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The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie “9”: Heralding the Age of Horus



The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

Tim Burton’s “9” is a computer-animated movie that was released on 9/9/09. While some critics claimed that the movie “lacked substance”, it nevertheless conveyed powerful messages through symbolism. It even defines a “new age” for humanity as seen by occult secret societies.

Warning: Gigantic spoilers ahead!

9 takes place in a dark, post-apocalyptic world where intelligent, self-reproducing machines destroyed all life on Earth. In this desolate setting, a small relic of humanity remains: Nine rag dolls animated by a scientist’s soul. These dolls, however, are constantly targeted by the machines that are determined to eradicate anything resembling life on Earth. The dolls must, therefore, band together to fight and destroy these evil robots.

The above paragraph pretty much sums up the plot of 9 in its entirety – and that is probably what most viewers got out of the movie. However, like all works infused with an esoteric dimension, there is more to the movie than meets the eye. Through symbolism and references, the movie describes humanity as a whole and the transitional phase it is going through. More precisely, 9 describes the world as seen by occult secret societies and the “new age” they are all predicting: the Age of Horus or the Age the Aquarius.

Before we look at the movie, let’s look at the occult philosophy behind it.

The Age of Horus

The occult elite believes that humanity needs to go through a period of great tribulation in order for it to “purge its impurities”. According to occult writers, these “impurities” include traditional religions and governments as we know them. Manly P. Hall, a 33rd degree Freemason, describes what should happen in the next phase of humanity. We’ll later see how this fits perfectly with the vision portrayed in 9.

“The criers of the Mysteries speak again, bidding all men welcome to the House of Light. The great institution of materiality has failed. The false civilization built by man has turned, and like the monster of Frankenstein, is destroying its creator. Religion wanders aimlessly in the maze of theological speculation. Science batters itself impotently against the barriers of the unknown. Only transcendental philosophy knows the path. Only the illumined reason can carry the understanding part of man upward to the light. Only philosophy can teach man to be born well, to live well, to die well, and in perfect measure be born again.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The most prominent occultist of the 20th century, Aleister Crowley, stated that the last 2,000 years were the “Age of Osiris”. Osiris was the “king of the living and ruler of the dead” and his Age was characterized by strong governments and religions, notably Christianity’s “emphasis on death, suffering, sorrow and the denial of the body”. However, since the 20th century, Crowley claims that humanity entered the Age of Horus, who is the child of Osiris. In this phase, humans would learn to become their own gods.

“In plain language, the Aeon of Horus means that the Godhead is being passed down to the individual who needs to learn to activate and find the God-Within themselves. This latest Aeon sees the beginning of the end of Divine Power and authority being owned by kings, queens, religions, governments, big institutions and dictatorships, which will increasingly all begin to fail spectacularly. The individual will have the opportunity to become fully liberated, in charge of their own spiritual destiny. ”
– Paul Dunne, The Magic of the New Aquarian Age and the New Aeon of Horus

Through subtle symbolism, 9 describes the fall of authority (mainly the Christian Church) in a new era ruled by the Luciferian philosophy of obtaining godhood through one’s own powers. Using rag dolls and very little dialogue, 9 describes the basis of this occult philosophy and shows how it will prevail.

The heroes of the movie are themselves the product of an ancient occult concept: They are homunculi, “little men” artificially created through a magical process. They are the epitome of man playing God and giving life.


The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

A scientist creating 9, the last of the 9 homunculi that remain on Earth.

Homunculi (Latin for “little men”) is a concept that can be found in several ancient alchemical documents. In Jewish folklore, the Golem, an animated anthropomorphic being created entirely from inanimate matter, is documented in the Talmud and the Sefer Yetzirah (there are even accounts of Kabbalist rabbis successfully animating such Golems).

For a brief moment, the movie acknowledges the occult roots of its premise:

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

Visible for about a half a second, the cover of this book explains the origins of the rag dolls and indicates the occult meaning behind the entire movie. You might recognize the ubiquitous symbol of the All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle. However, the title of the book is even more telling.

