B.O.B. and Nicki Minaj’s “Out of My Mind” or How to Make Mind Control Entertaining


“Out of My Mind” is considered to be an upbeat and funny song about B.O.B. being completely crazy. A closer look at the song’s lyrics and video however reveal that it is yet another attempt to glamorize one of the elite’s most despicable practices: Mind Control Programming. We’ll look at B.O.B. and Nicki Minaj’s “Out of My Mind” and how it refers to Monarch Mind Control.

B.O.B.’s Out of My Mind is about him being a crazy so, fittingly enough, the video takes place in a mental institution. While most would stop their analysis there, a closer look at the song and video reveal that B.O.B. is getting a specific type of “treatment”. Some people are “out of their minds” due to mental health problems, but others are there by force. Those that have mental health problems usually get treated by competent people while those who “lost it” by force get treated extremely badly. They are violently abused and traumatized by sadistic handlers until they completely dissociate from reality – literally going “out of their minds”. This is what we call ritual abuse, the basis of Monarch Mind Control (for more information read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). Out of My Mind is a caricaturized, yet blatant, illustration of the process of Mind Control.

As we’ve seen in previous articles on Vigilant Citizen, making Monarch programming cool, fashionable and, ultimately, acceptable is an important part of the elite’s Agenda. On a regular basis, we see popular artists releasing material that is rife with Mind Control and Illuminati symbolism, in order to keep the elite’s Agenda fresh and new  – making sure it stays on TV, radio and getting plenty of hits on YouTube. Performed by two of rap’s hottest artists, Out of My Mind gives Mind Control imagery yet another go at the airwaves. Despite its disturbing nature, the video is presented in a lighthearted, sexy way, which comes across as positive and attractive to young viewers. Let’s look at the video’s main scenes.

B.O.B. is Not Receiving Proper Treatment

The video begins with B.O.B. and Nicki Minaj locked inside a cell and acting all crazy. On the wall behind them are carvings that appear to be made by someone that is crazy and paranoid, but, on closer look, one can decipher words and symbols directly referring to Illuminati mind control. There are several All-Seeing Eyes, a symbol that not only represents the occult elite, but is central in actual mind control programming. This ancient occult symbol is at the center of systems used to program MK slaves and was even used by the father of mind control, Josef Mengele.

“The All-Seeing Eye is placed in the center of Star’s systems, just like Mengele would put in an All-Seeing Eye.”
–  Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Behind B.O.B. are weird carvings such as the All-Seeing Eye inside a spaceship. There are also unsettling phrases such as “They are us” and “We are them”. Who are “They”? Is this a reference to the elite controlling these artists and making them their pawns? Hence …”We are them”?

Not only does the All-Seeing Eye represent the occult elite, it also represents constant surveillance and monitoring, that there is no escaping the handler’s grasp. For this reason, many MK slaves become obsessed with the symbol and find themselves drawing it everywhere.

“Because the slave is monitored from so many different unseen methods, it does begin to seem hopeless to some to ever be free of Big Brother. If you add to all this, that the slave has been programmed repeatedly that there is no escaping their All-seeing eyes, then it is easy to see why so many slaves acquiesce & just comply.”
– Fritz Springmeier, Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

At the bottom left, we see a carving saying “They see” with a creepy eye in between. Who are “They”? Maybe the symbol right next to it bears the answer: An eye inside a triangle, symbol of the Illuminati.

While B.O.B. is jumping around in his cell, some unfriendly looking fellows, who do not appear to be caregivers, march toward his cell. At the center of them, an evil-looking, Josef Mengele-type appears ready to program the rapper.

Looking like a sadistic mad scientist, the man in the middle brings B.O.B. a straitjacket. He is accompanied by four agents dressed in riot gear.

At this point, it should be clear that B.O.B. is not at a typical mental health institution. He is at programming site, run by high level “scientists” and heavily armed governmental agents. As seen in previous articles, normalizing police state agents is also part of the Agenda.

B.O.B. is taken by force somewhere to probably be abused and tortured by the creepy scientist who is coldly looking over in the back.

Of course, the video sugarcoats the dark reality behind it, by making every appear fun! and sexy! Therefore, the tools used to torture B.O.B. are brought in by nurses in outfits that are .. .non-regulatory.

While Monarch programming is atrociously cruel, videos like this one make the concept trivial and even unconsciously positive to young, unaware viewers.

B.O.B.’s lyrics in the first verse refer to him being evaluated by “they” and even names classic mind control techniques. Here’s part of it:

“My brain is on vacation, they telling me
And I’m bi-polar to the severity
And I need medication, apparently
And some electrocompulsive therapy”

The main goal of mind control is to traumatize victims severely enough to cause them to completely dissociate from reality. Once this is accomplished, handlers can program new alter personas into the blank slate that their brain has become. While dissociated, MK slaves are literally “out of their minds”. In B.O.B.’s verse, the phrase “My brain is on vacation, they telling me” aptly describes an MK slave that has dissociated from reality. The lines “And I need medication, apparently/ And some electrocompulsive therapy” refer to two important techniques of Mind Control: The usage of drugs (“medication”) and electroshock torture.

“Another basic component of the Monarch program is lots of electroshock. Stun guns, staffs with hidden electric cattle prods, and cattle prods are frequently used on the slaves. Electroshock is used to create the dissociation from trauma during the programming, and later it is used to remove memories after the slave has carried out a mission, or to instill fear and obedience in a reluctant slave. Slaves generally carry horrible body memories of excruciating electro-shock tortures to their entire bodies. As the slaves begin a therapeutic deprogramming process they will recover these horrible memories, not to mention many other painful memories.”
– Ibid.

As if to emphasize the importance of this technique in the song, we hear an electroshock sound effect during B.O.B’s verse – a sound that probably terrifies actual MK victims.

Dr. Minaj

The next part of the video is B.O.B.’s “Psych Evaluation”, performed by “Dr.” Minaj. We soon realize that she is not there to hear about B.O.B’s feelings, but rather to practice a technique that is extensively employed by mind control handlers: To humiliate, insult and demean victims to further their trauma. Minaj proceeds to diss the hell out of B.O.B. and his career, making the rapper come close to tears. In this excerpt, she ridicules one of B.O.B’s hits:

“Now can we pretend them airplanes in the night skies
Are like shooting stars?
Well, you gon’ really need a wish right now
When my goons come through and start shooting stars”

Of course, in actual programming, handlers are a lot more cruel, sadistic and hurtful but the basic concept is nevertheless present.

Minaj then goes into stripper mode and hints to the fact that she might be under mind control herself.

Dr. Minaj removes her white coat to reveal a sexy outfit with a prominent leopard print pattern. In mind control, feline prints are used to identify Sex Kittens – products of Beta programming. Minaj’s stripper-like demeanor confirms her being a Sex Kitten.

It has been reported that MK handlers are often under mind control themselves and this scene appears to describe this fact.

Towards the end of her verse, Minaj says:

“You know, I graduated Summa Cum Laude
That’s why they thinking I’m Illuminati”

It is rather odd to refer to these “crazy Illuminati rumors” while playing the role of a MK slave/handler in a video promoting Monarch mind control. Also, nobody with even a little knowledge believes that Nicki is “part of the Illuminati”. Rather, she is one of the several pawns used by the industry to promote an Agenda … and she will probably be dropped as soon as her “cool factor” is gone, like hundreds of other pop stars before her.

In what appears to be a moment of lucidity, Minaj offers to free B.O.B. from his shackles. Her handler alter however appears to kick back in and she leaves the room somewhat confused and embarrassed.

Parole Board

After his weird encounter with Dr. Minaj, B.O.B. is taken to the parole board.

B.O.B. enters the room pushed by an over-armed police guy and with his head covered so he doesn’t know where he is. I’m pretty sure they don’t do that in regular mental institution. However, keeping victims confused and in the dark is a common tactic used Monarch programming.

While B.O.B. raps before the parole board, one of the judges gets all hot for B.O.B., asking him to call her. Yes kids, being a MK slave is very attractive.

The video ends with B.O.B. and Minaj looking lost and confused, asking repeatedly “If I’m here … and you’re there … and I’m here … and you’re there”. Hmm, are they confused about who they are? About their core and alter personalities? That’s how MK slaves feel. B.O.B. then whispers to Minaj: “Shhh … they might be listening”.


In Conclusion

At first glance, Out of My Mind appears to be a fun song about being wild and crazy, but a closer look at the lyrics and the video reveals that it actually refers to extremely specific aspects of Monarch Mind Control. Once this fact is known, the song suddenly stops being fun and turns into a disturbing case of normalizing and glamorizing of the cruel practice that is Mind Control. We see and hear references to trauma, dissociation, being drugged, electrocuted, roughed up by government agents and even manipulated by handlers. While all of this sounds horrible written out, catchy rhymes and sexy nurses make the pill easy to swallow for young viewers who will probably jump around screaming “I’m out of my f*cking mind!”.

In the end, Out of My Mind is yet another example of the elite’s Agenda being marketed to young music fans. Mind control is heavily used by the elite to keep a stronghold on various areas of power, particularly the entertainment industry. While not all pop artists are victims of Mind Control, most have signed contracts that make them pawns of the occult elite, and force them to give up control of their creative creations. While rappers used to be about “fighting the power” and “representing the streets”, they are now seen in cells, confused, and abused by cops and mad scientists, talking about being electroshocked. The music industry has been hijacked, folks … and while videos like this may make it obvious to some, most will just laugh and say “You’re out of your mind”.




  1. I believe celebrities are under MK programming, I just have a hard time believing they don't know it though. I may also just under estimate how powerful the MK'ing probably is today……

    • TRUTHwontSETyouFREE- on

      It's getting too obvious at this point. Anyone who doesn't believe this is true is either in complete denial, hasn't done any research at all, or is a (um how can I say this) a gonner.

      I just started watching the morning news, like the Today show.

      It's a f*cking joke.

      I don't understand why they report certain stories, why more emphasis is taken on more than than others…the order in which these stories are reported…why real news isn't reported at all or delayed…

      Nikki Minaj is the ultimate tool. If you see pictures and video before she was famous she's had buttloads of plastic surgery (no pun intended) and rumor has it used to be a lesbian…wtf.

      • Illuminati Star on

        Why you gotta hate on lesbians, gurl? I don't understand why this site is full of crazy Xtians. It detracts from the issue at hand and it should go without mention but if you were really for and about the TRUTH you'd see the Bible is the oldest form of mind control.

      • @Chris,

        From what I've heard, it's extremely hard to start your own business. In theory it shouldn't be, but I don't think that's how the real world works.

      • I used to be a huge nicki minaj fan a few years back, and i know for a fact she was or still is bisexual. people used to to say she was some  huge ugly lesbian but it was some girl who "looked" like her. she was actually very small before the surgery. 

      • I personally don't hate homossexual people, but I can't forget that this is against God's law and against the human being nature. They just using something that God once gave us as a gift: the right of free choice, knowing the if we follow the RIGHT path we won't hurt, but the WRONG one, we can be hurt, do you one hurt yourself? good, any decision it's up to you fellows.

        His laws aren't for His welfare, it's for us, bible it's a way of warning to all His sons how to proceed to avoid us falling in the dark carpet of life differently of what you're calling. This book it's not a mind control tool, at all!

      • TRUTHwontSETyouFREE- on

        I wasn't bashing lesbians. I just stated the fact that she allegedly used to be one. It's the mere theme of ambiguity that I am trying to point out at. The fact that everything is twisted in hollywood and the media. Check her out:
        proof she is a victim of mind control…

      • @Illuminati star. How can the bible be a form of mind control when you can CHOOSE to either believe or not. Not even the Almighty God Himself can force you to believe in Him. Yet as stated in the article above, Monarch Programming is forced. So if you say believing the bible is a form of mind control, then so is not believing.

    • Celebrities are shallow, insecure and are forever obligated to keep the machine going. They are surrounded by those who whisper into their ears on everything from what nanny to hire, to what hair colour they should wear. I don't think enough of them ever stop to ask why all the weird symbolism props and imagery are on their music video sets? Do they even ask the video producers what is the point of their videos? No. They do what they're told so they can stay relative and earn a handsome paycheck. Once you sign a contract with the Satanic Music Industry you are owned. If you do not agree with the agenda, you will see how fast your star fades; no promotion, no radio play, scandals… Think Paparazzi are independent parasites? Not at all, they are employed by the industry to record every inch of a celebrities life – good, bad, indifferent. Step out of line, and out come the not-so-flattering and shocking pics aimed at sending a message to remain submissive or else. If they are through with you it's a full on attack to destroy for good.

