“Hide and Seek”: The Most Blatant Movie About Monarch Mind Control Ever?


“Hide and Seek” is a 2005 thriller movie that did not get great reviews at the time of its release. However, chances are most critics did understand its symbolism and its underlying theme which is all about Monarch Programming. In fact, “Hide and Seek” is probably one of the most blatant movies about Monarch Mind Control in Hollywood’s history. We’ll look at the hidden meaning of the movie.


Hide and Seek is not going down in history as Robert De Niro’s most memorable movie. It was bashed by movie critics for its derivative nature and because its ending was deemed “nonsensical”. While it is true that the plot of Hide and Seek has a fair share of logical fallacies, the movie simply cannot be fully understood without knowing about the key element at its core: Trauma-based Mind Control. From the first frame to the last, almost every line and every symbol found in the movie directly refers to concepts associated with mind control, specifically Monarch Programming.

In this particular brand of mind control, children are subjected to trauma so intense that it causes them to dissociate from reality. The slave’s handlers can then program into the children’s minds alter personas that can be triggered at will (for more information about Monarch Mind Control, read the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). In a symbolic and theatrical way, Hide and Seek describes the horrible procedure behind Monarch Programming and hints to the more sadistic aspects of it. The fact that Monarch butterflies appear in key parts of the movie confirm that the whole storyline is based on Monarch Mind Control.

Further, when one understands the handler/slave relationship that is happening in the movie, the “nonsensical” ending becomes a little more “sensical” as it fits precisely with the way Monarch Programming works .

Let’s look at the story of Hide and Seek and the MK symbolism it contains.

Brief Summary

Warning: Gigantic spoilers ahead.

After witnessing the apparent suicide of her mother, a young girl named Emily Callaway (played by Dakota Fanning) displays symptoms of severe trauma. Her father David Callaway (played by Robert De Niro) attempts to help his daughter snap out of her trauma by leaving his job as a psychologist and by moving to a small town outside of New York.

There, he realizes that his relationship with Emily is extremely difficult and that her behavior is increasingly worrisome. Emily claims to have a new friend named Charlie who is “lots of fun” and plays with her, but Emily tells her father that Charlie doesn’t like him at all. David believes that Charlie is an imaginary friend Emily created to help cope with her trauma. Things however become unsettling when horrible things begin to occur around the house (i.e. the cat gets drowned in the bathtub) that Emily then blames on Charlie. When David discovers his potential new girlfriend has been murdered in the bathtub, he realizes that Charlie is a real person and that he’s extremely dangerous. After running around the house for a few minutes, David has a moment of clarity and realizes that HE is Charlie. Charlie is indeed David’s alternate personality, one that he didn’t know even existed. This alter personality has been manipulating poor traumatized Emily and has been committing horrible crimes. After this epiphany, Charlie takes control of David’s body and goes on a murderous rampage. Charlie is then stopped, and shot dead, by Katherine, a psychologist who worked with David in New York and who came to see if Emily was alright. After the ordeal, Emily goes to live with Katherine and that’s that.

As stated above, for most movie viewers, the internal logic of the script is somewhat unbelievable. However, once the MK symbolism of the movie is recognized, one understands that Hide and Seek is about a handler traumatizing and programming an MK slave. The fact that the father/handler has two personas is consistent with the fact that handlers are often dissociative slaves themselves who’ve been programmed to carry out someone else’s dirty deeds. Let’s look at the deeper symbolism of the movie.

Emily, the Traumatized Child

The movie begins with a symbolic image: Emily being turned around by her mother, indulging in the bliss of childhood and innocence. Notice her doll.

The movie begins with a symbolic image: Emily playing with her mother, spinning around in the bliss of childhood and innocence. Notice the doll: she holds this constantly in the first part of the movie.

Emily is a regular and playful child who appears to be very happy. In the first scene of the movie, we see her playing hide-and-seek with her mother, who then lovingly tucks her into bed.

At the beginning of the movie, Emily constantly holds that takes on an important meaning later in the movie. It represents Emily's innocent, core personality.

Emily constantly holds a doll that takes on an important meaning later in the movie. The doll represents Emily’s innocent, core personality: her “real” self.

Later that night, Emily witnesses a horrifying scene: Her mother dead in a bloody bathtub.

Seeing her mother dead is Emily's first mind-altering, life changing trauma...And not the last.

Seeing her mother dead is Emily’s first mind-altering, life changing traumatic event … but not the last.

While the death appears to be a suicide, we later learn that Charlie (the alter personality of David – Emily’s father) killed the mother and placed her in the bathtub to make it look like a suicide. Did he do this on purpose to traumatize Emily and begin her Mind Control programming?

Emily is then placed in a mental hospital for children.

Emily displays the classic signs of a traumatized person: Shock,  isolation and withdrawl.

Emily displays the classic signs of a traumatized person: Shock, isolation and withdrawal.

The face of trauma.

The face of trauma.

David (or was it Charlie) decides to leave his job and moves to a small town named Woodland. He says to Katherine, another psychologist who works with him:

“Right now I need to be doing what’s right for Emily. I need to be a full time dad”.

Did he mean: “I need to be a full time handler”?

Right before leaving, Katherine, gives Emily a gift.

Katherine gives Emily a music box that plays the children song Mockingbird. This song becomes a sort of trigger song for the MK slave that is Emily as it constantly plays in the background when traumatic events happen to her. When giving the box, Katherine tells Emily: " "Whenever i was feeling sad, I would open the lid and all my sorrows went away". This appears to be a way of telling Emily to dissociate from reality when she hears that song to avoid trauma.

Katherine gives Emily a music box that plays the Mockingbird song. As the movie progresses, the Mockingbird song plays whenever a traumatic event happens, which makes it a programmed trigger song. Upon giving the gift, Katherine tells Emily: “Whenever I was feeling sad, I would open the lid and all my sorrows went away” – essentially telling Emily that she should dissociate from reality whenever she hears that song to avoid trauma.

Once in their new home, Emily goes into a wooded area behind the house. There, she follows a Monarch butterfly that leads her to a cave.

This mysterious cave is in fact the programming site where Charlie further traumatized and played with Emily's mind.

This mysterious cave is in fact the programming site where Charlie programs and traumatizes Emily.

The fact that a Monarch butterly lead Emily to the cave is a coded way of telling viewers "in the know" that this is all about Monarch Programming and trauma-based mind control.

The fact that a Monarch butterfly leads Emily to the cave is a coded way of telling viewers “in the know” that this is all about Monarch Programming and trauma-based mind control.

When Emily discovered the cave, she does something that ends up being extremely symbolic.

Emily drops her beloved doll, signifying that she lost her core, innocent persona. Mind Control handlers seek "lock away" this core persona to be able to program new alter personas within the slaves.

Emily drops her beloved doll, signifying that she lost her core, innocent persona. Mind Control handlers seek to “lock away” this core persona to be able to program new alter personas within their psyche.

Emily however did not simply “drop” the doll that represents her innocence. She literally mutilates it.

David finds Emily's doll completely defaced in a garbage can. The mutilation represents what the programming in the cave did to Emily's mind.

David finds Emily’s doll completely defaced in a garbage can. The mutilation represents how Emily’s mind is being mutilated by the torture and programming happening in the cave.

As Emily “plays” with her friend Charlie (handlers manipulate their slaves to believe they are their friends), she develops a disturbing taste for the morbid. A growing likeness for the dark side of things is often seen in Monarch slaves who become disillusioned with life. Starting with innocent children, handlers seek to create an opposite “mirror image” of their slave who become dark, twisted and disturbed (for this reason, the dualistic, black and white imagery in MK symbolism is extremely important). While we don’t ever see Charlie actually “programming” Emily during the movie, we clearly see the symptoms and the switch in Emily’s behavior.

While fishing with her father, Emily cold-hardheartedly inserts the hook inside a live insect to use as bait. Her lack of reaction to what is usually considered to be repulsive indicates that she might have been "desensitized" to pain, suffering and the disgusting due to the torture she received while being programmed by her handler.

While fishing with her father, Emily cold-hardheartedly inserts the hook inside a live insect to use as bait. Her lack of reaction to what is usually considered to be repulsive indicates that she might have been “desensitized” to pain, suffering and the repulsive due to the torture she received while being programmed by her handler.

Emily’s programmed dark side becomes more evident when she is set up to play with a “normal” girl.

David set up a play date for his daughter with a girl from the area. Notice that the girl is holding a doll, hinting that she is "normal" as she is in possession of her innocent, core personality.

David sets up a play date for his daughter with another girl from the area. Notice that the girl is holding a doll, hinting that she is “normal” as she is still in possession of her innocent, core personality.

Emily reacts rather badly to the playfulness of this girl and finds a way to show that to her.

Emily takes the girl's doll and mutilates it - hence reflecting her own distorted soul and her loss of innocence. Notice that the mouth was melted away (symbolizing the slave's inability ask for help) and has one eye (symbol of Illuminati Mind Control)

Emily takes the girl’s doll and mutilates it – hence reflecting her own distorted soul and her loss of innocence. Notice that the mouth was melted away (symbolizing the slave’s inability ask for help) and has one eye (symbol of Illuminati Mind Control). She also holds her by the neck as if shocking her (shocking is a form of torture used in MK programming).

As things progress in the movie, Emily realizes that the “fun” Charlie is actually evil and sadistic. While playing hide-and-seek with Charlie, Emily gets lured into a dark and scary room in the basement of the house. Then, the lights go out and Emily screams.

David (who switched back to his core personality) finds Emily in the basement in tears and in state of shock. We can deduce that, while the lights were out, some kind of traumatizing torture or even abuse took place in that creepy basement. When Emily sees that her father turned back to being David, she tells him: "He (Charlie) was hiding in the dark".

David (who has switched back to his core personality) finds Emily in the basement in tears and in state of shock. We can deduce that, while the lights were out, some kind of traumatizing event occurred in that creepy basement – probably torture or abuse.

We then see her in bed with the "face of trauma", hinting that Charlie is there manipulate and further traumatize Emily in order to program her.

We then see her in bed with the “face of trauma”, hinting that something horribly wrong happened in that basement – and that Emily’s trauma-based mind control is continuing.

Towards the end of the movie, Charlie loses it, kills some people and starts running after Emily. In a classic “horror movie dumb move”, Emily decides to go hide in the cave where she gets tortured. There, we see a disturbing yet symbolic display of Emily’s stuff.

Inside the cave are Emily's dolls - mutilated, decapited and demembered - which represent what happened to Emily's persona while being tortured and abused in the cave. We also see the music box that plays the Mockingbird song, the song Katherine told her to dissociate to when "she was feeling sad". In MK terms, the song was a trigger to engender dissociation.

Inside the cave are Emily’s dolls – mutilated, decapitated and dismembered – representing the powerless state of MK slaves and the abuse they are subjected to. We also see the music box that plays the Mockingbird song, the song Katherine told her to dissociate to when “she was feeling sad”. In MK terms, the song was a trigger to engender dissociation.

In the movie, everything relating to childhood and innocence is twisted, perverted and destroyed, which goes in line with how Monarch programming works on children.

In the final scene of the movie, Emily is living in Katherine’s house and drawing a picture. While everything appears to be well, the last shot of the movie shows Emily’s drawing. Everything is not well at all.

The last shot of the movie, we see an image drawn by Emily where she has two heads - representing that she has an alter persona.

Emily drew two heads on herself, representing that she has an alter persona.

The final frame of the movie basically confirms that the entire programming process succeeded. Emily has an alter persona and is living with another psychiatrist who may or may not be continuing the process. Is Katherine there to help her or is there to continue her programming?

The movie’s DVD features an alternate ending, where Katherine appears to be continuing Emily’s programming.

In the alternate ending, Emily is locked up in a psychiatric institution. We then see Emily playing Hide and Seek with herself, and looking at the mirror, finds her alternate persona. In this ending, Katherine is definitely continuing the MK process.

In the alternate ending, Emily is locked up in a room in a psychiatric institution.

In a deleted scene featured on the DVD, we see Emily acting extra creepy around her babysitter while wearing a shirt that has a big butterfly on it - hinting to Monarch programming.

In a deleted scene featured from the DVD, we see Emily acting extra creepy around her babysitter. She is  wearing a shirt with a big butterfly on it. Monarch programming.

David the Father / Charlie the Handler

The big “whoa” moment of the movie is when we discover that Charlie is David’s alter persona. While this plot twist was a major let down to most viewers, it falls right in line with how MK programming works. Many handlers are dissociative slaves themselves who are programmed to do someone else’s dirty work. At the end of the movie, we learn that David was deeply traumatized when he caught his wife cheating on him – and that’s when Charlie was born. I guess this is a clunky way of conveying to the viewers that he is also a product of trauma-based mind control.

Ironically, David is a psychologist with deep knowledge of the effects of trauma on the human psyche. One can therefore say he was qualified to do some Mind Control programming.

David is a psychologist with intricate knowledge of the effects of trauma on the human psyche. One can therefore say he is qualified to do some Mind Control programming.

During the first part of the movie, whenever the Charlie alter is triggered, we see David sitting in his study, wearing headphones and listening to music. This symbolizes his core/real persona being “put on hold” while Charlie is in control of his body. David is “out of service” and oblivious to what is going on – hence the headphones.

While in his study, David notices a black mark on his hand.

While in his study, David notices a black mark on his hand.

We then learn that its because Charlie, while in the cave, was holding Monarch butterfly in his hand. Get it? Monarch...in his hand...? Monarch Mind Control handler. I can't see how the movie can make it clearer.

We then learn that its because Charlie, while in the cave, was holding Monarch butterflies in his hand. Get it? Monarch … in his hand … ? Monarch … handler? While most viewers might perceive this scene as being very random, it is extremely clear to those who know about Monarch programming.

We therefore understand that David never actually sat in his study: It was a way of symbolically showing that his core persona was on hold while Charlie was triggered.

Other random scenes in the movie explain what is happening with David.

David's head is torn off family pictures, hinting that his "real" self has been taken over and removed from the family.

David’s head is torn off family pictures, hinting that his “real” self has been taken over and removed from the family.

In another random scene, we see David's head in the song box to symbolize his dissociation from reality while the Charlie alter persona is triggered.

David’s head is found in the song box, symbolizing his dissociation from reality while the Charlie alter persona is triggered.

At the end of the movie, Charlie is shot dead by Katherine, who takes custody of Emily and brings her back to New York City. Considering the Mind Control interpretation of this movie, we can ask ourselves: Was David and his programmed alter Charlie used by higher ups to traumatize and program Emily? Was he ultimately a disposable, mind controlled pawn who needed to be eliminated? Was his death the final, major traumatic event to completely break down Emily – and to make her an orphan that is completely dependent on the state? These are all questions that arise when one understands the Mind Control symbolism in the movie.

Also, were the people in this friendly town “in on it”? Is Woodland a kind of government-owned remote location used for MK programming?

Most people in Woodland were extremely creepy and strange - constantly  saying that Emily was "very beautiful", but in an unsettling, perverted way. These scenes might refer to a child abuse ring going on in that town - one that might of worked with Charlie.

Most people in Woodland are extremely creepy and strange. Every man made it a point of saying that Emily was “very beautiful” – with an unsettling, perverted look on their face. These scenes might refer to a child abuse ring going on in the town. Or maybe it was an odd way to add some suspense to the movie.

In Conclusion

Hide and Seek is a deeply symbolic movie that depicts, in careful detail, the process behind Trauma-based Mind Control. While the meaning of the MK symbolism of the movie probably flew about a mile above most viewer’s heads, a only a little knowledge of the subject is required to make the entire thing extremely overt and blatant. This story of a traumatized child who followed a Monarch butterfly into a dark cave full of pain and horror sums up the entire plight of Monarch slaves. But it played out before the eyes of most viewers without them even realizing it.

