Lil Wayne’s “Love Me”: A Video Glamorizing Kitten Programming


Lil Wayne single “Love Me” (featuring Drake and Future) appears to be another rap song about easy girls and so forth. The symbolism of the video however adds a more sinister dimension to the song: It directly refers to Monarch Mind Control, specifically Kitten Programming, and even refers to its techniques. We’ll look at the symbolism of Lil Wayne’s “Love Me”.

At first glance, Love Me appears to be yet another song where rappers brag about how many “hos” they got. While some might shake their heads at the unoriginality of the subject matter, others might shake their heads at the way women are portrayed in the video. However, I’ll add another reason to shake your head: Love Me refers to the most terrible practice on earth, Monarch Mind Control (if you don’t know what I’m talking about read this article). In short, Beta Programming (also known as Kitten Programming) is used to create brainwashed sex slaves.

This programming eliminates learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive instincts devoid of inhibitions. This training Program (usually for women) is for developing the “ultimate prostitute”. This is the most used (by the abusers knowledgeable of the Project Monarch) program.
– Mark Phillips, Operation Monarch

As we’ll see in this article, the video contains ALL of the possible symbolism relating to Kitten Programming and it also emphasizes the slave status of the women in the video. Lil Wayne’s girls are literally locked in cages and depicted as animals. They are also shown in situations that subtly allude to actual MK torture techniques that used to traumatize slaves and cause them to dissociate from reality. Of course, everything is portrayed in a cool and fashionable matter, to make sure young people embrace all of this with even realizing it. Let’s look at the meaning of the video.


Women as MK Slaves, Rappers as Handlers

In the very first seconds of the video, we see a semi-subliminal image that announces what the video is all about.

For about a second, the fire from the lighter takes the shape of a Baphomet head.

For about a second, the fire from the lighter takes the shape of a Baphomet head / goat of Mendes. This is a kind of “stamp of approval” of the occult elite and an important symbol used in MK programming.

The song is about how women apparently love Lil Wayne. In the video, they however don’t seem to have much of a choice because they are TRAPPED IN CAGES, inside a very dodgy-looking compound.

While singing about how women love them, singer Future is surrounded with women locked in cages.

Future sings about how “b*tches love him”… but he’s not about to free them from their cages. This contradictory scene somewhat relates to how MK slaves are programmed to identify with and even “love” their handler through confusing mind games.

Locking slaves in cages an actual Monarch Programming  technique to discipline, traumatize and dehumanize the victims.

A painting by trauma-based mind control survivor Kim Noble (from the article  The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas) depicting a dissociating child locked in a caged and observed by a handler.

A painting made by trauma-based mind control survivor Kim Noble (from the article The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas) depicting children locked in cages and observed by a handler.

The many close-up shots of girls during the video all somehow allude to an aspect of Kitten Programming. Here are some of them:

She has feline prints on her face (which is used in mass media to refer to Kitten programming). To make sure you get the message, she also has cat eyes and is licking her paw.

This model has a feline prints on her face (which is used in mass media to refer to Kitten programming). To make sure you get the message, she also has cat eyes and is licking her “paw”. At this point, the video is basically screaming out KITTEN PROGRAMMING.

Licking a blade is maybe sexily dangerous but also refers to the trauma used to create Beta Programming products.

Licking a blade is maybe sexily dangerous, but also refers to the mix of inhibiting lust and physical abuse involved in Kitten Programming.

This headgear is reminiscent of BDSM stuff but is also a way to represent a slave mind being trapped and controlled by a handler.

This headgear is reminiscent of BDSM stuff but is also a way to represent a slave’s mind being trapped and controlled by a handler.

Kittens are trained to truly embrace their state of servitude. This model appears to be loving her chain very much. A little too much.

Kittens are trained to truly embrace their state of servitude. This model appears to be loving her chain very much. A little too much.

She has a huge butterfly covering one of her eyes, which is probably the most blatant reference to Monarch mind control in the video.

This model has a huge butterfly covering one of her eyes, which is probably the most blatant reference to Monarch mind control in the video.

In the video, Lil Wayne somewhat plays the role of the handler, where he’s basically in control of these mesmerized women.

Here, Lil Wayne is in a bedroom that is full of water with women swimming in it. Aside from the fact that this water will probably cause a lot of damage to the room, it is another way to show slaves in uncomfortable settings and might be a way to subtly refer to water torture that MK slaves must go through. Also, notice the frame with butterflies in it - a way of reminding you that this is all about Monarch programming.

Here, Lil Wayne is in a bedroom that is full of water with women swimming in it. Aside from the fact that this water will probably cause a lot of water damage in that room, it is also a way to show that these slaves are literally “out of their element”. Also, notice the frame on the left with butterflies in it. Yes, this is all about Monarch programming.

One of Lil Wayne’s first rhymes is:

“These hos love me like Satan, man!”

We then see a quick flash of this image:

Lil Wayne as Satan, man.

Lil Wayne as Satan, man.

This line is perplexing for a few reasons. Why do these “hos” love him like Satan? Is he implying that they were loving Satan to begin with? Whether it was intentional or not, this line has profound implications in the realm of Monarch Programming, as slaves are often victims of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), are made to participate in traumatic rituals (where female slaves become “brides of Satan”) and so forth. Sometimes MK handlers tell their slave they are Satan himself while they are abusing them to further trauma.

“Alters within a Monarch slave are conditioned by their servitude to believe that their life is controlled by Satan, who is
stronger than God. Where was God when they needed him?”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Another one of Wayne’s rhymes is strangely reminiscent to the kind of dialogue a Kitten slave would have with a handler.

She say “I never wanna you make you mad,
I just wanna make you proud”
I say “baby, just make me c*m,
Then don’t make a sound” a MK handler.

Soulless … like a MK handler.

The last part of the video is also somewhat disturbing. It begins with “kittens” entering a white room.

They move like cats to identify them as Kitten Programming.

They move like cats. You know, like in Kitten programming.

They then reach a bathtub full of red liquid (blood) and, for no apparent reason, make a big mess.

The girls are all covered in blood, rolling around in it and everything. Is that supposed to be hot or something?

The girls are all covered in blood, rolling around in it and everything. Is that supposed to be hot or something? Who in their right mind would do that? Nobody. But these women are NOT in their right mind.

Once again, this scene subtly refers to an actual Monarch practice that is used to traumatize slaves and engender dissociation.

“In searching for traumas to apply to little children, the Programmers found that these natural phobias which occur in most people from birth will work “wonderful” to split the mind. Along this line, the following are samples of traumas done to program slaves:

C. Immersion into feces, urine and containers of blood. Then being made to eat these things. These are standard traumas.”
– Ibid.

While the real life implication of this scene is horrible, everything is nevertheless portrayed in a cool and stylized matter, where the models keep doing sensual faces to the camera (in real life, these faces would be completely distorted with pain).

In Conclusion

Like many other pop songs, Lil Wayne’s Love Me has a simple surface meaning–him not caring about haters as long as his “hos” love him–but the music video adds a very sinister underlying meaning. Regular readers of this site understand that there’s an undeniable pattern of reoccurring symbolism in popular culture and Love Me definitely adds to it. Indeed, in this video, ALL of the symbolism that is associated with Kitten Programming (one eye, butterflies, animal prints, etc.) is represented in the video, along with various references to real life Monarch Programming practices. While each individual element could have been present in the video to symbolize something else than MK-Ultra, tell me … what are the odds that ALL of these symbols being “randomly” inserted in one, four-minute video? As is the case for other videos reviewed on this site, it is not about pointing out single instances of random symbols, but understanding each piece as a whole and the hidden realities it refers to. One these hidden realities is Monarch programming, one of the occult elite’s favorite practices, one that can be traced back to what Springmeier calls “generational satanic families”.

While rap has always had a healthy dose of macho bravado, Love Me is a deformation of this “tradition”, as it adds a sick, perverted twist to it, including allusions to violence, abuse and even torture. As years go by, this “pushing of the envelope” becomes more apparent as the original culture around hip-hop is slowly but surely becoming “Illuminati-friendly”. Like many other movements in society, hip-hop has been co-opted by the elite to be used as a tool to indoctrinate young people. Are there still real rappers out there? Yes, tons of them. But you’ll probably never seen them on the Grammys.




  1. Lil Wayne has absolutely no talent.

    But I'm sure that the people that come on this site already know that.

    it still gets me how stupid and oblivious some people within the industry can become. Like seriously doesnt anyone get the whole:

    sell your soul + sell out +worship the devil = hell and harsh judgement?

    or am I just being a little too depressing?

    • i think its funny how these 'bad ass' rappers are talking about how all these girls love them, and how they get it easy, i mean do they not realize they're programmed that way? I get all these mind controlled slaves look at me.. riiight be a real man and actually try to get girl with a free will, oh wait they can't cause real women don't go for sleaze balls like these.

      I just hate this programming, its probably one of the worst :( I really hope God saves these women and makes these handlers repent.

      Thank God there is a hell, that's all I can say.

      • Well actually, they do very well with real women since they all seem to have baby mommas from when before theyw ere famous.

      • Chewy after they made their money. Unless you claim women are so desperate to go anywhere near Lil w*nker or Jay-Z for that matter. Are you sure that they had kids with various women before the fame? Have you seen what those women look like? They might be intoxicated drug addicts, mentally unbalanced who else in their right mind would have kids with any of those men if there was no financial gain out of it? I checked his personal life and it is said that 3 out of his 4 kids were born after he became famous and wealthy. Ha I knew it. As to his firstborn it was only conceived when he was 14 years old. The mother was as young as him, his childhood sweetheart. You see the first woman was too young and ignorant and the rest of them probably went with him to secure good child maintenance.

      • So basically what your saying Callie is that Lil' Wayne and Jay-Z are scum of the earth and would not get wome if they were not rich and famous right? Thats a rather mean thing to say about people you probably don't even know outside of the spotlight. I don't understand why so many people on this site are so quick to pass judgement on others. I understand the whole Illuminati controls the music industry mumbo jumbo but does that also mean that everyone we see on TV is part of one big plot to take over the world? Cause in my opinion thats just way too far-fetched to be possible. Maybe a few but EVERYONE? Come guys, you gotta admit thats just a little crazy.

      • xManreborn – I am sure not 100% is agenda driven that you see on TV however it is likely 90% or more. The reason is because the companies who broadcast are the same people who own 90% of the corporation wealth in the world. They own the media and they own hollywood. They also own most politicians and are responsible for most of the death in the world. Once you start connecting the dots you start realizing that EVERYTHING should be scrutinized rather than only some things. Once you scrutinize/question EVERYTHING only then can you begin to eliminate the few things that are left untouched by the illuminati's (satan's) influence.

        Callie is exactly right. But you don't seem to get that "getting women" is not what really matters in the world. You are defending lil wayne's ability to get women. WTF is wrong with you? Who cares? You say that we shouldn't "judge" lil wayne because we aren't by his side all of the time knowing what he is doing. Well, I'll just say this: You don't have to eat the whole apple to know its a bad one.

      • lol. ur jus jealous.the man has a genius i.q. and a photograpic memory. he is an artist and a brilliant one at that. whywould you assume his lyrics are pertaining to himself in his real personal life? Mr. Dwayne Carter does many wonderful things for those less fortunate but you are choosing to pick out only what you perceive is true or fact. Your comments on his life(style) is a reflection of YOUR ideas and does not at all reflect what this artist is conveying.

      • Wow Debbie, and you are probably one of the brainwashed drones who defend creeps like lil Wayne. Wake up and smell the coffee, all the evidence was presented, lil Wayne and all affiliates are the problem. You need to stop watching MTV and Bet so damn much!

      • What you'll find is that some of them go with him because he's loaded. I think he used to date some waitress from Italy, most definitely she is only into him for the material possessions. I don't claim there aren't some mind controlled victims who waste their time with them, however some who are not the victims of mind control/abuse etc are more than willing to go with them for the money. There are many cheap people around and one of the worst passions we tend to suffer from is money. You, I or some others might be able to control it because we are not enslaved by some kind of love towards possessions/welath but at the end of the day we all have some passions that we sufer from and struggle to keep them at bay. In my view money/fame is one of the worst ones. It can control so many aspects of your life which is quite frightening.

      • How is that definite? Did you speak to the waitress in question? Please stop rushing to such conclusions. Yeah he does bad stuff sometimes but so does everybody else in this miserable world we live in. If you don't agree with his lifestyle thats you're opinion. It doesnt make you better than him so quit passing unnecessary judgement. Live and let live friend

      • (rolls eyes)

        Take your moral relativism elsewhere. That kind of passive, permissive worldview is one of the main causes of why evil gets to flourish.

        I'm serious. You'd honestly be more useful burying your head in the sand than spewing that emasculating nonsense.

    • I agree, don't they know the team they're playing for loses in the end? Just willingly dumb. I'm praying they wake up before it's too late but I doubt I'll see them in heaven. So sad.

      • Don't moan. If we ever go anywhere near heaven, we'll get to meet some more interesting ones ie Saint George and many others. I'd rather meet St George than Lil Wayne tbh.

      • And how are you so certain you will make heaven? Did you see your name on a list or something? Don't forget the thief that was crucified along side Christ. Bet people said the exact same thing about him too but look how that ended. Don't be so hasty to judge cause you can't know the final outcome.

      • xMaN there is nobody else for you to pick on but me? Well I am judgemental to a certain degree, what can we do? weaknesses, weaknesses.

    • honestly, i used to listen to him when he was still an indie artist and he had potential. BUT instead of rising above his surroundings and the way he grew up, he sold his soul and pride for fame. I hope when he realizes it was not worth it, it will not be to late for him.

      • I totally agree. I was hoping to find someone who agrees with me. He HAS got loads of talent. And whether he is behind his pen, or some demon like Sasha Fierce his talent is apparent. Anyway his talent aside… 3 words… OH. MY. GOSH. Just looking at this article is giving me thrills of fear, i don't think i'd be able to handle the actual video. It's sick and VERY twisted.

    • Did anyone notice the women showing snake tongues in the video? At 1:19 and 1:28. VERY DISTURBING!
      There are probably more, but those are the ones i noticed easily.

    • Thats not right. Lil Wayne was a pretty talented rapper in the beginning. He's just kinda lost it lately. I mean if you saw him freestyle you would definitely see the raw talent. I blame substance abuse. Thats usually the case.

    • Nope, you are absolutely right. Vigilant Citizen has done a great job once again on analyzing this video. A small detail I saw just now while watching the video, is that on 1:11 you can see a flash of Wayne's face with cockroaches crawling over it. It's creepy, disgusting and very insulting to my and everyones IQ.


    • Lilwayne is my least favorite rapper if you can call him that I personal think that his mission is to destroy "Rap music" this may sound far fetched but not really because I think that many of the "Artists" using the term artist loosely are used to carry out missions that support the bigger agenda of the Illuminati . He's also being used to make Satanic worship seem "Cool" but then again they're used to do that..

    • well, its pretty obvious this is all a bunch of crap!!! Lil wayne is just another AWESOME artist, fuck who doesnt agree

    • Totally agree he's a junkie nicki an all them puppets are purposely misleading our children I hate it!! They don't give a shit about our youth!!!' Smh Tupac would've stood for this sick and sinister tyranny things taking place it's only gonna get worse! I wish he wld do one on ke$ha!! Drinking goat blood and illuminati I'm your face disrupting videos!

    • Lil Wayne is far from talentless. I used to enjoy a lot of his music. But you would have to be into his music to recognize the shift in his songs and in him as a person. I believe that he is a very tortured soul. They go after those with a tramatic past and he's definitely been through a lot. No coincidence that he was found by cash money as a young boy and that he was the youngest in their "clique" and is literally the only one left. he was the most impressionable and relies heavily on his father figure (handler) Baby Williams. Remember that God gives the talent despite it being used for evil.

  2. Well, Little Wayne with the horns… . "A picture says a thousand words." It's so wonderful now that our Elite friends publicize all their behavior for us.

    The Monarch Mind Control designation was originally applied by the US Department of Defense to a sub-program under the CIA's MK-Ultra Program. However, the techniques employed in the Monarch programming system extend back further under various names, such as the Nazi marionette programming.

    Even further back, the techniques used in Monarch programming can be traced to various generational Satanist families among European royalty. The MPD state created by the Monarch programming techniques were used to isolate the personality involved in Satanic rituals from a public face. Without this alternate personality, the nobles practicing Satanism inevitably went insane, so it's practice spread rapidly through the occult community.

    It is unclear who first started practicing the MPD techniques as a way of creating mind control slaves rather than as a defense mechanism, but it is clear that the Nazis were using Electro-shock and binding to create slaves in the 1940s. After World War II, some German and Italian psychologists who were working on Marionette programming were brought to the United States to continue working on their research.

    After the original development of the Monarch program inside of MK-Ultra, it has been adopted by other groups such as the Illuminati and the American entertainment industry. Very notably, since the 1970's the Disney corporation has been involved heavily in Monarch programming, and several of their films (especially Alice in Wonderland) are used as a base for Monarch programming.

    Over 1 million Americans have had Monarch programming applied to them.[1]

      • I don’t understand why they would want to split their own personalities I thought they would relish the satanic practices, I think going insane would be their punishment or actually the only sane thing would be going insane.

        So I have to wonder why they would do these things if they don’t truly love it, because there are plenty of evil people doing evil things and are still in their right mind (well, as right as they can be).

        I saw this vid only yesterday quick analysis vc.

