The Odd Masonic Imagery of the 33 Chilean Miners’ Rescue


The rescue of the 33 unfortunate Chilean miners has definitely turn into an international media event. All aspects of the rescue have been carefully staged  to make the entire thing a spectacular show inspiring emotions, admiration and national pride. For those knowledgeable of Masonic and occult symbolism, it is hard not to ponder on the  numerological and symbolic facts of the event. Here are some of them:

1- The number of Miners

Insignia of the 33rd (and highest) Degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry

The number 33 is of great importance in Freemasonry and in Qabbalistic system of numbers. It can be found in many instances in Masonic lore.

“For example, consider the number 33. The first temple of Solomon stood for thirty-three years in its pristine splendor. At the end of that time it was pillaged by the Egyptian King Shishak, and finally (588 B.C.) it was completely destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar and the people of Jerusalem were led into captivity to Babylon. (See General History of Freemasonry, by Robert Macoy.) Also King David ruled for thirty-three years in Jerusalem; the Masonic Order is divided into thirty-three symbolic degrees; there are thirty-three segments in the human spinal column; and Jesus was crucified in the thirty-third year of His life.”
– Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

“Alchemy is a threefold art, its mystery well symbolized by a triangle. Its symbol is 3 times 3 – three elements or processes in three worlds or spheres. The 3 times 3 is part of the mystery of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, for 33 is 3 times 3, which is 9, the number of esoteric man and the number of emanations from the root of the Divine Tree.”
– Ibid

2- The Date of the Event

The date of the start of the rescue  is also significant:

10/13/10  which can qabbalistically be calculated this way: 10 + 13 + 10 which equals…33.

3- The Phoenix

The name of the rescue device was named “Fénix” (Phoenix), which is the bird that rose from its ashes. Once again, the selection of the name Phoenix, a mythological creature holding a great importance in occult mysteries, is quite interesting. The bird is considered a symbol of accomplishment of alchemical transmutation, a process equivalent to human regeneration.

“In the Mysteries it was customary to refer to initiates as phoenixes or men who had been born again, for just as physical birth gives man consciousness in the physical world, so the neophyte, after nine degrees in the womb of the Mysteries, was born into a consciousness of the Spiritual world.”
– Ibid.

4- The Number of Days it Took to Drill the Hole


“The work took 33 days total, one day a man,” said Mikhail Proestakis, manager of Driller Supply Company, which participated in the drilling of the rescue shaft with a diameter of 66 centimetres, which is 33 times two.

“I believe in numerology, it has to mean something.”
– Source

5- The First Note Sent by the Miners

“Others call attention to the first note the miners sent up to show they were still alive – “estamos bien en el refugio los 33” (all 33 of us are in the shelter) – which was 33 characters in length.”
– Ibid

6- The Symbolism of the Event

To summarize the rescue event, 33 miners, who were trapped for 69 days in the depths and darkness of the underground were lifted  one by one, on 10/13/10 in a device called “Fenix” – a creature representative of occult initiation – to the light of day. As they say “Ex tenebris lux”: From darkness to light.

Acting out the Masonic motto?

With these facts in mind, I’m asking you this: was the Chilean Miner’s rescue a Masonic mega-ritual?

Inverted pentagram on the shirt the miner’s were told to wear


    • It's kind of funny that I opened my email this morning to "TVC" email on the Chilean Miners – while I was watching the news last night with my boyfriend he mentioned how strange it was that it was getting so much news coverage. We are in the UK and have had a day by day account of whats been going on, even more so than most natural disasters (Katrina and the likes). Our eyes are both open to Masonic symbols and activities but even we missed this. But not now, our eyes are again open and it all makes sense knowing their involvement why everyone around the world has been made aware of this situation.

      • I agree. I knew that there was something more to this situation when Fox chicago news stopped talking about murder and politics for nearly a whole day to cover this "event". It's very rare that news stations dedicate so much undivided attention to such a "positive event". I thought that for a moment no one in Chicago had gotten killed that day. But alas, there had to be a deeper meaning and a reason for the consistent news coverage. If this is true then there are truly very sick people out there.

      • I dont have a tv or buy newspapers but read about the miners when I happened to be in the library and thinking why the event, which was really a local issue, had become so big as to have ongoing live tv coverage worldwide. The extent of media coverage was not comensurate with this issue. As others have pointed out, far more serious events could be covered as extensively by the media.

    • i work for campus crusade for christ, and the shirt was donated to the miners by campus crusade for christ- the sleeve says The Jesus Film, they put sermons and christian music and the Jesus Film on ipods and sent them down with those shirts. its not an inverted pentagram, its the star from the Chilean Flag.

      come on- this is not true posting at the bottom.

      • Who's your boss on

        Sorry buddy but Evangelism based out of Orlando Florida, where they have a Holy Land Theme Park doesn't sit well with the idea of Legitimacy… I'm sure if you What Would Jesus Do, it would NOT be that. Just connecting dots…. And what would be the point of inverting a pentagram with Thank you Lord written on it, how would you know they were all Christians and they are thanking YOUR lord ? I don't think natives ever heard of or worshiped the anointed one before Evangelical groups starting torturing them…

      • this is the info from CNN'

        and from Crusade

        im just stating facts. for your claims that this is an inverted pentagram to be true, it has to mean campus crusade is in on it, and i happen to think thats a stretch. maybe im wrong, and im fine with being wrong. im just skeptical because im thinking the designer made the star inverted to match up with the diagonal line that seperates the red and blue. its just a design from a graphic designer.

        i do know the significance of the inverted pentagram. and if thats what it deliberately is, then i have to start reevaluating my career.

      • the GOP is "in" on it–

        prior to 2000 the stars on the elephant logo are right side up.

        post 2000, the stars are upside down.

        i am certain that not all republicans are satanists, but some very important people at the top of the planning decided to change the stars. they did it in plain sight, and very few of us noticed.

      • Great comments people. I believe the event itself was predictive programing, only this time for the elite. It's a proof of concept intended to make elites feel comfortable with the idea of living underground for a month. Obviously, WWIII doesn't go down without approval of the global elites, and this certainly might have been a deliberately staged event to alleviate fear of the unknown. You can bet the average Mason is seeing everything we do and more.

      • Exactly. 'Baal' was referred to as 'lord' by the Isrealites who worshipped him on Sunday, the first day of the week as against Saturday, Yahweh's consecrated day of rest.

      • masons murder and li on

        Masons have BIG-TIME infiltrated all types of "Christians"

        usually they are the dang pastor himself, and they plot to adbuct and abuse children in the church. yeah, real "godly"

      • I just read on aol an article about that and "Super Mario" said we were REBORN. What is that about. Just go to aol=its on there. That's why he was so happy when he got out. Plus he said there are some things no one will ever know but it wasn't homosexual stuff or talks about cannibalism. Who would use the word "reborn" to describe coming out of a mining hole for 69 days.

      • and how do you know that they ARE involved.. you are making an .. assumption .. and you know what that can do.. perhaps you should cast your thoughts to better angles before you start casting aspersions.

      • One: The 33rd degree is merely an honorary capstone to only ONE branch Freemasonry, The Scottish Rite. There are several other Rites which have NOTHING to do with 33. They do have other imagery which may be read on a number of levels, but not 33.

      • Wow – I must say being a FREEMASON the things I see written here are terribly funny! Your speculation on our way of working, our rituals, our motto's and our SUPER-RITUALS is so absolutely ridiculous it sounds to good to be true! Have you ever heard of CIRCUMSTANCE??? Have you ever heard of Fishing to find details?? Listen, Freemasonry IS NOT powerful enough to pull things like this off nor is it it's aim. You have to ask yourself, what was the benefit of this????????????? NOTHING! To make 33 Men rich? What? I don't get it. There is no motive, nor is there any rhyme or reason. I guess People are entitled to use their imagination as much as they would like, just not at the expense of a fantastic Order / Freemasonry.

      • Hiram,while you are correct in stating many are ignorant of the Masonic purpose please bear in mind Masonic symbols,rituals and philosophy are not exclusive to yourselves. Many rival groups have appropriated Freemasonry to further their own ends whilst having little or no link to you. The point here is this event was celebratory in a number of respects reflecting Jesuit interests,Jewish prophecy and yes Masonic ones too. The event was in effect hijacked for unknown reasons but as many will have spotted the clues it is natural to highlight them. Drawing conclusions however is fraught with peril. However those men have escaped death and that is truly a wonderful conclusion,if only these events were always as joyful! If my research is on track December the 9th will be interesting take note VC!

      • lol @ people claiming to be freemasons then saying this stuff is untrue…yeah like were gonna believe people who are sworn to uphold secrets under penalty of death…come on…

      • Dear JDH

        I am also a Born Again Believer, I have distributed the Original Jesus Video and also The Four Spiritual Laws

        in my country, though I never worked for Campus Crusade.

        I would like to know if Campus Crusade donated the shirts, because I find it odd that neither you or the people who were directly involved are aware of the significance an inverted star has from an upright one. Jesus said to be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove.

        Which leaves me in a conclusion to either believe that Campus Crusade are terribly unwise or a part of this conspiracy.


      • the chilean star isn't inverted HOWEVER the design on the t shirt is…. it is the way the shirt has been designed…

        So the question you should be asking is, was the Tshirt designed like this on purpose?

      • The star is inverted. There is no reason to put these stars at an angle, especially when they were originally upright. Most people, not having been taught these symbols, assume that there are just turned at angle… but that is just because you have been conditioned. But once you really realize how massive their following is, and how many pictures of presidents and leaders have the demonic star right behind them, as well as in public places like movie theatres and special gatherings, it is like they pretty much are marking themselves for those in the know to know who is who. Interesting enough, a while back, RAND PAUL had the inverted star next to him in a foto opportunity a couple of months ago. Back then, I started thiking that he might be down with all of this. Next thing I know, a few days ago, one of his political contenders for senate seat, was outright caling him apart of a secret society… and he seemed very offensive in his defense, but not denying the allegation one bit – almost how John Kerry did in 2004. You see, you can tell who these people are by their works. Follow the symbols and their works, and you will always find your man.

      • Im a Christian to and all i can say is pray for discernment cause everything that claims Jesus isnt really true

      • the flag is on the pole right behind the guy in the shirt. If your telling me that inverted star in from the flag then your as brainwashed as the rest of your cult like followers. Try and put an American flag upside down or backwards on something and see what happens. The American flag if flown Upside down /backwards is a sign of distress.

        Who at your organization designed the shirt and who approved the design, I would like to contact them for an interview. Thank you

        DallasGoldBug at gmail dot com

      • Help says:

        October 17, 2010 at 4:34 pm

        The designer of the tshirts name is Christian Maureira

        Christian Maureira <—That means Maureira means "will die" in spanish only its spelled different..Just saw that probably nothing though

      • You still never print a star upsidedown, why would do a star upsidedown?, unless you just don't no any better, or maybe you're apart of the occult?

    • Well, the date was actually 13/10/2010, you left out the 2 so it adds up to 35 not 33….

      Though I was surprised at the Chilean President quickly heading off to the UK to meet the Prime Minister and give him and the Queen bits of the rock from the mine….

      • contendedxlafe on

        I personally saw the news when the Chilean President said in Spanish that if you add 13-10-10 equals 33. In Latin America they use the day/month/year format. and he did not said 2010. They dugged for 33 days etc. To me this is part of some kind off symbol they are sending worlwide, since it was televised worlwide, and besides the obvious,using numerology to mock the True Lord Jesuschrist. They are problably sending a signal to the occult that there lord is about to be born or to come out of darkness, i.e. the antichrist. It doesn't matter though cus the Tru Lord Jesus is coming also for his church! Peace brothers.

      • But jesus never wanted a church or religion based on his teachings so why would he come back and claim that which he doesn't want? We want to save this world we gotta start looking at ourselves, not relying on something else.

      • contendedxlafe on

        my freind The Lord Jesus did stablished this teaching and it is all over the Bible, the church and his Coming is everywhere in it. Obviously is not a religion or a building when it refers to his Church,( see Mat 16:18, Acts 2:47 etc) and about his coming 1st for his Church ( Acts 1:11, 1 Cor..15:23- 15:52, 1 TEs. 4:16-7 etc). Now about us saving this world, no one will save this World! no ONe. We have to be Saved tru the Faith in Our Lord N only Saviour Jesuscrist. This world will eventually finish and God will make New heaven and new Earth Rev 21:1, also 2 Peter 3:9-14. Since all this things are going to be destroyed my invitation to you is Romans 10:9-11, believe in the Lord Jesus the Christ and you will be Save! Peace.

    • they put this rescue on tv screens all across the world,and kept us all in the box following the story ,while they got to the real issue ___NWO___


      This picture of goat inside of pentagram tells it. Satanists use a pentagram with two points up, often inscribed in a double circle, with the head of a goat inside the pentagram.

      the three downward points symbolising rejection of the holy Trinity

      Mat 25:32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

    • Yes, and it's Red and Blue represents the 2 masonic lodges. Like much of the flags flown by them. The red/blue states in USA voting sham.

  1. Thanks for mentioning this, VC. I knew it could've been related, fact it was all the news channels here in the auK were covering. What a farce!

    • Well I think that most of you are smoking a really bad grass. Or maybe it's just cow shit!.

      I'm from Chile and I watched the same as you dic but I saw a different thing, keeping in mind that we are celebrating our Bicentennial!

  2. Idk…there are certainly a lot of "co-incidences" but i don't know if i would call it a planned event.

    However if it indeed was a ritual, did anyone die?

      • @Larry "the only way to be reborn is to die." that is correct, but in metaphysical situations, a "spiritual" death may be all this is necessary as it carries and meets all the requierments of a "physical" death. When Jesus spoke of being "born-again," he was NOT talking about going back into the mothers womb (or physically being re-born again). His reply to Nicodemus (see John chapter 3), was that being born-again (in the manner of which He was referring to) had to do with being born-again "spiritually!"

      • Born Again- I was refering to spritualy. I was just saying you don't have to die to " die". The miners were raised from the ground a few months later. Thinking in terms of the Bible, music today and the word fenix you see this played out a lot. The question asked was did anyone die and I was basically saying it depends on how you look at it.

      • contendedxlafe on

        actually according to the Chilean law they had die, I saw it on the news when they were being taken to observation the news mentioned that they had to do some kinda legal paper work indicating that they were alive. It was something to the effect that in a case like this one after x amount of days after a mining accident they are legally dead, read on it or dig it up.

    • Did anyone die? For all anyone knows someone or something may very well have been "sacrifieced" for this staged ritual. If could have been a "physical" death or quite possibly even a "spiritual" death. Just because no miners died, does this mean no one died behind the scenes. For this particular ritual, maybe no sacrifice was required. Who knows. The fact is the evidence has been presented here with great specificity.

    • Marc– This was more about life than death ( one being the reverse of the other) .It was symbolic of birth- emerging from the womb.

      It was the the Phoenix arising . And it was shown to us all.

    • Doesnt have to be physical. could be spiritual – hence the suggestion of the event being a ritual. The pheonix is the best support of this (rebirth).

  3. must admit as soon as i saw 33 in the newspapers i thought about freemasons. i'm a little skeptical about this one though.


    And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. Revelation 17:18 KJV

    Jesuits created Scottish Rite Freemasonry at the college of claremont in France!

    Here's the double headed PHOENIX connection:

    their 666 HORUS from the jesuit IHS seal is coming.


    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32 KJV

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6 KJV

      • Actually, the verse says – THE LIFE.

        John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

        Of course, Jesus is the LIGHT as well, but the verse in context is as above.

        Joh 3:18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

        19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

        20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

        21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

    • No J. said, I am… is the way. I am, meaning you, thy-self is the way, it is not outside of you. Get off your knees, you are your way!

      The Jesuits are behind everything!!! That is why they were thrown out of every country. Not now. Now they control! Yes this is such a "in your face" ritual played out on center field, it is laughable. It is symbolic of the underworld, what is 'rising" from the underworld. Wake up!

  5. funny how the t-shirt says "Gracias Señor" (Thank you Lord) above the inverted pentagram. you could ask yourself within this new context, which "LORD" are they really thanking?… anyway… theory still too crazy, I mean, who could've staged such thing and what was the goal of the whole ritual? and why Chile? it all seems kinda random

      • It also means "Lord" especially in that context, they're thanking The LORD, not the "sir".. O_o…

      • Yea but no reference is given to God at all. Just because it says Him dosent mean jack shit. It says Gracias Senor above the INVERTED STAR!! Gosh I am so amazed by this. There is a Psalm on the shirt but the shirt does not say that it came from a Psalm. ahhhh i cant get over this. VC thank you so much

    • i think there is some very important reason why it happened in chile. something is being set up in south america.

      i'm brazilian and i can't believe when i see the international media praising president lula. somehow the idea of chile being a new contry, is on the agenda.

      pay attetion on south america, they are trying to destroy christianity here.

  6. I am chilean, and let me tell you that I'm sick and tired of the miners. They appear all day long in news, and the media have changed this "terrible episode" in a real circus, and all the fault of the authorities have been erased of the collective mind.

    This is a show, but I never noticed that this show could be a Masonic Ritual 😐

    • I found it rather odd too when I was watching, the ammount of coverage. And when I saw that big ol' bird on the capsule for the first time I thought to myself: WTF? Kinda creepy that they'd choose to name it the Phoenix as they haul these miners from under the ground back to the world. It's too symbolic to be just coincidence but then again….I really do not believe you could stage something so massive. All that makes me wonder about is…what else is going on right now that they want to distract us from? Because I believe all that media coverage and stuff wasn't so much that it's a staged ritual or whatever but that they made such a huge production out of it to distract us from something else that's happening. Maybe Chile is the newest country to join the ranks of the elite and this was their big ol' show to show the rest of the world…look at us we're great, we're new, we're different, we're better now.

      Another thing I've found very odd was this newsbit about all the miners having made a pact to not talk about what happened underground unless they all consult and agree with each other. Now what could've possibly happened down there that they don't wanna talk about to the point they need to make a pact?

      The numerology behind it all is weird as well but the thing with numbers is that it's easy to see patterns everywhere. But all in all, I was just glad to see good news on TV for once and that these poor guys got out alive!!!!!!

  7. This is a fantastic assessment of what it's like to be aware. This is for the people who are looking at the clock and it's at 1:11, 2:22, etc. Thank you VC for your keen observations to what would otherwise go unnoticed by most others. There is definitely some kind of illuminati alchemical ritual being played out. Something most likely intended to keep the masses in a sleepy stupor watching sports. Anyone doubting this should watch Rik Clay's 2012 interview.

  8. It was not good that they got stuck down there for so long, but I did noticed there was a LOT of attention given to them, a bit more than some places do when disasters happend. Wonder if they were doing something down there and that is the real reason why its sealed up for good. Who knows tho?

    • Exactly! You can drill, bore, and blast a pretty deep hole into the Earth over a span of 33 days. Amazing how healthy and mentally stable these guys seem to be for spending over a month underground. I just hope they were not planting any micro-nukes for a pre-planned "EVENT." Remember, the Masons/Jesuits wrote the "play books," so they have all the dates calculated already. If they coordinate their "EVENT" with a historical prediction/revelation/etc., then it will cause all of the "SHEEP" to start "praising the LORD." Like so many have said before……….. "It's just an ILLUSION, folks." Nothing to see here, go back to sleep.

      My guess is………..this is just another symbolically-hidden "WARNING." It is well-documented that the "illuminated" ones can do whatever they want to you, as long as they revealed it before the "event." This, essentially, lets them "off-the-hook" in terms of liability. It's happening world-wide. 12/21/12 will be a MAN-MADE "false-flag" EVENT. You were warned.

      • CORRECTION to my previous statement:

        I wrote……….. "the Masons/Jesuits wrote the “play books,”"

        It should be……….. "the Masons/Jesuits/Zionists wrote the “play books,”"

  9. Great stuff–also oct 13 is the day of the Templar massacre which they love to mark. Lots of resurrection stuff going on in their occult signals to each other. That flag with the huge pentagram featured in all the news shots was a dead giveaway. (See "9/11 and the Rise of the Phoenix".) Always terrific, Vig-thanks-Zen

  10. yeah it was too much >> too pretty i honestly belive

    because this is some thing that no way they will do

    like the money they put in it for a country like chile

    maybe in another time it would never happend




    • Luis Gonzales on

      I know this was posted a long time ago but it is an ignorant statement to say 'like the money they out in for a country like chile'. This may or may not have been a ritual but it was definitely an opportunity for the government to get some good publicity as the current President at the time and to this day has not been a popular head of state. As for the money comment, please inform yourself about the economy of countries you know nothing about. Most people who have never traveled anywhere other than Mexico think all Latin American countries are the same, this is very ignorant and Chile is the richest country in South America with one of the fastest growing economies currently in the world and for the last few years.

  11. Umm….i seriously love your site, like i follow it all the time and everything. i believe just about everything you post…except this

    this is the one thing i disagree with.

    i must say that im actually a lil bit offended. 100% of my family lives in chile…not to mention so do i.

    This was a seriously inspirational event. among the minors was a priest, who actually taught the other minors about God. They all learned a bunch bout that, and they said that they believe that thats what caused the event to end so well. one of them said something along the lines of: when i was down there i saw the devil, and i saw God. God won.

    and just wondering….what would be the point of this ritual? if it were lady gaga, it would be another stage in her career, or making it into the business or combining sex and violence or something. That makes sense, but what would the goal of this be? and would they seriously just trap 33 minors?

    I love you vigilant, but i must disagree. There are so many symbols out there, that sometimes it really IS a coincidence that they appear places. Heck, ive seen high school students just randomly doodle, and like half of the stuff could be considered symbols…just saying.

    This event has inspired so many people that i know. Im sure it was all just coincidential


    • If you seriously believe that then you bought their entire lie… Remember, don't take it personal just because you are Chilean… because actually you're not Chilean, you're a citizen of the world… Nationalism is the same as any other cult, don't be deceived by that ideal. The symbols are there and "it's clearer than water" as we say in Spanish. Take it or leave it, the choice is always yours 😉

      • Nationalism/patriotism is just an excuse to be racist and used by the elite as a tool to further divide us and create a state of fragmentation because they know we are ultimately one and everything is connected like a big cosmic soup. Go vc killin it !

      • masons murder and li on

        they use EVERYTHING against us

        but nationalism beats the heck out of globalist prison planet building

        racism works too to make sure they cannot ever try to rule us all

        ever race needs to stand up for themselves against the race killing them all – Jews from the BRITISH COMMONWEALTH and others like bankers, media, and of course MASONS

      • We can all be proud of our countries but when it is used as an excuse to invade others in the name of national security then it is a dangerous thing

      • I am in no way condoning the implementation of a one world government. Anything but ! We can all be proud of our home country but when patriotism is used as an excuse to invade/manipulate others in the name of national security or a hiden agenda then it becomes a very dangerous thing.

