The 2014 Grammy Awards: Still Pushing the Illuminati Agenda


The 2014 Grammy Awards featured a black magic witchcraft ritual disguised as a Katy Perry performance. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. This has been going on for years. We’ll look at the Illuminati Agenda pushed in the 2014 Grammy Awards.


This year’s Grammy Awards apparently had something for everyone. While old-school rockers might have enjoyed seeing Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Willie Nelson and Metallica performing live, it is the current industry puppets who reach the youth. And it is their performances that are riddled with symbolism and messages. Unlike the older singers, the performances given by Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and even Mackelmore, were not strictly about the music. Their performances were vehicles to push the Illuminati-sponsored Agenda.

For years, I’ve been stating that music awards ceremonies are a celebration of what the Illuminati industry stands for, as their choreographed format offers the industry an opportunity to imprint the collective mind with specific messages and symbolism. After each award season, I notice a growing number of people realizing that something is “off” with the music industry and that it promotes a specific set of values and attitudes. Is the public getting wiser or is it just all becoming too obvious to ignore? Whether the case may be, the show prompted people such as Former University of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron to tweet:

Even E! Online tweeted during the show:

Let’s look at the lowlights (a term I coined because that’s pretty much what I do on this site) of the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Beyoncé Representing Beta Kittens


The awards began with Beyoncé singing the words:

I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking
I get filthy when that liquor get into me
I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking
Why can’t I keep my fingers off it, baby?

From that point, we knew that these awards would probably not be child-friendly. Dressed in a leotard revealing most of her “bootyliciousness”, Beyoncé’s performance was as suggestive as the song’s lyrics. This prompted many parents to complain about why this was televised at 8pm, while children (many of whom look up to Beyoncé) are still awake. Others noted that if Miley Cyrus gave the same performance, there would probably be a violent revolution right about now.

Beyoncé’s performance was in fact an accurate representation of her recently released “visual album”, which contains a bunch of very suggestive videos. After watching that album, I can safely estimate that about 80% of the footage consists of closeups of Beyoncé touching herself in a sensual matter. In fact, in this album, Beyoncé appears to play the role of a Beta Kitten that is programmed to be “on” all the time (if you don’t know about Beta Programming, read this article). Some videos in Beyoncé’s album contain Monarch programming symbolism.

In this scene of the video Partition, two Beyoncé's dance sensually behind cage bars while completely covered in feline print.

This scene of the video Partition is a true nod to Beta Kitten Programming. There are two Beyoncé’s (representing split of personalities); They are behind bars (representing being an MK slave) and they are covered in animal prints (representing Kitten slaves in Illuminati symbolism).

Beyoncé’s Grammy performance is therefore in line with the main theme of her visual album – Beta Kitten programming. Televised at the very beginning of the awards, her performance is yet another instance an award show exposing millions of young minds to over-sexualization.

Katy Perry the Witch

The most blatant part of the awards was undoubtedly Katy Perry’s performance, which was so blatant it even caused many “non-aware” viewers to be disturbed by its satanic undertones. The performance began with a sinister voice saying:

“She casts spells from crystal balls. Invoking spirits. She put me in a trance.”

Inside a crystal ball, Perry sings while four horned demon-like figures rise above her.

Some of the sinister figures have Baphomet-like horns.

Some of the sinister figures have Baphomet-like horns.

Katy then gets out of the crystal ball moves around with her backup dancers, remotely controlling them as if they were under her spell.

Seeing the performance, we quickly understand that the song is not about love but being under occult possession.

Seeing the performance, we quickly understand that the song is not about love but about being under occult possession.

The chorus of the song basically reflects what happens to those accepting dark pacts … not unlike most of the successful people in the entertainment industry who were in the audience.

So you wanna play with magic
Boy you should know what you’re fallin’ for
Baby do you dare to do this
‘Cause I’m comin’ at you like a dark horse

Then Katy apparently summons a dark horse – is it a reference to the dark horse of the Apocalypse?

The dark horse's bluish color, musculature and glowing red eyes are striking similar to another horse seen on this site: The "devil horse" of the Denver International Airport.

The dark horse’s musculature, bluish color, and glowing red eyes are strikingly similar to another horse seen on this site: The “devil horse” of the Denver International Airport.

This scary horse stands in front of the Denver International Airport - a place full of  NWO symbolism (read the article about it here). Is the horse in Katy's performance a reference to the "demon horse" (that's what people in Denver call it) of the DIA?

This scary horse stands in front of the Denver International Airport – a place full of NWO symbolism (read the article about it here). Is the horse in Katy’s performance a reference to the “demon horse” (that’s what people in Denver call it) of the DIA?

Katy then dances around a witch’s broom-turned-stripper pole for a while. To complete the ritual, her backup dancers light up a circle of fire around her.

Fire around Katy while the horned demons watch over her.

Fire around Katy while the horned figures watch over her.

The glowing red cross on Perry's dress is very similar to the red cross of the Knights Templar.

The glowing red cross on Perry’s dress is very similar to the red cross of the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar were a medieval occult secret society that is considered to be the originator of Freemasonry, the Bavarian Illuminati and the keepers of the secrets of sex-magick as practiced by Crowley’s O.T.O.. The Knights Templar were prosecuted due to their alleged worshiping of Baphomet and for practicing of witchcraft. Perry wearing their cross is therefore very fitting. It also represents the occult elite’s philosophy as a whole.

The cover art of Dark Horse features an All-Seeing Eye at the top, signaling that this is sponsored by the occult elite. Also, the bird and the cage hint to the occult mind control elements of the song.

The cover art of Dark Horse features an All-Seeing Eye at the top, signaling that this is sponsored by the occult elite. Also, the bird and the cage hint to the occult mind control elements of the song.

In short, Katy Perry’s performance is the reason why I call most awards ceremonies “mega-rituals”.

Promoting “Maleficent”

Continuing in the exact same vein as Perry’s black magick-themed performance, the Grammy’s were also used to promote the latest Disney movie “Maleficent”.

The movie will feature Angelina Jolie as a horned evil witch.

The movie will feature Angelina Jolie as the horned evil witch from Sleeping Beauty.

The trailer shown at the ceremony featured the song “Once Upon a Dream” sung by Lana Del Rey – another figurehead for Beta Kitten Programming (see 98% of her music videos). Not unlike most of the Grammy’s, this Disney movie appears to be aimed at young people, but there not-so-hidden dark undertones to it.

In the trailer, we see Maleficient "the Mistress of All Evil" placing a curse on Aurora. This is a good image to represent what mass media does to the youth.

In the trailer, we see Maleficent, dubbed “the Mistress of All Evil”, placing a curse on baby Aurora. This is a good image to represent what mass media does to the youth.

The trailer ends with Maleficent saying:

“There is evil in this world. Hatred. And Revenge … HAHAHAHAHAH!”

Whatever you say, Disney Corporation.

The Church Service

The awards then took an odd turn when Mackelmore performed his pro-gay song “Same Love”. The performance featured 33 couples (a symbolic Illuminati number) being wed by Queen Latifah. Right after, Madonna, the Grand Priestess of the music industry herself, came out to sing to her subjects.

Holding a scepter, symbol of power, Madonna gives Grand Priestress' blessings to the mass weddings.

Holding a scepter, symbol of power, Madonna gives her Grand Priestess’ blessings to the mass weddings.

The performance took place in a mock-church, complete with a gospel choir, under which 33 couples were legally married. That is essentially what the Illuminati industry is trying to do: Become the new religion of the masses … complete with televised mega-rituals.

In Conclusion

As usual, the 2014 Grammy Awards rewarded the artists the industry wanted to reward and pushed the messages the Illuminati wanted to push. While many performances were simple and sober, those given by the most influential artists today were heavy in messages and imagery. From Beyoncé’s Beta-Kitten performance to Katy Perry’s black magick ritual, we once again saw that important events are almost always used to brainwash the youth and to steer it in a specific direction.

Why is it all about indoctrinating the youth? As Katy Perry’s song says: “Cause once you’re mine … There’s no going back.”



      • Omg…I just read Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead and it sent chills down my spine. Before and after the Grammys and Super Bowl I kept wondering who are they going to sacrifice. There's def a pattern here.

      • THat's weird!!!!!! Everyone on this whole message board has been wondering if there was a sacrifice coming

      • It's NOT weird at all if u know The Industry. It's too be expected. Most people know what's expected of them and have come to terms with selling their souls to their sychotic, misanthropic, child pedophiling masters who run Hollywood. EVERYONE IS EXPENDABLE!
        Phillip Seymour Hoffman won't be the last to go, from ANOTHER so-called overdose. AGENTS and MANAGERS are the 'head heating mignions', who search for their masters' next delicious meal, aka souls to suck from the sacrificed. Some of us got out before it it was too late!

    • I knew it was a ritual when I saw the jars being emptied counter clockwise in the circle around Katy. The emptying of jars in a counter clock wise motion was meant to raise an energy. Perhaps demonic. This is also used in hoo doo work.

      This was meant to reach the youth. To gain their attention and get them interested. This performance was one of the most dangerous, and blatantly evil performances I've ever seen on this show.

      If you watched her performance I would say, cleanse the space and pray for protection. Yes, I mean that.

      • Don't Lose Hope on

        I remember seeing those four horned figures and I got scared immediately. I got paranoid so I left the room because my sister was watching it. She doesn't believe in all this so she didn't understand why I was feeling like that. I ended praying though and within minutes I did feel better. I think I'm done watching award shows. I thought I was able to handle them since I've been educating myself on this stuff, but I'd rather not watch at all.

      • It's not only on the award shows, it's on every mainstream television program… It's worst than we ever can imagine. The Fuel Project says that "all mythological systems, and false religion, and god and goddesses can be traced back to just 3 people in Babylon, and behind their mystery religion is Satan himself." If mainstream television does not comply with the Biblical God, it is not of God, but of Satan.

      • waiting on the Lord on

        Yes. You read my mind completely. He know his time is short and is getting more bold and blatant that ever.

    • Did anyone see that during the Metallica performance there were soldier animations walking on the screens then they turned into walking skeletons at the end of the performance? That's quite disturbing….

    • Indeed their pushing the agenda in front of their faces an no one is paying attention not even to the stock markets that are similar to 1929's collapse… I wonder since Im 16 will this NWO actually happen in my life time ?? A lot of videos in Youtube and lot of journalist saying the NWO is coming nothing has happen yet hopefully nothing happens….:…; I still pounder about the NWO illuminati for some reason maybe their already doing their job without anyone noticing perhaps. Maybe when I grow older and look back and nothing has happen hmmm. Still Wall Street collapsing is inevitable the petro-dollar is dying.. Smh Im surprise no one in the mainstream media talked shit about Bitchyonce if this was Miley we know they would've crucify her. Loool Double standard.

    • You know, I am a high school teacher and the very next day I asked my students as to what they thought about Katy Perry's performance. The majority of the girls in the class replied, "It was cool!" and I asked them why. They said that it was evil and scary and that's what made it's no doubt disturbing and I don't know what the majority of this upcoming generation's values will be….

    • The Antichrist is soon to make his entrance into the world, the great tribulation spoken by the prophets comes quickly after his arrival and the arriving of wormwood. I will reveal that he will be declared King of the world by mankind and worshiped as a God, he will have superhuman powers and will seem to mankind as God he will even have a new history of creation and will call the true God/Christ a myth made by mankind as a control structure. He will deceive all but a few and those few will be tortured to death holding unto their faith in Christ standing for peace as the disciples did in history. The world soon comes to a collapse and from that chaos the rule of Antichrist and hell on earth begins.

    • Hadith – Bukhari 9.241, Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar. Allah's Apostle  stood up amongst the people and then praised and glorified Allah as He deserved and then he mentioned Ad-Dajjal, saying, "I warn you of him, and there was no prophet but warned his followers of him; but I will tell you something about him which no prophet has told his followers: Ad-Dajjal is one-eyed whereas Allah is not."

    • conscious eyes on

      its just as the esoteric agenda explains everyone please watch and be more conciouse of the world around you

  1. What about Kendrick Lanar and Imagine Dragons wearing white in the beginning of their performance and then being covered in red at the end?

    • hmmm. makes sense, sadly. both new artists (white, 'innocent') who have had huge albums/hit songs in the past year – does this mean they've paid their dues/made the adequate sacrifice for success? -> red

      if you see them wearing black in their next major award show performance i guess you have your answer…

    • then again keep in mind not every artist is satanic, remember Lauryn Hill won like 5 grammys and then escaped the music industry because of how evil it is, plus professor griff of public enemy stated that the illuminati/devil worship club in the music industry is an elite club, not everyone is in it. you have to make 20 million in order to be approached

      • He didn't read it, Professor Griff has a series of lectures (Haha because he is a Professor) that are available to watch on YouTube where he goes into everything he has learned from the dark depths of the recording industry

      • Warrior Bride on

        one of the most powerful weapons God urges us to use in spiritual warfare is praise and worship. It doesn't surprise me that the enemy uses the same tactic.

    • The day after, Kendrick did a performance on SKEE TV (youtube it) where he finally is truly wearing a hoodie representing a pyramid with the all seeing eye atop it.

      So, it's like he had his masonic ritual at the grammy show being splashed in blood. Then the next day is found sporting more symbology. He never wore stuff like that before. Al of a sudden…now he does?

      Just like JayZ and Kanye. Same situation.

      Many other more as well…too much to list and recollect right now.

    • I was thinking about that performance too. With the lyrics and all, it almost seemed like Kendric was officially initiated or "promoted" to a new level or something. His last verse almost seemed like an acceptance speech. I took notice particularly of the lyrics "Sky's the limit, I gotta finish as the first rapper on Mars, Mark my word, I'mma make my mark, even when they start their Martial Law"…. His words as we were all welcomed to the new age….

    • I'm astounded nobody took in the actual song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. What startled me the most was the chorus itself.

      I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
      Enough to make my systems blow
      Welcome to the new age, to the new age
      Welcome to the new age, to the new age
      Whoa, whoa, I'm radioactive, radioactive
      Whoa, whoa, I'm radioactive, radioactive

      New age = new world order
      Radioactive = Fukashima radiation which is killing off all sorts of different wildlife and polluting the whole west coast

      Mainstream media won't dare touch on this subject. They'd rather distract us with the contents of Justin Beibers wretched body.

      Stay vigilant my friends.

  2. Scary. I don't understand how some people can be so blind to not see that its pure evil and satanic.

    "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" -Isaiah 5:20

      • wow! and bc you just said that i'm gonna turn by back on God and never worship Him again….YA RIGHT!!! it doesn't matter what anyone says, any true believer is going to hold strong to their faith. you will never break us, EVER! Greater is He-(God) that is in me than he that is in the world -(aka the devil)

        FYI: any one who denies the Son also denies the One who sent Him.

        in the end, every knee will bow.

      • Lol there are so many atheist who were strong Christians before.. So to say "y'all" with never break your faith is ridiculous. Isn't God Jesus and the Holy Spirit? So how does one sacrafice himself to himself to save humans from the original sin he created us with? Your religion is based on Fear. Fear that you are born sinful and your gonna go to hell if you don't believe in this invisible man. Everyone is Born atheist.. All of it has to be taught and it's shouldn't be to taught to young people until the age of Reasoning and logic. If that was done then the number of religious would fall.

      • There are many christians that become atheists indeed, and so there are atheist that become passionate christians. We are born sinfree.. As Jesus once said " Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven" . You are too naive to think that this world we live in is all we see. There are many things happening right now we dont understand, that's the purpose of God. By Faith on the unseen we are save. Not by seeing, but by not seeing and believing. God bless .

      • You don't have the slightest clue as to what you're saying. From reading that, it sounds likes you're the one living in fear. At least to me…

      • There's a lot of people who are not even religious who would view you as one of the most amazing kind of morons…. if you only knew how far behind the curve you are you would crack up at yourself, you are that laughable. The only thing you got completely accurate in your whole juvenile delinquent write-up, was your name being Nobody

      • DixieCupSunflower on

        Yet you are here, researching satanism within mainstream media. If I didn't believe any of this then I would not research or be bothered with it. Example, when I was child I believed in the toothfairy, I grew up and found it was just my parents putting money under my pillow. But you know what? I didn't go on forums, or research the toothfairy. Because I know for fact she doesn't exist, thus I feel no need to search, and blog about it unless I was sure she existed.

        If God is such fiction to you, then why are you researching illuminati, satanic rituals used in main stream? It doesn't serve a purpose to you, and you are inherently wasting your time. Tell me something. Do you get a kick out of telling those who believe in God, that God does not exist? What is your goal? I have never understood atheist and their pathetic and sad obsession with Christians. Since the aspect of God and religion is pretty much non-existent to them, why would you go out of your way to tell those who believe, that God does not exist?

        Isn't that backwards? You're trying to preach to an entire army of Christians about the non existence of God. What for? To make us angry? To discourage us from our belief? To help us? When your/others help was not asked for or warranted. No one (besides atheist) wants to hear your back wash and lame opinion about the non-existence of God. That's just called obsession and mental illness. Maybe some hidden resentment towards Christians and not God himself? Maybe you were an outcast? Disgruntled?

        Sorry but your twisted opinion will not change my belief in God, nor will it for the millions of Christians out there. Your blowing hot air, and wasting air at the same time. You can preach the same agnostic/atheist BS until your damned faces turn blue. You will not change shift humanity's belief.

    • I agree with you. I don't see how people are so blind. Especially when it comes to religion and believing in an imaginary Person.

      • ok, free-thinker, perhaps you can explain with your atheist logic why these popstars continually display horns and baphomet and witchcraft. What is this all about in your opinion? what logical explanation apart from the things the bible warns us about is there?

      • Its not about religion its about a relationship with Jesus. I pray you would one day see this. This is not forcing nothing in anyone's throat. For me personally, I wasn't moved to Jesus by fear but through His love and faith :) that's my encounter with Him. Peace out!

      • You shouldn't beat up yourself like that, Ms Moses. You might be a moron but I'm sure you're not pathetic. Try to get out more. Try the Gospel – put down the ravings of twisted old men who think that they know better than God …there was once an angel like that, whose power resides soley in the minds of man..he is very proud and always angry and vengeful but all of his power is an illusion..nothing makes him more angry and impotent than when others realize his grand castle is made of sand…and that there's a perfect storm of light coming through the darkness..

      • Thats not at all what Christianity is about. But to be fair there are thousands of apostates and false churches out there, so its not easy to get the Truth. Belief and faith are not about believing that there's a man in the sky: they are about recognizing the spiritual truth in the teachings of Christ. Until you know what those teachings are about and why they are the truth you are living blind and without faith…

    • You people have control over your lives nobody can make you do ANYTHING that you don't want to do you can not be brain washed I'm sorry….. I can sit and watch a beyonce videos all day you people give the devil so much shine he is not that powerful nor important give god all the praise and attention… The devil is smaller then a ant to me if I scene him on the street I wouldn't even say hello. he is irrelevant.. These celebrities just sing a song it's just a song a 3 min song should not impact you that much.

    • "The woman also with whom man shall lie with seed of copulation, they shall both bathe themselves in water, and be unclean until the even." -Leviticus 15:18

      • You have no idea who Nimrod even was, yet you use his name to fuel your argument. You are totally asleep and lacking in knowledge.

    • Absolute truth on

      I don't follow the grammys or the music industry its been Satanic for a while now. This is the wickedness coming full circle. A lot of people are blind because they choose to be that way. There are too many people today who don't believe in anything other than themselves and many who despise God & Jesus Christ which is fertile ground for the devil to do his work. Satan is real and God is the only one who can stop him. Reject Jesus & God and you have no defense against the devil —-none whatsoever he just moves right in on your mind, corrupting your thoughts then he takes over the heart filling it with coldness, vengeance, cruelty and apathy till one can no longer tell evil from good. One under Satan's power will call good evil and evil good. It ain't rocket science.

  3. I honestly could not watch the entire award show. I even couldn't watch all of Beyonce's performation…it literally made me uncomfortable.

    Thanks for the summary VC.

    • Aahh you too??I didn't watch the grammys but my husband just had to see their performance and the little I saw made me feel weird.I left the room but Katy's performance was scarey to say the least

    • Beyonce Knowles makes me puke. The whole music industry is literally going to hell. I cannot fucking believe that teenagers and young kids envy these sick, greedy, depraved, evil, disgusting industry controlled human beings! I'm 36, and this insanity wasn't going on when I was a teenager or a mere kid. The world is promoting Satanism through music. They are making it acceptable. How insane and scary is that!? Ok, my stomach feels queasy. That's all I can write. Be aware and beware!!!!

  4. In the beginning of Katy's performance, right about the 0:06 0:07, my daughter caught that one eye in the background screen.
    I know, no biggie, but wanted to share with you that even my daughter can discern things. I didn't notice it until she pointed it out to me.

    Oh And Toby Mac – Eye on it? Such a weird album name. My daughter said, "what's up with the ONE eye on his album? Isn't he a Christian?"

    Did I mention my daughter is only 9. :) I'm proud of her!

    • It gives me hope that new generations are coming to the world with their inner light on! And see what most blind-brain washed sheeps don't see…

      • Thank you! She gives me hope too.
        The thing about children is we train them the best we can, allow them to discern on their own and they can make their own decisions. So far, she has made very wise decisions, and that's not to listen to Britt Nicole, Toby Mac, etc all because she saw with her own eyes the symbolism on cd covers/videos.
        I didn't force her not to watch it, but instead she chose not to. As a parent we don't force them to comply, we allow them to make decision on their own as they get older. And it's such a reward when we see them making wise decisions! Praise God! I will always continue to pray for her because she is on the right track!

    • There are a lot of Christian artists with one eye symbolism. It's there, whether intention or not (Flyleaf – New Horizons, tobyMac – Eye on it, Trip Lee – The Good Life, Andy Mineo – Never Land…)

      • I don't believe any "Christian" artist who is reppin' the one eye is actually a Christian. Smoke n mirrors.

      • I agree Tanae. My daughter thinks the same and refuses to listen to any of their songs. Her decision not mine. :) I think she is wise!

      • Me too.
        They all know what the symbolism is about. I've also learned that unless Christian performers (or secular. there are still a few) own their own labels their music goes through the same satanic rituals as the secular because all of the huge record labels (Christian included) have been bought up by the secular. POD also does the Illuminati symbolism…..they are typically confused with Christian music, but obviously not christian.

    • I think we are at a point in time (close to Christ's triumphant return) when we must be especially on guard against any artist that is part of main stream media. The record companies often market a new artist as "christian" to lure many young fans, and slowly but surely the "idol" devolves into a totally different and satanic product. All we have to do is look at Hannah Montana, Brittany Spears, I'm sure its only a matter of time before we see Taylor Swift getting more satanic, although there are already hints in her performance. Its probably better not to expose young children to any pop culture, but I know that is very hard to do in practice. God Bless

      • Totally agree! Beyonce claimed to come from Christian background and so did Katy Perry. Heck, even the president claimed to be Christian but that is far far from the truth!!

      • He only reads it to mock it (Google "Obama mocking the Bible").

        Even Satan reads/quotes the Bible when it suits him. (It's what he did to Jesus in the wilderness.)

      • Yes, and I don't believe for one minute that Katy Perry's folks are what they are portrayed to be. First we know "ordinary people" (phrase coined by GW Bush) don't get that far in the music industry. So how did Katy Perry get there? There has to be more dark to that story. Not everything with a cross on it is Christian, no matter what they claim.

      • I would shield her eyes and mind from this evil stuff.. Just because you 'know' that is evil is not going to protect you from it. The only way to protect yourself is to cut off the evil influence and not let it in your home! watching that witches coven on tv in your home is the same as having it in your home. Don't do this, if you want to protect and save your and your daughters souls

      • Left Path Right Path philosophy differences
        Just because you know of evil won't mean you will recognize it, if you have decided not to pay attention

      • It sounds as though you do need some advice. Katy Perry isn't kid-friendly material. She isn't even adult-friendly. That's just the truth, whether you like hearing it or not.

      • Well obviously you need some sort of counseling or "training" yourself Janice. No parent with integrity would allow their children to view Katy Perry doing anything, sound off or not.

      • This is kind of an old post, but it is up to each parent on how they raise their children. I've taken an approach instead of locking them in a closet because the world is evil, that to teach them What is good and bad, to raise them q with a moral compass, which if this little girl is able to point these things out, sounds like she already is headed in the right direction. Not many even adult Christians can point these things out. And knowledge is power right? Not saying that it can't be used for bad, but knowing what is out there and being able to out it into its right perspective is far better than "if I don't see it it doesn't exist".

      • Why are you making assumptions? When and where did I ever say that we watched the Grammys? Maybe you should try rephrasing your question.
        "Did you want the Grammys with your daughter?" NO, we did not watch the Grammys. We watched Katy's video with the audio off.

      • I would have to agree that no part of her performance with or without sound is something I would allow my child to watch. I am not sure why anyone would want their kids seeing that. That is exactly what's wrong with our youth, they have seen more at age 5 and 6 than anyone should ever see. What goes into our minds stays there. We need to be careful what kind of trash our children see.

      • Well, they eventually find what they like and watch it anyway but personally, I would not like to be the one handing that right to them. Surely this is not a new thing? Personally, I watched everything from the beginning of my life and my parents (who are awesome) used to put on the info pages to block the visuals when they became totally inappropriate. If we sniggered at the noises, we would be told off for noticing it with no attempt to exclude us or change the channel. I have only had one relationship within marriage.
        Likewise with drugs. I was 8 years old when some older kids gave me a wrap of coke. I never knew what it was, played with it for an hour (seeing if it dissolves, looked at it under my kid microscope) before pouring it in my dad's tea – I have never used drugs. Cigarettes, I was five, similar story, never been curious about smoking. Is all this overprotectiveness really productive and/or justified?

