Kanye West’s “Yeezus”: Surrounded with Occult Symbolism


It is safe to say that the Rocafella records duo comprised of Jay-Z and Kanye West is ruling the rap game right now. We’ve seen in past articles that everyone of their latest offerings contains messages and symbolism that are directly in line with occult secret societies. Kanye West’s latest album is called “Yeezus” – a name that is symbolic for a few reasons. Not only it is a album fitting name from someone who is known to think rather highly of himself  – it is a perfectly represents the ultimate goal of occult secret societies: To ascend from humanity to godhood. Yeezus is basically the merging of Kanye West the human with Jesus Christ, who is considered by Christians to be the embodiment of God on Earth. Occult Mysteries claim to turn men into gods through spiritual initiation.

“Wisdom, it was maintained, lifts man to the condition of Godhood, a fact which explains the enigmatical statement that the Mysteries transformed “roaring beasts into divinities.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

By naming one of his songs “I am a god”, Kanye couldn’t make this concept clearer for his fans. In the last verse, Kanye raps:

“I just talked to Jesus
He said, “What up Yeezus?”
I said, “Shit I’m chilling
Trying to stack these millions”
I know he the most high
But I am a close high
Mi casa, su casa
That’s that cosa nostra
I am a god
I am a god
I am a god”

In this verse, Kanye is almost as the same level as Jesus Christ. The lyrics “I know he the most high/But I am a close high” can refer to Psalm 82:6 which states:

“I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.’
– Psalm 82:6

There lies the fundamental difference between traditional religions and the Mysteries. Abrahamic religions only recognize the existence of single God while the Mysteries are about humans turning into gods. For this reason, there tends to be animosity between representatives of the two philosophies because they view spirituality in opposite terms. Darker occult societies such as the O.T.O. and the Church of Satan sometimes corrupt or reverse Christian symbols to represent a fracture with its doctrine. Some artwork relating with Kanye’s Yeezus go in the same way.

The original album artwork featured what appeared to be a melted down "Jesus Piece". The cover therefore featured a distorted and deformed face of Jesus - which went with the theme of Yeezus.

The original album artwork featured what appeared to be a melted down “Jesus Piece”. The cover therefore featured a distorted and deformed face of Jesus. A concept that went with the theme of “Yeezus”. The cover was however not used in the final release of the album – maybe because it would have caused some controversy.

Kanye wearing a Jesus piece chain, a staple in hip-hop fashion. By displaying a melted down Jesus face on the album cover while naming the album "Yeezus", Kanye conveyed the fact that the symbol of Jesus is not an untouchable symbol of divinty and that he can also reach that status.

Kanye wearing a Jesus piece chain, a staple in hip-hop fashion. By displaying a melted down Jesus face on the album cover while naming the album “Yeezus”, Kanye conveyed the fact that the symbol of Jesus is not an untouchable symbol of divinity and that he can also reach that status.

The concept behind that album is therefore right on-par with the philosophy of secret societies that rule the entertainment industry (O.T.O, Church of Satan).


A lot of 6’s

Occult secret societies are greatly interested in the numerology and there is a lot of numerology surrounding this album. “Yeezus” is Kanye West’s sixth album. Yeezus contains 6 letters. It was released on 6/18/2013, which is translated in Kaballistic numerology to 6/(6+6+6)/6.

One stunt organized by team Kanye to promote the album was to project the video New Slaves on 66 buildings, spread across 6 countries. In case you’re not great at math, putting 66 an 6 together makes 666.

A projection of New Slaves.

A projection of New Slaves.

While New Slaves is described as a “conscious rant about materialism”, is Kanye really going against the grain or is he acting like a spoiled kid who reluctantly enters his father’s BMW while saying that “life is unfair”.

“See they’ll confuse us with some bullsh*t
Like the New World Order
Meanwhile the DEA
Teamed up with the CCA
They tryna lock n*ggas up
They tryna make new slaves
See that’s that privately owned prison
Get your piece today”

In this verse, Kanye says that those who talk about the coming of a New World Order are basically spewing BS to confuse people (despite the fact that elite organizations are clearly pushing for a world government and currency). He states that people should rather focus on issues such as privately owned prisons that profit from every new inmate they get. While this issue is indeed important, isn’t it obvious that the corporations handling these for-profit prisons (such as Geo Group, a billion dollar multinational corporation that works with Homeland Security) are part of the occult elite pushing for a New World Order? Kanye is basically saying that people should focus on a single symptom instead of the huge cancerous system at hand.

Also, while New Slaves rants about consumerism, the “Yeezus” album heavily promotes Kanye’s new Nike sneakers Air Yeezy II (in case you didn’t know, Nike is infamous for using sweatshop workers – real actual slaves).

The symbolism of these sneakers couldn’t be clearer.

Randomly inserted in Yeezus albums, this patches feature the logo of Air Yeezy 2 = The face of Horus inside a triangle. Needless to say that the Eye of Horus is the Illuminati's favorite symbol and one of the most important symbol of occult secret societies such as the O.T.O.

Randomly inserted in Yeezus albums, these patches feature the logo of Air Yeezy 2: The Egyptian deity Horus inside a triangle. Needless to say that the Eye of Horus is the Illuminati’s favorite symbol and one of the most important symbol of occult secret societies such as the O.T.O.

A wax seal also features that symbol.

A wax seal also features that symbol.

In short, Kanye West’s new album and everything surrounding it is perfectly in sync with the occult elite’s philosophy and symbolism. While he appears to be “speaking out” and being “rebellious” at times, he is pretty much the definition of “controlled opposition” (or maybe does he sometimes have moments of clarity where he realizes that he sold out to the system?). Whatever the case may be,  once we understand the symbolism surrounding his work, Kanye is definitely a New Slave of the occult elite.



  1. Kanye West name his daughter North and I could not help but reflect on the scriptures.

    Isaiah 12 How are you fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how are you cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations! 13For you have said in your heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also on the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: 14I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

    • They make fun of God and throw he's name around like if he's going on sale . Interesting the masses don't care tho all they care is wtf Kanye west is doing. Who is he going to diss, what will he wear, when he's going to post some stupid sh*t about Kim etc Is boring Kanye doesn't impress me with him dissing God, or taking some notes from the Bible is so predictable that it doesn't bother me at all. When people talk about Kanye being in the illuminati people assume you're jealous, you're crazy, he's dope you're not wtf I'm neither of those is just Christianity is being mock almost every day now, I hate to say it when you try to give you're own opinion . People jump on the band wagon and diss you when you talk about their favorite artist they idolize them like if their we're Gods is creepy, but I say F*CKem lol Kanye their is something called Karma you will have you're punishment bro and is going to hit you 10X harder than anything you have experience before. Not that I'm wishing the dude bad luck, or wishing bad things happen to him is just people cross the line and their doing bad things it goes back around . Well people in school are like is Bullshit theirs no illuminati you're ridiculous everything you're saying is ludicrous . Lol I just laugh dunno why ~.~ Kanye be original and talk about how fucking corrupt the president and the government is than perhaps I'll consider you as a true artist at least make something good. Always using Gods name for attention smh. Jay Z ugliest dude ever ewwww go and die in a hole.

      • Do not worry yourself about other people who worship false idols. You know what is right and you know that they are being misled. You can't force them to see the truth. It took me years to see the truth as I was a witch and pagan. I finally realized that it was ridiculous to worship false idols and that God was with me the whole time! They have to come to this realization on their own. They are being distracted from the truth. People who are whole in spirit do not need their material junk! They cannot sell you things unless you feel incomplete. This is how they keep power and control over the masses. They keep them dumb and insecure! It is what feeds consumerism and makes them wealthy and keeps them in control. They love the fact that people worship them as false Gods. It feeds their egos immensely as they are narcissistic and sociopathic.

    • H. Trismigistus on

      Funny you quote that text, it was not referring to the "devil/satan", it was referring to a king at that time. To further back up my claim you can research it from any Christian scholar modern or past. Sad that people quote a book they are clueless about.

      • Know that this king of Babylon was Lucifer incarnate so yes the verse is referring to the devil. Here's a little clue for you, spiritual beings can incarnate into human form.

      • The Defender on

        you obviously have no idea of scripture. The word says its the Spirit of God that gives life to the bible and the letter kills. don't just read the letters and as for those scholars you can ignore them for they are just that. they have no idea

    • Yep….the bible says there is nothing new under the sun….he is not doing something unique or special…just tryna twist smthing from the holy book

    • Joel 2:20
      God refers to the devil as the northerner "i will remove the northerner far from you and drive him into a parched and desolate land……

    • Niki Niki Niki on

      Kim Kardashian aka the Whore of Babylon (when you think about it) allows Kanye to name their baby NORTH after the Morning (Northern) Star aka Lucifer.

    • That's what I'm saying in my post about Kaye West album and the fact that he used a crucifix of Jesus. Only instead he placed himself on there. When I first heard that is album was Yeezus I was like wait, hold up Yeezus is how Spanish people say Jesus. Is Kanye trying to say that he's Jesus? Then I thought about what that dude from X ministries (Truth About Hip Hop) said about how they will proclaim themselves to be gods! Jay-z has reached to this point and so has Kanye…and that X ministries thing happened in 2006! Check it out on YouTube…None can replace God Whatsoever God is going to destroy the evil people soon anyways…

    • Northwest is baal!!!! The practice of worshipping idols. His wife Kim is a Goddess like the ones in Egypt that exposed their bodies in artwork to be worship. We are witnessing the manifestation of demonic spirits

  2. 66 buildings, spread across 6 countries. In case you’re not great at math, this adds up to 666.

    66 x 6 = 396.

      • The point is that 66 screens in 6 countries involves the numeral 6 three times over…. Can not be more clear and easy to understand quit feigning stupidity

      • 66+6= 72….7+2=9………..9 turned upside down is 6…………..Trust, they know what they're doing…

      • Regardless of the math and the numerology please explain away the other things if you will. The fact that you find one aspect a little faulty and throw out the rest of the info proves your ignorance and proves you have a gap in your logic.

    • That's not what he meant; in the context established in the previous paragraph, Vigilant was referring to Kabalistic numerology.

      • Be smarter pls on

        Do you people not realize the other commenters are just playing with you all???? They know what VC was referring to when adding 66 with 6. Theyre just being smart Alec's and literally adding 66 to 6. Geez, don't feed the trolls!!

      • Fateless One on

        Numerology is rather flimsy. You want a bunch of numbers to mean something so bad that you try to connect ridiculous dots just to make a point. its lame and weak. If anything it is a sign of some form of mental illness when one starts obsessing over numbers. But hey, thats just my opinion. Oh and Be smarter pls should follow his own advise. Calling people who don't agree with you trolls doesn't make you look smarter. Just saying…

    • He never said multiply them. He never said add them. He said "putting 66 an 6 together makes 666." Quit being a smart ass and distracting people from the point of this article.

    • 66 buildings spread across 6 countries= 66 total buildings…in case you're not great at math. Perhaps a short education? If you want to find the number of buildings per country, 1) assume that there are an equal number of buildings per country and divide 66 by 6, which equals 11 buildings per country; or 2) assume that the number of buildings in each of the 6 countries is unknown and calculate the number of possible combinations, using the combination formula n!/r!(n-r)!, where n, the number of total buildings=66 and the number of countries is r=6 for a total of 231580827878400 possible combinations. So in each country, for example, there could be 8, 12, 23, 3, 15 and 5, respectively, but who knows. In case you're still not great at math, information about this and other fine examples of the ways in which numbers might be meaningfully related, such as addition, subtraction, etc. can be found on an information retrieval site called "google."

      • divided gives us 11 which is an important number. Allegedly it indicates God and s***n are equals.

      • Well, God and Satan are not equals, not by a long shot.

        The elites are the ones who are deluded, blind and "new slaves" (to Satan), despite what they think.

        The Illuminati/NWO/Jesuits are scum.of the Earth. Hell is going to be filled to the brim with these wretched, wrinkled old wankers.

    • Either way the listener hears "666" Dude is still saying SIX SIX SIX. So that's what he meant. We're hearing 666 in that one verse. Not talking about math, thanks.

  3. its about time VC!! i wish yall would cover more hip-hop culture and material on this website, the ENTIRE PHILOSOPHY of hip-hop is satanic these days, you can point to ANY SONG currently in rotation on the radio and it will express its alliegence to satan PROUDLY, ESPECIALLY the young artists/new artists, a guy named Young Dro has a song called "F*** that B***" that gets played ABOUT 100 TIMES EVERY SINGLE DAY and its all about disrespecting women! yall need an entire section devoted to hip-hop becuz after the "rock era" of ac/dc, black sabbath, etc, those evil spirits moved right on over to hip-hop in its influence on the culture and ITS WORKING in the most terrible way! These kids are following these satanic role models more than their parents (who are probably following them too or worse, introduced their kids to these demons) or any positive role models, even the GOOD hip-hop artists like J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar are subjected to co-sign the devil in some way or form like J.Cole album "Born Sinner" with a statue or a demon with an crown scribbled on top of it, the first song on that album is called "Villuminati"! Hip-hop needs help VC!