The title of the book, “Annuls of Paracelsus”, basically tells the viewers: “This movie is based on hermetic philosophy and alchemy”. Paracelsus was one of the most renowned occultists of the Renaissance. His work in the field of Hermetism, alchemy, and medicine are still thoroughly studied to this day, in practically all occult circles.

“In any matter of Realization and Ritual, Paracelsus is an imposing magical authority. No one has accomplished works greater than his, and for that very reason he conceals the virtue of ceremonies and merely teaches in his occult philosophy the existence of that magnetic agent which is omnipotence of will; he sums also the whole science of characters in two signs, the macrocosmic and microcosmic stars. It was sufficient for the adepts, and it was important not to initiate the vulgar. Paracelsus therefore did not teach the Ritual, but he practised, and his practice was a sequence of miracles.”
– Eliphas Levi, Rituel de la Haute Magie

Paracelsus’ work De natura rerum (1537) is the first alchemical work that mentions the creation of homunculi. It actually describes a technique to create a “little man” using horse dung and human sperm.

The concept of creating homunculi subsequently appeared in other seminal occult texts, such as the Rosicrucian work Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz (1616) and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust, Part 2 (a German legend about a man making a pact with the Devil). More recently, Aleister Crowley and his followers were obsessed with the creation of a homunculus (Crowley used the term “Moonchild”). Crowley even added the creation of a homunculus as a “secret instruction” when one is initiated to the O.T.O’s (an occult secret society) 10th degree.

With this reference, 9, therefore, taps into a crucial part of Western Occultism.

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

A 19th-century engraving depicting the creation of a homunculus from Goethe’s “Faust part II”


The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

In 9, the rag dolls read  “Annuls of Paracelsus” and find a drawing documenting their creation. That drawing was probably inspired by the Faust engraving above.

In addition to the creation of homunculi, the movie also includes other parts of Paracelsus’ research, such as the use of magically charged Talismans, a tool Paracelsus used to treat his patients.

Understanding that the backstory of 9 is steeped in ancient occultism gives the movie’s storyline a specific color: It describes the world as seen by members of occult secret societies. The evolution of the characters in 9 tells it all.

The Characters

The heroes of the movie are nine rag dolls created by a scientist who infused his soul into them in order to give them life. He then died, along with the rest of humanity. Each one of the rag dolls embodies a part of the scientist’s soul and personifies one of his traits. On a larger scale, each one of these rag dolls represents a group within humanity as a whole. The fate of each doll represents what occultists predict will happen in the Age of Horus.

1: The Pope

The ragdolls are named and numbered in the order they are created, so 1 is the oldest one of the bunch. His position of authority and his distinctive garments make him the leader of the group. Given his attire, it is quite clear that 1 represents the power and authority of the Catholic Church (and religions in general).

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

1 wears a cape and holds a scepter, symbols of power. On his hat is strapped a coin, symbolizing the wealth of the Church.

1 is stubborn, fearful, dogmatic, cowardly, and close-minded. In short, he represents all of the Church’s shortcomings as perceived by elite occult groups. In the first part of the movie, 1 forces all of the dolls to hide in a decrepit Cathedral, discouraging his followers to venture outside of it. He wants his followers to stay hidden and ignorant as he believes that it is the best way to stay alive.

As the movie progresses, however, 1 loses his authority, his scepter, and his cape. He even loses the coin on his hat. In this transitional period, 1 ultimately represents the fall of religions in the Age of Horus and their loss of power, wealth, and authority.

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

At one point, 1’s Cathedral is attacked by one-eyed robots and burns down, forcing the group to hide in the Library instead. It is difficult to find a more telling image representing the fall of religions on the brink of a new era.

After the Cathedral burns down, the group hides in the Library. There they discover “Annuls of Paracelsus”, an occult book describing the creation of the rag dolls. 1 is against the dolls reading this book.

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

When the dolls open up Paracelsus’ book, 1 tears up the page describing their creation.

At one point 1 says:

“Dark Science. What does this useless rubbish do for us? Forget it!”