      • It is absolutely productive to protect your children from filth. Your coke story is a rather weak argument because a 3 or 4 year old could do the same thing. I also would not expose my 3 or 4 year old to sexual acts just so they would know better than to engage in them. The protection in these cases would be keeping these young children away from sickos, not exposing them to their antics. I wonder why your parents let you around those older kids who gave you coke, not why they didn't teach you about coke.

      • Parents don't undertake to give permission to children for everything unless they are controlling – the coke wrap came about because we were playing scrabble at the races while the adults went about their own business. I won and they never had a prize and they had promised me one as stupid as it sounds. FWIW I think it is a beautiful substance visually and I will never forget what it looked like to me; like fairy dust.

        As for seeing sex, I shared a room with them throughout my childhood so I saw everything I'm afraid. Probably what put me off!

      • If they did that in front of you, I certainly would not say you were overprotected. What is wrong with them?

      • They truly loved, respected and supported each other against many odds (still do) and this was one of many ways in which they were expressing that in the presence of their youngest child. It was incidental to sharing a room. Many children cosleep in the third world and see these things every day – it is a first world objection . I feel incredibly blessed to have them both and the happiness and stability they still offer us. My own attempts at recreating that fell flat for all sorts of reasons. When I wake up most mornings, the house I always long to be in is definitely their home. The family lives of my children and their friends compares as dull, conventional middle class – as mothers, we talk about the dull routines of family vacations, Ikea on a Sunday and the rest. Even after ringing the changes, there is no palpable sense of life-affirmation in the first world. I hope to take them along to support charitable work abroad in order to show them something more but I will never be able to give them as much as my parents did.

      • Anyway, I neither wish to digress nor hog all the attention away from the original poster and we obviously bring a diverse range of life experiences to the table (and I am off to NYC for the weekend!) but thank you for your input Suze. I am sure you speak for many.

      • "Parents don't undertake to give permission to children for everything unless they are controlling"


        And do you really believe that your case tells us anything? You think that the way you turned out is representative of what happens in general when parents are jaw-droppingly lax? That the laissez-faire attitude of your parents will have similar results with any child? My own experience tells me exactly the opposite. (And God in the Bible says pretty much the same thing.)

        Your parents have sex right in front of you and allow you to hang around with kids who give you cocaine — at age eight. This is not 'smart' parenting. It's simply neglect. Even in a crowded house, it's possible to spare young children being exposed to sex during their minority. And parents who give a damn will do so.

        Better to be 'controlling' rather than selfish, shameless and neglectful of one's children.

      • And, by the way, I honestly don't know of any 8 year old who would take it upon themselves to put something in someone's drink, whether it be cocaine or sugar. My 4 year old knows better than that. Your parents should have grounded you for doing that no matter what you were putting in the drink. Sugar could make a diabetic really sick, it has nothing to do with over protection, just common sense.

      • By which I mean, why do most well-intentioned christians round up finding an alternative use for their purity ring in due course? My faith has a much lower casualty rate in that department. Genuinely curious.

      • Don't you just deserve the award for best parent ever? Suck it.
        I'm sure you've NEVER made one parenting mistake. You're too darned good for that. Your kids must be perfect by now, aren't they…? Going off wondering about people's parents and parenting.

        And I'm pretty sure you know every kid your children has ever interacted with, coke peddling or not. Heck, you probably have X-ray vision and spyware on your kids.

        Did I forget to mention you also sit through classes with them just so you know their every move.

        You've left me speechless… Every mother should aspire to be like you, in this life and the next!!! Bravo.

      • I hqd a friend with no tv in her house. She was promiscuous at a very young age. I watched Madonna at a very young age ( though my parents did shoo me away when it got too sexual) but my parents explained things at a young age and sex for me was something you wait for untill mariage. So showing or not showing won,t change much if you don,t educate your child. If a Janice is teaching her child right from wrong better that than not educating them and have her child see it at her freinds house and think that's how she should act.

      • Sparkly_Eyed777 on

        Lmao at the vultures criticising Janice's parenting skills and handing out "advice"!

        Get off your goddamn high horses and stop acting so high and mighty. I'm sure Janice is trying to be the best parent she can be. It can't be an easy task in today's world I imagine.

        It's an old cliche but no one is perfect and we all have lessons to learn. Don't be so quick to attack and condemn someone for what you percieve to be their faults. Geez people…

      • Maybe you're the vulture you speak of 'sparky_eyed777'. She chose to put her business out there, nobody made her do that. Now you wanna play 'Captain save a parent', be gone. Many people have shortcomings but they don't chose to broadcast them. You broadcast something it may get critiqued, or debated. Even better you just may learn something very valuable in the process.

      • It was aired from 8pm, if I remember correctly…? Unless Disney or some other pathetic illuminati peddling TV station for kids has something better to offer, a 9year old would naturally gravitate towards the "most interesting" show on TV. I'm pretty sure it wasn't bedtime yet and unless there were other TVs in the house for her personal pleasure, she would probably have had to watch what everyone else was watching.

        It's a no-brainer. Not to say she should have been allowed to sit through it though… Just saying.

    • You daughter is in league with Satan and making a mockery of you! At 9 she already knows she must humour your paranoid delusions to gain favour with you.

    • Oh, god. Your kid is going to be such a paranoid weirdo. Way to go, mom. Let the kid enjoy her childhood and stop pointing everything out as "evil".

    • Hi Janice,

      I for one do support showing but explaining things to your child and teaching them what is right and wrong instead of just banning them things without explanation.

      And for Apasara, I understand where you are coming from. The quality of fulfillment in life is just different from the mundane things people seems to be programmed to do in the modern days.

      Many parents make the mistake of just shoo-ing their children away from adult scene and stuff without explaining the reasons for them. What happen is that children will find out ways to explore or experiment things behind their parents back.

      Many children (as young as four and five years old ) get into innocent trouble because of that. There is a forum somewhere online that focused on children who were performing adult acts without knowing what the hell is going on, but just because they felt good. The aftermath is bad… real bad.

      Children now a days for whatever reason there is, grows fast. They need the guidance for such things. Of coz, the rate of how things goes should be monitored by individual parents.

      In Japan, their youngs are taught of such things very early in life. Both boys and girls take bath with their parents, and when the youngs ask why is mama's breast bigger than papa's. or why papa have a pee stick but not mama. etc.. They get a real answer with further proper explanation of birds and bees. Most of them still turn out to be respectable adults when they grow up.

      I always agree with equipping young ones with guidance and nurturing their own ability to tell what is right and wrong. Because no matter how good a parent is, children always get time where they are unseen by parents.

      • What a load of rubbish. If I am swimming in the ocean with my kids, and I see a shark coming, I am not going to say, "Now, Johnny, you remember what I taught you. You know what to do. Go get 'em!" Nope, I am grabbing my kid and getting back to shore as fast as possible. You see, teaching your kids right from wrong is not the same as exposing them to it. A child's mind is so tender and receptive. They will never forget disturbing things they see. It is wrong to knowingly let trash enter their minds.

      • You don't sound like a very fun parent to be around Suze. I can pretty much preempt your response to that based on what I posted previously. You can afford to chill out just a little, surely? What is trash about two people who love each other and are committed to one another and joined in union by the laws of God? By categorizing it all as trash you put it in the same category as some pretty disgusting, sordid, illicit stuff. Sooner or later, your children will want to know about it and you probably wont be there at that moment and the way they find out will probably be a lot riskier and demoralising than if their parents had walked them through it and straightened out the potential confusion before it arose.

      • You obviously like to think you have it all sussed out but even foolproof strategies very easily and frequently fail and you would not want to ride for a fall. In my country we call it PFB – Precious First Born syndrome but sooner or later, one should get over themselves. You might enjoy it.

      • I was referring to the likes of Katy Perry and others like her. But if the shoe fits. And yes, we already know you prefer to "walk them through" it. Yet you are the one who admitted to being put off by your parents sexual acts right in front of you. Just stop before you make even less sense.
        But don't feel bad, I would have been put off by that too.

      • No, I was actually joking but if you like to think otherwise that's fine by me. Why the unrelenting sanctimony?

      • Furthermore, are we to assume that being subject to such exemplary parenting (and naturally, now delivering it to your PFB) you are an out-performer in most areas of your life … thought not. Get a life.

      • I appreciate your suggesting that I am an great parent. I hardly think that practicing Parenting 101 makes me exemplary.
        As for not being a fun parent, I guess letting my children watch worthless trash on TV is your idea of fun. The truth is that we all now know a lot more about your childhood than the childhood of my kids, and yours doesn't sound very fun at all.
        My kids probably had a lot more fun sledding, playing a computer game, and helping me make cookies than they ever would have watching their parents have sex or watch the Grammy's. Then again, some people's idea of a good time can be quite different from others. Oh well.

      • Once again, I think sarcasm can easily get lost in translation Suze. (Fear not, I'll mentally put your ideas aside for my alter ego Homemaker Apsara to get stuck into. This will never happen).

      • You are the lost one. Your comments are all over the place. Thought you didn't want to hog all the attention, yet here you still are talking nonsense out of both sides of your mouth. You seems to need to "get a life," as you have talked about how mundane yours is. I will remind you they we all know much more about your life and lack of satisfaction with it than anyone knows about mine.
        ….And I think we are all still trying to figure out how you think you were so overprotected.

      • Answered above. Never mind the bollocks. Who is this 'we' you keep on mentioning – I haven't detected any friends, what do you weigh? Look, I don't want to make you feel inferior Suze so lets agree that we are very different people indeed and leave it there. You are not cool enough to hang out with me online, let alone real life.

      • I'd be happy to exchange photos to kill your curiosity. Is there a way to post them on here? Let me know. In fact, let's exchange! Let's see who looks "cooler." lol

      • Thank you for your kind offer Suze. Three things:
        I am not the one who is curious, Infact, I said I would be kind enough to agree to disagree.
        Second, I do believe that we may as well come from entirely different planets if that were possible. I am an introvert. Why would I post my photos on here? That is not why I come on this website.
        Third, my other half has a public profile. I doubt you would ever have heard of him but it is paramount that I protect his reputation and career.

      • Awe, too bad, thought you were curious about my weight. You can relax, you are safe. I knew you weren't up to the challenge, although the offer remains. Oh, and don't forget to get your last word in on my comment above, the one in which you rambled on and on about cookies and random things. It's funny watching you scramble to excuse your previous disclosures. I promise, you will get the last word, because I am done here. Thanks for the entertainment.

      • Suze, I certainly haven't excused anything I have written previously. I don't really want to allocate time to dealing with you even though you appear to be obviously craving my attention and some kind of interpersonal rivalry. You have been repeatedly assuming with a bewildering kind of desperation that I actually want to know anything about you.

        I have no idea why you would even begin to attempt to analyze my life based on the little I have gladly contributed given your increasingly obvious lack of ability to do so. I reiterate that I am terribly proud of my family and everything they have done has prepared me for a specific role in life and makes perfect sense to me. I don't expect you to understand that. My children are happy with who I am, my amazing other half is happy with me and I am as sure as I can be that my God is happy with me too. Do I actually care for your objections?

        You seem to misinterpret everything on a blow-by-blow basis and you seem determined to have a huge online bunfight which is not something I am willing to participate in at all.

        Serious question: do you have a cognitive disability/Personality Disorder or have you ever been tested for one (it is available on insurance, you know)? What is wrong with you?
        To put you out of your misery, I post links on VC FB page – I am blonde, you may have seen me many times but I am a nameless face to most.

    • I might have said that my children's childhood is mundane compared to say, that of Angelina Jolie's children, certainly not compared to yours. Infact, the little insight you have provided confirms the contrary. I am hugely satisfied in many aspects of my life, more so than is within the scope of your little imagination in your small town life. You seem to insinuate that I have somehow let slip stuff that I never wanted to share because it ranks right up there with the trash you have viewed on Oprah. You know nothing about me whatsoever so don't flatter yourself – you amount to little more than a redneck armchair psychologist with a poison tongue. I don't actually want to know about your dull life so please don't spill. It would be a cure for insomnia and I wont lower myself to communicate with you any further though undoubtedly you will sneak in there with the last word in your characteristic control freak manner.
      You think that sitting playing computer games makes for a wholesome childhood? Yeah right. Mine have never done that. And making cookies – that's complicated stuff (not) and I bet even then you use a Costco packet mix full of GM. You will never be a fraction of the parent my mother is nor produce remarkable children so quit while you are ahead – it's embarrassing. I feel sorry for your kids.

      • LOL, somebody is riled up! Are you serious? You have never made cookies with your kids? Who said anything about it being complicated? Having sex in front of them isn't complicated either, animals do it every day. But the cookies are way more fun for kids.
        It is sad to compare your life to that of a celebrity's. You might find some fulfillment in not wanting to be like that. Try making cookies with your kids, you might actually like it. I have heard that even celebrities do it!

    • When the viewers notice and know how the symbols are being used, the symbols lose any power the occult had over them, because the vigilant viewer can see the agenda being pushed and then censors the information or limits the influence of those symbols. But if the viewer knows what the symbols mean, and still chooses to listen to and endorse those music artists–they are choosing ignorance, they are choosing to remain under the spells cast with those symbols. The sad thing is, they WANT people to see their symbols and know their occult underpinnings, and want the masses to want to be like them in every way, including spiritual and socio-political aspects. They want to ostracize people who do not think like them, and ridicule them–bringing in all kinds of stereotypes and labels while they do so, while pushing the illusion that they are "for the people" (as with labeling religious people against gay marriage as "bigots", while pushing the marriage of 33 couples at the Grammys, as an example.) May the people who see the rottenness of Hollywood and its symbols stay vigilant, and rebuke their music–stop endorsing these wicked people trying to normalize mind control programming and the occult! Choose your own music, make your own music station on things like Rdio or Pandora, with only the artists or music YOU like! Mount it to your car, and protest those FM radio stations! Good music is like organic food…you might not always like it, but you know it's good for you. Put in good music, not bad music! And congrats on your daughter being awake! :)

    • Wow!!! Bravo! Well it's a big deal for ur daughter to recocnize from this age the illuminati symbols!Very good job))
      Well ur daughter reminds me a little bit of me when my sister found out about VC…I was eleven and completely crazy about finding illuminati symbolisms in different videos…And still,in the age of 16 I am crazy of each article that VC writes and find what is happening in each video that MTV or other music channel propels… :)

      P.S:[Sorry for my english…I am from Greece and I don't speak so well)))]

    • Absolute truth on

      No biggie that eye? Its a biggie alright—at least to devil worshipers. To them it represents the all seeing eye of Satan. Though we Christians know Satan is not omnipresent.

    • Amazing….. Thank you for not keeping your baby in the dark about the demonic entertainment Industry!!!!!!!!! She is very smart and YOU make sure she stay in tuned to the BS that is right in our faces.You are an amazing mom !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Citizen Pariah on

      The amount of overt and in your face is genuinely increasing. Nothing is being hidden in the dark side's message. While these performers declare themselves to be christian, they must do so for their publicly perceived persona.

      Not all of those who follow the "Illumined" path are evil. At it's core they wanted to influence the use of Logic over mythology. It's clearly been coopted and the negative aspect controls the message. I'm trying to make people aware of the origins and beliefs of these early organizers at citizenpariah dot com.


    • Why was your daughter watching it ar 9? Doesn’t that seem too young. I’m now looking at it because I can’t believe it and wonder what is my part to stop and recognize it, andd teach others about what is wrong and howto right it.

  5. Bo0giedown Brown on

    It's the Chinese year of the (Woodem) Horse from 31st Jan…

    It's clear what kind of forces they're summoning.

    • Um, that's not the horse of the Chinese new year. That is the horse of death that the Egyptian god Thoth rides through the underworld.

      • Read Your Bible on

        But it's still a horse .And this year Chinese astrologists are predicting more havoc in the world due to it being a wooden horse year.

      • unless you take the meaning of sheep as the ignorant masses. then not so comforting. year of the lamb sounds better!

      • The meaning of the sheep should be taken in the context of Chinese culture, which is entirely different from what we may make of it in the West.

      • The Wood Horse is not demonic. Wood is one of the five elements of Chinese philosophy, and the Horse is one of the 12 sacred animals who came to hear Buddha's teachings in the beginning. The Snake and the Dragon are also among these animals. Although these animals have negative connotations in Western culture, they have other, positive meanings to the Chinese people. When we view the symbols and practices of other cultures as demonic, rather than understanding another culture in its own context, we only show our own ignorance and ill-will.

      • I agree with you Joni DaNerd. There is a fine line to tread with at least some of this symbology stuff.

    • The Chinese cycle of animals and elements has nothing to do with Western concepts of demons. When we attach Western meanings to the symbols of other cultures and peoples, this only shows our ignorance and ill-will toward other peoples.

  6. Katy's performance was a mega ritual indeed! VERY disturbing. I found myself praying for protection while watching. And it's no coincidence Juicy J of 3-6 (666) mafia is featured on that demonic song. 'Eat your heartlike Jeffrey Dahmer' he said. Really? Glorifying an insane serial killer? Oh ok. (.__.)

  7. I tried to watch it, but when Beyoncé made the "cross sign" and after touched her genitals, i went off.. I never commented before so i want to say: thank you! i learned so much from this site!

    • I also have learned so much from this site! Just always confirms what I see and feel. I have been waiting for VC to do a article on the grammys lol

    • Beyonce known as Queen Bee…… clear reference to Bride of Beelzebub…… Jay Z is just in a decorative power couple relationship with this Princess of Illuminati…. It isn't impossible though that Jay Z has relationships with JeHovah who he names himself after

      • No, not Beelzebub, Bey ain't that smart, seriously… Think about the scientific definition of the insect, Queen Bee and what it's role is… now in the "hive" the other bees are basically slaves to the Queen Bee, cater to all her needs and will give their life to protect her.

        At her concerts she used to have this bee-hive nature skit that would play and then she came out in the Metropolis outfit (like Kylie Minogue's costume).

        I explained that theory to a self-professed "bey-hive" stan who referred to her as a Queen and Beysus; I haven't heard them refer to themselves as a "bey-hive" since, LOL. She completely mocks her fans.

        She mainly stole the idea from Lil Kim… Beyonce does NOTHING original.

      • I am curious though, who do you consider JeHovah to be… I evil or good…'m still on the fence…

        I was actually raised Jehovah's Witness…sad childhood to say the least.

    • But Christianity and magick work extremely well together so expect more performers to combine the two as routine and ever more blatantly at that. Why do you think that the heavy metal bands openly paraded their crucifixes even before websites like VCs made you aware that something was amiss? The reason they are used in tandem is because there are elements of untruth planted within the deep core of christian belief relating to crucifixion and resurrection which are actually occult obfuscation and misapprehension. You promote that ideologically, symbolically, philosophically and you will lay yourselves wide open to the craft. Any occultist worth his salt has an encyclopedic knowledge of the New Testament. I have scaled the highs and lows of many religions and I am grateful to God to have finally been guided aright.
      As a minimum, preserve your sanctity and look after the oppressed and weak and you will get there via a different means.

      • You are wrong and should never give anyone, especially a Christian, that type of advice. Those who are accepted into heaven are those who know and profess Jesus Christ. I don't know what "god" you claim to know, but there's only one.

      • Why so intolerant? There may be only one god bu the has many names in different cultures. How do you know your Jesus is the one and only truth? By the way it is absolutely clear that christians used old , so called "pagan" rituals and transformed them so that they fit in their religión (Christmas, Easter etc..)

        If you dont believe, just look it up. Christmas has ist roots in Roman culture. Easter is a fertility ritual of spring (therefore the eggs..) and there is much moré.

      • Actually Amber024, you need to do a lot of studying and research…blind leading the blind, due to the conditioning of your mind. Jesus means Justice. And it was man that made 'god', not the other way around.

      • @Noble1 Eh almost!!!. Jesus' real name is Yeshivah. Je-sus literally mean "of Zeus" or the "the son of Zeus". The name Jesus was the name accepted as they were trying to find a way to get the Greeks at the time to accept the god of the new religion. Basically what was done is they gave a new god a familiar name, merging the religion of the near east (Mithras), with a Hebrew martyr, and a Greek name (and holidays) and thereby creating peace between lands under Roman control and their enemies.

      • You are wrong. Hebrew name for the Lord is Yeshua. It means "Yahweh [the Lord] is Salvation."

    • It s sad to see someone like Beyoncé who is so talented have to resort to the same old sexuality exploratory route. It is sad to see how so much of these celebrities give in to the controlling of their public image. It s so stupid you hear the same old thing from soooo many female celebs…now they can come out because they feel comfortable with flaunting their sexuality. Ug. Get real jobs and live in the real world and experience real life.

      • I used to like beyonce music until she started getting mixed up with jay z. Now she seems to wrapped up trying to get out messages in her music and imagery in her videos and flashing hand signs like her husband.

      • She doesn't "resort" to this. It's part of an agreement she made in exchange for the power, fame and money.

        I do find it a bit insulting that you don't find professional jobs in the arts to be "real" though. That's really offensive.

  8. Katy Perry's performance is not surprising at all. Ever since the start of the new season of American Horror Story has begun, it seems they are pushing the whole witch-thing very heavily…..I heard somewhere that many female celebrities are in fact witches. I also found it very odd that such prominent actresses are main characters on that show. I have never seen a show that brought together as many famous, strong actresses as this show did this season….odd….

    • blackrocker4ever on

      I went to the Grammy's last night..I'm a musical artist myself..I got a pass from a girl I know and we attended the show together..People might as well get ready for more of his type of shit that you saw from Katy Perry..Beyonce is a bonafide witch and always has been..Katy Perry is trying to become one but she has an extremely weak natural aura as does Taylor Swift..Gaga, Beyonce and Rhianna are naturally stronger so that's why their so much more popular in the media..As far as the show "Coven"..That show is SERIOUS..It's head and above on another level from the cartoony kid based shows that features witchcraft..My calling is to reverse this energy that's dominant in the music industry and to bring back the male "superstar" that was so prominent in the 70's-80's that's actually a musician in a non musicianship industry..Primarily a lead vocalist/lead guitarist which carries MUCH natural energy on it's own..

      • i guess u won't want to say but as a fan of prince, living colour, terence trent d'arby, fishbone & more, i would like to hear your music – my twitter is @leechristian69 so add me and dm me! i will check it out for sure!
        i make music too and would direct fans of this site to my videos 'treadmill (the church of capitalism)' and 'sidestep' – not a plug but i'd be lying if i said i did not think u guys may get it better than some others! thanks for this article, confirmed a lot i spotted. also those lyrics to 'royals' by lorde – pro or anti illuminati agenda?

      • I'm not to sure about lorde, her stage name Lorde, immediately sets off alarm bells, is she trying to call herself lord, god, saviour also her hair is her trademark yeah? See in Catholic Churches there are many paintings of Jesus with wavy hair… Not straight… Lord…lorde…solemn facial expressions and wavy hair almost like she is trying to be a female Christ.. Think about it.

        I do like her songs tho. But I'm suspicious of artists who raise to fame so quickly the way she has

      • Interesting I need to pull the trigger on AHS third season I have them all downloaded…. commenter seems real here BTW…. good luck with this lefthand path

      • What are you talking about? Taylor sells way more records than Beyonce, Katy, Rihanna and def Gaga who wasn't even there this year. Gaga is practically over. How does she have such a strong natural aura?

      • blackrocker4ever on

        It's ONLY a lefthanded path if one chooses it to be..Like Led Zeppelin says in "Stairway To Heaven" there are two paths..People must remember that music was created by GOD..Yes, lucifer was a master musician BUT when he tried to go up against GOD, well we all know the rest..That's why I believe music is the most powerful entity besides God that exists on earth..And yes Sanat, sales are NOT auras and sales certainly can be and in many instances are fabricated..

      • I meant left handed path as a tribute to your using a musical machete to hack your way through the darkside…. also I have numerous other comments throughout the discussion board detailing the Left Hand Path's honorable strives…. long story short it was a compliment

      • blackrocker4ever on

        Thank you..Actually, I didn't take it as an insult..Was really speaking in an overall fashion regarding the Laft Hand path, which I am hip too as well..It's a hard and very much a loner's path which I am certainly built for..The ILL searches out artists with a clear cut vision, natural confindence in THAT vision and a natural aura about them..They KNOW nothing beats something that someone was born with and they try to get that person to flip on to their side..A cat like Bruno Mars for example..He has a natural likeability so therefore he's fairly popular because of that. It's similar to a younger Michael Jackson..BUT Bruno doesn't have that KILLER edge to him, like Michael had or a Prince..Bruno seems like a nice likeable artist but he has no mystery about him..And trust me, mystery is and always has been and always be something mass media is drawn to.If you know how to use it combined with real talent and a natural aura about you then people will be drawn to that. The downside is so will The Ill be drawn to that as well..

      • Good luck, you sound like a bad ass…. kick The Morrigan to the curb when she tries to flip your talent the wrong direction

      • Good luck with your music. I love Zeppelin's music, but as you probably know, Jimmy Page is a high ranking member of the OTO. He owns one of the largest collections of Aleister Crowley memorabilia in the world, and one of their albums was recorded in a house on Loch Ness once owned by Crowley. Zeppelin knows all about the left hand path.

        On another note, I also yearn for the days of the strong male guitarist/vocalist. Much cooler than the crypto-Satanic pop princess.