      Whats so sad is Minaj along with all the others actually believe they are relevant. I guess they are in the way we just laugh at them, for they have a long sorry-ass way to go before they achieve a level of awareness that propels them above and beyond their need to be controlled.

      FAME – False Admiration Masking Evil

      • It is highly unlikely that any slave ever gets to handle the money they are forced to make for their pimps. For a long while I wondered why, say, soap stars carry on episode after episode year after year, decade after decade. Reason it must be because in the business of that firm, everyone 'owes' someone a debt which can never be fully repaid. After all, their earnings are someone else's expense account. Rather like the debt creation system of banking which keeps everyone enslaved and working to death or utterly redundant as there are no jobs for outsiders.

      • Agree 100%…. it is sad, it really is. Especially all of them who don't think their talents are dispensable or necessary. That is especially true in Hip Hop (Jay-Z and Beyonce, Diddy, L'il Wayne, etc.) Just because they are the tastes of the day, they assume that tastes aren't going to change and that their relevance will be everlasting. This business is a waste, it truly is.

      • PavlovsBitch said "Rather like the debt creation system of banking which keeps everyone enslaved and working to death or utterly redundant as there are no jobs for outsiders."

        Be careful not to swallow a different bit of propaganda. Banking doesn't keep people enslaved. Spending more than your income by promising to do something to pay for it later keeps you enslaved. Even then it's not true slavery because you're getting paid for it.

        The only things that people usually *need* to borrow for are buying a house and paying for a university education. Both are highly desirable, but neither is essential. You have to weigh up the merits of each and, if you want one or both, be realistic about how much you expect to be able to repay.

      • @ Chris

        I think you were referring to the public spending on credit and unpaid loans which was in the news – sure being in debt to a bank is bad, and could perhaps feel like you are trapped in slavery… However, what Pavlov was referring to in his comment, is the issue of the monetary system itself. How the work force are basically sold to ensure that debts are paid via the borrowing of Govts, to which banks print money off to supply the demand. A criminal system that enslaves the people from the time they get their social security number, it is certainly not 'propaganda', or hyperbole, dig a little and the facts corroborate.

        and just because you are 'getting a wage', doesn't mean that you aren't a slave, the only difference is you *think* you are free, and you have to pay for everything yourself!! Back in the day as a peasant, or as the working classes, you would have living quarters provided by the Lord of the manor in order that you provide a service, till his land, or make bread for him. But seeing as that meant the gentry were giving up their valuable resources, a more sophisticated method was invented: the banking monetary system. This way you have the 'idea' that you are free and have to pay for everything yourself, work like a dog and, then the vultures basically swoop in and cream off your endeavors whilst you toil away in the fields or more commonly nowadays, offices.

      • @Morgan Stanley

        "I think you were referring to the public spending on credit and unpaid loans which was in the news […] However, what Pavlov was referring to in his comment, is the issue of the monetary system itself."

        I was referring to the monetary system too.

        "How the work force are basically sold to ensure that debts are paid via the borrowing of Govts, to which banks print money off to supply the demand. A criminal system that enslaves the people from the time they get their social security number, it is certainly not ‘propaganda’, or hyperbole, dig a little and the facts corroborate."

        I'm not sure what you mean by the first sentence. What debts are you referring to that are paid via government borrowing? By the way, banks can't buy government bonds with credit – they need central bank money for that.

        I've been digging for a very long time, reading up on banking and economics. I've also watched the Money As Debt films, Zeitgeist, and watched Bill Still's videos and other monetary reform spokespeople (some of which is hopelessly naive). I've been reading the Market Ticker blog. I read Bloomberg regularly. I've read some work of the Austrian School economists. After thinking about them all, and even being persuaded at first by Money As Debt, I subsequently came to the conclusion that most of the monetary reformers are barking up the wrong tree. The system of fractional reserve lending in principle works ok, and emphatically does not inherently lead to an exponential increase in debt, as many of the monetary reformers claim, since the banks spend their profits, or distribute them to shareholders as dividends. I say "in principle" because it relies on competition. If banks conspire (especially with the consent of government), they are able to force deflation and bankruptcies, and buy a huge amount of the real wealth in the economy for a fraction of what it's worth. That's why it's important for the government to not allow banks to be considered too big to fail. It must let everyone know that banks which are insolvent will be liquidated, no matter how much influence it has or how many problems it causes in the short run. In the long run, it's the only way to stop banks from taking risks with other people's money. That's a real bazooka, rather than the Hank Paulson / Ben Bernanke (and now Mario Draghi) dud, which was basically telling the big financial institutions: "keep overpaying for financial assets, or else we'll loot the taxpayers".

        "and just because you are ‘getting a wage’, doesn’t mean that you aren’t a slave, the only difference is you *think* you are free, and you have to pay for everything yourself!!"

        I agree that working for a wage doesn't mean that you aren't a slave. If the only alternative is starvation (e.g. if the government stole your farmland and allowed a company to build a big factory on it which is the only employer in your area), then you are very much a slave. But if there is plenty of competition, including the option of self-employment, then it is not slavery to work for an employer – it is simply trading labour for money to purchase goods and services.

        "Back in the day as a peasant, or as the working classes, you would have living quarters provided by the Lord of the manor in order that you provide a service, till his land, or make bread for him."

        Serfdom was a system of forced labour. Yes, it wasn't at all freedom. Even slaves are fed and housed.

        "But seeing as that meant the gentry were giving up their valuable resources, a more sophisticated method was invented: the banking monetary system. This way you have the ‘idea’ that you are free and have to pay for everything yourself, work like a dog and, then the vultures basically swoop in and cream off your endeavors whilst you toil away in the fields or more commonly nowadays, offices."

        I don't see the big problem. You either work for yourself, and produce everything you consume, at which you will probably do everything in a mediocre way, or you find some endeavour at which you are particularly skilled, work together with other people to produce things much more efficiently (like Adam Smith's pin factory) and get a share of the wealth created. You can do this through a cooperative or partnership, or you can allow someone else to take the risk of making a loss on the investment and work for an employer for wages. Either way, you'll get money which you can use to buy other goods and services from people who are skilled at those endeavours, and everyone is better off. Of course, it's important that you have laws to prevent either employers or labourers from controlling the price of labour.


        Enjoyed reading your article…..thank you. Learnt something new about the paparazzi, its no wonder they don't worry about breaking the law or killing someone in the process. They chase and pursue till they get what they want.

      • I couldn't of said it better once you sign that contract you are owned but not only people in the music bussiness people of high statuses and such forth.

      • You obviously don't know much about trauma based mind control. Many celebrities/singers are born into Generational Satanic/Luciferian Families, they are groomed for their roles in entertainment or whatever profession was chosen for them based on a number of psychological tests and the trauma based mind control starts at the age of 2 after the child has been love bombed since birth (meaning smothered in love). At 2 that all ends. The trauma Involves horrific abuse in order to split the mind and create multiple personalities. This method dates back to Babylonian times. The abuse involves rape of the child by the father among others and unimaginable abuse. These people are toast. They are not in control of their lives, hence the term slave.

    • Well what they forget is that when the devil give with his right hand,he will take it back with his left hand,and even take what was not from him(ur precious life).

      • true, but don't forget that the devil is like a dog on a chain, held by God and allowed to tempt us, to see how strong we are, like gold tested in fire – proving our love for God, use prayer, the devil can snap around us all he wants, but ultimately, God is in control of everything!! Even though satan is powerful, he is no where near as powerful as his creator!!! JMJ

    • I don't know if any of you have ever played any of the assassin's creed games but if u hav u know that subject 16 painted all kinds of strange pictures with his blood on the walls and floors and one is the all seeing eye while others are very similar the whole story about assassins creed is the pieces of eden but that is just a distraction by the illuminati so u dont focus on the pictures as much u only get a brief glimpse of the pics anyway so they dont make very much sense until you think about it

  2. *sigh* that's what 'they' do….Put it in the open, so you don't suspect it to be true, and or believe it when its right in front of you…Psychological Warfare…

  3. All these articles continuously remain the same, I've read VC's articles since he started but personally its getting too repetitive (I understand the website is based on symbols hence most articles will be about that subject).

      • My request to VC — as an insider — is whether s/he can drill down. Who are the handlers? The agents at ICM? The A&R people at the labels? Someone else? Has Brittney Spears really experienced electroshock mind control or some other form of MK? Who is responsible for the BOB and Nicki Minaj video — who does the carvings in the wall? Who writes the lyrics that includes the reference to the Illuninati? How did the Illuminati convince Jay-Z to betray his fans and become a puppet of the elite when Aaron Russo had the cojones to resist the siren song?

        I read VC's excellent PDF book, and it is truly comprehensive, but I don't understand how the labels work. Are the music video directors just following orders from the labels, and if so, who is giving those orders. Does nicki Minaj get it? Does lady gaga get it? Do they simply play the game, selling their souls to the devil like Jay-Z??

      • Yes, it's true. This just shows the pattern of the same themes and gives more weight to what VC has been saying all this time; there really is some kind of designed plan unfolding before our eyes.

    • VC write to aim how new videos are pushing the same agenda that previous artists and videos, like GaGa and Beyoncé, were pushing. Not everyone is aware of symbolism since VC has started so, this new analysis is good to reach new readers looking for this new artists.

    • Has anyone compiled a list of these videos containing obvious symbolism? I wonder if certain directors, music executives and the like associated with these videos/artists would pop up more than others. From there citizen journalists (or a "pro" journalist willing to do he/she's job) could confront these people. I have a feeling it has less to do with the artists, and more to do with their handlers.

    • VC can't reinvent their religion. What can he do?

      Nobody said their practices really had a lot of depth once you get beyond the sadistic frat boy secret decoder Ring mumbo jumbo. They apparently like to hurt flunkies every way possible.

      They wouldn't be sending this kind of time on this right now if there wasn't some big new thing they are going to unleash – that's my worry.

    • repetition is the key to their success… they've quoted: it doesn't matter how absurd the lie is, just keep repeating it again and again, and the brainless masses will believe it…

      to habituate Truth however, takes much more skill…. the lie is always pleasant, and we'd rather believe the feel good ego stroking solutions… but the Truth is often painful… they've mastered the skill of brain massage, ego flattery and manipulation and perversion all at the same time… enslaved the masses follow without thinking… why? good boys and girls don't question mommy and daddy… right?

      The Truth delights in questioning and investigation… the false shuns scrutiny and tires of justification… one lie after another….takes effort and the lies just pile up…. the Truth is uplifting and freeing, empowering…. the false is contracting and damning… like crabs in a barrel crawling up… they pull each other down… rise above the effort and free yourself from the false perceptions peddled by the money monsters…. We are Human Beings with a Higher Mind, get it out and work it!

    • LaVigilantemiss on

      well its not exactly VC thats repetitive its music industry of now that is repetitive. its getting so obvious that they have passed the point of caring who knows and who is aware as they still want to indoctinate with the same repetitive signs.


      God is the Light and darkness will NEVER win. let them have the world and the universe if thats what they want! it means nothing. its worth nothing. Just cheap tarnished glitter.

  4. wow; illuminati carvings on the wall? "they are us", "we are them" it just seems obvious now. What i really want to know is who is them? who or what does this all seeing eye belong to? is it satan; aliens maybe? why would you want to do this to people and influence civilians to act this way through a tortured puppets lyrics? i want to know so bad. i want to find the root of all this madness and something is telling me no matter how much i search the internet im going to get conflicting opinions b/c nobody truly knows. what is the point of doing this to people is all im asking what is the master plan?

      • Hence the song of B.o.B The Watchers. Fallen angel A.K.A. the watchers. It all boils down to satan and the fallen angels. The powers and principalities Scriptures talk about. They have rule right now. A large portion of UFO's are the chariots described in scriptures which the spirit of the fallen angels fly. They are watching and ruling through willing humans. They mixed up DNA before and are still doing it. Through celebs and music and movies they are playing out events.