To which 9 replies:

– You know something. What do you know?”

1 answers:

– I know enough to leave their ancient evil to moulder. Look what they left us with.”

Does this scene represent religious elites holding occult knowledge while forbidding their followers from seeking it? 1 is therefore exactly how secret societies perceive the Church and how they want the world to perceive the Church … in order to abandon it.

9: The Light Bearer

9 is the hero of the movie. Not unlike 1, he is also associated with an object that holds a heavy significance: A light-bulb on a stick.

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

The movie poster depicts 9 holding his electric torch. Note that the release date of the movie was 9-9-09, a nod to occult numerology and one of the movie’s flirts with the number of the beast, 666.

9 is pretty much the opposite of 1. He is the youngest of the group, adventurous, courageous, curious, and resolved to solve his problems by his own means. In short, he is how occult groups perceive themselves. 9 also holds the Mystery schools’ favorite emblem, a lighted torch – a nod to Prometheus, the bringer of fire (divine knowledge) to humanity.

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

“Prometheus Brings Fire” by Heinrich Friedrich Füger.

The Judeo-Christian version of Prometheus is Lucifer, which is a Latin word meaning “light-bearer”. 9 represents the Mystery Schools’ interpretation of Lucifer: A savior who “initiated” humanity to divine knowledge and opened a path to godhood (Lucifer gave Adam and Eve knowledge of good and evil).

While 1 apparently awaits a divine intervention to save the world, 9 represents the Promethean/Luciferian concept of attaining godhood through one’s own means. At the end of the movie, 9 does just that and even brings life back to Earth.

In this movie that takes place in a transitional period of humanity – between the Age of Osiris and the Age of Horus – 9 symbolically represents the Luciferian principle overthrowing traditional religions … and saving the world.

Other Notable Characters

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

6 is a visionary obsessed with a symbol that turns out to be the talisman needed to save the dolls. If you look closely at 6’s sketches, you might notice that they contain three 6s.

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

5 is an inventor who lost an eye. He actually says during the movie: “Actually I don’t mind having one eye. It’s easier for me. I can concentrate on one thing at a time., you know?” He is one of many nods to the one-eye signs throughout the movie. ALL of the evil robots in the movie also have one eye.

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

Here’s an evil one-eyed robot.

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

Here’s another evil one-eyed robot. In short, whether you’re looking at the ragdolls or the robots, there’s some one-eyed action going on. Is it a way of saying that the entire movie is a message from the occult elite?

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

3 and 4 are twins who serve as historian and archivist. 7 is a fearless warrior and the only female of the group. These three characters rejected 1’s rule at the Cathedral and sought refuge at the Library, the place where all knowledge (including occult knowledge) is stored. When the Cathedral burns down, all of the dolls (including 1) hide in the Library. Once again, knowledge and courage are portrayed as the opposite of 1, the representative of religion.

A Purge to Save Humanity

The dolls flee the burning Cathedral and seek refuge in the Library, where 3, 4 (the historian and archivist) and 7 (the warrior) already live.

This part of the story is telling because it represents the “evolution” that occult secret societies want to see in the world. Ever since the time of the medieval Knight Templars, occult secret societies have accused the Church of stifling knowledge, science, and progress. It is difficult to find an occult writer who doesn’t extensively denounce the Church’s role in censoring occult knowledge and punishing those who teach or practice it. The move from the Cathedral to the Library, therefore, represents the abandonment of religions for knowledge.

Moving to the Library is however not enough. The robots still find the dolls and attack them. In the end, sacrifices must be made and some elements must be “purged” in order for the group to survive.

The occult elite perceives the evolution of humanity as an ongoing alchemical process. The goal of alchemy is to turn crude metals into gold and it is believed that humanity needs to transform using the same process. The first phase of the alchemical Great Work is called Nigredo – blackening. This phase represents the process of burning, turning the base material into black ashes in order to break it down and remove its impurities. In 9, the world is definitely going through the Nigredo phase: It is dark, burnt down and in ruins.