      • Saint inquisitor on

        Yes but the thing is I'm not sure Page etc where really in OTO etc, having a sing on ones arm saying OTO does not necessarily make one a member, many artists if not all have to sign some sort of agreement to have symbolism on their arm or art work or videos etc, the vibe I get from ziggy stardust or old acts, even ones who had all the esoteric stuff in their videos is not half as dark as the stuff nowadays and is often uplifting and just about the music more than anything, these days its all about sex which would be fine, if a little boring and wrong in that it denies acts the chance based on talent alone, nothing to do with occasional sex being immoral without love…. if it wasn't mixed in with crypto valed references to demons, abusive relationships and under age sex (a rarer theme but its there like I saw one video where it was adults dressed as alice and wonder land or some other fairy tale just today on the tv in a music video, highly sexualized and creepy)

        A lot of this esoteric stuff is clearly actually not masonic the proof of that is that masons believe in ying and yang but I see rather a lot of yang and precious little ying in the videos in the mainstream media, or is it the other way around? (not sure which word means good and bad in that saying). But the number 33 is a masonic most revered number and that comes from egyptian writings where the esoteric religions of the day placed a massive importance on numbers and 3 and 11 where like the most holy numbers to them so the product was like special their is a lot of attention given in a Book by a Mr pike to this subject. So who to fear in this complex game? Well as regards sects I say the rosecurcians and theospians for sure. White path gnostics not so much as they are often trying to achieve the same thing as Christians they just have a different belief system from us but anything that more or less promotes the 10 commandments or at least the key ones such as 1. Though shall not kill, 2. Not steal, 3. Not lust after things or people belonging to others 4. Treat other people as you/they would wish to be be treated.

        Examples of bands that seem to have absolute minimal esoteric artwork in their stuff: Stereophonics, The Killers, Bastile (and their song pompei seems blatantly pro Christian or at least pro healing/spiritualism (I disregard any black hand path as being called spirtuaism when said stuff destroys the spirit and makes one lose intellectual ability to be open minded yet say truth when they see it, instead giving over only to continual pleasures such as drinking and sex, in a way its like chocolate a little is probably good and we need a little of it, but letting it consume you and give way to narcissism and eventually loathing of self and others is a destructive and negative path to go on, a little helps you a lot eventually kills you).

        A band that seems to have undergone a slow negative change is the manic street preachers, originally their stuff was about socialism helping the workers and in some parts touched on their lost members religious buddist faith which criticized rich old men for corrupting innocent young girls for using them for their own pleasure not love or best interests of the girl at heart, very much a criticism on promiscuity for promiscuity sake rather than say a blanket sex is bad message or that every single promiscuous encounter is necessarily a bad act.

        But now their more recent stuff seemed to be just the usual nihilst bs we here a lot on the radio with nothing profound or intelligent to say nor emotional connection to the audience, the same meaningless clichés that the sayer of which never has to back up with a philosophical argument nor empirical evidence such as "all religion is bad". A further band that might actually be against the esoteric network colloquially and inaccurately classed as the illuminati is Blur, heck they even have a song criticizing a guy for having a masons ring!, I think they where on their own independent label… explains a lot.

      • Back in the 90's, witches, vampires, angels, etc suddenly became trendy with shows like Buffy, Charmed, The Craft, Practical Magic, etc. In my youth it was all the rage in my class, to form a coven, go into the woods, drink wine and play with a dagger and pretend you're contacting some spirit. *eye roll*. It was stupid, but it was trendy and a lot of people were into it. Book stores suddenly had kids hanging out in the occult section, drinking coffee and converging over books like Scott Cunningham, Silver ravenwolf, and Z Budapest.

        The thing is, it seemed more innocent…. back then. More light hearted, like a play thing you threw away when you bored and done. The shows were even silly. When the trend went away, many went on with life having nothing to do with it. That's just the truth. I'm sure many took it seriously but everyone I knew didn't. It was a fad.

        The difference I see today between that trend in the 90's and now, is that it is WAY more dark and vicious. More blatant and in your face. It even feels evil and you can sense it. There's nothing silly or light hearted about any of it now. And that is what I'm feeling.

        And don't get me going on AHS Coven. It's horrible. Yes, I know, it's meant to be horror. Just take a look on facebook at all the teen groups that want to be witches now. Yes. smdh.

      • That's what is called "breaking you in slowly"! The book publishers Llwellyn saturated the market with "witchcraft" books in the 90s. The Llwellyn family is of Pendragon lineage and members of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court. Of course they are not going to share all of their secrets with the lower classes of useless eaters. They only share enough to sell books, make money, and dupe the public into accepting the occult and witchcraft. It is a form of de-sensitization. They couldn't lay it on us all at once or we would have revolted. But now that the public is de-sensitized, their darker secrets are no big deal. There is no such thing as a "white witch". Those that claim this are merely being duped into playing one side of the coin of duality. The top occultists know this and do not share with the common public.

      • They have been "breaking us in" for a long time. You can clealry go back to the 1800s to get your fill of dracula/vampires. Fast forward, 60.70s had a lot of campy vampire/werewolf movies and tv shows all the way to the now AMH which is over the top.

      • Not to mention, Harry potter was published around that era, that is why many kids are into witchcraft, it's been gradual….

      • IKR!!! I when I heard she would be on the show I got a little sad. I mean I still have faith in some of these actors or artists, but that 1 just let me down lbvs

      • Everything's just a trend and meaningless right….way to simplify conversation down to a sandbox level

      • These trends are never organic. They are part of an agenda being pushed by multi-billion dollar transnational corporations owned by Illuminati bloodline families. Joss Whedon did much to popularize the occult in the late '90's and early 2000's with Buffy and Angel, and he's been rewarded by helming Disney's Avengers franchise, one of the most lucrative properties in Hollywood. Nothing is "just" a trend. The Media Entertainment Complex is in the business of propaganda and bread and circus. They leave nothing to chance.

    • That is so true, I was just commenting on the same thing to my son about a week ago., I have n ever seen so many main stream A list actresses on ANY Television show! Christians better wake up…

    • It always has been the case. It is not a case of witches a la mode and if Madonna had not signed up for it, the whole event would have been rehashed, not just the one song. She is a bona fide CEO of Hollywood coven and she has an exceptionally strong aura as Blackrocker said. If you sat two meters from her you would be distracted by all the energy bouncing off her from every angle. The only other person who compares is Angelina.

      • A picture recently appeared of Madonna and her white son after she used a racist term to describe him.

        Dressed all in black, she had one eye covered with hair and her hand hidden inside her jacket.

        Was AHS the Coven showing us that their is in fact a very real racist divide, within and between the various demonic groups (witches, voodoo queens).

      • blackrocker4ever on

        Yes, it has ALWAYS been the case..This is NOTHING new..not by a long shot..The Beatles pretty much laid the blueprint down with MANY things in their songs, pictures, album covers, etc..ALL of what you see today visually with the three sixes, the Paul Is Dead mock blood sacrifice, etc The Beatles had ALREADY done. The Crowley fixitation, etc..The Beatles brought ALL of this to the media back in the 60's..Bowie in the 70's and Prince and Madonna, especially Prince, took it to another level with the one eye Horus back in the eraly 80's..People thought Prince was just being "weird" or "different"..Prince, more than anyone as far back as 1981 and onward, did the one eye thing in TONS of pics more than anyone..In his lyrics, he replaced the letter "I" to the word "eye"..Musically in the 80's (his peak) P's music is LOADED with subliminal and backmasks which are full of satanic overtones.. He was AHEAD of everyone in the 80's and singlehandedly ushered in what we see NOW from pop artists..

      • Yes, I lived with a Prince superfan for many years and I still find it hard to even talk about him. He was avante-garde and the best at his craft by a long way.

      • Do you think Paul really is dead though? I've been thinking about it so much and it just makes so much sense. There's a rumor that he was the one who didn't want to promote the LSD agenda. And drugs in general. But the "new Paul" did.
        Also, what do you think about the QOTSA? Their music is really dark and apparently Homme drinks from a scull on stage or something, and the way he manages the Arctic Monkeys is a bit bizarre, I mean they got really dark in the last years and got famous in America but I'm a big fan and I want to believe they're not on the dark side. Also, I've met Homme and he seemed genuenely nice, so which side are they on? With rockers it's not as easy sometimes!

      • Paul is dead. The plasticmacca blog is agood place to start to research. Things that do not change with age, changed on "Paul" after 1966. Facial bone structure, whether the earlobe is attached or not, he was even filmed playing his guitar with the wrong hand.

        vocal comparisons have been done showing it's not the same guy. The Beatles only had one live performance after 1966 (when he is believed to have died). Ringo refers to himself these days as the last living Beatle. I don't know if he's Billy Shears, or if he's been replaced multiple times, but that guy is not Paul.

      • I have read plastic macca blog but it's only half-convinced me. I've also watched some vids on the youtube but it looks like some of the "evidence" has been photoshopped. If it's true though I have no doubt that the real Paul pictures have been photoshopped to maximum for him to look like the lookalike. Anyway, it just seems too sad to be true. I've heard a lot of musicians are replaced at their prime, hence their inability to bang out good material after the first 2 albums or so.
        About the Beatles, I'm sure there is sooo much we don't know. Like, they have been made into this super group status that no one aquires that just like that. And their music is so amazing and so different that it's quite possible it was written by a team of the best musicians of that time. After all, none of them has done anything special after the Beatles, and they started with pretty much all covers. And then, after 2-3 albums, they're suddenly super talented songwriters. It's real sad about Paul though.

      • blackrocker4ever on

        @Brian..I have been fascinated with the Paul hoax since I was 8 years old..I adore The Beatles, always have..I have a few different books regarding this subject..You should get "The Walrus Was Paul"..It's an excellent book on this VERY subject..My thought on this is that the real Paul is very much alive..There was NO death of the original Paul. Although Paul was indeed in a car accident, he did not get hurt. Lennon was the one who came up with Paul being decapitated in the accident, etc..All of this was cooked up by Lennon and Lennon alone..There are TONS of death clues the most popular of course being the cover of Sgt Pepper..But there are tons more before that album and many more after…The whole Paul Is Dead thing came out of Lennon being sick to death of being a Beatle and that was his way of dealing with it..Because Lennon and Paul were both well read, they were able to come up with planting clues of Paul being dead in tons of pics and clues in actual songs..

      • I don't think Homme is on the dark side, but who knows. Mainly because he and his family seem to play it pretty quiet in Hollywood terms and they seem to just be getting on with what they do. Also his wife seems pretty low key, that and I know from what she posts on twitter she's not above conspiracy theories herself…

    • vigilant reader on

      @Jmarin, regarding your comment that many female celebrities are in fact witches, could it have been from John Todd? John Todd, who claims to be from the Collins family (one of the 13 illuminati bloodlines) said that many in hollywood were(are) witches. He named famous name including major cast members of hit shows and movies, including Star Wars and Laverne and Shirley (the interview was from the 80s). He even said that the show Dark Shadows was based on his immediate family, Barnabus Collins was supposedly his grandfather (or great grandfather – I can't remember for sure). But he basically said that to get anywhere in hollywood you had to become a witch. He said he was trained by his family to be a witch himself but was later saved when he found Jesus Christ. There are many interviews of him on Youtube. I myself am not a religious person and I am not pushing Christianity however he does have some interesting things to say. Some claim he is a liar/con-man and he WAS imprisoned for heinous crimes however many people have been framed and imprisoned just to shut them up. This may be the case with him too. Who knows??

      • His Wikipedia page reads like a team of Orwell's family members wrote it…. blatant loaded paragraphs

    • You are believing in the Roman Church's characterization of women who were healers and midwives and were burned at the stake b/c they refused to worship the male sun god, preferring the Goddess of Life – yessss the dreaded Pagans!! Run for your lives, lol. All this scary shit just reinforces what they (the real demonic force on earth the Roman Church) want to to do – FEAR THEM and continue to be dues paying sheeple until you die and find out they didn't know shit about the afterlife and how could they? They slaughtered anyone who ever believed differently. I agree these events have one purpose only, but don't forget for an instant that the Vatican has been hand in hand with these forces for 2,000 years. Don't go running to your crucified solar god for help – that's nothing more than a death cult. Choose to follow a way that celebrates life, not death.

      • Cultic woship of Molech, Ba'al, Artemis, etc. Predates the Roman Catholic Church by centuries, and much of that worship DID involve human sacrifice. Roman pagans fed Christians to lions before there was a Roman Catholic Church. The claims of anti-Christian propaganda such as Zeitgeis not withstanding, there is ample evidence that Jesus Christ (Yeshua ben Joseph) was a historical person, and even non-Christian sources such as Josephus recorded miracles being performed by Him.

        The Salem Witch Trials and the horrors of the Inquisition are terrible, but they don't change the dark nature of the witchcraft traditions stretching back to the Babylonian mystery schools. Much of the claims of a historical godess-worship tradition being unjustly persecuted by the Church and the dreaded Patriarchy, are an inaccurate retconning of history by occultists and militant feminists. Not everything Dan Brown writes is true.

      • I have recently found out that todays pole dancing in stripper clubs is actually an ancient practice. In the past it had been Ashera poles temple prostitutes danced around. Ashera being some demonic goddess already appearing in the bible in the pagan nations. I believe there is nothing new under the sun,

    • AHS season 3 deserves it's own thread. It was that deep. The 'outted' Stevie Nicks too as witch–we all suspected but actually confirmed it. I would love to see VC pick that one apart!

      • blackrocker4ever on

        @tee..Coven certainly needs it's own thread..Stevie is a bonafide witch and the writers of Coven not only KNOWS this but I believe that Coven was very much created to put this info about Nicks out to the public because frankly, they know it's a good time to do so..Much of Coven is strictly about Stevie Nicks and for her to appear as herself is just not tongue in cheek..It's nothing light hearted about it and the writers of Coven AND Nicks DESIRE the public to KNOW this…I believe Nicks thought many people KNEW this about her already..When people say "Well, she has denied it!"..No shit! mean seriously, what was Nicks going to do? Admit to it?..They are tought in the school of satanism which is to lie about it when question..All the while with a little grin and a wink of the eye..

  9. I don't know why people refuse to see and hear things that are put in front of their eyes and right into their ears so directly and blatantly. I know most of people don't listen to the lyrics these days (and in case of Katy Perry… it's all there. "There's no going back" repeated a few times and many other lines where it's neatly written what's the song about) but here the producers of Grammy Awards come with help – each and every line of this song, and the Illuminati agenda is so perfectly visualized, so everyone can see. But somehow they don't. And this means that some part of the agenda is already achieved: people became used to being exposed to watching such performances and videos, and they start not to notice nothing wrong at all. Of course, this doesn't apply to everyone, as we here, at VC are perfect examples that not all of us can be deceived (or that it's never too late to open up your eyes). Nevertheless, I get a feeling that a huge part of the society is already accustomed to this type of performances, and that with every year it's going to get worse. And what is going to be next?…
    This is why we need initiatives like VC and this is why we need to get to our relatives and friends with this message. Ok, I got kinda apocalyptic-worried here. It's not so bad yet. Yet…
    Love to all of you, Vigilants. Don't give up on knowing the good from the bad.

    • Susana, of course things are going to get worse. Look at the way the world was 40 years ago, then 20 years ago, then now. Now, imagine us in 20 years, and then 40. There is much depravity ahead, and it's happening faster and faster. In the next 20 years, the moral, ethical and spiritual decline of society will be beyond what most of us could only even imagine.

      • but maybe that's also what we're supposed to believe in. i dont really see people enjoying this bluntness, i dont see people feeling comfortable with were things are going. i guess thats what we're made to think.. we're made to lose faith in humanity. people are good. the elite is going to push forward their agenda.. but i'm still convinced that love will win the fight.

      • Um, that's just your belief and opinions. That's all. Makes no sense to people who can venture a little further out of the box.

  10. Nice work.
    However, there should have been a more elaborate review of Maleficent trailer…..Or at least the new trailer that has Baphomet all over the place…..Stay strong people. The end comes. Only the people with faith will survive.

    • Faith in what? God? Why would I do that? When has a 'God' ever prevented genocides, natural disasters, famines, slavery, inequality etc? Why put faith in an illusion that has never once come to the rescue throughout history? Why would things be different now? Where is the evidence that faith will lead to the cure? Faith prevents action as does hope. Only the people coming together can make a difference in the physical world so do not leave the solution to an entity that was created by the same forces you are now worrying about.

      • Agreed though as to taking personal responsibility for ridding this world of the NWO criminal class…. it kind of reminds me of how God has provided the tools for us to defeat evil, and it is up to us to step up to the plate to knock it out…. sorry for the previous comment…. sometimes I pull the triger on a comment prematurely before having meditated on the entire post… apologies Sir

      • Faith in what? Jesus Christ? Of course faith in Our Lord. When has Satan caused death? ALWAYS. Don't try to turn the tables idiot. God gave Adam and Eve(man) a choice, good or evil. Man chose evil. This is the result. You think these rich and famous people worship Satan for no reason? He makes them rich in return for their soul. Just as Christians know God and the devil are real, they know the devil is real

      • CLP, unfortunately you have NO KNOWLEDGE, worth sharing, as you don't seem to possess any. Unfortunately Christians such as many people have been conditioned to believe that so called "god" and "devil" are real personages. You possess no knowledge of what Christianity really is and you have the gall to call someone an "idiot".

        You build your own destruction.

      • Taedei, you are so conditioned, you need to detoxify.
        The "Devil" you speak of is the lower self, the "Devil" as you speak of is not an actual being. As well as the concept of "god", is man made. The question is, what does that make you?? Just a bit ignorant, of truth is all. You sir need to study!

  11. When she sings "eat your heart like Jeffrey Dahmer" to me that invokes the goddess Kali. I was also wondering what hidden meaning they had about Dahmer. They love getting away with their crimes but they also love giving clues so that they can take credit. They're just like serial killers and that's why they give clues! So that made me wonder about Dahmer and I started researching him. His father was a research chemist at a pharmaceutical company and there were allegations of abuse from his controlling father. There were very strange circumstances surrounding his childhood, but I haven't finished the research yet!

    • I noticed the Dahmer name too…you almost have to wonder if they plant these sickos into society just to terrorize us!!

    • Bet you money they consider Dahmer an ascended(descended?) Demon Lord or something crazy….. and maybe they know more than we do

    • You, my friend, have just had you consciousness violated. There is no hidden meaning – keep researching and soon you'll find yourself writing love letters to his kind in prison. The illuminati have enwrapped you in their talons!

      • Oh please, I have already escaped that lifestyle and you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!

    • I seem to remember reading something about Dahmer & MK Ultra – like he was one of those mind control victims? I could be making that up, but – it was that or something similar.

      • There is a youtube video about serial killers and MK ultra programming. I think he said he was hearing voices.

    • I only see it as being inconciderate for the sake of being controversial. As if it's just a funny story. The lyrics might as well have been 'eat your heart like Hannibal Lecter', that would have made more sense because it's the name of the most globally known cannibal, and he's a fictitious character. But they had to use the name of a man that has spreaded destruction to so many lives and families. Can you imagne them singing about the Boston bombers, or Sandy Hook, in this day? Of course not. But Jeffrey Dahmer is apparantly okay. Maybe they'll make fun lyrics about Sandy Hook in a few years, just because they can and they don't care.

      • Sandy Hoax, er, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing were both psyops: staged false flag events carried out through media fakery and well-trained Crisis Actors. Lets not buy the official stories from a media and .gov that lie to us constantly. Much of the evidence suggests that no one actually died in those events. Don't give the perps the power of your belief.

    • It is not a new technique though is it? If you listen toi Dylan's Tombstone Blues and Gates of Eden, there is a fair amount of mystical name-dropping peppered throughout the lyrics.

    • Hi, Christina. You should check out Dave McGowan's Programmed to Kill, or check out the youtube series of the same name. Many famous serial killers had ties to the military industrial complex, and many -including Dahmer- seemed to have been protected by law enforcement.

      Ted Bundy claimed he didn't work alone, and David Berkowitz claimed his murders were actually carried out by a Satanic cult he was a member of. Many had Freemason connections as well. There is also some reason to believe that much of the publicity surrounding famous serial killers was of a psyop-nature, meant to instill fear like the false flag events that have become so common lately.

      • Thanks Brian, I'll check it out. Ted Bundy was also a member of THE Bundy family (one of the top 13 bloodlines).

    • Christina,

      Find the book called "Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder" by Dave McGowan. It will provide you with some answers.

  12. Good work VC. I love this article.
    Yes, we all noticed the Satanic tones and over-the-top 'glamourisation' of Satanism in this BS. The Kitten programming was most interesting. They seem to use this and mind-control now in all music videos.
    In regards to demon possession, Katy Perry is going to come to a bad end by continuing this rubbish. Let us hope that she is 'unenlightened' and comes to her senses before she dies horribly.
    33 weddings – definitely Masonic overtones! Glorification of Satanism and of murderers. What next will the illuminati think of?
    But then again, what did us VCers expect, love, light and happiness. If that's the case, this site would be shut down immediately!

    • IhateAwardShows on

      What is vile too is that Katy Perry's father (oddly looks like the pedophike Gary Glitter, not even kidding)
      is supposed to be a preacher who travels and often uses her name/fame for perks. He is no father if he does so and essentially condones his daughter (yes she is an adult but still his kid!) being used by the Illuminati. Even a father will look the other way to ride the coattail and get perks huh?

      I won't let this crap play in my home. My kids are toddler and kindergarten age. I yelled at my husband for playing katy perry music for my little girl. He had no clue and I explained to him why.. and especially not let her see the video as innocent as some might have seemed. Hell no. I loathe award shows , always have even before VC- maybe on a gut level I just felt how evil this stuff is. I now laugh when I see news clips and reposts of this stuff on social media the next day.. and wait for the VC article and explanation of some of this stuff. I look for it in magazines, commercials, music.

      The group wedding thing was unreal. Madonna dressed like some stupid ass Mr Peanut with his cane looking all profound and reverent. Despicable.

      • To be truthful, I though Madonna looked like a silly old woman dressed up like that.
        Even stupider than that high priestess with horns outfit she wore before.
        It was supposed to be symbolic, yes, but I laughed out loud when I saw her outfit.

      • The preacher Perry allegedly has a daughter older than his famous daughter with another woman, another wife. Apparently he never kept in contact with her. It makes you wonder why.

  13. its sad that a lot of people they think that the illuminati is a myth.whats even sadder is that some people know that this people are evil but still , they watch and listen to this evil saying because am one of them.i come frequently to check articles on vigilant but at the same time am also checking new hits on billboard.and whats worse is that i even keep on listening to songs featured here on vc.please someone pray for me.

    • will do, but please know that you're not evil because you're listening to that music. It's playing everywhere, what can you really do? At least you're aware something is wrong and you know that deep down you don't agree with any of this since you call it evil.

    • in time you will probably naturally grow away from it/become naturally adverse to it…not crave it anymore. it's not usually overnight, it's a process.

    • MediaRotsYourBrain on

      That's because you've been desensitized toward evil and you no longer feel something is wrong. There are songs that seem hypnotic or off and you should feel something in your heart and conscience inside of you that tells you something is off about Beyonce' since a long time ago. She has turned into a vain, self-self absorbed Illuminati puppet. She was once a virtuous woman worthy of being a role model. Now she's nothing more than an industry puppet who dances around and dresses like a stripper. She is a horrible example for any young woman to admire. As for you light, what's wrong with you? Your logic is the same when someone says doing drugs is bad while continuing to do so. God cannot help those that willfully accept evil. By continuing to buy and listen to these puppets of evil you make the problem bigger by buying into their evil. Don't be surprised if your morality drops and find yourself with poor values when you continue to willfully expose yourself to evil.

      I will pray for you but please remember "Garbage in, garbage out" Some day you're going to have to take a side who you will endorse Evil and Satan or Righteousness and Jesus.

      • i think you are losing my the past, i used to be cautious with the f word, b**tch but now, i dont even care whether the music is clean or not and am ashamed to admit that i now enjoy saying those words.i guess am being brainwashed while am wide awake.

      • She has turned into a vain, self-self absorbed Illuminati puppet. She was once a virtuous woman worthy of being a role model. Now she's nothing more than an industry puppet who dances around and dresses like a stripper.

        Nope, she was NEVER a virtuous woman, she has ALWAYS been a puppet. Don't believe the "I'm a good Christian girl" bull carp, there are NO Christians in the industry, only plants.

    • Sadly, I agree. I am in the same boat. I am totally aware of this evil going on, but I still listen to the tunes, enjoy them and even sing along sometimes. I have always loved music and still do. The difference is that I still have knowledge and have a CHOICE. And I still choose God. Bottom line. I also listen so I know what my kids are listening to and exposed to, so I can tell them what is going on. Kids are very perceptive, if you listen to them. My son is 10 and he said to me about the song "Radioactive" mom, it is a catchy tune, but the lyrics are devastating. Smart kid. We can't completely shelter our kids from everything, we have to teach them to choose God even though evil exists…..

    • can you do a little assignment? since you love music, can you spend some time finding wholesome or completely different music you never knew about? Music has been around for thousands of years and no one has heard all of it. I really love bluegrass, for example, and I feel good when I listen to it. the more time you start to spend on good music, the less attached you will feel to the bad stuff.

    • I prayed for you, Light. I know how music can be addiction. Maybe try listening to some older music that isn't satanic.

    • Pray for yourself Light – if you don't know how to, find a book or a person or a website to teach you. However, listening to music is not a disease to be cured. That should not be your objective. You will only end up wanting to listen more. Wean yourself off it slowly. Be realistic.