    • Curious Skeptic on

      I too wonder what the grand master plan and motivation of all of this would be. I have read and followed VC's article's for quite some time, and he never seems to get at an end goal… Why is the elite programming people? Why are they pushing this agenda? Who exactly is masterminding all of this, and for what purpose?

      Why? What is the motivation?

      We see the signs of something sinister seeming going on all around us.

      Why? What are your thoughts?

      • They're either mocking us like when Katy Perry bluntly stated she sold her soul to the devil or (warning: seemingly highly irrational reasoning coming) the dark side/evil controllers of the world is just here to test us and get us to get closer to God before the End Times (whatever that means to you) gets here and all Hell breaks loose and these "evil forces" (if they are really even that or just playing a game) take a completely firm grip over every facet of life.

      • It's not literally about these artists being mind controlled in the MK Ultra sense, it's about normalizing it and making it cool.

        The most successful MK slaves end up being patsies. John Hinckley, Jr. (shot Reagan), Mark David Chapman (shot Lennon), Sirhan Sirhan (shot RFK), were likely MK subjects IMO.

      • I think that it is difficult for rational, "normal", good people like ourselves to understand or explain such an "evil" agenda. However, it seems to mostly be a cultural practice. If you ask why certain tribes shrink heads… what is their motivation? I cannot possibly answer that question without first immersing myself into their culture in an attempt to perceive events from that specific tribe's perspective. Thus, that is what anthropologists and sociologists may spend their lives trying to understand and explain. It can take years and years and a person can only give his or her own perspective. In order to get an answer to your questions you would need to actually study some of the victims – and there are many interviews on youtube to start. Unfortunately, many of the victims do not, themselves, understand why the practices persist. In the same way if you ask many religious people why they participate in specific rituals they may not be able to give you an answer. They can only tell you what they have been told or that they have always done it. Your questions cannot be answered easily because the elite are not open with their agenda. Their are many atrocities that are not easily understood, such as genocide, child rape, starvation when their is plenty of food, oppression of genders or races… What VC does is reveal that there is a greater agenda to what many in our society consider normal everyday events when actually they are being programmed themselves, unknowingly. Often times individuals may find it odd that another person would dedicate such passion to only one aspect… I always argue that we need this in society and should be grateful for that passion because if we all would use our talents we could actually put the puzzle together. VC's repetition is important and crucial for it is one more piece of the puzzle that you and I do not have to analyze alone. Get your fill and move on to the next piece of the puzzle. Trust me, the rabbit hole goes deep and no one person can answer it all. It is a very complex diversion.

      • Not really gendig. Tribes shrink heads because this is how they practice their religion which is voodoo. Not hard to understand their plan at all just like it's not hard to see why the elite do what they do. Look up the Georgia Guide stones and you'll see the ultimate goal. Or read up on the Bavarian Illuminati to see what their ultimate goal was.

      • To add to Sean's reply:

        Your "irrational" reasoning isn't far off, imo.

        The time will come when believers in Christ are separated out from the rest of the population – either through the mark of the beast or their own volition (the bible exhorts us to "come out of" anti-Christ society/the false church) – in order to fulfill the prophecies of the End of Days and Christ's return. All that's happening now is preparation for that time. The more they normalize apostasy and anti-Christ living, the more souls they reap.

        Someone up thread asked what was the Illuminati's end game. This is it. The devil is in a war with God for souls, and the same way God has the scripture and uses the Holy Ghost and believers to draw others to Jesus, the devil uses the avenues and people available to him to advance his agenda. The Illuminati is an Anti-Christ system that is at the top of the pyramid and in control of the biggest and most influential mediums like entertainment, media, commerce, new age religion and politics to advance the Satanic agenda.

        Satan has been to Heaven and knows he's never going back. He hates Man. He doesn't want any of us to make it there. He already knows what's in store for him, it's written in the Bible. He's trying to take as many people with him to hell as he can. Jesus has a ticket into heaven for everyone, all they have to do is believe in Him. Satan is doing everything he can to dislodge and dilute and prevent that belief through the means available to him in this world. That's what it all boils down to.

      • To Curious Skeptic

        Check the book " The Black Awakening" by Russ Dizdar. It should answer some questions.

      • You will never understand the masterplan just by reading VC articles. VC is just one of many stepping stones on the odyssey of enlightenment. Another stepping stone that will be of use is: http://www.henrymakow.com. You need to keep an open mind and piece all the hints and facts together. Before too long the masterplan will become obvious.

      • The all-seeing eye they're so obsessed about is referring to the anti-Christ. He'll be revealed to earth and have so many powers and "miracles" that he will claim to be Jesus Christ. Then he will say he is God. People will be so enamored with him that they will believe in him in droves. He'll have a fire with him that is really a heaven and a heaven that is really a fire.

        This is according to the Quran, and the Islamic perspective. Prophet Mohammed says: "No prophet was sent but that he warned his followers against the one-eyed liar (Ad-Dajjal [The Deceiver]). Beware! He is blind in one eye, and your Lord is not so, and there will be written between his (Ad-Dajjal's) eyes (the word) Kafir (i.e. disbeliever)."

        Prophet Mohammed also said about the false Messiah: “I have told you so much about the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) that I am afraid you may not understand. The Anti-Christ is short, hen-toed, woolly-haired, one-eyed, an eye-sightless, and neither protruding nor deep-seated. If you are confused about him, know that your Lord is not one-eyed.”

      • I would think the motivation is pretty obvious: Change society to become they way their world is. And its working! Soon everyone will accept that violence, pedophilia, and witchraft is the norm. Look around you. We are already living in the society they wanted to create. The Luciferian society where anything goes and there are no taboos. That is the point.

    • Humanity is being groomed and desensitised by the Satanic elite to accept the Satanic New World Order. They use a vast arsenal of elaborate media-based psychological techniques, propaganda, false reality, subliminal messaging through occultic symbolism, blackmail, etc in order to push their evil agenda and enslave our minds. After years of constant mind control abuse upon the masses (those who are unaware), the masses have been desensitised to the point that they become willing dupes accepting the Satanic (secular/modern) agenda as the norm. Why to "they" do this? "They" are Satan's bidders and Satan's ultimate prize is you! It is to capture and own your HEART, MIND and SOUL. It is all part of the eternal cosmic battle between God and the fallen angel Satan for human worship.

      Sound crazy? The Satanic elite wants you to think it is crazy to believe such a thing. You will be mocked, humiliated and frowned upun by the dupes and the adepts and branded a conspiracy theorist or a nutter (their favourite!) So pick a side and brace yourself for one HELL of a ride.

      • that's why the Truth needs to be instilled in each and every one of us! we need to know the Truth from the lies and to be able to see the delusion and perversion behind the lies and the Freedom and Power of the Truth. these mobsters are terrified that the Truth will be known and activated by the masses, that is why they try to dumb the people down, delude them, pervert them and bind them to false contracts and bad habits… However, Human Spirit is infinitely more powerful, especially when aligned with the Truth…

      • I think omgatos and amdymion said it well. And just the fact that they preface their remarks by saying they will sound crazy or irrational shows that there is also a huge attack on religion today. I believe that is also part of the master plan. Take away religion, take away the answers. Organized religions may vary on some points, but many of them have the same basic story. And that story is the truth. God is real, so is Satan. I think for those of you looking for answers and the master plan of these guys, look less to man for his opinions and more to Heavenly Father for truths. You will be marginalized and attacked, whether directly or indirectly. Be proud and stand up for what you believe! Teach your children and other family members the truth.

    • face in the crowd on

      @School Me:

      Eugenics and potential control of royalties. That is the plan, the goal, the pyramid structure. This is it, as far as the media is concerned (yes, all of it).

      Be afraid of the people you DON'T see meaning the estate planners, lawyers, PR people.

      Immortal Technique taught me this…and this is why you will never hear his music mainstream.

      This person in its shell calling itself by it's stage name, just another dumb broad easily bought and paid for, no brain, no heart, no soul, no art.

      Its easy to turn the TV off, to be bored by the sight of a link and not click it, to see you form a link in the chain that enslaves critical thought. Be strong and don't buy this shit, watch this shit or think about this shit. And the world will reward you.

      • Agreed omgatos, though I purposefully left it vague and not necessarily Christian to leave open all kinds of possible interpretations. For example, as everyone knows, this is a transitional time from one era to another by the Mayans as well as to the Hopis (Google their Blue Star, i.e. Sirius, prophecy to learn more). Also, it's weird right now that Google Sky is blocking both Sirius and an area where "Planet X" supposedly is.

    • Come on guys the music industry is dancing with you. Do you thinks execs and their staff don't look at these sites. They are designing the paranoia because it sells. Its all a marketing game. Anyway all humanity may as well all be mind controlled slaves since we have all perfected the art of messing with each others heads. When are we all going to wake up and realize we are our own worst enemy planting seeds for our destruction in a petty war of finger pointing and praising or blaming divine or demonic forces. It is just US, as in every fool with a common homo-sapien strand of DNA that is fanatically following some stupid formula which they have faith in. That's the point some half-wit in the production thought he would show you that with some subliminals on the wall. There is no illuminati its just a whole lot of folks with some cheeky idea acting. Just like there is no god or satan its just a whole lot of maniacs herding crazies by some manipulative idea. Lets all use the brains we were born with for once and perhaps the madness would subside and some good will come of this mortal coil.

    • To be honest I don't think you'll find out too much about the deep secrets on the internet. It won't be that easy. If you read "the name of this book is secret" and the rest in the series though it kind of tells you about what they do what they're like in a very hidden form. I had to read the book several times to realize what made the hair on my back stand up. Anyways I think books or asking people might be more helpful then the internet

    • The over all goal is death. The elite who control the resources and information of the world just simply want you and me (they do refer to us as useless eaters) to just die. Whether it'd be from Cancer, poverty, violence domestic and abroad. Their problem us that there are too many if us "useless eaters" so for now until they can mobilize and begin to harvest out death they want a stupid, easily cowed and weak limbed and weak minded next generation, hence the need to use symbolism and hijack pop culture and music. This you apprentice is the real reason for the all seeing eye.

    • Michellethole on

      Whether you believe in the Bible or not, I personally believe it because it's the only thing that truely makes sense…. the Elite/Illuminati etc are ensuring that we all become as numb and "stupid" as possible – people who believe all this crazy dis-functionality is NORMAL and everything that goes against good Biblical principal is also normal and ok… people who do not question anything – people who have no more opinion or "mind" left. The media and entertainment industries is subtly performing mind control over each one of us – unless we are awake and alert and consciously choose what we allow into our minds. The purpose of all of this? To prepare us for the Antichrist – the great deceiver and enemy. Very few will be left to question and to go against the deception that is still to come. Satan wants as many people as possible to burn with him and the more brain-dead we are, the more likely we are to fall for his tricks. The Illuminati are simply doing Satan's work.

    • I want to know too…as much as you.
      Well, the all seeing eye represents the illuminati. The master plan is the New World Order, which is the elitist's plan to form one world government using puppets. Really, really, unfortunate.

  5. Here we go again. Another music video that promotes this crap. Theyre never going to stop. Things will get worse before it gets better. Pray hard, remain vigilant, and teach your kids right from wrong! Jesus will return one day and take them out and what a glorious day that will be!

  6. VC can you do an article re. the significance of the colors red, white & black in the entertainment business. A lot ot those color on the VMAs. Also Rihanna, who is under heavy mind control and is a sex kitten, just got a new tattoo re. "Goddess Isis" what is that about?? Doesn't it have a significance to the illuminati?!?

    • I think Horus and Isis and more of these names are referring to Satan's high-ranked soldiers (djinn) demons. I believe freemasons have ways to contact Satan and these high-ranked demons and they give them earthly pleasures, powers and riches. God has said in the Quran:

      "They followed what the Shayatin (devils) gave out (falsely of the magic) in the lifetime of Sulaiman (Solomon). Sulaiman did not disbelieve, but the Shayatin (devils) disbelieved, teaching men magic and such things that came down at Babylon to the two angels, Harut and Marut, but neither of these two (angels) taught anyone (such things) till they had said, “We are only for trial, so disbelieve not (by learning this magic from us).” And from these (angels) people learn that by which they cause separation between man and his wife, but they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah’s Leave. And they learn that which harms them and profits them not. And indeed they knew that the buyers of it (magic) would have no share in the Hereafter. And how bad indeed was that for which they sold their ownselves, if they but knew.