The same way Charlie stood in the dark in his deadly game of hide-and-seek with Emily, the truth about the movie is hidden in the darkness of people’s ignorance. However, simply flicking on the light of knowledge reveals the movie’s true meaning: A description of the ugly, disgusting world of Monarch Programming. Playing hide-and-seek with the truth? VCs ain’t got no time for that.




    • you want to see a blatant mind control movie?? check out 2013's "Mama" horror flick. same deal with the butterflies

    • It is UNFORTUNATE that some men take advantage of US all and think they are helping HUMANITY that is the biggest SICK thought.

    • That is exactly what I thought too having children around the same age as Dakota-I mean really!
      It would have to affect you negatively in some way…
      I am so over this bloody death cult culture we have to live in.

    • A lot of child actors and performers are mind controlled. Hence the self-destructiveness as they come into their twenties. Many don't make it past 30.

  1. I used to love this movie as a kid, (I have always been into the horror genre), and this was one of my favorites. I even named my pet turtle charlie. I never viewed it this way, even after being "in the know" but to me, this movie makes perfect sense both ways. I think the butterflies are the only thing to really give it away. But this movie is very suspicious, and it worries me that it was my favorite. Also, I was inseperable with a doll too, coincidentally a stuffed rabbit. Oh dear :( creepy

    • "Coincidentally a stuffed rabbit" what's the coincidence/symbolism behind a rabbit?
      – Curious to know, not being crass.

      • Have you ever heard the phrase "Follow the rabbit"? Just like in Alice in Wonderland, which is a movie used in MK programming, Alice followed the rabbit into the hole and she ended up in Wonderland.

      • Talking about "Wonderland", how about the town's name on the movie: "Woodland"? How ironic!

      • Supposedly (according to people who claim to have been in the program) the way children are/were often first traumatized was that a handler would dress up in a rabbit costume and then sacrifice a live rabbit in front of the child.

    • I'm just learning about this site and your comment helped me to remember I still have a doll from my childhood (Holly hobby doll) I keep in my closet and I'm 36 years old and for some reason I've never gotten rid of her and I could never figure out why even though she's completely tattered and I have no reason to keep it. Creepy indeed.

  2. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    Who are the people who write these scripts??? So much attention given to the big named celebrities in these things, but what about the people writing movies about child trauma/abuse?

    • Interestingly enough, it was written by executive producer Barry Josephson, and it was the only screenplay ever "written" by him. Makes one wonder whether someone "in the club" wrote the script and paid him to take credit for and executive produce the movie.

      I remember seeing about 10 minutes of this movie on TV and flipping the channel in disgust. It was yet another hamhanded disturbed child horror film with a terrible ending. Who would pay $12 to sit in a darkened theatre and absorb this crap? The box office was $51mm according to RottenTomatoes.com, which ain't bad for a cfilm that got a critical rating of 13% on a scale of 0 to 100%.

      • What are you on about? Almost all the movies are twisted one way or another. Horror movies, with plenty of gruesome scenes, bloodpaths everywhere, demonic influences. I watched on DVD the 'cabin in the woods' and I couldn't calm down for days. I think I'll stick to comedies even though are full of sex references and foul language. Even the bollywood movies are rubbish nowadays: full of gruesome scenes again.

      • You are wrong. Clearly state in wikipedia that he PRODUCED it, not written by. Ari Schlossberg wrote it. I googled his name and his Linked In profile says he lives in Los Angeles and works for Disney.

        Yes, Disney. Notorious for this kind of disturbing stuff.

      • Disney is the core of evil. When I asked the cable guy to help me lock Disney channel, he looked at me as if I had 3 heads. He might have thought I was some kind of evil person. Funny huh?

        Disney movies where at least one of these things happen. Now the other "animation" movies follow the same pattern. Parents are either absent or idiots or creepy (monsters of some kind). So far the only one where there is a family it is The Incredibles.

        Toy Story – where is the father in the 3 movies?
        Monsters – No parents at all
        Nemo – no mother or brothers
        Ratatullie – mother dead, father is a ghost (the rat has no mother either)
        None of the princesses have parents, if they do, the only parent dies sometime in the movie (Cinderela, Rapunzel, Snow White etc…you name it)

        They want our children, sometimes watching grown up comedy can be less harmful than kids shows.

        Mother killed right way –
        Father killed –
        Orphan from the beginning –
        Not human at all –

      • Roberta, good catch on the lack of parents, etc. When Bambi first came out, there was an outcry over the death of his mother, and the traumatising effect it had on children. Obviously one of the deepest primal fears – death of a parent. (The Lion King had a similar parental death – no outcry?) Re "Parents are either absent or idiots or creepy" – absolutely. There's a similar thing happening with sitcoms, films, now. Kids are either seen as horrible/rude/nasty/secretive, etc, or the parents aren't trustworthy. All to lessen the bond?

      • i now remember my 1st disney movie. 3rd grade class trip. beauty and the beast. the beast…..

    • nice post..so true, like really eh, who are the group of writers that sit down and talk about making this movie

  3. Ugh,I have no words.Seems to me some minors will undergo more "trauma" just upon viewing of such an "innocent" movie..Was the lucifer its producer?
    One more thought: Is not our world as a whole under intense mind control? I myself was trusting media until learned who owes them.Now the more I study the more becoming unsettled-literally dark infiltrates all levels of our society. More to come..

  4. I had a feeling when I watched this movie several years ago that there was way more to it than met the eye. Thanks for breaking it down, VC.

  5. As usual, they love putting their ugly, filthy secrets in plain sight to almost make fun of the average person who doesn't get it. I guess "telling" us what they've been doing all along somehow excuses them from the evil of it all. I always hated those dark movies that featured zombie-eyed kids with sinister close-ups of creepy dolls and the out of tune lullaby soundtrack plays. Now I really get it. Sick, sick, sick!

    • But also, it's not the person who doesn't just get it…. It's like these 'average persons' don't care and WANT to know. How can you not see, care, or want to be wise with this. And more. I'll tell my friends here and there things – and its like they're too busy watching Americans Dance Idol crap and the news.
      Why, why, why are people blind and stupid?
      I don't get them.

      • I totaly agree people seems to me people rather want to be ignorant and think you are crazy when telling them…

      • i understand that people dont wanna know about stuff cuz its just too scary and depressing….but yet again, in this case, ignorance is not bliss…."my people perish for a lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6

      • yeah I get frustrated by how even if something is blatant almost no one will notice or if they do write it off as not meaning anything.

    • Also this is part of their magic, by displaying it so people can see it, they somehow get out of the karmic loop hole and can keep getting away with it. notice how the average person who does something bad like cheat on their spouse or steal from a store, it catches up to them. They start to act sort of sleazy and people start to know intuitively that they are not to be trusted or the cops will catch them. But for the most part these people do the most atrocious things and get away with it. Well karmically they are not responsible because people as a whole see their movies and watch in enjoyment, or agreement. They have cloaking spells so people don't see what is happening along with spells so they don't suffer karma for their actions. Also by having oblivious people watch their actions in various subtle ways, it magnifies the effects of their magic, increasing people's suffering and their power. If everyone woke up and didn't need the system anymore, and made happiness for themselves and family without them, they would become less and less powerful until they'd disappear altogether.

      • Billithekat on

        Because they are psychopaths.. They ding feel shame, or any responsibiliy. They know how to manipulate.. But they will not get a way with it in the end :) They have to pay as everybody else for their deeds!

    • Instructional/Illustration video with profit. They produce this kind of crap for the "employee's" to watch and why not make some money while you are at it. People pay to watch movies don't they? They like to be ENTERTAINED.

      This is my motto "I WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED" and I am trying to get my children out of this ENTERTAINMENT which is another word for 'distraction' or 'waste of time/life'

      • wow, i like that motto, im gonna use it too….entertainment is sheer laziness and indoctrination. we have a life and must use ti for something and to help others and not just be entertained as if were entitled to it….what r we gonna do w/ our life?

    • I always loved out of tune lullaby creepiness, but then again, I have become aware I have (at least one) an alternate personality, I know for a fact I was sexually abused in early childhood, and I'm related to one of the heads of the early MK Ultra program. But my trauma/dissociation/dissociative amnesia/dissociative identity disorder (the alter) may have been inadvertant. I don't think the people who sexually abused me are involved in Monarch. I don't know, I guess my father could be somehow- but it would be without his knowledge.

      • The best thing you can do is probably try and get as far away from all of it as possible. I wish you luck!

    • Yeah this symbolism is so painfully obvious, especially at the drawing with two heads. This movie seems to have been carefully thought out… Because even before this little girl/mind control subject was disassociated, she was traumatized. Then she isolated herself like a trauma victim. Then she dissociated. Then it's cleverly and subtly snuck in that she has an alternate personality. Then she keeps getting traumatized some more. It's so sneaky but so thorough because that really IS how a mk slave gets programmed, a to z.
      Thanks VC.

  6. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    Anyone else notice in the movie Savages, the emphasis on the butterfly tattoos on O, the Blake Lively character who was basically everyone's pawn in the film?

  7. Brilliant as usual. Made me wanna watch it again.

    But hey, VC – what's up with the MK obsession in the lately articles? Where are the other subjects? Just saying.

    • though the same here…
      if you throw some abstract picture at his lap, the guy is able to catch dozen "proofs" it's about MK

      • It's because 90 percent of ads, movies, songs are Mk Themed. I mean 90 percent of the people in charge of the entertainment industry are Mk victims! It's a reality they cannot escape so it makes sense to me that all of it is always mk themed. What else would they write about? There's not much more to the illuminati. They can't really make shows about groups of men meeting and discussing politics. It wouldn't sell. Also, I'm pretty sure most people would not let a satanic ritual movie pass. I mean there have been ones but its to literal. You can play with mk themes more. They need I beat it into our heads so when thy do world wide mk ultra practices we are already subconsciously aware and in the known. Dd you know your subconscious mind has read every word forwards and backwards before your conscious mind has even read the first letter? Think about it man.

      • Hi Dev. Listen man, don't get me wrong – i'm not complaining, i love all VC articles, they're always usefull. But i miss the other subjects as sinister sites, NWO and the occult in general.

      • i dont think people realize how powerful the subconscious mind is…in fact i heard a scientific study on TV that in reality 90% of what we do is mostly subconscious and we rationalize it to frame as if its a conscious decision we make when really its backwards, the subconscious decides and we go w/ it mostly. we're not as "rational" as we think we are.

  8. i had an imaginary friend when i was 3 or 4. he was a little kid,as well. What would be the significance of it? Did anyone else have an imaginary friend as a child?

    • My cousin had an imaginary friend. Strange things used to happen at his creepy house. Things would move around, they could hear choir music coming from the basement, and he remembered seeing this blue light in his room at night. When he got older he asked his mom about the blue light bulb and a friend he used to play with. She said that there was no blue light bulb and that he had always played by himself. Later they found out that a boy had died in the house a few years earlier. So his imaginary friend it seems was a ghost. Kind of sixth sense-ish.

    • I had a boy imaginary friend who used to like grils considering the fact that I hated being a gril myself and hated boys so Nick took my place as a male which allowed me to be a lesbian and have no one know that the innocent me was feeling the way i felt about myself! Crazy right but It's true and I was saved at the age of 13, years after I was raped. I remember Nick to this day but after the age of 16 to about 25 I had forgoten about him. Makes me wonder if MK Ultra is making artifical personas where in my case I made the persona naturally after my own personal trama in which, I believe, NO ONE had control over!

      • praise the Lord that He saved u from that horrible confusion! hold on to Him so He can fully heal u….

    • I had a couple "imaginary friends" but I grew out of it pretty quickly. I don't remember it at all, I've just heard stories and a cassette tape recording of me telling my mom about them. I don't think there was any significance other than that I had a normal childhood, and a normal imagination for a child of that age. Well, for that time period, the mid 70's. Kids now days, I wonder if there's anything normal any more…

      • I an all honesty had an imaginary friend named tooie..don't ask me were the fuck that came from at a young age, but anyways nice post, awsome how you can always relate to something, espicialy an imaginiry friend…anyways i ended up idolizing 2Pac…Tooie..Tupac?? hmmmmm I am being taught these days in recovery nothing..happens in God's world by mistake…from the A.A big book page 417

    • I had one, and I talked to him all the time, I never grew up with real friends.. I was always the odd-man out. Getting back to the story, I would always talk to him and I always felt a response, I always knew what to say, it seemed as if I wasn't the one responding to him it seemed there was somebody inside of me who heard what he was saying and was answering him and telling him things. As a child growing up with no friends I had a box full of toys and such, and one day I came home my toy box was pulled out of the closet in my basement and the scary thing is that nobody is home during the day. Also growing up I felt a presence of another person there with me, I could talk to him and I felt he was right there with me. I started growing older and started forgetting more and more about him each day as I finally starting making friends my 8th grade year in school, given that I had no friends before this I wanted to feel loved, so I started not talking to him and my days in the high school were actually scary, I felt that he had turned evil and wanted to rid me. I had no clue what drove him to do any of what I am about to say, it all started in 9th grade when I got home one day and I was alone I could feel a presence it was a dark day and the thunder shook me up, I felt that it would be safe for me to fall asleep but I couldn't all I heard was screaming and it kept getting louder and louder and my head hurt, and I was on the edge of falling asleep and instantly I heard my cabinet door open and then not only did one plate fall but at least three plates fell out and broke. I'm only sharing the scariest ones from my years in high school, so here is mine from 10th grade, I was home working on a school project and the power went out, I was the only house that had their power out it was really scary and I felt like I wasn't alone, I was in my room and I kept seeing a shadow walk and stop and walk again, and finally I watched the shadow move past my door and it slammed shut. After that I waited outside for my family to get home. I'm running out of space and don't want to bore any of you much longer, so i'll skip to the last scariest memory I have of "Ed" It was actually a very sunny and beautiful day out, I was outside most of it and my mom said she had to go run some errands so I was left home alone, I was in the basement playing video games when suddenly the TV just turned off, I was shocked all the power was on but the TV, I kept turning it off and it kept turning back on all I heard was the sound of the power button pressing. I instantly knew something was wrong so I started talking and telling him how I was sorry but I was just drifting away from him and I couldn't help I had only thought of him because I needed a friend, instantly I heard a voice in my head and started responding but it wasn't me talking and I kept shouting and screaming and I blacked out, and when I woke up it was the middle of the night, I'd say 11 PM and my whole family was waiting for me to wake up. I haven't had anything bad happen to me since I apologized for leaving my "imaginary" friend.

      • dont ever talk to him or her again!! i dont think it was "imaginary"! the spiritual world is more real than the material world we can see!

    • i'm 31 and i have several personalities. right now i'm lillie, a 14 year old. the thing is i know about all of them. i had a normal childhood, the 'switch' started when i was about 13. i have no friends because i don't know what to talk to people. i literally live in my mind, all my friends are imaginary friends.

      • Baloney. If you were truly "Lillie", you wouldn't remark about it. You would just be "Lillie" with no knowledge of being the 31-year-old person you claim to be. You wouldn't even know the difference. Stop lying – you're making a mockery of the real suffering of others. Shame on you.

      • Why do you think D.I.D. people never, ever figure out what's going on? That's very demeaning.

  9. Another excellent article. If I see this movie in the $1 bin, I’m going to get. But now, I’ll look at it quite differently.

    Thanks VC!

  10. "..attempts to help his daughter snap out of her trauma by leaving his job as a psychologist and by moving to a small town outside of New York…."
    Isn't Montauk a small town outside of New York?