    • Pop music has for the most part become junk food for your mind. You don't eat junk food all day do you? Exercise your brain and start reading books. As another poster suggested, try different music all together. I wasn't a fan of country years ago but I've learned to enjoy it because of the mostly postive overtones. I also enjoy classical and older rock. Most of the new stuff is rehashed from the old stuff anyway. e.g. Emimnem/'Billy Squier…

    • Satan is a lier and deceiver. If u listen to his music sung by the people who worship him you will be pulled farther and farther into it. The music is designed to pull you in. If you have never heard the gospel and saving grace of Jesus Christ then open your bible and read Romans. Visit a church and talk to a Pastor. Admit to God you are a sinner and have broken God's laws and you cannot save yourself. Cry out to God to forgive you and he will. Then put your full faith and trust in Christ in his death on the cross for taking the full punishment of your sins and that you cannot do anything of yourself for payment of your sins. Jesus did it all. The Holy Spirit will then come and reside in you. Pray that the Holy Spirit will change your desires and then have a willingness to have him change you. Then make the choice to stop listening to that music and chose to listen to gospel music that worships Christ and not Satan. The Holy spirit will change your heart and it's once evil desires. Follow Christ and not Satan. Your eternity depends on it. Join a good biblical teaching church and read and study your bible. Join a good bible study like precept ministries and study the bible. I will pray for you.

      • Amen! Jesus is the only way. He willingly went to the cross to pay for our debt. Jesus will come back and abolish this world system. Now is the time to get on our knees and beg God's forgiveness. Repent and put your trust in Jesus and read His Holy Word. The Bible really is a love letter from our blessed Creator.

    • Hi. I just want to tell you, NEVER give up! Three years ago, I was in exactly your same position. I use to love clubbing, dancing, drinking and listening to these musics. I was a Christian before that- but I had lost my way a long time ago. All the while I was living this sinful life of drinking dancing and sexual perversions I kept getting this feeling of extreme guilt. I wanted to stop but I didn't know how. Going clubbing made me want to do bad things, so I tried to stop going. But then I would listen to these music in my car and that would make me want to go clubbing again. One day my God brother showed me a video on you tube called Wicked Music Industry. I believed straight away and can identify with the satanic undertones in the music industry. I repented. Then I did some more research into the illuminati. I found this site and many others and now I am convinced these things are not good. To cut a long story short- it took me a good year to finally come to the conclusion. I have to cut it off completely and instead of these wicked music I must fill my ears with Godly music. I made that choice 3 years ago. I don't listen to any of these music anymore by choice- and I say by choice because I can't help what is being played in the malls in friends cars etc. It's like quitting smoking- once you are free these things immediately disgust you to the point you can no longer listen to it anymore. But it first must come with the decision and action to let go- also you must start filling your ears with positive medicine good Christian music + prayer + reading the bible. The first few months was hard as I got very bored and irritated with all this religious music. Now I'm praising in my car, I'm singing with joy- God has healed me. And I know if you make that decision you will be healed also! It's a hard yard- but if you want to be free I'm afraid you have to put in 100% effort.

      • Praise God you really are born again..The guilt and shame of sin. .. the advesaries best wespon against christians is when he discourages you. Glad you were able to make it back. If you look up you can get up!

    • LIght: I found it interesting that you admit you listen to this music even knowing the meaning behind what you are listening to. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I to listen to this music even knowing the true meaning and at times feel guilty that I am in some way contributing to this insane evolution. I think its important to note that the devil was known to be a musical master and it is good music! I mean it’s gotta be for it to achieve the illuminati goal.
      I think that its important for us to continue to educate ourselves and all though we listen to this music we will always have this knowledge inside us that at least we can filter what we are listening to and have a better chance to protect ourselves for the harm it is doing to subconsciously.
      Stay Strong & God Bless

  14. I was stunned to hear that Stevie Nicks, Angela Bassett, Barbara Hershey and lots of other actresses are indeed witches. And don't forget the men. Sean Connery, the original James Bond is a warlock and I think Charlie Sheen is as well.

    How do we get the lyrics out of our heads? Beatles, Rolling Stone, Hotel California by the Eagles just to name a few.

    • prayer, that's all you can do and listen to other music that don't have these lyrics. Spiritual songs help a lot I find

      • Some Black Guy on

        If you think acting in TV show, recreating acts of Magic doesn't have any spiritual consequences, then you can believe they aren't then. Angela B. doing Voodoo in the show is only the beginning, she has to have done somethings satanic or sexual to get where she has got. Hollywood always ask for a price. So they are practicing witchcraft on TV but it is real in the spiritual realm.

    • IsoldetheSaner on

      Stevie Nicks has repeatedly denied being a witch. And just because someone plays a witch on TV does NOT mean they are actually a witch.

      • You should read Cathy Burns' "Billy Graham and His Friends."

        Stevie Nicks is mentioned in it–and the fact that at the end of a song, I think it's called Gold Dust Woman, she actually chants a spell.

      • Thank you. I am sick of people making false accusations just because they watch too much TV, and believe EVERYTHING they hear.

      • She was then, has been demoted since in line with strong trends in music generally?? What you have to understand about those pesky demons is that they back the winner that will best promote the dark cause at the time and won't attach onto an aura that is no longer happening. So they can either get vocal and rebellious and end up six foot under or they can bow out gracefully and put in the odd appearance for old time's sake. If you ever get hold of a music industry contract such as an Interscope one (unsigned I mean, not one dripping in blood!), count the number of exit-clauses over a long period of time even in a fixed term contract. It is like no other contract of employment and it is all about seeing whether the artist has ENTERtainment potential; the potential to BE entered and enhanced by spirits and the potential to enter the minds of the masses.

      • blackrocker4ever on

        Stevie Nicks..Interesting scenario I have with her….I first met Ms. Nicks when I was 11 years old at an airport in Phoenix Ariz..I got her autograph..She pinched my cheeck and said how cute I was..I was floating in mid air over this (lol) because I had a major crush on Stevie since I was 8..Anyway, I met Stevie again when I was 19 on March 27 which is my birthday..I was in San Francisco at a concert at the Cow Palace and she was there with her 2 other women. She told me that I looked familiar and then I told her that I had met her 8 years ago. and that today was my birthday. She grabbed my hand and looked straight into my eyes..I believe all she said was "Well Happy Birthday then" but it seemes like she said more than that. I can say firsthand that Stevie has some of the most prettiest and deepest eyes..I have NO doubt Stevie is a witch and has been long before Fleetwood Mac..

      • PLEASE don't tell me 8 year old boys have crushes on rock chicks – my kid has Nina Persson from The Cardigans on loop these days and it did seem to be going that way to me. Most of the six versions of My Favourite Game are not cool from a VC perspective!

      • blackrocker4ever on

        @Apsara..YES, I most certainly did have a major crush on Stevie Nicks as well as Ann Wilson of Heart and Lita Ford and Joan Jett of The Runaways…Nina Persson is cute..I can understand why he may like her..

      • Yes, he's old school and he loves music more than most things and is a brilliant drummer. The last thing I would do is discourage him from seeking a career in the Industry…not sure how I would play that one but it's early days. He's over Nina for now though!

    • I suppose we must learn to assume "If they are on Television being broadcast into your living room, it is only because they got a pass from the Gatekeeper of the Entertainment Biz… otherwise they would still be at the door waiting to get in, or having turned around with their soul intact…

    • Hotel California? According to Don Henley, the song is about naiviety to experience. As for the album cover, people see things that really aren't there..shadows, reflections, etc. Nothing was intention and Don pretty much called out those people who see them as nuts.

      • blackrocker4ever on

        Hi Daneen..Listen..I know that Don said all of that becuase I've been into The Eagles damn near all my life..Have all of their albums, seen them in concert, the whole 9..But I gotta tell ya..Just the title "Hotel California", it's meaning is heavily rooted in satanism..Anton Levey, the founder of the Church Of satan held his "services" in an old disbanded hotel on a street named California in San Francisco..The name of the street is California and he held his services in an old emptied hotel..Hence the name "Hotel California"..That's just the title..Look at the inside gatefold of the album..It's a sprawling picture inside a lobby of a hotel with many people, including the members of The Eagles, staring at the camera..You will see Anton Levey himself along with an image of a woman with her arms outstretched completely draping everyone below…Play the song in reverse, and you will CLEARLY hear Don Henley himself singing "satan has his own relegion..Isn't that nice…" The song "Hotel California" is not only about satanism but it's also about MK programing..

      • Don use to use some services that my brothers ex girlfriend use to run. He was a very good customer and the girls (sometimes hired in three's) were always tipped on top of their 'service' fee……………………

      • blackrocker4ever on

        lol..No, NOT insane..Just well informed..Don't take my word for it..All of this about the song Hotel California is WELL documented..Google it..Hell, I've known about this since I was in Jr. High school…Everybody knew..It was never meant to be a secret..

      • SunshineMama777 on

        You know, I've been wondering lately about a lot of the music we grew up with, from the 70's & 80's. I am constantly surprised at some of the lyrics of songs when I hear them on the "old rock" sirius stations Sure, it was kind of a joke about KISS and Ozzy being labelled "satanic" or whatever, but now I'm starting to wonder….

        So many references to the Enemy, even in mainstream bands like Van Halen & the Police, let alone the bands with the cringe-worthy names (AC/DC, Judas Priest, King's X, the Cult). I just about barfed when I realized "Two Minutes to Midnight" (by Iron Maiden) actually refers to sacrificing an unborn baby. And even my once-beloved Metallica–did they sacrifice Cliff Burton to achieve success? (I wouldn't put it past Lars' calculating ass.)

        I was a huge Stevie/Fmac fan growing up. We all "knew" she was a witch, we didn't really care 'cuz it was the "warm and fuzzy" kind (that we now know to be a fakeout.) And witchery is the only thing that can explain Cher getting away with "singing" for so long. Makes me wonder about Bette, Babs, and even earlier divas like Patsy Cline and Billie Holiday….And you know poor Elvis was in this MK s*** up to his eyeballs. (no pun intended)

        Ugh, I feel so ripped off!

      • blackrocker4ever on

        @SunshineMama..Will you marry me?! Or at the very least spend the night with me! KISS is one of my all time fave bands..KISS (Knights In Satan's Sevice)..I remember the rumor when I was very young after having my bedroom walls covered with KISS posters..I shook it out of my head and chose to NOT believe it..BUT as I got older and became a musical artist myself,..well, I have learned about many things in the entertainment biz..I wish I could say that all of this hocus pocus bullshit is just THAT but it's not..Is EVERYBODY in the music biz satanic? No..Are there many in the biz thar ARE? Yes…This is NOTHING new..The ILL just feels more comfortable and more confident since they are the ones who has dumbed down society with garbage that is called music today..The 70's and even the first half of the 80's were a magical time soThe ILL simply was not confident in speading so much of it around because the mass media would have rejected it. But NOW, it's a different time and a new day..I can go on forever with examples but people believe what they want…

      • Think about the members of kiss's alter egos a demon, a starchild, a cat, and a spaceman /alien … all things connected to the illuminati.

    • When you like a song or movie you agree
      with it by agreeing that you like it you
      Open the door up for the demons
      come in. Example singing along
      , watching a movie and saying that was
      awsome or I like it . When you repent name the
      Song,movie, public ritual(super bowl,Olympics
      grammys) you get the idea.demons
      Are cast into music and movies.
      Repent ! & believe in the Lord Jesus Christ of nazereth

    • I love Stevie Nicks music and always will. Just because someone is a witch doesnt mean they are all bad. Yes some might be into Black Magic but there are also White Witches that believe in love, white light from above, do no harm to others, there Gods mother earth and so on. So even if someone is a Witch they can be either a White Witch thats for the greater good or the other evil witches. And please when you talk about Demons Do Not Say their names or write it on a place like here. Thats a big No No. That gives them more power. Please dont bad mouth me on here for my beliefs about witch craft. I did my research and know friends that are white witches. I do believe in God our father oh mighty.

  15. I don't know if anyone else noticed this but when these four horned demon-like figures rise above her at the beginning they make the one eye triangle thing with there hands and then the ''as above so below'' baphomet thing too… I don't need to see the whole thing after that to know what was all about… :/

    • JustTheDoctor6464 on

      just curious have you ever read "the name of this book is secret"? (its part of a series) its a book meant for young teens but now that i think back on it its about the illuminati and it makes sense. that quote is used "as above so below" i didnt even realize it meant something along the lines of god's above and so shall we be.

  16. Very curious about your thoughts on satanism. Most people fail to realize they don't actually worship the devil or any deity for that matter…

    • Lucifernianism pushes one main lie, propagated by satan; that you can become a god yourself, if you but tame your "divine spark" into an illuminated state. The means by which this is accomplished (such as ideas put forth Aleister Crowley) are staggeringly evil. My opinion? This is the same EXACT lie satan has been tempting egotistical humans with from the get go. In the garden, satan told Eve it was actually ok for her to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and that she would herself become a god, and that God wanted to hide that from her. The same lie is interwoven in satanism, as well as mega-church "christianity" such as Benny Hinn and Peter Popoff's ministry. Don't be deceived, there is nothing divine in human nature, nothing holy or righteous. Think on this though: How many "gods" would give up their throne, leave paradise, and become human to endure mockery and a torturous death, just to give mortals a hope for something better than this life? Only one, the true God, Jesus Christ.

      • i have a few points to pick on you with. yes, satan tempted eve to eat the apple. however, i believe that eve did it because she knew that she could not simultaneously avoid the apple and have children, as she was commanded to do. i think that satan tried to get them to sin, but unknowingly to satan, it was part of God's plan all along that they must eat the apple so they could lose that innocence and begin to populate the earth as they were commanded. this actually shows me a bit of the ingeniousness of God's plan, even Satan cannot defeat it. Second point, there is something divine about humans because we are created by God. We have potential to live with God in heaven. But we do not have potential to elevate ourselves into being gods. We must put Christ in the center of our lives, of course, He died for us and he is perfect. Mankind is far from it!

      • Rebecca, how can you say that Eve could not have children without eating the apple and entering into a sinful state? That is ridiculous. When two are mated before the almighty, there is nothing sinful about the act of sex. It is not to be considered a sin except if you are not having sex with your mate, but a different person. As God created Eve FOR Adam, their sexual union does not require her to have a sinful nature. To say that God intended for her to eat the apple is saying that God wanted her to sin, and if that were true, he would NOT have specifically commanded her not to eat it. He is not a liar, if he said don't eat it, he meant it, though he may have known her actions beforehand does NOT mean he condones it. And NO. There is NOTHING divine about human nature, the bible clearly says there is none righteous; no not one. To call oneself divine is wrong. Just because we are a created by God does not make us divine, don't deceive yourself. If we were divine, as you state, then we would have no need for salvation. Your arguments are not valid.

      • Agrees with you.
        James 1:13
        Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God; for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempteth no man
        Rebecca I feel that you have the potential to read deeply into the word of God, but you must study the scriptures carefully or satan will trick you into believing lies. Pray for wisdom. And I can't stress that EVERY CHRISTIAN NEEDS TO READ THEIR ENTIRE BIBLE. Everything! I have read my entire bible 2 times over from front to back. I'm on my third mission now. Prayer, reading, worship and humbleness. I heard God's voice one day while I was opening up my book to study. His voice was loud in my ears, but I could hear him in my head also. I heard every single word and syllable pronounced but I heard it in a blink of an eye. He said to me "good now do the same with the bible".
        I encourage every Christian reader here. Don't skip parts of your bible just because it doesn't interest you. Don't just read the scriptures that church make you read. Make it your mission today to know every word in the bible. Your probably saying to me, but there are parts in the bible like sacrifice regulations that we don't practice anymore. Trust God that if it's there, there is probably a point he wants to say about it. Sometimes I find myself saying- God I don't understand this. I don't know why you put this in here but open my eyes one day about the meaning of this scripture. I prayed that about Gen 6, he lead me on a journey meeting Steve Quayle and Tom Horn and suddenly a new revelation began to unfold. And many times these things happen to me. God is real and the bible is his word. Let him interpret it. :)

      • Man can not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God!!!!
        Praise the Lord Jesus Christ he gave his life so that we can live through the everlasting covent by his shed blood

      • I don't understand why the words and opinions of aleister Crowley are so noted and respected? he was not even respected by his fellow occultists, just an evil person inspiring fear to gain power, and this may be what the current generation is trying to do with music. well, its the last grammy's show i'll ever watch, i'll tell you that! I only watched just so far anyhow….before I turned away from it.

      • His Golden Dawn cult has infiltrated the music business starting with groups like Led Zeppelin.

      • He is a bad ass immortal that's why…. it's unfortunate but true… just wait til you have to deal with this dude…. he's the worst

      • He is like a master Gatekeeper like out of the Matrix Mr.Smith type…. he is there to make sure you can't see through the fake reality prism we are imprisoned in… he is the Devil incarnate….. I think it is quite likely he is The Beast or Antichrist…. he called himself The Great Beast for instance….
        I travel to underworld lower dimensions to bring back information much like an anthropologist travels to other cultures to retrieve information…. an anthropologist is a Cultural relativist…. whereas a shaman or seer is a cognitive relativist…. I've seen him! He is ridiculous… I didn't mean to make it sound like I've made any deals with him…. I can see that might have alarmed someone reading that…. More like I have sworn eternal hostility towards his grasps over the minds of mankind…. I don't like to build myself up or identify myself with any powerful terms like a Seer or shaman…. but I also didn't want to dodge your question for the sake of humility either

      • I think it is because I have a major color blindness called Achromatopsia 1 in 33,000 people have this. That means that 10,000 Americans have it for instance. I feel like I see everything though…. I see colors aplenty…. not black and white complete color blindness….. but apparently they are all different colors…. because I don't see any numbers in the Ishihara color blindness tests, which are designed to display different numbers to different forms of color blindness….. so no telling what I am seeing

      • Thanks again for your reply. My friend is a trained Jinn master – he was trained by the best, in situ. He is a very calm person, even when people all around him are going absolutely beserk, he seems to zone out into a state where he can filter out the chaos and he then re-approaches people from a different state of mind. His voice changes too when it happens.

      • Zen Master or Jinn Master! Jinn live on a different parallel plane and can be controlled, but are dangerous. There are of course legends that Solomon forced them to help build his Temple in a timely fashion. And you would have to be a Zen Master to see them that's for sure. They are the trickiest and affect your mind/body/spirit system first and foremost, so it would take a trained Zen master to perceive them. I think we are on to something here, even if that was a typo!

      • No typo, I meant Jinn or Djinn?? He does not talk about it too much but it is always there anyway. He had a visitation while travelling alone through the deserted parts of the Middle East which has gone onto entirely define his spiritual path/faith/vocation in life. It has also helped me to understand many of my own unanswered questions.

      • I had a parallel experience involving the Bedouin when I lived out in the Sahara many years ago. Ties in with the hamsa.

      • I will follow up on some of the words I am unfamiliar with…. it is quite possible I am familiar with the Bedouin and Hamsa in a different context…. I am very familiar with Djinn, not from studying them in writing, but from having accidentally made it over to their side, and then afterwards, repeated visits.

      • Cryptapocalypse on

        I can see that you do extensive astral travel. How do you know that you are not being deceived when you do such travel? For instance, the image you perceive when you are out of your body could easily be created by an advanced spirit, namely an evil one, and you would have no way of knowing unless you command those spirits to reveal themselved in the name of Jesus Christ- have you done that?

      • No you are right, they are all evil, the astral world is the underworld, it's a crash course in demonology, and nothing else, thanks for The Warning… I walk it next to Jesus Christ who protects me. It's how I know that all these devils, particularly Ba'al(Ba'alzebuh,Beelzebub), Baphomet, and Lucifer are real, it's also how I know demons and djinn are real. It reconfirms and magnifies my love and friendship with Jesus Christ. There is no faith involved. Jesus Christ is the only one who is there to help…. everyone else is either evil or ridiculously tricky

      • Sanat, you may well benefit from Jesus as a friend by your side but you are not about to announce that you are Christian surely? The two ways of life may well run parallel to one another but they are mutually exclusive on every count wouldn't you say?

      • St. Thomas was the original demonologist….. I'm not sure what you mean… I am a Gnostic Christian…. not an orthodox Christian… I am not anything really…. I have a deep brotherhood with Jesus…. we are inseparable…. anything else is groveling

      • Thanks Sanat. I guess that was as clear as mud because I am still trying to understand the relationships being played out between monotheism and satanism. Do you worship Jesus as God? Do you believe that he ever died? My own investigations suggest this as being the fundamental fallacy as the magic which took place at the time of that crucifixion is the lifeblood of occult practice. My companion believes something a little different having had years of communication with the Djinn factions.

      • Dude, if you ARE astral projecting, I'd implore you to S T O P asap. The ONLY reason you are returning to your body is due to the protections of God. You are mega-playing with fire, literally, and what will you do if the demons somehow PREVENT you from returning to your body??? You DON'T need to play meta-anthropologist to tell us these entities are evil. We ALL know they are…I would NEVER do what YOU do for anything in the world…it can only end tragically for YOU. The Bible PROHIBITS it! O.T.

      • I'm surprised to hear someone else talk that way. I thought i was nuts the day a strong presence showed up in my room and claimed to be him, since I don't believe in ghosts as such. My current hypothesis is that "he" is a freakishly powerful demon collective that used poor Edward Alexander Crowley to strengthen their foothold in this world–though I could be wrong, and I don't want to let my pineal gland reopen in order to investigate. Not so long ago I had to confront a different demonic collective that had been patiently coaxing me out of my body with sanitized little illusions of an intriguing spirit dimension just beyond my reach, and I don't EVER want to play into their hands again. I hope the stuff you mention doing is safer than what was going on with me.

      • Because he is the most persistent and gutsy example of an immortal bad spirit. He spreads himself far and wide very easily. If he were on a sound range he would be the deafening one that NOBODY would be able to block out.

      • Huh I just read this… I didn't realize you knew this…. when I saw him he was in 13 different places at once… so that goes for visual ranges as well!

      • xxkindofboredxx on

        Honestly no offense, but I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't make a huge sacrifice. After all, he supposedly existed in eternity past and will exist for the remainder of eternity in heaven. What is 33 years to an eternal being? He was temporarily inconvenienced for your sins, which he didn't even have to allow you to have in the first place.

        Even though I am no longer Christian, there is not doubt that the elite are pushing this junk because they think it will influence everyone. It is stupid and if they are fucking trying to summon evil shit, that's lame. A bunch of greedy and deranged assholes trying to play god. On the other hand, I don't believe any forces (if they even exist) can affect you unless you invite them or invoke them to personally. So I feel that on a metaphysical level, the public isn't really in danger. However, the 'luminaughty control the banking, the government, and the military. That's what we should be worried most about, IMO. But there is no doubt these fellas are evil assholes. Fuck the system.

        And with this comment, I just added a bit of data to the NSA database! Yay!

      • how can u say "there is nothing divine in human nature" when we are created by a divine entity?

        there IS a divine spark in us. but there is no way to "become god" in a mortal fragile body like ours. that is simple logic. to believe otherwise like kanye west or some braindead satanists is just silly.

        but who knows what happens after we die… 😉

      • And even the Hindu masters who spend a lifetime of suffering and meditation do not always attain "enlightenment". So what makes these fools who really do nothing to remove themselves from the material world think that they are gods?

    • I think maybe you are referring to a more decorative form of Satanism… like Anton LaVey or something…. Occult Satanists are not for you to even understand enough to talk about in any authoritative way there is still so much to uncover …. they are the ones behind mass murders such as all the major events you have been lied to about as having been perpetrated by their enemies…. they start and control both sides of Wars… and are responsible for controlling media to predetermine your view on crises that they engineer…. I think you are stuck in compartmentalized views of Satanism as a religion in the Barnes and Noble New Age section near the Magazine racks next to the coffee shop.

      • Yes Sanat! Anton LaVey is one of their paid shills as well. His role is to deceive the public into believing in a form of satanism that does not actually involve satan. It is a public relations farce while the true satanists continue behind the scenes. Fritz Springmeier details LaVey's connections in his book "Be Wise As Serpents". And then there is Anthony Littlewolf…

      • I know a little bit, but I would like to learn more about that phony Luciferian in disguise, thanks for the info and leads

      • There is much truth in what you are saying. I am an ex-satanist, and I can tell you that it is not what they say it is at its roots at all! The highest lvls of satanism despise drugs, alcohol, etc. because it takes control of your mind; they leave that to the 'rookie' satanists, so that if anything happens it doesn't come off on them and they are left in the background, never to be seen for what they are – master manipulators bent on ruling this world and the next.

    • if anyone but Jesus is worshipped it is Satan. You can believe you don't follow any God but if you don't follow the one true God and worship Jesus, you are already worshiping Satan with or without knowing it. The truth will be made known.

      • Agree. I think it's not so much as worshipping Satan but following in his footsteps. There is only 2 choices in this world; submit to God, or not submit to God. Satan has chosen the latter. And he is happy enough for everyone else to do the same. To worship Satan is just a bonus. He doesn't care about your affection for him- he's not trying to win your love. He hates human kind with a passion. As long as your not submitting to God your already going to hell with him and that makes him very satisfied.

    • I take it you're referring Anton LaVey's Church of Satan? They do claim to be atheistic hedonists who don't actually actually believe what they push. Other groups such as the OTO, Temple of Set, Rosicrucians, Bavarian Illuminati, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and many others do practice dark magick, often from Crowley. LaVey's group is like the warm and cuddly "mainstream" Satanic cult. The occult goes much deeper than them.

    • I think Jesus would feel claustrophobic and run a mile if he encountered all these Christians claiming to be really personally and powerfully affected by him. He came here to teach you to worship God, not himself. He was not some extreme version of Austin Powers

      • By which I mean the Unitarian God that created him too and in relation to whom he was merely a super-enlightened creation. I do wonder how high the perpetuation of corrupted Christianity figures on the agenda (I may dig it) as you are wrong to assume that it hinders or contradicts their plans. Corrupt information is as good a distraction as Katy Perry or Tim Burton. Look at where there are shifting all their energies and attentions in a political sense and it becomes obvious what is really up and what is the truth.

