Is Lupe Fiasco Speaking out Against Illuminati?


I’ve often been asked if Lupe Fiasco is “Illuminati”. Giving definite answers to those questions is always difficult but, as they say, “Judge a tree by its fruits”. So here are some of Lupe’s fruits and judge for yourself.

BMF Freestyle

Lyrics from Lupe’s “BMF Freestyle”

Nigga, wake up, don’t join the Army
Kill your own peoples, but fear Illuminatis
And they ain’t even real, or are they?
But you wouldn’t even know, because you partay
Too fucking much, if you start to doubt
They already in your mind, and comin’ out yo’ mouth
It’s not a trick, nigga, it’s a trap
Survival of the fit, is what they aimin’ at
And niggas ain’t fit (nope), fat as hell (yep)
Fat in mind (yep), body fat as well
Who use most the drugs? Americans!
What’s in Afghanistan? Heroin!
You think that’s by mistake? They can stop that?
Don’t think you safe though, because you not black
Greed is colorblind, so I’m colorblind
They gon’ fuck with yours soon as they done with mine
They say I try too hard, verses overwhelm
I learned most of this, from niggas sittin’ in jail
Where you think I’m from? From the streets, nigga
Triple OGs, told me to teach, nigga
And that ain’t made up, that’s a fact
They say that gangsta shit, is the shit I rap

No World Order

Lupe yelling out “No World Order” on David Letterman

I’m Beamin Video

In I’m Beamin, he is shown seemingly knocking off the All Seeing Eye from the pyramid, the classic symbol representing Illuminati. One of his rhymes goes like this

“‘Cause never cyclops, it’s never I alone
I’m tellin’ your story wherever I perform”

Cyclops are mythical creatures with one eye, so the rhyme can also be translated as “it’s never EYE alone”.

Some people might say “He hangs out with Jay-Z, so he is guilty by association”. Maybe they don’t see “eye to eye” (pun intended) on this situation.

What’s your take on it?

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201 Comments on "Is Lupe Fiasco Speaking out Against Illuminati?"

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In very few words i wnt 2 evoke critical thought….ask urself, who heads all these secret societies? Who directs their agenda? We should knw that by trying to understand the plans of these secret societies, we r attempting to understand how satan's mind works! Why do u all thnk that your simple mortal minds can unravel and avert satans plans? All occult orders in the world have over the millenia worked towards a convergent plan authored by the devil. Ths is satans plot against "all mankind" which all sacred texts say we'll lose only to be liberated by Gods grace. What we should b doing is trying to find Gods light, not by trying to understand satans mind but by praying and living according to Gods instruction. All this info we r being fed is meant to only distract us from attaining divine light. They give us fractions of info… Read more »
Lupe is not speaking against them. He is one of them. Hence…….. The random light flashes, symbolizing illumination. A pattern seen in many "connected" videos. The "O" in the Loser sash the little girl wears and also seen elsewhere in the video is a modified pentagram. He on a couple of occasions throws up the devil horns sign. There is also a child throwing up the devil sign at one point. And as for the topic piece of this article, its completely backwards. If you watch the video he's not knocking down the all seeing eye. It is quickly being displayed and taken down. His arm movements make it seem like he's knocking it down, but he is not. This video, along with his "Superstar" and "Dumb it Down" video reenforces the fact that he's down with the bullshit. If he wasn't he wouldn't be flashing devil signs and throwing… Read more »

Without knowing anything about Lupe: Maybe he is against them but he’s too weak a person to truly turn on them. So, he continues working for them because it gets him useless $$$, ‘fame’ and ‘street cred’ (I seriously don’t have much respect for rappers, tbh). But deep down he knows he’s doing something wrong.

If this is the case: Find the strength, Lupe!

Check out the Illuminati symbolism in the video for ''Superstar''…could he be using reverse psychology? Who knows…

I know this and so does everyone who is initiated into one of the Illuminati, ''energy goes where attention flows'' , so by writing/rapping about the Illuminati he actually is advancing its course, and getting people to give him attention (energy), which is transformed into revenue for him.