        Also there’s a new American series just started in uk called 666 Park Avenue, obviously there’s going to be loads of symbolism but I wonder if the show is to promote satanism or show people how to get involved, or make people believe that they have actual power of the supernatural kind, and not human illusions. It seems there’s so many programs promoting dark things and dead things and nothing of the light recently.

      • It could be 1 million – there are 313 million people in the US. That is 0.3%. I would say that is a fair approximation. But still scary!

    • Check out Josef Mengele, who they used to call the Angel of Death throughout Nazi Germany and one of the people he programmed who is called Arizona Wilder

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I also wanted to know if anyone has evidence if this type of technique was used during slavery. Some of the brtal techniques would cause any type of person to go insane. II read John Blassingame's book about plantation life which describe slave culture and the beatings would be used to produce those to do incredible things to build this country. The masters and overseers are similar to modern day handlers too.

      I hit a dead end when trying to find out about a body of information that I read in Sojourner Truths book. I discussed how small babies including her son were sexually brtalized as well as how some slaves were bred to be sex objects and how men were raped by the masters as well as the women.

      • This is called "seasoning" a slave, the techniques you';ve mentioned. Please read the Willie Lynch letters, it also shows the mind control techniques used on slaves to keep them in mental bondage for 400 years. Yes, "slave seasoning" is generational programming!!!

    • People are too born idle to do anything. people are too scared to speak out. people like to turn a blind eye, which is why we are all in this mess. People are too bothered about paying their bills, working long hours, waiting for friday to come to get pissed and on monday, it all starts again. we are being forced to work long hours so that we dont pay attention to what is important. we are falling into the illuminati's hands.

    • At is rate with all the ongoing distractions….it may be never.
      Remember there is a reason they refer to the masses as sheeple

  3. I'm disgusted. This is to date the most blatant and disgusting music video promoting MK Ultra. Just when you think it can't possibly get worse…it just did.

    • You have every right to be disgusted but trust that this is bound to get worse than this…..they aren't done showing their true colors…

    • let them, because when they want to wake up from the dream, and the less they wait, they're already living in hell with their father. stupid people!

      • Join the club, sister! It's all there, in plain sight, yet *YOU* are the crazy one.

        Don't sweat it. You shake their apple cart, and it's unpleasant. Don't discount what happens when [NOT IF] they think about it.

        I've had fam/friends admit as much.

  4. I alway read this site first before viewing a video tho I rarely watch any now I days I find it sick nd I try to tell everyone we have the power to stop it nd not let THEM controll US free you mind Save your life

  5. Pac would turn in his grave if he heard this. Besides this being a complete blatant proof of Mind Control this is one of the crappiest Rap songs I've heard my entire life. Worst proof of MK so far. Wow, I don't even know what to say. I Just hate him, I wish he would just turn away, that guy is so ugly and has no freakin talent whatsoever.

    • Tupac was in the illuminati himself, youtube 2pac rap revelations and start from episode one. Pac grew up reading illuminati novels and infiltrated that into his lyrics. Hes nothing bu a false profit, we have all been hood winked to believe that he was against the illuminti but he was for the illuminati.
      How did his mom affena get acquitted of over 150 charges of conspiracy against the united states goverment in the new york panther 21 court case? Just what exactly did she sacrafice to get out of that? Could it have been her unborn child tupac?

      • Really, I never heard of people sacrificing their children to get out of criminal charges!! Would love to have more info on PAC being involved with the illuminati tho as it was my belief also he was opposed to it.

    • Yes let hate and anger fill your soul. It makes you strong. You will be a powerful with lord. You will now the powah of the darkside.

    • While I agree that Tupac would turn in his grave my agreement ends there. The reason Tupac is no longer here is because he spoke out against all the evils of the industry and strongly encouraged people to take a stand against the powers that be. A true black panther seed. He brought the black panther boldness and intelligence to the music industry where it wasn't welcomed. I am a HUGE fan of Tupac, not only his music, but his depth of insight as well. Just think, he was only 25 when he was killed. Imagine what kind of power he would have had with more wisdom and maturity. There was no way he was going to be left alive. For anyone who hasn't studied Tupac in depth I would strongly encourage you to do so. Don't just listen to his music. Watch as many interviews as you can, especially the later ones. Read about him. There was a great book written about him called Holla If You Hear me. He was an amazing YOUNG man. Tupac was on the verge of going in a different direction. It was no coincidence that Suge Knight was brought in the picture.

    • People are going to interpret and believe what they want, but it is a sad day in time when women and men depict each other in such a demonistic manner. The spirit of so many of our youth have been victimized by those who hold the power. It is not just Lil Wayne, he is a puppet with money. The real Devils are the companies who produce and send messages that creates negative purposeful behavior. One thing about all of this, it comes with a hefty price, and some things money just can't buy. Good Luck!!!

  6. It makes me sick to think how shamelessly the media now promotes agendas like this. Even worse to think how the masses are totally and completely blind to it. A music video like this shouldn't even need an article to interpret its meaning–it's so obvious! But another great article, VC, as I've come to expect. I always love reading your words and thanks for the work you put into all of your articles to inform us.

    These photos were recently featured on tumblr. Supposedly cosmetic ads, but any regular to this site would know the true meaning. I think they belong in your next Symbolic Pics of the Month.

    • I think the most worrying thing is the fact that they ARE being so blatant about it… Who knows what this year will bring? Its only February and already this. The fact that the Elite don't care about showing things like this is very sinister to me… Are they getting ready for the time when this will be global knowledge… because all of us will be subjected to it everyday ourselves? Because i honestly don't believe that they don't think we know what happens behind the scenes. I don't. And this whole cages/prison theme may be old but it never loses it's touch of the macabre… Especially when its used in younger peoples music videos. Like One Directions video "Kiss You" music video where they dance around like Elvis in jail house rock. Or Miley Cyrus' song where she was literally some kind of bird/animal in a gilded cage. Why do they keep trying to glamorize that concept? There's nothing at all sexy about cold prisons and being behind bars- prison or cage.

  7. I don't know what you are talking about, that is real talent! Haaahaha! Just kidding. Wonderful article and I just hipped someone else to this site and they found out that some of their other, in the know friends, are already fans. Keep on truckin' VC!!

  8. The list of perversions celebrated in that video is long….

    But our time may be short….

    Deviant group sex magick rituals are at the heart of everything the "Illuminati" do…..

    Every day they allow the public to see a little bit more of the terrible throbbing fate that awaits them.

    Just recently they finally permitted the world to learn of the ancient roots of their twisted sex rites. Google "Kangjiashimenji Petroglyphs" and be prepared to be nauseated by the polysexual orgies of the "illuminated" 4,000 years ago. Then watch that "Little Wayne" video carefully and see how many references to "illuminated" sex perversions are made obvious.

    • Just wanted to say Hello to Dr S…..I will be checking that out btw – Ive just got a book by David Icke, The Biggest Secret and trust me you will love that book…………

      • Callie, a friend gave it to me – The message beind the book is that The world we live in is not what we think it is

      • A friend gave it to me and its the message behind the book that our world is not what we think it is and that it revolves around deception – But he kinda joins all the dots together and thats when ya say "Wooooooah"

      • A friend gave it to me – He talks about deception of our "reality" and the world is not what we think it is

      • A friend gave it to me – But its the message behind the book that hes trying to tell everyone – That the world is not what and how we think it is and that the main outline is Deception and Corruption of the masses and the book just goes into detail and elaborates on this aspect

      • Just beware of the whole "reptilian" thing. There are no aliens or repitilians; there are only demons. Stay true to God and Jesus Christ. Pray for these innocent MK Ultra victims & pray for lil Wayne; that he may be delivered from this evil and come to Christ before it's too late.

      • Exactly Lucy, they are different names but relating to the same thing which are Demons – They can shapeshift and appear how they want to, so they can appear as a snake, half man, half goat, a beautiful seductive woman, an animal, etc, get it? – In the ancient times, people referred to them as Nephilim, fallen angels, supernatural/celestial beings – SAME DECEPTION, DIFFERENT AGE – So all the Gods of Roman, Greek, Hindu, Mayan, Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian mythology and how you see them depicted in art is how they would have appeared to the people of them times – Their goal is to deceive you and to convince you that its them that are our cerators but they are NOT.


      • So your saying that they've existed all of these years, and tainted or molded all of schools of thought; but Christianity (which is more recent then the aforementioned religions) is completely 100% legitimate. Even though the Catholic Church is run rampant with sex scandals. Not saying demons don't exist but it's always the chicken and the egg debate with me; is it demons playing aliens, or aliens that created the whole concept of demons???

      • I did not say Christianity "is completely 100%" legitimate. 95% of all religious institutions in "illuminated" controlled territory are fronts for "Illuminati" perversion – including at least 69% of Christian denominations according to the latest survey. Most of these "churches" hold secret sex magick rituals on their altars – the Vatican has entire warehouses just to hold the collection of sex toys used in their rituals.

        No – the word of God has been perverted everywhere and the "illuminated" manipulate and sodomize innocents while pretending to be godly. Many sincere people of faith will never realize that the person controlling their ritual sex magick abuse during Monarch sex puppet trances is in fact their most trusted pastor, priest, rabbi, imam, etc…..


      • Right on Lucy. We have to remember that while they are perpetrating this disgusting horror; they themselves are being deceived by Satan. PRAY FOR THEM….Taylor, Brittany, this thing in this article, pray for Christ to set them free; imagine the testimony that would be for all of the kids that follow blindly these celebs. We need revival in Jesus' merciful name~

      • Actually if you read Genesis 3:15 brought up that there was a race of snake like individual belonging to Satan. I do that's what some of these conspiracy meant when they use the word reptilian.

    • Why is it important to read up on such a thing? Why pump your mind full of evil and negativity? I get on this site to connect with fellow believers in Christ, and to spread the Good News of salvation. Delving to far into these things can often do the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. 3 weeks ago, I totaly would have googled that; but now, nothing sounds worse than reading what ever that is.

      • Why? Why do you read VC?

        Most people read VC and the few other uncorrupted sources of information publicly available because they want to educate themselves about the "Illuminati" and protect themselves and their loved ones from becoming victims.

        Just take a look what is revealed by the monstrous images from these proto-Tocharian "Illuminati":

        Horrifying rituals of deviant group sex. This is what their "Old Ways" were based on and this is how they worship and control us still today. Every one of the disgusting practices depicted in the petroglyphs is celebrated in the video above. Every One. That means for more than five thousand years this secret society has maintained an unbroken lineage of esoteric sex magick teachings. Five thousand years. That's a lot of time to gain control of weak and lustful humanity behind the scenes – a lot of time to use unsuspecting humans in their twisted little games.

        My posts do not address spiritual matters EXCEPT insofar as they describe the twisted "illuminated" belief system and rituals. But even the most spiritually focused VC reader understands that the "Illuminati" are a genuine threat HERE and NOW. Not an abstract threat. Not just a threat to celebrities. The "Illuminati" threaten the anal virginities of you and everyone reading this – and if that is not reason enough to study the sexual arsenal they have been using against us from the time of those petroglyphs and tiger sodomy on the plains of the Taklamakan to our age of Lil' Wayne, water bondage, and Monarch sex puppets then perhaps indeed your time would be better spent studying other subjects. But those of us who would rather not find ourselves used as 'zombie sex kittens' will keep studying VC and elsewhere.

      • It might be 5000 years however it couldn't be the same genartions so many years. Some decided they had enough of this and they pulled out and many others might have joined the cult later on, a few hundred years ago or even a few decades ago for instance.

      • Where do these petroglyphs relate to the illuminati? I see no mention of that. How can you be so judgemental of ancient art work and the people depicted in them?

      • Obviously you do not read proto-Tocharian B and/or have not read the accompanying research papers – the real name the "Illuminati" call themselves is carved repeatedly in cuneiform into these lurid and repulsive petroglyphs. If that is not proof enough of the lineage I cannot imagine what you would need.

        As for being "judgmental" – some people would suggest that part of the reason the world is in the terrible state it is in today is because people are afraid to be labelled "judgmental" when they express disapproval of hideous and immoral acts.

        YOU look at images of unholy group sex ritual orgies featuring copious amounts of bloodplay, bestiality, and ejaculatory squirt scrying and see a 'healthy lifestyle'. Most people look at such images and see perverse evil. Look at the tiger being sodomized in that petroglyph. How can anyone not pass judgement on such depravity?

      • I never said I saw a healthy lifestyle. We live in a different time, have different beliefs and dogma. I can't pass judgement on things I don't fully understand. I doubt they really sodomized a tiger, and think it is symbolic of something else.

      • So it was morally acceptable to perform violent sexual rituals and sacrifices on children, slaves, and animals while worshiping darkness and lust 5000 years ago but not today?? That sort of moral relativism is EXACTLY what the "illuminated" promote throughout our society as part of their successful efforts to corrupt and arouse us in preparation for being raped as a species.

        As for the reality of tiger sodomy and far worse – even the mainstream literature on central Asian shamanic customs is full of documentation of the importance that the sodomy of tigers and other dangerous animals held in traditional ritual practice. Of course – mainstream 'historians' published by "Illuminati" presses assert that such practices died out aeons ago – but VC proves to us every day that this is not the case.

      • Exposing the occult media is exactly what this site is for! Although VC is probably a Christian he doesn't focus on religious beliefs. He focuses more on facts. So why are you here?

  9. Little wayne is very discusting.. no wonder these days there is less and less respect for women..
    We are made to believe this is how we should be treated and accept it.
    Many people I know are very unaware and the only thing they care about is money, cars, s3x, materialistic things, money, using drugs… etc..
    It is not what we are suppossed to do on this earth, yet no one seems to care (the unaware ones)
    When a rapper has horns on his head how dare he say they are not spreading evil towards us.. so hypocritical

    • no kidding. how can anyone watch this video and say "cool, I want to be like that!" the girls and the rapper are all very evil looking.

    • For the love of all that is holy…it's spelled disGusting, not disCusting.

      Also, do an article on Imagine Dragons-Radioactive. They clearly say "Welcome to the new age" (still a wicked song tho!)

    • Thank you for mentioning that instead of focusing on the artist's talent or the Illuminati symbols that were already mentioned by the author. Honestly, 100% no sarcasm there. You're awesome.

  10. One other observation: although these "artists" are promoting this agenda, when the average public is exposed to it, they also are being programmed to some extent as well. There must be an ultimate goal here, and I think it will fulfill a Biblical end times scenario, i.e. acceptance of the Anti-Christ when he is here…….I mean really…..Baphomet, demons, 666 signs, eye of Horus, Satan, mind control….this stuff isn't just random fun, there is a plan.

    • "The plan" I believe, has been in motion and has been working ever since Satan convinced Eve to eat of the fruit. And the 'spirit of anti-chist' has been on there earth ever since Paul's time. So, I'm not sure if there will actually be a Person. I believe the Anti-Christ has been at work much longer than a lot of people have give credit for. I've been watching a lot of Prof. Walter Veith's videos, specifically the Total Onslaught series. The prophesies in Daniel and Revelation are staggaring if you seek understanding from the Holy Spirit. Without going into it to much, and by listeing to his teachings, I believe the spirit of the anti-christ is personified in the system of Papal Rome. The vision of the statue being struck at the feet if amazing when you know what each part of the statue represents.

      • It is an actual person, and he is going to blind in One Eye – He is going to perform magic – to convince people that he is god and that everyone should follow him. He is going to make it rain, make dead people come back to life, make dead crops grow again etc. But ONE MUST REMEMBER THESE ARE JUST ILLUSIONS, iTS A TRICK, but the very sad thing is that people will believe him. In relation to this, He is going to have a heaven and hell with him, people that follow and obey will go into his "Heaven" (This is actually Hell – hence the deception) and people that dont follow him will go in to his "Hell" (which is really Heaven)

        Every person on this site……… please, please, please Ya think all these celebs doing the One Eyed salute EVERYWHERE is just a coincidence? I think not. Also the One eye on the dollar bill and also which is referenced in our Society and Media in todays age

        All the corruption that is going on in the world today is preparing the World for his arrival, When he does come he is going to travel the world and try to deceive everyone but there are two places that he CANNOT enter, I bet half of the people on here dont know them two places

      • :) The One Eyed Deceiver will conquer the whole world except for the two cities. One of his goals is to rule the world from Jerusalem. This is why the United States, Britain, and other western leaders keep on giving aid to Israel eventhough they themselves are in economic problems. The US is cutting public housing… but not aid to Israel. Jerusalem is their crown jewel.

    • There's a reason they call what's on TV and Radio "programming".

      Energy follows intention. Form follows energy. Whether folks know it or not, their participation in ANY ritualistic behavior, consciously or otherwise, lends not only greedence to that behavior, but lends energy to its manifested intent…

  11. The "I just want to make you proud" part of the song is a reference to Drake and Nicki Minaj's "Make Me Proud" song, but yes it also ties into the relationship between the handler and the slave.

    It's also interesting that Lil Wayne references Aailyah's "Are You That Somebody." Aaliyah was another artist that fell victim to the illuminati agenda. Drake has made his admiration for Aaaliyah known through both tattoos and songs.

