’s who I am."

        Sounds more like a slave…

        You should read your own comments! Exactly as I say, obsessive and angry! YOU are the one that spreads hate!

        A true Christian is relaxed and friendly, should never be angry and wants to be a good role model to other humans! Isn't God about love? What you do is exactly the oposside! People like you make Religion look bad! With your angry comments you also expose yourself as a hypocrite.

      • Lol so you know what a true christian is now huh :-) As I said you have unresolved issues with the creator. You're not looking for answers your only interested in judging condemning and accusing pretty much like satan. 😉

  41. Oh boy. These pics are just for one week? It's my first time on this site and I can't stop reading. I was googling "Lady Gaga antichrist" since I was completely clueless there. Beyonce's Sasha Fierce — now there's a sad transformation. But where there's life, there's hope — for the audience, for the puppets, and being an incurable optimist, even for the puppet masters.

    I added you to my blogroll, under "Love God with your mind". How ironic (or apt) that my comment is right after Jorgo's sentiments against Christians (#76).

    Thank you for speaking up and uplifting "the masses" in your own way. Keep it up. More power to you and this site.

    P.S. Please edit the year in your title and link. God bless.

  42. Most of these books/movies are taken way too seriously. They are Fairy Tales and should be regarded as such. I do believe that kids and teens need to be nutured and watched in what they are allowed to read and see on tv/movies. However, only when the books become reality to them are they a bad thing. Monstor and fairy tales have been around for years. Just be smart about what you allow your kids to watch. I have never tried to compare these books to my Christian faith. Just regarded them as what they are – a work of fiction.

    • ya. harry potter was/is an obsession for many children and adults alike. then the twilight series. i'm out of pop culture now, so i don't know what the current obsession is.

      be assured, it is an obsession.

      i just read an article on how scientists have been mixing animal and human dna. it appears the beasts from twilight have already been created. they are probably being kept in a special zoo/prison until such time as the elite have use for them. cause we know we don't hear about anything until years after it has been done. nothing is coincidence.

  43. I know the post Isn't specific to Harry Potter but I'd like to support those who understand what an evil franchise Harry Potter Is.It feeds witchcraft and things which lead to demonic Influence to children and adults alike In a way that Is sugar coated to those who are somewhat Ignorant to what Is going on but still crystal clear to anyone who seeks the truth.

    • Just last week (July18) in Brazil, one of the most prestigious Newspaper in the country "Folha de São Paulo", had published this 3 pages article (in the Teens part of the newspaper) about these kids/teenagers following the witchcraft thing (Inspired by Harry Potter books). They were telling how they are using magic to get jobs to their relatives, to fix their love lifes and also how they can (if they want to) make someone loses its hair. Very creep indeed, but infortunately, it happens to be very "sweet" and acceptable for the most of the population ( as anyone is acuatually complaining).

  44. the scariest thing about the emma watson photo is that she looks like a boy!

    and whoever is in the 'Mickey. Again…' photo, what a stunner. she can brainwash me anyday!

    • I'm almost positive Emma is a lesbian – there's something about her that gives off the lesbian vibe.

      Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just saying.

    • I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous.

      Emma has never looked like a boy and that haircut did a lot for her facial features.

      It really irks me how a female will get a short cut and they're somehow automatically 'boyish' or 'lesbian'. I thought we were using open minds here, guess I wasn't entirely right.

      • short hair is boyish, long hair is girlish. some of us like, and prefer, to have our genders defined. sorry that you have been brainwashed enough to think that it doesn't matter. just another part of the agenda. de-program yourself.

  45. the okay sign is big in Japan, and will always be. J-pop is about looking cute and hand signs are also notable in Japanese pop culture so get off that shit!

    • InTheirFaces on

      "the okay sign is big in Japan, and will always be. J-pop is about looking cute and hand signs are also notable in Japanese pop culture so get off that shit!"

      Ha, ha, a western sign big in Japan LOL !

      Japanese girls don't need hand signs to look cute! Their smiles are enough.

      It's annoying when you see asian people flashing the V sign on photos a thousand times.

      It's so hard for them to look original!

      When they could look original just by not doing any hand signs.

      You'd better tell them to get off that Illuminati shit!

      Maybe too many don't know about the NWO, worst for them !


      Love asian girls, not their hand gestures though.

  46. Hey America!! Hows it going these days? Man oh man!! I tell you!! Today, I'm doing pretty good today! I'm a small time street preacher today. But long time ago, I was an US Marine soldier and then a black magician. I tell you America! These people in hollywood know their stuff! I was an actor myself! And then afterwords, I took a hike and said goodbye! People within the filming industry rip you off the chance they get! Directors, producers, writers, the whole industry! As a former CIA agent said. Well, I've met actors at places off the set. I met Anthony Hopkins one time. I met Alec Baldwin. I met Danny Treho! but I'll tell you what! If you want to have some employment in the industry, go some place else in the country or for that matter in the world!! Hollywood will rip you off through and through and if they catch you as an honest American, trying to make a buck, forget it!! And the way America is being trashed by the US economy by the "Shadow government" of the United States, try making another buck maybe some place else in the world. Even the IMF is beginning to take notice of how stupid our so-called "Congress" is these days. Russia Prime Minister Putin thinks they'll a bunch of idiots!! I wouldnt blame him a bit! He's the one who helped Russia get off their debt!! 3 cheers for Russia!! Hip hip horrah!!!! My father used to be an US Army officer under General Patten from North Africa to heading for the Concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Way things are going in this country, I'm beginning to think he went there for nothing for this country. As well as my step Dad went to Vietnam in Saigon's back allys. Well, I hope my 2 cents worth was heard maybe. Maybe I'll listen to what Richard's Nixon's personal bodyguard told me!! "Ready to pack your bags??" Boy! Am I ready!!

    Email me anytime you wish to this Former US Marine!