The higher the Illuminati initiates rise the more knowedge is givin to them, ''secrets of the Universe''.

People like Nostradama' knew a great deal of those secrets.

Speaking of the New World Order. The local government in my city ordered cameras to be installed behind traffic lights. Well, they say it is to catch people who run the red lights. That is what they say. I think otherwise. They are using rational excuse to install the cameras, but this government strategy will eventually be used for inconspicuous and discreet reasons. My city is also using unmarked regular cars as police cars. It is difficult for the citizens to recognize police officer cars.

The New World Order (NWO) is starting people. Either believe it or not. I believe.

IMO, if he's "friends" with Jay-Z, there's no reconciling that. These guys are renowned for their fake saviors, their plastic heroes, people's champions. Make them say the right stuff but grow them yourself so you're in control. Could be a provocateur. Who knows. Who cares? Hip-Hop generally sucks.

Lmfao I f***s with AhmadJ03 & RichAzure…I only know Rich personally but it seems that we're the only ones in here who aren't ignorant idiots who are smoking dick lol I give both of yall high 5's for actually having so much knowledge about Lupe as well…or should i give you guys low 5's before the idiots who argue against us on here think I'm giving you both some Kinda evil occult affirmations smfh lmfao you other guys and girls need to get real.

Of course, the ‘No World Order’ is no longer available. It’s funny how many Illuminati-exposing videos become ‘unavailable’ due to accounts being shut down, ‘copyright riasons’ (lol?) or even the video being ‘private’.


You cant say, ohh i think he is not in the illuminati. Because its not an opinion you just can give its either fact or nothing at all. Im just curious and try to understand this whole illuminati thing. There is one thing i just don't understand that is, either every artist is in the illuminati or nobody is. Because why would they try to make a game out of it with pro illuminati and anti illuminati if they just can decide who they let in the music industry?

Id like to say that with people the complex is easy to make but the simple dificult to create and understand. Only a few people have the wisdom to understand the simple thngs god warns about. Even when explained. I think lupe a good rapper with that wisdom. He speaks truth and that wisdom he gt from the quraan. And just cuz he workd with jay z doesnt make him bad, jacob in the bible was a servant of god bt he was living with the egyptians. Same with lupe. His one of the few rappers with a positive message in a dark world. Peace and love to lupe.

In his Enemy of The State mixtape, he addressed the Illuminati quite a few times.

Lupe Fiasco-Popular Demand

"Jay gave me a co-sign like I was roc-a-wear, but be clear im not the heir

Im the wanted fire in the earth, that means im doing dirt, spitting flames and quenching thirst.

And plus the Real God has been on my side since birth. I hope that he forgives me, I hope he I do his work-In every single verse. Now I might do a dance.

I might even jerk. Tell them ni***s dont hate. Only GOD is great, Enemy of the state."

I think Lupe Fiasco is against the Illuminati. They pushed back his album because he refused to sign the contract Atlantic records presented to him. Here's the link to him lashing out at the record company.

he's against them but he now feels trapped and feels despondent read these lyrics from his new song…he telling us to reach out to the lord Lupe Fiasco – Beautiful Lasers/Two Ways [Chorus] There’s only two ways..out…of here, ones through the door, the other's through…Me [Lupe Fiasco] Sometimes livin' in a word like this, it's pretty hard not to go insane, not pretty if you don’t comply, pretty easy if you don’t complain, stand there like you don’t feel pain, no tears in the face of defeat, pretend to the end that you don’t feel change, don’t admit it that your faith is weak, don’t say that you feel like dying, life’s hard that it feels like diamonds, go home, s**t's far too gone, much too late to even feel like trying, can't understand what I’m saying, can't figure out what I’m implying, if you feel you don’t want to… Read more »

You should do an article on Lupe..follow his moves just to see how he's doing against the illuminati.

you should look at his latest twitters..where he's calling out MTV as being "illuminati's favorite network"

my n***a lupe is AGAINST all the illuminati bullshit.! NO NEW WORLD ORDER

Anything for a few ratings nowadays… this is low intellegence mumble being passed off as rap art. Lupe needs to hit the books and study so he can see the light. Do you folks really want to take a step back in time when religious mania ruled the land? The Illuminati were the ones that carried the light of truth when all the other monkeys believed the world was flat. Without the pursuit of truth we would still be living in a society that endorsed slavery and hung innocent workers. Lupe needs to consider both sides of the debate.