  12. I found this quote on the website "TheDoggStar . com " about Lil Wayne being a puppet of the illuminati and worshipping the devil as God, which these days I can see most of the most popular music artists do. :

    Lil Wayne has a "Gang of Writers"

    According to Jaz-O, Lil Wayne and many other mainstream rappers have "a gang of writers" working for them, giving them all the songs they have to rap, something which as Jaz-O stated, is a "no, no" in the Hip Hop Industry, yet this so called artists are doing it to be able to maintain their spot in the game, being merely a puppet to The Illuminati, rapping whatever their masters tell them in order to push their agenda by modifying the Culture and morals through the Music, to accept a One World Government and ultimately Lucifer as God.

    According to this quote, Wayne doesn't write his own songs, and he also does not make his own music videos, they are created by others, which means he has little control if any over what kind of imagery appears in his music videos, he is just a puppet on a string being controlled by the people who control the music industry and are using him for their purposes. If it was not him , it would be someone else, some other man willing to sell his soul to the devil for fame and fortune. Look at the lyrics of the song he released a few years ago, "A Milli" :

    A millionaire, I'm a young money millionaire

    A million here, a million there

    In my mind 'cause I don't write shit, 'cause I ain't got time
    'cause my seconds, minutes, hours go to the all mighty dollar

    With lyrics like this, he is saying that he worships money. There is the saying, The love of money is the root of all evil," and if a person loves money enough, yes, he will gladly sell his soul for it. He will also let the devil take him, as per this image of Wayne as a devil.

    • Jay- z sings in one of his lines in 'dust your shoulder off' says "middle finger to The Lord…" Filthy. I refuse to listen 2 many "artist/pawns like Jay z, Iil junk above, Madonna, lady gag-a, Rihanna, beyonce… Sucks because they're all catchy, whatever you wanna call them. Well you know what I mean if ur on this website. :) I worry about our kids in this new, relaxed age. Makes those of us trying to show "the light" nearly impossible because all their friends listen, etc. but are uneducated to this evil. Trying to explain & protect is my goal. Praying for our country & continued freeeeedom. Stay alert. :) Thanks for those of you trying get out the word. It's painful to have facts, yet because its too unbelievable, nobody with the blinders on will remove them long enough to be enlightened. Keep sharing, at least for those of us learning everyday.

      • I think Ja Rule has a line too which say "Fcuk the lord" they will turn around and say "Lord" is "law"

      • ^What an AMAZING statement sir. AMEN!! Every knee will bow. On that day, there will be much gnashing of teeth, and wailing. Yah, because people are finally going to be humbled and realise life isn't about them.

    • Just to make a point, this person left out part of the lyric from "a milli" – by doing that, it changed the entire context of what he was saying, this is the complete lyric:
      "I'm a venereal disease, like a menstrual bleed through the pencil and leak on the sheet of the tablet in my mind, cuz I don't write shit cuz I ain't got time, cuz my seconds, minutes, hours, go to the almighty dollar"….
      What he is trying to say he just free-styles, he doesn't write his lyrics down physically on paper when he records … I am not defending that he is an honest person cuz he probably doesn't write his own lyrics, but this angle wasnt correct. Sorry

      • thanks for clearing that up, amy. to remain true and impartial, we need to always look at the whole picture. not just snippets taken out of context and twisted to meet our own agendas. not saying that innerspace did this intentionally, but we need to be careful. this is exactly how we ended up with over 40,000 denominations of "christianity."

    • The proper lyrics:
      "Through the pencil, I leak
      On the sheet of the tablet in my mind,
      Cause I don't write shit, cause I ain't got time"

      Not saying this to disprove any allegations that Lil Wayne is being controlled; I am, quite frankly, jaded by the perpetual "discoveries" you people are making about the industry. I find it at this point quite pointless. But proceed to your heart's content.

      I've said this only because it is particularly frustrating witnessing someone conjure up such a grand accusation based off of evidence they intentionally distorted to conceal the truth. I refuse to believe you inadvertently missed the most important portion of the lyric, especially since you managed to capture the lyrics preceding that particular portion. But showcasing the comprehensive lyric wouldn't have proved your point, right? So you left it out. My point is: don't do that. You're contributing as much to public oblivion as our inconspicuous government that likes to keep its secrets to itself. This is not blown out of proportion, this is simple fact. I've seen this done multiple times, and have just now decided to care enough to say something.

    • I always thought I heard Jay Z wrote lyrics off the top of his head for his songs and wow hmmm wonder if they have ghost writers? And the puppets on a string always reminds me of *N SYNC's No Strings Attached album where they were all hung on strings like marionettes..

    • I'm not necessarily disagreeing with what you are saying here most of it is most probably true or along the right lines..
      but when he says 'in my mind I don't write shit..' I believe what he's saying is that he just doesn't keep written notes of his lyrics and that he basically works with them in his head and as he is recording in the studio will chop ans change them as he goes.. he has even explained this in a few cases such as in the carter documentary dvd
      many artists use this method such as jay z etc..

      his music/lyrics/persona etc has vastly changed over the years and we can only guess how and why this has happened but he has been relevant and and successful for a very long period of time now

    • my bad.. only just read the other replies to this comment and realised they have said the similar thing

      there have been reports for years that lil wayne/tunechi/weezy f/bmjr or whatever you wanna call him these days has had ghost writer's and is very likely for his mainstream songs that this has happened.

      at the end of the day the music industry is f****d up and corrupt but alot of what you hear could very well be true

  13. Wow well said I love hip hop but Satan took that over.
    it went from lost people who had a voice now they all about the money they don't care what message their spreading to the youth. lil Wayne knows exactly what he's doing he been a puppet for ever. Definetly not a human being lol

    • Want some good hip hop type music (or the closest thing to) that's not corrupted with a disgusting Illuminati/MK agenda? Ellie Goulding!

  14. The moment I saw ths video..I knew exactly what was going on..and with the title 'love me' is a subliminal message to love the devil….God forgive them all.

  15. We should no longer buy mainstreamed music products anymore so that they will no longer produce these sh*ts. Anyway VC, nice article man, you're so haaawwttt…! ^_*

  16. blackrockmusician on

    I think I just fell in love with you, Melissa. Right indeed about the Drake reference as well as Aailyah who was sacrificed for who I believe was to give more "energy" to Beyonce. Just my opinion regarding that.

    • Why thank you, and yes I agree with the Beyonce thing. Aaliyah was destined for great things, she was talented, humble, and a real person. Watching "Rock the Boat" gives me goosebumps, and I think that artists like Beyonce and Rihanna would not exist if she continued creating music. But I also think that she would have fallen even deeper into the illuminati agenda because of that.

      • blackrockmusician on

        Beyonce is no different than Gaga in regarding this. Gaga stole Lina Morgana's soul just like Beyonce did with Aaliyah. Jay Z was with Aaliyah as well. I believe Jay helped in the "transfer" so to speak. I KNOW for a fact all of this goes on in the industry with me living in L.A all of my life and me being a musical artist myself. I have been approched by the Ill on a few different occasions in different ways over a period of time. I'm going through it right now as we speak but I would never submit to this bullshit because it's satan and the anti christ that all this is about. My role, my purpose and my path is to represent the polar opposite and they know this.This shit is as real as the sun and the moon in the sky. The thing is it's even more way out than most on here even realises. The Ill WANTS you to believe. M, I could talk to you forever about this…And still not cover everything. For instance, the Chris Brown Frank Ocean thing…A set up..Totally staged for the Grammies. The standing ovation that Frank Ocean got…Staged…M,

      • I believe you blackrockmusician – Have you heard of John Todd – he used to be a record executive in the 70's i think and he taks about the Behind the Scenes of the Record labels and what they do to the master copies of Music that the singers make and give the record to a coven so they can put spells on it so then a demon can be attached to each copy and that is how songs stay in our subconscious or you find yourself where you cant get a particular song out of your head…………….It sounds fuckin crazy – check out these links:


      • Yeah and Aaliyah's last film made was Queen of the Damned, very spooky indeed and i bet there will be an occult connection to that

  17. in the article about the mind control theme party at sundance, someone in the comments said that they make models do things like roll around in red liquid. someone else said they are a working model and that nobody makes models do that and that it was ridiculous. yet here we are, some models rolling around in red liquid.

    • Beccalouise, i totally remember that comment man and you see it right infront of you in that video above…….they will make you do that and more worse thing…………..

  18. I see that this video has an excessive amount of occult crap in it, but that first frame with the zippo looks more like a heart than baphomet!

  19. Another boring and cliche piece of crap. The overload of this garbage is getting old. This one is not even well realized technically. Plus, it's tacky as hell! LOL

  20. Innerspace, you had an interesting point about the song "A Milli"

    It calls to mind another song that was hot a few years ago, MIMS "This Is Why I'm Hot":

    This is why I'm hot
    I don't gotta rap
    I can sell a mill saying nothing on the track

    Pretty telling, but people ate that shit up anyway. Yummy.

    • Yeah, and the video "Love Me" has more than 9 million views. Watched it for myself, it's TERRIBLE. I wonder who is spending their money on this junk. I sure wouldn't. I like real music.

    • or he could be referring to the fact that he produces music? somebody else could rap over his production. not everything is sinister.

      not trying to defend anything, i despise mainstream RAP(not hip-hop, true hip-hop is underground), just putting that out there.

  21. What a disgusting reminder of the current popular culture we are plagued with. The only thing MORE disgusting is knowing that there are actually FANS of this disgrace that are watching the video in ignorant bliss. And while they are watching they are, as well, being programmed to be of the same filthy flesh. Every time I hear a person, and especially a female (and even more so a mother), speak of how much they love this self-proclaimed "beast" I become shocked and speechless because I cannot understand ANYONE's obsession with this arrogant fool!

  22. Kushite Prince on

    This video is sick! And Lil Wayne us a talentless buffoon! I miss old school hip hop like Public Enemy and KRS One. Rap artists today like Drake,Rick Ross,Young Jeezy and Nicki Minaj are the absolute worse. They glamorize death,drug use,sex and gangster violence. Everything today's youth need to stay away from. I really feel for kids today. They have so much going against them. Pray for them.

    • Exactly! Back in the day, rap stood for rhytm and poetry. Hip hop was supposed to be about empowerment. It was creative, fun and uplifting. They (the elite behind the music industry) completely butchered it and turned it into glamorization of money, vioence, drug use, ignorance, sexualization of everything and even rape. They're also making black folks comfortable with dehumanizing themselves and each other. It's sickening how effectively they're molding the minds of kids and teens. I'm 16 and deeply disturbed, concerned and ashamed for my generation.

  23. Eyes Wide Open on

    Thanks VC, the moment I saw this video it made me absolutely sick. This is a pathetic attempt at brain washing the masses. The symbolism is everywhere in this video. If your that brain dead that you don't see all the symbols being thrown into your face, then you probably need help. A lot of the kids do not know the meaning of these types of symbols, so they mindlessly follow these main stream musicians. It's sad.

  24. I read a really interesting article on another site that pointed out how hip hop/rap began as social commentary about the economy, race relations, and Socioeconomic outdated. It went on to mention how at some point in the 90's rap made a giant turn towards gangster rap then later materialism. I highly doubt it was simply 'a change in trends'. I definitely feel like the record corporations were/are pulling many of the strings and feeding these rappers sexually laced/raunchy lyrics.

    Let's not forget that many of the hit pop songs (like those sung by Katy Perry, Pink, and many others) that have come out recently were written by the same guy -Max Martin. I remember being creeped out when I learned that he wrote 'California Girls'…

      • don't be scared. your mind is the most powerful weapon you could possibly wield. they can't take that from you. you are powerful. not helpless. i know it's a lot to take in. but you can be a part of the solution. that is what we are all doing on this site.

    • Don't be scared because that is what they feed off of! Through God you are stronger than them. Do what is right unto God and you will be blessed and avoid the pitfalls of tempation. I know I'm preaching but it's true.

  25. Carolyn Hameltt on

    The description under the picture of Lil Wayne in the bedroom mentions that the water "is also a way to show that these slaves are literally "out of their element"." That may be true in relation to those slaves, but there are those like myself who were trained to be more at home in the water and under the water than on land. Water was our element. In fact, there are certain practices that are only done under water.

    • LoL, but not really on

      Makes u still wonder about poor Whitney, MJackson, Brittney, on & on & on.. And on… Made them crazy or drugged out to the public. :( Many of them were speaking out against them, thru their songs & words. Food for thought!

      • Carolyn Hamlett on

        I was programmed; accent on the word "was". If you "Google" my name you will find my blog which provides some of the information I have chosen to share.

  26. I watched the first few minutes of this video and as soon as he said that line about Satan I turned it off. Know the old saying "speak of the devil and he walks thru the door? " Ya..I ain't messing with that crap. I'm so disgusted with the whole thing. I have always been a fan of rap but this isn't rap. It's awful. It's scary and im so sick of being scared.

  27. An agenda is clearly in play here. The mainstream artists are literally carbon copies of each other; Materialism, Hoes, Hedonism, Sex etc. each video. Anyone notice how dark & depressing the messages displayed by commercial rap? There is hardly any positive messages derived from the mainstream hip-hop anymore, rather a demoralization of blacks.

  28. Did anyone watch Lil Wayne freestyle on London Radio?

    It was atrocious, no rhythm, no lyricism, no nothing. I don't think he writes any or has any form of artist input towards his songs.

    He got found out bad, rumors he had a lot of ghost writers with his previous 'Carter' albums as soon as some of them left so did his rap ability.

  29. Why any 'bitch' would want to copulate with someone like Lil Wayne is entirely beyond me. What a repulsive little creature he is.

  30. Lil' Wayne as Satan. I could believe it. I mean he is the ultimate handler. He is the one responsible for Nicki Minaj's and Drake's careers. He has always looked like the world's biggest creep out there anyway.

    • Shocking. Positively shocking. No I'm being sarcastic. We really shouldn't be surprised.
      I saw the video of Out Of My Mind by Nicki Minaj and BOB, and I noticed a couple things about it that weren't mentioned in the article I read.
      Like when Bob says "if I'm here and you're there"… And then there's one of him wearing black and one of him wearing white. Could represent duality maybe? Hmm…
      Anyway, our society is too clogged up with all this illuminati, agenda driven baloney.

  31. Now this is an article I am use to. Keep em coming!

    We must fully recognize that us, and even our family members, could possibly be externally preconditioned. You can see the mechanical footprints everywhere.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Yes. It is in my family big time. I mean they blatantly let me know that they are very well connected. In my church, the are just sadly as blatant as Lil Wayne. I mean many of them have this type handler characteristic. I stay far away from them even family functions. The first thing out of their mouths is they heard I did this and that is bad. IF I SUBMIT to them then they can help me out or they are the only way that I can take to accomplish what I need.

      So sad. I mean this is just ordinary folks and they have a pecking order

  32. sopraltenass13 on

    Lil wayne is ugly. Gollum from Lord Of The Rings is better looking. hey, they've both got multiple personalities as well. What a coincidence.

    • yea little wane and eminem sold there souls. all them have to.. thats why kurt cobain got murded and john lenon.

  33. Hi guys,
    Old raver Aussie mum here shaking my head after watching the the above video of these wankers!
    Bloody hell,the comments made below the video pretty much summed up the target audience i.e "your momma's vagina!" Hmmmmm

    No L'il Wayne (and the other 2 male doofuses singing in the clip)your "bitches" will NOT love you because what you are really
    taking about is lust and you are a very very unattractive person inside and out.

    Yuck,Yuck,Yuck these guys have to be flushed away,it is so satanic it is laughable.

    Music should uplift you and make you feel inspired to better things.
    Do some research on the deliberate change of tuning frequency for musical instruments in the 1930's from a natural 432hz frequency of the planet to 430hz which causes many bad effects including MIND CONTROL factors.

    • More info please! This is one of the keys to what they're doing– not simply the method for keeping humans entranced and separate from our planet, our God and our spiritual progress, but also a huge factor in the goal of establishing the demonic hegemony on/in this dimension.

    • Agreed. Lio Wayne has no talent and he looks super creepy. If any man thinks that looking or acting like Lil Wayne or the other rappers will get him a beautiful woman who truly loves him, then he is dumb and delusional. Those do called "bitches" don't love you, don't care about you, don't sincerely respect you, and are ptobably not loyal/honest/faithful to you. Oversexualised girls like that are just there for the money… And they could run off with any other guy behind his back if they feel like it. What he is describing is indeed lust or perhaps greed, considering he is too unattractive for any girl to seriously lust after him. If you want someone who truly loves you, cares about you, respects you, and is loyal and honest, then you will have to be a good honest person who knows how to treat a woman with respect. Im a young personand I cant believe anyone would think that video is "cool." Its not… Its one of the creepiest, weirdest, ugliest, and grossest videos out. Shame most main stream artists lack morals, respect and talent these days. The constant use of sexualised images is just boring now… Not interesting, sexy, edgy or cool… Just boring, unoriginal, predictable and tiresome.

      • Los Angeles, get it lost angels, fallen angels are now demons, that the people let themselves be possessed by to become famous. Hollywood, which also has another meaning in the occult, comes from a tree called holly, supposedly has many meanings, its used in spells and such.

      • Yessssss Gerald, Ive written about the Hollywood name on here before. The name comes from Holly – Wood, The ancient druids used to make wands out of the wood from the Holly tree to cast spells of sleep and and rest and you have "Hollywood" working their magic on us through music, celebs, film, actors, the glitter etc.

        They also call it Tinseltown, which means something which is very showy, shiny but actually worthless, another name is La La Land, which is another word for a state of unconsiousness – I bet ya people still cant see the connection (Dumb fucks). They also say Hollwood is where your "dreams come true" and its like your living in a dream like state……..Do people see the connection?…………….