    David Maxie,

  47. is there noone here who thinks that maybe these photos depict people who are aware of the NWO / Illuminati / etc, and are giving them the message that we are all waking up to their agendas? Could some if not all of them be mocking gestures? I dont believe it is possible that this wide range of people are all asleep to themselves being enslaved. Why dont we all take our own photos, with one eye covered, stick them on our Facebook profiles – to say to The Powers That Be 'hey, we are watching you back!'

    • Most of them have signed on the dotted line. They are aware of what they do. They willingly sell themselves for fame and power. They get a thrill from practising occult science. They are dead inside. There are "people" who will do this, in all walks of life, not everyone who practises these dark arts is a Hollywood millionaire. Some are just skanky cretins living in some grubby suburb, dealing pills and corrupting innocent naive kids to do their dirty work.

      The occult promises POWER, and these people crave POWER.

      They may wield some power for some time, but LOVE wins over POWER.

      In the end.

  48. LoveConquersAll on

    To the Big Red! I actually just seen that billboard in my city over the freeway and was going to send you a pic of it, but you found it! Doesn't it just make you sick?!

  49. i think some of them are doing the eye simbol just because is popular

    oh i i think you didnt post the pic i sent

  50. i'm on this site very frequently. but i don't say much. i just read and take heed. i'm an 19 year old college student and during school I joined some friends to watch a disney movie on two different occasions (which is rare for me, because I don't enjoy movies too much lol.) Anyways they picked Megamind. It was funny and cute. The plot was that a bad guy wanted to get a better rap for being bad, I think. (it's been a while.) But along the way, you grow to love and even root for the villain, as he is the protagonist. blablabla. He wins against an even more evil force. The End. I also joined while they watched Despicable Me. Supa cute movie. Bad guy wants to be the baddest guy. You fall in love with him. Blablabla. Really to sum this up. I can see very clearly whoever.. is desensitizing the audience. Both movies start out with a bad guy doing bad things to little kids. And you watch as he enjoys it. It's just.. weird.. to me at least.. that the last two disney movies I watched were about evil villains. But I could definitely be overreacting. And despicable me was produced by Illumination productions. All i saw was illuminati productions. But who knows. I'm no expert. I just can see how children can become completely insensitive to violence and horror by a young age when they watch so much of it disguised by a cute disney film.

    • Disney's first movies were all about black magic yet nowadays anyone seems to be bothered about it… Next thing they will endorse pedophilia 😉 You know Disney as usual is contributing to satan's agenda.

      It is all about the corrupting principle of satanism. Good is evil and evil is good, etc. It is pure brainwash non-sense. Order out of chaos, etc.

      Same old same old…

  51. this is how i see it – just because they're making the "sign" doesn't mean that they are apart of this "force" or whatever you would want to call it. they're just puppets. they do what they're told. they are creating a following. little by little more and more people will start doing this stupid signs. and then sing their songs. wear their clothes with crazy crap on it. and ignorantly become representatives of this "takeover" as you call it. wow the world is changing.

    and uh tell me WHY i got an email from apple TODAY saying "would you like to know the recent locations of your friends and family? .. now iphone users will be able to see the current position of friends/family on a map and follow their movements throughout the day. this iphone tracker combines the robust GPS functionality of the iPhone, internet mapping and the latest features of the iPhone 4. x platform."


  52. Really surprised you haven't posted anything about Amy Winehouse and why the age of 27 seems to be significant for young talented artists to die.

  53. Not to go off topic but can't help but feel like everyone who reads this blog is thinking what im thinking about Amy Winehouse. That she was set up by u know who, no need to elaborate. Cant help but feel like this is another one of those horrible ritual sacrifice that we read about entertainers in this blog. Such a tragedy. Such a talent. My she find some solace now.

    • Amy Winehouse was just another drug abuser that OD'd. Even her father knew that it was just a matter of time before she killed herself. No conspiracy, no deep dark secrets. Just another drug addict.

      • Nice finds as always VC! Also I'd just like to say, a lot of these users namely a few near the begging are sounding like brainwashed messes.

      • could you know if it had been different? that she was getting better? you couldn't know

  54. Of course the soul sucking media is gonna make a big deal about the fact that she was 27. They set it up that way so she can be with that stupid 27 club. So thats all people will talk about instead of the fact she died of an overdose. And the fact that the media is stating her death as is unaxpainable is total bullshit.

  55. please Vigilant, make a post about Breivik, and possible amy winehouse but we all already know what happened with her. This whole thing about his manifesto is freaking me out…

  56. I'm an English student and any professor will tell you that it is easy to read a Christian narrative into almost any text, just as it is easy to do a Freudian interpretation, feminist criticism, etc. The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and now recently, Harry Potter, have been series which have divided the Christian following for years. I always grew up hearing that C.S. Lewis was a serious Christian theologian after God saved him from his atheist ideologies. But he himself said that the Chronicles of Narnia were not a parallel for Jesus or Christendom. In fact, John Todd (former witch who worked with the CIA, The Rotchilds, etc before becoming a Christian) claims that the Lord of the Rings series as well as the Chronicles of Narnia were the witches' bibles. Todd as well as Russ Dizdar have spoken about how Christianity has been infiltrated by so-called Christian teachers, theologians, etc who were/are actually witches. The book Mere Christianity but C.S. Lewis has been used as Christians as kind of a apologetic for defending the faith. Though the scholarship and philosophy presented in the book coincide with what the gospel explains as salvation, Lewis puts little things in here and there that contradict salvation through Christ as the only means of salvation. Even the title, "Mere Christianity" is a double entendre. I think initial readers here "Basic Christinaity," but it could also be read as "Meager, small, non relevant, Christianity."

    Though many C.S. Lewis books were kept in my house as well as Tolkien (I grew up in a pastor's home) my parents had hesitation with the Harry Potter series. My brother had bought it in 2000 when it first came out and I started having nightmares. That, and we had Pokemon cards in the house. Eventually, prayerfully, we burned the book and the cards. But we kept C.S. Lewis and Tolkien. (Btw, the book the Screwtape Letters by Lewis is so heavily demonic, it's hard for anyone to defend it as being holy-spirit inspired.)

