The Hidden Meaning of the Movie “Coraline”


Coraline is a popular stop-motion movie released in 2009. While the film appears to be aimed at young people, Coraline’s imagery tells a hidden story: The programming of a mind control slave at the hands of a sadistic handler. We’ll look at the hidden meaning of the movie Coraline.


Warning: Gigantic spoilers ahead!

Coraline was the first animated movie released by Focus Pictures, the same company that later released 9, another animated movie with a dark underlying meaning (read the article about it here). However, unlike 9, Coraline received rave reviews and almost universal praise for its story and visuals. Part of the movie’s appeal is its simple, child-friendly premise interlaced with twisted imagery and psychological depth. And, for those who know about Mind Control symbolism, the movie goes even deeper: It symbolically depicts the process of programming of a mind control slave at the hands of a manipulative handler (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control).

In fact, the very first scene of the movie is basically a “Mind Control 101” summation of the entire process. It shows a pair of creepy metallic hands transforming an old doll into a new one. If one examines this scene closely, “with eyes to see”, it symbolically (and creepily) depicts how MK slaves are taken, traumatized, and programmed by a handler–represented throughout the movie by a metallic hand.

A creepy hand (the symbol that will represent the handler throghout the movie) about to get to work on this doll (representing an MK slave).

The creepy hands of an unseen creep are about to get to work on this doll (which represents an MK slave).

Its clothes are removed...

Its clothes are removed using scissors (a reference to abuse?)

Hair ripped out (a form of trauma-inducing torture?)

Hair ripped out from its head (a form of trauma-inducing torture?)

Eyes ripped out (the main way of portraying a slave).

Eyes ripped out. As you might know by reading Vigilant Citizen, the removal of eyes is the main symbol representing MK programming.

The insides forcibly removed (representing the slave's core persona?)

The insides are forcibly removed (representing the removal of the slave’s core persona?)

It is then refilled by the handler and made to look like Coraline. The creation of the alter persona is symbolically complete.

The doll is then refilled by the handler and made to look like Coraline. The creation of the alter persona is symbolically complete.

The first scene of the movie sums up what will happen during the entire movie: The programming of a young girl by a sadistic handler. Before going into the details of the movie, let’s look at its general premise.

The Premise

Coraline is a little girl who moved into a new house with her parents. She is constantly bored and unhappy and her parents do not give her the attention she wants. While exploring her new house, Coraline finds a small door that leads to an alternate version of her reality where her parents are fun and attentive and where everything is magical and wonderful. In this sense, the premise of Coraline is similar to stories such as The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Labyrinth. All of these movies, including Coraline, follow the same basic blueprint: 1) The protagonist is a young girl that is curious, fearless, resourceful, and not afraid to speak her mind; 2) She is bored with her life and wishes for fun and adventure; 3) She magically enters a world that is strange, but wonderful; and 4) She gets “hooked” into the alternate world and doesn’t want to go back to reality.

For this reason, these story are used as programming tools in actual Mind Control sessions. These storylines encourage slaves who are being tortured to escape the trauma by dissociating from reality and entering an alternate reality (programmed by the handler). By doing so, the brain “disconnects” from the body and the sensation of pain disappears. While watching The Wizard of Oz, slaves are told to “go over the rainbow” and while watching Alice in Wonderland, they must “walk through the looking glass”. Coraline follows a similar script as the protagonist goes through a small door to access the “wonderful” alternate reality. This world is everything Coraline wishes for, but there is one small hiccup: It is fake, created by a sadistic handler to manipulate her. Let’s look at the movie’s protagonist.


Coraline is voiced by Dakota Fanning, a child star (she was about 15 years old when working on Coraline) who has appeared in other MK-themed movies (see my article on Hide and Seek). The character appears to have a “magical” side. At the beginning of the movie she is shown practicing the ancient occult activity of dowsing or “water witching”.
Coraline looking for a secret well using her dowsing rod.

Coraline looking for a secret well using her dowsing rod. Because of this, her friend Wybie will call her a “water witch”.

  A water witch or dowser, redrawn from a sixteenth-century woodcut.

A water witch or dowser, redrawn from a sixteenth-century woodcut.

Later in the movie, Coraline’s father calls her a “twichy, witchy girl” while singing to her. Throughout the movie, magical, supernatural things happen around her. However, we later discover that these things are traps meant to lead Coraline to her handler. All of these scenes allude to the witchcraft aspect involved in MK programming.

At one point, Wybie gives Coraline a strange gift: A doll that looks just like her.

In MK symbolism, dolls represent the slave's alter persona. Coraline will call this doll "Little Me".

In MK symbolism, dolls represent the slave’s alter persona. Coraline will call this doll “Little Me”.

Coraline brings this dolls everywhere she goes. However, sometimes, the doll appears to lure Coraline to places where her handler wants her to go: The alternate world or, in MK terms, dissociation.

Coraline is "magically" lead to find a little locked door in her house. When her mother unlocks it, the door leads nowhere.

Coraline finds a small locked door in her house. When her mother unlocks it, the door leads nowhere.

However, at night, Coraline is "magically" lead back to the door and she finds out that it leads to a whole other world.

However, at night, Coraline is “magically” lead back to the door and she finds out that it leads to an alternate reality.

The Other World

When Coraline goes through the door, she enters back into her house – but everything is slightly different.

Coraline finds her "other mother" who is warmer, more attentionate and a better cook than her real mother. Also, she has buttons instead of eyes.

Coraline finds her “Other Mother” who is warmer, more attentive and a better cook than her real mother. Also, she has buttons instead of eyes. The symbolism of buttons instead of eyes is extremely important in this movie: it illustrates that the characters in the alternate world are puppets fabricated by the handler. It is later revealed that the Other Mother is the handler in disguise.

Everything in the Other World is tailor-made to charm Coraline and to fulfill her needs (which are the needs of all children): Receiving attention from parents, having fun and discovering wonderful things. The handler therefore knows exactly which “buttons to push” to get a positive response from Coraline. Knowing that Coraline is upset with the disgusting food of her real parents, the Other Mother projects the warm and comforting sight of a mother preparing a home cooked meal for her family.

In the Other World, Coraline's father created an entire garden that looks like Coraline's face when seen from above. This is another way to win over Coraline, by tapping in children's need of being the center of the world.

In the Other World, Coraline’s father created an entire garden that looks like Coraline’s face when seen from above. This is another way to win over Coraline, by tapping in children’s need of being the center of the world. Everything is made especially for her and everything is made to make her feel special.

As expected, Coraline realizes that she likes it better in the Other World. But things get creepy very quickly. While, at first, the movie caters to everything children like, it then turns to everything that scares children (many parents reported that this seemingly child-friendly movie terrified their children and gave them nightmares).

The Other Mother asks Coraline to stay with her forever. To do so however, Coraline must let the Other Mother sew buttons over her eyes.

Coraline's other parents proposing her to sow buttons on her face. This creepy request represents a slave permanently escaping reality through dissociation, effectively causing them to lose their very soul. Notice the two horned (Baphomet-like) heads in the background. They are prominently lighted to emphasize the black magic/occult transformation of the MK process.

Coraline’s other parents proposing her to sow buttons on her face. Notice the two horned (Baphomet-like) heads in the background. They are prominently lit to emphasize the black magic/occult transformation of the MK process happening in the alternate world. These horned heads are not there in the kitchen of the real world.

The Other Parents ominously call Coraline “our little doll” and tell her that “soon you will see things our way”. Sewing buttons onto her eyes means that she would permanently become the handler’s puppet, who would then, as the movie states, “devour her soul”. In MK terms, she would lose control of her core persona by staying stuck in the dissociative world created by her handler (the equivalent of devouring her soul).

The concept of eyes (and the lack thereof) is extremely important in this movie, as it is in actual MK Programming symbolism. While the occult elite represents itself with the All-Seeing Eye, Mind Control is represented by removing eyes – causing the slave to lose sight of reality.

A creepy poster of the movie featuring an All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle.

A creepy poster of the movie featuring an All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle.

When Coraline refuses the button deal, the Other Mother gets angry and we see her true form.

The illusion of the other world is broken. Coraline sees the true form of the other mother, a skeletical spider-like horror. When MK slaves give in to dissociation, the "relief" it caused at first turn into a nightmare.

The illusion of the Other World is broken. Coraline sees the true form of the other mother, a skeletal spider-like monstrosity. When MK slaves give in to dissociation, the “relief” it causes at first quickly turns into a nightmare.

Coraline is then locked in a room where she finds the ghosts of other kids who became her slaves. Here, they are hidding one eye and ask Coraline to find their eyes.

Coraline is then locked in a room where she finds the ghosts of other kids who became the handler’s slaves. In this scene, the ghosts are hiding one eye while asking Coraline to find their eyes, the only way their souls will be freed.

To find the ghost's missing eyes, Coraline must use a symbolic tool: A triangle with a hole in it. Is this a nod to the All-Seeing in triangle?

To find the children ghosts’ missing eyes, Coraline must use a symbolic tool: A triangle with a hole in it. Is this a nod to the All-Seeing in triangle?

The three ghosts call the Other Mother “Beldam”, which means “ugly, evil-looking old woman”. The word also resembles the term Grand Dame, the title given to important women in the Illuminati mind control system.

“An Illuminati Grande Dame will assist the programmers to insure that the proper script is given to the child and that a psychotic break doesn’t occur causing the victim to lose their mind.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Not so coincidentally, the Beldam in Coraline basically plays the role of a Grand Dame in mind control programming.

“A close loving bond is needed between a child and the initial abuser so that a clean split is created when the initial mind-splitting trauma is carried out. The clean split occurs when the child is confronted with two irreconcilable opposing viewpoints of someone who is important to them. The child can’t reconcile the two extremely opposite views of the same person, one being a loving caretaker, and the other being the worst kind of abuser. The person the child trusted the most is the person the child fears the most. Some professional therapists have come to realize that this is how the core is split.”
– Ibid.

In Monarch Mind Control, the Grand Dame is one of the three people that assist in the programming of young slaves. Like in Coraline, the Grand Dame is somewhat of a (twisted) mother figure.

“As a child of the Illuminati progressed through its programming, three people had oversight over its programming: its Grande Mother, its Grande Dame, and the Programmer.”
– Ibid.

Throughout the movie, Coraline is told that there is “only one key” that can open and lock the door to the alternate world – and the Beldam desperately wants it. This key represents access to Coraline’s psyche. Either Coraline has control of it or the Beldam does. For this reason, there is “only one key”.

In her quest for freedom, Coraline is not alone. She is helped by a strange character.

The Black Cat

The nameless black cat become Coraline's guide and mentor throughout her journey...or is he leading her straight to programming?

A nameless black cat becomes Coraline’s guide and mentor throughout her journey.

The black cat first appears to Coraline while she’s “water witching” at the beginning of the movie. In European folklore, black cats were believed to be witches’ “familiars”- spirits who aid and protect them while they accomplish their magical work. In Coraline, the black cat basically plays the same role and becomes vital to her succeeding.

While the cat appeared to Coraline in the real world, he also appears in the Other World  – and with no buttons on his eyes. Furthermore, when in the Other World, the cat can speak with her. The cat also seems to know a lot about the Beldam and the world she created.

In this scene, the black cat shows Coraline how the Other World is a fake construct created by the Beldam to lure Coraline. In MK terms, it is the dissociative world created by the handlers.

In this scene, the black cat shows Coraline how the Other World is a fake construct created by the Beldam to lure Coraline. In MK terms, the black cat is showing Coraline the confines of the dissociative world.

While the black cat appears to be of great help, he also tends to lead Coraline into Beldam’s traps.

In this scene, the Black Cat leads Coraline back to the portal to the Other World.

In this scene, the Black Cat leads Coraline back to the portal to the Other World, causing her to dissociate again.

So is the black cat helping or manipulating Coraline? The very end of the movie might provide an answer.

After some adventuring, Coraline saves the ghosts by finding their eyes and destroying Beldam’s constructed world. She then throws the key to the Other World (which represents her psyche) down the magical well she found while water-witching. Coraline then happily goes back to her real world and tries to make the best of real life. Her family organizes a party in their garden – the same garden that was made to look like Coraline in the Other World. As the view of the garden pans out, observant viewers might realize something odd.

The garden is shaped like the face of Beldam.

The garden is shaped like the face of Beldam.

While many viewers probably did not notice this almost-subliminal tidbit, it has a heavy meaning. It represents the Beldam imprinting Coraline’s forever – even if she was apparently defeated.

In fact, was the Beldam truly defeated? Was Coraline actually manipulated by the cat? Was throwing the key to her psyche down that well a good move? Can the Beldam now “trigger” Coraline back into her world whenever she needs to? Like in other MK-themed movies (such as Labyrinth), while the final scene of the movie appears to be a celebration, the celebration is dampened by creepy little details that hint that all might not be “well and good”.

Right after, the movie ends with the black cat magically disappearing behind a pole. Is his job as a programmer complete?

The movie ends with the black cat magically disappearing behind a pole.

Does the cat magically disappear because his job as a guide is complete? Or his job as a programmer is complete? It’s not clear.

In Conclusion

While, at first glance, Coraline appears to be a cautionary tale about appreciating what you’ve got and not falling for things that are too good to be true, the movie’s dark and twisted imagery hints to deeper concepts. As proved by the number of screenshots used in this article, the movie contains a wealth of subtle symbols that tell their own story, one that is laced with occultism and the dark process of Monarch mind control.

The entire movie is based on the symbolism of a menacing hand (representing the handler) manipulating a young girl, luring her into a world created to appeal to her psyche. When Coraline escapes (dissociates) to the Other World, the concept of buttons replacing eyes represent the illusory nature of this world and the blindness of those trapped in it. In the end, Coraline appears to vanquish her foe but, as subtle symbolism suggests, she might have simply done exactly what was expected from her all along.