    • Both acts claim Jay-Z as their "idols" (we aren't suppose to have those, but…yea) and have done songs with him. J. Cole is even signed to Roc Nation. I'm not surprised.

      • I don't think you've listened to J.Cole's album. A lot of it is anti-illuminati. Heck, even Villuminati is anti-illuminati.

    • I'd actually like to get some background as well on all the Rock Stars, where the supposedly devil-horned hand sign originated. They ruled the music scene and made all the money back in the day. They displayed blatant evil imagery, and if their videos were not about something dark, weird, and scary – they were glamorzing scantily clad women, explicit sex, and heavy drinking and drugging. And oh the Androgyny (satan himself)…..

      I totally believe that the evil one rules everything that breeds lots of money (Government, Entertainment, etc.,) and I believe that because of that it says in Ephesians 6:10-20. Yet everybody in that world is not of that world. In addition, some of the expressions of the artist could simply be that, them expressing themselves. Or, maybe their purposely exposing the entities behind them, maybe their crying for help, maybe their flying warning flags for those scratching and clawing to break in to high society.

      I don't know…

    • Rock isn't evil, but I can't say that for today's young rising starts in pop-rock, pop, and hip hop. Laday Gaga, Rhianna, Jessie J,Kesha, Lil Wayne , Jay-Z, All evil to me

      • You seem to bash other things besides actual rock itself.. They throw the horns up all the time come on now.. I know there is evil in the genres of music you mentioned but don't just flat out say rock isn't evil.

      • well just because everyone's doing it doesn't make it OK. First of all, anything, and in this case, any genre of music could become evil depending on what you do with it. BUT, that being said, there is something about the sounds and beats of rock and pop music that actually change your brain wave patterns. it has a hypnotic or trancelike effect on a person. music is a powerful tool because it has effects on people for good or bad.

        here's a story for you. I played paintball once. i wasn't interested in playing. i didn't want to get messy and jump and roll over obstacles and play war. i am a girl and that is not interesting to me. however, once it started, and they blasted in the metallica music, i can tell you it changed how i behaved. suddenly i did become war-like and start playing the game. so who cares, i played paintball. well what if it was in a different situation where i was being controlled that I did something worse, harmful to myself or others. I'm just saying, the genre is pretty bad itself because of that reason. it's really easy to let "devils" in to control you. music is a great way for that to happen. be careful out there.

      • Excuse me but a lot of rock songs are evil. You just sound biased. Probably because you like the genre.

    • Look up .G. Craig Lewis on YouTube. he exposes hip hop to the core. He is a pastor and he does a great job with bringing scriptures into his teachings. What these so called artists are doing is nothing new. There is a lot of ancient Greek And Egypt symbolism in their music, videos, clothing, etc…and they want to show the world who they represent- ultimately Satan. Jay Z had a song that if you played it backwards it says Murda Murda Jesus. These people are not playing. They literally sold their souls. Satan is using them to further his agenda. I feel sorry for them and I hope and pray God will save their soul from hell. Check out G. CRAIG LEWIS 's teachings. It will help you understand more why these so called entertainers act the way they do. Great job VC on your work as well.

      • I have!!! Some of his teachings or good and others or ridiculous!!! All videos I have seen of his have bashed the world when the church is doing a lot of what the world is doing…if u ask any young person to name 5 gospel artist and then name five "worldy" the will prbably say the same names Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams, Donnie Mc Clurkin and World artist LilWayne, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye, Chris Brown I'm seeking God and not Craig G Lewis or any of them… Thruth behind hil hop is one resource that God has provided me with just like this web site which I love… But I don't believe everything they tell me u should either!!! Sorry VC just being real… ✌

    • Dude awesome analysis, yes hip hop needs help, professor Griff can't do it by himself
      these guys really are giving up there energy to these dark forces it's almost surreal the way the do it openly

    • Yes people like u and me need help also if u listen to the songs it sound totally diffrent than other… If u r a true "Christian" h would know that we r all born into sin I don't agree with a lot of stuff that's going on in hip hop but the same thing that is going on in the hip hop industry is going on in the gospel industry but we don't devote whole articles bashing them!!! If u didn't know Kendrick Lamar was a gospel artist @ one point but kept getting bashed like u or Doug for speaking g the truth past the messed up teachings of a lot of our churches I believe in Jesus Christ and I have a close relationship with God u an no one else will tell me that people like them or just as bad when they don't glorify the bull shit in this world they just tell there story which is called a testimony in th church
      U have not been so perfect in your life fam an I bet u might have fucked a bitch in your own life
      I am a musician that grew up in the church just yesterday I went to church three time heard the word from two people including my mother… I am also a artist/producer I don't put a lable on my music it's just called music what God gave me u and no one else will make me feel like what I am doing is wrong because I don't call it gospel a titled is just as good as the heart behind it!!! The problem with today Christians is we have come away from the spirit and got into religion Jesus didn't preach Christianity he taught do unto other as God has done unto u!!! Jesus didn't preach in the church except when he was like 12 because as a child he couldn't leave far away from his parents but when he became older he went out into the wilderness we preach so boldly between four walls to peoe who believe the same as us but we rarely go out and evangelize which is suppose to be the man focus of the body of Christ that's why we have Christian rappers and artist like Lacrae New Orleans own Dee-1 and Mali music Signing with none Christian or gospel labels because its not about the title it's about the heart which God knowns it's people like u brother that make people hate the church we need to stop judging so much and start uplifting each other… I think God for websites like this that inform me of something's I didn't see on my own but they r just one resource I use!!! H bash these brothers but I bet u work for a company that does all the same things u r bashing them for when there just doing there jobs!!! I don't agree with everything there doing but in this world we live in u or either the prey or the predator… U can be so righteous that u put yourself in a box that way u can become holier than thou u have to have a balance!!! ✌

    • Look up a guy that goes by the name of Lenon Honor. Through his documentary he basically started the genre of analyzing music videos for satanic and illuminati symbolism.

    • o he knows, it's been a whil so he liked it like that
      In 2003, he released "all falls down" the lyrics proved that he understood the system. 2004 in his song "Jesus Walk", we can tell he was still hesitating or even calling for help but in 2007, he showed the world that he made his choice with his album Graduation, graduated from you know lol. In his song the good life, he explains us what attracted him to this world, in the song "can't tell me nothing" he's basically saying he is not going back.
      The sad, sad world we live in sigh

      • Shaun Paraweird.com on

        He is making his own grave and he's going to regret his choices when he was to lay in it. I just hope he sees the light and changes, its never to late.

      • So learn a lesson from their mistakes and try to tame your ambitions and hunger for fame and fortune.

      • Shaun Paraweird.com on

        Do you not mean more care and passion?
        They have been mislead and need to he shown the light, buts its up to them as to which side they take.

      • The less care such as not to care about superficial matters. It sounds confusing eh.

      • Shaun Paraweird.com on

        You mean not to focus on shallow things and materialism?
        Don't reside in the lower vibrations or it will pull you down, I'm trying to raise myself up.

      • How do you know who resides in the lower vibrations? How you can tell? Let me know cause I'm clueless. Thanks.

      • Shaun Paraweird.com on

        I'm on about living a shallow materialistic life not experiencing god/cosmic consciousness/awakening or whatever you want to call it. Strive towards love and knowledge not money and control.

      • the greatest at sucking! He sucks and the people who listen to him have bad taste!

  4. I cannot stand this piece of trash. He is the lowest of the low in terms of celebrity. I cannot believe anybody actually likes this guy. But with all this self glorification that he does, all I have to do is go back and watch that video of him hitting his head on a street sign and laugh at the moron.

    • Fateless One on

      Good Lord, Steve lighten up man! It sounds like the guy personally wronged you or something. I bet you've never even met the guy but yet you sit there calling him names just because of his life choices. Thats pathetic yo. Stop with the hating folks. If the man wants to blaspheme thats his choice – it a free country. It is not your place to judge. Geez…

    • It's easy for u to judge someone when u haven't been in there shoes… U dont have a bunch of fake yes me. Behind u telling u everything u do is right… I bet your parents or still living… Not trying to give him an excuse because I don't agree with everything he does but I am no longer judging him… I couldn't imagine being in his shoes… Don't know how I would handle it u can't either so stop hating and pray for the dude he is still a good artist!!!

      • CRY ME A FRICKEN RIVER Abdule. People like you are one of the reasons soooooo many are without a clue!!!!!!!!!

      • The_Watcher1+1 on

        Yes it is a great album and VC and most of you have no concept of African Symbolism, it's connection to the Creator Of All Things. "These miracles that I do, greater miracles can you!" This site provides some decent info….at times, but it's error is in attempting only explain things from a laymen's understanding of the Christian Bible. The fact that the Council Of Nicaea even took place should be a call to all who claim to understand the Bible under every day so-called "normal" circumstance. The Bible contains esoteric knowledge including some based on NUMEROLOGY. As does the Holy Qur'an, as does the Torah. Kanye West's lyrics are based on the 5% teachings of the Noble Dru Ali and as well as African Kemetic Knowledge. Freemasonry is skewed from the point that Europeans adopted the knowledge through invasion and occupation of the original BLACK AFRICA. Before the violent infiltration of whites. Besides, much of what you see from a visual perspective is done to cause exactly what is going on now…..paranoid, uninformed dialog about illuminati and esoteric cults. Yes, I do believe that there are those in the highest financial echelon that seek some sort of sick perversion of the Creator/GOD's way, I do not believe however that….rap artists…..are pledging their souls to Satan in an occult sense. Some of them as well many other humans may do that from a bad moral choice perspective, but not from this silly notion of illuminatiism….period.

      • real african on

        Please.. Real Africans dont believe in that crap your talking, even before the violent infiltration of whites..

      • Pop music is like candy for the ears….candys not good for the body, but try not eating it.

    • Oh yeh totally just like Jesus Christ wrote it…. It's like some fucking God out of the New Testament wrote this piece right? Worst Musician in the world…. you have no taste in music because you destroyed the relativism in valuable Hip Hop lyricism…. if this album is Good then by proxy all true hip hop would have to be bad… put your mind around some Immortal Technique or some Jedi Mind Tricks and get the fuck out of here with your Rolling Stone reviews

    • nativeraider on

      Worst album! Like 4 decent songs. They have NOTHING on any of his earlier stuff off College Dropout

  5. "One stunt organized by team Kanye to promote the album was to project the video New Slaves on 66 buildings, spread across 6 countries. In case you’re not great at math, this adds up to 666."

    actually it adds up to 72

    • All ad to 9 and 9 is number of illusion and base consciousness Ex (6+6+6=18-1+8=9) or (9×7=63-6+3=9) or(9×356=3204-3+2+0+4=9) 9 IS an Illusion and if you multiply an illusion by anything all you get is more illusions ( Control @ a Deeper level) Now if 9 is an illusion and you ad any number to that illusion all you get is the some of the number you added in the first place. (9+5=14-1+4=5) or ( 9+47=56-4+7=11-5+6=11) you only get what you ad to 9 (Illusions) to start with. Ps try it multiply 9 by any number an ad the some and ad any number to 9 and ad the some all the same results.

    • I suggest you read all the other comments before yours, that say the exact same thing. You're too late. 😉

  6. i recently saw "yeezus" at a music festival… im not a fan, but i did want to see what he would pull off. first of all he was 1/2 hour late getting onstage. his show opened with a screen first showing 3 black dogs barking, with demon eyes, and then 3 people dressed in black KKK costumes, again with demon eyes… it literally gave me chills. the worst part was how the crowd was just enchanted by this man who literally had no life in his eyes singing these dark and angry songs.. i almost felt sorry for the guy, here is someone with so many fans but he is clearly a lost, sad soul… he himself is a slave.

      • You should never try to condemn someone to hell, the judgment you put on someone else comes back to you.

      • that one day will happen if they did not turn to GOd, everyone has a second chance, because God is a God of chances :)

    • he doesn't have fans, he has mind controlled slaves who buy tickets to these satanic rituals and keeps the fortunes rolling in at the same time….No different to Gaga.

      • sittingcoffin on

        Through vetted symbology and what amounts to addictive/repetitive sound (the beats and/or what John Todd referred to as "witch language", as much as anyone can put stock into John Todd), pop stars build their own armies that bend easily to group think. The amount of control this gives the people propping up the stars is immeasurable – invisible, easily discounted, hard to break. Just have to send the messages through celebrities to really rally the troops in the New World.

    • The thing with the celebrities that use the symbolism either we're born unwillingly into it by way of cross generation mk ultra mind control, or did not realize it. A lot of these people are literally empty shells of people who's bodies are riddled with demons. You can't hate someone for something they can't escape from. He definitely is a modern slave, and maybe that's what this is all about. Also Jesus had to die for our sins. He had to feel pain for us. Maybe this is some kind of similar thing with the Illuminati. He's Yeezus because he's atoning for their sins. All I know is that ignorant hate will not help you into heaven so just know that he isn't alright and know the symbols and pray to god.