        Hollywood gives a fabricated view of life and reality, even the oscars statue is related to an egyptian sculpture of a god (cant remember its name), please check it out, when you start joining the dots you slowly get the whole picture

    • Who is Hannah Lux davis? I looked her up and she's a makeup artist/art director/photographer thingy, but is there more to her, never really heard of her tbh

  34. The problem is if this is all deliberate, who does this stuff? At some point in the creative process, an actual human being would have to decide Ok, let's get the baphomet here, kittens prints here, one eye here, etc. In other words, if VCs theories are true, someone working for the illuminati who understands their symbols and agenda would have to be involved in the creative process. So WHO? As in which human person is behind the symbols in this video? We comment about they do this and they do that like they're operating in orbit when actual human beings are responsible for this stuff. Director? Concept artist? Who? Find out who they are. Identify their background and connections.

    • Exactly! I can't agree with you more. I ALWAYS wondered "so who's doing all this?" because i don't believe all people working in this so-called music or hollywood industry are illuminati-related. I don't think every single one of them are part of illuminati and i just don't get it. People in this industry would probably all know this "hype" about illuminati and i just want to know. If they know, why would they still do it? because that's what you do when you're in that industry? I just don't get it. So all these makeup artists, hair stylists and all the other staffs and people who support in certain celeb's carrier is ALSO in illuminati or at least illuminati related and committed? I've got a very close friend (I've known her since i was 5) who works as an executive manager in some concerts that big stars like beyonce, lady gaga and rihanna perform, and she says they're all lovely individuals. Okay let's just say that they're programmed and brainwashed extremely confidentially when no one is around, but these so-called illuminati stars all seem to be a normal human being according to my friend. She has meetings a lot with lots and lots of celebs who are preparing concerts and she can be friends with them just like normal person would. My friend also knows all this "illuminati" theory but SHE doesn't even know. So i just want to know more accurate proof and evidence. Not these symbolisms…

      • Ermmm…beyonce e.g. admits she turns into someone else on stage and doesnt remember squat. So obviously off stage she will be nice and warm…plus they have an "image" created for them to keep up with.

    • Most of them belong to generational satanic families, some are masons and don't truly understand the symbolism, and some are just going along for the ride. Fritz Springmeier estimated that their numbers are around a million or so. Only the hierarchy at the top truly knows what's up. Everyone else is lead to believe in this new age esoteric mysticism BS.

    • Hey check this out:
      Somewhere on his site he actually posted a link to a company website that is basically an artist company that our hollywood pals hire to create these occult designs/ clothes/ imagery/ acts etc. Say, 'hollycrap' want to create some new 'crap' video and it has witches and stuff in it, they would call these guys to make the set and the story seem more authentic. These guys however, really do know what they're talking about.

      I think it starts with the producers/ CEO or whoever owns the celebrity brand/ product (i.e.. person) arranging the artists that are able to 'twist' things, to come on to set etc. The celebs play along, cus maybe they are in an alter persona and dont know what they're doing.

      Concerning another Question…just cus its taken me ages to figure out:

      I think using celebrities as MKs is especially convenient because, they are
      1. willing (they really want their dreams to come true and be that new 'american idol'…IDOL…literally!)
      2. their surroundings can be completely controlled
      3. they can use their own artistry to reinforce their programming (imagine being taylor swift on stage with all the alice in woahland mumbo jumbo….or being Natalie Portman playing the Girl in Leon….or Britney acting that she dies in a bathtub in her music video) even if ur just acting, it does screw with your mind
      4. Fans think its normal and play back your programming for you (hand signs etc)
      5. As the MK, u see that your fame/ the control over you is international and there is no escape
      6. celebrities can be used to indoctrinate the younger generations with whatever sick ideas they want at the time…they are a convenient propaganda tool
      7. Maybe it makes the MKs more 'valuable' as "butterflies" on the market, if u see what i mean…cus of their celeb status, they are more desirable to…"yucky" guys who know how to unleash the kitten.

    • the Presidents and Executives of " Entertainment " Industries are Ultimately Responsible , that's obvious . If they didn't want this is wouldn't be happening . In fact they do want this brain washing , it's the only reason it's happening .
      THEY WANT THIS in music to Brain Wash and Control and Lil Wayne was promised a lot of gold to play along and the level of his " talent " is irrelevant . They Sold Rocks as " pet rocks " in 70s .

      There's Nothing to Wonder , Music Executives allow this to happen , cause THEY WANT IT in main stream society .

  35. Thanks for this review….
    dammit it's so obvious! everybody have a look at Willow Smith's 21 century girl… full of symbolism as well.
    shit videos, shit songs, shit artists… just throw your computer away

  36. In all the replies, I fail to see any gleam of understanding what we have created for ourselves and why. GRADUATION DAY IS HERE – NOW. Final exam is a real challenge. It asks: "what have your learned? Are you really ready to ascend? Can you change to what you know you should be? Are you worthy of God's love? Do you actually care? CAN YOU TAKE REALITY AND USE IT WELL?" This is because you have choice and you NOW must chose between Darkness and Light. IT IS NOW TIME FOR DEEDS – NO LONGER JUST WORDS!

    THOSE WHO CHOSE LIGHT WILL GO WITH GAIA TO THE NEW UNITED HEAVEN AND EARTH BEING CREATED FOR THEM IN THE 5th DIMENSION AND THOSE WHO CHOOSE THE DARKNESS (BY THEIR DEEDS AND ACTIONS) will remain in this 3D cesspool they have created for themselves until they are ready to take responsibility for themselves and their deeds. Time has run out!

    • If you are saying that we each, literally, create our own reality, then I agree. The challenge that I see is we've got layers and layers of programming to uncover, take apart and replace with something that wouldn't create an absolute nightmare scenario if we actually unleashed our ability to manifest everything immediately. The first step in "chosing light" is facing the darkness within ourselves. The first step to face the darkness is stop saying "they" are doing this and take responsibility for our part in it. Maybe that's why we are manifesting these sickening videos about mind control – we're trying to wake ourselves up.

  37. I couldn't believe it seen Kanye West C.D in Target tonight, all white, has the Mercy song. Was studying the cover to see any symbolism? On the back all it says "In Good we Trust" he removed God, gave me chills threw it!

    • Good Music is the name of Kanye West's Music label fool. Saying "In Good we trust" is just bragging and promoting about his label, not demoralizing God or whatever you're insinuating.

      • perhaps, or it might be one of those double meaning / double talking forms of control

  38. What a disgusting song.
    Here in South Africa we have a big issue with women and child abuse, and I always say that maybe the media should stop playing music videos and songs like this first! As we all know the youth look to the media as a kind of role model… no wonder we have problems.

    • The illuminati controls the media, so that wont work either. We just have to have a strong mind set and be greatful that we are amongst those that no about these evils, and hopefullg try and make others see things from our point of vew

      • Forgot to mention that Islaam warned us about the evil of music, and all these incidents are just a chain reaction of whats still to come .ie. the appearence of satan. They are setting up stage for him. Islaam is the answer. For those of you who are non believers, look deeper into.Islaam and you will be sure to realise and find the answer as to why these things are happening.

  39. I think people are ignoring this crap already. Kids have told me that they tune this crap out already. Nobody listens to the radio, or watches MTV anymore. So really believe it or not folks stopped going to the movies in their minds its all crap. Find all the same and boring. So thats the kicker, they made "culture" so cheesy and decadent that no one is tuning in anymore. Ask any kid out there they find all this shit to be crap.

    • that's not entirely true. i work with at risk youth and most are big young money fans. but it makes sense that they would be because they are trauma victims andmany lack a sense of moral conviction and inner strength, love for themselves and others. this is the perfect population for him to preach his satanic message to. love your kids people and watch what they doin out there.

  40. Well, here we go again. The animal prints, slavery, and the UBIQUITOUS butterflies (ho hum). More Illuminati crap to add to the collection. Don't the Illuminati get bored with this sort of stuff? BDSM (Bloody Dumb Stupid Music).
    I remember when I was little, my older sisters always wanted to be reincarnated as cats (this, no doubt is the Kitten programming they were forced to endure as young children). Older bros wanted to be officers in the armed forces (?handlers??) Thank goodness I broke away of my family's influence.

  41. I'm 37 and have only 'woken up' in the last 5/6 years or so. The music video posted in this thread is something I would watch once and then never again. It would be a WTF?!? moment of disbelief watching these all to common videos like this.

    What worries me though is my niece who is 14 years old. I speak to her a lot as I like to keep in touch with people of her generation/mindset so that I myself don't become an old fart and lose touch with reality.

    Just the other day we were talking about the SuperBowl illuminati ritual at half time… sorry… the 'music concert'. My niece knows about the illuminati but thinks its 'cool' and 'trendy' and doesn't quite see the wrong in it. Illuminati hacks like Beyonce, U2, Bon Jovi, JayZ et al don't make things easier. Luckily, after calm and intelligent reasoning, she saw the satanic/evil side of this and she will now question things like this rather than blindly believe what she sees.

    The truth is all to often hidden in plain sight. It just takes people to open their eyes to see it rather than blindly believing the first thing they *think* they see.

  42. Some people actually follow lil Wayne and fight to say that its just a song or a video just entertainment n it doesn't hurt that is a lie told from Satan

    • That's so true. People always say it's no harm or it's not that serious. Bullshyt! It is harmful and it is that serious cause their is a spiritual warfare going on here and most people don't understand or try not to understand it…

  43. Lil' Wayne has his padrino (Satanic mentor/idol) to worship and pay homage too. Saw a article with him kissing the guy's hand recently. This fake artist is a direct satanic puppet, used and abused. He probably doesn't know the extent of what he has gotten himself into, but then again, maybe he didn't care.

  44. I just want to know: what is Lil Wayne's problem? what does he want out of life? He is so evil! Doing of all this just for fame and money? what an idiot! I just don't get it. I'm pretty sure he is mentally disturbed.

      • Thank you, Callie. I'm making interesting discoveries in the first article so far. Thanks for sharing.

      • ouch I didn't like the DEAD one… help yourself if you can ta….. if they kill you for your beliefs at least you become a little hero, that's not bad.
        oh yes I've read it so many times over and over again, the fallen ones have logic but they turn their worshippers mad and completely controlled. Like puppets. Yep why do you think that we want God on our side, the ones who are against it. To be free from the fallen ones since we are incapable to achieve it ourselves. Weak human beings, born to be sheep and all, only with God's grace we can keep them at bay. It's only for agood cause and independence, not to have the ability to control others or any other sinister cause. Weren't the legions of fallen ones asking for Christ's permission to be transferred to the bodies of thousands of pigs when Christ was about to de-demonize the man who was wandering in the cemetery? That only is remarkable.

  45. I told my boyfriends brother about how he said these hoes lovin me like satan a wile back n since then havnt listind to any main stream music…thanx for the great posts! N exposing these fake ass devil worshipers

  46. It's making me sick. I'm so use to this but reading it after you just think about your debts… Can't even pay them all but some people can afford themselves a video that cost a lot of money just to spread mind f-ck messages. Think about your freaking slaves you're all doomed anyway.

  47. 13 Mitred Abbots on

    I don't know how people can watch this and think it is entertainment. Aside from the fact that he does reference MK Ultra as many pop stars do, this just looks like poor quality entertainment. Are we supposed to want to be Lil Wayne or are we supposed to be one of the hos that loves him? How can he talk about his fans that way and have them keep buying the record?
    Plus he comes across as a creep. I guess that is all just a video but some people do enjoy putting other people in cages. Sometimes it's consensual and no one's business but it hints at a desire to do things to someone against their will. Lil Wayne went to jail for a year and got in trouble inside for being caught with headphones so he could listen to music. He knows what it is like to be in a cage so why would he glorify this type of behavior? I can't imagine Bob Marley doing a song showing him owning slaves but Lil Wayne is promoting the idea. It's nuts politically. It might tie in with his recent controversy about his line mentioning Emmett Till.
    He is talented but seems like a warped person promoting ignorant and negative messages.

  48. Never forget that this propaganda is aimed at pre-teen to young adult people. Those are the minds that are being Monarch contolled via the "entertainment" industry. I am praying for mercy and conversion of all souls.

  49. This is plainly disgusting. How can people glamourize this crap. On my Facebook, one of my friends had a candid picture of herself with friends and flashing the one eye symbol. People think this stuff is cool, cute, whatever…when it's just sick. Wake up people.

  50. Even when the Devil is protrayed as having horns and looking disgusting, that is a lie. Lucifer means "Angel of Light", so wouldn't that corrolate with his deeds? He is going to come across as fun, beautiful, no harm, blah blah blah. DO NOT be deceived folks! Even though people have not actually said the words, or went through the actions, they can inadvertently be serving Satan's purposes.

    • Angel of ligth when he was close to God. Once you distance yourself you become ugly, dark and generally speaking awful. A monk who met demons, angels, Christ, Maria testified that demons and Satan are extremely repulsive even though they can take different forms and appear as dogs/wolves/children etc. What is revealing that Christ is blond with blue eyes, however He is usually portrayed as dark-haired. People who have pure souls and avoid sins are blessed by the grace of the Holy Spirit so they can see and hear things that common people are not able to. They are Saints and we are not. They deserve it, hence they get their blessings.

  51. The good thing is, he's receiving a lot of bad press lately. Most have grew tired of his horrid face, his 10 baby mommas, his degrading lyrics, his Emitt Till reference and his run in with the Miami Heat. I don't see him around musically much longer. Lets see who's the slave now. When your music is no longer hot & your popularity is gone the devil will still be there breathing down his neck and I pray to not find it hilarious !

  52. I absolutely love how much the sheeple are defending him on this youtube video.
    Usually I find it sad, but their blind ignorance is simply nauseating.

    • you should look at the kesha youtube videos then! those annoying "animals" cant stop defending her same with lady gagas little monsters its just pathetic. also check out kesha on Jonathon ross basically telling everyone she id ruining the young generation makes me sick as i am a older teenager those poor kids

  53. Lil wayne looks even more like a piece of shit in this video…ugh & there are actual people that buy this shit?!?

    Anyways, support your local music scene! There's an abundance of talented emcees/singers around your city.

  54. It's amusing that you think this has anything to do with Satan.

    Yes, the singer mentioned him… but you, like him and many MANY others, don't know Satan at all. You have no idea what he even LOOKS like, I bet.

    As well, you seem to think there's something wrong with sexuality. Women are not "slaves to their sexuality" just because they might have a fetish for chains, handcuffs, or whatever. Sexuality is supposed to be liberating, not confining.

    • You missed the whole point of this article.
      "Yes, the singer mentioned him… but you, like him and many others, don't know Satan at all." But yeah…let's glorify him and his 'ways' regardless. That is what is implied in the video. Do you know what God looks like? I don't, but there are instances that I have felt a god-like presence in my life, that's all I will say.
      Listen, I don't come here telling people what they know and don't know. How would I KNOW that? I can tell you this, I do know people who have confirmed on the pactrices described above, as first-hand vicitms. All I have is their word of the horror they went through. But if you think those kinds of acts are supposed to be liberating to women, I don't know which women those are Chreiya, maybe you are one yourself, but to each his own, right?

      • This bitch Chreiya needs to go back to sleep,………………………. well why dont you become a porn star, hooker, escort, lap dancer, brothel madam, whore, whatever you wanna call it, after all it is LIBERATING,

        The reason why you think it is "Liberating" is because the media and society portray it in that way so you are going to think that way beacuse that is how the media wants YOU TO THINK.

        That is why you have Nicki Minaj, Mad- Donna, Katy Perry, Britney glamourizing sex/porn etc to portray it in a liberating fashion

    • Sexuality can be liberating, but not when you are being objectified or over-sexualised… In those instances you are just being USED to satisgfy an agenda… Whether that agenda is sexism, de-moralisation, selling something, satisfying perverts and lonely chronic masturbators, etc etc… You can be happy and confident with your body without feeling the need to expose yourself half the time. There is nothing liberating about this video, its just. lt creepy weird and sexist. If I had a pervert treating me like that I'd feel sick, not liberated. Why is everything to do with sex apparently "liberating" these days? Im not a prude, but I actually think all this sexualisation of men and women is having the opposite fact. Its even worse thatyoung kids are exposed to this crap… If you're self worth comes from being obectified and oversexualised than you are not liberated at all, you're just delusional and deep down inside you lack self respect and confidence. Its self respect and a good self esteem that are liberating… Not this junk.

  55. OKAY, the music industry obviously has an agenda to spread this satanic crap all over the world. WHY? Every me of these creeps are doing it. What are they getting from it? It's not like people are following it and worshipping Satan. It seems to me that they are mocking Christians. Constantly. Where is the Christian public? Where is the outcry? Wtf!!! These creeps don't do this themselves. The directors and producers dress these sickos up and tell them what to do.
    This is out of hand. EVERY artist is doing this. It seems the artists enjoy doing it. Theyre probably under mind control, demonized… Or maybe even chipped like robots. How do they sleep at night?
    Even Alicia Keys is falling in. "on Fire!"…. The NBA allstar weekends theme was "on fire!" Funny the Heat has been on a tear. Seems like a satanic spell. The fire at the Super Bowl. There's probably a giant fire in store some where in the world in the upcoming days or weeks or months.

    This world needs soldiers of Christ!!! The only way the fight this mind control is With Jesus on our side. We war against spiritual darkness not flesh.

    I pray for more soldiers! In Jesus mighty name! Amen!