This movie, which features visuals based on the comforting feel of arts and crafts, nevertheless alludes to mind control, the most sadistic practice known to man. In short, it is deception at its finest. As it is the case with many other works in mass media, Coraline‘s hidden meaning can only be understood by those who have “eyes to see”. Unfortunately, most people still have buttons.



  1. Particularly disturbing is the quote about how a personality is split by being betrayed by a loved and trusted one and not being able to converge the two opposing views of the same person. Very sick… Actually makes me think about Kesha who is supposedly being treated in the same clinic as her mom for "an eating disorder". Sure…

    • If you think that's bad….be forewarned about all the info in the archives. Heavy, heavy stuff. We need all the help we can get.

      • Children are the future of the world. The reason "they" do this is because they want children to feel it's normal, once it's in a child's mind, it's there forever and so when it is shown doing it to a person it's completely normal. Yes it's sickening and creepy but that's their agenda. Disgusting.

      • they put the symbols in the movies and other places as a "wink" to each other. its basically like laughing if the face of the "ignorant masses" because they are too blind to see what is going on right in front of their faces. that is why this site is so great – it really rips the lid off of what is going on that otherwise we wouldn't really understand or pay attention to because we don't live in that world – most folks are just living their lives and going about their business. it's good to see what is going on… so much better to be able to guard your heart and your mind. the elite know that most people have "buttons" on their eyes and can't see what they are doing – as VC eluded to in this article (and many others). you will get quite an education on this site and also start seeing it yourself wherever you go and the things that you see played out in cinema, tv and the media – I can even see a lot of things on buildings, with businesses – its weird. this world really does belong to satan – it is his kingdom – for now.

        there are some real evil bastards in this world who seek to enslave us all and they are well on their way. VC is like the voice crying out in the wilderness….

      • I wouldn't add Christina to the list to be honest.
        Yes she's been in the Mickey Mouse Club and had a physically abusive father as a child – of whom her mother ran away from with Christina and her sis.
        But I don't see her pushing an agenda as the others you mentioned. She had one video that contained some Illuminati symbolism (Not Myself Tonight), but I'm not sure if she knew about it or came up with the actual idea in the beginning.
        She mainly writes songs about positivity and empowerment and even one exposing the industry (Birds of Prey)….
        Just sayin…

      • She may not push it as much as the others, but she was the first example out of all of them to be the token head of the infamous "good girl gone bad". People tend to forget she began the switch from Christina to Xtina, pushing the envelope to my generation, who wasn't as open and welcoming as they are now with Rihanna/Miley/Beyonce sexualized images. She got the ball rolling, but i think the elite leave her alone because she doesn't have a strong enough pull on the public, which for her i think is a blessing in disguise. Her music is very inspiring and up until her last album Lotus has always been very empowering and supportive.

      • blackrocker4ever on

        @Dexter89…Excellent post..I agree 100% with what you've stated..Christina was ahead of the herd and truly was laying down the blueprint for what I term "The Modern Madonnas"…What really saved Christina was the public favoring given to Britney Spears over Christina and the public display from Madonna sharing a little tongue kiss with Britney while barely touching Christina..So perverted was society's mindset was that Christina was seen as "second rate" because since the Queen Musical Witch Madonna "snubbed" Christina therefore Christina MUST not be that important..That helped keep The Elite from pressuring Christina and she kinda slid by the Elite's radar so now she's on this "safe" show like The Voice so she's certainly no longer a threat..

  2. I always knew this movie was SUPER creepy. My kids enjoyed it when they were young, but became terrified of it as they got older. It just felt all wrong to me.

    • I totally agree. My son saw this movie at age 7 and he didn't finish it because it was the most creepy thing that he ever saw. This movie should be outlawed. It's outright devilish. I mean, most movies are there to corrupt our minds, but this one is very blatant, even for a young kid.

      • My children really wanted to see it and my son cried for me to take him to the theater to see it but we didn't have the extra money at the time and the preview on commercials I saw creeped me out so I wasn't to keen on letting them see it.They still haven't seen it to this day or the the other weird flick about the skeleton at christmas,The nightmare before Christmas,I think is the name

      • Please, please parents…pay close attention to what your kids are watching…BEFORE they watch it. I mean this respectfully.

      • I know of some 2-3 people who outright weren't allowed to watch tv by their families.
        These guys are actually quite smart and got PHDs or are in the process of getting one, but I'm not friends with them so I'm not sure if they know of all these symbolism that's shoved down our throat, or simply have parents that watched the media and objectively decided that it was crap.

    • it was based off a really amazing kids horror book…which scared me when i read it. the artwork in the book was creepy, as well as the text, but it was great. and the movie followed the book amazingly, so it was expected.

    • I totally agree, there were certain parts that i really didn't understand the necessity for, example when the two older ladies were in those barley there costumes. If I was a kid and my parents saw that while i was watching it, they would have turned it off and or made me leave the theater. I thought it was really inappropriate!

    • Yep, the movie always seemed ominous to me. Even though I saw it twice and never knew about the symbols..until now!

    • I first watched this movie when I was about 10 years old and my brother was six. He was fine, but I thought it was a little weird. The next time I watched it I was about 13, and I was on edge for 2 weeks. I didn't notice all of the hidden meanings and Illuminati symbolism until reading this. I think really young kids aren't bothered by it, but I am more scared of it now at age 15 than I was at age 10.

  3. Wow I remember reading this book before the movie ever came around and thinking it was a very interesting book but way too creepy for kids! There was just someing disturbing about the story, even without the blatant MK symbolism/images in the movie…I think the author, neil gaiman, may have other books with occult themes as well.

    • yesyes. i have read the book many times, never really watched the entire movie though.
      you think Neil Gaiman 'may' have other books with occult themes?… – he's a dark-fantasy/ sci fi author-
      ALL of his books are about the occult. The Sandman comics series is his. Neverwhere, American Gods, Stardust- all of them are very good books, all of them belong to the fantasy genre.

    • I saw this movie when it first came out, and I knew this movie was very strange, but back then I couldn't point out exactly what was strange about it. I remember talking to a dad after seeing the movie, and those were my words too… strange, weird, kids movie I regretted watching with my kids.

    • Omg, what if creepy parents or family friends give a little girl a doll as a gift. But the doll actually records her all the time? Also, I don't know about you guys but when I was little I used to have a doll who I told all my secrets to. :( This is so sinister. The one you trust the most betrays you and that is how your core/personality is split forever.

  4. i feel sad… I liked the movie and the.I liked the concept because I can relate to some of it.. I hope things will got better as time pass by to the world and to me :(

    even though I know it will not get better, at least, some of us will keep vigilant to save our future generations from stagnation.

  5. It's surprising how the plot of the book the movie is based on is completely twisted and adjusted so as to fit the whole MK imagery and practices. The book itself of course is creepy, too, but it is written by Neil Gaiman, an author that is somewhat notorious for his "creepiness". Nevertheless, while reading the book I didn't get the feeling that it may allure to MK programming. I thought about it rather as a (real creepy) story about how not to be deceived in the world and how many dangers are waiting there. Also, I don't remember the cat to deceive the protagonist anytime, so it seems to be another thing altered only for the purpose of this movie.
    I didn't watch the movie myself but after reading your article I must conclude that the original plot was altered on purpose. To force the imagery of MK-U to kids once again. It's sick and as I wonder "why", I sometimes wish I wouldn't ever know the answer.
    Great article VC! Keep on "unbuttoning" people's eyes. World needs that these days.

      • She can conclude anything because she has the right to think for herself and come up with an opinion of her own.
        Besides, she read the book in which the plot for the movie was "inspired",
        Be respectful, it's not that complicated.

      • I'd say, having seen the images from the movie here is enough to conclude some things, especially as I read the book. It's not so difficult to see the difference between the book and the movie, even if just based on this article, as it is pretty insightful. When something that wasn't in the original idea of the "Coraline" story, but later was implemented into a, supposedly, movie for kids, then I have all the rights to reason it was done for the purpose. Given all my beliefs and things I perceive for the evidence for them, I consider my view to be "thought for myself", and justified enough to share with others.
        Normally I'd rather leave your comment out without answering, but maybe there are some more people who think the way you do, and so, to avoid later discussions, I made myself clear now.
        With best regards and sincere wishes for you to think for yourself,

    • 3Anonamous 31013 on

      The cat is always trying to warn and save her. The cat only leads her to the other world when her parents are trapped there (representing part of her reality that doesn't involve dissociation). Even then he warns Coraline about going "straight into her [the Other Mother's] trap". Coraline has to return because of her parents. Other than that, the cat tries to lead her away. The cat tries to bring Wybie to her so she won't be so bored with her life as well as hearing about his Grandma's missing twin sister. The ultimate warning for Coraline.

  6. Indonesian lady on

    What is it with talking cats in sinister movies? In Alice in Wonderland there was also a pink cat whose name I can't recall that seemed to be helpful at first but deceive at the end. In coraline therr is also a black cat who deceived her. And the black cat in the ol' Disney movie whose name is Lucifer…

    It appears that cats in movies imply Lucifer (satan/devil), the master of deceit. In Islamic Qur'an it says that 'satan is the worst friend that a man can have"…

    • The Pink/purple cat in Alice in wonderland is called "Cheshire cat."
      Also, Did anyone noticed that the Name Coraline = Cora-line = Core Persona ?

      thanks VC for this article.

    • The Cheshire Cat is the name of the pink cat in Alice In Wonderland. Alice also had a pet cat in the real world, perhaps these cats are also a nod to sex kitten programming.

    • There is no kind of friendship between man and satan in the Qur'an . Not even a very bad and cruel one .
      They are sworn ennemies from the moment Adam was created until the end of times .
      Check your informations well before publisizing them on the internet for a whole community of viewers please….

      • What was said wrong? She said that the Qur'an states "In Islamic Qur'an it says that 'satan is the worst friend that a man can have"…"

      • Satan is indeed a sworn enemy however how often are we not told that we have to be weary of enemies and more still of friends? The whole concept of "frenemies" so that's what Hollywood represents people who've become friends with the worst kind of friend because it's fun and games in the beginning then Satan shows his real agenda, and price.

      • But Dinah was white. Although Chesire being purple, Dinah has no sly/cunning features whatsoever.
        Black cats are mainly associated with witches but since witches are close to demons cats can also be a part of those.

    • Indeed.
      Though you don't have to be friends or have all your trust on the cats or Satan to get away. It's not clear if the cat were antagonists or either on the side of the protagonist. Meaning they're neutral.
      The cats (Lucifer, as well) are intelligent and helpful in many ways. But sometimes they just like to play around.

  7. I do remember I liked the movie alot ( without understanding it's deep meaning back then ) and there was a promo in the main website of the movie where you can upload your own picture and insert buttons on your eyes. I can't believe I did that. -_-

  8. When I used to watch television (haven't now for about 7 months and feel so much better without all that crap clogging up my brain) I happened to stumble across a channel that this was playing on and had a sick feeling the whole time while watching. All I kept thinking was "how is this a children's movie?". It just seemed way too dark and sinister. And that was before my eyes were open and before I knew symbolism of the occult elite. Now it makes it a whole lot worse but also make a whole lot more sense. Disturbing. Very disturbing to know what is being forced into the minds of young ones.

    • there are so many movies not suited for children that purport to be childrens movies…. we need to be very careful not to allow the negative into the small child minds.. it is very harmful!

    • Jahprovidethebread on

      Isn't it amazing how our spirits recognise that something is amiss, even though it may not always be on a conscious level? Praise the good Lord that he gave us the Holy Spirit to help guide us through this crazy place!

      BLESS UP, brethren!
      We're all in this together <3

    • I questioned, too, how Coraline could be a children's movie. Something was very "off" with the film, and I think a lot of us adult viewers felt it. It's one thing when there's a "boogeyman" in a film, another thing when it's marketed toward children, and the "boogeyman" is essentially, a warped version of a parent. A child's trust system is built around their parents, horrible mind scroo. If an adult was kind of disturbed by it, just imagine what a child might feel. I'm glad I never watched the film with my daughter.

    • I had a "friend" – this very weird person that I once knew…who had one heck of a hold on me (it's hard to describe…the obsession I felt towards this man), who was really into Neil Gaiman. This is all so weird to me now…reading all of this. This person I knew…he was always strange…but he really captivated my mind, like no one else. I was convinced I was in "love" with him. Later, I realized it wasn't love at all – it was an obsession – and that he was very strange and that something about him…it, just felt "wrong." I don't know how else to describe it. Anyway, it's weird because he gave me this Neil Gaiman book to read…I tried to read it – in fact I did. I found the writing to be pretty weak to be honest. But aside from that…it seemed so dark…and how else can I describe it but to say the feeling I got from it was "wrong" too? It wasn't Coraline btw…some other book. I can't remember many details – it entailed some underworld society…some guy traveling through some "other world" of London. Anyway…it was just bizarre and I didn't like it. I, at the time, was also into darker things in my life…Tarot cards, astrology…occult stuff like that. It came to me after this man got out of my life, that I had been on a very bad, very dark, wrong path. I threw it all away, escaped it, repented and found my Christian roots again. It was amazing the darkness that left me after that. And at the same time, I found true love, and a truly good man. I know this has nothing to do with Gaiman, or maybe some part of it does? All I know is, there is darkness out there…there is evil. It can appear alluring, but it's just a veil. This movie sounds like all kinds of disturbing. I can't imagine children watching such things. Oh wow – I just remembered something else about this person – how he told me he wanted to join the Masons… bizarre…? Maybe it's all just coincidental, maybe he was just into weird stuff…who knows…I can say this – I never had that kind of "attraction" to anyone before…

  9. Don't forget that Coraline's father is a computer "programmer".

    Also, the boy's name is perhaps a pun for "Why be?"