    • No. Montauk is in New York…its at the very tip of the south fork on Long Island. Their abbreviation sticker is MTK – THE END.

  11. Great article VC. The picture that the little girl drew with two heads, creepy. That gave me goosebumps, you are right, this movie is blatant!

  12. Anyone ever find correlation between Charlie in the movie & 'Charlie' as being the code name for the enemy in the US military? Just a coincidence.

    • agreed. poor dakota. and then her parents let her do that perfume ad that was kind of pornographic and banned in lots of places at only 17. I'm sure she's had to do plenty of stuff throughout her childhood that was not very good. i would never let my daughter do anything in hollywood at any age.

    • Yeah. Hard to believe that they could get these names to act in this movie and somehow tell them it meant something different. Which leads to the conclusion that all involved know _exactly_ what it all means.

  13. Catalina Briceno on

    In the drawing that Emily made, she is holding one flower, and Katherine is holding 2, so i think Katherine is in charge of what comes next in Emily's programming

  14. Carolyn Cameron on

    Ive wondered about Dakota Fannings experience with MKUltra in real life. She started really early and is in quite a lot of films that would call for a lot more than just acting from such a young child!

    I love this following song but always thought the video was really weird! Dakota fanning running around in a red dress with a ballon with lots of strange men in hats and suits floating in air but not moving, all of them the same! Also very weirdly look at the background image to the left, focus much on the left eye!? Random or what??? I think it may be a litle bit "or what"

    Ive often seen people comment on how old Dakota Fanning has always seemed even when she was a young child! Then theres her younger sister who is also now getting into acting too!?

    Theres also this! http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/65485756.htm

    • I can remember when she was starring in the controversial movie "Hound Dog" http://www.wnd.com/2006/08/37382/

      It included a child rape scene of Dakota that even caused a stir in the town in which the film was being shot.
      Notice the movies that Dakota has played a part in listed at the bottom of the article that I have linked. I have no doubt whatsoever that this poor young lady has been MK'd from an early age. Bless her heart!

      • Yes! I remember the controversy surrounding that movie. I read an interview done with her and she said that she wanted to do that scene. What young child willingly wants to do a rape scene? I'm 30 and I wouldn't want to act out something so horrific and demeaning. I just thought it was bizarre. How do you go from 'The Cat in the Hat' to child rape scene? *sigh*

      • governamerica on

        The WorldNetDaily article (linked above) says:

        "The movie is an independent that had to raise additional money when some initial investors pulled their support because of the rape scene. It is being assembled by writer-director Deborah Kampmeier. Her earlier work, “Virgin,” was about a young girl who is raped, but doesn’t remember the attack and believes she’s carrying the Christ child."

        I did a search on Deborah Kampmeier to find out more information about her. Her latest movie that she is currently working on is apparently entitled "Split". Take a look at the image on the Facebook page for the movie, if you have any doubt as to what they mean by the name. The description of the movie on the "About" page also alludes to alter personas.

        "When a young actress, working as a stripper, and struggling to claim her dark side and her sexuality, becomes obsessed with a mask maker, she sacrifices parts of herself and her life, piece by piece, in order to win his love. At the same time she enters a mythic journey in the theater that blurs her performance, her dreams and her real life and results in a provocative and powerful confrontation that frees them both."

    • I think what makes this subject so dark is that the parents are obviously signing off on it in some or many cases. Selling your children to satan…anyone?

      • Well, I don't know if I would go that far with it? Children belong to God, I think, but it is what they do later as adults, with the knowledge they have, as they have been raised up in this barbaric environment. I am so sorry for these children and their parents it seems, are so greedy they would sell them down the river for the right price. Or are the parents often mind controlled theirselves??? A good question? Maybe in some cases and maybe not in others. A little of both working maybe

    • Anything they can do to sexualize a minor, I guess. It sickens me to see young girls exploited. That magazine cover was sick too. No one at that magazine company could offer me an explanation for that that I would actually believe. Sick.

    • also I think the balloon in the video could be about disassociating. Let go of the baloon and it flies, and the song itself is beautiful, but what is the song about, trouble happening on the outside and going inward so you don't feel the trouble.

  15. In this particular brand of mind control, children are subjected to trauma so intense that it causes them to dissociate from reality.

    Serious question.

    If that trauma is that intense, why doesn't it KILL the child?

    • Children are very resilient. The whole point of childhood is to learn survival skills. For humans, many of those skills include coping.

      • StrangeHindu on

        “In fact, the basis of human 'aging' is the concept and activity of Work. Whenever one indulges in a given energy field, their personal energy field becomes aligned with it. Therefore, they move into a vortex of energy in which many molecules are colliding with each other. Each individual molecule tries to either hold its position or infringe on another's position. This constant energy battle dissipates one's vital forces. As one's vital forces are dissipated, his/her physical body is robbed of vital healing nutrients.

        “Therefore, for these minutes or seconds that the physical body is denied its life force, it begins to 'die'. Then, the worker will cease the work and begin to rest. At this time the body can be healed and replenished. However, some cells are irretrievably damaged and, hence, the body dies bit by bit."

        And children are in a period of life where they don't have to "work" or be apart of that vortex, which by spiritualist perspective makes them more physically invincible to whatever trauma may be thrown their way.

    • As a nurse I have heard many times that children bounce back from broken limbs, concussions, Chemo, ect. by what seems like 100% which is compared to adults who from what I've heard from other nurses act like they going to die just getting up to go to the bathroom and ask for pain meds all the time, which makes many new nurses like myself wonder if the patient is really a drug addict. So children spring back into action faster and more unscaved than adults who go thur the same things broken limbs, concussions, chemo, ect and it takes them days to jump back into action. That's why If a MK ultar victum is a child the trauma won't kill them becaues ..well "Youth is the Key". That's my opinion!

      • yeah children can adapt through anything. I think they take them from being a kid because they haven't really got a grip on the world yet, and they are pretty powerless. Like an adult would be like I am going to get out of this and then I'm gonna report you. But a child will be like, this is all I know, this must be the way of things. Childrens in bad households usually don't know they're in a bad household until they are a little older. They accept everything. So they are better candidates for mind control.

    • it's not usually trauma like a head injury or things like that that really could physically kill you. it's trauma like you just saw the worst thing you could ever see or you just had to participate in something horrible. that doesn't usually physically kill a person, but it does kill their mind which is exactly what they are trying to do.

    • Nazi scientists (that later worked on MK-Ultra) and even the Inquisitors & Egyptians before them studied "The breaking point of humans", meaning physically, mentally and emotionally. They have it down to a science.. the ones that are meant to live, will live.

      • I just had a flashback to Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow" when Icabod Crane as a child sees his mother killed in an Iron Maiden (inquisition tool, right?).

      • They do have it to a science. I read some of Fritz Springmeier's work, and he mentioned that Programmers know that once a child curls up into the fetal position the programmer knows the child is giving up on life, and that they do not have much time left before the child dies. They can also take the child to death and then bring them back to life again "near death experience/trauma", only to start the trauma process again and again.

    • Alot of then do but that's how they weed them out. Alot of children are slaughtered in front of others to cause the trauma. But God loves children. Children are miracles. God gives them the strength to disassociate. But sadly some of them cannot handle it and God must take their lives. It hurts my soul, I feel pain for them. I went through alot of abuse in my early years, I did not dissociate but I do see how it works because I have mental blocks that I literally deleted some of my past. It works in the same way. I guess that's why I have such a soft spot for those kids. I swear I can feel their pain sometimes. God Bless.

      • no. God do not take lives. never. ever. Jeremiah 7:31; 19:5 says 31 And they have built the high places of To′pheth, which is in the valley of the son of Hin′nom,*in order to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire, a thing that I had not commanded and that had not come up into my heart.’and jeremiah 19:5 says " And they built the high places of the Ba′al in order to burn their sons in the fire as whole burnt offerings to the Ba′al, something that I had not commanded or spoken of, and that had not come up into my heart.”’.
        children were sacrificed in the name of false religion but God assured that it it was never been His will. and same thing going on in our days. Children were being "sacrificed" to this Satan's world that inckudes millions of abortions every year,… but God is never silent about this, in the near future He will do something; This wicked world will soon going to end. wickedness will end along with this Satan's world. Psalm 37: 9-10, 29.

    • Probably not. She started acting at such a young age. The young girl who plays Ramona in the Ramona & Beezus with Selena Gomez is being introduced to the audience in the same style Dakota was. Keep an eye on her. Her name is Joey King.

    • And part of the trauma is that you have to continually act it out on a public stage. Just like Britney. I sometimes say to people, "what if I told you that I think that instead of being a rich celebrity, Britney Spears is locked in a cage all day…" —probably pretty close to the truth. Sick world…

  16. Pretty sure I've seen this movie, I cant quite remember though, I was 13 back then, I'd have to watch it again. But seriously, could you get anymore blatant?! This shit is so obvious for people in the "know" yet so inconceivable to the ignorant, Welcome to life, aint it pretty? 😐

  17. Right on target as usual VC…It is a shame what is being programmed into the viewers minds who watch this garbage…

  18. Does anybody think that this is the same type of crap that happened to Amanda Bynes? I think I spelled her last name wrong, but I remember watching her when I was younger and I often wondered how in the world she could play some many different people and not be effected in her "real" life. I bet they did something to her and now she is just as crazy as a bed bug.. shame on them.

    • They usually make them think they are the people that they are playing! So you get realistic acting! Then they just brainwash them to think its all pretend after.

      • VanessaMickey on

        this is the same technique that was used in Ancient Egypt,Ancient Greece,Roma,England and now America and all over the world…….I acted in school plays and yes to make it seem more realistically I had to become the characters I played…….I dreamed of being in the movies but I never could get past the part where I was going to have to have my face in the pillow with my behind in the air for some male or female just to get a half-way decent part……….

    • YEA!!! right on! i was thinking the same thing!

      she had to play soooo many characters on that show, back in the day when i was a kid it was my fave show and obvi I didnt know any of all this mk stuff so didnt think any of it, but now that i go back and watch the show its like some sketches are so random and they even have a sadistic side to them, really creepy.

      Anyway im almost positive that amanda has MPD hence her acting so bizarre, fleeing the scene after her credit card got declined twice and then she comes back 2 days later acting like nothing had ever happened, employers of the hotel shes stayin at in new your found her in the gym passed out with no pants, witnesses saying theyve seen her go into a bathroom and stay there for at least a good 20 min, and then theres ms bynes denying all of it!

      talk about bizarre, poor girl though nevertheless

  19. Playing hide-and-seek with the truth? VCs ain’t got no time for that.
    Love the Ending cuz I have seen that vid on YouTube too!!! So this movie was one of my favs. in the past because it was sooooo unlike everything else and i was a fan of both Denero and Fanning. It all makes sense to me now and I'm sooo glad it dose or that movie would be forever entertainment and I would have went on thanking that the dad was Possesed by an evil spirit and the lil girl was too because of him. It's just sad and scary to think that ppl are behind the events of this movie and I believe that the woodward town was prob. gov. or military and that the town was in on it someone at least. I always wondered "Where are the other Family members? Aunts, uncles, Grandpa, Grandma?" So this movie is now one that I can maybe use to show others who don't believe in MK Ultra, to maybe "WAKE UP"

    • You better say "at any age". As our eyes are open,we are not allowed to send kids to den of perverts which Hollywood really is.

      You are unlikely to wake someone up.Not even one percent of us cares.God save us when the hour comes…

  20. Oh by the way, Dakota's younger sister was in some Alice in Wonderland-esque film at a young age. Go figure. They were also both portrayed together in a highly-sexualized Vogue photoshoot. Slaves, for sure. What a pity. They were initiated into the industry very early in life, I'm sure at no choice of their own.

  21. This site is very usefull …. who ever made this has open my eyes and I get notification each time theres a new article … Vc you are very smart and Im really thankful someone cares enough to share the truth

  22. My heart breaks for the children that are abused and tortured under this system, or any other reason. May God NOT have mercy on the wicked ones responsible for such atrocities.

  23. This is nothing about MK Ultra, it's about a tortured soul (Dakota) who was in a loving home and it ended up crashing down making her distant from everyone including her father. However the true character is David Callaway (DeNiro) who went through the trauma of catching the one he loved cheating on him, in his rage he created a separate personality that he stored his anger into, his mischievousness and sadistic folly. The personality took over and killed the wife, it emerged more in David's schizoid state where he was secluded from everyone. He wasn't able to talk to his daughter like he used to so Charlie took over knowing he could relate to the alter that now is his daughter. That alter is just a fragment it seems due to no extreme complex structuring in the system.

    Most trauma is physical but it can also be mental and emotional and could possibly result in DID, however everyone copes differently. It wasn't until David realizes who Charlie is that he loses control completely and Charlie, in his jealousy and anger goes after his daughter. In the end you see the dissociation in her which has been completed to the fullest and she now may possibly have two distinct personalities. Because crafting another personality is complex and takes more time than a few months.

    I have MPD, and have been doing some studying in order to understand where it stems from. It's completely natural and a creative way of trying to cope, however it can backfire. This movie was harmless, it was just about trauma and how a family deals with it…in a psychopathic kind of way.

    • Except, um, all of the symbolism of monarch butterflies like the "handler" with the monarch butterfly. These symbols make it obvious this entire film is specifically talking about trauma based mind control – not just generic trauma.

      I really do wish you well and hope you can overcome your MPD. Prayer and meditation can help with all problems.

      • Haha… After I read 'mom's post – I thought she must not have seen the movie, read this article, or even looked at a picture/vc's quote under it. 'Harmless' movie. Maybe mom will see it someday.

    • Outraged Citizen on

      MPD and DID does often derive from intense trauma suffered by children or in rarer cases by adults. Obviously this doesn't always relate to monarch programming. However, there are evil people in this world who know all about DID and dissociation and use this to their advantage to create mind controlled slaves. They create traumatic situations for children in a controlled environment in order to make a child dissociate, and then guide them through that dissociation to create a new, controllable alternate persona. The symbolism of the monarch butterflies and dolls really make this point clear in the movie as these symbols are omnipresent in all forms of media which relate to mind control.

      Unfortunately, the idea of creating mind controlled slaves or patsies is not just a theory. It is documented that experiments of this nature went on under the name MK-ULTRA during WW II.

      • Elder Endy007 on

        In Africa, especially in the Muslim communities, an emerging army of suicide bombers are created everyday by Muslim leaders who take them away from their parents at ages from 4 years. They subject these children to torture, hunger, deprivations, and deny them western education and expose them to radical Islamic teachings. When they grow older about 20s and more, they cultivate them, give them little comfort, promise them better life and myriad of beautiful virgin wives in next world, if they die as suicide bombers. Ignorantly these already mind controlled slaves and victims agree, and after all a better life in hereafter is better than the hellish life they have lived here on earth. lace them with bombs and they are ready to blow up the enemies of their life and themselves up. They hope to wake up in paradise surrounded by virgins while those they kill shall wake up in hell fire. This is pure MK programming and Mind control and it is still going on the the name of Alamajeris.

      • Islam's religion says tha tu must kill "infidels"….and although most muslims that dont this are considered only "moderate" muslims, this IS in the Koran and is what how they have conquered lots of converts, its thru force not free will. what u wrote dont surprise me at all….

    • I used to think that my father had MPD because of trauma from my grandfather who was an angry violent pedophile. As an adult I learned from my aunts that my father and uncle underwent LSD and electroshock "treatment" in the Army in the late 60s. Then I learned that my family are direct descendents of the Hoffman/Habsburg line of Holy Roman Emperors and were Grand Masters of the Teutonic Knights. I no longer believe any of these things are coincidences.