      • Fateless One on

        Well said. Finally someone sees reason. Most commenters come on here spewing hate speech about people they probably only know from the media and that is so ignorant. I'm glad to have found at least one like-minded individual. I don't really believe in all this mind control stuff though. I think Kanye is cashing into this whole illuminati thing just to get attention and its obviously working.

      • We don't hate them although I don't see why we should feel guilty for not adoring them and put them on the pedestal unlike the rest of the populace. You should be entitled to not share the same sentiments as the others. Who decides they are better than everyone else? The media? As long as you are not jealous of them and hate them, you are on the right track.

  7. @Adn

    You seem to have some extreme anger issues that keep you from doing anything but speaking in a manner that makes you look immature, crass, ignorant, and belittling. Perhaps, instead of telling everyone to STFU you can explain why, with details and facts, VC is wrong… There is a pretty long chain of facts that VC uses in past articles about many artists in the industry. Show us how he is wrong or you will seem like the 12 year old who wants to be right so bad that he yells at everyone else until they either walk away or agree with him.

    • Fateless One on

      VC isn't above making mistakes (not unless he's some kind of omnipotent being which I highly doubt) and I believe he was wrong to call putting 66 and 6 together math. It is not. Call it whatever else you want but don't pass it off as math. I don't condone telling people to STFU as a means of making a point. Thats childish.

      • Still on this math thing…. the point is that there are three 6's right in front of your face moron… just look at your own comment… can you count the 6's… you are a fucking idiot there is a thread with imbeciles like you that is like 30 replies long

      • There's no room for over sensitivity when it comes to discussing the ins and outs of Luciferianism and Satanism and it's effects on the minds of Americans as they are subconsciously subjected to it through all mass mediums…. this is not TMZ Andrew… speak to my points not to the cuss words I use for emphasis… no one comes to abuse people we are talking about whether Kanye is a Satanist or not… you're here to worship celebrities

      • Fateless One on

        @Sanat Toma
        And yet another fine example of why drugs are bad for you. You should seek professional help before you hurt some one because you are obviously unstable. Reply when you regain sense. Get well soon :)

  8. I don't know if y'all have seen the new Samsung comercial that goes inside Jay Z's new song Magna Carta Holy Grail, but y'all will have a fit when you watch it. You can find it on your tube. Just type "inside Jay Z new song'. It will be like the first video. It is titled Inside Magna Carta Holy Grail with Jay Z + Samsung. I tryed to post a link but I couldn't.

  9. "I said, “Shit I’m chilling
    Trying to stack these millions”

    poor kanye. he's even stupider than jesus originally thought…

  10. Alright, I dont know if this has anything to do with connecting an underground rap group to a mainstream rapper, or just coincidence Kanye ripped them off. My opinion is, they both believe in Luciferianism. EVERYONE check out the CD by the rap group Aqualeo "Speak of the Devil." Looks JUST like Kanye's Yeezus album. The back of the CD honestly looks like it connects to the front of Kanyes album cover. Too weird to be a concidence. Also, Aqualeo paints their faces with the same red cross as the Templar knights and they have a book out called "The Path to Illumination." Dead serious, everyone needs to look into that group.

    • Also, I gotta mention Aqualeo put out their album first, which makes me think either Kanye ripped them off or both of them are pushing for the same agenda.

  11. These people like Kanye worship the almighty dollar. Apparently, this shiz sells. Because the sheeple will buy whatever is popular. So don't buy it, don't listen to it, don't watch it on youtube. When they start losing money they will change. Because they are simply puppets with no artistic integrity that will perform anything if it makes them money. Don't give them your money. Keep your money. Gotta outhustle tha hustlas.

    • What if its not really about money, but rather mind control and influence? Keeping my dolla wont really help there.

    • I like your though process and view on this issue…
      Seems like you know a lot about it. Wish you could share more info with me. But thanks for the very good message put there for readers to see… Cause we/the readers can become confused from that music.

  12. "I am a god" is actually a terrifying song as well if you really listen to it- when I first heard it I had to turn it off in the middle of the track (keep in mind I'm not religious either) but the sounds he was making when he yelled I am god and digitally was screaming was very uncomfortable.

    • I agree. A ministry i follow just released a dvd and he played this clip and i instantly felt my blood rush in my throat and i felt something in me being disturbed. That was freaky.

  13. Morpheus Jaxen on

    The days of rappers glorifying violence and materialism are numbered. Songs with different subject matter are being created.

    Today, there are more African-American adults under correctional control than were enslaved in 1850, before the Civil War. With songs like "New Slaves" Kanye is making people aware of what is going on and entice people do research. Only the right message can do this on a global scale.

    The branding of Yeezus is provocative, it gets the people going.

    • Wow, Kanye is so altruistic. I'm sure he is passionately devoted to exposing the ills of society in order to fix them. I'm sure SO many teens and typical Kanye fans WILL research and do all they can to improve the situation because of this amazingly selfless song…And I'm sure blaspheming Christ's name is an important and helpful element of his brilliant altruism. Oh, and can I have a hit of whatever you're smoking?

      • kingmaximoff on

        Maybe if you're not being a prick and actually talk to people and scrape the "usual" "bad" idea about these subjects MAYBE, juuuust maybe you can open your mind and tell the positivity. "blaspheming"? If you put a topic out there that's "normal" people won't give a fu** but if you put something like this, like Morpheus Jaxen said "it gets the people going" it's called SHOCK VALUE, It's getting your attention which is obvious.

      • Hard to follow this thread looks like a couple of Kanyes Fan Club wandered into the comments section of a well manufactured article that obliterates their opinions on it…. yet here they are as apologists for garbage music with a garbage agenda that can not be justified as positive

  14. The only time I watched BET, I found something very interesting. This guy Travis Scott is kanye and t.i's new protege. He was on 106 and park and acted straight weird like he looked drugged or even possessed. He released a new video he shot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4MSlFq8bNI
    So much symbolism in this thing I don't know where to start. You can feel the negative vibes from the music video, I definetely think it's cursed.

    • I couldn't even watch the video, I fast forwarded to where midgets were getting involved and had to stop.

      I found an interview with some young lady that had done a few music videos. She claims that on the set of Rick Ross's video during a party scene, the directors asked the crowd to continually chant "666."

    • I followed your link and you are absolutely right. I hammered that fucking video into the ground in the comments section…. it wasn't even thinly veiled… there was no veil on that one… just out in the open garbage upside down crosses and worthless lyrics… and what appears to be the incremental setup for a wilderness orgy with bad rappers and midgets…. these "artists" are looking less and less like gangster thugs… and more and more like gimp sex slaves for unseen Masters who are daily tearing up their a-holes

  15. So let's look at Psalm 82 in total

    Psalm 82

    A psalm of Asaph.

    1 God presides in the great assembly;
    he renders judgment among the “gods”:
    2 “How long will you[a] defend the unjust
    and show partiality to the wicked?[b]
    3 Defend the weak and the fatherless;
    uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.
    4 Rescue the weak and the needy;
    deliver them from the hand of the wicked.
    5 “The ‘gods’ know nothing, they understand nothing.
    They walk about in darkness;
    all the foundations of the earth are shaken.
    6 “I said, ‘You are “gods”;
    you are all sons of the Most High.’
    7 But you will die like mere mortals;
    you will fall like every other ruler.”
    8 Rise up, O God, judge the earth,
    for all the nations are your inheritance.

    I think this passage mostly reflects on poor government however, verses 5-8 are written for Kanye

      • Death to the NWO on

        "Bleach is healthy. It's mostly water, and we are mostly water. Therefore, we are bleach".

        -Prophet Nathan Explosion, Book of Metal, 6:9

        Oh, and Bahomet [sic], Book of Satan is garbage. We are not our own "gods" in any way or form. You are delusional, like all Satanists. Satan is God's b*tch.

  16. staceypritchettwilliams on

    so you have Yeezus…and Jay Hova…they definitely believe that they are Gods. Are they like five percenters, perhaps?

    • boycottdemshIT on

      they are the biggest bunch of morons i've ever seen and my God!!! they're ugly as the hell they portray in their music!!! too bad for them cos the devil has them blindfolded! smdh!

    • Sounds like a mix of new age and Mormonism. I might add, a lie from Satan. The lie that you can become God started in the garden of Eden.

    • 5% Nation. Nothing new. The same as Wu-Tang Clan. 5% ideology was popular in the streets around their age group. The 80s to the early 90s.

  17. Right, as if Jesus would care about millions of dollars… I think Kanye misses the entire purpose of Jesus. Jesus taught self-sacrifice and humility and, perhaps, most important: the royal commandment which is to love God and love your neighbor (abide by the Non-Aggression Principle).

    Kanye has been deceived and thinks he too can become like God. This is the same delusion Satan suffered from.

  18. Damn! Formely, black metal and extreme metal music were considered satanic. Now it looks like a lullaby compared with these folks. Rap and pop shit are doing the "satanic" job nowadays. And they're doing well! LOL

    Well, nothing wrong with the philosophy [lifts man to the condition of Godhood], but the way that it's used by the mainstream is totally twisted. This materialism worship makes people sick… all that superficiality and banality… cult of "celebrities", all this emptiness. It can not be good, can not do well, at all. It's delusional, an illusion. Sooner or later people will find out.

  19. I really can't stand kanye west..but also he named his child north,female masons are northern stars I believe..female witches.

    • Hi queen, the female masons are eastern stars…however as soon as I heard the name North, I knew there was some great meaning behind it. and Immediately I remembered the verse in Isaiah, where Satan (then Lucifer) speaks of ascending to the North, and being above God and the most high…smh. Kris Jenner also confirmed on TV that North means "highest power". of course she didn't say "what" highest power but we already know. The whole entertainment industry gives all honor and glory to satan. They are not hiding it at all but people are too blind to see. They think everything is "art"…not. They are letting you know who they pledge their allegiance to, just pay attention. Listen to the lyrics, watch the videos and its clear to see. Those who are the most successful anyway. And those who don't make it to the top probably refuse to submit fully. The people behind the scenes run the show and you will not become famous unless you push the agenda, point blank.

    • That baby is gonna be one of the most arrogant, outta control persons ever born. Along with Jay-Z's kids. They're gonna be raised to think they're kings and queens of this world. They were probably conceived in ritual. They're gonna be real scary when they're older.

  20. Donda West will be rolling in her grave. He got bigger after she died and since then, with "it all" he never looks happy. Even when he smiles, he looks lost. I'd like to see how the whole KIMYE thing pans out.

    • He changed drastically once she died,I think they were really close.once your broken its easy for them to take advantage of him since he was in such a low state.that Taylor swift incident was pretty close to when she died and he was drinking heavily.

      • i read that Taylor Swift incident was initiation ritual of her to join their club – he humiliated her and then she came on stage again in red dress and so on. So he was just playing his part in this.

    • You have to realize….with the Illuminati, you have to sacrifice to get large. Kanye and his mother, Jenn Hudson and her family, Jayz and his nephew…(which he semi raps about in lost ones) and so on. Look at how gangster Jay used to be when he started, someone dies and now his rap is totally different with symbolism everywhere.

    • isn't that part of the 'deal'? you sign your soul to the devil and pay the blood price? a loved one is sacrificed…? he gets weird afterwards….'cos he did the deed….


  22. Outraged Citizen on

    So Jay-Z is "Jayhovah." And Kanye West is Jay-Z's protégé, and is now calling himself "Yeezus." So basically Jay-Z is God and Kanye is his son Jesus. The blasphemy meter rating is off the charts. Welcome to the age of blatant Satanism. Yikes.

    • In all honestly, I think a lot of people are reading too much into this.
      Now I am usually the first person to be accused of believing in too many "conspiracies," but I personally think
      Jay and Kanye happen to be very familiar with the dark side of the industry, but only speaking of it just to see if people catch on.
      Yes, both of them are narcissistic & egotistical, but they are aware of how cocky they look and they have a sense of humor. The whole "Jayhovah" and "Yeezus" thing is actually quite creative. 😛 Consider it offensive, but they are doing it to get a rise out of people.

      Btw, Kanye literally speaks out against the Illuminati in a lot of his songs. I would keep an eye on him (no pun intended), his songs usually have a double meaning and he is a lot smarter than he seems.

      • You don't know one fucking thing about CROWLEY the man they worship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Give me a break on

        Ahem. That's what Vc means by "controlled opposition". He has "double meanings" to further confuse and mislead, therefore, remaining a slave to the machine while APPEARING to be a "rebel" for our cause. Pfffft.

    • If you listen to "Watch the Throne" album it is clear and evident what their agenda is songs like "no church in the wild" kanye has a verse stating they are forming a new religion, the world needs to wake up its bout to get real folks. Its time to get your souk right with Christ.

    • Easy Insight on

      Yeah I picked up on the same theme. So I guess Beyoncé is "mother Mary"? I'm half way being sarcastic but serious because in their world who knows what those fools are thinking.