      • Honestly, I love this site. But i do doubt this article. My whole family is Chilean. I watched it. And I saw nothing wrong with it. What happened was a miracle, the shirts were praising God. The men down down were praising God. I don't just say this because I'm Chilean. It's because that's the way it was. And I'm sorry of people got annoyed that they broadcast it so much, but it's it a good thing that something that something positive can be on the news rather than something negative. Chileans are happy people. Chileans actually care about their people. I'm proud to be a Chilean. And I don't need to hear crap about nationalism. Just because you are proud of your country doesn't mean you belong to a cult. nationalism is not a bad thing as long as you don't go around hating on others.

        And hell. Not everything you read on the internet is true. You can't believe everything one guy on one site says. None is always correct one hundred percent of the time.

    • I personally applaud VC for having the courage and audacity to publish his views, knowing very well it would attract the criticism of simple-minded people, who are quick to call "crazy" anything outside the limited realm of their knowledge. I have studied the workings of secret societies for the past 12 years and it has been proven numerous times that public Masonic rituals have taken place in the past centuries, whether it be in England, France or the United States. This field of research is however extremely taboo and, to those who are not acquainted with the ritualistic and symbolic thinking of secret societies, this might be too overwhelming to comprehend.

      I would say to those who are quick to dismiss the numerological significance of this event to look into the Chaldean, Egyptian and Kabblistic systems. Also realize that staged events of this magnitude are precisely calculated in order to give the ritual the highest possible potency.

      So, once again, kudos VC for demonstrating true independent thinking, despite the inevitable backlash of the profane who squirm at the sight of knowledge that hasn't previously been spoon-fed to them by mass media.

    • vultureculture on

      Kirk Maybe your wrong and VC is right. Maybe VC is wrong and you are right. In the end it doesn`t matter. What matters is yes the rescue was a beautiful inspiring event for the world but that it also is being used to brainwash. Hence all the Chile flags and nationalism. Identification with images as self. Thats whats happening here. PS if they were 33 pakistani immigrants would the nation of Chile not care? Think about it.


  12. Jeremie Mulnard on

    God Damn it : Amazing work again but some mate I've on my facebook told me about the number 33 ( 13+10+10 ) that is indeed the highest grade at the freemasonry and the 33 miners. Missed the inverted pentagram : Some awakening improvement still needed at my side ! KUTGW ! GOD SAVES US !!!

  13. oh, side note. the owner of the mine, out of the kindness of his heart, he went bankrupt to put all the money into saving them. He'd rather save their lives and be bankrupt, than to let them die but have money. These ALL were good honest common people.

  14. somewhere in the bible it mentions how we shouldnt fall for "miracles" or think that ppl who do "miracles" are holy etc etc? the inverted pentagram under the "thank you lord" statement did make me think about exactly which lord are they referring to? what if the shirt is suppose to be a thanks to satan for making such a "miracle" ? idk but this entire situation is just fishy too me. maybe the miners had no idea that this was going to happen and satan took advantage of this and did this "miracle" of making sure noone died in the incident? idk ugh. i dont get how the flag u see on the device has the star in a regular postion but then the shirt "thanking the lord" and then an inverted pentagram under it/?? maybe im not making any sense lol

  15. I think it was some kind of experiment. Maybe the illuminati are trying to find out if human beings are able to live underground. I heard on the news that they even had a day/night simulator. They also had very balanced meals, and their physical appearance was inmaculate when they came out. But, why the illuminatti would be interested in such thing?

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      I took time out to watch a movie titled The Men Who Stare at Goats (2004) featuring George Clooney. This movie had some interesting symbols such as the single eye in the Pyramid (Masonic emblem) placed on Clooney's chest. The movie was about distinctive servicemen with psychic powers recruited and trained for secret missions. Even though this movie was crazy with funny parts, it had some true possibilities to real life events.

      What used to be the impossible has become the possible. Many movies have taken on the genre of real-life fiction.

      • men who stare at goats : full of chem trails too…. check when Clooney is freeze framed flying through the air, doing the knife attack without knives…… during the freeze frame there is a large chem trail behind him…

        but the film is full of it… a film about subliminals containing subliminals…. – how about near the end, when the officer is holding the pole in the office scenario… male pole dancer ? its a BBC films production too, that should tell ya everything LOL. ;')… LOVE WARRIOR

  16. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Vigilant, my senses must be sharpening. When I saw the news of the miners rescue, I first wondered what took so long for them to be rescued and secondly, the making of the big deal. My brother works at a coal mine in which such events do happen. So many other puzzling thoughts went through my mind while watching the news. Surprisingly, you make essential points surrounding the event.

    As I was reading the information you provided, I reflected back to one of your respondent's comments on your previous blog about something suppose to take place this month and maybe around the same date dealing with numbers as you have demonstrated. Surprise, Surprise! Something did happen.

    Thank you for taking the time to explain. Some people do not like to be enlightened and awakened, because they feel powerless. I always believe, "Knowledge is power."

  17. Looks like Vigilant is starting to hit too close to the Truth.. now he is getting criticism.. whether you believe it or not, the facts are there, awfully close to a coincidence. I thought it was strange, with all the things going on in the world, the biggest story now is this Chilean thing lately.. I mean it's important and all, but only for the news?

  18. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Vigilante, I also noticed the download for Mozart and Masonry. Have you seen the movie titled Amadeus regarding the life story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? The movie was very interested. Many of these people do not truly understand that the Illuminati/Freemasonry dates further back than we all can imagine.

    I want to ask a question without upsetting people who are very sensitive to the topic. Well, what the heck. I believe I read where Mozart practiced homosexuality. Is homosexual prevalent for this organization. Did homosexual derived from this organization? Everything stems from somewhere or something.

    • i wouldn't say "homosexual was derived" from this organization, but it is known that there are homosexual 'practices' (for lack of a better term) in the organization. there has been coverage on it, especially concerning rituals at the bohemian grove, which is another article in itself. alot of curious things happen at the bohemian grove… very strange that so many of these "leaders" consider themselves "good christians" who bash homosexuality and then are partaking in it behind closed doors.

  19. Oh come on now! 33 was also Jesus Christ's age when He was crucified! Not to mention the miners were faithful and prayed most of the time while they were trapped, they even built an altar down in the mine. Also their families prayed together and decided to build a monument to show their gratitude to God.. They were talking about a miracle people!

    Anyway if there is some truth to this I'm sure they are not in it.

    • Raphael, it has already been reported, in the UK anyway that not all the miners are/were faithful, being buried underground has led to their lives being exposed, and numerous wives and girlfriends turned up to support their partners unaware that their partner was in involved in an affair. Indeed, two of the wives said they would not be returning to the mine but were happy that the miners were safe. This was just another side show to deflect attention from who knows what, and as we already know that a new underworld is planned for the 500 million citizens that will be left behind after the 'population control' (mass murder) takes place it seems that as mentioned this may have been a practice run to see if 'they' not us can survive underground. There is only one true Creator – YHWH and his son YESHUA not this roman, freemason & greek false messiah named Zeus (Jezeus – Jesus) Thank you Vigilant for another relevant and knowledgeable article.

      • Acts 4:10 Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole.

        11This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.

        12Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      Yes, Jesus was crucified at the age of 33, but it was also the time He gained victory over the grave. Satan understands that Jesus conquered Him on Calvary Hill. The Freemason Organization is making a mockery of Jesus as Satan deceives them at the same token.

  20. Gosh that makes sense!!!

    You're good at spotting things VC! Seriously thanks for the article!

    Hmm so basically, any famous worldwide news might be controlled by the Masons. Interesting. And we still think we are free of "controlling" our own little world, but we are not, other more powerful people can just turn our lives around without us even noticing.

  21. Im a little skeptical about this one. Im with Kirk. i know the priest was preaching the word of God, maybe the rescue plan was something but not the poor miners.

  22. I'm chilean,

    I feel proud of all the things tha we supported this year, big earthquake, tsunami, and now the Miners!!!

    But please, all that you WANT to see, is just a coincident, tell me, what could the illuminatis win with all of it???

    I know that our President, loves camaras more then our people and country, buy he is not that powerfull.

    Why does the goverment turns everything speciall to something good to sell??? so please, don't do the same.

    I belive, that they only had special luck, and got help from Gods Hand!!!!

    sorry for my bad bad english!!!

  23. Poor miners :/ they did not stick the miners underground on purpose, but once some Bloodline found out they probably said "OMG EVERYONES WATCHING LETS GET OUR SYMBOLISM OUT THERE PRONTO"

  24. idk about this one he brings a good point about the t shirts

    but i still think hes looking to much into this one

    somebody point out some other facts to me to PROVE this had something to do with freemasons illuminati etc

  25. Oh, surely the miners are innocent people right?….

    Its the government and the news that is controlling all these symbolisms…

    But werent the 'Gracias Senor' – 'Thank you Lord.' shirts from Campus Crusade for Christ Chile?

    But then again, what reason do they have to put an inverted pentagram on a shirt like this… -.-

  26. You people are assuming the miners were somehow involved in the ritual….they were not. Chaldean numberology is what these "illumined ones" use to convey messages to each other…many times in code to different factions or cells throughout the world. They just don't call each other up and discuss their plans/rituals. This little ruse was followed by the "numbers" and their 'symbology.' The name of the rescue cage and each miner wearing an inverted pentagram shirt told us who further the 'great work' that certain events must now take place. You'll see more things like this in the future. These events are not meant for the masses. These messages are triggers and coding for certain peoples. Low energy matrix centres in October and November are prime times for these messages/rituals to occur.

  27. remeber the earthquake in chile in late feb this year that shifted the earths axis??/ something is strange with chile.. the haiti earthquake was 100 times worst than this mine incident and the only time we ever saw any reports on that incident was when celebrities were involved. and here u have 33 miners who are are alive not starving in close to perfect conditions and thatsss alll ive beeen hearing and watching for the past 2 months. there is somthing about chile that we dont know yet . dont discard anything juss because because there isnt any "substancial" evidence to back it up…another thing ive heard im not so sure is that chile refuses to get help from foreign contries us included. why?? did the us have something to do with the earthquake and this miner incident as well??

  28. I was part on an "illumined" family. The very fact that it occurred by the numbers with accompanying visual symbology was because the message was being conveyed to 'THEM'….not to you and me! ….And of course it got world coverage…it's the most efficient and covert way way to convey a message to these luciferians. The fact that there was 33 miners trapped was the first marker….The start and end date was another…There were other more subtle things that occurred and the inverted pentagram was also key. News editors are initiated…they are the front lines in these 'theatrics' There is so much more…

    • Hello. I saw many things in that event as I watched. I saw an exchange take place and deception that is hard for me to fathom. The cave on the right side of the screen, the netting….I'd rather not say. No one believes me. I took photos with different lenses, of the screen, magnified…it was odd….it was very frightening experience for me…the entire weekend was very uneasy….

  29. Well I'm from Chile, and this is quite deceiving, because you did a very like… "shallow" work this time.

    The supposed inverted pentragram is actually a star, it's in our flag, the colors of the shirt are also in our flag… If you see well the star is not inverted, just a little leaned, because of stupid artistic reasons. For our national holiday the streets in my city were covered in flags, but with a different desing, like rosette, just the colors… They looked identical to the french flag, but that doesn't mean we got invaded by France…

    Also, like someone said before, Kirk I think, the religious message has a special meaning now. Church has still influence here, and previous goverments didn't pay much attention to it. The actual president wants to make clear that he is different (because the same party had ruled for 20 years, it changed now), and that he believes in God and is not ashamed of it. So, seeing this message has some impact on that aspect.

    "The Phoenix"… If we name all machines that have names of mythical creatures, antique gods and stuff, we wouldn't stop.

    The number of the miners and the date, is in fact a coincidence I cannot explain.

    There is more I could tell, but that's the most important I think…

    I'm truly dissapointed. :/

    Too random this time… If I wanted randomness, I would go see "The number 23" .

    This was not even entertaining. It was in fact an insult.

    You lost a reader.


    • You say " your president want to make clear that he is different and that he beleives in God and is not ashamed of it ". Is it frowned upon in Chile to beleive in God? I find that comment odd and weird WOW. A new president after 20 years of ruling and another chilean mentioned above he turned down all help from other countries hmmmmmm whats really going on !

      • To Randy, no ._. it's not frowned upon, it's a political issue, he wants to make clear that he supports the church more than previous presidents, to have more acceptance :)

        Just like the 10% of the population doesn't believe in God or has another religion, the rest is mostly catholic, christian, evangelist, etc….

        So… that!

        Won't make it any clearer xD just think

    • Hey man it never crossed my mind this time that something could be hidden in all of this but after reading this article i remembered that many times in the past recent history, we have seen these "coincidences". The fact is that these theories can never be proven but observations are there. While i think the incident was real and that the rescue plan was genuine and genius, it could be that some last minute changes (for instance donated T-Shirts or imprinting the name Fenix for the capsule, could have been done by someone/s with enough influence; with relatively low cost and no compromise to the rescue mission itself. Why Phoenix by the way? when you think about it how does anything about the capsule including its shape or way of movement underground resemble a bird, so that Fenix can be used as a name? Unless that bird is mythologically the vehicle for bringing the dead from the darkness to live in the light, as explained in the article. Another question to ask, why not just use the simple flag of Chile on the shirts in that you would either see the upward star in the normal flag or see a side way flag with an inverted star (due to 90 degree rotation of flag). It could be that (and this is just a theory) after the word got out that exactly 33 minters were trapped, the timing and number were considered to be convenient to include and broadcast through massive media coverage, another masonic symbolism. Even if this is too far fetched and out of wack, one can still agree with the statement that some real negative facts about this two month long confinement, the crews internal problems and mood shifts have been censored by the media and instead the political establishment in Chile did its best to gain political points through national pride. Again human emotions, the incident and the rescue all REAL in my opinion but politicians taking advantage of the situation as well as the media, ALSO REAL.

    • Put your national pride aside and face the facts. All the indicators point to the obvious. You and only you can see what is staring at you right in the face.

  30. ah, Maddy, you are so naive….lol! The inverted star was NOT REALLY AN INVERTED STAR, LOL!!! Really? Funny how they just happened to change it THIS TIME, LOL!!! Oh and I'm sure the President of Chile believes in A god…Do you honestly think he would tell you the TRUTH? These names and numbers are carefully CHOSEN. Don't get caught up in national pride over these things…You're being manipulated…we all are….if you only knew to what extent, your knees would buckle in sheer terror….but you don't know. Nothing happens by coincidence with these people…I know…I did their 'great work' for many years. They are very serious individuals who have more of a faith in their GOD than you have in yours.

  31. did anyone see the "ufo sightings" video that took place yesturday otcober 13 2010 in manhattan new york it came out on the news.. about a month or so ago their was a news report on two men who were air force officers i think and they had seen "unidentifiable objects" in the skies and how these "objects" were actually deactivating the nukes at a campsite, and he was forced to sign a contract aggrreeing to not say anything about this but decided to do so anyway i think it was on sep 25 2010 that he pubicly spoke about this and how they forced him not to speak. and also hr "ufo sightings in china and now here in new york? i live in new york and this past friday i seened the strangest things happening in the sky right before my eyes around 6pm. there were these scratches?like drawn thungder bolts on the skies and the "scratches" literally were glowing as if there were fire in the scratches…these things were appearing out of nowhere while i was lookin and i noticed that the front of these scratches was somewhat of a bright light like a comet but very tiny and it woould look as if where scraping the sky sooo weirddd and there where sooooooo many helicopters in the sky that day tooo. i know someone had to have seeen this as welll and it also happened yesturday ( oct 13 ) BUt not as many scratches as last fridayy.. something veryyyy strange is going on

    • I heard a smidget about this. We are too busy distracted with other things to pay attention. UFO's at this time are basically living amoung us. There have been so many sightings and airport shut downs the last few months it's funny..but you know we beleive what they throw at us. The media is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. If the media says it, it has to be true from what I am reading on this board.

      • There were massive UFO sightings from Oct 6 through the 13. October is a very important calender ritual month. The energy centres are at their lowest point in october/november. It's easier for certain entities to travel in these months. many blood sacrifices occur about this time too. These gods are being confined to earth…

      • Posting on this blog is exposure enough. These people don't take too kindly to being outed. Watch for more 'events' in November…something big is about to happen. Something about samhain this year…the programme ritual this year is intense which always triggers shifts in consciousness.

      • so true whenever something "huge" has happened , enough to get live coverage and interrupt all other programs on tv. something else is going on that is far more substancial.but walah!! we are being distractedby somthing else to keep us from worrying about other things that may be happening .. for instant the oil spill. i bet not many pp knew that while the arizona 1070 andoil spill happened the bill to use the internet kill switch was passed? im surprised vigilant hasnt covered that yet. the kill switch would shut down the internet for about 4 months i belive to "clean" the internet from spam etc etc

      • no that actually looks like smoke formed by like airplanes.. . what i saw were literally scratches.u se how thunder lighting appears like a lonng thin cracks in the sky? well thats how it looked like. only that instead of dissapearing and appearing the way lightning does , these scratches stayed longer like for about 5 minutes or so (each) and each crack/scratch glowed immensely like if behind the sky where glowing fire and the scratches sorta revealed the fire behind the sky.. and infront of every scratch there was an even brighter light almost like a shooting star but not moving just paralyzed in the sky. crazy,

      • You might want to check out H.A.R.R.P. Articles online and some of the things that happened in the sky during the last couple of big earthquakes. There has been things like what you spoke of documented.

      • … been watching the HAARP data too on their site… something happened on the 12 /13 October…. same day as a Chinese village alledgedly dissappeared in Qinling Area ;')…

  32. If i were to take an 'educated guess' as to what is about to happen….I would guess either a political change is about to be 'engineered' or an Earthquake or some other "natural" catastrophe is about to occur in Chile or somewhere near that LEY LINE that runs across that area….either way, it's a blood sacrifice of some sort.

  33. It's like when the terroist decapitate the hostage on video, that too was said to be a sign of communication across the world. If I am not mistaken the decapitate took place before 9-11 and was the sign to give the go ahead !

  34. Okay folks i think this is what is happening… i think that the miners saw something down there that they shouldn't have. Alien Greys? perhaps?..who knows. But The government looked after them. hence the good condition they were in. they told the miners 2 keep quiet. It was all a masonic ritual or signal. to humans or aliens. to come out of the underground. another thing that could happen is one or miners says something about what they saw and all hell breaks loose. Planned alien disclosure by Gov?? who knows maybe. but something certainly is fishy. 2 much numerical coinceidences. seemed kinda fake and all the coverage was a tad overblown…or maybe maybe ..the miners are still down there and are being MK ULTRA-ed by unknown sources..while fake reptilian clones stole all their memories and are in chile now livin normallt until they get orders to undertake sum sort of disclosure or havoc on humans or be the trigger 2 sumthing bigger…WELL THERES MORE THINGS I HAVE 2 SAY. BUT I DONT WANNA GO THAT DEEP. I AM AWARE OF THE STRONG SYMBOLISM AND BLATANT THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN SAID ON NEWS BROADCASTS. JUST KEEP AN EYE ON CHILE FROM THE 33 DEGREE LATITUDES OF THE MINE TO THE CHILE EARTHQUAKE IN JANUARY. JUST KEEP UR EYES OPEN……—-THANKs.

  35. Okay folks i think this is what is happening… i think that the miners saw something down there that they shouldn’t have. Alien Greys? perhaps?..who knows. But The government looked after them. hence the good condition they were in. they told the miners 2 keep quiet. It was all a masonic ritual or signal. to humans or aliens. to come out of the underground. another thing that could happen is one or more miners says something about what they saw down there and all hell breaks loose. a Planned alien disclosure by the Gov??… who knows maybe. but something certainly is fishy. 2 much numerical coincidences. 33 seemed kinda fake and all the coverage was a tad overblown…or maybe ,maybe ..the miners are still down there and are being MK ULTRA-ed by unknown sources..while fake reptilian clones stole all their memories and are in Chile now living normally until they get orders to undertake sum sort of disclosure or wreak havoc on humans or that be the trigger 2 sumthing bigger…WELL THERES MORE THINGS I HAVE 2 SAY. BUT I DONT WANNA GO THAT DEEP. I AM AWARE OF THE STRONG SYMBOLISM AND BLATANT THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN SAID ON NEWS BROADCASTS. JUST KEEP AN EYE ON CHILE FROM THE 33 DEGREE LATITUDES OF THE MINE TO THE CHILE EARTHQUAKE IN JANUARY. JUST KEEP UR EYES OPEN…

  36. Why does The Secret Society take the symbols from Christian's Bible often ? when we clearly know, Christianity is their enemy… Any reason about this??? You know, the Noah Ark, Jonah and The Fish, (just known) from article above about 33 which was associated with Solomon Temple, David, and even Jesus himself.. In Christianity, they also have All Seeing Eye symbolizing God who sees everything.. (CMIIW)

    WHY???? Please 'Illuminate' me guys…. T_T

    • A true Bible Thumper would have to give you the entire story but it goes something like the devil wants every thing God has. God has an all seeing eye, he wants one, we worship God, he wants worship, if God had 32 fish he wants 32 fish. Thats why I don't beleive these people are masons. i beleive they are mason haters/jockers and do things to give them a bad name

      • Tx for the fast reply… 😛

        Your answer makes sense .. I had thought, "OMG… what's wrong with Jonah and The Fish story ???" … I were told about 'Jonah and The Fish' by Sunday School's Teacher in proposed to tell me that God is good… You know, It's all about how to learn you by telling you those stories, so you know God is good, God is great … But now, when i've grown up, I found those stories associated with those freaking society … I got confused…

      • What's about to apparently take place (within a few weeks or months) is Manhattan and environs will become the New Atlantis as they are pushed into the Atlantic — in the twinkling of an eye — by a massive earthquake. This is a Vedic prophecy. Vedas also explained that WTC would "soon become the lowest". We have a video up youtube explaining this, and we also gave the date of 10 10 10 in January. Amazingly, 12 hours after our prognostication, the Haitian earthquake hit. Our Spiritual Master is quoted from 1966 in the youtube vid saying: "IF GOD WANTS, IN A SECOND YOUR NEW YORK CITY WILL BE PUSHED INTO THE ATLANTIC; in a second!" This was his third statement in that vein in that first year of his unprcedented preaching movement's inception in Manhattan's Lower East Side. We posted these prophetic words for the first time in 44 years on Jan. 12, 2010, and next day Haiti was practically destroyed "in a second" thus giving a graphic indication of what is to come.

        We did a numerological reading and took a (flawed) stab at predicting the actual timing of NYC's demise, but we feel it's imminent nonetheless; fact that unprecedented appearances of alien craft in broad daylight over Manhattan in Chelsea (we shall see, chel sea – into the sea) only 3 days after our intuitive prognostication is very very telling and significant! I recall amazing extraterrestrial sightings some years back of ufos over a portion of Iran just days before a massive earth tremor struck killing tens of thousands. Same in Armenia back in the 80s.