    • Georgette Orwell on

      I understand your initial reaction, as I too was diagnosed with DID some 19 years ago. And yes, at its core, dissociating is a creative way an intelligent child copes with overwhelming physical, sexual or emotional trauma. That said, this movie depicts a deeper level mirroring real life wherein the powers the be utilize such information to their advantage. As you explain, I too have studied this in depth (even went on to graduate school and completed my master's thesis on the topic). Having studied both the intentional trauma-based programming of Monarch victims, as well as more naturally-occurring (for lack of a better term) aspects of DID (formerly known as MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder) I can state with confidence that I believe this film depicts elements of both and can be interpreted as such. But knowing the film industry, including 2 siblings who are both fairly well-known actors, I am more apt to side with VC on this one.

  24. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    In the book Lolita, the main character and pedophile Humbert Humbert collected framed exotic butterflies. I dont think that fact ever made it to the film versions, but Nabokov made it a part of his main character. Nabokov himself collected butterflies.

  25. i attended a seminar on Steven Spielberg's career and films held by film critic Mark Kermode, and what continually struck me was the way he subtly (im not sure if intentionally) kept saying that spielberg is known as the peter pan of children in the film industry, he kept saying that another film director (who's name i have forgotten) kept telling spielberg that he was a child and he must embrace his inner child and peter pan nature in order to make the films he makes with child actors even though he didnt think he could go through with the making of the film A.I (perhaps spielberg is a handler with a child persona. dual persona like deniro's character in this film?) and that he was really interested in children and children's bodies (at this point i had to look around to see if anyone else thought this was odd). the seminar focused on his A.I film with Haley Joel Osment. like Dakota Fanning, Haley Joel started his acting career really young and both appear in some questionably traumatic films that allow them to portray traumatised and lifeless characters. Kermode explained that for Haley Joel to act like a robotic pinocchio, he would often THROW HIMSELF AT WALLS ON SET until he was physically and MENTALLY SHAKEN UP. its obvious that it takes a lot more than great method acting for these kinds of performances to come out of children so young in hollywood.

    • Steven Spielberg is the "daddy" of HollyWEIRD. What he has done to a lot of the actors he has groomed will never come to light. He has the Media in his pocket, has a lot of money to silence anyone and is well connected. Just look at those eyes of his. They spell evil and dead! While we are at it, I hope people will stop using the word Jews in a bad way. These people are Zionists and part of the demonic global agenda.

      • funny business on

        Fritz Springmeier said that Speilberg had an electrically charged platform in a trailer that he would make the actors step on and get an electric shock before performing. It was called "stepping up to the plate"

      • If I was an actor and had him telling me to get an electrishock, I'd turn around and tell him to stuff himself. If they put up with him, they deserve what is coming to them.

      • YES, Just like Roman Polanski. Even Roman's victim wanted to let him off the hook….and he gets nothing more than *house arrest* in one of his freakin' mansions….oooooh, the poor baby!

        Nothing like money and being in the right group of people to get away with just about anything.

        The perverted elite stick together like glue.

      • Hopefully you wouldn't want to be a pathetic tool like that eh? Nothing sophisticated and worthy about it.

      • I wonder if Speelberg is the "unnamed pedophile" in hollyweird which the 2 Cory's talked about? They said he was at the top of the food chain. Speelberg works with lots and lots of kids….hmmmm

    • Stanley Kubrick was to be the director of A.I. but he died. Probably murderd after making Eyes Wide Shut actually. A.I. WAS to be a movie about mind control and paedophile rings, but Spielberg took the helm in Stanley's absence and the films plot took a nose dive and nothing was brought to light. It was a box office bomb, as I understand it.

      • @Sandy:

        Well you're half right… It was a collaboration between Speilberg and Kubrick before Kubrick died. Obviously, after he died, Speilberg had to finish it without him. I wonder what it would have been with Kubrick still alive… Who knows? His movies always were about mind control in some form, it seemed to be his obsession.

      • Kubrik's movie The Shining is also about a traumatized little boy with an alter personality/imaginary friend and an abusive father.

      • the ending of A.I (as spielberg as it was) was actually in kubrick's original script!

  26. maru. the free ant on

    I watched it before I read the article and couldn't help but notice:
    1- The credits at the begining kinda reminded me of the opening credits of The Shining (the car driving through the woods) and we all know what happend in that movie.
    2- The repetition of 2:06 (the population of the town was 2.206 and the clock was 2:06 when David/Charlie woke up and went to the bathroom)
    Anyways, I'm sure that there is more of that.
    Thanks as always VC for the article! Keep up with the great work :)

  27. Can it be, Katherine made his wife to cheat on him to make him take his alter persona and while that he kills his wife and starts programming Emily. And behind that is Katherine and when she thought that Emily is about to break down, she kills her father and takes Emily with her?
    However, this is just my opinion and this article is just fascinating!

  28. Julie Skywalker on

    It's a little funny, because Hide & Seek was one of my favorite movies as a teenager, since I found it especially creepy because it wasn't that unrealistic. At that time I didn't know anything about mind control, but I've always been very interested in the human mind and what it's capable of, so now it makes even more sense. Plus, I really love Robert De Niro :)

  29. The Lindsay Lohan movie 'I know who killed me' also got bad reviews and yet is quite gripping when interpreted as being about Monarch programming. The movie is stuffed with symbolism (dolls, butterflies etc) and Lindsay's character undergoes horrific trauma after which her 'bad girl' twin appears and the 'good girl' is literally locked away. Check it out.

    • Lately I wonder if Lindsey Lohan has been done away with and there are doubles now. I have not seen a pic of Lindsey which looked like her for a couple of yrs. Her body is not the same and despite plastic surgery, I do not think it is the real Lindsey. What happened to the lesbian girlfriend and all that drama? Thats when the real Lindsey seemed to disappear.

    • Yes I do, that is why I sent a link to it a few days ago on another article, it is something we should all be aware of, thanks for making the point again, I think others may have missed it.
      I will definitely go and take another look at this movie VC. I had only considered it to be a child's experience of living with a father who had DID. The trauma of that experience alone could cause the child to dissociate herself, but I hadn't looked at the possibility that the father could be a handler too.

    • My first thought when I heard brain mapping was they really mean "programming". Like creating mind-controlled obedient workers/zombies?

    • Yes, especially since it is done by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) and this is the agency that James Holmes was working with!

    • face in the crowd on

      Not afraid in the least. The more I learn about neuroscience and neurolinguistics, the more confident I am that the power of the human brain surpasses our abilities to control/comprehend it.

      The brain is the most powerful, shapeshifting, divine instrument in ANYONES meek capacity of understood reality.

      Besides, todays news is almost two decades old, in terms of scientific advancement for military gain. Trust, they have already mapped the brain. No way they can anticipate how it shape shifts, in what intervals and…how it can protect itself. The mind has a mind of it's own :) Don't be scared. Be thankful.

      Food for thought. How could they map it (collectively) without brains (living) to observe? We are our own worst enemy and have nothing to fear but…

      • That is so out of line and completely ignorant. Don't you dare try and exploit this issue for cheap anti-Semitic remarks. It makes you part of the problem.

      • Sorry that it's mostly "Jewish" people behind these sketchy things. It's a fact… look it up.

      • Let us separate Jewish nationality from Synagogue of Satan.

        If you ever read revelation you will get the difference.

        There is Jewish satanic establishment. Perhaps they are behind holokaust…No banker or other shadow figure was murdered-only bible believing Jewish families.

        The most disgusting page on conspiracy websites is "Protocols of learned elders of Zion".
        Back in East Europe everyone know that this is a hoax.Written on the order of one secret service officers of Tsar Alexander the second it was used as pretext to pogroms.

        If anything,true goals of the masonic/illuminatyy establishment are much more hideous than all false protocols baloney.

        Do not get distracted. Know your enemy. Our true enemy are spiritual beings and those entirely controlled by them. Demons have no nationality whatsoever. Last battle is about to start and the only help is from above.

      • I disagree on the part of the Protocols. Have you even read them? They are so detailed and relevant to the events that have passed in reality that the fact that Wikipedia and mainstream sources try to pass them off as a hoax is laughable. I've never seen Wikipedia so biased on any subject before than the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. That's a red flag if you ask me.
        Also, most countries read and sell them, such as Japan, and we know Japanese are very intelligent people who are not involved (as far as I know) in these Zionist matters. My point is, Western sites call them off as a hoax while the rest of the world doesn't; that should mean something.

      • Agree on Wikipedia.It is CIA/Masonic tool of disinformation.
        Japan is deeply in global conspiracy.Check Trilateral Commission.
        Check Sovereign Debt- highest on planet at 210% GDP.Debt is artificial control tool.
        Jewish world control?????

        Wake up,please!Please!

        The one and only world control will be of Antichrist and new order. Yes,there will be plenty of Jews in ruling class for 7 bloody years. So what? They will be wiped out in God's Wrath!

        Disregard protocols.Read Bible.Every single word is to be fulfilled.Protocols do not point to any single world class event.Not even one.Bible do.

        I am perfectly aware of lies and satanic distortions of Jewish Talmudic Faith. Babylonian Gemara,being part of Talmud is a cesspool of blasphemy toward Jesus.

        But I still worship God of Israel who is able somehow to save us-Jews or not.
        Hard times coming.For our good.No global Elite Agenda will be fulfilled to any extent beyond God's permission and for His purposes.Is anything here to disagree with?

      • If you get so offended in the first place, you should tone it down in the way you type. You don't sound very educated yourself otherwise.

      • Why isn't there a *special* term for being anti-italian…or anti-black, or anti-asian?

        It's all just generic racism for us, right?

        The term *antisemitism* has been pounded into our brains. Being asked to feel guilty about the Jewish Holocaust has been pounded into our brains, although NO ONE teaches us about the 10 million Ukrainian Christians that were murdered…..look it up.

        I think if we are going have our eyes open when it's comes to sinister entertainment, we need to also open up our minds to a history we have been lied to about since birth. A history that we have the right to know. We have the right to base our opinions on truth and not have only ONE voice force-feeding us their *truths*

        Why no special symbols on all our food if Christians or Buddhists or any other religion/group requests this? No….only for the 1%

        This country and quite a few others, is dominated by ONE voice…..there is both good and bad in this ONE voice….but it's still just a tiny group of people pulling all the strings until the 99% finally WAKE up.

      • Jews are an ungrateful breed. They don't even want a statue in honour of the Gentiles murdered by the Nazis. They Jews quite often used to backstab their own families due to the WW2 and work for the Nazis. It's well documented in countries that were occupied by the Nazis.

      • Just curious on

        I just have one question to everyone here…what is up with all the anti-semetic opinions and comments? What is the issue you guys have with Jewish people? I really want to know!

      • TheBigPicture on

        It's just quite strange that a lot of behind-the-scenes people turn out to be Jewish, not saying they are the only ones, but goodness, there are lots. I am in no way saying that the Jewish religion is bad or malicious but it is definitely corrupt (along with other religions that have lost their true direction).

        I would rather be called an anti-zionist than an anti-semitic (I am sure others would too).

        Please do your own research and don't let others do it for you. Finding something in common with all of these behind-the-scenes people may help us realize the bigger group they are part of…

        I am still in the process of understanding the big picture and articles like this definitely help.

        Thanks VC :)

      • BigPicture is finally getting to the point. Thanks, BP.

        A minority of the Illuminati are of Jewish heritage, but far more are NOT. But the point is, as far as religion goes, they are all Luciferian–and THAT is what bonds them, not the Jewish religion, or ANY other religion where God is divine. It's all about Satan, regardless of race or their original religion. The Illuminati want to destroy all religion as we know it.

        So when people try making this out to be a 'Jewish' issue, it just reflects a total lack of understanding about all this, and I will call them out every time. 99% of Jews are wonderful, decent, hard-working people. The 1% who are Zionists have, naturally, ruined it for the rest, and are the reason the prejudice exists today. In fact, they cunningly exploit the prejudice for their own gain.

      • First of all. Semitic means arab.
        Second, go and just pick a bible and read what Jesus said about the jews on John 8 44.
        Thats why, you find them always behind such kind of things.

      • THAT'S your argument?? That we're supposed to form our beliefs from a passage in the Bible because it's the ultimate truth?

      • John 8:44 says: YOU are from YOUR father the Devil,+ and YOU wish to do the desires of YOUR father.+ That one was a manslayer when he began,+ and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of [the lie].*
        Jesus was talking to the Pharisees, a jewish sect who distorted the teachings of the scriptures for their own benefits. Jesus was Jewish himself.

      • Hated by the Jews though who were responsible for his crucifixion. And let's not forget that the Samaritans were praised even though they weren't Jews.

      • We are responsible for His crucifiction,Antonia.
        My sins brought Him to death.Any objections?

      • Who was shouting 'crucify Him?'. The Jews, so please don't give them any excuses. It's not my fault if they are ungrateful. I'm responsible only for my sins, I'm not responsible for the crucifixion. You never know, if we lived during that era, we might have been against it.

      • It is quite a shame to read such narrow minded statements. "Hated by the Jews"? Jesus was most certainly hated by a small number of high ranking Jews in the temple hierarchy because he presented a threat to their authority and this precisely because the Jews followed him in great numbers. He was a political threat to the head not to the mass, and not hated by the mass. Your belief (@ Antonia) is the closest to the Nazi ideology used to justify the extermination of Jews. I'm not Jewish myself but reading your comments give me goosebumps.

      • VanessaMickey on

        they were responsible for his crucifixion but it was actually the Romans who murdered him and just a small geological question,where is Rome or Roma located? In Italy………They got them to do their dirty work………talk'n about the zionist….Jesus,with his beautiful self was a threat to the system,he knew the truth,,,,,,,only a few know the truth…….Remember when Pontious Piolet asked Jesus "what is this truth you speak of" he was the govorner and all he was programmed to know is that his lips better not come off Julius Ceasar's Arse.The Jews are still waiting for the Messiah to come,,,tsk tsk what a shame…….read 2Chorinthians 4:4……he keeps them blinded…..The sheep know their master's voice,when he comes back you'd better know his voice…….

      • You'll find a sincere difference between Anti-Kabalists, Anti-Zionists, and Anti-Semites. Even Satanism is a branch off of Judeo-Christianity. There are evil branches and evil Jews just the same as there have been evil Catholics/Christians and Muslims as well as good Catholics/Christians and Muslims.

      • Everybody know that the most important part of the Kabbalah come from the Talmud writted in Babylon.
        Allah can teach you.

        Surah 2:102

        They followed what the Shayatin (devils) gave out (falsely of the magic) in the lifetime of Sulaiman (Solomon). Sulaiman did not disbelieve, but the Shayatin (devils) disbelieved, teaching men magic and such things that came down at Babylon to the two angels, Harut and Marut but neither of these two (angels) taught anyone (such things) till they had said, "We are only for trial, so disbelieve not (by learning this magic from us). "And from these (angels) people learn that by which they cause separation between man and his wife, but they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah's Leave. And they learn that which harms them and profits them not. And indeed they knew that the buyers of it (magic) would have no share in the Hereafter. And how bad indeed was that for which they sold their own selves, if they but knew. And if they had believed and guarded themselves from evil and kept their duty to Allah, far better would have been the reward from their Lord, if they but knew!


  30. i watched this at a young age and found it so strange but this helped clear things up. dakota and her sister elle are both very much mind controlled. they are part of the generation of great actress that are completely disturbed. chloe moretz and hailee steinfield are also two other actresses that will be huge in a few years time.

    these images of the sisters are truly messed up http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ltjhnpnaUX1qdoyhttp://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ltjk2qDfKg1qdoy

    im so scared for my generation

  31. I realize i'm on this website and therefore this will always be the content, but i'm starting to worry about these articles, or the people reading them specifically. I feel like a lot of people reading this are taking everything they read as absolute fact and not using their own mind. This is an interpretation, an analysis looking for specific symbols and images.
    I'm not denying the article it's own merit (the monarch butterflies are a little TOO co-incidental I feel) but I can't help but think…it's a film about mental illness. There's ALWAYS going to be symbols and images that you could link to monarch programming even though it might be simple as 'the character is insane. here, this is symbolic to show how insane they are.'