  23. If he is a Mason then he must be a major embarrassment to the FreeMasonry because if they are this juvenile then we are going to destroy them with no problem…. I don't care if they have access to the Great Mysteries or not… they clearly can't handle the responsibility, and if Jay Z is Jehovah then I guess Jehovah never was a God but just some demented alien who can't rap worth a Goddamn

    • Jay Z is definitely under the influence of something if he thinks he can compare himself to the Universal Creator Jah (Psalms 83:18).

      Pharaoh tried to mock Jah but he lost his firstborn & was swallowed up by the Red Sea. Just a matter of time before he uses his Son to clean house on Earth for all this rubbish & usher in a World of righteous ppl w/ no more of these demonic influences & false Gods.

    • He thinks he's Mason,I'm pretty sure they use them to the lowest degrees because they have a wide audience,but the ones that are up there are the ones that run this world,they don't hold that power even though they think they do,they are pawns.

    • I think it is not a matter of how stupid ''they'' seem to be, it is the seeking the level of the fans/puppets/..
      You know, like television, most of the shows are meant for dumb people, or rather, dumbed down people. I mean, the way a lot of presentes talk, like they are talking to a demented person in the last century.

  24. we know VC didn't really mean "math." it's a misnomer, nothing more. so let's not focus on that.

    that said, i think i maybe disagree with VC's analysis on the verse from "New Slaves." i think it's important not to get TOO attached to what we have been literally told is the overall agenda. For example, there is no such thing as the "Illuminati" – that they have no actual name is merely a cover for the fact that there is an elite group who has conspired for centuries upon centuries to rule the world. But if you get stuck on referring to the illuminati over and over you can get sidetracked and miss what is really going on. Such is the same with getting hung up on the "New World Order." Maybe…just maybe…there is no such plot by that name. There could very well be (and likely is) an agenda with a similar purpose, but it's not one that has been given a name, and maybe the actual intent is different in some ways. Thus, it is easier for the elite to obfuscate said agenda and truthfully laugh at all of us who claim a plan for a New World Order exists.

    I feel like I may not be making sense or am stating my thoughts in too convoluted a manner, but I guess what I'm saying is don't get so stuck on what you think is right that you can't analyze things in any other way; this is a very easy way to miss the truth or to be led astray. That doesn't dismiss the overall opinion that some (most?) of these celebs have given themselves over to some malevolent force or that there is a global conspiracy, but Kanye may be on to something when he tells us NWO (the phrase, not the concept) is a distraction. You also have to keep in mind his target audience, a lot of them are the kind of people who DON'T pay attention to what these corporations and gov't orgs are doing; if they do give credence to conspiracy theories they are 'couch potato' conspiracy theorists. They watch Youtube videos and spout off the buzz words, but don't actually know what any of the shit they're saying really means. That's the kind of person who needs to hear that verse and hopefully comprehend it. AFTER the comprehension, maybe they can mention the words 'new world order' and it actually signify some real thought coming from them. I tend to believe when you have an artist who puts forth this kind of line, there is usually some truth in the message, albeit coded and buried by some half-lie or omission. So when I heard that line, it was not one I felt should be dismissed.

    I could write an entire book on what I think of Kanye's slow but steady progression into darkness but I will simply say that I frankly do not think he is the same person anymore. The 'real' Kanye is – I don't know if dead is the right word, but checked out. Willingly so, but it's still sad to see.

    A few people mentioned J. Cole's new album (which I've heard) and…eh…J. Cole doesn't know shit, knows he doesn't know shit, and flat out says as much. He talks about guys who have "major money…like would laugh at Hova money." In his song "Villuminati" he tells people to stop asking him about the illuminati b/c he's a black guy making milliions vs. white guys making billions, "nah, I doubt they really need me." he knows he's not invited and that there's no way he could ever ascend to that level of the power structure in place. (for that matter he subtly puts Jay-Z in his place for the same thing.)

    He has at least one song with sort of the same theme as "New Slaves" ("Chaining Day") – he speaks of being easily swayed by the promise of quick riches and attention even though he technically knows better, and then struggling with himself for being so easily bought. he struggles with aligning his desire to express himself openly with trying to produce "hits" so he can be a commercial success. I'm not defending the guy at all – I mean, he basically admits that he chose that path and even after being presented with all the downsides, he's sticking with it – and there are points on the album where i feel like he comes off kind of whiny. But when he approaches that subject it's certainly a more honest perspective than you'll ever get from Jay-Z or Kanye (save for D'evils from Jay's first album and a handful of songs from Kanye's debut). it actually made me think about and reevaluate some of my own opinions, and i kind of wish more rappers would be that honest about it.

    • Zig Zag Wanderer on

      The real Kanye HAS checked out. Remember back in the day when he was the freshest dude around? Remember "Through The Wire"? Remember "Jesus Walks"????????? Where is THAT Kanye??? That dude really is dead. I don't know who this guy is now.

      • People change bro get over it. Dude isnt gonna make a million "jesus walks" songs for his entire career. He's an artist. He wants to evolve his sound. He wants to grow. If you're not down with that then stop listening.

    • 'New world order' is real, i've heard plenty politicians mention it, its not like its a conspiracy, it's well documented…

      • Yes, because it actually is fake, and they're using the NWO to distract you from what's really going on.

      • The phrase doesn't do much to distract from the concept – so the wording is different, isn't a hive minded united global community the point of the whole thing?

      • You are correct. The NWO is really the Old World Order. And, what's really going on is what has always been going on. The devil, yes he does exist, still wants to be worshipped like God.

    • I cannot believe this comment got so many thumbs up it is fucking absurd. NWO is one of the most commonly used terms throughout history used to describe this rapidly manifesting agenda, by the very people involved in its creation. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Only someone who had no idea what they were talking about would even begin to put forward a claim that this term is not useful in defining our opposition. Illuminati is a nod to the Light which all Luciferians believe is coursing through their veins…. they believe they are descendents of Lucifer The "Light" bringer and are henceforth Illuminated. For all we know they are related to him/her/it. Point is they believe they are…. this has been well established and well documented now for thousands of years even up to it's current exploration….THIS FUCKING WEBSITE. This fucking dude has no idea what he is talking about, he clearly conducts ZERO research and is merely making "A Priori" claims in his comments based on his theory he is making from his recliner with no real effort made to justify and research his claims. They are only ideas he has that he believes are clever that come from a mind devoid of real information. IGNORANT MORON. Then he goes on in his second paragraph to define other people who have studied more info than him to be jumping to conclusions because he himself is unfamiliar with all the info that others have divulged in their search for truth. Also in this paragraph, he becomes introverted and rambles about how he is not sure whether he is getting his point across. If you are feeling this way Sir… then back up and fucking retype, don't bother us with your inner conflicts. The rest of his comment is more rambling where the commenter apparently begins to believe he is Kanye's psychiatrist and knows more about him than Kanye's handlers. Oh yeah "Handlers" that's just YouTube videos right Rep Ipsa?…. WORST COMMENT ON THE ENTIRE THREAD!!!!!!!!!! Was he getting thumbs up from Obfuscation support or WTF?

      • Haaaha this is what all your research has lead you to. Deciding that one persons opinion stated is worthless enough to rant about. His comment was understanding and explorative. I would totally write a whole essay about your comment but his comment was so good I'm still reflecting. He can see that to a certain extent they are just earthly like all of us. And we are going to all have to inwardly discover the truth for we are in the wilderness of the collective mind. Your information came from the same earth bound malarkey. Humble yourself before you happen to believe an illusion.

    • Oh yeh, and on a personal level, after reading your comment again, I am convinced you wonderfully fit the description of an absolutely ignorant douchebag

    • I agree with you with regards to J.Cole it's easy to make an assumption without fully listening to the album and what he is trying to say.

      It's very honest and personally I think he takes a good few shots at jay-z but they are very intelligent an indirect…

      I live to analyse music an not judge people as we can only judge ourselves. Had we been on the same position at the same age with less knowledge could we all say what we would do?

      With regards to kanye I do believe he is a lost Soil he is swept up in his fame an fortune media circus and I don't think his album portrays what he intended. Sometimes a brick in an art gallery is just a brick!

  25. ???.....!!!!! on

    I can't believe anyone actually buys anything from these morons?. Talent..????. The worse part, hasn't one of these rappers just bred with a soulless fat trash bag ??

    • they are the same morons that but the latest fashion with inverted crosses stamped on in and believe that these people fear God!

  26. Facts straight. But something sad coming upon me whenever I think about millions of people who consume all that demonic trash. Or, rather someone make them consume…
    Lord deliver those who have a desire to escape various traps of the evil one.

  27. Any of these pop musicians railing on about consumerism ( ‘Also, while New Slaves rants about consumerism’ ) should be laughed at and ridiculed.

    The pop rap game is all about consumerism – it is celebrated and promoted and has been now for 30 years.

    Hopefully West has his mug melted down and turned into jew elry for the next generation of rap stars to wear and show off.

  28. Jesus is a demon that is why he is worshipping him and gaining polarity amongst those who also worship demons through organised religion.

    • It is not for hell's sake that your mouth should lead you there. It is just not worth it. Jesus, the son of the Most High God who created heaven and earth in all his goodness, is no demon. Keep that in mind. If the end justifies the means, look out for Kanye's end.

      • The Jesus myth was a pretty good rewrite, I will admit that. Its held a lot of humanity in submissive captivity and has shown much value to elites.

    • I think Jesus was probably a normal dude who got his name plastered onto the SAME OLD MYTHS held onto by many a pagan society. You would be hard pressed to find a religious mythologist – one can only read the same shit over and over again without realizing that its all recycled trickster garbage.

      • That's how I feel when I read the same crap you put on here time and time again….it's all recycled trickster garbage.

      • I belive in his existence but maybe he was a normal dude, carring on and spreading some new politic views throughout society at the time. Policy considered "dangerous" for the present status cuo.

    • fight4rights on

      Jesus was a real life historical figure. Many historians claim that he has existed due to historical artifacts and other evidence. There are those who are against Jesus to this day and do not believe He is the son of God. I place my faith in God because that is my free will to choose to do so. I would rather place my faith in God who represents love, forgiveness, and all things good. God has been there for me through my darkest moments in life. Of course, everyone has a choice to decide what they want to believe but I can honestly say God is the only one who can guide and protect you from the perils of this world.

      • Sorry, but he is not a historical figure and there is no "artifacts of other evidences" to prove it, only faith. What we have is a bunch of characteristics taken from other mythologies and beliefs. But that's ok – what really matter is the positive messages that you can take from it.

      • Scholars wrote about Jesus after his death and there is various evidence and artifacts to support that a man called Jesus did exist and was crucified for claiming to be God's son. Even in Jesus' time many people did not believe him, they thought he was just an ordinary mortal guy. After he died many of his supporters changed sides because they thought "the guy is dead, it was all fake…" then suddenly something happened that made so many of them become willing to go out of hiding and preach in the open. Some of them died are were tortured for it, but they still refused to deny what they saw (Jesus' return). Then there is the notion that more than 500 hundred civilians saw Jesus at the same time days after his death. Some were not his supporters and had nothing to do with him previously. Something big must have happened to make people come put of hiding and publicly support Jesus while facing torture and death. Why didn't they all just continue their hiding and forget about it like some started to? Clearly they regained their faith. Also parts of the bible concerning Jesus were written while some of Jesus' supporters and witnesses who had seen him were still alive. In all honesty some earliee parts of the Bible do sound odd to me. But ppl forget that the Bible is not one big story book – it is a composition of MANY different sources, just like a history text book may contain sources from Homer, Hesiod, etc. Therefore it is a historical artifact that historians study critically. Earlier parts of the bible contain a lot of traditional stories, like the creation story and Abraham. However other parts come from people who lived around a specific time (eg. Jesus' time) and they wrote down what they and other people saw or experienced. Therefore you can't deny all of the sources and claim that Jesus did not exist. Whether you choose to believe that Jesus was God's actual son is up to you, but there is more proof that Jesus was real and that after his death he greatly influenced people's beliefs/faith, than there is for some ancient historical figures that I study in my major history course.

      • 50 YEARS AFTER HIS "DEATH" Jesus is the Sun and the Bible is closely linked to the Zodiac. The Cross is a symbol of the suns journey throughout the year. On long day, one short day and two days where ligh and dark are equal. Wake up we are being hypnotized!!!!

    • Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord! Just remember that when you have to bow down and confess..but by then it will be too late for you…….so sad

    • I cant practice any religion (even atheism). It gets my thoughts all screwed up and I start trying to prove and disprove everything. Therefore I just focus on what I know is real it keeps me sane and a productive member of society. I figure I'll know for sure when I die. We are just humans. we are ignorant. we just need to accept that we dont and wont ever know everything.

