Nicki Minaj: A New Puppet is in Town


Throughout the articles on this site, we’ve pointed out many pop singers being portrayed as dolls, mannequins, puppets or robots. Well, here’s another one. Even before the release of her solo album, the rapper has managed to be featured in numerous mind-control themed photoshoots. The name of one of her alter egos is Roman Zolanski, which sounds an awful like Roman Polanski, them name a film director who produced some disturbed occult movies. He was also arrested and charged with a number of offenses against Samantha Geimer, a thirteen-year-old girl:  rape by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under fourteen, and furnishing a controlled substance to a minor.


Like many of this type of “artist”, Nicki started from humble beginnings and “paid her dues”, until the creation of a new, wild yet mindless persona.

Nicki before fame…and surgery.


Nicki Minja’s other alter ego is “Barbie”, which is … fitting.

She’s about the 35th artist to be portrayed as a doll in a box.
Notice the Monarch butterflies (Monarch programming)
The cover of Minaj’s first solo album. The artist bears mindless stare and no arms.
More “puppeteering”

Alice In Wonderland Shoot

Alice in Wonderland references are common in the acts of “mind control” artists.

Yet another artist portrayed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland in a photoshoot
Monarch butterflies

Feline Prints

Sex-kitten, beta programming.


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Alright.. Something in me was telling me something was wrong with her but i didn't wanna believe it because I liked her so much.. Even when I saw this pop up on Vigilant I got a little sad because then I knew my suspisions were correct. I'm not gunna lie, I really did like her raps, even though she used some profane language. But now i'm done with her. Actually, I think i'm gunna stop listening to rap all together. I don't care what my brother tells me, When ever I hear a song that some "puppet" made, I feel like i'm worshiping what they stand for, and I hate that so I stop listening to them all together. It's back to Gospel I go ! and can you write an article about her song with it's called "Check it Out". Honestly, I almost threw up.

OMG AT LEELA!! YES! I was in the car with my friend on my way to queens n she put on the pink friday album (-_-) not to mention i cannot STAND the very sound of nicki minaj voice! by the time it got to like…the 6TH song on the album i felt this EXCRUCIATING pain in my brain i kid u NOT! My entire head felt like it was gonna EXPLODE! I felt sick…n extremely naucious i swear!! But bcuz i didnt wna seem like a HATER–i sat silently while my ears were exposed to f*ckery!!! i never liked nicki bcuz there WAS somethin abt her tht my soul jus wudn take to. My soul rejected her the min i heard her rap. hating has nothing to do wit NOTHIN i saw somethin BEFORE this even happend. smh this s**t is crazy! STOP SUPPORTIN THIS MIND CONTROL MUSIC!! all… Read more »