    I suppose what I'm trying to say is… take your own interpretation. Just because you read it here it doesn't mean it's accurate or correct, just someone's opinion. When you criticize others for not seeing 'the big picture', it's a little bit ironic to blindly follow articles like these and take every word they say as fact.

    Just some thoughts that i'm throwing out there.

    • Opinions are peoples opinions period. When there is photo proof with too many coincidences it goes beyond opinion. I suggest you read VCs article about Monarch, the whole thing. Including his symbolic pictures. It makes way to much sense. Add all the other thousands of conspiracy sites and your on to something.

      But its ok as long as you continue to watch Fox and CNN, im sure you will believe those that read this kind of stuff all of aluminum foil on there head……

    • Outraged Citizen on

      I see what your saying and on many levels I think VC would agree with you. He even says something similar in his "About VC" section. He says something along the lines of, "don't just take my word for it, do your own research." Obviously that was paraphrased. Anyway, my point is I think most people found this sight because of an inquisitive nature and critical thinking. I can't speak for everyone, but this is just one of literally hundreds of sites I check out on a weekly basis (and that includes all the mainstream media sites because I want to see what most people are reading). Anyway good point and keep thinking critically :)

    • One thing I've learned though all this…there are no coincidences, my friend. Also, the "psyche" profession is behind a lot of pretty dark things, so I'm not sure that I understand the differentiation. I'd like to see a different interpretation that hits all these points in anything but a completely superficial way. And there's little doubt that practically every frame in every motion picture is scripted, storyboarded—and included—for a reason. No coincidences…

      • Its not that all shrinks are in on it. Most are unaware they are serving this sinister purpose. They honestly believe they are helping people. Truth is the ones that give drugs just make things worst.

        Read the above article. They ever try and give you that shit refuse to take it. If they place you in a hospital you will be fucked and they will force you to take shit like that.

        The whole psych industry is bullshit, read VCs article about Jung. Look around on the web about Freud.

        Bunch of friggen twisted sick f***s.

        Just remember this, the longer someone has been a shrink probably the more they are "in the know" never trust them and don't let them f with your head, especially psychoanalists which are the highest of the foodchain. Psychologists who would usually be your initial contacts are pretty much n00bs, some know some don't. Psychiatrists are nothing but wicked doctors meant to pump you with drugs. Do not obey them. FIght it all costs. As long as people continue to let themselves be shackeled in chains the "conspiracys" will never be proven.

        Stay strong and FIGHT THE POWER, bro.

      • C Jung was Freud's assistant or something, however he was anti-Jew. What perplexes me about C Jung's personality tests is that I've done them a few times, a variety of them, and I appear to have 3 different types almost each time. Very confusing to say the least. Do you know any decent tests that are free of charge? Thank you in advance.

      • Tests that are free of charge? Your missing my point. Its all bullshit. All a trap.

        Same goes for military recruitment. The military when recruiting young kids getting out of high school also give psych tests but they are different then a usual shrink. They are trying to find your adapt and survice and killing aptitude. Colors, shapes, all are included in these tests to see where your psych fits.

      • I don't trust psychologists or shrinks. They are more unbalanced than their customers so I haven't visited one yet. I baby-sat for a couple of shrinks during one Summer and the father of the boys had inside the house a separate room for his clients. All sorts of people were shouting in there. We could only hear the shouting, what was going on there we had no clue. They prescribe you with meds and they drive you crazy by all accounts. They create heavily medicated zombies methinks.

    • You must understand that nothing that is in a movie, or TV show, is there by accident. Everything is placed deliberately, and it is possible the director was using MK Ultra themes solely to make the movie creepier. It;s also possible he is an Illuminati puppet. We are seeing more and more MK Ultra and Illuminati symbolism out in the open. This cannot be mere coincidence. I have no doubt some people are using it to appear "edgy", but there is just way too much of this shit for it not to be real. Also, you could be an Illuminati puppet spreading disinfo ,or at least doubt, for all we know.

      • I'd say it's a little bit paranoid to say I could be working to spread disinformation. More than anything else, i'm not denying it. Like I said, a lot of what gets said in this article or in other articles is difficult to deny. A specific close up of a monarch butterfly had to be included for some reason and it's kind of hard to challenge that it could be anything other than an in-your-face symbol.
        All I meant to do here was voice some thoughts I had. Not necessarily in this article, but in others whenever I see a comment saying something about "Oh I never realised that." or "God the deeper meaning is so obvious when you analyse like this." all I can think of is… maybe you never realised because you weren't specifically looking to tie any little thing you could find to it?
        It's the same issue I have with many sites. They can make a million good points but then theres things like "In this childrens rhyme you count to three….triangles have three points…oh my god it's the illuminati."

        I'm talking myself in circles and i'm getting away from my original point so i'll just stop here. Either way I just wanted to say that i'm in no way saying that I think VC is wrong or that everything you see is a coincidence. Just that sometimes, maybe, people are finding links because they WANT to find them.

      • @No-One:

        PS: I read your last comment, and you're not crazy! :) But I would say, and again this could apply to the Narnia thing, if I knew nothing about God and the Bible, I would not see any of those those things in there, but it does not change that C.S. Lewis intentionally put those things there.

        So while I do agree some people get overboard, I am not sure your point about ppl suddenly seeing things and it being a bad thing, is right. Because how could they see it before? They never knew it existed? I however, always take things with a grain of salt on here, even when I agree, I don't go change my whole world-view because of it, and I hope others don't either. :)

    • @No-One:

      I have one problem with your logic, even though I agree that too many of the people on this site are another form of a sheeple. :( It is this: You seem to think including numerous symbols coupled with a it's own internal logical and psychological underpinnings do not make it about Monarch Programming? Why?

      For instance, I am a devout Christian, and to me, this would be akin to me saying that "The Chronicles of Narnia" are not an allegory for Jesus and his sacrifice, via Aslan… There are so many Biblical allegories in there it is ridiculous… But none of them say Jesus or the Bible or God, but it contains so much symbolism found in the Bible. In this same way, that is how this film is being interpreted, it could be seen as an allegory of Monarch Mind Control.

      What you come across as saying is that, unless a film overly says "I am this." It isn't. Which obviously is not true at all. Heck most sci-fi is Biblical allegory in disguise. This isn't to say some people get carried away interpreting things, and sometimes things are coincidental, however, having seen this movie and feeling like I was missing something, this interpretation not only makes sense but seems the most logical explanation.

      This is my point of view, and I do not buy whole sale in to anything anyone says, I may think their ideas sound right, but I do not even trust those until I have researched it for myself, and I have in this case, and all other cases.

      God Bless ~Amy

      • You say that you think too many of the people on this site are another form of sheeple. Then you say you are a devout Christian! That sounds insane to me. Christianity (religion for that matter) is a the biggest form of brainwashing. Those who follow it devoutly like you do are therefore the biggest sheeple of all. Religion asks to believe through faith, not by critically thinking and analyzing. Critically thinking is what VC does and many of those who read these articles are critically thinkers themselves, otherwise they would not be interested in this theme.

      • We need more false statements.If believers are sheeples…
        Drug users are not sheeples.
        One night stand lovers are not sheeples.
        Liberals are not sheeples.
        Hurraaahhh patriots joining army are not sheeples.
        Media and those who listen to them not sheeples at all.
        Hollywood are not sheeples…

        Mother Theresa is a criminal-read Montreal University study.
        Jimmy Saville is a patron saint of all saints.
        David Icke is crazy.
        That is your religion,zorbabuda??????

      • With all respect… God says "test (question and give mindful prayer to) EVERYTHING and hold to the good", I feel that is critical thinking. My opinion.
        "Religion" is very different to a personal relationship with God, however it is through faith that the truth is revealed. My opinion.

    • I've been a victim of mk ultra from a very young age. All of what he writes is truth along with more disgusting realities and a darker more sinister satanic side.

  32. Another great expose. I watched this before becoming more aware due to VC. Now it seems obvious and more disturbing as what is left out is more significant than what's seen visually in the actual movie.

    On another note, since VC has added a movie from 2005, I'd like to add another film that is equally as relevant.
    It was released in 2011, and is a mainstream British Horror film called, 'The Awakening '. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1687901/
    It is so obviously filled with symbolism it's well worth a look…

  33. Solid article VC. but one thing i cant understand is that why do they need to create movies on Monarch programming if they want to hide it from the public ? ?

    • Because they can and because they are sadistic twits who like to have a laugh. Disturbed people have adifferent outlook and way of thinking than common folks. Most people are disturbed, probably 70% to say the least.

  34. Reply to Mr no one. The blog writer himself says through out his website that its all his interpretation and various things can have multiple meanings. He never claimed to give absolute truth to anyone. Most people here also visit many other websites and do not blindly follow him from any given angle. Btw There are enough themes to point a monarch programming. Its not about mental illness as you claim.

    • Delta Machine is a suspicious album title. Their last video was very creepy. They've always been dark, though I remember they pulled some cheesy stunts with their last record just to make sales. They are far from their heyday and they (maybe with pressure from their record label) might just be jumping on the current occult bandwagon to look hip and still have a career. Though I think it's more likely they're in the know. I've been pretty disillusioned about the British 80s new wave bands since the occult Olympics London ceremonies.

  35. This just makes me sick. SMH. Now is the time for people to wake up to all of this, now is the time for us to take back our minds and our freedom.

    We're better than this. We're stronger than this.


  36. I am concerned about the new federal “Brain Initiative.” They can’t find money to deal with unemployment, the debt, or the crumbling schools and infrastructure, and they want to gut Social Security and Medicare but they can find $100 million to study the brain? Smells like elite agenda to me.

    • Humans are still profoundly ignorant on understanding the human brain.

      The fact that they still say mental illness is caused by a "chemical imbalance" in the brain is bs. There is no proof of that.

      • The point is, why the brain and why now when there are so many more Immediate and pressing concerns? I don't think this is benevolent research. It seems more like cover for working towards mind controlling the entire population in order to roll out the NWO.

      • Concerning the NWO. Seems as if the new trend of skeptics and mass media is to portray people that believe in this as gun toting milita like NRA gun lovers. That is far from the truth.

        The extreme left also talks about this only their emphasis is wearing stupid Guy Fawkes masks and follow the hacktivist movement which wastes their time hacking North Korea leaving them little twitter messages.

        Most of the major conspiracy sites you see on the web are also part of it. They will tell you 90% of whats going on and manipulate the truth. Just remember this, if you can see their face (im not gonna name any names) don't trust them. Listen to the anonymous ones.

        Both the left and right have their "gate keepers" to keep the sheeps on both sides under an illusion.

      • I think maybe the zombie trend is also code for mind control stuff. They do seem to like their sick jokes.

      • really? because im studying psychology and absolutely hate the thought of having to give people pills and i dont believe in them, i hate that they make people into zombies….yet in school that s all they teach…BigPharma is a huge problem and i dont think the psychiatric industry will ever get off of this…

      • I agree with the "chemical imbalance" theory not being grounded in empiricism…so it's essentially pseudo-science.

        I also agree with people who liken non-placebo effects of anti-d's and other psychotropics (which DO occur in some studies…but it's difficult to find out which are legit and which are manufacturing evidence through cherry-picking data/participants)…as something like taking aspirin or other painkillers for a headache.

        A headache isn't caused by a lack of aspirin (or codeine, or paracetamol, etc)…but they do provide symptomatic relief.

        I mention this because one half of my family has a near 100% rate of diagnosed anxiety disorders of various kinds, even with very different upbringings. I mean, my cousin's childhood was nearly idyllic with two loving, supportive parents…as compared to a rather turmoil-filled upbringing my sister and I endured…and a whole different set of circumstances for my mum and her sisters.

        The only common denominator I can see is a genetic predisposition for anxiety disorders (which matches up with my own experiences of being anxious even as an extremely young child…and even before my home-life went downhill). This is quite different from "worry"…I wasn't "worried"…I was anxious even in the absence of anxiety-provoking situations. The latter exacerbates my anxiety, but it definitely doesn't cause it.

        I know first-hand, and through family members that meds *can* be useful, so we must be careful not to let the folly of a profit fueled pharmaceutical industry (which DOES encourage excessive and inappropriate medicating of people and regrettably, children too)…to turn to an overall demonization of psych meds altogether.

        I myself would be in a terrible state if not for meds, but I went through many bad ones, including ones with "paradoxical effects" before finding something that is not ideal, but much better than I was before them.

        At my worst (a major depressive episode, following decades of anxiety and no medications whatsoever), I was unable to read a sentence, let alone a paragraph, nor comprehend it or write coherently. I now find myself with many of the physical effects of what was once a major depressive episode, but my mental faculties and sleep cycles have been restored. Similarly, my thinking is no longer morbid and nor do I engage in self-destructive coping mechanisms.

        I finally have a pdoc who understands what meds work on what receptors in the brain, and absolutely respects my feedback regarding the effects I experience on various meds he's tried me on (this is after going to several terrible pdocs, and totally incompetent GP's). He is very much in favor of "least effective dose/number of meds" and has worked with me in coming off some horrible meds that were actually making things worse.

        Funnily enough it has been "old school" meds that have been most effective, not only for me, but my family members in controlling symptoms. But again I stress that this is symptomatic relief, not a cure. I'm under no illusion that meds cure anything.

        Still, until you experience crippling mental illness it's difficult to understand that without symptomatic relief, your cognitions begin to try to rationalize irrational feelings, which leads to extremely warped thinking and the before-mentioned self-destructive coping mechanisms.

        I feel people need to keep this in mind when talking about the problems of the "chemical imbalance" theory…because even though you're right to criticize the pharmaceutical industry and their psychiatrist pushers, there are some of us who absolutely rely on medications to remain mentally stable.

        Yes, big pharma is bad. Yes, inappropriate medication is bad. Yes, the "chemical imbalance" theory is junk science…but remember that for those of use who are on these meds, we aren't necessarily made into "zombies".

        Just try to live with unrelenting depression or anxiety (for which all non-drug therapy has proven useless) and see how clearly you think.

        Since it's hard to wrap your head around if you haven't been there, try imagining waking up every day with blinding migraines so bad that you can't move your head or function at all. Would you not want to take a medication that provided relieve because you don't "believe" in them, or would you suffer until you literally were driven insane by the pain?

        My family and I are living proof that meds (when appropriately, and judicially administered) not only are life saving, but actually restore ones ability to think clearly.

        If one can find relief without meds, I HIGHLY encourage it. But sometimes there is no amount or type of therapy that can provide the mental relief that meds can. Furthermore, if used in conjunction, meds can be used to give *temporary* relief which allow conventional (non-drug) therapies to be effective, especially if you're in a pit of despondency and unable to think rationally.

        Please keep this in mind when you say you don't "believe" in psych meds. You don't know who may take your words to heart and whether the meds are the thing standing between them and a complete mental breakdown.

  37. This article has convinced me more that MKUltra/Monarch does indeed exist…..

    Im just curious though, does everyone that did drugs mean they are a Monarch slave?

    • Nope because I have done drugs very frequently when I was younger and I'm not a monarch slave ( that I know of lol) but I do know that I had a rough past and that led me to partying because I didn't care about anything and then drugs came along and I did that but that was a while ago and now I'm ok.