      • Gnostic prophet on

        The bible was used to trick people into thinking that we will never know what happened. The Jews put Jesus in the place of a magic mushroom so people would never think of eating the forbidden fruit themselves… Jesus is the same as the fruit from the tree knowledge. The holy sacrament was actually magic mushrooms and it is very easy to communicate with god when you eat a high dose of the mushrooms. I would know because I did it and I saw a parallel dimension with both angels and demons living along side us but most people had demons in control of them. That is original sin. The Jews and the illuminati have taken advantage of that original sin and they never told you the truth of how to save yourself from it. Eating the true body of Christ in the flesh of a mushroom truly enlightens you with the truth of the universe and it frees you from your sin giving you wisdom and making your spirit live eternally.

    • Jay, people that call Jesus a demon are a demon themselves. Jesus was a prophet of god and Kanye aspires to be like a prophet – These type of people preach Christianity one minute, then display witchcraft/satanic symbols the next. (In Kanyes' case he is mocking Jesus and his name.) I've said this before, it goes with the turf, along with their concept of Duality.

      • BluBoy. Just pointing out that Jesus Issssss God. Hes not a prophet of God like u said. There is a BIG difference. He is in the trinity.

    • think4yrself on

      I believe that there is a demon that is called "Yeezus" in order to confuse people and make a mockery of the One who came, whose real name Yeshua was transformed into "Jesus" by the post-imperial RC church. (also probably to confuse people and undermine the power His name bestows.)

      This demon is the one inhabiting Kanye West, as an alter personality, and now is so confident in its own supremacy, it feels like shouting out from the rooftops. All these minions, whether they are in the public eye or not, take their turns doing the works of the Evil ones, thinking that the favor they curry will be something more than temporary, and that they can assure themselves a place at Satan's side when he begins his hegemony on Earth. All the females want to be his queen: just look at the posturings of Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna, Gaga, the list is endless. And the males want him to make them his acolytes, generals, priests or what have you.

      You atheists or agnostics can protest all you want, it will not change the fact that Jesus is Real, His sacrifice paved the way for our freedom from these vicious entities, both then and now, and those that believe in Him are the only ones who will come out of this Great Battle with their souls intact. If you don't believe, then you will continue to stumble through the dark, looking for a firm spiritual foothold, and fall prey to whatever theories they throw at you that contradict the Bible.

      This is a mistake! Despite its flaws, the Bible is a very powerful tool people use millions of times each day. Think of it as a combination of a Guidebook, Rule Book and Owner's Manual for operating in a human body here on Earth. It contains histories (which modern archaeology is attesting to rather than debunking!) and poetry and helpful hints on how to deal with difficult situations. it reminds us of how awesome we humans are and what we can achieve when we exalt our better natures. It is an antidote to all the s*** spewed at us from the tv and radio about how worthless or powerless or animal we are.

      Soon you will grow tired of rebelling against this part of your cultural inheritance, and you will open your heart and mind, and you will meet this Ascended Master Yeshua for yourself. He will fill you with peace and forgiveness and joy and a love energy more pure and powerful than you can even imagine. It will radiate into you from Him, and out of you from Him, and you will understand why we believers are so enthusiastic in talking about Him, and so grateful to be in His army, and so confident of the victory that we will achieve in His Name, no matter how many times they try to corrupt it.

    • Truth B Told on

      1 Corinthians 12:3 (KJV)
      Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.


  29. I'm pretty sure he is referring to the lot of us as "The New Slaves". Seeing as how his hobby appears to be identifying with systems of NWO Oppression and Mind Control, I say we can safely assume he is speaking about a new group of future slaves who he will rule over with the rest of the Luciferian NWO Squad. This is why the video tries to detour listening minds away from the NWO, and towards a truth about the Prison Industry that is important but far less significant. The video and song is a carefully manufactured Luciferian mega-spell (66 screens in 6 countries) designed to amplify and expedite the manifestation of this cause. You are The New Slaves and Jay Hova and Yeezus are your slave masters. Very weird that these two were listed by Obama as being his favorite artists. This should be a red flag for anybody. The two most outrageously absurd con artists whose lyrics are evil, twisted, and cruel… (and when they are not they are absurd, vacuous, mindless, brainless, non sensical, and worthless…. and when they are not that they are Orwellian talking points written for Kanye and JayZ to regurgitate) are The President of The Free World's FAVORITE ARTISTS!?!?!? Obama might not even listen to music, and he just listed them because he knew of no other artists save the ones who work for him, and wanted people to accept their message. Who knows but obviously we are dealing with a group of people who are the worst musicians the World has ever seen, but work with the Greatest Mind Control systems the World has ever seen

    Obviously identifying himself with Jesus is far less an ego perversion, and more of a psychopathic ritualistic usurpation of the name Jesus, which combines his first name Kanye with Jesus (Kanyesus) and shortens to Yesus spelled Yeezus. There is no identification with the sayings or wisdom of Jesus, only Luciferian symbolism, and a declaration that having lots of money and illegitimate power makes him almost as divine as as Lord Jesus. These people are wacky and quite possibly the biggest douchebags to ever walk the Planet if you see them make sure and throw the 666 hand sign and spit on your hand, or do the All Seeing eye through the Pyramid hand gesture (that JayZ and Beyonce flash all the time)… look at them, establish eye contact, and then shut your eye closed but continue to hold the symbol. These are two obvious ways to absolutely dispel their gang signs into Oblivion.

    Good Work Vigilant Citizen thanku for all that you do!!!!

    • The so-called "elites" are nothing more than a bunch of deluded, pathetic little people trying to become something they will be never be (gods). And this negroid Kanye is their a**slave. He must enjoy being their b*tch.

  30. "God Is Greater"
    A poem for the New World Order

    There is more to everything than just what we see.
    You are a soul. You have a body.
    It would be better to be in a cage, and have a soul that's free,
    than all the freedoms of the earth, and damnation for eternity.

    The life of this world none can keep.
    It will profit no man to count the idols he may heap.
    Whatever you sow, that, too, shall you reap.
    What is truly important? Will you stay asleep?
    Will you follow the masses blindly as sheep?

    Wake up. Refuse to be deceived.
    If the lies of this world were all to be believed,
    they would have us thinking we're worse than beasts;
    heartless, unfeeling, incapable of peace.
    It is from these ideas that we must be released.
    Free yourself. Let your love be increased.

    The only shackles that exist are of spiritual bondage.
    Break those chains. Be renewed.
    Repent. Be cleansed.
    Seek forgiveness. Make amends.
    Turn your face to the heavens.
    It is to the Creator we all return in the end.

  31. That still shot of Kanye and "New Slaves" on the building looks both like the Jesus pendant and the cover for "Metropolis".

  32. Demons have been let loose all around the world now.

    They hate the caring and discerning living soul. Super-black evil deeply programmed to despise all life on this planet. Once again the poles shift, that gates waver and then they will do all it takes to drag it all down.

  33. The REAL JESUS- Jesus Christ – is coming soon!!! Wake up people! The World is running out of time. Receive the REAL JESUS before it's too late. Don't allow ppl like Kanye or Jay Z to make you doubt the REAL TRUTH. It is blasphemy that they do. The work of Satan!! God loves you all!!!
    John 3:16

      • Babe, it is actually very true, he (Jesus pbuh) is coming and he is the one that's going to kill the false messiah. we might or we might not be alive to witness it but the younger generations, my god, the things they will see though. I cant even imagine it.

  34. Horus is the Egyptian version of Jesus.. like Krishna is the Hindu version and Buddha the Buddhist version and is going on and on in different religion all over the world. Sorry but Jesus was made up. He is a classic Sun god.
    A light bringer little,like Lucifer.

      • Most of the stories in the Bible were taken from older Egyptian, Babylonian, and Greek mythologies. Jesus and Horus,an Egyptian god, where both born of a virgin, baptized, had 12 followers or disciples, performed "miracles", crucified and then rose from the dead…. Horus's story comes over one thousand years before Jesus, so does this mean Christianity is a rip off of ancient Egyptian stories? Yes.

        Religion was created to deceive people into thinking God is mean/cruel person and will send you to hell for every little mistake.Think of homosexuals, for example. Look how HATED they are by "Christians" and how bad they must feel for simply loving someone.
        For all of you Christians out there, when did you decide to become straight? That's right, you didn't. So obviously homosexuals were created to BE that way.

      • Christianism was contaminated by the pagans, but it doesn't mean that they are one and the same religion.

      • How, if they came first [thousand of years sooner]? They're all archetypes, including Jesus.

      • The Lie Kills on

        The demons and their leader Satan were aware of their fate. The prophecy concerning their fate is recorded at Genesis 3:15. So they had ample time to contrive counterfeit gods mimicking what the real son of God Jesus would do. Effectively resulting in the perspectives a few f you above are taking.th

  35. Sorry, but this guy, just like LADY GAGA or AZEALIA BANKS or others has become so predictable that he doesnt even deserves to be talked about anymore IMO….

  36. As for his daughter with KIM KARDASHIAN – total hoax. Kim wasnt pregnant. Or yes, she was but Beyonce's style if u know what I mean. Surrogate.

    • And even her name is a joke, a terrible one. Who in all his minds names his child North? Well, we know "artists" are special, not to say dumb, but please…. This is one more clue (IMO) that this child is fake, u name it….

    • It was way more convincing then Beyonces. So convincing I would err on the side of her actually having the kid herself, but that's just me. There were reliable blind items pointing to her having a surrogate.

  37. I'm just glad Amber Rose got away,even though she use to be a stripper I like her..yeah,yeah,yeah she's in the industry but she genuinely looks happy after she gave birth to wiz's baby.

  38. I agree with "or maybe does he sometimes have moments of clarity where he realizes that he sold out to the system?"….. yet he's addicted to the currency.

  39. the queen of heaven on

    I'm sure North is just another failed moon child. They(illuminate) have the goal in mind to evoke the great spirits and consume them to raise themselves. They are really demonically possessed buying their way into heaven, like the song goes from Stairway to Heaven, that song tells the story.

    • Did you at least find the humor in the claim that the child was consumed near the Vatican? I thought that was a nice touch, especially.

    • Ah yes, Stairway to Heaven! Did you know that Jimmy Page lived in Mr. Crowley's old house and was a satanist? So yes, that song does have a special meaning!

      • Christina, yes that's Boleskine House in Loch ness, Scotland. Watch this documentary on youtube (or type it in on youtube) Aleister Crowley: The Other loch ness monster, creepy doc. Oh and also check out his Abbey of Thelema in Sicily, very creepy too

  40. you can never post 4 bars of a song a try to interpret it. The "confuse us with some bullshit like the new world order" line is actually kanye saying that people are clowns for thinking that the his part of the NWO. If you think kanye, jay z etc are hanging out with the bilderbergs, you are sadly mistaken…you can wear they symbols all you want, but were talking a few million dollars vs hundreds of billions. they do not have the same agenda.

    • Wrong they do campaign work for the President…. which immediately destroys your position… for starters… I could fill up a whole page of evidence that would further obliterate this nonsense claim… but I fear you are just too lazy to understand anything because here you are on the VC website commenting on how there is nothing to this…. when this website is literally stocked full of evidence that would refute your claim… clearly you are in some sort of denial as to who they are working for… probably because you're a fucking fan of these two douchebags… just admit it you like Fish Dicks

    • No they are not hanging out with the Bilderbergs, they are puppets for them.

      Know the difference between the two.

  41. All those symbols are neurtral,, they're not evil in themselves. The pyramid, the hawk, the eye of horus, the 5 and 6 pointed stars, – are neutral energies, until a person sets their intentions on them.

    So, these have been twisted to their black energy..

    Anyway, the name of the bloke isn't being use, his name was actually, Yeshua ben Joseph.

    • I agree that they are not evil, but they do seem to have a binding effect on our psyches. So when they are used in conjuction with a concept, our brainwaves, pineal glands, whatever, are subjected to greater influence.

  42. I think there is some confusion here ..regarding the ORIGINAL intent of Theosophical writings discussing the idea of being a god. What this REALLY means is that all humans ..all beings…are part of one fabric and originate from one original creator/s. We too will be able to create one day..lets just hope we aren't afforded such titles as "gods". But kanye is a total douche bag and a cabal puppet..totally fooling himself and themselves if they think they are part of the Illuminati..aside from being a tool.

    • We already do create. That's what we come here to do. Theres nothing in the space in front of me right now, but I could create a bowl of food if I wanted to. What is the act of childbirth if not creation itself? All the clues to our reasons for coming here are right in front of our eyes.

  43. Aside from all the assholes causing distractions from the bigger picture, I'd like to say that Kanye speaks out, very often, in the form of symbolism (check Youtube). He's bright, no doubt about it, but I noticed that he does things, speaks out about it, gets chastized in the media, then comes back the next year for an exact duplicate of the previous year. Think about it for a moment, everytime Kanye has spoken out, whether in song or video, he's bashed in the Media. The next year, he repeats, gets publicity. speaks out, wash rinse and repeat.

    • This is all by design…. he is well handled… try to get away from the idea that he is some independent agent of culture… he is an instrument of media… not a victim of it… my opinion… Cheers!