It shows how much little we know… how little our conciousness is. Any faith outside yourself is known as "religious mania" you can tell me something is an apple but that doesnt explain its origin. Do you have a brain? yes…. do you see it? NO!…. so dont doubt the creator of all.

Never doubt who made the sun moon & stars

For those who make necklaces with jewels & cars.

-Miss Red.

I think Lupe is definitely speaking against them.

His record label is shelving his newest album. He is a very popular artist, and proven to sell lots of records.

Why wouldn't they release his album???

I love the site. i love reading everyones take one things. i tend to agree with most all Vigilants articles. look into it for yourself, so YOU CAN SEE. i didn't even know who lupe was, but the article turned me on to him. got almost all his music ( a bunch ) and my own opinion. He's a LIGHT through the darkness! the guys for real! Check him out he's lagit!

YES!! he is so much inspiration for artists like me who speak truth in the darkness.. let there be light!

I'm not sure, Vigilant. I have to see more of Lupe and pay attention. I think he could just be acting as an antithesis, if that makes sense. After watching I'm beaming, some of the symbology, in my perspective could be deemed pro-Illuminati. I am open to ither suggestions, but I for one looked at hand signals and listened to his lyrics. Lupe has a way with words. I would hope that he is not signed to them, but the industry is a monster. Anyway, if you have any more info or other references that I can check, holler back.

TO Skegee:

When you finished watching the EXTERMINATION on YouTube, look up & watch, "Obama Deception" and you'll get even more about the Illuminati & Bilderberg Group & how they're all connected.

The music business isn't what you think it is and people are tired of being told what to do by these people. People want their freedom and the Illuminati won't let musicians have their freedom until they've done the dirty work of the Illuminati . . .

lol. ive seen that. a very good documentary, glad u posted it. >> this is a link id viewed a few years ago, one of many sites that explains the relationship between ancient mysteries, kabalism, gnosticism, templars, rosicrucians, and illumunati/freemasonry. the whole NWO shabang. lots of charts, symbols, and termanology as well

He not in it!! listening to his musis opened my eyes!!!….id still b blind if it wont for him

I'm glad you did this VC I love it… I've been asking about Lupe for a while…. He does have his dark music that one can only question but for the most part this is his usual message…. He's slick… He's not as "out there" as Tupac was… Pac said Killuminati and they Killed him…. Lupe is more suttle…. and he's giving the antidote the same way they give the poison is the way I see it… That's why he's never number 1 on any chart…. They are trying to silence him without death…

Lupe is against it. He is always speaking truth to power. That's precisely why he hasn't blown up as much as his talent would allow him to. You got someone like Drake who is giving all kinds of props when he can't even touch Lupe. It's only because Lupe stands for the truth and they want to keep him silent. But I rolls with him all day.

I follow these discussion with an re-newed, avid interest.

My grand-niece is now in my charge and her cultural influences and tates are at this momenet in time, a matter of intense mystification to this geriatric Victrola-cranking woman

The back-and-forth of the vibrant and energized discussion brings to mind an old English expression my dear Mother utilized whenever she was unclear as to the motives of someone.

"Could it be that he runs with the hounds and hides with the hares.'