      [al Baqarah 2:102]

      What the above Quran verse is saying that these freemasons practice powerful magic and that they have sold their souls to the devil and his demons.

  7. Kosmocentric, I was just going to post about that. Rhianna says its for her deceased grandmother and I was thinking bs. Didn't Isis marry her brother? That ish cray:-)

    • Well, if she's a Monarch puppet, then she probably has lots of different motives and interpretations of reality colliding in her young mind all at once. Things like this always make me wonder if Britney's famous hacked Twitter account wasn't hacked at all, but simply a momentary expression of her own sincere (if horribly confused) religious sentiment: http://www.tmz.com/2009/11/12/britney-the-devil-m

      • wow i never saw this about britney and it makes me incredibly sad! i remember watching an old vid of her as a teenager in church crying and also in her diane sawyer video, she said that in the Bible fornication was wrong which makes me think she read teh Bible…and now this? who knows if its real or not but after all the horrible mind control she has gone thru it wouldnt surprise me that she just gave up and gave up her soul to the devil…u can get it back britney! we love u and im praying for u to give ur soul to Jesus the only onw who truly loves u! the devil only wants to destroy u!! :(

    • I know! That really, really creeped me out. I couldn't quite tell what it was because they flashed it so fast. Thank you for posting the pic & for mentioning it! Definitely reptilian – eek!

  8. Is it me or does Ms. Onika look like a complete zombie in the first picture of this article? She's always looking like that as a matter of fact. How spaced out can you be?

  9. man, i love dance music but i've stopped listening to it since i came to this site. i wish there was a dancey electro artist that wasn't involved in all of this.

    • Check out Veela, Blackmill, Nonelikejoshua.

      Stick with no-label artists. NOT indie, cause even indie artists have some sort of label behind them.

      • Actually her songs have a lot of Illuminati side meanings (Her song "Burn" actually has nothing to do with love or something like that)

  10. Do you want to know what it means, the carving on the wall? Please watch the History Channel :

    Ancient Aliens-: Mayan Calendar!

    According to the scientist, the Mayan Calendar, is not the end of the world but a new beginning.

    According to the episode I watched, they are coming back in 2012! Why the carving in the video?

    If you watch the episode, you will see similar carving found in different countries, that date from thousands of year ago ( south America the Sahara desert and more)…

    According to those scientists, they are The New World Order! If you take the dollar bill, you will find that pyramid and the eye above with a light around the eye: the aliens are watching us!!!! Don't think Im crazy its on the History Channel.

    Also, I don't know if anyone knows but the day of the Japanese Tsunami, 03-11-11, in Japan many people reported UFO sighting ( youtube videos available) also mentioned on the show.

    The day of the Haiti earthquake, a preacher filmed something in the sky, right before the earthquake, also mentioned on the show ( you will see the video too)

    According to the scientist on Ancient Aliens, the Aliens were responsible for the catastrophes. ALso did you guys notice how many ALiens movies are out, the past few years? ALOT

    Oh did I mentioned that the Movie " Battle Los Angeles" came out the day of the Tsunami !!!? If you go to this link below, u can find the true story behind the movie.

    "….Newspapers of the time published a number of reports and speculations of a cover-up. Some modern-day UFOlogists have suggested the targets were extraterrestrial spacecraft.[4] When documenting the incident in 1983, the U.S. Office of Air Force History attributed the event to a case…"


    Please educate yourself and seek the truth!!!

    • it goes very deep down into the bowels of the hell, this path into the investigation, you will find the powers behind are not Human Beings in the true sense of the word…. they are a perversion and thus their works are to delude and snare and enslave…. we must activate our Humanity in every way and keep to it!

  11. At some point, VC, and Illuminati knowledge in general, will become so common, these artists will know very well they're being used.

    It seems this has happened, and maybe this video is proof.

    "Everybody thinkin' I'm Illuminati" – A line from 'Outta My Mind' spoken by former porn star Nikki Lewinsky

    This is a basically a diss song to VC, saying "We know what you think about us. Now we're just going to throw it in your face."

    The symbolism is too obvious and the aforementioned Nikki line insinuates the mindset behind the song.

    • They getting paid, thats all they care about. Sad but true. Money is God to them, what do these artists care that their music is satanic.

  12. This scheme is never ending. We will see a lot about the MK and thrashing up of the new pop stars in the future. I think we should watch this scheme very closely and not lose ourselves and inform our friends as much as we can while not looking insane or creepy.

  13. @ Truth is

    Best site/video i can refer you to on your question regarding RED/BLACK/WHITE is a series on youtube by a guy called theylive2012 the series is tel-evil-vision….the videos are a great introduction and go further down the rabbit hole than most…a lot of people do not realise how deep the hole actually goes…this isnt just good vs evil or the NWO….the elite serve the reptilian inter-dimensional's (the serpent,devil,satan, the snake) to bring in their total and complete domination of all human life on earth! ….watch the film THEY LIVE and read VC's article on the film!

    hope this helps

  14. This is getting old. Not the VC articles, but the same cliché videos with this constant Illuminati thing around. Don't these "artists" get somewhat tired of this? All videos showing crazy people, eyes of Horus, triangles… shit. I have never understood if they create these videos or if they rely entirely on a director that is being managed by the elite. I have no idea. But I think they should change the idea a little there. Every time the same stupid, twisted stories about dolls, butterflies, women crying, checker-boarded floors.. damn. If I was a fan of this crap they dare to call "music", I would have turned to other genres or artists. Aside from the whole occult meaning on all this, all this mess of self proclaimed artists is getting really OLD, and I'm becoming weary of it.

    By the way, nice analysis VC, as always.

    • now we can vote with our dollars or lack thereof! so old and cliche and boring that it is not were the good energy is anymore, I'm not going to buy that crap or buy into the cliche… hit em where it hurts …. in the pocket….!

    • I think its another way to make their agenda come true.during the presidental debate they played the stuff so much over and over some people started saying "I don't even care any more just pick whoever to be in charge". They also used it with other stories they wanted pushed. I might be wrong but its kind of like the gun control. Play it over and over so it gets old and people at some point will be like "go ahead I don't care anymore just stop showing the story already"

  15. Hi

    I have recently found your blog. this is a very interesting issue and really makes sense.

    please continue.

    Vahid from Iran.

  16. Just saw this video…I see nothing entertaining about the destruction of one's mental health. Every symbol is there and some that weren't mentioned. (smh/sighing)..I'm going bak to reading my book….sheer madness and mayhem served piping hot.

  17. Hello,

    I think this site is excellent. Some people ask why. I think it is the will to power and domination. Sexual humiliation has long been a strategy to demoralize and humiliate the enemy. The videos serve to socialize people into certain practices so as not to revolt/fight/resist.

    The general idea is that when you watch this from an early age, you will not be so upset when you see it live at the airports, where the real beat-down is currently taking place. Read Skinner!

    The focus here is laser-like and can teach you how to read symbols. To get your bearings, read Adler, The Will to Power, BF Sinner, Beyond Freedom and Dignity. I would bet Skinner is much loved by Illuminati, and much hated by everyone else! Psychology has made dominating people much more sophisticated than past practices and much harder to detect.

    By looking at a bunch of artists and videos a pattern is established and you can be certain that this is real and dangerous to our culture and society. Good job VC.

  18. @school me and Curio on

    My thought on this is that this is a GRAND PLAN OF SATAN! All he wants is to fill hell with as many humans as he can. He will do anything, promise anything to get your soul, so that he will burn all in his fire of hell.

    "They" want to keep you busy and interacted in this life so that you deny your creator.

    ALL THIS FUSS AND BANG FOR WHAT????? GOOD AND EVIL….Do you know who you are???

    Time will be up soon and VC keeps touching the line but not crossing it.

    This life is not eternal, your soul will have eternal life and you will be judged to what you did and said and saw. GET WISE AND ACT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! All people who come to this site know theres more to life than meets the eye…..stop your search, open your eyes and realize your full potential…you are Gods chosen above Satan, above the animals…Humans are the best creation…..admire and respect your creator. CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE AND ALL IN IT…..Peace to all….

  19. While rappers used to be about “fighting the power” and “representing the streets”, they are now seen in cells, confused, and abused by cops and mad scientists, talking about being electroshocked. The music industry has been hijacked, folks ….This is so true…so that what he is supposed to be a rapper…I guess rap music has gone down hill bad…half of the time they are spiting out garbage and I guess the other half of the time they talk aout this nonsense…people used to say rap was about shooting and killing and that came from people who doesn't even listen to rap I wonder what they have to say about it now because rap is not what it used to be….

  20. Funny thing. Both artists seem to be intelligent. Now are they willing participants or blinded victims to the agenda. But judging from their lyrics from previous songs, they know. Question. Are they doing it for the money or have they joined or always resided with the dark side?

    • They are pawns of the Satanic elite (Illuminati). They are nothing but "insignificant little Goyim" like me and every other Gentile. These pawns sell-out for the money and or really are Satanists themselves. Regardless, they are still pawns and usefull idiots (dupes). Money to them is more important than honour and moral integrity.

  21. searching for truth on

    I had submitted a question a while back to VC i have yet to receive an email with the answer to my question, seeing that most of these entertainers are pawns in the industry and are MK mind control victims. Is it safe to say that most of them really don't remember pushing the agenda? because they have different alters that are for different purposes, could there be an alter programmed just for that the elitist agenda considering also that amnesia is apart of the programming so that victims cant remember what their handlers do to them or suspect them? And that when it comes to appearances and performances their handlers triggers that persona, and the real or core person has no clue of what is going on or what happened

    • That's hard to tell for sure and I wonder the same thing myself, particularly about someone as seemingly educated as Lady Gaga. I realized we might never get a definitive answer on this one, but it is great to see people like you asking it!

  22. I think that this is actually quite sad.. It's reminiscent of how Whitney Houston used to see eyes everywhere, isn't it? I'm pretty sure that i either read somewhere or it was in the Oprah interview that she did where she admitted that she saw eyes everywhere and Bobby used to draw them? And look what happened to her. I don't find ANYTHING to do with hollywood remotely glamorous or sexily enigmatic anymore. I thoroughly honestly pity every celeb i see nowadays, and i marvel at how they manage to still smile and carry on like nothings wrong in front of cameras and at events like the vma's etc, when they know full well what's waiting for them off camera. Artists like Rihanna, Katy Perry and all of them who make stardom look (for the totally ignorant) so inviting. How do they carry on when they're treated like that and are facing (what i believe to be) certain death at the hands of these sub-human monsters? Thank You, Vigilant, For another awesome article. My concern now is keeping my eyes on the clouds… Because my Saviour is coming soon. All these shenanigans the stars get up to is just proof.. And now all I'm waiting for is the fulfillment of prophecy.

  23. Too bad we can't find the ones that are doing this illuminati control shit & shoot them up,wipe their ass out,do they even deserve to be alive really? free the artists,this is ridiculous & knowing it can ruin how much u like music when u realize how controlled it is & what you think a song is about probably isn't what it is really about, a lot of songs have deeper meanings,not always what they seem just like everything

  24. I believe we all are being MK'ed ! Just to sit here and continuously be conditioned to the same crap is a form of being MK'ed. While some of us are so worried about Nicky and company being MK'ed the same conditioning methods are being used on you. I mean what else could be the purpose of the same repetitive videos and breakdowns mean ? This seems to be more of a promotional conditioning site for artist more than anything.

    * goes to watch the video to study and break down all the signs and symbols* now the video goes from 1million views to 2 millions views because there are a lot of MK'ed people just like me. yeah me, yeah us !

    • They may be trying to subliminally brainwash us and condition us. But don' t confuse MK Ultra with mind control in general. It's something I've noticed on this site. Everyone uses MK to describe mind control techniques, of which there are many (NLP for example). MK Ultra is a trauma-based. It's victims are carefully selected. Do a little more research. Also look up Brice Taylor and Kathleen Sullivan.