    I think there is probably a lot more detail in this movie that could have fueled a longer article, especially concerning the boy's behavior throughout the film.

    Anyway, great article, I enjoyed it.

    • The father was not a computer programmer, he was a writer for a garden almanac, and her mother was an editor for the same magazine. And yes, the name Whybe is meant to be "Why Be" on purpose, it was deliberate, his full name was actually Whyborn as in "Why were you born".

      • Oops, my mistake! It's been a while since I saw the movie, I probably have it mixed up with something else.

        I just remembered he spent a lot of time at a computer and had a hunched forward neck posture from doing so.

        Either way, weird kid.

    • Yeah, remember the part where the dad in the alternate world was like " This piano plays me" that sent chills down my spine, and what of the creepy song in the credits? It's interesting that not many people know what it's saying. Some people think it's in another language.

      • Also remember that Whybe had a permanent smile and didn't talk in the other world? What was his purpose in the movie?

      • I thought that was the reason for the cat but why couldn't he decieve her because he was a good character or something?Im sorry I have never seen the movie

      • AGREE! With caps. I absolutely wanna know why he was just silent with his creepy smile on the other world.

      • Im pretty sure Whybe was the one who was trying to save Coraline from the Beldame and at a certain point goes rogue. The Beldame has his mouth sewn shut and portrays it to Coraline as "him talking to much and I thought you'd like him better quiet." Whybe is the one who helps Coraline in the film; thus the reason he is one of the first to "die" in the other world.

      • The other mother sewed it on his face because Coraline said he talked too much. So in the alternate world she gets everything she wants so the other mother made it where he couldn't talk. And she knows she said it because the doll is actually like a spy. It sees everything she does.

      • But didn't the boy give the doll to the girl in the first place? Did he know it would spy on her? How is that helping her? Sounds like no one was there for her. They were all part of the game to confuse her and trick her.

      • Yes, in the real world. If you watch the movie he doesn't believe the "magic" stuff for most of the movie in the real world. So he had no idea it was spying on her.

      • The theme song , i think it was at the start of the movie as well, was so annoying, we turned the volume down. Never did looked up the lyrics though..

      • Its not French at all, somebody has translated it to french on youtube but if you check it in an online translator its definitely not french at all, checked it on a few places! I actually wondered if it might have been in latin or something but not that either. Would be interested to know if there are any words used in occult practices in there or that seem like they could be!?

  10. I'm not surprised by this movie's dark connotations. I was utterly frightened and shocked when I've first seen it. It is definitely not a children movie; too dark, scary and psychologically uneasy for any child.

    Thank you again for a great article!

  11. Ever since I saw Child's Play, I have distrusted any doll. They are always evil. Always.

    I haven't seen this movie yet but it looks creepy. It's pretty fuck*d up. Amazing how movies like this, The Wizard of Oz or even Harry Potter deal blatantly with a lot of witchcraft in front of millions of children. The parents should be really upset about the stuff that the industry is putting into their children's innocent minds.

    • Child's play is based on a true story, look up Robert the Voodoo doll's story. The doll Itself is housed in a Museum in Key West, Florida.

      • ABSOLUTELY! Which is why some of these stories are very sly about how they get out there in front of children using the movies and cartoons.

      • lol, family cannot be isolated from "the world". if the "world" does something, it will affect the parents and children.

    • Millions of parents DID object to Harry Potter and they did complain it was teaching their children witchcraft. However, the Other Side said it got their children into reading books, many for the first time and they thought getting them to read without comprehension was better. Now we'll see just how many turn to witchcraft or if the police/FBI keep track of which murders are for initiation into these type of Dark Groups that are now surfacing.

      • Oh my gosh, not this debate again. I am still yet to find someone give me hard proof as to why Harry Potter is evil. I'm hoping you'll be the one. Most of the people who talk all this stuff haven't even read the books, which makes me dismiss them without a second glance. No one, that I've encountered anyway, has studied the books and sat down and come up with solid proof why they're bad. Kind of like VC does. I love Harry Potter, read the books countless number of times and will continue to do so until I can understand why they're bad. Not just cause they're "witchy".

    • So true.That's why I don't like my babies listening to this music or watching any of this crap.My boys were becoming interested in the Greek Gods and all that mythical crap that they are learning about in school and as much as I dnt want them to fail out of school I try not to go to much into detail about why they shouldn't even be learning about that stuff but I want to do home school all together next school year anyway.To hear my child talk about a pale white horse and know he didn't learn it at home really made me feel shocked and uneasy the way he was telling the story made me panic and it hit me that they are old enough to start learning about the real evils of the world.

  12. all i remember is seeing this movie with my cousin when it first came out and we were laughing that the neighbor was called whyborn. Like Why were you born. Creepy movie that totally suited us back when i was still into the world. The the LORD JESUS for deliverance.

  13. It's Neil Gaiman, it's meant to be creepy and dark. Go read the Sandman series or one of his novels. I think VC is off the mark with this article.

    • If it's meant to be dark, what better way to be dark and give that creepy feeling in the gut than to write an allegory of something that is so unnatural (mind controlled slaves) that you can't even put your finger on why you are so creeped out. maybe it is meant to be creepy, but it's not a stretch to me that he is using these subjects on purpose. I don't think he just accidentally put all of these elements into the story. I'm sure it was carefully crafted.

      • I think if you read some of his other work you might see it differently. Try American Gods, he uses a lot of folklore/ancient religion and beliefs as reference. I just think this mind control link is tenuous and anyone that's familiar with his work would probably agree.
        He did a brilliant short story called Snow,glass,apple. A really dark version of the Snow White tale.
        Just my opinion, but really not buying into the mk angle on this.

      • Maybe the author didn't intend on it to be about MK ultra, but Hollywood producers I think took the creepiness behind this story and used it for their elite purposes, I don't think he was off the mark at all at least about the movie.

      • You are somewhat deluded. Gaiman comes from a family that harvests its wealth even today right now off of the mind control cult Scientology – they are exclusive suppliers and manufacturers of products that Scientology sells to its cult members. Gaiman understands mind control better than anyone here including VC because he is entrenched in it, but at the top of the pyramid looking down. I am not saying he can't talk about other things or that he isn't an effective artist. But if you think there is no link between illustrating mind control, how it works and its effects and Neil Gaimon, you are naive about this.

        I'll add here that I see the last evil looking "garden" as his statement – you can believe you've escaped a mind control situation, only to be in yet another one. Think about someone who wakes up from a cult, only to find out that the larger society is also controlled, by the NSA, Illuminati or whatever.

      • I did not think this one a it was arrogant and patronising, but opiniated and insightfull from another angle. But i call myself naive too sometimes, maybe you don't.

      • Thank you. I too am naive, just working on a different set of problems. No one has all the answers, but it is up to us to share what we've learned with each other to help each other out in this very confusing time.

      • My apologies if you felt I was patronizing. That was not my intention. The word deluded is strong, however I stand by it as accurate. The word naive does not carry any shame, however it probably stings. Unfortunately, I feel this word is also accurate in the case of anyone who does not care to look at the evidence about Gaimon, or any Scientologist cult member, and the link to mind control.

      • Apologies not needed, we are all adults and all have our opinions. To call someone deluded or naive for theirs is, in mine, a tad rude.
        But that's just me. I don't expect anyone to have the same outlook or views as me, I think our diversity is what makes for good debate.
        There's no point being the font of all knowledge if you can't share it in a gracious way though!

      • I know where you are coming from, I don't really know why people are being so rude, I can see your point and others point, his work was manipulated to suit the agenda.

        Some of you guys really need to calm down and read between the lines, we are all here to learn something and educate each other.

      • For sure, in the above pictures where the bad mom & dad are at the kitchen table, the dad has his left hand making the 666 hand move, the index finger & thumb touch each other making a circle & the other 3 fingers are the top parts of a 6. You see it all the time in movies, the music industry, everywhere.

      • I was really surprised that VC didn't discuss all the blatant hand signals that were used thought the story, there were so many! Regardless I'm really glad they came out with this article as the signs in the movie were so out there!

      • Good observation. How about toward the end when Coraline asks the Other Mother for clues where the eyes of the ghost children are hidden and she tells her a little riddle while covering one buttoned eye with her hands. Anytime an eye is covered, it implicates something depending on whether it's left or right. Right eye refers to the creative side and unlimited potential, which is why it's typically covered in mk programming. Left eye/left brain is responsible for carrying out orders unconditionally and indicates an mk slave.

    • The movie-version has been adapted to fit the said agenda.
      And the credits will tell you that the story is re-written by the director of the film, Henry Selick.

    • im also a big fan of neil's work, ive read all the sandman graphic novels so i know where you're coming from. he does adapt from a lot of mythology, folklore etc but, what they're trying to say is that it's not gaiman himself trying to insert some MK subplot, the movie was an adapted screenplay and in that process is where they made the movie fit into "their" programming agenda.

      • Good point, I see what you mean. I think I felt that the writer of the article just didnt "get" Gaiman, but I wasn't aware that the screenplay had so many differences from the book. :)

    • Exactly! Neil Gaiman said he wanted this book to be more disturbing for adults than for children. He *wanted *to creep out the parents.

    • yeah but is not to be meant for kids nder 12 years old that are very impressionable and can be mind controlled with everything so no is not okay!

  14. I seen this movie once and I didn't like it..I thought it was weird and creepy..especially the button eyes..not long after seeing the movie I noticed these dolls at the store called la la loopsy and they all had button eyes and one had blue hair like coralline and I thought are these dolls somehow related to the movie? But no they weren't but I thought it strange coincidence

    • There is also a song by Lu Ann Simms called The little rag doll ( with shoe button eyes)…after reading this review about the dark meaning behind the coraline movie I see the dark meaning behind the lyrics of this song..and how they tie in together..the lyrics seem they could also describe the relationship between a MK handler and their victims ( and in the song the button eye rag doll notices the new doll has eyes that open and close ) I just thought this was interesting and could tie in with the movie..if anyone else listens to this song share your thoughts

    • Haha, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who instinctively felt like those Loopsy doll things were freaky little spawn of the Other Mother!

    • Funny that you notice the La La Loopsy dolls. I've never looked at them in this way..
      Weird because when they came out I was 16 and I really loved them. I really wanted to have them. So I bought a mini set and made a 3d painting of it. 16 and playing with dolls? The 3d painting is still in my room and I'm 20….
      Now thinking about removing it very strongly…..

    • Hate those stupid little dolls and the monster high dolls too.That should creep a child out and I dnt see how any little girl would want to play. with it

      • i agree, when we shop for toys for our kids birthdays i always go down that aisle and show my husband in disgust "in case i die, DON'T EVER EVER buy this crap for our daughter.!"
        They dress like street walkers, and make your child idolize that kind of dress and behavior. I remember my aunt used to buy NOTHING BUT bratz dolls for my little cousin when she was 8-10. She then started to wear slutty make-up at 11 and was on heroine and sleeping around by 16. I mean we all make mistakes as parent's, I used to let my 5 year old watch lala loopsy but after watching one episode myself i was pretty mad at myself. Bratz, and monster high dolls should not be allowed in stores.

      • Dont blame that on the dolls blame your cousins behavior for lack of parenting. My mom bought my sister bratz dolls not once dis she dress like a slut or wear make up.

    • ThewillSetyouFree on

      Me and my mother were just saying they remind us of Voodoo dolls.. My sister bought my niece one my mom told her to get rid of it fast

  15. Interesting analysis — certainly some disturbing observations that I hadn't considered before.

    It's worth noting that the movie adds a number of characters and elements (and alters others) from what was in the source material (Gaiman's original novel). Many/most of the images and elements that VC points out are unique to the movie — that is, they're not present in the novel.

    The closing image of the garden in particular is disturbing. As a fan of the book, I was quite taken aback by it when I saw the movie in the theater. It truly is an inversion of the original story.

    For what it's worth, Gaiman has strong familial ties to Scientology (though he apparently has had no personal involvement in the "church" for decades). Additional internet gossip notwithstanding, this is perhaps interesting in light of the themes VC discusses in this article.

  16. Another great piece. Particularly liked the explanation of the splitting "process" I wonder now to what extent these colours are being used as another "reinforcer". i.e. the pink, the black obviously and the red(pink) poka dots on her cheeks in the garden. I have to say I hate it that my 5 year old grandaughter is hooked on Taylor Swift and the colour pink. It makes me ponder at what ages these techniques are implemented. Most likely it starts in the hospital at birth. Thanks again, God's speed all

    • Bummer! I bought one for my daughter about 3 weeks ago…i had never heard of the Coraline movie nor watched it and i want it to stay that way. So, that lalatootsie whatever doll is going to the trash…they're friggin expensive too! $40 for the danged thing! UGH!

      • I have them too and I'm 20 years old… Bought a mini set a few years ago… I'm strongly considering to throw them away now….

    • There's something about Paranorman too? I've seen it and if i can recall correctly, I found it completely normal… It's been a year or so since 'I've seen it so i can't really remember how it went…

    • I just went to the PARANORMAN website and if you check out the screen shots it is full of witch craft, skull and bones (on the wallpaper, too, in his home), satanic symbolisms, drugs, demons, mind control, programming, etc.. This is probably one of the most blatant websites I've seen relating to movies. It is definitely not for children, though I know it's geared towards them. I was seriously feeling so angry and sad looking at these images. I agree, VC needs to do a piece on this. Horrible. 5

    • That movie is full of imagery as well.I can recall my head turning at some of the things in that movie.Question everything they do "for children" nowadays, like that stupid Uncle Grandpa and Adventure Time cartoons.I wish VC would touch on some of the television programming as well as Katy Perry's new song Dark Horse….oh how the list goes on and on….