  44. Let's not forget his name Kanye West which right in the middle, hiding in plain sight…

    kanYE WEst…

    The four letters, perfectly laid inside his stage name, YEWE…

    Yahweh…The name of the Hebrew God…"Four letters"…

    A name of the Hebrew God, represented in Hebrew by the tetragrammaton ("four letters") יהוה (Yod Heh Vav Heh), transliterated into Roman script Y H W H. Because it was considered blasphemous to utter the name of God it was only written and never spoken. This resulted in the original pronunciation being lost. The name may have originally been derived from the old Semitic root הוה (hawah) meaning "to be" or "to become".

    Total coincidence, of course.

  45. Kanye & his Ilk disgust me. JayZ – the Father, Kanye – the Son, so who is the Holy Spirit in this Unholy Trio?
    These Godless, filthy 'beings' will come to a bad end. Kanye (Yeezus) has awful anger issues. What is his problem? I believe they named the kid North, because you can always find 'your way home going North West'. One wonders where 'home' is for these freaks!!
    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West darn well deserve each other. As Dr Smith said in "Lost In Space' – 'Evil knows Evil'.

  46. His song about him ranting against materialism makes me laugh. That's as believable as if he were rapping against objectifying women meanwhile using strippers in his video. yeah, pretend like you didn't sell your soul to get rich, he is also with one of the most materialistic woman you could possibly find.

    • Materialistic people make me extremely angry, angry beyond belief but then again myself makes me very angry for being a pedantic judgemental twit.

    • On Youtube you can actually see Kanye on stage announcing to the audience that he sold his soul to the "devil" or Satan. Other people who have openly admitted to it include Katy Perry and Bob Dylan. I was in my twenties in the seventies, and every band I was really into was satanic: Black Sabbath, the Beatles, Led Zepplin, Bob Dylan, and on and on. I had no idea what they were trying to teach, I just loved the rhythms and the music! Only now do I know how much satanic influence I had in my life. I became a drug addict and was enslaved for twenty years. By the grace of the Almighty I was set free. People who don't think music can cause great harm are naive.

      • You reckon you only became a drug addict due to the music you were listening to? How come some others who are inclined to listen to classical music become also junkies? You might have some kind of addictive personality, like everyone else. Your downfall might be your obsession with drugs.

      • Lucifer had the gift of music. Plus music is just an evolving vibration, and one of the easiest ways to reach people. This whole site talks about the sublimnal aspects of the videos and and lyrics. Hearing something you like or watching something you enjoy, as a natural human reaction you might want to experience it again, and before the internet and sites like this, we had no real way to inform each other about what was really going on behind the beats and and scenes, whatever frequencies were put in the sound, whatever was flicked at us in between the trailer, etc.

        Perhaps the person above you did have an addiction problem, the best you can do is to hear then out, as with anyone else, because we are all dealing with this and we are all coming into a time where we are going to really need to help each other.

        Also, I do not know what you believe, but an idea too, addictions can come from curses on our families from …however long ago, the fact is, they pass down because they were not spiritually dealt with and healed so it keeps going on through the dna, with more awareness we can change ourselves, in my opinion, with God and His Son and the Holy Trinity… But again, just some thoughts.

        Be kind to each other because we all come from something. Somewhere out there, someone loves you.

  47. Hey VC do you think you can do an article about musicians who get an inside look and choose not to participate and then just die down in.popularity? Im thinking of Faith No More and their King for a day fool for a lifetime album. Read the title song lyrics. Very revealing.

  48. Kanyee disgusts mee….
    I used to listen to his old tuness but now…
    ii want music i dont care bout symbolism and tthe devil
    and all that shitt…. and they always say its creativity ..how come your creative mind allways has this connection
    to occult devilish lady gaga metropolis bullshit!!!

    Fuckk offf this aint HIP HOP!!!

    • Hip Hop was perverted too. Guess by whom? Research and u will find. Hint: it wasnt black, white or yellow ppl. Its the most fraudulent and scummy ppl ever. Jews.

      • killuminati on

        dont even need to research -.- jewss were nd are running shit well i think its not jews like the normal belivers
        i think its a weird fucked up extention of judism
        zionism if iam right
        like al kaida is a weird fucked up psychopath extension of islam
        VC should do an article about it -.-

        we shouldnt put them all in one pot….thats how innocent people die…

        But zionist
        fuck yeahh they are the most fraudulent and scummy people in world histrory
        thats why hitler went crazy -.- delusionall bitches
        thinking they are GODS
        damn.. its just moneyy its fake power…..
        they never learn…these silly cunts -.-

      • Surely its'a fake power. Look at them, they get eventually ill, they die. Nothing can save them, they remain deluded.

  49. Not sure if it has been addressed here before, but what about the Army's new "I got your 6" campaign? How many times can they say '6' in a 30 second commercial? Nice symbol too. A 6 with a pentagram in it. I can't even make it through the commercial, I have to turn it.

  50. Everybody raise your hand if you believe Kanye sacrificed his mother for fame and riches. There has to be a sacrifice….

  51. No idea who this dude is until I moved to the US and I still haven't heard any of his music. Maybe I'm not a big fan of music but he don't come across as a pleasant person in the media which might be the reason why I'm put off by it and never bother much about his life. A man claiming he is God is kinda too egotistical to listen to anyways.

  52. These people who are saying "there is no Illuminati, there is no New World Order" need to do their research!! I totally agree with everything the wise Sanat Toma has said. Thank you for your comments.

    • It's a trick by magicians to make you think what may and may not exist. You may think they have all this power because of money but really it's because they got your attention. And once you give your attention to the manifesting of something what happens? Your friend sanat thinks luciferians are possible children and have possible control. How can you research that? By delving head first into their literature. That is a book for training the next set of deceiving magicians.

  53. Child of the Sun God on

    So many of y'all are so very lost. Don't let someone feed you anything. Research and seek knowledge for yourself. The Bible says "Study to show yourself approved" which means basically teach yourself because ANY man can be wrong and you will be held responsible for following some bullshit. That being said do you really think if VC was so righteous and exposes so much occult symbolism and clues as to how the "illuminati" and other "occult" organizations are taking over the world his website would be so easily accessable?

    Now on to the being a god issue. We were created in God Almighty's image and therefore being His children we are entitled to all the power that comes along with being a child of God. God Almighty is above me but I am a spiritual being on an earthly journey to earn my godhood.

  54. They tryna make new slaves
    See thats that privately owned prison
    get your piece today

    This isnt drawing away from the message of their control. Its saying that the society being built is the prison. "Get your piece today" is a juxtaposition emphasizing how they have made that metaphorical prison, and the slavery that comes with it, desirable.

    • It is indeed designed to draw away people from the message of NWO oppression if the previous line is "they are trying to confuse us with the NWO when it's just bullshit" Come on Man you just posted that stanza out of context when it's piggy backing the previous stanza that defeats your point!

  55. B4 this new guys came out. Eazy E called himself the devil’s son in law. Chk out d intro of his last album released after he passed away

  56. At least people aren't buying his bs. He did very little over 300K, with new rapper J-cole close behind with 297 first week. Hell this week, week 2 J-cole passed him in sales. So that's a good sign. People aren't buying his crap. His fake jesus im a god bs !

    • Exactly.
      Even satan is under control.

      Surah 15:39-40
      [Iblees] said, "My Lord, because You have put me in error, I will surely make [disobedience] attractive to them on earth, and I will mislead them all
      Except, among them, Your chosen servants."

  57. I don't think he should be condemned, pray for him he still has a soul and is lost . But he can be changed he is a talented person and its just sad what the industry do to the artist.

  58. I've read the lyrics to both of his last albums and he seems lost its like he wants to be free but he knows he sold out and there is no escaping in one song he claims he stays in Paris so much so the us (NSA) can't track him I don't know I think its something deeper with kanye he just seems so lost and helpless no matter how much of a ignorant arrogant satanic occultist act he puts on.

  59. His mother is probably rolling in her grave. How could he believe in these things? It's so blatantly wrong. How can any human be so full of themselves that they think they are a God?

    • A mentally deranged, narcissistic psychopaths (and believe me, psychopathy IS an mental illness, despite what the "doctors" say) usually think they are somekind of superhumans, like the Rotten-Children, Masons etc. They are all scum.

  60. I hope this doesnt sound weird but are celebs suppose to be false idols we are supposed to worship because i cant tell ypu how many times i saw the 'beysus' beyonce + jesus by her 'stans' (obsessed fans) and know we have twitter and stuff to be closer to them it seems like their 'stan' are literally worshipping them.

    • The question is: How many imps are running around in your brain right now, separating your brain hemispheres, so that you do not know yourself?

  61. I listened to the whole album last week -its rubbish-he done as far as im concerned.Despite the lyrical content(nigga nigga bitches pussy) very basic-he does'nt even challenge u anymore with lyricsm.I suffered that whole album to be fair and then posted on fb HOW CRAP it was.Nuff said.

  62. man what happened to kanye? i used to be a huge fan of his. i listened to the college dropout the other day, imo one of the greatest hip hop albums ever, then i listen to garbage like yeezus, or even my beautiful dark twisted fantasy. what happened to him? he used to talk about God, about overcoming struggle and positive things, now hes like one of those other idiots always talking about chains, hos, and being a drug addict club rat. the more famous you get, the more of a sell out you become i guess. for someone who once proclaimed himself to be a chrisitian to make a song like "I am a god," he must truly be insane.

    • He tell u in JESUS WALKS, what happened to him.

      "God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down…" – Jesus Walks Lyric…

      The original video, with the clansman and the cross is very telling. He pretty much tells us what us and the world will be up against in the next 10 years of his life after this song.

  63. Sigmund Freud's Ego on

    These rappers really be saying some shit. Its really deeper than rap, if you take the time out to really listen. Like Meek Mill keep saying "Its levels to this shit" I really think he's speaking in other terms outside of rap. Its a lot of sick crazy shit going on out here. Check out Al Bielek's interviews about the Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment. Google him and find his interviews. He knows all about the shit because he was in it. Im not going to get into details because thats for you to decide but the focus is not just in hip hop. Even though they implant shit in our subconscious minds with their music but it's bigger shit going on than symbolism in hip hop music. Wake UP and research, while we're still able to utilize it.

  64. "Abrahamic religions only recognize the existence of single God while the Mysteries are about humans turning into gods."

    False. The New Testament along with John 3:16 suggest the deification of man through rebirth to a state of becoming God. Actually, after studying it closely, I think that is their fundamental teaching. The teaching itself makes sense.

    • Making sense to you is not how scripture is interpreted. There is one God. 3 persons. And then there is man…Sentenced to death. Christ paid the price for our debt, for whoever believes in Him shall have salvation. John 3:16. Where do you get… Man becomesa god? You been listening to the same serpent Adam, Eve, and Kanye been listening to. Mormonism, Catholicism, new age and occult mystery religions believe man becomes god. Not biblical Christianity. It's all in the book if you take the time to read it. Do your self a huge favor don't try and tackle the Old Testament. Start with the gospel and read on through Revelation. Most all your questions will be answered there.

  65. All celebrities are pawns but not in the "illuminati" themselves. They're not good enough. Whomever that group really is, they are assuredly racist as well, and would never let a black man in that high. We should pray for Kanye. God says when you willingly give yourself over to darkness, He turns you over to it. Kanye is misleading millions. That is a lot to answer for. He doesn't stand a chance without prayer. I feel bad for him.

    • I don't feel bad for him. He embodies the spirit of antichrist. His whole image has been about twisting what is spiritual. And his whole act is the opposite of worshiping God. He wants to bring glory to himself. Kanye needs to repent.

  66. Making sense to you is not how scripture is interpreted. There is one God. 3 persons. And then there is man…Sentenced to death. Christ paid the price for our debt, for whoever believes in Him shall have salvation. John 3:16. Where do you get… Man becomesa god? You been listening to the same serpent Adam, Eve, and Kanye been listening to. Mormonism, Catholicism, new age and occult mystery religions believe man becomes god. Not biblical Christianity. It's all in the book if you take the time to read it. Do your self a huge favor don't try and tackle the Old Testament. Start with the gospel and read on through Revelation. Most all your questions will be answered there.

    • Honey, preach this garbage somewhere else. This place is not a church. Keep ur religious rant to urself please.

  67. I wish everyone would quit following this creep, he has an over-bloated ego and he is a real creep. And stay away from those creepy Kardashian's who all they want is to manipulate people, because they think they are suckers and prostitute their kids on T.V. Yuck. Tune out. They are only popular because they herd follows them. How much more evidence do you need if the guys is saying he wants money. He is no artist he is a money grubbing show off pig

  68. Hey VC, another great article. Besides as soon as I heard it was called,"YEEZUS" I was like oh lord.
    Anyway, would you mind doing an article on Aaliyah? I've always wondered if there was any kind of evil that played in her death(which I'm sure there has to be). Thank you & God Bless. Keep opening those eyes.