  25. I worry less about the celebrities performimg the Monarch narrrative, than I do about audience. How sad and ruinous it is to promote submission to children and teens.

  26. I think we all have had our shares obsessing over this site or if u want to call it being in the know. But really what this site should do for all of us is to help us trust in God and KNOW that we are all going to be just fine. Its always good to know whats going on in and around the world but as it says in the bible focus on the good and not the ugly. I myself like to be educated in stuff that is intriging to me and this stuff is. But if we are focusing on this and not being the phrophets we were ALL called to be what good are we doing but allowing this to continue. Im not saying we can stop this negative force that is happening all around us, but we all have a purpose and we all have a voice so where will you be in this world?

  27. Rest assured, guys. God is looking forward to when they and everyone else chooses to follow Him. He can't make them do it at all; but He still knows them, just waiting for their hearts to open.

    You know, my family and I were watching So You Think You Can Dance (I know, I know, but I was watching it with shields up and scanners on) when this song came on. I could only make out the chorus, but even so I have been waiting since then for a VC article on it.

    Really the only thing we can do is pray and focus on our personal relationship with God. If we just allow Jesus into our hearts, then WOW! If you've never experienced it, then that word just barely does it justice. The Holy Spirit moves in our lives in such a way to even help others get to Jesus. I'm still sometimes overwhelmed at how simple and efficient God's Plan of Salvation has been laid out– just accept that Jesus died for you and then get born again. It's so astounding, it makes me want to just fall on my knees and let out a tearful "Thank You so much for everything!" You'll get SUCH an unquenchable urge to roll up your sleeves and do His Will, but remember: always bring everything back to Jesus.

    Aced an exam? Praise Jesus.

    Narrowly avoided an accident? Praise Jesus.

    Baptized over 100 people in one day? Praise yourself! (Caught you, didn't I? That's right, praise Jesus!)

    If we don't bring things back to Jesus, then we're saying, "Yep, it was all me." This is where humility factors in.

    With this unquenchable urge, why wouldn't you want to take every single opportunity God presents to you to bring things back to Jesus, letting others know Whom to really adore.

  28. "Psikhushka (Russian: психушка) is a Russian colloquialism for psychiatric hospital. It has been occasionally used in English since the Soviet dissident movement and diaspora community the West used the term. In the Soviet Union, psychiatric hospitals were often used by the authorities as prisons in order to isolate political prisoners from the rest of society, discredit their ideas, and break them physically and mentally; as such they were considered a form of torture. The official explanation was that no sane person would declaim against Soviet government and communism."

    "Vladimir Bukovsky, a former psikhushka inmate. Together with a fellow inmate psychiatrist Semyon Gluzman, Bukovsky coauthored A Manual on Psychiatry for Dissidents in order to help others fight abuses of the authorities."

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psikhushka https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychiatric_impriso

  29. "Psikhushka is a Russian colloquialism for psychiatric hospital. It has been occasionally used in English since the Soviet dissident movement and diaspora community the West used the term. In the Soviet Union, psychiatric hospitals were often used by the authorities as prisons in order to isolate political prisoners from the rest of society, discredit their ideas, and break them physically and mentally; as such they were considered a form of torture. The official explanation was that no sane person would declaim against Soviet government and communism."

    "Vladimir Bukovsky, a former psikhushka inmate. Together with a fellow inmate psychiatrist Semyon Gluzman, Bukovsky coauthored A Manual on Psychiatry for Dissidents in order to help others fight abuses of the authorities."



  30. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: We can't allow them to do this to us.

    We have more than enough evidence to evoke "Probable Cause". The only question, in my opinion, is how best to destroy their plans permanently. For post-war Germans, it was walking their naive asses through the stinking, carcass-packed concentration camps within their respective neighborhoods.

    What's it gonna take for us? That has to be the only question now, not whether or not we 'can' put an end to this. Allow your creative imaginations to flow freely. This could be your future hanging in the balance here, or the future of your children and their children. Leave no stone unturned. We need to consider all the options conceivable.

    If you're a Christian, as your self: what the hell would Jesus do?

    • *Ask, I meant.

      I am not christian myself, but I deem him suitable role model in this case. If you aren't the religious type, I say it's still the sort of example worthy of reflection.

      Personally, I think the guy would try tearing into their infrastructure. Part of their game is intimidation. Yeah they've got police in riot gear there to look intimidating, but if you give up without trying then it's no different than surrendering to all of this without a fight. Until I'm staring down the barrel of an automatic weapon, I say it's still way too early to be phoning it in.

  31. I thank VC so much since thanks to all his articles I was able to free myself from so much media bullshit.

    Please people watch your children specially the girls! through all this media thing they actually gain control over their young maine making them also mind controlled victims.

    ONce I read all this I realized I was behaving on some irrational ways influenced by all the images, "role models", movies, songs etc I've putted into my brain in the past 26 yrs.

    I saw myself reflected on many of these "programs"…and now I see how it is also working on my younger cousins…girls are becoming sex kittens!!! without even knowing that they're being programmed!! they think is female liberation but it's actually mind enslavement.

    people are walking mind controlled victims without even knowing it. Being programmed and reprogrammed every day when they go to the movies or listen to music. The good thing is that once you know it you might watch movies without letting them program your brain….being AWARE is the only way to survive this horrible plan they have for our kind

    • i have to agree with u!! i'm myself feel like i've been programmed by TV, movies and songs as a sex kitten!! i like Marilyn Monroe style, leopards prints, and i always wanted to be famous!! my head is totally full with these ideas of fake glamours life!! yeah, definitely i've become a different person after i started reading about these stuff, but my brain still likes all these bullshit!!

  32. have u people seen Green Day's new video "Kill the DJ"!?!?! it's about sacrificing ceremonies!! and how they are disgusted of being part of it!! plzzzzzzzzz VC, watch it!!

  33. This is all done on purpose because it gives these shitty as fuck "artists" attention and that relates to sales and radio and video play, which in turn leads to more shitty "music" pumped out by the "music" industry. I despise that fake, plastic, talentless and pathetic Minaj idiot and wish someone would rip out her vocal cords, but she is just a puppet and thankfully soon she will vanish, one thing shy does her lower half look so white in this dumb video?

  34. It's just Art guys.

    What you see in these typical mainstream music videos is just art, fiction, nothing more.

    The only truth is Science.Physics.ReaLife etc

    Move on or live in the >>>rainforest<<< where you are not subject to these things.

    • Art still needs to have meaning doesn't it? Symbols are not just used randomly. They being used to apply meaning. An artist does not create art for its own sake. Something is never in a piece like this by accident. They do it to express an ideas, a mood, a feeling, concepts, and agendas.

      Any person trained in media is trained in symbolism. I'm really getting tired of the "it's just art" The video IS still saying something. It has a message. It's not just distrubing and kooky for art's sake. Just like Kayne's Monster. They tried to pass of the violent, ritualistic, and misogynistic images in that as "art". It's a lame, go-to argument that people use to convince others there is no evil intent to something. I'm calling the BS card.

      Satan is very good at overemphasizing his importance and de-emphasizing his importance for his own agenda. Don't fall victim to it.

    • clearly Joe, you are not aware of the power of Art.

      art imitates life imitates art imitates life. or is it

      life imitates art imitates life imitates art… hmmmm

      throughout history human societies have been built upon stories: koran, bible, oral traditions, etc

      myths that dominate our minds, dominate reality.

      art and music are very powerful. they rule the subconscious which is where most of our brain activity takes place. even SCIENCE will tell you that. in mainstream music and media, there are many attempts taking place to condition our subconscious with very problematic and reoccurring themes. how can you visit this site and not see that? just sayin.

  35. The music industry has indeed been hijacked by the "elites". If you compare late 80's rap to present day, you will notice some dramatic changes. To be honest I don't like what I see. What a shame. It needs to be taken back (of course it's not as easy as that)

  36. Is it possible that more videos like this are coming out because people like us analyze it too much? Maybe that they have found their target audience?

  37. I believe we the viewing public are the ones being programmed and not even realize it. The iluminati is the high level programmers, the entertains whether news or art are the middle level programmers and we the unsuspecting viewing public are the target. Everything we see on television, at the movies, hear on radio get programmed into our brains and eventually we start acting it out without any trouble. Come to think of it, it's a darn good strategy on their part.

    Only the most aware among us will know what is going on and it is our responsibility to teach our children and hopefully we have people around like VC who can spread the word.

  38. Not only is this video being overt. It's wiring childrens brains to associate sex with pain, humiliation, domination and being out of control. Theyre ruining the act of love and union to further seperate us from our true nature. It's evil.

    • face in the crowd on

      Bob and the arm. Twin Peaks is a great thing to re-visit. I used to love Lynch, but his Silencio set up in Paris really made me think of him as a dip shit elitist. I just think the rapper B.O.B is a dip shit.

      I wish people knew about all the good artists out there besides Lynch, B.O.B. and the shell that calls itself by a stage name….what's her name again?

      • Wonderful name


        Bo and ob

        Ob, ab, op,oph,abh,obh,ap,aph

        Radicals , names of deity…..

        Ob is the name of the serpent god.

        Bob , as a hieroglyph means the double headed serpent

        B is a pictograpgh of 13….

        13 is unity in trinity

        Trinity in unity

        The tricone male gentialia in the unity of the female genitalia…

        Man and woman…


        Wonderful name bob…

        Lovely plumage!

        Page 12,49,57

        New system of analysis by jacob Bryant(1774-1776)

        (the above mentioned book was the favorite book of president John Adams )

        Read this


      • @Lou


        ob….tampoon…..kind of like a phallus…it penetrates the mons veneris…so its phallic.

        eve was tempted by the serpent…

        she bruised his "head"

        i think you get the picture…

        the most sacrilegious thing ……sex

        is actually the most religious thing….

        behind all the "holiest of holies" in the world

        is basically just a penis with balls and a vagina..

        the root of all religons…



        sounds strange…..sounds ludicrous….

        but surprisingly…true.

      • @ Fidelio

        "ob….tampoon…..kind of like a phallus… it penetrates"

        You 'nailed' it!

        Disturbing addition: the main function of this 'phallic tampon snake' is blood sucking.

      • Thanks for your additions. Makes a lot of sense to me!

        "weird world isnt it…"

        Indeed. Two words: 'Mind Fu**'

  39. I'm looking at their choice of capitalization in the titles. I think it's interesting that the ones capped in the Psychiatric Evaluation title are: CVLT = CULT?

    But the rest don't make sense:

    For instance, during a title transition four letters stay on the screen for split second: NY BO

    Others capped are O in B.O.B.; CMA in Nicki's name; OTFMN in the title card; CVLT in the Psych Eval; and ROD in the Parole scene. Any significance? There is CMA Festival being televised 9/17 on ABC. Will there be more ritual? Or am I reading too much into it?

  40. Just curious. Has anyone seen anything about the symbolism of hooks? I've noticed them a lot in certain shows – usually as coat hooks – but in very prominent places, or places that would not make sense to have them (i.e., the outside of a door versus the inside). I didn't really think much in terms of symbolism; but the scene in the video where he's being carried down the hall the hallway is lined with them. That can't be by accident. I've heard that they can represent the nails on the cross, but haven't be able to confirm it.

    Anyone know?

    • @ Fidelio …. Sir, you rock!

      T-Horns and question marks … great stuff. Thanks!

      How does gematria fit into all of this visual symbolism?

      • Here is some curious information regarding the sigil of saturn…..the question mark?

        I knew that this symbol ? Of the sickle, scythe also has to do with questions.

        " ask and you shall receive "

        Now in Arabic, Hindi , Urdu and persian…….The words..

        keeyon,kiyon, kuon , kon,kahon, kahan

        All mean why? Who?where?

        The philogy always has kk, yay, hhah, on, an…

        I was reading a great book " Phoenician Ireland " by a Spanish catholic priest Joaquin Lorenzo villanue

      • Now this book was written around 1820 ' s and translated into English by the great Antiquarian

        Mr Henry O' Brien in mid 1830's.

        On page 117 and 118 , the author discusses the ancient Phoenicians , who used to worship " fate " as kion, kuon and Keauon by the Arabians and Persians.This star deity was Saturn .Astron.

        Saturn was called the lord of fate and kion, keyon, Keauon by the ancients and they always added it's sigil, the question mark as a pictograph.