    • The internet & movies are no longer good baby sitters for kids these days! And I will never let my kids or friends of mine with kids watch this stuff. We'll have a bonfire and get some marshmallows.

      • Neither are public education or religion. Hope you keep them out of churches and in homeschooling.

      • Most homeschooling curriculum has a Christian slant to it. The Jesuits have already infiltrated. It's very difficult to find secularized curriculum that doesn't include core concepts. You have to have an eclectic view when it comes to homeschooling and choose from many different sources to give your kids the education you want.

    • Yeah, I have thoughts, it's another hoax, BS crap to make everyone look crazy & we must take all guns for the safety of everyone. If our govt. really wanted to save lives they wouldn't be spraying CHEMTRAILS, get rid of cigarettes, aspartame, GMO's, Monsanto, fluoride, I mean the list is endless.

      The story of the ex- cop shooting a man for texting is also a hoax, more anti-gun propaganda. This one is stating even retired cops, & military should not be able to have guns. We are all mentally unstable, OMG, their
      Gun grabbing propaganda is so visible. They want the populations weapons to make us SLAVES.

      • I thought of that as well when I read that story,just like they legalized the marijuana in colorado and Im suddenly reading about people dying of marijuana ovrrdoses,lol i kid you not.I,also,believe that's a false story.I haven't heard anything else about it besides when i google it

      • The website from which the overdose story came is satire—like the Onion. I wish people would look more closely at these things.

      • You try to overdose on Marijuana. I tell you now it cannot be done. It would be the best fun you ever had trying to kill yourself.

      • There are other problems with marijuana, such as uncontrollable laughter, you might want to raid the fridge, your gums can be affected too. But then again it's a better option than consuming pharmaceuticals.

      • We already are slaves. Always have been, game was over before it started. Open those eyes a bit more.

  17. The mind control aspect of the symbolism, while accurate, represents only one layer of the symbolic onion. Particularly interesting to me was this movie's symbolic representation of society in general, in which mass droves of blind individuals exist in a false matrixed reality that provides shallow comforts and relief from pain in exchange for actually living genuinely and knowing the real truth- that one can create a reality of their own design instead of handing over their soul and living in deceptive fantasy of another much darker architect's conjuring.

    • Well i remember hearing somewhere "if you don't take charge of your own life, somebody else will and you ain't gonna like it"….very true…

  18. I like this movie n I have seen it about 5 times and had a funny feeling that it was saying something more than what you see on the surface. This post is very "eyes opening" and I really do believe that this is the "something more" I had a funny feeling about when I first seen this movie!

  19. Beldam comes from La Belle Dame Sans Merci (The Beautiful Lady Without Mercy), which is the title of two poems, a medieval French one and another by the Romantic poet John Keats. It refers to the dark feminine, the devouring mother side of the goddess archetype, like the night-demon Lilith who steals children or Ereshkigal the Sumerian queen of the underworld. The little door is like an entrance to the underworld, also the gateway to the Qliphoth, a dead end little nightmare shadowy world at the back of the Tree of Life in the kabbalah. In Aleister Crowley's system of magick, the Qliphoth is ruled by Babalon, the dark goddess.

  20. I have always been terrified of dolls that have buttons for 'eyes'.. maybe it says something about me, idk.. I can't remember anything before the age of 7 at all, but maybe that is normal. I will never watch this movie!

    • Oh! You just helped me remember something! I used to have a phobia of inanimate things with "eyes" on them! I had to crawl under the table to cross the dining room because the ceiling fan had little eye-like patterns on it and I just KNEW it was up to something! Maybe that is significant somehow. Thank you.

      I think most people can remember before age 7 unless they were traumatized, so it may be useful to try to figure out what you're missing. (On the other hand, I know someone who blocked out everything before age 8 but says he doesn't need to know anymore because he's given the emotional impact to Christ.)
      I can remember plenty of happy, neutral, and mildly traumatic childhood memories from way back, but my dissociative system turned out to be FAR bigger and more complex than it first appeared, so I need to go on a serious memory hunt myself.

  21. How convenient the horns are placed right over the other mother's head in the still above where she is sitting at the table with the other father.

  22. There is a lot of symbolism in the movie. I spotted a devilhand, numerous fleurs-des-lys (even on the hat of Coraline i think), butterfly magnet on the fridge, several masonic floorpatterns, children-eating Beldams, griffion shakespear festival, one-eyed octopus..
    Very much a Eyes Wide Shut / Shining association here too.
    But right after seeing that poster i would know i would screen the movie, before having kids see it.
    The cat says he knows what is going on for a while. Knows the ways of the other mother. And has no buttons for eyes in the other world. Suggests and enables adventure.
    I think the cat is leading and manipulating, too. And that the seemingly positive outcome is unbalancing its usual manor, thus the head tilt?

    • yeah, there was the magic circle around the well ringed with mushrooms, the scarabs in the other mother's living room, the dragon fly motif & hair pin, the birth canal tunnel transiting to the 3 realms, etc… just creepy!

    • i just downloaded the movie.
      its really creepy, loaded with symbolism.
      when caroline visits the two old showgirls, they decide to read her tea leaves, one puts on that psychic head turban, and it has a very creepy eye on it. they also mix creepy warnings in with funny stupid stuff when they talk..

      when she visits the russian circus guy he calls her caroline and shuts the door- she shout back a correction but instead of emphasizing CORAL-line she says CORE-line. which was strange. he too warns her to be careful,not to go into the small door, BECAUSE the mice hes training told him to tell her.

      Also when she meets Wiby (Whywereyouevenborn) – thats his name- he says shit like, my granny doesnt like me going into the pink palace, she says its dangerous. in another scene he says my granny had a twin sister once… apparently she got stolen or lost or something (speaking in realtion to that house).

      Im only half way through so, this seems like a really weird movie to have sooo much symbolism.
      VC made an amazing article.

  23. I didn't care for it after I saw it.. My then 10 year old was into it, until I got rid of the movie. Because of your website, my now 14 year old is more aware of the entertainment industry and their illuminati tactics. She made a comment about the golden globes the other night, which was funny! The intro was.. "Welcome to the 71st Annual Illuminati Awards!" Thanks VC!

  24. This is just so sad that child entertainment has become so perverted – and even sadder that real children go through this type of terror filled life. I just pray The Most High God puts and end to all of this evil soon – it will only keep getting worse until evil is perpetrated out in the open and actively propagated by all of the main stream sources of information.

    Please Lord Hurry

  25. I was watching Nick Jr. the other day, when this show "yo gabba gabba" came on…why in the world is there an affeminated dude wearing what seems a fuzzy orange "condom hat", playing with it's very creepy looking "dolls" (that come alive…yikes!) supposed to be entertaining to kids? The danged dolls in the show are also quite odd. One of them looks like an orange one eyed dildo with legs and arms and the whole thing is covered in bumps (for extra pleasure? oh, my poor mind…lol…sorry if i'm too graphic).
    Another doll is a robot, then what seems like a pink (notice the color) cat (beta programming). Another one of the dolls is some green monster. Needless to say my kids are only allowed to watch Smile of a Child, that's it.

    • Me too, I remember suggesting this movie for an article sometime last year, I knew you were going to do a great job with it VC. Thank you. Ever since you started VC community I've pondered about making an article about it, but you beat me to it lol I don't think I could have done as great a job.

  26. I have not seen this one but I sure wish you would do one on Where the wild things are this movie is awful and if you are not a depressed personality going in you will be coming out its just sick they put this crap out for our kids and then people pay hard erned money to take there babies to be brain washed.

    • I watched that at like 25 years old, and thought "that was the most awkward, sad, creepy movie i have ever seen!!!" I don't one child that would have stayed interested in that movie…it was so dark and depressing. nothing like the book!

  27. I am so glad we do not have cable. No use throwing away money you really don't have for "programming." My 12-year-old son is content with his Bob the Builder DVDs and wants to be a builder (he's slightly autistic and his mind needs to catch up a bit).

    When we did have cable, I saw what was on Cartoon Network and I was thinking, young kids watch THIS?

    I never heard of "Coraline" until I read this article. Not missing much, just more in-your-face symbolism.

    • I'm glad I don't have cable either. I stream everything I watch, it's free and I'm not paying to be brainwashed. I'm even more glad that I'm aware of these elite idiot's agendas, there's no chance of them programming me at all.

    • YHVH is Elohim on

      As a mom with a child that had ( notice I said had and not has) autism, I wanted to share that it can be cured with diet change. Get him on the GAPS diet. It works and I highly reccomend it. Also keep him away from chemicals including cleaners and detetergents. Use natural things instead . And whatever you do dont vaccinate him.
      It takes about a year for a full turn around but you will notice a difference within a week. Autism is not a life sentance. If you have the will you can change his life

      • YHVH is Elohim on

        I was responding to the original poster. She said her son is slightly autistic. I was just trying to tell how she can look into curing him like I have cured my son. No disease is incurable. You can cure cancer and lupus and diabetes and any other "incurable" sickness with diet change and avoidance of chemicals and avoiding vaccinations.
        The elite dont just own the media, they own the pharmacutical and food industry as well. You arent going to be told how to cure things by them when there is so much money in people being sick.
        Look up these movies on youtube and you will see what I am talking about
        Genetic roulette
        The world according to monsanto
        War on health
        Food inc.

        The rabbit hole goes very very deep my fellow truthseekers. Just remember. For you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.

    • Just take care that he doesn't become the wrong type of builder.. like the one that works with stones whats that called? oh a mason. yeah

  28. Nephi Pelagius on

    Okay, let's just assume that this article is correct, and there is a crypto-meaning to the movie that undermines the seemingly happy ending… Even if this is so, how does it follow that the move is *endorsing* the dehumanization and mind-slavery that it depicts?

    As for those of you saying, "I knew there was something creepy about this movie!!!" Well, duh. It's a creepy movie. It doesn't pretend to be otherwise. Yes, creepy movies for kids exist. Some kids like to get the creeps. There is nothing inherently evil or wicked about that.

    • I have been following this site for years and I just can't seem to believe that only one mind is behind this shit. I get that the occult influences mass media to push their twisted agendas, but sometimes movies are simply influenced by directors and artists interpretations. Each doll and each scene in this movie was given character by someone different each time and maybe Henry Sellick just wanted them to make it as eery as possible for the sake of the story. You can't know the whole truth until you have explored every possibility.

      • It's the repetition of the narrative placed in the mass media arena that points to propaganda. Of course, film is ritual. Same old story, new generation.

      • Coraline fights and overcomes the evil and returns to reality. Sometimes these stories are designed to teach children how to resist the darkness.

  29. Great article VC. This one flew under my radar when I first watched it for sure. Don't know why, it all seems so blatant once you piece it together!

    That being said, I think I'm missing something with the 'other mother's' face in the end garden scene. I'm just not seeing it. I've tried web searching pictures of her and everything. Although I CAN make a pretty clear baphomet head out of it…

    Thanks for opening my eyes yet again VC. We CAN and NEED to handle the truth.

  30. I saw this movie from the first time on tv years ago and my little boy found it scarey which at first I thought was because of the ghost children, but after watching it a couple of times you start to see things you never noticed before like the horned heads, the ghost children covering one buttoned eye. You realise it's all very creepy!!. I myself am a fan of the movie, but I would not let my child watch it again.

  31. Love this movie. I already liked the comic book that originated the movie and i think the movie is great, technically speaking. As a story board artist, i can say that It's a beautiful piece of stop-motion animation, very well done, excellent work. Very good script, why not? But i can definitely tell you guys: the comic book wasn't for kids.

    Well, that being said, of course the film wouldn't be indicated for kids too, although it was sold that way. It's very "heavy" and has a creepy and dreadful atmosphere permeating the scenes. Surely, Coraline is filled with all kinds of occult symbolism. I agree with the VC analysis, very good text indeed.

    I don't know about the Cat. In my view he is a helper, but it's personal – each person should decide for themselves. Not only the black cats, but all cats always was the "bridge" between the worlds. The black as chosen color for cats, goats, chickens, etc, in witchcraft, has to do with Saturn's symbolism which is linked to time/death/harvest, not being necessarily something "bad".
    I don't know about the face in the garden in the final scenes either. For me it's Coraline's face, but i could be wrong.

    Vc forgot to mention the three witches that help Coraline get out of that mess. For sure, those 3 have special role in the movie! They're a very important arcane archetype, how could you have forgotten they? Alright, that's ok.

    Yeah, certainly this movie has "something". But i love it! LOL

      • but it was 3 angels/spirits, the cat is like the voice of reason and a traveller between the worlds, many people report having a guide travel with them in near death experiences.. usually a relative or angelic figure…

      • mostly demons with nails like rihanna's that scratch you, pinch you, ugly faces, black in colour with snakes for hair, calling sould all sorts of blasphemous name… Maria asked Christ to collect Her soul because she didn't wish to go through the demonic entities that harass and terrify the souls when they leave the body.

    • Hi. If you look closely and compare the two garden images, you can see that coralines face is roundier and the beldam's one is thiner. 2 segments that were coraline's face turned into the Beldams hair.

  32. Teri Hatcher who played Susan on Desperate Housewives was the voice for Mel Jones / Other Mother / Beldam. I remember when they thought this as a hot movie for kids. It was creepy then and even creepier now. And the Pink Palace apartment in the last frame looks like the house in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. That house was very creepy in black and white and is still creepy in pink with that cat in the sign.

    It looks like a Tim Burton movie which are creepy in and of themselves. I'm not a fan of his direction or movies, so I stay away. I'll remember to pass up this DVD if I ever see it in the Dollar Bin.