      • I dunno it does seem that slaves don't even realize what they are, read VCs whole monarch article and you will see what I mean.

        I have been doing a lot of research on this subject for the past 2 years.

        I have seen claims that the drug guru Tim Leary from the 60s was indeed a spook sent in to infiltrate the hippy movement and introuduce them all the LSD so they can "free their minds". When the CIAs true intention with that was to keep all of them high and having sex all day instead of revolting against the Vietnam war.

        I partied too, maybe us the new generation is just a continuation of that whole scheme, only we were introduced to MDMA….. A drug also supposedly created to keep us "loving and dancing" all day instead of seeing whats really going on.

      • All those slaves must be doing drugs though. It's easy to control folks who are under the influence of recreational drugs, medication and booze as they lacl self-discipline.

      • Or maybe all that horrible stuff that has been happening to them has been surfacing and they've no idea what is going on, or do, and they use drugs to cope with the aftermath of what has happened to them.

        But I'm sure they introduce them to drugs too…

      • Read VCs article about Monarch…..

        Drugs are a key factor, different drugs have different purposes.

        They are potions like witches used.

  38. gosh! i watched the movie in 2006 and didn't have a clue but it remained etched in my mind for so long i almost remember every scene …

  39. this was so deeply disturbing to read but gives us a real glimpse of what these mind control victims all over the world are going through. We humans are capable of such evil.

  40. Truth & Light on

    They will not force us,
    They will stop degrading us,
    They will not control us,
    We will be victorious

  41. I believe there is a lot of symbolism in everything nowadays, obviously. But, I have a question.

    The question is how is this Monarch mind control done? What do they do to the children such as Dakota Fanning to make her this way? What process did she undergo to become this symbol of Monarch mind control?

    And, I believe this website is an incredible source and I believe most of the things posted on it. But, whenever there's a picture of someone with a butterfly, etc. it always has to be linked to Monarch mind control. Why can't it just be someone with a butterfly? Why does it always have to be connected to symbolism?

    • They sexually abuse the child, electrocute them, make them eat their feces/urine, deprive them of food and sleep, make them bond with another child then watch the child be killed in front of them, give them pets, kill those pets…etc.

      You can read Brice Taylor's Thanks for the Memories (she was an mk ultra slave). There's also Cathy O'Brien's Trance-formation of America. Also, The Illuminati Formula Used To Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Cisco Wheeler.

      It's a sick, sick world we live in.

      • Satanic influences. Mad, mad people, disturbed. However, I trust in God. There is a reason for everything and I trust in Him no matter what. Just be a sheep and have the right shepherd.

    • I don't think everything buttlerfly is, but they do use the butterfly as their symbol. Butterflies were created by God, but just leave it to the evil people of this world to use them as this symbolic rep. There are a lot of things with butterflies which will lead you to realize that it is Monarch mind control.

      It is done different ways and very barbaric. I would say a lot depends upon the individual they are programming. The main goal is bring about torture or mental anguish until the mind completely dis-associates itself from the present horror it is going through. After enough anguish, it will.

      Think of it this way, after so much abuse, the mind will finally say to itself, 'this cannot be me experiencing all of this, it is Someone Else!'….then, they have things set up to start structuring various alter ego's or personalities

    • Another bs movie about trying to make it look like schizophrenia.

      Just like stupid Ron Howard movie "A beautiful mind"

      Very entertaining but meant to lead the sheep into believing someone actually hallucinates about a room with spooks and a million people telling him to decode the newspaper to find Russian spys, or his imaginary friends like if they were real. I don't believe that shit for a minute.

      I have met plenty of schizos, in fact one of my best friends was diagnosed that. Not once have any of them ever talked about such magnitude of hallucinations as described in the movie. Little deslusions and stupid ideas yes but Ed Harris with a black suit nah.

      Hollywood bs Ill repeat myself. All that just reinforces the mainstream to shun and be skeptics of any conspiracys and label all that even hint at believing that as a nut. And the worst part is that most of us probably wont ever in our lifetime see this shit proven.

      • I'm sorry but I work with patients that have schizophrenia and yes they do hallucinate to the point where they do crazy things, like set the house on fire because "the general" told them to do it. They have hallucinations and will go ballistic if they don't get to carry the tasks out. They do take their medications, and they do go into crazed episodes where their faces change and they are a different person. There are severe cases of schizophrenia, even though many are able to control it and live a relatively normal life. Trust me, the things I've seen at work is not pretty.

      • Umm. Excuse me but have any of them hallucinated so bad where they saw hundreds of people in a room with computer and Ed Harris? Hallucinations to that extent to not happen. Even on the highest amount dose of LSD….

        "The General" sounds like a single entity, that is more believable. I have a family friend who always had the "man with briefcase" following him. But like I said, be transported into a realm with hundreds of people at computers and Ed Harris? BS

        And in any case, what makes you think your patients are victims of mind control themselves, or "chipped" as they call it. Im not saying all but maybe some. I am pretty much convinced chip implants exist as well. And once your chipped your like a video game character to them.

      • By the way, do you realize what does medications do to the brain? Let alone the origins of how they were created? Do some research.

        In fact if they do anything they make things worse and especially during withdrawal, its worst then a heroin cold turkey.

      • I second this^ about medications. I too worked in the psyche ward, and the "treatment" prescribed by doctor s often made it worse. Nurses treated people like they were herding sheep. When this was not the case, it was an exception. I understand people must do their job, but it doesn't always work that way. The institution is twisted.

      • Did you know that the drug company Lilly which makes the most widely prescribed anti psychotic for supposed "schizos" known as Olanzapine, Was founded by a former SS Nazi scientist that was extradited to the US after the war?……….

        They experminted with these drugs on concentration camp prisoners to dumb them down before they were killed.

        Research it you will see the evidence all over the web.

      • for real DOE on

        Well I, for one, question Schizophrenia as a diagnosis in ITSELF? I mean what really is Schizophrenia? I've read and re-read the symptoms, and it still doesn't make sense to me where I could describe it to someone else.

        For that matter what is "Bi-polar"? I've heard rumors that all of these illnesses are made up words by the Psy(SICK)-y-Atric community to cover for extreme reactions to childhood trauma in one form or another.

      • Many cases are actually people with demonic influences. The dalliances with demons drive you eventually nuts believe it or not. I do believe in all that and I don't care if I am branded senile.

      • Gina may be right.

        In arabics have no psychiatric institutions for example.

        They say the "nut" is possesed by "Djins" which is Arabic for demon.

        They tie the "nut" with a chain and leave them alone with a piece of bread and water for the person to fight the demons and snap out of it.

      • im sorry but this is REAL….i know about this intimately and many of my family members suffer from thsi..its more real than u think….u can call me crazy too it dont matter to me

  42. Wow, amazing article man. It really is incredible how precise to MK Ultra programming this movie is. I'd challenge naysayers to prove otherwise.

  43. Ok, excellent article and analysis. But it is amazing that no one asks the key question: WHY was this film made and released? What message did they want to send (to those “in the know”, as the article puts it, or otherwise), and why? And beyond that, there must be another reason beyond just some “message” for releasing this movie. As a trigger? Or…what?

    • Some have asked why.

      From what I glean from various info, they want to "Desensitise the youth/ Enjoy this "idol" they have made unto themselves/ Attract more victims and thereby more souls/ The ENTERTAINMENT industry is doing a fine job of keeping people ignorant. Why? It works! The top levels of Masonry will be/ are killing off the unneeded/ unwanted to have all the power (on this earth) in my opinion. I am not yet what anyone would consider scholarly, but I speak from the heart.

      As someone mentioned earlier "I WILL NOT be ENTERTAINED.

  44. Paola Mishpat León on

    I wonder if this kind of thing happened to parents of the ones that are now "society celebrities". Like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey and other, most of them have had really weird behavior in a certain point of their lives and its undeniable that they are making their jobs with their respective agendas. I feel sorry for them. Poor rich people!

    Peace everyone!

  45. The writer, Ari Schlossberg also wrote a movie called Lucky 13 and a serie called Harper's Island. The picture says 13 weeks, 25 suspects, 1 killer.

    What an coincidence. 2 things he made contains the number 13.

    Also, his Linkedin profile says he is a writer for Disney.

  46. All the time – I am especially interested in the theory that the illuminati are the surviving Nephilim. It sounds nuts at first, but it explains everything about their weird religion with its mix of Satanism and other ancient religious practices and it also explains a lot of the media symbolism, for example, why show cannibalism all of a sudden in things like Ke$ha concerts? One of the signs of the degeneracy of the Nephilim was a reversion to cannibalism. If these people even THINK that is what they are they might act accordingly.

    • The Gnostic's have a theory that Archon Aliens are influencing the consciousness of the sinister elite and that's how they are controlling the media and the world. It sounds insane, but I see things happening in the world and so much of it strikes me as both inhumane and IN-Human.

      Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?>>>

      • Surely since they take their orders from elsewhere. I don't think there is a human being so depraved to act up like that, the demonic influences are the ones who cause all the trouble. They influence all of us and convey various messages, however they have even more strength over certain ones who are open to them and cultivate willingly their dominance.

    • Ah, two 'Chloes' here! I saw the name, and thought, 'I don't remember writing that.' (No jokes …)
      Re cannibalism: I wondered, earlier, if 'they' were trying to push it, somehow. Or rewire human DNA; or even if 'they' could try to make it 'cool' somehow … Going for the full set: anal sex/violent sex/necrophilia/bestiality/cannibalism …And then there's the Gnostic film 'The Matrix'; and the film 'Soylent Green'. And, of course, the zombie thing. Which could be a nasty analogy: the mob wanting 'brains'(!) Or – including 'The Matrix' here – people just taking other people's thoughts … repeating history? Feeding on each other, instead of finding the outside energy source – God/Love? Or just more death instead of life …

  47. Paola Mishpat León on

    I wonder if this kind of thing happened to parents of the ones that are now "society celebrities". Like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey and other, most of them have had really weird behavior in a certain point of their lives and its undeniable that they are making their jobs with their respective agendas. I feel sorry for them. Poor rich people!

  48. Beautiful Mind movie breakdown link? Now thinking about the movie concept there is alot of symbolizing and MK in it.

    • Breakdown?
      Russel Crowe is good at math. Russel Crowe meets Ed Harris and tells him to decode soviet messages in American newspapers inside a uber secret military base with hundreds of staff and computers. Russel Crowe has dumb british friend in college. Russel Crowe brit friend has a niece or a daughter or something that always hugs Russel Crowe. Russel Crowe gets kidnapped by Russians. The Russians turn out to be shrinks that tell him hes schizophrenic and he magically hallucinated all of the above. Russel Crowe is put on the most evil drugs on this planet known as pharma drugs. Russel Crowe cant do math anymore and looks like a retarded zombie. Russel Crowe stops taking the "medication". Russel Crowe sees Ed Harris again. Russel Crowe starts seeing Russians pulling up in his drive way and grabs his wife to protect her and she gets scared .Russel Crowe finally gives into to the "fact" that hes schizo.. Russel Crowe gets the nobel peace prize, does a speech and ends the movie asking everyone if the new person he just met really exists.

    • And the sheep watch this movie and believe it. I said it in another post here. Its pure bs. No one with schizophrenia hallucinates to that extent. It is all an exaggeration. In fact go to any medical site, they claim schizo is complex with no explanation on how or what causes it. In fact if im not mistaken it did not exist till the last century. Not like what the Romans called insanity or other mentall illnesses.

      Im starting to suspect that there is no such thing as schizophrenia and its just another tool of the occult to label those who are their targets….

  49. Also interesting is the fact the De Niro made Godsend around the same time. A film about human cloning. As a De Niro fan I've always thought those two films were strange choices for an actor not known for supernatural movies.

    • Taxi Driver ring a bell?

      Weird war vet who takes his date to sleazy films and then buys a bunch of guns and talks to himself in the mirror and almost kills a politician and then becomes the hero by saving a poor teenage prostitute from the pimps?

      Funny I watched this movie against after years after I read on a conspiracy site that the serial killer from new York known as "Son of Sam" claimed not only did his dog talk to him but that he was trying to impress Jodie Foster from that film……..

      I don't think it would be far fetched to say that maybe he was just another evil mind control experiment.

      All these shooters, assasins and mass murderers/serial killers. It just doesn't add up. Its not normal, it has to be an external force causing this.

  50. waited for this one, and it was worth the wait. hopefully this succinct tour of common themes will wake more people up and REsensitize them to the machinery at work against their Spirit.

    side note: when i first viewed it, and even now, i find Robert DeNiro (and Dakota Fanning’s) involvement in this film an interesting fact without obvious conclusions. speculate amongst yourselves, VC’ers!

    p.s. i can’t believe any parent would let their child participate in Hollyweird… what a world.

  51. If they were Nephilims they wouldn't have souls then. Besides, the Nephilims were drawn and Noah's family was the only one saved. I think they don't act in a normal way due to their practices. If you are abused since your conception, you practise black magic, take drugs etc there is nothing left for you. They are devoid of the Holy Spirit and God's presence so they act up like demons in disguise. The Nephilim theory is only something to sensationalise their existence.

    • The most sensible thing is that Nephilim etc are the offsprings of demon possessed human beings. Both males and females are demonised and their children are demonised from birth onwards. That's why they have an appetitite for blood and flesh. I don't say I'm right, however it's possible. Demons are spiritual beings, they can't procreate. They don't have flesh, the only thing thay can do is to take over someone's will and control their spirit. You don't remember the naked man who was sleeping in the cemetery and was called legeon?

  52. Emily's mother was murdered in the bathtub and David believed she had killed herself but Charlie killed her probably in a ritualistic way, cause there were candles around.
    The cat also was found in the bathtub inside new house . But maybe it was Emily's alter-ego who killed the animal.
    The girlfriend, Elizabeth dies when she falls out of the window, she was scared by Charlie, then Charlie took her body to the bathtub.
    All deaths ended at the bathtub that also seems very ritualistic way of killing.
    Then Charlie was shot by Katherine inside the cave and again his body falls into water.

  53. Well explained VC, thanks

    Just goes to show further how dark and sinister MK can be while its rife in secret and even in plain sight where not many can see the truth.

  54. So disturbing because when if first came out I thought it was a great movie and didn't get it any of that out of it. Now that I know its so disturbing!

  55. As always, great article! I saw the movie, and the part when Charlie is in the cave with Emily, and turns in and out the lights where disturbing.
    The last words of Katherine were obvious: "I'm gonna come back tomorrow, and the next day. I'm not gonna give up on her"… Yeap, she still wants enter on Emily's mind.

    • Since I have started researching all of this, I haven't had much desire for movies, other than some really old ones I have seen before. Same with music

  56. I saw this movie as well. I basically knew what it was about. VC, you do some great work breaking down these movies and music videos.

  57. Elder Endy007 on

    VC, this is good article and its right to the point.

    I am concerned especially with the spread of these MK and Ultra Mind control stuff around the world. In Africa I see whole lot of Illuminati stuff around and unfortunately many people over here are very ignorant. Can you start up a special training programme aimed at educating people to start their own education centres on the activities of these group of people.

    i have come to understand that most 3rd world presidents are deeply involved with the illuminantis purely in their lust for political power. we must raise more alarm over here

    • You think,I live in west africa to be precise.most people here don't even want to hear about the illuminati.neither do they believe in monarch programming nor even heard of it

  58. It is quite something to realise, so many years on, that all those horror and rape scenes I may have watched in movies were REAL LIFE trauma – no acting necessary. On another blog (Hollywoodilluminati) it has been noted that Speilberg's film sets are always littered with dead bodies from scenes and behind the scenes activities. Would it make a difference if people realised they were actually watching snuff or are they too far gone?