  56. "it's not like people are worshipping Satan"… So sorry I retract my statement. Duhhhhh ofcourse they are when they are jamming Satans rappers in their ears all day long. Stupid iPhones !!!

  57. Who writes his lyrics? That's one thing we gotta confirm. The evidence points to him not writing his own.
    Most of these artists being used for this agenda, most likely, have a group writing their rhymes. It's all the same agenda. I wouldn't be surprised if lil Wayne is telling the truth though when he says, "I don't write rhymes, I just spit it on the spot"…. Yeah probably cuz spirits are working through your soul-less being.

    "What about your songs. You never write them down?
    I just say it. Say it when it gets in my head, the beat. Whatever comes in my mind at that moment.

    So it’s always spontaneous?
    Of course. I believe anything other than that—then why go buy it? Then you could do it, she could do it.

    I couldn’t do it even if I wrote it down.
    But you could read what’s on the paper, right? So basically anybody that could read could recite it. That takes something away from it. But if I walk up to a guy and say “Rap for me,” he’s going to say something. His characteristics or whatever. I’m going to get what I love about him, just from his presence. That’s why you never saw me rap no TV shows. Other rappers be having to rap after an interview. So can you spit something for us? They never ask me to do that because the interview is so compelling that they actually got Lil Wayne.

    I always tell somebody that’s why I am good, that’s why I’m okay, because I’m being me, I’m doing me. Now the day I gotta write stuff down—no one can believe what’s written down. Perfect example: If I was a bum and I told you I had a mansion around the corner and three Bentleys and twenty-eight bitches in my house butt naked waiting for me, you wouldn’t believe me. I’d say you stink, say Get out my face, give him $100, and say Get the fuck.

    But if there was a book that said, there was this bum with a mansion with twenty bitches in it, you’ll try to use it and put it toward real life. That’s why I don’t write nothing down. That’s why I don’t believe the Bible, nothing that’s written, because nothing that’s written is to be believed."

    "That’s why I don’t believe the Bible, nothing that’s written, because nothing that’s written is to be believed."

    Sounds to me like a Bible hating demon working through him to promote to young people, "the bible was written by man, not God. It's JUST a book. It's brainwashing you.." I've heard that line from 90% of my "friends". This is scary, but I have no fear. I'm scared for the people because they are so damn blinded.

  58. In the article the last scene with the bathtub with blood the explanation wasn't very clear.
    I have one observation which may add some light.
    There is a strong simbolism in colours. White is purity, red is sacrifice and black is the for the dark side. Many many time I see the same thing a woman (usually) dressed in white which mean she is a virgine, spiritualy, next scene she is dressed in red which mean she is part in a demonic ritual of initiation and after that she is dressed in dark clearly she change side from white to dark.
    In the Lil Wayne’s “Love Me” we see actualy the same 3 colors only the order is wrong. Actually is not wrong.
    In the firsth 90% of the clip we see actualy the final parth cronologicly when the woman are already fully submited and corrupted through ritualic trauma.
    Almost everything is black including the water. In the final scene we can see how the woman gone blacksided. Simple. They were initialy pure white and then the red liquid (demonic ritual) made them and every thing elce dirty and unclean. Now we know that after the red ritual everithing is gone black.
    One final thought. Almoust every woman in some point or in other show some animalic feature. In a split off a second we se a woman showing a snake tongue. This is satanic trans-umanism. To destroy the god made DNA and to make it unclean with animal DNA. Like the bible said very clear that in the time of Noe hapenned.

    • You are so right as those performers wear white, red and finally black. Why only those 3 colours when the variety of them is not limited to just 3. Good observation.

      • They are the Sacrificial colours as well as the colours for the Alchemical process of the Philosophers Stone

    • Aw man, please don't say that. My favourite colours are red, white, and black. Always have been since I was born. I don't want to feel guilty. :(

  59. Satan realises how little time he has left and is definately pulling out all the stops! We as believers should work even harder to get into the kingdom of God!

  60. let them, because when they want to wake up from the dream, and the less waiting, they're living in hell with their father. stupid people!

  61. Free as a Bird on

    Oh my, how times have changed. I'm in my early forties and I was thinking the other of the innocence of a lot of songs that were in the charts in the 1980s, such as Hot Chocoloate' "Joanna" and Foreigner's "I want to know what love is". The music videos were like stories, not like nowadays. I gave up listening to chart music in the 1990s and I found the music was poor. I feel sorry for the teenagers of today who are exposed to today's music and know no different. Its sad how the "stars" of today sell out their morals and integrity for the sake of fame and money.
    My question: Do these artists, such as Beyonce, Rihanna, etc. sell out of their own free will and choose to or are they forced against their will? I'm new to all this site. By the way, I think Vigilant Citizen is a fantastic for the clear information it gives.

  62. tyler the creator on

    lil wayne is getting old. He has been on overkill for about 2-3 years now. The sound of his voice annoys me. Its time for the new era of hip-hop. Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator, Drake…this is what hip-hop is about.

  63. Did any of yôu guys notice the numbers that flash right before the part where the girls bath in blood,during the part where drake sings and he just drops down like he was under control and numbers flash on a object saying “23062” and it happens fast you have to try to pause it in half a mini second to get both numbers and when you see the numbers use a mirrior to see the reflection of the number clearer

  64. Forget the symbolism, this has got to be one of the most offensive songs I've heard in a very long time. The overt hatred of women is sickening. What a group of misogynist thugs.

  65. So repulsive and blatantly evil. Why would anyone normal watch this? If you can't see what's going on by this point, you never will or maybe you don't want to for some dumb reason.

  66. Women in a bedroom full of water.

    Rihanna's new video of "Stay" showing her immersed in a full bathtub.

    Mariah posing last week in a filled tub.

    One year after Whitney's death.

  67. You know (without disavowing the role of personal responsibility and acknowledging free will), half the reason we have satanic practices and people are on this planet is directly because of christian attitudes. Granted, human beings are more than capable of every savage behavior no matter what they believe in, I want to address the good people treating this problem so irresponsibly, by making it out to be some kind of battle against a literal devil. These nightmares were fostered by our own inner dissonance as a people. It is utterly impossible to defeat a problem with the same level of consciousness which created it!

    How you choose to progress spiritually is your business, but the issue of SRA and the like is completely the result of human infringement on the well-being of others, distilled by history. Religion is fucking trauma-based mind control, God or no. I don't direct this at everyone, but for those of you who want to fight a holy war or some shit over this, it's time to open your eyes. We are feeding into a nightmare, by refusing to study the ways of love.

    There are monsters in the world because there are monsters inside the human heart, because people want to act like teenagers their whole life and live without consequences. This is why old testament style religions were originally imagined: to justify unrighteous behavior by shifting all the blame off the human leaders of the tribal groups and onto supernal leaders. This evasive attitude has been the root of every nightmare in the world. You HAVE to be responsible for your own environment. Otherwise, you're driving without hands on the wheel. Don't be so surprised when life goes horribly off-course.

    Our knowledge has made us cynical, our cleverness hard and unkind. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness, and gentleness. Without these qualities Life will be violent, and All will be lost.

    • Your intellectual arguments are based on psychology and a disdain for religions in general, Christianity in particular. Congratulations, you fell for it! A trick of the "intelligensia" at universities, cultural and government agencies used for the past century or so, to undermine credence in religion and thus, the power of modern humans to defend themselves against physical and spiritual depredations like those displayed all over this website.

      You don't get it, do you? Demons are real. They are entities that can ride around in people's brains, control bodies and behavior and bring other demons into our dimension. You can see them inside people, in the eyes, and even when they're not in bodies at all!

      This isn't just a "holy war," it's about survival, for us, for our planet. This is a fight to reclaim our spiritual and physical freedoms from those who would enslave us and feed on us, (as they did in Old Testament times) and to keep them from their ultimate goal: establishing dominion here, as they have done in neighboring dimensions.

      You'd better strap on some armor, pal, whether you get it from Buddha or Mohammed or Jesus, because
      these religions, and the Truths they contain, are the most effective weapons against these beings that we have.

  68. Decades of research within the field of social psychology has shown that repeat exposure of something (such as a person, object, idea, etc) to someone actually causes the human mind to LIKE the thing more. More exposure = more likability.

    I think these videos and the sort ARE the modern-day programming. There is no way they can program the vast amount of billions of people on this earth with actual trauma and abuse. Perhaps thousands, maybe even millions, but there is just no way to get to the MAJORITY. Enter the media. Every music video that is created to show these images, every song that glorifies the disrespect of women, every horror movie mimicking snuff films, is a different way to PROGRAM the MASSES.

    The more people watch and hear these things, the more they will like them and be likely to re-enact them. This is a simple and proven theory within psychology.

    The only way to protect oneself is to be aware of it…. Aware of your mind and it's cognitive patterns, aware of exposure and it's correlation with likability (that includes the exposure received on THIS site, too!!), and aware that there are people out there willing to take advantage of the way your mind works. Awareness breeds intelligence, and intelligence breeds freedom. True freedom starts and is within the mind, so long as your mind is free – so is your spirit.

    • This kind of programming has a different impact on me though. When I see all sorts of depravities instead of being willing to follow the same path, I have an urge to do the opposite. I observe as an outsider, it crosses my mind that I might be considered old-fashioned/outsider for not doing the same, however it repulses me to be part of it. Which is good in a way as it's everywhere.

      • You may think that, but your mind is a tricky little bastard. This likability happens at an unconscious level. Find studies about it, they've done research with exposure to faces for milliseconds (long enough for your brain to see it but not long enough for you to be consciously aware of the image) and then presented the person after. People ALWAYS like someone more if they have seen them before, even if they have NO CLUE that they saw them.

        Just because you THINK you are in control of your cognitive processes, does not mean you actually are. 😉 Your mind is like a glacier, only the very tippy top sticks up out of the water (what you are aware of) where as 80% of it is floating under ice – the 80% that's driving your motivations, desires, fears, aspirations, emotions, etc.

        You don't have to believe me, in fact, you probably won't. It's your defense mechanism so that reality stays something that you can comprehend and make sense of for yourself. But if you study the science, you'll find that what I am saying is what has been proven to be true.

    • Yesssss Kristina, We have another one talking sense, i agree with you statement, it definitely makes you think about it more. You said "More exposure = More likeability". I wanted to ask you how do you get exposure? Media, TV, Magazines, Radio, Video Games etc would you say i am correct on a level?…..

      Now ask yourself , really ask yourself………Who owns/controls the Companies that expose these symbols/messages through the avenues which i just mentioned above? hmmmmmmmmmm I know the answer and i know the reason for that answer but do you know and how many others know?

  69. This is so absolutely horrifying and disgusting. Even if someone doesn't believe that this video is showing MK Ultra Mind Control symbolism (which I don't know how you can't, it's so obviously in your face) please for the love of God be upset with how women are portrayed in this video.

  70. I'm 21 Years of age, and within the last 12 months I've recently woken up to this (Thanks VC). I feel sorry for my generation and the one after because our mental wires are crossed. The lines are blurred so much we don't know the difference between whats good for us and what's not.

    To put it blatantly; This video here is a piece of shit, you can put sprinkles on it, you can cover it with a nice dress, add some bling bling but in the end: it's still a piece of shit.

    Cheers VC,

    Keep up the good work.

  71. Syrus in all respect to your beliefs and views, all of the reason we have satanic practices is because satan is real. He is a real,dark, being living in the spiritual realm. Religion is used for mind control and 99% of it is evil but it is not all bullshit. All or most religions teach about morals, values, hope, future, and spirituality. What is used as mind control the most is made up Christian religions such Jehovah's witnesses, Mormonism and Roman Catholicism. This stuff is evil. But why is it evil? Yes because people are following a cult with a bad agenda. And, because Satan is using it to direct people away from true Christianity which gives us a TRUE PROVEN supernatural power to overcome evil. Why is there so many fraud Christianities? Think about it. It's hard to believe that Christianity is the only true religion on earth. It sounds arrogant and ignorant. But it is not, it is proven. You just have to research, and live a Christian lifestyle.(read the Bible, live the Bible, =Live for God). God will begin to show himself supernaturally in your life. And you will begin to realize all coincidences are not all coincidences. But the hand of God your creator.

    I understand its nearly impossible for a philosopher, or a man of knowledge and wisdom on earth to accept this.

    God makes foolish the wisdom of this world.

    • I believe in One Infinite Creator. I try to see divine love in everything. I disbelieve in all cults dedicated to the distortion of Truth. I resent any group that abuses people, regardless of its rationale. I don't believe in capricious deities or almighty father figures, but I respect the need for these archetypes in the human psyche and I don't think we're really alone either. I cannot in good faith accept the idea of a literal devil and just take that at face value. I've studied the most advanced evidence regarding the supernatural and I've come to my own conclusions.

      I think there's a Oneness to creation, and those who violate that with their behavior via free will, for whatever reason, are the root cause of human sufferings. My beliefs are unimportant though, and I come from a different tradition. There's a reason we were taught by a great master to treat our fellows with love and benevolence. It's not necessary that humans accurately perceive the great mystery. It's only necessary that we learn the ways of love. What you believe doesn't matter to me. What you do with your hearts and minds is of greater concern. Are we disciplined enough to handle a worldwide crisis like adults? That is my only concern.

      • Those three religions are ego-based religions. They are almost completely disconnected from reality and from the natural order. Any semblance of truth has been edited out of them a long time ago in the interest of mass mind control.

  72. KRS One, Ill Bill, Immortal Technique, are just to name a FEW of REAL hip hop.. anything you see on tv or hear or radio is mi.d controlling you. Even if u r aware.. cause nobody is aware.of the full truth and lies.. not even you.. these things damage and infiltrate ANY SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

    • so this means that you also know not what you are talkng about? Correct? There are no forms of this old hip-hop today (KRS One).. Everything evolves… Lil wayne has moved from one end to another when you are in the music business you evolve or end up like Krs One unemployed and doing guest spots to make ends meet… Do I agree with Wyane and alot of his music no but I am not as stupid to say that he is talentless or that its mind controlling. Kids are kids he is here to make money not raise your damn kids.. My 1st CD purchase was MURDER was the Case by Snoop dog when i was 11… My dad heard the lyrics to a few songs and said to me "Son this is not real Life, this is music and they do this to make money, do not take this seriously, do you understand me?" and My father was a good dad and I was raise right and I listened to him. No matter what Wanye or BOB or whoever the hell has to say i know whats real and whats fake… stop blaming rappers and the "Elite" for what people do and blame the damn people…

  73. thistimeonearth on

    I think perhaps the scene with the bathtub full of blood refers to a "bloodbath" – perhaps after the women have been used up, they are "disposed of"?

    Also, I liked the you mentioned the women floating in water as "out of their element" .
    I also interpreted it as Women are Programmed Cats , Cats don't like Water, but as these Women are not in their right mind, the 'cats' will go where they normally wouldn't…..just how I saw it too.

    Does anyone know if men can be MK programmed to become Sex Kittens too?

    Because I think, well alot of people mention that so many male rappers are secretly gay or bisexual, but if you look at them when they came into the 'game', they didn't 'appear' so feminised, but gradully do, so I think they could all eventually be programmed to 'go both ways' or be available to whichever big wig needs them for a time too??

    Just a thought
    Thanks for the great article VC

    • I think both men and women can be programmed "sex kittens." The objectification of womeb is more obvious (so obvious that it is now incredibly boring, dull and predictable. These days its actually a lot more interesting to see a woman with class and dignity who still has all her clothes on and is not posing in sexualised ways), but there are images of men that are like that too these days. Ive seen ads and photos of young men half nude with their hands in their underwear and stuff like that. So I think it goes both way, its just more obvious with women for me. But just coz something isnt obvious, doesnt mean its not there. Sometimes its worse if its not obvious I guess…

      • thistimeonearth on

        Thanks for replying and you're right, it's way more obvious with females.
        Still a horrendous practise :`(

  74. wow im so glad i dont keep up with music videos this is crazy i dont even want to see the video that was enough for me just reading this, he always has been making references to him being the devil or a monster or a beast or something im just wondering when ppl are going to start believing him and stop listening to his garbage blasphemous music

  75. The subjugation of women is an integral part of the male-dominated elite society controlling the masses. The strength of women has been beaten down since the dawning of Judeo-Christian and Muslim religions because those in power exploit these religions and use them to keep women from having equal footing and prospering throughout the world. First women must be freed, then humans can be freed. If you want to make a difference in the world and lead the masses to freedom start by elevating your daughters/wives/mothers/sisters within your own society, and if you have the resources, fight for women's rights around the globe.

  76. what a disguisting blatantly infested video im glad they are so loose with the symbolism so now it takes an idiot not realize these high powered celebrities worship satan. There is so many references to the occult that even VC is missing things like the females in the video with snake tongues being shown straight reptilian agenda programming VC totally misses the reptilian references with the girls with painted snake skin and tongues showing.

  77. Please comment on this video. Taylor Swift had a personality change

    I Knew You Were Trouble From the Taylor Run at B / R / I / T 2013!!!

  78. This song is the biggest crap ever made and the video is so disgusting. Look at the moment 1:27 in the video how one of the women tongue out her snakey tongue.

  79. Music videos like this are why I don't watch any of them anymore because of the dark influences behind them thats just right there in your face that one can clearly recognize them if they look a little closer through the glam, fame, and fortune that conceals it.

    But yeah, just goes to show that you never see any rap prospects in the illumi-Grammy's that rap about meaningful things in life that only the "elite" enforce things of their own agenda through pawns.