    A seminary that will remain nameless that many friends of mine have attended, has a professor who teaches a course on Christianity in Childrens Literature. Alice in Wonderland, Narnia, LOTR, Harry Potter, Twilight are all in the curriculum. The wardrobe that inspired Lewis apparently has a permanent home at a Christian college here in the US, again it will remain nameless. He donated it as a gift to one of the professors there who taught his chronicles as "Christian" literature. Again, INFILTRATION of the body of Christ with witchcraft.

    It is 2011, my brother is in college now, and R.K. Rowling has finally declared that here books were "Christan" all along and that she herself is a Christian. So my parents feel bad for having us burn the book ten years ago and my brother has now decided to read them and catch up so that he can see the latest movie. I keep trying to explain to my brother and my parents that evil is evil, but to no avail. I know when something is evil because of its popularity. Jesus and the things of God will never be popular. So when a book, a movie, an album makes millions, even billions of dollars, I know Satan must be at the root. When there are cult like followings (Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek) you know that Satan is at the root. Period. Emma Watson and the others are programmed and oppressed by spirits. Period. (Emma specifically had a handler/boyfriend who was several years older than her for some time and no one batted an eye or cried pedofile. It was just 'accepted.') Daniel Radcliffe went on to star in that beastiality play where he was naked on stage most of the time and humping a horse, Equus. These children along with Lindsay Lohan, Demi Lavato, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, etc are victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

    Do not be deceived.

    • Reda "The Hero with a Thousand Faces", by Joseph Campbell.

      It explains why it's the same story over & over again.

      • I will read it, thanks Mia.

        By the way someone have readed the prophecies of Parravicini. I encourage you to take a look into his prophecies, he the most accurate visionary of this century, for me he have no comparation.

    • What kind of English student burns books?

      Wow…I mean just…wow.

      And for the record? "The Screwtape Letters" is pretty hilarious. I guess they left out the chapter on "satire" in your textbook.

      Sorry…I had to chime in. Please go back to your bonfire. Maybe you can throw some Mark Twain, Jules Verne, Stephen King, and Philip K. Dick on the fire. They wrote some pretty evil shit as well.

      Why not be proud of your brother for attempting to think for himself and form his own opinion instead of demonizing his choice of fictional reading material?

    • Hi Sarah! Very interesting post. I haven't read Chronicles of Narnia, but to me to read Lord of Rings was very shocking. I will say to you why. First, the use of magic (and I don´t speak of the persuations powers of Saruman and Gandalf). Tolkien print the book with a talisman, in the books you will see the classic talisman who is indeed the ring with the elphic writing (or tamil alphabet maybe?), well inside the ring he put his signature, or whathever means that chinesse-kind symbol, if you see the talisman of Eliphas Levi or another similar you will see the same pattern. In the books there are some traps, what goal prosecute they I don´t know, one of these traps is in the second book The Two Towers, but there are others (warning, spoiler) in the scene when sheth spider apparently kills Frodo (althought you will be aware of that event latter) and Smeagol tries to kill Sam, by far the most thrilling scene in all the books, Sam invoques a formula, here´s the scene:

      'Galadriel' he said faintly (like an invocation to Mary or Ashtarte) , and then he heard voices far off, but clear: the crying of the Elves as they walked under the stars in the beloved shadows of the Shrine, and the music of the Elves as it came through his sleep in the Hall of the Fire in the house of Elrond.

      Giltoniel A Elbereth!

      And then his tongue was loosed and his tongue cried in a language wich he did not know:

      I don´t put the invocation because for me is a trap, but it begins with the verse above Giltoniel etc, I don´t know what these words means, but for me they aren´t innofensive. Someone can say me what they means.

      For me it´s magic or magick in some sense, to use the adrenalin, the emotion and focus of the reader and in that moment the reader says (or at least repeat in his mind) incohomprensible words, for me is an enchantment that only someone (Tolkien) who knows the rules of magic can do, and people repeats that formula every moment they read that traps. The second thing of Lord of the Rings that bothers me, is the clear racism of Tolkien, Lord of the Rings is the battle between the Handsomes and the Ugglies, if you aren´t blonde and blue eyes you are the enemy (if not, you are a servant, like Samsagaz) some (rare) exceptions are made. But for Tolkien all the black people is bad. Third, his messianism, this don´t means something christian (at least for me). Gandalf resurrected from death and become the white warrior, Aragorn, and all that characters are messianic warriors like the judaic mesias (or Illuminati mesias). Frodo (the most tall and blonde of the hobbits) seems to be the exception, but in my opinion the book don´t states that he is the chosen, Frodo take the decision to carry the ring in the Council of Rivendel. Thanks for read me, I apologize if my english is bad. Critics wellcomed

  57. About Amy Winehouse and her death and whether it was suspicious:

    Also, no drugs were found in her home and it did seem like she was doing really well and was clean from drugs and alcohol as of late. She looked a LOT healthier and she was much happier also.

    She had seen her doctor within 24h of her death and he had given her the a-okay.

    People can make of it what they will but… the neighbor story is still kind of strange.

    • How awful. The neighbour apparently heard howling and screams and thought she either 'took a bad drug' or 'it was some weird sex game'. On top of that he heard the sounds of drums. So, clearly something was not right but he just left her to it. Terrible. Even if he was afraid to go knock why not call the police to check if she is ok? Let's hope if he is in ever of need, his neighnours are a lot more helpful.

  58. all we can do is pray, be kind to others, dont envy what others have. satan wants us to stray! its best to avoid whatever these companies promote. it is sad. read your gita,quraan, torah and bibles. i am tired of this crap, cant wait for the day of judgement. people practising any kind of magic is evil, it is horrible! i have survived demonic and black magic attacks. the lengths people would go to just to harm another human being is unbelivable. evil is all around us and it is sickening.