        Phonetically and philologically the words mean questions and question marks.

        The deity who puzzles and creates pain.

        " Phoenician Ireland" can be downloaded from Internet archive and deals with the worship of chemosh and Baal.The gods of fire for which human sacrifice was performed.

        Chemosh comes from chemistry,

        Alchemy comes from chemos..

        Cheema or qeema means mince meat…..

        Haha….you get the picture…

      • @lou

        When the riddler and the two face flip the coin,

        See what you get..

        One side the eagle

        The other side the masonic square and compass….

        Even…..the symbolism of two face……


      • @ Lou

        Why do university students wear black robes and Saturnian square hats on graduation?

        Why do professors wear black robes with Saturnian black square caps or solar circular caps?

        Why do lawyers wear black coats …..

        Students , professors deal with knowledge and education.

        Knowledge and education are based on questions and more questions.

        More questions more pain…..

        More pain more learning…..

        The temple of the "? "

        Modern universities are temples of saturn…the god of " why"?

        Why do lawyers wear this Saturnian garb….

        Well for once …they ask a lot of questions….

        Questions and questions and questions…

        Giving slow agonizing pain to the defendants..

        Slow agonizing pain, questions, fortune, fate….

        Modern courts and the justice system are other forms of temples of Saturn…the god of punishment ?????

        Ok….I gotta take a break now….


  41. Just wait somo more time now, they are becoming more blatant…It is repetitive cause, they are getting ready, …be causious

  42. I have to say I admire these two people for getting this information across. Making it seem like "just fun" is the only way they can get to use all this information. If you look between the lines you can see that this is not "just fun" and hopefully they will not get into too much trouble for making this video.

    • The point here is not that the artist are trying to bring the subject to light. It is that the elite are trying to normalize and desensitized the masses to the concept. They aren't brave, they are puppets.

  43. Hey VC,

    I have been a long time reader of this website, at least 3 years or so and I really appreciate your insight. I can't tell you how many times I have referred people to check out your page. I think more than anything, you enlighten others of your knowledge behind the symbolism being used by corporations, the entertainment industry, and world leaders. I've always tried to distance myself from the machine, whether it be political or Hollywood. I think as a society we are aware of what the mass media is capable of, but the general masses would rather just ignore it, then accept it for what it is.

    With all of that being said, I do appreciate your consistent commentary on the music industry specifically, but it so repetitive and overdone, that I think by now most of us are fully aware that most of these corporate artists are garbage. It seems like any artist signed under Interscope pushes the same disturbing content that the last one did, so it has become monotonous.

    I really like your sister website, secretarcana and I wish you would write more articles focusing on deeper issues, other then Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. I like your articles on the Denver airport, sinister sites and origins of the symbols. By now, the entertainment industry has become so transparent, that I think it would be more enlightening to write about different subjects.

  44. i still like the song and i still love his Strange Clouds cd in which this song is featured on..and last time i checked my mind was still intact..yep im good!!!

  45. "Well, you gon’ really need a wish right now

    When my goons come through and start shooting stars”

    Not just ridiculing his other song but a warning of things to come?

    …and start shooting stars…doesn't sound very metaphorical in this context.

    • I hope that the stars are stuck in a shoot out. I just had a flashback to the theatre scene in “Inglorious Bastards.” Scary.

  46. Are those nurses really "unconsciously positive"? It's obvious they are trying to associate torture and sex, which is sadomasochism, which is very much part of mainstream rap and r&b now. This video is about a fantasy of having control over the person(s) performing, which we are supposed to find sexy or be aroused by. They are trying to make us feel like we are their handlers. Personally, I find it disgusting and not "unconsciously positive". Even a kid would know that this is bad or perverted.

  47. In pakistan there are plenty of such symbolism all over in music and media industry. May be this is the final boom to these illuminati, the world is reawakening and soon the debris will be cleared.

    Thanks you VC for a job well done. Illuminati threat is not for one religion or race or country. Together we can educate each other.



  48. Completely disturbing video. Just look at the face of Nicki in the first picture. Looks like she is being 'programmed' for something. The hood was also used for the prisoners at Al Ghraib prison too, I think, to dissociate and confuse them.

    Good heavens!! Monarch programming fun & sexy!! That's what they think! When they're locked up in a concentration camp (and it will happen, when the Illuminati has no more use for them), let's see how fun it can be!

  49. The song is about someone losing his mind. The writings on the wall are just the director's tool to make the video more dark and paranoid. What else do you expect to be on that wall? Flowers and happy faces? If the song was called " I love Mary" for example, those sings would be suspicious. Don't give these artists too much credit. They are just trying to get attention.

    • It's so interesting that these "artists" just decided to suddenly channel all the same kinds of messages and symbols simultaneously. I thought the idea about being an artist was to be "different" not like everyone else? It's like someone is sending messages through them. I wonder who that could be. I don't give the Illuminati too much credit, I think these "artists" all hear the same message from the same messenger.

  50. I just have a question…..maybe someone could help me?

    i want to know, did VC do an article covering the 2012 paralympic games or did i just miss it???

    the theme of it was "Enlightenment" and Jay Z, Rihanna and Coldplay performed.

    sounds really illuminati-esque to me.

    love this site VC, it really opened my eyes.

    compliments all the way from South Africa!

  51. I believe there is some people who fight them…

    I'm listening to the new album of Slaughterhouse and there is some things in it…

    Interscope video but this sh*t is a message to them I think…


    At the end the guy is ready to give him everythings he want but the mastermind just kill him anyway…


    Listen to the lyrics of this one…Clear message for me and at least they don't believe these alter ego things…

  52. I've got a question!

    (please don't hate, I'm new at this and I just want to learn more about this theory)

    Why do they only do this to celebrities?

    Do celebrities really influence us that much?

    Shouldn't people like Obama be their slaves?

    • Politicians absolutely do promote the same ideas and symbols. They just don't sing and dance to them. There are websites devoted to this kind of stuff. Most of their ideas tend to come out in the language of their manufactured speeches. Or with where they hold their ceremonies (see Obama's Greek Temple), the numerology of the dates they choose, etc. Sometimes they admit what they are planning in a slip, and sometimes they say it directly. They are actually quite more bold about it than the pop stars, if you really follow their moves.

      When you start to look at this stuff, you see patterns. The pop stars are just selling it to the populace. The politicians are acting on it and creating policy based on it.

  53. I don't know if someone pointed this out but he says

    "Someone call charter,Maybe call FEMA" is he talking about FEMA camps being used for reducation or something?

  54. This is so crazy, that it would seem like an exaggerated conspiracy theory if this theme hadn't been repeated so many times before. It's undeniable that something is going on.

  55. it seems to me that Nicki is in her Roman alter during this song. anyone else think so, especially when she is the handler / sex kitten scene

  56. I'd also like to add that there is no talent whatsoever on display in this video. BOB looks like he has a demonic alter ego with the shrouded hood wearing the bite guard a la Hannibal Lecter (cannibalism), Nikki Minaj looks soulless and like a puppet more than BOB does.

    It's very hollow, they are just stringing people along based on lurid imagery, trying to drag people under with the symbols and the sickness (the whole video reeks of death culture, degredation, like a personal hell).

    Be aware that these people are pushing nihilism, death, destruction of the soul, for a moment of entertainment or pleasure. That is what the World promotes. Eternal things matter, your soul matters. The truth is in Christ, he gives real life, to the full!

  57. I don’t like Nicki Minaj and her music. This is one of the many reasons why ^ She is probably MK’ed also. I thought B.O.B. was against the Illuminati bc of his video The watchers guess I was wrong :/ He’s probably just a puppet too.

  58. I think that the media is enough to program us. After discovering this site, I was forced to confront that I had always doodled single eyes and pyramids or just triangles. Like every time my pencil touches a piece of notebook paper, I feel compelled to draw an eye, and I’ve never been able to make it a pair. I’ve tried and it always look like they don’t belong together – just single eyes staring off of “doodled” paper. Scary to think my doodles weren’t based on free will, but programmed in my subconscious by many years of nickelodeon and the disney channel.

    • These symbols might also hold symbolic meaning since they represent being controlled by someone and not being free in a sense. In a way couldn't it also express on some level how you feel trapped. Your doodles are based on your feelings and they may have provded the symbol for the given emotion but think what does that mean to you, what feelings do i get from these things I draw.

      In a way I think it means you are not merely being programmed but consciously in the process of breaking out. The fact that you are writing them down means you can see them and you see the feelings inside and you are thus dealing with what is in you. Most people take stuff in but don't write it down or think it over. We are in a system where we are supposed to just obey and we are not supposed to think things through. Everything you doodle is an expression of you subconscious, and that you are working on it.

      • Sandra your comment really makes sense to me I can relate to what you've just pointed out, well done.

  59. Sucker punch, marry the night by lady gaga and now this all of it is the SAME concept. Its not a coincidence. im sure there are many more music videos and films with this same idea.

  60. I could not believe what I watched today. The movie , which is named "the tall man" is horrible. this is about an elite group of powerful people who abduct children from poor families.

    Not only there is no criticism , the film justifies or even worse, glorifies their action

    This is IMDB link:

    Regards, vahid from iran

  61. Aside from the assumed Illuminati association, Nicki Minaj is a repulsive "artist". From what I see, she became well known for her numerous collaborations with many people, and put on a rapping appearance by following Lil Kim's image. Now she's trying to be the next big pop star: skin that continues to get whiter and whiter, dresses like a clown (Gaga and others may have dressed ridiculously, but Nicki is far worse), and sadly, now she has a crowd a sheep that caters to her. I remember hearing that she called her "Roman Reloaded" album revolutionary, HA! How dare she call anything related to her revolutionary. Onika Tanya Maraj is a great example of a music industry manufactured puppet. She is far from revolutionary.

  62. Time to get past all the MK Stuff… it is a dark pit if you read about it too much. It's time to move past the Illuminati's trap of "WAKING UP"(you're not) look past them & see what they see.

    Study Freemasonry, ancient texts, philosophy, history, mythology, math, science, biology…

    (A good start is THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES by Hall)

    This is when one really wakes up.

  63. Great Article. Just thought I might add a few things you didn't point out for anyone who didn't watch the video and/or is new to knowing the truth of things.

    At 0.11 and 3.30 a demon headed mental patient is shown staring menacingly through the cell bars.

    All through the video, B.O.B. is shown alternating between a white uniform/straightjacket and a black mass robe, implying at least two persona's – a light and a dark.

    As you pointed out in the article on "They Live" the Illuminati occasionally refer to themselves or symbolize themselves as aliens of a higher intelligence. B.O.B. says at 0.52 that he "slapped five's with E.T."

  64. SymbolsRuleUsAll on

    VC, i just finished a game called lone survivor, and it had some very disturbing mind control elements. sometimes, when u looked at a mirror, u would get teleported to another reality. the game also has you take drugs sometimes, which bring u to a strange fantasy land. could u delve into a deeper explanation of this game.

  65. I would say that psychiatry is only about controlling people, rather than helping them. I read some books by a dissident psychiatrist named Thomas Szasz (www.szasz.com) and he stated that "mental illnesses" were socially constructed. But it is good to point out how the elite use the entertainment industry for mind control purposes. This video or song by Nicki Minaj seems to make it seem like being a mind-controlled slave in a mental instistution is fun and sexy, but in truth, it is really oppressive and miserable.

    • Yes, the concept of insanity – what was a "insane person", and the way society has dealt with them – is very recent, and is subject to our history, society and culture.

      Maybe you should read the works of Michel Foucault and Erving Goffman. They are amazing.

  66. keep going back to a feeling that all of this NWO/Illuminati is typical magician's redirection: look at THIS hand, never mind what the OTHER hand is doing. drama is for our benefit, we see what they let us see?

    seems like an endless feedback loop that keeps us distracted, no end in sight to connections, nature of the human mind. if so… how do we shatter this paradigm without giving this system more focus/energy?

    anyone else get this feeling?

    look inside to find truth and light and the way out of this path of destruction…

    "But I say to you, love your enemies and bless the one who curses you, and do what is beautiful to the one who hates you, and pray over those who take you by force and persecute you."

    –Matthew 5:44 (from the Aramaic)

    "The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house."