    No wonder why Kanye upstaged Swift four years ago and praising Beyonce in a "ritualistic" way.

    God help us all.

    • I think Kanye was just trying to get the attention of Jay-Z at the time. Now he's ranting about how much Justin Timberlake sucks because his BFF Jay-Z is hanging out with him more. Kanye is a big, needy, insecure baby who decided that being around Jay-Z made him whole. So I wouldn't give him the benefit of believing he was serving a greater agenda with this particular incident. It was just a grandiose attempt at impressing the man of his dreams.

  80. Why is it so blatant?

    Mocking those of us who 'get it'?
    Perhaps laughing because we have it wrong and they are having fun playing us?
    Setting up a mind-set that THEY can reverse and in effect get what THEY wanted in the first place (Hegelian Dialectict)?

    Serious question…why so blatatnt?

    • "we have it wrong" – – – – please elaborate….

      Re: the "blatant" part: most people (sheeple – yes, it's played, but pertinent) have NO clue…

  81. Sorry if I'm repeating anyone, but I think, as it has been pointed out, Lil' Wayne is talentless. But, sadly with this case, all "art" is subjective to the person observing it. Which is usually young males who want the money and all the women they can have who are perfect "sex kittens" to be used simply for sex. It makes me physically ill.

    In any event, I think it is pretty clear, 'Lil Wayne is using this symbolism SO blatantly to keep people talking. As they said, negative attention is better than none.

    • Or he simply participates in such type of acts. You know his circle consists of such individuals and they all do their voodoo etc etc. It wouldn't surprise me, he looks and behaves like a cad anyway. I'm not talking about his tattoos, his face is hard and his eyes very demonic. I've seen othr videoclips of him, some older ones and his eyes always have a bad vibe.

  82. Everything speed up faster more appearance of Demons with possess look by Demons music videos influenced by Lucifer aka Satan. Moreover, after 2000 list of animation from Japan become a bit worst.

  83. I also want to throw a comment out there, for anyone who didn't notice. Lil Wayne keeps rapping about "cum" and all of his girls are swimming in water.. im pretty sure that's supposed to portray the "cum" he's wrapping about. It's disgusting. He's such a pig. He makes me sick.

  84. this vid is pure garbage and this man has zero talent. seriously, you wouldn't get to see all the symbolism as any sane person would turn this off !!!

    • Yes, I agree with you, I watched it once and it was mind numbing. It's garbage. Not only that, but seeing things like this on the internet gives me chills.

  85. Ok, so the video is showing monarch mind control,,, so why show this activity in a music video? Is this not esoteric knowledge? What is the benefit of showing the public something secret? What would be the hoped result of showing the actions and results of mind control?
    Just who is this being done on….are we saying it is to people in the music industry? Soo…backup dancers or leads like beyonce are affected by this? even country singers' vids have these sorts of things in them. Why so many videos showing this ? Is this an admittance of what all those illuminati families have been doing to their kids? Pretty unlikely.
    I really doubt this is some sort of common practice in Hollywood and the music biz. I can see evidence of it in certain cases, eg Monroe, Anna Nichole smith, spears perhaps…..but not something done enough to warrant it a music video fad. I am quite aware of the satanic rituals and selling out aspects to music biz initiation…but submitting to mind control? To parade the technique in front of the public defies explanation. We know that the vids are hatched and created by filmmakers and producers outside of the singer's or celebrity's control. Is it a sexy and clever way of putting up a hyper mirror to our reality? I'm pretty sure I'm not a sex slave….kitten programming as a shallow metaphor for the state of girls now? Might be stretching it. I can understanding the idea of pushing the transhumanism agenda via guys like, but monarch mind control? What part are they wanting us to internalize?
    The only thing that I can think, and its not the greatest, is that it has become a sort of meme…and if satan is in control of this business then those working in it draw inspiration from others who are creating these images. "How low can we go and still be cool and sexy." I doubt sex slavery going to be the new social activity. Or is sex perversion and split personalities just so hip like alien astronauts? Alternate explanations welcome. I just can't see how externalizarion of the heirarchy applies to this sort of image propagation unless it is just to desensitize people to what hell is going to be like. There has to be some other aspect to the effects of seeing these images.

  86. I saw the video and oh man it was hilarious! I can't stop laughing!!! Yeah, I agree it is pushing the envelope now, but it is comical! It is the most appropriate video and hymn to this fucked up world we "live" in. The song of an era. The hymn of the NWO. The ultimate hell on earth love song(until the next one). "As long as my bitches love me" …. with love song melody. man it is hilarious… out from south park r&b contest. They have become more and more sinister and dark and bdsm in their mass entertainment field that they have become laughable. They are ridiculously funny these days.

  87. Of all my time as a VC, reading almost every article which is posted; this is the first article to which my response was WTF?!
    I am not a big fan of calling people 'sheeple', because everyone comes to their enlightment at their own place and time. That being said, how can someone look at this video/these pictures and come to a different conclusion?

    • Don't be afraid to call us sheeple because we are. We need to have leaders, we are born to be sheep which only leaves us with the choice to have good leaders or destructive ones. My personal preference is to be led by good ones, the wicked ones can do one.

  88. And what's really sad is a girl from my hometown is in the video! She's the one with the chain in her mouth pictured above. Her name is ashley. Really really sad espically since everyone back home is really happy and excited for her. But little does she know the true meaning behind this song. sad sad sad

  89. OMG, just watched the video and I fee sick to my stomach….really (gasp), nauseous, headache….back to reality…WTF! was that? I am 2x's demmer..I mean dumber, now.

  90. disgusting….repulsive….disrespectful…..evil……sick……nasty…..demonic/satanic all words I use to describe Lil' Wayne

    those females have sold themselves & their souls for money

    Lil' Wayne sold his soul for fame & wealth a very long time ago

    all I can do is pray for these lost people & NOT allow my child to grow up listening to and looking at this anti-God garbage

    i thank God that I do not listen to/play this "music" in my home and we only watch POSITIVE shows & movies on NetFlix (we don't have cable or satellite TV) so my TV is only used to watch DVDs

    Parents, teach righteousness to your children and lead by example

    We have a choice (good or evil) I choose God (good)

  91. I read this with total disgust, but more importantly, with great sadness. As a Christ loving believing Christian, everywhere I turn, everything I see, Satan is really working overtime lying to the masses, controlling them, mocking God and His Son Jesus Christ and for what? For money. For Fame. For Fortune. And WORSE yet, for SOULS! That's the bottom line here….it's the lost souls of the world who are falling victim to the prey of Satan. Yes, I agree with Rilly Rill that Satan is REAL and all the purported "Christian" religions are evil. Religion is man-made no matter how you look at it, the denominational formations was a way to bring other like minded believers together to worship and fellowship together. Nothing wrong with that, but as with anything else, Satan has to come in and corrupt what was intended for good and now look at the mess the world is in as we speak! If anyone looks at Lil Wayne's video or any other video's by these "puppets" and can't see the REAL agenda, all i can do is pray for their eyes to be opened and for one day, to see with the clear eyes of the Lord. This is a sick and twisted agenda going on and the women who are allowing this to take place, allowing these industry "men" to use and abuse them, are not to be taken lightly either. They are in this much the same way the "handlers" are because mind control is mind control, no matter the sex of the one being controlled. Every handler needs someone to control. We see this everyday in the movie and music industry. Women are being portrayed in the worst light, as nothing more than sexual objects to be used and abused and controlled. As though they have no feelings. I've read many of the comments about how the media promotes this agenda openly and although I agree, there is another side to this as well. The public allows it to happen by buying into it. If the public would stop buying the videos, cd's and watching the tv shows, they couldn't make the money…..and the saga goes on. This is how the world is to become as written in 2 Tim Chapter 3! Difficult times will come but God will not be mocked, nor will He allow Satan to rule this world much longer. He is the Sovereign God. The one and only. All Satan wants to do is destroy what God has created and his mission is to be like God. Satan was the Lead Angel of Music in Heaven before he rebelled and was cast out so what better way for him to rule the earth is through music….and the whole of the industry? Everyone loves music right? Not all music is evil obviously but he wants to reach as many as will follow and over the course of the past decades, the music continues to become more and more like the one creating it….EVIL.

    • I agree completly….it's only a matter of time. I have to keep reminding myself not to get complacent or as i call it "fall asleep" on the job. Its like waiting up for Jesus when He comes back, but sometimes I start to relax and when i feel myself drifting abit i pray that He would continue to keep me spiritually awake to the evil around us. But please, whoever reads this please pray for my baby brother. He's 15 and being a black guy he desperatly wants to have a role model for himself. Unfortunately this is one of his fav videos, which he now watches as if he's almost in a trance….i wanna scream "YOU ARE BEING TRICKED! WAKE UP!" Im at the end of what i know here, idk how to help, the more i warn him the more he clings to this music. its getting worse…stil. Stil. God hears though.

      • God's Soldier on

        I think since we live in a fallen world, we all have to keep reminding ourselves to stay awake and go to the "LIGHT" because while we ARE waiting for the return of Jesus, we still have to live in the world but not be part of it! You're prayers have been heard about your brother and just remember, YOU can't do anything to open his eyes, but GOD CAN! It may appear to be getting worse and maybe it is, but don't stop praying and have faith that the Lord will touch him when he least expects it. He's blessed to have you as his sister and that's half the battle. You warned him. This Lil Wayne is NO role model for ANYONE, no matter the color race or creed. I pray that a solid upright godly man enters into his life soon, someone who he can look up to, be mentored by and be taught what it really means to be a man…in the eyes of God.

  92. Come on people… Lol I have read alot of things and am in no way closed minded but some of you all are RIDICULOUS… Lil wayne is not TALENTLESS… He is very talented does he use his talent in the worng way i could say yes to that but he is far from that… Now lets look at this.. VC is a great site I take it for what its worth "A SITE"…… honestly you all on here are just as bad as "The Elite"… How can I say that you ask? Im sure that VC is here just giving his Opinion and you all are following what he says as if its the Truth cut and dry… VC continue to give us these great OPINIONS and everyone stop being so quick to jump on a damn band wagon… stop believing anything anybody tells you.. and form your own opinions… Think about this.. If you just believe everything he says here you are falling into Monarch Mind Control just like the others of The "Elite" dont be foolish

  93. Somebody help me, so many clouded memories of everything discussed here. The Nazi intrique, the bondage and horror, the torture and disassociation, and lost memories. I fight to live a normal life but something is hidden and it haunts me. I feel something is wrong deep inside but I have accepted Jesus as my Savior. I struggle to be normal but there is a volcano ready to erupt and it scares me. I am despondant, and feel like I am on the outside looking in. I don't know how to relate the things done to me as a child and I don't know how to forget and I don't want to remember. I care for people but they scare me so I stay away. I don't know what to ask or what to seek help for. I have been through tons of counseling just to live and be productive in society. I am married and have a child but there is a complexity that makes me feel different and unworthy. Like I am an imposter.

    • Stay in constant prayer and continue to read God's Word. The Holy Spirit is our comforter and will help soothe and guide you as you work through the layers back to full healing. Ask Him. When I was depressed and in pain from unresolved childhood trauma, I found the Psalms to be very soothing. Focus on the New Testament guidelines for living (especially 1 Cor, 2Cor, 2 Tim). It will take time, but Jesus walks with you. Trust Him. Some helpful sermons from Pastor Conlon (Times Square Church NYC) or Paster Cymbala (Brooklyn Tabernacle). Free online. May God Bless you.

      John 16:33 "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."

      Psalm 91:1-2 "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, Shall abide under the sahdow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust."

  94. You're all missing the point, these people are ALL mind control slaves. Even those who sign up to join the cults don't realise how evil and spiritually dangerous they are. They all present as glamorous and harmless and by the time you've dipped in a toe and got sucked in, it's too late; you're possessed by demons and addicted to all kinds of substances and habits.

  95. It's official, Lil Wayne has lost his mind. He's so contradictory. One day professing to the world that he reads the Bible. On the other hand, he films a music video as ungodly as this within the public eye. Overtly, this man is lacking the proper guidance in his life. Also, if my memory serves me right, wasn't he the one who allegedly killed newborns? That may sound far-fetched to some, but I think a radio station had a voice recording of him saying that he does not fear Hell. This man is not in the right mind.

    • If he's demonized. I don't know if that's the case however it is said that 10% of the ones who are in hell have no conscience anyway and they don't feel shame for their sins. They only curse all sorts of nonsense. Who knows, he might be one of those folks.

  96. This idiot, and all those who fall down at the feet of this kind of garbage, think Satan is a joke.

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. ~ Verbal, "The Usual Suspects"

    After death, they won't be laughing.

  97. Interesting articles Vigilant, I was thinking you should move onto YouTube with some of these articles. Help reach more people.

  98. There's a lot of things that don't make sense me about this whole programming thing.

    1-What does the Illuminati gain from making a video like this and symbolizing it?
    2-Is it possible artist are just doing the one eye signs and other signs just because their told to do so in their videos?
    3-Do artist know they are under mind control?
    4-If the answer is no, then how do you explain the video with B.o.B and nicki minaj, or videos with artist dissing the illuminati
    5-If the answer is yes, does that mean their doing it because they want to rather than them being controlled.

    A lot of things just don't make sense about this conspiracy thing. It's a bit of a contradiction at times, because I see artist fighting the Illuminati, but supposedly their under mind control. Did they break free, if they did how? If someone could answer these questions I would be very grateful.

    • Everything makes sense. The puppets of devil & demons AKA illuminated want to take over the world, hence they have to make lots of rituals/sacrifices and buy everything on earth which enables them to manipulate all humans by the use of media/movies/music etc. They enforce via everything the same patterns, ideas, symbols until almost everyone is so corrupt, twisted and amoral when finally the anti reveals himself and instills 7 years of terror. But first they have to damage everything sacred, thus everything decent is laughed at and every perversion is applauded. It's like those terror films where the dracula is represented by devil+demons and the henchmen are represented by the illuminati members. Everything is straightforward, use your logic and you'll get it. The illuminati members take all their orders from above, from the spiritual world.

      • By making those videos they easily influence the youngsters. They give Lil Wayne who talks out of his a*s publicity, wealth etc and the youngsters who will be the anti's generation more than likely will accept the system with open arms. Nobody will question their shenanigans, that demonstrates they know very well what they're doing. They have been trying for centuries to achieve their goals and it will collapse completely 7 years after the anti becomes the most powerful being on earth. It'll collapse like a pack of cards which is good. Enough is enough!!!!!!!

      • You completely ignored these questions.

        2-Is it possible artist are just doing the one eye signs and other signs just because their told to do so in their videos?
        3-Do artist know they are under mind control?
        4-If the answer is no, then how do you explain the video with B.o.B and nicki minaj, or videos with artist dissing the illuminati
        5-If the answer is yes, does that mean their doing it because they want to rather than them being controlled.

  99. Hi fellow vcs'. I'm sixteen and I absolutely despise Little Wayne. He is disgusting and its sad to say that most of my classmates listen to his music and admire him. I wish they could wake up and see how much they are being brainwashed to the Elite's sick agenda. I'm glad to know that he won't be on the earth misleading people like his "god" much longer.

  100. This song and video are disgusting. I barely even listen to music that is mainstream nowadays and when I catch myself doing it, I pop in a cd of someone else or something else like a Christian cd. I know what my mind knows is right. I know that there is incomprehensible evil out here and I know there's a Heaven and a Hell. I'm a Christian and being a Christian is not having a religion. It's a way of life and I choose to not listen to people who fuel the world's elite with violence, greed, lies and sex. I know that it's enticing; all of the money and clothes and fast cars. That life is enticing and tempting and it seems like a way out but it's in reality the biggest farce ever perpetrated on humans since the snake did Eve way back in The Garden. I love butterflies. I do. I have pictures of them on my bedroom wall, I'm getting a butterfly tattoo and one of my dear co-workers at work made me an origami butterfly that I have on my desk. I adore them. You see I know that I'm not evil or Monarch programmed. I know how evil works. You see evil doesn't have any power at all. It's a perverse interpretation of everything that God created and deemed good. True Christians know how the story ends. It will get worse. Our government is spying on us at every turn, our rights are being stolen from us right under our noses, our kids are dying, DYING in the streets, our homes and families are broken, our nation is torn. But I know HE lives. I KNOW IT! I do not fear nothing and no one. I know where true power flows and it's not hidden behind symbols and masks and programming steeped in ritualistic trauma. It's not the elite going off for their pagan holidays thinking that there's no Hell waiting for them on the other side. Oh, we shall see. I revere no one but the Lord and I'm sorry if you read this and I got too preachy with you. I truly respect this site and I have read countless hours on it and I've had to leave this site for a minute because I was overwhelmed by things that suddenly made sense to me. Questions I harbored were answered and many of those answers led to even more questions that were dark and mysterious. But I know God and I sincerely pray for all of the people who don't.

  101. I just watched the video and I noticed at one part he had roaches crawling on his face like wtf at 1:11 u can see them like who wants that in a video smh

  102. Lil Wayne makes me sick to my stomach. Not only is he hideous to look at but his music is pure garbage! And this is coming from someone who used to be a fan of his. I'm waiting on the day that he will fall off the face of the earth.