  59. Just for public education as this seems to come up fairly often, I am fairly well versed in Koine Greek (the language of the New Testament along with many other Greek works) and have translated large chunks of the raw Koine into English. The similarities are striking. While I am not religious, I can say that the New Testament has remained pretty consistent in its Greek and modern forms. Anyone who is curious and would like to see for him or herself can obtain Greek textbooks fairly easily, and the language is not particularly difficult to pick up. In my opinion, it is best to educate yourself before going along with majority consensus 😉

    VC, love the site. First time poster, but I have been following almost since the beginning. Keep it coming!

  60. While all this may be a conspiracy, and not just a stupid fad; I ask what is to be gained from it? So some 'stars' are showing one eye. Even if every kid on earth started doing it, eventually it would become totally naff and someone would think of something else. The real issue here is the degradation of human consciousness and ethics by such scum as Lady Gaga – I know people who let their 3 year olds watch that bitch and think its OK. Cant fathom that.

    The 27 Club is very weird, and could be further investigated.

    VC, enjoy your site…

  61. I live in Spring, Texas and when I'm on the freeway– BAM! One-eyed Coca-Cola

    Billboard in my face! Lol I guess they are gonna make me see it, eh?

  62. we are all reincarnated souls that the illuminati is trying 2 through symbolism. the symbolism is designed 2 penetrate your subconcious mind where the brain stores past life data. and awaken us 2 unite under out true savior lucifer who will return in 2012 and free us from the bondage that is christianity and the3 evil entity known as yaweh jehova! who and evil cruel jealous murder who showed favoritism and towards the so called chosen people when the only sin of lucifer was pride and rebellion do u really want 2 serve jehova? or take the 8 wheel path and do what thou will? and learn from your mistakes through karma that is the philosphy of lucifer FREEDOM!

  63. Anonymous A. on

    first of all always aware, do you really think that you need to see a pentagram being used to indicate witch craft? That's like seeing smoke and saying you need to see the flames in order for there to be a fire. Hocus pocus, astrology, palm reading, all of it belongs to Satan. God never encouraged such things. As a matter of fact, he HATES such things and even went so forth as to call it disgusting. There is even an account in the Bible where a girl was telling fortunes for profit and the apostle cast the demon out so she no longer had the power. That in itself should let you know where all such things come from and if God detests demons and their leader you can he doesn't like what they do.

  64. Mr. Salty,

    I burned the book over ten years ago when I was in middle school. And like I said, I never read the book but having the thing in my house along with Pokemon cards were causing me to have very demonic dreams. Further, someone else posted earlier that they fell asleep to Harry Potter and had a dream that they were at a Satanic ritual. Additionally I mentioned that former witch and illuminati big wig John Todd claimed that books with witchcraft in it that are aimed at children are demonic and that such literature were the bibles used at the covens he was apart of and started. I have only read Screwtape letters within the context of church, not an English class, so no, satire was not mentioned. Christians who support Lewis and don't see him as a fraud like I do hail the book as "deep" and "insightful" along with most of his writings, but I know better. Mark Twain did not write evil, he wrote about the evils and ills of society…. having the presence of his literature in my home never gave me nightmares and as far as I know, witches don't study his literature as their religious text. So your comparison doesn't seem relevant.


    It is not a fad. It is a salute to Horus. Period.

    • So Sarah — since through your posts I gather you have certain fears of the demonic, you don't think that those fears are rooted to your subconscious and therefore manifesting as dreams and nightmares?

      And you don't question the possibility of John Todd's motivation to misdirect the public's attention to his claims of using literature such as "Harry Potter" or the "Screwtape Letters" as bibles? You just listen to what this man has to say and take it on faith? What am I saying…of course you do.

      Man I wish I had your singlemindedness. Life would be much simpler arranging the "truth" as I saw fit.

      And since you're an English student, I recommend you read everything you can get your hands on in order to understand the concepts of fictional literature. J.K. Rowling is writing "about" evil as well, her words are not evil incarnate but surely will be blamed for it. As evidenced in your posts.

      The Bible itself can be blamed for a lot of evil and violence done in it's name over the past millenia. You gonna burn it too? Might as well. There's evil in those pages.

      No wonder this country's educational system is in the crapper. You are force fed BS and made to regurgitate information instead of thinking for yourself.

      And if you're in college, then you pay for the privilage of ignorance. You didn't know what satire was and how it's used contextually? Seriously? Are you a "D" student? I bet you want to be a teacher right?

      And yes, my comparisons are valid because each of the authors I mentioned above and many, many, many, MANY more that are on your bookshelf have dabbled in fiction or commentary in one form or another dealing with religion from both angles, the dark and the light.

      And stop burning books that you "deem" satanic, offensive, or subversive. It's shameful and a sad indication of the thought processes that are all too inherent in the youth of today. Or have you already been fitted for your "brown shirt" armed with a list of libraries to condemn? I suppose you're all for revisionist and abridged versions of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn to be taught in schools as well.

      You know — "witches" burn things to release spirits for power unto their earthly desires. If you are so sure books and cards are "demonically evil", be mindfull of your actions because it could be construed that you helped let loose a flood of demons during your ritual. Many things can be done inadvertently.

      Unless you were using "white magic" when you had your bonfire? Hmmmmm.

      Food for thought.

      One more thing: Again since you are an English student you should realize by now that you should believe NOTHING that you hear, and only HALF of what you read.

      Find the truth out for yourself. You can't do that by being scared to read a few books that may (or may not) have themes that go "bump" in the night.

      Now if you'll please excuse me, I have to go defend J.D. Salinger, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Edgar Allen Poe on another website where other Christians are ready with some lighter fluid and matches.

      And before you hit me with the whole Godless-heathen-non-Christian-satan-worshipper rhetoric, please understand that it's not your Christian faith that upsets me — I believe in and love God and his only begotten son as much as you — it's your ignorance as a self proclaimed "student" of English.

      Reconsider your educational path. The world needs ditch diggers too.