        I am convinced that these 'gods' are deputed when Lord's work of punishing the miscreants is to be done. They obviously have many powers to manipulate the energies of earth sun and moon, and why would they just suddenly manifest over Manhattan, and that also in near synchronicity to our first revealing what has been predicted to pass by the ancients and their modern counterparts. I had informed my technical assitant friend in March that "there will be many signs before the 'big one' hits, including even smaller earthquakes." Amazingly, soon after i explained this, there was a sizable earthquake in Canada which not only shook buildings in toronto, but knocked items off of store shelves down here in Southwestern New york state! This unusual quake was followed by a fairly strong tremor that struck the Washington DC area – and my friend who uploads my videos said his father felt that one in Poolesville, MD. The Lord of Threes will soon equalize karma, there can be no doubt, since NYC is worse even than soddom and gomorrah. Why would any pious soul remain there after 911? Only the spiritually suicidal… om tat sat

    • masons murder and li on

      They infiltrate Christian things to try to PREVENT THEM FROM BEING SAVED, then they do horrible things and WHO GETS BLAMED? How many churches are totally led by their cult?

      Further, dont forget their master is all up in the Bible – the serpent – sucking fallen one

  37. I never really thought about this as a ritual. Even though I did notice it was one of the biggest media circus we've seen this year if not the biggest. Chile is actually known for its mines. They produce 30% of world's Copper comes from Chile. It makes sense they did it on Chile, a country ruled by a conservative billionaire (Sebastián Piñera).

  38. the truth is out the on

    Talking about blood sacrifices. Isn't a hurricane about to hit Cuba? Cuba & Chile are in South America.

  39. If it were true about the t-shirts I could see that being upsetting, but the word "Senor" means "Mr." not Lord.

    n., pl., se·ño·res (sān-yôr'ās, -yōr'-, sĕ-nyō'rĕs).

    1. (Abbr. Sr.)

    1. Used as a courtesy title before the surname, full name, or professional title of a man in a Spanish-speaking area.

    2. Used as a form of polite address for a man in a Spanish-speaking area.

    2. A Spanish or Spanish-speaking man.

    Perhaps people are looking for symbolism just a little to hard??

    • Señor means lord too. When we're at church we say "Gracias Señor" (Thank you Lord)

      Spanish is my native language. If you don't know spanish just don't say anything.

  40. The message of life of the miners has exactly 33 characters:

    "Estamos bien en el refugio los 33" (We are well at the refuge the 33)

  41. Did anyone catch them flashing the 33rd sing on the helmets. Funny thing is that I don't even watch much tv like in none really in the last year and I happened to notice this while at a friends house. God keeps our eyes open if we ask. Allah is great.

  42. The word Ascension was used several times while being televised. At first I thought it seemed staged. But then again I thought the first moon landing was staged, too.

    OH! That's right. I remember that the first moon landing was a Masonic Ritual. There is something going on with Vesta and Dawn…vestal virgins keeping the fires going for Lucifer, another sacred romance, not.

    I digress.

    I thnk you are on to something, Vigilant

  43. BELEIVERS—-dont listen to the sheeple. they dont anything about magik.. or what the human mind is capable of doing. they dont know anything about corporations and symbolism. Powers are everywhere. they dont know about the false flag attacks. the nazi secrets. BE ON THE LOOKOUT 4 UPCOMING SYMBOLISM.

  44. Yeah, I just broke up with my boyfriend Patrick and I see that name EVERYWHERE now. Every article and every TV show has someone named Patrick in it, but that's because it's so sensitive in my mind right now. Maybe the Illuminati wants me to suffer. Or maybe it's Jesus punishing me for being in a gay relationship lol.

    • Jesus doesn't punish anyway. You will reap what you sow. If you are suffering; it's only because you are feeling the repercussions of you sin.

      • karma is more like it. karma is not punishment or retribution but simply an extended expression or consequence of natural acts. we cannot know joy without suffering. we are happy, we are sad, we are ecstatic, we are furious, etc etc. we cycle through emotions as we cycle through life.

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      Steve, you are bold to make such a statement. Most important, we sow what we reap all I can say. I believe that Jesus- the Lord punishes His people, because he loves them. That is the same reason good parents chatise their children; it all out of LOVE. If you are not a follower then do not worry about His ways. His ways are higher than our ways.

      You will simply sow what you reap, and that 's that. I am saying this to you out of love.

  45. I knew there was something a little strange about this whole situation, man I had no idea

    about the date and all the T-shirts.

    Also at the masonic picture resembles the Kanye West video "Power" almost identical.



    • Hm so…they are basically creating a new reality. Symmetrical, like nature, but quite unnatural. Forced even.

      And yes I've tripped before. I was told I can't trip again until I'm 25 though and my brain is fully developed.

    • Are you serious?? Now this really freaks me out… I thought everything was just normal until I heard the rescue mission was called 'Phoenix'. Then I started asking myself WHO called it Phoenix and why? Were they trying to steal the attention from God to their masonic sh..t? But if there are so many 'coincidences' something is definitely wrong about all that.

    • It is. I just looked it up. This is sick. This had to be carefully planned out because there are too many coincidences.



  49. dang, thats crazy….that people would actually do this to those poor (or were they?) miners??

    I mean, the whole thing was soooooo over sensationalized me thinks. I didnt watch it, didnt really care much, but hey, im glad they're out.

    If i trap myself underground for 69days, can i also get $10k and free trips to europe? lol


    • No Jim. We are definitely NOT just matter, we are much more than that. But this is what they are trying to make us believe. In fact our spiritual component is much more meaningful, profound and superior to the fleshly one and it is immortal as its Creator. If you bit into their crass idolatry I'm sorry for you but time will prove you all wrong.

      'Aliens' are absolutely real but not so … alien. They were here long before us and they have always been called demons by the monotheistic religions . Only 'science' wants them aliens, probably this denomination sounds more scientific, friendlier or maybe it makes it easier for them to be accepted as our 'saviors': A secular society would rather accept a 'scientifically discovered, smarter, older and more evolved civilization' than a deity. Religious adoration is sooo yesterday…! But taking those entities for alien civilization means going back to square one: ancient paganism. This makes Jesus Christ death, resurrection and our own redemption absolutely useless!

      What the elite is actually trying to do is to open our 'third' eye, the eye of metaphysical perception, the 'magic' eye situated in the pituitary gland. Because only then will we be able to see the demons. That's also why they spray all the chemtrails: They need to change the chemical composition of our environment so our glands' functioning will be altered. So beware: whoever wants to see our Savior's return has to stay away from all the 'magic' and sorcery display.

  51. The thirty third degree.

    It is a parallel.

    A line, a border, a boundary, a mark that divides one thing from another, one "illuminated and ascended"

    and on the map it touches many places that have interesting positions and interesting events in their


    Places of change…from one thing to another, daybreak, sunset, midnight, noon, ocean, shore, lake, mountain

    crossroads, descend and ascension…as above so below.

    People are not the only factor in staging events…

  52. Just some obvious points

    1. Miners discovered on August 5, which happens to be the 33rd week of the year.

    2. The miners were 69 days underground. Turn this number upside down you'll still have 69. Has anyone heard of ying yang? Well look it up….its an occult symbol that has something to do with light and darkness – the marriage of the male sun and the female moon. If you think this has nothing to do with the journey from beneath the cave unto the surface you need to think again.

    3. There were 3 shafts dug to rescue the miners with each dug at an angle of 11 degrees. 3×11=33. Further reference to the number 11 will be found below and please keep in mind 9/11.

    4. from 9/11 to 13/10 is exactly 33 days apart! Wow! Also why the recurring number 11

    5. It took 33 days to dig the escape shaft. Coincidence?

    6. The rescue mission started on 13-10-10. Add these numbers you'll arrive at 33.

    7. Why the number 33 on all their helmets?

    8. Was anyone watching CNN on the day? Well if you notice the gauge which measure the distance to the surface, you will see a clearly marked 55m and 11m to surface. Why not 50m and 10m to surface? I cant answer that question. Howver add these 2 numbers you will arrive at 66. Divide this by 2 you will arrive at 33.

    9. Capsule is called the phoenix – This is symbolic and has something to do with a bird in Egyptian mythology that lived in the desert for 500 years and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed from its ashes. Also this has direct relevance to the occurrence of miners being extracted or if you like being reborn.

    10. Escape capsule is 13 foot long

    11. Rescue mission started on the 13th

    12. Escape capsule is 26 inches in diameter. That is 13+13=26. Try converting this to centimeters you will arrive at 66cm. That is 33×2=66. Wow, this cant be true?

    13. Inverted pentagram on the shirts of the miners. Well inverted pentagram is a sign of baphomet which is a sign of devil worship and a symbol of the occult.

    Find out these facts for yourself, do a bit of esearch on numerology and make your mind up.


      • Well another point is the fact that the continous entrance and removal of the miners was more like an act of sexual intercourse or dont you think so?

      • That is exactly what I thought when I was reading this. As the symbol of the rescue pod was phallic in nature.

        These people are huge into perverted sexual acts.

    • What can you say about the 5 workers they took in and out.. That makes 38 wright?

      Or if we count the number of descents and ascents we get 34 descents and 34 ascents, in total 68. No sacred number here ?!

  53. Holy shit! well i'm not so surprised,i had already thoght about it,and specially I thought about the number 33: 33 miners,33 days to dig the hole,etc. and the date,well first I thought,wouldn't it had been better if they had done it on the 10th? but now it makes sense,the cabbalistic sum 10/13/10.

    But I hadn't seen that miner wearing that shirt,and the inverted pentagram and it surprised me to see that it says "gracias senor" (thank you lord)

    So i had thought this could be a ritual,but this makes me believe a lot more it is,now I'm 99% sure and all this shit is making a lot more of sense every time,too many coincidences.

  54. i knew something was wrong right from the beginning.

    i was skeptical about the whole thing, until i saw the inverted pentagram. then i realised, how come the entire world media going crazy about these "33" trapped miners? an estimated 1 billion people world wide viewed this event either on their television or online.

    now. about the pastor/preacher who as "allegedly" preaching the word of God, he was brought just so the whole thing couldn't be suspicious. but we all know, these people who planned everything are not stupid.

    if you are still skeptical, then ask yourself , why was the minors told to wear those inverted pentagram t-shirt?

    infact, why the inverted pentagram in the first place?, as far as i know, the chiliean flag does not have an inverted pentagram on it.

    y'all have eyes, but y'all can't see.

  55. My gut feeling about all this is proving itself again. Thanks for this clarifying report.

    I was also thinking, that all this was maybe also an experiment (of course I do not mean that the miners were involved in any tiny way!!) to find out, how can people best survive under underground circumstances…

  56. And I wonder if these miners know about this,if they were intentionally kept underground by destructing the mine carefully so they wouldn't die and the ritual wouldn't get screwed up, or all they were paid to do this or even they are part of the cult,possibly Freemasons? I don't know

    • That is exactly what had to happen. There is way to much they had on the line to screw this up.

      This was a pre-planned event by the "illuminated one's". It is a symbol to all the other satan worshipers to what is

      next in their plans for the world. We just haven't figured out what the symbolism means yet as to future events that

      They plan and execute.

  57. Hey VC,

    Here's my two cents on this: I was for some moments watching the NEWS on the rescue was happening… I saw and heard at some point the President of Chile saying on national TV "The 13-10-10, again the magic number 33"… all the doubters out here who say that this is madness, and that the author of this post is crazy for stating such things, should make their homework… Even I noticed such strange sayings on TV…

    I live in Portugal, the 13-10 is a very important date for the Portuguese… It's the day of the Apparition of the lady of Fátima (aka Mary mother of Jesus -fake; aka Isis; aka Semiramis … whatever you might know her name is, lol). And the Catholic Church as always enjoyed and took grasp of what was happening in Chile, they were caught on TV and radio stations saying that this rescue was a Miracle of the Lady of Fátima… and so on…

    There is nothing we can do against what has to happen. Prophecy will come true no matter what you and I unveil hidden in the freak show… and Jesus said "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." (1 Peter 5:8)

    If you care about facts… here is what I was stating at the begining, the words spoken by the President of Chile himself:

    And here is the History on Fátima, official site:

    Cheers to everybody in here. And thank you VC. I was beginning to think that has soon as the man said those strange words, that you might be thinking "How strange" and post something… :)


    • Jesus did not say anything in 1 Peter. No Biblical scholar would attribute any of the sayings of Jesus to that book. It is Peter making an address, not Jesus.

  58. Ur critical eye will never cease to amaze me Vigilant. One question. why did they have to wait this long to execute the rescue? 69days. SURELY? the more reason why i think there's more to it than meets the eye.

  59. Okay folks i think this is what is happening… i think that the miners saw something down there that they shouldn’t have. Alien Greys? perhaps?..who knows. But The government looked after them. hence the good condition they were in. they told the miners 2 keep quiet. It was all a masonic ritual or signal. to humans or aliens. to come out of the underground. another thing that could happen is one or more miners says something about what they saw down there and all hell breaks loose. a Planned alien disclosure by the Gov??… who knows maybe. but something certainly is fishy. 2 much numerical coincidences. 33 seemed kinda fake and all the coverage was a tad overblown…or maybe ,maybe ..the miners are still down there and are being MK ULTRA-ed by unknown sources..while fake reptilian clones stole all their memories and are in Chile now living normally until they get orders to undertake sum sort of disclosure or wreak havoc on humans or that be the trigger 2 sumthing bigger…WELL THERES MORE THINGS I HAVE 2 SAY. BUT I DONT WANNA GO THAT DEEP. I AM AWARE OF THE STRONG SYMBOLISM AND BLATANT THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN SAID ON NEWS BROADCASTS. JUST KEEP AN EYE ON CHILE FROM THE 33 DEGREE LATITUDES OF THE MINE TO THE CHILE EARTHQUAKE IN JANUARY. JUST KEEP UR EYES OPEN…

  60. HI VC,

    God is really using your eyes and wisdom to help uncover and reveal the secrets to these crappy events that occurs every day. I mean man are you a believer in CHRIST cause you;re helping others to see the light and thats doing the Lord's Work. THANKS FOR THE INSIGHTs.


  61. Great piece VC … lots of real interesting comments too.

    This of course was more than suspicious since the very outset, with one and only one possible creator / puppetmaster! Yap, the arcane satanic sect that controls the world!

    I immediately thought too of the Simpsons episode where Bart created Timmy O' Toole – 'the Boy trapped down the well' – hoax!! (an episode which was itself a nod to Masonic 'escapades'!) I even expected Bono, Sting, Coldplay, Jay Z, Ri Ri, Bey Bey (and any number of other masonic drones) to come up with some BS song for this thing!! ("They're all stuck down a mine, but with your help, they'll all be fine …. No it's not silly, we're singing for Chile … "!!!)

    Then also the dumb David Blaine 'Ice Man' hoax!

    As the endgame unravelled though, I was surprised at the insane level of media overkill on this thing (plus the bizarre stage management, the controlling of media on-site and the mysterious source of the images we were getting .. etc.) and the blatant symbolism. The timing too was hilarious … so the first miner just happened to reach the surface at peak viewing time smack in the middle of the Anderson Cooper 360 crock???!! ….. "Surely even the moronic masses can't swallow this crock," I thought! How wrong I was!

    As always with this satanic sect, a staged event is impeccably prepared and planned far far in advance. Furthermore, multiple objectives are always strived for (and invariably achieved.) Many of these have already been mentioned .. importantly the satanist Energy/Power aspect. Other key ones relate to 'sacrifice' / ceremony / initiation.

    On a micro level, the the symbolic death and rebirth of the many people involved in the hoax, all trusted masons – not just the miners, but the many many involved in the periphary – from the President down (these hoaxes always rely on trusted members of the brotherhood – and many thereof – regardless of their level in the internal 'food chain'.) They've sacrificed important aspects of their earlier lives and are all now wholly and entirely owned by the brotherhood.

    Incidentally, the David Blaine element came to mind again seeing how unfurled the brothers were after their 'months of apparent 'hardship and horror'! … I'm sure that, in reality, they weren't in that particular shaft for more than a few days in total [probably had some rotation shift process going.]

    On a larger level, after brazen acts like the recent manufactured 'Earthquake' etc, and the creation of a manufactured puppet billionaire 'leader', the event symbolises the initiation of Chile as a real power base for the brotherhood (the new Thailand, Mexico, Burma, whatever.) Furthermore, this farce will only serve to extensively increase the popularity and thus power of their puppet prez (meaning he will be able to push through [masonic] legislation/policies later that would otherwise have been unpalatable to the masses! ….. A key target will be the reduction and eventual elimination of the power of the Church there.)

    Other goals of the farce might have included to;

    1. Distract from the failed 'Gulf Oil Spill' hoax, which had to be very hastily dropped as many were raising serious questions.

    2. Distract the masses from some other real news event not reported because of this nonsense.

    3. Get some big bucks out of this thing (from Governments, Charities, 'Miners' publicity, future movie …. etc)

    4. Incorporate elements of this farce into the much larger, decades-old "Environmental Disaster" hoax! (The ungodly nonsense of the … "Mining/ Drilling/ Factories/ etc etc are bad things! The Environment is good and important!" (Ergo, people [i.e. non-masons] are not important!!) BS

    5. Laugh at the moronic masses around the world duped by this crock and believing it's real! (again tying into the Energy aspect!)

  62. Why is the Chilean president going for a week to England next saturday, after the rescue? Maybe for a gathering in the mother lodge to receive further instructions?

    Those at the top that provoked the current economic crisis, are on a mission to block further economic development, to make higher unemployment rates. Even though they are capitalists, they don't mind shutting down refineries, or other heavy industries. This incident, might just be the right pretext for them to shut lots and lots of copper mines. Chile produces 30% of the world's copper supply. If they decided to shut down the mines for no apparent reason, there would be riots, protests, etc. With the staged incident, even the "affected" miners around the country will accept any draconian "safety" measures that the government will approve. The small mines that will not be able to pass those extremely tough "safety" measures, will get shut down. The American/Egnlish multinationals that own the big companies, will have less competition, can reduce output, and rise prices, just as they did with oil production, further slowing down the economy. And with this "wave" of sympathy for the "government", can any chilean be able to rise his voice for the measures the governement will implement? The president will get a "go ahead" from the public, for whatever political/economic measures the London headquarters decides for him to do. The president and the minning really seem good emotional guys, and speaking their hearts, until you find out that he's a billionaire media mogul, à la Berlusconi. He had just "sold" his media empire to CNN's Ted Turner before getting the presidency. So, he not only knows how to make money, and lots of it, but he also knows how the media circus works, and is cerainly a good actor himself. And certainly one that was "initiated" and knows the meaning of the 33, which is certainly his own degree within the "order".

    • Chilean_Informed on

      Lol I'm sorry I know you put a lot of effort on this but no mine is going to be shut down because it can't keep up with the "new" safety regulations, I assure you 90% of copper mines are already very much safe. The US won't be controling the mines because the copper is nationalized by law and it allows only a small porcentage to be owned by foreign investors. In reality, Chile's economy won't be struggling at all for this incident. Please do not compare the chilean copper mining to blood diamonds because it is not the case.

  63. When I first saw the beginning of the rescue the first thing I noticed was the HUGE Chilean flag right in the middle of the camera shot. I thought that was weird. Pride? I think if I were from Chili and seen how long it took to rescue those miners, I'd not be proud. My thoughts were, "what took them so damn long???" Look at what they did to rescue the miners! Primitive came to mind, that coupled with the fact that they could only rescue 1 miner at a time and because of it being "33" of them, it would be quite a long time. So before having even read this article, I thought the whole "staged event" seemed like there was a lot more going on there! And like I said, the HUGE flag right smack in the middle of it all, and all the citizens and the miner or miners who are pictured in the photograph above wearing a tee-shirt with an inverted star. The whole rescue looked like a fully staged event. And you mean to tell me they couldn't have performed the rescue they did much earlier than they did? I saw nothing so complicated or advanced in their equiptment or strategy, Balderdash!

    • Chilean_Informed on

      What took them so long? They were pretty much searching for them with blind eyes, then they had to drill in hard rock for 600 meters and make extraordinary engineering efforts to make the tecnhology to recue the miners, considering the first calculations stimated a possible rescue to be due a couple of days before christmas I think they were pretty quick.

  64. Some of those miners were probably happy to have been away from their wives for the length of time they were gone. Did you see just how fugly most of those women were??? Wow! (They were almost assuredly all great cooks and house-keepers!!!) They were even possible candidates to become house-keepers at Meg Whitman's mansion in California! LMFAO! Meanwhile, Obama and the democratic party are probably secretly attempting to do whatever possible to bring them to America just in time for the election so they can vote- democrat!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  65. It's also perhaps a coincidence, that the symbol of the chilean "state" owned copper minning company, Codelco, has this interesting symbol:

    Not only it depicts the traditional eye of Ra/Horus/Lucifer, but also a satanic inverted cross at the bottom.

    Just another "coincidence".

  66. I'm also very surprised the miners are still wearing dark glasses up till this moment.

    Am I hallucinating or wasn't there some form of a very bright halogen lamp or lamps beneath the mine that they used to see in the cave?

    If they could be exposed to that kind of bright lighting conditions down there why cant they have adjusted to normal lighting conditions after all its been a couple of days now. This whole spectacle of wearing dark glasses and trying to prove they've been in darkness all this while is a shamble.

    This thing is a joke and a serious facade.

    • I would speculate about that too.

      The miners that were released during daylight, it makes sense for them to wear glasses as protection.

      But for those "rescued" at night time, it does not make much sense. One suble reason for this, could be twofold:

      1) If they are hiding something, ie, some of them, working for their master, lying, as Mario Sepulveda seems to be the case, as much as the masonic Astronauts in the Apollo mission were lying, and convering up. The other miners, may have been caught in something, and were threatened to death if they exposed what they saw/heard/knew of this façade. For the first ones, it's easier to lie when not looking someone straight in the face, even if their good liers. For the weaker ones, those coerced to lie, it would be so blatant or rather obvious by the look in their faces/eyes, that those who staged the event, needed to not gather attention for the unconfortable / uneasy look of some of the miners. The glasses avoids that someone perceives so easily that something is not right in this story. Just as the astronauts of the Apollo mission avoided the limelight after the "landing" on the Moon. And lots of that space program disappeared under some rather peculiar circumstances.

    • yep, yep I thought about that too. I thought they just wanted to add gravity to the miners ordeal so they got more praise for the rescue. But wearing them the second day too? That's insane… did they burn their eyes down there?

  67. In fact I see this whole article as a waste of time and it nearly undermines many things Mr Vigilant wrote about.However, symbologies in Hollywood and music industry all are almost obvious to the vigilant observer. I just feel it is so bad to write such an article and makes use of such an event to manipulate and utilize probable "symbologies" . Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    • Actually, I recall VC being viewed as "crazy" by many when he began to report on illuminati symbolism in pop culture. But the abundance of proof he provided proved his naysayers wrong. I believe time will also prove VC right on this issue. Those who are ahead of the curve are unfortunately those who get ridiculed. Fortunately for us, VC does not seem afraid of that.

      • I always believe that Truth stand Tall and strong eternally, Lies crumble eventually.

        What VC wrote are based on Truth and the Ilimunati's are based on Lies.

        Whether the readers who are against VC like it or not, Truth will indeed win.

        And one of God's name Al-Haqq – The Truth and An-Nur – THE LIGHT.

        When light appears, darkness evaporate.

      • Me from Colombia on

        Remember when Lady Gaga said she hated the truth? God, please have that woman exorcised now!