    • Yeah, she and Amy Winehouse's deaths seemed so so sad to me. But something about Aaliyah… I guess because that was the first suspiciously strange artist's death I recall being at an age to really take notice of. You know, like something about it seemed really wrong.

  69. "Jesus of the Gospels is a symbol of the indwelling Higher Self (Christ), or Divine Spirit in man, evolving towards complete manifestation" (Gaskell's Dictionary of All Scriptures & Myths).

    Gnostics believe that there's more to the Bible than meets the eye and they read the text therefore to seek a deeper meaning in the text. Esoterically, i believe the Bible teaches you to discover and manifest the indwelling Christ.

  70. If you haven't noticed already, it seems like their trying to insert themselves into the holy trinity. So instead of Jehova, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we have Jay z calling himself Hova and kanye calling himself yeezus. I wouldn't be suprised when someone comes along calling themselves the spirit.

    • So true maybe that will be Obama who will declare himself the Holy Spirit and go by the name of Baalzebuh

    • That line has no meaning he just couldn't think of anything else to rhyme with his previous lines because his songwriting team has their neurotransmitters tied up into a Pretzel

      • what kind of stupid ass reply or explanation is this that you offer? the line was meant to be humorous first of all, and its preceded by "in a french ass restaurant…" so, it makes perfect sense. Every comment you make is full of shit.

      • Oh I'm sorry this line is brilliant and should be parroted over the Four Corners of the Earth…. It is so Goddamn fucking funny I am so happy you copied and pasted it into the comments section. Pure Poetry… My virgin ears just didn't know what level of lyricism I was absorbing into my inexperienced little mind. Please respond by cfopying and pasting your next favorite Kanye Stanza we fucking love Kanye here on this website

      • Every comment you make is full of Kanye loving adoration, just admit you like Fish Dicks

      • Cylie Myrus on

        I have to admit that line was pretty funny. At least he seems to be aware of how ridiculously egotistical he is, cause there's no way he said that line seriously. Hey, its a start!

      • Whats funny about it? Do french people think it's funny when French rappers say hurry up with my buttermilk biscuits. It's funny to rhyme about French pastries these days?

  71. The Bible says every knee shall bow…..just a matter of time these arrogant nothings will swallow all their blasphemous words

    • Religion is meant to enslave us. Tragic if u refuse to it. Religion, mind control, two faces of the same coin, dear….

      • If christianity is slavery then am in it all the way….am luvin it and al luv it till i die

      • Kenyankare, I love your dedication to Christ! It is so encouraging! I have to agree with Christinne though, "religion" is meant to enslave us…

        2 Corinthians 11:3, "But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the SIMPLICITY that is in Christ."

        1 Peter 1:18,19, "Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers; But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:"

        Ephesians 2: 8,9, "For by GRACE are ye saved through FAITH; and that NOT OF YOURSELVES: it is the GIFT of GOD: NOT OF WORKS, lest any man should boast."

        We both know, that a true faith in Jesus Christ is the complete opposite of slavery, it is pure freedom! The vain traditions of different religions have complicated the simplicity of Christ! Jesus Christ has done all the work for us, all we have to do is place our faith in Him. Jesus is calling for those who are weary! Won't you please come home?!

        Jesus says:

        Matthew 11:28-30, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

        Romans 10:13, "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

        What a friend I have in Jesus!

      • Necesary in this life humans will always be scared of something, most of humans are scared of which tv says (economic crisis, terrorism, avian flu…) others are muslims and they only are scared of Allah, this make them free.

  72. Not really a surprise though, he's been like that since the beginning and it's just gotten more and more obvious. But I still love the music though, all this devil stuff isn't gonna ruin that for me…

    • It's not supposed to on a conscious level…. but your red and white blood cells… well that's a different matter altogether

  73. Tired of this... on

    perfect timing don't you think?
    here we have a man proclaiming to be a god
    has a baby with probably the most influential family right now
    what's gonna happen to that child?
    they'll make that child and blue "screen of death" ivy the new it couple, lesbianism will be popular (no offence to any homosexuals out there)

    these guys really think they will win. HA!

    somebody please put these people in their place… the bottomless pit

  74. YAY. Finally an article pertaining to a celebrity I am actually familiar with. I like his music it is on repeat right now actually but I can tell by the change in his personality from when he first came into the rap game to now that something has drastically changed and it aint just his bank account. I mean who goes from jesus walks to callin themselves yeezus? I am more a fan of his music than him as a person.

    • This comment represents my thumbs down…. so as of 12:40PM 7/1/2013 you are a fresh -1. Too many little weird negative innuendos

  75. Seriously guys, come on, there is no God. Kanye just has a HUGE ego which is rightfully so, hes had an amazing career, and even though hes become a worse artist since hooking up with Jay Z, hes made his money by following the Illuminati agenda. The whole Yeezus thing is just him rustling feathers and riling up people like YOU. i wish VC wasnt flooded with such a vast amount of religious people, dont be blinded by scripture.

    • Truth & Light on

      Just because you cannot perceive something does not mean it does not exist. You are just a leaf drifting in the wind if you believe there is no God. Funny thing is He still loves you even tho you do not believe in Him because He never separate his love for his Creations (us). We were made of God's love. Take a deep breath and this is God right there. No one could have build the body like the way God does. NO ONE! And yea, am not religious (God has no religion). I am spiritual!

      • Please just stop, ive been indoctrinated by religion my whole life and do not need your illogical statements like "god loves me". My mother loves me, I have reassurance of this in my daily life, not from an ancient book written by men looking to control a populous. Also, if you have no religion, what purpose does god play in your life? Do you beleive in Heaven or Hell? Who meets the criteria to go?

      • Who meets the criteria? Those who have a kind heart, the humble ones. Not the pretentious ones for sure. Who is genuine and who is a player now, nobody knows with certainty except for God.

      • Truth & Light on

        You see…you are missing up God with religion. Apparently, you didnt read where I said God has no religion. You think your mother is the one responsibile for "creating" you?! She could not have done that on her own. The purpose of God is to create us and all life and creat love. How did her mom know to love you…where did that love come from. How does she know how to do love? Because she was created in/by love. God's love.

      • And you are missing my point. Are you saying God "loves?" How do you know where this love came from? From a book right? God IS religion, you can call it what you want. Its nice to beleive in god but it makes no sense unless you apply to religion, which gives a God a purpose – i.e Judgement Day, Second comings, sending the wrong people to hell etc. And also, to Andrew – everyone with a kind heart goes to heaven? What about a Nun who commits Suicide.

      • Truth & Light on

        Look up spirituality and look up religion. Start by reading "A Course in Miracles" maybe.

      • Your mother does NOT love you. Women are incapable of such a pure emotion. The only emotion women are able to feel are jealousy, envy, anger, cruelty and greed. Women are filth.

    • Yes, there is God and sooner or later you will will find it out. But it will be too late for you then. And Kanye is just a pitiful little man thinking he is something, while in truth he is nothing. Pretty much like the deluded "elites" like the Rothschilds, Masons, Bilderbergers etc. They are all slaves to Satan, and eventually they will burn in hell with him forever.

  76. Numerology is only another expression of our 5 sense reality . The ONLY truth is infinite love We where, We are, and we will be forever infinite love . We are control and programed at different level of consciousness by everything surrounding us , We are energy that vibrates at different level , high level vibration is Love,Compassion, low level vibration Hate, fear, anger, ( They control us with programing, audio and visual (music,movies,news,symbols that effect us on a subconscious level) also using Chem-trail, fluoride,Aspartame,pesticide,preservative, Drugs (legal and illegal) The same people that MR K is working for (directly or indirectly) These people want us to be in fear so they can feed from our negative energy these controller can NOt live in the light so wake up and stop obeying like sheep and rebel peacefully with love and non violence. Everything the exist vibrates at different level ,those feeding from low energy vibration worship(Saturn, Satan, using religions(control by man) Darkness, Evil, War, Human suffering,Fear, Anger) example base consciousness, 9 is number of illusion and base consciousness Ex (6+6+6=18-1+8=9) or (9×7=63-6+3=9) or(9×356=3204-3+2+0+4=9) 9 IS an Illusion and if you multiply an illusion by anything all you get is more illusions ( Control @ a Deeper level) Now if 9 is an illusion and you ad any number to that illusion all you get is the some of the number you added in the first place. (9+5=14-1+4=5) or ( 9+47=56-4+7=11-5+6=11) you only get what you ad to 9 (Illusions) to start with. Ps try it multiply 9 by any number an ad the some and ad any number to 9 and ad the some all the same results. Regards Frenchy PS: As all this change is happening in this time , focus on love , compassion, family,health. as what you focus on BECOMES your reality (society wants us to fear and survive , so we can be better manipulated and kept in those lower vibrational field they can feed from and perpetuate , pain, violence and destruction as they can Not live in energy like LOVE and Compassion) With LOVE and respect.

    • So true. The reality we are collectively experience, is the end result of our collective fear and collective wish to live in ILLUSIONS. If we want a REAL REALITY, and for the veil to be lifted, we now have to turn our focus towards the age where ILLUSION ends..

      • What is a drop of rain, compared to the storm? What is a thought, compared to a mind? Our unity is full of wonder, which your tiny individualism cannot even conceive.

  77. PhantomRock on

    The entertainment industry today makes me want to go somewhere & puke. & people just keep on buying & supporting it. & with the way the industry has hijacked my favorite past time I would not put it pass me that it is just being deliberately shoved down the music listening public by these entertainment corporations who also have their (satanic) origins. Maybe it's being orchestrated to look popular when it really isn't. So since most people would rather roll with what is on mass media they don't think that it could be malignant. I spend many hours composing & producing but what with the way I see these people act & what I have uncovered in the last five to ten years I just picture myself being part of it in any way. This is awful & I warn as many younger folks to take a closer observation as I can about how blatantly evil the industry has become

  78. Lalagriffin on

    Yeah that wasn't his album cover though it was just a blank cd and a clear case with red tape on the side….is it possible that kanye named the album Yeezus because he feels that the news and media crucified him like they did Jesus? I dunno I think some of this may be a little true but the whole 666 thing is really reaching! A lot of this article is really reaching.

  79. Aside from the occult symbols this record downright kicks ass. Seriously, it is really experimental, awesome music. Very different than the bubblegum pop crap that is hard to listen to.

    • I agree. It is a pretty good album. Yeah, Kanye is at best a prostitute for the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, but even he recognizes he got a BUM CONTRACT…

      I feel like in this album he is more inclined to tell u to wake the F-UP, even though he still needs to go back to singing about sex, drugs and how much money he makes, as MANDATED by his CONTRACT…

      • Agreed. This album is super good. As far as production goes.. especially the tracks with daft punk!

  80. The only thing need to be point out in addition to this post by VIGILANT, is that 666 is also the number of the carbon atom (6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons), the building block of life and the carbon based material universe. Invoking it in everything, as these Master Masons are doing, are exactly that, CONTROLLING IT. They wish to control your material universe. AND BY DOING THAT, they do become GODS. Being also, that we are therefore created by this 666 atom, as carbon based life-forms, we are therefore, the so called beast of the BIBLE.

    So don't think that because symbols are OCCULT, they are therefore EVIL and should not be UNDERSTOOD. Yes, there is a sinister event happening here, but it is even more sinister because you do not understand the power behind their Magik, or choose not to understand. You choose IGNORANCE over KNOWLEDGE. It is this same occult Magik, the material manipulation and construction/deconstruction of the Material Mind-Matter Field, that is leading to the outcomes we see today and has created the religious text that many of you hold dear and fight for, all by design.

    So see, you have to understand – A GOD IS ONLY THAT WHICH YOU WORSHIP!! Without worship, they're can be NO GODS. (I actually do love the Frank Ocean song, No Church in the Wild? Important philosophical point, what is a God to a non-believer?) Gods need mortal men/woman. So who is really the GOD, if we are the ones providing the energy of WORSHIP for its Creation?

    That is why I say it is more important to believe in a Creator, then a GOD. A Creator is a universal source. It just provides with no wants or nothing in return. It could provide evil, it could provide good. All is always in balance with itself. Yin and Yang forever, turning.

    Gods on the other hand,,,, All they want is worshipers. Doesn't mean they aren't good or bad Gods committed to the growth of the human race and willing to help in some way. I have experience spiritually benevolent forces or interdictions in my life. I usually call them my Ancestors. Past people or loved ones willing to help. You may call them Angels. However, that is another story.

    What I am saying, more importantly, is that being a GOD is inherently bad for the human race, because like OVERPROTECTIVE parents, the more the child grows up, the more the parent wants to reign them in until the child never becomes the MATURE ADULT they should have been.

    Now, going back to the idea of GODHOOD.. Once a worshiping source or well is expunged, these energetic entities (i.e GODS) , either Man-Made or with actual Supernatural Divinity / Presence/ Extra-terrestrial or Infra-Terrestrial presence, will parasitically feed of its source until it is expunged, and then move on to a next sect of followers… (I.e, the spiritual cause for religious wars. Honestly, if you were a God, why would u need to rely or worry about the decisions of men?)