This may be true of the young gentleman 'rapper' you refer to in great length

Excellent work to all invloved

lupe is not with illuminati, you will understand if you watch and listen to his song dumb it down

I feel that Lupe is against the illuminati, he wants to educate instead of dumb down. That is the reason why his album keeps getting pushed back and he has publicly said he will make one more album then quit. Although he is probably under contract, so this might not be possible.

i have the belief that whatever organization lupe fiasco has infiltrated, he was conscience and always had an anarchist motive. on food & liquor, the one and only song he made with jay-z is called "pressure". think about it. pressure on lupe, maybe? listen to the chorus and tell me who it is that will take the pressure off of him.. PRESSURE f/ jay-z Yeah, uhh And so it seems that I'm, sewing jeans ((( CONSTRUCTING SOMETHING GREATER THAN HIM ))) And, 1st and 15 is just a sewing machine So I, cut the pattern and I, sew in seams ((( PUT HIS WORK IN.. DO HIS PART ))) And, button in this hustling then publically I'm Buddy Lee ((( A DOLL ))) There's no bustin them and cuffing them is like ushering in the regime, they want me to make Prince pants ((( REGIME..? ))) But I withstand, I… Read more »

"a little BIG in the waist, TWO POCKet on the back"

"a little BIG(Notorious B.I.G.) on the waist, TWO POCK(Tupac)et on the back"

A reference to 2 of the most influencial rappers how also happened to have been killed by unknown assalents. makes you think hmm..

If him -or other celebrities- speaks up against Illuminati, why is he still here? I mean, I thought Illuminati sort of wipe out everyone who stands against them?

lupe fiasco used to be a follower of the system till he realized what he was doing is wrong…..he understood how the system works and how the media control is affecting the people….he's not a mason anymore in fact all his recent songs talking against the N.W.O and the illuminati….he became deep in lyrics trying to wake up the people who became blind..and dats why they aint giving him a release date for his new album….

I don't think he'd be famous if he wasn't in the illuminati circle. Also, in both those pictures of him only one eye is visible. Coincidence?

Like I wrote in a post above: I don’t know Lupe at all, but here’s a theory: Maybe he *is* against the Illuminati but he doesn’t have the personal strength to truly break free from them and turn against them. They might be ridiculing him over this fact; allowing him to ‘speak out’ against Illuminati but still putting lots of Illuminati imagery everywhere around him, mocking him.


My question is, when you speak out against groups like the illuminati, why do THEY allow it? Why would he be allowed to speak out against them? We all know that the illuminati will kill their own, should they speak out, so why is this guy still allowed to perform? I do not know if he is part of it, and this maybe a publicity stunt to get some 'credibility' in the public eye, but speaking out against the illuminati like that will at the least cancel his contracts with music houses. Who helped him recording this song, and

I dont think that every artist who has ever been as widely publicized as Lupe got where they are through connections with the Illuminati. Sometimes people are talented and recognized for that talent. They inspire ideas that people can relate to or want to take heed of. This isnt to say that there arent any artists propelled by 'illuminated' agenda, but I just dont think Lupe is one.

one of my favorite quotes which may be deemed irrelevent by some (oh well.):

"How can Satan cast out Satan? A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand…"

In context, the speaker, who was dispelling evil and exposing truth was accused of being evil himself. lol.

The following you are about to look your eyes upon are the sayings of a Bodhisattva. memorized and written down by his Bikkhu disciple. The reader or readers are bing saluted by him by "Namaste".

Ohm mani padme hum.

Ohm tare tutare tare.


Ohm shanti.

I've never seen him hanging with Jay-Z…Lupe seems to far out for him not that Jay-Z's dumb but they're just on different pages as far poetic abilities and how deep they can go into it. To me anyway's. ANyway's I really hope that they don't come after Lupe for exposing them continuously. That would explain why we haven't seen much of him on tv or on the airwaves like all the rest of them. You know once someone tries to "step out of line" somehow the person disappears. I hope he doesn't. Isn't that what happended to Bob Marley and his Government?

Do you know lupe personally, just because camerass don't follow him around 24/7 doesnt mean he doesnt hang around with Jay-z..