      • I have an autistic adopted brother and he loves dragon ball Z, pokemon etc..and he recently set a room on fire in the house ! My mom said he had card board, the u-gi-oh cards, or dragon ball Z, and had drawings on the card board, and candles. My mom was so freaked out. She called me in a panic and stated I think he was trying to do a spell, and also said" I remember you warning me last year about some of those things". My bother came to us when he was three, he is now 15, he performs on a 5 grade level as of last year but he is a functioning autistic child. His speech/communication skills are not all the way there, and he still plays with toys and action figures. He can't read a book to save his life BUT he can read u-gi- oh cards etc, knows all the characthers, he watch all the videos on the internet, knows how to search the internet ( when I say u-gi-o, I mean all of it poko-mon, transformers, dragon ball z etc) he can read long paragraphs in fine print about Vagita & all the big words, read pages and pages of literature but can't read in school or dial a phone. I mean he knows every thing about these characters, you can ask him anything and he will tell you where they were born, where they come from, the meaning of the names, any thing. We recently had a meeting with his school, at the beginning of this year he was finally transferred to high school and he is in a good program by the way. I had to attend in place of my mom for some reason. So I asked the experts why can he comprehend all of this stuff and not any thing else. Them knowing him and working with him throughout the years I can tell he didn't believe me. My little bro sat there with one of his books on u-gi-oh whatever it was, so the man said he likes u-gi-o etc as well to my bro, and asked him a question, to my belief because he didn't believe what I was saying. My bro gave him the run down, used big words, told him about the planets they came from, who was his mother, his weapons and what they do every thing. I was secretly laughing because i'm sure they thought I was lying anyway this is my story !

    • easily done. Simply register the URL and redirect it. Anyone can do it, someone like John Fenley fo instance


      John Fenley

      1985N 360E

      Provo, Utah 84604-1803

      United States

      Registered through:, Inc. (
      Domain Name: ITANIMULLI.COM

      Created on: 20-Nov-02

      Expires on: 20-Nov-12

      Last Updated on: 22-Nov-10

      Administrative Contact:

      Fenley, John

      1985N 360E

      Provo, Utah 84604-1803

      United States


      Technical Contact:

      Fenley, John

      1985N 360E

      Provo, Utah 84604-1803

      United States


      The owner of “” turns out to be John Fenley of Provo, Utah, a robot enthusiast and inventor. But lest you think that settles the matter, Anonymous Coward notes that spelling words backwards is a:

      A basic Illuminati technique – a left/right mirror image. Remember George Dubya holding the book upside down on the morning of 9-11? Yup – another up/down mirror image. Oh, and btw, the name of that book was “My Pet Goat”. Goat – get it? Bapho’s nic..


  65. I encourage to all the readers of this great site to take a look to one forgoten visionary of this century. In my personal oppinion he is far beyond the arcane prophecies of Nostradamus, in one of his visions, he speaks about 9-11 and the loose of liberties in the USA.

    "The liberty of North America will loose his light, his torch won´t illuminate (in spanish "alumbrara) like yesterdays and the monument will be attacked twice".

    With this prophecy, Parravicini make two draws, in one you see the Statue of Liberty made of two rectangular blocks (like the twin skycrapers), clear reference to the 11-S (Tisha B'Av) attacks. Some people says that in the first sentence, when he is speaking of liberty he is not refering to the monument, but indeed to the liberty of rights in USA, that their citizens loose with the patriot act.

    But he makes another interesting prophecies about the future. I encourage you to read him.

    • Another interesting prophecy.

      "The electric music will be in conjunction with the black's music. Both will devastate the world and with them the worl will march as a slave towards the final Chaos"

  66. when the planet nibiru returns with yahweh and his annunaki u jesus freaks are more than welcome 2 go be slaves and humble servants in the house of the the lord , while i burn like the phoenix 2 be reborn stronger and rise from the ashes

    with the help of lucifer!

  67. AvidPotterFan on

    People talking about Harry Potter being Evil and Satanic have officially "Lost their Minds". I have been an avid Potter Fan for 10 years and never have I found myself becoming "evil" or anything of that sort. And yeah, also when I make incomprehensible noises in my sleep no one mistakes it for Parseltongue because… Guess what? It's not a real language! It's just hissing noises! And evil dreams being caused by HP? I don't even know what to say! True, the media in many ways portrays "Inappropriate" Stuff every now and then, but attacking Harry Potter is just Wrong!

    • By answering you honestly I'll probably get massively bashed, but hey, I hope that you see the other side.

      First of all let me say that I've seen the HP movies, I have a scarf and a jacket, and I am a very very very traditionalist Roman Catholic, I am ALL about Jesus Christ, the Eucharist, and our Blessed Mother. So now you may understand what I will try to explain to you.

      Take all the story out of HP, all the seductive fun characters, all the punch lines, all the cool outfits and the heartbreaking bits of the plot, that is leave it all to the very basics. The question is, what is Harry Potter all about?

      On the surface, Harry Potter is the story about a magician, whose parents were brutally murdered by an evil dark lord. This boy tries to survive, learn and finally fight back for what he loves and believes in. That seems to be a very nice story right? I mean, it's got thousands if not hundreds of thousands of truly devoted fans all over the world.

      Now let's take all that out, and see what it truly is about: A kid who is not satisfied with his life, whose family was abruptly broken, who lives in a horrible environment with no love and care. What does the book propose? That he may learn through his suffering and grow up to be a better man? NO, that he perhaps should try to change his surroundings and people around him by being more open to other people's feelings? NO, that he should understand that bad things happen to people all the time but it is who we are not what happens to us what determines our destinies? NO.

      Then, what is it all about?

      A boy, with a sucky life, learns that magic is the solution. Yes, out of the blue, he has the power to suddenly 'control' everything he comes across, that is, he 'escapes' from reality believing that everytime there is something he does not like he just use his magic wand and voila! Problem solved… That is not that bad you may think, but is that really the message you want to deliver?