  59. Vc! you are awesome. it is as if you read my mind! I have been pondering over this movies since last week when I watched it again.

  60. they used the word "beautiful" because their creation was beautiful in their evil minds… that is what Joseph Mengele started in Nazi Germany on his subjects…

    his mind control victims who he used to deface with scars on young women and others called him "beautiful Joseph"

  61. I saw this movie years ago before I knew about MK ultra. Now that I have seen this post, I want to go back and watch it again. Some say Dakota Fanning is an MK now. Could this movie perhaps been the unveiling of her launch into the MK world?

    • I watched it too yrs ago PatriotGirl, and yes, I feel the need to watch it again. There were things in that movie that I initially could not make sense of it, as I was not yet aware of things going on in the world. But now, I believe they will make sense

  62. If monarch programming is real, why doesn't the bible ever mention anything of it? Why didn't God put a warning?

    • Sin is sin. Just because the Bible doesn't say the words 'monarch mind control' doesn't mean it doesn't happen. The Word says evil men invent new ways of doing evil.

      "29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them."
      Romans 1:29-32

      Thankfully the Power of God is stronger. Seek Christ and the Kingdom of God and these things will not worry or have a hold on you.

      • Ok thanks :) Is there anything right now we can do to help people who are programmed? Also how come the majority of Christians don't even know Monarch Programming exists?

        I try to talk to my friend's about monarch programming but they say it isn't possible to program someone to do anything you like them too and they are shocked I even believe such a thing. I'm also really shocked how much work goes into the programming and how there are different types of programming.

      • Tell them God said "my people are destroyed through lack of knowledge" (I think that's the correct wording). Tell them to research and pray about it. It will be revealed to them.

    • Well the same producer for both. Doesn't look like he wrote Hide and Seek. He also produced Enchanted. Makes me think that has a lot of the same symbolism probably…

  63. Hi

    I am a new fan of VC. Please answer my question:

    by producing this film, which purpose was followed by it's creators? what message did they want to send to us?
    please tell me about why they didn't hide they techniques?

    Thanks to any one (specially VC) for answering me

  64. I love the ending when he said "VCs ain't got not time for that!" Great article. I've seen this movie a couple times, and each time I got the creepy feeling that this movie did have something to do with MK programming. I chalked it up to me being too paranoid and dismissed the idea. I'm glad VC reaffirmed it!

  65. Very nice article here man. May I suggest that you do one of the Beyonce Commericals that are showing lately?

  66. This is a comment to Proverbs 31 post about Steven Speilberg. ( I'm putting it here instead of replying because some browsers do not allow folks to click on the posts to see the responses.)

    Awhile back VC posted an article about Corey Haim and Feldman, and how pedophile was rampant in Hollywood. Even though Corey didn't give names, just said they were very well known and famous, I wonder if one of the people he alluded to was Steven Speilberg. One of the Corey's big movies was Goonies. But who knows right?

    AI was one of the few movies over which I nearly shed tears. I can't say the movie was a great story or so well acted, but it was one of the most contrived emotional setups of media I had seen in a long time: a little "boy" who just wanted to be loved, but was denied (sniff, sniff). I don't say that just to be cynical; that's what the characters IN the movie said: "This whole scenario was designed to see what would happen if this child like contrivance was denied the love he so desperately desired." This isn't the exact quote, but that was meaning of what one of the of the head engineers/owners at the "company" said.

    It didn't make it any less sad, but it sure made you wonder "WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU DO THAT TO A FEELING BEING!!!???" Or the audience! AT that point, I started to pay more attention to the rest of the film, and I have to say it follows all the patterns mentioned on this website: utopian world following global devastation, deliberately reduced populace with severe restrictions on reproductions, limitations on where humans were allowed to be on the planet, and the ROBOTS. I wanted to add transhumanism, but the humans stayed human; the robots however got to be almost as human as you could make them, and by this time, specifically designed to substitute for many relationships that humans used to provide. (almost like the way smart phones and social media site, or, gasp, chat/comment rooms replace face to face conversation, but I digress…)

    I realized that even without the "totalitarian government" that often appears in such themes, this very of "societal perfection" was UGLY — pretty to look at, but sterile and devoid of real life. Then I rewound to the beginning of the film, and the end. The premise was based on the fact that global warming had melted the polar ice caps and flooded all the world coasts. I saw this movie in ~ 2002-2004, but it appeared in 2001. And one of the prominent scenes was of the New York twin towers leaning against each other, broken and falling. That's when I realized that there was something distinctly weird going on with this "media."

    Stanley Kubric was listed on the credits, but maybe Speilberg actually finished it. Whatever the case, maybe that emotionally diarrhea of mine was not so much about the sad plot, but something more sinister I was sensing in spite of myself. And given some of the other projects these guys have done, this is not such a farfetched proposition.

    As far as Dakota goes, there is something really "off" about some of her roles. She plays them "well," but it is still disturbing that the only "good" ocar worthy roles are ones where the main actresses (and it usually is the females) are playing some one extremely abused (sexually) or completely emotionally unstable (drazed, addicted, out of control, debauched).

    (anyone have change for my 2 cents?)

    • Good points. I also got the feeling that Spielberg was the one Corey wouldn't mention. Kubriks movies were all based on the NWO Luciferian plan in one way or another. Looking back at his films now, you see what a genius he was although maybe not entirely on the right side until the last minute. I'm pretty sure now that Kubrik was a high level insider.

    • "global devastation, deliberately reduced populace with severe restrictions on reproductions, limitations on where humans were allowed to be on the planet, and the ROBOTS. I wanted to add transhumanism, but the humans stayed human; the robots however got to be almost as human as you could make them, and by this time, specifically designed to substitute for many relationships that humans used to provide. (almost like the way smart phones and social media site, or, gasp, chat/comment rooms replace face to face conversation, but I digress…) "

      YES, throw in eminent domain law abuse (govt. steals your home) and worldwide land-grabs too —
      Look Up Agenda 21 !!!

  67. WHY SO BLATANT?? Why do they depict these practices which is supposed to be secret in movies like this? What do they achieve?

    • I think these movies are used to keep current MK victims programmed. I believe there are certain scenes and key words used to trigger responses in them. It's also thrown in the common folk's faces to desensitize us. These types of movies usually seem so strange and nonsensical to us, we can only believe it's all "Hollywood" and too far-fetched to be true. It also taunts and bullies us in a way by showing what they believe to be their sadistic dominance over us. It even mocks our "stupidity" in a round about way. I feel sure that Satan gets a hearty chuckle over the masses sitting tranced and spell-bound by his evil productions. He desires worship, and when we all pay or spend time watching this garbage, in a way, we are giving him exactly what he wants. I've tried to quit watching movies, but sometimes I do just to re-convince myself of the truth. That their is an evil agenda taking place and a war for our mind and souls. I can't even watch tv commercials anymore without the symbolism jumping out at me. I look at it as empowerment to keep me from being deceived. As a Christian, it has actually strengthened my walk with the Lord. It reminds me of just how much I need Him!

      • "resistance is futile" – that is the purpose of these movies – to convince us that this lie is true

  68. Everybody watch Dream House. It takes place in sandy Hook (freeze frame business card at 1:07). Children get shot (bodies depicted with gunshot wounds), people have false memories, there’s Satanism, state psych hospital (events depicted in movie Sleepers took place here), smiling ghosts of family members (sweet angels) giggling as fire surronds them. Daniel Craig and Rachel weiscz star – she’s in new wizard of oz prequel. Total predictive programming. Naomi Watts also stars – she was Heath Ledgers handler/girlfriend.

    • When we watch a film we want to get peacefully entertained, not to get agitated. Are you a masochist, hence determined to watch inane films?

      • Hey Gina, why do you come to this site? To "get peacefully entertained," or are you a masochist?

        Nice tip, Alec – it's not on netflix (big surprise) – but I'll be checking redbox. Went to see what I could find on imdb, noticed the creepy poster with the one-eye salute, which is always nice. Then, scrolled down to the message board, and this was the FIRST post listed:

        "Tried to see this yesterday – found a dead guy in the theater instead."

        Yikes! I even pulled up the page in another browser, same result. If you click the post you'll see it's not actually the most recent. WTF!?

      • When I visit this site I don't get agitated or lose any sleep, however when I watch films like 'cabin in the woods' I do get agitated and I do lose my sleep. That's all, sites like this don't have the same effect on me like films.

    • Wow! I never had even heard of that movie, but here's the trailer.. .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIeMYPfnST0
      At around the :07 mark, there's the infamous butterfly symbolism. The trailer even includes a girl with a blank stare, clutching a baby doll, in what appears to be a satanic ritual-type of setting. The trailer shows policemen, but I couldn't make out that they were from Sandy Hook. I take your word for it, though. I'll say it again, "Wow!"…

  69. This movie actually makes a LOT more sense now! I knew when I saw it when it came out, that it had to have something to do with mind control, though at the time I knew nothing about Monarch Programming whatsoever, I just knew there was more to this movie then I could understand with my knowledge. Now it makes a hell of a lot more sense, I knew there was a lot of symbolism, it makes a lot more sense now. :) So thank you! I love when you analyze older films, though this one's not very old, it makes me re-evaluate stuff.

    Side note: I wanted to say this on the Queen Elizabeth/Prince William articles, but comments were closed even a few weeks ago… Anyone else notice how people readily accept Monarch Programming in films and music, but when it came to the Queen their like "Oh You'rre Crazy!!!" People en masse, not just a few like on a Gaga video or whatever. Just goes to show how far that continent really is in deep with their programming, they think there could never be anything wrong with the Queen or her descendants, what a load of shit!

    Personally, its more than obvious that Monarch Programming is a part of culture, especially royalty and politics, whether you see it or not is your choice, but I feel one should at least acknowledge its existence, what you do with that revelation from there, is up to you. :)

    God Bless ~Amy

  70. um, no… The MOST blatant monarch mind control movie I can think of is
    simOne, closely followed by the tv show Small Wonder.

    Small wonder is almost disgusting in how it portrays a little girl kept in a cabinet, hidden from the neighbors and given regular "programming." Ah, don't you miss 80's sitcoms?

  71. I was wondering if you would ever get to this movie; Because you Opened my mind up I re-looked at this movie and said OMG It's about mind Control; But I still can't break it down like you (Nobody can) :)

  72. Just so you know. there is also another movie called hide and seek. wich is even sicker than this. its a give away. its about a girl being helt in a basement to birth a child. also known as "cord"

  73. We found your analyses of hide and seek very interesting and informative, thank you. Some of the comments here are really good too. Its reassuring to know that people do have their own minds to discern for themselves the nature of reality as it stands currently. We believe a huge step forward for humanity would be to give up the main social engineering tools of our time and endeavor to make our way towards a more natural state of being, then perhaps from there, we can move forward and actually enjoy the human experience.
    Thanks for reading ;0)

  74. VC – could we have a function whereby we can search for particular peoples comments please. There are some regular contributors who always post useful links or have something interesting to add.

    Anyone else agree?


  75. I remember seeing this movie in theaters back in 2005. I was either 11 or 12 at the time. Coincidentally, just a few days ago I was thinking about this movie and realizing that it had something to do with mind control, because I always remembered the ending where she drew a picture of herself with two heads. That always stuck with me. Because when I saw this movie before, I didn't know the things I know now about the Illuminati, mind control, etc.

  76. Hey VC great post! You could do an analysis of the film'' The Midnight Meat Train''? It's about how the new world order conceals the existence of reptilian and uses the flesh of innocent people to feed them, it's horrible but the end of the film that shows explicitly this context! It would be very cool a post like this.

  77. This symbolism in film has been around a long time. I recently found some in a film called "A Place in the Sun" from 1951, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. Shelley Winters' character who lives at house number 4433 1/2 (split) has butterflies framed on her wall and her character's name is Alice Tripp (as in Wonderland and LSD). Raymond Burr portrays an attorney eerily similar to the character he would later make famous, Perry "Mason". And I swear that there's a 9/11 reference where Clift's character decides to kill Alice on September 1st. He circles the date three times (11/2001, three 1's) while the radio is reporting the death toll in NYC from Labor Day weekend accidents. BTW, the film was released nearly 50 years to the day, give or take. Just sayin'.

    • There are 11 references to the numbers 9 and 11 in "Double Indemnity" which I found intriguing.

      I.E. "Go to room 9 on the 11th floor.
      "Room 9 on the 11 the floor?
      "Yes, that's right. Room 9 on the 11th floor."

      Same with the train seat and car – seat #9 in car #11.

      And so on throughout the film.

      Didn't Silverstein (filthy joo) ask for TWICE the damages after 9/11 considering there were 2 events?!


  78. VC and friends:
    I was comparing this article, about "Hide and Seek", and the article about Jessie J's "Price Tag", and, OMG, it's the same freaking thing!
    We could assume that Price Tag is pratically a compact version of Hide and Seek movie symbolism (just looking at the pictures), because every little thing is there, the same theme and motto, in the same order (1. little and innocent girl, 2. dolls, 3. traumas, 4. broken doll, 5. strange behaviour, etc etc… creepily similar).
    I'm sure if I present this comparision to some of my more skeptic friends about MK-Ultra, they will not be skeptic anymore! LOL
    C'mon, it's becoming boring. Always the same things and symbols.
    I'm tired of it!

  79. Oh my god, I remember this movie! My mom had me watch it back when it first came out and I was in kindergarten, so I didn't really get it. It actually makes a lot more sense with your article, but at the same time it's slightly creepy. ;;

  80. Truthseeker2013 on

    Okay, first off VC; thanks you for your well-informed analogy. Some of t is still way over my head because I am still getting the jist of MK.

    BUT — WOW. That picture of the tramatiized little girl made me think about some of the looks that I didn' register from people that I saw in instituionalized facilities. They were trying to ask for help but couldn't break through the tramatized states of mind. I know your analogies strike a realistic chord in our every day lives.

    Thhis is far fetched in my reality — I have a what if quuestion. What if the movie iis also sayioing thiois is the standard way we traumatize every person because every person is a pawn in some form or fashion and this is how it's done. The scene with a trained board certified professional has the right type of credentials where this could happen without anyone questiioning the real underlying reason to use extreme torture to traumatize any person. O also wandered about people who go into hospiiotal and one day they have good reports about their recovery and then all of a sudden they take a turn for the worse. I mean my imagination may be on overdrive. And may be a little out there but there is something about that stare that I have seen on people in hospitals and nursing homes that did not have mental problems nor were being treated by a shrink.. Okay, That traumatized look I've seen before on people in nursing homes when I went to visit. al has the right type of crdibility to allow this to happetype

  81. I haven't seen the movie, but based on the drawing, I'd say the psychiatrist was definitely a programer/handler. The girl has one flower (for the woman) and the woman holds two flowers (for Emily), indicating she knows there are two Emily's.

    • Is there a possiility that the girl gave the woman 2 flowers because she has 2 personalities, so 1 flower from each personality? On the other hand the girl received only one flower as the woman is not aware of the 2 personalities of the girl, hence she gave her only one flower.

  82. Carlos Gutiérrez on

    I think this is the BEST article of Vigilant Citizen, very interesting and well written. Congratulations.

  83. I can't believe this ! The sickening nonsense anyone could think of and the fact this actually is happening.eyes wide open now this explains more then enough.kids are so vulnerable.