      • Exactly what I was thinking. Pink symbolism for "kitten programming." And the "garden" resembles crop circles. Alien-made symbols, puzzles, mazes..down the rabbit hole, no way out except via the "handler."

  33. As the saying goes 'the eyes are the window to the soul', other mother wanted Coraline's eyes and replace them with buttons so she could possess her soul.
    Little Me doll is too much of the split personality/MK Ultra mind control.
    The ultimate aim of the illuminati is to sacrifice all on the Kontrol altar.
    Tim Burton is not very subtle in his movie symbolism, is he?

  34. I need help right here! I've seen the same thing in a lot of TV shows and movies: green color. The Matrix, Oz, Coraline once the fake world is revealed and many, many others use green as a background / full environmental light.

    My question is: Why? What does green represent? How is it somehow related to alternate realities and magic?

    • Interesting question. Well, notice the ghosts in Ghostbusters are lime green. I think it was Stuart Wilde who wrote that demons are this colour. He claimed to have had many confrontations with them. Isn't burning sulphur lime green too?

    • green is the color of money for many people, it attracts wealth… it is also the color of the Heart vibration, so the info sinks deeply into the hearts of viewers….

    • Interestingly, film sets with a CGI background use 'green screens'. In reality there is no beautiful backdrop that you can see, just a green wall. It probably is a stupid link for me to have made but it was the first thing that came to mind.

      • That is because that color green is so guesome, it harldy is used in normal daylife, so it is easy to filter out , wihout distorting too much i think.

      • i think you are wrong on that notion.
        i studied in a school where trees were everywhere, and green was the school color, the windows were green with lovely grey moss covered stone walls. we had houses and the green house, was "green green, beauty queen" in our childhood rhymes. Your notion is all to subjective to ones experiences. Your green may be associated with puke or something but mine is always tied to banyan trees and moss, all beautiful.

        Its not in daily life because we live in a concrete world, when in fact the land we live on wouldve been filled with bushes and tall trees if we hadnt gone and "settled" there.

        this really struck me when i asked an iranian friend in ignorance if his country just had sand everywhere and was hot and stuff.
        He was so offended when he said, sister, did you not know that your land wouldve been a complete jungle, so dense and wet? My country has snow.

        green is a wonderful color.

      • I totally agree on the beauty of green, natural. I was lucky enough to grow up outside on countryside-with-city-nearby.
        The color green i meaned was that nasty chemical looking green, almost fluorescent, used as tv-backdrop at the company i worked for. And yes, i saw it in nature few times. Sometimes it has a little comeback in fashion, but only in limited amounts. Very limited to young girls mostly, ha!

      • Hardly used in normal daylife? Greusome?? Grass, plants, leaves on trees,leaves on flowers, the color of the ocean in certain light. You see it EVERYWHERE in "normal daylife"

      • I think your right on with that, Howie604. It is self-referencing nod to the actual media itself. Like a painter leaving a brush stroke. Way back in the early 60's, the movie "Bye-bye Birdie" gives a nod to the blue screen. On the other hand it is a subliminal technique to allow a critical viewer to accept the fact it is CGI without lifting the hypnotic to continue the viewer's suspension of disbelief. Certified hypnotherapists use this method to incorporate ambient sounds, like traffic, into the trance so as not to allow that noise to break the trance.

      • Right, green screen, blank canvas for Illuminati on which to "paint your brain."

    • Just saw the remake of The Great Gatsby and the color of the light that Gatsby was always striving for at the end of Daisy's dock – green! It was referenced many times including the climax and was a key motif of the film. Not sure if Fitzgerald wrote it in the story or if it was just an idea of the film maker, but it was an interesting symbol nonetheless of his striving and wanting and working for an ideal.

      I don't have an answer, but I can suggest – think of what green represents – plants and growth, good health. The ecology political party are The Greens. It can represent money and prosperity, such as a money tree, greenbacks, dollar bill signs, etc…But it can also represent envy of such wealth and greed. Sickly green can represent the element of bile, of monsters, ghosts and day glo things that go bump in the night. Overall I think green is supposed to represent something positive and healthy, and when it is twisted or goes bad, represents sickness, disease, failing health, corruption, greed and jealously. Perhaps Coraline is drenched in green in a place where there is nothing healthful or nourishing, and her body, mind and soul are at risk of destruction.

      • I thought green also not only stood for money or the son of envy but the earth as well given the fact the leaves and grass are green

  35. Thanks VC for another outstanding article. I was unaware of the symbolism when I saw it as my eyes were buttoned shut at the time. My question now is whether this movie is promoting mind control or trying to warn us about it.

  36. I never saw this movie, but I would call this article an interesting revue. It makes me want to see the movie. Have you ever watched "The Cabin In the Woods"? Another interesting movie that makes you think, and makes you think it wasn't made for little children. Or maybe those kids with buttons for eyes, need to see it.

    • so many movies and music videos have these symbols and programming, and definitely I could not have noticed all of it myself… the extent of all this has been proven many times here already by VC.
      Great analysis for sure. I am certain I would have missed all of this.

  37. Coraline used to be one of my favourite movies when I was young. Still was before I read this article. After realizing its concealed messages, I was astonished and dumbfounded! The Illuminati is everywhere. Thank you, VC, for making us vigilant! Looking forward to reading your future articles.

  38. They are simply creating fear that they then feed off. Watch/read/observe things without fear – it will make you stronger as less fear means one is more open to learning/understanding/truth which in turn makes one even stronger and the stronger one becomes then the less fear one has as so on. Things like this then become pathetic x

  39. Hi everyone,
    I'm fairly new to this site and am making my way through all the articles (there are so many!). Can anyone explain to me the purpose of making a movie like this. I took my niece to see this movie when it came out and she had no idea what was going on and was quite bored.

    What do the Elite gain (besides money)? For eg, why put 2 horned heads behind the mom and dad if children and most people wont pick up on it? is it to slowly condition the public especially kids to accept such imagery/cruel themes. You would have to be really sick in the head to ever promote a movie like this to kids.

    Any clarity on this matter will appreciated.

    • You might want to read and look around for information on "Subliminal Seduction". It started with advertising way back when mass audiences were created. There is a book by that title from the 70s about how subliminal messages can program audiences to respond in certain ways without their overt knowledge.

    • Native American on

      The elite gain the continued support of the blind masses to be slaves. Living their lives in a reality which maintains consumer driven economy of empowering an individual's hedonistic desire of false wants and needs. Lusting to acquire perceived units of value by the masses to exchange for goods and services. Maintaining this false reality is paramount for the elite to have slaves support this system. Emotional desire to want creates opportunity to manipulate and control someone. Their goal is the continuity of POWER to control the masses who are their slaves.

  40. I knew there was something fishy about this movie when I first watched it! But my eyes still had buttons at that time. I had no idea why this was even a children movie, dark and terrifying indeed…

  41. I just watched it! Ugh! I would have nightmares too if I was a child….
    thick with symbols of the occult: 'magic circle' scratched in the earth around the holy well encircled by magic mushrooms, scarab forms and shapes in the 'other mother's' living room, dragon-fly motif in coraline's bedroom coming to life in the other world, dragon-fly hair-pin, one-eyed (button) octopus doll, venus & neptune (siren) – reborn as youthful goddesses, the birth-canal tunnel transiting from normal realm, to heavenly realm to hellish, ghostly realm…. etc., in all these movies are frustrating and difficult to watch, the black cat was the only consistent voice of reason….. Protect your children please!

  42. There is a lot more than VC pointed out, or can point out.
    I agree on the qualities of the technicians, developpers and, yes, the writer, care for detail and such. That too gave me a Kubrick association.
    The things not pointed out are quite open to exploration i think. The house plays a special role, what is its history, why the masonic symbolism, what's up with a Shakespear festival in the village (just a moment in the movie, but put there on purpose), the Antirrhinum-like meat eating flowers, still live after cutting, the history of the 2 sisters – one went missing – how? Same story?
    Anyone ideas?

  43. I would like for everyone here to note that Neil Gaimon who wrote Coraline is a Scientologist.

    He has made some noises denying that he is a Scientologist but this is not correct. In fact, his family is extremely entrenched in Scientology – they exclusively manufacture the vitamins that are sold for the most important quack physical remedy prescribed by Scientology, representing millions of dollars a year in revenue.

    Neil Gaimon was born into wealth generated by the sick and corrupted fake "church" of Scientology, and that wealth has supported him until he's found success as an artist, and probably still does. L Ron Hubbard toyed with black magic and Satanism before founding his fake religion. I am not surprised in the least about Gaiman's themes nor his disturbing dark tone.

    Now my question is, how in the world did so many of you allow your children to watch this movie? Knowing it made you feel disturbed? I don't understand this at all.

    • I would like to add, in case it isn't abundantly clear – Scientology is all about slowly hypnotizing and isolating people and controlling their minds and behavior totally, in order to consume all their money and use them as slaves. It is an extremely effective mind control operation based on greed. There is nothing remotely "religious" about this cult and don't let their pose as a "new religion" fool you for a second, please.

    • christiangirl86 on

      It would be more accurate to call him nonreligious. His family where heavily into the cult of Scientology but Neil is pretty much unconvinced. I attended a lecture where he spoke about it back in 2002. Pretty interesting but he mainly talked about his writing for DC.

      • I'm sorry but in this lecture he purposely misled you. Gaimon wants to distance himself publicly from Scientology because of the terrible negative press the cult gets. However Scientology has very specific rules – anyone who leaves it must be "disconnected" permanently from their family and friends that are still in the cult. The family does now NOT IN THE PAST but now, manufacture and sell all the vitamins for the Scientology Purification rundown worldwide, which is a business worth millions of dollars. His family is still in, and Gaimon is still in. He has not broken with his family and they have not broken with him. He and his family donate to Scientology in the hundreds of thousands of $$$ every year as payback and tribute to this destructive mind control cult. You should not give him a free pass on his word.

        Scientology has a very different idea of "ethics". They define ethics as the best thing to do if it benefits the Scientologist and benefits Scientology. That's it. Gaimon, his wife and family are at the top of the food chain and can do much more as they please than the average slave cult member below them. He might wish he was out and feels trapped, but he is definitely not out and for him to say so is an outright lie, but in line with Scientology "ethics."

        I believe that he is certainly "unconvinced" about religion because Scientology has absolutely nothing to do with religion.

    • I do not know why parents have their children see anything that they did not see on forehand. Not just because flashing one eyes, but in general, too. If it is so popular that you want your kid to be able to talk about it with friends, i can understand that. Accompany them later and talk.
      Know what you are dealing with.

  44. When the titles end, about four or five minutes after the ending of the movie you can read these phrase: "For those in the know" or something like that. I don´t remember quite well. But is there, like the final sequence in "Now you see me" So, these movies obviously are aimed to a "specific" public.

    • christiangirl86 on

      What does "For those in the know: JERK WAD" during the end credits mean?

      This was part of a promotional contest for the film. Nike made several special-edition 'Coraline Dunks,' which could be won through a contest on the website for "Coraline." "Jerk Wad" was the code word for entering the contest.

  45. I remember watching this before I was aware of all the MK Ultra and Monarch Symbology in Hollywood Movies. I've always been able to spot Propaganda in Movies with no problem for the last 10 years of my life. But only over the last 3 or 4 years have I been able to spot Propaganda 201 Mind Control Symbology in movies thanks to websites like VC and thanks to shamanic journeys into lower dimensions where this symbology is also offered in Full. It's interesting because now I feel like every old movie is basically a new movie when we put on our third eye glasses. I had no idea when I watched Coraline back then what was really going on. I feel like we basically have a whole new Library of movies to watch and all the dust has been lifted off these older movies and their real content has risen to the surface in a brand new glossy, albeit evil, polished finish. Thanks again VC

  46. Wouldn't be this one a positive case? I mean, Coraline fights against the handler. The message is that everything in that imaginary world is bad.

  47. A fun article. According to the author: Neil Gaiman the story is about how things may seem bad at times but things like family and love are things to cherish. He stated:
    “I don't want whatever I want. Nobody does. Not really. What kind of fun would it be if I just got everything I ever wanted just like that, and it didn't mean anything? What then?”
    and that's a pretty good surmising of the main theme. It's a lovely story, dark like most of Gaiman's works, but lovely none the less.

    Still, a very interesting read VC, keep up the good work, yours is one of my favorite sites.

  48. ReturningReader on

    Another great write-up. I'm a longtime reader here, this is my first post, just to say that I'm surprised no-one mentioned Mirrormask!

    It has almost the same story (also by Gaiman), same symbolics (but with both live and animated actors) and was made by the same guys who did Labyrinth, and was also packed with it as a box-set! Check out the DVD cover for symbol-overload:

    VC should do a write-up or somebody from the community.

    It may have been mentioned before, if that's so, ignore my post, but it just came to my mind.


  49. As stated by VC, many people unfortunately have "buttons" in their eye sockets while only the very few have actual eyes to see the dark truth behind the false fantasy created by the Elite and their use of MK Ultra on unlucky victims.

    Well summed up and nothing more to say about this article.

      • Crop circle. Aliens. Control. Mysterious. Not-of-this-world-you-will-never-understand-us-unless-you-join-us mentality. Creepy. I would not want to pick, or eat, anything from that "garden" of evil.

  50. i have to admit. i could not sit through more than the opening of coraline when i first watched it. it made me so scared, i cried and refused to sleep with the lights off. *tears* i just got so traumatized….

  51. I think the black cat is another facet of coraline's personality, as it appears in both worlds as the same thing. I think it symbolizes the creepy phenomenon of craving being in the presence of your abusers even as you're terrified and even trying to defeat them. Like it's a helper to both of her inclinations- running away and towards.