    • The truth is that Stanism is in fact a religion that does believe in diety. They say they don't but then claim themselves to be atheist… Don't be fooled they do. They believe in an sense that you are your own God.

      • I won't worship Stan then. The information about Crowley is interesting. I don't know if I believe what Sanat Toma is saying however. I've got a friend who dabbles in the black arts and has done so for years now. He's warned me against such acts so I don't deal with that sort of thing at all. At any rate, I was told that Crowley dabbled in something that he shouldn't have, summonded something that he shouldn't have and acted in arrogance towards it. The being ripped his soul straight from his body. Are you positive that this blading older fellow still exists in the other realms then? I do not.

    • Posthuman,

      I've been trying to figure this out (I've done a good deal of occult research), but can't seem to for the life of me. I'm not sure if they're simply anthropomorphizing ideas/forces, or if they think there are actual entities. I'm leaning toward the former.

  17. Also during Macklemore's performance they standing in front of two columns, possibly Jachin and Boaz? And Madonna was the only person to come out from the gate between them. Maybe because she's the high priestess?

  18. would you guys consider Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragon's performance satanic? The fact that there was red paint all over them by the end of the performance was a tad bit creepy, almost as if it was symbolizing a blood ritual. I really hope Kendrick isn't going down the satanic path like every other star in the music industry, he seemed like one of the only good ones left

    • Maybe " Radioactive, Radioactive welcome to The New Age welcome to The New Age" is a spell designed to forecast the effects of Radiation from Fukushima becoming more and more prevalent in our lives and forcing us into new ways of life. I don't believe that personally, but I considered it after reading your comment originally…. I decided not to mention it…. then saw that you had reposted your comment…. and thought what the Hey, I'll throw it out there on this second table you have provided

      • diamondsr4ever on

        actually i thought imagine dragons was a christian group..not to where they announce their chrisitianity but it was implied…hmmm and i thought when they was saying welcome to the new age were refering to the new world order as well…perhaps warning people..but i have not idea what the red paint means as i didnt watch the grammys saw katy perry for 5 minutes turned channel and then saw queen latifah trying to marry people..turned channel…came to VC next

      • I'm always a bit suspicious of Dragons and hteir association in Eastern Europe with Vampires… specifically Dragon translated Draco translated Dracul…. Vlad Tepes lll aka Vlad Dracul aka Dracula… Vlad of the Dragon…. Vlad the Impaler

      • Pendragon bloodline! Elizabeth of Bathory bathed in the blood of countless virgin victims. I am unfortunately descended from these degenerates!

      • Is that why her last name was BATHory…. I was going to say that was a weird coincidence… but that probably was part of the Blood spell

      • I take "Welcome to the new age" to be a reference to Aleister Crowley/Alice Bailey and their New Age/Age of Horus/New World Order. Anyone big enough to perform at the Grammy's is definitely a puppet one way or the other.

      • Bad news…the song is about coming out of a depression. About becoming a better person after getting yourself though a really tough time mentally. Its a really good song.

    • I think it was a blood ritual coupled with the fact that he didn't win any Grammys although he was nominated 7 times.

      That was quite the humiliation for Kendrick and I thought back to an article VC did on Taylor Swift when Kanye West humiliated her at an award show ..VC stated something similar that the powers will publicly humiliate subjects to test how they deal with ridicule and hold up under scrutiny as a puppet.

      It seems as if this has happened to Kendrick. He has been humiliated as a'll be interesting to see how he changes over the next few years.

    • I noticed Kendrick doing Triple 6 signs before I even knew who he was…. it was during a SNL skit….
      And then I think one of his songs ridicules Aaliyah after she had died, almost spitting on her grave…. but disguised as a tribute toward her… I'm going to have to review that before I can 100% these though

      • I don't think they were 'triple 6 signs'. That's most probably the 3 finger sign for 'Hiiipower', which you can look into at your own discretion. And I'm not sure why you think 'Blow My High' ridicules Aaliyah? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. As far as I can tell it's a tribute, probably driven by the fact that the beat is reminiscent of Four Page Letter, which Kendrick's song contains an interpolation of. The references to Aaliyah probably stemmed from the song sounding like one of hers.

      • I better not go and discover you are making excuses for the very well established Triple 6 hand sign and are now calling it something silly like Hiiipower as if it's something new…. I'm seriously going to be upset with you that you are on this sight and are making excuses for the most obvious devil sign known to Mankind…. but off I go

      • No it was the Triple 6 thanks for playing Uhhh! You are too close to this guy to see he is a souled out part of the Industry. In his defense though he is one of the very few mainstream rappers who can freestyle though…. I mean legitimate freestyle off the top of the head…. not just spit written and call it freestyle…. not hating just pointing out very few can make it where he is without signing on…. and judging from your comment I think you have a TON of studying to do…. keep up the good work and find the true lyricism inside yourself and don't look up to Mainstream garbage rap it's an insult to hip hop. Don't mean to judge from afar but HIIIPOWER come on man!!! That is the worst excuse for a Triple 6 gang sign I have seen yet, ever, on this website

      • Yeh in Buddhism they are called mudras…. in Hollywood Luciferianism they are called Triple 666 for the fact that they are composed of three overlapping 666s… hold it in front of you with your left hand and see that….
        In addition, knowing that symbols mean different powers, is no substitute for knowing the different powers that they mean….

      • "What is HiiiPoWeR?
        HiiiPoWeR is the way we think, the way we live
        See it's known today that the human race is nothing
        No moral, no standards
        What we're about to do is raise the level of expectations
        No you don't have to have a lot of money
        You don't have to be rich
        But you will be rich in mind and spirit
        Some say it's as big as a crew, some say it's as big as a gang
        HiiiPoWeR, we stand for it as if it's as big as a religion"
        – Kendrick Lamar from the song "Cut You Off"

      • "Child of Isis!?" Very subtle.

        Please take your trolling self elsewhere. In the meantime, my prayers are with you.

      • >Symbols you do know have more than one meaning right? It changes across cultures & religions .

        That's only true on a superficial layer. On a deeper layer symbols have only one meaning. Because they are a language that spirits understand and apply.

      • so i read on his website about hiiipower. I had never heard of that before. on the surface it sounds "empowering" (yuck) but in reality, Kendrick Lamar wants to be your leader. and who leads him? not good. don't fall for it.

      • In my opinion you're looking way too deep into this. I'm sorry but you have to be a complete fool to believe that Kendrick is in the illuminati or even associated with it. I can't believe people actually believe that troll on youtube that made a video about Blow My High. I don't know everything and I respect your opinion, but I don't think he was trying to ridicule her or anything. Personally I think if he was associated with them he would've been handed a Grammy that night, but I could be wrong about all of this so like I said its just my opinion.

      • Every person in the music industry has sold their soul to be there! Kendrick is a pawn of the illuminati, not a member! all entertainment, political, sports, or whatever genre of TV and movies are all pawns not members! those families who make up the illuminati control everyone that some people confuse to be apart of them. the problem, in my opinion, is that most people do not look deep enough, and fall victim to a false belief that there is no such thing as the illuminati, without doing the proper research to either prove or disprove this claim! then speak differently of others whom done the said research and understands both the lyrics in songs, and the symbols in both the videos of the songs, and in these Hollywood movies!

      • Fellow Vigilant on

        'Hiiipower' is d same illuminati propaganda dat all these artists r trying to sell to the masses. Its just a different name to d same thing. I read some time ago an expose on kendrick Lamar n Hiipower on another website like dis. Can't seem 2 remember d name of d site but will research on it and post it. These artists r all d same. Unanimously pushing d same agenda. D earlier people realise better.

      • there are videos on youtube exposing the hiiipower theme! I will also research the video that explains this and post it on here for everyone who wishes to do their own research on the subject!

      • Warrior Bride on

        I have never heard the "Hiiipower" before this article, and the FIRST thing I felt was darkness.

        Don't you think it is interesting that "Hiiipower" has 3 (THREE) "i"s in the word????
        ~ "Illuminati" ALSO has 3 "i"s
        ~ 3 – represents the triangle/pyramid ?
        ~ iii – represents the actual EYE as well as the inside the word (beginning middle & end)

        In my humble opinion it clearly signifies the power of the Illuminati.

        The scales have been lifted from my eyes recently on this subject matter, and I am trying to learn as MUCH as I can in order to equip my children with the discernment they need to fight against the HEAVY spiritual warfare that is taking place.

        I pray that any skeptics out there call on the Holy Spirit to shine light on His Truth, not your own understanding. This is your SALVATION that is being toyed with! Ask yourself… Is it REALLY worth the risk?

      • Hiiipower is something else and does not involve the Triple 6 whatsover…. I'm talking about the SNL skit song where he holds up the Triple 6, this has become a gigantic misunderstanding, I don't know why you brought up this alternative symbol Hiiipower it's meaningless, insofar as it has no relationship to the seriousness of The All Seeing Eye and Triple 6 and Diablo gang signs….
        Mr.Uhhh if you are new to this site I don't want you to think that we are unable to differentiate between the three main devil worship signs, and absolutely unrelated ones…. Cheers!

      • Hmmmmm that post seems to indicate you did not even read the comment you are replying to… Try again!

      • Although he replied directly to your comment, I think trilby was actually intending to address Uhhh with that reply. lol

      • J. Quincy Adams on

        Seems like a good song just like the Rockefeller Foundation seems to be charitable, but if Lamar was talking about God he'd probably say something or make a reference in the lyrics, no?

        "You can't resist his HiiiPower

        Throw your hands up for HiiiPower"

        Why does he say you can't resist HIS hiiipower?

        "Put them 3s up. They notice that we up, hiii power and the power in the people and if they don't believe us, theylle die"

        Throw up a satanic hand sign and praise his hiiipower or else you'll die? So he is either praising god, which usually doesn't include triple six, or the devil, what does Kendrick say?

        "What is HiiiPoWeR?
        HiiiPoWeR is the way we think, the way we live
        See it's known today that the human race is nothing
        No moral, no standards
        What we're about to do is raise the level of expectations
        No you don't have to have a lot of money
        You don't have to be rich
        But you will be rich in mind and spirit
        Some say it's as big as a crew, some say it's as big as a gang
        HiiiPoWeR, we stand for it as if it's as big as a religion"
        – Kendrick Lamar from the song "Cut You Off"

        What?? If it's a state of mind or lifestyle why would he write 'can't resist HIS hiiipower'?

        I'm assuming it's the hiiipower of the devil that the i llum i nat i are fond of, especially since a crowd of fans are now going to be holding up triple sixes to praise his hiiipower. Yay now there's going to be mass gatherings of people throwing up the pyramid and eye sign at Jay Z and Beyonce shows as well as mass gatherings where the triple six sign is thrown up!

      • Industry Vet on

        Actually, if you truly listen to Kendrick Lamar's songs (he's been indie for 5-7 yrs now)…He's been warning people to keep their eyes open, think intuitively,realize the media is brainwashing, do good and avoid temptation from the dark side. Sort through his metaphors… he's very clever in speaking against the ills of the world.

        BTW, the industry is screwing him over accolade and royalty-wise b/c he isn't down with ignorant BS.

        And Beyonce… for those of us who've worked in music/ent industry… we consider her an alcoholic, chick loves liquor wayyyyyyy too much, especially If she's not zonked already out on her anxiety/psych meds.

        Remembery Bey, has always been referred to as "robotic"… and became more-so after getting with her handler: Jay Z. She's even disowned her father for Jay Z. And she's always talking about her "creole" bloodline and how her mother and grandmother constantly "prayed" for her success. Anyone in the deep south can tell you that proud "creoles" usually have witchcraft in their family. She's hinted many times that her mother practices rituals for her success. Hence her demon: Sasha Fierce which she claims takes over her body when she lifts her arms to the air, and now the new alter-ego: "Yonce"

  19. Dark times, friends. Find hope in Jesus Christ, he is real, and the only true source peace. He told us these things would unfold in the book of Revelation and the book of Daniel. Find the light, and you will find hope even at the end of time.

    • you know the score c552. precious Jesus has already won the battle, we just have to wait for it to be played out to the end and those who worship Jesus will rise up in the air to greet him.

    • "the only true source peace"
      No, he is one means of accessing true peace, not the only source. People can access the same God via other means that would work better for them.

      • Ok, citation? Where is the proof that Jesus says that he would like people to worship HIM rather than worship God? Jesus would be pretty angry with the actions of some well-meaning followers although you will have time to modify your beliefs. The problem with Christianity is that it got corrupted pretty early on and makes no sense on many levels. That is why so many would-be believers have become completely alienated and substituted into non belief or false beliefs. I thank God that he has shown me the light and the true faith that will save me.

      • That is true apsara, Jesus never said to worship Him. He said to believe and have faith in Him. Loving and trusting someone is different than blindly worshipping them. He said to love God above all else. So just out of curiosity, what is your faith?

      • More Importantly he also said the only way to YHWH is through him and ONLY him meaning Yahua or Jesus, so you can join Oprah and Osteen and Jakes cult if that is the path you choose to follow. You will not enter unless through him, it's not about what you think it's about what he thinks. Just the meer fact that you think you can "access" God leads me to believe you have no idea about the true scripture. Pray you find the right path friend, I come to you in love.

      • I suspect you don't have any idea of the true, unadulterated word of God and the inconsistencies are easier to ignore than to deal with. As I said, Jesus features in a line of prophets who were responsible for revealing the message of God and in its uncorrupted stage, there were no inconsistencies between the versions either. Beyond Jesus, revelation of the message continued and was concluded. Christianity did very little for me but I encountered some lovely people along the way. My spiritual journey is now concluded, I have found the right path, thanks for your kindness.

      • Many of the other Abrahamic faiths acknowledge the greatness of Jesus as a prophet without getting silly about it. How many preachers have you come across who have researched over years, even decades, only to realize the flaws of the New Testament? I know a few and I have not even been seeking them out. I would rather go to hell literally than believe in Jesus as God because it would get me there without the detour. But there will be time to modify your views and only God can judge among you christians. Peace.

      • The bible is pretty clear that Jesus is the Messiah, the one prophesied about since the old testament and the one to become the savior of mankind. It is also clear in the text that there is no other way to God, but through Jesus the savior. Saying that people are saying "we should worship Jesus rather than God" demonstrates a lack of fundamental Christian knowledge. Jesus and God are part of the same entity, you cannot worship one without worshipping the other because they are part of the trinity.

    • I suspect that many of the people who launch into frenzied Jesus speak online actually get their kicks out of being contradicted so they can carry on generating it and being shot down and generating yet more…..

      • And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are deprived are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. Wherefore he saith , Awake thou that sleepest , and arise from the dead and Christ shall give thee light . See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Amen

    • I'm just curious, when exactly did Jesus tell us about Beyonce's and Katy Perry's illuminati videos appearing on the grammy awards in either the Book of Revelation or the book of Daniel? I must have missed those passages.

  20. Samantha Munoz on

    Great article! I know what I'm about to say will get people upset, but you have to realize VC that the marriage ceremony is also pushing people to accept gay marriage.

    • One of the few things they got right 😉 Let's not be too quick to hate on people expressing love. That being said, just the phrase "mass wedding" sounds a bit creepy

      • The illuminati wiill use any group of people to push their agenda. The fact they that convenantly had a priestess, 33 couples, two columns, etc goes to show you its more about what they want. The gay agenda has NOTHING to do about love or marriage, that's for the useful idiots to lap up, it's about pushing an amoral, corrupt, degenerate, anything goes society. "What is bad is good and good is bad…"

    • "pushing" people to be accepting is one of the few good things they did. Albeit probably as a ploy to lure people in further to buy some of their other crap.
      Kind of how a Tylenol will help cure a headache so you'll come back to it again, so they can pump more unnecessary chemicals into you.

    • I think they're probably trying to cover up their evil shit with "love" to make it seem like they're accepting & good,it's all a bunch of bullshit,music should be about music & nothing else,all this evil symbolism shit is stupid

    • Jesus warned that in the last days, it will be like the days of Sodom. It's already starting. Repent and put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

      Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
      John 14:6 KJV

      • The NWT says exactly the same thing. This one also in Matt 24:37-39 " Just like in the days of Noah, so the presence of the son of man will be.." They were eating,drinking marrying and took no note until the flood came. Interestingly, Noah was a preacher of righteousness and obviously got ignored when he tryed to warn people. Same today. People are numb, uninterested, brainwashed from false beliefs or just too and preoccupied to care. (Oh, and his 'presence' meaning exactly that…not literal him showing up in person and zapping people up to heaven. So as the saving of Noah, Lot and faithful Christians during the 70 CE destruction of the temple, all stayed right here on good ole earth while others were destroyed.

      • Matthew 24:37 " But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the COMING of the Son of man be" KJV ; "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the COMING of the Son of Man." NIV; "When the Son of Man RETURNS, it will be like it was in Noah's day" NLT; "For the COMING of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah" NAS. I could go on translation after translation. It reads the same with the exception of the jehovah's witness version. Just like John 1:1 every accepted Christian version states that "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word WAS GOD." Not A god like your version. Maybe you should start reading a different version and see who Jesus truly is and have your eyes opened. By the way it is not from this verse (Matthew 24:37) that Christians get the idea of the rapture. Try 1 Corithians 15:51-52; Matthew 24:30-36; John 14:1-3; 1 Thessalonians 4-16-17; 2Thessalonians 2:1-12; Phillipians 3:20-21. Read them in any version other than the badly and deliberately badly translated new world translation because every other translation accurately translates them.

    • Keep sexual relations hetrosexual and contained within marriages endorsed by God rather than by lawmakers who have created a system designed to feed the greed-is-good multi-million $ divorce industry with great odds. See the Divorce Corp documentary on You Tube for the precise facts and figures.

    • Absolutely. The elites are obsessed with population control and dissolution of the nuclear family, two agendas that gay marriage and the gay lifestyle serve well. Crowley said that ritual sodomy was a way to invoke demons and court demonic possession. The Torah, New Testament, and Koran all warn against homosexual intercourse; maybe they weren't doing it just to be mean. Also, effeminate men are more easily controlled, and destroying masculine virtue throws off the polarity of everything.

      that said, while I don't believe people are born gay, I believe that it's set in stone pretty early in childhood. We shouldn't hate gays or any other sinners. That doesn't mean we should celebrate the sin.

      • Thank for a rather different approach on the subject on this site, with the don't hate principle.
        All love should be celebrated. True love between two people is something other people do not have a thing to worry about. Or a right to bother with and trample on.
        The excessess come on hetero sides aswell and those might be a lot of the times symptomatic for being results of a form of abuse somewhat earlier in life.
        Keeping a clear mind to what might really hurt your own love, life or loved-ones is way more important than someone else's lovelife?

  21. Had never hear of Daft Punk bfore. got kind of interested in what theyre all about, since there was much fuss about them — and the advances in machines like men and men are like machines orwellian concept — robotics mating with robots and man. was reading on wiki about them and saw this;…. its also an anime with their music on Ytube. It s all about how the music industry controls musician through mind control by a secret society. Its very in tune with what the VC observes and writes about.

    • They have been huge for years and years actually. Could not name a single song of theirs or even recognize their music but I could probably tell you what they like for breakfast!

      • Can't believe you guys never heard about Daft Punk before, people in the USA really don't know music form the rest of the world. Daft Punk has always been great in Europe & Latin America. They even did the Original SoundTrack for the Tron: Legacy

        Anyway, better pay attention to Kylie Minogue, she's australian and great in Europe &Oz, her new single Into The Blue (ths song will be huge, better be sure – She is in The Voice UK & Oz now and associated with Will.I.Am) is very luciferian, very much about rebelling against God & Jesus.

    • I would NEVER let my children watch this, but I watched it for the same reasons I visit this site. To see how far & how fast they are pushing their agenda. Some things you just want to witness yourself to keep your mind sharp & make sure you see more that what's on the surface.

    • that is my thought exactly….I refused to even turn on the tv at all during that time frame!!!!! I don't want anything like that any where near my family….people need to wake up and turn it off….CURIOSITY killed the cat!!!!

    • I knew it was going to be crap so I didn't bother watching. I just went on yahoo to look at the outfits they wore on the red carpet. Pharrell's hat stole the show.

    • New American Standard Bible
      "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.

      King James Bible
      Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

    • You're obviously not Christian. No judgement from me, but one from God is promised. That being said, many people, Christian or no, feel it is good to be aware of the enemy and what they are using as weapons. The truth will set you free has multiple meanings.

      Also, if one is a Christian, there is nothing to fear from evil, so why not keep abreast of their activities?

      • AND you are looking at the evil right on this web page, gayst. So does that mean you are not a Christian?
        I pay attention to these things so that I can be aware of them and keep my children away from it as best as I can. We do not have cable or an antennae in the house, so we don't see these things. We rent our movies, and they are heavily vetted before they get in the door. I feel a need to pay attention to what is going on out there, because 1. I don't want to be ignorant to it 2. I want to educate myself about what is going on out there and 3. protect my family from it.

        I don't think it's fair for you to come here and bash people for trying to educate themselves here.

    • They don't realize it's around them…. they think that it's something that hasn't gotten here yet but is on it's way…. their Pastors and Priests don't tell them…. they tell their flock to trust Government and to go along with their agendas, that Government is good. They trust all the "wholesome" TV shows, like Oprah who tells them that Obama is the Savior and the One… They think that America is Christian Nation and that Daytime Television has all these Pop Stars on because they are acceptable. They let people do their thinking for them and they have been betrayed by their blind trust in Religious Leaders, Politicians, and TV Entertainment spokespeople….. they took the Right Hand Path of Christianity, the path of being nice, giving of self, and non-questioning, that God will handle everything…. most will not even look at pictures of their favorite Singers and Actors flashing the Triple 6 sign, even though they are aware that 666 is in the Bible and very important. They are afraid and will bury their head in the sand every time.
      Then there is the Left Path…… the left path of Christianity never takes anything by faith…. The Left Hand path of Christianity identifies the enemy, recognizes it as Satanic and Luciferian, and then reverse engineers that Christ is real through deduction and believes in Christ through alert experience and critical thinking…. and through knowing Thy Enemy…..
      Ultimately the Two Paths converge, The Left Hand Path clears the Right Hand Path of all its obstacles and together we walk into the Kingdom, The Right Hand Path gives us reason for having walked the Left Hand Path, and The Right Hand Path shows us that we never needed to examine anything, that Lucifer and Satan were always destined to fail, and we will both Philosophies have always been right(eous)

      • I like your comment. Very deep and meaningful. But I would like to believe that you have the right and left mixed up. The reason I come to this conclusion is because right is always right. Its Irony and God loves showing Irony. Another reason, using politics, Most left leaning individuals are dumb down lemmings, they believe the government has their best interests at heart. These people are highly emotional and not very good critical thinkers. The right leaning people are more vigilant, using critical thinking and logic plus life experience to come to their conclusions. This is why I believe you might have the left and right Christians per se flipped. Well that's my opinion. But what you said is very deep and has a lot of meaning that a lot of people would never understand.

      • Yeh I see what you mean maybe we should switch them, but I suppose in the end I point out they are interchangeable dualistic paths towards the same destination anyways….. I think I subconsciously used left-hand path to characterize it as being a path less traveled…. like left the normal path… and we are having to use a machete to beat down this demon filled path to get to the other side

    • Makes me grateful my parents did their best to shelter us kids from 'bad' tv/movies/music, as best they could until we got old enough to get around that. It still amazes me looking back at what friends were allowed to watch from a very young age, when we'd do sleepovers and such.

    • If VC didnt watch it, how could he analyse with such clarity, accuracy and authority? you're not watching to love it, but to be able to educate / teach others, while highlighting or pointing out certain specifics to people (who care to listen to you…)

      • It's my personal belief from studying the Scriptures that not all believers need to expose themselves to challenge demonic activity. Watchman Nee said it best, our 3 enemies are the world, the flesh, & the devil. If believers are drawn to lusts (the world/the flesh) they need to stay far away from the devil. The three temptations of Christ in the desert proved that he overcame the three lusts: eyes, flesh, & pride of life. I wish I could say that the world and the flesh has no hold on me, but I would be lying. But the Holy Spirit is working on me to sanctify me and in my life it is a process. Do you remember the sons of Sceva? They tried to exorcise demons in the name of Christ and the apostle Paul. The demons told them, "Christ we know, and Paul we know, but who are you?" The sons left their attempt bloody & naked. I believe a high level of personal sanctification is required before investigating the works of darkness. It should remind us to keep VC in prayer as he exposes the works of darkness so we won't be ignorant.

    • Brilliant question. I would never watch these things myself and if I put it on, my children would protest and turn it off or even chuck out the TV if I persisted. Besides, why would children be watching TV at 8pm? my teenage nieces don't even do this let alone my young ones. It is really sad that people unwittingly feed the beast; if only, by lending it their time and patience. These shows are broadcast at such a time that those unfortunate children who do not have good routines in place could end up tuning in. Mothers should always be with their children at bedtime – I have not missed a single one and that amounts to thousands of nights in a row! We say our prayers and sometimes, if they are scared, I hear them reciting their prayers alone in the dark to self-soothe which is the loveliest sound to my ears.

  22. The whole show was one big ritual. From the first performance to the last one. Look at the order, you have Beyoncé and he sexualized performance, or inviting an entity in, lorde performed after her and she seemed possessed as if the entity is starting to take over. Then the next big performer was Katy Perry and her "dark horse", then Taylor Swift, by the end of her song she is into it. Head shaking and such. Seemed like possession to me. Then you have imagine dragons and Kendrick Lamar, I noticed how they were wearing white, symbolizing pure, or good. So it's appropriate to think that at the end of the performance a "virgin" or the good had been sacrificed. Next look at metalica's performance, started out slow then got very satanic! The spirit or demon they wanted is now woke. After comes Macklemore's performance and the marriage to the demon. I didn't get to the end of the show cause I got sick to my stomach. Also one big thing is that in each performance you can see the color red.