  68. I don't think all the miners are masons, but some of them certainly seem to be. Not only the president, and the Mining Industry minister. That second miner to be rescued, the super Mario Sepúlveda, looks to me more like a military special operations guy, than a miner. Not only for the outburst of energy, and the weird celebration, but his whole role as one of the leaders of the group down there. Maybe was chosen because of his charismatic character, as much as the certain types of personas ar chosen to enter the Big Brother contests around the world. And we all know who organized those kind of "reality" shows. This one, seems a step further in certain kind of dramatisation to manipulate the public minds/emotions, with their symbols being constantly flashed "in your face" in an unsuspecting public, who cannot see that it was staged, and at most, harmless entertainment.

  69. Could the fenix device used be a phallic symbol? – ejaculation of the miners, a recreation? I think I'm reading way to into it now.

  70. Has anyone considered the hypothesis that the miners were previously "rescued" by the more tradicional means, of removing the colappsed rock from the tunnel, or any other speedier means (assuming the mine ceiling did indeed colapse). Then they might get offered a chance to participate in a Big Brother of planetary proportions. Would they accept? Keep their hard work, low pay jobs for the rest of their lives, or having a chance to make some serious quick bucks, and literaly rising to stardom, if they are patient, and what for the right moment to be allowed to come up. This might explain why they seem so well fed, and even very clean. I suppose there were no showers down there, and no intense light to have their styled haircuts, and beards, that seemed done by professional hair stylists. Lots of people would accept the "offer", if not for the money, at least for the "stardom". And the few reluctant ones, could simply not refuse such an offer, if they were told, that if they do not accept, they will not get out alive. Or someone of their family will suffer an accident. I guess that if someone received such a threat, they would not be so happy when they do get out. And there were some of them that indeed do not seem that happy at all. The glasses help to cover that up.

  71. WOW, very interesting VC. This is another interesting fact- their shirts and what they said I believe are symbolic. The front of their shirts said "Gracias Senor" which would mean "Thank God" – BUT if you look at the star thats on the front of the shirt- ITS INVERTED!!! ITS AN INVERTED STAR!! this is very symbolic. But the back of their shirt contains Psalm 95:4 but the quote doesnt say that it came from Psalm 95:4. I dont know confusing.

  72. Why was this "show" so spectacular, that it caught the attention of the whole world?

    Not only because of the drama of their supposed death, and then the hope, and then the countdown for their rescue, but also because the apparent impossibility of it's success, and being called a "miracle".

    If they were buried just 50m below surface, and not some circa 666m below (actually media says between 700 and 650m), there would not be such a fuss. At least on a global scale. Their faces and names would not be known, as much as the Kursk victims were not known, or the other miners that get trapped in some other mine real accidents.

    But call me skeptical, but I find it hard to believe that they were rescued from that depth. I sense an illusion trick here, as a David Copperfield would stage. My subjective oppinion, not based on facts, is that they dug a hole to a tunnel below, that was much closer to surface. Say, circa 50-80 meters. The camera onboard the hole, never showed the whole traject, from the start of the jurney, all the way up. Only very short segments, like 30 seconds at most. Between the undeground place, or tunnel, that the miners were, and the surface, could be another intermediary tunnel, where they installed equipment, to wind-up the cable that was going down. We saw the machine above sending the cable with the "fenix" capsule. At some point, a siren buzzed, and they stopped the "wheel" winding movement. That could be the time when the cable might get pulled from a sideways tunnel, and when above the machine kept sending cable down, the other intermediary machine would wind-up the cable, to make it look like it was going really deep underground. Then the intermediary machine would slowly lower the capsule on the cave were the miners were. When they got up, the process would be reversed. The middle machine raised the capsule into the hole, till it was out of sight, and hold it there. Then the upper machine would start pulling the cable up, and the intermediary machine would give back the cable it had held, unwinding it up. When the siren rang, the intermediary machine would have released all the cable, and freed it, and after the pause, then the upper machine would indeed raise the capsule the said 40 ou 50 meters. Pure illusion. But they would have to do it, to make the world believe in a miracle of epic porpotions, so they could play their tales and flash their satanic symbols to hypnotize us, and make as believe that the government is our saviour.

    Plato's cavern myth:

  73. ok. so im not crazy! I thought it ws too eerie. the name of the capsule, 33 miners, and NASAs involvement w/testing and studies on how the men responded to their captivity. I'm glad to know I wasn't crazy when I thought there was a mansonic connection. thank you!

  74. Didn't have time to read all the comments, but regarding 33, there were also 33 flags flown beside the shrine they set up to St. Lawrence, the saint over mines. 32 flags were Chilean flags + 1 Bolivian flag, one for each miner.

    Also, the 69 number when turned sideways represents the image for the astrological sign of Cancer. Although the collapse occurred on August 5th by our calendars, the sidereal location of the Sun was at 13 degrees Cancer.

    Got to get back to work.

  75. was thinking about this. one of the officials spoke about “rebirth” with regard to the miners stuck under ground(=womb) brought up into the light(i’m sure we all know what that means) also the day it was on the news was 13/10/10 (=33), at that time South Africa had 33 gold medals at The Commonwealth Games, and the 33 miners….. hmmmm

  76. Vigilent citizen i love you and every word of this artilcle. When i saw the rescue of the miners i started putting everything together in my head i was like this is so full of occult meaning with all the numbers and then im reading this article about it i know i wasn't think crazy….keep up the good work vigilent it's always great!!!

  77. errrrm mixed comments about this post, i personally think that this was read into a little bit too much with the number 33 but one thing I agree with is the shirts they were told to wear, that is all, because it was a major event in the news that would get attention the people that TOLD the miners to wear this top were trying to incorporate their symbols; I think the rest is down to fate.

    If you are thinking about what i have just said and kind of agree please give me a plus if not then give me a minus I really want to see how many of you agree with this view THANKYOU

  78. Another very good article. Consider also we have had all the sinkholes erupting, oil wells around the world overflowing and now we have the worlds largest tunnel has just been completed in switzerland…underground pit, bottomless pits..

    I shamelessly plug now my work on prince William's occulted numbers: did you know he was 5555 days old on his mother Diana's funeral and the mystery of Saros 117 eclipse on his DOB?

    Kal Dani

  79. This is unbelievable…..i hope it isn't true cuz this crosses to a whole new level. May God save us, thank God the men got out alive at least, it was nothing short of a miracle. Without God they would've been dead by now. VC, what happened to ur article on the late Lady Diana? Hope they didn't force u to remove it!

    • Does it really? What level is that? Please these people have been around forever doing the same show. Virginia Tech (organising a massacre is easy) 32 people plus one (the supposed sniper) got killed…. I could go on. In Italy they thought they would organise a coup, lots of time. Never got off the ground, despite Gladio, P-2 and hundreds of crooked little politicians, bureaucrats, criminals at all levels… Look up the P-2 Masonic Lodge, Gladio, read David Yallop's book. This is not a new level this is just more attention seeking.

      Wake up. These people need to put on a show. Ask yourself why they might need to do that if they are already in control?

      • Pope John Paul I (funny choice for a name 'the first' – and he chose that BEFORE he died) died after 33 days as Pope to be replaced by John Paul II. But then no-one has any illusion about how corrupt the Vatican is. David Yallop wrote a rather dull book about the supposed killing of John Paul I and the funny financial business in the Vatican. Calvi was killed (and found on BlackFriar's bridge in London) supposedly for bilking Vatican bank accounts.

        Talk about one trick ponies. These people are just tiresome petty criminals who an inflated sense of self.

  80. 1) On 27/2/2010 earthquake in Chile , specifically at " Conception " … after conception .. we need a gestation period of exactly 9 months … this leads us to 15 of November 2010 ….. If you substract 33 days you get .. 13th of October 2010 … ??????!!!! coincidence ??

    Conclusion : Either WW3 starts on 14-15 November 2010 , Or a deadly Pneumonia is going to be unleashed On that date !

    God bless All !

      • We don't have to wait long to know ……….

        Watch closely for the the numbers 17 and 69 …….

        At first i thought That the Antichrist should be bourn at that date ….. Lucifer rising symbology etc….

        However , i am more prone to believe False messiah ( around 2016-17) because from Israel inception 1948 ….. 70 Lunar years brings us to 2016-2017

    • Just My Two Cents on

      I'll take a case of pneumonia for 500 Alex. DON"T TAKE THE FLU SHOT!! A lot of people are so dependent on medication that they swallow up everything the government sends. If the flus suppose to kill me its gonna kill me, but I will NOT take that shot. That's all apart of the plan.


    Read this thread too if you are interested, there is some stuff on there too that will fill in any missing holes to you non believers in VCs analysis.

    I too agree with the reader who said that masonic picture looks just like Kanye's "Power" video and VC you need to edit your original post on that subject and put that picture there. PLEASE!!!! It says so much.

    To the person who asked if the Illuminati owned the mine……The Cia Minera San Esteban Primera, the company that manages mining activity in Chile, is owned by CODELCO…here is the symbol. More information is available on the above thread….… <——-all seeing EYE……

  82. My only concern is for VCs safety…..soon "they" will take over this site.. if they havent already…..and we would never know… controlled opposition….be safe VC

  83. I am an avid reader of VC and I applaud his courageousness and diligence in the occult. I do find the number 33 fascinating in this rescue but I think God got the glory in this won. Evil lost! The miner said there where 34 down there with us, the other person was God!!!! I believe they had a choice and The Almighty Delivered them from the PIT!!! I wil give God the Glory for this one!!! He is the Alpha and Omega and nothing is too hard for Him!!!

  84. This has been circulating the internet for some time, but it is a reenactment of this same ritual, shown through tv media of the World Wresting Federation, in which the character "The Undertaker" is buried alive and resurrected. This is a much smaller scale than the miners, but for SURE this was a ritual. Great article, VC!!! 5*****

  85. Give Me A Break on

    If you dont like what is written/typed here, THEN DONT COME TO THIS WEBSITE. Its as simple as that. Go rant somewhere else.

  86. LookingForAnswers on

    I gotta say that maybe, just maybe some of that is down to coincidence. To be honest I was rooting for those miners from the start to the end and I just think that maybe you might be looking too much into this! Nevertheless, I love your work! Could you please do a report on Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic? She is a Serbian turbo folk mega star who is viewed throughout the Balkans as the Queen of Music and the Balkan "Madonna." I think it would be of interest to many of your readers who particularly enjoyed the piece on the Russian Pop artist! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  87. Alejandra. I agree with what you are saying here. I'm disappointed by VC that he has interpreted this event as some sort of masonic plot. I have written a couple of articles where I take a different look at this event and what we can learn from it.

    However, I do see a secular and materialistic society attempting to minimize the role of Christian faith and charity in this story. By naming the rescue vehicle "Phoenix" they attempt to deflect from the obvious analogy to Christian resurrection. Just imagine if they had named the vehicle "Lazarus" instead, how that would have changed the whole imagery around this event.

    As for the number 33, it's been pointed out many times that this has an equal significance for Christians in terms of the age of Jesus when he was crucified. And I don't think the day of the rescue was chosen just so it would highlight this number. As it turns out October 13 is the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. But this connection was never drawn by the mainstream secular press.

    Which just goes to show that the way an event is reported reflects highly on the world view of those doing the reporting. Specific details are highlighted to emphasize certain lessons that the audience should draw. News stories are treated like parables that are told in such a way to teach us the lessons of secularism. Religious faith is magically transformed into superstition. Science has all the answers. Believe, yes. Not in Christ, but in science.

    • Hi baba- just finished reading your blog. It was very warm and enlightning thanks for posting the link. You mentioned the cover up of the miracles of God due to the machines (fenix) and man made science, media etc….isn't that kind of like what we are discussing on this thread. Isn't that where the so called mason/illuminati come in at? Isn't that the goal or their purpose that we discuss and try to understand on this site.? There are few sides to every story. VC the owner of symbols and Occult and then there is the other side in the likes of your story that hold truth as well. You critized VC for doing what he do. Even you mentioned on your site the cover up of the miracles of God and credit going to science. It kind of gave me a better understanding of the purpose of some of the things discussed on your site and VC's. I understand it's a touchy topic for some, but you can't deny the #'s and the dates, the debt, etc in reguards to VC. I have never really known VC to touch on, or focus on the relegious side, and can blame him? You appreciate people for different things. I like the fcat VC leave it up to the viewers to decide,free of relegion, non persuasive, not tmi. I also appreciate your pov as well, even the changes you mentioned you were going through as far as your site and your focus. I'm just saying it's a few sides to every story yours, VC the guy behind " symbols & occult" and ours, the viewers then the TRUTH. I'm just sying your story seem to colloberate VC's. You touched on this ( which was amazing btw) and he did what he is know for doing with good enough cause. I understand the frustration but I would say there is room for both sides of this story. Glad you took time to write such a good inspirational read and I am glad VC and many others on this blog pointed out a few things as well. Godd bless anyone affected by this.

      • Hi Truley. Thanks for your complement about my articles. I don't want to be overly critical of VC. I agree that freemasons are essentially pushing a gnostic view which is inherently non-Christian. So even if VC doesn't come right out and say it, whenever you see occult symbolism it has an anti-Christian purpose behind it.

        What disturbed me about this particular article by VC was the emphasis on numerology which appears to be totally coincidental. If you want to search for strange meanings in numbers, you can always find them. For instance the fact that 10-13-10 adds up to 33 seems totally coincidental and I can't imagine any group plotting to bring up the miners on this exact date just for the symbolism. And I don't see how you can attach occult meaning to the fact that there were 33 miners trapped in the mine.

        Although, I didn't write about it in my articles, I did notice the inverted star on the t-shirts and found that a bit disturbing. It seems like any artist would understand the significance of that. On the other hand the t-shirts do say "¡Gracias Señor!" There is no way anyone can realistically attribute any occult significance to this. It is a very common Christian phrase in Spanish meaning "Thank you, Lord!"

        One thing that was not reported in the English press is that the rescue was dubbed "Operación San Lorenzo". This is Spanish for "Operation St. Lawrence". St. Lawrence is the patron saint of miners in the Catholic Church. You can see why the secular press wouldn't want to make that association. Naming an official multi-million dollar rescue operation after a Catholic saint just doesn't fit their script, while naming a rescue vehicle Phoenix after a pagan symbol does. The secular press wants to strip all Christian references out of the culture except perhaps for some very vague reference to God.

        (I hope this comment nests properly, but nesting doesn't seem to be working.)

      • Me from Colombia on

        Hey baba, I think there was an actual fight down there. Some miners are still wearing sunglasses because their pupils were hurt. If they say God won, I believe it. Because he always wins.

      • Sorry 'Me in Colombia' but God doesn't fight in holes, actually He doesn't fight at all YET. If He were to fight He would have done in daylight so everyone could see His power and victory. I think there was a little 'lights and shadows' hologram projection down the mine.. some state-of-the-art brainwash show just for the miners. There was evil 'fighting' evil and guess what? He won!!

    • Please. Baba and others write on the same things VC and others write on. How are you mad at VC because he does not tell you what to think or what to say. Isn't that the purpose to think for yourselves. If it wasn't for people like VC would you have even came to the conclusion you did or would you still be continuing on in every day life. How are you faulting VC on account of his blog on SYMBOLS and the OCCULT this is not church. It's up to each and every person to deal with the issues and come to their own conclusion. You think it would be better if VC said think like this, and think like that. No, you came to your own conclusion. So good for you. Every thing you said about VC can be said about baba, lvb, and the rest of them. Now people are all of a sudden so smart and have seemed to forget about and turn their back on the people who helped them get to that point !

    • Hi BABA

      I m sure you agree there must be some meaning in all these occult, free mason Illuminati symbols connected with the 33 miners. October 13 was not just the anniversary of the Miracle at Fatima and The Templar massacre , But on the Same day last week October 13, 2010 just shortly after 13;00 hour my urologist puled out my kidney stent. And I think all this is amazing.

  88. In a financial crisis, if some good proportion of a population is robbed and it's wealth magically disappears (from their pockets), what do you think happens to the money? Just burned, hidden, thrown at the sea? Of course not. When 90% loose half of what the had, 9% do not loose anything, it means 1% will get the other half of the wealth that was robbed (transferred) from the 90% of the population. You bet that the "qwin" just controls most of the money that got stolen from the masses.

  89. I'm curious about something if anyone can answered:

    Was the mine accident then an actual accident and the Illuminati use the situation, or did someone make this happen on purpose?

  90. Can anyone answer this question:

    Would this have been an accident that's happened and that the illuminati took advantage of?

    Or an event that someone actually made happen? If so, any proof to it someone doing this on purpose???

    • Whenever "they" do something, it's a well calculated and carefully planned act. Can sometimes backfire, or maybe not go according to their initial plan, but they do make not only imediate tactical moves, but also, and mostly, they do long term strategic ones. Sometimes a mix of the two, short term gains, but with a desire to capitalize on it even further. The fact that some around here do not (yet) see any kind of benefict to them, does not mean that they are not planning on taking some future rewards. They play chess, they have been manipulating for centuries, and making plans that sometimes takes several generations to bear fruit. So, just because there seems not to be proof yet about their envolvment in this, the signs are evident. Those seeking concrete proofs of everything probably do not ever get them, in anything related to false flag operations.

      If president Piñera is "chosen" as head of the UN, most of the world will support him and whatever decisions he might make, towards one world governemnt. Most people of the world that did not now him (as was my case), get a favourable first impression, since he seems "humanistic", supportive of the "weak" and the "workers", a big hearted and caring man, energic, charming, charismatic… And the first impressions are the ones that get persistent in the sub-conscious. It's a kind of Obamapart II). They will fool lots of people, who will still believe in their smile, their words, and get angry one someone tells them that all that is fake. Lots of americans were fooled by Obama, specially when they saw him going robotic errant when the teleprompter was not directly commanding what he was reading. Only then some of them realized he was just a puppet. And that means there have to be puppet masters. So, he will be thrown aside, eventually. They need "leaders" that get the support of the majority of the people, to keep the illusion of freedom, until the moment they can assume the real global dictatorship. This Piñera would fit that bill, as head of the UN, even though I am not saying that that will happen. It's just a mere possibility. It's not by chance they they choose some low key, low profile secretary general, or a Durão Barroso as head of the UN, since they were creating a time of hardship for the people. They want as to believe that the economic problems are created by lack of a strong leadership. So, it was a deliberate choice. But time will come that will say that we need new leaderships to solve the current crises, and new policies, and only then, they will bring some real charismatic leaders that the people will trust and accept, and identify themselves with.

  91. dethronetheblacksuns on

    I agree 100% with the analysis. In fact I actually made the same connections as I was watching the rescue on TV. And for those that still can't understand why these occult references would be planned, well you need to do some more research on how these people operate. Nothing is ever coincidence. Truth is much stranger than fiction.

  92. You seem to forget or not know, that one of the symbols of masonry, is the black and white squares. Symbolizing good and evil. It means they do satanic black rituals, to instill fear and gain "power from other dimensions", whatever that means, and they also do "white magic", or acts that do seem benevolent, and they do try to use those facts as proof that they are a benevoulous organization. They never seem shy of acknowledging that they were behind the american independence, or the french revolution. But they do not seem so honest when mentioning their role in the making of the russian revolution, since they know it would give them a bad reputation. They do use seemingly "good" gestures as a way of propaganda, to recruit new members, and to deflect responsabilities in the crimes and attrocities that the wise people see them doing, and that have the courage to point at them. It helps them to have people like you, to trust them, and dismiss anything that VC and others say about them, about being a sinister satanic organization. And the propaganda they are using in this publicity stunt is already working, 'cause lots of people get that same kind of reaction as you are having right now. Also, the 33 number being a christian symbol, just because Jesus Christ ressurected with that age… Why don't you see it with the occult meaning that it really has? The masons are controlled by the same pharisiacgroup that condemned your Saviour to death… even if he ressurected later on. Did they choose to kill him at that age, just because the number 33 had an occult kabalistic meaning to them? Also, this whole operation as also a deep symbolic and sub-conscious religious overtone into it. Not just because of the mystical name of the phoenix, but also because it has the sub-consicous impact of minimizing Jesus Christ ressurection from the dead. If these 33 modern common men can "ressurrect" from the dead, having being "dead" for much longer than Jesus Christ, it means that it should not be such a big deal, being "dead" just 3 short days and ressurect afterwards, which imply He could not be God, after all…

    • Hi Doe.
      I think it is not just the Masons, but the Jehovah Witnesses, and the Mormons are in the same secret organization. And I m not sure about the Molokans, or other cults, or maybe even some churches.

    • Doe – I really like alot of what u say, but Freemasons, satanists and Illiminatti are not the inventors of meaning in numbers… GOD IS!! Numbers are significant all over the universe, in nature, and are intricately woven throughout the scriptures in the Bible; in a manner that is so complex no set of humans could have devised it (too much detail for here) . So Jesus being ressurected in the 33rd year is perfectly understandable as 3 and multiples are HUGE in the Bible!! Its the other way around!! satan and his witless helpers seek to copy and pervert numbers, like they do with inversion of symbols too – so to use multiples of 3 to their own ends is not suprising. Isnt it written in the Bible that the number of the beast is 666..? God Bless – keep watchin! :)

  93. dethronetheblacksuns on

    Wow. I just got around to reading some of the comments on here. One of the reasons the illuminati has had so much success in getting their agenda through is that so many people are so controlled by their emotions and they know this and use this against the people. You win the hearts and minds of the people and they will do anything for you. Yes it is wonderful that these people were rescued, that doesn't mean you have to get all caught up in the emotional frenzy that the media directs you towards. It would be different if it were a friend or family member, but I'm pretty sure that all who have posted on here do not know any of the miners or their families. It's this kind of mentality that is going to help accelerate these criminal scumbags usher in the tyrannical one world government they so desire.

  94. This may be gossip, but i heard that one of the miners said there were NOT 33 – there were 34, the 34th person being Jesus Christ who was down there with them the whole time sustaining them spiritually.

    • Baron Von Balsa on

      Ok, several of you have posted this extra 34th being. Have you considered that they might just be refering

      to the Lord of the Underworld? Hello? Where are they coming from? Who do you think would most likely be hanging around mixed up in all these supposed accidentals?

      • And let us not forget the inverted star on their shirts when they came up. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of Truth and He will guide you into all truth. Do you think that if all these men were serving God the Father and His Son down in that hole, that as soon as they got up they would put on a symbol of Satan worship???? The Holy Spirit would never sit by and let a born again do such a thing without understanding…. If that be that that Holy Spirit of God Dwelleth in You…

  95. No one is saying that you should not care about each other, why not care about each other all the time and not when we are being manipulated?

  96. Michael Nimmons on

    I thought I point out that the miner's note was not 33 characters in length. It was actually 26. Not sure how you came up with that number or am I missing something. Please explain?

  97. Soooo, i guess i learned my lesson about posting a comment on here.

    Just because i dont 100% agree with everything said in the article, apparently I'm a simple minded person who is refusing knowledge because im brainwashed…i beg to differ

    I'll have you know that i've read just about every article published on here and i wholeheartedly agree with just about all of it, and because of it, ive become a more vigilant person.

    So, point is, just because i dont think this was a "masonic ritual" doesnt mean i refuse knowledge.