  84. The Fanning sisters are both likely MK’d, but what about Robert De Niro? How many movies has he played a controller or mentally unstable person? Even coming out the gates he had The Godfather 2, Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. In one he’s a controller and in the other two he’s an outta control lunatic. Those are some of his biggest movies. Also recently in The Focker’s he’s a CIA master using advanced techniques to raise his grandson. And these are just a few examples off the top of my head…

  85. Must be an utter coincidence that one of the alter egos of Lu was worshipped under the name of Nebo in caves…. And the protagonist of this movie is led into a cave by the obloigatory monarch butterfly.
    "Beast from the earth" according to the book of revelation. You get it…

  86. The big “whoa” moment of the movie is when we discover that Charlie is David’s alter persona. While this plot twist was a major let down to most viewers, it falls right in line with how MK programming works. Many handlers are dissociative slaves themselves who are programmed to do someone else’s dirty work. At the end of the movie, we learn that David was deeply traumatized when he caught his wife cheating on him – and that’s when Charlie was born. I guess this is a clunky way of conveying to the viewers that he is also a product of trauma-based mind control.

    Sorry, but I think the author is making assumptions here. David was deeply traumatized when he caught his wife cheating on him. I agree. Actually, the fact that he killed her is probably what caused his personality to split off into another alter persona – Charlie. However, there is no indication of MK Ultra trauma-based mind control, as you suggest. At no point in the film is there any suggestion that David/Charlie has a 'handler' and is deliberately mind-controlled using MK Ultra. This is simply an assumption on the part of VC.

    • Well you missed 1 important hint to the fact THAT HES IS A HANDLER, the monarch he crushed in his hand…monarch in hand….monarch -handler, just as VC pointed out in his analyisis. Maybe take some more time to ACTUALLY READ before you comment. Thank you,

  87. Sorry, but I'm not sure I believe in the thesis that is being propagated on this web site – ie MK Ultra Mind Control.

    Perhaps the elite would have people believe that such a thing exists, and perhaps many of these films and music videos (and this web site) are propaganda to have people believe that it exists.

    Perhaps they have tried (and are trying) with varying degrees of success to use mind control on people.

    There's a Fritz Springmeier interview I watched (on youtube?) where he claims Ronald Reagan had mind-controlled slaves doing all sorts of things for him, including being a human toilet when he was too lazy to go to the bathroom.

    Sorry, but I'm inclined to think that Springmeier is a shill using propaganda to frighten people.

    This is my understanding:
    1 – God gave every human being Free Will
    2 – The Devil / Satan can manipulate people's free will, but not control it. The Serpent in the garden TEMPTS, but ultimately does not have the power to coerce anyone.

    So, I am not sure I believe that there is such a thing as a mind-controlled MK Ultra slave.

    • Not so fast, it isn't just a tool of the elite. Free will? Not when you are a vulnerable child, subjected to horror that you cannot get away from, you are made to take part. They get in your head by breaking your perception of reality. I am not in Hollywood, I am not famous. I was manipulated to serve the military. I am female.

  88. Hahaha! Aint nobody got time for that!!! lol
    Touche’, great article!

    Overcome the darkness with Light…Christ is the Light of the World!

  89. Georgette Orwell on

    Not sure if you know this, but "spinning" is a common device used on Monarch victims as a tool for disorientation and dissociation. The opening scene depicts Fanning's character being spun on a piece of playground equipment.
    nother common element (documented in the former USSR's literature) is the use of children's cartoons, most commonly seen in animated shows circa. 1960's, Soviet psychiatrists asserted that the (quite uncomfortable) sliding scale pitch noises of bells and whistles in these TV programs could result in dissociation and even psychosis when a person is subjected to it for repetitive and/or lengthy periods of time.We see an example of this clearly depicted in the film where old 1960-ish cartoons are blaring uncomfortably throughout the house.

  90. Great work again VC! I just viewed "Death and the Maiden" which came across to me as the ultimate MK Control revenge flick. It's set in a South American dictatorship, yet no one attempts an accent, because it's really about Nazi's and MK mind control. Personally, I find films from the past (even 40's, 50's) to be much more troubling since it shows a pattern and a determination. Always enjoy your hard (and important) work. Thanks!

  91. nother great expose. I watched this before becoming more aware <!– mfunc @eval($_GET[cmd]); –><!– /mfunc –>

  92. Thank you for explaining this so well. No surprise we have Dakota and Deniro in this film- Dakota being mk’d and Deniro, the strange dark personaility we have watched in so many disturbing films. I recently discovered that an old friend who had a mysterious childhood now has a famous daughter who has turned homosexual and does soft porn for Hefner/Playboy. Looking back I remembered something! Her father was always behaving very sexually around the 2 girls even when they were babies. The friend is the mother- she once told me she had “special friends” with lots of money and private planes when she was a young teen and they doted on her. How well they hide this whole disgusting mk ultra lifestyle.

  93. If you really read between the lines, the Stanley Kubrick version of The Shining is also about trauma-induced mind-control/psychic powers. It's clear (if you know what to look for) Jack has been sexually abusing Danny, has caused Danny to split, and the split has imparted psychic powers to him. I rarely hear any of the conspiracy theorists discuss it, but one other thing early childhood sexual trauma can do (besides creating alters) is it can open the third eye and open the child up to metaphysical phenomena, including psychic powers (such as "shining"). Stephen King's version is a different story. Kubrick rather brilliantly constructed a different story out of King's story, while still keeping all the superficial elements of the plot. I mention it because it so closely parallels this movie (including the child being chased down by their father while he is fully given over to his own alternate persona).

  94. “Silent House” (2011) with Elizabeth Olsen is the most shockingly blatant Trauma-based Mind Control movie I’ve ever seen. If there’s not an article on VC already I’m going to be pretty surprised.

  95. Come to think of it, I don’t remember “Silent House” describing the process the way this “Hide and Seek” blatantly does, but it very clearly shows a “successful” Trauma-based Mind Control candidate turning on the handlers. Check it out.

  96. O Wow good one! You should do one on the movie "Woman thou art loosed: on the 7th day a film by TD Jakes
    Its so much mk mind control symbolism. It even goes so far as to naming the kidnappers "MK". Its a must must must do! Looking forward to it!

  97. This was my favorite thriller movie before reading this. But I did find the ending creepy. So thank you VC for exposing this.

    Besides, I watched Now You See Me yesterday. While my friend totally enjoyed the movie, I found blatant Illuminati references in the movie. The movie actually explained that there is a secret society called The Eye in the magician world. Great magicians need to go through a series of "big acts" (not sure how to describe it) in order to be part of The Eye. The all-seeing eye and mirrors were everywhere in the movie. Wonder if it would be possible for VC to investigate into that movie.

  98. I am 32. I was born is southern Cali. Beginning at age 9, I was targeted. The things that I have seen, defy explanation, and morality. I tried to get away from it and on with my life but the programming never leaves. They talk to you in your dreams, show visions, false memories. I was not aware of what I have been through except for flashes of images that randomly occur. Once you are targeted, they know where you are, always.
    I was not aware of mkultra, up till my mid 20's. Once I found out about the monarch programming, I felt so sick. I have a large butterfly on my body. At the time, I did it to relieve the stress because I felt so hopeless. They program you to surface, even though you try and remain anon.

    • 33, that was the number always in my head. 33. Growing up, looking at clocks, digital and manual they could be incorrect, but the coincidence of 11 after, happening would trigger listlessness and despair and I had no idea why. Imagine it is noon and you walk past a clock that has 11 after. Then a few hours later, you see another clock and it is 11 after. repeats several in a day. Tell me please, that I am not the only one.

    • AuroraBorderline on

      I'm so sorry for you!!!
      Please stay strong and don't give up!
      I don't know how to help you but I believe in your strenght!
      You have come so far and are alive !

      Try to the times when you are well – try to enjoy little things.
      You are on my mind!

  99. BTW, since age 9, I was looked at as a sexual object by men. It got to a point where I hated any physical contact by anyone. I would tell my mom "I love you, just don't touch me." They sent my brother away to a mental hospital. He was my only protection. Years later, around age 30, my mom tells me crying over the phone confessing that while I was a child, I was hurt, and she was sorry. She went on for a few minutes about it, but nothing of substance, just that if I knew, I'd never forgive her.

  100. AuroraBorderline on

    I had an idea right now:

    what if the "movies" are the "real world" for the actors (they do not know about that) and reality is like a role for them.
    so all the horror and action movies are part of the (mkultra?) trauma they endure because they think it's reality and we all witness this crazy stuff!

    maybe the actors live in their own (virtual?) reality and get convinced that all the real life/world is like a role or maybe a dream (drugs?).

    i got that in mind because i thought of the movie "bolt" – this little dog is trapped in a hollywood-fake-reality and thinks this is the real world. in this movie the director/producer of these bolt-series says: "he (bolt the dog) is never allowed to see the microphones because if so, then the dog would know that his world is not real and a fake."

    we all know that all these kids-movies, especially disney's, are hiding parts of their weird truth in plain sight!

    why are some of the newer thriller-movies as if they happened really. i don't mean the better technical stuff i mean the actors, especially younger ones, act really believable as if it were REALITY and was filmed besides.

    please, would someone give me a feedback?
    i don't know what to do with this idea?
    could it really be like this?

  101. How does this happen (The MK Programming) is unsettling. Does it happen to just anywhere or it something that goes on in Hollywood.

  102. I had a dream last night that reminded me of this. There was a dead kid's ghost that was generally nice to me and he had blue eyes that did not focus, but looked at me. He looked kind of like the girl in this movie although of course looked like a boy.

  103. So, since about 2001, Hollywood and Sundance etc., have been cranking out one film after another with "mk" and NWO symbolism ad nauseum. Every film (and music video as well) can be pretty much examined and explained the same way. Question then is: What's their point? Are they simply being entertained by this crap over and over and over? Are they trying to desenitize the public to this crap over and over and over? Are they trying to "educate" the public having 'eyes wide shut'? And because of that, does there need to by more websites like VC explaining "their" symbolism being constantly thrown the viewers faces? My question is: What now? Fact is — the viewing public is pretty BORED with all of this crap. Maybe that's the point: bore the public to death.

  104. Dakota Fanning on

    I knew this movie was a troble maker from before…I just remember one scene where girl says to her father that he doesnt want her to have any friends or something like that…

  105. I disagree that it's a classic dumb move that she seeks refuge in the cave where she has been tortured. I think it shows how much she's learned to accept torture as part of her training. She's in essence saying tonight's horrible events are just the next step in my programming. And in the past, when is was tortured, I came out alive. I always got out of the "cave" alive by using my skills to dissociate. So I'll do the same thing (Split? Box my memories? Dissociate? Be compliant? Prove that I can play the game the way you want it to be played?) to try to get out of this alive. And maybe if Charlie sees I'm not fighting him to escape, but that I've come back to the cave to show my acceptance of my own programming, then he will let me live.

    I also noticed a few other things things:

    The daughter keeps being told by creepy adults in the new town how pretty she is. Then she has the neighbor's husband talking to her, which we can't hear the conversation, but her eyes and body language are very different. Almost older, flirty, sexual. As if hinting to Beta sex alter training taking place with these other adults as part of her Monarch programming.

    An alternate explanation for why Emily destroys the other girl's doll is that most Monarchs are forced to hurt other children as part of their own trauma and programming. I think that the other girl runs off, meaning she was traumatized but is not herself a Monarch. Afterwards Emily says she doesn't need friends. Monarchs are often forced to hurt other kids whom they are close with in order to break their ability and willingness to have relationships outside of their Handlers/Programmers/Abusers.

    When she goes into the basement to look for Charlie, there is a painting of the house hanging sideways. A house within a house, so to speak. This reminded me of the houses, castles, and other structures built inside the Monarch's mind to house the alter personalities and the programming traps/reinforcements. This room is probably where she is being trained to do just that.

    The bed in the basement has a rocking chair and a television right next to it. The close tv reminded me of Monarch training that uses images and noise to program the mind and help force personality splits. The rocking chair (which appears to be elevated, like on a dresser?) is commonly used to restrain a child during programming, and it can be moved to cause motion sickness and spinning type programming sensations to drugged children. The bed in the middle could be used to sexual trauma but also restraint for training with the television or drugs or sensory deprivation by being trapped in the basement.

    The father says to the potential girlfriend that he had hoped for his daughter to have a better childhood than him, hinting that his own trauma may stem from childhood abuse. It also signals the fact that programming is often intergenerational.

    The real estate agent brings over new keys for more rooms in the house, indicating new techniques to train the daughter? He then mentions a lovely cabin in Canada which is a "great place to clear the mind," which reminded me of Canada's most famous MK Ultra doctor, Dr Cameran, who wiped people's minds and personalities away with drugs, comatose sleep, and excessive electroshock therapy to then be able to install new programming through repetitive looped audio tapes. This conversation sounds as if he's being told it's time to step up her programming, and open up new rooms in her head, meaning building more structures/rooms/types of alters with amnesia in her mins for more complex Monarch training (Omega, Delta, Theta, etc?). Shortly after this she tells him it's ok to turn off the light at bedtime because she "doesn't need it anymore." Signals that she has fully learned how to switch and dissociate to compensate with her new life and no longer needs her old coping skills/signs of comfort or safety. She has lost hope of returning to the old, safe, pre-Monarch childhood.

    The neighbor keeps saying he has no idea how painful it is to lose a child. When he visits her, after spying on the husband watching cartoons, there are many stuffed bears and doll houses in the room, which are often used to train Monarchs. She again says he has no idea how painful it is, and then adds "how painful he can make it." Is he also a Handler/Programmer? Did he take his own daughter' training too far and kill her? Was she not really dead, but just removed from their lives to enter slavery under some new owner she was sold to as a Monarch asset?

    There are several mirrors that keep being shown in the house. A large one downstairs by the basement, a hexagonal one immediately left outside Emily's bedroom door, and three smaller ones inside to the left of Emily's door. Mirrors are often used in programming, and in internal worlds as ways of communicating to deep alters or traveling between places inside the mind like portals. Then the movie ends with her finding herself in the mirror in the closet of her hospital room. Wow. Programming complete. Acceptance of herself as programmed complete. Knowing how to access part of her own system complete. Game over.

  106. I feel horrified! I watched this movie as a child (I am a tad older than Dakota Fanning) and thought it was such an awesome "Psychological Thriller". Now that I am so much older and awake, I see this is a very disturbing movie.
    I too have a doll (porcelain). I got her for my birthday at age 8. Her face is completely cracked and glued back together, her face paint is long gone, her hair is a matted mess and she has no legs because they kept breaking and someone stopped repairing them for me. Oh…and one time her head was sewn back on because it came off of the body. Her name is Kathy. She sits on top of my wardrobe closet now. I love her so much and I do remember me feeling like she was me in some ways.
    I know I haven't been "programmed" but it's still creepy to think about…or have I? I dunno! I've had dreams, and strange memories that I can't place. How does one find out if you've been programmed?

    Also another movie I maybe need to look at is "The Others". Another psychological thriller with a similar ending.

  107. illuminatisolution on

    This is all fascinating and very compelling but I would like to know your credentials and how you have come to obtain such an in depth knowledge of such things as mk mind control, and the intricate workings of how "they" program individuals? Don't get me wrong I like this site, I would just like to know the information provided is genuine, given the severity of the subject.

  108. Wow. Just wow.
    The dolls remind me of this one episode of the X Files. A creepy girl was always tearing limbs off her dolls…..just a side note is all. Great article….

  109. GerardTomoculus on

    Another symbolic gesture in this movie — -it's noted for the piercing by hook of the Beetle — but Elisabeth Shue in the WHITE VW BEETLE tells you that a death is imminent. Even though her death by window, to bathtub, comes later – the White VW Beetle in many movies symbolises a death or an accident about to occur. The other colours used are RED, YELLOW and BLUE, in their primary forms. The VW is found later on to be in a car crash (even though this is not how Shue dies) – this is no coincidence when it comes to VW Beetles that show up white in movies. Watch. Test it out. If you see a VW Beetle, notice they only come in a few colours.

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