      • "Know thy enemy"
        and also
        "Be careful staring into the Abyss lest you become part of it"

      • Well said, but there comes a time when you know, beyond all reasonable doubt that it is all ritual. Once you realise that, what is there left to see and why continue to tune in? The magic(k) is prescribed a long time ago and whilst it's applications may become ever more innovative, it's scope is defined in such a way that you are not going to learn anything more by repeatedly witnessing it. In that case, the detriment of continuing to observe and analyse it far outweighs the quest for increased understanding.

      • So many people died last year and many will die this year, the reap will be plenty big to recover world economy.

      • I agree. I was at a redbox & noticed something weird when I saw the fast & furious picture. The way the type went, FF6 was over Paul's head, leading down to him. I thought there must be something to it because of the design. It suddenly came to me that F is the sixth letter of the alphabet, so you have 666 right over Paul's head, in line with his body. Hidden in plain sight.

        Something else I noticed while I was sitting at Starbucks, a cover page was up on a bulletin about the Super Bowl. The title said something about the Beast, with a picture of (I think) player 24, which adds up to 6 (they love their numerology) with it they pushed the 12th man. More 666, with the beast. Seattle playing Denver Broncos, which we know has some major occult darkness. I even heard they're planning on blowing up the stadium & it was built to easily collapse. Reminds me of Dark Knight Rises when they blow up the stadium, I hear they always give a subtle warning so it's our fault we didn't know.

      • I can't believe we hadn't noticed FF6 yet… good job that's obvious but wasn't obvious thanks "some girl"

  23. VERY Interesting-n-Insightful Read and ALWAYZ Thoroughly Enjoy the Comments and Different perspectives about This TRULY DEMONIC-Machine that resides within The Music Industry and Hollyweird Though (MmmHmm…)

  24. the voice of sense on

    Are you people for real ? gods demons devils don't exist ! who worships Osiris Zeus Dionysus etc these days ? occult symbols originated in those superstitious antiquity days.

    We live in a modern scientific age. So what if Madonna Lady Gaga Beyonce etc throw up a horned hand.

    Just shows they're superstitious or are following superstitious pseudo religion occults like Mormonism or Scientology or kabballah with man made created gods & demons & make believe occultism symbols.

    Study Physics Biology Chemistry & come into the modern age from the middle ages superstitious world you lot inhabit.

    Get a grip people pleeeease !

    • You should change your name to the "voice of naiviety". I mean no offense but modern science can be traced to the efforts of alchemists in the middle ages, further back even unto the Egyptians and the Babylonians, even further back to the book of Enoch. It's irrrevelant if we believe their "myths" or not as what matters is that the Powers That Be do believe. These very public occult demonstrations are an effort on their part to involve the viewers, unwittingly, and to use the energy that is generated in these performances to increase their power and influence. Nothing should be accepted at face value and please consider exploring the many issues discussed on this site with an open mind. One of the most successful weapons they have is to convince the public that we are a ridiculous lot of tin hat wearing nut cases. Take some time and please don't feel defensive about this post. There is so much to learn.

      • @choose Please note the word "Demonstration". Also, your misinformed commenter above
        is not misinformed. He is a troll.

      • the voice of sense on

        Modern Science does not believe in alchemy for one. Also all so called occult symbols come out of ancient man made mytho religions from Egypt Sumeria Greece & so on. Do we still worship Osiris Zeus Apollo Thor etc?

        All this talk of celebrities having occult symbols in their songs stage performances videos etc is all superstitious man made symbols from ancient religions propagated by whatever pseudo religious cults ( Scientology kabalah etc) Hollywood currently finds "trendy".

        The ancient guru's priest shamans who created all this nonsense used entheogens to have all these so called spiritual insights & occult symbols.

        Read a book on science & come into the 21st century buddy.

      • is it satire or are u seriously that ignorant? do u even know the meaning of the word alchemy?
        in its literal sense every cook is an alchemist…

        "Do we still worship Osiris Zeus Apollo Thor etc?" no we dont. but the celebrities mentioned in this article and others obviously do…

        why should reading books about science and the possibility of a higher (creating) intelligence exclude each other?

        why is someone like u even commenting on this site? what brought u here? serious question im curious.

      • There's a good portion of hollywood that finds your faith "trendy" as you put it. For 40 years modern science accepted black holes as fact. Now the current pope of your religion stephen hawking says that black holes don't exist and all of the sudden they don't anymore. I could give you a lot more examples that's just very recent and convenient for my argument. I am studying to become a scientist and if I have learned anything about "science" it is just as dogmatic and ignorant as any organized religion. If you can't see that you are no more intelligent or logical than extremist christian burning a witch at the stake.

      • He didn't say black holes don't exist, he said they are more complicated than we thought. Just because you don't understand science doesn't make it faulty.

      • That's exactly why Science is not dogmatic, we can review our point of view and admit that we were wrong. That's the difference between we science people and believers, we need proof and we are humble enough to admit that we were wrong. Cristian people are too proud to admit when they are wrong. BTW that's the sin of Lucifer, so watch out.

      • nice try I'm not a Christian, don't necessarily believe in lucifer the devil or any of that stuff. the scientific method is sound but people have been shooting holes in hawking's dogma for years… it's only accepted when he gives the nod on his terms… so 40 years before he admits he's wrong (albeit kind of and black holes not existing is a bit of a generalization)… how very scientific of him… the scientific method is perfect really… humans are too proud to use it right though… it''s much like how the catholic church operates… what you darwin worshipers fail to take into account is that some of the most powerful people in politics, entertainment, and philanthropy have this bizzare obsession with culling the human race and a fetish for using arcane ancient symbols much like the nazis did… more than anything it is bizzare.. it doesn't prove anything although it can be handily demonstrated that there IS something going on… (it could be a huge inside joke and it could just be the copycat effect) but to pretend it is absolutely nothing and ignore it is UNSCIENTIFIC AND IGNORANT like many scientists

      • Does this textwall even mean anything, seems like one of these political statemente that means nothing in the end.

      • This entire thread has been based on the statement that to entertain thoughts that hollywood, entertainment in general, politics, and all the rest are into some form of weird pseudo satanism is unscientific and ignorant. Your boy that started this thread trashed people that have religious beliefs needlessly hiding behind being smart and scientific you even had the audacity to assume that I was a Christian. All I am really trying to say is there is something going on and it is is frickin weird. There is a little venom there but I believe my argument is pretty sound.

      • saint inquisitor on

        WOW gonzo finally an atheist/white path spiritualist who believes there is something negative going on with this stuff or at least that their is something to be investigated. What's funny is the people who say illuminati ended with weishaupts death with only evidence being a "confession" from him on his deathbed… Like the founder of a society more secret than the masons could be trusted to tell the truth about something he had vowed not to betray…. Now Its oft said they where just a scientific lot etc nothing religious, but they just hated the catholic church now maybe that was true maybe it isn't, one possibility is that someone took over or revived them under same name after his death, another is that they where always created for the purpose of destroying religion so that some esoteric amalgam would come out the shadows after the true powers that be had managed to successfully demonize atheism as the cause of all the worlds ills, just like it had done before to Christianity and Muslims etc before it.

        For example many people are aware of the fact America supported taliban vs Soviets and now look at what the taliban is doing, but who created that perverted branch of Islam? Indeed who bought Stalin to power, true the CIA have agendas etc against Socialism but what if all these events, are being controlled by one entity. I am sure their are communists fascist etc infiltrators in the CIA, along with big business but these competing interests etc I am sure keep themselves in check, heck even the masons within CIA are very likely unaware of depopulation plans and all that other bs certain elites have planned, its the "illuminati" operatives we need really be worried about, and perhaps something tells me that whatever entity we are terming illuminati is perhaps someone elses play thing too, in a way.

      • Francis Crick who was the modern developer of the DNA model was a member of the Theosophical Society (Luciferian) and he created the DNA model after the caduceus (serpent-entwined staff). Even our modern scientists are involved in the occult. Most research is funded by the Rockefellers who are heavily influenced by the occult.

      • Trendy ???? That is the biggest myth out there. When did it become trendy to turn off more than half of the entire Us population with devils and satanic symbolism /// Wouldn't that be counter productive ?// wouldn't that bring in less money ??/ That's were your argument immediately loses weight. Listen to the lyrics, listen to the rhythms. Its all about getting into your subconscious. I listned to rap music from when I was 7 years old up until about 24 years old, which for me was just a few years ago. I always use to wonder how I could know a song word for word but without the beat playing I would have a hard time reciting the song. Once you give me that beat, I could recite the song word for word practically better than the hip-hop artist did. I always realized this, but it never came to fruition until I started noticing blatant demonic symbolism in the music videos. than of coarse I started doing research. I found this site and many others. this guy VC has a ton of knowledge and is very creditable. I rarely give someone that title, but after years and years of reading, along with evidence, and the evidence I picked up by myself, it all makes sense. To sum up my post. take science for example, or anything new for an example. When something is freshly new to you, it seems hard, complicated, foreign, than you research, learn and find out the skills of the trade, and all of a sudden things make a lot more sense. Same thing with this. believe me, these MillION dollar celebrites are not doing what they are doing for shock value, they are cheap, but not that cheap, everything has a purpose.

      • You spend money with the Eye of Horus emblazoned on it. Obelisks, like the Washington Monument, are an occult reference to Osiris's penis. The Statue of Liberty is thought to be a statue of Apollo. The elites who try to run our world get together in places like Bohemian Grove to worship beings like Molech, Minerva, Ba'al, Pan, Baphomet, etc., and they stage false flag terrorist attacks to justify wars which partly serve as mass sacrifices.

        Much of the underpinnings of your beloved science are occult in nature. Most of Darwin's theories were derived from Hinduism and neo-Platonism, passed down by Freemasons (Darwin was a Freemason) and Rosicrucians. Study up. Develop eyes to see. Break free of the indoctrination of your public school education. If you don't realize that your life is constantly affected byy occult believers, it's because they don't want you to know.

      • Science does still believe in alchemy. That is how they explain the big bang. Out of nothing come the universe with differing metals being created out of one mass of matter. Alchemy involves the transformation of one metal into another.

    • Modern Prophet on

      Have you scientifically observed a manifestation of the spirit, i.e speaking in tongues. It is the external proof of the internal existence and reality of God's gift of holy spirit within. You wouldn't believe even if you saw Christ resurrected from the dead.

      • the voice of sense on

        Yes my friend entheogens have many marvelous effects on the brain making one "speak in tongues. " !

        John Lennon wrote "strawberry fields forever" on them lol.

        What do you mean Christ rose from the dead? Prove that the laws physics thats 15 billion years old have been suspended miraculous at any point ?

        Read a book on science my friend & come into the 21st century from your Harry Potter middle ages world of warlords warlocks & witches lol

      • the laws of physics have to be suspended miraculously for one point before the big bang theory or it all falls apart…. you're a terrible scientist…. i don't subscribe to organized religion by the way… that's why i don't worship scientists…

      • Modern Prophet on

        I believe that the Creator of this world has the ability to perform such miracles. You can't understand the idea of a spiritual body because you are limited to carnal knowledge.

      • Modern Prophet on

        Why would you assume I had to use entheogens in order to speak in tongues? Is that the only logic you have to disprove what speaking in tongues really is: Magnifying God

      • onemotherpucker on

        Your a fool!
        Look what has been done in the past in the name of religious belief!
        Look what has been done in the past in the name of science! Can we say Stalin!
        It does not matter what is real…it matters what the elites believe. For they will try to force them on us.

      • You can believe what you want. there is no purpose and beating a dead horse. But it will be to your own demise. While science can be constructive, There are things that happen each and every day that science can not explain. I bet you are also someone who uses your token science agenda to push Global warming, I mean global cooling, Wait isn't it now called climate change ?

      • The problem is that (and I know I'm going to piss off a lot of people by saying this!) the wisdom of the Bible was never meant to be taken literally. Most of the esoteric (hidden) meaning of it has been lost. If you study Qabbalah it makes more sense. And I'm just going to leave it at that.

      • Modern Prophet on

        That is called handling the Word of God deceitfully. For "no scripture is of any private interpretation."

    • I really pity you. Exceedingly ignorant is the person who believes that there is no spiritual world, and that humans are the most intelligent beings in existence. The readers on this site are not idiots, many of the people who read on here have multiple degrees such as myself. If you believe that science has all the answers with, you're believing foolish lies and are willing to overlook gaping holes in scientific theory. I am continually in awe at the lengths people go to just to maintain their denial that nothing is going on. It matters very little if you believe in satan or not. The elites and people in the highest places of power in this world believe it to be very real, draw from its power, and seek to draw others under their control. There's coming a day when you will realize it DOES all exist and you will be able to deny it no longer. I hope for your sake it's sooner rather than later. Jesus is real, you should not slight something just because you have not, by your own choice, experienced it.

      • the voice of sense on

        If you were born in the middle east you would be a Muslim preaching Islam to me. Threw a accident of birth you were born in the west & therefore got inculcated into the monarch programming of Christianity lol

      • yeah because christianity still holds such a grip on us all. because it is taboo to criticise the church here. irony off.

        seriously, YOU are the better example for a typical brainwashing victim WESTERN STYLE. :-)
        there is only one relevant "religion" here in the west. its a relatively new one.

        its called "holocaust". to not believe in it is even forbidden by law!

      • Muslims believe Jesus is real as well. Why even come to this site. It's full of evidence you obviously ignored. ????

      • Muslims don't regard Isa (Jesus) peace be upon him as a 'minor' prophet. In fact he is highly esteemed and did not die. We await his return so he can restore good will on earth and correct those who falsely claimed him to be the son. He will defeat the dajjal (anti-christ) and destroy the cross.

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        Hi Raheela!

        I am curious about that last part.

        How and why is Jesus going to destroy the cross?

        I am assuming you are a Moslem, do you folks call Him Yeshua or Yashua? I am just wondering :)

      • We call him Isa. Actually if you look at the movie The Passion of the Christ, in Aramaic Jesus calls God 'Allah". By destroying the cross basically he is going to destroy the lie that he is the son of God. God is one. God does not beget, nor was he begotten. Jesus never said he was God or God's son, and he will testify on the day of judgement against people who say he said that about himself.

      • Funny. You assume alot. Most spiritual people ove the age of 25 or so, probably do not mindlessly believe what their parents do. I was raised Jewish, was a hardcore atheist by 14, spent my 20's studying Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Chan Buddhism, Vadrayana Buddhism, some Hinduism, some entheogen enhanced Castaneda style new age stuff (long in the past, Mr. NSA agent), and now at 35 I am a non-denominational Christian who doesn't attend a house of worship. I've read Dawkins and Hitchins. I know where you come from. I'm not the ignorant one.

      • Wakey, thank you for your comment. Through ridicule and mockery the PTB have convinced many to deny what is really at stake here.

      • wakey wakey, No use in beating a dead horse. if he was really a man of science, he would thoroughly understand that Science was invented to test the limits and initiate hypotheses while continuing to thoroughly investigate and push away what has supposedly been proven. he sounds like a troll , just meant to come on here and ridicule. he probably stayed home from school today due to the " climate changed" weather and hes withdrawing from his physics class.

      • Climate change is scary I need to give Al Gore money so I can go outside safely, it's cold and warm out there and I don't know what to do

    • SeptemberMorn123 on

      Being a major in Physics, biology and chemistry I still disagree with you. You are NOT the voice of sense. Your mind is closed and you need Jesus.

      • I find it rather hilarious that the people who preach "open-mindedness" are the very same ones to bash anybody who disagrees with their opinion. My beliefs are my own. If you wish to hear them, I will GLADY share them with you, but don't go throwing your garbage in my face and calling me names because I have a different opinion.

      • Voice of Sense has a point. Why are you ignoring that comment they made about the fact that if you had been born in the Middle East you'd be preaching Islam and believing fully in it. Please address that!!!!

      • do u know how many people live in the middle east? do u really think every single person there is a religious fanatic?

        this is far from being a "fact" lol. its just silly. there are idiots and wise (wo)men, in the east and in the west. nothing to adress here.

      • Nadia, I'll try to address your question. Just because there are many, many differing religions in the world doesn't mean that they are all correct. Though I was born with an overwhelming sense of "God" being real, I sought the real one, not a false one. I think at least we can agree that there are many false "gods" being worshipped, if nothing else. I took a long, soul-searching look at the nature of the gods described by each religion, and what I found did not make sense to me with most gods. I found troubling things from ancient evil and human sacrifice required…to extreme, radical religious behavior in an attempt to satisfy an insatiable god, and everything in between. I reasoned with my mind and heart that if God was real, he would be a being of immeasurable love, mercy, and intelligence. I find that in Jesus Christ. Instead of requiring a radical religious act or some type of physical offering, Jesus instead gave HIMSELF to US, as a gift. He became human and he vacated his throne on high, when he knew exactly what fate lie ahead of him on earth. The gulf between man and our maker is vast, more vast than we can imagine, and out of sheer love and desire to fellowship with his creation, Jesus Christ bridged the gap so that an imperfect being can one day dwell with a perfect being in paradise. How many gods would go that far, exhibit that kind of self-sacrificing love? Only one that I can find, in all of history. So no, your assumption that I would be preaching Islam if I grew up in the Middle East is not correct. I came to these conclusions about the truth using my heart and reason, something many people have forgotten how to use. If you search for God with all of your heart, you will find him. You should try it, rather than belittle those who have found it. In the very least, you cannot deny that those who know Jesus Christ display an overwhelming, life changing, powerful love for him. Who are you to say its not real?

      • It seems really ignorant to believe that the omnipresent force of creation and love of your religion (Christianity) is a different omnipresent force of creation and love from the one of Islam. Its not. The books are talking about the same thing. That view of separation and false superiority are part of whats wrong with the world.

      • Islam and Christianity are speaking of, worshipping, and loving THE SAME GOD. I am also very tired of this argument, this is common sense. Same God, called by a different name (language anyone?)??

      • Exactly, thanks for your clarity. Factions and monotheistic inter-divisions are man made constructs.

      • Ok – Basic logic lesson needed-. Just because ALLAH means god in English DOES NOT mean the SAME god.

        Now, let me inform you that ALLAH in ISLAM teaching is a singular GOD and Jesus was a great prophet, but less great than Mohammed. In contrast, John 14:6, Jesus says, I am the way, the truth the life. No comes to the Father except through me.

        Presto, we instantly have a logic problem.

        Islam: Jesus = great prophet and not God
        Christianity: Jesus = God

        So no – they are not the same and completely different.

      • No, in Islam every prophet have the same level but the only massage that we keep incorruptible is the one who was revealed to Mohammad

        Sura 3:84
        Say, "We have believed in Allah and in what was revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Descendants, and in what was given to Moses and Jesus and to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are Muslims [submitting] to Him."

        Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:
        The Prophet said, "One should not say that I am better than Jonah (i.e. Yunus) bin Matta."

        And if you dont know according to Islam Jesus is the Messiah who will come back to the Earth to kill the antichrist and release the world from the oppresion.

      • I do hope you have not used You Tube preacher videos such as Perry Stone to research other religions from a christian perspective as they are purposefully far from accurate in general. If you refuse to go back to the primary written sources than refrain from quoting as you are spreading untruths. On a typical day on YouTube, I reckon I would round up a worshiper of the antichrist by rapid default.

      • Some Black Guy on

        Allah never had any sons, and Yahweh has Jesus, so there is a difference right there…

      • You choose to call yourself "some black guy"? As if the word black is a nationality or an identity? Black is an adjective, which describes…and in most cases would be a negative, yet you want your comment to be viewed upon as credible? A conditioned mind is a terrible thing

      • the voice of sense on

        You came to the truth threw "I came to these conclusions about the truth using my heart and reason, something many people have forgotten how to use". eh ?

        Imagine a medical scientific doctor operating on his patients did so threw in your words " I came to these conclusions about the truth using my heart and reason, something many people have forgotten how to use"

        See how absurd your conclusions are.

        Truth & Laws have to be INDEPENDENT & VERIFIABLE my friend independent of your "heart & reason" ! enough !

      • I'm having a hard time giving your arguments much consideration because I can't get past your use of the word "threw" (as in threw the trash away) instead of through (as in salvation through Jesus Christ)….. It's difficult to play along with someone pretending to be an intellectual when they won't even take the time to use proper spelling.
        What was your goal in posting on the article? I highly doubt you will change the beliefs or ideas of the majority of VC readers. I suspect that you were simply hoping to rile people up in order to entertain yourself….. The question has been asked multiple times, and I still have not seen an answer (though, I will admit I have not yet read my way THROUGH all 127 of the comments yet)— what brought you to the site to begin with? What prompted you to come to some ridiculous and outrageously incorrect website and not only read all the way THROUGH at least one full article, but also take the time to comment on it? Seems strange to me…. Usually when I come across a junk page while searching for answers or information on a subject and find that it holds no credible information, I back out and keep looking. I definitely don't take the time to attempt stirring the pot… In fact, I regularly check the new info on VC and I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've commented on anything, even though I find most of the info on the site to be very interesting and eye-opening (yes, I am aware of the potential for puns on that one).
        I'm not trying to slam you or anyone else, but I did want to say that I know exactly what you're doing and what your intention was in posting (and it appears that several of my fellow VC visitors do as well).
        I would tell you to stop trolling and stirring the pot, but I have a feeling that it is likely a common theme in your life online–and off, so instead I'll just say that I hope you were able to satisfy your own need for trying to appear more intelligent and superior than you actually are, and to thank you for the mild bit of entertainment you provided to me. :)
        Hope you have a great night!

      • the voice of sense on

        @c522: You came to the truth threw "I came to these conclusions about the truth using my heart and reason, something many people have forgotten how to use". eh ?

        Imagine a medical scientific doctor operating on his patients did so threw in your words " I came to these conclusions about the truth using my heart and reason, something many people have forgotten how to use"

        See how absurd your conclusions are.

        Truth & Laws have to be INDEPENDENT & VERIFIABLE my friend independent of your "heart & reason" ! enough !

      • Sorry bro, but your logic is absurd. I would expect something of that caliber out of a 9 year old.

        There are some people you just can't reach.

      • If you are looking for truth & facts then read some of VC's post. There are plenty. Make your own conclusion based on the many images, quotes, stories & history. I can tell that You are NO scientist. Lol!! So you shouldn't speak for them AT ALL.

      • You mean "through" not "threw".
        Try to have less typos if you are trying to prove someone wrong…

      • A being of immeasurable love, mercy, and intelligence? Is that why he commanded the Israelites to slaughter entire communities when they took Palestine? That was a demonstration of his immeasurable mercy? Or the many plagues and wars that he visited on his chosen people? The Christian Bible is not even internally consistent. And al of you who are claiming multiple degrees in the sciences and yet don't understand the basic principles that govern it, don't you know that lying makes baby Jesus cry?

      • Maybe not… that's not the only religion over there you know. There are Christians in the Middle East as well… and Jews and Buddhists, etc…

        However, because there is such hatred for Christianity in the world today and it not being too PC to talk about it, you might not have been aware of that fact. You don’t get much information about it in the mainstream media either… Were you aware that Christians were being tortured, raped, and murdered in many parts of the Middle East? That’s the other thing, their numbers are dropping (first and foremost) because they’re being intentionally slaughtered or run out. And, the Christians there are not just transplants, they have a history in the Middle East that runs back to first century A.D. (you know, with Jesus).

        Maybe that comment was "ignored" because it is not accurate. It was more flippant than anything. Well, that, and maybe the tone of your posts… they don’t seem particularly welcoming to having a practical dialogue.

      • thank you! My parents left the middle east for that exact reason, they were robbed of their homes and ridiculed, and till this day the only Christians left there are trying everything they can to leave, including many of my family members. Girls who were saving there virginity to get married were and still are being raped in front of their fathers, Christians were scared to leave the house but also scared inside of there own home. So basically the voice of sense for you to say that if someone was in the middle east they would be preaching Islam is false.

      • Those people were no more Moslem than the Nazis were Christian so why dismiss one and ake an exception for the other? Because it's good spin and ties in what they tell you on the news?

      • Muslims believe Jesus is real. Many religions & history affirm the existence of Jesus. Jesus is as much real as George Washington etc. This person has no point & neither do you. 😉

      • One non-religious history text from the period mentions Jesus, and there is evidence that even that paragraph is a forgery that was put in centuries later. And even he was real, being a real person does not mean that everything that was written about him is true. There are people who lived very recently whose lives are much better documented who have had complete nonsense written about them.

      • For instance, I believe it was the Gospel of Thomas that tells how Jesus was guarded over by a dragon after he was born. Is that true? Why is it any more or less true than him walking on water or rising from the dead? Just because an ecumenical council in 400AD decided that it wasn't?

      • I've read that front to back Gospel of Thomas, you are making stuff up to the Maximum level, there isn't even a story involved in that Gospel, it's just excerpts and quotes…. you aren't even qualified to make a comment on anything you are barely a Disney cartoon character, your name choice isn't even in the slightest creative, you can't even get past the first step of making sense

      • It would be nice actually if you took a wrong turn and ran into Gargamel and he cooked you into a stew Purplesmurf…. in fact I'm just going to believe that happened just for fun

      • YHVH is Almighty on

        I know its off subject, but check out on youtube truth or tradition micheal rood. I am curious to know your take on it Sanat.
        Btw, you got me laughing so hard with that sandbox comment . Love it.

      • The fact , Nadia ? LAUGHS. And if your father had erectile dysfunction you wouldn't have the chance to make such a silly comment ? Same logic, wouldn't you say ?