    Vigilant, no, you didnt lose a reader in me because i still believe in what your saying. But yes, i was a little bit offended by this article and some of the comments that replied to mine. But whatever. Im over it. I wont have to worry bout it if i never post a comment, right? I can still read the articles.

    So there. My rant is over.

    • your post is a good example of the reason that "I" is the most-used word In English

      count how many times, sometimes more than once in a sentence, get over yourself!

    • Baron Von Balsa on

      I think your being too critical of the negative check marks. I would suggest most believe your just in disbelief

      and a bit in denial about the whole thing since that means our world is very much controlled. That's the part that is really the problem for everyone who starts looking at this stuff to come to grips with. The choice is to remain blind, stupid, ignorant, which is offensive, or face the ugly truth and deal with it. It isn't easy when the evidence is virtually overwhelming. This lone incident, so well examined in just these comments, makes it painfully obvious where truth lies.

  98. the shirt was donated to the miners by campus crusade for christ- the sleeve it says The Jesus Film, they put sermons and christian music on ipods and sent them down with those shirts. its not an inverted pentagram unless you are accusing Campus Crusade for being in on this all…….

    • Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour has already won the battle. This is Satan's last ditch effort to entice us away from what we all really should be giving our attention to and that is the Word of God. Everything else is a distraction. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else shall be given unto you. Get an Amplified Bible and read it beginning to end. (the version doesn't matter – that's another diverson or trick to get you to not read the

      Bible.) All the History of the Earth is recorded there.

      • how is that a reply? i agree. tell me how the shirt is satanic/illuminati. its not, it is for the Chilean Flag, look at the flag. its the same color star and with red and blue. and the shirt was designed by campus crusade graphic designers. it was mission minded giving. i dont know about all the 33 stuff, but the claim that they were made to wear that shirt and that it was intentionally an inverted pentagram is absolutely 100% false unless you think campus crusade for christ is in on it. which i dont believe.

      • which Christ? The real one or their version?

        Just because it syas Christ doesn't mean a thing, in fact people a little too eager to use the name of Jesus attached to an agenda should be questioned outright

      • Lu 21:8 And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ ( I.E. I am anointed to speak for God, or In Gods Place) ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

    • If you have doubts that Campus crusade can/has been coopted by other organizations you should dig into the connections between political mailing lists (ie church membership registeries), the Jesus Film, the Christian Coalition and Jack Abramoff/Ralph Reed.

  99. I sat down to watch the rescue for the first time with my wife this week. I had known about the story and already had my suspicions regarding it but was blown away once my gal started filling me in on the details. 33 miners, the Fenix, and the fact that supposedly all of the miners were going to meet with a lawyer to “Ensure they all received an equal payment. The lawyers aspect really solidified my suspicions in that they were probably being paid to keep hush on some aspect of it. This thing smells to high heaven, not to mention the fact that this whole ordeal has been running parallel with the border and immigration issues (Arizona’s legislation) that is going on. My wife was completely fascinated with the story and it occurred to me how much sympathy this whole ordeal is creating for these Latin people. If this was staged or not, Cooper Anderson and CNN certainly wasn’t letting it go to waste by making key statements like these “these workers are underground,” “This is going to be great once they are free,” and “I hope this never happens again.” While on the surface these statements seem innocent, don’t they also parallel illegal undocumented workers here in the US? Aren’t they underground in some aspects? I had emailed a friend of mine pointing out all these oddities along with the fact that this took place on the 13th and the inverted stars the day after, asking if my conspiracy mind was kicking into over drive or was this just some coincidence. We know the propensity for these kinds of mega rituals these creeps have. I was completely stoked when I logged on here today to see somebody else picked up on it also! Thanks once again VC!

    • Me from Colombia on

      Rustifari, are you dumb? Chileans don't immigrate much to the U.S. Chile is in much better shape financially that many other hispanic countries. I wonder how many illegal chileans work in Arizona?

  100. i so do not beleive in this view…coz if anything this promoted the capital G,GOD….and not masons o wateva….only God can rily show us the way…and remeba he told us to beware of false prophets……'just a thought'….

  101. Craig Oxley of The Unhived Mindis the only person to highlight how this event happened on the day of the Festival of FONTUS which is the celebration of the God Fontus who's the God of Wells and Springs. When we think of a well its a bucket on a string going down and picking up water. It was also the date of the destruction of the Knights Templar before their wealth and power was handed over to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta who control all the true Knights of Malta orders via the The Alliance of the Orders of St. John of Jerusalem.

  102. In an interview with one of the Chilean Miners, he said "There was a fight for us between God and the Devil… and God won" … whose to say he believes his "God" is? Hmmm, It really makes you wonder.

  103. Thanks Vigilant, I was thinking this media reality has something really bad in it.

    And after reading most of the comments, I had realized how nuch of us have been programmed to think what the media give us no matter the lie come wrapped in "humanity" acts.

    Thanks againg, good work!

  104. I did have my suspicions when I first heard there were 33 miners down there (although obviously, that on its own is nothing…it did make me instantly wonder if there was more to it.) Then, the other night I was watching Mock the Week (UK satire show) and someone mentioned the date the rescue began adding up to 33 and it coinciding with the no. of miners, which the other presenters laughed off…

    (As much as I like Ian Hislop for his humour, I have my suspicions he's in the know about the global elite and controlled by them, as I've seen him react similarly when someone was quoted in the media saying global warming was a scam…instead of acting in the non-biased way he usually does, he said something along the lines of them being an idiot, and swiftly changed the subject! This may just be me speculating something out of nothing however, so please judge based on your own instincts…)

    Throughout the time they were trapped in the mine, I kept thinking that something would 'accidentally' go wrong with the escape mission and that they would be killed, that there was a possibility of it being a sacrifice. So, I was really relieved when they all made it out. However, the pentagram shirts they have on are interesting- and also the fact that ALL 33 of them have been offered jobs from private corporations…even though it's a lot more extreme, the time they spent underground and closed to death is reminiscent to me of the Skull and Bones 'coffin' rituals, in which they're blindfolded…anyone agree? Great article, VC, keep it up :)

    • You are right on!!! Don't doubt those things that your heart tells you is true. The absolute mind boggling amount of Symbolism from all the occult is undeniable. After reading all the comments so far I could never think otherwise. If you as a casual reader still do not understand, it is because you have not studied enough about how these people operate and there end goals. It's either that or you remain willfully ignorant even after receiving the truth. And for those that choose to use defaming comments about others just because they may not see it yet. You become the problem and not the solution. Our desire is that all would come to the truth. All that we have we have received. Why do you act in pride like you were born with all wisdom and understanding and that all others that don't understand are ( stupid or Dumb ) You then show yourself to be of the same mind set as those that rob and steal and destroy. And we know who came to rob, steal and destroy. Choose the right side and help restore truth by building up. Not tearing down.

  105. p.s While I'm not denying the seriousness of it, I also think that it may be been orchestrated deliberately to detract attention from some of the major law changes going on in the US, UK, and possibly Latin America at the moment. (Particularly in terms of food- Americans on this site, please search 'BillS510' if you're not aware of what it is, and fellow Brits- I only discovered this the other day, but the EU apparently has a 2011 directive which will ban all herbal and vitamin supplements and alternative healing and close down homeopathic healing colleges…petition here, please sign and spread!

    • codex alimentarius – invented by vatican pushed by entire world government apparatus, especially UN (ran directly by Queen of England who is also the head of international freemasonry and largest landowner in the world. Scroogle "British Commonwealth" take a hard long look at the 43 countries ran by the btch – its an eye-opener.)

  106. all i can say guyz is none of you can stand there and tell us when this and that will happen…U ARE NOT GOD!call me a hater but am not……read the bible more and u will know that no man will know the day..certainly not the many of us…if u want to be safe stop obsessig here and turn to GOD and pray and practice ur faith..

    • Mt 25:13 Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.


      16 ¶ Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.


      32 ¶ Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:

      33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.


      2 Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.

      There are numerous verses in the bible that tell us to watch what is going on in the world and that there would be signs in the world as to these things. Why then were they called wise?? Because they were watching!!! Your comment on just sticking my head in my bible and not looking to see what is going on in the world that pertains to those scriptures is foolish. Be wise and study, and rightly divide the word of truth.

  107. Amen! While i do believe that the devil uses anything and everything for his wicked schemes, i would encourage people to stay focused on Jesus. If this case of the Chilean miners had other things going on about it, and that may be true, focus on God.

  108. @ Alejandra- Well whatever. I still find it funny you attacked VC on his site all about SYMBOLS. I could see if the site had a different purpose. You don't go to Mc Donalds for a Whopper. Thanks to people like VC and Baba…I see things the way you do, but if it wasn't for them I would totally be in a different place right now. There are different aspecst to this. I like VC's and baba, and a few others for different reasons. You should really think about it. You bashed the owner of a symbol's site for staying on topic. I will not lie. I would have wrote VC off a long time ago if his focus was relegion, persuasive, directing me as to what to think…things would have been fell apart. How do you come in and disrespect VC and BABA because they both have similar sites and similar topics ? I thought that was a punk move. VC is not my brain it's up to me to decide what I need. I appreciate Baba pov and the same with VC. I think VC has made it very clear since I have been around that you have to make your own judgement and take what you will from the situation. The miners are people and humanity as well as the rest of the people mentioned on this site and BABA's so what gives ?

    • Jenifer. I'm not in the same league as VC, but thanks for mentioning me. VC is the master of masonic symbolism. And if you head over to my Public Vigil blog, you'll discover I've given it a Catholic focus which I know many people will not appreciate. I could have stayed on the occult theme and have lots more readers than I have now, but I don't want to unwittingly encourage the occult obsession that some of VC's fans have.

      So yes, VC has offered an interpretation of some symbols related to the 33 miners in Chile. And he does specialize in interpreting symbols, so what's wrong with that? Well, I think all of us can go a bit overboard at times in reading symbolism into things. I confess that I have done this myself at times. (No kidding, huh.)

      The answer to VC's question, "was the Chilean Miner’s rescue a Masonic mega-ritual?"is NO! That implies that the whole thing was somehow staged. It does bear a strong resemblance to a mega-initiation ceremony, but that doesn't mean it is one. Maybe this is VC's idea of a joke. In which case, how many of you fell for it?

      • " So even if VC don't come right out and say it, when ever you see occult symbolism it has an Anti- christian purpose behind it"

        You may or may not be right, but that is one thing I appreciate about this site. You have to come to your own conclusion vs someone else bringing you to an conclusion. If I learned anything it was to think for myself. I consider this site to be thought provoking. If VC pushed his views, relegion etc off on us wouldn't that be consider as the same thing he preaches agianst. One of the main problems we face on this subject is people accepting someone else views. I also like the way VC stick to the facts. It help keep down the wishy washy, going back and forth. It's up for the people to decide the rest for themselves, you know to get some of these brains working. I see you had to switch up. When you keep it simple it's less likely something one would have to do. So maybe VC is a little more mature than you lol but I still consider you both the same. I learn from you both.

        " what desturbed me about this article was the emphasis on numerology"

        You mean that number's that keep on reappearing ( is this the real baba). Then you have the Fenix. Seems like enough cause for a VC article. When you can combine stories like yours and VC & LVB you get great things. So why knock VC for doing the same thing you do. It was last month when you refered to Miley Cyrus as the " great whore of Babylon" some could have considered that " disturbing " but me, I understood your intentions. I also backed your change of focus vs saying i'm disturbed, i'm not catholic, he called Miley Cyrus a whore, he's confused. You live and learn and grow and I wouldn't disrespect you in the process. We all are becoming more and more on the same page and it's a beautiful thing.

        " well I think a lot of us can go a bit overboard"

        Well Vc did just come off of a vacation, Pseudo-occult did mention she was burnt out, you yourself took a few months off. So why fault VC because so far he has been good at pacing himself. Shoot he go on vacation every week lol, jk so yes I agree.

        To answer your question was the CMR a ritual the answer is no. It implies the entire thing was staged"

        Now see that where you are wrong. 9-11 perfect example ! Most consider that a ritual on a large scale, and guess what it played out in real -time. Were the innocent people involved, heg no but at the same time most believe it was a ritual the start or marker for a new begginning. Bush etc knew what was about to happen but the citizen of NY and Ameica period didn't. Same formula we see with the CM. However I am not saying the CMR was this or that. I am saying it fits right in with what we discuss on this site on a regular basis. VC presented the facts. You act like he lied or something. Reading VC's blog today and yours combined gave me a better understanding to what is going on. I learned a lot combining the two along with other things. It was strange to me you didn't respect his blog the way you would want one to respect you and yours. I can see if it didn't fit the topic of discussion but it did ! He deliver one aspect of things and you deliver another it's a puzzel and we all learn from each other. it's about helping ! and I had to give you a No he didn't this morning ! At the end of the day Baba you was the pot calling the kettle black. Like I said your story backed up VC's and you went in on him for doing what is common around these parts. 33 miners, 10-10-13, 13 feet deep, VC symbols rule the world site ( shrug)

      • Yes indeed. Have you heard of Sacred Geometry? The cosmos is ALL magic and and unfolds in orderly sequences of harmonic pulsations, the music of the Divine. The rivers of creativity can be used by any point of light either for good or not. We the co-creators with the Divine have it in us to misuse this creativity as has been amply seen in our realtiy or to use it to further the Will of the Creator. The music has been written,Sacred Geometry, and we all play it consciously or unconsciously. Symbolic realitys constantly unfold in incandescent showers of living light their forms dictated by the crystaline wavelengths pulsing forth from the Godhead. We are all the I AM that I AM and the Creators music is numbered and orderly. This is why beings can appropriate the known flows and further, or redirect.

        I notice that the flag itself is upside down which is an international distress signal and in this instance possibly trumpets the Nation being in distress, which it certainly is. Earthquake? Floods? Landslides? Political turmoil?

        By the misspelling of the name 'Phoenix' ITS frequency has been modified. Now the english media has adopted the new spelling and so the mutation grows. To what?

        No I dont think it is black magic in the sense that someone is doing rituals somewhere to make this happen.

        What are the results of this experience? I for ONE prayed for their miraculous release right at the begining of the play as did millions of others. Do you think that the creator has ignored so many pleas for mercy? Divine consciousness was right down there in the mine with the 33.

        The 33 saved could be seen as the rising up of mankind as a whole from the tomb and the begining of the path to stardom for all of us ultimately and not just the men living the ceremony.

        It has been prophecied that mankind would rise up again and take back his power from the darkside and death and evil would be overcome.

        For whatever reasons this accidental rock fall trapping these men happened, I think that the Power of Love that is the Creator was in this and used it for the upliftment of the Humans tuned into it no matter if the dark side tried to get some furthurance of its agenda out of it with a little advertising, the outcome has raised the frequency of us humans tremendously. The outpouring of creativity from the source is gracefull, ordered and automatic in the sense that it dosnt need to be called up by anyone point of light into being , a never ending kalidascope of realities constantly harmoniously deliciously gloriously unfolding and pulsating streamers of life. We are finally begining to see the magic en mass. It is disquieting to realize this, so many firing off bolts at anything anytime in their testing of their power. Gods Will Be Done.

  109. This is very interesting information! The only thing is that when they came out, they made the sign of the cross and prayed. One of the wives had a picture of the Virgin De Guadalupe. If they were "praying to the devil" they would not make the sign of the cross. They also talked about having a internal war with God and the Devil, and it was GOD's hand who helped them out of there.

    • TruthAtAllCosts on

      This comment is applicable to the Roman Catholic SYSTEM, not the dear, honest and beloved people misled by that system.

      Check out these pics:…. , they say it all. Be careful when researching this topic though, because there is SO much misleading going on out there. Check out Dan 7 and Rev 13 & 17 – there are about 23 pointers all pointing to the RCC system.

      SDA has the their finger on RCC and the mark correctly, but woe, their prophetess has the p..n..s if nimrod on her grave (and she's way wrong about Gen 6:4 too). Take truth where you can, reject the lies around it. Eat the meat, spit out the bones like Kent Hovind says.

      Good luck, because truth is sometimes hard to accept.

  110. I love this site and think most of the descriptions are extremely accurate and thought provoking……but…..

    I'm not convinced by this one at all….Although it is definately true that there is symbolism EVERYWHERE, I think some people are in danger of finding meaning in everything when it actually isn't there.

    I'm writing this post at 20:13 GMT…that has a 13 in it…maybe it's a masonic tribute?…I'm nearly at my 30th birthday too…if you add 3 then that makes me 33!!!

    Brilliant website with info that definately needs to be heard, but as for this report…..nah not convinced.

    Keep it up though VC!!!!!!!

    Check out Gabriella Cilmi's video for 'I'm on a mission' though…that shit is full of symbols!!!

  111. Hi,

    Excellent debate and also great to see so many people coming to understanding through VC's excellent insight on the Esoteric and Exoteric workings of the Illuminated ones…..

    To add some further fuel to this subject, there were pictures on TV of the rescue operation which showed some of the miners falling on their knees thanking God for their lives, and giving him praise and glory. I don't know if all the miners were Christians but i saw a very interesting video yesterday showing the T Shirts that the miners wore had the word Jesus on the sleeves as defined by an earlier poster.

    But, even more interesting is that it also revealed that there was a verse from the Psalms on the back, however i am not sure if this was the case with all the miners but the video shows a miner with verse 4 of Psalm 95 on the back of his T shirt. This being the case makes me wonder why they would rescue Christians, it may be that these men were going to be a sacrifice but things didn't work out the way they had planned it and it may be that because of the prayers and faith that these men had the mighty God of salvation that he heard their cries for help and saved them. Thus the Illuminated ones counteracted turning it into an occult rebirth ritual.

    If my hypothesis is not correct, then i would very much like to know why they rescued Christian men, whom they hate and despise????

    Here's the video titled – What did the miners in Chile say on their shirts?

    There always seems to be more questions than there are answers…..

    God bless…

    • The first thing that you have to ask is, What is a Christian? We have been taught that it means to be Christ Like. That means to follow the teachings of Christ. By there fruits you shall know them. If they were truly following Christ they would not be interested in getting fame and glory and money for this ordeal. I.E. Movies, commercial contracts etc. One of the primary things that Jesus taught was to not seek after worldly things. We must have a solid foundation of what Christ said a disciple ( one who follows his masters teachings and helps in spreading them) would look like and what it took to become one. Even satan comes as an angel of light. Even so his teachers. When you look at the temptation on the mount you will see that satan is a master at using scripture and symbols to deceive. I hope this helps.

  112. Hey guys!

    Well, very interesting. I thought about it and then started to look for in the internet if someone had thought the same about all this ritual. I have a doubt though. Why was all that for? I mean, ok, lets say it is a rite so what was the purpose of this whole ritual ?

  113. Did anyone else notice that these miners came up clean shaven and not looking malnurished at all? 2 months of eating half a soda bottle cap of tuna a day (as they claimed) would certainly cause one to drop A LOT of weight over 69 days. Seems suspicious…

    • That's because they ate half a tuna can for 17 days, the rest of the time, they were fed and thrown supplies in there..

      omg people… you're undermining the entire movement with this crap!

  114. vanitysaddiction on

    I believe alot of the stuff that gets posted on here, however thinking that this was some huge conspiracy is a little far fetched to me. the inverted star isn't surrounded by a circle like most pentagrams. Idk this one is just way too conspiracy theory. I choose to believe that this was indeed a real event.

  115. According to some authoers the city, by which the mine is situated, is one which is associated with a supposed event in 1865 when a double-headed bird-like creature showed itself to some locals..

    Sounds like the Phoenix to me. Perhaps the reason to why this potential ritual was done at the given localtion…

    And common.. The number 13 and 22 is all over the news about this event (encoded though)..look at the timestamps when the accident happened, when they came up..etc.. The first came up, 11:11 the 11/11..11+11=22 (freemason number for the foremost person, he who combined theory with practise)

    Do the same math and you'll find 13 and 22 all over the place =)

    And what's the story about NASA..I mean they were once heavily involved in the occult covert programmes..

    A lot of the details and coverage smells ritual to me.

  116. Were the 33 Rescued Chilean Miners Unknowingly Participating in an Illuminati / Masonic Ritual?

    Like many people around the world I prayed to God that he would help the trapped Miners and that the rescue attempt would be successful. But while watching the coverage live on CNN and waiting many long hours before the actual rescue got started, it got me thinking that perhaps something more sinister was behind the whole operation.

    Once it was known that 33 Miners were trapped deep underground, did the Illuminati “milk” the event for all it was worth in order to stage a Masonic / Satanic ritual in front of the world’s eyes?

    Note that the number 33 is ritual-wise very important to the Illuminati because it is the highest level rite in freemasonry (belonging to the Scottish rite). I have read that the Illuminati are obsessed with occult numerology and that they use numbers like 11, 13, 33 etc… when staging or conducting an occult ritual.

    Now at this point most people would say that it is just a coincidence that the number of miners trapped underground equals to 33. After all, the Zionist controlled media told us all that the event was an accident (… and they would “never” lie to us …. would they?).

    So let’s assume that mine cave-in was a real (“natural”) accident and that 33 people were trapped deep inside. What I am about to point out should at least give those that are tuned-in to the esoteric happenings of the world with some food-for-though.

    During the rescue operation a capsule was used to save the miners from their entrapment. The suspicious choice of name for the capsule was the “Phoenix” (or “Fenix”). On the capsule, the name “FENIX 2” was clearly seen.

    Now look at the symbolism here. The “Phoenix” is a mythical “divine” bird that originated from ancient Egyptian satanic mysteries. It is one of the oldest occult symbols in the world. The myth has it that the Phoenix destroys itself in flames and then rises from the ashes.

    In the occult, Satanists use the Phoenix symbol to represent Lucifer – who was cast down in flames (to earth) and believe will one day rise triumphantly over the God of the Christians (i.e. the one and true God).

    At the Chilean mine we have a “Phoenix capsule” saving people (i.e. the trapped miners). The occult symbolism here is that “Lucifer” is the savior of the “people” of this world.

    The Bible tells us that in the last days there will be a “man of perdition”. This man will be exalted as a “savior of the world”. This man is in fact a manifestation of Lucifer in human form.

    But does such a man exist? Has anybody stepped out of the woodwork to claim that their job is to save the world? Well yes, in fact someone who is well recognized by nearly everyone in the world has made this claim a few months ago. And mind you this claim has been made right on schedule (in 2010 – as much of the predictive programming material out there have indicated). This man is of course Prince Charles (… see the “mail online” article 30th July 2010 where Prince Charles announced his duty is to save the world). And don’t forget that in 2002 a giant bronzed statue of Prince Charles (with angel-like wings sprouting from his back) was made depicting him with the words “Savior of the World”. The statue has him standing on the earth’s surface with human forms protruding out of the muddy ground reaching out to him. In the Chilean mine disaster; we have people in the ground being saved by the “phoenix” (or Lucifer).

    I watched the mine rescue operation live on CNN. When I turned on the TV, CNN had the words “Rescue operation about to begin” shown on the screen. They showed images of the mine but nothing much was happening. It was about 6 hours or so later until the rescue actually started. To me it appeared that the rescue was timed so that the first miner rescued would surface a short time after midnight – on the 13th of October. The number 13 is of course one of those significant occult numbers, but on its own does not really mean much. However what is significant is the following: If you compare the date 13th October 2010 to the date of Prince Charles’ birthday on 14th November 2010, you will find that the number of days from the first date to the second date (both days inclusive) is equal to 33.