Well if he is against the Illuminati he's lucky to be alive. 2pac was supposedly killed for breaking the oath and on his killilluminati he depicts himself as a sacrifice cuz he's on a cross and on that album he speaks against dre rumored to be gay and he speaks against Jay-Z which I'm sure you probably know all this.

I don't. I didn't even know Jay-Z even existed enough to be even murmured out by Tupac. Tell me about it.

They don't care about people speaking out against them, no one is going to die. People speaking out is all a part of the agenda. I am pretty sure we are working with a timeline and now the time has come for people to speak out. The question is whats next?

Hello… i have proof of the iluminati!!! a few weeks ago… I was on vacation with my cousins. My cousin lets call her…Bella. She was laying in her bed when her boy friend…lets call him Carter. Called her in a paniced voice. She put it on speaker as he explained this situation: 3 men in black clothes were following him around, they caught up to him and spoke to him One of them had the all seeing eye on his forehead,the other two had them on their chests. they wanted him to join the illuminati, the thing is that a few days earlier he talked to becca about the conspiricy theories and the illuminati…now i feel like theyre watching us all…anyways back to the story! A few hours after that he got a text from an unknown number. it explained you have to murder someone close to you to get… Read more »

Every One Wll Bow- di you get a chance to read my emails? and i totally aggree with your evaluation of the lyrics. did you get a cahnce to peep the history channel today? they had an intense episode about sign of the end of age.

Isn’t he still promoting fame & material wealth?

Does the NWO not depend on anarchy, so they can produce order out of chaos?

Vigilant, this is an awesome article. Someone made reference to the I'M Beamin Lyrics. Well, I do not see these words of the lyrics honoring the illuminati. I get my energy from my inner G- COULD THIS MEAN THE GOD IN ME? I GET MY ENERGY FROM GOD. I be in outer space, but I got inner peace – COULD THIS MEAN THAT THINGS AROUND HIM ARE UNREALISTIC AND CHAOTIC, BUT HE HAS PEACE WITHIN? So tell my enemies that they can’t injure me- COULD THIS MEAN THAT BECAUSE HE HAS GOD, NO ONE CAN HURT HIM? I know that irritates, you have my sympathies- COULD THIS MEAN THAT THE ILLUMINATI ARE UPSET AND ANNOYED BY HIS TACTIC, BUT HE WILL NOT STOP? Well, you should protest, yeah, you should picket me- SEE PREVIOUS QUESTION I’m on a losing strike, I’m on a winning streak- I’m out in left field,… Read more »

maybe delving this far into all of it is some kind of ritual in itself, that'd be some f****d up s**t

I've always got a good vibe off of Lupe and until i see otherwise i support his music. he promote self awareness, education, freedom, and self validation. He wants the new generation to understand that being wise is cool, being dumb and keeping up with mainstream is not. his song"dumb it down" clearly talks about this. the industry doesn't support him because he speaks light where is they speak lyrics full of lustful acts and debauchery . You have to use your own discertion when analyzing things.

nicely done vigilantcitizen. i'm especially impressed with the article regarding psychedelics.

he actually says "no new world order", so even better right?

lupe spoke out against the illuminati in "the coolest" and "hurt me soul" check them both out: "Hurt Me Soul" Now I ain't tryna be the greatest I used to hate hip-hop… yup, because the women degraded But Too $hort made me laugh, like a hypocrite I played it A hypocrite I stated, though I only recited half Omittin the word "b***h," cursin I wouldn't say it Me and dog couldn't relate, til a b***h I dated Forgive my favorite word for hers and hers alike But I learnt it from a song I heard and sorta liked Yeah, for the icin, glamorized drug dealin was appealin But the block club kept it from in front of our buildin Gangsta rap-based filmings became the buildin blocks For children with leakin ceilings catchin drippins with pots Coupled with compositions from Pac, Nas's "It Was Written" In the mix with my realities… Read more »

OMG I Can't Believe He'd Rap Something Like That, Saying That Rappers Fear The Illuminati! Everything He Say Says Seem So Real. I Don't Think He's In The Illuminati, But Rather Trying To Get Famous w/o Their Help – Like It Used To Be. I Support Him.