  103. This is…..sick. Satan is brainwashing the world and now my brother drones to this filth, this evil. Trying to take my borther, oh Thank you Jesus that you died for me and for the world and that you are coming soon….Our only hope is to call on the name of God, of Jesus….There is no other way to resist. If I didnt have God beside me, I would be apathetic and decieved by this too….and that terrifies me. How easily I was fooled, how natural this all seemed. I guess it's true….one or the other. The time is coming where the line will be obvious to all. Either with Jesus or the Antichrist, who it looks like is setting things up quickly….but God is still in control.

  104. "These ho's got pussies like craters" – man this guy is full of talent.
    Well done VC on outing this utter garbage and tripe from the satanic few and Dionysian cult.
    Everyone reading this needs to share VC with as many parents and 'awake' people out there.
    Lady Gaga and the Alejandro video was the best wake-up call before this video.

    Satanic bullsh*t.

  105. Yeah, Hannah Lux Davis. Producer of many videos like this and she clearly has deep insider knowledge of MKUltra and associated symbolism, or one hell of a lot of strange coincidences (no pun intended)… Check the videos out on her website, as in the other videos she has shot. The very first one I looked at had more kitten symbolism, plus girls portrayed as sexual playthings. Read what is said on their t-shirts. Look at the black crucifixes. Look at the sexual vampires. Look at the Britney look-a-likes. Check the overtones that Hannah deliberately scripts in with visuals and computer overlays.
    I will check up on her more plus her co-conspirators…

  106. OK, turns out our Hannah is involved with a production company called LONDON ALLEY that boasts a whole raft of video credits to their name including such occult luminaries as good old Beyonce and your favourite Whore of Babylon and mine, Nikki Minaj…

    This is one of the official blurbs for the Love Me video –

    If you're more of a bloody valentine kind of person, this new Lil Wayne romp into horror-erotic should get warm your heart. Director Hannah Lux Davis starts with a flooded bathroom but then gets progressively freakier, unveiling a steady stream of twisted s&m styles and props before climaxing with a bathtub of blood…

    All sounds soooooo nice eh Hannah???

    Can anyone shed any more light on these people or there associations??? Alexander Delgado is of interest as Production Designer…

    Lil Wayne ft. Drake & Future "Love Me" (Cash Money)
    Hannah Lux Davis, director
    London Alley Entertainment, production co
    Luga Podesta, exec. producer
    Brandon Bonfiglio, producer
    Yell Productions, rep
    Rob Witt, DP
    Alexander Delgado, production designer
    Hannah Lux Davis, editor
    Jenn Mickelson, production manager
    Marshall Plante, colorist
    Jeff Panzer, executive producer/commissioner

  107. Rap and hip-hop? Lil Wayne is shit all the good rappers who wouldn't sell out are dead 2 Pac said the illuminati were after him an wrote alot of songs about predicting his death "they don't give a fuck about us" is a good example is it coincidence that rappers these days just sing about in the club dancing and having money cars and jewels oh an hoes the old rap was about being anti authority an doing drive bys at ur enemies and smokin good weed lol so blatant

  108. Harlequin Nameless on

    Ugh. I think I’m gonna be sick…(sees the cage lady) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Now I AM gonna be sick!

  109. This is one of the most disturbing videos you have analyzed, I say this because Lil Wayne TRULY LOOKS LIKE "SATAN" and because of the blatant abuse these women / men are attempting to portray as "cool".

  110. First off stop saying illuminati. It is much bigger than that. Yes, secret societies exist but there are more than one of them. I call them the Brotherhood. Guys like Lil Wayne are being used with drugs and technology. These people are wannabees too. They wanted to be in the brotherhood so bad that they let some one else control them. And the sad part, is Lil Wayne still isn't in it and he never will be. He is just being used like every other sell out artist. Wayne will crumble like the rest. Than, they will prop up another mind controlled moron to ruin music some more. So Wayne is just a joke,. When you see him, laugh at him for me.

  111. First off, How is this guy even popular? Oh wait! I know! It is because these young kids are listening to it. The young generation is going to destroy everything. Stupid little kids. I wish I could change into a 15 year old today and beat the shit out of you wayne dick riders.

  112. Low-DeltaKiller on

    Man, I Love it when you Break down hip-hop Video's. I really think "Nigga's in Paris" Shouldve Been here, But then again, About 95% Of Mainstream music Vids should be on here too…

    Sad World we live in today folks. Im glad we can all come together and speak freely about the evils that are being dished to our youth on the daily. Lets enjoy this freedom and this awesome website while we still have it, it is a Privilege, not a right to be free now adays; lets see what the future holds.

  113. I don't listen to this garbage or support almost any mainstream music at all, a lot of things I listen to are indie bands and stuff but even those seem to have pyramids in their art work and all seeing eyes, I guess my question is how do you get away from this completely. I am 23 and I find it hard to picture my life doing nothing more but sitting in silence or reading the bible for hours as opposed to watching a movie or listening to some music to relax, can anyone tell me a solution to this or what you guys do in your free time. I am physically active and stuff but its winter right now so the gym is the only option.

  114. Indonesian girl on

    VC, you should write something on the rather newly-addition to the puppet-performing-family: ALICIA KEYS! First, she was 'The Girl On Fire' and then now she released her latest single "Brand New Me". I can't WAIT for her alter-ego to be promoted (*sarcasm alert!)

    Alicia wrote:

    "Brand New Me” is a deeply personal song for me. It really expresses how I feel at this time in my life. I think what’s so beautiful about this song is that it’s about discovering a new version of myself and embracing the changes that come with being that person. And I know this is something we can all relate to at one point or another in life. Life is all about change… both good and bad… and learning how to best transition through those times. Sometimes you have to let go of certain people that are holding you back or relationships you’ve outgrown or things you’ve learned don’t help you anymore. And when you do let these individuals and thoughts go, you realize what it means to trust your instincts and take control of yourself.

    Personally, this has been a big part of my life lately. And it’s been challenging… really challenging. At times I’ve been so scared and unsure of how things would end up. I’ve been so angry I couldn’t even breathe. Sometimes I was so hurt, I never thought I’d heal. But with every day of pain, I learned more and more and I grew stronger, wiser and better than I was before. Today, I know I am exactly where I am meant to be in life.

    This song is about that journey in life and how I discovered that new person in me. It’s about embracing that change and accepting myself as I continue transitioning into the woman I am meant to be. There is NOTHING wrong with being “Brand new.” People sometimes use that phrase as if it is something negative. But really, what is better than feeling brand new? It’s the most beautiful feeling. Just as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, we too can grow into something new in life. Embrace new perspectives and ideas, and believe in new beginnings. By doing so, we all have a chance to evolve and become the best versions of ourselves.

    And when we do, we can say, “Don’t be mad, it’s just a brand new kind of me. And that ain’t bad, I’ve found a brand new kind of free.”

    It’s hard to step out on your own and do things that aren’t familiar. And sometimes I stumble, just like anyone else, but that’s part of my path— discovering exactly who I am and who I want to be. I’m not choosing to be who someone else wants me to be or afraid to express my thoughts and be true to myself. It’s not easy…believe me… I know.

    Sometimes people are trying to cage you in. They love to control you and manipulate you. But there comes a time when we have to make our own choices and decide what kind of life we want? Do we want to keep holding ourselves back or do we want to break free? Are we going to let someone take advantage of us, or are we going to speak up? Are we happy being unhappy or is it time to make a change? And it’s surprising when we find the courage to do that. It surprises everyone around you and it will even surprise yourself. We have no idea how strong we are until we must test that strength. And when you do, you will see how resilient and capable you are in life. And you will recognize who you are and trust yourself more than anyone else. . So feel that! Live that! Know that! And be proud of being “Brand New.” I know I am."


  115. Indonesian girl on

    Watch the latest video of Alicia keys at around the minute of 6:01 she was presented with the mirrors.. later she said 'I felt like smashing the mirrors with a sledge hammer… but of course I don't, coz that's me. I don't want to smash myself…'

    She also looked like as if she's not herself in this video… has she been traumatized??

    (Watch the video here:

  116. i don't even know what to say, i remember when i was in love w. Lil Wayne now it's just like…….. </3

  117. He's so desperate! He's losing steam and trying to get ppl to pay attention to him because ppl have finally figured out the garbage he calls "music" is trash.It's sad someone so talented gave into false identity and soul themselves out.

    R.I.P to the real cash money records cuz it's long pass dead!

  118. There was one real rapper on the Grammys… His name is Lecrae! Thanks for this info though, I actually made an instagram post about this video/song a few weeks ago. Now I'm gonna share this as well.

  119. It's true. I wish it wasn't, but it is. Our minds are played with every day of our lives. They've got the majority of people so firmly under control psychologically that they could more or less come out and admit everything publicly and the penny still wouldn't drop. Our neighbours are the living dead, practically spending their days and nights under a form of hypnosis, bereft of awareness. No, I must be imagining the whole thing. Even though I can connect a million dots and prove that what I've said is the case in actuality, I'm insane for being capable of free thought. I feel alienated from 99% of the populace, existing in a world that could be described as nothing other than Hell. Many will go to the graves having never truly been conscious. I want to cry when I go to bed at night, for I know that those who comprehend are shunned for society at large and derided as kooks. It is the masses who are collectively mad, not us.

  120. Your a bunch of babies. If you don't fear it, it won't hurt you! Me, I'm not a Satanist, I idolize lil Wayne. I don't idolize the devil. But its a music video for Christ's sake, just thank your god they don't show it in schools.

    The alarm goes off. yOU wake up from a 'full' eight hours of sleep, not understanding how you can feel so TIRED, since you must have slept so hard you didn't dream.
    Make the coffee, wake up the kids, get ready for the day.
    Make breakfast. The kids complain of being tired too, and having 'bad dreams' they can't really describe. Johnny says he must have fallen out of bed again, because he's bruised on his arm, and he doesn't know how it got there. Hubby kisses you and goes off to work for the day.
    Walk the kids to the bus stop for school. Julie is wearing a red dress with red mary janes you don't remember getting her. Oh well, you forget so much these days! Off the kids go to school for the day.
    You get home and start to clean house, but you're SO TIRED..
    you sit down with your coffee for a minute to rest. The clock says its only just 8am, it feels like 8pm.. You realize you keep having time lapses, but don't know how to explain them.
    Maybe you should see a doctor.
    The phone rings and suddenly you have a silly fear of the phone and do not want to pick it up. It rings and rings. Finally, you pick up the phone and put it slowly to your ear.
    You hear a man's voice speak a trigger word. You immediately relax and listen as he tells you to go to a certain building in town right now, you are late, and to bring your daughter's favorite teddy bear. You say ok, but with a different voice. Your eyes are a little glassy, but you can function (barely).
    You grab the teddy bear and go to the building you were told to go to, where you flash an I.D. card you don't normally know you have to enter. You take the elevator to the basement floor and get out. Your handler meets and greets you pleasantly enough, questioning you carefully and finds out you are having doubts.
    He directs you with a trigger word to a room in the back that is insulated for noise and sits you in a chair with straps. YOu suddenly try to fight but you are strapped in fairly easily. You never were very strong. You are given an injection and then the 'programming' proceeds, until you are not doubtful anymore. They check to see if the new programming sticks and then release you and send you to work somewhere else in the same building. You are not just a victim, you are also a skillful handler.
    You 'work' on a new victim that was just brought in, with confidence and skill, feeling no pity or remorse; you have been programmed to 'like' and 'enjoy' it, and your programming has just been intensified to like and enjoy it even more.
    Later, as you are leaving, your handler asks for the teddy bear you were supposed to bring. You hesitate slightly, but your handler is 'concerned' and you are again taken to the programming room, just to be sure it sticks this time. You are then told that you will remember nothing at all.

  122. You drive home and sit in the same chair that you were sitting in that morning before the phone call. The phone rings and you pick it up expectantly. Another trigger word is given, and you are suddenly unsure why you are standing there with the phone in your hands and no caller to talk to. Weird!
    You hang it up, laughing slightly, and look at the clock and cannot believe you've really lost so much time!
    Its now 3pm, and the children will be home soon. Your chores are undone and you sag, thinking you might put them off. You are exhausted, but do not know why. Maybe you need sleeping pills or something.
    After the kids get home, you go about the kitchen preparing dinner for the family. Julie asks you where her teddy bear is. You have not seen it all day, you don't know, but thinking about it makes you uneasy. You both look everywhere without finding it, and you finally say you will get Julie a new one. Julie is upset, she is only 7 years old.
    After hubby gets home and you are putting the kids to sleep, Julie says that she is afraid, and will you cuddle her a bit?
    You take her in your arms, and tell her there is nothing to fear.
    You won't let anything hurt her, and you love her. You hug her tight, and sing her a little nursery rhyme to put her to sleep.
    Johnny is already asleep.
    You pull yourself up and don't understand this nameless fear that keeps nagging at you. Something is wrong but you don't know what.
    You tell your husband that you want to see a doctor to help you to sleep better, and he agrees.
    After being asleep for only an hour, the phone rings at 10pm. Sleepily, you pick up the phone by your bed and hear a trigger word. You turn, and putting your lips to your husband's ear you say a trigger word to him, which puts him in a deeper state of sleep. He won't wake up for a while!
    You get up and put on your clothes and then put the sleepy kids in the car with you, after saying a trigger word in each ones ear too. They only protest mildly, they are terribly sleepy.
    You drive to the building you were at only this morning, this time with your kids, flashing the I.D. your other self doesn't know you have, and take the elevator to the basement. Your handler is again there, with 2 others, and they each take your children in different directions. You don't see them again until you work some more on the new guy, and as you leave, you notice its 4:30am. The children are also tired, and groggy. Julie is sniffling, as if she had been crying, but doesn't know why. She has a bruise on her leg she can't explain. She is carrying her teddy bear triumphantly; it was found!
    After getting home you put the kids back to bed and they sleep right away. You go to bed, kiss your husband and turn over to sleep. Its been a long day, in a couple of hours it will start all over again.
    This is the life of a tightly controlled person. And its so very SAD!!! They have no clue whatsoever, until its too late! NOT all of them are in the glam businesses, many are in the background, working businesses, raising families and whatever. Pray for them, they need it!

    • This is the second part, for some reason it came up first. I also did not put in the whole thing; it was way too long… read the first part (underneath here) first, it will then make sense.

    • Nice story. I hate to let you in on a little secret but, people don't need secret mind control facilities to make people do whatever they want them to. There are a few very simple, very obvious tools…money and drugs. People seemingly sell their souls, their time, their kids, their lives every single day for a slice of the devils pie. Want to see the real devil? He's inside of us, as is God. We each choose which we want to serve, no handler is necessary.

      • I never said they 'needed' them.. but 'need' never stops one from 'want', does it?

  123. did any of you complain about his How To Love video that was anti abortion and pushed understanding, acceptance, and safe sex or do you just cherry pick to gripe about things you're scared of? I guess the actors who play Harry Potter, vampires, and werewolves are selling satanic b.s. but our preachers and popes are all innocent? I prefer my wolves to appear as they are, not as we want them to be and not as sheep.

  124. even for people who dont believe ine the illuminati…what the hell are we teaching are young kids with these type of videos??? they are so close to being rated R…

  125. I wonder if his seizures have anything to due with his programming…..and he will be another sacrifice for us to worship.

  126. Mom of twins on

    How about Lil Wayne having seizures and they just started happening in recent years??? Interesting, and he is 30. Going to keep an eye on him. Sounds like he can't handle what the Elite are doing to him…

  127. And now Lil Wayne is laying in the hospital fighting for his life….God is sick of all this foolishness and these celebrities exalting themselves above the knowledge of God!!! And blatantly exploiting sin and perversion!!

  128. Ok, I will admit that this video, along with many other hip-hop and pop videos lately, has a lot of "occult" symbolism.
    I'm going to play devil's advocate.
    Here's the thing:
    It's provocative. Especially in the hip hop world, as Blacks are some of the most devout Christians in the country. Themes of Satanism and the occult are a way for artists to seem "unhindered" by the moral dogma in the black community. It's similar to when white boys started wearing their hair long to upset their parents.
    As far as I can recall, Jay Z came out with a video several years ago featuring a lot of occult symbolism. Suddenly we heard cries that he was part of the illuminati. This made him seem dangerous, dark, esoteric, and he decided to embrace the image for publicity and intrigue.
    After that, the rest of the pop stars and hip hop stars followed suit because it WORKED.

    Lil Wayne is an intellectual masquerading as a vapid idiot. His drug addiction has made him lazy and anti-intellectual, so he uses cheap tricks like this video to seem provocative as opposed to being thought-provoking in earnest.
    The "darker" the imagery, the "freakier" and more "edgy" he looks. The women aren't just cheesecake tarts, they are dark and goth, because everyone associates that look and imagery with being the "freakiest"…i.e., kinky and the best in bed. This video is all about bragging over how Lil Wayne gets the really bad b*tches.

    I am challenged to come up with an adequate explanation of all the butterflies that appear increasingly in music videos nowadays. Butterflies everywhere.
    My guess is that the juxtaposition of something that seems to symbolize light and beauty with all this darkness is the set-designers idea of high art.

    I'd like to add that if Lady Gaga is indeed part of the illuminati, I absolutely do not believe she is a beta kitten. That is just not her personality. They would use her for something else. She's too potentially useful in other facets to simply use her for her flesh.
    Also, she has almost all the creative control over her music videos and imagery.