The end of the movie is also extremely symbolic. 9 creates a bonfire in the shape of a five-pointed star to liberate the souls of the dolls who were killed by the robots.

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

9 creates a bonfire that will release the souls of 1, 2, 5 and 8. In the New Age, occultists believe some elements of humanity must be “purged”. While they may have been useful during the previous period, they are now thought to be outdated.

The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

The four dolls who remain alive to see the New Age are, 9, 7, 3, and 4 … coincidentally, the four who defied 1’s rule. This is pretty much the message of the entire movie.

After the bonfire, 7 asks 9:

“What happens next?”

“I’m not sure exactly. But this world is ours now. It’s what we make of it”.

Then it starts raining and we see living organisms in the drops of water. The purge has allowed life to be brought back to Earth and only the representatives of the Luciferian principle have survived.

In Conclusion

When one takes a first, superficial look at 9 and its promotional material, one is inclined to think that it is a children’s movie, with a slightly darker feel. Critics summed up the movie as being “eye candy with little substance”. They may have understood the in-your-face “too much technology is bad, m’kay” message, but its deeper, esoteric message was probably missed by most.

However, once one understands the background knowledge used to build the storyline, the occult references, and the movie’s overarching philosophy, it is easy to see an entirely different dimension to the movie. 9 is about humanity going through a transitional period, embracing a Promethean/Luciferian savior, and destroying the rule of traditional powers, such as religion.

Aleister Crowley believes that this transitional period is now. He called this new age the Aeon of Horus. Horus was the child of Osiris and Isis and, for this reason, it is believed that humanity is currently taking the traits of a child. After finding the “Stele of Revealing” in an Egyptian museum (it was exhibit #666), Crowley wrote this about the coming New Aeon:

“Horus rules the present period of 2,000 years, beginning in 1904. Everywhere his government is taking root. Observe for yourselves the decay of the sense of sin, the growth of innocence and irresponsibility, the strange modifications of the reproductive instinct with a tendency to become bi-sexual or epicene, the childlike confidence in progress combined with nightmare fear of catastrophe, against which we are yet half unwilling to take precautions.

Consider the outcrop of dictatorships, only possible when moral growth is in its earliest stages, and the prevalence of infantile cults like Communism, Fascism, Pacifism, Health Crazes, Occultism in nearly all its forms, religions sentimentalized to the point of practical extinction.

Consider the popularity of the cinema, the wireless, the football pools and guessing competitions, all devices for soothing fractious infants, no seed of purpose in them.

Consider sport, the babyish enthusiasms and rages which it excites, whole nations disturbed by disputes between boys.

Consider war, the atrocities which occur daily and leave us unmoved and hardly worried.

We are children.”

– Aleister Crowley, Book of the Law on the New Aeon / Age of Horus

This is what 9 is about. But there is one question the movie doesn’t answer: Is humanity organically entering this phase of History or is it being forced and provoked by the powers that be in order for it to achieve its own “Great Work”?

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The Esoteric Interpretation of the Movie "9": Heralding the Age of Horus

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There is also another reason why the Elites chose the number 1 to represent the antagonistic portrayal of religion as evil and selfish. In fact, the number 1 in the movie not only represents religion but also God Almighty. If we look back to the Abrahamic religious scriptures, we know that there is only ONE God: "Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God! The Lord is One!" [Deuteronomy 6:4] And also in Islam, Muslims also hold to strict monotheism and associating equals to God is one of the biggest sins, if not, the biggest. "Say: He is Allah, the One and Only. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten. And there is none comparable unto Him. [Al-Quran 112:1-4] In conclusion, these Elites are not just trying to constrict American freedom (which is kinda petty if you ask me) but more seriously, they are actually trying to wage against God and His faithful believers. These Elites may say to you that they want nothing but peace and freedom but what kind of peace and freedom are they asking for? The unnerving silent peace of the dead and broken? The freedom to indulge in evil sins and… Read more »

saved one

not without Jesus…..only through the son, we can reach to father…….only he holds the power over sin….my dear…..


brother, thank you so much for being here. The media is the biggest weapon to change people’s perception. Thank you again for being here. I hope, Allah pleased with you. I rested peacefully tonight.


interesting, because when I saw this movie I came to very similar conclusions. the occult references are some of them obvious and some not so obvious. the idea that man can merge with machine is also part of the new world order's transhumanist viewport.