    • The biggest disagreement I have with you is please don't get a grip, this is hilarious, it's also a bad Aerosmith album

    • The prevailing scientific "truth" of any age has been proven false so many times that if it's empirical evidence you base your beliefs on, then science is a lacking, false bunch of nonsense.

      What you think is scientifically true today will be proven to be false tomorrow.

      Bunk, my friend.

      • If you think so how about giving up all things Science has provided you with, like computers, internet and medicine? You are the worst! Your kind of people love to leech on Science deeds, but laugh at the people that make your life last so long, because without Science you'd probably be dead already from a fever or anything equally ridiculous at this AGE OF SCIENCE.

    • @ Voice of less Than Five Senses

      Physics Biology and Chemistry will all agree that the Grammys are garbage and that the people who perform in them believe in the very devils you are ridiculing…. turn your turrets towards the Posing Pop Stars that perpetrate their beliefs on to the public…… why are you not reality checking them?….. could it be that you had front row seats to the Grammys and that they are your favorite "musicians". You failed to mention your allegiance to horrible music in your post…. something tells me we have a raging Katy Perry fan in denial that his favorite musicians don't write their own music and are forced to participate in videos and lyrics written and produced unilaterally by two or three Record Companies all owned by JP Morgan. Also by the way, sorry to be rude, but you are the Voice of One Dimensional Mind Control Slaves and that is all who you speak for, I just hope you are still in a Highschool Education Camp, and that is why you are pointing out the list of classes I took in the 9th grade as your sources

      • the voice of sense on

        @Sonat Toma: I don't believe in occult symbols has they originated has i have said in ancient mythological religions from ( Egypt Sumeria Babylon India Israel Greece Rome etc) so any pop star or modern cult fraternity practicing them are practicing in ancient man made fictions so how can i be in support of them ?

        You lot are getting hot & bothered over a fictional Harry Potter universe.

        These so called occult symbols & cult fraternities & religions only have power if you invest your TIME & ENERGY & BELIEF into them.

        Once you move your time & energy & belief from them they DIE & get confined to history like worship of Osiris Zeus Thor etc

      • You dictate reality all of the sudden because you believe in nothing, and are proud of the fact that you believe the Universe is a gigantic fluke accident…. you actually look at the Sun and consider it a mass of hydrogen atoms bouncing around and colliding with other atoms and producing Helium and Nitrogen Atoms, never once questioning "WHY" is it there and how it had created the perfect conditions for a ball of dirt to form a breathable atmosphere, allowing for animated beings to explore third dimensional realms for experience i.e. LIFE…. you have looked around at other peoples deities, found them silly, and quit asking questions because you disagreed with their views and failed to do your OWN soul searching…. now you are a byproduct of the shadows of everyone else's beliefs you disagreed with…. You are a Godless close minded parasite to other peoples views and have none of your own, none of your own fascinations with life, just an inherent disregard for everyone else's. You are a material shell who identifies only with your body, and only with the material world. You think you are intelligent because you have excelled in the NWO playground of mind control and Orwellian Doublethink…. you appeal to the Sciences which just 15 years ago failed to acknowledge the existence of Quantum energy which proved that Mass and Light were the same energy vibrating at different speeds, and were not separate as Newtonian and Einstein science once believed. You are a boring one dimensional clone with no views of your own save reducing, minimalizing, and marginalizing everyone else's complex thought patterns into a condescending Harry Potter fictional umbrella, like a simple minded mundane clown. You have nothing, you say nothing, you believe nothing, and you think nothing, therefore you are nothing… you are a victim of your own arrangements…. Have fun getting mind raped by Lucifer everyday…. and succumbing to the Zombie Hive Mind Control machine of Beelzebub…. you are a MK Ultra slave… good luck with that Voice Of NonSense

      • Modern Prophet on

        just to add to that wonderful breakdown, the chances of DNA coming into existence accidentally is the same chance of a tornado blowing over rubble and putting a house back together. It is no accident we are here, God wanted children, but gave us the privilege to choose.

      • the voice of sense on

        @sonat toma: That was a long rant over the internet a medium created by science after watching the Grammys on your TV again a medium created by science from which you mouth off diatribe about celebrities you've never met but because off secular Democratic free speech you can do so.

        Point to something your mythical god's have actually done that's verifiable & then come back at me.

      • Lame response I never mentioned my views…. you are seriously conversationally challenged…. and probably aren't even any kind of expert in your own perspective…. i.e. Everyone here would probably school you in the basics of your own point of view…. i.e. The advancements in knowledge other participants on this message board have, carry your knowledge with them into the higher levels…. you are a basic little one dimensional imp who is firing from lower ground with no real perspective… you are barely a pawn on this chess board… you are at the bottom of a canyon firing blindly towards the edge of a cliff miles above you…. you are unimpressive and weak minded and boring to go back and forth with…. you are not even interested in the subject matter at hand, or on any relevant topic whatsoever…. you are just a leech creating your own little parallel box of compartmentalized conversation…. you are asking everyone to enter your boring sandbox and play with plastic shovels and GiJoe and try to enjoy themselves…. it isn't ever going to happen… you have no ammo, and your tone is dull, you are a monotonous non player character simulant who appears to have escaped from a video game, and is running around stuck in the Internet… Yawnnnnn

      • the voice of sense on

        @Sonat Toma: We beg to differ i'm afraid. You believe in gods & demons, occult symbols, iluminati shadowy figures & monarch programmed pop stars & 9/11.

        I've looked at the data for all of the above over the years & not one of the above has passed either a peers review been accepted by any credible historian or has any scientific backing from the scientific community.

        Its all revisionist history & subjective warbling's from internet bloggers.

        That Sonat is the TRUTH has things stand am afraid.

      • You don't even know when your little brain has been smashed do you? I admire you for not paying attention though that's some braindead skills you have, other zombies will look up to you, and together you will make a great servile mind controlled army with one central command center hive mind. Maybe your eyes will glow or something and you will sprout little antennas to receive your commands. Either way, you should love it, willfully giving up who you are for increased confidence levels and a chance to force your opinions on everyone. Maybe they will even let you run a safety camp or something, if you do ya know, some favors, under the table. Hey, and say hello to the Coven for me, just between me and you, voice of sixes.

        P.S. looks like you done a little research on me…. good for you, you are on to my fives huh 0]:-) Take this L to where you came from, and good luck getting back

      • Also, "warbling's" is mistakenly used as possessive. Correct usage would be "warblings," sans apostrophe.

        Numerous misspellings, usage errors, poor grammar, and circular logic. "Voice of (non)sense" is likely a public junior high pupil near the bottom of his or her class.


        Please return to Facebook or where ever you typically spread your inanity.

      • Notice this "voice of reason" now isn't just arguing against DECLASSIFIED CIA programs such as MK ULTRA and Monarch.. now Mr. Science and Reason wants to argue with 1000's of architects, structural engineers, controlled demolition experts, physics professors, and heads of NASA Star War's programs, and basic common sense. He didn't come here to argue against religion, he came here to argue against each and every NWO engineered mind control propaganda false flag ever perpetrated on Mankind….he is not an atheist, he is an Agent of Orwell's 1984 dumbed down sheep brigade…. I would seriously just shut this thread down…. the only way to get rid of this brainless, soulless, zombie sheep clown is to quit talking to the Imp-Infested Slave right now, and right away

      • Is that Sonat like a play on my name and the word Sonnet, like long poem? That is funny! at least you have a soul and may not recognize that you do!

      • me too . Love it. Great visualization. I can just imagine the toddler begging his older brothers to dig and build a sand castle in his shallow sand box, while his bros want to go chase ladies after winning the high school championship football game

      • Disapointed at you. I expected more of you, both inteligence and sensitiveness. I used to respet you. Shame on me to think you were any different than these alienate brain washed conspiracists.

      • You construct sentences like Sarah Palin. There is a fact for you. If you can't construct a sentence how can you teach knowledge?

      • the voice of sense on

        @Margaret: Nice try Maggie. Now let's get back to the point. You haven't refuted my assertion's with any peers reviewed evidence. Ciao !

      • Again, misusing the apostrophe. Aside from how haughty and moronic you come across, you have a tenuous grasp of the English language.

        Be gone, troll. And right on, Sanat! I just couldn't resist entering the fray before it's closed.

    • OK, I don't think you are giving "magical symbols" enough credit. You are obviously hung up on keeping a rational point of view, so maybe you should do a study on how symbols, language, subliminal messages affect human behavior. I am not saying that everything on this site is 100% true, and that there's no room for skepticism, but ask any advertiser, politician, propagandist, priest, artist, etc. if symbols have no power. This illuminati stuff is worth noticing, because the powers that be understand these tools. Taking a close look at stuff like this doesn't mean that you automatically believe in supernatural, religious realities, or that miracles can happen ,but it DOES suggest that the human animal is wired for magical thinking, that the right brain uses symbols as its language. I'm sure you were persuaded to be "Mr. Scientific Voice of Reason" through language and phrasing that sounds appealing, offers you salvation, but is full of holes and emptiness (maybe you spend a lot of time on Reddit, I don't know…). I'm not suggesting miracles or the supernatural exist, but persuasion is magic. I know how people conspire… even small business men and women conspire… I do not doubt that the most powerful people at the top are conspiring.

      • the voice of sense on

        @Brian: You are totally right on a lot of things you've said. Word's symbols subliminal programming do have a marked effect on the human psyche has you've rightly said & politician advertisers & the media use this on a constant basis.

        However most people on hear definitely believe in the supernatural parts of these symbols has you are fully aware of which you seem to be denying along with myself.

        I don't believe that these popstar's videos & show's prove that they've undergone some so called monarch programming & all that rot either ( were's the independent peers reviewed medical proof ?) & also that EVERY popstar's death was a ritual sacrifice & that the British Queen turns into a reptilian alien ! wtf ! loool !


        See Brian were this all leads to ?

      • "I don't believe that these popstar's videos & show's prove that they've undergone some so called monarch programming & all that rot either" – operative word here is 'believe'.

        You don't have any proof to the contrary. Whereas MK ULTRA has a documented existence as far back as the 1950s and has been brought up in the news as recently as last week.

      • the voice of sense on

        @Brad S: I did ask for verifiable independent medical proof that all these so called Illuminati popstars have under gone monarch programming.

        That shouldn't be hard to prove now should it has i'm not the one making such claims?

      • The only thing worse than a Troll, is someone who isn't a Troll but has somehow developed the personality of a Troll….. this is what your love affair with your simple self has provided…. a ridiculously annoying personality…. and glorified juvenile responses… and an obsession with obfuscating the flow of the conversations you initiate…. so dull

      • @voice of sense, you are very narrow minded, I love science, I grew up wanting to be a scientist. But science can not explain everything. Science cannot explain how symbols wil' summon demons, something that Ive experienced personally. Wether or not you believe in these like this is a matter of personal experience. Your assuming just because you havent went through it personally that it does not exist. The problem with human existance is that certain truths are defined by personal experience only. What applys to you does not apply to me. God hasnt took you through anything that cannot be explained by science so I understand your logic, but at the same time it is disrespectful for you to assume that just because you havent experienced things that no one else has. I have my own truth. Maybe you should go practive some rituals your bound to have something happen that cant be explained by your physics books.

      • the voice of sense on

        @Name: When you say "God" i assume you mean the god of the holy bible. That's a Romans book constructed at the council of Nicea in 420 A.D.

        The Romans decided from loads of manuscripts the one's they would include in their "holy book" & left out the one's that "they" decided didn't fit their "god inspired" theological leaning's & then said this & that gospel was "according to" Matthew Mark Luke & John.

        Last time i checked a Oxford dictionary "according to" was not defined has a FACT.

        In modern media speak this would be " the SOURCE said This the source said THAT".

      • Reading Dan Brown is not an exactly proof of anything, but I respect your point of view. As you're a scientist I suggest you to do research and learn about what you're talking about.

        But yes, Bible was manipulated by the same people who reign all over the world today: Roman Empire = Catholic Church are the same thing.

      • You try to sound so intelligent, yet can hardly spell. You should have used 'here' not 'hear'. I make mistakes myself, but I am in no way as arrogant as you.

      • "Word's" – plural is "Words."
        "politician" – plural is "politicians."
        "…most people on hear" – um, "here."
        "…has you are fully aware…" – um, "as."
        "…the supernatural parts of these symbols has you are fully aware of which you seem to be denying along with myself." – um, huh?
        "…these popstar's" – it's "popstars."
        "…& show's" – it's "shows."
        "…were's the independent peers reviewed" – *where's," "peer reviewed" (my personal favorite – so ironic I can taste it)

        I see where it "leads to." [Ended sentence with a preposition…]

        Laughing my ass off! Thanks again, "the voice of sense." Your obnoxiousness is a delight.

    • Voice of sense, you have been lies to and fool by the evil one! I will pray that God will open your eyes and ears that you might hear and see the truth, and the truth will set you free…

    • Thank you for making me laugh so much! The Industry indeed worships these greek gods and by skipping along with their agenda, you may do do, without knowing it. There is nothing really noble about science (think big pharma) and many great scientists were fervent masons and occultists.

    • Angel of Faith on

      Please take the time to look up an article: Demons in a house in Gary, Indiana. The article will be featured in the Indpls Star Newspaper. These things were witness by the Chief of Police in Gary, as well as a Case Manager for the Child Protection Agency.

    • No, none of this is for real. It was just an elaborate trap set up to trap your beautiful steely mind, and it worked – made you look! LOL

    • You are wrong they are as real as you and me. Read some of stuart wildes last two books, he understood the dark very well, as for me i have seen and experienced dark entities many times. They are invisible until you become aware and control a lot of the dark things going on here, including most western leaders, that is why they can mass murder under the guise of 'freedom' etc. Your approach is very nieve.and dangerous.

    • Think unorthodox on

      What's sad is people find comfort in thinking a magic man is going to save them so they sit back and let the real evil, MAN, FLESH AND BLOOD MAN. Do whatever they want to the world. Maybe if we quit believing in fairy tales and myths we would stand up together and take control of our lives and take control of our country and the world from evil greedy bastards. Maybe religion is there to keep you dosile so you will let what's happening happen and just say well nothing we can do its all in gods hands. You are alive now! Do something now!

    • wow clearly someone is afra k d of the truth of this world so, how easy it would be to just tell yourself its all a lie and make-believe… get a grip and dont let the spirits of ignorance,pride,and fear get the best of you..

    • The Voice of Truth on

      "Proof" is not how God wants us to believe but obviously you, like I was, need it to believe. I can start with the fact that the only prophesies in the Bible that havent come true are the ones yet to pass, or the fact that you can go through the Bible and find archeological evidence for pretty much all of it? Tens of thousands of evidence has been dug up. Example, in Turkey, just a few years ago, there was a large boat shape imprinted in the ground in a mountain range the Bible says Noah's Ark came to rest, further investigation revealed metal fittings forming the boat shape even more, the measurements were exactly the same as it is recorded in the Bible. Not to mention the cat hair and animal dung pulled from where the hull would have been. The Red Sea, away from popular crossing point guesses they found a spot matching the biblical description and diving down guess what was found? Chariot pieces from the Egyptian empire of Moses' time. You can look both of these up. There's proof Jesus lived and that his tomb was (and still is) empty. How would Christianity become the world's largest religion so rapidly without his miracles or resurrection? Especially since what he tought was considered blasphemy (the reason for his crucifixion) there had to of been more involved than a silver tounge. Search for God earnestly and you will find him, read his word and do your best to maintain righteousness and your life will change drastically, trust me. I was once atheist, then satanic through pressure of a friend (I didn't buy into it until I started communicating with demons). Then I felt the urge to go to God and once I repented and asked Jesus to forgive and come into my life the feeling that coursed through my soul was indescribable, it was the Holy Spirit. If I tried to describe it it was just euphoria and tingly and a rush, more intense than the high I felt popping molly, and believe me, that was nuts. Im not tying to force any religion on you, as I dont like it myself, but rather save you through coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  25. I couldn't stop laughing during "Queen B's" performance, her and Jay-Z are just too cliché now. It's become so usual me seeing her like this that its funny.

    Katy Perry was just redundant, from the moment she started in that crystal ball I was like, "Here we go again"*Le sigh*. I actually thought that this show would be different but shame on me for believing that.

    I'm very glad VC mentioned the 33 wedding number, just sick. I like the message but as always things are twisted in "their' favor as the crowd cheers, "Beautiful! Beautiful! More More!!!"


  26. I think the "devil horse" is supposed to be a nightmare(night-mare).

    Otherwise I'm disgusted how everything turns more and more into a satanic pornshow!

    • Best comment so far….. NightMare mythical creature would have caused all who witnessed this performance to have NightMares or some R.E.M difficulties….. This person has identified the situation and actually deserves donations for having solved what this outrageous performance was all about….. absolutely nailed it there is no better answer everyone can just stop trying to outcondsider this person's theory…. It is 100,00 percent correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank You Mr. Pest you are The Best

      These are real creatures and Katy Perry and Three 6 Mafia Juicy J launched these Nightmares at the viewing audience with a massive mega spell that propelled these legendary creatures off a ramp into your Living Spaces and Bedrooms through CBS stations…. NO QUESTION.
      Believe it…. This case is closed no reason to even keep on brainstorming as a VC community The Dark Horse ritual mystery has been solved. CASE CLOSED.

      • My friend who watched the Grammys said she couldn't sleep that night and felt no peace. We're Christians. She's a lot older than me, thought she would be wiser too.
        Unfortunately older does not mean wiser.

    • That's what I thought of when I first seen the horse during katy Perry's performance..a the nightmare horses on the movie Rise of the Guardians

      • I will have to watch that…. I have it downloaded already anyways…. yes that is what nightMARES are…. dark horses…. even the word Nightmare is originated froma German demon Horse that invades dreams…. I'm afraid this might be entry level black magic to be honest…. as in simplicity for them to summon these one dimensional creatures

    • Mostly because it's turning everything into being GODDAMN BORING!!!
      There's no excitement anymore. Only sex and death. Promiscuity and abortions.

  27. Modern Prophet on

    This entire display of the spirit of the antiChrist should make every believer rejoice knowing that our believing is not in vain and that Christ is coming for his Church (the body of believers, Christ being the head of that body). They are setting the stage for complete deception and darkness, so when we are caught up in the air, the light of the world (God is light, and God in Christ in you) will be gone. This is when the great tribulation begins. Therefore rejoice in the hope of the return of our savior, and share the Word of God as boldly as you'd like to share this website which exposes God's adversary.

  28. Question, Do these "artists" know what they are promoting or not? Are they oblivious about it or do they just keep going to avoid being dead or something and/or because they've signed a contract and are aware of the consequences?

    Also, in the Grammy's when Taylor Swift was playing the piano she kinda went a lil crazy and shook her head back and forth a lil to much… nothing significant but not so normal… At the end when the audience was clapping for her she didn't seem to smile or anything.. she had this serious kinda look…

    • I thought she was real awkward and unbalanced when she would dance too…. I think she wants more rhythm from Lucifer and is trying too hard to attain it, instead of just being herself and going right up to him and asking for his Mark

      • Listen to the lyrics of the song and you'll see why how she moves at the piano is in line with that. The content of the song is not easy, so it's appropriate she's not smiling at the end.

    • they all aware but to reach fame,money,material..they sacrified their original believe and faith..
      in this case..christianity..
      some cases like Tupac killed cos he refused to follow. many more like MJ, its not just restricted to artists..
      politician such JFK,etc..

  29. Ugh I just hate how people are calling them witches in general… Witches aren't bad people we're actually the opposite, we love nature and we don't harm anyone, it's just the dark magic witches that make it seem like we're all like that… Also, please, nobody ever confuse the Pentacle for an inverted pentagram, it's highly insulting because we're not satanic at all… Look up "wicca" people.

    • God lovingly lets us know in His Holy Words to us to worship the Creator and not the creation. It must be done a His way because He is the author of ít all. He wants you to know that, Amy. God will not share His glory with anything or anyone and there is a reason why. He loves you so deeply, you wouldn't even be able to begin to fathom it.

      • I'm not saying anything about me not loving God, I know he's loving. I'm glad you have so much faith in him but please don't make any assumptions regarding my religion as I have actually done a lot of research about different religions (obviously not all though).

      • Sorry Amy, you are being decieved. ANYTHING that takes away from Jesus as priority is going down the wrong track. e.g. Nature, etc.

      • Brainwashed much?! Listen to your own words and tell me it doesn't sound like brainwashing..

        "God lovingly lets us know in His Holy Words to us to worship the Creator and not the creation. It must be done a His way because He is the author of ít all."

        Do you seriously believe this bullshit?! This sounds more evil then anything else I've read on this silly ass page today… how did God let you know 'his' (not sure why god is he but whatever) holy words?! if you say the bible I will throw up. You people need to wake up. Loving the earth, nature and all 'Gods' creation IS loving god you fool.

        You keep worshipping some bullshit statues instead of putting that love into physically doing something good and loving for the world.

        Id rather follow a wiccan then you any day of the week..

      • I mean seriously – intelligence + critical thinking + wit + passion… Can we please have more people like you? :)

    • Amy, I don't condone the worship of anything but it seems the people who comment here are all delusional religious fanatics. I am sure you are a better person being a witch than they are being "christians".

      • Thank you, except I have nothing against christians (other than their suppressing behaviour). I'm just standing up for what I believe in, why can't we all just live life while believing in whatever we want without all this commotion?

      • No, those are scientology rejects; the suppressives – or maybe they amount to one and the same thing. Shine on Amy!

      • "why can't we all just live life while believing in whatever we want without all this commotion? "

        We have seen what people do when they believe in whatever they want. e.g. Syria, Libya, Iran, Benghazi, 9/11, Dahmer, Manson, Oklahoma City Bombing, etc….

      • Is there a common theme running through the majority of that list? How about more obvious examples such as Nazi Germany? The back stories behind many of those making your cut don't much support the initial assertion.

      • Most all of those were perpetrated by the Anglo-Saxon NWO empire am I missing something here

      • Amy if you don't like christians' behaviour, it's your chance to act like a true christian should act. Christ was perfect in every sense, christians however are rsponsible for their actions. Christ is not an oppressor to bully christians to behave like thy should. You could always be the first one who literally emulates Christ. Ignore the other christians and become a decent one yourself.

      • This is America, Its not like we are burning witches at the stake. You aren't going to jail because you are a witch. You are not being held from a job legally because you are a wtich. believe what you and 99.9% of Christians hold the same exct views as me. Just don't be surprised if you don't make it to heaven. IF you are truly a good person , I'm not certain you will suffer, but I am pretty curtain that you wont make it to the promised land, that Christ has developed for us. I can be wrong, but I surely doubt Jesus is wrong. That's just a chance I'm not willing to take. I have seen to much to be ignorantly deceived into not believing in my savior. That would be down right foolish of me, but everyone has different life experiences.

      • This is actually not directed wholly at Mike, but to many of the fervent commenters of the same ilk. And what is it to you if she doesn't make it? To all the pearl-clutching, hand-wringing die hards: Worry about your own souls. Isn't that enough? There are seven billion people in the world. Perhaps one should worry about whether or not people all over are living above subsistence and having a good quality of life while here on the physical earth, not what's going to happen after they die. I don't agree with the story of corruption from the beginning and why people should suffer because of it. Is it noble to suffer here and now while hoping for (possibly) something better in the hereafter?

        You can't convert the whole world, but keep on keepin' on, if that makes you happy (?). Most people aren't going to fall on their knees in a supplicant manner after being hounded about being a true believer, whatever that is. You can't force the whole world into falling in line with dogma, whichever denomination it may be. Fear and guilt is not the way to win hearts.

      • You the universe they are a balance like good and bad right and wrong, heaven and hell, black and white. If you don't know nor accept the both then in a spiritual realm you are useless. Even the bible shows you that balance. So there are good and bad.

      • There is no such thing as magic, Rick. Someone could cast spells on you all day and Absolutely NOTHING will happen to you. It's all a bunch superstitious crap made up to steer the gullible sheeple.

      • Oh you poor evil girl. Not so long ago these christians would be burning you at the stake. You're lucky you have somewhat secular courts to protect your right to your own beliefs. Otherwise you'll have to pray to their magic friend for favour in the after life.

    • Romans 1:21-25 (KJV) 21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

      22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

      23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

      24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

      25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

      Wicca, white magic, black magic–it all has the same source, that is, SATAN. Who, by the way, appears as an angel of light.

      • Modern Prophet on

        The Word of God said it, and whether you believe it to be the true Word or not, it stands like a diamond.

      • Modern Prophet on

        There were many writers of the Word, but only one author. 'The word came not by the will of men, but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.' This is the original God-breathed word, and while there have been many attempts to dismantle and corrupt God's word (which is really the entire purpose of the princes of this world), it still retains the inherit and inerrant accuracy if you rightly divide it.

      • That supply chain is too long, sorry. If you honestly believe that would lead to the accurate and entire message being recorded then you need to take your blinkers off. The Christian church is completely responsible for the growth of ungodly beliefs such as satanism despite it's best intentions and despite the fact that some of its followers are better human beings than myself.

    • According to Anton Levey, founder of the church of Satan, there is no dividing line between white magic and black magic. All magic comes from the same source… Satan. Witches who think they are "good" are being duped. The Bible warns about worshipping the creation over the Creator. ALL witchcraft is an abomination to God. Get out and let Jesus save you from this evil deception.