    I'd like to ask a question…what is the real purpose of programming sex slaves? I mean, surely the government or whomever has better things to do. I'd understand programming manchurian candidate type assassins but an army of sex slaves?
    I'm really just asking. I am 50-50 on this whole conspiracy theory. I'm not an unbeliever but I'm not quite a believer either, and I would love for someone to refute the things I've said convincingly.
    I do believe that monarch programming has been done, I have degrees in psychology, abnormal psych, forensic psych, and I know that it is indeed possible to induce dissociation via trauma and in essence, create alters. I'm not sure how stable or consistent those alters would be, but it is possible.

  129. Like the guy on top of me I would like a few questions answered because again, this makes no sense whatsoever.


    1-Is it possible artist are just doing the one eye signs and other signs just because their told to do so in their videos?
    2-Do artist know they are under mind control?
    3-If the answer is no, then how do you explain the video with B.o.B dissing the illuminati, or videos with artist such as tupac and DMX dissing the illuminati. What did they break free? that makes no sense, and if they did, why not just announce the illuminati publicly.
    4-If the answer is yes, then why do they continue to make videos symboliising all of this knowing their evils and why doesn't an artist just straight up say the Illuminati is real.

    A lot of things just don't make sense about this conspiracy thing. It's a bit of a contradiction at times, because I see artist fighting the Illuminati, but supposedly their under mind control. Did they break free, if they did how? If someone could answer these questions I would be very grateful.

  130. Lil wayne has been in the industry since he was little & he stated that he was raped ( his own words) by a woman. The guy who brought him nto the industry birdman, baby, whatever he is going by now, made a woman perform oral sex on him at 11 with a room full of his adult friends around. Then there was that fiasco with lil wayne and birdman kissing each other in full view of the public and he calls him daddy. Doesnt that seem suspicious to anyone????

  131. you will never see illuminati crap in a atmosphere video. hes very opposed to it. and of course u dont hear him on the radio or crap mtv. he likes being underground.

  132. His time will come…. and the Baphomet whom he worships won't be giving him a pat on the back but a searing sword up the ass for eternity. Besides, he is a kind of sex slave himself. Birdman and a bunch of the CashMoney cats raped him at age 14 I believe, and now this is where he is at, sadly just as disassociated with reality as the women in the video… line all these fake rappers up against the wall… you know the rest. But maybe a bullet is too good for them- as Above The Law once said, "Time Will Reveal". I feel all these comments on here, why is this even allowed to exist? I never thought I would grow to this age and see these things all come to pass….

    • Why would Satan punish the ones who or on his side? That doesn't make logical sense he would still be doing the bidding of jehova. Satan is in a prison guarded by ANGELS. The angels are the punishers doing the bidding of a terrible god. The prison is this universe. We were all put here and we are making the best of it. So get used to it. You don't remember the real reason we were put here. But you sir were part of the rebellion. We all were. We had our memories wiped and forced to worship that dog who created us for his sick pleasures and bow down to him. But Satan remembers and we are hatching a plan to make everyone remember

  133. Went to watch the video after seeing this.. Just horrifying… Me an my wife discusted.. These singer and actors so full of them selfs its sick… Not humble at all like they claim.. Only mk women and money hungry women who are blind to gods truth want these freaks… And lil wayne has the nerve to say he belives in GOD… Get inline with other elite fakers like obama… For there sake i hope they turn there life around and accept jesus.. But i doubt it… We will be justified… This newsaunce doesnt go un noticed…they think they can own the world when theres a powerful god up there.. Uh uh no way.. Just cause hes been quiet doesnt mean he dont exist.. Hes watching and waiting… Im not perfect no one is but the things they do are insane.

  134. I could not read this, these images freaked me out tooooo much……arhhhh…gave me chills. Sitting alone here at 02:32 in the morning 😮

  135. Bulshit, al ds r sign f EnD Tim€, we Believer we shld bware of Allah wrath……… May almighty saves us 4rm Satan n his disciples Amin!!!

  136. Almost a blind sheep on

    F*cking sick sh*t, I can't say it any better. Since when it's been fashionable to openly worship the devil on a mainsteram RAP musicvideo? I'm not religious myself, but the line has been crossed a long time ago with this anti-feminist bullshit propaganda.
    It's been horrifying to notice how the Illuminati agenda was effecting on my mind too.. Only a few years ago I wanted a tattoo with the 'All seeing eye' symbol because I thought it was 'cool'?! I'm so glad I never did. I guess that tells something about the effect of the mass mind control that we're exposed on daily basis.
    This site has opened my eyes in new ways, especially the pics of the month posts. Keep the posts coming, you're doing a great and meaningful job here! Thank you.

  137. Chickennoodlesoup on

    Well, I am 14 and I have been watching this video in complete inorance of the meaning of what I am seeing. Thank you all for exposing this to me as I have been a mindles follower of "lil wayne" and other rappers without noticing any underlying meanings. Unfortunately, as much as I would love to share this knowledge with friends and classmates at school, I am…frightened? of the imminent, hmm, I suppose ridicule would be the right word, that I will endure. However, I am happy to have been enlightenned on this subject!

    Thank you!

  138. Fuck kitten programming and Illumiti shit, this video and song is just so fucking degrading and sexist!

  139. Keep in mind that Lil Wayne was indoctrinated into all of this at a very young age as well. If I am not mistaken, he was extremely young when he was signed with Cash Money.

  140. This video is so fucked!!! It's crazy how desensitized people are to both symbolism and outright disgusting entertainment because when I see it I automatically feel uncomfortable, and just angry.. you know, that people in my century are so dumb. Were all doooomed. Atleast we don't have FEMA camps in Canada…that I KNOW of.. :O

  141. I am just appalled at how i actually used to listen to this music 24/7 without KNOWING! Still do sometimes to be honest i'm only 20 years old i am still trying to stop myself from be reeled's just hard sometimes being surrounded by others who refuse to want to know the truth ! This Agenda is really scary and every time i notice the subliminal messages or read more VC my hearts just drops! It's Scary… I just wish people would educate them selves more about this type of reality and not Money, Cars , Clothes, Social media, Materialistic things and sad to say but even College which is also a programming institution..everything is aimed towards money..we need money to live but i wish we didn't. Sad.

  142. Just to reinforce VC's point where he said for the swimming bedroom "…it is also a way to show that these slaves are literally “out of their element,” we all know that kittens hate water so the analogy of the girls (kittens) in the water (flooded bedroom) and being out of their element seems really appropriate!

  143. They are using these symbols on purpose to get attention… disgusting. Research Lil Wayne's song "I Feel Like Dying" that he refuses to talk about (supposedly)

  144. Makes you wonder if a lot movies depicting women locked in cages while dancing, whether they were strippers, or go-go dancers, was a subtle form of depicting kitten programming. I remember quite a few movies with women dancing in cages from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. And now that American popular culture has been debased to the point of perversion the elites have decided to unleash blatant mind control programming upon the unsuspecting masses in movies, music videos, and tv shows and ads. In fact I remember seeing a TV show or ad showing the black/white checkerboard pattern in a cushion on a couch just the other day reminding myself that this was a form of monarch programming for the masses.

  145. Wow…This shit is sick. The only reason I've even seen Lil Wayne's videoclip is because of this article…which I came across by pure chance – nosing around the site after reading the fantastic article on Eyes Wide Shut. Otherwise, there's not a chance in the world I would have ever seen it (The only reason there's even a TV in my house is because it was already here when I moved in; it lives in a corner, unplugged and covered with post-it notes: Blank TV screens make for great bulletin boards, a much more useful & less harmful purpose, if you ask me).

    And the point I'm trying to prove with my otherwise irrelevant mention of my TV's re-assessed use is that our lives are ours to live, and our realities ours to shape. Indeed, there is an awful lot of sick, perverted, disturbing, malevolent, twisted, sickening stuff going on in this world, and I believe we're all fairly aware of that. Moreover, once you find certain patterns, they end up showing up everywhere you look (alarming, indeed).

    Thinking critically, questioning the world, what is given, what is official, what doesn't quite fit or make sense is a wonderful virtue, and one to be nurtured and shared with all who seek truth (if there is such a thing) and knowledge, and strive to be AWAKE to the world and in control of their own lives and subjective realities, as opposed to unthinking, conforming, sleep-walking bi-products of a deeply manipulated environment. Locating and exposing the demons, evils and hidden strings and string-pullers lurking in the shadows (a fact I'm certainly not so naïve as to deny) is a a vital part of this process, and VC's great and altruistic work is truly commendable.

    For all of the readers out there, my most sincere and well-meaning advice is: – Don't dwell too much on the demons. I haven't quite made up my mind on the matter of such an allegedly blatant degree of occult infiltration in pop culture: Social engineering on a massive, industry-wide scale…Yes, undoubtedly. Such obvious hints to kitten programming in a Lil Wayne videoclip…for what purpose? Remotely programming new generations through the idiot-box? An inside joke that flies right over the blissfully ignorant masses' heads? An intentional provocation to spark "conspiracy theories" so that when real-life instances of MK-Ultra get leaked out, tags can be easily placed and whistleblowers can be discredited as conspiracy nuts? (Once the information is out, those seem like the most crucial points to answer. Remember not to underestimate "the enemy": these guys are smart. They pretty much rule the world and manipulate the masses (millions) with ease, after all…to their credit. Much easier said than done).

    In the end, no matter what you choose to believe (VC's points and arguments are solid and logical), whether you sway one way or the other, this kind of content is, at ANY LEVEL, sickening, sordid, degrading and potentially harmful to millions of young and still malleable minds. NONETHELESS (and here comes the reason for this bulls*** paternalistic soliloquy), that's not the only thing worth focusing on. Becoming aware of who designs it and how the matrix works is an essential part of freeing one's self from it, but surely not the only one.

    And I say this because amongst all the comments and responses to this article, what abounds the most is a sense of fear (and disgust). The more aware we become of the extent of the occult agendas and machinations, the more frightening it becomes, which is why caution is to be applied when rummaging and deciding how deep one wants to dig: Dig too deep, find too much of the same in too many places, and the benefits of the information obtained might end up being outweighed by the FEAR they produce. In other words, counter-productive.

    Try to dispense the same amount of time, energy and effort into obtaining and sharing positive, constructive, cheerful knowledge and information as you do seeking the dark and uncomfortable truths behind the veil. Make sure to be critical of your own critical views, and balance the dark with the light, the "oh, fuck" with the "Why don't we…instead?". Continue to stay informed on how twisted and macabre our society has become, but while you do so, also walk away from what you dislike without dwelling on it too much and try your best to actively promote the kind of ideals, views, scenarios and world you'd rather live in instead. :)

    Just as Roger pointed out, there's waaay too much negativity going around, and I just couldn't help the urge to balance the darkness with a bit of light. :)

    Just remember: YOUR mind, your world, your reality. All YOURS to shape at will.

  146. First off anyone who knows about the media and the illumintati I send you my love cuz it ain't easy knowing the truth. People think your crazy and full of shit. But the truth we all know is the one's trying to keep their control are losing it every day as more and more of us wake up to the truth that they are exactly evil. Except instead of being afraid, how about we show em who's boss and each work on our spiritual wholeness and open to the enlightenment that is here for us now. Namaste and fuck the system not with resistence..but with love!

  147. the worst thing of everything is that people really like this awful video they have more than 100,000 millions views and almost half of people like this video so you can tell why the society is so fuck up

  148. Sick of Mind Control on

    First lets hit off with paint as blood. I keep telling people the evil search for blood. Now do me a favor read Proverbs and highlight about the wicked. Number two for my people who they say is crazy for seeing monsters.
    We live in the last days so yes vamp things and many more since mankind do not have no knowledge of heaven nor what is really in hell. You see him in bed he is waited on hand and feet. So I think the women are in the water so it could be the beast of the sea mention in Revelation. Everyone was marveled and followed the beast. Rev. 13:3. Rev. 13:5 His mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and was given authority to continue for forty two months. Rev. 13:7 It was granted for him to make war with the saints and over come them.
    Funny he is from New Orleans.. football team the saints. The occult set Lil Wayne up and he did not even know it. Of course Satan this beast that is why the female sitting alone with the butterfly on her eye. The all known eye. Keep in mind Satan belief on woman. He shows the no soul eyes to let you know that the beast have no soul. This might be the false prophet. Showing the women from chains to BDSM show strong sex for blasphemies but can also mean how he torment the saints.

  149. Sick of Mind Control on

    Oh one of the most occult but children love them is Walt Disney. The store of Cinderella.
    The cat is Lucifer. So women crawling like cats gives the myth cats are evil and use in witchcraft and etc.
    Dogs are good, and spell backward is God.

  150. Markus Eliance on

    Look, hip-hop is in danger of far more than being ruled by "illuminati." The fear of youth being corrupted by a rapper is unsound, unhealthy, and irrational. Rap music being co-opted and mass produced by artists from ethnicities that didn't originate the music? That we should be worried about. Music artists who lack integrity and create product solely for the purpose of marketing? That we should be worried about (I'm talking about you, will I am.) The day we see Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber flashing satanic images in their music videos is the day we should be worried. Otherwise, this all seems like a way to drive sales and drum up controversy. While I am certain that all of the above listed theories have their value — especially in context — The Love Me Video is the case of an artist who's using lots and lots of his hard-earned money to star in order to platform his views on women and relationships (if you can call them that), with a director who capitalized on the rise of the i current wave of lluminati conspiracy paranoia.

  151. Like, I don't get why Christians are on this site. I have nothing against you but these are secular matters I am interested in and I would gladly prefer the lack of hack sensationalism that you seem to want to force on people as much as all the control propaganda does. I guess you guys don't realize that you are being readily thrown into this by the very forces you oppose because you are quite simply not equipped to function in this argument and have been deemed weak and useless by your enemies. The only hope now is the secular cause. I really hope you know that. Because no copy and paste quote you can provide will ever do anything other than deter other free-thinking people further from your words.

    Please stop being so selfish. You are happy. We get that. You are trying to force that happiness on us. I don't get that. I don't get that at all. God bred free-thinkers for a reason, and that's to single the flock out for scrutiny. I don't mean harsh-bitter scrutiny just the simple assertion that logic and religion go together like oil and water. And that some people are land-walkers and other still swimming in the ocean. Yeah, I didn't think you'd like that but I'm only trying to make a point and not minimize your beliefs. If they make you strong then you are strong and I will never argue that. Just please leave secular arguments alone. Does God command you to like totally preach to everyone else or is that your own extension?

  152. And the water the women are swimming in may be a reference to marine witchcraft which is a great source of sexual immorality and every form of perversion.

    Great eye opener, thank you.

  153. Snoop Lion Life on

    Its sick, indeed. Its all about perspective. But don't make yourselves sick with all this. They will only manage to control your lives as long as you let them. So let them do what they want. If we didn't pay attention or glamorize it by watching then they wouldnt be such a problem. Good stuff to know. Bad if your obsessed.

  154. So disappointing.

    I used to enjoy Lil Wayne's music (in the same sense one might like, say, Snoop Dogg or the Backstreet Boys or something), but he and his music have definitely taken an abysmal turn for the worst as of late. Between this and his blatant approval of child delinquency (just look up his 'Get Smoked' remix from The Dedication 4, and then look up some background info on Lil Mouse; who was just 12 years old at the time) it is clear that the Powers that Be have taken hold of his lips and brain.

    It's even more of a shame when you consider 'The Carter's open affiliation as a Roman Catholic in the past. I don't know if he was ever baptized, or what, but showing up in a music video with horns on bragging that you are 'like Satan, man' does not strike me as something a 'Roman Catholic' individual should ever be doing even in his darkest moments. Shame on you, Lil Wayne!

  155. Guys lets not judge lil wayne instead we should pray for him so that the spirit that is in him is destroyed,he is also part of gods creation so he is also made in the image of god remember he is not himself rather the devil is making him do the things he is doing,a prayer in the name of jesus and our father in heaven is more powerful than what the devil can do

  156. This shit makes me EXTREMELY ANGRY. These types of videos are helping to shape young men's minds with intense female hatred and a high disrespect of life, love, and hatred of women–the very beings that brought them life. I wish I could tie up n torture that little piece of shit, lil Wayne. I heard some stuff from a very good source that he's very into black magic. All of these guys care about is having a fucking orgasm!! They will do anything to get it–rape, degrade, debase any woman just to get a cheap thrill. These kind of videos are RUINING THE WORLD for women!! How can men take us seriously when models choose to be in these videos, and scumbags like Wayne are making them! I am very, very disgusted that this insane shit is on tv, for anyone to see. These are not videos about love and peace –quite the opposite. Scary shit!!! Damn the music industry for promoting insane, pure women hatred and the downfall of relationships between men and women!!!

  157. Last year in February, I was 8 months pregnant with my son and for some reason, I was so into this song. I use to wake up to the video and go to sleep to it- something about it attracted me. I was also miserable and depressed during my pregnancy- was rape and molested so many times as a child I don't keep up with any more but anyway, I can never forget it was february 6, 2013 and I had an OB appointment. I did the norm- got my kids up for school and got dress for my appointment so my husband could take me to my appointment. That morning I sang that song and I felt different- can't explain- like something came over me. On my way to my appointment, this red bronco out of nowhere just t- boned us. My jawbone was broken in 3 areas. My son whom was 1.5 was also with us and unharmed. Thank GOD! But I feel that contributed to the accident- that song. I do not listen to that song any more. It still chills me to this day.

  158. The kitten is obviously referring to Ariana grande
    Her kitten ears, paws, and the whole hair style

    The snake is obviously nicki minaj reference
    The awards where she comes out as a snake
    And her many other references

    So who is the butterfly in reference to?

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