    • that's interesting. Maybe the cat symbolises hers and maybe everyone's deep down awareness of what is really happening but preferring to escape because that's easier? idk.. I want to know what the cat means

  52. I'm Just Sayin' on

    With all due respect, I appreciate what you do here, however, I have seen this movie multiple times and your interpretation of the cat seems off. Why would the cat be leading her when he literally warns her the whole time? The cat also made it a point that he had been going in and out of that other world for years, and didn't need the door. Just because the door was locked doesn't mean that the other side still doesn't exist. BUT: I'll say this, we live in the natural world and there is a spiritual world all around us that we can not see. Who knows what influenced Neil Gaiman to write such a story that would be able to be used to aid in mind manipulation/control by those sadistic people who do that. They recognize something useful produced in the natural influenced by something in the spirit realm. They know the works of their father (satan) well. Anyways…that's just my humble opinion.

  53. I cant wait for VC to decode "Despicable me"….. :) Little one eyed builders with a "G" on their overalls is way in your face kinda stuff….

  54. I only watched this flick, because a friend really liked it. I thought this movie was hella Creepy, from start to finish. The button eyed form of Coraline's parents were scary imo. The entire movie gave me a strange evil vibe, that I didn't like. I kept asking myself, why would anybody bring their child to see this weird movie. I have never watched it again. Thanks VC for breaking it down.

  55. . In European folklore, black cats were believed to be witches’ “familiars”- spirits who aid and protect them while they accomplish their magical work

    familiar spirits are also in the bible and are also what psychics contact to recieve information about a person.

  56. Wow – I never noticed all that in Coraline but now I see – also the candelabra in the kitchen of the fake world looks very fallus like – with two round balls at the base… :/
    anyway if thinking you've learnt and escaped is just another trap how do we actually escape??
    How do we know when we're being tricked if its made to look as though we've won? that's disturbing.

  57. I always wondered why my 3yr old daughter couldn't take her eyes off this movie even though she was clearly frightened by it. She would watch it everyday regardless. I questioned allowing her to watch it many times but because I "thought" it ended happily then it was ok.

    • Your daughter is perhaps under the influence of a demonic entity? It is quite possible this entity was attached to the film, and in the process of your daughter viewing it, attaches itself to her!

      Pray for her protection, destroy the movie, and more closely monitor everything she watches!

    • That's the point they're supposed to be drawn to it. It's witch craft being put in their young minds. Get rid of that movie. Read this site more often and, YES moniter and screen "everything she watches"

  58. Could you write about Despicable Me and perhaps Frozen too? Your articles are just so amazing!!! Keep it up, VC! And thank you so much!!!

  59. thank you VC for shining the light on these dark matters! This movie freaked me out, no matter what age I was. I never understood how this was considered a child's movie. It is amazing what kids are watching nowadays!!! Once again, thank you VC for showing us these hidden messages!!

  60. This cartoon comes on Nick Jr. called Lalaloopy, has button eyes on the girls and even on the little animals. My daughter likes to watch it, but I always felt it being weird and creepy. The theme is just about little girls running their own world and solving their own problems. They don't have parents to give them guidance or direction. But anyway, I stop letting my daughter watch it.
    So I looked up on the internet what the meaning of button eyes mean and one simple response was, THE EYES IS THE WINDOW TO YOUR SOUL. IF THEY OWN YOUR EYES, THEY OWN YOUR SOUL.

  61. Man you never cease to amaze me. I enjoy your articles so much. In a world full of bullsh!t it's nice to read some truth..

    * please share your opinion on the Beyonce visual album, it would be most appreciated.

  62. Pretty sure you're doing another ''Symbolic Pics of the Month'' article. You should put in Katy Perry's Dark Horse and Prism album. Very symbolic. Keep up the great work, VC! You have many supporters and fans.

  63. I have listened to the original Coraline audio book and it is very different from the movie. The film industry has heavily altered the story to make it fit into their illuminati/MK agenda.

  64. Wow truly disturbing. I haven't seen the film but I saw stills from it when it came out. The button eyes just looked black and extremely creepy. It was like many other things on this site that gave me a really bad feeling, but I didn't at the time understand why.

  65. God is Number ONE on

    When i was younger i had to be hospitalized……….. i lived there for about a year…….. i remmber somethings that now looking back….just didnt seem right………..cant explain it here but……..mind control is definately real…….. def real.

    • Well not to be rude, but why would you bring something up that you don't want to talk about?? I mean it's pretty apparent that most of us here know the realities of mind control, so unless you just want poking and prodding at your question what was the point…lol – No offense.

  66. Can someone plz explain/clarify some stuff to me…

    Ok, so when Caroline enters the tunnel she finds in her room, is she asleep and is it a dream? Or is she under a drug or what? I get the idea that it somewhat connects to a handler wanting her and controlling her but at the same time it doesn't clearly connect…

    • It's not a dream, like an ordinary dream, but you're right to think she might be under some drug, it's possible that she was being tortured too (hence the first scene of the movie describing how MK slaves are made). The alternate world was her dissociating, so yes she was "dreaming" to escape the reality of her pain.

      • Ahh.. I see.. but wait. So lets say for example that I am depressed because i am in love with someone but that person doesn't correspond to me the way i would like to, so i dream of me and that person being together and being happy… Is this a way of "dissociating"? Or to be more exact would i have to be under a drug to just imagine myself and that person together?? …..

  67. It's scary to know that this movie was marketed toward young children. I took my daughter to it in the theatres when it first came out and she was terrified! So was I to be perfectly honest. I thought it was creepy and had a really sinister feel to it. I was baffled even then that this was supposed to be a children's film. A child's pure innocence means nothing to them. All they see is easy prey and one who is eagerly trustful and easily manipulated. As a mother, words cannot describe how much this breaks my heart.

    This movie is based on a book penned by Neil Gaiman. He was once married to a Scientologist (may mean nothing, but still worth noting) and if you look at his work in literature, you will notice a dark trend.

  68. OMG, I watched this movie a few years ago and loved it! :O I mean, of course I noticed the obvious subliminal messages, but didn't realize it had such a terrible hidden meaning behind it.

  69. Neil Gaiman, the author of the book knows exactly what he's writing about. He knows about the Illuminti and all his books have a sinister tone. Him and his wife mainly want to bring attention to this world.

    • To do what with it? You cant point just at humans without pointing to the inspiration of all this mind control, ALL OF IT – we have been living with these symbols since at the very least Egyptian times. The All Seeing Eye has transferred from Egyptian hieroglyphs right onto the pages of fashion magazines; the Pope carries your pineal gland around on his staff. Do you think this is a mistake? Fixed merely by pointing it out? Writing about supposed secret societies? Its soooooooooo unproductive and unhelpful.

      Find the inspiration and destroy it.

    • This crap does exist. Question is – why? No, don't just say "for mind control". It is not a natural, human impulse to want to rule over brethren or hold dominion over one another. That is an INSPIRED mindset.

  70. WSJ magazine has loads of fashion content and most of the time I see pics which will be perfect for 'Symbolic Pics of The Month', November issue had Giselle with 2 robots as front page and the photo was taken by Terry Richardson. This month's issue has an article about Dior's Jewellery designer victoire de castellano, the photo shows her in her studio decorated with butterflies everywhere on the wall and table and to top it off she is wearing red shoes.

  71. i saw both coraline and 9 before reading the articles….. i had buttons then, i thought coraline was a good movie (until now) :( There needs to be real outrage over this stuff, especially " the cabin in the woods " movie, this whole agenda is disgusting, these people must be stopped! Vigilant – Thank you for the knowledge!

  72. Creepiest movie EVER! how is this is a kids movie? this is so scary. honestly. The hidden meanings are so obvious, they just keep making it more and more obvious yet people have become so blind to it they dont even notice!

    • Coraline and the nightmare before christmas are good films. It doesn't creep me out nor scare me. The only movie that does is final destination

  73. B.E.L.D.A.M.



    Archaic. an insane asylum or madhouse

    The word bedlam is a contraction of Bethlehem, a hospital in London (c 1400) that became a lunatic asylum.

  74. Travis Knight, the son of Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, produced this movie, via the family's purchase of the former Will Vinton animation studio, now renamed Laika. Like the notorious Chinese death factories that produce those preening Apple products, Nike's success was built on the backs of slave labor. Coincidence?
    The ambiguity of the ending of this film is what is disturbing. An artist can tell any tale he/she wants to, yet the strange sense of the impossibility of victory over dark forces – its sense of omnipresence no matter what – is the sinister aspect of the story.

  75. You missed out on Coralines neighbours in the Pink Palace . the circus guy upstairs and the show lady freaks below. i think those guys also played roles in this .
    A very symbolic scene is that part where the other father had these robotic like gloves use him to play the piano and was like "this piano plays me" .

  76. so many days i spend trying not to think about this awful truth. quite often, i will find myself mindlessly browsing through youtube and then i watch a video like Feelin' Myself and i feel sick to my stomach again. the truth is, once you put those sunglasses on, they don't come off. i hear a line like "i don't care about your brains, just give me head" and all i can think about is, "how much are we really paying here?" all of a sudden, i feel ashamed by our society and what's become of it. i see the reinforcement in the comments section of websites like youtube and facebook and can't help thinking that their mass mind control is working. it makes me question if reproducing is even a viable option in this world. i feel like it's over, and i want to leave before things take a turn from frightening to overwhelmingly horrible. and then i come to vigilant citizen and i feel a little better. i'm not the only one who sees. there are other people who are waking up. you'd think an article like this would make me feel more disturbed and in a way, there is that. but really, i feel better knowing that we are sharing a truth, as hard as it is to swallow.

    • It's overwhelming when you are led to read the truth. And your eyes are open, and you can't watch what you used to without cringing. Seeing the news get gorier and stranger week by week. Even 2 years ago, to me, were "the good old days" and life gets more difficult. Employers expect nothing less than perfection, cut benefits, demand long hours and less family time as a result. With the complete takeover of "NoCare" we have slid very quickly into a decline in "unhealthy care" which predicates who lives, who dies and who are the ones in charge. I have been a Christian my entire life, and knew about this stuff 30 years ago, and didn't think it would happen in my lifetime. Yet, it is unfolding, and if you knew how good life was even 20 years ago, you'd be watching for the return of Jesus, too. Just wait until they sanction what we read, and this site will disappear. READ NOW WHILE YOU CAN! It's coming that we will not be able to impart this information publicly. Jesus is Lord, every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess. Your antidote to reading this is to pray. You were led here by Divine appointment. You'll understand that one day, mark my words.

  77. From the all seeing eye to the technology this world continues to create and then lose (ie weather manipulation, capability of flight, incredible architecture), we should be past all this finger pointing at pictures if we REALLY feel the need to seek some answers. Those pictures are part and parcel of the lies. That is, unless we are just repeating patterns yet again, and soon our civilization will also fall, just like all of the ones to predate us. Modern Egyptians cant even tell us how the pyramids were built; thousands of years from now, perhaps future modern Americans wont be able to muster an answer for how skyscrapers were constructed. We could become Americantologists and create a whole new field of study!!! Imagine the jobs it would create….one day.

  78. original poster on

    after the other mother offers the button eyes she points the devil horns at coralines and says soon youll see things our way

  79. I remember thinking it was weird and creepy when I saw it… Then about 4 years later I forgot all about it, forgot the story line, the characters, everything… came across it and to my now great dismay I let my 4 year old daughter watch it… I thought it was something quirky and interesting and different from the usual cinderella/sleeping beauty, etc. She was so disturbed, she had nightmares for days. Even now, even though I've never let her watch it again, she'll say out of nowhere "mom, i'm thinking about the coroline witch again."

    And it was definitely the whole mother/evil witch thing that got to her the most. I could tell that had a deep rooted impression on her, like it tapped into some primal fears… Of course its so disturbing for a kid to even be exposed to the possibility that the most dependable, loving, important person in their life can really be the complete opposite evil, hateful witch. I get now how the personality splitting happens using that method. If you think about it, so many of the witches in kids classic stories/cartoons are "the other mother, or stepmother."

    Why do we have to even tell kids stories about witches? I had to explain to my kid a bunch of times that they don't exist and then she asked me, well why do people make them up and tell stories about them? I wasn't sure how to answer that, because it really is stupid.

    • and yes, the ending was the other most disturbing factor for my daughter – the fact that it was unclear. She wasn't sure that the witch was defeated, and no matter what I said to try to explain that the witch couldn't get to coroline anymore, I don't think she was entirely convinced.

      didn't the crushed hand end up in the well with the key? i can't remember…

  80. Wowzers!!! I have never seen this movie and wouldn't have had a clue what it was REALLY about, but no doubt in mind I know what it means now. It appears a fun cartoon film on the façade but with really dark hidden in plain sight undertones. I mean the first picture is quite interesting in itself. The Tree which looks like a giant claw encompassing the whole moon. The moon which looks like a button and the button is used for the "O" in the word "Coraline". Before I even read the article I was thinking, Why a button? – There is some significance to this button and of course reading further we all know what the buttons represents in the film. Even the letter "L" you have the black cat walking through the "door" or "gateway", which symbolizes that the cat is the "Gatekeeper" and again we realize later what the Black cat in the film represents…… Soo many more references which other people have also mentioned. I thought one of the most telling was the poster which features an "A" with the All seeing eye. Have you all read what it says underneath? ~ A is for Adventures – The kind that you fear when others intentions are not clear ~ MK Ultra adventures no doubt. Says it all really doesn't it.

    Thank You VC and all the rest of yas. Peace.