    So, was this masonic ritual staged so that the image of the “Phoenix” saving people 33 times would sink into the subconscious mind of other people around the world? Note that this event has captivated a huge world audience.

    There is a lot more that can be said about the occult ritual associated with this event (like the astrological significance of the 13th October, 2010 – i.e. that the sun, mercury and Saturn was positioned in Virgo). However, I will perhaps leave this discussion for another time.

  117. I agree with this analysis, but for it to truly be valid it must be that the 33 miners were deliberately isolated in that specific part of the mine, and a section of the roof deliberately collapsed behind them. i.e. a conspiracy.

    If not, then all the numerical coincidences would have to be supernatural; and in that case, maybe the masons really are on to something.

    Weird shit indeed!

  118. dollop of tennessee on

    Yes it does mean something.

    The date and symbolisms and rescue of the 33 miners represents the Luciferians bringing back of the hunted and killed Luciferian Templar Knights.

    The next event on November 10, 2010 will be the beginning of their sacrifice of 33,000,000 Iranians over the next year, with global thermonuclear war thrown in for good measure. This will round up their decade long ritual that was begun on 9/11 2001.

  119. I've read all the comments top to bottom. I must say that, really folks, you are reading way too much in all of this. I get the impression, from the "illuminist" on down that most of you hadnt been following the story at all, and jumped on a paranoic's bandwagon, at the last second. Sheesh, 33 minors who were thought to be dead, thought not to be rescued until the end of the year., get rescued in a day, not 2 as originally thought. And all I read here is about pentagrams and BS that even a modicum of research could have shown you all other-wise. Dont expect answers from the "Illuminist" either. He didnt say anything any of you should not have already known, if you know anything about Illuminati conspiracies at all.

    As for those wondering why all this attention was focussed on this incident, it is precisely because, once in awhile, good things happen in the world. The evil you are trying so hard to expose isn't there all the frickin time. If anything, it could be, as these things usually are, a handy diversion from the things you really should be paying attention to. You know, the Gulf oil spill continues unabated, but why isnt it in the news any more? Because you are bored and easily distracted.

    Oh, and they did have access to water and such , Just cos they couldnt get out of the mine doesnt mean they didnt have access to everything those mines contain.

  120. Vigilant citizen you are always on point with your articles. Someone else mentioned the number 23. Very interesting since 9 + 11+ 2001=23 and the year of the Federal Reserve established 1+9+13=23 or 19+1+3= 23. Just wondering if you've looked into this number. There is others I just can't recall them right now.

  121. I noticed some of this too and thanks for all the additional information. When one can fold a ten dollar bill and see the twin towers burning and know that on 911 the pick three lottery was 911 and the neverending list of numerological coincidences that accompany every major (staged) event…one has to find themselves pondering the design whether Godly or of the hunan kind.

    While reading this it crossed my mind that on May 6 1975 when I was 14 years old I was hit by the engine of a speeding amtrak train going over 80 miles an hour….I believe I was dead for just a moment and then returned. I got to my feet but had to reach back and pull my arm into my other arm and my leg nearly severed off wobbled in a 360 as I walked toward home, eventually falling into the ditch.

    I added up the date and it was 33, 5 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 5….I got a chill.

    I wrote about this in a novel I wrote called God is an Indian Giver…in which the characters in the book go into Abbaddon, the gate of hell to rescue the pure soul of a little girl whose soul was kidnapped by demons.

    On the back of the book, the artwork accidentally gave an imprint that looks just like the Shroud of Turin, when I held my nephews sketch on the scanner….

    Throughout my life I have experienced many weird things which I won't go into but suffice to say I believe in the aspects of some sort of heaven and hell, God and devil….entities beyond flesh and blood.

    I wish I had the time to elaborate but for whatever reason I was given another chance at life and I have spent it writing books, performing music and creating videos and telling a story that is certainly one of good versus evil. I know their is a good God and I pray to him and have gotten many answers. I know I still need to let go of more of the restraints that bind me to Earthly angers and sins but I mostly try hard to be a good guy.

    My internet series on youtube is called Method in the Madness and it attempts to sort out the devils madness, and mine…and lead people to the idea that their is method to the evil in the world and only by realizing that fact will the truth set us free.

    For whatever reason I am often censored and harrassed by people that seem to think I am some sort of threat….Maybe because I believe in truth and peace and love….

    I think the day I bounced off the train I was saved from a darker path. There are staged events by men pretending to be Gods and then there is something by far greater…I know because I have seen it, felt it, lived it and was brought back by it.

  122. In the spirit of this being a staged event, how in the world did they spend "33" days in a mine and rise from the ashes,no pun intended with not a scratch nor a spec of soil on them?

  123. I was looking for symbolism during the rescue. I believe you are right. The masonic lodge has woven their web at all corners of the world.

  124. Hmmm…maybe the actual ritual was about getting the world to pay attention to this event and harness all that energy in a certain magical alignment for some sort of release or birth of an entity the powers-that-be have chosen or maybe waiting for. Think about it for a sec. Create a ritual, transmit energy, and focus that energy all in one spot. Who knows what the men were really doing down there. Could be a stargate.

  125. excellent once again VC! As soon as I heard 33 and saw the date, I knew it was some kind of ritual. You touchedon other points. Awesome job. So glad people are waking up to the fact that we are truly in a spiritual and psychological war. Stay strong and stay vigilant everyone! the powers of deception and evil will not win! They're already defeated!!

  126. Two words: OH S***.

    On another note, 10/13 is "X-Files" creator Chris Carter's birthday (hence the name Ten Thirteen Productions).

  127. I recall a reporter on GMA mentioning at the end of one of their many, many segments on the mine rescue that the number 33 kept popping up. I immediately gave the tv the side eye, but I didn't have any time to look into it. Thanks for your summary, Vigilant. Very interesting. The truth is always stranger than fiction, soooo…

  128. "Although, I didn’t write about it in my articles, I did notice the inverted star on the t-shirts and found that a bit disturbing. It seems like any artist would understand the significance of that. On the other hand the t-shirts do say “¡Gracias Señor!” There is no way anyone can realistically attribute any occult significance to this. It is a very common Christian phrase in Spanish meaning “Thank you, Lord!”"




    Is it possible it was meant in a blasphemous way? A subtle dig at Jesus when combined with the inverted pentagram? Or perhaps it means Lord of hell?


    Depends on how you look at it. It could be interpreted many ways…

  129. THe Ritual occured on the 703rd anniversary of the slaughter of the Christian Satanists, ie Knights Templars 10-13-1307. Appearing symbolically to ressurect from Hell. The Fallen Satanists. Sponsored and staged by at a Rothschild controlled mine. According to Tim Rifat.

  130. The entire event was staged right from the start. There are far too many un answered questions that has not been addressed. The miners were trapped by a collaped section half way down the mine. Why did they not start cutting a way throw from that point as access was easy and equipment could have been installed to safeguard further collaps. Why didn't they drill a connecting 'body size' tube tunnal from the collaped point to the other side to pull the trapped miners out. And what the hell were they mining for in the first place? Does ANYONE know?

  131. Rev Elias Bernard on

    Im surprised nobody mentioned October ere13 as another "coincidence"

    October 13 was the day the Templars were killed

  132. Write a article about Gullible Christians thinking and accepting Prophet Jesus as God.God does not recreate himself n then die.The illuminati has highjacked the Christian Bible changed it's words n fooling a billion people into thinking that man was God.Wake up n c the truth.don't b fooled by them.

    • The Sign Maker on

      You're the one who'd better Wake Up before HE returns for HIS Beloved Bride! When you see/hear the Good News about 100's of millions of people disappearing in a flash w/out a trace, You're going to find that You were the one who was, and is about to be, Horribly Deceived. Don't be Left Behind! But, sadly, of course, you will be. People like you who foolishly believe that they have it All Figured Out are not about to learn anything important until it is Far Too Late. I sorrow for you……..

  133. i have been coming here for awhile now and i gotta say, this guy is really waking me up to this kind of thing.

    i thought it was suspicious, all the coverage it was getting, and figured it might have something to do what VC talks about. then i heard the vehicle was called the 'phoenix' and that really got me going. i'm not at all surprised to see the inverted pentagram or to find the number 33 recurring

  134. I see that you a have quote by Confucius as your motto. With that it mind, here's another quote of his which I think might relate to this article: "The future unfolds according to calculable numbers." It may not be an orchestrated conspiracy but possibly some confluence of archetypal energies coming to a culmination in the material plane.

  135. It's because we are a reflection of the 1 1. What is, comes to be in a way we can only perceive. Some one said that they hated the truth, it's because what lies behind the mask, isn't what you want to see. If you could see what is truth you would fall to your knees and wish it wasn't so. Lies are what you want… So imagine if you will the lie…

  136. yes, this whole show was enacted to keep us entertained while the scammers in charge were doing something very bad. it worked, and the economies are now in freefall.

  137. It seems the numerologists have been at work in Chile for some time. Here are a couple of less-familiar 9/11 world events (like the groundbreaking of the Pentagon). Wikipedia says:

    …the Richard Nixon administration organized and inserted secret operatives in Chile, in order to quickly destabilize Allende’s government …. Finally, a military coup overthrew Allende on September 11, 1973 …

    A new Constitution was approved by a controversial plebiscite on September 11, 1980, and General Pinochet became president of the republic for an 8-year term.

  138. Someone should do a study on childrens shows (especially here in Canada, owned by Shaw/Canwest)

    Almost every one of them has dragons as the main charater, plus an endless array of stars, rainbows or shining sun's.

    This is by no means a coincidence. I have sent numerous emails to the stations, asking why not use ordinary everyday pets, or other pleasant looking creatures, or creative symbols. No reply.

  139. Great article, look at the positives of this event.

    Unity-a country comes together to help out those in dire needs and the result positive.

    Determination-Showing just how far human beings will go to help one another out

    Is there occult symbolism in this event? Of course there is.

    Now why they turned the chilean star around to become inverted? Ive got no clue,it is a wierd shirt.

    Is the star inverted?It is

    This was about heart,soul and love. Who woulda thought the news media actually focusing on a positive event like this,about time to have some yin and yeng in the media!

  140. All of this is just anti-Semitism…We must never forget that 666 million of the chosen ones were gassed to death in the Holocaust by the Goyim cattle… Shalom…

  141. I, too, found the energetic Mario Sepulveda quite intriguing. Even the name "Sepulveda" seems curious, considering the circumstances. "Sepul" is the root word of "sepulcher", which means burial. "Veda" could relate to the Sanskrit word for sacred knowledge. It is also comes from the Spanish verb "vedar", which means to prohibit.

    Obviously, the loose translation is quite interesting and ironic.

  142. Realize on thing……the masonic inferences are kabbalistic. The same kabbalistic symbology presents itself in many corners of the world. The infiltration is not of a masonic nature…….it is of a Satanic nature. That is what makes the coordination of events like this possible.

    Don't believe in these types of 'too weird to believe' events?

    Take a look around……here are a few places to start.

    The story of Johnny Gosch/Jeff Gannon.

    The Franklin Cover up.

    Testimonies of Brice Taylor, Cathy O'Brian and other MKUltra/Satanic abuse ritual victims

    GW Bush ties to Henry Lee Lucas (the only clemency ever granted under his govship)

    Strap in, this all gets pretty disturbing… is a great site that covers many of these topics in one place. Please read it. This evil needs to be exposed.

  143. New York may be in peril. November 14, 2010 is exactly 33 years after the great saintly person, HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Founder and Acarya of the Int'l Society For Krishna Consciousness departed this world, having been tortured and poisoned unto death by his purported disciples, who kept him locked in a room in Vrindavana, India against his will at the age of 82; after administering medicines and milk laced with arsenic and mercury; which had been delivered them by a Chand Swami (same man who had helped Indira Gandhi poison her jailed opponents in the 1970s) which he brought from New York City, which had been the former headquarters of the Hare Krishna Movement till 1970 , when Prabhupada had stated that "THE GREAT SINISTER MOVEMENT has entered our Society" – and he departed the states and made India (Bombay, Mayapura and Vrindavana) his new world headquarters – only to return from time to time to the West to enliven his genuine devotees at the over one hundred temples, ashramas and farming communities he had established single-handedly on every continent on the globe. So torturing saintly persons and devotees is a severe offence in the eyes of God, and already there have been significant and dire karmic reactions to this Crime of the Millenium (see our videos on youtube for profound details and incontrovertible evidence); but significantly our Spiritual Master, whom Sastra states unequivocally can see past present and future, had thrice indicated in his first year of preaching in the USA (1966) that: "IF GOD WANTS, in a second your New York City will be pushed into the Atlantic Ocean – IN A SECOND!"

    The Vedas state that when something is thrice stated, it is an imperative, most important. Just like the Vedas state three times (in one particular verse that in this Age of Kali (the iron age, full of quarrelsomeness and hypocrisy) the only means for deliverance from suffering, ignorance and materialism is the chanting of the mah-mantra, hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.

    Anyone who chants this great chant sincerely will fell immediate bliss and freedom from nescience and fear.

    So, anyway, Prabhupada was tortured and blasphemed as Christ was before him, and perhaps Prabhupada was seeing that eventuality in 1966 when he had thrice made the prognostication that NYC was doomed.

    Previous to that on a morning walk conversation, his disciples pointed to the World Trade Center and mentioned that these were "the highest buildings inthe world. Prabhupada immediately remarked : "AND SOON THEY WILL BE THE LOWEST!" (his was 1974)

  144. It is in my opinion that either these 33 miners were unaware that they've been chosen as FreemasonsTemplars play toys or they did know very well what was at stake and willingly sacrificed themselves both physically and mentally to the task maybe to become initiates or to advance to a higher Freemason degree. The question is, which one is it?

    I knew something was not right whenever I heard about this miners' event, especially when I heard the number 33. It surely looked all perfectly staged, like for example the miners bringing enough food to last the set amount of time, the number of days it took to drill the ground which could have been easily done in less than the amount it took, etc…

    As I asked before, the big question here is, were the miners aware? Or were they in complete ignorance?

  145. I knew it was a masonic set up when I first heard about it, thank you for proving me right. I'm sure Obama and crew passed some new bills during all this hoopla, distraction, distraction…

  146. was following the whole fiasco on france twenty four,they showed one of the miners saying that they met God and the Devil down in the mines,since they came out they are all holding back from telling their stories,one of the miners said this morning that for legal reasons which they all agrteed to he cannot make a statment yet,three days later and everybody is still wearing glasses,

  147. liberty valance on

    @ Jim Morrison and @ his brother iLLuminatrix

    You make sense.

    I would never have imagined it myself but now I think there is some possibility that what you say contains some truth.

  148. Hi Vigilant,

    you never cease to amaze me with your incredible insight- please keep up your tremendous work-

    even I, an uninitiated wretch, instinctively felt from the very beginning that other forces were at work regarding both the Chilean earthquake as well as the miners' incident-

    I picked up immediately on the "33" miners involved as well as the 10+13+10 (=33) rescue day connection bit but failed to see the inverted pentagram- thanks for the insight-

    but who, outside of the miners, benefits at the end of the day from this "ritual" and how would they benefit?-

    many regards to you and all of your readers

  149. Maybe the actual ritual is about having everyone in the world pay attention to this event and thus harnessing all this energy to one magical location on the map. This energy will be the sacrifice to the release or birth of a chosen entity (Fenix or Pheonix) or an entity that the powers-that-be are awaiting. Who knows what the men where really doing down there. Could be a stargate. Has anyone checked the actual map coordinates of the site where this event took place?

    As VC has pointed out in past articles, we all know the PTB use this energy harnessing technique in MTV awards on-stage performances, for example, where an actual ritual is taking place while the energy of the crowd feeds the evil.

    Peace and Love.

  150. If we are looking for reasons, then it served as a nice, lengthy diversion from elections and pressing issues here in the US, and a better ending than the BP debacle. Don't we all feel better now than we did then–that's what matters.

    Separate yourselves from constant streaming media inputs of all sources while you still can. Everything is reinforcing itself. But what IS "it?"


    How much thinking is being done for you from all sides? How many of your daily thoughts are reactions instead of deliberate conclusions? What happens when you get to the bottom of a meme?

    Have a nice day.

  151. The pentagram on the shirts are rotated 54 degrees from top dead center and are not inverted. i.e. It would take only a 54 degree clockwise/counterclockwise rotation to make it regular and not 180 degrees as would be required to rectify an inverted pentagram. Not hatin, just sayin.


    1. MINERS WERE NOT INVOLVED. No one said they were. Seriously, the miners are ignorant about it just like everybody else

    2. Wow, the first time I saw this I was like….yeah that's pretty sad. Then later the story just took off and I'm like…..why is this big news…seriously WTH guys. So….I'm wondering if there's anything symbolic or occult here. And right when saw this article I knew……33 miners. But this really shouuldn't be big news…no one was even INJURED! Lol some news sites say they have reached rockstar status

    3. Jesus was 33 when he died, some occultist think he was like a Pagan god thingy so that explaisn the 33

    4. Yeah so this is probably a mega ritual kind of like how 911 was. So I'm pretty sure that the "illuminati" was just celebrating the date of 10/13/10.

    5. Experiment? Maybe but I doubt it, they already do underground experiments and so called "alien abductions" are just nephilim experiments

  153. Remember the last great tragedy and rescue the world was riveted upon? Apollo 13? Do the rest of the research on your own.

  154. I was looking for more information on Ascension/Ascended that might coincide with ascending out of a pit.

    Here is what I found in Revelation 11:7

    "Now when they finish their testimony, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against the, overcome them, and kill them"

  155. Mark Beran (Ever Wat on

    This is very strange indeed. Here is an excerpt from an article in the Calgary Herald:

    Rescued miner Victor Segovia took notes that could become a manuscript about the experience.

    “We are going to publish a book,” Ticona said. “We have an outline with 33 chapters based on the log that Victor kept. We are going to see about that later. Victor wrote every day.”

    Read more:

    There is something that went on during those 69 days. They did not just work out and eat and drink. I have no doubt about that. Money is not the real reason they are not talking. Do not be foolish. Odds are that they are being told to be quiet. I have a terrible feeling that this is going to turn into a huge, fabricated lie just like the story of Flight 93. No doubt, there will be a film, and then false stories to go along with it. Were they filled in on the ritual that took place. Do they even know anything at all? Only time will tell.

  156. Some miners got trapped. Some good honest people rescued them. The Illuminati (if it exists in the form you imagine) did or didn't get involved.

    The outcome was the same. Life goes on.

    Open your minds. Don't deal in absolutes.

  157. The media is preparing us for the day mentioned in the Book of Revelation when the prophet of the antichrist is slain and raised by the dead and seen by the whole world.

  158. Good article but why do you usually have ads or pop ups to promote these artist videos that you talk about so much.

  159. I am Chilean by birth so I know the chilean flag,it has a star same as the Lone star.The miner is stretching his shirt so a distortion occurs.

    For the number 33 I always thought that number was significant to their luck.

  160. the miner were being released on 13/10/10= 33, that is bizarre…how long did the entire operation last from first man out to last man out including the rescue workers ……

  161. All these occult symbols are very amazing ,and also 3 of the miners are homing pigeon handlers .

    This may also be a symbol, as homing pigeons can carry messages.

    If this is some kind of masonic ritual, and they want to send a message to other masons or Illuminati,

    why dont they just use the phone or send a telegram?

  162. Just because it says thank you lord will not mean that they are referring to Jesus. It would depend on who is their lord, If they really wanted to stand up for Christ, it would have been "Thank you Jesus"

    Thank You Jesus!

    • Me from Colombia on

      David, when one of the miners was called a hero he said NO! JESUS IS MY HERO!

      I think you guys missed a lot because some parts were never translated properly. In fact I'm shocked they never said the operation was called "Operation Saint Lawrence".

    • Hi David

      I also find it interesting and amazing, that 3 of the miners are homing pigeon handlers, and this could be a symbol also, as homing pigeons can carry messages.

      However ,if these masons,and Illuminati guys want to send messages to each other, why dont they just use the phone, or send a telegram?

  163. The tell-tale will be- will other miners from here on out get the same rescue?

    If this does not set the standard for mine rescues around the world, THEN I will say something is fishy.

  164. I have to say (we , in my family, were all thinking that they will be saved) not just because we did not want to see people dying, but there was many strange surrounding this event, and somehow we felt everything will be ok.

    There was never so much media coverage about simmilar subject..

    Chilean CNN reporter (weather man) said (while translating what miners were saying..

    "this is a grate opportunity for Chile… "

    what kind of opportunity-

    to be on TV, world to stop and watch Chilean rescue? what kind of opportunity was it?

    and why miners have pledged on silence?

  165. 9 – 11 – 01 The common format for the date of the mega event

    reversed or read left to right Hebriac style

    10 – 11 – 9 in Y/M/D format

    The other "book end" mega event.

    the last two alternative bookend mega dates are

    9 – 10 – 11 or 10 – 9 – 11.

    It will be one of the above permutations, with 10 – 11 – 9 Y/M/D being the purest.

  166. VC your opinions differ from mine, you have disappointed and disturbed me, I have a blog with 2 hits a week, blah blah blah.

  167. When i heard that they were 33 i knew there was something…

    One of the men talked about the fact that he was in hell and god rescued him….lol it was da phoenix!

  168. Am from Mauritius Island and the very night the rescue started ( broadcasted live by BBC ) I informed the Brothers of my Lodge about the Symbols of this rescue .

    Our workings are according to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and the symbols are very clear to us . For ex for an initiation , the candidate will be in a small and dark room , alone , where he will have for some one hour , think about his after-death legacy … Then after , nearly at the end of the Ceromony , he is ' reborned ' into an Initiate …. like a Phoenix . AL

  169. Pour ceux qui lisent le français, soyez attentifs:

    33 c' est aussi "IX" ou "XI" dans l' alphanumérisation de la langue française (et anglaise!), puisque "X" = 24 et que "I" = 9. Or, cette configuration évoque un 11/9 ou un 9/11, puisque en latin 9/11 s' écrit "IX/XI" et 11/9 s' écrit "XI/IX" !

    "Trente trois" = 163 également or, (par exemple) le 153è jour de l' année 1776 était une combinaison de date 1-6-3 (!), tandis que le 1er mai 1776, combinaison de date 1-5-3, correspondait au jour de la création de la société secrète des Illuminati de Bavière de laquelle est issu notamment le sceau occulte du billet de 1 dollar!

    Voir en particulier mon livre "Le nombre 163 ou la manifestation de la bête 666" que vous trouverez sur mon site:



  170. I have a mason 33 grandmother (yuck). It really is no coincidence that 33 people, after 33 days, come out -"ahead of schedule" on a … 33. WORSE: knowing their numerology, 33 is equal to 6. Now, 6 three times, is 666. Sorry guys, NO mistake -to just scrape the surface of it.