    <Quick Pause> GOOD MOVIE to WATCH — BRANDED!! Go see it on Netflix. It explains this concept perfectly.

    Speaking about GODS, Kanye thinks he is a GOD, and so does many other musicians, celebrities and politicians? Why, u ask? Because look at how many people worship them, and FOLLOW them on Twitter. They don't call it FOLLOWERS on FACEBOOK and TWITTER for nothing. These people will weep and cry over them. They would hold vigils and light candles if they die. They are all, IDOLS!!!

    Going back to Egyptian theology, and what many MASONIC beliefs derive from… And what almost all monotheistic religions derive from. Egyptians believed in the AFTERLIFE, upon which their Ka will be reunited with their body in the afterlife, given that body had a peaceful and proper burial in the physical realm, was preserved when they died and that all of their most valued material possessions were buried with them inside their tombs.

    Now, these tombs can't all be afforded by just any one. It was the ruling elite and noble classes that were able to afford or had enough "prestige", "money", "power" "love" and "devotion" from their subjects to entitle them to these elaborate burial processes to ensure their comfortable stay in the AFTERLIFE. And the Pharaohs of the today, i.e. elite, celebrities, Hollywood (HOLY WOOD), all are looking for the same thing, i.e. Longevity and the AFTERLIFE, based off the power of their own GLORY and WORSHIP here on Earth. Thus their immortality and legacy, gifts for their afterlife, lies on the power of their devotion of their subjects or "worshipers" on Planet Earth. And yet so many of us still worship the system and these IDOLS as GODS, even though we know it enslaves us all..

    Ephesians 6:12 – "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." – N.I.V.

  81. the answer to these enjendros the pharaoh.

    and not just that of khesa or whatever if not countless films, videos, etc. ….

    like other traits are pointed ears down to the rear without being as flashy as the hobbit lord of the rings but look at presenters / as (one of them is the host of the first that comes with the snake hojos others channel 9 and in other channels in Spanish and the other countries out there are also more just to look, football players, celebrities, canatantes, actors, f1 drivers of other races, etc ….
    and it does not matter the breed that are are hybridized's hard to believe but when ye see him go out yourselves doubts.

    his features the patent left movies to see if someone realizes who they are so they need a crazy world with different people so no one can recognize them.

    to blend in with the others.

  82. I want everyone to know. If people want to stay ignorant afterwards that's on them. But I know just like my eyes have been opened othe rpeople will awaken for this dream.

  83. <3's to watch fools on


    66 buildings SPREAD across 6 countries. Not 66 buildings every 6 countries.


  84. I know this is off topic but if you look at Britney Spears's first album, you could hear from her voice and see in the videos that she enjoyed singing and dancing and had some freedom in what she wanted to do. Even the way she danced it was free flowing and not forced. And the subject matter of baby one more time. Ever since then every song is about sex, love is not considered at all. Now I hear her next album is basically going to be like Blackout 2. There will never be a Baby one more time 2 where the subject matter has moral value.

    And the way she dances now, they all look like robot moves, the choreography or whatever looks like pretending to be a robot. And she has completely lost her passion for music, understandably!

  85. I wonder if these people know the difference between having fortune and fame,or what ever sparkly stuff that seems important or useful but really isn’t for a some years, 60 or 80 ,just the time that is given to us to live on this planet which I might add” isn’t very long”, to burning in hell for “eternity “,I hope that they might one day come to there senses before it’s too late,a soul isn’t isn’t an easy thing to mess with and s###n is never to be trusted they should have that in mind ,why go to get some thing you want from someone who hates you when you
    Have someone who is greater and loving on the other side ?

  86. The NWO already has already turned you people into Sock Puppets. Scroll through these comments and see how ridiculous you are. Bickering over silliness while the world crumbles around you.

  87. Bible Verses on

    Luke 16:13
    “No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both YHWH and Money

  88. Be careful what you’re doing – JESUS is more, much more dangerous than you think. And yes, JESUS SAVES!

  89. what does VC think of rapper Snow Tha Product? She doesn't do the sex-kitten thing, she doesn't do the one-eye thing, and she seems to be different than the rest of them.

  90. Bean Head Hatake on

    I agree with everything this article says! :) Mr. West is a controlled opposition like his friends B and Jay! smh! He is a WOLF that wears SHEEPS clothing n ppl see his Teeth and still don't recognize the WOLF!

  91. Dr. Octogonapus on

    I'll admit, I actually like the album; however, there were a couple of stanzas that really caught my attention and made me think "Hmmm…I wonder if VC's done an article on this yet.

    Lo and behold. Awesome works, as always!

  92. Brian Danowski on

    For all ya'll synchromystics out there – you may want to play Yeezus over The Passsion of the Christ.

  93. Five Percent Nation, VC, you'd do good to remember those are the symbols used in alot of hip-hop, not anything that the 10%(or those belonging to the knowledge of "mystery" who abuse that knowledge) would muster up, unless Kanye is some pupper(knowing or unknowingly) but its basic 5% ideology that man is god.

  94. Why is a world government and currency worse than many national governments and currencies? Please explain.

    • Because the truth is currency is a way to get you to trade resources for paper and vice versa. National government guide the collective standards of a given area. There is only to groups vying for the possession of all things. This is a multi dimensional take over. Look in every thing in your life and see why do they really need so much control. Especially to them if we are expendable.

  95. There's so much dark/evil energy surrounding Kanye now. It's hard not to cry when I look at him. I can't imagine how much pain he must be in. Instead of condemning him, pray that he'll find light again.

  96. often you mention the director of a particular video. mk programmers may be the directors…and why? they must be control freaks. and theres the plausible deniability of being able to say "i only direct videos as my job"

  97. To be honest I have been re-thinking the whole Illuminati conspiracy. I see a lot of people quoting scripture but don't realize that the Vatican and Christianity it's self stems from ancient Egyptian and eastern philosophies dumbed down for the West. Look at all of the gangs in the U.S they are using esoteric symbols and don't even know it. I think that true spirituality is beyond the polarities that the establishment tried to weigh upon us. Open your eyes. In a way I do feel for Kanye, he has not been right ever since his mother died. Once you gain certain knowledge and the true history of man you tend to be a little mad and try to push the envelope to make people think outside the box

  98. Hello all..
    I wished simply to correct. To correct many of you. Satanism as you all so claim it to be is nothing but a masturbatory and childish fiction stemming from propaganda via an opposing religious stance, and more.. LaVeyan “Satanism” indeed focuses on material gains etc and would “coincide” with his actions but…
    LaVeyan Satanism does not actually believe in Satan, or anything else spiritual… Yeah.. Its a philosophical standpoint and never sees Satam as more than a figure if only for the meaning of the word (Satan being trans. “the adversary”)

    True Left Hand Path Praxis is ‘NOT’ about material wealth/gains.. True Left Hand systems and pathworking focuson the physical aspects only in the basic sense; understanding that one needs enough to survive and live comfortably. A living space, enough money for bills, food etc ad inf…

    True Left Hand Path Praxis and Crooked Path Praxis is about studying all religions and spiritualities, finding their roots, separating factfrom fiction, and using PROOF from your own rituals, etc to further your knowledge and Ascend into Godhood.
    Even if you choose chritendom, Islam, Judaism or any other LHP system, at least study it and others. Take it from one who has evoked entities such as Raziel, Derdekea, The House of Kel (Angelic entities, the House being a “group” per se of aligned angelic entities, Michael heading this particular house. Mercurial in alignment; called upon for healing others, physocally, mentally etc.) As well as such entities like Adramelech, Aim, Belial, yes and Satan… Lucifer i have invoked before to learn through His Illuminating light.

    To return; that it from one with y past.. One who considers themselves a true Luciferian among ‘many’ things: you know not of Satanism or Luciferianism… I, being these things Will and already have gladly accepted many friends bothChristian, Islamic and Jewish as well as those who are Atheistic… I have never mistook them or their path as wrong. I have never swayed or tried to sway them from their beliefs. I have joined Christian church services with friends because my being there was important to them… True Luciferians and Satanists… We focus not on material worth or gain, we focus not ona any religions or peoples besides those people who attack us or maybe spend too much time texting and hit into us at a stoplight *sigh* kids..

    Any practice, any stars using symbols etc and focusing only on materiality are indeed wrong and this Luciferian too hopes they learn… I alsohope you all may watch what labels you use..

    We are allof the same. We are all Brothers and Sisters… Though my path be not yours and yours not mine, we are a part of God… And God can never be known or described by anything or anyone. I wish all of you a wonderful day. Excuse the grammatical errors i beg.. Auto-correct and auto-fill are horrid things haha.
    -Ave Luciferi- -Praise YHWH- -May great Mohammed guide your thoughts towards truth-

  99. Searching4truths on

    Je-hovah is not the name of God the most high, Creator.

    It means god of wickedness and perversion, etc = Satan

    It is a lie, and a corruption.

    It is a false translation of the 4 letters of the Tetragrammaton YHVH /YHWH
    Each letter, is actually a word, so there are 4 words each with meaning.

    It was used by a German Catholic monk, who was involved in spiritism.

    The Bible is not complete, there are many missing books, the Bible cannot be trusted in it's entirety, it has been corrupted.

    The Roman Catholic Church is not Christian, but Pagan in it's entirety. It is a 'counterfeit' Christianity.

    The greatest trick the Devil ever did, was to convince mankind he doesn't exist. We are all ignorant and deceived. We would do well to look into the ancient cultures and the fall of man, to find the truth.

  100. Wow, so he raps against materialism, and you guys still find ways of accusing him of being satanic. Even if you could accurately predict when the Antichrist comes, what then? Just live your lives, this is a waste of your time. What makes you think the Illuminati would not be racist?

  101. I would say the symbolism is African Centered and not "satanic". The Egyptian symbol of Horus, the pyramid, becoming a God – are African spiritual symbols from the Nile Valley.

    If the masons stole them and perverted them, whatever – Kanye is only using his cultural symbols.

  102. See John G. Jackson's Man, God and Civilization, Christianity Before Christ, or Introduction to African Civilization.

  103. Just wait till he finally meets "Yeezus" on Judgment Day. When he realizes that Satan actually cannot defeat God, he'll be on his kneezus begging for forgiveness.

    Y is a major occult symbol of Christ, that's why it was used. Z is a major symbol for Satan. That's why the letter Z appears so often in society, and in the bible.

    One of God's names, which is only referenced a few times in scripture, is Yah. Another of Christ's names is Yeshua.

    It's a war between the Y and the Z, folks.

    Incidentally, the myth that the eye in the Illuminati pyramid being Horus is just that, a myth. The truth is that the eye represents Horus's archenemy, Set.

  104. Alison Kurzawinski on

    I would like to see you do a piece on Kanye's song Black Skinhead, the lyrics in itself are disturbing.

  105. the sad bit is that before he did all this illuminati crap he was actually a christian, i am not much a fan of his songs nowadays but if you listen to heard em say it is such a good song, and he is saying that jesus is the most high that he is truly wonderful and that the devil is a lair. i really think that he needs to listen to hiis old songs and practise what he preaches….

  106. Kayne West calling himself Yeesus is blasphemous. He continues to use the N word and I find his actions and words to be morally unacceptable. I am a black person, and him using the N word is just as offensive than hearing it from a non black person. He mocks the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he degrades women, and it is evident that he has no talent. He cannot sing or even play an instrument. All he does is talk a bunch of bull for attention and verbally insults individuals like presidents and even young women such as Taylor Swift who are more tallented than him. Taylor accepted his apology and that was very kind and forgiving of her. However, he did not deserve it. He is a disresptful arrogant little punk smart ass and IS A DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN RACE. He has the entire universe fooled. Are we now somehow in the twilight zone to believe that this man"s ranting rhetoric is poetic or is okay? Him and his partner Jay Z are pure evil. Jay Z also mocks the Messiah's name by calling himself Hova; short for Jehova; the name of my Lord and Heavenly Father Jesus Christ. Both of those bums deserve to be locked up for being so disrepectful. Kanye is even attempting to start his own religion. He is brainwashing the youth with his filthy lyrics this person is considering as poetry. Wow, he now has a new set of dumb ass adult followers. I do not understand why people so naive and gullible to fall for his trash talking ignorant crap. The messages he says in his rapping is negative, evil and depressing. After hearing his rhetoric, it makes one feel worse before they ever listened to it. People, please wake up. Adults need to find out the types of evil messages these Peter Pan rappers are spreading into the universe. This man is perpetrating a fraud and you have bought into it as well as the youth and massmedia who are making these non-benevolant selfish cowards richer and richer. He is all over the place like horse manure. Now he wants to be a fashion designer and does not even know how to dress himself. Every time I see him on TV or in a magazine, he looks scuffy with dirty torn jeans, a tee shirt with a logo on it, a wrinkled jacket, with some feminine looking high heel boots. He does not dress or even act like a real man.

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