Again, there's so many artists that are blatantly against these things. Look for them, they won't find you!

1-864-88-11-UBE (823)


Lupe Fiasco is Muslim; so yes he is against the New World Order and the illumanti

Shouldn't he be…well…gone for speaking out? They probably WANTED him to speak out against them, and that's the only reason he is able to.

i think he made it crystal clear

Some of you people continue to dwell on this unknown subject not to find out what is right, but out of fear that what you know to be right is wrong. There's something wrong with that. It's called restricting your mind. Just because you read somewhere that lasers, anarchy and peace symbols have everything to do with the devil doesn't necessarily make it true. But because what you have read/seen has altered your interpretations, thus developing it as a truth in your mind, you will refuse to believe otherwise. Personally, I think those who lack the ability to perceive things in a open manner as opposed to the one they have been told/shown are truly the lost ones. Before you "found out" that the anarchy and peace symbol were relevant to satan, what did they mean to you? Anarchy meant ANARCHY. Peace meant PEACE. Why is that you can't believe… Read more »

hahaha, thank you

i personally believe its put in music so much so people will believe its shenanigans. if you say oh rihanna is part of the illuminati because her songs and videos are symbolic, people are just going to look at you like you're one of those "illuminati nutso's". although i do believe that there are some artists and celebrities that know what's going on and are speaking out against it. to me it seems that lupe is against it. but thats just my opinion.

The music industry is very vein and I can only discourage people from entering it. Whatever the message, be it good or bad, it will always be run by the same corrupt forces be they illuminati or something else. But I do appreciate how Lupe shows how he rejects not only these forces in some of his lyrics but also vanity and corruption, how ever I'm not sure he actually knocked off the eye on the pyramid. Check out the video. I guess it's open to interpretation.

That's why some of us are and choose to remain independent artists. Immortal Technique speaks clearly against many of these issues, and has declined a major deal because they wanted him to 'change his image.' There's also many other artists… You have to dig deep to find the good/real ones.


Lupe is not speaking out.

he did…. at a point in time. But like others hes succumbed to his greed of money and fame.

The whole anarchy thing makes me skeptical, I mean him+ lady gaga going round promoting the anarchy symbol


thats all too clear….

but then again its all a bit too clear



September 4, 2010 at 4:37 am

At the end of the day, if he ( Lupe ) is still alive, he is one of them. POINT BLANK PERIOD.

Everybody else that spoke out….I mean TRULEY spoke out against illuminati ARE ALL DEAD.


Pimp C

John Todd

William Cooper

Soon DMX

Plus, none of them were hanging around jayz.

Lupe needs more people.

Pimp c was a klose friend of jay z. Pac was killed due to a set up by suge knight. Smh don't be blind and fall for the trikks of the media

Excellent point!!! Wonderful break down.

dont forget Michael Jackson!

Lupe is NOT illuminati…him being Muslim doesn't mean he's illuminati…he's a devout anarchist…and since you idiots who love to butcher the truth into a bullshit sandwich PAY ATTENTION CLOSELY TO THE WORDS THAT COME OUT OF HIS MOUTH For HE SPEAKS TRUTH TO THE MASSES. if you download the Japanese Cartoon "In The Jaws Of The Lords Of Death" album Which IS LUPE FIASCO AND HIS BAND listen to ALL OF IT but mainly: Suck The Shine Out, Firing Squad, J.A.W.S & You Are Here…pay close attention to what he's saying because hes using a FBA (FAKE BRITISH ACCENT) In J.A.W.S He says: "The skulls, the bones, don't use the phones, they use the television sets to spy too, YOU'RE IN THE JAWS" he's referring to the Skull & Bones secret society, for those who dont know most Skull & Bonesmen become members of the CIA after college & whatnot…you… Read more »