    SOmething else: for us, it IS an "anniiversary" of sorts: on october 13, 2008 the then official president (now not official, but still president) of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias -Peace Nobel, London School of Economics, CFR…), days after "declaring PEACE TO NATURE", decreed a "Public Interest" for a gold mine in CR, in an area called Crucitas (small crosses). For now 10 days, a group of people have been in hunger strike, right in front of Casa Presidiencial against it. Not heard about it? HOW WOULD YOU??? It only makes the news when it is in a country NOT ruled by globalists. (I know I'm not supposed to link to other places, but PLEASE check my report -and latest comment (no room in the body of the article) about what they are doing to our country -whose people DO love Nature and Life… because due to "the news", you will never find out, so "it will never change".

    Unless WE do something about it –as individuals, and in a real sense. Jane Burgermeister was kind enough to let me put a little note about in yesterday's . Please, PLEASE check it out, before these guys are engulfed by sheer indifference -and with them goes what's left of peaceful noncompliance in Costa Rica. Please, help us spread the news!!!!!

  171. I try to tell my friends and parents about this website but nobody believes me. I wish there was something I could do to make them believe in it. I honestly cry sometimes when I read this stuff, it's just so shocking to me, and I don't know why things have to be this way. But I'm actually seeing all these signs and symbols out in the world not being fully educated on it.

    I thank all the authors of this website and all the people who write these comments. It truly helps me understand these forces more.

  172. Inverted pentagram represents Baphomet, supposedly worshiped by the Templars. 10/13 is the day the Templars were arrested.

    TPTB are big into numerology and use it to convey messages.

    The masons are the templars.

  173. I wondered why this story had been covered by so many news stations nonstop. I guess I kinda knew why. It was weird to me. Another thing that was weird to me is that these miners seem to be ok after spending more than a month underground. Not signs or traces of trauma. Their is a girl who was beaten and murdered by her stepmother and it is possible that her stepmother feed her to a wood chipper. That story, which is more tragic–did not recieve that much news coverage. Children are kidnapped, raped, sold in to modern day slavery, beaten, etc… Everyday, every minute around the world and for some reason—themedia decides this story is more relevant. Come on now people–the timespent on MANY newstations brodcasting this could have been spent sending out an amber alert for a child, trying to find a murderer, bringing attention to the AIDs epidemic in Africa, bringing attention to the poor children who go to sleep at night in pain because of their swelled stomach have begun to literally digest itself from lack of food. Come on now. This is an illusion and what is so crazy is that after these miners were rescued—–they said they will sell their story for no less than 21 million. This was said shortly after they were rescued. How odd? Why would that even be on your mind after spending so much time underground with an inadquate supply food, water, light, no place to defacate or urinate, no way to clean themselves—–Come on now. I believe "selling a story for 21 million" would be the last thing on their mind. Shouldn't they be more focused on restoring their health and reuniting with their families? Doesn't that make you wonder—it sure makes me wonder…

    Have anyone ever watched the movie "The Knowing" with Nicholas Cage? In that movie, Cage discovers some piece of paper with numbers on it that when deciphered in some sort of way, predicted devasting world tragedies and disasters. In that movie—(Which was some time before the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico) they had a news station reporting an oil spill in… Guess… the gulf of Mexico! The news bulletin was presented in the exact way it was on the movie. In the movie, the exact thing happened–their was an explosion and leaking oil. While this was being brodcasted on Cage's television–he looked down the paper containing numbers and somehow saw the correlation between the event and the numbers. This is NOT a coinincidence. I am more than shocked that I have yet to see that on this site…

    Anyway, it has been decoded by people blessed with discernment and revealed to the public over and over. How much more do people need? You actually think that there is nothing behind this? I find that sort of thinking as Some–Things Syndrome… meaning that you accept that some things are strange and can be done by the illuminati and some things cannot. You need to research who REALLY run this world. These people…..I know I am about to sound CRAZY and dillusional to some—-but some of you who KNOW will understand—- The illuminati have learned and perfected the arts of black magic. This was discovered in Solomon's Temple. For non believers—it is an actual place. I believe it is Meeca. Im not sure though. Anyway–There were books on magic(all magic is Black magic because it is forbidden by God/the Creator)buried beneath Solomon's temple. If you search the internet now–or some old news archives—"they" have been digging under the Al Aqsa mosque in Meeca. Ask yourself why?

    Now if there is no God, no devil, nothing—–we are just being evolving through means of spontaneaty——Why is this so important to the elite? Why are Bible, Quran, etc.. prophecies happening before our eyes? Why is this so imortant to the illuminati? To acknowledge evil, you must also acknowledge good. So of these celebrities are openly placing satanic imagery in EVERYTHING–meaning clothing, music videos, on buildings,etc—-then one can assume that they are definitely paying homage to the devil—These are NOT ordinary people screaming "The End is Near and my sister Elvis is alive and standing right next to me." No, these are people of prestige, power, and influenece—-These people are openly worshipping the devil–so use our logic now—–if they are worshipping the devil with so much conspicous symbolism and imagery—They obviously know something we do not. They know that there is a devil who they attribute ALL of their success to and if there is a devil—there is absolutely, without a doubt, God. Come on now—These are People with no mental history whatsoever.

    I have learned ALOT of things about what is going on in the world today and it terrifies of how sleep the majority are. It amazes to how people still refuse to believe the TRUTH. There is a reason why we are seeing these things NOW. Some thing BIG is going to happen soon and people will still refuse to believe. But I see why–these symbols are not made for nothing. I read in an article about witchcraft–the "witch" stated in the article that these symbols, signs, and imagery are casted as spells. Could they be spells that produce people who refuse to believe even though the truth is right before their eyes or could it be a spell that produce atheists? Maybe both.

  174. Why is the Chilean President suddenly visiting the Queen of England and presenting her with a rock from the mine. Wasn't aware of a close connection with Chile.

  175. I'm from the UK and remember hearing about this. It was a few days before they were actually rescued and the women said " They will begin to resue them around midnight tonight"

    When they actually started a few days later I knew something was fishy. Why did they only start at a certain point? when they could have rescued them before?

  176. hey guys listen to me .. i really know what it means.. freemason wants to negotiate with north korea by this accident .. one of my friend is North Korean defector who is once high-ranking officials int north korea related with technology . his major is physics in north korea. he once said that 1990 when east german collapsed many eastern german scientists(approximately 8000 ) take refuge in north korea by honecker-kim jung il secret treaty. North korea can absorb many military technologhy , one of which is nazi military technology or yangels.. north korea and u.s.a operate secret message method … in korea some people interpret north korea message written by korean ///// north korea purpose is to overthrow freemason or others something like freemason In vietnam war north korea already made a nuclear weapon and u.s.a recognized it

    so u.s.a had made a plan to attack north korea but.. it is not easy to attack north korea and time flows….

    in 1990s clinton's regime.. north korea shoots ICBM near by hawai becase u.s.a was making a plan to attack north korea . But clinton feel very shocked about north korea's ICBM technology

    in 1990s ~ now north korea and u.s.a conflict each other about korea's union and north korea's willing to free all world people confined by freemason and so on.. it's though is come from ancient korean philosophy that is to profit or advantage all world people

    When korean first ancestor builded up first korea nation cho-seon(B.C 2500~108)(this is north korea official nation name) , cho-seon's philosophy is to profit or advantage all world people (弘益人間)

    Now american and north korea conflict is already over by north korea's victory .

    this evidence can be comfirmed but i can't speak english well maybe one of whom can speak korean i can explain ..

    this is not just false or joke.. i don't want all people in u.s.a or western feeled shocked when 2010~2012

    maybe between 2010~2011 north korea and south korea will unify each other and after that north korea will emerge japan and in 2012 all of north korea's plan will have overed and 2012 is kim-il-song's 100 birth anniversary …

    see carful homefront(game) bye bye..

  177. Hi Admin

    I'm Chilean and from the beginning to the end all this "Rescue Reality Show" was a big bullshit.

    Of course, if somebody still believes in TV then everything was true.

    Great blog..!


  178. All of us watching this rescue, were being distracted from the Oct. 12 UFO Sightings over NYC!

    From what I heard, this was predicted, some time ago, "That ther would be UFOs appearing on this date/". As a matter of fact, UFOs appeared all over the U.S. and other countries. Now, I don't know whether they were man-made or a hoax hologram, Blue Beam, or whatever, but the fact is, WE WERE DISTRACTED!

    See Youtube:

    UFO's Over New York : Psy-Op Or Prophecy w/ Freeman and Jim Marrs — 10/14/10 Part-1

    BTW, returning to the miners, seeing all these coincidences, make me suspicious, as well. To the above comments, I want to add:

    1-Funny that the men were so plump and hearty, with so much energy, afterthey came out.

    One wonders whether they were really there allthat time.

    2- In the vids, you'll see a mesh grid on the left. There seems to be a dark hole in back of that. Could it be, they went in and out from there?

    3-What was the point of that speech of the first miner rescued?To supposedly sit theree, right after, and confess, etc.? Who the heck is going to do that after one is rescued?

    Ans so it goes.

    • Quote of the day " one of those things (ufo's) could land and a little green man could walk off and i'd still suspect the Gov" lmao ain't that the truth !

  179. thomas bordeau on

    I have not read all the posts here, so it may have been answered. Does anyone know why this was a "masonic rescue"? All this symbolism is lost on most people, so it is not apparent that it took place as such. The Chileans are largely Catholic, and held prayer services. Is the chilean gov't masonic? Is this suppose to be a warning that masonry has defeated the church in chile and only those in the know have been given the "secret" reason for this?

  180. The name jesus is traceable back to the name of a pagan deity and could NEVER have nor EVER be the name of one annointed by the most high who's name is HWHY… NOT god, God NOR GOD. It doesn't matter which letter you capitalize, those too all come from one word which traces back to the name of a pagan deity. So if the t-shirts were indeed donated by a "christian" organization and contain the inverted pagan symbol which was allegedly taken from the chilean flag then perhaps the chilean flag symbol was chosen by pagan free mason's (not that there's any other kind of free mason) and is unwittingly conditioning (brainwashing) the chilean people just as christians are conditioned (brainwashed) to believe things such as that jesus was the name of one annointed by the creator when event the letter "J" did not even exist until less than 500 years ago. HWHY said "DO NOT LET THE NAMES OF OTHER MIGHTY ONES BE HEARD FROM YOUR LIPS."


    (Do not infer by my use of a HEBREW word such as SHALOM that I am jewish or christian-jew or messianic-jew. I am not jewish nor am I christian as these are both wayward religions of the dispersion of the people of HWHY for NOT keeping his SET-APART TORAH. SHALOM is a HEBREW word not a jewish word. I follow what I find to be truth and the TORAH of HWHY is where I find the most truth.)

  181. I do see a ritual happening here:

    The corporate media fooled everyone into focusing their energy into what maybe a stargate. This was the sacrifice needed to release or birth (phoenix) an entity chosen by the powers-that-be or who are awaiting such an entity. Has anyone checked the coordinates of the site where this event took place?

  182. Interesting that even in South Africa we had coverage on this story every day on all radio station esc. From the very start of this whole ordeal to the very end, and frequent updates as well. I see Merit in what VC is saying.

  183. Stephen Dorrell on

    Two questions – if this was Ritual played out through the media on an International stage what was it's purpose? And what – if anything – was obscured by the 'blanket' coverage?

  184. Victoria Roman DeRod on

    I have been an avid reader until now. How dare you take something like this and twist it? I bet the american news and the uk news didn't show the minors talking about how on the BACK of those shirts were Bible verses. How they were send bibles and magnifying glasses to read them. how some accepted Jesus Christ and how almost all of them thanks God in heaven for the rescue. I am so disappointed. In my belief being a Christian i believe it got so many news coverage for one they were down there for 2 months and Still alive being sent food and water and 2 this was God's way of showing everyone yes he is here and still working. Saying this whole thing was a ritual? i was behind this website 100% until now. Besides the "Inverted pentagram"? That star and whole design on the t-shirt was based on the flag of Chile. Come on guys give it a rest all i can say is i hope you had good intentions in writing this but i personally will not be coming back to this site. Those who are not save i pray that you see God's furious love in this and look more to Him and His word. Those who are save please recognize your God's beautiful work. I love you all – your sister in Christ – Victoria.

    1 Peter 4:12-13

    12 Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. 13 But rejoice insofar as you share Christ's sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed.

    Romans 6:23

    23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    John 8:36

    36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

  185. Owais Siddiqui on

    Just a note to remind all that crusades were fought against the Muslims who were living in harmony with Christians in Spain. masons were all the way behind the crusades. Who do you think Camp Crusaders are being supported by?

  186. safe working conditi on

    Chile miners and humanizing labor…

    And the way you keep workers safe is by regulating industry. Period.

    In the US, twenty-nine men died in the Massey mine explosion because Don Blankenship didn’t want to spend money improving safety standards. For those of you who have been watching the Chile coverage: Imagine if every deliriously happy reunion between a miner and his family was instead a funeral. That’s the end result of a world led by Conservatives who think regulation is a bad thing.

  187. You guys may find this interesting. Since we are on the subject of " the phoenix " I thought i'd ask the question what is the meaning of man sleeping with a phoenix? I asked because Kanye released his new album cover that I will not post. I'm not about to bring attention to his mess like that. But it's him as a black gorilla monkey or something with a beer in his hand, sitting on a couch, and the phoenix has the head of a cat, razor sharp nipples, a blk/wht poka dot tale coming out of his or her butt and she or he whatever it is, is riding Kanye's you know what. yes they are naked on the cover, he is gorilla brown and the beast or whatever it is is white/pinkish. He tweeted saying the cover has been banned in the U.S. which is probably a lie he just wants attention. But yeah what is the meaning of man fcking a phoenix ? He tweeted it was a phoenix btw !

    • As of today I have learned that there is a ban on his album cover. A lot of stores protested the cover. Wal-mart included. They released a statement saying they are a christian cooperation and will not support such evil. So kudos to us as a country for stepping up to the plate and the article gave the impression they beleived the illuminati rumors ! BTW some say the creature is a demon, but going by Kanye's tweet it's a phoenix. It's ugly whatever it is !

  188. Find the video interview of the two American miners sent down to assist in the setup of some apparatus. They both held their hands the same throughout the interview – fingertips together with thumbs on top, creating a big circle in the middle. [Eye Of Horus?] Similar to the hand signals used by Jay-Z and Fifty Cents.

  189. Link about Chilean freemasonry:

    <a href="” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>

  190. Before reading this, I knew something was up with all that coverage, but it did'nt interest me that much, i would watch 5 minutes on cnn and then i would change the channel.

    I mostly agree with vc on such matters , however, i have a remark : as he got out, one of the miners said he met God and the devil down there, they fought for him and God won. that seemed to me like a good message from the miner. can u comment on this please?

  191. God, This is crazy stuff. Well, guess VC is entitled to say what he feels like but for this, i want to believe somethings are coincidental. A vigilant citizen indeed.

  192. after the massive earthquake that shifted the earths axis
    the whole of chile was discussing 2012 and the end of the world (the chilean navy did not warn the people about the tsunami that resulted from the earthquake)
    so military intelligence and masons decided they needed a big ritualistic event to distract everyone from the "end of time" discussion……….that is why I believe they trapped the miners on purpose…

    Chile may derive its name from the native Mapuche word chilli, which may mean "where the land ends,"[15] "the deepest point of the Earth,"[16]

  193. Seems very ritualised. Now the Chilean President has come to the UK to present the Queen with a piece of rock from the mine. Why? I wasn't aware of any special connection between UK & Chile. I'm pleased that the miners are ok, but we all know that there are 33 survivors so why do they bang on with 33 miners this, 33 miners that. The number is always quoted! Something not quite right with this IMO.

    • Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING of some importance is presented to the queen. She is the supreme authority of something we don't know but can only guess. Why was Lady Gaga presented to her, or Miley Cyrus for that matter? Why is she continuing to give titles of nobility (knights and dames) if monarchy is of no importance today? What services are rewarded in plain view? What is so special about that particular mine that the queen needed to have a piece? Very very odd…

  194. Alwayskeptical on

    I must say I thought the same thing and shared those thoughts with my mom and husband. The only positive thing I found to this event was the 69th to 70th day. The miners came out by the 69th day but the rescuers included did not finish till the 70th. I really want to read into it that the gap is finally closing and Daniel’s 70th week is upon us. That is not good news for the unsaved but for the saved, its a joyous time.

  195. God will help us in this wicked world. Na wa o! so these guys staged this whole thing and there I was feeling sorry for them.

  196. i think this propaganda shit is another iluminati hoax

    iam chilean ,piñera is a mason now is in london kissing derriere of queen minion of rothschild sinagogue of satan

    soon we will see global ufo event disclose

    be alert ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    dn xixote

  197. this is a hoax

    piñera is a mason now is reporting to queen partner of rotschild

    soon we will see a global ufo event

    be alert

  198. Interestingly, the prime minister(president) of Chile went immediately after to Bucking – dam – ham Palace, bringing sample rocks(symbols) from the mine for the Queen. The red carpet of royalty was laid out.

    Calderon from mexico has also had the same treatment and was given a hand written original leather bound copy of 1984 as his visiting present from the Queen.

  199. I was having thoughts like this before that something wasn't right about this rescue operation, and actually wanted to post something on the messages boards, but too bad Vigilant beat me too it. But yeah, once they started talking about 33 miners and getting them out on october 13th (10/13/10), which I knew would be important day for the occult illuminati, along with 33 days of drilling and the Leo day of Aug 5th ( the day when the miners became trapped) I couldn't help but think that things were fishy. There was an overall feeling of rebirth taking place, enough so that my co-worker, who doesn't even know about this stuff, thought that the whole process was like being reborn. And then they called the capsule the Pheonix, and set the miners up with devil worshiping pentagram shirts… Yeah, something is not right.

    Plus get this, the guy hired from the U.S. to drill the miners out was from Denver, Colorado. And we all know the underground bases and occult crap going on in DENVER, right?

  200. RIght on the money. I figured out that this was occultic three days before the miners came out. And naming the pheonix, and placing devil shirts on the minors proved me pretty much right. VIGILANT hits it once again.

  201. The one question no one is asking seems to be the most important one.. WHY??? Why put on such a show for a Mason ritual in such an obscure place as Chili??? And WHY televise the entire fiasco world-wide???

    What is the purpose?? A world-wide specticle begs the phrase, "Something wicked this way comes."

  202. Don Francisco stated on Mike Huckabee's show that there were (according to the miners) 34 people in the mine. God was looking out for them.

    it's probably on youtube if you missed it last night.

  203. …..Miss Beck,

    Im Chilean, I don´t understand your comment ". WHY??? Why put on such a show for a Mason ritual in such an obscure place as Chili???". First The name of the country is Chile not Chili, and the fact that you don´t know nothing about geography and history outsdide your "light full" country doesn´t mean it´s an obscure place. Second, it`s a true a fact there is a lot of masonic influence in Chile´s history much more than that has been mentioned in this article. But still seeing it from here it seems very difficult it`s something planned. There are too many technical details that makes it fill like coincidences, like for example that there where 33 minners, because there where some of them that escaped the other way and managed to go out miraculously. After knowing in detail about the minners and their previous life´s it seems a bit ridculuos they are part of a masonic conspiracy. Most of them have very simple lifes, a few where alcoholic,…….

    The " phoenix" sorry but it means rebirth, it´s no prove of anything it´s the rebirth because they where burried 720 m (2362 feet) underground for 17 days with no news of them or exactly where they where. Almost everybody thought they where dead.

    " Inverted star" , Its just a design, the whole flag is inverted diagonally an the star just matches the diagonal line it´s not a very strong evidence of nothing.

    It could be conspiracy but there are no strong facts of anything

  204. David Ellul….. you said "Just because it says thank you lord will not mean that they are referring to Jesus. It would depend on who is their lord, If they really wanted to stand up for Christ, it would have been “Thank you Jesus"……

    Im am not a christian, but anybody that knows spanish and how they reffer to jesus your comment sounds naive. That´s the most common way to refer to Jesus.


    Here is some more info on that guy Christian Maureira, the guy who designed the tee shirt.

    He is the Chile national director of Campus Crusade for Christ.

    Interesting enough though, he puts the number –30– at the bottom of his letter.

    And leaves this statement:

    "…They reminded us that life is the most precious gift God has given us. "¡Gracias Señor! Thank you Lord!" should be a constant poem of thanks to Him who "has the depths of the earth and the heights of the mountains in his hands" — a paraphrase of Psalm 95:4 that was printed on the back of the T-shirts the miners wore as they were rescued…

    "The rescue of the miners is an historical event without precedent, which brings to mind Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross. He gave His life as a ransom to rescue humanity, and has demonstrated that He is an expert at freeing souls trapped in the depths of the abyss.

    This is corroborated by the testimony of Jonah at the bottom of the sea, by Daniel in the lions' den, by the transformation of millions of people throughout history and by the statement of miner Mario Sepulveda: "I was with God and I was with the Devil. They fought over me and God won. I held onto the best hand and I was never afraid that God wouldn't get me out of this."

    God won… yeah right… *rolls eyes* The depths of the earth, sounds more like someone from below then the god up above… I don't know, just my ovservation.

  206. It's obvious to anyone with a brain that the gulf oil spill, trapped chilean miners, now the trapped chinese miners are orchestrated in order to demonise fossil fuel industries to justify shutting down fossil fuel infrastructures world wide.

    They also want to rationalise their global warming scam which anyone with an IQ over 3 knows is all about world governance, collapsing economies and accumulating wealth. There is zero evidence of significant man-made global warming, ZERO!!!!

  207. 69 Days from 10/13/10 is what I'm concerned about. This all seems like a ritual of what is about to happen. CERN is about to open a gateway. I'm betting in 69 Days.

  208. It looks very much like it was a staged sexual ritual. the capsule moving up and down in2 the bowels of the earth is meant to convey the message to some people that an idea has been conceived in the earth and it will bear a child pretty soon. when i checked the 33 parallel in relationship to the south american land form – and please note everything had 2 be symbolic – i understood.

  209. you know the part in the bible where it says satan and lucifer will be released from their hole after the thousand years….

  210. LOL at people rationalizing the inverted star saying its "at an angle". The hell youre talking about and why are you in denial?? It is 100% inverted, it has 2 points up and 1 point down.

    Look at this pic and tell me if you see an angle

    It is 100% inverted. Stop rationalizing and distorting the truth. It is inverted, and thus NOT like the Chilean flag. Deal with it.

  211. The typical thing was, while those miners were saved in Chili and the world rejoiced, 20 miners died in China.

    But that only got about 15 seconds of coverage in the news over here in Belgium, if even any in other countries.

    Says enough.

  212. '“estamos bien en el refugio los 33” (all 33 of us are in the shelter) – which was 33 characters in length'

    – was it?