    • I was Wiccan once, for 6 or 7 years, but Gods light found me. I don't care what you believe as long as your not pushing it on me. Hell even if your a satanist at least you believe in something, no pun intended btw. But Wiccan is Pagan. And Paganism is directly attacking God. I'm glad I am not a pagan anymore because I realize now what it truly is. the Pagans built the tower of Babel and they got destroyed because they defiled God. There was so much disgusting sin in the world that they had to be destroyed. That's what the states, even North America is, Sodom and Grimore and the Tower of Babel. The only difference is now god will forgive you for all your sins because Jesus died so we could be forgiven. I am saying that paganism is bad, but so is organized Christianity. Christianity is not supposed to be how good of a person you are, or how many sins you didn't do, because if you live of the commandments then when you break one you break every single one and there is no hope for you. That's why Jesus died. So we would have a chance to live in heaven. One think organized religion forgets is that the church building and all it's regulations is not the real church. The church is the people gathering for the love of god himself. We are the church. Of a building with rules was the church then it would have been destroyed a long time ago. But it hasn't because the real church has survived within the beauty of gods love. I think it's good for you to have a firm belief in something but it's still not what it should be. I truly hope God will find you and touch your heart with his healing love, but it's your choice in beliefs and God will still give you a chance in the end. I think that I babbled more then I needed. And I don't want to attack you, I just want to inform you. I want everyone to go to heaven, so I wanna spread the loving word of God. I do believe in good and bad witches I just believe witch craft is still not good. But your probably a good person and that's why you will always be given a chance. I mean even bad people can repent when they die. Sorry to push my beliefs and may my god or yours bless your life! Peace and love be with you!

      • Even bad people can repent? That's a good sign. If they repen, it's good for them. Although if some people with bad deeds think they can carry on with their deeds and only have to repent before they pass away so they can go to heaven, in my humble opinion they won't get away. God knows everything about each one of us, our thoughts, so could take your life before you have the opportunity to repent. Crafty people can get away with us, with God though is another story. nO chance.

      • RideorDie4Jesus on

        'My God or yours'?!?..
        Devin..there is only ONE God.
        & His Son is called Jesus Christ..aka the Saviour of the Universe..& the ONLY way to be united with the Father.

    • White witch/ black witch, they are two sides of the same coin. You can either worship satan as a monster or as an angel of light, he is still satan and still receives worship on either side. Whether a person is "good" or not is of no consequence for only the Jesus testified of by the scriptures is able to save from sin and evil.

      • How right you are Ryard.

        Same entity with different marketing strategies.

        There are the TRUE Satanists who know and accept him for what he is, masters of the dark arts they hate humanity and glorify in chaos and the suffering of others. They are truly hidden, willing puppets (mainly generational but some through pledges) who will go down with their dark lord and hope to drag as many down with them. 'by their fruits you shall know them'…….. Black magic.

        Then there are the Luciferians, they do not accept him as a fallen angel who rebelled against God…. no, to them he is misunderstood, a hero who stood up to a tyrant, who only wanted to help humanity by giving them knowledge. Luciferians view him as the true God …. he is the eternal youth, the Light bringer. The non threatening angel of light. Still those at the very top of these organisations know really and that is why they often disguise his name. These followers are alot more obvious, hidden in plain sight, open about their NWO ambitions. by their fruits you shall know them…… mainly White magic

        For everyone else (agnostics, the mildly curious) there is New Age spirituality, Wicca and Paganism. Baby steps to the supposed white magic of Luciferianism….. Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey white brotherhood etc…

        Heads or Tails? Same Coin. Duality.

    • Actually in the 80s during an interview with Lavey's daughter and high priest they plainly state that a witch is a witch is a witch. Lavey is the the one who wrote the satanic bible and who knows as well as him, the two I mentioned are Satanists. So they would know evil don't you think. If you don't believe me it's okay just look it up your self, please. His daughters name is Xena and she existed before the show came out. Read the bible your self and break the spell on you.

    • There was some deeply buried sarcasm in there, am I right? Daft Punk are inoffensive, pink and fluffy rolled-in-sugar Luciferians, not Satanists. Of course it IS the same thing but most people will never know and recognize that they are two sides of the same coin – Satanism is exclusively deemed the preserve of men in black cloaks doing horrible things to innocents in dark caves. New Ageism/Yoga/most meditation/Paganism is all about peace-loving people in touch with their inner selves engaged in self-discovery and love for all earth's creatures. In one sense, it is okay to explore this but not at the expense of appreciating that the power is not the sun or the rain or the spirits or within ourselves, it is the monotheistic God and that rarely happens as they are not marketed as related ideas by design.
      The entire qualitatively superior experience of an idyllic childhood is tied in with this cutesy, pantheistic form of Luciferianism from birth onwards. It is attractive on many levels, miraculous children discovering a beautiful planet kind of idea, except that all acknowledgement of why the planet is beautiful or who made it is expertly stripped out of the equation.

  30. VC certainly directs our attention to what is going on. he puts it on a platter.

    The 64k question is why?

    think about the individuals in the industry behind the pushing of these particular symbols and rituals. what is this an implication of? if there is secret information about what humans are capable of don't you want to know for yourself?

    It is not as simple as black or white nor does it have anything to do with 'good' or 'evil' — focus your energy on figuring this out instead of remaining on the sidelines.

    Hint: If you figure out the symbols for YOURSELF through personal direct experience, you will know all the answers. Well at least most of them which is more than enough to get started. peace.

      • symbol:
        a thing that represents or stands for something else, esp. a material object representing something abstract

        We're all entitled to an opinion. Yours just happens to be silly.

    • Humans are capable of great atrocity like the Nazis and their symbols!
      The Great White Brotherhood is at the top of the pyramid.

  31. The scene in Beyonce's video Partition was replicating the lighting and performance from the burlesque club Crazy Horse. It was Crazy Horse that came up with it. It's just some club in Paris that not many people have the means to go to. Are they promoting the Illuminati agenda too?

    What ritual is referenced by the ring of fire? I thought the fire was referencing the burning of the witches at the stake.

    Are you going to do an analysis of the videos in Beyonce's album? You said that you saw monarch symbolism as well.

  32. Who would've thought of all the acts, the "evil" Metallica (with Lang Lang) would deliver the most important and brutally honest message of the night. Low vibrational for sure, but the song and performance were not agenda-ridden like Macklewhore or 'Queen Bey'. Instead, the message portrayed the horrors of war and how it basically stuffs up all those who come in the direct firing line of it. This legendary 23 year old epic song perfectly sums up what the current war veterans are going through mentally. More importantly, the song is a perfect deterrent to those thinking of joining the army (i.e. DON'T!!). BTW, the only mention of God was ironically from Metallica (I discount Jay-Z thanking God for obvious reasons). A powerful message delivered by the most important rock band of the past 30 years to 23.8 million viewers can't go wrong.

    • Actually they've written a few angry songs about carelessness that certainly aren't good, but some of their well known songs are very powerful and truthful (e.g. One, Master of Puppets, The Unforgiven) and that makes them one of the most important bands of the past 30 years.

    • wow an antiwarsong, how original and heartmoving LOL…

      u really think they dont belong to the same bunch they share the stage with? dream on.

      btw i dont give a fuck for ur "current war veterans". they are murdering brown people in multiple countries far away from home. all for a greater israel.

      • I have no sympathy for war veterans either. Metallica just talk about war and the mental agony of it – that's it. I hope that within their aguish, the current war veterans have deep regret and feel guilty for what they've done. Their suffering is a lesson for those thinking of joining.

      • It is hard to sympathize with people who decide to kill without researching their cause…. you can't just take someones word for why you should kill other human beings

    • I am not familiar with the song they sang at all, however, was it called "One"? I kept seeing the word "ONE" on the back screen during the performance. In the new age movement – we are all one. That was my take anyway.

      • Hm, i take distance from your statement, for i have lived in the same house with someone trying to play that song on eletric guitar. And never reach even the break. Not once. Years.
        So i would offer also the possibility of never hearing that song and still be happy..
        Let luck decide 😉

    • what do you mean by low vibrational? music and the elements that make up music are very powerful. they can bring light or darkness very quickly. despite the lyrics (and I don't know them), the instrumental music seemed very dark to me. i have a great example of this, but I will be too creeped out to write it as it is late at night. If you really want to know it, let me know and i'll write it out tomorrow in the day time!

    • I think the vibration of the music is determined by the musicians original intent for it…. not the chord progressions they use…. that's the way I would determine the vibration for it anyways… you may be using that concept in a way that is associated with Major chords vs. Minor chords though

    • Vigilant Reader on

      Please remember that when somebody thanks "god" you don't know who they are referring to. There have been many "gods" throughout history (those who want to be or replace God) . In this case many of these performers seem to serve a different "god", lucifer.

  33. Brenda Roberts on

    Thanks for posting this, VC.

    The one performance you didn't mention was Lorde's. I've linked to it below with some interesting commentary from MTV. Seems she was channeling the "Black Death." But what I noticed about this performance early in the show was that the flickering beams of light on stage were fast and furious, almost creating a purposeful trance-induced state. Couple that with the fact that the singer acted as though she was either having a seizure on stage or being possessed. She would regularly look as if she were convulsing. How is that a normal way to perform a song?

    • Brenda Roberts on

      Of course I've danced before. There is a difference between dancing and what she was doing between the lyrics. You might prefer to call it "interpretive dance" but she looked as if she was seizing or becoming possessed. And yes, I've seen people seizing so I know what it looks like. I also think I've seen someone possessed and what she was doing had similar traits.

      • Brenda Roberts on

        ChidofIsis: It's the CONTEXT in which this was done. As another person here said, you have to look at the Grammy show as a string of various rituals/ceremonies/chants. If you do it that way, Beyonce started the show, followed by Lorde (further taking the energy of Beyonce and feeling it). Then Katy Perry does her obvious call to Satan, followed by more of the same. It's ALL part of the ritual and maybe some of these "artists" are "feeling the vibe" more than others. That's all I meant about the woman appearing "possessed" when she was singing. If "it looks like she's having a seizure" is easier to handle than "she looks possessed" then go with that one. The point is….view the show in context of what is being said and done for our "entertainment." (or enTRAINment.)

    • So glad someone else noticed this too! The whole show was evil from beginning to end and just shows where our world is in history!

      • Was it just me or did Lorde have black fingertips in her that performance? Made her look like she was promoting death like a rotting corpse. Thought at first it was just her nails but I'm pretty sure it was her whole fingertips.

      • Omg yes I ddnt watch the Grammy's but I did watch the performances on sum sites and I had to pause on her perfomance and YES those were her FINGERTIPS that were black. I was like wtf? And why is she singing so weird like trying to captivate the audience and she did look like the corpsebride IMO

    • I watched half of that performance and thought it was weird too. I think she has a really good voice and the song wasn't bad, but there was clearly something else going on.

    • This 'girl' appeared out of nowhere and has been catapulted into an overnight 'sensation'. They are the ones to be most wary of. I think she looks very strange. Her eyes look really old and she does not look 17. I'd say she is a jinn manifesting in human form. Aliens are also jinn.

      • The reason why she is an overnight sensation is because her music is amazing. It's easy to tear someone up but I have met her in real life (at a Broods concert – another young artist who will probably rise to fame quickly because of her talent…) and she is just a normal arty 17 year old. She always does the weird twitch thing when she performs – it is just a quirk which she has stuck to probably cause it gets her attention.

  34. I haven't watched the Grammy in years and have no plans to for this very reason. Just sick. It's not even about music anymore, heck the whole industry isn't really about music anymore.

  35. I watched a bit of Beyonce's performance and what struck me were the relentless strobe lights. They mess with the brain and it makes me wonder if they aren't part of the process of getting into people's head. Made me dizzy.

    • Brenda Roberts on

      "They" enjoy using strobe lights and flickering them at fast intervals to induce either a frenzy or an hypnotic state. The same thing is done with various tones and frequencies (some of which we can't even hear with the human ear.) I personally think the use of strobe lights at the Grammy's was done at SPECIFIC times to keep the audience in person and on TV sucked into the ritual.

    • They are. Read Springmeir. He actually says that the intelligence agencies popularized the use of flashing lights in clubs to trigger monarchs.

  36. Why is there no mention of the final song of the show? Queens of the Stone Age performed "My God is the Sun" under a giant light filled ball.

    • Nine Inch Nails and QOTSA are the good guys; I only watched the grammy's to see their performance. Daft Punk are good guys too …
      "Like the legend of the phoenix
      All ends with beginnings
      What keeps the planet spinning (uh)
      The force of love beginning"
      "We've come too far to give up who we are
      So let's raise the bar and our cups to the stars"

      The song that NIN performed was perfect … go read the lyrics of it, it's called 'copy of a'.

      The grammy's completely disrespected them by cutting their performance short too.

      Not all music is bad … I'm a musician just trying to spread the good word, that is all. cheers

    • It depends on how a person perceives the Sun. The Sun plays such an important role for Earth, it provides the energy and heat for life to thrive on Earth. So in a way it is a God, so to speak. But the problem is in meanings. God is the Creator of the Universe, and therefore the Sun so he is the God of the Sun, just as his Son, like the Sun, is the Son/Sun of Man! However the Devil tries to align himself with the Sun. The Devil is also known as Lucifer, the Light Bearer.

      Satanists worship him as the Lord of Light, but the thing is, there is a difference between bearing light and being 'light'! A huge universal gulf of difference. Somewhere along the line the Satanists and associated groups managed to get lost in translation, not understanding that the word 'bear' itself has several meanings. The first is to give off, or emit, like shining, then the second is to bring forth or give birth too and the third finally is to hold up. Think of the Statue of Liberty holding the torch! What if their light bearer is the third, holding the light, but not necessarily being the light itself. And how could he be otherwise! Lucifer as the Sun, is the symbol of the Super Ego, a small light rallying against greater light of the Universe/God! Lucifer was an Angel, made by God, but yet like mortal man, wasn't God, but strived to be like God. The same thing is happening with the Illuminati. They want to be like God or the fallen Angels but can't understand that thanks to our biological and spiritual make-up, we can't. We're not and were never meant to be such a thing! And we will never be!

      The Garth Nix Weekday books, while in their way being very Anti-Christian highlight the conflict with the Creators and their offspring! The Hero in the End could have reinvented the universe according to his whims but thanks to having been born human and genuinely caring for the universe he was born into decides to continue his predecessor's work. He realised that things were working fine as they were and that it was far too much work and responsibility to begin again. What sane person, alive or in the hereafter really wants that? I would wager not many. It's simply too much for an honest human soul.

  37. I didn't watch The Grammy's but I saw all about them in my FB feed. As soon as I saw Katy Perry's cross outfit I KNEW you'd have an article on the show! I only had to see a few things to know what was going on.

    It is so blatant anymore. I remember when the grammy's were just normal performances by great performers without any hoopla in the background.

    Katy Perry what can one say about her. She is a great puppet for sure. I think she wants to fit in so bad she will do anything to do so. I think that is the case with many in this industry. It's not easy and if you are willing to do "whatever" it takes to make it to the top then it seems you will…even if it means "selling your soul" to do so.

    Great article!

    • Hopefully, thanks to her Christian upbringing she will in time come to her senses. Reminds me of Snoop Dog. You wouldn't think it but his Mother is a preacher with her church who like many mothers the world over before her, has prayed strongly for their wayward sons to return to Jesus. Ironically, despite his current activities, she has a strong conviction that he will in time time turn around from Showbiz Debauchery and embrace his true calling preaching for God. We know he has the ability to reach out to the disaffected and disenchanted, but it will take a true miracle to convert those abilities to a greater good.

      He's got one thing in his favor, unlike his peers, he doesn't do hypocrisy. They should all take a leaf out of Keith Richard's book, at least he admits that no matter what happens, he is going to take full responsibility for his actions and he fully expects to meet Beelzebub when his time comes. And I admire him more for that honesty. If Richards continues on like this, he will be one of the few Rockers to find redemption simply because he is ready to admit to his mistakes and stupidity! In true Christian confession, admitting to yourself and God, your true sins is the very first step to redemption and eternal life. Looks like Heaven is going to be in for a treat in the next few decades, being heartily entertained by anecdotes of the most outrageous episodes of the Rolling Stones History as personally told by Richards himself! Whether he realizes it or not. Now for the rest of them!

  38. SeptemberMorn123 on

    I can not believe all the praise people give these "celebrities" for their disgusting performances. Twitter was blown up with nothing but praise and shock. I find it funny that these same people who exclaim that "Pink Rocked it tonight!" or "dang Beyonce put on a show wow!" don't put it together. Really, think about it-why is pop so dark lately? Why all the fire? If you ask the average Joe why even music videos are so strange and full of weird symbols and things unrelated to the lyrics, they just don't know why or say "it's just the thing. Its SUPPOSED to be weird"..yeah ok. I hope all the dark and evil undertones (or really, overtones) gets some people reevaluating what the music industry's true message is all about.

    • Comrade Kitsch on

      I think there is something to be said about the way an entire music industry is working together to produce one master plan. These artists are willing to sacrifice their souls, let a lone any artistic integrity they might have, to bring the masses to Satan. I know Jesus is coming back, and He is bound to be disappointed in what he sees. I see him getting addicted to Oxys and becoming a Beleiber.

    • These influential and powerful people know how to buy these corporations or probably owns them, that means they can make random fake profiles. fake views, fake tweets. anything fake. Just look at the soundcloud fake followers.

      • That is so true. I know about a Hollywood film director whose wife buys him blocks of twitter followers by the thousand for each of his birthdays,

  39. I wasn't waiting to watch it. It just started when the TV was on. I immediately turned it off and brought the kids to bed. Thank goodness I did that…

    • Wouldn't it be brilliant if next year they were prim and proper and had extricated all Illuminati symbolism from the ceremony? People would be waiting to get stuck into the same old theories but there would be nothing to say whatsoever. Would it ever happen though?

  40. Would love to hear some thoughts on Dave Grohl. Where does he stand in the music industry. IMO Dave is a genius and the Foo Fighters are incredible.

    • That's an interesting point. My first thought is that since "rock n' roll" is not as popular as rap or R n' B these days, perhaps the "powers that be" have given Grohl credit for time served when he was in Nirvana, and are just letting him live life. Sorry, that's really all I have…

      • considering his ex band mate blew his brains out or did he, and they clearly are druggies, I would not expect to give him a nobel prize for humanity. clearly. they are all gross. I can barely find a song or artist for my ipod that isn't creepy or part of this, maybe, perhaps Jewel. I don't know. they all seem to be in on it or at the very least just twisted freaks.

      • Jewel? What about that song Intuition? I couldn't discern if it was criticism of the music industry or merely giving in.

      • Monique,
        Have you not learned by now that they sacrifice the ones who don't go along with their evil? There's so much evidence that Kurt was murdered, as well as, a bunch of people surrounding him to keep the suicide facade alive. Read "Love & Death" it's an eye opener.

        Now with Dave Grohl, I was a huge fan, but I agree, they don't just let you into the club. And not that it means he's Satanic, but he did play Satan in a Jack Black video.

        There are really normal looking Satanists, they're called wolves in sheep's clothing.

      • I didnt trust Dave or Courtney. I saw the inside of her house one day on cribs and it looked like a museum- u would not expect that art and classy elegance from a rocker like her- I never expected that style ft her and it was multi million had to be part of it also. Not sure about Dave's role

    • Funny you mention Dave Grohl. I was watching something last night about various artists actually, and ironically, Dave Grohl was included. Sorry to burst your bubble but…I would pass on his sorry a55 right away. If you're interested… the videos are still on you tube. Here is the channel :

      I was watching the videos called "Clive Davis: Satan's Son". Do yourself a favor and take a peek at it. I think it was the second or third part that touched on Dave Grohl.

      • I'm assuming Brian jones from the Rolling Stones was a sacrifice. According to Wikipedia he was the one that started the band. Now look who is in the spotlight( I will give you a hint: he's got moves like Jagger, lol). Wiki also states that he died at the prime age of 27, hmmm? Club 27?

    • Dave Grohl is awesome, as are many artists that people seem to bash here, including: Incubus, RHCP, 311, Pearl Jam, etc. It's really funny to hear people call them out as part of the Illuminati and devil worshipers… kind of like Elvis and his devilish dancing, shaking those hips (*smh). LOL

      • Actually they all were and are part of the same tream. I love Metallica and say these.r beautiful.songs not devil.worshipping like these rappers are even more evil. Even ozzy I.said these have nothing devil.worship with a few.exceptions of the sabbath days..
        But going back now and understanding true meanings- Metallica sang about each and every theme discussed here. Remener the creepy hauntings slash mind confroll of kids blatant at the london Olympics well that is wjat- enter sandman was about.even one- it was chosen here because of the word one- subliminal- master of puppets about govt having us on puppet.strings- the call of ktulu anyone?? At.first I thought that was made up…we.can go back and start analyzing from the.first album.

    • I've heard from "insiders" that to simply get a record deal, you need to join a "coven." This comes from a very high level insider. If you think about it, and know how corrupt and wicked the music industry is, it does seem legitimate. Even these 'little girls' who came from Disney and now have reached puberty, are out there promoting the devil and sexual trash. If you research Disney, you'll find out some really creepy things about the man himself, and his business too.

      • Any social group has its rules. Places can greatly change over time.

        I never got far enough to tell you about the music business for sure. But, one record guy told me, in doubtful tones, we were "another Christian rock band like U2". At that time, I only knew one person with a U2 record, so it was like 35 years ago.

  41. Why is anyone surprised by that performance!..Katy Perry is a Satanist, she has already said that she sold her soul to the devil in an interview she gave a couple of years ago I VC has said on numerous occasions she was performing a ritual..have you not heard the saying "energy goes where attention flows"

    • I wouldn't say people are surprised, as mush as I would say they are viciously dissecting it, tearing it apart, and dispelling it into Oblivion

      • K Perry and others might regret their current affairs in the future. You never know what the future holds.

      • Don't forget about her (now "Christian") parental exposure to LSD with Leary. That little tidbit comes up frequently in the strangest family trees…

      • Just googled it up. Turns out her dad actually was an acid dealer (not just fellow user) for Leary before turning "Christian" preacher!

      • No way! Leary had some amazingly intelligent friends…. some of whom were Light side and some of whom were darkside villains

      • Well it looks like Ms Hudson has thrown the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. She will pay for her stupidity in Kind! If she has embraced Witchcraft, then she should already be fully aware of this fact. Her first marital divorce is only the beginning! What she has sown she will be repaid with thrice! She can no longer blame her parents or God, but only herself for however her life now turns out!!!

      • turnkey have no idea and don't care. I have my own problems and better taking care of myself since this is my responsibility. We have a chit chat, some goss abou them but do we honestly give a fvck? nope. Their lives, their problems.

  42. What a crummy show. I didn't watch thank goodness. Who wants to see a bunch of weddings for heaven's sake? It's all so unimaginative. Talk about the banality of evil.

  43. A critical addition to the Katy Perry Witchcraft performance was including the garbage rapper Juicy J; not for his rapping talents (obviously) but for his membership to the Rap Group Triple 666 Mafia. It wasn't about him…. It was about launching the spell through the numbers 666…. and having him involved was a necessity in the black magic's amplification…..

  44. . "As Katy Perry’s song says: “Cause once you’re mine … There’s no going back.” The last sentence of this article is in itself, a lie. I am an ex-Wiccan who turned her life and soul over to Jesus Christ. I can honestly say that I was a Jesus-hating Pegan. I am now washed with the Blood, as the song says. I've never looked back;

    • I'm with you on that one. I was once a wiccan, starting to turn over to the darker side. Thank God that the Lord chose to intervene in my life!

      Once you have your eyes opened, it's hard to see how others willingly choose to keep them shut. Satan can certainly tell all the lies he wants to make sure they stay that way. Thank you Jesus for giving us the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

    • That is wonderful! And proof that the Lord accepts you just as you are – it is by His power that you are restored and washed white as snow.

      Praise His name!

      May God bless you guys (Brainplague and Kakumei).

    • great to see more of us coming out here, so to speak, and sharing our path from dark to light!

      i, too, was once a wiccan, only what i deem to be a more diabolocial form: i believed i was a "white witch" of sorts, (HA!) and one who didn't hate Christ (but did his followers) and saw all paths as the same. i think Evil forms the veil that most suits us, but still keeps us from seeing the Truth. but each must walk their own path to find the Truth, it cannot be mandated, or there is no free will!

      anyway, i never forgot the fact that in all my studying and "learning" and experimenting in metaphysics and the occult, the fact remained that even those on the left path often acknowledged that speaking the name of Jesus Christ or calling out to him in your mind/with your spririt would protect you from darkness. even THEY yielded to this Truth. and… i am grateful that it worked. i still kept playing with fire,until i finally received my invitation, through Grace…

      nothing like being saved from yourself. : )

  45. I never bothered watching the Grammys,
    The room filled with all the celebrities and the cheering actually makes me feel very uncomfortable.

    The images I have seen make me wonder how people can be so blind!!!!
    Seriously, End times are near, and I have no idea where to turn,
    I refuse to let a lot of that 'Popular' music near my children,

    I don't know what I can do to keep us "safe"


    • We are all God's children. He made us all. And we all die. Aren't you Christian? Why are you afraid of end times?

      • The 'alleged' christians don't get a visa to heavens. Do you understand how serious this life is for everyone? A test that if you fail you'll spend the rest of the time regretting it.

    • pray to God to cast out evil from you and your family, and pray for a shield of protection. pray for knowledge and discernment so you can know what is good and evil. stay away from evil and seek after good. teach your children. try to emulate Christ. that is what i try to do.

    • Pray to God, not to one of his prophets, directly to God himself and realise that your children are separate beings whom you can only influence, only God can guide them aright.

  46. I liked her performance. Never judge a performance and say she is this or that without knowing the person personally and not from afar from blogs like this to other blogs and entertaiment news sources. Personally they just seem to embrace all this pccult stuff to promote and garner conteoversey which is good for ratings and promotions like cyrus and her mtv stunt. All for show. Relax people, no need to get all worked up about