      Of course I know you may say that well, he learned but he does not use his magic all the time, and that in fact his friends help him, and his teachers, and he grows to be a good man… But the again, what did it take for him to do that? Oh yeah, he is powerful, because he is somehow chosen and even though people bully him he has powers which can come out through magic spells. Is that a good portrayal of life?

      YOu may say that people are free to read whatever it is they want, and that if they end up getting the bad parts it is their own responsibility, right?, well, then, what are adults for? what are ethics for? what are brains for? If we are simply going to deliver bad examples to everyone around us and just let evil run free, then why should we even care about what the Illuminati are doing?

      Now let me tell you something, magic is condemned by the Bible, not once, not twice, not three times, but plenty, in fact it is condemned throughout the entire Old and New Testament. Nothing bothers God the most like not obeying the 10 commandments and paganism, homosexuality and magic/divination. If you do not care about your soul, shouldn't you at least have some respect for others?

      Harry Potter does not promote hocus pocus, or the rabbit out of the hat trick, it continuously talks about all forms of trickery and sorcery, black, dark and disgusting, killing to obtain power, blood sacrifices for power, etc. And yet, given that it is so pretty and well packed you do not even question the fact that you are being indoctrinated to the dark magic culture and satanism.

      Isn't it weird for you, not even a little, the fact that serpents, blood sacrifices, cruelty to humans, and all sorts of dark imagery are rubbed into your eyes at all times in HP?

      I do take responsibility about watching HP movies, or reading about it, I am aware that satanism and all forms of magic and divination are evil in nature and thus belong to satan, therefore I simply enjoy it for the other part, the story. But I do make sure that not even for once do I believe that I can simply use a magic wand to cast my problems away… I know more than that, and what the heck, I am too old to believe that satanism can help me in any way.

      I care about my soul and so should everyone that reads HP, you may as well continue enjoying the funny life of Harry without being brainwashed into the illuminati agenda.

      That is all I have to say about it, and I do sincerely hope and pray that people will open their eyes and see.

      God bless!

      • Just for the record I am on my mid 20s, so anyone would believe I am an old guy trying to mess with your fun…

      • If "serpents, blood sacrifices, cruelty to humans, and all sorts of dark imagery are rubbed into your eyes at all times in HP" then you can say the same about THIS website. Yes, all the things you mention are there but they are done by Voldemort and co. The good guys fight AGAINST them! The magic taught in Hogwarts is NOT an easy solution to problems, Harry actually never turns against his opressive aunt and uncle and cousin with magic but he learns to fight for his beliefs. The magic in the Harry Potter books is just a cover, a way to make them more interesting for the young generation – what lies behind it is a strong message of love and mercy.

      • Harry Potter doesn't learn that magic is the solution, if anything knowing about magic and his true identity as a wizard complicates his life even more. Harry Potter has a very definite world of Good vs. Evil even if infused with the occult and magic and no God, I don't personally find too much trouble with that.

        Funny people are trying to criticize Harry Potter…

        has anyone here read His Dark Materals?

      • @Rashi:

        This website portrays the satanism embedded in pop-culture, it is a very different thing to denounce than to indoctrinate. Black, white, gray, green, pink, and all forms of magic are condemned by the Bible, therefore if Harry existed in real life he would go to hell too. The problem with HP is not that good uses good magic and evil uses dark magic, the problem is that magic is portrayed as good in some cases, when it is bad, evil and satanic in all cases.


        Thanks! Hope more people comment about it!


        So by using your paradigm I could portray good rapes and bad rapes right? For as long as the good guys do the good raping it should all be ok, right?

  68. I'm a 20-year ol Christian girl.

    I have never read Harry Potter, but I have seen every movie.

    My faith keeps me strong and it allows me to just watch it for the sake of entertainment. I love the different characters in it and the plot is pretty cool.

    And at the end of the day its just another movie for me. Case closed.

    I never had the urge to join a witches coven.

    I never had the urge to speak out spells out loud.

    I know for a fact that I have never spoken parseltongue in my sleep (I shared a room with my sister for a very long time).

    It never gave me bad dreams.

    It's just a story…. It has no power.

    If you think Harry Potter is evil and that it 'should go down', why just leave it at HP ?

    Why not go after EVERY SINGLE Fairy tale ever told ? I mean.. They all have some form of magic in it, don't they ?

    • Oh yeah, why not, I mean, if they portray it as ok it definitely makes it all good, right?…

      If satan say he is a good guy he must be so, right?

      • That's not what I'm saying! I'm fully aware of the fact that there is no good & bad magic.

        I'm not saying that witchcraft is ok.

        My point is that it's just a movie !

        It can only influence you if you allow it too.

        If we should stop watching HP, we should stop watching CSI too.

        All those crimes and murders might make us wanne kill somebody..


      • @dddd:

        Then according to you there is no point in having VC doing all these articles and having hundreds of blogs and pages explaining the Illuminati sign, I mean if exposing the indoctrination is pointless then why even fight back?….

        So also, according to you, it doesn't matter if they draw a baphomet devil in children's coloring books, because it is just a book right?

  69. i can bet VC is coming out with an article soon. I can hardly wait. Come on guys the illuminati is just being the illuminati theres no two ways about it.

  70. I've grown up reading Harry Potter and watching all the movies and I must say I love it. Never had bad dreams, never influenced me to do anything wrong.

    However, I'm becoming more and more aware of occult symbolism and it's hard to NOT notice it. Harry Potter has been HUGELY successful and when something like that happens it is usually connected with the Illuminati. The deathly hallows symbol is intriguing, is it really a coincidence?

    I think it would be informative if you do an aritcle on Harry Potter, VC. I'm sure many would appreciate it.

  71. Well, no…it's not just a movie.

    I've never seen it but will add my 2 cents for what it's worth. There is an awful lot of occult symbolism in the media. If the powers of the occult are fake then no harm done. But if the powers of the occult are real and not of God, then yes we must acknowledge the harm all of this is doing. Let's stop kidding ourselves.