I found the cover interesting. I immediately spotted an inverted cross (broken down fence), the burning train that resembles the twin towers on 9/11, not to mention the opening date being close. The enormous doll on the ground that symbolizes how these dolls are standing on top of predetermined ideas, not even there own since they were created and parts of their creators mentalities were embedded into them. Seriously what kind of children's movie cover has an apocalyptic scary feature….. this was aimed to the older, yet oblivious generation. There's no path, only a mess guided by some archaic book. They want us to believe they have the answers and the true knowledge, but they don't know crap either. What is this artificial light he carries, for it is not one that shines. What is religion? Loosely it can be anything we habitually practice… brushing our teeth can be a religion. It is not something evil that people associate it with. It was an idea created by man. Man are the ones who should be held accountable, we are responsible for the corruption. Not religion. Our ideologies don't make us God, or gods. We are mere beings, walking amongst this… Read more »


So this is to me that we should reject God to worship another God to become God’s….like what


Excellent post BTW!

D D d

I am very glad there are people with such wisdom as shown on this site and that they are able to connect it in such a way it makes a lot of things clear. Even with some knowledge of occult and so called history of the world it is uhmm enlightning.
It seems to become harder and harder to find 'neutral art'. I mean without hidden agenda's, be it masonic or heavily organized religions, just for the sake of art, making the viewer think about stuff, or beauty or entertainment. Has there ever been such a thing, or is my imagination fading in and out of focus.?.

Stating The Obvious

Art is supposed to provoke thought.

Lion of Omega

By the way, the lightbulb of Lucifer represents the "false light", or more accurately, the stolen or "harnessed" light. The symbol of the "true light", of course, is the candle flame. The trapped light within the light bulb would like nothing more than to be freed in order to join the light of the candle flame.

Our entire society is based on the harnessing of light, which empowers the industrial age. That's what is behind the name "Illuminati". It's about stealing the natural resource of Light (in the form of electricity) and using it against its own desire in order to steal dominance over the earth and eventually Heaven itself. But it will not fulfill its final goal.


The last part of this article – the quote from the "Book of the Law" had me absolutely astonished! How accurate a description of the mindless obsessions the crazy "trends" we see in society today – a society lost in a wilderness of self-glorification and total hedonism… The blind leading the blind indeed.
Thank you VC – your work is priceless and always eye-opening!


What was the purpose of nr 2 and nr 8 in the movie??


Spot on! What a powerful tool for the deceived to see with. Amazing how “godless” humanistic Hollywood continues to worship Lucifer hidden in plain sight.

That 666 sketch also has the peace symbol in it, upside down broken cross.

For evolution being true and the bible false they sure confirm what our God already told us from the beginning.

Btw, I read the end of the Book…
…we win


Wow! You opened my eyes thank you! So little time so much meaning.


Where have i been? Ive never even heard of this movie. I find a lot of these so called children movies to be odd and adult like with a deeper meaning.


The image found in the book of Peracelsus is based on a woodcut illustration by Albrecht Durer, a german painter, mathematician, etc. in his Four Books on Measurement (search for Underweysung der Messung). There are several of these and they are part of a discussion on perspective drawings. The one in "9" has been manipulated, of course, but the connection is unmistakable.


I had an urge to see this film last night… and now I have more clarity on the reason– thank you for the thoughtful analysis. There is INDEED a greater meaning to that which compels us… our responsibility lies in its PURPOSE


I have not seen this movie, so I'm not sure, but it seems to me yet another in a long line of films that show a future in which humanity will only exist in avatar or cyborg bodies.

I don't know how you keep going at this VC. I find it totally overwhelming at this point.