  81. I don't understand why anyone would promote the occult or evil… I mean, do they not realise that life on Earth is short? Everyone eventually dies no matter how long it takes & everything comes to an end. I know a lot of people say that there is no proof of God or the after life, but there's also no proof that God and the after life don't exist. We won't know until our time is up, but why risk it? Why risk momentary pleasure & greed for potential eternal suffering? Nothing is worth giving up your soul. Sadly the world has become shallow, vain and materialistic. Some people just care about physical and materialistic comforts, which are not really comforting in the long run. I hope those involved in this evil stuff and those who 'control' others/make them suffer, realise that one day the tables will turn & they will have to answer for a lot.

  82. I remember watching this when is came out. I was actually slightly traumatized after watching it it was so creepy. I knew there were some sublimal messages going on. I was 16 lol.

  83. I was always sketched out by the ending. It didn't leave a good feeling and it was kind of creepy and now I know why. Always trust your instinct. If you feel something off about it that's probably because there is

  84. VC, I am So glad that you make an article about Coraline, I remember that one of Pseudo Occult Media's posts mentioned this movie, but did not make thorough analysis about it. Thanxxx

  85. Wish there were some notes/explanations/narrative on the two freaky scenes with the neighbors, both in the real world and alternate world. One is the weird inventor guy that has the mouse circus, and the other is the two old ladies with the dogs.

  86. I'd love to see your thoughts on the new video on veto out called mesemerise by temples. Also the book for kids what does the fox say. Is quite interesting as well.

  87. Am I the only person that notices there is a Grey Alien made up of the tree and Moon? It's outlined. Interesting how People don't always make the Alien-Demon connection.

  88. I remembered reading the book as a kid way back… I remembered being creeped out and disturbed… I remembered as a kid having nightmares from reading the book alone, about Caroline ending up in a twilight world with people with buttons for eyes and the Other Parents wanted to replace her eyes with buttons…

    I always felt something was wrong with the book and when I saw they made a movie for it I was in no rush to see it or have my little sister see it..

    Never would I have thought it was about MK but I'm not surprised

  89. Thank you VC. My 15 year old daughter and I have been waiting for your review of Coraline. When we first saw this movie, we were unnerved by the music that played when it first comes on but as we continued to watch it, we looked at each other and said that there were so many symbols in the movie that it was beyond ridiculous. There were couple that we missed like the baphomet horns in the other mother and father's dining room wall and the last scene with the garden looking like the other mother and the cat disappearing behind that pole. That movie is so spooky to my 5 and 7 year olds that they won't even watch it. Well done, VC!!!!!!!

    • Did you see the poster, the cover or the promotion before you tried to show it to you 5 and 7 year old kids? ?
      (I would like to add about 19 ?'s, but that looks just silly..)

      • No D D d, I didn't see the poster or cover before I bought it and I did not try or want to show it to them as you seem to think. I bought it because it was $5. I originally bought it thinking it was just a kids movie before I started reading the VC articles and I had my eyes opened. After I bought it and finally decided to watch it, my oldest daughter and I saw all of the symbols that were in the movie. The only reason my two younger kids saw part of the movie (which was the opening credits by the way) is because I was watching it with my daughter to spot all of the symbols. I have actually thrown the movie away. I would like to add something else but my mom always told me if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  90. The movie is a double etendre, as it will have the same effect of implanting mistrust in children raised in solid loving homes (cause them to mistrust their loving parents intentions) and those from dysfunctional homes realize they are drawn to loving relationship with their parents, but not trust it if such does occur.

  91. communism fascism
    these have lead to basically dictatorships
    but capitalism is going to top them all at this rate
    satanism ? really ? that's the plan ?
    well jesus h belzubuhubub ?

    umm i had a freind who was really into death metal and satan at like 14
    to be honest he had a iq of about 60 70 … maybe hes running things

  92. absolutely amazing! I think that the symbolism of the labyrinth first appearing to look and cater to coralline changing once her eye are opened reveals the true nature of reality. Which is that the real world agenda caters to beldam or dark forces not coralline. So kinda like you said before on VG the real world is not a happy place, and even though coralline defeated the beldam she now has to deal with the true nature of reality which is a whole nother problem to solve

  93. Actually, the dismemberment of the doll is a direct reference to the Egyptian Book of the Dead preparation for burial. Organs removed head shaved etc. This ritual was to prepare a soul for journey to the underworld and eventual rebirth. The name Coraline is also of interest since Cora is another name for Persephone the Greek Goddess of the underworld.

  94. James Mulvenna on

    There are of course thousands of wholesome earthy books which never get exposure simply because they are not part of the global agenda of the PTB – In todays world nearly every major release have to have certain theme's & programing included before finance becomes available. If it appears a major piece the finance will be offered on condition it is tweaked accordingly.

  95. Wow! I never thought the film would have such a dark side. I loved it before but not anymore. Also, have you noticed that, when Caroline is in the Other Bedroom after the cake scene and she sees her friends in the picture, behind them there is saying 'GoodBye Caroline'? Creeepy… You can also see that the Other Mother in her small form continuosly moves her hand as if she was sewing… Thanks a lot Vigilant City.
    P.s. the first scene is extremely creepy!

  96. Plus, her name is COREaline. She even tells us that on her firs talk with whybe. can it have anything to do with Core Persona and that stuff'?

  97. Thank you for sharing this. I ones started watching the beginning of the movie, while on a plane, but couldn't go further than that, because it seemed creepy and weird and I get easily scared by movies, although I'm not a child from looong ago. I remember how I wondered if it is really intended for children. Back then I didn't notice what you have described here, but now it all makes sense.

  98. In 2010 my 4 year old little cousin, the most active child I have ever met, sat down to watch this movie. It was literally the first movie he had ever set down and watched the entire thing. He fell in love with it so I had my grandma go out and buy it for him and when I would pick him up from day care he would have a snack and go watch "Coraline". Well after the 2nd day of having the DVD I sat down to watch it with him, trying to see what was so captivating about it that made him sit down for nearly 2 hours. Immediately something about this film hit me, I did not know what it was but the opening scene just made me feel like something was off about it. As we went through and watched the movie I was able to uncover a view things, that I had learned from reading VC, about the film. Such as the Baldame be some sort of handler and her need to prey on childrens insecurities. When the movie was over I waited til he went to sleep and told my grandma that he would never watch the movie again because there were elements of witchcraft and wizardry in their that a four year old should not be watching. I was only 16 at the time but Im here to tell parents that before you let your kids watch TV, be it Cartoon Network, Disney, Nick or whatever PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE proof watch it first because the Devil is in the details and your kids can be exposed to something and you not even know it.

  99. But in Coraline are not the elements, that you claim represent "mind control", depicted as evil in the movie? You state that mind control is "the most sadistic practice known to man", and Coraline blatantly characterizes the "handler" as an evil spider-witch villainess, whom in the end is defeated. So then what is the problem with the movie? Where is the deception? I would think this movie would be trumpeted on this website.

    • There's something that VC forgot to post. The broken key (aka the girl's broken psyche) ends up with the Other Mother's crashed hand on the well = No being free.

  100. Beldam is an anagram of bedlam which is "a place or situation of chaotic uproar and where confusion prevails" Wikipedia. A deliberate misspelling I imagine.

  101. Now re-read this entire article with this in mind – all the 'children' are females and this article is about how Patriarchy has closed our eyes to the truth about HERstory. The references to witchcraft (which was nothing more than female natural healers being demonized by the all-controlling roman church who also stole all feminine symbolism turning it demonic for various reasons, not the least of which was monetary – married priests don't leave their money to the church) allude to this time and if you re-consider the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland (written by occult writers) in this light, it becomes more apparent. Demonizing the 'Mother' is also shown – and we have ample proof of that in today's society where motherhood is not considered sacred, (oh but the seed, so sacred, we save it while destroying the very fertile loam needed for procreation) nor is love of Mother Earth which directly correlates to our society's hatred of all things female. Fake constructs, alternate realities -Yes, re-read this paragraph with the struggle between the left and right brain in mind – the male and female are at constant struggle.

    "A close loving bond is needed between a child and the initial abuser so that a clean split is created when the initial mind-splitting trauma is carried out. The clean split occurs when the child is confronted with two irreconcilable opposing viewpoints of someone who is important to them. The child can’t reconcile the two extremely opposite views of the same person, one being a loving caretaker, and the other being the worst kind of abuser. The person the child trusted the most is the person the child fears the most. Some professional therapists have come to realize that this is how the core is split.”
    – Ibid.
    The loving caretaker mother and the stern punishing all-controlling patriarchal father. Yes, this is how humanity's core has been split and this is the only way to heal humanity – heal this purposely enforced rift by refusing to consider the Divine as not female or male, but as one consciousness. When god became man-made, in HIS image, the female was automatically deemed inferior.

    • I love you for this comment.
      I do no understand how someone can call the Lord an eating shitting breathing man, and call themselves intelligent – consider themselves to be 'awake'. Where is the logic in that? Stop being so blind. Justin Bieber's mistake wasn't that he thanked God and Jesus separately. It was that he knew he couldn't say it to the public.

  102. SouthEastQueen on

    This is my favorite movie! :/
    My husband & I came to the conclusion that the eyes being taken away was their soul.
    Look how "perfect" the other mom was.
    Good Food on the table, parents paid attention to Coraline..
    Many are the possibilities.
    Love the article

  103. This is a super creepy movie. I watched it with my kids, and i got nightmares for many nights. My kids couldn't sleep by themselves for a long time.

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  105. The scene with the 2 Baphomet heads in the background reminds me of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" scene with the bed and 2 Baphomet heads. Creepy.

  106. this movie is awesome…can't something be creepy and awesome just for the sake of it being creepy and awesome? Not just the illuminati can think weird stuff up. Regular people r weird, write books that make cool movies…I think it sucks that this movie was taken apart like that…this movie is a masterpiece:)

  107. It's funny to me that people won't watch this because of the symbolism. That just says to me that you are too weak of mind to not be lured in by the messaging. Silly. Just because there may be a message buried in it, doesn't make it less entertaining.

  108. I actually think it's anti-MK. You know why? Because in the Other World where there are illuminati symbolisms, you get everything you want, but it still turns out to be sinister. When you join the illuminati you get popular and have money and shit, but then you realise how messed up it is. And they showed that in the movie. Coraline went to the other world, everything is better there, she realises how sinister it is, defeats the Beldame, and then goes back to the real world while she's happy.
    Sure there are some symbolisms, but other than that, I think it shows how the illuminati are actually evil and joining them would make you controlled.
    Yes, the poster has an all-seeing-eye, but many anti-MK things have illuminati symbolisms.
    The movie is super creepy, but I guess that's the point of it because that's what I seemed to like most about it.
    I'm not an expert in illuminati and I actually just became interested in learning more about this occult today, but I'm just saying what I think the movie is about.
    Also, my younger sister doesn't find it creepy at all and she just loves it a lot. She grew up still loving it, so I think it's okay for kids.

  109. wakingsleeper on

    To deal with cognitive dissonance, One Must Root Himself In The Realm Of Actuality And Reframe From The Conditional mechanical Habit Of WishFul Thinking. Only Then Will The Two Worlds Of Fantasy And Reality Reveal Itself And A Conscious (Not Mechanical) Choice Can Be Made.

  110. 'Coraline appears to vanquish her foe but, as subtle symbolism suggests, she might have simply done exactly what was expected from her all along.'
    Seems to be about 'the awakened' in the Illuminati Is Evil manufactured hysteria…

  111. My name is Cora. My great grandfather was a "dowser" and I've had dreams about parallel universes of evil alternatives of my friends and family. I've never seen the movie Coraline. Kinda funny coincidences though. Also kind of creepy.

  112. ancient-sama on

    I think the first bit about the doll being mind controlled is off.
    At the beginning the doll represents one of the ghost children. If you noticed wybe's or however you spell his name has slight african descent thus this doll was the doll sent to spy on wybe's grandmother's sister.
    This doll belonged to the sister, but the weird type 'other mother' modified it to look like a mini caroline?
    Kind of like she's recycling the same 'spy doll', then she sent it out into the world, for it to be found. At first I thought wybe's grandma was evil, but it was more like 'recycling of the same doll' o-o; Ahem one of the ghost children is wybe's grandma's sister who apparently disappeared mysteriously. Other than that yes there is some symbolism in this especially bahomet heads and so forth. But I feel that's more of a product of the movie industry than the story writer. Like to make it popular they think that inserting triangles, and covering up eyes, and the like, is a 'thing' for some reason. I keep wondering why they even try. My personal take on this? Original author actually meant it as a warning, movie version modified for it to be twisted further. I guess it's all on the movie company/ direction.

    It was still interesting though to see how caroline was resisting the attempts of the fake parents despite the un-necessary symbolism.

  113. Deanna Clark on

    My little grandson started shaking and crying after 10 minutes of this. I hate all this junk and only go to be with family. I took him out and we sat in the lobby…he cried for another half hour.
    Now I don't go to these things.
    The trailers are worse and worse, too.

    It takes some imagination to entertain children without all this, but I keep trying. At least God knows I'm trying.

  114. I watched this movie not long after it came out.. I am now twenty-two this year and I got freaked the hell out by this movie! Whenever I even think about it, my eyes get teary .. Even reading this article brang the water right at the border as I remembered watching it.. It is a great HORROR movie, and probably animation, that's all i see to it. (Number 9 freaked me out too but not as much as Coraline and the buttons.. the button eyes was the part i hated the most from this movie ­>___>)

  115. Why? Making a movie like this, all the work involved, it can only have one of three purposes, to promote, to combat, or to cause awareness of the mind control that goes on. Which is it? Why constantly promote it and show it? Only a handful ever become the "stars" providing the top elites with money and power. Is it to pay homage? I don't get it.