    Of course it would *seeeeeem* harmless on the surface–"Just entertainment." That is a no-brainer.

    The adversary comes as an angel of light, a wolf in sheep's clothing. But we are truly immune to recognizing this stuff becasue we allowed a slow indoctrination in the name of "entertainment". And that is the whole scheme behind the powers that be. To make it seem harmless. But i think the culmative effects can clearly be seen on society and our youth.

    We are not a free-thinking people. We are vunerable, seduced by radio stations playing the same songs over and over (repetition) to keep us in a state of romantic fantasy and weakness. Essentially a state of "weakness" never able to obtain the ideal, always the victim.

    And in that hypnotic state we are spoon fed our morality, interests, and many other things. Now we are perfect and ripe for being taken advantage of in every way. We are NOT involved in the government and know NOTHING of what is happening. That's what they want.

    Our minds are wrapped up in fantasy and they are milking us financially, even selling us legal and illegal drugs (hello), and in many other ways taking advantage, becasue they KNOW they can control us becasue we do NOT live in the real world.

    And worst, for any Christian, they have almost completely muddled the lines between Godly spirituality and occult spirituality. And we let them do it. We sit our kids in front of the TV and let the powers that be babysit and teach them–lies, sexual promiscuity, and violence. Ever watch saturday morning cartoons. It's saturated in occult and sexual symbolism.

    Come on people. Harmless? Wake up.

    I wish people would open their eyes. But they can't, becasue even that's all been predicted by Christ and the world is on course with it's destiny. But if you care for your kids don't buy into this.

    They are the real victims and you may not see the results *right away* and that's part of the deception to keep us going and getting is deeper and deeper into the pit and under their control.

    • Yes…it IS just a movie.

      If you view it as such and have a strong mind, will, and heart than you seem to allow.

      I wish people would open their eyes as well, and try to realize that projecting satan and demons into everything is not a very healthy mindset.

      Symbols are meaningless in and of themselves. Same with music, movies, books, etc.

      It's the POWER we as individuals give these symbols that make them actually mean anything. No power — no meaning. Get it? So now you can watch all the movies you want!! See how easy that is? And they don't have to mean anything you don't want them to mean.

      Like your own individuality, it's up to you what you want to ascribe to these movies, symbols, music, etc.

      So yes, by all means…WAKE UP. Maybe it's YOU that is deceived. Maybe it's YOU who can't let go of this devil fixation in every corner of the human psyche.

    • Thankfully, those of us who have read our Bibles know where all this is leading. God is in charge. He's allowing all this to go on while His word is spread, giving everyone the opportunity to repent and believe on Him. Time is running out though, He won't wait for ever.

  72. Well what can I say.

    They lie, we lie to ourselves, people lie and the truth becomes a needle and the internet a haystack.


  73. If you want to condemn Harry Potter, you'll have to condemn most other children stories as well.

    Wil Cinderella also go to hell? After all, she had help from a magical fairy.

    What about Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk? He's a sinner for planting magical beans, right?

    And Aladdin? Will he be punished for having a Genie friend and using a magic carpet?

    Yes, Harry Potter incorporates magic, but so do many other children's tales. "Magic" has always been a staple in children's stories. Not everything has to be about religion or have a religious undertone. Perhaps J.K. Rowling, like a plethora of authors before, found the idea of fictional magic as a good subject of a story.

    I mean in no way to offend, but merely to state my opinion.

    • Apparently you do not know many children's stories. Even the original fairy tales weren't as pro satan as Disney's movies… A couple of centuries ago ALL witches were portrayed as they truly are: ugly, satanic and evil. And I am not talking about physical appearance.

      I do not get the double standard from society. Everyone is complaining about the downfall of the US, yet anyone says nothing about the Babylon media from the US. So the US complains about God's judgment yet stays shush about the satanism coming from within… Talk about hypocrisy.

      • Your previous arguments imply that ALL magic is condemned. Even "white" or "good" magic. In that case, it doesn't matter whether witches are portrayed as evil or good.

    • That's exactly my point !! No One is saying that magic is good ! The point is that it won't influence you just by watching a movie about magic.

      I'm sorry but I think you have to be pretty weak to be influenced by something you see in a movie. Just because I see witchcraft being done in a movie, doesn't mean that I will join the dark side or whatever.

      So yes, to me HP is JUST a movie.

      I watch it today and tomorrow I'll watch 'Romeo and Juliet'.


      To comment on what you said earlier: No, I obviously don't think that drawing a baphomet-idol on a kidsbook is ok.

      It's just that i get the feeling that you believe that if you see something in a movie it will instantly influence you. And I don't agree with that.

      Hence, my 'CSI-remark'.

      The people that are obsessed with HP, CHOOSE to be obsessed with it !

      No One can come and tell me that there is a Christian plot in HP.

      That's honestly the biggest BULL I've ever heard.

      When I watch HP i'm fully aware of everything that's going on. Half of it is just fantasy.

      I mean seriously.. a device that helps you go back in time ???? A big vase that you can store your memories in ??

      Half of the time it makes me laugh 😀

      And no, I dont think that what VC is doing is pointless. I just think that people need to calm down just a little bit. The point of this site is to be vigilant, not paranoid.

  74. Hey, I just discovered this site and am confused by this whole covering one eye thing. What's the big deal? If the masses don't know what it's supposed to mean how is it desensitizing them? What does it mean anyway? Thanks!

  75. The Book of Isaiah has a message for all those HP fans:

    20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

  76. Purple November on

    I do believe that JK Rowling has taken inspiration from the esoteric but i dont believe its her intention to manupilate or initiate people into wiccan practises. Authors and writers the world over have been repackaging ancient esoteric stories and teachings for many years. take George Lucas with Star Wars. It sounds creative to people who dont have the knowledge. People are very familiar with the teachings of the bible and islam so repackaging these stories would be useless as people would see straight through them and not be drawn into the storyline. Fantasy stories will always involve magic, good + evil, wizards, witches and demons etc. People have grown up for 100's of years with these sorts of stories such as Merlin or Dracula, it isnt a new fad. Im not saying that JK Rowling hasnt taken from the dark arts, she has with names and references but i dont think its for a dark purpose.