In the nag hammadi texts, the Gnostics describe three types of man that are currently existent on Earth today. There is the tulpa, or homunculi, like this article says, the material man, which is essentially soulless animated matter, matter being the physical human body. Then there is ensouled man, or psychic man, which reincarnates, has a spiritual destiny, and was created by the creator of Earth. Then there is the great men and woman with more pure souls, who come for one life here and there, throughout history, whom have a soul that originated in a higher, more perfect form (even more perfected than the soul of the creator god of earth) that come to show humanity a more perfected way of being. I think that the first, material man, represents the vast majority of humans on Earth, especially since the world population has drastically increased over the past few hundred years. They have been conjured in vast numbers by the dark occultists to best fit the machinations of the dark "great work", to supplement their plan for global dominance. The number of psychic men has remained the same for ages, about 500 million, and then of course the very… Read more »


Only question: who/what do the robots supposedly represent?


The 'play by play' to what is occurring and what will occur, at least in the now plans, was written in a letter by Alexander Pike to a man named Mazzini. In this letter, the wars of future generations are outlined and the results are shocking. The 3rd war has yet to come but there is NO question that the clowns are trying to think of a way to get it rolling as we speak. The more mystical metaphoric version is in Revelation to John, but that is nearly impossible to make sense of unless you have knowledge of ALL the surrounding criteria and a STRONG grasp of biblical knowledge. They've taken a few hits recently, some of their "prophesies" have not come true, the 3 generals that were supposed to lite off the nukes didn't do what they were told and the window closed for that little evil ceremony.

Erik Weisz

It’s Albert Pike, not Alexander.


I find the use of the song 'somewhere over the rainbow' from the wizard of oz very interesting in this film. If I remember correctly it was when the dolls were feeling a false sense of security, believing that they were safe and had destroyed the robots.

I can recognize the use of these symbols, but I do not agree with all of the interpretations. I know that there's the idea of hiding in plain sight and double think, but couldn't the evil one eyed robots in this film be a warning against the evils of technology (and perhaps by extension authority, tyranny)?




See also:

The Nine Satanic Statements

The Nine Satanic Sins


Woooooow! great connection 10/6


Most the credit is due to Mark Passio.


9 is completion.
Then your back to 1.
Then it all starts over.


Meh. She sheep are scared because they know they'll be the first ones. If you're awake, you're not afraid, and you know what's up, you know what's happening IS biological, inevitable, necessary, and in the end… beautiful. Yes, humanity is going through a spiritual evolution, yes it is necessary for the cosmic order to keep going as it has, and yes every single soul will at some point have to face it. The more they struggle to accept the truth, the harder it will be to face. The longer and deeper someone will try to sleep, the more painful it will be to wake up. "So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep" "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you" " Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love" People don't understand what the Bible is. God, Satan, Hell, and Heaven are all psychological and emotional states that one individual can experience/be in. The Bible is a dramatization of one's mind, every character is a symbol of a struggle, idea, opinion, etc. When Jacom wrestles with the Angel, he is… Read more »


Kristina is speaking the truth. To people who's mind is held captive by dogma or religion, what she has to say may hurt you. I know, I've been there. But though it hurts, you have to question your beliefs, challenge your faith, if only to see if it's as strong as you think it is. This isn't something that you must do for someone else, this you have to do for yourself, for your own spiritual evolution.


Well, she is and she isn't – our earthly experience is a complete journey in many ways and gives us the intelligence and transferable skills to deal with the challenges we face and every joy and struggle can be couched in terms of self discovery which is beautiful … BUT we did not create ourselves and we did not simply come about due to evolution. A higher force must have done done it and granted us the faculties to become what we are. The three Fs are for animals, man is a more privileged creature (I really don't want to hear the 'my dog/god is cleverer than yours' line at this stage). The Hermetic idea of 'As above, so Below' makes us aware that the life of this world is merely a reflection and that a higher force is holding up the mirror. Every member of the Illu minati is completely aware that God exists and intent upon sending the goyim down the new-age path of 'We are all gods' or 'We can all achieve godhood'. Our inability to control life and death in general and the golden proportions found in nature is further evidence that we can never be… Read more »

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