  213. Ok, so I read this "article" and about half of the comments on both the VC site and the Disinfo site before I couldn't stomach much more. I am a believer in many "conspiracy theories" and while some of your comments have some validity, I think that a great many of you are looking entirely too hard for symbolism. In the interest of full disclosure, I am both a Roman Catholic Christian and a 32' Scottish Rite Mason. I have no firsthand knowledge of the 33' except in my relations with those who have "attained" it. If they have sold their soul or are demonically possessed, I would be greatly surprised. Masonry, throughout history, because of its "secrets," has been at the receiving end of many accusations. With the advent of the internet and the Information Age, there truly aren't many secrets anymore, but one has to be cautious in what they read and note the source of the information. It is easy to take things out of context. These accusations are nothing new. Most recently, it has been accused of being a part of the Illuminati and heavily influencing world events. If those of you who are espousing these claims actually stopped repeating what you have heard or read and do a little homework, or if you men out there actually joined a Masonic Lodge and went through the degrees, you might have a little different perspective. My oaths in all 32 degrees were made to God. The Great Light of Masonry is the Holy Bible. The most prominent symbol of Masonry is the Square and Compass with a "G" in the center. This symbolizes "God in the center of all He surveys." I will not violate my oaths by divulging anything that is not already public knowledge, but I will say that many of you have referred to "sheeple," when in fact, that is exactly what you have become. The number "33" is NOT a masonic symbol, it IS simply the number of the final degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which was not a coherent system in the US until the late 19th century, though Masonry existed long before this time. I could be mistaken, but I don't believe that Freemasonry worldwide is consistent in having a 33rd degree as its final degree. Scottish Rite Freemasonry is only prevalent in the US, with a Northern and a Southern Jurisdiction stemming from the American Civil War… there are many other Masonic systems throughout the world. The "inverted pentagram" is a Masonic symbol and I have no idea what it was doing on the shirts of the miners, not that I really care either. While it is a Masonic Symbol, it wasn't until the 19th century that a man name Eliphas Levi attached a sinister connotation – he was the one to say that it symbolizes Baphomet – to the two points downward. This was during the hey-day of the Golden Dawn and other Esoteric groups. As a Masonic Symbol, the pentagram with the two points downward is traced to Pythagoras and geometry. This relates, on one level, to the high esteem that Masonry places on the seven liberal arts and sciences. If I had to pin-point a few primary philosophies of Masonry, it would be its emphasis on free thought, Faith, Hope, and Charity. A word, too, on esotericism: I would caution others to be discerning in what they expose themselves to, especially if they are not spiritually or mentally strong, but not all esoteric study is inherently evil. After all, what is more esoteric than the Christian tradition?

    While it is pretty well known that Masonry has been infiltrated by various groups throughout history, the John Birch Society as well as possibly the Illuminati, equating Freemasonry, as a whole, to the Illuminati, would be like equating Christianity, as a whole, to Nazis, David Koresh, the list goes on, but I hope you get my point.

  214. October 13th in history:

    1307 | “Hundreds of Knights Templar in France were simultaneously arrested by agents of Phillip the Fair, to be later tortured into ‘admitting’ heresy”. On the birthday of the head of the Knights Templar, no less.

    1917 | The ”Miracle of the Sun” is witnessed by an estimated 70,000 people in the Cova da Iria in Fátima, Portugal.

    2010 | Something in the sky spotted over Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon, officially concluded to be yellow balloons.

    2010 | The day that "retired Air Force officer Stan Fulham predicts as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles to hover for hours over the earth’s principal cities."

  215. If you are replying to me, I do know my Masonic Lore and symbology fairly well. The "black and white squares" you are referring to… I can only assume you are referring to the floor of the lodge, known as the Mosaic Pavement. It is a representation of the ground floor of King Solomon's Temple. It IS emblematic of human life, checkered with good and evil, to remind us of the precariousness of our state on earth. Today we may experience prosperity, tomorrow we may find ourselves on the edge of weakness, temptation, and adversity. This is true, in my experience, for all humans… of all faiths, including Christians, even those with the strongest of faith. As this is the internet, you don't know me personally, so you can have no way of knowing my personal character nor how hard it is to deceive me. I don't hold that against you. You do seem to have a willingness to have an intelligent discussion about this and I appreciate that. I have, however, been through and participated in, each of the first 32 degrees. There is no black OR white magic going on there. As I said, I don't know of the 33rd… I haven't reached it yet. Perhaps that is where all the magic happens, if you'll excuse my levity. There is perhaps an alchemical process which occurs, in the sense that good men become better, but not by conjuring any spirits or through rites or spells. It happens through knowledge.

    As for your comment that the Masons are controlled by the same group that killed my Savior, in my experience, the Masonic organizations are controlled by their members. While I think I understand your point, and I hope it isn't to say that "the Jews killed Jesus," I would also remind you that Jesus knew beforehand what was going to happen to him. Without His being condemned to death, there would have been no sacrifice. His sacrifice is entirely what places meaning in Christianity. Otherwise, he would not have been our Savior, but just another philosopher, teacher, and miracle worker. I would venture to say that if Christ appeared to us now just as he did then, preaching what he did then, the same thing would have happened. The mob would include Masons and non-masons alike. It would even include many self-professed Christians. I have been in churches where I believe if Jesus walked through the door in the middle of the sermon, He would have been violently removed. My point is that there are just as many "wolves in sheep's clothing" in our churches today as there are in Masonry or any other organization.

    Regarding the Mason's role in the Russian Revolution, I have done some study on it [the Russian Revolution], but have somehow missed the Masonic role in it. Thank you, I will have to go back and take a look at it.

    I am a student, informally in a lot of areas, including history, but my formal education is in English and Philosophy. That being said, I pay a great deal of attention to language, hence my comment about esotericism. I see the word occult thrown about here quite a bit as well. It has received a considerable negative connotation, especially among mainstream Christians. The connotation, like esoteric, is that it is inherently evil or bad. Occult simply means "knowledge of the hidden." In that case, knowledge of the will of God, the knowledge of everything else Jesus said and taught (not written in the Bible), and even scientific discoveries, while true, but yet to be discovered, would all be considered occult. My concern here is that in a search for the truth, language can be inflammatory as well as mis- or dis-information. It can hide the truth from those even willing to find it.

    Thank you again for your comments, though we disagree, I am appreciative of the opportunity to have a civil "conversation."

    • Eric Butcher you seem to be a freshman in masonry. You don't expect to be introduced to their darker teachings and craft at this stage don't you? The evil deeds that people found out about are know either from high rank defectors or from God's Revelation to His saints. So please, keep an open mind.

      • Raphael, with all due respect, I am keeping an open mind, I simply disagree with what is presented here and know better than what is being claimed here. I would, on the other hand, encourage others, including yourself, to keep an open mind. What is claimed here is neither rational, nor logical. Perhaps I will be proven wrong. It has been known to happen. However as St. Thomas Aquinas said, Faith and Reason must go hand in hand.

        I am not, as you speculate, a "freshman in Masonry." I was reared around it and have, myself, been a Scottish Rite Mason for over ten years and served as an officer in a Lodge. Perhaps ten years isn't enough time for the devil to show himself… I don't know about all that, but I have experienced evil in my personal life in the past and it was not in any way associated with Freemasonry… in fact it was before my affiliation with Masonry and have not experienced it since. Please remember, however, that I am a Mason and I have taken an oath to not reveal any of the secrets of Freemasonry, so take my comments as you will. I also follow no institution blindly, whether is my lodge or my Church or the government. I believe in questioning everything. How else do you know what you believe? Perhaps my statements that I made regarding our symbolism led you to believe I am a "freshman"(Perhaps I am, but I don't think that is the case. I simply shared that which IS both public knowledge and true) or perhaps it is just because I disagree with almost everyone else posting here. I am obviously wasting my time here, and as such, this will be my final post. You folks have already made up your mind. I will, however, check back to see if any of you are able to answer the following questions with any semblance of logic.

        So, my question for you, any of you, is how do you KNOW of "Masonry's [alleged] evil deeds and worship of Satan?" Do you completely discount the works of Shriners' hospital, the charity of "Blue Lodges," or the works of Scottish Rite Temples? Do you have personal knowledge of their wickedness based on your own experiences? Or have you simply read others' speculations and are jumping on their bandwagon? Have you ever thought that these "defectors" might have a personal axe to grind? I, too, have read some of their accusations. Perhaps they conducted themselves in a way that was deemed as "un-masonic conduct" and were dismissed from their lodge or censured. There are many possibilities. Maybe God told you so? The world is full of repeaters. This is one thing that that fool, David Icke, said that I totally agree with. Too many people simply read or hear something that sounds good to them or reinforces their own fears… they then go around repeating it without doing their own research and deciding for themselves what the truth is.

        One thing I have noticed and am particularly troubled by is that you folks seem to be putting a whole lot more stock in numerology than any of the Masons I know do. Seems like I remember at least one verse in my Bible that says not to do such things. I would venture to guess, by reading your comments, that most of you are Christians. Seems a bit hypocritical to me, but what do I know? I'm just a Satan-worshipping Mason.

      • Hi Eric Butcher,

        All of the references to Masonry on this site do not apply to "regular" neighbourhood Masons but to high level, hidden orders, 33rd and beyond. These orders have a great influence on the highest levels of the entertainment industry and politics. It is at those levels that things tend to become more sinister.The same way you can find the colors black and white on the Masonic checker-board, you can find hidden orders leaning towards the black or white of occultism. Some lean towards the practice of black magic, which is based on the practice of occultism for personal gain, and are simply not benevolent towards the masses.

        So yes, one should mention the good deeds of charitable Masons. But all movements have many branches and tendencies and ignoring those who aim to manipulate the masses would be a terrible mistake.

      • Hi Vigilant,

        I think ,maybe you are right, the everyday, regular Masons, are just regular masons, but on the higher level They could be also connected to the Mormons, to the Jehovah Witnesses, and maybe many churches, secret societies, occult groups,and the highest levels of the entertainment industry, the military , government agencies, the CIA, FDA, and Universities, the media, and maybe everything.

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        Wouldn’t you say that the average masons are still leaves on the Freemasonry tree. Isn’t this the point of the entire object. To recruit as many people as possible under deceiving tactics. After all they also honor the secret society and hand signals. The average members do not share in the fame, and some do have money. The Lord spoke out against hand signals in the old testament. Regardless of the the level of a mason member, they are still representing ther same belief and aspiration.

        Where are we with this now? Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, they all have the same choices- stay in or get out- regardless of being high profile or low profile.

        By the way, I remember from a long time ago a close mason friend (at that time) told me that if he were to discuss any parts of the organization, they would kill him. There is that pronoun “they” again. This was in the late 80s or early 90s.

  216. This is an exercise in selective perception. Why see it as masons? Why not Christians?

    Jesus died at 33 and is said to rise again (phoenix). A star was above Jesus's house when born, therefore the chilean miner rescue was a christian ritual to proclaim the second coming of Christ who brings light to the world.

    Now before someone argues with this, I don't believe it. I'm just showing how easy it is to spin these yarns.

    I've spent over 15 years studying history (cold war, German, American, Russian), occult groups, esoteric philosophy, and conspiracy theory (or deep politics, as I prefer.) It never fails to amuse me how quick some people are to believe anything without asking any further questions or doing further research.

    Here are just some of the problems with this article.

    To say that 33 is an important number in Kabbalah is like saying A is an important letter to Linguists. If anything the numbers 3, 4, 10, 22 and 32 (3 pillars, 4 worlds, 10 sephira, 22 hebrew letters, and 32 paths) appear much more in the Kabbalistic system; however this doesn't make them more important than other numbers.

    The number 33 has no importance in Freemasonic ritual. The 33 degree of Scottish Rite Mason is an honorary degree with NO RITUAL, I REPEAT, NO RITUAL. The Scottish Rite consists of the 29 degrees and the original 3 degrees of Craft Lodge, making a total of only 32 actual degrees.

    Lastly, choosing to count the characters, both spaces and letters, of the miner's letters, as "evidence," then you must consider them as compatriots in this "plot." Now remember this started out as a mining ACCIDENT.

    Lastly Freemasons do not perform their rituals in public remember? That is half the reason why many of you are suspicious of them in the first place lol

  217. Another interesting element: There is a famous alchemical expression: VITRIOL which stands for "Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem", meaning "Visit the interior of the Earth and working you will find the hidden stone" — maybe they found something? Heh… apart from the "philosophical stone" that turns everything into US Dollars for them now (interviews, etc). Just kidding, but the alchemical analogies seem to fit this nicely.


  218. Why all the attention to the t-shirt? What about ALL the pieces to this puzzle? The one weak link is what the majority of posters are focusing on. Come on guys.

    Larry Davis.

  219. Enrique Iglesias on









    The GHB are likely a Masonic Instrument but not all Pipers Masons or all Masons Pipers. There are 9 chanter notes and 3 drones.
    Many have wondered precisely as to the goings on concealed beneath the Mason’s Apron.

    A beautiful instrument nonetheless, particularly post 7:30 then 8:30
    Pachelbel’s Canon in D on the Pipes

  221. now I know how Jesus must of felt every time he did a miracle and his own people still didn't believe he was the Christ. You all just don't get it, he would of said. no wonder Jesus spoke in parables so you would use your minds to figure it out. even as these signs are parables,, Jesus is not going to say look,, see what i have done. he would let you figure it out. So as for me, I understand this miracle in parable.

  222. Malquam of the Hemet on

    1307 – Hundreds of Knights Templar in France are simultaneously arrested

    1917 – The "Miracle of the Sun" is witnessed by an estimated 70,000 people

    The Miracle of the Sun (Portuguese: O Milagre do Sol) is a supposedly miraculous event witnessed by 30,000 to 100,000 people on 13 October 1917 in the Cova da Iria fields near Fátima, Portugal. Those in attendance had assembled to observe what the Portuguese secular newspapers had been ridiculing for months as the absurd claim of three shepherd children that a miracle was going to occur at high-noon in the Cova da Iria on 13 October 1917.[1]

    According to many witness statements, after a downfall of rain, the dark clouds broke and the sun appeared as an opaque, spinning disc in the sky

    1244 – Jaques de Molay Birthday, Grand Master of the Knights Templars (d. 1314)

  223. Malquam of the Hemet on

    october the 13th from wiki (miners release day)

    1307 – Hundreds of Knights Templar in France are simultaneously arrested

    1917 – The "Miracle of the Sun" is witnessed by an estimated 70,000 people

    The Miracle of the Sun (Portuguese: O Milagre do Sol) is a supposedly miraculous event witnessed by 30,000 to 100,000 people on 13 October 1917 in the Cova da Iria fields near Fátima, Portugal. Those in attendance had assembled to observe what the Portuguese secular newspapers had been ridiculing for months as the absurd claim of three shepherd children that a miracle was going to occur at high-noon in the Cova da Iria on 13 October 1917.[1]

    According to many witness statements, after a downfall of rain, the dark clouds broke and the sun appeared as an opaque, spinning disc in the sky

    1244 – Jaques de Molay Birthday, Grand Master of the Knights Templars (d. 1314)

  224. Stefani Jezebel on

    So tell me how the first guy that came out was drawn to Jehovah (God).

    Research how one of the miners found a "awake" magazine by the jehovahs witness and they all read it twice and they all said they felt peace at reading this..

    Theres deffinitly something weird how this became to big, might be a masonic ritual,personally i think it is but some miners or mos were not a part of it they were just victims to catch the worlds attention. Numerology here isnt a coincidence aswell. So theres a big chance this WAS a ritual,one thats just to start with.

    Amazing thing is i believe it was a God Vs Devil here,and all 33 felt both presence.

  225. In Scott Bergs´s Lindbergh biography one can read:

    ´ On May 21, 1927, at 10:24 P.M., the ´Spirit of St.Louis´ landed – having flown 3614 miles from New York, nonstop, in 33 hours, 30 minutes, and 30 seconds.

    And in that instant, everything changed – for both the pilot and the planet. ´

    Hey, Mr Vigilant

    guess it´s `time´ for a numerological blog.

    They live, baby.

  226. Hi !

    VC, You are right, I found interesting proof, here is little part from the main text (Jul 09, 2001 !!! )

    But some of the foundations for this type of programming have been in place for centuries. One of the oldest rituals that the Illuminati utilize is the “resurrection ceremony”. In fact the Phoenix, symbol of death and new life, is one of their highest symbols and symbolizes the coming of the New Order and its leader.

  227. Masonic is very powerful and influential. Their objective is one and one only, to create a world that trust in no-God. Among others that they have created overtime to nurture these values in our brains are:

    1) The establishment of Human Rights – where the fundamental of this understanding is based on one is free to do anything, where capital punsihment that used to be the teachings in the Abraham's religions are no longer seen valid.

    2) Democracy – the government is no longer built and based on the teachings of the Holy Books, but instead the fundamental of the whole nation is based on human's creation initiating a Godless world.

  228. There definitely are highly public rituals occuring, more frequently too it seems. The numerics involved are anything but chance or coincidence. They are cabbalistic ( kabbalistic, Qabbalistic ) in origin, occult in purpose, and are used to increase what ever power is hoped to be realized by the ritual. The array of numbers and symbols used, often far in advance of the event, leave an obvious trail, due to the practitioners of these beleifs, that in order for a curse to be effective, the accursed must be made aware that they are indeed cursed. We all need to be very careful of the things we become unwitting participants of through today's mass communications.

  229. Alice in Wonderland . . . the Mad Hatter had 10/6 in his hat . . . the major event of October was miners down a hole.

    Alice in Wonderland came out prior to this event and foreshadowed what would happen.

    I really do not know what's the agenda in this world . . . (No weapon you use against me shall prosper)

  230. You know, I have read through all the comments, and I noticed a couple people saying something to the effect of, "Oh the shirts were donated by Campus Crusade for Christ so they can't mean anything bad or it had to be a mistake. Well, I am of the camp that believes that the RCC is the whore of Babylon in the Bible and that all true Christians need to spearate from her. However, in 1994 there was a document signed called Evangelicals and Catholics Together. It was signed by many RCC people, and many evangelicals. Some of the evangelicals that signed it included J. I. Packer, Chuck Colson, and Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ.

  231. I hope someone answers my questions…

    Are the miners freemasons or merely puppets in the play?

    Why did the masons do this? For fun? For their own entertainment?

  232. This is a fascinating article that I would like to share with you and the readers.

    In an interview conducted December 19, 2010, Mr. Lawhorn, a representative of the American Reassurance Communities, stated that the number of private bunkers has risen by over 600% since 2007. Obviously people think (or feel, as I’m told often) a major catastrophe is imminent and underground will be the only safe means of survival. American Reassurance Community Bunkers or (ARC Bunkers dot com) has bunkers in every state and in every major city.

    People want a safe comfortable place with a long-term sustainable “independent” environment, and ARCbunkers delivers it all. Our units are designed to support one person or a community of thousands.

    The United States Federal Government has been buying our bunkers since the 1970s and for good reason; when it comes to bunker installation, we “literally” wrote the book, no really; it’s called Principles of Protection, authored by our CEO and President, Walton McCarthy, and it is THE book utilized by many Governments, including the USA.

    Thousands of ARCbunkers line our country-sides and cities… everything from a $75000 backyard bunker to a 375,000 sq ft $160 million community shelter… big enough for 2500 people to live underground for up to 60 months with power, food, livestock, hydroponics, Government, everything is thought of in advance, no last minute scrambling for you and your family’s survival.

    Most people have Life Insurance… American Reassurance Communities is Life Assurance. There will be times in our future that are uncertain; whether that uncertainty comes from another country or space, it only makes sense to be prepared. ARC (the “R” stands for RE-ASSURANCE) and when there is a TRUE safe place to go, then you will experience true piece-of-mind.

    And that is evident by the number of new bunker sales we are experiencing. If you would have ordered a bunker system in 2007, we could have it completely installed within 120 days, right now, December 2010, the same bunker system is 16 months before we can even begin.

  233. the reason the masons take 33, 3, 9 etc to be significant is that they are commonly found creeping up in the order of nature around us. couldnt it be the the miners, being a part of nature themselves are just at the whim of this natural order. no coincidence, just a natural phenomena thats shows itself once in a while and leaves us in amazement at the aparent conspiracy. natures rhythm is bound to make itself evident from time to time. give to much power to the conspiracy and it gains momentum. dont believe the hype.

  234. Who knows? Maybe the person who printed the star was under mind control, isn't that possible? Maybe he claims he doesn't know why or he says it's just to match the line that separates the red and the blue cuz that's all he knows about it. Maybe he was told to do so.

    And I also think that most of freemasons don't understand what really goes on in their society, they get to know only a part of the whole story…

    This is an unkown field, no one can be so sure what to think or what to say. Only thing we can't deny is that the symbols are all there to be seen and they surely mean something, otherwise why would they be there and look so odd? More over, they wouldn't be everywhere if they were just a "bad coincidence".

  235. Very observant! I remember the event on tv and wasn't AWAKE at the time. Interesting about the 33rd parallel. The city, Phoenix Arizona is also on the 33rd parallel. PHOENIX? JFK was shot very close to the 33rd parallel in Dallas. What else is on this parallel?

  236. Why sacrifice Chilean miners? How is wearing the inverted pentagram helping the ritual? Horrible, they can take advantage of anyone anytime.

  237. Angela Celeste on

    The miners didn't know anything about it? They were innocent? I'm confused. The shirt they were wearing is like the last piece of evidence that just totally convinced me. I'm in shock :O

  238. Chile – just a thought arose on some types & their various ceremonies tied to an idea of the "kundalini" of the world moving from Tibet to Chile. Not that I buy their propaganda. Enjoying reading here.

  239. They did it for us; a ritual.
    We've secured Lemuria East.
    Latino(Procyonian) boys trapped with the giant crystals in various locations along the American coast.
    It's sexuality; or male virility, we've secured.
    An entrance into the subterranian tunnels sits under the LA County jail; the CIA runs the system there.

  240. Annonymoys15 on

    Chile is a mysterious and mystical land. They have one of the biggest planetarium in the world, have the mysterious Island of Chiloe and Easter Island. Chile has huge UFO sightings.
    They own part of the Antartic where Hitler send his Nazis to look for UFOs etc. UFOs are demonic.

    I never saw anything illuminati with the 33 miners. The Chilean president knelt down to pray in front of the world to the Christian Lord. They miners are more Christian than ever and pastor were there to help the miners too. Not just priests. I believe it was a Christian Miracle.

    The other thing is that the supposedly inverted pentagram is the Chilean star sideways…lol
    Also, teens to adult all know about the illuminati way more than the USA population and even talked freely about it! They actually have freedom of speech and belief! Lol They also discuss the occult and UFOs openly without telling people that they are nuts etc. Chile kicked out the Jesuits a long time ago and are forbidden to be in Chile (1767)! This is a fact!

    Chile already had a female President and a second time. Their thinking is very advanced. They openly discuss things in their tv channels and social media without being controlled or fearful.

    If the evil illuminati planned this, then they all failed bc the miners survived and got even more religious to the God of the Bible! A great book is called "Hope Underground the 34 miners."

    Chile's healing spiritual energy attracts even Tibetan monks to move there! "Mystics said, "the spiritual light has moved to this region in South America." This has been confirmed by a story about the Lamas, the monks of Tibet, which says that the monks settled in the Andes in this region, they built a sacred Temple protected by a magnetic barrier making it inaccessible for others."

    "Five White UFOs Shoot Into Erupting Volcano In Chile On News Recording, April 22, 2015, UFO Sighting News."

  241. I don't know if it is a megaritual or not, but anyone interested in what the Mason's are up to, should understand the subtext of a movie about digging up miners.

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