    • Don't worry, I'm sure he's fine. People just need a break sometimes. Or sometimes things just come up, you know? But yeah, I've been wondering where he is, too.

  77. Vernel Flavien on

    Its gruesome understanding what this world is becoming and how I do sometimes fall prey and just cant see the real message with my myopic eyes….I ENJOY VIGILIANT CITIZEN…….wow media, famous stars, government world leaders….right there in our homes, music you name it infiltrating our minds so sultry yet DEADLY….

  78. Where in the world is VC? Today is Saturday and the weekly symbolic pics should have been up. Is he waiting till August 02? I hope he is coming back with some killer news.

  79. Don't worry about VC!

    Hopefully he is enjoying vacation or writting an interesting full article about the 27 Club and Amy (please?).

  80. I know someone that knows VC and he is in prison. The illuminati set him up on some false charges to keep him in prison.

    Based on what I hear they set him up good and unfortunately we won't be hearing from him for a long time, if ever. Sucks.

  81. I heard that too.

    Fuck the NWO. Free VC now!!!!

    We should protest the prison & fight for his release!!

    • Really? This must be a silly joke.

      God Bless you VC!!!

      We are waiting for you with arms and eyes open!

    • Sarah Connor on

      I really hope this is just a rumor and he is vacationing!!! But if it is true (which just made me sick to my stomach) something/protest should be organized, no joke!!!! I really hope he is just getting a tan somewhere……..

  82. I was worried they would get to VC eventually. expose the elite and they will kill you or send you to prison.

    My prayers and thoughts go out to VC and thanks for sacrificing your freedom to bring us the truth.

    Godspeed VC

  83. Freedomfighter on

    VC was arrested sat. 0730 by local & federal authorities. I don't know what the charges are but there is no bail set.

    This is a set up and bs because you know it's because he's exposing these assholes.

    We will make sure you are released VC.

    • Always Aware on

      How do you know/is there more information available if you're even telling the truth (i.e. where is he being held)?

  84. moribundystopia on

    wth!!! are you guys serious? are there any articles on his arrest? & what's his real name anyway? dang!

  85. Jesus Christ, what was she on in that photo? That doesn't look like Heroin or Pot…what the fuck did she take?

    • moribundystopia on

      news just in… controversial internet blogger Vigilant Citizen broken out of maximum security prison by pathological lunatic blogger freedomfighter…

  86. VC is in custody. He was raided Saturday evening IRONICALLY charged with conspiracy and planned terrorism by the FBI & the local police. They said he was inciting violence against the state.

    Other blogs that know him have been posting things.

    This is not cool at all. I know I will be organizing protests & raising a defense fund to fight these ridiculous charges.

      • Exactly. The website should have been the first to go -plus with all his research into this and the methods used, you think he wouldn't have foreseen that "raid" probability??

        @Dannie and @freedom fighter please provide links or something as some means of "verification"

  87. Are you kidding me?? Now, honestly is this a joke? Are you sure he was arrested?! Maybe it is just a sick joke…HOPE SO! Please someone, send a link or something. :( God! Not VC!!! But think about it. If the FBI caught him why didn't they close this site? And are they so stupid that they don't realize if they put him in jail that proves everything on this site IS TRUE? Idk…I'm really confused

  88. I don't have twitter, and don't plan on creating one. Someone please fill me in on what on Earth has happened to him.

    • @SJ – You don't have to have twitter to see his recent post but here it is:

      vigilantfeed The Vigilant Citizen

      Sorry for the lack of updates…will be back with new material soon!!/vigilantfeed

      Looks like he is just far behind and not "in prison" as several suggest.

  89. anyone who believes that doing a hand gesture MUST be supporting a international conspiracy (even if they are unaware) is AS naive as anyone who says everybody who wears Skirts MUST be promiscuous or that everyone who has a Mullet MUST be Redneck or even that anyone who is fat MUST have an eating problem. No Foolin'! It's called a LOGICAL FALLACY.

  90. Is anyone of you able to link a page about specific esoteric meanings in Harry Potter, possibly describing them WITHOUT having a Catholic (or similar) point of view? ..I'm kind of tired of just finding "oh good Jesus forgive us sinners" beetween the lines, especially if they sound like Jo Ratzy's to me.

  91. "J-Pop is really into it"

    HOLY CRAP…one of those girls…I swear…she looks like one of the girls who made Aimi Eguchi!

  92. I shot the Emma Watson photo, and she only covered one eye because we were shooting for iD magazine. They have the tradition of covering one eye for the cover. I assure you Emma is not part of the "machine" you speak of.

  93. I would love it if VC made a Harry Potter article.

    I am tired of seeing brain-washed children believing in witchcraft and such things. There are a lot of them. Thinking Harry Potter is real. My cousin is super obsessed with Harry Potter since she started reading it. She is so brain-washed I think that sometimes she is losing the touch with the reality.

  94. @belezaa – Either you're delusional or in denial. There can't be that many coincidences inlife & obviously you have't looked into the occult very much. Maybe your brain doesn't exist…

  95. Why are you here?

    If it's a coincidence, it wouldn't have been everywhere, but clearly, one little click on "This week's Symbolic Pics" will let you see how often these signs have been appearing. Fashion doesn't just do one dumb pose for every shoot, they're constantly trying to be creative. So what's the explanation for this?

    It's not a "fad" if they throw in Satanic symbolism everywhere. By that logic, they would've done Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. Duh.

  96. Oh the idiotic certainty of an abject fool. Your ignorance is a sight to behold. Happy days to you Philistine.

  97. I think most of the commentors here miss the point to the post & they are posting comments that have more to do with jelousy.

    They feel celebrities are young, rich, famous…therefore they must of done something unethically to get it, ie sell their soul.

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