    –audre lord

    • Awesome point…i posted a comment today to this article pretty much asking the same thing…i know there's more to it than what is visible to us. If,at this stage of their agenda they are allowing pawns to display so called sacred symbols and rituals so in such vulgar manner to further polarize and instill fear in the masses, then the a certainty that the next phase of the agenda(the most important) is and will remain unseen.

      • Exactly my feelings, I believe this stuff has become so blatant that there has to be more going on that we are not quite aware of.

  67. thanks so much, again a brilliantly written article and good analysis!

    vc is one of the guys that actually reads their mails and im really happy that you made this when i sent you the link :)

  68. While Mind Control is very real and prevalent I think VC tends to oversimplify and understate certain aspects of it regarding celebrities…particularly,a lot of hip hop stars grew up in the hoods of various ghettos in the USA. They went to the same schools as most common people and lived very average inner city lives. Just so happens that they had musical talents and aspirations to make it in the entertainment industry. Basically, before they finally "made it" or became popular and successful,they were in the communities they lived in doing the stuff most of us do to make a living. My question is, at what point did someone like Niki Minaj,B.O.B.,Kanye West,Jay-z,50 cent,Jennifer Hudson,etc…under go the very extensive and time consuming process needed to create a MK monarch slave??? It is not a process that can take place in a few weeks or months. It would take years to modify the behaviors of a mentally stable and normally socialized American citizen to such degrees discussed here. I'm not saying they aren't pawns in the grand scheme of the elitist psycho-social agenda but, I'm pretty sure a lot of these stars make overt references to the occult symbolism and rituals,one,because it's controversial/popular/guaranteed attention and,two, it's laughable that we believe this stuff.

    It's bigger than Hip Hop…they want us to focus on trivial matters such as, which celebrity is illuminati,what videos had hidden esoteric messages,etc. The truth of the matter is,WE ARE ALL SUBJECTS OF MIND CONTROL!!! to varying degrees. Who,out of the 300+ million of us here in America(specifically) evades or escapes the multi faceted psycho-social programming sent forth the school curriculum,religious dogma,TV and Radio???

    • I don't think it takes as long as you think to make a brainwashed person; if someone were in an intensive situation for weeks at a time like literally eating, drinking, sleeping torture, abuse, and hypnosis, I think it would have a big affect on somebody

  69. we are chartering into territories of frivolity when when seek to merely be entertained by repetitive "enlightenment" on trivial matters…let's open up a dialogue on how to stop this mind control,wicked rituals and misuse of sacred symbols…or how it is even possible in the first place?

  70. Yeah this is so blatant I was just like wtf when I watched it. I'm curious VC, I've just started reading about "stepfording" in a forum, and it is claimed that many celebrities have been cloned or replaced by lookalikes. The most being the rumor "Paul is Dead". I didn't believe at first, but looking at the amount of evidence, it seems like it has a very real possibility of being the truth.

    Your site (which is amazing and insightful by the way) focuses mainly on mind control. Could it be possible that celebrities are being REPLACED instead of reprogrammed? I started thinking about the possibility of mind control because of your site and the erratic way many of them behave, but from the forum I've read it seems not only do their behaviors change, their looks do at the same time.

    Instead of plastic surgery and reprogramming, they might have been directly replaced instead. (For example, the fake paul mccartney is much taller and has a longer forehead than the real one. Plastic surgery for the former wouldn't be able to make such a huge difference plus would require plenty of therapy and recovery away from the public eye for months, and it's not even possible for the second.)

    If you see this, I would be so happy to have your views on the matter. Thanks and keep up the great work. Things are getting more and more blatant, it's terrifying.

  71. You know, I felt that this video was pretty obvious that it was referring to mind control.

    I'm not one who's usually able to sift out details, but the moment I saw this vid, I recognised the many references to mind control and… I feel really sad for the entertainment industry…

  72. I really love how they do it in peoples faces now and they have been so programmed not to see it when you point it out they have no clue.. I am 100% agnostic and just think the whole thing is hilarious.. Satanist and Christians are in the same category to me, they both believe in some invisible creature that will give them anything if they just believe.

    • Hmm i actually think that you have bigger faith than me. To not believe in a creator that is eternal, personal and very real. Ever walked into a room and things just spontaneously started to exist. Please let me know if you have …. x

  73. Ignoring the pathetic arguments about the bible and gay people, (seriously if god didn't want them he wouldn't have put them here. Its to help overpopulation so we don't run out of room. never thought of that did u. they can adopt kids who are in need and not put more people on the earth.)
    lol i still just got myself into the argument :3 but anyways nicki minaj also did another song called "i am your leader". if your interested on how messed up it is look it up on YouTube. im sure the name says it all. i think something going to happen at the end of 2012. because there becoming.more blunt with things.

  74. This video is crazy just like a lot of other videos out there. I always wondered that too. Who are the controllers/elitists, etc. Who puts them through the MK mind control? I want more details myself. I also read about Cathy O'Brien and it was horrible and I also read about other MK ultra control victims. I was so glad Cathy and her daughter got away. Well I'm hoping for good. I read about her first in David Icke's book. Nicki minaj is a formal porn star, i read about her some time ago doing videos and then all the injections. its sad. i hope she gets it together as i do with a lot of these artists. I remember when B.O.B. went by Bobby Ray and then all of a sudden he changed it? what gives. For those that are skeptics this Illuminati along with the other groups is REAL. Let's not just focus on Illuminati so much there is more to this. If you focus so much on this you won't know what's going on in the "Real" World. Luv all the comments by the way. Hey@LVB hope you are doing well my friend

  75. Oh how I pity the young and those who find this fun and exciting not knowing that the illuminati is just covering up False Admiration Masking Evil as mentioned in one of the comments before mine.

    And no, why would the Bible be MK-related in any way when its just something on whether or not you wanna believe it?

    Anybody can be ignorant fools who are as blind as a bat when they just don't seem bothered to do any research whatsoever on the occult and Mind Controlling.

    I bet they will start regretting when evil reveals itself making those unbelievers a bunch of dumb brats who were warned so many times but just didn't take heed.

    All I can say for now….they were warned since entertainment has already manipulated their minds through MK.

  76. I'd like to see VC cover more older music videos. I definitely agree with the symbols but I don't think that necessarily means Illuminati. It just seems like using these symbols are just a trend in videos. That's why I'd like to see more historical analysis


  77. Think about it: If the Bible was a form of mind control, the LAST thing they would do is take it out of schools. They would promote it–NOT forsake it. It is written and it will happen. They don't want us to be aware because the Bible has true power. The Word is power! I'm just sayin', that's all!

    Thanks for the article, VC! Keep up the great work!

  78. I was in a psych ward a couple month ago and if I made a song about it would that make me mind controlled because they weren't to nice to me

  79. many MK slaves become obsessed with the symbol and find themselves drawing it everywhere. I DO IT ALL THE TIME DOES THAT MEAN IM BEING CONTROLLED SUBLIMINALLY NOW IM REALLY PARANOID THANKS ALOT :'(

  80. Its crazy how I never realized what I was hearing in the 90s or album titles and
    Songs really meant for instance- bullet with butterfly wings by smashing pumpkins. Hello weapon in the form of a butterfly he was crying about mind control in that song. Nimrod by green day. Enter sandman by Metallica should just be called enter devil never never land hello child mind control and possession in one.by the way green day always had these slick hidden meanings and what seems like stupid cute art work really has meaning like their eyes exxed out on their new album. Everywhere u turn around its about the devil or mind control. I used to think marylin Manson was creative and different and even a rebel just like lady gaga fans today. Guess what they are all paid heroes in the end and teach the same story. Now it's even more blatant like this lovely niki minaja what yea they want u to know now….

    • I'd also like to point out the song "B.O.B" (Bombs On Baghdad) by Outkast which was released in 1999 , I believe, a few years before 9/11 and the war in Iraq where Baghdad is located, as long as we're discussing mind control and symbolism in songs, I think the song was meant to condition the mind of the listener in advance, before the event occurred. Also, Outkast isn't a political band so I wonder why they were singing about war in the first place.

  81. Man, I've been studying symbols/history/religions and anything spiritual and one day I bumped into a video of this girl (btw no idea who she is or was at the momento I only know she's a pop star)

    and there is an interview where she's talking crap, and in a flip of a second her eyes turn a different color and shape. a freaky guy took the time to slow the video down to show it was real!!

    and yep, you couldnt blame it on the lights, that was something from another dimension for sure

    the crazy thing is that there were times in history where seeing this was pretty common, now its mostly hidden, it is said though that those channels will be more "open" a few years from now so we might see more of that more often!

    • its the devil- its not only mind control but devil worship in the works. don't believe the whole thing on reptilians and all that reptilian eye crap, its just the devil present at that moment with those people. remember he comes in the form of a reptile, and G-d has a way of showing us peoples' true colors.

      The final goal is not just business and elitists owning everything but for everyone under them to lose their religion. Another thing about mind-control as well as hypnotizing or momentarily disassociating that people don't really know is that you open your soul up to allow the evil one in. It has a lot to do with the goals of these people and also the young kids and everyone into the hollywood and music crap which is all to create fake heroes for kids to follow is that they want them to forget about G-d and allow the devil into everyone's homes. Everywhere you turn around there is a movie about some kind of evil or paranormal activity. Now even animation movies for kids and several at the same time are related to monsters and/or the paranormal. THis is supposed to be cute but its only to make the dark forces seems like not a big deal and for the fear of evil to be lost.

    • Hey, you're studying symbols?

      I saw so much things and I want to know their meanings.

      Everywhere, in a lot of movies, tv shows and games I keep seeing a circle with a dot in it…In symbolism it mean "s" but I thinks it have a big signification.


      And here an example that I find on VC's forum…A paint from James Franco.


      And I find some weird stuff that is swastika-ish…In that kind of position…


      In some case it's look like this…


      The only thing I know is these symbol can be rotate and it have something to do with the sun + The mitsubishi logo is just like this.

      Thanks and sorry I do what I can in english.

  82. If only more people knew the real costs of fame. Being a celebrity just rips your soul out and you are mindless robot, a product to dress up and direct as pleased.

  83. Check out the newly 'made over' Courtney Stodden. She is being UNVEILED by the 'industry' to their satanic followers. She is wearing the ever-present Illuminati Red Dress which is loaded with symbolism, and she has been given a new image. Gone is the cheap, tacky makeup, now she is made up to be more appealing to the masses. Unfortunately for Stodden, she wants fame so badly that she is likely to do whatever she is told and will eventually pay the price. Keep an eye on her as she is one that they will use and eventually destroy. Her Unveiling in Red is a signal.


    What the Red Dress represents: http://nwothesis.blogspot.com/2010/01/lady-in-red

    Just research 'Illuminati Red Dress' for more.

  84. I guess the producers and big companies are thinking that satanic and illuminati symbolism is polemic enough to generate profit. And that's why things are getting creepier and creepier every day. Maybe "Illuminati-Puppet Pop Star" is the new "Sexy Satanic Crowley-Loving Rock Star", in the sense that controversial imagery is used to make money.

    It doesn't mean that the message is "less dangerous" than before, obviously. What we have now is a blatant display of glamourized slavery, what is awful for people of any religion. And messages that confuse and harm everyone. Homosexuals and heterosexuals. Men and women. Christians, Satanists, Atheists, monotheists, polytheists, you name it.

    This is not about religion, guys. I must remind you of that. This is about politics, and freedom.

  85. I watched the video. They look and sing like a couple of robots. This is nothing like the popular music I listened to when I was growing up. It's devoid of any emotion, devoid of soul, devoid of talent. I hate it. I can't get how anyone actually likes this soulless crap.

  86. If this comment gets posted twice, blame it on the computer I used. I watched the video. They look and sing like a couple of robots. The song is devoid of any emotion, devoid of soul, and devoid of talent. It's nothing like the popular music that I used to listen to when I was growing up. Also, BOB says something in the song about calling FEMA, as in FEMA death camps! I was appalled.

  87. Heyy!

    I really hate it when more and more upcoming artistes are being mind controlled.

    I try to control what I listen to know, but it's getting harder and harder.

    Thanks for all the effort you put in to warn us about these things.

    I really appreciate it.