  116. Never watched the movie the trailer sent chills up my spine always knew there was something extremely evil about it. My parents always told me that when something is evil you will be able to feel a dark energy (something along those lines) (feel Satan in it) and that was perhaps the most evil feeling I have ever got from JUST a movie trailer. Even more so then looking through the occult section at my local library tells ya something. Poor mk ultra victims how are people still blind to this they give me strange looks like I'm bat shit crazy when I mention this type of symbolism in movies,music videos,etc

    Finally got my best friend to believe after I showed him that creepy video of Justin beibers eyes COMPLETELY changing when the judge was talking to him

    My other best friend got me believing in the illuminati by showing me so many truths I thank god my eyes are open now and know for sure bad shit is going to go down in the future at least I will be prepared unlike the sheep of this country

  117. Wow, this is all so very silly…
    People considering and claiming that there is another side to things when they haven't even considered the other side to their own beliefs. Good and Evil. Start there, people. Is there really such a thing? Religion, yes, the opium of the people. Talk about mind-control.

    Sorry if I'm rude, it's just that I am a bit sad and upset after seeing SO many people with such hatred in them.
    Love for you all. It is everywhere, after all.

  118. What a weird take on this movie. I didn't like it as much as the book, which is one of my favourite YA fantasy books. I read it to a classroom of elementary school kids about 10 years ago, and they could not get enough of it. The writer of this article does not even seem to be aware that the film is based on a book.

    Here's where you can tell this person does not know what they are talking about:

    "The three ghosts call the Other Mother “Beldam”, which means “ugly, evil-looking old woman”. The word also resembles the term Grand Dame, the title given to important women in the Illuminati mind control system."

    No. The "Beldam" is an obvious reference, both in the book and in the film, to the figure referred to in Keat's poem as "La Belle Dame San Merci". The queen of the faerie world is legendarily known for luring mortals into her own world, and holding them there against their will. This is who the character in the book and the movie is meant to represent. I'm pretty sure "Belle Dame" means the opposite of "ugly, evil-looking old woman", if I remember anything about French. Neil Gaiman, the author of the book, loves a good classic lit reference.

    Coraline is meant to be a spooky story for kids about a girl being lured into a world that seems too good to be true, and it turns out it is. She must then fight her magical kidnapper and rescue her real parents and the souls of three children lured there before her. It's a story about the triumph of the human spirit, not the defeat and destruction of it. Coraline is clever and resourceful and brave, and we need more books with young, female protagonists like her. I highly recommend the book, which can be read in a couple of hours.

  119. Anuja Shukla on

    I loved this article, particularly the way the stills have been analyzed, and I loved the the part where you state that the garden is now the face of the beldam. It confirms my suspicion; it's a long clear shot, hard to miss. There always is dark in the alternate world, because no one has eyes to see any different.However, I still wonder the significance of color 'blue' in the film. She has blue hair, her father asks her to count all the blue things in the house, then later he says he has blue slippers instead of orange, there's a twisted painting of the 'blue boy', she has blue boots on (which the other mother makes). I also wonder if there is another tangent to the fact that she looks like a spider.

  120. The thing that I don't understand, they show us how they programm the slaves. I believe that. But when I watch it how the movies like this affect me? Am I going to be some kind of MK slave beginner or the elites like to show their power so we can be afraid?

  121. Lion of Omega on

    I think that VC refers to Satanic practice too often as "MK mind control" as though it's some sci-fi esque tradition when the reality is that this is demonic worship. VC, this isn't a spaceship movie. It's sorcery.

  122. I used to luv this movie but now I don't I never thought this movie would have subliminal messages in it but it did. On a different note, gravity falls on Disney is bad what does Bill Cipher remind you of ? cough eye of Horus cough

  123. My daughters friend brought this movie to our place for a sleep over and I watched it with them. It freaked me out and I instantly picked up on the underlying plot. The obese lady singing whilst being dressed like Venus with tiny shells covering her nipples and underwear alomst swallowed by her fat totally blew my mind. How canthat be approved for a childrens movie? I thought themovie was brilliant at portraying the mind control world and it ws certainly disturbing

  124. why everyone sees this amazing movie as only something bad? i adore Burton and i'm frequent reader of VC. i see this as a warning to all of us, not to promote mind control

  125. Well, from what I see my comment has mysteriously disappeared, even if yesterday I could see it. So I will repost it, accident can happen. The scene with the cat? Is taken out of context. The cat is outside the house, in front of a window and everyone that has seen the film can see this. So, no, the cat isn't showing Coraline the way to cause her dissociation, is watching over her. The cat is helpful through the film. The head in the garden? Is not Bedlam's is Coraline. She is making her own garden.
    Alaso just a note to the commenters.
    "I didn't watch the movie myself but after reading your article I must conclude that the original plot was altered on purpose"
    This is a quote of one commenter. She didnt' see the film but she is accepting the opinion of an online article without proofs of its truth. The plot wasn't altered. The writer of the artlice misinterpreted some scenes ( maybe even without intention) to fit the point he/she wanted to make. Well I'd say that's a dangerous behaviour not a stupid film on a stupid book. Accepting for truth what you see without controlling is dangerous. Not some elaborated fairytale on how this film could represent programming. And mind you I could say twenty different interpretation of this film and they would be equally right as this interpretation.

  126. Don't forget that the Beldams hand was thrown down the well with the key. Does that mean that she still holds the key to Coralines psyche, or at least have a grasp on it?

    • You are the only one who noticed it!!!!!! That makes me feel that the ending is just confirming it. That's the reason why the movie is too MK.

  127. Someone / Umm on

    Is Promoting Mind Control . The film seemed to be for children and was PROMOTED as a family film.
    The Beldam face-shaped garden reminds me of Labyrinth's last scene (the one with the owl spying the girl). Sadly, the handler wins.

  128. This movie felt ominous from the start…uhm…
    Thanks again VC.
    Now I know and will tell my friend at school who also likes (liked) this movie.

  129. I still kind of like the movie, although not as much as the book. Somehow it just kind of "had a ring of truth about it", long before I knew about mind control and all the symbolism stuff. But then, I think my alters have been trying to slip hints past the amnesia barrier for a very long time now. Some are pretty sure they've been working behind the scenes to jolt the hosts awake for decades.

  130. Really? You are mean on

    Only one other person said this so I'm pissed off with everyone else. A lot of you are saying THIS IS EVIL, and I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING OFF WITH THIS MOVIE. Really though that is the point. And I don't see how putting this kind of symbolism in this movie is a bad thing because it's saying "hey kids this is real it happens take care of yourselves and don't become trapped." This is one of my favourite movies because it is creepy(although I love Alice in wonderland so much more) and guess what I've never and never will watch a horror movie in my life, yeah I admit some of the mystery parts of the storylines may seem interesting. But it would traumitize me. heck when I first watched the 4th Harry Potter movie when 12 I was up all night with the blankets covering my head. Though now I love harry potter including the 4th movie. Anyways my point is I can say half of my class in grade 5 and in grade 6 had been watching those stupid saw movies(never watched those never will, just heard of them from people) so honestly would you rather your kid watch a half innocent meant to be creepy and scare children movie or a horror movie that they will just laugh at instead of thinking "hey this is about people dieing It is not funny". So Smarten up because Coraline is better than some things out there and hey if you think Coraline is being manipulated by the cat……what? he is obviously helping her all throughout the movie he is watching her making sure she doesn't get captured if he was manipulating her he wouldn't have killed 2 of the rats, or found her parents for her. And the end when he disapears is just saying the other world still exists Coralines troubles are not over. Hope I set the record straight for now with my opinions. This comment is not to offend anyone I just felt offended myself because I love Coraline.

  131. yes, this movie is a clear and accurate representation of the way the religious community (mostly the catholic church) indoctrinates its followers .

  132. I'm still wondering if there is a meaning of the cat disappearing at the end of the movie. For a moment I thought maybe she did give in to the button eyes and she's stuck in the alternate world.

  133. Well I'm still young I like the movie

    However I'm really smart and you got it all wrong the cat was helping her out
    And the ugly scary spider looking lady does not look like the thing in the garden it like
    it looks like coraline because if you look at the garden in the other world remember the garden has to be some what the same if you look closely to the left you see the small butterfly barrette coraline has in her hair so its no way that's the baldem

    My sister thinks it could be coraline ir it could be the beldem who knows but I think it's coraline ♥

  134. If you want to understand more read the original book. This movie, like many others, was an adaptation of a book. The book will give you the whole story and more information the movie provided.

  135. It's a MOVIE, not a "Spell"! I can't believe people look so hard at everything with dark thoughts and fear!!! We're subject to more creepy and weird situations in real life. Reality is alot more sinister. Linda

  136. Since I was a little kid that I've loved creepy, strange films like Tim Burton's, I am unusual and I like twisted things. My mother bought me the Caroline movie when it came out.
    After I saw the movie I fell in love with it, I've watched the movie multiple times and it's one of my favorites. I was a kid when I watched the film and it was a little scary, I must admit, but all kids love Coraline. My cousins had nightmares after seeing it but now everytime I talk about this movie they want to see it again and again.
    Not every thing has a dark meaning behind it, it's just a movie that has an unusual plotline! I think it was an amazing movie.

  137. There's another thing. Check out how Bobinsky (russian mice coach) is setting his legs just before he is falling down. I found this element when I saw the movie second time. First his legs are setted as "B" (Bobinsky), than suddenly as pentagram.

  138. Thank you for this article! When I found this article, I'd just finished watching Coraline in its entirety . I was wondering if anyone else had seen the other mother's face in the end of the movie, so I did a Google search and stumbled upon this article.

    On the Issue of Monarch, it is interesting to note that at first, the "Other World" was a place Coraline went to be happy and escape the troubles of the world. It is even note worthy, that after she'd gone "water witching" with the poison oak, when she went to the "Other World", right before she went to sleep, the Beldam had put dirt on her hands that healed the rash. In my personal opinion, it was almost saying, in the Monarch reality, when you go through "the small door" everything becomes as it should be. There is no more pain, no more suffering, just bliss.

    Also no one but the one's who'd either directly or indirectly experienced the "Other World" believed it in. Only Wieby's grandmother, and Coraline were aware of it.

    The two old, theater obsessed women also seemed to be aware of the world. The were arugably occultists or women who engaged in black magic. The first time Coraline met them and they offered her tea, they told her fortune. The shorter of the two old women was wearing a cup like hat with the all seeing eye embroidered on the front…

    Coincidence? I think not.
    Another movie ruined

  139. Andraws Putros on

    I believe that the cat magically disappears in the end because the cat could only do it in the fake world. I don't believe that Caroline is actually out of the trap…

  140. I have this movie and I love it, actually – but the first time I watched it, it creeped the hell out of me.

    The stone with the hole in it is called a Witch's Stone. If you look through it, you are supposed to be able to see what the plain eye cannot…. things such as Faeries, for instance. The hidden world becomes visible.
    So basically, its a world within a world – neither of which are real. Think about that for a second.

  141. It's not mind control, but there is a metaphorical reference to dissociative drugs, i.e. ketamine, methoxetamine, etc. The tunnel is the K-hole where upon you enter a fantastic world and everything seems perfect. A quality of dissociative drugs is the way in which they almost trick you into believing they are good for you. However dissociative abuse has consequences and can take over peoples lives. Go to the website and read the director's message, I think it's in the living room, (the site is an interactive 3d model of the Pink Palace) he uses the metaphor of a heavy leather jacket anyone who has experience with dissociative drugs, especially the hole, will see immediately the under lying message. And if you dose when the movie starts by the time she first opens the door to the tunnel and the blue light hits her face, bam! I don't know if it was intentional but the timing always correlates for me. One of the best movies for a dissociative trip, try also Limitless, Tron Legacy, and Sucker Punch all rock in that mind state.

  142. I loved this movie right after i first watched it. But when I watched it again, it totally creeped me out. I knew there was something disturbing behind this movie.

  143. Rodrigo Figueiroa on

    Its based in a Novel written by Neil Gaiman, but is very different from the original material. Adaptations are always made for fit the producers interests.

  144. What about the neighbors ? ? Mr bobinski always creeped me out.and the basement neighbors., and also why born.. The kid was a bit awkward too.

  145. Katelyn Zink on

    I just watched the whole movie just a min ago it's not that creepy I mean some people are afraid of it like my sister is because she doesn't like the button eyes and she doesn't like dolls either I don't like dolls either but I don't now why I still like the movie and this is clay animation but my favorite part is when Coraline goes into the other world and got what ever she wanted but when it came to mad mother I got so scared because I thought she was really going to sow buttons in her eyes and for the song that come with the movie isn't English it's like gibberish or some and the song is really creepy to me but idk about you guys but it's really creepy to me

  146. I'm single and I whant to be a father so thanks for the theires and facts. I've seen this movie before and I thought it was creepy as hell! Im ganna stand by there side so if I have kids in the futcher the r not ganna watch this untill lik 9+

  147. its pretty funny how many people are taking this theory seriously, its interesting i'll give it that, but i found myself rolling my eyes more than agreeing with it. 4/5 star theory, good job

  148. I didnt think the garden at the end looked like the other mother at all. i thought it looked like a less flashy coraline. As in okay the coraline the other parents grew was amazing. but in the real world she was there all along with her real parents in the garden.

  149. I'm 24 years old and I just watched this film for the first time. I love Tim Burton films and I think this is probably one of his best. The concept and plot are so original and yes, it is SUPER creepy, but there are so many subliminal messages (as you said) with such powerful meanings. Even the main concept of dealing with the life you're given & not being greedy is unique for a childrens film. I hope those who watch will understand that as a child you have your ups and your downs but you should always appreciate your family.

  150. Someone / Umm on

    I agree. But… the book doesn't involve most of the dark imagery (the film added the whole 'doll' thing, the garden' thing, the Baphomet head…) They altered a part of the story… and that was on purpose.

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