    Also are you going to do an article on the VMA's this year??

    Just wondering.

    Thanks again!

  88. Please someone talk about the death of the american ambassador in Libya.

    Is there anything more obvious and blatant as: September 11, 2001 a terrorist attack was carried out in USA, then USA invaded afghanistan (supposedly Bin Laden was hidden in there, the prime suspect) and later Iraq (because supposedly in Iraq, were producing chemical or nuclear weapons, and was also the source of creation of terrorists, and that the country represented a danger to the West). Well, after 11 years on September 11, 2012 the american ambassador in libya is murdered in a "TERRORIST ATTACK???", because of a movie depicting an evil prophet Mohammed??? was the ambassador a film-maker??? I believe in Libya there are few american people living in community, so why they didn't attack these ppl? why the ambassador? he was a politician for God sake!!! what the hell is going on again? and when american government will stop to kill their own to find a reason to bring hate and blood and death once more, just to gain more power, more land tenure, more oil?, when?

    It's so evil and occult the way these peolpe (american government) act since the foudation of their country (they expelled the native Indians of that land). I don't know…, but I guess that if the world will suffer with these provocations with the sole purpose of initiating a world war or a new world order, then the American people will be the first to suffer, for not to listen to what others say, for not praying deeply to God and for not knowing to stop their government on time, when they are actually the majority.

    MJ wasn't wrong when he said "Let's do all the efforts to bring back love to the world" USA government is doing the contrary, by paying the militias and giving all the supports to bring hate to our world.



  89. Regardless if it's about Monarch Programming or not, it fetishizes torture and mental institutions which is dangerous all around.

  90. bitch im a monster on

    Nicki is the best, she tells the barbz to stay in college, stay safe, and achieve something in life and not be lazy, perfect rolemodel.

  91. isnt it "electroconvulsive therapy" the "electrocompulsive therapy" lyric must be a play on words! And i checked out the lyrics (nothing riveting trust me..) and saw "onomonopia" in verse 3 for B.O.B 2nd line..i was like, "wtf is that mean???" smh

  92. And not a mention about the "Gangnam Style" thing. I think it is fairly illuminati, and it drowns K-Pop in a shot.

    Oh well. Psy can bribe VC a lot of money; Psy's father is a billionaire.

  93. Speaking of how to make mind control sexy – or in this case add it to clothing, check out this messed up site:


    Look at "awareness" watch the vid… look at the guys shirt.

    …Explore the site. Now…. I don't know if this is the designers of the shirts are doing this as a joke against conspiracy theories…or if this is just REALLY blatant symbolism…. what do you guys think? Either way, this is some crazy shit. Lol, excuse the language. <3

  94. Speaking of how to make mind control sexy – or in this case add it to clothing, check out this messed up site:


    Look at "awareness" watch the vid… look at the guys shirt.

    …Explore the site. Now…. I don't know if this is the designers of the shirts are doing this as a joke against conspiracy theories…or if this is just REALLY blatant symbolism…. what do you guys think? Either way, this is some crazy shit. Lol, excuse the language.

  95. Yet another great article from VC. Thanks for keeping my eyes open! Just wanted to find out what your thoughts were about Farm Aid. I just returned from the concert this past weekend and I was saddened by how much Illuminati symbolism was present at an event like that. I guess it's so surprise… It's just sad to think that Dave Matthews and Willie Nelson would turn into some brainwashed puppets.

    Just wanted to see if anyone else went to Farm Aid and had the same experience I did. And as always, keep up the good work VC!! There may be no hope for any of us but at least those of us who open our eyes will die knowing we couldn't be fooled too!

  96. First of all the bible is not the first form of MINd control. Satan has always been the author of confusion. See when in sodom and Gommorah the people were so brain washed by satan that they began lust after the angels. This is why homosexuals and lesbians are hated so deeply because God abhors such blaspheming. The destruction of your temple is your doom. Being in BondAGE lets God know who you serve. In this video they were representing their owner . Lust , lesbianism and homosexuality work together. These are some satan's most strongest spirits to date. Knowledge is power…. do your research and if your relationship with God is strong you will understand what spiritual bondage truly is.

  97. Wauw, I just listened to far east movements 'turn up the love' He sings, no illuminati, then he makes a 6 with his fingers, and another band member passes by with a seeing eye necklace.. Well played..

  98. I'm not sure if you already did this, but you should do an article on Pyramids by Frank Ocean because there's illuminati symbols everywhere in the music video youuu neeedddd too doo thissss please ugh its so weird i used to like frank :( but then i saw the pyramid in the end with the light shining at the top :/

  99. Culture Vulture, read David McGowans "Laurel Canyon" (The chapters can be accessed online through his website) This will give you the basis on what is behind the veneer of the entertainment industry.

  100. I always wondered one thing when thinking about this "one-eye" business. After the popularity of web cams sky-rocketed to the point where every computer is fitted with a built in camera. You ever wonder if "they" are watching you while you're on the computer…and off. Think about it. Hackers have accessed people inside their homes this way without their knowledge. Who's to say "they" aren't doing this?

    B.O.B. is an artist I find to be consciously aware of many things. He knows what's up. I always wondered why there are so many talented female rappers out there but they are not given proper exposure. They want any and all rappers male and female to be shuckin and jivin fools who do not even remember the roots of rap as a tool to stand up against social inequality. These artists are not only NOT good role models but they are reiterating the sexist and racist agenda of demonizing black people, demeaning women, and oversexualizing the youth. Just to have a fat bank account, live in a mansion, drive a f***ing Lamborghini, and shop at Louis Vuitton…giving their money to all these white owned companies with over priced "toys" and clothes while assisting in morally corrupting the youth. Making them spiritually bankrupt. Then society turns around and blames the youth for all the problems society has, when really every generation has been brainwashed and seduced to fail the next and future generations. There is almost NOTHING positive on TV and society is built so people will let TV raise their children. I remind myself everyday to be in want of NOTHING because they want you to buy their overpriced crap while you remain behind on bills and others in the world less fortunate starve to death needlessly. But as long as the botox keeps their faces intact and they can buy Michael Kors anything is all that matters. What happened to the ART part of being an artist? That shit no longer exists as long as record company slave/whores keep writing these subliminal nursery rhyme crap. WE NEED ALTERNATIVE MEDIA with REAL ARTISTS who still have their souls intact!

    The government is supposed to work for and answer to the people–not the other way around

  101. There is limited resources throughout the planet and I think the general purpose of programming is make people feel like they are on a smooth even mood, when you watch tv not to get overly excited, or overly depressed. If you study psychology you will find the same techniques they use in hospitals are what they use on unsuspecting viewers. I think they are trying to look out for our best interest as sad as it sounds, but at the same rate I think someone under programming can be woken up at anytime on request and discover what is really going on. The world is interesting place and to fill your time with entertainment shows is like cutting yourself short, this world is really interesting and if you take a moment you will understand how beautiful it is, be with good energy and don't believe the lies.

  102. uglybitch3000 on

    i wish i was as sexy and pretty as nicki minaj. i wouldnt hate myself so much and i would definitely never be lonely. every guy wants a minaj and i cant believe people try to play that off like thats not true. if it wasnt why does every dude want to fuck her? man i wish i was her. fuck that illuminati shit i just want guys to like me like that too!

    • Are you OK in the head? There will always be better looking people, but you can either obsess about them, or ignore them and start enjoying life. Being attractive is about more than just looks, you know. However, you found a bad prototype to get jealous of. Minaj, for freaks sake. Why would you want to look like her? She's not even remotely pretty.

  103. If some people actually think mind control is cool, I think we should just let them be that way cause we really don't need stupid people in this world. Those who are smart, should live.

  104. Man, just wanted to let you know that you write very well. That conclusion was amazing.

    Talking about the subject of the text, you made pretty obvious what the song is about.

  105. One against All on

    This is so damn old and repetitive it's not even laughable anymore. Besides promoting all this Mind Control crap, listen to all the words of songs nowadays, clubs this, f&^k so and so for the night, throw up the bottles in clubs, and all that other garbage. Every year, different artists and lousy beats, same message. It's drummed in peoples' heads so much thats all they want to do. "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we are to die"-(can't remember the scripture, but it speaks volumes about alot of peoples' fatalist viewpoint, they don't care about anything anymore except the here and now)

  106. This is probably the first time I completely disagree with an article. After taking in everything in the video, from the lyrics to the images, I'd say this video is a total mockery. The entire video is just making fun of conspiracy theorists. Watch and listen closely. They are pretending that they are overboard crazy moon-batting conspiracy theorists. Hence the lyrical references to paranoia and all of the images on the wall (UFO's, eye in the pyramid, The Triple Tau, etc). The entire video is a spit in the face to sites like these.

  107. To the person who wrote the article and others, if you were to make a song and video wouldnt it be about the subject matter of secret societies and contain as much information as possible? to reach as many people as possible with the most impact?

    What if BOB is into this very subject as many other are? obviously we all are cuz were all here at the same place studyin it. What im sayin is that a person isnt necc'ly "in" on the secrets etc just cuz they project an image of it.

  108. The saucer-like spaceship along with the tag "they are us"/"we are them" could possibly be a reference to the ancient cosmonaut theory. I know not everyone agrees with it, but I strongly believe the whole Annunaki-mythos where mankind was indeed created by human-like beings from outer space. Even Ridley Scott, whose film Prometheus deals with this issue, has stated he believes this very theory.

  109. Okay guys, B.O.B. is anti illuminati. He even tries to put them on blast on his twitter all the time. He even tried to tell us that the shootings were all planned. Know your artists before judging them

  110. Did anyone see the white guy in the cell at the end just befor he's shown without the "stuff" he used to tie his head, the head of the ram/dragon-looking monsters towards the "I'm here, you're there" part…? Hmmm?

  111. You post such eye opening material…I always find myself coming back to your site and thinking wow…I was listening to that song and didn't even have a second thought about it…Scary stuff

  112. How are we supposed to protect our children? We can't control their environment and have to let them live, but there must be something we can do….
    I thought I was doing a decent job of them not being influenced until I saw them playing "hand-puppets" and making triangles over their heads and the 666 "ok" signs over their eyes. I tell them not to do that because it is evil but they are just 4 and 6 so getting them to understand is difficult…

    suggestions please?

  113. Many of them are mind controlled and past victims of abuse. Their ability to act for the camera is their disassociation from reality in action.

  114. What I don't really understand is that B.O.B. is known for dissing the illuminati in several songs such as Paper Route and Missing. Now he's in a music video where he's crazy? I don't think that's a coincidence…

  115. Thanks again for the informative article.
    I now always know what the cheetah print means. I keep on seeing it everywhere!
    Even in Willow Smith's 21st century girl she has the cheetah print leggings.
    And she's pulling skyscrapers out of he said and there are even more blatant Monarch references in the vid. Such as, well, the whispering in the little kid's ear towards the end of the video, and then the little kid has a Monarch butterfly in hand.
    Did anybody notice that Effie Trinket also has a dress made of monarch butterflies (I think in Catching Fire)?
    This video of Nicki's also reminds me of The Monster by Eminem feat Rihanna.
    Because just as well, the rapper thinks he's crazy like when he says "I need a straitjacket, face facts"….

  116. Fantastic and well written article, VC. Sometimes I go through your music business section and find that there was an analysis or two that I've skipped over and I'm really glad I backtracked to see this monumentally blatant use of monarch programming symbolism. B.O.B even exclaims in his first verse "I am psychotic, but there's no remedy (permanence of monarch programming). This is not figurative, this is literally." With this, I'll laugh at the people who state that all of this is "interpretation", when B.O.B calls attention right in the song that this is a literal message. Also, at the end, before B.O.B whispers "they might be listening", is more whispering between the two that is a little harder to pick up on. B.O.B mumbles a bit and says something that sounds along "Lets get you out of here" to which she replies, seemingly drugged and confused, "yeah…yeah..". While these things can be easily recorded, I have to wonder if these are voice clips were actually taken from Nicki and B.O.B's time at the actual institution. The "shh… they might be listening" at the end also implies this a little.

  117. He deleted my post asking about checkered floors in the world trade center and an excerpt from a psychic re. 9/11. I posted the links and he deleted them. I trying to figure out why. Confuzzled!!

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